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#755 - Daniele Bolelli

2016-02-03 | 🔗
Daniele Bolelli is an Italian author, professor, and martial artist. His latest book "Not Afraid" (http://amzn.to/1SYRwpU) is out now and his new podcast called "History on Fire" is available on iTunes.
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So. Please welcome my friend Danielle a Bolelli Rogan experience trying my day Joe Rogan podcast by night all day, yee ha I'm here with my brother, Danielli Bolelli, one A few men who can pull off the yen Yang Bandana, make some renegade biker on an episode of Grey's anatomy. Look at that fucking thing, but you fucking balance it out with a frank for Zetta Conan. The Barbarian T shirt
that sure is the. Would you pick that up? Hi Matt? I was looking all over the place for at the five day two. It probably had it for like some old comic Bookstore, Milioni or cycle, and I picked it up. That's a dope short. I might have to hide that one for my wife, because she pro try to throw it out. Why I don't know you know how women are man, this? Couldn't the separation, that's good in life, maybe it's time to grow up. Maybe you shouldn't have a comic book guy and you sure it so often comic book. Is it's a novel property Howard Series of Novels about Kona Barbarian people? Don't know entire life philosophies baseball club of our Barry. I'd like let me see I got this commentary is in trouble for that kind of flaws. Really I don't understand the whole crimes, good God. I was that I saw that. God is using a right here to help you nope, not gonna, save you. So it's ready, that's the beauty of the car. I think it's very real. You know like Kate Life is tough deal to with it, because that's the way it's going to be
yeah, there are horrible things that can happen yet there's no guarantees about the afterlife yeah, all of that but pain. In the meantime, there are women, there's red wine, there's enemies to be killed or more, do you want parasites? All sorts of weird diseases nobody's ever diagnosed, yet she got. That part is the last. You know as a villain elect you live to. Thirty is kind of amazing when they keep finding these news. Species of people are, you know there was Dave desk. They had this our article yesterday, where there Dave examine the take the teeth of the Hobbit people on the island of floors and so now they're. Like ninety nine point: nine percent positive one hundred percent, not ninety nine point, nine percent positive one. So but ninety nine point, nine percent positive that it's a completely different species of human being. They found the teeth of these things and you gotta think, like that's only like fourteen thousand years ago, you know- and we don't even remember those things- there they've sort of become like this
weird little legend like how many different versions of p all were out there now what a hardscrabble life it must have been. Sixteen forty is the name of the game. I mean when you think about it, like the overwhelming majority of species that I've ever been around they've all gone extent, now more than ninety percent right up sites. Yeah. It's a that's my point, corner is that route with bear claws around his neck. That's fucking, awesome picture! That's why I have it in my house. The posterior and mildly obsessed. You may I have a bunch of his old books for Zedd's old books like sketch books and books that are collect of his paintings, God that kind of art that he did was just so indicative That time is like so 1970s fantasy, art, days, man, you know, but no one is really captured it correctly. In a movie. They do have not done it right. You didn't didn't take the first one. Fun. It was campy, but it was more
like the comic book, then it was like the books. I think Jason Momoa was the best version of Conan physically sure he looked just seeing that it dog shit is dog shit. That is awesome. I love that Jason Momoa he's great in game of thrones. He was far is yeah. He seemed like the most likely Conan might have to get him on the Jews. Though, now there's that tool to get him on some fucking heavy duty power Le Program where he is now the law yeah, I got a look a little more yoked, because Konami's is supposedly ridiculous. That impressive as a person and in fact, when they pull darn, that's the first one. That's gonna get high that sets the bar pretty damn right away, but but Arnold was built incorrectly He had all these unnecessary models like big titty muscles like need a guy who's built more like Yoel Romero, like uh
Barbarian Yoel Romero a sword basically me just exactly like we're going to say that but you're here and I want you to feel embarrassed. It's ok, it's ok! I could accept. Compliments it's fight, so tell me about your book. Man not afraid on. And fear heartbreak, raising, a baby girl and cage fighting less an unusual combination of things. That's what makes it interesting. No, I mean to me this was all the stuff I've written so far was kind of more philosophical in nature. This is a bit more personal. This is very much my life. It's sort of divided up in three parts is the first part is about dealing with fear in martial arts and it's kind of
My experience self constantly testing the boundaries getting crashed, try to gain the find a way to make a deal with that scaring feeling of when you have somebody give coming at. You was been training for the last few years and once they can read off and your actions, this is a little intimidating. There's all the pressure people watching you know the idea of getting. Physic, if you fuck up, are getting physically dominated by another man, which is never a fun feeling that kind of shit, and so that's that part, but then to me that part just serves as a springboard for the other stuff, which is that's great when you're on the match, when you're in the cage for that stuff. But what about the rest of life and in this case you know, part two deal switch. What happened with my wife, you know very quick
can I get a little sick and all of a sudden what the fuck is going on. Your body start falling apart diagnosed with brain tumour dead within six months from the time the first scene Tom came up, so I was really quick, really harsh and all the stuff that you may imagine with that, and then the power tree sort of ok. Now what do I do with it now and life afterwards? When, when my wife died, my daughter was nineteen months all the old. This shit was happening as you Imagine and so he's like in some way to destroy the elements. Kind of cool too bad. There is, like the Marshall, are part, was sort of a water mop inter self learning, some seeing stead than I would have to apply on a much bigger, more important scaly in day to day life, and then you know when she gets the fan and then afterwards. So that changes my attitude about since my life over roland- and you know you like when I was still keen with publishers or regionally, they wanted a nice, but he-
dark where you start out as the scared wimp and then you discover the secrets and then you come back and you are these. Fearless guy will go through life without fear and that's bullshit I mean so I like to Sally the way they would sound cool, but I'm not in the business of bullshit in myself or anybody else. So I'm like it's not the Seven steps to get the reader fear is not that stuff. It's 'cause to me. My experience of dealing with fear is a fucking. Constant battle, you know is like you, wake up you woke up one day, and maybe you will learn to deal with it to zero, zero point, zero, one percent better and that's a win and then the next day it hits your gain and you have to deal with it again. For me in particular, what afterwards would happen is the reality of realizing that everything is fleeting. Everything can be taken away from you. Everything you care about can go in the snap of a finger. The
really freak me out. You know that is wanting to know it. Intellectually is one thing when it hits home for real, and so you know why you know that my days when I'm totally fine, if it's the wrong guy, so the rates and and then all of a sudden. Well he to me wind up paralyzing thought of men, everybody I love will die. There's I've limited control of what's going to happen in my life, everything I care about can be taken away from me in a second shit. Welcome to your day now deal with the next twenty four hours, as I could savvy and so dealing with that aspect. Finding ways to you know and I find a way to do it then, a month later, with future gain and- and maybe because you found a way to do it before a huge, well, the the less. But don't you think, that's everybody, and is that there's no one? This there's a there's, a false narrative that someone figured out how to get rid of fear. It doesn't exist, except if you have no fear that means that you're not experienced any any danger or anything unknown
somehow another you're immortal, because if you think about the consequences of death, you're going to get nervous, you're going to get afraid if you're taking any sort of risks or chances you're going to get nervous. It's part- in person. It's part of it's part of it's fun about getting things done. Ng seating is knowing all the mental road blocks that are in place to keep you from being successful big time and- and I can that's what composite, which would the affect everybody so to me disease. Just you know. This is my ex variance but is like it's not that I have any illusion that a I'm fighting battles that are unknown to other people, because the reality is that everybody's shit to deal with in the replied. Everybody is horrible. Things happen to them: everybody and you know horrible may vary from one person to the next. You maybe at lights, like you, lock your than the next guy, but the reality is that everybody deal with it. So the question of how do you deal with it? What are the things that I help you drop down and which ones
that's one of the great things about martial arts that dealing with the fear and the pressure and stress of training. It helps mitigate some precious and stresses of everyday life. That's that's exactly that's why you know when I went to some publishers. Initially they were like you know hold the your life life after we got that part. What the does martial art of it to do it it on like an examination to deal with it. You know because those are the same dynamics, but I got to train them in a safe space, yeah our filler contest, and then you apply them to the real game on the bigger scaling land. It's a controlled space info in terms of it's going to happen at eight thirty, on Tuesday night you get in there. You know it's like you can prepare for you eat for and how you make sure you have your your meal digested in your stomach before you get there. You have a couple call before you get to the gym. You stretch out your yourself and then you go through it, but but in doing that it definitely helps you know. I've had so many twitter messages in Facebook messages and people that have
You have to show that told me that they started jujitsu after listening this podcast, then it changed their life and that it helps him. So much deal pressure and now in pursuing a healthy, healthy lifestyle like even guys like Anthony Bordain, who was in his 50s. I believe it was fifty eight when he started yet so it's the eight hundred and fifty eight five thousand seven hundred and fifty eight He was a lifetime smoker heroin user like pretty much like. Abused everything, alcohol everything now is way more healthy. He's off. I talked him off: Staten's off of high blood pressure, medication lost thirty, just from training eats healthy. I like to party it up a little bit fucking little Wayne and then it goes on, but the guy looks great. He looks great. He's obsessed with Jujitsu Jitsu and he loves and it's sort of transformed his life. You know his wife is a fenom yeah, so I saw
she's a beast. She trains every day, which is essentially I mean she's, that's her life. Her life is training, she loves it and it just got him it. She said that she talked him into doing it by promising narcotics, which is one of most hilarious stories ever she said like if you, if you come to train with me I'll, give you some vicodin. Thank you. I'm in nice, well he's one of the few guys that is big in like a self professed junkie, but was not only able to kick it, but no still get high, still drink and obviously doesn't have. A problem right is very healthy. Doesn't do anything when he's at home. You know when he's on the road, and you know he's filming a show in the fillings done. He'll have a few drinks or even while filming you know, but not like he's got a problem is Devin is no problem hung with him. He's he's healthy. Who does it get you got to party without paying price, but it's amazing because everybody has this idea where most people that are in recovery
With that you can't do anything right is very few people. I know that will do something like I know. If you got, to alcohol problems will smoke a little pot but- or you know, do little mushrooms every now and then or something like that, but he's one of those guys and Hield they'll do everything other than the heroin you know. Well I mean, if you can, does, I think, is everybody psychologist day for some people once they opened the door, a tiny bits right can't out it's like Dan. I need to open it all the way I kind yeah stop. Then, if you know you are the kind of person yet and don't open into tiny bits than usual down, but if you are not done what the hell is wrong with enjoying a little bit yeah, you know he really the. I think the fans person to person some people can do that. Other people have to go cold turkey or they can't yeah. That's definite, that's definitely true! It's it's just cool to see someone do something. Positive always is 'cause. It gives you like operation is a real fuel for human beings. When you see your friends or someone, you know that you like
they doing something, that's really transforming them and helping them. It fires you up too yeah, I'm like the biggest wimp. Every time. I see your Jesus the expiration of the do. I start crying like a baby up like this like every single time. I'm like that too. Your branch- I don't cry over sad- should that much though, but x, my cat died in in Ghri, knew about it for nineteen years and cry so bad right. I felt sad, but you know if Philip well, she lived a great life and she was a cool cat, the, but it's not like something cool happens, something cool happens, my wow, you know yeah. I have the same thing. Glad it's like, I think
Rommel to keep us out of all time would be like come on. You can afford that's one of its worst crime. Hang out he's not about holidays. You have in the. He is a different place. Right forget. What is up shortly, makes the top elite, those so there's a mall jeez at least, though they played Louise yeah. I don't remember what crumb work from home now: the chorus, but I will save your do you mind had sent some guy was give me a hard time on Twitter, the other day and just for a group hug. His spelling was so atrocious, so slick armored car with this guy into like I love it. When people get mad at me over, it was like a TED Cruz post. The got mad over So I went to his twitter page and uh. I see reading these posts about.
Let him looking up into the Heavens, wondering what you know what God is like living in the clouds like this mother fucker serious, like dude, you could drive a fucking plane through the clouds. Asshole is nothing up there. That shit was back when people didn't have planes right now, then we have planes. You can't say that God's right up there, man in the clouds, no no, no fucking sw- is up there right through the clouds with the jet. They give it out free peanuts. If you look a real carefully rated Rp Dot, CBC dog got dark in trying to avoid the planes and jam it. These TED Cruz mother fuckers, are scary. They got a little victory under their belt in Iowa and they're. Doubling down on the Bible readings, that's scary, to me that fucking Guy at party socks, but the Republican Party is gone so far off yeah and it is just downright nuts. Well did you see that by twitter quote the other day from Barry Goldwater
Barry back in the 50s that recognize that there was an issue with features and ministers in getting involved in the Republican Party that they would ruin it. I know that's the skating is there you go back fifty years to the guys were, can see there are not cases back in the day and they would be considered more that same price today I call Barry Goldwater what the reasonable voice yet always like. Well, he was the one who is warning against it right then XIX, that's what I mean is that she had some positions that were a bit context. Remember he will send a bunch of others that were very, very reasonable to wear it made sense and today would be seen as a yeah it's. These are strange times where it's the most. It's kind of strange, because this is the most advanced as far our ability to access information. It's never been like this for and as far as our ability to access studies and find out the actual real scientific facts about certain things. But this is like it's
more important now to profess of love or a belief in God, when you're running for president, I think they are than ever. You have to say it everybody has to say it. The others never been once a guy who could dress, skirt the question and not discuss it. You have to go in and what do you do? You believe what I believe are not do you believe what I believe is I'm about. To give you a vote. I wanna make sure that is like I try to stay away from all the political discussions because they are there's no point the routine about zero on one second becomes a kill it and it's just there's not even a yeah there's not even like I get it if we do I agree: there's controversy. Ok, that can be found that can be interesting a hell. We can even learn for some stuff from each other. But that's not even that point is just pure craze. Extremist in back and forth on and like me, this all time, favorite election time? Yes, it! The stupidest, is the shittiest choices,
the least inspired candidates. This is the best one. For me, this is the best that's the Carly thing he cultural. Going on about how happy he was that Donald Trump was in the race a main factor, but also because he was so, he was like a good buy because they say look like in the primaries, for example, in the republican primaries the game is, you have to go z for one millimeter conservative than the next guy right wing the primaries, but you don't want to go too far, because otherwise you lose the general election and you have to trample step seeded. It was like twenty, it's past everybody else, and so everybody else is like shit. If I don't follow, if I lose the primary, but if I follow him down in the general so so that was having a blast with, His life is, I need to which episodes that is a common sense of his own. Maybe this after the first, the republican debates that
God I gotta go. Listen to. That is true. I mean that's. That's the way it is well Donald Trump has nothing to lose. I don't think you really wants to be president. I really don't think he does and I think that's why he's so outrageous, but I think along the way, he's kind of fucked himself, because this is what people have been asking for people for the longest time have wanted someone believe him or don't believe him agree with him or don't agree with him. He's speaking his mind, right what he's saying he's saying because doesn't give a there's no field there whatsoever he's talking about MAX hits. Will someone doing the raping he is running for president? It is what put a wall up like some for in Berlin Wall up between us and Mexico like Holy Man, that since it, syllable doesn't get over the rapists. Well, there's no represent well someone's doing the raping someone
doing the raping here. Jesus Christ, there have a six grade you can't even check like maybe an on site or it's hard to keep track of which ones are the real, was answer the bullshit, because they're so similar that problem that you cannot have a difference. There was one where they ask you something about what does it take to make a mirror? great to gain that he cried through his old speech, where he's clearly not in city, deal he's running around just the way it works out. That are nothing to do with the question and that he tends with him go. I like I look at the guy. We I read that please stand up, let an automatic like completely distract like after I leave this question 'cause. I don't wanna deal with it and look at the guy with a red x at the end of the month. Yeah well he's a good medium and he's very good at he's been doing interviews for years and he's also been on a reality, show for a long time got fired from it. While running for this, you know action because of the inflammatory stuff he said about Mexicans, though it's
but I agree to diss entertain any past. The point of the one said the point that it's entertaining: that's why I would dig a general election on again Sanders, because at that point it's just so wild and weird that he's enjoyable. If you got you know, the professional guys were like the measure of a single statement, and you know that you let a clean today's hits. It's boring. You can right already every single speech. You know already what's going to happen right, so with some of these guys, you have no idea what the hell is going to come out of their mouth. It's makes it for hey. At least I got to watch something that doesn't put me to sleep there. Well, you want to put me to sleep. Hillary Clinton puts this because There is nothing inspiring about what she saying nothing inspiring about her or press, answer her speeches, but I think my
what are my seven year old daughter said it best to goes. I would vote for her 'cause she's, a girl like that. That's a lot of people feel like that. I know I know I know I know like fuck it. We had a black man, let's have a white girl right, but it's like maybe you could, some of the okay sure you one that somebody back to Jesus until who's, Better Elizabeth Warren, nine on it she's not in anymore right. She she dropped out but and she was run and they found out that she wasn't really native American try to think that she's now just died. I thought, but our ship or something for that. I think that's what it was hock. He can't fake. That's one thing you can't fake. You can fake, like you're, one eighth, swedish right they'll, give you a hard time about it, but if you see one eighth native american tears on the no that's native a it is like no
mobile and mystical and you have like magic, fucking, Eagle power, so you can hear like a wolf. He said that repeater. If you watch all the three 1960s movies, they were all like: Barry in the answer coming to sculpture and shopping around off. Why 'cause there, Indians, wanna FUCK, knows why it's like the dragon in the story right, Post, 1960s, sixties, Israel's Haga, the creatures of the four best. The said it's! No, it was. It was that the commercial cried when he saw the grout the garbage on the ground, that's what it was see that the lead that guy to without a doubt it wasn't tally, looked up. Is that the guy in the commercial with the Indians, car and because white men are littering we from the sixties, on with Chris Service Associated native american Slick, spiritual things like in catchers and yeah, this guy
as a guinea, he's from them the same island as me. Look at him yeah. It is good news we see in there to pick it up. You find driving right past it. You know to just look at it: dude throw it away. Jesus Christ give a hoot, don't pollute, but give a damn pick that shit up those commercials van. Then he would pull up. It is stupid, fucking, skin, canoe and cry's new, the guy so italian could be on the sopranos. I know they made him. Wear a wig. Throwing things out the window right at its feet and he could ice own a it all mode body issue the HOLLAND. Don't cry do something about immense keep America beautiful yeah. Well, you definitely shouldn't be like hanging out by the highway either. So yeah doesn't tell Justin and there was a moccasins on Should, but the
but native Americans from like that point on war, with their associated with like sweat, lodges, charts and peyote ceremonies and spiritual things, and you know we have the ideas there's a law people they have. These ideas of native Americans that they lived off the land and they used every last piece of the animal and they had a spiritual connection by their surroundings, which you know. A lot of his true there's old was a lot of truth in that, but that's the problem with your state of things right. You take something that's partially through and then you'll be a top corner seat, the entire fuel for the expedience and then you're torn with the character toward at this denies me is at that point is very far from another deal. Well, my friend Steven Rinella, the host of the mediator, has the best stories of native Americans has a deep knowledge of the history of native Americans and he's got some fantastic stories about the Nez Perce. First of all, they were fucking cannibals all right. That was super common to not only attack neighboring tribes, but to eat them, eat their babies.
Their family yeah eat them. Rarely now, there's a lot of cannibalism going on the old West, a special apparently amongst the Great Lakes area in the Great Lakes area, that for sure is that is it just 'cause, its cultural things now different people? You know it's kind of like the culture. In fact, that's why it's hard to generalize with desyncs is among native stuff is so much difference. The guys from the great lakes have nothing to do with the guys from the planes were wanting to do with so each one is by a great lakes. Stuff is pretty intense. The part that I did the most about that is on you would go to get captives. You know you will go on and what radio got copies and once you cut you get captured, you have one of two options: if they like you, then they adult it was a family member. You replace one of their dead family member, so you get treated that way. You are loved your protein, you they don't like you so much that they torture. That over a four day period, so that it's yeah he bought six gannett, but it's a kind of a flip of a coin there, which, I guess is sherry. Let me clean tone is a good thing, but
for everybody else, not so much yeah. He told me the story of this one guy who got captured. There was two guys captured in one guy. They kill them, kill them in french friend Then they told him. I think he might have ate in front of the trying to kill them, and then they told him we're going to take off all your clothes and went to let you run if you can get away, you can live, and so this The ran like the wind jump in the freezing cold river and hid in a Beaver dam, so he got smart enough to climb up the Beaver Dam, which, by the way, is a risk in a fucking half as well. Could climb in there in the beavers in there that Beaver is going to fuck. You up. People have died from being out before, if Beaver bites your artery meeting but retreat they you up, and this guy he fucking made it and he walked for days and some ungodly amount of miles naked by the way. For in cold, lived off of whatever he grab and stuff in his mouth and eat there and managed to survive
crazy way and lived to tell the story knife at some of the that's. What I did like four he's. The real fire does kind of stories that are sold like come on the screen, writer from game of thrones rolled. That's right, you can be a l and then you do get them is like no others. Riel Anders wars, and it's morning hands than anything you could imagine, isn't the revenant is not based on a real strong. I am it's going yeah. That dude is that guys Bailey on tail they kind of daily a little bit. You know there was no indian song on there was none of that part. It's always an indian final fighters, most lots of white people. You gotta get to throw an Indian in there, the them like they been in the black Hills area, hunting and then the grizzly fucking him up this two guys leaving him for that and taking off even with this rifle, that's all true, but yeah. They they tweak it a little bit. Somebody needs to write a movie about that sue. Aikens, lady, that lives up in Alaska because that Lee he she's the one who's on natural show life below zero. I heard about it,
she lives two hundred miles plus above the arctic circle in this place called Kabak. She was one of my guess: she's amazing amazing. I mean she is as fucking again There is a human being can get by just being awesome, just so cool he's a really nice intelligent woman. She's, just like so powerful. Anyway. She was up there and she got attacked by a bear and fucked up at like real bad broke. Her hip, I think, broke her leg. Fucked her head up. I think it cracked or skull like serious, serious injuries. She survived. She crawled back to her. Her dwelling live in a house because, where she lives, you're not allowed to put permanent residences so they're, like ten things. Up there. In it, a cloth is like weird sort of buildings with wire structures and thick canvas tops. She was there for
days before someone she owns like a refueling station up there, someone flew in the found her broader to medical help and pastor out outfit, she heals up goes back shoot, that bear and eats it. That's the way you wanna do that gangster as fuck Imagine eating a bear just cutting into yeah you, mother, fucker, not that's a bad revenge tale away. Wanna! Do it yeah to her watching the revenant. Is I can't that's Tuesday morning? Whatever month was enough? I mean it's amazing I mean anybody would order cloth banned from the work of the Arctic. I mean that we half would be proud and grandma. Yeah Courses like that pinch, the grandkids kids suffer noting that our hearts Jesus Christ is crazy but that's what she enjoys. She she enjoys living out there,
in the wilderness, with the wolves and the foxes in the bears and the Karabo she loves it. She loves going out and shooting her meals bring them home and and cutting into do it does all the butchering all the food she gets. She gets from the land around her. She just awhile prayed just like the life she loves. She found it and and the smart man like she could do a lot of shit. She's, not a stop on resourceful person is trapped up there, but he just really truly enjoys it at such a fascinating person, which is absolutely fascinating person one of my favorite all time. Yes, I need to next that nearly, but also for us, I need to go, buy, can catch. I when I think I saw he was there and I didn't catch it. I need to the sun again amazing. I weep myself for of a missed it. I would like to go up there and hang out with her. Yes, some sound awesome. I would have to
up there in the winter, though otherwise would be a pussy. You can't go up. There actually came in to see her last summer a lie, but I bet it's cold as fuck in July two, but I think the time of year. When you go to see the Aurora Borealis, the the northern lights I haven't been, I don't know, I think that is a summer thing. Is that a summer thing or is it an all year round thing? No idea unknown? either, but that would be worth the travel I asked to see that supposed to be insane yeah. It's like the whole skies filled with like green, missed either that or you can stay in Alayon, take mushrooms and You've got the same error rate it better. If you don't find allow the error and the signal and the just you ever been a Alaska. No, never you know it's crazy. Batman is how big it is when you fly over it, you go like cheese. And then you look at it on a map like what the fuck that place is thing
the biggest state. Is it the biggest assets, yep railing yeah by far Jamie, says, yeah? I think it's like almost two Texas' see it do some really shitty job with map. So I know how many Texas is fit in Alaska. All they do a shitty job with that does not look like two times tax as well. Never seen how big Africa really is like when people talk about Africa, I thi people get this idea that Africa, the continent of Africa, is similar to the continent of North America. But it's not even close. Look at this sick quote Jesus Christ twice the size of Texas. The other day is huge God, damn Alaska is larger than all, but eighteen sovereign countries hope holy shit. Look how big is when you put it in the middle of America, freaky fucking, a man, God it's huge and it's so lightly populated. It's amazing, I fucking love it up. There gotta get back when I did it last time. Two years ago, our issues here
Anchorage Salmon Fishing sauce Moose on my first moose ever saw some eagles for the first time that was awesome. Eagles are also told me that they were pretty intense other swords so strange when you look in a wild eagle in the eye. You know, even though it's kind of far away, and then they don't let you get that close to them, but when you're passing by were on a boat and we're passing by these trees and there's an eagle up in the tree. You like whoa what the fuck I big fucking anymore, that's for sure, get hunted by people either. This is not afraid of people, but you know they're not stupid either, but that places a legitimately wild place in that, when you get out of your car, you have do run to where you go Are you going to get swarmed by mosquitoes that yeah? That's what I heard about that? The part that I didn't like about the last time. I call it sound awesome and then I heard about the level of our intensity is most otherwise I was like yeah.
R and I were laughing. We couldn't even believe it like. This is ridiculous. Like I'm not kidding like open up the car door. Put your boots on and just the time it takes to open the door and get your boots on the car is filled with mosquitoes. Like hundreds of mosquitoes, I got Warm. They find you instantly. What's about a climatic daredevil attracts mosquitoes much, I think they're just desperado, because they know they're only gonna be alive for a month. Now. That's what I think and there's like three you months to bite on Jenner's Dutch. I think I mean do they. They fight other animals yeah right, nothing. So I just don't think that they have much time they only stay alive for a short period. So, while they're at it there at it, so they are berserker more ski tows, just going for it and yeah. That's a scary, fucking complex if you have more so than Florida,
You would think like Florida, mosquitoes to be the most rabid. That's how you figure that I'll pick up place now: lots of humility, all of that and they're like Florida. People, though they're fat and lazy shit steak, Good days is like uh, there be another tourist. I can got that one. I don't have to change this. One yeah Florida has its own problems, though man floor. So it's so funny they're doing a big python hunt now, because so many people of release pythons in Florida that they they've bread and over bread. They have like a gigantic if an invasion problem to the point where they are offering rewards for people to kill pythons the headlines that called Lord are one of the things that are constant source of entertainment. You get things their like again. This must be on your right. It's too fucking crazy, and then you check it until it. No, that was real. That really happen
there's a great twitter page called Florida. Man just filled every day, there's some new crazy shit. Some guy tried to do while huffing paint fucking his dog. It is it's not a real state. What what did I read? When was the last thing yeah really colony? This guy was at all in being house and I think the owners come back so that I to call for they were looking for in with flashlights solving despond right outside AL. Exactly probably eighteen yeah, I've heard that, for there was another one recently real similar where they were chasing this guy in a stolen car guy, gets to abridge jumps off the bridge and immediately gets jack by an alligator, like literally jumped on an alligator. So good timing PIN Chapman, but you gotta be fucking crazy. To jump in the water with those things matter, if you've seen an alligator their scare beast: big ass, fucking dinosaurs, there now
dangerous as Nile crocodiles, which co, incidentally, also been released in the ever grades, but they have they shoot on sight, kill on sight order. If anybody sees a Nile crocodile exposed to kill them on sight, because they've started to breed the Everglades, so you're talking about those eighteen Twenty foot long gigantic african crocodiles that take out wildebeests yeah in Florida, too. Yeah, that's a rough state. It's funny man, because all the tree, huggers alike, don't kill the pythons, not their fault like ok, you know how big pythons, get you crazy, bitch you're going to eat your family baby's day, people FUCK Man, Florida. The joys of I've been watching narcos. No, I am not now. Is it your call six about it so good, as I'm am sad, because it's only two episodes left and I don't know
if they're doing a second season- I don't know if they can, I mean I think Pablo Escobar gets caught. I think that's the end of that. Unless it goes on further. I don't know, though I wasn't totally aware of the entire story of Escobar. I just knew that he was a drug dealer and I knew fuck those guys so well done to the show. So well done now. That's that's on my watch list 'cause I or that it's every single person I talked with told me. It's awesome. That's one is insane went to war. I mean I don't tell anybody anything about it because it, but it's fucking shocking and it builds up really well like it really builds well from the early days of his drug dealer just finding out about drugs to the end. Well, that's what's funny about it that people got alike the creamy now the mafia, that when you look at like mafia stories, they are identical to the history of any state of any nation. You know
just the dynamics are, did you know wine as a suit and tie the other? One is wheat, a k, forty seven, but other than that, the the basic seeing? So it's a struggle for power, it's a of fuck over your enemies sheet, the other one and get you do what you can to expand your it's the same Laurie over and over whether you talk about Alexander, the great or public school buyer is not that different. No, it's not! The specifics are slightly different, but the big picture is not it's a struggle for power and a story, and it's seems like when you get to the really high levels of finance, an of volume and of the amount of troops in the amount of people that are controlling the area control. That's when the real atrocities kick in, like you, almost it almost universal, that horrific acts get done to intimidate your enemy and to make sure that you retain
troll over certain certain in all areas. Yeah, it's hard to sing. Where is like in that sense, you, when he's there is really kind of up, and we are when you, if you approach it with them through a moral lands, because you see so many nasty sing stick place. The weird ones are the ones where to reach no good solution. Where you don't know what the hell to seeing would be like, there's one that I was researching for a and he still fire. Maybe a year from now or something that was a searching, the story from the nineteen eighties in and solve other at time to was a right wing government in a sort of a third of the US government was support in and it was a leftist get re out. There was in the logic of the the war. There are only two options: you're, either pro communist or your pro us there's nothing in between so in the process of fighting is left
Maria the government of El Salvador is doing nasty things right. Anybody who criticize them doesn't matter whether communist or not got tortured to death chop off their bodies, leave them in the middle of the Street American Congress. At that point, 'cause I got shit. You know we can't really keep send millions of dollars to these guys were doing horrible human rights violations, so they pass this load at in order for any more aid to be sent to the governor of El Salvador. The President of United States are to sign off on a document stating that these guys have made huge improvements in their human rights record that they are on the right path. It's gay but there problem is. The deadline is coming up, that a gun is itching to be able to send out all these millions of dollars to the government of its mother, and in that moment a salvadorian army goes on these offensive against the gallery. They into some villages that just wanted to be left the fuck alone. They were not pro communist, but they were not anti communist either they were like bunch of evangelical
Christians, peasants, who just wanted to farm their fields and be left alone, so he they would let the communist go through. They will add. The army go through the figure. If we stay neutral, everything works out right, while in the cold war and the cold war, there is no neutrality or either on one side or the other. So Salvador grab every. Google villagers separate the men from the women killed the man rapolder and then kill the mall, kill everybody in the village and knew times in the New York Times, did an article on it's. An error. Reagan was like oh shit. What do I do now? So he said, The guy who wrote this article is some crazy communist. None of this is true. It's a smear campaign against our allies, the government of outside have made huge improvements and send in the millions of dollars of first years down, the road turns out that the original story was true, that this stuff did happen and the but other than bitching about Reagan. This is not even an anti Reagan. Thing is it's a messy situation, be cause you do so,
Or government of Assad, whether you're, literally supporting death squads child rapists mean it doesn't really get any worse than that you don't, there's a chance that El Salvador could turn into a communist state, in which case is not exact that communism around award as a high reputation for human rights. It's fucking awful right, so it's like and the you tools, you know the you choose to support them, or do you choose enough? It's like how do you, you see where I'm going like yeah, it's a situation where, no matter what you choose, your fact, you're doing bad things, but clearly. The moment you're are supporting that squads. That cannot be the right solution, not the same and what is the right solution? What is there good thing? You should do you know character at the same that problem, you know right before Reagan, Carter, some guy, the rgb show profiles are whether this guy Oscar Romero sent email at their ST stop. Fucking, sending money to my government, 'cause they're, doing horrible things with it
I was like yeah, I don't want to look at this 'cause. This is politically troubling for Maine. So, to weeks later, that's quotes, walked so the main church in El Salvador? This guy was celebrating mass. They gunned him down, kill them. So it's not uh. Republican or democratic thing. You know it's like both sides of the game. Where did not know how to handle this in a situation where it's like, which Murderers. Do we support and which ones do we oppose 'cause? That's the reality of it and it was like those are the story or like what the fuck do you do? What is the right thing to the windows case? There are almost is no right thing right exactly dealing with certain parts of the world that have been embattled, they've, been just in tangled in these horrible bitter feuds and rivalries, horrible thing get done in war and when you do and with two horrible groups- and you can't really differentiate substantially one being more more or ethical that, over the other one and
often times like, if you were more moral or more ethical, you wouldn't survive in those terrible environments like you have to do horrible things just in order to stay above water- and you said that's what keeps its these stories be on your toes cause. If you condemn one and not the other, your nipple create, if you can, then the other, not the first air input. If we get listen to what we're saying, which is the right thing right is like well, it's a fucked up situation and you have to do terrible things if you me too easily. It's like oh yeah. Well, so go chop the kids at head off no big deal, so you have to use eight by also have to say the opposite: it's like it's a weird dynamic there, where there's no real place where you feel confortable like uh. That was the right thing I'm glad we made the right call. Now I can go to sleep, sleeping, easy and stuff. Well, let me ask you this 'cause you're legit historian was ever a time in human history, where there was like a noble ethical government of any sort of an empire or country that didn't engage in any human
right and did the right thing like? Was there a you, to pee and government at anytime in history. Now I think you got these different degrees of fucked up SAM degrees or like that's, not that bad come on and we can leave with that, but we can live with, that does not mean it's good. It's still. Kind of shift is just a lot less shitty than the alternatives. Outside of modern times. What's the most utopian version of a government that ever sort of ran, I think what you got is in You do run into societies where maybe like, for example, if you have low pop from band city hunters and dad there, but the key word being low population density, because once you have too many people, they compete for hunting grounds. In that horrible sinks to each other, but if you have a relatively low- Population density. This guy there's really no reason to go to war with another drive over wealth because there are no matic have to fucking carrot on your back. You don't want. I don't want your shit, I have to carry it. Then that's hard work. So it's
you. Don't do you don't fight over? Well. Did you don't fight over religion because most of these guys of of kind of inclusive approach, where whatever you do to water, it's good for you, there's no competition. There, we've removed two huge things that people do nasty things to each other over there still fight been over hunting grounds. They're still fighting over women, so that will still happen, but so it's not an idea like you top Yahoo, those noble hunters and gatherers. Who could do no wrong? No, they did horrible things to each other to do just that. Less results to do soul, man later so side right now so culture in cities and civilizations, that's when things started getting really raw. Well I mean again it's the plus in the minus right now glasses, because you stay in one place and you can accumulate wealth. Now I don't have carry everything I own. On my back every few days, I can sit in one place and accumulate well, you do it start seeing the growth of
social classes. You do start seeing I mean I'm a hunters and gathers you don't have a reach hunter and gather in a poor one. You know everybody's kind of on the same game when we can set and are you can accumulate wealth and see do star seeing these game played out in a good way? You know people will have the resources to dedicate themselves to stop Father Dan working for a living and so on and in a horrible way, with all the nastiness that take place over to fighting over. I want your she'd done, Ghana's lottery or family in order to get what I want to know. So it's That's why to me, when you read those as usual with human beings, there's always a good and bad kind of logic. Is you have the guys were like man, going to culture sock. He was a horrible, harsh life where he was terrible and everyone hungry culture freed. Everybody and states are wonderful and all that there's an element of to that and there's also an element. That's not him! Vice versa. Today, white allies, hunters and guides that are says the best you want cyber and they could do. No wrong is like up to a point. You know the
In both scenarios there are some huge advantages in some huge disadvantage. Is it just that they change, which ones they are yeah? you get much wealth and so much prosperity that You start getting royalty when you start getting people that accumulate massive amounts of wealth, and then they have this incredible. The ability to control all the people around them and everyone is fearful of them because they have ultimate power than ever killed instantly and face Newell Reed questions. I was reading this article about this guy, who was some middle eastern Prince and he was living in Beverly Hills. Did you hear about this guy? Who was sexually assaulting people that work for him and they arrested him? Then he fled the country, got away, but he was saying, like you know, you can't do shit to me. I'm a prince. You know it is like saying that to them like it's two thousand
sixteen in nice. Still like I'm a prince, should I know there wasn't even one like that. Fuck. If I wish, I remember the details, I kind of lost my scene I don't want to say well, there's two of am real. Recently there was one, maybe you remember it, but there are. There was one where the justification was ideal and raper. I fail on air, and I just happen to be aroused and I accidentally deleted any threat yeah, because I could and that's the best plan he was. I get a point that those in the USA. You know that in the U K the war, so the fans in the history of like, if you can come out, how are we going to defend his guys? Let's figure it out with like Jimmy on their age. Yeah you get locked out of the room is like the worst defense ever and he got a quick see if you can find that. Fell on her and how did they quit him they have like was on that jury? I guess it was a jury or judge is file.
Oh, that guy forever yeah? I would check their bank accounts for a long time, somewhere you're going to find a hole in the ground with a bag of gold. Here it is british man, told police. He may have penetrated teenager after falling on top of her cleared of rape wo. British millionaire who told the police pantry, teenage after fallen topper has been cleared of rape. Try saying that name S, behind Abdul Aziz was a clue, They are forcing them so she's. Eighteen, eighteen, as she slept on the sofa in his leg in apartment after a night of drinking, add an exclusive nightclub when he was quest in the forty six year old businessman said he had slipped and fallen on top of the girl which may have caused his penis. To penetrate her, I'm fragile. I fell down, but nothing ever happened to be mean this girl, I'm fragile. So I can keep my bottom Seattle, but apparently have a great day, because somehow I managed to find their vagina. The jury
acquitted him one count of rape. After just thirty minutes of deliberations wow that jury somebody is there gonna, be a Cancun big time, they're going to be out fucking yacht ball into two like a Jay Z. Video to do do do do do do do do well. There's also fear too, when someone who, that kind of yeah yeah, you gotta wonder, is he a billionaire to say bye or any other pussy? Don't even have a billion mom son. I wonder how he how he got away with that, doesn't make any sense unless they just picked a super sympathetic pro Muslim, I'm assuming he's much with that name pro Muslim, but jury mean it's like come on. How did they do it? Well, I read I think what you laid out is the I'll buy you a sure I love you killed. Option are really the only two logical explanations cause other than that. This is not a defense. This is the most like this and late night
joke it's. First of all, look at that guys fat face and tell me that guy keeps a raging erection like all the time wise walking around that kind of not healthy. At all, you're, not fifteen you're, not like some. Young boy, with a throbbing hard on that he just like literally runs his life that guys probably Unless he's on Viagra he's a lucky You can get it up here, look at him, it's all fat and swollen. That is not healthy enough to have a rod just all the time. Looking rage bonari who is slip lodges got in there. You like his dick, is like a like a heat, seeking missile just finds its way into vaginas, only fall near the girl life slips in there yeah. It's not that easy. He remember what you are. Sixteen you have to work at it. Yes, you have to work at it. Jury acquitted him yeah there's no justice in the world. If I was that girl's, dad or files that girl
or their mom or anybody, the girl herself yeah find that guy What is she saying that he was? She was asleep and he just stuck his dick in her while she's out called bicycle, and she woke up a fucker chip. I clip how to make my phone inside you. Imagine the odd, but imagine if that's really what happened like what, if he's like, walking on hardwood floors and he's where in socks and he steps on a piece of paper and just would and she's, not wearing anything that it yeah he'd clean and he had gone to see if the young woman wanted at shirt to sleep in or a taxi home, but he said she pulled him on top of her and placed his hand between her legs. Oh his demon in DNA were found inside the young woman, but he said It is possible that he had seen it on his hands from having sex with a twenty four year old earlier we come all over more complicated.
Got semen on his hands. How did you get inside of her? I slipped and my penis end. My hands went inside of her vagina is huge. Its cavernous. He's God, I didn't even make any sense. She pulled him on top of her and placed his hand between her legs boy. That's a squirrelly fucking story early hours, the young woman said she had woken up in the early hours of the morning with Mister Abdulaziz, on top of her forcing himself inside of her. He claimed he and see if the young woman wanted at shirt to sleep in or a taxi home. Ok, I believe her about that. I think his story sucks well. His stories do really sucks about like slipping and falling in her that sucks, but it sucks even more. I had and to see if she wanted the t shirt to sleep in or a taxi home. What a wonderful
person you are! You are amazing. Did you also donate some money to a charity of her choice? I was up all night right trying to help orphans, but it also you think how stupid do you have little back up in the story? 'cause, you can say you can turn it into a. He said she said kind of thing now in most consensual, no, it wasn't. Then it's harder to prove right, there's an argument there. This is the most fucked. With equal story ever. How do you even sit down? Let's say no, no, I'm not going to go for the conceptual thing. I'm going to pick up this crazy. Weird, that's Taylor, like you make note, Meanwhile, he's free right now, his feet up on the coffee table, smoking a fat cuban cigar laughing or getting his dick sucked by some russian hooker, that's probably by the first few seasons of Dexter are so popular right before they fucked it up and he was still a good show. First season was awesome: 'cause everybody's got that right, there's so much nasty shit that I do in the world with no repercussions that everybody's got the fantasy off fuck you I'm going to get. You boarded the fact that show up.
They took that. That show was like a work of art that the writers from murder she wrote, got a hold of, and they just just shitting in the mouth of every character, because awful God it was awful, it was so bad. You kept telling me. No, no, you gotta give it a chance. It gets better fuck you! I don't have that kind of time. In my life I masochistically for pie doctor with ole scene. Did you really liked his eleven season? The I did not get that here and there by DM area. I think you know you've got you've got sucked in because you get the first three for whatever money is on the first few, are good right and they don't have like three four more than I really not, but you No, but maybe they'll get the next to my right. You know yeah that didn't let you know when I watched that I re He didn't realize what it was when it first came out, but it really changed was the first episode of the sopranos. It was a comedy it was well
yes in a weird way, but yet it was a lot of comedic element for for like when the good the woman had the machine gun and she ran outside with the HK forty seven, the wife, like so out of character, a gush. Became later in the show like that episode was like. Was this preposterous gang family? You know my family was weird, but even I would def some moments in there, like. I remember, even the end of season. One order chasing these do through the woods to fool team and what is like screaming all of a sudden one and a half minutes like you got what is like, no fact: poison, ivy and he's all pissed off about that. It is like the throwing these weird out of its to make it used. It doesn't really well great them yeah, it was dead. Really really well written and it got better as it got. Darker and weirder got better. That was like one of the he shows ever wear. They figured out a way for you to feel sympathetic about a murderer, yeah 'cause, soprano. Wasn't a murderer hops around here like him. He liked him. Should I even had remember at the night
ourself shit. The FBI is trying to get me. I have to hide this stuff. I was already doing with you relate to the guy, or at least I did. I felt like it's a fucking accent here yeah. That's probably why she inherited your last name as well, but it was a dark time for italian American so because everybody wanted to be like connected to the mob right, all those really dumb east coast. Things were like so seller Tori and they were upping older guinea miss everything they would crank up to a ten yeah, hey this guy with a thing in the goes about read those you I the Sopranos for Jersey Shore. I think that was a direct connect from there. I think you have a point and the real housewives of Jersey, which is the most disgusting version of real housewives, was pretty housewives of Miami they should just give them knives there. Those knives. Let him cut each other. Those are fucking savages, but jerseys, the the and then another one family, the woman's in jail and she
one time and she gets out. The husbands got to go in because only one can stay out to watch the kids, so they think it turns yeah they take insurance. I think it's like a tax evasion, thing right, high five, each other on the way in and now it is like. Ok, your turn. Now, though, I'm in favor of people going to jail for stealing things, but man that tax evasion thing is a tricky one. How about you just fucking pay? What you owe But how come I see only time when you owe something you go to jail like give you a credit card money, you have to pay it right. You are student loan money. You have to pay it. You owe taxes go to jail, bitch block you in a cage. That's nuts gangster there, the big gangsta! That's what I mean. That's exactly what I was saying about sort of martian government. I tend to cause the same yeah even like the mafia, it's funny, because a lot of the or the mafia stuff came up as a form of government
You know when they can Sony thirty when they were invaded by the Spaniards by the French. So the government was not on the people side. They wear at all combined force dying to squeeze as much wealth out of the counter as possible, so it because they could enter into government. A lot of the people started. Thorning he's like made op local organization which eventually evolved. They provide services, but they also the mafia. You know they do in so doing each you know stuff. You can see the logic why beside the criminal element, the ninety defaults completely into just criminal element in the singles, but is like there's a reason why you know there's a logic to it and its immediate are so state in every level. You know old, the hierarchy of fetal, the way they handled these nice. You know the whole thing is mirrored on. Date yeah. And if you look at the amount of atrocities committed per capita, I mean it's we pretty similar. I mean the mafia does some awful, but so no government? Yes, no! So it is a military service. We think about the amount of innocent people that are
accidentally killed every day, just during military. Now, that's nice to b girl wore to Concord or worse or Dimaggio bosses. That's way too. Many stories are the same thing. It's about the guy struggling for power against the Senate. Yeah, it's the same thing over and over in alliance yeah, the not the mafia has its ancient system of government and laws and rules, and you know so do the sandinistas, so the Contras, so does you know so toe? Did you can go down the line so did Genghis Khan, but said Alexander great they all have their own sort of systems of government and rules that you had to live by and speaking of Genghis Khan did you check out show Marco Polo? Yes, it's good. I like it a good show yeah, then. In addition, they made a pretty right now the delay a half hour on the bad, not least monk yeah, it's pretty cool. I dug it whether eight, then it's so it's good stuff.
It's very expensive show apparently visits yeah because they're the sets are massive yeah in the end they they make. It look like the there are the Mongol era, but it's a twelve hundred simply don't cancel it for money because you know which, on the council for money to kill me MIKE, probably my favorite actual full time never seen the Rome no meal, one. No, that was so good what it really means. Stock shown at it's one in here about it, I don't know I was back. Where was it two thousand four five something like that. Was that long yeah it was a wide back, but they only two seasons, but they also Kevin. I watch every season twice or maybe even more. He was that good, the main character He's pretty much a variational calling on a soul at the oddly enough, the guy who created the show was John Milius was the guy with directed the first call on on was the guy was behind part of the creative directing off the or to USC? He's the guy World CUP,
it's now. Thank you don. So many of the sting site and about yeah. That's true. Money if you have never seen it check it out. I mean today looks tame by comparison cost. So much stuff has been done afterwards. That's just takes it ten notice before the time he was also pretty intense, with nudity and violence and the grittiness of it all it. It's an awesome central, so it's sort of open the door, maybe for things like game of thrones take time the it's funny how a show like that didn't catch on, but a show like game of thrones. Does you know or sopranos? Does I think what he was is Rome was actually doing fairly well, but not well enough for the budget. I think the budget was too inflated murderers? On the results of that you know people like that to the critical reviews or create that an audience you know what's good about. You know the sopranos, you shooting somebody styles. You know the budget is not going to be what you have to take a eight ancient Rome on a grand scale. It's a different kind of game right there, so HBO, I think he wasn't. That old is show is tanking. Is this show is doing well, but it cost too much fucking money
those shows with they didn't have the option of selling my Itunes back then. Did that not exactly Two thousand and four to them have Itunes back. Then they chanted right one even when it have been so much d, early stages that and that crazy in ten years ago. I know, but it's another universe completely. I might as well be with everything with social media with everything. That's another, you on a whole nother universe. How many podcasts were around back down? Was there like a few people started with a but nothing on a big scale? The ads? Probably something there's, probably something. This part yes has been around since for six years, so since two ninety nine nine ten somewhere around, then I think I think we do. We it we're doing it in December of two thousand and nine read before two thousand ten well ten sure when you started and Ward was a fraction of it is today yeah I was real small, so it's Adam Corolla had one there.
A few other ones. You know Adam curry had one of the first ones and John does work but I I didn't know about all right. I didn't download them back. Then I got the inspiration do mind from Anthony Cumia, because in Tony Cumia from Opie and Anthony had this setup in his basement, where you know he had a lot of money and he had a cool house and live by himself. So he put up a green screen, and set up a stage where he had a nice desk and some real professional cameras and started doing this thing called live from the compound and lie from the compound was like his own little fuck around have some fun at home, show we had like Guinness on tap and he would just drink and talk shit and it was really fun to watch and I realize like well, here's a guy. Sun serious, you know he's on the open, Anthony showed, was very popular, show on Sirius and he's decided just for fun to do this thing. It is basement is making any money from it just for fun, and I
What about it- and I said you know what I could probably do something like that, and so we started doing it off of just you. Stream aren't just sitting there with a laptop talking brands, so my PA cast didn't become like an Itunes podcast for like a few months after the first one we will. I once you started collecting. We then took the audio and start putting it up on Itunes, but Not much going on back then, and then we got in like right at the right time and then in the next few years, other comics started started their own podcasts, you know, and then nobody. You know all these different people Bill Burr and you know and Diaz. Duncan and everybody else are, you know, doing podcasts as well and they all took off about. Do. You are single handedly responsible for, like the coastal flood There are so many particles that are people who came through your and then went home. I should the one you know, there's like a long us of
people within a few yeah. I try to help him too. I want him to do podcast. I just think it's the best form of if you're a comic is the best form of expression. Where you can you could just you talking to people get to know the actual you like a hundred. I you you for three hours or whatever it is. You do yours over the course of seven hundred and now like seven hundred and fifty something seven, fifty five o'clock, flowers, seven hundred and fifty five pod asked most of an intoxicated, good good percentage of them. I know I've seen the lately so hasn't been as much of the intoxication and everybody uses some conversations. You can't how Sars carelessly US issues could too scatterbrained you wanna talk about. Smurfs are for users in the middle, some rock about around me yeah a bit coin. I feel there yeah it,
the is there some that lend itself to it and some that don't it's. It's really completely dependent upon the gas to rate with the subject is an I to mix it up to you know, that's a about being a marijuana enthusiast unless you're like a Doug Benson kind of guy who everybody just assumes is high four, seven right, forty seven kind of the schtick there you he even the name of which is podcasts getting Doug with high. I get it see if you can speak, you know I mean you know, I don't think hi things like everything else. It shouldn't be all the time for everything yeah. I agree everything yeah, it's a creek. It could a crutch and it's not a crutch. You want no, it's it's a fun beautiful aspect of nature and a great way to perturb your normal states of consciousness. Give you some unique insight and that's a lot of benefits makes you feel good makes you enjoy.
Why why make it makes me like very friendly, like pot, makes me like want to hug people, and you know, but I just think you should be cool with just life I'm a big fan, so I have to say I'm a huge fan of the effect that we does on female sexuality yeah the wait, at least in my experience. We even respond, we'd Mon, with called the good ones, do my best to lie after this man that you feel like a doll you catch them. If more people are playing. That was easy. That didn't thing on what makes hugs feel good, just hugs forget about sex to smoke, weed and hug fills a may You know you have done. Ecstasy, no, no was been on my to do least Donna even hold hands with the dude when you're on axis and you will feel bad at all or even to do. Can you rub each other's hands and let us know about it all has to have her talents, but one thing that it does it's the
fucking terrible for your brain. At least I should to qualify that that what when I did it, we did a little too much and the next day I just was so fucking stupid, Brandon, more good good. I've talked to many people who don't have that problem, but they don't. To do the same sort of things with their brain that I have to do so it's it depends on what you so like. If you go to work and have a normal job, you don't have to do anything important and may be great. Maybe it's fine, but if you're a person who has think for a living- and you have to do like stand up comedy on stage- we have right right, the podcast or something like that. I couldn't imagine doing ecstasy and then do a. U s c the next day. Yet I would be. I wouldn't be able to do it. That kind of the whole theory that there are these. I don't know what else are they are, but they do take after take access. I htp. Is that what it is that allow you not to have the down there afterwards, I've never done it.
But I would imagine- but you know I like I said, only- did actually want right in the one I did. I just totally do it naturally, but I do take five htp. I take new mood righteous five age, that million l tryptophan to that's of definitely work saying it, but I've never done in conjunction with that with acid but or with Molly or ecstasy, but actually That's how it got invented. That's how new mood got invent. Rarely yeah. I was trying to figure out a way to mitigate partying love, I mean this is period was called roll off. Which I did the other day at the kid is old, perfect scheme, for basically every legal posted to show by you is a like a pardon Leupold that you know there's a comment. I relayed that it's part is not the restitution those like through it was it's true. I'd like to sign a contract. You could hire someone sign a contract to to have a porn film, and even
It's for your own benefit right have a for yourselves long as you're filming the rates. That's a lie. This is so stupid. May I love the way Brisbane or yeah he's not the only one to start that, I'm sure I'm sure, but it's still the point loophole is how Blake Porn stars get away. Doing quote: unquote prostitution, I said: there's a girl that at the comedy store and telling guys that you could fucker, but you to pay her her rate and you have to turn the camera on up and it's like I'm not occur when okay, I don't know what to say, I got a girl, I don't know I would have entered the conversation for awhile. Okay. I was again glee skin with nature's dude with their I'm like. Well, how does it fit a yeah? That's the that's he was like. I didn't know if he was the boyfriend or, if he's the PAM, but he writes, we didn't mean, let's see a gun. I don't know how he's going to protect. It was the right thing was very strange, but that's the calmest.
How much door is a vortex of strange, somehow another which is drag those people to that one place on there that I sat in the rainbow ever go to the Rainbow bar and grill. I swear they when less He died from motor. Had they saved a seat forum, that's they have a seat. That's we reserve the only camera monthly. I'm yes like to place a. Let me see yeah that scandal there and shit, like maybe one of his band members comes in, they're all sold out the women said their hips to let us live, maybe an off the hook. Maybe not, maybe you have to be if it's like, when he's friends, if salamis friends and they want to sit, let me stable, I think that's that should fly. That's okay! You know I think I can see a different fact is going to war over. It is like nope. This is for lambing motherfucker. We cannot do that and the other guys be like his friend come on. You can do it. Yeah yeah,
that's. Our religious warfare begins that is yeah right, like sacred anything sacred sacred, once sacred places sacred the this, the things. There's good and bad of them. There's like there's definitely merit in sacred things, but there's, an area in Hawaii where the Keck observatory is, and they wanted construct a larger, bigger telescoping, apparently that problems, because the native american night and I get a land of America now why and they're sort of native american ones the people that live there so how some sacred ground up there that they don't think you're supposed to build on which you know I get it so spot. You know sun. Some come up there with the telescope, yeah, my god, that's have you ever been up there to the Keck observatory, not to one. You been the Big Island Maine only to Maui, big Island awesome, it's so strange because
biggest of the islands, but it's the lease populated of the hawaiian islands. I hear that it's and it's all one where it has all these different ecosystems on one island like if you go like near the low side, were bj pens from It's all like tropical, that's beautiful God. It rains all the time and its lush and green it's magical, but then you, how to like the other side like the Kona side, and it's like it's totally different. It's dryer and in these areas that have these giant lava beds. That's a trip planning to the whole place, amazing even seen a lot of ads yeah I've seen some pretty crazy on the deck the whole. I don't know why he's one of those places of kind of in the study to see them part of the US, because in the middle of the bus five hours away, when we tend to think it's a beautiful place, I can see. Are you on tool? Well, how about Alaska you have to fly to Canada again, yeah excitement elected was her bizarre exit from
Puerto Rico, doesn't make any sense yeah. I know that's that's trippy right there, the now, but I think you are saying about the sacred and to me it's interesting, be cause but Lee because you hold something sacred to You need to be able to have you want tool now, because you diminished its importance. He's order to avoid a not been thorny teen to adult in all the right seem to keep seeing salute was a cute speaking off american indian stuff is spirituality. I remember being like at some local to set him on his way. Was the Larios to see people who have grown up with dates of or damage that he saying versus it's like some white guys were coming up and all of the fantasy about a supposed to be right. The latter is that was during the break of the ceremony to wear the v in some of the some of the answers were giving the pipes to some of the people who are supporting in there right, and these guys would take the pipe they will smoke it. They will pass it to other people and then they give it to this White Lady was clearly
make it ourselves real seriously right in so just try to line the piper. She can't she fail, so she feels she tried and then taking herself super serious. She takes a deep breath and she goes oh the spirits, the warm it'll like this pipe today and there was a NOLA Carter. Lady, Next, where was trying to not die laughing, but she was trying to be polite right, but she was like look it's a windy day just the life that I be okay, so windy day. I think it's for the whole look of the lady to speed it's of the law. That is there any other. I yeah the size of the, because the three of you could call the wedding. Sometimes this it is our to tell you said he said just relax a little bit like that up. It's like someone saying to you Namas day in May, these people who say Namastey are assholes. I don't mean that they're mean people, I don't need their asshole licked me, but just shut the fuck up bitch
come on man, you don't really mean that you just trying to be like super spiritual, but I swear to God. I had like there's yoga teachers that can say it after a yoga class and you'll, say it back and you You mean it, you mean it. Could you just did ninety minutes of hell together, and you'll say it and you mean it, but that's a tricky thing there. Sometime, though, the guy was there yell deal yeah and the guy was. The thought of phony can sound exactly the same, except that one is the other. One is not like to be like a lot of the Sikhs about spirituality date. They make me throw up because they are so. All cheesy saw made up something, but then they our developments. Where you go, oh shit, that was like the other day, man dies was strip. You, like this guy from Canada, email me and he's like. Oh we, he said he was a another look at the thing right, american, indian stuff and he's like We had a ceremony, and I was now we prayed also for your daughter and blah blah blah. I'm like ok, thanks, that's sweet and the guy goes oh by.
Kind of have, the feeling that she may be sensitive to sing, select a task if, by any chance she had a dream having to do with this American Indians of MIKE that's weird because she doesn't remember dreams, nine nights out of to and- and you know in the end, she never mentioned that one. So there's no all right, but if you it doesn't hurt to Lusk. So I try not to ask a leading question, so I just ask her: hey: did the any dream last night and she goes no, and I was like you say, bullshit what and I should not always we had a dream like my Grandpa Power Stick me to this place, order, Indians and they told me to speak Lakota and yeah. We had a good time and I went like all your package. And I don't run with it. You know I don't say: oh it's because the spirits these I have no fucking idea right. I'm just reporting what happens, but when you look at it you like, oh shit, maybe the universe is a lot weirder than we assume sometime the problem with something like that, as you can't measure it. Of course, you can't there's no
whenever, like anybody has a clue voyant moment or a moment where they kind of have an instinct doesn't seem to make any sense but turns out to be true and they go well. What was that? Was it coincidental like? What was that? And you know, there's like some SAM Harris type people that are like very straight full. Word, rational thinking, they'll, they'll, sort of boil it down to coincidence and I'm not We convinced I like SAM, and I don't mean to talk about him because I, like you and I dj stuff, but I think that's the complete bullshit back to me are a fundamentalist as much as a religious fundamentalists like that, when her sighing so badly to explain every single him too, whether you're, explaining d as in it's, because God the days or because no it's because you must be a incidents. The probability of this that it's like. Can you just tell me the life is weird and we don't have all the explanations and leave it at that same time. He's right, most the time no see, I think, there's a lot
To people that try to make things sound, spiritual in connect, sir stances and say you know its fate and it's you know psychic moment when really is just total coincidence. There is a lot of that and uh one thought, is not everything in's on every, but it's hard to differentiate like what is when you talk to a guy and he says that your daughter had some sort of a dream about native Americans financially sensitive and then you ask her and she said: oh yeah, I had a dream about native Americans like wow the fuck. What are the odds? kids, you gas. I had a dream. I was on the my little pony out or I had all the money in the world. He was that tonight you know it's like literally what a deal it's running is like what are the odds that she remember anything and what are the odds that you have anything to do with the topic that she never mentioned once in our life right, you ever have a dream about someone. Then you get an email from them the next day and you haven't talked to them and I'm settled. I don't. I don't necessarily believe that the the
Connections that people have to each other, a physical like you, have to be there and see each other. There very well might be some sort of a dream state connection or a thought connection that we just can't. We put on a scale that we can't like take a ruler and go oh. This is seven inches long until you can't. We can't measure it. I've had I've had enough of those x Jensen again, not to believe 'cause? I don't know what I believe right. I have no fucking idea. I don't know how the universe works, but I do have enough experience. Is that let me think. There's no way that this is a coincidence. This is a coincidence. This equity incidents every single time that he just leave me with kind of my mind, is off two possibilities. I don't know: what's out there, there's stuff that I experienced their stuff, they don't experience. I have zero beliefs about the nature of reality. 'cause, my tools are very
made it about when I understand, but there have been enough of those cases where you go shit that would make once- and I was I don't know- maybe eighteen or something I had went to hiking with my friends, go up the mountain and we go back, which is great 'cause. I was alone with these two hot women. The other guy was with going off of like you all three of these appear somewhere and I enjoyed the state should off this to hold. We met for the rest of the day. This is a good as it gets and like a one point, I looked early, is like somebody like a phone rang where I got up and I'm like fuck there's a problem. This do no problem right now and there's really no reason to think he said he would be back four hours later an hour ago by there's no reason whatsoever to feel that way and that's what I tell myself is like that's bullshit. Why are you making what kind of a bullshit excuse not to deal with the women? That's beautiful there or stay here? What are you saying? I try? I try keep getting in my head,
It is like not there's a fucking big problem in may not be a bad idea to pay attention to it or my heart she's. Christ. You ruin my day when, when I are not here, fuck you I don't like you already, but but I'm like. Ok, this is barking. Fine, I'll, walk up I'll start going up the Mount and see what the hell like none of this makes sense go The mountain, there's fifteen different paths that you can take to go up. The mountain I don't know which one a tool come, take a stop and just be quiet, and because I don't know what else to do one I keep going and I hear this voice call limbing, so I called back and eventually I your dish, my friend's voice, calling a gain. I find a little got. Dehydrated egg gone up too fast too, and he was done right yet no. Energy left is on the floor, just collapse them. Kind of pussies you're hanging around with water, wimp and
the guy on the hydrogen for an hour. No! No! I am no. I is that he said he was gonna, be back at a time but have been there longer, but how long you been there, I don't know you know, because I don't like him anymore, so I'm all good with cuts. The light like you thank you, but I have no problem with that. But let's see universe, universe wanted to update you should've left yeah, I don't bang those chairs. I draw that's like one of my deepest regrets. This column use it as a candle holder. Exactly it's like hey look at that, but you know it doesn't love it you're like. Why did I have that? now. I just Wyatt up start now. I'm pissed off no women save this asshole with the girls. Do this contractor eating each other out?
right when they're done coming up. They had this attitude, which is like really. You want to go. Okay, your loss, my doing this will you at least a hero when they found out that the guy was shoring greats. I was a hero. Who cares for the people? Listening is making the hand job gesture, yeah dot out of actual vehicle off yeah. We I know what that is. Maybe you just didn't have any faith in your friend. You know it was kind of an idiot yeah. I don't know man In fact I don't know it could be right. I'm not saying that, like the dream thing from last night, that was even weirder this one. I can see how it could be something else right with our SAM Harris I'd say: well, let's just examine, I think, for a moment about the possibilities right. Just I don't think he's necessarily completely averse to the idea of there being some sort of connection. I think Ian and like you, and I agree most of that stuff is like the lady that says this.
You still want me to like the place most of the bullshit. I agree completely man. One thing changed. My perception on on just the supernatural in the spiritual is looking into it. When I did that Sci Fi Show and when I did, I did a show called Joe Rogan questions at not drawing questions everything game show in my head. Game show in my head show was a hidden camera show where the people had like an earpiece in, and we would tell them to go. Do things and we But this one up in Hollywood and You know the game show like here's your task. This is what you have to do and one of the things they had to do was we told from that, your reporter for a local television station you're doing the news and you reporting on a UFO sighting, you huh. Have to find someone and tell them listen. I had a witness. They were here for this UFO story of the cameras here, but they took off Are you willing to say that you saw the UFO two, an fucking eh,
no one said: yes, everyone they just went right. Not only did they say yes, they went right in these elaborate fake stories on camera and I went wow. It just with such an eye opener for me, and I was like how many of those people that you see and those UFO documentaries like the famous one, was the phoenix lights, usually the Phoenix lights, the FINA it was a a series of sightings that happen in Phoenix. I want to say in the early 90s maybe- and it was very controversial because the governor was was saying he was going to get to the bottom of this. This is all like this is all very controversial, and then he held a press conference and made a mockery out of it. By having someone dress up
like an alien and say we found the culprit, and here he is, the guy comes out he's going to alien costume on and the UFO believers were really pissed off because they were like fuck. You I saw something. There was a triangle: shaped object, the size of a football field. It was flying overhead, it wasn't making any noise like all these people. Have these all these things he said that they saw but there's also, there's no evidence is only evidence of these lights that are floating in the sky, that they think. Where there's the Governor Arizona governor in the fucking, alien Solarius, but what people were saying that they saw? There was one there was One explanation that made sense- and that was there were flairs that the government had let loose parachutes and they were drifting down from the sky slowly and they've. Behind the mountain ranges that's where they disappeared, like if you look at the actual video that people did get, they're, just lights, that are hovering in the sky. Who doesn't there's no triangle shaped black objects or fly
around, but everybody had all these and so as soon as you start saying, hey, there's a phoenix lights and people saw you up for me too, when I saw it, I was on my porch with strange. The night was electric I felt in the air or something and I agree with you in fact that like to mean ninety nine percent of these stories are such bullshit. But two is like so time there are some that you can't explain, which doesn't mean it's real doesn't mean. We know why you're! Yes, it was a UFO re was anything else. Sorry was that yeah there was something that came into somebody's dream. Who knows right now? I have no idea, but why hello, are we trying to explain it away every single time you know I'm just say there is no explanation. Who knows why that said? Hey, that's weird leave it at that. You know you don't have to run with it, but you don't have to the night either you know. No, it's amazing man go shows. What's that, do those ghost shows ghost Hunter shows all those fucking years and all those episodes and those mother Fucker
got nothing faithful! It's a let's see what, because, after the commercial break cut it with nothing, let's play a tape. Recorder, listen, listen to very close, but how did you hear that there's clearly clearly he was saying yeah desert. First, we know what the fuck that is there. Like so much shenanigans and fuckery going no shows murder recently, like a ghost hunter like killed his wife and killed himself. There was something like that. Something like that, like a famous one right on television or something like that yeah. What well Jamie I find it, but yeah that and those mediums like the long island, psychic stuff uh got here problem. That water, distilled with so many charlatans. That is not even funny couple appear, featured on ghost adventures dead in apparent murder, suicide. Damn
Who self sat styled paranormal investigators yeah? They don't give a fucking degree for that and not paranormal investigation Mark and Debby Constantino is that it says, and a third still unidentified man were killed yesterday in sparks NV. That's where it goes down on a domestic violence incident turned deadly. The Konstantinos killed themselves. What build themselves as electronic script, make that larger, elect Elect as electronic voice phenomenon experts and made frequent appearances on reality shows about the supernatural most notably occuring, on Travel channel's, ghost adventures wow. Oh, the couple were a strange: oh ok found him with a new dude or she where he found her. Rather with the new dude. He killed them both and killed himself dead.
Debbie Constantino had been living with two roommates. Approximately eight hundred am Tuesday. The police were called department after one of mates found their male roommate dead and Debbie missing yep. That's it. Please eventually discover the he's being held hostage by Mark Constantino, an apartment belonging to one of the couples adult children. Temps negotiate failed around In thirty pm, a Swat team breached the apartment door and found both people dead, Jesus Christ who I can't help it. What can people just break up with the fuck like murder, suicide, when people break up, like God, damn you pussy you? fucking pussy. You can't handle her finding a new person, God people are so weak in that regard. That is one of the weaker aspects of humanity. The inability to accept that someone doesn't want to fuck you anymore.
She want some new dick. Let her go. She still. She still got some life left dinner, but I thought you're, seventeen you should be over. That is, like you deal with it, the first time that you learn so brutal. I don't even dig like when people flip out about access. He was almost a state type of everybody talks sheet about their acts. Now, I'm not a mother, you brought them into your life yeah you are. The wind would like, if you didn't see it worry about, what's going on with you, if they were really that bad if they were such horrible human beings in the order, one overrode them in, or maybe they are not a bad and you're just blowing. It out of a bar from because in a drama queen- and you can deal with the fact that they are with somebody Else- is like there's. There's Definitely that will there's. Definitely some people got over. Leisure divorces were due to have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for the rest of their life, but even that to me is interesting because it's like no, it's not that's terrific et, but it's the same woman that you
brought in your life, and you didn't fucking, see that she was capable of all of that. You know what I mean. So yes, while she's the scum of the earth, and you can and should be pieced with her I would also to serve a little bit for your own judgment, a file you open the door to his lady and what that problem. Is that there's a legal option? It's not that she's, a scum of the earth. The problem is, you are breaking up. She does feel pain. What not saying I'm not saying these shouldn't feel pain when someone to fuck someone else 'cause you going to it's just it's going to feel jealousy going to feel lost. It's going to happen, but what I'm saying is you have to have some fun active all right, you are a human being and if you're here in America you live in the best place, on the planet in two thousand and sixteen, which is the best time ever to be alive, and you fucking pussy you you got match dot com, you got tender, get to crack baby start slinging dick. You could sling Dick today, like you could sling vagina you can do whatever you want to do today. This is a different world like move on
can you find someone that you don't want to not be with or that you do want to be with you can get along with work on yourself like figure it out. Man don't go on a murder suicide rampage. I know, but This woman, like I, have a friend who is I've, told, talked about him before he he's divorced and divorce is brutal. It took forever. She went to all the other lawyers in town so that he couldn't go to them. Because she had content, she had contacted them. First, it's just brutal brutal shit and she taught them for like two years like changing the terms of the divorce re going by on him all the while he's paying for her lawyer, he she's paying for his lawyer, he's paying for everything she was trying to believe him out. Then she got the ridiculous settlement and she got his house massive, beautiful fucking house, overlooking the ocean like the whole deal and top of that because they were married for twelve years. He has there for the rest of her life, so he's pay
he's paying are hundreds of thousands of dollars every year for the rest of her life, an that's not it It's I mean you could say well hey. He should have known he let that person to his life, but he used to love her, but she in that time of Lawson Pain and suffering. She had- illegal option. Sure and the lawyer came during said: listen you're! You helped him right. You you help to make me wilds. She didn't do shit. She walked around the fucking, Beverly Hills with little tiny dogs and got her nails done and got her fucking pedicure done and talked a lot of shit about him. While he was at work. That guide. Busted is ass all day long, but because that was his quote, unquote, wife, because they scribbled their name on some paper that up and said I do that. Look for the rest of his life. That I mean I see the point. It don't get me wrong. There are the cases where the x is the evolve. The moon from here
I got that but a steel while it's their fault and is not yours still you're the one who didn't see that they were demo from Highland RD. I mean, and two also is yeah they suck now? What I think they suck, but I she's got nothing going on and this is there to her. It's like. What is she going to do she going to work all day and take some that sucks she's in her late 40s, the 50s now she's. Older lady she's. Not she doesn't have the best health like what is she going to do your she's going to keep taking one hundred thousand dollars every year, because the law says it's ok. Well, I think there is a lot of those are pretty pretty dramatic.
Streams there's like I'm, never going to take a penny and I'm going to go back to work ten hours a day to fix, says that it says that they never pass. That's my point right, but the other one is also you're. An asshole is not just it's. There is an option. Is you choose an option? That's designed to bleed the other person right. When you know it's not right. Well, he makes good money. So it's not like he's getting bleed bled dry, but he has to pay, an exorbitant amount of money every year to a person, and he doesn't fuck anymore, and now he has a wife, and he has children is a whole new family and still a giant chunk of his income goes to this lady that he doesn't have anything to do with anymore and it will to the day she dies. So she lives to be five hundred years old because of modern science has fucking. Dude is paying her for the next four hundred years yeah, but it's yeah. That makes you think twice about it's incredible, it's stupid and I'm married and I'm happy.
Yeah I'll, tell you right now, I'm a happily married person. I love my wife. I love having a family, it's it's nice for me, it's it works, but it's stupid, like, though the contract is dumb, it's a dumb legal contract and it's it's an archaic one. An ice I understand a child support. I can understand all that stuff. I understand all that. But what drives me crazy is this idea that in my friend, somehow or another, because he live with twelve years by the way it was more than twelve years ago that they separated, so, let's think of that, so it, but because he lived there for twelve years. He has somehow another fucked her to the point where she can't work anymore: like he gave her so much dick. During the time we were together, she just discombobulated. She can fill out a form if you
child okay, when the child turns eighteen, you're no longer live yeah, that's an adult! They're gone! If you have a child support, you have to pay after each right when they become eighteen. That's what you're you! You have to get a job kid. If you figure out to feed yourself. It's part of the growth of life, not you're, a grown woman and they're grown woman, and she was 40s when they broke up and for whatever reason we have these wacky laws to state that this person is enough to work again for ever no children by the way. No children, that's complete, never had kids together. What is it these twelve? The magic number is like if you was eleven than all it, you don't have to like what I don't know. I think I think it varies, but I think in California, for whatever reason it was twelve and now I think, I'm too ten is the big one like ten years at the big so. It might have been that it was ten because Ralph may just got just got jacked, apparently his his woman just divorce
them after ten and that's a number one. They wait until ten and at ten the party begin and so if you are thinking about it, nine and enough is the time to call it. It's hard, to imagine someone not being in your life, but yet you have to pay the money. Yeah, that's fucking up there just no way around, but in his case, like his wife has children or his ex wife now has children from him, and so he is definitely finance responsible for her children, his children, that there that you know the, their children and I think, he should pay alimony because she has to take care of those kids and she can't really work like you know: she's, not like a free person who single, but if you're, free single stand you needing a couple years to get on your yeah. That's fair that that's what I mean about the grace is like one is one x, three Melanie's you've got nothing to fear is fear enough in shouldn't. I mean, if you say, if you live with a woman and for ten years you're married and for ten years she doesn't have to work. Yes, your some diamond merchant
downtown la or something like that, and you break up there and then you know you get out the house you're on your own. She have any skills, doesn't have anything like that's fucked up capital fierce fear, something like that is reasonable compromise. But there's this weird thing: they do where it's called the the quality of life you're supposed to maintain the same quality of life like what yeah that's bullshit. So if you we live in with, like Kobe Bryant, like Kobe Bryant's wife is responsible for his children, so she should certainly get money and but how much money man now? How did she get hundreds of millions of dollars like? How does that work? You know forever forever. Yeah, that's nuts to the end of time. Till the day they die, and if you don't have a prenup get ugly so and he's like. No, I bring up is not romance like fuck you. This is a contract anyway. The whole thing is a contract that involves the stay,
read them and if you don't have a prenup believe me, those conversations get way more intense. When things get ugly, when the woman knows there's no pre involved yeah I have a buddy, doesn't have a prenup and him and his wife are fighting and I go to have a prenup nobiles. Now, how dare you are screwed, and he said we were having a conversation about he's. I couldn't figure out a way to like justify having a prenup. I go. Here's away, if you're in love and you're married together and you going to be together forever, the prenup doesn't mean shit, it doesn't mean there if you really plan on being together forever, but of that person wants to, abandon ship. Then ship, you like a a plug at the at the bottom of the bathtub. Ball ball ball.
That's when you need a pre, not there, because if you're going to break up, that's an a prenup comes into play and then you need it and you should have it right. But if you're going to be together forever, the prenup doesn't mean a God. Damn thing, because you're going to be together forever, so don't worry about it, get a fucking prenup silly bitch. Only it only becomes a factor. If you get divorced. That's why any woman that says you want to have a peanut. You don't think it's going to last. No, I think it is going to last, but is it I think, that's logic of not having a prenup is insane if we break up. Want to get financially rats. How much I love you six that because so much I want to stay together. I want to stay together with you under the threat of being financially ruined because Otherwise, it's not true love. Now it's fucking Chick said to me the other day it was hilarious. She was well I'll. Tell you what more and more women today are paying alimony? I go name one silence rose and bar, that's all they say:
Roseanne Barr Tom, Arnold. She, get Aman. Ok, we got one under our bed. That's so one victory is opposed to Watt watt hundreds of millions of guys that have been over by the system. I don't get actually don't even get the whole idea of marriage, and I don't mean like committed the relationship. I got that I got older, but why the fact that you need to bring in the state and lawyers, because it's a business. It's that's what I mean is like. If it's a relationship, why do you need to bring all the in? What's a business in terms of like there's, a business of the diamonds? You know is three months to have too much to ask like those diamond merchants stock, a bring them up again. I know why but die the idea that three months, salary three months that is fuck crazy for Guy- has to three months out of a whole year for a little rock. The goes around
finger just to show you, you know she's, not that's bad. We want to make sure ask that would be a deal breaker right off. The bat is like what you first of all, what you want, what you want to join the armor all connect coast, absence of a dollar off. I have nothing in common with you, I'm done most people don't have enough money to get by period like there scrape most. People are not going pretty much checked a chance. They have like a little bit of money in the Bank fucking shit goes terribly wrong, but they three that's where the money in the bank. So what you So for three months I'm going to suffer so you have a rock on your finger with I'm going potato chips for starve to death, Rama noodles at dinner. Every night twenty dollars today to that in the jar right that goes into the diamond, JO, who never that to me is the ultimate bullshit is like silly do people actually like. I is not a status symbol. Nights come on,
you can get it like a fucking fake thing that looks exactly the same and you unless you were a jeweler with them, but it's not the same. But that's what I mean is like it's about. It cost a shit load of money is a symbol is not the real thing is like. What can you do with three months salary? You can do so much fucking good stuff about. We do that to celebrate the wedding or whatever the hell blah blah blah, give me the rock band she she married this guy. Real shady is always shady from the beginning, and she has a nice relaxing nice fat rock when they before she went to get checked out to make certain Colonia hi. That's the way you do it's yep she him over. He he got a fake rock, that's the way it do it they look so real ma'am, it's hard to tell I'll. Be, I guess, a diamond merchant to tell lab hours by
so you're, not damn american sold. How about we don't deal with that? You know it's not like having a fake ferrari. You know, like a fake fur, I will drive like she exactly. You know. That's three out yeah that there something real there had a diamond in discussing it. It's so crazy. I know a lady who's, a billionaire. I husband, her husband's, very, very wealthy tycoon type character, he's kind of hilarious. He dresses like sergeant pepper's, lonely hearts. Club band has like those little outfits on throws his magical parties in Malibu or just fucking. This huge, huge, crazy parties. Pro cost like a million bucks- God an animal, but he This rock I don't know enough about diamonds to say how much it costs, but it's what over a million dollars? hello, it's huge, I mean it's fuck, it's like a watch. It's a flavor flave watch hanging. It's like a clock on her finger, it's so big! What is this? Is this a new guy she's with this just came out this week and thirty five carat diamond ring
Who is this dude she's with some billionaire from Australia look at him? Let me see what he looks like yeah. It looks like you need a thirty five character got it for five. Forty five, she still hot how's that ass big right, big juicy papao set ring? She was like much smaller and thinner. She was younger huh, not that I like that. That's thirty five characters. That's what that is. I was expecting figure, I mean I don't know I was too I'm telling you the the lady that I know her ring is bigger than that yeah. That should makes me how much does that cost projectile vomiting just looking at this yeah, that's probably it's probably a million bucks, this a lot
remember when J Lo and Ben Affleck were a character zero. One yeah we are late in the year was a great story. Great story to tell, I know, do who's construction guy and he was dealing with them at the time and allegedly, the story is the Jlo Ben Affleck had like a full basketball or that he had in his place. She won to take the basketball court apart and put it in her house like surprise like to surprise him and the guys like what? No I'm not doing that. Could you imagine what kind of fucking craziness that bitch has in her head like she's, like I'm, just gonna move his favorite place to my place that way when he has his basketball games, you'll have to have it at my house like what I see she wanted to move it like take it.
I want my mind. He's mine, but basketball caught in my house to person nation, my God, people do some crazy shit to get into relationships. I mean is like meeting up with people here, district quest the listed just saying 'cause. This is like that that bad. That's I don't know man, I don't get it if ever call friend and his wife answers his cell phone now on me, in our semantic spear. You got that a lot I rather happy more than once and I'd lose all respect for that guy and less he's in the middle of fucking a holding up a pan of hot oil that is carried to stove or something and it's an emergency phone call or something I why the would you wife answer your cell phone. I think that's
in accusatory, way, hello quiz it! This is Joe, is Dave there, Joe, who Joe Rogan hold on Hey Dave. Why is your fucking wife answering your phone like I'm, some check who's calling are gay lover. You fucking weirdo, keep your phone in your pocket; bitch! Don't let her have it now that I think that's like our committee security? There is like a I score, a hole to our minds. We can win score, one I'm just gonna hold on to our no matter batch it basically dance, I'm going to put up with anything 'cause, I'm afraid to be alone. That, I think, is speaking of the book stuff. That's one of the thing that I notice changing in me.
For the longest time. I had this exact dynamics that I'm criticizing. I add them in me right. I was like. I don't want to be alone. If I'm quite a hot woman, I want to stick to wear and she does some crazy shit. That's totally fine! It's like that sphere! That's insecurity! That's if I let her go I'll, never get laid with a home when I go in kind of thing and at one point I think is like I had dealt with enough shit that something snapped in me where I'm just like. You know what now on, and I don't even mean it in a bad way. I don't you wanna, make one compromise in my life. You know if I have to be anything gathered than what am twenty four slash. Seven, I don't want to be with you. You may be a nice person, I'm not criticizing you, launch in my life right. But what, if you smoke a joint with her and she throws that pussy around, like fucking John Elway, just with the the long yards for God, Damn walk like went away, acts that ball. That helps for Bush, to our but then the rest of your life, so those two hours for gonna. Now, let's move on
something about ten, when you're work? Thinking about those two hours going, that, I god damn you know, yeah man give it for a lay woo full from the three point line right through the net. This yeah there! That's! Why, when you now, if you break up with their to that phone, is just rang off the hook from dues trying to get a hold of that voodoo right, we can do now. You can going to be cool and calm and collected. You got two minutes right, 'cause, otherwise it fucks up the rest of your life or does even if it was every single day that is the most magical sex in the ward. For those two hours that you spent, there are twenty two more hours to sleep, a lot that it's all, ok right, that you can put up with it and it's all working. I know this dude who's, a mobster in talked about going to jail that goes to jail, is no big deal. The key was you gotta sleep, your time away, but sleep
eighteen hours a day that works and also really like yeah, that's gotta, don't just sleep at time away! A lot of people are up to doing pushups. Not me sleep, my time away by time, you know two years is gone. Nothing I slept like. I rest. Okay, eighteen hours a day, Jesus he's an my endo yeah, But gather some, some girls are just so hot in the jerk. It's also like there's something what's going on. Love is real and emotions are real and appreciating someone is real and there's definitely that but there's all, so some biological tricks that go on when you connect with someone you have sex with them. There's like some weird order of possessive tricks where your dna doesn't want them to. Is anyone else, because your dna wants to procreate with them? And that's where you have to protect this this one person who you're shooting loads into we're going, have babies with where you going. What are talking
guy. I saw the way that God, how you like, all those crazy Is it comes about you that person becomes you or I become your property, but you can control them and then, if they're freaky, if you're, crazy, freaky witches, you got to go this crazy, freaky, bitches, probably crazy, with other dudes too, and then she's, probably crazy, freaky bitch with other dudes before me, so I have to think that those dudes know that she's slinging that that superstition, stitches pussy out there are superstitious. That said, you wanted she's, gonna, think anybody ever in the history of mankind. You sauce two hearts together. That's that's! A first she's got some fucking voodoo positions, get some supernatural pussy, there's people that can things better and and fucking you, like everybody, have you dated who was really hot, sterile and terrible in bed. No, I miss out that experience? I went a couple of them, but I had one of them. I was like stop we discussed up to really was that bad yeah. She just for all sorts of reasons. I guess like. Maybe it wasn't
fault, maybe she's just like in secure or uncomfortable or unaware, or you know it's just it. It turned out later on that I found like coke problem that I I wasn't aware of that, would that's I've never done it. But apparently that's blocks you off from my commotion. What she just it's kind of funny. It is that what made bad hey we just it wasn't good! You know it's the girl that I dated before he was a freak. Michael Berry's order, lowering sucks, not fun yeah, it's like when when someone's is when they're all in you know in the next girls, not all in you, like kind of flying things all in my head. Gamble for the next one yeah, I'm not here to pay play penny slots, I'm here to push. Fucking mortgage into the center of the table and go What are you doing there? That's what the eight minutes right. What do you make of?
Could he said I an ability to? Is that torn off the exact thing you are talking about sort of the dna like you are minding all the possessiveness, the gentle see all of that the whole loan Chris Ryan Ability, when you mean well, you know he sold about us. Faq monogamy, it's sold out happy monkeys having sex with each other and just let it be well. I that's something that you can learn yeah. I think it's really boil down to It really is when you boil it down to you know if you can be objective about, if it's at all possible. It's it's pleasure like. Why? Should you be the only person that can give that person pleasure? Why should that to be the only place for you get pleasure. Are we slaves to these ancient emotions and ancient can actions that we have to other and being set were really based on scarcity? I think whenever things a it's scarcity, you know
the idea that you'll be alone. If you have her, she will be alone forever. It's like famine. Thinking that mean I don't eat this meal. Those we do more meals, just that family, when it comes to friends like we have a friend like. Would you hang out with them for we we're going to even hang out with me anymore, like that's the surest way too, a friend tops it'll to become like really needy, where you get upset that that friend hangs out with other friends. It's ridiculous. It's crazy that people like that Dickinson. I've had friends like that before they get. When you know only when I was younger, when you know, when you're younger you're sort of figuring out what style of person Warren, how do you live your life and what's acceptable, not what's not acceptable, and you know the people that are like that, whether they're aware or not, they're, just incredibly manipulative. They might not even be aware of why or what they're doing, but when it ms to relationships a lot of times, people also mirror the family that they grew up in if you grew up in a really jealous really abusive family, you can you, can
mirror itself. Now you know Amir itself in you or it could be exact opposite where you see how retarded your parents were in like well fuck that I'm not going to be like that anymore, so I think Chris, obviously very brilliant, guy and Chris Ryan's book, which excellent book, which is really highly respected. I think he's got some real good points and if you can intellectualize it and be objective, yeah. You know as the you, if you're happy living that life he's happy, you know, and he knows a lot of people are also live like that are happening. It's nothing wrong with it. Not exactly. I mean I to me with the the argument he lay. It makes perfect sense. Yeah, you know, I think is right is just for a lot of people is hard tool got over, does not, but but but you know the steel are possessive and jealous and all of that- and they can deal with the idea that somebody day all the supposed to be only me. You can't have sex with somebody else they flip out, but you know to me,
think about it doesn't really make sense. Well, you know what else doesn't make sense. Monogamy doesn't make sense, but neither does polygamy. It ought not. It makes sense you should do whatever you want right like what, if you are in a monogamy monogamy is great. That's what I mean exactly few works for you. Why shouldn't you, and by the way it doesn't work with everything. If you find one person and it doesn't work with them, then that's not the one you should be monogamist with, but it doesn't mean You can't be anonymous with somebody else or may he even that same person and their stage of your life. You know, like things, change, I'm gonna change. You look to me. The idea is the one that makes the most sense, no Jacquelyn philosophical right, but every single type of try to throw it So there is some lady I wanted to get in a relationship with the discussion was invariably, it makes sense, get your point, but can
sorry is not going to go and then it's a choice right he's like mom. Do I want to do anyway, giving up these philosophical it sound cooler or not, and the times when I have gone for, and so it was that in one of the most our nation festively fine with it. You know it wasn't like all all I spend my days thinking about what I'm missing. I was completely happy with their, so I am completely you dare to me is not a test to be one way or the other is whatever works at the end of the day, but whatever works means sorts having the flexibility to say, maybe that that id for non monogamous ways and all the all the way you know that there are other ways to go about. It are just as good. Well, this certainly are other ways to go about it. I mean there's people that live in like a house and it's a man with like three women right. You know, or a woman with three men and they wasn't like a fucking drug dealer. Moving it wasn't like an Oliver Stone Movie where there's a chicken two dudes needs to have three sums kidnapped, chicks, look so stupid.
What is this stupid? As it haven't seen the movie? I read the book. The book was actually awesome. The movie I try to watch it. I quit ten minutes in it always, looks great on paper. You know it's just it's very hard for people pull off that open relationship. Unless they're disgusting I'll tell you what you want. You want to see disgusting people go to Swingers convention, fucking people, re and I were in a, I think, we're in Nashville and we did a whole weekend at this place and uh we had this guy drives around you, we we hire car service and got the same guy to take us to the airport from the airport, and we. Friendly with them and as he's take this to the airport at the end of the weekend, starts open it up about being a Swinger outta nowhere, man we're fucking driving to the airport. You will say well next time you guys in town be happy to take you to Swingers Party were like what are you talking about?
ends up that him and is MRS, have this relationship. You can decide like whether or not he sleeps with with other men. He can. He give the veto wow yeah, but Nice vetoed is well ok, I guess that was yeah, so I will. How do you decide to use our own phone like someone who just don't you know? I don't want happening. I go like what, like some whole king, six foot, five football player with a giant hog. This thing is your calf like. Is that what it is he started, uncomfortable and Michael? How you have to be uncomfortable, menus, open up the door saying that, because you know like what is it that turns you off like about some guy banging your woman right? What what's the big deal he could he could answer? It was that I really had a good at that started over set, but we got deep into it with them in the few may
meant that we had left before we got to the airport, but we were laughing. The entire flight home covered writer must get Sobor sometime 'cause you getting the weird like house, we done cutting where we in Wisconsin we got off the plane, got in this cab and the second we close the door he started. His bottle of right is like there was the cab driver started. Let me tell you about our governor, our governor sucks, because that he started like this fifty minute monologue where he went thought any clearly was just itching to get it off his chest. The doctor and the doctor said I would look at each other touch the sub. We have them to shut the up. We have been to bite that the conversation we are not relieve a participated and he just started for the cycle well kept the top to the last circled. The doesn't have his healing a limo driver and over driver too. I if you get a limo, they kind of like they, hello, sir, when they open up the car door. For here it's like there's like it's like
going to a really nice hotel right verses like a shitty motel, where the the person, the reception, is smoking, a cigarette. You know you get what you pay for, but then again the the the time could be docket. He managed to use that to make the before a comedy, be that he was also he debated brilliance. I was like hey look at that. Out of this shitty conversation come out is awesome based. I did well yeah if someone is completely retarded or someone is completely out of wack. You could definitely make a good sketch about it. This guy Nashville. I still think about this guy. Every time I go there, I'm just hoping I get him as a driver, just like it c So, let's give me an update. Man haven't seen a couple of years, how's it working out. That would be awesome yeah. There in may I'm in a May 19th, I think or 20th I'm in Nashville, so I hope I'll find that dude, I'm really thinking about everybody, everybody Nashville
please ask your cab driver what they think about sweet get and if you catch that, I guy send it back to drill to pick him up at the airport, because they have clubs they go to their spouse. Sific swinging clubs. How does that work? So everybody You know, sits on peoples, laps, you go to people and, but they all probably looked like him, disgusting, you know, he's got balding do with a ponytail and he was tall, but he had a gut like it was just skinny but fat. These things. I would also where you have your playboy fantasy and everybody look like they are out of. You know that. Yeah now that I would see the reality or like. Oh, it's not what I had in mind that almost be sucks yeah. The reality is most people that want to do that. They don't have a whole lot of other options. It's not right, but it's probably like one super hot slutty girl that goes to those things just loves being the belle of the ball right 'cause, if you
really get swingers thing and you're. Actually hot you're, hot girl, everybody wants, you Do you remember there was a Showtime show for a while about people were involved in like these big swinging sort of relationships. Now, why was it how Tearable show, but it was. It was really weird 'cause. They would show I'm getting together and making out and doing all stuff together, but it was like this is obviously like really well lit room while they were filming. You know, 'cause, like there was cameras. Only these people are supposed to okay, everybody ACT, normal yeah was this. Or something yeah yeah. I was on Showtime yeah, It was a poly amorous show you found it why sales called polyamory yeah that was it was grouse, will get out of there with that, a very modern family, okay, it's not modern, been doing that forever. Ok, it's just it's odd, but it's always like
dude who's. Like you know, this is like this is way. People should be man. They should just relax and just enjoy each others. Company man to made lots of thing is, I fuck should there's no should yeah whatever your app, if it, if it works for you works for you exactly, I know, store, gives a shit do whatever you want. What makes you happy that doesn't fuck for everyone else, that's or anyone else or the environment, but people could save you if you modify gonna open relationship and fucks over my life danieli. Do you stand? I need a man, a real man. Amana doesn't want another woman, you should it shouldn't be. A compromise should be You want make a stack of romance novels and lives based on this fucking artificial narrative, created by fiction writers, fucking fiction hate that shit? What about those fifty shades grey bitches? Don't find those?
That's there's an untapped freak vein out there in America, the big one big one lot of chicks, wanna get choked, and it's not getting choked. What is that about man that I don't get? We don't get it and we never will that's the female dynamic unfettered unrestrained that we don't understand, never understand it. Some of that shit is in I want you to try the wrap your head around this mental exercise. Imagine you're a woman who is going to take a condom. The guy came in and squirt the contents inside your pussy yeah. Not a can't imagine but those people are real. So imagine that a man who doesn't want to have a baby with you, but you want to play with this mother fucker. How do I do this? I wanna take the condom. Ross stuffed in my pussy squeezing out going to get my fingers in there and I'm a fucking shove it in there or try to I'm sure people
pregnant. That way, I'm sure you all pregnant through all com games come with spermicidal autumn do right. They have like spermicide in that kills them little fuckers wow that some are some weird fucking people out there right, but that's a human thing. Like this people that want to be connected so badly to someone that they'll lie about being on the pill like I've had friends that They were having sex with a girl and the girls like just don't I'm not on the pill, which is you could pull out. So those who good you know when you dicks hard. You have like ten percent. Let's talk a pass that you're operating on right, and so they try to pull out and the girl rap their legs around him and wouldn't let him pull out serious yeah fuck yeah more than one guys had that happen. I've up talk to more than one guy heard.
Like the you know, I'm on the peel worries and bullshit time they get pregnant or not a median average that you know. I haven't heard this one. That's just weird yeah trick. Pregnancy is fucking crazy, 'cause! It's terrifying! That! Not only did you fuck up so hard that you got when pregnant. You didn't want to get pregnant, but they tricked you. They are lied to you and this. This is the type of person that you now have a child with. So you have to raise a child with a liar, a man. Hippie live liar, who decided to get pregnant wolf boy. I gotta couple that I know where that lady got pregnant in eventually after telling him or no no chance in Hell and then, of course, this is under the file. This is the perfect family that then they Well, their kids never have sex before marriage data, and I remember talking in Turkey, like that one of their kids, like fourteen, I was telling me all about how she had
they say no sex before marriage dies and e stuck to it a lot like thirty. Then tie daughter fuck with your momma spanking guys are just pulling up. He was like my mom and dad met in Bible Class, and my mom was pure, the other guy flipped It was like serious, I'm like yeah, don't like to you, that's where it's at, but he was like holy shit. I was like yeah man, sorry, they just fed you bunch of bullshit, but the took a relaxer that sex now, just you know, don't. Just the idea that someone would be so manipulative, and so off center that they would decide to have a baby with someone against that person's world. Now, that's That's when you know you see it is problems. You know, that's where you're are mentally fucked in the head. You not just they fucked your now connected to this per you like that. You
you're not just mentally fucked in manipulative and evil, but you're connected to a person at a baby with you, and it was all because you lie as weird it's weird sex is weird because it's it makes people just feel good. Thank you just like hugging her just like you know, being affectionate and right and just making out and like all. That's all great you know, but is it makes people here like blow jobs? Don't make people it's their awesome, but they do not make people fucking actually makes people like what a bizarre our way of reproducing they'll be about it's a you're drawn to someone you can't live without them, the touches so magically removed from his own movement person. What ridiculous? That's when you got to see that the universe has been designed by somebody
lots of sense, if you were, if there is any design behind it, causes like so much of the is just fine they. You know it's just like a law, and you know it's funny, but it all makes sense. I mean this is the only way to really truly ensure that people have sex when times are tough, and you know the world is rough and if you logically and intellectually, you wouldn't have a baby, but you the baby and you have to figure out a way to hide it from the barbarian hordes 'cause. You love it so much and you have these urges and meanwhile the reason why the barbarian hordes showing up in the first place 'cause they're looking for pussy to hold things crazy. That's human history, so some condoms used to contain spermicide, but most don't it's best to use condoms without spermicide says who the person wants: babies, r Faulk? It says that what I was looking at right now so spermicide can actually increase the chances of s t eyes such as HIV, once the media, because it can cause irritation which can lead to the being and blood shadow
John, your Dick Bro, not mine, my mom, my dick laughed spermicide. My dick whatever bro. But if you have like lambskin, I think Lamb, skin condoms you can get pregnant anyway, like the jizz can get through those things and definitely know the diseases. Can I thought there was no pregnancy by yes diseases. I want to know how when heterosexual people like Charlie Sheen, get HIV come Charlie, you clean about everything. What were you doing? I want to know what you were doing. We sharing needles or somebody like what were you doing? Do you take it in the booty you do it. There's no shame in your game. Come on man come clean, come clean about the properties that he charged case. I don't think he remembers. Probably I don't know. I'm sure I did something, but who knows He so hilarious, because when he came out, and talked about it wasn't like he wants to set the record straight. He just doesn't
wanna pay anybody anymore. So he decided to put a stop to all the financial bleeding that was going on his life. That's a that's a an interesting tale that Charlie Sheen tail because it went from a tale of sort of almost like heroic, x Ces two like a sadness thing, big time ever his teeth now like falling out of his head, yeah yeah this like photos answer I don't know, I guess smoking crack, not good for your teeth. Yeah. I would imagine it would guess that possibly enameled of girls that used to date says fucking teeth are all falling out and then, if you see when he smiles smiles like this, like he's got like his, his lips are curled over his teeth. He like yeah, it's like it seems fun when you hear about it, don't blow and that's how he rolls and he's having hookers, and but then at the end of it, you realize like. Oh, this guy is probably like completely out of control. Now you know Prob
totally a slave to these chemicals, but also talented enough that he figure out a way to make absorbent amounts of money, and he has really smart people behind him 'cause. He went from that and a half men show where he made exorbitant amounts of money to this other show which was terrible, show which one was it anger management terrable show, but he got insane deal where they filmed all one hundred episodes like really quickly, and so he made hundreds of millions of dollars. They were afraid he would end the traveling. Now it's some it's a thing where you it's like a guaranteed syndication deal where if they did that they Would you like a one thousand and ninety the way a show at work like you would do? Thirty teen episodes, and then you would do the back nine in the back. Nine would equal twenty two, which is a real season so like one first, did news radio, I think the first season we did like thirteen episodes and then, if you get a pick up, everybody gets excited all we gotta pick up for the back, not so
so they decided to install. Instead of that was do a one thousand and ninety, so you do first ten episodes in the first one thousand am so let's go well. You get picked up for the full one hundred yeah so The idea is like look. We've got a hit on our hands, let's negotiate! Accordingly, let's go, we got Charlie Sheen, I don't know if you know, but Charlie Sheen was a big part of anger or two one slash. Two men made billions hours for the network, and we can do the same thing for Ufx, and so they bought hook line and sinker. Is Dylan. Just fucking went right into the shitter. No success whatsoever like it was just that not only but nobody watching it or what to do. Question. Imagine watching book and watch our dish in just because it's like a train wreck about Well, it was not a bad show at first, you know is one of those shows where people watched it and it got like it's hot to do a good sitcom man. There's not a lot of good writers, you have to have really good dedicated writers that are funny, and then you have to have
an actor who knows how to pull it off. You have a show runner who's, got experience and put putting those things together. There's an art form to creating a sitcom all itself you know. I was on one for five years and I got to see it pretty intimately from a bunch of different levels from the level of really talented, really smart actors who can figure out how to manipulate a scene and make it funny and the of really smart, really good writers who really know how to craft a scene and then networks with good id is a network, switch shit ideas and then you gotta put 'em all together and good luck and then you have back. Then you had to have good time. Slot to that was a big part of it. Is people had to know that you were on again. I will time shift change right. Nobody fucking cares about it anymore. It's just not even an issue. That's why Netflix is got it down watch.
Whenever you want and not only that the whole season comes out at once. That's beautiful! That's the best way I can watch seeing so one episode one week when I pee so the next step for me is bullshit. I wait for the season to be over there I'll try to just tune spoilers out and if I cashed out forgot anyway, doesn't matter engine just binge on it, it comes out and just watch everything in two three days and pay down with it. I don't know I watch walking dead every week watching like, but I don't watch it on tv. I don't watch it like. While it's on tv, I watch it on Itunes. The next time I watch on apple tv. Now I wait for season fuck those commercials, that's ridiculous. What do I have to pay five dollars yeah to not have a commercial fuck you I thought he worked it. My time is way more valuable than those fifteen minute chunk where you just interrupt with stupid, music and dancing frogs or whatever the fuck is Geico know, I'm selling insurance fuck you use ruined a zombie. Show you
in the mood that show is awesome. It's a good shell show. I dig it snows, the better one with the LA one. I saw one the walking dead now and then we did a few episodes, but it's well really well directed and well shot, show and really well acted. The only thing I agree with you awesome. It's very well done the only thing I did and the where the characters you know the characters of the main story of the walking down or some cool characters that you do. They you care about them, Brian, these guys, you kind of want them to all that he can buy his own base, which says that you don't give a about any of them. They are old like it is. I want to move the woman to freak out. She doesn't seem to freak out very enough. Yes, yeah she's like real the almost to calm. She should be. Should their pants eating eating people around you. Bitch, your neighbors are monsters they haven't turned into like zombie looking either they like deteriorated enough, deteriorated enough big game What is steel? Look mostly human yeah I'd like it, though I think it takes
time to develop those characters, but as far as which shot and acted, it seems like it's better to grow. Daniela we're almost out of time. My friend I gotta get the fuck here cool what's going on, which I tell I should tell you about history on fire for sure you're. Amazing podcast. Thank you. My man and you are you open up? First episode with that, will not first episode but episode zero, but episode. One was one of favorite stories. You've ever told that up story about the crucifixions. I feel it's a of stories. The latest one, I think, was a piece of the five as a story to make the crucifixion looks like it is name movie. Was it about there's a story? It's a complicated, long story, but to go for the essential element. There's like these two! Brujon brothers, were princess or fighting for this in the civil war for power and the mom of both of the guys is peace when one of them got killed and so on, point she's, really pissed off and she wants the guy who actually killed there
want to be executed, but she can't really go to our other song and say execute this motherfucker Becaus. He was doing. He was obeying the other science orders right, so she find a way for him to fuck up for him to say something that will piss off or others on the king. And then the way they execute this dude is they put him in a box with only he said, his arm and his legs sticking out. But it's all bodies trapped in this box. They force feed. Horny and other weird shit that for the next few days, the guys being force FED Star shitting all over inside the box. These attacks maggots, like flies, the lay maggots there and stuff and they literally star walking their way inside of him. So he has maggots hatching inside of him and eating him for the next two weeks. Under the file happy tales from the initial ward kind of crazy shit that human big, I mean what crazy motherfucker sit down and think I want to kiss somebody, but I don't just want to kill him. Let's figure out in slow toy
actress, method of killing someone, that's pretty fucking weird. If you ask people God Damn crew, If you look at what they did during the inquisition, all the different ways that killed people had the game of Thrones one where they put that on your store, MAC put a plate on it and, like that's a true story, that's like inquisition, stuff, he did that for real yeah, but actually just so not all. History on fire is about crazy gross stuff. There are actually some pleasant stories here and there, but yeah. Of course the intends weird moments. Are there as well her there's one that you would dig. I think the episode three was about the Iceman, the guy that they found in the Alps from five thousand years ago, and it's kind of like this murder mystery 'cause. We have found out, he was shot with an arrow from all these things about his life and there's some crazy ass details that archaeology can give us about this guys life, what you,
there's evidence that he may have been doing acupuncture two thousand years before it was ever done in China. They were like the staff realized he had slows evidence of him doing: acupuncture needles. No, they found like the start to lose, but they're, not that it was like artistic that it was the like adults and the lines and they are rolled along a coupon Charlotte points. They are old and on points where he was in pain, so they think that he was kind of some pretty meaty formal but the picture that you would dig in that spot with needles and then you would seal it with like possible like the way they mark show. You know what a barn herbs on that spot in the lease. That's probably a with the study was originated. Why and it's three pay at sight, deadlier, it's history in so many ways like two thousand some crazy european two thousand years before acupuncture was in China was doing something very similar to that pretty weird in itself. Never find a whole murder mystery aspect of it also- and I did this store- is there are so many out there in history
that I have a field agent speaking one and then researching the hell out of it for couple of well, there's another new one. They were saying brief history. They found a mammoth dead body of a mammoth that. Had clear evidence of human predation like one of the ribs had been shattered, they think with a spear or something like that. But the problem was: it was forty five thousand years old in Siberia and they didn't even know the people were there back right. So, okay! Well, I guess we're low here with the time to it's keeps going on, and I don't I don't remember the exact specific details, the store it's almost the problem with the abundance of stories on the internet. You almost get too many of them. I know this coming Atul all day, a study in that to Jimmy right before we started. I was like Jesus Christ. I love the internet, but at the same time I need to get out the way
sometime, 'cause it just too much much, there's good stuff there too much you could go down or mother fucking rabbit hole. I went down our penis penis operation rabbit hole. There is somebody sent me a link. Matt Staggs actually sent me a link to some guy who grew back is foreskin last, like alright so what he did so this guy likes put like weights since status for skin and all this given, and so they from that you know, like the suggestions over the right hand, side on Youtube. One of them was like, penis operation, those like oh christ. So then I go to this thing and this guy is under and this guy they install a pump and his ball sack. And so the doctor with rubber gloves covered in blood, is squeezing on this guy's balls and it's turning this guys, Dick cars, that's what Liberace apparently had one of them pumps they put up like a pump like you like you're pumping your dick. With fluid. I guess is like a fluid in there and then you hit a, but
then it releases it and your dick goes flaccid again akane bizarre. The head doesn't get hard, though It is like sort of chap. Thank God. That's all yeah, like a floppy, didn't rows disappointed. I was disappointed to that kind of defeats. The purpose it was strange numbers always other operations that I just couldn't do it I couldn't couldn't couldn't get into that's the inter for real yeah. You can go deep and go deep, hi Daniel ability. Thank you very much, sir. Your book not afraid it is out right now: Danielle Label, L, a author, also of create your own religion, history. On fire, podcast D, Bolelli B, o l e l, L hi on Twitter. Thank you. My brother, it turns out, unless you are, will back tomorrow with Kyle Kingsbury, former UFC Fighter, all around great guy and pack enthusiast he'll, be here tomorrow, Dear bye, bye thank
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