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#868 - John Dudley

2016-11-05 | 🔗
Joe and John Dudley sat down to do a podcast while on a recent hunting trip in Iowa.
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state of the art work out facility with great instruction and tenth planet jujitsu go to honour decamp get you know you want to god dammit fuckin shit together and get on ninety dot com and that's it my guest today is my good friend my archery grew and my hutton buddy job motherfucking fucking dudley and we are in iowa ladies and gentlemen we're we're dudley ended up edward how can we didn't impromptu podcast some let you guys have it so here we go without further ado ladies and gentlemen the great john dudley will gain experience by my body in july from i do
deep deep in the mid west that's where we are unaware really jimmy was inspired by the lack of diversity in this town at that lot away people audio files why people and corn you know that the term corner and that was created yeah for sure who was i'm having a great i'm out here john dudley i've been out here my pal john dudley and again some archery coaching and doing a lot of bow hunting and were seeing now dear man i was like meda dear and corn dear corn beans and why people here what is its awesome the dear out here and credible i've never seen so many white tailed dear in my life definitely never seen we with the hunted for three days so far unsuccessfully but how
time saw lotta dear and today at least had a couple pretty close opportunities just you know if you know anything about boning yet you have to be assessed distance from the animal have to have a certain kind of shock is all your rifle for either i fall and animal can be three hundred yards away our knees a steady rests and a good rifle and that's that's a dead dear both with now you got a really ideally wanna be inside of forty yards if you're you know if you can but what we are seeing is these big giant mature wild too hundred and fifty three hundred pound mammals that are running around here these think of him that way but when you're around them like you're when drive down the road you look there's dear but when you're hunting them anymore
i contact with these things we kind of changes the nature of what they are if you like about that the experience that we had was over first and second the first the first day defer day decide we had a couple encounters than we decided to come down offer stand and i decided we do so we said one thirty or one forty we say we stop yeah personally said one thirty and then at once five he said he was so this is how that always goes at once five we've been in the stands at six hundred and thirty in the morning at one hundred and twenty five i got down and i'm getting my stuff we climb all the way down from the tree john puts his thumb on either side of his head like bullwinkle to make the classic sign of deer antlers and this bigger hawk and dear is coming down the way and first
a little dear came by and got within fifteen freedom me i was going to say tat it might ten feet in may i stand by this tree obviously in all camel and i'm not moving from this phrase and and young dear anne dear they might well be a different species i think they are they not legislate same hair they don't the same and deafening don't look out you the same so one young dear walk by me didn't speed all he was like within easily inside ten feet and then the second dear walk by he was inside of like twenty five thirty yards walk right by me but then this mature dear came by and he was his color was different and he spotted me immediately and here looked at me with his crazed intensity in his eyes and is so interesting goes right away i got ah that's why
people love to hunt these things look how smart that thing is it just lookin at me i mean i was frozen solid i wasn't looking at all and i was looking at him and he was looking at me and his eyes were wide like dinner plates he knew exactly what i was and he was like around this they just turn around and bolted but it was the electricity in the air and the the intensity of his recognition of me or so obvious and i remember think it immediately wow this is a really intelligent tuned in animal knows what a person as they know people equals hunting people that are out danger legal danger where the young ones on have any idea i took pictures and apple the picture up on instagram we we're sitting in the same stand the second day in is young dear came by and literally took a nap underneath us
that's right i forgot about it not only did he not know we were there any of shit it is laid down in a year old buck his mom is our being how she's gangbanger because is there in the middle there what they called the rot and if you're a non wildlife enthusiast right is one time a year and this kind of crazy thing if you think about it one time a year they have sex so the entire year everything's normal erase buddy buddy and then all sudden one time out of a year for how long is the last i would say three weeks and tell intensely through me for three weeks they lose their fuckin minds they lose weight they did they can't extreme they run out and traffic they get hit by cars and the there literally just a boner crazy
they have no idea what's going on and they go they they go bananas whilst i sent you a texas these poor suckers for three hundred and forty days a year you can't even find one but then all sudden they go far retired yeah imagine i was the case in people imagine you like a normal person and then one time out of the year you start on a sword the top your head just get gearing neck big around as your ways mean for me i don't know they lose those antlers alot of people dont even know that that don't pay attention to dear but dear grow antlers fresh every year and then what their done having sex and had done with the right there the answer get weaken it is fall off which is what a bizarre metamorphosis it has an animal action
now horn grows is fascinating me here if you shoot a dear that still in velvet and then holding that velvet and you have to in order to preserve claim velvet so velvets likeness fuzzy like velvet on the horn when it's in the growing phase before it actually hardens it's it's fuzzy like neo just like in velvet are full peace and then what happens is that all start their hormones are to change and their horns certain harden and then they rub the velvet off so let's just pure hard bone and really now right it's like gay it's like fingernail tight material what is it harder laughing and nails maybe your brow
it really is a super hard enough put he's had made out of one of your google can you google with computers out of you will do you it is a day there really fascinating animals on me a wildlife enthusiasts i've always been really in a wild i've always been fascinated by wolves and lions and predators and all kinds of weird birds stuff i've just of always been drawn like nature shows things along those lines but it's massively intensified since i started hunting we have here says the horns of a rhinoceros for me i care tat yeah that's the same stuff his finger and grow continuously we'll just google antlers instead of horns because when you you're a goddamn here what are our main of it was like the second visual bowen or how the hell do you call mourns antlers son are they steer hat was made of true bone tat is fed by the covering of
are they dear hat was made of true bone tat is fed by covering a velvet while you're right analyzer later i through but in order antlers made of true bone that is fed by blood which is care to the outer velvet covering velvet antlers are hot to the touch with brush hair and a waxy feeling coding dear need of protein and minerals to grow their antlers we say yes actually blood and initiate a buck in velvet you have to you actually to inject the velvet within bombing fluid so that they don't like tat in order to preserve them but it's amazing that you can you have to find the vain and the horn and push the embalming clue who in an actually flushes in the blood comes out the base of the horn how do you find a vain if there's
one there's one vain that runs the entire length of the main beam and there's one that runs from each time really strange i shot a velvet back in colorado last year and it's on my desk in my studio and they said how do you wanna take care of it like when i was getting treaties i get all my the heads what's called european mount style the european mouse like if you see a mounted head on someone's wall with as these the skin and the fur on it and then they have failed eyeballs in the fake knows that's like finally what you see i find it offensive it's a i'm looking at a doll tend to be the dear i shot there's a phone thing under their it's got fake eyes i know it's big but if you see the skull i that's a real skull rash patch book that that buck an awesome mass
we sent the one he shot on your show in colorado or in no way only one i am montana gives it wasn't lighted knox right right so i told them what you want to do with the velvet acid disease grave off they really offended delicate why he was grateful alleges does antler there right what do we want to do this let me now naked they do that nearer and nearer it like it the danish she back and i've had a winner you hunts with danish people in those sheila back and if it full velvet they struck it all off right away because it's not like it's almost like that i think they feel like they shot an arrow esa even though its in a fully matured because the time season opens that velvet is
on the verge of being rubbed off foreign is fully matured but it just hasn't come off so it but that's denmark right you know any better finances sector they barely developed they know to buy a distant fairly they're just how the caves scale agrees i gotta wait here if you listening from denmark were kidding foe we ve been absent six o clock in the morning five hours of regularly high having well whose heart having not with me today that october dude i have had got up at five but anyway we're out the door five thirty so we ve been up for a long time now the point right now it is almost ten p m and we gotta do it again tomorrow towards the last day of the surf and taboos hot here the great midway data via our what do you think i were hunting ass an amazing
what's a tradition here and it's it's obvious in order that we talk to all the folks the locals our friend craig who is the look of game warden you now gives all the details and all walls that's going down your neighbor show a giant he s a monster he's esther animal he's up idea but no what i really appreciate about i was ever great programme tune you haven't got to experience yet because we have got to go to the meat locker but i was a program called the hush and it's pretty much hunters feeding the hungary is really what it is is this a great programme to wear people are allowed to shoot to a tags for the
here too and they can donate that two hunters for the hungry programme so that actually feed like it goes the homeless shelters and things like that and its secondly like i told you in my county here i believe the number of antler steer that have to be taken is like forty two hundred extra tag as is usually population right we'll use you ve seen me how many times have we had the soul of the truck down to not hit a deer and even three days quite a few quite a few the sheer population numbers are pretty incredible and one of the reasons for it is that they ve done a really good job of making sure there's not over hunting they also regulate the type of hunting you can do where mostly its bohemian iowa you can shot gun hunt but you can only shot gun hot for a few days year and by the way i
there have above shot gun you can make a longer shout with a bow than again with a shotgun and a more efficient shot with a bold and timid shot i just feel like you get a joy more of nature s either yet what why that's it inside joke is a lot of people are blown ears from guns folks minor ring and right now yachats cams ring all the time to lady up and no less the guys who have been hunters their whole life who have really bad you're probably noah has your problems as scam is there i am not quite deaf as you are but he's got ringing problems issues again from shooting firearms on his young without your protection i where air protection every time i fire a gun every time smart nine reality i was never told otherwise except as last ahmed shah elk i shouted oakwood note your production
but where they ring in there now just once to tough fur too for your ears very that's very kind of you but not because anyone himself for years no bromides tough gods grew myers brought them up and seen some cauliflower you see there's no that's not a sound penetrating those suckers it's not good sound people is asking why don't have carve our ears i where you guards of always worn aircars for twenty years our ear guards i have a look tiny bitter cauliflower erlich your foot feel it here what it would come how far is if you don't know is when you ears get bent over a broken it doesn't have to happen for wrestling can happen sometimes boxers get it get me hits your ear if some hit your ear what it is basing its bleeding and when swells up with blood blood sits there and pulls up when it heels it
and so it literally becomes a rock like rain go to were used dr his cauliflower ear into his opponents eyeballs it is like a rock facilities that he's taken guys down and like he's clenching without any shove in his ear embassy there i saw an and using it as a weapon to drive them down but luck in some fuckin ipod ear buds into those things man you can't that's happening you can hear good either take your ears folks if you listening at home too your ears and then take the top and do this full them down like that and then here how different everything sounds and let him go you is designed a very specific way in that way is to catch the sound waves the sound ways come in it resonates off of the shape of your ear and it goes into the whole these guys and i know i know and turn a guy's whose ears are so fucked up they can't get your buds in there to where over you learn earbuds
so my arm and you're not really really common problem where they always have the big over the ear beats by dray just awaken boxers ok smart they sponsor the fucker but yeah but date it's hard for them to get ear buzz and they need them furthermore an air about how we got to airbus i wish i were well how do we go there another matter it doesn't matter burst caitlin generous nipples things were hired a writer alex i wanna go with things you can't on the ceiling yeah all the sudden they're big caitlin as big boobs i want to point out the political correctness of all the people in your hundred camp is anybody referred her as a she really
nowhere one of my buddies came in one of his buddies played call play golf yeah did a charity outing and then had a picture and it was they were surprised that there is such a transfer it is a surprise prize those going on well what do you think about this fight card ex fight tomorrow night yeah we're gonna come back and watch the fights after i kill a monster buck it's on the books soon the cards are making prediction it's big fight them an event is huge its heart those aren't joseph the former usc lightweight chant versus tony ferguson who is undoubtedly without question one of the best light weight in the world and a guy's been knock at the door to a title for a while it's a really interesting
why because it highlights a real issue with me right now and that issues wait cutting have failed saunders had a terrible way cut for the eddie alvarez fight i'm hearing a lot of life conflicting stories but all of them really bad now i should say conflicting i should say different stories but of what went on when he was making wait for his fight with eddie alvarez and apparently he was in bad shape a really bad by barely made wait for that and was yeah just really and physical discomfort and pain and just all screwed up in that way cut i think we cutting is one of the worst aspects of fighting i think i'd be worse than the beatings he's gonna take it see it visually nazi cuts in their face wheels he knocked out we don't see blood when their cutting weights we don't think of it is the same kind of damage that we do from a beating but i think it might be
ass bad if not worse i would say worse he could very well be and then even more worse is the fact these guys are dehydration themselves literally two death's door and then fighting rain killers twenty four hours later it's unavoidable its unnecessary i mean unavoidable its avoidable unnecessary and its foolish i think of its one was foolish aspects the fort the sport and in a we were talking today with some the guy's a u camp about like issues with them in may with a new owners are going to do now that the u s he's been purchased and i hope they institute a programme to eliminate wait cutting i think it is one of the biggest problems and biggest is a time bomb and she's waiting to go oftener based face and a guy like half el dos anjos is one of the elite of the elite
for he lost any offer us a lot of people including me we're making the argument that he might be the best lightweight ever you look at it knocked out benson henderson he beat the shit out of nato is he not cowboy geronium one round he's off working monster i mean he's a killer beat the shit out of anthony paris for five to win the title just rolled him over just beat him down make the arguments why the greatest certainly whether grace i weights of all time might be the best in terms of like champions and the guy was so depleted from his wait cut that he was like batteries passing out backstage now i just i just is that guy died but imagine god forbid right but let's imagine if a guy like that dies because of awakened in it has happened the last week the last death in emma may was in brazil and it was from us
fighter who cut weighty die died from white cut you didn't die from the fight itself i think is a terrible thing that can be eliminated and i think that if we do had you would see better fights i'm saying i think how i mean someone like that that seven it cut that much are they really are you really seen them at their bad you absolutely or not is no question about ya think cowboy looks way better ones when he's fighting heavier much better good he looks at once and i think that's it he was always always been elite fighter even a fifty five it at one seventy he lives in a world champion exactly yeah i'm waiting to see a title contention right there that way i think it's an old thing we are talking today about cyborg yeah you tell me what she walks around one seventy five she's so i went out and i said war jacked as she is how does you haven't she cut that much minute seems like an impossibility she does it is she
the strength of will george la carte whose her coach whose a really really high level nutritionist and and wait cutting expert and he gets her down our way but it's not pretty in others a video of her struggling to make war forty the way classes in the eu have see for women as of right now there's only two there is one hundred and fifteen and then there's one hundred and thirty five and they've experimented with one hundred and twenty five to talk about doing one hundred and twenty five pound weight classes like at idle at one hundred and twenty five but as of yet dozen yes but i think honestly cyborg said that really her best way classes even forty five will she's a champion of invictus her best way class would be fifty five from the outset and there's other girls out there man build it and they will come i think the ninety five would be a really good women's classed as you'd almost you'd must have that like market brothel
prisoners style you'd get some brill's just powerhouses in there that are still not to be egg where they're out of shape brag adjust and they could be like cyborg i think if he built it you'd have people coming from other countries that you probably don't even know about i think i think he certainly would after a few years now this s meant that i think they have to make with women's emma me right now women's emma mayors were men's emma may was when the u of sea was first purchased has largely been realized but when the euro see bought their will purchased from the old owners they live may the higher fifty five pound way class cause they used to have a one fifty five then they had a one seventy and then they had they had a middle way and alive heavy weight and a heavyweight still but didn't have anything lower than one seventy so a lot of guys either left for you have seen a fight in other organizations or they moved up to one seventy copy
one seventy some guys what really oversize or undersized for that way clasp so that's not enough obviously even the it's really important for a galley mighty mouse like there wasn't a hundred and twenty five pathway class which were mighty mouse compete we be able to see the letter fighter of all time compete in his perfect way class or one thirty five you know you wouldn't elsie dominic a cruise compete as optimal way class one for value and be able to see josie aldo gone a reign of terror for all those years wouldn't be able to see conor macgregor fight one for five and beat aldo and then fifty five it for for the long time fifty five is one of the most competitive and talent rich divisions in the usa didn't even exist and in our so i think that the eu i see if they really want to make that commitment for women's mma they should have a full range of weight classes for those girls to compete at i think they should stop
maybe even lower than one fifteen mean you could you can make a real strong argument for one hundred and five lb women's class awhile five at one hundred and fifteen to one hundred and twenty five and then i think we leave trend of those ten pounds per week last dad is the men's divisions well this to be the bat the gaps in the men's divisions are way too big there's one seventeen in this fifteen lb tire one eighty five that's a big jump and then this too many pounds above that eighty five to offer twenty pounds think about taking twenty six teen out tiburon stakes that's bigger that guy is than the amber form then you go to five to sixty five so think about taken sixty t bonds six zero stack up thinking but although horse power that comes with all that way is theirs to that the gaps are too large near is too few way classes so i think
do you see it would be they would be very smart for them too make more way classes do away class every ten pounds and eliminate the way cutting if they could and i think it can be done there they're probably have to get rid of some champions though not get rid of but they don't have to we have to move your eyes around young and the peace or war champ then i'm going to want to do that you know you're not gonna believe it can be a hard fight elgaali dominick cruz you can't cut weight and i want to see the world champion is hitler's man what do you weigh one hundred and fifty five going to have to fight at one hundred and fifty five why should it be interesting to see how much better a fight we see yeah if people were i mean there's obviously gonna be a position were people are getting good shape because there's a lot of fighters now that the testing happening to wear that when they come out
can tell their not as a noticeable really good shape is what they were at one time jack year that it knows muscular and at sea a kind of seems like maybe we are given the same class of fighting times with some gas with some year with some guys but some best guys i don't think that's the case has like mighty mouse mean you know is still the elite of the elite you now you got on a fifty five any alvarez look sensational fifty five and you know you know issues with it he looks just as good after they ata testing as would you like a tyrant woodley passes like a flying color and if anybody looks like air some sort of science project is tyrant woodley said the best bill gandia see clean as a whistle just arson genetics and hard training you know and then you go up to one eighty five yellow romero is the king and the freaks and he's a free is frank than ever free
mean that guy's exact iceland steroids you just go what will you know some people just have amazing genetics yet those people their walkin around at their weight they should be and yeah i think that would help the whole story or if they could figure out how to do that if they can figure out how to eliminate the way cutting and do it smart and do it over you know a period of time and figure out a way to a stab new champions and new divisions and and give financial incentives to do in this latter now for your own good for everybody's good is nothing i've been leaning do you want to lose body fat and you know and dropped down some weight in a natural healthy way but this dehydration shit it's gotta start here time bomb it's a ticking time bomb and its waiting a blow up in the face of them exciting sport in the world and i think it's totally avoidable and if your if your training away these guys or training
losing your access bad anyway will you also what have you eating right fortunately some guys like look it you know look at big country right listen trains like a madman easily shit that unfortunately is like a madman do you know you can't say that just training is rise not out of shape mean that sound crazy to say when you look nobody's not out of shape i mean if you if you underestimated his cardio mammy train for this guy he's back i will beat your ass a real good shape but just edith carries too much excess body fat well arteries always talked about how cowboy likes his candy yeah but he stopped idea yea did say that while i was started get into on it he started into on it supplements any started listening to real nutritionists and he just
clearly altered his diet and for the first time in his life started supplementing and take the view that i gotta madame taken off these boots motive goddamned boots all day we haven't done we have done almost nothing but yet i'm exhausted the irony of this this white tail hunting he sinner tree stand all day we are familiar in total a mental game it is it is only on him its mental and it's completely for a guy like me take me completely out of my comfort zone i actually take video view second morning we're about two hours in and i could tell jos you say this is bull crap cause like later this year thirteen hours he was you did it you did you're doing twist easier like go inside the sites like twistin
then you're doing some squat throughout this year like like do reflect quarters squats then you etas peanut butter and jelly sandwich then he like drink your coffee then he took the lead the horse and the first word strike at aunt ro prepared brow nature when it goes down there still think to say you is all this time and we think about all the time you prepare acts archery united practice archery i try to practice for days a week if i don't play just for days a week i get upset with myself i liked pacts every day but something that doesn't work out but i can usually get in at least an hour or so for days a week so that all these weeks and weeks and weeks of practice and some we should do our practice three or four hours you know and so on just shoot an arrow after arrow after arrow waiting
for one moment we're an animal turns broadside it's like it's almost like it's not as crazy as a fight because there's no physical consequences to me but it's has crazy in some ways because literally depends on one execution of one move one execution the release of a perfect arrow concentration in the focus has to be perfect the launch that arrow wash right through the vitals of wild animal that has no idea you're alive doesn't even know your there until that era gets launched in that that to me is one of the most exciting things about archery when the most exciting things about it is how much it does get you out of your comfort zone how much it so different than anything else you do because i got five
a fight is more dangerous for you is more physical consequences more nerve racking scarier and by you got some time like they shut that guy and you know they say are you ready ready to get it wrong about sometimes you get knocked out quick answer the deadly happens but most of the time especially your good and you you intelligently you're moving around and you avoiding trouble trying to solve the problem and you know it's up to conditioning in your training to expire hence this thing and try to get through itself it all goes well you ve got through a three round or five round fight so long as case scenario for championship round our main event twenty five minutes on twenty five minutes you have enough time to figure out how to get it done and solve the the riddle and the puzzle that european presence in poland a young
one execution some months and months and months and months tag in iowa super hard to get for most people he put in and you might get one every five years and what a tag for people to know anything about hunting the way there keep the populations healthy is they regulate the amount of people that can hot so have a limited amount of people that are allowed to hunt in the great state of iowa here tag every five years and when you get the tag do you have is made days you have off work that you can make it out here to get it done as a tremendous amount of pressure you have one dear tag it all boils down to one shot one wild animal feed attention while shit lot on shit psycho i mean that's like saying you're gonna be in a fiber only a navy one punch year each you get gets one and we'll see you wins sort of but
how can i get it right and your punching them whether of eastern format jacket in era gone how my feet point two hundred and ninety feet a second always somewhere around here thou you'd be equivalent to a hundred miles fastball i think yeah hundred mile fastball with razor blades at the fact that at the outset we that's really what it is but as you we watch the world series if that's what but as a discipline its there is more to it than just the pursuit of an animal is a bunch shit going on and i know people get tired of me talking about hunting sometimes name some people were like animal lovers or vegetarians something it really angry and then they like these protests but i just try i'm just trying to relay what's going on
in my mind and my thought process that this is a good it's like a meditation like a discipline ben this incredibly difficult task through it you're you're trying to each i too like find the layers of the onion he trying to deep dig deep into the heart of the thing to find out what it really is reveals itself to you even archery reveals itself to you through the intense pressure above hunting there's like archery when there's a target and your twenty yards away from for you draw back and try to hit the x there's a little bit of pressure and then move the site back to forty yards then is a little bit more pressure and then you the back to eighty yards who has a long way to go to concentrate then all these arrows then there's an animal
and then there's an animal and it's moving and its walking and why you have to do is wait to the moment with that things stops and theirs tremendous pressure and this tremendous responsibility and theirs mendous consequences the vastly you want to do a see that arrow fly and hit that dear that dick and have it run off scream any like now and you realize not only does not kill you maimed it is probably a live as guardian pain for months or not you dont want that so you have this massive requirement in massa responsibility of you and through the intense pressure of this discipline archery reveals self it reveals itself it is a marshall are you know our people don't look at his martial arts you not thrown kicks choking people but archery was due i loved initially for war and that's what
a fascinating things about it is is developed as a weapon both to hunt and to kill other people nets really what it was intended for yes definitely one of the most advance penetrating because armor came about right and in an arrow as a projectile is extremely efficient penetration yes because it's it's heavy mass with very defined point that impact of impact in it i mean it it i told you about some time right did some work with oakley on a ballistic helmet that they were doing for one of our military teams and it brought me overcommeth time timers at the u s archer training centre in juba vista so i went over to oakley and they had me sheeting these these masks the thing
develop because they were saying they wanted to know whether or not arrow could penetrate em and they we are confident that these things again work because i said shot guns itself and i know meters they were like drop in these like these like big steel staffs i'm and everything was workin but when i looked at it i said i'm an upon tried through that thing put a on and crashed dummy heads and i shot him out and openly parking lot at a hundred yards and i me too every one of those things were dead me there was an arrow hang out both ends appropriate pictures on let what pound wait we poem it was my target but only poland sixty while
i told them i said there's so much energy being generated to the front of this tip i said even though this is made to blocks of that flattens cause like a bullet wolf flattened so disperses its energy out em obviously absorb a lot of that shark if you get him with a bullet flattens their energy gets gets acted anti eu rules a yeah you its shell its task here whereas with a it would just cut through was it hid solid mass it would cut through and go out and you wouldn't even know what it is just like when he cut yourself with a knife in you like crap you know and you can grab it you know too bad you really want to look if you shot yourself in the finger or the gun mean you know you're all hand would have felt it right now it's not like it's gonna judges
a paper that an that's really the difference well especially when you consider the fact that your shooting a light arrow through a target bow i give you are using your hunting sat up and heavy arrow with that's a liquor he shouted wager that things went through its eye off the back of the head so funny that old i'll die out i signed a couple i did some glasses to your dad where is yeah it's funny that they thought it would be fine the penetration yeah that's not did they would let me show their helmets causalities wow that where a foot plus deep colleagues like click delete it lately recycler guido derive ever had a baby did it at the link it does
we look at our young and dapper i was so no go any doubt bow is you know not as powerful as your main bow your hunting us and the arrows on his heavy in the heavier hours get me and you use and i feel tat to you yes are you don't even have a cut a year and i know you think back in medieval times man they were cutting through chain mail with arrows that's what i mean that's right that's what they were anthony racine those i want to ask you this before and i was forget of you ever used one of those mongol thumb rings the mongols had a very peculiar way of releasing thereof archery there their arrows the way it would use the the release on the bow they had a ring like a fat piece of bone there would fit around there some and they were with the some on the string and this was how they would hold it they would hold it like this
almost your shootin pool yet they reach over seen him do but i didn't know at a rain so much people they think of like robin hood style of pulling back a record recurved where you would grab it your fingers and pull it back with your fingers but what they would do is that some rain comes out and they re that around and if you go back to that picture that you had early see that picture there see that is where their the cord the draw strength hits on that and some goes through that loop and then they rat their finger around it so that is what holds on that seems to me to be a way better way than a whole than it with your fingers like this and is letting go in your fingers it seems like it would be more repeatable and also that
surface area what brothers fingers yeah more repeatable it'll be thus has got a day or two and his using osage using a spoon metal some people don't like to mess around these measures could be tightened yeah kitten melted down is his first those necklace enrichment craze could obtain a cock rang and stretched out part of it i think that is for sure as a conquering it is but the easter the mongols issues bone there's a series of my tears pretty bad ass i haven't seen any other people that have done this before or and this is something that i i got into after i listened to the hard core history series on the mongols i really got super fast nay about them and their archery methods they accordingly and carlin at least in he's done pretty extensive research thereby as one hundred and sixty pounds poultry curves yeah they were tremendous
they would have to be because they weren't nears efficient that's right would have to be in order to generate the i believe they invented the recurved actually pretty sure the model yeah i'm pretty sure they were released the first adopters vented it but what's with google that shit who to the weaker about what do you think they yes you're an artery fanatic who invented the weaker i would have to say it's either going to be that or i think it's the mongols i might have made that up though let's see certainly says who invented the recur bow rick her i was gonna say the greeks ceo deserves greece second millennia bc while the recall of birth spread the egypt much asian a second millennium bc ok some deftly wrong does the mongols were when you know
and again is candies at least that was twelve hundred i'm so go to that bone wick wikipedia it's a type of recurved this posit bow that they had a specific type of bowl recurved composite though it can be two types above in the seventeenth century onward while suggests elbows among gulliver a place with a similar manchu bow which is primarily this discussion distinguished by larger what's that word cs as i why in prison search prominent string bridges the old mongolian bows reuse during the rule of genghis khan or smaller than the modern manchu derived weapons used by most madame and a dm things as well as at least one surviving example the thirteenth century mongol bout dude i want that magic have a third century mongol bow that would be the
shoot i now i've shot one before yeah i wanted always she went on horseback to do it i did try to find a turn to find a picture here forever i was presented one is a gift i've got it i've got one here i've got a mongol that i was given as a gift and they said will traditionally these were always shot off horseback that's why they're short that myself that's why they're sure so that you can do a sigh ended up i was on one of my coaching tours through europe so the that was actually escort his name was andrea we got on his back picture that violate zeebrugge riding old matt you might kill them that's not fair will you way you got away least tuna forty pounds up there
no you're writing a sixty five pound man riding unlike see biscuit picture that by i need zeebrugge writing an old man you might have killed them that's not fair your way you got away at least two forty pounds em up there how are you i won't right now tall here task six five yeah you're a big one suffered we ran a sixty five year old man i don't have any sixty five year old man should be carrying around six four five dude duchess meta an hour he was taken one for the team i don't have one than my brain is bad i know i'll take that one guy of yet the picture somewhere but i'll have to pursue so the mongols according to dance carlin they develop timing were they release the bow as the horse was in the air so that it didn't disturb them with the bouncing
so that totally men servants so as the the was in the air that's when they were release that with the air i think out of fear that part out to a mere arteries a layman because you my friend because you why wasn't saying it for that reason but that is why impress year you're a perfect protege because applied everything taught what i think so cool about archery is that people of any age can do it any age any type of stature were gone through i gotta say some of these pictures and wish is there you riding a man there will be a picture visa site just coaching pictures yeah yeah is thousands but now that i'm going through life remember in some of these people
that i had to work with what is it people and even know why to laugh at that what the things about archery in our obviously bull honey i think is like one of the most extreme expressions of it but i had no idea before i started practising it how deep the rabbit whole goes and i think that's the case with a lot of things i think that's probably the case with most disciplines most things that people do that are really difficult i think that certainly probably the case with golf in some other things that have never tried but with archery i guess can't believe how much effort involved in it and i saw posted something about it on instagram once about how rewarding it is to prepare and how difficult it is in humbling it is new key practice and and and you and that's awareness our warm it looks excellent considering that
crippling someone we have imposed instagram say that impose said today that so heavily oh something i want to ask you about i'm sure you ve seen this guy is names lars and yes in syria and he's got this method where he holds i in between his fingers of the hand is drawn the beau backward john shaking his head right now i'm gonna call bull crap on that really yeah well you combo grab for i think part of it was somewhat believable and why they held the arrows the way they did so they could load and she fast yeah but and i mean there's no doubt if you would want him on your team he is obviously perfected that technique yeah it's not like historically theirs
facts and stories around of people that had that type of skill we know there are ancient photos or ancient drawings rather give them during the arrows that one i would it i would definitely say they carry it that way because you can load it but his method of like shooting in his tricks tat of shooting i dont know if people to become that provision with it do i think they would be i mean if that's what you did i mean think about mongols and the fact that they use that weapons so efficiently to dominate massive thanks to the world and in this the conversational you're having earlier today i was found out about the new york times article that said that during dingus cons day they can so many people it changed the carbon footprint of the world they killed
ten percent of the human population on earth ten percent were directly connected to the on the mongols had killed ten percent of the earth that just when you hear that just makes you think how could that be done hausa done they the numbers the conservative numbers are somewhere around twenty million the liberal estimates goes high seventy that's a it is unreal number one real but they were arguably madmen magnet members mean it was crazy times that's what we'd go to if all sudden everyone cell phone shut off in like the sun stopped
well if one group came along that was that ruthless there willing to take it that far i mean life in one thousand two hundred was just particular ruthless right i mean it was a brutal time to be alive and there was medicine there's no surgery there is very little at least very little sophistication most people must have lived and felt tat massa most the mongols lived and me that's part of the name gang is caught in the there there like his his doctrine that he lived by was that he was the ruler of all who lived and felt tents and he believed that people who lived in tents or superior to people who lived in homes and its people that live in homes they serve he humanised they thought they were like they were piece of shit eleven in the house for these people they came liver tent like a civilised furs i bet you now they they were they were really cool
easy i always encourage people to do this but please if you listening to this as is at all intriguing go to in parliament's hard core history apparently now if you go on itunes you have to pay for them rather the cons ones because the way down and garlands works and its own dollar show by the way folks it's worth way more than that and he still appeared for park ass its now really a podcast this is a part cast john and i we hunted all day we had some dinner we have le drinks and we said we gotta do this podcast so he sat down we're just shoot no ship were down karla does is exhaustive research and he works on these things for months at a time and their essentially like hour and a half whore core history is the name of it but
that is what it is a hard core historical audio book on whatever subject covers in all of them are equally amazing and he the sea the hard core history series unwrapped the concept of five part series it's one of my most cherished audio recordings it's fucking credible i've listened to it no bullshit maybe thirty times i've just people they do it over and over again to absorb all the details it so crazy these there where these people lived it is fascinating towards the bucket show folks pay for it and i like my show with my shows a dollar shall go and bit torrent still advocate it is this pay for pay for this is it's a work of art but but archery entail modern times consisted of the the sophisticated leaps into
knology were just like the recurved bone more efficient and better recoverable boughs and better materials until the compound both came along which was when i don't know i'm trying to think when it was i guess seventy red baron did i think was the alan i was it who invented the combat the combat but who invented the compound bow first i've found another historian how dare you not being a story i just shoot our let's say was it say here wilbraham wise oprah cry hopeless a shining oprah secrets revealed ok alan change the face of arch referring decided that he'd make a bow sawing off far limbs are recurred in attaching
pulleys eighteen sixties ok everything's threadbare i think i was a bare archery propaganda that's why day ok so while wholeness h l l e s s wilbur alan and that was in the nineteen sixties that's interesting is that looks like a modern day elite bow inside joke folks just kids if you're an elite shooter you fuck you don't know shit about george you're right i don't just joking ever google and stuff don't get doc itself uppity so attached to your ship dammit so nineteen sixties is when it became what it is now or at the beginning of what it is now but we were shooting lacking is a rapprochement shooting with now as these new hoary quite pro defiance
this one that i got literally three days ago is the best barbershop is amazing it so good it feel so good when you when you she with it so smooth and so accurate it's it's incredible how far the technology is cut they wish today out to eighty yards and i'll show you the day before that eighty five yards and regularly place in the ten rank eighty hearts i mean that as that's incredible sophisticate in technology and your she'd eighty four pounds yet with a five hundred grand arrow its mean that is she's gonna die ballistic heads wooden would imply if he were hit them like view if you you're locally that same nearly backs different thing yeah that's the kind of yeah well we had this discussion though it's all about what you can fix
if we manage we had a discussion on your part gas listeners progress one here another truck and rambling bullshit a special kind of an idea and episode of knock on which is if you get an artery john spot gas is in my opinion the best archery pike ass in the world is the most informative is how john and i became friends we became friends because i went to hoy and wait that company that makes he's bows i went there with my family and i in salt lake and i made our scheme i don't like it fuck and boring but i do have my family likes it we will go on down the hill we my guy ago aga fine but please he's going to stop in salt lake city so i could visit the white fact i check it out so and i was in there now talking to mike loop her and loop rwanda bigwigs overweight in tell him i go i listened john delhi's podcast all the time at the park ass amazing market so unfortunate and then
loop or told you and then somehow or other connected ass in you know you give me coaching and where it's funny because makes a practical joker he's always like he'll always call and then he starts out with my husband like he always does indeed have different voices and he's always playing jokes one way we share and i went to hoy like an two hours after you were there that's fine we pull in and then my excite dude rogan was just here any loves your podcast unlike thinkin here we go he's lying no seriously i'm like oh yeah does amy's ikea and he's like he's entirely cn and he's gonna go over the western experts so well that's what we're here for me over the western experts as we were we actually went for felt bikes because fell put there by
said the western expo and they said will you come here like give a testimony using sakes will explain what it felt like a swimming use them all week there awesome there there mountain bikes that like assisted it's a an ebay so it some it has a assist has about hush motor on it as long as your peddling you can it has a battery that you charge and as long as your peddling you can you have four settings and you can use a setting word actually assist you in it the way i describe it as each one of those numbers weathers eco sport tour term turbo whichever one it is it's almost like that is equal to one other person being on your by allies say something i never use us things with any less than turbo
whatever set out like turbo shipping in there are believe it was long as you're turning the pedals zephyr hogarth set yellow go seventeen miles an hour which i think is what by law anything that goes over that i think it it gets kenneth classified is a different type of it's not you both to go on non motorized trails so you can use these bikes on non motorized pass like in montana stuff you feel it take these like word green tree where you'd be to take a bike on that same trail what's port and about is two things one you can charge these things a solar power there electrical and too one of the things it happens in these cold weather hunt is you hike far and wide up mountains and if you're not if you didn't do a good job of layering so you might have like too much clothes on on the way up there and you start sweating
and then once you get there than your hunting so you not climbing hills anymore you stop now you stop or you fucking freeze and hypothermia is the number one cause of death in the mountains is yes it kills more people than grizzly bear rattlesnakes mount lies people fuckin freeze to death and when europe there and you sweat and you especially if you weren't cotton one of the biggest improvements that people figured out was reno war because a view where marina will do something about the natural fibers in and wool allow you to stay warmer reduces he is is under armature well first light has an awesome we know war selection i'll kill you has a lotta marina wool and and and power which would i'm wearing now they have much rain almost after of yellow ton indifference yeah marino boys like it's it's big with the
making crowd and outdoorsman back packers and stuff wool is an amazing characteristics there's a lotta cool stories about war people that we're on my play in crashes or shipwrecks and the only ones that survived sea were the ones at war everyone else would dive hypothermia when we as with a company that did some marina wool started a line of marino also we brought in a lot of specialists from new zealand that actually showed us today four times and marina worn staff and then that's when he started the learn a lot about the stories marina war and a lot of there's a ton of survivor stories with people that would wear wool versus trying to wear other type is synthetics in like an obviously that was an extreme case so it's pretty interesting that's fascinating you know nothing about is it it for whatever reason it doesnt stink
like i've been wearing war socks i always where war socks when i would do anything type a hunting or hiking rating y know my feet are gonna be sweaty make such a big difference you take over socks stillness while you warm don't make any sense if i were caught and socks it smells like someone died in my shoes that citizens a goddamn eco tasker figure without inside my knightleys it's hard the smell like if you work out all day you keep your ears rock they just sweat and and faster and the bacteria grow there's some natural and time microbial properties of of marino all its awesome stuff very assets so felt bikes the rain was dragged loop right tells me that year that you liked the podcast and
he could tell by my face i figured this was another one of the mike lee for pranks so i was like okay and i said well i said if he wants to hook up and you know then connect us or what so we're back to the hotel and sharing and i we went checked in were there maybe two hours and my it me says joe cameron them out maps booth right now doing podcast go by then say hi to him and i'm really and he said yeah ok so i literally hung up with them and i told shared and i m not going over there aren't you they're doing gas and i'm gonna go over there be like hate you mike told me that he wanted to meet me and then you'd be like who the f you
i just like mike's like did you connect with them i said no and he's like one i said that i didn't believe you so he was crying wolf do many time see i didn't take him serious when he was down the truth but then he called me out on twitter which i wasn't really twitter guy because i think he said me somethin are you said something in it i then said how much your part gases awesome yeah i get glass they re all my friends only europeans like talking about your podcast sir what is very rare that someone specializes in something to extremely you do with archery were united like that when i do apply gas like in this progress the perfect example it many times during his pockets i'd say well for people don't know that means this people haven't heard that that's you bother doing that
you start talking about ac ten different can sit a z asking now you shouldn't because what you're doing is you're you are it's hard core archery podcast and it is a you know catch up if you can they with it if but you gotta deep deep deep into all the variables of archery for me it makes me understand and appreciate still is i mean i've been shooting both for a few years is now and really hard core for most of the time like really into it most time still is lost shade of shit you talking so is it so it's so detailed is so much go enough but also because you were very successful target archer which is you know of course of course see in in all you seen on television the olympics always different stuff target archery which is almost
specialized and weird in its own way as hunting as bo hunting yeah target our trees you learn so much about the sport one you really start to have to learn your equipment and then for me i really learned a whole new aspect of juice competitiveness pact operation dire how to travel how to travel smart because it's a huge investment to go to tournaments ass the world you you look it some of those over there you for poland or sweden there what was the biggest terminally one there are different they are all different i don't think anyone alone i always light went in the team around the best i always love shooting tee
rounds yet really pumped up with that i don't really remember very many i do remember but i don't see what's what i was trying to get you in sideways into it i started shooting competitive archery to be a better bo hunter the only reason i competed because i was in the same mental state as what you were of ok if i'm gonna go and do this i want to know that a five year one shot i make sure that's right because when i started i was never taught properly i was just we hunted lie for families food i was down the mississippi when i was younger where i live and i made a lot of mistakes i wouldn't miss alot and yes of targeting those with a lot of people that just like other pick it up and try to do it and spend a lot of time sitting in waiting for an opportunity than we blow at its extremely frustrating so
i just decided to start shooting competitive archery no ended up sheeting one little tournament and then also i realize wait a minute this what site gonna make me a really good bow hunter because what i my first tournament it made me realize how bad of a hunter i was from the point of being able to make a shot so mike i after you better this because a farmer be hunting and i'm gonna be spent and that much time for an opportunity to be able to seize the moment so and the reason i left the u s team was because is that year when they post the schedule the world cup final was at the end of september so i knew that september would be training and then we'd have to fly mid september so
if i wasn't willing to commit to go to the world cup final then i wasn't i couldn't stay on the team site that was elk season a man that's actually what i said i told them i said listen i know i do not sheet tournaments between september in december that's it i said i'm i won't be doing that turn a man if that's is and then they just said just said we enact stay on the team said okay now they don't get they never heard anything that thousand pounds his horse anymore he's comin out of its head running the top of the hill until you ve seen abuse going out in the right just forming at the mouth and jews and all over himself literally jason all over himself
ro i this massive majestic beast that looks like it's in lord of the rings or something i mean really is there was someone put something up on twitter and i thought was really interesting as it was from the perspective of someone is a complete non hunter it was it was just a bugle elk screaming and they were like most insane sounds that elk make when they bugle and the comments will work well this things like some mythical beast is it like somebody caught a real cool like elk like people they have different voice and some alcove just bad ass voice here investor those heard bulls like the way out works folks if you don't know there will be like when was l cunning recently last month common i found this one bull that the ranch they were called the sword bull because he had to say
crazy long beams growing out of the site his head a really odd sometimes an odd shaped beams that grow out of these animals heads and he the door of the ranch there was like he had at least twelve checks with him twelve female cow that's very small fire and everywhere that's a pretty small high harem wilfer heard biogas but it was watching watching all those little satellite bulls hang around the sky is like a few hey girls people pretty cool too and then he would run them or was he a groan he was screamer sound they make why dont mother once i get blown out they just get to the point where there like it's like a bull frog are your real old one they came maybe i ll anymore so their dislike
terrible but you know their call everyone calls on my growers if you are now country when you hear a real blown out do you like that you know it's probably a super old bull have you ever seen irish elk now what is that you have to know what is extinct now check this out did you have to get this right here well you know you're the role rome earth right here will oh my god they were they were asked look at that thing is it all summer it looks like a combination of a stag and an elk but their way a more massive theirs
you'll find it so look at that it's like a moose thing it's yeah it's an irish elk unita looking after amazing when did they die off i think it's a twentieth century no kidding y see us again here most remains of irish update between between eleven seven fifty before present so deftly not the twentieth century i wonder why they died off that's interesting there was an enormous eagle that use the live in new zealand china remember the name of it google enormous eagle in new zealand town of chairman
nervous your new zealand because they'll give your harpy eu issues which is the biggest eagle that existed at united just going there and then my that oh haast eagle that's it there was a base eagle ever and they were so big thirty people five and ten pounds are you kid yeah yeah they had a ten foot we look at that freakin thing to five hundred and ten pound eagle with a ten foot wingspan hollow straight out harry potter gap amazing and they were so big and so powerful and new zealand if you dont know does not have a law of indigenous mammals new zealand was really shut off from the rest of the world yet call each a s t eagle it was
new and i believe they went extinct in hundreds of what it says so yeah fourteen hundred and the reason why they went extinct they were hunted to extinction by the first maori but that little bit controversial day some people think that it wasn't a silly bath but the maori eight everything that they ate and they didn't every food left but there were a lot of accounts by the maori of them eating people my god linda sizes irish i see you're not appreciated i've seen a five seen an actual one that's the museum so as two point ten meters tall to the bottom of the bottom of the bottom right before face year one of the measure there while the measure the top of his head so that's way bigger than a regular elk way bigger oh my colleague bigger that looks like it several thousand pounds
a picture these people next to all my colleagues when it looks like a bull with long legs and a moose on steroids antlers why how irish elk aren't they see fastened along the way and black boy mammas they aim to bring back that thing and do it on new zealand can a hunted make sure you know doesn't like in new zealand it's kind of weird because they don't have a hunting tags or seasons for most their animals he just go there and fucking go crazy chewed everything because they have no predators so there of all the easier yeah they have all these undulates all these animals that exists there and unfortunately ethical amazing animal unfortunately a lot of the time that the most new zealand are also in these high fence operations so
like you'll go over there and you know they'll be here in a few hundred acres or a few thousand acres and then where your second adele draw shot in ireland elk these like people chastened down with a shitty arrows barely pantry lifted the backdrop them baxter eloquent gonna hit him picture in the sucks you know how to do are treated with a drawing is put in the red spot you missed did haters out there about this hunt todd gas we historical he thoroughly enjoyed are what we ve been eating oh yeah man god oh good made an pose some we had we tenderloins tenor talked i've talked about haagen big advocate of i love sheet hogs that gaiters
we have a ridiculously good poor shoulder today and credible does your friend in may dress and made it crying and i the coming hours because before slow cooked in furs seventeen some crazy romania has fallen apart as you stick a fork into it yeah we we've been eating wild game amazing wild game i think wild pig hunting is one thing that almost everybody wants to do like even bill burr my friend bill was never at sherry expressed any interest in hunting i give him elk whenever he comes a dust by podcast like he came last week a game a bunch of elk and he loves me to eat me he goes go wild pig hoddan i you're really because you wanted while they gonna fuck yeah do let's do it some take a pig high pig
he is the one like even my agent my agent is though she's the nicest lady shallop stacy she's sweetheart and she loves animal she loves dogs rescues don loris castle us all and when she finds out that i hunt i don't know how i feel about i know but you eat meat you as i now she was you should hunt pigs i wash because their ugly and my black that's what share and started out with share my wife it is for me when she started out she started out having no interest in hunting yourself but then when she started realise just how many dear there were she is i win this is a necessity we're in for sure and we're in wisconsin it at the time and then she really wanted to do it but like you she said i i don't know and go unless i know i'm totally provision
so she shot for a long time first learn the proper way shot and then she said from the hunting aspect to think if i'm going it might actually hunt i think i would start with something like maybe ugly like like a russian hog or something like a russian bore because like those those borders are there over run certain parts of florida like on the sod farmers we do a lot hunting on sod farms and were down air with actual outfitters happy comfort name in it it's amazing how good the pig hunting is but it's also equally amazing how much destruction they do to his place mainly runs hans we entered sixty days a year and there's people shoot em everything no day and there are still just tons
rising wow you when you talk about how they breed that's where it gets so shocking when you find out that they can get the four maturity in six months they have a litter and i believe there are only pregnant for six weeks and they shut out the kids get out there and six months later there kids thereof and they could do cycle i think three times a year and they can have a ton i mean they can never tuna babies and they just keep mould flying over and over and over and over again and unless someone comes along and shoot them there is not enough mount lines in the world to keep a cap on that they just they're not gonna be it would do it picture very smart to their super smart their soup returned to turned in turn to in their eyesight sucks but their set their sense of smiles and credit here
yeah they smell they smell you a fuckin mile like see light see do they are runnin had over there they do so much damage offences to i think there's someone tell me something like if if they can do go ahead when it is so taxes of you know we have a hard problem what shall we do how does so taxes you know we have a hard problem should we do man you're not out of thirty zero biology crazy about aware they find a way flutter so fucked up that is the only animal in north america they allow you to hunt from a helicopter or the machine gun we're in taxes they like go ahead that is so texas we have a heart problem what should we do man you not out of sight i would say about helicopters man help i forget where the road was they open up a new road and they
this guy in the media mammal curb these ties i'm thinking nuclear weapons now the no known ok ok about market actors helicopters machine guns over nuclear weapon all all agreed ok next next item on the agenda so that is they have this thing called hella hunters and there's an episode of pig man is a show called pig man a big man just goes around shootin pigs all timing the name pig man he lives in texas were again it has to be done texas millions of pigs they have some pigs that taxes opened up a new road i forget where the road was they open up a new road and they had forty car accidents the first night from but slammed in pigs that's when you fucker problem so i voted against this episode of pig man is called a pork lips now and a port lives now at ted nugent at pigment you watched on youtube they get a fucking hell
chapter and they shoot two hundred and fifty pigs in a day and their flying around and they just doctor from tat time like a goddamn platoon movie didactic i packed i dug in there there are hidden these pigs and ahead as the pigs are runnin full clip and the pigs flippin head overfeed i mean it's fucked up and you know they're not eating those things that half of them is going to leave their no one cares they just have to do something try to curb that population now if you did that with lambs or oh dear in already any normal farm animal have a hierarchy of animal the will allow people to do that to me yet it is funny that people have that they ve got that one thing were as soon as you start shooting
endear they're not cool or the big ones bears bears certainly the biggest that's the big but again me bears it's the same thing if you go where the rivets live up and alberta mad black bears are where they have so many bears anywhere in canada there there's a lot of m tonnes tongue the barriers and the only thing stop in their population growth is hunters nea had set by so back to this of now thank the there like i said the episodes are on twitter but if you need to seize it gives you also a good sort out you'll ever get it unless you see giant packs of pit will it call litter when they call now when they call path of pigs link pack a pig sense as you know the collar aborigines ma am you know adam entry or body from australia he he only
a mining company he does in company with does mining right is involved the mining operations that part but anyway he and he employs a bunch of aborigines and so why he got to know them really well and he knows he toys are fast having fastening stories about their culture and our histories really interesting stuff why things is crazy is the way you call a group you don't call them i tried to call themselves the mob they're just there too now as regards the turn out is a mob the average mom obviously sir it's just a different meaning and the mob guy knowledge the mob like in them mafia like that's just a pack of tribe a group a clan columns of the mob he said you have they'll have one language and that they speak
and ten miles over there is another group that is a totally different language and they can't speak a language like england is like the dialects there's an associated with these people are not speaking i think in africa it's like that you there's a lot of you go from tribes tribe in it's almost like a completely different yeah different i totally that's probably where the whole tower of babel story came from from the bible in our back when there not that much travel when you had a right of fuckin horse to get somewhere if you lucky if you have one says probable if you once you crossed over a mountain range of sunlight that those fuckers over there there is virtually the whole your language hell it worthy europe you know you could just travel a short distance and you're dealing with completely different languages totally different we as in sweden doing some coaching with their national team
yeah you can be in italy or you can be in france or be germany in no time up the yeah i mean it's completely different call you're completely different language completely different people different food different history to me it's all smaller than a segment of the united states and that's with vehicles now so mean imagine below for where you ve been in some of the mountains revile cut it in what you really want to have to go two or three miles ranges over fine he had a cool little house and some running water and place dothan they're all that stuff he became a happy right there here they are receiving a walk over here and risk hypothermia marina wall on
how long did you travel for archer idea jesus i think i think i've done three passports three full passports what with extensions one point three million miles of yeah fine all shootin bosun using about you know it's crazy is three years ago sharon and i went to and harry and our son went to mexico for vacation and it was the first time i ever travelled without a bookcase were those poor by ana yeah that's correct we're gonna have same time that was our solar was under that yeah nokia those weird i was lit we're getting i was getting on the plane to your home you're you're just getting they're the same exact time plugin love porto era
so ass alone back jagger let's get it's a good spot right one this ruts done here it's gonna happen i'm gonna be sitting in a tree for thirteen hours a day for about other twenty one days and when it's done endlessly for about three days a shave this face a sling some on it kettlebells round my three or four hours a day get this body yeah and i'm going get my pv body yeoman butter no since i met you you got me hooked on on it and it's totally changed me because when i did in september why sir hunting in october twenty four arise twenty four when i start start now berta and then work my way through several states and a lot of different tags but i went through thirty days with all
i was one meal a day i d a meal at night but i lived off the tv see pacts of the pact him on a big one gowns block bag i do it the teepee see pay x for morning and evening i would do three alpha brains and i'd put in three different bottles water throughout the day one of the total got house and then i will do two of the omega bars in two of the talk of bars and i lived off at four thirty two is that's all you ate year and i was there for dinner to those your dinner i would normally cook some kind of a dinner at night save avowedly earlier eating during the day yeah why did you would you solve the so little food is i was always in my backpack in his was like super portable zis travel so you're you're doing a hard core backpack hunting
i mean it wasn't truly hard core it was just ass if give your hunting i like to try it is much less as i can because if he sheets then you're up all night then let us at last this places i multiple tag some right back out of the next day like it alberta i was there i think there nine days and i think i did eighty seven miles on my little garment what i covered on foreign fee so it's you burn a lot of calories and then he obviously montana is way more rugged then alberta mean it was some of that stuff i bet i was i didn't have the distance but i feel like i was probably having to put twice the effort in but it was totally sustain me one that would that's pretty hard beating on you just live off out of a backpack
really in limited sleep in being indifferent places i wish i would add that when i competed well keeping those neuro transmitters at good levels is so important it's one of the reasons why if i fly somewhere and i land do two things two things like right away why unless i get there at nine untarnished go to sleep but one sleep but first things i do as i do a thirty minute work out don't you have to kill yourself digest i a minimum of thirty minutes i like to go to the jam and just get everything gone just fire of those engines blow out those pipes get that blood flow on and if i don't do that i don't feel is good it takes me i dare to adjust but if i you do that then i have a nice our healthy meal afterwards i feel great the other thing is alpha brain it so important to me to get those those levels of your neuro transmitters high
because it's one of the things that affects you the most about jet lag and travel here's this patterns off in your brain chemistry's off funky i'd take new mood and i take out brain new moods great but our brain is imperative i have to take it if i do a u have see i have to take yet you know any time worm my mind has to be fired up for on peer yeah i did notice the difference with it and i like the peach one that you put it with water because i i promise i don't enjoy drinking water but i drink a lot throughout the day so have a few those that i can do throughout the day with some flavouring yeah tasted the shutter yeah see i'm like a little taste but i dont like sugar sugar would put me off my tasted it
but yet i ve been awesome in their new moods i normally take for those at night with that teepee see night pack and i get a fuck what you're doing i love it i get into some crazy dream modes of brain does that to have a brain gives me these waters are lucid dreams that's what you told me so i'm like on i do a tv see night i do i do i hadn t bc night now take form it needs but then one of my offer rains if i'm at home is when i go to bed i like dream because at least feel like i'm getting true deep sleep it sounds like you're having adventures i give you taken that much we haven't you must be a magical mystery towards that every night a magical mysterious to yeah it's your mom glad i'm glad you got
that i'm glad you also i know you did a lot of work with those guys down on an academy and you learn lot of shoulder mobility exercises and shoulder strengthening exercise that i think can be really critical for archers you know archery is as much as it is about technique and as much as it is about proper form in a proper execution there also muscle involved is also strength involved and obviously it's an athletic endeavour you're you dealing with your body and i think it's really cool your developing like a programme of specific things that you feel would benefit archers give shoulder stability range of motion i know we did
some of them yesterday with the club bells i find really beneficial for a lot of things club bells and one of things i like about them is that they they're really awkward would it's a it what it is it is exactly it sounds like the club it's a no club so this is long handle and then there's a lot of mass at the top of the handle and it's not a lot of daddy baseball bat miata cast iron is drawing near what it would be good option yet i have some longer heavier ones at home that really gonna too advice it when i say heavier i'm only talking about thirty five per year that's all you need me we need them of what we're doing exercise is called shield cast it so difficult to do to take a thirty five pound club with the weight at the end of it so it's weird leverage and then control it
winning over the top of your head than bringing it down with full control then pausing in front of you i think that's incredible for archery and i think you ll be incredibly beneficial for stability of your front arm and having the strength to be able to hold front arm there without any straight in or any like shaky or weirdness yeah diskette your scaffold stability is the huge weakness point in archery when archers breakdown and its normally because of super weak gaddafi uller stability and muscles and there's a lot of different movements that they taught me a thought it a cat because i really wanted to go there to one since you showed me some of the first moves you showed me a just kettlebells i realise this is stuff this is i use every day a meal
you ve been here for days how often in my pick it up that felt by put in the back my truck quisling and pick it up lillian feed sacks or whatever i mean that's like true useful strength and mobility and flexibility and so all these movements teaches that and i really wanted something that one thing i learned to oppression when i have lived in england was share for a long time was you have some people just don't have the space to have very much work out equipment with kettlebells and some teams like some of the teams i work with specially with some of the smaller countries they dont have huge budgets but with kettlebells bacon that's a minimal investment and it's a minimal space usage to you can take to kettlebells and keep him in a corner snout like a yacht
the total jim chuck norris hide in the court's way so much space and i really wanted to go on one learn proper technique learn different movements and then realize ok which ones actually working for archery are what once can hear archers and my plan was a ridge we're gonna do some videos with those guys on an academy specific for some archers but this hunting season has i've been so busy i mean an even right now i'd like to be able to go when i am in no way haven't time just because trying to get my hearthstone trying to finish the tv show and do all that stuff in time but it is on the schedule because i think so many people in a benefit from learning super simple movements that really increase
sure like that steel maize i like just because of how much range tee to all the way around you you getting so much range and that shoulder joy and your brilliant the focus on that scholars stability all the way around and then he even when you come around the front you even though it doesn't look like you do in much of you do it properly you really engage in your core to cede everything down and bring everything the centre in so much should be unstable wasn't archer is having a solid platform and a solid base and that poor stability is what we're all that radiates from if the cores is loose or unstable then obviously area outside of that is going to be the same way yeah is pursuing consider when you do archer your pulling with your back and your scholar and involved in it
in drawing up the bow and also of making the bow release day the executing the shot another exercise exercise that i think is critical for archers is chin ups and i think that if like if i could say one piece of equipment if you could could only afford one get a chin up bar i think chin up bars are giant especially a good one that actually comes off the wall like if you can invest in one you have the space and you just know mounted on some studs in your house is so critical i think even hangs yes the hangs when i say first of all hangs are so good for your shoulders and theirs bunch of articles and videos and watch the videos on youtube by some doctors out turn out of this by steve maxwell he told me about this there was a doctor this particular doktor of absurd sorry forget his name i'm sure you could find really quickly and he invented this method of hanging and releasing
gin and pressure in the shoulder joy because he thinks that allow the pain the people suffer from impacted shoulders is really just function of are our body these are designed we have essentially like ancient primate genetics and ancient primate structure and one think primates almost all of them have in common is they saw being from things by their more arms they hang by the arms a swing by their arms and that pulling its threatening stretching and link sending of those though those that sir tissue in those tendons that's imperative to both sides the possibility to shoulder and the alleviation of pain and a range of motion i have experienced some really great results with hanging from my shoulders and from something and i learned from you which is hanging from a china bar and then with my arms complete extended just contracting in the just contracting hold that for as long as i can and then
lease again yes you're almost hanging to the point where you let your shoulders fully stand worry you feel like you feel like you're on the verge of letting go of something if he rang in but then that same position you literally take your shoulder sockets an almost pull them down breyer armpits without bending her arms yea dont bend your arms you're not use any by sir there's a video of john doing it online to use get you could find that would do remember them we video right after i had shoulder surgery so i know that i wasn't able do it really well which was kind of the point i think yeah i was having to i just came out of the shoulder surgery saw a stranger to rebuild that strain on china see here
but there's a ton of exercises you can do she ran disregard for perfect form in front bullshit bow shoulder some off on archery knock on archer to channel the name if you want look and i await us are also an awesome channel for instruction who want to learn some stuff but archery and i'd i think that might be one things i'd seen from you before i ever met you too is a bunch of little on structural videos that you put out on the proper way to ease release is on a bunch different things that's what i teach that's why does folk i teach stuff and i know it sounds crazy we're going to end this podcast due to join our voice formats duty i did one parkers listen
i'll be back just relax if we tag out tomorrow maybe john and i will do a fight companion about that yeah fox that's that's a big if i mean who knows if we tiger and dumb so this one i'm gonna email is too young jamie and hopefully he'll get this up pronto and you gotta get it tomorrow so thats it for now you can check out johns instagram page its knock on tv you two channels not on archery and all the episodes or up also of your tv show yet they're offer free and offend our tree well then you girl is german and french city like married a hobby pick up archery goddammit and i wish there was a place near me there was a place that taught you know it's hard to try to find a good archery school and
mean we were talking about that today about what archer clubs are like in england erin numb in europe is at their like country clubs were you know people go on like this with the way people go to play golf he'll go to do archery and in our day they appreciate as an a discipline membership syn full bars in there and beautiful facility all kinds of cool cool stuff for sure anyway were exhausted folks we ve been doing nothing but waiting all day get up early just turn animal are in our here downward even as a hour and forty finance asked but that's it arise or sagen it must have now tomorrow we are to drop the hammer so there the tune and everybody next week to regularly scheduled podcast i gotta pocket ass with the great day reuben and i thank them
it is on yeah that's on monday and tuesday we're doing a big election day and the world podcast live from the common store with stan hope bill bur bert cry sure but the people too i think ideas is common in tom roads bert kreischer on the pod cast on wednesday and then the next i got a lot to next week i got shot and the cannon briggs lead go champ he'll beyond the fourteenth year that's right fuckers gram hank come round no karlsson on the fifty shit got firefox so even now i'm kind here i'm here for myself those move sometimes they do shit for me that way it's more interesting i did shit for you
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