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2016-08-02 | 🔗
Wayne Federman is a comedian, actor, author, comedy writer, and musician. http://waynefederman.com/
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on each other for fuck at least twenty years he was an episode in whose radio we did a pilot together for a tv show called overseas by the same guy pulse hymns created news radio it didn't go anywhere unfortunately but i had a great time and i made a very good and in which freedom hilarious he's smart these interesting guy spit awkward but who is it enjoy wayne fetter man and i hope you do to please welcome wayne feder the will gain experience when freedom and how i sir i'm swell thank you well swell first time anyone's ever said that real on this broadcast when i asked i do and swell you the first guy now look i'm what number pike s eight hundred
somethin eight hundred and where arose down twenty nine it aren't why not so gave the first guide ever say swell let each what's the usual respond amounts it cysts standard noises he no great awesome standard stuff look at the way people normally talk this is a unique alerts and thereby make why not standard swell as the ganges sketchy so why i'm talkin before this part caused by someone stealing your twitter handle man i in advance only posted atween fair man right thought it was you because when you go away and have it it looks like i always had to have this castillo i dont know so i stole your password somehow some had that's that's the scariest part so how does who do not respond to that and i dont know i tried to go through twitter in here wrote me is like oh don't you remember we and then he told a story that didn't happen about karen i mean i have it on here if you want to look it up but
just say anything to do with this guy this guy's a liar zone but now this the first time i ve talked about exam more could he has obviously access to my password near so so you're pass when i had to account i had at federal men which is my main one my talking too loud ahead of i get it it's ok it's not something to be excited about it mean that's your fuckin name yes someone stole it i had a better man and i had at wayne wayne fatter man and then a mouth and one which is going to be to put people to add fatter bank they like that when all better where do i go under good question these are already good let me but i do know is gonna get this tend to thoroughly crazier these conversations or wherever i don't know i just like i'd like the simplicity of it more than wayne fatima well sir it's an unusual last name lot of fishermen jail he could eat hang onto
you know so let me turn it i knew my allowed to do that or just answer we're friends cooking so this is so till they re at twenty two year yet had at rogan i don't think so i wouldn't want you don't want that common european a small nay j o eads quick there are algerian and are like a name wayne so anyway but i've bought joe rogan those other guy named joe rogan thought his yea was his real name i had i think i had originally joe rogue experience like the same as the i can name i think that's originally what i had right and this guy had joe rogan so i contacted them and i said he man can i borrow it from me i said sure then you sold to me am i to ask a number of the amber women now that i'm thinking about this might not totally be true that
being myspace i think myspace i bought i think our biological rogan on myspace when was the last time we were on myspace oh it's been never i guess there wasn't even make i think every seven years you're a new person they that yourselves carefully completely that is again that ruin me so seventy it's been more than seven years for sure it's we're right it's weird alex people just decide like everybody was saying but myspace is dead and then it was like shit myspace is dead time to get the fuck out of there and i'm still i'm still on there are you coming i'd never i get her anything but its use it now now but as you know that i still feel like i'm on there and there's a girl can i make a recommendation about a girl on my spends now she's what do you but she wrote a song years ago on the ukulele which is
one of the many instruments i play as you know and it was called my hope is the name of the science my recommend and it's about pair hence forgetting their password to shut down their myspace account and their kids is teenagers reading that in the future i tried it but my myspace done was no good can shut down only they want they want to try it out and i think they think somehow another it's gonna come back but then it just gets old again given us from santa think like they d keep trying to move around and so i am not mistaken and i know i don't know you're into bands organ of i would find out a lot about you but like i feel like ban still have a presence on myspace jamie not bad you wanna see i don't think anyone sunday that's ok i get the data liberty that movie yesterday econometric has again was a good move
the book to why look you read a lot of times i can't read fiction really your inspection gets wet were learning by wayne futterman today every both i prefer fiction though i think for reading but i like reading nonfiction to read the book about coyotes right now obviously fiction now let me you can have a nigh eviction of better targeting collection i would use a car that title even sounds like and it's like a spiritual supernatural history of he and give me one fact i need to know about ok they're wolves the same yeah aimed all of em exactly the same animal like a dog is exactly that you know a dog and breed with dogs kyoto are wolves or a small wolf and their regionally called prairie wolves yeah member that has a history of the name coyote they use
call them already but it landed here is to call them in their early settlers call them prairie walls and the first encounter them like lewis and clark through the first shot one and they thought it was a fox they want to see what it where they shot it they examined and they said that's not what foxes small wolf classical like let us examine this killers shoot to kill it unless they look we area so days to calm prairie wolves and then the trappers and counted native americans who called them caught koyo because that was the aztec word for them the aztec word was coil and then the trappers encounters or the native americans encountered spanish people from spain they called did kill today because they would they had the spanish pronunciation of the word koyo and then
the trappers could not say coyote so they started calling coyoats so kind its coyote and prairie wolf those the original names and of course coiled which was now as technology you still have for honey twenty more pages to go the books fascinating it's really fascinating what's really fascinating spiders goddamn floor which only last night what i know that name there's the book there we set up on the screen and natural supernatural history why would we interesting is the more would like the reason why coyotes are all over the country now there every single state every single even though i know not why states not really it's a country we stole we stolen island from bunch brown people it's fucked up wayne scalded state its bull shit the last day in their own country nineteen fifty nine a chaotic came yesterday i don't buy it
going to leave me alone will depend on these very good i feel like anybody i think they should you know probably protected by us but that their own country i feel that give it back like yeah what area along bulgaria what would down those whose turn it was about australia willie i was about eight originates yeah how do we see give it back the outlets they would drive around the time has come to say glance right i share the matter with you meanwhile what is banned now think there were one had wonder but i remember the like the lead singer would like bald guy he's using tourists yeah you're intense i something are they not remember
but our members are getting it back in what about alaska give it back nope that's the natural even though is not part of the who else is in my view is inadequate did you with world zones it who in canada give it can give it to me just give it back to russia and then connected the canada which is you were given up away well i'm just time at the last two states that became alaska was its own country couldn't defend itself plus a lot of military in alaska u s military i say we keep alaska ok picture we're back to forty nine states yes you know to help the flag because then you can do the seven by sovereign right well that's yale thing hawaii as our own flag nationalism that they have a really of their own flag carrying around with them like they they express it every data the flat but where's last time you saw somebody will drive the californian flattery and after our true can i speaking flags you something crazy ok
i have spoken about her on the show you ve done to under eight hundred twenty nine so i don't know i've listened all of em soon you have but six legs great adventure you familiar with that yes do you know the six legs now you curious shore there the six flag that have flown over the state of texas woe if we can go through on yeah to do more than just buzz texas is that it's not a state right it's a republic it's aid can kind of bail they keep their estate there thought about baling before they there's people that all about the is the word eggs by apple we're gonna nail your were tired of this liberal bull shit ok so obviously united states grant taxes state of texas flag rent spain
spanish fight tax oh yeah yeah bits but yeah because it was on its territory racially let's go i believe mexico where girls whale don't there's one crazy one this is crazy what theirs such could it was obviously the french around it for awhile rule as part of the louisiana purchasing i that's right but here's the craziest one confederate yeah tell when you say go to six flags the sixth flag is the confederate flag that's not cool i think it is kind of like a really big about you're like it it's me muse margaret i got as the french part that's the heat confederate part there is one that it was not that
fought long ago that he had in federal flag was our car that was on television everyday right you're talkin about the generally sazen daisy do maria yet the flag on tv we first of all the converter flag is still part of the state of georgia's state flag if i'm not mistaken near that's good that's especially because nobody i feel i can at last if years it's taken a turn up for that entered skinner if you ever want to one of their shows did you and i'll but they they value with demand there from florida leonard scattered yet from florida i'm a huge linen skinner fan wearing florida somewhat sucks around i gotta know tom petty from gains will yeah did you know i go and third else iceland gains will lifting so for the three years ago i was a little kid from the time i was eleven twelve thirteen so
we got here there's the there's the flag to two thousand and one up until two thousand and eleven because i remember when jimmy carter accepted the nomination in seventy six there was like a big looked like a confederate flag there the georgia delegation right down front that's crazy two thousand and one they had a fuck again failures to doubt sixty at some time in the last fifteen yet now you oil that that was their state flag that's insane i didn't say and nuclear hazards that i'll do but due to hazard unleashes a tv show about a bunch of rednecks you know they run from the law on trial moonshine they used to sell moonshine i didn't write such here that there was a show ya know i know i've seen the the picture that guy i find i guess maybe because i grew up in the south like the confederate flag not crazy offensive but now it's like the nazis
a great yeah but it's amazing how it was accepted now it was accepted the learned scanner things a perfect example the fact that learned skin and how that flag they found anywhere yeah yeah in now you could never do that didn't you kids can do that in a less civically that was what you are trying to be provocative a man but here there's lens can slow you were yeah that was their logo within their flag is there now skinner without us with the surviving members nineteen it's not really limit skin and but right now is that with the what their cause mr skinner leonardo very good at this late hour try to iraq that anymore now now they gave i'd like to know and i came over here doing it at our what year they did give up on it but i did it within the last fifteen years that they were like it's now a symbol of hate as opposed to a cultural brian situation yet
there was a word about the culture of the south is about the culture now it s kind of their cultures can it connected to some fucked you know that slavery yeah let ago that would you mean yes about you gotta let go of it that's what i thought so gotta we went through the security throughout route to this coyote thank bike when coyotes you you forced the female ass to have more babies the females litters increase their very strange animal like think call like when you hear coyotes call on miller they dont do it again do it again in sound the first time i heard it for some moved california's like what the fuck is that but when i who dares prove example in ninety four when i was living in new york there's no fuckin coyotes where i was living i was lienemann now's in numerous shell but there's code near now
coyotes in westchester this coyotes in new york city they ve actually gone into the city theirs my leg is dotted one miguel do they are the percent of an agent they're everywhere they are one of the most predator large animals in north america they everywhere there every single day just million questions what is the population increase since the lewis and clark hundred percent yes not only at the range the ranges increase when they're there the wood with interesting about them as when the persecuted they spread out they expand the ring when the persecuted dislike jews wow getting number she'll you're allowed to say that legacy that i can't you couldn't in trouble i suppose when i can fly after anyway cody books awesome
how do we get to that level about books nonfiction aber china were asking about you words what you're talking about some book now i was every we were just and while i was saying that i dont worry fiction well and you just this that's the last thing i'm reading i read only non fake i can't get into it really i could get into a coyote book you know nonfiction but i like a like a jack in story has always been that one well you know you had to in school read those books yeah you were forced they'll never got in the books that there were no really fascinating my brother was but i was not he had robert high land and all that science fiction books and i mean i've read a few and i just get i just get i do love movies like that's how i get my fiction well movies are better if their done right which really better is
television channels the long form thievish but you live around here because its they can go so much more heated elegant novel like an up it's like a novel by your seeing it are you saying raising acting music exposed brass tat had accurate that without this year because the one time i i don't watch game at their arms but they're both times to india and i've seen naked rose is it ray weak they try to get ratings has worked well now because i think people back tend to show their tits lot what just not reeled back then it's not even a real way in the future it could be absolute star wars i'm a girl in a galaxy far far away like you think star wars in the future reduction in the past game thrones in the past but it might actually be in the future speaking a star wars adjust stumped star words not how'd you do is about that song done
then you know that's the dark maders theme there actually yeah that's at the actual name that's arm but its term but that song was not in the original star wars but it wasn't now oh my god i've told you guys like you're wrong like now you're wrong because i happen to be a nice guy i met when i know i'm right i'll never bet somebody what a nice guy yak as it is late i haven't even got out of maybe ten ten thousand pretend i'm eleven dollars i think i could easily again he was convinced as your rich guy in only a guide the borrower star must hours i've seen him all tat they had a shirt sherwin in sugar model is what is called march of the imperial martine hero march language
top down down down down the aisle john williams is unbelievable that from second one air strikes barrier s interesting i now you didn't think so right over to travel surprise now that said it i'm not surprised they all come blended would you will probably the perfect age to see star wars is again i saw a star was a bunch of times as a kid it was one of those things where i think i might assad thirteen times something crazy because one of those things work in school would homely jumpsuits doors yea bob seen a twenty in others in this a year from jersey now i was born a new jersey but only live there until i was six i spent my seventh birthday in are on the way to san francisco lived in san francisco from set to eleven lived in gains of florida from eleven thirteen boston from thirteen
the twenty three dry for twenty four august and then somewhere but twenty three areas and then new york for a couple years and then here and here here while now are you facebook friends are your facebook like per their use facebook only in that instagram is connected to our guy again i d go there and i just are you friends from any a give any friends from your san francisco years none it you're still in touch with no so are all labour or of oz and only boss boston in new york i know what you ve never going to a show and summits come up de ngo you know you know your little kid it's hard stay friends of people for their long you know like that you don't you ve not stay in the neighborhood and stay in the area and i just didn't stated that long lived there we moved around a lot man which honestly not good for you
i moved out as a kid but i mean maybe not as much as you but similar similar similar to that yet it's it's i don't think it's that healthy for kids i thought it was good and i learned a lot a great skills we deftly do you learn people skills there are no community of people but you're so dont gets done some nine a pretty important thing in life it is but i also think that some people dead gained something by being secure and having friends in a community confidence now near i use you're not applying you're not confident guy i forgot my confidence from martial arts went to martial arts because i didn't only conference on my getting this circle
in this sensitive i've ever seen in my life what is happening now think that sensitive zones yeah you're less like i was just now of us and i see this kid you know eyes darting around no friend of sunlight was mine really know yet sure o my god and then you are like i need something and so you started taking royds and doing only large economic they were i didn't take steroids i'm kidding what i did and it will take some one i was older you did i know i'm all took no most of i took a stealthy goodbye aegean sea but these to sell stuff a g that's now totally right when we still on the was penny he was staying in real steroids oh you know he was lying hundred percent but there was something that's now with legal aegean sea near a bunch of those things yeah but the there's stuff fits
you take now like there's an issue that's going on constantly with you have seen fighters where they go to some sort of vitamin storm by some stuff and it turns out that these so comments their buying have steroids in them steroids steroids while yes ok when you told me you said you did take jonesy yes i took strong stronger should ever took with stuff it's totally illegal now it's called mag ten and what you just did i ve never taken a thing like that can you can you feel it like when you take it like would what's the ribaut recovers better recovers that's that's what you do any better no not the stuff and i took many areas like somebody i try to sleep a solid eight super important and most important things for relaxation recovery now if you work out a lot and you did
you work out earlier today now we're done today that's oppressive wasn't impressive work out i play basketball and ten further work out i know i know but i i just dont really do him in the morning that often when you do they can they after so you easing your day ie so today like that got a comedian yeah well that most of us yet most of us easily linda i would assume i get up our attack that motherfucker i went to work out hard firstly in the morning i guess you do that they are things behind you on the ground and those are cobalt those were low when i said yes i know what they were and i didn't really up to general were crowded with a right there's to want me to try to live none knowing of maybe later maybe i know that those things behind you on the ground and those who care about those were lemonade yes i knew what they were and i didn't really up to general a crowd of exactly the right there's you want me to try to have none
maybe later maybe you'd her ok can i flash forward i more work our questions when does this had as we know this is over we decided since over i daresay it will pull the plug right now wonder no now enjoying a magician i just want to know because if i were you run out of steam guy i'm gonna this will just go diameter i'm in a tab i would definitely don't want to think about that that's one thing and here you can think like oh yeah will he does the same thing with working out of you work on your man what am i gonna get tired you start getting tired you have to think of what you're doing here because i'm getting some life a delay in the moment like very important course it almost everything in life right layer see every the rain we in the middle of sexual and when this is gonna be over and that's over well that can think like that how you understand i understand i don't really have a problem with that ok with
the now seems like you might think you from now all of a sudden that's it my creeps in your head that's it do you ever read the book power of now you know what i have is that eckert told you have that book on audiotape but i have not asked it i hope to god it's not him reading it i do not no who got the worst i don't begin voice it's horrible ruin but his book is pretty good yeah i remember this is kind of cool but this is a lot of stuff that i already kind of practice and kind of know into i was ill it was quite a few years ago that i was listening to it the worst guy ever too his books and ionia stephen king a really oh god he's awful he's one my favorite authors love em geography of his red is writing but oh my god when he read it its death like you literally wanna fuck adjust i still am and to em back when it was cassettes hand i
one time i fucking pulled that this string that this tape atta cosette right so i could never listened to it again like this is fucking terrible right through to the garbage can yes throwin and you had a house map are useless a boring his write his reading as so often remember the book was a coup jail with a green i remember when i arrive listen to a bunch of his stuff on audio tape and actually i was talking about yesterday he realizes frank mueller there was one of the best guys at reading it he did the dark tower series he read the dark tower series stephen king book but steventon one my favorite offers my least favoured ever reader of his work it's great favorite author least favoured reader yeah that's my steve king he added thing is my favorite author he might be though he
fun did you know he's really good to his son ernie king john hill his son's name is joe hill joey i'll wait a minute the changes name so you didn't have to write his debts pony coattails ponytail public health joe hill of famous character and i'm gonna say but that is his name right i'm not blinking emma its joe hill hardship box here he's really good you know really during the song joe hill and about their workers who die thing into joline a pardon chillingly journaling jellia jamb there is looks like stephen thing that's crazy attempt the gap is him joe hill writer can you can you do me a favor and look up joe hale union activist because i think there's did you ever see a movie woodstock
chapter nineteen sixty nine rap music festival herzog upstate new york y know about the music festival but don't think i saw national ain't dead don't morn organise it's about you and if you like died in some kind of maybe union act accident somethin like that or osha lasting when shown by as sang in inlets dyke that's one song she sang with joel oh i'm wondering if that's why i am making this connection well he might have changed his name to that on purpose don't worry i'm asking that is going to be ok good being too that is i get the name right could sometimes i think it's rightness like another was ernie helen messed up here you know sometimes i will say a word and you like that's not the right word
but it is right as a core or especially the weight spelled you look at the way something spelled like that can't be right if there's a word for long enough and now i'm looking at the pictured mind you these are mugshots well sort of their time that mail to around malaysia tumor bullshit they elvis one is bullshit because he was at the white house here was an authority may not i think he took it as a joke might be a security thing i think you like it if you like as always behind you i m a fan of wood elvis kind of is you know like this iconic crazy americana figure became a drug out and get all fat and sweaty and died on the toilet i think those less away i remember those lessons and elvis and i thank you certainly was a talented singer
but i'm a fan of him more of a cultural icon that i am even enemies jimi hendrix yeah that's not real see that is the real writing but the actual image is from one of these jimi hendrix experience which is where i stole the name for this podcast allow at the name of demand yeah maybe medium yells pyramid were mitch mitchell there that's the real one c of the scheme that is the image it's a real image he got arrested for heroin in toronto but this picture that i and i bought this fuckin nice gallery to these comments on it rose apart yes but the rosa park one is real that's honeybees every is out when she that's when she got arrested you know she was lotta people get that story wrong but other people think like she sat in the fund the bus and amos s them
to the back the boss somebody else had done it before her of course a gorgeous gorge scores and limit even the front of the best part is incorrect but part what is its kind very mean my new thing but i'm like a history dude there was a white section in the front right african american in the book in the back at the time to go black colored section she was in the colored section but what happens what if the white section filled up and a white person when back to the color oh she sit down you still have to stand up and give them your seat really yeah that she wouldn't do it and that's that was started it why did not know i know it's a small guenaud but everyone says oh she window the bay the bodes well that's even grew so i agree i agree it is grocer does he
we just sitting there and then just some guidance i guess she's complying with your racist rule then you'll like not racist enough yeah s so then that's when she got rested parks original see why you're totally right am i correct together what i've ever seen i've never seen this picture is a diagram like the kennedy assassinated fuckin magic bullet rosa parks boarded the and sat and i'll seat in the designated colored sex collars stops later the driver told parks and three other wax ok in her ro to move to the back to make room for a white man the three blacks moved to the back parks slid an adjacent window seat refuse to move wait till it was even an ok just so clear on this now that i'm learning something i almost feel like now like they didn't even want him to have two
its neck that's exactly what it was like there was an empty see europe right in my region i right near absolutely really interesting right that is its awful that's awful that's another thing this not that long ago all these things that are not that long ago the colored flag i mean the confederate covered the confederate flag being on the state right flag of georgia this but you this once it is sixty what year was at once he like sixty one so make sense filling his axe and late fifties ran on toll montgomery alabama system legally and degraded wow good we learn i learned of those eyes fascinating beside stage photo them her right there like out if there was a full bus knows a white guy behind her what
like houses with this photo from now say to wikipedia photo they might have done that after the fact right what's in the upper right hand corner one is that is at the actual is that like no upper right hand corner operating corn yeah i've never seen you yellow somebody like there's nothing else like us both worked out and so like can actually go there and set an extra obama there so they took the actual bus and put it in a museum well that's it up the above so much make it took us having outcast or something you have met the band outcast here i think it might better in a museum yeah gas but that is not a thing to have an amusing i guess it is right it's like what when you decide what you're gonna one of those old west museums went to an old west museum in montana pretty interesting where what city bozeman an embarrassment beauty
billions yeah i know the whole tore up they're pretty awesome museum but one of the interesting things about it was had these old stage coaches and these have to imagine taken one those fuckin goofy things crossed the country i want a long ago otherwise having already been tried by horses at the theme of this but not that long ago well it's really not that long ago when you d you get older and you realize i'm almost fifty rats half a hundred years the wild west shit those two hundred years ago years ago last into their wild west is less than two years ago shore is post civil war so it's like yeah a hundred yeah well i mean when people first started common like what year was it i think the wild west is like the eighteenth seventies eighteen sixty five as one slavery was barged that's is that the the wild west less has started
no eighteen sixty five went lip before that we're still travel across the country like well yeah milestone a deleting what chance i still feel like that's after all that but i may be wrong maybe around because forty niners that that's eighteen forty nine their searching for gold in california so meanwhile are obviously refraction across the country needs good point lookin for gold in eighteen forty nine we know nine or forty niners retinue badly now so maybe maybe eighteen fifty seven when was maybe on parties was the donner paralysis that each other to get stuck in the mountain and their pass whew that deserve the ants trying to get over the fuckin rocky mountain in the winter not good yeah yeah it's even its it would be like trying to do with the hybrid
right because this thing don't ever tests were here the donner party was what is its eating forty six he's doing right here i was running about the well i guess it's meeting worthies still again lewis and clark whether i need to know for so there are eighteen twenties is eighteen twenties while we're ok ramrod around so it's essentially almost exactly to engage all right tat you re so fuckin recent though that so damn reason to think that too hundred years ago there was no chicago like as we know it giant buildings and airplanes no say the disco as we know it no new york city as we know it on new york city was like partner cosmopolitan but they they definitely had like buildings and stuff because there's some buildings from eighteen hundreds in a lot of spot but this this entire country
back two hundred years and is now much here that that strange really yeah i'm more think it's beautiful emphasising that to me i just think it's incredible did not mutually exclusive win fishermen current grech snapped the opposite could be both things right it's all the above their there now i did this country's em you know my big voyage lies my favorite how about why are you a big hit are you just like fireworks i love fireworks i even aluminium where my favour fireworks is just the one the flashes it makes the sound yeah you know now i began on our other goggles do go disneyland instead to the very high while i word yeah i guess i love the whole thing let the idea this country are likely to like what we went through
i know of patriot is the word but i would get may edged i would say i am very appreciative of been lucky enough to live here yeah me too will these fuck you actually think that when i travel whenever the country's year ago you know i was talking to gentlemen in italy i was in italy a couple weeks ago and was talking this guy about he wants to move to northern california once he wanted to move to san jose honey as this idea this is his dream to take his kids moved san jose and you know it was a car interesting talking to you about it and then it got cuddle sad cause he was talking about his children is like there's where he lives there's no hope verdict is no future this there's nothing to plan for there's no opportunities and recycle really feel like my children would have an opportunity to succeed if a gold go to america
while they mean that is what led my grandparents to come here yeah you're really what we did they come from italy most of em my grandfather my father's side came from ireland everybody else my grandmother my foes my grandmother and grandfather on my mother said came from italy all them and not easy the italians and the irish when they got here now re known or music any those stories sure where they passed down you are we oh yeah absolutely an area and they were all circus performer trying now now knew they were wild past two hundred years ro ro yet same that same bank same thing now i feel very very very fortunate and love it yeah yeah we are well when you go to other countries and you really cannot get a sense of first of all how real this experiment self it really is because
you know what we're in italy we were out i took some photos at the vatican that puts them up on my instagram of the day and one of them that was probably not maybe the most impressive but the most put things into perspective there's a or other vat again where they have the statue of hercules this tile mosaic floor is seventeen hundred years old and people walk on it thousands of people were can this mosaic tile and its seventeen hundred years old and it's just a title for i mean it's just one thing in this insane there that's the forward there at seventeen hundred years old and that's one any aspect of the vatican the vatican is so much seriously huge an incredible it it it is one of the most breton things are seen in my life and the accomplishment of people from hundreds and hundreds of years ago they put together this building i call them artisans need des humans
yeah what the human beings can do is name i would just along as it is not quite as breathtaking is that but just this morning someone posted steve jobs announcement of the eye mac when that came out in the nineties lay nineties and just and then the comments from the kids who are just a guy with it would below their minds if they knew computer i'm looking at this demonstration on here i just out fast in everything changed yeah there is as yet good jobs big fat face and more interesting room looking like tat said before this is pre t shirt and genes or national nagging genes yeah this is jobs with a button up girod way up to the neck and blazer an office man come your hair is get here but look of chubby is phrases that poor guy worked himself to death you failing
ellie yeah i feel you read he rushed his immune system with his in intense pursuit of excellence a really there really think that i think that was a big part of it did you read william his actions now isaac now i've read many counts of people that worked with him but i'm no ready biographies on him but you know snoopy i'd like you to answer a cautionary tale yes you do you do i mean i think there's there's balance to be achieved in law i've necessarily think ici bound to think he burned it you crazy and did the best to make an increase we'll start from an amazing company this programme the most innovative and info which companies in the history of technology a question if not the right probably they and it's a big part of it was his vision right
to me the most amazing of all the things he did were work is those stores like tim in my mind can you imagine at a time in areas like brick and mortars is gone and everything is on our caught are literally or company is about online rackets eyes internet that's what i phone i'm right that's what it's about and that he had a vision to go i think it needs to store yeah a store like i'm so will you pay rent and you have insurance and all these other overhead costed amazon doesn't deal well here's is even better windows to copy on we ve been deferred and they don't sell computers there is really no stores and microsoft storage me i think to calm window stores dantes
well anyway you go to him yeah they don't sell computer they sell their just as they have computers out there and you are going to buy this note mercury cell lines next level my name is next level martin unit is go and like it you can go on like this laptop you go to an apple store and you could say hey i want a retina fifteen in general i block and i'll go killer we haven't stock yes we do come over here credit would you like receive email to you yes i would well disdain and i know we didn't raynham you can only get out there and you walk and you got a computer there's no starling that other than like you gotta best by and by an apple or windows computer migrants i've stores will have giveaways special events and no computers they don't have anything there like showcases cases for what they sell will use the windows
maybe they sell windows let's find out jimmy what the fuck do they sell just one in one day let me guess the one you went into century city ours is in ohio actually way off terrorism was launched with their songs so ex boxes but my so they sell games the ata games and things when they were what about word flakes of work it that it isn't that a programme of theirs yes what's the spreadsheet without it's called power our they did have a lot of sweets at a section the smoke they sell a lot of those they sell and if i sell some software but it's a syllable car the downloaded everything gets downloaded now interesting now let me now just panicked and we're like ok i guess we have to have some presence in these malls with these apple stores are
well windows computers are pretty fuckin good now and they had our touch screen a lot of them have touch rain goes out a one of those despise or whatever the fuck it was today and those check out the windows computers as i carry interesting like you could touch the screen would you jump i remember me i don't give a fuck but window have many more problems with viruses there there more vulnerable ran there's also a compatibility issues because he's one of things it apples done brilliantly is integrate all the parts so the fact that you have the exact same video card is a reality of the exact same motherboard everything works today their everything works seamlessly the price bomb with windows is what a suit is going to do is going to be different than were in dallas going to do which is going to be different than what and then de you have all the drivers in order and then
different companies put their on proprietary stuff on there and then there's also there's there's more ways and obviously our computer expert but there's more ways to exploit the windows operating system apparently than there is to exploit apple stars like debating or no known as irish viruses allocate yeah i'm coming with viruses have been there the number of computer viruses alone old thing i will watch neo does one another document around stuxnet and on how the egg the concocted this computer virus to attack the iranian nuclear know all about this will do you earlier ray i mean i advocated and recognise that name but there's that documentaries out now yes where do you see it in a hotel room hotel room in ireland i guess there's a but there's a book about it now and it's just like that's now scary now you can ruin machine when computer virus oh yeah correct yes you can or launch a missile org
were shut down the power grid or do a lot of different things is it's crazy what they did they relate to the united states and israel if i'm not mistaken yap apparently adele went stalking about how did they get people to talk about how do they do it well the p on the documentary they were not real people they were like a sort of us e i version of a person they used to talk in their voice was all scrambled and but they were talking about the developmental per says and all the people interesting they were saying that all the people that work at the end yet there there's two dubbs people like military type people and then is like super nerds is like people with like one guy had their saint had a death star that he that a legos that sat desk and like they had donald material mark whom they had however s various lakes
superhero dolls like lane around staff still comecon type folks and it was interesting that the doors so describing the environment of working there that is these sort of computer folks and super nerds super computer geek doubt wizards rang poor working together with these military characters and the military character sort of guiding them to try to create these viruses to attack these very facilities in iran had ok so less aid again now one goes on the record about this thing let's say this actually happened let's assume it did tat was built at the vienna say i thought that was just about eavesdropping stuxnet now the computer
virus was built nay someone concocted i don't think they ever admitted or know for sure where four i'll find out in pulling up see what yak agenda i understood that it was israel and the united states and that's how they shut down they rounded then as i've dreamed huge state yes they undermine the centrifuge and in iran think even that is a little bits regulation i don't think that's been a hundred percent document that we actually did i or where that israel was amount or both i don't know if it's a hundred percent document there we are one goes on the wreck around no that's why i asking who was talking in this document in march the whole document are either i watched about forty minutes mike i get get the pointer and then he went back game it thrones with them i don't think spinner breadth and want to do anything i was leaving things is watching it before i believe i'm a document not love would have seen
its awesome tickled ah you into that gene try to get me to watch that take up there's a lot of with everything that was fake yet it looks vague at the beginning i didn't know it's for real tie sought tickled i saw the brand upon the documentary i saw wiener did you see that what's that anthony wiener the congressmen what is incredible really joe highly recommended i'm not i highly recommend entangled highly recommended this what's so good about wiener ok you know it having had a ex scandal rice outside a sting sexting door the me and be my wife i'm running i arrive resign from congress i'm running for mayor of new york yorker that thing his axe may get this right one of his top campaign aids wants to be a document you filmmaker
it's like you mind if i cover your campaign secure you know me i've worked with you before you were loyal ex canal assistant during all these my horrible scandal in congress and all that i trust you so he brings this guy in jail you know that and then in the mid any winning he's actually had in one pole the the or to win the mayor ship about if any of my ship the right word and then second sexting scandal breaks while full access to him as its happening inside jesus and at one point i am not going to spoil anything will obviously you know the spoiler should have at one point heaved you hear the camera his body just go why enemy film
it's my girl your login olaf carries while enemies i assume he got a piece of it right it's a hilarious like a spinal tap of politics it's the full package mine blowing one of the most what the best document or is ever made about a political scandal fast funny insightful not rages politics it's insane best in an he's a smart guy we need a super smart i it is great advocated great liberal advocate well bomb is like a lot of great people he has a bizarre sexual drive and you're not allowed to express that if you're in politics is the one i mean if he was an actor he was a musician comic if he was one of us would have no problem black sorry i fucked up i have frequently than it really is check out this site for his next netflix special where he would talk about it but unfortunately
him he's in this bullshit world we have to pretend you have not really sang sanctimonious about marriage yeah it's not just that yes antimonium sake sacred right little because of the length of gear but you were you is not just that it's also ankara said yes that's it right i think so sanctum on issues like you're talking down to people who are not doing what you know right i think there is also the issue that we want some one who is a leader who we have very unrealistic expectations of them as human beings we want them to be completely different than ever one we ve ever met in our lives as leader and lead us rain and all have the desire to be that one person that alpha who end those guys like fuckin kennedy and many many many other ones that i'm sure we don't know who was cheating on who were those guys are always freaks bill clinton they are always freaks oh my god that
stephen crowded stephen crowd or made this this video about hilary and in part of the video it was like are all reasons why should vote really couldn't it's the different things that she's done to cover up the different sexual scandals and her husband was involved and what you see list of sexual scandals and he was involved in its like oh my god and is only the women they complained course mean how to be up gang allows the rate of right or die they kept the mouth shut the new hang alexis icily with that guy is going to be a goal for every one of those girls that you know one of the out him for all the good dirtiness that's the kind of guy that wants to be paid
that's the kind of guy there there always dick slingers right where i get any anthony does kind of addressed at a little bit dirty little betty talks of ghana once once a broke there's joe there's a scene in their where he's you can see in the car and his assistant like what do we say did this happened just wants to this decision is like trying to figure out you know her rise presses acrid area and he's he's you can hear in his head replaying inner views he's given before where he lied like i shouldn't have said add to the new year i just had to solve problems camera what like i do now he's he's the husband of whom hill yeah hilary is one of our top advisers these can be very close to the white house if trends continue on that predict burma disney hello you're hilary probably comforted homer
is used to this shit she's like listen about and i went down on my feet no less and i hope that after that iran but when i heard the horrific i heard them on fourchan yet so that said document era we would recommend a right of the ones have seen recently but i love em up and down i don't love em all but a real degenerate de i am a big fan of documentary to gimme a cover your favorite merchants of doubt she now oh yes that is about these you're a company's yeah and then the bullets you guys are now yeah global warming yeah this will explain the folks at home or we're talking about the same there the cigar companies hired these folks too go on all these different talk shows like those talking head split screen shows and like cnn where some
what's a cigarettes have been shown to cause cancer this is a lie patented lie cigarettes are not addictive they dont cause cancer it'll just don't to wake up and these guys i would go on all these different shows and they would throw doubt to the what whatever the now it was that the fda aware was trying to say that cigarettes battery the same exact guys not the same tactics but the same human beings same dude savings that guy's savings guys it wasn't in the fifties was in the seventies disseminate exact guys went on a actually wouldn't when those lawsuits were going on it might have been the eighties anyway same exact guys then shilling for global warming a couple decades later i anti global anti glowing what they were doing exactly this document it's great it's good again it stunning wiener level
i don't know i haven't seen we're i to see wiener ok wiener would make me cringe yeah it is i mean it's it's so human is the word i would well you may move homer whom you can't be human and that world that's a world doesn't allow human behaviour he was john stewart roommate lousy liking college or something right africa but he's a great speaker he ended its did some speeches before the first scandal he had some beaches on the floor the senate and i remember listening to him going while this guy is going to be a force in politics he's passionate isn't it elegant and he knows that approach is good of framing yeah his righteous yeah that's what i'm saying unbelievable advocate there also another scene in the movie where
kind of counting the guy on edge you follow msnbc it all now my right one of their talk in heads has him on in its this almost like a meltdown interview but it's you see the interview on television but also the video crew is there like just seem him alone you know what i mean when that sum is doing remote inner neil just alone in a kind of has looked like i'm crushing this so it's not really aware like how bad it's going while its yeah if your internet at sea it get you know it's interesting to me is that the same time what he was experiencing is melt down charlie sheen was rising like from the ashes talking about blown banging hookers insane you don't pay emphasis she parental leave and errors i go charlie tiger blood your point you're making exactly like there's settled the latitude of that kind of stuff what's interesting to me is that we sort of cross the divide donald trump
donald trump is allowed to kind of do whatever the fuck you once in a while and especially when he is competing against hillary clinton has been shown to in time to be a fuckin complete liar she's an absolute liar a grand scale like none little lies but lies about all sorts of things like the origins her name who she was named after extremists he's a crazy person in cheese politician and alike in an inn in a sober way very bizarre character so when a guy like donald trump is competing against her and you know it starts naming or crooked hilary like son when someone tried to get some traction by calling donald trump womanizer and saying that rail he's a and he's a nightcap who cares a flock of course he is looking to a billionaire with a super hot wife who did lesbian worn by the way to see that i'm an unnatural airport maybe
think about it near dealing news took girls that some cover that some photos that they put on the cover yesterday it was was say millennia i said with papa yeah sure powers are wowzer like command that is not just the hottest first lady potential first lady ever but off to charts it's like the difference jean like whose tough its fourth greater and mike tyson erect what do i mean fucking crazy i mean this this guy is going to be the fucking president its super pop at super possible it's not just fifty fifty my aunt because i think as time goes on she looks worse and worse and the only thing that that saves her is his outrageous nest and i
i think he hired that guy who's that political strategies that he hired matters but do not remembers named pa manifest citizen gets his chief if sheep this campaign the most recent now that hired about three months ago four months ago but the idea was this guy is going to shape the new like the ideas like he's gonna go i've got the nomination now that he's got the nominees nominations cure now you go after hilary and you bring in all the people that are on the fence how do you do that you become more moderate you become more or less outrageous with your statements and you try to point out the benefits of u verse is that the problems with her course if he does zestfully you think he s jams yes one percent as a chance he's the fuckin report as a chance there's a lot of well there's not going to vote for hilary because they do not want more democrats and offers like ie fuck enough i just eight years clinton and then the eight years ago
and then he got eight years of obama stands to reason that you're gonna wanna have eight years of some republican now you but i don't know i don't know i mean i died looked at the polls and i thought i try not to follow is feeling so overwhelming desire but i don't know i feel like she's in pretty good shape you think so that's again comedian like general which today which today the second of august yet so does i'm saying this on saying we vote in november we get along they d get we ninety nine did jerry johnson is gonna be on your shop while he was possibly i was with him yeah or my we're on a tweet with a monopoly we did something with my name and is now right that's the first time ever in most likely he's gonna have to pull out on thursday booby baggy and we already had a moment before i was whose great great he's great he's a good guy is a seat mind i don't know if i agree with him about everything but i agree with them about most things
you know he's got some interesting ideas but he's a reasonable person like an actual reason tells me i guy and then the more he talks in the more he the more he speaks was someone is gonna get hurt by him being around the question is gonna be trump or is it going to be clean someone's gonna get by this reasonable alternative and this this is added to that everybody has about who you throw your vote aware of your vote form not at but it does this is this is this stupid attitude and the only that could possibly potentially fuck a third party candidate is the electoral college that's where things get really weird the electoral college the idea the representatives in our key don't necessarily vote for you know the state picture represent
it is the representative is the one who kind of puts in the vote now so it's that fuck em but and also the idea that you're gonna throw your vote away if you vote for a third party candidate that kind of oxen but we're gonna have to come it is going to come a time where we realise how ridiculous to purchase party system with you on that everybody is who thinks it's great sending finally the person who thinks it's great think the dmz and the urgency think it's thicket to participate in the day aids and get money and all of that and giving it to regulate what did they did their wording ernie nomadic or bernie dynamic hannah dance they rigged it and then slowly immediately goes to hilary campaign juicy reward come on over what you just now that's a middle name yes oars stage you talk about the fighter yeah ok because i guess again i you know like talking politics i it's like talking about a magic trick well
i really like nato levity they didn't really meagre loveday man you know the right note we do know what's wrong let me ask you about this then please to talk about michael page drug michael venom page i worried that middle name yes oars stage you talk about the fighter yeah ok because i guess again i you know so much more about this i did but i saw the highlights of their fight and then you tube his other fights yeah and i've never seen anyone fight like this have you watched his other fight because you ve gone in particular arms fights there's one in particular where he's fighting askin i may get down to the ground and grappling around all of a sudden he gets the guides for causing a leg lock you just a guess foot and he looks it mr smiling disease turning its foot and then the guy eventually eta yeah and i was like this is like the his hands down
dial well white hands down while you can if the thing about it is he a very unusual so scared what he is a sport karate champion sport karate is point fighting is a style of fighting where you they canada's die then i thought some point courted crowded tournaments just tell me just quickly at our point again point karate is the way taxes like there's a judge on one side as a judge in the other side and there's too there's welded and offer them to several judges and is too fighters and they stand the outside and the ideas there blitz at each other they die then and the idea is to try to you're the guy wants and if you tag em if you do timely stop the action the referee steps in and then the referees will point like oftentimes exchange blows and the referees will say i got him with the straight punch i got him with the round kick and
there's no consensus they they continue to fight no one gets point but if there is a consensus one guy one the exchange they will give like there's a great point karate fight between michael venom page and this guy who's fighting in glory right now raymond daniels whose also oh he was originally a point karate champion who went over to it boxing glory is a big kickboxing organization whereas michael page fights for belarus fighting emma may whereas this the guy who's egg a champion as bilateral like yours and this is them fighting right right is up jack daniels yeah i i see how they fight they wear these what's on and the idea is to just swore once i get it to die i then and hid each other and then get out and if they can at each other and score cleanly i'd watch what happens when they said you'll see it so there
bouncing around they ve very fast and the idea behind this is the bullet son i noted leaping in attacking see other bolt of their hands down well i don't feel like you're the guy has its hands of a little more than michael pages megabyte i'm white neither cs bigham download out they both of their hands down in the other guy lives his hands up occasionally but now they both have their hands completely down the orthodox method the holding hands up your hands would be at your cheek bones these guys not fighting remotely like that they're both very similar understand but this guy i guess you see i don t like eighty people on the ground who goes to this security students most it's mostly people that are either their students their fellows do are competing in their sitting there watching or they're going to compete and watch the families of the people competing you never really became much of a spectator sport i can understand that but it's
very unique talent the ability to leap in and perform those techniques very quickly and most fighters don't have that timing and they don't know how to avoid it and they don't the ability to avoid that crazy bummer house good very good very good will use a world champion it sport karate forget about that stuff is world champion and what are you how to do as you just had to learn take down defence and then he had learned submissions and some grappling takes diamond learn those things but if you are the type of person to become a champion in one aspect of martial arts that type of intense dedication and focus you could transfer them potentially to other martial arts if you have the time and you have my inclination when i read something that you said that was the worst injury you ever some yeah is that i personally you now known as the worst enemy i've never seen him to get their skull crushed the worst injury i've ever i seem broken off but our bones that's fairly common nine the year
the bones around your eyeballs are fairly this fragile but the forehead i've never seen him his forehead yet crushed but as a perfect storm yeah one you are least arguing in he charged in trotted shoot for take down and page caught him with a knee he leaped in caught him what's the name of that jumping me saying have jumping me jumped up and hidden within the governing jumping need that sound again again indian me jumping ginea lao intense see joe yeah was intense yeah i mean i'm kidding i was i was like well well it involves and martial arts for more than sincerity air euro childcare more than thirty years and of net see none injury a nursing that bad well i saw also your buddy i don't know if he's your buddy silver which is four times
it's over ayrton silver break his own leg i seen that before if she met a coupled have you ever done that now network amount of your own legs now but i did get my legs broken before a broke the knot of with it libya has a large and ban i broke the fibula somebody a wee collided it was actually a sparring session a friend of mine through a kick out through a kick at the same time in his heel hit my fibula in it i gotta hairline fracture my fibula but not broken like didn't break like that you could of sea have you seen him before yes sir what happened anderson as he broke it earlier and then broke it all the way through see he cracked it one click did he threw in really right yep cracked it before that because he it was it was hurting and then he threw that kick and hit the exact same spot and just snap like a twig that's accordingly manager his mantra feels like he broke it before that and then broke it again
very unusual see summons legs now like that but never rounds of their desire there i've seen it happen three times those cursing gay turkey is always the person taking the person kicking when sir only occasionally is person on the other side but it's the differences is where your kicking your kicking with the middle or the body of your shin which is a sinner born your cup colliding with the top of the knee where the the tibia unless the knee didn't seem possible distancing gotta get there you could see it as i do i guess napa here that's your member joked iceman that money like yeah broken legs are particularly disturbing for paypal does ganem tyrone spawned wouldn't you say not for you like me to bothers me but you're looking at me like you people know that probability wayne i have seen for sure i have seen way too many people get injured right
so you're more immune i've told the story before but this out my wife was there egg she how card hatch you know like the back of the hatch and she had a package in she lifted her head up and hit the corner the hatch and cut her for it and bloodless poor none or add she was freaking out she's bleeding and i looked at it does nothing like a maker stitch like like one stage snuff indoor about it like to meals like walking off like this is now and like i'm so used to seeing people just caught open smashed broken no swollen eyes cots all over their phase head kick knockouts arms broken snap legs tat torn partners i'm so used to it and that's just in the comedy clubs whereas a mountain range animal and tried away so you ve seen it all i've just seen thousands of fights i mean i've see i've called prefer finally it least probably fifteen hundred far right right so
i've seen so many knockouts in and so many injuries i'm so used to seeing trauma almost too used to like it doesn't bother me how can people getting worse and that was pay hung over hundred percent the worst definitely the worst nursing that that's your fuckin brain and that's the protection that your brain has to the outside world it's basically gone and if you got hit again that same spot he's probably dead dead i mean how did he do that words had looked yeah now i've seen i know you you ve that's the surgery the pictures on the rider surgery and when there is a little yet is that what they put in their little metal yap look at their you'd see it it's those plates that most likely titanium that they screwed in place to sort of reconstruct his still run of his skull yeah they ve pulled it off and so he ever really ever russell again fight you mean naomi sunnyside wrestle again that exist
russian remains is if any psychological psychological it's not what i would be worried about i be worried about the actual physiological damage is more than psychology yeah expanding about he had to get his fuckin skin pulled back i mean if you look what they did they literally made a scar around the top of his head logo and his hair line is essentially a giant scar now they pull this face forward and rebuilt his forehead with these fuckin bowl everybody knows to think parities noses shattered too but you known such a very very significant injury and i just think psychologically you could never maybe get used to it do you see in her gaza use get knocked out does get use getting punched you get used to it it's you know it's a part of who you are if that's reaches
for a living but a mean his i knew where have you been knocked out like out not going conscious non urban yeah i've been dropped his enemy uk owed got hit legs went out like you get hit many eyes like stop working in you is collapse and then i got back up and i got dropped again the referee stoutly but i was conscious those last fight ever happened was a kickboxing for that was it yeah wiles already did you ever my we now have a nickname around a nickname if you could tell lois you guys know these guys at one with a moment's cyborg cyborg envenom envenom gave clear say you can go back pick a nickname sweetie i hope you go the investigator kissed each other who they were they would it argument with some like face a large important now now i am anything how long time ago i am wearing in this japanese you with a new and tearing knocked him out oh he can t that guy in june now me maybe it's a different one maybe talkin
different when you talk about anderson sylvan chris wyman were anderson sevilla touched faces with wider environment would move is possible this area that the why in hell now i know you guys listening on the bank s currency but delirious like two guys faces rate up again annexes sovereign chris why now these guys were like knows too knows and then one guy kind of caste system and then the other guy kissed them back an allowance in their eyes you saw that one would probably have urged forgot but the really funny one was anderson not interested over he's herring was doing a face off japanese german remember the guy's name but the guy kissed her lips and he faring knock called cold as they were like doing stare down here i took it right here this is he'd herring tat this crazy yours bad mother fucker so they get face to face am i to watch their stanley face a fairly kisses em both now calles em out cold
then you lose the fight automatically in your hand before there was kinspeople so wait so we ve lost japanese but look at things but when it highly differently the job we might are rewarded him for this because it's part of the spectacle it's a spectacle of lebanese like what the fuck man kiss me shrugging failures are like outside the ghek s don't fucking his daring now you know that guy won't kiss him do not this point down about look he said he kissed a fucking ahead on road maybe i'm sorry i'm sorry i thought i saw another one where a guy kissed the guy i think you did i think you did on our roerer the guy kiss nearly i kissed and i cannot deny may laugh gay not one member that it was the moment might bernardo we ve been a k one bout babies you know these he has more than i do talk to me about the stair downloaded what about it i could i saw one your buddy anderson's sylvan one cadets one time didn't look at the guy
lots of times guys don't look at em like bodily wouldn't strategy is boss route and didn't look a guy's fate or a million ngos play when the greatest of all tat not probably definitely where the grazing s name again fate or a million anko actual is a russian gentlemen his name is in russia the usa fate or they say fyodor feel nor million acres but it's it's spelled in obviously the english as version the version of the way we see reality how different than the way they spell it because they use different wendy wendy fight why he's still you just started fighting again recently just fought and won but looked really bad this is a different fight this is a different stare down these guys can kiss too at all he kissed him and the other guy got mad wooing i dont really don't have to keep watching guys get suddenly and already known environment just loves guys kissing than that and we must do so he wouldn't look at that do you look down is we generally did you how
save energy you can you if you get anxious the anxious about it it's a waste energy not what's the word for like intimidation nonsense honestly it's nonsense because you're gonna fight its rights already wrapping already happen so you don't have some guys are really good at it some guys like some guy and also some gotta get angry of other guys we're doing it so they would out stare them down like here's the best stare down of all time inanimate i'll show the best year down mercosur broke up verses vandalia silva this is the best stare now ever because vander lay was these two is negative the axe murder he's a fucking sir have it she was a prize middleweight champion bad motherfucker bad mother but he was frightened merkel crow cop who is the head of an entire terrorist squadron in croatia and he's a real murder this talking about a different kind of fuckin straight up killer and and
high level kick boxer so look at croak up on the left here to see that does the as a guy owes killed someone with a knife sees a fuckin completely deaf and stare down here crow gobs look at him and he's not budget is the first time vandals lost stared out vandals was used to staring guys down and they would intimidated and crow cop looked at him like he was dinner and croaker wound up head kicking up like video pull up merkel croak up kayo vandals silver can i say haunted his eyes out one as i wrote his head kick knockouts ever gonna see her but on a side note its impressive that you know all these guys names was part a job i understand but still i get illegal there lay progressive like is impressive impressive because you don't know that if you really get other emma may fanny billing care rogan those those guys names that despite another twelve fellow committee
and i just hate it's a break you gotta be the only comedian knows all these guys name maybe adam hunter you probably know what he's he's a big fan just by wouldn't know maybe as many maybe does impressive well i do i don't i don't know a lot of sport it's like you guys we're talking about basque i want to show started know jack shit about basketball i there's a limited amount of data that a man keep in his head or a woman i'm assuming right and i just don't you know i have so many stats course cigars i myself ads are filled up with mme before we get to despise this this is morocco croaker there is a slow motion version of it that's two guys or stanza down i'll i say but the stair down is actually from their first fight the head kick was from their second fight
let's head kicks none are now around now i know i was gonna ask you of the sports but you don't follow what are your favorites will your lease favorites i don't care about any of em they gave him all illegal i will you far case bar nothing waste of time ok can you just say united we always it is our right right anyway but he forgot to touch the bag it on the ground through it didn t now is it because you think that this is the ultimate sport because it it's nice it's not down that is the ultimate sport as a loyal down it is unquestionably the most exciting thing the two human beings can engage in gaza because now game is that i am consequent its high level problem solving with dire physical consequences interests they really do mother yes that's my it's pretty good
say it again high level problem solving with dire physical consequences ok so too low it's a widening of the gap baseball zack i think now that solidarity when leaders interest eighth bunker impression about oliver i've been watching soccer recently because of friends of the inn at words and he's again soccer fan and he actually is a soccer podcast and he's been trying to get me in a soccer so we watched bunch soccer games together matches its fun it's fun but when they get smack accidentally and they go down like ages i can't i can't is the worst thing i agree with you did him i looked over the i'm like can support this kind of fuckin pussy behaviour so horrible i that i agree with that watch that is hard to watch because she lingered and editor combated or like pathetic it's pathetic
with every time someone knows when someone smack someone you know ever knows you could see it they replace you have to go down like a bitch you have to hold your face and run around the ground and agony so finally when you ve seen what i've seen you seen guys get right need in the face like cyborg in alike is anyone man bantams near into cyborgs all i know these guys names now do what disturbs me yes it some but it's trusting sport is an interesting sport in that you know it's there some pretty cock black strategy goin on there's a lot of move now i remember our talk to you about this a long time ago there was a great episode of either you see and sport are espn when they brought you on to talk about how horrible mme was compared boxing and then you in a very skilled manner apart the interviewer in the other guy with a your knowledge boxing then be explaining why you thought mme or i don't even know if that's the rate
what year was the abbe natural evolution what was going on well period with yes dear go i'm sure you talk about that allowed on this by gaster now talk about the difference now that moment no one was it will as it there was a there was yes paean he has pia ebay was the early days of the eu of sea where people didn't except the of sea in theirs that guy's actually becoming of sea fan and by they had to realise this room for everybody look i'm boxing fan i've always been a boxing are all of this oh yeah oh yeah my my life i've always been a boxing fan can i say something my maxine whenever i hear the term pounds per pound that term right all i think of now get us a little guy well whenever you see it's the most people think it's john jones i dont elinor firepower are we is yeah ok
well he's around to twenty one every whenever i hear that term diving well the diamond now because most of the time during roy jones juniors day was him and he was a one seventy five anyone heavyweight title he be john ruiz at heavyweight roy jones junior guess only with the arrival of my thoughts superman away which is one sixty eight when the light heavyweight tightly fought as in any other way divisions in mme course same what team number now not this allows different numbers same names is very confusing like welter way yeah walter waitin boxing's ones forty seven while wait and emma may as one seventy yeah so those guys are budget bigger its is it four name because we have a one forty five wait class when it called featherweight now than ever ultra featherweight now they have abandonment many feather yeah well they have a lightweight which is one fifty five
without a small one would have been five and boxing would be super super lightweight or junior middleweight or super well do it or junior mental era is thin air it does not in any classes embark in emma may rather there's maybe people think this too many in boxing which and i have a problem with it like the factors lot away classes because it gives a lot of guys options it gives guys options for championship encounters but i think that you have sea could use more weight classes i think they should be away class memo every ten pounds has ten pounds is there's a big difference between a war seventy pound guy and one eighty pound guys for insurance so big difference in what they can do how long before from the way in till the fight to they have put on why they used to be twenty four hours but now it's quite a bit more because now they usually let them start early in the morning as early as i believe eight a m sometimes ten a m so they have
tend to noon to make wait now and the way in now when we do the winds i announced the winds and i've always done always done and now it's the official wait it's not the actual way and they don't actually get on scale and then the way and that they will they get on the scale more for show it's kind of stupid that they get on a scale at all because on five already weight in evaluating anyway i says we probably should not have them stand on a scale and do this nonsense for its really kind of foolish actually going to talk to them about maybe coming up with a better solution you need me to send it angry email what you need me to do tweet off the fetterman account people will know it's you yet they look for wayne fed up with us federal measurement whose of europe is at the sure i did that is the way in which a shadow rod which is like a charade when you're drunk off shiraz his at all
damn sure i'd what's going on here you could be indignant with only one failed way it all the time all that what happens to their fate they either lose twenty percent of their purse to their opponent and the fight goes on are they cancel the fight in depends entirely upon their opponents choice like it didn't like yours prove exactly as this past weekend is a guy named in mccall and he was always nay vida you're good relations and scoggins one does what things are kidding i'm ok this is my thing get guessing silly an scoggins were supposed to get down to one twenty five as a fly wait fight is the lightest wait class in the usa let flies the lighter the lightest there's one there's a straw wait for women would which is one fifteen but there's no no males are always a vision million women one fifteen's on it now with my size the name straw literally your piece of straw i guess
you never know about it lies better than being strong the better to be a fly than straw please you have some monsieur an insect you have some boy would allow bailey agar not lump sooner than the heat some farmer daughters chewing on e learning with a guy from the guest stations i think well that's so i think a straw what do you think about it i think tat is weak and let him stay what is draw straws like grass that's been though that's hey rite aid is what i take grass and they chop it down they roll it up and they feed it to cows right that's hey i hay bales with strong is sure i stroller like there's little the same on other the same we'll find out what you see like wheat in someone's teeth i would think of wheat more is like a stock that has little flowers on an oral i mean straws stock usually a waste product of wheat ok the same thing ass that's used as a bet
four barnyard animals it's the waste product interesting so the straws the farther you dont use hey is typically alfalfa or grass is used as animal feed interesting ok now i know because i strawn hair so would you rather be again let's go back to your question the fuck about names brow care straw fly gives a shit honestly i think no names i think one after another and here i agree with that he's the one hundred and fifty five pound champion that's what i think very clear now i don't like the welter we i'm going to fire and my nerve centre wait command crew heavyweight you know another interesting thing heavyweight has a weight limit can be heavier than to earn sixty five pounds in boxing in the usa we don't have a super heavyweight division we have a heavyweight division because up to sixty five and that's what sanctioned and then
to sixty five on up is super heavyweight but you have sea does not have and has never had a super heavyweight division data wanna see those guys that are not just never had it well that doesnt they don't have to be like fat you made a fat esther think it easily beaches giant like brok lester yeah as to suck way he has to de hydrate himself to make the tuna sixty five pound weight limit mohammed fiddle while you know a brand as the basque above your now he's athlete right i've seen how do you think he has sneakers amy how do you think he weighs private three enterprises were to seventy two seventy seven if you huge ok i guess he could have somebody that says yeah yeah and you fat guys now but remember that guy butter balls at him but being but are being moments he died right now he's alive is her first but he desired bouncer something the became a
well i don't know what his deal was i know he's a cook delete explicitly really good cook in portugal nothing delights they find em i may for awhile for boxing kickboxing hudson kickboxing fines so can i go back to you your last night the shortcut i'm really curious about justice somebody who's like afraid of fighting salem bogus curious about like you get hit do you think you are winning at that time was deafening wearing yeah how now waiting there like a short story i fought three times that day that was part of the problem but it was too problem one of the problems was that you know the exact date no doubt one of the problems was i was doing comedy the time anna was working full time dad in boston yeah and i was trying to figure out what to do in my life and i was not nearly dedicated as i was to fighting just a few years before that i was twenty one arm i waited
me too i might have in twenty two at the time or maybe a month or two before turned twenty and that's what i decided i was done because i was i knew i was half asking it and i was in train as hard as i was just a couple years ago when i was fighting competing and i was right massachusetts to champion and i was competing in now no tournaments and travelling all the country i realise that it was a dead end and then i had put an incredible amount of time and effort into something evade its best case scenario there was no money and right run and then god i'd also had a problem and then i started competing entire window which was mostly kicking art and very little hand techniques and then i went from tycho endorsed our training it up boxing jem and i realized but i really needed em a massive amount of work on my hands and so i start boxing and i was getting beat up a lot because i was having wars in the jam and i wasn't always winning and
i was taken and we just let our enemies wars your have and you're getting beat up yeah just beat up again i'm not gonna consciousness is impatient phase and we all know that great thyssen thing everyone has a plan until someone pontiac things like what's going through your head is it as i keep move and thorough job move your head don't get hit as much that movie fee user footwork don't stand park is so easy all technical sparring you know you would he's doing was i was there was a guy named joe lake was my box and coach who's this what happened i was worth looking at this place called nautilus plus in revere massachusetts they had this section of this jim that we had rented out rise big room they we had pointed out and i started teaching type window classes there and so would go out put out flyers and i would teach classes and i also taught a boss university i had
on classes it be u unwittingly flyers yet put fires did you ever do flyers for comedy know every fires for company did you ever stand outside a calamity club now it needed it but i now that's a new york thing that's a new york than this and now they can do so much of what tragedy a year ago the seller dishonor guess it's funny it's just like of all the committee is now known that alike or banned you know you'll hear about these bans in the eighties starting out i had to put apply a sort of fires and they are doing for taiwan dough ye out four lessons in less than a gale i think there was a lack of food if someone throwing aside kicker some like than would be the name of this the jam and that phone number for this school we could call and did i know and did you have name dizzy i m no nickname rogue no nickname who just said my credential thousand ma am we now black belt and the jars lack for
time massachusetts state type one no champion one the u s open all you evidently motorways of the sea are gonna want to that's where i live metals in my closet savings in the cotton now it's hang around now when we can very little i don't know i've never one you know a boxing or a tie climb down one and if our solidarity now you're starting to her earlier jacket we're having a pretty good time here where we i don't think i'm attacking i think you're supersensitive i am i yeah i've a couple sport strove football trophies from a real gave you ok team but not an individual like this i that's what i didn't like about teams it in i didn't like the idea that we are one together i was very selfish i wanted to win and i didn't also like the idea that we lost as bobby drop the ball right now i'm drunk and now i'm a loose his bobby's a fuckin klutz i'm a loser like that is
so anyway from mom teaching teaching of glass and this guy joe leg was a friend of mine who is a boxer and professional box or is boxing coach it taught a lot of pro boxes in the area he came in and was watching me work out and he wanted to learn some kicks in wig we start talking in a thousand boxing fan we are talking about boxing and he told me what he does and he said you know hey how will we make a deal you know some boxing you teach me some kicking himself love it so one i started learning from these great coach and teach me boxing techniques stuff like that i saw realizing how little i knew about combining boxing and came together and also how little i knew about really like getting and rolling with punches in missing that aspect of of fighting so i stop doing it and as i started doing it and i competed and started doing a lot of sparring i started
rising that what i had dedicated all my time to tag window was limited in a lot of ways like without learning how to throw punches there is a real problem with it so kind of new that i was not going to compete in taiwan to anymore a kind of new like wow is a sort of open my eyes to the fact that type windows very limited and there was no emma may back then so i type window you seen emily a lot here was no i'm happy yeah but with everything turned duello course a horse but i like known to have ten did yourself and that kind of i would have for sure honey percent boosted like i wouldn't happen honey what i mean i did kickboxing because i wanted to find out about that i gotta take window because i wanted to find out about that i find karate tournaments did a lot of different stuff they wanted to see what it was like but with emma was around i would have realised that well all this stuff is all fine and daniel is kicking punching but it's only takes it down them when you gonna do i would have realised then that's what the reasons why when i came to allay i immediately got into jiu so i started
did you two and ninety ninety six and the reason why we are taking it was because of watching the you have c and seeing guys take off the grousing hoist gracie dominate guys and try to and tap them i realized ok i gotta learn the stuff this is some totally different stuff and did i kind of caught the wave like i got into it the traditional marshall artists as a type window practitioner and then went from that into all these other martial arts that i kind of like sort of assimilated and plus i was a big bruce lee fan as one of things that brutally subscribe to what it was for he was the first proponent of mixing in integrating different styles together and his g couldn't those style was that it was entirely the philosophy is the star of sword what's useful take all the useful aspects of different martial arts and apply them like i could almost applied a bigger things in life over
or glass and also their limitations of not doing not apply it breaks the limitations of being very rigid idea logic glaring in your life definitely yeah for sure because a lot of people that want to think that you know what they do is the only way i like people that are on like windows for instance people just like i never use back in our is there some people that are amado cattle i die bureau of cigarettes sure democratic there's a lot of people that gonna get real rigid with their left the evidence i know my exact information comes our way not interested dandy that applies because there is a lot of blow back or push back when i was doing type one down then i started boxing i started really getting involved boxing wait there were people they didn't want you to deal in uppsala they fell i've always there where your argument i didn't need tools wasting my time or taking away time for my type window training it was waste and one things helped me that i started opening up my own school and when i open up my own school and revere
away from my instructors so i got a chance to train on my own and i've got you to bring in other people and that's when i really start expand my ideas about what i needed to do what was and what was an effective manner that body mine would also my friend might blithe who had some pro boxing fights and we did some sparring together and he beat me up to can a realise like man i gotta there's some stuff and a need to figure out how to incorporate now that's in well first love brings up a million questions but back to my original question about getting beat up like just as someone who has the flight reflex right when someone to come at me i am my reflexes opposed to brush it of movement bleed and stuff like that i'm always does it did that
ever appear when you're just like fuck i gotta i'm getting pummelled wiles never getting public just like the occasionally wasn't no it wasn't like i didn't have a chance it was like that i was just losing i wasn't winning but i was getting shots in like it there's no guys that it we're pro boxes that i knocked out in the gem so wasn't that i was i gotcha percent losing but i definitely wasn't winningly goes winning intact window tournaments i wonder was at a real national class level unless i got was beating yeah but that's the problem when you really good at something you want to stick to only that i don't want to the waters with things that you're not good you know in a weird liable can draw a parallel to stand a chore because a lot of times like you get really good you develop a bear you want to do it killed you feel good people of flirting with you after the show it to halt network with you might wanna checks are coming
index governor lot lot of matrimony arise moves nice so but again hypothetical dolly the vatican but then if you want to expand your act you have to try out nuts love and that under cut then invincible stand up comedian image did no no pop vienna with wonderful so i feel like they do you think that the parallel yeah for sure definitely yeah indefinitely i think this also other things in life i love doing things and i'm not good like one things are really lasting yeah perfect temple he's amid do lately is yoga it's not good at it i've been doing it for a year like really solid what time do you do it in the mornings you you just say you worked out hard in the morning do the nation is undue yoga today i did take box better tomorrow mediocre i do you enjoy your best went well
molest pose that about best i'm gonna gasoline and won't get help gas it sam lay a theme what making tells us that the laughing princess divided island what is at stake is the hardest one i don't even know you too i don't want you made it up yet now you knew they start now opium laughing princess is a lot of moves on our no but what i do you still got its seriously yoga really like cause brutal and its also requires ain't a mental toughness same is big rum yeah something how that's right in the hundred and four degrees you do any justice in this if data to personal just say way back to say wayne is overlooked doing it is over the long ago and now i am very probably i will move on to another that this part of the hot yoga to lose weight nice well now none of it no none of it it's all just for the just exercise
i mean you deftly will lose way if you do it ninety minutes of exertions law calories being burnt for sure how hotter than a hundred four degrees but has also hundred four degrees and then your exercising in this fifty other people in rome and are all sweating like pigs smell good fuckin hot not smells terrible sometimes is that the hardest not smell the hard part is mental well here's a hard part you it is going to be easy you will always put a hundred percent effort into each and every individual pose so it will never allow lattices illinois we'll be less than a hundred percent effort so will always be difficult you will get better maintain those poses you'll get better range of motion you'll get better at your ability to her old positions but it all now or be easy it's always gonna be hard ninety minute ninety minutes sweat like a fuckin like how does it and how does it now is there
belle little theirs they just go that end set this in the mass day while letting them ass they back not ironically and your fire with that particular region yeah you do the theory then now you know why not do that when my hands but i would if i had you would run out if i meant it met again i'd yoga its president both i'm not good at it that's why i'm the one reason i like it one thing that i need to get better at unlike you see your progress i non better at it now than it was a year ago now i continue to do i'll get better at it sir i'm challenge gel win win on each other long time are now ass right when i close friends we could be thank you thank you verging on this nice
yeah but i am also on a lifetime self improvement programme yeah yeah no question what kind of stuff you into well one cold yoga have you tried them did acquitted snowing do it smith we do it and i did and i still hope even though no it do call yoga i do while i try to go now i'm always tv myself reading on teaching myself instead solid time i'll bet you're really and amusements really into me how many different musical instruments you not do well at play is the word but how how many things do you think i felt it be a few just mainly commonly gay ones pierre had hope that everybody up piano guitar base guitar getting
can the drums are you one of the reasons why there's a piano and stage the improbable chinese take their fuckin thing down now we they do we needed another one now doing pianist like it so they could have another room maybe with a piano but the piano just gets in the way the stage is now you'd know only nine point nine percent of the time and you know you're the only one that is this tradition fuck that tradition it's in the way those people to the right of stage they get fucked sit down all we're gonna be on getting staring at the goddamn piano bullshit why is an abortion knew how the improv started i do you dear friends of bud freeman highlight that the latter to start synergies people may piano and they put it off stage concern at a microphone there in the comics were constantly annoyed by that fuckin piano natural started out as broadway sing it's coming in doing show tend after their share in people and hang out and guess what
we know how the south started slavery should go back to that so are you were waiting at the piano he s favorite inveterate flag in a musical instrument warm what if it only plays leonard skeeters piano free buried gimme re status could you do freedom and the piano he asked me the improv been annoyed by the piano it tried their me off that fucking things huge in the way of better areas the best thing is the best thing about it then she chop off the side you ever givers away let me hear would jump off decides that stage take some nay near you take a few feet of each side it's more seats here with a fucking piano think stupid i said it alex
abortion hoof real benefits for if it was real prepares myself but she'd been lemonade about due to do so are yes so any so anyway so i teach myself millions hollis and you too has been phenomenal for that when you talk about stand up in writing jokes in and a special if we ever done this is we let me i'm gonna candy this this is that came out last year let's go the chronicles of federal and you can open up if you want the deborah handsome a cover the tyrant thank you now feel you're hitting may not how do you know picture alone it was a picture that is nineteen i mean two thousand and nine the photo now so the picture the sledge the picture of many years before the actual armed released yes wasn't yes yes that's the picture
it was a good picture you five guidelines lay spoken run with an american matlin loser because it here why would you i just said this look different picture sperm from the years ago or seven years ago so anyway i have what i just did the comedy centrist but i've never had a special outside of have our a half hour thing but and i ve never had a comedy outcome in my life until five months ago so that's what that is that is a triple comedy album compilation of all my stand through the years first minutes from nineteen eighty four oh recording on here from eighty four yet while yet so eighty four eighty start the those started at the comic in new york as that we started near way from originally from florida is that we believe is i built this crazy because i took got on connote o analysis can
why want to say where we are today of crazy fans but i was actually born in california and then moved back east when my dad got sick and then he died and then we moved maryland my mom remarried and then we moved florida and then i started clear new york love that's intense yeah yeah how old were you when you dad dad like a little over one i have no memory of air no so yeah so but i started my as soon as i graduated high school attention we ever florida connections newly graduated high school i got forgot to dodge again good moved you not speaking a sports you know where i graduated where in a sports arena joanna gas its gambling arena lost vegas now in florida gambling arena in florida scott highlights
ah well those thing i ever heard of it seeing that shit yeah did they still have that i think i did i have that little that two million more people they walk in their dogs they throw the ball that's what looks like there they have a high lie stick they throw above we're gonna get young people that have bad rotate or costly can't really throw a ball that sad right can't threat its looks just like that it's one of the few sport in the world where you can't be left handed imply really neck is a wall you they thought against the law can only be right and when the few high they used to call the fast sport in the world and then guess who made them take that moniker away that was one of the kids like the face could they would burn whip that the gulf what's the gulf per se the bog travels fast growing hitter fatigue and its true so they let him take you down if you the legal acres of all on sport a goin cooperates
or highways weird so i graduated high school from this is and i tell you at some stage south plantation i want some of this illness also a balance is off the wall and then they throw it may catch it if you were left handed the wall would be in the way yet why we won't be no cause you would smash around my path and gets the law but there are on the right side has only one more we are on the right side of growth there is longer than the way that's damas fuck you get over left hand awakened scatter idiot ro good text hidell go to the left and the right of you can go to the left and the right to make no sense there's a net on the right where the audience is and then they you the wall on the left by again does i don't want to die
but i may be wrong about this again i've been wrong about a lot of things in life as you know i grew up hearing that was fixed the highly was fixed wait you where you seem like like a fixed like fake like they cheat i would assume it would be the easiest of all the sports defects because we lack why are left in its forbidden to play like now how many walls are there and highlight left handers can play highlight as long as they are willing to use their right here you're right stand erect dissemblers reading it is the rules and tradition specifically forbid point left handed the reason for that is that the court only has three walls and one at each end one side wall and one the left against which the ball can be rebounded spectators abbe the chain link france on the fourth side because the sidewalk left you would
dangerous and almost impossible for players to throw and catch with their left hands again makes sense and allow do but fucking anna i agree but so is the only reason i'm of course i'm sure i'm sure at least one of the eight matches that have entered the ten matches is fixed which is why a gambling sport like assumes gambling involved i was i would assume it will be the easiest literally you look at the guy and wink and he dropped the ball is now in that regard it would be the easiest as opposed to a horse my beloved more difficult the reason i bring it up not bid tell you my knowledge of highlight ok i graduated in a high i for one its call a front on say it again front on you gotta right the nail and lose out like insane flawed
is insane and that's what i do i get out of there three wisely audience in this in no way have the whole day their families and many girls is down in the arena it we're on the floor on this on the thing with three with the three walls around you and literally like the bedding words are on both sides are like the canal that dr em i think the worst possible classic florida that was florida that was florida so i got out of air and then went to new york and went and why you drum and just the boring kind of like normal well yeah and then started my stand a catching the comic for my two clubs i remember those places etcetera have recordings from knows all the way up to two thousand fifty mr le monnier though its desperadoes do so that the whole thing here yet and so yeah i've never had a comedy i'm before so not that i want this the thing to me about this the comedy
wayne and i owe chateaux by we met on the set of a pilot that never happened member that day actually we met before that while we may before them but we became friends on the set of that right that thing tat overseas do you remember they did an episode of your television yeah news radio one and i remember some he said to me jail rogan research on this time he said is your time and news radio and you go you know what you were doing the piloting like in others certain kind of like special quality that happens amongst people that creates a sit gum as much to the writing and i just helping capture them don't get georgie were say you said that it was more than a sick com like a successful system is more than just funny jokes
fortunate place too big but they ve been actors and baths and i once again they don't work the lad writing to you yet i have good writing you no news radios like in a lot of ways was perfect storm was also profit ass got along and pretty incredible way like the way we jive together like those that that's why you're here there was a you mean even like guys i didn't necessarily get along with that well i andy deck right whose dislike so much work was hard to get along with andy but when we did get along on set we had maize in chemistry economically are our characters that way we will interact with each other again scenes was great but then it was also you know everybody i was so good it was this tat was just a super fortunate place to bay but they ve been good actors and back and i went to london don't work in writing to vienna have good writing you no news radios like in a lot of ways was a perfect storm was also perfect storm in that it wasn't successful how many years as a five
but it was never really successful and one point and we were number eighty eight and ratings do you think you're gonna get castle yeah every hour every year the only year we didn't think we're gonna get cancer was a year we got cancelled that was after filled died life as we did last came back and did a season with john loves right that's they season minded yeah we did that last season with love and that was also the text same time what we were doing overseas was during the they create array our policy aims and it is it is it wasn't the same without fail for sure but the show was an owned by the right people so it never got there juicy have two friends time slot there are so many shows that word rouble that went for a long time and it really well in the reigning psyche member sex in the city or like we used to call sex in the shitty degeneracy that at that time he say
not sectional city carolina shitty caroline into sit as the one there are the same thing in america the viking chick show i have them in illegal box category and then there was other when it was way worse the single guide you or the single guy actually i don't jonathan silver now yes it was like someone had got prime spots that you gaia amazing spots there was number two number three ratings there were the post friends this there was friends seinfeld there was that that sort of thursday night group and that what used to be what you need to get on it you need to get on that thirty nine line up nor to have sex my second not easy even air but there were
a different time them because when they moved you no one knew where the fuck you are we got moved nine eight or nine times over the past five years that's hard so around like monday night and sunday night and tuesday night and we're all over the fuckin place and one time we're on thursday we were like number to do other favorite episode you didn't hear than we did in space with space besides i was ridiculous we did answered the fuckin there leaders were so goddamn good spoiled me like that's probably the reasons why i never did i said come after that because they were so good did you ever gets done yeah i guess it on you did something yeah i did was the davits bade one were they music just me yeah yeah i did an absurd of that at an absurd couple once did you don't always the difference between being on the show ass regular and guess starring liking
well you know obviously the comfort level you know you sat near there all the time and you know that make up lady in the sound guys in the beloved cameramen are all the same folks and become friends with them you know there's a comfort comfort level there but just shoot me with all due respect wasn't good wasn't as funny you know for you for me yeah there was something about news radio that was just really special is a lot of it it was day foley was a big part of it to his day fold ass the space up we did a whole emphasising that we were in space it was amazing dave full it was almost like the secret producer of that show because he they gave him the writers were so smart they gave him pretty much everybody artistic licence to try out new ideas and because the fact that dave was one of the guys from kids with such a brilliant writers a brilliant guy very fuckin smart guy
he always been guys been he told some of the most pressing how about its doors and life about divorce good when a man who's been an advocate need well i know over and over again through divorce is horrible man horrible what they did damn i now is for us when he sees finally i think come and throw it noise is gonna as honest xxix success six this will show now that the with doktor can yeah yeah was i shall call doktor again doctor but it's a stone while right is not so calm down well think it's thing i think is holding on telling their ticket cancelled no really i would make a good zeros about a half million bucks we can't get a canada dave doesn't go to canada i mean if dave doesn't pay he hid his his alimony and child support are off the charts because it
is based on the money that it was making during news radio and then that was the most money had ever made in his life and never came close to it ever since and it didn't matter they die you said dims one the most depressing things but the podcast your ability to pay has no relation to your obligation to pay so the doctors like look you you establish a lightweight icing doctor the doktor said or did he say doctor i did the job which has had a judge some some soup character some official we did you just have a brain anywhere is now just forgot what i'm talking about your right and we must take a break are you trying to read right now i'm trying to say for no reason whatsoever then get your own rocks off the judge i told him that and he was just devastated and in a lot of ways i don't think he ever recovered from that when you find out that a doctor i mean the judge is equipment and in the system is so bad and so poorly constructive come alive
i'm working on it you been married now would you be weakened yeah it would definitely definite signal other ladys let him know already yeah let i'm the earth's climate means almost best i feel like i'm gonna that ship with yet of having a family now hold on or are we doing now i just got your grandpa my leg yet silver don't you know marriage gave you a cramp is talking about talking about making a committee toloman respecting its also the canadian system is pretty brutal carriers very different than the united states and they just out keep talking about ivory remounting regard it one day s give us something just hit me when keep time if only we can now kay this girl i've china data should not interested me but but has gone
on to the amazon done i alaska and if she said did you i don't know learned about it from you or you advocating for it but she yes she went down there couple times and then did not in the amazon how many times have we done all have haven't done i was gonna would have done as dm tea which is the act of compound and i gotta tell me what i ask it is his here's what i ask is the amazon indigenous people figured out a way to make the empty orally active ratsey dm tee is broken down in your gut by something called model aiming oxidation all of this makes sense so when you eat it why when you eat a lot of grasses indifferent plants you dont get high off the damn teen it because it gets broken down your gut wilson they figured out a way to combine the lee of one plan which contain the dm tee and the source of the week
something in one region or lay only ever now it's an embryo inhibitor and so the combination of the two plants one that contains the empty and one that suppresses model aiming oxidation your gut allows you to experience die methyl trip to mean orally it's a long day empty trip what i've done smoke it which is way more intense but way shorter last evian when was the last time you did good eye a year ago a year ago here what how does a guy you know me pneumonia feathered twenty some years later pat smoker don't really drink at all but madrid experimenter like i've done my rooms yes that's my favorite drunk two great drug like mushrooms are very similar they are in in their reaction especially high doses to de empty and in fact there there
they're very similar as far as the compound themselves i think this way the waves press in the body dm two years and i'm ethel trip demean end when suicide and is broken down in the body it produces something called for fox forelock see and hear diane always mean i'm kind of like china which is i'm just saying there are really closely related one of the most potent psychedelic drugs are very closely related did basic human nero chemistry and dm tee is human neuro chemistry it is actually the most potent psychedelic drug known to man and it's actually produced by your body is producing you liver is producing your lungs and its produce behind your gland let me ass you got her when you smoke the deer too many times have you done it nine times nine will there be a ten yes today with one
well i don't have it here but if i did if you really want to the girl we could do it what would probably december them ready to do it again and i think i usually need some time after i'd do it to sit back and think about it and absorb been taken in this but you feel like it helped your stand up at all i percent it helps everything in my life movies are any downside yeah yeah you get there's a real anxiety that happened to me once after was over i did one one trip where was incredibly intense and down wouldn't say overdose you don't overdose because it's a natural part of your brain your brain knows how to bring back the baseline very quickly is like one of most transient drugs ever observed the body you go from being blacks did out of your fucking mind completely sober and twenty minutes how would you can buy danny does dive back in the last time i did
we did a like four or five times those i was pretty gonzo for about an hour and a half or so some around there is gill we'll go in come out go back in again meantime the hold thomas going on were playing this south american music these ekyros which these shipments of created to sort of coax the experience we need a showman then either no need to show me if you're gonna do de empty is theirs it well ain't fatter meant just way again you know me i'm chemistry yeah now on that matter edgy guy freely where would you how would you recommend they do have you ever to crack no would you know with wayne now but if i did this way no but i do know i'm no interested in and crack have any interest in even cocaine of nationality and no ah now i dont know many interesting stimulants i'm not listed in anything that gives me confidence and knowledge
didn't any false sense of bravado and getting boosted up i'm not interested in ok if i feel like fair means and speed what they do is they were they remove inhibitions in a way that gets you and a lot of trouble about now drinking i like drinking vanessa barbecuing right perpetuate drinking is a downer right son of a bitch you it though are given a barbecues specifically the drugs is alcohol perpetuate their banana burbage you it is a very specific class of dollar isn't it we find out that was when i was i not acts i don't drink really but as eleven releasing barbecue its overdose babar centre our system depressants alcohol opiates ok so that's what they're saying is an overdose matter myself of your statement how did you it's in overdose with other central nervous system depressions now that's not what i'm saying so it not saying so it's different
their samsonite different you say i'm just ain't is alcohol a barbecue it that's no notes that shouldn't be mixed with alcohol barbecue it should not be mixed with ok so that everybody ok here's a question is college drug or antidepressants or barbecued or all the above one fuckin questions yet not the same things to present its interpretation and it's not a stimulant now stimulant but it does loosen innovations for me social lubricating me with the women when i'm drinking oh yeah what happens but way more better better is fun i was i the hopefully a mine no matter what no matter what the scenario but i will i feel like i'm a little more sexually aggressive mona woe genesis settle down i now feel rather men get older raping of wooden used the word you got it
we knew that descriptor but yeah i feel what do you do you drink beer ray i drank yeah yeah i like i like to drink i only drink to get drunk really that's my style so i know ever casual you never see me you know google glass wine would dinner now never a real that's what i enjoy the mouths never namely what is this meat i'm gonna have the red what is this a piece of fish the white of that's the what the other one though i am drink way more one drink with dinner than anything else you get from it i like glass one hundred taste today if there were no alcohol and you think you and joy the taste i have out i have like really low alcohol wine that doesn't do anything for me i gave you lack paleo why now non afric about oh no enough i like that it smells like two it tastes like the sippet with dinner
like a nice wine with dinner but i like a little buzz to go like a couple of glasses a nice i don't yap again is far from judging spasm just curious not in defence of the air but our goal is a depressive that's what i just meant like a barbecue it it's not stamina but it does allow me to get what's your word confident regulation will you might we might have confidence issues a little bit and i'm joe are really not might have come to you community and asking for approval from strangers might have competent term plan that's interesting insight when we think about that i go on deepening chances go out on a limb that's probably why you like it because it alleviate some of that anxiety well does things that happen in psychedelic drugs that make you more vulnerable make you while another aware have on molly yes what do you think that thing
watch and india may which is molly came thing the the after effects were way to brutal for me the post post trip the triple wonderful trip was amazing and i got some pretty keep insight about the nature of insecurity and how they manifest itself in social such remaining down version but the next day i couldn't marie need i remember i was at a coffee shop was trying to read a magazine us i can you fucking reed their entire continent trail here and then out and out about that's before i found out about http five http five http which convey sarah serotonin one of the things the serotonin depletion because of when you do india may what's happening as this massive blast serotonin you feel amazing rent rank laughter it's over that should crashes and your body to plead at filling a dry spy like you don't feel good to me at least i drives bind the can't read now i just
my brain wasn't firing just wasn't working well it s a hearing you didn't like it didn't like the feeling undertook italy's today herself from went for it a rebound allows like not you we're not going to do that again no no i don't think so not worth it the next phase is now worth it to me ok now i have heard from some people that obviate the pure staff did doesn't do but people have her there from are all in poor health not at all you wanna yeah that all the people that have talk to their health they say it is always a price you pay from mom that data mining yeah there's not a price you pay for mushrooms i don't never felt a physical price from mushrooms desire or physical price you pay from the empty none zero some people have an issue with iowa because you purge the old de la throw up in a lot of diarrhoea that's why i'm not doing it that's it well it's one of the reasons why i mean again
drug experimenter i know everyone says it is like a euphemism for roma drug use it but i'm actually just like on the right circumstances iron do a drug even though it is not part of my life in anyway so but i don't like throwing up near now raising others there would like illogical now the stuff is disgusting everybody that tells me they ve tried i auspices fucking disgusting i don't want to the jungle and i'm here i could do it around here but i am not in a bugs stags jaguars knowledge shedding go fuck yourself i'm not gonna fuck em reinforced no but people of how these amazing experiences because they do it in the rain forest nets words from and see i'm also i hate to say this in this is going to sound prejudiced but i'm piano am people that would set jackets and prejudice i'm sort of aunt sherman well the the use a good reason to be because germans or a lot like yo he's like
there's a lotta yogi that are really just douche bag and are trying to fuck women that are in their classes there's a lot of sharm and that are like the idea for sure and i feel like i have a pretty good radar about people that makes a type of people who want to be a showman boy who knows what you gonna get their view of gin here's a threat that was a sham and they used to do these regions on the rate of eight on his razumihin now but he was he would guide them in these people through these i the rituals you want to do with me and he died second one reality starts getting real fragile you start seeing things pixelate around you and but you gotta go one more time on more time one more time the dow are more interested in the empty but the empty is i was gone i ask is that you don't ever allowed the act now you don't throw up there's no smugness your smoking it and it goes directly to your bloodstream so it happens continuously how memories heartache i'll pop three big hits ahead not even upon
three is logic number you hold it in now you take big heads like it again and then at the second one reality starts getting real fragile you start seeing things pixelate around you and but you gotta go one more time or more time one more time the pipe down lay down and then it is over comes here you go through the flower of life and enter into this massive infinite g a metric pattern that's made out of love and understanding and communicate with god and that your definition of a good trip it's pretty intense it can be terrifying to some he built it definitely is terrifying if you try to control and manipulated because then you're gonna be in a wrestling match with your motions
and you might have to be able to let go it's one the most difficult things with any brilliant and at last he regime say that experience you gotta be willing to let go i would you compare it to the valley done mushroom how many wild you say you ve done mushrooms when you saved on motions work on a dose you talk about my aid oh i hate the taste of it i put it in a big mac and oh god this may be the worst way to take forms of ever heard no i gotta dig ma kind of like fucking big mac yeah we have ahead of us know mcdonald's uber why would do that what would delay mushrooms in a big mac could they love big macs what are you judging big macs amount so bad for you it's factory form this book and tortured carolina ghana taken the men with the modern guy maybe it was just that was my experience what if i said how many times you dog ate what if i said it in and out burger we d better not really really there much more delicious
from the counter what if i get our cheeseburger from the counter the right at home and then good when i did i kind of spinelli even supposed eat meat four days before you do mushrooms that's not true it is what he had a rule is that people that the wine brought the most are the experience recommend that you you have of vegetable only diet for at least twenty four hours before are you do any internally is equally let's say i'm eating just salads and my lad up thousand island dressing restaurant that's my fair redressing la sugar and avoid sugar to avoid sugar so just like vienna gradually didn't toxins avoid nasty shit oil in vinegar you know you see what i'm drinking you see what i'm doing color yes not therefore the greatest thing man ever meant a goodwill and makes it with jack daniels eyes suddenly not sit but you are but like i want to know what kind of those you you're taking i don't know what you ve eyelash rooms like what you put it open your hand up and show me honey mushrooms you talking about i would save fit
like him he are you not do you do you baby doses so you're not even experiencing dissolving of reality i now just china have a good time the real that was my girl who were the mushroom ribs the real mushroom trips only calling again you drink they again dissolved solving a reality that the goal of beyond all mushrooms and not like i am going to see aerosmith hollywood bowl or you could do that let us get away with it is only wrong with our gates to tell what i'm saying if you want something is commensurate with the dmz experience you gonna have to take five grams you don't have to the lord and i said it seem like that was part of the mushroom that was like potent another was just like live shorter than five grams of the potent stuff you need you need real deal ok i didn't way yeah and you didn't we went out you mean you'd like you could depend
upon the can you hey this is a married you eat how do you eat them at the mushroom me to fuck anita actual edam you're saying this like this is so alien well i just found a taste so horrific that lay hidden into a delicious big mac signed the next time i did it i guess what i d almost tasteless thither they don't taste horrible at all you gotta be kidding me no like it literally if we go on the internet right now and put up the taste of mars comes everyone's gonna sage tasty we gotta pussies our us doc ombudsman but we look i ve traffic that might have never had a problem with the take no one ever about wait a minute i'm shame or some people dont like the case of never her wedding we will review say about me earlier to i'm sensitive your little but since i'm in love with you
to make our seas are us her with her you know not at all where for great aids branded a brand you gotta put these are a few points i right it's pretty just like keeping for people around corners down there all the hell i'm ok so hand believe everyone i've ever seen into with the exception of a guy named joe rogan as talk about how horrible mushrooms days burying birds mom we did i understand that believe you but i've never found them to taste bad this taste kind of tastes like cardboard or something or plastic iii tastes like much meanly begun i am mushrooms three or four months ago didn t so bad it will get in well let's who submitted it's ok i mean it's not something i would look forward to like i will cite pistachios
go and take them unease but not that bad ok big deal bullet that will let that why but i like do you think you're wrong about that i dont ato s were wrong thing now on this problem and things that you enjoy that i dont like obviously right what how i feel about you felt a fish gay the things that were going to come out of your mouth that was when the last things i can eat it it's not great with that i can eat it but there's a mental the least pup favour parted the jolly part i get rid of that but in the end your fish like india there's a fermented shark that people in iceland that is supposed to be fucking horrific for anyone else other than the people live in iceland as one of the few things it anthony bourdain told me that light was truly disgusting that he ate on a show you know used travel and go these different places other local cuisine fermented shark supposed to be
fucking awful but they they enjoy it so it's a regional solution is reached only as and when it comes to taste for sure yeah ok not mecca talk about my dyke you're gonna you can try what do you do what he would do you think big macs so big macs all big macs but should allow should include what you would consider shooting food right linger over reacting to it you think i'm overreacting well what is should include then if that's not sure if i feel like i feel i get people during the depression could get a ninety nine cent cheeseburger when people are so poor that they can even afford meet monygham maybe meet once a month but that was the worst of it some risk it thing the people would be like they would have thought it was the greatest thing on earth i think they these cheeseburgers the we yet be it the quarter panama cheese be it the double double it in and out be it the idea
you're pretty good i think are pretty good food another factory farmed i ain't i get it i get it there it seems horrible but my area we ask the question what is bad then if that were not bad food what is bad food out what's bad food for you i would take food it is has gone rotten to be broiled milk it has to be literally poisonous rotting yeah for you to think it's bad for yeah yeah i guess quite simply they asked me that survey lad necessarily what i would consider health conscious in i am super out gotcha i just believe the negative what's the word for it the negative emotions are over blown by people net people the negative repercussions of eating cheeseburgers eating cheeseburgers a pizza or something like that haven't it's going to
getting ok forget about the rotten stuff you daddy what you're talking about is literally the worst aspects of the american died other than sugar i know i've read that you are making sugar on an old book you talking about you drinking a can of sugar that has i want to save lives already grams or sugar per can how many grams not having thirty nine again exaggerated the boy i'm trying to make joe now fucking a sugar bear lefty twenty five a day a day twenty five grand who's who says that limits on it zeiner lambs protein though that in here i much vanity nafta euro words too fat zairean does matter protein it's gonna go right you got sugar well where the money and i insulin spike from what you are stands at my i understand it we gain waited
then go to one plays a goes all over thy way that way you can't spot reduce i think i'm correct on them yeah but some people have an inclination to gain more gut fat with some now i will gain an unfortunate areas idea there ass raised when people goes goes where through ass yemen is no worse consensus when right now now i believe you're not the only one that is not happy with my diet who else is unhappy do you know people are well read people the entire people are dying to chance so back to her solitude the you so all stuff we jargon belly pizza cheeseburgers and sugar that's that's the giant playing around with every chinese where i live that times i was delicious in recent months popular right right i i'd like delicious things is basically giving me too i just don't allow myself to happen very often you're feeling more disciplined then maybe they're probably
i think that's been sort of the theme the theme of my life as far as like getting things done has always been about forcing myself to work you know at sir i think especially comedians one of them about what we do is that it's so open ended like no one can tell us what to do like you how you're your schedule works but me i call into the commie store on monday and i can decide many days i want to put in for and say do tuesday and friday saturday i'll take wednesday and thursday it's totally up to me right and i think that's how we all are we can decide like when to work and when not to work but there is a big does a direct connection tween forcing yourselves to write more and perform more and your act getting better and you getting more work and you're you're you're coming career progressing and so for me the discipline that i applied to fighting
in the martial arts and other things and to continue to stay fit and work out i applied a comedy to just make yourself go do the thing but the natural inclination of really funny people is often to fuck off is often to be lazy but i don't think that their mutually exclusive i think you can be the planned but still have the same sort of comedic instincts you just have to no one to turn on one turn off when it benefits you i owe you dont like them you go half on its banks i agree with the area with the under percent i admire your discipline like i'm not as disciplined do you wanna go more disciplined although people who look at me your eyes i u accomplish more because of diana they did things go on the road and stand up i write books array articles but i no i'm not disciplined but i more disciplined in a lot of other comics
i just know me but we all know comics like especially are just getting higher to anna not only that yet we all know that tragic stories of the guys who wrote an hour in like ninety ninety six and never fucking adjusted it and they had real promise there's guy that are doing the same fuckin jokes that you and i both know they ve done the same for twenty years still are and you can go and catch them at the fuckin laugh factory tomorrow night and i will tell joke from the late nineties right i mean there's those guys they exist and a lot of those guys had massive potential like they were really good but i thought i know you're blame some of it is obviously discipline and the but i think it goes by to what we said earlier about the risk of doing new material for sure but you got it one of disciplines raw understand but there's a pain and while within maybe waif you're just i'm just a path that size in air the review a comedian and you love the attention and
approval that overwhelms your desire to write new material and go through that pain process yeah that's right engineering there's deaf way some excuses you can make for why people right court i that's way eddie murphy doesn't do stand up early why things the the thing where he got caught those transvestite prosecutes that's not what i think it is at all i think that's a hundred percent whereas that's when he stopped now we had stopped before them yet stop doing stand up before them yeah you know he's been caught a few times they set off this is not a matter out he married murphy and without adding any gang is all was as all news rang and what had happened i thought that having just once i have a friend is a cop and i know some things you know something now that you know they call them dragons your police office around they called it the drag queen so calm drag and they have united emmeline picking up dragons sammy we tangier
my anything it's no what's that it's about dragons really know then she asked the girl ronald shot on i've shot on an iphone what's in edwards isn t your best friend the un edwards you go see soccer matches with is in that movie and is excellent in it isn't did you see an excellent everything gaze towns mechanic funny do how am i gonna rio was sweetie he's areas really healthy he does sort of morley news vision but he's real we are not playing is now now but he's very disparate with it but he doesn't supplement like you are going to go vague and you really have to take be twelve and de three is it's very hard to get em in its entirety forever d for no unless they get one think of an agreement that accounting its takes up mighty might be thing take two three
the three year but he doesn't doesn't supplement and i just really try to get them to do that because he's always tired so nap and warn the cars on the way to gigs can fall asleep and shit at home in the movie anyway shot on i found are those i yeah that's a couple dragons as you like to go i've never heard that expression before at spirits issuing little low budget movie what are these can phone our way better than the film cameras the use twenty years ago i mean you can get off of a phone now the images the crystal clear images of just a regular iphone six their fuckin phenomenal i mean no question no i don't their better than good camera with its the lenses that were amazing on this amorous do but i guarantee you could get a video camera from i'm a video camera yo yo yo yo yo camera with others as we really can we have not met like something nice video
well it's interesting because nobody they won on the whole thing on this year but you could do that pretty book attack actually think the five what's interesting about like phones and digital that it shows you the entire image as opposed to focusing on the centre or the fur the front and then everything in the background blurry which is what a lot of people like about film about doing movies with film was that you would have to shall effect feel down and scan of really keeps you're it's almost like the way you think you see things in real life if i'm looking at you realize i note that there is a backroom behind you but i'm not really seeing it very clearly i see you and then i elvis presley right visiting president nixon right did you ever see presently perform no not alive you did i do now now and seventy beverages
you know they just release that movie they digitally release the film concert film of his come back and in vegas laid them time at the film from nineteen seventy year they originally re mastered it knows at the movies recently and they have relieve you may look fucking crazy did they want you to do one of those it's in the theater where the area i log in and he was dance was really crazy watching women react to him still scurry allowing known another women today the women back then screaming and falling down they didn't even they didn't even like you think about that how much bigger a star he was than anybody can there be a star there is because people are you used to
social media and video and snap chad and this in that and there's a million different stars and there's a million different movies and there's a fuckin hundred thousand television shows me have two and ninety channels that constantly running and is all this information data especially more back then there was to flock and television channels there was these movies that he would come on and you know he would sing through the fuckin movie it was over one elvis he was arguably one of the few first ever singing movie stars singing slash superstars always wanted first one's mean how many of them were well you shaking your head does europe damaging retaliate is a feud guys ring in being cross right but how many we're talking about i'll joseph o chelsea angels two percent first movie aristotle
talk using the first talking a lot lately i mean is that of its efficiently known as the first target it wouldn't russia is college point being point being there's not many back then with a very small poor action on wings but frank sergeant sing in movies that each others again he said why sang the recent was like that a part of the movies like elvis what we gotta go down to the beach grown it all down to delete it she on the tanner unable to bring a case that like yet the remainder many would sing but but my point is even it looking can conclude sinatra which not only talking about twenty p ok so fly agreements hundreds and hundreds and i read the hitched are you might my point is yet it was a new thing it was it wasn't it wasn't that those was much history to it mean television had only been around for a few decades when in the nineteen fifty's when is super new and then movies for that you know we before
the silent movies and then you're only talking about a hundred years maximum right so this our completely new experience these girls are seeing this superstar this guy this elvis presses perfect hair and singing and his fuckin jump soon the whole deal and the reaction to them it's almost like there brains can process it and theirs dreaming and their fainting and is one of them bizarre things about watching elvis is watching the reaction to elvis these people have the religious question yet like that that power can i talk about elvis for another second year to ask me if you can talk about i'm not allowed to just talk just talk you know the book of silly i'm so you know the book when is it it's it's written by the guy about ten thousand hour you need to do ten thousand hours to be good at something
glowworm outcome gladwell yes bland its they went after blank ballot so elvis is the opposite of the ten thousand hours the is it because if you go back and i used to like what was heralded say what was he sang in high school a little bit but not in a band not in a ban around memphis tennessee gigging writhing recorded it thing for his mom a song for mom it son records that all i wanna saying here the girl the girl like did in the secretary she gave it to the boss he is i go things again again voice and we bring in some global guy make up these unbelief morocco billy albums hidden we're sung with the band wow
the differing around his whole mornings and who knows what even it was in ten thousand hours like the beatles in hamburg or something like that where you're like oh i'm gonna learn how to sing and get a rapporteur dino billy joel playing around for a long time and then finally breaking through you know he was in iraq bam of origin became billy joel and it's the craziest it i just feel like historians like these the zella that ten thousand our ways i saw the gate great then he was the biggest superstar ever there is no road map for him to follow never been anybody before him plus he was also the first got experience pills you know me far as like superstars like that's when the whole pill craze was coming on was like during the fifties in the sixties and others i mean how many fuckin pills where their main there were opiates they can give you opium and you know milk of the poppy there was a bunch of different things they would give people
lauded member that they should give those women delighted knows old wild west movies does a basically and obeyed they would give them certain drugs but he was one of the first guys it really got into like pills yeah yeah he had some whose kind when attic drive all forego janet yet mean that one there is wide died so young men for sure i never saw i never some performed but i did see i know you're talkin about fray mercury as others get and you'd like him right al fatah huge freddy mercury de i once i've only someone cancer ones still laughing at it really ah they do the most ridiculous thing encountered first of all you start can always in a white sued in them by the andes just like white underwear slowly the shoes or officer climates grave and skate but you know that on behalf of the rhapsode inga do you know
they do it in concert no it's so like to see this bohemia wraps like are they gonna eggs go random mike and hold their end to their ears and do that is is there you know the harmonised none of it they skip the beginning barred the skippers skip it completely start with a thing and doing down to the beach apart rima yet they don't do that is the real or is this just vanished khan and alas island gave me all i got really yet so they started this late joe this gets better bother yet it's mine just killed a man we're going now then they play the first guitar so low and then they got in i'm just in other parts of the opera pardon is what happens at airport what they run off stage queen leaves the stage they play the record is there then the whole opera park vigour bigger than an antenna visible
boy from up over dollar that and then when they come back for the guitar said dan and that an end and then they come back on stage and seeing the rest assured the song her it's the crane is this thing i ever see masses we're like i turned the prison homesick relays there's no one on stage right now no one on state and their just plain that opera part like us i wonder whether you could vocally i assume we would just be impossible to come near what's on that record right yeah i guess maybe you'd like us right here but i would imagine they would want to replicate it mean opera singers can replicate opera cabinet so multi track thrived right yeah that's it that's the deal is it did it in a year i will lack today which would you would think that they would like italy's poop form part of it when they do they do
the easy not only while they're doing wild although last ground stuff isoude annie's participate run off stage how may legacy outbreak for little girls just like we can't do this route were added here and then they come back and he was pretty good thing you know that guy was a good singer who was the best counter you or your favorite favorite do leaving go to concerts now very rarely now because i can't write this is gonna send insulting beginning sends ok but when i look at you know your act i think if you like it a slayer others who were at danzig council unlike any that shit you know now now tell me we like only i apologise if i judged you got your guide you emma kind of my act right now my
ass layer aggressive action you don't even watch i would like to do the other i doing you're a bit about the bridge the new bruce jenner whatever put your name caitlin caitlin jenner yet how do you feel about that caitlin jonathan well if he likes a first of all on freight talk about exactly frigates argue way braver than i am waiver nine other there was a in last night i had a great joke kyle tiresome come in now not how can i'll think of his name it i did not make it but he said he don't say a joke dont age open as now giving give his joke or maybe just a throw away night i don't remember some everything ever he's doing now he's doing it tonight show on wednesday and he's not doing that you can have only tell their job before it does among us and he's not doing their own nature or saying never never mind never mind but it's
weird subject right where all the sudden you're not supposed to make fun of something that's obviously ridiculous on president air on president well i don't and i'm not gonna buy it and i don't care i just yet any blow back at all you do shore people get upset and you send out on it you think it's funny i listen where this is a really easily defensible one but also you talk about a ridiculous human being ok not just ridiculous but patently redeem a guy who is a transaction man jeff day was the comedian aka and when they do its job later transsexual comedian who comedian transsexual man became a woman and doesn't believe in gay marriage so he's a ridiculous person right there he's inward on ellen when ellen confronting them deliver watch now it's pretty fuckin awkward because you realize where's well how stupid he really is is a dumb man is not smart as a woman man whatever but when ellen's talk knew about gay rights and about gay men about wouldn't you say
that you as a person has been marginalized your whole life you would support of his it was her argument when everyone wild was very fond of her former traditional washed acknowledged nationalist you're your fuckin man with nail polish on and address whose now woman and you had your josh down to be a woman you have big tits you're not fucking traditional at all and that's a shitty stupid excuse for being a big it again can't say that you dont support gay marriage because traditional woman because you're not traditional woman her aunt but then i know it says that bunch of things about him down and holds out get that he does all that position you feel if you more latitude to know it dry me nuts that the only thing that were supposed to be paying attention to when you're look someone is doing something that's obviously odd right you're not supposed to make fun of it because the thing about jen why is gender all of a sudden the only that like this is only category that precludes you from humor like your ear
suppose to be yours safe space right you ve ever you're holding onto base i'm touching base you can get me i'm touching base this is gender that i reject that and i think that over time we're gonna realise how ridiculous we were acting with this proposal just person is essentially a male car dash in an older el card eminence what the fuck he is now right and on top of that area forgets he killed a woman he fell slammed into some way because he wasn't paying attention nocturnal on company traffic and she died and everybody just sort of way that away and then he winds and sb award is walking around with fuckin drapes flowing the curtains and the breeze and there's a helicopter flying over moody's walkin around his house heels its preposterous so the preposterous person is now a standard subject transsexuals who you need to be respected for the choices of course you should respect people for their choices of course people should be
able to express themselves in any way they want you could be a heterosexual man who is politely into women but likes dressing up like a woman and i support that too say you're a woman he was a woman when he was on a diet short sawyer show or he was a man he said he wants to be him he wants to be called he and then immediately after the attention than he got from that he gets massive surgery changes named caitlin this is a ridiculous person right the person it's infatuated with attention for no reason not attention for there are not attention for their philosophies or for their thoughts or for their work now as a person whose and saturated with attention for no reason that's why i think you're supposed to be will to make fun of this person i think my feeling is that and again i am you know my act not edgy at all
lad edgy act well you you go after some stuff i've loved your bid about actors i fucking love that as i have always felt the same way you did a bit that i was lapping and laughing out about actors being able to cry on cue and you like yeah that's because they're fucking crazy massively damaged people like tat me i know that my work with them you did it is really fun anger by act or x ray i but that is that's like it's her educates that went in there did you at all completely but and we have to work with them all the time i know i know i know and love is just about could i went acting school right yet again patently the most ridiculous people in all show business the actor without a doubt very well seinfeld does a great just a great takedown actors of the time he said
like what are they why would giving them awards say there too what does say where does the hand look they don't have to do any why are there no war scrape it's great yeah no i learn that enacting school that like the more emotionally were heard the better actor you're i guess drill death the more mostly imbalance the more the hawaiian no thing the less grounded you are in reality as you have created a cell think did you can really emigrate a great actor anywhere my point was it even if caitlin wasn't all of us even if she was pro gay marriage more not part of the credit card ashes i still feel like it's part of life and can be made fun of shore of an eye so this is a thing i have a problem with and which is thing about punching down do you have any idea what i'm doing my but this is all nonsense
design i really do some nonsense you're lying to make fun of things you allowed to make fun of making more fond of myself as my main thing but like my father thinks great of course that's absurd given this all punching down thing is a symptom it's all coming out of social media to consequence of people being able to criticise and get upset about things and become recreational outraged and yeah well there's some punching down that's really fuckin mean course but then there's kennison talk about the starving people in ethiopia flocking hilarious it's a total hunting down bit as one of the greatest bit of our time you but it's funny and you can't define what's funny and what's not funny some people oh they nail at what we have seen some mean comment who bully be able with their common areas of work the right right good nobody likes it i've i've i've you know i've seen a work sometimes so it's nothing i will not fail to it i'm saying the idea that like
some things are off limits or will it your great analogy ears enough i'm on base and this year i touch this frank crazy right nothing off limits by it me but people will decide that there's something off limits and then the way the reinforced that gang up on people like bullies like daniel tie gotten trouble member one and you'll tosh made that joke matches word with dealing with around doing with a hackler and what was also not even supposed to be on stage so he didn't have any material prepared dahmer era forced him to go on stay cyclone glanced aisy he's at our right ok so we went on any denominated is what are you guys want our autonomy to what he has my talk about and some guy yells out rape and so he goes what what's wrong about rape the humiliation the violence like what would serve what's funny barrier and some woman yells are actually nothing's funny about rape is someone who took the opportunity to be sanctimonious and obviously nothing's funnier outright
and he goes what would it be funny five guys raped her right now which is so thing that media would say right in well ngos and right to block again and then it becomes big issued he crossed the line she's a fuckin hackler now as ladys idler now me that she's the worst kind of hackler someone is trying to take those things away or high ground and and be sanctimonious and stand up and admonish anyone for saying like you'll enjoy the shore don't enjoy the show leave do whatever the fuck you are but if you japan and decide that you're gonna be the more voice of the crowd you gonna get chopped up that's how comedy work you're you're dealing with live comedy and when someone to make comedy out of what you just he is hum all over these people use dear emotions and you use your morality and you decide you can enforce it on these people in the middle of a comedy show you can't do that
you know what he's doing he's trying to make comedy out of something and also just see the reaction to be big we was perfect just a dead guy like again to what is the worst offensive thing i could say to somebody you just said that nothing about rapes fun wouldn't you five guys raved right now and then by the way the audience how laughing or timings per and she's aside this is a fuckin wonderful opportune to be recreational outraged yet look far damn i understand i understand this but i do what about only let me take the side of like look now that i have a twitter account my time
men are audience member now is our raised somebody made fun of something that now comedians can't hear like die don't have free speech i can't yell at me my friends can gang up on convening yell at them on twitter we certainly done right but your cut oh look at its current depends on whether or not you have a point right it's like kinds of opinions and the union arguments like saviour and arguments so publicly and somebody stand and walks buying they may we didn't get the entire full argument belated watch you say something means that person they're allowed to have an opinion on that it might not be the most informed opinion i not be correct and it may be can shine little engage them and have a discussion about their their opinion or you can choose to not and let it let it exist in a vacuum and let them just fuckin yap about yellow me as inadequate and i know you don't my hat like me asking about asking questions right that's not neglect but that does not the question
is there anything you ve done your act through the years and you these many albums had five specials right billy still at least can count for anything you look back back gone and although i would have worded that today the way i did back them not in terms of being offensive in terms of being saw a man on the economy of words was reactor wasn't the bit the best bet or i should have worked on it more before i did or maybe i got a little lazy again and i will say more about i mean i can the bit that yeah but that's just like looking at it now stand back in being completely done with the material than going over it now and and being able to critique it honestly and openly but the time now and others my point you know now in due time say looking back would you go i wish i hadn't said
no not really a no no no i mean i think pretty much everything i've ever said i've thought about before i set it enough to point where i had to have a reason for monitored joke about and then i had to have a more effective and that much more is that evolution is someone has always as you said earlier learning try new things yeah me i always have an evolution and my own thought process right i think when i get old comedy what gets me is lynch words extra words economy of words so critical and also you know the being in the moment and the timing and you know it is quite hard to watch yourself tarred but its critical because that that watching and listening to yourself you tabled have reset every set that is discipline gotta that is not only way you're ever going to understand where you add lived and figure
what does amazon with another valid when do you listened to on the car on the way home yeah that's the best way or the next day on the on the car on the way to the show again alison to khazar nice because your phone booth tooth up to the stereo great easy to do and sometimes is painful oh yeah fuck could i just got done editing my special and sit down and lays down and shower disco yeah near the filmore right and then go to asian thank you and then going and watching as hate myself you watch it grows did you do we just did three hours ok we're done we're done we did it in what was actually left fishermen has left but i got his phone the fake leaving you left your phone
did the bet that's wrap up let's do a wrap up there was wrap this up had an early wrap up we don't we it is not usual this abuse voting about podcasting coming terms you done podcast many many many come on up to the microphone people can hear you out there you do it was only after they ve done about yeah yeah i've never done this is the longest i've ever known have your i do in your own i did do one with a girl in work out found love now these interesting choose twenty five years younger than i married numb single so we have this great back and forth a little bit of attention sexual tension i think a little unfortunately a little bit on your side of her son or both with the help of sicily asleep they hit the hat feder on twitter
whoever you are that guy stole weymouth letterman fuck you fuck you buddy try to get money from your aunt i think he wants omonia let's get twitter to get them back jamie contact get on that sandra van very inviting where i me on your shall i tell him by the number two wondered eight hundred and twenty nine data relating to aid under twenty nine it aren't going how many of those have you heard completely back again amongst five i would think that would be to less than five is more than five five that programme twelve spreading was the very man i think how could you no time and i don't want to man it's out there are you but it's against the same kind of thing like stand up you learn you know you talk too much if you talk over p boy i was gonna sell listen i don't feel like interrupted you too much by your great thank you thank you but i did the police appreciate the compliment
yeah that album the jimi hendrix experience my it was my elder brothers but our mitch mitchell aquitaine remembered them the base player do members named now so you know little replaceable why do to net now i feel like i'm never as all readin is my guess that's off the tap i'm not looking too you can tell em right now my luggage continued or no it giving you say no ready mitch mitchell and then jimi hendrix this weighs com when pheromone lens german later goodbye see tomorrow we'll be back tomorrow with neo brennan all right thank you have thanks thanks tunas podcast thanks to our awesome sponsors thanks first of all caveman coffee caveman coffee c o dot com for getting us through this podcast keeping us have unaided with the rich and delicious tastes who single source single family single origin awesome coffee and
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