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#864 - Kevin Ross & Gaston Bolanos

2016-10-24 | 🔗
Kevin "The Soul Assassin" Ross is an American Muay Thai kickboxer and former mixed martial artist. Gaston "The Dreamkiller" Bolanos is a professional Muay Thai fighter, recently signed to Bellator.
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Who me undies dot com, Ford, Slash, Rogan right now for twenty percent off your first or That's me, undies, dot, com, Ford, Slash Rogan, my guest today are kept, Ross and guest on bananas, they are two of the top. My tie fighters type, which also known as type according to a lot of people is a striking Marshall, aren't like one of the most effective ones and one of the key components to mix martial arts and two gentlemen are two of the best fighters in America. Today were to really intelligent, really interesting guys that I think are excellent, Adam, not just fighting but also shattering some stereotypes, and maybe some of us have about what it means to be a fighter why someone would want to get involved in something that really enjoy talk to them? A big fan these guys and I felt it was great and of you so enjoy Kevin Ross and guest on Bananas, Logan,
Miriam by my gentleman for live? What's up sober lies what's so nice to have you guys on man, it's it's nice first of to what is it is nice have you guys in studio, but it's nice to have more time. Which I've been a giant fan for so long. I feel I guess starting to get more ground in America, and we ve done our best to try to promote it as much as possible in here, and it's been for training for the longest time for me watching what I think like one of the most exciting, combat sports in the world and the sort of costs lip onto the radar when Gough taken, cops are everywhere. They had scrabble on European one time, and that was just got ranging debts. Rabble yeah well, is sport, not a training involved, a man's brutal, but to see that and then to see us just with nothing. no coverage whatsoever for so long and and note. Finally, on tv
but still relatively under the reigners. Is it started to watch, but you know that it's gonna, be there eventually. Just is just a matter of time. You know so it's every! Every time we take another step like like when it got on access tv use. It was such a giant leap compared to where it was prior to that, so they would have what's coming. Next was coming next the matter a time into the right people coming along doing right things. One can only hope it's when we talked about this today, but that Dana White had a point that I think he's probably right about that in a lot of people's eyes in America, Kickboxing got kind of points, and with TAT he came karate stuff that was on and like the Eightys and Ninetys Year, put a bad taste in people's mouth. So it's hard to break free from that mentality of think kickboxing. You think more tat, you think pants fighting yeah yeah. I remember the shoes and everything every way things have you that they were the pants on the shoes. I took a body
Who was a he's, a producer producer, fear fact. Actually my front David, I took it. To us, a mighty fights and Burbank does a local show that was at some hotel he's had a ballroom, and this is back when fuckers fighting on that car Ah I remember our member states some good names, some really good fighters. This is like back in two thousand one two thousand to air and he had never seen like my tie before. He really had no idea what to expect, and he was like a when they take the legs. It makes a difference here again makes a fucking use, while every time we have to somebody ass, he saw was mighty everytime, I feel so at. This. I will have to set aside kickboxing with ours in these lay I died. A load of insider regional issues are a matter of how long you want to sit there and talk to this person. Kissing me like no, it's actually this this that, and so sometimes it's like is electrics kickboxing again sailor without was unease, you're late there like
kicker housing. Splaining looks the same when you look like, if you watch and glory it looks the same. You now and then People talk about like I've ever had people over washing devising a winning. This isn't my time. Well, similar real, close like on the door. It's like the difference between American Football and Rugby like their similar. they're running, there's a ball but they're not the same whatsoever to their two different speeds: the similar? How did you think it is really him cause? It's a completely different pace. It's a completely differ mentality, yeah you're, on your limited on just a few weapons, which seems very minor, but unless you fight it, unless you do it it's night and day and night day, why would age and that it would make there was to be a big adjustment for people that are listening. They don't know what we're talking about kickboxing if you watch like glory or now Bela tours having kickboxing as well of course, K. One was really the first one to start on a global scale and make these big gigantic events over in Japan kick back.
it does not allow the use of elbows or knees and the very limited amount of clinching, whereas in my tie, especially in Thailand, you see a tremendous amount of clinching. It's very technical, there's a lot going on in that clinching and I've always maintain, I've been a big fan of line fight, because what line fight is doing is giving you the actual pure, more time in no other than the the dancing in the music and other stuff that happens before you know in the traditional. Might I fight other they don't really good job in and, as you said, they had to limit a few of the things in order to get it out there to the general public, which is unfair. You can trust you can just like throw out there and people's faces wit with all the culture, and the tradition is particularly here in Amerika. You know people people turn away from it so fast. So I think at some point will be able to build up to that. In our view, started slowly. Educating people on what that is in the history and everything in
we eventually actually work. It's so far away from that that that Malta does become kickboxing because we ve taken so much from it. You know ever beheld, no we're talking about again the the dance that you do, the warm up dance before my time. That's called why crew and how long that usually take it depends You no frontiers, different gems, different people, doo doo, doo, longer and shorter ones. You know I do a very limited. Shorter one when I fight widened in forever, but but because of that in our knowing that people aren't dont want really want to see it. You know you kind of American in short in it were some of them. I think some I've seen some longer why crews than than fights and the centre will go a long one. Five minutes Diana S room. I mean that one Borg has like one
this one's idea, he takes a sweet time. You know goes down those everything I perfectly, as I gotta say a whole routine though it by then in those situations like people are very educated and they want to see that they want to see the beauty of it almost becomes part of the entertainment part in the fight but pacified itself. But when you go see a professional more time match, I would estimated like fifty percent of the crowd trains that they're very educated in what it is? You know it's like it's like baseball here in Amerika, where you don't have to play baseball in order to appreciate and love it, because it's our pastime That's what it is in Thailand, not not everyone. There is actively training or fighting or has fought, but it's so in added in their culture that that pages love it, and I appreciate it there I everything about it so to go to alive mortified. Thailand is just the Canada, India.
drive it. I can only imagine it's on a by bucket list for Joe, but in America, if you go to sea alive in America, half of the audience at least is either people from the jam or people that no people from the jam the sort of almost incestuous kind of an environment YAP especially like like one I was coming up. The only people that were there trained were family or friends of the people fighting you know so there weren't hitting this this wider audience nowhere where now it is getting on tv and our people, seeing it who who don't know anything about it, It slowly, building momentum in getting out there doing a lot more popular, but it just one of sports. Were you know it? it's not for everybody in Europe to find the way to do to bring its everyone saw tat, does have this mass appeal, the fight in itself does it, but all that goes with it is very clear- is different. Very traditional, the tie,
style and then the music is very traditional on its it's for a lot of people, for whatever reason they just don't have an open mind didn't want accept their strange and, like we were saying you watch him. It live compared to watch Anti TV. I two different things: yes, oh yeah there unlike even for me, I'll watch it on tv and then that person my jeez man like. Why do people do that? I'd say about it. without any combat sportive you when you're there live, you can feel that you feel it energy in the air. You feel that impact, as opposed to watching it on tv, which is still great, but nothing comparison being their person, particularly moot I'd. Just brutal yea
three in that its there's, something about it. When you not yearning commentary, you just literally feeling the slab of the ship, India onto bound just amazing cringe. I was in L a couple years back when they had that big problem more time than they had a lot of big name fighters, fight and book out fought, and he had some beef with some do that he was gonna, and there was a lot of shit talk back in force. We have this long, why crew shootin arrows Adam, remember that near that was the MP or it yes Cynthia. What happened that organisation same thing? That happens a lot organisations they did they try to go to heart out the gate. They pay all this money for all these super high level fighters, which you know you're you're more I fans gonna know who they are, but your your general public has no idea in that's who were trying to reach is it is the people that done the thing about it, so those people are gonna, come I'll, just go
there's this high level, which I don't know who this is the only thing about him. They may be more likely to come out to a local person causally, so ok that guy fights out of California, whenever an that's been the biggest thing, that's slowed, slug more tied down. Is these promotions try to go to heart out the gate as opposed to building it up with which you know, yellow, lose a lot of money and build these people live with anything you gotta start sloth and bill people gradually build a promotion, build the fighters Brill's your audience. And eventually can get to that level where, where everyone the card is like top ten people, but you can't do that from the beginning, but when you were trying to grow and built, you remember into the event and Larry merchant. Was there remember the Box and Guy Larry merge? Was there a lot of people their nest, Aarhus was doing, commentary was- and I was like, while maybe This is gonna work. You know the seems like these guys guy, too big to ass. You know too many big names right away. You know ran pretty sure there are like by the south or shall I just didn't, work out and thus we're alliance.
It has been doing. I really good job like growing their talent and China Gilbert and like every theyve, their put a really get fights and really good magics. We guys from round here, yeah? Well, the the match jobs in the town levels very high? It's it's it's way higher than the the credit it's getting. So I go I watch, I have dvr my jim I've got. I mean what what number they up to now really something. Thirty to thirty. Two I've got way back to like twenty one or somethin saved up, and I watch mall. Why, train need some day such high level to so much good fighters Zenos. So many good guys, it's it's so I and it's it's such a dynamic, technical sport and that's one things, I think is probably it's probably it probably slips by some people when the key actual observers, watching it just some stuff that we were doing today. Will you show me just a little little
If some variations in stances in and little things like that, and that's you I think that's! That's! When you train or you try it. It makes expert, watching people competing richer cause you, you can't understand why this is a very complex there's. A lot going on here is not just you're, just twenty four can kick each other in their summit. There's somebody levels to this in your casual thing, Isn't gonna, know that and I'm a big problem, a lotta promotions make. Is they try to cut corner? input guys out there who are very good, but both those at the same level Sophie ravage personally, while their kicking and punch each other so, but they may be very very low level, but they just wanted to get some cheap people they could put on the air. You know so, though, though, take all the all these corners just just to save some money, but in the end it hurts everybody. Could you put in crappy fights out their yeah? You know what I mean not good match. Ups, not very talented. Guy is because you want to save some money or their though Spence,
much money on like that. The main event Khomeini event that have to cut those corners with everybody. and in so you're putting these crappy fights out there. You bring turn during this new audience in so people common like this terrible. I why, while we're alone come to this in oak, is because their bad match option as we are talking about line fight what they did from the beginning. Was they head quality match ups throughout the tire card whether it was the main event withers under card where there was the amateurs they're good, the exciting match, ups, regardless of the level, and that's what really help build them up now How long have you been fighting in my China, I saw- and I was ten bag and Lemme Peru and colombia- twenty four, I think really interesting. You tell me today we're talking about your training partner Missouri, which is first knowing Gabriel Gabriel, whose just fought this we get a life I watch and funding sensational holy shit is IKEA, dynamic and brother is like bigger, older and like Marvin like more aggressive man
that's a credible. He saw his allow their it was. But what's going on in Peru, like men I made my first courage Rodrigo. You know he had a vision of the sporting Owen Flimsy for a start, He came here to trivialize guy verdicts over this going. I was very small, but he went back in I saw a train with them and use everything was so small back then, like the amount of time there is now lagging cabinet carrion side, two to Peru. Last November, Arians hide in the corner over there. but he's not here I mean those that goes beyond carries out. There was a hundred fifty fighters and the national tournament last November will mean cavern where we were fighting and it's crazy while not of talent and how much is growing. I'm impressed nothing can be a power out and Fisher. Is it because of one coach. Is it just as the country embraced it? Is it taken off and popularity? I'm getting a little more popular but, like I said rigour really help help. He he got
with the government and also the weak biggest helping bring guys out to F minor breathing and this crazy, like all these kids, are really like sixteen seventeen eighteen, nineteen years old, really a kids it's his fascinating that that one part of the world is starting to produce a lotta like really high level talent, and then talking you about it? You know you're saying that it's like soccer and then my tie is like really like coming up. Unpopularity binds awkward sounds crazy to me, I mean, and then are Socrates sucks, so everybody starting to turn to noise. I so it's really cool to see is really call to watch. That is really fascinating. You know me time. Is the predominant striking art in Mme. You know it's them I would say, probably the most successful striking our never may, because it has all the elements of boxing and you know a lot of the elements of a lot of the other traditional martial arts, but there's something about
the combination of kicks and elbows and neat and spend the technical style of Malta. That really lends itself to Emma may anything. when Morey Smith came along, like Morey Smith is probably the first guy who's oh really, high level technical striker who gave him a may, try and why showing everybody the effectiveness of my tie in Emma may, but for Whatever reason it never translated to Malta getting more popular in him? A man didn't necessarily translate to my tie. Getting down much more popular, gathers one of the things it with the mma, it kind and it hurts like it, helps in the sense that it gets it out there, but it can it is well one when you're getting a bad representation of the sport. You do so so spheare a good start. Of striker and Emma may they might not be that great when it comes to Mario Mauro, tie, you know some so you're, saying hey this guy's got relegate send up. Why has really gates
and affirm, and may so people assume that guy, that's what good stand up looks like in more tyre traditional international stand apart. You know, so it's it! It's up the pros and cons of of getting out there. So itself. You know everything kind of health as well as takes away from the sport to. Why think all martial arts make an adjustment they have to make a technical adjustment when their being applied Emma may, because you have to deal with it take down. You have to deal with all the and even wrestling and judo had to make a just since for more time, because assumes you involve leg kicks in their knees in all two guys were shooting for take downs- ends, get Anita they're getting round the failure like that cyborg mom, Michael page fight names, crazy, knock out. Where is whole headgear crushed in that name, means surgery. Yeah I mean he's, got literally had to have a sculpture back together. Again was the
this brutal injury is I've ever have you ever seen, one those before we have seen a schoolgirl crushed now I share my skull fractured, but not like that. That was the one of the worst. Things are seen. How did your skull from the back of the head, the guy had a steel plate and desertion Guard in China. What in his Chin Guard, so we should guard on with a plane and yeah. I didn't really anything of it at the time. You know this is what ten years ago. You know we were just fight everywhere anywhere, whatever you know, and I really think It's about in I so I fought. He kicked me I got, I job got up ended up in him out for again next day Y yeah not this guy out too and then we are back to the states like I was having headaches all the time and I just thought I had a bad concussion about like up to like almost like a month later I kept seen these like flash is a lighter anytime. Someone would ever touch me. You not be working with like looking
the girls and smaller people and enjoy touching me. I'd get dislike jolting in euros, can freaking me out, and I get ready for another fight and I had to get my mri or CATS Gower, remember what it was and his hair like here you gotta inch half crack in the back. Your skull and they're like. I don't know why you're, not a vegetable right now and should be like if you even hit that again you'd give pride, kill you, doctors always that the forests are. You forget, knocked over more time up dead. You know it was one inch closer to my spine. I'd be dead, it was it was. Is it was pretty rough thing to happen and instant? I couldn't do anything other than hit the bag by myself, for I remember how long was to like it, let it he'll but but it was to adjust essentially at a close eye on its own. You know, there's like don't get here. Why don't you do it now? I was getting ready for a fire in ice, actually still
tried to fight anyway that by doktor who'd, the doktor who diagnosed it was the doktor for the fights the latter is like. Do you hear fight get out here hello after that was the fight after the diagnosis like a week Why does it try to fight with their fuckin edgy legit ive just die, that's that's just kind of mentality. It had come up, you know in how old? Were you the time? Twenty five sweetest felt honourable, no, not really I mean my my mentality from the beginning has always been our fight is on Zan Britain and you know I've gone into fights with some of the worst injuries ever broken. Hands broken broken skulls, broken faces in that just the way I came up. You know like you're, gonna fight, no matter what you're gonna find anyone anywhere any time anyway class and that's how I was able to get as much experiences. They did currents non back there so fight. good,
just as the mentality we have come up. You know this is that time when you know you two wasn't even out yet like nobody knew. Malta was, is that you are to be ratified all the time or else you never gonna get any fight right. You know we're now. It's like everyone's kind of like looking for them big shower, oh in the last month like a month is short notice for people were us was like ours. I guess we already were. Were here fight lisco, you know it's just at the time I came up with a different mindset than it is today in that's kind of the pros and cons of getting bigger. Is the bigger things get you gotta? Take the Canada faker people with it were well one. When I started I was at fighters like you knew every person that was at that fight with a die, hard mutation There is no other reason to do this other than the fact that you loved it you're losing money. There is no there was no showed you get on, there was no television again, there were. There was no reason to do this sport, except for the fact that you love that there was an wasn't a question like there's. No real
to do this, except for you love it with everything. That's in you. so everyone you met everyone. You talk to every Jim, you want every fight you went to you were surrounded by people that had the same heart in Tell it is? U, whereas now you know people are doing it for different reasons. You know that they may be. They want to get famous. Are they want to get Instagram followers? Are you know they wanted? The look cool workin, that's kind of a good and the bad of of things. Getting of so you think by the sport getting more popular by more people paying attention to it. It opens the door to more people doing it, but they just don't have the the pure intention- of course, and that kind of waters down the sport at the so interesting because there's gotta be theirs. There's a line right between like where its halogen to fight injured, worth like with your broken head. I never never selling you want to do today is what do you think you would be same situation to their. Would you go now why we knowledge and wisdom
finally said me personally, but fortunately have good people around you, who would be a long term, has not smart guy you're right, you know in again it was in a time where, if I don't take this, fight. Who knows one another fights gonna come along. No there there, you gotta, take what you can get when you can get it, and that's one like fighting people away me by thirty pounds. In you know, just just taken away a couple hours notice, because you had there was there, was an opportunity so yeah which he had a duty it in the end he had to get experience, and that was the only way you were gonna get fights was a difficult. motivate yourselves during those times, because for a lot of people, motivation requires some sort of an end goal not so much about it was more about getting fights and was about what am I getting out of this fight, so it wasn't about making money wasn't about getting on tv boat, but there was a long period of time when I just couldn't get a fight saved my life in that's one. I was highly considering switching over to make, as everyone train was fighting their findings
you see it again, fight all the time, the fine every month and I'm Sidney. busting my ass in and I can only get a fighter two year. You lie, the time I had over. Thirty fights fall through that I was training, when prepared myself? Why, then did fall through and they'd falter nightfall through that's? Why started just taken a box in fact, even though it never train boxing in my life or taken a saint shall fight that that want to join with us and shall fight, because I How to do it. I had to do stay busy or taken a fight on days. Notice are fighting with a crack skull because I knew I had to stay and then stay active and stay busier out? I'm never gonna get better swish of our one compete with guys who have like four hundred fights and been fined since they were eight years old. You know how you gonna fight against the guy, like that. If you don't get the experience, you have so much make up for anyway. I didn't start those twenty three You know what I mean, I'm so late to the game, my, Natality was always I'm always gonna, be playing catch up, no matter how good I get I'm playing catch up, and so I do everything I can
every week, and maybe it wasn't the smartest thing, but I wouldn't be where I am today. If I didn't take those risk and maybe take those not so smart fight four. Yet there is a fine line between put yourself out there in being dangerous, but I don't know where that line as the Elder Germany, those rights so that four metres off every vessel. I was always on that. Unlike can do no matter. What, because, where do you live, You stub your toe and, like you're, limping a little bit, you not fight, I don't know maybe, but I'm going to do. It When you say you started, twenty three was that when you started competing other diverse time, I set foot in the gym. Your twenty no training at all in martial arts before those here. What motivated You could get in there. I the first time I ever saw might I was like ninety four ninety ninety four, ninety six ass, they went back when you is being used to play in late at night like the old school fights and hours? I've always thought about boxing in doing something
fighting in, but I always live martial arts. Knowing when I sum which I also that's it, man can cause every other thing with my kicking in these was like tat window or point point fighting in and not that real boxing style of of hard core fighting. You know So when I saw him without like if I'm gonna do anything that that's gonna be it, but on four At that time I was too busy Livin in Vegas in drinking myself to death every day in party and You know in it never one of those serious things. So I never never told anybody about. Eight hours because I didn't even know have serious- I was cause. I obviously I couldn't do. It lived the whales living and incomplete. So I knew that those to do this, I would have the completely stopped drinking party live in the lifestyles living and I was ready to give that up. You know I was ready to give. My friends and lose all these people, not to say that that I would. But I knew there was a possibility,
only ever told one of my friends about his name was mowing. You know was for you. If you would laugh at me. If I told you, I want to be a fighter one day. If he knew me back, then, if I were left in me, tat dagger, mammoth, like you drink every single day. All you do is party and I told him and to my surprise, Let me also why don't you want to shew after it- and I was like why, like I was only like eighteen at the time, and at that point I thought I was way toward the start of my group. I can start now. Cast our now make it anywhere. You know what I mean these people are serving their like ten, it's too late for me, You should do it anyway. You know like if you want do something you can do it in here. He was born with a bad heart that he ended up passing away, and I promise myself when he died that I would do. It was like a more go after this dream, if not for myself than for him, because you who was never able to to live in and, unfortunately, his death sent me just in a really bad
downward spiral, even more so than I was already, and drinking and pardon, and all that stuff in diskette contained on for years and years and in through a on long series of really horrible things happening, my friends dying or almost killing people drunk driving in myself, getting pulled overdue. hundred twenty hour on the two fifteen in Vegas and for whatever reason, the cop, let me go in, and now is it just the all these things have there was this huge wake up call for me, and I realise that it is my friend was still alive. He would beat the shit out of me. You know you're wasting your life you're wasting this dream. You have because you too scared to do at this dream mean you'd, never even step footnote drew in a non gm. So this is like a dream of you. Why day attempting to learn something more at very Gracie thing, because it was always hanging over your head that year and now again it was a thing were more move. I'm not gonna, be able to get anywhere in this, but
finally realise that where I get too is in what matters like how good I can get doesn't matter me give myself all of myself to this sport. And dedicate myself to this is what really matters. How where I make it too, I don't know where I could make it to be. The best in the world are the worst in the world, but as long as I'm put myself out their wise at more important, why is it wise the mole thing important to put everything you have into it? I've just always believed it if you're gonna do something, as is all or nothing. You know I never wanted to half ass it and that's why I knew if I was gonna do as I'd have to give up party in Lincoln and hang out with my friends and then go on out all the time and I was ready to do that. You know I've always been in their mentality of if you're gonna do some do, you do it all the way you don't do it at all costs, because you're sabotaging yourself and then you can decide and make it because of this, that the other rebel. Why
Was it so? What what are you getting out of it when you, when you realise that it wasn't really about how good you get or how are you go? It was about giving it everything have it. lot of it had to do it with would see my friend pass away at at eighteen. You know like there's: no, reason. Do every halfway do some cause, there's people who don't get the opportunity to even try attempt to go after these things, because because of whatever they might die. They might have a disease. They might you know not have all their legs. You know in you, you can do this. Maybe you can't be the great, but you can do this. You can at least attempt this and you which you yourself and you owe it to them, to give it every that you have, I always felt like I owed him everything to go after my life with everything I have all my dreams? I need to go after a hundred percent, because there's people don't get too I'm asking because I think this is a common theme with people is that when there
pursuing a dream or when there are attempting to do something they realize somewhere along the line that your do when something more than just die, trying to get really good at my tie or whatever you know filling the blind with whatever sport. It is your eye did the expression I was uses. Martial arts or a vehicle for developing. Human potential, and I think and until you have a really difficult task in front of you like becoming a professional, might I find out which one most difficult tasks and all combat sports until you have that task in front of you to you? You go down that road and relay. How much is actually required of you, you don't know how much you can give to something, and once you do realise how much you are capable of giving you something and then you can give a little more and they did a little more than you realize. What did I give my all did. I did I was What I did I sleep enough did. I do. Did I think about things the right way? Did I get just when I shouldn't have did I that I keep my mind clean. You know what what
as I doing wrong what I doing right? How can I improve and then it's sort of trickles over into your life yeah yeah one beginning, as I said for me, it's always been all or nothing united, who is it at the time? But but looking back, I can quite understand mentality behind it. Is there some we things, I'm gonna come up that will deter you from going after maybe get injured or maybe you're not getting the opportunities and, if you're, not in it, a hundred per cent Those things are gonna die. dear you away, those things can make. You quoted, set people kind of people have made, it is as if they just had this easy path and all of a sudden there there there in the spotlight in their world champion and doing these things was like any person whose may to a high level, whether it's in an athlete or business person. If you go back in their life, and see the things they have had to do and overcome in the obstacles in their way You have no idea, not weigh, runs like well. They didn't have to deal with this. They have to deal with. Is you don't know what they had a deal with? You not see the obstacles,
always a problem when you watch you something kind of condensed one performance. Are you watch like Gabriel? Go out the other night? You look at him he's nineteen years old. He destroys that guy was the guy's him Josh at or a shepherd who was a really talented fighter herself goes out destroys a guy. In the first round, Michael Howard gave worked, he's fucking nineteen Tuesday. I was travelling back, I'm in here in our training that kid and I was lay running to the ground every single day, Emmy he's really good. His really talented, already browser you're you're this position right now, there's really gonna do and we're gonna work really hard, and I to get myself to him his camp to we were Trinity. I, when I was finding from world out of sight and then out keys, Skype training in going to ease trailing three months for a fight and that's where he look so good. He dedicated everything to also super counted. Also, there's something about being nineteen Ryan right. Isn't there something about being like really? What is it? Is it a physical thing or is it a mental thing? Is it that you don't
much responsibility. It is examined asian of a lot of those they without a doubt. super rare that guy is like thirty five, and then likes along is Gabriel, been training for, his he wasn't even lake. He wasn't that girl before He was ok. He was good bye like his here and get them get it till he went to Thailand. He started taken. They really tough fight, even training for since he was a thirteen. I think so think of that. That's why six years so it's very rare that guy will be like thirty, four and thence empty thirty nine. Is this mother fucker of Mother Fucker hears economy like what is it? Is it? I've always wondered what gives it that life? Just? U burden yourselves downward with responsibility and information and just life itself relation. jibs pills, bull shit, stress exe. Essential, axed the fuckin, the grave
calling nationalized there's there so many variables, the really liked pinpoint on one specific thing. You know everybody. in everybody's variables are gonna, be different. You know we're all. We all have different things overcome and deal with, just because I view yours is maybe they're not that difficult. Like you don't know, I don't know everything he's dealing with. He does know everything right or have had to overcome by it. But if I sat there and listen to his story and my jeez I outlined I'm sure it's crazy story but like when you go back and watch MIKE Tyson when it was nineteen see MIKE Tyson like hitting the bag with Teddy Ausonian. Nineteen just go Jesus fucking Christ. How does anyone get that good like what what happens from thirteen tonight like what. How is it possible that someone can just reach that insane level, and it seems that it happens primarily when someone's really young, I mean I start when I was ten and when I was sixteen you ask me, I felt invisible man like out out too much a commonality.
any fight. Anyway. Does it didn't matter? You know I was sixteen out couldn't fight as an adult, because I was in eighteen, but we lied and said that I was eighteen sought good, because I ran out of people to fight. I read I ran on a junior to fight so from sixteen to eighteen hours, tangley an adult, and our taken, as many finds it anywhere from hearted thirty two pounds to one forty seven, any fight that I could possibly Tagus. I to get the experience, and that's what I want to do. I wanted to dedicate my left to do you think that that's pass well for an older person like psych haven't, you are you. Obviously you are still young you're. Twenty three in other mean you you're, saying yours, you're older. Now a lot of you listen. I got twenty three stilicho baby you're still learn liming relatively though for the sport Kim was. yeah. You got like arm to all my. How old are you like? Nineteen like did my getting start, those twenty three would you Talkin about, because people does. I think people just like the view things it.
As an excuse like all. I can do a brass tacks, but we all have something that we point can be like. Why can't make it because of this, of course, but there's people who have had that and worse and have made it so what excuses you possibly have? You are a very technical fire, your very technical guy. Do you think that maybe there is some benefit in having started a little bit later, be wiser, honour percent that that I think that's a huge thing that just because start. You know when you start your kid there's someone like it is doing in for whatever boat, but once you ve you ve matured in a certain way like like I started to for only one reason I would be the best I can be. You know, I'm I'm developed enough. physically and mentally to apply these things to two to two. What I'm trying to play, to do the best fighter? I can, whereas yet, when you're younger, still you're, still growing and learning and developing physically, as well as mentally yeah like when I, when I
for his fine I was eleven ten like I don't know why what I was doing there. I just knew like I can't I did, but I like. I have a purpose to ITALY. I just really enjoyed training at design. It was exciting, it was exciting ride. and I realize you want to try my oh yeah I did, but I wasn't lay all might be the best in the world. Arena legged dating two like fourteen fifteen miles, I I really I really want to dedicate my life now. Will you living in America the time no? I was in Peru. Where did you come to America when I was thirteen when you're thirteen and you go straight to see us? I was at the first joint and I started for tax and then when I was sixteen two thousand and eight I met carrion and ever since women suffer would you guys have a very unique Jim and it's one of the most important things for a young fighter is to find the right environment to develop, and we were talking about that earlier today, like you, can get unlucky and fine, a bad coach in a bad Jim and you get out
Angola, that person psychologically and they become family. And then you know you're you're kind of fact here is a very difficult break for a lot of fighters to make yemen- and I mean, like I honestly- I I've been truly bless since I started all the way to I guess I started Rodrigo than thirty six hours with Johnson somebody. Council trains with this is to say a little bit but in I've I've always how really good coaching since I started, I think that another another unfortunate thing is just because somebody's a great coach doesn't mean the great for you, you know so. Sunbeams you'll see these people like leave their camps and go to this really level. Coaches had a lot of success with certain individuals, but that doesn't mean they're gonna be great for use. I I always to always tell you have to find what works best for you, whether it a coach, whether it's your diet, withered your training, scheduled. What worked for me won't, will always work for you. You got
fine. What's best for you in that doesn't always necessarily mean. I need this great coach cause. You got my just clash, yeah, I'm saying like like coaches in fighting, it's very much about it, cabin a relationship with somebody with another person like you just might clash today, they're, not work and is also a boy we just had a super important are finding that winning formula and yet whether its training, whether its diet, whether its coaching and an Jim partners like I know you guys, are fantastic partners because work together, really well. I've watched a lot of videos you guys trained together, mean how critical, as that to have someone who's, an elite fighter that trains with you on a daily basis missile and most most important things that their there there's somebody factors that go into building of finery. It's not just one thing. You know what I that one thing needs the constantly be adjusted because the way out in today's and how I trained even a year ago. You know you,
continuing need to be duly hop and back and forth on this line of too much and too little of one wasted averaging how you train today versus I turn a year ago, to the older. I get the more it's a mental approach com. Thing. You know like like my technique in because isn't gonna be altered that much at this stage, but the way that I apply them. way. I go about them the way I think about them very much he's gonna change. You know at a certain stage, you it's like. You have all these weapons, the youth issues, a matter which ones you use at which time at which speed way that you apply them were in the beginning. It is trying to do things well and you're, trying to almost put all these tools in the toolbox as your career develops but better at a certain stew, not to say I'm not adding more is that I have all these tools. I need to figure out which ones work best for me and which ones work work for me at which time against which opponent, which which venue which sport
You know what I mean there are there, so many things that you can play with and adjusting good and bad either? I was a huge thing I struggle with after my need. Surgery was like almost forgot how to fight as myself. You know what I mean us as like. Ok, here's all your weapons pick up, which ones you want to use my I don't know, I don't remember which ones are used and how I put them together in it me, a series of fights to find myself again as a fighter in the ring. How much time do you take off cause? You need surgery? Ninety, nine months in one week. Those between fights, Thou is but When the day I blew my knee on the day, I got back in the ring yeah ACL reconstruction yeah did with amazing, which waded they do it cadaver yeah. I had that way. I just talked to a friend of mine she had done they took up. She was in austrian skiing action and they took some meat out of her car. yes, I've, never even heard of before reconstructed a long legged, in other words those options, but it also. I dont, want to take anything else out of myself
they might weaken that thing like I had enough to deal with now. I can't weakened something else for me with an intact. The other athletes have had it it just. It seemed like that, the better approach for me in and has worked best for me, it works for me too. I had both knees reconstructed to have my left, one done with a patella tendon graft for the take a big chunk of your patella tendon with a piece of from your Shannon, a piece of bone from your knee and its fine. But that was like a year war, I felt good again, but only right, knee like five zero problems with it in. I was train- and I was doing Jujitsu again six months- so it was it- it ended, with no pain. You never really like. There was no consequences for the injury where's the left, one still like where they cut the bone out like. If I kneel down on a hardwood floor. I could still feel it it some there's a lot of people that are scared, cadavers, thou, they're, scared, very real is a weird like for me.
Was, moreover, mentally a strange thing. You know too, to have something of someone else's who passed away You know I was just a weird, very weird thing, mentally data cannot deal with a new works right. Learchus scaffolding no, no, not really know what it is they take. Usually they use Achilles Tendoned could ass much stronger was actually a hundred fifty percent, a belief stronger than the original ACL. They take that Achilles tendon they put in place, and then your body ree proliferates that tend in with its own tissue so that tend in is not there anymore. Your body fails. With cells, because they re tat the blood supply and as your boss, starts. It starts using that to reject a tissue right, so it puts your own cells, but in the form of
much larger tendoned. It's really can interesting this crazy. The am I right languages, one, a blue feel so much better than my left. One, that's DEC, use a thick ass, fuck and tat. I mean we wish. they design human blood, ACL particular underscore everything were placed well suited, figure out he'll hooks soon, as people figure out he looks you just realized, like, oh, my god, my knees like so stupid. Who designed this because all you have to do is get that he'll hear and like pop. just pops off terrible, made it happens, all the time and energy to guys get their knees. Blown apart gives me nightmares, may just watching that yeah. Well, it's a some get nightmares. They watch you guys kick each other. I blunder! goodbye, sealskin people, shores and unfamiliar. Yes, I was it applies
The leg is that what is most intense couple? Tough guy s attorney common Jim Goin, like I meant, let's go out, people like learning how to absorb and take up upon shore a kick. It is just that, if not more important than then throwing it cause. You're gonna get hit shore, no matter how good you are gonna get hit, and if you don't gotta, take then absorb it and minimize the damage yeah. You can have a lot of really serious injuries and fortunately so much of what we do is applied to the office side of initiating people. You know in those anything, but if you, if you don't have to take up the punch anyway, obviously you don't I'll just be like Ireland or not take punches really good, but but that's that's a skill that you need to have you have there's a subtlety too that I think is lost on a lot of people. The building is move with something here and the way I was tried out to people like. Have someone hold their hand up and you punch it then have them move ahead is a little bit there, and
still short of punishable doesn't feel good. You know like it feels good when they meet your eyesight. People hold paths and they like slap you with their. You now feels good you hit, but if, if if someone just kind of poles away a little bit. So much of the punches diminished related drain thy father, you cause you feel like you're, giving someone only having in in your mind, you're, hitting them right, but nothing is happening. We have that winning that shielding owing doing can use. Sometimes the trainers like towards the cabin it's off because you re like given everything you got to this thing and is just so far I had just there's nothing come on back at you, so there There there's no river of off your head. It's like your punch in indoor cloud and like watching some gems and have that crazy three hundred pound bag? That just sits on the ground. It doesn't even swing, it just sits there and you want to kick in that thing. I'm always like man, no, like the other. Is that good.
Is a good to get excited, doesn't need another one of those things were where it's just a piece of the puzzle like it's good to to do. of your power and supper yeah. That's all you're doing when something's moving around on you, it's it's giving you very different, looks it's gonna like like. We do a lot it technical sparring. You know with no gear on and see if you have these all these pads on and you have this false sense of security, then you get in there was. Someone has got nothing on initiatives. I feel you're killing fields on almost zero elbows and in your messenger feeder, because you haven't learned how to place things. correctly and where they need to go in where you were you. exercise their damaging minimize, yours is their of diminishing returns, though with a heavy bag were like a three hundred pound bag and taking it's probably not developing. Europe as much as even maybe a higher fifty pound bag wood is excellent? I guess it just depends on what it is. You are trying to do right on and improve me when you're hitting one of those immobile bags. What what would you concentrate on primarily
our power to dig in his day and in his heart is because I know that's gonna be right. There close my eyes and and hit. This is hard as I want to add that I don't have the worry so much about, like my balance in my speed. Agnes blindly do this crying. You know such as dig at work or just the marshal ocean, but is there isn't there some benefit in the bag having some sort of a give, so you re out without a shadow, is pushing without a doubt like like a mean if lotta thumbs, I'm workin on arms, in movement and stuff I dont really just try to crack the bag under, like touchiness all work on a much lighter bag and understand work on my angles in the bag, moving in targeting in those kinds of things, but but again it's very specific and what I'm trying to do in there's not just one way to do. Is there nothing? That's another thing that are not a lot of people think about her or applies should like arms.
A hip has I'm just gonna hit by. But why are you doing? What is it that you are working on? What are you trying to develop because there are so many aspects to this year in it some? But it's another thing that you just figure out over time. Do member Water bags were big deal like a big thing. Let those again there is a thick foam, other lair than there was watered down in really tat. You have that we have an echo Bay little. I guess a little thicker like Robert is good for power punching. I like it. I like. Throw almost as it gives in on you a little bit. I mean now that is very, is very well put together, and so it is does like give in as much as you think, away yeah. What are the Minsk misconceptions that you think, maybe even traditional Marshall artist might have when they're looking at my tie like what maybe is really one dimensional you? I think I think we have this kind of like we think about it like like him,
like the who's in the fire, real. Are you now the sagoth about? That's? When it all school, both the school time. Don't you think about Malta fires just being this mindless, like word, is gonna their power at each other and in just stand there and we have no thought up or process behind anything, and yet there is definitely fighters do that in it and maybe to an outside observer that they might not see all the small detail in the complexity of the things are doing just cause. I'm standing in front of you not moving, doesn't mean there's no far bind right. You know what I mean. I've learned how to use those head movement and footwear. Things are very, very small scale
and also to me I am, I am doing a lot of movement in footwork, but button outside person understand in their mindlessly just wing and shots at each other. You know so you'll see Europe see the all the complexity like goes into where I can watch in view those things very well. When those things were year. You watching, I say if you watching Emma may fight, for example, where lots of times when you watching Mme you're, watching someone who's pretty good at a bunch of different things, but not maybe technically profession at any of those things, and you you're, seeing a lot of that were guys just kind of standing in front of each other and almost playing my tie and as high level fighter. Do you guys watch Emma Manga, as does my especially the hit me really hard, sometimes like when we like Friday night lion fights through their alive and then you're like watching what are you of or what are you whatever other car? There is on the early on tv insight in also yeah
but there is there, is some good strikers and I'm sure, there's guys like Barboza there's some pretty high level guys but Jonah sure sure, Valentino Church but there is also a lot of different elements they have to think of right right. Take down is definitely like, like you we're talking about earlier. You gotta implement in a war works for you and I may say, What will work for you. My network, for somebody else either says is, is really is really tough as different. Now you, at twenty four years old, you already have a very successful my tie career. Have you thought about doing an enemy so actually sign a deal about or alone I am making the transition, not only within a May. I wanted to do what I keep them with our life I, but that has that doesn't work thou so good, so amano- doing do in kickboxing, then I'm amazed wires and I worked out at the dinner there.
They're gonna differ out, so it is not a word for more than a fighter in all through with lime fight, so skulker is going. In our society and his gang bureau work. Both angles with resource gonna does get me right now guy clinches lot and that the great thing for Emma may, but what about Kickboxing are you gonna do belcour kickboxing his works and bell towards doing really interesting thing right now? What kind of combining kickboxing anime on the same card has can we talk to them about abandoning the kickboxing aspect and innocent doing my tie out of said some things sky about it and I think there's and establish that that kickboxing side of their under nods and forty one day he might bring, Some would say- maybe maybe maybe once once the belt or kickboxing can be more of a stand alone- promotion,
I think they might be able to read venture out into mixed the cars made. We have some more terrified zone on the Carter and between fights as well so, but by the four in other distracted too. Start out and do things right and build up that that portion of in having those mix cards words the bill, tore him a man, the belet or kickboxing, which has worked out very well, and I think people really enjoy. It is worth we're having both both sides. on the carpet. Eventually, I'd be nice if the kickboxing can stand alone and then cannot develop from yeah just seems to me that it doesn't make any sense to eliminate elbows in these reactors. It seemed kind of crazy, the again, it's it's a different support. You is bided striking yeah You know I mean I mean if you're, if your kicking legal, why you elbowing, like what you mean. I could say I agree, it's a beautiful, I mean I think, the more complex striking gets the more beautiful, as in the more variables that exists like when I want,
two guy like sand, tries perfect example because he's such a wild guide, a watch he so he finds it in his own, very particular style, Very light on its feet. Is a lot of switching of the feed Olano kicks the e? U dont know where their go in there I think they're gone low, innately car come straight up and go high collar. Let us come Fantasia. Did you want to play Santa one? Was a sand eleven, two thousand twelve, eleven or twelve? I forget Augustine It was right before you moved to see essay knife outside it out before him with assessing. How is that I will I find Sancho like a watch it when it was. It was amazing, gray, fight, hearted, sky border was like manner it was, I was so die then, this equally and mentally that that I looked back, I'm like jeez deal I can't believe that was me in there doing that I was just so
like I was in another mental plain like just everything was just firing, though those is right here, watch loaded, others, while we're talkin Well, I haven't in the bilateral. I want you to cease, say Santa Rosa Pfizer, Cecil peoples. As a referee, Kennedy scrutiny did oh yeah, who saw their common? Did you do thing where you lift his knee of eradicating the beginning are gonna. Watch that Dutch, it's hilarious. How did he built a person? Diesel vehicles is a very nice guy. I will say that I want to be a nice policy. This high are there to goes it'd. Take that it does that weird neat thing that he does not centuries, all those guys like you, he doesn't fight like a tradition Whatever is at best. Whatever of all time, are you leaving, certainly one of them he's he uses so many things from different different arts and you know, attack one though my tie in kickboxing and yet goddamn it really sneaky left leg to man that left leg it literally all class straight up in the twilight
you have no idea where it's going in a fruitcake lay kick bridecake had kicked like. I knew you gonna kick me. I didn't know where the hell is going on here, while he's real, if you ever seen Lawrence tensions, breakdowns of mighty fights. Is it? What is the name it does among you, tube within its autonomy, would deceive you. I've seen one guys do a lot of breakdowns in there really well said I think, largest awesome under his name, but whose Zoe, he's really really smart guy. In really really aware of of my tie and really aware of the complexities, any did a break down on sanch I and want to things of Santa setting up high kicks and the way he ill luck sort of test you with some other kicks and then he's got there. Unusual way of throwing his kicks to wear it. They literally come straight up. Yeah there it is, but let's go back that fight. if I don't want, you know, seen some guys area, that's kind of where we are speaking of earlier in the Jim. Is it just that
things kick boat, but he has so many ways in variables to set that up with more expedient, so he uses all these things that testing once he figured that out. You're done and that's how is able to destroy basically everyone at every level of the sport, because he has so many answers to that. One question: you beat him: didn't you now split split decision water. I feel it currency, genuine some. Rather, if I didn't get dropped but not really dropped one as Cecil Cecil guy you with a bad count, split right. Yes, it's kind of ironic having Cecil people's, be the referee in a fight? That's a mortified, because he's of peoples is one of those guys says that you can't stop. People would lead kicks. That was like one
is quotes about. I was one of the bad decisions that went down. Where he's like lead kicks, don't stop fights went home I lay out, and that, although you have allowed the Athenians order thing about fighting, is you have people regulating? These are to have no idea about them whatsoever. Without giant issue with the USA, the giant issue with judging- and I would imagine with my tie it even more difficult to die, competent judges as long as you can't you're gettin you're, getting boxing judges. Doing more, tell you in karate guys doing which I and these are the people who are, sickly controlling the outcomes of these Friday. If there's no stoppage right and it's it's, it's crazy. There is a in Thailand, Phuket sneaky, left leg he's got them. Thailand, what do? How did they approach the clench, because you seen in this fight like Cecil, is breaking guys up almost immediately soon, as you tie up it's it's, it's such a
complex thing to you know it's not just the fact. Are these guys working or what are they doing if you dont have a deep understanding of it. You're not gonna be, able to to react it or if it were accurately, you know what I mean. So it's not just a matter of time. Is it's not a matter of people moving around? That's what are they doing? Are they effecting each other? Are they hurting each other audacious mindlessly licked lifting the legs up to appear to stay busy where, if doesn't know that major lifting my leg up back out stay busies active why they break in a month, but I wasn't really doing anything right outright. screw yelling allow times there a moral as work in the clenched, but they just let live you're not doing anything they just let it go and not not knowing when people are stalling out or are trying to buy time or just just moving their legs for the sake of looking like there actually need each other. In the end, these judges in these rafts don't have an understanding of that. That's an issue with ground
binding as well to the issue of the sea when certain fights go to the ground, whether its judging or whether its even reveries, like some guys, are setting up certain positions and then the referee come up and stand him up like that is crazy. Like this guy's their working there lighting, but I think that an which is well there's a lot of times a separate Garson clinch when two guys, if they're clenching up in their both working try to stab of dominant positions. One is eventually maybe going to win that dominant position battle and that's part, the grinding part. The ground is a guy imposing new skill said, is wills, conditioning all the above on his opponent. you just get in separate that you want to watch a knock out there. You kind of diluting the sport. And it's like I don't care how much, how many fights you ve watched or how many courses you ve taken. If you haven't done this before it, even though far before, and I don't know what's going on in there and that's that's the problem, you have people, even if they
and in the sport for a very long time in may have been around for very long term if you ve never fought at least at some level, you don't know. What's going on and right, yeah you're, seeing it like your seat, it, but you really don't know what saying right there, you don't know how much of it is actually effective and how much the guys actually just absorbing things in blocking things. It's very it's it's so complex. I think that's one of the things it gets lost about fighting arts in general. My tie in particular is all complexity. That goes on like what you were saying that a lot of people, the misconceptions that they look at it two guys energies, bruisers yeah, but what watch here, I'm watching all this complex issue, actions of what work kicks in elbows and knees and clenching and and knowing when time things in dealing with a really high level. Opponents is very crafting he's a sort of calculating this stuff in his head is well yeah. Well, that's it that's kind of the problem with this
only so much. You can learn from a book there's only so much you can learn from watching videos until You apply those things. It's like Street Smarten Book, smart. If you don't that street Knowledge Year year here, you're, not is very limited. You know I don't care how much you think you know if you never applied it either, you re them it, how much a spar and you get in there. You don't know what it's like. You might imagine tat. You know, I think that's the case, With a lot of things I mean I even joke about golf cause? I think office stupid that I get the people that do but a lot to them. It must be complex like they must understand. All the different aspects of it and I say that about playing pool to that, it's an art form, that's only interesting for people to do it and I think that's one, things it's cool about going to like what I'm sayin here. There's a small arena or small crowd, respond immediately.
I desire for five hundred people and whole place if that, and so that kind of shit mean you look here, he hears you world championship cowboy fight or fighting another world championship, caliber fight of both guys in their prime and you fighting in front of fifty people, you know but it's numeric couple books and its super. complex a meals going on, as you know, this exchange the interactions and I think one thing about having guys like warrants, tension, putting out these videos and a lot of other people that have done this tremendous breakdown videos. My tie is that people there our fans mean even if they dont train themselves, you they just watch it, they can see. Things now that any perhaps they would have seen before and then appreciate what these athletes are doing. I did a lot of people watch football. The camphor complain about all that they can enjoy, and I think that you're seeing that in this watching the, although there is that where he called knock down.
but he got right back up. I mean why was that a knock down taking short one want peace period. If you wanna talk, you gotta talk on the MIKE ok little, I'm lucky, I told you, you were gonna, be other shown. What are you? What are you get a goddamn chair, cousin, Tomyo, microphone now there's this one this lost that hasn't been cast discussed as because Kevin doesn't talk about. It is to this day and how long goes this right for you for years, this day. This is the only time that the W B C has ever sanctioned a diamond belt fight for a more typhoid was, I mean, means is that boxing, when you have two great fighters from two different way, classes that meet at a catch wait, they make it a diamond belt fight, Nick what real diamonds on the belt and it's the epitome of the W B C title. Ok, that's only time in history. The sport is doubly BC, made a diamond belt forum. Wait, I fight that's what a watershed moment. This fight was for more time America ogre Gaza
I? Do I get it? No furrow. I mean, and also just as important as its rare that you see guise of this caliber going out like this means its super, exciting fight, gray, fight, we're censure fighting. Now he started to Emma. Isn't it now. He was calling our for us just to get a little time. I have like their stalker most often used up, but why don't we Black family talk about Kyle, doing MMA for a long time. Cuz you was trying a little bit, but but is he going to actually do it? I don't I don't know well, what's interesting about tie fighters is that there really didn't clinch and taking people down there and really good at avoiding being taken. Now, a lot of you would understand how much similarities there are when it comes to Clanton Wrestling Judo and in Ireland. With the blackmail Judo team in San Jose.
before I had a shoe boxing fight in there. Just could not believe that I can hang with their high level blackmail sent my world it's all. This kind of similar stuff, like like yeah you're, set ups, might be over by different, but all the fundamentals I go in a more tightly. Very similar to our two judo is just a difference of things you can and cannot do, but but the base in the fundamentals of it go across the board. You see that a lot with with sweeps and trips and, like you, see some really interesting trip since weeps in my tie that are really very, very technical. like manipulating guys setting in one direction and changing direction, item and thrown to the ground? It's really. started well after a lot of this The more tat conscious, very similar to Greco Wrestling Erle, all Armani, thousands of because we can shoot, but everything we can do is above the waste and in those countries populations and off balancing? That's why like like, if I just do,
Rico wrestling. I am do pretty well, you know, and then West often surprised by by, however, well my wrestling or Jiu as if I'm just mess around doing, because there's somebody similarities, right That makes sense now what watching fights in Thailand, they judge the clinch is a very important part of the fight, whereas sometimes in America when you're looking at the clench, we think, with the same. We will get a clenching boxing, the idea guys just stalling, yet it's it's a way to dominate in and show your strength and ability over over your opponent, you know and if you can, control someone and and damage them in the land. These clean means on someone. It is showing your superiority over them. You know it then, like you said here, we don't have a as good understanding of it so yeah, we just use all they're, just there is resting. Are there? Is there not doing anything in their Brian unanimously,
No one guys take guys down in my tie like how much does Catholic, how are they scoring fights, obviously knocked down or critical, but like if you dump a guy Times, meaning you sweep of intrepid and slam on his back, how much of a factors and in a fight should be a huge factor there scoring these correctly because again showing your Europe balance, you die Let's hear your control is, is one of the most important thing, social being able to throw some on the ground and in New York. Don't just stand there is, is huge, a huge scoring thing, is how you're doing important, because I would have you just get double under- looks just crush them towards you and then over you know it's. It's there's somebody factors they go into it in again. If, if you have a judge or ref that basically has a very elementary understanding of this sport? They can't give you an accurate judge of this or honour or inaccurate,
Wrapping of this, because they did not so there colleges and so deep right in autumn sounds like it's like like me, watching a jujitsu. Imagine trying to score like I'm act, kindness, Korea, IRAN, but I will be with you if I've spent my life in the sport right. You know what I'm saying what I'm gonna get narrows. The Azores style points lies Appointing an insane and coal some dope, you know like eighty zero point. Eighty four sweep example: minus balancing are usually somebody in seamlessly do and make it look like nothing as oppose a pseudonym like falling on top of them rabble of Lucy about, of course, yeah yeah. That's a weird thing took objectively called. Judging such a strange thing is not- and I ll be the first to admit that that is a very complicated thing in I've. Just try to my family like yeah, you know, and then I think it trying to think of it from the mentality of someone has never done this before. Or only taken like a course like how can how can you do that? I have a hard time doing since fifteen years doing this sport,
You had a controversial loss in line five years earlier this year I forgot. I far Crampade yeah hi with over the border fights that was your first loss was my first law yeah. I didn't think you also fight. I was finally icy overturn it. They did he Africa, eight Denmark can never happens. Eighteen judges from all around the world are suddenly they can do that. I I guess I earnestly. I didn't care, I still don't, because I had ratified, and I put everything on the line I did. I thought I did the best that I In other, I mean there's something that I think I could have done better like. It was great fight, no doubt about it. It was a close fight, no doubt about it, but I thought you won and I I should now like, and then our member Pat militants and Michael Shell we're both and they thought is a bad decision, and so then watch it again. Some woman watch it one more time as a man, I think, there's a bad decision.
and I remember now that you saying that our member here and that it was overturned, I think maybe they brought it up on a broadcast afterwards during the next white. Is that what happened is that when they brought it up again, maybe by making this up it was next event. I wasn't fighting on it, but they Boca be always likes. It out- and I was in the brok- is a rare that they overturn a fight yeah, I pressure is rare and there I never seen such a tough. They, especially as foreseen a fight that wasn't like so lopsided. Relatively close issues them how how you're viewing it, what you're, what you're, giving more or less credit to, and it seems like a simple thing to do on the outside, while he hit him more or where he robbed him more, but but there's many levels of this is like a we're talking about early. It's not it's an honor off thing. It's a dial you in, and
unless you're in there, you can even tell how much impact this is doing any, how much it's really hurting you right. You know off from the outside and that's why two very important, especially like for the ties to have that stone face, word nothing's affecting them, because you don't really know this person. Could you get crushed whether with a right hand, in aid even mover show anything right? very difficult for a judge to say well this this punch should get this this man, a credit or or this much credit as a message? Is that pitter pat stuff? So you know it is very difficult thing to do and to do so directly and accurately, because there's somebody Airbus and thought some things you're, seeing or not, seeing depending on where you're sitting how you viewing it if you're in there, if you're out there, if you're on the left side of learning the right side of the ring, there's there's it's too complex, a thing too. That's why you can never say anything about it. A decision like off it's such a difficult thing
do you know not unless it was so one sided? How in any way, could you view this? But if, if any fight is relatively close, I don't see how you can complain really about that because, no matter what sometimes you're going to be on one side of it, sometimes you going to be on the other side of it. Where maybe you didn't win and they gave it to you. You know, things I love, while talking fighters and especially about putting on a pod gas, as I think it gives people the impression of fighters? The like us, my impression to what I have learned? A lot people, have of the room impression there. This impression that fighters raw, hey, I'm a bad money fuck her mother for the world and kick ass and but really the very best fighters are almost all very intelligent and very complex people, and what what you do when you fight when you compete? is like a representative of your focus, its like all the stuff that you had to do to get to that moment, especially after you ve done few times. You are aware of
the demands- and you really know, risen to the occasion and more than one time and you realize, like all the variables that are involved in it. You know it's cool talking to you guys in and in going over that stuff on it, sort of, I think, there's people who are listening right now, like he's fucking, either sharp so lot going on to this. That I didn't think is it's a thing that you don't. You know see the whole thing. Sometimes ever ever it is. We see like when it comes to fighting you're viewing fifteen minutes of something someone put their entire life into in Aragon. You judge them on this very small fraction of a moment in their life in that that's. Why waiting is one of them? I think more stressful sport. Things you can do, because we put so much into such a little thing that is viewed in this is the only thing were judged on we're not judged by how hard we train how much we kill ourselves are the things we had overcome in the jam. It's like what you did
that day. In that moment, how how you came across is means everything You know I mean, whereas other things he there's other with other ways around eight and you like you, can have a bad day, but tomorrow can have a better days like this data is the only day and not the only day. Fifteen minutes or half an hour whatever it might be. Sigh football where there is a season and I'll go, will make it up the next game. People really, really understand how much goes into this and how much we put it in account. Every bad judges and bad roofs is like he s, life and death, like you, are literally have my life in your hands in your incompetent. I mean you in the you see you lose three times you get cut so sometimes twice nearly so I mean depending upon because a lot of variables that that are involved now, but what But fighting is to me the way I would like to describe it as high level problem solving with dire physical consequences and so
when you watch. Someone is absolutely sensational at it. You know like what you watch and Anderson Silver in his prime here. You see some guy who's just figured out a way through this puzzle, honest Ehrlich, stored in every way and there's there's a beauty, that that I, I think, The people that really love and appreciate fighting can can understand it and can feel and see it I always want to try to find a way to express that people like. Do you see what I'm saying you know cause if you saw what I'm seeing you'd be fuckin freaking out just like I am yet stuff men, Russia. He said if, if you don't have experienced, its border of trained or for yourself like you, you can appreciate it as Much as someone who has an end is just viewing it from from the outside. You know, like you know what listen to this, you know how hard it is. You know what it feels like to get hit. You know what it feels like to to have to come. These obstacles and training and preparing yourself for a fight is not just this
surface thing, like to entering the fighting over stunt. When you There were some recent event that what was it. NBC or whoever was put in and into they spent like hundreds of millions of dollars on boxing they had a few events, they lost a shitload of money and then it's done it's out and it falls apart. I watch some slight dynamite. Damn they put so much effort into this if they just put together of fuckin stacked, moist a card and justice stacked one, and just let me when I put it on prime time tv just like they do with Fox with the. U have see, I feel like you can't miss really do. I just I feel like it's one of those things with a product. Is there the talent? Is there that the fighters are stab yes, so much high level talent, I mean when anybody what does my time even in on tv life, especially there like If this follow up with it is the only guy like were, has where's the spent
Where is this busier? You have your face: of exciting shit? You should be a phantom right. I mean it's. It's who said earlier that there's somebody variables that go into it and it's just a matter of, though all those right pieces coming together, at the right time, a saint just like when the you see really started blown up, Seven banner and Forest Griffin fight like how long it about around how many amazing fights had been going on, and it was just that the right time, the right people, the right thing, blew up yeah I was twelve years old. Alot of people forget she was twelve years old along did they show how much money is like how many promotions came and when it's the same, with more Titus, you don't know what the right combination in the right time is in for one day those doll, those pieces will come together. If, if now word is doing, who can vote. We have now
you as a fighter in your thirty four, now thirty six thirty six. This is in our when you're an athlete. This is the you know, there's a there's a window. I think Sanchez. Thirty, six to the others limit. Where there's a window, there's like where your body is going to function at the level. It is our right now for a certain amount of time, and not much more. Does that? Does that fuck with you? Does it when you think sometimes you know after after her who really bad losses. I lost my. I lost my world title by star region, then I got knocked out the next fight. I was really struggling mentally with with a lot of things like our own. Can I still do this alone, To all to do this in an hour. I had all these questions in my head and what would I realise what curing help me realize or before I one that I d him see title in Peru? Was I've had these questions from day one- and I am too old to do this- are on offer good enough. You know, but my
answer has always been the same, do I love to do this? Yes, can I physically still do this? Yes? Well, then, I'm gonna do the best. I can and give this everything that have an that's, not gonna change. I don't know if that's gonna be over today, tomorrow, ten years from now You know I mean so as long as I'm physically able to do. And as long as I still have a love in a passion for this, I to keep doing it, and I've been asking me how me how I wanna keep doing this fervour over ten years It is an expression that a fighter lives and dies in their own mind when you're at your bass. Like your tell me when you're sixteen, you felt invincible, you know when you get when you hear your confident you can pull the trigger faster. You have more believe in yourself. When you're saying I'm just gonna do my best like when you win. Is there a thing in your head that says man I wish I was in that state, where I felt invincible or does, not matter yes and no definite? Does there there's a point? Where
thinking, you're invincible. It can backfire shorting light, like you think about like Thyssen, court use invincible, but as soon as he lost that he is, he could not. a common, have you ever heard ties talk about what was going through his mind when he was walking. To the reindeer. Have you ever heard and do a thing that you haven't? I again loved that recording I've played that, like thirty of you, got it to that shit up, checkers there's something about that where it so wrong. It's attitudes after he had been retired now and he had just was kind of reflecting about
the nerves that would go through his mind and ordered the echoes, a timid nation must gradually at them pretty much intimidated. They left the faintly footing got hit, was gay ended and honest good really be disguised. Thank allegedly. If then, the rainwater Sunday come into the result. Commentary on Globe now. Stop that true bomb and dressing room. Five minutes before I come out my globes at least up breaking my gloves down and put on pushing eleven back my work in the middle of the globe from another computer stood a film. I knock appear thing after type ever gloves on than ever less back from combat supreme coffins, I'm scared to death, I'm totally afraid, I'm afraid of every member Fraid of little them afraid of being merely aided by totally coffin close. I get to ring more carefully
close up more confidence. I get the closest more confident I get all during my training. I've been afraid of this man. I thought this man might be capable of beating me. I've dreamed of them beating me, but that all, but I always stayed afraid of him, but it was closed. I get to the ringer once I mean I'm a god. No one could be me Yes, yes, it is necessary to give you good lunch, my God, my god, I fucking love that I love that, because Dat What you're saying about all that war for that one moment does so much mind. Fucking going so mentally and ass a thing like people to say how mental fighting is and they can really appreciate its own and ass. The hardest part is, after you have been broken to still get that back, and that's a very tough thing to do so. if you ve gone undefeated for so long, you finding lose lot. Alot of people come back from that novel,
people get back to the level they were like. I was very fortunate. I lost but crush my first fight in and I was two to overcome that into bill myself up in and help it motivate me, and then I went under when, like eighty fights and row after that, but I saw a lot of people go into fitted for ten fifteen fights and they just had this maize and confidence areas crushing everybody, but they are also now- learning a lot of very important lessons that they needed to learning so once they finally lost almost destroyed them in its very tough to get so far in a game in and miss all these lessons. You need to learn until you are forced to learn them, It remains a year. If you can fly, and a way to learn them as well it, but nothing teaches, is good, is losing this also losing mean you seed and Emma may, like fighters from different disciplines may be grappling. some like that lose by Kale for the first time is a completely different animal yeah. That's what happened with me when I say well, my two losses like I've never been ignored.
Stopped ward and stop, but not how not no really hurt or really knocked out before an inherent twice in a row, and it was, it was really devastating for me mentally to have that happen and to try to get back to where I was proud of it. just skill, skill, skill skill, but that there are so many other factors I go into the scene of the way the way that you think about things, it's like being com. But not overconfident being confident about in understand. the danger in the things that are keeping a sharp without without affecting you. It's like it's like the finding that balance when being too nervous into com, but not always more way way to calm like from oil, good and I always no kind of a com do yeah most time, you're very mellow veto in the beginning. I thought everybody was like that and then and then I would see people get ready for fighting the freak out like that
walk, and I can't do this. I can do this again to his in these like high level. People warm and watch em like jeez mandate was wrong with you. I am awaiting a nervous about your amazing rainbow, but I've one day I realize I being too com is in so great either because I wanted to, if I once in, like, I know, a drowned arm like half asleep man? You know about the fight in the skies Cumnor across the ring from him like I would urge this guy's gonna try to kill you better, get going, It took me a whole round to get back into that mental zone. Yours the cowboys thrown a video of his breakdown. Walkin walk into the cage. Now come on some issues like that with some of them out his hasn't mental yeah he's an idle approach, says and everything it is really good is really here changed a lot of stuff in here.
Game and he's a guy that has survived some pre devastating losses and come back even better yeah, and that's that's. That is really the kick has no my eventually. If you do this long enough, those things are gonna happen here and how, if and how you were them is really. What shows you went out with a great fighter? Is that any? and it goes around winning unjust, crushing peoples as great I'll. But if you have an We come back from total destruction, you're, not a complete fighter items yeah cowboy, since the LOS Angeles fight is the best version of cowboy ever and before that it was the pet. Despite the petty party got started and let us fight came back better than that he's a guy that is like the adversity builds him It makes him stronger Have you ever work with a psychological coach or yet little bit backgrounds in Vegas? You know originally started doing it, because I broke my hand three times in a year, and I was always Rousseau: has it to throw away like it. It's always painful
and stuff in our era, just like mentally couldn't get over it, and I started a thousand originally started, working with a mental coach with like a hypnosis Bobo more distant. Getting getting to that right and mine ferny my going into the ring, and then I started going from their as like very specific things. I wanted to work on cause it's all about. having that right. tell me when you get in there or when you're, getting into training as opposed to just going through the motions, and you can get very especially when you ve been doing this for so long. You can get very comfortable in two months ago, and in that that's one of the problems I have had especially being calm as I am it's very easy. For me to just be like eyes whenever he- and I were the sooner so you I'm sorry- dude tsars exists. Your mental coach would help you with your mindset for training to prepare training training as well as fighting me. You know what kind of savage work on like work for training
Just having that that that that, like I'm here for a purpose, I'm here to two very specifically bill, I sell a gear re for this fight, I'm not just the unnecessary work out. You know it's a difference between working out and training right now that something like you're very focused on that Ask at hand, and why are you doing this you doing this to be the best in that and there, like you're getting rate for this day? you need to give it all. You have this very specific moment. It instead of just casually getting the training? You know you doing everything you're supposed to do, but if you're not mentally doing that, as well when you get into the ring you're gonna fight in that kind of laid back casual way. As opposed to this. Being this very dangerous thing you doing, so you're training, you're you're, specifically gearing up to an event. Yell angels made ironwork dialing. Everything in you know what I mean in in unison,
people have more of that automatic thing. They're like one I'm in the Jim, I'm very focused very determined, I'm doing this for this specific goal, but but after you known this for so long. Just becomes like that. I'd get through to do it in it and almost get lazy mentally, not the honourable lady physically I've always push myself almost too much better mentally. There have been times when I'm one I've had those. Those bad fights is one of allowed myself the slip, whether that's because you Lloyd, what is more, the personal spy didn't didn't give me first, in my mind or or there was things going on outside the gym or family, and then you know, pets, and things like that that the kind of baroque certain things me down we're out still doing the work but mentally I wish, is broken, yeah released in ships are a big one, with fighters right now It only see fighters. They get a break relationship or they have a crazy girlfriend- is something tat is a lot of fighters like
the body monies to work with fighters, and it would seem like every time his fighter was getting to get ready to compete. His girlfriend have some fuckin, major drama and Chile Wakening MOB and build a nine scream and Adam, and she wanted to fight like he was gearing up to a fight because he was pulling away from her and com training more on what this event was going to be. So she, didn't like the fact that we spend less time painted extra. So she start getting super needy, fuck em up every time, this stuff man, that's why you see a lot of fighters, leave and go away too. perhaps in thy boxers and stuff, though Natalie town and me no set of shop somewhere else, because you have to be so far on this one thing I'm here. Your life is on the line. Even just in the general life is online. We really really think about it or or you'll put so much emphasis on it. every day we get in there we risk of injury and death, which is obviously a severe case, but but it happens definitely in and if you're, not
taking the necessary precautions in going into it with it without right mentality. Then you can get her really, then will you are gonna cyber really lucky in I've ice I've been with cancer. Sixteen so he's not alive in my coat, but has also been my MIKE my mind coach. He knows me so well, you know he knows ass. She was wearing it paths of something's going on you know, and in my head or anything he knows by just my mom My body movement he's like what's up what's going on right, it does get out come on arrogant arena work with. What's the deal in a hee, hee, me so well that he knows he He can see my way even despite my taxing whenever an No, I'm really lucky and ass. I important to have in its like not just a great culture, great team, its having, people around you who know you right. You know they can see these elements that maybe someone who you haven't been around long enough wooden see before they meant to pick up on. Just that's very subtle, vibe. You have my dear by what the hell is going on with you. Even though,
you're doing everything correctly your train and really hard, but, like you can see that that thing that often their head in, like that's, what it's great to have people who you ends with and have been around for a long time I can see, and here you can see than me, and I do like, We talk about something. My working, you make movies ease back a little bit needed like fix. That thing, whatever mean they're, so many things that could be. You know I mean what it's? U over, think it my fight or whether it there's some going on with someone outside the jammer use out. You just got a bad. Fiber it's in its no. When sometimes go, take a look that back, maybe not push yourself so hard, but I gave indices back a little bit. You it's a high. about finding that winning combination, whether you know and obviously your mind set. What you need to think about is probably be different than guest on toys and how we gonna be different. Then you know to fill the black chosen. Things mindset everybody's got their own little. Weird, tweak e shit
they have. I can't just tell him all right you this rife. I will not have so many people ask me with which I do mentally delaying prepare. Myself am I. I have no idea where I don't even know for myself what that is cause it's a constant learning in it. Nothing can change every Kapital people like that the light hair was sharp work at nine o clock is a coffee break at ten thirty, you know anew They go to lunch at five p m. They go home. I know shit where Russia is that is by which dollars you doubt you'd hate it you'd hate I would hate alum. Why is stability can do this? Well, when you ve experienced life at ten like you We are living in your living, this extremely dangerous, difficult, incredibly complex life. I mean that the task of being a professional combat sports athlete is one of the most difficult jobs that is available to a person is really is its incredibly difficult, incredibly difficult, psychologically, it's not just difficult for its very difficult across the board
not a single fuckin thing. That's easy about it and to find the right formula to me. that thing work for you, it's it's so it's it's this so much involved here and you really have to pay attention to it, because that the longer letting slide in indoor realize. I pay your let in this slip over here, the harder it is there to make them Adjustments are foreseen like every day it's year on both sides of of too much or too little, of of one thing or another, whether its train and with it your mental approach, whether to die at withered. How much or how little you running their there, so many variables that go into everything. What about striking listening, you guys do a strengthening retained on stuff. What does it have to do anything like that? India, we do the body of a lot of sprints, it is really the peasant is everyday really out and again it's that thing where you have to find what works better,
for you on that day- in that in that. In that certain fight, it's like how much is too much, a little too little, I in your dial and that in constant and son Sometimes you gotta be located on a Monday tomorrow, but then you, a governor, like, does not work from it so were so like, sometimes just doing it for the sake of like yeah, I'm gonna do because I don't feel like I'm doin you to push myself. Sometimes I thought the wisest thing just pushing yourself for the sake of pushing yourself isn't is the right answer. You know I mean and in trying to find that is very difficult. It's like Us before about like what injuries back to where you should take this fight off and what an hour with what's whatsoever. What's a major step might like, like going into my world title fight, I busted my ribs like nine days prior I can even breathe. I can you move for two days and like a maybe you should not fight in yet I went through my head, of course, because I
can do anything I can in touch it, but I am always somebody like. I said I'm not gonna. Do you know how? I was broken, who is intercostal. Tear Ok, so the terror of the tissue in madrid- arabs- that's very painful, so it was when it happened. rivers sticking out like the carpet bag in a place like duct tape it down, and I literally couldn't take a breath how many have you been train? I still got like over a week ago. You know, and make Wade? I do all these things it's on online in bed for two days has taken these short breast. I couldn't lay down. I couldn't set up, I have just like I've been workin so long to get to this point- and this happens to me right before its eye is brutal to what you want to do. I one crushed him? Did you did you get a cortisone shot or anything you know? No, I gotta lotta body worked on.
to them my mind: coach alike, I was just like a little We have some touches me there, I'm done like em, my bodies, gonna fall even if I mentally strong, that's what I was so worried about. Like I'm a go out there and scarcely touched me, I'm a fallen like it or not. Me out. You know now. I was really worried about that, but I was Well, you know what he still has to do it. He might go. Hope might not even touch me you know me. I can't be so concerned about this one thing that We cannot allow this to break me. You know it's like at work. Why do you do allow things to break? You know like there's nothing, that's gonna break me! There's not going to stop me if I can physically get in there and do it there's a a fine line that people make, that they did when when their training in their putting together a schedule. There's a big debate, especially never may over. strengthen condition. You should do verses. How? much fight specific skills, training you should do where
you guys fitted on that, and how do you make the distinction? I feel a little. should be a balance between both you gotta, you gotta know why you're losing you think you have to do strength, conditioning definite, definite, deafening, Abso, India, you run there's a lot of fires. Other Emily Pfizer don't run around running spreading, striving listening, but again it's it's different for every person. Now, when you a running d run distances De Ruyter Hills miles at a time We are a lot. We, the shortest run that I do this for miles and miles was twice a day, so fast, you run hate miles and a day I mean Disraeli depending on feeling that David solely, therefore in whatever, but I Every day I have to get my running, oh as I feel like I'm not training really, so you do the run in the morning and the train at night. Donna siren Asia so Monday, Monday is. Can I go? Is not as long as lava day for me,
ok, I have a long transition in the afternoon within Tuesday I run than we do strengthen condition and then come back in the afternoon the hip pats than we all sports together. In also, kindly along a day for me. So you have a couple. they were just a big, brutal, crazy. That's like for work out, you don't! You know. you're running, burning, conditioning, run, work run again, pat work, sparring sparring. You know then Polo's Knickers ISIS the crossword in there, and I really tried. I I try to put everything that I can into my training so fight. They come some like there's nothing else I could have done. He has it, but you also have to find that balance between those things to say it's not what I can't a hundred percent crush every single thing. How do I can't sprint for six miles Russia pads authorities. I can't spar as hard as I can't kill. The bag is how it is. I can remain its right. What is it that you,
working on in that moment, you know, am I just working on my technique and in my things in my foot, work in my movement in as well as that? So it's not it's not like. Every time we do strengthen conditioning its is full on, kill yourself sprint. We might be, and then will, but later on a more general and more technical stuff. You enough, I switch it up and the gym How do you, man, that that balance, which is it what's interesting about as like. How do you know the right way to go? madam I dont fade or towards the end of his career means is obviously back now, but towards the end of his Emma make where he abandoned all strengthen existing, and he just doing fight training. Why regaining its it's? What works for the individual? You know what I mean like like. What would I do. I will I'm sorry, I'm until everyone you need to do this because then you're gonna be like me. We don't have the same schedules yet we'd right. We were very different. Anything we do. We will ask if together, but their law stuff, we don't do the same at all. What's the difference is between you two terms: training,
don't. I don't run as much as he is anymore. I used to I would like, though they are, the less I'm Runnin have hated it. Man I've done what I've done. The run Benazir benefit to you. Do I mean? Is there anything wrong with you not doing it? I don't feel so. No but you have to find a way to make up for that. You know like. I know people, hardly run law, but they also find a way to sample supplement that in order tat. They might do a lot harder backgrounds or love more around. You know when it comes to that, were you know, there's not just One thing like you have to do this this many rounds as this many miles you have to do you have to eat exactly like this, you have to do is exactly like this changes in changes for me daily weekly fight, every fights differently norm do more do less. You know. I've had fight where I could run cause. I've snapped all that means in my ankle and headed swim instead, you Know- and I still feel good now. I have felt like I just as much cardio, but I had do. I d make up for it:
how, in another aspects of what I was then you're, making up for this you're. The one who's got this schedule in your heads, others that mine fog of my slacking off pushy myself hard enough, and how do you know that Kanak that kind of comes from the way I came up? You know I came up with tighter, in her suit. In speak, English, you know I had to learn everything very much by doing it myself and figuring it out myself, you know I never had had people tell me what to do or what would I should eat what I should need everything I've done and learned most of what I've done and learned has been by application, I find it. It's a Larry S and fund a watch. When you see tie guys training with american people in Amerika, we would all speak tying. The tiger doesn't speak English and they're, trying to each of the text, and you know that just kind of like do
It will happen this weird thing when you look at each other and are trying to figure out what the other guys and lots interesting, because I didn't. I didn't really start thinking of how complex what I was doing was until I started teaching people. I've been doing this for almost ten years before actually started. Trying to train people and I remember the first time I taught somebody or maybe a seminar, someone like war just kick to do it. Do it Am I a warrior. Do this year this, unlike Jesus, like fifteen steps involved in just a kick. That's funny. You said that, because we worked out today and your very complex Emmi, you gotta mean we were talking just about the switch kick and I think you went on this. Ten minute ran up just all the different variables that are involved, and it was very illuminating law is awesome. I again whose it was I learned it by, doing it, but it was until teaching it that I had to figure out what all those steps were and which has helped me in I do in help me
improve a lotta. The techniques I have it is realising all will the complexity of every technique every movement in it and when I splain to people in and I train people a lot of it. It's just me like telling them how you do it where, where how I learned was like just just do it, I go wrong, go he's the best, like your fix this, unlike by watching in studying in that's how it really, how I learnt It was interesting and maybe unfortunate as you could train with a lot of people and they would never point out some of the staff that you guys pointed out today. It's it's finding someone who's technically per vision and understands had had a related nation, is one of the harder parts of being martial arts unless you're a self starters and do a lot more now today. Obviously, when your day, you can do you too, but now you just get online, you can watch a million, but you might find some shitty wants to have found some shitty ones on all sorts of things. Are they gonna fuck they're talking about on all sorts of different martial arts technique,
The thing that Canada, it's like the unfortunate partners lifetimes high level people didn't we We have to learn things because it came so naturally right. They don't have to learn all the fundamental aspects that go into this Nick, whereas some way that might not be as good, they ve studied a lot more in. That's why a lot of times, you'll see not behind. as the level of fighters be the better coaches cause they had. Study, it so much more and they had a really look into it and dissected that much more because they weren't well to or for whatever reason, who would so naturally, like Freddy Roach, go without a doubt he amuse amazing fighter, but it was a good fight really good violator fighter and employ he. You know he wasn't. He wasn't may whether right you know what I mean right where you know. Maybe pray, another the best Cochin World- I don't know, but I, like forty, has really had to develop that in figure things out in he can tell somebody else. How do you do that this dual I've had to figure it out, you know remain and that something like I've
gonna go out of my way to do like it was much more natural for me to do, but but throughout the EU years, I've realise that you know it, and how do I tell someone how to do this? I've had to figure out what those things are and how the way, how do I tell someone I'll do this work because I can just do it just by doing I can watch some may do so. My own do it, but how do I explained this to somebody and I've? Had it dissect my own self in, realize all these things and all these aspects of the technique in allows me to translate it. That does somebody else as well. As turn it in myself now You guys watch anime any see some. Unlike us, Stephen Thompson, that has very few elements of my tie, he uses, but he uses a lot of sport karate here, which is in a completely different stance, a completely different style, which it They can now, when you wash that's all. Where his style or when they do say I'll and is more time while the devil,
not really mean? What is it like with leg kicks in some techniques, but essentially he's doing a sport. Karate starts work. It was kind of the same thing with Anderson, so I just got someone storing an elbow to system is, has a clenched doesn't necessarily make it more time? There's a lotta arts that have those things. You know what I mean it. I'm not a view him as a motor. I find I think, of Anderson is more terrifying, not at all thought of himself as a mortified. That's, ok, bye bye I wouldn't have you whom has notified it will add. I almost never made any thing he did was very Malta. Even his clench was, I mean, that's such a fundamental basic clench. No, I mean, let's just because everyone else was so terrible at rights. I grabbed the neck, like you see that in high level, Malta guys going up and grabbing other by the neck, its inter position when they heard people when they get tired, very its view much us of struggling for. Dominance over under those kind of things like the egg sloppy ridiculous arm bar Yad Outta, my leg. It's like that's like day. One meter
so when you saw that, like the Rich Franklin fight, where do you live with a guy or anyone else? In the fuck like, how did he not learn? This is my first day in writing and what is even worse was a friend that train with that went out to help him for the second one, and he you didn't wanna hear like they did not want to hear that like do you don't know what you're doing because, as we talk about early these guys get too high level and think that their maybe more technology is good and right. You are like a kindergarten, but you don't know what you're doing at all. What someone didn't want to listen to them. Wow, that's correct, Z tries hard luck. So what was it the went out with him Anthony Brown or the tramp Irma. And he was specifically brought there because of his Malta yeah. What about? Why would you? Why would you bring You know me and if you can use now been brought in for people to make.
why, wouldn't you use what you brought me in here to do you know what a man like you brought me in for my motive for my knowledge in the singing in you just want to keep doing what you're good at. Why am I here? This is stupid, doesn't fortunate he's a nice guy, such a smart guy, who's amass teacher. Without doubt, how does not send a mass of its when people aren't people have a false sense of whether at in the sporting, what they can do, like you, literally no, nothing in it. But you have this mentality that dear decent at stand up, decent Emily tie and terrible compare to someone that really does know what they're doing right. You know our peoples standing is very elementary. If that You take another person and I'm gonna beat you without even like touching you, you don't mean shit and just let you mess yourself because you don't really know what to do. That saw it's crazy to think that someone could reach worlds.
bishop level in something that involves my tie, but there's somebody variables that carry out there's pressing issue. Yet the noise things are you can get away with a lot more like this, writing in Emma may, you can get away with because of those variables because of the smaller gloves. Because of the take downs. You know you put that person in the ring with even Moderately good mood, I've person, a moderately good boxer, they're gonna, get murdered right. I'm right right justly it can bring like a really annoyed fire him, but then I have any resting different defence or no jets. Then I can't do it be able decidedly examined was like an eighty year. It's well! That's why The appeals of Emma may is that the guy who wins is most likely the best fighter, because if it was, my tie or if it was just wrestling or was just use it. You would see someone who is the best at that, but when you throw everything in like it's, the kitchen sink get in there and that's when
You know you get to see like who's been amuse, even more complex puzzle. Yeah! That's why, like I've, never really understood the argument of like pitting this person again, that person or like who's, got the best Mauritania. We will know what doing more time for doing right so so that that our you mean that conversation is completely in valid. Like all of you to put this boxer against this move, typewriter, who's gonna. When I don't know what rules only fighting under their finance Materials- EAST bargaining crushed right, you know me well interesting dad. I wonder Boy Thompson is gonna fight, tyrant, Woodley, who's, the? U s you well to a champion and whose is super powerful ressler, but whose also training with Duke Rufus is obviously very talented knows. About my tight gray, coachman, when you see a guy like that, while there is, why keep bring enough wonder boys,
ask as it so unique in Raymond Daniels in glory was one of the only guys it has like that similar background and then Michael Page, of course, in Emma who fights for belt or has a very similar style to that sport, karate style. Why, the holes in that style like what's what's the pros and cons you see as as, unlike what we were speaking of earlier, it's it's. If you ve never applied that in a fight, a real fight, not not not point sparring, not not not not let the kind thing there. Certain techniques and things that are completely worthless and and Fortunately, in a lot of those sports you're, not you don't get exposed by that until its way to it to you're trying these techniques that you know, a decent person just gonna walk right through because they look good in their flashing in there on the paths and in an all that? But but when you have to damage someone right,
Well, obviously, Thompson knows how to do that. It knows how to fire in its using those techniques and putting that applying them in a more fight centric way, in its complete, a different thing, but when you see what it, what I was trying to get at is that such a weird style or stand sideways, and he leaps in and out any moves back and forth from the waste like a snake. I mean he's, got a lotta there's a lot of weirdness. Yet the way he he moves, and it's it's very difficult to find anybody that has that level skill with us? karate kickboxing, but also has a really good wrestling based here there, and I think, that's one biggest things in and why he is able to apply those things because because he can deal with that, the wrestling and everything else it goes into so That's what you see him thorough those techniques cause he's not as worried about it as someone who might be just as good as him with those things in her has zero ground a rustling. What they're not going to talk they're gonna get taken down crushed.
Yes, we're talking about your experience in a taekwondo went to school that you went there in the first days aspiring? He threw a location that I cannot deny air time to go see. Do it do effective so being able to play things in a real fight and being able to apply them in the air is very different right Firstly, we see Thompson can apply them in a real fight. What is he doing that you see that's different, play me. Obviously, not a muay finer he's kick boxer but like when used that stance that weird stance has sideways dancer. Think about that- oh, I don't think so. That was our enemy. The out I mean I do not at all. I wouldn't say I follow. You know me I want I went on in, but I'm not you know like paying attention to the fighters were tracking them throughout the years that much I'm just curious because you're, so my tie in all your style, so more tinier, I've seen expert out. I'm always curious as to like how person like you
observes an expert striker in sort of another realm lie. I think he's an expert at his become an expert strike. and I'm a man. So yes, he's applying all the techniques. Are he no one that he knows how have worked for him, and I am amazed, was different than if you get in the ring and do my tie yeah how many fighters, like him, have done my tie. Obviously, Raymond Daniels has done Kickboxing Zalm, yell at it, but it's it's another. One of the things were being able to apply the things from your, their sport into that is so like we're Zagreb, with the Raymond Daniels and Nicky hold skin, like he just blocked them down Bob crushing leg outlined to solve at its. Certain level economy You'll lose out like where you're you're, spinning flashy techniques are gonna. Work against. You know those those mid level guys, but you put them in there
the best in the world in a lot of that stuff gets exposed in is not working out. Sawa, leasing, tab This demonstrates the effectiveness of my time at the highest levels. You think it demonstrates the the holes and some others stances and techniques if I'm not flinching on. Things you do and don't really care so much about you happen, and spin around I'm walking on crushing you mom. You know that that's where that kind of gets expose. Still it's like like putting a boxer into a Muay fight on Madhu's, kick your legs and you can't punch me right made by you, take a boxer and teach them how to defend those kids, and stand in a little bit more of a square of way and where I can't use you use your weakness against you. Ass much you're gonna have much better success. Even if you never throw kick now, you just can take those kicks better and just kill me with. You your high level hands Will you you said that you have taken some boxing matches? I had four boxing footing and you just
did it to stay active here I mean they were all on like a week's notice. I one of whom was like day I got there like well This is what I was saying. I was having all those spiteful through and I went to this fight Swim, which I fight, and I told the promoter way ahead of time Might look at all these fights father, I'm not coming out there unless you have a fight for me. Am I not do you need to have a fight for me? I need you to have a backup guy for me as well. As I heard a word, we got it. We are like a call them forward the milk, so the guy Slogan find me right: yeah yeah, you had the bad guy to right. Yeah I get out there were yet both backed out so at an organ down like look man day of day around. It did, however, much of an issue. Oh yeah in I was like look. If you don't give me a fighter, you needed, drag your ass in the ring, we're gonna fight as I'll kill myself. You promised me we face. I am I get you something to show me. Am I, it's? Our weight in left came Yes, I will.
Got somebody but he's a boxer is doing here. oxen fight, and I used to carry my box and she's with me just in case in our bring my mouthpiece of my cup defines even if I wasn't fighting just in case you notice, glass, ridiculous things. That's just how we came up. You know what I mean in his own boy. You can, sounds like art. I must do it in this guy stand or the Hughes for economic as one use like twenty pounds bigger than me. I've never box the day. My life before and he's up. What is wrong with this guy is doubtless go mammies. I voiced twenty pounds everything my our care, like. Let's go That's some shoes, like Y, got some gloves less fight and I went out there knocked him out, and you know that was without my first time fixing her, but it was always like that, like a last minute thing where MIKE, I can punch me again, do whatever it can do. No Europe, pairing fur Emma may so why? How much different is your train? You still taking mortified, says well well right now or in the transition I'd just silent belt around them? I don't know
what's coming negative is gonna be kickboxing, maybe I'm deafening preparing for both. They haven't told you and I are familiar because without an old Carlo me Beyond button I mean my ma am a mate in a new movie hid the paths as I stand differently, I'm diff. I move differently when the asking you for Emma May in Ontario Autonomy around actually with the with the tea and with the eyes of Roma team pseudo. Well, the good thing about him. I may is it still I'll you do spinning elbows bad thing about kickboxing? Is he can't do spinning elbows people don't know. Is one of your signature techniques problem your signature technique meeting we had some spectacular, knockouts in Lyon fires, spinning elbows, thank you and the other, they take that away. What does ridiculous MIA and I am really looking forward to doing both. To be honest, I am looking forward to you now prevail, my boxing and really happen to exercise at the sound of fighting in a million we're doing I may as well, and I then you are fighting one
five in line fight while forty one forty Emma may arise out of nowhere alpine sorrow of forty five and go down to one thirty five. You say you make one thirty five year, big guy I get, I may want less time how much we are now by one six, over the earth tat far got everybody just killing themselves. To me is one of the most unfortunate aspects of fighting is the did the drastic wage cuts and just think the juice is not worth the squeeze. I just feel like fire itself is so goddamn difficult like why complicated, even for by dehydrating your brain twelve hours before the fire yeah. That's why down so much in having work of my Georgia. For my last three council has been great. What is Dolce got you do indifferently, just like the FAO. they sent. He sends me all my die. It's like you know before I we win, We I have like an off season diet as well. You know, so I'm just really getting really are
So do you have like pre prep meals that are in the little containers in the open them up and I'll pour on doubt out of the cave? Is a meal prep company that we have out there in Dublin and Kevin sponsored by them to it's really easy. So I just some, Am I die from Dolce? I give him might give out. I my diet and ask him I'm your brother week, our that's nice, judge deadly makes it a lot easier to and not have to worry about. Cook in they'll have to worry about any of that enters training eating in good. Does that is George now. What is primarily, what kind of foods are you eating and do very bad, and you have different results with different diet My last, I was pretty good I'll, have a out in the morning out in the morning with a cheer, seize him season. That kind of stuff then I'll have my. work on my second mule, the eggs and at night I have like fish or chicken or even like thou asparagus or broadly, I found out tat really successful
so, if you do very it like what d various far as like the fat content versus the carbohydrate content versus the protein content, and we do you mess around with that at all. I use I used to do mostly paleo diet is ninety four and paleo, except for a lot of America. My coffee, but now I actually I all these greens, like oaths and brown rise at night, and I feel great, I feel better with the I feel better. Without what was that What is the difference between adding the grains and extra car? I have way more energy interests to have a lot more energy. In my My weight is even lower than it was when I was here trying to do. You know all fruits and meets yeah. a certain amount of carbohydrates that a lot of people that are involved in like very strenuous shit like whether its triathlon sir somewhere on those lines like this logic, will it try me go with a key, degenerate die. I try that a little bit- and I just had no energy- did not work for me
I've heard that, like ours is thy fellow hours brain. How long did you do it for about couple weeks and now he s ass. The problem you're supposed to wait, use did not even doing strenuous for the first three or four weeks to body transitions. In my case I was you know, I'm always trying to get ready for fights. Rye is, and I have no energy. They know what they are Tito Flu I know some guys have made the transition successfully and then they they compete in. They do a lot of things, burning or fats. But I'm always curious about extreme people like people at it when ultra marathons people that are doing like things at her stream energy requirements it. Oh no! I was like the current time. Here's a I like a little as I do what the fuck are you doing for you, you, you need carves, you need Zuni. He need us tat I was young, I don't have any juice man. Well, if you
talk to Mark Citizen who he calls his died. The primal blueprint idiot, let the whole problem with the term paleo, is that the paleo effect era, the aid allow grains mean that's just not historic, the accurate is not a good word for it, but the people that are successful with it. Apparently it require theirs there's a curve where you you go through that Kido Flu, stage for a few weeks, and then you get better and then if, but I've talked to people in need. We'll get better. I'm gonna know some friends, Jujitsu friends, that went through the whole process and didn't train hard for three or four weeks and got themselves to a state of key toasters, but just did not feel I mean I know works for thy power. Lift her sense of white linen do believe about me as a fighter person. experience of a little bit out. I just we are doing well you there. You description, shows me that you didn't really get through it, that that's that's kinda of two weeks monsieur He told me, like I'm Marxism, when I did, he told me, don't do anything hard for three weeks today thing
so, even if you like, on the treadmill for forty five minutes at a slow pace, that's right too much. I think that was a mistake and I was training just as far as I was Zyobite Trinity lay vows. It takes your body takes body awhile apparently to make that adaptation, but it is controversial, meaning works for me in a worse for some people, but obviously my lifestyle is now the same. Energy requirements that are left out does retraining for fighting lamb and, like all things you got a fine words are best for you. That's what I like you I'll I'll make the adjustments I feel like a need, if I feel like it, needs more cars for more drains and on a certain day urge going into a sir work on how nicely I would salad specific die, It varies enormously. How I'm feeling was working. What's not working, you know what you guys get blood work, Don T get your blood were checked out. I am, I actually have gonna buy in Vegas, who does then years back Oh, I had my boy looked. I it was Mr Mann. I had a lot of plaque in my blood and stuff and ours.
The surprise it look that has really unhealthy. I never were known that if I never had gotten it done and what will you eating the time just say of our meeting. I think it was, moreover hereditary thing than than as far as my diet rule. Yeah well. I got me on a lot of like the red, algae and and- and I remember nothing, but got it completely clear. It was just crazy to see it like. I could see the blood and like to show me like you know how it's moving around, so they gathered a big chunk of the crystals, there is. I guess I good man if this goes through worse. I use like really surprised by how bad it was this guy doktor ers yoga healers Not only is it a phd legit here as a people you'd be amazed, world class athletes and go to cracks and although I will come back and ties of they bombed, bouncing out my alkaline in my energy and my progress? What what's goin on? like I was up it was. It was nice to visible, he be able to see it like him, take the blood put on them, but I think it's you
writers, internet users, yeah. Why, like a projection up on the wall, they had cleared it up within like a month or two. What about like vi- in supplementing or things on those on allow hooked up with on it and all their amazing stuff serve an omen hooked up, taking all their multivitamin and things like that which it out. I think I wish that really matter are we try try to get the best share? Their self is awesome. I mean I I have days in authority in the camp and, unlike do like, I cannot like even where my diet and everything like you're so sore you, you busted your ass for so long, and I I just cannon I've taken that awful brain Servan, like those of put you on for sure, like integrating take before worker yeah, lotta people dont, think of it as a because it's you think of it as something for for mental energy, for your memory or offered no alacrity. I like at this point I think there is by and I feel like, I'm I'm on a hundred percent. While I feel
gum? Mental fatigue is a huge factor in physical fatigue, which is one of the written questions. I want to talk to us about source. of inspiration deuce, do you actively seek out inspiration certainly flowers, was it when I got knocked out eighteen, seventeen from us No doubt you know, I had a really bad time after that like, I said I was invisible and then add a really bad. wake up that happen and then carry him brought cabin, to help me out so Karel Van Miert inspiration for glass in offices he moved out and every day, the scene, this guy, you know how hard he works and how everything he puts on the line every day, like does be mine. My inspiration says- and you know I mean I knew come before- that the first, the first time I ever saw Kevin, I thought I saw him fight. If I was you lose with you, he fought code. I was supposed to be in the car of the five fell through it,
watch it and then I'm going to kill the site is like he's been against our valued, why highlight Coke as they do in line with this format, Genoa and he does dollars when I was a damp who's that because I have further. They do why boys about smash. You don't know. Camera stewed is about smashes guy now say outside Africa, lousy dude does menu refined, that's funny train with them, but meant was due seek inspiration. I T read books about separation, or do you read anything about mine, said or psychology anything or science. I realize it's more more long lines of a biographies and stuff like red meat, Mickey Wards book amazing and now it's unbroken book, which is unbelievable, what's unbroken it's the day. Minimum
Angelina Jolie made that movie about it, but it's about the guy's name. So there yeah. He was a runner and a world agreement to lose really and like those the japanese people, torture, known, tat it, but I like read that book man like like movies like such a small fraction of what this dude went through in like see and how much stuff he overcome, not once not wise like every time, you think there's no way this gagging overcome this data again. Did it dairy Anterior, like an unbelievable stuff manner, What am I more favorite books, but like like people like that, I'd say I seek that out that look through look for stories of inspiration, you know not just fighters, but any in any ardor aspect of life in general on seeing the things that people over com is, as I said earlier, you you if you go in,
get anyone story who's ever made it like. You take inspiration, Berlin like seeing the struggles they went through its it's it's on. We will in n, you know one when we don't know these things we think of ourselves as the only ones that have to overcome stuff or our dealing with things that that might us, It is downright like war that I had way worse than I ever did you know what I mean. That's, why I've always treat try to be very vocal about the things I've struggle. Where than over common like the first. I bid you ever had done for me. I was very important for me to show myself get knocked out and dropped in all these things in my area under shows these highlights life like it gives you a very skewed perception of what it is we have to deal with and go through, especially to reach a certain love. like its terrible man, had left? We go to a lot and people don't know, you to see that the end result of all this hard work and you see the glamour and the lights in the highlights and stuff Maybe you don't know what people without overhead come within dealt with things old, crushing most people. I think No, it's really important about in
operational videos and books and biographies and things on lines is it gives you an insight into someone's perspective that you you, you can find parallels if I'm parallels to your own life in it, it normalizes some things that might just seem incredibly confused because maybe to you it's the first time you ve had overcome something that so difficult. But then you find out that other people have done. It is well in a kind of it. Did you you- can take a lot of comfort and people that have gone before you know like we have all had to overcome. So yeah. You know I mean like just sitting down and talk to somebody like here in their story. You know it's it's it can be very inspirational and in really help you overcome anything, you might be phasing in and again. That's all. I've always been tried to be very vocal about my stuff, worry in like share. Some of my fight experiences or training Spain's our life experiences, because you know most people, but they don't ever
you're, that side of of of of a famous you wanna, call that, like that, don't see that we'll it doesn't get put out there like, like. Like the successes. University european success. We don't see their failures. Why that's one of things thanks interesting about you, you have seen very telling guy you're a guy was gone through a lot of things, but you are also a guy who wants other people to know that you ve gone through all these things there. Guy who wants you, you, you are assuming not just as role of a fighter but you're. Also assuming role as a mentor and of an example to to those are coming was something that's been very important. Yucas like as I was coming up before? He took it, living like. I don't have anyone to look at me like what he did it? I can do it too, so it was very em. It's still is very important to me. Well This important things to me to show people that they can do it. You know into to show people
When I see how late I started in and where I was in the things I have overcome, because when you once you ve seen that someone's done it before you or similar and overcome these things. It makes it that much easier for the experts others are really amazing book called the rises Superman and are of your red. They talk about like, like that. The leaps we ve made in an athletic cell in other more talk about like extreme sports in mourning. Things are talking about was the year in the form of a mile in his like that used to be physically thought of his impossible, whereas it becomes a requirement for people to do in my kids in high school, are doing well. were they used to think of it like there's no way you can physically do this There there were brought up, I think, was like the nine hundred on escape or like it was impossible to do so there's no way you can do this in their tony hocker. Whoever did it and now, like eight year old kids, can pull this off because you that thing that's it
it is impossible, becomes the norm in as soon as that happens. You can get the next week on the next all natural and the only way to do that is for someone to break through whatever that impossible thing is, and if in, if these things are put out, their people dont know about him still always viewing that that that that barrier as as this is as high as we can go, and in that sense, do you think you do do you think of yourself of yourself as a part of this process, a hundred percent yeah Harbison. I've always felt like I've, always known where is speaking about which I wear where the sport could go. You know coming I never thought I'd still be actively doing it while it out there and got the exposure it's been getting recently, but I always knew how be a person that helped it go along in. That was a huge thing that kept me from ever venturing full time into Emma or into boxing vows like there's only a handful of us
doing this me and Joe Shilling and Tiffany and kind, and a lot of other people as if I, if there only a handful of was doing this at this level and going out there in taken these almost impossible fight, and I leave hoo hoo hoo there to do this who's gonna. Do it I'll, be someone's gotta, go through the gate and give laid up? You know that first person has to do it. and I can't do like passes off on somebody else. I can't give up like that's going to make it that much harder for them, so yeah I've always felt like I needed to be the inspiration I wanted to see in the. And do you find great benefit, be able train with them, because because of that I mean that more money for a start, a training to go out I'll get dislike adrenalin dumps? How aspire them all? as I only got latest, I'm spiralling cameras and then like slowly. It will get better and like now become great trading partners and he's been a huge part of my career. Obviously I mean yeah
Well, you're, the up and Comer. You know I mean, and then of course you ve got guys, that are coming up that are in this. same place that you're a few years ago, and you get to see it now that it is this sort of law, crazy chain of events in this process that really. Essentially you only get a couple decades out of it. If you're lucky, you super shoot the lucky and its some it such an unbelievably difficult endeavour to do what you have done, and I am a fuckin huge fence this podcast is awesome, make a kid in the candy store. I hope people got a lot out of it. I feel the same way a man really happy to be here in this really locked arms is awesome. Let's do it again, some time later, when you guys are fighting we'll, do fight companion, how some fights on and they come and talk some shit
fine, your twitter is both of us guest on, but yours again, dream killer underscore belongs. You are done all assassin with the d, a solar sazen, that's my twitter as well as many beautiful. and Combat Sports Academy, how did they get a hold dear you, Jim Kansas age. You see say, Jim everywhere, I did, google it you'll get there. I folks thanks so much will back later tonight with whim half the ice man returns tonight at eight o clock by day everybody for tuna into the podcast, and thank you, too are sponsors thanks to caveman coffee. If you hear me fuckin going too hundred miles an hour right now talk about its because I'm just the bomb cave man coffee, nine, true, nitrogen, aided coffee and a small can form that put
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