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#838 - Josh Zepps

2016-08-24 | 🔗
Josh Zepps is the host of #WeThePeople LIVE available on iTunes (https://t.co/6eWfSu8tRM) and at http://wtplive.com
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Rogan, and you will save ten percent off any and all supplements wow. My guest today is the great Josh Zepps Josh's, a former host of HUF posts live and now hosts. We, the p though his his gassed he's just a brilliant guy, very, very wise man, and always interesting to talk to him so give it up for jobs Zepps we'll experience by as a fellow you just here. People tat. I know most of what are now because it hasn't come out here and I would have a day and we have been of eyes cast late last night and it got completely out of hand
so that's it. I don't even know what to do. With that thing. The thing out like a gentleman I went on certainly putting out from postponing out so long story. Short Listen is Joe, was kind enough to. I was interviewing SAM Harris for my pod cost and ass. I was like we really should just do more than just a one on one, because ordinarily, my pod cost is about as a panel of people a bunch of people sitting around talking about the news, and so I texted Jonah, is there any chance of doing it at your studio and being the gentlemen that he is, he was like charges combine, will just type it, even though he had two shows yesterday saw after those shows late at night, Samaras comes over and how Belarus is still here. I was about to con goober. I said one, stick around yeah were drunk by the way where these rank so much whiskey The best decision you ever made inviting stay.
Hannah Volvo Cars and SAM Harris and Joe Rogan, and I have an interesting episode of my put cost, which will come up so if you listen, it is now or watching us now subscribe to. We, the people live, just search for we, too people space life, you need the life and then, when it drew up you will, you will say it. It was a naming epic. Our long argument between Hannibal a drunk Hannibal birth and SAM Harris. Regarding statistics, we'll just leaves a year You don't even more statistics that may or may not involve black lives matter, yeah, polluting, silly shootings and just the reality of police violence versus the perceived reality? A police violence so arguing about the statistics rather than the emotional s right connection and the difference enemy in what was interesting is how we have conversations about things. That aside touchy rightly been part of the reason why I wanted to talk to,
to salmon you on my podcast is cuz. I think it's important for us to find ways to have the sort of conversations that you haven't SAM hasn't. Hopefully I have where it is not a lot of kind of opinionated blow violating its more about actually trying to understand each other. I actually gonna take each other at face value, not sticking up up up what a sword in the sand and saying like. I can't believe you offended me, or you know, having trip why's, that if someone transgressors that says a certain thing than all of a sudden, you gonna get crank up the rage machine is so much of that. So much of that, so I wanted to talk to salmon you about what how do we have conversations that that a more reasonable? But, of course you don't necessarily have a conversation that reasonable when You're, drunk and emotionally sensitive drunk Hannibal version says that he smarter than SAM Harris and smarter than I think
anyone didn't you say anyone demonstrated smarter than so her, so many animals, a smart guy, must be successful. Unease is compelling and in good comic, just not smart enough to know that you shouldn't say it was done but what we really drunk and we kept drinking too. Hid it. Well, you hold get like a little bounced back where come healthy here. So I stopped king also, what has nothing till you're implying Zack? What I said you heard me and an hour before the end of our me and had a by realise those drugs. I backed off right and loud tat island. He was roused himself on like half half a wine glass of whisky, yet it was deep. We went deep so he can be held responsible folks. Everyone's help near right,
if you drive drawn pills out about it than you not respond held his nose vaguely are, were you are responsible for that? If you're demanded, a basic rights can have sex with someone you know responsible, though the match bonds bonus right over so was Hannibal more of a woman having sex or more had grown a driver eating at Highbury Marvel woman, Fetnah bed Having said that, it was a guest in my studio, so I'm responsible he did. He could not consent in relation as a general. He was too drunk to consent. I was the rape Oh you whether I raised him with our conversation right forcing them into this conversation that I did know he's gonna get into right. You sort of ainly fisted him with words. Are you going to? Let you sound tat, you said. Rather what about this whole ripe? Have you been? Have you been talking? Are thinking about the whole like Amy, Schumacher, Metzger dinner and like I just do a little, and I saw what he said and you know I had someone else contact me about that guy and whether or not you know he's
the truth or the woman was tell the truth. I dont know him, I don't know her and I'm not get involved because I dont know if I you her and I can implicitly trust her and I knew that she was gonna, tell the truth and snap. It's not I just, don't understand the motivation behind someone jumping in with an opinion. I think what he saying those interesting could. What Kurt was saying was that it Isn t early possible used satire. Obviously, these Women cannot lie there. Like my Bible, it's impossible for a woman to Lodge is like the Lord's word and a teenager funny. Guy censure is aware that shit's yeah he's Larry's, but it's it's weird. You know like that. There's this is culture where we know for a fact that some people lie about every single aspect of life. They lie about what they did. They lie about taxes. They lie about everything, but we're supposed to assume that women never lie about rape, and it's not true. We know it's not true but we now to say it's not true, even though we know it or not,
to bring it up, but if there is a possibility of woman, says it she's raped. You have to accept that one hundred percent of fate even if the man saying he didn't raper, it's really hard, because that's one side of the ledger Adam and then on the other side of the ledger. You ve got one of the overwhelming number of cases women get away with that. Yes, because women are too afraid to go to lay so that they feel like they feel like they dirty or that somehow, whenever neither just not talk about it and what exactly so. I think that I think that women's rights people in feminists think like if, if its occasionally the case that a man is wrongly accused. That's a small price to pay for fostering a climate in which women feel more feel less nervous about coming forward now, I'm not saying that. I believe that, but well the shitstorm Kurt has so I'm not sure if everyone knows the background to this, that there was one of the comics that you say be in New York was accused of being a repeat sexual offender by a bunch of women,
so you say, be suspended him as a comic and group sees me and conduct its own internal investigation and Curt went on a big facebook ran out. Get it this morning, actually saying basically like Is this internal? Do you know what is this, like? The catholic church there that you that using data like you were doing internal investigation? Why didn't these women go to go to the police? He writes that is the original Facebook post guys. I have just heard to having news this guide, Jif Duffy Burg, is a rapist. I know women said it and that's all I need. Never. You ma and who they are there all women. All women are as reliable as my Bible, a book that much like a woman is incapable of lying there you say you think I would dare ask my God, Lord Jesus Christ, and has already met and provide any details or evidence of any kind before I believe in him or a woman. No, because that would be like hammering the nails into Jesus, my lords feet or real.
Helping the victims, good, all asking for if in a murder, trial any goes on like that, I mean really funny if that guy's innocent. If that guy's guilty, then it I'm really disturbing year, can become an end in enabler problem is there's. No, I cut cannot exactly exist, but I do, I think that raises interesting questions about the whole kind of the the censoriousness, unlike the hysteria of social justice, Warrior Brigade in that there are people who really fuckin, won him to get I never knew nice Amy Show comes back. They don't want it. Back at a ride, I am sure that there are common clubs. Are they gonna, we think whether or not they want to book him because he might be to toxic and all I doubt that, maybe maybe is not a mere holdings. That big of a deal is what what he said was not that big of a deal but the end, everyone went criminal. She went crazy.
The house of the Amy. Did she posted this thing in saying that she is very disappointing. That was in response to obtain an endless barrage of social Justice Paper, feminist, saying that this is completely unacceptable and he deserves to be fight for a meal already has a job. He showed some pretty incredible loyalty to heard during that whole plagiarism scandal, especially when he was one of the ones who hold. Her did not do one of those jokes. Because it was a Wendy Lemon joke, so he kept his mud on all that- and then she turned on him with this whole thing- is that although the whole things very sorted- and he said- I see her point of view- and I see his point of view- I really do- I think she didn't have. I think she felt she didn't have an option because she did say I cut my friend and noise of citizen. I am disappointed him. It's toxic. I mean there's no way that can talk about. You can't raise the question that you just raised like unless you're on the Euro can experience. You cannot raise the question of whether or not its appropriate, where there should be an
presumption of innocence. That's why I guess so goddamn important as you could never do this on a regular shall certainly couldn't do the shit outta last, not an irregular off the air base. Yeah wait till it comes out. You know here's again. Here's the problem. If that guy is innocent, then Kurt is doing a service, because he is expressing this very real possibility that someone might be lie if that guy's guilty. It's not funny at all, and it becomes really fuckin gross for the girl if she has to sit back and listen to someone one mock, whether not she's telling the truth when she no, she did. That has gotta be a horrible feeling. So the question is: what is worse? Is it worse yet falsely used of rape or is it worse to get raped when someone doesn't believe you and get accused of being a liar, I it's obviously worse to get raped and be
accused of a lie, but by how much I mean, if you grading on a scale like getting getting, I mean, let's just let's just assume it's at least a bit worse. On that side cause you everything as a ripe is worse than bear, falsely accused bodily, as if used in having your career, destroyed and dragged through the mud and forever labelled a rapist which is entirely possible for someone is innocent and have no friend of mine. A friend of mine, got accused, falsely of rape this girl that he was dating a broke up with her they broke up and she just decided that she was going to get back at him. So she said that he was a rapist and she followed through with it for a while and then eventually abandon it, but that does happen and it's happened many many times and there's a bunch of statistics. You can look up online, but they're not entirely accurate because they don't take into account how Women will view academic, overall rapes and overall, but people lie rape. The for rape. Statistics are not accurate, because
I do not know, nor do they take into account the, nor can they pass. We take into account how many women don't say anything. Yes, it's a big number and also like what constitutes a ripe like when you say that but with some minor falsely accused is not always as black and white. As you know, they, though a date and they never even had sex at all, but she saw make use him of ripe. There also scenarios where, as you said before, she was drunk or like she didn't know what they want and he thought there was consent and there wasn't consent or that yeah I mean or may be, thou guess it's it's bits of vague area and I think cuts point which is, but I don't think that we should be having to choose between the two options that you decided, which is on the one hand a woman, gets ripen, is not believed right and, on the other hand, a man is falsely accused of ripe. Will, I think, what could is trying to do just in a clumsy smile ass, he of flame, throwing why you say. Can it be true that right,
really really terrible, and we also should should offer and the benefit of the doubt and encourage rape victims to go. The police rather than to internally destinations at places like use Ebay? His point is like I'm on the he thinks he's on the side of the road victims right by saying, like they ve been sold dumb bill of goods by feminists. By saying all your such poor, pathetic victims, it you can't, the police in it will never be taken care of by gonna play, so you should just be Molly cobbled and- and you should either remained silent or or you know just to have it sorted out. Internally, conversations with, I think, he's saying: well, that's what he says he says it, so it is follow up Facebook post, which you posted last Wednesday, where he begins by saying my punishment. The mob. Calling for is now officially more severe than the one for the actual ripest, which is interesting, but towards the end
he says I didn't yell at victims to go to the police. They are victims, I'm yelling at the people who said women can't go to the police. They have to work outside the system. I think that's out of shit and leads to ripest walking free. It hurts the victims of sexual assault, Ok, he's saying that, because this woman never went to the police that it publicly accuse Skype, rape it's right! Isn't that more than one woman as well. I believe so. It leaves a second one, whose friends that girl right, who also says the same store, so he had good. He claims to be on the side of the victims. Are I mean? I think he just doesn't quite get how traumatic, bay for people who ve been for women have been sexually assaulted, he gets raped every day. You don't even know you don't know if the religious we can understand, who gets regular daily loves it not funny. Rape is never funny. He he said Why is this? Why did the story of what actually happened? What happened to come out after the guy's declared a rapist I'll, listen, any victims account all
Given initially is errands ripest pass it on My point was that no one seems disturbed by this. No one sees that down the road next time we might get it wrong. Well, we might have a wrong here. We don't know, but it's not good when a second Person calls you out for the same crime. That's right, but it's also not good that no one went to the cops yet in the maybe, but that also, what can evidence do you have somebody raped you a month ago? Guess what you know exactly ass, you showered out be known how many bruises like? What can you say? It's your word against them. Yeah, and you know I think, for some women and it's also a what exactly was a scenario that were talking about. Was it a simple social justice warrior type thing where two people are drunk and then the woman didn't consent, so they're calling that rape, which is repeated ad nauseam and it got someone kicked out of Oxford, colleges the lawsuit going on right now, because that I'm sure you Storing where a man and a woman, the girl was saying common overdue, have condoms, they have sex and then her free
convinced that, because she was drunk, it was rape, even though they were both drunk and then The college kicks him out keeps her, and so he soon colleges of fuckin giant disaster, total sexism, one hundred percent sexism against the man and you look at the story and what it is. It's a goddamn witch hunt and they gave in the witch hunt. They just want to quiet it down and they figured it would be easier to take this kid out and and just give in to the wills of the mob, and then on the other hand, you ve got that, like the California College, swim. A kid who write tat, the girl, binder dumpster unkind. Pursuing rationalized out she was passed out and he was like fingering energy and like pine cones cuts will ever of a generally was really horrible story and she handed up getting worse. Smaller Mason astern. Basically, nothin rallies out now it out again. And lady that's that's that's a fuckin terrible person yet neck. I should be punished
judge was, the judge was an alarm of the same college and sound so he's lies in all boys. Boys like our well boys will be boys in the end. The apology that this right, that this ripest little asshole broach was like Is it serves as a good lesson about intoxication and the dangers of like a negotiation on campus fuck? You it doesnt lesson. The lesson, though, isn't that right people by give when she encountered someone's vagina piece of shit women where she was and it was bad enough like two people who say well, maybe he's but that she was can consenting. It was obvious enough, the two others, they were foreign students and stay, swedish guys were riding by bicycles and they saw what was going on and it was obvious from a fight even in the dark. What was happening because I stopped I've been rescued her, she was limpets up as a rag so he had yet so there's that that's real rape and that's! You that's terrifying when a woman does get you know exposes being so, whose experience rapes it and to think about all these people, that no your personal trauma and
This guy barely gets punished. That's horrible to yes, horrible to yeah men, it sucks both ways. You know, I guess it's definitely sucks worse if the person gets victimized, but it still says If someone who didn't do anything wrong and someone claims that your rapists and and that tag carries you for the rest, your life and you're being being falsely accused until until we can read people's minds clearly, truly truly that'll be terrifying. What's gonna happen on the way? It's it's like right now we are at the Morse code of reading minds, whereat the two doo doo doo doo, doo doo. That's where we're out I mean there's signals they receive. Signals, their articulating word, someone sending their setting words through the internet into your mind, and you see those words you hear those words images they can. Images in your mind, this is rudimentary right now, but there can be a string, those words together and form sentences and those words instead of being through some giant bank of supercomputers, its
to be something that in your phone or cheerily, we all willing install in our brains, and when I read each other's minds, then we're gonna know I wonder how new wants that'll be the so I did I did it story before I was at Popeye's live. I had a show on discovery science channel, which was sort of like be like the soup. You like a smile as he kind of look at spit science news and enter come and where was somewhere in the Bay area as some I take place where they working on mine, reading computer games and but all the way back in my guess, two thousand and ten, two thousand and nine- and I you could play put a thing on your head and you can operate the computer games through the intensity of your pet of your thought. Patents is very, like you say it's basically, most courage preeminent only on or off you can raise. No nuance apart from just think hard. Something and then you know, you'll set fire to this little thing they have made to set fire to win the game. That's amazing, I can tell that, but I wonder whether or not an, for example. We
see the brain. When you put people here am right machine we can tell whether or not the the route, the men, Marie part of your brain is lighting up when they show you some things? Are they talking about the possibility of in a crime? trial, they'd, be that at least I will tell whether or not you ve ever been to the inside. Excuse me of the of the place where the crime was coming. For you know I did an episode of this vile that drive in questions everything with F Mri, they actually the you someone and convicted someone, I believe in India of Have functional knowledge of a crime scene because through F Mri. They were able to indicate that she understood where that crime scene wasn't she had some form of memory that they could deduce from the MRI. The problem according to neuroscientist the woman I was talking to the package on the show. I forget her name, I apologized her, but she explained that the problem is that, during the course of the investigation that person, the woman who was accused and convicted could have been exposed to the evidence,
of that crime scene and then have functional memory of that crime scene because of that which was exposed during the MRI, particularly when you think about the fact there. Freedom was on the line she was falsely accused or you know, accused of this crime. I don't know if she did or not she's accused of this crime they presented with this evidence. She has to go over this evidence, there's an incredible amount of weight in a persons involved in negative seared. That memory deeply in her brain of what that scene looked like yeah. That's interesting. I got com and whether you told me about that of whether I just heard you talk about it on the on the spot costs, but but then, as you get two more more subtle layers of thought. So it's not just he's the man. Re part of the brain firing when we show this person and image of something wrong. But it's like I'm How would you? How would you, sustained somebody's guilt or innocence in a ripe case, while right now we can see, I think
they're doing with this f MRI stuff is, I mean, obviously, can authorise, like some significant evidence, seamen scratches video urgently by waiting in mind, but I dont think that Kenya they were saying. Is that the they did in India. This one was telling me she and she again as a prominent neuroscientist. So saying that they misuse the evidence they misuse did the efficacy of this evidence and that they use this in a very appropriate way. That would not be legal. United States like you would get. No one who understands truly understands F. Mri would sign off on or nightly was ethic I mean from the neuroscience, is why spoken too? I think we are a long long long way away from having the kind of granularity and confidence that we could say just because this part of the lot brain is lighting up or the budget, because, these kinds of waves of being emitted by your neurons. That means that you are either guilty or not guilty. According to our standard biology. I would agree with that and here's where our deviate. I think that we are,
not that far away from them being able to introduce artificial recording of memories, and I think the people going do willingly. I think it's gonna be one of those things are people share with each other back and forth when you show me Jim, so discover how to implant false memories. Puya show just blew it up, what does that make up MIT researchers expand that second reading the better mighty research, Steve mirrors in while soldiers. Zulu reach. Simply made history. When they successfully implanted a false memory to the mind of a mouse, the proof was simple reaction from the road, but the implication. A vast. They placed the fairy little creature inside a metal box and it froze displaying a distinct fear. Sponsor Mouses reactors if they receive direct electro shock there when it had it at all how little nuts prize, and this is what I think. I've been really heavily dabbling in virtual reality lately, because my friend Duncan has the hd survive.
And he put it on me and I wanted to a fuckin frenzy and I realized like what is happening in we're we're out and we're not whereat verses where we actually are out. There oh far ahead of where I thought they are there so close to creating a in indiscernible virtual reality it's so close to do this, a friend of mine and my legs and audio us up at. But what who owns? Oculist facebook? That's the big, a virtual reality of either Google Facebook come about the figure list, but I may harm, as coming in here John Carmack, the guy from its off, where who programmed he created doom and quake and all those games he's now occupy us, which is just in here. I should go up there and try to stuff. I was hearing TIM first talk about. This is well Don T do tonight, I got stuck. I have two guys like hell be online for until Saturday. Ok, I'll connect you guys when we get after this show, and I think Duncans in town
fantastic you're gonna shoot your parents. Are you out of this shit? So it's amazing, but what's amazing about it is right now it's goggles and connected to a computer and its clunk But you know the original computers at the APOLLO mission used were giant room again, one quarter of the processing powers, something of your I found anything is one court you know, but that that's the point is that, as you as this technology exponentially, gets more and more powerful and smaller and more easy for people to access. You know I used to be every member Wall Street when Michael Douglas had a giant brick folly, unlike what a gangster phones job now I mean I was in Brazil a few years back in two thousand and three and you you go to these like little tie jungle, villages and all these people have cell phones where everybody has a phone. It's gonna be incredible. As you see how I mean the interesting thing for me, envy our is what we say
is where it's gonna get so bid. The beverningh moves so fast. Now that it's incredible for me turn to I love. I love human ignorance as well as genius like I love my own, an ability to predict how things going to unfold and adjust the the shit the she had joy in how spontaneously kind of I dunno exciting that this whole human experiment is because when, for example, life. We started doing this thing when two thousand twelve, we were like. I will lead to the future of television because of you, Sleep, television and the internet are coming together and they can emerge so the way that we, if you, if you were starting from scratch and inventing a tool, a television talk, show now knowing nothing about history of broadcasting or television radio. What would it be, while it may be that have commented, and you too have people joining via webcam, and so they developed like tat thousand day of have both live broadcasts from studios,
in a few years it was clear that was obsolete. That was not the way the future was going and now it's all, like short, live streaming. Cheryl things right in Somalia, we virtual reality. I think the fear war does and has been when it gets really good and will discuss it and thereby meant and watch virtual reality, porn old high and now I'm gonna connect with each other anymore right, it's coming, but his what's that what's the biggest virtual augmented reality breakthrough. Thus far, that's widespread! That's court on what is a programme on guard yeah, but that's dried again. I do know that yeah they drive. All tat users over the last. We are really knows that much, but here's the thing as presented in its entirety, when I am not saying that it's gonna get that put em on go itself has not changed the world water points to to me is the possibility that, where we thought
That virtuality was all gonna, be about headsets and me in my own head, and maybe it still will be to some extent, I could tell we see it go in the augmented reality. Why instead, so that you walking around the street with some kind of little thing on the side of your head and all everywhere you look. Things are popping up like little graphics of popping up on top of things offering you styles in a particular store showing you know, you can say what you're looking for you. I was nearest bank and this little arrow that points down over the nearest chase branch or whatever thats really magically besetting yeah right, sir, at an end, and that strikes me as actually a more plausible and organic pop out possible future than the one. Which were all just sort of like in the world We remember the movie Wally Universe World, just in Baku lounges and lazy boys in kind of our own. I don't their elusive, maybe not
I think it's either or I think that's that's going to happen as well, just going to be brave fools that venture outside and experience augmented reality with everybody else stairs at people's butt holes from too. In a way, I'm telling you man, you put on these virtual goggles and you have a 3d porn going on people are having Saxon. You can get right in there. You can look at her face. You can stay in their eyes. Will they have sex and it looks so goddamn real, but their computer generated avatars or they filled human filmed human beings? Three hundred sixty degree cameras and right now, it's you know it fairly limited. Did you watch porn on a nigh didn't Duncan? Has, though, Duncan is any one? I don't want to watch porn referenda see anything, but you feel someone blowing yeah like what am I found your beard play in after get its You know I've. I saw the the most impressive thing that I saw was the underwater thing they
have this underwater thing where you why Israel, extending the bottom of the ocean and these fish swim by in a whale swims up to you and you're, looking the will in the eye, and it has this feeling of of mass. Are you really feel like this whales in front of you free, in our midst soul: release at its actual radie footage of awhile, who now it's employee eyes, he generally aerial, but it's amazing. It's amazing, and it just it, gives you this. Well, I first tried virtual reality at Duncans place a ones four years ago, three years somewhere like there, and it was really crude- It was pixelated, it was some silly game and it was really like clunky, but I could see it. I could see it. I could go all I get it. I see where this is going. This is just leaps and bounds, password that is, and there's one game that you play or one experience that you have or you go into this guy's room and he's composing music on a piano and you walk in the room. You can look
up and look around, and while this guy's playing the piano and get up beside him and look at his keys, it's fuckin crazy, that's video! That's a real guy and apparently Duncan says like the porn is just like that you just get. I mean for me the question is, I think Fundamentally, we are all aware: is the image of Well I mean this is not doing it justice because you don't have any control. What about your reality? You don't have any control whether or not you move so you're kind of getting a sense of what happens while others camera moves around, but I met you can underneath that well its body I got on that. I got in the water with a with a humpback whales, Mally well copy. Is a guy you're not allowed to swim with them, but if you're in a little dodgy zodiac like I was, then they get around the rules, one my guy did by holding your legs so long
you're still connected to the boat like yet technically, not swimming sign on alone, swimmer them, as it read for environmental reasons like people decades would go up and like her arm, the new team in them whalers gangs that you need to give him this base and So I had a snow fell into an goggles on and this huge dangers comes looming out. What action is the size of a fucking boss, this mammal the brow AIDS, air, like that, each these time in the Miracle of I deplore my lady biodiversity, dilution of biodiversity of this incredible planet that we live on an then it just sinks down into the crystal blue water until I can just sort of make it out and then it's just disappeared in its old blue blue, and I mean it was like an honest em to whack. You blew a spirit No, I mean you can only let me alone. That thing is just that was born
like squirted out of another wells, vagina and grew up, and now it's just look now. It's do it's thing in a paradigm shift in because of their mass causative ended the oddness of the mobile, even dolphins, I am this thing last summer, where me and my whole family were in the big island, and you gone this sum dolphin excursion. Will it take you on a boat may find these paths of wild dolphins and you just jump into the water with dolphins with snow goals, so you they're swimming around, and you know I did it with my at the time she was five. Did it with my five year, although my cold in her hand and taken her with these dolphins are worth looking down with our goggles knees, dolphins, are swimming right under you, amaze, it's fuckin says It affords nuts I was in the water in Austria in Byron by and was and there the occasional Shaka tax there and quarter glimpse of movement out at the head.
My eye and was like I'll fuck and looked over and could see like a shape and apply a Finn, pierced the word, the water and then like what that means what time to stand still and you like holy shit and then that they, the back Arched out of the water I know. Is I ah thank fucking lard, you dolphin in this kind of dolphins, just diving through the waves icon. There was a video off of Maui, are excuse me off of Malibu really recently where these people? flying a drone over Malibu, and it was only, I think, maybe one or two hundred yards, from swimmers surfers- and this is Fuckin Monster great white shoes. Swimming around it they're looking for some new chomp on they're out there Currently like really common offer although realising that now because a drones whose people far those drones and have you done those
You I have an operated at myself, not another aspect of virtual reality. Fascinating you put these virtual reality goggles on clear on this a and as the drone is flying. You feel, like you re ass. I did that in the Pacific Northwest or look for big foot Duncan, and I requested coincidentally and this This drone is flying over the tree tops, and it really does you have the sensation of flight. That's what I want is. I still want to be a pilot, I'm a huge aviation path like I'm part of the travel hacking community, though the bunch of nerds who figure ways to fly first class, all over the place using credit card frequent flyer moccasined, ITALY's wrangle, tracking tremble hacking, yet another was really adds. Great may not fly programme, the world First class, with least too three times as long as many times. I have time for one flights that would cost twenty. Thirty thousand dollars a flight from heroes, tyrant first on a good airline, is twenty three twenty two twin
you had ass yet misuse points is miles got so I'm a huge making. You look like you think that I'm coming the crime, not I'm not your own little insecurities I've got an, I feel, like I'm insane interaction with law enforcement doing so, but whose credit card or you are not going to, but I avoid I mean I reckon flight- would be the most amazing thing. I loved that I've been meaning to get around to like learning to hang lied or paragraph one of those types of things. I think that would be a great hubby who have you seen the new inside of planes that their building the building a scanty Sainz aspect: oh yeah, I'm not sure and to do that, but you may passenger planes where the interior are easier. The exterior I've seen them cops. If there were apparently there thinking about making, it are there and development, but the if it becomes a reality, the ultimate goal is be flying, and essentially what feels like a convertible? Yes,
entire top of the plane is going to be a screen? never look up and see the actual sky above I mean they could do it on the floor as well. If they wanted to shore freak, you out feel like you to sitting in a chair flying through space. I sometimes wonder what the express experience would have been like for life People on the major airlines playin the blood was blown up over Ukraine. Will I go with you? No one minute you're at thirty four thousand feet and then because those explode, the way that those anti aircraft missiles go is thy blob outside the the plane. Just immediately outside it and then they all of the shrapnel shadows, the Wayne and blow out the light in the pot year. So did they shoot them thing down, ordered a bomb blow up on the plane they shut it down. So the the Russians. So it was a russian shot a plain down from here but the Malaysia Airlines Plain that went down image by waiting room it who shot that Dounia, basically so Putin arming. It wasn't intentional that in no was a passenger planes,
so precisely during- was the Ukrainian Putin annex Crimea and was basically fermenting a revolution in Ukraine because he resented the ukrainian government being paid. Western and pro american missile? they were sending in russian my special forces in law not in russian uniforms, but our secret service guys, no that they are russian backed and russian find they using military hardware that only Russia could have gotten them that a ragtag bitten team of Ukrainian Rebel separately would never have been able to get on their own, such as an anti aircraft. Marsala can shoot a plain out of the sky from thirty four thousand feet now. There are lots of conspiracy theories that it puts put out by Moscow about. This is, of course, Russia does not accept it I think that it was the west. I think that it was the Ukrainians or whatever, but It was a Malaysia airlines, jet that was flying from Amsterdam to acquire Lumpur full of quite a lot of people who- two Melbourne actually, which is why I did quite a few stories on it.
And, on the other, to mobile for Big AIDS conference- was a big National AIDS Conference is actually a lot of the world's best bigger best aids. Scientists and research has died in that in that crash, and they were just lying and they ve been in the air. For a few hours and they were going over ukrainian airspace and the rebels sore speck in the sky and the the wouldn't be a passenger plain wine is sooner think that there was a warning that passenger jets shouldn't be going over that area. And using so there was no lightly enough. Yet I assume that it as a military plane, and they used when I issued and across things in it, it's self God. It's hate seeking so goes straight to the thing and then just as its is its next to it explodes and the points within two and literally drop out of the sky and I Does wonder like what is the experts. Periods when you're sitting there do you have a half a second time to know what's happening when you, you must write
The deceleration is so fast that I've heard I to say you wouldn't really know what's happening. You just said if you pass out because all of a sudden you going from what Fun miles an hour downtown and rapid, rapid decent Some of you see all of a sudden. Its neo is no hair. It's me there's no air anymore, this its roots freezing cold, but I mean some people I would have imagined would be. So my momentarily aware that something horrible, as happened in that suddenly it's called in that they tumbled of sky, it's kind of weird too, so I don't want that kind of flight. Joe Dunaway. Popped into my head story. I want some kind of like that's, not good remaining on the listen to virtual reality. Do you think? Do you not think that we are so fundamentally creatures of community of communion of communication that
this disturbing envision of all of us, just sitting sallow, where I had set on expanding our own experiences, is unlike Lee. I tend to think that you're gonna be ways that we will find ways to use it to connect us more rather than less, because what makes it anything new that's not a gimmick. Like I don't know, I can't foresee what virtual reality will become like when film was invented. They started out just by doing here an image of esteem, train and people? Like all my goodness, it's like it looks like there's a steam drain, but no one knew what the fuck do it if it took a while took years took decades before the craft and out of cinematography and film making became a thing, and I don't know that we know yet what virtual reality will become at the moment. It strikes me as to something like wow it'll, become everything and become it's not gonna become any one thing. Some time ago, and only one direction all these directions it were proposing are not just possible, but most likely inevitable.
And whether or not we are creatures of community. This a lot of people to see community online and that's the only way they get community and it's very optimistic and a lot of them when you find out who they are as people there really fucked up. One of the reasons why there seeking community on line is because they don't have community in the actual physical world and their disenfranchise. Eyes in their loners or their there on the spectrum. Were this there's a bunch different factors, a bunch of different social misfit, that are finding community online. I no place we can go. We could see the same people online literally eighteen hours a day every day. He will that are on disability and they get checks and they never leave the house and all they do is pay for their internet connection in food, and that is where they exist and that is really comment. So, if that's really common in oh there's, probably a million plus people out there they're doing that every day, what's gonna stop them from going virtual, they
you know very well and I think, a lot of other people will as well. If you think about what we're doing with phones Tells you go into a restaurant. You see a table for seven people. No one's talk, no gender, everyone staring at their phone. You mean this is a view of form. A virtual reality you ain't going into the reality that exist on your phone. What He was going on your constantly updating it constantly checking your facebook fee deceive whose posted some interesting. You clicking videos and instead talking to each other, you showing each other some shit, that's on your phone. That is really common right now it is a big fuckin problem. The thing is, I think, a party of not less than we know our should fear. Big Jay Oakerson did a podcast with their on the roof of this building and they were peeping Tom in on this couple is about to have sex and they both start talking on the phone play with their phones, the woman strata when this man she's looking at her phone and the guy, is underneath the girl. He said something to his father.
I I know if his spying on p does is to pervert creep I think it s eyes. I donno. What's what it's doing to our heads, but let because, like so a friend a friend of mine, is a stand up. A hearing in a way, and he not. I first got rid of his smartphone in favour. Flit fund already there too, and then he got rid of his flip phone. Favor of a home landline with an old fashioned answering machine with a type in it because he feels like he enjoy thinks there's a virtue in being board, then there's something to be on board that your brain needs the space of having to con. Europe imagination in its own right in order to lead you to the muse. Could you never know when it's gonna hit? So you know constantly? I mean I think back When I was a kid and.
If you made arrangements to go and see a movie with a body of yours, when I was fifteen- and you said what made it that movie theater at five, and They were gonna, be light. There was no way for you to No, that that we're gonna be seven minutes late and during those seven minutes there was nothing for you to do, and it's amazing to me that I am amazed that that's the case. It's me, to me that now I can't even really imagine just standing on a street corner outside a movie theatre for seven minutes. Being totally unruffled by the fact that a friend is seven minutes late and being perfectly comfortable just doing what guy looking at the sky looking at passes by yeah. That's what people have done for thousands of years when they had to wait for something and that space that just psychic space
of not having the ability to check who taught me to let me on twitter, but what it what's goin on Facebook. What am I missing? What's happening? We know well Guph was delayed, is far from my friends was the latest news thing is going down just standing there. They life used to be punctuated by moments like that all time yet- and I wonder wit whether those are the moments in which you come up with ideas for the book that you want a ride or the stand up. If you want to do with a painting you wanna paint, although I know that that you want to make MA can or you hinges actually work. A lot of people think the muses supposed to come to you when you're bored. How about you sit in front of your desk, you fuckin lazy, bitch and actually right. You know, there's that too, I mean, I think he s a jurist absolutely in argument for not being constantly entertained by electronics, is actually an argument for that baron off ass, the best one I think, gum I let is well, I think,
flexion in time alone and also, I think the way to mitigate that is discipline. The gaff to have this and you have to have no one's allowed people. Don't I don't- and I appreciate moments of guys to love flying before he had sent back televisions because it was a good excuse. To just read and his gaze at the window and think now I watch tv there yeah I'm in this eminent discipline, shit now, but you didn't you get a lot of things done. I do it I mean I like a lot of creative people beat myself up a lot for not getting more done. I mean I look at. I look as well. I get a lot done, financing wedding. Everyone looks at you and thinks foundations Moloch. I will just did a lot of shit. He seems to have. Shit together, guys like you and him Ferris you like an ethnic robins up you're always doing. Yeah. But there's a lot of us. Other creative people spend a lot of time like scratching ahead. Scratching arouses here's a dirty. Secret. I'm never satisfied yet I'm not everything
I ate everything I do have a podcast great, I'm happy and everything like that, but I get very little satisfaction from it. I just all, I think, is the next one's got to be good to. Let's, let's make sure asked his good. Let's make sure the subject matters, be you have not done that today. Have God was getting easy, you're a good, but I've had some gas before we like oh Jesus, sort of dual the heavy lifting fuckers any refinishing sentences of happy boycott. Before, especially, people who don't know how to do podcast or they haven't done them before I mean casting itself is kind of a work of art is very pretentious way to describe it, but I mean it the creation and there's something that's going on. You have to be aware of how people going to perceive this creation, how they're gonna ingested and it has to be a smooth you can make it and you have to learn from our mistakes and you have to make sure you not talking over each other too much but also Catlett, someone, ambled too much as well. Sometimes he would get boring they. Drone on about things in their owner in their own space, and you got to kind of pull them out of their space
so. There's others like a craft to at all, but I do a lot. Different things, but one of the reasons why do a lot of different things is that they all kind of symbiotic we connect together and some sort of where'd way, in that I love them all. Roy doing the mall, whether its comedy or Mme commentary or podcasting, they all do sort of flow together. I mean it into its interesting that you say that, like there's a craft upon casting in terms of how I'm we were talking about this a little bit last night with SAM Harrison on my part, cost about Why should you interrupt and when should not interrupt Bing is I find that sometimes I'll be criticised. For interrupting somebody on my podcast and as far as I'm concerned, what I'd the last thing I My podcast to be, or any form of entertaining conversation to be is just a sequence of speeches than people. Give to one- and I mean this- is one of the things that appealing about your podcast. Will you come into this with a two to three hour stretch ahead of you,
with absolutely no idea, what's gonna happen and no preconceptions about where it's gonna go, and the joy of it is the is the dance Why does being to play like? I don't know what we talked about in five minutes time of night of the year? So it's interesting to find out- and I feel like if you are to nice to other people and don't interrupt them in order to create that dance, then you bet this. Basically, person standing on the sidelines and another person I do that the two step or the flamenco by themselves. The debt depends on who the guest is like. The certain guess, like Doktor Rhonda. Patrick, is perfect example at all. I do. Is wine her up and let her go? I mean, I interact with her a little bit, but as little as possible and she's. Just such a dynamo that all I have to do is proof ask her questions about. You, know the mechanisms, certain vitamin absorption or whatever we're talking about cold shock therapy whenever the fuck it is and she just goes so in that case, if I wanted to chime in and have a normal conversational fuck up the flow of accomplishing Ryan,
right, so you gotta know you that I have that that there were as you and I we always have these silly conversations goes all over the place where laughing were serious. It's it's very fluid and it goes back and forth you like, I M, not a fuckin medical experts therein were not experts in anything on them, which, which is what kind of what I like, like being a Polly math. I like having a lot of things in life from pies and Polly, Math, Polly, math a person who is up for his good at can. Can we get a definition on polygraph Jamie? I understand it a person, who's interested in and good at several different discipline as that focus on one I prefer, They saw smile, a renaissance meant a person of wide ranging knowledge or learning. Will export olenin spans a significant number of different subject areas: that's up and expertise, many expertise, personas
draw on complex bodies of knowledge. To solve specific problems will let the wiki I was now look at the one above I was using the general, the general use a wide range of knowledge or learning small, that system more pronounced version of it or Molly math. I, like it How much time do you spend distracted by phone? I travel moral bless lately than ever. I've been really good about over the last few months. Like I want to. I was in the Nevada, high country in a desert last week, just now for a whole week I love this. I love that. I love that just feel isthmus, so I bought my ticket to LA. I have a few meetings at here, I'm always here at the last minute, so I never have a plan in advance. I send Joe a text, don't hear from him for a couple of days. He gets back to me sorry I've been in the wilderness like I'm. My image of you is like didn't. Have any cell phone reception you're out in the wood and in my brain, your like you naked on the back of a whole- a slight shooting out now
I was trying to shoot mule dear, who has in the desert ass, camping and data a group of friends we're on a high trip were there for seven days, no cellphone reception, no people occasionally saw another hunter, that's it. Would just say on public land in the wilderness and chasing after dear Timor, seven days no cell phone eminently now. No, there is five of us total one, two, three, four, five, six six hours, total great yeah budget off into two groups. We brought food body, are freeze dried foods. These things called mountain ops, they do add water to them. This freeze dried fruit and dehydrated foods and we brought some whole foods, some actual real food. We ate that all by the like the fourth or fifth day, and then we eating that shity.
Freeze, dried stuff, but we're hold them. We're gonna eat it dear, but we struck out, but it was a very fine time and even just for the just the release of just being disconnected from society there. But point is: I tried do that several times a year. I do that maybe five times a year but More importantly, I leave that fuckin thing alone more than I have ever done before. I treat that thing like its. If I spend too much time with it, it's gonna give me a disease. I think it does putting it does- and I don't know why I don't know- what's changed, I'm trying to put my finger on what it is. That? My relationship, especially to Twitter, that has changed? Is it the very souls that would enable. So many assholes you really like in my real life people do getting contact with the make me feel awful. Various most Zira, almost zero, so huge used to hang out with your friends, you choose to hang out with your acquaintances, all the people that you know you interact with people and even if I meet someone there, a stranger, nine
nine point nine times when I meet them, it's a plus interaction is very rare that I find someone who is a really truly rude or where it can be worked out. Where you can't. Walk away from it with any feeling good. But this thing this one two dimensional conversation or you don't know who the person is. You don't know what we're there coming from you, dont know what their agenda is. You don't know what there I've is like you, don't know anything about them and they say something in me react that one hundred and thirty plus characters- So there are two problems right. One is the the absence of distress the distracted mess that it kind of fast as in our lives, the fact that it rob at least in my experience, I only speak for me. It robs me of moments in that could exist throughout the day right by plunging by you know. We know physiologically that it gives you a little
open main hit. Every time you noticed that someone's mentioned you on Twitter and said something about him and you get through that they done like men, yeah he's of people tat you get a little hit yellow drug hit. I mean just a tiny drip, drip drip it's like having a little piece of candy packages get dripped all day. The sinner outages drip away. What people do drip drip drip? Yes, yes, fuckin, crazy and as such, is that this fact that I'm constantly getting that little hit by by logging on what is that an energy thing you rating this is forebrain other bank this issue is a gallop, was a contain. I mean I know I should know this, because I know that you're, the guy doing about it, ok, I fear is no. It handles now he died. The Roma there's only two left Hannibal stole it, he sent me. He sent me a text messages morning laughing about how we my offer brain and I got is addressing my skin- dress or scented each did he say anything else about about last night. Nano look I mean I don't. I'm too failed
what I don't feel bad when it comes out. Around you release it he's gonna real they're, not gonna, know release. Maybe he may be Samuel you'll burn down, while this comes back to Twitter, they'll feel bad. If they read to it and they will feel bad. If then, I try to stay off twitter and so that this is interesting, in addition to it being a kind of a little drug that UKIP in your pocket that stop you from from just being alone with yourself seeing that Louis Eco Bit by the way about he, I think, he's on code, and where is your about? Why doesn't want to give his daughters, the of phone because, like he's like you know that You see he was stopped in traffic lights and he felt something inside that he didn't like, which was like the experience of being human. And so you Rachel phone and they realised that. That's what we do like them: we start to feel the great emptiness of being alive, we reach traffic.
But one on one occasion he didn't reach for his phone and he pull over the side of the road like. So bowling his eyes out- and it was so cathartic and so beautiful than he recovered, and he like had this wonderful spirit, all those on experience how the free he saw crying do entirely noticing song like some solar radiation, it was so beautiful. Anyway, he gets waxes all lyrical and gets all poetically gay grown over Gina right in front of our eyes? Yet it here, firstly, Geronium says you have the giant sorry but anyway, that's that his point is like that's. What part of the expiring of being human is all about. Iran is sigh, the road with a car. Listen, created by machine, so human, maybe the writings african pussy, So, in addition to that then you're talking about people tweeting only right now we can you don't even have a twitter anymore. It's wise deleted twitter. While he sells up
Madison Square Garden year. What does he need money to fuck? It were disappointed. I was one of these schmuck. She bought a ticket to see him in Madison Square Garden. A couple weeks months now, I'm thinkin I used to seeing when he was at the seller like Is there a way I was it? There are some common aspen comedy festival and saw him with fifty pay when the room. Why am I gonna be sitting? I feel I feel like it's not gonna be the same in the garden we definitely not saying because it's a different show. You know what I hear yeah bolt. So what wanted to see a stadium. So you could see the commissioner here all the time I just come over to my place and due to my living room should just go weird really he's cry and your invite, nor we try and I'm gonna, be on virtual reality. Watching porn is, can we do in a bit yeah man, it's gonna, be different, he's doing a big gigantic shows in making a lot more money. Doing tat wish. Is that what you apparently emptied out his bank account to create Diana horror Series now Harrison It was the animated series, that's not animated hypocrisy
Are some pages is like a an old school kind of multi, cam no studio audience. I never wanted. Somebody tell me, was animated who sit coming thick ice assume they are right. It was enemy. No, it's not our. Why hasn't unrolling as its icon, That is what it is so what is a good? It is innovative in a way that only an otter like Lui would have the balls to pull off. Is that attack for urging this ocean so I'll get it just kidding. I wanted first, so he's P, Fox You write like remember his original Louie Lucky Louis HBO, like that was done to beat you sort of like the honeymooners in one with bad sets that gotta shook him like you know studio I was like a very sort of nineteen sixties, sitcom feel and everyone criticized because they like a production values, a terrible news like we're? We fuck no
that is not like me, doesn't have the money to get a good said if we wanted to good said supposed to look like an old sitcom, but it's a very sort matter. Like fuck, you cept and in a similar way. What is done here is he's basically done a a dramatic sort of almost nineteen seventies, english style, play that is shot, with no studio audience with very, very very long scenes and long takes that's very dark and a bit whimsical funny, but I've. I only got through a few episodes than it. Although I respect it just wasn't away that. I wanted to spend my if it makes him the other does make sense. You mean it. It's a piece of art yet creating something, and also when you are creating something like, especially when it comes to sit com or something along those lines. It takes a long time for it to find its legs free to figure out like what the characters are all about and what the house how the scenes are gonna play out every sit com.
I've ever seen or the ones that have been a part of they take many many many episodes yet to create like what to figure out what, but it acts and then along the way, the gift of someone who believes in it and financing fun. And held him did all that shit Amazon but yet emptied out his fuckin banking and he's already made it back so now everything from now on it now he hasn't made any sales of it, so he made it all back just from internet sales according to him, and then whatever sale he up making if he sells Netflix or whatever he's apparently waiting for the Amis, because he wants to he's hoping we'll get. Some of them will be in a stronger and position, but all of that will be profit. Hunter percent profit dad's interesting, so he did make the money back so complained about it and then, after complained about it, he made more money. I think complaining about it thing was he claims that was just a bull shit, media spin. He was on how it I think I think it was announced and shall live, not hidden lie what he was saying, his point but he was saying that he spent all his money when he was like king, about our like
spend all my money on this thing, and I have no idea if it's gonna work and then some fuckin click by media outlets was always seek. I broke after you know, losing all his money on a show you like. No, I never expected to get my money back immediately. It is an experiment I put my money and investment, and now let me say not if that was all the money that he had and he was just doing them. Then he had to go on tour mean those parliament saying that has gone on tour for more money because he had emptied his bank count yes but that's different from losing your running right ran Louis the invested his money in this thing and now and then and while he was waiting for it to pay. If we are to pay it off, Bunch of news. Articles came out about how we had no money. Well, that's what people want here. They don't want to hear what a wonderful investment NOS eight and, what creative venture. There was profitable riots here that then hear these a loser now certain dicks for homemade. Why made an end? Any people grows where they want to hear about failure
about a guy that it has a you know, are reasonable, so risk and it pays on it's not gravestones. Already successful yeah not known Why are we like that? do we want? It is exciting, see, accidents, viewpoint, you want to see someone a fly, buying a motorcycle, you don't wanna, see some fly by another guy changes lanes and that goes for technological changes, lanes oblige, z, blood at least, see apply in a second W beetle on the highway on the way here, shod burned. The crisp on the side of the road when the cops around it well that a thing in LOS Angeles that I shouldn't be aware of what is our insurance or something or that is it a massive accident could win anything. We could use fire. You know in a car catch fire, but didn't
the w go through some weird fuckin shit, where they rely and about the diesel. But this is not about ass. This was a beetle that schools was yet from this. They are new ones not at another. Was the little fake daisies and that probably caught on fire? Those are shipping. Well, I'm definitely said that was not everybody that we share with all its like CS: Ivy, W beta, ok, Joe Joe fixed. It was on fire was deafening on five minutes done around in a car that accident we kind of are. Actually I have now that you mention that year when I was a kid we we were staying in the UK and we would, driving a friend's Jaguar, JANET, say: Jaguars Jaguar, and it was It is incredibly expensive. This guy's a multi multimillionaire big star in the UK, and so we are driving lens it to us for a week and while we then and its nineteen sixties, vintage thing and we drawing near the countryside and the car catches on fire. No,
So my parents had to pay to restore the his vintage Jaguar. Because he was letting us uses place, letting us drive a car, it's kind of a deal. You know when I can accept money order, but whatever a card does not catch on fire does if it's a nineteen sixty vintage Jagger, but it doesn't catch on far because of your fault of Sun FARC is a piece of shit lowly gonna! Let you piece of shit. He knew was a piece of shit because it's a nineteen sixty car you're driving around and acted like a piece of shit and caught on fire and wants you to pay out of ballot fuck, you buddy. How do you get your wires check that I see you for almost killed me hate it when you start? Are he didn't want us to pay? We didn't know how much was it live in and around. It acted like a piece of shit and caught on fire and wants you to pay out of balance fuck, you buddy. How do you get your wires checked and I see you for almost killed me hate it when you are, he didn't want us to pay. We didn't know how much was it, but I remain.
I was a child one on a child programme lot of about twelve. There was a lot. I remember my parents feeling like a with a lot of money and wait because like smoke, just got a pouring out of the back seat between my signature. Didn't even have a fucking. Our extinguisher fuckin shit box here, goddammit mad, a mad. Now british engineering acts on he was a wealthy goddess, got airy wealthy. What he's a piece of shit you let her! I want such an expensive car parents were. They were not rich in Ireland Bay. He didn't make pay they refused to accept his offer of to reimbursement. Oh so they were fully before they insisted on. Pan should abide somewhat that money. They probably did them up here. It's a nice people, jobs are good housing, stock, they're gonna, take money coming from friend of as yeah, but it's its debts tricky man. First of all, what a wonderful guy for them,
You borrow this night. Yes, sixty some to jump out those old, jaguars or so bad ass. Look into that long front knows TAT guy what a fuckin notices even before so I'm trying to think of what model that is with the very very long knows. This is the one before that which was around her around kind of shaped from memory put up german come on what it is. What what? What was the shape of Jackson? The light in the late sixties was talk about again, guzzler I mean you know it's in fee. Twa wasn't yet be away, I'm not even sure it might have been an in line. Eight. Would that make sense could have innovate. Twelve may not things up on anything about all J spare. No one has a duty to help. It was it was that they were certainly aid or twelve. It was not. You know it was not nuthin expense at it was one of those was nineteen sissies Jaguar M came to a pretty car incredible
it was a kind of car aware. When you stopped at the lights, people wrote wind down. They windows we might see the one next to it is the one I was thinking of the real one year is out one James bond style, so dope allow and type ii type. Nineteen sixty is eaten up those. Oh pretty, you know they make those now with modern underpinnings you can buy. One of those is companies they. They take an old Jaguar II type, but they put a completely modern, suspension breaks in modern engine, and so you look like you're driving like that. I had a car, but you drive and that's a real new things. There don't call resto moths, that's great super com and I haven't. I t sixty five corvette like that really air I love. It's got five. What's a sixty, can you show me selecting arrive at this picture? Lemon seemed I did a video J Leno. We did a Raj arriving around out. There all checked represent Dounia, I regret
I heard him when you show is well you anemone Riots, Marquette, that's great. A love, those that's gotta, Eric Have you got a kind of you You don't say: So now don't have done a lose that the common man touch, I'm Devlin! Well, you have lost over, but dad that has a five hundred horse power, LS one supercharged engine under the and it only ways like she's less than three thousand pounds specially causes a convertible at what point during did J come in his pants immediately yeah! Beware of change pants for tighter animal, but it some I was speaking of common in now and then I'm gonna go the auto oil touch of out there. You know, when you know in the filter between your brain in your mouth is no more floodgates. Come on nice, it's just something personal among your call, and so I just want to come back.
Awkward subway? How do we go from there? it means that the problem is that the actual thing is so much less interesting than whatever is in everybody's brain. So deal is not. I understand he is a is a piece of advice whatever, whatever you are thinking about right now, when you heard we talk about coming vat. Is more interesting than the reality. The story and I was gonna tell you also just hang onto that: less invokes whenever you don't we have to show next podcast attire. I will break our bond of trust, violate violator, pressing now, basically had to do I'll. Tell I'll tell you that that day, the skeleton of the of the story, which is that there is a medical procedure, that I am a pot of at the moment which a which requires me to potentially it's my bf related thing. Right
so I'm meeting earlier this week, ivy I mean in vitro fertilisation, wanna, make a baby and yes can see always up. She made a baby. So so I didn't. I would my baby now has two Roma babying ride a soup african superhuman Buddy, I'm basically trying to create laying down ITALY, I believe the twins in creating the ultimate became a machine, but I had a meeting at eleven, a m on the same morning that I had to die night. My sperm sample this this wake few days ago, and saw him in the mating and like is not on that. Well, I'm not really feel in it. So when I was like guys jargon for. I literally so eloquently said to them these really, these important entertainment types, those guys I gotta- by going to be blunt Early this morning I came into a buck, and created a human. What the fuck did you do before eleven? I kept. My efforts are bored with yeah Congress. A matter here up you would do.
Half posts live. Why did you stop doing that? The whole thing? Basically, gradually imploded yeah I got out. In January the president of half post live. Who was the founding editor of loving imposed, who sort have helped create with area Anna had been fired, Slash supposed Leap resigned in November, and now I was fired, Slash supposedly resigned what last week or two weeks fire the Huffington. Hundreds of a host happens. You ask other people from money, yeah sickly, so we so half post was bought by oil in two thousand and eleven. I watch my statement. Aol is money, yeah well sickly Iowa. I will actually do have money because they get money. It's really funny two ways. One is got some proprietary, add software, which is helpful for websites and the second is a lot of people?
America, still unknowingly pay for AOL dot com cause one, they sell you. Will they don't? that they don't have to any more like that when they were so unlike in the nineties, that would send out cds. Apparently I wasn't here then, but they like AOL was the voice of the place where Americans got online, and so those here we go to allow more millions, Vienna Money, two point, one million to lose dial up and they pay. They would for that scroll. That down. I want to read that, oh, my god, Seventy percent of Americans are connected to the internet over much faster broadband. The average you have broadband be Bob Bob LAW to an intense faster than the fifty six k per second dial up, even smart phones, and what a hundred times faster than the year, so that average AOL dial up user is paying twenty bucks a month. Woe
when you got some large and powerful dial up space should pay you for dialogue, and if so, what is this people that just live like really Super Roy recycling? They probably can't get it yeah, that's right or they are just all mix, and they don't know about. That's amazing so she so AOL. Basically I mean they say that I AOL Board having imposed, but really it was area. Essentially becoming a senior me. In a drawer of AOL or whatever had title was at a well because AOL had no future and they were like our have posed is cool with the kid. So, let's have slept getting on some of that action than last year of the rise and bore a well and in part of that whole shake up the No, she got ousted, I mean, let's be frank, she is eccentric and has her own hobbyhorses. Like her, I mean she spends a lot of time on a boyfriend,
is that is abhorrent. Is a hobbyhorse of being in the Americans at everything. Two thousand old, rich lady: I order you need money further, Jim sure, I'm not yet in giving Niagara said Aunt em over. Do you want to fuck Jaguar, not boy get it hard. Not a boy to lay a hobby. Horses is a hobby. That, too, is is a personal interest that you spend way too much time on extensive yeah. I mean it might be programme strain him, and She spends, in other words, you spells out I'm going around the world giving speeches about. Why should get more sleep? Really? He began to sleep that's a throughout our book about it. How much d, need she had a whole book. Really and it will. It is one of those books where you basically know in the first page with the whole book is going to be with, and I just had out the remaining hundred eighty pages. That's one of us and it's just about how much
to recover dont get enough sleep maintain that it is the same with alarming you're alive, listen, you're, rich lady, most people are registered far, can sleep all time bitch labour evolution, Amity, fuckin people. I know that participating in that revolution, unknowingly desire lazy, allows its comets Zapata comics, while fuckin call them before noon. The boy did was totally. I mean I. If it were up to me, I would stop very light and get up pretty light as well. I mean some people just like that. I felt bad about it and then I found out that SAM Harrison TIM first to it as well. So fuck fuck this day a blatant gotta get up late, yeah. Well I'll get my best work done late at night, when I went to sleep and I'll get later, I almost like it sounds so blue, but this is what I believe I,
leave there's a different feeling to the air at. Like two three o clock in the morning has almost everyone is asleep. I feel I does less signal. I think you get something from p, Paul, I think, there's an intangible quality that people exude people express the day they broadcast. And when you around them, that's why certain people have bad energy and some people have good energy and some people warm. Some people are weird, I think, there's a thing that we don't know how to quantify, and then it said it's about people, and I think that is entirely possible if there is a hum of a city like a like a literally a a feeling that you get when a bunch of people are thinking and awake and conscious and you
different expression when those people are asleep, and so I know that when I'm writing a two through clock in the morning which, when I do my best work, everybody else's cocked out, so I feel like I have more clarity I feel like I have more peace like right, better might be told bullshit, but there might be something to it. You write that, as we were totally right possible? It's it's also possible that there, a visual underwater tree cues that just make it feel make you feel like here in a special place right, it's dark! There's! No, there's! No one moving, there's! No one making noises! Here's! Another reason! Why might be interested in believing that? Not you at your same what I'm saying, because when I go on these camping trip, Caesar hunting troops were no cell phone service. There's a very different feeling too. The whirlwind is no service. You feel different. Like you feel, when your cell phone has I service, no cell phone, no internet, no signals, there's no nothing, but how
How would the thinking hum of the human mind get transmitted through your phone? I dont not to phone and not is transmitted to your phone. I'm thinking that there are signals that you are receiving all the time like in this room. We have wifi their cell phone. There's radio. I says a lot of shit in the air and it is there that all of those waved them how resonate new consensus. I dont know you can't know my computer. Can I know my phone, but do you think you can sense the mental states of other human beings, but I wonder what he was saying that it was what I was saying, but I'm thinking that there is more than one kind of signals say that is being expressed. Not just my people but by society in general, the hum of the city, the buzz the alive? I know the feeling you get of New York City like it's a lie? Yes, absolutely! I wonder if that's not, because
dealing with seven million people stuffed into this little tiny area out. On top. Definitely it's definitely that the question is what is the transmission mechanism rabbi, which vat presence makes itself known and they want a total I know what you mean about campaign, because one of the most beautiful them in places that I could the debate is in the out back at night. Nothing around four miles. I love deserts, love yeah drive through Nevada once and I've done the couple of trips around Australia right deepened, the middle of nowhere and there's just something so I mean for start the blazing sky of just stars, so bright that if anyone hasn't seen them? You would not believe that this guy could be that right now and then, the Sheer Silas silence, so silent, it's just its. Almost a noise in itself, the almost a deafening noise in the in the absence of noise is not just a silence of feeling. It's an absence of signal,
the silent and an absence of signal. I think we become accustomed to the signal of a city. The signal of all the people in all the things to be Broadcast is around us and all the waves and all the different shit that where were Experiences unknowingly might be bullshit, but am I mean, there's there's people, they ve been concerned with wifi. Their concern with wifi there is not a long history of us using wifi or even seventies, cellular signals. We know for a fact that they interfere with bees, bees form of communication. It gets interfered with buy, sell towers, right cell towers and cell phone signals in general and that all these signals at her throat the here there are reaching your and my phones and everyone else is fond of the bees are actually taking these things into they think that so now, is it one explanation for why wiles beach himself? Why so many migratory patents underwater? If I fucked up as well of you, communicating with each other buzz buzz and all
there had jackhammer. In the background, I don T know what the fuck is that bullet that I think that this they think that soda is one explanation for why wiles beach themselves and why so many migratory patents underwater if a fucked up as well of you, heard that that theory, this hold any sense. You know that that the Military- and the young. The? U S military does, kinds of I don't I remember the name of it, but real long distance on us that you know really really reaching out part of the spying system I think is: is it may not be sonar? Maybe, but anyway, the gist of this is correct, even if the details that they they basically blanket, united, hundreds or thousands of miles of ocean in these things that we can't hear them We thought had no impact on anything, but that can, but you can noticed behavioral changes in in wiles vast system, away from these submarines at conducting these things? So it's entirely conceivable that, with in a bees and other animals tuned into things that were not tuned into I'm in the voting
I love about getting away from all that is like the first day at an hour. If you find this, but I find that the first day The absence of all of that can seem a little bit irritating in some way or a little bit like there's nothing to do like I feel so to fidgety? When I first go to the desert? That's why you got your hunting, but well, yeah that'd be great. Do about that at all. They were very primal task in front of job, but I mean after three four or five days, then you use your pace. Just slows down into it almost makes me feel some kind of kinship to aborigines or something like people who are a lot more connected to land and time than I am living in New York City here, and you get into adjusted different sort of head space relationship to the earth and the soil in the sky and allow a minute salary. He beat me, but you can definitely feel it when you they're yeah does on Heavy Debbie, but I think you're right, there's something went on and on
there's something going on? That's natural new, dear you're, disconnected from all this unnatural stuff there so attractive to Us mean the reason why you sing these people at dinner, all touching their phones and play with their phones? Something is happening to them right, there's some sort of compelling thing. It's not there that compelled to read it. I, because if you had books and for these people would they be on those books assume with reading people's tweets? Now they will, focus and concentration where this is this is the big thing this is them with with is a book called the shell bye I did a segment on this discovery site channel chokehold based on is Google making a stupid witches dino that book visible, Is Google making a stupid now and there's this kind of ideological battle between these two guys come over their names? One of the Nicholas another about the question of is all of this technological input
we are making a smart, because we got so much more dotterine that fingertips and was somewhat more nimble, intellectually or is it making more stupid because, when more reliant on outside sources of data, we have to remember things anymore, and we constantly skipping across the surface of information instead of digging down into it, and I think it's me in question about you say with those people reading books will know and do they even read as many books as they would have. If you know what, if I lived a hundred years ago because. That Ireland can be made that were really good. These days, it multitasking we're really good at jumping from Facebook. Twitter to the next thing took what I'm writing something, but then a little I email pops up and then a text message comes through, so I'm constantly track on constantly busy, but there's that old line of color who said yes, you're busy ants are busy But what's the point ran right? What are you up to? What are you doing? What are you being productive? Are you a bit? efficient. Are you achieving anything? That's really important. Eu business
this is the scourge of the of modern life no way, because it gives you a fake way of feeling, like you doing something when you actually when you actually not and the argument is year what better juggling all this shit than someone in the eighteen hundreds would have been would have been bought out, capable of having the pace, to read Dostoevsky, could you read Moby Dick they like? people sit down, really devote themselves to a deep dive, rather than just crossed the surface. We can, if you put that thing down for little We support your hand, my my buddy list. Disinclined to doing that. I think so. I think something's going on I think something's going on that. We haven't quite recognise yet, and I think one of things is going on with cell phones. His this is ace yep towards this symbiotic relationship that we're gonna have with computers and internet and in communication, and What we're talking about with virtual reality is a part of that, and it's all becoming more more integrated, more more in
basic and more and more prevalent, and I think what we're doing so this time and time again so forget me. If you heard this before other people were listening, I think we are a caterpillar that is giving birth to some sort of an electronic butterfly. I think we are going to become something different, and I think this is a step I think we're building a cocoon rebuilding an electronic. You can buy encompassing engrossing ourselves in these. Electronic aids, these things that were connecting to constantly all may we are getting more and more attach them to point. Where the other day I left my phone in my house, I drove down the street and panicked. Had a? U turn right back around how'd? You live I'm just what did you do? I'm just gonna go to store rockwork. I couldn't do that. My format fuck my phone turned around and that feeling is we it's a weird feeling its. If it's a strange feeling- and I think that that feeling
is there something, I think is a natural thing that we're doing. I think that as technology becomes, more and more innovative and it more more power four and it can do more and more things for you and connect you two more and more p. More and more and more different in involving ways. I think it's going to avoid surely lead to the next step and that next step is some sort of an, integration of it into your biology. I want to get to that. One second of gift said that to me before, and I think it's really interesting on the question of leaving you phone at home and freaking out, I mean another. This comes back to the lab anecdote that I was telling earlier about the friend of a friend who's. A comic has gotten rid of his phone because I love podcast list upon us all. The time love your show, love a whole bunch of different. If we have different- does- and I will habitually be listening to a pocket while brushing my teeth. Listening for podcast, while I'm driving around your what it wherever it.
And today I was interviewing, Andy can leather comic fur, my podcast, and he, like literally, he was downstairs at the hotel where I was staying and just to go down and pick him up. I had accepted the room without my phone to us nor pod cost. I walked back into my room, opened the podcast up on my phone put my friends and find the pot I thought I was listening to waste like twenty five seconds. I want a minute task because haven't I should go outside and get it an elevator and go down and made binding law without listening to what fifty five fucking say in view of the latest radio lab episode. I have listened to: how DOM am I, how distracted do I need to be by people speaking in my ears were unconscious, be with myself for an elevator ride from the seventh fucking floor in your defence? How engaged are you in this wonderful podcast?
your gaining Alice knowledge in this fascinating, an intriguing you'll want to let it go. Thank Joe. I feel that How much do I owe you for this session so gives it being a friend if we are, if we are building a cocoon, then is the butterfly official, intelligent, yes and do play a role like cause. We become it occurs. While will say yes occurs, while will say that the artificial, until the whole question of artificial intelligence is slow. Thirdly, a red herring because we will but become the artificial intelligence we will unify ourselves with machines in such a way that human, until genes, the biological intelligence and artificial intelligence become essentially indistinguishable. I think it's possible. That's true. I also think it's possible that we could have both. Wicked wicked, literally, have artificial life forms that we have created, along with us being inner connected with some
sort of computer that enhances our intelligence that we carry with us everywhere, or that is a part of our body and that it becomes something like Cresswells talked about these Computers is narrow computers that are a small red blood cells that they can. The object to our bloodstream define cancer and rare diseases and all the things. I think this is entirely possible to do something that is going to intelligence and then you going have something that you can inject into your body and you gonna be like Lucy from that Scarlett Johansson Movie and it's not sigh the realm of possibility that both things can happen. At the same time the EU could have literal artificial intelligence, something that is created by a person that can think and talk. Did you see Ex Mckenna? yes Linda. It actually interviewed both of the the actors and also the the right at the writer of that Alex, forget his name but very interesting. I grew playing with a lot of these biggest
I mean he's genuinely motivated by and address it in the whole question of what it means to be conscious and self aware. Yeah, amazing, amazing movie, but that that that's possible to that kind of thing where you gonna make a fake human you know and it could be confined like they were in some sort of Awayward didn't have the option to ex access the world wide web and Norton have the option to exponentially increase its own abilities because that's, why things at all. These people sort of agree with is that the launch of our? official intelligence is not simply going to be. Oh, my god. We have an artificial intelligence thing here now, but it's gonna be that this artificial intelligence is going to be infinitely smarter than us almost instantaneously, because it's going to innovate. On itself. That's right! So here I mean I've heard SAM talk about this is well. I'm in ten hours worked tell ten thousand years precisely here in a minute of Serbia. Yes, it's it's too late So when you, when you say something to me, my brain,
operating at presumably roughly the same speed that your brain is operating. Neither of us, renewed inebriated mother was incredibly tired. So presumably experience of the passage of time of this conversation for us is roughly one to one may be slightly off. Imagine if every single thing that you said I had the experience of basically wishing for several years, to figure out the perfect way to answer that and then another in order to ensure that the art of Intelligence is going to be so far ahead of that, because we're tunnel I'm the actual telegraph, zero, no radio, and so I've just been sitting here wondering what is the best possible response will, of course, not giving better responses that what I find interesting is, if you make this x, makin a robot I think it will be easier to make a robot that seems took that passes the turing test, but seems to us to be self aware. Then it will be to know whether or not it really is self aware
and- and is there a meaningful difference between this is what's interesting. To me. Is that is there a meaningful difference between a computer that can compete lately convincingly reassure you that it is that it has feelings and a computer that actually fails. When I think there is a feeling away. But what difference does it make here's here's a thing like we're, so connected to this idea that the only life is real is carbon based life of biological intelligence, else: life death, lifespan, and as is its, it's got a finite reality eventually gonna wrought, I mean that's what we think of life, not the only thing it's worth anything does because we're so we're we're we're just so inexorably connected to what we are and that we are merely think that's kind of life
but they're there could easily be a life form that exists in the form of ideas in another. I've often thought about this in terms of like the word of a the word alien, like people who love that expression, alien intelligence and has we have we ever been visited by aliens. I often think that, if intelligent, keeps expanding and keeps growing at the rate that it has with human beings. They compared to people that live a few thousand years ago, versus today, it's impossible, not to conclude that people have gotten far more intelligent, far more capable and have far more abilities than we did weathers technologically or you know what what? What the way we can manipulate matter in our environments fought were far more capable now right now, if we can continue, go from here till you know thousands and thousand Five years from now, we could get to the point where we can inject ideas
and send ideas to each other in the form of like thoughts? Yep now How do we not know that imagination itself is not a life form that want us to continue to innovate and create an build something different that it's not just a function of the brain is such as to form. The fact that the conscious mind to be curious and a by product of art I am as Hunter gatherers in this constant seeking of a food and shelter and and and safety that is, is causing to innovate, but an instead. These ideas are almost like, like a signal that in the mist and that imagination itself, which is responsible for every single thing. You see in this room and in this city and on this planet that human beings have created all of it came out of the imagination.
All of it, and why is this imagination so fucking hungry for innovation? Why don't we have the capacity to recognise that these are small enough. Computers are ass enough tv, big enough. Cars are quick enough. Let's stop right here! Let's stop right here and work for the better. Good, if you may, as every year at you could have said that. That's where you that's. Why fuck, the sixties near ship bag cars in Africa, but they were hasn't people assigned a half century of airline draw those old, shitty jaguars catches on fire up, but you don't say I do. I do right. You're right mean you could have said that. But what is it? What is going on what is imagination? Well, I think anyone who works in the creative field- or maybe anyone who even those who don't will agree that is something mysterious about the muse. Better word right. I mean there are moments when I'm writing, where I was something just drops into my head and, unlike that Scrite, since the only people who write music or who pain to Vienna? They will you get in
in the you find that flow, and it is like your writing something else. It's not like you or the author of it entirely, so it the question of whether or not computers would fit what when you say like what would it mean to say, does a computer actually feel I think dinner? Have you heard of the S eye? What is it like to be a bat? I think it's nothing. It's called Tommy. Nagel. It was a twentieth century philosopher, and this was a founder, also the philosophical S aid only about ten pages, long, really kind of trying to nail down the fundamentals of I come under the field of of philosophy, but it basically a philosophy of mind where his point is. It meaningful to talk about things, having feelings, if you could say like what is it, what is it like to be a an ex an end? So what is it like to be a bad, that's a meaningful question, and you can admit you can sort of look at about brain. You can try to figure out how it
vons to its sonar. What that might feel like is that a kind of a vision is a kind of a sound. If I pick up this cop- and I said what is it like to be- a cop I mean that's essentially meaningless. We may wonder what is it like to be a cop? The copies is norms. And yet it has no input. It has no experience of of life so much question about artificial intelligence is what would have to happen for be meaningful to say what is it? What is it like to be that computer, and I think that's more than just a computer that can be creative or a computer. Can have imagination on a computer that can spew out something that interesting we already have computers that can, for example, right operas bad operas, but operas that conform to operas like women, Far away from having computers that can write books that
or at least as good as the average book that you get an airport bookstore right, just a general book but for a computer right produced is gonna, be difficult for a computer. It Is it right? Beethoven is going to be and when it does, I'm not saying it won't happen under saying. This is obvious about another nation in human humans. There's some there's something about biological intelligence, sofa witches which is uniquely creative, anyone, ITALY, imaginative and watch Is it your imagination that we have the imagination, we're just an animal? dares not very imaginative. You know they're, not but they still have an experience of life in a way that my computer and phone done for now. For now, until I don't think is going to happen at some point, they will be When I sort of agree with the materialists on this, because I'm not a religious person, our brains are surely all of all of this experience of being me flat philosophers
This would Kuala, which means the actual exe sperience of experiencing knowledge. And data. So there's this thought experiment that I remember from from university where a man, A child is born in a black and white room. They can't see themselves, they distract, doesn't causing any color but they learn everything there is to know about color scientists Oakley School in the nature of the light spectrum- and I understand all that I know that the sky is blue and I know that that I've never seen this guy, but they know everything there is to know about the science of color men. Day after they have only ever seen black and white? You release them into the world and they look around at treason, birds and skies and the ocean. What would they response Bay? they respond simply babe. I will already know everything about Colorado. You know I buy. I received the world previously other kind of a paint by numbers picture, so I already know that the sky was blue and I know what the wavelength of light is. That makes it blue
Would they be overwhelmed by? How beautiful amazing. The world looks Of course they be I've learned by how Butte how much richer the experience of experiencing collar is than mealy, knowing and understanding about the spectrum of light and that differences. What philosophers call quality the experience of having an experience which, which is very hard to like what is that difference they already had this person already had everything you could possibly know about color. What was added, what was added to mix here that made them impress was colours. A purely visual thing, I think, is the best example, because if you don't feel color so You can not see color and then you can see color you there's no way you could have known everything about collar without see. But what is it that you didn't know, because I didn't know what the visual aspects of different Hughes are you hadn't experience, but you would have been able to answer a question not at all. Ass. A scientist not answered you now
what answer question. Would you not have been able to answer? Will you don't know what it looks like to see read, but how You would have been able to answer exactly what red maidens now nine conversation you would have now now without seeing no understanding of and genuinely offering the primarily will gradually or analogy I maps. Would you asked me a scientist nonsense argue no, a scientist would have been able to have the person whose never same color and a person who has seen color and there's nothing like it ask either of them. That would put that would make a difference. Man. Let them have an experience that a visual aspect of precisely right right. So that's what I'm telling you it. It says we're talking about a signal, but it's a signal that yes, the person who is seeing in black and white does not receive once they received? That's it. No, it simply becomes more data and then more data. That's the thing somewhere down. It's a visual experience of data. Ok, right data!
This is where splitting hairs here, because, if you're looking at read, I give you looking at something and you just see black and white rank and then I'll send someone add something else see color right. They turn on the swept yeah, that's data, so suppose that the black and white- in that in your world, in your paint by numbers, world red, is the number nineteen that object had a nineteen written on. It then you knew that it was read- you don't know it read- is start. Try sing the color Bluish China on man, but I think you're the point. The point are arguing is precisely the point that philosophers wrestle with, which is if, if the peace corps, we are asking is what does it mean to actually feel self aware and be conscious, what would it mean for an artificial system to feel the? that we do, what would it mean for artificial intelligence to actually have interests for it to be meaningful, a forest to say: what's it like to be computer in a way that its not meaningful to say, what's it like to be this cup, then qualities, one of these interesting things? That's it sort of the tin trends.
To the experience of being human and you're totally right. It is part of our foundational knowledge, because living without it would be sort of meaningless, but its very, very tricky. Understand exactly what the difference between that and pure data is. That clearly, is a difference, amenities clearly different. Visit difference. Now it was clearly differently me to be me alive. And experiencing things than merely the Milly for me to be, for example, of an intelligence that is just behaving like me, but actually the lights are off inside right, okay, but why do you assume the lights are off once the connections are being made? How do you no that artificial life won't be life. That's why I think it will be at some stage, and it certainly can be that we already have one saying rat, that that that differences, the difference at which, how are we gonna know with, went once that, where that boundary, is being ruined after no? This is what I think I think Richard you're tryin to find it in some way word. This is real life and that won't be real. Life
the same thing is, I think, a virtual reality This is reality, and that will be a fake virtual reality. I don't necessarily know that necessarily convinced that it, reality that we experience, because we have gravity, because we have cells, because we feel that the weight of our feet on the ground as we walk I once that is replica once there's something you can plug into. That gives you all that exact experience, but it's not happening in the physical sense and its indiscernible. What is it still happening? It's absolutely still happening the experience still the same. So as your consciousness. What guides you is your is the data that hits your consciousness. Is that what's important or does it? have to be something to put our scale or measure. The ruler or see over a timeline. What what is reality is what the real question becomes? An that's when people who really think does it is significant possibilities are real physic
this that we are living in some form of assimilation and currently that its one reasons why reality so preposterous his area Audi's work of fiction and that if we keep is as we are today, there's almost certain come a time where we able to create some form of virtual reality. That's indistinguishable from reality. So the question comes. How will we know when wherein it yeah Elon Musk is a big proponent of this as well. You know here. He believes he believes that It's almost certain that we are in a virtual reality right now, just because the the proportion that I think the argument goes along the lines of at some point in the future. There are gonna, be so many virtual reality is that the likelihood of us being in one of those instead of in the earthly reality that we think we are in is gonna just be a normal. They more problems when we can go one better, that even the earthly reality is so fucking. Bizarre and filled with holes? The
driving. The mechanisms mean the very that we we have, that would that exist. That encompass every single aspect of everything that we see physical, are mostly nothing and then I have these subatomic particle particles that blink in and out of existence, and they can be in a super state with her moving and still at the same time they come and go they go somewhere. We got no names like they are bouncing back and forth between this dimension and another dimension to learn everything strange things on then. Let us do what the underside, which bring this tool to Alaska, so about a month ago I tried I ask of the first time I wanted to do it for awhile. And a friend of mine have you done with the second out before them. I've done psychedelic. I've never done DM tee, but I've done sir. I've done acid and mushrooms, but not for
not for a few years, had some of the best experiences of my life on us admit some of the most ironing and just regulatory and extraordinary experiences had a bed mushroom trip and hurried on many psychedelic since then, bad how much I was in Amsterdam, too much the circumstances under which I was trying to hold it together. I tried doing public here let's go out on a trip with my brother in Amsterdam. We wander around, it was like we were just there was was one of those moments where, like you can't even remember the thought that you had like half a second ago, so your entire experience of life is just a friend should be quiet laying down somewhere. I know I know. I know that I knew all that, but I was that I was too good for any advice that I you mustn't grams. I dont know because What was mushrooms in your hand? How big was a handful without means a significant and influence? There was a lot
and we ended up like you and I we tried to go into a cafe, thinking that that would be better, but by the time we would make our way through the thicket of impenetrable chairs. That say that there were too many tables. None of it made sense it in that way, the walls worse than I'm sick. Dad and like out, and I had a order t anymore, like she's out about what people are asking for a while, I'm supposed to pay your home and then just became too stressful and I ll have to get out of a cafe. It was just all of that, and then I don't remember how long I've been in the cafe. People were looking at me. There was one of those we like just not good right. I mean I ask as a bit different because it is It's a shame. Monistic ceremony, that's presided over by the peruvian which do dude I NEO in the city. Brooklyn, lay rent out like a dance studio or some space. Do you know look at what you doing it with only one of them with my friend he's done it a bunch of times he's on a lot and stop
Nine or ten in the evening goes until about forty six in the morning and either about twenty people there. So I a reasonably large group and you're all sort of blind up along the walls with the other and whatever else you want a bucket to vomit into and he gives a little space she's down Peru. A lot has been doing this for decades has been going on for Thousands of among the people had done it. I ask, is its hallucinogens from the Amazon, it's been fundamental a lot of south american religions for thousands of years. It's a calm, auditory hallucinogenic combines, the leaves of one the vines of another, so one of them is Dm Tee and the other one is called an embryo, inhibitor and
model oxidase oxidize embryo and your body produces in your stomach in your gut and what it does is it keeps you from getting high on DM tea, which exists, thousands, thousands of different plants. So, if you're eating a lot of the things that we eat unaware, Geller basis? Have you didn't have Mano aiming oxidation? I'm sure it has other functions as well, but it would cause you to get high on certain grasses and plants and many many different one. So your body produces stuffed break that down they got a lotta, got U Hooja, let anyone! So it's a little and drank it orally. Active version of de empty in their essentially figured out a solution for dealing with the motto aiming oxidation that your stomach produces long. For they even knew what I knew that shit was yeah thousands of years ago, and I would just screwing around in the Amazon. Yet we don't even know how really how old it is because they don't really have much of a tradition but
They claim its. I mean they claim that has been fundamental. But who knows it's up? It's a verbal ownership. We don't have it. Now with any of those things I mean it's, it's a very interesting experience, because the. I went into it sort of wanting whatever on. I guess once out of a psychedelic experience, which is some kind of like. Can the opening up of your mind and connection to the cosmos and connection to your own, true self and connection to life force and the mystery of consciousness and everything? But I ask as a very interesting it almost felt like it was a character in the trip. The trip was very visual and the first point It was like just unemployment. I closed. I would close my eyes. It was just an incredible expect handy color universe. Have we had no like pairs despair? since dancing and all kinds of amazing, visual hallucinations. I have my eyes and there, the person next to me,
couldn't tell whether or not they were there or not or whether they got. I think that he'd gone to the restroom, but- and I could see It is not that doc. I couldn't see that he was not there, but I still felt likely was they are not like a we will. All his spirit is delay away. Just like I was literally not sure what criteria I would need to use to establish whether or not there was a person sitting next to me like that, visual Dato is there. I could see that there was just a yoga mad, but I was like: where do you go easy there? Why is there no he's not there is there. Then ways is physical body, no I was sitting next to me. I think there is perhaps Where is he? I was literally, and it was very good- Some people are vomiting, I'm, as some people have an experience where they crying bowling arise and I go to the darkest places nerve Before because it shows the claim that what they claim, what the Sharm and claim is that it
shows you what you need to see about yourself at that moment, and that can be wonderful where that can be negative, but whatever it is, it's like. I ask as a personality. It's like it is Gaia. It's like it is the power of life. It's like it is. You know the Emma, turn itself like the lungs of the earth or something- and it brings you in and you just have to roll with it, because if you try to fight it, it'll crush you, What I loved, what I was heartened by was. The true sort of ourselves that came out during the experience was a very like funny. Not funny ha like just joyful person. I could there was they were. There were moments of darkness and there were moments of hallucination where, like there was the bloodied face of a woman up on the right hand, side of my periphery and started going words, and then I was like I've been.
Firstly, some have said to me: I was got year. We can go out in what I knew that if I tried not to go there than it would get worse and worse so that we can do that and that's fine and we can make this a bad time. If you want frankly it just more interesting over on the fun candy collared side, and then it just sort of faded away. So I think this it there's something about. Link wishing yourself to it and not trying to control it, not Erasmus power. A lot of our troops come from is just trying to be funny yet trying to control with your ego trip. Strolled experience. So I said it myself into it and like it, there were moments where, like the funniest thing that you can ever do, I know a comic, so his little Tipp you'll enjoy this Joe next time. You need to have the best laugh of your life, just pull a blanket head hilarious, willing to Joseph, whilst allowing Alaska funniest thing I've ever done, I was like going madly underneath a blanket with them.
Can. I have my head. That's our Georgia legal programmers lavender, nothing like it was so funny, and then so I was so to get back to the point about What I was looking for with some kind of insight into like the mystery of consciousness and what you would just sort of talking about about, like with imagination and self awareness. I felt like about half through the trip? I hadn't really gotten my bunnies worth on that it was a fun like you have always go. I had a gull exactly like I felt ripped off and the Iowa God S or whatever it is like the personality of the drug was sort of visually like up here on the left of my periphery, and I was like hey workers like what it show me. The show me the majesty of of consciousness and the drug said. I can't just notice and ass, I gotta bullshit. I came here for a life for some life expand and experience. I wanted my mind to be blown and all of us the drug tells me that she can't even
Give me an insight into them into the nature of help. Incredible consciousness is my went off in my brain, went off on different tangents than about ten or fifteen minutes later, I'm not sure how I was, could you be? A sense of time is completely screwed around with I was struck by how incredibly profound it was. She was like you, don't need the drugs to be aware of how incredible consciousness is just notice, and I was like were a kind of was struck by the fact that at any point in time on drugs or not day or night, wherever we are, If you just remind yourself that we are adamant that were produced inside of stars that have been spewed out of exploding stars Have created on this little rock, spinning around another star and we have evolved over hundreds
these views from amphibians through DE mammals, and we are self aware and with lots of subsidy clinging to the side of a speck of dust in the middle of a massive cosmos, and we self aware and we are conscious and will in the universe that created us and now having a conversation about it. That in itself is we it and is staggering and impressive and we're a couple a deck away from creating an artificial version of ourselves- quite probably product, quite probably, if not decades, by a hundred years. Yet a hundred percent yet and then we're after the races. While then we're God. Or not us, but is it? Is God yet as it's going to like we're talking about become ten thousand years more advanced and in a matter of moments, and then in a matter moments after that ten thousand years more
and then in a manner moments in weeks and months will pass and we will be infinitely more separated from what we are today or more evolved or more capable there was a moment during the the trip where One of them the female The shopman is on, I ask as well, and he has female assistance. She saying this credible song about like the majesty of life, was something one of the things she was saying about was like. That whatever the lie forces inside you is more powerful than the sun more powerful than anything. I did I'd sound a bit corny when you're not high, bookstall clerk sinning to it, but it gave me a profound sense that yet this this web of procreating self developing ever improving sentient creature is that our life is one of the oldest and most enduring
things in the universe, most impressive things in the universe, just in terms of going all the way back to the genesis of life on this planet or elsewhere. So, as you say, if we give birth to this new artificial intelligence, We will, as you say, be there organism that sort of transcends from biological life too, artificial life and just being a part of it being a part of any of that. Experience struck me is incredibly. Incredibly moving and touching in a way that I know sounds stupid. Two people have never done psychedelic, and I know that there are friends of mine who alike. Why? I add a hippie be trip, but it's one of the again. It comes back to sort of the quality of question the spirit. The insight that you are able to achieve when you're using these substances or, alternatively, if your look, good God great meditate or something are few and afloat Hank or any other way of getting your mind into a different playin. The normal daily plane is not an end
is not a one of data is not one that is easily explainable. It's not one of reason. It's an it's an insight united and experience. It's an undeniable experience and I always wonder if that that state, you achieve when you're on the empty and the empty, which is the act of component in. I ask you. I haven't done. I Oscar have only done the the hard core form of de empty, but Dm T takes you to these places that, apparently, you can kind of reach, and I ask for brief moments a lot of people feel like I ask as a more spiritual version of it, because it last longer you have more time to absorb the experience in the lot of times it's more for something more life changing because de empty is so tat. Technically alien that one. When it's done you just like one but I would have done the empty over the course of several hours. Were you keep doing nothing?
all right- you can keep doing because you smoke it right in enlargement, rounds of dynamism and our troops in any fuckin bang it out one more time get back in there. You have someone coaching your way through it, because my up my firm, I ask a friend who introduced me to this ceremony, tried dear Do you want some re and really had had a freak out and wasn't crazy about it, and that was then told you should really have someone who knows what they're doing ward pussy oughta be police. Let it becomes useless, go yo. I take you there and but you're you're mine does get exposed. Your thoughts do get expose you find out, what's negative ones, positive about the way you look at the world, I had one the most powerful experiences ever My second trip, where I had this Coordination of negative thinking like I had a negative thought came into my head and it was like dark and indeed and twisted and I just have this negative thought and then I realized
I was thinking in a negative way. This is a physical manifestation in front of me of negative thinking, and at that moment I real, lax and thought wonderful, beautiful part. Thoughts and boom blossomed into this increase. Both flower of geometric patterns and contain you d get more and more beautiful eyes, relaxed more and more. It was like a physical manifestation of looking at negative thinking. It was negative that negative was a dark plaque in green and it was just It was like a toxic. We, your eyes open or closed now, totally closed, but I was so fucked up. I probably wouldn't matter. If I opened my eyes approach to see the same thing I was so gone your ear. You decide you dissolve e, cease to be there when you're doing the damn the most intense version of smoking it, but you, I wonder
if we will eventually be there, because what that feels like when you're doing Dm Tee and Mckenna has described it as Terence Mckenna described it like you're in some sort of a well of souls that you? U transcend the physical body and you enter into some space, some well of souls. I wonder if, This thing that we worked out, we look a reality. We look at Adams and what we're talking about the physical space when atoms are mostly nothing and then these subatomic particles that blink in and out of position, I wonder if what really is going to happen as we get more and more evolved and more and more power, for with our ability to manipulate matter is that we're gonna transcend this dimension. I wonder if that place, that we go to his wayward our future,
eyes and that our future does not lie in the stars. Is the stars aren't even real and that, though the real dimension means or the real isn t can see them, and you can send thinks of them. You can measure them, but this is just a almost like a prison of a dimension and that this dimension can be transcended and that you can briefly view it. When you do the empty or when you visit the Iowa, ask a god and you you you pass through and briefly into that dimension, but of one day that is where consciousness will exist all the time and that we are creating this possibility in this door through our thirst for innovation and knowledge and this constant evaluation of our current abilities and the constant desire to improve upon those a bit
it. Is that one day it'll get past his desire to have artificial intelligence and what is its intelligence? Gonna be able to do what's, gonna be able to achieve and what it could be. I'm gonna be, will accomplish and we're gonna open up other dimensions possibilities for consciousness to existing amend. This sounds a lot like like pre abrahamic religion. Romania sounds a lot of. Other religions were decided on experience gained in did indigenous religions, where, before we fucked everything up with with Moses and an Jesus in your way and Mohammed boy. You say that, but you know that most most recent scholars and Jerusalem believed that the Moses experience was about the empty. The most experts specifically, I know, I'm only has an experience that that a lot of the early, a lot of those old testament things right is we're on psychedelic most likely they were when you think about the fact. The second has been have been here forever. So
the most is the most serious periods that Moses saw, burning. Bush represented got yet while one of the most Dm T rich play hence in the area of Moses, was acacia tree her. The acacia Bush is rich in de empty. If that was on fire or if you figured out a way to extract the empty from it, and then you smoked it or you. Let it on fire and did some sort of away where your absorbing the smoke in absorbing the dm t. You would see God you would see. God does there's a lot of the empty Florina Strata parenting and I just florist grass right lot of different plants that there's an australian native called the wattle, which I think is the national plan TAT. I looked it up, or maybe it's the state plant of my state Then some indications and think that there are part of that family, and so I was load looking early this year that there's a push in Australia to get. I was cut off fee the registry, another band substance. Rest and permitted, as it has a really
This says a medicine as a medicine helps a lotta people, there's a lot of people to go to it that have all sorts of addictions and all sorts of real problems and it sort of resets their brain reassess their life. It's one of many different psychedelic that are really good at that. I'm a bogus is incredibly good for people there of addiction to opiates, literally resets, the way, your brain, our views and connect to a day if something so I've heard. Yet I'm in one of the story Annapolis live about. I Alaska, before I have used it and they were saying that there are some interesting research about its ability to to be a circuit breaker against. For example, the heroism and stumbling net opinion go into the experience on the sidelines, I'm out yet brought. It was second Alex, so we I mean, if it so difficult to know what the fuck is going, on with consciousness right, why is it that we are assembled?
such a way as to have these experiences and to be conscious at all. But why do you think that it's a different dimension that we could cross into rather than just a another perspective on world that we are opened up to because we're ordinarily, I mean my my theory. I suppose a tentative is. We have the capacity to be tuned into all kinds of amazing shit. That's going on in there universe, but I really in terms of we will remain in terms of spiritual go. Certainly I just mean there is a perspective on life. It is much bigger than the one that we walk around with it on out dated eight on a day to day basis, but evolution has has favoured traits that force us to focus on food and having sex and surviving right, which means that it is in finally closed, the parameters of what our mind is capable of experiencing and intentionally cos.
Doors are no benefit for the biological, that's what I mean. Yes, what it may distracted by these. Exactly you running from tigers, precisely you dont want a cave man whose letters like philosophizing a bit about loss that anyone who gets eating lies trip exactly like this is amazing. Such a spiritual, Janni, we abbot, start, gets devoured by I will mention that silly voice, but and, and and all you want to drugs do is they break down? The walls of perception did too to borrow from Huxley. They. They shatter those those kind of limits and constraints that biology that evolution has put on our meant ability and simply let the mind wandering to whatever space it cares to go to the world wide by using the word dimension, I think we sort of weave of limited the purse. Option of what I'm saying, because we already have like three dimensions that we believe in and demand All that we understand for dimension that we believe in the time also the there they believe it
one of these things. There are nine eleven eleven. Is it yeah? So we We understand that there are other dimensions that we dont totally understand yet right borders, does it there's a words right dimensions are words was time space distance. All these different things are words and these words sort of lock in a definition or on mine, but whatever the fuck it is when you do have a d empty trip, you go to a place and that place is not right here. It's not you're, not you're, not here. When you go there and its some all income forcing infinite geometric place called dimension. But that's just a noise that you make with your mouth doesn't the matter what it is it, something that you experience if you dont experience right here in young calabash us where the fuck we are, you know it's there's, there's something different about it and dumb Could it be another dimension? Yes, could it be all in your imagination, yeah? But your man?
Nation might also be another dimension in the other or dimension is a weird were right as it so limiting in defining and- and we have these preconceived ideas that we as a box that we can put our had. Oh, it's a dimension, there's a dimension in whatever that thing is that you can experience if we can tap into that and other ways his going you let the world's going to get very strange. One thing that struck me after The experience which gives which I think it's bolsters the idea that there is something real about that internal slash, intelligence or whatever. It is that you, wherever you want to call it was the was that I noticed that whenever people have these experience, is and go to these places. Regardless of what mechanism that use, they always come out with basically the same gist of a conclusion. If it was merely what some, unlike whose teller, pen penalties,
Why am I bet you last night? But what if it was merely what a person like Penn Jillette thinks it is, which is just a pussy bow of your brain right. You know like enough, but has never done anything, no Actually, that's right here is light idler, so he's not just a totally he's a denial of the possibility of all these different experiences being transcendent. That's right. He says he is via these concerned. What happens when you take the empty is that there are new or logical, differences and your brain goes doesn't. Has we had experiences because the druggist just fucking, with your neurology and now he said- tells us nothing? What I saw one are you why how come you're no interests is, I think, everything's been learned from those experience, everything you, but we ve already figured it out. We already taken what we can from those experiences, nothing to be learned by doing that. Other people already done it. My karate fuck in mind and if that's the case than just do it limits the so silly But to say that is so silly. I love that guy I mean he's. Guy thing really is awesome, but I think he is.
Missing out on a massive blind spot, Joe massive blood chunk of possibility. He thinks it's hallucination and yet he think me he doesn't know he really doesn't he doesn't understand. I mean some. It is a loose nations, but so is it I'm not sure. I think it might be. What Mckenna thinks I made might be a well of souls, it might be what life is this this whole by logical thing might literally be the cocoon we were talking. But when I'm, when I close my eyes- and I see a mechanist Universe of bright, pink, yellow and purple machines, clanking away and exploded and little sort of Mario style computer things bouncing around on them and then ice. Like start spinning through kaleidoscope of color, are you employed that Mckenna think Mckenna would say that those are actual real things that I'm seeing another dimension: Woody Mackay
I believed that what you were explained he had some weird names for them. I think he called them what do you call machine, elves and hyperspace? He believe they were entities. He believed that they were living entities and there you are indicating with an other now because I were, I think there are. I could believe that I think there are clearly hallucinations is there a just things like? I would open my eyes and then there was a river in the middle of the of the room. Between me and the other people sitting that, like I see no reason to assume that that actually was a river, but maybe it was baby but when it comes to like souls and where starts getting really Wu Wu, is when I could feel the tug of going into a particular place like women's head or something like I could feel there were moments where I was having lots of fun. And I was thinking is this all this is. This is gonna, be enjoyable and then some I would just away
Eve of dread? Would watch over me and I was like I'm not start to feel like a scam, vomit, and then I would like to take this shit's, Obviously I not sit upright and I'd I'd, take a deep breath and that I can imagine I think, is what he sort of talking about right. Maybe that's likes allowing get one of the things to make them a really powerful distinction is Mckenna was specifically talking about de empty what he was empty. Shell really- and I ask write his brother dennis- is really- and I was getting his brother dennis- really recommended that I do it. Not probable eventually, I am sure will, but Terence was into the hard core version ye. I say, and it was its apparently you can, but I know from the hard core virginal you're not ask you not escaped me like once your locked in your gone. I gets its way more potent way more potent gotta, try it and see it opens the that what you are experiencing when you're having the I ask a trip. Is this M a inhibitor
allowing you to have this prolonged, slow release, Dm T trip so you're, not getting shot through a fuckin cannon to this or the universe now show that people have been using it for thousands of years and believing that it is opening a portal tat? Someone spirit. I understand it's, not him, saying, there's a difference between what Mccann's described by asking what you experience yet gotta and what eirik sparing the presumably Mckenna as Mckinnis theories can be extrapolated to. I was goes well as the empty shortcuts yeah yeah, but I think that you're getting a Much more watered down version of it. When you doing I want shut up. I'm sure you ask why people can sustain it for many many hours. I mean I'm just trying to figure out what the what the competing claims about this this dimension that, where accessing ah right, on the one hand you ve got a pendulum who say, Well, just Nolan Guiana disregard what he's saying he's has an experience it is experiencing news,
messing around Europe. While we must guts and weak shit, I mean that the what's compelling to me, but I'm just saying about the inclusion that people have after they come off of these kinds of experiences. No one has ever had one of the experiences and come out of it and said well really felt like I was. I got an insight into the true meaning of life and the meaning of life is, I should hate Jews or like no one has ever become more pity. All of the meetings as well, not that, of most of its suddenly. Everyone who I know what have we have read of, if had who had these kinds of experience, tend to come out with similar intellectual conclude, actions that we are all one that life is precious that you know Consciousness is divine that love is important. All kinds of things which in came to me that bit more. That makes it more plausible then it would otherwise be that your actually viewing something that exists rather than merely having your brain stood up, but is an impossible. The justice
stripping away the normal boundaries of consciousness reveal them The positive aspects of the human nature and you take away all of our in securities and involve our the biological the city of survival in all these different things and sort of motivate us since sexual impulse and desires and fears strip all that stuff away with DIME Ethel trip to mean and all sudden you. U reveal what did the human soul really essentially as good night, but why is the human soul based on love? Well, because love is probably the thing that makes us most connected and makes us most productive and makes us feel the best. You know we don't feel good if you're successful alone so why the weirdest things by being a person, if you gave a person all the money in the world and all the tools and toys in the world and all the gadgets and gizmos, but you left them by themselves on the moon It probably want to bother fuck and brains out you eat. We don't exist in a vacuum. We exist as a super organism
this is something that two Anthony robbers Amazon's. Absolutely absolutely I mean it's almost you did becomes back to its almost semantic between and having an insight into another dimension because what you're saying is that fundamentally, at the core of all of us once you strip everything else away, is a kind of beating heart of deep glue wing and abiding connected love. Well, just we'll let the other dimension than canal spooky in and of itself than other dimension. What it feels like when you do in the empty is that the way describe it is it's you you're in this infinite realm of complex geometric patterns and are made out of love and understanding and that you, in by understanding I mean like wisdom.
See you can't bullshit them. Does your exposed raw and what you are and what you have been is exposed wrought in your personality in your life, your culture stripped away and your left with your soul or whatever we think of as soul, again waited words, weird words, but ultimately that feeling of love does come out of everybody like, and I think that that's probably at the root of what makes us wanna be connected with each other. That's why you do bad, when you're just alone for long periods of time, you don't connect with people its public good to be alone occasionally, but ultimately you want to get back to people and you want to get back to people they care about me love, because you you you bond with them. You must do that thing. That happens when you go into the deep Seaworld. Will you connect with everything in it and it sucks you in and as you let go it it it? It bathes you with that loving weird, strange all knowing feeling
Anthony Robins has an interesting line that you reminded me of but the beginning of a show when you were tongue when you're joking about how you always feel unfulfilled, unlike like another moment, you don't bagasse, you need to focus on the next morning at the next one down, which is that he feels like, though the the girl, Just failures are successful people who don't feel fulfilled that he would much rather see an unsuccessful fulfilled person. Then a successful, unfulfilled person me step in Here- because Anthony Robinson greatest success, robins his greatest success is teaching people. Be successful, so he'd say that are to be fulfilled. He must feel fulfilled teaching people how to be successful. I think he would say that he teaches them how to be fulfilled. What done? What has he dies? Teach people? How do you
failed. Yet that's his vision of how much amazing creative work of literature, of fiction of how much was stuff Anthony rob, has done how many movies is he made? How many? How many paintings has he done? How many things is he created out of nothing that he's super happy with? No here none his he's, not creative artists. His life mission is to help people get fulfilled, so him talking about creative people being fulfilled. Fundamentally, I dont think he understands what I'm saying, like am I fulfilled yeah I mean. Is it great that we have eight hundred and thirty whatever podcast in a bunch of people like absolutely but it? What is fulfilled mean? Am I am I content? Can I say I can relax and enjoy it. No because part of what makes you good at something Is it your constantly assessing whether or not its good, and you constantly objectively an inch spectrally analyzing it and breaking it down and chopping up. Did I just
I threw doing Netflix special, it's gonna air in October, and I edit it it's it's fucking awful doing Chewing away at your work and trying to figure out what you can't what's better connections cut this out. I leave this year and ultimately, I decided to do as I did for shows. Why could do one of em almost completely in its entirety and night in his and do it that way? But I know other people think funny. I know the people that were there, I got a standing ovation, another loved it fucking hate everything. I don't I'm not. I don't mean hate, but I mean election last year, but there's a constant search for the right beats right things and is not a matter of not being fulfilled. I'm a very fulfilled person. It's a map, I've, never really liking. Anything new naturally loving and always this constant need to make it better. This constant state of the most people that I find that a really super happy with everything they do. They usually that's true
No, I mean I'm like you, I never that's! That's why it takes me forever to write and wine. I never meet riding deadlines because- and I always height what I don't I pretty swear you good. Every robins is great guy. I appreciate him very much and I listened is motivational books on tape. When I was a fighter, I still listened via I models. Walkman Cosette things, those I bought his books of less new stuff. Ultimately, though, and this is not to dismiss him, what he does is right about success, that's right and he wants people to be successful. So that's what He thinks of its fulfilment, but have Anthony Robins decided to write some great work affection than I can listen to him. Maddening and sat down and came up with this fuckin amazing movie and produced in its some syphon masterpiece. Then I could understand what he's are doing, but don't coaches, I mean in December we defend Anthony Robins, our, but don't coach, like you can be a great coach with
being good at the thing that you're hurting people on absolutely and sometimes that's useful to oh sure yeah, there are great, can green riding coaches Right Mackay runs his three day. Seminar incredibly invaluable. If anyone wants to write a screen play is that they do Robert Mccartney's a seminar he's. Never negotiations green paint. Its entire life now he's not screenwriter, but he understands that he needs to be the first to say that. But you know what all the big studios pay for their for their script: readers to go to his seminar. Will you know where that doesn't work stand up there? sure there are no stand up. Coaches, not at any good. No, that's true as true, isn't it weird yeah Gillies terrible comedians at fail? and then they start as an egg standing like big. They stand up class by any. Like will happen, I'm sorry Do you know about stand on WOT and if you ever wash them to stand up you wanna fuck inch. Yourself. There's a couple feel that wrote books about stand up. An awful awful comics.
One guy, who was really helpful to me when I started doing stand up another I've ever been successful doings delicacy in pursue it, but when he was really helpful to was really helpful to when I first got there, but apart from that yeah I completely agree. Basically he was just a good job. Cried ass. I was good at whittling down a concept into a punch line, but the people that are good at that and you could learn from friends, but I've never seen A really good comic teach a course of David towels, not their teeth. I stand by that. I mean that's right. Well, bs EL I mean that the like, I love the de I ve had so many conversations with with successful creative people. HU? I admire that. I can't believe that I still have a doubt this advice, but it's the most consistent advice that I get from creative people. I like. Any time they try to do something which is calculated to appeal. To a particular demographic or which is based on notes that other people have given them, which is intended to fill a particular nature. It falls flat on its face and
the time they do something that is for them that they love that has an audience of one which is m and its true to them. It speaks to them and its idiosyncratic and particular it kills the show true. But here's the rub. You have to learn how to be yourself that's right and it takes a long fuck entire are, I think, back when I was twenty one, when I first hour doing stand up and I'm horror that anybody, let me on stage I didn't know anything I didn't know who I was. I didn't know what my thoughts on things were. I was just terrified trying to get last two was trying to figure out what would make peace laugh. I had no idea what I thought was funny other than what I saw that made me laugh, I couldn't break it down. If I went to see SAM Kennison or Jerry Seinfeld, or something like that, I Do they were hilarious? They made me laugh. I could repeat the joke to you. I can say my god I saw Seinfeld. Let me tell you a joke and
Tell you when I knew it was funny, but I didn't know how to do it Clumsily concocted my own versions of different subjects that I thought could possibly be funny and then over time, slowly but surely figure How to actually be funny, but along the lines I had a fail miserably in learning and feel pain and heartbreak and all the bullshit the people go to before. I started forming my own actual opinions on things that are really good point, because I I sometimes wonder I was. I was a light, bloomer and figuring out who I am as a creative. Do you know any now here I don't know if well you know to a closest approximation that you're able to that. Is that able to land at you like solar audience knows who jargon is put it that way right would end. That's enough. Some of them do some of our man. I thought you were different, that you'd make further. Why ignore them?
my mother's, like regions like reading the comments section of awaits us, but it, I think some of sometimes one of the differences between people who peak early and a successful young versus people who are better later in life, is just how just how long does it take here to really get grounded. In her. You aren't you stop trying on these different kind of invisible cloak, of personalities that you think you might be yeah until you can strip away and then you'll like ok, I think this is it. This is the it's the same podcasting as well, like I used to host stuff and tried again, up and do radio bits in Australia. I will, if I went back to the now it so affected its It's so not. It's a me trying to be me on radio, that's a great instead of just merited here. You gotta, be you yeah, I think the thing that happens also with the peeking early thing is success. Itself is the poisoner of creativity. Success itself like you for all
sudden you have it. That's one of the reasons why I don't believe Anthony Robbins is correct. His like this is idea of like being satisfied and being of filled, like I'm sure, I'm satisfied and sure fulfilled absolutely, but the whole thing about that. This creative process is you can never totally be happy with what you're doing or what you ve done. The as you gotta do more shit especially stand up like a viewer, musician and you're the rolling stones, and you have a catalogue, FUCK man, you could tour forever. You don't need to write a new song ever, but if you stand up. I put out an special every year and a half every two years, whatever it is? And if I don't do that, I feel like a fucking piece of shit. And if I try to do the same jokes, five years in a row Oh six years in a row, ten years or so ago, we all know comics. They do that you go to see them in their doing the same. Lids word for word: for decades and decades, ain't never put anything out
yeah that does not backward go back to the committee seller in New York, sometimes in value. The embassy will be doing the same stake that he was doing ten years ago when I first came to New York, unlike that guy's, doing the same material I mean in one risk I can sort of understand it, because, if your like take music, maybe not throwing stones but say handsome, you can do every single time you go anywhere and that's all you need to do for the rest of your life and in committee. There are people like like. Sometimes audiences want a ride. Sometimes it would be like down a bit about bloody block. Opinion grandma socks, which is fine. You mean Jerry Seinfeld. Did that one thing: I'm tellin you for the last time you did a label is Sidney, nothing wrong with that but but many more tired, all of that material writer but like if you go, see a guy like billboard. You see bill Birth, special and then you go see him like a year later, you gonna see a whole new set every time and that's the same with Are, you sure, fear at the same what you fill in the bank yet
every single essentially mean torn comedian now to be fairer, Anthony weapons. I don't think that he saying that you should just be sit on your laurels and not strive, and I understand you know I mean what I'm saying is. We all know the story of like the person who wanted a ferrari: unwanted, wanted a sexy, wife and one of the best job and wanted to make a million dollars and then get set and finds himself miserable. We do not want it did to exactly that related to what they really want. That's what he said about Loca, isn't it doesnt mean being self satisfied means him is being genuinely fulfilled? the things that your aspiring to do with your life and round and to get up to in the world where there are bunch a thing, So we think we want that's run them what they are really disease, unattainable goals that seem like I attainable. No, once we attain them, we go over now. What exactly that's? What happens to a lot of people when they get famous, so I lotta comics in particular, they become famous.
And they are really good when they become famous, like Kennison's of my favorite, all time example, because I I believe that Kennison from like one thousand nine hundred and eighty for one thousand nine hundred and eighty six is probably the greatest comic of all time. It was just a time where he was just a maniac. You just was it's hard, because you got a kind of put it in the context of the time. There was no one like that back then, because comedy is not like muse. Like you. Go listening to music from the nineteen sixty two still really awesome. Go try to listen Some more saw from nineteen sixty it's fuckin terrible. It doesn't mean that more solves, not a brilliant comedian. He certainly was or Lenny Bruce, whose, like the godfather of the whole thing, who wasn't for any Bruce no one today would be doing the same kind of stand up because we wouldn't have exists. It is an art form that almost that he in many ways sort gave birth to. Well, God, listen to that stuff today doesn't hold up comedy doesn't know so hold up. So in some is Kennison, doesn't totally hold up when you go back.
I found him a bit hard to grasp from today's vantage point I must say, but during the time Miss I've told a story for unfortunately, so everybody who heard gather around there was a girl that I worked with. I was working at the boss. Nough letter club was nineteen years old and there was a girl that was work at the front. Dash was hilarious, whose, like a really like his big athletic girl- and she was just always like, but boisterous joking around about stuff and she was awesome- we lose a stay in touch with her, but at her up or name anymore, I remember name but our member. She told me about Sammy gas it she was. Others. Comedian on HBO and granted, this is the back, and then there is like HBO Fox NBC Abc there. Is that say nothing and may be Cinema MAX right. She did that bit about homosexuals, necrophilia acts paying money to spend a few where's undisturbed. The freshest male corpses abandoned that that there is a debate about a real story that Kennison had heard where the
Apparently this is a real issue and arm jelly ideas knows a guy who walked in on this mortician that was fucking. His mom after his mom was dead. Apparently people have done this in that they treat p was bodies like a sex dawn is Joey Day as the kind of guy who make that shit out, because that sounds known no interest him. Look. I've got a rested these guys when, in the as in store. They get arrested because he's morticians were accepting money from these people that would come into force. These court. I mean, if it's a stranger, I understand I do that and hot bait, but if, but my own mother will the guy wasn't fuckin his mom? follow someone else's friends, my recommendation was fuckin design anyway. Appreciable joy told me hope it was anyway point. Is this girl does this bit? For me, she goes because the wake innocent do it. He goes imagine he was your lying there you're on the slab you well well,
good time in life, and now I guess, I'm going to go to Heaven and be with Jesus and then says, rocking back and forth as you and she's doing this on the floor. People in the parking lot on the ground, she's lying on his stomach going. It feels like someone's Falco, mainly I may live keys fuckin. Even after your dad, I'm laughing my ass off this girl doing this in the parking lot and I went out believe I got it on visa. Chest Cosette cause. I again. This is eighty six before it ever done stand up and I watched his HBO. Shall I went home Lee shit like I don't even know that was Kommeni someone I thought comedy was evening. The improv guys roll up their sleeves Javert Otis, yet higher up punch layer in this guy was doing this completely. Radical version of that with a variety of trench cone like what the fuck is this and
He was so good for a short period of time and then I went to see him alive. When I first got in a comedy around nineteen. Eighty, eight any authority slid way off the rails and he was just party and all attire and do Coke and Bang and strippers liaison heroines. Only no police are these coat a prima just to Coca right. Did Heroin prided everything you put in front of you knows SAM Kennison, whose animal I hear you joked around about that People expect him to do drugs, like the other. The accuser, easier could cut the biggest in the world do in his heart, beat out of his chest costs. I know that example light, while also like would be bad for his image, any sort of became a prisoner of his own image. She created this persona and then it became a prisoner to that persona, but he just stopped writing and stop being funny and he's hanging out with celebrities and he's going to party
he's not not hungry anymore, not new in the work and he went from being one of the best ever to being like an open makers, caricature of whom he really was were really didn't, have any point and it was obvious, the scream and all just like trying to pick out a talking subject, but it wasn't really. It wasn't, didn't really resonate with them and, I think with a lotta comedians. What's really important as that you are a regular person. You are you just you can fit in with people, and you understand people and a lot of people. They be famous or sudden they get assistance, and then they get you know, managers and agent shield them from the world. They have publicist, do the talking for them. And they get tucked away in an ivory tower, and then they show up for interview, with some glasses on and you know, and there they are all about. Entangling. Tell me about I've interviewed enough of those on how they live here will do nothing not even a surly comedians, but people who come on with that Posada who who are handled, who have spent in Thailand being handled
I could give me an example. Roseanne bar I have heard here. She was awesome, washing their share Will you probably got it'll open up? I had man, twenty five minutes lad Ray hours and she knows I'm a huge fan. Roseanne is probably one of the ten most important comedians arrived Lately I mean I'm a huge fan. She did that. Did you see the documentary film that was made about her run for president? Now? It's actually really interesting. It's you know it's fascinating. See this person who was so so groundbreaking and who, who did so much fat comedy and fair and firm? I guess the portrayal of women and yet people and what the working class on television like anything as already. I think she was a totally different thing to see her kind of pottering around her home in Hawaii, like trying to run for president as a green candidate, state AIDS and its interesting to see
had a set of straight about come trail. She believed the government was brand things in the sky. While I remember on cars and a reading, maybe I read about that and maybe you tweet about or something- and I remember reading about her income trails, or maybe it was what she but Brian earnings episode. Who did he reference? That are something there was something to neighbouring ethical may. I might have now. I remember too many of them you get the right if thirty, some, if I really remember you, know, Dunbar's number like this- is oil like, Certain amount of data you can stand at fuckin dome of yours have. Lace and salary hookers. Who gives a shit? How many who ass it is. She was awesome on the show she didn't. She didn't come in, like handled at all, given by yourself sat down shot. The shit laugh joked around interest, I mean fame, you met, you were talking only about fame, like be incredibly alienating when you reach a certain. What's your sweet spot, a faint, because I think I headed about a year and a half grown tramp back, you know I. I want
go to the movies yeah. I can't think of anything worse than not being able to get on it plain without everybody like I got on a plane copy, ago an Deniro was sitting in seat one. I sought an eye how he got on the planet. How long you been on the plane, but I wasn't here. I didn't see him board I bet they weren't Richie we got on the playing around I'll. Do you whether they already there of novel idea? He was already on the plane Leah, I'm in the front line, bitch exactly you get on a plane lionel. So I was one of the first car was one of the first people on the plane, and I also happened to be in first class and the that issue hack. Your way in a first class, you son of a naturally someone production company, painful how issued in a pilot- and so I was I was one of the first people on the planet. I was able to see the reactions of everybody walking past as they notice don't notice that its Robert Nero sitting on the plain and simple Walter. I mean his life. He's just a relentless stream of people acting. We it right
every single person who noticed him would do a double take gasp. Not uncertainly, not the person who their travelling with cuts and he has to sit there waiting. The newspaper pretending that this is normal. I say hello to every modem is now him. They want to Google Momo. What? If you want to pick your nose? Don't pick your nose in public a piece of shit a good pick isn't a good picture, satisfying weird how many people penguin its cry up there, you, too big church or dry egg to git realise that there's more up a kind of people a pc o Brien, almost just guzzle amateur. In between your eyes. I agree to good. It is. It's gotta, be weird, be that famous others. Certain level like a buddy minus friend Duck Standoffs Frontier, Johnny Depp, and he he talks about how unmanageable Jai depths famous. I keep cannot go to he goes to a restaurant. Literally people do not give a fuck of eating they
swarm, able this right and come over with cameras and pictures. They want to touch him and they don't leave me alone. The yet is just far beyond the regular fame into that weird there's only ten people in the world and have that kind of thing. Become other people's property basically, and they feel like you, owe them I think television, maybe movie stars, I not show how would play, but I think my experience broadcasting and, in other words, television, personalities and radio hosts are people feel like you're. They friend in a way they Don T movie stars. Yes, I there's a different into play. Like people movie stars are different because they play some one different. Like all my garage, the guy from Cape fear, aging, bull, that's Jake, Lamotta thing and there's something about them Agnes of the screen and the glamour of Hollywood. That makes them sort of other worldly. Yes, whereas when people go Jimmy Fallon, it's like Jimmy like, like you're my body like way, we should hang out some time now.
Yet like, but I think there's a sweet spot to to fame that As you say, I would not want to go past. I'd like to be, a famous than I am, but not for not so famous that I can't pick my nose and public. That's the just settle of defamation, pick your nose in public to she's, not here alone, grandmother doc chastising me from my burgers in front of all these humans. I've got my fist up manoeuvres right now to my raised. I would sit next, this guy an airplane once all dude. He just kept digging in his nose. You don't give a fuck, we'll. Let you seventy five years old and he's like anomalies fuckin may do wandering around you're a shit and he was a first class. We had some cash is involved and up the weighty wipe it out. Stop. Stop Logan Animal put my headphones eyes opened out of my time to look at this old. Do picking his nose a far too bunch times to asshole. Here's a solemn, not that body.
I've had some bad experiences. Annette Gregg Fitzsimons has a bit about add about how he you know it. When he's in first cuz, you waking up to gets upgraded cuz. He flies so much that we was in first class and needed to fight, but didn't want to stink out the first class cabin. So he could go back through the cutting to we class and just and walked down the aisle fighting men is cropped up, maybe go back to first class, smartly, those those those people in Of course it disgusting smells like hell back where Joe always farts in first class, and it's always so horrific. You can imagine. I wrote a whole bit about jelly farming and first class. I wrote a whole blog entry about this one time they did. That was woman. She yelled out, but he had for and she yelled out behind us oh, my god. She yelled it out. I put my shirt over my nose like this, and he started laugh
in clap it sometime, I've vocational ay. I will confess I've occasionally been too hung over on a plane and have not been able to hold it in, and I've got a little trick for Paypal which they can keep up. This leaves and go to the bathroom rude he's sure, sometimes you're, sometimes you're in the window seat and the person sitting. Next he was eating their mail or something and you can get out, you don't understand things and you're, not sure if it's gonna be smelly or not, and you don't show if it's gonna be bigger, not just gonna be something has to give an. So, where is the tactic so that no one will suspect you? You really set you survive through the beginning of the horrible smell, without paying any attention to it by then, as soon as it would have had time to have gotten to you. If it had emitted by someone near by then you there visibly start to react to the bad smell
you don't understand like this is a strategy that has been later annoyed by american children, for it is called he smells dials it so you this is not so your new trying. You should be the first, no one! You wait, no wait until a person sitting next to restart still wince yeah. Once they winced, then you got all because then the trajectory can be established if they went first and then you Winston is obviously coming from the other side of them. Now you're gonna get way these, like micro expressions, are going to reveal your guilt. Now, because, on the perfect I do who buy my word. You dont know much like a face. Shut themselves. I bet I loudly site. I can't believe someone with scientists gas day after five, this cabin and that person wasn't me because the woman behind joy ideas, large farms and when she smiled his foreign, she may be even worse:
blame it on Jelly but her yellin out all my never forget that lady poor lady, I love I love the autonomy that she's not embarrassed about it, because normally you have the ordinarily. You have attacked too, a bit embarrassed about for the on behalf of the Fatah. When you finally understand what kind of fuckin smell Joe ideas can pack in that body? outcome of the man is well over three hundred pounds and who knows what he ate a small child who is fighting inside him and now he's cutting the fact. Many things happening, many things. I want two dimension, also Stu. I was reading this piece about stem cells. Have you been paying attention to the fucking crazy? I mean looks now like we're gonna be able to use stem cells to grow, I mean, I always knew you be able grow, winds and elaborate, but now it looks like within the foreseeable future,
to be able to grow a hearts and essentially grow in the lab, and you don't have to worry about your stem cell treatments. No, you helped me. Was that close to shoulder surgery? I had a tear in my rotated, carve a tear, my lay broom, a tear, my bicep tendon and my my shoulder was in some pretty significant pain. And, as is its particular injury, or is this leads from genetic sue? It's from martial arts, it's from wait lifting its from years of the overall wear and tear of being gyro. When I got the MRI, apparently in my shoulder had been dislocated, I didn't know it and pop back in place point in time, and they saw their some particles are floating around Jpg He just unbelievably brutal on your body, because your constantly attack aching joints and in trying to break those joints. And then you have to tap it, you don't want to tap so you muscle through it and then you wind up getting pretty injured and then you heal up
little bit in your heart right back in and train again cuz, it's so much fun. So I was really close to getting shoulder surgery and I talked to the doctor from the UFC who had just gotten the stem cell injections in his shoulder after surgery. He had shoulder surgery had a shoulder repaired and then gotten these injections, and I had to pretty good results with it any psych. Look. You really probably need surgery, but if you wanna try this these injections, let's give it a shot because it has been shown. I just wanna, give any false hope. Ok, let's go to shot so the body do they take a woman's placenta that eyes given birth to a kid through serious action, and then a young woman and they take those that will centre, and then they get these embryonic stem cells from Europe and they injected. In my shoulder and within four weeks, I felt better than I felt in a year and then it getting better and better and better- and now I mean they're still some like clicking like, because you're still some
shit floating around in there, but I lived a lot of weight and I don't have any pain. I mean why It's amazing how much better it got. I did a kickboxing work out today, where, I went seven rounds in the back, some slam and into the back up. Pain my shoulder at all, nothing, zero! I mean there's stuff floating. Now what I said I can feel it go. Click click click Khazars like some broken off cartilage and shit. That's that's me. Be out to get pulled out of their one day. But there's no pain says: there's no no limit in my rain of motion is no strength. Problem like I've shown the doktor like the physical exercise can do and he's blown away. I tat is incredible because it just reach- generates tissue and regenerate a region, in this case it can regenerate ligaments. It's it's looking Wareham anything exact anything. So I may think about that. You had an injury, you had a you, had a debilitating injury that was causing you significant discomfort and pain.
Science was able to do is take the cells that were going to form the spinal cord of a baby. From an embryo and the Those cells would enable to convert themselves into portions of Joe rodents, different constituent components in order to rebuild a portion of Jos body, crazy shit, I'm in style miraculous I dunno. What is I mean there are some things coming down the pipe with stem cells that are going to change everything I mean I'm literally made the cusp like if I hadn't gotten his injury five years ago, I would have had to have surgery, but I didn't I got it now and now there's no need for surgery like my shoulders. I have a I should. Archery rights are issued. Pull eighty pounds hundred times a day. Some just gone! No, no! Shoulder pain at all,
Having made you what the Un Europe Europe, the austrian Olympics, I did why some of the fund feels he's got silver. I think the african people themselves are you aware into ourselves. I've just watch the amazing telecast and I gave up a new issues and learn very humble swimmer lied. I gave up Ryan Lucky that poor fellow a bit of it was a bit of a boat and his knee as we would say in Australia. That's what you guys were com you don't. I felt was hilarious, though, that how people were, I think, was salon had some article that its proof that white male athletes are pieces shit. They had this whole thing about why male athletes, she's crazy, the in generalised one person can guy. Can you imagine if they'd said this is proof that like if it was an african American, though that will increase as we reach that black women, the black women, are Pierre share? That would happen while I rarely it's amazing that people are allowed to and by the way was written, the article is not written by white man. This is right.
By someone else, but it's amazing that that you could do that. Then you can be sexist. As long as you're being sexist about any, can be racist songs, you being sexist and racist about a class that you believe his privilege she allowed to punch up. Yet he should ever punch always punches. We're not gonna yesterday with super exactly on. That's the only possible pawnshop shit that is God, dammit it's so annoying and its especially annoying because I understand the motivation behind it right I do. I do believe that its different, if you, if there's a a genuinely oppressed minority than its different. Then they should have more of a licence to make fun. For example, of the majority than the majority should on them. Least it's less- I can't stand that is less bad. What don't understand is when They allowed to show flagrant bigotry. Yes right I mean it's not it's not just like a gag, it's like so you see, there was amazing
We tangential, but there was every one, got them because in a knot of that, it's in a tangle about Pat a headline in other words, in the San Jose Mercury, when Michael helps won his final. Do you see that- and it was this tokenistic kind of pattern- rising headline which was like you know, Olympic glory from Michael. Send african American. Woman Cosette was like an african american woman who may now what is it is not. What I saw is Michael Phelps when silver is a big headlines below it is world record, so the eight hundred meters by this woman. So I set a world record and she was below him. He want a silver and then was above her it must have been another one, because there was there was another one which was something like it. You know olympic triumph for my Phelps and african american athlete. Now that's a clumsy you bet headline right does that there is a danger that the one Michael Theatre as historic night with African American
limping said. Michael foundry shares historic night with African American wait a minute wait a minute he's he's what was widely pan for being racially insensitive that headline the headline said: Olympics Michael felt shares historic with eminent American. My my point is its. Out of America's anal obsessed and with rice that makes a headline possible in the first place that hit and isn't racist in the way that the K K K is raised. If I may know, white supremacist would write that headline. That would just ignore the african American entirely or they would write off that achievement. That is the kind of headline that's written by a constipated white guilty Lib. Why do I say african American? Exactly just say the woman's name. That's right right, trying to be tokenistic. Early approving, in this kind of paternalistic, patronising way that white liberals insist on being an dislike. Unavailing says is actually racist and that's that's telling, I think, because it is racist
to be overly concerned about rice, even if you're trying to be positive, what does he say they put up a second one. Ten minutes later that they always Emily later they ended up limping lemme. Go I felt, shares historic night withstand Fred Samoan Manual. Why is that a gaff says missing something guys? The third time the charm, the murk went with a third time. They wrote Instead, Stanford Simone Manual and Michael Phelps make history so because Michael Phelps was first, that's that's ridiculous, so this saying that when they changed it, they didn't put the galled medalist. First, they put Michael Phelps. First, because he's a benchmarking sweater, the history of the world ever yeah. What's a Larry's, is they got it right? The third time that her name is first, like the white? Why first, about. As you say, she want to fuck and gold medal. Why does she have to be in the same headliners him anyway? Can you have another guy
damn story where she won. A gold medal, haven't give her own fuckin story and then, have him have his own story? I mean not to say Olympics, you no golden over me alive, silver and gold for Phelps and outside my back, because if you want people to buy your fuckin newspaper, you better show Michael Phelps name, so there wasn't gonna buy no, I said he had saved car dashing of. I think it's think this war so much unnecessary? Yet here it is the MAC in user we should then have him in the picture so picture her all now though the region I original now, that's the, whilst still people love to say his name Let's see some of these tweets so flustered. Now there can't even get it grammatically correct, keep trying Michael is historic night I at Stanford Who cares it Bob can or should address this warriors care? Bunch of luck and weirdo shut ends are constantly monitoring the internet. Looking to be recreational offended and can't wait to, but look there was a clumsy
Fuckin Headline NEWS agenda is bit by bit again to be fair. The reason why this that that headlines, stupid or exist in the first place is because it's written by someone who has been contaminated by social justice, warrior thinking and thinks that they need to point out the rice, the gold medals exact. Wouldn't it be nice if there was just a gold medal asunder Silva Metal, and that is a metal. It happens to be much more famous than the gold medal s. So uneasy you put his name in magic if she went to a gas station and lied about being robbed and there was someone gave a missile wrote an article that its proof that the lack of an arrogant women are only this proof that mail athletes are protected class. It's not proof. It's a brute proof that this guy's a fuck sociopath and lied marry a list Beth Williams, the battle, of swim shady. That's a good headline can predict
I don't know why we thought that's not true male or I was wrong to it. So I thought it said. White males, just as male athletes are protected class. I just don't think that it is it's fair because it was one guy months. Thousands of athletes so stupid that you said male athletes are a protected class cuz. He didn't get protected by the way he got exposed. There's nothing protected about three in that guy's name. You know he will be the fuckin subject of jokes about lying for the end of tyre that guy will be the Benedict Arnold of jobs. Animal. Did a gag ban must not look. It's gonna happen like there's nothing protected and are not prove that he's a particular protected class. In fact, it's evidence that no one is protected from wise, because I didn't cameras because of technology and because the truth eventual gets out. I do think that if he was up if he was a black athlete from a poor le from like Ghana, or something like that, he lost all four major sponsors in one day: goodies a dick.
I don't give a shit about Ryan Lucky who lost a really what I got one million dollars and endorsement money. Who did you say that, like speaking of breaking ourselves into into tribal racial camps, did you say that the uproar the Ellen Generous tweet now which she said she was she did this? Can you find Jamie? So Hussein fault? She was like. It was something like next time Next time I go to the supermarket. I know what motive transportation I gotta get and there was like a Photoshop image of her on his own boats back or something area. So we did that are so did. Cilicia did some Photoshop, what did she do it? I think her show Photoshop did someone first and then she treated our chaotic someone offended at today
and so then, of course it's like we becomes his big thing about she's racist, because it's the white, it's the white person, enslaving, the black person. Does anyone believe that she wouldn't have made the same joke? If so, here she is like being given a piggy back by Hussein Ball. That's fine Photoshop zero. There now, she's, really doing it tat. She really. I don't I did some info show. What is, what is the dream? What is there to say, you're offering time gives a go down I'll, stop go back. You took your Emmett, go back, you tryin to scroll down the official recovering them Is that the current wonder she d gone back here
so I really do insurgent. This is how I'm running airlines from now on Hashtag Rio, twenty six ignored the picture, but that's not a rice jug. While people retarded that's, it was like. I was a lie, but I should still amid she still would have traded it right. That doesn't mean that she's racist, so this comes down to the question of when we swim. We accuse someone of doing something racist. We do. We should we believe that their racist snow or are we just try, find an excuse to interpret what tigers, bakeries, recreational outrage, that's what she is year or they are. But they're getting upset at her there, whether national, through decide. This is something they should be upset about. They see the green light in their hidden gas. Yet have you, We get pissed off that go jump off of a fuckin bridge seriously, just stop to stop talk and tweeting. Interacting aims have now your opinions of of sort of emotional and intellectual effort, Joe that's expended in the world these days on these outrage up members too few could channel that hot air into
kind of power. Plant Buick, Zepplin Modern on fire crash and just grow up, they remain album yeah. It's waste time and it's one of those things where I think we are. We Verde be beaten it into the ground know what it is, and I think it's it's slowly being less and less acceptable for people to do shit like that, because I think more, more people realise how fuckin unproductive and stupid it really is. The I feel like by that's right. I thought I hope that the the tide is too no. But I think that, as the tide turns the people who really get a kick out of this stuff, coming more and more vitriolic, an attorney I'll up to eleven year because they don't like they being sidelined, is still shut ends there still not going out and experiencing the world are still living in. This really bizarre confined environment that they they exist in all its debts. It's not reasonable
That is not. There is a reasonable to get upset at that. I had a conversation with an african american friend of mine about braided hair. Neither was it the Kardashian just gotta hear braided cultural appropriation appropriation and what frustrated me. Was she kept going up to the edge of of being critical of it? saying look I really carried away and in these conversations I feel like saying what, if you dont care, then just don't care didn't bode Derek. Do that like way, fuckin back in the day I mean, is that really culture probation? How I came from Egypt, I mean that I've been around for so long hounded and ran. Americans detested member one that can girl was getting mad- that boy for having dread, locks and she's trying to cut his hair off. Yet, yes, he's being an account to yet and shoes.
When it just because he was a little tiny guy and should get away with it. You think if he was a twenty fifty pounds, football player should be saying the same things to arm, while also mean course not. He seen she she's at a liberal arts college, and so she knows that he's gonna be full of enough white guilt that she can pull that shit and his and he's gonna carpet James and meanwhile she's wrong? They, the dread locks came from the Greeks, came from the Romans. It's like they been aroused honest as people been stinky would dirty hair, and so what My friend was saying about about. Braids was vague, Verger recreation, broad Eric, I am she was hot shoes- has fought back to my. We're saying all we want is for people to just recognise that its appropriation and two and two to two to understand and to express their gratitude for, and I was like what, by what mechanism what a Kardashian who gets brides illicit such I mean
exhibit such gratitude for the cultural I mean if, if in Bangladesh, Indians Great gets braids and then goes out and says, I want to thank everyone in the african community for creating brides. That's gonna call more of a vacuum stir than if she just did it so stupid what I wear a sarong, I swear pants in your black. What, if your way and white european created pants insurances, s closure appropriation, whereas there so stupid, culture is about sharing. That's what it is about as well, when go to an indian restaurant, you, culturally appropriating his reading their food. It's fuckin stupid, create your own indian food. Will you buying eating the rules of culture appropriation. Yet if you have Taco Tuesday, you a piece of shit, you now commands fuckin dumb man, it's dumb piece of shit- if you have done mistakes, are mad just stupid, but some
the best prosaic and about the stupid, I'm tired of wasting any of my time and thought. Well, I'm social justice warrior idea. You're right, I'm actually starting to study to stop doing that, because if people haven't heard previous times that I've been on the show- and you like this then go back and listen to them to the previous ones. That you'll find the Joan. I spend a reasonably logical amount of time, talking about just social justice, be issues and social justice warrior issues and how kill us all. I feel like to some extent we reach a tipping point where that's hopefully, no longer necessary, and Oh, it's a little bit self indulgent for us to be whining about the wine. As I thought you right, I feel like we ve won whining Ophelia exactly. I feel like we ve kind of one this battle and we don't need to to be so outraged at the outrage anymore. I think the data how to come in and we have to understand the only reason why people being so recreational outraged about the stupid shit. You don't have real things to be fucked up about in real life. It's easy to get food, it's easy to get shelter its most people have those Thanks knows that primary things that we need and once you have
those things in their so readily accessible. Then you start looking a thing to pick on in the world, because you don't have any real dilemmas, any real, significant important acts. Loot dilemmas, I'm old dilemmas and only a year. So the outrage machine. I mean it comes back a little bit too to the reaction to could Minsk. Selina mission is right about rape as well like It is within the appropriate parameters of public discourse in order to trigger The outrage see I desire either there because, like in that sense, like he's saying something about a violent crime against women and he's not exactly sure you know so, I kind of see why someone would be outraged that you would step up and defend a guy when you don't really know because you weren't there but he's all scientifically agreed, and it's a more valid criticise, hit a criticism. It came as a lot more valid than criticism of Elam Degenerous for her tweets on its true definite, but still in both cases. I think that get
two angry and wanting to punish people for doing something that politically incorrect is not. The ideal risk I liked it did. You see also it's important to point out that he didn't say that the guy wasn't guilty what he did is that we have to understand that women are cable. It did in the parity form, but what he did say: women cable lying to like this, this stupid club, whatever is bans as guy. You know not another stupid sure the great, but they ban the sky. They don't know other non he's guilty and he saying that this woman cannot of law I'd, because, like my Bible, that's right. I wouldn't get to hung up on the question of whether or not he thinks the guy's guilty or not. As always point. His point is his. His point is social Social media should not be the forum in which we conduct witch hunts into Paypal right and some people. They they see something where someone stepping out with a controversial opinion and what's their immediate idea, is not to debate.
And say hey. This is not necessarily appropriate, but here's, whereas point is- and here's where I disagree. No fire ham, pollinate Sham Burke and Hare saying hey Adam should. I ran the deck children. Did you the story about the soft cheek, the executive, Saatchi in London who was fired for inappropriate comments about feminism now so bout, maybe four five weeks ago, this comment he said he was giving. It is a sorry also sought Hitachi is one of the world's biggest ad agencies. Their base in the UK and he, is an elderly white guy and was giving an interview to business inside I asked about feminism. Sexism in the workplace,
and he said that it's not an issue at Sgi, because he thinks that women have this much more expansive vision of what their priority should bay and that all old male dinosaurs have this old fashioned idea about success, which is I want to get to the top of the of the ladder and they want to become an executive, and I wanna have as much money and power as possible, but Women have a more expansive view and and hour a wiser and care more about children, and family and and other things than just success, and that was saved as being an excuse for not addressing sexism in the a place and he was fired now put aside so So let me put on put on administrative level whenever it isn't indefinitely and I I got an organ advertising ice would have understood like vat is, that is all big argument and interesting conversation. That's happening among feminist themselves. Right I mean even mile bus area, Huffington has written columns
that this sort of thing about sleeping, imitate wonderful bars of maps and complain about women can mitigate as I'm worth a hundred merely cheese. I would like to recall a greek doktor evil me me me me ill complete me, though She was not saying that that she doesn't say that women are being held back. She showed her point is that we need to have a look a broader view of success rather than just thinking about money and power for sure but big. But when a white man said- and I look, I don't know that it is appropriate for What men at the top of a company that doesnt have very many women on the board to be specula being loudly about? Why it's not important! Why does no sexism in his company wise, not important for them to address, but I dont think that he should be fired for it? Well, you I don't think
you should be able to say to someone you know how do you feel about racism in your company? I think you should have. To have something to accuse someone of before our bring up accusations like that, I do has to be something. If there is, specific example of sexism that he needs to address his company and then he means needs to make a statement on that's one thing, but how the journalists have just into into interested in this powerful men's idea about women, workforce in general and I think we making an accusation or if you are right, that's what saying I'm saying not making accusation. So, if you're getting upset this guy's opinion about sexism and saying that I dont think they're sexism and my company, because this is we have diverse view of what success is, and I think women are getting away from this old dinosaur idea of what segments nothing wrong with what he said. But if you say anything about sexism other than what they want you to say well. That's the thing, that's the problem. What upsets what why worry about is that people are not, being punished for using
bad words or slurs, or attacking people or again expressing flagrantly bigoted appeal, Enzo saying that one race, a one sex, is better or worse than another, I'm kind of cool with taking people down four for doing that, Chirac, they now being punished for simply expressing opinions but feel old fashioned right, exactly and so you have to subscribe to sort of the ideological thought police. Yes, that's That's a real worry, but even if I disagree with all of those opinions, I want to live in a society that is boisterous and diverse, with lots of different argumentative the unit it's coming from lots of different position, and a lot of my white liberal friends disagree with this. They say that cut him loose. These are small, successful people, I'm almost anywhere. What they say is that having someone like him express a view like that actually silences other people, because it deprives it probably approach
the inhibits the women in his company from feeling like they can speak openly about their ambitions, because they think that this is a message Dick chauvinistic old dinosaur in charge of the company. Biases. Let's, let's go. I can't really comment on this. Unless I see his exact quotas were paraphrasing hear him here, So what is it? I quote? You can't find storing up started. That could well tell me what is his name, what they saw, cheese, audience Archie. Let us show that Ella S a tea. The age I know your eyes, Amy transparent. I saw Sgi boss, feminism. Such fires, feminist, feminism, brouhaha, PA footwear, Pa F, R. U Ex space p s. Ok, if whip scroll, please, if we, want to equal men, they must change their notion of happiness women. Not men propelled the cult of motherhood and Sir
read the frightening notion that life will never be truly complete without a baby and that no career plaudits can compare. Is that what he said not which nobody said? That's an opinion pace by someone in the independent whose twisting his words, but what the fuck is his words. Let's find don't worry about it. Why aren't you might be quoted in that's fine words? Please says, because what that is ridiculous. Would, though, whatever the fuck that person just said yeah, you get upset at Ivy says that their ambition is not a vertical ambition. It is intrinsic circular ambition to be happy, how they are going actually guys, you're missing the point. You don't understand I'm way happier than you. He explained their ambitious, not a vertical ambition. It is this intrinsic circular ambition to be happy why this is weird TIM Hunt. Bending career here territory by saying that such in Sgi he'd met a number of talented,
and who reach a certain point in their careers and rejected the chance to become creative directors. They're going actually guys, you're missing the point, so I repeat again that he said there's that that these women are saying guy you're missing. The point you don't understand, I'm way happier than you. He explained their ambitious, not a vertical ambition, its intrinsic, circular ambition to be happy well, you'd have to debate that idea, because I dont know not necessarily true for a lot of women who decide to have children and real as they would like, rather raising children than climate stupid fucking corporate ladder. Is anything wrong with what he said yeah? He also has the original article that I've got. He says if you think about those darwinian urges of wealth, power and fame they're not terribly effective. Today's world for millennia, because they want connectivity and collaboration they feel like they can get without managing and leading so maybe we ve got the definition wrong, which pose our antiquated shit on them and they are going
you guys are missing the point you don't understand I'm way happier than you. There patient meaning. Women's ambition is not a vertical ambition. Is this intrinsic circular ambition to be happy age? Read that so ass? I went judging ourselves by those standards that you idiotic dinosaur, like men, judge yourself by he says I dont think the lack of women in leadership roles has a problem. I'm just not worried about it, because they're very happy, they're, very successful, I'm doing great work. I can't talk about sexual. Just because we ve never had that problem. Thank goodness that last part slightly problematic. I mean, I think, what he's doing is expressing a very self deprecating opinions and- since the stock about himself being like an old fuck and then the following week in Babe announced that had been placed on leave and this they release the statement saying because of his comments. It is for the gravity of these statements that Kevin Robots has been asked to take leave of absence effective immediately. Oh my god, everyone can suck my dick everyone line up
promoting gender equality starts at the top and we will not tolerate any one. Speaking for our organization, who does not value the importance of inclusion, helping to introduce We worked very hard to champion diversity and will continue to insist that each agency's leadership be champions of biodiversity and inclusion. They should boycott that agency there bunch of twat I couple I've spent. So many be somebody man. I was arguing this on Facebook. This is the other thing like when you were talking about using cell phones and like Facebook and light not using twitter so much and how kind of corrosive that combative till you lived. Experience constantly dipping into well of insanity, it's just a funding wasted as a drag on my time these days, Joe S friend like I posted, so why not? What we have is blew up in my face was I posted on Facebook, this article, an article about this and all my comment was: was Descent shall not be tolerated. Knows what IRA right as a joke right and I were not Mattel right and people can hear it ended.
Being like pages and pages and hey hey what you had to migrate it into messenger, I had to go into private messages, it just Reims and reams of back and forth with friends in your friends all over the world trying to convince that I'm a meter chauvinist take us of England on suck my dick all of our peoples, They told me they lead law, here's a problem. This is not a prepared statement. Let speak. Africa another point that I was making like people domes and what he's just having a coffee with a reporter. What he said was not that bad he's ripping and is trying to do, speak positively about the company that they don't have an issue at sexism. Look he's I'd, I agree with what he saying. I think it's naive. I think it's kind of ham fly or due to its. Not yet exactly does not ass smart ass. They say it's not
France is not something that usually it's something that certainly opens up. The possibility of debate, like you could say, well, there's a lot of women. I don't feel like that. I feel like the door. The glass ceiling is there for them to achieve manuscripts, exactly and possessions and and the best way to an idea that you disagree with this to respond with more ideas? And I take that idea down not to fire the person who were who add that idea, I'm so weary! I can do the same may too and that these are smart. These us very smart, successful people. One of them told me that I sounded like a week. He basically that I'm the same here, it was remembering back to an occasion in the nineteen eighties, where an english brew cast any with sports broadcaster cold war. One of the players, a nigger, a really black, but with a public of adjective before it, like a lazy, allays ease, just a lazy nasty old niggah endures hand. Ass you got fired. I said that I am the type of per I'm just like the type of person who was deaf, who was opposed to the firing of that person, because it was like at every
point in time our standards of and you are just one of those white chauvinistic dinosaurs whose defending the old there, the old guard in fifty He is I'll, be regarded as being as I was like away from his computer and his wife put her strap on on impact cried, and then she took his credit garden. She shit in his mouth and she left the essential factor, her personal trainer, whose giant african american man what addict like police, flashlight, fuck him fuck em all on time, of it? It's I'm tired of it, and I- and it makes me question- I myself was names from- is breaking the neighbors Marcia begun. Obviously, ass business hours. I gotta get out here the air. Let's go for his do this anymore! No, and I really can't do it anymore in terms of like someone
matter, I'm so tired of like validating these dummies opinions and arguing about it. I'm and am glad that we didn't really talk about it. Much that I am over as well. I tried and stay away from it as much as possible, and I try to let it just Peter out the massacre conversation is much more complex. You know and that the subject of it means heart about a real crime. Rape right did it happen. We know no it was a real issue. Justice to women are a key using a god of a real crime, its there's a thing happening there with this other guy. That's it! not the conversation guys having about sexism at a company that it works, but the midst it's him? I take your point, but America thing is similar to may be good, not insofar as it relates to ripen insofar as it relates to what should the penalty be against Could for expressing an unpopular opinion ass in an unpopular white now you're right, you're right, she should fuckin quit that stupid show, and I get a pardon. Ask, as we always got, doesnt have scant scholars until I got race wars as well. I've been with her on everybody else. Go fuck yourself,
We don't need money. I support Josh steps. Exactly and if we want to hear Samara Summit and had a bull bars and when is it going to be released within the next few weeks? Three weeks till you always put it out man, what are you doing quite cling into? It turn what attention. Nor was it was just originally planned for then. So if I want, if I was gonna release it now, because that was just when SAM was fitted into the schedule, push thrown out there, but you so wild, but why Why are you so an irish trout, not an item? I produce anyone here. You have why you maybe what really sit before we do
I really am fundamentally in other just kidding. Thank you John Way that people live. Everybody looked forward on all of your pod platforms, Joe it's always one always applies Slater with ideas were often absolutely runs. Air open invitation. You know that. Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, see as soon you fuckers. Thank you. Everybody fatuity into the pot cast priests, the fuck. Out of you proceed if I gotta caveman coffee, gotta, caveman, coffee seo doc calming kid yourself some years ago, Rogan save ten percent. Thank you also to a corns acorns takes all the pain and confusion out of investing shit with acorns every purchase you make becomes an investment for your future. It connects to your favorite or debit card in the EP rounds up your purchases to the nearest dollar and then invest that other fuckin money across thousands of stocks in bonds site,
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