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#775 - Greg Fitzsimmons

2016-03-16 | 🔗
Greg Fitzsimmons is a stand-up comedian. He also hosts his own podcast "FitzDog Radio" available on iTunes.
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soft law. That was no bad a burn through those brickwork I wanna bringing us out. My guest today is one of my best friends and the planet, one of the longest running friends and definitely my longest running friend in comedy, because we ve been friends since then We started out together, we Gregg Fitzsimons and I started out within a week of each other, and we have been great friends for a long folk in time. We were open, microbes together. We still travel around all the New England Clubs and you stand up together and as old men were still pals great frock grape and we're gonna show tomorrow night by turning. This might be too late, but our show tomorrow is that the improv for Saint Patrick Day he does it ever. Yeah, he's fucking awesome. It's hilarious comedian, Super smart guy, it's Emmy award, winning writer and my friend Mr Gregg Fitzsimons, milk and eggs.
Regions around the block ass, my body. Bob Gray were carried out of the gate with us, as I can orgasm guard from space using those don't transfers is running away from his skull. He looks like he needs virginal rejuvenation surgery on his chest. But what happens to poison ethics, and it just doesn't like their head anymore. Pulling away years is hang it in his he's, not that fat now you know I mean like Chris Christy's This is in better shaped in her right. Well, being fat helps because yeah pushes all the wrinkles out wrinkles when you're fat but mine- I am I
when your irish man, you had forty in all sudden funky terminal, like a rotten apple core. All the meat falls off. The ball is in your cheeks. Slim can in their close to a fixed for the relay the real close, their close. This guy things named Peter what doktor pure welling, whatever the good the doctors name that invented rejected keen. We asked that blood spinning procedure that Kobe Bryant always athletes Gallienne for he's invented. Some way to rejuvenate your bodies, production of collagen and shoot it and old, ladies and Nay caught again be all over? That shit, though, is that what makes you wrinkle that's it makes your skin lose its last history as colleges, and you know, if you look at like if you go to the gym euro, german Collyer ever do have like one of those older ladys at the jam. We, like, I fuckin, smash that some way to this inner fifties, but she just doings
watts every day. Just hang it like that. You know that kitten in that poster hang in there maybe maybe curtain She is not going softly into that. I am right now than when you, when you're twenty, three and you're in shape, you can get out of shape, fer a few months and shovel right back into shaving near when you're hang on Kitty you take, you take away, off. You almost won't get back to where you started again. That's one of em yeah, this picture or looking at a cool kitten from a stick. Yeah you, when you get to be like that age, getting ash is really easy. Getting back into shape is fuckin nightmarish, the first day bachelor yeah, I'm.
I went to do push ups today and how do you spell the bang out? Fifty push ups? No because I'm skinny as shit and I did gymnastics my whole life. So I just had a good like muscle to weight ratio I fucken struggle to do fifty and I was shaking. I was like what the fuck is that really bums me out. I was like wow cuz. I said to myself to get back to where I was would require a lot of uncomfortable pain over a long period of time. Did you have a real shoulder injury or something tat surgery? What was wrong with shoulder? The cartilage hinges: wear out, time, seemed between your ear. This three bones come together in your shoulder, classical on the whatever the other two are, and so they basically go in and in two different Botz. They go into your shoulder and they just saw away the tipps of the bones scar tissue form
on each bone and it acts as a new cartilage. And you know what fuckin arm is good is no unbelievable yeah range everything was great, doesn't get hooked, invited and everything about it was very positive. Homes are hooked, like nine months, it's unbelievable. How many doctors will prescribe you like it and if you ask surge the surgeon the primary care, physician, the physical therapists and then I go to like a pharmacologists for my other mood needs I now know why this mother Fucker started right. Wing groups still for pain, Daddy got friends every friends, gotta It is in our agenda We may get an answer right now: you're renovation- and you had me over in two thousand and thirteen may want to restock your your bid. You didn't go to and it was cabotage scoop of you out
come off. It was bad who I was I was only three years ago now, the rally five five six year loud, oh my god and Ivan Dragon. You know twenty five years So was it a slow creepy saying worth slowly crept in on you how'd you realize it had had you do you don't realize until you stop for a few days and you good dark, you go. If you don't take a few days, you get so psych like close to suicidal, because what happens? Is your ear receptors freer with me for your dopamine get Claude by barbecue its and you can't. So if you stop taking them, the the dopamine can't get into those receptor holes work as their filled the air, so so you can't feel happiness until eventually those go away and that's why so hard to kick? Oh, my yeah, so how'd you kick. It just went dark why it like,
did drank and tat is how you did I mean when you did drinking like thou. I've met you right after you did. I met you when I thought I think when I met you, you were still drinking and then like right after I met you quit he had a right Exactly right- and I was amazed that Dido I know a lot of people is most people. It's a struggle you have to go through. Therapy have to go through AAA, have to go through all the stuff, but you just knocked it off Do therapy and also my dad was an alcoholic. So I had gone to Alan on meetings fur, probably but a year before I quit, and he knew the consequence. I knew it. I knew the consequences are also needed. Perhaps when you learn the steps it becomes like oak I know what else to do. I need to acknowledge that I have a problem. I need to work on whatever higher power is like I went through it without going to I went to the meetings and it was just like too many. I, like you know those does all bets. Those guys in Boston would do avowed. Always what was the cause? They too
barrage around at ease. Like you see these guys at these meetings and they act like they got it all figured out the stand out there like and I get brow let's say after fifteen years I know log crave Al Gore and is like I'm back. I crack a soda they like, where specific, whereas fuck Mammy terms. We talked about him on that gas now that he's one of not enough all time, grates their people just never found out about he had the most raw talent, Jerry, Louis kind of talent or aegis call. I call you discuss special Jerry was Cherry, Louis was talented, did you see you don't see it army? nor were there not similar. I just means guy we're talent, but a weird comparison. Why'd you go with Jerry Louis, I guess justified.
Quality. You know they're almost like dancers. The way they can move onstage activity, which is glide around in his like hand, movements the way he'd slide it was his color was telling in his time here who's this impeccable re Marinos, an open like night guy just started Teddy did said and he did a set like good. You know: stropped ended by ten minutes, and I remember thinking fucking know nothing understand anything a barely. I shouldn't be up there shouldn't do I do this year, but he the pills, got that guy are blocks that yeah watched a member. The matter pointed in here. You know that damn. I gotta have a fury, is yet and he booked me and Teddy do. I've is a classic old. Her now well was like a car bed and breakfast or the area around, so it had danced here's the sole show room- and it was real. Tight seeding in small, was an excellent gig like when you got the gig, your site, Gregg, and it was income
like a resort e sort of vacation in areas some people party and having a good time so as a fawn crowd and I'm ever Teddy, showed up, and he was just zangwill zogg doubt on pills, and it was so sad. The arch was like this guy was an all time great and he was just so out of it and I remember, being uppity air, the Andover, who is a clever dick dirty gig. It was a club called chick land and something grill and dumb. Green line three years something tat. Ninety nine or ninety airy here and sell Teddy comes on Friday night and he's lady shed on the feature and I'm stretching with material. I don't have I'm doing your material at this point. I got my hand above my head. I refer to rise and and he comes in late and that I see him talks. The club owner is like a guy when we were there when I'm coming up ninety three north and sky sides
pipes may knocks off. My mirror is after the show it's just cuz. I look at my car and we got to the car and his side mirror is hanging off in the Geico so Saturday. I comes I'm up there. I get the stuff. Sign again. I gotta do another half hour teddy shows have any guys I walks into biogas, agate side, swiped and ninety three north. You get. You my side. We rare the guys, like you kidding, technologist fuck. It happened, so you so out of a total saving lie tonight. That's it! just kick this FUCK America pills man, you're you're, swipe it from your friends. I am sadly Brennan Shaw. My friend had a nose job. His nose got brought broken. You have sea fight there and he get hooked on paid pills, see the EU sees Brion said, drawing on violent kid. When there was a time bomb boxes.
Seas where he answered arches, where you can't turn back that that's the fuckin, hard coral head start out with ass. He co down Sloman later at any get invited in and he now we had those guys on Chris and Mark Bell from prescription thugs. It's a new documentary, that's out now in Itunes. The same guy who did bigger, stronger, faster and trophy kids, great guys, great document or gas. While these guys doing the documentaries Duna Documentary on prescription drugs and how many people get prescribed them and how insane the businesses and how over prescribed they are, while he's doing it, he asked hip replacement surgery, and he gets hook now share- is doing the document whose hooked on pills, hair and he's got a like kind of cover it up and he's got a hot he's embarrassed cause like he's, trying to put the others documentaries hooked on pills, then. Finally, in the document, unwanted becomes clean,
then it just comes clean in the documentary ex pills. How that's amazing? I take you to his car and showed his car like how he fucking collided in the shit when it was all filled up here and shows all the dance and his headlights hanging off and share dark pools. Philip Seymour Hoffman got back on drugs because he was doing a role that was very busy on drugs in the roller. Was he drunk! But whatever was he bit sober for like twenty years and going into this play, night after night doing this play. He started taking pills again, and you know any. I just don't get why doctors prescribe Also somebody who's in known attics little knew before me. Don't give a shit. I think doctors get so used to people being sick and people dying, and you know it just becomes normal.
Right is it. You know I had this woman Doc Deronda Patrick in the other day, she's a research scientists, and she was talking about a lot of the experiments they had to do with how to kill mice and when she first are doing this experience should get really sad and should cry and dislike is like you just really upsetting after governments uses gas needs, Motherfuckers, Lee, outwits, listen, even care arise, get totally used to here, and I think for doctors you're a doctor for ten years, twenty years, thirty years for as always, patients are sick and nine, and I fucked up. No one sees you they're doing great everybody sea because they got a tumor, a broken leg and it must take these building it, though you're just a mouse here, have some cheese and some pills Chris Bell, the guy who made that documentary just sent me a text yesterday saying there also afforded to you Jimmy,
The need to put it up here, but you saying that there is a new law that just get past. Doctors are urged. Ok this, whereas is unused USA. Today, eager find it from yesterday new guidelines for prescription to reduce abuse and overdoses, so their urging doctors to try to do something about this, because our stare finally starting to realise- and I think a lot of it- is because of all these documentaries and all these internet blogs. That are, you know that are coming out in the Youtube videos and alleys, new stories. Were people are really cunning grasping the magnitude of this problem? I just don't understand why there is not one database where you can't have multiple doctors writing prescriptions for the same patient in future to see vs right aid. There should be a listing of any time. You were specifically for thrill
it's no fuckin, I mean didn't, stop, may I remember get afresh bottle. He no authority pills in it and just holding her hand like. Joy by all of you. You never took anything like that. No, never! I took one time. When I had my knee operating on my first me operation, which was a Battelle attendant graft, which is particularly painful because they take a piece of bone out of your shin and a piece of out of unique cap attached to a strip of your Patel attendant. Your battelle attendance is a large ten minutes in the final, your knee this one that goes from your knee down to your Shan regret that one can what they do. Is they take a slice out of that and then they open you up like a fish and then use that slice, and that replaces your acl that becomes a new Asia, because this Patel attending graph is really big. It's really neither of them, so they take a slice of that and it creates new ACL and the pain was
pretty insane around the places where they cut the bone out yeah who, just like fire so they gave me somethin, I remember, was Viking per Cosette? Was I but I remember I took it once and I so's do bed. I goes, I think it was like it and I was so dumb mean. Maybe this is my own biology, the we are reacting to it, as they add, rather take the pain. So I sold them to this due to the poor. His gun, if he's got Jeffrey, always buy and sell pills he's out, he was the pill. Had he looked like a classic dirt bag from a fuckin beavis, and had come to him Long hair, though, go down like this in one of those moustaches curled all the way down to like the bottom of his leg is worth changing. Added yeah you such a dirt bag is here he had a pickup truck rested out, probably at once Minos rain and he would during the
out of the back of it with some friends. Now be definitely, he was at Durban, eyes gather, but he was just a classic classic. Guy arrows like careful can take these things eagles. You got him at home for me I'll, buy more. If you like, I saw them. I stay a drug dealer. She give me a bottle with your name on it The fact is, I back and I stand behind like ours that nobody was a leg me today or even with my address or anything, I was just a struggling and immediately like to play, pool selling drugs Ella drugs to it buzz, laying it obviates the poor outside to get that money to Somalia. No, it's interesting like what, like fifty boxes, one really need it. Fifty bucks me don't need it. Money loses, doesn't mean anything like that's why
never understand someone that, like works incredibly hard, but they're, already insanely wealthy and doing something and enjoy doing a constantly trying to conquer and bill, business and I keep going going, but there are billions of dollars in what they're doing is making the miserable Natalie that take it to the next level. Where you got a guy like that brothers, yes, and they are not only working way harder than they need to they Verde covered the next. Fifty generations of kids did never have to work in their family, but they're, killing them so, if you are thinking about a legacy for your great great grandkids they're, going to do a hundred and forty degree earth with no water surrounded by fuckin. You know killers mad max doing this can happen. I think so
yeah and I'm running saga to fall apart. I'm not stressed out about it. I just feel like really you know it's gonna happen. I'm encourage my kids, not to reproduce. I think that there can escape through can escape through they'll, be allowed terrorism is gonna, be a lot of flooding and some crazy Storms have a third world country, you're gonna be in an upheaval, because you know environment is if it can affect the poor first. Of course, I wonder how much was born out of proportion and how much of it could be mitigated by new discoveries and new science and new technology solar power. Or do you know, did you know the notice to any Bravo came over here and I went down the goddamn rabbit whole about Rockefeller Tis, your answer, but yet did you know that rock affair or made there was a conspiracy to get people to use oil instead of alcohol and at most combined
engines work on alcohol and they work just as good with, if not better, on alcohol get than they do on gasoline and alcohol. Obviously you dont need fossil fuels. You don't need we want to continue, is any kind of vegetable rang. Warn you yeah. They run just as good on that gap. What the fuck he I mean he between him doing that and then you know Ford didn't Ford, buy up all the train. The trains X in LOS Angeles, to create car society instead of a train. Citing yet some sort of conspiracy alike, were they the auto. I don't think it's scary merits see. I think it definitely happened. I mean that its conspiracy that do exist- I mean they conspired throughout the day, conspire right. Then they did conspire to do something now too much about that film about it. They dig killing the killing your Gore killing of the car, something yeah, that's different, that's a late on all those who killed the electric car. That was when the electric car first see they had
Cars are long fuckin time. Ok, I have a museum of give cars in their first cars or electric. How, but neither of these two reported fenders are made out of hemp, though something we cover. Again, guy you can hit with a hammer ladders. Videos of him, like whacking these fenders with a hammer, has hampers hemp fibres Amy powerful, unbelievably strong and really lightweight like more powerful than firing stronger than meanness. Amazing amazing, stuff and sows hit me with a fuckin hammer, the hammers bouncing off this land or that he had shed. But back then, when they were all jockeying for control of this emerging industry and they didn't see anything bad about just trying to control the market like thought. These trains yeah fuck your tracks, one or both have cars. I didn't think one day was gonna. He up the planet, polar bears, going to drown, yeah. Of course I mean if they could see that upholstery
Can you know polar bears, stuck Ghana and a little when he called us. Icefoot icy ice flow Did you see the video, the guy recently of a polar bear, chasing down a female and her cub and eating? in front of them. How we shall this explores were there. I was either explores or might have been a cruise, but they washed it there screaming now now and he just chases down the female and she's run in full club, but she's got the cub whether in the cub camera facile, following grabs a carbon eads, it answer in front of her. He figures his child, it doesn't matter, they don't give a fuck here. They don't give a fuck all bears a cannibals here. You know what that is a real problem with movies legs, utopia, which I took my kids,
he D day which really durable break human, not problem with the movie, but a problem with what comes out of that movie and these fuckin. What would you do for Klondike BAR ads and these these things at anthropomorphized animals? Here it is run Avenant watch it. She has the mother, the cub running full club and there's the big daddy can't run behind. Oh by the way this is going to take off right. So we just gonna watch on the screen. If we put it on, you can go full screen with it. I did and it's not gone farmers that sets a mom China had trying, but he's like you tell your badge. She cant do anything he's toys or Sars. Stay tuned there. It is bound to do it's awful, they eat them. I mean and bears come out of hibernation, one of the first things they do is head for the Cubs El. The male bears immediately, go and kill the cubs they eat m. A mom is China put up,
I'm a little bit, but she just some assented our gas scared, and she knows the baby is already dead. Does not she do so. She turns and unjust runs. She realizes at a certain point time this motherfucker mighty her to which does and by the way, really here, the cannibal as each other. They kill each other cannibalized other often when you hot bears. If you kill one bear in you, you leave it like to go back and get a truck to pull it out of the woods when you do that, you come back. The bears. Reading it bears are all animals. But my point was that people have this idea of what these wild animals are, that they know they live in harmony. In nature and its chaos, smile eyes, air ants, chaos in conflict and murder all day long and a cannibalism especially bears a hundred per cent cannibals. Oliver
not only would when we were in Alberta. My friend, who runs a hunting camp. There watched a male bear, kill a cub in front of female female. Try to fight him off. The male bear kill the cub. She chased him eventually and then she when finished, oh no, she ate her own cub Y yeah, while as harsh man, I've got mad. At my kids, Like a half, a million assured, why don't think the mail was the father who might have been, but who knows you might not, even though she probably new either- I thought some bears were just eight berries in shadow. All bears eat me a mob North American Bears man, they dont mean didn't eat meat exclusively, but there are, of course, except polar bears, polar bears, Mohammed, some predator and that the only bear that doesn't mean anything but meat. They just don't have anything up there, there's no vegetable. So everything the easiest meet the seals and anything that
box up here. When you look at the territory's that certain animals need like they were doing a thing about dumb about Mount Lions in LOS Angeles, and one. There was that each Mount lie needs like twenty square miles of territory just for him and if you get within that. It's a fight to the death those are the stakes, and so this one mountains, was living up and Santa Monica Mountains, like above the Palisades Malibu, and how somehow because they tear them. He somehow ended up over in Griffith Park. Yeah he's harass the four or five did you. What he did he kill the Koala Bear. Oh no! Oh, he climbed found on twelve foot tall fence covered with barbed wire, got over the fence and kill the qual burn. Aid gets four. Have Do you know where there's a well is away? Will they found
these Mount lines in San Francisco. You know, because California doesn't have hunting laws for from outlines a Mean Dave laws against a UK, not hunt Mount lines. Wildlife biologists are seriously against because when you can't control predator populations, they just breed and breed and breed until the becomes too many of them like you there, they don't have predators, other man, so you don't people could say well let nature balance and take it will. That means they move into neighbor meet your friends were divided about us were part of the balance and we think we're not because we have on the internet and the fuckin cell phone, but the reality is they don't give a shit about that. So anyway, these mountains, they ve, been killing cause. They they. What they have to do is when they invade neighborhoods are killing dogs and threatening people have to kill him. They killed over a hundred of the last year, and when I asked yeah yeah there they have to shoot em. They just privately. They don't talk about it as make the news, but when they shot them. They found out that their primary diet is pets. Here,
hats, dog yeah, that's the primary diet like they were all is like small percentage of deer in their belts and their bellies Did you ever see? Any cats are in your house of nursing care round the house, but I saw a cat that killed my dog in Colorado, and I saw another mountain lion in Santa Barbara on the on a fuckin residential road, yeah big. It wasn't a bug, like a small doglike. Fifty sixty pounds I thought that it was a big enough to Friedman the fuck out of a people. Now in a valley, you don't leave your dog out near yarn. I just don't know you can't it'll be fuckin gone well, coyotes, mostly yeah, but This damn outline than us on Santa Monica or send a barber other looked like a coyote. Was that size wasn't no big? I thought it was a coyote. Then I saw the tale. Oh shit, that's a cat is its seen a cat is so much crazier than Siena Coyote. Here it is You know that the like a coyote, I'm pretty sure, go fuck up or Coyote of a
I'm Tommy. I know I just grab him by his tail- smashes fuckin head off the ground figure out a way to when they get it. I think it's because bugs bunny and the another Riley Coyote, he was such a. Do you think seriously now. Will there scary, Minafer Coyote wanted to kill you of your real, I'm ever a rat wanted to kill you and your real fucking problem, but oppression, if you could snap and get into full rage psychopath mode, you could probably killer coyote here, but not a cat. I don't think I'm mainline you'd be fact what activity Polly Outline yet far yet and they sprang so fucking fast, fast herself, ass in their so powerful, and if you look at their bodies in comparison to like there was one of the most powerful cats, pound four pounds of enormous wrists and for arms and their shoulders a lower Epps. I try to get shoulders like that. The gene. I say I trainer. I want Mount Lion shoulder. I make it so
they have a machine. You know, sir the machine to shoulder machinist them outline when you put it in this little pause and you growl and you put on you know it just happened. There were people dressed his animals Adam. I just did the Addison Improv Good Club great. And there was a convention going on of my hotel. Hurries worries, hundreds of and they were fantastic. They had like you know. What is it we're outline a lot of lag. Unicorns and fuckin rabbits are mascots Roy Year. They look, it looked like a bunch college. Mascots but then some of them, then you saw the dark side. Creepin, like some of them had little started collars on, because apparently at night should get the little weird with some of them there's holes in the costume and there's some ferries ex goin on a lot of words, but they were great. I took pictures with like a hundred of them.
And it is there that there really is a hugging like the rule is, if you just ask any any argue reeling and I would go downstairs, get a cup of coffee at hug like three foot That's Larry is correct. Sure thing is rather arms around me and tat. They had their helmets on holiday, keep him on the ground when they drink in the coffee in the Cuban they drink anything or you would like, I told you I did, but I stopped in the bar tender down as having lunch downstairs. I discuss drink a lot like I've sold one beer and the last day during hostages, goober nerds, whoa over nerds. They all have like that I saw at a costume had like just those pale puffy faces tat. Look like there. The only light they ve got is off a computer screen of the last ten years. And they really like Asperger's II you know, would be on the elevator and, like I call out you're floors, and one guy goes for other guy goes.
Carrying out so bleak, are used for that more is half way we are looking at Greg's Instagram. I did you talk to them. Oh yeah, you ask him what the word what's up, yeah. They said you know we're were in my town. I get made fun of causes. Only two of us Do this and then I come here and I just feel like free and so, like you know, among friends, in the dead there's a bunch of conventions, they go to like COMECON type places and they They get to know each other, and you know it's like all community good for them. You know what I mean man I mean yes retarded, but no one's hurt them are not getting her. I'm jealous of anybody that finds like you, ve always had thanks your passion too bad. You know whether its tie condo or you know mixed martial arts or whatever, and it's like tat
find something in your life, no matter what it is. That gives you a community and gives you something that you're gonna, you cannot grow in overtime. Its It does not always jealous of the Gatt and have never had that. What you have interests, though I think- Family became the only thing I will stand up, obviously bun families. The only thing I ever got really into like long term committed donkey sick of when you're old you'll, be happy that the that choice, yeah. I guess there's a lot of people that made the different choice and got really obsessed with something else that led them away from their family. I ran and they get older and they realize it was just bowling right. I got it, I have to go. Bore all over the world and miss my kids growing may cause. I got really in the it was a dude who is a big show runner here, an ally and friends of them, and he get really no horses. He bought horses an eruption Pasadena and he would go up there in the weekends work all we can open the weekends he had.
Water and one night. He was in the middle of dinner and he went upstairs to his room and he put plastic bag over said he killed himself rather related the horses and little himself. While I think he was he was away from his family. He was like you with his free time. That's that's how you spending it away all the time stipulating I could think of that would cause it is like you sit down with the family and the greatest guy. I mean I love this guy, but it isn't. It made me think, like ie, the saddest time sometimes are when you with your family and for whatever reason, you're not feeling connected you just feeling, like theirs, talking and you're pretending to listen but you're, just in your head thinking, why don't I feel close right now, and you know in this most times it I feel like that, but one while you do and that those the saddest moments in my life, because it's all
I dare in front of me- and I can't touch it- that's deep air Jesus I mean obviously the guy's dead, so there's no way we could ever really know what his motive was. What the with the real big factor was that pushed him over the edge now, but I think sometimes people just aren't fucking happy and I think it can. You can narrow it down to a couple different things or can be. It could be a group of experiences from their life, the air gotten over. Could be breakups. You know, I know people that have been dumped like in high school or college and just really never recovered they. You know they had a love and then that person's left them for some announced some like that, and then they never bounced back there
can knows, dive went right in the rocks and just never came out, never had another relationship to its work and its in its normal Amelia happens it and it was about that. Like you said it wasn't about that relationship, it was about came before at some sentenced age fished for them to be that fragile. That's the bit best whether something said the stage like wonders, I love and it was a gas soon turned out had a heart of glass, due to its user first rapid she was or one of them she was. She was hanging out with thumb. Sugar Hell Gang and all those guys yeah. She hung out with you hung out with the earliest wrappers. I was like at C b g business should go uptown and she ran get out the sugar he'll getting happened like it was poppy
when I was in, I think I was in the seventh and eighth grade. I think I was in seventh grade, ah monsieur sure, those, but when it happened, I remember we were in the cafeteria. Somehow another someone had a boom box or some I found there planet and my junior high schools. When I was living in Jamaica Plain, I went to weigh my junior high school was sketchy like we add, we lived in a very bad narrowed and d to make it plain, is kind of become gentrified. Now I am a little bit, but when I lived there like a nineteen, seventy nine nineteen, eighty- a yes while there is shit yeah it was, it was not good and there was kids in our class. When I was, I guess I, like I said us, thirteen and there was a kid, my closet with seventeen and not cheat, not him during acquires. It was weird Loki who is therefore the first couple days and then he left and then he quit
I just never were never stuck it out with school, and he was therefore that awhile and bail than those like- and I remember that the feeling of sadness and Emma girl, my class- was kind of a whole shoes, so little bit older. She was sixteen and the thirteen year old classroom and she asked the teacher because if you make it out with some one and you breathe out a breather Anne and they breathed out a you breathing and you need any more air scant fucking classes. None of that question, but I remember I'm ever thing man this bridge get fucked a lot of things. There's like she's, like I'm, tired of regular air. More f only from people will forgive me if your uncle exhales- and you I mean you, know hypothetically my uncle hypothermic a few in the basement and you Our goal is whisper in India
like a crazy question like if you could just breathe each other's air back and forth, and science teacher. Who is she asked a question too had explained you breathe out carbon dioxide and he's a first guy that really kind of blue my mind this. I had You have the science teachers like or any kind teacher when you really young that actually make an impression, I would really wish. I could remember this guy's name, but he was a Vietnam, fat and He he is a very interesting God whose very calm but like people in och with them. He was. The head is weird air by yet a beard which shows that was weird back and people did not beards yoga, hipster beard, and I remember he said- really want to understand how strange the world is good, just go outside and and look up and understand that there's no end, it goes on forever. I just want to hurt you brain gods
and look up at the sky and realise that space is infinite, which means there is no end to it. I remember the whole class. Two? Sixteen year olds and thrusters Roy Thirty Where does Sidney? I like what the fuck there's, no end like nobody ever explained that never even thought about it before I was the universe, is big eyes. New space was big, but when he said that like no end, like you, start thinking, okay and further and then further, and then for and is no there's no wall as no end, so they can't be an answer because it didn't come back when a request you sent out there can't come back as it still going out there. It's like when I think about whether not whether out there's a god. That's to me. I just think of the word infinity and I just think are right. We can, if science can ever grapple with that, then I have. Then. I believe that there is no God, you believers gum yeah, Do you really believe that there's an old dude in a cloud are now nothing like that? I mean another. I care articular,
did that? Well, because I've never set out to make anybody agree with me and she's. My own personal part of it is. I think I was right. Very irish Catholic and you know you, you learn ten commandments, you know there. Thou shalt have now have no other gods beef before me, and you know you think about. This force in the universe. That has all the answers, and I dont know that like I ever fully let go of that, but it morphed into MIKE kind of I could taoist there's an energy that flows like with nature and that all energy is part of it in that year. Your goal to achieve enlightenment is to just become part of that energy. To lack owning. A part of it like tat to me is God, is that their? There is something that, has created the initial physical laws of the universe, and that, though, whatever happens within that happens, but that there was something that engineered the way that there are physiological
actions within an ad in the same way, there are in a universe and a man, I would imagine galaxies within the universe, all of behave the same way, the proton, an electron work, Anna and an atom. Why think it's free I think that's one of the things that are starting to realize now only do look into subatomic particles. Not understand like what what's the relationship between items in the universe itself. I think, as you go deeper and deeper into for it starts to resemble the universe more and more tat. The universe is mostly empty space right, black manner, yeah what which with it, necessarily totally understand their black matters. This weird thing: trying to figure out to try to do from the way it's been explained to me by physicists, because I'm an idiot ask them like ok, try to explain it.
They don't know why these galaxies behave the way they do. They dont know why and one of the ways they have formulated to try to make it makes sense here concept of dark matter. He and they say with Einstein, steer relativity the dead there there, the black matter that has an effect on the way light. And gravity acts upon things, physicists, foolishness right now. What are these fuckin monkeys talkin about we're not even a hypothesis. We should try to work this out like yeah, it's really and really is intense, because you know what I've when I am. You went down. I do start thinking about the big questions just to shrink everything the fuck down why I dont know if the word God is serving ass for your rank, you're right, that's a problem here!
a loaded got a loaded word. You know it's like out. It's got too much weight behind it here. And also its is got so many meanings that connect to religious fundamentalism, yet like ideologies that human beings have obviously created in our women wherein burgers and in all kinds of wacky shit is connected to these concepts of real just ideology, and you say the word God you immediately sort of your bridge to these fundamentalist idea and they're, not that good yeah. I think it's almost like again gone back to my Catholicism. I guess it just became a replacement for that that car kept yo but you're right. I think that is a there's, a lot of stigma attached to it and dumb, you know trying it. Trying to get somebody to agree with your God is a thing. That's always fascinated me like why? Why do you need a bunch of people?
Vert and Neil next to you and all have the same police. Why can't you just have your understanding and be peaceful with it? That's all. You know that vision. Ism is religion near cause, they're all trying to get you to do it right? There are trying to get the we're going to save the world. You are polar, bears arena, kids! not saving shit ere? I mean the idea, stopping torture and stopping you know, factory farming. These are all good things, then. Those less harm we can do is all good thing. But there's something about that need to convert People do something about that patronising attitude. They have this something about this overwhelming desire to incorporate the people into the route. It completely acts of religion. Will you do that? Be grim yoga right and yet, as I did a cut ass is, and then I found out it was a call harbours. They started trying to indoctrinate me into these long term. Contracts as like Canada is common, you twenty five class, but I have to agree with you
They are actually also while they say crazy shit to like this. This. Supports your inverse colon and ok crises and our communication system, a medical studies. I quit a fucking talking about like a friend of mine, teaches yoga and actually had a conversation with their about, like you know, teaches Baker my regular and I was like maybe some teachers should probably stop saying these things about, like medic stuff? Is they teach you that in Beak Romeo garlic, they teach you to say that Beaker himself is a fucking crock here he's crazy, con man and a cult leader and he's Scott sued for like millions of dollars for sexual harassment and rape I mean he's like it may mean allegedly a piece of shit the ILO and the leader of this whole thing. Some explain to me. An extra instructor explain to me why he teaches become yoga and he's like look. The method is very good, the method of doing it in the hot room
hundred four degrees, the deposes themselves in that order than ninety minutes of them are excellent, because I have one hundred percent believe in the method of it. But the method wasn't even created by B, that's right, created by another guy in the thirties, up and beak room copyrighted, but he recently lost a court case. Where we see what happens, is people get any yo They say I want to be spiritual, I won't be healthy and they start taking yoga. Then they find out about his beak from dying away duff fuck what the fuck is going on when he recently got busted right where they were. They were like trying to like assesses assets, because there soon the shit out of em. All these people are try fog or what are really did Pierre, allegedly by the late, and I want to get sued, but he they they found. He had of Warehouse Phil. Like rolls Royce is in Bentleys in shit, and no other explanation was he was going. Start an engine and automotive engineering school for children, and that's why you got these cars,
That's what good explanation, whether you gotta understand kid they want to work on large motors. Only Bentleys on and bent laser into bling blinkers. Oh my god. It's hilarious dipshit here, it's amazing, because you know who is it could be spiritual, but it can also be like ice. Go to this place, call yes in Venice Beach, and it was yoga and spinning together. Seed gonna spend bike. Fur is perfect one hour. Thirty minutes, spin bike and then thirty minutes alike. Or yoga, and he walked out like a great cardio workout stretched out and they utter a word about anything spiritual because it was asserted like the antidote to like be chrome, whether China succulents something wrong, but Miss. I missed that little Venosa. At the end, I like a little bit of like of meditation. That's lead in a very simple way, because it's like you're already that almost Sub rem state and then physically, you can it's yours
it's easy to go into that mental. You, like you, VE, really earned that that meditation, Well, it's ninety minutes to behind him ass his fucking hard to do yeah. It's hard do a ninety minute class at a hundred and four degrees restriction out, but what I find the one of the big benefits of it, not just physical causes, a massive physical benefits. First of all, my back feels amazing sneeze you in and I've been doing, it's like real, steady every week since about August somewhere ran, whereas started either once a week? sometimes twice a week, but mostly once a week, but I'm gonna try to do three times a week. Well. I'm gonna try to do now because of ice. It created myself to this new diet, and I talked about- lot and one of things I found out of you talk about something like a podcast and you say: hey for the next sixty days, I'm not going to. Have any added sugar. No grains know this know that, like you just do it, You already said it and then other people hear it
people, it listen the park ass, they go off. I can try there too, and then he read all the benefits. These people out from the diet and MIKE are Mama just what the cause if it was just me if I give it a shot and then passed by someplace will chalk personified, ok, Gimme, that here by can't so not doing so. Other people follow and soon you're gonna have a second fleet arose, Rice's, live cults, free no Edgewood vaguely, whether we want you to called, but the ideas it I'm going to commit to do in a three days a week for three days were his fuckin hard. For me, it's very difficult somebody to sixty days of three days. We see how but the tough thing is I found when I did it. I couldn't do shit, I should like to spots that night- and I was you're, not a hundred percent? I was a little light, headed still more. We probably need rehydration. How we needed more water and also electrolyte. Somebody tell me getting a lot of yeah you're, sweating law hunter,
four degrees, your poor and sway. Far by the end of it I mean I'm fuckin drenched, and I have this huge, like Thermos, that I fill with ice and water before the class. At the end of it, it's empty The idea that drink too much water. Ninety minutes, it's crazy here and the idea that I just I just go right through it- is so hot in there. But the benefits for your body. Definitely legit, like my flexibility, is fantastic. Now my back feels amazing and the big one Is how shit jazz roles off your back there? Like things, don't bother me real away. They would bother me if I wasn't doing no head. It's it's amazing, one example uses want this guy rear, ended my car, I Porsche Wired Stoplight, now, even worse it was. There was a construction on the highway. In this guy wasn't fuck, a pay attention was looking has fallen,
Mexico. No driver's license illegal slams on his breaks. Plows enemy with his Honda, Civic, just racks his car is carved tolable. My car was actually not that bad, they just headroom. Because the portions actually design their cars incredibly well, and I have this collision bar behind the engine that accordion when it gets hit, and a completely protected the engine. Oh shit, so was only like a two week fixed air. I sent it back to shark works in northern California. They they fixed it. I had a back into weeks while good is no but no compensation from the other driver who largely awesome insurance Dnc by most likely now. But the thing is man. I saw the guy hit is by looked at him. He wasn't pay attention. I looked him. Let him look up. I saw the look in his eyes. Like yours
as a grey before he had some fuckin guy. He slammed eyes breaks right before him. Luckily, he was going too fast. Is traffic was gone kind Islam, but am I cut out in it? I was upset weird. This is my fucking love that car I mean it is a rare car. This very few of them. You can get him anymore. I give you, but you buy them. Their extremely hard to find and mine is really rare because its it was done by shark works with this company northern, the eight hour to it so, but I got out- and the first don't go to my co UK yeah yeah, I'm ok, I'm like ARCA we're. Both ok swear to God. Manner was noon upset I was not upset was like level, and it is because I did you that day and I've done it another day that weak and I was just asking where the store those was
It allows us gonna miss my spot, because now we are usually get myself like I'd like to get the twenty minutes before the end of my dismay, fuck me up in right, but I really a tribute that to just the there's a balance that get from doing something like that, where your ear exerting yourself extremely hard for ninety minutes. So fuckin difficult and most people don't know you pass by YOLO studios You look in the annual budget house. Why playing with her feet, Yemen, anything, but it's fucking it. Struggle and it's a mental struggle, gay breakthrough, small for sure and ending is, as I remember eyes, to take it up in Saint San Francisco and four year. This is ten fifteen years ago is taken up in San Francisco enough. It was beak rumbled back then I was just hot yoga, but when I tried to leave the studio cause, I felt dizzy and nauseous every one of us,
now you can do it still like they really encourage break through together a team effort to get through this law. Support, Is it your by yourself and you ve experience at same feeling? Usually I'll, stop right area relax, but you can't stop because everything's timed, it teaches timing, it and they're they're gonna But she threw- and everyone else in the class is doing- is a sixty year old, lady right next to me, she's doing it near how come I can't do it. We all experience the same thing and realized ass. A thing a yoke is like maybe one person, be able to lift a heavier weight than this person or they might be older, run faster, but the effort that is- sixty year old person puts an inverse. A twenty Euro person is. Is the same because it's a hundred percent putting in a hundred percent effort to move your body, so you might be well to move more or have more flexibility than another person, but the amount of effort you put in is the Saint yeah, so class is never easy cause, it's always a hundred percent effort. So it's always fuck and difficult. Why
My friend explained to me out in realises, but that each pose is working, a different organ, that your cleaning out here come repressing, compressing any fuckin organs. Were you a machine annual vice compressing your org, What are you toothpaste, you're stretching and holding it? That's what you're doing you're pushing your body sure there's some sort of benefits to your organ near now, because his benefits all your muscles, your circulation, is pumping January sweating like crazy, is now a lot of benefits. How would you just at the smell of a big from yoga room like a foot on arm but whole little vagina, then a lot of like anti Fungal Spray is in a lot of the odor. Some like, whatever the fuck that using to clean it wherever detergents. Here you need to let go into the smell a little better,
the fairy, that's why you get through as well or the place I go to. They do a great job of cleaning. The carpets and vacuuming end, but harp at Langley shouldn't be a carpet right, tat, hardwood floor, but air, but it's too slippery hardwood floors, get super slipper, air and people farm fuckin, rip these part I took a shower afterwards and usually I myself conscious in a shower I just I'm nudity used, was just not part of my upbringing at all. I think again, Irish Catholic. Shame and but my dick was hanging love with that heat and look good. My balls were fuckin, swaying at as if I were you dick, especially your balls literally stretches to get the fuck away from your body, skies are eaten with love love. Is it ass all back there get away from the ass all here and there
cold it hides because we gonna fuckin. Let us say let us in this is one weirdo who goes my own class and he always looks familiar stores on from my come. You know you, man can do anything. I say hi to amuse Isaac, reluctant, say hide back when it comes to shout. Cops, his balls in his dick and which no one can see reality like there's something wrong with this guy, a feudal copier, both balls and your dick with one hand Asia, which I can see wise high, doesn't want you see it, but it bits. Also, like you He looks at other men like they did something to him. I've seen him wash em interact with other men to like what happened. You do this you said, hide you and yellow. You looked like you just stole your fuckin girlfriend, dragons, weird its legs times I was just on the road in Addison Annuities gas from taxes. They come up in there like big on the crisp polo sure, fuckin with slacks with pleads in this area and a real crew cut your fuckin built, and this guy comes up any right. My face, I grabbed my hands
how you doin and I go. I got it's. Ok, I don't need to bind insurance today, like I guess, you're an alpha you're, an alpha you're, not gay. I gotta! Take it easy. I am. I am here. All these issues there I'm fine, loafers yeah. Why people still vine double tassel said little bell. Weird thing: what are those that little Octopus is hanging They don't know they had built FED, I put it, so calm moon. I know it's like this style that, like make got created and just stay stock whither I like ties yet eyes. The whole idea of dangling a piece of of material from an framework we are there they, my is always that learn wise and always with no socks. I don't know man, We got a little feet, you Gus you're famous,
in those things stank there's no way, there's no arrogant into those thanks, yarns leather. Leather, your sweaty ass fee would know socks. It's almost like what it's like a bagpiper where that's all it's a weird fetish, yeah, oh yeah, oh Jesus, ok dork right now we're or you is Texas governed she's Ghent stuffed some other do just guerrilla fought by some guy. She met at the gem while he's out there get em Anna cure was getting ever Jim, but my nails are horrendous. So I'll call you later we're still gonna do the top Us Bar and she just getting stuff what are you going to wear about the way I want to make sure it matches what I'm wearing? Don't? Wear blue cuz, I'm wearing glow, I'm dresses and generous of just as airlines, wife, I'm just ports can derive
yeah, that's beautiful, that's great the m and he only Fox or empty ass. That's that's funny, gonna wonder he thinks he's already. I without a sister room ass. He she she's only two of the Us Visa ways, like God, has handed from replacing these jack and up and down his equity dawn, Seventh are an asset for an air correctly. If you're gonna put my tassels, I need my tassels warmer loafers fulfilled fucking at the office. You live and work in an office I want to. Don't fuck of the fantasy you're normal I wanna be the executive makes
I'm sexually harassing awaited assume Ilan Foggy were fucking because our promotion doing our job promotion to stop running promotion. He had a trust fund that world man that world that most people here listening to this are stuck in the world of like trying to get a promotion trying to move your way up. The company ladder, gonna company meetings, hundreds of people are getting together, wives or husbands and fuckin shaken hands wearing your loafers, my ass Ferris and China figure out what church you're supposed to go. Tooting ahead, what country club to join when she gets that next level, country club, I looked at houses in D nor lake sure what is
now make sure what is an area like way out near like thousand oaks? Really nice really nice place, and it's a giant country club like a gate of community country Club and our will to house there and dumb when, where there's like Warwick. What is this place? I this is like what's going on in this place, it's all like people who go there and they play golf cause. It's like you you to sign up and be a part of the gall thing? The golf course like some insane amount of money ear like really stupid money like pull that up how much lake sure they're not going to list the country club, but I think it's like a quarter million dollars a year like something stupid. I might be wrong. Maybe it's fifty grand but something something where you like. What were they just trying to she bout anybody if you're, not stupid wealth right does, I say to say how much two hundred and eighty five they list. I, clubs down on the down on their website is article
hundred and eighty five thousand dollars. If you want to play here because take about a few billion air one, eighty five doesn't mean shit Do you accept that people without at Cancun, aunt yeah? You know it's not sought affecting your bottom line. It's just an insurance PA, see. You know like, and then you see these clubs like there's a club in Santa Monica. I forget which one it is, but you drive past it there's. Never anybody on the course. This is This is miles think about the real Santa Monica. If you had a three thousand square foot store, you'd be paying. You know, ten thousand dollars Montfort now. Take that store. Rapid, into a golf course that square miles in that same neighborhood. What? What does that possibly worth? And this nobody playing on the course gainsaying insane and the amount of water dahlia. The sheer Why are the gets used by golf courses like they did they had a chart.
Showed all the water that's being used by residential people, houses and regular folks, verses, agriculture and, in other agriculture's staggering how much water they use, but those that really nutty one was millions and millions of gallons how many millions are being used by golf courses yes in Southern California right means, like a significant percentage of our water usage, is Gulf here yeah and they write off the land. They don't have to pay taxes on it as much as normally because they call you ready for this. It's like a yeah. It's it's considered. Wildlife walked like every, city is supposed to have zoned out a certain amount of undeveloped land for the environment of course, this report a loophole their way into that. So then, only now it's a while our preserve right for squirrels
World Kirkland bombs on their head from getting hit by these girls have been marked by a fuckin guy drive. Xavier Square I'll, just say that flag, a fuckin golf, bigger than Erhead comes seventy five miles an hour. They way behind you- and darwin- didn't teach me about this. How to react to this in nature. My friend Ryan Guardian ahead by a long drive. He said he was fucked up for six months relay six months. He had massive headaches, so fuckin hard bomb, too many people and if I like significant, had problems from getting hit ahead IP boys one. Like why I'm always droning on and on about head trauma and inhumane and football and the dangers of it is, I know a lot of people that one knock out and their fucked for like a year. Constant headaches.
Still ringing in their year, my son just got his first concussion, I play soccer and he got Ricky I need in the head and a collision, and he was out of school for a week. He couldn't like you. The school. Any he'd have his head down his desk and first beer enough to come home again. It was bad and oversight fuck man, you dont know. When that happens, a concussion can last day can last like you said it could go on and on with with the head aches and is really important to recognise that, because there is like a lot of restrictions they put on athletes after they ve been killed like four fighters. Still, though you know say like no contact for thirty days or sixty days, woman, but that's not adequate. Is you really don't No each individual case of someone getting knocked out is is totally different. One person get knocked out their fine a couple days later and then another post We get knocked down their fucked up for a long time. I got
to Kay owed, wants in a kickboxing fight and I was exhausted, was a third fight of the nine I'd fought twice that night. Before that fight and party was exhaustion, I did get clipped the good left took though my legs gave out. I went down, never went out, but I'll up, sometimes a punch, the jaws we're too because hush, the jaw. What happens is it's not even necessarily your brain, it's like the nerve behind, like did the nerves. The Lisbon explained amaze, your jaw when it moves can slam into the nerve and when it suits the nerve elect short circuits, your system and your legs give out. It's weird must not good for you, but my point is: I was fine after that, like us find that night us find the next day I mean I wouldn't be a good idea if I had another after that, but it wasn't like God ringing in my ears and head aches and those in like series pain, but at other times just from sparring sessions where I didn't get knocked up or my head was
doing for days from taking a lunch, does from taken a punch or a kick? you don't know you dont know. Watch which day you gonna be fine of which you can be fact. It all depends entirely on how you get hit, how your body response to it. Yeah. What the actual damages, no one. You can't tell unless you get in the brain. They really. Can't tell didn't, you know is amazing. Is James Bond will get knocked out like out somebody? You know like a bad guy. Will album and held fuckin lose consciousness? He'll get up and like drive a car dance with me, pistol web to get past the weather, give pistol at the back of the head. They go down they wake up. Are you hit me advocates nothing about out? That's that pistol, whipped the They had moved like, I always effective. I know recall the guy, and also when you're fighting a bunch of people. You can pistol whip. You gotta shoot some you can pistol with the others and they'll go down and you just,
oh they're, gonna stay down until your your clear to your out of there. The first time he saw someone actually get knocked out who saw how many people you seen get knocked out in real life bar fights, I've seen tons, hey, owes ye I've, seen chaos in Boston outside of Bars Street Calles, the scariest they bouncer head of the Congo Rights is something's sickening to the absolute sickening about the sound of an unconscious persons head bouncing off the concrete yeah. I saw this kid when I was about seventeen hours at a bar in town. Tat. I grew up in this kid. He was on it. He was on stairs this bar the hand upstairs, and this one kid was coming up, other was coming down and they had a beef and the kid above just talking clock. This guiding fell backwards, hit his head, so commerce,
six months hallmarks still not a hundred percent. This you know I mean ten years later, I haven't seen him since ten years later, the guy was off. What happened would go? Do doom went to jail for a long time? Three months MA am of no FARC. Now bar fights, no joke man Kevin James used workers abounds run a born one island guy was working with punched guy. The guy fell back hit his head off. The carbon died, who know just fuckin bar fight bouncer drunk guard punches. A guy jack. I go to jail jail, manslaughter older. It's no joke people, think it's a joke. You know it's like you got all these tough guys go out to the bars and then you know we have a fair fight and you know it
and very fuckin, tragically, very fast. Some comic at the common store got knocked out like a bow also about a year ago. Maybe even less here he was on a motorcycle and he pulled up to the com is stored in part is motorcycle and I guess he kept it runnin in some guy yeldo him a shudder, fuckin thing off like you're having a conversation like over by the patio and he laughed at life- is a guy was like saying I really aggressive, and he took his. How often I walked over to him and just Fuckin Kolkata knocked him out just for having a motorcycle rowan oh shit, because it was one of those loud like Harley. Things appear love below his loud right, but they get. Those are loud, that's good, because it saves you from people colliding body that if I was a cop you know they have like us. They have like a noise meter that is my biggest here you're having a conversation on the street and you have to stop for twenty seconds cause some.
Fuckin asshole gonna muffler lady jacked up to make that much noise. Like he's already, careful. But how do you feel but in your chest when they go by the really loud, some of those bugs really really. Second, only to the truck that has like that massive horn. More makes your body go paralyzed for like a second like a dog whistle here. Your body just goes Y yeah, yeah. Those loud motorcycles, though, like I guess too loud, is now a problem. Yet like Harley like by one from a store. You fuckin, when that that's fine in them, but that lie that level of loudness apparently prevents a lot of accidents idea, because people hear it They avoid you because I prefer the problem with motorcycle accidents. Like save you haven't when those japanese speed, bikes, yeah it'll, make damage noise
So you got a wrong when you next to people, so they know your. There has people fuckin, texting and drifting. How often you look over and you see people texting area and I drive a press, I'm dead inside but people people really can't hear you. I pulled up today due to Valley Park and the guy's fuckin certain adieu and across her paws on I'm. Looking at him and and follow, excuse music outside in Syria, and it's like you feeling Nick and already in a press. He failed castrated in zero. They don't make any noise accuse me flooring it. Then your car, you know you wanna get a nice car. Didn't even thinking about this for years would hold you back. I need a little bump a money. I care to justify it
cause. The college fund isn't there yet I gotta get a little get a nice little hit go on by that Mustang new ones in the new ones. Here my friend Matt Fair, like the bad semi, a text, apparently the New Shelby, they have a new, shall be G t three. Fifty now and he just sent me a text. Got it and he said: he's he's emailing. Everybody knows at Ford, just begging them to some one. Other items are to get because it shall be Gigi three fifty, so they have a pr guy. That's gonna hook amount, but he said like literally it is the best car he's ever driven. How much is it I don't know not expensive, though like less than a lot of cars, but apparently the really hard to get the Shelby. You don't need a Shelby like a g t, Mustang GDP, but one of the cool things, but the horse power wars like yours. What's all that white stuff on it that just like shyness? What is that of fucked up part of the Amazon? Artifact? Save you find another one
it's not on your screen only when a trance resort of television, where how fuckin strangers there's other images, I'm sure you could find, but anyway the cars but a regular Mustang g t. The thing is a regular want like now how much a regular Mustang GDP is. I think it's only about I want to say is about thirty five grand. They stop What is more that I think, a regular Mustang just like a baseline mustang, you can get for about thirty. Two really do don't did not duty through fifty german chief justice to Ford Mustang Tee to how much of which has caused. I think like well the thing what scientists like for the amount of ITALY that thirty two grand for our strategy to fucking crazy, the amount of power that those things have and how good they run and how good they drive it's about organ, it's an amazing bargain, because they have more
in four hundred horsepower. Those things are fast as fuck like what is it Four hundred and thirty one of the sailor, juvenile scroll rocard was say for thirty five point: thirty five fucking wars, power, four hundred foot, permanent torque for thirty two grand I mean that's in out of the interior looks good day lost front seats. I think about what it would cost to make a car with those dimensions ten years ago. They couldn't do it well. How about this you'd? You would blow the. Wars off a ferrari of twenty years ago. Here with this car was thirty two days nor car right. It sounds great. It's a wonderful American vitiate great! I mean I would drive that ninety percent and it be fun those refund the fuckin, Dr Man too great car and for thirty two grand. Whenever we talk about these people get mad
do grooves Loon relax. I gotta get Samantha my my adds slow down on my pod cast. I gotta get a hook sum up if they slowed down because you haven't pursue dumber. Now I think my people you're out people are good, but their slacken slackened tarred tardy. Do all that shit yourself down. You rely on other people, get it for you. They better. Do your job right are connected to my guards. Afterwards, a good time here? You gotta. The thing is you gotta find sought me actually, like my favorite adds a like dollar shave, club somewhere gas fuck yeah dollars, raves legit, great twenty percent, which I like retiring that I, like gas square spaces, good Abdul, blue apron, blue aprons, great yeah fuck in less than ten bucks, Amelia finding stuff the dust
whole Kido, like I have had a lot of people, try to advertise and am I who can get behind one of is like an over four babysitters as a kid fuck out of here really crazy. You have some person moreover, in and watch that the most important person in your life other than your spouse just randomly randomly because it's cheaper yeah, though their screened, yeah worker, the other things you can't go by price you now here. There is they. Some then do you do the banning sites. Like draft kings and all that yeah. I did. I heard him for a long time. I haven't done more in awhile. I like I like the idea behind it, but some people say that there's issues with how you, get paid area or are not high you paid rather, but how many people get paid? I wouldn't want. You say something TAT, Jamie. What we say and what I found out about most of it was like one percent of the players are making like something like ninety two. Ninety five percent of the money
the lawyer again this work and wonder why under centres goddamn one percent like eyes, I know a lot about sports, but I feel like if you know under even understand a lot about, like Emma Main. That's one of the things were I like it like MA. Am, I feel like you can make money I give one of those crazy people that goes on mixed, martial arts, dot com. You know every day nor the fuckin stats. You know you want to watch or training as you know, whose training with who, what while this guy's got this new trainer, it's gonna, help move. I just feel, like those guys, did you haven't even going about their last fight the two big upsets last week. You are both of em. You had a feeling both of them. Let it be upsets no a feeling that Holly could get beat by measure, but I thought Connor was gonna, get be by name feel. I set it to my friends to that we're sitting right behind me. I took my headset off as they were doing the the de auctions, as it does now. Yet rail of will
just so upset when measured, choked Holly out there and I knew that measure was gonna fight, real smart and the way she fought was soon cautious on the outside, and she made Holly come to her, which is not a hollow electrified when Rhonda fought Holly was the perfect fight for Holly, because Rhonda Charge after like a maniac and Holly just sidestepped her blasted or move back blasted hour. She is counter yet for a person is a counter striker, that's style. That Rond employs the perfect style even more perfect. For some of my colleagues has run. It isn't kick so Russia has a short range attack short range attack, and on top of that, her grappling is limited attack because showing likes to tie up with upper body a grand it doesn't take anyway
by shooting on their legs. So I knew that Holly fighting Misha would in she would have a totally different type of opponent. First, what MRS Naga Charge Arusha, not stupid, she's, not reckless she's, not a fuckin crazed maniac like Rhonda was now. If I run or just a maniac just want to smash your face and give you can't fight like that, amnesia fought like super, intelligent, very cautious, stayed in the outside and then in the second round me? She got her down and just dominated on the browser. Ok, my suspicions were correct me. She can do this, but then He pulled it off for the next couple rounds and my colleagues can probably when a decision, if one the last round and then we should took her down outdoor unconscious, not wish this madness that must have been paid out on picking the underdogs on those who must have been here giant, I think, was sick the one with Connor Innate and I think, metion Holly, with some like three to one year mom and it made me think of you- pick them both and that a hundred bucks you won some bucks together, JANET
together Jimmy bet on eight one, five hundred bucks a week ago, Jamie was there were not a picture of Jamie Tony and my friend frosty the three of holding up their betting slips right after the fight her, yet the other Maserati fighting now frost he's a sound guy for the USA is a sound engineer, but am I see Amy taken that your Rogan experience money at Fuckin, Dublin it down the others them there's Tonia Do they re how I saw a great picture of who was it in the background kissing a kiss Campo Aryan, dug in our area around like a great now them for their kids near thrown up Illuminati signs your leg only way?
until the imo is right on certain tests tongue at everything. By the way was this was his here. It is the care resolve them You see the Algiers rather favouring one part than we do It is a very poor. I do in a cage, matched answer now Bruno in their own right. Those guys are animals live thrown up the Illuminati, Sir they're, probably on mushrooms. Do they get mushrooms all the time and they do the issue and as you you could sit there for love Look at. That is a thing about. As you do it in allowing as funny and then
You think it about, as the two did that sit behind you the whole time for their excellent package. Gonna they gonna do that again They were sitting in the seeds that are right behind me, so they weren't even audiences rise of production seats, city and, like the best now get air there three feet from the cave on their bright. There, though it literally could touch me. They could touch us possibly there that we did a gig. Either in Vegas not too long ago, with a fight the next day, and I had to Tom, had I know I know I know Mustang no, no, Ringside seats are missing at all. How can we plug by the way there tomorrow night more and I were where the improv tomorrow night have a team, Saint Patrick Stage, Yo Rogan joining once again. I believe You did it last year turn a couple to than a few times a Saint Patrick Station We get all irish comics coming down. John Mc Rogan
can't, kill Gara, my gibbons. We had a special gas. I can't even announced huge name. Galileo, the irish Greek, we'll talk, Lou Hooker be good ticket. Some tickets left go to the improper, always guitar owes you turn down a little Irish, I'm one quarter of that's it. So it's real. Aren't you still to jail? Russia, yet ever have party afterwards little corn, beef next door and allowing music in decorations dumps. Gladly turning improv around and have that barring the front it in case it all wrong for about a year there will they turned it into like some lounge and unseen. Oh yeah, whose like who it was white in there is weird deck decorations like who designed this here and now it's dark again it's cool. There is nothing wrong with it. In the first place, it was perfect before well why they did it
We will try to do it. She stared leave a good thing alone. I think they thought they were. Gonna have successful restaurant in the fraud the hour for some reason it didn't pan out in the restaurant and work out that in which most restaurants don't be silly. Ninety percent of all restaurants fail in the first year right, but they got a bag. It's great again. Tat sits act to its roots, that's great club here and I like that they have a second room. Now lab yet labs. Good of you die. Falkenberg area is so did ARI. When that's when I first started his. This is not happening. The show that last night I calmly central on every week now before, Had a television show, he started that off in the improv lab. I think I wanna see like six years ago here in his
idea was as very smart idea that you would develop stories better and really tighten them up. If there wasn't pressure to do like traditional stand up so like you would do to storytelling, shows new do on a theme like guys who have been arrested or people that of own done too many drugs whatever and you do you do a theme on these things and you go up there and just explore the story, and if you could do that, we find the funny stuff in their cause. You it's it's a different format in. Oh, it's, your kind of doing stand up, but that some guys we're fucked it up by their go up there. They would you set a punch, HANS, anxious, jokes, but then like D, as does it right? Lady is tat these crazy stores and they would be funny and find the funny in them in a lot of those like became bits. Does he like it got comfortable in order to as well a comfortable saying them in the storytelling format? And then so edited down honed sharpened, didn't folded the steel that it may become a really solid bit.
Right. That's where it starts. You know I got a new bit about seeing a couple fucking in a hotel room across from me yeah. He I was fuckin amazing. I mean I won't. Do the bed I'll tell you. The story has now turned into a bit debt fucking Russia's I mean it went from you to have. Sometimes you get a new bit and it can take three months to be. Your closing barriers, still workin out this thing raced to closing bit in like five telling of it really. So I won't do the bear, but Tell you the story, which is basically nears, even Portland, the hotel, is like a horse. You shapes some I'm on a tenth floor and I look across into a room and the curtains were open lights. Iran chick is on our back legs up, and this dude, whose ripped is fucking,
hounding here and I'm just stand there. Looking I'm like like this is the greatest thing have ever does grazing than ever happen. I got I slipped my bag, my hand and I'm just transfixed, and there you know they're really fucking in and they one point here he he's. He goes down on. One me eat, Sir out stands up, keeps fucking, I'm like high five glass, like God at that, and so I had the curtain closed because at it Let them to see me, but I part my has through the current celebrate the photographer from the ninety verities. What are those and then I started thinking about what am I saying Agnes herself, this, where it gets creepy croupier, is I leave my room. I walked down the hall and I stand said the room, and I listen, and I hear him grunting and I hear Riga
go back to my room and I call I call them watch it I'm waiting waiting. He didn't pick up, but if he did, I would have it look out, but what's better than some free nudity like you, didn't earn it, you didn't have to voice. Take any one. To dinner. You didn't have to go to a strict club, you just you just season. Nudity in a window, words way. Exciting for sure accidental nudity way more exciting near the Voyager, this viewer instinct that all of us have, for whatever reason why you know so. I like, like those Jennifer, or at least six per year. You know she sent out to her boyfriend. My homer go hurl expressing her cheeks and Le Loup Jaffa Warrant, Shire Pussy and our asshole and taken a thick one of the phase.
As you can I don't know like even looking down a good woman shirt yeah, my own, mother in law, was doing the dishes at our house is wearing a nightgown bent over a low down or shared. Not bad luck. Oh, how old are you? The time said You know what they were full, they were full and they weren't wrinkled and thought this out. What might is what my wife's tits I'm gonna look like in twenty five year, unless it's on my college and there's going to be great for everybody thought TAT. Don T be weird man, you see eighty year old, hot Ladys yeah they smell into the Euro zone
What's the mouth smelt tombs, scam flying over their mother. Fucking fly like I just walk into a big romeo. This duty would be nice if you're expiration date work up to that date and everything worked awesome up to that date and then into the great abyss. I think there should be an option. I think that you should have total coverage for your health. You know took about universal health care, Fuckin Blue Blue across to the S degree everything you need. One dollar co pay whatever, but then, when you too, turn. Seventy three they just come, you're sleeping one bullet to the back of the house or you get a minimal policy lot of copay big deductible. But you for the rest, your life as long as you live here, but the shooting you in the head part why they have to shoot inhabits. Only three cause. You yield
drain on a systematic, does pay more money now, because that money has to go back into the system. You have your earning money, for live. You now to show seventy four, so maybe you're one of those Warren Buffett type characters still out there hustling extra every doom, hustle loom. You know he lives! AHA Nebraska, saying I'll see that can first, that his kids in the house are possible approach. Has nobody robbing him my he flies coach, I believe so, or maybe that was SAM Walton applies. Coach Somalis to fly coach, mainly promising is why have all that money then? What's he doing with a fine? If I would think there's one thing you want to pay for the cost: little extra, it's it's business class. It makes a flying from exhausting and aggravating to relaxing and a coherent first class. You dont want to get off the fuckin play when you land use
Now you watching a good movie. You get some soft leather wrapped around your dirty ass. All you just got a little Mombasa. You talk and interesting wealthy people. Sometimes sometimes you need your true to form their own hell. It's true. I can happen to that, should be part of first class. Just a second little by little urinal divide or comes between you, and I know the symptoms are targeted as we look at a slower it, is some people you sit next to its great, but you can't choose. I was on the fucking playing the other day, headed back from Vegas and was a drunk guy that was doing Well, it's business on the phone and he was so loud Tony and I were like what the fuck and it was like, who basically the bottom line is. If we get this cow, we are sad. Jerome can he's being real. I think maybe he was like doing it to let everyone
No, that is not. Of course, it was because he was deafening, hammered yeah the plane takes off and then within five minutes of flight been theirs out. Cold is nor in two strong off his ass posted up all night light pig. He had some runaway grinding his cocktails hell a song about three hours earlier. That's a good part, just right, doubtless Levant Helen, Dr Unaware that came on the serious examined everyone here is one of the greatest Qatar players ever of all time. Unquestionably is about Motherfucker idea, but valuable, knowing mounted and our prime, that wrecked a ban Did she wished? She didn't ya? Go it did not ours yeah! That's one day when the rough, that's big part of our daily Roth jettisoned during the prime days here and then they turn into SAM Hagar
Did enjoy one of their songs. There was a different band is weird is cause like. I was still super six four and maybe even more successful, would Sammy Hagar than it was with David Lee Roth. But man it was not the same different band entirely. It was all it was. Weird was weird psychology cdc which schists smoothly to insufficient. Now you can't tell me you gotta, listen to all these DC than than that sing, racy, Deasey, that's which is old still now here, but it's always he d C. He up than hounds or two fuckin massively different banned, but decide that poppy bull, shitty stuff. That became massively massively successful. Well, it was like guys trying to be hard rockers. It was. It was like they're playing a character. That's what Sammy Hagar is similar.
You can't refugee fund is really uses. A couple sailor. Rodya dyke literally have two speed pass to come through defers, bullshit speed limit, though as well get rid of it. It's really sixty five now, but I mean if it says, sixty five, you can go. Seventy four you won't get pulled over. You knew my floor, poor. She! Well you hear polar Euro area, lightning rod and attack in any kind of car, though, if you're gone ten miles an hour over, they can get. You not oppress really how they
Let me see, I feel so bad fear. Bastard cars me make noise. I can't leaving you goes, I'm proud of his ruin. Dollar hill and broken heart wheels car, but he's got golf clubs in the back, how much money, gowns or gas many miles down the yet you wanna hear the sad part is there's a button that you can push on your press, that it takes all the electricity off so that you just drive with gas, but it makes you like way faster, and I push that every time I don't even really get the savings. Really it takes away. They let loose Arava completely does, but it gives you I'm telling you it is a quick car. If you doubt, if you don't have the electricity thanked her or not, because it's so fuckin light aerodynamic, quick Tonia lineup, the fuckin and a red light. I line up against the roasting treaties. Mood just don't try.
A burial. Try, your previous! That's right! We we'd race for pinks lips. What's also has no gears righteous. It's no years me with his one gear, fast, slow, fast, slow, and I like, if you feel you too, of gas. Hellenes last hour drive a lot. I live on the West side fry in I drive three miles at a time. Do stillness Venice still must be tightened, community, will you not only a mile away but There s a lot it makes. My quality of life is about thirty percent. Worse now, living in that neighbourhood, iced walk my dog at say how to seven people, which I know we ve talked about. You don't love that. I love that I like to make contact with people
I like to walk into houses Y gotta get was like you get. If you know all my block was Duncan. Are you Cowan Joe ideas? We'd have a fucking great time all we get going in a cul de sac, nor by how we thought we'd have to all Greta live together. We have all worked fine, a spot. We all agree to But if you could engineer that failure pool- and I have like a rec room where there's a table in a ping pong table document steam round you gotta do is get a by like a giant piece of land and develop on rent, develop your own located community. Yet call it a church, don't pay tat, fuck, all each other's wives right, but we do take acid cooler What are we gonna do become yoga rebounding yoga will bring beak rum in hill and he'll, be the leader bring but I'm on the hill started Automotive Engineering School there,
His warehouse yeah, I kids, allow be fuckin. Mechanical all know, roles roses. Yet I was there. All you do is done it there's a guy, you Riah Faber, whose former Debbie Easy Champions fighting for the Yossi Ban to my time: great guy human is a lot of his fighters. They have a house on a cul de sac. They called the block bought a few houses in this area, so one area because he buys and flips houses one of his side side gigs. He buys houses and I believe his dad does. Construction is down like refurbished disease, house and cells, and so they bought some houses on the same block and while he was, I think you yours eve. Some girl broke into his house. Shit all over the place, threw up like some girl that even know I shoes hammered and she broke into his house, and he like, I think he filmed it and put on you too,
like put on Instagram worshipfully made his security cameras caught it or you he was there. He was theirs girl like. Him into his house and chooses to comply. We smashed had? No, I do she was say just pulled out as soon as that video games online. That yeah I just as an experiment like, let's see what she'll do. Why think he was like this? Is not your house, you have to leave juices oh fuck, smash. It didn't know where she was. He can have entire Huxtable at night. Well, I think who is relatively large here. It is try a favorite son as otherwise there. Yes, she locked herself in the bathroom, so he's here Walking with his phone to the bathroom saving skip thrill,
this they end idolizing. He had a right to show this, because this house. The cops showed up now. The council has now is wrong: did you ever go I say I say: do you do snapshot the Snapchat. I am not sure. If a habit, I do not have a snapshot. Let people like that shit, the outer snapped snatch. When it goes up and then you watch it comes down yet as all day I after awhile. Why would you want to go away now? I'm not sure. I think you can keep it. If you want, you can make it stay. There and it becomes like a story or somethin right at the new. Thank would shyness too many too many ago. I have periscopes, stop per scoping, did it for a while, but I'm on Brodie Steve
all the time. I wish him all the time it periscopes every there. It's a great a super. Puts his eye fallen on the holster like periscopes on his way to work on his way. The store right just talking there, while Jelly DS due in the morning smoke it ass, the greatest ass degree. Joe he gets up every morning and does, I think, doesn't like seven o clock in the morning. Smokes a joint in such talk and usually motivation. Motivational insight from Uncle Joey combining mollified as he gets a ridiculously and he's doing it on cameras, keep CM hidden, and that was one of the ones, whereas he explained his beef with John Copper Rouleaux yet of April. A parallel, my God, legendary, no share what happened, played out on twitter or they're both go back and forth with each other yeah yeah that it played out at the common store or joy, apparently in him got into some sort of an alteration. Recently, physical with joy
fitness face. I think why was it a joke? The thing Oh no, you would have to talk to both of them for it to be. For me, to be fair. He only to give you a real assessment of what happened. Ok, but essentially it will is joys, intention that John was trying to control the line ups and keep certain people from proof. Forming an early that he fucked over other comedians. Doing so, John Copperfield denies the and Die- says Joey's Bali in a prison yard asshole, I'm not gonna shit and so now, obviously my loyalty, every time I enjoy side, although I always thought Capra, I don't know
What I did to me one time, capital India would it do he asks me? Can I be in your podcast and I'm like right whatever, so I guess date time. We cover the data time and then eleven o clock and I e mail. Unlike where are you he's like a. I'm on my way, but there's really thick traffic on the four or five- and I look you know I look it up. I maps this fuckin, it's all green everything's, great, it's pasture is no red lines and so I got very well. I'm here come whenever any emails, we back like Twentyman I'm fuckin wasted my whole day and is like a it's not geographically optimal. For me right now, And but I'm free all day, if you want to come to my house, come at my house in the valley, as you like, delete
Why? How odd? I want to feel What beef here yeah I'll take you are, but I think you, you know, there's some going on there. That's weird kind of controlling it might, who knows we could talk, offer speculate with you offer involving all sorts, various things people might get really excited about doing, speculation and of our problem. What am I never have? Never had a problem with him. I don't know now is a good night's. He thinks, though, that I somehow another am involved in those years, and so Paranoia added it or is he things? A joy ideas is my hitman. Yeah and somehow and other arm plotting against him, which I don't even understand. Why would do the like? Why? I don't know why? Don't I don't get it then some people they the Tribune,
selves I'll absolutely and that and the thing is about the comedy store as much as I love it. Sometimes that's that shit gets gets a little schoolyard he nodded much anymore. Man not harm he's gone. I mean this is. This is also because John was friends with Tommy. That's also part of joys contentious and he pulled up with Tommy to control that place. I don't know, I don't give a fuck. I go. I tell my jokes, I say how to people like you hang out. My friends on won't be involve. Take twenty minutes, airily say what's up all that shit is just a wasted. Time is lotta people out there that live in their lives just sort of going. With the momentum of all these things, that people have to do other gossipy things and you don't get involved in controlling there's one thing about yourself, just think about what you doin dont get distracted, and I can, I think, a lot of that is a distraction, a lot of the people's fixated on other people. This fucking guy he's doing
There's that fuckin guy do a man. May you fuckin, while in his own family, was you get number for me? That is a distraction. Deanna keeps you from thinking about yourself resolve The people there to spend a tremendous my time, hating on other people and very little time working on themselves and it's a fucking trap. It's an easy trap to get into because it's that its theirs, no there's no commitment to hating on someone you dont know sequences of it doesn't go well, so you put your enemy to that end almost like you're, like hoping they fail, so that it justifies this idea that you have in your head, but you're, not you not benefiting from its wasting eco waste today. You can do about something and also the end of the day, and it was shit that you wanted to accomplish that. You didn't do because you are obsessed with fucking googling there, the person and finding out of it
a story that people are latch on to like this whole thing with Joey, I'm sure it's wasted more restrained than he wanted it to ya, but he put it on purpose. Governance programme now he did smoking part what he's talking about it. Let me explain to you what that can't did arouses why do people loved so? Well? I don't know why do I love it our level with everybody go with Joey it's in attaining ere, I don't know why? I love him so much when, when he's involved in something I'm involved, whether I like it or not, I have to be you know, I got itself there's a lot of wasted energies. My point you know, and even with Joey he's done with it now he wanted to talk about now. Get up now give a fuck fuck Joe Rogan. I murdered them at San Jose mounted them
It is out there smashing he's had a whole new level. Recently tat ass. He, oh my god, he's got this I don't want to give up any details. The bear, but he's got this bit where I guess I'm just like the frenzy that he approaches is bit with onstage like prize on another level he's like hitting newly levels, Wi Fi, to follow my dear and the main room of the store recently and he went up and he people were doubled over. They couldn't even make noise. It was. It was just cruel what he did to his side and then you know any in a comedy story. Each act brings up the next act, so he introduces mean that I come up Shakespeare handed whispers, mayor, sorry, dude, No, I didn't follow. A gay man is a monster he murdered in Vegas with him in Vegas two weeks ago, a coffee at or two thousand people.
Didn't: stick Roy yeah, duster right he's a monster He's sister has hit this level right now, where he's so free and lose any kind drawing on stand up. So much he's really into it. You know it is reaping the rewards like finally people recognising like he sells on everywhere, now again advance. So, finally, people recognising our county is in and how Turkey is mean. It's really is one. Those examples of focus in attention equally results focusing on something really honing, really putting your focus in your attention on something and then seeing the result of it. He says Billy passionate right now about stand up, he's always been, but right now, because he's gay so much love, and he just his just talk gently selling out everywhere, crushing it so he's really like feeling it yeah
and a jail bury went through the same thing. He just put massive focus on you know he just one of those guys you we, you know he would put writing and performing ahead of other thanks appeal. I came onto a pot guess I can for the next two months, some just focusing on stand. Yeah. Well, that's what to do right. I mean you can always focused more right and I think for me the balance is always been focusing so much that I lose some passion for it in I like sometimes take a couple of days off and I come back hot and yet Yuvan aided, like last night, was really fuckin fun. We did this benefit. Brian Cowen had a benefit. Last night we do in the main room, and so last night was Tuesday cited, Sunday or Monday so taken Sunday Monday off, I came in Tuesday like fired up again nice. He you get like citing theirs is balance of like lead,
girl living life and then concentrating again coming back at it? Give you'd growth is grinding to March, has not goody their cousin. You lose a little bit of focus. Is on his weird balance: yeah who achieve is also bounce between the road and in town like if I go on the ride, just had three weeks in a row on the road I came back, I took off, like you know, four hundred and forty or something. And then, when I went out it was like he had been running with weights and all of a sudden you'd like to have ten new, whatever fifty men spotted comedy, store in front of a hot crowd and was like jes fuckin after unless it was like your float above the room godlike here now do not throw this. Author, I like just toying with them such a blast. We It's also those long sets that you do on the road. That's it brings everything together near when you do in like a headline. He said you do an hour and TAN and GIS
sort of sorting it all out and putting it all together and you get loose sinew just do it like Friday night to show solidarity chosen and it gets just so smooth economies in a lot of ways like exercise yeah, you know that shape you getting shape for it. There It also like exercise need recovery. Right we were young Weedin recover. I mean eyes to work six seven! I too weak Fuckin every week year round, hiding need that when you start now what we were so Verlag Colts threat other, but out of the course pussy which do not walk or This rate is God's days together. Stage: leg ere. I know that sir. It's it's a strange thing comedy because you really think with after all these years that you would have it down, but you don't really
he always you always getting better yours. You always have to stay on top of it never won. If music is like that and one if I guess it must be, musicians are notorious for their practice there, like that's one thing that I think I kind of envy about musicians like they have to be disciplined. They have to practice. They can't practice in front of a crowd. I think, can go in front of a crowd, half ass on and hope. It comes together because the crowds hot yeah you know you can't talk to the crowd halfway through cuz. You didn't finish. Reading, like someone was said, something about eating Edwards, like you know that Ian, like a man he's fucking, writing he's. So there's always writing. I was putting stuff CIAO shouldn't. We shall be doing that man,
I guess so he was like a guess. Oh I like to read on stage. Reacts it's fuckin easier, gone stage with a half ass premise in your forced to kind of put it together. There is fear that keeps you from sitting down and doing it. I think people feel like maybe they're not that strong of a writer and there they sit down there almost afraid that it won't come together. But then, when you have the energy being on stage, then you know you can you can use that, but dumb it's just its slower? no writing off stage. It takes longer because you just not your energies, not as high but you can lay down the idea, at least in the structure and then maybe it'll get funny or on stage when he can't start from scratch up somebody become some people do, but I think everybody would benefit from both right away. Everybody would benefit from ad living onstage and everybody would benefit from writing more
the others. What I tried to tell young comics, unlike man, force yourself right, usually right an hour a day to sit down for an hour a day. This force yourself to go over some ideas and that they will blossom it will fuck and find a way to me. At that stage and they may not right away sometimes like I haven't this while but about a note book about a month ago. I started writing longhand again, you know read the paper for little while adjusts muse, listen to set that I didn't. Age. Maybe I started a little engine, and you know right that up and I just fuckin fill in this note book and it's not making you're right into my act, but some of it is some of it goes into the podcast. It's gonna like just a running journal that I can draw from, but I've had bits that I've started a year before and pounded believe in it kept trying to try to hit my head against what doesn't work, and then you pick it up against six one. Going to just click. It's like you found it, but it has to sit Layton in your brain, sometimes for to work. Yeah
Sometimes a thing can happen in life. In that thing in life opens up a door like any go. Oh I could approach it this way are all I'm looking at the wrong way are, of course it's this. You know I think that's the same way with any kind of creative writing with IRAN. Stories. You writing a blog like sometimes you just have to go outside of it. You write some stuff down and you go outside of. It live your life than reapproached Nathan and, like every day my perspective shifts at least a little bit. You know you have a core values and things you believe in things you you. You agree with Indonesia but every day like some things will happen in life that make you look at things and a little bit of a different way. You know, especially when it comes to current events. Politics in the world Like every day, people go Moon Euro, so wishy washy with some of your ideas. What were they ve their fuckin, flexible, their mood or analogue, especially when it comes to the things that are
happening in the world, and I think sometimes you just gotta like like let those things let you let your thoughts sort of raw around without trying to constantly define them and then reapproached. The idea then come back to the to the to the original no book or the original pc Rome. Look at it again, maybe a week later and go well now that have experienced a couple things in life this week and looked at the world a little bit one of these it Tom Cigar and Christine Opposite Ski. Do we had a conversation that Christina nigh the other day that she said that they used to do their pie cast twice a week and they side to go back to doing it, wants awakened Zaga how come and she was. I think it's good to live to live your life and then have some shit to talk like if you do too many of them than sometimes you you're just talk and chat and doesn't doesn't
necessarily mean, especially because for them it's about their relationship and what's happened, and so the you know they're not bringing in a new guest who can bring new ideas there talking about their life with occasionally have guessed, but you are for the most part yeah. That's the widow avoided have guests here, people so haughty talk to people for three hours five days a week of their fuckin, interesting people, and it's not hard to so each of cool conversation yeah right now. But if you don't, if you do it, you said Bilbil, the most amazing one near his bill. Doesn't even have a fucking guest there and he go he's got a couple ideas, and should he wants to talk about some things that happen, but he just rambles year by himself. He I started doing a thing I've done about five of them now called the Sunday papers. Were I just I get the Sunday papers I read, it might just makes him notes and then I just hit head record and I go for an hour about the Sunday paper.
Do want I'm gonna be on vacation this week after this weekend and when I go on vacation from doing podcast. I'm gonna put up like a little instagram question. Mark messages. Ask some questions frozen question images answer some questions on like shadows, unrivalled you're gonna be on vacation with the family s, my friend eyes: are you got me more of that right now lax in this life, more relax, we're gonna Colorado. What to do! Next week, ski I've gotta get high gonna get high, while prior agreement shows, but then we're gonna go ascii after that with bar aspen. I don't know we just cut a rented car will go. Let's get on seventy West, maybe stop in Breckinridge you're. Maybe veil and outrageous went to veil is broke. His ankle broke his ankle out there near folks game now you're, not a scare Amanda pretty hard last year. Come once go not even just a month ago on Togo, wiped SH
and I was it he said I'm down just like this is so ridiculous. Why do things that are more fun here? I do a lot of things that are really fun so schemes, get her a donkey heard no yeah. Now ass, he would go bow and arrow. It's almost like the entire. The entire adventure is based on not breaking something like the tension between yet scenery, nice and all that, but really you're thinking don't get her. I mean I I get it, it's a fun time for me to be with my family yeah, its funds fund, the kid Lufkin, it's a good time. I don't mind doing about scatter slowdown Don't fast, I wasn't gonna fast. I feel a little too fast and showed. Would you catch an edge? I don't know what happened and I remember what happened, but I remember as a
Following on this one might be a bad boy, I'm good at rowing, no end of it like. I know how does not fall to bad, so I was fine, but I like you that was a hard hit here. I've walk out of it. No problem put my ski back on ski down the mountain. He s fine, like people get fucked up doing oh yeah yeah. I got your turn away to hear you speak to our helmet, our home. How you do know shit, you don't now really happy. I will where home Pollyanna my friend got knocked the flock out. Last year, snowboarding he was Jack for awhile. He just fucking. Whoops seed, landed completely on its head. His feet went up in the air and adjust bone head. First, all head back or front somewhere here now he went out shares thump here and by the way that function
he's thump snap, o guess what now you're moving around with a straw, the other strong methods that are you navigate through life, or because you were until like a thrill or what about then scan and trees come between the trees where its grooves you're, going between trees and were used he's go are like deep group, is that your scheme has to go directly into any. Could catch an edge you flip over, like a fuckin tree mean I get it. I get the people like a polite gum, my for an obvious good friends with body Miller, he's that limpet guy Ski guy, just mangled, is fuckin leg near he just wiped out and crashed into something just flocked. His leg up. Take us sixty miles an hour. Jesus Christ polemic even geyser that good still wipeout food.
Themselves. I am just seems like there's a lot of fun ship that I like to do that, like that's what the reasons why didn't starts came too late in life, because I did jujitsu those other things in order or dangerous for your body and like a pilot limit, the amount of dangerous shit. But yes, why? Wouldn't right a motorcycle? My point back off yeah, I started plan ice hockey again few weeks ago. Get comedians got a little legal and bills post be good right, yeah he played in it and Steve Berne and great exercise, you know it's not dangerous, because we don't hit each other right and you dont really ever fuck up a near and ankle and hockey because its ice, these slide. You know it doesn't stick in turn, were you just gonna slide, and so, unless you trip and fall into a wall, you're pretty safe, Bobby or mangled knees, man did it
now Bobby or used to come to the German I worked at when I was a kid. I worked at the Boston Athletic Centre, which is little boss, athletic club. I guess it was, and that was some I was eighteen, a guess eighteen nineteen sunlight that and Bobby? Or was this legend in those hockey legend? He was older by then long retired, but he would come into the Jim and he couldn't even fuckin walk and we would have to help him climb onto the verse. A climber universe, Carmody say ass. I got Paul, you go up and down down down you'd, have to help him pick his legs up kiss his knees. Don't bash did all completely lock out completely banned towns like this. So, unlike my one thing, you can do and jam yet. He goes like from this like I'm like from completely straight easily. Five degrees like bet he's, always bent and
and it only goes to, like, maybe fifteen degrees yeah. It's like this tiny amount abandoned, as does his address massive surgeries all through his knees. What you, watch him walk, there's his knee deep cuts on his knees. And by the way that is that's back in the olden days in Libya, the different operation, seventy three. Seventy two. Seventy one day, sixty nine ninety seven yeah. You know how bad the equipment was back then skates were like saws. Skates were bad and those surgeries were terrible and not a fixture,
fix you and you just go. I will go up up above that you could see his knee, that fuckin thing chooses and that is perusal. It was off ass, ours, its monotony, his you just watching him walk and he would play racquetball watching play rack Bob you just fall down who just like Trotter like move forward in his fall, is couldn't move here I mean he was basically left with pegs. It barely bent yeah and that's how got around like left right, peg, right, pig weft per year. Lotta hockey player is, are they they play golf, you know they retire and they play a lot of golf. That's like I did the two big sports in Canada, Galvin Hockey, the same swank slap shot and golf Swinger, pretty similar others happy Madison right right. That's why it's right say: cereals, Israel, science behind it.
But no, I I. I think that football players are the worst, those guys you see any football player after they finished playing and their fuckin, some arrowed yeah there mangled some of them not you know it's interesting, or some of them are really lucid. They get through like MIKE Orban, MIKE Aravind Super Lucid, no prob. I mean, maybe you don't banged up a little bit, but he can walk around. Oh yeah yeah he's fine. He looks great. He looks great tars great now he's an interesting garment, very fuckin. Smart! Do the very smart guy big! You of seafarers talked him all Tom Seemeth matches, so no shit, fantastic guy Does he do sports casting I'm sure Ricky? Does he asked, doesn't Jamie's now on Sunday morning? Stuff with that, I think the guy Michael stray hand. The government show here he so annoying. Was you knowing he's just tried so hard to be likeable. I just don't buy it
events. Have yours holler me why I love that Kelly. I could watch her all fuckin day. That's why you like, as you think, saving the dick her were. I don't like the black way relationships in general disturb you pages feel wrong. I mean I was born and sixty six one hang up nor legs were right about in the olden days before the colors mixed when a man could give war drinking found in that worry about giving human look. I don't, but I innocent sexual with her. It is sexual, but it's also. I think that she is The other will really good luck, and now I don't idols after these mines. I really don't like you know, do you really have a problem with black white relationships, not really Rona now, but I have a problem with his phony. And use that she deserves better. Just rageous was the best rages in her. That's part of my problem is Regis. Withdrew
I will read. This is due in other shit. Now, like you, didn't stop working together. If the man, you know what he's due to prep for that show, get picked up by a limo, get handed paper read it on the way to the studio and fuckin gone there? That's all they did miss off top his head, Mosul, relax, you're, comfortable, yeah, wonder why stop doing it. Maybe the jug de grind doing every week did Falada year, Sir, but it has a show, he has a show this year, still has some show that I saw, and it was weird Absalom like access tv or something we wanted a smaller networks here. So I guess he's probably is doing that for fun. Ma just stay act over something like that. Like foot which reaches filled bins, show was his country's get somethin Thea on what it is, but he I think he did lighted our doing here, and I guess it's like a jail Anna when he walked away yeah but Jane doing that car show
that's what I mean in any wanted to do was sought. Mistake busy waited the partial while he was doing to my child dairy yeah, but the car show is so much more him. He so much better air. He so passionate by well he's he's a fuckin legitimate Our aficionado and not he's not he's. Fucking loves cars when you with him and you you talk to him about cars I keep his eyes? Light begets excited like and its ease fawn. I did a show. Did you, we drove my yea and he's you know he's great yeah he's great. I mean if the public knew him, as only that, and you know, in heat he'll admitted like as per the problem would do in that shows like I had to talk to people, I don't give a fuck about your said calmly. If you're fuckin, stupid, comes out, but he didn't care, but he's got you on his car show its because he's legitimately interested in your car. That's it that's the only reason. Why does it?
got all the money in the world. He doesn't give a fuck he's only doing it for own enjoyment. Accuracy and Letterman with a country music star on, and you knew that he just wanted to say what the fog sprang toward pop country here, some whack do with some designer fuckin cowboy had on and ends. These never worn before they're, all shiny and fake. At his face. Doesn't change Sampson his genes. We see a country guy with fake rips in his job. Oh, how dare you you're? Not a working man. How'd you get those rip yet bottom bought those rip. You fuck your assistant go out and get ripped. Are we or you get the the hipsters they go out and buy work boots use that already are like. Google has oreodonts somebody work at home here, you gotta, wear your own work boots: FARC, Erika Mann, Fakir live your life, a pair timberlands. I get about fifteen twenty years
ago really mad. I feel nice airlines and greatest they last so good, but there were big in the hip hop I was at how they happen. No, but I know that when the when dont was Tom Perignon, what one of them and get kind of co opted by shit. All was a crystal year was crystal and they were very upset that hip hop had taken over. Because here they are like this? He let you know the Blu code, blue White Collar, Conover yeah, but Sorry complaining about it and then the hip hop community rejected fuckin sales. Lameter eight have plummeted. That's interesting! You gonna take that money where you get it, but you have a great champagne. Would he give a fuck
if wrappers turbine rolls Royce is you can be upset or adage, even if their spilling Europe campaign on the floor celtic racism to me as long as it's not spilling with a white person, let him spilett with themselves is weird how certain drinks good associated with certain races like crevasse here, is a black learning drink re, all name a drink. You tell me the re sucker fact ripple ripple, thus bark right here, the wine manischewitz. They know. I know that is outdated. I am I am here today because Red Fox used the rebel. Why has he only we don't even know what it looks like I've, never seen it. Yes, no
hurried, manischewitz, juice, Baileys, irish cream. Irish, we who was an easy one, doesn't Budweiser, ah white people with marital problems caused by the Budweiser, just placate abided by lies all Ali above the mix. Champagne hoop champagne other than like New Year's Eve, he is a new year's Eve is coming universe where everybody gets hampered in celebrating shit like weddings,
who fought by champagne or no basis. French people really get french people drink. It not make sense, but is tasty here, but what about Americans White Assholes, what they drank of your white asshole, you drink champagne in here he ives Thinking, one person I want said another say later I'll say it later, although you know when I used to What is a banquet waiter at the Marriott in Boston? We used to do these banquets and sometimes they come in and they don't turn me on and I'll. Tell you what man you get it's the best If bad champagne gives you a headache, its nasty sugary we which, as usual sparkling wine wines such campaign, actual to call it champagne, it has to be from this certain regions of France. The only place you can get it
put champagne on the label. That's right and dollar parity on is the best and I'm Tellin you man at that shit. It makes you feel so good taste, so good, no, hang over Real Yang no Hank, while thou thy possible that not like champagne hang over, which is the worst hang over you can get, is a really difference in hangovers Nokia. What's the difference, sugar, sugar content, sure gaunt hangovers are all about Sugar Fox ensure that, while, as I explained to me by Karl Heart, Doktor crawl heart, who is an addiction specialist, he said what hangovers really are. Is your body got temporarily addicted to the alcohol the feeling that you have the headache and all that love is dehydration A lot of is also that compensatory mechanisms that your body puts in place to process the alcohol he body literally shifts it's sort of scheduling, shifts its organizing of of chemicals and other
the ship, it's in your brain and then once the our calls, not there anymore, it's not processing alcohol and then it psych and that's the compensatory mechanisms finding their way through system. That's also why people say here the dog that bit you like when you have a hang over and having a bloody Mary in the morning. It helps you a little bit. Soothes you over that hump. Why? Because it bits poisonous Alsace poisonous your system. Yes, yes, it's sort power to it. If that, like more alcohol would help you feel better, but the Whig Carl Heart explains it is that is your body. Your body recognizes ok there's a shit after process. Let's deal with that, so it compensates for the
shit and then that Shit'S- not there anymore here- and it's like what's goin on where's, although what are we doing, we set up to deal with alcohol you'd have to deal with it anymore. I had him on a couple times in he's a fascinating, fascinating, guy, very, very smart guy and know so much about it is about addictions and about about various drugs. The reaction, the body and all myths that people have so amazing how many missing people have about like how hard things are to kick in what is instantly addictive. Yeah So that's it! What did you say? As I hear cigarettes are the most addicted, not a cigarettes? Yes, it cigarettes are more effective than heroin clearance of Super super yeah Subaru directive. Will they lived gypsy that movie with Thumb, Brussels oh inside man. Yes, the we're about the cigarette industry about a scientist, that's working with the cigarettes to try to make them more addictive night goes out with it, which is apparent
real story, but I guess I resumed and they lost out it. That's what it has mainly the engineer them addictive right, but pot, though, is not. They say not physically addictive at all, no, not physically, but it can be emotionally addictive. Anything can you know or a girl could be emotionally visually, all our girls, you know it's a jerk off at most emotionally and psychologically addictive laughings can be. Satellite foods can be psychologically end physically addictive work, but one thing that they say about potted in rare individuals, can be physically addictive, but how much so as it is physically addictive a sugar, a sugar is one of the most addictive things that we we consume. Yeah. I took a just a few days off a sugar and I've fuckin, pounding headaches and house. I woe yeah, I don't I'm completely sugar free. Now he aiming with added shiver irony. I know it no profit
sugar. Nothing on this wacky diet and amount. But one of things that I found within the first few days was this overwhelming desire, Did I wanted candy, I wanted soda. I wanted something like within the first couple days. Like my body was I get headaches and I would think about. I could see a bag of those chile mangoes are they have backdated covered in sugar like insane about sure, and I just want them is one? It's it's a shirt cravings you. Where are you? We did? You eat a kind of sugar without you quit not a ton, but more than I should have known it was all in the guise of healthy things, like God, Francis I was workin out my trainer today and he had a bomb windows protein bar. Yes- and he goes- I said, hey you, you forgot candy biogas, it's a protein, but I got a protein biogas. How much errors in that thing? Doesn't that much? I know how much do you think he goes? Nine.
And I got nine grounds I go about about its about nineteen grounds acknowledged on and he looked at US ten grounds. I got really- I go- how many servings earlier to No. I got those mother forget how you do it. Was this big it wasn't. I wasn't a chocolate one, it was tat of chocolate has as yet it was four inches timing thing and they words their content, Serbia. I was on course other factors are so high TAT, Granada, Sugar yeah. Then you look Arbutus to serve the cons here. My kids, you colonel my wife by granola, bars the kids in the chocolate and like any these desert. Candy bars she's an awkward granola bar is leg. You no name. You're valley, oh, you know, he's gonna sugar in it, but there's no fucking chocolate only right, but even those if you look at the sugar content or ten eleven re use receive twenty five grams of sugar and a fuckin day yeah. It's stunning how much sugars and everything is a great documentary.
That sugar movie and it just details how all this happened in how many things have sugar in them an added sugar and how bad it is for your body, it's fucking, unbelievably its talks and how much worse courts Europe is than share. I just did have a corporate event in Fargo, North Dakota for them, sugar farmers of Amerika and was all these farmers both like family, on little farms around Minnesota and North Dakota, and they came in and I just I walked down and I walked on stage and I go fuck currency, Europe and coins. Europe's goes right here, at its all because they were over farming corn cheap to make and it's easy and the government was help and pay for it. They went or we're not gonna stop. What do we do with it? Well, make fuckin sugar Adam seeking corn now re documentary
yeah, oh yeah, amazing starts off with these guys. There was a project to grow corn they're, going to like get an acre of land, plowed themselves and grow corn, and they start doing all these tests and find out that their body, is like some insane amount of the carbon fibers in their body come from corn and they like what the fuck. So they get. You know they get their their blood worked on olives, stuff. They find this out. Then they start going in examining all the different food in the grocery store and how much of it contains. Corn, corn, proteins, Corinth Sirop, corn, byproduct and then they go deep, deep down to the Rapid Hall, the subsidize corn industry and how it all happened. How do I get started and you leave at the end of that movie like why, in fact, like we ve been co, opt in so many different ways. This country, by special interest groups and by people in it, get out how to generate an extract mass. MT, some money from particular sectors that are not good for this part of agriculture, corn and not at all.
Try to figure out how to put in your gas tanked exactly. Let's do that. You're fox, not good fear, engine Ethan also of regional like a fury, but alcohol is like if they get through alcohol engines like that that Rockefeller yeah what's wrong with these enormous Didier engine, I heard it causes some kind of backup overtones and ok. Subject: bullshit that the fuckin oil and resale right now. You know John John D, Rockefellers grants. Great great grants are now is heavily into developing three D. Three printer meet stakes: the command of a three printer. When are we using all leg soy type in Greece, and so we all like you know in the printer, doesn't wrought like dry ingredients and you will be able to do
can do it now they can. They can make stake chips through three d printer, their edible- and I say just matter time until they can make actual stakes, chooses awhile good, that Israel will provide better than some kinds of meets book. But I say it's good for third World countries Gazelle be able. First of all, you won't have to have all that methane from all the downsides of having cattle where I can get rid of that then I'll see you can set these things up in third world countries and feed people find pauper. Imagine them for stake. What you get him to do. The turnout, iphones like a mother, fucker, hungry or state from the lab Rockefeller AIR Investment firm
taking made scroll down as a picture of a state coming out of a printer. It's hilarious article. These guys do they just the Rockefeller heirs to they just get cash. How does it work today just give money and they just start their own start up. What is it what you think that feels like if you grow up? stupid rich? We never have to worry about the future, like maybe I'll make a start up. That's what it should be. That's the correct use. That money I mean if you get it, if you're gonna get rid of the death tax or is called really what it is. These state tax, at least these people, like you, know the Kennedys or are doing stuff in Iraq fellows doing stuff where there you know they're saying, are without economic pressure. I'm explored do some a little on the on the fringes that might work, and you know whether it sir you know not fossil energy or whatever, and that is so
it's pretty cool yeah, it's nice! If you see someone who's, given this unusual role, the dice some wonderful hand of cards nice day knowing use it in a totally egalitarian way. Some some beautiful way they just decided to donate, entered figure out a way to help put money into something is going to benefit people rise on start a foundation. That's just you know on a creep piece which sounds so area die an unattainable, but to go like now. Minna work on peace, just the concept of peace is rare. Here, it's rare that someone just looks at it.
And says well hey. I have this opportunity to do something really beneficial for the human race yeah. Let's take this hundred million dollars or Osborne with and put it to use. Now liquid Robert Kennedy stand for the environment, I mean he he's response for getting all the pcbs out of the Hudson River and working on making safer nuclear power. What do they do to get pcbs other over? What only how the fuck that clean the ready at your age I get it when their fuckin zoom out. Maybe some people argue as bad because it stirs up, we will put, is in you know, in layers embedded in the men, the better the river, but say? Will if I fucked Harkin or to NATO. Whatever comes it's gonna, it's gonna bring it up in a much more destructive way, so it's better to bring it up, so they bring it out from what are they doing when they bring it up there there clean
it's just a you know: filter it dump it somewhere ha, but then he also just close up there was there was the GM plant, there was a bunch of plants on the Hudson River that were dumping raw sewage, Jan and he stopped all of those who crews and now that's where we can swim in it. What's I grew up on wherever we swim in it and we are told not to we're fine, but now they say, but now they could really have like little beaches set up on the Hudson River of lights. Yet even in the city, you can take a fuckin kayak out on the West side, swimming to swim in it. That sounds weird. When again your mouth, then he die, dedicated math class stupid you know they used to bar is used to pull lobsters out of the river that used to be bar food yeah. It was like it was thought to be. Poor man's meal well in Ireland, Latvia or even in America and in the early days of New York City, these two just set out lobster trial. And when someone would order a lobster there, which is go, pull a trap out, and
I wanna lobsters and cook it. She was thought to be a poor food. Portable daring, famine in Ireland. They were supporting. Lobster as they would need it. They thought it was like a rat. Ah, my gown, and stupid irish. He said he'd fucking Fadus setting lobster Why would I lie? We don't have any butter anyway. Maybe that's what it is. They had no about butter once you know, but butter lobster some put other before ship. Those out just try. This year you fuckin idiot Swift is built on. You can have the bed. I saw Numb Instagram this guy cook decoding character, K, Odeon Barbecued, it barbecue, didn't, had barbecue sauce and brought it to work, pulled coyote and apparently serves to look.
Some people were loving, it yeah air, some shit. You can eat their rearing, I wouldn't think to eat a code. I saw an episode of Mediator, Steve Renault Unready Warren. They shouted coyote and cooked it over an open fire and ate it. Here. We want to see it tastes like this and get shit. If you go to add restaurant called Typhoon and Santa Monica, and they ve got you can eat scorpions and all is, it would die in a typhoon right shooting. On the side of the beach. Yet, if you want to play out deposed to park, let me come to Typhoon Tuesday night special jellyfish, while scorpions scorpions did you try I'll fuck That's right s largest crunchy in our little salty nice. Well, they must, at its all, saw good protein yeah. Well, they said a bug. Protein is really for you now and in a lot of ways I think that's gonna be the future of protein for the world like a bug bars and are made out of grasshoppers and thing landslides and dumb. It's very health,
full amino acid profile and a lot of people who may be vegetarian or Vienna and have a real problem of eating. Animals do not have problems, eating insects, I quote: we, a bug PS, I have a friend, is vague and how fuckin slap shit out of mosquito ottoman, kill it, and yet Raven. Thank Dr Rath drop it onto the ground like ITALY. Singapore style scorpions. Is that the ass, the menu that place stipends many taiwanese crickets fried raw garlic, chile, pepper and asian Baiser. Eleven Bartoloni, great, it's great, should eat them with the wife I'm down. Let's do it. Actually, our foreign slap me answered eat a bug when they get normal, should today a sub critical issue bar. But yeah I'll eat I'll eat anything I mean I've been down a florid ivy navigator. I was an alligator, is really good for alligators good idea. The protein, apparently an alligator, its possibly insanely, high protein and very very low and cholesterol. Here
one of the lower things like right up there with Elk and moose are apparently the lowest in collateral at lower than chicken tough to cook cause, if so little fat cigana really now it was, are now used, learn its different it's different than I got some in the back once on what smelt revert, yeah yeah, take it home era is better way better for you. High protein Anders zero, bullshit and yeah I wanna buy that stress hormones, know Nothin wild game and, like I said, lower cholesterol than a chicken breast. I was in South Africa and we ate it a game farm, a game park. You know, but they do have to fill out the heard different animals and zelie. There's a restaurant car car for right it right in the park and they come round secures and they ask you, do you want some enow giraffe will assure and will give you a couple. Cubes giraffe.
It was like when you took me to that brazilian restaurant Vegas to house career yeah, they would came, they came over. Skewer is, namely, was like tat, but it was like elephant fuckin. You know different different kinds of gazelles and shit, They all injuries elephant I did it elephant was that it was it was all gamey, It had a little smell too at people right now screaming yes screw you. You can only lead to kill it. These are all animals. There were two minutes: they should it every citizen does not always very favourable, always remember what about you you don't eat the bare authority, You better watch Yogi Eat is fuckin child on the internet, Jesus bears man bears some people have a weird connection with bears near together that Europe's out, if you kill Albert stuff, bears
now the most vicious animal out there that heading ervic to bed boats, it's almost like we're trying to make them like less dangerous near it can make em cuddly like polar bears, are perhaps the most vicious mammal on earth. They are fuckin monsters to Skype, Heaven Fitzgerald. His of that. I am cabin in account in Denver, yeah and he, but work together once Denver, and he said that polar bears like when you have them as babies right out the womb, though like China, you know she Juliette. He was there like the alien unite, the Alias burst her. He was that's what they like right. While that is not because of their hungry, they will try to fuck and eat you here oh my god, tat people have this idea of them. As being this, like fluffy creature, like most people live in cities, most people comment on animals and animal rights activists in an animal rights. Advocates these people in how these ideas about the the beautiful nature
that we live around like there. They dont go out in it you go out in it a relay. It becomes a different thing now and you realize that while there is strange like constant conflict going on in this world? There is very little harmony. In fact, the harmony exist with beings eating beans. That's when the harmony exists. It's all things, eating things and things looking out for things about the eat them. Men is a reason why dear perk up and the move, your ears and a heads I decide cause Somethin's comment. Always is always something common. That's why they run so fast to trying to get away from something eating. Them did not chasing anything dear run fast because they don't wanna get which is fucked? I saw a rattlesnake eat a squirrel. Oh, she s Amity last summer, site get the square. Now he had a squirrel, but I saw him take the squirrel into inside of many sought, move one of the countess body
and then and everybody gets close, some cause, I figured I'd just eight right now, so he was less his Lamar lethargic yeah. You can do and I crawled off, spat I've never seen a rattlesnake before my second eaten a squirrel. I was running the hills with my dogs and Iraq. Over what I thought was a log. I got a stick, a large stick: as I was in the air over it. I realized it was a rattlesnake. Besides my forearm- oh shit, like of FARC, and I had to keep my dogs back once. I realise that it was a rattlesnake here's. My dogs had been bitten. Several times die rattlesnake yeah, they my dark frank. He got been twice and my dog Lucy she had been wants and face swells up. It's it's bad. Bad but they'll go and attack the rattlesnake, even though they know look a bit while their bark and they get near it and the art bark bark bar and then the stakes biting the fairy. While they don't know what it is.
As there is no it's dangerous, something in their doggie brain is this ain't cool and what the fuck is this thing and they bark at it. Whereas, like didn't bargain squirrel, this year, scarlet chase after Nitro kill it here, but if they see a rattlesnake day they get close enough to know. I wasn't there. When it actually went down. I was the only after ass. I saw the snake I pull them away. I looked and looked at it Islamic, what's goin, I saw little holes, my god, I had to take a man One time I took him to the volatility and I'd if you hadn't, taken in probably probably eventually takes it I'll, but they swell up like crazy, like cider face, becomes a cartoonish where they got stung. Especially a young rattlesnake young rouse thanks to the most dangerous because they don't know any better. They empty out all their venom and one shot. The old rattlesnakes just give you a little taste so thick tat, mother fucker, but they keep some for the subsidies either, but you again or by something else an hour later,
but one time frank. God bit and I looked at them, and I am I a kill the rattlesnake and then I looked at him. I'd kill it. Ah phaser raked forever till it with a kill it. Then I looked at frank people. Why would you do that kid? It's in my yard saw I see that fence you get inside that you're dead you gonna tell me you're dead and fucked up, I kill you in my house kill you, my yarn, aren't you gonna lying dead, dead, coyotes dead? If I'm proud, an artery and my aren't. I see a coyote, yes, I'm shooting at european ones Guild upset in my apartment, forming persuaded to it with a tennis racket. That's right,
without he would think it. A bit sat down a watch tv five seconds later. I ran after that thing here: yes disturbing to switch rates than what happened with Frank Iowa, so I brought him to the vat and the vat looks Adam. Is like, after the first time, Frank and Lucy both got bit and then this is like me be a year later. I wasn't sure we got better access rattlesnake I saw him, I killed a rattlesnake and then I'm like everybody. Let me show your face up. Looking at him. I don't see any marks of my class, Seymour right but fuck, I don't know, come on, let's go and I take them in the back of the truck and I'm taking down to the vet and the vet checks him out and goes I don't see any swelling everything seems fine Marguerite had taken back homeless, they start delayed reaction. I think maybe he got a small dose. Wasn't a lot but within and that
he's a guitar detail because adrenaline so fired up. You know. Tongue was Isaac and it was like so excited to be no eight to get to get in the car and go driver He seemed normal that an hour or so later, african homeless, faced outswelling so to bring about. Again. We gotta you many anti venom. It's fucking expensive gas, its thousands of dollars. So no shit, no jokes! If you're broke in your dog, it's been itself Fucker man, s second out yourself, that's a myth to throw away get sucked out. If you get it right, when it's happened like right now give it bites you right there you make a tourniquet, you gotta cut yourself too. Got it, you can't be shy about it. You gonna cut into where that area without fuckin snag is squeeze it and suck it out and you probably going to get it all. You need some of it, but are seen what happens to a person when they a bit by rouse. Now, oh my god, we are so weak or such were water bags. We
of course, the bags of water, or so we re allergic to everything you this guy, Put a website up that documents him getting bit by rattlesnake like after he got bit, hid him seeking treatment than the net crow. What I waited necropsies, which continent what is called across the processor, Moses, when you know skins dying, the tissues dying all around the wound and he had again ask transplants and all is crazy shit. It took a long time and he documented the entire procedure. As one guiding were. Oh wow. Now Sheer Dunkirk, Texas Country, STAR, Kevin Fowler, pulse gnarly. Rattlesnake picture in this guy has his hand, looks like I mean it looks a yes a globe in his hand,
I guess Hannah Swollen and black. So far so far swell one palliate scroll down like attackers forearm little further, that's the one go to that website visit! page. This is this is the very. This is the very website where a doctor This guy, that's that's actually won photo. That's taken, from the website, but there's a website where it show. This is the absolute why I got been and his skin all died. His skin and died, and I believe it was a young kid two figures, very very old when this happened. I just put mash over mesh is so that his skin grows in
place and then they take the graft and they try to put it over that. But it is it's rough man it some it's very, very Vulcan dangerous! You gonna, write, rattlesnake, generous right, but anyway, not no Bueno. I was out On that same trip to South Africa, my my daughter was probably about three, and then we went down to the end in Cape town. There's the cape of good hope is that the little thing that sticks out their own boom and can hide through this field and get to the it is like the south, Western Tipp of Europe of Africa, and so we go down there and we get out of the car and is always baboons in their fuckin vicious and their aggressive and the park. Ranger was like
yeah? You may want to keep her in your arms the whole time and also why- and I like well, if the snakes don't get it abandons, just gonna grabber denied shit how'd, you watching your daughter, get taken by a fuckin, baboons and eat. Or taken by a fuckin giant, Boa Chambers, Toronto chimps take babies, yeah fuck. That would be closed up there with your worst nightmare, top three worst nightmares. Baboon, taking your choice, this as they scream ya. Baboon might also might even be worse than a lion near both would be horrific, but something about a primate doing, that's baboons or so weird. It's like a monkey fucked a dog near out some weird sort of half half on key have dog face thing, so aggressive, so aggressive and our hands are just
Long arms and strong hands come right out. Yet creepy foxier shit nursing a documentary they did with them. They do they tamed dogs like baboons, actually tame dogs, and they taught these dogs had a Buick watchdogs gather. They took these dogs in and them and they have is tribes of baboons and they had figured out at this up as an experimental another door. The babylons did it. The bones dogs and fed them, and then the dogs data around them and when anything would come near, the dogs of bark and the baboons would come out and now shit there too. Smart fuck did tan there maybe in the world, is harsh and he also their actions. Don't seem like intelligent actions in other have community in this. It's not like they have in a language, you wrap it useful tools or, if I felt, but their very intelligentsia in some sort of weird way, the figures they figure out problems,
we stick meant steel cages life. There was an article in a tweeted today seriously that that they believe Chimpanzees and monkeys have just started using stone tools over the last four thousand years and that chimps are entering the age. The stone age play a ladder, they are evolving. Chimps and monkeys have entered the stone age in the wild, yes in the wild there actually evolving, and that this could eventually led to chimps becoming
something very different than what they are. Now that what we are seeing now in a million years from now chimps might not be chimps anymore, they could become neanderthal, it could become us. We ve only been asked for a couple hundred thousand years here. You know he I'm a man, listen to this book right now on tape about you know like prehistoric man, from like the first socialization out with sapiens, who wrote that saving Since Doo doo, Doo, doo yo, you ve all Noah Harare. Well, what a name you brief history behind and just ass time talking again talking about how you know now: and I saw a man and was and he and homo sapiens, which is what came after neanderthal people, think there was a time
cause. We you look at timelines, English one then there's a line segment in the next one starts, but there was a time when they were both on the earth. At the same time, and they were fighting and neanderthal was fucking way, bigger and more powerful way, stronger and bigger brains. Right right, which is weird yet they know. You know why that none of the brain was bigger to control the body casino. I want to study all the speculation of how smart they were here. It was a battle in the the sapiens one because they had techniques for hunt to working as a group, and regarding the other ones and eight they use tools. I guess that enough, it was rocks or whatever it is that they use that Thea Neanderthals we're not using a thing. Is they just divided them and for them all young became they became us? How did they does my family? I favour on top. I don't know, I wonder man I mean they know that there was some interbreeding or
they believe the centre as interbreeding, and they recently found some a bone of an ancient neanderthal. That human dna in it, and so that it will what the fuck my yap, save you find MAX. I think I tweeted I recently to adjust mine. I might not be human, you mean sapient, yes, homeless, around India Rain make as a ten August neanderthal or human. A type of humans are women, yeah, I guess, there's homo erectus, Romo whatever and then homo sapiens. What's considered modern man yeah, don't necessarily here. It is humans, Meda, Whitney Anatolic much earlier and more frequently than thought. This is really recently this February, seventeenth and people will flock of sheep will fuck anything. I can't believe I never thought an animal
You know I was so horny when I was a teenager because we do not pass the only thing of yellow guard. The euro fortnight would affect my dog definitely depending on the conduct of water, We grew up without rapid access to pornography like these kids. Today I give a kid today as an Iphone here. Poor in the world yet mean at your fingertips: Bamako watch people fuck. All I had was a sheep Dodd Vaseline hard back then Here I can in the end, you know the final noon. Episode nude additional play voice coming out. Pam Anderson will be the last nude model in play by history. Growth. Someone, Norman see negatively more perfect hurried away to go out, go out with a fizzle ease us out. This should go We even have chosen a good. You were you looking round is not really that person anymore and look at it photos. Rob elements yet never get it well hurt you mean first, Thirdly, the cheetah, her own parts.
Photoshop, but on top of that we are not looking at the real image. Looking at some distorted image of ever seeing what they do like this, unlike the real image verses, what they do in areas where there she was a beauty and our day time is a mother foolishness of Egypt that dad please do that sex tape. And her prime civilising she was, but these are the most recent ones. Alleged now really service was from December yeah, see it's all what weird black and white but you know they like stretched out her ass a year. Daddy's three guys hiding behind or pulling scan right. There should have midgets document. Our fans blow their sag up, she's right next to the star of have to normality.
She was smart. You would have made herself look at least a little bit old in these. Instead she looks nineteen. What it's like, everything's blurry in hazy, like you, look at other through the fog spotlight in a foggy room and he shot her feet Does this mean donate? Yes, they do boy. Do from what she doesn't mean, I'm always come out around with that is not what she looks like she just doesn't mean dynamic, not accurate, so stupid little. This very she sang appears right, she's had kids, but she's. Also fifty you know mean she's, not a silly Crawford. Fifty either Cindy Crawford looks great
next to her recently you were born, and yet we do this. Then we help out with these retarded kids. In its attitude, you will see the mentally whatever intellectually disabled children. It's this group that man, my son work with, and they do a bowling thing, a rate ray money for many ball with the mentally challenged. Kids and ass she's really active with it and church out there with her kids, her daughters and on our sons, a model and she looked back and create fifty one. She looks thirty maser whenever here, but for a good thirty, two not wanted some thirty right. You know. I knew girl when she was nineteen and I saw again, which was twenty seven. Apparently she had a mouth problem and when I saw which was twenty seven, she looks like she had been to Hell back and she looked easily fifty air and she wasn't even thirty at NASA like Math Something
stimulants man you, that red lining the system for you pay for that you pay for that. What drives you out, tear up their terrifying to her skin was turn off of her bones or muscle tissue at all gone away. She did it all atrophied, so I care it like what the plumpness of youth, it all been replaced by, like this dead air, her skin was like looking for all the meat that used to be there to hold it in place. Sagging and, ah my any energy chain smug the whole time she was deafening chain smokin, she does. She was a smoker, but was sad and she saw apologetic about issues apologetic about the way she looked was really to stir. Here. I just saw this girl that I had seen in awhile and she gimme a hug because I'm sorry I got really fat like your apologizing to me if that is so weird my boots in person to the same thing to me, we'll talk about it off her now I don't think so. This girl never interacts
not our different girl. I'll just did that recently to me it was around our area. Really we'll talk will talk about this we are analysing anyway. I believe the forgotten here to Morrow, Gregg, Fitzsimons and we'll be performing at the improv. In fact, in Hollywood He'll do New Sean Series, or is it only a pike? S now Do the show Monday nights on serious? It's the Gregg Fitzsimons Show on Howard, one on one. Then the pod cast his fits dog, Grady I just had Arsh fear, you came on account, entrust just came. I am jet. Uptown just came on those around us or I'll, be up in the next week or so excellent, and then did her colorado? Can I plugged Amity works, comedy works and die. We're coming up on the twenty fourth through the twenty six and then I am in, sorry, one way out I've ever clubs ever Sacramento punch. Line in another one of my online, you ve ever clubs, San Francisco,
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Said we did it. We all right we're off till Friday and then on Friday. We have national, Geographic expedition, leader, Adam Plump, very excited, tat, instant tat filled with such cool pictures. He's taken all of the world and we are emailing back and forth this motherfukers in the rainforest of Costa Rica and he'll, be here on Friday tales of Travel Lewis Mcchord now before so that much love So much for everything and kissed him
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