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#734 - Brendan Schaub

2015-12-10 | 🔗
Brendan Schaub is a mixed martial artist and also a former college & pro football player. He also hosts a podcast with Bryan Callen called "The Fighter & The Kid" available on iTunes.
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friday and saturday three ufc cards in a row chaos lots of fights insanity so brandon being a former fighter in the ufc and a very knowledgeable martial artist himself knows a lot of shade about ma thought would be cool to have him come in and and talk about that and talk about all kinds of do you like we always do it's like these fight companion part yes they start out with us just watching fights and supposedly talking about it and they they could wind up being anything but amy winehouse and yoga and craft beers and hippies and stinky feet like whatever to do talking enjoy it alright brendan shop the joe rogan experience trying my day joe rogan podcast by night all day yee ha and we're live dumb branch i gotta talk to you about marijuana in exercise together as a group really i am
huge fan today i do something i haven't done in a long time i haven't been getting high and working out i got high and did yoga like couple weeks ago and i've funk and loved it was a ninety minute class and it went i thought i was abducted by aliens and i todd aliens not aliens in spandex the place i go to is not done well they're very nice people will just say that but when i was when i was in the cloud usually the class like ninety minutes it's rough especially those last twenty oh you gotta grind you gotta stay focused mentally mentley mentally sounds like bullshit like like commodities housewives are tough yeah i've been do some shit i've been do some shit with football and fighting and a ninety minute class watt i didn't know was ninety minutes others sixty how's it down not to freak out i don't have what i have what i have water oh no super gangster was like at sixty minutes i'm cool with water then it gets
our mark and i looked over the girl next time we we supposed to wrap soon she goes oh no honey it's nine minute you should see my wish they had my face on camera that god you doing now bound to break about to break you need to try a wim hof method that dude didn't do like a marathon in the middle of the desert in africa or something like that no water animal me making it through yoga no water just saying with him i'm telling you man until i was about to break about doing it hi where it was easier and i don't necessarily know if that's good see i think that like sometimes like those mental struggles that's good for the tigris deals up the mind and the weed man it like almost easy easier way easier like to the point where i was like that was an hour and a half like i never do that when i'm so over and over and over you kind of freaking out at the end and i'm freaking out but you just like just grinding just what i try to do
who is the end of yoga class we sound like the biggest pussies that have ever walked the face of the earth you know when yoga gets hard whatever bro fucking i love that shit you get hard bro the fucking talking over a tough enough bro i got mental toughness i'm doing our anger and shoot for hill so i don't get will cluck ninety minute yoga will fuck you up it will fuck you up but i i do is i just tried to concentrate on my breathing that's it my breathing cut and don't i don't let anything in i don't let any complaints and i don't let any i'm tired and i just won't i know it's there but i just just bear down and really focus on breathing and bear down and focus on whatever i'm trying to do physically whatever the postures dude for me it was my i'm working so much in our care about his work and so i think that all time but when i go to you'll get so hard yeah it takes my mind off what's going on yes like a reset button but it is a mother i i feel the exact same
it does something there's something about holding poses in the difficulty the focus that it requires do it right it's sort of a race is your mind it cleans your mind out it's almost like a car wash for you yeah it was like a little reset when then it helps later in the day yeah it helps you like you you're so much yes i wanna see reactive but you more relaxed when it comes to like outcomes of things more relaxed when it comes to interactions with people i swear to god it makes you a nicer person it opens you up i'm not more open minded you know i've been going for about three weeks now in santa monica when i first got there i'm literally no one talk to me they are likely to this fucking meathead and here no one talk to me i was in the back i'd come out they have like their little groups and i'll just be on my own my present damn it i know man bullshit religious real race of men racing of real men but
is the racist against real men there my friend i wanted more human run him over now though they're cool you want him over now what's up tina in all this shit yeah yeah eventually going to get t color there's a place that i pass by in santa monica that has some yoga class but it's like a factory that produces hot yes with towels under their arm like what so how about mental toughness try not popping a boner in my yoga trap class straight up i can in there i'm like god right and the teacher goes i forward gaze forward sorry got she tells you that cut to everyone gaze forward while they catch people staring at assets i'm sure i'm sure that's distracting as fuck imagine if you're doing your pose and some dude staring at you crack it's annoying if i was a chick i get missed it unless that's some girls are into that
pretend they don't like it because you hate it when people look you know it's weird it gives you have got to him to help i hate it your house teacher hanging out the back room downward dog but the the some of the do you know god bless them though find great shape and they just say fuck it turn basically assumed a got out now yeah yeah this guy that goes to my class and i admire him he's just old fat white guy and he the it looks like probably never done support in his life you might not even ever use the stairs he might just elevators is whole life i mean he looks he's never even thought about exercise like nobody informed in what it was he just got behind a desk start eating then hit like sixty and i don't oh well you know what motivated him i've never had a conversation with him but this dude is in there grinding grind chertoff shirt off bandana
here is a white bandana like the karate kid yes fucked up full gray balding you know the whole deal it's like the whole hair is chaos and giant god gray hair over stomach in his tits while he's in there if he's in there grinding that fucking guys in there grinding you know i appreciate the hustle man like yeah he can't do it if he stumbles gets right back up tries it again get to the position holds it stumbles gets right back up way too vain to do any of that i hold the position like a mother fucker like if i fall everyone's going to look at this asshole i stick with those levels for sure of like commitment to a position right for sure and that's the difference you see in people like there's this one girl in the class that i go to she's indian and i think she's in the emily she looks like is indian fucking feather in talking people from the country inn
uh not native american todd's i am politically correct me and that's not india i don't we'd like to be defined that way i think like dollar men day indian ok you know dollar mendes no no oh my god to pull up the song tunak tunak tune this guy there's a dude named dollar monday and he's this indian pop star guy and he's but at least one song i tried to listen to the other songs dark i couldn't get into my bed but he's got one song there is one of my all time favorite sites i don't know what the fuck it being over here it's just going to pull up the video pull up the video and show it to brendan on this screen right here the one over here so we don't get kicked off of youtube help is awesome all my god is awesome dude you know i believe this is a real do real you got like the sun i i it's i've used to play the song when i worked at fear factor well to start from the beginning yes to know the music
anne right there and then give me some volume here we go look at the with shitty graphics terribly asteroids are coming in early this it's like fucking are tori look at this dude you took the audio off d i will close for this yeah you think now look at this guy oh shit tell me him him and him in the video he's like what we need we need more of maine i mean he's dressed in traditional indian it would look like magicians garb now this is full fucking at latin up in this plot how is it is awesome
you know what i like about it i have no idea what he's saying so it's it's like music that you make with your mouth is another song just dog shit i just couldn't get into him maybe someone needs this turn me into the right one i'm sure you have some other hits you fucking with their you know gangnam style that one he came out with another one though is it a hit it's pretty big it really called my daddy or some i got it from my daddy ok well people you fuck haters out there one hit wonder my ass you know howard stern saying that once i was listen to news talking about that guy saying we're going to do now sweet over for him like how well this is the other thing like maybe maybe it's over but why if the guy can do it once why what is it makes a fuckin one hit wonder what is it why does someone become a one hit wonder like what if you could put together
like a bangin song like there's a series of one hit wonders like if you go to websites the best ever one hit wonders but if you could put together like one of those unbelieve we'll bang in songs why can't you put together another one i don't get it do you think fame fuck some up like struggle sounds a lot of things definitely but that's one in greece in in a giant poisonous stew a huge ingredient there it's a big one huge one it's also wrote that song like what kind of collaboration did the per who write that song did they write the rest the songs true but a lot of times to like one of band gets big and they have like maybe one hit or one album and then you know fame comes the torque on namazi some guys feels like he needs more notoriety drugs kick in played this is a big one drugs it very well specially the downers heroin and stuff and booze guys who just booze every night
uh just slowly pulls away it's also it's just it gets to a point where i think they're overwhelmed you know if you a rock star in your on stage and you're singing the songs there's twenty five thousand people out there and they're all screaming you'll be over it probably overwhelming could there be a better job though watt do you really don't have to train that much you know i'm saying what don't get don't get me wrong don't give me in yellow practice but we're talking about practice you opposite overtime up rap they practice man you ever seen ever going to band practice and watch those guys go over songs sure hasn't way harder than being a comedian i get them up compared to being an athlete like at like like look at jay z one have tits down to his ankles and eat hamburgers all day he you can still make great music like this one maybe but you can't here's the thing about being a fat fuck you can get famous being a fat fuck
people will love you as a fat fuck like biggie but you can't start out like snoop dogg and then look like bing blow up you can't do that then you loser well you know i'm saying i see what you're saying we can't have evidence that you used to be healthy and then you're unhealthy can celebrate that that's what is this rules this rule perception the guy who doesn't give a fuck is never given a fuck that's why he's always been fat big he's always been fed lucy many seventeens rap on the corner yeah he's he's a fat days of the yeah he's never watch what he ate not a day not a moment in his life true to you i just think we should need that that is the thing that's him that's him but if you look like to block all six pack down and then you became like biggie now but what what uh job and i think this is why i'm obsessed with musicians it's uh it's something it's so something i don't understand it's the uh unknown to me right like any any athletic endeavour whatever i get it hard work talent but musicians
so in this kind of outer space because i've never been musically gifted ever i don't get any of it so when i watch them what other job can you like you see like amy winehouse and these are terrible examples with kurt cobain just fucked up get on stage and just kill it you know i'm saying they've been doing it so long though it's like a part of their memory you know they just know how to do it know how to do those songs and they get in there and they get in the groovin the music hit some and they just go with it and i think that her along pyramid by her own thing done stuff has some magical properties when it comes to music i don't wreck i'm doing it and i don't think that's the only way to make great music i think it's probably some saiful safer alternatives that also get you to a great place but there's so many people that did heroin that made insane music man so many ton so men and what amy winehouse apparently was booze was the one that killed her booze was big did you see
documentary aiming man that shit is amazing amazing that's a real bummer man super bummed 'cause she finally kind of get sober i mean this isn't a fucking spoiler alert she everyone knows she's dead but she finally gets sober and she's kind of doing right the right things and then her manager and dad or like younique go back on tour and she's like i'm telling this is a bad idea man 'cause when i'm tours when i want to use 'cause i hate being away they put on tour and that's what did so they did they say she need to go on tour because she needed money is that what it was no she just had prior commitments i like you put on and that's when she goes on i think it's germany or she's just so fucked up falls off stage and shake forgets the words and they start booing her self sabotage yeah it was horrible minutes so tough to watch we know it's interesting we had steve o on the podcast and stevo went through a pretty lengthy detoxification sort of thing you know he got it got sober and then he went through this like lengthy rehab and like at a
with in place and he went into great detail about it and about how long it took him till he was like legitimately sober like confident had a good foundation he was like legit really sober and now he tours and does all these kinds of things which is crazy still does that sober yeah like to inflict that pain when he's dead sober now to me is crazy is out of his mind is definitely i was one but he when he's doing all this you know he's he's like confident is not gonna start using again i think when you like someone like amy and you just clear of it and then the pressure of doing those performances is the temptation right like you just can't be around it like like evil does even drink right he won't do anything it doesn't if he does nothing nothing and i think that's how how could be i don't know him i think get their own thing i know dudes have had problems with booze and then the the booze and then they'll start smoking weed one day and then like i can handle this like i have friends like
and i know why like anthony bourdain is famously had a problem with heroin but he drinks he drinks let loves weed and he fine he's fine he was not even remotely an alcoholic he doesn't drink when he's in home like you could say he enjoys alcoholism outlays and alcohol enthusiest big difference though it doesn't feel it around the physical diction yeah big difference he talks about how it when he's home he doesn't drink just doesn't drink you know he doesn't need it that's crazy discipline i don't think it's discipline i really i think there's most certainly is discipline that he chooses not to but it's also an ethic but it's also i think we're talking about like a physical need like a physical addiction and he doesn't have that which some people do though some people do they get a little bit of alcohol in a man in their fucked and they can't really can't stop picking function i've met him i know it's true i know people i've met people like that rather i know it's true i know they do it do you see if you have an addictive personality now boo
is now not at all what about marijuana no neither one now i can it's stop right now why i enjoy them i enjoy big difference like if i go on vacation i don't take weed with me if i go away i'm with my family most of the time i don't take shit with me sometimes i'll take i got breath strip for the flight or if i get crazy idea and i have to write something down their bodies asleep pop up breath strip yeah nothing wrong with journey on a little journey get creative men but i just say you're addicted to work though there's different kind of addictions you know i'm saying definitely not really no joke to the hard working guy enough but i enjoy it i get that but it's not addictive like i quit i quit all of it except comedy i think i mean i could do that too i could quit that that would bum me out comedy is the most fun but everything else even the most fun aspects of it i could walk away from like like what's the most fun aspect about the ufc is actually watching the fights one hundred percent is not working that's not the most fun aspect of it
it's been literally the best seat in the house watching the best fighters in the world that is the best part of it but the talking part actually is it less enjoyable the working part makes the fights less enjoyable i bet then like i enjoy the fights more when we're doing these fight companions than any the time me too we're all hang in or what and we're we're broadcasting to this like this extra element because is going out two we know people are laughing with us for shipment yeah but the one that whenever i go to the fight when i'm physically there i don't have as good of a time i think for me because you know i been in there i get these nerves in this stress and so for me i don't enjoy it so like this weekend i can't tell you how many times when i was at fox i'll see you at the fact i won't be there my brother rather stay here and watch it well deserved think about watching at home you get the perfect ang rules you're seeing it from inside the cage whereas from outside the cage you look
through the fence and that's people you don't consider that until you go there you go you got to look through the fence to see the fights like i've seen some of the greatest fights of all time up close but through a fence where is a lot of people that are watching it at home like this there's a thing you have to do when you're looking through a fence you're not focusing on the things closest to your focusing on the thing that's passed you so you always have this peripheral distraction that fence is always going to be there will be cake side isn't the best seat it's the most expensive so right house but really it's almost you also mean that that first middle tier yes you can have this view so you're over the cage that access on a percent and that's especially for boxing hundred percent for bob boxing has a way better viewing position than the ufc because the rain things are low and you can see every punch that lands the face like super clearly is never an obstruction whereas even me being right there at the desk if someone's
find a post like you'll see me sometimes i have to get on top of the table yeah i get up a table and i'm like looking here to make sure like if i need to know if i could camera is not showing me where hand position is if someone's going for a gia tien i don't know if they have their hands class or something i have to physically get up and move sometimes but i'm fucking right there you know when you're at home there's you watching that shit clean and sometimes i feel like when you're at home you again those best angles it makes the fight even if it was a phenom a fight that much more epic because yeah are seen it you know like when your person kind of hard to kind of breakdown what you've actually seen yeah i see it clear on camera in there doing the replays you like holy shit and you hear it better you you're better percentage you got a microphone inside the cage so you hear those wack you play some shots sometimes like we're going to play this back and so you can hear it so you get here a slamming into someone's ribs
did that is a knockout in australia that front kick to the body he shot this perfect front kick to the body and the dude just went peter sobotta like he made this like like you can hear it can do nothing he could do but you hear the slap of the ball of but just slamming into that dude's body was like a perfect front kick talon oak looks great that's the thing a lot those shots when can yeah especially heavyweight oh yeah you're not going to hear them that good inside the actual rein itself there's so much crowd noise is like in less you're right there it's hard to hear here i give you even when you're on the first year it's hard to hear the impact with everybody yelling and all that screen yeah i don't know when i'll go to another live event for me it's too stressful in football games to from to go to but not for the ufc it's just so intense and for me and give me these nerves being right back there even hotel i hate stay in hotels because of the stress of fight week why i hate it
town when can i go on the road i was like for an error being bi house because i hate hotels why do i get super stressed getting side not but not run oh you're on vacation with me now or i really don't i know it's an issue that's funny i know man that's a weird issue yeah it is the think about being there live though is the energycap in the room that you get words like it feels like history like there's been some fight where i was at all i was like taking it on like wow i just went in some history when weidman knocked out anderson i remember when like when anderson went down a wide nose just playing basketball with his head by bomba bomba bomba and and it was sinking in oh my god anderson is fucking out cold this is real didn't seem real until you know when like something that's truly spectacular like that happens it almost doesn't see
real as it's going on looks like a video game yeah well especially because anderson had beaten everybody for so long we had got it in our head that anderson wins anderson everybody anderson beat stephan bonner it looked like he was the shell signing throws up the triangle and catches am anderson this guy interested knocks out vetoed the front kick and then you see that chris weidman left hooked his bing just crank on his chin and then he the anderson's eyes roll i can you let your brain is trying to process it like in my seeing this year this is real and then is down and i'm like an arm or whatever noises i make like and then why do is on top of a bowl bomb bomb and they stop the fight so oh my god like you just realized i just see this i think there's there's no other live sporting event better than a good solid ufc fight i should know better live event like this week
usc one hundred and ninety four obviously it's sold out but that will be the best live event to go to yeah there's not far there's nothing not from now on other end of that if it's a sleeper if it's a rough night it is the worst event to go to is there all right decisions like all in there it's a long night it gets really boring they can get boring yes but i mean i like anything but it's tough man you know what i think is a tough thing when they have fights in high altitude you know like unless you got all cala rado guys in albuquerque guys and they're fighting in denver like she batman who the fuck thought to put mark hunt ben rothwell in denver like you're not signing up for denver and then how about this they detonate go put mark hunt with fabricio in mexico city which is two thousand feet above denval any given like a six day notice three hundred pounds and he almost one to talk about that well
warrior dad came out in the first round almost one you know and then comes out in a steep ameo chick fight out of shape you know kids beating down and find and then my god shape it didn't have to cut any weight at all to make two hundred and sixty five although i saw they just announced over doom kane february percent yes super bowl weekend that's when he does all gambling look at him a football and looked at crazy gets screwed definition that is the biggest sure i couldn't imagine it being anywhere else a fight like that that's a big fight there's going to be a lot of bedding and less it's in brazil don't don't funny dick kane to make him go to brazil let's keep him in vegas listen man kane is one of my favorite all time fighters however he's not the champ anymore the champ is for breezy over doom and if fabricio overdoing wants a fight in brazil and what is his own
i have one fucking title fight ever who knows hey homeboys doesn't work like that ass holly holm out is to being champ they said hey real quick just to remind you ain't shit you're going to right when rhonda's ready so we're going to do it in july how rude tell me about it check his decision i'm just saying the champ really a lot of times and less named conor mcgregor rhonda rowsey you don't have shit say well it is such a different scenario than it is in boxing but in boxing are some parallels like you saw tyson fury beat vladimir klitschko did you see that boo tsar fight like pizza shit out of 'em but glad amere klitschko forgot how to box he i think age caught up with them we think that's overnight he look like pure was in tyson's tough the fight is tough who is undefeated he's not but he's but yet you defeat he's taller than mitch go very awkward he didn't really respect him he's playing these games i don't know it looks like something is wrong with clutch goes right hand did it he didn't throw anything he threw nothing i think he's worried
he couldn't get the shit talking i think the shit talking got to him the guy constantly talk shit fuck but this emotions you know and i think he got well wound up tight i think that's a big big issue with fighters big is she even with klitschko though he's been through the ringer whose last ten years doesn't matter that kind of shit talking and kind of disrespectful shit talking the boys still gets to blocked saturday all those are different guy 'cause i think all day let's go yes you're talking about olympic gold medalist yes but klitschko has been a guy that they have labeled as a guy who has issues with mental toughness he got knocked out by corey what the fucks his name was corey anderson what that was not not corey anderson the south african guy knocked him out and then lamont brewster now email to bruce and you know you guys were saying like that he had issues with mental toughness that was the rap on it this is not my opinion this is this is like the box insiders at knew him from the gym would say these things and that was
one of the things that they brought up in this fight that type fewer e believed from talking to peep will that trained with klitschko to manual with emmanuel stewart that klitschko could be broken and he could be bullied he could be fucked with you can get inside his head you know it's been interesting no need to do it for ten years i mean you look great jab both these boys and he fights tonight that anthony joshua guy for me i'm telling you bad did you look this kid i did he looks terrifying dog and you know everybody's duck and shannon briggs earlier they don't want none of that i mean he's older but yeah he's a loser he forty three years old but he is still still packing some serious fucking power under but he's got it he's got a wicked left hook to the body he's got skillful like skillful deliver punches that is unparalleled in that division i think if you watch the way he delivers combinations he can deliver
twelve vicious left hook to the body that there's not a lot of guys in their division could do it no crap i know it's hard to sell a forty three year old yeah it is being your chain corey sanders that's what is thank you pull up the last fight and in briggs last fight dude he's fighting who does not deserve to be in the ring with the rise of former world champion and a one time is like one of the the biggest prospects in the head with yeah but he has his do with a one two a gentle one two and that just pop some on the left hook left took the different goals his body just crumbles that's the way he delivers it like there's a fluidity to his left look like nicky holzken you ever see nikki hold control that left hook old are the best laptop in the world that left hook is a god damn thing of beauty from the heavens it's the way nikki frozen two it's like he gets you thinking about these head which is and that's not just snow
accident like white in the park in that liver shot you know they not to go back then but you know they took tyson fury style away because my son is going to say yes i was going to say like in ma you can't really look at it that way watch well i guess we're going to see replay exists but why don't you bring it back to the beginning jamie should watch for the beginning who breaks this jackson why can we go to the beginning of the video just go all the way to the beginning they go right to the beginning but look at this and that's it it's exactly what i was looking for do that again play it again play it again but but just watch the fluidity pop up watch this come on son nasty pop pop and then that left hook so the arm who box like him in the heavyweight division i would say it one more time getting from the beginning look at that you know the whipping fluidity to his punches you know like he's not like this real refined style of a punch
he's going to struggle with a younger guy like that duck joshuah dante wilder that's not gonna sit there that's true going to push a heart pacer going to get this very guys fighting got he got straight off the bus and look at this yeah that's nasty but you know he had a hard time with vitali klitschko vitali klitschko beat him up but i don't know if he working is hard back then as he was now he's sort of like a reborn he want kind of a guy you know in for him and he's got all these motivational videos online to like he's an interesting guy i am too me too i want to see him get a shot before he's too old twenty three tough man dude sperm and tyson fury would be some wild shit that would be awhile despite him and dante wilder would be another wild fight dude i'm trying to deontay wilder in the joshua yeah they'll be interested to fight but boxing meant not the right in its it takes for ever for anything to work out did you see canal operas yes yokota how good alvarez looked jesus christ he
good good he looked good to me he's not the savior like he's not the mexican savior that we're all looking for he could not not yet he got it yet i should if i'm he was better bump kanellos camp you're not fighting triple g next we're not doing that that's a bad idea as a family fuck you right you know what the problem the triple g fight is as as like if i was a promoter i would that guy only sold one hundred and forty five thousand paper views in his last fight like nobody knows who the fuck he is he's dangerous foods dangerous is you can if you're going to have that fight that should be maximized i agree when floyd in many they almost missed the boat right floyd or well they missed the boat well they kind of did but they still they still hit it pretty god damn hard is the biggest fight ever w big i'm just saying it could have been bigger if that at two years ago they got lucky they pulled it back once many came back and won some fight through and look really good but if you look at that vision right now you know like if you look at like
if you like canelo's fight with floyd you know that was like a good fight can old to learn he's like uh the young he's try figure it too much for him too much more mainstream now but if you look at like gennady golovkin is a totally kind of a guy he's like he's a dangerous he's right now he's rated go yeah he's ready to fight anyone the world and beat him right now can l is not at that stage he might be though i think yeah after being older code oh yeah but he look good he looked good he was showing off kind of skills that he hadn't shown before that counter uppercut snow who is doing a lot of stuff looked amazing any fucking hits hard he scared guys because he doesn't draw a lot of half speed stuff he does a lot of stuff yeah it's just it's an assault you know and you feel that like that pressure right off the beginning like he put this pressure on code oh and that pressure is always there it's a part of the fight it's like his power and his presence
there an added element that that has to consider that he didn't have to consider with code like with code zero he had a minus peas and queues he had a huge good defense and he had to be here to stay on a but he's really only deal with a left hook coto really never hurts guys that bat was right hand him but he has been very very nasty left took but he's really been fighting smaller guys you say he's a lot smaller yet coatis thing even if use landing canal that respect you just walk through it canals like probably a buck seventy when he's walking around tiny i've done stuff i've done in a lower koto total total jenny so because you have done campaigns look down here is tiny what is like five fifty five thousand six hundred and fifty six pro anyway maybe one hundred and fifty five in shape yes yeah and canelo cuts down and then probably
it's in the five one seven is right is a big boy big boy thank you for that week and that's why floyd wanted a catchweight fight with him frantically yeah and that's why they did a catch weight with code on canal yes see we got a week in that kid you know we we can to get him down there so you but i the the the thing i do like about boxes by the time these guys reach their potential they've had like twenty or thirty fights you know i'm saying like they've had a lot of experience they're ready for that next step exactly in the ufc we don't have that are exactly i just don't have that and i click it page in rose rose i think is what three and two or some shit like them and their headline yeah it's tough man well that's also the women's division is a little bit less experienced not a little a lot less parents in the men's division there's that that's a bad example but like at least age northcutt like i mean i'll talk about a mismatch this fight tonight how dare you how is either his mom's had no deers parents or why am i know sage is going to kick his head off
i mean i find is taylor made form will see but but i'm just saying it's a good i'm not saying so to one of those youtube videos cody pfister on top ground and show out in the 32nd jobs like fuck me oh i know right there you go shot way to go you sure you're talking shit you don't call the ronda fight either i'm just saying i like this step for sage right like it's a good progression in his career he's in a deep deep deep deep deep changing his toys in schey word jacked and shredded 'cause he's like some new thing he doesn't have any fat his you're fat and he saw that healthy i gotta think there like some fat is probably good for your body but it's good for cardio tia yeah it's good for your cardio it's also like depending on what your body is using for fuel truck what are you using for fuels your body using fat or is your body using glucose 'cause you're not gay in glucose in a five round fight i look at this boy i
he looks like kitchen the lead singer of a boyish right now somebody on the underground i forget what the exact quote that he looks like i'm going to put you this 'cause i don't have it in front of me but they said something like he looked like a boy band fucked in america eagle whoever that isn't sure that i'm sorry i didn't give you credit it's just shredded said something like someone from nsync fucked on american eagle yeah it's true yeah yeah i mean i told you i mean fox how long do you think he can keep pussy away 'cause it's got be like a swarm of malaria ridden mosquitoes flying in his health tell think about every fucking twat every girl wants to get with anything he's at texas ami don't know if you ever seen those smoke shows at text saying this is my favorite girls but the bass lesson them and australians the australian go wild i just feel like homeboy
can i have to break at some point but you know it's weird is do you see the article on his dad i heard but i do i didn't bother digging in excel figured you know one only want to read this i mean it's just his dad has apparently a dark path that has nothing to do with him they just assume that his dad has this weird past that sages on some shit i don't think so the kids two billion actually what is the path path i think you the prison like for ten plus years for selling steroids and other stuff and cocaine right yes yeah well that's a good combination if you want to be really angry and strong special for him especially in pride it's a hell of a drug i think you win a belt yeah i hope it doesn't have anything to do with him i hope it's now it's rob sure come on he's just a freak man could be well he's also been training since he was five and here's the thing about stereo you need a lot more than that to look like that to be i have since genetics it's genetics an it's insane work
there's no way around it i'd say more genetics in any one hundred percent his age imagine it's a strict diet for the majority of his life i mean he's been eating like lean chikin and like he details like what he eats it yeah i mean he's in college too so i'm sure after this fight he's fucking his balls deep in chipotle i don't think yes man you don't think so i think he's one of those guys those guys are tough to hang those are scary well look at him he's got this like fucking glow this like yeah everything is amazing you know just you still coming like you would like here no idea he's never seen anything dark in his life did you see him dead lift some dark shit five hundred pounds or some shit does he really like looks he's like hey everybody just like jesus said down while we were waiting for these guys to start showing up these guys who's who have been a project by some overzealous father who has a martial arts background and attacks tickets yeah maybe did in the 80s get apple in the 90s when the tab i'll start
we had about sharing like ninety eight i'll accept it and he's watching just rich what is that there just look at him look he's like hey there you go there you check this out everyone but junior yeah that's really lifted five hundred pounds like it's not to do so i don't know how much that is it looks like a shit load though that's a lot of weight i don't know what is that girl sticking her ass out ho leeches oh yeah that's a strong fucker he's uh definitely talented he's got a lot of tech six two and he's really good at transitioning between striking and grappling but i was going to say we're we we we circuitous route is that unlike michael holly home is not in a position like a tyson furious or tyson fury can say fuck it i don't want to fight this russian on put on let me finish he he can say tyson fury could say i don't want to fight this rush to do they will fuck was tripping you the title he's like whatever bitch i know i'm still the champ
everybody knows on the champ i just beat vladimir klitschko fuck you like he can do that and get away with it and he can go to bob arum or he can go to top you know golden boy or the money team yeah i mean there's all these different promoter floyd mayweather should nominate is also different promoters still put on excellent fights that are being paper view events that h b o can show that's the difference with the us see it's the ufc there's one game in town so if holly holm says you know what i'm not waiting for ronda rousey fighting miesha tate put the fucking fight together can't do it is i disagree but this is what i'm saying i wish degree how can she say listen if you don't give me a fight before then come will i i'm not doing shit and your biggest payday i'm not doing anything you can't do that got a contract i'm sure she has a contract and i can't find her i don't know what the can't it says when you're the champion do you
i would assume that it it says something they they must have to get it in writing in some way that you're obligated to defend your title against challenger of their choosing i assume okay if i was gonna run a promotion that's fine i'm just saying if if if let's say if i john jones or femme right right look at rondo's call the shots my man i don't know if you guys really run this basic listen i have this movie here i need to fight here that's how this is going down okay let me correct i i'm a lawyer and i'm saying with holly let me correct you guys this is not that's how it's gonna what's going on is a number the number it's two hundred you c200 we want to make it the biggest fucking ufc the world is ever known there already advertising it ok you'll see these big like big image is it just comes on july two thousand and sixteen ufc two hundred there's no other number hold on there's no other number that's like that that they're looking towards this thing then there's uh
this gigantic arena that's opening up in vegas in april so they know that we're going to do it and they know they're going do it in july so this is what's motivating now you get that joe if you don't think that they are the ones that are guiding this to july and not rhonda guarantee now i'm not saying that i'm saying previously before ron has been able to with movies everything does she fights yeah well now now that no not now this is whatever i don't know what how how we for jaws my support with this now no i'm just saying if i'm holly she has more power than she thinks yes and no because someone was out that long because the long time you know i'm saying in but that but from a business standpoint i would dana white that that fight has happened you can't have polly fighting one else see i disagree yep yeah i just tell what tell me pay per views holly verse misha cells okay listen first of all this is what i think is my personal opinion all right is just is just opinions yeah
i think you're crazy to not have more than one superstar okay and i think holly has a legit possibility of being a superstar legit cias everything going for she's a preacher's daughter she is very well broken she's very calm and she's got a great personality and she's sweet and people root for her and in the face of all the craziness in the trash talking the media obligations and the pressure she showed character and she never cracked and when she got in there she performed like a world last fighter became the new champion that's a potential superstar ok we're sure and if we he's going to be out for this long amount of time why russia why why mean if july ok you're talking about july right we're in december january february march april may june july seven months she just said in an interview that she's not going to eat an apple for six months forget about taking impact so how is that going to happen in july and have her be at our optimum how is it going to happen
i don't know use the digital i'm session number i don't know what that i don't know who's for i'm talk to anybody i don't know but this is one of my personal opinion okay holly home could be a monster she could be a monster and if she could be a monster on the level of any champion in combat sports any champion in the ufc she can if holly home just goes to dominate the way rhonda dominating and we all know that she not gone down if she gets in there and fights fill in the blank filling water girls name we should head kicks her into oblivion on television everybody like holy shit we got a new one rhonda didn't become i'm rhonda immediately it became rhonda with a series of spectacular victory through holly holm strings a few of those together you've got another gigantic dynamo then when rhonda's ready to come back and she's one hundred percent healed and healthy and is made some corrections and really worked on fixing whatever polls were exposed during her game then you
this moment monumental fuckin superfight an if michelle wins then you've got a crazy fucking love triangle you know this and this all sounds great i'm saying no is this all sounds great in less hall and misha fight or holly fight cyborg and she loses your biggest payday goes outside works out the window 'cause she now since she says she's not going to make one hundred and thirty five fuck it fuck it let's just lucas little say mischa mischa mischa wins if misha beats holly home and then me she wants to fight round rhonda again you're good you're crazy what the fuck what she did she talk to fight standing out strike sir did you thought twice true you tell me that you tell me it's going to break records miesha tate might be an interesting fight no i didn't ask that you could be induced in frank records i don't know if it'll break record something that breaks record is holly yes holly ron does your money fight but if holly i think the long game is if holly gets even better if she
it gets even more recognition and rhonda fully heals up and you also a chance for me should take to take that taught you what you want to risk but i think even if me should take beats holly and they have a three real rematch between five round main event rematch non title fight of me she's got the strap and holly and ronda go out in a five rounder that shit would still be bananas gigantic i agree i had everybody makes money you get more superstar get the more more like high level like mark key matchups more if you don't you think that because i don't think runs past three or four fights left inner so this whole round robin you say that because she's and if i lose to holly i'm going to retire so by even saying if i fight hauling i lose i'm going to retire she said that she said that move in a recent intervention shoes if i were to lose to holly i'm done i retire i'm not making that up so
when as soon as someone says if this were to happen i'm going to that means you're a thing about the end of the road so what were going to be no round robin so the short game in the big payday in the short scheme is ronda holly so i get the july wait i'm just saying it sucks for hawley i've only person that loses in this is holly i think i think july is going to be tricky if rhonda's telling if she's on it or if she's accurate rather about how long going to take her to heal up will still ask she just got cleared just got cleared but she also did an interview where she said she's not gonna be able to eat an apple i know that's why i don't understand that slumps and she's also staying with forget his name now fucking homeboy edmonds staying with edmund too so that's another thing so she jane with edmund and this the issue do you think she should go i have no idea if i if i had a plan i would tell you joe but she has to get better and i think everyone is doing a disservice included dana white including admin saying you just have you been
busy all this stress cause all it is rhonda rhonda rhonda can we give holly the credit thing all is just better man and for rhonda beat her she has to get pattern striking that the only way she's going to be there if you think you can peter by grappling you're full of shit it's not going to happen so the fight in july and she soon a movie really she stayed with the same trainer why do you think the outcome is going to be different well it could if all i disagree that she couldn't be there in grappling i think it's very possible that she could catch it with something it's very possible there could be a scramble sibulan she can catch her one hundred percent it's impossible why you say it's not then i'm see the chances of her beating holly because their only chance to grapple right okay so let's say that work again and we're back to stand up ok so why would you think of continuing what you're doing it can be any different but wouldn't you say she has a distinct advantage in grappling if goes down there if it goes down there right but when you say that like has been grappling for a few years one hundred percent he's never been taken down well she was down
is fight but it was really she on top she took she took run it down in the one time where rhonda was going for the armbar runners on the bottom but theoretically i mean at least if you looked at the two of them in terms of just raw grappling you would have to think that rhonda's got a much higher level one hundred per game one hundred percent if she didn't get tagged the she got tagged in that fight it is a big if it's a giant if it's almost if you take away if you take away haleys phenom striking yeah we then you don't know you don't have to take away or striking you just have to avoid it have to figure out a way to avoid it and one of the ways to wood is not go ahead on like you look at the cal pennington fight rekal fought a much more conservative fight with holly and that was a precision it's different demeanor come out foot work angles yeah less aggressive the thought well under got this fame is true but but that doesn't mean anything it's like what do you have to do to win forget about what got your famous what do you what's the the best tactical
technical approach to fighting someone who is talented strikers holly do you have that do you have that skill set in seven months that's a good question do you have the skill set to get great footwork avoid holly st can get her down to the ground and we know that there's only a couple ways to develop the kind of movement that she's going to have to get in one of those aspiring one hundred percent like you have to spar so you're going to have to be able to get hit and if you have five six months where you can't get it i mean who knows she i have over estimated that they might look look at it again a couple months my heel of quick maybe this and things they can do to help it heal up who knows who knows who if if she said she was fine which is fine now it didn't have any teeth problems didn't have any that like how long do you think she should wait before she starts getting hit after a vicious flatline head kick knockout from one of the best kickboxers in the female
only division right i mean that in a perfect world that she's actually let's call it the best between her and jermaine rhonda may yes was a very outstanding more ty champion world multiple time world champion she has been a successful in mma but she is a nasty surprise right that was actually that's actually an interesting match up her and holly phenomenal match up if more people knew who want to make is it would it would be really be a very interesting fight to set up but i think that man that level the level of kickboxing is is very dangerous hurt her head kicks that she hides behind his punches you go back and watch holly's early fights she gets those hands in front of you and that phenom left it comes out of nowhere in a perfect world i would say probably six months without any can't six months learning content can't do that though that's a smart move can't do that if you write ins zero seven months will should always be a perfect mood in in a perfect world in in shouldn't like if there's outside pressures a little
outside pressure they should stay just stop and think about what the fuck they're doing i really but that i should say i think they should make sure if if rhonda is going to perform at her best use have everything lined up so you know she's good to go before any get set up everything should be lined up yeah i agree everything randy lined up there should be no and we're talking about a morass we haven't talked to rhonda we don't know we're not idea this is from information and data for people thomas i'm angry i try to avoid this but do you see the other things done the interview that she was out from the first punch nine and see that should she got cracked by that first punch and she's basically we had no record survival instincts just don't know but is that how does she know that here's the thing when you get head kick like that right you for get a lot of things your memory becomes this weird blur of events
it's very hard to discern exactly what things took place in what order should head kick like that i give you a you had fights like the bard johnson for example before what a fucking scary dude and you are super smart you got it on that fuck you come down over and over again you controlled you control the fight control the perfectly so you gotta fight with a perfect recollection of how it went down but you've had fights before we after the fight like the roy nelson fight roy nelson cro cop even though i went broke up fight when i look back on like watt like someone kept so much tell me how i took him down i did i don't remember that the travis brown fight i thought it was the uppercut that really fucked me up but it was when i went for take down his sprawling land on my neck after i remember that when i was really fucked up 'cause atlanta my neck and it rattled me so and that's how tj grant got his concussion so exact way yeah not realize that like you know when two
guys are shooting won't go shooting for a takedown with the guys trying to defend that hip to the face a super comments yeah i very rarely watch my fights back and then i watch this the the the trust brown for a pilot i don't know right after the fight and i watch and i'm not same guy who got on that old you got routed out and then you go around again with the punch out yeah because a one time after around me then i i can i'd i'd watch my movement and i'm i'm real slow and our whole game plan was to avoid getting back to the cage i go straight back to the cage hands down all one that's not we trained twelve weeks to avoid the hey right rama man helm's drumming so a perfect world rhonda it's it's it's six months in you know it's six months i wonder what a neurologist would say me too you know someone who really understands head trauma from like a physical like just to to to to but just breaking it down to the actual physical components of the brew
main and all the connective tissue and what kind of damage was done and look at it with an mri and you find look for info nation and what are the issues i agree i think uh the update i tell you this though if there's anyone who can pull it out of her ass and get a win with that amount of time at six months with that schedule to rhonda rowsey with her tenacity and everyone's saying oh she should've left the camp for her that that's fire for the fuel so for her i think fuel the fire fuel for the fire that she's going to she's going to use that and really take it to another level which is scary but same time is that the best way to go think so it is interesting in the in ufc as opposed to other combat sports where the another convex combat sports the champion is in the driver seat like jones junior when roy junior was the champ of the world there was for joan show using the god damn driver seat and everybody else just you gotta wait with your fucking
warm wet towel to wash his balls and someone else is gonna be there with a towel to dry them off like is the void junior show okay whoever wants it is it hbo the pay per view with their want to see roy jones it's not the wbc wbc boxing it he could have thrown those fucking well it's in the trash and fought everybody would still nobody would care nobody would i think i think i think with hall it's tough to she has this tremendous skill set and she's such a good person but you know it's kind of like the chris weidman factor so damn good but now we see the conor mcgregor in the rhonda rowsey is like hawley ron is on the hook and i took all the sea because i said i i don't think there's any other girl can carry a paper view main event like rhonda right now there's just not gonna happen so i get all this heat and i know disagree a little bit i got all the seat but hallie beat rhonda right ollie's on top of the world hall e on the front cover espn the magazine hall
not doing interviews like running but it just happened it just happened i'm just saying yeah but this is just just just happened holy is now the thing in me she's the number one story no no no that's not true she's the number one no bra girl no the grown knocked out ronda is the number one story 'cause she's the winner of this i disagree i disagree you because she's the winner in this she's a successor she might not be adaway mrs rhonda but she's got the momentum she's the winner she's the one right now who is the champion she's the one night now that people like wow what a fucking perform by holly holm eyes are on her now as far as an actor in a fighter i think all eyes are on rhonda can't she bounce back from this but it's gonna be right all this stuff is going to be that there's way more than that ron lost in that fight undertale one holly is the story right now she's the winner other than out so and mcgregor an for the hardcore fans weidman and rockhold
holly holm is the fucking story she should i agree she should be in my eyes she's the story i agree and she should get more notoriety than anyone right now i think that an i think if marketed correctly she has the potential to be fucking gigantic and she big as rhonda is run his big she is because she's an antagonist and is big issue because she's the person who says on that crazy shakes talks with girls are whales and she got that fucking attitude about her and comes out to that joan jett song and was beaten girls asses an was pulling it off is that what it was check check check check when a holly holm comes along and shows you an alternative approach an approach that ultimately is more successful against that one per we have one fight another white one fight between the two of them holly's flawless flawless performance
why doesn't make any sense i mean these are we do we have a limited amount of superstars is there a limited amount of female champs that become huge i think no i think how yes all the ingredients she's not this is talking to the same kind of star because i doubt there will be as many people who hate her but that hate also fueled payperview buys people that were happy when ron delost there's all this extra rear lg tv shit that's going on with rhonda rowsey and she crossed over to pop culture so everyones chiming in just crossed over not like she became like this cultural icon globally she became a big and the first woman ever that was like this ass kicker like that it looked like he was never been one of those i agree so only comes along is going to be a difference get kind of start old she can be a big star i think is going to be a big star she's not gonna be around should i i i don't know about that man you might
hopefully i'm wrong my feeling wrong on my fear i think haleys the greatest thing that happened in windows division in a law long long time but she's a great person and if i had a daughter i can point to hauling said that you can act like her this is good and we can't say that for a very long time right i agree one hundred percent she's a classic example of like an honorable mixed martial arts competitors what you want she's a true martial artist and she actually true champion true pro i think that with the right fights she could be gigantic so this is her mainstream coming out party right she knocks out rhonda rowsey this giant upset this huge performance she looks spectacular this is a coming out party and she fight someone else you don't necessarily have to have this rematch right away and i think this also sets the seeds up for other people to get attention cat cingano who knocked out miesha tate remember that fucking fight
can sing donald didn't charge after rhonda like that would have cat was able to stuff to take down turn that fight into a fucking brawl who knows what fight you missed out on because cat decided to throw a easy flying worst game plan of all time and you see all she probably meant that to you one hundred percent she would she is a fucking bad ass hell yeah she grows up fat ass super that fight with miesha tate when she hits her with that overhand elbow walk oh see she's i think in there also close in the women's division at one thirty five in cali is going to struggle with tate and cat i think she's the perfect achilles heel for rhonda i think these other matchups are a lot tougher for them maybe and then sometimes that's interesting something for styles make fights for us the media needs a dominant champion men to be a superstar you need to be dominant
i don't know man i think rivalries are great too sugary leonard when he lost to roberto durand got even more famous and when they did it again in the rematch the no mas fight that fight was gigantic no yeah those guys are bad ass i don't think cats in ghana and you can computer cat and got on those guys resp actually i agree just can't just skill wise center right you run with the witch anomala fights were talking about moments in time where people are popular with their flags into the women's division rising at anyone technomic champ need adonic with holly goes out and face kick state in the first round then gets cat in ghana and drops right now we fucking got some but she lose it taste like i'm fucked now here's another thing and i hate to be the jinx here i hate to be the guy who talks about this but for a girl like rhonda and who's going to go into movies and is going to you know take off and become this she's fine either way but is she because do
people want to see those movies the same way they want to see those movies when she was smashing alexis davis and arm barring miesha tate knocking out baczko hey do is there that same draw well i'll say this i don't people are going to rhonda movies 'cause she's a phenomenal actress that make sense like i'm not want to see ron's most you got to see her you got to see her act in this sheet is amazing she is here because she supposed rhonda rowsey because she supposedly the baddest woman on the planet yes now holly home shuttered yeah so now holly is thought to be the baddest woman on the planet correct right correct unless she fight cyborg if they figure out a catchweight fight you know in mma that's really the big scary fight for her for sure you know and she two fighter yeah i just he's fine at one hundred and fifty two in boxing you know how home she's she's gangster but i mean i think other than what would you do if you were if you were the promoter let me ask you this
what would you do if i'm doing away yes scrooge mcduck how you doing bob scrooge mcduck dana life i fiery bath right now by the way i say scrooge mcduck's creates a scrooge mcduck like three or four times a week now strictly because of you he sent me this text the other day with a picture of scrooge mcduck sitting on a pile of gold and i was just laughing laughing my love that character if i'm dana white i do exactly what he's doing how much money do you need in the bank before you start looking at the long game well cash cows rhonda rowsey right that's right but i don't know how much the worst heat i'm i'm with you is he so close to rhonda is he one these guys saying all you just need to fight again health get
healthy and you're in a beater and then he's thinking the long game there and then the third fight can be even bigger well it could be that he has one hundred percent faith in her and he thinks that have rhonda cuts the distractions over life comes back in focused and attacks and does the fight the correct way that she'll win he could think and i think that's a bad way to think i think then you need to jump in line in your yes man because someone is a sitter down listen i just think we need to work on some things that should be the plant his yo thing like there's evidence of that like if you if you're going to look at a fight and you look at a result and you're going to assess what went wrong what went right what could be changed what could be different there's no evidence that she could have done it better and what i mean is not that she couldn't have fought better what i mean is that we don't have any evidence our own
evidence is rondas past fights and holly's past fights so we can go off of the evidence of the first fight that they had who is a domination by holly so there's no evidence that rhonda could have done better what you have to look at it technically you have to look at you have to look at the attacks the interactions the ics changes right so they have these exchanges inside the octagon in those exchanges holly all the answers she had all the answers and she had the right strategy in the right movements and you saw her reacting to things that she knew were going to take place the left hand goes for the clinch she's moving it away she's landing countershot she learns that beautiful counter straight left throwing that oblique kick she's attack in the knee with that and then thigh without oblique kick she does that thing fast too she and she's v very agile true so you look at that when you look at these interactions you go well there's a lot of work to be done here there's a
this is not just a simple a matter of summer in tired someone like you have to solve all pinkalicious giant technical issues and so should you just chalk it up to you know what we just need to get your health because you gotta do what you do she does what she did and hopefully it's enough if not either way to be payday i think you give her time i think you have to give her time manny pac gail got knocked out by juan manuel marquez it's a mouthful when you got slaughtered coffee in your juan manuel marquez knocks out manny pacquiao and freddie roach says to him you can't fight for a year or not doing nothing for a year i want you to rest up that was a brutal night i liked it it is well look at freddie roach freddie roach as trauma related parkinson's from his his career in boxing i think would did is smart it's ethical it's intelligent and correct and he did it because he's a guy who's experienced the effects of not doing that of being rattled in
by the age and he did it because he wanted the best result for many so many comes back a year later doesn't look like he had any deal effects 'cause that knock i look great because he fully healed now many guys are we seen come back like anderson silva gets knocked out by chris weidman just brutally knocked out comes back and in the second fight gets dropped in the first round from a punch in the clinch which you probably wouldn't have dropped him a few years look at lee odem cheetah yeah exactly you get to a certain point when you've taken enough damage where if you don't allow your body to fully recover from that damage you're going to have a diminished ability to absorb punishment i'll tell you this man i don't envy dana white i don't decision i don't either he looked a hell of a job i don't envy he doesn't have time to have a perspective like you and i do either he got a i just fucking guy is forty seven making calls setting up meetings doing this fly in here doing this press
my friends and that and this thing and that thing dana white's life is fucking overwhelming for him it's also a business too yes he's what you got you and i are not trying to make money we're looking at in terms of like ok what is what do you think is if you had to move all the pieces on the board in order to achieve checkmate in order to achieve the best results what's the move what's the movie what do you do just just go all in you know do i don't i don't think you do i don't think you do i think you have to real careful when you also you have to be real careful you have a big superstar right like ronda and your big superstar gets flatlined ok okay that is prob really the worst result if you want women to get in mma you want women to like come up we want to have a lot more people that are really into fighting a lot more women that are into and then you watch the number one woman to just and blasted into the middle of the universe okay yeah tell michael chevelle says astral traveling that would be like to say i love chevelle oh so if that had
once again and she ate suffers like serious repercussions now you've got a real problem with your sport well now the stories over them where is over stories over yeah an you know and i think the story doesn't have to be over i think this is obviously there's some lessons to be learned from that fight right technically strategy wise the like when you're home after a striker you know sure in the reaction the publix i absolutely when you're chasing after a striker that shit is never a good idea especially you have good head movement are chasing a straw you're like holy who so agile and you have knee problems so you're not most agile so you've got me on any problems you got a girl does flips at the end of every fight at the end of every fight she stands on our trainers hands because mike winkeljohn flips or through the air and she goes flying like a fucking akron amazing and she never misses it she nails it she's am everytime amazing she's an athlete just fucking super athlete just like ron
i'll go you one better she might be a better athlete because if you look at her she never gets out of shape she's totally ripped she's like her body is optimized right if you want to look at someone whose bodies optimized you would say well here's a girl who who has a minimal amount of body fat she's got a good amount of muscle like you could tell she works hard and he's in phenomenal shape the two of them fighting in the first round rhonda comes back exhausted holly's not they both thought the same round ronda is exhausted hollies not is it is the punishment she took that probably had something to do with it it's also less you right students also the way she fight yes but that's a part of being an athlete i agree part of being an athlete is making smart choices i agree especially at combat sports athlete making smart choices and adjusting's life and death yes and adjust winner lose not yeah yeah may have just sing mid fight is is and having off speed different rhythm
to rely upon rondas never have to make he's she's never had to make those adjust exactly and then you gotta make him with a superior athlete exactly like a fuck exactly you know i had a buddy who wanted to do mma and uh he is a brazilian jiu jitsu black pot and he was we have very minimal striking training and we talked about it and i said look dude do you know like what you can do to uh white belt you know that feeling when you get in there and you roll with the guy he's a white belt and you just fucking strangle am just rapm up strangling you do whatever you want somebody's going to do that to you with kickboxing editing it's not fun at all and you can't think that they don't know because even though kickboxing i don't think there's the same bra oddness that there isn't an jujitsu where i think jujitsu jitsu is almost like never ending as far as techniques but kickboxing has so much depth like re well high level kickboxing is so much depth and there's so much show me very
those with guys who are really good who have like very specific likes files and way to draw you in and they set traps for you and you think they're doing and they're doing that and they're setting up kicks with punches and punches with kicks and you know there wrapping you and needing you an elbow knew in the fate there's so much going on man that if you think the year going to go in there with some bullshit guy who who the pads in in uses those for those pool flowed ease urinated taps your gloves unit yeah are you just i'm not you just have no idea what you can write to whistle very unsafe very and say so you better be one of two things you better be some fucking stud filled davis type all american wrestler who could just pretty take down anybody in the division so you get to dictate where the fight takes place or don't fight that guy learn how to fucking kick butt the first man learned this is you're going to get shin
and you get shamed in the head that is one of the worst results you could ever have an mma ever if so many arm bars you tap if somebody chokes you out you wake up you wake up and you know what happened you're ok you get fucking gonzo headed in the head hat gonzaga knockout crowe cop or croak knocked out croak up i mean you know i think tonight or tomorrow night he's on this card you know i no idea and no idea no idea who is he fighting he fighting some russian cat some yeah he's on the undercard how crazy is that i was going through like i'm a ghost shit gonzalez doing damn thing is it tonight is he fighting tonight is that flight path christ where is it i don't see it i don't see it on the schedule oh no tomorrow okay surprising though right no idea thirty five fights in three days what is going
and that was the idea behind that i should probably ask i feel like you know more than i should should not one you know what's wrong with me i don't know for sure just text dana your return my texts turn your text none of us like a man with the fucking thirty five fights bro why you guys do white guys fucking up so hard but i think it's amazing it's a christmas weekend for fighters or for other fans rather phenomenal but nothing mattered except for usc one hundred and ninety four constantine eurocan yeah ok that guys a beast a big fucking tough russian guy that's interesting fight mode gonzaga so scary when saga i gonzaga going to do now you know one of these just making a living or he wants to re assassin i mean how old is he now i mean it doesn't said i like guns agah though like
this is thirty five or thirty six right this sucks to say but it's like he's never to champion that's not happening and you can say well that's not necessarily true because look at what are you going to say mark on something like that it's just tough man he's gonna have a hard time for sure you boy mitrione look really good against him you look great mitch runs fast and that's the thing like gonzaga when he gets on the scale you know five steps on the platform when he weighs in things made out of rock is so damn he's in the way he moves like tom thumb sold anthem i can even brock lesnar didn't make that kind of noise when he got onto this 'cause i feel so dense before i fall in anaheim uh i milwaukee and by a man we're actual skin on the fires bus i seem in starbucks eating two glaze donuts
my mind doesn't god damn that's gangster doing human fuck he doesn't give a fuck it's not the right way to approach it but respect bucket that shane carwin fight that fight oh my god he's got a whoopin shane shane peacock he caught shane and had him hurt and i moved in for the kill it changed how i was like oh shit then she got up and just do like this half ass kind of just like a flick of the wrist just a little them out way through a right hand it was such a little bitch right hand yeah shane oh my god he had so fucking hard yeah there's like there's going to be a wave of those guys man it's going to take a years maybe you know these elite wrestlers that are coming up that are learning how to strike when they're in high school you know in there bing's wrestlers and they're going to make it in ufc the next couple of years especially as the money it's bigger like there's no money has to get bigger you know there's no
that over doom is like a super talented super skillful guy but the public's consciousness the awareness of him is not nearly as high as it was when kane beat brock lesnar that was the height of the heavyweight division right when you say weekend i think it's mainly do because of brock because it came june no santos that was awesome to superior athletes going on it but still not the same because of brock yeah brock brought some new element the you know he brought the world wrestling payment people but but i think in order to get those those big boys those freak athletes involved the money would have to be outta come up after you get this football game or you know interested in giving it a shot you know have a kid on the way and if anything like brock lesnar that little bastard not fighting you better go get that money in baseball nfl so would you worry bout nfl with head collisions and all that shit not as much as the juice is worth the squeeze not as much is fighting
is fighting i mean like like i retired i gotta instagram post said and congrats and then like an email you know in your city you retire and then i fell your time that a fellow you you know you got some coming your way so you it's different if you only have like a couple years in if you have three half years or more you get a stipend every month you have health insurance in real time yeah you're pretty taken care of wow that's nice certain levels of certain degree how much you played that's nice yeah yeah that be ideal if i just get there you think so the us you get there they have to they have to think so now that yeah they know that i this isn't a knock on dana why or lawrence or anything like that were just in the we basically have leather helmets on right now you know i'm saying if know go back if you commit to the nfl they're going to get there they take all the seat and even i give him but it's so new men they're trying their best this stuff does not happen overnight don't you think it almost has to pass through a few generations like maybe like what is
it's going be like fifty years from now and anazon on around anymore when we're not around anymore what is the sport going to be like then like maybe you know when you look back at football footballs been around a long fucking time a long fucking time and it slowly gotten to this point i think mma really needs right now is competition they need a lot of competition and bella torres just you're not going to get there with about five thousand and kimbo slice just like it's a good fight it would be fun watch i'm sure hoist gracie this is ken shamrock three look legends they deserve they deserve to fight if they want to fight they have earned it and i know that something that can has alluded to he said you know he he does he earned his right to compete i absolutely hundred percent sota toys absolutely high percent they deserve the right to compete but it's it's not this name is the ufc right now and until it becomes until someone comes along and bike the strike force
i almost had it you know they were they were close before horses owned by the ufc going on a land i'm doing well do some going on is like whoa this is this pretty god damn good it was pretty god damn good see i think the you'll see it get there we we just need time on our side the struggle they're going to have is you know nfl is dealing with a little bit now with a concussion stuff quinn ma down the road we can see the concussion it's really been people in my dude what are we doing and the pay is nowhere near so when i see the nfl's work the squeeze because you're taking care of compensation white so yeah you can have some fucked up knees and your brains can be oatmeal in the ufc i mean man like i said you can email and a repost on instagram but don't you think that like then it's even more important to make sure that someone like rowsey has enough time that rhonda has enough time off to recuperate
and you mitigate all potential problems that you could have with her getting knocked out again one hundred percent so i mean what if this fight takes place and in the first round holly just fuckin ready to run his jaw and she stiffens up and just false back like terry adam everyone terry answer we tried with that we'll kick you just stiffened an fell straight back bang the probability that happen are very hot very high but this is you have to realize if you've never been hit before when you get knocked out like that you are not you can't get hit for a long time it's not the same takes awhile before you build back the resistance to the to get to the point where you have like a baseline you know your baseline is like how you are right now if you get hit right now like wow that would hurt but you'd be able to ibs or a much better shot than if you had just gotten a concussion of you just gotta russian recently and then you get hit again your brain is like whoa
the friend we've seen it we seen so many guys get knocked out and come back a lot of lot tend to happen i'm gonna get you off of a lot of times that happens in can't like before i bought rothwell like weeks before carmen me up man i should it in if i will was knowledgeable hi i am now i'm like do i i don't know if i should fight this is not good for my you know back in the day you know this is whatever three four years ago that i just more spawn your rest well it's two weeks before the fight that's really not enough time it's not enough so then he yummy lanza decent shot but you know i've had way worse than clips minutes you know it's tough man just shut you off yeah well joe duffy how 'bout that a week before he was supposed to fight dustin pourrie he gets knocked out in camp gets a concussion and they have to pull him out you know like see that's why whenever mmm math people try saying well raw cold machida machida weidman emory math doesn't work for me because i know machida was not ready to fight when he fought i was in this camp here we're like dude this is now
i'm not sure we know so he goes in there destroys am gets clipped you know it's the different machida so that doesn't work what was wrong with machida any time off his biggest issue is is he like he go right back to spark we're not talking like lights boring and hit minutes he goes right back to the dog days of sparring as soon as he's done so you know he's getting clipped he was having a rough time and he's just wasn't ready to take that fight so you were watching him train and you knew that some things up i think everyone did really yeah and so now you know see stay you know everyone's like dude you need a break so he's taking a long time off then he fought munoz where was that in england so it was where is first fight at one hundred and eighty five when he had kicked him he looks sensation they were training together too yeah that's right yeah yeah as we all trained together in them you know it's like dude i gotta fight machida and everyone's like oh lock but if you watch him from the
fight to like them a td she now it's like man little shopworn said tough fights were merit that happens yep that happened yeah yeah that happened in like like i think happen is klitschko hate going back to box and i think it just whatever reason it happen that just certain fight were like oh my god it's not the same guy yeah i'll fuck man and is it is it no jose always been undefeated for ten years he's been through the ringer he slept the best of the best to me his number one pound for there's no one better you look at his resume to me his number fucking one now is saturday night the time where we seemed like constant same jose we've seen there there's going to come a day there's going to be a fight and i see retires i think that he is definitely the all time greats and i think he's definitely one of the best pound for pound fighters in the world but he doesn't fight do the same sort of dominance that mighty mouse does a key he'll beat like
araya faber down he crushed his leg and beat him down and uh knocked out chad mendes in their first fight but if you look at like the ricardo lamas fight llamas had him on his back in the fifth round he's beating on him so dominic so dominic he fades towards the end and if you look at fight with chad mendes there's a fucking very very close fight that second phenomenal fight very close by i think forty five more stack then mighty mouse more stacked please fight uppercuts is certainly a good argument however john dodson knock about tj dillashaw at one hundred and thirty five he's a fucking monster monster fast as shit super athletic and dangerous is fucking money mouse just shut him down i agree i just think over ten years and he's fought the who's who in ibm jumps in such a subjective title that really if you want to about pound for pound who's going to rip everyone's faceoffs jon jones there's nothing better jones to ever enter the octagon he's learning to grab everyone rip their frickin face off if
do you think the powerpoint thing is going to fight heavyweight now one hundred percent we go in there he's going to fight dc and then like cool let's fight heavyweight yeah wow he said jack what are we doing he sojat like has his shit together you know that happens to people when they become like real technical and they're you know they're strong but in a grappling sense and then they start lifting weights like they get only because now they have all this ability to do things from technique that's backed up by all this horsepower like to eddie bravo game changed so hard when he started lifting weights like there was like there's eddie bravo pre weights and is eddie bravo post weights and they're told different day different he was just a small guy who had really good technique and then we got to the point where he was left weights like a couple days a week steady for year she wouldn't stop you just like i gotta get stronger he's like i'm just
battling in the gym constantly with these guys are bigger and stronger than me and that is did you start put in mass on and he started getting really strong to go with that technique he was just smashing diff animal see shane car myself a little different we spent too much time in the weight room where she had been doing techniques right like running away from like spot each on the bench on my god i feel like we should work on punching in kettering is like you think i'm like well you're huge is fine because it is i don't think we get any better squatting of especially if you fight a guy like junior dos santos like junior couldn't lift nearly as much as shane but when they got in the cage together juniors light them up because it just lies impact yeah that's where technique comes into play that's what it is it's about getting hit you what about a fight that should happen years ago does centers over him next week when you think about the fine i mean the centers with the new camp they t t so i think that's good it just this it should happen a year or two ago so i don't think juniors over the same i think after those 2k
losses and then after that steep a fight what time files brutal fight so i don't know man yeah drug testing two hundred and five or room with you gonna look like right there's a lot oh yeah yeah you you making though you know i said i was there it's face well no i'm just saying it might have been maybe he's not but let's face you're making me my name let's let's say he's not right and and but let's all right now let's say he he is but then the street drug testing comes into play we're talking about a different animal men right oh yeah completely different animal not the same guy that's an x factor for me that the huge expected it has to be but we don't know we don't know what he was doing what he wants speculation one hundred percent have no idea because he never got tested positive for anything ever use the absolute animal
not that i could say that for anyone you go you go through usc one hundred and ninety four you say that for a lot of guys it's an act factor yeah that's interesting man we can't know you can't know who was on water who is on something and got cause no way unless people get caught yeah when they get you know they always say oh you know i didn't know some gaming is die if there's ever been a guy with someone actually did give they gave him a protein shake and he drank it and they're like oh yo dog got place terrorism that i did had multiplying i thought this was chocolate wait na na may i put steroids in a real quick just for all this another that's never i think it's gotta happen once people are idiots there's a lot and then they test positive yeah i like guys like i don't even know what i was taking this guy was just giving injects in my ass he told his vitamin c but if you were at a bad jim and you hang around with a bunch of fucking morons and they want you to fail and there's dudes
to induce they'll put some juice in your protein drink here's this solution till anyway mix your protein drinks for special some asshole doesn't really like you i mean some crazy shit but it has to be guy out there that actually did have someone drop a steroid in his protein drink any pissed positive and he probably everybody like yeah yeah sure fucking it actually did happen tell me some bird love earth the us surprised you'd be failed the steroid tests he be so freaked out like a camp leave the actual thing that everybody joke about really did happen to me actually going van that says free candy really very that beach over god tomorrow is pretty good there's a lot of good fights on this card but the car
on saturday is insane but the one big fight that's on tomorrow well there's a couple big fights besides frankie edgar and chad mendes but barboza tony ferguson motherfucker barbos on tony ferguson sun woo i love ferguson in that fight that's a crazy fight dude that's a mother fucker that is a crazy fight i just think it's fair distance time and he so fucking good dangerous very dangerous but so is barboza i agree i just feel like tony just hits like man he does he does it's a very interesting fight very interesting he's gonna have to deal with those fucking leg kicks though god damn barboza i don't think it gets out of two rounds i think tony stops within two wow i know right so much i believe in tony i think i just think two thousand and sixteen is kind of the year of tony ferguson at that way
long still right right now going on women tell you what you're making predictions like you you're making us long prediction owns never sometimes it backfires barboza monster monster that paul felder fight that switch kick today's landed fell those ribs never say anything like it fastest i've ever seen i agree just never seen anything like it think about like one hundred and ten pound tie guy you know like you so is moitie champions is flyweight dudes are just like lightning bolts that's like what kind of speed he was dropping that switch kick in i remember like literally i was i had to like readjust my metric when i was judging it like watching what's a fast kick and what's not a fast kick his it was so much faster than anybody else is that i had a to readjust like what i thought was a fast kick he's going to lance close i think tony is going to counter and the night well michael john saint gave him a lot of pressure and barboza had a real hard time with that but correct me if i'm
long i believe barboza was traveling back and forth from florida to new jersey detroit underwear that was going on now he lives down there correct that will make a big impact different animal and that's what we saw in the fight with paul felder we saw like the best version of barbels we've ever seen the most focused the fastest the best prepared if if if he's with more can i'm telling you man i spent maybe four weeks more kenny i've never seen anything like it it for what the reason maybe just 'cause he's frank eggers guy and edwin barboza he didn't get a lot of notoriety like fry great jackson i'm telling you man it's something other level shit man really i'm telling we worked
he's like let me see move around and he had this guy holdem it's from and he filled out a fucking notepad about six pages long front and back just all this shit and would just use obsessed with it texting me caught voice mails with where he's like just listen and you don't respond just listen is all these combos and it's a cold leaf if if someone can if you settle in you see edwin barboza nec fricking frankie edgar how how to these guys are and now chris weidman brought more can remain to help with the rock old fight really and that was the x factor for me that's what pushed you over the top weidman over rockhold it dave and i thought rockhold was gonna win earlier in the week then an i've been listening and then mark henry said he's working with wide malakal hell no release i was just mark can we come in as a trainer that made you switch over i was this guy was this close i was this close to picking weidman rakel and then just i don't know i'm with
wow that's interesting that's out that shows you that's a pretty serious level of respect for mark henry up dude i've worked with for os and those are the best business listed bowling greg jackson all these phenomenal coaches tony jeffries all these guys i've never seen thing like mark and the the amount of time as soon as he got hurt he's on board of the fuck you're talking about another level what do you think about his style as opposed the style that bang is showing tj dillashaw which is a lot of twitching of the stance is a lot of variations in the approach in the attack where your silly overloading the mind you never know what you guys going to do what do you think of that i think banks style works for one guy in the world for tj
i know what it's doing for danny to steal danielle steele's look for conventus does not looking like tj he's look is gathered and but for him well first of all they came in at different levels try i agree i'm just saying kicking wise i agree he looks better but i think for that massive style for what tj does through the perfect combo it does not get any better than that so you think it's style makes trainer match up yes yes will it trying listenable you won't be there they find on friday night you're not doing the fight but if you can listen to mark henry when he's coaching frankie she has a towel on he sweating and he's that they have different language every time they have different variables every time it's never same so that nobody could get it and we can get it its litter your video game abc abc and doing the same it's like a fucking video why i've never seen anything like it man wow very interesting and he sees just a striking guy ranger striking so who'd
the transitions between striking in the grappling how did they orchestrate that in the training yeah i know why men to has izle camp with ray longo a man right there and all that so they all come together in and then do i've i've heard stories about why i mean i i don't think people really realize how strong wide minnesotan offered him just molly whopping heavy weights just drawing dudes environment when i braked on tape he just says this x factor that don't think luke has granted looks gone five rounds more a lot of people don't realize that looks gone five rounds in strikeforce jacquerie tim kennedy beat both of 'em great grapplers but i just think wyden has this x factor that it's hard to gauge like can't put a number on it if that makes sense i know it sounds rockhold think she's going to be able to stay on the outside and success the way anderson did in the first round the first fight in victor did in that opening flurry of that the fight they had and he thinks he's going to be damage there if you look at that fight the victor
right where victor had weidman stun should he nailed him a couple of times and then victor moved in for the kill we just didn't have the stamina he did we just couldn't sustain it and then he didn't have the defense in the ground weidman took him down just fucked him up misses a beat down as soon as wyman shot that double gotta hold those legs tight dropped him down total control the ground and just beat the shit out of him i don't think we'll do that the same way to rock cold i think rocco's be a much harder gotta take down and a much harder gotta keep down i think rock calls get away that a red in camp with dc and and kane and rock well just shown really good takedown defense in the past i think it makes it makes it tricky i think that fight get super interest if rockhold uses height and reach in kicking he's really good kick keeps on the outside when i will left what is his fucking background besides wrestling surfing but we learn how to kick really he was
surfing in use do bullshit around i know you did some judo when he was young he never karate background or anything and then walked into a k one is super young how old was i think seventeen okay so how there's been kind of coaching him from the beginning so so i mean the rock called i think it will get his kicks off and that the the them to to keep that distance i just feel like weidman's going to get him down and why this is the x factors weidman also is a phenominal grappler he's been trained with marcelo garcia for ever i mean he's a stud on the ground i think a kays overlooking that i think of about the striking there were way about the pressure and all that they think rocco thinks he's it down pop up i get that weidman's a the fucker down there the heat controlled vittore belfort on the ground like building literally he's so having on top men while donna hers
his guy too and donna hers the master he's a real wizard that's uh he's so smart too he's a guy that when you have that guy in your corner there's a distinctive and engine comes a strategy and a few training with them on a regular basis like him he doesn't he doesn't make mistakes is not is not not make if he does make mistakes and assessment or execution he knows what to do and when to do it how to do it right he just now this is not is not weighed down by the stupid ideas to me it it's the best fight in middle weight history to die size were in their prime and i have no idea who's going when i can see the guys find two or three times time of the trilogy what it really all depends on the results of the first fight sure is like a lot of people thought that could have been the case with you two on weidman but weidman just smash them through if weidman can do that to rock cold then the whole game changes but if what do you think weidman needs like a breakout performance in order to achieve like a higher level of stardom like something has to happen even this
nice how great he is so let's say weidman goes in there knock some out in the first round but then conor mcgregor goes knox jose out out in three rounds were not timeout weidman he gets honey dicked again you know i'm saying he's honey dicked again my bad dog maybe next time 'cause we're not talking weidman it's true all were time was connor aldo that's all we're talking and it's all trash talk it's the trash talk the trash talk is uh on paper both of them are equally intriguing but the trash talk of connor has pushed the whole thing way over there top as far as like wanting to see it like wow but it's kind of it's kind of calm down because of the injury in there in this delay is one that wound toroids like holy fuck this is insane too i think conor mcgregor mindfucked jose aldo not really anymore i don't know about all that i don't think so i don't think it's as bad this time i think it's still on his head matter we don't know what the reaction that is going to be some guys the worksheet
can do is get him riled up well if you look at judge alice pass any time we got to bring the fight to him he gets up yeah if josie although if it's super spectral and he gets the head on you he post he takes round zafy coast we've seen it man but i think conor mcgregor's he bit off all you can chew men just jose aldo when he's when you're bringing the fight to him you get one hell with jose aldo we look at mendez jose two watt that's one of the greatest fights ever it's going to be interesting to see what approach although takes 'cause would've although comes out southpaw then check it's interesting 'cause one of the benefits that connor has it fight southpaw is a nasty right hand true he throws almost like painful half speed kicks and uses your positioning judging you set up other things and then he mixes those half speed kicks up with very fast technique spin kicks and things along those lines that front kick the body and then or like a disdainful roundhouse kick almost like daring you to try to counter it so they can look to drop that left hand in on you
a lot of interesting shit as far as like varying rhythm in his approach in his movement is long wide stance it's just a lot of shit that's hard to judge but if all aldo immediately initiates grappling this is something that i don't think people have been thinking up although there is a fucking nasty on the ground national champion yeah he's like like he beat kolbrin and straight jujitsu okay so if all dojo this clinches and rags that fight to the ground very early in the fight like we saw in the corner with connor chad mendes caught chad took him down and hell come down was letting some nasty ground and pound with essentia lee know camp mean two weeks which it's like your weight cutting you know you don't have any cardio it's just like you're not going to improve move in two weeks 'cause the last week is all just about recovery anyway so he's got like seven days to workout for connor for a fucking world title fight while he's doing all this press right all those good all the time in the world
your all time in the world and he is a monster on the ground that's his background yeah back on is not striking his background is jujitsu yeah so to me and i you hit it right on the no one's talking about it going to grapple him because connor is hard not specially early in the round he's doing all these weird angles it's like fuck man wanting to do he's going to grapple that's why and he's a star athlete to like a freak he get a of you and drag you drag you to the ground and all the sudden you know he's got your back and can blasting you with punches and elbows they could get real weird because if i'm watching the the mendes fight if indeed it i think those for that that for stress that first round minutes getting him down josie camp is gone alright this what we're gonna do and then let's get it get it stand the third fourth fifth round look another way connor comes in like a serpent with all this free movement he apps one of those fucking pissed and left hands in on jose's chin then she
it's real weird real quick that could happen to lamb he lands one of those fucking corkers on him and said talking shit to him and gets in from his face shows he's never been a fight at this magnet to never never with the shit talking to shit talking changes eh doing so she's talking anymore the all the eyes on this slide in the pressure he's been champ forever he's been under for ten years he's never been this kind of fight no not even close he's got a lot of attention in brazil like the first chad mendes fire was a giant victory for him or brazil ran out of the audience was cheering with them they held up the flag different animal is a different thing and i also joe they will get hit who go straight back and he does get hit we chat men is another that's where he gets hit is not a loose if you know it might even get hit by economists the game is over he hits like a fucking mack truck yeah he snaps those punches big two man he mixes shit up real good with uppercuts and straight pipe
which is an comes at different angles he gets unpredictable with his movements when he's in close like if you look at uh is fight with marcus brimage that beautiful combination that he landed to take now using and how good does is matt call max holloway we ask now exactly he did i'm really up me yeah he jacked his knee in the first round so if there a lot going on in that fight there's a lot going on that fight watt and i think i think after let's say conor wins that fight his toughest matchups are looming you know they're waiting form well tony ferguson's already called him out what icon to my fifty five bitch just might be his last fight at forty five to most likely will be with donald wants to fight him to quash at the far should fight superbowl pettis well donald shouldn't be thinking about anything but the 18th that's going to be tough one that's tough one stuff one room for my boy cerrone i am too i'm also rooting for dos anjos that's the fucking problem with being a commentator you gotta fucking rude on everybody
not be like as a human being i'm wait closer to donald donald's my friend but when i watch those to fight i'm i mean i'm a fan of martial arts yeah your professional but when i watch those who fight i'm a fan of both those guys i'm i'm a half eldo sanjos fan that mother fucker is that beast that beat something he put on pettis the way he did it the way you this guy in the world to the best and nice guy when i was fighting and i never forget the stuff anytime guys go out of their way to be nice to me i never forget it when i was in brazil for a press conference before i flat no gear it's like whatever fourteen weeks before the fight brazilians around exactly a big brown fan when you're fighting the biggest guy in the fucking city no ones do me favors and santos give me rides everywhere to williams made sure i was cool that's not sure where to eat all his great man he's a great dude i was like talking them but it rate on the guys out when i from december st cal with my boy yeah
no i get off man i'm biased don't ever get it twisted whenever make pics i'm always biased yeah i feel you this fight as a martial artist because as someone who's like looks at other problems at both guys present i like this fight because of the physical quality of dos anjos is something that guys have to deal with he's worked real hard on conditioning and strength and routines that he trains that nick individuals they do some i'll crazy explosive plyometric shit they do a lot of like strength shit and a lot of it about just just reducing the amount of time it takes you to act and to perform your actions to start getting it down to fractions of a second just fractions of a second constantly explode in constant moving there's all sprints and box jumps and that kind of shit if you watch like some of the training modalities is really fascinating to watch all these different techniques they apply all these weird flexibility things he does
that's cool oh he does a lot of wild shit man how you at the one thing i don't like is how much time cowboys hat off cowboy so don't go natalie as best we you a lot of time off we have to think about the fights the trouble yeah well how boys a mother fucker man he saw the momentum right now so how to momentum you know and he's really fucking tough guy he takes a good shot i don't get any tougher the answer he takes a good shot and he really fucking sneaky with his moitie very snipping off his back man on his ex fact off his back and i rolled with cowboy it's like jesus man very slick off is this one of the best things about being a kickboxer has a really good guard game 'cause you don't worry about getting taken down 'cause you're very offensive off your back and less refined oh sandra those of high level grapplers black belt high let's not give a fuck about your guard who is also strong a shit like you saw in eight
yes well he just ragdolled ideas and just brutalized that leg too with those leg kicks or it's going to be interesting to see if he decides to stand with donald like how he decides to approach it he so fucking fast that was the thing that got me tennis fight like how fast is to engage and fast is to execute is like he's like right there right there right there bang like usually like to put tremendous pressure on pettis medicine like that you stand the outside and give him time to it is time in strikers do like barbara so low that you know exactly yeah a lot of noise and the the way beat those guys a lot of time is that kind of pressure get in the face and donald had a hard time with nate in their first fight or their fight rather because nate put
pressure on him in the first round and there was a lot of shit talking yeah i think you got emotionally invested in that shit talking a little too much you don't talk about leg kicks it won't even talk about this i hate to go back to but jose aldo motherfucker for a kick that's horrible and you gotta remember connors that light stand yep yep because you land for those leg kicks were talking about a different night yup and he's also were assuming that connor is going to fight southpaw and it shows is going to fight orthodox we're assuming and if he does do that then it opens him up for that inside leg kick for sure let's say it's all a powerful technique in also head kicks in joe's is not been a head kick kind of a guy but conor is no no and when if connor is in that position he's in the strong leg back position and jose's opened in the orthodox position so what i'm saying folks if you we're talking about if someone fights southpaw means they have the right foot forward orthodox the way most boxers fight they have their left leg for when connor has his lake ford
inside of his leg which is a very very sensitive indoor area he gets opened up for those inside leg x it'll it'll slow your game down yeah you're in a couple of those world class cake so slow game yeah but i mean i kind of think the connors anticipated that he's probably going to you know time is moving and then also you look at like that was the kick that did in anderson 'cause weidman checked it wyman checked it perfectly and snapped anderson's leg so there's that possibility too you know they go shin to shin a couple of times i've never been more excited than for flight carts in saturday night it's stunning spectacular it's so it's so good in so many ways can i hate on one of the fights on the card joe real quickly stew gunner nelson damian maia think is area so news fast three hundred and thirty i know i hope i'm wrong i hope every other fight on that card is ridiculous we just are wise i just don't see that being fun you look at their previous wins gunner nelson's really finishes are
to sit his finishes are only by submission you eat some in damian maia that ain't happening and the other ones are decision damian maia is either some decision did submit damian maia image and be sick can imagine if you could do that be so sick i would like is it possible i mean i'm a fan is it possible to damian could sub gunner i'm not even know if that's possible i agree well the thing is we talked about gunner nelson's background jujitsu he's the far cry four give me my i don't get too excited people as far as you know celebrated the traditional jit suit demise a motherfucking monster absolutely one hundred percent as far as achievements but when you look at what nelson has done like he's in elite grappler really jeff monson son he did dominate enough and
he's also small for the division which is where it gets interesting because damon why is large for the division name it cuts a lot of weight and this would be as first time doing it with an iv oooh see all these acts factors sung the other thing is a day in mind he likes actually lance armstrong the cardio department so now you want to submissions later in the round there's going to be one surprising to me now well end with no ivy he could even be more weakened by this weight cut and it's a factor how 'bout susan romaero even talk about that one long john kare is fighting yoel romero first of all yoel romero has the best body that has ever walked on earth she looks better than that that's a superhero he's a superhero that's a superhero that's fucking aquaman that spider man for men straight up look at that build that shits ridiculous and jack araiza fuck and savage two man jackery's bicep is like three inches longer than a normal bicep it goes to the middle
his forearm he was born to choke people he was literally born choked people unconscious conscious it would be interesting to see if ul can avoid this emissions if it goes to the ground going to be interesting with yoel such an elite wrestler i mean his wrestling is outstanding it's outstanding but he's been taken down the octagon by inferior guys because they don't give a fuck because it just gets right back up these are not going right back up on jack or no no no no he's not going to have that approach that's a fucking thing is going to be much more conservative i think in his approach as far as attacks but he's got so much he's got so much faith in that fast twitch muscle fiber too 'cause he drops those fucking fast shot so dsouza though so does jacquerie this fall specially max fusion okami fight with jack right unloaded an okami when you worry about my jiu jitsu about worried about knuckle sandwich knuckle sandwich son i think someone's getting dropped that's a wild fight i think
upon feet something land are bomb you know what gets me i almost wish that you well it's like i almost wish he's fighting for the title now because i feel like he's thirty six these thirty six time is now on his side now especially not with this kind of testing and it yeah it's not inside testing ain't doing him any favors not he has injuries you know he's back these fischels fight before well he's had his neck operated on of course big slice in the back of his neck when you see many steps on a scale to weigh inns where he had disc surgery i don't know they did uh we don't wrestle for that long without having some issues detail samsung twice yeah he's a monster i mean maybe one of the greatest amateur wrestlers to ever come out of cuba is just a freaking monster wrestler each shots then he's not exactly a cardio machine either now and he's got to be real careful about like how explodes and i paced himself i mean these are two fucking kegs of dynamite going after each uh two different approaches of god damn that's a good fight
oh and how would i even talking about your riaa faber you're out favors on this card no one you brought it up yeah they just have him on the car just in case all didn't show up yeah let's be angry with this let's get real here but it is yeah probably gave him a goodest and yeah he's on the yeah do you think you're at do you know frankie signs s really nz how do i pronounce signs signs ends scenes chains like everyone was named a few winds could from yahoo ones farts try again from jeremy stevens max holloway it's another fucking bang up fight two nobody's bringing out dude i'm impressed with holloway man hockey a man that cub swanson fight open up a lot of people's eyes they were quo and this kid zone two thousand and twenty four young
martin fucking dudes up once he won five hundred and seven or row since losing to conor the i've probably he's one quite a few and looks better every single time is inside the octagon hey stevens for sure that's not sucking i've got like that won't take pictures off i caught him out of camp for photos i've been there it's like god damn it and you know this shit going on the promos and shit i would've tan and did some fucking pushups jeremy stevens has some fucking dynamite in his is dynamite kicks to the kidneys now honey jason that head kick hawaii that was uh flatlinerz almost like the rumble johnson of this weight class buy keys justin right locking ball of knockout dear then how i just think always is too good he's too many tools to win will see i like it like that fight i like it a lot i think jeremy stevens this using when you should use ag you fuck up you
mistakes yeah he will shut the fucking lights out on you that dennis bermudez fight how about that how about that fight bermudez is a mother ups was looking good in that fight to to jeremy stevens drop the bomb on him we do that man and he holds that power deep into the third round two you gotta remember also he knocked out the champ back to san jose right people forget that i don't forget it he knocked out those angeles at fifty five and then drop down to forty five feels like get a better shot at forty five i wonder how many guys continue to try to compete at forty five with this iv band not many yeah i wonder how jeremy's going to do 'cause i think this will be his first fight without the iv i'll think about all the mcgregor to what occurs at some mother for him to get down yeah you look emigre goings on that scale thank you can be a looks are dead now i walk and so like a horrible stomach disease or something you know if mcgregor knocks out although see the biggest aren't you see yeah yeah he's the biggest one hundred percent he said
is right now you think me rhonda is the biggest but she's not because she's not the champ he's the champ they will have parades for him in ireland parade for yeah but you have to understand the level of champ like their level of love that gets is so like women like looked at like this new thing there thing that never existed before this beautiful female combat sports champion is totally dominant but iron and has a long history of combat sports athletes and right now comma greg is is big as anyone that's ever been and if he beats all although and he smashes although with the way he talks and his charisma the way he dresses his whole package the whole thing there's no one like him they will have a god damn parade for him in ireland and he will be the biggest star ma is ever seen he will eclipse brock lesnar and rhonda rowsey together he's going to be the fucking mac daddy you know the thing about connor text big it's a big gift big
if i think needs it i think nf mansion doing so bad nope nope i disagree i disagree i if conor gets sucked out dead by jose aldo then although look even better ok that looks even better and then next people want to see it although fight someone else who thank you i don't i don't ever look at it in terms of like what would be the best result for the all i do all the time i don't martial arts that's what i want with you joe that's all great i want i want exchanges i want to figure out what is what's the best style as it is long stance with these crazy we weird movements and throwing in traditional martial arts techniques or is it hard dutch style with fucking world class brazilians we know that works we've been waiting for ten years so let's say that work against conor with connor fucking spinning that kicks him in the liver five seconds into the fight
do with chad we had the biggest fight you know we got a lot of all time wild but the thing is is if you look at though if a farmer businessman not not as marshall is from a businessman conor winning is that golding take yeah i'm sorry in one place too because joe that you know he is going to be around that much longer right but there's never been a guy like conor before the ufc's been fine like you don't need to not it's not necessarily the best thing would be fine dana still screws me duck i'm not saying that son i'm not so i'm not saying he goes broke but i don't even think it's just talked about in new heights i don't think so look at this scrooge mcduck through the backstroke through a sea of gold in love that guy never thought about until you started bringing up scrooge mcduck i never thought about that cartoons randomness whatever you talk about money like i ain't scrooge mcduck true that's right scrooge mcduck had a lot of money ball and son i think this
right for martial artist this fight is is like the uh ultimate who knows it's like the ultimate the weidman fight as well they're both ultimate who knows the only difference being that we saw wideman get kicked in the head by victor we saw that the song i thought you thought you sent use oracle get we'll get did i say why men i'm sorry yeah we saw rockhold get knocked out by vito is we'll kick in the first round that's the only variable those mutant feet door though it was a mutant store i miss that you know this this part of me that all this look i'm very torn on rtv torah obviously very torn because as a person who enjoys trt myself my god damn with some benefits of that stuff yeah we can have that you know you can't but why not because bisping's left eye is why not you're right but ok that but that was uh got that landed are we absolutely sure that that shot was landed because of trt i mean that's the thing
trt if i can throw a spinning back kick one hundred times naturally i take dht i can build a thousand times yeah one hundred percent it's help me fill that back especially if you can achieve hyper human levels and maintain them so that's what people i don't think totally understand about this argument about t r t all you have to do when when they're talking about like the does dosage varies for every athlete that takes it but what they i want to do is maintain a high normal it's a high normals like eight hundred this would be the number that would look for in your blood test one hundred to one thousand right yeah well that right it's very rare you get to it one thousand very it's like super relic african dudes who eat elephant meat and fucking kill lions with sticks those guys might hit one thousand natural jesus credit in some pockets super fucking genetics but like like well romero there probably some times in his life where he's at one thousand but most people probably some super stud you know they just die
it barely exist out there out there out there there's outliers right this is like like those eastland dudes those gigantic pow or like the mountain obviously probably does some fucking mexican supplements yeah don't believe lunch but even on top that utility mexican supplements on top of a super human guy who gigantic seven foot tall gorilla man near the mountain near the mountain so when you're in camp but this is one of things a weidman was yelling at v torque because one v towards blood work came back from camp is a guy that had been taking off the t r t got onto your t because is testosterone's low but when he's in camp training for weidman they tested testosterone is three times higher than wymans why was it three he's at twelve what the fuck you know or was it four times so he's who knows who knows what's going on he got away with it whatever it is either
you figured out a way to get his testosterone up naturally or we figured out a way to do it and not get caught but when you are god like weidman who is a young guy who's doing it by the book and doing it totally not your how did he gets broken down by training and it takes some serious mental power some series willpower to keep pushing through when you're a guy hi who's taking that trt all you have to do is maintain that high normal so you might if your workouts are brutal they're breaking your body down you gotta bang revitalize that bitch and he might be taken giant doses several times a week for sure and if he's doing that these operating at a level that a normal human being just can't read it doesn't mean if your nineteen doesn't matter if you're forty five you can't do it you know it thing is though is granted you know trt does help in all that you still have to put in the work
you see still put in the fucking work you idiot and people all barry bonds to what he can hit a bit now you take all the stories you want writing that home run no they still have so much talent man you have to have all the above i have the talent and then you have to learn that's what victor had but they also thing that there's a thing that happened where he had this crazy confidence because of that shit yeah different kind of confidence is just a different person who is a different person in those fights there's a law guys like the over him when he fought brock and it wiped my god fuck oh my god those terrifying it made me not want to fight in two hundred and sixty five shredded look at his arm i looked and i looked at him like fuck this man brought just couldn't fucking take him down pull that fight up find that fights if you could find that get online overeem versus brock he would finish third fourth in olympia pry wouldn't it be great if there was no testing so you could
i don't know if it was i don't know man i don't know i don't know 'cause anytime who is the best doctor i know but i mean like when over fought badr hari you think badr hari was clean i love badahari the by eight two as well so let's just leave it at that like my while doing it i mean k1 is a different kind of an environment you know and i think those guys have been his guys in holland that have been caught so here is over him she just look at the size of the trap son and he's coming out with a low stance too bad product it looks like a tron leg kicks he's thrown kicks in doing like some jeet kune doe hand techniques just a quick jab i don't know what to do he don't know what to do he's got this guy coiled up in front of him oh
over him just barely missed i can make her over again right i don't think anyone beats that over and that's the scariest guy maybe ever in the octagon mostly low stance good luck take him down he also could take a shot when he was juice five thousand god damn it looked at the amount of math he was carrying then is compared to now look at this strategy look here's to takedown defense nothing not iraq it's a single not even close practice couldn't can complete this single that's so crazy he's got hold that single and he couldn't do a god damn thing about it brock is mixed up with the stand up though yeah well for him that's pretty good but this is the ferocious fucking power that overeem has always looming see it's loom keeping map but you will never see two freaks like this in the octagon ever another one we heard you so you have a bad gut that's cool check this out strong some good jobs i really is but it's just over
over his cut already got cut over his right eye that flat top in helping nobody come on looks beautiful unlock it all this nasty fucking words that need the body had already fucked him out and he kicks on here comes to kick the kick was nasty he throws that all right under that right arm you're never going to see too oh and with that right kick he there's a left kick that he lands in this fight that i remember watching like three or four times in a row like ooh that one down wasn't a good one dude i love watching brock fight god damn over him look to it back down jesus different animal now new jesus yeah in in it makes you think like i get it i mean i'm not really saying the guy should be able to there it is is in is in the actually i'm sorry boom boom i'm not and the guy should be able to do whatever that there's there's a kiss son there's that left kick yep boom the went right under the armpit it's
not saying the guy should be able to do whatever they want just pulled back to that that left kick to the body again just one more time want to see that you know the thing is though joe you also got chop it up this is a few years ago to jump all over me as miles on boom slaton k1 pride ufc his miles on him oh yeah one hundred but i think that's why all just trt i think one of the things that trt does is take those miles off a few more things i think it takes a lot off if you do enough and i think that's what we saw with vita are well here it is man this fucking he lands us right knee first and hurt some and then he lands that left kick to the body liquids right handed lenses both boom then watching name up he's hurting am now out here this is this watch it all am oh god right underneath just sh into the gut and that's right where after he had that surgery for diver
colitis had a big chunk of his colon removed his intestines removed rather comma big brock fan i like both those guys big brock fan though over him then in that fight boy we had a lot of options just like being so many could fights for that guys the best scene him against junior or him against kaynor him get there was so many fights were going to see him who is the best man now it's interesting how different a guy becomes we take that stuff away am i mean is the ultimate proving ground for testosterone see ultimate proving ground watching the difference yes for washing the difference between these guys and what they can pull off when they ran it when they're not i mean you can i'm sure you could see a difference in football players but the difference is you're not you're not seeing them to a finish in a particular con test against another human being we get to see there it's like you see a guy sprinting on the field you can see a guy making good plays you could see being energetic and pulling off but
not seeing them in a sustained environment for five minutes at a time three minute rounds and why watching their movements and analyzing them against another human being i agree it's very like in fighting steroids it's very black and white i think it's very clear whether someone's on it very clear well it's hard to say no i'm not saying i i can't look at a guy go he's taken right but if like the door right like when he fought what of v toward in but still it was like holy good god then the tony fight weidman like amman off it was like the way i describe lego football that had like one slash four of the air missing some something happened like something's going on but if you watch say like fight in a guy's a super athlete guys will assume like people already saying sage northcutt's on steroids that's not fair is nineteen yeah that's not fair that's the world we live in though yeah of course so it's hard tell by looking at somebody but you can tell
change radically like if you go back to victor's fight with jeff with rich franklin watch that fight watch the rich franklin fight his body and then watch is fighting the rock five am and watches but there were a few if a if a guy has like a crazy losing streak dallas and he's coming back in his new guy that's always a signal into me like well i know but he changes and ain't just kicking and punch because you know how to do that i totally get that it should be illegal and i totally agree that it should be illegal but part of me makes me go dallas is so interesting to see something that allows you to do your sport way better and they won't let you do it i know i know you know i mean everything else everything else you can do i mean like we talk about like you know different supplements like different companies that sell stuff like these uh test doster
boosters and all these different creatine and there's all sorts stuff all those things making them a little bit enhance it yeah it affect your performance how to recover and all that so yeah all different fighter different me know acids they all have an effect you could little you can have a little effect what do you take in branched chain amino this will allow and what about hgh well it's it's like so if if we you know there's studies is proven to really help made in the process of recovery where before guys kind of fucked oh yeah one hundred percent that i can take hgh yeah right especially when there's a significant injury the trying to recover from but if they're under the testing protocol of the the site of the can't do it i know he can even do it whether recovering from an injury that hurting athletes it no it's it's an athlete and it's certainly ufc right because not now that athlete that maybe could it let's say to anderson silva seven you could have taken half of his time away from the spa
and he could be fighting soon do you think there should be different standards though i mean between like combat sports and other sports different standards of like what you can and can't do as far as enhancing your body because of the fact that we are trying to do ultimately do damage not that she is ever think of hollywood look like look like she is uh some massive shit and kick ground in the face it's a different result it's totally different result yeah if it turned out that she had tested positive after that fight good law word all the hate would come her way ness and oh my god you gotta cheat to beat ronda you fucking loser you piece of shit they would hate her yeah it's crazy man crazy but it's also there's don't you think there's a different reaction a woman gets caught taken anabolic steroid versus a man yeah thing yes i think
when guys do it it's kind of like the f man makes sense a little bit with women like white you in cheater deep did i know girl jujitsu jitsu competitors they're taking testosterone they don't even get paid i mean they're just doing relax they're just doing jujitsu to doing jujitsu let's not do that they're doing testosterone let's not do that yeah they're doing like creams and stuff like that like cyborg will never be able to shake that steroid stuff ever did you ever watch your first point if your first point should should never be able to shake any of that even she might be cleaned out much since she's on stuff i have no idea she's always get that he's going to be brought up every time she fights now well because we all know it's like you saw what she looked like you saw the didn't look anything like anybody that you knew that hadn't done anything that was a woman like when women get athletic and they get long and they lift a lot of weights
you very rarely look like that like there was the this is level of musculature and thickness and density and shredded at very low body fat with very i muscle content like world there's also not just on which is not speculate she tested positive yeah because i'm not like on or something she's on no no she failed the test yeah yeah always going to travel with her always speaking of big ass girls in jitsu you know that abriel you know time oh yeah we know she's striking that blackout yeah looking pretty like she's like six four she's going to fight mma in japan signed some big deal out there but the with her she's two hundred plus pounds do the health by fighter they found like some big russian bitch with a beer or something just knocking this russian chris we bare out because like you look at karen she's a such a freak now it's like she used to be this really heavy woman with uh not a body fat she was really big
and she was just so bulky she was so how big and then like she must have facial reconstruction she must have gotten something done to her face too and don't forget about ten ten thousand hit hard and she lost all the body shred cheese shredded who the fuck is ever done that before gone from being like really fat and overweight forever and just dominating girls in jujitsu doing really well to all a sudden being shredded shred town three thousand like in bold green verses brock lesnar's resident yeah yeah and now she's doing mma she is she i think she has a fight coming up some japan she's on risan june the rising card his entry the yeah yeah i'm all smiles sound like a but my thing is yeah how big she is next to cats in ghana and cats a big girl google cats not small yeah she's a good fifty pounds heavier than
gaby garcia that's right and she changed my good friend mike's a fly in essence it was jim and he's like dude you should see this girl hello i'm sure i'm sure she she each the other thing is she got so good at jujitsu and choose domino in women it you did so she gets mad she gets in those girls on the ground now with that body i mean that body that she must have so much after she lost though that little mackenzie girl i know great time piece to amazing i could always like one hundred and thirty how did she do that alarm a few g2 who is the only martial art where small talented guy really can beat a bigger stronger faster guy by knowing the techniques just buy like a guy like me stella garcia when he fought rigo rodriguez grappling match she said she's a fight a match like everybody knew marshall is going to win you know a point where my took ricos back rico sort of like violated the rule
they slam he slammed him because marcelo's backpack in him he was on him like he didn't want to choked out so he threw all who is two hundred and forty plus pounds backwards with marcello on his back so when did all the weight on marcello's back so slammed him to the ground and then marcel leg lock them such a badass true this technique ryan hall fight happened was someone supposed to fight him and they couldn't get a visa no so the guy who was from england from england on his visa to get in here and he had some felony or something so they don't allow him back in the states to fight for the finale so brian hall step but ryan hall lost already in the house but he lose to uh i forget i haven't watched i binge watch i like to binge
i've been doing the show on fox sports live so i just watch i like watching bright before i go on the show but i don't watch the ultimate fighters well i've been crazy busy too and since i i'm concentrating on this card i'm not calling those other cards i'm only calling that one card i didn't watch it too much the artem guy he's connors boy he's not good mother fuckers out his art he sorry but you also drops his hands and he throws his winging punches and so it's interesting it yet since he's interesting yeah it's gonna be trouble crazy fucking week and no one is even talking about chad mendes and frankie edgar no ones even talking but listen you ain't shit and less you're freaking jose ortona this weekend even chris items like come on man come on give me some love here jock array and freaking i forgot we skipped over him almost yeah well we always want someone like conor to come along who believes himself in a way that we can imagine believing in ourselves we want someone to come along who says crazy shit
like he says he's like are mohammed ali but irish in small you know i'm saying yeah but but in a weird new way you know where where do you like it though because if you meet conor granted he does blame self when you want to be such a good condition yeah i had lunch only damn man i'm sorry your line menu such a good bird is a great guy yeah in the end he really does with their hands man he really does a number on dudes they get in there all discombobulated by the time they get in there with them and i think other fighters respect that the amount of shit that he's talked and he puts so much pressure on themselves like damn he still pulls it off because even in little interviews went outside when i talked a lot of shit i got phone my gosh we talked about the mark something on mark hunt got mad at you and you like hey alex emma dm on twitter hey bro i was just joking what's up brother
i can't is years ago i imagine him on testosterone replacement oh my yeah i'm not doing nothing ain't no one fighting that guy i should do this something bout samoans like they're just they're built better they just started like tanks it tanks through tanks and i'm a bike at his knees are twice the size of a normal person sneeze when you see like mark hunt inside the octagon use made alright man death fucking dude throws bombs to what's next for him now it's good question 'cause you know he's coming off big win over bigfoot silva what the kind of a big win big foot do you think they're going to let bigfoot go if they release bigfoot will they be in time for him to fight fate or in pride god ten reisen verizon can you give him a fight yet i don't think so i don't know i don't know what but if they had if they gave enough time if they were nice and they go look big footing on saying what happened but you can go over to japan i don't see why they wouldn't 'cause what's left for bigfoot where is bigfoot go where are we going within japan they're not going to make him way in
anyway whatever he wants they'll let him take whatever he wants an if anybody has a right to take testosterone it's bigfoot is the pituitary gland tumor why is giant is alabama voted for damage allegedly well perhaps that's what the commission says so one of the commission into these bias test done with his blood work shoot i'll tell you that's a great game plan is new york city yeah there ain't nothing for you homie there's nothing for you can't do that anymore there's no title shot they're going to throw the wolves and just build off your name he still hits hard you still dangerous fucked up over him that was one of the best highlight reel knockout heavyweight division that combination of punches and then over him but him up against the cage and fucking big bang bang bang bang bang bang we knocked out travis brown oh yeah oh yeah travis eat that right and against the cage but travis blew his hamstring out member is gave you know i do remember that during him blast in the face though but i've also that was bigfoot on some shit it was so now
you know i'm saying that we don't have that bigfoot for sure after your walking papers and go fight fade or get off bing and swamped with a the other ones walking papers enough time to fight fade or we're dealing it's like december tenth now we're talking may not this pirate give fedora puff cake like you always fights these days and then let's have bigfoot guns shit and do his thing i can't believe they keep saying fade or emelianenko with a to be announced opponent this month i tell you what you want talk about business on on don't do that what the fuck are you guys doing that's what they've always done just tried always did you think the pride days man we need match up sweeney good matchups you're not i'm not kind of paper you just fade over some schmuck on it well it's not a fate it's out of view is gonna be on spike so is that you know all right but still that that that's not going to you're not huge numbers doing that anymore
wonder woman's change kind of numbers they will get 'cause this is the ken shamrock fight to hoist gracie ken shamrock you don't want people will buy that kimbo slice people by that i mean by it as meaning watch it to watch it it will get it will get a million people a million people it's free yes if you get a million on spike yeah i was gonna get a melanoma can does all watched him yeah kimbo dada and then voice and can and then fade or as well i mean i think that's the car that's the right way to get my camel tap out sure out of the box that on the go back to two thousand to have won the yellow collar and also said that i just said he little more outdoor let's do something new man let's try and get some fresh blood in there what they need to do is or goods pay benson a shit load of money and get him to go over that's right how about that michael page guy he's fine he's fine he hasn't fought the he's fun to watch is a lot of wild shit lot of wild shit
awhile shit a lot of wild results crazy knockouts wonder what's going to happen with ben it's a good question to very good question i heard some korean organization offer matana money only two hundred thousand dollars of fight yeah that's not that's ok it's decent it's december son of to take a risk and leave the u of c because who knows if they're even going to be around a year well if they're gonna be around yeah you know you can get sponsors when you're over there no one's really watching right out what exactly it's not well it's not get any sponsors over here you know that's part of the problem yeah you know pretty got this bill your name right and ship and although not great how about they called they called entity pedestal mohler it's looking this is stupid i love it's like someone inside the companies like trying to sabotage it or something i feel like there's someone in there is like how can i fuck this i think there's some dude who works for the company that were these on the underground and he's like
secrett salva tour he's going into the database and changing things after hours so like what the fuck yeah the teachers are printed would you fuck is absent although what is this is like i would put it up and he's at something has to be going on who knows who knows maybe someone from adidas growing pains adida ownsome how they do adidas own reebok they're like the redheaded stepchild maybe some from nike maybe nike didn't like the deals deal the company with spyware yeah that's the only legit like it makes no sense to me it doesn't make any sense the design of the shirts too how about that i was designed like woods it was his spend twenty minutes is there i thought that touches like there's some guys like you think you can make these dumb where this you think something to sign off on it i mean if you just put that out on the internet and you said come up with
design idea an you know will give you fifty grand or something like that which is jack shit for reebok just get fans who are fans the sport with photos and you and you open yourself up this just gigantic pool of people that come up with ideas get some dope stuff god man oh my god nominal stun instead they just basically didn't even spell the names right on all of 'em you know i mean how much time was put into that it's just a bomber man and his bomber bums me out just because i love the oc it makes the ufc look bad reebok during the fuck you want but by signing this deal now we look like mass is only to the hardcore fans they're the only ones even know about it most people have no idea why anybody wanna reebok pair of pants versus i mean you have to be like deep in it like we are like the average guy was watching it chicken buffalo wild wings and keep his shit he done with shit but also that guys not going to buy a fight kit you
if you want to be lol season going to buy a fight kit mean you just start going outside and pointing at people you successful i agree no just can't who's buying have you seen one have you ever seen one everyone i've never seen one some guy tweed me earlier today and goes holy shit shop i'm seeing conor mcgregor fight kits other than that at the you know dying people the yeah but they've inflicted so like in and they put as american flag uncovered gregor shit i think they did that the website what they did so although some guy ordered it and took pictures like this camping right really yes physically had it was a come on i got a come rigor sure well how about the ireland sure that they made where they didn't include northern ourselves a big one oh my god that was a big that's a ins it's a massive insult to those people that some massive insult like you're trying to sell the image of their land and you don't mean this is been this history oracle dispute between the n
the south and you're going to not include more than ireland conor mcgregor's head coach like you guys better change that right now i'm ripping all this reebok shit off my walls yeah yeah i mean that's a big deal it's a huge deal for those it's just details man it just comes down to just details i'm sure dana is getting so much shit from it he's going to start focusing on it i hope so but it's a fucking nightmare man they've done nothing good at least if they were fucking things up with going paid it's like don't worry we'll figure it out in the final thing it's all good baby right we can't do that when you're brian guys that's exactly how fighters would be to give a shit you spelled her name wrong would give him half a million dollars i don't give a fuck call me brandon give me five hundred up brandon shot yeah change it you want brandon that's cool but the nickname
brandon brandon shall just fucked up brandon will be in quotes did state that honestly new nickname it's like sage sage northcutt someone tag me on his instagram he post get my shirt for the fights tonight and bush t shirts three thousand four hundred and ninety nine well that's an issue there and then say is in such a big fall and do your own shit man we've been over this beat it to deadhorse we will figure well you got a unique opportunity to do that because of the podcast and you connect with these people and then you have like this network of people that listen your stuff you give a free podcast all the time they want to wear those fighter in the kid shirts they want to drink coffee out of the fighter in the kid mug it's hard for a fighter to establish all that stuff and get it going while they're in the middle of training camp again that managers and managers all that someone should recommend it to him
nothing he shouldn't be folks i'm doing twist don't get don't get it wrong i just feel like if you're not on that model yet you're getting left behind true but you know these managers in these agents and stuff they they probably don't even know how to do they don't if they're not even aware 'cause everybody just country on the fight game after not making money you're not making money doing that so alright so taken twenty percent of his money that he already earned from reebok that makes no sense how you make money how much the fighter make doing seminars like when someone starts doing seminars how much can they make a decent money if you go on like tours you know well that's a beastman how much they make like how much can name guy make for a day i'm not sure i'm not that i'm not a superstar being i was getting idea a similar once and i got like six grand that's pretty good that's pretty good how many people were in there it was in canada i mean it was packed news pack couple one hundred yeah now
maybe one hundred hundred hundred yeah eddie bravo does some pretty fucking big seminars don't be rude though and ask him how much he makes but i would think that if you do a which of those like in a row like you do a gang of those so that's a real live and they have to be legit though you're in a lot of times when the guys so technical and he's such a good fighter is not you know he can't relate that in words for a while so the similar kind of sucked it also seems like jujitsu is the seminar that people want to go to it's very hard to get people to go to mma seminar or very high get people to go to moitie seminar or a harder but jujitsu seminars are typically pretty fucking giant i feel like jitters more luca if right like people who signed for jitsu especially california going through that whole whole belt system you have some bank so they're going to sign up for a g2 semi machida does a shit load of seminars and there's no karate simmons yeah he does
but his family has that backgrounds brothers dad can help it's a little different animal yeah and he's famous he's a former champion super famous yeah it's different if you're famous yeah interesting thing seminars you know seminars are very fascinating to me you know and also like put together a gym and make gemma a successful and a successful business is so hard to do do you know any about combat sports academy the csa kevin change out of the gene i guess unicron i was up there now too i am not come out all have heard of it yeah he's he's about mother the guy runs at jimmy knows what he's doing he's got a giant jim got a lot of members and he puts on seminars and teaches people how to run gems how to successful run gems and set up training programs yeah i want to go
i should go do it sometime just to watch just for my own yeah we should go find out what he doesn't annually and he doesn't annually because on it with our data to the linen right like eight they do different different i'm just you know they do a thing how yes right now you can travel fide beach training for navy academy right but this is the difference and that's training protocol like john wolf does a lot of things but it's all like kettle bells an steel maces and things on the exercises you know there's a difference between teaching someone how to like perform x sizes correctly like kettlebell certifications are pretty common you know like pavel does the of the is a bunch of different cannibalistic maxwell does his his own certification process i think mohler mike mohler does as well there was a real big name is have these certification protocols because they figure out what's the best way to implement their training reggie
and then they teach it to people so they could teach to other people and once you get the technique down the movements down stuff like that but i think it's way more complex to get a bunch of people to sign up for your gym i think that's hard for people to do and he's teaching him how to run the gym and be successful think so i'm pretty sure other fuck i think also how to set up training training schedules and calendars and how to peak fighters that's pry yeah he should be killing it there should be it's kind of people become a lot of people come to those things should be killing it 'cause that to learn that is priceless and we also have our keys got some crossfit shit going on too 'cause like their instagram posts there's a lot is crossfit games stuff a lot of crossfit classes and exercises so i think is kim is both a strength and conditioning jim anna moitie jam and i know they have heart i have some mma fighters here as well yeah but it's like moitie it's very hard to get a lot of people to sign up for moitie not a lot of people want their face split open not a lot of people want to
cut up my own balls yeah that's why i just do so luke are exactly you get old ladies stooge it's even crossfit crossfit so big man it's hard run a gym man him even running a fucking twenty four hour fitness or la fitness or something like that jammer since i was like you know my dad's business since i was a kid a gym or restaurant is not the way you want to go let her people asked me are going to start a gym absolutely not the chance of you making legit money off that good luck so competitive and let's you some scrooge mcduck dan lambert doesn't give a yeah who puts together some just check i mean i don't know i don't ever ask dan but i can imagine how long it took him before a t t was profitable takes a long time i'm sure it's probably probable now because it's so big and so famous so popular i might be wrong he might just be doing most of the month break in even yeah he made me do it for the fun other than trying it's it's it's it's also when you think about how many
different schools and colleges produce professional football players right they go from high school system to the college system they go from the college system into the nfl you know i mean there's the wealth of talent nationwide a stab liszt these systems as his kids come up in about three hundred a year so established right mma is not like that you have these random professional gyms and some of them like this fight like johnny hendricks left team takedown i know so he's what he's going to do is he's going to have some fucking hold mitts farm and do some boxing work and then work out with like the oklahoma state sing team and like assembly saying yeah he's gotta put together his own camp he's leaving team takedown's tough man it is tough and also he lives in dallas team takedown was in dallas is the big big place in dallas they came up together i i think they had some sort of a problem because the team takedown thing if i'm
on my ass here 'cause it is always just stuff i've read on the internet but i believe what they did is they give fighters a salary and they give them you know they set him up room and board room and take care of everything but when the money starts with and they get fifty percent doc fifty percent we are much i headed to the champ yup the be annoying as yep was on family more yeah but still he was for awhile yeah yeah you got to wonder you know what's the most profitable way to fifty is a 50s a ton but also at the same time you know was johnny guy that didn't have any things come from oklahoma from college and like listen we're going to test all this money do you hope and you become the champ and then we'll get our money back on the investment exactly and then did it happen johnnies like listen i don't know the details was trying like fuck this man's too much money yeah i don't know i mean it's hard to tell it's hard to tell you know see the argument that could be made where like if you have a high level champion like a john hendricks it makes the whole jim better and it's it's worth a lot of money to the gym just to have him training course hello
one hundred percent right huge because it change is people's attitude about a gym is better guys into the gym one hundred percent hundred percent like like here's a perfect example muscle far you found other tj just moved to musclepharm everybody went whoa hold on that's a ball remove by muscle pharm that's a gangster move right yeah you get it i like map browns there to get it matt brown you got matt brown and got tj dillashaw ok you're making moves you got matt brown yeah yeah tj dillashaw that brandon thatch neil magny up yeah yep neil mag just being calvin gastelum that raises it big time i that's that those are gangster moves right that's that's how you the gym popular so now here we are talking about the musclepharm gym if they'd and do that would we be talking about it no well rampages training there years ago did we talk about the first one we didn't talk about
on stage you know sage north cut left tri star he did not want that pulled him from trust wants yeah when that's in the recent the recent article i read is dead to contrast a strain in dallas now some local gym in dallas some like that or worries from an exam while station whatever whom one one that's all but i don't know french girls to lunch to get you to watch them fish mosher's age has to just fucking if he doesn't i don't know i would one line fucking chief and out on life i don't wanna fucking be there just to watch that kid sheets you know the amount this fly out of his body in the middle of the night from his dream spiderman have a tough road as far as distractions go but i things could happen yeah i agree it's a good thing or you might just fly off the fucking head
in north scott press return twice to our after ufc fight night eighty eyes future acting modeling gigs up it's over well yeah over hey man acting and modeling got along way to go in the ufc let's talk about modeling and acting yeah well maybe just sees the potential for money and realize you can only fight so much i mean that's always possible it is always possible man i mean look you have to think but that way look at what's going on with you look at how much more money you make now doing your podcasts than you making when you're fighting and how much easier it is for you being close not even close an end the podcast is growing every month i saw you guys were in the top ten of all the podcasts in the world the other day yeah hollow hi hello episode scrooge mcduck was miss crazy and on top of that you doing these live shows that are selling out months in advance and that's super profitable and all that comes to you it's not allowed to go through the ufc you make your own schedule there's no one tells you what to do or what not to do what you can and can't say you don't get some angry phone call
call from somebody says why did you say that you know you're not supposed to talk about that you talk about where the fuck you i can't believe my life meant so i'm i'm doing the best i've ever done in my life so can like this seize the possibilities the future and you'll look you got to take what you can take it take what's there you don't put it aside to try to pursue like this potentially lucrative career as a ufc champion you know what the differences though is he went nineteen is nineteen he's a freak athlete he's already getting notoriety he's not he's not going to be able to take that step into movies like in the dinner george st pier and less he's super successful sofia has one foot out the door now yeah you're about to get eight the fuck up in that division at one hundred and fifty five yeah may
maybe or maybe he doesn't really have one foot out the door maybe these are just things that come his way says sure if i have the time i mean who knows will true who knows son relationship he has or how disciplined he is i don't know only time will tell but all the things are laid out in front of him when you see that i mean that's we kind of missed with the ronda rousey thing we didn't really talk about it he had been able to pull it off she was so successful we thought she was the exception exception and then holly holm said not check this out walk there is no set my mother fucker yeah that's why i think that fight was good for martial arts 'cause it showed you you can violate the rules of engagement you have to be prepared for any type of engagement that the fight it's a fight connor said that he was i let no distractions you know i think everyone can learn from the ronda fight there's no distractions for me smart and he goes i've been offered movie tv deals heels i do not care about it there's no distractions for me not hear them like this mother fucker is some
partly because of rhonda didn't do all those things if she put all those things aside and just went to a spartan like existence from the jump and never never very never varied from her course and had standing training every step of the way you're you talking about like truly unusual athlete truly unusual outlier of an athlete is someone who's got that kind of focus and try it yes it's going to be interesting to see what happens man it'll workout for the rest of the world well hopefully it works out for her yeah well i mean yeah hopefully but then again hopefully works out for holly to i agree men have to kind of look at it that way but what's worked out like if an e you know i know runs some tier lists only say work out for time out bank account yeah she's fine but it's more than that for it's a it's a course you know i'm safe so depends she's fine because the way she lives she's not living like scrooge
he does she's pretty frugal for someone who's very wealthy show has a small house you know she's not out of control so think of that bye then also think about what did she do now you know she didn't opportunity for real greatness an for a moment had achieved she had this opportunity to be the first ever ufc women's bantamweight champion she took and then ran with it smashed everybody in front of her and became his gigantic superstar until she fought hall but now it's like it will to deserve the whole game board had is changed everything's changed the reality has changed every has shifted and you need to adjust to this new reality i i i i i feel like women's fighting is kind of similar to box somewhere in box and if you lose a fight you kind of women's division it's now
not that deep so we lose a fight you're kind of fucked isn't which is as soon as you lose this kind of yeah i know you were great but there's a little astricta now right which men men that's not that way so let's say connor jose you know they can go back and forth they're going to be fine maybe maybe it's interesting eating right man so interesting and you know what how about the fucking strawweight division is so shallow that you've got paige vanzant who i love she's fucking so so grampian aggressive and she's already number seventy three know how 'bout roses i think rose records two and three or some roses ranked number twelve or something is that which is ranked was right on that issue she might be high i mean there's some girls ranked like oh yeah i'm talking to record so i got your eyes fighting is ranked number twelve what is she's right three roses record my voice is being three or so she's phenomenal she's bad phenom and she's why more than she does a lot of like a really explosive things like she does she's flying armbar very very dangerous but that what that is a god damn great fun fight
right but it's not a lot of those in that division there's no like she's like pro page being that young and that talented and that like she's fun like she smiling is great it's all funny games to win that fight and you fight fucking you wanna have that demon who's going to fuckin rearrange your face in five rounds or claudia gedalia who is a fucking destroyer as well clages nasty man that girl's nasty you know what i heard i heard i'm not breaking news pretty kind of a rumor they might announce it already in the press but claudia and joanna are the next tough coaches i like that do you yeah i like that like that fight was a split decision fight good fine you don't like them as coaches for coaches honestly i don't like drama a phone a watch real housewives beverly hills i watch drama you know i want to watch fights i want to watch fights i'm with you joe but the ultimate fighter is along
process yeah no i understand i don't particularly like the fights on the ultimate fighter that much now i don't need i could be wrong with that's a rumor i heard from a legit of course but you know most of the guy and the ultimate fighter i appreciate the fact they're learning and getting better and then but when guys get gassed out in the middle of the first round and stuff it's all like i i know how hard it is to even do what they're doing don't get me wrong i'm not demeaning them but in order for me to really want to pay a lot of attention to fighters they have to achieve a certain level because you've seen that level i've seen it too many times so i see so many like like you mya hall when he was on the ultimate fighter i was like oh ok he could do some dance motherfucker do some damage robert whittaker say oh ok you know there's guys
guys you see they go alright this rare dude it's rare like last night or whatever earlier not last night two days or whatever they ask me on the ultimate fighter who do you think can be successful in the ufc who would you pay money to see my answer was no one but praino one right now they have a long ways to go who actually in to get to the ufc a long ways to go the answer is the guy who is the youngest who's the most focused was the most attention that you could put two who is the best athlete who's in the best camp death camp with all those things all those so can you capitalize on your experience there and learn and grow it's a great farm system to great farm system problem is you're taking like people that you know they might not be fully they sprouted yet any thrown right into the the mixed martial arts super interesting because yeah exactly because the ultimate fighter it used to be guys were you know tune o three and now and then you know you're on that show and then kind of a huge following and then you're in the us
we can have a couple of buildup fights but at least you have a fan base well now it's like these guys are they get launched right into the mix i think roy nelson which had no business fighting the time then like six months later writing cable can zaga number from fighting an ultimate fighter with two fights the gabriel can saga lock the former heavyweight champion contaminants like jesus christ that is the trickiest thing about going from that that show right into the big leagues what what the fuck happened in that one dude that fought f rain escudero and ephraim beedham everybody was law picked bottom dana was like he's like you like amanda basically being overly penos fighting tonight disease is on the card i using so he was a talented kid well yes one of those guys you you you see him against guys who are of a lesser caliber and he looks like a monster yeah bill never call mansion silva ever well you know i think it's hard to
judge when you watching people that are fighting people that aren't that good god damn looks shredded there though it's like should show hands out guided do you have some weird problem where he was like blacking out did you have some some serious issue like like you would have like like a fainting spell or something like that a medical issue fainting goat it is something wrong he was out for awhile news fighting all around and then he got back to the ufc i thought other places i'm just it rose in van sant said the sexiest final time had to be sectors doing in the leader is that tim means versus john howard email us the dirty bird song all the i don't even know this is happening this is tonight what is it on now actually no is it on fight pass roberts court fight is on really jesus christ cases a few fights for you to to means that is a bang up
fight bandits a great fight tattoo means is nasty he's nasty mean he got caught by matt brown but not after he tag map there's a fun fight man was a very fun fun dirty birds fun to watch he super technical and he's in albuquerque guy outside of greg jackson jim here's another gem hb or something like that i forget i forget i showed in hb pull it up i'm not sure but tom is this trainer why why am i blank john how bon ton von is tom vaughn is trying to say which gym or no fine she's a jim miller's a good one oh yeah she sa chisa i know i didn't even know that that jim miller's was fighting i'll fuck koran one jesus christ clearly cron yeah she's a little beast god damn there's some crazy ass fap
what's going on it's crazy what what an amazing time these three days are not almost like there is a lot of fun it's overwhelming wealth of goodness it happens over three days my brains likable and man this is what's going on right now this fight yeah cause guess where dad dues set yeah it's an awesome time to be an mma fan are going to go to abi on sunday is the sun and it's invitational yeah are you going yeah fuck me back i'll go with you what time a wild ride man i fly in early in the morning i think it starts at it starts at four three or four anything's starts i don't know i'll go for sure my restart let's talk about it will find out with the stars well let's find out find out time the eddie bravo invitational starts i know i had
enough time to get home and take a nap and then head out and it's almost sold out folks if you thinking about going five o'clock five o'clock twenty three hours and what is the what's the name of the the theater at the the venue the or i am in downtown which is an awesome theater it's really cool fucking old theater but it's it might be sold out now it was real close to sold out up until like last night so i might already be sold out but if you want to go see really fucking exciting jiu jitsu comp and you're interested in martial arts your instant you're interested too even if you've never competed you never trained this is the one to go to because well it's like a great bunch of killers that
inside the brackets including gary tonon who was one of the best in the world in in but he's fucking sensational he's a killer and any proper goes who's uh as a brown belt he was a world champion name an orchard is in this was also one eddies blackbelts is elite there's like a whole bunch of like really good high level talent and the sis the eddies created the way they reset the fights they they battle it out they have a certain time limit and then after that time limit if there's no one no one is finished anybody then they put them in positions like they'll start off with you on a guys back with an over under hook with both hooks in and he saved we go and then if he apps you then you get to start in that same position and it's sort of like overtime rounds in wrestling sick it's a great idea first i was like boy i don't know about that but then you see it live we go all this works and it's fucking
so far the most entertaining the most well done just to show their as i think what's the website that they can go to if they want to eddie bravo invitational dot com that's what it is any bravo invitational dot com if you want you could put you might be able to still get a couple of tickets for the orpheum but it might be hold out but you can watch it online at budovideos what is it booty video is dot com go there and i'm sure eddie bravo's twitter page has all the information as well as tenth planet jj dot com i think we're out of time we have time yet a man it's been fun always in a lot of clock town with from your home this is a wonderful time if your name and in fact the best man this shit is the best alright the kid live yeah cisco sacramento in seattle san diego vegas baby allowed that sells out in advance so kid on it your folks alright everybody and we'll see you next week bye thank you every
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