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#739 - Duncan Trussell & Christopher Ryan

2015-12-22 | 🔗
Duncan Trussell is a stand-up comedian, and host of his own podcast "The Duncan Trussell Family Hour". Christopher Ryan, Ph.D. is a psychologist, speaker, and author of New York Times best seller Sex At Dawn, and also host of his own podcast "Tangentially Speaking"
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if you haven't i'll try to keep this brief first of all we just released alpha brain instant which is my new favorite shit i drink these now before podcasts today i didn't i took the pills usually i drink it and i drink it before ufc broadcast too i'm just huge fan of optimizing that's what this whole companies that's what the idea of founding it was all about the idea of optimizing your health optimizing your physical condition optimizing with your brain your brain functions and optimizing even your inspiration and that's what we try to do with the audit academy link we actually just opened up tenth planet jiu jitsu in austin at the authentic so if you want to learn jujitsu the edger drive away way you can take some class there as well it's just a fantastic gym but it
so the link at the on it website in that link is filled with inspiration an motivations filled with all sorts of cool videos and cool exercise routines workouts of the day articles on the science of nutrition of fish apology and exercise strength and conditioning programs how they work and why they work and just a lot really cool shit so that's the academy link is a physical on academy in austin tx go to uh and it if you use the code word rogan you will save ten percent off any and all supplements balmer don but i didn't think it was gonna be over it's done uh i gotta double guest today there's a thing we do we call a shrimp parade what it is is duncan trussell and christopher ryan we get together and we we sit down and the three of us do a podcast together we just decided to do these joint podcasts and they fucking fly by there the fastest pod
yes we do all of 'em kind of fly by but god damn these ones just fly by its first of all chris is just a brilliant guy duncans brilliant and the two of them together and we just they just work constantly finding new shit to blow each others minds over and one of my favorite podcast to do so without any further ado please welcome my friends dr chris ryan and professor duncan trust the joe rogan experience a stronger these should not too right i definitely would have to those account so it's two hundred and forty milligrams of caffeine now i can feel it rising inside baby why you want to ruin star wars what
i was kidding i'm not going to do that man i heard a lot of people are saying that they heard it was crap and then it wasn't good everybody i know that's odd said it was awesome i loved it you loved it i work with people who didn't like it it's like what do you thinking man what did you think we're going to go see it's called star wars like it's the most he is kind of thing i don't know why people have expectations for star wars was the expectations i guess they're looking for a or a a plus i guess they're looking for know you already know i guess they're looking for some kind of like deep like meaning or something like quentin tarantino or some kubrick esque thing but it's star wars it's a space so yeah go in there with no expectations be happy for the colours that's it
the beautiful colors and then after that if there's something out its things flying through space and lasers it's is a very confined genre it's very confined and you know it's not going to step outside of the box it's not going to be weird sexually so i'm going to have some range murder tension is not going to be any like any unrequited love there's going to be just some normal space themes with of campbell's hero journey that's it it's mixed in with a lot of mystical stuff that you can connect to which is beautiful it's gray have you ever heard lucas talk about his friend joseph campbell like literally wrote star wars based on joseph campbell's step the heroes journey fast they were they were good friends yeah the hero with one thousand faces this is classic book he did have you seen his interviews with bill moyers yes power of myth that was fantastic he's awesome so joe in campbell used to go up and give a lecture at lucas ranch every year on mythology with lucas ranch where george lucas
on each fire words ok up in think it's marander sonoma and he would go up when they were working on the original star wars an give a lecture to the crew everybody about mythology every year and then when campbell died your friend in mind stanley krippner filled in form wow wow that's interesting now stanley is amazing too family strip that i just saw him a week ago duncan happen to text me while i was talking with doing a podcast with stan lee or just finished and i said oh you gotta meet my friend duncan he's really interesting he's a comedian but he's really into the spiritual stuff and he just got back from seeing hanging out with rom dos in hawaii and stanley says well does he know that rom dos was a stand up comedian for a time and i feel like he got a mixed up with timothy leary 'cause i know timothy leary went on tour doing like some
kind of thing called stand up but i don't think rom dos did it but i know timothy leary tried stand up well he said he saw him in the village in a club does why not many spy on acid richard albert however is probably thinking fuck it why now let me give it a shot i mean he's good he's a great speaker and he is pretty funny yeah you said is like a very humorous guy to talk yeah he's super funny yeah which is yeah i've noticed that seems to be a quality and people who have a real spiritual practice like they're funny they're all it's funny they always have this real specific non bullshit style of humor it's really hard to offend him that's quite often that's how i can tell if somebody's got a real practices their usual the impossible to offend like there isn't anything that you can say that's going to make them upset but you know the law from bells start going off in my mind when you get around people who
you say something and you see oh shit i triggered the alarm system i have offended this person which is really curious how are you how are you in tune with the universe and yet still something that a monkey descendant says out of the end of feeding tube it causes you to feel result in arrabal if you're so tough how why are you such a pussy essentially psychically well not not like tyson it's like the opposite of tough you know yeah but yeah i mean i agree like sophisticated well i tell you know what's going on it's not the way the way they described it or have heard to describe which is super cool when it wisely whenever they were on dos talks about his is guru probably baba is that there was no things there like you there's no obstruction like anything the way everything which is sort of going through this person you know as opposed to like me i get on the phone with bank of america the frozen my card because i went to australia and like i'm
saving with rage you know like what the fuck i'm in another fucking country shopping with my fucking bank you know and you know or whatever it is that like triggers you to freeze up some people get to the point theoretically where that convulsive seizure like freezing up does it happen i'll tell you i can get that in spurts i can get done in spurts from yoga and here's our improve it ugh i fucking nailed me on the highway while he wasn't paying attention hit the break this kid i watched and plow into my fucking car and my white porsche expensive one and it's a rare cartoon like fuck i hope you didn't total the car not out in the first thing i said was you ok i'll go i'm ok we're cool and i live he wasn't upset at all yeah that wasn't it but i've been doing yoga like four days a week right and i was a little high you know probably still
from the afternoon at the end of the pie was probably like a lease under the influence of cannabis the point where i was like a little bit more relaxed but i just i i can only get there for like burst it's when you're busy with work and wife and it can overwhelm and you get mad at someone doing a shitty job parking like come on fuck head park your fucking car stupid you know like you back it up again oh my god look at this retard you're backing up again and then i'll be like i catch myself like why not even talking to this guy it's guys in a car you know one hundred feet from me and i'm i'm openly mocking him out loud yeah and corro ding your insides as you do it yeah i heard wim hof talking about this maybe it was on your podcast he was talking about uh being under the ice in his retinas frozen even he couldn't find the whole to get out and whoever it was
he was talking with asked him like so you know what was the panic like well you know and he said well you know when i'm in those situations or like when i got lossed in a white out on mount everest in my shorts there's no stress 'cause then it's all just like it takes you back to your cell to who you really are and i know in my core i am like you am like competent and diffident and so he was saying like it's been demonstrated you can generate more stress hormones lying in your bed and just thinking of national then what actually happens when you're in a moment of actual danger you sort of shift into another gear like when that car hit you that change your whole world right is like now now you're framing it as a maggot survive this when i knew i was going to survive he wasn't going that fast but i was just talking to my car is going to be told you're watching him in the rearview mirror stopped and dude
some guy almost hit me today on his phone like with phone literally on the steering wheel as he's texting and i just went right into my lane it's constant people constantly doing it he's not paying attention and if something happens when the guy rear ended need the lane was closed for some reason like construction so everybody got into that that on ramp on like hollywood and or the one hundred and one in highland exit and it was shut down for whatever reason so we were all stopped in a big line and this dude just barely paid attention and also and shit and i could see his face like i'm watching in my rearview tensing up my car stalls out goes wine into another lane that's where you don't want to be on a motorcycle oh my god yeah oh my god and yeah that's so dangerous if you get like that in a motorcycle you might be paralyzed you might be dead easily can't get off and it's not your fault that's the thing and i wrote a bike for seven one slash two years and i always felt like
i've got everything under control but there's that there's a large all right off if you have the time to jump off and get the out of the way well i never i was in a like a competitive you know razor and i'm dead and you see a guy coming from behind you do you jump off or do you let it hit you what the fuck do you do i don't know but uh you're hyper aware of all the space around twenty bike so i'm always stopped i know it like on a highway situation i'm always watching behind me because how you develop that vulnerable sense carry that man by trucker that remember bill burr telling us what he is i guess at the ice house he's like riding a motorcycle is like but imagine sitting on the hood of your car driving that way it's looked down at the road buzz in by seventy miles an hour and it's like i could reach out my toe in his grind it off you know now yeah but you know it's like it's like a metaphor for so many other things in life right
do you really want to be you want to have the illusion of separation or do you you actually safer being intimate with the danger of what's going on so you're hyper vigilant the car you're looking at your phone you're fucking with the radio 'cause you at this sense that i'm in a room and everything is cool until he hit the tree you know there's definitely that you can definitely get to detach and as things get more and more automated it to be weirder and weirder is now you can tell your car things like like you've used that hey siri function yes you so you ask your card text be will text people tells the send last time i was on your buggy own i did this whole thing and i saw a bunch of people tweeted like bed and fucked up my phone it off their list cars for the press the button i have to press the button and then i say it
uh i don't have to say that do the hey siri thing but my point being is they have that teslas now that they're coming with they have you download that allows you to have your car automated self like you set the door oceans and it navigates the drives yeah it fucking drives itself so like that and it's going to get real weird when we switch back and forth between that and then actually driving like the space out factor the people like when they have to drive again they might not be used to it yeah it's the space between automation an like semi automation and full automation that is going to be really dangerous but man the dream is you leave your house your car looks like a little living room a little pod with a couch in it coffee maker a tv and you just sit on the couch tell the car where it take me to vague iss and it just takes you there and you just relax on these sleep you can look out the window the interstates are just going to look like houses
that you miss you with your aviator sunglasses on the witcher blowout hair you driving gloves but driving shoes let's get crazy oh yeah i was a little nervous driving shoes in the gears let's say you have like an old fiat or something cool you look at your a poet or something i'm sure there are people back scarf over your shoulder i'm sure they were carriage however you are like engine what but think of medicine that which is it's worth the smell of the fire yeah i'm sure is is like everyone always may lawyers in a stout j tache to and waited technologies but it's like sure great but
i'm going to be sitting in my pleasure pod with vr goggles on as i get taken to florida where alpha the sacred river flows but you're missing the pleasure of the wooden wheel losing traction on the money bro exactly the boxer not aerodynamic box being dragged by horses starts to go sideways near the edge of the cliff and what an adventure with a great time to be alive well i don't even have to ride the horse i can ride in a box behind the horse modern technology is awesome progress being that box with fine silk velour seating yeah everything women with push up bras the core sets core set of lots of roughly skirts fucking
i'm trying to bang a check while skirt the disaster came in you got to make a choice either you don't see her or you don't see your face it's one of the one of the things he can't have it both ways if you push that stay up god doesn't go i get a hold of the you know you know his citic jews have sex through a sheet with a hole cut in it boyfriend john seven joke about it that the women used to live the clothesline see what the biggest hole john tobin but everything about that stuff man like who's the like someone had to be the first person to be like you know what let's put a big sheet over you and cut a hole right over your pussy so i don't see you anymore like that didn't evolve didn't even touch is not just an
see you then your bodies don't touch to get so someone invented that there was a person who's like i've got an idea let's start the women and blankets and a whole right it doesn't involve right chris it's like there's a per is one person who's incredibly crazy i guess they may have evolved you know it may have just been like a hanky over someones face initially you know and then it grew you never know it may have started as a blindfold but you it implies that communication about it like you have to tell your friends like well you know i put a handkerchief over face last night maybe you guys should start doing that we even crazier than it took off it's not like one guy doing it like his citic jews it's a huge population of people in america new york city there's a very big community of acidic jews
they're all doing that with the blanket i don't know if they always do it i don't know the so she and i think the women all shave their heads in where windows to see i if i see it as an expression copy the people on every wake up and no talking what the fuck they have this chamber has to wear a wig i think well i think i need to think about it in the arabs may come cover their hair right here's a rod is and i think it's an expression of anti eroticism anti pleasure your only fucking to have kids there's no pleasure involved so we're going to do as much it is possible to remove everything that is in purely function compass are you know i think your time either tesla thing the thing is bizarre about that is in the file print it says it's in beta do you want your car a self driving car that's in beta no thanks it says that they are not responsible for any accidents so you should always watch the road and be prepared to step in if something goes wrong like well thanks for nothing back on my compute
making days i used to have friends that would get the latest builds of softap where of operating systems rather and so run like beta versions of like new windows operating systems and the shit was always crashing those kind of half of the fun the fund for those guys was like saying hey man i'm using windows nt you know blah blah blah and this is the new shit and it's really infer servers so i have to have a work around with certain drivers for video cards you know there's all this crazy shit they used to do remember those like when you got wind 'cause you had to get this giant pack of disk remember that there is so many many members like sometimes you get two of these two tubes filled with those remember you would start off with a floppy you'd have to start with floppy that was like your installed foods that worked yeah the floppy was like you would stick that in then you have to dick cd roms in like what in the fuck right my first expose
computers is when i worked in real estate in new york in the dime district full of hasidic jews that's how out of there there you go and the guy had a computer the size of refrigerator and one of my jobs is to back up the disks every week and you pull out these drawers and put this like thing down and turn it and pull it out in the disk was about that big laugh yes in your hands like a mo sorry that's all right an album a lot bigger than an album yeah like a large pizza a large pizza yeah then how many gigs was on that i don't know i think it was mb oh my god that's hilarious this was like maybe six hundred or so that's so funny wow it's so funny like the amount of storage space that we have now it's kind of nuts and then also like that so much of it is in the cloud yeah if you notice like on the new iphone software your few if you've you're you do doesn't download all your songs it shows you all your songs but when you go to play them it streams them yeah i don't
that 'cause i want to shit on my phone so if i'm not connected or i don't have to pay for the data it's my fucking stuff i got one hundred and twenty eight gigs on my phone fill it with music i can't figure out how to do it well you set it so that's available offline we download all of them you have to download all of them it's super annoying i did in a hotel the other day is like not downloading eight hundred and forty seven songs and i was like what the fuck you're in a place that doesn't have cell phone service in you go to your music list i was trying to use it in the gym there's no service was like oh you fuckers it's not on my phone and i had to figure it out that's complaints back in the ok yeah it wasn't your complaint back in the carriage and horse chase and there on your fucking slippery ride over the top of the mountain where you might wind up eating all your friends stuck up their crazy man that we are constantly surrounded by some cloud of invisible added consists of all in for
nation that is ever been recorded that's crazy did you hear not that guy that was he want to see they got shipwrecked at sea for like over a year with an other guy he made it by like thinking rainwater needing turtles and all kinds of crazy shit but it's the nuttiest stories they're kind of raft for a fucking year but its companions family is now suing him because they say that he ate them yeah he ate the other guy right i just the mexican guy to mexican fishermen mexican i don't know i don't know if you're mexican but just the thought behind james siri fire story just a thought behind it and being sued it's it's funny it's ballism you're not in a criminal complaint it's a civil suit i don't know what it is i don't know if it's american i don't know if they have a different legal system i don't even know what it is but i don't even know if suing or if they're trying to accused him of murdering him or something eating 'em it's the eating
but if he's dead eat him when he that's what i say eat me if i die but they say is that this guy t shirt by the way was claiming that he kept dude on the boat with them for company for six days and threw him overboard the ysu for one million dollars for eating shipping but here's the thing like how approve thirty eight how do you even accuse a guy i think he he talked about it he told me yeah because he's salvadorian but they got so they were in mexico and they got swept out that i've read about this one so we talked about eating the guy yeah so that's on the list in the story says that he just threw the guy overboard it seems like you would want your family member to have my given his life for somebody it kind of makes your family member a hero lots of cultures eat their dead you know when someone dies they eat them yeah and it's an honor that is incredible more than a year and see cfr here admitted jamie finance eve anywhere he admitted he paid this guide
company him on a short fishing trip off the coast of mexico wow yeah any he wrote a book so they want the money from the book yeah yeah you might be right or you might hate that dude you know there's a looks like he did it looks like you need to do you know i used to think i think most people think some cultures were just cannibals for the hell of it you know like they were just especially evil right this text or whatever and then there's just weren't but you know if you think about it doesn't make sense so europeans killed just as many people as the aztecs did they were just as ruthless they're burning them at the stake they even cook him but they do need him right right so then i read this guy marvin harris this anthropologist who wrote a book called cannibals and kings he went back in looked at societies that were cannibalistic and those that weren't especially in the south pacific has some islands were some islands weren't whatever and in latin america and when
determine was that the societies that were cannibalistic have add a lack of protein there no animals that could be domesticated and so when they killed people in battle they ate them because they were protein hungry or starved and but europe ends had plenty of domesticated animals so they didn't need the protein 'cause they had the goats pigs and whatever but if you think about mexico there's nothing that they could domesticate except turkeys or are dogs or animals that eat the same food is human so you need to domesticate an animal that doesn't eat what humans eat so it's not competing right and there were in north america so that's why they were cannibals wow that's crazy fascinating it's also important to note that uh one of the key tenants of catholicism involves a kind of metaphysical cannibalism which is you know the the unique the body of christ in christ and they call that converge
one of the way for into the flesh of christ they have a name they think that when you're priest is doing the ritual it's turning it into the flesh of gene right the trends transit stand she age that is the name for it and that's where you're shifting the way for into the flash of a god the your meeting but that's totally real totally real you can taste it get the stuff it's kosher many of them do you think that it is really it's godflesh which is actually a really old that's and very
traditionally you eat you eat at god do you eat the sacrifice god to get its energy or something well i had of all originate within the agents is no no doubt that at all immediately what i thought everything i mean you double scary where the the psychoactive component stays active after to metabolize so the pace of the shaman who the nominee to are you will get your eyes checked yeah i'm so they fed them piss at that apparently amanita muscaria is very hard to get right i've never i've never gotten high off of it i i had we tried it once it didn't work but the and we tried psilocybin mushrooms with it and we had a fucking sane journey so they kind of work together sort of synergistic way but apparently by itself it's real hard and they think that it might be like a geographical variant and then also like seasonally and then genetically like you have to get the right stuff in the right stuff might not even exist in most places anymore right that's pretty
interesting isn't it all the last pharmacol gee this stuff that will never even know about like soma soma yeah what is it like what is this stuff you hear about this all the doing all of these old technologies just got in the illusion mysteries you know i didn't realize this until recently the shop see lazy lazy days or however you pronounce it in paris that's the lousy and mushrooms this translation is allusion mushrooms chomps right jumping on these years the unquestionably without a doubt there were people that lived a long time ago that discovered psychedelic plants yeah sure english they had to have all you have to i mean this is the most rational way to look at it if you lived at that time and you had no science you had some submit it's fables and some rules to live by and you found those things you would think that you have found god you would definitely think
you just ate you don't have a scale you're just eat these mushrooms that you find and you eat ten names of 'em could lord you're gonna meet do you like literally will be transported to god and everybody you know people will listen to this kind of shit and they'll go armor little stupid you know you just tripping it just hallucinate ing you gotta take this in situation i know i've said it before but it is important to repeat when you i haven't experienced it doesn't matter if that experience is like you could put it scale or hit it with a stick it's a real experience right so you even though no ones saying that your meeting god when you eat do mushrooms but what i am saying is it's the same thing is meeting god like the expiry so profound that you would be like doing that it would be like having when you do dmt perfect example yes it is like meeting the highest power around you
i mean like meeting a god it's like reading a sea of gods it feels like it there's a place where things can be both true and untrue i think you know and what you're talking about is that overlap for me it's where you know like placebo effect you say well it's just a sugar pill yeah it's just a sugar pill but it has demonstrable measurable repeatable effects on people hypnosis is another one like well how the fuck does that work right nobody is explained this and i think when you're talking about seeing god that is ultimately a subjective experience that happened or didn't and if it did then it did and there's no there's no one outside who can say that's just bullshit or that you know some sort of richard dawkins denial of the sacred beak as you experienced it and so i'm sort of sympathetic i i mean i trash religion as much as the next guy but i'm sympathy
headed for the experience of someone who says look i go there i have these rituals i smell that stuff i was raised in this tradition an eye and transported to another world that makes my life better ik that's a that's not real despite the bullshit over the bible or whatever yeah no i agree with you you know think is problematic is the label like even how i said it like you'll meet god like does that word is so loaded racks that's a part a big part of the problem a big part of the problem with the just the idea of religious religious ideas like forget about the words that you're using whether you're using the word prayer or scripture or whatever the name you have for your deity those are just noises you're making and they correspond to like whatever the cultural com text is of the hindu god for the crew watching god but if you just think of the feeling
of wanting to be a good christian right the feeling of wanting to please god not by blown up abortion play next or any there's nothing the wacky aspects of it that we sort of connect to it we think about like radical fun mental religion on any side of the fence right but the feeling that you're getting like you're feeling if you all together in church and you really are praising his name you really are praising the idea of this loving god that wants fellowship and once camaraderie and brotherhood like whatever that feeling is that whenever that thought is take out all the words jesus cry easton in his praise jesus and buddha mohammed and allah and take out words and what is the feeling that feel is the search for this positive this positive source like this thing ultimately we can all eventually reach
put aside all of our ridiculous monkey behavior and greed and jealousy and anger and lust and just get to uh at our very best you know and it's almost like it's like a guide to get you there but we get tripped up on the words that are attached to the guide like the word god or the word mohammed or the more allah or you know krishna yeah krish na go down the line to send in the parasites that lands on yes is this and you know start selling and you know making a power structure around using it rules controlling like people with it don't get started off talking about how you can recognize someone not just as this a truly enlightened person but is it just the person you want to hang out with if they are really hard to a fat if they have a good sense of humor yeah they don't have a sense of humor there's some wrong you know that and but
think about the old testament guide is the most easily offended motherfucker imaginable you know like the book of job if you have read the book of job it's fucking amazing like job is this you know great it does everything he supposed to do everything is cool and the devil and god are hanging out one day and the devils like that the devil says like people are really like you so much man you know you think everybody loves you and god's like of course people love me look at job he's perfect he does everything i tell in the dev well yeah but he only does what you tell him 'cause you've been good to him fuck with me little bit and you'll see what happens so god being the fucked up asshole that he is apparently killed job's wife and kids but no that's not i mean it you said it's not meant to be taken literally that i mean that's not a literal that's a that's a store
with the fact that no matter of god dunk it of course is to be taken literally question what kind of truck driver mother fuck this is how cocky duncan is duncan is like well i think what jesus read to say anybody wasn't so good with his words backgrounds and since i've gone to college in asheville nc's got a phd i i've been talking to god god gave me a phd but no i think that you run into trouble if you start looking at mythal g and i'll let like is though that's really what it means i get to actually do it okay but look at the god that's being depicted there weather whatever the story is he's easily jealous he's precious he's cruel let's take an alcoholic father but that's so if you look at the universe like right now at this moment mothers are dying of cancer kids are getting exploded by bombs all of dogs or attacking fucking
old people in the park like you know what i mean so this is the story of job is always struck me more as a kind of like store if how look man you can't understand the infinite like when i step on an ant you know what i mean to me it's like well i stepped on an ant today but for whatever that ants tiny little subjective universe happens to be i've completely obliterate that i wiped it out that and could never possibly undo stand the internet action that just happened there but it was a real interaction so it seems the story of job is more like what the fuck are you you universe this incredible thing that i'm surrounded by that seems to very capriciously random times just destroy poulan lives and like shit man i just heard about this family driving under an underpass and it like a br like a concrete block fell out of a truck landed on
god damn range rover bam entire family's act out of this universe and to me job that's that's what the story is is how can someone be a servant of love like what you were talking about how can say connect to this desire to like give love and happy penis enjoy into the universe when it any second guaranteed for any human being there could be in there will be a tragedy more devastate mean anything you could ever imagine because that's just the way the world works you you're going to die you're your wife your family your friends this is the reality were in and how in the kind of swirling vortex of chaos and violence do you find a place where regg hardness list of all of that you will still be committed is much as you can to that thing you did on the road when the fucking car here instead of getting out
fucking pummeling the guy because your agenda drenaline's flowing you ask hey are you alright that's wild to you it might seem like not that big a deal but if ev everyone on planet earth started doing that well holy shit could be a whole new are i think i think i mean i agree with what you're saying but i think there's an underlying's assertion of the cruelty of the universe that i think is distorted okay i i think that you know i was watching this nature program couple weeks ago and there was a seal i may have even talked with you about this last time i was on but is it like a seal playing in the waves and then you hear there like blue and you see the shadow coming up and it's a great white and it
the seal and then they see the guy the narrator actually says we slow this down to one forty eighth of normal speed right and you see the teeth there and they are in this feels fluttering around and there's blood everywhere and there's the and the the meanwhile the narrator saying the struggle for survival is an ever over and yeah and so i'm watching that i'm thinking well but sele seem kinda happy to me right like how come there not more stressed out because all the seals i've seen relying on rocks and chillin chillin and barking and having fun so i looked up to see if there's a harbor seal i think they live to be about thirty so let's say this ones in its prime it's twenty five it's whole fucking life it's been lying on warm roxanne eaten fresh fish and then in half a second it's dead and we're looking at that as evidence of the cruelty of nature that
what's the ratio there you know what's the ratio of good days to bad days in that seals life it's pretty fucking good true and i read this amazing account of being pounced on by a lion by i think was who who search for livingston in africa i remembered livings doctor livingston i presume anyway that guy he got pants on by a lion and he talks about he didn't describe it this way but the endorphins that are released when you're dying right espeche i mean prey animals he was completely detached completely real next watching this lion tossing him around what they think there an evolutionary advantage to both species both the predator and prey in them having this endorphin release when they get got 'cause when lions attack like antelopes or with big cats catch deer the deer kind of give in man they get jack they next year but they don't they cut
fight a little and then they kind of give in right but like bears those kind of animals they don't really give in like that so they don't like if cat in a mountain lion or amount line rather than a bear go at it like the bear isn't going to give in to the mountain line right is the mountain lion bites parents neck the bear is going to try to turn and bite him back and they're going to tooth and claw doubt they're not going to give one she would give into a dinosaur that's good something where the power is overwhelming and you feel it like there's i ain't getting out of this i wonder if that's what triggers the release that's a very good point that thing that you're talking about right there is the secret of happiness which is that fucking release because if you really look at it we are in the mouth of a super predator entire universe and it's slowly killing us right now loving me out once upon you up it's true it's like i mean
does sound like dire but on one level it sounds dire but then the the idea is like you have to accept situation that you're in an it is we we are like being like we're in the mouth of the most incredible most powerful most omni present thing ever earlier when you were talking about you know you smoke dmt you have this experience of you see god whatever it is you have you see this incredible matrix of which is nice when you're on a patch theoretically on i o oscar i've i haven't done mushrooms but the funny thing about it is right now minus the psych it out you are surrounded by an entire universe of which pieces of the universe are alive and aware of you and are talking to you the psychedelics sort of just force feeds you that reality exactly or it painted it puts a different coat of paint on top of it so now it seems you need novel again it's just another level of the same experience is happening which is that
you are surrounded by a living partially living universe that has a tendency from time to time to produce life this universe that were in produced his life and your part and you're surrounded by an infinite ocean of that tendency so that's very overwhelming i think for people which is why they begin to accept all this is just completely normal this thing this and then that's when you the psychedelic era like holy shit i saw my god it's like no you saw the exact same thing that you've been seeing it's only that you saw it in a different form for whatever reason people don't want to accept this stuff that's happening around us right now as god they don't accept it they don't accept what this thing is around us is super natural it's crazy if they don't see this is when joe was talking earlier about foragers finding these substances i was thinkin this is exactly what you're talking about because we hate we
take those substances and it's like a revelation right and veil is pulled back what is the veil the veil is sure we live in a culture that is constantly trying to put out the fire of mystery in us stanley saying no life is about having this car this kind of house get a new air conditioner go to work don't don't be looking for mystery just go to work and punch the fucking clock alright go look in your mind or your cubicle or whatever it's true trying constantly trying to get us to accept this bum fucking deal right whereas four there's there surrounded by mystery everyday everyday everything is live everything is full of spirit there is the spirit of the for the spirit of the clouds the spirit of the air there surrounded by spirits so i wonder what their experience with psychedelics is like because i don't think it i mean i'm sure it heightens everything is amazing and obviously as sacred value i don't think it has that same ref
lettori aspect might be a different even deeper revelatory thing because they are not confined in the bullshit of like buildings and streets and traffic lights and taxes at all these thing is that we hold in the four one of our mind our consciousness that are really just retarded we've created these things most of the things that people come up with to occupy their mind during the day are things that we've come up with that we've discovered or created and decided that their significant like why jobs or social status for breeding i think it's just i think it's gets back to dunkins point i think the whole thing is an edifice built to distract ourselves from our mortality i think that's what civilization is it certainly could be or it could be a mechanism for us to continue to create technology and innovate because the best way to do
that is to not have a good perspective not have not realized that if we if our perspective is really good and we realized that where these temporary beings just sort of love each other and spend as much time together in camaraderie and friendship is possible i'm not going to get done we're all going to look at all the phones we have now and then go we good we just keep using these phones and everyone's fine we look at our tv's and that is a very big tv were good my computer is super fat we're good my internet seems fine let's just leave all stuff alone and hang out right that's you need the discontent to create the technology so the question is who's butt butt whose interest is all this in that 'cause it's not in ours yeah exactly it's the super organism marshall mcluhan quote mark koons sorry that sex organs of the machine was her favorite quote ever and i think that one of the things we've by lighting everything up also is we've gotten rid of the
psychedelic vision that is space you no longer see space like you if you go on a trip to the desert and you go out to the desert and like the high desert and you look up at night you like wow yeah you get that majestic v vision of the cosmos don't get it now anymore it's got i got we smoked it out we smoked it out with street lights you got tomatoes that will look good for a long time but haven't fucking flavor and roses that don't smell like roses they don't want us know if they smell like nothing because because they gotta breathe that will last much longer looking good but it doesn't have the smell but you spray perfume on bro that's what they do seriously seriously it's what they spray rose perfume on roses i i went to dinner once this french chick made me dinner this beautiful wonderful frenchwoman end uh
but i didn't like anything she liked so it was a difficult relationship you know like she likes sailing she had this little sailboat and for me sailing is like skin cancer guarantees i think it's a like i'm gonna be a pale because i'm super pale i'm out on the water no shade you you know we're waiting for wind i'm dead i'm dead anyway so she made this dinner for me one night and i went to her place and everything was beautiful and was all set up with candles and you know nice silver error and it was escargot i don't fucking need scott go man i'm american i don't eat snails but i was going to go through just 'cause she went all this trouble two thousand eight hundred and twenty nine something and so she has this big part of scargo least shells in the sauce tomato sauce and she puts it on and so i pick up the first one suck up the sauce and there's no snap and i'm like lucked out and pick up the next one same thing again no snail and i'm looking at her across
the table and getting this weird look on her face there were no snails she bought the shells they have they sell the snail separately you have to put the snail back in the shells what i know something about you spray and perfume on roses with no smell reminded me of that started so ridiculous so she made a big pot of snail shells snail shell soup tomato snail shell soup that's hard to say snail shell suit nail shell zoo now it doesn't want to say that snail shell suits near snail shell soup snail shells celsius oops it is bizarre that would separate them how would you take the snails out and make people put him back in maybe to clean shipping yeah maybe select cleanliness issue but then you would know that they weren't fresh the whole idea is that want to catch 'em they do some sing to them know that something that i was there's a guy
free online who is a wild game cook a famous wild game cook he's been on steve renals television show and one of the things that he does is he takes wild foods like mushrooms and stuff and he incorporates then like if he eats like a deer who cooks a deer meal hill you like a lot of the local ingredients like local plants and local mushrooms and things like that and he that was some snails and he had to purge them so i guess you do something we take them and you like leave them in water from period of time or something let them defecate and le in person right i think that that might be that makes sense yeah you don't want each nail person lobster right that hold large shrimp i'm fine do we have we talked about fecal transplant
have you started we have definitely haven't stopped talking about it since you had it i was pretty bizarre the idea that microbes from another persons poop can actually help your body yeah that's pretty wild point being born vaginally you get your mother's microbiome all over your skin in your mouth and stuff from her vaginal secretions so when kids are see c section they don't get that they're much more likely to have as a man all this stuff because so what you gotta do even if you have a c section is smeared
pussy juice all over the kids face literally known i don't think you should say that we should probably edit that out just what the doctor ordered there are new rules in this society you know not to push it once you start working start working for subway that'll get you fired it was yale but yeah that's right very talking before the podcast started about the social justice warrior placemats that harvard at given to children to take home with them i say children 'cause if your parents are paying for your education your fucking child you're still a child i don't care i don't care i don't care if you're at i don't care if you vote on kevin go to war they they sent these placemats home with these kids explaining how to talk to your parents if in traversal issues come up like if your parents exhibit xenophobia or sexism transphobia they literally are giving them these places
can we see him yeah will pull it up the harvard just apologize for it today for place mat well some intelligent people apparently got ahold of him and what the are you doing you seeing people how to be only liberal progressive thinkers like think only the way you guys want them to think can they have are they allowed to have a new ones depending on subjects that are controversial i did some things you're not allowed to have a nuanced opinion but you're not even allowed to debate it and that was what open at yale when they were talking about offensive halloween costumes here it is the yale student acton tips for toy talking to family members oh my god this is hilarious listen mindfully before formula breeze thoughtful response ask questions when people expressed strong opinions affirm verify the difference between the good intentions and the impact speak speak from a place of mutual interest sharing personal experiences and emotion
oh my god and they talk about black murders in the streets why don't they just listen to officer if they if they just had obey the law this wouldn't have happened response i mean come on look at this is hilarious do you think do you think the response would be the same if it was a white person being pulled over like look at what they're doing here this is teaching people how to talk to their parents about controversial social issues like islamophobia oh my god what is this that we shouldn't let anyone in the us from syria we can't guarantee that terrorists won't infiltrate their this is like the worst fucking christmas dinner ever fix it a horrible this is not the christmas dinner this a fucking o'reilly factor us it's been accepting refugees from the war torn areas around the world for decades remember the wars in central america they were extremely violent in the us accepted refugees
right whatever it's just boring and see this yale student activism one wire the blacks do and complaining shouldn't they be happy to be in college response when i hear units expressing their experiences of racism on campus i don't hear cleaning instead i hear young people uplifting asa duration that are you may not you know what my dad very anyone at this point when i'm reading this my dad all start making calls are going no no i'm by the way of lifting is not a verb yeah yeah now could somebody tell movember fancy boys sign you need yeah about yeah that but there's a harvard placemat it's about ale student life but listlessness if non black students got the privilege get the privilege of a safe environment i believe that's same privilege should be given to all students like you just said no
i think that is a nonsense statement you don't hear complaining when they're complaining well that's bizarre if people are complaining that definite planning than they might have a very good exactly there's nothing negative about complaining they might have a very good point if you don't hear complaining then you're not paying attention i agree with that i heard section now that is that seems pretty logical the response to read it do you think the response would be the same there there's a white person being pulled over in many incidents that cool in the death of a black body in the street these victims or not breaking the law in are unarmed with at this is a seems right on he was a twelve year old boy playing in the park when the officers pull up they gave no verbal commands and shot and then two seconds of arriving at the scene he was now breaking any laws you know this just just watch someone made a youtube montage of cops meeting people in saying that you've seen that it's crazy and i was thinking my christ man if i was black and got pulled over by a cop i'd be shitting myself because they just shoot not only the
you're dealing with someone who is encountering bad people all day most of the people the cops encounter all day encounter breaking the law most the people most either pulling them there either pulling pulling him over going too fast or doing something stupid or they're trying to steal something they trying to rob somebody or they're showing up at a scene after someone's done something up so just think not to stress that a normal persons under and multiply that times one hundred you get pay like forty grand a year people want to shoot out you weren't god damn bulletproof vest you going to someone someone's car and it young black guy and he does eases rap music is loud it's not even turning it down god damn is today the day i get shot and killed i say the day i die and let's not get that a lot of these dudes are coming back from war so a lot of them have ptsd and they were trained where they were an occupying force so they take that training and they apply it to joining the police force an the popul and is the enemy everyone is a potential
virtuous i advanced i got in a conversation with my uber driver this black dude and he was like a talk getting pulled over recently and i told him i haven't been pulled over in like nine years and he's like i'm white lol he gets pulled over all time you know and and so like that's fucked up man like that's like that that live in that kind of world where you real guys that you're just you just have to accept getting pulled over and you have to accept the fact that there is like some chance if you make the wrong move or if the cops naps because of for whatever reason your dad that happens all the time there was that one where the cops pulled the guy over and there's a video of him the complete different interaction the cop described the
this is going out something you just shoots the guy in this fucking car no ones in trouble not scared no ones in danger parable this people just shouldn't be cops there's definitely people that shouldn't be cops i think most people how about that what about these cases where they like swap the right into someone's house and all of a night shoot him in bed and then it's like oh wrong house are they should talk a low shoe in the dog yeah and taking the property that's the other thing in this country their motive by a motivated motive it what's the word i'm motivated yeah there's a word there incentivize sense ours on to to get into shit you know to get get into trouble to find trouble 'cause they get the house get the car that you know in two thousand and fifteen cops took more property than burglars did i saw that well i think about that wait a minute yeah
that goes right into the local police department's budget yeah and so it doesn't even go to washington you know they bought margarita machines in north carolina if you see that i didn't see that they will pull people over and if you have money they just take it to say well you have to figure out a way to prove to us that this money was made illegal asset forfeiture surpass burglaries for the first time ever and that's an important point you don't even have to be charged with a crime they can just say what are you doing walking around with ten grand in cash that's ours you gotta prove and also think about how much of this is related to drugs like thinking that and then so when you realize the asset forfeiture is actually happening for so thing that shouldn't be illegal anyway like do you watch have you watched it's called like drunk tank if you seen this show where like it's like no it shows it's a show where after someone gets pulled over for a dui they to get thrown in the drunk tank and there is to me nothing more vile than seeing a cop smugly like searching
person and pulling marijuana out of his pocket and being like well well well what do we have here marijuana look at this that's going to be something that history is going to judge in the most intense way every single car it's been on a reality show smugly taking someone's weed for them putting and 'cause on them 'cause they had weed for eternity there going to be looked back on in a really fucking awful way they're going to want to scrub the internet from of that footage because they're enforcing a law father i mean we are not going to preach in the fucking choir here but there's something so foul about it that smugness you know it's so disgusting for nothing for nothing for lit really nothing literally nothing yeah it well it not less than nothing something they enjoy it's not not just for nothing more disgusting that because it's positive it's beneficial enhances their life makes food taste
better write that gets us back to the seeing god in a mushroom right every culture that's ever had access to hallucinogens have seen them is the greatest gift of the gods right the most sacred the most beautiful gift they've been given our country in the united states you go to prison for longer under minimum mandatory for having lsd yeah right lsd then for second degree murder think about that so so it's not only wasteful and weird and awkward it's and to me that you know ties into my argument that we live in a culture that the sets out to dinner the mystery this is where i differ from you i don't know the feature sets out to deny it or of all these things are kind of in place and they all benefit each other and the overall result is that the culture guys it's reality i'd
necessarily think there's any design involved no no well see this is a design versus evolution i agree with you i think it's a system that replicates itself for its itself yeah things out sub mechanisms that support the central mechanism yeah yeah i don't i don't think henry kissinger's behind no i i i know you don't but i mean i don't think there's anyone that doesn't want anyone that doesn't want us to be aware of our it's not the general shorinji entire advertising industry doesn't want us to know the reality of what they're selling they're not even oh that's different yeah that's i mean there's a whole you know edward bernays right the great yeah who founded advertising essentially and also work for the cia also came up with the word defense freedom abroad justification for american military adventures i mean he was central and he's very clearly said like we need to create reality for people because if they are allowed
read their own reality they won't buy stuff they won't do what we need them to do they won't vote for who we need them to vote for so there's an elite that has to create reality for the masses and it's logical if you it like if we will if we got assigned to and we're and we designed to some massive group of people that we needed to control and we needed to like we needed them i think that we were in charge that was the first thing you would have certain rules that you would they had to abide by and the first rule would be don't let him take psychedelics man 'cause if they start fucking tripping they're going to guys were just three to foods like yeah and see listen to us anymore which is why i think there is a five year mandatory minimum when it comes to lsd because that when you take lsd the entire things seems absolutely absurd from money to the government to jobs it also
seems like a ridiculous thing that everyone else seems to have accepted as like yeah this is just how you do shit right but question the people that are enforcing the laws are not the people that created those laws and the people that are enforcing the laws most certainly have experience these things that's why we need to get comic strip yeah but you're right i agree i think that there's there's a certain momentum that these laws and that this propaganda has sort of set in motion that's going to be really hard to slow down and stop and we're starting to do that with pot the availability and the relaxation the way people view pot in twenty fifteen is way different than two one thousand and five and we're doing it with lucent agents too i mean there's approved research going on there's fantastic clinical application and old guard has to die
yeah that's what allows works you know people that it it started those laws the joe fridays yeah dragnet guys like those guys are dead so like the people that like started this whole the sweeping psychedelic legislation act of nineteen seventy i believe it was when they made everything schedule one exact yeah they just were just trying to batten down the hatch is we have to stop these fucking hippies like everything was crazy the response the vietnam war everybody wanted to get out it was it was like this culture explosion that was going on and they were trying for a wet blanket so i was trying to figure out how to do it but those people that did that they're all dead so these new sort of dea people and drug enforcement officers there their operating under this assumption that what they're doing is in some way good right because it's been in place
for a long time and this is just how it is and look there's a reason why heroines illegal son there's a reason why cocaine illegal son what marijuana is going to rot your brain so you do marijuana like why why are mushrooms illegal if you've done mushrooms i've done mushrooms and you think they're illegals something went wrong someone wrong either you tried to fight it in the trip took you sideways or you know you didn't get enough of it or you did it with assholes if you have the thing you partner there's a name for it when it like i somebody gets invested into a religion are are a cult you get no cold and after you we've invested yourself for a certain amount of time when you get really like sucked into the cult the just the fact that you've been in it for four five one thousand and fifteen years
is enough to keep you in even though you know it's complete bullshit and see you stay in it only because like you've been you've invested too much into it like when they predict the apocalypse and then it doesn't happen yeah most people just like well that doesn't shake their believe it all take to it you go is completely committed to imagine if like your entire life you had been in for forcing legislation that was completely absurd that wasn't based on any thing that in reality that in fact for you tire life you are forcing legislation that was in some way dampening or pushing your society back pushing back evolution of your culture and you have to come to terms with the fact that you did that you or an agent of the state and you info first laws that shouldn't have been there at all man that's a fucking tough build a swallow the fact that you may have killed some people there's people out there who have put bullets in
in people just for growing marijuana something out of the ground or for being an afghani adolescent you know think about all the soldier that's what the ptsd is all about right there coming back and then like if i interviewed three that's on my show i did sort of a you know a series of that interviews tangentially speaking available on itunes thank you joe and yeah that's some of the stuff that comes up you know it's like if i can shoot because you're there and that's what you do and they moved and they had you know whatever it terms with it you know they just have to come to terms with it we have to come to terms with it because it's cowardly to continue to fucking enforce a god damn thing even though you know that it's no longer relevant there's no no to do it there never was a need to do it you just have to take the bitter pill and go through a few fucking days of feeling guilty you know and understand that what you did was wrong what it's a really
thing to say but the problem is until the laws get changed it's not gonna seem real to people that are are still caught up in the the haze of culture right you know because culture has kind of a haze like you get sucked into it and you're in it and that's why people do different things in different places and it seems normal to them and then we yeah there watt they eat with sticks what do they fucking crazy well they know about spoons it's like culture becomes the norm it becomes what you accept had right now our cul sure accepts the fact you get locked up for drugs and you don't your kids to be a druggie you don't want your kid to be a loser because they've become potheads become lazy we have these thoughts that were really all the seeds were word in the 1930s with all those crazy reefer madness movements means the same stuff it just is gotta less and less ridiculous but no one like even to this day if you talk about getting high talk about smoking pot
the vast majority of people look at the same way as if you say i got fucked up i we went and drank and i got hammered also blasted but there's a very big difference in what it's doing your body one of 'em is closing off awareness one of 'em is opening up awareness and were put him in the same category and this is not a knock on alcohol i'm a fan of alcohol enjoy it but it's a completely different experience but when you explain it to people they'll look you the same way i you guys get stoned clear right heads you know meanwhile you got stoned and might of realize exactly was wrong in your relationship and you know and and try fix your life and i wrote something down it's going to be like the new chart the new path of your destiny like more he got drunk and shit in your neighbors long as you thought it would be cute look at it is cute put it on youtube were talking is that cat fucking line and they get me man no man no man we promise we were going to talk about that
you're talking about man that thing where you're like well well well guess you're high right now that's deep n korean level conditioning that's what it's so different than people in north korea praying that leader it's when you have been if you depending on how old you are you have been in a war the war find drugs it's a real war it's a war where people have been killed and imprisoned and as part of all wars propaganda you have to have propaganda me and money but you have been conditioned by some very intense brain watching that was created by the cia to try to control your mind and so you have been infected with propaganda if you think that should be illegal you are a victim of the drug war and uh another fucking casualty the drug war truth man i was thinking like how much i'll tried to my mom i was in high school taking lsd having these powerful life changing experiences beautiful xp
this is where i was realizing so much about society and myself there's a lot of shit i didn't understand and i would have loved talk to my mom about it but i couldn't talk to my mom about it but is my mom found out i was doing fucking lsd she would freak out and parents they go through their kids drawers they become agents of the state there digging through their kids drawers to try to find a subset that has been on the planet for a very long time marijuana or a substance like lsd that is profile soundly beneficial to a person who takes it in and the right way and they've become agents of the state and they're they're forcing this did in their house in the home which should be a place of absolute truth and trust and acceptance and growth it is been transformed into this kind of weird gulag it's been turned into this bizarre prison place where the parents somehow i've got to enforce these absolutely are
arbitrary laws and that we can i don't think that anyone is ever going to be able to calculate how much damage that it's done to society that we have placed our teens into a position where they have to fucking lie to their parents about having the most profound experience accessible via chemicals with this long i would think that you shouldn't fuck with any anthea any psychedelics while you're you have a young developing mind well i'm not one of them i mean i can't i can't be i did it through all all through high school and i absolutely am so grateful to that i'm so grateful the information stream because i and the internet man you know my encounter with what lsd was was through pure government propaganda like it was like finding books where it talks about timothy leary's an insane lunatic who lost his mind that paints a picture of people who are advocates of the
psychedelic experiences being some kind of evil draw ugh addled old lunatics is suppose being what they really are which is rebels and he heroes and are completely insane war or that is destroyed countless lives so i didn't i wasn't able to like go on the internet and look this shit up and find out that indeed the experience that i'm having which appears to be beneficial is truly beneficial to a great many people all i had was bullshit like you're going to you know if you take five hits of acid europe legally insane that's been people always say or the old lastly i made sure to take five so i'm covered if i do something good uncovered i can verify insane but what's my mind but i'm gonna do my chocolate from the 1940s from now on that's why i'm insane duncan paint say what do you mean and by this beneficial
well it's sad you know it really is and what's really sad about is like other wars the cat casualties you know we build walls with names on them in other wars but in this particular war so many people who are just farmers and alchemists or laying in their graves nobody realizes that these were heroes these are people who were in the face insanity making decision that regardless of what the state was telling him to do that we're going to follow their hearts and a lot of them wanted well for a lot of them are in jail there were a little go prisoners adult or that said this is very strange how hard it is for us to break the momentum of habit and that's part
what's going on is is a momentum of habit that looks at all these things as being negative well and there's a a governmental system it's supremely unresponsive to new ideas right because of the way congress is set up but one of things is changing that i think is what's happening in colorado the tax revenue yeah in oregon yeah and one yeah but colorado is a longer history of it right now they've made more money for the first time ever from marijuana in taxes than they do alcohol and crime goes yeah crime went down drunk driving went down crime went down to record levels drunk driving real estate one us nineteen percent prescription overdoses down down because people are using marijuana for pain control and tourism up a girl yeah moving in already time this is negative two hippies freaks
not a lot of lazy moving into a lot of hippies extracted like metal fine i slipped in terence mckenna is better the other night well you jerk off i felt it no no no shot of the beautiful where is terence mckenna's bad well it's a bed he slept in often in mill valley yeah it's awesome wanted by his house in the big island but it burnt down burned down with like thousands of books yeah yeah how the fuck does house burning hawaii i don't know rainforest he lived in a rainforest yeah volcanic eruption yeah it's called girlfriend with kerosene you want me to fuck you guys know i'm nominated for porn award did i tell you that yeah avn award wow so good yeah best not sex scene in a movie what movie was it's called marriage two dot zero and uh
i'm up i'm up against ron jeremy dick chibbles yeah dance break and has nothing to say duncan a lot about her congratulations for given some amazing i hope you win well i was going to ask if you guys would go to vegas and accept it on my behalf send redban he'll be there anyway get it for us yeah i those things just seemed like too much sadness for a guy with daughters the head of the avn awards just definitely maybe i'm wrong maybe it's a party bra this is all like cam girls now that's like the majority of what it is i think there is i just read about documentary about the shift in pornography that like the way that pornography is that industry is kind of disintegrating because internet toll free one of the many fucking disrupt internet is disrupting everything management from the horn to taxi cabs
everything is getting reconfigured by it it's so fascinating it's unbelievable it's a very weird time not just taxi cab told you rental cars this skirt rental car company they just drop your rental car off and then they pick it up later like they bring it to you sort of like uber for rental car so we could just get a sofa in there we'd be in duncan's future is well you need a song for some sort of a pod i will they should make cars with care right so you actually sit backwards in the car and look at a screen that's projected of it's in front of you and you drive backwards do you think about if you're in a collision you're good if you're driving backwards not really if you're going to get crushed to get crushed and it's not good to not know when you're impacting
no virtual re it's as if you're looking out the windshield what you're actually shifted backwards in his cameras projecting on hurting my brain throw up constantly going i just feel like you want car like coming at you rear ending you i don't know yeah you wouldn't is it closed man did you see that the video of elom musk finally landing there right yeah cool man yeah it's badass it's just like straight out of like old fifty sci fi it's like exactly the same thing he did it he landed a rocket that guy heard that he is part of a him and some uh people have said that there to give a billion dollars to create a new artificial intelligence research center or something is there terrified
there you are in moscow and the guy in england the western hockey stephen hawking you know there are okay you wanted to the guy thank you she and i got it yeah they're terrified and they're there yeah they're really how do you sign in the alarm about artificial intelligence and the idea is artificial intelligence right you are right to the phone sorry sorry honey just mention it check my texts i did give me your thoughts on this right exactly could slowly understand what i did just busted both of us like my impression of you can't help it yeah yeah fucking things are heroin they pull you you just want to check maybe the next week
the amazing do some is gonna send me the crews are a change in my life when i read it and i'm just gonna learn but do you read articles i i find i store the home i'm like a squirrel in october man i got so many tabs been in so many things in ever know to read later i'll never read all the style but i've got this inquisitive thing like well that'll be interesting i'll save that that'll that'll go in there and then and it's the mass it's a massive i'm like a hoarder an intellectual mass may i try to practice mindfulness when i'm going through my phone so i kind of watch myself as i'm doing it to an because i know i'm addicted and i can see what i mean is there really awful pattern and it's like you when you go through it and you analyze like what's happening you you see that it is a form of drug you see that you are getting like little hits off of it you are getting like weird little like moments of
it's strange information intoxication like you get these little like up ticks like when you find a particularly like oh shit fucking vice documentary on liberation of the city in iraq whoa there's a cat eating a fucking man's leg holy shit uptick uptick uptick reading these like weird little hits and it's kind of cool and it keeps you like stuck in a cycle but that pull your talking about man there is i i had this like awesome goth friend who is into like god i can't member if it's the day the differentiation between death metal and black metal and i always get in trouble for mixing him up but like he was like explaining to me about lod vague burzum i get the whole story mixed up it basically is it now these guys are actually burning down churches and they were really hard
corman so he plays this burzum this death metal for me is like listen are super stoney look listen listen i'm listening to it he's like tia feel of the pole it's like shit man i do a little bit i know what you're talking about it's got a weird dark little gravity to it that if i allowed it to i could see how i would start getting more and more and more into it it's the same with these fucking phones man they have a true we weird magnetic subjective magnetism where you always feel it's almost a physical feeling man like you almost feel pulling your attention towards it there like black holes for tensional it's interactive that's the big factor the big factor it's interactive you click on things you can make things happen you can open things look at pictures so one of the things that people like about it damn you're clicking on it and you look at that picture look at this picture i want to comment and you're interacting in that interacting is like some bizarre introduction to a new type of society this is
this is these are the first steps these social media steps these are the first steps this new type of into did communication that we're experiencing but like we're talking about with the city the city set rates us from the realization that we are just temporary beings collecting is needlessly because we're only going to be here for short amount of time but yet we spend all of our focus trying to be cute wait the largest pile of shit before we die at that's sort of the same thing is going on with phones it's the same thing and it's going on with everything it's like it's slowly like pulling us into its trance the more we feed into it the more we work hard the more they'll make more these the more they'll make better ones of these more these things will deeper and deeper integrate themselves into your life until the point where their symbiotic until the point where that new google contact lens we've seen that
locals coming out with a contact lens you knew it would happen god damn contact lens gonna be google glass the contact lens no yeah i know it's going to be able to tell your blood sugar if you're project on the show it does too and everything so you can see shawna it's gonna do everything because you can have like porn going on your left on a twenty four seven ation you're right i point you left look into my eyes people see it again people seems like looking stupid tiny little it's just it's a matter of time it's under time before they create eyes that are better than these eyes sure these eyes that we have that i need reading glasses now to read things that are fine print i can't i can't read a book anymore i have to have a pair of glasses i'm reading a book about how to strengthen your eyes when uh
reading glasses when i read the book it's hilarious yeah you know if the other myopia is is like out of control and they say it's because kids are indoors all the time i think you probably have multi touch screens this woman in caddy bowman katy katy bowman was on the show and one of the ways described it as a cast she said if you are if you're always looking at something that's the same it was katie bowman the product this up pretty sure she was saying if you're always looking at a certain distance certain space then that becomes like a cast so if you put your many cast in the muscle atrophy's but when you're outside like a normal person is looking at things that are close you're looking at things that are far away and it doesn't distort lens when you're staring at a screen all the time which i am all the time either doing the podcast or going online or whatever that fucks with your eyes that's why you know people who would read all the time would get glasses and people would coral
but like i fucked up his eyes from reading like he would always say that then they would sit all that's bullshit we don't do the light or some bullshit if you read enough you're looking at that space's right in front of you only something really close up fox with you right yeah also masturbation makes you go blind no no no that's true right not if you use your left hand that you just need balance it's all about balance you need balance but this is this this this this thing we're talking about is aren't they finding out that there's actually something about the like the energycap be radiated from the things at night like it with your sleep cycle to i get yeah the one with the blue wave like that to get get f dot blocks l u x it's great in fact i just interviewed a sleep scientist two days ago in san francisco really interesting guy does research at stan for dan party and we were talking
that it's the it's the the blue end of the wavelength which is what you get from sunlight yeah affects the centers of your brain that sort of tell you what time it is in your circadian rhythm and yeah so as you tord evening you want the light to glow more and more gold yellow and eliminate blue so this app just automatically filters your screen based upon where you are and what time it is it's good it helps with the sleep because if you're looking at blue light right before you go bed your brain thinks you're in the mid day you know that makes sense you have a new plane that they're doing they're creating the do plane going to make it uh open fiber and they're going to adjust the light in the plane to match the right in the area you're going so that your arcadian rhythms don't get interrupted no windows yeah an apparent ok in doing this somehow another they're going to eliminate the the type of jet lag that a lot of people suffer from
because by the time you arrive you're already calibrated yeah yeah i don't know how the fact they doing that doesn't make any sense to maine i've sixteen hour flights i've seen this i heard about this new kind of light that they have that you can put in basements that somehow perfectly replicate sunlight so that it's i don't know it's amazing but super laid well not occur to those two man is called hydroponic growing tomatoes fucking go down ventura blvd and there's like fifteen different stores selling you indoor tomato growing supplies member when i used to just think that's what it was like shit there's a lot of indoor farmer another heirloom specialist well did you hear about the former fbi agents whose house got broken down they broke down the door
see ea dea agents i think they shot their dog i don't know that they love to shoot dogs you it's in the constitution arrested them and then found out that they were just really growing tomatoes they literally were growing tomatoes so these people were for agents these guys were retired agents to try to grow some vegetables make a nice salad and they gotta fuckin gun to their back that's mother some karma karma now i guess said well at least if not karma there's a recognition of the system that you participated in for most of your adult life right there's your karere here's what you did you this machine a machine that's looking for too much electricity being used in your basement which could be indicative of plant growth of plant growth in your house well you fucker you're probably a criminal time to kick your door in with guns think about that but god damn it we talk about this all the time but if you really let yourself accept the fact that right now at this moment
hangover neighborhoods or high tech helicopters scanning the the third there radiation from the houses to find now if inside their growing plants that aren't accepted by the state that's really beardman it that's why i'm leaving i'm going back to spain where they don't do that shit they don't do that there will do the portland either though dude say portland i don't have the resources go to eugene that i could definitely not do it in like eugene nice but have you seen the new radar that they have now where they can look deep or x ray they look deep into your house taking in your house and see or silhouettes as you can watch people fuck like they could look this screen and literally see you inside your house blinds drawn banging wife on the bed but who wants to see two skeletons i really why not i don't think it's just i think it's like a think you could see images like and see the outside of the body as well it's not just a simple
like you see the scale will eventually you'll see i'm sure they'll figure out a way to interpolate whatever data they're gathering and turn it into something isn't shadows this is a matter of time and it's a overtime any technology that is being controlled does state because it's too expensive for normal people to obtain eventually more than likely will become less and less expensive in eh we will have it so if right now there's some some insane technology that peep we're using to look through walls and see shadows fuck then it's at what one thousand and fifteen years before it's going to be something that you could just order or something that you can download on your super sophistic like drones for christmas and now my rosie is using mobile x ray vans to spy on unknown targets patrol why your friend of mine used to work for the company who makes those and what they were doing was they were scanning container ships coming in and out of the country are coming into the country so they could look for drugs
without opening up the containers look what this says stop right there for second new york city won't reveal how often cops bombard places vehicles or people with radiation or if there are health risks for residents they won't reveal it i don't talk about technology was used in afghanistan before being loosed on us streets each x ray van cost an estimated seven hundred and twenty nine thousand dollars to eight hundred and twenty five thousand dollars a big fucking difference i will not talk about anything at all about this new york police commissioner bill bratton told a cheering though you paid for it wow yeah how's that for all the range of security and counterterrorism activity that we engage in one he added they're not used to scan people for weapons but you know what's hilarious dave use the terrorist acts like various terrorist acts all across the world to catch people selling drugs because they could sell to bugs as an act of terror falls under like they they dispatched some new patriot act you know that right yeah
patriot act that was like quiet leads secretly passed is that the ci essays what i whatever the it is yeah one where like where where obama said i'm going to watch star wars the merely just sign this demonic thing and that yeah it's scary well this i mean there's a lot of leeway now for like what they can and can spy on you for what they decide to look into your life for so let me if we follow up what you were saying about how something controlled by the state it's miniaturized and cheaper and eventually becomes available to everyone if we apply that something to weaponry i've been thinking about this for a long time new they are getting smaller and smaller they've got suitcase nukes now god yeah more convenient it's still enough to carry one of our jet pack new content so are we you come to the point where any the terrorist group so called terrorist group and i use that word in air quotes can
have access to these things what's that going to mean to world politics are we going to come to a point kind of like every switzerland has guns you know that this philosophy if everyone had guns everyone would chill out and be nice to each other are going to come to that point internationally where if p they're grieved enough they can really fuck up the game and so then the attention will shift to not having people so aggrieved 'cause right now we don't give a fuck right we'll go blow him up if there if that pissed off they're going to forest then will send drones in kilama but if they could come for us with the speed boat an nukes is that a game changer do you think the whole thing just shift to another level and stay with us and have to address the the root of the problem if it was that accessible yes so anything in it that's the idea it's like the ultimate state we have an armed society is a polite society
it's almost like the ultimate expression of that i get a well armed nuclear society is fucking super polite imagine knocking on your neighbors door and tell him his dogs barking too loud when he's wearing a fucking nuke vest flow at the base and my dogs making too much noise the fuck it man i want to take care of him do you want the dog going to hit this button let's just do this i'm going to wipe out the whole block you're talking about i i didn't interview up a very good point i didn't interview at singularity university in in in in he brought up this exam things any any an which is that you know he was expn being in terms of bio weapons that people are creating these like apparently or like fucking around with jeans in their in their garages and they i was saying like things like the ability to launch satellites and just about anything you can imagine he what he said and i
i think he may i mean i don't know he didn't say he was exaggerating we said we're looking at if technology continues to accelerate as it is we're looking at a point in human history where anybody if they wanted to could destroy the entire planet or cause massive damage and so you think to yourself all right well let's imagine that that was the case and somehow by some miracle every government in the world said we figured out a way to address everybody's personal issues there was still going to be one or two more likely one thousand people who are like now that's cool man but i think i'm going to detonate this nuclear bomb that i've created in my 3d printer get from fucking who knows how i mean it's a big question mark or something even worse than that so this thing what you're talking about i think is the that awful race terence mckenna
i talked about that were in which is that here we have this race between absolute destruction and some kind of via technology that doesn't even exist yet in some kind of utopian awakening i know this kind of stuff probably makes you want to punch me but i never not going swimming wanna hug you because it's ridiculous but but but these are these two these are these two races that are happening right now one of them is without question technology is going to get to the point where every single human has access to some kind of device more powerful than any other human in the past ever had access to and the question is is that going to happen before some other form of technology emerges that makes us all unifying to one organism or some beautiful thing happens i mean it's a pretty terrifying
it's a terrifying relay race man it really is it's tear it's not really races terrifying race and isn't that kind of always the case like we need some sort of a problem to overcome it we need competition we need to yen in the yang we need a dark and a light we need you know we need a tide we need like a cycle it's almost like we need this resistance of like us building towards this technological singularity almost it's going to be in your fucking iphone and and everyone's gonna have the ability and was like well we we have to fix humanity in order to have this happen yeah the only way the we're gonna survives we fix manatee and so you know what i been thinking this is something i don't never talk to an economist about this but in my own stupid head i think we're going to run into a bottleneck with technology and i think one of the big bottlenecks is technology is all about access to information technology like it's what's going on it's like what your ability to do things whether it's to project
images on screens or to download things faster or to number crunch or the various different things the technology can do but what were you using it today what big factor is the abyss to exchange information and the access to information and the access to each other and it seems like getting closer and closer and closer right access is getting quicker yeah is more information it's easier to get to the boundaries between people are getting smaller and smaller what's the bottleneck bottleneck is going to be money and thing is ones and zeros that's money is money if ultimately all information becomes available to uh people at all times that's ultimate enlightenment right instantaneous information constantly available to everyone well isn't money information now because my not sacks right you're not talking about a you know i've i've got fifteen bushels of gold how many you got our wind you know no we're talking about some weird ones and zeros and plastic that makes these ones and zeros transfer
your magnetic strip you slide on the machine you in your numbers like this not real anymore it's information and in which transferring our money to information the call nick is going to be money we're going to come to this ultima point where we realize like we can't protect money anymore we can't you can't ok this is duncans money this is chris is money because it's maybe just my is going to be just money and maybe they'll be some sort of a merit based you system where you can have access to money or use money will have to figure out some sort of a way around it but it will have to be some sort of like ethical and we all agree on if i'm looking at it correctly and i'm looking at all of this these trends that lead to looking quicker access to information more and more availability of that information access information becoming universal what's the money money's information it's ten that's all it is well how are you going to stop it if that's the trend of the trend ultimately become
instantaneous constant access to all information for everybody no secrets not exist anymore they don't exist i can read your email you can remind right well communicating with each other that's it there's no more secrets how is money fit in there and less we go back to fucking collecting clamshell and put him on strings and this is this is look how many knots i have on my string that's why but you still have silver coins and shit what do we do but i would question the premise that money ever was real you seem to be saying that we're reaching a point where will no longer be real like bushels of gold that's just symbolic too i don't think money ever was anything more than agreement between people that were all going to pretend this is real it's true right because it localy your money is different and someone in greece you mean you go with your money there there's some things change you have to make an agreement you accept my money will access your money but it's not really worth a dollar how much is
first over here seventy five cents goddamnit but last month it was one dollar and twenty five cents well times have changed we don't like your money as much anymore and they make deals are central bank who staffed by people we don't know i mean there's a lot of mystery at the heart of it just to be able to go to canon it was canada and it was awesome we do montreal and you get like one dollar and fifty cents for a dollar or something like that and it was amazing food would be cheaper everything will be like all your money goes a long way in canada and then shifted in the can as we come to america because the money would go a long way here their money was worth more than ours have you ever to grant morrison yeah you know grant you on the show he's man he's member and morrison is a he writes a bunch of incredible comic books one of them i'm super into right now or graphic novels a called the the invisibles but he's a really small there's there's a grant morrison lecture i he was like a disinfo gathering and he gives this really cool lecture
there's talk and one of the things he said is that the super elite they we have gone back to a barter economy because money doesn't mean anything to you if you have billions and billions and billions of dollars so the normal way to get someone to do something is to say ok i'll give x dollars for you to do this thing but if you've got infinite money and someone asks you to do something to give you more money to add your infinite pool of money it's not an incentive anymore you're not incentivized by money so it's more like what can you do for me what they're there it's like a it's a it goes back to some kind of weird maybe we're going to barter power maybe you're going to what are some access or something like that but money is irrelevant to the super lee money only means something to people who are in lower middle class once you have an infinite amount of this shit it's completely an app absolutely irrelevant which is what you're saying everything then theoretically would have to go back to some weird barter
hi to me where they would never gonna reach point of alternate resources where everyone has the same access things the super league does because it's just not enough stuff well this is where you get into like this is where you get into that idea of experience generation you know like if we get to it like you google this thing you're talking about google contact lenses it's not going to stop at the i like technology is doing the thing to us that the fucking face suckers on aliens do it start how far away it was our phones it was our computers then it like it was on our desks it was a nice safe distance then it got into our pockets tried to climb onto our face with the google glasses but nobody like that but now it's getting into our eyes and it's not going to stop but our eyes technology is going to merge with our consciousness then urges with our consciousness the theory would be that it could somehow create it experiences that were indistinguishable from reality which means that really what's that
france there is no more you can't we're already using bionic parts on people right sure hips yeah now all sorts of stuff my wife does ocular implants she is lenses surgically implanted in her own eyes yeah this is i mean this is not new stuff they're doing artificial knees they're doing all right so hips yeah i mean how long is it going to be before someone comes along and says listen duncan you have two choices you can either glasses you have two thousand four hundred vision you know we have classes for you and that's fine if you enjoy it or is a really simple procedure takes five minutes we replace your eyeball with an artificial i you don't feel any pain but you have to put up with ads every sixty seconds ok well you can click that bad you can click the add you just reach up touch the accents you blink this is what's the name of that that thought experiment about the ship somebody ship you know the one where it's like it's like the idea is like
a sailor is sailing across the ocean and the masked he needs to replace the mast and so places the mass and then he replaces i can't understand you know that's a different ship gets there it's all new parts but it's still is ship so it's like with technology it's the same thing like what if we keep replacing ours there it is the ship of theseus that's it yeah so yeah the idea is when is when do we when what is hannity or when do we stop being the whole idea about downloading consciousness right to figure out a way to put consciousness into a computer and how do you know when you've done it like how do you know what consciousness is i mean is consciousness inexorably at attached to your physical being or is khan this is something that's out there that you're just you're your consciousness is riding around this meat wagon right is that what's going on we don't there's no agreement on that also we need to define what we mean by human because i would argue that we've already left human x
variance and we're already well into something else what would you call it that were into they equate it to you might know this that every locust starts off as a grasshopper and what happens is there's this particular the best example is in north africa is this species grasshopper that when the density the population density gets tight sufficiently tight there's a trigger point and jeans are triggered an activated in the body the pre listing gene so it's the same dna but it changes the shape of the head changes the legs changes the coloration and changes the behavior and that's when they be locust and swarm and so i i think that humans are like the grey supper locus and i think that with agriculture we became locus and started swarming and we're well into swarm behavior at this point and so for the sake of argument i would say hugh
then the way i would define it is hunter gatherer which is ninety five plus percent of our time on the planet that's who and behavior and what we are now is shifted into this other you could say artificial you could just say emergent behavior pattern that can flicks with our grasshopper nis right and that were so bring from that's what this latest book is about and so you know i would say we're no longer human it's like we're a bunch of poodles talking about when we stop being wolves you know i'll tell you this if i was a fucking locust and there was a grass operate it's like you're not a grasshopper anymore i'd be like awesome 'cause i can fly i'm flying i've evolved this is our major agreement here you want to be a grasshopper i'm cool being a locust but
but it's it's an interesting thing right well what i think you saying is is more inherent biological happiness into remaining a grasshopper or remaining a human right that's why the things that make up that resonate most deeply with us are the things that reflect that yeah he added on for life you hunting for example you're not having trouble focusing your mind when you're hunting if you don't come see outs and yeah it's it's there's you're tapping and if you ever caught a nice fish yeah fishing before so i know that feeling when you catch a nice fish there's a lego feeling yeah is a primal reaction and i'm saying a nice fish because it's easier for people to accept because it's a cold blooded animal something about like saying there's something about when you get a nice deer in your sights and you ready to end its life people are no right one of about to eat there are no but you see a fish they go you gotta fish they eat other fish
whatever it is for whatever reason people don't care if you catch a fish they don't give a fuck we differentiate we have more value in warm blooded animals then we put in fish for but it can't scream i mean i think if what is mitch hedberg's got that great joke like thank god the fish can't frank is the ocean would be the scariest ways that touches me here by fish jack each other that's true that's right but there is something about their expressionless nis that make some people i think they don't take care of their young that's a big one like this woman said that one of the reasons why she eats fish which doesn't check in or any other animals i go why she goes wolf don't take care of their young i was like damn it gangster then she drew the line in the sand and they eat each other i mean well there cannibals like almost exclusively i mean i mean
still universal in like trout one of the best ways to catch trout is of little baby trout chrysler's to look like a trial yeah large mouth bass a large mouth bass lores casually you catch him with those now they don't go fark is here to eat them whatever they can eat get done but anybody but it's innately inherently meaningful is what i'm saying right the reason it's inherently meaningful is because that's the animal that we have off to be yeah and now we live in this society this is that's distracting us from that trying to sell it back in little pieces maybe you can afford a hunting weekend in utah at this rant and what with the what was the point where we're talking about losing their humanity when do we stop being human yeah i think we already have and i think that's the major fucking ailment of our time is earlier too far is a part of it and i certainly think there's a series of reward systems in our bodies that are not getting checked off like they used to like rewards like fear
overcoming fear difficulty physical exertion all these different things that people did and then the thing of seeing the fish catching there's all there's this visceral genetic response to getting a fish like you now you're going to eat and that in your friends are going to yes when you pull up fish iloca there's this week good feeling where everybody yet will charge like we had a successful gathering you got something and now we can eat and that's built in built into your system and it doesn't exist when you go to the supermarket and you pick up that salmon steak that's already in saran wrap and it's already gone styrofoam bottom that you don't feel a damn thing you don't feel any but the the same amount of nutrients it's very strange what we've done we've done we've completely removed all the natural elements while needing those natural elements at the same time so we've removed any connection that we have to like we're eating this chris has brought this amazing
damn what is this stuff called again come on habu go it's delicious and explain it because it's a really cool way they they make it right it's this it's made from pigs that are the same race of pigs that the romans brought to spain originally two thousand years ago there it's but the negra which means blackfoot and this is so in spanish ham there are different gradations and this is the highest gradation and all they do is eat acorns they live out in these big open fields beautiful i've driven through there in extremadura on my motorcycle and then they are cured its it's not cooked at all it's not smoked it's cured with salt law lots of salt and then hung up in certain temperature and how long is it good for how is it sit for forever yeah and you can buy these i mean i would love to bring you one but i don't think they let them in the country but you by the whole leg well like a whole and that's cured yeah and in most spanish houses they'll have a ham and it will be there and so they've
this whole duran you have a long knife and you slice it really thin so it just doesn't go bad at all no 'cause it's cured that's incredible that you i have a whole ham leg sitting out all the way inside yeah that's crazy so you put you put a towel over it or something so that flies don't get on it and that's it you know and it can be there it's a traditional thing around christmas to give a gift of a ham and in it'll last you know five six months whatever till there done eating and that's crazy so my point being that this meat is in front of us it's delicious it was from an animal that wasn't even alive on this continent someone killed it in spain did all this stuff to you brought over here we're eating it we have zero connection to any of those activities but we don't have feeding it is delicious were loving it but it's all
i'm not as much as if we'd raise the pig in bed and involved in the process well i cooked a ham i spoke to him i haven't done one for about six months but the last one i did was an animal that i shot and i smoked it in my you know i'd brined it for six days and then i smoke there's like this big project that i did and yeah it was a way different sort feeling when you're eating is like like i have a leg i have pig leg of a full ham on the bone it's about that big at sitting in my freezer that i'm eventually going to brian sometime soon and i'll stick that sucker in this it's like water with garlic and salt and brown sugar in it's it's in there for about six days and then i smoke it is like two hundred and fifty degrees for hours and hours until it's just this juicy delicious and one hundred and forty degrees in the center so you know all the parasites potential parasites are dead god so i got a big green egg and i got say man there's nothing there's some weird piece that come
over you what's agreement it's it's like it's a it's it's a really cool grill man and it's a five fire grill so you've got it you know so there's no it's not a gas grill so you have to adjust there's like all these wonderful dials you have to adjust to get the heat right but yeah man like when you're sitting over an open fire cooking it feels i mean i know what you mean and it's like it's like this thing like oh shit yeah i missed this feeling like this feels what this is feels as good as when i jump into a swimming pool or something it's like elemental or like a nutrient your body needs that you're not getting and then you eat it in your body is going please thank you give me more well there's also this there's moments of people throughout history have had success hunting and eating that meal over a campfire anw you do that that is the most rewarding of all fires like wheaton meat that we shot like hours before from a deer on a campfire
in the middle of montana and it was one of the greatest nights in my life it was amazing me and brian cole stephen ella and my friend ryan callahan a bunch of other friends where on this show and when we were sitting around the fire were eating i was like i can't remember more enjoyable meal because there fire and there's an animal that was just killed and we're cooking and preparing it together there's all this camaraderie there's this successful hunt aspect of it and then there's this price no satisfaction that you get from watching meat cook over fire and feeling the warmth but i don't know how cold it was but there's a sense of accomplishment like we're comfortable 'cause we're smart another something i love sleeping in a tent when it's raining and you're like wow like are links length from me is miserable cold drizzle and i'm warm i got my candle lantern i got my doobies and like
legally happy here i love the sense of a call right that's another great feeling the feeling of rain when you're safe inside been in a van even you know just to the south so i think i think this is the key to human happiness that that were ignoring that our society takes all these things that were free and daily reality for our ancestors takes them away and sells back cheap copies along with depressants and anti anxiety meds right i think that that's a summation of where we are do you think that it's possible that we like you said are no longer human we're becoming so thing this is a drawn out process and we're just caught up in the wake of it yeah word word of the mess that we're in the process of being domestic yeah yeah now i mean that's why i think when you look at like the extreme per massive left movement that are just like so so focused on
like using the correct gender pronouns do not affect and don't use this like we're talking about with this harvard place mat there handing back this is like an uber domestic domestication thing i mean almost like domestication well you look at the the american male i mean talk about getting your balls kept man in the last fifteen years it's become offensive to even be a man it's become offensive to it press a happiness with masculinity right like to be able to straight yeah but you know we term for it look look at i think if you if you look at what the real problem is it seems to be people have mistaken language with intent yeah so that so that's where the problem is it's it it's the words no i say certain words i i mean i've been i've had it happen on twitter where you get i think i did a podcast with a
aubrey and he said the female perspective and says someone on twitter gets into a argument with over how house that you shouldn't say female perspective because that's right now we're saying well look you know i know about the female perspective because i see from italy because inside of me i've got like a lot of i was i have things and side of me that so i know what that is it's the you know carl jung talking about the anima and the animus that that there's a masculine and the feminine side of everybody that they're just in you not me bro i know you're all free of it but speak for yourself bro but it's that it's that are wimp wimp when people get caught up in the symbol versus what the sim is representing and completely ignore the fact like think of how many different forms of fuck there are like the term fuck for how many different forms of the word shit there are and all of them are intention based you know like that you could say it
they say there's so many ways i could say fuck you to you like i'm really fuck you man or i could be like hey fuck man and it's two different fuck use or you could do something awesome and i go to fuck you yeah exactly and then that works too exactly or like man i'm going to fuck you jeff the point is there's like every single one of these has behind it and energy that has been in capsulated into the sound in that enerji is all that matters to me and the fact that everyone has been caught up in the sound itself and forgot in the fact that the energycap behind it is all that matters that's where things are getting fucked up but we were talking about earlier we were talking about religion right exactly and drugs right we're talking about why people are addicted to drugs were not talking about the emptiness of their lives that leads them into those heroin scription drugs and all that all terrorism talking
the bombs going off and people getting killed we're not talking about how why someone's life is so empty the you put on a suicide vest in the first place we're not we're not and at the surface of things and we're not interested in what's going on behind i was watching fox news the other day and there's some woman who is on on he was doing like one of those open letter to the president things and she was doing it all fox news e and she was saying of this country was founded on judeo christian values and she was going to this thing about responding in obama's response to the terror attacks in paris not efficiently bro ish exactly not sufficiently aggressive or didn't make her feel comfy all that is on top of it yeah job is to keep me safe but it's just really think that an opportunity for her to step up and you know and yeah proclaim her ideology to be the greatest ideology and there's uh ideology that's killing people right
these representatives of this ideology that there's the enemy of this united states of america which was founded by my cult right at that man since you're saying do you realize that like that what's that there is a kind of war that's raging around this planet but it's like a war against people you are for whatever reason intent on expressing anger into the world and ten on ics pressing power over other people into the world and people who are thinking i think there might be another way maybe there was a way that we could re adapt or maybe they are evolved to fit into the society or maybe the a whole new way where we don't have to try to constantly punch back at a person who was punched us that's the war it's just a war between when you get fucking hit on the interstate when you're nice car gets hit 'cause some asshole isn't paying attention do you get out
scream at him or do you ask him if he's ok and there's a whole group of people who think no you fuck that mother fucker up you teach him a lesson let him understand that if he's not paying a fucking attention he's going to get fucked up you become that hand of god in the world read bringing vengeance as much as you can or the their version of it is you try to overcome that desire and you become a servant of some concept which is that the most important thing even if we've lost everything man even if we become locusts and that all gone and you know the more you talk about it man the more i do know what you mean by earl here i was like i'm a locus but i do hear what you're saying i think it's very sweet and actually kind of tragic and sad but if this is the case then still have to figure out a way to like even now as much as possible put out into the world love and it does matter what language we're using if love is behind it i think that the highest thing by the way i think that's all that matters is like that meal was good
because you are with people you love if you were sitting after that hunt with a bunch of people that you dislike your ass holes i bet it would have been is delicious have a meal yeah but here's the problem with that thought it wouldn't have been as good we had several meals behind the campfire where we didn't kill anything there wasn't as good and also you're in a love you're in a love supporting environment that you're working together you're in nature you're around a fire and you're successful at something is difficult all those things even if they were assholes you'd probably find more common ground with them there then you would sit around a conference table yeah well there's definitely there's also a separation from society complete total separation when you're up there there's no cell contact no you don't hear anything it's complete silence it's a very strange feeling of almost a lonely detachment because you re as you are not you not just off the grid the grid is now to be seen and you know
in each other yeah you need each other yeah yeah i think that's where we come from we come from this place where we need each other and where were the first thing you think you know like hunter gatherers they they share aeros and so like yeah they typically share arrow so i make arroz a certain way you make another way whatever but then i'll give him to each other there constantly flowing so you might be on a hunt where you shot the elk that arrow it's that you shot is in the elk but i made it and it's a way of obscuring who gets credit for the kill non that's cool and and you find these universally among foragers whether it's in in the in a way it or in papua new guinea they do these they have these mechanisms to make sure that the sharing happens not only of the meat but of the reputational aspects so everybody's cool there all these mechanisms built into keep anybody from getting too big for their britches until the cannibals move in
and then they start killing people and eating 'em 'cause there's no protein because there are now so we couldn't get any elk yeah it's a problem that cannibals will move in those mother fuckers gotta be ready i love that with good news about the locus they do switch back grass off well you can be aggressive this warm stops yeah eventually and then you can't fly anymore you fuck and locusts are cannibalistic in grasshoppers in art how to tie it into the whole cannibalism there yeah that's why these form because if you slow down the one behind julie you all might that's we we are like working at amazon that's what it's like working in new york city for what while working on amazon suppose you crazy right in this warehouse run around actually this time you have a timer of you ever there was a i think it was a radio lab podcast was one of the podcast that i listened to the talk to an ex and billy at amazon about what kind of stress it is to work i say if you order
something like save you order of eli d flashlight and it shows up on there they have like a little pad like you know a tablet device and it has a timer and it's like i have to go find this and you have to grab it and you have like thirty seconds so you like literally running looking for this flashlight and you get it to the sorting and put it in the box and get the label crazy they had this one is terrible game shown exactly what weather wasn't show like that when i was a kid we gotta run the money maze or something like that i remember that you have to fill your card up with the most expensive things or something and will know this is a different one this is where you got like couples and you got so like the wives up on a platform and the two husbands down and there's a maze like where the walls seven feet high and women can see where the money is in there yelling to their husbands like rats like they'll go after i said left in the husbands are scurrying around the maze and whoever
it's to the money pot first wins it's a good divorce generating game show like so many of them what do you think many think it's hopeless this you like when you talk about and you talk about it and then i think about it it's like so it fills you this is a kind of like weirdness staff call jay like you think my god this there's a type of life that is clearly still accessible to people but maybe not accessible to everyone as a whole do you have any idea of like how you would reorganize or research sure i mean what i say in the book is is like with there's no way we're going back to you that's over right because they're seven billion they're going to be ten billion in a hundred years is no way there's not enough slander animals or whatever so we're going to live in an artificial environment but you know you're going to live in a zoo do you want to live in the calcutta zoo or the san diego zoo right
in command the san diego zoo it's built with an understanding of the natural environment of the animals that are enclosed there so i want to live in a natural environment that's got my interests in mind and in order to do that you have to understand what kind of animal homo sapiens is which means you have to cut through a lot of the bullshit propaganda that you've been here in your whole life this hobbesian bullshit about how prehistoric p all died in their 30s and it was a struggle for survival and pray hooters looked in every shadow and it was this terrible the dangerous world actually look at the anthropological data hunter gatherers are chilled out happy relaxed people who are not deal and with the sorts of chronic stress we are and you here these bullshit arguments that wouldn't just a second if they weren't propping up the civilizational edifice like that everyone died in their 30s in hunter gathers that's absolutely untrue but i just heard the dean of the medical school of columbia university say it in an npr interview it
it's everywhere now though first thing that happened to you die young well there's certainly like some benefits of modern medison one hundred percent yeah there's there's also some negative consequences of our overly complicated society there's no doubt about it i mean the levels of depression people experience in the levels of discontent with their existence you know we talking yesterday about people wanting to take a check pants to go do something they want to do something outside of what they're doing for a job like maybe they have maybe they like making pottery or whatever it is but they just don't have the time maybe they want to be a tattooist they just don't have the time to dedicate to judge into it and then along he gets up with debt and maybe a family that you have an obligation to feed and then you're stuck in your trap that trap that feeling of disk intent with ones own daily existence you day by day life is more commonplace and not its way
more common it's essential as you were saying to keep you running on the wheel you gotta believe the rolex is going to make you happy the cars going to this thing is going to do it that's that's a pernicious lie that that we've heard so many times we come to believe it's it's an aspect of reality itself and it isn't right and that's that's so if you look at the hunter gatherer data what you see is is these people i mean you were talking about it earlier how we need something to like a challenge to take us to the next level for and the challenges like we're going to go hunting you know and it will feel great ann will eat and if we don't eat them tomorrow well that's why those subsistence shows if you ever watch those a shows and discovery channel shows those shows extremely popular today right because people are sort of recognizing that like wow these people seem happy and all they have is like five dogs they live in alaska and they just take their sled out and they chop down a fucking tree to build a house with like these
people were like living on the other cincia media see that's the thing the media's just to play devil's advocate here isn't this a different verb i know what you're talking about the mod inhuman thinks if i have this thing a car or whatever the thing is a nicer job a better or whatever i'll be happy what you're saying is if i have an immediacy if i'm more connected to nature if i move to alaska if i become a hunter i'll be happy with both of these things have within them the id yeah that i need some other thing to be happy where is the what keep hearing and what i subscribe to you is that to be happy you have to be in the present moment wherever you are whatever situation you're in whatever is going on whether you're in an office in a bob you don't like in a marriage you don't like with a bunch of kids that you don't like instead of flu being from that by planning something can i see it becoming a tattoo mister potter
the real way out is to allow yourself to be fully in the experience of what's happening right now and that that bing itself just doing that and maybe this is what happens when you're in nature is your more in the present moment that makes way more sense when you're in nature because if you working in an insurance company and you just going over clients claims day in and day out it's super hard in a joyful moment it's super hot be there when you really want to get out of there and make music you have songs and ideas in your head you want to put him to wax but your fucking kids need formula well it's not it's not the thing is it's like the idea is sure for sure but this is where you're at right now that's it that's where or you're not out of situation we're going to start a band and you're not in a situation where you're going to become a potter right now could be in the future but the trick is the even though you're not in the fucking anna rondex hunting
and you're not fishing even though you're wherever you're at right now get into that place let you selfie and it's not about happiness is certainly not about joy or bliss or anything like that you're not feeling joy and bliss you're feeling a kind of claustrophobic horror at the concept what the situation you're in right now is going to continue forever and so your mind is fabricated an escape route which is this thing or that thing whatever it may be but the true the true situation is that until you train yourself to be in the present moment it doesn't matter where you are your dad you're not alive you're not it doesn't matter you have to train yourself to get in the moma then once you're in the moment then start okay now you say in the moment like how do you address that was work when you're thinking about you being in the moment like your own personal experience yeah what do you what do you do to try to achieve that sort of centered feeling well it's it well it's that practice of
a mindfulness so it's the idea of you know what it's i will notice time to time when i'm lucky that i've been care get away by my thoughts like that fucking thing you're about laying in bed you can generate more stress chemicals i'll recognize like holy shit i've been in a vortex of thinking for the last two days i've been caught it's like endless recurring series of work these are scenarios or whatever it may be or things i need to do or things i i just did and suddenly i realized i have been here at all at all i've just been caught up in what's called in your head you're caught up in the thought patterns so the the practice is and this is something like you know jack kornfield talks about the guy who taught in meditation arjun cha was saying to him that
with his students was saying i'm too busy to meditate i'm too busy to metadata have time to do that and his response was are you too busy to breathe or you too busy over you can breathe right that's all you need do all you need is your breath and no matter where you are what your doing where you're at you could have been to put your attention away from the incredible array of worries that you have incredible array of fantasies that you have incredible arrays of if this it happened i'd be happy here or if i could do this i'll be a better person and just bring it to your breath in and out and through the nose out through the nose and then it's not going to stop these fucking thoughts but instead of you being in controlled by them and caught up in them we talk about looking at your fucking cell phone get rid of cell phones people are still looking at cell phones it's just their various worries and things that they're constantly ruminating over it's another form of the cell phone you're fixating on these
in less reccuring worries so you bring it to the brat the worries emerged the happy this whatever it is is there but it's not you you're identifying with it anymore you're not identifying with the space thick emotional state the specific into actual state the specific thing anymore you're just observing and watching and that thing that conscious the more you become that the more you will find yourself experiencing what you were talking these rare moments of peace these moments of like whoa holy shit org part of what's happening around me i'm still centered untouched une freaked out une anxious i'm just watching so that's that's the at the concept in and it's a very hopeful concept because some people do not have access to the kind of zoo you're talking about prisoners for exam
people who are incarcerated right now they don't get to get out of that system so they have to find a way in the midst of all all of that negative phenomena to allow themselves to experience the same kind of peace or tranquility that you are experiencing with your friends in front of that campfire and that is why the concept of cultivation is so important in buddhism which is the idea that these experience which move and now a lot of various and many different world religions say it they're re but what is so wonderful about them is love that feeling of love which is also compared to the feeling of coming home being at home finding your home coming back home it's all the same 'cause the feeling of what is the feeling of being at home it's a feeling of being at what did you call it a situation of acceptance and love it's that feeling of being sit truly safe not safe because of the government but safe because you're surrounded by people who love you and your
loving them and you know that you could be taken care of the concept is that feeling can be cultivated in that cultivation starts with some form of the practice of mindfulness or whatever you want to call it i think what you're saying actually isn't in conflict at all with the other point you know that because the my phone is being here in the moment i think if you're like if you got a shitty job in a cubicle an you're trying to distract yourself from it you're listening to podcasts all day while you shuffle paperwork or whatever right you're not really being in the moment it is advantageous to be in the moment if it allows you to see that the moment is fucking killing you yeah that
and then you make a realistic you're not going to be a hunter gather but you make a realistic plan to change your life yeah right man it can be abused right i mean if you're in prison that's a different deal you're going to be there for ten years you're not going to like don't try to escape is my advice but if you're a if it's just a dead end job i mean this great emailed a couple days ago from someone who i had these guys on who live in camper vans several like one guy one guy fun yeah he worked in a tiger sanctuary in thailand teaching baby tigers not to eat people essentia lee he was like the guinea pig it would go in and play with the baby tigers to teach them like don't eat people people are cool anyway he fluted chili bought a vw camper van and drove from chile to alaska in this camper van and just picked up people along the way and you know had all these adventures for years i think he said wow anyway driving yeah
yeah i'm in off and on you know it would break down i think he swapped out the engine five times or something and his vw vans or not known for reliability anyway so somebody who would listen to this series of podcasts they did with people who live in their vans some guys like yeah quit my job my wife and i bought a van we've been in it six months an it's fucking lot some you know it's like he completely changed his life he's at thrilled i love to hear if you live in a shitty situation like that long enough for the job you hate and bills that make any sense and for stuff that you don't even want to enjoy any more than that id of getting in a camper and just driving across the country seems amazing it seems like freedom and it's doable the store a lot if you're if you're willing to give up a lot of the bullshit you know that's right yeah that's the thing man my friend steve maxwell does he doesn't even have a camper he just lives in hotels he has a bag for all of his belongings he's a he's a person
trainer he's like world now and he puts on these camps in seminars and stuff like that and his girlfriend they travel all over the world constant travel that's all they do they stay in hotel to hold him and he trains people everywhere and he used to have a big jim and used to have a house and then he went from the big german house get divorced he got like a camper van like with like you then it got sick of that sold that fucking things that you know what i'm just going to get everything down to a ten gallon bag the ten gallon bag with all his worldly possessions and that's it yeah digital nomads you know about them then there's it's a growing thriving world of you people who have jobs where they do stuff on the internet right the encoding or editing or whatever something you can do through the computer so if your mate money through the computer why are you living in la where you're paying two grand three grand so they move places like bang cock ecuador there's like hot spots around the world where there are thousands of these people living out of backpacks
living guest houses and they work in cafes or wherever they get wi fi and that's what they're doing and it's a funny think is there ahead of the laws right so tax laws don't know what to do with these people 'cause you don't you're not stable anywhere in the laws are all set up where you pay tax where you are right well i'm two months in bang cock then i'm off to chile then i'm off here like well who do i pay tax two and then we'll take it to the next level what if you switch everything digital currency you finding more and more people are accepting bitcoin in other forms of digital currency so they start using that to pay for the rent pay for their food pay for their hey for their travels no record of it now what the and then the live in thailand sometimes in so yeah i was i don't yeah isn't that wild man so it should be the idea of you being constrained to a patch of dirt and you have to have a piece of paper to show the other people in the other patch of dirt so i can crossover can i enter new kingdom depends did you at
important time drive your carriage under the influence of wine not me sir but i was in the car with close enough denied entry to my kingdom of canada out have you in a car with someone in their drunken you're sober and you get pulled over you're going to get a dui if you get that dps if that person is dunkin you're an adult and you're sober and that person is drunk driving you can get a dui to know sure you can get you can get in trouble for allowing someone to drive a car i don't know what exactly find out exactly the lawyers and how the fuck would you stream lee similar extremely similar if you are a believe in might be a state to state basis or might just made it up i'm pretty sure it's true if you are drunk i only made it up i really hope you made it if you are drunk and you have a passenger in your car that passenger thinking get arrested as well wow
and if they don't have a drivers license if there an adult i think they can get arrested as well if they don't have a drivers license at all that's a good point that's interesting 'cause then it's like well officer you know it took the wheel but you're driving without a license like well but you know they want to my point being they won't let you in canada if you have a d y they'll go off get out here the turn around they want no douchebags yeah they won't you can if you have a violent assault on your on your arrest record i almost got kicked out of well wouldn't i almost got not let into canada had a black for having stolen a snickers bar in alaska in one thousand nine hundred and eighty two oh my god yeah i went to prison i think i told that story yeah yeah yes yes so that area so but i was told like when i did i did for days you know and then i went before the magistrate and he said if you don't get arrested again in a year this will go off your record and all that so for every since when i've been asked if i've ever been convicted of a crime i always said no 'cause i feel that's not on my record i don't want to confuse everybody and you know whatever and but
first time we went into canada at bc ask these questions and we went and sat down and he called me up you know no just you not my wife and he's like is there anything you wanna tell me about one thousand nine hundred and eighty two i said one thousand nine hundred and eighty two i don't know i was in college and i don't know he said arrest and conviction fairbanks ak i don't like how far you kidding maine and i told him i ate a snickers bar in a fucking grocery store and it turned into this thing but he told me it wasn't on my record he said well canada gets you fbi records and so so if you're ever so like there's a federal level where that shit doesn't go away it's even more deep because eddie bravo got arrested and never even went to jail and it shows up every time he goes into canada he got arrested because you work for a check cashing company and so we used to drive around with large sums of cash on him and he got pulled over by the cops cops pull
over and he said officer i want to let you know that i have a loaded handgun in the car here's my license to have it they go please step out of the car they hand column they check everything make sure it's all kosher everything checks out they let him go but that incident is on his record so when he goes into canada they pulled aside every time i got stuff with him once now i fucking if we go to canon together i left to get ahead of maine like dell flocka meet you outside 'cause he gets back into that room then they start asking you questions too and i'm like dude at least there canadian yeah i know here in the coming the other way here's where it gets here it is if you can't offer convincing defense as to why you weren't driving you may also be arrested and charged with reckless endangerment arresting officer will argue that you put yourself the driver and members of the public in danger by allowing your friend to drive drunk there
this may be bolstered by the presence of other passengers in the vehicle wow yep you'll need to prove the paragraph before that said you need to prove that you are not currently licensed to drive don't know how to drive or have a medical restriction that prevents you from driving crazy yeah so i'm kind of so you're better off being shit face so if you're shitfaced an your friends driving then you're ok yeah if you're sure face your friends driving like i wouldn't fucking drive home drunk man i'm so drunk i didn't even know he was drunk so if you pulled over and you're not drunk hit that bottle no before that comes up to the car so splash whiskey your face hilarious if you're hammered you're ok he should please play sleeping or say i took acid more than five times i'm legally insane i couldn't drive judy that real scary think about what you're talking about as far as like getting in other countries 'cause it shit on your record this is something that when i end
frank dare and university at singularity university they try to like think about like what are the implications of these technologies so you know the the recent terrorist attack or they shot up the people that couple shut up the people in a pair even though i think this got this present burned in a st bernard you know they were talking about how one of them was with was that profess jihadist on their face but page and everything but we don't check social so whatever they've posted on facebook we don't do that and you know a lot of news stations are saying a lot of people are saying what the fuck that's crazy you should check that you should definitely check that so at singularity university there is saying what happens if the as society changes so much that shit that you've posted online and admitted to doing becomes a legal what happens then when all of that stuff is infinitely accessible by all future governments
what happens when a fight guy who knows you know this is a scary thing to me will that happen right with mccarthy in the the right communist shocking jeff just that and that's the terrifying thing and i don't want to put negative energy out there i think we're all beings of love ultimately everything is going to be ok but but but one scary thing about when you look at like four profit war for profit conflict and you look at the fact that there is a benefit to some awful thing happy being in the united states on a big scale there's a monetary benefit to a great many people living in the united states weapons manufacturers legislators people who are just get off on controlling other people and you realize that it only benefits them but there also is huge incentive for people in other parts of the world to create that event
knowing that all it takes is one catastrophic event one catastrophic event wait we're were we're like what one dirty bomb away one new september 11th away from it experiencing one of the greatest did munitions of personal liberty that has ever happened in this country and the people who there's a lot of people who like that to happen and they're not just terrorists there's people who would like that to happen who run prisons there people would like that to happen who like who want world war three to happen because they sell there's wept in that to me is fuckin scary to think and if something that did happen and we we enter into some new are well orwellian awfulness it in all your shit that you've posted every single one of your podcasts show you're going first man you know in amida what are moving to
no it doesn't matter you can't get into canada you can't get in the fucking canada with this stuff you posted on your facebook page and you will know i mean we're talking or they will let you out i think you got to get out now that's why i'm going to be australia seems good move australia melbourne nice smell was amazing although their sin is pretty nice no melbourne's got they've got some seriously strict drug laws man always said that i was yeah i was i was in in australia at the we yet no actually that was i was in using not australia sorry i think australia is strict drug lords in new south wales does dell bring sniffer dogs around you know out in public just to try to find weed here fuck done you can even wash the weed out of your hair how do you do a deer dogs gonna smell like they're being a cat cat symmetry yeah well
i mean i think again i think were there i mean you keep phrasing things in terms of like what if we're on the verge of an i keep thinking dude we've been there for along time i mean eisenhowers you know his parting speech the military industrial complex is you know he was warning and we're in a situation after world war two where the army doesn't stand down all these industries that sprang not los angeles is a result of world war two right ray kathy on in boeing there on the west coast because they were pumping out those airplanes and ships to go beat the japs and then they we're looking for something to do well they gotta keep us on a war footing forever consulted my harvard place mat and you shouldn't say zap japs
map said gee i thought i said nips i'm sure all my god that's even worse cultural appropriation culturally appropriating their word cheating nipple shadows gets me that we make up with names for countries we don't like the name they use what do you guys call yourself nipple we don't like it we're going to change japan japan please we just decide like there's a bunch of am like that right quite a few countries isn't greece greece they don't call themselves greece right where they call themselves turkey turkey turkey no it was a few countries on i don't remember nothing does the word they use mean turkey i don't think i don't know it's weird that's the same as that bird if it wasn't for thanksgiving with anybody give a fuck about turkey
i thank the country hunter no no no nobody likes to eat turkey i mean it's good but it's not the best not checking is better than turkey can we agree yeah there's no kentucky fried turkey yeah there's no too he stores now chicken stores over there is popeyes chick in this this kentucky fried chicken of edward scissorhands seeking you know we're in a knot turk flank you know bacon for breakfast is it completely an invention of this advertising guy yeah he was hired by the compass forget the name of the company but they're still around in some form that hired him to sell more pork and so he came with his ideal like bacon and eggs it's what's for breakfast you got a leg integrated into the cultural trash i smile and ever since then it's been considered breakfast meat and bone meanwhile it's awesome so congratulations he was also behind the fluoridation of with the water supply had hired by cola because they had all these
all this a byproduct of making aluminum which is this flaw ride and they wanted we're going to do with all this stuff you know we gotta find a way to sell it who could we sell it too and he figured out like oh we can you know it's good for dental it'll save everyone and get the government to that is so funny we accept that man 'cause like if someone comes over to your house and you're like you want water and they're like yeah and you're like do you want me to add some where i too it would be like fuck yeah it is a chemical that kills you so yeah could you put a little flaw ride anymore it can kill you share it doesn't take a whole lot like how much skills you like couple teaspoons full what no die with white teeth but is that real what's going on with dental hygiene verses i mean it is it floored in the water that makes a difference or being confidential height dental hygiene it's made the difference in two two k and people well i mean talking to take you know you're talking to me i'm always going to take it back to foragers foreigners have amazing teeth
there's this guy roots and shit well some if there's if there's sand in the west end smith what is this we put this out this is bernays yeah it said that did the bacon for breakfast and he is also at responsible for flu ride in the water and then right yeah verdict because jamie is his like dixie cup show and then i'm not full of i love jameel any thinking that they were drinking out of on set apart what to look at this his campaign for dixie cup scared people into thinking the glasses they were drinking out of were unsanitary and could be replaced by disposable cups wow did you
if we put it up that's the same way and it was the beach not packing company that hired him for the poor can't discover is amazing but the bacon he got right got everything right mess jed on with the bacon he's off he also was behind the virginia slims thing like how can we use feminism to get women to buy cigarettes it's a feminist cigarette you've come along way baby i bet that guy got laid like crazy i bet he was just a fucking meister and he was freud's nephew oh my goodness we had the benefit of psychological examination under his uncle he's proud of himself like he doesn't slightly dead he just died like ten years ago shares interviews with him where he's like yeah i did all this shit happy his success ratio was amazing right now he hit every one out of the park over and over if that's what you're trying to do and nobody tells you it's evil mean no one really you know what's really fucked up is those god damn drug
shells does drug commercial your happy in their walking hand in hand and it does and then they start talking about explosive bloody diarrhea but they always do it in that voice yeah i think we're being trained to ignore their voice at the end of the thing side effects may include one yeah yeah i wouldn't be able to just ignore what i'm saying and what to watch a pretty picture ask your dog exactly about this bullshit they should have to show you those side effects while they're doing this is this is where is out of you seen as i we did this the other day they australia came up with this thing all the stoner sloth and it's so stupid that people it's backfiring causing people to smoke pot also stoner sloth if you go to stonersloth dot com it's an actual weed website so funny about it is that it actually brought all this business too because if you go to stonersloth dot com dot au
i do i don't know the exact yeah there it is yeah if you go to stoner sloth whatever there site is dot au yeah there you go and they only sell indica and yeah there it is you're worse on we know that so that's a you not take the a uaf i haven't tried it i might embarrass myself here but in an article i read is that it goes to a weed website i guess not maybe somebody bought yeah i don't know the government shutdown social network they have asto her sloth social network so that's social to adam they think it's going to turn to the next facebook but yeah this is like a big embarrassment there let's play it because it's fucking so stupid it supposed but it's awesome and i haven't seen it hit so dumb but it's like that fucking thing here's a thing about uh
the talking dog commercial that we all enjoyed back in the day yeah those were made by a partnership for a drug free america and the fucked up part about a partnership for a drug free america is they're funded by alcohol and tobacco companies and pharmaceutical companies and my joke was that's like hookers doing commercials strippers right and it really is like them doing commercials for spot it's insane like they're not against drugs just to just our drugs that they don't sell here delilah this is sloth that's in class you're worse on weeds stoner sloth but little did the creators now oh i see that stoner slot dot com there is somebody put it down is also
i have an online cannabis product rito it's not it's not up anymore though that's what's weird i want their website got crushed yeah maybe stoner sloth yeah well this is something that australia is doing because they're kind of behind the times when it comes to marijuana propaganda they're still buying into some shit that we thought of one thousand five hundred and twenty years ago new south wales government ads this is so stupid australia perfect if it had weed but that's the thing about the world there's no perfect play i know you go to the most amazing jungle island habitat and you know we're going to hang out with these fucking people right you know australia though other than that other than their stance on weed am albert's mom my favorite place i've ever been run me a lot of san francisco sort of cap
dave i'm progressive interest smart very smart people should do the i did i went down there to do this thing called the festival of dangerous ideas from you guys you guys would both fit right into the vibe it's really cool you get it's like ted i think we may have talked about it's like ted but without the sort of brand protection paranoia yeah that's a great way to put it to indian protection there just like you know just say something crazy and provocative and we just want people to walk outta here talking about whatever you say and that's great bring that shit leon and we're in 'cause we're not getting off want to cross the ocean some provocative in your country when the number we still and what they do it in the sydney opera house that's pretty cool okay if i play there that that's an awesome spot the city's listen too i like sydney as well i like both i like sydney
melbourne was interesting because uh the food was fucking sensational yeah lot of the asian markets for great yeah have you did you go up to the barrier reef and do all nouns i didn't either is only up there for a few days for the fights and for had a couple shows you were there just recently for the rowsey things it's amazing how wrecked your brain gets when you come back like this wrecked for days like i would workout and i would just be like where are normally be able like ten reps or something i'd get to like six and be like fuck i got three more seven five take two more i just couldn't do it i go go go i almost couldn't do the same physical things that i used to do i mean i could get to it but he was gonna do ten reps i'd probably get to like nine or eight but up but getting to it would be way harder but i was like may second believe it man and everyone's like you're gonna be up for about a week from that it's true it really does or
here does something weird to you but you just feel like your battery is like broken well this guy dan who does all this sleep research this is his area like he's looking into why why that fucks you up so bad can you change melatonin and you know using different medications and different technique he works with seals and stuff he's like hardcore guy apparently they're all these techniques that you can do changing your sleep cycle before you go and and you know time so you wake up in a different time and all it just seems like to much trouble to meet you know what they say to this is very bizarre it's way harder to go from australia to the united states than it is to go from the united states australia right like apparently that doesn't fuck up your circadian rhythms as much yeah going east is harder we're just so weird because we want to think of ourselves as being like very simple very simple very autonomous little beings that i just need my food my vitamins and i'm normal now you're like tide into the cycles of the earth itself the light
in the literal rising and setting of the sun has a direct effect on the rhythm of your body biological operating system falters then you throw that and it has to readjust and set things back and think about women who are menstruating with the phases of the moon every month i mean that's really intense but my favorite one is when a bunch of chicks live together and they start smelling each others pussies and their their bodies don't even realize it but they get these coinciding mental cycles right how strange is then if that's happening what other stuff is happening that we don't know about like how much are humans harmonizing with each other in other ways that we aren't even aware of well my favorite example of that is this guy bruce vettek and in switzerland who did research that's become known as the sweaty t shirt study i don't know if i've talked about this on the podcast before so
he wanted to understand why women sense of smell is so much stronger than men's women can smell about seven times more than men really yeah which is seven time if you come home with you know honey you're not going to get away with it that sucks for them and you need to come home smelling funny like smelling like pussy yeah exactly yeah yeah don't think you're going to get away with it so anyway so he wanted to understand why is this in his hypothesis was that women are picking information about men's immune system from their pheromone from the way they smell 'cause you'll hear women often will say like he's a cool guys a good job is funny whatever but the smell is not right it's a deal breaker the snow although say the smell now and it's not the smells bad it's just the smells not rate that'll be a deal breaker for a lot of women you never hear it did say that right yeah but you do see people do smell better like some people just smell good to smell on the just moans when a squeeze on they're all good you know i'm not
talk about like perfumes right now just bodies i thought it was right a little bit offensive i've always felt like perfumes little offensive like i want to know what's going on here why you because masking yeah yeah king with your smoke bomb thrown down i can't trying to find out where is the real you in there right no ever smelled a woman like a healthy woman going man wish you'd fucking spray some roses on this bitch france in the old days well that's a different thing right you're dealing with personal hygiene issues but today when you're dealing with people that take regular showers bathe so they don't stink just to finish the story says check this out because this is important knowledge for people to have so he he got a bunch of guys who were deficient in one part of their immune response and a bunch of women who were also deficient in one part the immune response it's called his immune he still compatibility index and
let's say it has five elements so they would find a bunch of guys who are low in one or two or three or four whatever and women we had the same different deficiencies that hypothesis was that a woman who is low in fact or three won't be a tree did to men who are low in fact or three they'll be attracted to men who are high in fact or three because then the babies will be healthy right we get these guys to wear t shirts for three days and nights with no deodorant no showers no soap nothing and puts the t shirts in plastic bags then he has the women smell the bags and mark on a piece of paper how attractive they thought the men were based only on the smell of the t shirts right and he found with eighty percent of the women they chose as as he predicted that they chose the men high in the thing that they were low in and they avoided the men who were low in the thing that they were lowing but in about twenty percent they seem to be choosing randomly so he back and looked at the women again and found that those twenty percent were on birth control pills
so the birth control pill short circuits that response was so think of how many couples have gotten together when those she's on the pill and they both like louis ck joes looking into shows look at into the distance with shannon pill when i met her what about this in an interview in san francisco on the pbs station down there an as i'm talking the guys going making the gesture that happened to me but but be quiet don't say and after the interview he's like dude that's exactly my wife went the pill and she was done with me she didn't want me sleeping in the same bed she didn't want me in the same house suki a lot of marriages are falling apart because they got together when the woman couldn't smell his compatibility and it's not his fault shit yeah isn't that heavy it's a mind blower
it's one of these things like duncan was saying where we ignore these natural reflex is to our detriment you know we pretend we're not animals fuck that of course were animals with just the coinciding mental cycles alone obviously there's some crazy shit going on but that is like another level shit i don't even think about all the factors that would lead to you being out of whack if your body is constantly thinking it's pregnant and that's that's what the pill does it tricks you starting thinking don't get pregnant you're already pregnant that's why a lot of women have much less libido when they're on the pill well yeah ready pregnant what i'm gonna do is really bad yeah i do i do little girl and off the pills she was so fucking horny but then she got on the bill and it was like it just stopped and then she got off pill again she's like we gotta figure out something else 'cause i don't even like sex when i'm on the pill she's like i'm totally disinterested but off the
well she was crazy horny it was like a switch went off it took like two days she started taking the pills and then it just just shut down she would be dry it was like and then off the pill she's a freak nuts that concept though that there's this like add a field like a chemical data field surrounding everybody makes sense that you can tune into a nun stand aspects of like deep aspects to nopa persons like some specific deficiency and their immune system just from your nose that's crazy and that kind of stuff lens credence to the idea of telepathy or clairvoyance or people who can read other people really well like maybe they're just somehow better it like detecting whenever chemical field is around the person can decode it in a certain way learn what are we doing with like people we have a whole culture of women that are taking pills that tricked their body and did not being able recognize the clues of incompatibility
and think about how many kids are born with health deficiencies because of because people low in you know three and get together and these kids have yeah there's all sorts of you know we were talking earlier about smearing vaginal fluid on a newborn baby who's born through c section again were pretending we're not animals way pretending there's not benefit in being contaminated with life you know there were these sterile creatures that exist separate from our shit are piss in her it's one of the things you realize from grappling in jujitsu and you guessed start getting really into it you have to keep a healthy biome you have to keep healthy skin floor it seeks critical one of the first things they tell you when you start training is you should start taking supplements like acid duffless something probiotic you want to keep your skin for healthy and you want to not antibiotic soap like a lot of times when people get infections one of the problems is
we've created a barren wasteland on the surface of their skin so infections take hold and then you treat those infections more antibiotics and you you kill off all natural healthy like acid opolis in particular is supposed to be aggressive towards certain types of infections so that like if you keep a healthy skin floor you're less likely to get things like ringworm with things along those lines this is also what they're talking about other this there's a new kind of antibiotic resistant yeah what is that can you explain that because i keep reading about it sounds terrifying well it's you know the the pathogens are constantly mutating right in response to whatever antibiotics have been developed and we come to the end of this particular line of antibiotics so there's no more there no more variations on this molecule right they keep tweaking it tweaking it and they've tweaked every way every which way possible and this pathogen has mutated once again as we knew it would and there's nothing
it's like nothing no there's no response so if you get this infection you're dead locked in the just back to the light fourteen i put this way back it puts his back to wherever to the cafe around whatever your arm amputated we had you know rhonda patrick give you very listen herb doctor run a patch yeah i think i have she had a pretty significant myrsine faction the staff of the just went away and you know she fixed it topical you this of ground garlic and grape seed extract like the ground garlic apparently has this radical effect on on and another thing that supposedly helps to is cannabis yeah cannabis oil supposed to be really good at fighting off staffed staph infection no else is good i mean i know about staff but pussy seawater seawater seawater is good my wife irig did wounds with seawater alot a lot in mozambique and
pissing on your feet keeps the athletes foot away yeah yeah it's not weird yeah we were taught that and wrestling acid and wrestling if you got athletes foot you piss in your feet yeah or just piss on your feet every every morning especially that first pisses really 'cause it's full of uric acid accumulated overnight piss on your feet every morning in the shower and you just don't get athletes so that's why people drink their pets they would drink their first piss of the morning because it supposedly has all are vitamins and nutrients bizarre yeah i don't know about that one that's the right response i've done it i've drank my piss a few times to experiment help i don't know probably not probably better off like a multi vitamin it seems to me if you were meant to drink your pace then you wouldn't piss yeah well your body would just send it right back in right yeah but this is why your by your balls me outside to keep some people can check
not to keep my cool i know okay you know say like there's some flaws in the raw it's a wrong metaphor for me man i don't think this into a flaw well it is if you know otherwise you would go you dehydrate i mean if if like if you'd never de hi great if your body would never express' water in that way you take water in you keep a healthy level and it's like oil in your car like you know your levels there you good but now we like constantly getting rid of it but i guess it actually cycles through your body and takes impurities out and actually there's a lot of other things going on when you drink a lot of water that's why one of the things that happens to people in their dehydrated they get kidney stones and get chris sized things in your body and you know you have to those out of your dick hole i had a i had a kidney stone we dehydrated i don't think so beer i don't know there calls diuretic right yeah yeah but they say it hydrates you alcohol ultimately you know
but here's an interesting piss fact did you know that all animals pissed the same amount of time all it's this bizarre fractal thing jimmy can from other than james sorry jamie jamie jimmy young jamie young james uh yeah apparently it's like the size of the bladder an the volume of the urethra is it's like a fractal thing where it could be a mouse or an elephant so a full pay this takes the same amount of time for an elephant as it does for mouse wow wow your seat up an elephant piss it's like jesus christ seen it so waterfall in drinking that it's insane most now let's take toyota seconds ok much the same with humans not if you're drinking beer well the size of your bladder right so it doesn't it doesn't matter what yeah but if you fully hold your piss info a long time and you finally get to a bathroom
i've definitely pissed long in the 22nd that was really nice of them to include an image of a beagle pitching in case you wondered what it look like the least a feen offensive penis that they could find one that doesn't represent the patriarchy eagle you couldn't get a pitbull they got in there did you see that will fit for about as long as a rhino or race or people say i'm pissed like a rain i gotta piss like a race but i think there's talking volume you ever seen a race horse piss good lord the volume is just stunning comes fast so yeah skype pressure yeah it's like why so i'll tell you what this kidney stone made me think there is a god and he loves me or she because it the horrible thing you guys haven't had a kidney stone right yeah it's just like so wake up i think i told this story on a live podcast i did with you in san francisco
i don't remember long time ago yeah i remember thinking why am i telling the story but so i woke up at the excruciating abdominal pain to sell to my wife was a doctor thought i had a gas like bubble in my intestines so she like had made up side down on the sofa with a funnel stuck in my ass in shust boring holla i like how the party at chris ryan sally she's bored extra virgin olive oil up my ass i remember lying there upside down is about you that's what i remember thinking like honeymoons over we're into marriage now this is marriage but because she's like she's a doctor she's gradually leave like the bodies the body crashes into shape chronicle but anyway turns out it was a kidney stone long story it had already gone into the two between my kidney and my bladder and so that
with the pain is that it's sort of scoring been its way down the two but it didn't block the flow so i wasn't having the kidney infection which people sometimes get that's really dangerous what they do then they operate on you well what they wanted to do is they send sound waves in from your back from the back in the front in the calibrated so that the waves meet right where the stone is only say that back in the front you mean your decal on your body no no it's it's in your abdomen it's going and from your kidney in this little tube down to your bladder well how do they get that sound in there so they do an x ray and find exactly where it is right and then they have like like so magram machines right that are sending vibrations in an they meet at the point where the stone is in the break it into sand and then you can piss it out so what yeah it's great but unfortunately mine had already passed through the tube into my bladder by the time they got around to it so they're like well if it's in the bladder we can't do it we're going to go in through your day
oh like needle nose pliers so they go up and grab this thing and then pull it out through your dick you wake weather sounds yeah and i asked an i had the meeting with the anesthesiologist and i'm like can you just put me under for this like i do not want to be awake once i want to look in your eyes she says see the seeds so scream manheim your red nana boy so i was like not into this right and i'm on the waiting list and it's like any day they're going to call me and i'm going to go in and they're going to like put this thing up my dick and meanwhile it was new year's eve cacilda and i wake up in the morning new year's day morning we have sex go downstairs to the bathroom and i'm pissing in the bathroom sink because we have this asian toilet squad toilet so if you
if i presume that standing up it splashes all over so the deal is i piss in the sink and went to transcend it's fine he never noticed you never noticed okay so i'm pissing down the side of the sink and put comes the stone payment is it how was it it's live half well i don't know is that a centimeter something like that you know that about the size your finger tips it's a real rock it was like it was like a snow flake it was a way for sick sicker than snowflake but like a way for it just popped up and somehow i had gotten into the tube and the orgasm the g calculation pushed it right up to the end of my dick and then when i missed it just popped out it was no pain at all it was masked by the orgasm so it looked it up it lube put a pin in it you know filled my head with the endorphins or whatever when i was having the orgasm so i didn't feel the pain i felt like a slight burn but like yeah whatever it was fan
so that's my kidney stone story so i do but i think she looked over cassie to get to the hospital and headed analyzed what they say well i guess they can by looking at the chem cool composition they can tell what causes it if it's a chronic thing or if it's dehydration or whatever but if it was from another planet whereas we had him is moonrise you're pissing out a moonrock dinner at tiny little riding on it well in duncanville we're doing that certain group help me i'm stuck in here when dunkin and i were doing that silly show that joe rogan questions everything show we ran into these people that do think that they have implants in their body aliens having and they'll find like some bizarre imperfection their skin and elsewhere that wasn't there before and that there's some stay in there and one of them was insanely hot we got dunkin to talk
in duncan is like yeah i mean probably i mean most likely yeah i mean totally makes sense no i was being a good journalist if it was a bald fat madness 60s here fucking like wait a minute why do you think that that's an alien implant virus in just think it's a scratch i resent this i missed that episode now you're questioning my journalistic integrity but you were amazing when you talk to the underground bunker guy who is going to start a cult now that was intense man i'll never forget driving around in that underneath that mountain with that guy was pretty nuts man that has an underground mountain base like ready for the parker running rv in new mexico or something where was it care member man i just notice that in the middle of nowhere renting renting space like a parking parking space and take camper van but they had this like underneath
this mountain there's you know it's set up example homes that you could live in in this paradise and he kept saying how like there is going to be a wine bar that's one thing he kept saying that everyone you know is dead but there's a one choice bar but it was weird is that you got out of him that he was going to be going to kind of be the king that's right yeah he was he was going to be in charge man he add set up an rv with a little bit of astroturf in front of it and like some playground equipment so like that's what the future look like under there is like your kids would be able to play in the darkness of this massive cavern i after the actress and he kept saying how they were about to have like an air tight door put in and yeah really really spooky there's a lot of different places like that there's a lot of caverns that people are planning on living and well it's the progress
this guy dig it out or do was it always goes outside the military and used it that that military dug it out there using it as some kind of storage facility and so he bought it from them and then converted it to this like this wall of fear radically dystopian future place that you go through to save yourself on the bombs go off sounds like an alien movie like they just did tell them that they had stored alien artifacts in that same location and while there that's cool thing it comes alive and like we have movement in carter what there's nothing in the quarter but us we've double checked and triple checked well we just found this manuscript and we're not sure what to make of it but yeah man that it sounds like that movie room to made you guys see their own room room it's about this woman who's kidnapped this dude who locks her in a room and rapes her and this is terrible thing but she has a kid and the
it doesn't know there's a world outside and so she she want he had to be happy so she tells him all these stories and all this stuff and the kid grows up in this garage basically thinking like that's the whole world and you think about it that's applicable i mean talk about a metaphor we're told what reality is were told what to believe and now it is some matrix it's all these things the matrix gnosticism it's the idea that we but we are in right now is actually an interdimensional prison an we've been trapped by these super advanced beings that have kept his here called the dark archons and that they like they like power and authority and so anybody so basically this idea i think it's called discordianism but the idea is that as we are in an inter dimensional prison where we've been had reality like where we like had consensus reality given to us
by people like bernays chef bernays who whipped up this reality tunnel that we're all existing in because we we're in this situation anyone enforcing the reality tunnel is a servant of the dark archons so anybody who's like trying to uphold this bullshit reality that we've all gotten trapped in there actually form of satanist and so as a religion time that you do anything to break a ridiculous rule anytime do anything to break a mundane law anytime you do anything to subvert the authority of someone getting off on their power you are actually taking part kind of holy war and reverting this very ancient and terrible prison that all humanity is trapped in where people great around as though they have some kind of right to authority kings being the classic case p we used it they somehow convince people that they were gone odds on earth clearly just
human beings the ultimate liars you're not a god you're a human who's convince is that you have some kind of power and so anytime you do anything to subvert those people whether it's some fucking asshole is wearing a crown in this convince you that he's the device find being sent here a weather son of a in one of those rear cody shows he's like going through your pockets for weed anytime do anything to even disrupt that system a little bit you're doing a holy act in the great war into the inter dimensional prison keepers are keeping us trapped here look up discordia awesome it's awesome that nut ran three hours in right there that's nice i was gonna say i can hear that rant already on youtube people have already with with animation and fucking dark over lords ladies and gentlemen that's that's it what do we call this shrimp parade it's over folks thank you everybody much love see you soon bye bye that's it you fucks
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