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#760 - Doug Duren & Nathan Ihde

2016-02-16 | 🔗
Doug Duren is a passionate hunter, farmer, land manager and conservationist. Nathan Ihde is also a farmer and conservationist living in Wisconsin.
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and he's just a great friend i visited every time in town and hung out together bunch tom suggested a great great guy and dumb he to come on in shed some light on what it's like to run a cattle ranch he's been a cattle farmer and being a part of cattle farming a big portion of his life i was fascinated by the the pie guess what i had with the caspian sea guys agree with them on a lot in disagreed with them on something some we want you want to talk about both those he also brought is for nathan i'd with him very very cool guy who also grew up his whole life in that world and i wanted to give his side of the experiences of bees on a dairy farm and cattle farm and also it's mine on how it works scenes operations and and some really fascinating fuck instead this takes about
cole i numbers in grass fed beef purses grain fed what will get all that later but without it fuckin shit to pay tat in a row i slipped up my friend durban and his friend now my friend nathan i we will gain experience ladies and gentlemen jar and want to do i want you to do a man and you brought your friend nathan i'd body goes escaped the winter of wisconsin which i represent a country must be sure sure and martine indiana patel us this is their company and mounting sent me a code for people if you want to use this if we go to hunt to eat dot com and i think it's the code word is just
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we wondered if it doesn't matter if you buy grass fed food does it matter if you buy mean whatever it doesn't really matter will it apparently does is a new study they found clear differences between organic and non organic meat and milk and this is the law just study of its kind and international team of experts lead newcastle university in the uk has shown that both organic milk and or and meet contain around fifty percent more beneficial omega three fatty acids than conventionally pro produce products which is pretty fast because a lot of people of spain delay that it's all bs that you go and buy grass fed there's grass fed that it doesn't mean anything but it means a lot you know it's interesting to me about it is so much of it for me intuitive i grew up with cattle in it makes sense that a ruminant a cow
it needs grass you know that's what it needs and you start putting all the other stuff into it for instance corn roy beans and that sort of thing that's not what they were made to eat and so they eat got a step further and have it be i think they're referring in this organic that they're talking about grass vs and so there are varying what theirs was to eat not what we somehow along we decided what what their goody corner soybeans these are put on the fact that we all like so much fun speeds up a process it doesn't he's up the maturing process of the animal not a good way necessary as so many is always ethics so much sense to me that i'm just were common sense level that this is gonna be there thing for the animal and then down the way it's gonna be the best thing for us we're not force stuff on that animal that that they wouldn't normally
beating they are getting aided by choice but i will say five the cow are not the ones that i haven't you were out there but if i go out with the cattle that i have now they bought but a year ago i beg to buckets together they come running costs in other foods come well because used to be fed corn so these animals that you purchased don't worry at maturity yet they were bred cows saw was looking to get those cattle that i had when you were there that we had when you were there i saw we had a drought year an hey prices went through them roof and i had a bargain shed full hey was pretty valuable in the cattle were still pretty valuable so i sought was able to sell those and then take the winter often spent some time in mexico without gala bought up and then
decided to get back into the games and i've got hurt her efforts that i bought last year heard what her for such a hertford her for dessert is absurd i think originated in britain and white face so a lot of the ones that we have when you were there last time we're actually a her for cross so they were her for regionally or their original brute cows were her for dinner we bread them to like a black anger sir red angus cross bread take i've vigour out of the nets worthing or whether what is the difference was sitting of every between different style of taos or different breeds of calf while everything from the how they put on weight how they look to the what emissions in the original version suharto put weight on in if their dairy cattle
of the currencies and jerseys and that sort of thing they won't produces much milk but will have a real high butterfat content that's fascinating same food so with the same feeling the same thing different cows produce different butterfat yet so holstein which is the the the sort of the traditional dairy cow big black and white thing you ve seen him on everything there are big in big bone didn't really tall big animal and they sort of the ability the kind of they're not as picky eater they produce a lot of help and will have a lower butterfat people even talking about dairy the very business since nineteen eighty eight but what's fascinating yes you will have no idea had no idea that different cows will produce a different level of dairy fat
no that's exactly right and then butterfat is what a farmers is paid on it so a hundred pounds which is it is not it pounds to the gallant and in milk you're paid by the pound a hundred pounds of three point five percent butterfat for instance is not worth as much as a hundred pounds of four point five percent butterfat whom so there's this whole calibration system they used to do that so few milks being tested all time both organic grass fed manage pasture raised and in a more modern if you will the confined animal facilities where their milk and a thousand i was in a real small area very yo confining the very small area where nathan i both grew up then you sorry
lotta pasture fields that sort of thing so the keller can walk around doing their thing out on pasture they come in it in the evening you eat feed them sort of a supplement oven might be grain or it might be hey you might be these various things and the kind of dependent that all evolved over time and in my lifetime and your i sort of a to get the most out of each one of those animals and depending on how you looked at the science people spend their whole life studying how to get the most out of a cow the bidding her you look at that science you made decisions about that well ass a kid was a lot more of an army to kid like this these new early sixties are lot more common sense and all and now it's much more like an those big melting operations that sort of thing it's more so it's like how yours i will get the most out of him was
oh you remember this shift between what was normal farming normal dairy farming normal meet our farming to this thing that we're seeing now that most people are real big problem with this factory farming installations where you have he's cows g into these warehouses and chickens and the same thing with pigs and they think those are things that people have a real she with when they see them on television these two videos this shift ogata sizeable fifty seven years old i was born in eighteen fifty nine the time i was old enough grabbed reactor which is what four years old wherever you could try to jack therefore you sit there steering it anyway and we go through the field in the parlour was concerned i was six when i when i jump you remember this like oh yeah that's all the kid do where where we shot when where we are that shooting range set up by then little kind of
are all foundation if there was a chicken coop korea chickens there there was a hungary and between the little building finally call to keep out shed now because a security there's just says keep out on the door that was a facility where we raised pigs and that we had a rolling her of about forty melt cows and they were holstein and so it was a diverse farm was a diverse ecosystem if you will and i to during the next it administration earl but soon secretary of agriculture then came out and said get bigger get out and that was really the beginning of the end of the small family farms would you mean like he said he said this like what statement on them it was the television or what this good l webster
could be found somewhere but get bigger and that is the there was a kind of a time there was a our press conference are something that affected that would be the move in agriculture you know it was a long process i mean i remember our it if you will from the dairy sector no ares came the late ninety so there was a big shift you have just for sample might go i'm grandfathers running the farm and nineteen seventy seven and the milk price was like fourteen or fifteen dollars per hundred way my dad was forced to sell in something was ninety eight or ninety nine it was like nine box it also you're trying to raise a family continual legacy and you can pay dirt in also what cause that did shift big you're here i was a systematic and also systematic shift to corporate and there's some sense honest
neither some sense in it but that's probably not a completely we understand that efficient getting this american way get bigger you there's efficiencies in scale i'll try and understand like what was the motivation was it that population these were booming because there's a lot more people today the mean i think we looked at up the other day i think in the night in nineteen seventy there seems like a hundred fifty million people in this country now there's three hundred million that's not that long ago minutes in my lifetime and that's crazy that's crazy that the populations doubled and the demand food obviously double as well you know some that's really interesting if you look at that area where you came up visited the exact opposite has happened in population there there's half as many one hour areas they were as there were and its farm area and its a farm area so the small farm the family farm is what's really suffering because
they is so hard to make ends meet with these gigantic operations that are just there is that while they can you know i mean it makes sense in honour on a business scale even afford seller product cheaper if you're doing it big but the things you lose their are the quality in the the sustainability and environmental impact of the process you know you got these big farms would basically they have they got making product but they also more shit yeah that's a water issue but that was a big part of documentary cow spirits he where they were trying to talk about the methane is produced by cows the methane and to state just getting rid of the actual here our shit itself you talk about massive massive quantities was when i was younger and even now the manoeuvre that reduce our farm like now in the winter were and feeding hay and their confined would be
strong where they stay or where the hairs you know and we ve got freshwater their form spring water and i can talk about that later but they stay in that area oh that's where also weathered gittin and that in sleep i in a pile of that stuff up and piled up my composting and i put it everything from a community garden nearby to our fields to people want by and say man can i get get a load of shit now ensures her i give it to whereas for there for a big facility it's where we get rid of this shit right right yeah what i'm one of the reasons why i wanna talk to you about this is because i think that most of us that loom i say us like people that live in cities almost no idea of how all this stuff works and when when p examine it or they try to watch a documentary honoured or try to figure out how
how cows raised one things we get confused about his hat stop playing with a thing we confused about is how did it happen like how did these things become these gigantic sorted operations where it seems so so inhumane well it's it's a business model as business model like interestingly to me in our area and an need some the folks at here we in our area and in need of some of the folks at he knows for example and i am to a lesser extent because it's just a little bit different our farm it's not something where i'm trying to make a living at it you know that it's starting to go the other very much has gone the other way things like moon sported agriculture in those where things are happening that people want
oh they're farmer right so there's a blow back so people are realising that there's something i've crazy about these factory farming set ups and so now they're trying to get their meat more from organic farms but how much more to visit say like with one of your farms i sell bulk i consider bought anything over fifty pounds for six fifty upon so and we could come to you and by directly via do you do so most your stuff directly the seller to like a wholesaler doesn't work i try to do is in my whole goal with my meat production and we do a lot of other things will maybe get into later but the meat doctrine i try to take care of a certain amount of family so and when they need meat i have it i'm not really i don't market it i mean it's all i have customers in their country when they want me so that i got or to mouth type and some people by a quarter which is
like a hundred two hundred fifty pounds sometimes in some people are coming by twenty pounds when the need new niver a body who was a fireman who does that he has like a deal with a local rancher and he buys like him and a couple the families that he's friends with go in unlike aside a beef going unlike a whole half and in all day they they save money that way and then they know they're getting like real organic grass fed cows like with that nice yellow fat i have to tell you the story some you ago when we were raising beef one of the things that i did for maya my ex wife did for my brother and sister law was gave them a quarter of beef for christmas and i thought it would be a real club you know the stairs at that time can all have the same name there the half her calves the female calves are given different names were different numbers in everything as we keep em around but steers all have the same name and that was dinner
and steer for people on the other that has its balls ruled the male male chow so unit in and there's a lot of there's a lot of good reasons for doing that and just so nobody says so you're knocking this thing down a cutting its nuts off while yet is what we're doing but when we knock it down we actually sedated it goes to sleep it wakes up and it's the the bran women that's how how works endanger carlo bit off when you went well oh yeah we might imagine sedated are not good but yet that is what a serious so so the story was that so we gave cern art these this quarter beef and we're making a presentation of it they had the neighbors over
and so everybody sit round the table there's a couple of girls and young women maybe tender and fourteen somethin like that i remember the exact ages but i had this polaroid picture of of that stearns i had it in quotations dinner and made a presentation of well we gave you this meat here's a wonderful state that we're having and everything in here's the before and here's the after apparently i turn when those girls into a vegetarian the horrible about it well you're you ve they're from the beginning from the time you really young you been there from the mean it's part of your life right ear always been around cows euro zone are cattle seems totally normative but to some it just as used to go in a supermarket buying a stake that comes neatly in saran rapidly ice little foam tray you're country going out with reality and i learned something that day about it but some
folks at buy meat for me they come out and they take a look at the place i mean you ve been there had been learned that maybe the nicest time of year because it was called and then all of that and the cattle were not pass your we hadn't confined in the barnyard romania walk around there lay on the hillside either to manage this third as happy as they can be in and they look at me in there look at the catalan so i'm gonna have some of that meet that just like there's that connection you know no if i don't get anything else on hearing this conversation i encourage people to know their farmers know the guy who's reason that whatever the judge the bulls or meter whatever form was very if we go for someone who is not used to the idea of an animal being alive and then being dead and then cut up and then portioned into stakes and then cooking and people that are used to going supermarket supermarkets buying it already done for them to be
order forested look at that whole process as an adult is this disconcerting for a lot of people because we were faced with a very convenient world where were completely detached from any this stuff now the guy who's been around at your whole life that's gotta became frustrating when you see the hypocrisy of people who eat meat but really kind don't want to know where it came from hypocrisy is the only sin in my world culture where i feel about it but i don't know those search necessarily that's a hypocrisy hypocrisy as much as assist ignorance and and you know what else take lightly it all we load up a cow or astir whatever i put him on their man it's just like when we shoot wildlife we kill while let some like that is what we did a thing or you're doing this is a big
there's a reverence reverence for there is a reverend that's exactly the right word enters a reference to it that you in these smaller situations i mean i could see where if i had finally steers and i'm right raising the traveller fifty pounds i might not have the same reverence right animals are given me somethin vietnam taken from him but my deal you know well that similar so our argument when you talk about large populations of people that their sorted this diffusion of responsibility that comes with interacting with twenty million people versus twenty people when you around twenty people of a town really nor running down the relationships are kind of important whereas twenty million people
the fingers somebody on the road was the idea you never see them again now but if you're in casanova and the easy that dickhead downstream from you that leaves the nasty voicemail messages you'll never get out of organised grades you play that forests as those seared in your head but you know that you gave your forced into a relationship that person and you have to manage that relationship when you have you know how many as you have now have twenty had run yes you have twenty house like what you when you have to and even when you do the deed you're not you're really not saying i have to kill this conflict but you're saying when we load one up when we do the deed you know there's always euphemisms for what you're doing you're gonna kill this cow psych it's maybe that's because of the fact that their summit them or their but rather there's so few of them that you have this this is like a it's a big moment it is
big moment you know i saw the a cow this fall that through no fault of their own prologue service and if you want i want that is essentially her cervix pushed out and no matter how many times you push back in and so things up she's going to push so she's not going to be productive and her productivity is to have calves and i feel terrible about it did mean i didn't do it i mean i know i know you won't do it mean killer why killer yeah that's what i'm gonna do yeah yeah yeah in in and i'm not i'm not pass and that responsibility off somebody else from the standpoint of wine want to do it so i have somebody else i'll do it when it is to be done but when work
neat and both are selling yours on meat people there's regulations go along with it i mean i can't like drop a car in the in the bar in the end the driveway the barn hangar up cut her up and start sancho rogan me there's stay inspection law that so we bolts and are most very small family run slaughterhouses but shops and these are you don't necessarily kill them yourself no not know never oh what do you have something if you dont want for yourself you and have so if you want to sell it then you have to go through these last year yard and has ever said anthony inspection in and there's no standard to that now i would confidently never sell you any of my beef if i butchered it myself but i we confidently give it to you and say this is as i mean you ve seen how we do
there was this is basically just government regulations that you have to follow but i mean there's a standardization enamelled i'm down with that there's there's a pretty cool movement going on that i go to his is called gryphus meets and broke one in its a bit of really when they bring in a cow we're going to big problems at slaughterhouses jos you know a lot of you you bring your car the night before and theirs how many calls jammed into a pan and their stressed out the rotten around bump on each other these guys up there i think the matter they take on a slaughter days for then so these key got their own pan there you know it's very stress freeze very relaxed you know so the process and in an that's what's so important but all of this in the sustainability environmental impact it's all the process you know it's a fortunate there's a
a really strong movement in that sector of the the processing is going on here conscious carnivores place near us facility near us and i just i think that's a very important putting it you know the guys from a conspiracy there's a lie very very we have the lowest meter yeah that's what if europe is unfortunate about exaggerations of some some of their claims because i think that if they just stuck with what's absolute and reality its very disturbing the sustainability doesn't look good you know about what's what's interesting is ok here's some things you disagree with strong is one the reasons why this conversation one thing the amount of acreage that it takes to grow cow i don't care i did have been looking at my own
cattle one but in also spend some time with our you'd have extension it's the egg people at through university language university one point four they course one point four to fourteen depending on how you that's a big difference and that's a huge difference well one sort of seventeen fifty eight there is no one agrees with that i've got a certain places it probably is the love and have to be like desert but wasn't that guy says was from wisconsin was from salt the coda do you tell me it was said that he made a reference on this you know i'm like i want to pick all their numbers applied were there not ranchers so i think what happens is someone told them that that sounds great they went do you know this is like look they made a great documentary but when you the documentary you also have a great responsibility like ie they haven't agenda is very clear their agendas the promote venus it's because they feel very strongly about it whether you agree with it or where you don't agree with it that's their point of view that's what they're trying to get through in the memory is that if you grudges
vegetables we live our vegetables you dont need as many acres you could feed more people and its a healthy way to do that status there their perspective their point of view so they sort of they ve lean towards that in a very strong way while high lighting some irrefutable facts at a very disturbing nets it's a shame of it is because you know their environmentalist too you know that's that's obvious but you know they can put off the violence young people like dugan i aren't you know this problem is as you look at the big big corporations enter the feeding of all this you don't mischief nation really an end we mean by the big corporations are willing to talk about the bit of the big farm to get our modern and industry you know it's kind of a deal joint effort you know about these guys talking about this you got these guys talk about this we're all concern about the environment you know but these the stuff came off as an attack on beef production cattle livestock production
but we all agree on certain things i think if we really want focus and you want to make a change in the world we find it it work together he ever their dare changes don't need animal joy not don't kill answer got a compromise but they don't we it s a draw up yes probably did there's there you there is very strong connections between the egotism and religion and if you look at a lot of their ideologies there very similar and a lot of ways to religious zealots i hate that of these ideas they want to promote them that and only that and this is this is the way they want to go about it and the some seldom so crazy shit like i've had these conversations that people on twitter guy was saying that human beings are not meant to eat me where were herbivores going well that's just not
fuckin truth shrub shoulder teeth dotted clearly what it forget about the k ninety that's absolutely true but about the fact that scientists have done very clear studies on ancient humans and the reason why we became human in the first place is the consumption of it literally change the amount of brain tissue we have and then hunting changed how crafty people had to be changed the innovation of these lower primates is lower hominids they'd they had innovate they had to figure out tools had to figure out weapons not just to defend themselves from humans in order to hunt animals since this is an irrefutable fat essential part of evolution it is so there i think if i could speak for them if i would plead adele's out get there point of view is now we have evolved to a point where we don't need to do this anymore we don't need me anymore were variant elegant were also aware were also faced with
this overwhelming amount of evidence the sober womb welding amount of information that we have now because of the internet because of our access to it we ve never had before so you can look at some of the statistics and some things they brought up and you could say well this is their argument for promoting a vague and lifestyle see i can go with that it's that what what's the problem is that a lot of these guys they they say he's like human beings camp this meat or we had this guy that rob wolfe was arguing on twitter who said animal that is toxic what the fuck are you talking about how to renew its live you how the how they ve been around forever they just eat nothing but fat he's fucking people and look at their diet and you look at what the there there diseases they fuckin anyone getting cancer the ones are smoking cigarettes that's throw our nasty fuckin western habit that were passed up to these poor people that's how there
cancer and are getting catherine in higher numbers than they ever have before because they weren't getting it before at all roads people reading blubber in that and seals and in whatever fish they could get a kick grow goddamn single vegetable and they work in cancer the carriage that's it that's a great issue because it recently i love if you ve caught the the whole maiden cancer thing in the world it came on they said you know definitely you're smoke meets in your cured means like our meets our cured it's what you mean by cured let's cured only talking extort from nitrite migrant and bacon right if you took a package of my bacon and looked at the label i think there's three or four ingredients of mine you look at a what what are those ingredient water pork the only and like seller salt you know which is how it should be so problem is the or bacon dishonor shelve nascar ox oscar meyer bacon if you put em all the same shovel sat for a week oscar look the same yours would start
for our mind waiting to be frozen yeah you know that don't think fuckin normal right like why do you think the flesh is just going to sit around and now apart at thirty nine degrees regulator is it's not going to that's not how it goes and so the interesting in it and i get there you know i mean that's probably is linked to cancer but they ve pulled back on the right meat in general are not sure about it but the thing is think this study is skewed because if you do about cancer and ph ok you know grass fed beef as a neutral ph corn fat grain said beef that peach goes and we know that cancer thrives in acidic virus environment you know and you know there's other things the cows than ever i acid godspeed please what it is there prone to acidosis which which needs more medication you need antibiotics and its also rhyme harbour for equal i ve
find a step forward but the call i it's i think six million three hundred thousand milligrams per i looked up i'll try to talk i that's it it's already yeah yeah good looked at it but this is a very important point i think you're making about about how these animals that are unhealthy it's kind of unhealthy to eat and unhealthy animal it seems logical that is one of the points that i found really interesting about about the the documentary are these guys spoke about cattle are intended to eat and i couldn't more important one of them are important soybean scraggly with more that's why mine eat grass right now the reinsurance taste very different by the way you know you give me a couple rabbis last time at home there were damn delicious and lean and a nice dark red meat that's how a cow supposed to be when you get these cows that when you get to be from a store
you're getting this really white bread it's very light almost like a pinkish me and you can pay that's like like someone one of them stakes i haven't back those elk stakes are right our red i got dark almost like a purple you know it's a fucking overflowing what tat task and you know and outcome or whatever the hell they got enough that's a healthy animal that's exactly right and that animal is choosing to eat and elk issues well it's obviously product environments what's eating what's available just like away till dearest i remember you and brian we're out and i think brian held up one the back straps and he goes on my goddesses likes she meagre i am not about to myself and my colleague we cook that on your kitchen oh my god we just butter salt and garlic and we we grilled up some of those and we were all eat m gone good lord and was from an animal that you shot what three
hours ago yeah maize incredible talk about fresh my god i do have that counter it is memories my numbers how to read and write anything you don't know the flight information let's tell rio what times about the progress you notice is foreign dog but come on i've got a family greco so this is now we're talking cells programme of meat okay so in your green fed we call on the grain fed and account of call i six million three hundred thousand cells per in the grass fed twenty thousand holy shit near holy shit and it's all about the environment that your creating by what you're putting into this thing it's our natural that is so natural that is re easy crazy number oh wow that's all these guys and you know what i'd love to have them
the farmer docked me i just don't think they want to be your house of murder degradation denials of murder we'll tell it take about around thanksgiving right around all day and then you hear the fuckin war we ovations till you know they wear doug lives it open day you like in the morning when we're out that we were out in the blind and as soon as the sun starts pekin up over the horizon here boom boom he had often they did and so my dude are we at war wiser picture minutes gross i got it we unromantic like thank you very much i am sure in a room with this guy yeah the young that's that that was a weird experience is the first time ever been applied where up like when i had got hunting before it it before
time it had only been in the wild in missouri in the brakes where there is no people when we were in your area casanova it's like everybody is so geared up for it when we started that sporting good store and got tags and got got some equipment give everybody was rip rare roar and ready to go on tomorrow's like the opening day of a race is weird a deer per second opening day sconces shot here curse that's a test of how many there are well yeah we read a statistic in about minnesota about how many car acts we are in minnesota emission michigan me again has a hundred thousand car accidents a year from people hitting dear just stop second ladies and gentlemen you tell me you don't think they need to kill fuckin dear there's a hundred thousand a year pressure this number is problematic because
i keep repeating and there's a lot of there's always on thursday this year it was the number fifty thousand or so close eighty per cent of these crashes occur on two lane roads between dusk and dawn fifty thousand what is the amount of animals that kill people ok here that stuff two million dear to me yes dear fuckin state coming he bore in michigan more than three million but that holds handler i think it was gaunt and cattle out mother folks are dropping by the day with the nine point nine million holy shit that's insane so there twenty percent dear so what that means is here's a reality literally could feed that entire state of the deer population that's real because one dear you fuckin eda dear for months
green with these guys we're not we're subsidizing the really interesting point in category long with some of my agreement with these guys we're not we're subsidizing dollar meal or whatever you know the dollar hamburger and in that kind of flight quick meet you drive through you get the burden off you go yeah i'm not but i would advocate for i'm ok with eat less me michael paul undervalue less me based on the numbers that they reason which i think was like there was a very good job point six something i think is what they said the movie so like a half of africa the media there was more than zero point six something i know what you saw knows no that's when them that's what the average american each other
more net but about such an average what you gotta think of all the guys you're we ve all seen these guys you no trouble chicken fingers and slobber magee you know in fact we figured it using these guys right you don't you like your finger dude out when another i would urge you to food that's what words that's what we're dealing with the real sick isn't that were raised and meet its the demand also farmers a rising to meet the demand in people demanding good me either demanding shitty cheap meat that by four ninety nine cents i wanted things at these folks were addressing in that documentary that we think it didn't get to the heart of it all but the heart of it all really is the amount of human beings that's the only reason waidelich if there was only if it can novia was the world you would need a fuckin factory farms sherwood
you would need a name casanova is essentially a sustainable environment we all you need is from solar power some windmills for electricity you got your own spring you got you watering it from a well you got your cattle that graze that you have more than enough food for you grow your vegetables you can lead dont have in the winter in or we do not really know what would you want to last for the winter and you're good but that we have to goddamn people right often comes down to people keep falcon fine i'm afraid no it's why tomorrow i have three kids i should shut the fuck up because i'm ominously making more people than i am are there any sites are there no we're all girls men as they might and main concentrated alan he's got five boys if i've gets one thing kids whatever all be boys that's like you're talking ass residential disconnected aren't shoot chairs and make more boys
the cool thing is it in dug it i could talk about this in the end he mentioned earlier like for sitting here going about this really interesting stuff because we don't want to come off on this comcast casablanca knuckle dragon mouth bruce are more unity are certainly not u deftly not so but we're we're talk is one that can be careful talking about stuff in the middle of outlay wordy guy a guy dress like spider man in all these these women weren't you know will by the way that's why we're way out here in the suburbs and want to be around that barcelona gonna like you were putting us down there again a great chinese do this you know you know it's perfect what's a good place to do now is to come we will watch one thing we ve been we were talking about a lot of love awesome people enderley digging deeper into this but there's guys like you know duncan and on this more cause he's read more the book but this guy mark shepherd other guys i mean that people contended
we can raise enough food sustainably but part of that equation is in what maybe we could unified these guys like guys from conspiracy is you know it's not talk about ending me that's an unachievable go that's never gonna happen let's talk about you're getting people say hey what's that quite so much so we can sustain target which is principally devils advocate these guys are there they love of animals the love animals animal lovers the day is almost like us orally but they did they do it in a way where they don't want animals die they want does animals to dive old age only the the problem think this is an ideology attached vagueness somewhere once they stop eating meat they want everybody else's stop too will you talk about ninety five percent of the world's eat meat ninety five percent something crazy like that please always check
numbers off by one hundred percent of those guys like you know that's why if these guys this is to play devils out it if these guys can stop beating me and become vagrants why can't the world and i think that's what a lot of people saying well other things i would agree with with them have a garden grow some food on your balcony in the city couple of mutual friends who are growing stuff on your balcony we accepted that's different felt how to know one thing i was due to hide panic system on the roof tat was my robotic system in homes because baronetcy gas while thickness candidates were not here to throw punches could have started agents by some plan to put him in there for having one of my favorite stories its former fbi agents who
retired and they were arrested because they were growing hydroponic plants and vegetables in their basement and in other d yea passes by houses they scan these penal law hydroponic equipment when you buy hydroponic equipment a flag you and they follow it's so fucking insane the growing vegetables has become a crime because we people grow pot they assume that if your growing a plant with some sort of a plant system that you began illegal drug so with no evidence whatsoever to fucking former fbi agents they breakdown their door guns blaze in and they arrive these people and find out the fuckin grown tomatoes there that let's go to the heart button deal going on reads burger now were my hometown my body dell and already mentioned him but he's got it the on a whim or means do does it isn't a six as for appraiser real estate appraiser but he's always looking for that home run you know he's making a living but he's taken is cuts answer
the latest ventured took its whole tax return and just turn is this building that he couldn't lease and hydrogen wonderland we'd know when it comes legal here can be re rock and roll wants to do see video alex traction them in areas the government's going after that right so but you get these people work in buying gets purple lights and people you norman everybody's in every for growing weed and selective were growing we becomes our door kick down too we have only just what he and i were not grown we'd rocks licences and get a sign of as a sign that in its call for its call grow lucky you can google it
i think it's grow lucky green dot com it's all pretty new but i would definitely sumac end and we agree that how lucky can i get for an ounce of your lucky shit let's talk about this downstairs he might come to this special room anyway that idea of grow in the garden and people take responsibility for their food either with such big deal in those the fellows had in here that's where i am join at the hip with him i think we're all we're all in agreement with that and there's a gunning wrongfully that i had on before who is awesome and he's proponent of urban gardening and when he does he takes mediums like you know that see grass or in l a genius here he grows of plants and he goes vegetables of foods and
he does it in abandoned lots he'll he'll set up gardens and abandoned lots and he does it all throughout south central any as people that live in these communities growing their own food any of this amazing point than ever considered before he's like you down the street and you see bushes you see trees you see all all these plans you can eat none of it pickles the waste water on should we can't even eat you could have fool grew when in the same places you have all of these trees why we do that when i was there they're gone why don't we do that i can interpret lorries to longs fucker right an orange trees looks great it's all right that's exaggerate aesthetically pete pleasing on top of it all this out you gotta get him some of these pictures include this guy
march shepard who is from our area and he doesn't know me from the man in the moon but this is his book rest restoration agriculture real world per perma culture for a look at our sights ah aerial photographs of his farm are in it and it looks exactly it looks like a landscape arctic was involved layering of plant starting with the tallest trees down to annuals eventually at the scene i mean pasturing through their three and four different kinds of animals there cleaning up the their cleaning up the nuts that they didn't you know they didn't heart which is very important not cleaner knots disarms barnard most imply hub unless it's in the winter attacks on people like dirty things three minerals another under what was this is so check that out it's amazing nickel as gorgeous
and so this is it says new forest farm march shepherd perma culture what does it say others of the words abbreviated there from a cultural a pop up up up apprentice program i thank you classes and all that's cool and the amount of food he can pull off agile and that's an end they graze that them so in talks about what you mean cows grazer yeah they and pigs and chickens saw in rats in between so he says in may doug can find this but i've got the amount of food he can grow on there and he talks about just how many vegetables he's like but if you really girl vegetables from all this stuff so it makes sense to bring its in this whole thing you're gonna complete the loop you got to complete the cycle you gotta clothes lupin and finally ecological harmony that's those setting the whole thing to photos ago jamie don't go through those who quite right there bam make their bigger what's he's gallo ponds and there too and so the how to graze in the grass area and then in between the grass he's got trees grow food thus
for two and then you're angry tags chickens through in this new eu level which are vital for europe veronica so do it now speak organise catering frozen under his point being that when we the girl one crop on a farm field corn soybeans organic or otherwise or vegetables that sort of thing in our area in the winter then that's a desert me once the corner once the beans come off that's what it is he saw the dear come out into the field and a little bit of the stuff and in all its guises past you're out on that but it really does become a sort of that direct party which to a certain degree vegetable gardening would be as well although you can rotate crops through but like my place were grown livestock were enriching the soil were on our pastures getting are all the time because we're not overpast regularly particular place there's carbon
equestrian going on with i mean carbon sequestration i cannot the carbon in the soil so i come with composting and things on those lines there there's there's people onto other contend that that cattle and proper management in the to rotation that we can start to turn back the the climate change you know it how delighted by sequestering the carbon starting to pull it pull it out and where when we tell them intelligence that's that's one of the veil that's a normal in a lot of killing lotta wrote she'll grazing that's that's open maybe that's where we need to be multiple benefits from one action so i'm pasturing any assessment pasture some of the places where patrick hers wildlife in there we got good clean water when we went to appoint on our farm where we were over pasturing and was something that we cannot we serve learned
the streams real wide when we're over pasturing were really wide the water was shallow and it was war no trial as times gone by and we the cross a quick that used up the walk through so there's drought in there now the keller go in there there is a certain amount of the grass we keep him in we keep moving them through certain the cavalier go in another a certain amount of the grass we keep him in we keep moving through certainly the grass keep in some of the invasive species down dear are still living in their songbirds are still live in their game birds are still living in their all those things are here and the plants themselves are policy or to you know the whole photosynthetic process
pull it out and put it back in the ground where belongs it took to counteract some of that so gee i think i'm gettin like three or four days positive results from having pasture hickory orchard with some bigger that's treasonous think this dude with burma culture starts to add multiple other things years of so if you think about an acre lay like this table and if you're drawn one crop on it one vegetable crap you ve got an acre of land forty three thousand five sixty square feet of that particular vegetable or those groups of vegetables but with the idea of perma culture you have the upper layers trees victories you know big oak trees and it might have hickory for hickory nelson s or thinks more short things and yet very well to begin with it with that upper level so on that same chunk aground you ve got is a large tree
its producing wood which this looks like a good idea table here that were leaning on you it seems are thing next layers the smaller trees like app veal fruit trees and that sort of thing below that below that of our drugs that are going to be a service barry chop barrier rania some of the sum of the accident producing fruits and then you go down to the next layer which is gonna be things like asparagus rhubarb and kick doubts now instead of just that one plain of of plants growing you ve got it on that maker you ve just grow and multiple acres of food and that is something that needs to be in a thought about the big he's then rotating through four different kinds mammals who run in beef through it and they're not in there all the time because so it takes management after beef he's
it's called a leader follower grazing system after beefy run pigs through it does pigs are great cleanup animal after that comes turkey's in turkey's or cleaning up the grubbing up and what not in the shit from the from the causes and the pigs runs sheep it at last might be tickets so the intensity of the intensity of of management is incredible and the mt of layers of food that are coming to offer that and then layers of eight ritual salt and suddenly we're getting on his scenario getting three or four ban inside of it he still getting carbon from and all that but now he's built up to ten or twelve different positive results from the same thing and one of israel wildlife perspective which is one of the things that gets talked about all the time you grow up your garden it i got at home what's the one thing that every garden as wildlife around it has a fence
if you're gonna grow vegetables for profit or for funding your effort into it could have put a fence around you can exclude wildlife you're that exactly what that's one of the main contentions we had when we sat down we're like ok there's gonna be tough these guys put forth a really good narrative and tat some really irrefutable facts but i think that we talked about the watertight what acreage but the wildlife thing thing that they said was where these lifestyle occurred or living that is that is area bored of wildlife and when i look at my pasture from the soil microbes than worms to the bugs and butterflies too field mice and malls and we ve got hawks and we ve i mean we see a badge or in a fox i mean that's wildly you know until they had a very idealistic point of view the idea understand wolves they didn't understand management all did understand that the reason why they're starting to open up hunting seasons unwieldy also didn't know that idaho is it's one of those wild
rich places in the country where people go and hunt elk mule dear i mean idaho is fuckin filled with animals and they thought that i was like in all farms now is devoid of they just is the ideal ized sort of hippy vague in approach which in other just leaning towards that says a matter doesn't mean they don't have great points absolutely no that's what we're sir it goes a tough it was talking to do you notice to come out and and be a counterpoint but may i agree with a lot of what their main bone and i think a lot of people i mean it's the factory farming we were talking about here i don't think it's us annabelle for the population of los angeles and we how can one here with this kind of a farm man you would need a giant fuckin farm like that to feed laws ends for a lot of them along the em all a lot of small low but you'd mean so many of them i don't oh how much they produce in if you compare
in comparison to one of these gigantic factory farms well i don't know i'm a number guys and can have those numbers i had no one is imminent addresses the thing you know we can keep going deeper and deeper with this because can say well hey you know what sustainable and casanova ok was is sustainable in wisconsin yes does it sustainable on the entire eastern side of the country not really ok well what is it what about what if we can get the united states sustainable still got india or fox i mean you get a billion people live in that place a third the size of the united states when you do then those numbers like iran the big thing hairs in the bigger conversation i think is is in that suddenly gasping the care should really you don't mechanism and in europe mediating aside and just let's hear how do we automate this work thing is education i think people needed too
i understand that you you can't just go around eaten in meat in old charley jurgen fingers you can't do that you gotta have a balanced diet need you can't be eaten pounds of media you know that's what else you know you you probably should no real and we all agree over eat anything but this is some this is a different subject i think we're talking about we're talking about sustainability and we're talking about feeding jack ghana swaths of people there and that's what these factory farms have set up a mean through the method of collecting nitrogen from the oxygen i mean what what it from the air that the harbor method they invented in like the early nineteen hundreds that's how they figured out how to extract nitrogen and because of that a gigantic population boom ensued sued that's the reason why this so many people in the world today as is widely accredited with the harbor method of collecting nitrogen because before that was really did call to fertilize soil what's it
how to extract nitrogen from the actual air itself things got a little easier to grow food and population boomed and that's part of what we're dealing with here or deal with here it's kind of in you know when we talk about wildlife we're talking about fifty thousand car accidents that in michigan every year alone because of the over abundance of dear this is sort of we're talking about with human beings we have an over abundance of human beings now obviously i am not suggesting we have massive hunt human search i heard but we would if we were some sort of an alien and we looked ok look was to put it this way if chimpanzees were over running chicago like somehow another chimpanzees like figured out how to chicago fuckin swaying from tree to tree and they moved in and started it starts
up shop and overall place apart with people getting car accidents with champs and would we kill them that would be ricky i don't think we would because chimps are way fuck more than beer and we like smart shit we would killed champs away would kill dear so people obviously are smarter than most people are smarter than jim i know some people are probably aren't smarter than chimps but what gets to intelligent animals that's why we're like nobody gives a flock of you kill a bug ok mosquitoes details zika virus and malaria in all these different shed you can kill mosquitoes all god damn day long for whatever reason nobody gives a fuck about mosquitoes because we ve i agree that mosquitoes the enemy right mr contain malaria malaria is killed as a number i know is real malaria killed fifty percent of all the people who have died ever about that wall say that again fifty per of all the human beings that have died ever in the history of people have died from malaria
i was there at the outset that i think rather aerial i've been fascinated with malaria for years i have read a lot of shit a malaria and i've had to face got malaria including just ran a friend who was in here recently who fights this week umbrella door good luck to my friend justin he's the best this eyes fuckin a mule environment amazing human being this guy he gave up like ie years of his life to go to the congo and dig wells for these people these pygmies in the congo ages the salt of the earth it a nice guy begun malaria is doing that and almost died so nobody is up look if you had almost keen my point you know you could swat flies visions we'll swat a fuckin mosquito right you know you're go please namaste inter my blood it's the blood of a carried eater no again he slapped the fucker down but there's there's a certain level like ok up an ant is on your food la tons of egon we'll kill that and what do you do it the body you throw
the ground you'd ignoring its little but don't you don't you just fuckin kid an ant in my house and if you don't like that brush it off i would say a word i billig doug's doings sexual behaviour we killed an ant its eyes pansy dropped on the graph but if a mouse ran across my kitchen you stopped at mid ignored it look and finish the job for discharges hair you ve left right is a weird hierarchy living things and the lion is clearly one of the lines as fellow mammals and i don't even know what to say about about that but not rats fuck rats russia rats of the black wagon all kind of nobody does a shit if you fuckin kill a rat your garage have you if you're so hard core united to kill in rats i got a great rats i would however add story as living in the hills
and i ran of this house and i had a real rat problem to the point where it here bang it around and inside the rafters their big man like that the hill girls around los angeles los angeles a very strange place because you have the city and then you have just outside the city pretty abundant wildlife including coyotes a lotta hawks and a lot of crazy shit but this place it i lived had a rat problem so i set out a rat trap and i killed this fuckin big ass rallies biggest my laptop is huge man it was an i'm no bullshit that anxiety trap get big fucker we gotta be real careful s testily break one right i set it out and i heard it in my kitchen all black almah oh shit i got one and i went out there and i looked and this is big fuckin like fat boy rat
she's the size of that thing so i said ok in the morning i'll get up kill put that thing the garbage whenever and deal with it i went to sleep i got up in the morning i fucker was gone they ate him down to almost nothing all that is left is the tail rats parenting don't even like rat tail but they are most of his body the rats had cannibalized motives is about it that's why we say fuck rats yeah and if you see one read you got a dozen italy my foot my house is overrun with them it was really bad robot they want to first places i live and i lived out here i quit the fuck is going to cause i'd before that i live in new york and in numerous shell end area although new york city as a huge rat problem near cities rap problems crazy i part my car wants is back in the days of phones pay phones i don't have a cell phone i part my car this gas station us getting some gas
and i walked over to the pay phone and as i'm on the phone i saw three rats jump up in my wheel wells climb up my tyres three big fat rats like this but over one with rapid in a move or something i say get if you see one rat they were like maybe the numbers but if you see one over two hundred or there's a hundred or a thousand some like that it's a ceiling one million wonders fifty million around it is watch out we're losing paints a rat machine is new york city peter ran up his arrive figured you just wait for years where this is this is cool but here's something that a lot of people dont know rats or hunters why don't you jamie pull up rat kills pigeon because this just one video of these many videos of rats in new york city attacking and killing pigeons iphone videos
fuckin bizarre i had no idea i had no idea there proud to do well nonsense look you that not fucking rat is jack in this pigeon and the pigeon gets away and you like almost almost free what's going on here like the little lane pray so that this rat has his pigeon by the neck tourism is a different one then i saw the one i saw the pigeon gets away it's like near stairs and artists the pigeon tries to get away the rat chases down look at this cause he's already wingdam but look at this the rat cases a living pigeon overdrive camel guy doesn't want is like not into close walk around with his iphone what i'm gonna do it but i would say to you know now i want you out photos are going to do but i had no did you know that rats were predators now i no opportunists mary residents urged on by an animal
yeah no eyes of a problem with you no one had green around without strong visa he just jump that fuck curb with that thing that's my photos and there is one point i stood up on his hind legs with fuckin monster was so lucky their little measurement rat was a sizeable dear there goes against still tries to get away on it we got it back let's go alexander was echoed technique going to look at them of the backlog ceos controlling ragged techniques do you have a german some damage its own like that is the only way my grandpa knows what i'm talkin to as the fight guy that's our explains why grandpa you grandpa like swatch loves it loves you have see why does that is again the nursing home there was ninety ninety three ninety four freaking out the other people started so
it looks like rats or creeps lousy now if you get caught that rat trap nobody we get mad at you but if you is she to bear the fuckin protest so either a different story for you had a house shopping in door county in old farm house and no one lived in for a long time we have rats in that house but the other thing that we had that house with snakes and maya solemnising my daughter's mother like makes it all she opened up the back nor the place on time and it was i guess was a fox and cause a bigger snake and it's like we're like now and on the door trying to get there there's a spot where they could get in we started remodelled place taken with the old put some beams up and will take some interior walls now snake skins i would jesus pro
if she's listen that she's here in that for the first time a man she wasn't like forty feet long you know where the multitude wherever the word is when they find those aren't predators right i mean those are now programmes on the ice and ran rather probably there for the rats and probably good have em one oh yeah well that's the thing about life like in my my neighbour that i see hawks all the time and that there are the ones that keep the population rodents down seem all time and their fuckin beautiful as do in our area is the real thing that i struggle with little bit is coyotes with kay people look i hope coyote hunting around me an army retirement wolves before and i mean i'm at physically in i'm not worried about coyotes taken us down or rather that i have is that fact tata youngster tell us about it and he is
response to me talking about allowing kite coyote hunting on our place was a good man i just think there make eleven two and you know the latter rodents they clean up a lot of the weak and though and the old of of during that sort of thing but my buddy gregg who mayor greatly for remit big dudes he talks about him all the time recently had a deer run into his yard by a pack of coyotes when i took it down and killed it in the yard it was a deer had been wounded during the god of always soon the gun season it had a big scarring back with knock i suppose it could have been up in our era that cut it or something like that so was weak or whatever and yet the middle nights went down in the middle way when tax i couldn't believe never slowly than how many coyoats well based he didn't see how many but it was late they work and groups of two or three or four or five so am i right
i have a chicken coop in my yard and i went out in the middle the night to shut the coop cuz i let the chickens out and then wander around and i close the coop and when i the coop out just outside and join the peace looking over the stars and i heard these dear running like running full lip and then something was chasing after them full clip but it was dark i hadn't adjusted so trying to figure out what the fuck was happening but these days were running and this something was chasing them and i saw i'll fix up pressure is the cairo but it could happen in outline i saw i saw what looked like the silhouette of cairo on top of this hill this is while my colleague house here and this fuckin asshole over here is watching the bachelor at an and hence this guy pulls then it was driveways we're safe easy smoking is easier at and some fucking
to think clash it s right there these kinds of chastened down these dear because there's there's a series of oak trees down the street from my house with these dear tend to bed i see them there all the time this i pray like five or six of omen but you know you see coyoats especially come when spring like when the funds are being born you see these fuckers hanging around slip on fridays meal groceries cattle around me we'll talk about it and leave you know about this but to my knowledge i've never had a calf taken via caught by chaotic like that i have had a calf that was born in died there was still born or some that wasn't there the next day sometimes took but call abandoned to ride one thing you do not want to mess with is a fourteen hundred fifty pound her for gouge how to carry out a man is not a legendary kick back how oh i've always had pigs and chickens taken
and that's only when the dogs like we forget mainly the in for the night a pig lead or an actual whole piglet tiggle it got a full grown would probably especially there's more than one i'm sure they take hear them their vigilance egg i gotta get by one of my pigs is i mean if i were to fall down in my pig pen you'd be fact enough couldn't get up there wife would come home there be nothing left to me three for pigs what have we done yet real does area that's the number one hears more status as another guy the number seventy percent of people that today is another what number one animal that kills people on farms really pigs people fall like sometimes like an old farmer have hardtack and fall into the pigsty and they just gaia gobble up i will i for the first time i saw a pig's ear jason please i why i couldn't say of the chicken at times like what am i going to do i don't want to save a half mangled chicken you know let him finish it but a big systematic
a corner the thing and i'm runnin overturned and then it was over and i had a child take a chicken from my honour washing up the fence militants mouth was crazy and i was gonna kill the fucker then i realized it was a female had it had cubs like a lot of our yapping in hollering that you hear people think is automatic sections of our coyoats and one of them is that when you every here that it is like some sort of a party a lot of it is the mother of communicating with our younger and i pressure that this was hat what happened to my dad let this female near the chickens like the dog like a sort of like aided and abetted his child killing this chicken then i realized like others a female and has baby so that's what you're soft spot on the person when you hear that sound no i mean my wife first moves found our farm i mean it sounds like there are a pack of children being
murdered the eyes it is just still night like how much we are in it just resonates that's good we i i relatively new friend out in washington who has actually been emailing me and asking me for advice about coyoats trapping kind you know anything about trapping talked over an hour he rubbed wreck and sub sonic twenty two's one the major happen while live i'll just say no in wisconsin when people would start to talk to them attacked him about it i'm trying to get rid of this animal or whatever every baker woodchuck or something like that you know recommend a small piece of leaded very high velocity yeah well that's what a body mine does he sets out cat food he puts at www easier chaos that were targeting his dogs so we would set out plates of cat food and sit on the balcony and just wait
and column into yeah i can comment protocols that my colleagues mother should now and the very arts man we were we're talking about this yesterday that they they just did this study of all these different mount minds they ve killed here's more numbers killed like a hundred mount minds in the san francisco area northern california area in he's mount lines they killed most of them had cats and dogs by running out and this is what these things are eating only five percent of them had dear thereby well it's easier but it's bizarre mean they're there there are targeting people's pats mean that's that's their food function madison wisconsin where i live on the edge of town that's and we actually live near to parks we have coyotes and there's a certain group of folks like well you know
their turn make living to until you know what happens in fifi kid he got up now we ve got this situation we have to deal with the access wait for the kids that a bizarre thing you see your tat in the jaws of kyoto as its running away now there's the l a museum in national history has is really will exhibit a north american animals and their exhibit i pull it had a picture of it my instagram jamie of the cairo their exhibit of the cairo in los angeles is a kyle with a fucking cabinets mouth it's in the museum of natural history in los angeles the actual you know they have stuff down their buffalo show moose and they have these elsie get us all that with one eye was looks like well they have these displays these stuffed animals so that cairo as a fucking cat in its mouth and sound someone's porch at home by this tonight that's a national history that's a museum fucking dead cat and my kids were like this the
they're like arm daddy well honey zoe fucking animal is killing something in the entire museum this the animal that's killing i'm not a minute i thought that was the notes from the with the museum then i realized it was you had written that yes i really there soon fucker must now look with these people say and look at the sky my cat was just killed by one of these fuckers you know i'll shoot highly for no reason other than its coyote fucker coyote there man does very little girl creepers little creepers this what does it say swine likely kill fewer people than cattle do but there's no reliable data twenty people you're kobe catalyst well find many people killed my pigs couldn't find any but one story recently one guy in oregon i would guess that numbers will deny me personally i know to be
have been killed by bulls arouses relates especially salter balls the old expressions fuck with the book get the horn imagine that i was i was making for a farmer one time and one of things with with dairy farming and dairy farming but if a cow has guaranteed that's why say tat but there were other i guess it doesn't matter now we have started aren't you clean in order get mass data which was a sort of infection it's very sore obviously so you gotta ego strap up there melter and not put on that one and i was in a hurry i was late from another job some from trying to her and i forgot about this one cow and this guy's cows didn't go in the right stall so my head wasn't we're need be anyway i put the the milk or on the bad tat and he kicked me so hard a cheap kick me in the face and then i flew into the metal post i mean i was out for good
one minute seen only wake up in a daze i mean song that's for example how somebody could easily be killed by a girl so big do is fall and once dumps you and that's it well again it goes back to the calving thing our neighbour the guy you used it while it still doesn't farming for for us to reconsider its bills are he was almost killed by a ecologist oppression just have a calf and he went in there to deal with the calf and she got him into a corner and beat not item eventually he was able to crawl out and get under a gate and this is normally a very nice animal you know so it's funny to tell that story one i've been sitting the other shit about how nice my calls are and we can see what we were talking about that because i said that when we were round your cows they fuckin panicked and they ran up a you brought up in a port point we're sure squirrels now
in future there should pigeon so what do we have anything we shot anything it was our louder you though to theirs lahti does a few your guys for guys brian cowen might have been singing loud was singing and you guys smell different i mean i don't know i don't know what i'd strangers and of my you know i wouldn't want that what happened that day is what a couple of different things that happened factually you are correct what happened was you went into their pasture willing we're not impact we had a minute corral area barnyard because we ve been hunting and i didn't want him on the afterward right would be and that sort of thing there is that view of that and you see as you guys are walk in and i never even thought about this and joseph gosh probably got through the cattle be a little calmer if i'm with them but our
i was afraid that brain was can fall through the floor it's johnny mail here thirty i wanted to throw rocks to but as you walk out there there's that they all turn and look at you as you walk into that's on that that outbreak and then by the when you start shooting they're all down in the corner being very in a defensive position and end the analogy i think i used to you as imagine you're at home having dinner and deeds walk into your house with cameras and stock and loud doing their whole thing and they start shooting why guessing that you're gonna probably go to a corner near knows events of pinocchio once this shooting started happening jamie just pulled this there is more people were killed by pigs in two thousand fourteen and were killed by sharks
sharks go bad rat last year it says there are twelve fatal pig attacks worldwide versus ten shark fatalities some differences i guess different websites up on farmers specific spoke i might have been new let's get outta i think they're talking about wild pigs actually which i don't know wow that many people their fuckin creepers have you been around while pigs actually not man and to hone ranch with renault and we were walking down this road and we're pig hunting we got close these pigs they didn't know we were there because is really sick brush and grasses and we heard them fighting and they weren't lesson twenty where and they're going to war and i'm like these are demons man a fuckin demons economic monsters is only something from the lord of the right and their attack each other for whatever reason like right there oh my god he's fucking creepy things with a giant tusks in their black air that just
look like deem it only sound crazy here one you ok now that the king in the game of thrones died member russia show area i dare say no use by bore wild boar spoiler see someone that's not what i watch it doesn't mean i don't have to be devised quick he does really show but kill by wild boar and that's does not uncommon no there began man they get real big fair enough you're goin out you're not gonna pull that's very very different animal mean dear have killed people it has not just car accidents but they have gourd people and has happened and it is possible as very rare obviously usually they won't get the fuck away from europe but you know their wild their animals then
play by our rules and i think we have a real problem in this world with our idea of what an animal is and we answer for more five these things we think of in the same way we think about our pets when you have a dog anything your dog the same way you think of a wild bear like boy their plan on some fuckin couple we didn't fields have completely different rulebook you now we like to think that we're not animals and that canada disconnects is then that that's where the disengagement connection with our or food supply on three ever so you know we're above it you know that's are psyche well we're also we're just not used to being around them most people were not around wild animals ever ever too great majority of people that live in cities are virtually never anything other than pigeons squirrels there's not around so our idea is of wild animals all these beautiful thing
rarely say why would you want to kill one interesting point about squirrels urban squirrels verses would squirrels we shot a couple more episodes of mediator that'll be coming out here in the next couple of weeks and now took helen and and and britney's swirl hutton in their experience mostly was squirrels was urban helen had this other waited then they know squirrels like not coming down in due course really was talkin about like robin acorns on her body maybe they'll come but but completely different wild thereafter make an allusion to survive and that the whole thing they're going to react the same way two human beings of course words whilst the animals are pliable there their flexible just like people are if you start feeding wild animals that kind of become domesticated there's a park right done you're north hollywood he did not sit down the park in it
you bring a bag peanuts squirrels will literally come and take them from your hands like a little baby as cool you know i mean those are different animals you like like the dear my yard i got my buddy came over one day and there's dear standing there to stand and ease like dude i didn't think i was a real dear i thought your fuck with me cause he came over my house we're gonna work out and theirs is dear stand there look at that and it knows what the fuck i go it's a day is this a real dear cause he's he's a buck you stand there looking at us and would you shoot that buck fact don't that that's a dead thing my we'll be a pat like in a starvin achieved but the thing is not worried about me at all it's it has never been attacked by a person it doesn't associate people in danger there is stand staring at me you can't your horses you can't kill them that's fucked up that's you
and if you have to survive but that's not a game animal we ever a rule and i think that europe by my cabin but brian was my wife said you know can you not kill him right here by the cabin he ever rule we have now rule but yet a beaver that you guys killed right there eight though that beaver that we allow was that was up on a quick not not far from there but ok she allows the beavers to die welt yes she loves the muskrats today to borrow into the dam and ok so you like you want him to die there yet we get rid of because are causing the issue thy way how goes a goddamn beaver taste absolutely bar none best while media ro it is fantastic mother waiver nelega used it and then slow cooked it like a stew and i'm tellin you man it was like the best beef
do you ever higher life liking rich and flavorful and again just like we're talking about with some organic beef verses regular of corn fed is a wild animal with a wild natural diet and a real healthy big fat beaver sort so torture i mean it's a raccoon is it like refugees a whole other login but whom one of its wild game thing i mean now bear every people is one of the worst hell yeah what's johnson was cons on taking the shirt off notices on a beaver in the middle right as i remember farmers guerrero you will be run did you eat a raccoon by just a game feeds you know they do it did it we have bear feeds like you don't pay there's packers bears we can have a bare feet at the local tavern and people bring other stuff too we have gained a the forgotten me to explain to people there only listening i asked
i as may go when you know raccoon and throws his hands like i'm like levy at french right i think it's a fucking raccoon managed by the large scale or time if so what is it bear what everyone's wily when there there's bears you rightly where they also have a local tavern no newman's barn global plug those guys don't help point you know there they ve had bear bear feeds you know for the pact or bears we know as a connection nl europe you'll bring other stuff you know this and they have theirs by irene bleeds i've had rattles need a fee but you call it a feed like a stake feed or you know it's just a defeat a bunch of people and get drunk and holiday shook and how they got in there what are they doing probably roasting it you know i mean that on that i just have a gigantic barrier to table round and i mean it's part it up
let's go let's go forbearance real tricky right you gonna make sure they each other's well declare the royal the temperature in everything swell everywhere trick analysis is concerned so yeah it's sort of wisconsin tradition i saw you they heard a game feed might be and it could be bear could be back in the day when there was more when the record highs were were more valuable and that's there's an urban flow to that market of course we all these hides in what we do with the carcasses rat and mrs certain mono mark being eaten it tastes like greasy there is really greasy was it a good greece is it good for
it's one of those things that there's a little game in stuart you're not all things you gotta get used to it and i don't even have bear me to get used to it but i like they're not air time i reckon raccoon onsartin items you talkin about that bear reckon allow i we prefer bear the iraqi super gamey nor its can naughty and iron waiting to bear was greasy at all bear to me he tasted like almost like a beef where did you alberta oh so what setting it was in the mid west where there's hunting go on they're doing a lot of bathing ovum with like old times and remember steve talking about i've never bear hunted anywhere how he doesn't like taken like spring bears
because the written bailed let me all the time is of sound banners rohingya who loves the blueberry bears but not this their meat tastes like what the eight raw hey that's all talk about crazy though that you know rinaldo show of you ever seen that show where i haven't i haven't you don't want a large and much too or will he i shot of a bear in alaska and fall and it had been just feasting on blueberries he was saying this is the best meet bar none in the world are known and he was saying that you opened this bear up and you smell blueberries it's like sweet tasting meat and then you can and it just really i mean you're either or you don't think about a drink a soda you don't think about it but that is yourselves you were literally supplying nutrients to yourselves to your food and when you eat like ice with his duty strangler carrot juice is fuckin hands turn orange like his skin tart
our turn orange tissues eaten like three or four glasses a carrot juice day orangery taught and oranges fuck like weird like spray tat looks very old or shadows orange nargonne orange like a carrot known made a jerk off why vida was either labour off with slaughter that's that's georgie another ok it is but when i was had not chosen jerking off what we mean it's it's kind of one of those things you know like a bare feet like you get vetoes i give you my writing now no man there's some stuff about this guy didn't know be why chios of we achieve greater caution meteor eaten tito's all day potato chips whatever the fuck it is that is literally supplying yourselves and we don't think that way we should think about this taste good i am me i am doug doug each cheeseburgers cheeseburger taste good but
a cheeseburger literally supplying a body in i started this diet recently this call primal blueprint diet this guy in nepal podcast my marxism and he is an advocate of no grains no bread no past no rice no nothing mostly fats you get your phone mov cartels from a healthy fats from beef and chicken or whatever the fuck you eat and coconut oil things on those lines empty to your and i've been on it now for two weeks and it's pretty fascinating pretty fast fastened freshwater meanwhile like a just from going on a carbohydrate based energy to a fat based energy getting my manager from fats my body fat decreased pretty significantly lost at least six pounds now of a maiden like normal amount but i'm just eating fat and and proteins and a lot of it
balls and no sugars at all non zero i'm not i'm not eating any process sugar occasional piece of fruit blueberries and things along those lines but mostly vegetables in meat that i'm eating it in and in a lot avocado but my cells obviously are beginning nutrients of this of a healthy fats and what he found as he had arthritis he also bilbao syndrome those things went away when he's really cut green out of his diet and we stopped eating process sugar enforcing criminalization inflammation and that these healthy fats like healthy fats for europe cocoanut oil things on those lines is really the best fuel for your body and your body gets into state of key toasts which takes about two weeks we have just started getting into a just started getting into state of key doses and your body wants it reaches a state of key toasts gets its end she primarily from fat
it's more normal natural way for your body to respond and your body can shift like us united by very flexible can shift from a glucose based carbohydrate based fuel system to a fat based system since my body is just started do not committed to this i was gonna do but i just decided to make two months so i'm committed to this for two months and we'll talk and see what it's like but i'm sold two weeks in i don't like it in the fact that if i go to us restaurant in someone's got spaghetti meatballs next man like fuck me decades forgetting my guy i can you name sugar no dessert does it seem different to what i mean is with you smell like a carbon like that like listening is all of a sudden wall while there is not so much before no it's the opposite this was really strange about it i what they said what people of hypotheses eyes in the theories are that your gut bacteria controls a lot of your appetite
and as one of the reasons why i used to be stuffed like stopped at the end of a meal and i still want sugar what's your hand being or fiddle its arguments awful right they want some pie all bring up for her part knows well now i don't it's weird because of this should my body taken play a probiotics la drinking water computer things on those lines taken some problematic supplements your view you introduce hildy bacteria and your stomach and your gut and because of your shift it shifts what you're hungry for its very strange like bread to me looks like garlic like why don't you eat stuffing out of address you lose a nonsense to me it's very strange because i used to see like bread someone bring out like a restaurant nice of bread and butter milk all gimme that somebody i cited slap some butter on that bitch needed up now look at him doesn't food i get so
register to me as it is too weak parry the time you two weeks two weeks anymore such an unhealthy son i'm sorry i mean i think part must be psychological that i've decided that this is in food made a shift in my mind because i'm not eating it i haven't eaten it two weeks but i think is a real good argument that it's got bacteria that's a big part of it because the sugar like they hadn't a dessert tray thing they brought it out at a restaurant i was at the other day you know like they fancy place it bring you like would you look this is this wound you will need to be properly lean and none of it look good at all like nonsense to me where's before black what am i gonna my body i gotta figure this all take insolvent very interesting stuff i wanted to experiment with it because the guy was fascinating is very intelligent and i support will help what is it hurt for me to try this out not to be an interesting topic of discussion to do at first you know sixty days are sound and maybe even have him back on or have someone else on the attic
its it and in our people that i advocate carbohydrate rich diets and it seems to me that your body is pretty flexible in your body can exist on a bunch of different types of fuel and people get really dogmatic about it you know like you have to do it this way you have to do that way and i don't think i think it's all dissolve biodiversity right is different people come from different climates in different parts of the world originally their ancestors did and i think their bodies have become more acclimated to those types of foods and that was like the big issue with native americans when european showed up about the hall and they literally didn't have the genes to process this stuff whereas irish people process how is this thing that you said that about probiotics because i've been taken a probiotics for about eighteen months now of all the places where i got this advice was from my accountant there however
a body or is like i'm one of your taxes and without any sort of way whatever clients but i had been sick and she said something about probiotics and on cigarette eighty months i've been taken a programme every morning in i'm not been and i haven't done anything else different but i've been not necessarily healthier but less ill while at all really theirs article i read once about skin flora and it was in regards to grappling cause with jitsu and with wrestling a big issue is ring worms and even staff infection i've gotten both really socks there were the staff as real scary because my friend tate fletchers i did it we were at an airport were hanging out get ready plain and i just had my foot sit up on my knee and is looking at the bottom my calf egos haymow
what's going on with your leg or your what he's like which got you lose it puts all this what is it is like these little pimples millennium goals dude that looks like staff a grey series negroes yeah i don't like that man go get that checked out casino here it has been granted in his life and he had to heed caught it before i never caught her eye caught we're before and and i knew that looked like south african pimples likewise it is i'm telling you i think that stuff so i go immediately to dermatologist take his advice and i yup on some fuckin antibiotics he gives me his horse pills of death this stuff's awful these first of all antibiotics when you have staff rex your entire system doesn't just kill the staff kills all the healthy flora to soldier start or what they say to counter that is take probiotics once you're done with your whole cycle but also to prevent it in the future you take her
bacteria like a lot of acid dha phyllis different forms of probiotics and you are essentially giving your body soldiers to fight off infection and skin flora changes when you take like high doses of healthy ass doth listen things along those lines your skin it's also like where people are vague and there's awesome different probiotics like of raw sauerkraut like raw sauerkraut is real good came she is another one it's really good makes a fantastic pro your essentially taking and live organisms have become a party or body their soldiers live organisms fight off against shitty bacteria amiss stuff well are the reason i was convinced other than i get my men
cheap is in other words that i do build and manage athletic feels and there is a huge movement to go towards organic fertilization or cultural practices on athletic fields you know this one facility that i manage before every tournaments we'll get emails and call from parents would bring their it your old and say well we're coming in from wherever and we want would like to know what's been applied you're fields might saunter daughter has issue with herbicides intolerance or whatever and i'm really take that should really seriously we started using compost from both a facility in nearby from the county but also from a supplier and applying that as a part of our are regime cut were able to cut back on fertilizer
it was really interesting is that a lot of the pathogens that we have issue with on and you see my golf courses to get different kinds of fungus it affect the grass because you're you know if it's you're putting water on it you're feeding the shit out of it and then putting that compost on there and providing essentially the organisms good from soya were feeding the soil not plant which nitrogen that synthetic nitrogen or does it so what is upheld things were feeding that soil and now we ve got a whole environment there that that turf grasses got an opportunity to utilise everything that's in that soil and its healthier we're gonna go in the other we're going the other direction in everything from farming to grown grass for kids play soccer y know a guy who live near golf course growing up and the pesticides they use on the golf course infected the water supply and he got bone cancer and
cancer throughout his neighborhood everyone in this neighborhood was effected someone they knew got cancer was rampant and it was just p that were drinking the water that came from this area where they had been contaminated because of a fuckin golf course which an end and in the one company that i work with has built been part of a construction of golf course that from day one was in this actually certified organic but i was better part of their process all the way along and they control the amount of traffic on it and all those who are things tube it's beautiful golf course they haven't you any thus decides or synthetic fertilized vaunted things they had brought up in that same article about the organic meat being healthier was the incorporation of clover with grass and that somehow another clover helps of the
sustained like a nitrogen balance with the grasses like it's a nice covers a nitrogen fixing plant so if you know in a pasture we we introduce clover indoor pastures and so it fixes nitrogen into the soil that's than available for the grasses and white cloth and a lot of things that are actually plant in some of the food plots stuff that we do for dear yeah for dear it sweet tastes good in its also providing nitrogen to the plants that need it now that's a big problem with things like gigantic fields of only grain of only coroner if only we that it's not natural for one plant species to be monitored yeah that's not normal right that's not natural is kind of like well you're talking about when we talk about these really interesting diverse ecosystems that accrue it by these organic farms like this one that you were you
highlighting earlier it so it is it is a complete eagle systems now certain that's outposts big while the thing let me is that you know this mark shepherd i mean i'm not page through it you know dogs read more than i have but i mean you get this new read it and it makes sense in electronic cards genius but then you think about like ancient civilizations we're doing things along these lines where did we lose that your words i'd go away what season we lost him with this factory farming and we also lost it when we started putting people in cities i think cities are a real big part of our disconnect and also awesome i love
will you going to implement like getting highway like the guiding mentioned the guy you mentioned joe that girls this shit yeah i mean that's atlas now there was no there was bronfman you know your virgil cell teaspoon on the part of it i was gonna reference him he's my eyes amazing get some amazing books levels are very interesting strategy for like letting pigs and always different animals graze woody z sets up this parameter francis large like a mile lee charge fence of they go to it at your taste them they sit sit don't run over the fence and then moves it the fence and navy grazing new area so i don't just destroys again they don't and their living as if they were wild their essentially off acorns things on those lines and it is joining in areas where they rome and forage and they eat just a wild pig and because of that their flesh is very different that's what you got
freezer now do what this is this is it or else but i have one idea for my frame our whole from that we draw you ok you absolutely paramount we get we pass room ok well that's the way to do it it's a different kind of me it looks different you know i mean that it has a deeper darker richer color and hats things that i notice when we shot when renault and i shot a pig at the tone ranch it was thick with fat from acorns and its texture the the meat was a dark red and was delicious so different animal interesting like with beef i still eat the occasional beef that that i might not know where it came from right not very often but others one one place one restaurant nearby replacing they go to and if he finishes beef with with corn
but it's mostly grass fed it but he still sort of old school does that to marble it yeah yeah i taste the difference between of course cases difference between venison because really again i don't have this wide experience of hunting and indifferent areas and having meat from different areas i m excited like ralph but so the venison to grass fed beef to cornfield beef and has been a long time since i've had something that i like i said where i d nor came from but i can tell you when it was when it was fat cattle they column that feel like every other than eat them piece of meat like that like a prime river something i got on the set i feel like it's taken nathan's like script that fat off my tongue it just has a completely different tastes and i'm not interested in and anymore and so my taste is change that way so it's very tender but it also because i animals dying
animal you assume arrests slob what are they what's that where they massage cobia or why you it's the more common as i said it s big why'd you don't like that stuff man i've had it for me it's ok but this is so fuckin soften weird like why how the fuck is this muscle carrying this animal around latinus weird outdated even more extreme and and and that is veal there was down the road from our old friend who had the issue with us when we were hunting in the wooden commonly me the screen
messages before her before you in that place it was owned by another guy who raised vienna and when i was younger i helped out there once in awhile and how you helped out was to help him load the veal those animals are in a cage where they essentially canter box at where they can barely turn around and there being fed in our milk replay sir powdery that you mixed with water and it's kind of a liquid that's all there getting and the best look and feel cab calves worthy last animal i ever wanted he added it smelled bad it when there was nothing good about it the muscles are developed there not they don't want to to develop a crazy thing i don't i don't understand it i understand how it got started stand why people keep eaten and will probably load fisk i mean i've heard ludovic what it was like
i recently issued a chorus of fish in what is a lie what i mean the other two norwegian base its survival thing the vikings did it on ships and stuff but people still it's more it's a tradition thing but so is literally overdid lie its lie ass they mean it wasn't i poisonous it's this is real let my fuck is this you won't talk gelatinous tonight i throw learn here to this standing up with an uncertain has his own regions are awesome i just got say that my god what that's weird repairing why look look look it with looted fisk oh god it looks like jeez look at it's like it's like slime it looks like snail slime i've never had veal
but i've had this and i know it's gonna be a low life is like but yeah but this is just what i was if it is so we did to survive yeah and it's just tradition now but people is it tastes like i can't even this at all i think are blocked on my mind without these these in the norwegian areas of wisconsin they have these dinners need all ludovic dinners for fund razors in such but they also have that they have other things so you trot you know my want of money because it was out of respect data take a bite alluded fisk and then and then i wash their down with some like you know so me balls and beyond all right let's just soaked in just go on your mouth is why things like was everything you ashdown swedish me balls and we'll have starts like a little isn't it a potato bread type
also you're twenty engines toy show here raccoons lock in the way that we would make us smelt feed it is now a little tiny fishy scoop bob and giant from the rome neither whole thing right guts and i much satellite logically it's it's really good i mean we are wrestling club not so good i like that's not the favorite thing but i mean now you friday anything and it's pretty good and you know i mean oh gee primal again read knowledge yes i do tartar saw you put but doesn't monoplane in mind you know charge on making money for the rest and club will you do it i do hope beavers there's a tv show how'd you get some money from the wrestling club from this is that how you make this connection
a fundraiser that's only do that's all we make money with we have feeds ludovic beads stake feeds bare feet you know it's that real creative when it comes to reason money i guess although we have that the cap is an obvious isn't one plug i do because of your turkey busters fishery come of this when he cherokee busters fisheries as a turkey buster wilfers also sportsmen's club i think we have a website or anything so i would look it up but all sorts of sportsmen carbon in casanova which as you know two hundred fifty people it sort of lions club the knights of columbus the you know the rotary its everybody put together an anxious as group adults who are really into turkey hunting call him sells a turkey bastardy busters here and why do a fishery wives little lake lake there and cares and one of the things that we do is that with the money that we raises
stop it with wall eyes and other game fish and so one of the things that we do have this fishery which is on the ice so it's a centrally outfit ice fishing tournament would be the wrong word although there are prizes for like the biggest blue girl in the biggest bason and that kind of thing but mostly a where people come to and you have raffles and it's the social events of the season and cares who she it's just tat lay i dont you they are lying but only how these are all they could have all they have as the phone number contact this is a case of moral part contacts cannot put our online no whatever you do we ve already said too much if they have of sight again dick pics right now as we speak while
yeah so those are different ways that and ill in some of the stuff that we ve also done is donated bought in donated like archery bows or matthews both to the two that the schools physical education for school yeah its awesome if they still do that that's very cool so this is a organization of of punch you guys get together once or to depends on the time of year once or twice a month and what i said a penny fit to having a small community like that wherever but it really does care about the welfare of the community and cares about all these different things like resin wrestling team needing money for uniforms and things along those lines we lose a lot of that when you have big cities does this was to gain in a big city but a soul to lose to cite we're talking earlier about the diffuse responsibility have on its twenty million people you see some
with their fuckin car broke down the side of the road and you think about stopping going all this asshole its triple around pass by but if you're on some country road and you see someone broken down you think one or two things i hope this guy not a serial killer and approach to help him there are two things i think and the other thing out nor are too mary when you drive and are in our area drive around is he waved everybody yeah be ass you driving might not put your hand up like this really what you at least to drive and give a little like there that's nice you know it s down is deftly missing on the highway could otherwise you'd be fuckin zeal gonna want our anger sign her you're blocking waving their way agitated rake now it's citizen i know it's all we it is where people are weird but cities airspace weird because i don't this is a normal thing what will we only have for the last couple hundred years in this sort of magnitude that we have now like with new york and allay and things
science is to have so many people jammed into an area like this and as we start conversation have a complete disconnect as to where you food comes from and that the food is coming from life whether its plant life or whether its animal life your food comes from i've life each life and that is where our jack london that yeah it's what the sea wolf we were just talking about this here would you say while this characters is old pirate and this becomes see what i do is gonna get a pirate as i found pirates are yeah let's areas are also you mean now maybe not the new age ones somalis throughout their little different there you know those that now without my sympathies while we all i've got an agenda nobody's got a reason to fight you know they don't worry we'll get into this specific pirate his whole near he's a loner and his old thing the composition of the book is he
borders are used in a life is its life your contention is what the fuck matters why feeds life i mean economic can be dead you're gonna be dead you can be dead who gives a fuck who gives a fuck what happens it all i mean people's that's not fair i swear to look at things you know but it is its main fact you know it is a fact but also this moment right now and absent not all of us and have a problem with that sort of absolute sort of a worrying about the no i've cellar the the moment is enjoyable an eel sit all comrade area and a good meal with friends one the best things you can have a life adventures and things you enjoy activities that you like to participate in those are very enjoyable and i think that's what life is about life is about these friendships and these enjoyable moment that we have with each other so this absolute ideas
we'll have a what is the point there are insulting to end well ok you could look at it that way they would point playing the game the gains can be only one day do not enjoy the fucking game enjoy the game these are limitless kids we saw sit on the steps today you know you know just sitting there only now and hollywood sinhalese and these have ox their poisoned by the brake dusted can fly this terrible via the most heavily different smells owner families break does this terrible it's one of the one things that people on talk about about living in urban environments it you don't you go to your car that should have young we only see that stuff on the outside we'll your britain that britain out everywhere especially if you live in new york or if you live in allaying there's constant traffic going by eu every time they hit eggs a little bit of fuckin dusk gets up in the air and that stuff you there with millions and millions of cars stuff permeates environment terrible for you people's real people's volatile voluntary coastguard somalia that's what the pirates call themselves there
when they started doing pirating in some ah yes because they were fishermen their fish and these assholes from europe and russia where dumping toxic way first off their shores clear ways toxic chemical waste and was killing all the fish so they started doing was kidnapping the people that were in the boat they were doing the dumping so these fish men who were fuckin starving to death because they all sudden there their waters are polluted they start going these guys and kidnapping then they realize hey we get way more fuckin money from kidnapping than we do fishing they became pirates and so they also started taking this stuff called cat in this is a it's it's a narcotic it's a stimulant that day they take its like a plant that issue and it gives them like like it's like a fuckin type plan the exact pull up i think it's k h eighty but a stimulant that they chew all the time is one reason why people are so serious cat to be banned in the uk they see like this
eating chewing on these these leaves and they produce pull up a website or i web description set of an image and find out what is the actual alarm gotta all said images strong is cutter bigley true and yeah this is how i see a movie captain philips yeah though this this this stuff is it's it's a drug and these people take it it's an alkaloid now here is tat the known or as an amphetamine amphetamine like stimuli which is said to cause excitement loss of appetite in euphoria and so these does take this they get jacked on this cat k aid a tea and they would go out and fuckin kidnap people what s the thing tat you know i mean my initial reaction when i said except somali pirates i mean that we told history from you know captain phillips
i'd you know that's the howard's in thing howard's entails it from the other side jean also let me retract their legs clarence lobo too you know that's gotta that is not a reason to fight they get fucked is for a long time there are incredibly peaceful people somalians were very peaceful they they weren't out their robin and trying to jack people there are fishermen and when the europeans are dumping that stuff off their shores they had to take a new approach they had just a improvise overcome now says but again where's outcome from coming from vienna large scale human beings living in these giant civilizations treating waste they don't know what to do it with some dick all decided albert off the coast of africa because you know how many say in the matter i didn't want dublin than the london so they decided to we do that here too long to get away i make their it they're losing standard so that company
and put more n you know that's a big deal with new york city as well that the hudson rivers fuckin deserted wasteland was at one point time the dredging it up now and starting to to clean it and in trying to really impose very strict regulations on the amount of waste that gets in it but these large animal facilities same thing secularism we put this stuff you see these trucks goin up into these big taint trucks follow and they had a hall really far because they don't have enough there renting land all over so their holland and as a big issue and our areas is the weight on the roads in sudan and the farmers in all this one be taxed running things or the breeders compromise where it wasn't a road tax but they may have actual so it by the way down wasn't
turn the hell out of the roads also the actual physical weight on the roads that whether these giant tankers do i have to say that i always wondered why they weigh them well not neck of the woods again a lot of the roads were just gravel roads and then over time they did this thing called tarred chip so agreeable road is not built in it doesn't have any particular engines well suppose it has some injury flattered but that is possible and there aren't any engineering standards but railroads bitched to keep up so they started to charge so it seems disgrace i mean poor man's are blocked up so you put or asphalt so you put this hard ellen and go over the top of it and i can t grappled with unravel stuff binds together and then overtime people keep dr another overtime and actually seals it up
it's driving over with cars and pick up tracts okay but now here comes a big tanker trucks or being taker would be behind a monster tractor in breaking down the sides of roads and it ends up being an issue and as nay said there haven't hall the stuff further for it is only put so much shit on so much ground and the shit that they are putting out there as you know it's liquid manure let's go into these tanks or into maybe we'll manure liquid it's not it's if i knew where the torch terrorist and there's a there double standard with it so we got this massive model liquid manure and you don't know they're not gonna start knocking accomplices raining like that so right now we ve got a nice no pack twelve inches nor spread on top of the snow soul an injustice to illustrate the double standard i got family it does in the subject business you know so they go out if they spread this shit on
certain slope humility that dick human shit from like tanks or pompano saw spread it yes now what's so here's the thing on it put it on the snow do it over of you if they do not over he set out because jamie just pull up liquid nurse predators and tool bars for the people who are listening and see i've added added axles that's a new thing these have one axel to spread and it was just too much on the road but so aseptic dude author to get rid of this human shut and if he doesn't on a certain grade he'll get a giant from the dinner but a farmer goes on does it and as you know so human should a farmer can dump human although not nor a farmer can go dump culture and the thing is in the end i mean shit shit shit you know what i mean not the right because cow shit is just there eating grass so man nor does it facilities are not there now arrived there he saw obviously this when the snow melts
that is a lot of that shit is going into the stream solar we're dugan i you know we really value our shit you know we keep it we compost that we turn it into some value these that's that's a waste it's going into the water and polluting and it's a waste of money you know now to see the drone footage they did this pig farm this guy seem somewhat or not for us now to your aunt miranda you'd programme that i agree with those those people in the conspiracy document or certain agree with is it is something evil about these acts law tsar yeah yeah that's crazy shit where you're not supposed to film atrocities are being committed in these factory farms while this guy a drone any fluid over this pig farms and they have a god damn lay of pitched his it is gigantic in its they have these things were the pigs levies ages and then hear here's a guy he's gonna
right here he's our for people's spy drawn expose s myth field foods player but good sir said out put smithfield foods factory farms spied drones expose smithfield fool factory farms the lagoon is a good word because it sounds dirty the lake of pigs just pool hiss and without yards it's like a red color it's disgusting look these imagine how many animals are in one of those guns and they don't see sunlight you know it's fucked it's fucked it's not it's not it's not human it's not humane it's not ethical it's not right but to bring it all home this is the lagoon other or does it just stare do they ever do anything with it or is it just sit there and bubble bubble bubble whether sergio spread around the house
i found a picture on the person and that the country neighbour all riot in the air oh my god it gets in the air and goes into people's houses and think some of the neighbours and get some gets in their house and can even reason and talk and others that there is a fear factor thing how we stand here this guy former pig vacuum here this guy come on down web some wrong is no sound but you can t see the way it's moving within the facility there too now this issue with them computer strange it's dark its evil in its work all of a sudden these things don't get treated like a life they get treated like a commodity and i think i guess there's levels right to people provisions they would say well any animal that you would be well to raise their ship off and sell like why you any better than
guy who's got this thing stuffed into this thing we do animals are living a normal life but then event kill him anyway now whereas you i'm saying you know that i have a friend who's a vague and in fact one of my have her calves is named after her and she's honored by that actually too she knows it that was never going to be our probably won't be pleased and we won't be budget but our electorates prologue cervix or something like that but pussies broken a year for our colleagues here we gotta be specific there so you see that there's not a difference is what was done not a pay attention but no i mean that's where i argument is that you're not paying attention and we can have a conversation by i just think they think that ultimate goal at the end is definitely death or the ultimate
result for the animal is life i mean these same people to allow you to be shooting wild animals either that's yeah well need wolves which ran right what i'm just read one is hilarious is is it is so much ignorance involved in people's idea of what a wolf is and why has so many folk tale stories in that bad wolves killing people there is a two read this two worlds i believe was idaho we can we can chicken of water but two he killed a hundred and seventy six cheaper sunlight and one night i have for fun here s the thing that the deal words and then they're having a real big problem of this yellowstone and in a lot of places that have elk is that they don't kill like a cat will kill or cat will killer and elk rather any will eat that after a long period of time the barrier ill china who eat it in a wolf kills it a little bit and then another one and then kills another and kills another one and they do whatever the fuck they want and what
guys that i know at hoyt was telling me about this this wolf that killed this cow and the way it did it was it attack the cow attacked it towards guts apart and this thing and then backed off and just watched and sat they need and watches thinks struggle and try to walk away and try to walk into this river to get away and then go after it again and tear depart a little bit more and then back off again they do it for fun and it's what their design for there machines and they enjoy it and it's there pitiful and i must say that we are even we should kill them all eradicate them from the face of the world but there's something strange about that kind of animal they're not its not necessarily they're not environmentalist they're not conservationists two fuckin wool and walls are dangerous there there there they have an essential place in
very diverse ecosystem but the top of the food chain is fucking human beings pier and when human beings aside you know what this tomatoes damn walls that are killing a hundred plus sheep and a night or my friend my cockroach who lives up in numb and his neighbor their fuckin cow got taken out a cow are taken up by wolves in your in nbc where he lives there's no tat limit for wolves you can choose manage you want you shoot it could be your hobby here would you do oh boy she was like they therefore can trying to take as many wars as they can when we were talking about coyoats before personally it out it i've got a few coyoats my day how dare you yeah but it's not something like a potent guarded and pursue
clearly more optimistic or whatever is fucking with road runner and take mount yeah anvil acme dogs you like in the end is sort of like the dear thing when i was listening to various arguments about dear what one reason we have so many during wisconsin and another cultural areas is because of agriculture and they are highly adaptive yes that's really big point because not even essentially wild there really kind of like a farm animal a lot of ways and it was one of the things i stay abroad upon the show that we talked about the unknown often ever made the air did it that make the air was talking about these animals are essentially in a lot of ways there like a livestock almost well known fenced in oh saw the trail camera pictures they sent you have different dear that i had different bucks on think well you're not gonna see that out and of course howard right or whatever it may be to do but but now i mean and for the very different than the mule
that we're talking about before the show hour that reality killed there was on a show recently which is enormous beautiful majestic public mule dear that he killed meal there they found will travel a hundred and fifty miles during the season there they re my great in ghent sadly for a lot of the same reasons as they have to productivity for the food and an end for whatever whereas an older a deer gets in our area not least my experience has been so the elder dear gets in our area the less it moves so if you have a a buck that year you know your managing for bigger boxing you start seeing one that maybe has a distinctive antlers something so you can tell it from other ones you begin to realise the great big one that i shot
so the dear for two years people have done about a forty acres area while ass crazy no use waiting form the slip up and he did there's a lot of these hunting shows where they name the dears you now though the call this one you now old forky whenever another have names for these animals nell target em we're lookin for lucky we're trying to get lucky you don't have a show and why this is so bizarre because it's in a lot of ways you're like kind of farming because they have these gigantic pastures that they call food plots so that what they do still the plough the land and the grow a lot of clover lot of different different types of alpha different things in those dears will eat two years now dears and so then they set up a tree stand and whack allow yeah and i do it too
part of what i do in my land management service for people is too is to help their property become more wildlife friendly right one of the things that i try to push to people is that when we're doing things like timber stand improvement or invasive species management or providing while they food plots replanting wildlife plus just not dear lots and allow those guys what i really want to steer what such a need at all yet and what's good for dears generally good for a whole raft of wild life so silly but different but yeah no i know what you mean i tend to name afterwards like that big a big one that i fear you know we call him the standard and is also the standard by which all after this will be judged rights and but me that part of the relationship is is complicated complicated men it is complicated but like all things involving life they be
complicated it's not that it's not that simple gonna talk about mediator it'll but yeah please so we did we shot starting this thursday toby toby three episodes in a row that were shot on the farm the first ones actually steve taken apart a couple of the deer that that he finally shattuck upload iran on her place and technically he'll say something else but during our hunting killed too dear but i took my parts was a really informative episode about the different kinds of cuts how well one hata just do it the different kind of cuts in the methods for doing this stuff just really i watched it i just really impressed by these amazing enzo e so goddamn important is it my my mind on television he is the most prominent intellectual voice for while game management while game conservation and for hunting he's he's a through conservationists he's
i really truly believe in public land hunting and in goes way out of his way mean he gets plenty of offers on private land he prefers to hunt on public land and he prefers to do his best to try to do whatever it can to help keep those lands public aid to promote that an end i think one of the things he likes about hunting on i places that he knows that after the fact we like when you were there and just like well this past year in every other year there's a small group of people at hunt opening weekend after that i start let another folks come in i mean it's our private land we were able to do but it is the public's animal india put restrictions on folk she can't shoot a buck or you know it's gotta be this bigger whatever it is and in an he's applauded that in the ass night that's really important because a struggle with a little bit but
the alternative is a very good where you landed despite open anybody who wants to come in now experience that no while the problem as you really count on everybody to be ethical you can't tell on everybody to take care of your land with reverence and dignity in the way you treated it really liable we can't let ever yahoo yet very important very important like like the animals winged in the neck as he's gone by that is that the coyotes took part and i know who knows who shot that neither nano is an ethical shatter the relationships of age and it s a big part of it well so that's the first episode the next to our two people and i i wondered whether said i know and love and we actually did
similar thing to what you and brian did the first time brittany and helen hunted was in montana that was a year ago and sort of like steve did with you and brian well very well that the next point was to bring em dark place went from hike in and working hard freezing the nazi and your very much to reason ass off sittin in blind doing and the weather cooperative was nearly not nearly as cold as was the super snowy though coincidentally i was in town the night before on a day and i was so now that i have scheduled at where i had to be in colorado the next day now barely made it out of madison oh yes i was in your town man fuck well can happen again and we were thinking about tat when i was singing by flying on sunday but do we ve schedules didn't permit i would have been a great many easier
good i'm gonna yell next you manage it out and i were word we made a commitment to we're talking about a world where we had so much fun two years ago the camp we will do what i can to make sure the weather is not as we know mind that shit you know people ask me what was like little guys they said you know is us non stick would she still i'd like to still the number one mediator viewed as she's just had we had so much fun man is so fond is hanging around trying trying to just so you know with conservation wisdom into so fine man so fond those that's one of things about these experiences the comrade harry almost as important as the hunting itself is to have a bunch of guys hanging out having a good time your farm and in this you're such a beautiful piece of land that we were talking about earlier that we use the term drift lists
what that means is that this is the area where the the glaciers passed over the didn't go through this area so you have beautiful rolling hills and people think of what johnson is being like sort of a flat area which it is in some signs southern india but where you guys around it's amazing it's fuckin gorgeous so much wildlife too hurt we sought turkey's we saw we almost said a turkey unaware airport there's three big ones i would add that water most of our day i mean if we demanded we would have made as we would have made out and knocked a glass out we will put our goggles on we have to draw we would get us environed the ballet dude you said that substantial progress on dr can take out your windshield they re not big birds man so so we had such a good time with that
think helen in brittany who were beginner hunters they wanted to have that experience similar to what you and brian had and in montana way you know we don't take it easy on us because were women are at whatever happens to be and i will not take it easy money than one of those two for any reason because they're just their ban such as women hellenes addicted easier to oh yeah she's and doing jujitsu with anthony with tony ordained and gone fuckin crazy takes makes it all the time she lost a tunnel wage looks fantastic now so we did very similar thing all of this time if you recall when you guys were that we have these blind set up their hobgoblins stuff so up steve says you not i think we have to have them do ground lines and hard that was when we're inside those ones and it really offer any heed or anything so made complete sense what we built these beautiful blinds the one that's the bill will be there
after the apostle elsie s built them why you were there the area we do it just gets imply wouldn't know not just with what was their course you ve had to take some wire and bail or twine and stuff along in britain and i just went up whereas it would just pull stuff together in canada coming days if you do this for the blinds here a couple hours one afternoon ok so like you say we're what was there he mean like word and branches from treason and that sort of stuff so that we just lay the around what did you do with one and i got by oh that's up on up we call should honest rather than areas called earlier you well renewable so long i put round bales on end and then i set set it up top of the second day i went up there with my camera men sat and it didn't make the show thankfully but i will admit on here that i took a shot at dern just clean mr and i tell you i spent couple hours that afternoon
couldn't leave amidst were you did well when we were there i fell and fucked up my right sk remember and you actually help me site about gangs i didn't know that was we'll at an issue without the scope being loose that was set in whoever said an end to statistics we change scopes i had a leopold we put a vortex on and when that we change the scope unfortunately done right and the sun so to some steps were taken to secure it correctly and lie on oil are honoured that hard man because i was i was also it was off bad like more than a foot or close to a foot at a hundred in a hundred yards well i wish i had that excuse i just clean miss that dear it was it was all committed but she was stand and sell many yards but four hundred there was a long but i had a long fuckin shot man and now i just
we must now do you use one of those rehash phone calculator apps word like you have to like figure out like how far it is the velocity of your gun you know what you mean a thirty odd sex i say had a savage through when my jesus christ about formatted oh yeah savages the sponsor the show no right s excellent guns o one of arms are wonderful so that i shall trigger to the us like the one step by step process but i have a very light trigger but it won't go off accidentally now and it was you know that the rifle was not by where should we say these guys i know about the start because of stephen alice podcast called a mediator podcast which had talked him into doing and now he is now is addicted to a too
i don't know i thought on a family ray i'm carrefour needs a great pakistan so good at an area the guys from more tax on their talking to me out of things and i learned a lot that do so anyway i clean mist and have talked about this before and maybe the pakistan i said i'd never regretted a shot that i didn't take it seems like really because of this if credulous about most things that i say but at most things every child that's for sure but i took that shit i kind of regret it because it was a long pole cat was a rifle it wasn't my rifle i would manage out my own but right over back docked in the whole thing and i was sure hitter we went down there and i'm did she job
the gun like to cheat drop down no one ever get on fire zinc over back and we watched it my camera man and i kept watching it on the thing and so i went right down the spot where i marked exactly where the spot was we had snow and everything and i just clean mist and and it was a shot dead in retrospect that kind of wish i wouldn't have taken especially with what was happening right and deer were starting to come to the field and all that but anyway and point was it was from that blind that you sent me after that hunton so it lit that's where it lives is up there on top of the great spot you'll love it when you see it have you ever seen those bail blinds that are they look like hey of hay and go inside a woman like actually we ve actually have just haven't you just some hay we used to make some cosy blind many of my old man would be too three four round bales and then put a local on tar neuron their toasty i i i missed out on the biggest bach what are you in my life
in my own may let me get out a chores and warnings that you go out and your brother i mean kick brother out of the swamp the technical rules around and arms a cozy and i'm passed out also to hear my old man's what're you doin get up on what music did you see that things like i was too small and a camera what he was kai was view had a name for it and he just like that was in old swamp we also make about it'll and my god and others to my mom never why didn't i was asleep it was a sort of trying to make an excuse my home i never lived down with my old man because i was such a and we we were watch that guy you got shine and at night europe and china now you need you need to do that sometimes selling moonshine no longer destroyer light roads in china dear there on the field and you just have to get it just going to monitor whether was not well that's worth what people used for poaching right
yeah this is to do during certain algerian i've got his hair non nuclear deterrent season but its legal you can't do it during the rifle season hunting sees out not now that's right it ends in certain well anyway but what we did because there is a problem of those lines as you might remember pretty damn crowded in vienna actually sell apply now called shadow hundred languages the other great and so i have a few of those around it and they are they are great but we couldn't it did make sense to do that we have too many people helping and you know the filming thinks so we built cool blinds for poor people to peat to others into camera we're insulated slay them holding your word day before will you you know what happened it was beautiful yeah we're we're out squirrel morning just used in these girls were shooting squirrels may i just want to see this they did such
great they were so much fun and they were just so good a squirrel martyrs and ate just like you and re mandate vague gotten they clean and they did the whole thing you know to the point where i think helen was maybe a regretful that she had a while they had three deirdre they broke down completely so so did they that everybody should dear was a very successful everybody but the guy who posted it you man that's crazy you're a big one last year at the nice will last you're right i filled the freezer this year later on and you know the season goes on what what are you gonna go i'm sorry well so we did much the same we set up an end up was really so great a marine sniper trainer us did steve analyses from actually from our area there he came in and talk to us about shooting little bitten sinner specifically for for helen in britain
and i'm just so proud of those two you know they take it so seriously as as seriously as you unbridled ok you take it really seriously and brian take lies took it seriously when aid to take serious nea and very into it very respectful wanting to know about all that and we and i hope it i think it comes out in the episodes you know i'm so close to it i can't i can't business rosy but we're very successful well and want to spoil it for everybody but yeah there were we put we put some dear on the ground and in there they did a terrific job and i think it makes for compelling for a compelling purposes not show that shows always awesome i'm what i wanted ask who is with all the wildlife that you have in your area would what are the sea
i mean i know you have more than one season of dear so what wonder the season starts as an artery season first the artery season starts ones september fifteenth or the second saturday and in september now may archer do you have a lot our tree hunt hunters come out there a lot on our place no no no but i'd be happy to have i don't even like rival hunting that much anymore well the thing about archery hunting for dear in our area is very well but you leave all this to with com is it it's gotta be closer and mamma if there are gotta be close and i'm gonna come in you can spend some time out there and how much we go on but our archery season coincides with that that first part in november and of october first part in november where the pre rutten radical
there's a lot of deer activity and so there are you know you can call you can use sense and all that stuff in their communities and you know it's completely different relationship animal we actually have crossbow hunting now you ve used across crossbow not along boeing personally that's what i use does cheating yeah whatever not archery that's a shitty fucking scope on it sir does ravings of magnification scope you put the cross iran you pull the trigger you'd sitting arrest you can rested download as not archery goddammit and drink beer or do you can need spoke shewed harold she thinks well you ll have to practice
you're talking about a shot two hundred arrows today yeah i shall data i had a high representative come to my house and we're we're shootin ere i have a whole treaty set up my argo shootin of rubber elk all day to day my arms ashore you have basle and i did the hardest thing for me during that time of the year on the farm is to sit in a tree and wait for a dear to come by in that through that it takes so it's time to be an ethical bowl you're talking about shot two hundred arrows today yeah i shot data i had high representative come my house and were where shootin ere i have a whole treaty set up in my area shooting rubber elk all day to day my arms ashore you have basil wealth and you have to be committed to yes and
the hardest thing for me during that time of the year on the farm is to sit in a tree and wait for adhere to come by i've got all these other things and i need to be doing during that period time not at my and my work and in madison or something like that but on that wrong and so on actually move a little bit more towards in varying artery season is because i have not had a whole lot of archers and we had a couple of guys over the years but to start the host people come out cause i'm gonna be there anyway i might be partaking myself well that's my that's actually more attractive to me than even come on opening day you know how long does the yo archer season last until the first of january to a first january so go straight through well you can you can oh hunt during the guns season so i could come down and bow honey when those girls were shooting squirrels equitable hunted yes i went there
dear you could have wanted you just had to wear orange jacket rather than camouflage before that i can wear camo so i could i could i could archery hunt and then bail and i take off right before that is its end of october in november when the when the active run is goin on that's that's the time what's the deal with black powders at still separate that's after after everything after the gun season so then power black power you got museums and people on lower tar muzzle odors for some strange fuckin reason it's ok to use a primitive stupid weapon that you should never used in real life ball packed the powder end like you're living in the fucking eighteen hundreds this stupid thing the anything the thing about muskets there's the weird thing about em they're real fucking neck
now like real accurate to like two hundred yards so that basically a rifle the you can't make a good ethical follow up shot on others i got the aerodynamic sir i get it old not only that you shoot and this fuckin giant cloud of smoke in front of the bomb was animal hid it love i cannot allow whether it be plenty of people were didn't you fry i listen up its it is definitely more accurate and better than a bow but my point is use a fuckin gun why if you shoot one of those things in its accurate to several hundred yards some i know people that have shot dear at two hundred fifty yards with a musket so with a muslim loader when you're getting to that kind of a distance like what is that really what you get a rifle to shitty rifle if if you're talking about a bow if you shut something at two hundred yards your in closing your eyes and shooting up the son who the fuck knows where that arrows gone you shouldn't to interfere
yours buddha musket or muzzle or you could put the cross here on that thing you can accurately judge just like you came on the rifle the promise takes you like fifteen a toy seconds to reload as opposed just got shot of your if one of the follow up car with a rifle in or theirs people now that our hunting with semi automatic whether you gonna pang pack paint you can shoot a deer three times in two seconds for failing to black you gotta have you been for the finnish civil war so many are on the run you have to have a flint it hits the thing and makes us johnny rubbed everybody has a preference i guess the thing on my my family's farm in the captain and the captain gets into decide what happens
it's all you know in and like all this is the way it's gonna be i'm not absolute about anything in overtime things kind of ebb and flow and change in and you know that for me why someone i wanna be alternate records that you know that part of the first part of member i don't have to practice everyday i can't where i live i don't have to become an i readily admit i have an old height and i like the ball should it once in a while but man twenty yards body where i feel like i can make an ethical shod we need to get you a new hoyt what year what year or of how a man i'd have to check the chain that i bought it from it was a bought from him used because he was up is like in the sixties well i'm bamboo ones i think it's like a 80s maybe a lady laundry wheels for laundry rest ladys for real middleweight asia maybe was early nineties i'm sure here are some slingshot yemeni rocks you can grow
it don't matter spear just jump on is not my i already in an ivory lotteries i have a lot of respect for borders spend the time to become that professional and then you have spent a lot of time why till hunting irish there's guys who spent at a time doing at it like a son i just don't i a horrible orderly our sam i totally understand i'm totally bust your boss is not something that i would if i don't think anybody do it how about that governing too much work and its two addictive descend forget about bow honey if i never hunt again for the rest my life archery is massively addictive i love it i'm sure you'll i shoot every day so much fun it's it's a nice peaceful that like meditation type of a thing do by way of like ranges odor yeah yeah lunch there's a bunch is a big one off of the two tense
fuckin huge long distance range but i think that it's it's a nice meditations nice do but when it comes to come bomb bows is really the difference sheen above in the nineteen eighties and a modern like two thousand sixteen hoyt defiant you must we'll be shooting musket verses like a modern savage arms rifle it's not that much difference i mean did the real the amount of power that these have now and the speed and which they shoot arrows the accuracy there's so much algae and engineering going in the bows really kind of amazing because one of the few pieces of hunting equipment that literally changes and improves every year since only think about that when i hear these the bone the purest friends who are just cackling right now about you givin me shit about about bologna and which has great omits the very well as a real purists a thing i'm a pussy disease a compound bothwell yeah recurring both as they like not being accurate at all like they like fuckin
hoping they hit it sorry i didn't say get mad at me right now folk coup shooter wow what a man when the going gets yourself some leather animal you shot rapid around your fingers i actually think that steve was talking about on this upcoming butchery one about how he was taken how they used to take the silver skin off a meat and they get the long strips of it that's what they made their boat yeah sure strands where sinew that's amazing it's a dry it out role it and turned into but did you see his thing from mom when he was in the jungle was it borneo where the fuck did you go bolivia when bulgaria for god damn that was an amazing show to heart episode they went to bolivia and the traditional bows does guys used to kill animals they have these you ve heavy really long arrows and these stick bows
had made themselves and he showed up with a high carbon spider and he's drilling yeah there's there's the balls of these guys had a look at that arrow the us when talking about their these really long really heavy airs and notice others there's no fledglings an arrow and he's got them follow up here all right there in his hand yeah they keep them in their hands i remember on this episode up how he struggled to hit the fish now the water reflect their reflect their algeria and these guys you're just like nail and when after it wasn't just dad sought the water deflecting it's the image that looks different the fishes actually it could be as much as six inches lower than when you think of the refraction in the water from your looking down almost like a lens so it's like distorted where the actual she is a few shot right at the fish you'd never hit it you have to shoot like below its real weird you ever see the the ones at tat people use in america it's like i try
and you're a big in very you're gonna make it for that you know you got some more we have always prong ass an aid they shoot these arrows that like they were like a long speech or do surgeon urges and urge the shots airing away when i was a kid ways to shoot carp up at the end of the lake and but there exist yet waters rochelle and they got there's raise hell on their backs it be out of the waters i was yes was the right right yeah wasted near lake charles in boston and there was a area by the waterfall where the carpet pull up and incredible me looking at like twenty thirty pound fish and there's dozens of i'm just stacked heather and you see him on the surface of the water in our but it's a junk fish to us but a delicacy to people in the uk and in asia is very interesting like what one for longer than one person decides is a good fish and then in you know and the problem
is there an invasive species and alive with american rivers and lakes and people dont like them for whenever silly reason but there are very good fish to eat apparently if you prepare properly there are a lot of things i mean here things about grass for beef is you know lanterns it doesn't have the fat so i mean you gotta know how to cook it you can't over cook right it's a big point and there are many disabled any kind of meat i mean people s clock up a really good piece of meat will especially a real leaning peace dear venison moose saint tell me what you want to barely like seems the outside of it almost unjust and in our knowing light tat to prepare this is a big part of the responsibility of hunting now you don't want to have this meat that you ve got animal you have so much reverence for the death of this animal and then each prepare it like an asshole you have to put almost as much thought into the working
what things are really low about we're never show this day the episode that i wash last night about that idaho mule dear that he shot is enormous dear was it really focused at the end of it how prepared it you know him told you how to prepare it and how to cook it properly and i can tell done and all this difference to o neill he'll go through that butchery process will go through the cooking process and that something allow these shows they don't even touch man they here look at him he's a real iowa giant picture this mobile show the antlers look at his force on his face and brow tyrant sticking up like that's all in turn zoning whether in the tower out there in the tower down in texas well there's a lot of that a lot of donating don't aim in this i suppose that's it thing but i it is a good thing but this also shows where their pretend you know we're out here kneeling gaze fuckin piles of corn the other you're waiting for these animals to come to an end
just cause shooting at these spots where you know they're gonna be isn't that into its eyes and interesting parliamentary discussion about hunting about in a where the ethical lines disguise will say well we could baiting is illegal by us because of the chronic wasting disease we put a pilot corn out their exchanging saliva that's how they that's up red that's interesting desire but you guys do have some dear farms which is where people think the oars and of chronic wasting disease or from yo there i heard it interesting discussion about that recently one of the things they talked about is that there were these protein blocks being put out in that may have been there they ve never there been a few different ideas where it came from and one is from the dear farms there is this protein blocks it maybe up put out and has got animal by products in it and so is it like gay pride on thing is it something exactly it is approved
so it similar to mad cow disease exactly right so that that have come i don't know you know and i have even heard it said that there are places where they are and try to prove the genetics of the deer heard so they would bring it in your bucks in releasing him i don't have any proof of any of it so though yeah i did hear that could be the case that they are they are very concerned with people that release these animals from these farms out there's some fucking ways like contacted by this guy hey man come haunt at my place and then looked at his instagram page and like dazzling fuck it up late trade while i don't i wanted to talk shit you know this guy on a white but it's a high fund fence operation i really must say what stated is but these in their barely dear there these these days
here that have these fuckin bushes grown other heads you see what their antlers look like you like ok that's not even real good jamie put pull up this ridiculous antlers in a deer farm they their growing these animals ropey travel do you call em trophies but essentially there depopulating the genetics of these animals are they have all these antlers so that these rich assholes can go and shoot these things and like is hundred acres fan in area where there let me animals was out of political what is that what are we looking at lear colonel dear for one reason would just for threeg put on your wall i'm sure you could kill it and they would you know taste just like a regular dear i'm sure the delicious and probably but look at this matter so their growing these insane antlers via supplement feeding them supplements and feeding them this shit that makes their like antler steroids that makes her antlers growl
then all look like antlers mail it looks like you nurse looks like all nut like like doug said we are talking about is its criminal i mean dogs very sorely needed about ten minutes when we hear the careful though as a pole changer man cage enemy in an authoritarian or three hundred acres isn't that begging to get this through in a cage you know that's not hunting there but i said original barrel that's fish in a barrel i said earlier that on forty acres as were that that is true but you know what you can live leave that forty acres when if he wants to answer very well are coming to abate pilar any rise stuff that's part of ethics try i figured him yeah i guess that's where i was getting too is where those lines our well this is the hunting that i grew up with i ever i've never hunted outside the mid west i've really we hunted outside of our farm twice what have a friend who hunted in texas ran at its ten thousand acres fenced in unlike most far as i'm concerned those are wild and ten
thousand acres i mean that this fuck an animal on earth that's going to travel that far other than a mule dear does not dare not an animal on earth is gonna migrate further than that its lifetime essentially of his gigantic fenced in habitat and there i about it is look we can manage the wildlife sustainable wildlife insight we're not feeding on anything they live off his elbows keeping people out when i keep on the animals in keeping people out mugabe i can provide a song i thank you let us put up the sudden easy outer say elderly or the nature of god words here telling you you face marry some kind a sinner says have these thou let's hippy god your land here that the that bit where they like while the sign on science and then we caught tress peasant we'll be shot on site united it's like a radio bit now right
many dance that's the end of the song it's complicated business it's all a complicated business and and these ethical lines are difficult there is something that you have to think about something you have to talk about here and be willing to change my sometimes to abating bears is a big baiting bears a big because there's is a places where the only way specially sprang you're ever gonna kill a bears if debate so they have to control the population these barristers the bears killing moose they're killing calves they're killing fonts dear the killing all sorts of things in the killing cubs they're killing each other mean debate bears are killing machines so when they have these environments where they have to control the population they allow baiting reason why they allow baiting is to make a successful hunt recently i think in maine it was i don't know if they passed it but they were
trying to pass no baiting on bears and the reason why they are doing this because anti hunting people were trying to stop people from hunting bear so the way they was essentially make a hot completely effective a saying no bathing because as soon as you can't bait you can't find kitty i could have any success you don't have you told me i really success you know i have friends who live in michigan and they were telling me listen man you can go a fucking aid without seeing a bear in the woods meanwhile everywhere you just don't you go near him that you hear the they hear a snap and twig like this guy and they walk so quiet those paths one of the weirdest thing about bearing is when you're out there and you're waiting they walk like you stand by a trail we know the head by you'll see one before you hear it like they're just be right there like oh shit he's right there too just so goddamn quiet amazing so that such a big animal could be so quiet slippers
if slippers yeah i mean the pads of your touch the bears past weird man and it's designed creep up on shed you know that's why cats have them to the other have the bomb their feet there while they have of when you better yellow harassment to merge now you can't region can share with all their noise so they kind creeping up on you but is there like look ghosts man weird cats and bears the ghosts pad slipper werent fuckin good stuff listen i think i think we're done things rapid pitch up bringing home she's not they are absolutely i appreciate you haven't you know i would say a little bit about thank you very much and in steel line from re whaley hubbard the days i keep my gratitude higher than my expectations are really good days today's today is about as do
you could get why i really enjoyed it i appreciate you guys find out here in doing this and i'm glad this conversation and get get you spend a month i think a lot of people have a list there's continue the discussion man can never stop learn doesn't allow about really this is all about just trying to figure out other people's perspectives together together they came stay to fuck off dogs land you happy or i may rise we'll be back tomorrow with a great boss ruin and moral rinaldo should be a lot of fun and then on friday robin black my power robin and then on sunday night fight companion so what's he soon much love friends thank you ladies and gentlemen for tunisia podcast please forgive me for saying without further ado i'm trying so hard system shit to say you know that's that's a thanks shit to say
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thanks so much thank you for all the feedback positive and even even the corrective criticism or the positive criticism honeymoon it constructive that's it constructive criticism i appreciate you guys in so many ways really do so thanks everybody for tuna in and we'll see you tomorrow with the great boss rudin former usa heavyweight champion former king of pancreas my good friends a great i and moreover now who was one of these original broadcast guys on pride which is arguably one of the greatest makes martial arts promotions while time the glory days if it were of the early mma tomorrow boss work so and boss work together in their thereabout podcast but a launch podcast and they want to come on to talk about an ominous fuckin subscriber that fucking subscribe podcast for sure boss is awesome mom morals awesome and i can't we talk those guys tomorrow so that we will be tomorrow thanks so much much loved ya because
and we started again please comes see you soon
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