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#727 - Bill Burr

2015-11-24 | 🔗
Bill Burr is a standup comedian and also hosts his own podcast called "The Monday Morning Podcast" His new show "F is for Family" premieres on Netflix on December 18th, 2015.
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known forever urged her this is such a good dude just love being around him and he's just one of the most naturally funny guys on top of the factories got an awesome work ethic works out too he buses ass and its pain or form in a big way got a new netflix animated series it's about pop on december eighteenth is called efforts for family she's got back he did just got back from madison square garden i think you did like a week ago he's just on it that's one about comics on earth if not the best dilber the job will gain experience and were love this what i love about billboard now like a regular comedian euro i mean your great comic but you do she you do a lot of shit you don't just sit around and get lazy and fuck you the ape hungry you may cakes youtube
pie homemade pie fair scratch bilbil brought in pumpkin pie that i can we the dig into its most fuckin fantastic but pumpkin pilots cream pie and an apple pie shrilly smells fuckin awesome to butter vase crust look i switched over i switched over i used to both parents why the one that we grew up on was was shortening microscope right and i thought i had too much salt in it and stuff so when i bought the big green egg citizens say thing they are simple up on yeah i'm actually learn how to smoke me guide this guy's been help me out i just been on the road so much i start back up again this month but big i came with this giant cookbook like a made this turkey part pine everything it tasted fucking insane from scratch yeah but that the crust is on the one from the big green egg is a recipe their use which is to scoop of flour and eighth of its
assault and then it's like a whole stick of butter and then there's a little bit of shortening like the crisco shittin there but it's so it's not like mine was it was too greasy to salty this one is like that flaky that fucking awesome crust in there the first so you're like you you like a chef yelling actively cooking the regularly vaguer maker i like it i like two degrees of difficulty and i actually learned a lot back when the food network was awesome like to fund go network is going on the same trajectory that mtv went on you i mean it started off mtv was music videos in there now i don't even know what the fuck it is its teenage pregnancies there's no music on anymore the food network used to be top shelf teaching you how to cook now it's i just get out of their fight of competing each other like i mean i don't know what goes on in this and it's a lot more personality driven like dat diners driving
dives guy you know me that that is what is easy just didn't we drive around to these greasy bones and he let you knows what's up adopted the guy restaurants get horrific fucking reviews like just slight one of the most epoch lambs of any fuckin restaurant then open boil fury yeah yeah that guy guy so i say they went more in that direction where they they went from just knowing how to cook to like guy for areas gonna look he's got bleach blonde airways is sunglasses backwards we have drive around in the car i'm not really shit norma guy but they were they went more like that and they tried to like you know it all and this is a case of rachel re pops up ok we gotta find another one of those you know it is it is it really sad to watch because i used to just watch tomorrow is was my favorite and he would just be it kitchen and he would just
these views heard a guy fear mary metallic now seize the based really how exactly what this guy would be like our further compared to a fighter john jones he be like someone who held the belt for a while you know two million anderson silver cooking i would say that our people do what is it the five euro saint pierre say pierre yeah zionist p of cooking while though he was early on so i think maybe he's more like those guys when it was fun it was literally tie coined oversees a boxer came on her so there's a guy so you were that's an unfortunate picture matters that are highlighted more yeah he's a is these data show malta mario and it was just him in his kitchen it was him kitchen and he'd god he neither he needs somebody you take that picture what is also during the next great look yes
slovenia scarf and are also he would just have people over his kitchen any would make a phantom from scratch just tell you meals and he went over to italy learned how to cook he can tell you but all the different parts of italy in the room i will raise that they have over there with their food that's why italians are the greatest fuckin cookies erica's like they d get upset with shit like sauces and stuff other people kill each other over like their football team you don't owe me like they just don't out this this part doesn't do it right this is the way we do it and i learned i just watched him in these meals and it would be like he would each little part of the meal would have the three four ingredients and then wow where he was getting had gone and then it would all come together and he would just be shoot me shit talking about italy as he made friends a meal which is the greatest thing you could have a fuckin do was cook for somebody i think one of the great social the simple show i used to come on alike noontime i watched it every fuckin time wake up after doing spots later be the seller nodded
it doesn't look like i was after i lived bobby kelly but you know each state clayton ship now sleep too like fuckin eleven i would wake up and rather than watch and like the prices right or some shit i would just popped out on i grew i gotta know just watching him was trusting and then i learned i just learn how to cook in making fucking past from scratch his well method you make positive from school it's not hard to really so you do the flower the angles everyday and its having the balls to just allow yourself to fuck it up go like i'm gonna fuck this up like i at a key lime pie and i fucked it up because they want a little bit of the writing is called a right which is just a little bit like the zest of the lime i didn't know what i was doing i went to tee to deep and i got to the white part and that's when it gets better and in fact the pie up as a fuckin ahead to throw the thing out but then you know isn't yes it's anything if you you just fuck it up and then fix it it's like what if i had the time
you know i would learn how to rebuild an engine on a car i love watching those fucking shows but like i have always thought like you know i'm going to buy like a fucking he too chevy citation son flock and hunkered shit star with that yeah just cause i don't give a fuck about it and that you can screw up on that like i try to learn how to rebuild a carburetor rather than doing the one of my truck the sixty eight one hundred i bought this same carburetor off of ebay that was fixed and i just took it apart and then try putting it back to get i fucked it up that's that's still something that bugs me sit in my garage like in pieces but why don't you take lessons or do you just turn figured out on your who'd you tube does you do to draw lessons i take those but like youtube and shit like this certain things like i would take a cooking class or something but both my fuckin a deed
like the internet is perfect you shut off when you i mean about illuminati and high and then watching a fair fight any just like this like like fucking the internet was made for fuck it de the cycles like me and i am just were literally just fly through all of this all that stuff i've i've learned to like i didn't think i had a dvd them my wife said i had it and then there was at all why should you fuckin you know do something about this and i just really realise that i just gotta learn how to make it work for me so what i always have as i would have liked nine things going at once you know me play drum we're not apply helicopter make apply from scratch but the over to over the thing is the fucking comedy but the thing is doing all of that and fucking up and failing the people that i meet these different parts you know hobbes and shit ends up in form and like care doesn't shit when you are our points of view and stuff like you know that
i used to buy into that you know the fly overstates people down the south down south a damn all that stupid shit that people on the coastline and then go there i wait a minute these people a fuckin cool they do indifferent think so that's what i'm gonna do like barbecue and smoking and stuff so i'm going to go on the road i try to do that that went wrong thing if we now lemme think when we were kids where kids i mean that was more applicable but good but the internet is informed more people and sort of educated people away there has this copley people everywhere yeah but it also it depends on how you use any information you get like if you if you just wanted to reign force it like the joke i was doing my act as everyone just goes to arm right dot com just reads a bunch of facts and unjust throws it people but i mean i'm guilty of that too but i don't know i have faith but like watching the kinds of people that have been
and out of the woodwork in this this latest election you know a couple those guys like watching ted crews not just watch it like i would say i what face their donald trump the way he bullies the median when what policies they are how they just back down they really just back they are you no you just gotta give em shit back he just like gives them shit and they just stay focused there and take it its audits will at first it was funny to me because i still watch your not built ourselves that was one of my favorites to watch when he when he would do coach of the giants in patriots cobblestones bunch of play he was but he would in his press conferences if you ask them a stupid question he would tear your fuckin head off in such perfect way that everybody else in the room was i got shit i'm not asking him this one i got gotta make sure i'm on my game like in he took charge of it because i so one of the ones were on route for the guy because i feel like this
a bunch of nerds who may be they they played varsity fuckin based reno you know the way they come at a michael would you do this you know another they know the result was something bad i like when he's ship like am i just some of the ship that just watching him i liked it he's gone back at him but the way that they do just our backing off him like i did who's gonna make me look stupid they just implode like he sat anyone want to fuck where's he would not first republican debate they don't you this about women you said that about well you said this about women it goes back as i said that about rosy o donnell and it got it huge laugh no you said that about other blah blah blah the women they discuss a probably right now is and he just went away and i think like he's we exist fascinating he's like it supposing you know there then around like that wizard of oz seeing that they just a little guy behind they just have the one
question and there waiting for you to stammered if youth kind of throw that we hit the ball back in their court i just don't think they're ready for i don't think they are ready for their kind of personality politics the right i dont but like so no doubt the racist people and shit that you know that whatever the fuck was gone on that conference room i'm not the black dude was a hundred percent the right you know young guy what and started yelling some shit a trump heckled them and now when did this happen i don't know do you know about this shit went sideways and then the next thing you know there's a bunch of the eight white people on top of the black through or whatever so i don't really know what happened i don't know what happened but all i know is the quote that i read in this site was you know was the politician guy tromp go and i y know maybe maybe should have got roughed up just like jesus dude cheese is this like i'm watching a mob movie really weird
so tromp was say maybe the guy should get rough diverting too like i said i got a dvd i was unlike twenty different sites i think i have a dvd tube it was like click bacon like i was probably you know here it is yeah donald trump on his black lives matter here maybe you should have been wrapped up but you know likewise matter and they then says movement so strange out a big big interrupt shit and scream things like you saw what happened and dartmouth in new hampshire they walked through study hall was kids or study and they start screaming black lives manner black last however quiet in study hall just are studying and we're knowing people there the lowest level of like trying to get attention yap not an end not having people want to hear what the fuck you have to say is it just go in and annoy the shit out of somebody it's like those people when they ride the bikes like a thousand of them get together and they blow through lights like this can be like you know that there should be a bike
way out here i just think i wish i had a bus i could run over all of which is why you know i don't know but those terrorist acts like i would think that if like a lot of the complaints legitimate complaints that being oppressed the their natural resources are being pulled out of their countries and their not getting the money for but to death blow up innocent people go in and shoot them it kills you fuckin message you really need is a documentary yet by a bleeding heart person would i think would do way more than a dirty bomb or whatever the fuck it is they're trying to achieve is it just makes you think like no matter what the point is it's just like given how could you do that i think what their point with a trying to do if i guess is they're trying to get people do not like any muslims to hate muslims because is like one point six billion muslims and they can make it about muslims and not just about isis are just about
terrorist group and separate people to the point where its everyone is just attacking people that are of islamic faith then they have a holy war hunting that's ultimately and you can make a ton of work it is a very few people can make a ton of fuckin money is tight a minor also fuckin crazy out it i mean it's it's idea gee they're trying to dominate parts of the world monies definitely a big part of it but did you see that that that documentary on scientology yes gazing why should i was this like if you can't see your own religion in this i don't see the beginning of your own religion in this yes the opening a fuck scientology is this video of it you just started it today that guy shrouded in like manner now eighteen hundred states though should it be a new one but the fact that their wouldn't have been video of this fucked up look red headed to on some broken down boat like if they
wasn't video that like i think people could really say i may do by background my religion in this shit that we have done is it just it's like every thing that they're saying that every muslim is doing right now it's like what we ve done that in spades alone and it wasn't a couple of extremists it was the leaders of the religion you know save the inquisition fuckin pet of failure it do they were in bed with nazis would you what a fine like where the hell it all i would took my ride in line more whatever the day when it the fuckin vatican some of this shit was there now is over those yours sorry there on both sides they were just like listen i don't know how this is going to shake out you know a lot of people in europe they have always done in others does a damned cars that germans make you know you gotta think they're gonna win nobody upper room it's just
small in ireland a country who is a big country like the united states they may be like that to be pretty well my favorite quotes from a german general was said one tiger tag was worth for american sherman tanks but the americans always had five that's great that's what it was it was fuckin mcdonald's we would just crank and i'm not like fuckin corridor powders she's at his crazy we think about the fact like aoi mercedes bmw like bmw's to make jet engines dynamic and that text energy was in their tax do when i was a mean the show i've been reading as well can soldiers killed some german they dropped the american gun and picked up the giraffe and feeling like i our machine guns i guess overheated or theirs whilst enough
come on man you like clearing you now it is a matter that we get the corvette we got a couple but another civil my kind of a monte carlo it we have like old and muscle cars what i like it i like the old muzzle choristers the way they look and where they sound but where they derive kobay if you took i got a nice teen eighties porsche even a seventy to eighty million eighteen seventy three porsche nineteen seventy three nine eleven this candle pretty fuckin good idea pretty goddamn good we not look at new car but pretty good are you married what the american excuses is we had all this land so he could have straight row what they had over there do those who like the cow paths when they will bring an fuckin vision the town outrageous paved over and basically i and all of a sudden you how do we go two hundred miles an hour on this that's why you know formula one as right left turns best will do exist five in a circle lonely here i love dude i love that the more i travel
funny or we are like we're fuckin loud we got a lot of shit but were not bad they try to make a scene bad but we're not but it just we just our a product of where we're fine and whose kitten humanity is it any more funding just stop and on the gas two miles an hour or two straight line will finally the cars lawmaking today like the newsy twenty aid or the newcomer arrows the new corvettes the new mustangs there we have analysed the current law gerrit zalm legitimate was the suspension once they we actually put some money because all we would do is just be like what the fuck is this thing hole rules in this engine bear which i have actually stupid comrade wait there so but we would just stick as far as i can i've seen it just stick that in there and it was all about doing the quarter mile or somewhere blowin somebody offered a fuckin red light even as recently as late as two thousand thirteen gdp five hundred shelby i think it was like a sixty forty wait balance like sixty percent and because it was all engine that is itself
about it now that's that's bad things out of here i don't know cow it's like if you want any real if you wanted you really would like fifty fifty fifty fifty deal porsche puts the engine in the rear but they do that for traction could sits over the back wheels and how to get off the line faster she when you're going around corners to up to hit corners faster jane can make some tea for the fuckers my throat but when you mind when you go around corners it helps you down the gas quicker because more traction there's like a pendulum effect to have the weight in the back could actually use manipulate the guys you not a dry portions really well they not manipulate that's it actually steer with the throttle so as they're turning they hit the gas and oil ass and kicks out a changes the angle of the turn as i really really bad ass drivers not a manipulated so once again god germany with such a small country its did you see that normal tunnel joke now think it didn't letterman
were i forget our way but it was just something through your fact that germany how small they worthier basically the size of this state of main and they tried to take over the world and he goes and they almost did it at this fuckin like yeah they close it is amazing that one country produce so much engineering when you the automotive engineering there came another one spot to this day the biggest cuts companies in the world porsche mercedes aoi be i'm done you all those are german etc if that's for now we raided their secrets afterwards like everything from audio to our like nasa programme was riddled opera compare clotted let us sauerkraut on that paper will not just our and the russians to they took a lot of the engineers from from nazi germany to how they did it there was like a battle between their there now seize and our nazis that's flat rate paper do if it was like more than a hundred nazi scientists they took over fuckin crazy the whole nights it like
werner von verne iran braun the guy ran not nasa simon control centre so that if he was alive today they would prosecute him for crimes against humanity he was a fuckin straight up nazi i was tat he hung jews he hung the five slowest jews in front of his rocket factor in berlin the five slow as workers they would just hang them no wait so this guy was could build markets and he was also into that shit look allow always felt like with germany was ikea the scientists you're under this i see you gotta work with these guys you we're gonna kill you i didn't know that could actually be an egg head like the usually scientists they they understand that human beings are human you don't owe me well he might have just complied so they get his rock factory on and have the funds and have all necessary have other tools on i just i don't know exactly what you know how he how he did it but he was a nazi i mean why he was a nazis up to debate is christ
how do you get out of it to good question can't say no runaway what do you do not look how can we just do for is for all i want to talk about like to just one how many wise enough man he's a mean obviously he was a brilliant scientists but they they gonna a lot of brilliant scientists they brought over from germany germany is never going to shake that one off that's what's gonna be that's gonna be that's another when its on its on like two thinks it's it's on video you know the documentation of it and that country still exists you're gonna be they won't scientology them all at scientology hint to legal in germany why because of what happened to them my third there nervous about people starting movements what kind of courts and it kind of mine control shit anything that looks naughty naughty fell
dead people falling dave and asking us i think too much into much organisation fish the average gods visuals one that i never got the democratic listen to that yeah i did i just i i young years when i did so i have to go back and do like i was coming right out a hare metal just starting to accept grunge and then i went to this fuckin jammed i did see them live had affected see i saw them at the old boston garden cause it was it was a w b c and have this thing where they had two stages going and they had all these like every fuckin ban like the spin doctors and is all guys and then fish closed it i forget who wanted to see that wasn't either one of those bandit with somebody else is a long time ago and down i remember seeing them in the crowd was gone fucking nuts navvies old tramples work out trampoline they like jumping up and down autumn as they played
really long songs that's what i remember only long songs on it but i bet if i was until now i would like i could maybe get my head around but that was definitely does the graceful grateful dead did that right vandals really long jam songs you just go on and on the eye had to go see them live to get it if you are someone like you when i saw him at sullivan stadium and a summary before their keyboard just oh deed i conclude months before that and i'm ever go in there and i was sorted into the music for watching how in how much they were connecting with the people there i actually gets like i get this i get why people could get sucked in this because what was call was there was a people there but there was no violent violence vibe there there wasn't like oh hey watch out for that everybody we just really fuckin cool right and going nuts was like beyond excited that they were there but once again it just it didn't wasn't really for me
wasn't ready and acid and that's the whole thing about those things that everybody's trip and i mean i think it's available entering literally everybody but there's a lot of peace yeah but whatever drugs they were doing me out a cousin involved them around when high school where does she want i'll try a little bit and then her and her boyfriend just haven't around here i ve w bus on those buses plans and back in the van they would sell scrambled eggs they would like by groceries and make bacon and eggs and sell em to people that were come in there was a girdle that was our gig shoe traveller demonstrative this there's a night is a beauty in that simplicity but i guess your while you wanna were they do that shall i want to be they ought to be in a housemaid gave swimming in the lake sleeping up in that fucking though the roof of the dvd i'll be right and proper here there are things i m fascinated by those things cause i'm thinking about putting together an apocalypse vehicle like i get
yoda land cruiser there as well as tense on the roof ever seen us things there these tents they there they packed down to just a few inches elect you now six or seven inches high acknowledge maybe maybe six inches high and they u unzip em an unfair call them and they come at a ladder so he's a platform on the top and a platform folds over and done out and extends out to the side of the truck and then climb up the ladder into these tents i would tell you that if you if the pocket happens in your in allay your vehicle is useless other than to hide behind people shoot at you because you know you can't get out of this fuckin place yet even when its work yet i guess that's why did the helicopter thing that's a smart move my everything that's another thing you do like you involved with so many different things i loved that you do that because remain may i mean a lot away and as one of the reasons why i think i probably have eighty two i have to be doing a bunch of different
shit if i'm not having enough you're gonna get crazy but i haven't got into the point on bacon pies yet i don't do that way you know what's the holidays we're all someone i was growing up so i moved so far away from everybody i know you know i just got all the recipe so i was like i want to know how to make this i want to know how to pass it on it's not hard to feeling isn't hard the thing is is the crust get that down and just you know you make to three of them you know it it doesn't take that long to not a bright guy advise him smoking i've done smoking smoked a ham smoke to hams i brine em did you do it on the the egg i did want to form now two of them have done an electric smokers but one of i did on this is how things are weber forget yet who makes a whereby but the law ask me on but i did
to that i just the boston accent i just have to do it at the lower the last one i did i got a pellet girl we have used a pellet grow now that's the easy sweater spoke when it is these pellets and the pellets or like save you were making this desk when he saw the wood take the sawdust and they can press it natural sugars and the war there's no additives you know that you those charcoal briquettes they like really easy because a fuckin soaked with chemicals they say now funding to flare up like that he's coming right out of order but those saw does pellets when they compressed the sawdust and it looks like little little cylinders and they they sit in a hopper and then the hopper it's down at his worm drive and the warm dr puts it to an element in the element heated up and it turns into fire it's so it's burning wood it's just burning wood and it keeps its exact temperature just varies one or two degrees up or down
see now agree using tagrag how it is just the openings the baffles how is the but the green egg holds step maneater gara modestly does but if not how's the taste of delicious it tastes awesome because it's just what this is an area that is comparable to some because we have you said that you can do it and everything but an actual smoker yeah i've done it i've done it and i have a commodity which israel similar to the green egg never smoked a ham and their personal chicken in there which is nice too great just slow cook chicken like two hundred two hundred agrees to fifty and as you know have some wood burning little charcoal as well but i just realized this only interesting to us like we're fucked disappearing down this rapid help less i am interested in things that people are interested in like i hear you
about helicopter been helicopter pilot i never wanted to fuckin fly helicopter until i hear you talking about i am like that sounds bad ass i never want to make up buckin pie crust until someone like use into it and then i get into it i mean that's how i am with things like i can't comics like that you have to be kind of general i think the best com you gotta be if you have to have a general first in shit they hear me like i'm into this deuce in this and then that's fucking it then your acts gonna look like that you're gonna have like two three yeah fuckin subjects you gonna dry up like i can come up with a new our guys you not do not you're not challenging yourself you gotta go out and try something new we try something new you gonna fuck it up you gonna feel stupid yeah then you you're gonna get a story you gonna get something out of it so yeah my i drive my wife a little nuts with that i'm trying to learn how to fuckin relax a little bit more but i can't like i do she watches that bravo tv man oh my god that's only housewife
car dashings or whole fuckin thing do why smart why does she watched the either i literally say that is not a sheet she walked but back this is this is my wife watches this is shit ever on tv like who that scientists guy the after african american guy kneel to grow eyes i got now do that guy is like terrified he so fuckin smartest listen this shit gas what you got there now and i believe we all came from the trees crazy weakened putting me because he was saying that like people say we came from the oceans of blah blah here this whole theory that you know the whatever the fuck and trees grew first and we came out of that we're all but i do know don't a special effects that he'd fucking zoom in on you it's like one these were i feel like yes like eight a pot cookie to bigger part cookie when i watch guy but surely they watch that type of stuff like fargo like really good tv or with sheets
just want just once diverge out so how i make my peace with it i'm like this is just as dumb as me watching every bruins game or every patriots game that's good like emotionally like like mike aiding rex ryan on some level he's a coach of the buffalo bills out no the guy i'm sure if i hung out with them he be fucking a guy we be laughing balls off but it's because he coaches this can team that plays my team did i get nothing from other than you know fuckin having a heart attack every game it gets his it's really think why do i give a shit to this level i do love sport so i just think fuckin batter novel i was near broadcasts you fucking love sports you go off sometimes i cannot have too fast forward see when you i'm talking about the patriots china but i've gotta be fifty minutes but i get it because you know of obviously obsessed with em away so i get it i just don't follow regular simonov time i just now
that if i got into sport i gotta get into football mad about and try to get me into four boy watch to an awesome superbowl game wants us our plows amazing the time a lot of time now all the games and pay attention all this shit that's what i always ask people when they go amounted to sport am i too easily go what do you do with all your free time because the amount of time that i spend you know just looking at the standing whose doing why would then it makes me think back when i was a kid i look up this player i gotta see like all time big numbers and shit guys i love that about the internet did you can look up like the all time leading pass russia's over quarterback something and then i'll have highlighted the guys who is still playing he's gone a hundred yards away from passing this guy we watch the game and seal ring it reaches past fuckin slinging sammy bar have you ever thought about doing commentary would you do commentary they them you know a lot about football we do it on my own i would do it on my own because the thing about it is
no one should like that's it that's a corporate as much as you are enjoying the sport like the nba nfl any chose a corporation and then you no matter how you slice it urine you're in the cubicle and i can't be i can't be say in certain things i have the same problem with you see but been around for so long get away with it in some sort of a weird way but probably not forever is parliament come here i want you to write it but you know saving crazy not during the show nine not during the fights but sometimes outside the fights i'll talk about fighters are fine things and i'll say somethin ridiculous because in our especially tone tony inch given i got in trouble recently we talked about this woman chris cyborg democracy mortgaged now grace and a great name very masculine very muscular female fighter accident fighter but she's been caught using performance enhancing drugs she caught using male hormones and data
i was talking about roasting fighters where is my podcast he wanted it set up a rose and said look tony hinge cliffs the guy he's awesome rouse or no i don't i'm not good at it's not my thing but he's great at a goat you should you should row cyborg that would be the first one and he goes out to know where to start i go her dick like that's what you do and then tony wanted this whole thing about and then she got mad she's upset it asked now and she says we're bullying and there is a problem i gotta be only one or two areas europe early yeah they also norm in their people and stuff that's another thing to it's like you know one of the fun things i guess i don't know any these get exactly by these guys squires austere conor macgregor ran i learned tat guy he earned come out i know it's fuckin dropped his hands a little by just felt like you know he was doing all right for a guy that had a sure thing i want that shit non cholera greg
obviously a great firewall is funny though it's funny i said the burger king looking about an attack barney russell there s something funny about that like uninformed yeah so a thing so new ideas is hoping yeah who gets the names wrong yes why that i oh i got i got into this business to not have a job i don't want to have and i've i've done a dead one gig actually wrote for a fuckin like like up up up a committee that was gonna go out and do the money log fuckin thing a real and it was just fucking it was weird it would just be like ok the monologues little we care we need more jobs bout corn hey bill go in the roman right gimme ten jokes about like whatever web fuckin prognosis five six years ago who we run forty member that i am again they made it out i just got into this does right for some very funny
i didn't like two years in verona just became like like a job there what am i doing here and i have like a tremendous amount of respect for writers now that they can i made that is like a long time ago and mr show was on the first time seeing babo dunkirk onstage it was like towards the end of like the fifth seasonal whenever they did and he was common interest fried from the writers roman he was ripping about how you cause you know what i'd do during the day he goes i'm i mine comedy i strip mine biggest sphere like he was just like just sitting there like you know those fuckin shows do when you stuck it like seventy episodes annual like fought now what do we do and you just sitting around trying to think of something i don't feel like that will stand up sometimes
because you would you put out a new our every year and a half or so how every two years to the usual or maybe a little bit more like i do it in a nice like relax clip like what lui does is astounding to me that you could you could use or back when you know richer prior merger prided that for a number of years i can put elegant our like four hours in six years at harlin did it every year of his life every year was lively but i knew how he i mean it was yet that's astounded we the crazies because he did it while is producing a show writing acting directing the and high quality want to fund it goes on forever everything he was entering it he was involved every step of the way now i would have a gun in my mouth
i don't i could never sit in a fucking area or am i can't do it so with the show you know that i have come out like actually was in the writers from most jet povey ninety percent of the time i do know that their pitch and jokes and all a type of stuff and like the work ethic of those guys like we start getting up to five o clock and we get to the last page the script and i'd be about thank christ in libya let's go let's just read through a one more time to see what we did see airflow then i would literally be like and in arusha my god how do these guys do this and then i would fucking come the next day and then the gathercole created the show my price from the simpsons who sits in absolute force aids sweetheart of a guy would come in and heavy i gain also have the script last night i kind of switched a few things around or just like i will leave it are you do that i come home
when i just fuckin poorest scotch and stare at the watch of early years piano i fall asleep and then we're right back at it again and down like i think really takes a certain type i you know you know like this guy community and i are you not disguise an athlete like like two of the top level writers and show runs like a my ear my price like they literally let psyche you look at a guy like you had the born to do this shit so it's a lot harder than people think this more work a lot more concentration lot more effort and like you said the hours the hours that crazy thing those guys work insane hours on when you get it done and it doesn't work you start pointed apart like everybody soon everybody psych on edge i gonna fuck here we go when you were done what we were done filming he came to the store and you were hanging around the bang we're talking about a newer like i feel
you know i love doing it it's gonna be hilarious but fuck i could have been working on could i had ten new minutes over the top and doing this all i don't know that wasn't that was a different thing that was a different project was yeah no it wasn t it wasn't it dont know wasn't the enemy thing reanimated thing was was definitely like from start to finish me that's a long time and it was definitely tedious points of it but it was fuckin awesome too when we were in the writers on this is difficult as it was was we laughed our asses off like every fuckin our because it was it was perfect netflix was just like like their network notes were push it are there really do it it was a dream it was all this shit we used to talk about irene mentioned michel namely shows efforts for family to new cartoon coming up december eighteenth netflix and the trail exhaust must play the trailer quickly the trail coming but then i got a piece echo is ethics using a pause
second a work as far as they don t need the visual too well watch on youtube will get the visual which are able but the people that are watson or listening to it only listening day will be inspired watch the videos are ok now they know they can drive but what i have to i drink wine has been spare but one draft you won't want to dodge i was watching now you one night down for a while i'm gone you just get me along with his animals you leave them with me that's a deal you know you're gettin into when you let me get and see you don't bother monterrey spinning but the little hobby it's a job just fine job i'll make dinner salisbury steak or a port madly that should again i was your age grubby called one of the cool to europe little man
the wheels i wish i had me for a dead i'll be right back to stay here from the spot you understand me einstein you remember the test you turn are you an abusive parents you know what these fuckin hip i say running around naked soil and each other you're gonna tell me how to be a good terrorist gazes quite watch what you ve got your clothes on way frank focus on a line is gonna flunked out of school i read my like what i keep on toward it he's no girl astronauts or vampires women astronauts future sweetie so why do you like the girl
to get to know each other he was my special after school helper remember how in the kitchen yeah you fuck the sheer enemy unless argue your sister today you got that ok anything had happened to her i will come right home and i'll put you through the fuckin will have a great day princess its work see in a guy like a character with your voice if it's like gives you but that's assets of us we're dead that's was reared eyes an amalgam of like everybody's dead in the end the razor mean certain things certain like catch phrases
i'll put you to that fuckin while my dad used to say that when my mom says they'll break your fuckin legs there could see the fuckin lawyer was back then will you have people talk to that gives that wherever like just how much should exchange ever more time my mother was driving in my two little brothers were just acting but she goes ici just had had it she goes i swear to god if you guys don't shut up i'm gonna pull over and am spanking your bare ass is run on the side of the road and they kept tested dude she fuckin pulled over and she did it and people were driving i just blowing the horns laughing supporting it's like they were immediately like while those kids really irritated their mama was it like you know there was held it yeah yeah tellurides away given to the state and shit so yeah takes place in like now seventy three and now we read some names it's a lord durance place my wife dave care in a just and long kevin farley joe phil henry early reinhard most sam rockwell gary
did i say and we got all we got a whole bunch of people there came on to do it so which cause it cereal eyes so like one episode leads into the next one which i was against and netflix is like not trust distrust us and in the second we started writing towards an overall arc it just took it to a whole another level and i was not a brilliant idea by netflix they just been some to work with them their fuckin kill in it there is killing their killing tommy specials their king with series is illegal it's amazing what they ve been able to do why think that day where everybody kind of got caught flat forded they saw they saw like what what it could be could be like dame when like my myspace first came out like he saw the potential before everybody else i feel like egypt aegis i think he was d was actually doing and other sites before there was even myspace and what i heard so like i feel like
flicks in a lot of ways like those people that get like dead say jimmy fallon jimmy oh and gets what's goin on line it's why all that stuff he has his guests do and all that shit cause he knows it's gonna go viral you so it gets on tv and if he doesn't get him on tv then it goes on the internet and they the holidays clips get like fuck like you know ten zillion hits by liked as certain people is early honest is what do you know you know that tv in the computer it all just gonna become the same fuckin thing here its inevitable now the air but so it's the people that china they get it i guess i if i can put it there they can see words where their herd is going they took chances some time ago to i didn't netflix special in two thousand and five those like there was one the first ones they did i would think so i got in here like i went back on these to deliver the movies to you re at the end do you get em in the mail or some quite that hilarious date there
doing so much shit now they have that marco polo thing that's about the mongols your watch that series see that fucking expansive animal how much they spend on it but it's a period peace and it's all they do these elaborate sets an incredible fuck enacting its they ve lived on so much in the beautiful thing about netflix is when a series comes out you can binge watch right away so december aid when this come eighteen eighteen december if this comes out you can wash off i consider it right and they time because they think young kids are going to like it their illegal will its weight to bear out of college you're home a few days at parents drive and nuts they just want to go to the raw town an outsider they yet another really there really martin and i think the first one i with them was my first special and remember it aired my comedy central then did ok
and i mean all gets thrown into their mountain of specials you never know when they gonna show to get where netflix it was like on netflix so if you saw it you could tell you friend at work and then it was just like you know i just saw them as like while these guys it's like almost like dave they ve taken the best shit from youtube what it all in one place you not immediately but you can actually watching as they take down so many movies and shit and comedy specials from youtube and what was great was that right domino start to go to europe and they would just start to go to europe so i was like half a step ahead as far as my were initially i was where i would do stand up and always felt like right after i left the next time i came they would be there and then like two years later it flipped where i would be getting their right after they got there and then that's when my ticket sales really started going up when i was when i went overseas was because never like this
show you know when we were finishing them they were dubbing them into like a zillion different languages like this flip of it all in russian already not so did you see a big bump when you did you not for special a big bump unlike ticket sales yeah i definitely did the thing about it is but like most things it's like you just don't get on netflix and then that automatically means s going to happen it's it's the combination of its like a viewed deliver an hour that's going to connect with people that watch netflix it's gonna be on there and then it's going start moving up and get to that front page and then the hour when that happens that's why you know you definitely see like a bump then if you just you know come on out with good hours hopefully you can hang onto yeah that's a cigarettes a cigar said it had a huge impact it as soon as he put his four especially just boom everything just took off double triple now is due in theatres i get its mate meda
big impact form and then a year plus later he just recorded a second one so is getting ready to release that now yet but the thing xo times also yeah he's a monster come so there's a lot of people back in the day like the mice pasting aid to keep going back to that recycle all get on myspace and then i'll i'll sell out fuckin the foreign ministers like while you're not that person thea no i mean you don't have like like whatever there you have everything you have to have a whole bunch of shit going on at the same time but also you like he's got a great work ethic which you do too you know you there he's always work on a new shit and you are too in other words i think there's one the most important things for me this is a constantly be working on stuff we all know like especially where we came from guys would develop an act and they had that fuckin act lie down for decades now and if you're doing that and which you go home you're like your hobbes get more attention or if you don't have a fuck
hobby at that point you basically have your life down like i live here and i drive here and this is the jokes i tell him then i come on you just wait did die here i think i'd like think it fucks with your brain your brain it's just turned the mush so dude just some you read about or is this just like your instincts now his all figuring out your own mind yeah how work as i feel like when you get into this business like you have to as much as people can give you advice you have to figure out oh you create one works for you cause i use again the brutal writers block and i did not get myself out of it and what i do now as i know these tricks that i use that fuck with my brain and open it up then close it down and basically what it is like i like i just on everything new to say i'm just gonna improv on all my existing material and i'm going to try to expanded as much as i can so then this old fucking thing that weighing me down becomes
ukraine at the window becomes a little fresh air comes in there and its it's real no how you mind works is really you know the vice like if you have i was in here you didn't have all these fuckin antlers lava lamson mummies into areas of five in this room but if you just had overhead fuckin lighting and we were sitting at some horrible table you its staples and wish to secure it would affect the vibe yeah yeah i agree if we never addressed it maybe we could riff on how fuckin sterile it was but so like like mentally you do the same rather than sit merit that fuckin you know what i'm a right as black that's what i feel like i feel like i'm sitting in might get overhead lighting insist it's horrible so you just do you want stage with with like a half idea and dig yourself a whole we have to kind of figure out of it i do data all it's a lot of guys do that yeah i get this
new thing on mcdonald's of all things that i'm talkin about justify our dave i'm i'm trying to combine it with like them bloggers how they bully people and if you apologize they see the weakness and then you become the person there always going after i feel like mcdonald's did that when they started making sounds like they may be i made this wrong now look at another servant breakfast all day i was it s move they ever did run events i had a bit about that years ago like one are you fucking keep making that macao no it's the greatest thing on earth we stop having ten i am i get so true that mc griddle is i don't trinity those duties antlike with a pancake with soaked in syrup is that where but like the bond is a pancake answer is that is one of the worst taste i love them i love those i love my kid you dumbo again either because it's fucking way when he grams a sugar it's bad for you now in everybody's got a thing i like you
i'd like the the double cheeseburgers young girls i can make out i'm not i'm not a burger king guy i can't domain if i e those places i ve some chicken or fish i just know the burghers just who knows what the fuck is hey would you we all remember that but why would you start servants salads never got my salad barn everybody is stupid place with the play room next to it because you're stuck if you're stuck somewhere and there's only one thing the like of your own truck stop on the highway and just a mcdonald try get somethin with some kind of vitamins and do you know what they're like they're like you know like a filthy comic decides he's gonna work clean that's what they're doing mcdonald s you work blue does though cast you see a filthy comic try now for the tonight show their fuckin act is empty it's like an empty box or you can do it down you can do it but it's not look if you just like you that work if you just pay and dirty because its punches up your jokes that's one thing right
but if it's really how you are i mean how i talk on stages how i talk that's how i talked so for me to go up there and actually to work clean and do all that is is me being being a character yeah so that's why i just went like i think you know to george carling you could consider that guy but a prior those guys we're fuckin brilliant as bill cosby you know because himself a stick to me like arguably the greatest shove off i can tell you how can i make to shame what he did after the specials or both for before during ya mean guess he's just always doing the i've neither do you think this is something i don't you and i are the last to that he never i feel i feel knocked out that is the two parties here is very very few areas area onstage you always gets amherst but i do think that we talk about your mom ito could pull you over and spanking
on the highway like someone could do that like my mom could say that they got anywhere realise what my mom was saying was fucked up until her brother goes jesus christ what the fuck you say she's is yellow may want to break both your fuckin legs and my my uncle was like teases don't talk the familiar like that and i was like here that is fucked up writing taken in another cause i was seven normal normal do you think that back and cause these day like back in the sixties do you think that that was a regular thing that people just would roof he checks or they would from quae lewd or they would give him a mickey these to call a drop in a mickey do you think that that was a more normal thing ah i have no idea i have no i have no idea but i do know back then there was all that what were you aware and what did you think was gonna have made it was really it was dude it was mean that bad fred boys should all of that reputation was earned just some of the
do i do i've talked to guys like ten years older than me and they tell me like half the shit that they do not have to ship sizeable chunk of some of their stories with the hazing and shit they did with checks would be i do you guys would all be in full in jail for a long time yet take the seventies those guys that came up age in the seventies yeah i remember guy i give him i'm not gonna go one night right in a car it was me and another comic other comical was older and we were driving it is time we started telling pussy stories food and this guy stories every foot in others story mimi other calmer go look at each other like fuck i'm one of his stories ended with yeah they were a lotta knows that night it just i do when we change the subject jesus christ and he was sit may laugh and because like to him
there wasn't there was what was done so you know i don't know anybody that says from back then it was done to them after just listen to that guy talking about the seventies i'm a cheese is crucial if the sixties were like so i believe you know all of you i gotta think i think that's what i think the behaviour the people have you if watch like those old movies or amendments women all the time music it was all the time but some are somewhat say something back anum shut up do there was no pedophiles back then they will it's a dirty old men failing the dirty alma guys a drunk he's a bomb was very just sort of broadly defined hair like a catholic pedophile scandal back then was her mamma that's when i was went on we knew about it right we knew there were certain priest had to stay i do this is so beyond any if anything that i
even investigate i have no fucking idea just in general i am here to the thing that were basically hairless ape second drive a car i really just think that that's what we that's how we'd like when i watch when they first discovered chimpanzees like aid the monkeys and that when they fuckin kill the monkey it got off on it nay almost i walk around talk and shit about what they did in just like i saw stay where they taught to this one chimpanzee how to do sign language and within like a fuckin month his ego went through the roof he thinks start sexually assaulting other fuckin zodiacal i've got its own show andrea watched her proud like some spoiled star when i just see the behaviour of those fucking things in the city i saw one this chimpanzee caught this other smaller monkey right in standing on the fucking things up in a tree and the thing can't move and rather than killing it it was just taken its index finger establishes
digging mete out other things back in the thing was screaming and the fuckin chimp was getting off on like torturing this thing to do and it really was like i was fuckin depressing to watch em like that's that's what we died thick with some that is in it i really believe that i'm a pessimistic and when it comes to that while i mean that's undeniable when it comes to chimps and we are of close relative the chimps but that when they found that video and they re first started filming that i think those are david edinburgh nature documentary i might be wrong but when they first filmed that was the first time they realise that chimps even eat meat didn't know now the monkeys all the time it's like why their favorite things to eat and they have suffered ticketed ways of capturing and you see all together with a flush out everything and then they surrounded and then they just get in the way these in the end like they're all apt up when they killed the foregoing like yeah yeah
i await your genome the eba might from the asshole first they eat their guts like they they pull them apart like their hold onto the body and the public does a video of one leg literally biting it through the hips and like poignant poignant importing from the girdle lie or yet screamin it screaming at this little face face and slow hands and screaming and this champ has just eaten alive mean that's that's our closest relative it's crazy you know what i was crazy the crows as well as it made me feel fucked up just visualizing that you watch it we could pull it up now there's a i saw them when i had to shut it off it was on youtube has i am now they ve got quite a few videos of it now but much more fucked up is fuckin hate chimpanzees now but those other chapters have been able to live but i just can't anywhere would be anywhere near what the scary there very scary did we didn't
we had this idea that they weren't scary because a bee jane the bear and all that tarzan yell at stupid shit from television we we decided securities peaceful epinay eat in you know we thought they bananas until i get duncan no we don't even every here why they're so strong while saw this whole fuckin thing is the way when they their brain fires a message to whatever nerve and exert whatever when they they can't do obviously they can't sit down only play guitar like they don't have that type of thing it's like when they die want their right arm to do things like all the most from the tippit their fingers all away this shoulder all awaited them back or whatever i may think you use in those anyways black our stuff is more like precision their shit is just like fuckin it's like a defensive blitz like everybody's fuckin common so i mean i i just realized halfway through was beyond my fuckin understanding of the body but evidently like they just say like just giant like air
of muscle all just just enacted the same fuckin time have you ever seen when one looks like without their hair the jack right oh my god pulpit by hairless chimpanzee nobody knows hundred but you look at it but they don't outweigh you so you feel a guy you fucker let's did you know no an abiding ride i ought to be able to have come out dull joe right with a brown bout jujitsu in if you looked at the fuckin wait differently than those balls jesus christ through the size of the sack on that guy do that looks like i've been put to me the polish brower doubly deauville oh my god do look at those fucking i may not now i don't i dont wonder yoga size the arms on the fucker it's probably a hundred seventy hundred eighty pounds parker as big as a man but there the strength they have is just an unbelievable i had a baby monk yummy the baby champ ami wants a news radio where this episode the day
they brought about i am ass for the scene whose baby was like two years old and this little guy was on top of me sir hitting me in the back and i was wow what the fuck are you didn't make any sense was attesting you just beat my ass his little tiny things too our beat my ass may use little i gotta pick him up i can hold them like this but i knew like just from this two year old chimp that if he decided to just fuckin go crazy on me out to fight for my life this little to europe's oh yeah absolute to your own person beat the fuck out of a two year old every two year old on earth hasn't sam chance was so slow yeah well better how like a fuckin squirrel ran up your army sorry how far that thing would get before even just grab its tail there but you wouldn't what to do like everything snakes this lightning quick how fucking like the fastest hands in bonn seeing is nothing nothing compared
reptilian speed their fuckin strong they know how many fat either there's a theory because that's called the aquatic ape theory they think that people of all around water that's one of the reasons why you throw a baby and water they closer mouth and they hold their breath immediately and they can actually kind of flow caseload up to tat move drive back i've only watch videos pictured people lab codes just grab babies by like the back of their parents have autumn sailor doesn't talk i tell you but if you do a chip and are they drown the throb baby chimp and why are they just are breathing water than on what the fuck do but babies instinctively hold a breath i did eva human did you see that video of those chips fuck with like that order or some shit it's now's overseas zoos where they just stick animal together with five because they don't give a fuck i don't know why they definitely there's no with peter shit you could do that this country with some sort of fucking
the otter or zone china the polar bear the lion and then watch it is some fuckin yak now there s a video makes it declared that was very stars so this fucking daughter whatever the fuck it was sea lion i didn't know what it was this thing kept slapping the fucking thing like that thing was slapping your back and wouldn't have happened if they got hold of one of them and they just fucking dragon the monkeys were flipping out and i couldn't save it dragged it into the fucking water drowned the otter yeah whatever the fuck it was it was what an ill or something it was something like that the champion of the water and drown abated fuckin woe dragged the fuckin thing in there and the fuckin monkeys weapon out an eye on such a sadistic level enjoyed dead video like yeah you fuckers because i don't like bullies just felt like they were bullying
what the fuck was in the water this is gonna torture you're you're listeners because i can't remember what an animal was cause like i said i was probably do in twenty different things at once and i watched if you go on their monkey verse somethin eventually and was in a chamber a monkey wasn't a chip what are losing our was it was a baby baby one like a small ok those small enough that this little brown think dragging the work that's the best you're gonna get out of my back our visa horse witness a bad legs were yelling alot pretty sure there were people can i think got what they wanted because they left that help you guys out a lot of those fuckin videos out there too if you get if you go on bare verses or champ verses or tiger verse and i wish him all tat i watch slap fights
so funny saliva it's what slap lights it is people always ends up in a real fight or somebody gets knocked out this i stand with my hands behind my back you go first and you just wind up and slap me in the face lad and then it's my turn whoever quits first is always that one guy who slaps with this media part here and catches the job and then the person gets knocked out you know my favorite things as is the key when they scream world star like this so excited that their finally part of it that they feel and another human being getting knocked out like the level that he spoke and goes through this i'm sorry listeners very worthy here's how fucking higher been bitchy their voice goes and they scream like twenty four contain it's amazing one site became the spot go why did they had a modest epic flocking knock it's it's not like like they united what them as they had a standard like you couldn't just get in
i walked out you i'd like to base level is not the fuck out all away up to like you know that guy dead i mean it's fucking insane doesn't brutal ones yet there are without a doubt like i have a certain like my thing is i'd like it to be who was square and off they go out one person gets knocked out after they knocked out that's it that i can watch those but like you know persons on the ground and they catch like another two three commoner downers of desire as video area of this one guy he was drunk in his mouth and after all these people and one guy stepped up to a knocked him out and after he knocked him while he was lying on his back people came over they pulled his pants down people sought a kick at him in the face why was unconscious and then he was like make any horrible moaning noises and guys or just run up and put him in the face not just one like many many people did it and die i don't know he could have easily died he could have easily died now there was a kid knocked out there came the kids
coreg book was getting bullied by other kid he knocked him out and he was like i don't know i don't know in the area where the kid hit the classic thing in his back of his head in window many died don't happen with one guy the kevin james worked with kevin james work is about sir and long island one of them she worked with gonna fight with a drunk k odom knocked him out the guy fell back his head on the curb dead and i want to do in time in our menus just stupid and you know ten hours and our job is about her and maybe shouldn't i hit the guy maybe shot on what happened hung over the circumstances well i can't picture kevin james is about such a sweetheart of a guy he can fight we can fight yes it is is a tough guy you dont do you don't think that look in autumn but kevin james it's hard as i was saying that i'm just saying such a nice guy he's nice guy what he's got us which give people passed him off either we would want to be he's a fucking guerrilla that guy
z look sees a sweetheart does others like physical comedy and laughing and joking around baseline can i open with a life i've got to fifty was a great guy like certain people who come like like bouncer yeah yeah i mean they want they want to fight and they i add a couple bodies of mine from high school and on a slow night they would just walk up to somebody in to say i gotta go we know that you gotta go and they would just escort and discuss it was funny to them so they pretend to be about her no no no no no no they were bouncers out if it was a slow night though just came up just walk they pick some nerdy guy just say listen you gotta go you got it just the guy then every once in a while they get somebody there would get upset and waste fighting and then they would beat the shit out of him i just would just be like at the sudden sound like a good time to me i saw guy one time at boston right he got into this fucking fight and they the fucking bounces came in and grabbed him over they just
came up by his fucking neck two guys and just started running with him it was the war secure causes all these people they had to scamper to get out of the way and they are running with this guy like i swear to god the guy's head was like nine freedom the errand was up there like on alright alright alright alright screaming our right is a running in all the data for his party and they got to the fuckin nor were they were gonna go out and the door was it typical was only like eight feet high like his shoulders and head were above it he did of running like for forty years poem hold it in half and then they do threw him out into the street and i were even back then just going like that was so fucking really excessive and if i was running this club i will be do you realize you almost ran over eighty innocent people are me at this point it up forty seven so like my idea of the way young people think is from fuckin twenty five years ago so like like my idea of what
a bouncer is and to me there just guys used to beat the shit out of people and well you know in school and now just wanted to do it for a living you now gathers deftly i think having got the job though because his kung fu instructor kevin used to be really and martial arts of his country instructor work there and he got him a job just like there are needed i quit when all this was going on when i was nineteen oh i worked as a not about her but i just like a security person this place called great woods centre for you know there's a nice guy eddie murphy on the raw tour did you really sad thyself ronnie dangerfield raft back to school and you get big two hours probably worked in there when you saw ronnie dangerfield i was probably workin backstage because i was one roddy was wearing bathrobe was that with the though that those when his hair was like yellow almost orange did you have a ban on night thank you came on a tax a real i can't remember
i remember eddie came out of the blue soup a gun i saw bill caused me there too because we were there i saw as our kennison there like right after his first special that was interesting because it is indeed is hbo special stateroom specialists fuckin giant right is the basic but then he had read a whole new our they didn't have a whole new our in a kind of obvious like you could see a gazelle out of filler remember thing my why this is interesting like i had never thought about doing stand up exec nineteen eighty six ever seen em i was gone well this guy doesn't even have the doesn't have like the jokes i call abode one before him and there is a couple of guys to i think but in common pretty good act but calls act is is act was made might not have been as good as citizens was back in the day like you know during the special time but it was tight like tat punch lines were solid he knew gone with it but with tennyson good tell that he was a kind of fill in time was that wasn't
wasn't there anymore because he had worked for probably ten plus years on that one hour i never saw a guy like so adversely affected by family because i was such a family is just watching like he kind of every cliche kills me is one right when you die was he was gettin soberly was gonna like he was gonna turn it around i thought now he died with coconuts system like i said may appear dogan system when he died he is autopsy reveal that he had done coke he i think any day though the ironic thing he's killed by a drunk driver crises to do their bit we're gonna drank dr what about you know why because we do have fuck and there was one of his is things like that was one of his filler beds now after it just the first shit was so good like a homosexual necrophilia acts and the fuckin starve kids and i ah there's a clip
early on on you to where he doesn't have control the yelling yet so it's really just like you know cause like he learned by the time of the eighty especially norbert really downright asked her to come and then just fuckin launch it and then go back to being quiet again is a great one way you're watching him the clip these seeds before quite has it figured out this way more yelling then he needs to do but i it shows when i watch the videos are just like like this guy is like like noses onto something and he has like sunglasses on onstage he's got like driving gloves it's not as before the trench code and all that i've seen a video is a comb over yea i had a little com guarding went through the hat so the moray near the border area and in the end he switched from the bahraini tilities rock and roll poison style bandanas member he others z bandanas they would get long his hair
and the whole thing you got very fat you get rid of heat this every day can see just i mean jesus most eminent he's where those guys are probably you know his autobiography be like twelve books his biographies good called brother bill by his brother bill wrote it's called a brother sam my brother's lamp i gotta worry that's really good because it talks about how you he had a head injury like a bad hinder it was hit by a car when it was a little kid and it changed them totally that's one thing that happens to people that have had injuries like sometimes they get crazy impulsive they lose their lose like whatever personalities to have companies arrest sane completely fucking in saying tat its label but he got hit by a car got all fucked up and when he got out of it when healed up he was just fucking maniac does didn't give a shit is like the devil entered m are simple
finally just a wild man too was had no impulse control to swim crazy and is also when you try to be a preacher tools like it's sort of fuelled his preaching damn really good it's a really good boxes his brother bill is very honest and even talks bout sam just sam stop writing it was his party all the time he wasn't comin up a new material and talked about us before he made it was just this machine just like he was party lot but he was also work on his act and it is important to whom and unknown and the difference between his fur second letterman already see the same thing come and there is no doubt his first letterman is just fucking it's unbelievable unbelief only dangerfield one now when he was on the run a dangerous special thou how i was it that was though just don't you know the the owner of a dangerfield tony told me one night that you know how d you suggest let sam do what everyone about
fuck increase in one night he went on stage poppies and funny now because of all this shit that's happened in the world but he was standing of this trench called for in this late night crowd ripe of your half full dangerfield you know and you just sit now in his hands in his pockets is as easy as came on stage right now he's got lucky you people you guys just sitting there drinkin because on a date you having a good time is sitting there are you guys know what i have done with under this code are you are you not know that i don't have to twelve gauges under this fuckin co i can just bring em up and just fuckin blow your brain so i didn't let up he just kept going with them and go in and gone gradually people started get nothing i just kept you know that low evil fuckin voice do he just kept do i hardly know how do you know of yours
looking around and gradually and tony was toning only gave fuckin walked like half the roma goes piss cause they will buy and drinks are everything by denying evanna tell sam eyes but you know you look workin out in getting a good bit out of her something but he used to like to me why things about that as the eighties just seem like it was so much like like you know somebody comic set were just because i needed a warm body were actually get my tv credit since another just was an all it big hair and you know what's the deal with this and must deal with that that there was actually a fuckin guy doing that taking crazy chances well that's one of those things you just going up there you sick you're fuckin act your hey people are wherever he you just feel like doing that but that i never had the nerve to start walk in the crowd i never did as i guy these i'm supposed to do a job here sheila evolution of the data laughter died the day i've loved i love that i'll bet it's a two disk album
who disk see day of embalming jeffrey builds on announced decided this film or weaker his commie c d after he did dice rules right there was a first wonders called dice right for it is called dies i first one was alive i launched and that of the data we have today is him going up to a crowd of tourists who have no idea he's going to be there does not that many people in the crowd it sounds like this public fifty on the whole fuckin room and he just add living tissue living doesn't give a fuck and i remember was one guy gets up and that's it leaving the guy's leaving us you're about us funny as a glass of milk that's the guy said dumont like i just meant i favour one was when he was talking about how not to get to a relationship member that bit how did it uses i can restore years versus pain like you you meet subject get off you like you take her out your weiner yet dinah
we should send she's not gonna fuck you see just keep taken aren t going to fuck her so then as you finally lets you you meet her parents and all that bang in a way and as your bang and are you take enough fuck now mr relationship with this girl she thinks i like i guess this is how you get out of it he goes you keep tagging and right before you you go ok sweetheart get ready for the good here comes the good i remember listening that by myself only relevant couch is so fuckin gross self it was just so like i can't even describe it was one of my in one of my favorite fucking i saw him at the the worst or central why at the height of when he first writer that new year's eve special deadly had eighty eight eighty nine ninety eight osama november eighty eight so is just like you everywhere
like the end of eighty seven i'd happy new year see everybody or maybe we speak memory was eighty nine been eighty nine areas thing i remember he had some special there came out towards the end of one of those years and ice was working a warehouse unloading trucks and shit and we all jazygae this whilst classic almost back them when there was only so many channels so you just like i'd see later nobody said watching that day shit but this we came back monday body had sought an interest which is weird wishes it was fairly everybody knew side somehow everybody fuckin saw it right in that became the biggest thing ever and i i saw him and there was an unknown eighty griffin opened real yeah i mean i was thinking like i think leaving not i'm like a year older than him are you started really young at a griffin yeah really yet eddies nine and fifty that cars like forty six forty seven google amazon like that but while he opened up in
but be rude and boy and i was doing the same thing i bring on days like i thought ass i can't deserve the fairly thing but i thought we were dice we backstage go these guys really like us i could then dawned on me like hey maybe he's friends with eddie any relaxes comedy which now i know that that was the case and i just meant dice came out it was just it was it came out any did like ten nursery reforms that we have all heard so he would do the beginning and then everyone with yellow the punchline and then he got to a certain point you ve like out it's good you did your home well i too have also been workin and then he just busted out like five new ones do it and i was just it was second locket bring our place was going easy there was something some starlight star bright somethin i dismembered ended my girlfriends twat my point towards such a funny fuckin word the place do not i'm telling you like murdering
yes murdering this place i never got a chance to seem live in its peak i only saw live once i started work into the store and saw their weight went to see him like me and norton and bobby kelly and anthony from open anthony and red ban to see him alive at the riviera like a few weeks a few years ago in the upstairs rumours that big room upstairs it was fuckin awesome there was in town for the usa i wasn't working on friday night and they were like thyssen town let's go let's go so got a stay like gentlemen were nice restaurant had a great time had some wine click glasses gotten a limo went to the day show was fuckin legendary that's fucking with so much fun but east does like a little bit a nursery rhyme stopless he's got a bunch of new shit now but did they think there was different about him than anybody else was that it didn't it didn't it was good that you knew the bits you could sing them like a song like here you would yelled em out like watson the ball badge everybody
crazy now he was given you what you wanted any was also still moving forward how it was and the new new ones where every it is good as the other ones and they were new and then we're trying to remember i'm sorry you go the warehouse tell he's got no i've got no one's spock in oz is integrated though because you back then there was no you tube those that we had a like go see it a member here you go see it not and that was nothing to when it was so future even then there were still like eighty channels or whatever but there was always those things like nobody said i'm watching dangerfield special right it wishes i'll decide monday everybody came in and everybody you see a guy move on with the food is everybody knew fuckin kennison was plain who debt dice was eddie murphy delirious and that came out oh yeah there came out and like everybody just fuckin so everybody thought it was it was a vote special came out back then it made you a star it was a different thing is today like an hbo special today
the eu here shit they come out nobody here is anything about it you're gone tv shows that show watch thirty days later yea and i finally set i watch part of it and then i had to go with you figure it out now with each be oh go in eight beyond demands of their figured another catch up to navigate shia but there i found kennison because of a girl i worked with i was workin the boston athletic club as nine in this girl i worked with touches shoes a fuckin hilarious big boston girl she was like five eleven she was heart but choose this fuckin big ash girl and she goes my god this is fucking guy named sam canada you heard of him oh my god you so fucking funny i go where would it do chagos command she goes out in the parking lot
as the homosexual necrophilia bit for me in the parking lot she's lying on his stomach oh my god you mean life can fuck any ass even happened here dad if ever it never ends is the greatest line ever and i remember thinking like try like laughing at this girl wasn't a comic choose a fuckin fitness trainer telling me about this guy now how to go see him and then i thought guy got it on the age s tape if i remember correctly right the first time i saw his hbo special as i why this was a game changer he was a first guided we think that maybe i could do comedy because before i would see like seinfeld or see like you know someone who is like like does even the improv type the rolled up sleeves and did you ever notice and unlike it's not me i'm just to fucked up my my sense of humour to fucked up to fucked up and then i saw kennison i went out that's comedy to accommodate us
just as we funny like maybe i could do it maybe i can do is able i'd like to all of those guys i like i like seinfeld dice kennison alex what's a common ones i liked all of those guys like basically if you are funny i totally i got into all that shit but what made me think i could do comedy was actually those views one stanhope spotlights towards the end tarzan and why would anyone in guys would look like they have a fifth one just scrape in the bottom of the barrel i remembered that this guy i worked with he's too long before we go out we drink bears in his come in i governors house aid in mrs whatever we forgot his room you now to save money for which truly hidden chicks we'd fuckin we drink like a six act or something so he was in the stand up to where i was and we'd fuckin watch it s so fucked up we will get legally drunk and then get
the car driver businesslike ladys and that is just what you did and now we have breathlessness back then they too just for study mt somewhere like the ladys or something like that some like that but i had the total fuckin classic in boston bring you were ended with a fucking do you i and all that shit did you do you're yeah spend a couple hours in jail and there came down got me out deserve fuck with now if you try to get into canada now because it an officially show up on your record until you get the second one that's out worked and might the state i was in the second one then it says you got two but what it would fuck with this my pilots licence like if you get a d why you done so far
real yeah you dont you do so you can resolve allow guys gonna take this thing out of a land ploughing somebody's fuckin house no you can't do it but so you can get a pilots license you can now no you have a d you are the airway vermin it's not officially america india so if you have the second one if i just got one i think once your license pilot you just get one you just say just take it oh it's gone i make sense here that's fucked up thing to doing drunk didn't like patrick swayze you do then crashes play drunken and fuckin run then do that ensures towards the end a pretty sure i mean if there's any the time to leave a scene by thank you is i think it was when he had cancer i think like when he had cancer too said what plugin list which is burns baby down to the core i think he decided to just
go out guns blaze and they did it and quit smoking or eighty really went out like i care i didn't see all the things he deborah he wouldn't stop smokers i gotta give us yeah i think he just decided those tis burned out is right a bit running of the rocks just take that which is his right thank you know that's how he wants to go well you don't do that you die eventually anyway right in one and the game when you one end of it fuckin hardcore fatal fuckin diagnosis and despotic i guess we're drinking it's hard to imagine that you wouldn't just try to clean your life up try to soak some more life out starting kale doing yoga gonna
use clans but the phone in us of it need five like this isn't me i'm just doing hackers why should he like smoking you like drinkin christopher agents and we need the died the same why don't you try to clean himself up you know as i know the name famous intellectual very famous atheists that english guy and illegal brutal brutally honest and articulate gentlemen wrote some great books yells had that essentially he was of a rather faint vanity fair article women aren't funny backed up with it explaining why the women that our funnier our bushy there are like men because women don't need that sort of that that sort of skill nor retract men if those be nice i come but men need there is pretty interesting because it got a lotta people pissed off i'm at the moment that
like one of poor horsemen of eighty ism is one of the more mr the eight years with darkened and sam harris he seems like the deck guys like one of those guys are gets a feather in your cap if he goes to your party oh yeah for sure social rights i was always fascinated by that like you could make a living doing socially theirs is really graded parties so distant vitamin e when you know anybody that's an artist its involving like the art scene where they have like art galleries and people gotta galleries and you have to like become friendly and hobnob any social circles of people have died in art i fucking hate that shit i can't even tell you how much i hate museums if it's a car museum or if it's got some tanks shit in that we only a little kid if its stuff like that i like it a bunch of old place where you gotta be l
counting museum of art lack ma i think it's it's the fuckin worst as the fuckin worse they have a box a plexiglas box and empty box on the ground and that's a piece of art is rope duff you can't near it can't touch it and i go what is that there are those who are well what is it what's was too reverend then space it's the artists representation of the spaces and capsules new to swim with imagination you decide within a new york mary machination you created because he's not going to shit this one one giant wall videos and the videos are like a guy thrown a basketball to another guy and then another one there's a guy oppose a chair out of a away from a desk and sits down and then another wanna guy plots down a couch it's nothing just people doing shit but it's all in like a bunch of different views their spliced together on a big wall can i guess is art is our those big fuckin canvas
no i didn't draw anything they just scribbled all over the place to shed was put paint on their chests enrolled around like in its ipad yeah i don't get any of that but what does it say to you what does it say that they're gonna that looks like the shit i used to draw when i was five years old my mother would put it on fr gyrating humming did not draw any thing you just take every marker zigzag with it does but you know bob curses go in the garage agency onto a party this house he's got a house and mount what we're aspen lino colorado when risky town beautiful house mean fuckin staggering house and he had this piece on the wall and i literally said as a sum is kid main like it was framed and i can t go no no this is a rule of law is marrying revolver they go that's like twenty five thousand years ago you ve gotta be fuckin shitting me this is discussed twenty five thousand dollars or whatever cost
so stupid luck and it was like a bunch of pieces of paper that were crumpled up and painted different color they were glued onto a piece of paper added it's it's it's bullshit convulsions daughter bullshit but why why people buy into it what is it because what what makes that art and the difference between of a kid cause a kid can't sit here and are you how you sit right ok but those guys can and they choose not to that's that's that's what's in the brochure as to why that's the should as far as well their philosophy right like their board man withdrawn in one fuckin draw faces anymore so they want fuckin do some abstract shit it's like i ve got a kind of keep to face there you gonna drive dryly some funhouse mirror looking face that's fine
if you just want to take every color in your crowned box in just start scribbling around anymore if you can get some ass all the pay twenty five grand for that i feel good feel yet how does one guy like that get super famous jackson pollock he's approvingly apple that guided have been launched the movie measures and i love it i love at harris i didn't even see them i don't know anything about the while my just don't do it so he takes a paint russian and spotters its shit dog shit but there they self a million bucks i got an original pollack is worth a fuck low to morrow you know why i think when you have shit like that it makes people think that you're intelligent like our only your culture the colors nanosecond i'm kind of thing i don't get it i don't get it do get it when people collect cars i go in
j lentils place have you been a j those place i'll take you you wanna go yes sir crazy shit ever here's a leather is eleven buildings can apply does he like nobody likes pumpkin the pumpkin smells wonderful got eleven buildings filled with cars that dad i totally get i give you gonna spend more money on shit that i don't like have his own traffic jam on the four or five he could have is a mean its legitimately better than any car museum i've ever seen in my life i've been the what's the big one off of rough libretto henderson said the bidders on yeah i've been peterson's very nice nuff became fuck with j leno jail and go away more we more space you as a cigar collection ralph loran doesn't believable like they were doing a thing one time do have this debate our cars art so the whole thing was they were taking ralph lawrence or our fuck you say his name
lauren lorraine raftlike we armies very fucking time they fuckin we're trying to figure out how to get his cars into museum it was those museums in new york and we get up the second plus a half the documentary was about you know just the physical endeavour d the physics involvement of the crane they had to cry need to get these fucking cars in this museum without damaging other pieces without ruining integrity of the structure and all that shit but in the process they were showing his fucking cars and did a brief interview on him on how he comes you know how we gets ideas is closing line offered like the lines of like east dude he had all light was all like four greece lamborghinis like our wow look at them like whatever the fuck out it's just like an old jaguar i think but it doesn't matter what is our back right what is it the whole website for roughly in car click eyes
flip through a couple of you know my now pleased it whoa what the fuck is that yeah it's all gaudy that's a bulgarian nineteen thirty eight and it's all like pristine bentley nineteen twenty nine bentley god why did you get to his newer should certainly not merci harm backups that mercedes look at that thing nineteen wow look at that it's amazing nineteen thirty count count tracy oh that's a sound of the oh you click on it you give a salary and this is why the tanks were better than ours look how pretty that our ship nineteen thirty says like our capital that's exactly this all look at that thing and alfred mail from thirty one that's fucking beautiful nowhere in the
the thing is it's all meant condition to like if they have like you know is old leather straps that held down the hoods like is not even like a piece of thread hang and look at this fuckin fifty five mercedes now those are worth a baby boomers failing over a billion a million dollars for those the going i don't got one of those always got everything i've i've watched almost every video and james grudge it's amazing is fuckin garages amazing knock as he's got to say his cause any knows about him and he brings people in here the carol shelby and there the address diesel yeah he's got everything jailer got several cars that are worth more than a million dollars and he keeps him at the airport the burbank airport because homeland security guards the airport and he's like if alarm goes off they fuck and move in with tanks like don't fuck around at a millionaire right click on that for our aegis head right to the right of that right rather than those fuckin thing
nineteen sixty two jan is one of those i read this book one time called the limit the limit and it was about the first american formula one racer that want that won the formula one championship and that they were just talking all this shit that a ferrari would do like if if you had like for some reason like if you gonna race in in the race they had to make us with a certain amount of the cars available to the public in wrapped up so what they did was they were required to make a hundred of this one car in classic italian what they did was dead i just started numbering em like sixty three and they only made like thirty seven avenant now the cars like super super rare they just acted like that they made a hundred on creating about and check it out they like it is sixty seven is a three days number one hundred over there are i say later no one ever said where's number one thing in fifty or what debate they started number they think they knocked off like forty some cars but the book
limits on real like just as far as the fatalities do these guys it become flying by making proud be standing on the side of the road by a rope alone would get hit and they just go into the crowd to kill me look up dac count by von crash or something like that they this fatal accident on the fuck on youtube he just goes into the crowd with his car takes out a whole row of people he's still alive and he reckons she's back on his track gets t boned and then i think it ejected from the car not sure but that open guy when he got his first ferrari i want you to this are all right around the crowd and my the slow motion all this is from the speculators a guy you almighty net person die jesus christ or those cars there soap enough in the way they can handle and the way they moved and broke i going when you lost having that line out on the left that might be him get
from the car do they got another one they do they got some sick at him lay in the fuck do some sick once there was like this one guy went to spend in his fuckin hood came off and i went to the crowded chinese star just like the kapital a whole row of people like shit like that happened deserves salem on the stephen queen steaming we move areas you some way in the road these rather spend hours and shit people to get killed that's her ethically that guy's wimp arm the stretcher now sir so anyway so the american guy when he first gets the car the last driver had died in it and there was a fuckin whole drilled through the floor pan because the guy get decapitated in like blood in the car so they just drilled a hole in the name of it in drained it out do we talk about primitive you'd think that at least
well that over cause you and want the air to get in it for like that extra hundreds of a second but they just that's how we get the car that's a fuckin sick book do they dreamed it through hole on the floor was so much blood and then jesus christ books called the limit by go yet because you see between that movie lamont have you seen a long long time ago that the eight o clock movie good fuck a movie didn't even talk like the first ten minutes the movie amazing they go through all these things people do things there is doing stuff set things up nobody talks to amazing take the does old movies wishes so different so different what they could get away with the attention span the people had yeah you know there's a bullet i saw a bullet recently to another one this long scenes were no one's talking because of chasing were steed mcqueen is run and after this guy in the airport no one socket just one thing after another thing and says it's kind of realistic its it feels different fills different than what you watch into that
i like that old ship although i'm trying to get into new shit i'm sick of being guided likes old shit because it's such a pain in the ass to keep a gun so i got old drunk kids i get an old truck i bought this old lighter at night to some guy from michigan this stuff that the old stuff is this something about that you just can't recreate a new things are cool like tesla those are cool they call the derived their whole new but that nineteen sixty eight truck you have something about that too but we know what it is you it sucks is when somebody fuckin you know just how much i have to slow down just to go around a turn i just saw this i think that the suspension is so primitive on it like i feel like it's going to it's going to tip over so would you put in a modern suspension or would you want to keep it a rich i for the law this time why because i when i got it it was all originals three on the tree dry
breaks all the way around the original radiator the whole fuckin thing so sense then i put an aluminum radiator incas those old ones ran little hot titus show me how to do the front he basically did the brakes but i did once he was just tell me what do we oppose any itself willing tests on the front yeah china's fuckin nut with that shit oh yeah yeah i know he's in born to do it many societies fuckin greater but then say change the brakes changing reality then but then what happened to us i needed leaded gas and was off can pain in the ass and somebody put too much unleaded and i put a line let it in there what ended up happening was it did the vows got little dunked up and end up cooking the valve so i just said fuck it and we rebuilt the whole thing i say we i send it to a guy he built a thing from a crankshaft all away to the carburetor and they came at the auto light to bear i now have a holly for barrel on it which is cork as the barrels
she smaller swan unjust cruising around i get better gas mileage what if i step on it i get that extra area get from afore barrel yes so it's i love ike like fast and allowed one of my favorite i could shows i watch i watch all of those shows weird like so many those shows that trying to be fast and louder so it's just just wish that they would you know cause now to television i regard this as the formula we get this guy together should rawlins guy then we get over there i just i wish they would just be them cells and like you know everybody builds different types stuff but like the way you look at it like an artist there looking like they're just trying to make which like all these widgets cell and if you make an orange and this size like i was devastated when they paint guy casey left like fire i will go see left yeah as you for that very large but he did it when they let em
when they let em when they let him do is fuckin thing he did a lace top one time that was the shit you get another one that new making a low rider like when they would lead him rather be like in agreeing painted black you know like i really wish tat he had done more they learn do more like two tone shit and stuff that's why don't you think it's funny because you you get upset at your wife watch bravo or do you want this guy i would appreciate it if we did was a fuckin aren't that some whore walkin around like a porno together how dare you know what if i had a someplace to guide walk out on this podcast right now i didn't i just turn my phone because i want to show you this at bought this cause i'm also a fan old movies so humphrey bogart one of my favorite favorite and i was watching this thing i know what the for the maltese falcon he's got this thing this cool thing that beginning when he goes to light the fuckin cigarette yeah it's it
no what i thought was a match he stuck in there i thought it struck it but it's actually it's it's a metal one would like a little bit of flint there's someone on the end of it scholar runs in time tip lighter and i actually i bought one and five a guy in michigan that rebuild the whole things for you really yeah i got it six foolish jenny polish it up rots and touch wider yeah i guess yeah yeah i know what's wrong watch just say humphrey bogart mall he's falcon i guess lighting his are that's it read their wants to say hi how far can cause i just saw that was what is that thing i gotta get one do you use to load cigars i have a more just showpiece everyone's while i get a real cigar smoker comes over the guy you want to see some cool and i like should break it out the real cigar guys though they want to use a lighter they whether they want to use
a match that's a wood match then they want to light a piece of cedar yeah and then they light so none of the chemicals area and of how they get really crazy with it absolutely they do i have a locker with my business manager one of those nice degeneracy places yes i do have had one for ten years the same cuban cigars and there for ten years anytime you wanna go let me know i regard the havana room here it is oh really there are definite go here it is while that is how you always check nor does it put they flavour on the cigar no no not that i could tell but i'm not the greatest when it comes to that right i also know that if you give you find a real cigars mobile they think it's the ship that they have all these different ones out thereby got some cigars here with a dried out from that michael down guy who's from the documentary the seven hundred and fifty three just we just left me i wouldn't put them in a humidor do you know what that documentary is de palo tour
onto it it's a crazy documentary about police corruption and like the nineteen he's in new york during the cracking epidemic and these guys are just fuckin atta controls is completely out of control to career easy documentary but the one galiodin all the money and not just that just robin people being involved in drug deals and just just fuckin insanity but one of the guys michael dowd just got out of jail a few years ago and they put together memory and you know now is he does pot gas and shit and you came on and you know its guiding us when you go to jail for some serious shit when you get out dislike to jobs you can get it see that you can get into sales he'd like sell cars they don't give a fuck or you get into entertainment like or you go back to crime you could literally come out from a double harder for some reason they let you out you could just go sign up for a fuckin open mike and nobody is no background check this year in show business it's true
if anybody coming out of jail for murder and gone into and a common view why does it there was that one guy who always fuck a name he would i want to say he was on the phone josiana meridian on letterman they were talking about he got you a fight me killed somebody went to jail and then he got out and was a shit done jane don king the donkey killed two people item one eye than we beat somebody that yeah one of em i think he was acquitted for one of em i think they d stay decided it was like self defence and then the other one was a manslaughter charge the beat i'm gonna dented own money like when he was a on shark or think stopped him to death i interviewed him i interviewed him for the usa used around you know if it ever got anywhere do you have seen it ever did anything with it i never saw it but it was crazy interview man he doesn't answer questions
like could go okay so low it like above a bio go only in american can a man of my fortitude and magnitude and come lotta come down from what would deal with today is equality but in the races and the sexes and women today does president obama i'm a feminist like he's he's got this crazy thing is covered with flags and his dripping with diamonds i go i mean like hovered with usual thyssen's one mantua yes to maize how great gift keep calm donkey yet pieces she was me out of the window he's elegant comic talkin about club owners fucking pieces shady fuck me on this gig you know you never get either does your my hundred million dollars is already oceans level knows who knows but i asked what's with all the gold was not golly platinum our white gold is covered in diamonds diskette like literally hundreds of thousands of dollars and diamonds on and he's like that's for the lady
the lady love it they love diamonds diamonds are girls best friend he just got an anecdote you know our saying for every single thing he's is prepared in ready to go but you never get to the real guy you know just get the show like tat but perhaps but you don't we get to the real that's old school now school boys is all schools it gets his results calls a gay kills people we dead can launch shark legal i want to talk to you about mass square garden you did mass square garden what the fuck that like i was amazing news fuckin awesome craig i got my monies worth because we i rented a drum kitten some apps me my friends came in guys in the goddamn comedy jam we came in and ben bailey which is the latest as i wanted made benefit trying to get together to play for fuckin ever knife i gave him a new york you wanna come in play has been baling banbury cash cab cascade valued and one should
comedian nano new york i while you're never lived alyosha what's cash to cash was a tv show where like you think you would get into a taxicab and then now you got in and always said you are like a game show our really yeah i asked him about a go did anyone ever get pisses they ve got the airport need laughing all the time they thought to what the fuck out of that type for this that this is a real cap when he had to get like israel taxi light hack licence and allah turkish it's really interesting that the whole thing but anyway so we went in there like fuckin from like to thirty two four empty madison square garden like we just fuckin played all arena rock motley crew glasses and fulfilment filled some it sure will you do that for me ah you gotta be looked at on youtube now so i say we can tell me i suck at my heart because there are more people who like you will think that's fund a watch they like doing something he always dreamed of i'll say i want to see it let me show you some pictures i want to see it
so what is it like fourteen thousand people in their some like that but cool because i went in there and we play there that it wasn't intimidate i felt like i can't i got in there i got a feel for the roma right right ma am when i went up i could but the lights were in my eyes so i couldn't i couldn't really see anybody so it wasn't bad i was dude i was oddly not nervous and i up and i had a great time of like after we played back to back to jonah pictures right now its awesome smile on your face alex so cool so yeah just went back to my apartment in all right after that you ve got our went to new york gap here do you of new i bought a place back down automata leave it there why ten it for a while i was wrong de rossa and then
what's he laughed ass like i don't want to deal with haven't somebody else like i got to think paid off and makes me a local higher if i ever get acting work they don't have to up in a hotel although that's never fucking worked out for me i never get a kicker everything shot in like fucking new orleans now i'm trying to find this there is a there is a clip here somewhere we just that we just had the best time it was whose fuckin awesome i play for you and us off the year that sounds like a fund gig sounds like it's one of those gigs it's like get some iconic place to perform its not just a regular place yeah i know she it's it's definitely totally lived up to the hype but i went up there and i i did ninety minutes to i did all of my jokes and i i said at one point that i wasn't i didn't feel like leaving but i did record it i'm going to do something with the recording of it i don't know what yet warning or video just audio not the video thing i just stood there it is
little me on that giant stage two hundred foot curtain behind you just don't think it looks could they have screens up so people can see her at all so it was it was it was fuck off and thou wired aware i have the best time durazzo inversely opened up may derosa this fuckin old lady sir tat he had on and it was it was bugging me i was backstage and then he was just up there and nobody heckled them for it so i just went on stage the first day there was a shit on what he was wearing so it's very like comedy club kind of the people would just just ate it from from the sector i got on there and i i yeah i just woke up the next day was no let down there's nothing like that was fuckin awesome i did every joke i wanted to do i can't believe it got to do that it was was totally
we're almost satisfying things i ever did and i've been out and then the next time i did stand up in those four like fuckin twenty people down at the comedy story it wasn't like that all no word over the dumb sheriff system well there's never there right now i know i know what's what fuckin right some more shit that's the thing about com suppose i think music to is are we we have to be you always have to perform you gotta keep keep now that you have to keep calling a guy without aid like like you chris rock louis you know it's a handful of guys that never stop doing the clubs i even think those guys at once they get their following where they just do you know work out this in front of their own crowd i think that even dare that makes it hurt you a little bit because if you go down to like the comedy or you know as much as somebody if their fan of comedy might know who you are there's gotta be bunch you don't and they can be people in his soul
in the energy is gonna be different they don't feel like oh i paid to see joe robots are coolies here and then after they get over the five minutes then it's like it's a different you know it's more difficult as opposed to if you just doing you showing your headliner tonight i did melbourne couple weeks ago and melbourne fucking great at us end did the comics lounge on friday night might my theatre shows on saturday night but you know they have their common club in town and we called our blood member common in another gave us a spot me and hinge cliff and was fucking great nobody had any ideas come in there they they weren't necessarily fans mine and i got justice fresh pact crowd and legitimate response material yeah that's us also feel like there's something knowing that the people aren't there to see you it puts you in a different state of mind like you you're you're more like you in everything up you know you you you polish a little bit you make sure that you delivers sharper cause you want
make sure you let him now you know like that feeling that you would get when you first started when when you'd open up you'd have to open up strong because these people whose his fucking idea in our you had opened up strong and then once you got em you gotta get a couple last then you get a little com it's in your hers guys pretty funny and then you could carried on so i kind of felt like that a kind of felt like coming to the gate like i had to have some good shit right away i think that's important i think those important do those random things you to show up in these places viagra solved if you dont now definitely gets when you allow guys they dont dinner anywhere they just work out new material in the middle of their future sets i mean i don't know i'm on a roll i'll fuckin throw something out there like anybody but like i yield a great thing come up in the boston it was you got to see at a very high level what killing is and i i just do you know
just a lot of guys i've run into like wherever they came up y know what they headliners were doing there but boston was like you know death it was a sign of liquid like a fuckin train was coming through the year they will not see the start of our gavest sweeney those guys when they would get on a fuckin role to this day people not no they don't know it's hard to go when you watch too two clips and go i'll say it a b there like nineteen eighty nine you how to be there when the thunder was happening in mind those guys we're just on the top of their game that people get tired can we talk about in this part of nato is less was fucked up there was almost like a height requirement to they were all like since it took six three all those guys lenny those guys are like at least six foot tall they just do big ok guys they were men there will i get they are they would punish you that would do coke they were deaf their dear those stories of lenny punch some
at one time pretty stole his joke i gotta stay he broke his fucking love and i went up in closed out to show when it was an animal he was one of them first guys out the first that guy worked for where open for i and for worn mcdonald who is the least we can do to open might now be mcdonald who says that michael mike what out the same name asea sing out with ponytail mona wasn't him george george mcdonald george dahlias too hasty open mike nightmares brother warrant took me on the role within one night there was a first time erica the second time i ve got paid is open for lenny hausa jays in pittsburgh
massachusetts ask your work for normal followed you were doing those get his feels that way out yet i gladly north north west yeah kind oh yeah not quite like amherst way but like whose fuckin bound operatives craig was a great big fuckin loved tat king so foreign or doing lee mass lay massachusetts i think for jessup jeff apothecary whose you just call up is respect they called answer machines and answering machine would just go like you reach jeff apothecary but i'll write you have reached a master of ceremonies jeff apothecary and you like you like i got ten clean minutes do fifty yet outside again yes yes spot so he bought me in lee massachusetts i'm ever was exit to offer the mass pike and i went out there and it was the biggest fuckin hell gig i ever did was this restaurant
area and the next to it was a function where bachelor party was going on in there was no door between their roman and why i was doing comedy as i was standing on stage and these guys started gathering from the bachelor party in just seeing this fuckin red headed jerk off the baby face bombing in front of three people eaten chicken pot pie and i was looking over like and get what was going on download the psycho guys you want to come into the shows plenty seats do i gotta stand over their right and i fuckin looked at and then it is heard foam i turned around and some throw this fuckin dinner role ninety miles an hour me just miss me i looked and they were all gone and then i was on the mic you know and i snapped you know what you always do when you like that i forget what the fuck i was saying a bunch of shit about him and then and they started gathering at the door and then i was finishing my set and i was like these
you're gonna beat the fuck out of me and i'm looking at the owner and the honor told me before i went on stage he goes egos yeah or the genesis echo the others the owner you know we also does stand a comedy and i was i really and he goes j goes i got like two and a half hours immaterial i go yeah two and a half hours ago yet after tonight i'll have about three so i thought he was fucking with me so i'm standing on stage after they throw the fuckin dinner role in shit in the gatt over there whatever i'm trying to go back into my act i look out the crown and i finally noticed the owners sitting there writing down what i'm saying stage and so long story short and believing get off stage and i was just failing them to the side of me as i was getting paid by this guy they all i had to do was look at them and they were going to beat the fuck out of me was one of those things where i had to religious i so wanted just just tell me go fuck them
but i mean i would probably lost one of my not the best fighter but i was fucking enraged never getting into my fuckin eighty three ford ranger driving out of their yelling at them as aim on the night fakir you fuck after all high pitched just having heard screaming though my windshield as i was driving home what the fuck out of a falconer has a flacket bachelor party and you are right diameter tattoo total meltdown driving all but i had to be back up back at work they like seven anymore the but what got me through it was ok on that night and i e the called dana patrice rest his soul and i told the story and they were just laughin which just may know just you're back down and the guy you know i had this gig and this happened and blah blah blah blah but like that's probably the closest i ever came
to getting into a lease wine to get into like forgetting that i didn't know how to fight me like you know any america could do some bullshit but i mean no there's no am taken on fuckin five fuckin guys but i just remembered them stand i still remember the guy that through the rule i still have the smile on his face who he was just like almost thus fully wanting me to fuck and say something so he could just fuckin beat the shit out of me in that would have been one of those boston bleed downs where you somebody fuck bite you re wrong i was always that story at the weekend i want the fuckin highschool bitter guys europe move he was biting his you're the guy pulled his head i got
that aware met another guy than another comic i knew had his fuckin tipp of his nose broke bit off a fuck he going to a fight it some frat any fuckin hit this guy right than those in the guise knows fuck unexploded frat brothers grabbed em they wrestled in the ground as duty fuckin did it to god got on his chest and he goes pay backs a bitch and as they held them daddy fuckin bit the end of the guys fuckin know oh my god and that kid was a rich kid so when they suit him and shit like there they got my just enough money to re attached the fuckin the guy's knows far google that's why that's why i those stories were always fresh in my fuckin head it's why i stopped at the last fight i how is it somebody's fuckin fleet street hockey you suppose public junior high but after that everybody had a growth spurt and that's when like blood and missing teeth
are you coming into fights and i was just like in i think i'm gonna stick with being funny i can't i don't i don't have i didn't have that this bite my anger i didn't i didn't want that to happen to me and i didn't want to do it to somebody either i really didn't what you saw enough of it does that that's dale awful taste of violence logistics with you for like we after it happens just shy away from ever be involved in it like that again i avoided all that shit when i was a kid gaining hopefully it changes you if you look at some taken on you knock em out i think that's fucking great i think i feel good about yourself with this something about like you and i have to say i have friends adjust their idea weekend was going out getting into fights dog and you wanna go dog in this which doggedness that's what they used to call they do this shit with video chain in the eighties so
the sun when she was getting you know get intense the all be taken they fuckin change at a methodical z cavalry cheese i was walking in saying that there be like those twenty twenty on twenty and twenty five in some check would always try to run in and she always give fuckin blasted in the face and everybody would fuckin right was brought up it was fucking burnett mathematical sentences all my friends who was just this was just environment and i never noticed how fucked up at until about seven years after leaving austin in really spending long periods of time away from there that i finally came back went into a bar and just felt the five that that somebody they get suckered vibe you just could fit in it was weird you could just feel and i was just like why i live in new york in new york has like this fuckin crazy thing about ride subways and shared in the warriors and you think all of that type have supper i don't feel that vibe
new york i could think of it i think the great thing about new york is that everybody the writing of the subway actually keeps it safer i think the mac that everybody's mixed together he can't you know the fact that your on foot no getaway car there's none of that she can i handed you know be more civil you're doing great work exactly how to be more civil where that shit where you can just fuckin go fuck it not so bottle if somebody than jump in your eye rocks in fish tail down the street where the first we took our to boston i took him to work to fanny hall when they had the comedy connection up there which is about the most pedestrian place taken into andor bestow filled with psycho solid bars on their fill with cycles and would like as we're leaving walk into the hotel we're seeing fuckin street fights left an iota they they were waiting in line at mcdonald's they just decided get out there the legs is too dangerous really get out of here and then he goes
grew up here and like this is despite this is this is what it's like the idea they fight here said it phil he's gonna be devised to sail late night get mistaken she's just i feel like somebody's gonna catch one and it got me i'm gonna fuck i'm gonna get us what is is it the called weathers a fuckin other people too sisters of the people there came over on boats they dare us i don't know there's a big to me new york philly boston they're all does it through line of sameness to those kinds of people but i think the thing that struck me about new york was there we started they used to try to equated to the sports teams that you know new york would win championships in boston other than the celtic still but now that even though in china we fuckin one gazillion and each like it still hasn't gone away it is a disease and i what you were saying how you have to act more civil there did
is that thing in new york where it's just everybody is mixed up in their entire quarters so there's a there's a level of common courtesy that you have to sort of abide by or you're not gonna survive you can't walk around being being like those fuckin guys late at night when you're gonna get it that lets slice to absorb the alcohol seeking drive home which was so fucking nuts back then like the u you work on a server go to survive doing that you just now aren't to so people i feel like they behave more civilly but sports people try to make it about the yankees in red sox and how it was so funny to me like they would say like they passed and has an inferiority complex it's like dude they don't even know new york exists you don't stay like the same when new yorkers are all about new york the boston is all about boston they know new york in new york knows possible
you don't know shit about each other less you ve been there and lived there you not thinking about you think about your life you check your work i'll do not go like you know yeah which we would world series to yet you don't even think about until the play of serious happens so i think that the whole thing was it's like i'm a romantic of it but i really just think of socially when have a city like you know your middle gal i should bear those ever fuckin everyone cars you don't talk to any by an agreeable a fuckin shooting each other the freeways there's a thing when you your car you just feel like yeah outside your guitar its movie it's not really happening outside your car would start is really happening also i think the separation of the classes in new york is is different everybody gets together on the subway rich people our people their altogether walk down the street together and allay this now that very few interactions between people from beverly hills and people from calm down or people from
stella there's none unless it is like a benefit or some shit you know i mean there's some political thing in some ways down there that's deck honour per cent the problem is culture here there's a great fuckin documentary which of course i don't remember the name of it what's this face does the force whittaker does the voice over ford i believe it force would occur in its just about the history of the crops in the blood but what's cool about as it starts off in it outlines the neighbourhood scenarios here come here watch here always but you don't really know where it is you know it's alpha whatever they would when they would say it they show a map and then they would outlined the neighbourhood but they just showed how like with like racism are they got
when i got all african americans to live and use all the stuff the bill but it was a really interesting thing as far as like neighborhoods in l a because ellie when you come out here i still have to be on it for eight years you did know centre to the city this just like it's just a sprawling fuckin thing that makes no sends you know like the original centre of ella was supposed to be long beach which makes sense you'd want to have it on the water really like most major cities yeah like that's where was supposed to be like that whatever that p there is out there that's like that second or third largest one in the world i think i just the amount of product that goes in and out during the course of the day so like the the major downtown there was going to be there but it was just like hell a very subtle he's one of the most gangster towns that there is out there where you just everything out he was just like the water everything is just some fucking cd god damn story
and there's always like a fuckin decomposed body in every fuckin story no matter what happens they don't give a shit they just pave over there's no plaques this nothing like our robert kennedy get whacked here yeah you would think like what they did with dealey plaza which actually think they went off bored they kept the entire fuckin plaza the exact same you walk the figure in the end the zapruder his weird but like david ambassador hotel this where you got one right right that they took it down here we souffle some five zero used to film shit and then i took that out and now it's like those are a school or something somebody somewhere there's a little black like oh by the way by the way robert kennedy get killed here we walk through the kitchen where he got shot we were hanging around their one we're phelan there were just trying to figure out i got shot where whether you think was right here they didn't have it roped off there was no memorial nobody give a shit now that that hotel was creepy there was it was wasn't being used for a long time it was just just
filming stuff there's a lot of those things like that you know that the original allay times building was but terrorist act it was blown up i forget why was read this thing about it but there's no information that i can find on the internet where the original one is there's no plaque downtown it just did happen it's over clean it up barium listen fuck and move on retirement from my memory sopranos episode where they were talking about how many actual shipping containers they they actually inspect i got small percentage of shipping contaminated inspected i thought about that war film and fear factor in long beach took his ways to film they're all i'm and ways to be there and just see these gigantic ships coming and cargo ships fill with his containers knew what fuck was in one of those things and they were all right they're just come in big giant
dr though everything from bootleg shit drugs blood diamonds people to work in fuckin robin tug prostitutes they're all on these little where little box it is always a strange place strangely watch those old movies about ally but also great i've i've funds and love it out here it's amazing a greatly by also love new york i kind of learn the causes tamela are i hated it but i just learned that i was not going to hate where i was going to live like i was going to give it a fair shot you know what i mean and it's c note the driving is obviously the the worst part of it both the traffic and just how fucking the drivers hours they just so fuck video maniacs on the highway and then when they get off it's like they took a pot cookie making a right hand turn how fucking long it takes off summaries just a little in their lane how they have to stop they can't you fuckin drive around god forbid you fuckin tyres go into does nobody
just go on stuff this is fucking unreal the terrible with the left lane that's a bad one lay people get left leaning never move straight up terrible they just terrible this its unreal and then they get on the fucking highway and they will dry past you a hundred miles an hour pass you on the right you're trying to get off this waiting to pass on the left is people trying to get up you gotta go like like you won't take people flip me so do i'm trying to get off this fuckin thing you're passionately on the right there's like no car i think because people who computer on the highway it's such a motherfucker every day that if they see any bit of daylight they just pinot trying to go as far as i can before they're going to come to a dead stop again that's nice to deal with their frustration these days just off there is joe i thought you could live in our new york again or do you like living out here i could live in and outside of the sea once you get a house not to worry about where i'm gonna park i don't think
who lived in a sea understand how fuckin raided is to just drive home poland to your driveway yeah and just shut the fuck up from going now i may i now i don't know i would live outside of the city i love new york and like westchester sump them mia whatever some long island someplace up their and our long island at the hall yeah it's just a lot of meat heads out there just it's like you're either fucking like you're either a free mason know you like the dumbest pricing that's my experience with long island but that's doing like the comedy clubs or lay it's either like yours you got the money to live in the hamptons unlike tom hanks is that your brunch every other week or like a coward stern or you got these flocking yeah you they got that kind of money or you're just not enough
some you don't either lotta how gigs out there so i probably should judge it that way i did a lot of hell gigs long long hours brutal jersey held long island hell gigs i think we're worse than the ones that i didn't new england has at least new england i was part of the same drinking water so did you say it was the same made had that we will run into when you went to fuckin some gig and western mazur up in fuckin garden where a new hampshire or somethin ain main gaze lawyers dollars those well all those m towns more than a third of all of those fuckin somerville so my summer somerville now is like nice yeah gentrified used because slow moving one when we used to do that as i keep stirring cupcake shops and all that shit that's it seriously there are handcrafted coffee but like out yet like revere spoils of in revere all of those fuckin place it those gigs were brutal
reveal railroad spot that's one of the most brutal spot still i think i think that place has been gentrified malden medford there was one other i live in bedford they all all lynn de gigs lynn little a variety of i think kinetic is the worst of his kinetic is depressing to me like massachusetts was ok that's why i was living use not felt normal dumay like even if as a hell gig guy what average sucks but there's something depressed about connecticut will like connecticut always feel like there's no hope he doesn't feel your real state it feels like a highway between boston in new york people living on the highway and then it would come to give to this day like i did one of the casinos a few years back did you not weaken the casino and aspect i don't ever want to fuck and do this again is horrible when those windows indian casinos like this places fucking depressingly people like little usually why do next time you stay in new york and then
go to the west side you just chopper over to it top priority connecticut the chopper everywhere now do we just a straight line like if you went to new york would you run a chopper and fly no no i would why because i am not familiar with the airspace familiar with like the reader though radioactive the amount of work that i would have to do and then also you can get lost up there really easily unanimous plus you are also like i may do this three international airports this that's all bravo airspace psycho fuckin what are you doing here right represent up so when you like when you transition my bravo airspace over by elly acts like this like specific like rules of like core like you have to say your whole tail number and the guy has to repeat your entire tail number and if he doesn't you got a repeat
see you hotel member just make sure you know the number three to three zero tell you know clearly transition dinner fibre feats of poverty wherever right the weak but you don't you go by regular fuckin airports it's it's not that bad the level of traffic that the damage done by the eu in the vicinity of somebody who killed three hundred people the ass people on the fuckin ground so they are you yeah why me i look at it if i did it then fuck you know me i'm really i'm agreed who did it so it's it's so if i was to and something there in the other thing to is you have no idea what's going that helicopter either i fly out of i fly the same place where they taught me and those guys great school and you know the ninety percent of the flying of those helicopters is basically dumber than instructor in their so they're looking to make sure they known overspread the may the main roads
yanking gets out of it basically because what happens is every like twenty two hundred hours days those things are entirely taken apart and then rebuilt real life so safe here do not use it but you fuckin fly over people's of sis in some shit got one two hundred hours of why the early while sylvia and the overall like is a zillion fuckin dollars which is why have you ever look at a helicopter like wisest thing only thirty grand discuss its debts for an overall so and how much is an overall cost like hundreds of thousands of like minded yet psyche always gotta by the thing again so you have to do that every twenty two hundred miles twenty two hundred hours twenty two hundred out twenty two hundred hours certainly ourselves surveys it thinks so if someone has fifteen hundred hours on it but somebody's been flying it like a jerk off just fucking yank in the guts out of the fuckin thing is then what happens is is that
twenty two hundred hours were something could go wrong now becomes two thousand hours are eighteen hundred hours because the thing about metal fatigue like a well defined or something like that as you can see that until it basically happened self somebody is is flying like an asshole and they're not maintaining it you know like if suno you give somebody a fuckin they change oil keep loomed up and all that and not read lining it ran their cars ten years you give it to some fuckin jerk off and they just started up instead step on it it's a shit bach within fuckin a couple years so that the it's for me anyways like just the hours that are on it is just a first step i need to know like i'd have to know the school i'd have to know who's been flying the fight there's no fuckin way which i would i wouldn't i just couldn't so do you own your own helicopter around one european i i i i read i just can't justified doing what's going to fly over
just stadium thought i was cool and put it back down europe i knew you fly to gigs rightly didn't you fly to san diego forgetting the i flew down i flew with an instructor cause i'm i was the first time i was doing i wasn't familiar and he was here a lot of the radio and calls on the type of shit but but i flew the thing and it was soon our forty four which is for passenger is fucked so you go down there and is does he come into the gig oh yeah i was perfectly him and his brother came and kevin shea wrote in the back and they had a great fuckin time and would it make coffee could a landed right at the venue by what it was it was in like this canyon area knows much a high wires and by the time we got out it was gonna be nighttime and did want to fly out of that so that was the only sought a buzz killed but let's alike planet night out like a video dude it's fuckin unreal it's really it's really it's a beautiful do flying out over the ocean and just
seeing the shit that's out there that left compared to what the fuck did too polite to demand of times going out over there and i just see like looking down like what the fuck is that and then you look up couple hundred yards or so he's sitting on a surfboard waiting to catch a wave you want to be like dude there's something i could swallow you whole would you say i dont know what it was a shark or something i don't know what i mean you it's weird like when europe high like you know fifteen february when whales come up like when they just right at the surface because their their body and we see all wet when the sun hits it they look like almost like glow sticks it's really fuckin we're gonna like what the fuck is that fill their clothes one of those fuckin clementines that's what it looks like it when you download there's a couple of times and i've had bodies too i know a guy he was doing you know he was flying thing out for a shoot and then easily agatha gets out of it in just one flight but he said he fucking was come a background they were filming like a bolt race any fuckin came around like that you know he was on his side and looked down in what were always a big fucking great
shark near the surface i mean they weren't like real over the ground five feet up but they keep you can't miss you can't miss a thirty foot twenty five foot fuckin a great white or somebody out i've ever seen a great white but i've seen like you can't pull in maybe we're up in the air it seems like its closer to the coast but you can't believe what the fuck is due so like with like no one would walk into the jungle you know he's going to dislike tigers in lines in congress in the i'm not doing this shit but the ocean is the water version of a jungle you're just walking into this shit and your head will you kanizsa where you can see everything would you rather walk into a jungle i cannot get my somebody finishes their basement making a push ahead through those tiles but have one of those on your head and you can't see where you're going and just walk into the jump but you would never do that for a the ocean is is absolutely fucking terrifying to me and
i will never never ever go in it so once how much i did a flight i did it two catalina island and we're italy we get like you do that manufacture of water it's a single engine so you gotta have flares you gonna fuckin life jacket on and shit and that was the only thing i was worried about his dislike do i'm not i'm not even about dying right now i'm worried about cry slanting endeavours shit living then waiting to fuckin die it doesnt have often bwana happens i never forget it there was a guide a couple years ago i think maybe just last year in santa barbara surfer got killed by great white and my favorite store was guy in san diego training for triathlon whose him and a few other people they were all in a row and they are swimming in this fuckin whopper i said how to billig eighteen plus three came along bit the guy and half in front of everybody and just just no severed em and have killed him
i dared black out everyone three minutes to bessie i swam away the password debts by mean half get her a common enemy i would fucking swim towards when i heard a shot it right have you taken bite my leg and see from edible see if you can get a tourniquet on it before you didn't i have all the shore and i'll fuck all local needs somewhere where to go it is crazy thing because it charlie monkeys dude that's it i'm with you achieved that fucking ripped out woman's face or do they green when they fight each other they take fuckin northanger often they ve mongan yank the guy that the fucking balls all bag off the little firstly they go for fuck that they know what makes you a person they know your fingers they go for your fingers the terry fingers off thereby demanded by your balls off the ruthless they think too that's the problem is that thinking do my dog thinks forget about those things
that is like you do like when they just said a guy in a borrows fucking psycho and you just sit there going i wish there was somebody big enough to i can handle it so i can feel better like that's that times a thousand never chimp just goes you know one of the guys bring back efforts a family the guys that i we got attacked by a monkey one time when he was a kid and to this day is here the funniest thing he goes i hate when i go and shoots in his monkeys because i fuckin hated egos what's gonna happen is that you now you gonna get two or three takes everybody knows he goes you do two or three eggs and then after that the monkeys just gonna do whatever the fuck it myself and then a hand but he's gonna try to get it back under the hood or whatever the fuck it steward and yet he edges and i've never heard any
things about monkeys we're costa rica were stand at this nice resort and now they had monkeys our monkeys holler among the worst and there is the other ones is pale face monkeys and what the hell are ones howler ones don't come close to you but the other is it aware that my mouth shut the fuck up that was our warehouse to recur in portugal we didn't have those but we wanted a rough it my wife was just like alice i want to go on the male be fuckin slept under a mosquito nets dude where in the jungle do we will put this where we did it line towards through the northern part of we did that reference austria we write their service stand under this fuck him the internet and we have like a united states of america bug spray unlike the rain forests and adjust laugh
it's like i'm shooting a poet gun in the guy's gonna forty four do it was like it's like i am also put a one arm into i had welts all up and down and bite the shit out of us and i remember like the second day this these fuckin army and just took over our fuckin little but you know what you'd call it does like these expatriates had a fuckin italy's giant trees did they lived in and then they have these little bungalows though you had a walk up the ladder to get into an these fucking things just took over the place and the guys like came on agree i did i came out of his pocket thousand ants and they like their own single file and he just came she goes yeah does the army ass he gives yea just can't do anything about it i was standing there looking at him and ideologies flip flops on any goes you can't do anything about i'm just you just gotta let pass through take a couple hours
and he goes i watch out though they bite and right as he said that one of em fuck it bit me and i was just like do you gotta be fucking so so they had a monkey at a spider monkey pat the up marry a pat may not pet by its choice but he hung out yea they it now they had it as a pet by their choice the monkey was was a prisoner cell say isn t i went over there is that now it sitting on top of that looks like a bird how silicon asshole i walk over this fuckin thing like given food in everything and it fuck and jump saw me in two seconds it jumped on me inverted at its tail wrapped around my neck reached into my pockets took my bungle keys and then ran up the fuckin tree with the keys to my bungalows i couldn't fuckin get into it it all went down in like fuckin like point three seconds the thing is my plan i can understand the feelings
of human i was like i just outsmarted by this thing like this is one for this side the monkey was up there look at me i know it fuckin laugh and i'm going like all you dumb motherfuckers keep it you're right front part i get it every time so that i was sitting there going like i mother fucker right you want to have a battle of wits here we go so i at some food right so i come down and i know i'm judging it's fuckin lease how far can jump so it can get all way back down on it so fucking birdhouse which is probably about three ft long so i'm sitting there walking with the food and it knows i want the key and it's actually holding the fucking keyway from his body seemed to its cake and eat it like a fuckin human being who so yeah why so i get the food i did was i said it i took a big chunk of whatever the fuck it was was all need two hands so it set down my key so it says
the keys on the other side of the fuckin thing and then it was walking was slowly walkin towards it and right is it got to the food islamic sadistic gas arise they got to the food i fuckin slapped food off the house would be out of its reach and then i grabbed the fuckin keys and ran and this thing fuckin leaped at me so i swear to god i could feel its breath and i fucking it away to the other side of it and it was fuckin pissed at me and i was standing there whose middle course regal yeah fuck you you re up various bodies by right so i go to my bungalow fuckin still kind up did that fucking thing and i go and unlike the doorn i'm sitting there for like twenty minutes written a book or whatever i just got on i just started thinking about the monkey i fuckin looked at
the window and it was sittin there all by itself look on all sad in everything and then i felt bad said i when i got food and i had in my keys this time i actually kind of made friends with the thing that i felt when i saw it all lonely shows like you know how these things a prisoner doesn't want to fuck can be here and i'm being a dick i gotta give it food ah i gave bacteria i felt that i had known that i don't get it and maybe that's queue at the moment i do you know skewed access for family yes let's that's ended on that ok that's a fuckin fantastic store and efforts emily december eighteen billboard doc that you website yes it is bar on twitter six episodes thanks to everyone involved the show netflix mike price everybody over wild west mince fawn peter billingsley michael agnes
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