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#786 - Wheeler Walker, Jr.

2016-04-18 | 🔗
Wheeler Walker, Jr. is an American country music singer-songwriter. His album "Redneck Shit" is out now on iTunes, and he also can be seen on tour this summer.
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the ones in Seattle, I think, is all totally sold out. That's the Moore Theater this Wednesday. Four hundred and twenty get it and then the next big one is the ice house in Pasadena on the 29th and 30th. It's not a big place, not a lot of tickets, so jump on that shit. That's me, and the great Ian Edwards on the twenty some 30th at the ice House in Pasadena. My guest today is Wheeler Walker, Junior Wheeler junior is a country music star that well he's up it's hard to describe what he does he's funny. Like get funny dirty country, music, songs, but the music is good and he's a cool guy. I enjoyed talking to him. So please welcome Wheeler Walker, Junior, the Joe Rogan experience trying my day, Joe Rogan podcast by night all day, podcast shit load of money trying to get like
riders on the storm, doomed and and uhm. I think that would be the best way to open a podcast ever too much, though right I'll talk to some people Wheeler Walker, Junior camera, one camera. Of the audio. You look fucking fantastic. I found about you through our mutual friend who turned me on to eating pussy and kicking ass, and I was a fan right away instantly Are we all wear on this right? So this is one hundred percent legit I love the show and we come out here. And I'm not making this up. We bought tickets for this weekend, 'cause we were going to do Coachella too risque. They said the goal was we were going to do it and they said it's too fucking x rated. We can't which is bullshit to me, you're too, this game for Coachella Coachella was all about taking ecstasy as well. I fucking thought you know it's just I don't know
be there soon. As I just don't want me, you know it could have been the nice way of saying we don't. Let's just go over the playlist and perhaps we'll see where which is might be. I think I may be with him and redneck shit. I don't have any problem with that. That sees name of the album. That's easy from Walmart really well. That's that's a plus beer weed coaches. That's fine family tree totally! Fine! That's the dirty as well! In the really can't fuck you off my mind, things start getting a little edgy fuck you bitch drop them out. That's easy eating! Pussy kicking ass, my favorite fighting fucking fart and that's fine, better off beating off sit on my face and then the coop Degraw, which one are you quiz I suck my dick, hey man, shit happens. You go black out and go to a head to a bar where the problem is Titles are actually wait. Wait in the SI mean no here's honestly what happened so I went to my buddy Dave. Cobb is a producer there actually met him through your buddy Sturgell.
I didn't really made him, but everyone's a bunch of articles that said Sturgill introduce me to him. So I'm just going with well very narrative yeah. It helps, but so and I'd kind of been kicking around Nashville for like about fifteen years or so, and with no success at all I mean just bullshit and I've been to had my ass kicked my dick in the dirt, as they say and then I was like fuck it. This is going to be my last record. I was like I'm going to whatever they call it drop them. I put out a really fucking dirty ass wreck. Do I record I was wanting to make and not pull any punches. I was going to just pay for my cell phone and myself and I had a feeling this was going to get me banned from Nashville and then I just leave cuz, I'm a fucking broke, so we made this fucking dirty. Rec and it is probably about as dirt and it's not wasn't even like. I want to make the dirtiest country record. It was just like why
it happened now in Nashville 'cause, it's turned into such fucking. Bullshit is well money's happened, well what's happened is country radio is no longer country music. What is it it's and I didn't know this anymore, new 'cause. I don't listen to that dog shit, but I actually heard the best explanation for the uh today, Steve Earle who's, a hero man. He was on this Chris Shiflett Podcast. I don't know if you know he's he's a guitar player for fun is a good podcast where he interviews like country music. He loves country, oh wow, and stay girl goes. You could you could only kind of talking around it. He goes country today, you know mainstream corporate country is he goes it's rap music for people and he pauses like it's rap music for people and he just keep eating pause like easy. Going to say it goes, is rap people it's rap music for people who are
scared of black people and he's not saying as a joke, but I'm sorry he's absolutely fucking. One hundred percent right, it's Luke Bryan, do like a duet with rapper they'll? Do that? If you want to do, is it's like Bates? You know, you said you, don't some hip hop inches. This is Jamie yeah, you like it's beats, but the thing is here's. My thing, if you were making good sounded like it's beat, from the 80s release off guy, with a baseball hat sing about trucks and beers and uh. You like. That is really fun to go to the river, exactly yeah. No, it's just so Basically, there compilation what is a compilation. They put all these different musicians sitting in the exam same thing alive. Oh yeah, yeah. Well, see I've heard a lot of this one compilation of country artist, it's just the theme song yeah! That's what I'm talking about compilation they're all talking about being by the river, your tight blue jeans. It's like there's all these like different things that they just repeat. I mean it's fuck, it's discussed, really is what it is. It's weird. Another thing too, is: I listened
n dot WA, I listen to public enemy. I listen to you know gay little boys like I don't need to hear white boy rap. Well listen. If I want, I listen all kinds of music, I listen to rap all this in the fucking right right, so I went in there I want to make some real, so I can country music and at the time I didn't know what it happened and you know I'm in Nashville, but I'm in my house I don't know what the fuck is going on. So I am. Whenever I write a song like my first instinct is just not to censor it, you know. Why would you write an I start playing in the studio and they're like this guy mother fucker, I mean I'm fisting chicken going guys blowing each other and uncles. He kicked ass. Had me literally like cry and laugh. Well, that's one less problem, the song funny song, no matter how funny we were listening to playback and I go listen to fuck, you bitch, which is going to
hey. I heard that one too. That's, that's all! That's the hit, if you can call him took me a second to realize. That was also you because I saw the first one from the Ben Hoffman show. We have thought that do not. If you don't like Ben Hoffman well, he talked me into doing his fucking his he had a show on comedy central as the saying goes, I was sick that week, so I didn't get to see it was fucking cancelled. It wasn't funny and the dude just came off like Connor Bug. Acts of her in a strong word yeah, I don't wish to be brothers who directly like we look real similar. I don't think so, but whatever you know, age may h, H two is on to them: half blind. Okay, let's go, I was gonna say I don't I mean our glasses now, so I did that thing and then you know, I think, That's where maybe Cobb or you know 'cause. I knew Sturgell back in Kentucky anyway. The point I'm trying I'm all over the place in which started. Getting around was interesting to me. Was that start getting around through no no lie, take promotions as people passing it on someone would find out of
they send it to this guy and he would send it to his friends and that's how I got it. Might've been Sturgell. This sentiment, it's very because eh what it what happened was and kind of them. The point was, I was in the studio back to what we were talking about and I'm listening to playback to fuck you bitch. I know man. This is so pretty if I made it clean, you know like love you, whatever I go, this could get played on the radio and they look at me like I'm crazy and they go. This is the this ain't getting played on the radio. Why not? They go 'cause, it's real country, music and they don't play that on the radio anymore. Then I go if it if I can get to get banned for playing real country. Why not just fucking not censor myself at all? Do it fucking xray? So that's what kind of convincing just to do it my fucking way. So as someone who is a country music artist and is a fan of country music and we talked about country music before the show started, there's got to be some hope.
This guys like Shooter, Jennings and Sturgell, there's in these new guys that are coming up that are really fucking, talented, that's the only hope, really what's happening. Here's my thing and I've gotten a lot of fuck. I mean all the kind of mainstream. It's not looking around. I mean, like music, growing, happy that my all it was Grammy week with my album came out like eight weeks ago, and I out my debuted at nine on the billboard country charts during Grant aereas outsold people who were on the fucking Grammys and I'm just from a fucking few, and I got no twitter followers. I don't even know how to use it. Facebook and I I sign up for Snapchat hoping to get a bun ' 'cause. They said that's where that it's come in snap, chats worth yeah. I got I thought about you office snapchat me, I've gotten twenty five thousand, Dicks I've gotten nothing but Dixon NUTS and I've gotten like four or the nasty sticks you've ever seen. Well, men are disgusting, so men take.
This is yeah. Well I mean I three, eight nine. You got all these songs about gay guy, sucking dicks like I can get this guy well that well the the thing they're not even doing these are gay guys. These are guys are just out of your element, one should my nuts and I'm like. I guess I appreciate it, but be sure someone send me some fucking tits, already jeez yeah. I think there coming today today, people decennium that are going to be there, so I'm going to get some fake accounts I'll, be in your initially how who was a fish catfish catfish cat for, if anyone's up for you a lot? Yes, they want to forget. Okay, it's only Walker change, I'll show up with my phone I'll, buy anything only about you, and this whole thing is that no one had to give you the green light to do this. What I love it but it is that you decided to take a chance, spend your own money, highly jet musicians together yourself. They like fuck it I'm going to have either going to go down in flames or this is going to take off and I, about you all the time now, like I don't know if no it's happening, but there's like this wave
people who are finding out about you across the country answer is I didn't know. I mean I the album. And then I got a call like I said about. You know that it's on the billboard chart that was a joke and then I they said they we should. I gotta go on tour and I said no, I'm no spring chicken man I sent in a fuckin van in plain, empty clubs. I said, call me back when we got offers and they start getting out like. Can I make my I will get Jamie pull up that you yeah, I'm announcing it right now like and I got talked into a you know like there's people buying. I guess they want to buy tickets. Nobody would have ever let you do this ten years ago. You couldn't understand that so funny 'cause, you know, obviously a thing You go bam. Oh shit, there's a tool taurus on I'm not even kidding this. Some of these is the first time I've seen it so go to Wheelerwalkerjunior, dot, com, slash, tour and all the
earlier. You can win some serious places. Man you doing some pretty big is that some of the like some of these are like, like house of Blues yeah, there's several thousand blues? I mean they don't play. They play everything about the blues, but I mean those are big rooms. How the fuck am I going to sell it? Now? I don't know dude. I guess that's what I'm here, for I guess that's what you're here for yeah yeah, you plant you doing the independent in San Francisco Data good point, yeah! It's very nice place doing some good spot, yeah well, Fillmore in Philadelphia! That's a great theater yeah, I'm SAM! So I look at you. That's hilarious! How long the album come out then about a week's so I listen yeah! I don't know what the fucks going on, but here is awesome. I guess So I went in there like this guy Dave Cobb, who just won the Cruz, won the Grammy for country producer of the year, and he did circles for two records, and I knew Sturgill the back in Kentucky an he introduced me like just give me like
want to own this shit. You know I don't want anyone to own it. 'cause they're, going to fuck fuck with it. So I just gave him like literally emptied out. My bank gave the money all these kind of the best addition lot us. It was actually a lot of shooters, the guys from shooters. First band who'd, all movement, our Nashville, so it's like these killer player until I think of the best players in Nashville, but they're not like nationals. Go to. You know not like the guys at these pop dog guys go to and it's the guys who play on startles first record. Only in the Leroy Powell, Chrispell Brian and Brian Allen give Michelle a really great musician, great fucking musicians, some live versions that they did. They did. You can have the crown live some radio station thing with just a very small group of them, and you get to see like how. Good. The the the the actual ground straddled, a different band. Now that again I mean for virtual band now is is Taylor. I'm his music is so hard to pin down there. Just as it's funny too, because you know we had a bit of a
had a falling out recently- and I am you- couldn't find a bigger stars of fan. The me I just listened as a record on the way over here and it's a masterpiece, but he also one talk to me right now. What happened well here's the thing. I don't even mind talking about right in an interview. I said that he was, but this is honestly what I believe. I think he is you're going to laugh when I say it, but I swear. This is what I fucking leave. I think he's a paid CIA assassin. I just let that sink in for a second, I think he's taking mother fuckers. And I confronted him about it. Where did you get this information? Well, let me tell Youtube video. None see like I said. I knew him back in Kentucky and he goes. This fucker goes to the
right right, the sergeant magic magic he's he's put he's worked for the governmental being in the Navy, and you look next to you and some guy just picked up a guitar starts singing and it startled sense and managing that writers. No, what like the greatest singer guitarist one of the best ones in the world right now. Would you agree with that for sure he just next you want to fucking boat and they decide. You know what I want to leave the navy when he was young, but I'm saying I just quit the Navy. Well, you do you term, you know he didn't do his term. He fucking left, so he owes the gum. How long did he go? I don't know the fuck listening all my. Start together, but he Can you do that? I thought that's like you go away, in n out He all the sudden out of nowhere. He just puts out a fucking wreck. So if you're
in the government, you want to take some fuckers out put their dick in the dirt. Look, I'm saying: take those mother fuckers down. What's the best way to do it in this done but been done before, but other Hollywood stars, you get you gas country, music artist alive and to kill people for you. Well know you as a front but who travels the most Tyson music artists yeah, you gotta, have a legit he's gotta go fucking play right, check out struggles to or no he's on assignment. I know you're laughing MSE, both laugh, but this mother has toured Europe for content, he's police toward England. Ten times you ever heard of who's, your favorite country, music, guards from England. They don't listen a fucking country music, they listen to it, but you don't play and listen to it. He's going over there fucking killing people and this fucker is gone times you see how many times you play Japan? I don't know a lot yeah, nobody ever ' message: japanese guy and you know who's your favorite country, ours. They don't go, you know they don't go I'll, fuck off doctor Yoakam. They don't listen, that shit he's
so they're taking mother fuckers out you go down his tour. Listen you check the check it with the papers of enemies of the state have been taken out that shit fucking lines up. Does it I think it. I wasn't specifics. Okay, I anyway, I got a little stone and I thought this was what happened and in I should have asked him about it, which is true, but to start accusing him of being a CIA Luscious done to his face. I did on a couple radio shows and then in- and this is gonna break- it will open a little bit, but anyway now he's he won't. Why will heed to confront me about 'cause, it's true right, and why is this new album all about him? You heard the record it just him talking to his son. Right he's seen. Should it not, he he seen the you know what you write right out: an album about this serious about deal as like this serious talk to your child, because you seemed should go down. He saying mother fuckers. He tells loves his kid. No one does it now. That's not a reason to make it
he says he's telling his kids warning, don't do what I did. You know and he's a hired government assassin and I'm almost pause about this and where they were going to take for it, but I'm also getting the truth out there. Don't you, where he's going to take you out for exposing that's, why I'm talking about it 'cause now they now. If he takes me out, will know then my story will be true. That's what that guy thought in Russia remember that dude in Russia that was talking shit about about Putin. He was like a political rival to Putin and he thought because he was so public. They never take him out. They shot him with his girlfriend, while he's with his girlfriend. They shot him in the government. Building that doesn't help my fucking anxiety over the storage. Then they'll just get you dude special. You go to Russia, don't or Russia. Well, I mean again my aren't like hundred, together, but from what? Why wouldn't talk to me about it? Then why don't you say? Well, you know people get testy when you call him killers, they get. You know
I don't know many. I yes and I mean whatever I think I'm on to some, but whatever anyway, that's the thing about country music. You love some friends, but that ten, taking apart what I that I think he's a high government killer, take that away. Okay, let's look to it will take away for the moment, but what you're saying about those guys like searchlights, but it's it's, bringing real it's actual country music he can play on the radio. Jason is bell to that. Guy man. I've been listening to a lot of his shit. Lately. He's amazing he's very good right. That's the guy who did Dave, who did his records did mine did too there's a lot of gray, stuff coming out right now and what I see this is the thing, though it seems that music producers are a lot like television producers in that what they want to do is sell the most shit and, like some of these boulder, not necessarily- and it's not that they're not artist there definitely artists are creating
use it, but the creating music that they specifically want to sell a lot they wanted to hit with people it's almost like. They want to figure out how to press those buttons right. You know they want to put in a nice juicy formula where they could press those buttons right sell a lot of units, but a guy like Sturgell for a guy like Shooter Jennings, like these guys are not doing that. What they're doing is expressing themselves and then you get to find out who they actually are, and it's so much more interesting than the same and bullshit in the same canned bullshits find sometimes I mean. Sometimes I like listening to some stupid pop music song just for the fuck of it. Who cares It's not the worst thing in the world. I think that's fine too, but my actual might even bigger the bigger issue, but speaking like I like fucking pop music, just like you, but the country pop
is something funny is thirty years? Is their truck? I don't mind like surgeons. A good example of someone is taken country moving it forward. Yeah. These guys aren't there and beats from like the eighties and that they're they're gone backwards. You know the track. I know people who go into the studio is a major country, artists with one those clicker think Clicker things and making sure it's. The right is not made up making sure it's the right beats per minute slow down speed up to make sure we get on the radio, oh my god, so my goal with my record. It's in that fucking credit. It's weird that you imagine coming in here with one of these clickers it speed up or slow down your butt, like you, fucking, kick him out of the room. Well, we've talked about this one hundred times like if we actually had a network or produce. Or an executive behind the show. It never worked. No, I want to never let us do any of this stuff. How we had arguments with people every day about some of the things we say they totally and that's why the Castle grain, so big, I'm a lot of these pocket. You know it's. It's a natural reaction when, like you know, radio
Turns to shit podcasts had to happen because people were sick of bullshit radio and the same thing with country I went. Basically our goal was, I said: I gave him cash. I said no one's touching this and I said I'm going to make the best country record here and I'm going to make it completely unplayable. I don't want it to able to be played anywhere so when you're making out like that, you're literally only listening you're, not thinking outside the room, you're recording because the assumption was, nobody was going to fucking, hear it right so make an album that you assume nobody is going to hear. It is some interest shit kind of happened, yet he got fucking dirty, don't get me. I mean it went fucking x rated, but it's fun. Man, it's fun and what you said was true to like twenty years ago, one thousand five hundred and ten years ago. This would have to be sold them, of a nudie mag exacts on Itunes, it's on Amazon, it's not like, I say not Walmart. You have to give it to people and they would have had to start talking about it, and then there was a few weren't there. If you like, dirty albums or
sing, dirty songs back yet David Allen, COE is the most famous I actually opened up. Two shows for David Allen COE and he's dirty. No, no he's country artist and this actually real story is interesting. Shel Silverstein was a the writer a country is, you know the kids children's book writer, but he also wrote country music. You boy named Sue for Johnny Cash. Somebody told me that that's true, that's true! That's true! He he's recorded here in there. So David Allen COE was play. He's really dirty these really dirty songs for Shel Silverstein, and he goes you gotta record this shit and I gotta record. The label. I can't you know I can't read. This is the seventies. I can't record I mean we're talking. Should I weigh I mean, like I consider myself an equal opportunity, offender and I'm Bronco fan. I mean no disrespect see also he's use it as for for, and I don't think he's a racist because it comes up a lot
is, and you know it is crazy and those x, but it's was sold in the he recorded a obviously off the radar. It was sold to back a biker mags, you know, and those albums they got to me can tell You know like they get around, but it just it was a different machine behind it. Well, do you, member the Jerky boys yeah? remember they had there was a cassette that you would get from people, that's how we all got the jerky boys. I remember getting that Kentucky. Just like you gotta hear this because we all have to do prank calls. Like you, gotta hear this shit. I think those guys did that shit all on their own and put the cassette, although I did that, then they do a movie get probably mainstream, but we went s there, but but get well Say is totally right like, but now you've got word of mouth times. That's how turn up on the billboard charts as when you got word of mouth plus the internet, which is instead of telling ten and you're actually telling one thousand friends and we're out. You know my came out the same week is a new Wynonna, Judd record and sold more copies.
Now from kentucky- and I got nothing against. I got nothing against a judge. By the way. Did I tell you, I got in a twitter fly with Wynonna wow for real, which ones the actress that's her sister Ashley Wynonna looks like to Ashleys put together. Yeah. It's not nice for me to say, but I don't like these LA women. I should say that you, like him thick yeah, like kind of like a model to I don't like these girls too skinny, because it's like the old days. You know, if you say, girl at skinny. It's not healthy. It was a sign of that in the like those fat kings in the old days you know or like eleven. Let you know that they have money you when I see a girly skinny. I think they're just use me for for one of women think that way they they see guys will send a to the they want to go with the gut see really don't want to talk about it more about you. Staying in LA yeah. That's what he wants mean these girls look hungry, there's hungry girls in LA they are hungry? Well, they've been told that they have to be a fucking coat rack in order to be famous, oh God, Well, not only that man. Why
television. Other companies like watch television, show in Columbia all the girls of these big, thick ass legs and big asses. Big tits. They don't look anything like american women and that's what fucking Wewak often makes glee like I've, never googled, skinny chicks on my fucking, not healthy. I hate to bring it back to me, but I will please do. Goes, but it goes what we're talking about doing everything the opposite way, so I go so allow these Nowadays, like you know, they'll do a stream, you know. Do a free stream of the week or it comes out on NPR Rolling Stone or wherever it was, and you know no one play my shit of course. So I go let's, let's premier, the the record on on Redtube know what which one was it like? A porn site,
yeah or no pornhub was the one I did sort of Lego Pornhub. I go let's, let's stream down for free for the first week on Pornhub all right, I think. Maybe listen, don't get me wrong. Most people who went pornhub that week weren't looking to hear country music record, but still you get one percent of that they were there top window, marking off, listen to a good fucking record. They had ads for my record, no ones Reed's like they basically say the maid like, let's just try it out, see what happens and they were so totally cool about it like when you're looking for, because this is like the like time out. These are you know. Npr's app looks at ten thousand people. I how do you like to reach every fucking man on earth who wax off yeah? That sounds interesting to me. That sounds like an audience I'd like to get in with. Do you ever look at ads when you walk off, though, and I don't even know what they are, so here's my even notice them- I go full screen immediately now. My theory, though, is when you might face, is up there in your wack. If you jizz right, when you see my face, you ain't forgetting that face for the rest of your fucking life. Good point: you have a very distinct look and then,
if you like, went to like a video that you really enjoy it and then your face was off to the side and it could get confusing. Well, it's a click. Click the right to the fucking wreck, yeah, that's like some manchurian candidate type, shit, yeah, that's how I I'm thinking Sturgell like here dude. I see what you're saying like you get in their head, like yeah 'cause, everybody you're like what are the real rod numbers like how many people jerk off to those porn sides Well, I mean they told me that it was like the he has been saying it was hundreds of you know it was literally hundreds of millions weather like you know it was in that plugin. Crazy. What's crazy is it's in the dark if there was any other fucking website that hundreds of millions of hits we'd be talking about it all the time? Exactly that's the thing they gave me their numbers and they were just like they weren't, even attics 'cause. They know the number to that. Must not a big deal there like Then I go help like compare yourself to other side. So what's it like compared to Craigslist was only thing I said they go were bigger than Craigslist, or what about CNN
beers news in it. I don't think it's one of those guys combined. Why the am is I'm I the only one thinking to put to put ads on porn up and they go because the corporations won't. This is back we pay in Fortnite myself I go, I can do whatever they. We've asked the movie studios. You asked companies, they won't fucking, put ads on our fucking sites and I go off. And do it that's a letter as an adult in the girl who do you have to talk to do it and I know you're talking to you know, that's the who don't have people. That's the whole lot of the the the whole everything about doing this Lucas test it out, but you must have people swooping in on you now, because we're talking about earlier that Nashville right now I want to say it like: I'm a fucking investigator I've been studying NASH. Will let you know the big picture? That's money. It's just like television shows. Do you want to watch those terrible two one slash two men style television shows. Why do you think they're making those things 'cause people are buying their goblin 'em up, there's a certain frequency that you can hit when you make like really dull, bland stuff
and people like that. There's a lot of people that, like that, so they know how to do it and they bang it out, and I think that's what's happening with producers, but it's not what the public wants and that's why you're getting these shows like mad men or you know, walking dead or you know the game of th bones you're. Getting these interesting shows that are so much different than all these formulaic bullshit shows that have been on television forever and because people are changing they have to. They have to adapt to the fact that people have too many options. Now they don't have to eat your spoon FED bull, hello. Totally, I mean that's going with them. That's like a you know, listen the girl who dumped me. And I'm telling you she's not a bitch, but when she left my in my head, I'm thinking as any guy would you I don't. Why do I have to cover up that emotion? I feel, after the song for some record label, so I just saying you but of course have won this this to you guys are
playing drums like what the fuck. How many hits does that video have on Youtube? Something in say? No, it's not that I mean we're still at the very beginning I mean. What's so crazy is the amount of records I sold in these rooms, I'm playing. We still only reach just because you know there's enough for eight weeks, man yeah it's pretty early, but there's this band Florida, Georgia line who, by the way, just blocked me on Twitter, because I was talking so much shit about Florida, Georgia, Florida, Georgia, find the shortest George George and I one of the one of the bigger acts in country and listen, I'm sure there I heard later they're nice, guys after I ripped on for fucking nonstop from fucking over seventy two hours, but I don't give two fucks about making fun of this bullshit pop country that I called you know that I talked about four, so I'll fucking rip on there's that pop country. They have problems. I had a until recently listen. I mean you tell me right now- those do Zane about to out there trying to get some pussy good luck and shave their arms hold on go back to that champion.
That's the best running it, pushing the guy in the over his right shoulder? No, because not getting pussy, but in his Defense you might have already gotten supposedly or it might be in the delis in post, pussy yeah could be like I just nutted so hard. Today, I don't give a fuck. I just want to eat some Cheetos and take a nap, that's very possible yeah. I mean that the guy the right doesn't know what the fucks going on the far right with glasses. With a gray shirt. Just like hoping one day, it's all gonna mix. He just wants to get the checks to cash in one day. Talking to make sense for right now is baffled, but what is on the and here's the thing if it makes people have being people like this fucking crazy, I like their medallions, but it takes soldiers. I got nothing. Missed it, but I'm also the only fucking dude in Nashville talking Shit about about ham and SAM Hunt. The
value fucking wraps, and you know: why does that? Guy have a dog tag on go back to that. Please, Jamie he's got a diamond encrusted dog tag that should be that's like some stolen valor shit, maybe work for CIA. I mean that is the exact opposite. Of what a fucking dog tag is a dog tag is aluminum and it represents a memory of someone who died in the war. This is a dogtag shape, diamond encrusted thing This is this is hilarious. The real dog tags aren't diamond encrusted. Is that we're trying to solve trying to say this? Is the mean this is literally like the devil? Is selling us a band yeah? But this is the thing This is what their silence. You wonder why I'm pissing off music row? Well, here's a reason 'cause that fucking bands has blocked wheeler for junior on Twitter. Well, it's probably someone handling their shit. Well, whatever it is, but then again I've heard they're nice enough guys, but there's people right in the music form their people producing it forms a sure. Well, let me just use
messaging. Let me just say in broader terms: listen another thing. He knows other thing reason I think people dig me 'cause. I don't give a fuck. If what I'm saying is true, I just say this shit, but the pop country dog shit, that's on country, radio, for Georgia Line SAM Hunt and all so I mean listen very listen to some of it. I don't know what it sounds like it sounds. Like Steve Girl said it's handsome guys, they're dreaming. I think you're hating Fuck you I mean I'm trying to sell record, go back to him. Jamie who is the one with the gold. Bullion is kind of gold bullion around his neck. Some shit just took over in the Santa Maria go back to him. Another one, original picture that you all model Jamie. This these guys are beautiful there. He goes gold, bullion rosenet, handsome be wonderful to hang out with yeah, and you think those two guys know what it's like have loved and lost than those guys haven't been down that dirt road, sir they've got
fingers dirty and everything death hand sanitizer in their back pocket right now. No, I know I know girl dumping. Those dudes with those blue gold, crusted Mudge, album girls are crazy. They don't even appreciate. What's in front of him, you wanna hear no. You want to hear some fucking, some heartbreak. Listen to me not these two fucking good, looking dude well for heartbreak music, I would say the dude with the red and black striped shirt is not, can give you what you're looking for no problem. I want yeah, I don't think he's. I think it's just the two dudes. He wishes he was in the cure, but they're not taking anybody knew you know. What's funny the two guys in the front, I'll bet, Damien Ebony met the band. What if they become my favorite band, though we're talk? I was mad shit, but I haven't listened to music. What if we play there music right now and I'm like? Oh, my god, I love them fuck. It I'll see you late I'll, leave alley right here now play. Can we hear so well
I tell you how you get in trouble. Yeah yeah, we'll probably get pulled from Youtube right. How do we do this? You know what how about this. They said a little bit just not play a little bit can hear it Youtube. Anybody, listen this on Youtube. What's the song just tell us what the song is, but the people on the podcast can hear it right now. Girls, first popped up is called confession. Jamie might have to do some editing, I'm gonna get pulled, can be using a shit called confession. It's weird there we go Florida July confessions, several million go seven, now skip comparative sturgills now here that here that that that drum or whatever, that is, that be
he's been doing. The rap rap movies rotten. Now you tell me: is this country music? Honestly, it's weird It's pop music, like it's like a poppy poppy yeah they're doing a lot of hip hop movements with their hands. It's all like they're, stealing from black people. It's cultural appropriation totally. And we should end listen why people have never stop stealing from black people they're not going to stop that they're moving in was he right, though? It's it's it's rap for people who are scared of that's one hundred percent rap for people that are scared black, but catchy tune, probably sold well. It did will save alot mark fucking more than me, but I'm not like. I said, I'm the only one who's. You were saying people coming at me, which has been happening some, but for the most part they don't want to piss. The real moneymaker, so they don't want to be associated with that. It seems like there's a lot of country music that sort of reinforcing a mindset,
but one of the only music genres that reinforces a mindset and that mindset is a simple person I got a nice truck. I got a good dog. I got a woman, but someone broke my heart, or maybe I love you. Maybe I'd die for. You is like all these, like really noble, and really you really like, like I Connick like country, music themes and an iconic country, music ideas that get pushed in these and they just get repeated over and over and over again, it's reinforcing the benefit, living in a rural environment. It's reinforce being near nature and rivers and shit like that, but it's also reinforcing being dumb. It's reinforcing, like you're, dumb you gotta, have God involved, there's a lot of God involved and there's some that shit that I listen to when I go. This can't be real think Sergel Simpson is a CIA assassin, but I've listened to some country, music songs. Where I go. Ok, this is a fuck
Bing cyber plot. This is the government is trying to figure out how to get into people's minds and make them dumber. Well. The other thing too as a guy from can to and I'm with you a hundred percent right. It seems I get lonely it to it. Feels like it was made to brainwash it's a psych prof psyops that they got those things the government created super popular music. That in for is the idea being stupid totally, but also as a guy from can to like I I grew up in Kentucky. Most of him is in Tennessee, and it makes me look like a dumb that, like This is what people. This is not what the s is. I got a lot of really all my friends are from the S, but this sounds great man yells all the best form yourself. It's the fucking great greatest, but you see this and that's what reinforce? only six cultural appropriation, it's reinforcing stereotype. So I'm going in there and making some real what I actually have less of a problem. They just didn't. They just called that pop music yeah. It's pop. Why? Because they're, given an act, is pop music with an accent and that access What makes a country, but it's also they don't there's very little. Brat
beginning it's not like hip hop hip hop is like uh about bragging. You know, there's a lot like will save, who yeah there's a lot of? do you use a lot of what I own did your girl. This is have totally. This is like some together with you forever yeah, never going to leave and never uh appreciate you another backstage. You know fucking doing blow, Bang guys, Zhangke, J, in each other off sixty nine and spinning in a circle. That's the tweet that got me blocked. I think yeah that'll, do it they're, probably not there thanks guys. I heard they were nice guys, but it has not and if they are listening, which they're not but it's great job, I'm sure they're happy. They have a million right, but it's not it's not them. Personally, it's just that machine that Nashville is pudding out that I'm so against, and I decided that it pisses me off that it's the country which I love so much and I love, but not the stuff- we've been taught
You know my heroes, Waylon and Willie into cash and Johnny Cash Merle, just passed away in, like the Louvin brothers just passed away. The open. Brothers Urbana do what this country do. I use to love and they're singing about they have this album in Israel almost circuit, like a joke where they're saying, but it's like put their seriously for serious Satan, is real, but the real but they're talking about you know the struggle of the devil, verse like that's interesting to me, okay, yeah and they know I'm not. You know, I don't you know. So I was saying when I sing and talk about that, but if you're talking bout, the struggle between the two sides- and then maybe I can listen, but if you're just talking about this, this is pop music is saying country. So that's why I decided not to censor myself on the record. It's like, if I'm going to do, real country and I'm going to get played on country radio, no matter what I do doesn't matter anymore, though, does it and it seems like did you please check this 'cause, I'm not sure if it's true,
some of the comedy store was saying that CBS is unloading, all of its radio properties. They are I've, heard there currently exploring options on what to do with their stuff. I don't know that it's a yeah. Well, how can would be listening to to the radio. It sounds like shit, it's not nearly as good CD or an mp3 in your car right, but how's that hd radio is that okay, I've never heard it but like. If you, this is radio show. What would I be on here for two one, slash two minutes, maybe and it would be censored. You could talk about the record and then we would have to say traffic brought to you by Petco. Do you have a cute little dog or a kitten go to Petco again, I'm ground up, murdered animals will be right back We have I've done a couple of those 'cause, it's country. Radio, literally won't have me on so I did a couple of terrestrial whatever they call it rock stations where they were kind of into it so
he's? Got a new album called redneck stuff? You know it's like. They can't even see that so then people it doesn't even help because they go on Itunes. They can't find the name of the record would remember that C. Lo Green song fuck you that they turned into forget you and they kept go, and you knew you would hear it somewhere and you would go you fucking. Why did you make second version of this. What did you do? Okay, that's! My thing is good. I've been asked the other thing which you know you were cutting into. I have been asked many times to make censored versions of the ten hours, and I refer back to me own it now and how I can't believe the talks, the loner well that's, but when you're on a major label on your and they're paying for all your, you know your your own stuff to do when you're on tour and that's the other thing well sung by tour. Until I got an audience but like someone like him and he's on tour, the giant band and the record companies.
Front the bill, but he's gonna end up paying it back right, so yeah he's gonna put out the censored version yeah, but if you're not you know, if no court giant corporations behind me like that, this is all you know this is my label. I could take it off the market today. If I wanted too I'm not going to 'cause. This is I'm on a big podcast here I want to sell some stuff correct, but I could, well. I think what's happening with. This is a lot there's a lot going on on the internet, with people just making stuff and sal and stuff just whatever it is whether it's like there's people that are doing like Louis CK is doing that whore. In PETE Show decided. What do you say on stern and you fucking deer Mount the spent all his money making his horse and PETE show himself when he saw him on his website. Just 'cause, you wanted to do it also we wanted to do it himself. Is that what I have nobody involved too, so that it I'm? So that's really even at the foot and same thing with your pocket in that the lesson really is I, if why not only do things if you're willing to put up your own fucking money, two one slash two men.
We were talking about that kind of shit. Fuck you I'll make it. If I'm, if the whole thing is a bust, I lose zero if this is a bust, I lose a lot of money. You lose money. If your podcast goes up, you know it's also. They make it seem so easy like if you're going to do it paired with some major label they're going to take care of everything. Wheeler. Don't you worry about a thing guys in a big cigar is going to get in the elevator with you bring it up to the top floor, you glad hand a bunch of people. Were behind this record wheeler. We love you. Oh my god, I'm a fan. I listen. Your stuff in the car was crying laughing ha ha when you perform and we'd like to see it when you're coming to town just total bullshit. You You leave and then another guy goes in. They do the same fucking thing: they don't really give a fuck about you. They hope that you make some money and they kind of protect. Maybe they like you and then like me or not like I ain't got nothing. Do it 'cause when they heard the record, and I went to the top of the top of those big companies and I sat there and their love in its Bobo
but also you know, we gotta cut this song. We got take this line out the second said that I just said: I'm deal, you know yeah. I took the meeting, so I figured this we're taking. You know also listen to, but that's what I am, and I will tell you this, and this is a credit to the producer Dave when he told me. Tell me how much it cost listen. It was pretty much much money I had, but it was not a crate amount of money that it cost to make a record in twenty. Sixteen is not that much fucking money. When you look when you look at to sell your fucking the able to make it cast a million by charging you all that fucking bullshit and you know ordering pizzas that you don't want. You know hiring all these big gun players and shit. You could people making albums on their fucking. He doesn't you don't cash it. You know I went a little higher, but even that my job dropped. When he told me the price it was- and I don't want to say you know, say the number, but it was how come
because I don't want to put him in you know like. I don't want people to come to him, like. Oh you charge to tombstone sonar and also since then he's also his last time. He sold millions of records since then. So I'm sure it is price going up but but he's also, I'm not sure if he loved an artist he just he'd recording for fucking free, but if some a big label you know he'll, take whatever you know, our music producers in a lot of ways, a lot like musicians in that we enjoy making good stuff, and I know a lot of musicians. They'll do each other's albums. They essentially do it for free Go and they'll do a cameo leadership. The big I mean yeah, I mean I can't say enough. I almost feel guilty mentioning him because he's you know my abs yeah. He does some good sure that so no I don't want to you know talk about him producing. That is dirty, but he did such a amazing job me such a music fan that he knows and he's
kind of from the S like me said this. I've noticed that people like that people, Sturgell Shooter, we all had the same kind of music, was same kind of upbringing, which was grew up in the S country, music, everywhere you're like fuck this I'm not listen to friends in low places or whatever you start listening is apple and you start listening to rock and you start going to all this other. It's all the exact same thing, and then you come back to why didn't become wait until he was late 30s at least like that: that's not music for kids, there's a reason why I didn't get Waylon when I was eleven and you get older and you listen to it and you're like now. I fucking get you come back around two and that's what happened to a lot of me and my friends like this. Is Asriel and his fucking dark and his you know as a bare bones, any fucking Zeppelin I've heard I love Zenfone 2E know if it's the same shit, but that kind of shit is not available.
It's it's legit, it's a legit. If it's a rock song, the black keys are legit. You know, there's bands that are just legit listen to their shit and just go wow and then there's stuff that you listen to that. If you enjoy it, you know it's heavily produced, and so who created it in a pop factory, and it just doesn't. It doesn't hit you the same way and the crazy thing is too is like you, listen to someone like. You really got to see, and I hate tv isn't like. I know Sturgell just example: we're using you got to see him alive because nowadays they can make anybody there. Doesn't use like an auto tune, but when you see him alive, you go holy shit. He was just singing on the wreck. Yeah, I could sing. You know I could go, send some auto tone yeah without it up. You got to look, you got everything. You need some like Peter Frampton ship memories. To do. Do you feel like I do? He was like the first guy to use autotune. Wasn't it?
I think that was a different thing, a vocal. You know that thing with the guitar like yeah, but I mean it's not gonna talk a talk box, r J. I had a. I had a friend who who worked, who who a auto tune, a major country pop star whoa, and he said my voice was better. Congratulations and I said who look better and I didn't I won't tell you that you don't get a response. I think there's nothing wrong with making those two one slash. Two men shows there's nothing wrong with what we're talking about, but as far as what interests me, I'm not interested in those poppy songs. It's just it goes in my head and my head just starts rejecting it like, Are you eating plastic? Get it out of there? You know it's like you could live for like a few days off hostis cupcakes. If you wanted to, you could probably for a month of adjust, hostis cupcakes I wouldn't ended, though yeah I would. I would definitely not recommend that I mean that be fucking. Your brain would probably fucking.
You probably have no, no protein, no vitamins! How long could you live off? Hostis cupcakes, it's gotta be the equivalent of just going without food. That would be a really interesting experiment. Yeah. They should do that. We could do that red band, and we want to do that. What's that super size me guy, he did. He just had fast food. He did fast food, but if someone just ate host like a lot of people just eat fast food, they didn't really count. That's normal! Well, some people, people who criticize that show that movie super size me like all of his liver damage and all that stuff they like come on yeah. Well, I remember he like he threw up on day one. I think people go to fast food all the time they don't fucking. Barf but look up vegan or something before that was like super healthy before that was a vegan chef or something yeah, but also I always get pissed. When I see you moving like down there like and in conclusion fast food is not good for you. I'm like well thanks anymore fucking, brain busters will not only that they say. Don't don't eat it. Every day you
supposed to eat it everyday that fast food is supposed to be a guilty thing that you eat. When you got no time to do anything else like you want to pull in the burger king, I fuck it. Let's do this, that's what it's supposed to twice a year. You get hungover and you go to fucking Jack in the box, Jack in the box. Fun, it's no big deal, they don't the people there are like thinking sling in health food. You know, yeah well did trying to catch up to that. Now that you see like Mcdonald's, has salads. What's imagine illness Oh my god, they're salad with the taste like like Fukushima. Let us a real what if what if it was like a best value, it's it's possible yeah. It is totally possible, like you just only like that's in their new sponsor on your data can show yeah. Have you ever had big corporate sponsors on here? No, no! Well! I prefer to do it the way we're doing it too. Mostly companies sell things only online. Well, that's squarespace and stuff like that. I think the website development company doom and I've got I I've got an email from sweat.
They do my website. Well, you can make your own website on them. It's super easy to do, but this is like a lot of companies that they are using the internet now and using podcast sponsors because they don't have to have a store. They don't have to have like a retail place and have to have a bunch of employees that were in Amber Crombie and Fitch spray. They can just sell stuff online. I think someone was tell me at the play. It distributes the record that eighty more something more percent in my album sold have been Itunes and Amazon, because people can't find there's no way the stores aren't care, No one can find it and when I was a kid and when you were a kid, if you even if word of mouth, got to you about this record, you couldn't buy it in Kentucky. I went to the record store. Remember I want someone telling about the velvet underground, so I gotta go here Velvet underground, so I went to this local record store in in Lexington and they look it up in the catalog yeah I'll, be four weeks and we'll get it to you for four weeks to hear what this band sounds like
and then you know being from a catalog yeah add a catalog of all. Every record was known in there's violent, so why would they order it wow? So you to order it, and then you just have to buy and listen to it. 'cause you're not going to hear it anymore. That's what rap to me is. The big thing is changed. Music, like I used to again, I was even Lexington, which is not that small of a town urine island released. We would get rolling stone. You read about like the Jesus Lizard. Don't remember that being really hard They are really cool and remember the guy writing about the Jesus Lizard in Rolling stone said that they're, like the release, is not a joke. These fuckers are fucking crazy and it's the craziest music. Whatever they said got me wind, listen to it. Nowadays, you read that you don't need the article you just click on the fucking music, but I had to wait weeks to fucking. Hear that there's you can press on the article and he yeah it's like the mystery of it's gone, but that being said, the positive is that I can actually so much my record for an industry, that's all positive to
You can sell your record also that, like like, you could start talking about you through twitter, on Facebook and things along those lines and it just spreads across the whole country like that. Well, can you imagine, even ten years ago or if not more like, like I'm, not banned from Walmart, mentioned getting a call ten years ago, your devastating devastating? This wasn't even it's like a course it doesn't. Matter. Of course, you're going to be banned from Walmart is honor yeah. I think they probably just like they just and fifty other records began everything yeah they ban so much shit. But there's this what you were talking about all this shit, they feed you there's and listen. He ain't gonna, sell a million fucking copies, but there's a people that there's a section of you know the audience at once. Real shit and they produce section of of year of people are sick. I'm sick of the fuck great. I just want to hear Joe talk to somebody in a fucking conversation used.
I'm sure you still do. Radio promote, shows and shelling that radio anymore. You don't start due to Kevin and bean, because our friends so yeah, I know in their their their alltime most the time. I'm not doing that much right. Now. That's awesome see this is a talk too much already. I wanna talk more, but that's not the first on gel but the second law. It's awesome to you got a big enough platform that you can you don't have to do it yeah. It's the super fortunate, but I mean it's not that I didn't enjoy doing some radio, but the problem is for us it's in the morning like for me, it's always at like six hundred o'clock in the morning or seven hundred o'clock in the morning. You're preaching to the converted back, I'm going to get up, I've had to get up at seven hundred to do. Fucking radio idea that you can only listen to it at a specific time. Is so fucking stupid, like you, don't have to do that or we have a way better way of getting stuff so funny you send this so dumb, it's like who? Are they fooling like exactly why? Why do you think, like pod,
We're going to happen no matter what it was just I I don't know who started started, but it had to happen p want to listen to what they want to do and then, when you fucking get start up your car again, you want to listen where you left, it left off and it just syncs up car. So we science not only that you get it with one press of a button. I can go so the my podcast. I can go the podcast app in Itunes. I look at the the podcast, I said: oh Wheeler Walker, junior boom. I touch it. I could do all the set of red light and then my car, the light, turns green. I start driving and I'm listening to you like that. It's just easy and murder all days. You know. Stern interviewed Chris Rock, you missed it. What do we leave it No, that's not the world. We live in anymore. You know so fucking good with the time. So there's a lot of people. Still cool. Hang on to the old. You know how things used like, like you said: people need to watch a show
certain time or listen to the radio like yeah drive time rate with the who listens to radio on the driving all the first thing that switch it up with Siriusxm, because when Sirius, when his exam, you know and Opie and Anthony, were on and Howard Stern's on and what they figured out when they were doing this sort of like look, we don't have to have any censorship. We could say whatever the fuck we want, but they started getting in trouble too, like Opie and Anthony got banned off the air once because they the homeless guy and he started talking about banging Conda LISA Rice Young one of them. Yes, I did. I did open anything that was cool. I didn't want to come, but it's not helping anything. No, no, it's all been Jimmy yeah. They were, they were losing antes got his own thing now yeah he got on the radio, but I remember it was funny too, because it, I think, you're right about that. Siriusxm was what a big thing, because I remember one half when stern, who I used to listen to by the way I live in the city later, because conduct by
hometown didn't have stern going by started. Listen to him and I love him and he said he's going to satellite radio. Where can say wherever it wants and they're like we're, not going to be as funny half the fun. Is this in him trying to talk around here and then you listen and you go. That's such a fucking, it's so much fucking funnier! When he's not he's just saying that idea that it's more fun to hundreds, I always loving people of proof. There is wrong. You know that's a dumb theory, though, if that's like a but I heard, did you hear that all the time I heard that all the time I never heard I see here that about comedy but I was always like whatever SAM Kinison and Richard Pryor, my all time favourites like how the fuck can you tell me who's funnier and Richard Pryor? Nobody was funny the Richard Pryor, and how could you tell me that beating around the Bush would be better than what Pryor was doing you can't You can't really say if you be quiet, maybe it was more in the s, but I kept hearing you know now that he's not got like the FCC to fight against the fund was him trying to get around the sensor.
Any really listen to you. Go it's so much better. Now that you know yeah, that's a cool they just to be free, completely free to express yourself on the worry about a word. That's gonna get you find for hundreds of dollars. You gotta, remember like he got he got sued by the FCC right like he owed millions task, had to go to court over that shit and they want to finding, unlike ungodly amounts of money, and there was nobody out there with him when he was doing that. Like he's this one of the reasons why I'll never criticize that guy is the keys like one of the most important pioneers when it comes to radio like if it wasn't for that guy and going out there like that and getting sued and and having their call during the Fucking Bush administration, man where they were was John Ashcroft fucking time yeah. Those John Ashcroft, fucks man. That guy was scary, that all these people that were trying there was there was a lot of religious shit behind, will be shit their shit in their boots over this fucking record too. Well, they would be dying over that record, but he got sued.
I mean he actually had to spend real money and real stress. Imagine the government trying to take you out You are is a dirty morning, radio, guy and the fucking governments trying to take you out. Fucking, probably paranoid shit. You should get paranoid, you fucking should be paranoid. What does it say here? Jamie? They are all the different finds he had to pay. Oh, my god. This is not rain, so it says he paid him. If someone got paid up, this isn't probably the initial finds that they started as either. But I think this is what they got, whittled down to- or let's read him off at one thousand nine hundred and ninety, he got fined sick one thousand dollars from the FCC one thousand nine hundred and ninety two got find one hundred and five thousand question the FCC one thousand nine hundred and ninety two again he got fined six hundred thousand one thousand nine hundred and ninety three got five find five hundred thousand. One thousand nine hundred and ninety three God finds seventy three thousand thirty, seven thousand four hundred thousand in ninety four two hundred thousand and ninety four holy fuck, and then
It just keeps going on I'm right, there, yeah four hundred and ninety five thousand in two thousand and four two thousand and fucking four, that fucking insane during the Bush administration after nine hundred and eleven he got hired a million dollar. Ninety five thousand dollar- half a million dollars in fines for saying bad words, wasn't even saying bad words. He didn't even say bad words. He didn't swear, that's it. Create was just top is subject matter the like talking about. Parts or piss or shed, or something like that, is so crazy, though such crazy time, if I were to say that to someone who didn't know they think, oh you mean that the 50s or the forty. This is fuck in two thousand and four, and if he didn't go through that, if there wasn't this backlash from the public finding out about it, 'cause everybody. I know that hurt about it was like what wasting our fucking money suing him over. The radio show that by the way, has twenty million people listening to it. Every morning. It's pretty odd.
He said people are enjoying this radio show and when they stop enjoying it, it'll go off the air, that's what the fucking free market is about, but it wasn't about that was about is controlling someone. 'cause wasn't just his dirty shit. That's not what concern them as much as his his criticism of the administration, his criticism of political political policies and his willingness to say whatever the fuck you want to use a dangerous guy he's had too much power. You think him, you think, that's what kind of started podcast! You think that no, I don't think start podcasts, but I think that for him that started the journey eventually to Xm like he had to to serious whatever it was at the time he had to like they were fucking with him constantly all the time like. I don't think he gets enough credit for that. It's insanity, man, yeah well, he's I he loses he's a he's, a room on that in two thousand forty out, fine for those that first think during in a product for maintaining anal in general hygiene. It's again Thompson was going after him. He was doing those things after video games and stuff.
So if you want for the Tennessee guy yeah and then he activist attorney Jack Thompson supplied the FCC with show transcripts. God listen yeah. I don't need that's not what I hope I pay my, but nobody did but government officials like guarantee you a lot of it was about controlling a powerful guy because he talked about running for governor member yeah yeah I, but he would get have to disclose how much money made and that's when he decided not to do it one if you Do that now, because now everybody knows you hundreds of millions of dollars and wonderfully feel like the people run. Now they haven't disclosed shit. Well, Trump has Trump says, he's worth more than he actually is that's what's layers about him, I know, but I'm saying is have we seen the actual like well Bernie Sanders just releases tax returns in his tax returns said that he made less money last year than Hillary Clinton did for one single speech he made. One thousand dollars and she's made as much as I think two hundred and ninety for once, maybe even in the threes for one speech, I want to actually negotiate
well release my fucking return kind of money on how many seats is. This is about four hundred seats. Okay, I want to, like you know, quarter million bucks. What I just told you there's like four hundred seats, but how much we charge in these people will pay that the site yet memory, two twenty five. I think member will take that Pearl jam fight, never ticket prices, yeah making sure they don't get to be a twenty five bucks and now legal pantun fiftieth thousand. I know a lot of speech well, that is a obviously there is bribery money. It's just bizarre that She won't release the transcripts of the bribery money anytime. You don't want to really some. It's always exactly. This is not good. Imagine what she said. You know they're, probably sacrificing babies and shit and light novels on fire probably had it and for gene the war sturgills all over them papers. Probably he was probably one of the reasons why she kept her mouth shut. So you know if it keeps it keeps his albums coming out, I'm all for yeah. Whatever he's gotta do man there's a lot of people that need to be shot right?
No, no, no he's not taking out the good guys. Please take you taking on enemies of the state. That's what's up duties like ice Showtime drama series, assassin type Well, maybe they'll make that shit. Imagine if that was the show Sturgill Simpson just run around. It was like. Do you that movie, where the guy the Gong show Chuck check confessions of a dangerous man yeah, so that was cool is kind of crazy. I was half out of it watching a movie in a hotel room in Vegas and I know remember like falling asleep. Remember it was, but he wasn't really work. He thought his word from the yeah it was, but it was really weird. I was like what is this. I got member reading it the like of reading a passage from it to like it's a boy fuck and I'm going to reading the passage going. What is this is this fake was young drugs like what is this. I never got into it. We were talking you speaking of that shit. Talking about you know, first, amendment freedom fighters, one of A major hero and people don't know about it from Kentucky Zone. Mr Larry Flynt.
He did a lot of thought. I don't think people realize how important it was that movie made out yeah. I don't think and he's I am. I am people you get. Laughed at when you say low front. Fluid is a hero of yours. He's like oh, because you love hustler, and you know I love Nikki, but that's not what I'm talking No freedom of speech mean that he did more for freedom of speech than probably anyone alive right now that you had to be his fucking crazy, as he took that shit to the Supreme Court because he was fucking insane, any as rich as fuck and he didn't get yeah. There was a perfect amount. It was a perfect timing too. This is before porn hit the internet in the money kind of eroded. You know back then, who is selling those magazines? He was rich from selling maggot. He was going to lose everything cause of a fuckin joke like when I was yeah. He really was yeah. When I first came to LA, I remember seeing that building that flip publications bill
no yeah yeah. Well, that's the norm is shoe line. I know things some of the folks that his I don't know I've. I've met him briefly. I know some of his. You know family members back in Kentucky, but yeah they go. They it's an empire, but also, I think, when he dies, it'll come it'll, be talking about it. You know those the bridge to the be the joking national initiate but they'll be some really interesting pieces written about what he actually did, because he really changed everything I like this album Lyrica is. I could make this without looking. I agree, and I think that was going on with him at the same time as what was going on with Howard Stern, they were all real. Similar is real similar and the government was trying to decide what people couldn't couldn't do and the people that didn't get defended with the dirty ones
dirty magazine guy, the dirty radio guy, for whatever reason we didn't didn't get offended where a journalist, if a journalists getting attacked like that for revealing the truth about something people be up in arms. The intellectuals be up in arms, but nobody recognized that it's just as dangerous to tell people that they can't jerk off to hustler, as it is to tell a like, a a political dissidents that he was a he got out. They said to try. I mean the Ed Norton Guy item he's like this: has nothing do with whether you like hustler right, tested it's no different than any free speech trial anywhere by the way. If you you know, you know, if you, if you rule against this, that it could lead to people been censored and all in all different forms. But this is it took something that fought that crazy to get it to the Supreme Court and someone that fucking crazy. It's just too problematic when you you tell people what they can and can't talk about. It's too problematic. You know if you you censor someone for specially like sexual stuff,
like you censor someone for putting out a magazine for people of sex and it universally people of like that. For ever you do know what this, what the actual trial is a out of all repeat. It was an obscenity trial right, but he he did if he actually had comic pieces in a magazine, and he did a piece where he said that this one may need help with Jerry. It was Jerry for, although I think, but maybe you find it it's online, but you said that before I find out it was. I want to get the guys name right. Where I fucking Jerry, Falwell Larry Flynt. He was the big guy at the time right. I think so. Jerry follows guy that got caught in the hooker too. Wasn't it or has Jimmy Swaggart, I get him all mixed up. Jimmy Swaggart cried on tv. It was awesome. You remember that yeah I mean I used to. I used to watch that all the time. It was amazing. It was amazing because, but we all knew that he was a crazy fuck when there is Your fall, it's a leaf. Linton just go
Anyway, the point this preacher had sex with his mom in an out house and it out house yeah in the magazine and ever made like we had a cartoon. Right and I went Saller fluent speakers. I said I guess I'm a big fan of his and so they that the guy sued him. What would you it's J follow? Okay, so he said, Jerry Falwell had sex with his mom in our house there was a cartoon, like a mad magazine, part two and your follow suit. For libel. You know he's like it's. Obviously you're fucking joke, like I don't think, is fucking comedy- any suit him and went to the Supreme Court and lower, I once all their life and talk and when they when the lawyer this.
So this will. He knew he was going to win the Supreme Court trial. When his lawyer repeated what the article said that is his mom had sex at Jerry Falwell had sex his mom and our house, he saw the supreme. He saw the judges giggle for a second and the lawyer stopped was like and that's when he knew he had the truck one 'cause. The whole point is you laughed when I said it right this guy, his mom outs in in an outhouse? Obviously, how are we going to have an argument? That's not comedy when all all you fuckers just started laughing, he said and that point on he knew he was going to win and it was funny too. He also said that Jerry Falwell came to him years later and they became friends and he wanted to go. Do a speak 'cause. I guess he had maybe not watch this money that he wanted to do a speaking tour with Larry Flynt Anna. It's like wow. I thought we just you know. I want the biggest
Supreme Court freedom of ever get. He said he said that's when they kind of music of Jerry Falwell two I'll show, you know it's all. It was just a. It was just theater to him. Go out and make some money on the road. We talk about each other exactly in life. It's like you that was I was I was. I was curious about it and we had a funny, though I would like to party with Jerry Falwell find out which goes down, but when he got to drink did become friends and another one. I have to look. I I'm almost positive when he died. Larry Flint wrote his a maybe for the LA times. I think Larry Flint Road is a wary really, you know while but yeah they became friendlier later, but it was it's. It's interesting trial. You should definitely check out in the movie. Is a good sums it up, but did you get into the details of it because what they used to it also is pretty crazy, mean besides, you know, really get in there. Looking inside the personal
like they had been in shit, but they would do crazy, like kind of x, rated mad magazine ten, and that was a shit. Ironically, that I'm in trouble like you know, as you know, that it was what was the sex shit, that they were actually pissed about but yeah, but that was what they could catch him on, because they were so preposterous. Some of them there so graphic That was, I guess, yeah that must have been the. That was the guy who this is the letter he wrote in the La Times after he died. I found myself in other areas. Yes, I'm very sad. He he he that's his that's Larry Flint, but you have. The article is called the porn king in the preacher, interesting Is there the nineteen? Ninety seven hidden, auto biotic biography, called an unseemly man, hilarious. Look he soon for fifty million dollars. That's why I went to the Supreme Court. He kept losing the case. I lost repeatedly
yet eventually won the Supreme Court while he kept losing it now. He's hugging me in front of millions on the Larry King show. Well, that's the same one. How much it cost him to fight those off 'cause. Someone suing you for fifty million dollars. He lost her repeatedly, each one, that's why she was that it had. Luckily was the right guy who's crazy enough, like you said, had the money to fight it, because most people would it just never would have thought it once much less all the way up to the Supreme Court, the it's funny man, it's funny the whole thanks funny yeah. I mean that the real story, it's one of those things, were the real stories for you're in the movie. Well, it's it's crazy that it's such a pivotal moment in free speech, history. Yet, like you said it's not something anybody ever talks about that he actually had to go out there, like that, I mean they were saying before they're, saying SNL, might not exist if that was if he had won. That case,
look if he can't daily showing that shit. If you can't, if you can't parity public figures, SNL can happen right, you can't do the daily show, you know, and we prove that and here's a way to prove it is sort of a roundabout way, marijuana, is still illegal in twenty sixteen because of some bullshit propaganda that was made in the 1930s so that momentum carries on even though it doesn't make any sense. You can still go to jail today for growing pot. So if you think that, if Howard Stern didn't have those lawsuits didn't pay all that money didn't make this big public out right d up public outcry didn't have to go to Sirius Satellite Radio, all those things didn't happen and they won, but if they shut him down, but if they pulled him off the air with Larry Larry Flynt Lawson never thought it would have any. Being buckled down. How long would it take it for the internet to happen? How would it long would have taken for What if things like, Reddit or four Chan or these fucking uncensored
dogs are uncensored, Youtube content. We could do whatever you want, Vimeo all that shit podcast, that ripple from those two guys is like one of the most important ripples for free speech, media in two One thousand and sixteen were most important like pivotal moments in the history of free speech and we're talking about that. It's amazing fucking, crazy and crazy- that we're talking about an x rated record that I owe put on a podcast that you own this wouldn't have any fucking like this whole world? The whole thing would have happened. You want to be able to record my way. No one would have found out about the bigger, even though I make fun of like those Florida. Georgia line is there's a nice guys but handsome, but we have, choice at least. Do you think they shave their boobs? But, yes, I think they shave each other. Man escape the shit out of that box. Right, oh, do they get the best fuck I think, if there's like a little hair, even on the head or the Brown, the the get a shaft here. Those are weird I shared those immediately. I don't like that. Yeah kind of freaks me. I got in a couple freaks me out,
and like a shadowing, the stars have like. I have your hair now to never you're here when I was young with my my shaft starts growing hairs all over the Han stuff. It's not yet available for men, a gift. Every time you shave it again fucking her nigger yeah. It's like what happened in the war like burnt on the head that be crazy. What if somebody got somebody's got dick hair on their someone sure, like some fucking, big russian dude, some russian bear type character, some dude from like Daghestani it's a manly man. You've got this, I'm being serious. If you got hair on the your dick. You called me because I got my second album, I'm looking for a cover and that'll, be it It's called dick head hair. It's kinda. It happened. There's some people out there, there's so hairy like some uh. This is russian wrestler forgot. His name is, but he fights in MMA we're talking about him on a podcast recently, 'cause he's entered into some grappling tournaments. God, damn it. What is his name? I've uh, You seen him compete on Youtube. This is great.
Just her on everywhere, like ahead of liquor in Kurilla, he's gotta have some wouldn't Paul Simon Song here on the head of his dick. I think there was one of the best songs. His catches, shit man. I mean you sing around your parents, that you know it's a good song, Amazon sold issues, never mind, I get those different, so I get those two songs in mixed up all the things yeah totally Well, this guy out there I don't know with Jim, is to try to find stuff but yeah. Well, it's weird that we still have hair in weird spots on a body like that you're you're, this most of the body like loses. Its air in some strange way, except for the head in with another weird spots, like the cubes like what the is going on with the human body in the first place. It's so strange, looking, I remember, reading an article about it. Iggy pop back in his old stooges data. There's a dude was a. There's, the wrestler dude leave the hair on this mother fucker his Georgie kit to live,
I mean this guy is mostly a ruler here, but it's mostly check out of them. Look at that. I am at on the phone camera it's in there too, the the picture jeez! That's a god, damn guerrilla this due to guerrilla, and he also has a spanish billion around its neck from the pain, tied. Believe things are different from Florida. He took it from give to me or a bully, connect, clear time of hair. You need because I've never forget the articles written about you in the stooges. Any pop. Some you know, is on drugs or put glitter all over his face, and he shaved, his eyebrows put glitter all over his face and they went on stage and it was so funny. Guitars goes, and that's when we realized why you had eyebrows ' 'cause. He was sweating and all the glue. It was great in his eyes, so he would like to go also get glitter in his eyeball in his eyeball 'cause. He shaved he's already called shave his eyebrows. It's like you, don't think about that. Shit till you get it done, must be brutal, glittering Uribe
Cause Holy Shit is Iggy pop and doing everything he's Priceline. Look is still alive store right now. This is my new record. The guy I'd like to find out what he needs he's got to be a key to Jack died. He's always super. You know he just you know Josh Army from queens of the stone age. Yes, he just did his new record with Iggy pop yeah wow. That's a new guy I'll, be amazed. I think it's really good, so there there a great example. Queens of stone. Age are great example of a band. It's really hard to pin down like say what do they like it go man I don't know there. They've got their own, then going on man there's certain queens of the stone age. Songs where you listen to like apart and you go. Oh that's queens in the stone age. Yeah. He just know. Look at that. They aren't you damn picky pops to looking good guys, always shredded. I wonder like such as from run around on stage. Does he actually saw him once when the the stooges reunion I've never seen a guy give it? He was there and Jagger. I thought he I never seen a guy give. It is all right! Well, if you don't talk
rarely hear. People talk about bill Gates is in his skin, he's like a leather bound book that they find cabin the summit demon that age still giving the middle thing. Well, it's important never give up on the middle finger. I never get told how old is he I don't know he's got it. Ageless area where he He did a lot with Bowie and he's gotta. How old was Bowies MID, sixty what does it say? Jamie doesn't say, to say his birth? What now, come on Son go to Wikipedia it says, is fucking birth? What does it say over there? How dare you one thousand nine hundred and sixty eight? Will you try to pretend he's a mystery? You? Usually it pops right up on Google with it just no, but you just can't assume that's not out there he's almost seventy right. Yeah is almost seventy. That's people still walking down almost yeah. It's an animal, that's crazy, yeah! It was cool that, like your queen stones, does whenever the fuck they want. There was no one who is like
There's a bunch of money for you: go produce into their own label, right arts and not well there on any level. How are they yeah? I wonder how much influence an indie label has on them, not because they they can do it this you know. Well, that's, that's the we'll see yeah, I mean don't need anymore, and it's also the people that were there. They didn't exactly serve the best interests of the work. You know the people that are making these pop songs like put together a band like menudo or something like that. I'm a noodle where I come over that I kind of like that is a remembers them remember my liver, but you know like a ok like Milli, Vanilli, or something like that. Just perfect example of just a creation I mean they wouldn't even sing in the real songs right. That's just a creation get too handsome they're, also the only ones who got busted, there's millions of those. You think so. There's a lot of people that got busted it didn't, did the exam some things around a little, I mean how did they get busted? They got busted because one of the guys found Jesus. I think something like that. I think what he can claim. He said I come by Kinko up there and perform these
things anymore really wow and he just came clean eat pussy and money pretty sure during one of their concerts there playback skipped and they go well. That happened to what's your face on center in live too yeah, I'm looking it up right now. I think there's video of it, but that should have who is the girl who skipped on girl, who was the sister girl with giant tits, so they're trying to tell my brain works by the way? That's how your brain works, but now those talking about right absolutely in a second Jessica Simpson, right, you give me the name I woulda known it, but that body that girls got good. Lord, that's a perfect example why someone should say thick I've seen her lately. Is she married yes, american football player dude respect, sir, if you watch the make this record it she's already married, there's other ones like that: that's good stock, that's good southern stock price from Canada. Where are you from
this? That's what I'm saying bro yeah! I knew she would not. I think, I'm doing so. The men doing this and it was in Texas State. I hope. So, how dare you not? What we're going to do that? I do know we're not doing se until they want me to wait till Doby SE dates up there. Wait and they want me to wait that I listen to people on. They said wait till schools back in 'cause a lot of younger. You know all those SEC schools Kentucky Alabama, Joe. That makes sense right. You got to be in their town also. I do want to too many dates at one time, because my voice- and also I just don't, I'm not doing those giant- I want to go for a long. We can come home. I can right in two. Oh, I cannot fucking tours. Exactly how long do you only go out for long couple days at a time? Yeah, I don't know I don't do these Dunkin. Does, though, Duncans do enough thirty day tour right now he's a man he's a maniac. He got bus the whole deal. I don't do that. I did it once sunjoy. Was it fine for at the beginning, and this shows were fun, but it's too many too many days of you. Wake up. You
the ceiling, have no idea we are like. Where am I lucky? I'm up my friends. You know all my friends who are musicians to do that just like, especially now that we're getting older and the even but is crazy when they were young. We were younger. I was like man you're living the dream and they're just like. I know I'm supposed to be enjoying this, but it's just not fucking one that helps is to do with people. You really like that helps a lot. There's lots of stuff that helps. But there's still, you know when you're curious, like all getting fucked up getting pussy playing rock and roll playing country, whatever it is, sounds like the ultimate life and these people have not having fun doing it. They also, You get a fucking real job and remember what it's like to have to go some every morning, although yeah and work all day for someone that sucks it's easy to get complacent out on it's easier, not feel grad, I used to be spent. I used to do for months. Summers as a farm hand back
if you're really not yeah, I never got farms. Look mostly horse lesson is a lot of like rich folks who, just by these giant they're not like real working farms, are just like they build them like all the time on derby type, yeah yeah they just like you forget that, with with horse racing, it's on the the sports three. The owner is like the main guy, so you can I've made billions of always of horses like you can win when the person they put on the screen when the horse wins a Kentucky. Derby is the owner right. So you can that's a sub. You can buy yourself into it. You're like oh, I will as a Kentucky Derby, the owners, the rider not the right now the jockey, but I'm saying so the jockeys. You know you know who the fucking owner is right. Isn't that is weird right? It's only over. You know the real but he's not on the horse, but he's winning and he didn't. He has been to a damn thing: they the trainer they show the jockey show the horse, but the real person they interviewed the owner, so you buy a big farm in Kentucky. Has some dumb ass like me like we
the door? What did you ever read? The Kentucky Derby is decadent and depraved yeah Hunter S Thompson. Other Kentucky guy was a hero among the best, who is the best mean that's fucking, what a barbarian he was fucking saying he was the best and it was some pieces that he wrote this day our Rena go fucking. I still think fear and loathing, is one of my favorite books on time. Fear and loathing is outstanding and remember when they did that thing, where Johnny Depp read the passage that he talked about like the change that was common in the nineteen 70s and how it all pulled back, and then he saw it all happen. I mean he was the perfect guy capture. The movement was fucking great Johnny Depp is the perfect guy, but I mean Hunter was the perfect guy to capture 'cause. He had been in the 60s and Berkeley during the acid times- and you know the Timothy Leary and the merry pranksters and all that shit he had been with those guys and they can keep
and then, when it all pulled away and everybody just got locked up and went to jail in the war on drugs and all things happen, he saw this death of the american Dream and he put it so eloquently and then Johnny Depp pretending to be him Did it for a scene in that movie and it's fucking sensational. Wonder too, if is Johnny also from Kentucky One is also the friend of his. They were friends and knew them from this. If you suffer from the same place and your friends, it kind of pricy to into a little bit certainly helps Johnny stayed with them like when he was doing that movie. He stayed with him for a long time. He lived with him, but that book is a perfect example of like real, just first of all, laugh out loud funny, the only issue Republic, but I'd owns up but told, and he can really goes d a Motional. Yet you forgetting goes deep in that yeah. It is a great book. It's it's! That's is mold between that and there's there's a few things that he wrote like small pieces of
Rotu. They just cook. There were some pieces right before he died that he wrote, I think, was on ESPN's website that were like kind of predicted the whole all that was going to happen, yeah. That was when, after nine eleven yeah check out those article make as it was yeah he he it was almost like he checked out because he knew what was going to happen. Yeah I saw a couple. He was also like a serious alcoholic to the point where, when he was almost dead, you couldn't even understand them anymore. We do shows he would do like Conan or not cone, and he would he did Conan He did Conan actually was one of the worst where they went out, shooting they went to Woody Creek and they went to. Bing, and Hunter fucking hammered the entire time that shooting guns in Colorado and you literally can't understand a fucking word. He saying that he would get up and just get fucked up all fucking day. He was so fucked up, though, that it was starting. It was like he had put he's in his brain yeah, it's another mean like he. He had also been on serious pain pills because he had hip replacements. I think both of his hips went bad and
back then dude when they were doing it, but based incident like today, like those hips weren't, so good like today, they've got sound pretty good, where I've had some friends that got hip replacements and they don't feel any pain. It's amazing, it's just they. They replace this socket. You don't feel stock like used to be that used to be the old things like yeah major search. You don't hear much Graham Hancock was in here six weeks after he got a hip replacement and he was walking without a limp But how is that fucking possible and he's like it's crazy and Graham, was like in his 60s right holds gram. I think he's like maybe sixteen at the very least he's in his late 50s and he got a hip replacement in old people used to get? You know had to get to places like how you do they were about to check well yeah man. Now it was an ugly ugly ugly operation. When
did it, it saw off your fucking, femur and screw and bolt in there, and it's like there was a rod that had to go deep in your bone and your bonus it take over that rod. Will how old gram sixty five so he's, probably sixty two or sixty three, and he goes. He replaced in six weeks later he's walk without a limp. Crazy. That's all I mean yeah there fucking. I think I use a jujitsu guys in his 30s. You have both hips replaced and his 30s, and that's just from just just train. How long would that would that surgery? Take you out my ten years ago, like you, couldn't even do it yeah ten years ago, you'd be done and everything after that you'd be done. You'd, be you being like real problem. Also got so much love as any Kentucky knowledge on best. Well, look at Paul George on this either I'm thinking about who he he broke his leg, some awful us like that it was like they were like his career as a
over anything. He had like a good seat. He did well. This is like you just it was as if nothing happened. Yeah can bone came out of his let and those are dangerous to, and he didn't he isn't texture a chore, as during team USA on I can't look at you that closure owns it, but you all my god he's back now, all star all star, yeah yeah- and this is not. This is five. This is last year. Like two years ago and he's in all stars here, that's incredible! It's like just snapped, but now you know
they have this way of healing things. They use all sorts of different methods to accelerate healing they just keep getting so good at it. Doctors just unbelievable at it. Now it's it's. This occur incredible time to be injured. Now, if you get injured knowledge, they fix you in a way that just wasn't available like I have to be replaced a seals, but I have a buddy of mine, my friend Steve, who was on the ski team. The US ski team in the nineteen eighties he's a badass gear in the nineteen eighties and his knees are devastated. He's had- and I would actually have to call in to confirm this, but I know he's had more than twenty knee surgeries after hey you go through them. All is give a that's crazy. Yeah he's in the sixties. Still fights
still does. The gyms bars is thinking about competing. That's it's almost like going to the Dennis that that player, getting a hair cut or something it's just an animal. This guy's just there's certain people that, like pain, is a non factor to lying on one of the movement. What is that? That's the well look at poking out the skin right. There holy Oh, that was looking at the Louisville guy yeah. You know it's it's hard core. Do you know how hardcore that is? I felt for the guy and I fucking hate little so that my is serious that is solicited toward through the skin and all the muscle and everything to it. That is a serious that we had a strong member that happened. It was live on television. They were worried about that with the octagon to worry about that ever happening. You know. Only breaks we've seen on legs and arms have been non compound breaks, but I think when it happens like that, I just had it becomes more problematic because when it breaks the skin, you have all this possibility for infection that exists. It gets real bad. Why? Member them real?
fast, going over there with a towel and covering it up 'cause, it is online indian. They covered it up so like that, because they don't want people to see it. Probably right. That's not what I'm saying is like the first. We live in a world where the first reaction was get this shit off tv, but why not go to fuck commercial? Wasn't funny man that, like movies there's every big action movie that you go to watch somebody die every one of 'em like it's no big deal, but people fuck, it becomes a disgrace. It's a real problem. Is a disaster like if you will not do you know that Brown Bunny movie were Vincent Fox is named Gallo. He had a movie where the Chloe's virgin, goodness she's funny and just start is deck in the movie. Sorry- and I saw yeah, that's orders or asset to in it seems like the whole movie was just like getting to the blowjob like. I was like blah blah blah. Let's get but the lock in. So why isn't it in there? If I can go home and get on a fucking website in two seconds and see all that shit? I think this idea was why can't
we have a real sex scene like if you can have like people kissing for real and rubbing each uh for real, but you know, intellectually, that they're not actually having sex, but it's supposed to be a sex scene. So if you have these two people Vinson, uh and Chloe surviving in adults, and they agree. They agree, like I think, you're attractive or I'm willing to do this, or I think it would be cool to do this in the film I want to actually give you head this movie was a bad one, so it was real. It was a hundred percent really came on her face and everything like she sucked his dick like a champ. I'm is outstanding. It's just what boat it's weird that it be like. We all do. Everybody assumes got their dick sucked. I assume, if you have it, I feel so bad for you and if you haven't put out a fucking record, I'm I'm in non stop, that's what happens! Nonstop dick sucking I can't even put I wish I had fucking two dicks right now. What you did that video for eating pussy and sucking dick or
kick kicked on, come into that. That comes with them that audience what was going, down there, they have any idea was told by 'cause I got kind of thrown. They told just denies that you're going to get here like you're, just going to watch a real country guy, just sing country. I didn't know that they had told them that there was only like fifteen people in there. I feel like there is more like one hundred and fifty hundred and then and so they were just waiting for a country song which I found out later and then, when I got even though teen pussy they their faces, fucking dropped. I was in this is not my best gig I was like we got to get to the set. You know the dick sucking which is gonna ramp, it up a notch, and then I think the company will walk down like mine, too happy, but I tell you what it it's one for the ages. It certainly got the shit out there. I was amazed that nobody yelled anything out. Like nobody told you stop. Well, I think there they were. Someone told me that they were, I think they were extra, so I think they probably log
Oh, I would not. I didn't know. I was walking into like a fucking aligi kind of thing. That's fine! Just there to play this fucking dirty country song funny, so they just hired some country looking people. No, I think they hire people who said they were fans of country, music, ok, and then he said, do you want to be a part of a music video just have seat, as you could see like there's a guy here Polish play Jamie play it. What's the what's the video it's called eating, pussy and kicking ass. And well play meant play at least a second from the one on the album, but the one I want to watch the one from the Ben show. What was the falling out with Ben you just fucking out. He didn't pay me for that. Really he didn't pay me the music or even the appearance. That's so rude! But look you have the last laugh here. Yes, what's he doing now these people, audience they they couldn't be any better. I'd like to
I just gotta. I just got a beer at the time, so they're like watch- and I didn't want to- I was scared about. He must have. Others are on a fake fucking guilty. So it'll never work in one of those pussy, kicking ass, eating, pussy and kicking ass, eating pussy and kicking ass eating pussy and these people are just not respond. They don't that's what I do. I don't know what do with you that lazy, perfect Rosie in the night. I need a lot of pussy. Then I get into, Look at her Thursday night. I was feeling pretty good. I was walking down the Blvd of Hollywood change, see this young girl. She smiled at me so to go back to my hotel and
made the new the something was wrong where there supposed to be a pussy. This girl had it done, so keep killing a little bit anyway, dogs, Dick and then a kick dick, sucking dick. An ass eating, pussy suck dick and kicking ass eating pussy panda, cookies pussy, sucking dick and kicking ass? Ah, love allocated fucking little kid there they get mad at you after that was over now 'cause. I just went back to trailer. I Heineman talked him again. Can you go to
is the version? I want you here. Okay, what a great producer! Okay go to the the does. Does another verse you know that Jamie, that's just the album. You just see the cover photo and then you hear the music same song. Here we go folks. This is the printers produced version of it fuck you? You are my moorefield keep in mind. This is good Friday and I had just got ahold work, my boss names such a jerk, so I have to work. I went to his house and his last pussy and
geez. I am perfect dude, I'm fucking twelve years old. I really here, that's what happens when you don't censor yourself, he's coming kidding it. You know, I'm always like this up. This is my kind of music. Now it's a lot! Well, it's bigger wynonna that is so we did this. I want to hear the second part about sucking dick good ass. Let's keep it going on is this. Version. Final on may be fast forward to the sucking dick try to find this dick second property. You know studio, you kind of want milk. Is there more versus and this one yeah. You want a job. Oh man, I went on forever once your money just keep playing, so you had a bunch of these in this one, not just too. I like that right from one to the next in front of feeble himself,
here we smiled at me, so I can come back to my place in a Po E. Please. I knew that something was wrong, but there supposed to be in by the way and it's girl had on anything you can hear the fan actually get pissed studio. That's inside paid anyway. He asked Dick and then at kicked
some over here sweat. What are my go. Play they did not go on. I think they in watch that clip. They know where it's going, but there's just once in my face. That's the one that people keep request, so they literally didn't know where you going with that song with a new record people.
There's no record mean I mean if you're doing it with, I told the producer like don't tell you, can push kicking and don't tell about the don't. Tell you, the other artists, don't tell the Drummer guitar player, and you know bass player that it's going to go to the sucking dicks didn't seem clip they love, they love in the song and they still like. You know they still love it, but you know it would be funny to be fun to fuck. With that 'cause I was just like fucking with people. You know an I don't know what I have at least one: they didn't even get high sit on my oh yeah, it's a new one. People are always regret. This is an's countries shipment
and you can lose a few yes, but our start, some good country. You know it's good. Tell me that you tell me if the better country music out there now right, the music is good. What's that the better thing record out there, I'm not telling you what's good is like the sounds are good like I like the way it starts, it's like
cool pools. You it's like, I said best producer best players in Nashville doing this and they had a fucking blast. I mean, like I said it's gonna, I'm gonna get banned from music rely on you. Who cares? You know they're dead, they're, all dead in the water. You can't sell records anymore. No, we sells records, you sell. Things are Itunes, he's buying records. What percentage of records actually bought? How many people have a cd in their house anymore? It's nuns it's all gone. I don't even know how to get the CD on my fucking phone. I have two cars in a row where, at a three year lease where I never put a single fucking thing in the CD holder there, cd slot uh it's in two fucking cars in a row, two leases three year leases, so I haven't used. Cd in six years at least hear something funny. So like you're saying it's about selling the
so we'll sell him on Itunes people by my name. Isn't she talking about like mark? So we have this that sure I gave you the logo on it and a bunch of people were kept email me too that they occur. I wish I had an example of it, but we can't email, but they can be me that we don't have fat folks sizes. Those are the little word. I get that in higher primates dot com- yes, two people always to mankind thought so I go. I called the March people I go make some fat size is not the like. You mean like double extra idea. He also underneath it read letters. I want to say that folks, as under the logo, what and they're like seriously so again, if you fat- you you you, you know where proud we can't common stock. You can buy a wheeler walk on my website on my fucking. Whatever merch store, you can buy a wheel walker. Not only can you buy fat folks if you're a fat fuck, you can't buy the regular shirt, you have to lose the weight or you gotta, buy fat folks eyes, every double XL triple excelsis fat, fuck, size, big red,
there's, a beautiful and, like I said we can make payments are about. A lot of girls are sleeping, I'm like nineties. Yes, I mean, you should see us us longer, semi picture furniture because to our folks you know it's like a he put a belt around it and go. You know, go out for the night like it's of, look address, so you were about that far away from quitting music, there is fat, fuck size only twenty dollars, that's a good deal! Dude! You were like that. That close, quit music, and now everything is half no yeah. No, this was here. This is it this is my parting song. I'm going to pay my fine show and we're gonna, I'm gonna go back to Kentucky live on. You know, farm! Try to you know you know had x in a all that what kind of bullshit knows like this is my parting gift. Has the you know like a good game, show or some, and then I got a call like actually was before, came out there like we, we we think it's going to sell and I'd miss me and
major is a fucking piece of shit, dumb ass, but he's like and he was about to go and move on to others find another job. So and then it's it's, you going into the studio, not giving a shit put now an album about how fucking shitty your life is and how everything is going to shit and not giving a shit. What people think this is the one that's going to work. You know, so we call these like you're. You know it's like, like. I said we had bunch of presales too, like I guess on Itunes you can buy before it comes out, so we knew before that week the pre sales like you're, not the heat, my people called Amazon, an Itunes thinking. There was a mistake on both of them were like how could we won't put out a couple c songs on Youtube how's it selling this fucking much like as a decimal?
point in the wrong place. An Amazon asked for a new shipment. We don't even have the fucking see we had to go print more. We made like one thousand or something are you going to do another one fuck yeah you gotta keep going so the thing is, I was going to quit now it's like fuck that you know this seems to be fun to write this shit too. Well, that's why that's! The whole point is can music in Ryan Song is supposed to be fun, and when you write from the heart in the right front, without censoring yourself, the Un Fun part is trying to fit that that your nasty thoughts into some call That's where it becomes unfun. Do you think you're going to do a musical video for which one of you queers going to suck my dick? I liked it talking to steal about it right now, but I don't know if he wants to do it. It's just a budget issue. Where do you want to do it? What California won't do it like Santa Monica it's up to him. I think you know. Maybe I love to do in Europe somewhere. So we're in Europe would be good yeah,
Euro gay guys yelling? Now I want to do with the right. You know he does the right way. It's a song, you don't you don't take that lightly. Do it the right way? You don't do it. There are different kind of gave you when you're a bright. We mainly we're better clothes. Like I mean a higher class waft, I don't know the ones that wear makeup there, where they have their hair done right now, will do it. You do it yeah. I'm like Bruno thing, you know, remember Bruno yeah, fuck, yeah, Ali G's, a fucking funny movie college is the best butt hurt his new movie. Like people didn't dig it I saw it did you like? It was pretty fun. I mean it was It was funny man, but it was it was. The problem is when you compare it to the should he does you know yeah. You can't compare a moo, it's like, though she was in a movie. This is right, it's just a real. It was a funny dirty, you know it's, but it's a it's actual drama comedy. You know it's like a comma. Only comment yeah, but films. It wasn't like
grab, it wasn't like you're living it. You know like Bharat, I thought it was so ridiculously funny thought. So it's a problem 'cause it's over. Did he have a really hard time doing that again, it's almost like to do now- he's got us not do it for years and then people forget about it and then go back and do it again. He he did something at the Oscars this year. He would like presented an award and I guess he had to agree to not do any sort of thing. He was just coming himself snuck in his character, using his wife and down that way, and it was ok, funny bit use funny someone made if you seen the script. Someone tell me this is for because my brother, I should- and he did got to Charlie Chaplin award. Did you see that thing it Charlie? It was a few years a couple years ago. He given this award for you know commit, is like a Charlie Chaplin award for like greatness and comedy, or
He did this. I don't want to give it away if you haven't seen it, but it's fuck, it was the funniest fucking thing. I see you find that. Can we watch it, I don't know if we could play it out, it's kind of over four million yeah. We pulled it up. It will tell people what is the title of the video against Sacha. Baron Cohen kills presenter in accepts award It ended. I guess they just gave way. They get any awards on BBC America. I tell you what happen or you want to do. I ruin it for him. He probably ruin it for everybody. Well, it do what you want. I know that's what you're in to check out the video through I'll definitely check it out. It's a good time for crazy shit it is a perfect. I wanted to come out of this out. What I say every every day is the new best day for this crazy yeah, because every day people give less of a for in because I mean not the honest truth is you know, I met the producer and I talk to surge on. I said you know
asked about. You know. 'cause, only guy knew who knew who knew Dave ago, and I know what you know is he cool? He goes. He don't give a fuck Hired right there, you know like that, that's nowadays it's a compliment. You can give me about anyone. He he meant as a as a complement to, and so Who are the people who want to hang out with? All I care about is people, you know, I'm sure your audience knows, but there's people out there, who think the phrase don't give a fuck is an egg. You know like I don't here, I care too much that I need someone who doesn't care about the other shit. It's changing. That phrase is changing. Now it's a it's a different thing now like not giving a fuck I was like you're an idiot or a loser. He doesn't give a fuck he's a dummy, but now it's like. I don't give a fuck yeah but yeah exactly listen. I can get banned from Nashville. I could. Give a fuck so making the record I want to make, will just amazing that that's how it worked out. You know that this thing is taken off because you just said fuck it. Let's just go all in and I like. I said this is like the perfect time the perfect
I'm going to stop. This is an I hate key to bring it back to you, but I'm here, but you can do the podcast to get listeners you just want. Some you want to do stuff for fun, you did it for fun. I did this record I was just like. I want to do it for fun. I don't when things are good man when you actually enjoy him like that, shit is making me laugh, even though much is actually the opposite, which is I assume no one's going ever hear this, so I'm just going to go fucking all out so actually got tennis, not not like when when David, like, I said no on the billboard country, charts, outselling. All the big boys, I'm like holy fuck. What the fuck do I do now? Then you got a double now and make it even go. Even crazier solarius yeah, then that's when is in there. Like you know your real fucking. Is it as you walk it like? He talk it. So I get on my twitter and I fucking rip on Nashville rip on the music business given all these fuckers and that's how you getting banned, I'm getting banned by icon, so these Florida Georgia line guys they got mad at you. They blocked blocked.
So there's a new guy. I don't remember his name. He blocked me too hope you got blocked by Sir who second is Megan. Trainers enter name Jacob trainer she's in that country, she's all about that bass. She blocked you fuck. You know those promote, tweets it around. Your second thing I said, get this shit off my page and then script. That's not much to block me promoted. Tweets are sneaky's. I know, but it said promoted tweets. So I go. I seen this fucking tweet, eighteen times today I get it. She got a new fucking album. I don't mind like a instagram, promoted Instagram thinks I feel like I go ahead. Well, my own, get it all for free. We get it all. You got to get money out of this. Somehow! No, I do listen. I will I've done it. I don't think I did a promoting on Twitter about done on Facebook any and like half. The
comments are like get the same thing as me, but I don't block him. I gotta say your picture. You are here speaking of Instagram, bam. Legit bam hold on. How do I do this shit? Don't know how to do it and we get we gotta go take picture together, will do all that. I just wanted to get a picture of you in the moment. That's mine, saying: let's get someone in the middle of the podcast no posing before the podcast is. Actually this conversation is going down right, Jamie, that's why we started doing the pictures for the podcast and we used to have this pose, which I was fell is weird. It's like why don't we just have one? What in the middle of us talk and use that, and that way you could see what a mess this place is too chaos to my left here got a picture: eating pussy and kicking my ass eating. Pussy
and kick in there. That's catchy God. Damn song eating pussy, I think fuck you bitch is a catchy song. I disagree. I'm telling you eat pussy makes me sing all day long. I think that shit, all the time even pushed it kicking house different strokes to everyone's got different favorites. Yes, different strokes for different folks is funny too 'cause you never like. When you make a record use like, I did I thought about not putting that song is, like people have heard it on that other show, for I was probably not going to put on the record and that's one of you know there apple songs at the blinds of people like the most were the ones I was like. I don't know if I want to require happens in common too, like I don't know this jokes, it's kind of like a throwaway joke and it ends up being getting the biggest fucking laugh for the show. You never know when you were actually write, something out. That's what's funny, you know you write things out and either way. This part don't work that good and that pockets is huge, fucking, laugh and you're. Like oh,
it's weird, it's weird with people like you know some songs. I mean it's gotta, be there some songs that you don't think are your best songs and people pulled aside like with Sturgell, is that you can have the crown song fucking, hates that song man, I'm telling you dude. I listen that song all the fucking other yeah. That song is one of my all time, favorite songs and he doesn't even like it happens. All the yeah. I mean like the title track, redneck shit. I try to talk. He finally talked me into morning is my demo is weird because it's your song right. So when someone telling you that your songs, it's like a in Utah, it's, not it's like a weird argument, you're arguing about yourself. I go. Let's try it. So good that I put the title track. First track on the you know like He was right. You know That's why you need that second voice, sometimes well. Redneck shit is a good one too. It's like a good introduction song to what you're doing and have it be. The first smart because of some. Listen to that, then they get hooked and then and then, by the time they get
eating pussy kicking ass, there already is well, that's not notice. If you look on Itunes later, like every fucking country record on Itunes. It's all five stars, 'cause everyone who buys it on the ratings they'll buy it. Know what they're getting they love it I'm the only one on there, like literally it's five stars, one star five stars and I promised 'cause it's like this is not all countries are supposed to be. You can't person, country and and I'm telling you right now. Those one star fuckers are selling my album way more in the five star course. What was like from this private part, you know it's like I'm paraphrasing, but the five star people are telling three friends the one star. People are telling twenty friends you know and they're the ones getting the word out, because I don't, Why do you think it's so? No one! I love! I love country, music, so much you know and those my heroes so much that I hate to see what's happening to it and then those fuckers you listen to this dog shit fucking
pop rap garbage are you on me me? I'm disrespecting country, music, music. I know country music, you know if you don't like, I can. If you don't like the word fuck, you know. That's fine! That's has nothing to do with what I'm doing, but if you think that it's not legit, because I'm cursing are talking about fucking sucking dicks yeah, like there's family trees, a song about them, a girl, a that I, like her sister better, but then I saw you all you do. Is you just had to you know it's like dating this girl? I wanna your sister, but then, of course I take it a step further. You know what fuck, you I'd rather fuck your uncle and your fucking dead, you lick your fucking dad's ball, you know and then you go crazy and it's like, you. Don't really want to do that, but just funny to think about it right, then you go record the song. Of course, then you know the players and like what the fuck are. You but it does make the play the song on here called can't fuck, you off my mind like it's. Just it's just a can't drink you off my my
They used to say now. It's like you've been through that everyone. Everyone had a heartbreak, but you know, and you try to fuck some other girls to get over it and you're all you're doing is thinking about the first girl try to fuck a bunch of girls. Never works. But no one else guide works. You gotta fuck the right girls. Well, I felt the wrong ones, but you fucked the right ones. You don't even care about, one well you, but don't you think that some people can relate to at the very least they can't sing about that, and the other thing too is one mainstream press, especially except for a few places pretty much in like no reviews of it really anywhere, but one guy wrote a review. I thought was pretty interesting. He actually used that Florida. Georgia line is an example. I wish I remember who was might have been a blog called saving country. Music thing is what it was and they used example of the Florida Georgia line lyrics. That was like in you talking about sticking, my pink and your struggles like.
Kind of talking. He was saying article about how, like these mainstream guys, who talked this dirty ship at sugar code it and little girls are what is the sticky? I don't know. Thank you. I don't know the actual hearing, but it was kind of gross, but that that they do that to have it censored, seven not to have to be played on the radio, so You make money, so what I'm doing is much better 'cause. I'm saying this is for adults The CD in the the in the online has the sticker on it. Adults, don't you them they're the ones trying to give it to kids. This is for adults. I'm saying that since the fucking don't worry about the criticism, but also I'm just happy you're doing it and he was. He was saying in a positive way by the way, but I like the belt buckle too. By the way she sell those yeah. Do you think I fucking lost people would buy. Those should have that Wheeler Walker Belt Buckle. He looks cool about that shirt. Just a single w right! Well, yeah. They didn't like
want to make. I want to make a WW junior. Well, you need a bigger or something or but at that shirt was made for Maine by the in California, by the Nude ST unit. You never knew these little nudie suit said they used to wear in the sixties. You guys remember them duties, it sounds this is guy. I think he was a thing is Ralph Nudie he still he made the suits for that. You would see in the western movies, how you spell it nude, like Nudie magazine, yeah he would make these nudie suits it like buck. Owens and people like that happened. Was they used to be in the old westerns, these crazy suits and people like Elvis or Johnny Cash used to watch? Those well they go. These are calling this guy there who I or prison yeah its name is Ralph Nader. These put these people, like Elvis of Johnny Cash Hank, will
is even they would call it there like. I want a suit like they warn. You know, whatever western movie and then start making clothes for musicians Dolly Parton's there who's that dude right there Berry Klein who's berry climb that Patsy Cline's dad. I don't know, there's gram Parsons Cadillac there anyway, but I guess his ok door. Somebody kept it going and they reopened in LA for a little. I think, they're back out of business. I don't I'm not sure, but that's an actual nudie shirt wow made for me. I did looking tailored and everything. That's pretty good cause more in the fucking record. That's amazing! Yeah there. It is. I love shit, Nudie's Rodeo tailors Hollywood Calif, put the credit inside yeah, so they still around well, I think they're bringing it back yeah T shirts they're, going red ed hardy on yet they're going to have glitter it's going to be glitter on the fucking teacher but anyway, but I called the tailor and they made me that I just want that. I wanted
the label on the back, the Nude, that's really cool. I love things like that. You find I think they got museum yeah, it was cool 'cause. I just looked it up like what I did was. I was that's. What's great about the internet 'cause, I looked it up. I was like this is kind of shirt. I want for my record coat right. Oh, I want a new t, shirt and look it up also, and I see their website. I look at it. And you can get one made by you know it's just there just right! I don't want one like it. I just want to run it. No! That's cool in this interesting piece to that. He used to like Superbike Ellis's cars and yeah that the new teaser bunch of car shiver, you'd, Elvis a souped up car yeah, but he had what it what they do, those suits they would do it to cars like horns coming out of it glitter and all that. But you know it. That's a leri asleep just so that's the famous that the famous overthrew he made. He made Elvis a gold shiny suit yeah. What is the one with the car, though, go back to the car? That's Larry S, Elvis had imagined driving the child that was most cadillac. If it's an Elvis,
who's better, that's a nudie car. It might be his nose in his car. I don't know, maybe so he designed bingo there's a museum around here somewhere you can go check it out. One of that was his, but that's. Why is there a rifle look at there's a rifle back. There feel how to put a was the rifle goose kit car two rifles on the sides, but one of 'em. That's in like a firing position to shoot at people behind you. Well, when I make what the fuck is that man, if your fans I'll make a pro right here. If I get to number one, I'm wearing that were in a nudie suit, nonstop for a fucking week or like a whole week, actually I take it back a year a year a year I like a year, but I'm a number one all tour I'll tour with an out because it knows new nieces cost. Five grand I feel like people are just finding out about. You I feel like this just is rise just started for you. Well that's what happened like I was saying when it debuted so high. I went home and I was like that's crazy that day Butte,
and then you get hungry. You go home you're like fuck 'em, even worse up the rest, I'm going to government sure I'm going to do the video I'm going to go for it now. Well, people but I think a lot of people don't even know about yet. I really do you know in hopefully, this podcast, with some other podcasts and all the Youtube videos, and between that yeah you helping out- and I appreciate it again coming on the show- and I had a fucking blast, my man fun, shit to urban. I love that your fan. You know. I love that. There's places like this, where I can fucking talk about it. Love that there is two I don't know even know how it happened. I wish I could say that I planned this whole thing out. This is all total, dumb luck. Anyone who I I've! Anyone who happens upon a record if they find me- I just I mean he he he got he w wannabes podcast in the world, but even if just I've done interviews with people just like I like the record. Will you be on my fucking podcast and we got like thirty fucking I'll. Do it if they're that big a fan, I don't give a shit. Oh that's cool yeah yeah! Well,
going to change that once you run out of time suck those going to get too many people, it's going to be Joe Rogan only soon, but there's a lot of other cool ones. You gotta do like Bert Kreischer do as many people as you can around town, yeah well, I'm here not playing Coachella Maze will do the whole fucking around it's hilarious at Coachella thought you're too risque yeah. I would love to see up there. You want pussy, you I think it is put chicken I think part of it is is like in the kind of I think it's this country in the it's just so weird to hear, and also when it's it's not as loud, so you could every all the bad were to so for and clear. You can hear it so well like when you sync clue You can really hear it. I just would love to see all those fucking hipsters that are just going to the cool thing like people like we're here for the cool thing to Coachella, but that's the amazing. That's the whole. That's it's! No, but seriously
I'm glad you brought. That up is part of the. The point is record to was to piss off everybody. I wanted. You know my redneck friends back home. I want them to get pissed off by this. I wanted the hipsters to get pissed off, but you know that the like there's something to piss off everybody right. So the goal was again. Talk about thinking here, the goal was to fucking make sure nobody bought it right. I did every in my power to make sure no one would listen to it and, I think fiesta the key. You know 'cause there's something to piss off everyone on here. Just it's a hilarious idea. The whole idea behind it's hilarious, but I think Get that it's you know it's. You can't make music like this. That sounds like that. If it's not coming from a real play, You know, I think yeah I mean I I and I think this. This kind of stuff on them is gonna sound, grand ridiculous, but I think this ushers in the future because it's proving yeah, that is the people like a lot of stuff, that you do
you're not going to get it from these mainstream purveyors you're, just not going to get it from there not going to risk it they're going to put the money out for something this 'cause. They can't sell it to the radio stations. They can't do what they know. Why do they don't have a place for it? They don't know what it is, so the newcomer can you do it on your own? It takes off like a fucking wildfire and now they're scrambling, but you must be getting a lot of mainstream music producer, Guisan executives that are coming you trying to get in on this. Oh totally, and you know what you always gotta remember what the likely time I don't give a fuck. You keep that attitude or you're gonna fall down. The you know, get a Jew, drag you into the then I don't know that there's going to be like and- and I like money- we all like money, but there go hey. If you turn down a little next. One we can get you on whatever you know. We can get you on MTV or Cnt or whatever it is, and then I'll go and, like you know that will be ten times the money and then you know I'll think don't get me wrong, but I just got to stick with listen. I think they're wrong though they might
I ten times the money right now, but I think in the future, so just is going to be giant. I don't give a fucking shit if it doesn't sell them, but that's good, because if I'm not I want the way I want it then I'll be miserable, but because you are wanted to where you want it. It's fucking hilarious so like what kind of people have names like what kind of people have come up to you, and I tried to get on this. What kind of music executive type characters all say and I'll talk about country, stars and country exact in music executives, I won't name names, the biggest of the biggest rap AJ, I'm not gonna name names, but I'm talking to the biggest stars in country of contacted me. You know well a couple of things that I've heard through the grapevine 'cause? I don't travel in those circles, but some people who really love it some people- some people are not true. Have reached out the friends of mine who know me making sure that I don't shit on that 'cause. I talk shit about everybody and then, like
you, tell him, I'm cool so little shit on me and a couple of people coming up some of the big boys and I'm and some of that, when even my name, but they don't want it's funny too 'cause. I have some fans who are literally the biggest country stars on planet earth who won't say there until it becomes okay to say it, they're not saying it right, set it to my face, literally met them and they said to my face, but they won't say it anywhere because they don't want to lose their fucking fans like once it becomes if it becomes mainstream, which I hope it doesn't. But if it does maybe it will be cool. You know, what's mainstream who the fuck there's no mainstream anymore, mainstream used to be radio and television. Nobody gives a fuck about like, tonight show anymore somewhat. Dean on tonight show bands that mean anything anymore, they were. They were talking to me about that. One thing you do is play late night shows and they're like they're, going to because I don't give a fuck. What do they mean anything anymore? All it used to be, if you did like the tonight, show like it, but then once it changed in like the 90s
like it started, going away and like the 90s, Two thousand were telling me that the numbers that even there like you, can't do. Obviously those big talk shows but they're saying it's. Those numbers don't is going to move the needle yeah it's better podcasts your podcasts going to need a lot more than any fucking talk. Show I you that's bizarre. I hope I'm right but you're right, I, but I'm almost positive heard about books and other people, some hobbies, I'm positive, I'm right and stern's played a couple times. You know like that. So much bigger than doing a the tonight Show- or you know whatever those shows are- which is enough. I mind if I'm in town the only play all day but they can't have me on so don't matter well yeah they can have you on. One of the problems with those shows is like say no offense to any of these guys, but save Conan has someone on a shell that sub and I don't know how much input Conan has or
like, maybe the tonight show Jimmy Fallon how much input does he have on what the gas are? I know I Letterman, I was told, was the one who really did like was like real country. He wasn't. That was always the place were like act like is built, hey there you know like he in in is Bell also is an independent label. You know like it's hard for him to get on, but with Letterman. Approval. You know he can get on. So some of those guys have like some public Jay Leno was talking about this, like that he hated when he was doing this tonight. Show that he'd have to have some guy on from some tv show that he did. Give a fuck about any at a pretty care. You'd think he'd be in a position to fucking. Wasn't who's doing the goals you can get instrument mainstream shows. But that's. Why is because it was so mainstream. He had to be like right down the middle like non offensive, but now he's on his own show he's doing that jail.
Have you ever seen that now is it? Did you get to see what Jaylen was like weird things on my tv for twenty years? I don't know what he's like he's a great guy. He was in here you did a podcast with us. It was fucking hilarious, I'm just talking about doing a show for the mob, and he was talking about this month. So you heard about it, you know scream you fucking cock, sucker, it's bizarre car like seeing him scream you fucking cock sucker like oh, I remember. Hearing stories is obviously got some. My friends and musicians like who they'll be playing a show and they're like oh somebody, canceled on that is years ago. Cancel on the tonight show, if you get out to LA to play tonight, show you can do the shell and whatever we and they clinch the numbers and it costs it's easy. It's not. You know, look moving a band, it's so expensive right and they question numbers and it's like it wasn't worth their money to play it like how crazy that's currently become a band
small band, and it's not worth the money to play the tonight show you won't get enough return on your money and far as far as I could sales, they were saying that it was forty grand to play 'cause with your playing the music, the crew, the trucks, everything and driving all the way out. There was like you're not going to make forty grand in record sales. So just so weird in the old days that you were saying one play on that and you're playing arenas yeah. I was talking to Paul Stanley about that when he was in here. It was really weird talking to him, because Paul Stanley, of course, was a huge superstar in the 70s, is all record sales and, as a matter of fact, they couldn't get on the radio. You know kiss had a really hard time being on the radio. They were sort of kind of blackballed on the outside, but just because of the love from their fans, they stayed valid. Courson some fucking lunch boxes and dolls and weird man mean when I was a kid like a the song on the radio like it was a moment to be excited? Oh my god, there kiss, like the drum your big one, but they play Detroit. Rock city
Occasionally. You know I want to rock and roll all night that they put that in Kentucky teacher Rock cd I'd heard on the radio. Before I remember being blown away like wow, I can't put their plan on taking seriously yeah. No, they weren't taken seriously, but there are Fucking rock and roll back by the way. That's a bit, not the best idea. You put your come. The biggest rock band ever and you put the make up on yeah go out, do whatever the you want, nobody knew who they were yeah. I met ace for, Only when I was like probably like before, I was less than ten somewhere in that area. My uncle used to work for Howard Marks Advertising, which is to or was it album covers New York City on no one yeah. My uncle Vinnie was an artist, and so he would him, and this guy Dennis that he worked with, would do these album going out like destroyer on killer cover to like some of the all time, great ones they did kiss kiss double platinum. There was exactly, I would get advance copies of this shit when I was a little kid I can,
imagine what getting an advance copy of record when your kids, oh, my God, was something I would have known what an advanced copy like you don't look it up yeah. My uncle was involved with that and he was involved in a couple other ones. Man is that there's a No. I don't know who the guy who did the painting was. Might I think they hired someone to do the painting, but there what the advertising he would do was designed like the inside of it. The great graphic design, put all the photos in place and decide how the font would look at all. Stuff. It was really cool. So when I was a kid that he would send me these posters, my mom, Chatham recently I did these fucking he had their soul albums. You know they all have the individual of me. I had the actual posters from the fucking way, yeah. I have each one. I think each record was dedicated to the other three right. Well, I'll side was it? on the back. It was like it's like dedicated to Paula Jean, and they had some creepy ass fucking song.
Things yeah. It was Gene Simmons that Christine sixteen right now then came back around you gotta watch that shit you gotta watch. I said now you couldn't have a sign about a sixteen year old that you have to file. Listen. I've got to have you Christine. I got an idea for us to album to what is it don't say it now hold on just take a breath, I know what you're going to say. I thought you talked me out of it. No! No. There was a couple of good songs from the soul albums back in the New York Groove. That was a good ace freely song. Well, that was from the solar yeah back in the New York Groove unheralded spaces solo record was the best of the solar. Really I don't remember it that well, but I remember liking that, on the best, I'd have to go back and listen to them again. They did little disco for awhile ago I was made for loving you. They went discount People make fun, I kinda I mean looking back, it was kind of good The time you hate song, I love that song, oh yeah,
oh shit, that was so shitty you listen to now. It sounds everything in looking back. It was like now the music's gotten so shitty I mean Bg fucking, like the best band you ever heard. That's what's interesting is, I think they were unjustly criticized like if you listen to their style of music, they, had some really good songs. The bee Gees had some interesting songs. I could not get name you about nothing, but I can maybe twenty killer Bee Gees Song and that's another thing too. You know it's important. It sounds like you're me yeah middle, isn't all kinds of music. I love all the people that make the shitty country that we were pulling out before all they listen to is pop country. That's all I listen to people Asarina Interview with Prince once, and he was, I remember exactly said, he's talking about how much he loved uh James Brown in later interviews talks about Joni Mitchell. How much he loves Jenny Mitchell, that's how you become prince when
Love James Brown and Joni Mitchell 'cause. It's two completely different things and then it comes out through princes, but if he only listen to James round it. Just sound like a James Brown Ripple is the other, the folk music in the weird shit they listen to that made such a fucking music is a lot like everything else like I like variety in all kinds of different foods. I, like variety and art architecture and I, like variety in music. It's interesting to hear like more than a woman. That is a good fuckin song that Bg Song That's a good garden. When you sat in that Movie Saturday night fever, trying to trying to dance and to stay alive, that's right! That's what I'm talking about you know: that's a good song. Let's rates on that era, people are looking at that, like okay, we have this. Is that a leads Aplin? This is what replace the doors like what the fuck and then you could only realize you can listen to both kind of what happened like. I was talking about before with me when you got into rock it's like wait. A second Waylon and John Lennon aren't that fucking far parts
there are much closer together than like is playing on the radio right now, yeah yeah Flynn used to play with Buddy Holly, though we gotta start no shit yeah. He started it's the most famous story of all, but he had he supposed to be. Play, Dwight Yoakam was probably the first guy that was a real country. Guy that I was a fan of. I was offended white. He kind of crossed over a little bit what happened. He's a Kentucky boys, well a lot of great music from Kentucky yeah, but he I always thought of him as a Kentucky. Ninety is, but he actually had to move to LA yeah to make it here. He was in the punk scene out here because back then like wearing a couple dressing like that, when the cowboy hat and planned kind of old style, Buckham's country, start of is crazy. Is it I mean he wasn't playing? You know punk music, but he was. He was kind of an out right outside, or you know those thought. I was like a weird thing to be doing
It seemed to me that what he was doing was like an ode to the classics. You know it's like he was a Saudi, also put his own spin on to higher percent. You know how to percent, but he he he. You will like it reminisced about really great country music of old, but he was obviously a a a. He was a huge fan of that music could have thought he was on the first guys who brought that old, sound back in but kind of got some. You know got air play. You know he got a lot of airplay mainstream with going back to the old guys. Yeah like that ain't lonely yet song that song playing guitars, cadillacs, hillbilly music, that that it was- If you like it, that was inspiration to ferret to beer, weed, coaches and hunky tonk music. And he was like a god that you were allowed to like, is like your allowed to like him as a country person, it made you like a diverse the ninety, your time it changes so fast. Even the fucking, like you look back at mainstream country in the 90s, it sounds like fucking raw.
Neil recordings compared to what we got out there right now. I like it changed so much so fast that, like actually like this kind of what mainstream, Alan Jackson, Randy Travis. That shit sounds like fucking like down in the like. It sounds like like a gritty yeah, it sounds like fucking jug, What is happened we'd like, if I could you imagine if Johnny Cash could watch those guys like throwing the hands. Those hip hop hand signs that perfectly coiffed out for once since I in jeans with rips already and I'm people always send me, these z weapon and you buy it now, this is ripped yeah. I know that's real yeah, I swear I, I wasn't gonna work, okay, not paid a hundred for the people, send me memes all the time of that shit. That's what it's called. So they put the hell picture a whale in this place. I don't know what it's called. It's like. I've got one hundred he's pretty sure. Why don't like Florida, Georgia line
yeah, I think at this there once and I've gotten that mean I've gotten a hundred. You can find that, but there's a hundred of those guys, like you, know, rolling in the people of making those, because there's yeah there's an audience for that still, which is great well shooter talk to, he had that song. They should outlaw you that was specifically about that, like these fake country, guys like these especially fake, outlaw guys but what his dad had to go through to make it in country yeah. That was a I mean uh. Pioneer in a rebel in a lot of ways like he did, whatever the fuck he wanted to do, and it worked and that sound became like super popular and wailing Jennings Way, once the king, you listen to Waylon records now the best shit, it sounds like those cordia sort, amazing, It sounds. It hasn't aged a fucking day and son in shooters, weird to man, because he does all kinds of stuff. His new album is Coon. Tosh is like almost electronic and it's fucking killer. Well, he's he's another guy that just wear
This is one of my back. One of my favorite guys got Billy Joe Shaver was like said he's old now, and he wrote a lot of this. There's a Waylon album called hunky Tonk heroes at Billy, Joe Shaver Road, every song. It's my favorite way on record and Billy Joe still, He just put out a new album last year and it's fucking great. An the first to do it with Willie Nelson and it's called hard to be an outlaw and song is hard to be an outlaw when you don't want it anymore. So it's him, actually part of the outlaw movement which I'm not I'm not part of that. You know. I'm I'm just here. You know What I do what is outlaw movement that was the 70s when they're the equivalent of I do you know but you're kind of comedy. You know I don't. Usually it's not even that funny, but a people I'm just I'm. Just saying like I see it, you know right, find parts of the you know, but it's there's some there's it's funny. So I think they were people BC, I'm laughing right. People are laugh,
so I don't get mad when people learn, but it is very outlaw in a lot of ways by the method you going about put it out, but but to defend like. They were really don't want to claim it 'cause, it's like an icon. Name like outlaw country like those guys, but those guys were that was hot when I was when country music, which, by the way that country on the radio then sound like I said, sounds great now, but it was a lot of strings and got really lush, and then people like Waylon Willie, moved on national, moved to Austin, start smoking, weed and said I'm gonna. Do it my way right and it's and that's will cut you know that kind of thing? Well, it's like you know, get the open strings out, get all this shit. I just want to play. May guitar based know just back to the base, so they were really pushing the envelope. You know way more anything out of it
Nashville have any. I mean how much of Nashville is like real music and how much of Nashville is like pop now um when you're there. It's really it's so funny because, like I said most my family from Nashville, so I went there all the time growing up and was really almost not a ghost town, but it was just like it was a had a small town feeling you would, but you would see Crystal Gayle or whoever it was on the streets and it was known as center of country music, but it was, it was not. A flashy town and now it's the place. It's it's another Hollywood, it's what people ghost, but it's real recent right. It's within the last I went. There's a This is the new the silver like which is apparently the hip place here. The server like in Nashville is like call is asian is national. I don't think I'd ever ever been there as a kid I didn't. I don't think it was just slums and now it's you came, get a place.
It's still fucking expensive, so it's got gentrified like how many years ago this happen. If you bought a house there five years ago, your fucking swimming in it right now. Yeah because I started going to zanies in nashville- is a comedy club ice. We're going there. I just want to say, like maybe ten years ago I started going there and now that its way was way different times different way. Different in these places, now, like devil spot, is that stream, the sky and they'll have like some fucking grand opening thing or some This release thing and you'll see like these tour bus isn't popper Azis and like what is going on. Something too is when I was a kid, and you know I had family who is friends with they were in the business. Just if you're in town. That's a lot, do you know, never, never know no paparazzo paparazzi know I have. I know people there. You know when you gotta, when you you got like. Warn people where you're going and do this and that's why I'm hoping people like Jason or Sturgell kind of people moving there for the right make the right kind of music, but still
was going to be some that are doing that right. There are some, but I mean how any of them are these fucking quaffed up bands The hair gel. Almost all I mean like wallet chains yeah, I mean, but you hear how many sturgills come into your project. You know. Storage is a rare disease, a rare as a shooter, their door rare guys, but were really name and there's a listen there's way more of it than you think, the don't chase as bells and stirred rules, and in don't like a guy like that when, when Sturgill puts out a cd and then people find out about it and people aspire, and then they do want to be like that and it sort of gives birth to more people like that or more people who can express himself yeah. But what that way it ever. It's almost like Nirvana, you know, member when they came out that Gulf, the old it's time for real rock and roll kill poison yeah exactly, but all that it ended up doing was not a bunch of shitty Nirvana copycats. There there's a lot of there
and then there's going to be a lot of Sturgell copycats coming out soon and they're not going to they're going to be doing it 'cause. They think it's going to sell, not 'cause Sturgell did it 'cause he wanted You had something on his mind that he wanted to sing. You know it's going to come out the wrong way so. Well, there's there's always going to be the guy that pretends to be the guy that you love yeah. You know is the guy that wants to sell the records sometimes or host that he shows or do movies or you know whatever. Those are the guys like you like this guys. Sort of inauthentic looks what's going on, but when someone is authentic, though you can tell, can you tell like storage, you can tell listen to that new. A sailor's guide to earth come on now, that's the best record year by far fucking, and I'm saying that with mine right in front of me at sensational, it's so good yeah! Well, it's it's weird how it all flows together too, it's like that's uh
Magnum Opus Magnus, you know. No one would go into the studio, make a record like that, hoping for you to think and that's going to not sell. He did it because we want to make and you got a He'S- got to have very rare they're, going to have a big company that sells records that has the wherewithal to let a guy like that. Go just go. Do it you want man, I think he did it, although I think he produced it himself and did everything he did it all himself. You know honey honey, he did it. He did, it's funny, my first however, la gig. The got look good. I produce my record. The band after the produced the band came in right after I left as honey, honey. And they heard my record in the studio and they're like next time, you're in LA when you open a shell and I'm like yeah sure, so I played a few songs with Emma Kucing. They came out in costume and back Out for a couple songs because they had the record, but it wasn't out yet right, so that was my that was my first early show ever was a wow. That's crazy! That's right! Your front, your your yeah, real good friends,
yeah we've done a bunch of shows together, oh no way, yeah. I know it's funny. That was my first fucking alley show with honey, honey yeah. They did new years with me. Last year, no, no way. Yeah. We do new years at the Wiltern in LA how big that is no big, twelve thousand people. Yeah? I was Joe ideas yeah their money on his last phone right, our in Duncan yeah. It was awesome. They were amazing. There is a really good man and it does it. Wake us it's them at. That's them backing me honey, honey, engaging they have a she has appeared on me. I think that that was that was this. That was a sign of things to come. When people want to dress up in costume when they're back in when they ran station. They don't want to be seen. I think I should have seen that as a possible sign that, maybe I was doing was a little bit out there when I was going to say about them. Was they have this song I used part of the song on my the music for it when my comedy central special, the opening music, that's all from
their music, and it's a song called punk kid, and they can't put it out because, they made it. They spent all their own money. Making and put the record company wanted it and so like when the record company hired them to do the saw or do an album, they wanted the punk it's on and they wanted it for free and like no, but we spend all this money on that song. This is our song. We wrote it. You can't own this, like you, can't you can count on the song when they tried to, and they said no, so that song is like out in the ether safe to figure out what to do. That's all that's going to hold on to it for awhile. I will say I did learn you know being around them this much and I knew I'd heard all those stories. That's crazy! That's why I bought my own. My masters. Take you can't do fucking. You can't touch this. You don't need them anymore, popcorn hammer! Well, you know, Need them anymore. I don't like what we're about distribution, you'll, get more distribution from doing this show or more people here are going to find this guarantee you going crazy and from
open minded, do Adam Corolla's and do everybody else is now we have someone soon or the girl played at the other day. Maybe your two: all these guys will do it. You can get on Joey Diaz, Joey, beyond, have heavy on Duncan anybody was around will have Jan and the people hear about it. This is the new it's a new time, man, it's a new world. Not trying to you know I'm just happy now that I'm here now because, like you said twenty years ago, this up would not exist. It would not exist but exists. Wheeler Walker redneck go get it yeah. It also. I think it was so much that was the first country album to chart on the bill country. Billboard charts with a bad word, really know what the country charts at no charge chart with a bad word. Redneck eating put see, kicking ass, that's one of my favorite songs, dude deli, I'm not going to lie. I put a smile on my face I'll, be listening this at the gym by the way, there's a download code in that two other is
okay, so you guys are the vinyl you get a download code. Did I want to pay? I want to buy it on Itunes. Well, this I list you want CD right, too yeah he's going to fuck him by nine bucks. Make him by giving him he's been nine dollars. That's what normal! It's a normal album cost right on ninety nine dollars, that's good! Whatever the normal I'd in store, will have the number one song in the number one album last week, yeah. I think his arms room not bad, that no one give mine to spend half his time. Taking will focus on. I don't know. If that's true, I really don't think he's an assassin. I think you should go to a doctor. I'm telling you look just like Ben Hoffman too, it's so weird. Like I said someone said I look like Zac Galiffa neck. I don't person's an asshole that doesn't make any sense at all, but I don't want you both handsome, but that's true This is just a beard thing, I guess, but why would someone say you look like Zac Galiffa Nacas, you have different color hair just saw beard. People are stupid right. Will see me doing this shit just like he can't be real, so they're, like
he's gotta, be somebody. That's it and then also that video you with the fake mustache, that's hard thing. It doesn't help whatever fucking listen. Thank you. Take a joke. Wheeler Walkerjunior, dot com, you fucks and go to Itunes. Go pick this up. Thank you, sir. That was he had me that's good time and it's a lot of fun. I hope you had fun 'cause. I did in pussy and kickin ass. Folks we see tomorrow, alright, you fucks, that's it that's the show face to keep and coffee for supplying us with a delicious yummy caffeinated beverages, caveman, coffee, co, dot com go get some of that. Our also thanking me, undies, thanks to me on these, go to me on these dot com forward, Slash Rogan for twenty percent off your first order. It's me undies dot, com forward, Slash Rogan Thanks also to square space, go build yourself, a fucking, beautiful website. Folks start your free trial today, visitsquarespace dot com, Slash Joe, that square space, dot com
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