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#860 - Russell Peters

2016-10-14 | 🔗
Russell Peters is an actor and standup comedian, currently touring internationally all over the world. His latest stand-up comedy special "Almost Famous" is now on Netflix.
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hey everybody was gone this yeah so did the podcast is brought to you by netflix special october 21st my special triggered premieres on netflix at the time that i'm doing this that's one week from today so next friday netflix i don't know if it's going to be available over the world i don't know how that works but i know it's on netflix so hopefully you can see it wherever you are ann and then neck gigs that we have december 31st is the big that is well december ninth is a big one now too that's at massey hall in toronto it's going to be russell peters big jay oakerson anemi and me and that's december ninth in paronto at massey hall love that place is a fucking classic beautiful old just an epic theater the beta
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slash rogan an you can try yet for free that zip recruiter dot com slash rouge to try ziprecruiter for free fucker my guest today is one of the best end up comedians in the world one of the best guys i know russell peters a sweetheart of a person super generous awesome guy here's a little piece of trivia there's a watch that i wear i wore it for my rocky mountain high special i wore before the recent network netflix special called triggered and there's a way hi where is really pretty breitling watch and the reason i wear it for everyone specials is 'cause russell peters gave it to me and he gave it to he was wearing it and i complimented it
i i just said do that's dope watch he takes it off he goes it's yours i go get the fuck outta here i don't want you can't give me a watch because i want you to have it and he forced me to take off my watch and put the watch on i okay man will now i have to wear this thing anytime i do something important so that's my lucky watch it's my blessed watch where at anytime i have to do anything important anytime i'm doing something and i'm wearing that watch is think about how fucking cool russell is i also gave russell peters my watch which he threw away 'cause the armband was leather the wrist band was leather and smell like shit 'cause i probably worked out in that thing i gave my stinky watch anyway he's off
some he swears he's one of the biggest stand up comedians in the world i mean he sells out the o two arena in london england and as a stand up that is a crazy accomplishment he does that all over the world to and honestly seriously one of the best people i've ever met my life he's just an awesome guy so give it up for russell peters logan experience shine my day joe rogan podcast my name all day we are live right now in our brother joey coco diaz in chicago tonight if you are lucky to get tickets to his show zanies in rosemont illinois is not technically chicago right how far away is that like twenty minutes twenty minutes just outside that's why he is and he's a he's filming tonight for cc see so is exactly some new thing that doug stanhope has a special on see so now joey has a special on seeso and apparently it's like
nbc's doing something something that nbc is doing well netflix is giving apparently forty million dollars to chris rocks what did you hear that but forty million dollars for two specials jesus that's fucking insane jesus that's twenty million dollars to special that's a wreck yeah sure hey they they get into a bidding war with h b o apparently for like a wow and make you feel up to thirty million netflix at fuck you here's forty holy shit netflix is ball and yeah but now i feel gypped netflix is out of control right now but so is hbo i've been watching westworld of you westworld on hbo yeah that's where it is good i've heard about it but i also like on cbs or something good yeah that's where they go into that weird like a fake world and you're not some shit yeah it's like it's based on that one thousand nine hundred and seventy three movie with yule brenner westworld yule which was it basic
the same kind of movie it was basically the same as that show how many times i say basically in the first five minutes but what it was you know so people can go and have like a fantasy and live in the wild west but obviously the robots don't play and they start malfunctioning and that's where it in episode two it should start kind of like a cowboy logan's run logan's run wild remember that really don't know logan's run barely remember i'm trying to remember concerned when i was a kid what was logan's run was in a series or some series i was i think it was a moving then it became a series is that yeah there it is wow i remember the poster welcome to the 23rd century is that weird that is weird it's so weird what they thought we're going to be living like like member space one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine i remember everything was when i was break dancing in nineteen eighty
forward there was a move called the nineteen ninety where you jumped on remember that movie you jumped on one you flipped upside down on one hand and spun the move that cuba gooding junior did in go back go back to those pictures go back to the first one you went to look at that they got one thing right people going to be wearing pre ripped pants like assholes girls are going to be showing their vaginas they got both of those things right and not hairstyles back so bold hairstyles look back chicks are wearing hairstyles like that too so what what was the move the nineteen ninety one thousand nine hundred and ninety and then what's good stuff is that real that's caused by but i could keep causing girl whatever you doing i like door cosm see i'm so happy that girl still dress like that all this crazy talk of women you know like not not dressing sexy or alluring like that is just disturbing to me russell peters i don't i don't want to change i mean you know it depends on when and where they're doing it right now
do it whenever you want given the green light office bill things everything that office buildings would be great fuck yeah i remember going into office buildings is getting a hard on looking at the secretaries and the full hard on and i was in my early 20s late nineteen you know madman how was a lunatic without knocking shit over with my cock didn't grab any pussies out did you i was not a pussy grabber i'm not i don't know i don't even know how you grab a pussy without actually fingering it yeah like how you grab it on the outside that's the benefit of having those little hands his little hands could grab yeah just fully grab lunch one of those like folder hole there are things that use the paper clips yeah well i know those ones laps little clamps yeah little plant steel clamp running for president clamp and pinch is a fucking hilarious meme that i saw that somebody put online it's it's so funny it shows different presidential quotes throughout history
the only thing we have to fear is fear itself franklin delano roosevelt ask not what your country to do for you ask what you can do for your country john f country john f kennedy grabbed by the pussy donald trump this is where we are this is really where we are we we turned reality into reality yeah do you think that that's what started it all that like reality tv like from so viver on exposing the world to instead of instead of the people that we've dated like magnum pi or you know fill in the blank you know this thing yeah they gave us things that we used to have things to strive to want to be yes tom and then they too shut down the lowest common denominator disco oh thank god they took away i would just be normal again we can we can be hopeless yeah what does snooki you know they went from they went from people
that you could never be riffic macguyver yeah gets out of it situation but confusing too though right because people start thinking that they can be macguyver or they can well if you get your brain moving it gives a little jog it makes you think sideways you know and and gives you the opportunity to think laterally but you got a dummy just saying things that you want to hear you go ok i could turn it off now guys that's the one thing that can confuse me the it's about donald trump i didn't know there were that many assholes out there like a kind of new but i you know they're going to organize it would it was it's weird to me that you know when you meet people that again you thought were level headed thinking people is that eric be like eric b and rock and a nice breeze actually living at my house in vegas right now shut the fuck up really yeah damn dude you know i keep it hip hop son do you do you do what about rock hill contact him tonight living in the house now there
there are secretly i think they may be getting back together secretly just gave us nothing i mean i don't i can't say that they are i said that maybe i mean you starting rumors were doing this way to go to that's the way to go to get that one started trying to get everybody paid i love those guys were just talking about them yesterday yeah we were talking yesterday that jesse jesse ventura and then redban but we're talking about eric b and rock him were talking about epmd i'm friends with dj scratching epmd oh shit i'm all sorts of the dj of the group if you notice that yeah well you're a dj that makes sense it's like us being friends with comedians yeah happen to know one or two of 'em yeah isn't it funny thing about being a comic like you run to another comic somewhere and you like are you come here you were around regular people get over here our world left brain thinkers we need to be together is that what it is yeah that's the left brain yeah that's what i've heard were not real i don't know can you kick someone left side of the head is it fuck up their jokes i don't know some
somebody sent me something that says that that's in my eye to it on my own whatever but it was a has some sort of head trauma can make your brain relate everything to a joke after well there's a book that sam kinison's brother wrote brother sam and it's all about how sam well it's uh not sam but it's all a big part of it is how sam changed when you get hit by a car he was a little kid and he got nailed by a car and really fucked up an from that point on he became this maniac this wild crazy reckless mother fucker like before that it was like a normal kid and bang one hard shot to the head and also is uh oh like all the crazy ranting and the sermons he used to give i guess when you get close to death you look at it one of two ways right that's it i think it's traumatic brain
entry i thought i'm saying the like again your brain goes off of what we didn't suffer for that now let's just enjoy the rest of this that would be nice if that was if that makes if there was a fact i don't know but i like making up my own i think what it is i'm wicopy damage i think damage to the brain like actual physical damage affects impulse control and it has something to do with that an getting angry quicker this a bunch of factors that come into play that you see with football players too that you're pretty hilarious after all those time now right maybe they are and we need to find one right before they become too stupid to talk yes ask him like what do you find i mean they weren't that bright to begin with how dare you say that they can be bright if there are big and giant and they wanted to make money in the football is the way to go right what else going be a strongman
i don't know i mean you could fight watch the strong women you can't even fight a few that big because like at two hundred and sixty five pounds that's the weight limit for main there's a limit there's a fight a little weird so weird remember emmanuel yarborough was was six hundred yeah what happened to him keith hackney bitch slap it's true it's true that he break rest on that you know what a big slap it with that side weird side will once i got him down he was hammer fists and i'm him he was like one of the first guys to do the hammer fist in a fight i remember seeing that going that's a terrible punch its affective you know it's cool about her fist is like you can do this to the table like this oak table yeah it doesn't hurt your hand at all but if you do that with your knuckles like i yep but it's weird that we punch with our knuckles what do you know we just associate this soft padded part is not going to hurt you exactly it hurts a lot yeah mike hammer fists are very effective have you hammer fist at anybody now
no no never hammer fisted anybody was not that i can remember it's really went into fisting quick when you spinning back fist somebody there's two ways to do it you could do it with the actual back of the hand that hurts they give you his dance very hander there yeah if you hit someone's chan with the very back your hand you could you break your hand for shore but the the right way to do a spinning back this is with the hand down with the the palm of the hand facing down with the fifth so in that way you you are hammer fisting someone you really it's really suspending him for more than a spinning backfist that's the way to do it right i've never done a spinning backfist it's a brutal move i do you got a really time that one right yeah you do you know how he got a very confident knowing that you're turning your back on the guys i real quick it's weird all the different ways people figured out how to people up yeah i was watching a street fight today but these two checks here for now no no no is an amazon instagram somebody who is it the one where the girl said kick my ass bitch
my as you say you wanna kick my ass kicked my ass bitch i go so yeah really get a black girl i don't even listen because my wife was there i know you watch too a blonde girl and yes yeah car gas getting that one dude see you now yeah it she like throws into the ground she kind of like kind of curbs or a little bit too beats the fuck out of her and she got attacked she got it totally turned around beat that girls ass and she kept chasing her and that girl kept talking shit yes why was the fuck out i'm like well you know if you hit her on the job maybe should go to sleep you wouldn't have to hear talk anymore but the girl my point was when she had her down she's hammer like people know that's a legit move now like emma may have changed street fighting forever it really has fuck yeah people now so they know what to do now you know and you could see like especially with kids there's a ton of videos of trained kids who actually know how to fight and they get attacked by someone who doesn't modified and they wind up arm bar like the kid that did that katt williams oh yeah
yeah well that was a wrestler yeah yeah it was seventeen i thought he was only fifteen fifth whatever he was he was a teenager yes got him in a nice seat stretch them out and everything he he got his back and just stretched him what the fuck is wrong with katt williams i don't each one of us what's he doing i don't know he's one of us but he's also one of those guys it seems like who's who's it that type every now and then i don't know i can't confirm nor deny those allegations definition of stimulants involved there's something going on it's gone awry i'm i did buy him 'cause i think he's one of the best comics alive in bursts like in moments but then he'll have these horrible wretched shows where class action lawsuits are people making money back and he wants up leaving but then he gets back together and have some amazing stories like he'll put together a special and have amazing stories based on all the fucked up shit he did it's almost like he does it
on purpose yeah that's what i'm saying but i don't think he does but it seems like he could he could right the ship like he did fuck it i'm staring into the wind here's in the wind and that is alright that did not work out we got gotta we gotta get the cat william go back online i got to turn this around as an iceberg coming yeah any figures out how to right the ship and then he comes back around but man when he's on he's funny yeah because he's fearless yeah i have absolutely fearless yeah he deftly does not give a and with his hair is the because some of that conduct out hair and the sweat profusely but that's that molly sweat did you ever see the time where him and steve harvey they they did this thing together it was real weird it was like they they were taught
bring together so it doesn't make any sense to me at all steve are we going first and then katt williams who on second and i guess they were like talking shit about each other leading up to the show so steve harvey goes on and then katt williams spends the first ten minutes mocking him ann is fucking brutal and hilarious i'm on i'm with cat on that one yeah it's hard to not be that steve harvey guys a weird dude i've never at him actually you know twenty seven years in this game i never miss steve harvey well i met him a long time ago back when he was essentially doing a richard pryor impression when i met him in the nineties yeah he was doing richard pryor onstage i mean it was crazy like if you didn't know you would think like is this guy
like auditioning for a richard pryor movie or something i don't remember his stand up at all from but it wasn't like he was doing priors material but he was talking as if he was richard pryor right you know there was there the whole thing like guys you know how it is there's like you get influence yeah did you ever do that there was no i mean i was always into like carlin and stuff like that so i was not smart enough to copy i knew my intelligence level was far answer then carlins i would just do what i did i caught myself on stage one sounded exactly like richard jenny and i was like jesus oh wow exactly you went in yeah yeah i mean i i was open miker but there's you know there's a whole slew of comics that try to sound like mitch really yeah there's a few of them out there and it freaks me out and everyone's on their dick and i'm like wait you know that's me
which right that they're doing well ok can't tell me names but yeah well hedberg had such a distinct file that would be crazy but you here with that l i mean in new york there's like five or six guys that i could name right now everybody at the seller have the same way of speaking there are all attale babies or that shut up so but everybody wants to be chief robinson all that too right yeah yeah but it's interesting but you know that's one of the reasons why everybody with with what's that it's a it's a seller thing what are you doing i get it uh there always everything it does who is that when you go to the cellar next time we talked a group of all just here everybody was like oh my god that stuff i can seller talk i like it clicks it is a lickilicky but it clicks but i got but then do it when i'm there too i just do it because i'm around them i guess this is what we're doing guys yeah it's
it's interesting how little clubs like like the seller just spawn they just take off and it becomes the spot when you think about how many spots could be the spot in new york city yeah does new york city like one hundred comedy clubs or something crazy none of 'em and there's new ones opening all the time and then there's people try doing a nice one or a classier one and that shit never works you need the nice grimy seller i mean it just it is what it is low ceiling everybody packed in real tight and then you get like the a list of comics walking through there yeah just a isn't it funny that it's also funny too that like to practice the best place to practice is a little tiny place always yeah yeah you don't want to practice in front of a roomful of three three four hundred people have you ever thought about doing a special in front of a tiny group of people um i have but then you know sarah did the one in front like twelve people or something like that she did yeah she did one like really small audience it wasn't at largo yeah
how big is largo your benefits you know like in the one of the small rooms at largo oh really yeah huh but i mean if anybody could make that work sarah silverman can yeah she's fucking she doesn't do enough she doesn't do enough and doesn't get the respect she deserves i don't think i don't think so yeah i mean she's she's not funny on a curve like oh that's she's a funny woman now she's i told her that once i said you know so you're one of my favorite comics not one of my favorite female comics one of my favorite comics as a human being comic i saw at the store maybe a year ago and she was murdering just murdering i was like man sometimes i forget how good she is you forget a how good she is how great her jokes or written and i get through this i go through this little phase unlike now i'm back at the zero point with no material and i've been going out every night but i might make trick is to go and hosts so that way there's not too much expectation right that's a good move yeah so i get my confidence back
then i could see you know the level of talent around me and and what way every i think in in you know the name then i can figure out if i want to tell stories if i want to tell jokes you know right yeah when you write do you right in front of computer do you write out a note basically write anything ever really ever a lot guys are like that bill burr doesn't either yeah seven hundred and eighty two yeah we had that conversation about that i can't i feel like it's well first of all i'm too lazy that's the real issue nothing more to do with anything that i don't want to sit on it like this i don't even want to watch my sets my almost they have specials out now i'm watched it now it was it was sent to me month go another cousin on netflix yeah when when did you film it in april and how many times did you watch it not once he didn't watch it all there not even once
brother was sat in on the edits and then my mom was watching it in my mom was in town my mom's in town so she was watching in the living room the other day and i walked past it would be watching she goes you and then i was listening here in there like why they keep that in that sucks why would you keep that in yeah i just the trailer for my special today and i was just i don't like watching myself eat oh yours coming out in like in a week or two october 21st within a week basically yeah next friday next friday 21st i open for you you did yeah last week my special aired so i'm like what i know i smoke a lot of pot but yeah now we know we've never done a show together we've done the ice house oh that's true i hosted that will do it again then fuck yeah i did i like hosting it's fun from there again on the 28th the friday the 20th i think i am in san jose that weekend if i'm not mistaken
oh really san jose improv i love that place yeah that fucking improv is this shit it's great but again i have no act so you know if if anybody is coming out to see me just understand that i don't have an act right now so well you got a little bit of an act like how much you have a zip literally fucking nothing i have one joke i could say it now but then it's over how much time do you give yourself before i start doing theaters again i wait till i got jokes actual jokes i wait till i got at least forty minutes so do you like just keep banging it out and then it's ok we're good start booking shit or do you get in like a few months and you go right now i'm gonna give yourself a deadline deadlines are good for us yeah because otherwise we're just keep coasting that's up for me writing a new special is very important to put in a special out and then chuck in it in writing all new shit it's so important 'cause otherwise we all know those guys
has it have been around forever doing the same material i know some comics in canada hilarious their acts are funny as hell but doing the same actor thirty years that's so crazy and then they go may shit on your new last pressure wasn't very good yeah well you know what you haven't done new material in three years and actually say that to you and i get people they get a little break brave on the internet there fellow jealous with animals so bold and johnson so national they make their little facebook statuses mister worldwide like pitbull that's it i'm sure you can help you it's a problem i was chillin show with the plans that killed him well as i was trapped in a pun sandwiched between a tow hitch cliff on one side of russell peters on the other side it depends were flowing like water would you like this on bread or a pun i had to start doing puns myself and i rarely do ponds i was throwing him in myself just to keep up with these fucking guys were idiots
well it's such a specific style of joke the pun in it it is it it takes you back to your father his father's always did puns yeah that's like silly clever thing to say my father here are you have an uncle who had the puns what have you yeah what have you do you are everywhere man like you to dubai and you go saudi arabia holy what is that like you do the show men on one side women on the other good so i play over there every i was asking them like why why why an honestly the guy would telling me he's like normal it's supposed to be normal level headed man telling me this and these were like you know any high up during these normal guys of because the women though go crazy and i want to attack us so i'm like i i look at you but dude and look at them
they're they're not trying to attack you the what they want to attack like like and have sex with them in the street that's that's what they've been brainwashed into believing what if these women are seperated they'll just coming into thank you and then that dick maybe that the case though when you keep em separated if you keep him from all the time when i finally get around that maybe just jump on dick like a hero one of the guys that are a little too friendly with each other as far as i'm concerned okay stuff yeah but i don't even think they recognize it is homosexual 'cause there like i'm not attracted to men it's just get horny to start jerking each other already know that for sure but you know i could see that as a possibility if you're just around dudes all the time just repressed why not do have been in the military who've done tours and they go overseas to the middle east and they say that guys fuck young boys all the time that's weird to me well you think that that's like a con sequence of the separation between the men and women yeah i guess
yes i don't know what it is it's weird to me yeah but why did the show i played right down the aisle i should wear the aisle was on when i was on stage stood where the aisle was so that i didn't really pick a side key turn like a sprinkler head i kept turning like that like i just trying to water half the lawn now when you do shows like that do you ever worry about doing something that get in trouble it's not so much that i worry about doing stuff that will get me in trouble it's doing stuff that they may deem as offensive because i know what is offensive and then then you got to worry about peoples sensitivities so all i was asked the promoter like straight up i'm like what can't i talk about now like no religion don't mention the royal family and try to keep sex to a minimum i might
alright wow no religion can just mock mormons came make fun of mormons probably could yeah they wouldn't give a fuck they would again wouldn't know what a mormon was they would think is a sect really i don't know them i'm sure they would know what a mormon is i was very specific to this part of the world wasn't created here yeah yeah created in you well they they if they took over utah essentially do you perform once or twice it's real interest rate club it's great wise guys yeah in salt lake they have two of 'em now right have a larger one they had the original one i think they opened a larger one the one down from the mall i don't remember the address but but they have utah is interesting because you have like these informants we have a lot of like really cool people that are sick of the mormons bullshit and they surround him too but then it's mormons mean it's a wacky cult right it's
very bizarre but they're really nice though that was a nice is called members ever yeah it's it's a it's a it's a tough lined up to walk 'cause you know i'm not sure what their deal is not sure if they're trying to convert you but then as has a brown guy i'm like well they only just started letting us believe their shit about twenty years ago right then they only let black people in like twenty years ago is that what happened how do we know there's any black mormons there's gotta like a clan of black mormons please find that jamie to be some sort of a group where they get together more than men's jesus christ they can all be good joke and that didn't happen who did but they a great spot like the salt lakes these god damn gorgeous you now have to mow is there it is nice there's nice up there yeah i love you talk i walked a lot when i was there i would walk from the hotel to the gig why why not okay is nice nice air need the i
this yes solid cities of is is it's just it's weird when you associate a place with something like san francisco used to be gay so again the gays can't afford anymore they're not really gaining more yeah they they out price the gays yeah they did they did they did definite some gay folk out there but as far is like having a community of specific people it's more tech tech millionaire doesn't share is a lot of that and a lot of there a lot and there's a lot of old money there too you know people have just been there forever does that but as far as like the amount that things cost in san francisco the most obscene i've ever seen in terms of like real estate and what it cost to buy a house yet gets if you want to be in the city right yeah yeah but that's pretty much any if you want to be in it's going to cost you a lot more it will cost you a lot more but you can learn west hollywood new york's insanity but you
live in west hollywood any kind of makes sense but you know i ran to in west hollywood it's hard to own in west hollywood because we have the if i feel like everything's been purchased by somebody and they just rent everything out huff added absorb eggs and extremely high rent yeah i guess that makes sense but this stuff for sale just a bit just as is the california so strange because of the earthquakes everything is all spread out like nothing stacked on top of each uh i mean you have downtown but downtown so rare downtown so new yeah what is now it's becoming new again and their real estate downtowns very expensive now too i when they started doing it about ten years ago it was cheap now you like wow it's it's like almost like new york price yeah they were turning it into an actual real city johnny johnny depp is selling some will you tell me about that john
deborah some sound some preposterous chunk of real estate there or he's got like five floors and some jug well you know he's getting divorced yeah so he's gotta start dumping shit the kids getting fired he's getting fucked johnny yeah he's going to have to give up a ton cash that dummy didn't even get a prenup shewell at least i got to print out this time good for you this time this time first time now first time no but i was only married for fourteen months so it didn't matter they can fuck you if you're only married for fourteen months now look at this year china have seven months just listed his five los angeles penthouses for twelve dot seventy eight million we got five inches you just sold one of 'em i set up is it seven each or in total total for all five so that's not too bad then now it's not like you're all stacked i thought it was just there all take the top couple floors at one of those buildings so i've unit stall him what is he doing buying all this stuff they look pretty cool i think you
you guys buy all that stuff because the money starts flowing andy said whoa it's got some baller fucking houses holy shit yeah some cool wow that is amazing what a cool looking place three of them are connected the other two i guess or separate oh i see so he selling those two in the other but the problem with apartment thing is man you wind up paying all that money and then the neighbor right next door has a party and you listen that's probably why he bought all those so that way he was his own neighbor yeah it's a good move but you still and also then if you're in downtown la one day the fucking earth is going to shake and that building your end is going to be useless you're not gonna be able to fix that thing is going to break there's going to be structural issues they're going to have to vacate the entire thing and you're going to get fucked out of all your hard earned cash all that jack sparrow money well he's getting fucked out of it anyway his earth is shaking or
but she's hooked up with elon musk is she really yeah maybe she'll leave me alone maybe she'll tell him some slack she was with elon musk now well the line was smarter than that no you would think but not fucking genius he's he's a thinker forward thinker yeah i don't like pussy while he was he was married to some actress before that and apparently didn't have a prenuptial with her ha ha ha terrible billionaire and the baby lawn musk relentlessly pursued and was infatuated with amber heard sending rop did emails requesting to meet the actress okay i don't like the way that's phrased because that's the work of asshole yeah it sounds like he wanted to grab your pussy who wrote that is that a girl a girl or guy wrote that chris so it could be
yeah right like how you did that was written by pat it's bad you couldn't do that today transphobic is every phobic now not gender via binary there's a in your part of town university of toronto there's this embattled professor who's he's like standing his ground against political correct in in in in toronto and the kids went crazy trying to get him removed he just refuses to use the twenty eight different gender pronouns he refuses to let people choose what jen your pronoun they want to be called he's like no i'm going to call men men i'm going to call women women like this is ridiculous and this is answer ship like you're trying to change people's behavior yeah i'm with the pro here's the problem is that people now with with all these free in this new liberty they you're just choosing to do things as a po
is to actually being a certain way i saw this story about this kid gavin something or another uh i think is in north carolina if i'm not mistaken and and it was born a girl but when you see is a a fourteen or fifteen year old now any idea if it is a male and when you see it you like oh yeah he's a boy mad there's there's the reason for me to not believe that this is the right way for this person to be but it should be case the case in a jar it shouldn't be you can just blanket statement or whatever you want to be you can be no fuck that you is to be genuine you can't just do it because that's the thing to do right now it does have to be genuine but when you open it up like that then it gives people who legitimately feel like in the wrong gender it gives them the opportunity to express themselves in a different gender what's fucked up is that you're born a boy and you're a fucking boy right you're born a girl you're a girl if you were born a girl and you feel like you're
boy you never really going to be a boy you know so i call you a boy and you take a bunch of hormones and everything you're still not a boy would be nice and was probably eventually going to happen is going to be a way that they can change your sex like literally change your sex there's going to be some way where they interfere with dna they get in yeah route russell peters become russell lena peters and so a little a little hacking on your system there do a girl what would you change your name to rose ooh i like it i think i still want to be rp beautiful you'd be beautiful it would be like a flower i'd be a beautiful flower ruffled rose petals i would be tulip i'd be tulip brogan i've always wanted to be a tulip i feel like there an underappreciated flower they really wanted he arose because roses like the king of the flower so it's a lot of pressure but it only work it 'cause that's the more expensive orchids more yes and roses fuck yeah they're very expensive really how do you know this because my fiance loves orchids
and but the good thing with those is buy one and they last for a long time you can keep those alive really how's that the way they are wrapping around a stick and they just keep growing ok so when you prime are they in dirt yeah you get him in dirt roses you buy him in there in a bush that cut you know they die quick yeah it's like that life support system thing they do where they put in water like you keep the roses in water to keep them fresh there dead kill them should we pull the plug on these process you know what i found out recently were talking about this the other day that you can take the stem of one plant and planted on another plant i goes is ranch and they had to pistachio trees and the arms of the past show trees are grafted onto an avocado tree so that stem cell no just try to make a pun son of a bitch i can i'll be good you gotta spit him out so that way they get out there and you find out there
but you can't take a rose like when someone gives you a rose has been cut you can't make that thing stay alive kenya uh you planted in dirt no no it needs root right now it's the roots so i'm gonna grow roots right made can i don't think you can grow roots it's over i think that the the top of the blood the can can flourish still the flower in the flower itself can do what the and still flourish for a little while but the body is dead basically stems dead stems dead so but you can't take the fly or inside eyes like you know an increment it's dead from the cut point i would imagine oh is that what it is i don't know i'm assuming it would be dead from the cut point and then it just slowly dies its way up that makes sense right now you can so i'm an idiot no you can regrow arose rose once you cut it off the stem for real not a horticulturalist well it's it's interesting to watch people who know
no flowers they know what to trim and would not to trim their constantly cutting pieces off of it that's why they do what they do and we just pay them to do that yeah ok i have nothing i got nothing for that what's that but you can use it doing it using potatoes oh i've seen that before oh shit yeah so you take this stem you stick it in a potato and what is a potato do it probably helps give it a root base i would imagine i used we get people here you right now i'm not yeah we got okay okay that's right i but they won't do that analogous people tend to avoid potatoes and carbs so they do now it's the newest thing have you been on that yet what avoiding carbs no clearly look at me look like avoidance the fuck did i do i just fucking like food i do too i give myself cheat days yeah i when i had when i was for the specialized hired alex ariza to train me
alex the reason the guy who trained pacquiao really they hired him getty on steroids no no no no he didn't business famous for that that's what everybody thinks he does but i i i i didn't see it i he just works you incredibly hard like yeah yeah and i was like alex you know i don't have a fight coming up right like literally i'm not exaggerating to this i would spar twelve rounds boxing and then well twelve with 32nd breaks and then after that an hour and a half of core come on my god i'm dying and literally get home and just be in bed for the rest of the day that was it so all that core stuff the pacquiao does do you think you got all that from him i would imagine so i was wondering i was like i've never seen a fighter work more or on their core than pacquiao he was telling me though that that pacquiao was addicted to that though we would have to tell paki oh don't do fucking sit ups today why
'cause you know you take a day off like your muscles rest and he was like no he would just catch him just doing 'em all the time we do like one thousand sit ups something stupid i was he said i couldn't get him to stop doing sit ups he couldn't stop he was addicted to doing sit ups that's so bizarre that's the one thing that most people hate yeah i i hated these weird planking things he made me do i hate him oh like on your elbow not even on my autozone the medison bolia half ball he turned it upside down and i would i would have beyond that and then my feet would be on a medicine ball so i'd be at that angles you know struggling the whole time and just make you stand there three thousand six hundred and ten seconds fifteen seconds is a long time hum now what has you can cut in touch with that guy from you know ellie sect back now does es news he's boxing kitty so i know the names yeah he put me in touch with them
that's a weird guy to get as a trainer those yeah because i wanted to get what the problem is i want to get skinny i want to lose weight i want to get small right but he's a you know alex is one of those guys is like for now i want to make sure your fit and you're in shape and i'm like dude i just got i looked the same but like i was more fit and i mean like and last name wait no i i lost fat percentage and gain muscle mass but that's not what i wanted what i want i don't have a fucking fight coming up i just want to get skinny i just want to slim down yeah give me because if i have to do i say that how dare you right now easy spinning in his grave well do you think he really had aids i would it would appear so i don't think anybody want to take that one usually no somebody dies of aids and they don't want to say they just say he had an ammonia well how few heterosexual people got aids that's what's interesting you know it's true it is a difficult way to get it
yeah you have will chamberlain didn't get aids how does anybody have aids yeah right magic johnson and all this well he did the hip but now he's here right he reads clear now that's what the word on the street is that his tests yeah i don't understand that apparently can get the h i v to such a level that your body is detected yeah it's all very confusing diseases a very confusing and commenting on any of that stuff like where's the aids what we're go come on everybody thought by the time this two thousand and sixteen world around we don't be dead without have aids or i'll be dead right and then chris rock did the joke twenty years remember both my aids is acting up it said aids is going to get to a point which is manageable with medication is that's right and it's basically what well it's even crazier than manageable it's nonexistent do you know what's kennison have that bit about it sam like the most controversial bit he's he's like sam they say it's a
it it's a communicable disease heterosexuals can die from it my fucking god damn one because it's not our dance thing about rock hudson no i remember you know rock hudson had to be on his deathbed going it was at last fucking dick that lasted water eye socket why do i suck at millions of dicks never went wrong dick dick dick suck suck suck who is at last that guy man that's a guy that you can imitate that's a that's a real revolution in comedy it's only been like a few real revolutions there is a yeah there's that distinct voice that people get right there is the mellow guys then there is the if anybody does try to go that route it's always trying to do sam and now there's the people that want to be mitch and then there's the people that want to be bill or louis the bill
who was awesome 'cause it was so how many people that were trying to be like hicks there was there's so many there's so many electrics loans especially after he died and everybody's like i'm going to pick up the mantle going to be that tortured road warrior right spot comes yeah see to me hicks i was read to me as angry dorky guy angry nerd that's how i was right i never look at him go so cool and sam i looked at it it's kind of cool these very rock and roll but what's hilarious is arisha fear like challenges then he goes he wasn't funny he goes show me one joker hicks was funny and people get crazy though it's so mad they attack him they go after him he's like yeah good point he made a good point but not funny next i i'm i'm with ari on this i was never hicks fan but then a mix fan always will be a fan of what he did like the style i was very fascinating to me to watch but he definitely wasn't most hilarious guy it wasn't like
no idea is like you watch him and you can't stop laughing and crying i think ken there's a better version of hicks kendler how so i mean kindler's got that fucking sharpness to him and but he's a lot of sticky stuff and he does some sticky stuff but you almost no he's doing it on purpose no he definitely is so but again he's also one of those guys only comics know about our love yeah that's weird those i always not like kindler would catch on he wasn't he was on somebody said come from in it was he yeah what sitcom about did no because it comes in a sitcom was on kevin james i think andy kindler dropped in on that every now and then two didn't or was a drew carey is one of 'em do you got that info what's bob's burgers cartoon i did a voice on bob's burgers once is on marin as a guest every now and then
well was he on anything else hum comedy bang bang what is that that's reggie watts this thing wasn't it scott document reggie watts is on that new show where he's the band guy for that james corden yeah yeah have you watched that show i haven't no good for you stay away from that tv go read a book that's what it was everybody loves raymond the sitcom is a sitcom dead the sitcom is dead as we know it i think yeah seems like it well the the traditional sitcom is dead you sit around thinking about things that you can do or do you just do one time yeah i think about all the time ruben paul and i have an idea for a show but we don't know which way
yeah that's the thing you want to say it on the air so someone could steal it i know that's why i'm not doing it well it's my life so you can't steal my life you could try you know aziz and sarah start gaining weight you son of a bitch i dare you i went there mother girl you shit i'm smoking a joint even though you don't smoke pot how can we not small part was said about i didn't like the way i felt on it i don't know i don't like feeling slow batesville slow how so like just dopey i felt like like to mellow which i didn't want to feel you sure you smoke in the right shit i mean i you know this was the there was this was the 90s when i tried it the 90s they hadn't figured out sativa yet maybe they did so there is no way to do they did figure out now back back then it was either you either had a or
oh yeah that's right or or fucking og kush chronic not even i was in toronto so it was like either jamaican stuff for the hydro stuff what about edibles that it fucked me up oh wait it inedible eleven or twelve years ago yeah when those little two bite brownies but i did not know you supposed to only have one bite oh that's picked up more people like eating too much edibles as fucked up more people with pod than probably anything ever yeah i ate the whole brownie and wanted to fucking die i'm sure you've seen the nine slash eleven video that was on youtube of the cops that called nine hundred and eleven 'cause there was a guy they pulled over had some pot they stole a pot from him and made brownies with and then ate the brownies and thought the brownies were poisoned and thought they were dying thought they were dead we liked really really slow
never seen that no fire that up jamie find that please it's italy it's fucking hilarious 'cause this is what happens like men or wanna i've said this before so please forgive me if you've heard this in you listening now want to when you eat it it's processed by your liver and it produces something called eleven hydroxy metabolite that's fine five times more psychoactive than thc right so there's t you see what you get when you smoke it and then when you eat it it's a tough really different drug and so on people go oh my god this is not pot some things in this now that spot when you eat it pot when you eat it is like a totally different dimension you open a different door you but on a different hallway you're in a different building you like this is not pot you know it spot that spot need it i was stuck to the bed literally lang like laying in a you know spread eagle
the nine one one call for the cops the cops called nine one one for the it's a classic calling i was literally my nails were yeah i i thought i was going to flip the bed was gonna fly yeah i've been there dude and i i was all i could do was moan humble i couldn't even muster words that amount is in the my tongue was dead it was my favorite way to be no i'm scared the shit outta me what i like about being there is that you always come back like you you think you're gonna die but you always come back to you is fine and you come back here listen to this pot brownie and all the doctors told my wife and your wife yeah all right off of what they're one of the better known they had something in it ok you please send rescue ok how old are you i'm two thousand eight hundred and twenty nine years old and my wife is twenty six please come twenty six
yes please drink and also what have you guys been no that's it is any weapons in the house though please tell ok we're on our way did i are you guys like you guys have fever or anything no i'm just i think we're dying so how much did you guys have i don't know we made brownies and i think we're dead i really do how much did you put in the brownies i don't know band who made brownies my wife and i did cuba come here ok get her she's on she's on the living room ground right now if you wear is she awake i think so ok can you look can you look
can you look at playing right down in front of me time is going by really really really really slow how much brownies part is how much did you buy please send rescue how much you bought and put into the brownies there probably like a corner come to the brownies did you guys eat all the brownies yeah we did it was it was a quarter brownie wise how many pieces do you guys think you guys had i don't know my i probably have like a small chunk please come what time is it
nine hundred and thirty seven when did you guys lasted brownies probably like an hour and a half ago ok is your wife so it is your wife still breda yes yes she said she's kneeling down in front of me she's moving ok i know we the way ok and she stacy sanchez and what's your name my name is edward and we're sanchez ok we get it it goes on for awhile but what's hilarious is the lady who who answered the on she didn't even bother like she didn't rush she knew they were fine 'cause she was sober like that's my favorite thing she just keeps asking questions like if there was a gun shot one which should be asking so many questions where are you have somebody like blacked out there he had a heart attack shouldn't be asking so many questions but this pot bellies one of my friends had one
couple years ago when he came out here to see us we had a cookie and when it hit him he he turned so pasty white he thought he was dying as i need same same exact same reaction i even called my doctor form 'cause you know i'm like any so it goes nope just tell him to relax he's gotta gotta got to wear off that's all some water if you really feel like you're done though you really do you really feel like man i really fucked up yeah this is over and he was done let you get back so what should i do right shouldn't try anything if you don't want to mean you guy guy i would not look at you and say russell peters needs anything in his other than what you can join me some tequila i do too it's just health consequences of that stuff are just so different than what happens with pot what happens with potted drum roll nothing nothing you get high as fuck that
next day you go to the gym we feel great like there's no health consequences if i drunken i've been drunk i feel like shit the next day man i just like shit but what are you drinking anything if i drink too much wine i feel like shit the next day if i drink too much whiskey i feel like shit the next day if i drink too much beer i feel like shit the next day i workout i could feel it i feel like weekend tequila i feel fine the next day europe maniac that's open that's all just drink drink it straight wow so that's a terrible advice you don't have to give in this terrible advantage you don't have to have like fucking you know a ten of 'em you just have you know i have maybe two as i sip 'em all night brian takes a shot before every show he does one shot before every show that seems like a damn good idea it's not a bad idea 'cause your body really doesn't have a hard time processing one shot of whiskey like one shot whiskeys like no big deal it when you go like three for you
babirye i don't i don't mess around like that it's just straight tequila huge hunter s thompson fan and one of the saddest things to me is watching thompson from the time is a really young man when he first started making in as a journalist and a writer to the way was as he got older and i think a big big part of it was the alcohol like he is drank so much booze that at the and he was almost incoherent he would go on letterman and conan o'brien and you barely understood what he was saying he is saw it it's like that stuff will fuck it get you do you know who always sounded drunk with hitchens yes well he was drunk a lot you did always sound drunk he was uncle and niece smoke cigarettes as well which is just so unfortunate for such a brilliant guy you know he did smoke cigarettes right now he sounded like he did doug stanhope
the server see him a is boo suit he had when he got on the cruise no he snuck on all this had a smell this alcohol smuggled booze on the cruise ship he's wearing i don't know leaders of whiskey and vodka and mixer in those things yeah he had it all like in blatter's and tucked in the small plastic bag and hopes to skinny now she you can't take the stuff on a cruise ship i guess never been on one that yeah you sample leri x you can that because they want you to buy their booze is that what it is yeah but they always have booze on board they do so look at this he's got a soodan all my god with bags of whiskey this is so ridiculous someone like a movie when they're making jokes about like give me all your guns and they have oh my god suck dick ulous but he's ruining it for everyone now he's got it in his dick is going to kill up tucked into his jockstrap you playing this volume of us
oh my god this is insane lairy had in his socks a flask oh my god last stuff for a party of like twenty five people problems not for twenty five stanhopes though mister difference i love him look like right now lines impractical jokers clarius smuggled alcohol i'm not i don't drop drop travel add stock where do i should announce this we're doing an end of the world hello action night comedy podcast the comedy store and it's going to be stanhope and myself an fitzsimmons is going to do it and we're probably going to other people too and maybe russell peters trophies in tefach cabbage what's the date whatever the
sunday is at the third be the seven hundred and seventy eight supposed to be the day this selections weird man it's a good time to be a is a weird one is cuz like somebody people just want to see it play out so many tweeted i forgot who it was but it was hilarious i said i can't wait for to see the series finale of america wow it really almost feels like it yeah i guess mover guy john i think even though he doesn't know what aleppo is you know when you know even though you know here's the thing when i heard a mask when they're when i heard them asking that must and it sounded like they wanted to know what he thought about something called lepo oh what do you think about aleppo i think
i said what are you going to do about it going to do about aleppo and things like i'm sorry i think the question just confused am well it's some it's a brilliant one thing to know if you want to be uh i mean what is he been doing or he's running for president now that takes up all of his time but how much was he doing when he was the governor of new mexico as far as like paying attention to world issues i don't know how much you have to want to know more than a regular person right always weird that you know we we get these please people running for president that are from like states realize too they think about the rest of the world right now you know arkansas and new mexico yeah well some i think more people do now than ever before more people definitely think about rest the world now then they'd did say twenty or thirty years ago just because we're in contact with people more you know the internet
giving people more ideas more things to look up more things to think about but man not knowing it you gotta know about bob and it's funny as i didn't know i didn't know it at the time i didn't know it i knew that there was tremendous issues in syria but i know its name of the city was it sounded like a nickname for something aleppo and then i being indian i was like how long this faster than you ever it was the other one though where he didn't know any world leaders yeah that's a problem that's a big problem it's a bigger problem than not knowing aleppo yeah you gotta be careful there dude i have some people that you admire yeah but i think uh somebody in your business yeah i think he said angela merkel right so what he said i don't think i think his vice president threw that out form yeah
but that woman who's running for as as bright who's his running mate some other dude bill weld former governor bill will use it build build well that's his vice president i should know that i've almost given up it's like i'm a cubs fan it's like they're not so and not going to win you know i mean they might heard tonight new hearts oxide excited eighty seven he said it's too old for this shit hello bob those cubs fans man they hang in there no matter what i gotta support toronto you know it's my city i understand even though i don't know a damn thing about baseball but doesn't this seem like it seems like a ridiculous sporting event we really almost does it so like in who who my demesne an insult more to damen wish them more contest like if you really thought like that about like part of it is like they go for the worst aspects of each other and they try to do it on live tv it's a ugly press
didn't to set for the country you know especially when they try to justify it i think by look but the rest of the world when they have elections in how it gets really via clinton all these other parts of the world and you remember remember when some leaders i don't forget what countries it is but somewhere in europe the leaders get into fights with each other at the in there in their government offices oh yeah they have fucking crazy gang fights yeah and some parliament or something like that was sent to china was in china and might have been in china or korea i think was curricular grants are looking for a call i think so and they went nuts on each other he started and then there's one in member oh yeah yeah and ukraine is not that you want to do it fatah which coast are running running against him ukraine people are there cut from a different cloth all those people from that part of the world are so so there's something like extra strong about them you know the the the just the the real
bust ness of the people there are survivors fuck you man it's cold is shit up there cold ish then they were they were repressed for so many years yeah you could take some dude who lives in siberia some man and his wife from siberia to russell and provide no coffee exact area yeah yeah he may not be the static but he sure is the toughest it well i wasn't karel and from siberia as well alexander karellen the wrestler i could not confirm or deny this i do not show me the scariest guy of all time in the history of russian athletes there's one guy who stands out the only wrestling match he lauste in the olympics to rule on gardner i think there was the only in his entire amateur career an i might be wrong about that but i know he lost him in the olympics and the only reason why i lost to him was like some new rule where if you separated the hands it would be a point
it was the first time that was ever in the olympics so if you're there there greco roman then cable grip in greco roman they do a bunch shit but it's mostly upper body grappling and collar ties they don't shoot doubles it's like it's a different style of wrestling in corelle and excelled at it 'cause he was this freaks estimate but he's from siberia but he was like six foot three three hundred just a ridiculous guy and there's a picture of him hoisting this guy in the air and i have it in my gym i just i stare at it all the time like however if i ever take self seriously this picture right here if every wanna know have really truly understand what a pussy i am mean to look at this picture of corelle and he's gritting his teeth and he's hoisting this guy over here dude no mouth guard look at the size of his fucking quads i mean he always a freak i had cabs former week and he fuck
in ragdoll dudes over there right now he's a wrestling coach now i believe to find a guess i would say is probably fifty find picture bellator will sign him do he almost got it went to ma in the 1990s how old is he forty nine some clothes he almost went into mma in the 1990s it might have been the early 2000s he i think he was thinking about doing it 'cause i know there was some offers and he wanted to feel like he did some pro wrestling thing i think i might have done some like fake wrestling thing look for money or something like that what do he was a freak just a freak they would throw guys around in this really ridiculous way where they just they were like little children 'cause he was a boy giant dealing with the size of their mother father's shoes but he was also really agile like he's like these roles that he could do these dives he was like so gentle
and a lot of his movements but freakishly strong so he had achieved this spectacular balance of incredible technique but ridiculous freakish human app so we had like the combination of those things likeability technique everything is perfect but he's also tremendously strong like the rush wrestling rustling russian wrestling is incredibly technical while they're just the easter block countries like they have a super high level of wrestling technical technical skill god that's one of the reasons why george saint pierre so good because he was training with these russian nationals that came over and lived in montreal like that's why saint pierre learned how to rest he has a solid based tooties incredible for a guy that he coming back i don't know that he keeps thinking about it and talking about it but i think i'm sure you've heard the rumors
really talking about like a super fight with anderson i don't know in torano no one's told that to me i've not heard that right but i've not heard it from a human if i was in so if i was george and i was thinking right now i think george saint pierre is i mean there's only small handful of people famous in the world of mma as a fight where is george saint pierre there's conor who's the most famous there rhonda who's right up there rhonda and conor almost interchangeable in my eyes as far as like how famous maybe more connor because he's famous worldwide and i don't know man it's super closing rhonda affected her legacy by taking the year off but that doesn't matter she comes back in it with a storm she beats amanda nunes gets the belt she's bigger than ever that's a tough one it's a very tough one but if she does do it she's bigger than ever she's she's got that whatever it is that dynamic personality that people get attracted to and there's something about her losing and maybe even losing like that that could even
make it more attractive to some folks you know it makes her more human makes him more vulnerable you know one of the things that people didn't like about or was how confident and strong she was very invincible at the time well and she was also like really aggressive about it with other girls butt in her eyes those girls are trying to take something she was the mike tyson of our of of enemy that's the only way you get to be a champion is if you have like that insane belief in yourself but when you lose the way she we lost to holly which is you know a devastating knockout and it's always interesting to see how someone rebounds some people rebound and they become better they they come back tougher and stronger and so we're hoping for this year hoping for well or some people come back they fight smarter there was george saint pierre when joy npr got beaten up by matt sarah not sarah clobbered am just clobbered him
septum hurt him got on top of a mountain and punched in the face made him tap he beat the shit out of them and george came back better than ever he just read george also didn't take a year off in between there true is true with me on tv and you know no this is for sure i just think you're just different person you know who i love rhonda but i i just i'm hoping for her i'm a big fan and of taking a long time off when you get knocked out i think i understand that i think it's real important it is very important however what you do in that time and how you present yourself in that time is also well she really do much child laid low you know show me a little low now now i don't think so i see your point but i disagree i think she do whatever the she wants you know i mean i don't know that it really affected her brand so much but you sound like a marketing genius
just dude you should you should have a startup we should have a startup together let's do it what you want yeah we'd for people who don't do what do you say income is wrong with taking a year off nothing's wrong with taking a year off but you know that alan interview where she was talking about contemplating so yeah i forgot about i mean i think those are the things that showed the mental makeup and that's were i think that's what's put it the dow in everybody's mind now if i had to do a brendan schaub right now it's a for sure don't do your first interview with ellen on tv and cry yeah i don't know man like i think i think those those tv formats although i've done him and i enjoy them when you do things you can't you can't be yourself in seven minutes it's not enough time especially if they don't know you and people you talking to know know either is a giant crowd of people and their there is a light applause there's a guy the clapping instead of laughing
the warm up guy walks around my guys live were coming back live you guys are super excited we're excited to have you thanks for all your enthusiasm we really appreciate it i'm just going to need it let's just ten percent more folks we can do this so whatever you not mad thirty two it now rhonda tell us about your head trauma and always these huge i mean it's like bizarre it's bizarre it's a bizarre way to talk to people i think what she should have done was talk to somebody in the fight game it would have been it would have been received a little bit better because then she would have been speaking to somebody knowledgeable about yeah well you know what man she can do whatever she wants to do i don't i don't know what was going on in her head during that time but i don't think there's anything wrong with taking a year off getting your head together and she also had some injuries showed take care of did you do you think she should have trained changed her training camp
i don't know what she's doing honestly for me she still right back at glendale fight club listen whether or not that guy at woman has had success with some of his some of the students or like what issues they've had you can't deny that he's war wonders with her hands like her there are striking ability when she was warm enough for that bench kohai ify and they were in brazil they want to sand and they you're doing these pad drills together she look fantastic right you look at her when she first started striking you look at it till now that's a big percentage of that is those two working together so there's no denying there's some merit to what he does unquestionably he's definitely helping her you would have to examine the whole camp like a scientist you'd have to sit down to do this right like you got a world class last world championship level race horse in a woman like rhonda rowsey or any fighter for that matter
but if you if you were the overseer if you were someone who could say okay what is the best course of this thing like how do you you have to dress technical issues you gotta dress psychological issues you gotta dress comfort nutrition all these different things you say ok technically what are we trying to achieve victory right like what is your best options like is she training with the best kind of sparring partners and the thing is you do fucking no like one person dude one way and be super successful that every says well that's the way to do it you don't spar and you only do drills and then you're right bikes that's what donald cerrone's been doing or you the the eddie alvarez rt right eddie alvarez respond like a hundred fifty rounds preparing for half eldo sanjos so he went the uh around he just said we're going fucking crazy we're going to go old school crazy we're going to go in there brawl and just be come be prepared to cry doesn't continuously train without sparring
yes how long have you been doing that since the fight with to san jose he was talking about he said you take too much punishment in the gym is like you take too much punishments boring and he just i had some issues where i think city closed his eyes and in equilibrium was given out he was falling and he's like what the fuck you realize it was he found out later is an inner ear issue i think it was right and you're and you're like a like a vertigo type thing it was so for those clogging one that it affected his inner ear and i think it was like an infection in some way but so he decided to just do drills i know how to fight yeah and he's had incredible results so i think what is open in the frequency that cerrone fight it as well he can probably get by without doing that because he's in the ring enough he doesn't need to be in the ring extra i think you're right i think there's that
two it's like a comfortable balance and it's probably one of the reasons why he likes to fight so much he's probably he's easily the most active fighter in the game ashley tries to be but the problem also is like right now like setting up the right fight for a guy like him it's probably not that easy you know means he's always well he's always ready and but setting up a fight for him is like you know it's a high profile fight but it's also dangerous fight so you got to say okay which would you set him up with 'cause after you see what he did to rick story you go holy shit like donald at one 70s like some new thing he's a new thing like he's away healthier cyst it kills me i think that guy was starving himself for all those years he's a big dude he's now small but at one hundred and fifty five he just didn't have the durability and a one hundred and seventy god damn he's looking good it's amazing so crazy sport isn't it you know i love it so you know i love being there at those things and
and and you know when you get to know the fighters and stuff and yeah little inside talking it's always interesting you know i know it is mine because you know you realize when you when you meet them and you and you talk to them that they're just guys doing the job they're not looking at it as i just want to be tough is kind of the world there like i gotta get more money out of this well there's definitely that aspect of it but there's also the guys that just want to go in there and be the toughest guy in the well as well those usually the new guys sometimes yeah they all guys are like like i already know i'm tough and everybody else knows i'm tough now i gotta monetize this yeah there's there's so many factors at play you know when it comes to fighting there's genetics play a giant roll there's just there's certain guys that is built better for it they just gotta lucky roll the dice and they have better the design of their bodies better the shape is is better works better they can hit you harder than jaws bigger they can take more punishment genetics on their side yeah
there's always going to be guys like that so you seen guys like that now but then you seem like the mental aspect of it how many guys have mental coaches now hypnotists and chat at such a you're gay man dude i mean any fight sport now is very different than it was you know in the 80s when i was training boxing there was no nutrition there was no yeah i would i think i might set it before my code get to the gym i could be like go run and i'm like i just want to block she's like no i gotta go run and then i would make a right and go do i where do i run to and goes running up to him toward bram and and and and eleven and come back and i'm like all right and right at that intersection was a mcdonald's just a little bit down so i would run to the mcdonald's and get a milkshake and then i would walk by because i make sure i ran there as fast as i could to get a milkshake i think of that walk back and then i would run an issue in the last one slash two it's what i would be sweating
a little bit a little bit out of breath when i got there what do think about this amanda nunes ronda rousey fight a but as she is bad ass i mean i would feel more comfortable if she was coming back against miesha or even a rematch text holly but amanda scares me dude before holly knocked out ronda i had said that i do start holly holm needed more fights in the ufc like more people to know who she is like i go and i think amanda nunuez the more dangerous fight because amanda nunez a black belt in jiu jitsu and she had fuckin she looks a dude yeah she it's so much harder than most of the women in a division she's super aggressive got shorter arms and she looks like she can crank you know this whole cyborg thing you know everybody wants cyborg to fight in the usa and they're trying to set up a fight i would like to define unas douse just thinking that like much justified my pack on some weight said think about
borges she struggles to get to forty like it's but that's what she so drained is there a way above that there should be there should be a in forty five or even just give her the title at one hundred and forty five who is denying that she's the toughest one hundred and forty five pound woman on the planet who is denying that i think there's a shit ton of fights waiting to happen at one forty five thousand one hundred and fifty one to has a whole one arm forty five pound division a bunch of them were messaging me there tweet and at me after a we're talking about things like this still around yes the ufc owns it i think i think they are the own part of it or something or it's on fight pass or something along those lines but yeah man she's a she's a destroyer you know sidewalk is a destroyer yeah she's so terrifying watch way she taxis chicks like that
the one hundred and forty five pound world champion she looks like mickey roarke so i think she's a little prettier than mickey rourke bro you're being rude i meant the lab so i can take this i can't take this yeah in a tweet to her after an apology apologize now that she's not work it can be shit outta me but what's interesting is i wonder if there's a fifty five zero fifty five pound division to be had maybe one cup to one forty eight thousand one hundred and fifty at the most i would say hum i would under 'cause you know i think cyborgs one of our coaches was saying that if you really gave her the right division would be one hundred and fifty five but that would be the division where she would feel the healthiest 'cause i think walks around like one hundred and seventy something probably she's but she's all muscle it's not like i'm walking around with me she's walking around walmart so she's yoked but
amanda new nose is not that big she's not as big as her no so that would be you know the be the wisest fight is amanda nunuez is like a legitimate one hundred and thirty five pounder but she's on one hundred and thirty five pounder that hits like a dude and she's very solidly built and he's very so it's all very compact your fight with cat zingano i did not do you see how fucking ferocious cat zingano is cuz she had passing gunnell hurt in the first round and she was getting beat up like real bad the first one was real bad for cat and she made it out of that round and she stopped her in either the second or the third i can't really remember see if you can remember that or you don't remember it seeming and once they should stop during the third but it was just as brutal fucking exchange and she eventually beat a man
nunez catching on is also knocked out me should tate people forget about that dancing on as a beast i've i what's that ground to get third round tko cat stopped amanda yeah but the first round do she had to survive she was getting beat the fuck up and she saw and that's all stand up well i think she got cracked in the stand up but i think most of it was ground and pound on the ground if i remember correctly but amanda's as far as like her punches on the outside she amazing snap like she really knows how to be in the right position and she drops full like snapping punches on girl like she really turns you know she knows over those are distance oh dude she cracks people such dicks track sara mcmann you see that fight i did not dude you know a lot of seems like catch uh i jump in somewhere right around three fights before the main event or two fights before the main of so you're one of those cool guys now i watch
the pre lambs and then i get fucked up when i have to change a channel 'cause i'm like where did it go how am i finding this you know yeah well are there live though do you go for the whole event do you get there very early after the live event is a different animal right everybody i could see a a ufc live why i was trying and get your attention off on the wrong side of the octagon just come over and grab me man no that was stopping so you can't go this way and i'm like alright well next time come with me i'll look it up um but i see the seat i seen seeks to get them were you in that come with joe and i'm like fuck that's a good see you could do that we could do that will look it up how 'bout toron toe and then after that what is the december tenth something like that i'm doing a show with big j oakerson maseeha can host it fuck yeah that's it russell peters jay and me you are here phone calls that almost like his number ninety or whatever it is the day before the so yeah i can take it or not on sale yet to be on sale like in a week december
yeah have fun dude the three of us that would be a good old time the hell yeah that'll be real fun um but we're just the amanda nunez ronda rousey fight get into the ground man it can be get super interesting i would just like to see one tune up fight now no tune up fights this is not does not boxing the ufc doesn't give to know i don't fuc it's just a mountain after mountain you know what i will say though that the women have proven to have far more resilience in the men a lot of times they're just fucking their willingness to not tap and their willingness to get in there and prefer to not compare them gender to gender these are not one of those people so i just wanna let you know that i just objectified them in my own little thing i mean no need need to even compare them to the men what i'll say is there's
amazing athletes anime sing champions in both the men in the women's division vegeta legitimately now like this there's no denying that there's world class talent but also no denying that the highest levels of male talent there's a bigger pool but that's not because there's more men that are interested in competing in american male dominated sport yeah but the women side is growing you're getting a lot of like really high level moitie fighters like valentino szewczenko so it multiple time world champion who comes over and now she's fighting and she just beat holly holm should be holly home and she really like outclassed are with stand up like that was a big ass back to that was now i did see that and that was i was a big shock for me i thought hollywood out boxer no valentina is nasty dude just get that beautiful back right hook and she's she's real sneaky with their leg kicks she's got excellent timing she's a really dangerous fighter for anybody in that division because if you can take it to the ground it's highly unlikely that you're gay
stand with her and not get cracked you're going to start getting real apprehensive about your movements 'cause she throws at beautiful check right hook or at least she did with holly she counters well dude this is real high level striker and if you can't get to the ground and even if you can the ground like she's been working on a ground game and she's very strong so there's suit like the fight right there in chicago for a title shot though yes yeah yeah she is i'm sure she's fighting me should know she's writing me i think me just fighting somebody in mass known reaches fighting rochelle pennington yeah for cal pennington and miesha fighting in new york in new york city yeah wickel penningtons another one she doesn't get enough respect she's dangerous super aggressive really good timing real the timing with their hands are you doing those ones yeah the mass square garden one for sure i miss jean or perhaps i new year's eve oh yeah yeah like for me like a fight like
miesha tate holly holm fight that's about as exciting fight as you're ever going to sign in fine so it's exciting fight is you will ever see and the fact that who is around in there were not much was happening around her so we're not much was happening where holly was trying to avoid me sean and just was just make it on the outside that may the ending even more spectacular like the low lin that actually made the fight better in the end because it looked like holly was going to cruise to a victory and i don't know i had miesha dug deep but so my all time favorite moments and then fucking holy not did not fuck she's like fuck you i'm not happy the swing out raunchy conscience and it looks like one of those it's one gangster so gangster to hold the home the whole fight so gangster and that was on the same card word nate diaz be connor yeah i mean i was that was one of the main reasons why i decided stay doing commentary that card 'cause i was
on the fence was like winter she is stop doing it and then just vote more time were you offered the bisping hendo fight not told him i'm not doing the ones that are overseas such a good fight it was anything i enjoyed it i watched it at home busted here did we watch it here we define part of you wish you could have been there to commentate that one now i mean the fight companions are great but i'm saying no no i just think you have bad brian stands awesome i think brian stands great he takes a lot of shit from people that just don't like things that are different or they just pick a side or something like that but i i love is kind of like i like brian like kenny i like everybody doing but you know your thing yeah but they could be that thing too you know is really good is dominick cruz dominick cruz is very good very good especially from the technical aspect and so is daniel cormier quietly do i do like both of them when they do it on it for karma is also spent so much time doing the behind the desk stuff now that he's gotten real comfortable with expr
sing himself in like poetic and interesting ways you know like his like when he describing fee right and fight he gets hyped up about his got great emotion to it it's entertaining as well as more fighting anthony soon yeah he's fine rumba rematch excited five rumble man's come and so scary he is a very scary so scary i've seen in at the fights in the audience and i smiled 'cause i knowledge like a man you're not fucking smile big bad mother fucker that run it wasn't like i hate you is just like fuck you smile and now he's a good guy man rumble's a good guy and a very good i don't know i'm like that but i gave him a smile and a nod and i gotta it's almost like he's got different kind of bones like everybody else has bones that are made out of bruce seldon the way he looks no i am looking like his face i don't know why i just look at him when he picked his picture bruce seldon that's we
maybe you raise all this is kind of a bounty serviced no absolutely you know i'm a racist of course i am i hate everybody no rumble is a unique specimen it's just so hard to believe that he was in one hundred and seventy pounder for so long and killing himself to make that one hundred and seventy goes up to twenty time and is one of the scariest guys ever yeah he's on the scariest kinds of all time i don't even know how he made one hundred and seventy how the fuck did he make one seventy i don't know that that's a young man's thing there is anthony yeah he doesn't look anything like bruce i'll get a shot of bruce seldon let's see maybe not that picture now the picture very seldom right yeah i'm not kidding there's there's a picture of bruce seldon where he looks really dark and that's not it ok look at that picture up there on the right sheldon see the one wearing the red and white trunks yeah ok now you racist
that's me guys but we gotta remember rumble survive that storm the first time you know the despite the rumble in dc had cormier survived call me later have that storm and then put his own storm on rumble you know cormier is he such a world class wrestler and he just his his sparring partner this fucking cain valasquez and the other one is luke call sana daily he sparred with those fucking guys and i go hard and they and he's arguably uh the best wrestlers to ever compete no images like a handful of guys you look at is being in contention for being the best wrestler to ever compete in mma henry saludo of course olympic gold medalist now there's a few guys but cormier's in that mix like this in the mix i mean they all give each other something else you know and i think that fucking ak a camp words him and kane and they just smashing heads together all the time are you
it's funny when i'm up in northern cali i'll you know called the weather and i came out here in the train and i'm like now ok thanks i'll call called guillain he's like i want to come up scrap pack and training like damn good but i'll call that yeah my level is not anywhere near anybody's level yeah just trying to hold get some whole pads after forty six year old man i'm not trying to i'm up chubby fucking indian guy i'm not trying to it's fun to be around those places though yeah that's what that's what does un you go when you see everybody go yeah i'm not i'm not built for this yeah i'm a hobby yes these kinds guys are lifers you have to have the most insane dedication i think for any athletic endeavor i think but forty and i would have gotten trained with them but i didn't know them then so let's the weird thing to dabble in like dabbling in mma really can't do it you have to be even less you're some pre kathleen and there's always exceptions always people that just have ridiculous eth like apparently that
with john jones was for the longest time he moved to albuquerque he would take time off and go back to new york and the train some out there but not trained with anybody like other people have training with you know why fights everybody's out there in albuquerque now trying out yeah well he move there and then once you move there i mean i think everything went up to the next level but he's he was that could take all that time off come back and still fuck everybody up just just a freak kathy is it counted as well they left his ban or i don't know man i don't think they sentenced him so if we go sentence sentence tcon or one hundred and fifty thousand dollars for a fucking water bottle that seemed a little excessive yeah tiny bit huh why they do one pitcher will bottle thrower that you know like we are finally punishing you for this yeah i'm sick all the bottle throwing rocks it is a stupid thing to do though i was it's i mean will come on do you really think is going to hit him
you know it's too far away it wasn't i thought it was just hyped for the fight you know and it's just you know it's only through a glass bottle through a fucking wall who refuses to fight in las vegas after one hundred and fifty thousand dollars fine that's fair enough well it's a good thing to get the vegas people to recognize this consequences to this but the ufc so big right now they sell out no matter who's fighting yeah these fifty hours of community service wow fifty hours is real week to week worth of work folks gotta do yeah i don't know that's fucking nicholas well you know deflection people do flex and they really shouldn't have thrown water bottles at each other a monster energy drinks or whatever they did that shit stupid you gotta fight eventually throw things at each other you know you get a little amped up their young kids but ultimately i think one hundred and fifty those are fine is worth it for them the amount of money that they all made that everybody made you know so
the government you know athletic commission gets to step in slaton little bit take a little cat cash make a make a stink out of it they get to protest it but the fact is that press conference where he threw that water bottle at nate diaz is probably worth four hundred thousand as far as profit any more people get hyped up for it people love a fight at a press conference they love when someone don't do it folks if you're listening jon jones and daniel cormier that was one of the reasons why that fight became such a big deal because at the faceoff did they have to pay any fines after fuck yeah they did yeah they did i don't know how much they pay my maybe that's what the problem is maybe they want to discourage anybody from doing this further maybe they want to it's it's as old as fight and if i came in and it's also real yeah i mean i like the jon jones went in particular was fucking real when daniel put his then on john's neck and pushed him back john was like fuck that that's just
this is not happening he didn't give a shit if there was a million people around he was only fined fifty thousand so john was fine fifty thousand dollars and was ordered to complete forty hours of community service and cormier was fine nine thousand in order to complete twenty hour so community service so they made a distinction cormier was less guilty than john but cormier touched him first did yeah he grabbed his neck and pushed him back john got face to face with them in touch traces for them the fine constituted tense ten percent of each fighters respect purse for the january third fight while that is that sense how little that's how little they made that really makes sense nine hundred and ninety grand really for the title fight that sounds crazy i don't know what their deal is because they get paid and then they have like they have like a reported pay and then they have a different page
image of paper view and much different stuff but they always show it in the papers they don't show locker room bonuses i don't know what that means they do show i get mad at me when you show where if you go if you go to a i fall i every time i go to yahoo news that tells you the whole purse breakdowns for everybody and then the bonus for the nightly bonus and the percentage bonus now they do performance of the night bonuses that make that public but they also do some weird locker room bonus thing well i don't know that i don't know what the fuck that's all about when they do survive it companies the point in the night just fine roy as well yeah they they gonna find it what is it would just put up is jones attorney was arguing that they shouldn't be paying off a percentage of the th of their purses and core me a schedule to make a base pay of ninety for the fight and also possible ninety thousand bonus so just seems like a really low amount i don't feel feels like that's not right ten percent i know it is so low to be fighting for the world title that seems wrong
may i mean seems incorrect seems wrong to write it and it's always seemed wrong to me at the highest levels those guys are making some serious cash now what's interesting is how many how many people going to reach that level and what you're seeing is a lot of people that are trying to sort of generate pub interest the same way connors done so there's like guys who really never really trash talk before or really in a trash talking and they're not good at it but it's awkward and it's uncomfortable and here's the thing is if you if you're a conor mcgregor and it comes natural and that's what you do and that's one thing but if you're like you've got a strategy and your strategy is to be the controversial guy and you're going to get everybody to pay attention to you like that's a lot of work man i mean nate is what nate is yeah exactly so in on one hand it's also not what marsha
bars are at their best i get the very best there two guys who want to compete and test them against each other at the very highest level right and when we think of a martial artist we don't think of some dude use insulting someone and spitting adam and flowing water bottles just they're trying to take the thug aspect out of it which is fair because you know when you think back to what it was i was bruce lee everybody expecting and boeing and yeah not just you know a lot of meatheads who not a fight you know there's definitely that too but to achieve the level of like a world class level like you have to have so much control over who you are you have to be able to figure out where all your personnel the pitfalls are and
soothe out all the bullshit in your life and concentrate on the work it's such a weird sport man there's no sport that carries the consequences of los like mma does uh boxing as well i would say boxing is pretty close but mma like i think in mma you can have a los and still come back and it doesn't affect you that much hum do you think a dozen box and boxing because you know that so shady in boxing up may lost no good we need somebody else a an undefeated record in boxing means a lot more than it does in i may well there's only been a few right right that's what everybody strives for they strive for the gennady golovkin you know perfect could record as they go into the big fight you know but didn't harm canelo i think canelo
stock rose in the floyd mayweather fight yeah 'cause he was so young an eye on it i was at that fight as matter fact and i think that floyd could have stopped canelo in that fight if we really wanted to you think so yeah he was just hit them at will and you see canal going back i mean all they have to do is put a little bit more pressure on him but i think floyd being somewhat a it compassionate was like now if stop the schedule might ruin his career so wow you really think that i think that wow an interesting way of looking at it i didn't think that i thought he's not taking any chances his boxing smart and can we can still pop and he carries that pop late into the fight and these danger so if floyd opened up we tried to really hurt him and stop him
he ran the risk being countered canals a master he's very channel is not as fast as floyd but his timing is really good he said it is but at that time he was still very green knowing for sure floyd really was in in the zone in that fight he was just him pop pop pop pop and then he would hit crew right hand on the muc canal go back a little bit you know i think most chains a little overrated i think we saw that when who the fuck knocked him down in the first or second round even that one fight yeah so many knock him down fairly recently right now maybe about around four hundred or five fights ago maybe before three four years ago it was a younger canelo then but do you i definitely don't think he has a bad chin but anybody can get knocked down specially early in your career you know the address of guys those are the canal sparred with glove can before yeah alive can beat the piss out of him in sparring and that's why he's
saying no thanks not interested in that fight is trying to i think he's just trying to sharpen up to skill set before it gets back in there with them yeah man i don't know how much triple g knockdown kovalev inspiring didi i had heard that yeah nicholas edit it goes you know he it's really hard because i wasn't prepared that day but wow i said they're also very good friend well golovkin's scary guy 'cause he looks like some cute little boy band he does not look like you can do it doesn't even look like he throws with power he looks like he's from a russian boy band right so just so goofy yeah it's a and if you is bonnie it's not the scariest body yeah chiseled it's just yeah like you see rumble knocking people out you look at his body oh well that makes sense you know you see love can not to be blind you go wow where's all that come in don't and that's it is no huge legs he doesn't have them particularly big trap sees his yep for well yeah look at it there he's
flawless technique though flawless she had over three hundred amateur fights he's so aggressive too he so fucking he saw aggressive and he keeps a pace on guys that's very difficult to handle and he also so you know people go always beatable i'm like i just think he does things for the fight game like i know i can knock you out i'm just going to going to extend this a little bit just skip people so yeah so sense it too but you see him do it you can see like he basically just i'm going to get going to make it look like going to comfortable with you but you know at any point and give him a call right goodnight goodnight and he could do it at any point well he definitely if he wants to risk getting hit but he bleeds guys you know he he saps them he's a he's a a left hook or to the body you know he he stays on guys of combinations and he's always pressing for the can never recovered never rests with that guy it is in is in the back yeah it's a really interesting style cause us
another guys gotta crazy style like that is vassili lomachenko lomachenko is probably one of the best fighters in the game right now saying he's fighting a dickey walters is that his name i don't know well it's another guy that like if you wanted to see beautiful technical movement and defensive bloom in boxing when i was training with a reason we would go to training roberts is jim oh yeah in loman chanco would be there every now and then there he is like look at there's a little guy too he's just standing right in front of people beating him up and slipping everything they throw at him god is so good slick and accurate look at that moves just enough look at this knowing exactly what's coming and when damn he's really interesting fighter as well because he's so hard to hit but he's also so aggressive it's weird like that hands down look at the hands down but
is lost in boxing in pro boxing he lost that mexican dude fucks his name hoodie moved lose to our old old warrior veteran solis omar solis orlando that's right leaders warrior too yeah i've been around forever it yeah is making the salido that's who's fighting next in nicholas walters well he's definitely pudding some attention on these lighter decisions decisions i mean whenever it's a split decision could be like could have gone either way it was apparently a crazy war and he wants to fight him again do you think hendo bisping should have been a draw or split decision i think the scoring system sucks some people said that the first round wasn't a ten eight round that was that was more than attending that might have been a fucking ten seven round it's definitely at any for sure 'cause he
knock them down he had am rocked he standing on top of it and bisping survived for sure are mean bisping showed true grit he got through that he pressed on but he was the world of shit and i think he would admit his face shows it mean it's all beat up so that's a significant round and then there was another round where hendo knocked him down again right yeah so i was a second or third it's hard to tell man but the other thing that balance that out was that bisping was way more active and you to take that into account it's not like busy was landing all those shots and attacking because handle let 'em he knows he was imposing his game on henderson the question like is henderson's game more impactful well maybe but there's less impacts
okay well that what about damage all damage wise hello in was where i gave based in the first round who did the the first judge white no why yeah look they all three the first on the top row this is the second round right here okay okay around there like even like i gave the first row okay okay so around they give anderson was the sale ganis to judges so the more he made the first the first two rounds in the the for we're going to ten thousand nine hundred and ten nine times they all made it at ten nine c that's not smart that's not smart it's not right the minute there's a knock down like that it's gotta be attending around it's not just a knock down it was like a knock down in boxing makes a ten ten round at ten nine round or ten eight round yeah i give there are even up it'll make it a ninety nine round but for the most part it's at ten eight round rightly guided knox a guy down not down you got that first who won the round then you got the knock but it's a fact there's no
facts in me when it comes to that there's no like one thing that happens where you definitely take a turn off we know that would boxing right well with mma that wasn't just a knock down there was a uh knock down an then followed by some fucking ferocious hair raising ground and pound he got elbowed he got paunch he got beat up he got out of his face is bleeding as i was closed you can't say that wasn't close to being stopped you got it you got to be on the brink of being stopped so that i disagree with across the board and then try to figure out who won the rounds there was the other one where hendo heard him what and that was the second round that he heard him again you must think so ram attainment yeah the second round heard it began and then you have to argue about the fourth and the fifth rounds you have to figure out who won those it's our it was a close by
right but i could see i could see the way many people thought that bisping landed more and even though they weren't as impactful you have to you have to add that up against the lower volume but more power by henderson where it's about effectiveness ryan yeah well for henderson at the end of the fight looks like you just got done sparring yeah and bisping looks like he just got done with a fight with henderson no we're really what it looks like you went through five round this is one of the toughest fucking guys ever the question is who want it i think the system is flawed i could see under the system that we have today that bisping won that fight see it by volume could see it as a draw i could see it as a fair draw and i can see that too and that would have been a very fair outcome i could see that too don't think bisping been good enough to beat dan and i don't think dan did enough to beat bisping that's a good
you meant it's a real good argument and i think if there's ever a fight what you could say a draw might be just find that's one if you look online like people who think bisping won versus people with think henderson one pretty much split down the middle except english people of course even american people is a lot of american people think this being one so it's flawed system the system is gonna judges non go too cold medical suspension yeah then good for you online yeah well they looked at flying went settle down everybody blacks for a little while i was just went to war with the fuck meet machine cleaver who was cleaver for was telling me that henderson ever hang on hamilton just punch them like as a joke because he it's so fucking hard yeah i'm sure was like wow what the fuck do i don't think it makes sense he just got one of those weird frames and there's some people that just have
power that just doesn't make any sense yeah yeah this is like regular power and then you know there's that henderson saying that rumble thing yeah i need to step in and crank the right way in order to get power i don't have that just i'm going to hit you and you're going to feel power it's she knows got it that's scary that john linacre kid that little guy used to fight one hundred and twenty five and now he's fight he fought at one hundred and thirty five in his last fight but missed weight and beat john dots and let's really close decision but he's he's got that weird spooky power even for a little guy for one hundred and thirty so it's kind of like little guys ever they have some heavy hands he's got the heaviest yes i've ever seen in this division he's a clobber are he just gets guys up against the cage and just claw and it's one of those things where when they feel the power that first time he could see in their eyes hold leaders are going to go out and have somebody sit in their face immediately i've never seen people wince until they got hit by him yeah he something special for sure people every time to get him the look of it i don't know what the
do you know his boxing fights don't have much pay per view buys though yeah because it's not you know it's crazy to me though he so exciting he's exciting but there you know he's with tom loffler and whose tom loffler that's his promoter and mother fuck up no it's just that tom walker does not have the connections i think that bob arum or fuckin floyd mayweather yeah what's his name there al haymon has well golden boy right gold boy and rozdil oscar dela hoya an then there but al haymon's the guy really who's got all connects and i like how do i take in fighters there too like bernard hopkins is one of the partners over there and it's they seem to do a good job what's a crazy thing though from being a fighter to being a promoter yeah and then realizing you're making way more money as a promoter oh yeah for sure not in the line of fire at all like this is bullshit i think hopkins going to take one more fight though yeah i think so
just get it artist at least fifty right he's fifty one this year now or next year incredible never been out of shape though i know only needs super super disciplined i there's just amazing and is willing to do one more fight at this age and then of course being a successful promoter now you know that's you don't leave fighting fighting you know hopkins around 52nd fight before my 52nd birthday january how is it going to do that who is going to find december up somewhere in la probably at the form in december in la dude we should go maybe the last time bernard hopkins overflights we should go it should be a telecast dude we gotta go delete overs i want to be there for that long so i was i was at that salido to cash anymore fight so that's going to be what date is it did number it could take place at this one it says it doesn't have a
okay know they're having a rematch again orlando salido who's the the first guy to beat lomachenko now you know i always look back to and bernard hopkins fight tito trinidad oh yeah i'm running through the tags down in more to make on the they want to kill him and i i was like i think i remember sometimes like trend is going to knock him out of it always they stop trinidad he beat the shit out of training dad he didn't just beat the shit out of him he box his face off before he beat the shit out of'em wasn't it hopkins i think it was hopkins that it might i'm almost sure with hopkins had a fight this is in the probably the late 90s
the guy i somehow got under him and body slammed him and he dislocated his shoulder and they were like we could stop the fight and you could win by no decision goes nope it was he dislocated his right hand his right shoulder hopkins well didn't know i don't remember that i remember one time he doesn't get thrown out he dislocated his shoulder and they stop the fight no they stopped fight because of him getting thrown out of the ring maybe got through another ring more than once yeah i think this was against antwan eccles if i'm not mistaken why knew he got thrown out of the rain against and money i remember her out it's just a short shoulder dislocated and then he still went next round in the stop the movie left ten really man i remember that at all it might not have been hopkins but i remember this one that was it wasn't chad dawson did chad dawson do that against no no it was it was definitely not chad chad another guy
well whoever it was i remember antwan eccles being in the mix and then we smoked a nt ws hopkins shoulder hurt after dawson throws him down fight ends in the second yeah that's what it is yeah was chad dawson but i feel like no see it said it was chad dawson but he also had this happen before before this fight is chad dawson was that was fairly recently it was like in the later the late 90s yeah exactly when hopkins was not dislocated it yeah it was just if you just google hopkins record yeah this is not an exciting podcast to listen to lower lower googling bernard hopkins wreck so we can remember shit the bed on the joe rogan experience i think it was a loss i think it was only a warranty it was a very for
right and monicals see if you find yeah right there right down there antwan ackles tko eleven maybe that was the second fight whoever whoever threw him down he fought him twice yeah whoever threw him down so he came back and beat their ass yeah see you see it what's not wrong way look it up a different way ok jamie is going to look it up a different way i remember seeing it on espn canelo and canonical often though would break the bank oh yeah maybe golovkin needs to get like one more big ass right he's supposed to be found danny jacobs oh really and jan december there was a purse bid just now purse bid per ticket you're deep in them in the boxing and the dj world you know how i get down job you do get down to get down buddy yeah what are the food fights are happening right now boxing oh andre ward under ward kovalev yeah and i'm in
intera know that night god baby alive that one through is that new vegas yeah t mobile i believe who that's why i'm going with kovalev on that could fight it's a very good fight i don't think i don't think andre has the power to hurt kovalev do you think it's because he's going up to seventy five is at one hundred and seventy five and to me as an outlook that impressive and one hundred and seventy five and we only had one at one hundred and seventy five two twenty two i just had one and he doesn't hit very hard who do you find it one hundred and seventy five before that he founded dominican guy i was at that fight that was in look in ontario ca ann well maybe that was at one hundred and sixty eight but where was he he's fought twice now yeah it's hard when a guy has to figure out what to do to order to make the big bucks and you gotta take a chance and andreas dom
dating at sixty eight he just said you could box or man so smart dude you know we fought a big portion of his career with a fucked up shoulder i did not know that yeah he had a good shoulder charge fucked up i or something i don't know about that but he had up in the shoulder is going to make some of those i may be but he finally had shoulder surgery like two years ago and take a fully like a full year off yeah we took a lot of time off shoulder surgery like that he he's had a lot of years off he keeps getting too much time off as far as i'm concerned i mean and filling up mean boss i am if you're at the bars i'm concerned throttle i'm concerned kid if you had the primea korea you need to be in the crimea korea yeah but if you gotta the actual door is not god damn thing you do about it true little rotate stuff never hurt nobody wants to hurt a lot of people that the boxes it's really common they get shoulder injuries but probably from over extending from a lot of things just
is aspiring and i know guys that have had their biceps torn off because they were sparring and they threw a punch and someone blocked them much like an arm got in the way and just the full extension being caught like halfway and then pop they get a torah bicep tendon and swagger rolls up steps guys well if you do a lot of girls you really should be careful because you can break that thing and when it breaks it pulls up in knots like you never seen matt serra's arm no not sorry but one bicep that broke and curled up they can't fix it well they could have right after it happened like if you go to the hospital right after it happened they reattach it and then you can fix it it's like an achilles tear almost when your achilles snaps here it doesn't we will just go loose like that yeah yeah and act like a rubber band well it's like that in a way but apparently it just looks bad like it pulls up and it hangs up there and it looks bad
but it doesn't really affect the movement of your arm so a lot of guys don't do anything about it and they just don't even get it fixed they just leave it with that weird lump in it doesn't hurt oh no i guess it doesn't not according matt serra you know well he's the terra he is the terra but you there's there's not a god damn thing in the world that beats your body at more than ma maybe football between those two things i would much rather watch mma football i don't know step up all in any day well let me let you in i know i you know i really is oh where is sarah yeah you can see is like missing a chunk of his arm his bicep is right bicep it's like the front part of it from there bono i say towards the shoulders against nine nicer yeah just got a chunk torn out of it but it doesn't affect his movement you know it's weird your it's just looks odd
but that's a that's one that breaks the human body is very fucking softap when it comes to the easy the durability of animals and you see how fuck it god damn flimsy we are russell peters yeah they've got it figured out animal do have they figured it out they figured out how they know exactly how to stay in their lane yes they definitely do that humans that are always like well there's no renaissance animals should be that know everything you know they you can fly will they not to swim underwater the renaissance and yeah give a hoot owls are fucking creeps i remember when i first moved to california violent they're super violent well their predators first move to california i saw an owl that was flying off with a rabbit and drop the rabbit and 'cause i was
could kill this rabbit i guess real close to the road and as i was driving he tried to fly off with the rabbit and then decided fuck i'm not getting away fast enough and just drop the rabbit and then flew so i see him fly off with the rabbit in his talents and then you'll fuck this in this release it and then pulling the rabbit hits the ground so i get out of my car and look at the rabbits rabbits just eviscerated he's just torn guts out and i'm getting there going like this is not what i think of when i think of a owl i think you know you said i don't even i guess i knew there eight rats and rodents and stuff like that but i don't think they they literally will take out something that's their size or they did they don't play they got they got big old talents on him that's why yeah been a bad attitude another fucking cunts i see hawks circling my backyard a lot lately oh yeah 'cause i have a puppy
oh no anna i will so what we do is we see that there's usually like it starts with one then you see two and then you see three and four cheese so i get my assistant take out his drone and he flies it up and scare some oh that's a good mood that's a very good move haha you have packers were combatting you they will eat a puppy and what is this mecox i think hey i'm not looking at god monkey dear mountains the small island in japan where they have this relationship i guess we're the monkeys they like ride the deer like humans ride a horse shut the funny kind of like this is a real right definitely is a definite this'll humping it right now but this is definitely real it looked it up they this might not be riding around so much but they'll they'll pick like what little texas get off from parasites and they eat him we have this weird relationship with like tales about to happen i like rumors crazy that's just mckay
check my dates amazing wow so what we're reading is monkey or watching other monkey dear mounting in japanese mecox i can't believe this man i thought this was fake this is incredible so favor rapper tupac mkak mall you mother fucker how dare you he's grooming the deer there's another one that i saw god damn it now i forget what it was i was just get our shit now the one that had to do with monkeys oh baboons baboons have pet dogs i've not seen this yeah they get dogs as puppies they raised them and they keep them around a security and the dogs bark if anything comes near it raise them with your wild pet yes these are pictures videos of this yeah there's a video of it it's nuts and
house party the dog doesn't start thinking it's a chimpanzee or dog acts like a dog i do this he's got him he's like holding on to the puppy terrario to this well the video is entitled so he's got the little be holding on to it wow mannys rougher than we do exit dog around holy called baboons rate kidnapping raise feral dogs as pets but they literally raised him as pets they beat him down to keep him around there holding onto him sitting on him and hold it in place oh it's fighting against him it bites against him so he's like picking it up for sing it to the ground he's holding on its tail then he drags it around like a toy because no concern there such
not weird animal man it looks like a lion fucked at person you know doesn't it there so weird i mean is a baboon is one of the weirdest fucking animals you'll ever see that looks like us in a transitional stage in the evolution chart almost like a branch right at one went left one went right here because they have that lion tail and that main in the front like it's a strange strange appearance i found one dude's page i don't know his pages all in arabic i don't know what it says but ever everyday is a new animal fucking up of animal video like every day and it's overwhelming to following them see translation right there yeah i don't want to know when we want to know whether say
yeah but i think the translations are always off so bad that's actually kind of funny oh yeah oh yeah never dead dead on i'm trying to think of what the fuck this dudes name is but i i'll figure it out i'll put it up on instagram later but his as well the animal man his pages on what the other day was these hyenas tearing apart this is i guess wildebeest like guts first things trying to get away and get out of the water and this hyenas just rip it apart guts for savage well it's so hard to watch i can't watch stuff or so softap russell the nursing are living here in america too much compassion well it's not just that we have to
compassion i'm saying that it's so easy for us to get by yeah we don't have to worry about a hyena getting us my dad grew up in the jungle what jungle in india oh jesus so i literally would he hunted tigers leopards wild boar jesus christ yeah your dad did that a lot it was born one thousand nine hundred and twenty five so you know back then it was it's not like he would hunt them for fun right but yeah it was a big game hunter wow we have a tiger skin with a head holy shit there's last one that he shot was in the 60s when it was already it was already banned you weren't allowed to shoot tigers them but the
this man eater went to a village anne was killing people in the village so they had asked my dad to go get this can you go we know your family a bunch of hunters can you go get this tiger force and he's like what's in it for me and they were like will give you fifteen dollars like there was a like it was equivalent to that somebody saying to you today i'll give you fifteen dollars and he said well how 'bout you keep your money i get to keep the skin so they made like an exemption though again 'cause he's getting a neither it wasn't like it was just randomly coming tiger boy that's a
mr means we have to i'll tell you exactly how we did it remember the story clearly he would he got he went to where there was two trees side by side so we built up a little ford in this one tree and then he tied a bowl a blue walks around the other tree and then he went and sat up in a tree at around you know five six o'clock in the evening anne and sat there and reading magazines and stuff and to and then
he knew when the night falls that that i would come out and then as soon as the bull started going crazy and running around the tree alot 'cause he knew he was scared my dad was had a shotgun with emma threw away a3 oh wait i think an and then his flashlight and a minute is flashlight touched the barrel of the gun it made a metal noise and then as soon as he did that the tiger looked up at him and instead of going for the ox leaped straight at my dad and the tree oh my god dad just fumbled and shot and hit him right here in the throat oh my god look back and then he flashed a flashlight on his eyes to see if they were so glossy and then he put another shot in just for safety wo then we have that skin holy shit your dad with gangster it's at it's at my house in canada and on my house my we have in canada and in in in i want to bring it here but i don't know if we'll be able
i don't think you will you might be able to get some sort of historical exemption yeah i mean i don't know what paperwork i need for it it's hard to prove you know i mean so that seems like maybe you have to think what happens when they find those things and they're illegal is they have to donate them to museums yes i don't want to lose that that's family heirloom 'cause i remember reading about someone getting arrested there's a law long time ago i want to say it was like the 70s or the 80s someone got arrested with tiger skins they had some tiger skins that were obtained one of them was a illegally right and no but it was illegal in like one thousand nine hundred and thirty seven when they shot it in this person and have a couple of am out there trouble because when that happens if someone sells you one it's a pair
really your responsibility since it's abandoned item to bring you have to bring it to like somewhere and then they have to post it or something it's like not allowed to possess it so if you do possess that you could be in big trouble yeah this was all properly gotten properly imported into canada but part of india did this take place it was a part is a small railway village called braun poor it's kind of in the middle of the country is that anywhere near the sundarbans i cannot confirm nor deny that was the subject of this documentary that i saw where they were talked about uh the cinder bands is a very unusual section of river system in india because it's very brackish for like a long period of time and these animals apparently drink the water and the water
is a high salt content and it's super irritable to the tigers and he thinks they make it's one of the theories they make the tigers more aggressive 'cause they're just pain all time from drinking salty water and they've killed some insane amount of people over the last couple one hundred years i think get somewhere in the neighborhood of two hundred one thousand people have been killed by two tigers in the last couple months in this area i remember going there when i was eleven or twelve around that age and my dad took us we went to my grandmother's who still lived out there and he took us for a walk we all had to carry guns i was eleven walking a rifle and you everybody had to carry a gun because you know he took us to a like a like a river and you could see fresh tiger prints in the mud and he was like look see and you follow the prince and you go don't my dad would like don't go that way 'cause that's wrangler
going to the other way now the big tiger sanctuary right next to it and we're on for years and then this is a i can't see it i'm sure you've seen oh wow that's so wild i've never looked at that like that that's pretty cool can you see this on youtube that's all i know that that's pretty hope you know that area when i was a kid i'm trying to find a picture of my dad with we have some of the shots here did you see that video from that wild animal park in beijing winter that was awesome i saw it on your instagram first that i was like what was that why'd you makes you think yeah people just get add within again that's what you wrote that they were she got she was mad and that's why she got into the car she only got mad at somebody in the car i don't know who but she got and she survived her mom who got out to chase that i
go away after a tiger pulled her off the mom got killed oh so the one taken didn't get killed oh woman mauled in beijing tiger attack to sue so oh my god the tiger i'm sure he doesn't have insurance oh my god she had been fully a form of the dangers and left a vehicle because she was car sick well she was yelling at somebody oh here we go i have to watch it i see she was car sick bitch she was carjacked i this is so crazy she she gets out she storms over to the other side the other person gets out and she's arguing she's like listen i'm telling you right now you better shut the fuck up bitch come here that i will just hang out and grabbed are dude and then someone else goes out after the tiger and then a park ranger park ranger runs in there and that's all we see it looked at
look like a tiger and was the easiest lunch i've ever had tiger probably couldn't help himself finally saw something to get jack and best yet she wasn't paying attention to her back was turned oh yeah those videos are the tigers like creeping up on people when they're sitting with her back to the cage crazy they just dive on the back of 'em they can't help themselves that's what they do there being tigers they are being tigers tigers too busy being tigers what are you doing checking you to eat so i'm trying to this picture of my dad all the tiger rug yeah hopefully my screen says you have to sign a piece of like a waiver that says you will not get out of your car once you enter the park but she's thought it was wasn't that and no one explained it to her what does she think she said she might not been paying attention and not known as tigers agreed that stuff but if somebody explains it to you how the fuck did they just let you drive around your own car where they have tigers china doesn't give a shit it's just such ridiculous policy they would never have that in america with the
liability insurance that people have to carry over here in canada they have a place called african lion safari when i was a kid we used to go and you drive through with your own car and there was yeah there's lions there was giraffes and monkeys jump on your car and fuck up your antenna and there is places like that in new jersey that i went who are the monkeys would jump on your car yeah yeah they'd pull peoples winch the wipers often show yeah they were really destructive but there's a big difference a lion you guys lions it was lyons blinds for i don't believe i saw a lion but i do remember the monkeys fucking up the car and then my mom telling me that recently when i was home that we should take my dog did it go see african lines of argument going in my fucking card african lines of are you kidding me a sub bobcat in a bunch of moms are a bunch of babies recent
buyer beware known i was in to hone ranch drive down this road and this bobcat an i think i wanna say two or three babies but i saw it so briefly and i knew that it was a cat i saw it so briefly and the guys i was with thought it was cat that in my mind i had saw i had seen a cougar i'd seen uh call cougar and some cougar puppies when they explain to me but no no no no it was a bobcat then i had look into my memory and i was like how much of my memory is concocted how much of my memory in this situation is just like a total fall vacation i wanted it to be well i've just filled in the blanks like i knew it was a living thing i knew was some kind of a cat and i knew it ran away really quick and there's a couple of am so when we so it was a cat's like oh well there must have been a mountain line very small mountain line and i was trying to figure it out bobcats are just really big paws right now what it is some of those are links links have really big problems they walked each no yeah those are weird to see men
i thought i don't want to see one of those i saw one because when i was in canada did you walk on the side of the road i took a picture of it but whenever they never saw one ever never saw musi than white and i know there massive i know who are you i don't know who i am it's not like the canadian animal or is it like a duck or something the goose is ours is it for real the canada goose now that's your aunt i don't know i think that's the only one that we identify as canadian but moose is definitely part of our heritage in the that's kind of appropriate that you guys are the goose and where the eagle you know we're conte shady mean bird doesn't give a fuck kills everything but can be tamed eagle can be yeah sure you can get him to sit in your arm is not none of them right off again leather i think you have a rasm but people definitely these eagles mythology and
irregular you going to tame them but if you raised them you can get him to the point where they don't try to kill you all is going to like daves house of eagles or something such as awesome animal though it's it's just amazing that there's such a variety of different things as my dad feel things that's your dad sitting on a goddamned man eating tiger that he killed what a scary thing that is you know another thing about it there's so beautiful oh yeah it's weird like you're going to be killed by something that's so amazing to look at they don't they always say that if tigers were in africa they would be the king of the jungle oh yeah yeah other way bigger especially the big ones bigger meaner yeah they're faster like during the next level to a lie and there was a video that will are ligers real but like i said to be like docile for some strange reason i don't think anybody's ever been attacked by a liger they also have some weird
growth thing going on where the whatever regulates growth they it doesn't wow yeah doesn't work on them that's a liger yeah there's so huge they like way bigger than regular cats like the belly on that guy though yeah there fucking giant dude unless an enormous enormous animal so we whether it's the male tiger fucks the female lion i think that's how it goes so when that had wins apparently the look at that that's amazing looking at it apparently when it does happen the cat whichever side is the lionel salina tiger one of the sides is supposed to get its the gene for regulating growth from the woman but it doesn't get it from the or it doesn't get it from the man because the manza tiger the manza lion however the combination works but because it's male and a female the or
a lion and a tiger they make this new thing that doesn't know when to stop growing so it just keeps growing it just gets bigger these are fabricated these are my well they i think they can appear in the wild but they don't live in the wild together but there are two animals that are from different part different confidence you know that means somebody had to have put the together with something not only that they're not viable so there are hybrids and it's a hybrid that's not viable like they can't it's not a good dog like a wolf can fuck your dog and those puppies are part wolf and they could fuck a regular dog and there would be no problem they would just keep making puppies so probably good gene pool but with these things even though a lion and a tiger probably look more similar than a german shepherd and a poodle they do right there probably completely different size they are not the same thing so that babies a hybrid so is high do babies they can't put reproduce so they can produce more lagers exactly
yeah so there one litter animals yeah but like wolf dogs wolf wolf dogs could fuck regular dogs and they can they can get fucked by regular dogs all managed by the way i heard coyotes like crazy in my backyard my fucking screen aware they were screaming i were killing something i'm sure yeah they're interesting aren't there those are wolves their actual wool skinny wolves tiny wolves they can mate with walls they made with ivory rent to a litter once when i was doing fear factor we're in this really rural area where we're doing this stunt and we ran into a litter of coyotes and labrador retriever coyote it fuck this guys labrador retriever and the order ever gave birth and the puppies were all outside and we were trying to change you looking they were really mangy looking it was real sad because they were essentially ferrell and people were kind trying to rescue them and they're trying to give people on the crew and people in the crew were like trying to get
cell phone service so they call francie if anybody want to take him 'cause you real i was like wow these poor little things like they're just they're going to die out here but there was also the thought like so who wants one slash two coyote everyone that they can go listen to you man there wiley that's a wild animal tricky little wild animal that fucking thing is not listening but if you have like a lot of people were play abba sexist are calm peaceful dog to make it out yeah i don't know it might be might just make really can t lab i don't know i'm having zion soon he's a wildlife biologist who's been studying all the coyotes that live in urban los angelus's big article about it about ongoing research but just how many coyotes live there's a ton of 'em that's incredible
they've infiltrated and they're they're a part of this week we think we like to think of our eco or our cities rather as environments that are free of anything alive other than us this dangerous or anything other than us that's a predator we don't want to think there's something acting as a predator in our midst like that for the most part we you know we like to think of cities is being barren of wildlife but that's not true at all no well they were they were here before we were not even here's the thing they were but their ranges is expanded i'm reading a book now called coyote america by this guy dan flores and he's a wildlife historian turned author and you find out about the history of the coyote apparently all dogs came from north america all dogs
all candids including jackals including a bunch of shit that's in africa right now all came from north america all horses zebras that all it all came from north america they went extinct north america and then were reintroduced later the coyotes are a weird and then get around how do fucking know i guess pangia i think was when the continents were all connected when there was a different configuration this fucking books amazing man talking about the history of the coyote and how sneaky those fuckers are the reason why there are so many coyotes there all across every city in america today and that wasn't there he's one hundred years ago they've expanded their range due to persecution so when anyone he shoots them when wolves then start killing them when anything have to them they make more babies they do that roll call let's screaming in the night when one of them is not one of them is not calling back the female start producing more eggs crazy shed they go from having like four offspring to like you know four
flip four pups in a literal i have like fifteen yeah that's pretty crazy you know have you ever heard when siren goes by it sets them off yeah i hear sirens and then fucking all of a sudden have shit load of coyotes and like wow have you ever heard turkey do that no when you slam your car door if you're out in the woods and you slam your car door you here yeah it's crazy like they have this instinctive reaction like turkeys will gaga well if you make a turkey call like you know they have the they make it called a turkey and turkey calls back but they also going to slam a car door the breeze size said there were sensitive to sound they just freak out and when they free they can't handle themselves it doesn't meet you or cooking the other day on earth ground yes yeah i wasn't good never had no do you cook
my lady coat she does i'll give you some i have some elk here do you really yeah i'll take a little cold goes it taste like like cow fucked it dear made sweet sweet love to a deer but more delay this is like my favorite meat it's it's it's really good part good and i never i've never say this to you but i would really want to taste your meat you son of a bitch and can't help yourself i can't just who you are got accepted and stir when you're coming with the coyotes and you're saying to read the book close with the name of the higher the america i was like have you read coyote ugly sure of i i plug in the hurt the pain to me to stop myself from saying some kids they don't even know what coyote ugly means let me explain to you little fucks coyote ugly is when someone fuck some one that so ugly that your arm is underneath them when you wake up and you
chew your arm off like a coyote but in a trap just so that you don't have to wake them up and deal with them it's true that's what the term coyote ugly comes from right that's true that's a brutal god damn term i've had a few of those in my time have you mean road coyote who won the travels spots in this country where you know you stop in then you go man i wish i could get all of you guys out here but he talked to them and they love it there sure people love where they are
then i you know the gets i get some spots from like you know you're driving through these really small towns and you're looking around and i said i was thinking myself when if i just if i can stop the car here bought a house and then never call anybody again just lived here and this little small town you know what that is that's a long from this down it is like this thank you think and to go back to being a regular guy and typing russell peers mr and national mr no you know it's funny when i go to when i go home to toronto i i always drive to my old neighborhoods a good the three or four neighborhoods and i did grow up do you hang your rolex out the window some you know i'm almost tempted always tempted to knock on the doors of the house i lived in yeah but look at these ungodly hours so it would be really crazy probably drunk no no one hundred donald drunk drink and drive yeah people don't want you knock on the door and saying hey i used to live here
yeah you don't need more and i see you take it easy i wanted just like hey i grew up in this house connect guys come in and look around like no you fuck i'm hanging meeting basement get outta here there was a house i was i grew up in that was for sale recently i get to see it online it's weird should've bought it no no learn message newton newton upper falls but it is interesting to see it did you know dana back then no no not dino dana i didn't know until two thousand and like one or something like that like whenever they bought the ufc yeah he he lived in south boston i used to work in south boston at one point over the se are yeah thank you lived there thank you cindy live in south boston but i lived in newton newton upper falls that i lived all over the place once i moved out of my parents' place i moved to a lot of shitty neighborhoods and pursuing my comedy dream recipe never had that accent i did i did i found
self on tv when i won the base state games in one thousand nine hundred and eighty six eight six or eighty seven like that they had this thing called the bay state games and it was like this big thing um it was it was big tournament that they would do like an olympic style tournament and uhm this technique yeah and they've televised this fight or they televised they'd fucked up the cam the miss if i won by knockout in the first round in like thirty seconds and then they had this big tv report where they had these t people interview me because i had won the state championship a couple years in a row and they were interested in coverage of the bay state games anyway list of myself on tv and i sound like such a fucking idiot i had a vh tap vhs tape myself and i realized it was the first time that i never heard myself no i don't know where it is
i never realized how canadian i sounded until i saw an interview of mine from like nine thousand seven hundred and ninety six and i was just so earnest and canadian houses sailboat did you say if i did i fucking did you don't say anymore now say about say about that's right i think feel the struggle the only thing i say that's still very canadian is sorry ah i this is myself when i was nineteen in this this video and i'll say and hide like we were doubt really hard for this sounds like oh that's so funny to me so i can put their noise was carolyn out there too in boston mccallum was in boston but again i didn't know him either mcallen was apparently in boston any was also doing thai kwando but i didn't know but he's born in india cole was born so pings philippines of his sister is born in india yeah he was a military child so he lived all over the
place he lived in saudi arabia he lived everywhere fucking weird way to grow up man yeah i can't imagine that live a bunch of strange foreign countries but to be like to be as as well rounded as he is today is is a testament to yeah well he super well rounded as far as his interests he's a guy he knows a lot of shit he knows a lot of shit about very interesting and different like he's one of the few guys that i can call up like it was some bizarre thing that's in the news i called hey um fill me in on this like what the fuck is going on with this and he'll he'll be able to most likely have some insight so like a pretty broad range of topics in his head that he knows quite a bit about like don't ever talked about wine you'll get stuck oh yeah i can't drink wine anyway i got acid reflux no wine for me what is acid reflex to your body telling you you're a fat fucking you need
change your diet is that what it is but what does it mean is it mean like burps come up birds mean burns just burns to here so digestive juices kick back up yeah that's horrible you know how much content in it you know i've i've had it since i was a kid so in a sense as i remember being six seven year old having no that's right and there's no give in with the give you something for it back then no now now yeah i take stuff called protonix and what is that still do it just stops it and what it does exactly but i know i don't feel any pain when i'm on and some guy with it you don't feel any pain like you could whack your dick with a hammer at that kind of thing so i'm numb numb to the world the world that's what you look at the pizza and not worry i drank a whole mountain dew i don't give a fuck do you think there's a dietary absolutely when i queue and i eat properly it doesn't bother me at all i could not take medication then that's interesting
do you choose to eat like shit so you know i just do it i do it preventatively now just in case i don't know no it's going to trigger it wow so when it is it just kicks in you start getting that burning feeling you throw like it's kind of like a yeah got burned in the right you burp in your eyes water and like will do it to you lasagna lasagna kick you down no pizza would take me down pizza french fries for anything greasy greasy wine is the worst for me though really oh my god so right now we busted out a glass of wine start cleaning glasses you just start throwing up no no it wouldn't hit me uh i would be like oh it's all right now and then when i go to bed the minute i lay down oh that's when you feel like shit when it happens man stay up that's right so i just don't be a pussy keep i don't know why not committing to this more yeah man you just gotta keep partying bro i don't know the side effects can you see what the side effects to protonix are 'cause i'm pretty sure you gotta have some i heard probably short term memory i forget why
wow wow that was applying lady that was a pun was that it was a shit shit shit shit how would you categorize that if you're a professional weight change is c wait change is nausea vomiting mild diarrhea stomach pain tired feeling it's always to get off this stuff christ jamie now google protonix dangers please god made long term use may cause issues dude get off that shit oh my god already taken common side fedex fda sounds alarm on the dangers of an acid drugs cleans it if it's what you take to fix it click click on quick chris crushers article fda sounds alarms and dangers of aspirin six years ago this guy so art fuck i had him on the podcast very very knowledgeable guy god damn your popups fuck your popups so what let's say here in a shocking
clear rare example of fda actually doing its job or four report was issued on tuesday cost against the prolonged use of a class of acid stopping drugs proton pump inhibitors ok so this is the shit band oh my god american spy in five dot one billion dollars on the most popular there are anti acids that is sane holy shit there's so much money in drugs that's what we should've got into russell while we we telling jokes we could be selling drugs or you're busy taking him so want want wine i take the good ones that stuff though doesn't seem like a good one and you take that stuff i take it take it today dude stop taking that please take it when i wake up and i take it before i go to bed can i can do the daya guy that could change your life yes would you do i don't know how are you yeah ok only connect you with a guy i know
i can change your life yeah i need change your life joe about changing lives would you listen would you only the stuff that he told you too if you yeah i mean if i'm not an expert so i would have to listen what he now you're a wealthy man how can you have an already done this i i do i try to find a paper on the page right i try i just enjoy food i enjoyed you too man i'll be problem i'm like in a way i feel like going off so times maybe right now like going again like a gigantic fucking mush one pepperoni pizza not give a fuck trying to plant that seed land you see what you just did you plant it if i can see it in my head just perfect right off the fucking oven wolf they slide it out at oven with that giant spatula and they drop it down into that box and you drop it like it's hot he just start pulling slices apart and the cheese is hanging all gui and you dig and it taste that tomato sauce
and that greece in the spice this is in your just chewing on the carbs too and you just go and fuck yeah i don't need a six pack i don't need to be shredded fuck all that came in this pizza right now take that's my problem that's problem the problem is the way you sold it just now i may stop on the way home yeah i ate a bunch of bull shit today i eat nuts eggs hey a bunch of boring ass shit i certainly didn't have a fresh pizza i had multigrain cheerios that's good if you like sugar and things that aren't really good for you but it appeared to be good for you on the box is multigrain they were delicious you know what i pineapple and anchovy pizza you ever had apple on on anchovies and see the
move together i know it seems nasty and know people are listening to me they like children you need the pineapple to mask the anchovy it doesn't mask it all gets busy together telling you it's fantastic i can't do not only that i go double pineapple double anchovy fuck what you just shit on my pizza dreams and guess what you just talked me out of eating pizza so there's another one maybe this would be more up your alley jalapeno frozen and sausage see those those of other machine triggers for me don't be a pussy are taking drugs i know take me through it take after jalappa nose and the take your express jalappa knows it'll all fucked the sideways take your extra medison can you take like four of those fuckers and i don't want to do that now what happens i don't know no more apps find out that cleans out all your acid what's happening like was it has it stopping that i don't know what's it doing but it good
but i've had it since i was a kid and my parents are just time you drink milk that's a good thing to tell people my mom who i got go drink some milk it'll go away it's almost like nothing you should drink milk for other than than you want milk international cool cool down well indians i haven't you know because despite foods a spicy right a server yogurt dish within the gets to okay calm calm everything down like the yogurt as a kid so enough to just drink milk i went kids party recently and we we pulled up it was this thing at this roller skating place and i'm hungry i was like i got somebody own or find something yeah so right around quarters is like super authentic indian like deli cash like lunch place
everything was an indian and everything was like there was a few things that were in english no one there was american except for me or know when there was you know your standard english speaking person except for me no one knew what the i was saying i like i was like had to tell this late it didn't want the nan bread and just want to give it to me anyway but it was the food was sensational was really good all vegetarian indian food but i really felt like i had somehow or another like teleported into another country i goes hanging out with these people they're all wearing like indian club close it would totally identify them as being from india everything was add indian music playing indian tv shows i do it sometimes they went deep they missed the motherland like a time capsule but the food is so distinct it's like all the currys and the different spices and the tumor ik and it's
really interesting type of food man and depends on which part of india you food from two very different everywhere there's a place on south east west everybody has their own stuff yeah there's a place on what is the best indian restaurant in la is there a one spot really nice spot that i used to go to in studio city call it used to be called great india cafe and they change the name and i forgot what the changes name to put the restaurant still there this one is pretty damn good woodland hills on ventura that's really good i might have been to that one on a bar or something like that like down down closer to the one hundred and one area yes closer to like kalabasa yeah i think about places really do a little strip plasm yeah yeah it's not bad to maine it's really good i don't shit that i want you to school me in the ways of the author my mom taught my fiance how to make her food her way and she makes it fucking amazingly
really so if you're into it i will do you know i'm human wifey over let's do it come on there was the place that i went to i told you that was super authentic indian but it was all vegetarian is that common yes 'cause the second area that i found his big over there the second play i found it's like a super authentic there's another one in canoga park that's real similar it's lance stuck at a supermarket market rather have him and then they also serve food there but it's all vegetarian is more common than not in india really yeah you have to specify they'll they'll put on the outside veggen on veg edge on airplanes when they order their food and then they screwed up i am i am a vegetable in my life is also vegetable now that's what they say vegetarian but it's good to hear why is that that indian is so predominantly vegetarian just always has been historically i mean you know they
i think they revere animals quite a bit and they also don't have the can't really facilitate storing meat you know right i don't have refrigerators and stuff right right it makes sense it's easier hang out of the vegetables but there are some dishes like like there's one that has rogan in it lamb rogan josh rogan josh that shit is good that is good oh my god that place in woodland hills i've had it there extra spicy oh my god josh is damn good he said josh yeah but that's a meat dish is that it's like a very just a small amount of those meat dishes in the no no there's a lot of meat dishes is just you know more often than not your feet you'll find probably easier to find a vegetarian indian restaurant then it would be defined a meat one i wonder how much you go from like n india n indians tend to eat a lot more meet one of their direct connection india is always have like an issue with pakistan they've been involved in conflicts before but
overall when people think about indian people people from india they think of them is not being like war like they think i've been being pretty peaceful people right i wonder if there's a correlation between the that and the massive amount of people eating plants only um a wonder i don't know it's you ability they are very you know they have all who is big on meditating and and yoga obviously is ours and yeah and centering yourself eaton hash eating hash when you go deep deep deep deep deep into the records they have some really crazy ancient ratings man on vm a news is flying saucer talk and shit and some of the the old here's the other of all european languages is it yeah here from a pretty cool place huh it's not too shabby
it's pretty bad ass if you stop and think about all the now you'd love it all the cool shit that's been from india like that's a very unique part of the world yeah i think you'd really enjoy it out there you gotta get rid of those tigers for i go visit not into that you dad can do that i'm not not gonna be there for that for the tires i used to have this bit my act about a real thing that happened on the sooner bands with this time you're jumped into the river swim up to a boat that had five fishermen in it an key old one at a time killed three guys grabbed 'em bidam dragon into the water pulled him to shore kill them jump back in the water swam back out to the boat grab the next i pulled him to shore none of these guys thought about they couldn't do anything they were trying to they couldn't roll faster than tigers swim they swim faster than five
baskin row and then that for grass can grow and then three gasket bro so these two guys left two guys survived and three out of the five were killed by the same fucking tiger who's kept swimming out to the boat jacking them swimming shore with them him is like being at a party and the order of trade was coming i'll get another one of those boots he chased it down what a terror third when he was like you know i really shouldn't but ok i really wish i save that video of the tiger running at the guy does it turn it off at the last minute i think they fire a gun scare it but it's running at him at an impossible rate of speed like you see it running ages it forces your brain to reprocess how fast you can get out of the way i could think we like to think like if something's coming at me bro i fucking get out of there i run so fast yeah i you know i always think about like a dog or something or even if a coyote came in like a punch it in the face you know like
it's not just going to sit there and let you punch it in the face you know you start tough guy kicks in and then your reality kicks back in you know well that's what people think they could do to each other too well guys really thinking yeah this fucking guy was looking at you are so i'm looking at you i'm just going to go over there fuck i up and you think in your head i got a plan here and to say something then i'm going to hit it with one of these and that's going to be the end of that and then once not when the guy like moves his head then hit you with a jab and kicks you in the balls are like oh no what have i done always then you get beat up by his friends but you have in your head you have this thing that tiger is going to run at main and i'm going to get the fuck out of the way like the guys that tried to fight nick diaz in the in the bathroom yeah what a great idea fucking smart plans stupid next time you're going to mouth off somebody look at their ears first or just
his eyes man get scar tissue all over his eyebrows wouldn't you just assume that that guys been into well they're just drunk dummies you get a lot of those in this world it doesn't make sense even when i'm drunk i'm not that stupid that's why you're russell peters not one of those dummies we need those guys to russell that's true then we need to balance out the ecosystem for now which going to raise the level of dummy because the level of dummy today if you take the average job look even those guys that got in a fight with nick diaz we take those guys and drop them off in the man days they would be running shit be the the room guyana rum will take a listen listen you guys don't know shit you don't know what you're doing first well we gotta make some shelter we can't rely is cave bears know where the cave is ok come on guys come with me and they figure out too feels like you guys haven't even figured out tools yet we gotta make formance they'd be performance you could get
those dummies and bring them back to the point before monkey people invented tools and he could start making tools he would be the king right well that's what's happening just that was only a million years ago so this is not like all the sudden now we're at point ten known there still people a point six seconds a point six the two of them plus whatever people really think at solution is even playing field there was like well then how come in like it because you're an idiot that's why it's an even playing field well people don't want to admit that that life isn't fair you know in in a bunch of different ways it's definitely not fair physically if you think it's fair to if fair physically go go try wrestling lebron james just grab am just want to feel helpless you are just feel what it feels like if a fucking nfl lineman grab you buy your neck i just feel feel how volner well you actually are in relationships how you appear that you are or how you
i think that you are when you in for yourself fair people have that word i'm looking for the way the way they see themselves is not really the way they are when i look in the mirror i still see a twenty five year old russell peters but then when i get honest with myself i got the fuck happened there kid you gotta stay drunk state drunken keep move and sometimes that's the answer a lot of people tell you introspection yoga isolation tank you can go that way or stay drunk and keep moving like i love people to do both i killed stanhopes one of my favourites stays drunk keeps moving same with one hundred thompson stayed drunk kept moving you still got your isolation tank yes i do often i do when i really do say the word can you tell me whenever your home come on over did when they could happen you're not far from maine now will make it happen
do you love it so relaxing when you get out there you go whoa that's it huh yeah yeah that's it i really wanted body feels really good loosens up everything i need that just to shut up shut off the world you have a spot in your house where you put one no no can you go to can you build like a little shack i could you should do that just no wait till i move and then i'll do it because then i'll have a man cave that that i could do in a man came yeah you want ideally the best move would be if you had a bathroom that you could sacrifice if you had a house and i know you're so you can get a nice house if you have a house and you could sacrifice one of your bathrooms set it in there so that you have the shower that's right there it's already set up for plumbing and all that jazz and have like the guys from float lab set it up you will value it so much it's so
it's such a nice place to just chill and think about shit and reflect how long do you do it least i do is an hour usually but i will jump in if i only have forty minutes and i said i just wanna get in there right now i'll will jump in and do like forty minutes if i know i have to go somewhere but honestly that is contrary to what it's good for what it's good for is like the end of the day for me like everybody is asleep and i get in that thing i can just just totally remove myself do you fall asleep in there now never i don't think so maybe wanna jerk off i don't do that but the salt stinks stinks things things you can for sure i have a hard time falling asleep laying on my back though 'cause i got sleep apnea so if i yeah i think i've developed it my snore like a motorcycle now yeah it's super common man super common lot of people have it really fucks with your sleep man
should do something about that sometimes i'll take an advil cold and sinus before i go to bed to help yeah because it opens up my airway so we wanted to take a pill guys huh not really actually we gotta fix you this we're going to do god damn it first of all no working out with that manny pacquiao train anymore guys going to break you you go to equinox to get it god damn regular training like a gentleman i just think it's small he was making me big i got like i was wait health here i guess i don't know but you know and now when i laugh i could feel my cores really good in there but there's a lot of shit on top of this car right now well i can help you with that i gotta go i'm going to connect you with with that if you follow his diet it will without a doubt clean you up we're going to make that happen russell peters if you really wanna be lady loves to cook for me so she'll cook whatever we tell it to make it's going to be hard though the real way to get your body to lose weight is you gotta get off the fucking carbs in the sugar and those are the most today
things in the world i know the key is don't torture yourself relentless play like every now and then you got to give yourself a break yeah give i have a little reward when i was training with the reason i would get one day cheat cheat day yeah i would go fucking nuts on that day though would you have would have pizza i would go to went to tommy's i had chili cheese fries and shadow cheeseburger and this is on one day you know i was going in cake ice cream i went in on everything you know my bravo right of course on eddie bravo used to be on the atkins diet and then he went from the atkins diet every day too like a sunday and sunday would be his cheat day and then so they started started kicking in around saturday at midnight and so then he said well fuck it man if it's saturday at midnight when i just do the whole weekend i don't want to i don't want to worry
this let me start i'll start it i'll start the cheat day on friday so you went friday said so is based only four days at but when he did one day when he did one day he was legendary with what he would throw down i mean he would eat stacks of fucking pancake seaweed bowls of ice cream cheese burgers pizza he would go off i mean just go off and he would do it with such lust like a guy been apri be himself for six days exactly how it was it was it was very therapeutic like what is the just disgusted you ever felt yourself on a cheat day oh i did was that was the first cheat days when i went in 'cause i had yeah went to ihop for breakfast and had the country fried steak with scrambled eggs and cheese and then i had the pancakes and then later on i had pizza as a snack oh my god and then i had so tommy's 'cause 'cause five guys was too far 'cause i really wanted five guys that day did i had chicken
mistake in montana would they really know how to make it like rancher style with the country for dealing with countries no yeah oh it's just so good the glorious cheat meal it smothered in this this delicious gravy see you don't get that from healthy food no i know you don't get that feeling there's just a crazy carb load feeling that you get it's a weird warmth it's a good warm up all the spaghetti with meatballs like when you're sucking down that i'm a big fan of the fettuccine alfredo with the chicken and but i usually use penny noodles because i don't want to be slapped in the face with fucking fat a tuning that's a good move that's a good move as well i'm particularly fond of linguine with clams with white sauce done correctly no can defend yes there's no takedown defense to the linguine with clams you know and uh
is really good man lobster diablo with linguine i do not know this all my goodness you have a time you know the c three slash four three quarter one slash four irish that's a spicy spice the tomato sauce with lobster and spaghetti jesus fucking christ jesus christ russell peters it so i think you're going to have a cheat day today gather with garlic bread and you put some part is on cheese on top of it to some grated parmesan on top of that bitch god damn that's good so good people tell you they never should put cheese on seafood like if you get link any clams would tell you not to put the cheese on and often times if you go to a property in restaurant won't give it they get mad at you if you probably try to put cheese on that language
clam sauce those people are assholes they don't know shit attached cheese are mainly clamps kicked in the very protective of the way things you're done uh in torano the italians are first generation so everybody speaks italian and they are italian and i love italian sandwiches and they get so mad when i walk into the fucking italian store can you see me at first hey hey and then i pick the bread and then what do you want on it i'd go app free pasta now i going to get mad i need butter on the bread what and then i go and then then i pick the mates and i like all right sit and i go can i get some mayonnaise on that too for fuck's going to shit on the bread too but i get so mad then literally asked me if you want me to shit on your sandwich too 'cause your fucking it up kid well how can they do that when they are asking you what what they lock on it that's one way subway superior subway
not give you a hard time for your choices you know you could just say salami with hot peppers they're like ok and that's why it's uh why not subway old oh simple devine guy but kevin james and i went to this italian restaurants and we both wanted linguine with clams with the cheese and it was you can ask for the cheese how master cheese ok i'll ask for if you ask the cheese because they don't want to give it to you then give you the linguine with clams and if you have a dish retraining with eddie kevin james no not right now why i know he was training for a bit noisy is it does not a lot of training with boss rutin oh that's right with boss and he did some stuff with ray longo like kevin is actually really accomplished martial artist is actually he's got really good hands very good kicks i keys a real martial artists you know he's a big guy but he can fucking hit hard like it's kind of surprising you jim hit the bag or hit the pads with mark dellagrotte e it's pretty impressive yeah he doesn't look like a professional fighter but he's a very confident compet
rather martial artist but didn't want to ask for that cheese neither do i gotta keep that cheese common but if you were right next to me and you had spaghetti with red sauce and meatballs they would offer you the cheese i like cheese you make somebody order that on the side just now you would be next to maine he would offer you the cheese and they would walk away and i'd be like what about me and like sir we do not recommend the cheese for this there will be two delicious you would be able to handle it but i want you to euphoria taste that you want to take in they want you to take in the taste of the noodles the olive oil spices and the clams that's it it's perfection take it take it in like that in nineteen i need to add my own perfection to this profession she turn this mother fuck you only catch up on my daughter my daughter loves the cheese too so she will be like when i make her little's pasta she might daddy can i put the cheese and then she takes it in fucking his dumps it on kids love cheese taste good presents for warding you some sort
weird lactose way it's giving you some weird very slow supposedly right calcium but she's cheese is way better when it's raw eva racisz that no i have no tom again in a rock she heard you made now right she's like get cheese from place the user raw milk in i've been get into that and drinking raw milk to drink a lot of raw milk lately it only goats milk now i have drinking but no just raw goat's milk you can from some some sustainable farms and some like air one degrees cold though right yeah teach delicious dude it's so much better it go is down easier like regular milk feels weird and one of the reasons why regular milk feels weird 'cause its marginalized and pasteurized and apparently there's enzymes in milk that you're boiling the milk to treat it and make it sort of last longer and so it doesn't have these in your killing all the good stuff too so
bodies drinking this weird liquidy protein it does exactly what to do with like during chemotherapy on milk kills everything a lot of in a lot of ways it is yeah it's just boiling the fuck out of it but when you don't have it that way when you just have cold raw milk it's way better it taste better it feels smooth when it goes down so one thing they people out non when they drink it like wow it's really smooth 'cause it's got all this stuff in it that you're supposed to drink and pee i will tell you like sorry not supposed to drink animal milk no taste a little different is better to me to me think it taste better i mean some people make some people like low fat milk i think that disgusting i rather just drink water low fat milk taste weird and coffee i like to put half and half i like that too this is getting to a what do i like show i do like me some welcome the joe rogan experience we're talking about coffee and things we like in it back when there's like milkman delivering milk everyday with
fucking your wife's yeah that's how they did raw milk 'cause they had to do it all the time because there was one hundred percent rommel probably i wonder when they came put the imagination process imagination once they did come up with pastor ization that's louis pasteur you got a friend interesting i wonder how much of that was raw and how much of it was pat surprise when they started doing that on a big scale but it's imperative if you want to keep it on the shelf like you're not going to be able to keep raw milk on the shelf for very long i've had it in my house for just a couple of days and it noticeably goes bad in the fridge erator not bad we can't drink it to where it's it's like wow this is on the door of getting funky graph the text my ex wife to go to pick up my daughter when he got there jamie found a weird milk milestones of milk history of the us in nineteen fifty there's
milk vending machines whoa when did they start to find out there's a lot of first compulsory pasteurization law in chicago plan the milk except that except that from two berg kill and tested cows one thousand nine hundred and eight nineteen eight tuberculin whom what is that is that is that tuberculosis is that brucellosis they're brucellosis brucellosis is something that cows get that i know it's like one of the main concerns about different wildlife populations mingling especially buffalo likes uh
buffalo have brucellosis and they can get it to cows says one thousand nine hundred and nineteen homogenized milk with sold successfully for the first time in connecticut and then couple more years passed by before let's see first farm belt first farm bulk tanks for milk began replacing milk cans in nineteen thirty eight and then every other day mark delivery started in forty two and then it was added to school lunches in forty six yeah but when it was in forty two is that homogenized and pasteurized milk when they started initially as a war conservation measured wonder if they do it every day and you have a nice box in your house you probably don't have to that's kind of crazy so they relied on a guy to come by with the milk like that's how everybody got their milk also people's lifespans life expectancies were a lot shorter back then it was so is this a good thing or bad thing that we did um they were sure order then is that we were saying yeah yeah well let's because people didn't understand medicine or vitamins true talk in nineteen thirty
they just knocked over the head with a to do surgery yeah get scurvy when he was kid no way for real no not scurvy rickets had rickets rickets but is that come from i don't know nutrition or something he's had it when he was a baby and then stunted his growth so you only became like five at his tallest maybe five three hundred and fifty four i think when we get older in our lifetimes there's going to come a point in time where they'd laugh at people being sick or people being and i think they're gonna be able to repair bodies perfectly will regenerate limbs within the next fifty hundred years probably going to be so many crazy advancements to medical science we're going to look back injuries and the treatment of injuries the way we do it today no that's i think you know once they get that that stem cell shit have you had any of that yet no
you know when i was in india last year on two or this guy gave me some like face stuff to give you a facial he was really friendly and i just stood there anyway some sort of oil to rub on my face that had stem cells in it's probably bullshit yeah and he was like oh you're going to see it's going to have an immediate effect and i'll call me bro i'd love to do business with you and then i did it for like two months and i was like nope nothing all i did was give me a couple of temples done with it yeah it's probably bullshit the real stem cell shit they're going to inject in nearly have to keep it cold it's yeah i didn't didn't didn't do anything for me we're going to be i think the first group of people to see people live deep into the hundreds i think it's going to be real weird like what is a two hundred year old healthy person going to be like strange is going to be if they really figure out a way to regenerate tissue an keep someone in a relatively healthy state and you get to see like
wisdom of someone that's two three hundred years old he's like you're forty would you say over four thousand six hundred and forty six how how much smarter you then when you were twenty six whole lot right if you you live to be one hundred and forty six how much smarter would you be the new now as long as you're coherent but if you looked exactly the same that'd be pretty awesome that would be strange would be strange but awesome would you feel guilty if you're getting pussy at one hundred and forty six i was getting he was fighting at one hundred and forty seven back in the day i think if they can the hgh thing right make it cancer free i think that there's a possibility this is now the correlation between hgh in cancer the correlations between abuse of hgh and some issues and also cancer with a bunch of different factors environmental factors features like diet factors like heredity there's a bug
different shit but there's a concern that if you are supplementing with human growth hormone and a cancer grows in your body that it could grow more that is a concern but i don't think is any real evidence to support that concern that i've ever read but what's interesting the cancer that i've been reading a lot about is when you get your body too if you your body to a place where it's used to a bunch of different chemicals there are that are in the environment whether it's pollutants or where it's you know end up something that you work with like like people that work sound like really strong chemicals people that work like with automotive stuff like all the bond does and and and a pox season all that like those people their cancer numbers get whenever you work with a lot of
chemicals during cancer numbers get crazy i like that seems to be where the big risk is is diet and people that work around camp cause there's a lot of people that are out there that they just took a job 'cause it's a good job but it pays well but you're like a slow death sentence absolutely that fucking sucks man that's got to be the weirdest way to make a living to be trapped in a gig where you're very job itself is slowly chewing away your body well you were doing comedy in the 90s as well remember going to clubs on the for the whole weekend and be full of fucking smoke yeah i remember i remember just leaving gigs i've need just it would if i can reach you know where the same clothes twice you couldn't and the shower soon as he got back home and sometimes you didn't realize it until you open up your bag right yeah you know but if your clothes take your clothes when you got home you like what the fuck they just stop look like cigarettes but cigarettes if you're a waitress
worst i can moderately in the line of fire with them then and you're there all the time like in the days when they used to be able to smoke in bars i've been a lot of checks got a lot waitresses got cancer from secondhand smoke yeah i remember and the worst the gig the more the smoke for some reason crazy that was not long ago didn't really wasn't wasn't i remember when they banned smoking have been around two thousand maybe ninety nine maybe at the latest yay with a weird improvements like that that happened that are pretty god damn significant at the time people approach we want to smoke in bars we know what there was i remember people complaining saying that pool halls were going to go out of business they wouldn't allow people to smoke in the many more people understand inside a smoking in the old days everybody smoked indoors to fuck can weird gross habit lanes you know fitzsimmons right yeah fitzsimmons pair
it's were chain smokers when he was a kid and they lived in boston so it's the winter and the windows are closed locked down and they're smoking in the house chain smoking with the kids grades asthma he's got asthma from this they be in car going on a road trip smoking in the car windows my friends father smoked it would do that shit in the car winter time wouldn't roll down the window buckets too cold make everybody breathe your smoke is there any habit like that where you force the consequences of your habit on other people and maybe i'll call ism imagine if you dated someone and they farted on you so much your clothes smell like farts god she just keeps farting she's always farting on me i like that we blamed on her well i'm saying if you dated someone i'm saying
you dated someone i mean i'm assuming you're not dating any dudes no not if you're dating a dude and that do just farted all over you billy come home like mike we can't fuck anymore every time i take my clothes out of the bag i smell farts i buy get home people go so many farting on you yeah mike was farting all over maine surprise i'm surprised my lady doesn't smell like fucked i rip on all night while we're sleep he should do define on her leg too if she didn't even flinch is like a boy i have lunch when you fart on her like you're alive wow you just bart honor well it's not i'm trying to just talk about it does it come up he kind of giggles about it wow she's a trooper she is a trooper thug life yeah that's not good farting on people but it but it's essentially what people were doing the cigarette smokes right which is getting you're close you're smelling like cigarette smoke you are make some people smell like what you were into and then what
disease you were acts susceptible to so are you now you don't smell as bad as a fart but it's just it's as if noxious it's in the neighborhood right it's like a hard left from a fart but it's still gross yeah but doesn't smell like shit right now fart is george carlin said shit without the mess is that we said let's end it on that is the perfect way to end this thing call george carlin from beyond the grave gets the best line of the show what warfel powerful russell peters thank you very much for coming in here dude's phonics to appreciate it and indian food make it happen right definitely the real deal real deal okay you're not around garlic naan bread is that the real deal is that american bullshit that no that's n north indian you need to make that right otherwise it's just your otherwise you're getting the north american ok you need a special oven for that this podcast is over see you next week
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your opinion of him they had kind of a fucked up pinion him which is totally mandible in these internet guy post pictures tits and asses all over but it's an interesting dude and i enjoy talking him too so next week got some very cool guests trevor valley will be on back on how do you say his name valet he's ballet dial just dude he's an awesome guy marcus will be on next week too we're going to have a fight companion from glory in denver when or in denver's on friday night i got shit going on folks lot of shit for you so that's it alright see you guys thanks for everything appreciate the fuck outta here bye bye
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