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#846 - Michael Shermer

2016-09-14 | 🔗
Michael Shermer is a science writer, historian of science, founder of The Skeptics Society, and Editor in Chief of its magazine Skeptic, which is largely devoted to investigating pseudoscientific and supernatural claims.
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Scenarios and explaining them to people that might not be so smart, like me, and make it in a way where he just he's he's he's a guy was dedicated incredible amount of his life, calling bullshit on things and just is really good at doing it very sparks always enjoy targeting so give it up for Michael Sherman the job, will gain experience. My boy Marshall charmers here, ladies and gentlemen, again we ve been talking about silly people for the past fifteen minutes. We just we gotta get warmed up filling. The list is endless. We area warmed up with body, doubles layers, hilly, hereafter and drought, yeah flatter authors, forest our real zau they're, saying Jamie flatters is we're gonna talk about the flatter. This, for one reason, The reason why I wanted to bring this up it's because I think there's a lot of
out there that are super gullible and I think there being controlled, I think they're being controlled by people who put together these. If it's one of two options, either there being told by people who together. These elaborate arguments for something that they don't believe because they're just trying to make money for you, too rose, which is entirely possible, and this needs to be thought of really needs to be considered because Lou Youtube videos can be extremely lucrative of younger you. Your video with millions of hits and a lot of these videos on all sorts differ conspiracies out such different, crazy things can generate that kind of volume you making real money, pennies and the dollar. But if million? Yes, it starts becoming real money inserts and if you do a bunch of Germany, can you do him on a regular basis? It becomes a gig becomes like what they do. They they re, create these silly videos, but people who just done have the time or the inclination to action.
He read scientific papers and articles and journals, and all these different things it explain how we ve. For a long time that the earth is rapid rate yeah. It's a myth that Columbus prove that the earth is is not flat that it round they, the agents near the Greeks, New Columbus, knew that everyone knew. But they did and that it was round Eastern Arians New Absolute later depictions and cry for I drew it in clay. They drew all the planet's a circle right. They knew right. I mean there's some obvious simple ones. Anybody could do. If you see an eclipse lunar eclipse, you can see the earth shadow on the moon its round. You know if you, if your high enough and here the chips are sailing out, you see the masters. The last thing you would see as the whole drops were the horizon first slowly. In other things like that that we know the earth is round either you travelling around. You come back to where you started.
Their explanation to flatter authors is yet round like a pizza but around flat pizza and all the continents or on the one flat face side. And that the satellites are up they're going around its yeah, but the satellite photos dont show all the continents had one picture because some over on the other side of the globe, so that refutes that, while not only that, but they think that satellites are actually in planes their employees. In writing or that are just circling around there's, no actual satellites. I don't even believe satellites. Yes, thank you. In all the comment. I somebody's recent ones are so crazy that he can't help it think. Ok, they don't believe they're, just Yegg in our chamber for may be financial reasons, but that does get to that question I always get which is to these people really believe at the call leaders, the people that make extraordinary claims. Are they just making the stuff
people may shut up all the time scale fiction fantasy, or do they really believe that are there? You know true believers and in its hard to tell it's hard against people's heads, the old flatter authors and then 18th century. I think they really did believe it. There wasn't much money to be made that you know on those kinds of things. I mentioned that Alfred Russel Wallace who's, the co discoverer of natural selection. With Darwin, I wrote my dissertation on him and wrote a biography of him, and he quite the colorful character, who is so open minded and new ideas that he was also gullible open minded enough to see this radical new theory of the evolution of life by natural selection. That's good pioneered other fields like bow geography and so on, but also, I was really into spiritualism in four analogy, say answers handling all that stuff, and it then
encountered an ad in one of the natural history magazines for this five hundred pound bet. If anybody could prove the earth is round, so he devised a test and he went down the Bedford Canal, which is a long straight like ten ten kilometres long. You can see the whole distance, and if you put these little sticks in the ground with markers item and they get a little telescope like a surveyors scope and delighted You can see that it bans so at each point. The stick is three metres above the ground. At each point, but you can see that its drop down in the last one so bent. So he won the bet, but he didn't get paid of course, because these people are cranks and ass we had taken. The court is ended up costing about fifteen years of his career in its wasting time. Writing letters, and in court dates and suing this guy, and let us try to win the battle to try to win the battle intercourse. What happens if you get caught up emotionally, like let this bastard get away with this issue.
Cut his losses and laugh but anyway, and I these letters that this guy wrote to the National Jaeger them. The royal geographical society about half a mile away as you know you have one. Member of yours sorry that should be in he's a crack and a crank and in it, and he wrote letters to Wallace's wife. You know you better. I sleep in your bed at night quietly, but I'm coming to get you guys like death threats here. So you know it's always questionable deal with crags, because some of em are a little mentally ranged shore- and they can attach themselves to someone like Walser Darwin or anybody else, if, if you can somehow or another connect, yourselves diamond censure and argument. It's kind of logic. Mozilla at least in a way that person's giving you attention purses, engaging you and an elevator. You're standing and then, whenever too, people are arguing. A certain amount People are gonna two sides: there's they're just go even if the
What you're saying doesn't make any sense is gonna, be a gang people, a guy like ways, area and they're, gonna, Join in and people love they loved. Our team there will have to be want to be on tee walls, routine, crank this unnatural out, and that is also why people like a lot of Croatia's wanted debate. Dawkins. Yes, because he's the guy he's in there I went up best known biological scientists in the world, the efforts since Darwin himself. If I can get him on stage in its darkens likes to say, this will have better and you as you may than mine, so I'll pass video and he doesn't need money so well. Contrary argument or the the other position is so many people, who are actual scientists, wanted debate. Deepening, oh well, Does he really believe ex people most the sceptics at atheists? They would be Pox just a fraud, a con man selling up snake oil. I don't think so. I've known him now for a number of years in the last up snake oil. I don't think so. I've known him now for a number of years. In the last year, I've spent allowed time with them
and the reason I know he believes it absolutely. What he says is because he's always working on me privately uniform launch her dinner. I mean I got in half a dozen emails, the last two days from deep up. You know it's not for public consumption. By trying to debating he just trying to convince me. Now that he's right was a tragic events. You well about consciousness here, keep his eyes please. So here you read them a quote from vendetta: Hollow body is in the mind, but not all of the mind is in the body Swami, Rama, while his eyes he quoted Swami Rama. We now at any onto something so these as may these, not because he is he's a Craig. He wants to convince me right that his worldview is different from mine, but better. I should have em
more open mind. Well, that's a bizarre quote in that quo could be interpreted the bunch different ways, and you know one could say that we really dont know where consciousnesses we. While we know that it exists in the mind right, but you know what we do hours. If you blow someone's brains out, they no longer exhibit any behaviour that you could recognise as being conscious right. So, in my debates with the epoch, I make the point he points out as you just it consciousness. Is this I'll hard problem, not how neurons fire. We know how that works, but the experience you have of looking at me and vice versa. How does that derive from just dopamine going across in absence or nor up and Efron going across in absence, is just electric meet? How do you get electric meat to have this experience? We're happy as he likes to say, where's the red. If I open your skull up, there's no read in their there's no room
and their it's just neurons fired. So how does it happen? Ok, so this is the hard problem. No one knows, but, but it's not, that we don't know We have some ideas about how it works, and I think this is one of those ones that either never be resolved. Like Freewill determinism lino! Ok, we live in a determined universe. How can we have free? Well, if that's the word the language that, in other certain restrictions on our cognition of how we think about the world and its very much influenced by the words we use of that could be one of those mysterious mysteries that can't be solved simply by the nut, not that we're not smart enough that just the limitations of how we perceive the world, and it's just so there I'd like to look at like this. There has been a big gum survey, professional philosophers done but three years ago about twenty six hundred Phd either professors
or doctoral students in philosophy? What is your position on the news? Like twenty five different debates in philosophy and like free will determinism? It was roughly equally split between the terminus and compatible is like Dan. Dennett is a compatibilist, and Harris is a determinist in a small percentage of libertarian freewill. What are they compatible as compatible as except the the premises? The universe is determined governed by laws of nature and so on, but that we make free choices within the causal nedda. The universe that is I'm making choices like I chose to come out here, that was a choice. Yes, the universe is determined, but my behavior, my actions might volitional choices within the net. The causal net is part of it and in any case, you can't know all the variable. So it feels like you're making free choices, so
you are in essence making free choices because it feels for even if kid you don't know, all the determining factor so the compatible, as is something like others. If different versions of Nanda Dandy, it makes a good argument, degrees of freedom that we have this idea degrees of freedom in engineering. Certain systems are more complex or less complex in certain systems have or variation than others. So, if you think of degrees and freedom like an insect has very few degrees of freedom is almost entirely instinctively driven small number of neurons and so on. It may be. A rat has more degrees of freedom than an insect die more than a rat primate, more than a dog us more than the other primates it just how many choices, how many variations, so you can come up here. You go this way. This way. This way this with this way, but the human, it's not clear, which way they gonna go with the rather more predictable they'll. Take this this maize or that maize, because the food is over there. Something like that so has dented, argues that the web, freer than you know them the man
sir, the dog. We have more choices and even when, in human populations, the laws already accommodated this, so you know first degree murderous different than second degree murder or euros. What is the difference? To what extent you intended to kill the person you planned it out verses. You are out of control, inflow, grotto, you cultures partner in bed with somebody else. You lost your temper ban, ok, but you wouldn't normally do that. So we think you won't violent aggressiveness or drug addiction, alcohol addiction, the tumor on the brain of the famous case of the? U
mercy of Texas Bell Tower Shooter Whitman. You know he left that note Europe. Lately I've been feeling not normal, and yet I'm feeling quite violent and I'm gonna do some beds shit today. So when I'm dead do an autopsy, so he went he killed his mother and then he went to the better and killed nineteen people whatever was named did an autopsy sure enough. He's got a tumor David Nexus Hypothalamus, so we would. We would recognise or get that guy had fewer degrees of freedom than you, and I do it's not that we excuse it. We do say: ok, he had a tumor. So that's the compatible list argument Sant someone like Samara Determinist would say it's it's all. It's all tumors, you know it's determined you're, just using different causal vectors to describe the behaviour. Some of them are more obvious than others. So the best argument, in that case I know of, is from Ganem aid rain. Rain is a psychiatrist, a neuroscientist. Who was the first?
to scan the brains of serial killers in prison. So he would take this Portable F, MRI Brain Scanner to these prisons, and these guys have nothing to do with her happy to participate as subjects and he would scanner brains and he found that they have very little self control, which is associated the prefrontal cortex and their prefrontal cortex is were pretty quiet, pretty undeveloped inactive. So you have all these impulses that bubble up and there's no break. There's no governor on the system to keep in check where, as you and I would count to ten or walk out of the room. If we're getting heated up there like much more likely to just reach out punch you if you say so, like something like that, like a self control, so he argues that that if someone has a tumor, it's obvious, you can see it, but what if somebody just has the crappy as background you can imagine, raised in a broken home, single mom, drug addiction,
hang related inner city, crappy diets dropped on their head and so on. It is an example of this young man named onto page in african American who was convicted for a raven and killing a woman Andy's on death row. I think he s life in prison, in case you know. So he describes spends pages in this book. The anatomy of violence of this guy's background it. It's the worst background you you could possibly imagine that surely has effects on his brain. So there's not a tumor. He can't scanning go look, there's a tumor. Ok got a tumor, but he sat a background that would surely be different than the background you and I have had, and therefore he had fewer choices in his actions that you and I and so you know the law would deal with that differently and but see someone like that, and then it would say: well those are degrees of freedom. He had fewer choices than the person that didn't have the awful background. So that's what it is
things were. It depends what you mean by these words, like degrees of freedom, volition, choice, actions, verses, moreover, physics, engineering, billiard table type of causal model. What's a really complex, question and subject and one that people battle with, even when you're faced with the determinism argument, like you, you, if you take in the law, logic of determinism, like you are the product of your genetics, of your environment of all your life experiences of all these different things and they are woods, dictating all your choices. So even when you're making a choice, the choice, your make is based on all the data they ve taken in your entire life. So do you in fact, free will at that moment has it all been sorted determined by all these experiences and its hard to argue because everybody's life is different. Everybody's take on things are different everybody's experience. You can
the exact same experiences I do, but your take from it might be very different than mine. You might be a person meditates, so you might be really mindfulness and really into so in down and trying to objectively analyze all your thoughts and your reactions, you might come out with a completely different decision based on that. So is it determinism, I've also, you start practicing meditation and you change your behavior. Is that determinism fancied. I would love that border supplanted. I would love that more of the category freedom- you you you may become self aware, like I have a violent temper I really need to do something about this. Well, what can I do well meditation
ok. So then I choose to start meditating just like the attic and when we talk about attics having been out of control but lots of attics actually start, they break the addiction date they have. How do they do it? Well, meditation. They use, use, behave, cognitive behaviour, therapy, they go to these clinics and so on that, but they got a dry themselves there. They got it actively. Do it there, where that they're doing that, I would lump dead end the year, making kind of a free choice. You don't have to do that. You could just keep doing your addiction, but if I was a determinism pert proponent, I would I will now because your decision to make that choice is based on all of your experience. Is your genetics you're your family, your background: all of your input that you ve gotten from other people about your behavior and you ve decided to make a choice based on that data, correct that that that would be the counter argue very dark, the yes! So it's it's like that. I think also with cod
this new Siena. What do you mean by cod rightness and in a two it's a hard problem k, but but is it ever resolve also that deeper thinks it's not just through a neural science. Explanation bottom up. Molecules scaling up emergent property, mind out of brain. That's what most of US scientists think people are Christophe. Kokoo works on this problem in a heap gaily nappies, just looking at the visual court,
eggs in the back of the brain and in looking at visual, conscious experiences reality if we can figure that site like that approach, but someone like deep boxes, it'll, never get us there that so use language like the consciousness, is the ground of Bein. Now I know that phrase from Portela who said God is the ground of being. What does this mean? It's? It's like this is not quite to say. Tat consciousness is everywhere it's it's in here. It's in the clock in this table without be more of a sort of ideas and were pantheism or something like that. It's it's more like it. It's just that the part a part of the universe. I'm not sure. I really understand us in a deep has a different language. Is that sort of eastern wisdom traditions Rami and saw you being very kind? I will call word salad. Well, there's a lot of words out. It sounds like that to westerners I've tried to put myself into his world view. So, for example,
Two months ago, my wife and I went and spent three days at the chopper centre that the Lecasser resort Inspire and Carlsberg, California, ok, this is a great weaken it. We did four merging the tea, the diet, the yoga meditate the whole thing, and I did feel much better afterwards. But of course you can't go to the look ass to spawn resort in Carlsbad California at the beach and not feel good. I mean, if you don't feel good after that, you're the problem that the system is also the things you're saying you drinking. Tea is great for you doing yoga, which is great for your relaxing any you're, also going there with the intent to try to make some positive change in your life and get on a good path, as how does that all those things are get now deep, like just released a paper that was published this week, he wasn't one of the authors, but it was on the effects of of his programme on biomarkers in various physiological changes. This was conducted by Harvard Medical scientists, name Rudy Tansy
as the scientists to discover the genes for Alzheimer's. So he does a lot of work with Alzheimer patience. You know to what extent we have any measure to treat it, not really what about meditation? What about diet, these kinds of things? Theirs is not terribly hopeful, but me. These are some of these supplements who knows, but anyway, he wanted to know what are the effects of meditation. I just regular people, so they went to the law. Ass to resort inspire others already a sixty programme that the two percent runs with its arithmetic, but it's it's yogurt meditation, its food diet. Miss are not not massage in this particular one, although they have great massages heritage, which is also healthy, and
and so what they found was there, and so they compared a vacation nurse who were to stay in their at the resort. They took all the various biological markers to Novice meditated. They taught him right there. This is it day one hears what we do go through it, twenty minutes and thirty minutes and medicine in yoga and then a group of people that were already there that were serious, daily meditated, I ve been doing their whole lives right. So there was a difference it first of all, everybody got better blip. She goes down. Stress hormones are practically zero and all these great markers, including the vacation, is then they ve, the difference between a vacation in the meditation group? So the claim is that you God vacation, but you can't do that every day, your life, but you can meditate every day everyday life, so the effects of medicines She may be something like you can do it at home, the relaxation of meditation, the focus whatever you call it
focus. The hut on your mantra actually check as physiological change is, one of which was dean beta Amyloid, which are the kid the chemicals that cause the plaques entangles in neurons that cause Alzheimer's? so rubies argument was that it could be said of a causal train, their that that method, Asia and leads to less stress, less inflammation and therefore less of these build up plan. Entangles around the neurons. It kills him, that's what happens and Alzheimer's your brain just eyes neurons to so, amongst various factors that might be effective, meditation may work
someone like Samuel, does meditation with. He would look for a causal chain from the bottom up. What are the effects of having certain thoughts in one party or brain affects a different part of your brain and cause of neural chemical hormonal changes and on deep arc, of course, wants to use different arguments? Aid has to do with mind that not not brain but mine consciousness. That's out there, but but even saying it's out. There is not correct, but anyway that it doesn't matter what the worldview differences are terms. That does it work if it works. Who cares? This would be good if, in people at meditate, even people that are sort of new age, ear or eastern religious they say works. I haven't done it my I dont. Do it myself. I do other things that I think relaxing, but but if it works, who cares what? The explanation is? Initially had been ice to know something that's affair,
If so, it turns out from this new study just published a nature that meditation seems to be effective for these biomarkers, including tellers. It increases tell him race, which caused the tellers at the end of your chromosomes d, their stay, the same length or to grow a little bit, and that has direct relations to aging, because we know that the hay flicked limit on the number of times a cell can divide and when you get to that upper ceiling than the cells are dead and that's what causes aging, ultimately, genetic Selleth, if there is a way to sort of slow down the process of the teller, Marie's degrading may be through the production of more teller Marie's chemicals at cut effects. That then in meditation, is one of those or diet whenever
that there would be a good thing without do they determine that from studying the exact same person and studying them premeditation, imposed meditation and studying the rate that tell em ears start to decline. Of this particular study was just at the control group versus experimental group, the meditated sources non meditated and a vacation and how but how much of seat? It seems to me that that something that you would want to study over a long period of time, and then you know that you would actually have to study the person over a law. A period of time before their meditating to really get a base. I dont know if anyone done that yet, but that would that would be good. Yes, we need anymore the scientists themselves, Rudy and his team, so well. We have to replicate. This. Is the one shot deal here several days at a resort? That was it you gotta do more of this
But the point is that you know: surely there is some value in some of these techniques, whatever you call it, he had also take the word salad out and stop using words like ground of being a whatever forget that just business is there's a certain like way of talking there. People really enjoy hearing because it makes it sound, like oh there's, some sort of a mystical explanation and solution to all of the problem. Firms that modern day society presents you with any could find those through this course or this lecture this brighter this prize this. I am now engaging in a practice that separates me from the stresses of the modern rife. Great. I think that what you're saying about meditation and other things you do that relax you, I think it's very important to relax and I think we are No, that's one of the real problems with our world. Our society today, especially in America, is so I'll, go, go that it's like. If you are an athlete,
in you train constantly one of the most important things is recovery. It's a critical aspect of athleticism and if you just train and you dont recover your body ex down your red line in your system, Europe, giving your system the proper time to recover. I think that when you meditate and for me my big one is the sensory deprivation tank. I have one of I these matters, and I go into all the time and it's the most relaxing thing in the world because you're going in there the waters, the same temperature audio event loading, it's amazing, in doing that I feel like that is there's no motion at all. I'm concentrating completely on my breathing until I achieve this certain state of consciousness that I get too when I go in there and the way I get to it has just concentrating entirely unburied being in breeding out. I just think about in with it good now with the bad and inwardly. That's. My only thoughts that I try to maintain other thoughts get in there. They
around and they ricochet out. Eventually they stop existing to let his meditations meditation, but I think any form of just right. Just give your body a chance to give your heart rate a chance to drop, give your mind a chance to slow its revolutions per minute too, give yourself some time to recover and then also reflection. Give yourselves time to consider the momentum of your life That is also a real issue with people. Is that Your life sort of starts taking over you and your actions in your your the things you do during the day a lot of them get by. On the momentum of the things you ve already done verses, what you actually want to do right and it just caught. It gets out of hand, and you don't have a choice, to step back and look at it and go. I gotta stop doing that or I needed
you more this or I have to figure away to not do you know all these things together, what the decision you make, but the those decisions come out of reflection which comes out of space away from the actual thing and in time and thought right my jewish friends, tell me that this is what the Sabbath is for mining Sunday until Saturday, Son Sundown, make it. At a time of feudal, family friends, reflection, no tv, know, you're off social media outlets. That makes sense means a smart thing, that's an old tradition, so you know yes, said Even my jewish friends are not religious is just a cultural thing in that it that's probably a good thing now where it gets a little out of hand. I think, like another one of my full emerges from my chapter and Anti Park in eastern religious traditions of my next book heavens on earth? We went to see deep back into Eckart Towler
who did a show at the shrine auditorium, in LOS Angeles, the power of now power of now this guy I mean this place. What must have been three thousand people for the people. There paid fifty bucks ahead, I mean those like, while our right and Diego gash deepened. Yes, I don't know what it cost de there try but also expensive yeah yeah, but you know the two of them: disorder walked up and down the stage just talked in consciousness. Yes, it's a very much like that and people at a ten these are fairly well off people. You inserted tell in the parking lot how their dress same thing. With this last weekend, I was at the sages and scientists conference a teapot puts on every year this year, instead of at this at the last resort, it was at the Beverly Wilshire they said there's a lot of people from that are deeply fans and they go. You know these are you're normal run of the mill folks here these are people at your upper middle class, good lookin, well, off
be nice cars and I ve ever better the Beverly Wilshire. But if you say that there is a low bar, its Wolfgang bucks bar and it is they have good german beer, which my wife and I like she's in Germany, where you sit there, the win, a watch, these cars pull up. Ferrari. Lamborghini rolls Royce Bentley. It is like this is not one of my take events, you know with science geeks coming, you know it's it's a different audience up. I do wonder the people that are that particular study their Rudy Tansy. This is not a randomly pick sample from the general population. Who knows they have different kinds of problems. Are issues a lot of depression, mental? You know things that might be affected by psychological states anyway, in its different, from the physiological changes, then they mark, but still, but when you go, we watch the shrine auditorium thing without cartel and he's very effective.
He speaks in a manner. I can't even imitators is very saw very slow men It almost feel myself like melting into the cheerily hypnotic very hypnotic. Yet have you ve been hypnotized? I have yet that's what it feels like yeah. So he is probably do yeah yeah he's bringing the audience to a certain state of thinking and I'm sure effective for the now and technically he and deeper. Right that there really is only the now about the three seconds or so of the current state of before after the past and before the future. It's just it, and even your memories of the past It's just neurons firing in your brain now of what happened in the past, and the future is really hasn't happened yet, but just your neurons firing in anticipation of what might happen to their right it really they all. The action is now, of course, as I like
digital guy? You know my three days there at two percent or at the new age place up in big sir, would set the one on the right on the cliffs. The echelon incident had been their several times in its who by relaxing and you know, but the now ends on Monday morning and go back to work. You know my my mortgage has now coming up pretty soon called the payment and to what extent you can live in that condition all of the time. But if you take it, moderation like like he said just once in a while to step back once a week, gonna want today whatever for ten minutes half an hour. Our deputy asian tag once a day, something that seems pretty reasonable, young, very reasonable and very beneficial. I think those people that Europe talking about. They do have a whole different set of problems because they have achieved material wealth beyond the imagination of the average person. If you're pull up in a ferrari, your son,
We put up in a house you're driving a house around you're driving a two hundred plus two thousand dollar automobile which actually to most people, was this crazy. I did so One could have one of those so that car a person who isn't happy. The type of person that wants to go to some sort of a seminar by health girl. We all agree that a blue lair gaining this thing is to urge those things will break down. To folks can invest. That's not the moon. But her AIDS barbarism, our oil money? Here I was Adam. One of them hotels in Beverly Hills. I had dinner there and this blue God v, IRAN pull there daughter is more than a million dollars and I think that one point. What didn't we look at up? One point three doesn't matter one point: Three million dollars up like that, but it had the saudi arabian plates and
it actually had palace plates. It said something palace on it, and so this is some royal person sent his car over either in a boat or on a plane, and there was no that car and then there's a million in these other soup expensive luxury cars all over the place. Those people have our own problems and we would like the average person who ex all day and has a pile of bills and, as all is dead like goddamn, and I would love to be a rich person how the hell these fuckin, rich people still have problems right, doesn't make any sense, but you get you who's to your life, you get used to your life. And if your life is being an indigenous person living in Bolivia in the jungle in you shoot spears, that fish in that's how you get by. If that's what you you get used to that life without life, because your life and you find problems and me you don't find his many when you're in a hunter gatherer tribe, as you do if you're, some sort of it's fun manager, who is just
after all, every day that really stressed out, and your wife driving you crazy in your mistress, wants you to leave your wife and you don't know how to fuck. You got yourself into the situation in India and then you decide. I want to go to this power of now seminar. In straight my shit out, pull up in your blue Ferrari. I think there's problems. People create problems in just because someone as material wealth. Not only does it not ill, many problems. It creates a whole new slew of problems that would lead The kind of self indulgent sort of exploration, of your condition that these thing, sort of enforce and cater to yeah yeah yeah, so you gotta go back work, the next day or whatever, but so too another point I made in my time for deep, oh by the way, their areas with the fan. You know that you're super nice guy, I'm sure he's really nice guy but like If you go to one of these workshops, any feel much better, so there's been a few,
studies that many like big corporations, hire people. I tony robins to command in Vienna. Give this feel too. They get the sails, was, I fired up and they are. They are fired up here, as we can tell the veto the the effect last for a couple of weeks. They go back hit the phones or make it our calls for more money? It's like its work by Anna tapers in their right back to the where they work. Motherfucker so. This is why we published a study on this and sceptic that the number one per day, DR anyway, that would, by one of those books, have help books or go to the seminars. Are people have already done so and they do and over and over and over so in a way if it worked, why do you have to keep buying the books in the tapes and and the going to the seminars, and maybe it only works for justice. Little. Why will you ever the expression that inspiration is like bathing? It's very effective, but it must be to celebrate and Grace S right. Well, that's, but could be it. I think it is. You know so, there's the two senses in does it work? Does it work for you personally,
and then does it work for everybody, so the scientific method I just want to know is not. Did you personally feel better when you went to the low cost respond resort for three days? If, of course, I'm sure you did, but can we actually measure the differences and apply that to anybody and not just that resort, but any resort it or is it like? Sixty percent of the people between the ages of twenty five and forty that have these medical conditions or whatever when we apply that technique forty percent of the time, they'll get better now, that's really what we want to know, so I'm, on the one hand you know somebody says I went to detox place. I feel better, I'm glad that they felt the other worlds a little bit better place if you feel better, I'm okay from a scientific perspective like yeah, that's interesting, but does it really work, not just placebo or not just temporary. It's like I'd Netflix, just released that documentary based Tony Robin
and the film is called I'm, not your girl, but clearly watching this. This is what everybody think that's my girl. They wouldn't really like him and he has this hypnotic effect on the audience. It's incredible. I've never seen anything like it, but the question is when they go home in a weekly. Two weeks later, did it make any difference, I'm sure they feel better their time. Robin says a lot, a really good stuff and he says a lot of really motivation, things that I listened to and islamic disguise making a lot of sense. I bade does a lot of people a lot of good What I always ask is: what has he done other than do these, like he's, become really effective and motivating people, but what has he done other than motivate people? I mean, as he produced anything other than these books that are designed to motivate people I really appreciate what he does and I dont want to belittle it because I read a lot of stuff back when I was competing and martial arts and when
starting out as a stand up comedian. I read a lot of stuff. You know what motivated me and gave me some good good things to think about. I think I was already sort of ANA Self improvement. Ass. Those trying to take a lot of information from a lot of different place, including Dianetics. I bought a Dianetics book and then hounded me for tat. Nearly a year on guy ordered at a late night on one of those in former things, but I think interesting. What he's done, because it's not like save a guy like Steve Jobs? or you know, a Wozniak who created apple. If they made a book on how to get motivated and get something done, and here's the core core aspects of success in this endeavour and I've done and I want you to know this- I want to spread this knowledge, but when a guys just motivating people write a noise like, like, I know, a guy who just motivates people and he's a tear
we'll comedian, Nasal decided to start motivating people out of my well what the fuck is going on here, but the moon, while people by because people love that feeling they love. That of someone, saying something that makes sense that get some going. Yeah, I'm gonna eat plant based on dialogue jogging every day and I'm doing yoga four times a week and I'm going to drink only water and I'm gonna you now and then one day they passed crispy cream and about the hot it's out of fresh sign. As I hear those hot don't answer, he gave us glaze hot babies in your system. Actually now there have in a coffee and they throw sugar and fuck it already at the sugar in the donor. Conflict is better with sugar. You hope it's better than the little girl about the other guy that took an ad in the newspapers, have sent me a dollar I'll, tell you to make a million dollars run and add another newspaper. You he's
the now. Of course, he really is a great collector of philosophical points that really can affect you. If you absorb them, Think what you pointed out about the amount of people to get involved in these things that don't actually have any. Long term change in their life. I think what it says like is like rehab, you know my friend Chris Bell who made this recent documentary prescription thugs and he made bigger stronger, faster that documentary on steroids? Really, cool guy and really fascinating, is he went through making this documentary prescription thugs and then in the process of it, had a pretty significant injury that got him on pain, pills, and then he got hooked on pain, pills himself, always documentary on pharmaceutical drugs being highly addictive here, but he went to this rehab and when he came on the planet
Cason was discussing. The rehabilitation process were getting off his pills, one of the most important aspects- was how much time it takes in how you have to be, fully immersed in this idea of recovery for a long period of time to do it in this method. To in order to enact any real change- and I think that's probably same thing with motivational speakers. I think you can get that initial, burst. Were somebody? Could sleep being a hate MIKE. I'm taking these fuckin pills away from me. Man. You can't keep taken these danger hook. You like your right now, you're gonna change, so this is both burst of motivation. You're, a good man you're, a smart guy, you're too smart for these pills, you're right, you get that feeling you wake up the next day and you go job and you get a good, sweat and go and get some. We crashed using your power that down like I'm on the path, but then the inspire she dies off and you so comfortably slide back in your old way, so I think these
motivational speeches by Anthony Robins remedies, people that I think they can be beneficial, but I think for most people, the comfort of there old path is such a magnet, their company, is good news that made it raids almost like they need every day for like a year or two years three year, something already tansy from our retell me for it. For a normal habit, it takes about sixty days coupled to months every single day of retraining debris on a new habit and anxious irregular habit like drinking coffee or disk. What time you get up in the morning or whatever exercise, so I suspect, with drugs or alcohol, it's probably a year to tears. We completely re retrain your brain rewire. The neurons literally took to change that habit, its doable people do. It is just that it can be very difficult, so I think part of the appeal of the the self help groups
so called self help is that you keep going because you need the other. Two retrain reminder every six months. Her elicited the tapes once a day or once a week, and it just kind of keeps the new habit reinforce First, I believe literally dopamine hits from hearing the voice of the person. Someone like Tony Robinson he's just I've met him at tat. Age is bigger than life. I mean like six, eight huge hands and deep I sent any talks. Wonderful he's got a great presence and he's quite the opposite effect. Our totally I mean he comes out. Stage. The music of the latter on sidekicks boom boom thrown the site. You re like all shed tears kicks at boards found. This documentary is really quite revealing is called I'm, not your girl. It opens with him talking to this. Young man is Turkey's german and he looks super sad is what, with pilot with with bugging you, man Stanhope bugging you now, and it's like I'm feelin, suicidal
says who assist AMOS in front of a large volume of three thousand people whose hotel room cameras and light Jesus he's gonna Powys Angela here when I was a little bit like that, but it is a completely different way said he looks days is: is it that is at the red shoes? He does. What is? Is it the you're rich? Those are the facts in red issues. I have ever seen in other fucking red shoes. Camera goes, daddy, got these red shoes, and this is the way he says it is so funny this guy just started laughing. In total. Don't you be laughing now because it you're going to spoil the the programme for suicide, I mean come on an end this kind of work done, and why are you feeling this wind? For you know what this guy was. He seemed like he was doing much better.
Rang again. Various like I pulled out a gamble on this day about these shoes. Everybody that film. But the problem with that and in another story they show in theirs is there's no follow up. We have no idea exactly this guy. Does he added another one with a woman who had laid issues or somethin emotional is a year that relationship here and yes, he's kind of feet like doktor lorries figured out after all these years. You know your problem number seven years as numbers exactly how it is only like ten things that covers ninety percent of anybody that would come. You know these are there and does so heap hones in relationship you're, not happy, you love him, but you don't really want to be with him forever. Yes, that's it! That's it get your phone out, but call him right now and it lay holy shit. This is Anthony Romany. So the same this that this is done in the in the film
He says about Tony Robins, yet so she calls the guy in workers he's like here. What's up money now, I know I this is gonna be really hard, but for three thousand will be shared out ass. She jumped him on the phone, I'll fuckin cry, and yet this guy's like where are you again knowing their behaviour patterns, not knowing what I mean. Who is she when she's on that state in front of three thousand Ok, so the question is not, but how could you make that call not know anything about their persons pass, and I know your behaviour patterns, not knowing what I mean Who is she when she's on that state in front of three thousand people? Is she really herself right because most people? No, of course not so I was immediately, went to know, as you know, two days later, I'm really sorry that seems incredibly responsible here to get someone a break with two have so little information and take someone on their work at that moment like to some people that
one day for whatever reason, though go? You know, I can't fucking do this anymore. I need to get out of my marriage and go to the bar and have a drink and they'll get crazy for like a few minutes or an hour or whatever, and then the drive home there listen song and then a wife will send them a text in the go. What the fuck is wrong with me, why did think that, why might is right now and realize, like images, just d Algeria a certain pattern of behaviour. So how does he know that that woman was an indulging certain pattern of behaviour he doesn't ignored or simply on the other hand, maybe she's really really and maybe was really a good idea, really doesn't now? That's it might, you might have given are awesome advice, but he fuckin for sure didn't know there was awesome, advice right and it's a private all these programmes like like a in a does it work, they don't collect data. If they do, they don't make it public. We can't get. The data Many what percentage of people that come and last this many weeks or months, and what percentage never take a drink or take one drink or whatever,
we don't have. No one knows we have the anecdote. Like I went work for me. I went did work for me will, which is it with you Wasn't there a recent study on a where they were determining that people who who leave the programme a try to and if you see we could find it, but as it was a recent study that was talking about, Brian, in maintaining sobriety, and how little of an impact that it actually had it did have an impact on people maintain sobriety, and they think that that implies. May have been connected to the sort of sponsor system that they have not wanted to disappoint people encumber artery that you develop in that sobriety environment which it's a lot of sense and I think it's really clever how they ve structured. In no way does I think having a mentor having someone's already done it and then also, I think, of what leads people to alcohol.
And, besides you know, genetic markers and all the different things where people have like an inclination to do it. Is they there's there? lying to medicate themselves. The trying to, and one of things is trying to medical themselves from a lack of Pinion share, bore lack of good meaning interaction with people and when you're you're situation is on the line and sort of a dire way that came at you hit Fuckin rock bottom withdrawn this both in the trash and get your shit together followed twelve step programme. Now I'm gonna do I'm thou I'll, send you some urgency involved, and you have someone who you're accountable to you have to call person you're, getting a chip, hey I'm ninety days, congratulations committed to ninety days, and then you go up there, a species get all this attention which people desperate Craig you get to be on the podium,
everyone's looking at you this online involved in it, that's not just about sobriety about ritual social, yes, very social, very slow and edit. It could be that work. Save it out over the decades deftly got something right, but there was a knock, the pitting the thing it was. Start, the study was showing a little of an effect. It is. It's really kind of amazing does have an effect, but the effect is not that much different people are just quit. Like I've known a couple, people that are not involved in any short twelve step program like like. Buddy Gregg Fitzsimons. He and I have been friends for sunlight twenty seven or twenty eight years, we met as rookie stand. Comedians. We started within a week at each other and when I at him. He was twenty two, I believe the time and he had just quit drinking. He really I, like his parents, had issues with substance, abuse and as a young man is like Lord. I can't so. I do this I'm gonna hammered all time, and obviously I got the bug whatever it is, I'm done
and never drag again. Road literally never drink again, his whole life to this day hasn't dry and is so for successful Emmy award, winning right or other people will still tell him. You know you get program right? Could you know right drunk this? Is the disease model of alcoholism? Let's bothersome, because it's really a b hey you're all choice or behavioral problem, but if he treated a disease that that the good side of it is that it got people off the year, just weak willed you know, and you just stature prominent. No, no, it isn't that, but it isn't. It isn't like cancer either like. Oh I'm, sorry that cancer, I'm sorry you have the alcohol, a gene or whatever clearly, like your friend and there's a lot of people like that that just quit they are able to do it and also from the scientific perspective. We don't have much data because we don't know who they are right there quit they don't go through a programme, and then we have them in our database it we know what they did, how long they came and on again the
Does it work? The only way to know is to really get more data on this, and we just don't have enough from those kinds of groups that do that. Like a there are academics who scientists who study addiction, you know a nay. They tell me that in order for the attic to take a single drank, what's the harm to have a drink here at the bar social, whatever that much harder for them did not have the second third fourth, and they go till they pass soon, whereas I never drink till. I pass out in a long time anyway, it's college, but I, but I firm is like to determine- is an issue for me, it's not it's not a problem is that of self control problem about for the attic. Apparently, the brain is required and they get much harder for them to top. Had that secondary, is it a rewiring thing or is it a genetic predisposition budding its Austria is pollio of us plethora variables right
Tribute point is realising native american population. Did the genetics are such that they have a stronger alcoholism problem which is exasperated by the poverty and in all the other social issues that go with that on these reservations, and it makes even worse, but apparently there is a genetic and I would like to know if that's true, because I remember this discussion being brought up before with someone else and then I looked it up and I found something that has showed contrary evidence, but anecdotally, sort of everybody who knows that story knows that native him awake. But that's what we always been told YA native Americans didn't have alcohol in their history and like There was- and I could be wrong in that and look to that date in decades, so they could be old material. Now. What means most certainly do get affected by diet and climate and where people evolve and were where their ancestors came from theirs. There
the study today. What I buy We did something today that made sense why some people can follow a vague and diet and be healthy in regards to Meda threes. Is that if you I come from a long line of people who have followed a predominantly vegetarian diet. Over the course of a hundred years or so the Jeanette ex start to evolve or change and adapt to die to the point where your body produces more omega threes from different thanks. It was real, recently I I tweeted it this afternoon or retweeted. It gonna try. Some day about is, is the religious component. That's about you. You have to believe in God that's why they should supplement with its more recent than that that I see them about omega three may not be as healthy as we thought.
We never know what a tank. I don't have enough time. Science keeps changing. Cheat keeps me when I say that you're supposed to believe in a higher power for aid a word, but that year, in a much much more insidious where I think you're you're. Like a sin, you and original sinner. You are an alcoholic say it My name is my glinda metallic. It's like the Borneo, I'm a sinner. I was born simple, but I accept Jesus would be better to say in my name's Michael Shermer, and I am a free man I, like you, know, I'm not I'm not trapped by any sort of drugs or alcohol. That would be more empower yeah. That seems way better, and that would be the Tony Robins approach you can change it see, thrown sidekicks and shit. You just anything, can happen what tony Robins recently, where they have one of those coal walk there guys. I fear that these assholes were taken selfies, while their fire walkin in they arrive at their feet. Pavia crazy. I can't
Ladys does the firewall sooner, because it's a little risky I've done it dad twice. We didn't ones for a Fox tv show, but first of all, a hard time finding a place to do it. We did it as a sceptic to pre. Empt well explained what explained the who I wanted. First, so I went out with experiences like right and then second, what is the explanation? White ways at your feet? Don't get burnt likely in one of the shows. We actually strap raw stakes to my feet and then walked across the calls in the stakes did get burned. If you just walk quickly enough, so either dead meat is conscious and thinking positive thoughts or It has nothing to do with positive thought. He didn't get cooked it all now. Look as if you move fairly quickly that the conducting of the heat is very slow with wood. So the analogy is that you put your be turned the of up to forty fifty degrees you put a cake in
can you let it sit there for, while you open the pan, you put your hand in the air is four hundred and fifty, but you you don't get burnt right. You touch the cake and it's four hundred and fifty degrees you don't get burnt, but you touch the cake pan or the metal part of the oven and you're burnt almost instantly the temperature all the same. It's the heat. Conductivity, then, is how quickly immaterial trance deuces heat from to you, which is why we cook on steel versus the actual calls themselves yeah yeah right, Gaza, culture Morgan under he. So if you look at that point the that they would fire walking is. Is you won't get burned if the bed is about no longer than about ten to fifteen feet. Eight feet is better and, have maybe they flatter grass that's wet on either side so that Europe, the temperature, the bottom of your feet as a cooler and any traipse across notes,
to take selfie big mistake, but if you go about fifteen or twenty feet, the heats gonna start to build up and there you can get Bert. So my guess what happened with which it was his peoples, if it's a short, probably ashore bed, but but probably they they didn't skewed across fairly quickly the two times I did it. It was a foot bed united mess around man. I just ploughed right across very easily. It is therefore the idea that people are so silly if you, Google, Michael Shermer Firewall, There's that's a very short little firewall is very short and add to the sea, the flames and the site they put would on their after its burn for hours and hours, and then they put like cooking oil, so it the flames
I'm an ups from from an angle. It makes it look like you're, almost walking through the flames which are not. Why isn't it sort of in some ways like kind of a right of pashas passage or something? I guess it's, what you doing a ritualistic thing? How do you, like it afore metaphor for accomplishing things? Yes, it really It doesn't mean anything while the problem is when you know what you just said now that metaphors, not gonna fuckin work on enlargement is real and all thank you to all the people that it could have possibly gun over the hump the ruined it Michael Shermer, how EP so well, We want to know. How does it work right, you know and as if you had a bed of metal in a no one, would could walk on it. Not, tony Robins, no matter how positive he was thinking so dead would cause. Is a poor conductor of heat? That's it Now it is here that makes a ton of sense. That's why, You know when you have a girl, you put the calls down, and then you put that steel great over rail steals an excellent and author of yeah yeah. That's why
we choose certain metals as well. The cook in you know it's it's I'm amazed. He could get insurance for this cause people to get burned, and the ones we did some of the people. Other people had little blisters, because in our view, if you, walk slowly or you have ten. I go beverage lots. I have pretty good calices and about my feet, but if you don know that than your skin, his dinner and temperature builds up faster for that in your publicly the blisters specified, get paddock yours and you put moisture on you. I always like fear, a tenderfoot, literally literally a tenderfoot. That's right! Those cops got thing right, you're, a tenderfoot, beginning That's a Larry us. What a who wears waited describe with all these things, you know is all things at moderation at stake stream. Isn't it gets be trouble? You know it's like you can never have a drink, you re ever have a piece of meat. You can never do that
so that in that and then when you ve collapse of wagons is bigger than if you feel like a sinner in its back to that religious thing in means in you're a bad person and adds to many, I think, negative emotional elements to be you're right then you're connecting all these ideologies to your behave? that are very constructive and neither the very kind Trick dealing and you're not allowed to deviate from these plans, and then you become part of this sort of team right, like the people, during cross, fit you haven't even prostrate person. I shudder to think about the work out of the day and its positive therein shape. They look fought, but they looked crazy like they can't wait to go back and do chin ups. Do they get other mine and it's a very beneficial thing. Don't get me wrong, but there's a thing that people do they get a part of a team or a group or
You you're you're, one of those. Now you know hey, I'm, I'm I'm an ultra marathon run right now or I like. I mean that group. That's right. Yeah latest review this book for the lost regional and cross fit training and what it means to be fit now verses. When I was in my twenty and you know back when Nautilus was introduced. The idea was union too late the muscle groups everybody's like yeah, that's good, isolate the muscle groups, so there's authors thine. Why is that? whoever, where how did it ever get established that isolating the muzzle group is a good thing. And he shows that you are free waits you're using all of your body. Every muscle tend in just the balance of the move and all that stuff, it's much better than I more. I looked in. I thought what well, of course,
This is when high schools it started. Introducing physical educate. You gotta go in the gem everybody's in the jam. You can't turn loose thousands of teenage kids in free, wait rooms and not have injuries, so the nautilus machine that was the solutions. Isolate no one's gonna get hurt, you can turn loose, somebody does you can't clean and jerk a big weight and that somebody expire how to do it without getting hurt near. That is certainly true, but I think the big aspect of it was people like to make things more complicated than they need to be well always liked to invent some new way to do things, and sometimes a new way to do things looks awesome like a nautilus monsieur I mean to have the big camps. Is Ireland cables and you get to the plates? He put the pen in the plate and get to move it up and down, and it's all right. I mean it looks amazing, but as far as like it being beneficial to promoting functional strength is not nearly as good as those like Olympic lifts. It people do like clean and press, but doesn't
that glamorous right in others machines are very glamorous a you know. You could do you good to tell people that you're pulling the whole stack up. I've got the whole stack right. It does isolating movements at one point. Time were thought to be the best way to develop muscle because they're really good for body building now, but there is a difference between like with when someone looks really good I dare certain looks at you can achieve like giant biceps weather completely out of balance, but didn't have a little neck and they have no legs. It's not an it's, not healthy, but they want big biceps. So they just keep constantly doing girls senior like really out of whack doing those the exercise, if you're, not careful, but if you want to be a body builder. That was always the protocol. If you look at how Arnold lifted now, a lot of these Franco column, whoa guys like they were all in isolation- exercises a lot of different. I did a lot of try sub extensions. They did a lot of things to pump those
muscles. Are they didn't? You know squats and leg presses and stuff too, but a lot of it was involving like hitting spit civic muscle groups subject to accentuate those, but just wasn't the way to go. But but for a long time that those machines were the shit there like this. Is this my solution and my review I wrote about this guy. I met back in the 80s when I get into bike racing, the name Phil Grenache that he was, Mr California bodybuilder. One thousand nine hundred and fifty four the year I was born and through the 50s and early 60s, you, don't just lifting waits. Mr bodybuilder many met cyclists. What once got its efforts is going to come out. We have the Sunday ride, goin up in the local hills, and I said he had dropped the first sale pie, they're gone, they realize Clayton, maybe I'm not that gives Mr Patten and Mr California YAP, but also Mr Fit is the most fit person in California
I am not fit. I got no cardiovascular, so that's he took up cycling and so on, but Yes, this cross it book club. It was that these people are more balance. That was the idea again tissue. Even know what you're going to do for the competition you show up, and it could be any one of these different tasks, Do you have to be more well rounded? Well! Well, I posed to. I can lift this one particular nautilus yeah. I've read something about cross, fit, taking a critical role in our society that it was a cook comparison to cross, fit and religion, and they were saying that essentially, as people become more secular and they move away from religion, they gravitate towards things like cry. Swear that given this sort of sense of community and share experience and black uncommon, shared experience because, like the average person you go to work and you get causes that are bleeding yet did my work that it has decided to something like separates MIKE from the path as it passes. The brake room, like MIKE's fuckin, crazy
in ups every morning at six, a m when a bunch other assholes down in support of it the crossword centre, and you you get this field like I belong to a group of unusual. People doing unusual things and you it's a social process and also that's well, that's what religions do and you know it's it's our group here and will mean what eager whatever we have these rituals. So like that diversity tract of deep for those things very there's a book called the bowling alone by Souci Oliver sort of tracking the decline of social things like bawling bowling, leagues, United yeah, very many Bali legs anymore, but more more things like that work, more isolated. We do our own thing in your computer at home or whatever, and that this is actually to go play to get out there and have a community. But as always, you know it's extremism that I'm gonna do this six hours a day. He's ride right. Is this guy failed Pinochet and about
and dined early, because he has worked out like eight hours a day he killed over dead in his german I would like that is like he's here. This work out route. Mean that he had a like five thousand dollar challenge that anybody they could match him for the forty five minute work out routine in his home, Jem and limping. I close with all these super steadily guys and no one ever made it because it was so specialise for just what he does you like one arm chin up, or you know what our pushups or you know, the stair mass you build a zone stairmaster before and anyone heads their masters, and he would just give up this Craig it up at such a high level that you just can't do it and it is now that's all he did. Rights was a fit. It was he who She said I well up to the point where you're dead now once an argument for once you die from pure protein are doing it right. We used to ride around, Orange County and it will be either,
say that lady, at their Sunday morning, get your paper cigarette coffee, Donna, she's gonna check out early six still person on his grave? I so much we can do cuz shows up every morning. This review this another book fur. Whilst rejecting all why men age about aging, what we know and we know arbiters, we did. We now find others alot youth does only so much. You can do you now that that's? Why is it just men up? The guy was seized, a dark, green men, Frank, is preserved. There is also a big difference. While there are some differences, but I think there's a month from a marketing perspective, there is already a bunch of books for women and Jean there's not much about men. There was neither does it really matter, because it's really all the same process, ultimately that you're, you will get you and the idea well, we'll have twice as long as our ancestors had a century ago you yeah that's true
but really no one's living above a hundred twenty, just more and more people are pushing up to the upper ceiling because of public health in general stuff. We do. That makes us help your butt terms of longevity, an aging you can't stop it owes you can do, is call hopefully slow it down a little bit and- and you want have a higher quality of life. The further up your girl, as opposed to lying in bed in tubes for the last ten years of your life, or something like that. So that's where the future researches, where the breakthroughs will come, not not radical life extension is also written about you know we'll have five hundred years Shermer? Don't you want to have five hundred years? As it looks, It made a ninety without Alzheimer's in cancer. Ok, let's just start one decade at a time. It is too easy here, because the problems are really complex will, as I think, the quality of life in these mention is one of the most important things like we are. I have this phrase that I have said many times.
Miss it. Doesn't it fits right here we all love to sleep but everyone's afraid to die. Love to shut off we'd love to shut off at night. Everybody loves it and we look forward to it, but that on big shut off when you're not coming back, is just too fucked up it's too much. Well did you hear back, you still feel like you, there's a continuity between today and tomorrow, or you get So these are not just the radical life extension is, but to beat the mine upload hers. And then sell. You know you got a scanner connect, dome, put it in a computer and then you'll wake up, and the computer like Johnny Depp in that right and is well here's a problem when you go to sleep when you wake up tomorrow? Maybe your groggy for a few minutes, but that every year back, you still feel like you there's a continuity between today and tomorrow, or you get general Anastasia surgery. You wake up their grog year for a little bit longer, but the continuity comes back. It still. You
So the question is: if you're you die and we have a skein of your connect dome and we put it in a computer and turn it on. Are you gonna wake up in the computer like you did from sleep, and I don't think so. I think it would just be a copy of your if this could ever be done, which is very unlikely super hard problem, but, let's say could did I think, there's a breaking continuity from death you're dead. That's it and this thing we have is a copy of you, it would be like if we cloned your body and then you die and there we reconstruct the body and there you are. That's not you not first person through the eyes me it's just a copy of me. Devils if I, if I to play devil's doves, advocate that what I would say, as with our current understanding and abilities right now, you're correct? However, whatever we have right now, whatever we are right now, if we can Understand it down
to the sabotage particles. If we can literally understand you as a person like you as you, stand right here September, fifteenth two thousand and sixteen We can understand every single aspect of you, including consciousness, were not there yet. Obviously, there's a lot of debates and this struggles, but we are looking at it in terms of what our current understanding is. If we looked at it in terms of the understanding of people lived in the year, one hundred a d: it would be a completely different idea of possibility. I got. Possibilities today are incredibly expansive in comparison to people that lived in the thousand seven seventeen, seventy six just the idea, but we will, but we understand about what it means. When you talk about Adams molecules the idea of tellers. All these all the knowledge that we have today imagined expanding exponentially for the next five hundred,
a thousand years is entirely possible that if we get to that point, we can recreate reality to a point where I have a theory about people and compact disc, completely unqualified and don't listen to me but I think it's entirely possible that you now bees make honey. I think people might make the universe, I think it's entirely possible that the way the universe makes itself it makes a person it makes. Monkey the monkey eventually figures out how to wait: a not get eaten by leopards and a smart ones become a monkey, and then they figure out shelter, and then they figure out agriculture, and then they really get going and once they really get going, what they start doing is creating technology they create in the one of the wheel in the form of a bucket to carry the waters that I have to keep drink and the river again crocodiles and fucking
Georgia in everybody's dying from inborn. Does we figure things out slowly but surely and along the way they make better and better things until they develop computers until they develop artificial intelligence? If it makes something that can think for itself, and then they put that thing to work in that thing gets better in two weeks then ten thousand years of human development rain, and I think that thing probably is how the universe gets created that the? U universe like this idea. The universe has no beginning and no end. That is infinite cycle of maybe- and maybe it does that through people, maybe it makes people and, in our view, for intelligence yet uncle some sort of intelligence, but what we currently understand and know of the known universe, where the only and that we know of right and we're looking at what we're doing. They like well well, well, well, well, what we do in the are we, we going with us. We're just gonna keep going like,
when you on, must start talking about artificial intelligence is one of the most important and popular and famous technology. The enthusiasts sorts Talking about artificial intelligence being summoning the demon yet mean that's how described it we can summoning intimate. I really think that might What we do, I think we're getting caught up, the car dash ins and we're looking at who's, got a fake, but an hour. Those cam trails and the sky and the twelve step program I'm fuckin cross it. Meanwhile, what we're doing as well given birth to some new form of transport. And in technology that literally re wires reality itself yet well, it is actual theory, the unity that we're living in the matrix that it's all a computer simulation in its quiver, Holodeck somewhere but I'll even know what was it we were really air. If so, really
and distinguish between the holiday world you're in in this world. And how would you know right, so it really becomes. One of these thought experiments it's fun to contemplate, but how would you test it to see if it was true or not and What is this? What he put up their removal? His name and I came up from yesterday oh neural lace. Well, this is, you know, occurs wildman talking about this for a long time. You know the singularity really will come about with fusion between human intelligence and art. Official, until well, for people who, lessening the breed the title, their Jamie. What does it say their Scala there? You must cancel neural lace project to fuse a lie with the human brain. Well, anyway, a cochlear implant, we said cock, you know them in the Kok clear. You know it cut means now the new
look will go up there, no time new insult and they are not a cut. The ass see, ok, see you see, K, ok, see I like tat and fuck. No, no, no, no, no it's while in some ways, but it's it's, it started off with cock hold. Which was my men who want other men to steal their women and of sex for them and then somehow or another. It became an insult. It seems to have a bunch of different meanings, but his vonder use because its new, that's it you're, saying I M, hosted a as one of our science conservative, the conservative insult of ammonia explained why what's a cock serve active explicit? Was that down. We need to know the explanations state, Doc, coms, blah blah daily com- assertive! Yes, it cudgeled is just when you're you ve been cheated on serve. It is ok.
On Monday, I see a fun, it's not real. It's just a fun, but because certain enough for letter words curse words that they have certain characteristics of the words themselves that are tend to be short and kind of guttural, abrupt fact cut shit side and in theirs but coming out called what what the F Benjamin Bergen is. A linguist tat. You see San Diego and he's coming up to do our science alone in a few weeks, and, and so the idea is that certain words trigger morgue sort of deep emotional parts of brain in the limbic system and so on their associated with bodily fluvial. You know feces sperm and on it just it's all this kind of crass basic humans, it because the ideas to you when it hurt somebody with your words
only and by associated with us over deep part of the brain. That's associate with really deep emotional thing that that's the theory is theirs. I could tell about why curse words are what they are in a why certain words are just there, not insulting they're, just kind of funny clunky, the idea of rights of any ability it's too sweet. Their rights are good, like a nice nickname for a friend. So I'm not surprised at all. That work is what it is tat. It makes perfect sense to space on the structure and worker that these are two the worst things you could say that somebody that's why cock so popular scenes. Why would I think we got a new one? It has that sort of feel arise at its conservative in cocoa instead of, but I thought well, that's just a new one. That's a new one that they're adding to the word cock. It's well like the actuating different dictionary. It has to be used like a certain number of times and in secondary and tertiary resources in a year but once done then his in Africa,
a hundred percent the internet is just the amount of data that gets what's the figure about how much Data gets pushed on the internet in a day that I thank, you The short amount of time, if you go with the windows but in time more data gets paths and in the entire history of that, that's it was it to be an it. Peter demanded his book, the the rapid growth of technology, It's some insane when every month now, its equivalent of all everything, that's ever been printed near humanity ever it's just a huge number. Just think about. That and then think about how many books run. Hovered must have written I said I'll run well, you wrote more books than anyone who's ever lived in. If you go to the Scientology Centres around the world, they all have a room with his desk and a riding pad. Literally like this Casey he's back,
on B l comes stumbling through the door with rotten clothes and insist. Kins hanging off of his bones and time derives its charge, shows what Aragon, on the internet every minute break while sixteen. So it's set Snapchat at the top, with six million nine hundred and forty four thousand for that oars. Popular forming authority for Google Google's amassed but owned by ten. Old, more than snapshots categories, that is translating words Sidney's, indifferent things that are happier Ryan's on each, how many different interactions That's amazing that is fuckin crazy. So if you carry out your argument, you know it story a matter of time before, in a sort of that that singularity his reach. The end May one argument for the singular: you create the virtual reality: that's indistinguishable, it's just that. You just need enough data right,
it's really an engineering problem in time, but the question would still be in there. World. Would you feel like you re now? through the eyes first person experiencing? Why I went I don't know I'm not sure that it would like an answer either I mean I can't see the cryonics argument is being chronically frozen and waken up woken up again. If you could make that happen, that seems like fall asleep. Wake up Anastasia wake up chronically for and wake up. Its feels to me like it's. The same might have in your thinking is guaranteed, as this is not in your mind, lounges nurses, innocent is that surrounds. You know it is transcendent did I got a good deeper impression is that when racist? As far as the average indian guy well. This is what he argues. Yeah when you die Europe consciousness, your
I'm goes to where it was before your barn yard, but the promise you don't fuckin know that What now, as I know, no one knows: that's you can't say that that's what it does. My argument is what, where were you before? You were born of most people? What do you mean? It's a nine question. I wasn't anywhere before I was born right and when you The EU will be anywhere now so banal being by Buddhist Think that you know that you just returned to the consciousness in the sky. The forces wherever it is, I think our number one problem is that we try to have a place where you go. We try to, in response. We feel like it's a place, but Debug tells me this is completely wrong way to say it you're not going any place. There's no place we're here, if the problem, even with that, I think there's an issue with saying that you know anything about what happens after death. You can have a ton of theories you can have. Like possibilities that ponder you could sit down
B is creative as you want. You could start ends the thinking the number of known stars in the universe and then start to pursue. Eve Hum amends the universe is and what what is going on in consciousness itself in when it when it ends, does that energy go somewhere and become some thing that we haven't considered. You can do that all day, long gray and it's fun, but problem is when anyone says they know you go back to become maybe a gun in your start the world from footnote how the fuck do you know you? Don't The answer in I don't it's interesting to think that you might be a baby again, it's interesting to think tat. He might live. You have heard the Africa what Legion promotes this possibility, but that you leave your entire life over and over and over again until you get it right and then where the term old soul, comes out our nation, like you're, running idealism of bureaucracy, a very wise man, Michael Shermer, she probably were an idiot. A few
thousand generations ago. Well, you ve got to this point where you, you figured out how to live your life very harmoniously and doing now? You, u exhibit all the traits of an old soul, does is instead of you now they're certain He bob there in a way I've seen em on the internet, the dew ridiculous things in its is like why they so stupid why they do or maybe they only it is there that afforded already carnation. Maybe that's that it is entirely possible. We don't know you don't know why you were born. Dont know what happens when you die problem is in saying that you have an explanation right whether it said materialist very cold site antibiotic analysis of the possibilities in terms of what we know today and deny any possibilities of anything being anything other than death being the end that we don't know that either is well. Ok right, that's correct, but two from the scientific know, hypothesis, that is Europe.
Areas, not true until proven. Otherwise we would be we when you're nothing happens when you're dead, you're, just God could be. At last there some other alternative. We can test right. So maybe one of my favorite thought experiments comes from Carl Sagan Stephen hunted world. The blossom book us about the chapters called there's a dragon in mind, right, so I tell you the joy of a dragon of my garage. You do so cool. Can I see it Yang idea here is, I hope, the garage door. You look in theirs and pink cans, a ladder, a pike, no dragon. Well, it's an invasion. Call dragon. Okay, so you say I was put some powder down on the ground and when he walks around we'll see his footprints. Well, you see this dragon hovers about three feet above the ground at all times. And you say: well, I got some infrared cameras here we can detect. The heat The cold blooded dragon. It gives us no temperature at all. You know
Oh I have this heat detector and when it spits out the fire, they will see that fire comes out of it. Now prove that well knows coal fired now. This is not heat. Generating has a very special kind of fire again so seconds point as what's the difference between an invisible hovering, cold, undetectable, immeasurable dragon and no dragon at all sectors. If there's not some way for us to get at it, then we can assume it exists. Exact. In that regard, I would I plan to God, because people or God is outside of space and time. How do you know if he's outside of Space- and I have no way to me? it while he reaches ended our world to stir the particles cure the cancer. Whenever ok, can we measure that and as it looked different from what happens, naturally, Heller's why it will Why is it that would always got always cures is things that might have gotten better anyway. Tumors do go into remission, and but most of em down most people think a cancer they die.
So. Why didn't God heal them? He only seems to heal the ones that naturally go into remission. How come he doesn't grow amputated limbs for christian soldiers coming back from Iraq. How come these? Are christian family, praying for their christian loved ones who lost limp and are used is busy curing cancer over here, but I can't handle the ones that never ever naturally girl back. What's the difference between a invisible dragon and no Drake, that's so always seen with my theory, the afterlife, what that's nice Do you know you do not? You do not know, and when it comes to religion, the idea of some sort of a powerful being. That's charge of the whole picture and it's got a grand plan for it. All is it's kind of comforting some people and its It's an interesting possibility and again it's something they consider at something to think about. It's an idea. That's been around for a long time wise had been for so long. I dont know while lit
go over some of the other things that have been around for a long time. Let's look at what it is in that book, Is there any other shit in that book? They might think is ridiculous. Who is there a story in that book about two children that taught them and because he's bald, so they say bears on the kids dimension. Storing the bright light, or was it with his name Eliseo. What it was this the guy's name who taunted by these children because of his baldness so good summons, to bears to come out of the woods and more these children and kill them because they, current data has EPA with the old testament. I mean, but You're talking to someone who's, a religious person who believes in the Bible, and you throw that around one of the first that goes well, that's the old testament, great! Well, ok, so the old, estimate is not valid. The new testament, the one that was written by Constantine and a group of bishops were they got down. They wrote it out forty five years after Jesus died that one budget
Dollars, writer without a more ridiculous. Whenever it is Constantine, wasn't even catch. It was even christian oil wells the gospels appear to be written, three thousand two hundred and sixty the first one hundred and thirty two sixty years after Jesus died book of Mark, the others were copied from mark. Obviously John is really we and you don't know a new on these- were the gospel authors didn't know they were his disciples. They didn't know I'm. So this is second hand, third hand whatever and theirs. The committee, decided what determines your daddy and was it possible? We're on our example was voted out. Why? Who knows a twitter pull effect that they take report really little gotta legality, evil, twitter, polio. In any case, when Jesus become a conservative. You know I mean in the in the gospels. He talks about giving up your belonging to the poor. You now the turnout with Hooker chances of a rich man going to Heaven and earth like going to the eye
A needle do it doing. Is our wine maker here made wine for people carpenter, right, so his conservative values would be suspect if you actually read what he said We I mean all the depictions of looks like a fuckin, hippy, secular, dirty, white Hippy, somehow another white guy grew up in the Middle EAST, and you know the year zero. I have a few They probably looked like they look now, don't you mean wise guy looks so like it looks like a lost kid who lives in How will these rebelling from his parents and lady? That's what made them I for Brian such a great film. Yes Monty Python, it's like they really nailed it and they need a long time ago, right lack when you really couldn't due to this before blazing is a super controversial movie at the time and ground breaking in terms of lake lay people we
get comedy from like the sixties or the even the Seventys and we look at it in terms of what we know to be shocking and crazy today and it's our bar so different right, it's hard when you go back and watch those things to really take in the context of Goshawk Togae Tory about this funny comedian friend of mine about this last night, we were talking about how good Lenny Bruce was and how we really can under stand it comedy a sort of it continues to progress in a sort of reflects they attitude of the times and we're so much more open minded and so much for down the line than we were in nineteen sixty, whatever one Lenny was getting arrested for using bad words right, so it's hard for us to Creasy it's hard for us to really understanding. If we were kids back then, and we went to see Lenny Bruce and we were living in its like really restrictive environment, that was the nineteen fifties and nineteen safety's. Then we belong
way by like what does he say this the rain zero, but today you listen to it and it's almost pedestrian, some stuff. It S. Say because it's already been said because he broke, on the door. Then it s like yeah that holds been there forever and make it even make blazing saddles today. Because the another I use the inward constantly era their good point. Could you That means that one of the characters as that about ok, we'll let in the niggers in this big, but not the Irish, that's what wow. You wouldn't say that today, even satire what things bought a character like Archie Bunker, right right. On the family. You couldn't do that show today. The way it is you it would be hateful and are a born Galapagos fear would interrupt the honeymooners gas. Jackie Gleason used to threaten to beat his wife all the term. How term amendment he was gonna hit her. So how are you going to put her on the moon areas?
People used to smack people all the time and movies back. The men were always beating women up. It was like a natural part of behaviour to the point where we didn't even minded from heroes, heroes with smack a woman in the mouth and she blew, and then they would invariably wine a fucking them. I grew up right afterwards. Smack em and then they start making out so fell as a little refined, Palma parties a run for your life. You better run for your life. If you care little girl, Tis I'll, get you in the and then the Owen was she was just seventeen. If you know what I mean like yeah, no power Do you mean what are we doing, about a what was thoroughly six days there was a normal like about kiss. They had that Song Christine sixteen Jean Simmons sign that song right. There was a big house, Christine sixteen I've got to have how'd it go well. Are you gotta? Have you think that's
Chris do not know and bananas. I guess it's fucked up when you go back and listen to it. You know you realize I, while, like you sing in about a little baby brain and you realize, when you become net, I'm forty nine. Now when you looks like a sixteen year old delay. Jesus Christ, like good, would give a couple years ago, even eighteens ridiculous railroad, its What what is legal and what is not legally very strange, but those songs, man saying I'll cut in terms of moral progress at that A change happens to slow enough. You don't really notice it, but looking back a few DEC, That's what you I'll look, what they used to say in moving. These are now ass. What is it compilation and smacking women like their play, epithet there, that's what they're spoofing hilarious,
Both various movies were crazy. They would just smack he punched are dropped her, while Bacchanalia Sean country no one shall countries interviewed by Barbara Walter's and he was advocating smacking women from charms just keep pushing it and they won't let it go How did you do to mark and she was like a you saying that you use I just exactly what I'm shine like. Both airline and ever meant a dame that didn't was it didn't like a smack in the mouth of glove, call forty five or Thea, whatever chinese slug from a gulf. Forty less thing to slap a woman now and then, as I remember, you said you doktor with clenched fist, it's better to do with an open hand. Member that I love that Haven't my opinion. No, don't you think it's good to slap a woman good on his back. I don't think it's right. I think that it depends entirely on the shore
sciences and if it marriage of what would merit it well, if you tried everything else and women They did not want to have the last word and you given the level last word, but they are not happy with the last. They want to say it again in and get into really provocative situation one and a half million is absolutely right, like, what year was there and let that that looks like maybe eighties, I want to say it was later than that. Ninety I want to say, was the nineties: that's pretty! That's pretty well, you know he's out, but that's it duration are sometimes there won't both go Where's dialed Thoust early in those guys have ninety seven interesting. Well, it's
it's interesting as barbers looking away as she says it and then looked at him when she hit him into question like it's got a moment right and I haven't trench, my opinion will not at all like you like hits or with that like well, so that was like there's a lot of that was a game to that was also shape, provoked him, in this way, where you know he's a chauvinist in some of her. That did that with MIKE Tyson, with the with his wife said, set beauty pageant woman, never get an aim that he will. The batter analyses of the marriage right there on the ship well It certainly sent him somewhat. Inspiron. I think they stayed married for quite a while after the show, but she was on the show, talk about how horrific it is to live with him and how crazy in, but, of course he is he's MIKE, fighting the Thyssen he's one of the most terrifying comrades boy athletes, the world's ever, not his excess? Is its
focused entirely on him being violent as humanly possible. Beyond the limitations of other people, who are proof fashionable purveyors of violence but she's the status his brand of violence is so much more ferocious than any other fuckin person has ever done it before he makes all these other professional heavyweight boxers like pussies. They see em, they practically faint throws punches that miss and they fall down too. Of course, he's not like what are we doing here? Why are you have this guy on television? What kind of a person that you like? What is what is this there? p session. What would it she doing going the wife. What is she doing? You are you doing this public. Lee, because you believe this is the only way to reach him at the time. There was a minor controversy bit this before the internet. So did viral but daily times had a story about the Rams defensive line that was called a fearsome foursome in the nineteen late sixties early said
these and in a rosy. Greer was one of em and he was just terrifying. I guess- and he was talking about how he would head slap The other lineman, like you, know the snap any ban like this right and they had an open whole there for the ears. So the ear pressure will break the guys eardrum if he did it right, and this would throw em off a little bit than he could say, the quarterback. What this is his thing and any meant like in the interview in and I you know- I had slap, my my girlfriend or my wife or whatever was late. What wait? What you do this to you is, I hope, Molly and it didn't make a big thing, but it was there in the toilet, Marina, thickened, God damned Jesus. You no fear of your six eight near waif, three pounds, and you have a helmet, that's one thing would have dinner little band, well in. This was also probably tolerated so much back then that those women didn't have any recourse to couldn't go to a t or something like that. They couldn't take video
and put it on their phone and then put it on the internet. Have a go viral. They were scared. If you got some six, eight four hundred pounds Jack attic dude wants hate. You and he also sex with you like fire. How do you get out of that is hard enough to get out of a regular relationship, the poor lady you how to get on stage with Anthony Robinson collar boyfriend? It all mean that wrong, but imagine her boyfriend is a fuckin giant football player like sitting here, and it was if it was in the movies like that, and you have said Connery talking about anti early, it becomes accepted like then, To this whole determinism thing, like is that I beating his wife being, is wiping the culture that he lives in and is that is it mean is how much of that affecting his conscious decisions and does he have the free will to escape that influence welded the way, the moral progress of works in this regard over long periods of is that it just never entered your mind to do it. If you never see it or hear about rights and that regime this is the number of people that do it so in China,
Countries generation showed all those move, eclipse the ether I'll be all he saw was yet that's what you do, and it does would never out of my mind, to do this. I mean I'd. It doesn't even if no matter how bad but temporary, I'm not gonna, just reach I want to introduce you to a few checks, though, is that what the last word called break up with them, shone out at a house, burned, go drive, you get a Porsche, I'm going to do fuck off. I didn't get a hotel room somewhere. Do your super rich enough to stay with that crazy lady relative? What that's one of the sort of self control techniques brightened by account ten leave the room, we are in many ways, sort of a product of our environment and in the way that we imitate our atmosphere, so I mean we have patterns of of talking with theirs Russian centre
similar familiar to certain areas. We have accents that distinguish that we belong in this class of people that live in Boston. Francis, where I grew up there boss and actions so clear, and if you talk to people that live there, they're letting you know that their local lighter, though there they're right in and everybody sort of assimilates with a certain way. Thinking away of b, Int super comment for people to adopt a pre determined pattern of behaviour rather than having to think things all the way through for themselves, so that predetermine pattern behaviour means your girlfriend. I saw your fuckin smack run that they start doing it like it's right, whereas today it start of his or her rhythmic thing to do you during your domestic violence person, you you If you ve hit someone, you have committed assault, It is a horrible words and thoughts that we have attached to these things. It
almost non existent back that just a hundred years ago, Viana do right totally normal. So this process, probably started in the late middle ages. There's a book called the civilising process by Norbert Elio, say sociologist Epstein, pinker kind of may prominent in his book, the better angels of our nature, talking about how just like books of manners and table manners and how you interact with other people non violently, and I don't have a knife to carry your knife with you or you. I had a nice to somebody useful to hand it with the handle you know that forward, and then you know, don't do certain things that you know don't urinate in the hallways, don't defecate in the you know this just basically, these people were gross and here's how not to be gross. Don't act like a pig going to act like in a way it. It's training your brain to gain self control over your impulses, like I'd, really dislike, to take a shit right over there. Look, don't do it in this cycle. We don't do that account
and then an aim, never Anders your mind to do anything like that, and so the argument is that we have on this five hundred year, long civilising process of just training people to control their impulses impulse, controls at prefrontal, cortex keeping a brake on them. You know this sort of lower impulses at bubble up, I'd really like to do that not going to do it and then pretty soon. You don't even think about doing it now, obviously, there's still a handful of the cycle paths or whatever they don't care, but fewer and fewer of us. Just from that interview. Shine. Cauteries generation verses, our generation versus our kids. You know this is just disappearing from our vocabulary from are repertoire of behaviors that we will employ with other people. You just don't even think about doing it. That's the that's! How moral progress happened? even though the bottom up it completely makes sense, and it is completely makes sense when you look at the history of humanity how much safer it is today, relatively
and at any other time, in terms of like how much violence you're getting counter new daily life. When we see violence, they credibly shocking. Whereas if we lived five thousand years ago, it be incredibly rare to get through life without seeing dead by ice. Like you, you became much more custom to the temporary. You're being and the threat of violence being a real part of everyday life grey or is this not anymore? So I think one of things it's happening as we create new technology, that sort of alleviates the physical stress of life or the worry of dying or extend. Life to the point and fix illnesses, the point where life becomes a little bit more, what a bit more durable little and people relax more and more about the fit like the physical requirements? Are bodies had a few years ago, were hunters and gatherers, were constantly worried about predators, the physical physical requirements and the dangers
who had to be able to experience and mitigate and get through every day we're so much more so much more dangerous than what we experience on a daily basis other than like car accidents, and the rain was right. But we still have all those fight or flight where he answers. We still have those reward systems that need to be fed because we're essentially in the same you know, give or take a future mutations, same bodies that people had ten thousand years ago right yet yet cycle align three US fight, flight or reproduction before three. That's the other one hour for easy one is for with. Would people don't consider is why do people why certain people not run not fight, but panic lock up, and what's goin on their because that's a real response that is super common, it doesn't get addressed, not fight flight response does also people that it can work. Fuckin freeze but all those things
in a more dangerous world, actually do age. You faster that some of the research it was raining. These books about aging, just a more stress you average it it does? Stress hormones, leads to more inflammation, there's more more stuff about inflammation and disease inflammation and Alzheimer's information, and the tellers shortens your life and there was this big study. Possums in Florida, the ones that are out in the wild gettin run over and attacked in preyed upon verses ones that were put on this island, where there was no predators, all the food that they want the name. One was ones that lived on. The island live significantly longer like like fifty percent longer and not just accounted for are the ones I got run over, not that just the agent, the aging process, just living in an open, dangerous environment, takes it toll on your cell yellow reproduction and how long you live, irrespective of probation and accidents
so this is back to their meditation. Take you take it easy, lower. Those stress hormones cook, as I do take it all on your body, Yeah unquestionably must the the the idea, you get through life red lining it all the time and not of Sicily people ass, the Dunham much about football. Why can't they play the whole game like the final? Do men Jesus? Well, you can't do it, I mean just football in and of itself How long can you do that? Does anyone ever figured out how many times you can get hit by a guy who's. Three fifty pounds running thirty miles an hour when those kinds of giant and are huge super athletes and they collide with each other. I dont think a person like you or me could even appreciate the amount of impact that's involved in a line men who is just a job. I a mountain of a man using all of his might and running India. I don't think I can understand it. I think I ll watch it on tv, and I see blur
guys you're up in the air and they go slam, but I don't think I don't think I've physically can feel it. I dont think I don't think I'll get it right Think it's no! That story of the know. How could the concussion story that was first broke by European in the dock frontline? In a two hour documentary that guided, died. The Pittsburgh Steelers Centre, MIKE I guy, forget his name, Jamie's big sportswear, my cave has featured in the movie, that wasn't a movie Libya, but but the docks calculated, in the course of his life say from high school Football College, football and twenty seasons of the inner fail and all the practices all week. Then in the game like Webster, yet my gloves three probably got hit hit the equivalent of a minor concussion, thousands of maybe tens of thousands of funds and that
that's a cumulative effects. Are you so crazy? What is this? What has this chain eyes of alignment all minds? The guy viable? Ok, so in nineteen twenty seven they were. Hundred ninety pounds and six feet tall So a hundred eighty pounds is easy. Six pounds less than me: you can't come, I'm not a big person of five. What aid a little taller at six foot for the average Lyman, which is a giant person right now in two days I was in and what is the last one, eight Jamie? What does it say, scroll down six hours following this part, the bottom or shows how hard of their heads are? But, two thousand and six you get to the average Lyman is six foot for three hundred and thirty five pound is not the average. Is the outlier look. Not even the biggest. I guess you could say that,
Some are little this morning, but still there all over three pounds fellows I mean I remember AL and page he was huge, was massive in just one of the great and he only to forty five. He probably wouldn't even make the the fact that the main team now in what year was that scroll down places sixty cents. And so in sixty seven year, sixty seven. That guy was like that. Give you see like how big George Foreman was Grey when George Foreman was a heavyweight champ. He was gigantic, but I dont mean when came back when he started to come back. He was well over. Three hundred lb is really overweight, but I don't think he was that big when he was fighting. I think he was in the two hundred and twenty or two hundred and thirty. When he was which hamper and I'll leave beat up some of this stuff, like the ones on the right there there's a lot of body fat. That's, of course, is just yeah yet mean there, like getting more mass yeah like the Sumer wrestlers. You want mass, not just muscle yeah. It was now the all they also, those guys are just all about power there all about power. Or and weight behind power and certain metallic. If you
have the same model power but more weight behind it. You can actually probably have more of an impact when you colliding with people right. Have you ever try to wrestle with a big person like, even if they're, not strong, like the amount of mass it you have to move when you're wrestling around with them? Like you, dont can sit until someone like in ITALY, you're in a situation like I guess if you'd never play football before and then you ran out, then you were on the front line. Usually if it was it's gonna, be like there's no way. You know your way. You know what that three hundred and thirty pounds dude feels like raised her full blast into you, crazy fuck, in sport rating. This now called spitting in the soup about the history of doping in sport that goes back to the late nineteenth century and a half of it is just for survival. You know you take these drugs just to get through the next week in the next game. The contest then, and how it was. These guys are,
as I was pretty accepted, common unknown, the guy that won the tour de France five times used to say that you can expect us to do this on bread, water. I mean you know we braced two fifty times a year and six eight hours a day of killing yourself, Shunk Alcatel, the french greek friends cyclists, but this appears to be true sports in that it wasn't and tell the that I think was: one thousand nine hundred and six Olympics when people started equating doping with sin like this is a moral thing like you're getting your cheating, as opposed to its at the met, thing, and I I train I left way to do this. I eat this diet. I take these drugs, it's all kind of part of the mix of being an athlete, and then there was a transition. He argues socially or morally, or whatever and These things are good, but is this one thing over here is bad like say and cycling near him. Adequate is important because your delivering oxygen to your muscle, so
If you know you- and I probably have forty five to fifty percent her magic- that's the number of red blood cells in your blood, so half a red blood cells delivering oxygen to your muzzle. So now, if you re like in the low thirties, that's anemic, and this drug e p, o invented by Amgen, was created to save patients that are anemic from cancer treatment or whatever. It's a great drug. But so it was long before the cyclist got hold of this in the late eighties early nineties, like well, okay of forty five percent of I'm, naturally forty five percent and you're at fifty percent I'm will add, shouted a train, and I, attitude or I'll sleep in the oxygen tat or I'll. Just take the injection and ass a fifty percent good about fifty five percent, while I'd be even better.
Sixty percent and the guy one, the ninety six tours Bjarni Reese. He was thick neighbours, Mr Sixty percent, these like mud flaunt it also then, but then some cyclist started dine in the early nineties in mid nineties. There is maybe a dozen or to that died mysteriously and it was never clear what the cause was. So everybody said it's the EPA of that the blood to factor it, having strokes, her heart attacks and- and even I bought this idea- I guess that's it. I wrote this article for scientific America, doping in sport, and this is why it's wrong, because people are dying, but this this argument is, is it was never proven that these people died and, furthermore, it takes on steroids. You know this is a whole things that started with little else. Ada the Greek Oakland raiders backer. Who said I got brain cancer is after he was done, play base. It was. It was due to all the steroids I was taking them
started steroids causes cancer, steroids feeds cancer, customers to grow disguising that's, never been proven and ass. I like to look into this before and review this book. Is this really true? How do we know that steroids or dangerous? I mean it? Isn't it the dosage and, as Mikuli Ferrari said, lances doping doktor, it's it's the orange juice. If you drink too much hoist uses dangerous, it's the doves in ourselves, some steroids, I'm EPA, some growth hormones, I mean some of this should be maintenance, like said, would trigger. This was look at those huge guys. I mean you get pounded you gotta plague and next week. How do you do that it? Well I gotta go. Take that give the massage take the jacuzzi inertia and take some drugs. That was the premise of bigger, stronger, faster. All right is Big thing was that where are the bodies where, where is this, this steroids epidemic that people are talking about with Eve? Looking at me, even in body builders,
in some of them do die from it, but the sheer mile of rugs those guys are taking to achieve those, but he myths, sizes. Here again Look at some pro bodybuilder suggests outlandishly huge alive, those guys it's a battle of who can take the most drugs. Who could power lift the most? We can live most train, the harness, but also hook tolerate the most ridiculous levels of these drugs and sold. Some of those guys die right, but well, there's the dosage ice exactly because the amount of people that are doing them is off the charts. If you think about professional athletes, you think about. All the different athletes that are doing performance enhancing drugs and they were really dying from this stuff. The body should be every everywhere. Issues drop, unlike what I think they're, just getting smarter about it, and they they know it's called micro. Dosing in cycling with EPA is take. A little bit is given to the little bump maintenance in order that story for scientific American Aigner,
George Ink Frankie Andrea, who is one of lances teammates in the ninety nine and two thousand season, said he one and he took the appeal and he didn't dinner. We want to avoid it as long as he could, but he said he was getting dropped from the main Palatine. Any could even do his job is just the lances domestic to carry his water bottles up. You know you're you're up there in the front, let's drop it. Back to the teen car get some water bottles, then you got a ride all the way back up to the front, which is hard to do when these guys are cruising along at two hundred and thirty but our yeah, I think I'd be fit so he said he was getting dropped. Just doing that is always like. I can't I can't be on the team can do my job, for he took it just just stay in the race. To cite a beer I just really deliver water here and I think a lot of them do. That is like wanna do it, but you gotta do exist, is stay healthy and strong and keep going will you do have a unique insight into it, because you did a lot of cycling and you did.
At a very high and competitive level, so you had an inside you as the requirements. I think it's Why are they need more, more unique sports in that they require months or so incredibly gruelling in the amount of time that you're working like you might not be working with as much effort say as a spur, enter who's running two hundred metres de saint bolt TAT character, but the amount of time involved in expenditure of energy is huge. One of the more unique and weird things about cycling is you're doing it. For our words, what is one day the tour de France notice has it for that's right, zero, easy forty six hours or to six hours long Teresa of pumping your legs six hours, that's crazy when you think about it. So, even if it's easier than right spread. Even if easier than running up to the top of a hill the amount of time. Your shelling doing it is another consideration and then
in ITALY the drag maintain was must be huge, must be crazy. Well, this is when I entered Greg Le Monde. He said that his tea maids came to him. This was in the ninety one. Ninety two season in his last. When he p. I was was rampant in the past Finally, everyone figured it out Craig. You want to do that, do it and it is teammates or say: well, we you its course of a three week tour. Just your America, just drops does from Teague is that everybody else it's not like they're, getting an unfair advantage by going above, their normal, prefer, their disdain level where's. The rest of us are dropping off. In the last few stages, your wiped out you know. It's like we gotta do this just to stay with the rest of the field. Memo landfill argument. I guess you know it turns the morals we we started draw the line at the needle when there's a needle involved. I guess her a patch or a pill. It feels different than training at high altitude
or sleeping in the oxygen tat, you know like the climbers, too, taking an feels like it's more artificial disguise argument of this book spitting the soup is, it's just a gradation. We ve just arbitrarily drawn the line there and I think there's more of it, and the NFL has got it just be getting to the end of the season and still being able play, discuss it so hard? Why, That argument is very good because their certain supplements, you can take that are effective. That actually do work. So how do we do stay alone shows us that that the baseball players Andret interesting die on it. They would most law- it is most likely bullshit, most likely. There was an excuse for them doing actually steroids right, because I think that an art Maguire yeah yeah. I think that some forms of that stuff some forms of those with it, pro hormones. Actually trigger positive test results, It's in maybe primitive like back then, when they
testing people, which is like nothing compared to what they're doing now, which is why really interesting led to russian olympic wrestlers have been stripped of their gold medals because of the past. I think from two thousand and eight they didn't get the two thousand twelve results in because they took their samples that they had back then and now, with newer, more sophisticated levers of testing. They been able showed these guys we're doing today, but the u of sea is an interesting proving ground for it, because Jeff avidity. Who was the head of? You saw it and your drug programme that guy Lance Armstrong and a bunch of other people Its key now works for the you have seen and heard Oh, yes, oh yes, and he has for quite a while now and he is almost completely cleaned up the amount of people that are doing People still get caught every now and then, but the amount of time ball, with whether physique of changed were their performance is changed where,
The result inside the octagon of like drastically dropped off is pretty obvious insignificant to the point where Emma may fans and in other pundits and analysed, are looking at this they're gone wow. This is fascinating, I guess you're seeing people change. I there's a term that we use in Emma Melick pre usanga like Prescott in post. You sought a letter they get about. The drugs are the fight still as good exciting I watch or the bad guys for sure. Yeah, the basque guys are still the bad guys, but there's I'm guys that were the best guys they were on legal stuff they used out aloud. Testosterone replacement therapies to be legal, so all to do was take steroids, go to your doktor, get off steroids, you're, you're, testosterone, crashes, the doctors, a diagram, America low test. You know what son you have a condition. It is called testosterone and they would prescribe. I feel the same way like when you are talking about alcohols and being a disease that would Scott desire that test
your own loss as a disease is mad AIDS, his medicine, and so they would give these guys testosterone, unlike thirty five thirty six year old, guys, beaches jacked check to that end, fighting not just jacked and go to the beach, but like involved in sport, where your whole purpose to do physical harm to your opponent. Raise this drug allows you to do or more physical harm which is given that cycling like if a guy gets really it cycling and he has to use drugs to get really good at cycling in east cheating to win? That's one thing: what if he's doing these drugs in its allowing an put other people in the hospital things it very weird, well, The moral argument, if you're saying that the fighters are just as fund a watch, their exciting competitive without the drugs and fewer people are harmed from taking the drugs to. Maybe that's a good thing that would be argument for
You saw that the argument could even be said that the fights are more exciting because people more vulnerable, they get knocked out easier. They get tired easier and sometimes it makes fights crazier as, guys have tested positive for after even championship level fights who's. This guy Ali bag routine off, whose a top fly wait fighter, an interesting enough. He fought a guy who doesn't dope who's the best power for pound fire in the world is Guy Dmitri mighty. Mouse Johnson, mighty miles, beat him one of the ways he beat him, as with volume and pace like this guy couldn't keep up the pace as is in efficiency of technique, is also a really critical and Mme because a guy- who doesn't have efficiency and puts too much kinetic energy and muscle behind techniques they tend to fade quicker. It can have as a result of catch some over the shot? But if you don't over a long period time drain your gas tank to anything of it, a single value, Vienna, single bout, so this efficiency overcame the drugs the guy was on his is physical efficiency in this technique. So the process
is stopping the arms race, rybody, building arms race, the vote the moment somebody get away with it. Then everybody thinks that is being done and they have to do it and you have this behavioral game theory thing of the of an arms race. Sarah Nabiscos point: I guess we wouldn't have nipped in the bud. One's gonna. Do it we're gonna, make the consequences super. Harsh slash and what are the? What is yet to year suspension if you get caught and a bunch of people have gone that two years and also you have to let you saw to know where you are every minute of every day, Kay EM and testing, I'm goin fish, I'm gonna be on Lake Mead. Find me that's where I M, and then you might get a text why our lake me come to the dock, the dog and is a guy, stand there and is gonna. Take your blood. I had shale sun and on the pod castings talk about how invasive it was and how crazy, as it is show up were of you are, and he was do they were you're doing it in like a closet with like a mob and everything's like? Does it not a sanitarium taken my blood in this weird
environment like this. This is kind of fuck doubly dared they're just trying to catch people that will be interested to see what happens with these leaks that are coming out yesterday. The Russians hacked. The? U Sata database there? The William sisters the gymnast by El Simone Biles and in other threatening d least more in the coming days? and they were on all kind. They didn't say what they were on, but that they had medical exemption well, one of whom was Oxy codeine, One of the William Sisters was on shoes on proxies right miles was taken, think riddle and medication for honesty and she came out. I think today made a statement about it really, yeah. Well, that's a saddle, isn't really real in the form of a bubble. Rubber bruin isn't a form of Like an amphetamine agenda, it is essentially a stimulant yeah. Why that a stimulant with the performance enhancing drugs. Why would they let
you do right. Well, pre press, launched in the air, though not split voting that picture it's great. It was a I've. Adhd have taken medicine for it. Since I was a kid please, no, I believe in King Clean sport always follow. The rules will continue to do so. As far as play fair place, critical to sport as very import But as I mean what does I mean like a what? How does eighty eight d how's out affected by Ritalin like what is speed, do now eyes, eighty etc? It's one of these counter intuitive things that members biochemistry of it is, but the stimuli actually counters the hyperactivity and slow you down here too. Weird thing again: remember why it, but his is hyperactivity- a controversial well aged ADHD as well. This is one of those so the loose big categories it more and more people got and tossed into
yeah! I used to be a little boy in fourth grade was just you know. He was just had a lot of energy and he was. I was running around now. He's got a disease that ADHD. Well, we got to medicate him. Why not just let him go out and have a little longer plate play time this was a counter arguments to crises model amid again is back to that. It's a behavior No, it's a disease, so we got a treaty with a drug, so you have this over medication effect. Now I can't say I was apparent of ADHD get I wouldn't be glad to have some meds, but I think the consensus is far too more much medication of children who really it took to behaviour to spectrum. You know if you're, just completely out of control of here, but most that are taken you're, probably in the Bell curb somewhere, not that bad. I think that's really important point that out that there is a great big spectrum. Like a lot of things. We ve been talking about, there's just people that are almost unmanageable and his people that might a kid
might just be a little bit rowdy. You know me. She just jobs up down the couch and tell her not doing like I'm gettin this fuckin kid on some pills and out it? Astina teachers want control of the classrooms. It's this old goes back to the nineteenth century. Put him all in rows because we're training them to work in industry or being military yeah, really all it was, and that's all still as and where we're stuck with the echoes of that due to the point where, if you want do something like there's a lot of things. The EU can do for a living that don't involve at it additional model of what the trying to teach you in school and when you think about Those things is options. They think that they they seem per. Posture is, and they seem like a pipe dream like this idea
you're, going to be a famous author, yeah sure you d, like you, that you're gonna be in a band? Oh yeah, you to their isolation that someone in a fucking band is someone in a band like we get all this music right, some of the planet's music. How come? I can't do it, you can't do it now. I have to work. Get up and worked like you. We Train these people to think that this is the path that everyone else. Taken the occasional person ejects from that path and goes in makes their own knives in oh and start some sort of your business. But why can't end? body. Who wants to do that? Do that while they can? The problem is the most professional part of your life, their teaching. A really important things like math and science in English and grammar. We all need those things, but there also teach new patterns in their teaching. You about the potential for your future and this potential for your future becomes a reality can escape as everybody else is done. It your friends
I'll. Do it in what are called college. You apply to like what we're gonna major wiggle. Twenty gonna take the bar illegally and we still want to be a singer, dignities people who don't go to college scenario and feel, I gotta, go to college. The fact is: not everyone should go to college, there's really known need for it's a waste of time and money. They're not going to get any valuable skills that they can actually use, and they don't even want to be there, but they feel, like my parents, want me to go, and my friends are all going, and society says I gotta have a decree, so I gotta go So now we have this proliferation of colleges, universities that and you know the skyrocketing costs, and so on What was wrong with trade school co? Now trade schools are kind of looked down upon. That's what I would trade schools. Trade schools are great, but you know we sort of stigmatized at ten. I think it's artificially in people in places where they feel inadequate, because actually somewhere else, they be, they be making a lot of money at a particular trade that there really good at and they'd, be happy mender, but with alter that, since the Second World WAR,
happened, while the structure of school, I think of benefits AIDS and gives them discipline like why you gotta get up at seven o clock in the morning how to get there and yet to figure out how to get your body to get you to figure out how to fire your mind up your first class at eight, a m, I think I'll, that's probably good, because its test it's like you're, you're, overcoming and then in overcoming in getting through those tests at school or getting through whatever weird social stuff they got going on your classroom. You develop a sort of some data its disappearance about the world. There are something to that, but I just think this model that they want people to follow. When I see most people follow his motto MIKE. Is this this is just because people haven't been creative. They haven't been imaginative and thinking about what they would like to do better than what they're doing now, or is it just this this pattern is so easy to slip into, and we don't even realize until you're in it and then you can get out of it. I am encouraged by the by
like you, DAS, city and the milk courses, the teaching company courses, all the audible books, Are there so many ways to get a free education? A line of this stuff is threerd super cheap. The knowledge is accessible there for everybody else. It's sort of the high you get at this in a disciplined way, get the information, the think that Dat words the key right. Discipline, yeah yeah cause the difference between what you're going to do on your own verses. What you're, gonna you in college very different, but then the question becomes. Is it healthy to takes a nineteen year old kid. In that you know most promising and fun and exciting moment of her life right years, a teenager you leaving your parents, house and bird them with some insane workload of shit that they have to do to the point: always stressed out their constantly dealing with tasks? There always treat her drowning in papers. There. Always, though, is how The research there always
constantly working. I give you look at the work load of kid in college. I guess it teaches them discipline. Yes, it teaches them that it's hard up there and you got a really figure out how to push yourself does, although thanks, but it also robs them of a lot of fun. In these years. Are they live and I'm not exactly sure if everything that their law, learning and their spending. All his time on is even ever going to beneficial effect. The argument would be the most of it is. Nonsense. I never going to use it right anymore you're nineteen should we haven't funded enjoying the vitality, and I was at Pepperdine, University and Malibu of the fur member, the first for your graduating class, nearly seventy six plus seventy six Was it the jock Darwin, but baseball players and tennis players just just Rudy eyes and in there I can't wait to get out. I want to get out there and my own is late winter. We ever
given Malibu again. Every hour here by a ping pong any going to Heaven, there's the ocean, Pacific oceans right there in the german outside unless you're Oprah Sub you're, not gonna, be living like this again. So true that places like the perfect spot imaginative. Now, though, my God, MRS either about that, gave it to George Pepperdine companies that ran at school in Leipzig, sixty nine or something that was landed. Malibu Canyon, road and pc age that probably be billions of dollars: now probably won't be right? If you stop and think about how many million should with let him build anything right, I'm gonna talk about it later tickets. Did you see this? I tt tax, you mentioned trades goals, and I regret this should happen like last two weeks they got completely shut down by the depart, education, work that says former I tv tat students declared debt strike, I'm stuck
up to my neck in debt for the rest of my life and quote, you have a problem with that that Mary reproved textiles are good, is a lot of them get Lena turn into these. Like diploma mills than he begged basically are for profit, Brian Tatum Private company, but for something like this, you end up churning out students at can't get jobs, but they have this huge debt and they were the reason this is. The story is because the federal government was financing some of their tuition, it turns out. You know I was quite a pyramid scheme, but something along those lines, and so the government to say well when I can do this anymore if this tax dollars- and so now these students they'll get finance it any more and the school is still charging fifty thousand a year, something it's like. That's the end of the game, while so the realities, private tech, school or because private schools and general depend on federal government money through the students they're not
really for profit in the sense of were competing in the market place like Apple verses, IBM minutes it. You know the best product will win. It's not like that they're getting subsidized heavily sucks. Ized heavily subsidized, but yet the prices so elevated that people can afford it. It's really crazy how much it costs get an education, and I stand that its in expensive, too tried to give someone in education, expensive, try to run use university to try. I mean well, that our great teachers and professors deserve a fair pay, they deserve a lot of momentous article by David from afar, you em in the Atlantic Monica com sailor day on why colleges are so expensive any tracks, like the number of professors that have increased over the last fifty years, which, as you know, maybe minor verses the number of administrators in a d get support staff, incisive scroll down a little bit
Let's see right there, so this is California colleges, state university system from eleven thousand six hundred and twelve thousand professors but the number of administrators went from three thousand a twelve thousand wow. That's the money goes, you know your pay and those are full time: jobs, knell of health care and benefits and retirement, and all that's that's where the expenses is, none that not enough they actual teaching. You have. You have a brain, professor, with a brain, give sending the ideas in the brains of the students in the classroom. It's all the support structure around it. Not to mention these gems and dorms and cafeterias. It are now nice, restaurants in all its expensive. This is all areas listeners. Today's New York Times offers one modest illustration over the past eighteen months, time reports. Ninety american colleges and universities have hired chief diversity officers
these administrators, who are hired in response to the wave of racial incidents that con convulsed, convulsed campuses like the University of Missouri over the past year, their hulking at an already thriving industry while March two thousand. Sixteen, the National Association adversely officers in higher education held its tenth annual conference at San Francisco hilarious attendance at a new record, three huh, In seven day the association publishes a journal. It bestows awards of excellence that that fuckin thing in the universe. Missouri was a shock. Insight into how colleges really work? Lady was yelling at that student who was a photographer. Who is his job to the worst thing for this when my list click was professor of communications, yes, which is aware, and the guy was an he s- p end reporter sent
cover the protest? They were going to have and here's a professor of communication say no press not only that she asked for muscle rice work. I really like what are you a goon? You want to bring in the girl and you see, as it actually comes up and Gas Knox Camera, but it's this this self. Righteous like an end, is lack of understood and then is there. She is Here- has declared its lack of understanding how other people perceiving what you're doing and the possibility that what you're doing is not cool it all right that this idea of having this safe space like what this is college, where you saying I will explore what happened here away was what was his racial incident and, let's get to the heart of that. Let's not get angry at some guys taken a picture of things, and I photographing things where you are.
Openly protesting in a public place. I would assume you want attention here right, isn't that hold a line of hard right right, so this idea that you can get some guy and hit his camera when he's this is crazy person, but it's a person whose this is they have too much power right. There's too much authority. Well, on the good side, she was fired and appealed in law, so she's out. That is goods has got and inside their sugar today, just in the last few weeks, the one of the deity oversee Chicago sent a letter out now. Everyone's read, it went viral yes, solid class at twenty twenty, no say spaces, no microgram, we're not disavowed speakers, you gotta grow, and where I teach a german university, sent that letter to the president as it hey. Maybe you know, maybe we should use it like that and it first
said well and are now you know we don't really have a problem with that here: Chapman Everything's cool out on a strictly, and then he decided he do it. So he did it and then they Orange County Register published it, and I thought this is great. So my first week of class last week to my students, we read it. I said this is it? There is no safe spaces year on German and so on your adults now than they seem fine with it. I think it's, He set up a system of sort of a moral panic and you start looking for any racial slurs or slide sir. It makes conversation really hazardous. Like I got navigate around I better, not use a better, be very careful, and all of a sudden. I just shuts people down. It becomes like Mccarthyism for morality right here You start looking for people who are violators of it and, like all these other things that we discuss, there's a spectrum and this p Well, that are on the extreme, far fringe who work
literally recreational outrage at everything they say all throughout the world, without no perspective at all, and instead of being able to look at these things and try to see things from other people's points of view in perspective, every single thing becomes a racist or pantry arc, or homophobic or transfer back, and is all these different new phrases they get able? certain fat shaming at all these different trigger warnings that they would like in almost every images becomes a ridiculous nerved up environment that year, living in and when you're in school and you are preparing the real world right. If you really think that you're gonna get through, school with all. Craziness about save spaces and certain things trigger you and what should be? What be legal and you know of cultural. Procreation, white people should we weren't dread locks and all the nonsense either showing these kids
crazy, its rays, eateth assume that you can get through that and then because- a functioning member of society and work with forty year Old people who think you're retarded right. This is given a dark next week, a gal state Fullerton on his very soon because last year the sorority get in trouble, Tis a held a taco Tuesday, yes that cultural appropriation, aw that really part of It is, I think, like a realisation that the third there just our assholes in the world, people during this bed nasty people whatever the question is: how do you deal with them so like a Chapman, for example, last year that the algae bt q a community wide Diana. These are new ones out dimly. Also the key was questioning or queer, I was listening, those square
one question in case you're, not sure where Eu Circuit should we have to choose to. So we don't, if discriminate between leaping we're in the questionnaire resets. Let's make that so please people, let's not be insensitive Lizzy, I think Intersection AL our inner sexuality and to have some of you see me we insects there. I think that's for the biological. You have a different genitals in you feel like you should there's something I have you seen pants actual pet. Yes There was a woman years Congress person. I think she was who came out as pan sexual. Is that what you, was now. She wasn't congressmen. True state representative, I think what the fuck did you do. She came out Pan Sex the first pan sexual politician, I, what is sexual mania like major, nothing. It's everything here. Barely a very dear little bit of a merry Gonzalez Texas Day Representative identifies as pan sexual in new interview, my good sense axles, don't believe in age
and or by not no gender by so this called success. Sexist Hetero, patriarchy that you believe there's only two men and women and that that is discriminatory because there's people letter in between, I think there are, I think they're definitely are. I think, there's there's people have different levels of intelligence is people that are shorter, these people that have different levels of sexual desire. This and there's gotta be people that are on the borderline between a man and a woman, and they choose their me. There. Also think of them is fuzzy sets with a little bit of overlapping on the borders most people are in one or the other. Yes, there are people in between ok what a weed! What do we do? Nothing, you have to do anything don't discriminate. Yes, of course, you know, don't you know, don't say to an asian person. You must be good at Math conjuration like that, yet a deck, but isn't that a compliment? Why did you see
black I say you must have a big dick. Is your black eye as you gonna go you re species as not right if you say to a guy like you, must be a genius you're in a european GEO like that, they say what you like: that line and Herons Howard Stern movie, worry jewish kit of black high school in Jersey and he said, they say it's a stereo type of blacks have bigger penises than lighted. It may be said. But I wish I had a stereo type with like that anyway so last year I went to this little safe space. Talk discussion, the only me the you, I don't worry, I Chapman ok, so I wonder sexual was the last one was the sea to be. I forget what the analogue the threat of I have to factory had fallen. Prohibited is cords. What's the age sexual
It is actually a sexual. Mentioning two interesting does have no that's true that people like round the own resources ceiling and others truth in all these things in the people they were. There is maybe it doesn't. People are so very nice. Very thoughtful. You know we dislike to help people. Ok, I feel left out and I think that you, each in their sexual, you can start to see. I can certainly this meeting. How the ape pseudo problem becomes a problem that isn't real, and that is we're here to meet to discuss the problem. We have ok, what's the problem. Well, there were some incidences against algae BT people here on campus. Ok, what happened while first of Vi just ass. Well like how many times, as has happened like once a day once a week once a year, but the rate donor, we don't have any data while it, but is it worse now ass, much worse,
well how many times did it ever last year, five years ago we know how many data, how do you know it's worse, but just kind of feels worse. You know, like we get more EU males that this meaningless, then it was like won't like gimme some incidents like good examples. Happen well, I I heard about this- gave up all their walk in hand in hand serve on the perimeter, the campus down the sidewalk of the local street in some guy in a pickup truck job. I made a remark. Is that that's? It You know there's just at their assholes driver back on the Cecile. Never that's, never gonna be zero. Can there's no place? you gonna, go where you're can be safe from that in the world. Answer the question: how do you deal with it in what you can to save fucker,
facile or just ignore or whatever, but you know the idea of I'm hurt, I'm injured damage, so I have to go and meet with my people where we talk about how the hurt and damaged we feel that's gonna make it worse. I think it's gonna turn and that non problem, but a minuscule problem into a big problem that? Doesn't need to be that way that that's my opinion, that what words were really generalise- and here is right. We don't know what this suppose it aggressor said there's a bunch of different things. They said you know they could buying go, I love your hair and then does it have going right. His piece of shit is truly gender. Me there's Levin S right a threat of course, there's some preposterous recreational outrage that really in on one hand it's what what is what's bad it is its indulgent and silly, but what's also at about it is it develops this cry? Wolf mentality,
When you see people getting offended by things that are so fuckin ridiculous, you all I'd, be willing to dismiss everything on their team. You know we that they're trying to push for that. Some things might have some merit to them. Things might be really valid, but it's all in the same camp. These ridiculous oversensitive people that are looking to get recreational outrage all the time, so they might attach themselves to really look my points that people there be more sort of. More rigid or conservative, and their ideology rejected outright. They even considering its these fuckin dummy and there there, the crazy outrage in their safe spaces, like those people where they might be attached to some really good ideas about how maybe not a good idea to have a bunch of guys on your camp as yell and shit out a girl or they walk right, and maybe we can figure out how to stop that. Well, that's right! All these have little colonel.
Ruth in moral progress, as I said, happens, seen a bottom up change, language and science. It starts off well intention that The question is: what do you do when somebody says something offences you know We turn it into a massive camp is crisis. You just say a guy. Do the cycle to still say that kind of shut with its fun acceptable. The fact that they do oh costume incident at Yale, asked you're. Ok, so you know that Lee member sent out that he may of this year. You know you're adults, we're not gonna. Tell you what costumes you can and cannot where in this erupt into this it won't. One of somebody shows up in black face AL admit. Somebody shows up in black face had a hallowing party, that's that's that's kind of pushing the tourism remove. Yes, I'll, just whatever you're over here. You know about How much do you have a Mexican had some rare, our you dressed up as a native American, I mean really made southern sort of scales from offensive to innovate,
was it more offensive to wear black face than it is to wear red face. I have no idea, but it seems to be that. Do you can Can I get away with red face still right Well, the Redskins you know about we not that when we talk about this passage new rules, we have to sit down about but decide what we have set about. But why not just you know these are adults we don't like hell. You tell me to play in the sand box tat s enough, ladies, if your cat called just telling I shut the fuck up or fuck off we're just ignore, well and got until a guy should be two young guys. You know you want you get laid kept, calling woman. Isn't it the opposite of, and now you never know that or do some freaks out there. You might call a man com like I l call, and I already data that have raised, that this freaks to freak studies out there that set out Freaks journal a freak biogas Islam Jochen. But I think that when we're talking, about the difference between those Phil we watch. These men beat the shit out of women and I would like to see
standard and the outliers when a person does show up on campus and a yell out sexist things like woe rises in our age is thing because it so rare because there has been progress. So, even though I think that a lot of people in the recreational outrage community are outrageously stupid in their efforts to make everything an offence. I think that the pressure of all that craziness actually somehow can probably own things down if the left? get so outrageous in its demands. The right kind of meat from somewhere in the Miller get to hear but they're gonna fuck down in our call Caitlin Jenner, Caitlin our car Caitlin. Let's just relax on doing that to six year olds, oil, let's figure out a comfortable medium and then in coming more and more tolerant, as time goes on, it'll just be the norm. Just cite slapping people, movies, was normal and nineteen sixty, but today its outrages and in a television show like that, to the moon Alice, I have you had a new guy. You know
them out some caverns. Aims. Kevin James is in some new sitcom way, threatened a beat the shit out of his wife. I woe how with that shows they say there has been progress made absolutely so I think you know We're getting outrageously upset about things that merit being outrageously upset. It makes everybody think, but when p for outrageously, upset about someone haven't a fuckin taco Tuesday great, you know trying to cut some white dunes dread locks. Like a cat you're losing me here, you're going too far, I going too far the other. What you're not reasonable, looking to get pissed off over nonsense, like there's things to be pivotal year about kid who got away with raping some girl and he was the girl at Pat, been passed out, and here we got some. Six months ago that says marks yeah. That is something
to be always out loudly. That's real scary thing. You should be really pissed off, not talk of fucking Tuesday right so there I think they're that hurts the cause of real injustice is going to be correct. Did you get lumped in with the silly stuff? And this not so we have to get lay from binary thinking to scale thinking. Yes, yes, you know it's a spy. Trim and choosing gender teams to becomes a real issue, because Peace is a shit on the male side and there really fucking questionable people on the female side too, like the mattress girl thing, you know where this Colombia that Guy suing School now she she collected, heard diploma with a mattress and we don't know what happened because we weren't there, but there's some crazy text exchanged back and right where she's ask him to come over and variety or in the ass or something so she said that I make that up, allegedly if that out, I don't want you super important that you be real Clare maybe I don't know what the fuck happened. But if, if it,
really is something like that. What was the the false rape accusation that made it to the New York Times are sees me a rolling stone, the rolling. Die. Us right was in Virginia mean that is crazy, that's crazy, and when something gets, the what words in rolling stone? It's a complete total fabrication like that we're somebody just made something up and it didn't go through the proper channels, because everything with dealing with gender and all these issues that are supersensitive issues gets treaty with kid gloves. Instead of approaching it with the same kind of scepticism would murder case or a case of theft it instead it gets immediately looked at like there's. One possible scenario here is women's victimized question. Her would be horrific and you shouldn't even observe the facts. You shouldn't have an open mind. You have to go into it with
even I really don't have any information really whatsoever other than people talking for. I have to go into it with this idea that this person talking's telling you the truth right. Otherwise, your blaming the victim, it means shocked. Fuck me in the bud. Thank you. I get nervous she said bluntly during one Facebook exchange Sassy, I dont know what happened between them and if someone says you attacks like that, it doesn't mean that you're allowed to rape them, but his version of what happened versus her version. What happened you don't know? whose telling the truth right, you just don't know and went when It gets so outrageous that this rolling stone thing gets published and gets really with kid gloves and one of the most important magazines in American Crow, you're right treats this If it's a real storing it turns out to be a complete fabrication, its
in some ways highlights the problems with dealing with this kind of stuff in a non objective way, Karel to ever throat or nice piece versus sceptic. What you? What we mean when we talk about rape and it gets a categorical binary thing- inside there's, perfect behaviour and everything else is rape the answer he talks about. You know the dance of seduction and, in other guys, pressing indian Ocean, say no and then he says. Ok, then he kind of hence it maybe ok, a little bit more than a sort of do. You know that the whole foreplay process is kind of a way of ending up over here and yes, absolutely whenever she says no than that's it, it's no. But it isn't like you know she said no when they were still at the restaurant and he just raped or anyway. Usually it there's a whole series of steps that we never get to see or no one knows we weren't there. We don't know what happened in what the grey area was and when she,
There's? No, but no four! Now maybe later you and none of that gets recorded. So we have no idea. Happens. Won't we also have to consider the like we ve been talking about with so many different other examples that there is a giant spectrum of people's behaviour There are men that I know that like to get lost around by women and smacked around, and they like them to do terrible things to them and they will pay these women to do this. I ll go to a dominatrix S. Woman will insult them in hit them. She beats them paddles them. They do all kinds of crazy stuff to him in a lot of these guys like wealthy guys who had it, you know they have a high pressure careers and I've met these guys of talk to him. I'd know guys have had this thing, but if it's the other If it's a woman unless gain smacked around by a guy, then it becomes a career like you, don't wanna know that girl is exists. I gotta go a woman can hire a male dominatrix to kick her ass, an raper, but a man,
can hire a one humiliate or peace on earth. Skylights. Girls to piss aren't really crazy. Jim Norton he's up, while the man but he'll detox. It openly is easy, but he's not that the high high pressure executive type ties are doing he just not in a pervert but hilarious Polaris community, but Ok, I mean he doesn't get beat up, but it's it's ok like you can you can be a man and you can hire some woman, a kick your ass and you can have this desire to have, as happened to you, but we're supposed to pretend that is not some woman out there who doesn't want to liking gauge in a similar type of activity with a man, and they must exist riches. Do they just do they must and if is it the same? If you who decide that you and you're the person that you have sex with a view. Decide that you'd. This is the
where you do things you, you decide that she likes to smack you around and she likes to get on top EU and you get off on it, and It tells you when you're gonna have sex. No, now mother fucker we're gonna go and you gotta give into this. Is this weird game you guys play? That is completely fine, but if the rolls reversed you do that her and you guys both off on it. It's a terrible crime and it's interesting just think. It's not we're. Not talking grape were knocking, do not talking in pro rape in any way, shape or form, or pro domestic violence, or talking about people like weird shit right and some people. Actually want you to commit crimes to them. Imagine a scenario in which that was all consensual. In six months later he published historian. Please don't say, and I never consented. She beat me yeah reversals roles. It looks I write terrible, but Just you don't know what all the steps where there is a great little short films like this
rape apology talk, though you know that I know women, you, the even discussing this. You become a rape apologists, so we shall be really clear. That's not what I doing I'm looking at all possibilities of human behaviour- and I'm saying people are fucking. Weird were weird. You know are our ideals. A lot of times are shaped by popular culture and the ship. By songs in movies and those in some ways dictate more of what we expect from our life in the actual lives. We see around us right. Six people were fuckin strange, their fuckin strange this, this new law in California to verbal concern ass. How do you know unless you recorded yeah? It's still, he said she say. Well, I asked her verbally. She said yes and then she says I never said How do we know? Did you see the video the got release for this really wealthy billionaire character in Florida? Filmed his girlfriend beating herself up she's on the bed
had any put in a security camera, because I don't me in May just knew she was gonna. Do something crazy like that, so breaking up with her and she told please. He beat her up she's on the bed way. Calling herself in the family and is very screaming at the top. Our lungs were working yourself into a frenzy problem. With the windows. Open southern neighbours can hear it and she's just reading the shit out of herself and what does he didn't? Have video you'd be screwed exactly yeah and many people happen. For sure I mean this is not again. This is not being a domestic violence. Hollow justice is not saying that Moran don't beat. Women is just saying when we look at things as I'm a man, so I sighed with all men are I'm a woman so that women must be telling the truth will create we're do just people is awesome. People that are men, there's awesome people that are women, there's awesome, people that are as actual there's really right on until early get lost film Short online account member. The producer might have been right, minister, a right men producer
yeah I've unripened zone is maybe that was it anyway. It's a young couple, like an adorn room in there on the bed, clothes on their make an out and poor play in some places. You I think I I better get there. You know the thing and she goes yea. I think he should think easy to reach for a condom. Many poles Contra doubt and he's like our rights, and then he and his lawyer comes in and then her look like ok. My client would like to touch your client on the breast. Now, your client a graded, this okay. So he checked this and the whole thing goes through that yeah Scott consents me my son Jason right, that's it! out there we go there's a hilarious one that was a pro consent, video that they had released, try to get people acclimated with this idea and its attractive young couple like hipster. Looking dude here like a functional dash and his he's with a girl and they're making out and he's like. Touch your leg and she's like yes and then she's like, and I touch your leg unease. I guess and he's like. No
soon. She says yes and he was Take a shirt off. She was not yet and they keep making. It's it's kind heart like. I don't think she fuckin have Do that all the time, and especially if you're, in a relationship with someone, then it's ridiculous that I could understand like the first couple of time to do it. But the video like our support, dad being a rule, but of two people want do that on their own David those kind of like it looks like while eventually she said no and then she said yes to short, came off we're making progress. Some things are happening. She's, she's, obviously enjoying this make out thing like that's cannot, but you shouldn't fuckin have to do that most people who never done, then this idea that you make it a law? Yes and then you get enforce it, how to enforce the law and second of work with everybody. Some people don't want to see shit, some
and don't want to talk about it. Some men don't want to talk about in some people. Talk about every single aspect. I find someone who mashes with what you're living, even interview, I think it might have been in rolling, might have been in the Atlantic. Wherewith it cut a college covered in the guy he's kept asking earn as I do that she's a shut, the fuck up and just fuck me of on with its veto. We that's ok to write it every day, Ok, but as soon as you start telling people, you gotta ask every question in the book before you do it now, you don't know you don't know you just don't rate people still re people and they were all good. It's real sample I'm holding by down or make them do tangs commoner passed out. We done yeah it's gets it gets a little silly, but in the end pension behind it is like you're saying the intention behind it ultimately is about price, grass. The ultimate lies about making an environment whether its
intentioned or not or when it way, whether it's like thought out or not the ideas create a safer environment is just you doing that? just annoying the fuck out of people and the same amount of sexual saw is gonna? Go I don't know it's an interesting question, because it, if you pull so far left, do they meeting different place than they would be if you just let em well boys or be boys, stay away from the fraternity. Ladies and gentlemen, that. Doesn't fly anymore, so maybe it does in some way help. And then you know it's that step we put up with. Diversity officers I mean the moment you hire somebody whose job it is to basically look for it. Firstly, any time it doesn't mean what do you know what were the criteria at that moment to say: ok, we have a problem. Yeah, ok, do we really have a prompt, maybe a little bit, but now It's a big at official probably had a right it up. We get up. They get alot barely work
yeah busy work had examined more looking, then they're looking for trouble, like unions, have been doing that since the beginning, a tiny sets teachers, unions gets the mean. That's it that's a big issue. They ve been creek hitting jobs since the beginning a time there was always had a body mine who had a job on what is that, where they do the big the Javert Centre, Javert setter near he had a job where he doesn't even go. There, but you gotta check every You didn't even go there. He never went there and he was one of those no show jobs is like some unit deal that they arrayed, probably with court of court, organised crime so that all that stuff, so he's been fluffed up pressure. So this idea of having all these diversity officers, they're gonna fuckin, create conflict just to keep their job afloat The last thing they want is them to be obsolete. I will look we
Just decided like Taco Tuesdays, good, like tacos cry and yeah can dress like an Indian. If you really love native Americans made you really ever respectfully, not like being an asshole about what I call the black sea we're gonna that alone and I gotta go a blackberries, but that's that's why we only the rule is: don't be a deck and most but no, when there being a deck, they don't than than your colleagues of French and tell you? What can you do Dick, and be funny like, like ok you ask media and I can't, but it Why did I would have a black eye dress like. A white guy puts white face on and just Doing the most ridiculous white stereotypes member, when tat dancing, Chaos at the Oscars. The animals are really at the oldest or somebody even updating or anymore,
Little joke about will chamberlains record any. Who should have a like face number that that was a year he got. There was a big controversy. Yeah I mean that's unit at this moment, I'm gonna reliable assets like. Braun, citing eightys. I think you know. Maybe that is hilarity did no longer funny. Is that crazy, though, that this is one specific look with make up? We do not allow right. You cannot pretend to be a wise person who can be a white person is potentially a black person, but you can pretend to be anything else. Right like a man can pretend they probably good reasons for that in our history. Will? Who funding was who played. Charlie Chan was a white guy right, the thing chinese tat. There was a white guy and weak and when John, Wayne played gang is higher number that didn't Tom cruise play an Asian, and
one of the now he was the last samurai, but he was a year. No man, it's it's it's interesting and I get it. There was every night two hundred years I get. I understand the whole thing, but it still quite odd now and when a boy person puts on white face it pretends to be a white person. No one gives of Fatah area Right Warner. O land is Charlie Chan that the most non. China's use totally puerto rican mustache. What nationality was that guy did you have some weird stuff but on his face, but now what nationality is? If you had to guess what you say, I say, maybe Native American, in Swedish of God, or let's go native American, practically Chinese close to anything, is why the widest raise can pick up once more The swedish people does that
It is therefore nourish me balls and shit like this with chocolate, Switzerland, that's different countries, but that's really white fortunately Charlie chance of minorities, is distorted in this book and audio the for the fifty year mission sort of oral history of STAR Trek, why are they start with work it out? Only but you know the actors field, a black asian and so more they actually got to play a real black relation international job, and that was nineteen sixty six. That was pretty innovative. The really important I gotta played silly. What's his name, George Decay, Georgia Stir Sky, Japanese and in all he was talking to soil history about what kind of the kinds of jobs he had before STAR Trek, which you know you play that sort of knocked the servant, but they are not just agent asian or whatever, but never like an actual real job. Where you have an important position
It's a cable lived in an interment camp areas, a guy at right, the terrifying. Yet that's that's how recently that was. Yeah, so rod Mary with something of a visionary nets and saw a little bit ahead of its time on that. Do that awesome. Here, even to this day, it is hit that corny place like just one word: Captain Kirk has to fight them. Lizard do with a shitty outfit. On Thursday I was right here at Vasco Rocks. Was it right up off a fourteen? You can go there. You can see where Captain Kirk pushed him off like near to Pangaea like TAT Way, not Vasquez rugosities us offer highway. Fourteen years how we fourteen they take five north fourteen that goes up to land. Drapeau. Now, ok, we out there and we did a lot of on all those westerns or shot out there. We did a lot of fear factor stuff out their re Potidaea, all that's so predicted. Yet while man, then it's beautiful That's where that is its own european area. Watch this video! This is awesome. Awesome awesome! This guy,
whose playing the lizard guy is so bad like everything, is so bad, the outfit so bad. Movement so bad, like Google slow? This is look ass though you this is fucking incredibly bad. He swings look. This money is not its motion. This is how the shows really plan out. Which are so. This is what you throw kick out. Captain Kirk men of catch, a kick! That's that's bad! My tie, you suppose it leg out. You don't throw the guy in the air like that, and if you deafening throw money, I follow up or you're grounded poundage. Ok, look at this How come the lizards so right now he's gotta do the helmet slap eardrums grams right look at this in turn become bad. This is my God, this is amazingly bab when your ten years old, this is really really high drama. I was incredible back that look. He does
the double ear smack lizard can't handle it, and then he runs away like the slowest white guy. That's ever walked the face of the earth. I mean this is so stupid and areas get this target. A volley wrought iron phone, rock and watch out looks fake too, like even is picking up, examine, straining, look up weaknesses, it throws it. When it hits I'm writing a chess nothin can't believe this. Meanwhile, go back, To him in the year mother fucker you hit him on, the area was hurt and there's another video that was just released a few weeks ago of Shatner and the lizard monster on on his couch, and they want you to. Tv show or something, and they start fighting. He will keep the I want to find out how this end that's really stupid. It wasn't, it doesn't end into. He makes gunpowder in shooting guides boy talk about given a guy a lot of room through a big giant rock looks it shall this list all the sudden is so strong that he could take a fight,
minor pow rock and throw it like it's a basketball. Just a few minutes ago he was struggling with weak Ass captain Kirk. That's at its end in a technique. Look You hit him on the ear. He did some serious doubts image and you let that Gaullist are thrown rock. I go back to hitting them in the fucking ear. Just go Wakeham in the ear setting the stability as a soft spot keep doing there then show and before the forty eight minutes is now find it it's so hilarious how slow the thing was move and it was worse than I thought it was see. That's us also. That is then. I look at this same technique. Look that's a merry because all of their birth, that that is Larry us he's going after beget. That's, where is this is really funny. Shatner gotta get sense added to that area send up of himself yeah it's, but that
is that show and that that scene, it shows in a lot of ways how far art entertainment of all yes mean dad. Is that's a comedy today, like if you had that I'm comedy central. If you like ridiculous space, show, if you call it ridiculous, spatial essentially just have a lot of the same shit. There was in regular space movies, reenact unprepared, laughter. I would love to hear the right lines that went along with how stupid that looks, like my Myers send ups and others by movies right. But if you watch like science fiction movie today, like if you're Siena, Netflix, show stranger things, I just got into it MA for five episodes into its falcon great bro. He had been told me was bad. He's crazy is really good. Stranger things on Netflix its with home. While it still shit room, went on a rider she's, a bed awesome attitude and Matthew Mode Dean, the guy from vision, quest he's in it to really good really good
foreign raining. This oral history, because I d have these fine memories. When I was twelve years old love that show now I get lost and her wanted more money. And then, when Nimois became famous, he got past and was started Canada's lines. And then the name I wanted to raise is that I don't really want to double the dusk I studied duchess themselves. Is it and as Bobby pretty common with any business? I suppose when Screech wrote a book say by the boughs crushed, it was at insight. I M an air now screech say by the bell. You know it's here, but about who is a ridiculous. Children's Sitka was on Nickelodeon Elinor was as Anti NBC T Nbc was Saturday morning, embassy huge shell you'd, show amongst little kids, and why of a rebelled He came, I did porn wrote books got a knife fight. And fight like relaxing celebrity boxing assembly This should, I am, I didn't nod danny- do spot a duty
He beat the shit out of them right now. He beat up, welcome Backwater is agreed strategy We went to jail to again. He said somebody s ear. I literally behind the Bell S crazy, and so he rode in autobiography saying that Tiffany empathy, with bangs regularity, boxing memorial, open, The banks are very well. My get smarter Lopez I was in a area Mario wrote. He wrote that that Mario Lopez timer read that you know. I was in its like Mario Evelyn, a pitch meaning one time at Fox Fucks reality might doornail was their big reality. Show guy he's when brought all the big american idol showed type shows clearly american idol anyway, we a pigeon sceptic show so had a production company and myself in we had our weight in the little room for him.
Be done with his meeting any came out to apologise that he was late because they response have a big celebrity boxing match that night apology owns verses, Tanya, hardy and cheese and Tanya Hardy got arrested that day for beating her boyfriend up with cap in their trailer park, something I've ever seen. You thinking what am I doing here you I mean CALL Jones, one Abdul my panels or some crazy did. She do didn't you do others. Well, she did celebrity boxing and they get Tanya Harding did is up Jones. Let's hilarious idea tat. They had intelligence. The woman who accuse Bill Clinton of doing dirty things to area, Allah and Nepal Tanya Harding Box Doug stand up on Manto man show had a boxing match: she'd winter you're hurting became boxer for while never right, she was doing like bodies
maybe there was a start and yeah. She was just she's nice, a matter she's nice person, she's desperate for money, million ice skater there she's sick. She most mitigate athlete army. Can be an olympic ice skater, oh yeah, for sure? Actually now she was, but that was a weird view into athletics right when Nancy Carriage is beaten up by that he hit or in the legs rang like here in a language stick or something like that, some guy that attired was it a tyrant bessie, I think he's chattered or that the new cap it right next to it are part of it are corrected or something you have is pretty I thought she was able to combat. It was, I think it was time, you're hurting boyfriend, that higher the guys. She was indirectly involved. Right and dumb thereupon, Tonya Harding win in the Olympics right they wanted her right,
meanwhile, she it was her and Nancy Carrion. They were, then golden metal took to be cut competition for the gold medal. Yeah. I don't remember. The extent of the injury member Nancy Kerrigan was screaming and choose hold elected was a video of it Elliot crazy, but you came back there's a video, Was there a video of the guy doing it? I don't think so. Ended this after alpine screaming she sheen of competing in those olympics. That thing too, that is so crazy that someone could do that just run up to this girl and smasher with attire iron is out what it was. What is it we are, I think the fact that is so crazy. That's so crazy that someone could do that because of an ice gaining partition that instead of competing and trying to win and trying to be the best, you hire someone a smash, collapsible shouldn't collapsible with also was one of those batons, the user or their ex husband, her ex.
Husband was he a shame. Stand had been hired by her husband, Lily yeah, that's good! That's what Michael's that's cool, I'm telling you it also. She was never convicted of being associated with it at all. It was a Equally. Well, how could you know what the woodwork were sad right, illiterate, crazy, that someone would do that for an ice gaining competition smash, some girls leg, that's its it, but the girls and their attack. Sis cheerleader mom that attacked the other moms daughter who was competing with her daughter for the cheerleader that, whether something in a years ago I can make maven killer just attacker brutally or something like that you might yet cheerleader murder. Ammonia. To my mind, is single lifetime movie story, cod? but it's real based on real area fill them out a few things. Based on real, has devastated the rabbit in it there
it was a real early. Oh my god. Not only was it not real, apparently that incites real, but everybody says it's real or buddy I didn't. I heard the story before from my friend, Stephen Ella, who was he's really kind of historian on the Wild West get some great stories about the conflict? Should she native Mary cons and travellers who knows all about the pioneers in the mountain man. He said that that guy, first of all, I that Leonardo Caprio played never had a son when the main motivations of him going after this guy's got killed, his son didn't have a son The only thing that was true was he got attacked by a bare and they left him and he survived, but he didn't kill anybody, but the really work, Helen people and survive in and I never killed any. There really were trappers and there really were native Americans and there really were bears. Yes, all those things existed, though it so funny when you have a moonlight than you put words and people's miles is decide what they could have said that sound a coup. Migration be allowed to do. You know
Stein means we're. Gonna make some shit right. Like you couldn't Kevin Costume, you could do danced with walls cause you got a fate character, but we know did wider Europe made about shit up? He decided what Wyatt Earp said. How do you know we'd, however? According know its historical recreations, like I m very strange writer, do we had the wall like a firmer yards three hours and twenty somewhere around. I know it's, not the record, better, listen! I know you're. The latter is ready to give out there that there's that. Thank you band, listen! Let everybody! No! Where they get a hold of you wear it read your work where they kid sceptic, dot, com or Michael Schumacher. Com is the best place you're. The first got or tat I'll tell you like. That's it.
Really we're done dark recently. I was very rapid. I gotta get to dinner to go by understand. So thank you very much is always happened to you know. There's about rotation, though you that's really do appreciate it and eight I'm gonna. Do it really? Thank you very much, thereby seed whereby Dan Carl is gonna be on tomorrow. Will allow really thank you, everybody for two key thanks, caveman coffee I might had too much of it before they show. I feel, Let's be I drank to these caveman coughing. I trust the current away or and wonder in the show that is five hundred and twenty milligrams of chaffing. I think that's about three hundred milligrams too much and trot offered by think I'm onto a thank you to my sponsors.
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to everybody for listening, We will be back up thanks there. Came out, Cleveland, retard cleaving was autumn. That's it you're vocs. We will see you guys tomorrow, same time same bad channel, and next week got some fuckin killer shit lined up I'll. Give you guys The news on that but I appreciate that.
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