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#754 - Brian Redban

2016-02-02 | 🔗
Brian Redban is a comedian and the founder of the Deathsquad podcast network. Also, check out his newest podcast called "What Brian Redban Do" at  & on iTunes
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today is the guy that i started this podcast with one of the silliest men that i know he's fungi you know i'm u hopeful you love em i do it up for brian red ban the bogan extreme once you block yes we're alive that those ago modified brodie those like brodie with somebody else who the other person i copy to be voices there yes brody's more yes yes positive right your small brodie yes so buffer long drawn out maybe above and there we tie that dude blew his knee out once doing that
he blew as asia that's how much he explodes into that jump want negotiates tat i'm not setting did you do it live yes yes he pop his fucking acl did forward it is kind of like just walked off walked off then got surgery while again he had ginger for awhile cause he's do crazy shit man you know when you when you found them doing the buffer three sixty lotta people forgot about that he's a madman that guy did he do you remember what you have said it was one hundred no no i mean already heard only they did i wonder if she had to do it like you after he tore it like you had to go back on in the ring on tunisia i think if he did it wasn't for very long thank you just one had got affects rockwork and then you know cause if you get eat you get your ratio fixing i give you like these pretty lightweight carbon
fiber braces walk around in it like ok it's not cool it's not you don't you or your long distances but they can kind of brace you up pretty good with a minimal brace post surgery he's getting real careful with it i heard it again right when i hurt my knee recently i had to go to cvs and get like one of those nice things for my knee and had to buy like a cane so i have all these i need to how badger pretty bad i couldn't lock onto the point where bought a cane the same need that you had probably i was the original problem with it i have this problem where my knee pops out of place and like it for like a week or so i can almost and walk on it it pops back in ok it's only happened a few times but how recently and it was so bad i couldn't walks i had a good the when you you gotta cbs by a cane all the keynesian like feminine like there they all have a later on home like old man came its grey or something now it's all like sparkly as ever nasal blue sparkly can we
dennis marketing moves elegant little ladys at ahern themselves i think i don't know i think is a suitable people can see it like they're like all sparkly keynes or i don't know i guess me get all you care about if its sparkly maybe now i dont see i had an idea it was weird i heard your needs is not good man snipe and it constantly think about it too because its aid always happens when i'm just like doing something mild like all turned to the side but i'll pivot on it or something i just pops out we probably have at the very least like something wrong with your meanness guess it could be like ice have this thing called bucket handle tear and die what it would be as in a bucket hannibal like flip over you know one way or the other well it gets dark like flipped i get peace tears and then it gets stuck like wedged up
it's terrible and i had that where it was it was bad for why we're just gonna give out on me and then one day in jujitsu class itches it just got wrapped up the wrong way like upside down like my leg gonna get yanked somewhere my leg completely locked up it was brutal but it was a brief quick fix its way easier fix them and acl because wooden acl they have to replace your ligament that takes a long time to heal but with the ministers six weeks later the new digital again by women had the same where my case is short would always pop out of place and who bit o my god out but then you would have like hit it against the wall to puppet back in male gives india exactness exactly like that domestic while yes you like the stuff like that they can fix that you should get that for any more than that surgery suck sucks so the rehab
a year people that have serious shoulder surgery or a pretty universal insane sucks depending upon how badly fuck it up like you know like a guy kane velasquez he's had it and he came back from it but it took a long ass time before he's fighting again those those are bad surgeries and the knee one though man they might be able to just trim that shit like you should find out what it is because of its just a monistic tear dude i'm telling you that go in there they scope it and if its not that aggressive his son of gigantic tear you you'll be fine it's only happened like three or four times my life's it's like i'm forty one it's fine if it happens ones is don't move along for exactly that kid in you i interviewed sedentary lifestyle similar secondary he'll do in you're losing weight yeah i just did my first month finished my first month it was seventeen point three pounds
i think it right and one month that's incredible yeah it's incredible began ray i still have twenty three pounds i dont think like it i think that you are committed do that's amazing that's a that's a very impressive accomplishment it's hard to do i miss bread so much so any bread since then i haven't had any like she he's like that and was snapped the other day i was just so hungry ass i could just can't you chicken or let us anymore well this is what its life it's as you get older your body sucks more and more a processing the kind of food fully love you bodies like dude enough with the falcon split caddy jesus christ dislike glue tissue tastes soak talents one thing i notice that immediately on my acid reflex gone like all thy like burping in and just like stomach
i said completely gone from out of its thee cheese or if it's the bread or doesn't that's fascinating man you know we had this guy on mark sisson the other day and he saw the author of the primal blueprint and he was talking about he had irritable bowel syndrome which whenever i hear that i don't even want to know that i feel like i have that what does it mean it means that abs sees gets yet diary all they re all time all day phasing have that's it that's from drinking s ideas that jobs it is making its way through your raids evil i'll call you i believe call me daddy he could it all by eliminating grains he doesn't he doesn't take in
very many carbohydrates at all like he doesn't do any breads or past as things like that most of it comes from mom from fruits and vegetables mostly vegetables right meat but he was it was essentially sanity and all these issues and obviously what works for one person might not necessarily even be as good for another person this is theirs different styles of human and other people who were your ancestors come from specific backgrounds your diet is gonna be like some i should find out that's bullshit designer of her therefore that that's always seemed like bullshit you know you know it it was like a recent study they were talking about it there is like two to eat like your dna you know i'm talking about a thing like you like your genetic yeah he was here they were try
two like say oh you're a specific type and that time needs a lot of red meat you now you're this type that type of needs oughta carbs seems like it makes sense to getting some kind of like a scam your body of what your body needs are lax or need more than other people it just makes sense from telling excellenza specify year your bodies like developed like your ancestors developed in an area where they needed specific types of food the ancestral diet that's it should you eat like your ancestors that it miss pretty recently this research at the end but i think is a saying that there's more than one type of person more than one type of diet i think this is just talking about a specific ancient diet and so i think this is because i think that's what the ancestral diet ideas
the idea this marxism guy was talking about that's really fastened to me is that when you are taken and always carbs you taken in sugar and that when you eliminate sugar and eliminate inflammatory foods you are your body operates more efficiently this healthier as more resources to fight off illness and inflammation and things like that it's a fascinating conscious so i think it might not work for everybody i don't know what it what the fuck do i have to give a shot for a little while and see what it's like pray interesting as i might my diet went from you know like mcdonald's to wendy's every day to pizza everyday like i really really had the worst diet ever and now it's just tons of that was a little protein and idle you're tired anymore i feel like i can feel the food work almost it's it's interesting how how gesture
your diet from just crap to super healthy how much you can feel it immediately almost yeah it's incredible right in working out it's getting their endorphins i've never had that my life where like where i like two hours why am i so happy like i'd like bouncing around i've never felt that before i've worked out before i've never felt that but for some reason this time around i'm just like what what my caught him happy for no reason i'm happy it's weird if scented i've done studies which show the depression can be cured just as easily without got with without bahama that you're mad with exercise rather than they were there comparing it to people that gunnar s our eyes and there are sending pretty similar results in a lot of people people that really start doing log cardio doing a lot of our running things on the ones like that's like some that's supposed to be specifically good like you but you need kind of like both kinds of things
life you mean like some kind of strenuous stuff whether its body weight stuff pushups or something like that or anything that is really gets here in your strength going and then you need some something this is cardiovascular when you do those things together man says she read your buys relaxes you know it's more it's more adaptable morph just loose it is your bedroom completely like blacked out like darkened like like when you wake up is it you see sunlight when you wake up in the morning or very little very little why i just blacked out my recently because i just got a guy i'll my window is like right next to society like when you wake up it's just right there's always done then hotel room and i ve always felt
but why i always feel like the dominoes overwhelm closing all the windows closing all the curtains there's something about lock and yourself in totally dark room in a strange place it is bizarre are it is and i took like i found linked with a little crack i couldn't like like my blinds didn't fix iterating said then what store the hardware store they had like these de cows weaken like put on your windows i made my windows like stained glass thinking now it so now it's like i have this weird like blue room that just closed blue but it sucks though it was right to do this because now i have no eighty dear daylight word nighttime anytime admirers of us could vishniak unita atm rhythm thing going to speak in a blue did you see that thing that i posted today a retweeted rather it was about some
blue lava there's a place in the world and has blue lava dude wise it blew it's fuckin avatar that's that's monotony however the factors we push where were they from on obtaining a mile or so yeah we're where the fuck really found i can remember the planet may mean everything except maybe the kentucky blue people where some some alarm looking to supplement jacket blue people went on but that an unbelievable zella the jersey devil give her the jersey devil must be legal why and demon that lives in the woods in new jersey the guy that got poisoning was all blue counterfeit goods name the russian russian guy and he got play the guy the gap poisoned yeah his face changed color turn into papa smurf
well you had a scar tissue over his face remember that guy without was the crazy guy that's did the yom debt that guy was using that colonial silver shit he was on oprah he passed away recently unfortunately but on this need that guy specifically the guy that was on offer that was blue he passed away recently i'm pretty sure restore about it somewhere an entire family oh that's different and this is different guy i wonder if that was their dietary blood disorder blood disorder we want to have to rethink this like we dont speak the same language s blood disorder now the other guy was d there's the blue lover but the other guy was blue because heat he drank loyal silver every day he thought it would like healed
like fixed diseases some like that and someone explain some scientists explained it might have been kneeled grass thyssen i forget it was but they explained why drink collide or silver would have that effect on your body i don't think it was unable to grasp eyes i care member who was but anyway they wanted to this scientific explanation of why drink coil silver can permanently stain your body purple like that guy must drink like massive quantities of it but i forget with a reaction as but the reactions permanent fuckin what the jesus
my god i wonder if the blues just like like almost kind of like a fire that's around the lava that looks bloom kind of like a flame owen this poor thing while not is and what is that makes no sense in this instance called fumaroles blast hot sofa gas stain the surrounding landscape of bright yellow ignited sulphur burns with a blue saying my name is reuben blue on a photographer under filmmaker from the uk the currently based in chicago the blue flame is to deem to be seen in the daylight so i had to wait until dusk but to be seen in the moonlight was dull enough to show the claims as well as reveal surrounding landscape i also use loan exposures and many of my images which allows for pictures which
an extended period of time rather than a split second i'm playing a horrible instruments were talking but when a man is actually why does that looks of fake he used well that like each used a photo track two language is that a real no real fast was a real the we will judge you look really why is it look almost like comic bookish does why exposure its alone that far ok while these pictures are incredible this is incredible this for tom four is fuckin amazing it as a good camera nowadays nowadays theirs i look at this the factories captured this shit is he the first got over capture the stuff there's something people don't about i went
video of it lived out see that's the problem i wonder if this is just a photo trick like gathers low blue flame to assume keep exposure open a little it looks a little bit more blue than it would if your naked eye video agatha right that just like fire some data tat what he said it wasn't like the methane sulphur at an oil or incredible it's incredible they have sulphur problems here in los angeles see you go through some of these you know places it just was like parts everywhere because of the sulphur sulphur i think it's sulphur cal basis when i lived there it would sometimes it would just smell like herself like eggs everywhere and its causes sulphur will what it is like a natural sulphur the color the ground comes out yeah comes out of ground and speaking it i like what is up with that guy ashley gear apparently it's terrific yet it's
really bad and it's gonna take two months to want to try to figure it out and now and close it off if i get worse right they like some could happen in simple somebody could actually smoking cigarettes that you know like we blow up all eyes della i dont know how flame a bullet is i don't know if it's something like that i don't know something that's easy to ignite i don't know but i know its health concern i think there's a concern to that it might collapse further gum didn't know exactly how to shut that thing off quick take them sometimes engineering candidates poor a shitload of hungry oliver hit inches long land mass gas i don't are they do this are really i couldn't even begin to wrap my mind
my puny little mind around what common knowledge it takes to stop a fucking ghastly pale natural gas to its different than like is car i'm gonna asking i don't know i thought america hype california gas hasn't job like it has all over the country it's pretty it's like almost it was under dollar for a little while in ohio it still open well over three almost for dollar someplace people loved here that we're going back the seventies man but would you think gum they did i think it's a methane though isn't it that's one thing if car gas trust you i think it is a natural gas i think that's the point that they so it's up a bit it's a pipe right right piped it pumps gas all these people and broke and they they stated the whole is really big now and it's i give this fuckin eight foot why
whole i think there's people live around there that can't go home like they had to replace i like a whole neighbourhoods of people can't they still can't go home to the stand on that can go home now they had evacuated two point five million pounds of men every day let's be honest methods air so it doesn't really way anything so it could be a billion pounds will mean that its aim billion pounds and how do they know it's a pound of admitting leaving it actually has we saw gets eager to oppose such tat way at lot then asked ways and nothing it's a lie it's not a feathers and a ton of bricks like it still time but this is two point five million pounds of shit so light can flow so it's like the individual parts calls are very light per floating right the gases
we're getting scammed we don't even know it this jackson guys like we need more money to get this all this sounds of gas yeah that's a very good point bp road you gotta with care and to grow maybe that's what it pops into things and then that's why is blown out into the air maybe that's her imagine it that's what i thought that's what pumps through there the whole thing is not man acts as the treaties and mud but they tried to guide to cover it up you know what when i hear they tried to do it but it didn't work i fuckin freak out every other civil the last thing i ever want to hear when there's a national crisis you know well they try to do this but it didn't work oh christ i teach the day this is a hard won
it is not easy we're just so lucky their smart people other we'd be self fucked we would be so fucked was so lucky there's engineers at work on this kind of shit like you don't even think about it we don't think about the streets think about that second highway system and you complain girl work and work in june cries to get this lane cut off so they could fix the road what i'll fuck but think about how in general how fuckin cool it is that we ve art in the ground and smoothed out all across this mother fucker you know what it's like the fuckin rule through in the landscape absolutely and a lot of places in this place is one of em right and looks like shit just a bunch roads we'd we over did it we over did it we get crazy we put too many roads and once by too many buildings we
we ignored the rules of having fun near by and vegetables is totally ignored all that is a doubt hog pile on top of each other and and that's what we did but the idea is fuckin amazing the idea that when you're in a place like montana and you driving through these mountain ranges though the roads don't bother you man they don't bother you u dont characters road their cause you look it up insane natural beauty and you're just like just fuck this is crazy this this is like the most insane or work you could ever by could never look is beautiful this i really amazing our work is always amazing to see someone suppression and when someone does something that really dope it's cool gives a solid good feeling like wild
was amazing at a cool piece of art that's beautiful sculpture god it's a pretty painting but when you see the mountains man there's something about those things like snow cap mount emulate far in its limited if you think about yeah like that looked like you that fuckin view that's not gonna exist in a hundred years that there there's gonna be so many drones flying around amazon prime crap there's gonna be people with their hover boards up in the air like that gonna exists in a hundred years that view well have to preserve it that's what the idea of having now public wilderness public forests that stuff that's supposed to be hours that's what teddy roosevelt wanting to do way back in the days when the instituted these ideas and got public land like signed off too to us so that like theirs
this giant swaths of this country that are ours as american taxpayers and camping you know what's that the sky in the future is probably that budgets can be filled with advertising and stuff can be adjourned the just sits there that just for you so this is probably try to make some laws against if it becomes a real problem but like yellowstone like look yellowstone national park places fuckin amazing man and it's it's incredible place to visit incredible like you have a real good chances seem like bisons shit you got a good chance of seeing a fuckin bear tat you d be real careful because some they ve killed hikers like more than i think
with more than one attack and i know at least one dead over the last like five or six years because they think that these bears are getting to accustom the being around people they know that if you break into summons car they're usually of food in there they know that covers usually a food in them they get smart and so once they come around people once like falk then they start coming around all time there's a i've been fucking with my neighbour you going i wanted not want to admit this it's funny but here we must get a new router sab nowhere i got a new wifi like like network to join and its unlocked i bet i just used it the other day is to see like how fast it was isn't case if i needed the use it or whatever i forgot i had it coming that's illegal is from area you can't be logo routers other name zol dream
to reword magazine but i i i forgot that i had done it on phone and i you been it can into every time i come home it connects to his wifi you know what i mean the other day i was if you have apple tv you can like playthings on your apple tv from your phone it's called air play so i wanted to show a video to somebody and i did and unlike wisest not working ways wifi martin but on the other guys i fight apple tv so has to my mind you'd porn the other day you better right now it's so fun to do though others does that the average super illegal it's like gay porn on again today
what have you kids and am displaying gave us exactly i'm san like it's just that i could see you right exactly while i look should that that in printers like it when people have printers on their wifi you just printout dick pinks all day on their printers that's rude as well as rude as well let me ask you this have you ever wondered if like weakened feel wifi of ever wondered i give weakened he'll electricity in rome like maybe not enough we could tell for sure if it was habit of dynamic but enough for this light there's just like us subtle underlying thing that your body is experiencing it doesn't really make sense like a radio waves like radio waves wi fi satellite
others were sure for sure as is not doing anything to us because we have really been doing that for that long women women little what's all this we're sure for sure as is not doing anything to us because we have really been doing that for as long as it's up to you worry about you know if you can a cat is most sensitive animal ever i give you that cats like just sitting there and you turn on something right next to it that has wi fi right next to his little whiskers you would think it would even maybe twitch just a teeny bit but i'm sure it doesn't i'm sure you do you think so man when you like remote control your cat a few remote control tat they gave a coward i take what the fuck you doing my man and they get anything that cat would feel if i think of any animal the cat would be the first thing that i mean the cats kinnikinic tripping on ghost unites yeah cats of amazing senses or accept the sense like they're not intelligent then until
your purse rightly have amazing census like their senses are off the charts for sure yeah i would think if anything a cat would like i would think did their senses are only around too what they need to do in the natural world where the senses a sensitive smell plague in field things in their lives like feel the ground moving their pads on their part are we really soft they can walk like really quietly when a sneak up on shared cats are fascinating little animals man i stand the cucumber videos the cats sprawly when my favorite for some reason if you take don't do this to your cat supposedly let me but if you take a cucumber put it hide your cat when it's not looking the cat turns around looks at the cucumber it will freak the fog like something in its dna makes it think it's a snake or something but eric there's videos thousands of videos youtube but people trying it almost all the time
the cat sees a cucumber just lying behind it or jump up and run away or thank ratings have you seen these which is why you summer i think it's something in their dna that that just thinks it's like oh danger snake or or like some but for whatever reason somebody just found out by mistake that he put a cucumber behind a cat frigate out in and there's all these animal people that are like don't do that you're stressing her cat out and i could see because all the cats reactions are like death like get the fuck out of here immediately you know it's pretty funny to it some of the funniest videos you ever see a cat and cucumber on you too you don't want a free cats a man this are present all over the place he ain't exactly you freaky cat out they will fuckin piss in your pillow i dont ashore i don't i haven't had a cat was a year and i dont miss the letter box and honest that's us smell i don't think i might i'm i never get a cat again the litter box things a fuckin braille issue you have a box shit in your house it logs of sharing cap is from a great
four roommate just pay said they gets mad at you try trim their hair yeah my cats get they get trimmed and they freak out about it doesn't hurt them in a pat on the whole time when the ladys groom at home but one of my daughter's is allergic to cats and makes a big difference if you we trim the cats hair just never bad allergy but it certainly in our jane she's been tested for it so when doing this i have two fuckin just hang out the cap the entire time like just element and tell you they nothing just a little massage with a little thing do you term it already have some yards late gods and she's a professional but it's it's weird see them fuckin freaking out about it i had a cat once loved it she loved it spaz like spasm just chill i give you do shit she's pay out specimen
around anymore i'm sorry i was nineteen and she made it a long time those called at the very core cat i've been thinking i examined ivan with cats my whole entire life i've been thinking getting one i know that the whole thing is a real problem as a big mattie they places yo every and if you have another animal it's just a lottery if it gets gets along with the other anymore it's a total lottery especially cats chats usually don't get along with other chance you took my nineteen year old cat solid five years to get used to oliver oliver slight the easiest golan guy to i love cats man they're cool there like having these weird little things that live with you in
these weird little warm loved buckets says come over and just what love is when a car with you like my cat alvarez brutal man i can't watch tv without fucker demand in massages who just like literally like bud smee dropped his body in my lab roles around he like demands massage sees hilarious cucumber that cat is a funny cat man my cat is funny as fuck he's so smart he's still a dislike to chill and hang out and the other cat of the fluff at the white one that one is she's a little bit more assertive like she it's funny like she attacks him cats light will play fight it's always heard jakin him it's it's always are like around a corner and like he'll be like hanging out and he'll be leg he doesn't know that she's back there so she
was he doesn't know so her little legs start shaken and her tail starts flickering and move and real claw and then she positano and foxes i believe the fact that any backs up and they chased each other for a couple feet to larry s man but they're both such policies because they both rag dolls like there the nicest cats even they fight in only fight even they fight do we focus rarely do any they knew each other village fake fighting you know they like each other there their funding i mean that's cats or some other funds funniest animals as this i will show you did let him outside the shit though like a dog to gross work
yeah they actually worked pretty well actually you would think that fat wouldn't work when i know like three people that do it and it worked almost immediately the great robert schuman had a bit about it have urged us because they can drink ago he goes you know they can train cats to use your toilet nausea great now when you have to go the fucking cats in their faces were facchino uses linen bars because then your friend oh just fucking mouth mine for robert schuman cat dear mr guy when it first people ever saw do carmody he was so nice damn like i was nice he was like one of the nicest people were i'm so friendly like every time i saw him so he's like a happy like warm moment was so sad when i got sick and then to recover from them in the car accident is
pooh there's an ip oh that's dead you know like we the comedy store and you look at the walls of how many great comics that just fuckin disappeared in i also their sometimes in just google everybody's name that's on the wall like when you see where the rat now it's amazing they just fall off they just disappear never do anything like what happened to the dispersion this person this person yeah i mean people get lost in life when people move on to other shit to though you know sometimes you just decide they don't want the stress of performing anymore maybe they like other creative endeavours in arguing i talked about that for a while when you weren't do and stand up are you making this funny videos you don't like why don't you know i'm already kind of a comedian you know it's just my audience is the internet when you were doing videos which
that was an excuse me that they wanted to stand a happy and after i did at bob and i got a good guy i know one every feel that pain every year and some people the risk of that pain it's not it's not worth it sent worth it to do that your life you maybe also like painting or maybe also like writing books or move you something you know how to do it now that's the thing about stand up still like if you do you don't want to do any more but is like you really want to do it anymore you how you fucked sell out i people will say that about eighty murphy he now like names our stand up here and do stand up anymore illegal here like the hard core brow those talk like that i can see it's hard because to be us and if you really still even know how rich you gave you become a movie star your millionaire you still have to go in in practice and go to the king many clubs i can see where it's easy the queer if you get to a certain point we are lacking a way i know i'm a groan adult em
i have a wife and kids i don't wanna go they slow shitty club in practice these new jokes you nokia so i can see how it's easy to get out a comedy you know how you just don't want the pain of it you know what it's like exhausting because like save you started some pursued in your life like a few started off in your a painter and when a painting school and all that shit near you got through a new you became a respected artist in your painting all the time but you fuckin hated meaning what you're done with it are you done with it you wanted a gulf build sailboats you wanted to hear these other ideas you haven't you wanna pursue happens to people now so so if they could do and stand up in hell it's ok you everything i ve ever to me i'm office do you ever think there's like something that you haven't started yet like like you know i'm i'm gonna learn how to play guitar this year like is
anything that you in the back of your head that you ve kind of fucked around with like the idea of now because i suck so hard at the new things that i'm doing a ready as natural you started become an archer now you're fuckin robin hood well it's and i'm not good at all constantly practicing archery would you compare to meet somebody who's really good i'm i put a lot of ours in practice a lot i i'll shoot like sometimes a hundred hours a day but cause i'll cut obsessed with its internal weird way now it's faster to me so that's one thing i already obsessed with that i suck at and when i meet you like compare me some my camera haines or professional archer that you like my a friend of mine just sent me this sum photo my friend johnny rivet summit photo this young girl she's like twenty years old and she
one like i think he's had three world championships in a row and she's in archer does fever like really good with both now like there's diesel total next level when it's like their shooting at like fifty yards and their hitting the bulls i every time and the on the axe itself at fifty yards they're just dead calm and just dead on the inside they release that string nothing moves and then go sailing writing tat acts and they can do it repeatedly they could do like ten times in a row sometimes these people were freaks it's really interesting to watch we we used to do archery an elementary school that was part of our physical education and i'm sure you can do that anymore like a problem about nor is it illegal to walk around robin hood style with arch like you know the bow and arrow leg is like when i walk into a like an old garden i doubt if i ever know they wouldn't let you in
it's a weapon is what yeah it's a weapon slingshot two girls i had some friends who brought their bows to vegas and they on the the hotel wouldn't let them take him up to the room while real that yet check them here there's a the check on with the hotel seem right now woods seemed yeah though it does like what some fuckin asshole it's gonna be on your elevator with a bow and arrow yeah but you have a huge impact on an aerial but you can't trust these people you dont know em people they come in they don't even americans they get a bow and arrow the crazy mean what no you just have this new room give us gimme that thing you know like you come to the saloon put your fuckin guy in the bucket sir you know our hotel but give me your fucking bow and arrow now you can practice in your room and accidently shoot the fuckin television i don't know you what have you get whisky up and you work fuckin drawn length in your hotel room and you send your arrow flying
do the middle of the electrical box and cause a fucking thirteen story fire that killed a thousand people have you use the steak night from your steak and just start stabbing everybody you know it's like i think of that a steak knife you weigh more dangerous than a bow just happen ideas peoples have airplanes like i was freak out outward like all you can have a razor blade are the airplane but yet you have a macbook pro that you can smell
over the head of somebody imply kill him tight grip those for like real impact but us cape ward is fox somebody up of escape board you know you can count and they d we gonna change it but i don't think they did they were going to make it so that its legal bring pool choose on but i think they made it so that its not anymore because like they thought the bp blubber the pork you but you're a scale boards probably better weapon the pork you maybe more distance certainly more distance genuine person turn a hit with a skateboard which makes it more active in a lot of places because you get hit something i can't hear you yet policies in a break pretty quick right that one good hit a navy that skateboard got trucks depends on what is made out of but most poor cues have multiple pieces and
that's part of the problem is not one gigantic piece of wood cause for most for the most part i give you see i got a beautiful pull to what a lot of players like they like the cue to be nineteen ounces so they they work on make this a few people twenty twenty rare sometimes you'll find the outliers like something heavy but the pre specifically between eighteen and twenty ounce snuff nor personal seem like or what's the difference well to the pool players like it's the professionals it and it's a touch they develop where they know the exact weight of their q and so the exact impact and have set up the balance it out aloud times where they bounce aroused by using different kinds of words these were kind of wood for what you see but another kind of wood for under the rap be a lighter like me
for similar to like maybe shaft would even like and then on the outside of the the front in the back it might even just be cord where they lay drill through the actual hard wood and they stuff a call in their of a softer would so the queue achieves like the desired look and may be uniform feed but it has a lower mass lower weights in get it down like maybe even below eighteen ounces or you know four simply well don t but you have the hell with that break for most rather well in right yeah but if you get one those fuckin house queues false boys house queues and you grab the hard end the darkened he could beat the fuck out of somebody with one of those that's a different animal because that's an one solid piece of wood specially those old school ones those are like the dufferin blanks you know it's like a rose would on the bottom and a map on top and right
from the splice where its white that's that's gonna break but the stuff above it you could be out of somebody with the stuff above it that hard shit you can you can hit them is hard you want you prior and break it private pretty hard people a lot of work to do okay maybe you can but maybe like a normal person would be very would be very hard to break that on somebody you could do it you could be some fucking and incredible hulk type character in smash the first attempt but i would imagine like it's a much harder and denser like of weapon then like a standard like very pretty poor q or someone
lot of pork usually artistic it's really interesting because people outside the poor world they would they would think like what are you talking about there's a there's our collectors like group of pool to attics and their addicted to poor kids they collect cues but do you'd be surprised gaza there they have collections they're worth a million bucks and more in poor queues people have coined collections of butter ally things like people collect butterflies it's the creepy should get you gotta dead bug hence all arises i've got a new one one there was some terence mckenna in an old lecture was talking about catching bugs and net theirs something like because ways to eat bugs alot world
primates that there's almost like this genetic excitement thing that comes when you catch a bug stead similar to what happens when you catch fish you know that thing that happens when you catch fish if you get rid of your fish and ate it once yes just once they're gonna bet fishing since dad light fourteen fifteen you should always take me fishing that while from efficiency fishings fund meant awesome it's a great way to catch a meal to write and dumb but there's some weird falcon i'm all things happen to pull it off the water all feel like smuggled like or something else i call me gets pose this out of it its watch slob around the deck has this year you know that don't do something weird abounded there's something weird about a fish you catching something in some alien world yanking there
it lives not waller there's a living thing in the water and you can see him down fuckin cast whom he threw a piece of meat that's covered by a hawk and he bites the me and you will block any tag add hook to the top of his mouth a giant steel barb digs into his face and then he still fighting ike hard like pulling left and right and left the rod is pulling though the real is fuckin that that the what is that thing called a quickie thing on the wheel the dragon the real it's peeling vulcan fish poland outline any finally get him in there be such a man of his dimension these flop and around your boat that is a crazy experience too crazy aegis pulled some alien creature site lives in the water five hundred years from now the say five hundred years there are definitely going to figure out how to
take animals and make them be able to communicate to us the gonna mixture ass over five hundred years fuckin maybe even five hundred years by your ruin that happens your fishing any market are gonna be like talking to this role dialogue and be regensburg can be forced to be begins because of technology well if we do know for sure what an animal's feeling when it dies it would definitely be way harder to eat me way harder but that's some that's the argument of the the vegan movement that makes the most sense because if we really knew but a lot of these motherfuckers ain't even care about each other like those deer that i eat they kill each other all the time they fucking stab each other with the horns grow their heads bears bears are like cannibals they're all can people get angry i'll give you a black barely first while blackberries delicious and bears are fuckin monsters their cannibals
it's a dozen me when i want to kill him dont want let them live worry wanting extinguish all of em no other cool it's cool having these animals but jenin gonna recognise that they do not give a fuck about till they start talk no listening we found out there just very hard to get to know but they love it is take it looks to imagine if we found out what they were thinking could you might have you red mines and you just looked out into a pack of wolves there was chasing elk up to the top of a mountain do you know how terrified you would be if you read the mind of a wolf ebay like oh my god we ve i killed them all oh my god we gotta kill them all to the others want to kill tell them to kill and we can read it but we don't
their minds we look at em like this known how tat is just jack did they get to kill again today you know they have a problem with these elsa define whereas wolves get into these elf elk populations innate decimate the herds they they don't even e everything they kill it's crazy they'll kill like many elk into leave half the body behind or more data just sit and eat it until their done they kill again they kill again just like dogs do you know you were you ever heard of it like my dog out at my chickens once my dogs killed too much seconds it's it's a fuckin real drag but its instinct you know it is a bad dog insist nobody
we can't talk he doesn't know in his mind chickens are deaf you gotta kill that fuckin thing areas go get it it's like its programmed in him so i was a dog it's like you literally cannot take it out of them mean you could grow them up with from the time there copies with chickens just like i did with my cats the dogs dont think of the cats the enemy but they don't grow up they don't just accept chickens into the fucking yard the dogs seven years all these like what the fuck it is the chickens as there are friends you friends here are your friends you friends we will only friends i talked on just jack i'm use just jack and it's not his fault it's dog instincts mean never knew that you're not supposed to eat chickens before he's a grown dog are very similar in that way they want to kill things and they're beautiful and they're amazing i'm not saying we shouldn't have wolves but people have this
dear that we shouldn't keep an eye on those fucking things i'm too tired to talk to people about this again wolves are awesome like the reserve in canada the using helicopters to shoot wolves it has the cariboo population is getting decimated they just go on a shack in spring at the wolves just take over there run rampant when there get to a sufficient population where they can just domini
herds and surround them and there the village raising them like cattle their monster smith and they jack gigantic numbers of they want to do not conservationists available the people taken dogs in the new york city at night to taken hunt out rats look a letter that little dogs to like little like fun loving leaving omits uniting they just fuck industry just you made me picture i remember hearing a big mac ro the guy from dirty jobs you're not gonna open jimmy show and they about it like the one i think you know what these people for a few nights and are omitted will documentary online without a finer right now but they said it was crazy like the guy for their backs and just break their backs and often round that is throwing go after another one foma guy hundreds will come out of a rap pilar dumpster in granite dies is jack up oh my god
that's so crazy they but they just do that that's their instinct as an adult i've never ever looked at a chicken chickens but but like is it like an ass one vagina like any other animal and its i know it is a year i forget the word echo succulent but is the word there's a word of the opening i forget what the word for the for the opening rather i forget what it is but it's it's a whole that everything comes out of pests shit davies errand it seemed like an upgrade it but ass the name of that what can i do that always find out what a chick this whole idea river that go beyond that as such we are looking at is the chicken words where parents and it's fuckin adorable so funny it's really funny it's adorable
that old video that dude fucking that chicken and i just wondered you know that's luxuriate like if enough people deafening fuck chickens it feels like a feather seems like well if you figure this man feathers slang event or event sells it loca that's the fund that's the that's the word i was trying to the technical work but vent sounds like you remember that but you everything comes out of one hall that's interesting its campi ass be pretty dirty in there this the oh my god he's dogs is let loose on rats re like my god so crazy this show economy and it gives the worship of morbid online if you look at a powerful micro that's pretty funny micro has some cool ass objects
it shows fascinating as the dirty jobs guy right he does he did another one to write the dirty jobs and another one this is why these dogs jacket rats oh so fucked up that's what he says and here it's unlike anything he's ever seen which after doing all dirty jobs that's that's pretty fucked up i've talked about this i believe before once the least but there was one time when i was in new york and yet how do we use a pay phone and then have a cell phone at the time and it was early nineties oh yes real early nineties part my car at this ass station house pump in the gas has set the pump on it and then i went over to the pay phone and in the time it took me to walk from that car to the pay phone put the coins in turn around there was three rats on my card
they were running over the top of my wheel wells their running over the top where the wheel is and then down under and then another own come up and jump up and go down under and i was like what the fuck like they were everywhere man there was so many of them is so creepy because i was watching it go into you kids you can't stop these things so many of them there are and i was just thinking what is it like to sleep in these buildings in here those things running through your walls this is father what are these but but but these rats can have like rabies why one of a made it one of em it's a sewer her fuck you kyler rap awful that was it they give the dog arabia shock simple i do i do i did this pipe guest with tiffany the other day in my back yard and erect like ran right over foot
i think it might around in my house and so now i ve been i freaked out thing there's a rat my house my my cat for fat were eating and cat walks over to the fuckin table with a dried out rat again all dead rat dude i had some some work done on my base and i'm just thinking maybe there was like something trapped in the wall that life as they were cut into the wall she got all dead rather idea with a fucking came from but as in my house and it was like a mummy man maybe we undertake house or something or navies doesn't make sense we try to figure out who try figure what can i say doesn't concerning papers big cats will fight shit you know tat will find shit man they bring it to you like
area so weird so weird they do that so weird delicate little fuckin massaged demands that's what they are tiny messiah demands i like i make mistakes sometimes china right on the couch with laptops to reach it and dumb this motherfucker just is relentless he'll come on budgets bang head but my hand step on it he's he doesn't give a and you put him off is a year i know you pushed me now back and i want the exact same thing i wanted a couple of seconds ago can i do a little slower maybe he doesn't give a fuck he just wants massages period give it to me i would have to spray and with water to get em off me they even that just sound but i don't want to i don't want to do that i just wanted to chill out just want you just relax just hang out with me man enough to demand attention fucker you know
you see that others i get a new either movie here series oj simpson versus the people yeah yeah i was talking about this the with someone and it was a good point that the people that are grown up today like the twenty year olds they don't even know that story for us it was a part of our life growing up kurilic holyshit he got off he got off all my god everybody was pretty much convinced he was guilty set those people that needed to be convened santa led up to it some of the most popular movies the naked gun series we all kind of fell in love with this like guy i know is kind of like what not back i now know where they took to you of everyone's life following this guy's story and still still fastened to this day we seamen on
tv when there's like some sort of a present angle on then say they have photos of em they're moving around or sometimes ass i wow who was strange see man if there is any way to do any new evidence using today's dna technology to find out if he you know with this making the murders billina watching it now is making this murder things interesting of like you know that the technology that they're using like an hour and stuff like germany ramsay like they seem like they should be able to find who killed her now easing today's text gee you don't know how much evidence they still have that they have saved i don't know how that works do not work i'm sure you have evidence i would imagine yeah right they can go back in there and you know you know man i think the real problem with that germany things they fucked up the evidence one of the parts of the the murder case that was fucked up as it was like fresh snow
and these people would have been able they would avail five footprints in the fresh snow and ice caps tread all over everything and that that was a big mistake and that the way they investigated it apparently there are a bunch of criticisms about the way they handle it they just never handled a case like that before the boulder police department boulders small town and the owner wouldn't want to fucking crazy people murdering is or allegedly then i have to know who did it right never figured out
did i hear something is the family or everybody thinks it's a family but that's a fuckin crazy indictment if you're wrong i told you about that crazy conspiracy theory the other data they think there's don line world think there's some crazy can serial killer that's tied to this they ve linked into that john venerian to think to the same circular like he's done these crazy stories that have no explanation for who did what someone else's got blame for it it's a crazy story to wet with knows if there's anything anything in there why well known lambert's the point being light if they want to try to figure out who the murderer was today you would have a real problem i think with the evidence being contaminated mean much evidence they have what about their how long the body
before he can exuberant examine it you know how much we can you get from that the fuck now those answers mammals hbo shows that the real autopsy theories can't watch dude that guy vacation freaked me out that michael baby god the autopsy yeah i couldn't watch their says but who had ended i like like theirs it to elevate we talked about this but there's like this bridge in pasadena cults beside bridge and it was made him like i believe the thirties and like people die all the time office spreads they just go there and comes i've i know somebody that was hiking and even his hiking and there's a girl dead armor on the tree because there's like an trail that goes on the bottom of an answer wait a minute this is true but somebody told me that like when they have huge rainstorms that all these bones can a wash down from this big that's galicia
the way they say the ball it well i lie down the mountain and they like in the trail that you're just like the sea like little bone here and there that from bodies that like jumped in whenever found in this like side of this while this damn many people have done it totally personality onto a thorough job of clean you ve jump off a bridge splatter over the rocks yeah i think so much can they clean up i think it's over a hundred people though have jumped off the list girl the girl that that my friend took it either he sent me a photo of her body just laying down the heat he's i guess that girl lived in woodland hills and she was like thirty and she just that's it go to this suicide bridge and do it oh my god that's awful fuck man falling not seem like pulling proper way frizzes it's fun in real though i bet the rush when you realize you pulled the trigger and done that five video
the andes sumptuous lingo jump with them her leg he landed on the ground at the end of a bra thank yous triggers parachute i know detritus parachute he's terrifying and went away operators this thing in mexico at a restaurant that's up in the air were you're sitting glass bottom in the middle of the air eating grew hot air balloon now it's it's like i am if you could find a bit they like it's like you sit down on these chairs and the whole things this kind of issue like way up in the air there it is then you eat like super high up how my fucking dinner in the sky is a hundred fifty feet in the air why would you want to do that dude seriously fucked if we get a bath regime do what if your eaten with mike over the abbot they might have a lower this
what the hell are you back how my god it's crazy ladies gentlemen it it's it's in mexico is a union that you strapped in any given year while this whole thing fuckin sways back and forth in the breeze that taken sell these oh my god you people are freaking me out of nowhere near that thing and i'm freaking out my toes my fingers launched up heights man i can't do it the shit used your fear factor maloney ministries and how people can do i am so glad that nobody ever got hurt doing that you could do shop if we want our marriage and sky ability wow this promoted enabled doing cocoa in the sky are promoted joy ideas performance secondly in the next two years from the clouds did last time i did is podcast
him in let's just dropped ass it and and then he gave us these stars and i wasn't gonna eat one but i ain't one jor out with george prize george confuse whole entire face the whole thing i thought then near the end maybe like that's all i can feel math well i'm on a true i look over lee though and his eyes a roll back in his head low and make that guy man joe you is an animal he's on here to play games yeah who traps so do i like nine at night on a sunday soldier like fuckin soldier is not yet let him be him in as it is doing oh yeah i know you better or lido spent the night at the studio that i'm just like madison if you eat ass and if i got ten eleven hour trip usually joey after the pie the protocol rightly take air
poor italy's slipping on as in its midst list random is turning suddenly homes acid activity last used to less about say about seven hours to your alike are i think i can go to bed now sure yeah it's not quite so much like mushrooms times you used to be autonomous the same my fringes did ape yoda ceremony hall and native american yeah would you ever did i would ever do the peers almost ceremony that back back are you doing the bunch people it i mean now and always in times means around there's been a freak out you know when you
do you pay only managed by be alone or be with someone you trust i think of you get lucky catch a good group might have tommy alive at a polity ceremony or you get you can just be hanging out with people who are completely out of your fucking mind and also do drugs that possible to like you don't have any control it just guessing whether or not this is gonna make sense no thank you i think perry is that's when you re puke alla time last days or so pale turkey one man it's sums a vague like it's from a cactus right there's another drug dealers just like purity that's also from a cactus that and that i think you can also get similar effects from i can remember the name of the but i guess in mexico ads you can find em all for the place and really there's a movie about about it to advocate the name of the movie but there's a movie about this guy he's just trying to get this cat
trip on what is the active ingredient piety right isn't there a m mescal unmask yeah when i was in high school mask the kid drop to hit a mask and it's a much much the kid job two heads a mask he was fucked i remember like dropping masculine like people talk about dropping masks and i feel like you got to be out of your fucking mind there's no way you people animals there's a future like an early alien seventies that seems like people used always talk about that like that don't existing mass let s go in there was something there we did show me a bottle of recently that it was what the thought how do you know that existed quail it yeah that's the bill caused me drug is clearly now allegedly that's he allegedly was in trouble for was procuring or giving these girls
this stuff allegedly you know that their say now that there has been some problems with some the trial psych the first day of some article that was written that are rather sad that the one of the key witnesses doesn't think that its legal too are to prosecute based on the deal that cause begot down i think that's oh yeah yeah i heard that was the bill caused me was about to buy nbc irony i m not in the chamber damn mac that's where did i need that so what this guy was essentially saying it is not on bill cause we side but
that the actual law the way the law is written he gave some sort of a deal in though the reason why he was willing to give out the statement that he made in what are called declaration or whatever the fuckers when they when europe anyway in court he he deposition so he was willing to do the deposition based on the fact that he couldn't get prosecuted prosecuted for so now that they want to prosecute him for the same case this guy thinks that that is not legal how little evidence of that area thing i don't know we're talking about the same cases seems so many cases it's another smokin fire that's it that's a terrifying one though that this guy was doing other people
we all know people like that just fortunately we ask guys but that such a deep level man it's such a scary level scary level of creep attitude as the scariest mean you're watching you looking people line unconscious you know and then you fuckin them is it lying unconscious are just not remembering is it just blocking out who knows man i don't know i think a lot of understands by now you know man the trauma that you imagine if you'd start that guy was really cool you want to hang out with them and you woke up one once you on your your panties down my ankles new realise what happened and why are you you know what to say you don't even know what to say he like what happened why and its especially if you're drinking together you have fun havin a couple a cocktails
the guy things donor i this diet and now i have one drink i'm wasted and the other day luckily it in drive the other day i had two or three drinks and black super bravo black like like i had no idea how i got home i did idea like anything that happened but that should scary i existed as a human for at least three or four hours i even like i checked my phone i was texting people honestly when you drink a lot that's it starts happening like later in your life to like people that are there getting drunk like five six nights a week and i'm not saying you necessarily were but they're their tolerance starts till i drop off their bodies ability to fight it off starts to like drop off and the propensity toward the blackouts it's when the way it's been explained to me by someone who had a problem
that it gets to the point where it's like super common a blackout where didn't used to be so it just where's on you over time that's definitely where i've been like all i don't remember i talk you last night i don't like that stumbling just like you remember pieces is as this is the first summit i can remember that it was so such a street black out like i was freaked out like i just sat there was just trying to remember anything that happen like the last for four hours and would cut too was my bath covered with blood mount blackouts a terrifying because people you they block out they get by a wheel
yeah it is so in saying that we have a culture that sells alcohol everywhere you can buy guns everywhere as you can do all this crazy shit but you still can't openly by we'd like that of the as if that's going to be the tipping point his up if we just this whole country just says aright without relaxing we're gonna let through exists that that would somehow another make this whole thing fall apart to absorb good but i just you know the whole marijuana thing recently i keep forgetting that that it legal how the other day i just like i was just like while this actually a legal what i'm doing right now you're gonna forget that one is still the legal while brian you have a prescription right right but
number one thing that cops are being trained for and in the court cases is marijuana do you eyes now like really yeah it like my friends a lawyer goes dude it's surpassing drunk driving now as far as like the money just how many how many people catch for marijuana do you eyes and it's the same dui driving under the influence is the same as al gore how did they prove it they have ten now that they can immediately just test you and they're not the most accurate that's the only that's the only thing that that that you have gone for you but if they if they poor you over nor smoke coming out your window or they see a joint on you you know that just got burned they can they can they can test do now indigo oh yeah you have marijuana your system you gotta do you i was no matter we have a license no matter if you have anything in its totally like one who stay please tell me i'm like jesus christ you like you don't think about that it is still
legal and yeah well you even if it wasn't illegal ok let's say it's legal right i think we all point till i get at least one to people that we know that probably shouldn't dr high yeah yeah absolutely so their impaired right but it's a fucking way different kind of impairment then the kind of impairment that get from alcohol like it's not like a muscular cordon asian type of impairment it's a different apparent it's like a judgment impairment perhaps gorgeous freak out anxiety that that kind of impairment and enable we need to recognise when emerge when not merge voted for you now about back it up and for shore darkened every happen and that be taken into consideration whenever you may get legal to do anything we agreed at its all legal to drink caffeine and get your car we all agree that its speed
you can have a monster energy drank sidney a couple that when a cop polio over that's mathematics for its an some math it's delicious but its opposite number but it's it's like probably how much caffeine is in one of those monster energy drinks alike do those things if you dont want to play games view wanted just kick crazy just chug one of those big ones like the ones that look like the lemonade cancels giant lemonade cans chug when those fucking things monster energy drink those big giant tall boys put things are ridiculous that much willingness says honoured sixty milligrams per sixteen hours can starbucks that's interesting so what else is there then i will apply a lot of sugar for sure fuck we're russia freedom have frequent that's interesting i would have thought it was way more as can add to what you're just saying that bastard
there's a sort of people you know that shouldn't be driving anyway even when their stun sober they just right at i can't handle all the input we ever went ah jamie van and where a winner a girl like that i'm sure i don't they no she's driving when she striving he's gonna kill me like i'm causing like you know the lights read the nitrate like if i was there you would have just ran that like ours was ass lady texan dr yesterday completely in the wrong lane alerted this bit completely in the oncoming land just over crossing over too double yellow lines foreigner hand texting looking up swerves backing oh my god she's crossed right over into this on coming street have you had a river had a kind of panic attack or pen panicky feeling from we'd recently know if i have any
attacks i've had from we'd have been the big ones have all been from edibles and the pair attacks have been more like just a super hard introspective objective view of life and death
in the cycle of things and the sun running out a few eventually this this planet no longer being viable for life that all those things are gonna happen millions and millions years the future for you not so much time everybody not much time should be born today while congratulations young of a hundred years or if you're you're really really really really lucky so for all of us this whole thing is a quick flash where we try to figure out what's going on it's a quick flash it's happening right from our faces and would live in it and while we're live in it we're going what is going on what would our exactly doing what exactly doing what working and sleeping in eating and fucking and go in the movie
but what are we doing what is this what is this race was this race of people doing what is this weird thing going as a hundred years of life had just time to figure out how bizarre and weird this whole thing is before it snuffed out and the new ones with their similarly short lifespan benefit from all the information passed on by the ones before them but still go to life like it's a dream still do everything you do and thank is real but what is this life what is the sky what is his infinity above my head that no one talks about every day infinity is above your head would he do you pull the visor down but you fuckin shades guns so brighter that's your look at the reflection of the son of gases in the atmosphere above your head that you need to sustain life
and we're just so used to it would do you think of it as interesting it takes a hundred years to stop you you can do your best but he had a hundred years it's over it's none of time see just just start start to recognise the hustle as you get older well i think i think you know if you have kids today i think very little bit luckier because i feel like we were on the cuff of being able to download us hope very soon and i think i might we might miss it just by like couple years i think we would become incredibly annoying spammers of ourselves that's what we're gonna do then we'll download ourselves than we're just gonna fuckin shoot ourselves into a bit torrent and mega upload it to put ourselves well i'm gonna go everywhere and got a fucking europe ought to be in turkey and the bee doubles triples of people all throughout the day this this artificial world that with creative hyperspace when
like a hyperspace cloud derive of humanity there's gonna be just as fucking crowded is earth oh shit will have enough hard drive space in the fucking cloud and these assholes keep copying themselves because they want to be a mortal so rich guys would have liked cloud serve like to hunt trillion terabytes and it would just be filled with these are themselves they would just send out fuckin like a fake emails click here see some deck world currencies and dick click their boom he it's an x boy it gets in your server bank makes copies of himself everywhere you but i like it joe rogan in your cars your car has your brain in all your ear passed in all your memories by your cars talking you in its views i too am i brow took em action if they
figure out a way to not just download your consciousness but take parts out you don't need like take parts out you don't need like your ego take the eagle out and have have this consciousness be completely comply we figured out a way to isolate the ego we can remove it and we're gonna put this brain cars are getting your car and you talking to you but you don't have your own ego we ok man i thought and i wanted to have a say where we drive you can have that shit your car you cars to be completely compliant right that's how i drive i won't take advice from a fucking car i'll drive relax if you download your consciousness your own causes in your car your car would be literally an extension of you in the car thinks it's u cartoon thinks it too i can't see where the car the card knows a you in it are one and then when you together you the same but his his legs place in life is to be your car sofa
and you could start downloading you have everything they could download you in the toilet microwave you just have little joe rogan like who thinks it's a real person invaders like someone to rig doorn opting you open the door a million pairs compilers your house this someone decided just copy build bar and put all the build up of eyes out into the internet you have to kill me because you don't want a budget billboards talking all daisy after i'm sorry billboard toaster well gonna kill you and they would be like wolves the really cool but you have to control the numbers that many of any of us imagine if there's a hundred million jamie vernon's goad listen dude enough to many of you fuckers if people don't think about that shit man if it's possible to download consciousness is possible to copy it it's possible the coffee it's possible spam it we're fucked
jurgen dodoes at i put that dare now get me out of here you remember we're talking a long time ago about being able to recreate a celebrity some servant artificial life there will have sex with you there you could do that you can make your own you now fill in the blank he could make your own hilary swank maybe get a hilary swank fetish you get literally have a robot sec star is her right i get is hard become like some super billionaire donald trump take care to and you got long paper himself sank say that guy kid he has the cash or one of those things when they when they first started designed he could do that he could do it every once they can make like this gonna get there within the next i'd say a hundred years or they can have these artificial people that you can have sex with it are you not gonna be taking to be like blade runner things started to discuss
i'm an episode of black mere that you haven't seen got out listen we're gonna haven't seen that show that steel and so weird you have to see i saw the pig fucker one whose good like article about really cool railing at seeing idea and the way they show you how it works scope while i need to say either started up again to i think it's coming i wasn't netflix is only their six and then there's like us sure christmas when they made a little after another gonna start some what's the name of the one uneasy at the name of it i'm not sure i guess there's only six of them so it's not that hard to find it had a picture of your business i think it solely possible that we're gonna be able to replicate what we might not happen in our lifetime or even our children's lifetime but it seems to me that they just keep getting better and better at thick fixing things and
using like willing else into set a stem cell operation fixes lungs willie fuckin nelson you know you think like obama recently said something about how alleys oh you know is putting an end to gaza and into cancer like he's like like we are going to solve this shit like he's like it was kind of weird cuz i called yet and went to talk about cancer recently why is that not cured cuz they don't want to let us know that the zika virus cuz is coming school highschool football coach trade a fuck up the world does it go this is the second time can cure cancer by taking a shot or whatever eating a pill where he thinks you're at smoking will come back and i think everybody that pitching if that is all i want is gonna start smoking yeah figure out a way will listen it's super passport they're gonna be
the figure out a way to make tissue healthier than it is now right for how long what what at what price you pay yours pat pray of you you somethin abrasive on your lungs like cigarettes won't given joints i've got to imagine if you like
those harden leather longed hash it hash heads that just do is costly daban it i just gotta think that this gotta be at least irritation of your lungs from the hot smoke to some they browsers none vaporize it doesn't do any of that but i would think that a just smoke in general is not the best idea for you to take in right but so cigarette smoking real bags is always chemicals so they might be able to figure out something that can regenerate healthy tissue and get rid of the bad tissue maybe they can give you some sort of a flush with it would fill your lungs up a something in it which is eradicated all the bad tissue the fuck knows they'll figure it out added whatever it is
the fix everything we're gonna be so many people can be such a problem because it gonna bailiff fix everything within like another how many women make guess again took it totally unqualified guesses that's why airplanes do have asterisk there like waiting for it to come back i think airplanes still have ashtrays just for a new style just sick you think the new ones don't without some new ones do in a haven put him in the bath they put me in the bathroom and we're going to smoke day when we will be able to put it out what they don't want you there's no country can still does not like it's an american thing right now i can question is that true about in vietnam assumption get a flavor with one of those fats doggies of flights and fairly recent remember remember cigarettes on plants now then i went i went i fly
until i was freshmen in high school in my first time is flying to chicago and it was when a welfare came out i'm it was the first girl i've ever met on computer and i met her in chicago i took all these photos of her and i found the camera the other day and never got developed all these photos that's better on it i should do that but that was the first time ever fly flower and that was already passed a cigarette use we really strange these should be the sections and that is the only way to get a seat on the plane was not sexual seed have to be in the smoking section it was like a joke like a hack joe clicker reuse premise over and over again the smoking sectional plain like a display of the best take i you're gonna fuckin to secure a tube the fuckin smokes go when everywhere oh
its trail the preposterous idea that you could smoke in one area and would in effect the rest of the plane i just google it apparently the store rule in the federal quota regulations that they have to have an ashtray and i think it's a poorly because a nineteen seventy three a flight crashed and killed two hundred twenty three people in a tribute reason was because a cigarette was improperly disposed of someone still ass the light went up because they break the role they still have to have somewhere to put it out right now one a crazy concession to them it's bizarre fog inhabit we we accept it so so common it's one of the most common bad health habits it such a strange one man had so persistent that so many people went to sell their health short and they dug the wide range of their life all the barriers skin red however i believe that people say that
they always right that's the excuse i mean i have a bit about it but there's like some kind of science where they say like every time every pack of cigarettes takes off like thirty minutes off your life or something that they figured out what the averages and then so is there a few figures how many years you smoke than yeah i'd want to live to be a hundred so to be seventy seven that's fine dad's there's a bunch of those bits out there that exact seems that bit right when my bit by bit was yeah six thirty men software life and then i'll just wake up in our early every day and have two packs read about the there the premise those like that's a beaten premise the premises but what what am i miss drawn and shit myself bombs that was one of size last twenty there's a bunch people did the debtors there's a few bits that that i have retired and its system amazing how
what does all this amy humor stuff all that i saw it i met a girl either dad english was a comic and she told me your way scientists are so later after i hung out with her i went home your website she's a new comic opened up her front page on the front page of video press play was almost word for word when it my bits and pieces that's how it as she's never seen me i've never seen her you know we ve never met only done that bit a few times by she said it was almost exactly how i wrote it does definitely gonna be cases no way around it and it's totally normal kurt metzger had a real good point about it and he's one of the guys is involved in this whole thing whose head writer of aimee show and he said that there is often times and it's it's a fact that people write the exam
same premise and they have no idea they write a completely independently they know they will do independently and then they'll see it on somethin had already been done i ah now happens all the time because of you can see funny and something other people can see find something sour we're not talking about some insane bizarre esoteric to show it bob and dave sketch a day they had some really bizarre give you stole one of those catches such dude pretty obvious that this really bizarre original subjects is very true show and the weight seamless it goes from one scene to the next and then one of each show was like an entire peace aw connected its of using the new show netflix ones amazing great is really really good but you're just deal with like standard subjects like sex and relationships and marriage and diseases and work and
drinking and you know whatever the fuck is sketches on just normal stop normal life stuff if you other people talk about that too and especially with sketches do you have any fucking sketches have been put out we were thinking about this because of this whole thing about all these senator live saturday lives been on for how many years was like thirty thirty thirty years okay so thirty years of fifty two see you how many weeks away up though they were up every week now not really they do seasons seasons ok so does whatever the number is thirty three or something probably more probably more to think of all those years of sketches and each one of them is what how eyes at an hour and a half silent live long ranten errand have our now how many fuckin sketches that over all those years it's hundreds and hundreds of
premises and then you have mad tv which went on for ever people forgot mad tv went on for ever and they had some great fuckin premises think about only premises they burned or used you know they burned off meaning you can't use the money because the sketch has already been done i do so many of them and you can come up with the same ideas completely independently and you think that you're the fuckin trailblazer com i don't think that's the case and amy humor stuff though you don't now because there double sketches from the same scare you know i mean like there's it's like a slap thing the other thing that what i think should should find out of kurtz headed brighter is she find out who is the one that took that i wrote that sketch you know i mean maybe hold down
person responsible you known it is entirely possible that people could come up with either one of those things in the panel and entirely possible where gets weird is at their both back to back in the exact same order that's where i guess where so is it possible for that to happen yet totally possible it's all i think he put it best when he's criticising his own child like you if were guilty vain they were guilty of being happy because it cannot allow some kind a happy is not sure that the sum of those so sketches not mean yeah to attack by that's not true of what happened in this case because these are multiple incidences of this same like as an example the slap shap shaking that's to rise that's another thing is that their back to bed
we are against smokers you seen the flintstones thing right yes so the slap chef they the cathy managing joke although i know kathleen she's laborious and i'm sure steam up but on our own she probably didn't know that that will have been a part of the flintstones but i've gotta or never saw it or who knows a magician eating almost caught it exerts almost exactly the girls aim order the black girl in or that black person at though the retail store worthy you now that king your fair whenever it doesn't look good now no it wasn't came peel it was they were there are mattie very isolated time doesn't look good no i mean it doesn't look good but but what i think you know she's i don't think he's guilty she did it was writers and i think she needs to unify stand up and black it wasn't me and this guy stole to bits and this guy still too
that's where we're assuming a dead but eventually the problem is first of all for her she's in a worse position right cause it's her show she's got her name on it but if i was this looked at this i completely honest this little ass i watched sketch comedy i didn't know that any those bits had been done before i didn't know that the at all of em it's pretty much all of em i didn't know so if somebody it's tried to sell us to me i believe it's good sketch like so i guess every time a sketch comes up you gotta enter that premise into google jim norman i would just talk about this weekend like how do you like if you if you're writing like hundreds and hundreds of sketches you know if you're if you're doing like a siren labour someplace out how do you find out whether this premise has been done for its it you don't
to worry about it when you have to do is do your own version of that premise but like in this case like the magician was exact rim off it was it was like buying a fake iphone from korea china was in a premise that they both play around her and it was inexact rip off you know it was almost filmed exactly let's would say was exact same sketch in the exact same order whether it was a rip off those it's hard to say whether someone
they come out and say i saw that guy do it and that's why i came up the bit and i try to pretend i wrote it myself unless they come out and say that it so hard to figure out what's going on just being completely fair it's always hard the prominences multiple instances i get it i get it i agree those premises though womb there's a few of them that they are pretty original i thought the counter guy like her not be able to talk to the black i was pretty original but but who knows man who knows it just it's possible of one person came up with another person can come up with the same thing just you dont know and then real problem lies in when people lie and steel and then pretend they didn't
so if someone is you now you you have bet it's a killer bet and this guy just swipes and start doing or do they came up the exact same there i'm so sorry and then starts doing well then you got an ethical problem then you got a real problem but if you both come up with the same bed i get tell is probably the best at it and one thinks and norton and i were talking about like a tell will go up to everybody when he has a new bit if it seems i came to easy envies like where they come from sat by her this voice hillock he'll texture him yearns for her colleague i keys real diligent about that and if somebody else already has launch just chuck set aside and i think gum that's about probably the best way to be just do what you think
is a regional and try to find out if animals are done oh it s but how the fuck do you do that seat what i do is or what i try to do i have always tried it it has seen except further you or ordered on belarus or brody stephen saunders i don't watch commie i dont like watching other comics i dont want to be influenced by it and i think of you has a comic if you that kind of rule we were not really watching comedy even if he did come up the same present you can you can say with a straight face look i've never seen you i don't want you comedy i that's what i thought of that's true league definitely look at it that way in theirs but there's other comics that you always see in the back the room they loved harmony that watching comedy right now in so if that happened somebody like that you elected you watch me do that job five hundred times
right but that's why i would have to tell you like in certain circumstances like jokes odylic really common like gum like the one that you did know that was really comment about the last twenty years like what are you like what years you missing like what you if you smoke cigarettes takes only right of your life yet al you take on that you take it very funny it's it's a ridiculous red ban math equation be outlined is like a thirty minutes a day is wake up an hour earlier exactly two ridiculous red then by the cohesion but can you come you're right jokes i mean i'm lonely cambaluc another and are you can buy like woods you haven't you are i have you heard of someone doing is that i think it is look there's a lot of us man i mean if you if you think about all the staff of comics in the world is probably thousands of right and for the this part is very few problems and one the reason one is very few problems is cause we kind of police ourselves and we may
get a big point about being fair and about you know supporting artists they don't do it and not supporting artists who do do it and doesn't just someone has done in the past to it doesn't mean that their attack a person they can never redeem themselves they can never nor does it mean that at all means if fucked up people fuck up people make mistakes it doesn't let the police itself kind of like the comedians that'll take care of itself what sort of i think more than anything man it's comedy fans that are policing it now it's really interesting and i say fans in and are used in a loose his term possible has some of them are actual fans the person are grown after and some of them are just now now some of em they ve been look for some reason why this person is no good for one
and then when they find their they just go wild whether they love it so they're not necessarily fans of the person so they're making a video about her they're not necessarily fans of wherever they might call themselves comedy fans you now and so they see something like this happen and they get furious does have to be real careful because its there's its there's a giant issue with it being a bunch of people writing on a show and doing sketches so fuckin hard to know where those things are from this is real hard to know it's interesting though that it always seems to happen you know like like willoughby the mind him in here you got me my show you i saw the day john half round bit that made it up and keen peel algeria and in it it seems like that may be date
the people that right for these kind of shows don't think it's that bad especially since its all the same network why think first of all there some people that right and this is an end to hold stanhope comics in some crazy high form of ethics and morality but there's some people that right on shows that are not stand of convenience and their ideas about ideas are different our ideas about ideas without what i mean by that is if they can get away with it some of them will pilfer an idea whether its take it from a book and re arrange it take it from a video and transcriber and dont give the person credit said it the first time when when people are taking joy
folks from comedians and using them to create sketches with pretending they came up with them on their own it's not it's not cool it's fuckin grows but they're not they probably aren't comedians so it's like if you had a really funny line for a joke that was o leary active of a song you know and you heard a song and yellow who put this my act that's gonna i'm going to have this amazing punch line in my act that is from this song so i joking songs nominate pretend i came up with my own put him act so similar in that car away nonsense so if someone is not a comic downloading wonder if they would then you are part of the common community their writer like four stewed skinny gang cash skin and feel just gonna become productive what are the odds these people gonna watch an old twenty years episode
of what's happening now are forty years holing goes out on a long time ago right with fox gonna watch what's happening to go over all those premises know them there might be a hilarious premise that they could pull out of that i see what's happening too much happenings is a terrible years sketches i'll try to think of some like a ridiculous old said come true opel thing i always that was interesting is just from washing so many roast battles and stuff like that is how rose jokes are like the same jokes that their views for i note the years and years and years and years just kind of rebranded until you like and it used to be totally acceptable before there was internet before there was a tv shows you know like the friars club and all that stuff like that they're all kind of like can from each other and re using shit that charlie chaplin may have said enough and it is this interesting that that's like one
few things in comedy they it's kind of like an unspoken thing but who cares you know it's no no it's getting mad if you re use a roast joke that that milton borough mom made you know like earlier but they problem we would have their roast fans i can't live with pride me mad cow disease are a roast fair yeah one now with tv and stuff like that it's interesting because like if they have a roast like show on comedy central looks like amy earth somebody does a joke on that and they re is it in their roast few years later that now it's like oh you can't do that anymore and even though it is to be able to do it now as the whole thing you know i wonder if that's what the whole thing what
i mean that's what it was in them the cat skills days right in the young the old days they would have these resorts like from dirty dancing those cats kills rate president man that's how fucked up cigarettes our man cigarettes took patrick swayze do we lost patrick swayze cigarettes we lost a dude from road house with the flowing locks help yes investors alone boxes in the mere every day they still lives like seventy looks great popular dirty dancing was and how popular that soundtrack was that they released soundtrack like two months after they had none of the music from the movie but it was just called like dirty dancing soundtrack part to resist way to sell another city dennis every girls dream of a beautiful man who can
dance is a really manly man who will fight to defend is right to dance it's perfect cheekbones if i say that any me she practice earlier faust grata babies with a dude wildly yeah you're a year on vacation you made this guy he's dangerous perfect tear beautiful features he supple he knows how to move smoke cigarettes who is cool cigarettes ganum did patrick swayze is not that old their dinner stan this this fuckin guy died from cigarettes and he's not that old there's a lot a people that are way older than him that are doing great and there's women i've been spoken to naxa cigarettes every dazed their whole life nor hundred do what they look like monsters become minds
just because of their body morphs and changes to accept the cigarettes when you're a hundred near still small you like some fuckin cigarette burning beast some thing that's in an hailing these chemical that's a new part of your system i've been spoke of her about twenty six years and i look like a fresh little baby you're part of the system in the matter my pc by how many do you how many do a reader like like a pack a pa back under by sometimes it's more i'm just less i think that's another thing that major my pod caches at one minute that was him in the bitter end he was still smoking as body was running away and he had a cigarette hanging out of his mouth doesn't seem like a good
dear to continue the smells like a look at him while its craziness but it's weird does he was still getting treatment and i wonder if i get laid off of it for awhile man is sad one in he did a television show could he was hot it was hot what this is all happening say did a tv show and i'm sure that didn't help them make the long hours and stress the tv show forgot about that tv shows what a member but he he went out the hard way shuts real that's why it was it was come the beast two thousand nine well patrick swayze you it's weird
roadhouse rest in peace he's a mother fucker dude road houses the shit this day right it is david flippant channels and road houses on just watch it wants it tom it's perfect pretty classic news it's a slice of american airline tickets if it's a piece of like civilization just strapped into some cultural iconic ridiculous early remade another movie that was a good one of his cot point break which i didn't see it but i heard it wasn't like great the premise wasn't even the same movie though but are you worried about roadhouse coming back out and be entirely different rhonda bond is gonna do roadhouse it's gonna be differences of china differently jazeera surname i didn't herbs you hear was good you know that certain people really invest in in making
their own i thinking in and then there's other people that kind of just go through the motions from what i just like that in the latter by age assumed and are now she's max you did ray job but she didn't like snob public's bigger problem hard it's fucked due for some of them is in a public speaker command in oh yeah i mean come on definitely specific now you stood by the esa iconic thing to do my nerves this fuck all yours done stand up firehouse ip nerves is finally to try the iraqi we'll do it i'm not interested in working at pages interesting i have done i think i've done too much worse i really do homage to enjoy myself i distinctly at this stage of my life like what i'm becoming more more cognisant of as they get older is you can work too much so i get so good or too much like this a good amount of work he should do
but there's a lot of people that like pry themselves and working too much workin wherein themselves allocates something carry around like a shield that probably not if you don't have to do it i understand you have to do it but if you don't have to do it she public have some fun you know like don't don't get overwhelmed with the desire to succeed that your life could pass by if you're one of those gordon gecko assholes you know your whole life to pass by view some crazy hedge fund sociopath unloosed second numbers out of out of the matrix for this fuckin computer algorithms like that guy's is connected to it easier up a part of it so he says be successful but along the way i will now in any fun you noses living life and is constantly rest after all induced like speedy fuckin decision making ass kicking falcon
mode all the time you now that i am happy at some so we're way to live life so funny that somebody asked me a day if i can find the matter or as i know i don't know you want but if any cocaine i can get that leg like how weird is it that it has led backwards ribbon white water rafting no that's something you should try sums of raising of god canoeing down the why waters not white waters sneezer whitewashed on a river there's a tricky spots like some spots near rocks and stuff like that nothing like real fast the why water stuff looks phone yeah might my dad almost died doing at once cause you got caught underneath the raft uneasy couldn't breathe and he just gave up at dinner at the last second with floating down to me just crab now the water my friend remy worn whose done the pike ass a few times not the law
ass time that he was on but the time before that i think the first tammuz on he told me a story about he was in the woods he saw a body come down the river his face down in the water saw some clothes and then he saw like saw some gear floating down and they saw body and he realized oh shit and then he saw a woman in the world when was bobbing her here up in the air and try to survive again took caught up in the current and he ran into that fuckin water thinking it who's gonna die thinking like this i just made the biggest egg i want to try to help this lady i wind up dying guinea is a strong guy and he's really is a really good shape he hikes lot the mountains is very fit i pay for a television show it's called does apex predator he did these veto to max tests or
they made him do experience and find out if eyes i get a very high level of endurance societies costly hiking in amounts but still he just jump into the water and grab hold a summit they can drown you they they give flail and you might not recover a new while you're flailing around you my hit a log you're going down this it's gone really fast and would happen in these people was they were doing that and a raft in the current got really fast and they headed down tree and they got fucked up and the dew drown they died and the woman survive but bear early and she was freezing to death the water was insanely cold this dude jumped in the water pull them out final what number podcast is so we can tell people that have to this right now but it's remy war and i'm pretty sure is the first time he was on its content famous countries singer just died and the same kind of the situation for thirty nine what they're doing episode for thirty nine with dan dodi that's the one
well savary uploaded how many times have you come on by himself oh it's up the stories uploader is up it's how beautiful beautiful episode for thirty nine he's awesome because a good dude musical shit about those countries their country singer electric out his his body a kind of like a similar thing he amelia he died of hypothermia they know they have they were in a boat apparel at its overturned it was in the water in the storm was insane nina they are they trying to risk it they try to go out there and even made a tweet about it the night before you now saying hot he hopes doesn't die and there's the storms or no fuckin bullshit there no bullshit like there's a video that i posted today that i retweeted that someone else at my way about lightning striking oh was it matt staggs one last i sent to me
lightning striking in the middle of this like these storm going guys around the patio and they like vows is crazy in gaza i wouldn't go out there now is whether and then boom the lightning his right in front of them play the shit where do you see this don't go outside non us do shit myself first of all lightning fuck lightening lightning an asshole force of nature there's a shitty dirty cheap shot and mother fucker lightning us crazy there's no role was either rennie warring got hit by lightning to have adopted two remy warren stories let me more and we use a kitten highschool get hit by lightning woke up with his fucking ear
told that's on the project as well i think that was the same story content promptly penguins amazing that's that's what all boils down to remy warring is amazing lighting hit front of me once i was in the base made us not the same as getting here behind it we got hit me was fucked up i was in the basement indeed they have as well those in the basement like we did have window wells and stuff like that and i will do my laundry or something and letting it right in front of it outside though and they make that the arms electricity like when all over everything in its scope to show maybe it was actually an evil villain teleport unfair future terminator style maybe you thought it was lightning right member that scene when on those nakedness giant austin shhh longs hanging out give me oh glows that will he was the shit be me one about to happen automated cars fuckin drones
you this as there was this appears in the bubble that cut through everything it was around it member again will circle packed up that red they owe dick spit metal likened the gimme some clothes what are you gonna pretend that you can cut teleport those who fox wise you gotta be naked now get out of here why not forgetting that that's probably what is going to be the right it is probably be once if we got teleport and you have to buy yourself the first day someone gets scrambled because as a glitch in the matrix mentality someone and they come out a bucket of feet eyeballs dixon their mouth and their twisted like a pretzel the first time
evans woe as can be a tough day but you will accept a certain my car accident you know we accept thousands and thousands of car accidents every year we just think about how many people die if we were thinking like our real enemy is the mobile automobiles are killing people with people driving them but god will bills hitting into people people putting things in their automobiles that's was killing people you really liked it that way the numbers are pretty high things like thirty thousand people something crazy die an automobile since area that was an enemy robot enemy came from space skill and thirty thousand people they were he's a fucking nonchalant about it now because we're drive around the fly he'd do in teleportation that what you have said and i guess we'll that was the this was actually a remake of a really old movie from the black and white days was awesome it was really awesome the goat finally old fly
i need to relax its but the fly the nineteen it was an eighty six eighty eight eighty six percent but here's the ok so for the four though jeff goal bloom on it blocking awesome is really good i loved jeff goal bloom with such a bad mother fucker when he was young man specially investment we like you i really believed that the original as events in price that's amazing look at that that's a great ogre that fuckin picture all my god vincent price he was the man when it came to old school bonds movies black jeff gold luminous fly movie you believe that he was really a mad scientist i believe like this wait access is so different an interesting he d had a way of talking about him like this guy could be some hyper human figure something like this out i totally bought it hook line singer
there's some people to play they play scientists in went bench focus my comments on here we see that maybe sunset boulevard you're that was his dog wade effort based giant on confidence we look on his face large hands but it's a hog he's gotta huge dickie can tell it's crazy fly let fly in new jersey sunset boulevard no it was great movie i highly recommend i watched him that's my go to like i put on every night before i go to bed that's not the the dock in mock him entry or a drama mentoring or whatever their caught now this we believe this is an old school classic mainly school year was it wasn't our recent movie about santa yeah that was the document about sunset mary it was document so there was no act in an era of geography confused there's more than one that was at the same time moments of a film
now i think the same wine i think it's a keep you gonna have to check that out though that the document yet it's interesting you really learn about the sunset boulevard you know a saga on phrases radio show the other day rageous my yeah love frazier since a great guy here you know not much left on sunset we were taught you like besides the rainbow in in the comedy story there's not much that's it he's getting torn down and become condos now it's almost dead data von tease rat whisky go go for the first time on friday oh really primarily small unlike many would have been obstinacy motley crew and jimi hendrix anyone the doors back in there but i saw been solved but for the first time i was a teenager and high school orgy in
there on the billboards i went solomon knows that prices are to stay at home is how dare you as well now you dairy aren't they party was ready for it the datum that the roxy and the place next to the rainbow taxes are i cons ban rainbows an icon the rain feels like it was made by the same person as a comedy store you ve go in there you like i feel like saying here it's all a jet old school hollywood place rita dan tanis dance as on santa monica dude so you go into the past the menus away the waiters redress that really leads i resent that while some really small there's a giant one side more of a bar but this tables on that side but the food is amazing the food is incredible and it's like so old school man the whole place is this a feels it when you get in there you feel a gig our class that you want order martinis to be an asshole like come on gender
other than that right next to the sunset yeah cool place i've ever seen a concert mind cubicle really i'm in a red rocks whichever is also coop that's a big place us in denver but for a small venue where you can see like a real awesome concert with maybe two hundred people were real big names play their frequently just for fun that's like where they work out that's awesome man god damn yet crazy spot that sunsets drip yet bates on events on the way out its spots become something different for sure like that giant billboard that's right from the store that it's it's movies i coups ideas it take a fuckin row that already has plenty of accidents and put up a giant fuck in malta collared super bright billboard the almost need sunglasses to look at and its planned videos seo watching videos as your drive and well what is this what what's he do that's wacky he just do a flip crap ass yet be so illegal
well you know new text she now i'll taxed while you are right why why do you have a gigantic one hundred foot fuckin tv screen that's not a billboard asshole you want a billboard have a billboard that's a movie theater here you get a movie screen up there the fuck it should be so illegal they they let it be illegal is there so as were driving were watching shit and what they do is its el images that turkey changing no it's moving images zog yo yo see like crystal clear on data will this thursday in arrive and around like throwing things it's not like it's completely just commercial or the actual revolutionary idea see it every day with car even if it's still when still images are moving changing on every couple seconds or soil what are you doing why distracting people i think they ve made it illegal in lotta cases i think it's totally i think that for somehow summaries and has i could get out free jail carter some get out a free jail there
square time squares got their parents like it's almost like part the charm of the place that you go there it's gonna be blouse look at other lights this is crazy but the idea time squares you get out of a cab or you climate off the subway and you look around you know dr and in that fuckin thing how many people go visit new york and drive in times square or jesus christ it's that's a giant bala neon chaos in vegas in the same way he receives casinos their god damn huge movie screens play on the outside of their casino shown you people saying air falcon rocket out carrot all this shit's goin on as you're driving down the street and you're on coke to try and drive slow to try to keep it together what fuckin movie while showing as certain solo that's that's something pretty fuckin specific think about that that show
do you go to start selling you need to see like almost superhuman feats of physical fitness ike they have sort of sola dude this is like a perfect contrast to what we were doing we were we were eating over at i guess it's like gang pox is right over by the search to sell a place we were eating and this dude was from the serve to solar like he had been working there and in the middle of the hallway while we're stuff now face of food this do justice to back flaps here one two three four five backless and landed and laughed and laughed at his friend and fuckin but never sure and get out there but like this do like just flip the air and then start guy feet two hands feed two hands feed two hands jump and when i grow up following greening clams china put a faggot dare brothers
if i go to sleep now do it is a weapon do in flips down the hallway it what is it park core yeah those guys there there's i saw a video the other day disguises like on top of this building and just jump down through this thing like go out and through a window it it's amazing those guys do like that's that's crazy i'm becoming grab your man causes this this late he was leg her son broke his arm doing par core and i read out that what they call it these days when i was that was called being an asshole that's what i wanted to say said our lousy ok that's what i said yes it was ok but why was it why am i calculated french name how comment has to be international what you're doing as you crazy fucker you run and enjoy doing flips off above railings shit i be careful this
another for his birthday does kids do not i think i'll rooms that just look like renewed i passed by this place and right next to the place i was going there was a park course studios like what is this their teaching to do this and apparently there all the players now that super popular and they had like that what's it look like super mario brothers or happened yet one go my this ones and i in los angeles and it's just like grown at all fuckin generalities your kids manner not ass a kid what am i a child is doing flips while these kids are freaks while as pretty impressive though whose europe have the ratio surgeries exactly damn that is really impressive shit shit that's slip off the building
that is really impressive stuff come on and they did just do it to look cool i guess right other competition i'm a little bit the american and disorders really picked up and that's kind of what this that's the main competition i think these guys can go do what that guy just did was exactly what they do they do did in from back like back it up a little bit like to do this do not before that do that was gonna flips by their leaders that's what i was doing
the hotel like no bullshit hand feet anthea to have you ever even try to do that like like a diamond border water arrogant ivy ass mary no consequences to back here and i gotta be careful i've heard my back and neck before to some very wary about things that my potentially be harmful for my fuckin spine well these people crane it seems so strange to watch people move their bodies and ways you know you can't move yours minder i give
saw yourself do and i like how can i do this wouldn't have superhero powers now i find it more interesting watching people doing the eighties this kind of stuff in real life situations like around the streets because it it's like their ninja they can link breakin do how like buildings just by doing this partnership like to know why a double jump a weirdo apparel role it's weird they can do things with their buys a ring of you just can't it is pretty praxis but they these are all cement things or jump in iran are they want others thank made out of our lawyer but would also save in the running around drywall that she has to be super flimsy they would have to mourn drywall toys by like what they make skate ramstein stuff yeah this is crazy what keeps goes out a girl or guy with a long answer hightail so girl well she's doing ups and shit what if the future like you have seen is like a room like this
and both fighters just start when each side her room and earl had around in the chamber who is really like the erika quaker entering into a quick rome yeah while imagined that would be the more sophisticated high level version of anime when we do it virtual reality style that two togae start out in a building and you know they don't know where the other person is in the building and so you have to be real sneaky walk around and you allowed his person if they don't see you exactly maria exotic it's more realistic get linearly house look back at box you're like look how damage as they can to jump on the ground and i can't do it now
in doing this me like look how them those wherein legged octagon what the fuck no hope of a building in disguise china rape you in your using shadows on walls and like one of people would give up way classes there will in these weapons the guy i'll take a fifty pound wait disadvantage but i won't brass knuckles now remember this tv show its i really cannot remember the name of it but but there's almost like that no it was like a real life relevant vague but it was like real f mortal combat aliens island in a shot around universal studios and it got a different sets and it be like an essential area like this timbers this team the first fights gonna be here and go like to the lake and a good fight at the lake and how was the look for i have no idea what a home i tell everyone about some alarm aim but i mean it was the wrestling toby toby version why that's right see
they go i'm afraid that's how easy it is to be a thief that shit we were taught about something we we that's completely either the ever the idea of like what if what if was like the real world every there's a camera in every room and you know one purpose is started in the attic one prison start in the basement in your time to kill the other fourteen are being abandoned but i think this is gonna be an element of virtual reality i too fur to watch it like we can't be they are right but to watch and get the best angles you should be able to watch the perspective of both people yeah the perspective of the guy doing the beating up and into perspective the guy getting beat up the perspective of the guy that doesn't know the guy's behind them and the perspective of the guy who knows that's the guy doesn't know sneak up on already jack em now be wild man be wild i see something
you see mixed with like a horror movie imagine a few kids like see the punches coming away and see yourself getting knocked unconsciously pool i house he seeing it but you see you see the sparks that he sees in front of his eyes your fuckin consciousness dims and just like he does it might be a way that they could almost experience getting fucked up and beat up no what how bad it is whenever reboot how dare ladies and gentlemen do not panic if you just listen to the audio version of this body only you know what happened what happened is this goddamn i asked her shit out again did is i'd like a normal thing with the czech minister happen a couple times what has happened for a long time it is happen multiple times over our different versions of it this was a complete pc freeze otherwise other tender spinster internet
disconnection do we have to make an upgrade is rising we need to do now surely a great our systems
like the best you can kill you really can give any better than extraneous to here seem and live it we can do it at the level that he's been doing right now some point that you don't want it to be more complicated than that's perfect that things perfect just fucked up every now and then it makes gives us some bitch but full control occurs nor our nomad those things the complicated as fuck that shit out on your renown i thank this year were streaming things neighbours leave em k beach d start by here one time he's making makes us core youtube videos or like i'm box therapy i think is yes and he made a cool video recent talking about for k and yeah state of it now where we are and like you can watch for k on a tv like that you can watch some vote on your phone but really you can only get it from like netflix and you too and it's gonna take a long time
we're like it would take what happened for us to get really good internet who have to dig up the ground but in some new cables to get the bandwidth to go it's a lot of slav information tennyson taken just after fix the math of it there compression could easily be fixed by like a j peg version of four for k like something that can presses for k down into something that but when they have the same image quality yeah i mean like look eight bit maps and j pegs you can't tell the difference between those two but and with the naked eye yeah but can you tell if you look at through lands or anything people that are really t mobile just got in trouble recently because t because do what'd data whatever for unlimited it no date what they do is they downgraded to forty p so when you're on phone watching for eighty p not gonna know the fucking difference between set
twenty billion for you know row i would i realized for life brow for most people spurns furs for live bro fuckin spread for the wind raisins turn for the worse in eighteen t yes who was at the dizzy t mobile phones do now to my own i france for ease bullshit bro haiti have right now this one's verizon rising and then the thing for answers to the air i liked the young the new gouts phones i think this is the first series of galaxy funds where they have features that are sort of does that make you joe i dont they all have charging wireless charge now yeah a gang of undue but you know what i why with wireless charging is that it charges slow and
sometimes you put it on the little dark thing and it doesn't sit right then you don't have a charge in southern iraq what the fuck steady right now there's a company africa who it is that its apple that just filed a patent for wireless charging for like lead gonna die nor were they were real breed the answer and unfair with electrical current has it pass i think about it do just two hundred fifty billion gallons of methane and be pumped in the air ok that's flow we're coming pounds of wifi we eating right now are eating his podcast maybe that's what's going on with america or silver way because we're even wifi now my new theory or eating fi and ford g lp the idea is doing making more artistic people we're ok with three j up to three jane and we fell part which is eating too much its weight in autism we say yes we waters and around the answer is yes
i think there's some two were autism just on the rise at creating so hot right now like now i mean lay but i think there's a bunch of different causes that they think i think they think genetics they think our people when they get older and have children much more likely that the children are gonna have autism becomes they become much more susceptible as the parents get like older and older so directly propose
what is la questions but what causes it or and whether or not it's more prevalent today or whether the diagnosing of it is more prevalent i believe that's that's debatable you know when there's more people today so i obviously was going to be more cases of it but are they the same percentage of cases like one of things that they've always try to correlate is marijuana with schizophrenia and the problems that were exposed i think in the culture high they had this what they were saying that the instances of schizophrenia have been uniform throughout history when we were monitoring it it's like one percent of population one percent of population schizophrenic just because that one percent may or may not smoke marijuana it still doesn't raise it when marijuana becomes more popular when it gets used more still stays at one percent
it doesn't seem to vary from one percent just one percent deviations like the quality control of god is not the best in the world you i don't think it's weird i think it's mushrooms and acid and second dogs have actually speed up that kind of stuff i mean i i know so many well that is trapped and never came back in mental health issues anything is not good for our house certainly not good for mental health issues you you're you have hard enough time just remaining still stable when you're sober there's your way this ban some economically socially you know tony tony's era from mark allow us in number ten grants eternal answered rancid turtle had always the best fuckin explanation for that he like he'd made some play of words psychotic erotic we always talk about it but so truly it it's the common theme that everybody we says like the crazy girls are the best in that
true and probably girls than crazy guys the vessel bed which is why dirty dancing so young lady in the nineteen eighties patrick swayze smooth hairless sleek body moves like a dancer flies across the room is that i have time i live as other one well listen bid shirley eighteen ok this year's comment dont get so crazy about nostalgia oh my god the good old days nos eighteen the fuck is wrong with you how much you keep it don't don't say you're trying to do have you ever had a click the link some pops out of it like a like almost like a tongue a cow tongue comes out clear torres lay out like that but poverty how random blaming ella talking about dirtied legally
you're supposed to know what the fuck you just said a pussy burner bite like my actually comes out like like sticks out in an attack brand now that you're fucking guy functioning buying it is it a bodybuilder now know that does happen with bodybuilder really female bodybuilder sitting parents but it wasn't rosy ass i was like a boner that was in the personages came out i've never seen it before he would freaked me out i there's some crazy fuck and videos like where you earlier ground like it's a fucking know the hand no hand gestures you're making you're not polite was the dainty data penis it was time enough to be offended by it was nothing that's gonna scare children it's nothing it's gonna hurt anybody sphere and just a little tiny penises inside the woman's vagina wiser maybe fucked of herman africa that our work no i was eating it to start hitting me in a chin taking your mescaline are you ok volumes
talking about volumes i get it did so many drugs you may like use folk and noise dick inside my pussy wrote pussy so hot you don't know why you're gagging deceit and physical talking today pussy smile and i do but that is not a girl is no way that big dick insider pussy me why you wake up our cloudy out what the fuck happened who dose me it is never sought that violence for like it actually come and choked it looked like a fat fuckin like a small boxers arm hundred and thirty five pound champion arm you know like a fucking oil a mexican dude there's a nasty left up to the body
salvador sanchez arm roby fuckin sinew is slack in the back your throat fucking clouds so unanswered asteroids coming back you have ten minutes do they run out in the street you what does everyone that sells else on the street taken off their clothes they aim to get it up and it's gonna be the saddest thing in the world you lay hid ahead by iraq and you too nervous to get it up the white wife he'd myriad like you you re to bang your sister finally we descended the stairs for thirty five years do that she's like fuck yeah i don't wanna fuck my brother you know you're spits on its dignity trying to get it hard that fuckin thinking getting closer and closer
and she's like come on come on we're gonna die you're such a fuckin loser i always knew you are a loser giving such ass i thought we the asteroid is common and you fucking blue charlie brown you charlie brown and you see the asteroid getting you're and bigger than the last memory this guy has a trans forms changes in and connects with hyperspace as him not being get it up sister scream down in the street stare asteroid it makes me wonder though because i feel like there's gonna be a large amount of people that happens that will run industry be like does it all but peter no one wants to fuck like now they gotta run ass you and they get a bang that hot milk that fuckin remotely lawn in high heels choose every every funds reed has that one crazy lady this puts out this now over five percent heat sent out near
it is trying to be mass rapes and that's all it is by people just busting down doors train that girl oh that's what i'm talking to you that's all i'm saying is therefore from friday whose parker missus parker fame please go full screen with this monsieur woe so actually the asteroid flies why asked ass the asteroid lies by in there's always people at fuck that shit in a fucked him then babies icon yea and catalan have a kid together and it's called the asteroid armenia reject defy the sun lady but that is not so with this very strong part of her anatomy very strong anita justifiable congratulations on hidden a genetic lottery look at the height of that ass hot in that position its should like retain little flatness the thing must look ridiculous when she stands straight up with vietnam jarrod dickie
the fear no not love or something like that but shadow don't be so mean about the universe in time therefore over her but to stand in there her right above her right above is it now to set her down there to watering or their good lord what is it about hips to waste ratio goodness what a good said the genetic mother fucking lottery that's why must fuckin suck it must fuckin suck a view wished you looked like that and you didn't just looking at her go so especially if you're a guy like save your guy in you you feel like you're down if i mean a woman but you really wildlife
but meanwhile you look like ralphie may or illegal show it is i think a sexy as fuck woman i think if i have never dressed up as i think i'll be i'm just click on right now that's my own work these hit you definite womanly helps you'd logo yearly shadow kids do we it's about a woman whenever the bark of union rallying back we should see who could be suited playboy what's that were there was say playboy good for good for you know that's not a thing i think is not nothing wrong with playboy folks nothing wrong with naked bodies but there's nothing wrong porn either not there yet right close people getting closer for sure
what way more acceptable nowadays kids know what it is nowadays i didn't know that are still others crap yea anyone can just look at porn you think that we are stuff could save porn save it when i go on me as i do think that better cooking safe food they won't give them any free so like you have to buy it now given away from them the abbot see do this i think in a lot of ways what's going on with some of the artists like i used the most respectful term possible is they can make personal appearances they can make a ton of money doing that like sort of like almost like musicians that don't sell to any cds now tart other than apple maybe ample should get nepal members say fuck it stop in pussies about it scared in so imagine if apple just decides to your whole hog and has an adult app ok and you open up their adult
becomes in the operator just called adult and you and during all your information that shows ear of a certain age and you and i do the thumbprint thing if do some printing to activate the notes you and that's when using your phone that knows your code that isn't of age and then you watch much fuckin point you want it they shouldn't what we should do it they're stupid now to do you buy it than the actors can you paid no says actuators models lucky syria bill expel about models his ears daddy modeling twelve and dig in your mouth did it no justice trainer member was i'm saying you know bill hickses is alex january that's what i heard what is this your iphone could be hacked with a photo of your thumb change ass of course it could be your iphone could be hacked by yours
leap the government is already reading your your tweets i wonder messages i tried that the leg might i was doing a girl i did the hope on the civil it where it did watch this largely delivered so so neckties rooted esther does low esther goes well let her boyfriend's in there author and turns on location shit where it so she shrank all taken that we're that's a option in your phone that lotta people don't knows i can turn on my location tracking and send it to you you can just check me for life if i so weird the people you want to do that and when like fall below fuck you up to j me how will people that would do that their pleas makes that employees stay within a certain range and want to go out on the road this weekend get now tired and once you be fresh for
work monday but mister wilson you can't tell me where to go in the world's weaken or if your promotion you'll be the guy that stays in and get some rest for possible only if the boss i can tell you that you can't have the euro piss test okay if they can piss test you what they're saying is they want to make sure you didn't smoke some pot on the weekend right if you get there monday like i know guys want smoke pot because they were either going to get tested we at work and would cause him their job it would you get fire so if you get smoke joint on friday after work lena the fighter on you get a pizza with your friends you guys smoke a joint you have a laugh you watch peter and then you should monday morning do you really think they're gonna be affected by that joint nope not at all but the test positive there they're gonna test positive that's that's the same thing it's not it's like you boss tell you mentally to stay put everything that's it
in thing that's what they're doing i started i remember out smoke we'd him back in my small we now i had better not contested in weeks out like freaking out looking at calendar like shit and they can have a zero tolerance policy the right into their contract as it's an illegal drug and they just fire you man and you you you can have totally non psychoactive levels in your system does matter totally sober also if there's no science that back said there's long term effects of smoke adjoin on friday night and in a monday morning some sort of a long term does nothing and and buying if there is judged the person based on their performance at work tat you know you if so is not doing their job at work it mean that's why they checked each other out and that's why they have assessments and stuff and that's what you have meetings of these should provide and that's why that's for kids has nothing to do with what one per
since could be a fuckin moron never touch a drop of alcohol and never smoke and never do anything their whole life and they can be a fuckin more on you'll get brownie point took an extra points for not doing drugs it is done it's like what happens when the guy does as the ok what if he has a couple of drinks on friday and i shows up monday morning fresh is a daisy he worked out the gym five thirteen these fuckin here ready to rock and roll what will you give a fuck like it's stupid it's stupid distinction to put on someone to think that somehow another it's bad this week about netflix they offer unlimited vacation time to their work as long as they get their work done so i can eat theoretic i guess you go get high and take two x often come back and foxier netflix killing it again i'm addicted to narcos man seven episodes and now under the seventh one last night fact that shows good god damn it's good it's
fuckin well made show it's like a movie every week like it's free that it's all based on a true story blow escobar was insane you gotta this series folks you gotta watch the series it's all based on real events and you realize how unbelief probably insane escobar was in them up power and money that guy huh it's incredible it's beyond imagination and they did such a great job of building stop the production of showing like how they started making it selling it and showing the impact of it pockets good fuck it's good to hear about the guy in miami who recently bought a house and when they were to excavating some of the property they found a safe
and it was possible ask of our former house all the press and the first they ve got stolen and they found a second safe and it told the press again i think it's not being kept somewhere so they can leave open it are found out what's in it but doesn't asshole keep your mouth shut and don't you have friends or do i get a friend shovel pickup truck it's time to get rich i wonder if that monies flagged probably there's money in its gold open up the save and is just who could not another safes heads or people the public about hated safe found within concrete of the later ok that's amazing flock they said the man she was believed spaces cash so dude you got to watch the series it's incredible it's incredible when you realize how much money that guy had and how much power and how much have a key cost
and it wasn't that long ago and now they say colombia is like really safe and really nice but columbia is a totally different place now now that all that shit's done with the like now it's nice i did figure it out like bored went there for a show and you are you see what it's like now it's like it's really beautiful they they actually work their way through this issue crazy because people think colombia and you think of the the medeon cartel you think the drunk killings of em it's like one of the most iconic things about it ran and then coffee for southern drones being used drugs over the border yes and others we can present even people using funds to do things to madness goddamn hour i'll get the fuck out of here it's for seventeen right now wednesday brian red ban i believe as is shown in the room were doing in death squads secret show it to you and arthur irish afar house at a sacred in return
regarding gas languid and such like i have run roy squirrel dean derive nice starts eight thirty comedy store mean room were full i'm doing dahmer rarer show today at the lab factory at eight and then the dean debt ratio after that the fiftieth birthday show that set the el ray theater and that's bright red ban chris who will soon be crystal clear bill berge our national bart neck billboard crystal clear and me we're gonna have to fight and dean derive course whose time fifty i'll write you fuck animals thank you very much appreciate the hell out of you people the hell how the heck how about that i want to say fuck but i want some fuk twice in a row x axis x egnor
goodnight goodbye much love big kiss does my new shit i give it up for you i used to say something different that i'm not saying what i'm you saying i'll say it anymore that was fun brian is always fun or silly that was a really good point to about how much the gas ways all right thank you to the sponsors thanks of course to the great motherfuckers over its course base thanks to toys sounds like scrambled square space dot com for its last joe it changed used to be the code word joe knots squares based dotcom ford slash joe so start you free trial you mother is thanks to me these for keeping my genitals
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the illegal early will join us my friend from the great podcast history on fire author marshall artist all around coup mother fucker with the most beautiful italian acts have you ever heard your life and then car keys very should be here on thursday former you have seen fighter very fucking cool guy interesting man and a big proponent of the family pack all right that's it for today thank you so much see assumed by big kiss
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