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#744 - Tom Segura

2016-01-06 | 🔗
Tom Segura is a stand-up comedian, and hosts his own podcast with his wife, Christina Pazsitzky called Your Mom's House. His new special "Mostly Stories" debuts on Netflix on January 8, 2016. http://www.tomsegura.com
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and we're alive ladies and gentlemen we wouldn't be live and wasn't for young jamie young jemmy fix this fucking mess we have here electronics folks they do they just do sometimes they just go bad on yeah they just that's why people like mechanic or like cars or that clutched they fail to they fail to it it three board three the ass young jamie had a fire through a bunch of shit we have lain around luckily we almost have enough if you listen in this you like this isn't mano it's not even in stereo is terrifying it just like mine now so make sure o urine mike one ear that's why that's what i can only get us to one from what i own over here you got you sound to the regular people i'll fix it later i think it should be just fine but for right now well if anybody's listen do you tube on headphones the major problem we at work and you fuck off so that's why
you don't wanna work and do you not many people listening podcast while their working and dont really work you know many people message me about how they're doing something a dangerous amazon god don't fork lives and moving to the round about i'm laughing listening that's really comforting meant but is there well if you work out forklift you really need to listen to people i guess not have those headsets on it will have a good laugh thing allow them say they have policies where someone will tell hey one ear free you now so that you can hear someone screaming my legs under this thing right now there's another rule when you drive him i can not allowed to have like full headsets are not supposed to do you can have one in i guess then you don't oh yeah we only drive i don't illegally i'm guessing what are my life would be great thanks now it out fuckin argue to the end i think became a lawyer and your argued autonomy probably a nightmare to be around his approach
turn a whim but for sure that's what they do what did you find a way out of technicalities what does your shrink too and you're in ivory every conversation you get in here michael analyzing everybody probably right yes sure that's got aware on you other people for awhile like will you knock it forgot gamble when i was in college there was that the area until she had never really applied myself at college at all but the one thing though is thinking of like if i had a job like what what our things and i'm interested in psychology did come up because i'd read a lot of like self help books in psychology works while i was right like manage my mind and anxiety and shall i found who but then i thought about ability you just be dealing with people with problems all the time and you don't necessarily want that i don't think that's there are two problems linking takes off that's why
so it tells you their problems always if you tell me your problems you making my tax problems rigid digs i've never well always that when i was dating sites on problems remain you make my text offers depends on what the problems are the council explain just marijuana eat pussy desert gets a prominent makes her baby we get solutions we get solutions for this problems mathematics i've never heard that before thank you but now has an original problems make my dick saw you should make us on i've i've written a few lyrics and will have up or knowing the way that i had a written out is that it's one of those songs starts with banter between like the piano player rang the guy on the mike
again you know hey joe how to go last night man you know she came over but you know you did lemme hey listen behave more than prowess i ah yes and then you can you problems make matters so that our severe funny song i think so there definitely i send a team of with somebody yeah well that's a sure sign that someone is not really ended turning you on yes like they get www and adjust our whining and exaggerated freak on especially its early on in your wondering i don't know where we stand and they start physical is downloading the problem now you just not interested in the deck at all or she's just so into herself they you just gotta get out there and yet that is tangible because
when you tell someone about your problems aren't you thinking while you're telling him like i don't want to fucking burden this guy with my problems right yes so when someone doesn't think like that they're very self upset this is thinking about themselves that's true and i tell her you fuck you fuck you bars because you hurt me yeah then you'll like it made a souffle with special work problem when people start talking about work bullshit can anyone there that when you go on you know double date life and then they start telling you about sarah accounting is something endued double date can be fuckin brutal and especially the ones wife wants to set up can we really need maintaining has been used in realize your your conditioned pretty much fully to interesting people your hosting
pod cassie have guests on your luggage is people you're friends with comedian sea of funny insightful people like tom girl i can right here and then and then you have you know that you're in the five world and you have people away things people talking about things that interest you yes i ain't gonna doubleday with someone who doesn't check off any of those things real fucking downer some people just don't know how to tell a fucking store either yeah oh my god when on this one double date in this dude started tell me the story about his son and his sons basketball game and i swear to god there was fuckin know today nothing doing thing there are usually gets a few minutes and then the coach apparently wanted him to do this but he wanted to do that and trouble dinner a lot of time on the court in its drive going on and on and on and on and on
the guy's just no no said of someone listening there's no sense there's no interaction it just like he's decided that he has a story that he likes to tell and he's gonna go on with the story and is using its hands it is banning is for it is got all this crazy movement there's nothing there dislike said the coat progress that story works in his dad circle you know with his other dad friends that are that our dad's on that and then you know they have kids on that team he tells them can you believe when the coach another dazzling i'm i saw the same thing i mean you risk or so he thinks he leaves that going at a good story i think there's something my boy joe that when they don't care they just wait for their time to talk some the right they talk in a new talk in and they talk in the end everyone and i was born in his country to go to sleep and that's their life if i can take sleeping pills do you know how many people i run into that fuckin take sleeping pills every night now
oh really it's one of the things and i do want to things that i do i ask what you know i i did this bit on our should fear show about a house fire or a fire in a hotel that i was in with tom cigar this right that's right and joe ideas member that yeah provide rather they tell us take the elevator we get stuck in the state of the whole point of stories i was rated fuckin stampede these people could they were slowly walking downstairs and we get out we're looking for jelly were panicking joey comes outside and i go where we will adopt the elevator like a doctor so i'll get a giant outside varieties we'll get a joint he's the greatest but i realized while i was doing this that some of these people were literally waking up while they were walking and then started thinking how many this fox on sleeping those zanu kevin james kevin james would take sleeping pills and he would do shit i can make dinner once and he d just
one i admit that he made dinner like you think i think you went to the store and bought it turkey or something crazy like that and cooked it and wet in the morning and did one in many did it is i fucking do that given remember didn't remember it at all costs warped him that my bank remember shed they just do thing that don't never bragelonne there s scary did they get a shoot em when my turn or stay awake i'm crazy that's crazy i've gone crazy if i'm not tired i just get up and do shit i'm crazy not he's you sleep well when you like a brick you know what i'd do if i'm tired of rwanda guitar a jerk off a baby yeah i guess instantly especially sometimes the apparent neither written mill jargon when is again tonight's the night i never wake up those so i said beginning the pain sleeping pills like i started asking and people i work with
you have seen fuckin tons of tonnes on take sweden does every night tons of up and what the fuck man every night yeah i can't sleep alone oh my god but that's all why don't you start it does that seems like the key that yes don't you ok good sleep on thinking it real sleep i heard a doctor talk about that one time that you're not actually getting the benefit of real sleep on that matter shutting sutton down but you're not actually dipping into real rem sleep and and and getting on the benefits to your brain yet here i was again knocked out yet unconscious right near like when you get fucked up like michael jackson yeah maybe when as deep as you get he was taken that fact stuff they used to put people under anastasia then there's the ties tat imagine every night doctors administering that through a man scary removing gallbladder nice we'll take a nap such as cyprus
when he was probably so fucked up you i saw dick reg talking about him it was really interesting stick gregory's get interviewed by the sky and i'm the guy was talking about michael jackson and take gregory start gone off any any stirred screamin he never had a fuckin child johnston he never had a fuckin childhood you never basketball annie start goin off what could i guess he knew michael jackson let me say in like he missed that part of childhood like the whole never one thing and hanging out with children a big part of that was just sitting ever had a child and i think that makes sense does make sense i don't know if you ever did anything to anybody i don't know i wasn't there obviously but i think a lot of the poor bold than he's hang around with those little kids yeah their parents ray lies like this is a fuckin golden ticket even if he never did anything
they realized like this is a guy my kid spend the night over this fucking crazy malta malta multimillionaires house and cause a fuckin backyard filled with me park rides toys in his house and monkeys and zebras and shit if he's not a pedophile you know there's some go fuck out soon sky fuck it yeah who knows that he's a said it's a sad story when you think about mean it's pretty well documented that that it was a very pleasant to be a judge action kid now know how to be a fuckin disaster than out of begun them nightmare yeah and then he suddenly crazy guy that's how you get good is that make you do a dance for more time i guess but
is that the only way i well i don't think so it's probably the only way to get a good i do i do think with with athletes you know i've read a lot of stories about how dad's affect certain athletes some of them but but there is the other side of it some of them just have that focus and that desire themselves and some of them say the only way you get this good the endless competitor in you you gotta be the one that wakes up and goes on the run and trains and that's how you you get it but there's the flip side of that is the dad you know overbearing dad i'm gonna make you a champion you have a lot of times as overbearing dad's that kid ones are rebelling shirt and why not just meaning that dad and anyone have aiming to do with offshore tom renovation and more marine image you know that's what little ass his dad marv marina which was dislike legendary strengthen conditioning coach he's gonna work would be japan when b
a pen was his prime and just as he's crazy really revolutionary ideas yams strengthen conditioning and he son on this insane org diet and thank you is even feeding a meat when he was young goes up and it was at home so it was is is twenty four seven yet it was you're gonna i like yours a meal plan up you stick to it retching i mean maybe we're dance flexible he did make todd pretty pretty fuckin insane get me tat was it was a hell of a quarterbacks i am glad he also was freaking out and you know went to drugs i think as a release for how how over dad could be yeah he blew a fuse there's a really interesting documentary i think it's one of those espn why it is thirty four thirty i watch sentinels i wow what a wood a weird life
haven't down by many became like a painter is like an artist now tat is now that's interesting he could have been world class and i fell quarterback yeah yeah but i think the only thing that really derailed that private rod trite probably will also desire the kids i guess i just didn't want to do this that's that desire thing like you have to have it in usa they say that some people do have it in and some people down and so when you look at summits it became successful it so hard to figure out what was it that ro that guy to be so obsessed that he had to be the best baseball player the best basque ballpark ike was it was it is upbringing did he have with everybody is a different story some people they had had to prove something like maybe born in a single mom didn't have a father always angry they want peace to the world deserves it idolaters lot approved dad's
the girl jerry west his story that that he's the guy that's the logo of the ba you know the outline of the player playing is jerry weston he had a really abusive dad and even set an interview he didn't think he would be as driven as good him and be a grape player if you hadn't had basically that while yet terms there is a lot of that are the herschel walker sort you see his most historic his story was it wasn't anything about that his parents had a good relationship with his was getting bullied you know he was teased and believe without fuck could that guy i guess eight nine ten years old you know we're talkin may i ask that he was getting pushed arouse chubby and then it was lord it was that focused though of i'm not gonna get pushed around anymore i'm not i'm not gonna get bullied they said
running and doing those insane claims at least of pushups incentives and then he just you know also had genetics he was freak fucking ass he still he is still free come back then in the thing about herschel walkers he allegedly never lifted waits yeah that was a big i don't know if that's true of its true either because a lot of so this late i saw him lived waits people here i was with him in the fucking wait room like we talk to strengthen condition coaches are like their muscles on that guy that you really don't develop unless you're picking up heavy shit sure but i don't know that's the truth not push up claims are five thousand a day for back then so that's a little also you know i'm a big herschel fan but that's a lot of fact and push i could do that do it do daisy he was here when i was doing it between every commercial shows just hit the ground bang out like five hour pushups come on man
i mean there's a minor role a lotta these maybe no nothing like that that the big ones and the average per one zero will you deftly did some right whenever did you have but he also says something that he says some stuff that's not physically possible like he said he it's a salad in a bowl of soup day well that's out of calories to keep your body mass that doesn't make it your whole body the only this is why your body is the size and it is this can you tell in calories enough too few all that muscle of you don't take it enough cowards too few all that moscow your body starting muscle that's a fact that just physiology so did you wonder by the way i was listening to your let's our strong episode how would he was talking about how writers should not eat how do you have any energy to ride yeah we're talking got a leisurely stroll down the beach you because a training fur tour de france and starving yourself how do you have the proper
fair means if not amphetamines caffeine some some whatever the legal isn't it is all kinds of cramping doping on your bodies i would think shrinking out the item i would imagine me fuck man i have no idea how anybody that's a very common practice by cyclists not so learn cyclists right no cyclists starts idlers now forget manager of jesus christ he got mad at me man who is like a cyclist cyclists dante cycle of fine but i guess it's like if someone said the ultimate fighting challenge not championship chirped average will you you know the ottoman forty challenge a challenge cyclist got it yeah no man i think there's lots of mental toughness involved that sport for ashore mean those fuckin people savages really are life really aren't yeah just stood mean
how many days in a road or they do you think it's twenty one someone saying about at twenty one twenty five so my back fuck man hunter miles a day when twenty five hundred miles total why are used you heard about these super the super another right term mega marathon the fifty mile ones and then they do them back to back like this if you people to do them day after day after day has your body sustained he's on a lady in my neighborhood she ran to alter marathons in around two days in around a hundred as one day and then a hundred miles and next day that's a chicken
her husband a short legs park and please i share his field by anger you say my problems make it takes off one of two and a half a mile exactly she comes home near toenails fall off their toenails fall off when they do that as our real sports about and then a guy who so didn't here about that just had them lasers off work as they kept feeling of unease about medium so i just had the black what purpose do they serve the guests take the tipps of your fingers i was gonna man it is a weird thing and you look at fingernails they are strange really are this weird hard surface and they like every other animal that has nails their claws through the desire to climb things are the design to kill but we have these like weird tips did for opening up anvil
jobs stickers that's where we homely scraping stickers off they did so it's weird feature of our bodies weird how a person developed is when not only that like they just keep growing cease posed a cut em like you what if you don't cut you ve seen a guy in india that grows nails are you build world's longest nails yeah i've seen enough i've seen him i've seen photos like that so gross offended did it for more than eighteen years at some point have grooves nails and they grew so long they couldn't use his hand that's one of em there they grow like that without hassle to no hands like that on may so he asked aware like special shirts with no sleeves that's ridiculous is i saw that guy i saw tee elsie show where was weird devil he shows weird people and it was a lady who didn't cut her toenails
and they may grow kirk came a regular shoes and i think she can those things that congo work and forget these nails stupid i got power is delayed it was weird cheat captain strawn oh jesus thank you good lord it's like a bare solely a bare warehouse stranger people sexy but you have to take care of those nails like well what's on the latter's lower left will do that why are those words though the bull that seems we were looking at some other stuff there like we're looking at hand nails and toenails there because the toenail i learn ass common dales coming now rice ill
some disgusting about long nails get why even sometimes women will have thus slightly longer pedicure lahti have long while i don't understand why even slightly longer grow trent get that should even man you have paid for that give a half inch long on your toes lulu so grossly fucking weird liar you doing that what are using them for isn't it strange though because of a half inch on your fingers is totally accept can it be sexy her right girls would like red nails shirt and a sexy right by that the color is because color but welcome the red toenails that are a little long not sexy maybe to some aid is i'm say how things fuckin fao i am sure some of you i love those f luggage tonia look rose who wants toenails go over the edge and inch people do purposely so they have to be asked to be doing it
it is for those things like girls thank guys like it but only girl like it like really skinny girls yea i girls who see a girl that's like basically dying she's her heart the task in asia she's an aggravated scanner ours has that's kennedy later there's some people that really think that that looks good there really do because of awe fashion models i just don't understand that like no guy like that i don't think so he was often there must be a few guys but their fucked up my normal guys want meet certain grab onto their normal like every guy i've ever asked would you rather your girl be fifteen pounds too heavy a fifteen pounds to light errors is to have a jellia everybody for sure to light is like like you gonna be ok with you of course sue your dying dialogue faces all sucked in
you make him wait for a fight are you take the asked moon juggling signals are good spank does on target i'm saying so tell me about rosella so they started this fight gas before we start at easter delmas dying stop save it i you asked me if i am on snapchat yes and i said not personal stuff that is why do have a snapshot account just to follow through zella and you said his that and where he here's the whole story so my buddy josh potter's really is grey great comic out a buffalo he turned me under this so snapchat for people who don't know you know you post your post photos thus like videos fifteen i think of fifteen seconds and they time out and then once day they're gone you know so if you follow someone they post all the time you you're seeing essentially a timeline
of their day or weak so zella came the prominence because she is an escort in dallas area and she's hooked up with a number of high proof people who she doesn't call out but why of them i was cowboy orphans of lyman layer collins hired her to blow him and eat his ass and she did it but then he didn't pair so she put him on blast call them out told media outlets and then i got turned on to hurt her snapchat because shall also post times lower snap at her blowin guys and eaten their asses and am also running out of gas that are now don't put that when i think she would set one why because that just and actually poster face oh yeah i mean that actually her i don't know that's her i've never actually seen her face
but anyways she she really as a gift she's here should a monster energy can mouth man issues here what with with dixon your mouth is it also goes by orally gifted to one for is the dallas but yet there is or the gift is underscore two and four she as i swallow everything ella well and what is that oh was an alarm or some no that might be the end of a guy's cock that she set off on deck here the post hilarious stuff sure sure do things i dont nobody wants the dick right now somebody's gonna get some eight that does not happen i just feel are given head whenever nobody's hit me i'm go get some gas
we had some gas orally give but there was that other girl that got famous in the hip hop world kosovo per head that's right yeah i remember that i know your where what is tat she was thomas she did a bunch of music videos susan choose a video vixen and she was yet you blow everyone left and right thank you wrote a book about it yet and i might own actually is she puts everybody on blast like five year round came over house and fell asleep on her couch and chief she filmed it that's fucked up there yeah i think i got thing like i said i had thrown zella my part guess idea messenger and she called in sochi she'd she called into the shown that hilarious and she was really candid and really funny and she basically said you know i provide the service people pay
and you know i'd never would call you out there because part of the sort of unspoken deal why when this guy didn't pay up it was fucked up we agreed to something and he goes i only have a hundred bucks on me a rude yes so she goes at that point that's when i you know called mouth why he treated like an idiot yeah exactly which is the wrong thing to do what a rude guy eat someone's ass and then we actually josh and i had this car and i know that all of football but maybe you'll be able to win on this we swissair discuss which position players have worst assholes because if she ate a pretty bad guys asked me how big is a six six three thirty that's a big guy a big guy she's a lot of work to get in there you know she's a hit
she said with skinny guys chicken you know put them in the change my diaper like pull their legs ever get underneath there with these vague it's a big eyes they atalanta stomach and then you gonna canada asshole yeah does she require that they go through some sort of a cleansing procedure i asked i'm glad you brought it up and she said that no one's ever now been ready for it in other words cleaned up trimmed of everyone's everyone's right to go no ones no it has to be sent but will she is known for her work so well known for these guys are their proper work environment i think so then you knew it would now someone to do electrical work in them rain exactly make sense the great analogy actually yet so she's she said you know it's there it's one of her go to moves ass yet i have a body mine who hooked up with this guy
and they they went back and forth online and then they got together and he said immediately before she blew him she went right to his ass i well why illegals yeah shows get off the plane hurts looking disgusting travel as like wider use i was so disgusted never call there yet right to his who does that of learning to your city also had an online hook up where the lady was you know pretty you know aggressive with how she was setting an opening up come on over and he said it was her firstly because i wasn't prepared for that i'd never first move what the ass lent to the s somebody's a bold yes that's a weird the right yeah yeah go straight to the bottle straight to the wedding
who can message transcend shows a like this i gotta go crazy i'm going not you're saying freaky like if you request you're wondering i am that's what you're saying as freaky as is possible unless you bring a bunch friends over liquors ass to that's eleven the earth so much girls they're not gonna pack man now the second lobster bibbs yeah that's pretty it's a you're saying i'm advance yeah yeah i'm just you're not married me it's true maybe that's why maybe that's why she did it may wishes doesn't like commitment share the best way to keep the guy from wanting mary i was just making disgusted ass all right away just really tongue fucker yeah you know even like hoaxing or indicator
she was lilies of the universe is pushed my friend said he to the he thought she was gonna blow she grabbed his dick picked it up and then pushed his way ford whose eye wyatt gobble gobble gavel like our rottweiler drinking toil about subjects which is cool yeah man she's that's what i mean how many guys who told the friends that kind of story and the framework why that's our southern italy and found a good girl who made the family this weekend i will try to get impregnable again off you don't want wolf of wolf yeah that's a weird thing shit comes out there like wine beer wiser feel good though
thoughts of private problem why doesn't your asshole feel like your fingernails wasn't just like some dead dull spot just pops out shit remember doing it somewhat in college i only did excise on a movie you know i did i got her she's syrup and i thought it was like king the direct and then i realized as the hirsch circe me i just looks like she shit it's just liquid lapses pull my face up and it looks like she is shit my mouth even though its and tastes like it looked like the other good look look cherry sauce put cherries followed you think i should like to know whereby now she just lays what you want to do our writing i write men did say it felt good remember actually about
its own that she was like hey this sucks i remember being in a big applause brake on its way some girls don't have nothing to do with taking the ass or other girls beg for it they love it puts up men their right of girls with toys that's always weird hold on a second girls come back would like a giant black rubber deck like hey hey hey now where's this goal as for you are a strap on their had that not interested i want that fuck dude right dude fuck me why would i want a girl to pretend to be a dude
unless you love it while some people had really and trainees insensitive as insensitive that word still say cabbies though they drive a car cabbie point counter point to betray me sounds cute to me that this outcome on the white bad it's is its offensive what do you think the mean is pretty obvious that the attraction there for people that are attracted to it is that its looks like something in it it means that the appeal you think i think people like transgender guys i mean this is probably a whole flock and backdrop of different things that people like him why they like it right but i think some of em they're like the idea of being like naughty like someone like she's got tests and she said beautiful face and then you tankers carrying lily exist
i think that it's crazy not tee more also could be the had some weird experience during your formative period like when you are young like one year developing apparently they say chris ryan described is to me that there is a state chris ryan who wrote that book sex at dawn duplication them all time i was talking about imprinting liked as your young during your norman of years i think it's and then he said somewhere between like eleven and thirteen or nine and thirteen or someone that something can happen sexually like someone could do something use actually maybe a man can do some niece actually you might not even be gay but you might get wet sexually imprinted in other like that somehow another excites you if a weird way even reluctantly excise you yeah yeah reluctantly well for a lot of people they're afraid the shame that comes of liking what you like like
if you're supposedly heterosexual man you're really and transgender women there's two now i could run the risk of people finding out at work and think you're fucked up or you now labeling you sir i deviant and thinking like what else is fucker into now this weird i know it i know almost weirder then being gay i mean that some people are not my gay people there's some people are afraid of there's a religious thing but i think that that's more captain maybe even than wanting to data transgender person for sure mean in today's world i think a lot of people come a long way with you know at these somewhat accepting homosexuality but when you get to training
that's a big leap for a lot of people the ashworth for sure i think i think so i don't know you had a they start looking like you like this is what your cards are you got a fucking deal with it needs to take it some people like for my i got the wrong cards i gather affair like inciting the wrong guards sure now we do support that i support people that feel like a dude but want to be a girl like ours definitely born a guy i'm a guy but i'll be a girl yeah fuck it i want you to exchange ok shit i'm carried out to your face go for it i'd never care what turned somebody on you know i mean like the others and how it but bother you when when some people were afraid you know you seem like the shame and people finding out but to make me that it would be rather somebody what get somebody else off you know i think it's americans puritan culture where where apparently when you compare us to the the world bank as far as like what
what we like in d know what will accept from society from labour we're like one of the most puritan cultures on the planet so bizarre things that are our surrounding there is yours when you're in it you don't even think about these step out and you see how you know other cultures are do think we make the most porn if america as air about we make them altogether question will make the most without question that question railing yeah because industry wide of targeted as a business there's there's no other place creating the america then as these effort in a valley it's gotta be while their fuck now because they have to work condom stats that's why it though a change of shift but for the last thirty years gotta be california when we start ship and jobs overseas where it s going i'm fuckin manufacturing jobs the fuck middle class its autumn that support should all these hard dexter need someone to put the poem mother rapid a mobile rubbers that's the thing
i get is a bummer by the way to move towards that i've seen that my i wanna watch a guy we're rubber its isn't funny but why would you care but there's something about like these try to trick you by having those like super transparent rubbers yes but there's something about the glistening the deck yes look realistic you can't see the end like the rim the money went down alleyways s manner of parking round wherever it takes off the bombs me out the most girls bologna guy with a rubber to stop stop buddy jerk off on the top of her had not be better who told you didn't come near vase dollar blow the i'd i just don't know get what i want to watch it was every one of us blubber videos where there has the guy life again double team one guy finishes ana girls head on her hair and she did
you just come in my hair in the whole scene stops and is like a big fight everyone screaming and yelling reeling guides in he is i am sorry she mad oh really meant really man yeah well now that cause he went right into her hair and eyes oh she can't clean it now i am issues put plan i'm going out like a fiction appointment afterward you must give their hair did they get there did they like they like to keep it that way for day yet do not fight with the hair don't come in it for whilst passive there's like hairspray arabic like still lag might get caught up in well being of the hair no but i'm not goin out even slightly now the worst but eyelashes are ok when the eyelash when they get in the mug and that has driven after eyelashes here that looking to raising the flutter the eye flutter dialogue
come in some ways protect them from come that's where we have eyelashes didn't dodger ryan like about good thick shield like palm fraud which as you would take you from just you know we ve studied for the last few hundred thousand years humans have eyelashes to protect from facial there's a weird thing how officials or what where that come from like why why come in someone's face likely come a used to escape our two power move right i think it's a power of what's a freak move to write truly girl sticks are tongue out about your school score isn't that rail axis customers like those little up here and they take it and then they had well pretend that its the most delicious thing that even on your watching i gotta now sitting on your face for a while you didn't member was their kind of cooled off
you don't like hot jim it's like you know you never read a pot pie when it's cold but don't you think those those save all the jews videos were resting men dc that's where a fellow draw the line i give you data girl she used to be a porn star oh you know she just haven't sex long years of its on camera but then if you watch a video of five i'm coming into a mug she'd chugs it so there's a lot of their name your throat but it isn't it whom they drink it through a straw sir where max hard core guy not a woman's asshole with a speculative then heap inside of it and then
straw to it and made her drink his thumb nail that was opened up like a bull what are you leaving his imprinting is from child not whatever it is crazy not get one did bad things i saw one of those was speculators that was when they open yeah and anna girls ass then they put cereal and milk in some growth is too that's when they need to stop i gather that i read this bit of for a while that i'd never figured out what to do with onstage but the bit was like why are they still making poor you as jerked after all the porn like how could anybody who's who showed up at the video store on monday morning goes notion here where the news was inquisitive outcome costly jane no one is seen all of them like we ve there's enough does what that is another will you
jerk off once an hour every hour for the rest of your life and you would never get through all the porn that's ever been made through ten lifetimes you could do but yet there still making sure what is that i don't know there's just this insatiable appetite for it i guess from enough people because not like music or comedy or something where people want new things because you like well maybe it is that's it was you say you like a particular artist light say meaner chris rock lagoons chris rocco or tom segura who's got a new networks special it's available writing is fry anywhere a regime was plug so like if you're at times you're a fan is only one way to get it you get away for tom cigarettes to put out a new cd or a new new netflix special but for a poor and i guess we that's what it is meant guys like jack after one girl right so there they become like kendra lust fan sure ever seen her eye that that
it sounds familiar some sure have you got a signal as good woman tat is our woman saw she's milky too she looks like an hour late thirties and re party i'm talking about has some experience but keeps dig takes care of herself sure yeah so i give europe a fan of hers only one way to get it you gotta watch her videos usually there she goes pam boat that large size sure or put somebody gets hurt so like if your fan of any fill in blank terror patrick whenever you're way for her she's retired get away for that's power when girls still heartening are we doing with america where little jerking off over community wide ban on back in back nets i got
of cotton macgregor retires now you got a few good years i've been at least need new did you make view videos voice is a thing about watching them we're guys get obsessed with like one girl in the gutter like the avian shows no weight in line that sought to get a picture signed and that through for gmos their drugs are foreign or choker far richer and now they're holding onto and if the girls do escorting yes everything so unless porn stars i u can actually fuck them yeah i'm sure it's a pretty penny though right couple ground problem in itself but is an awful i mean is that worse here's the question here is a big question is that worse easy or they get sick and it's not an income that yet is it worse to have sex with a guy was paying it then it is to have sex with a guy i felt zero minds cross there
what you mean by worse that well i don't give a fuck it away but for some people is perception more like as it worse to be as a porn star who also escorts or is it what is it what's irrationally i think the it's between the two i would do it off camera cigarettes not documented unless you unless for some reason you want it to be documented you know if you're doing yes your escorting low but just between you and whoever you do it right so do you have that social stigma of rowing known for doing that website but for those girls they don't care about that social stigma against you mean us their living chirk but is it worth what time is it worse to be an escort and a porn star or just a porn star wars stupid question men i mean maybe a stupid question i just feel like they're probably trying to get lucrative
does exactly that taking those escorts esquire hires that's exactly what did move for them for sure probably get i bet some of em get paid a lot i bet they re deeds the budget is a hair out like and then their virtues i just ten thousand and for the guy who's like ok yeah than you gettin pavement tat there were rebel something they put on twitter the other day about girls that take the vacation to go shopping do by ill accuse it was a thinly child prostitution reference possess what a lot of people do apparently oh really the governor shopping mother saw much money into yeah so much money you can't even of your been i've never been i was there once
or the usa because the others you have seen adami and we went to do by to do the way in which the winds in dubai and then we drove to abu dhabi from their like fucking when you drive you have to drive the fucking speed limit or they will hit you with a missile i'll shoot you in the face of the missile there's it's so strict there like two drivers like they will not violate the speed limit i give you ve the speed limit have you do anything wrong anything that can allow you to get locked up who knows what the fuck's so they offer literally who knows it's can habitat especially if you are in a position like a driver or a service person like a either a waitress our partner something that you can not fuck around there is not america is your essentially dealing with kings some card game a throne shit and waterways but
so we were there and when you're in dubai every fucking car you see is seen a hundred thousand dollars two hundred now that's all mercedes and ferrari ease and lamb gay knees sort everywhere you mean it's literally it's like like oak using a scene in a movie of stream opulence like over the top opulence where you're come on it's not really like but it is really like that like everywhere you go everyone's gonna million our car misbegotten vey rounds one point five million die hours that's insane crazy amount of wealth
but that the make it one of my cousins came to do in which course here you see and he has not people from other countries and so that the dialogue is took the classes the kids from the class in that case i'm saying twenty two year old people out on allay and they were just pull out stacks of money and he was it was i weren't you get that as i got wages the government gave us money because we're educating our self and coming back so they'll pay for everything and he said you know you could go if your born there you can go to the governor and i need money for this and they would just give you the money and he was just they're just spending on everyone stacks a cut of money we're not supposed to drink there either but you can drink in the cars there certain bars were they allow it because the americans
in western picture but i got a whole life they don't want drinking very strand i had some friends when we were at the u r c i stayed in abu dhabi but a bunch of the guys were born marilla guy we're gonna go to devise he was up they went to a bar they said it was ninety percent prostitutes it was all eastern bloc prostitutes like you walked in like a wolf den and just a bunch of wolves lick enough and snack on yahoo like everywhere they want like to just these girls to go there and they just way for someone who's got a lot of money goes you your cabinet the ass let's go and they leave the stack fat stags well if you're a girl
and you want to involve yourself it's prostitution is probably a good movie go there just clean up for a month or a week come back with half a years worth of salary so people are doing that the cardinal redman allegedly cows he saw it on the sinners thinks he knows he loves you people whose where he knows that helen mentality is around her in deathly knows house he knows them we always teased as we always start doing our pie ass with him and these are retarded structure is national now's the he knows things about certain things just like he's gotta figure out like he start doing on podcast because i think the first if first episode just launched last week an avid tell them forever might be so good for you because you have this
you have as we weird style this weird way about you like get into it getting you know you'll find people that are what they want to see it but right now the only see it if you're on someone else's show you know and you do your own show and it could be all you're freaking us yes and then all i think also when you do your own show to you realize like how much involved in managing the ship i should like to make a short steers in the right direction thinking about what the subject already you're talking about is this entertaining would when i picked this up how do i rapid cutaway yeah how do i add some new stuff on there and he has a lot of expert mean we're we love reuben he he steered our ship for a while you know how to help shape things i did a lot of people get margin of all the people that started podcast with him qatar at him and stay
hurried duncan joey is brian cowen sam you sam tripoli sam still do an issue as i thought i don't know but i well i would i didn't think you'd stopped i've seen it hurt i don't know what those guys deadly still do their their pension their sports will yes i think so that they that another network right what is that all things companies and all things happened that they descended and all things let me show you all these companies a lotta good shows on right it does it does mean its madrigal and bird and then i mean we're
we are pleased that our universe houses yeah oh i didn't mean it it's you know that being a part of all things commies almost like being part of the collective support thing where everybody still owns their own shows but you can have more power in numbers thing you know how does it work well i mean i think the idea behind it was that if if we are altogether and we can approach people as he is what what doing business with all things comedy means it means you're getting this bundle as opposed to just saying one that you still get to be your own entity but europe a part of something when you need to be granted helps for its great for promotion to enough if like my special comes out so i send out a message to our group and then everybody who has a podcast will get info about helping the plug my thing how each other so that's cool mediating you get every show together to get a few million downloads right for weeks
i'll do that for each other we knew anyways you know i'm always tweeting four friends and you do the same guy i'll do that for each other we support each other that's the best kind of network right that continent or this totally organic yes there's no finance shall gain and all the others can help each other yet absolutely i may we i mean i know we ve as other colleagues have also worked with sponsors that in the end the idea was that reproaching you because we have this collective rights and they responded to it said okay so light they handle the ads and they bring em to use our sea alex a whit like you know approach you know whatever company and say we have fifty shows his our gross amount of downloads if you sign up to do this set amount and then kind of divvied up amongst the people i can do
so we ve done that a few times that's interesting so is the amount of money that you get based on the mountain downloads that you have yes exactly who manages all seems a night it's it's a lot of work man i mean mike is at one of the guys over there in flynn and i'm trying member another name but it's it's a it's a job that's a full time at a certain point time those your podcast becomes more and more successful it seems like that can get in the way well it doesn't really be like i said because those guys so about al and bill hey we're not taking anything from you ran do whatever you do whatever you want right that they're not saying if you do this you can't do that third it's almost like their say you do whatever you do and in addition you can do this with us you know that's a perfect world it is a perfect world that's beautiful you podcast this fuckin blown up man bazin has been gone well that's amazing you guys do live ones to the live ones i see when you guys tweet about live what some people go to them it's a thing like this
the whole thing going on with the mommy's of his hook to people excited nigger live i guess there's some flock indifferent land it's fun we did at the ice housing and the main room and sold out when is usually a couple months ago ribbon you know we're doing it again i don't have we don't have it set out but we need to do it let me gum i want you to get you a big s gaze i want to start doing my part cast i've done a few other people's parking lot but it's really fun to do live i did fitzsimons the other day we had a great time he's did at the in the belly room is five hundred episode with his body mike it was awesome shrilly fond yet we just did his show to fitzsimons you find yourself leg goin for jokes for i don't have it changes but here's the thing they're so geek up for those laughs yes so it's a
becomes a really fun environment to do it and i watched another pod cast live does not mine and not yours enough it seminars and oh my god i wanted to run through a fuckin wall like this sum the pod castor weird man it's they find their own level like one takes its own level yet find their own vibe here and there i'm pod cas where you you go and you'll there this fans of that pod cast you go and see you like this is not my fuckin seen right at all they weren't swearing they were doing a very much like a radio show there's gotta be a bit a little bit of that too don't you think too probably then of shows how have you forgotten the blocking into but if you were to go to also answers here tonight and allow you walking on what the fuck is this oh yeah that's just the way the world really that's how it is with music with everything more these i mean have you seen pitch perfect that's the thing
what exactly are you have now but fuckin means of checks have i gotta get away a page very may fucking love it get crazy it's not bad supper them did what's they like what they like i like the people not like yeah somebody me one time and it was about who become out as one of those a comedy comes out and you go with this looks like fuckin shit right there is billboards and is always a few famous people in and you got role and i was hate me how shitty it will it looked in a terrible any go well you know this wasn't made for you and i go yeah nine only goes nano but like there's a lot of people that this i am this isn't for you knows that made for you and i started to think of entertainment differently from the moment that was said to me
that i see things now trailers posters commercials for something i got out but this is made for different yeah the other things that are made for me where i respond to israel i fucking kit well that's for me that's why it is so important to do what you like on stage all you stand up was if you start trying to make it for somebody those guys are stare fucked those guys who create those squeaky clean acts but they're not squeaking clia those are tortured people of course there are literally making art that's not for them right but you are you where you and you can be like the audience won't accept it we're talking about roofing checks and i watched of speaking about cars we i watched his lawyer debate some commentator some television pondered or whatever you would call them host and she was explaining it you know what that how ridiculous the
allegations are and how mr cause you know didn't doing these things and all these women that their story some of them are just they are like he grab them by the river tar like some of the money even sexual allegations and she's like effectively sort of modifying the water and that he is his very it's a wealthy man and then that has to be taken into consideration that these people are doing this for a ten channels alice's it's fun s name to watch the spin the dance and on the guy was saying well this fifty people there they will out of those fifty a lot of them are not even sexual allegations anonymous sexual assault delegation i didn't know only twenty three thirty seven naomi i don't i don't we did or not but i haven't another person ever tat fifty people claim dead he raped them by giving them drawn i know it's the it's
in deciding the sad part is the people who really want to defend the like the consumer two theories on an oh yeah you know he was about to buy and b c are enough you know that he was making a moved by the sea then i want to blackmail power so ridiculous only dont ochre nobody wants to take down cosby nobody's agenda was that if they are they doing to taking on oprah first fishermen it's so sailors worth more than anyone ever so slightly she's a most successful entertainer ever in chechnya and have a talent there's not dancers great actress what it should do so until jokes were shadows talk to people get a car get up in the morning and look at the sun and think cite the ok while she has positive messages super positive she's really good for menopausal women really really really relate to her strange way just so you know revive down but i get why people do have their but why they want to defend
i understand the the motivation and the un and feeling like i am the adoration foreign and wanting to this that i totally get why they do and the reality as we don't know yet dont know that mean the idea that you can never find fifty liars of course you do of course you could but it's you know i think that the the argument that i find the most sort of ignorant and uninformed is the one we wonder why they wait that long yes i know you knows if you if you talk to any sex crimes unit officer detective any psychologist about victims of sexual assault it's not unusual for it to go unreported whenever to go a long time without some i'm going to talk about it yeah it's completely within the spectrum of normal responses to set like that when people are like regular happened twenty five years but yeah it's normal it's normal someone not to bring it up complete
normal or there's a lot of shame involved cords some women they would rather just forget about it than report it they would rather just pretend it never happened than go through all the public shaming and then you deal with an increasingly rich insanely powerful neighbour whose loved by so many and then if there was no previous allegations who the fuck is going to believe you like to a woman in nineteen ninety six would say back when he was you know not doing a show anymore but he's in his heyday right is love by everybody's drug and checks panem likes we like to how does justice can be we have here are just fuck it as eat it again it is deal it but then eight that fact with them from shore for a long time now for sure to mention without the weirdest things that some of them claiming their that he was like in a mentorship role with them i got help you with your career i have a coffee that was his moves in our view in smuggling mortgage
its rules what is this that's butter coffee caveman coffee with little grass fed butter some empty t oil is good for the sole lonely just feel right lovely so warm near trump supporter it big time the southern california in your head is bernie sanders people before between not mean so mad cows i said bernie sanders supported ninety percent taxing of the rich apparently exactly true this is what a soccer corrective for the bernie sanders be because they get upset what he did say was we're talking on marginal tax rate which that means if you make over a certain amount how much should attacks and half that what he was saying that for a marginal tax rate would who is ninety percent too high he said no and that's
or extremely wealthy people so i say if you make that save you make ten bucks a year ever over ten million bucks to attacks at ninety percent i'm just coming up with a number of effort ten but the debate you're in he thinks it's not too much to tax ninety percent over amount but the problem this with this guy thinking is the people's lives gonna help other peoples can be good for the people not necessarily the problem that kind of thinking is that money goes the government in the government is a bunch of fuckin monkeys yeah that's the reality yeah it's is not like insanely ethical really educated super smart really do supplant conservative fiscally conservative person who's gonna take this money and allocated a correctly now you're gonna give it to them you can create bigger government to create bureaucracy red tape more people more bullshit more jobs that are bullshit jobs not necessarily and help people and then he
bernie sanders says alike good shit people that thank them bernie sanders hater he says a lot good ship i likewise but marijuana but he says some fucking silly shit to here's one of them it is said that drove me crazy you necessarily need a choice of twenty three underarm spray deodorants or eighteen different pairs of sneakers wench children are hungry in this country those two things are totally unrelated what's his that's totally unrelated i would have you wanted to open up a fucking deodorant company you be able to open up a dealer accompany because children are starving so you should work to do to feed children was data hunters with in which he said that though i was just talking about the economy just talking about the world and the idea of choking on choice you now too
to ensure that they would do we have too many choices that we diverge but here's the thing when you think about these choices talking about these choices that are created by war a percentage would have a number of three hundred million people that has nothing to do with whether or not poor people get fed it just doesn't right that's what it and in taking money away from wealthy people doesn't have anything to do with whether our poor people get fed i think that i think that he said that i agree with wholeheartedly as they need to stop people these corpse patients from hiding their money overseas with enough to pay taxes on a hundred percent hundred percent i think that's fucking criminal if you want all the benefits eleven in america you want all the benefits that are why did you buy this free country but you want to store your money overseas thought you want to pay taxes on the fuck you but maybe
some compromise where that tax rate does get adjusted for that a little bit so that they have send it right because right now over here yeah because now the reason there saying we want to keep it over there is i'm saving so minor back in march but that they make so much money i agree to jump saying already grants those agreed pressure for sure there you're talkin about people that are making insane amounts of money that are doing that valuable that have barely really bothers so i think in there since yeah they days debts one percent with him on that and corporate tax shelters the latter like really sneaky shit we find our companies may billions of dollars they ve been almost nothing in taxes shelters shame mohammed percent wear them on that he's got a lot of really good points is gonna really i mean he's gonna hundred percent down with pot i appreciate that position on cannabis is it's totally on unnecessary and criminal to have it illegal i believe my hopes and on that and i also support percent on the idea of a living wage
if somebody works forty hours a week they should be to feed themselves and have a roof over their head yeah i'm gonna percent down with them i think a minimum wage for tools in high school or something like that still is the parents that's one thing and i think there are three level jobs like that where someone should make whatever it is but it should be enough where you could live you know if you are if you're a person's eighteen years or older and you work in a job and you are eight hours of every twenty four hour day working for someone can make a living you should be able to feed yourself without worry closures i'm not talking about opulence i'm not talking about well the drive and a mercedes but you should definitely be able to take air pollution should i think the problem with that when people because i think you will agree with that is its always well how we gonna who's gonna pay for that in other words that the idea is right and then you go where where will the money come from it to support making that a reality we think the monies gotta come on it's gotta be a profit
business right right soviet a profitable business how much of the prophet goes to the employees and how much of the prophet goes to the owner of the business i say if you have a diamond business rang and yours diamonds and your employees are making five dollars an hour tat kind of like you're making millions paying employs five dollars an hour yeah that's what what is it seven now with minimum i have no idea see in that's obviously an extreme example but in that extreme example yeah man you need to pay more money the people who work for you if someone did if they didn't work for you your job wouldn't work like you need someone say if you run a car manufacturing business right yeah if you don't have of employees that put together those cars you literally don't have cars don't have anything cell so you need to pay those fuckin people because there the reason why your cars get made if they do a good job they should be paid well i totally agree with me nothing is its its horror
when somebody applies himself to a job and can sustain the minimum yeah like having a place to live paying for terrible it's terrible i totally agree i i the other thing that i'm not smart enough to definitely figure out is well what is that number and then you know do you then dictate to different places a business it's gotta be this number or it's gotta be this percentage at least you know how do you how do you make it a reality i don't know man i do know that like obamacare occur to every one another runs a business is a fuckin disaster relief and it's costing people way more money crossing businesses way more money i have yet to hear anybody make a convincing argument why why works but on the other hand i am a fan the idea of socialist medicine i think that medicine should be just like the police in the fire department i think you should these the pit hoop the people who do
should be paid really well they should have an incentive to want those jobs they should end the people should be able to get the services for free i really think that may i think i'm not i'm not oppose who private doctors yet like other euro save your bad ass what can niece urging you work on the nba newark always from people who use the best it what you do you should we were able to work privately but the government could easily out kate enough money to provide public health care just it's been done in other countries the fact it can't be done he roads basel its bit but they do at other place they don't do it well socks in england if fuckin sir israeli day everybody i talk to their lives over there tell you it's a year if you hurt yourself you're a surgery you know people always site canada to i cannot as a job too well i know that i know a couple canadian
will that when she got serious you know and they needed to see cardiovascular surgeon and they talk about that wait there are like let's flower mayo clinic exactly and then you shot money though come to america you have to pay for a hotel arafat and who knows if you have that money yeah i think think there's gotta be some sort of a comfortable middle ground but it's gotta be lets a sort of like public school you can get educated in this country if you don't have enough money right but is it a good edge a lot of parts counterparts that a lot of parts of california and as such california los angeles one a rich fuckin cities in all of the united states and the schools or dog shit yeah jig dog shit terrorism should be skills for that now but you know also your doomed crime
with extreme levels of poverty engineering that trying to fix that is not an easy task but i just don't think you do that by limiting the amount of underarm sprays toothpaste jack and the flavors of ice cream or whatever the fuck you wanna see the dismissed action now i just don't know i don't know if he's been a business man ever thank you accept that's what i like about tromp i don't like a lot of things about trump like how he talks about mexicans that should drive me crazy and all i mean the idea people sneaking over here over the border like good how do you not have compassion he's fucking people are born a third world country its attached to america note you know he nobody sallies doing that he's fucking arouse blah think he's pissed to what he knows will get people go damn right you know that price he knows that that's that saying those controversial again things that are going to get in the pay we are also going at people beyond wildly somewhat saying it you know i think he knows
i'm only gets an accident yeah i think be probably right in a lot of ways but i think he gets a big response from the shore and he feeds off that response he's loves it but he's a successful business man what sums someone told me though cyrillic i fucked up if he took that money that is father gave him his father gave him two million bucks start as business have you took that money and put it in mutual it would be worth way more than he currently is worth that i do not believe i would really check your friend pretty fuckin hard i was up no friends like someone only on well if if you have money will fund that would have been probably around thirty five years ago you million dollars his net worth serve actively is around four and a half billion i mean do you really think that a mutual fund would have well let's let's got it jamie wants you were google that if donald trump took the money that is father
gave him and invested it and black through its whatever it is you i mean whatever that whatever that equation as i mean a machine see if you would about apples but own amelia who are being raised out of daily for now what about google billion ouch debenham big money which without a doubt it's funny is that he goes and were ten billion and forbes did this breakdown of all his assets and they know you see i am and they give that that's kind of how he argues things is go i am now a days have the substance rough fact behind ages as yet and they are why you say nigger because it sounds cells better we were tenant format natalia you said that you said it
because it sounds better get and they said to in other words if he were to make him worth ten he would have to you he would he be inflating the value of a lot of his holdings now the roads is like saying will have this house and its worth five million dollars but nobody wants to buy their like will no houses that in that neighbourhood self or that they sell for three million is not mine my sixty five and that's how he determines that he's worth tell mozart to scream you tell people may run yet but i dont think he can hang at all with the elite politicians when it comes to substance and knowing actual policy knowing details that's a good point here's the question is anybody who's running for president an elite politician well i mean you'd have to say that hilary is at least
way more savvy and knows a lot more about how a certainly now the world works international affairs mean she was secretary state she knows ins and outs of a lot of you assume she knows that but wouldn't she no not to use a private email account while she secondary crazy it's crazy she go to jail for the ukraine that something that if the somebody wanted a push that's a crime i don't you're not allowed to do i still don't understand why even though it still discuss how you kind get away with that feels like i dont get it but i mean she says she certainly more savvy politician i think them turn trump what is savvy though work he's saying shit that's led him to a thirty nine percent lead over any other candidate in the republican party member one ben carson yeah i was like i'm a hearing on the coastline is it he was ahead of him at one point or another he was here that all dried up yet
man i think people are really into the idea the fantasy of a trot you know but i still think if you get to a debate it is not that he wouldn't way maybe he'd went but it would be based on well you know your fuckin loser haggis like essentially adapted it's weird no one ever does that but it seems to work it's that yet then i then i guess you could argue see he is savvy here but i mean you know i guess he's not savvy in the traditional sense i dont think he knows in and out of the way a lot of things work i think he's holding is look i'm super successful and i'll get it yeah but the wild lie the ways that things work a kind of bullshit now crony politics and influence by jargon corporations that if he doesn't have that same sort of influence disease independently wealthy right is lotta weirdness too that there is like spain
the interest groups don't really have the same sort of paul on him that they have other people know the canon of they would never let him say that shitty saying no we have put a wall between us in may don't call the trump why just last fuckin name hears what does amuse me anytime if if this is to be an end and we re in your hosts of cnn shun and i'm somebody saying like you know trump is he's completely unqualified and this made is idiotic he then tweets sought a girl on cnn guys always been a fuckin loser effort to whoever whoever's as anything bad here we like his show last week not one laugh exclamation point like that he does that for every what will you do we did at land aroused when rhonda got knocked out he did yes a member said i'm glad she lost she was she's not a good person and you know why did that because she had claimed
that she was a trump supporter and then he said no i support bernie sanders early so when she lost use i should i use what are you saying that she was a supporter use like all for it around arousing supports me and she's like the fuck i do is actually donegal person gradual austria loser pretty in same way in all those areas you lose it does a loser acknowledged by butscha losers remember she was going to go back and forth like that guy to see that rhonda rosy loss or championship fight last night was sadly beaten dash not a nice person the fuck are you talking about boy you you're way morbid dick she's at least not in person to sell massive amounts of fuckin paper view sales and gonna be the protagonist a about everybody
the if they read an article in the washed imposed the washington post which has been decline for years an artist written by this loser lie he writes i know it's brand like that is part of a sad not a nice person you're fired like that's this whole thing you know i was they gave me an offer to two beyond that show i was gonna do it i was thinking about really never talk to the family like guys want to live in new york for a few months but you know they fire you in the beginning they do all that europe stuff in the beginning our real so you don't have a chance to go far you really like before before anyone knows anybody's fired he fires everybody tom you're fired and then you get up and leave jamie you're fired you get up and walk away joe you're fired you get up and walk away and then the arusha yeah so you don't you know get
and to say let me tell you what think about you and your fuckin plastic here you can't you fuckin sloppy dummy who got let you can't we haven't done once and he is i guess that can happen again while probably right yankee probably plan for an advanced prob pretty chess player yeah i gotta look like i'm always the king but they could cancel that show after talks about mexicans yeah and macy's and the their partnership had a whole line of trump ties and jan trumped i really would dine with me and then miss you know you first threatened or nbc threatened in the air his thing on that's right hosted the contract is like us to your balls off you know also nbc had a contract with him to aramis university he doesn't miss universities will he sold it but he owned he owned miss universe and maybe this america to the channel tunnel larry s own pageants there's just to be around chick
thank you for your exceed the exile for sure you're too good move on his part that's again from adelina about pageant just like the czech republic this year what is this that i found kind of some more information about what he inherited ok he was also when his father died nineteen seventy four and sub siblings took over two hundred million dollar real estate business slope which he may have gotten around forty million dollars of the bottom of this says a fee invested that and since nineteen seventy four and the esa ninety five hundred you could be worth around three billion today ok so kind of makes sense but that doesn't forty million to her right now is the one or whatever he was given it what does it say so is current claimed networks of eight point seven billion would equate to
a hundred and twenty million in nineteen seventy four which is right in the middle estimates of what he inherited so that means if he invested that doesn't make any sense yes as the s mps up seventy four tie our semi for since nineteen seventy four i didn't do anything just left at there'd be about a hundred twenty my feet at other chances and other got good business things went well form it could be worse two three ok son what they're saying is here here's a put a clear example says if he had invested the forty million in essen peace i want an index fund he'd be worth it three billion today which is in line with the third party estimates of three billion and four billion which is network so they estimate between three and four billion was pyrite still bawler were still bawler doesn't have to listen to you every wants how funding
that is i liked it is making a mockery of the whole thing i like a lot of things about am i in apparently jeff ros who did the trump rose get says he's a good guy you talk to him he's a good guy like he knows he's doing a lot of this like fuckin fanfare and this craziness nor the shit he's doing he's marking this stupid fuckin system right here mark i you know he's doing mean look he's touch about mexicans and he still fucking front runner great giant way while someone's raping some it's burning let a bunch of rapers murders over their shoulders and indeed everyone over there is of rapists innumerable someone's raping who'd you alright but he's crazy shit i've done earlier hits the flies in the face of look what happened to that poor fuck the moment with the vote his name for president last time the foxes now romney that poor fuck all he said was we don't have to pay attention to the forty seven percent and are going to vote for
yeah the lower forty seven percent of let make little money and are going to vote for us in the first place or operate mentioned that pact his business that tanked it can't get melick solver dover bitch i now it's over an hour mean all we did was cheer and that was it knows it fragile bitch you can't even cheer you can't hear you can't scream trop can say mexicans are rapists and ever is like else chargeable wasn't muslims at the border let no man so crazy why this is country founded by letting people in the only way this country get filled is letting people and not out people people are running their law leaving their country because rat call must not terrorists have taken over yeah who sent his new ad first add came out this was it is calling for his first
muslims allow my guidelines is please it's getting places you living craig and i approve this mess politicians can pretended something else causing radical islamic terrorism that's why he's calling for a temporary shutdown of muslims entering the united states too we can figure out what's going on your put off my sister and he'll stop illegal immigration by building a wall in our southern borders that mexico will pay for we were carrying he got flag for that shot of the people running that's not where there from there but that was a shot of morocco yadda yadda if that's not me running across my used just get me some brown people running anyway people running in black and white footage we'll take it yeah
entertaining i will give us a show this is a fun showed a watch its the best show ever i hope him and hilary debate i hope he gets to debate won't take is i think he'll crusher you dig you your husband back in the white house can blowjobs oh yeah he's gonna throw some good nay he doesn't give a fuck detonate some he'll be some will be and then carson should be involved to just to tell us that the earth is ten thousand years old and jesus wrote a unicorn year through the garden of eden doctor from diana brain amazing neurosurgeon one of the good this neurosurgeons this country has ever produced that really that then accomplish a hundred percent yeah and he doesn't believe in evolution while he believes he'll ilsa bible even certain types of evolution is get it i don't think he's ten thousand year guy i think is one of the young earth christians but european laws sarah pain
talk to allegedly irish citizens anecdotal but she allegedly talk to librarian in alaska and told a lie bearing that she saw photos on the internet of a dinosaur footprint with a human footprint inside of it were means dinosaurs and people were in the same area walking at aunt is reported that would be amazing if it was now allow young earth christians man how did that i don't know the argument of that they make for you no carbon for printing things gazettes have all shit that's just the bulls made silence he losers not a nice person the girl said fucking dog target eyes always been loser i'm waiting for the day when no one runs president i'm waiting for the day with a fuckin rosters everybody gives up take with you we can read mines and figure out exactly what people with their intention is and what their past is and you have to say
for the my reading machine in order to be president yet that's gonna be the end those it's what i do i look at it so much differently now at this age when i see you are my judges they're all just eagle maniacs oh yeah there either art climbing out of their skin too on a b to go through that to be the president obama's publicly stated that it's not what he thought it was all these people that are lining up to do it like those in the fame wears off the asset and that people criticise them by taking that call out of context and showing a bunch of pictures of him with famous people smiling enlightened handing out with j z in rich people and ha ha ha and then there is this story about him sir vacations how much is vacations costa while he was in the white house a presence vacations costs ten year because it will have to fly
air force one and the secret service a liar vehicles the embers death will they have bulletproof cars afterwards his hawaiian vacations apparent during this time the white house it's been seventy million dollars taxpayers developing a little brazier it is surprising to control them great i wanna trip leviathan and seventy million our trip with which i mean jesus he was often like when the san bernardino murders were taken place he went galvin out there was little skinny legs picking up call false do does new aid squats did is shooting a man tat place back nine if you again why they all play off can you be president the soothing you can't be if you won't be president you can't be someone who doesn't believe in god and he can't be someone doesn't play golf are they were about to see maybe a change of that what hilary declares she's going
often when learning anything if you want he would play well first of all i make coffee legal and alternatives plaited in tat place it with a homeless people live with these courses ways to space they are yet to cause if i have a good bernie impression i need to get it where have you seen as james idomene who's that is a comic he doesn't even very humble find it highly spells i think it's a d o my eye and dreary move jazz idomene i think that's it bernie sanders load you know does a good way really funny stephen prouder called barney clause he stephen crowded fuckin mocks bernie pretty heavy really yeas profile in the burning clause impression no crowded is kind of like an internet comedian but politically conservative he does
he did a really funny thing social justice warriors are always saying that you should ask people what the correct gender pronouns are because some people like to z and age are and all these differ non conventional gender pronouns because they dirk either gender queer and they don't they don't want to be labelled in aspen the male or female gender is set up for this is exhausting i wanted a punch you ever fuck and untold you this is the worst thing i've ever heard i'm having an aneurysm thinking about where this is going to go through this is real you see your painted you throw zella here and i'm periods it's ridiculous social requirements that people in college today or work asking people to do and they want people to ask
people's social like they have like this real rigid idea of how you supposed behaved socially these pose to ask their preferred gender pronouns i got can't just assume that you are a man to ask you kid there's a guy we heard this guy on who was a guest who said that one of his colleagues was thinking was fired big he refused to this a student is class that would change is gender pronoun from him to her and her to him and he would go we're the worth of back and forth on depending on what days of the week days you wanted to be a girl on sundays you want to be a boy and this professor was not willing to do tat and so is fired good for the professor that's one where i a hundred percent support if you're going back and forth today she's here and tomorrow he might be back with our neighbours tomorrow i'm z i'm not her z and then stay i'm hiv are her eye i gave the fuck up well do you no harm
released a list of of of possible gender pronouns yes and so like they sent home with people like the i want you to be aware of these potential gender pronouns engender mutual pronouns that year you should be aware that people want them to use thought me i just walk around go he in and if those ignobly like whatever you are involved in beer you can have a fucking tom the girl style beard and beer he knew her maybe you see your zizi z z secure the z secure mister because mr no no well when he was in class excuse me when zones wednesday was in class when her in kosovo are hiv are there really you're using
z william was vhf here this gender binary these are gender binary he she heard him but gender neutral are they them there's like some people twitter page have preferred gender pronouns use programme z h are ours each hour ass z h e here hears here here about here pronunciation h i always hear simon her z zaire zaire's zaire's sometimes the crazy this bell with an exit s leg class i would have failed i would really how to run right through the fucking door even bother to open it get me how i would be like to cool guy left me lie like in the car to this gun i'm gone
not done him what the fuck man what is going on our tables going on everybody got up a trophy participation trophies am against that for what did it really got attention for who they are i'm amazed my own right now i'm here i'm zero i remember you know losing games and and suck that that's that part of the thing is i remember it sucks chow why winning is awesome winning is only then that is not a loser when no one's a loser winning is an awesome anymore right everybody gets dissipation drove is no my dear when she was three issues plan soccer no one wants to see what i mean no one one his team scored five that team scored zero that team fuckin want no we don't celebrate that i have eminent look into a league for my kid that definitely has winners and losers oh yeah for sure
on my daughter played softball too she was six this is not even though the young the three europe that one now by veneer over six she's plants are they didn't count score i don't get it they would run at a very high vibrated noted count score they wouldn't count just about playing the bullshit bullshit what what's the point hit the ball then how are we just throw the ball around how well you just hit balls randomly no someone's pitching you're trying to hit it we don't you're a loser ok you suck at this you know what i said that table sits on the tea and it doesn't move i do that i couldn't hold ass the other thing they do with kids they can hit the pitch the chemical which is mccann him then they put our model stick and they live they set it up for them and they had they get him on base for four times the end they hit the falcons dealing with the ball they stick itself on the ball falls down and they just start running like yes when the
series team up wait a second i was bad at every sport until i did martial arts as per ok a baseball but i wasn't good baseball player because i wouldn't listen to the coach ever there was a guy we are trying to hit a single ok whatever i gotta run free time every time swing for the bleachers you know why because i hit it love a man it was also the best when you feel that take that crack at a bad now ball starts flying through the air like yeah we therefore that view in man there's a feeling you only get one you hit home my horse you get there feeling yon base now that's like ok i'm not a loser and you get on base like a loser borneo he was i think fuckin sale the bleachers you're a winner now you're a winner you're one
greatly at home and come back airbus high five and you and the coach like i told you get out basement you can fuck all the way a dummy let's hit a homeland yes way in football the early shreds each you see you tackle to wrap up another like lower your body had to decide folder into that the chest and then you wrap up but you know you try to do you tried a light people looks like you miss you know you'll be the guy that but every once in a while you lay somebody the fuck out you're like was now that's that's why you do that there is what you do that what the fuck is wrong with these coaches coach raising a bunch of cs i wanna be called z are there should in zaire zere bullets the burning impression we have it do fired up what's his name again james idomene where's yeah he's
here is an elegant pot full screens bitch give james idomene props yeah he's funny things by partisan donald trump verses bernie sanders why applause from the right and will want to others all right all right we also power let's call on goods what good luck really good
this is a great country this is a great country this is a fun ways i promise killing everyone in the bows and guarantee list and killing everyone in the world and if i'm elected president i will kill everyone in fact ok the minute i'm become president prodi i could maybe programmes where we start browsing mexican immigrants putting them on naval ships to use finally the same grounds and can make a real thing note is no longer in events a metaphor
towards a blatant bali you look like you're worried for puzzled about the job here is the right way was visibly how bout a cop barely pursued my party is labelled stop one don't worry informing parliament one completely out of date and says that trunk guy's name these great was his name was a truly press if you highlighted its anthony james out a man in the dome of idomene me at a man wick boy both immigrants obviously names probably
muslim terrorists snow privately or probably that's funny he doesn't really good trump to does good trumpets good thrilling it but bernie sanders on point really is long and talking about the percentages of the percentage get the the substance of it down too well everybody's looking for somebody comes along stands out as being the counter to what were experiencing yet no one feels like these people represent them maybe ted crews fanciful slogan few whereas the guys that still stay in it you know when they know night and shot they have that the high level really i bet there's did did you just in denial authorizing the air but there's a certain point where you know it's not it's not gonna turn around they still yamaha now photoshop united on russia job so in it she still i think job is land back this is my thought my thought is job is rope adoption is that now these people beat each other up
land way back and i think he's gonna be the eventual republican nominee diarrhoea live there doesn't these numbers are terrible argument the up and he's not try and not try doing about a long way to go november right which is almost a year from now think about what can happen publicly in a year year people become superstars from no name to superstar down his world the world works today through this a different world like you gotta be careful and if you're a media so the guy and i got assume that anybody grows up whereas fuckin dad was present and his brother was president boy if any he understands that business him and hilary yeah real look so tired she'll exhausted our shields exhausted she looks super unhealthy here's a thought ready hillary clinton
christy brinkley are essentially the same age are they aren't they don't know about they are i bet they're fucking close who addressed a double hilary just for the story gets christie brinkley it's like so merrier broke withheld like what we think in due course outrageously oil and coal farc advisory group may i did too milligrams of niagara i did ten lines a coke agenda i d like to kill a i was on ecstasy and i mushrooms she's she's had a real dog to so she's hasn't savage sex i think you think so short she probably hasn't been fucked in for ever the only survive in a lesbian for the last thirty or forty years at least this hangs in there with them they made a deal i think they made a deal
if you take a picture dynamite now forget china target shit but i got assume that first of all if you got a guy like bill you get to know and you know that do duff freak is a whip is dick out type freak he's one has got ahead how're you will we have asthma deck belongs in your mouth like that christie blankly bam lamb look at how but that's a really picture but ass a really good picture hilary too by the way is some horrific pictures of hilary you can find some monstrous once that's all lee from about thirty forty years ago to how long as ambitious as november twenty first months old lies photoshop the same people that the girls are on its remedies ceaseless sixty eight chrissy brinkley sixty once seven ness avenue whatever there's no way the christie brings you look that ban seven years but let's go
a better picture gridlock in happened says it's one of her view that we are faced with their get the fuck out of here he has dude she's hot but she's also genetically gifted you know there's a dead letter gift to look like that means a lot involved is not just genetics evolve certainly was genetically gifted at the jump to have their bone structure but there's a lot involved there for fathers massive exercise die as a result the africa gotta be some bow tie in sum russia's use of fillers tangles oh you that one way there come on man that's a hot thirty five year old right how is that possible how was it doesn't make any sense why on her teeth riding out of your fuckin head really can't be real team liners those teeth are made out of like ivory from murdered elephants yeah preferred real teeth fucking
my grandmother died when she was like sixty four and guaranteed shit why she so hot i appreciate the effort to ride away her forehead would not move if you had a hundred mexicans and six trucks trying to move it the moving trucks in the world are not will make that fuckin forehead move that thing is frozen in time like like a bully man trapped and indeed the glacier another millions will you have argued for the june movement barely has some lines on the corner of her eyes its she's hottest factor whatever she's doing everyone should do it we should all do and by the way this is what we are seeing it is rare of rare to one percent of the one percent of the one percent
this is she's the rarest of the rare when it comes to like women in their sixties that are still hottest fuck she's a hundred percent hot as far as that is what women are gonna look like in the future this is doctor doktor things in pure following the same guy who created rejected keen that one's bending procedure there are literally months away from me launching some new treatment where re nights your bodies to produce college and yet and so college in his way makes your face turn all hilary hang and drew it loses all its elasticity they gonna bring that shit right back to my face pops i'm no when women get those old old lady although there was and just hang in but we want to see that so little really do though just i don't know and understand the procedure but ill tighten up on you you go to your bodies colleges production is gonna re kickstart it's gonna just jam back into your
scanning yourselves are going to flourish in there just gonna fuckin look elastic and who wonderful again like it like us are walking around i'll tight faced yeah hot crazy imagine yeah oh ladys he snapped back to life start strength training again builder bought up womb and they'll be looking still have already feel keeps oxen he's sacks nk six socks and only when i see the twisted shade botany are healed crusted away who feel crust don't they have treatments for that though this this sand it now commercials for it i'm a stone's always trying to things it'll just shaved off have you ever seen that showed dual survivor yes weight is everywhere it's couple ex military guys in the gathering the wandering around generally survive drama in a lakers
it's like sort of a fake version of survivor man with two dude yes but one of them whose survival expert and i use airports for that tourism expert but he's things aims cody he's completely crazy he doesn't wear shoes ever ever so it goes through the jungle wandered through the jungle barefoot in it feet are a fuckin atrocity have today as a crime against nature his feet she's doesn't wear shoes ever ever so develop these insanely thick calices unless we is photos of his feet online what is that while that's a good photo theirs you look great there but you gotta see like what his feet look like when they get close up on like that items of em i've seen some horrific photos of what his feet look like but he just walks everywhere
through the jungle like theirs is now my fuckin god account thicket is practically everything jesus dual survivor yeah there's the bottoms of his feet you that what this may my eyes water elephants give me boy that's what both dead yeah sure it is here that we have close and shoes yes you mean for years a mean obviously many many years everybody walked and ran everywhere so yeah that's wide strange to see someone naked what are you doing closer who's the first person wear clothes first whereas the color of the cave like what the fuck are you doing this kept
get underwear it's got a little dick he saw a couple using what the fuck is that when you think little deck started surviving people that's a like a treat right right somebody with a little deck had a fuck somebody but it had to be no that's it i mean it isn't a trait because everybody big dick has a big dixon imagine if you have a giant dick the kid as little tiny micro dead man i know you're not my son you probably start thinkin fuckin whore bang in some little dick gosh you are tired of my big dick my son's three soul giant hog we have known about the same size take his body proportion was balanced imagine of your son was born said try hard year comes out a source of two umbilical guarded
since time is a baby's hard every day the balls like big how big we know their body such so small the bay rises and then you see like a ball bag it stands out grew for have side the size of the baby do you know the decisive testicles is direct be proportionate to the amount of promiscuous women who are in the area of focus that's right he's he's got a big balls on women actually say that the human body adapts to the amount of promiscuous women there are in the area and your ball so crazy that's how it is with primates the more power mischievous the women are in the area the larger the testicles are of the primary that's why champs have giant balls guerrillas have little tiny balls little tiny ball and little tiny decks for chimps for guerrilla guerrillas cause chimp chimp women are hookers right sluts but guerrilla women they mine appeasing queues at fucking
even in line right the gorilla has it guerrilla airum you got a harem big fuckin pile of bitches sticks his little tiny dig in it but a chancy the champ they just fuck buddy fucks everybody will now look at barcelona may super slighted bernardo us they must have some day giant giant digs giant balls yet there balls temples are giant that's the reason why the giant but they had they observe that in humans like like the dirt there's a direct relation right the size of the two articles because the more slats there on the area the more competition there is to get your sperm and have to produce more sperm so you have to have larger balls yet about that some men but had noted knots in primates does a direct connection used to think that there was different kinds of sperm there was a book written
sperm wars but it's been largely disproven than the idea behind this book was at their different kinds of sperm this actual sperm that it pack other sperm behold i go in there and the attack other sperm that turns out to not be true there is no evidence that sperm have any other duty other than coming you know hitting eggs and china get people pregnant denominator properties and are actually kills sounds like a good premise for a movie though something an awesome practice killers sure blind you got the killer prisoner i'd like it if you look around promiscuous women like a porn set then that jesus it's a girl's eyes probably blinder just look in a killer for a moment about in the year i like little fucking parole sure
through the earth outer i am one of those that those those mugs the research bubbling mean ones froth like five feeding for the in the mug of you better budget guys isn't my finally glaring fight in the com a laundry frothing like boiling water have you ever got fishing weathers feeding frenzy yes i have actually i was in mexico and was awesome man because i took my kids fit my kids love fishing thrilling on yeah they love it because it's it's fun for the kids like if you can get em like near where the fish are actually catch one so exciting than they get to eat it they're so happy like we caught this i'm eating it and we caught it mommy again are so excited but we are we went out in mecca
go and there was like a hundred yards like a football field size of all these jack's like amber jack's yes there are skipjack scrimmage after and they were right bring these bait fish so they like ants these are some like that or minerals whatever the fuck it is and our smashing these things and the whole life bar feel size it just frothing and all you gotta do is get closed and cast alluring there and then and then a ban and the girls what their whole around the ride and i'll have to hold onto that with them otherwise deficient literally polar rod and water right was wild man while fishing is a pretty good time i've done it in a white frock and love it it's so funny i just love the idea that go out into the water and catch lunch is i am bring home dinner together not a store and if you ever had fish that is caught like they prepared a fourth we caught a couple different
the fish we caught when i was in hawaii cotton oh no oh it's a wife who but they come owners and on an owner still less yes it's such a delicious fish and this is a big fish too so we could have you need all of it so i gave half of it to the guy who ran the boat and then took half of it and that half of the fish was enough for my whole family everybody ate it and they ate it did they pay headed a bunch of different ways they made so she me out of it they made like up the baked it and they grilled so they gave us like three different proper once and all the inmates of each other made two beaches what city where you in doing this was in thousand maui last year it was really awesome anthony no actually thousand the bigger but of hawaii man ocean wasn't so far by now but that's why its awesome because so far for was right there at billy mexico skirt there but makes those pretty bad ass tumor
you go there recently mexico yazoo lasher wood was area putin meta it's called the support of my orders that what it is what about the loom tuolumne is nice i was cool next time ago i want to go where the aztec pyramids are because when i was in mexico city mexico city twice last year for the usa and other when i go man i just fucking show my hotel i work out it's pretty great city i it's not chaos first of all that pollution is worse than any of ever seeing your life really oh my god i took photos and put my instagram but i was bullshit it's insane like the photos on instagram but i put up it looks like you're you're in a fire like ulysses at that crazy it's way nl i it's like alien twenty years if five ways people whereas that yeah yeah it's a big city in the world is it yeah i believe so more than it
chinese seriously beijing there's people saw river site out now i am pretty sure it's the biggest it might be just the biggest at america you right here right now you might have many cities with a hundred billion thing turkey has the biggest last time we looked at tokyo yet like twenty two three thirty mindsets allow i see no other way there's no way have twenty million now it's not official bullets at school or the world's let's let's with scarce right now i say this my guess i would guess ones like another l a county city frowny by thirteen fourteen million poles the howling mexican am i not how many illegal aliens are there in california no one has a fuckin kill seven million in many areas and might be true seven million garcia thirteen million regular yeah normal people know what is
this is three point eight frail little shit i think that's like ella city proper that's exactly what they are shared safely let alone i feel as if these were hatred wow but that's not counting that's you know that's not the greater metropolitan yeah that's the thing is allay is not really a city right it's me it seems i generally well what eighteen million grayer los angeles area eighteen million eighteen five yeah that seems as more that sees see the greater the thing about when i say l is not a city what i mean is like new york city is a city it's only new york city like you go there in an hour and let it run the sick people say all we left the city greater tokyo s dirty five million oh my god twenties ten percent of the nation's entire population while now about china's cities i saw something that said they have something new
ten maybe more than ten cities in china with twenty million more people are jesus christ china cities dago list of cities look at that wait a minute i'm looking for a city where even know what fucking city that is control rancho has twelve million seven hundred thousand ok to shanghai twenty three jesus twenty three four shanghai what is beijing because is at an end straight of area is i mean that's not the real butts from this issue leaving this to people in china to counter people ok city that you never heard of that has twenty million tongue palm chung what does
john john good an admirable has now funding that if you do if you do that you're an asshole you of course in our view a few incorrectly print that's asian cities in a humorous way you're a terrible person course you can't say chung ching chong begins will you but i'm a bad person right somewhere tat person enough home gliding jewel so why angel privation item to that setting when we got here fourteen million yeah according to who guangzhou genes then accounting that account for real derive their babies to over real for when you buy them and thirty million additional michael area for six points out of the wide let oh my god so they have thirty million and thirty million they may be
because they don't really here there are snowboard even there you live in there you live in there you can see migrants fucking with numbers mandatory would logic hollywood arithmetic here we do how we are counting on movies where have a movie that made a hundred million dollars and they tell the actors i'm sorry nobody really make there the air we'd love to give you what you deserve but we can't because the counting it says that we did make any money now at other do record companies to write yet have you seen soaked in bleach soaked in bleach share that something i have to what i was sought for its courtney is a documentary about courtly love it bravo in brennan job we're fuckin ray in about a really saying that she killed her cobain and her form herb bodyguard private investigator apparently he's the one who
recorded ali's conversations with her and it's another netflix jamming nauseating it's a documentary bizarre netflix right yeah we're talking about narcos that's not goes ray i go the ship shit so good fuckin netflix killing lately for family the bill birth series hilarious bloodline the new bob and dave show mr show due note with her out of eva the other com i don't know what their call with bob and data was called with bob and david it's funny man it's really good i saw the disease and sorry show took i've been re reviews disease and sorry shows yeah thriller i've seen it blood not bad thing i must first episode so it's ok it's emily laughs you know who's funny in it eric wareham timid area he's fucking hilarious guys a maniac here
really funny he's funny he's funny in that but bob bob and david maybe the problem as compared to bob david maybe if i it on its own like it more but by david was fucking funny like a really good i just got into the killing and ran through that which was an amc show that ended up on netflix than ethics paid for a fourth season brayley that series i loved a love the killing one is about its about these two seattle homicide detectives but it's really good you know story telling that the basic leads them following a murder per season and they really you know makes a super engaging its cliffhanger stuff where it ends you like fuckin press play on the next one is that crazy do they release that's one of the things were netflix figured it out release the entire season and of one goal of course binge watch it yeah the cards everything they had
the cars are watch house of cards to watch one and a half episodes of scene but i saw it on a pie american airlines has netflix on our focus will that one i tell you i think you get three episodes in a house of cards consider it oh you're done you're gonna watch the whole fucking thing if you make it there were yet gets better pilots are tough i think you as the more you walk shows like that you understand that pilots are tough to introduce world introduce characterise made you care about what's going on once if you can get over that hurdle and you get to the second or third and when it's good i guess it bloodline i was totally impressed with after i got two through a couple episodes and fargo which is not a netflix thing but both of those seasons you know that the first season pilot of fargo is
just one of the best pilots i've ever seen you never hear about spargo i never hear about so fuckin good will i think it might be the best show intelligence tat tat tommy yes are you saying this you gotta check it out i'll give you believe me i have it on dvd manual you can also just digitally gimme some shit you can also just on demands on ethics really care did give me i'll give the committee it's our netflix no one but if you have apple tv eggs effects on demand watch amalgamate apple tv is another thing that is shit that's when you know india heller's men and ethics built in its great and a new apparently even better get the last generation so new generation now one about easily i got the old shit even avenue shit there's no shit
the new one real janitor and all that's ways to use its fast and promotes better who am i have to get a signal is an airway you can make a remote with your phone eternal volunteer amount that's she hasn't jamie shit in doing that with andrew funds for a while some answer i phoned actually have an eye are thing in the front regulate pointed at your tv and you can actually change channels the application get me a thousand historic using i'll get these by these lights and then your phone can control lights make them different dollars now we have those okay here never install ok well i don't have that kind of time i got it back again some attacks my foreign turns fuckin light rail often on warm sleep and no fund bullshit that's bullshit bullshit to light switch my wife stupid fuck and light panels mouse they like a little computer early after touches a touch screen thing it's so stupid she likes it gives it
look school don't click does not a click walk in a room in the lights off you can't just touch it you have to look at it find out whether the white light is too that way and it turns out its glass has no tactile feel some bullshit horse shit do you know how do you feel about tvs curve tvs s dog shit they can suck my dick about that i was looking for an opinion on a flat tv damage looking certain a fuckin cockpit of a jet yeah why wise it curved what am i have look let's look i look forward are unaware look want to write front of me flat they know what not too big about that what sites even to fuckin big what size it can you assholes two hundred in tv what the fuck are you look what are you going to have five eyes you haven't you get a smaller tv sit closer you fuck
a hundred and tv we have stood a mile away from african leaders particularly entire image for genuine user dog shit i've had one big occasionally take couple seconds to boot up they're stupid so someone stepson front of it you see that person on the screen so ten visa waiver tvs a deafening awaiting the image is better too and i had a bad said generations of of projectors will you am i ass when i had the projector room yes that's all gone now as a pool table near i got it oh you don't get changed it but when i did the projector was there when i got there on a moved in there what i have to buy it and it was stupid shit about it i should tell him take that wonky hunker shit get out here i own your house take the bricks but the young the light if the curtains were open even a little you couldn't watch tv that's you
to make it so dark you didn't see anything to irrigate blackout curtain black our current you to shut the door if anybody opened the door while watching tv closed gadget of august green is so stew so then we got the next generation of projector which a smaller as a lower pay file that was much much much better and then i got a big tv in there and i was like these things are stupid produce there's a stupid it is not as good is not as good we think it about a thing about it now i love you know i like watching movies let's just get it you bastard we want a nice tv therefore katy these now like this the fourth eighteen this fuckin thing look so good the resolution is so high and it so pretty they went look at an image like it doesn't give me back my new specials unfortunate oh my it's your new special that's out this friday netflix january eighth what's it called mostly stories watch com also stores i just figured i tell us
worries and you know that even though its not the whole specials not stories is the story but your doctor in this one that's my other special i'll have it s lucky well that's darya that when you know that i get a breakdown of what is the best from a sound exchange they go here's what's planet but people are playing them stone pandora really yet and that that stories number one too funny fuck store ass the doktor dexter this was a real guy to real guy who i finally told him that i told a story about him and i gave it to listen to and then he called me he's like a fuckin love it has just said it's my parents and i can't believe i talk like this to my patient everybody hasn't seen it that we want to give way these points to this a fucking yeah that's the way our special car completely normal annapolis
but then everyone has that have only serena williams bidding yes yes yes but this one has as a bunch of stories of you know has a budget stand about its stand special but i have stories about my trainer in it i have a story how you jesus train area have him a no no he's gonna find out is definitely provide a unifying advertising mike tyson stories in our great story to have a story about a movie theater fight that i got into and yet is all kinds of stories and i called it mostly story asked you oh that's all you say you know i did i downloaded one of your us what a year cds of itunes i bought one of your calmly snows x men is welcome but there's something i was just in the mood for some comedy and annoy hilarious but i was i was really weird my phone like when you have blue to saint up to your phone
and your phone if it starts when i get cardinal what what the settings are why does this but my car just all the sudden start playing like from the moluccas it set it saved up the bluetooth bluetooth for music so when i get my car it'll all sudden start playing music it plays your can serene williams bit every time so bizarre every two eight plays at first so when i get a car and i start my car up i hear you you're the first thing i hear every time that so the whole about you i want to die in a dumb way goes right into that every time it happened to me with me in my car with a gangster which i guess and private exaggerate better than might have been familiar with the latter you got in your car asked airplane your shit we'd be like hey businesses pittsburgh my face my favorite shit but actually know who else it happens to with with what you're saying is my mother called me she goes i bought your
bum and now every time i get in the car blazon how do i stop it and it's my mother theologies seconds that is why i wonder why around song or that one bit rather these every time time i get in my car it starts off with that that's it is that is weird it's very strange but it's a is your gangster one that the goes its i think it's above the clouds which makes sense could sabbatical that's alphabetical right so by gangs are but what i mean yeah i know what it is and sometimes i plug in the phone then it will also only play that song and will let me fast food murder jumped to another song what is the name of the bed i think it's called a good death
that's why i left nothing about death a that's why i just wanted to be justified that's how every fuckin days darts for me it's because a year in malawi must be well that's a good move i'm gonna name all my bits a big dick story imagine that was like what i did with my special every fuckin bit was called a big dick story and another they never so my favorite big stick i have a thing were i that was kind of the idea behind when i did my first album called thrilled radio a parody of michael jackson's regular the whole idea like part of the fund that was so that i could i knew that people who got the album had a good chance in their library having it next to michael jackson's thriller
you know that it's fun and people send me screen grab they semi screen grabs of their library livelier reply their picture is i love how you trim neck but each asked does like a wall show your face your hair and then you have like this bridge no hair so much hair that should be the name of my next so much hair so people's any screen grabs them of their phone be like if you and it's like me and michael jackson side by side thrilled that's all there is ok you just heard a fuckin chain something about chest here and chained together tract of very specific the one with that look earlier chest heron chains yeah it's the kind little scoop score or have you heard of you washed efforts for family an idea i saw the first at the i just saw the fucking funny eleven neighbour
thinking to hill gold chains the hoary there is also a funny series of l killed it man that's awesome apparently louie lucy k is gonna do inanimated series now too oh really those ginger's and taken over ginger's or flock and run it you know what it is like a lot of land opposing when you young gonna get laid attention builds up upset focus dr focusing dr red headed focus and dry cohesion is you an animated yeah yeah he's apparently you'd do anything you want to animated series man it's so you could do and we were so much and think about what south park has gotten away will stuff they can do what beavis in butthead did back in the day when weren't a gun to redo beavis him but had they do right but nobody cared anymore but he's doing that hbo show my job was shown valley oh that's right is that's a good show who that's another funny show
is this the best time ever to be just a fuckin losers its further tv without doubt is the best best tvs holidays ever ever tv has for a while now just leaped over moving sing ass enemies not even close they really can do with the tv then voted about tv is like something like game thrones is like a new movie every week in its tied together in a movie mean how much can you really get attached to a character in a two hour film because again but not either way you can over right ten fifteen twenty episode season for sure no one else i like that these television shows whether its narcos or whether its game of thrones their law largely unknown actors so you associate them with the actual character gray instead of going oh here's beneath yield del toro writing another crazy guy right right right that happens it sets man because when i go to the movies and i see tom cruise i'm seeing tom fuckin crews
i've seen some mad scientist i'm not seeing a private agent unmoved secret agent i'm seeing fuckin grows his famous or bradley cooper or jennifer law and some seen them i know it's them we can't lie to me so i those actors that were really that really get into play imparts stand out so much like the way that philip seymour have been using lay rules you lose yourself in his role because it was so committed to not being the act he was the part daniel d lose my favorite example is that fuckin guy when he did boxer moving knew he did nothing but box for a year really for a year all we did was gonna boxing every day and train he he looked he's only guy that i've ever seen a movie where he actually looked like a real boxer we was doing the scenes i give you watch the fighter with market mark wahlberg is playing a term majority they make you warrior he doesn't look a boxer
there's a guy punches juvenile you think you are a box emergency see that movie led them the marquis mark movie he doesn't look like guy who's actually been boxing he'll say guy knows how throw punches but there's a big difference a guy knows how throw punches guy who knows how to throw punches anticipating that somebody punches back and the idea of an actual boxer the difference between knowing that a guy's gonna stand in front of you like a rocky movie or a guy who looks like a boxer and daniel day louis is the only guy i've ever seen a movie that actually livelier boxer uses him zuma jumpin rope but maybe there's a well that's him actually jumpin rope goodies german wrote poet shit they sent me the other guy's an animal man he really is an animal tat mother fucker hee hee when he did that my left foot he was in character like for like a year listen he's like that
there will be blood there's nation character as pie annoying it's gotta be mad if you do it movie like lincoln and nobody gives a shit about offset you know my dinner with them i will have a milkshake hey abe sorry aids where on you four score and seven years ago nobody give a fuck about that movie more people cared about the the abraham lincoln verses empire movie abraham lincoln vampire hunter more people care about that movie than then they know they lose abraham lincoln i believe that what is that when we give a fuck about a stark movies are sometimes they take off right i think part of it is name was this but now i think part of it is now is that we have seen in a lot like there's a point where you go i know even though it might be worth telling seem a number of holocaust movies or
i've seen a number of civil rights you know american story like so when those now you go by i kind of know the story right i think that's worthy the interest the box office goes down we will go well i know i know the story you can retell it or tell it the way interesting way but people feel like i got it right i've seen the story right though it does feel like new but it wasn't her for a moment it's boring i don't want to hear about it when only here by history i want spaceships and i want aliens and laser beams explosions sandpiper awakened decided what you think loved it haven't seen it yet you should i tell you everything that happened i do want to see it it's good manners obsessed with and i was a kid i enjoy the shit out of it it's it's a perfect blend of new and old it's a perfect homage it it it captures the ass
of the original films but with much more updated special effects graphic storytelling and acting is really good too is nothing bad about it i've loved it i've used eyewash we we submit netflix making it murderer no i m not get your entire life together no i mean to everybody gives what you're telling me that is the number one thing the people tweet me about other than but i'm wrong about bernie said i'm not a party handed basic did not say ninety percent he's had he's ok with it's not too much if it's over a certain and that's out with it philip burn you're gonna its shit your pants i keep saying i keep hearing that apparently list to radio lab podcast that talked about the exact same story it is right i looked it up it came out like two thousand thirteen when they weren't they left out all the corruptions going on in the movie yeah that's what
the state side of the story and this data is stored in the woman side of the story who accuse the man a rape and she thought on the level of conspiracy involved in this issue it's mine either radio lab thing didn't cover that at all that's what really to that kind of sex they couldn't though they digital radio avonlea had an hour yet hours these two ten episodes it is a little over an hour each see that's where something like netflix fuckin shine can't do that anywhere else yeah they won't let you not like many special six hours while that's me are you make it and all that in most of it beginning in the end zella ass also answer yet that is what i do try to add even diaper changed phased out and you both i had a guy come up to me the fucking problem they asked me to do comedy at a nudist camp is like it's amazing we everyone who performs they perform naked i go oh yeah ok
and he was italy or used to do i don't know come on man eater hey do you not gonna see my cock ok do i do that is your elaborate method i was literally gave otherwise please go for that we never see who's the guy that was dynasty or was it was at a gym or something you have a guy somewhere there was bowling you certainly that was workin out day but i mean you know was i agree it worked out at a gay jim for while when news radio worked at it jim on coal but like the same one and the same guy waiting that wasn't no that was engineered to budgets was this guy well that we have to take their guy he was just like hang back just how would wait for me get dressed but he waited for her body it trusts nude harass guys who would like say much creepy sexual shit to people s changing what its any also would go in duty jitsu and purposes
get his ass kicked dicey your manhandling yet he will we want it's like you barely fight back i got member he wrote this one guy and the guy tapped em like really quick and i realize you wasn't fighting back and looked at him loose and the integrated try to keep going now i'm not doing this for i just came all over your such as making a boy he said my friend brady said sometimes it has come here to get my aspect come what's this is not the place and this is brett was one the guy's gonna kicked out of their because he would say creepy sexual shit discreetly who would say weird shit two guys like one time i where i would wear a jog strap and then over my jocks trap i would put a cup on and the cup goes in a dark terminals you were to jobs jobs locally but why are you staring at me getting change and commenting on a word on the fire weird and the way we do it is like
this longing look in his face excess hoping the aegis polio cargo stuff throw us three freedom there was none of that that's another thing about the evolution of porn two things that have happened there have been pretty radical one no one airports anymore pierre pussy hairs out the were gone the right go crazy girl has a little landing strip oh my god is crazy like little bush election bush but i like it i dislike it i have no problem with not getting pubic care my mouth but one thinking as kids today they don't know what it's like to get a pubic you're stuck in between you two yeah they dont up yes for us sure that feeling we haven't you tommy i can't get it out and even you get it out you think he's still american type certain never get it out you actually you don't use that move for any
else than removing through the air from the mouth amy if you buy a napkin yeah you taken now get a bite into it knew it and he got up why would you do it right but you eat pussy you have spared i spent a lot here's my youth sure somewhere online it just stopped silence i think to forget the trees chop down like what happened what happened in the forest of being in their it's weird these stopped growing pussy heroin visa girls get one two years and in an they stop could you get back to it but some some change happen both in pornography and in people and it's almost like pornography became more popular because of like blockbuster inv age ass tat sure number they are those local vince story of course you have to go through the fuckin saloon doors
open your young you gonna adrenaline rush you file even though i know there's like if you were on it visiting someone in prison and you had to go jack lockdown area really work and they were buying to buying porn and those and you know you buy if you go to a ports as one of your regular so that has porn and you buy a porn and you get the check out person is like only judging you yeah you're real fucking pig you know that i'm nervous also nor noble remember that some of the check out personal times like going to throw away the box for you love you don't like the box i'll take the back burner for bank data box my collective recollect the boxes framed the boxes is gonna be an order humming got another in order for other box and neither box yeah that the saloon door thing so i think people started by a number of renting i'm right they start
in rome and they started going what's all air and then something happened where the industry recognise that its work weird michel's asshole hair and you're gonna fuckin three inches away from some did harry ass and is bad bag or slap and begins area and i believe that we can agree on this we are clear so they somewhere along the line on what year was the eighties maybe they start all the shaven down like ass some hair i think it will only there was the shift in the high you may be right to caraway but also people got bored with the regular product secular talkin about earlier like why they still making porn lavishly became a point in time where they are shift from just two people meeting leads a guy come on man you don't have any maybe i give her you know something and along the way for porn itself changed like they got tired of scenarios and then it became like rough paul
gagging and mascara running it's not that pose a really crazy still oh my god i saw this one with a girl they later down on a bed and her head hung off the edge of the bed and guys took turns just mouth fucking balls into her nose his book slobber in like she was like puke saliva coughing and spitting and then shoot and they would just right back in there and then next guy would do it in these guys were these giant cocked black eyes with his big media asses lydia pound her fucking mouth lucius whoa whoa whoa whoa who's asking for that sum is clearly asked for that i think they just had figured out we are presented in a different way i think is probably the people too
the porn like we're talking about mass hard corbians so fuckin crazy i think they just get so bored sadly though a girl now shut up i'm opening your ashcombe throw my keys in their electors i do people have like redeployed jack's what throw the jacks asshole something happened there's a progression to that is as went from missionary till i lay on your back yard get a dog you then it's like you know tongue my balls from london let's go asked a mouth or someone was the first worsening i got an idea and then ask the mouth we learn that safe to do so now it's azure genre here if i am to genre you know milhouse is i got a bunch of different genre gale they find these onwards him yeah jesus christ sixty plus move but because of that the images that people saw in pornography changed the way people take care of their pubic thea one percent what it was that's the influence pornography
change the way women trim the pubic area maybe guys to definitely doesn't trim traveller all therefore do you smell gaped on their journey is it like your neck in the thriller thing or it's like beard beard b it's no here now it's clean cock and clear but he knew i owe wary legs without would be so it does not as crazy down there but yeah definitely do some maintenance man i like i like how to the pretty clean ball bag move and then you know care grows on the shaft from that off to how much haired grozny shaft just like my beard like the one you want what you did manage to feed a wolf may have their use of union take is aware walkin around not from all around the saviour asshole now i didn't once i had it waxed once wasn't i tweeted about it people get mad at me why it was great when i got to say i want to go back to it shapes ass i had it waxed an odd you do for radio show but but re osha valentine's day
wax your ass well you know the explained further please i'm at the they made some comment about waxing hair and eyes i says something like will make some town i would do that you now to my ass because i'd i'd heard about how ups you wipe game so much hell yeah matt well they did it was fine it wasn't that blew it wasn't isn't paint who did it they had a local people that that wax male or female female again saw your asshole to waxed it i should point out in this regard in their did she have like those rubber made gloves she had some type of albania and you know she was put maximum she didn't even like yeah are you professional report over the teeth but here's the thing
use your fingernails for jimmy the way i get sticker memory isn't even getting lacks it's how great the wiping was within six weeks after six whole weeks until stubble start you have unbelievable taint edge yes the train it with other love how do you know what it was like tonight to wipe a few times you again done is when you have a hairy ass yeah use your legs ass mirroring shit under the top your head picture that that's what you're doing with your area you never quite get done guy got going role of toilet paper for a normal shit clean mass so discuss a one time i decided i was shaved my ball bag and i trim first and then i get in the shower and these raised right so razor my ball back are you working again and so
lifted my leg up some quite flexible great i put my leg up on the wall and just look down and laughter shaven away just a vision i was amazed hacking fuckin trees out of my asshole friends why couldn't believe how long my asshole hair is tat gets longer like tat it s like i like more than a beard yeah i got crazy beer like maybe olga rasputin's type beard but had you feel after weights first of all my farts changed the sound almost like before i was like farting through the forest and now it's like right on my far twig let in can you guess muffled with that right they sounded different yeah that's they literally sounded different whenever louder now that could become a beautiful beef cream was coming out peak
for years this guy that we found our podcast what's name his name's thursday lane another guy as in the other guy the vienna last isn't that king s river guy this guy's name without a new guide yeah his name was names diego but it goes by thursday lane and his fucking here he could get a rap name here at home i gotta be he wants to do far fetish porn this his dream see posted alleys videos about how much he loves far that's how he we got in touch with them and he has a description for if you whatever type of hair color you have he associated with a different type of cream or broth that's him serve you have brown here you have beef cream farts this is then this is him thursday lane marries a fart
this is a play this what does that mean you'll see marries fart if your guy what did you mean many way you're like a big kick it always biting cannot marry a farce please cleaner was about his hair timely statement very one other or upper like thank you even agreement so guy part in his face and again superman he loved i mean you don't stand so you know if you have we really does like oh he loves it he's not kidding i just did a flip boys is even wick jesus christ in the space of eating guys asked one of the guy was fighting in this phase gay or other he is he works for that we talk to that company to accompany you because we play
talked about them on our part kind accompanying we target it's hot movies that calm recently that today they they heard him on our part guest and then they contact at him and shot that interview that's but he has a description for every hair color of europe if you have white hair easier silver trout cream if you have blonde hair your chicken cream of your brutes he associations it's really has a whole list of and they cause you're fired mugabe's what the fuck is wrong with their lives for its did you ask him how this all happened yeah he like the ramble those i couldn't really keep goes on muslims are you on the phone them not yeah right so he was ours may we gonna pull this in even satellite phone i got a little i we ve seen today he has it is used
types of people out there s wacky world does eager there's someone you people and if if you you met this guy he was a ella far nothing gets me off more that's what guess you when people say there bothered by something that certainly would it bother you but that's what he likes no well shit we're comedians yeah that's true i mean that is what it is we're freaks we're not regular mean his lot of freaks out there that have regular jobs that your mom don't carry their but we're freaks thea oh and in terms of society or about his freaky is it gets that's true we're we're looking for this stuff me you contact this guy yeah he wanted him on your should do you get the throat master what's your name thoroughly lilla yet her on your show true we we're seeking it out in loving of course i will at best i wish i had met somebody like that every day why not yeah like a professional cyclops i gotta pee
how will we done anyway hurry with five o clock man we don't like an hour's god damned terms a girl that was fun there was only doing here you're here mom are you paying your turning that on entering an oligarchy lie i'm just until of logger men all your blogging employers i'm in the people start saying that i'm not its poor people saying i learned a meeting on of it i make fun of flogging blogging is affirmed me feel weird stand our point that you have handled like it's a gun its i've had it stick out of the
by the way and have seen some people's eyes let me ask you this year why that and not just a phone call seems like a phone would make it easier to upload videos just as good not this this picture quality is gonna be better but must better yeah jamming issued at those videos targets action not so easy to get that the video off your iphone you gotta connected to your thing you can just take that card out plugging a computer can allocate super hard but it's a little but easy to deal with those though so you're saying i would think that just having a phone it's easy i always have a phone you're right but i think this picture is better yeah i'm sure it's better guy i mean that thing sticks out sticks out through the lens sticks out that's real it's real thrill shit on like enough you have not enough well you know i just want to say everybody if you want yes yes you need you need a was tom segura on netflix starring january eighth
it's called mostly stories it's fucking larry's and i've seen most of mostly stories is and it's got wrenching legal areas you folks go before you watch efforts for family or narcos really that shit watch mostly stories january eighth friday on netflix folks dexterity pop gases over time segura on twitter you could also listen to your mom's house with tat and his lovely wife christina p regulations on the little bambino that little damage outta what is giant gonna these fuckers that's it for the week we back next week with lots of awesome people by the kiss to everybody for tune into the pot tasks and thank you thank you too are sponsors thank you too
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very much for an awesome weakened you guys are the shit appreciate the fuck out of here and see next week by biggest
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