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#762 - Robin Black

2016-02-19 | 🔗
Robin Black is an MMA analyst and color commentator for Fight Network. Also check out his fight breakdown's on the UFC Youtube channel -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B-_-Mmmzvs0
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write down videos and they are excellent and he just got a great mind for analyzing things and just overall, very, very cool guy. So please welcome my friend Mister Robin Black, the Joe Rogan experience PAMELA, my man. I wish people who were watching on Youtube could just see the majesty. That is the jacket that Robin Black is wearing right now. How would you describe that? That's just the gym jacket, man, it's a call I like colorful stuff is definitely code, but it's not just colorful. It's like you trying to blend in a rave. Well, it could be It does have some camouflaging effects you have. You are hunting in a rave. That's what you it's like: yeah, yeah, ecstasy,
It's like like a blow light blue with, like purple yeah, some sort of decorations. Kenneth was a weird thing. I like what you see, guys walking down the street with camouflage and it's like it's what, if they really work, camouflage like you just see ahead right down the street one day, they're going to have that. Have you ever seen that japanese invention that came up with they have this like a cloak that you can wear and it essentially takes an image of? What's behind you and projects it on the front so right, yeah, it's! You know it's kind of crude right now, but what it is like the guys stand like you, could see it right here. Look at this! That is ridiculous! Is that not? That is why so this guy is what we're looking at is a guy holding a ball and the ball. Does it and so the ball somehow or another he's holding it in front of his face an it
show him when it's in front of Mitchell's. What's behind him, I don't know how that one's work yeah, I don't know so. Here's the this is the cloak I've seen the cloak before you know. You can still see the cloak. Well, that's the thing with that kind of technology, once it's it's yeah and you're on your way like sat there and whether it's in one year or three years or twice twelve years, you're going to be invisible, yeah, it's weird, It's a strange time because these emerging things are just starting to come out were where people go, who hello whoa. You know like magic leap if you seen that magically techno, I just retweeted a new version of it today that somebody sent me it's like God, damnit it just keep getting so bad, it wasn't magically propose the the Microsoft one which wasn't once a Google one in one's MIKE Sizing, sleep is Microsoft, which won the rug tweet today, looking right now, but they've hololens hollering at Microsoft, Hololens, that's Microsoft is they've, got the
two goggles, the you're gonna, be aware- and it's gonna be like minority report like the world is going to be your desktop one of the spin things in the air. Stop them expand them contract. I mean you knew that was coming, as you see it on a movie, you know that's going to happen. The one thing right now: it's like we are in probably the fastest time of change ever yeah. You know what I mean it's like. If you have an idea, That idea can be done. It's just a series of steps to have to do it. Yeah, I mean, I think, if you go back just if there's this it right here, Jimmy just pictures of them using it like how crazy it's going to be a man you're going to be able to see movies play out in your living room right in front of you, video games. You know if you were doing a demonstration for like a company or something like that, and you want to show them a project you're working on, or maybe some architecture you're trying to construct, saying yeah I'm crazy and you know the first thing people are going to start doing is how do we connect this to sex right away? That's where the money is. That's what this summer
I think that right now people are going to be able to walk right in your living room writing table. That's what the new points going to be. The thing is, I can fuck in my living room. Yes, you can do it yourself, I could do yourself world, but we need to get back to that people get back to doing things. Actually Washington, yeah, and that is. That is a weird thing I mean as much as you know you make comedy and fighting and podcasts and stuff. It's still strange that people watch stuff all the time we find love to be entertained. Yeah, you know yeah yeah we like to we like to just have other people. Do the this sit back and watch yeah, but do you define- and this is something that I always kind of wonder about you- how you can possibly consume so many interesting and unrelated topics and develop expertise in so many unrelated things, while being a content maker like you're, making stuff that people consume. How can you possibly be mad?
bring all these things at once? I don't really have any I'm not. I have mastered anything. You know, I'm I'm pretty good at colony. I throw some good kicks, I know, Jujitsu pretty. Well, I'm not a master in any of those things I mean you see your bow hunting, your You know there's so many different things you know like. I literally do fighting stuff all day every day and when I get a break, I hang out with my wife and sometimes I'll take a day off and that's it. I don't know. But other stuff, but it fascinates me how you can simply know about so many things that seem unconnected, assume that it's probably some something wrong with my brain? so I assume that this it's like extreme form of a d, but I need a bunch of different things. Going in my mind, in my life I just if I don't have a bunch of different things going on. I don't I don't feel stimulated enough almost the opposite. It's like I literally special, I so deeply in some once I know something about it
in a way more about it right and when I know stuff about that. That opens up a ton of new questions and that's why, It's the same kind of area of that I am obsessively researching standing studying, that too, but I just do it with a bunch of different things. You know that's what I mean. That's what I'm getting at. I listened to archery podcasts, where they just talking about very specific, like ways to hold a bow and fix. Your site and make sure you use your lease properly. I listen those fucking things for hours and hours and hours obsessively an top of practicing. I just get obsessed with things, but I used to worry about it. When I was younger, I would be like what the fuck is wrong with me. I can concentrate on one thing always have all these other shit going on in my life, Then I realize like well, that's just me. If I just enjoy it right, just do those things then, then it doesn't concern me. Then I'm just appreciative that I have so many interests Did you ever read some p? Somebody wrote something about. Oh I hate Joe Rogan or why I
Joe Rogan, and then he went on this path and he discovered that he actually, I hated that where your authentic self have you ever read this. Somebody wrote this thing and he learned more about what it was to be authentically him. He realized hatred for some famous person was that he looking at him and he hated that guy was actually him. It's easy to hate somebody, that's like in the microscope, all the time. 'cause you'll find all these flaws like if follow someone everyday day in day out, expect perfection, or in and you're, be massively disappointed, 'cause the kind- exposure that you get when you're doing a podcast like when you're talking to someone for hours and hours and hours. I've done seven hundred and what is a seven thousand seven hundred and sixty two seven hundred and sixty two podcasts. Shortest one is an hour. Most of 'em are three hours. It's two thousand one hundred almost two
five hundred hours somewhere around that you know who give or take that's what it's does your house you're going on, because I get annoyed at me. I get annoyed me it, but his point. Wasn't that it was that you are authentically Joe Rogan, like whatever it is. You do you ended up out. I mean you're sitting here in a place that you built to do the thing that want to do exactly the way you want to do it you're as authentically a human being as a person can be there just so I guess when you talk about accepting, why you go and do things the way that you do them. That's why you do 'cause you, like being some other thing, I'm going to be this thing well, this is, I think, having this kind of life is super lucky and if I didn't live it that way, I wouldn't be taking advantage of this huge opportunity that a few people get most people have to work, they have an actual job that they don't really necessarily like that much and somehow or another I figured out a way I mean I worked when I was younger for sure, and I figured out how to get to the spot by sort of
moving away from things I didn't want to do, but now I get to a point where everything I do, whether it's a spy was looking forward to this. I'm not going to get to hang my friend Robin I'm going to have some fun talk, some ma in life and all kinds of shit, and that's the same thing I feel like when I go. Do stand up same thing I feel like when I'm practicing archery or working out this is these are things I enjoy doing. So. That's why I do what I do and I really believe people can do that. I think it just have to start first of all by figuring out what it is you want to do so that then you're just going to start wondering. But the thing is: if you push somebody they all know, most people really know what it is that they love. I find the young people outcomes, don't like a lot of young folks when I talk to them and they just don't have a path like God. I just need to find thing to do. I'm thinking about doing this, or maybe I'll, join the military to get some guidance and discipline, or maybe I'll do that or is it it's it's hard to tell because, like what's cool for you, you know Jamie might not like with Jenny, might like
I might not like Jamie, is trying to find Kanye West use all, and I don't like awesome night thanks this jacket is mother was up all night trying to get car yeah West yeah. You know it's it's forever, but everybody's different. You know, I think you got to figure out what it is you like doing, because the path of going to do that is the whole point. Is people often be like well, I want to get this kind of job or I want to buy this kind of house, and it's not it's not supposed to be that way. In my opinion, you're supposed to start on a path, on that path. Traveling along it you're having adventures you're stumbling on to new things and the challenge of it being really hard to achieve is part of what gets you up everyday yeah and it's also fun he's watching things improve watching yourself, get better things in analyzing things and figuring what the whole the holes are. The flaws where the
where the errors are in your little system that you've created those moments are fucking. Awesome they really fun yeah. It's just you. Don't really frustrates me really frustrates me when talking about these things, sometime get messages from people and they'll say. Well, that's easy for you to say, because you know, you got lucky and you found it but, like you know, a lot of people, Do that a lot of people have responded and come up with all these reasons why they can't, instead of saying well. My situation is particularly difficult, but there's a work around and I'm going to find it yeah it might take me a year. It might take me a decade, I'm going to find it. However, it is you're ending up is somewhere in the future. You don't know what that is, and now it's like what I would like to do. That thing out. I got to do, but I have all these responsibilities. Okay, a new job figure out how to take care. Is step one. You don't have Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Yes, yeah. That idea that first we have to like you, gotta eat,
You gotta stay dry and you gotta, drink water and once we've kind of accomplished that kind of stuff that's out of the way, then we start to go a little further. How do we become safer once that happens? You climb up to the point that you're actually ng sleeping having sex. You have a place to live. You have a job, and now trying to learn more things and it's just a natural kind of transition to get smarter and move. But it's easy to say that the hard part, I think is starting going now. Yeah, you know the hard part is going. Ok, this isn't working well. What if I got some exercise like? Maybe that would help like some for some people that math, isn't what job do I gotta start tomorrow? That path is like. Well, I'm unhealthy or I don't think my thought processes aren't things that lead me this way you gotta start walow on that thing and start getting that ship together, eat good, get sleep. An exercise that everybody should have to do those things like it are Society should be shaped in a way that you have
to do those things 'cause. If you aren't doing those things you right there you're starting from a place where it is not forming as well as you could so hard to tell people that they don't want to hear it. They just love that food porn here, just love just shove, it down it's in their face and yeah pasta, sugar meeting all day, but there's a lot. Other things that are terrible for you, that are great heroines. He's been in and out three times. This is the We have been on your shot, the other time. The time I was on heroin for four days only other time. I was in four days or four days in Woodland Hills us twenty years old to him yeah. It was weird it shooting up yeah, it's very strange silicon, that's a commitment. It didn't start that way. Live it like all things,
He grows up and says: I'm gonna do really stupid things. I was like twenty and I lived in Winnipeg Manitoba and I was really into music and I came down here, for I was a hairdresser at the time and so and then this jacket would work perfect. So your hair yeah, my cell and I was down here- do and some like, I would could do platform where cried like demonstrate how to do stuff for other hairdressers and people and I went to uh, not the viper room, one of those clubs and this pretty woman comes up to me and says: are you musician and I'm like yeah and I'm kind of about to say, but I live in Canada and uh. You know well, my husband's putting together a band and you got to meet him. His name is Andy. Mccoy and adding Mccoy wouldn't mean much to a lot of people but to somebody who is really into like Motley crue and stuff like that, if he was in a band called Hanoi Rocks, that was kind of started that move and I'm like well,
yeah, I'm going to be famous famous, not knowing that, although metal edge told me that that guy was a big deal. He was just to get a musician, but I had to a twenty years from now people call my god, I'm going to be in a huge fucking. And so I go and I meet him. We got to his house in Woodley Us- and I actually been here four times there was that time that I flew home to an attack and they flew me backed out because they were gonna, get me sing and their bad. I'm like twenty years all discuss like famous to me right, so I get down there and that that ship is done. All that organized you know what I mean like something is not making a lot of sense and then around eight hundred. So I figure out. Ok, it's because everyone is on heroin and it started with smoke some pot which in Winnipeg in Manitoba we called that dope. You want to smoke some dope like sure it's like, so it goes, dude dude open, like yeah. I just smoked it with you like twenty minutes ago. Snow like and then before. I knew it had injected me with her long conversation. Sorta happened. I was trying I'm, not super uncool but like not
yes, I want to do heroin and then four days went by like literally just shooting up four days and then I just about miss my plane, home inside a girl, an home in a job and all those kinds of things that I'm kind of looking at like the plane ticket- and I know it's like if I get a cab in the next two hours, I'll get the plane I'll get home ever and the cycle just you know and you're, not even thinking it's like you're, barely even there and somewhere along the line. I was just like. Don't worry about it, just fine! You don't have to go get on the plane. I got a hundred dollars to my name and if I didn't get on that plane out have no job. No girl, I'd be a heroin addict with no money in Woodland hills with a guy who's doesn't have his shit together. I think in the year since he's got his shit together. I haven't seen him since then and made myself go, and I was sick for two or three days and I realized, like literally that
back in the in time. If I don't convince myself to get on that plane, my whole life is fuckin'. Ruined wo yeah, like I just so vividly remember talking trying to talk myself into just fuckit stay here, don't worry about it and then I would think to myself. Well, what are you going to do? When are you going to get home? Don't fucking worry about a man and I just forced my it's literally convincing myself, don't bother it's not a big deal, but it was obviously a big deal. I got all my sick for two days. I have never taken. Opiate are at any kind of pain killers, so you were sick. Like hung over yeah I like to have a violent form of it. Was it withdrawals? Probably like you'd, have to talk to says you know I in the course of playing the music, I've met lots of people who have opiate problems and they would say oh man, four days, it's nothing but to a person who you know person who was a normal person and then all of a sudden
They were doing drugs for four days. It probably was out violent with Ross was very sick, and I knew that day. It's like I'm just never going to take any kind of narcotic a pain killer like that ever again, wow it's so I was in the second last time I was in Woodland hills. Well, the the I Dhea that you could just become that person like that, the just and the wrong person menu, will do some dope yeah, we just did don't have a dying yeah. He are also on heroin. There's lots of those little moments in everybody's life. Yeah. You know and you don't they want you to get to one, but you don't know where when they are or where they are or how they start the year, just suddenly what I mean many less. As we get all there. We start to get a little smarter. You recognize big earlier on down the road as you get all their life. Experience helps you with that. Yet, but yeah, that's
looking at on the way. Here today, it's like oh yeah, but I mean that's two thousand five hundred and twenty six years ago. So did you ever talk to that? Guy again, we are in touch. Maybe still putting this band together and it was clearly had addiction issues. I followed him a little bit after he, He how Audi show he's from Finland and he is a pretty big rock star in Finland and he and his wife who was there at the time. That was and that meant they had a reality show with you know, kind of like on what I see dead, but with them and yeah so crazy enough inland. How many people in Finland, probably about half as many as Canada, would be my guess, which about thirty million some fifteen or twenty million? Maybe in this guy's just big rockstar links, I mean it. It's the whole music world is such a different life to me now I have been so deeply embedded in fighting for the last decade, like I don't know about much else like he. He could be the President to Finland to right now for all I know like I just don't consume. A lot of Us
You know it's shocking to me. I have a lot of friends now that are musicians that are doing really well and not making much money yeah. It's fucking, it's eerie, it's eerie when you find out that these guys, who you think would be ballers or like kind of struggling yeah that that business is Curtis Dad, let's not just put the turing, is what I don't understand like how come they're not making all this money from touring. But I guess it's like a comic has a much lower overhead comics. Just we don't need anything, just turn the microphone on we're good. We need support. They have all these other people that are there. You know they have people that their stuff, roadies, sound people like this great lights. Yeah they have other people in the band, obviously so way. When we went inside you at Cobb that that was awesome, yeah yeah Jim that do not again next month. Yeah, yes, is the with so it something like that. Do you have anybody,
like. Is there this sound guy? As of the House guy like do you have a house yeah? They just have to turn my car. That's amazing it's just so low maintenance being a comedian. You just have to you, know, sell tickets and you get there and you say hi and you can just go. Do your act except for the thirty years of developing your act, yeah building it and having the insight and understanding how people laugh and all that kind of stuff yeah. We you sort of developing your ability to make an act, but the act itself is like he lives for about two years and dies. Then you have to like. Let it go like you, you you build it up. You put it on something put on some sort of special or a cd or something like that? And then you got a bandit it well, and then you move on to the next two hours in those two years. I'm going to put this back to fighting because everything gets pulled back by there. I've been trying to
just got talk about fighting all the time. I've been telling myself that outside of work regularly actively trying to find other things to to know about our learn about, but task that you build it with like structures around something right. So Johnny Hendricks rose to fight him Thompson yeah, his whole world has been built like that act. For years. He has built that thing and structures were built around how to perform that act. That way, and then all of a sudden, it's just date. It's just not going to work in this setting. You know yeah, it's a two completely dated when you're dealing With this there's two things that Wonderboy did not fight that you just didn't see up until he came around and one big one was the front leg attacks his like sidekick in front leg, roundhouse kick to the face, and you
He hit Johnny with a front leg sidekick to the body. You can see, it really shook Johnny and then immediately afterwards. He goes high and hit him in the front leg. Roundhouse kick right in the chin and he's like what, in the fuc This guy can do some shit with his feet that I'm just not geared up for I'm not! It is needed now. The timing for it Johnny was in a gym boxing with boxers lots and lots of boxes. His hands, are great he's got. It gets moving around as long as I stand in front of him, and it's like that, literally what Steven Thompson did and what you're still really exciting thing you're seeing right now is this weird moment where it's like you're, great wrestler. So what am I need to I gotta go Linda Wrestle. You don't have to fight, learn to wrestle we're going to do that. Anyways. We gotta learn to make it not about wrestling. We gotta make it.
So I mean MA developed by finding the answer to the thing and somewhere all of us. Every coach, everyone of us five years ago, seven years ago we were like well, that's it. It's boxing wrestling brazilian jujitsu. This cage work This is how fighting is done. That's it wherever fuqing way wrong. So when that when we think that we start building in a structured gym, environment curriculums how we train and that thing gets more or ingrained and complicated, and you go to the gym. You work these four or five things, and some Over here is working other stuff. CALL Jim is like that and they all are. Training partners are like that and we're working the mixed martial arts curriculum, but some other guy isn't and when he develops that thing were not prepared for it, which is not prepared for it yeah sport karate, that sport karate blitz, something that Thompson can do, but also he came from a kickboxing background. So he's got the sport karate ability to leap in
sort of like Raymond Daniels writes in glory he's got that leap in attack ability that's very difficult to deal with. If you don't have that kind of footwork and then on top of that, he can string together beautiful hand. Combinations, so he'll he'll slide in blitz. You with four or five, beautiful hand, combinations and then slide away and then kick you in the stomach as he sliding away, and you like Jesus Christ. You can see that bewildered. Look. Johnny's face in that fight, yeah and he's yes was. The champ is a tough guy but John, got that style where he'll stand like Johnny and Robby just stood in front of each other yeah, and you you're just not going to find that with wonder boy he's just not there. That's what this guy's trying to shape.
That's the game he's going to try this guy he's holding up a plaster cell. Is it plastic sell plastic so they sent us a Conor, Mcgregor Doll that is all stompy angry, the same guys who sent the Biggie Doll. They sent us a Conor, Mcgregor and James gotta Tupac over there there's a Bruce Lee for Joey Diaz, but that yeah he'll try, but but what he can do with his feet. Is not nearly at the level that Steven Thompson is Steven. Thompsons doing some ship with his feet the way kicks their deadly. I mean I he's he's one of the best kickboxers that Americans really produced at amazing, fd, seven and as a kickboxer yeah now, and if you can so, then you go and train with the white man right now and and Weidman rocks you up and ride bins, Weidman's, work, ethic and and the whole thing rubs off on you and you start getting familiar with it and it is yeah. I can defend takedowns
More importantly, we ain't wrestling and we're not gonna wrestle and it seems to him cruise cruise a absolute genius all these guys even dimitrius, and I met him. They play this game so we're sitting here and like that. Can we write? We can't wrestle from here right. So you for you to get to me. You have to travel to space as I move forward, two feet. I move back to feet. You move that way to feet and he played this game where we keep the space forever, and I just keep that bass as long as you want me, I'm making that space and when the space is there either You're going to get so loud. Most weapons are as kicks, but some guys will do with their hands and dart in and hit. You or you start chasing You chase me, intercept you and funk you up so logical and you're, looking at it now and just the way that the karate guys had to go, learn to wrestle more did they they had to learn to not wrestle to make it not about wrestling as much as possible.
That Johnny Hendricks, the Matt Hughes style of fighter, they gotta figure. This out, you have to figure it out, will You know what happened. Was he learned how to get comfortable standing up where he didn't worry? being taken down all the time and then you get to see what he's really capable of with his striking 'cause. You look at his earlier fights. He was a little or tight because he was worried about being taken down. So all that takedown defense mean he always had the great footwork, but now he also has a solution if you do grab them so when guys grab. He's not out of water. He knows what to do. He can break free again and It is way harder to take someone down when they're not trying to wrestle with you I was trying to be aggressive and attack. You can counter and you can take advantage of of of of openings. They leave, but when someone is just being defensive like if two jets of roll with someone it's very hard to tap someone who's, just being defensive. They're not trying to attack is when they open up. So after you that's where you can get them, that's when they leave
Settings- and this is how I think the same thing with wrestling these guys like Mirko Crowe COP, was a great example when he first started fighting in pride. He took you know just like year or so and all of a sudden he had takedown defense figured out and everybody was fucked because get a stand with this guy and he was one of the best examples of a high level kickboxer that entered to MA, because he was always a one explosive striker, whereas Ernesto Hoost was a combination fighter, a guy who threw beautiful, technically perfect combination but never really like by like blitzed in exploded, and it seems like the blitz, is a big part of mma fighting. It's not I mean the tactical striking for sure is important, but I think you've got to be able to make that mark quickly, especially those little gloves, yeah and the for the for work. If it gets me over get you over here that I have to take one's
Adeptus enter center back into you. Then you blitz me, that's where Dominix doing for the last like number of years and then restart. Now we get so good at that thing, you can't quite figure out how to even like the Anthony Johnson is so good at staying in, balance to hit you wherever you are he's in balance to hit you 'cause Henri Hooft, looked at him and was like what's the key to this guy, just put him in a place where he can always hit the. I put him in a place where he can deliver power, he's really good at that small little steps, and but Dominick Cruz could dance all around Dominick Cruz can move it so that he has to step back to him. That's when he'll get in then get so good at that one thing he just starts camouflaging with thanks. You're now you don't know when it's coming now. Maybe you hesitate when you hesitate, he has an an option when you chase he has more options. You think it's better to speak to stay still, so you do, then you get beat up so anything better get after him and then, when you do you get intercepted in that whole thing must become
so frustrating you know so mentally frustrating then you're, like I gotta, take this guy down and in some cases that's what they're waiting for yeah yeah hit you on the way and it's just that game is so it it it's. It feels like the big difference now, if you can't do that. If I can't do that and you can yeah what the fuck am I going to do, I have to panic that was Ali in is youth. You know when Ali was young before they took his title and he was kicked out of boxing for three years and then he came back. He was much more flat footed, but the early days when you would watch Ali white guys he would be able to move away from them and then slide back in and hit them, and they really didn't have a solution, and when you don't have a solution, that means you're getting hit and you're not being able to hit the other guy, and- and just think of that you know you can be ready yourself for that. Prepared. You know it's a challenge for you been working on answers like I thought for sure, Duane Ludwig with TJ. They would have worked on
like situational things, and maybe they did it When he's here, we're either going to option a or b We know these are some of his choices, big broad strokes answers and it worked. Sometimes I mean we look back in that fight. I thought Dominic one Tj had the moments where he had the biggest shots or the cleanest shots. There was only half a dozen of them in twenty five minutes, but you saw, that was the answer, but it must be incredibly frustrating to be in there mentally prepared for it. You got the answers and, as the minutes are clicking away, your like Porsche it. It's true. Someone lied to me that feeling must be the worst. When you know you're like oh shit, they lied to me What you mean by the there was mentioned at the Johnson, so Phil Davis is like I'm a huge fan of films. I love Phil teams. He was fighting Anthony Johnson and he went for that. First takedown and you go back and you look. The look on his face when he fails that take down like this is not what I was told. It was going to be, and maybe somebody
Give me sounds like a funny way to say it right, but this is not how it was supposed. This is not he holy Anthony Johnson someone said he was going to be able to take him down. I can't and that look on his face like that changes everything the whole fight now from this moment that this big dude stop. My takedown shook it off and kind of look me now. The whole fight is nothing like. I had laid it out. Yeah yeah, I think, come if Dominic with the. I think when you watch the TJ fight like the big moments, a TJ had I think what Dwayne was Torrent, trying to get him to do more, was not load up and that he was really trying to knock Dominic out mean that's really what he wanted to do. I think, maybe, if you just concentrated more on the leg, kicks mean he had that one leg It turned out the Dominic and had like a serious injury with its foot like plantar fasciitis. It talent that yet have you, what is it like all caught
so I actually had it after a fight. My last fight was my best performance ever and it went great and that fight training going up to it. The guy I was a very good striker compared to me and he thought I was going to take him down. He assumed we knew that he knew. That was what I was going to do. Only that wasn't what I was going to do was going to put him against the cage and hold them there and beat him up there until he got tired and I could find a way, but we were not planning to take him down we're planning to put him against the cage, but all that leverage like all that driving off the foot against the cage, it hurt my foot and then we went in my wife and I went on vacation right after and we walked nonstop the first day that we were. There does not stop, and the next day the fasciitis happened, and it feels literally like, like you, can't even put weight on your foot like it so inflamed, and you don't know what it is like did you damage it? Does it just hurt and it hurt from months
months and months and months after an just yoga actually helped it really a strengthening of foot and ankle. Yoga is one of the things that one of the things that I found when I started getting anyways. How much my feet hurt. Yeah yeah because, like my feet, are weaker yeah, yeah, 'cause you're busy and your feet and ankles are designed to do the stuff that you do to them and now you're asking them to do all this other stuff. I was surprised 'cause. I felt like why do so much barefoot, I lift weights barefoot. I've got kicked the bag. Everything is barefoot. I was like this is not going to be hard to stand on my feet and hold poses, but it's pretty hard for. Like the first couple months, I would have like some serious foot pain in certain positions and then now they are stronger yeah. Now it's much better, but still that's probably my weakest part is my balance. Like balancing my foot there, I saw it when you had Carlos and his movement
yeah, and that was one of the things they talked about it. One of the things you don't put all talks about. Two. Is that the one of the biggest weaknesses in our whole chain for most of us is our feet in our ankles? That's Nick Cursons number, one thing we said: what's the number one thing that you like to work on with fighters is like foot strength like the number one thing that guys have that they need they need to improve, but mine just fully inflamed for a long time after that fight and just treatment and they were already? So what do you do for that? I literally I was in Mexico and I would have to like sit against lean on my wife to get to the bar to drink some tequila. So that. It would hurt a little less, so I could get to the pool where it didn't hurt as much 'cause. You had water boy. So will you like taking Yes, Anti Inflammatories Keller since last August, and but I like to learn yeah at Bell and I literally could walk for three days like I'm, not joking, I would lean on her to get to the bar to have some tequila so that
What is the fashion at the bar on the bottom of the foot? That separates is that one of those plates are in flames, and then we got it. The plantar fascia yeah and I guess it effects people in different ways like if it's, if it's over, if it shortens it, gets hard and it shortens that hurts you. In other ways it's just a weird kind of spot were walking on that all day. All the time climbing and fight running in whatever things we do, and that thing right, on the bottom. I mean you, gotta figure, that's going to take some abuse in your life. They also say big issue is shoes. The way the adding that we have on choose the extra like the runners padding and that you really supposed to have like most minimal amount of protection from the environment as possible, just a thin minimalist type of a shoe. That and that allows us to use our feet. The thing we got is just a big lump on it. You know so you don't get to use it, but when
when you train Thai Kwando growing up like martial arts for kids, like kids and teenagers and stuff managed, is going to make everything better will definitely flexibility, yeah, I'm still really flexible. At forty eight minutes I mean it's 'cause, I never stopped doing it, but it's also because I started doing it before my body from that yeah you know, but what they're saying now is that, like Navy seals that are learning they're going through training and everything with those the toe shoes, yeah they're, trying to stop them from wearing those toe shoes, because so many guys their feet or not strong enough to run and do all these actions. As in those things 'cause they used to wearing. Like you basic running shoe with a thick he'll, have you ever people are listening to this? I think, there's a TED talk about it where they went over how someone had did one of those running shoes with the thick heel area and
did Don is really essentially changed. The way people run, it changed their gate and it made people run heal first, which is totally unnatural, you're supposed to run like ball of the foot first and your foot supposed to or the energy, and when you do that, you know your foot access sort of like a spring and it's you down at decelerates you and that's how you're supposed to run, you push off that, and you run with that. If you do that, your foot will be very strong, an you could Long distance is an your foot, will stay healthy, but if you're used to using those running shoes with the big heal. You go heel down. First, you do. We have that strengthen your foot and you can get really fucking injured. If you try to do the same, on miles in the same intense work. I would like a toe shoe or something like that, because your feet is not designed for it yet or of the book you know condition for rather the funny thing like when
You know they're telling them not to use the shoes, because their feet aren't strong enough yeah, but if they use the shoes their feet will become strong enough. You know what they want to go through some pretty ruling rigorous soul. Searching you know workouts, and we talked about. I was hurt. I did yoga effects that you did yoga in heart now it's by like you have to go through a certain amount of her. You have to go through a certain amount of you know, challenge to repair it. You know, but it's a. Strikes me so strange when you think about some things that we that humans do something as small or big is going well we're going to wear these shoes changes, not only how we are our future. The way it like these things that we do as as people you don't you're, never you're, never able to project the good and the bad outcomes of them in the future. Yeah. I have to deal with them in the house. Yeah I'm
I'm a big fan when it comes to like minimalist footwear, I'm a big fan of wearing like real, I work out with either barefoot or these have these new balance. Yes, their lives like us, yeah. I have exam black, but there like this little thin thing while where the toe shoes, but God dam people, give you a hard time with actual brutal I have those new balance once I do still do a lot of power lifting I love that are left and Jim yeah. I I try to yoga and martial arts since an offset, but I love heavy lifting and dad left. You can't use padding you'll learn a loose force. Yeah we have to use some to use nineties, usually or I'll do use the new balance once, but not Nike's, rather converse all star, like these things, yeah the trucks I am is my favorite, because they're just flat flat in this very thin, and you can kind of feet. They they're real, flexible You know like like you. Would you, if you climbed something with these things they like bend and give
it's not like a rigid thing. You know. Have you ever done a Powerlifting meet you yeah, it's super fun. Maybe do it you go. Yeah, you can compute compete in Powerlifting. Do you want my nationals in my agent? Wait? Who is Shin train at this place? last year, what do you lived in? How much you weigh about one hundred and fifty five and I'll deadlift? Maybe like three hundred and sixty three years? That's a lot of weight and then my benches. Maybe three thousand two hundred and forty, but it doesn't sound like a lot of people who go to the gym and just throw it around, but a one hundred and fifty five that's a lot of weight, but Powerlifting like at a regulation, bench press you bring it down, it's gotta, stop all movement and you wait for the command to push. So it's How long is the wait till all moving to stop might be? One second could be to could because they say: go they say press. So you can't bounce, and I know better yeah stop all movement and press from that spot, but I I train
this place. I love it. I just I love it and try to my wife comes now too, and I brought at first, because she always wanted me to cancel 'cause otherwise, she's like why? Don't we just go, get breakfast or something? Why do you have to go Jim tomorrow so that I'm starting to those yeah yeah? I would not she's cool man. I liked him. This is temptress. She is super cool, but I was just like she's She's always like God, just skip one. So I started got her going now. She loves it too, but tons of women power lift. Now, yeah yeah and it's it should
would be the only thing that you do because weightlifting you mentioned you lift weights, all your life and all of a sudden. You did yoga and it added so much, but if you're lifting weights and doing movement and doing yoga and doing flexibility stuffs, but that's hard to do yeah. That goes right back to what we said. You gotta workout, you gotta, eat good and you got to sleep or else you won't have a good life. Well, how most people don't have the time to do all the different things that you would need to do so one of the most frustrating things about people to get into Jiu Jitsu? Is they just do jujitsu and I'm always like man? You really should lift some weights, especially if you're getting older one, the most important things to preserve the joints like keeping muscle tissue, strong and healthy, and making sure that you've got good muscle density that protect those joy, because you know you're engaging in a form of combat on a regular basis and you doing no strengthening other than that combat. So we are at people, be it when you would go to the
you see them wait, I guys in there standing around the moving and stuff that jujitsu guys are sitting around chatting right so that mood makes feel. Like it's not combat, and then you do Jujitsu and it's fucking fighting. You know it's physically fight. Joints are fighting and I think the mood of it makes feel like I, you know it's a bit of a stoner sport in some ways, guys just chill out in the way and the pajamas hanging out, but it's fighting yeah. You know if you're getting caught in things, you know just trying to fight out of them or trying to not tap. He put tremendous amount of pressure on your joints, which demands are pressuring your knack on your back. The law always a lot of pressure on you back to try to get out of situations. You're contorting yourself off and you know, You really need to be strong in those areas, an flexible flexibles of big one. It's very important. I took the first time I met Eddie. I took his seminar and Eddie's got a room full of people and I think he
maybe had heard him say this before in a video or something and the people of stretching- and he says, are you gotta you gotta work on the and somebody said well. This is flexible as I am and he's like. That is a very North american line of thinking no other place where people go. This is as flexible as I am this is as flexible as I am right now. If I work at it, I will become more flexible, like the in life, but for some reason we is limiting beliefs. You know it's like. If do you know how to play piano? No, no, but you could learn how to play piano if it was important to you yeah and then my fingers work yeah and in six weeks to be about, piano player, then you are today and in three years would be a way better piano player. That's true of every single thing in life and and one of the reasons
I learned stuff from from studying fighters like I learned stuff about life lots of stuff, but one of those big ones is that growth mindset, the idea that we put in time on anything it'll get better and the work itself is the point that thing it for some: if, if a kid has that their whole life is better if any, and we have an eight forty or fifty or sixty the idea that whatever I am is not. What I am is what I am today, but I guess those things. I love that that's a great attitude, it's a great way to say it whatever. I am is what I am today yeah as I can, and I mean people! I talk about this guy. I like this whole thing. This thing is pretty cool yeah. I talked about that guy. A lot we were talking about people hating, sometimes people that they see on tv. Some people hate this guy. Of course they hate Connor. He talks a lot of shit in super successful yeah for sure, exactly exactly that, you put it perfectly, but
I that guy has is that insane growth mindset like it's to him anything is possible believe anything is possible, but if you win one hundred and fifty five dollars, okay, ECHO fight fight fight, Robbie, okay, few one that we going to fight Rockhold and then you know, John Johns. There are limits. You know what I mean. There are flocking limits, but he actually, believes there are none in that belief, he's better everything that he was yesterday. He wait till Rockhold. Kick somebody I realize there's a difference. That's fast! That's why I'm saying there's got to be a point, but that belief that there is no point. That If that there is no limit whatsoever, is incredibly powerful when it's put together with a drive, the work ethic with an insane work ethic. That is a powerful thing. What's interesting,
because with fighters when they're in camp most of the time you're preparing for a specific opponent, you not really picking up new skills the way they really. Pick up. Skills is by training and taking chances and going outside the comfort zone, which is really Do you want to do while you condition yourself for a fight? So a lot of times you guys are going back to back to back and they're fighting a lot then really improving, much they're doing is just they are improving their ability to compete because they're getting more comfortable, 'cause they're competing a lot. They getting relaxed or in great shape and he used to the feeling of being in competition. But man there's, there's not a lot of time to take some time to just go over new stuff to learn new things to add new weapons. All when I talked to him and his coach Kavanagh, who I only spoke to briefly, actually act like how to contact him to ask him. If I could pick his mind a bit before doing this break down. I took it as
a big compliment. That he's like known, maybe chat with you after, like that. If he gave me something on my passenger, I took it as a compliment and I do a podcast, the mentality of combat sports, and I deal with my very good friend David, this is it on itunes at it is or will be, we're not super. On top of that hello, we would know that we've been doing it for a year with a ANA's. It's touch it's on you to bits. Youtube it either has been on I tunes for a few months or it's in the process. We got a guy who does that but tap so, and I've been doing with him and he is part of the Espy G team he's the these. Last year. The elements combat this sport. Psychology, coach of the team when I asked him about common, were very good friends, but when I ask him about Connor, he says Connors his own couch, but I know at the same time when you
with the coach, his his own mental coach, he's on his own journey and not that he doesn't want information from David, but he wants it from fifty sources. He's consuming consuming like philosophy and ideas of how to improve and ideas of what it is to be your authentic self peak performance? All that kind of stuff is not constantly consuming it show might, but my inside info that I get from Dave and working with them is like they don't train for really for an opponent. After really they, the opponent is he's not a person he is a collection of skills and attributes in a body type and that's it and we are training to get better every day. The goal is to be better not to train, and why is that a good thing? Among the millions of reasons Jose Aldo? Chad Mendes is an he spent all that time, training for Jose Aldo an Jose Aldo, a my god. Chad Mendes in questions doubt
concerns what are we doing game plan instead, he's was like it doesn't matter who it is and they train to get better every single day in everything and that's a great mindset if you can pull it off he's pulling he is pulling it off right now. I wonder how much of what he's doing? What he's able to do is his own unique physical gifts, the the fact he's been so successful. So far with this strategy- and he but also the people that he's training with he's got like fantastic training partners. Great sampling with Gunnar Nelson Great coaching. You know, I wonder how I wonder if that is way to do it. 'cause, I wonder, is there come a time where he faces another guy like him like a guy that, on that level, and maybe it's, how filled the Sandra it is. You know I just got sent to break down and at and that Craig at the UFC said it's good to go so they'll release it when their digital, the Prime
does stuff, so it's coming out in their default. Your breakdowns are fucking awesome. Now I really really love am. I could tell eighteen to ten days, but that's of work on it. The ideas came over the last years Lang just, but how long is the piece? It's four minutes? Let's play it, can we play it now we can play now. We can talk about it. I know I've already, thank you for making that happen. Please my pleasure, my pleasure when you recommend in my stuff today now I flew down to the office with him and Craig and data, and I was literally acting out stuff, while we talking was really really really exciting and cool, and it is cool. Doing that for the UFC, it's awesome have you man yeah. Well, when you first doing and we became friends- and I would watch your stuff- I you know I just immediately was saying like wow. This guys should be doing this, for the UFC mean your stuff is awesome,
He put so much thought into it. There's so much and now get so much out of it as a fan. As someone is like look, this fight, is God Dam, epic? This Mcgregor has failed to San Jose fight. Is an epic superfight. It's two champion in their prime one of 'em coming off of a stunt Thirteen second knockout to win the title, the other one coming off of a brutal beat down of one of the most popular contenders I mean to San Jose, looks like a god. Dam murderer and Connor looks like a freak means just the these two guys. It's perfect, is a perfect fight, so to get some technical insight and to get a view into what your thoughts are on footwork and movement, and what dos Anjos could possibly do to mitigate some of that at work. What's going to happen, if Connor gets on his back, the way Mendez got him on his back, because those San Jose is a lot bigger, get stronger and dangerous as fuck with his submissions, yeah, Chad, Sanford, release admitted people. Guillotine by Conor used that threat to get up
but Chad was Chad was two weeks after that fire plus all the media obligations. There's! No. A guy who's going to wrestling heavy strategy like Chad does you're not going to be conditioned enough to go five rounds with two weeks he had to knock him out and so he went in hard in early pushed all his chips in Connors gotta, and that's made out of some fucking the same ship that Wolverines bones are made out of adamantine- oh my god, I've never seen anybody. Take a Chad, Mendes punched a face like that, and he said he is getting hit with the right hand corner. He was getting hit with weather now I mean does This is s bar too, so it changes things and he has he knocked out. Pourrie was the S pot and, I think Brandow South Boston, so he has dealt with him, but on the other hand, dose annulus took out Ben Henderson Southpaw,
Paris, which is a Json high? Was the S pole Ickes face Planning, am so he's yeah, it's interesting, but breaking that stuff down when I looked at it, so my real goal is to make to try to influence the way people watch fighting and to make them see it. The way that I see it, that's the actual goal. The goal is that I see this crazy, unbelievable stuff happening underneath some of the surface, and I want to entertain people longing that I can trick them into learning some of it and that's that's the plan and trick them into learning. That's running you just want to entertain them, make sure they're having a good time and at the end of it they are walking around going yeah and by the way that kick works. This way- and they do it because if you go and you stand there and like have a diagram, and you know I think that was always outside of like people were learning fighting from your commentary and then
it wouldn't be another show. So then they have to come back and they'd learn during the fights, which is great. I mean that was your. You did more to educate people about fighting than any person. Ever probably I mean I can't think off the top of my head, anybody who has couldn't have contributed more knowledge of fighting and it was done you're entertaining your having fun and it's they love your voice. So that was the learning, but then there's not another fight. Now for a few weeks we should learn some shit in the mean time and we should get you prepared. So you don't have to teach them everything about this fight in the fight. While calling the fight and making sure it's entertaining, we gotta get you prepped with some knowledge. Well, there's! Never a time like this before, where you could get so many different breakdowns like the Gracie Break, the that I had on here do scansion stuff, Jack, slack stuff, there's so much so who's. The guy that Kenny was plagiarizing. He had forget his name off the top of my head yeah. That was a weird situation. Did you talk about, though, did you?
talk about that much 'cause- you are a guy who would not happening comedy. Do you wear I have not no, not really, but it wasn't good. You know what would tennis take on it. Is that Kenny. He writes a lot of notes and he's been writing notes for years and years, and that's that's what happened. He just failed to attribute, which you know name me because yeah yeah, but I will I like the fact that we found out Lee Wiley, that's right, yeah. He does great stuff, there's a lot of really really pebble video. That's right, excellent, app, it's very good, there's a lot and When I was started to do analysis, there wasn't a lot and I was hoping now, just like when you started doing a podcast. If you had hundreds of people say I started podcast yeah and just like I can guys email me, hey I'm doing analysis, and I think- and I was in the ghost I can't take any credit for that. But when people did it, excitedly people were like oh
Writing is way more interesting than just I mean the real thing. That kind of would bother me is there wasn't a fight would have This awesome stuff. What happened crazy things that change which is a way that you understood how people moved and what happened when trained athletes fought each other and it meant something to the next time that you fight the way they move all that stuff and people would be like. I ready got it done it. Minutes of the fifth two minutes of the third round? What's next for this guy, which is that's a great conversation to What does this mean for the title rankings, or you know going to call out it was in instantly. Looking fighting immediately, was like well, what's the next fight how's it going to go down no amount of like what does it mean? What happened? I mean we're taking human beings at highest level of training and in a global experiment, to figure out what is the ultimate way that human beings can do combat and we're putting them there at personal risk to themselves for our entertained.
And brazilian happens. We can't just move on. We can't just go out well, you know Johnny One or that one or whatever. Well, what's his next fight, we got it. We got to honor that fight. We got to honor the fact that these guys are giving that stuff. I think we both agree that the fighters of today the greatest fighters ever and the audience, is far more knowledgeable today than they've ever been before. So when we're watching breakdowns in and all these different technique, videos like you have so much more access to mix martial arts knowledge. It's an incredible like never follow any of those Bjj video once on Instagram, like Viral Bj holy man. Some fuckin' moves like I've, never seen those I've been doing jujitsu for twenty two years and never seen some of those moves. It's incredible. Some of these guys have like some sick fuckin' transitions, an amazing stuff yeah, it's huge There is a whole other fascinating world of its own right now, but yeah I just
now that it's like it isn't just the outcome or the story line around it or the ship talking to people very interested in the fight. Like the thing that's happening, when these geniuses are actually moving, that just makes me, I'm glad that's happening, I'm so glad you know, because that happens in other sports, two events: only at first just gotta, see Homeruns man where it's considered until the homeruns happened or like what, if you're in football people who love football didn't understand. They were just bored another tree booing when they ran the football one yard play shared when it was like a long bomb. That's what happened to some degree in fighting guys, we could be against the fence or has to be grappling and people would be like. When is the and a half. We still see that yeah we do, which I don't see, that it had ma'am, especially go to like different markets outside of Vegas, and the audience is not that educated mister bowling when it goes to the ground. Yeah, crazy, okay, so it sucks
I commentated Thai Kwando for the pan. Am games really an eye commentated like eight, maybe more like ten or twelve of traditional martial arts in Russia for the World Kombat Games, and it's super cool and just seeing that brazilian Jujitsu is moving the way that those sports moved in a lot of ways like in Thai Kwando was awesome. Commentating that and the mexican team won almost all the metals really yeah, because it can punch as we all now, but we don't do it because our coaches and and the way that we've taught in the way we've celebrated the spinning and beautiful techniques. That's what we're doing the that space in between you and me being able to kick each other from here at the mexican team entered that space took away and punch you in the body and the one on the throne, like body punches body, punches one Oxon style, but yeah and bots interest. It's like the spa
self kind of agrees to do Taekwondo, and that happens in every sport in in Jujitsu. Now I love Ju Jitsu, but sports you get two isn't really fighting anymore all this baron bolo and all these interesting stuff there beautiful it's fascinating and amazing sport, but if we, an environment where we are going to sort of unconscious, actually agree that these are their structures and rules. We have the sport, change, as soon as you remove punching like a lot of these things, certain defenses to things as punch, so once we remove that you get this beautiful cool sport, but it moves further away. I'm fighting the same way every other martial art did well, it can, but it also doesn't have to like what is one of the things. I really love about what John Donna hers doing with Eddie Commons Baritone, and these is assassin, so these got out of hand saws in New York. Is there Fink out a way to use these leg lock transitions in a way that it's not dangerous to do like you would always the traditional thought was
when a guy goes for a leg, and if you do it in really is the truth, you're committing to arms to the leg and you're not going to be able to defend against punches. We saw that with Frank Mir. Verses in the machine Freeman remember that fight yeah Frank was going for that he'll hook and he just kept punching him in the fucking face, and you know he stop. Well, he wasn't tapping just slamming him in the face when you in Belcher when he was fighting, what's his name overhaul Harris yeah, you don't see that anymore with the highest level digital guys, they put their put themselves in a position. First of all, when a guy like Garry Tonon or Eddie things: grabs ahold of your leg. You have. Actions of a second before your knee explodes, and so the did. The transitions in the technique is so tight. You don't have that base to swing wild punches they're, not giving it to you they're, putting you in very, very dangerous spot immediately, an it's the technique in the thought process behind it and whether it's Bye Donna her a bunch of other people. I know Dean Lister was initially a part of that as well. He
those guys a lot. He was one of the early leglock masters, but these guys are they're doing it in a way where these techniques that I might have Could you just a few years ago really aren't for me, like the five thousand and fifty and stuff like that, you're seeing those really applied MMA now the cool thing about the cool thing about fighting like everything yeah, but eh. Another in a long list of cool things is sad. It's how we the money that exists like when we talk about why the UFC is a great thing. I think the US is an awesome thing, it when you monetize something more study and things happen to it, and as as soon as you say, you can become wealthy. If you get good at this gyms and businesses and things can pop up around it, it speeds the evolution of how things happen and b
as MMA exists as a way to get paid for doing fighting it with guys, like Donna, her wheel, arch back with their study of of the martial art back to where they get paid, which is fighting is that the USA? Well, it's interesting because you need a guy like a Donna, her. You need one of those genius guys to just try to figure out. What's the best way to approach this, where the problems it will problems keep happening happening when you're going into the transition and the guy grabs this leg. Ok, how do we stop that? Well, let's look at it backwards. Let's do let's attack it from this side. Now we're going to. Back up this way. Like so many times when guys would go for an armbar from side sure you be inside control or you being amount. You would grab an arm swing over an you would go and commit to that arm and then the legs would fly over for the defense right. Well, Eddie. Bravo was one of the first as to say: well, let's not, let's not hook with the right arm, Savior going for someone's right.
Army trying to armor them, don't hook up with your right arm, hooker with the left and grab their leg with your other arm and then commit to it that way, because this way you've stopped. Defense, an you've got a much more secure set of offense in the way. One of the reasons why people were going for it in the first place was because of the guy now that these are really interesting thing, because I think the guy is very good defensively and I think defensively it's one of the best tools to make sure that using proper technique, because you can't just explode, other things you have to use the right position. You have to understand where you're, where you're in danger, when you're not in danger. However, when it comes to attacking the key gives you so many more handles to so many more options that I think it's false security and I think you're way better off, not using it to attack yeah I mean, that's a whole other part of the sport too. It's like you roll these guys and there, like sneak. This thing, I don't know you're like oh, what is he doing and now you never mind the fact that that's going work just
introducing that threat and you're. Like oh, wait, what's happening there now brain is a mind full where it's supposed to be. It's worried about this, which might be nothing, he's a hole in a piece of Iggy. It's. It is fascinate any kind of combat any way that you put people trying to best each other, it's going to be absolutely. Is doing some weird man when they like taking their jacket off, and turn your head strangling you with. It makes sense stuff. We're really gonna use this thing. If it's going to be in there, but fighting too it's like even how'd you She was used in fighting changes so much in such interesting case in ways that we've now seen happen over and So many times you can predict their future again. Like you know, though, with the one example that I was kinda use. Yes, you know I mean your guard, so I do a can opener and then your guard opens right and then you discover hey, wait a second alarm by that and your arm bar may so I mean your guard- can open opens a guard way.
The second you armbar me, no more can openers that doesn't make any fucking sense. Gandahar later goes George, we're going to Kent, open Condit, but Dana her. What I don't do, good french accent, but what about we're going to can open him and shut down the arm with stop. Can opening 'cause there's an r bar there? We just solve the problem and that kind of you see it now in the guard. Like it blows my mind that in gyms everywhere it's very smart cultures. The like the guard is dead. We don't submit from the guard anymore. We used to watch Brian or take a nap fox, there's lots of good guys. Ortega is a monster Jesus Christ, yeah, but think think of the input Oh, this is this is where I see the crazy because we've seen this a million times so alright, guys we're not going to submit from God, use when we are in guard. We're going to use it to get an Underhook hawk threaten one of these three things. In high star hips back out we're going to stand up, we're going to work on our
and more for here we're going to get back up. Ok, coach, that's great! So now for the next year and a half your job on top of me becomes hold me down. Stop my stand up and hit me at my job becomes fight you to get back up. That happens for three months six months, two years that becomes the game you hold me down. And beat me up, and I try to get back to my feet. Your game on top hasn't even involved the real threat of submissions for two fucking years. 'cause. All your training This is just standing up, so you are getting weaker at dealing with Sue threats. 'cause. You never see them anymore. Your training partners, don't do it somewhere in Addys Jim. You got Ben Saunders and guys there working on it. Not only are they getting better at it, you're getting worse at it. This time goes on your getting worse at it. Inevitably, all of a sudden, it's like the guards back in play holy shade, everybody submit and gods off their back. Why he got better, but you got worse the mindset of how to train that thing in the gym.
Everyday removed, a very the real threat, because your training partners, or even throw it at you anymore, and that nothing changes. You know yeah. You see that also with wrestlers that don't wrestle much anymore because they're working on their striking, going to put the wrestling aside, then they get outwrestled and you realize, like that's something you got to stay on top of you, gotta keep sharpening it. Yeah there's just so many different variables in MMA. It's one of the reasons why it's such an amazing sport is there's so many different ways to go about it. I mean you- can just decide to Damien my it closed the distance get guys the ground users period you to to submit guys, and you know, look like a wizard or you can wonder boy it where you standing. I mean poor, there's an interesting fight right here, Damien Mine and wonder boy. That is a very interesting fight that ever happens. You know that far and I've met ramdeen and I have my partner you mad about you. Shall we commentate a bunch of really old fights and it's really cool old pancreas? We just did a couple of Condit sold, fights against, can't, remember,
haven't issue membering names. I know it's 'cause I got hit in the head a lot or maybe it was like the drugs not four days or heroin, actually exactly I literally was thinking about on the way down here, but old, right, so you see how different it was like you can spot the things where, like now, a guy would not do that or he would do this, but just didn't know and that's why I think it's crazy. That fighting is so structured in the how it's trained. Now, it's like, let's put it this way, two thousand in two thousand and thirty- does fighting look different than it does oh yeah, and why are we training it like it? Isn't the changing like why if we know that it is ever changing. Why are we like digging deep and saying we got it all figured out. You got train them. White Tiger it rain, this kind of resting gotta, because some
will come along. That's what taxis did you know? That's what hotels did they were like hotels, so this is the way to do it, going to build bigger hotels, better hotels with pools in 'em. You know well advertisement only in somebody's like people don't want hotels, it's Airbnb comes along ruins, hotels that, isn't really ruining hotels, damaging them oh I see yeah- I mean people tons and tons of people. Just don't even consider it anymore. When I was coming down to LA for the weekend, I was looking at how expensive hotels where I was thinking about it and really want to stay in someone's house. I don't know yes, you know we don't have friends who do I totally love it cameras and shouldn't have to beat off. I never thought of that, but now that I that's been caught some some woman was She was suing some man because he had set up like hidden cameras that were on in this house. Man what's wrong with us, you know wanna see somebody naked
and then it's full of naked is naked. It doesn't matter people want they want now yeah. You know they want. They want to be able to do things, they're not supposed to do, and I guess you know I'm saying yes or something something creepy about like spying on somebody who yeah yeah, I mean it is creepy. You could just go to Youporn and watch people fuck all day long, but they don't want to let soon, as you think, about the fact that somebody spying on you that feeling that you get proves that it's creepy. Oh yeah, you know what I mean well, the technology. It's never been available before or someone could remotely watch you in your own home like fairly easily used to be. One thousand and twenty years ago, if they wanted to do something like that, they had to like set up some pretty elaborate equipment. Now, these little tiny, tiny cameras are so small, little gopro or something like that, set it up
where to remotely access it. You have a bunch of different kinds of cameras. They can remotely access share, freaky that each yes outside the point yeah, but it when you think about any kind of technology you can use it for good. You can use it to like a fats things. You can use that to make things better. You can use it for bad and I think, there's a like a real perspective thing. I think, with the way that we could look at things. You know the way that people look at things. It's like the perspective that you take as you know like if you look at something you're, somebody says something to you and you give all this meaning to it and you assume you know what they mean, and then you get mad. You don't have to do that. You can like just
sign it, no meaning at all an have whatever response you want that kind of perspective. Is you come across a camera and you go well? Wouldn't it be cool? We can like film guys, training and we can come up with all these cool things. I can do my job different or somebody like naked people. Without their permission. That's all we gotta do you know. Well just assholes yeah you're always going to have assholes you know about like fighting today versus fighting thirty years from now, why don't we train like it's going to be thirty years from now? I think one of the problems we to see it be successful like you need see a guy like Wonderboy fight. We go. Ok, we gotta learn some fucking sport karate. We gotta figure out how to do blitz we're going to figure out how to slide back and throw those kicks the way they're doing it, and I still to this day thing we and seen the level of traditional martial arts techniques that are that exist in like a really good taekwondo match or really good Kyokushin match their guys in these other
yeah you've seen some guys like Moontasri who's fighting in the UFC who's. A national champion, yeah he's bad motherfucker with kicks. So you're seeing him. But you know he he's, got to learn all that other stuff. First, he's gonna get me had to rather learn all that the first get better at all these other techniques. An you know. Perhaps there's there's going to be some guys that are even better or more powerful than him. You know that these traditional techniques, I think, are probably the most underused or the most underappreciated aspects of of mma mean when we saw Anderson front kick me in the face and it was the first time we've ever seen that like this is crazy that the first kick ever that they teach you is now the new kick. I know you had boss on earlier and I didn't get to see it. I love boss and he used a straight up, no jabs jabs in fighting a useless. Now that was a different era. Now you would say something different, I'm sure yeah, but he was the people,
they were products of errors and then that other area, well, we can't front kick well. Why not? Well, we will get taken down now. Well, don't get taken down just like that, can opener and they are bar. If you get taken to whatever the issue was but say the issues get getting taken down. If you get taken down off the front, kick it doesn't mean don't front kick. It means front, kick and figure out how to stop the fact there, well. You see he the guys are really good at that front. Kick it's such a danger like Kyle Noke, when fight. Yeah yeah does some. I swear. These guys, Shane Camels, fighting, I think Sunday yeah and he's got a few finishes with their I think some of the ones I keep pointing out this Connor Dahl 'cause. It looks funny the I think some of the ones he hit Mendez with were to stab this role that owes back and drill him in, and so you see
unlike role, that owes back down instead of pulling that pulling it back like with the ball. Your foot, like Thai Kwando, make him like a fist like rolling, and then they stab it into the bottom, so it yeah at all. Thai technique, yeah, if you, Google, Shane Campbell to stab you'll, probably see one that one of his fights right before I got in the UFC, but lots I bet some of them are doing that. Now, the ball of the foot we can penetrate pretty deep, but when they come to like literally drilling it in and it penetrates in and touches your organs things. The meat that gets to me, though, is that I feel like I could kick through a door all my foot that split my to I'm not going to be able to have that kind of impact. So if you do that to stab and you hit a elbow you're kind of foxville- well, I guess that's the risk of it. Like the reason you can do that as you did it, since you were a little kid over and over thousands and thousands of times an it is harder and it is safer and it is smarter. But if you know that that spot is there, I mean all
these things have to be the next interest because, with the next answer, isn't just do what we're all doing only better, but I mean that and it was kind of my car, who attacked Matt Hughes is coach. Haber was from that point. No yeah militates militate Frank, Shamrock, and these guys were like ok well, You are a wrestler and I was a striker and that's all these things how to get really pretty good at all those things that worked for a while, but now that everybody know every single choice that you're making and every single position it's we're just playing in these rules that we've kind of agreed on it's going to be some other stuff? We got it's gotta, be things that you don't train, it's gotta, be things you haven't dealt with. It's gotta be thinks your training partners don't show you that has to be the next answer. It has to always be the next answer. Yeah, I think movement is the big focus right now right
with either and with the end of the always when the won the core Nick curse on, focuses a lot on movement, a lot of plyometrics explosion, drills and movement. Drills- and I think they're realizing now that the what's the glue between the techniques is what they're the really concert on. I think that was a big factor in the Johnny Hendricks Wonderboy Thompson Pfeiffer, for was the movement. The movement and the fact that Hendricks is so much more stationary. This really wasn't able to close those distances or get out of the way it didn't have that kind of footwork and his name was just so dependent upon close range fighting. He said you know I kind of hoped he would trade in the pocket with me more why the fuck would he do that he shouldn't do that. He should definitely not do that. I feel, like I've said I kind of hoped he would fall down yeah. I I am I feel like. I know why Mcgregor started doing that, that movement training. I could be wrong, I mean I hope we get the chance to ask him,
but remember last time that I was here. We talked about that flow state. You know when you achieve that for state. It's the best guys are fighting that a hundred hundred percent right and there that state of freedom right and conduct was one of the first guys. I really spotted that kind of did that earlier before we chat about last time so you're. Seeing that a lot when you're in a true flow state, you are free, innovative able to do things. You weren't aware of fully present in the moment there's all of these things it's about sort of true freedom. I think he believed that his body he was his mind and at the thing, his goals were freer than his body was allowing him to be that if he was truly Mentale free to fight that the thing that was stopping him was his physical movement limitations, and I really believe, that's why he went and pursued that kind of open movement because we're not going to become any freer than in a peak performance state. So we have to free up our body if we're going to go further with this
It makes sense if you look at what people will be. George St Pierre in a lot of ways was ahead of the curve with this because of his gymnastics approach, but the really the the originate are of this shit is Hicks and if you go back and watch him in Hixson was into the movement was Gymnastica natural? He was a lot of like crazy yoga things, a lot of flexibility and balance things he was into that way way before anybody was and personally was into building the body martial arts to in whatever ways you can figure and- and you were just saying it had half an hour ago- or I don't know how long it's been that tax you tell Ju Jitsu guys you got strong wrong. You know you identified that Hixson identified that all that long ago, it's like ok, we figured out how we're going to move it now. What what can I do with my body to enhance that or take that further Eddie with his flex Yes, you know will Hickson was always the best out of all the Gracies. He's is widely regarded as a great she did to artist ever so. If you look at Hicks,
in comparison to all the other ones like voice when he was fighting was so impressed. About Voice- was that wasn't a specimen and he was just a regular guy who is in shape, obviously, but had really good technique would Hixon is. Is that really good technique with a freak athletic body you know a guy who can stand on a balance, beam and do a full split holding on to his heel mean he's he's really, Freakish in his ability to move his body and physical strength was a huge factor in his ability as well. So if you we could Hicks in the old days in comparison to the other, guys you're, seeing a much more physically, robust guy, much stronger, and because of that he was able to overcome like if you get two guys. They both have equal technique, but one guy is much stronger. That guy is going to dominate and that's just the way it is technique is hugely important is probably the most important thing, but once that's covered physical strength is a huge
attribute huge. So then the physical strength becomes equal now so then fly boarding up. Then it becomes flexibility and movement. Anyone that's equal. It's just our minds like who's, gonna, win, more creative who's more in the zone, who's more loose who could the trigger easier psychological training, huge factor, a lot of guys are getting into hypnosis. Now you know I I get hypnotized Vinnie Sharman hypnotized, yeah yeah. Here I want to so it was like he can even do the podcast and he was had been training he's trying a bunch of guys who is she? Joe Schilling and a bunch of different kickboxers moitie guys- and I just want what it was all about- and what was it like- is legit man. It's legit, you know I was like okay, what is what is? No. This is a good try to fight it now now now, when you want to do that, I want to just I want to give him a chance to see what it's like. You definitely go into a state. He definitely going to some. So change state of consciousness? I wouldn't say you're asleep, because
because I heard him talking. I remember hearing Vinnie's voice, but I was most certainly hypnotized. I was definitely there, you know and it's like you're like you're, going into like almost like a drug induced. It feels real weird. Yes, I felt like for four days I don't think it's that quite that bad now, but it's it's there. It's a very strange state. It's it's it's! So it's very difficult to describe it and compare it to something else, because I don't think I've ever experienced in like it other than maybe a state that you get into sometimes when you're doing like a sensory deprivation tank. I guess you do if you're doing like heavy meditation you get in
some weird alternative state of consciousness. Wow yeah a lot of guys do visualizing training but mom with a with that. I don't know if the get a lot of the coaches wouldn't call themselves a hypnotist, but they lead it. So they lead you through. You got your eyes because and David, I does it with some of that speech. Guys in other people, and he says you apps as you're getting them to go through and visualize it. You see them moving. You see them sweating like you. They are experiencing the fight, in their mind, they're visualizing everything and it's probably very similar and but lead you through it and at the end they feel tired. They feel mentally tire, the meal they've they've done it and that that idea that you visualize I mean if we do something our brain is doing it right. So if we don't physically, do it, but our brain does it. You definitely get huge real, true value from that. Well, it's been proven it's from
Even the people can improve as much through visualization as they can from actual physical movement is as long as you actually commit to it, and you know, don't be all fucking, weird have facet and you have to think of it as if you're doing it and if you can think of it as if doing it your mind will take those same pathways. I know the guys have learned new jitsu techniques. That way like you, you visualize yourself, pulling them off, and then your training, they just they just come, they just come to you, so we want to show you what your brain can do it, why it is the most important part of me the time we've learned how to do everything we're going to fight in a can down there and if you haven't prepared mentally everything else was a time if you can't go in there and be the optimum state free of the worrying about the consequences oh man, I'm going to like how much would I need my win bonus or what, if I lose this fight or you can't have any of that, you have to be like truly free to perform an guys.
Spend years, trainings the physicality in the technical stuff and then not have a plan for that? When crews said that you know the ring roster Octagon shock or whatever is starting to rust is not real. I one hundred percent believe that I one hundred percent agree with them. It's real. Do you think it's real? It's not real. If it's not real to you, but the way it became not real to him. Is he prepared for it yeah, you know this is the I can tell him in this room, I'm more comfortable in it. Then I was last time Jamie and you are way more comfortable than Brendan Schaub who's more comfortable with me doing it, because it's the environment and Bj Can you still go and train for a fight and you have an a wrath and a fake ring announcer and an audience and the walk out, and he would have create all of that before he fought so that Hugh the stuff wasn't new, because the first fucking time, you're standing their Bruce buffer, is doing that crazy shit at you. If you haven't, all of the
next thing you know you either wake up or you somehow want. But you really don't remember anything like you're looking at him. It's like that can't be the first time that you've looked at Bruce, but it has I've been in your mind, thirty times, it's like right. This is where belong. I'm supposed to be here. I belong here earned my way here. Fuckin' right, Bruce Buffers introducing because the whole world is going to see how fucking good I am. You can't be like Oshit, when you see the UFC is Joe Rogan, it's like you can do that can't be new. That has to have dozens or hundreds of times remind when you go in there. It's interesting because a lot of these guys, their mental mental preparation, is just doing it an learning once you've done it instead of preparing for it and then once you're actually doing it you go. This is what I prepare for sure and even all the way along like. If there are, we all should learn stuff,
That's why I say all the time, sometimes all like use an example of something that I do or my friend does or whatever, and I don't mean to put back to myself. I'm saying we should all try to do this. You look and you prepare for stuff and you go back and it's the work. It was the work that you did. That's what matters you're, not you're, just a guy but you're, a guy who worked like crazy, prepared, like crazy, made notes of the things that you did when you can go back and look at your journal or your notes and see everything you've done, in the day or afternoon, of that fight. That stuff is fighting right. Now, all of your work is fighting. All you got to go in the I go in there and have fun the work's been done, that's the state you have to be in and the reason I mention. I have a stack of every break down. I I've ever done all the work, every note and it's like this high and I bring that with when I went to meet Dana Ann Craig. I had that in my suitcase when I went down to meet them in Vegas 'cause. I look at that and it's like I'm supposed to be here. I am. I worked really hard on this stuff. I'm supposed to be talking to these guys. This is,
I'm supposed to be. If I don't have that, you can be like what are what what should a? What do? I you know you can write question. You have to look at all the work that you did and on that walk to the cage. I had terrible performances, and I one or two good ones and the best one was the last one, because I understood What state you were supposed to be in you couldn't be scared, couldn't be angry. You couldn't be out to get him. You had to be fuckin' free. I love martial arts. You love fighting this. What you wanted to do you don't have to be here, you get to be here. That's that's the state you have to be in Mmhm when you do a breakdown, see if you do a breakdown for common Burger and Hart failed to San Jose. How do you begin? What do you do? You do? Do you watch footage do think about what you already know you, how do you? How do you begin to break down? So I got to know what my part. The point is, and the point is like I said add, to influence the way people watch fighting in a way. That's positive, make them learn stuff and your whole
It influences other people who influenced stuff 'cause. You want people to take you want to inject these ideas into the world. So that has to be where you start. If you start from that point, it's not too, I got a earn money or I got I like clicks, nothing, you! I want people to see how fucking amazing this is. So you start from that point that point could be months
in advance then there's things even watching and studying a looking at in full immersion things like you know this movement stuff that we're talking about are the are the comparisons that you make of how people work against the Cajun compared to another sport. All these ideas are all floating right. Hopefully, you've got fifty of them and then the fight comes up and you see our Facit Conor Mcgregor and have failed us and yes, that's going to start brewing. I know I ask Craig they accepted mine today, so the next one is is Jones and Cormier, I'm on that already what's going on in the house what it what it do, I look back at their other fight. Do I look at at how they do what it what it it's happening? What happened? What's going to happen? How's it going to happen and where's the fucking cool in it. So that starts immediately and then you go. You might have a couple of ideas. You might have some! Oh well, you know range man like this.
As as for ranges, kind of thing I've been playing around with, and I did it in the Randa one, but they didn't release it as the that what that version- so I am sure, applies to Jon Jones, so it'll start start thinking about it in terms of four different ranges and how he may so they edit your versions. Now I send in Multi, sent in multiple versions for that one. Because they were like they don't know what I did or how I did or how I work with them or whatever actually been super cool like I sent it in there like wow, it's great and put it out, but the first one Dana was like. Can you give me like for version at five minute version. One minutes just want to for him to rap his head around. So the first one Santana was many different ones and then, since then, and they've been plucking super cool there, just like hey. I think this guy good at this yeah couldn't go. Do that thing you do, which is exactly what you hope you, oh yeah, that's what you want, but that one that you sent the multiple and it was mostly just so they could get a rap their head around it. Also your I mean you're working in
opening they got to figure out. Who is this guy? He, you know he talks fast. He seems in through the attic. Is he smart? It's easy to work with. How does take direction you know, so you got to figure all that stuff out, but I think they figured out pretty quick is like I yeah he's likes doing this stuff and he does a good job, so you're very, very committed to it in If you were smart and you're running a business and obviously the UFC is very smart, they look at a guy like you, they go just tell him to do it he's going to I'm gonna. Do it right now you're going to do it right? That's how give you much direction, that's how it's been, and but in that one so yeah, so I'll, look at it and now I've got like that. Fight is not for eight weeks, so I'll still do other breakdowns of fight network network. In the meantime, I, with you know, that's their family. I do hours a week of tv there and I build these around really do forty hours in the east, not not enough hours, not of hours of tv, but I'm in there five days a week were twenty four hour: five,
Channel so there's that on American, it's on, like Xbox, access and, like all those other things like Roku and all that kind of stuff, and then it's in the I state area and it's in Texas like it's in it, has a dozen of national carriage, but it's got pockets of carriage. No brainer the channel that just had fights on all the time like people would just get like how many times you been flipping through the Channel board or something and you got well always go find something on the fight channel yeah and I mean in Canada the timing was pretty good. 'cause George was, right now in Ireland fighting is they think, oh my god or something then Canada was like that and that allowed us to kind of get entrenched in their butt with and every day is fighting literally it's like there are and Robin and John and John GO and talk about this news. So I'll. Do Monday will do five rounds, which is in analysis, show will do two or more
chats of? What's going on in the news? I'll do five rounds today, which is a podcast version, but it's for television and on Tuesday what do a similar stuff and then called two hours of old, vintage pancrase, and then the next day call two hours of of deep out of Japan, so all all day all the time. So for me, this is a amazing thing right, because this is my life's work, it's my job and passion and obsession, and that that's I get to do it all day, but I do that, and you are I'm now making
break out, so they have to happen around that, but we're all day long, you gotta be ready. If something hits you or you pick up on something and there's a sea change of this some kind of little movement going on in something. Well, I got a break down in six weeks. Maybe I can explore that for that they get excited. You know the Connor one. I was I'm very interested in this guy. I am, and I look at these guys. You know Chris Weidman's work ethic that taught me how to work really hard. You know I. I was kind of worked hard, but you look at this guy. Okay, that's how that's how winners work? and then Mcgregor's growth mentality. It's like, okay, that's how I'm gonna get better and better and better and he's innovating. I got to innovate. If I innovate, you want other people to spread the idea. I want people to read my stuff off because in the rip off when I did a golf and then a year from now we'll do new stuff, like you want it all to influence how people see fighting, because I think fighting is the coolest thing and if they see it through my eyes, they'll think that too moon, you know, but you want
you know you what you copy learn about getting from him. You look at what RON it's going through and you learn. How do people deal with that? How would I deal with that? And it just get super attached to all of these people in these things and these experiences and I kind of get to live them out and learn from them. You know when you look at Connor and half eldo Sanjos. How are you? How do you think that is going down here. It is obviously a bunch of different ways: they can interact with each other once the cage door shuts and the fight begins. How do you? How do you perceive it? Well, I through fighting, gets more and more and more complicated. And then you go through these periods where it gets really really simple and then it gets more complicated and that's kind of the process of my learning right now I'm looking at kind of simply obviously Connor wants to get
Connor has a left hand that knocks people out. So almost everything he kind of built was to put himself into situations to hit guys with his left hand and knock them unconscious. So that's our job. We need to knock you. Conscious with this. So what are some of the problems that could prevent that from happening? Well, you can get ahold of me. You can push me up against the cage. You can do all these things. And what are the ways that I could increase the likelihood of doing that? Well, I can fuck with you that seems to help works for everybody who's good at it. But ultimately, if Daniels put him on his back he's in real fucking trouble, real Viking trouble. I agree. This is not kind of a pretty good jiu Jitsu guy. This is not kind of this, a vicious, violent guy who will happily stay on your guard. Tilly caves her face until you over react, and then start passing then you'll start abusing your in trouble. So but at the same time we can't look at it go. I must stay off the ground at all costs, because that infringes on con
being Connor, so he has to play the game. The Stephen Thompson played. That has to be that's the game. Most of these guys are looking to try to do right now. Think about those San Jose, though, he's very fast and easy. Get a closing the distance. I was really shocked in the Pettis Fight, how quickly he pulled the trigger and how he leaves no space. He leaves space for you to analyze his movement prepare to counter. It's on you before you could get that breathing room. The Pedis one is definitely this was one of the ways I was going to break it down. So when you're looking at it, there's starts to be multiple different ways, because no thing is one thing: that's fifty things. One of them was
dos Anos might be looking at this, as this is similar to the palace fight, and so what? What would you do different if you were Conor if your goal, if your job was to beat this guy out palestinian move laterally very much because he's also really good at the end him and Duke and lots of people, I've been working on as you back up delivering with power right back up a lot of it has to the stamp of the back foot bam. You know, and so they were working on that this guy is a pressure fighter, as he please forward we're going to rip him. We're going to hurt him we're going to drop him, we're going to discourage him. It's never never got it off. Somewhere now. My orbital bone is broken. My id of lulling you in and hurting you bad, isn't working the adjustment. Is we gotta start moving? for his broke his orbital in that first round, punch that hard left hand, wow yep the one
So then, we're looking at where Connor and his people on there are taking a positive approach to it. What what can we export? One thing does hang us does really the only thing that he, if you're looking at and go what what one thing jumps out as less than perfect for this killer champion and that he he really telegraphs much. Is he telegraphs him alot? You see it. You see an when I break things down. I watched It's a slow motion, sometimes dozens of times. And now all at all, I see. Did you see the video that somebody put together? It's like an animated gif file of Aldo chasing after Connor Connor landing the left hand and then the same exact movement by Dosan Joes chasing after Pettis, but or chasing after Donald Rather but Donald Donald doesn't land, the pun, Like you see very similar movement. He sees that's what he says
now, when I look at him, I I I I he dies and I I'm not. I actually hate to criticize it anyway. I don't feel comfortable with. I don't feel qualified to criticize and and that's just a personal thing I don't think other people shouldn't, I just I'm looking at ninety to ninety two, ninety 99th percentile fighters and I'm some guy, who won a couple of fights and was terrible in fights and and I but you know I just I don't feel qualified to do to always Curtis because it I don't know how to I don't even know if it's necessary yeah. I feel like the way I look at fights where I try to look at flights. Is I look at him like we're looking at mathematics, I'm looking at like there's an equation going on One there's values and there's numbers in one side is values in numbers in the side. What's fascinating to me about this fight is there's equations, where you have to factor in many things
factor in power. You have to factor in technique. You have to factor in the ability to acute angles of defector in persona and personality and just charisma, and it's one of the things that Connor brings to the table. That's hard to it's hard to monetize or not monetizing. To quantify it's hard to measure. How much he fucked with all those head for sure, although just just after him and get lit up like that. I mean what was it that caused? That was it there's a this. Many possible fact but all these movements and interactions that they have. I think you should almost look at them like a math major. Exchange like there's certain guys, like Ed short, fuse, Herman great Guy, tough guy, very good fighter um you're, never going to confuse him with Wonderboy Thompson know when it comes till he gets footwork footwork in his movement. If you looked at those two guys mathematically,
we looked at them as an equation. You go over. This side is very lopsided in its movement. You know if you have one hundred dollars in one hand in ten dollars. In the other hand, the one hundred dollars is worth more than ten dollars. That's just it is yeah yeah you're right and all that preface and it was coming to say that now that I've watched through the eye that I'm thinking it's Connors, I watching him in his eye watching Connor, I see a dos Anjos as being taken to the best level of what you can take guys who still are, in a sturdy, there's still got that old version of strength, different, not sort of free and flowing and you see his telegraphing that doesn't and he can't fuck you up like just 'cause. I would see that doesn't mean you can do anything about it or stop it or if he ends up on the ground, he's like who's So I can telegraphing now you know none of that may matter, but that is what I definitely see now that when I
picture what is Connor saying like you see, boom move back then like it's, it's uh more sort of lady and it's built around old sturdy. Style of building a fighter and Condit and all Mcgregor, and all these guys believe that the answer to ' that is not only mobility where we move our feet, but how we move through space content comes on weird angles and different things, and that's what he's seeing whether that matters or not? It depicts suddenly doesn't matter at all. If you put you on a back in case you're facing yeah and he's got, it he's got some very movement himself to dos Anjos may telegraph things a little bit, but it's because put so much power into his. What what's Talking about him, though, is his ability to close the distance. It's very fast is not you know, that's one of things that have disagreed with with Kat. What's called what Connor said, it is a
slower like stuck in the mud version of Aldo like man. I don't see that at all I see a fucking savage. He is a fucking savage like, as I watched it, it's like you're looking for what you could think you could exploit and that's the thing it's like. Ok, I think I can. I think I can see the things coming now that may turn out to not be true and that's uh. Time to figure that out. Yes, you get ripped in the face, but task, but at the same time it's also like the dude is just so aggressively violent, but whether it's Mcgregor, is not at in my opinion yet or we haven't seen it at the Tom X level, but Let's say that you and I have a really great fighter- and somebody says we'll give you guys a million dollars if you can have this guy, be Dominick Cruz in five years. What do you do if we start figuring out trying to teach him the same movement as SAM Dominick Cruz. The most we can hope Our is him achieving Dominick Cruz five years earlier. Five years of learning at Donna cruises? For five years, we've got figure
but the answer to make it not about that. That's the hard part that and that's what Connor and his people, I think believe, Is it will make it not about what he wants it to be about? What do you with I, like Dominick Cruz, one of the reasons why Dominic is created that styles, because he's not capable of putting a guy way with one shot, he's not that kind of Conor Mcgregor one punch, death touch kind of a guy. He just doesn't have the so he's got to hit you with the volume and he's also very smart and very smart guys, don't want to get hit Do they do they incorporate a lot of footwork and Dominic's? Footwork is pretty fucking spectacular. I watched we're all just hanging around backstage one day, and he and Brian Stann and DC were talking just joking around and DC said show me, footwear, Brian or show, which only and he stepped and with this shuffle and then side on my
whoa, like when you see I'm just playing around with someone standing in front of him. Like Brian just standing there for him and he's like she's like hey he's moved yeah. It's you that you have to figure out like what you think he's coming this way, but he's going that way and then he's coming this way again, like wow she's isn't made this isn't like improvised like these. Are like very specific. Very the amount of efficiency involved in these movements are excellent. Wild and it's that same thing we were saying you know I don't do submissions guard anymore, so all my training partners are not dealing with that. Some guys quietly just building machine out of that Dominic spend two and after ten years, if you try to figure that out now good luck, ten years, so here's what I want to do it in front of everybody. They all saw him do it and they still let him do it and they didn't try to you know what I mean he did it right out in front of everybody's knows it's hard to figure out.
Just do it. Even while I was dealing with TJ, I was like calculus. He there's so many movements that he's capable of doing that. So many different combinations of steps and exchanges and, like you think, stepping this way any switches stances and he goes off to the left, and he knows you step in like is this a movement trail here. Look It's good luck, if you listen, if you want to catch up to that he's been building that for ten years in front of everybody. Everybody sat around going. Well, that's just Dominic yeah. I mean he's different. That's incredible. Dominant could tell you he's not different, he would say you did this for ten years. You could do it too, no wonder why it gets plantar fasciitis right, Jesus, Christ, yeah, it's incredible! I mean that's that's his solution for having he says he has been
he jokes around about it 'cause he has small hands, he's broken him several times and he put away Mister rocky in the first round, but it's very rare that he puts guys away. He just doesn't have the physical frame for him, but because of that, he's developed all this incredible movement. So one of the things I always tell people when you learn- don't learn Jiujitsu from a gorilla, they're learning from an Eddie. Bravo or you know us a small guy. You know a small physical like a guy was not imposing Those guys are the ones you really want to learn technique from them, because they've got to develop that technique. It has to be, These are sharp because they don't have the ability to gorilla out of things. Now when you learn Jujitsu from really big people, man, it's rare, that their technical, it's real, rare as they can make it work. Yes, yeah you want to Yoshida little tiny guy, that has just a laser sharp technique in Eddie. Bravo Euler Gracie You know a small person, who's just got fucking,
razors, to Mendez Brothers, yeah, perfect examples: mall guys. Razor sharp technique and if you watch some role gets even bigger guys. The technique is so sharp. They they can get through. Where is like, if you find a big guy, who's got gorilla, Ju Jitsu and he fights a bigger gorilla. He gets locked up. That's just what do you see? You said earlier when the whole? Ufc1 one because they knew it would be that much more amazing if the little dude sort of sort really. What happened, though? That's the standards, that's the standard description of what happened. What really, happened was they couldn't troll Hickson Hickson was the master family. Everybody knew who was the king, but you couldn't like if Hixson and he would be like. I won ten million dollars and now I'm going to go surf and he was just doing a you wanted Mean Hixson. And truly marches to the beat of his own drum, and no one could control him and so
his brother was not really interested in putting Hicks in that position. The idea was put hoi sin. If voice lossed, then you going to negotiations with Hicks and then you get Hixson in there because his son is going to fuck. It was changed. Everything, though, if we would have been different the way he did it would have been different like if you ever looked at some of the brutal beatdowns that Gracie beat downs in Hixson. Did you so God, I'm strong he's not just unbelievably technical with his Jiu Jitsu, but also really physically, really physically strong. I think some of the audience a lot maybe wouldn't have gone all my god, you did. She was amazing right, they're gone holy, this guy's a killer, yes and and hoist being there. It was place right tonight to him I know it's not crazy. That's what we're sitting here, who is going to fight in like three hours, is fifth in his 50s in at least fifty right. How old is Laura Steve? I think you can ten and him are both. Fifty yeah, just let him choose up yeah, let him do so. I mean they're, probably gonna, if they
get around their fifty. You know what I mean like the fifty think about being fifty I yeah? I still have this little tiny tent in the back of my mind somewhere that I could fight one more time again just hit in back. So you were just talking about your head. I know that your your memories, not so D. I have a weird sort of perspective on that. One, that's why I think we have to celebrate these fights way more, because these guys are heart and they they're doing it for their or adventure or their reasons, but they're still getting hurt. But I was in Billy's and with my wife and it was beautiful, action is beautiful and down you meet, there's a huge percentage of men over forty that are blind, yeah they're, blind yeah. Why? Because they have their big at one of their biggest crops is cashews and something of
The process of cashew farming makes you go blind in five years or ten or twenty or some point yeah certain certain people who work in cashew farming. It's known that you holyshit hi. So when you're twenty cashews are not worth going blind over man and so when you're twenty. And you say I'm going to be a cashew farmer, you're doing it with the knowledge that you're going to be blind one day you all knowledge, 'cause, you've known your Gran Father. You knew it uncle, there's just a certain percentage of people and they do it because at the end they will provide for their family. It's a good karere. You will take care of your kids and they do knowing Anne people go and they work in mines? People do all kinds of things that harm themselves, but you need to know that it's happening. You need to be fully informed. And make a solid decision that this is what you want to do and a seventeen year old to go and look and star boxing or whatever, don't have all that information. Now you know you know they don't, but if you have it- and you like this is my passions all I want to do
This is what I want to do with my life. I was put on earth to fight. I know, they'll be repercussions for this in my future and I'm choosing to do it to do it. Free society. You can eat as much sugar. Is you want now kill yeah? You know you can do it, but I will you want people to know the dangers. I had no idea about cashew forming defy anything on that Jamie. Please don't die. Tell me that that's a myth, I'm not a lot. I didn't see the my blindness, but there is like blood. Cashews are coming up and there's the way that they farm them and get get them d, shelters pretty bad now, because people intense pain, 'cause there's some sort of liquid that comes out of 'em. We pull the shell enough, can lead to chemical, that's used, and I don't know you know it. Cashew shell looks like I don't know either but Initially there was something that was mentioned more than a couple of Times Indiana. Well, that's what they look like
how weird so I mean that chemical could be connected to Maine blind. This may be one of the effects, but that was the story that I was told more than a few times down there about that. Don't you look real. That looks like a half ago. Avatar plans fixed, you know, doesn't look real, looks like some sort of a we crazy squash. But if you decide you're going to go farm that stuff- and you know what the outcome is you do it anyways, that's your you chose to do that, for whatever your reasons are, so you not finding anything on cashews causing blindness just give it give it a shot yeah. It just makes me sad that these people obviously don't have a whole lot of options. It makes me not want to buy cashews, but then again, then they don't have any money right. The fuck do you do yeah fighting is, is also some people can get away with it, boss route who's here on Wednesday. Obviously former UFC Heavyweight Champion one of the it's one of the real pioneers of the game, sharp as a tack, nope,
MS mentally at all mean boss was just he was, any. We speaking a second language by the way you know he speaks Dutch, so in English he's smooth as silk he's talking fast he's got all these great stories. His memory sharp as a razor, is no no problem with them at all, and then, of course, we I'll know guys that are punchy and I've known a lot of guys, in the time when I was a teenager, and now today I can't talk to them anymore, because they're fuckedup guys from my old boxing gym there fuckedup man, they have real problems like they're, very, very compromised, and I feel very fortunate that I'm not I'm sure, there's something going on I'm definitely I definitely got hit a lot. So. I'm sure there's something that didn't go pull up in there. Probably be more impulsive more three more gray. I don't don't know what it is, but
overall, I got out of it pretty unscathed, but it's 'cause. I stop fighting when I was twenty two and I realized at that age. I was like this. Is I'm already getting headaches and this is there's, no future in it back. Then there was no money in it back then, there's no mma. It was just kickboxing and I was like man, I'm not this is not my in house I was way better at was a then boxing wasn't kickboxing, you know my kid. For my my biggest attribute those learning how to box more and in that learning I was getting the out of me. I definitely the most abuse I took was boxing pylon boxes phone. I love it and I took a lot of it. I I remember when I got a can, can I got a couple concussions one for sure. Can I remember it's almost like life was different. The moment after that can catch. It live mail. The way that I saw the world was different after I took that one punch. It was just training how some I just I don't know my perspective, my prep perception or something I can log in what way I had a
Drake and I threw up that night. So it was in Lethbridge, and you know Jordan me and his dad. Lee is a good friend and Leanne. Jordan were out of town, and I went to train and this guy Dan Torture chambers, who is a big, powerful good one hundred and eighty five are and you respond with one. If I don't know what the fuck I'm saying, so he fights at one hundred and eighty five yeah. So using this two hundred and two ten- and I thought we were just going to light- bar, but that's not what they do and I took a crazy straight: oh yeah, he was a southpaw and I took a crazy straight left or two from him and then immediately, was different, and then I started slipping it and hitting with my left hook, and I was happy there's moments in fighting where you know you find out you're. Just not I'm I'm not like Chris Weidman, and you know, that's just the truth. But then there's moments in a fight or inspiring where you're like very proud like when threatened with danger. My answer was to fucking hit it back as hard as I could. So we got through the round or rounds
and I just had a headache I couldn't think I I went- and I ring announced that night- I start throwing up in the back and just my thought, process was different. I was single at the time and I was really cute. Girl was asking me to go, hang out with her and I just couldn't focus and I got better a month or two later, but I feel like that day was different, like that, after that yeah I really feel like. I saw things differently or I thought differently or at It's a moment. It's a very distinct tomorrow. Like that time, I almost didn't get off the couch from the hit on that that moment I was different after you didn't even get knocked out. No, that is really crazy. It was so yeah well right, but you kept sparring user still mobile. Your legs were working now after our that the rest of the day, Oh really trade anymore, and then he gave me a ride back and the rest of the day. Even the ring announcer. I think I was probably behaving very strangely during it and
member that day, super well other than telling that pretty girl that I couldn't hang out with her, because my head hurts so much remember the rest of the round on. I remember and I got a concussion in the first couple, shots of my first fight too, and I fought till about I love the second round and I knew I was different, like you just know, but it's cool in a weird way that you go and keep fighting because now We understand it when I commentator when I'm analyzing and I've had that experience and that's why I thought it was to have that understanding but I know what it is to fight with a concussion or spar with a concussion, and you see that guys do it they're hurting around one hundred and they fight all the way through sometimes win. I wonder what, if anything, they're going to figure out in the future to mitigate some of the problems of head impacts, whether it's going to be something with stem cells or some sort of a new method of rehabilitating and healing people, it's so depressing to Maine to watch this increase.
Bull problem solving at its highest level event like MMA or like boxing or to or anything along those lines football, but knowing that any time like go, Kanzaki lands a head kick on somebody that I might not ever be the same again and that is a big factor that I I really get upset when people down play that like when you see someone get head, kicked and knocked dead, they might not ever be the same again. That is a fact. I know. Guy back when I was a young kid who got kicked in the head and the doctor told him, I don't want you to ever do combat sports again, I don't want you to ever do contacts ports again, I don't want you playing football. I don't want you. Do you like stop you have to stop like your your you got killed and you
survive him get real lucky and you see guys like that. They get hit like that and then the fighting five months later, nine one six nine and they did not the same. You can tell they're not the same. We can take a shot anymore, yeah, it's it is spooky it you don't know what the answer is. 'cause there isn't really one now other than not. You can't spar with big guys like that and do it 'cause it's fun and he to fight you should never. And most guys aren't doing that, as many guys are not doing that as much. But it's you know, This is to me when you get the chance to have people who have trained their whole lives to help us have an experiment in combat right now in front of all of us. That is such a beautiful wonderful thing in humanity like we were fighting. Is a part of what we do. Fighting is a part of us getting It may be a part of our future, depending on where we are and what's happening in different aspects of a fighting is a part of us and to see it done at that level. In this,
of almost global experiment. Kind of way. It's beautiful! It's this wonderful, incredibly artistic thing, but it's it has the downside and that's another reason. It just sickens me when I see the way people respond to IRAN door, respond Carter, there's one day and how they go respond to that. You know Johnny lost. Our people have responded to this, because these guys are just doing incredible, incredible things, for furthering of what humanity is capable of people love to attack people when they lose like the way Hendrix lost. I saw people attacking an online. My God, dammit, like just fought a whiz, yeah! You know he fought like a real striking wizard and he learned something. People get should have woken me weight against Woodley yeah, you fucking cheater, he's probably on Pe Ds before all this hate nonsense and just terrible terrible fucka, should I read about him online with God, everyone deals with I've actually taken the only time I ever take steps, and
you know even talking about. I don't feel great about it, but it's win guys miss weight and other fighters fighters. Doing it, coaches to it. It's just missing a wait. There was always a penalties for it. You're gonna lose part of your purse and public. You know finger pointing always been a part of that penalty. Every other guy on the card is made. Then that's the worst part about their job and hopefully guys are getting uh. I think we are getting away from weight, cutting a little more as we're getting away from the bodybuilder red wait. It's a part of that prototype of fighter and that prototype of fighter is going to be keep getting beaten. Now that we have new answers to him and I think, as that fighter changes that weight cutting is a part of that prototype will also. You saw in the ivy band, that's a big issue.
They started banning the ivies. You saw people's body weights lowering because they realize they could make that big crazies twenty five pound cut in a couple days and rehabilitate enough for re hydrate enough, rather to be able to fight twenty four hours later. He just can't do it you use you have to do. Your body weight down. You have two guys for you send diuretics before you started to there were a diuretic said we all here who apparently is doing it, but I talk about fighting all day on tv. I can address that, because just 'cause, some three coaches and two fighters are like everybody knows that guys doing it never failed the test. There's no, there's no evidence. It's just you. You can't really talk about it. You can make lobster turns around it. But the truth is that in that era, man, if you were fighting Josh Barnett in Japan like now what somebody else might be on you don't know what Vanderlei might be right there, you do what I thought you had to do you know if you were fighting in pride after a few years. First call you got make us,
doctor, because you may not want to do it. It may be harmful future in some ways depending, but I don't What I'm going to pride? Look at these guys, they're all on something yeah. I need to fight I've got to make you know you don't go. Ask the body builder at the at the gym to go. Ask a doctor! Well, it's interesting to because when you watch guys that were competing in pride and we're looking amazing, and then you see him when they got over to the UFC and they weren't nearly as good, you have to look. You have to think one of two things happen: either they took so much punishment in pride that they never really fully recovered, which is absolutely possible or they were on some shit, yeah and so forth, or both yeah most likely most likely I think people don't see somehow they are all that guy did steroids and now he's this. That may be true, but then Your reaction is this: whether that's your hormone
your hormones should doing hand, motions for people just listen. Yeah yeah is an up and down on dad yeah, and you know your your hormone levels will crash yes and when they crash v, like you know, t r t, v tore and dad bod v tore is not like. You know in theory, if you hot to take t Archie, because you had no or very little testosterone. Well now that you're off it you're gonna be dad bod be tore when I saw that- and it was know what I was really happy for v tore to not look like a bad now the incredible hulk and still win not set a lot of, I mean when he fought Henderson yeah yeah yeah. But who knows? Who knows you know, that's the problem yeah. Who knows what kind of shenanigans are going on? You know, especially in your fight in Brazil. I hate this.
But it is true different. It's a different thing. You know, I don't know what the future holds as far as testing for performance enhancing drugs, but I've got to imagine that they are closing in to the point where there's almost no wiggle room and these guys getting pop but never got pop before like when Glaydson got popped and everybody is like well who fuckin' saw that comment? Guy looks like the incredible hulk, so the biggest weight cutters in the history of the sport. I mean he is the biggest one hundred and fifty five pound fighter ever seen in my life now bigger than anybody 'cause. He would weigh one hundred and fifty five makeweight shredded then the next day you be like Jesus Christ is two hundred pounds he's, so God Dam big. He was so big. Just swallow shredded, not an ounce of fat, just really strong and and and freakish endurance, but yeah. He popped hot for EPO Plo, pop top
or something else I forget, might have been a diuretic too, but then you'll Romero another one. You look at that guy and you go well duh fuckin' how's that even human. I love that Usada guy when he introduced the concept of the smell test. On that is basically like come on. That's what that is. It's like if it's keys on top of their man he's giving these guys know space. That's the only way I mean either hey everybody can do whatever which is probably going to be on safe in a lot of ways, yes or well we're going to kind of test, but you guys work around it. Your work arounds will be an acceptable amount of drug use that we're all going to say we're. Okay with and just use, interesting, because the UFC didn't have to do this yeah This is all their own idea. This is not instituted by the Nevada State, athletic commission. This is entirely the. U at? U S? U F, C's idea to bring end of its key and say: look, let's chase this down to the end of the earth. Let's find exactly what the
these people are doing, let's clean up the sport and you seem much more realistic bodies, much more realistic performance, as you see guys, like Eric Silver, like change that radically he looked like he used to look like a like a you yo di. Bruce Lee right and then he became, like you know, an athlete conflicting, regular athlete, yeah I was in Saskatoon when he fought and when he went out to do the open workout world. This guy looks totally different totally different. You know it's funny being a fan or a fanatic and it at people always there's a lot of that negativity. We're talking about people always want to take it's dead, jab at the UFC or day now or whatever. Nobody ever wants to point out the good moves, like the really positive moves that they make, and this is one of those it's a huge. It's a big one. It's a eek it You can't have asset, because if you have acid and leave it to the
data used to say it's, not our job. It's the commission's job and the reason they instituted. This is like that. Just not doing a good enough job they're, not they're, not so this texting is inexpensive and that's why they would do it the type of blood test. Usada guys are doing, is so much more comprehensive, which was so, why was so maddening when Nick Diaz got in trouble? 'cause ds- and this is also to Nowitzki Credit nowitzki- was one I want to say this is fucking bullshit, this suspensions bulshit. What they're doing is Bullship as the Usada testing showed him under the limit. So he's fine and then some other wacky piss test. It's not nearly as accurate and that's where he hi, and so they find him one hundred thousand dollars. Now it's one from one hundred and sixty five down to one hundred or something like that, and then they're gonna give him sixteen month suspension instead of three five years and they're gonna him five. Yes, it's saying they just gave annually three years. Yes, all that yeah
here the problem of the venue, a thing is they did it just before he's gonna fight fate or in price now, if he goes or in rising. Rather I'm saying yeah right, I'm I'm horizon pride, never die so he's going to fight fade or an rise in so he will have violated his band. So that'll Essentia Lee keep him out of fighting the United States forever. I mean that's a sneaky thing. They did right there yeah, a lot of people are pointing that out like they kept that guy in the shelf told his banned for life. They fought with them. They would give him a hearing. They kept postponing then Coincidentally, right after the guy gets a big fight, he gets he's going to fight in August Indiana. Eyes and and then immediately they him with his three year, and I think, he's only seventeen months in for the uh. Suspension from the time the where they caught him to today. I think, Only seventeen months, I think you're right. If that's the case, that's you know. That's a year and five months I still got another year and a half to go. So he can't fight fate or he can't get that or he can go and say, I'm going to finish my career in Japan, he's gonna, he's
I think I would be sad for the fans over what was the most sad thing was all those crazy videos. He was doing saying. The UFC's disrespect an athlete that pain and then the the sees like all right, we'll we're gonna just tell everybody how much money you made then you found out. Ventolin may not one million dollars in like well. Wait wait! Wait! That's not poverty! yeah you, you need nine million bucks click yeah one a couple. A couple of fights mean obviously so fucking ledge yeah and one of the all time greats and one of my if I had to pick like three favorite fighters, vandalizing that doctor pretty busy with so much fun to watch who's just when you saw vandalay role in his risk before those fights and provide looking at that over there come on, he was chaos. Man which is making what makes the CRO cop knock out of him even more impressive is that Crowe COP showed the difference man. This is the difference between a guys, awhile brawler and elite striker yeah yeah. You feel bad for
the that reaction with those videos and you know he loved being a hero. He loved, like when I talked to him. He loved the people in the love that people celebrated it big reason that he loves fighting was the audience and he told me that he loved it and then amber between shell of the image check to serve jail this in there and a few other things. Suddenly, the audience was negative against battling for some length of time. It was the ultimate fighter yeah. He would just see acting like an yeah like a bully and Anasol and it didn't work and jail made him look like a fool. He made Billy and then physically wind chill took him down like you know, really pretty easily chill made him look like an that's. Our Connors to an outcome has been compared to him. I don't think this. It's not Israel yeah like in the thinking, so I don't think it's a similarity, but you can't fuck with guys who are so good. That you will lose you either going to affect your performance you're going to look bad. I thought
my guy you're, I I figured out exactly how to tangle with Conor Mcgregor, like he became kind of a friend that he was part of joking around with me since you're right it does yeah he's got a jovial, yeah yeah yeah he's very likely. Looking like it's going to be a Ryan Dominick Cruz. That's crazy what you think about that One of the reasons I wanted to fight and wanted to learn more about fighting and one of the things that pointed me to start pursuing. This was my favorite mark Hominick these little guys that fought you know, I'd like to admire them, wanted to be like them. I was older, but yeah, but I know you're a guy, but when he went to fight Frankie my breakdown kind of was this guys really fucking good. At these things, and he's gets better at these certain things, but we got to see some kind of innovation out of him. We have to see something else: Bio wins with drive and determination. He'll win every position, he wins
with will and he wins by overwhelming you he can mentally break you. He can't be stopped. All of that is great, but we need something more technically. We need some new tricks. We need some ship that the other guy doesn't know. He didn't have that against Frankie I'll, say, exactly the same thing for Dominick Cruz. He must have some new things, some other stuff, just being the best Uriah isn't going to win in this fight. I don't think he's gonna have some other different answer, yeah. I wonder what he's doing as far as working on his footwork and working to try to deal with, I mean he has fought him twice, he's the only guy to beat dominant he caught Dominic legal team, their first fight and I wonder like: what's it mean having the knowledge of having faced Dominic, not just once, but twice, and especially the second time he knocked him down a couple times. Yeah
just like it was a very close fight, yeah, very close for with with Dominic. So we were to talk about this earlier, so somebody says: go: go figure out! Here's a guy go figure out how to be done because you have three years what the do we do that kicks yeah, it's going to be a big one. Giant factor slow those legs down, I'm almost at all costs. I think first of all, you've got two things to consider one Dominic is most likely not going to knock you out with one punch yeah, ok, so he doesn't have the kind of knockout power the Connor does where you really have to be terribly fearful about closing that distance. So you know His number one asset is his movement chop, those leg man. Those legs. If I was him, I would go and train with the best. We tie kicker, I could find I would I would seek them out. I would say this is, already number one, and maybe even you know, concentrate on switching stances quite a bit because domical switch stances quite a bit, and if you are, I guess stances and throw the power back leg kick from Lowe's.
Proposition and from orthodox you know that would open up those kicks, and work on those combinations when Dominic is switching work on also going across the top of the thigh. If he's not in the position to throw the outside leg kick if you were ordinarily going to inside, throw it like an outside, but go across, to take that right step and go across the top of the thighs slick, stuff, yeah slick stuff. This is part of my Mcgregor breakdown, but there's lots of little elements, but so uh it was Jeremy Stevens. I was asking him about fighting MAX Holloway and he's like I'm, like you know these guys, who moved there long they're going to be lateral all this kind of stuff, and he said we have to keep him in the head lights right. So we were a car headlights kind of go out on an angle, if we keep them in that lit area of the headlights, that's great, but he doesn't want to be there. He wants to be outside of their. So what we do in small steps he's making grand movements, but if we keep, are headlights lined up and we're working at angles away. Goalie looks at dealing with like something
small steps in small adjustments to keep him in the headlights. Then he goes to flee outside of their quite simply, the my kik is the barrier that way and the left kick is the barrier that, and we kind of shoehorn him into our headlights as best as we can at Never really use like kicks that way, but sure is sounds like great idea yeah if we can just keep them in those headlights and as he goes to flee, that extra weapon of the leg starts to. If I headlights are certain with the leg becomes the barrier to keep them in that that's got to be a starting point. How crazy? If Burr reunited with Duane Ludwig they buried. All the bulshit got together still crazy, wouldn't happen, because now that he's with tj- and you know they've said so much bad shit about each other and I don't think it would. But it is too bad but I need someone like that. You know need someone who's going to really tighten up those those footwork movements in those leg. Kick movements for this week a totally different Uriah. I imagine that he comes out
hi Angie starts attacking those legs I mean they'll, be while it would be check again with the memory who said that Jorgensen when you're I have fought Jorgensen DOT was my favorite performance ever and that's the the Duane Ludwig was car cornering him and he did something we see. Tj do a lot. I call it like a shell game or like a ball and cops like you know, we've got cops, which one has the ball when, when the Tj Square out the changes is level. Obviously that can be a take down, but it can also from there he comes up with the right upper cut from the same spot. It comes up with a left high kick he has take down to so, many things- and it all centers on that that position It just shows you're smart, smart weigh in we have these wrestlers in wrestling have this level change spot. That's gonna, be the home to many of our attacks and you're right did dot awesomely against targets in a Jorgensen's, not Dominick Cruz, but he did it so beautifully that the level change became a starting point for like eight different options,
Dj tried to use that with cruise, but Chris literally one when magician you're, a magician you're trying to do a trick on me or comedian, tries to tell you a joke. Like a fuckin' heard, all these dogs or I've seen all these tricks you a magician can't do that to another magician. Cruise just wouldn't play with Bon CUP game- is like I'll dance around out here, chase me around. Put your ball in cups, like a little trolley and try to convince me play it I'll, just kick them off, and so that he's just print like in Cruces, so fucking smart, like he's so brilliant. You know- and that goes right back to that sort of growth mindset when the guy had flocked off, eggs he said. Well, I still got to get better I'll learn more about fighting a learn to explain it better I'll, learn to analyze it better. I'll make myself understand it more. He instead of that being well two years down the tubes, it was like. Two years, I'm going to gain other skills and other applicable skills, and it made him he's way better 'cause. He had that surgery. You know, then, if he
I in the gym never was forced to take that time. Yeah. I bet you're proud right and he's. One of my favorite analysts weigh it breaks down fights and especially when it comes to making mistakes in the striking, leaving yourself open to get hit he's so good at not getting hit. It's one of the best things he is so good at explaining how to not get hit. Why someone made a mistake in getting hit yeah well, he's so bright. I love it's funny too. It's like I've met him like once I when it was TJ and him I was asking him about the fight and I could see him getting like going. Ok, let's get kind of knows about fighting 'cause. He doesn't give a fuck if you like him, if you know what I mean Dominick Cruz, I like that about him. I'd like that. But even the way he does analysis or commentary. He doesn't really give a fun You asked me to analyze some shit, I'm going to analyze some she's doing it like mathematics, yeah one plus one is one whether you like me or not, yeah one plus one is two ci can't even count with that. What you are saying he's like he's putting it.
The other in a really clear, obvious manner, and it is You don't have to enjoy his personality in order to appreciate the brilliance of these saying yeah, but I like his personality, and I think it's a super articulate guy. We only do. We did a little bit of commentary together a shot and I really enjoyed it. I really enjoyed the like being able to bounce ideas off him and ask questions, and I would like to do that with a bunch of different kind of fight. Two because guys who aren't like him, maybe like a Damian Maia like one of my favorite Damien Maia, fought a new yeah. I was I couldn't wait to interview because I wanted to know like what adjustments he was making when he couldn't tap him from his back and then he eventually did get it, and he was to me how he saw that he was defending on one side to start. Turning towards the other side and setting them up to defend on the outside, so we could catch him on the other side. Just so you know our man, it's it's! It's so important. It's it's everything! It's one of the most important things,
about. Mma is analyzation of technique and having that fighter, Blaine to you. Can it's illumine these things in such a beautiful way like when I say what did you see? That was what I saw when he kept blocking on this side, or he kept moving towards that. So I was going to I don't pretend that I'm going to do the same thing I was doing before, but set him up for a different thing and that level of like his skill level is so incredibly mind. Boggling Lee it's so easy for him to think in the a lot of guys guys invite number three he's like eight now and it's UFC fight too it's like I gotta, get the truck out, get the job done. I got to stop in the okay I'll try to get it on, like it's just the thought processes and as clear and concise as Damien. My who's, like all right you just to I do this every day for my whole life, an you. Don't know it's interesting about my as opposed to anybody else too. He's really adamant about not wanting to hurt people. Yeah he's like
once I you know I got into the ground and I threw a few punches just to open a mom, but I really want to get the joke. I don't want to hurt him like wow. I don't want to hurt him hi. This is like that is his real mentalities on bull shiting he's not trying to get you to like him more, but pretend to be more more kind. Peaceful now. He really is not trying to hurt you he's trying to just trying to win. Uh fighting. Isn't violence like it? Isn't it doesn't have to be competition yeah, it happens to be violent yeah, but it is comp it's violent when rumble Johnson fight. Okay, if it's true Matt he's so that that's the thing about rumble Johnson that doesn't get enough that people can't necessarily Preciado is how good but like everybody, always got power. Yes, he has power, he crazy power, but he also you watch his hips and you watch his feet. He is in position
deliver power anywhere all the time and that like when you, figure out figure out how cm punk is going to fight and I'll talk to people who never trained or have never studied training or whatever they're like well. He could be pretty good. It's like there. I can tell you exactly how good you can be at this stage, because if you look at the very best people, you've ever watched trained with the best coaches at eighteen months. Maybe what they're capable of and he's thirty six or whatever and he's not a super athlete. So it'll be a little less and he's fucked his focht he's flopped. He made a big, I feel like I feel for him, because I looked at that when he started doing that. I was like. I know exactly how we feel I wanted to fight. I wanted to figure out how I wanted to get in there, but I doubt there's that thing unconscious incompetence Yeah unconscious incompetence. You don't know what the fuck you're talking about, and you don't even know that you don't know what the fuck yeah, and if you learn enough. Eventually, you get conscious incompetence where you're, like
I don't know what the I'm talking about, but at least I know that so I can start learning some right. Then you'll get conscious competence. We like yeah, I'm pretty good. I got a think about it, consciously I'm working at it and then the greats are unconscious competence yeah. I think Damien Maia doesn't have five think about the most that disk. He was unconsciously incompetent when he said he wanted to fight in the UFC, and I feel for him, like I feel the guy, didn't know what he was doing. It sounded like a cool thing, he's a driven guy who believes you can achieve what you put your trying to and you work really hard. He just was unconsciously incompetent. Didn't have enough knowledge to know how much could be acquired, what he might be capable of if he worked than anyone. I've ever worked in his life for eighteen months. He I understand how low that would be you know you still suck yeah you suck, but there's no way. If you have no background in combat sports at all in your thirty six years old and you think you're going to fight in the UFC in a year, that's almost insulting yeah,
kudos to him for giving it a shot. I understand the motivation. I got mocked and ridiculed and fucking ended up with a concussion, when I did it on the smallest levels. People who are in fighting a little flock this guy to come into fighting, so I feel for him that way. I know probably really loves fighting. He just didn't know how she He was the maximum he could get at this stage and that level of shittiness is not good enough to ever. Fight in the UFC I've debut in the US. It's also, I don't think he's that much of an athlete like when I watch him move. I watch, but there's nothing about him where I go like well. Okay, we're watching, like a Brock, Lesnar Lesnar was a fucking freak athlete you a guy move, one of the remember the first time I saw Brock fight. I saw him fight, I mean I I had seen. Some video of him and WWE doing some attacker shares of physical specimen beyond compare right
when I saw him fight in K, one I was in LA when they fought and he took the fight. Some japanese gentleman took him down to smash them. I'm ever think and good luck keep in that mother RCA. That's that's a totally kind of a thing. With this see m punk. I, where you guys at good, looking guy, speaks well, it's got a lot of charisma and that led him to the top in wrestling. But if you watch his wrestling moves like there's, nothing, there's nothing ridiculous about it. You look at his body is nothing ridiculous about his he's not doing anything out of the ordinary. He just didn't understand how low how little it could be. The knowledge and skill could be acquired in the time that he was going to look at. He just couldn't know Where is she at now? You see him trained. I've seen a bit of it. You know like it's looks where you think a guy who worked really hard for a year and a half would be which is ok, if you just some of it yeah. I mean see if you can find cm punk training yeah. What's that I've been looking right now, there's no videos from anytime. Recently, there's like some stuff, I'm looking at from
just try that, let's see we brought him up when I was talking about Anthony Johnson is one of the first things that you find when you go and let's see what we got here, I'll tell you what you find is that you do these things, but as soon as a guy is moving you're, not in balance anymore as soon as in reality you're not imbalanced. I mean the athleticism stuff here. This is not see m punk. This is Luke Rockhold Ocm. Punk train excels performance center. Ok, I mean that's a guy working out Anna yeah. It's a doesn't show too much yeah, that's it! I I saw find stuff him hitting pads at one point. It looked like you know like like you you this like this is jumping up on these boxes. Yeah I mean I don't know man, I just it's: it's not a knock against him. No, he just didn't know he was unconsciously and comma.
What's a match. If it's like we're talking, it's mathematics, it's similar okay! Here we see in his guard first well, look at this yeah he's a white yeah. This is crazy and he's doing this with Hannah Gracie. Okay, so is I'm sure that doing some planks of workouts It's an old video, but even that mean two years. The reality is and less you're twenty years old, too, is is not really a lot of time to get prepared for something you hear it. Guy you can watch is a bluebell at twenty years and then in two Is there a black belt that is possible if you're obsessed, if you're a fucking maniac, if you're a real nut for some Bj Penn when he was in his prime? But you know this: guy, probably likes pussy likes to eat. He's got bills got taxes. He pays probably got media obligations
you know, you're in it that easy to to become a complete fucking, obsessed freak and then again the whole thing is like athletically. His body did not develop to explode. I've good buddy of mine is very good at Jujitsu, and I brought him to a boxing gym once and the guy was holding pads for him, and I was like oh my god like watching him hit pads. I was like fucking cradle now, he's never going to get it. It was like his body, did not grow exploding like that his body moved slow and it was labored. It was like trying to write a fucking book. With my left hand, it was like awkward and hard. No, he just couldn't do it, and I remember thinking like wow. Ok like these just they're, just not there is this him yeah. I mean not that you can tell us. Why spell to who is trained to bet. You know so two bass, all right his own, but even the white belt for life thing that that's
smells of being trying not to be. You know I says, he's a wipeout for life. He saying it reeks of not being judged and fighting is not a place. You want to know this is not bad. It's not bad. This movement is not bad, but he's training with Gracie by the way, who's. Just a fucking wizard, an awesome instructor and it was space yeah, but you know it's hey man. If this guy was still wrestling and he loved It was talking about was fighting on a small scale, but two stuff lot. He added They fight was a really good fight for a guy who's only been training for awhile and that's the way to do it. This way, organization fight somebody who's like at your level. The other thing that really bums me out is that he just got it back surgery. Then back surgery is fuqing, tricky Shitman, they start chew. Away at those disks, there's other ways to handle that I don't know how bad it was, but the guy was walking around and Brown had a good conversation about that recently
I was reading some of the things that Matt Brown said about his own bulging disks because he didn't have to get surgery. He rehabilitated it but He does a lot of work down at Westside barbell with Louie, who created the reverse hyper machine that we have in the back here and I bought I bought once basically because I knew that Lugia designed it, because they were trying to get him to have back surgery and he wasn't buying it, and he was like this be away if there was a way to compress the disk to make it bulge out like that, there's got to be a way to decompress the disk actively and strengthen the area. So he created that reverse hyper machine, and you know to see this guy go straight to back surgery like that when just a few days. Well, that was standing there talking about Mickey Gall Canary out yeah. I mean what the is going on there. While you getting surgery yeah we, you reviewed all the options with that and you know he was getting to Ariel. I want to fight on either one hundred and ninety nine of two hundred. I hope I got the juice to find out two hundred, which is crazy. You shouldn't have any juice, regardless of how famous
meaning yeah the whole idea. I guess I don't know yeah, but I are you aligned aerial then, because you know you're having back surgery, are you lying now that it was weeks before you saw this guy fight it because I don't pick on the guy, because I know I understand this motivation, but I think if somebody that's my opinion, if his he was my friend, and I think I should do I'd be like why don't you come out and how a long, interesting conversation with somebody. Somebody nowhere else is friend and say: listen. I went and explored this for a long time. I found I found some incredible things in fighting. It gave me this. I learned the stuff on him and what I discovered was there's no way I could fight that's crazy. It would have an insult to fighting and I learned enough to know it, and now that I love it, I want to work for the s I want to do some other things I want to contribute. People would look and go honesty. Right. That's one of those things we never see it so refreshing just come out and say I I train my off of what I found was only a further appreciation for fucking everybody in this gym and all these fighters- and I learned enough to barely
Stan. I barely know anything about fighting, but now that I love it, I want to do some other stuff and fighting with all probably go cool. That's great! That's what he should do. Well, I don't think he can't fight. I think you definitely could fight. I don't think that a year is nearly enough time to fight in the UFC. I think that's preposterous, but I think anybody could fight at a commensurate, let have you could find someone who is at your level has been training as well as long as you have and have an amateur fight, there's absolute, nothing wrong with not being the best in the world are not being at a world championship or a world class. FC level there's nothing wrong with that. No, I don't do nothing at all. I think with insults alot of peoples that he jumped right into the UFC and he did so because, not just because, like his notoriety has notoriety and when he was young, he was a boxing champion or wrestling champion like rock. Was NC double a national champion? I mean you got to look at rock, no hey man, you know, maybe I can actually do it with him. You like
you never wrestled in high school, you never wrestling college. You you're a white belt in Jujitsu you're, a white Dalton like what are you in Colorado yeah? How do you and more time and and to not strike until you sign a contract? Not to me, isn't saying saying you're having a conversation about may be fighting in the UFC in two years used. Training yesterday, you don't wait and then figure out what Gm Day Wanna training striking. That's insanity yeah, you know, but I can to the right place. Dukes amazing in such a wonderful group. This is the ship mean that Jim is amazing. He's got fantastic, in from Daniel one delay to Ben asked friend to Pettis to Duke himself was just amazing coach Kush, Scott Cushman he's gotta. A gentleman did that, if, if, if I was thinking about fighting that would be one of the places that I would consider yeah, I did the one thing that Tristar? For Us-
I'll, be alliance. Mad united just got a mat him right now he was a partial genius. Man he's got them jeans and he's the most low key of all of them. You don't hear a peep out of that. Guy Dimitrius and him are like symbiotic biotic, like Dimitris says Matt here was around the world, knows everything about fighting farms. Researchers, study love the martial arts, pursuing it. Looking for all the truths of Marshall, and along comes this super athlete he's like I'm, going to invest a couple years, see if he really to Osh it he's really becoming he's. He learns incredibly well he's a good guy he's a smart person. Oshit then, once he gets to that level, it's just like I'm going to commit my life to making you the champion and symbiotically Matt trains for them we transfer them like he's his training partner. Most of the time he's a fucking genius that
symbiotic one on one thing: there isn't much of that in the world and there's not many fighters that have one brilliant coach that commits most of their time to it's hard to find someone who is willing to do that. Who and then forget about someone who has the knowledge and the uh. The that Umass, because he's not just a knowledgeable guy but he's very similar in for us a hobby in that he's not just incredibly knowledgeable but he's. Also incredibly physically cape like for Ross is nasty he's got nasty, kickboxing skills and nasty Ju Jitsu I mean is knowledge- is very deep and wide and I think the same thing we set a mad, humid, so rare to find a guy like those two guys and I admire for us, and I like him very much- and I just spoke with him the other day on the phone before I went in to do the Mcgregor one he was working on some with a geiger and I I love the man is brilliant, that that the one difference is he's got, fifties
so he and he makes some great and he gives some real time and he dedicates himself to them, but this guy is basically one of a handful of that is crazy. But for us also seems to be that it's such an interesting marshall. It seems to have this interest, path where you know you come along. You learn some moves and then you learn how can how it works and then used to work on your body? And then you learn how to learn. And then you learn strategy, and then All these things growing. Inevitably, you end up at a mental thing and then philosophy the study of martial arts. Ends up somewhere: the study of philosophy: how to live your life, how to learn how to improve, how to become better in being a human being, not just in kickboxing, like that inevitable result. If you stay on the martial arts path long enough, inevitably you end up. How can I be a better person like? How can I get better at being? markets find that those things are part of what trips people up, you know part of what
keeps you up in anything. You do is, if you have personality flaws, if you create problems in relationships and in inter relationship, conflict problems with friends, problem with wife or girlfriend, or what have you, those those things that may you. A bad neighbor will also make you a bad fighter begin your way, and you realize you've created this on a circle. You know yell at your neighbor, for no reason, because his dog, your lawn or whatever, the it is. Thank you. You created a problem that did need to be there and now. You've got you've, got extra, friction and conflict in your life, it's unnecessary. Instead, of creating some sort of a positive bond by being a really good person. So you learn again. No ones I you learn somewhere along those lines. Okay lines. Ok, if I just approached this in a better, more
more friendly, more open, more nice and then I get this positive reward out of that, and I realize that's the path. The path is to try to be a better person. The path is to try to have more character. The path is try to be a better friend to be you know, of a better training partner. You know did did to make sure that you are push NG, your friend towards victory, you're, not trying to kick his because you know he's tired. You know that that's a real issue in gyms right when they run a gauntlet having a guy It is going to wear you out, but not going to fuck you up, because he knows he can, because he knows you're, tired cuz. You just ran with three other guys before one thing, you should drive me crazy, where I would be training and I would be exhausted and I would see a guy sitting down waiting taking the time off of training training that round and then, as soon as this round is done, he tries to jump on. You know what you sitting down while you just sitting down and I'll call them out. I go. What do you do?
you want to rest, and then you want to jump in while you're, fresh and other people are tired, fuq off man for sure yeah. I remember sparring with a guy an after I looked, he was wearing like novel boxing gloves, like everybody showed up to spring, we had a little like. Are you out of your fucking mind like you're, looking for an edge over people? You're working with you know so strange, but those guys are almost all not good, but sometimes good enough to hurt you there Guy that still I love working with. I just really like to other guys in Canada. That kind of end up being like I kind of get to fire them overtime because they were pioneers, and maybe some of them were in the UFC. Some of them got their cloud, Patrick Sean Pearson, some of those as where important, canadian, pioneers, Hominick and and Paco all those guns, Joe Dirt sand, has occurred there sure you, admire those guys, one of them. He never got to the UFC and he's probably close to forty now Adrian Wooly, and he was like the best one hundred and twenty five
and when I would go and I had a fight coming up. I wanted some rounds with Willie and the reason I wanted them was one. He would push you really hard, but two. He hurt me one time and is very aggressive and hurt me one. And my leg wobbled and as I circled, I saw him take the time to. Let me recover and that's literally the perfect training partner. You want him to push you so hard. As close to a fight as you can handle right now and understand what you can handle, but not take you past that point what you be a friend yeah and he was literally and he was born every and aggressive, but I loved having him in the rotation in the last week before finding a couple weeks of real training before by now. Because of that is just like the training training partners, some gyms haven't Tri star has some guys they don't fight, but man they're in a huge important ingredient, everyone of those right. You know you were talking about you're, getting that concussion Jordan means Kenya. What happened with me and he just retired,
I was really young yeah. You know his dad. Just fought recently is like forty five. Just just enormous, and one in his dad is a cool. I don't know exactly. We talked to Jordan after he's like twenty feet out right. Yeah he's got like thirty five yeah it's functionality is super talented. You see what he did to my pile yeah. You know what I mean my piles braillon, my pals a super fighter, what he was doing it Thiago Alves. He took that body carry out and props to for figuring a way through the first round and landing that body kit and take him out, but and then for how to me and retire like that, was really shocking. I'm guessing. So what I'm gonna say is in town. I know Jordan. I, like Jordan, very very much as father and I are very good friends, I'm guessing, but there are, I picked up bits and pieces of him kind of figuring out well I'll get paid.
The real good money when I'm kind of at the top- and it's like wait a second I'm fighting like top five guys and find like Thiago Alves as level guys. I'm there. Jordan wants to be re, which Android and wants to be successful in life. In some of those ways, and at least he's told me that he didn't say anything about pay or any of that stuff, but it was like he was he's right at the top and he's not becoming wealthy enough for what he's doing. That's my guess at it and He loves fighting, but one day he loved other stuff, too. He's like you know. I didn't again, I'm guessing by a guy like him as I can I don't have as much sex in high school as a lot of other guys did, because I was training all the time you know I didn't go on fishing trips as much the other guys 'cause, training, all time drinking beer Saturday's is really fun. Like all of those things happen, you twenty five you're, like you know, and man having the guts the smartness to identify and the guts to quit. Something
We all as a society think that, like don't quit anything driven, you do go, do it for life. Really analytically looking go. This will not give me what I want. Even if I achieve the also I will achieve. I don't want or there are not enough for me, so I will step away. I admire that like Numb, fans and I'm trying to think of somebody in particular Aerosmith or something like that. The is this still doing going up there playing. It might love it. But why american idol. He needs to still be on tv or he needs an audience or needs to be worshipped or whatever you made all the money you made all the great records go and sit on a beach somewhere people who go. You know I've done enough of stuff. I think I will move on to other stuff. We should admire those people, 'cause they're, really rare. You know they are they're, really rare, This is me and was so talented. You know another guy like that that vanish is Adlan Amag of yeah right now. I don't know what happened he
came very religious and I heard that he was going to be a heard, some rumors that he was going to be a or something like that, because he was a pretty devout muslim. I don't know what happened, but he was another guy be like wow that guy was so tight. I used to manage some UFC fighters a couple on any so bad was. It was really to learn everything I due to learn any angle fighter manager or I could carry the bucket whatever I could do. I wanted to, and I came across Guy Nick Dini: do you remember any sure, yeah and I'm and manage neck? Can we got into the UFC. Is she got Sean Shelby Afucking Love Nick an you should if you go and watch his first fight or his fights in the UFC, he fought like a caveman. The guy has a masters degree in biochemistry, I think, he's brilliant, but when he thought he loved fighting like a caveman and he retired as he said, he was taking head trauma and he did it didn't like it and he he we talk,
about ad and he talked with other people about it. It's like. Could I fight different ways? Yes, but he likes fighting like a caveman in writing like a caveman will result in brain damage. He got knocked out by Mile and Sandra, in fact, in single coop, and then he said after he recovered from that when he said you know, if I ever get another russian I'm going to retire and then, after the last Friday had a broken orbital bone, and he thought why am I waiting until after I've sustained the damage to step away? Why am I give it saying it's ok, to take one more large amount of damage. If I'm going to step away, let's just go: let's step away, you know he brilliant guy, one of the most interesting and cool guy haven't talked in awhile, I'm going to make sure that said they give Mccall or something he's such a brilliant guy very, very smart guy and he's a guy was used an example of someone who is very wise and recognizing the risk versus reward and realizing rewards not worth it anymore. I need to and there's come a time for all these guys, they they have to decide like when it is
is it over? You know we're talking about the pursuit like getting, for something and being obsessed with something and wanting greatness there is a time with that's no longer in your mind and your ill on this path, because it's something you've always done because you've been a fighter for x amount of years, and so this is what you're doing you're going into training camp, but you don't have that inside you, like you, did when you first started or when you are improving or when you're at your best and that's. We need to stop yeah the so hard for people. It's really hard at the with the one of the things I've heard before, as people well allow called Poly Manga Nashi, I never pronounce the name. Who is actually brilliant commentator very, very fucking, good love, listen to his car he's one of my favourites inbox, very good. He wrote an article about how his passion and desire to get back to fighting I got told him he shouldn't, but it's just enemy needs that that cannot be the motivating factor
among the reasons that it that's one hundred percent, true it can't be- is 'cause when you're. Steve you're, still going to have that. That's never go away said that just having that does not mean go fight? as you always have, that it's one of many pieces of a pie chart that you have to have in place. Yes, but if you, have it your whole life, it's whether you have it or not, 'cause, you know you have it in one day you're going to have to retire, even though you have it so that can't be a part of the decision process. Thank you probably didn't see that Rocky movie, when Rocky was like fifty nine in the disability loads. Do you the bill may be a little late, yeah number that yeah. That was the one where he was who the to the yeah I Tommy gun, no nose after that yeah the one where he fought the guy knocked out Roy Jones, Junior yeah, yeah, yeah yeah. I know it's hard driver, Tarver, magic man and
you know, which is fucking ridiculous and apparently got knocked out in training training for that like at like sixty whatever the hell. He was getting punched in the face. By when were yeah insane. When we're looking at Anderson Silva fighting his one of his very favorite fighters is Roy Jones Junior, there. It is look that come son. What the we've been looking at it. As he's saying he's like seventy years old, he looks thirty like yeah. I mean it's amazing. What testosterone replacement therapy is done for him, but like it just the fact that he could try to sell these. Just look at him. He shouted crowded How old was he when he made this movie at least six or ten years ago? at least how old is he now, I'm not sure Let's find out how old is now 'cause. That would mean that he had to be like fifty seven. Then I think if he sixty
So it's fifty nine God, that's insane hi! It's meant that science Jesus Christ. I love this is so he's. So it's an insane people trying to say he's fifty six, fifty eight I stood next to that dude and maybe had listen issues but he's taller than Maine everybody, which is pretty so tiny, that's some with weird thing that people do. You know they always like try to pretend that people are tiny, yeah. Those look so far, but like three feet tall, I am fifty eight, I don't wear lifts in my shoes. I never have. I have terrible posture, I'm sure but when I stood next to him he's bigger than that he I expect him to be what everybody says. I don't want to meet Tom because everything these tiny too he might tiny I don't know why. That would be something that people do, but whatever perceived as undermining people just to love it yeah people, people doing that they love doing that.
Don't have to do that like when you see people. You know Rhonda comes out and says that she had a horrific experience, be like yeah, fuck her and then when you're like, you know. Why are you reacting this way they're like well, she brought it on herself, but yet, but you're still choosing to have that you- can easily have a different response. You could easily have a different perspective, but that's a long path to improvement for an you. Let improve a troll with one sentence. It's like not going to happen so other people also their life sucks and they see someone is doing as good as she was doing when she was on the top. I mean sports illustrated called to the most dominant female athlete of all time- and you know, there's just so much hype and fanfare- and then also there's all the shitty things that she was saying to our opponents in the way she was talking to them and they, the Miesha, Tate, thing did the show with her and she's. She would win the competitions like fuck, you
after the she beat her, she walked away with shake her hand, there was so much fuel for the haters, but it's so much feels like you. Don't have a choice, but must hate like you do have, of course. Of course, I just feel like sometimes when we say these things, and I do it all the time I'm guilty of it as charged, but were almost like you're yelling out into the abyss right- and I I guess I I just you it all you can do- is hope that you are keep offering up that. There is another choice: yes yeah. We also have the binary culture. There was this article. I read the tender eyes ation of America. We had to get a swipe, yes, yep, what a well mapped, nope, don't and that that thought process that binary process is actually influence. How our culture thinks Ronda Rousey is either the greatest athlete ever or she fucking
since she's terrible, he can lose and still be the greatest athlete ever. She can still be a ninety nine out of one hundred, but we can't have that in our culture, she's a left swipe or a right swipe and people only want one or the other. They won't gray areas in everything in the world in the gray areas where the beauty is it's where the interesting fascinating shed is and where our culture is making it so that we don't look there because of that swipe, though is why a real winner like Connor, is so spectacular because with them scrutiny with the amount of pressure that's on him to still perform the way he did and win in thirteen seconds by check out, then you are the hero and the that's, also why people were shooting on, although after the fight so badly right, although was the greatest pound for pound, now he's terrible. No, we still among the greatest he had a life, he had a decade of being the greatest, maybe he's now been surpassed by somebody or had a long career out of a lot of damage to other damage, but a lot of hard fights but
Jim Wars, oh yeah, and then you about how they trained back. Then he used to live in the gym, probably train all day everyday is popping up and down. It's part. Any sour on a regular basis. Sounds like an all time, K1 great by the way Carlos Condit's. First kick box yeah. I saw that yeah, it's not acting crazy. Zero fights. He followed guy with a hundred fights unbelievable Edmark insane. I I watched much of that podcast that you did with him an I mean, I'm. He is, Well, you were same vandalay would be one of your three favorite, sorry that those things do change every time we will shock. We have different thinking differently, but can't is absolutely wonderful. Yeah he's a little tough guy that fifth round with Lawler was just insane. I thought he won. That fight is very close, very close fight, very close fight that one yeah I mean what I thought was beautiful. It didn't really fucking matter to
like he was search. He was seeking that fight and he had that fight and what three guys sitting at the side think it doesn't take any away from the twenty five minutes? Brilliant variance that he had that will affect him positively for the rest of his life. And what do you like to do it again? Maybe- but maybe not- maybe that was I don't know, man he's only got a few more left him. I think you know. I think Carlos is a really smart guy I think, he's also got a lot of other things that he could do with his life is very intelligent, and what made him such a great fighter would make him great at anything he chooses, Do an I think, he's got a realistic perception of how much longer his body can go through those kind of training camps and those kind of fights yeah. It I mean
sour was his first saying that's the same and I loved it yeah. I know I side, he said you know it. It was such a great experience for him. He he gave me one of the great quotes when I was trying to figure out more about fighting and it was actually relevant to what you're saying about Dominick Cruz you're talking about. We show the footwork drills and how we moved, and I asked Condit because he's like that he's very special. You know, and I said when you're doing Are you when you go into a fight? Are you working with pre planned sequences, so you'll run sequence, a twice or three times on Robbie and when he starts reacting to sequence, a hat trick in be sequence, be right, and these things are you improvising what's happening and the way he put it was brilliant. He said some, but I'm I'm reading the sheet music and I'm just reading the sheet music and playing it and uh. Times. I just go off in a solo and I just I just improvise and that and as Stephen Thompson, Mcgregor Cruise Holly, that's what the best are doing their they have sheet music
some nights, the sheet music, is going to kill. Everybody is going to apply it. It's going to be fantastic other times you gotta go off on some crazy jazz odyssey to make it working sometimes so, but above well. There was a big thing with Anderson. This recognize who were those patterns were and being to create something in the moment yeah. What do you think about Anderson versus Bisping like, I was saying. Brad Jones Junior is one of his favorites and you saw what happened to Roy Johnson got. It will happen eventually. Is it now or is it a year or is it in five years? It's gonna happen. I mean I have. I played a troll game with Anderson Silva. And not with him, but share dog used to ask for for predictions, and I just picked against Anderson on because everybody was picking at it. I thought it was funny. I mean, Bonner is going to defeat Anderson Silva and be considered the greatest right was. It was comedy right, so people since you know me or people who follow our channel know that so
When I say I think this Bisping's going to win, they think I'm just still playing that, but I do probably think that, and when we picture Anderson Silva we're picturing him in there. I guess forest in the greatest moments, and that's not what I expect him to be. Don't anymore, to be like that anymore. The fact that he was one of the greatest fighters of all time it brilliant beautiful to watch and incredible things. That's not diminished anyway. It's up is that was not long ago. Was really about him was Stephan. Bonner was like what was that two thousand and thirteen twelve or twelve or thirteen so four years ago he was the wizard. He was the greatest of all time now he's barely hanging on. He took a whole year off. He thought Weidman was lagging, half right, took a whole year off, but will also broke his leg and then tested positive after the Diaz fight took that year off tackle so
he's. You know he's in some weird place right now. We don't know what his body is going to be like we don't know, we know based banks, accusing him for taking steroids whole career that could partly games or he might know something. I don't know all of those things hint to me point towards not expecting him to be his best. If he's not as best Michael Bisping is the most under a pre dated underrated, undervalued by his opponent stuff. Fundamentally, really good he's not going anywhere he's got hard. Smart punches, not knockout punches, but enough to make you aware he does his intelligent well placed he can get emotional and that might be something Anderson will want to play with. But but I mean I just don't, I'm not imagining Anderson Silva from his high we also imagining a guy who had his leg, broken half lost twice. One hundred percent of the fights he's had since then, which was the the S bites. He didn't have brilliant performances, so we haven't seen him, have really a brilliant performance and Yushin Okami years back,
now. Could he come out and be mind blowing that be amazing, yeah? Well, Bonner was his last fight before I guess I'm will you shoot? You shun was a spectacular performance so, and he had many of them in at noon and just 'cause I played picked against him for a comedy. I don't want my friends of ours or people watch flight number to think I don't like Allison. So he's forty. Exactly he's forty and less you're on some shit. Forty is forty and it's hard to be on ship now, almost impossible, almost impossible. Listen Robin! We ran out of time. Those three hours ran through three hours is crazy. We just blah blah blah and we did it thanks brother. We gotta do this more often. Let me know when you're in town again Let me know when you're breakdown of Conor Mcgregor AN has failed to San Jose, goes live I'll tweet. It will get it out to people thanks. Thank you, brother appreciate it very much X, see you guys on Sunday with the fight companion, much love, bye, bye. Thank you friends. Thank you for tuning into show should
buck. Eddie people had a great time with you this week and thank you to our spot thanks to Legalzoom, go to Legalzoom dot com use? The code word Rogan check out and save yourself some money on an awesome service. Thanks also to audit combo dot com end it use the code word Rogan and save ten percent off any and all supplements. Alright, we're done this week essentially done this week will be back on Sunday, but it it be be regular podcast. It will be a fight companion, which are some of the most fun most ridiculous. Podcast that we looking forward to it next week, action Bronson Duncan Trussell, of our and GAD Saad. Come sad comments. That's a fucking week! It's got a week, enjoy it that's it. Much love to you all. Thank you. So much see you and talk to you soon. Bye bye
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