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#869 - Dave Rubin

2016-11-07 | 🔗
Dave Rubin is an American stand-up comedian, talk show host, and television personality. He is the creator and host of political comedy talk show "The Rubin Report" -- http://www.rubinreport.com/
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so please welcome my friend dave reuben logan experience of your block ass my dave reuben what a time to be alive joe i'm so excited to be here because you could have selected anybody i mean it ends tomorrow it does end tomorrow supposedly allegedly unless maybe just islands on top of the world and we all got armenia election i mean the whole game is up tomorrow you could have anybody here pretty powerful guy powerful joe rigel you're companies are while i appreciate that but you can think of all the philosophers you could ahead lingers the artists too much work
i was scared you were with me for the last shows i'm gonna bring it i m notes i busted out no pal i believe the end of the world is tomorrow yeah you you're the preview to end the world's i feel like you can offer some well hopefully would together we're gonna offers and perspective and we're gonna get a look at this time will i already pounded two of these bad boys i'm already do do is look at thing of tune and seventy milligrams kevin citizens more can so i thought it lay it seems like a small but if thou much acid daddy merely have to think about that were there i did acid want yeah only one time i did it once a week did you really know ass on the add on three times only did it this year for the first time would have died three times it's really care and you feel like all the doors the hinges the brain there still go in there were any good at all before i think i'm glad it's like cock for my brain i do i shrew many times over the years
i did ass it wants did not like it at all everytime i closed my eyes it he's like three dimension triangles flying at me would not you know when you just can't top your brain like i felt that there was no end to it truly is always a very natural a nice unpleasant yeah i'm another right that concern is the potency of of acid i heard a described by turns mckenna as like molecular early if you looked at it in scale its thing the size of an ant they can break down the empire state building in thirty minutes that's a bit much at this point you know what i mean i i turn forty this year i don't need break down the empire state building or any other building at this point we are now it's really about keeping the mental of these i have adding a little more occasionally in for from yeah well you know what i mean you have to function right leg show you doing comedy all the stuff like at some point expansion of the mind is like i still got to be
if you gonna do to show you deftly have to be there you have be there but don't and i did a show and acid we did our last podcast the full disclosure ass it was by users i'm sitting in a room sober with these behave wilds less is expected of me i thank you for your expected to be rational among but being a standard comedian slash cage fighting commentator you get along at a little room yeah can you could you could say suppress do budget the other guy adds value is prey had hidden ahead exactly yeah exactly so you know obviously we're going to do election but i got a couple update so i haven't been here in about a year a little more than a year couple things i want to tell you where we start so first off so i got a house last week not too far from here building homes duty on very excited sorry oh my fans are finding it which is amazing hundred stuff has happened since last but i told you last time
that i would know that i have hit a certain level of success when i'm not sitting on an ikea couch run did not have ikea stuff around me everywhere now bring all the ikea stuff but i made one purchased from the new house only one purchase your router i got a real out that's my site a real couch i mean i'm talking people delivered at night enough to put it together it was act did you even know that that was a thing that they come put together do you know like here stuff is bullshit if you just charge ten bucks more and put it together everybody we programmes cost more ten box our aim is that the whole thing it costs more than ten if for them to put it together for a moment ikea did they put it together for able they do they will but it can be more than ten bucks i don't even mind putting it either it was just time for me not to have to put together
their furniture yes together once and it's you know like i forget it if it had an estimate of how much time and took the took me four fucking hours we have witnessed an athlete civilization ober tat would you sound reverend shit i care assembly on ass i bet you do better what you'd www out they are willing to go pitched too no hitter hughes fucked up all day he is doing ass it then you got the call and didn't know is boss without danger like oh no they want me to play today you like got his shit together forget just pitching just imagine getting your shit together getting there just that in and of itself what depends i guess your biological make up how it hits you you know cause i know a lot of friends who just can't smoke part they disguised doesn't work with them and with me it works great it's
my favorite wouldn't you like indicated even or hybrid bad i'm prefers a tv but if someone passed around indigo joint answer now see all my comic friends likes it either i like indigo because for me at this point and i guess this goes back to the door in the mining like i dont want to think anymore if once more i don't smoke london think or to write or an ice pot it's eleven thirty at night and i'm gonna take one path and watched seinfeld that i've seen three thousand times already or a citizens that i've seen through you and that's it you know like i dont me i don't smoke till i like all my for that has broken brighter than i soda decompress in the agent purely purely a while you know people get real wary when you start talking about part or ass it or even alcohol because there's a lot of you that everyone knows that kind of factor life up new in that but thirty five thousand people died driving every year it doesn't stop us from driving down you know i mean and obviously if you do an acid most like
you're not gonna kill somebody else so it's in other respects billy of driving you could get out a window like helen hinted that did you ever see that in word that kid's thing they shouted a high school they showed in school when i was growing up i think was how about you know to talk about it now that that education will video where they showed these high school kids and italian hundreds like a fifteen year old and she's on acid and she jumps out a window breaks the window is killed herself at fucking old billhook spit buildings the young man on ass he thought he could fly jumped off the building what a tragedy is what a dick i could fly worried try taken off the ground first lost a moron maybe we need a hey extolling the higgs at every day i wake up am i go man i wish we had carlin still because we still obviously there's plenty of good comics out there and there's so much the such a james stuff too need to see how to talk about
gonna many times had been said before a lot that's the that paul riser it's out his business garden he wakes up of an old lighten up but they talking about acid no people dying no we moved on now the good comics there without allowing carling one that just agent with george carlin would be gone through a lived right now in the politically correct age we linen if you took any of his old stuff he would be being attacked by side but dare i say he beats act more by the left these days when the ship he would be talking my thing about women or about minorities or anything you know it so it's such a shame the way things have turned oh yeah it's a mean stuff that i think like our memory one bit that he had that even at the time of was like it was like an erect these like dumb rich count does fucker
but we need that now that's the point you know right it's not he wasn't saying the specific girl who may have anorexia that moment of your daughter died from anorexia and you heard that you build while you would you that would upset you at that moment and then you know what life goes on you know which carlin there was one issue with carl and in that one issue was that he had a plan to do a whole new our every year and so he would put together this our and he didn't work out a common clubs either he would just sort of right it now and then go and perform it and you know do little tweaks here and there but that doing now one hour every year like you don't have it now time till it you can't sit around to go home i wonder if this is
i bet you know one of my committee did ask leave innately have explored all the possibilities and all the ways this is gonna be interpreted as is the most effective way to convey that idea there but he was also so so love didn't so awesome that he just wanted to shock the shit out of people those half of it was like is tired of all this talk about anorexia and you know maybe you'll live today you're talking to me about it he would you jane spending on that bit i'm sure if we went back in the dow over many years you ve been doing stand up there things that you ve said a donor probably say listen to my glass this brightening said last week what are you i shall but away but we need that idea of we'll just saying shit and letting it upset people and other people are going laugh at it we sowed secretly need it now because it has led by the inability do that these days has led to everything that is happening in our country right now while we wait
to politics and and media and everything you're right there's a blow back right the massive if you go too far left the the all right emerge and i think more loony we get in terms of like gender pronouns that hit this fifty eight now but fifty eight gender pronoun yeah i didn't that you have the internet this morning i think the only recognised thirty one in new york that could be sued tuner fifty thousand dollars for their you find if you believe it's fucking fiasco wonderful plan look it isn't laugh zion i wanted a person gets find two and fifty thousand dollars anybody's urban hit with that yet i think that's morse more like it porsche but it's not even if not even about the fine as much as what it does to us as people that puts the idea in your mind it look if i walking down the street and i saw a guy yesterday i adore man and then i realized it was a woman i would kind of feel bad but that's life yeah that's life we're trying
it through words and trickery and and now legal means we're trying to i'm everyone down to the point that we can't even think for ourselves if you look at somebody and youth think they're a man and you say dude you that's not evil you know what i mean and and not every person that transition transition perfectly and someone might be in the middle of it or whatever and you know more or their might just be a guy who looks at it there's guys that look like women and there's women that look like guys limits are running about this is not really a trans issue because you know talk to trans people most women who transition a man wanna be called men most men who transition to women want to be called women like that their play assume gender pronouns like the guy who becomes a woman wants to you here are once you she or her great so it's them it's just nonsense that is what it is and its nonsense that comes out of universities in this weird marxism thing that's gods is very strange leftist bullying candidates
it's so deranged i went to i know i've had my law on here yeah he's become like this cultural thing it's like he's a sort of becomes something beyond himself at this point to stress an effect gotta keep silencing him and when you silence a guy who first of all what they silenced him for was so unwarranted because when you when you remove someone on twitter for just a harmless job that's very similar to the jokes it leslie jones makes about our own self she's gonna go the commercial she pulls up a geico commercial i think it is what is at issue is a commercial pulls up to someone who had in what it is but she pulls up to a guy woman number that as i get the fuck out of here it's like an obvious joke about her being unattractive she's perpetrating that joke that is what it is now mean that say if you do that same joke with you now fill in the blanket a girl sophia ver garrisoned like that that
but when leslie jones does it the reason why a joke works is because their implying that she's unattractive so all milo said is something about her being a man looking like a man the opt out and that was enough well what's particularly into looking like a man reality and that was enough well what's particularly interesting about what happened to him is that they claimed i think when when twitter finally said a little something about it that it was because of targeted harassment that milo had unleashed his followers on her now first off you're not you dont control your followers you know me if you got into a fight with somebody jerome gun to fight with somebody on twitter you can or what your followers do yeah and so less number one number two she she had known that before that their instances people a screen capture things where she it got into fights with truly type people not public people and said guys get em so she had actually instigated mobs but it's ok for fraud
politically correct reasons it's ok when she does it were knowledge had she done that she had said things about white people specifically lignite people you know and legged responsive italy mocking why people are saying things about why people whereas like you and do that the other way and then did the there this is also this very bizarre thing the people keep saying is that black people can't be raised against white people cause racism only works when someone is in a position of power guess fucking what if you have millions of flowers and you just whoever famous you say things about you know any white person you have a position of power not on the issue of a position of power but she think how much by doing by that fight happening she got more powerful her purse star row so by damaging free speech whether you like my lower not she did she an elevated her own status i actually never interact with her i've ever even seen ghostbusters i don't i don't even watches and i don't know what she's really done rating better but when thing was going down i went to town
get her to say come on my show it because i like my little bit them all that free speech i'd love to have you done she has me blocked blow to you i don't know it's like a mass block thing maybe you block people associated with my lord summit but the point i think that i have nothing against her in any way we're just talking about this specific thing and i was gonna invite her my shown its equal when you're a nice guy that's so cowardly it so foolish i and i like leslie i think it's funny how gashes hilarious even in jordan ghostbusters of although milo is key most that mood was a piece of shit i thought the movie start our really funny but what he was saying was that it was like it was a ridiculous feminist version of ghostbusters we're all the men are complete buffoons and failures and all the women save the day and it just wasn't a good movie it was a well designed and it was sort of become a slap in the face to men and that was his whole commentary on it was very eloquently ray maybe a little bit bitchy but that's his whole thing death it wasn't
it certainly wasn't targeted harassment it was a review of art will look the point is that even if he had been harassing her and said guys getter burst at first up it's just that whether it was just like twitter is do that i can understand them saying we don't want our platform use for the shore so that's up to their terms of service are not so there is obviously a difference between of course the first amendment which is the government's stopping you from speaking it what a private company can do yeah ironically though all these people on the left that were thrilled or had no problem milo being banned they're the same people that wanted to force that baker in indiana debate the cake the gay wedding there ok with private companies doing things when it's the things that they want to do i get rid of her conservative right what they wanted to force that be i'm getting married radio i would
force that baker to do it at why you know it's fucked up why would i want the government why would i want the government to say you have to do something with your private business now go to another fuckin baker of course and not only that there was an inorganic situation they set that up they went specifically and targeted bakers to try to make case for this right and wrong went to a christian baker and finally found one who said no and that was when they went after you know i mean look i don't agree with that guy not be and will make that cake i feel like you shouldn't golden in do business had that guy's place if that's a kind of person he but what they're doing is only trying to target that guy but would you for what you want the government now force him to do well i would write i think the market should dictate whether or not someone does that mean i think alerting people is a good thing absolutely but having the government dictate to these people have to make that k that's kind of hats conakry
so that the that's what's happened to the left basically the left has gone from liberalism musing logic and thinking and information basically to make decisions to inform your decisions and usually liberals err on the side of the other so in this case there trying to they think they're protecting the gaze so that rightly want days to get takes wherever else gets cakes so we're gonna help the gaze but what they ve done is all there is expanding state power there extending expanding control let the market decide sure you want to you want to user free speech protest outside tweeted if they don't go there there's a baker to write who blocks over go about it if you're gay you know now to use your money wisely support people that support community of course sets out but that's a thing for everything that's for rude people that's for you now for assholes for people who are shitty do you for people who are in our interest
people who rip you off means kind of the long same lines at the market decide let them argues that of course if you don't like joe she'll you'd only rubens show you don't i don't want you to tell people that you don't like it long and that's quite all right but the but don't try to shut down don't try to go to youtube and strike us or whatever other thing there's but that's what the left is doing this now and that's why talk what the left all the time because i liberal and i'm watching my guys bans speakers in my guys de platform people i'm watching my guys try to close restaurants and its you're now you're moralising the same way you have marked christian right for all these years yet it is a gift to appoint were eat you wonder if it's gonna swing back the other way i've been seen for while if i'd out tomorrow he oh yeah right and creates tomorrow i've been saying for a while that i think caitlin jenner created donald trump not really but created this emmy i think there was a thing there was a tipping point and for me it was when they gave her
a woman of the year and glamour magazine and then he s blood as aid her ass athlete of the year and we were that ridiculous thing that they did what they circled or house the helicopter and she was hiding behind the curtains and mysterious why in the future are you selling what is this in for people at home that are like in indiana and they're drinking beer and they like football and they want to watch the espys to see you know like who won best quarterback of the year and nausea kind of shit like what the fuck is as we need a mega america great guess you know i never linked that specifically but i think you're totally right even right now when i've been want you nba season just start and i love basketball every my turn on tee anti now it's barkley end kenny smith in shack and earn a lot to talk about race they're not my basketball their talk about they taught my policing no draw up grip import miss used to talk about but people go to sports for the release they go to sports they care about that leads him what's happening on the field in the in the box whatever it is it now
breathing is becoming politicized espn is giving their attitude to the year two caitlin makes no free consent well that was a wider and allow ratings down you know it because people are talking about cap her neck and politics instead of sport is aiming for it is now really is running down the ratings are hugely down at the end of this year in a lot of people are linking that i don't know it empirically i wouldn't be shocked there's a lot of people in these countries have zero tolerance mean it's almost like separation of church and state it would like their sports to just be sports and about sports now you know i kind of appreciate that in a certain way because like of your watched in comedy show and also during that calmly show they started deeply discussing religion writer like really discussing did the intricacies of different faith based cultures be like what the fuck am i what does not comedy right do it's funny but what use at her in that thing and now you're doing something else right you're doing a different thing they are not doing sports you're doing or you're doing race relations are you doing but i
we stand that its also they look at it as a platform for culture and that's what cabinet did he said look i have this platform and in some ways i think it would ease did kind of worked because a lot kids in high school now are doing that are taken knees and the national you know when they do the national anthem it's strange but it's also like the black bob what when people have the black fish at the alembic suno stewards they did at the night i've said the lees letting the seventy one maybe someone s and leave it till it to whatever that was mean that got people talk in this gets people talking to and maybe sometimes you need a kind of inject some sort of something to think about during sporting events on that i am i telling them not to do it and the horse i would make cabinet going to do that go ahead these guys if barkley and all they want to their tea t bosses are okay with it may go oh you know you can do that instead of talking about how many points doran had been so be it but i'm just saying what i think most people want from sport is an escape and i can tell you for sure in the two or three
exit the embassies and been got every time i flip i d auntie em they're doing that i change it where used to i love those guys i think that show in many ways is incredible social experiment not just as a sports expelled or know what the show is that you know it's the after show anti anti watch basically all so it's barkley whose obviously completely outspoken in the incredible uncanny smith who also isn't shack and an early johnson's the the token white guy in the ocean like you know it there but they're all really great in their their rhythm with each other for four guys to sit there and do it they they ve been doing it for pretty fifteen years jacks we were too but anyway i voted yes pm or t anti for sport right now what i hear and isolated talk about sports ya these players always plays alleys games so much is riding on each event yet so i'm not begrudging than any of the legitimate things that you're talking about of course take the athletes can do whatever they want to express themselves in any way but once that start
becoming more of what you're talking about than sport that's why people our tuna well again the markets society are right and if their ratings go down because of this i guess maybe someone in the head office will go hey guys what the fuck right and that's how it should be mean that absolutely how it should be yeah that's it fascinating time and this is a side effect of everyone having a voice because we all have voices now you know this is that the new world we live in the new world we live in is anyone can broadcast anyone gon periscope and you start talking anybody don't tell everybody anyone can anyone can get on twitter and just make a post about something i mean happened my people i'm the only one that can do it you that woman wasn't again the woman who wrote the post about aids on twitter i'm going to africa hope on tides ella well just kidding i'm white
yeah i she was just anybody pr percy nobody knew who she was before that i care over her name's nobody not go at it i think that's it but that that sort of of that it was it's like that's the beginning its first part of the colonel when you start making popcorn hannah first pop up pop up pop up up up up up we're culturally about two fuckin jiffy popular that's what's happening there's also not you i remember when that sacco thing happen and so basically she said that she said that joke she gets on a plane she disappears for what eight ten hours i should get some of her life is destroyed yes eluder job blah blah blah she's publicly committed and i remember and look i tweet all the time i i love twitter and i love the way you can communicate through but i remember i didn t do anything about it intentionally sounds like waiting for you please i was like wait where we are me get this straight a woman who i've never heard of before whose public person per se tweeted a bad joke basically a daily tasteless stupid
not her life is going to be destroyed why would i add to that so i we tried to make a conscious decision to just be like you know i do that now and again with certain news things were like this one i'm in a sit out because with this guy mentality y no one did you do you didn't know who that was before nobody knew who this woman was before but so one random person said something that i didn't like we must destroy her so you write it is that's the first pop and now there these pops are happening all over the place which by the way is but at why i think we're peter teal did with hoagie gawker fuckin phenomenal ass i agree or i agree because the there's some there's some violent aggressive invasion of privacy that's going on with companies that are trying to make a lot of money by having an that's one of the things at a lot of people thought about gawker now although i did really incredible piece on gaza from may i hate says about donald trump hair
or they are investigating the trumps hairs are very expensive we i read it they had like a diagram of showing how beers around like that there's an office interim tower that is something that has one floor below his and the office does inevitable it doesn't have a website anymore and they ve doing this procedure for a long time now and it's like they essentially they take a hair and then they find whatever hairs you have and they sort of thai this hair on to your hair like one hair at a time like some crazy aid our procedure and speculation is that the entire business revolves around maintaining his hair in that manner now as someone who is bald is ball they can to try to do something fine challenge your hair transplants i went to all right we're years ago smile scar on the back my head from you
chop out of peace through the back your hand and they tried to put it up front the where described as likely take some people that are really healthy movement to a neighborhood where everyone is dying yeah well i was you know when i did it i was in my late twenties and i was i was just on tat vision and i was panic anchors my hair is fallen out like oh my god i'm my career is just getting started and i'm gonna lose at all because i was thinking very probably cause firstly that a lot of my success is predicated on my appearance nose like good if this goes i if i go bald i'm fucked i wanted shaved heads back then the nineties either did was very rare and so i went through us but it helped a deadly gave me figure hair but
it was to war it was too much work in about an and eventually i realize like it's so pointless and my shaved my head it was like the most freeing feeling like a better like this if i if i'd had here right now at fuck unshaven there i mean i'm holding ground and not you're right when i looked very wonderful though it don't let it go hard on you but i used to have hair over here you know that that's what happens as easy as you ate yet i know for sure there were times in my life when i was very stressed and i'm not kidding you i could feel it could you feel it when you were when you are losing hair could you feel at a time coming out yeah lay like was not like like us almost like not literally each individual thing but almost like i could feel my tension there now and as i have made that was a psychological yeah maybe maybe your hair is completely connected to your motion when we want these ran on small party work that's it i would think about its mo patent go wait a minute what's going on if there really can thus thereof on the pot whatever's fuckin with you
actually comes to this that's why i like this it's either the erika i like pot for that reason one and only overcome with me i don't know it's like that all joked kennison used to have about they say every man's got a homosexual fancy egos sit around the other day going through my fantasies got one on air i want and i want to know about it how did you find yours have one looked so that they are so sorry for you peter so when you see so i someone that a shave that feels good about as you said it's like i'm not all the time of the dews are struggling to much shave your fuckin head so that doesn't trump seem doubly ridiculous you in a certain way while he's more than doubly ridiculous he's radicalism a million from what just on the hare front yet really i mean that's cliches we're not to spend two which are there but doesn't that like someone who shaved your head you good about it that he does this being this whatever the fuck he direction he always says it's my hair it's my air which a sort of a complex as yet their pride doing something by hair it's your your hair but doesn't it
doubly ridiculous into someone like you like knowing that near shaved and you feel good and life goes that i get it from a psychological standpoint i get it also pursue likes to have control over their life you know like you'd you feel like that's one thing that really freaks people out about their hair but it's like features in an appearance is very bizarre right is i know this woman who recently got a nose job and she's beautiful and she decided that you didn't like a nose and she got like a little bit trimmed off it's kind of crazy but there's a weird thing where people decide that if my nose was one eighth of a millimeter smaller i would feel better about myself i would feel better about my appearance but i've i've met p all the negotiating noses now she doesn't like any better sheila great before she looks great now it s a weird thing people do they they fix it but what i was gonna get at it
really strange like what we decide looks good you know and that its cultural and a lot away senecas have you go to some like about those i think it's sir surrey women who decide they put those giant plates in their lips and the bigger the plate the more cat they're worth when they get married this x fuckin a bizarre cultures in it an example of how human beings when isolated for whatever reason what they mean they're scar scar suffocation rituals at many cultures go through with a cut pieces out of their skin to appear to have let crocodiles here's that what they do their backs done do it yeah yeah they cut these chunks out of their back and then developed these key lloyd scars that pop up and they see if china jane men ways crocodiles scarring but it's there are so many different scar vacation rituals and look at me i'm covered antenna two's is like weird things it people due to their body and weird appearances that people too
to enjoy or not enjoy it just gets it gets bizarre like what the fuck is hair why have you guys back oh may oh i have seen that yeah and they just they cover their entire back with this that it makes it look like like a crocodile skin well you know joy bay are used to say a freeze on the view dare i quote the view but earlier joy bay are you saying that i always thought was greater was really simple user say it's an inside job that everything he is just an inside job so you're walking around your friends walk around and she thinks that this little you're a beautiful woman but she thinks this little millimeter so it bothers her rivalries it's an inch i job now she may still have that same insecurity after all maybe she exercise in or maybe it actually did do what it was what to do but most of us are around the shit that were walking around with it and inside job and it's your it's your job as a human to exercise that stuff and then
i try to do it every day that that's we're trying to get better is online and we fail at a constantly i fail every day they then is also like us an amount of you that should be upset the way you look so that you force you to go to the gem in libya keeps you healthy i just move that a west hollywood we talk about the leather as here you know where every guy he's purler this epoch their disregarding but there actually disgusting financed how so cause are just fuck at each other three because their dogs you because you don't want to go to the steamer whom i know i just left i led the west would for three years i never i went to the locker room in that gm twenty four hour fitness once today's debate is otherwise how he was the one i will talk about my friend used to be the manager there
to go to the morally therefore bastard i should go to twenty four hour fitness and within hills and there was a god at work there that was my friend was a manager and they sent him over he was out another twenty four hour financed but he was like a really good well organised guy well like they sent him to west hollywood to clean up and he said he got their dues were just on added in the sauna and they have a market down he said it was insane he said it was basically just a gay hookups by it the whole place with frankly is disgusting i made a really real button but beyond just like that just as the sex or whatever this idea that you have to look perfect and you know it is never enough and that's why for me it's like that's why game it was so important not because of the is it whether you want to get married not as irrelevant but the idea that all these p i could never get married they to stay in the rat race for ever imagine that if you always felt like you had to stay in the rat race because the same
the quality of being in a relationship that was sanctioned by the state a silly is that may all be in in that some level the idea that you just had to stay in this race forever and then one day your fifty and you're trying to look like you're twenty because you're still in that race because you never found someone whether the guy or girl or whatever that you can start you know maturing into some other thing with and that's why it probably was in port marriage equality was important to me now whether someone actually gets married or not milo and i have great debates of it but that if you got to get cause there's nothing sadder them than those people never stop that wailings add to you on the outside but if those people on antidepressants and cocaine that might be having to go to heaven rate but leaving their happier they made it but that hash expendable income where they are our plugs and their beyond imagine they look good unless they little look it but actually you don't look that good cause their muscle the two big you know they all just this you're too tight vague
like settle down everybody yeah there's that there's a lot of that go on you know i used to work the gold jim on call which as you know where that is and was hollywood renounced street from sunset gower student ok yeah we do news radio at sundown rare and so there is a golden jem down the street and like i was just make a membership there that way over at lunch i could just shoot over get to work out in real quick can get by because i just gotten used to like set life like life and set on a new sitcom you're working at a minimum if the said comes not going well agnew's radio wasn't really going well in terms of like we're trying to find its legs early days and we would work twelve fourteen hours it was really hard to do stand up at night and it was really hard work out ass a goddamn and in the same with like my hair shit i gotta state shape in our
there is a lot of scenes news radio or how to take my shirt off there like a kind of a part of who i was right and want to replace me about a fuckin kigali jim and possum vain so anyway i went over to this goddamn it i didn't know that that was exactly like the twenty four hour fitness was hollywood is again disco eyes to feel got tasty little morsel in a big hole our walk in there like a wounded and trailing to the water hole and it was all these duplex crunchy socks like from fuckin libya newton john let's get physical and they would have timberlands on and cut jellies people we'll where it or animals it's a fucking big yoked up steroids up deeds just gayer than the day is long it was was it was interesting because it made me feel like what it must feel it to be a woman who's not interested in getting hit on who so the jam we will i first move to us hollywood i first was intimidated by it cause i was like a momentous jim with all these like huge mostly whatever
and then its terminal i started enjoying because i was like this is actually ridiculous it really is a comedy so if you take it just at that which that's the level you were taken in iraq there are going this idiot and timber who worked out in timberlands but you're not getting they actually do it puts one gene short is what what are you are you building a log cabin or workin out their spending they're sending rather a very clear message they're looking for some dec get it we timberline throw that flag up timber the days dukes are important there's no is no like subtlety and daisy dukes noted as easy do sound with your guy or girl you lookin for dick royal universe a flag of i'm lookin for dick i gotta get subdue short daisy disappointed about the daisy do right like and when i started optimum i won't work buddy but that that all goes to like but care like all this stuff about when we talk about game eridani summit
four eddie it's there it exists like pleasant port should somewhat say one thing are you hurt you doing whatever the fuck you wanted to know if you want a word daisy dukes and fuck a bunch of dude who can yours go have fun this is this this is a short experience i'm forty nine years old tom almost fifty which is if everything goes great i'm halfway dead and is probably not gonna go that great although i didn't knowledge ass i have a little faith in some of the robot acts that are common in some of the giants of kind of you but i mean realistically i want a plan on that and also you got some dose a year on the good side of about the good side of it but this also issues like fuckin asteroids liver volcanoes zombie invasive alien attack i s nose fox gonna go down the next couple of decades but my point is is a short ride it's not that long it seems like it's a long time a new young because when you're we need to look at eighty were gathered so far away but when you're fifty
you'll get eighty like yahoo around the corner a year is not that long it just seems long when you ve only gone through twenty of them in your whole life like wow it's so long here i can't wait on twenty one and now and then the sudden you look back and you go oh this thing happened the blink of an eye i may from thirty to forty which i later this year went so far i mean i remember my thirty birthday everything we a while now like i'm not a kid anymore they cause i you can push it into your twenties right through twenties and still think somehow not an adult maybe or but yet then you go well shit now got i'll i just turned forty and it's like that it's like this is real this is really real urania and but i think the key is not even concentrate on that need to be aware of it to recognize it to address it but just in trade on and this is such a fucking cliche statement but i try to save as much as possible
living in the moment just being here in the moment taken care of your biology you know the respect you meet vehicle take care that thing but try to enjoy this thing and live in the moment and the more you don't live in a moment the more get caught up in bullshit them or it gets away from you and then as i and ii and nonsense and all the stupidity and that kind of goes back to trumpet his fuckin wacky hair i do not live in the moment if you're a seventeen year old guy you're spraying your hair down with a fuckin gown of aquanaut for you go on everybody knows what you do everybody now you don't that's the peace that the peace that everyone knows some shave that fuckin head you're worth eighteen billion dollars river the hell you maybe somebody with them right now we have no friggin closures like to do with em commanded are allegedly did that in a measured indicated today one day before the election he'd women a landslide like he would get a b there would be such positive real
then why are you go you want larry david would endorse amendment it would be huge while i'm curious as to the backlash against trump not the current backlash against trumpet winds gonna come from other people because p pull when whenever someone is perceived to be a bully whether he has not you can make your own choice yonder decision about that but i think he is and a lot of people think he is an i think that's also probably one of the reasons why has been so successful because he so ruthlessly competitive and he thinks of himself so highly and those sort of trade nurses narcissistic traits are often times very prevalent and people at her success one business i really success what years women whose name on everything is branded everything and everything's trump this trump that he has no notion whatsoever staying loki well when you fight again like he's really mad at our baldwin inessa now for doing what i think is hilarious and very
it's really well done like that thing that they do grim by pushy that also best work i think so again beetle juice yeah right well was the one the one glengarry going your grandfather unhappily is best work since the coffee is for clothes risk assessment has been this shit it's it's it's funny and he gets angry like john stewart did a bit he was doing this stand up for veterans for some sort of a benefit and he did this bit where he started reading off these twitter exchanges between here and donald trump down just are tweeting him in the middle of the night a heated tweet from thirty in the morning have you seen us by media probably have seen censor the brand new it's brand new this stand a bit i haven't even so let's put up jamie because i think john stewart i think we actually play this unused dumb friends with john stewart i'm sure he let us play it cause it's i think he'd also it is kind of important
it just shows you it's not whether or not donald trumps conservative approach and make amerika great again and not letting in terrorist and all that stuff all the things you may or may not agree with which is talking about from a psychological standpoint from look in him as a human being like there's your some thing off here something incorrect about his getting well that's your hidden a lot of the latter the stuff so we can really what's i'll wash this behaviour is pretty fucking funny somebody was weird shit about me so on impulse money for two thousand and eleven someone comes into my office and says donald trump adjust tweeted i promise you i much smarter than jonathan liebowitz i mean stewart by the way is totally overrated
say you this is real and i don't necessarily disagree with that so i say as you might say to yourself so we're we can't figure it out so later he tweets as i have said many times before johnson where is highly oh great i sort of this is true he tweets again stewart who sell above at all england jim why just name from jonathan liebowitz who should be proud heritage up up up president nature
jobs nor is the total phoning issued cherishes passed not run from it so i started to think to myself like oh i think these guys let me now i'm a jew i think to myself like doesnt my face honestly like where we see in this space than a poster for yentl like what were other people like steward that's a scottish nay but there's something about that so little weary it would be funny it wasn't so toxic crude and horrible so i decided to tweet back in him
many people don't know this but donald trump real name is fuck facebook clown stay i wish you would embrace them on plants they can you remember by the way lincoln using it in addition i swear it finally given the fbi's preference our next president then treated amazing eaters and losers
joining the name why they are so original and like and like what know what else is doing what happened turned it turned out of on twitter picked up on the name five minutes i started tweeting added then he tweets running about the name for it was not coined by john big stole from a moron so i can back we seem to have fuck face pain nerves
silence radios four days later perhaps the next president of the greatest country in the world one thirty in the morning when all john stewart was in a debate with me wisely there's no way back that line at the area really says it all right thereby wisely this november because this is where we're at now and johnson is a pussy is that that speaks volumes
like who tweaks up like that whose what seven year old tweet something that is running for president john guarantees he's very difficult right now oh i'm gone owing to try to defend our trump for a second on this which is he is using the system against itself so he's using the trolling tactics he know what what is his ultimately s that all insane that's all quickly utterly insane strange like anti semitic dog whistling although it's as if john stewart hiding the fact that his jewish doubts about being jewish everyday like there's so much bizarre lunacy in there in the comments but what i did my best it pensive him is not that he took the guy obviously a narcissist he obviously some sort of personality disorder in all kinds of other shit and and eighty business practices and we don't have the taxes and all that stuff the defensive give him is that he's using the system against itself so all of this corrupt media bullshit all this political correctness all of this the outright culture all the stuff we ve been talking about here
purposely does it just to keep his name out there so these idiots these bills dog media just keeps giving him free attention then by giving him free attention he doesn't have to spend the money but all the their candidates do salaries spending him i don't want the numbers are but i urban abated saying my twenty two one and it's like he's just using so does he believe any of this stuff he sang and is that morally wrong and ethically gross shore but he's just using the system and i think you know people are saying all of you know if it had only been rubio delara democrats have only been rubio romney herb jen bush it would have been so much better all this shit whether they're calling him anti women are anti gay or anything they would have been saying it about them to cause they did it i mean raiment what they were saying about rami four years ago he had binders of women he hates women aids and like i propose vote for me at this point running right i said he did say binders of women enjoy bike but it was just they took it out of context and waited
in point me that's what politics is all about what's important note first of all i agree with you and i think his use of really ridiculous statements and stuff is brilliant because he does force the media to report on some things he says but that was two thousand thirteen was run for president right now so here he is always used it for his own purposes justice his own celebrity out there right so everything he's done from et from any point that i can remember him from in the eightys to forward has been too further his brand his own empire his own money all of that stuff and now he's just he's dead wooing exactly what the media has demanded in a weird way yeah you know like the media doesn't even wait for us to get outraged anymore vague there sitting there all of these people at all of these you know lee beast olives sites that somehow we're all considered legit and nothing personally and stately businesspeople and but like there are literally just waiting for him to tweet so that they can rightly article about the outrage that the tweet cause they don't have to wait for us to be outraged they just
start so it's like he's just feeding them he's feeding the monster knowing he keeps getting more clicks the more weeks in views he gets the more they wanted about him the more money it makes the networks is he really is just pure just playing the game really well you the game brilliantly means a great he'll not as a great job at it look he loves wrestling right i he to do stuff with it every day we have yet to be here because he gets back that's what people are missing here so we can talk about all the policies and whether he actually has a personality disorder that but in terms of the tactics he's just doing it he's just bc they invited me to go on celebrity apprentice back when we do the second version of fear factor which i guess was like two thousand and eleven or twelve or something like that i forget what year it was and i damn it i didn't want to do so what i had a moving europe for three months but not my fault
i was down when they look let's do it no longer maybe fuck the fact i might get oh i since i don't like shit i don't like shows you know i don't know maybe it was a show that i have watched enjoy but never watched it but i wish i did now so i wanted to i would love to have some inside a low to be around their guide pick his brain because jeffrey ass was around him when they roasted infer calmly central committee said the guy was very reasonable and is when they roasted em like he signed up for the roast and jeff had a conversation them is like you know when they turn to you and saint jokes about you should laugh because it looks bad of you to sydney like you're upset leon if you look better vila he's like you're right like the very reason why you think there's something about these very concerned with perception hence the hare rightly murray concern with control is very concerned with all these different things a lot of ways this is sort of a psychological profile as much as it is a presidential race is like we're watching to different people that are strangely flawed
she is not honest chivalry clinton is a very very dishonest person theirs credible amount of data to point that she is incredibly dishonest weather dishonest about the clinton foundation dishonest about the emails dishonest completely about benghazi demon when they are trying to say been gauzy was on responds to a union to india which she knew it wasn't there you must prove exactly exactly and it's very very disturbing when you consider the fact that is not that's not it doesnt disqualify you from running the government doesn't quote like if you're gonna have someone who represents the people of entire john stewart said and i agree the greatest country in the world you should to have someone who's honest and evil given brok obama's turned out through these wiki weeks really is that he lied about not knowing that about clinton had that email service he had he commented on it and he mailed her on it so that's not true so it's the who
thing is very very sordid in many many many ways and you know gary johnson spock and i have had him on the answer and i enjoyed em i like talking to him but do you not know what a lap hours at a lower level so let's whereby new going on syria but i didn't know the name of the city that was getting bomb the shore and of course let the media's disingenuous when they when they find that aleppo moment with carriage eyes and then suddenly that's the lead story all over the place or for twenty four hours it over twitter cause it's like you got ignored everything he says so now he screwed up once and now that's the way you discredit him so i've had carried out in a marsh also i chatted with him he was gonna larry king when i was over it or we had about a half hour before we went on air in the green the guy is he's a perfectly decent lovely humanist not gum he's not dumb he is a nice guy i would love to smoke
call them and go skiing but like but like but that's said in august i did a video on my channel what i said i will support this guy to get to fifteen percent to get him in the in the debate because we whether you like him or not britley need another voice about limited government about why access should be lower what whatever it is now i failed that obviously i tried but from that point from about mid august to the debate he had about ten horrific moments like i actually think as much as i like him personally he's done raturans and in a certain way the country a major disservice by being so ill prepared for this yeah so many people would have been excited to have heard an actual budget there was a libertarian right now obvious he's not gonna win like a prosperous type character ross prototype or just someone who had a certain commanded the issues gary here given all the reason that we like embodies kind of goofy and silly and you know him stammers align he speaks in a funny way in his body language is kind of you know
sly in a slippery or era but the point is this was a year if there were if we are ever gonna have a third party a third joy somethin like that this the year where it could have made a real dent the way ross promoted and gary could have it should have been libertarian candidate more than just nine i think gary just at every opportunity show that he knows what he's doing can can speak clearly about the issues he failed you know he's not he's for having government forced the the india indiana baker to make the cake did you not you libertarian your lot unworthy icons more forcing them to bear a cake daily so he isn't even a greatly but even said this enables it look the guy's not a great libertarian i don't think he's a great anybody was a republican annually and mexico user republic and he was a good to term that is where the real world by the what else is running me who's the former governor of mass choose just so they're both decent fellows
you know they're both these intelligent maybe that's just not what makes you the president but this was they missed a huge opportunity imagine there just been a well spoke in blue carrying who could just have elicited what the points of libertarians yeah i think it would it do look it's not gonna flip the election but it could have done something and i think he was wrong guy it's a dirty business you know ass one of the reasons why hillary clinton is good at using dirty person i mean i say that no ill will i mean i hate that relating me what she does is dirty and if you look at what the dnc did to bernie sanders that's dirty and what she did as soon as that woman got fired from the dnc she hires are immediately made so cool doubly transparent so think how corrupt really help this is and this is again why i talk about the left a lot because they need to call out their side
we would like our own they would be very easy for us for us to sit here and just mock the right the whole time and we can get further into trump and mock the shit at him and the other problem is i don't believe in a left and right now i don't either but i'm just within the way we the sort of frame of discussions united we like the labels we're all ridiculous at this point but think about how europe the dnc is be wiser mentions was the head of the dnc they find out he's rigging it for hilary she said down in shame literally at the same day or the next day and restart same day she starts working for the hilary campaign then gonna brazil whose whose democratic super delegate right she's dead because you who cnn had on is a contributor as if she could pass we give you any remotely honest answer on anything she then becomes the head of the dmz and they now it's course come out is on wikileaks and last week that she was feeding hilary questions you for the debate so it so you may
hate the republicans for all the all your friends are there that hate the republicans use still got to acknowledge that there is something deeply deeply corrupt with the democrats and hilary the head of that simply have put deeply corrupt against bernie sanders is also a democrat it's like what would kill clinton is is a hustler and knows how to put it all together then she's got in the both of the clans their hustlers they keep these people close them and they they make sure that everyone is taken care of whether its people from other countries that donate money to the clinton can foundation whether it's all these different people like when you know what she higher that woman for her campaign that's not unusual like that standard operational procedure for further clinton campaign now it's like how she's conducted business in its that's what we don't like about politics what we don't like about politics is the cronyism and the established routes that they have developed over thirty
plus years in government yes so that's what's happening right now is that because of wikileaks worst to see how the sausages made its not just a theory any more so for the last couple years where where a lotta online people would be screaming at the government's crop the media's in bed with them you know they their pigeon softball interviews too well now we're seeing that it actually true like there's actual it is in email saying yet give softball store he's too easy reporters at the new york times don't talk to this person you know bob we're seeing all of it now coming to a head then you throw trump into it new throw trolling an internet culture and you get off that going back to that popcorn that we started with now it's all but looking at once and you know it all comes down to tomorrow and i also think there's waves of this stuff there's waves of outrage and then the people sort of get resigned to it all because he gets their own life calls you know if you really wanted to delve deep into the clinton's or delve deep into tromp and just that would absorb every second of your day for decades
really really would with both of those guys you gotta live and it's always been like that do member jeff gannon demerit who he is gimme a break out again and was a embedded reporter in the white house and actually spent time sleeping at the white house he had slept in the white house in more than one occasion and this was done the bush administration and he would ask the most ridiculous questions that you have never think that a report would ass like like me to present when are the democrats going to wake up and come to their sense of those kind of got shot i got that is completely ridiculous leading question ass complete soft austria well it turned out he this is like when the that was just starting to emerge right was during the bush administration it turn that he was a gay escort
and he ran and all military gay escort serve yeah this is going to say any more like fucking dog tags and a towel over his dick and whose straddled on the ground with combat boots on is in his on line add you know what i've seen him a twenty four hour fitness analysed the manager the guy at the mob they realise that this fuck guy was i mean this was how they got i mean this is how they got the questions they want to be ass resented the other the narrative that they wanted to push but this is so the case is always been ridiculous people who are almost like vampire familiars who stay calm ass to the master and so they that's to you know that one way or another feed off of of a power that he has and in capitalize on whether its debbie waterman shoals whether its
but what does a woman's name that's the attorney general that clinton met on the tarmac in his jet o lynch the honourable and ensure that story why talking insane they had a private meeting i mean trumps main hitting that over the head as actually every time he says it am i can't wait a minute they had a meeting in the plane for a couple minutes right before the diamond didn't happen like well that's why people s got atoms whose very reasonable guy automobiles and at his common on soon he's great here he will little bit of what i said before about the trump tactics he came out my show and he laid it out so clearly any at that point he wasn't supporting trump really anything i think i think now heap officially is but his whole point was it's not the policy understand what he's doing the darling understand the leading that he does and then comes in after all that he fully gets
you're going to love talking to yeah i mean i feel like what trump represents to a lot of people that are supporting him is they out there willing to look past all of his flaws and all the bullshit in the bullying in the craziness because he's some completely unique yeah that has never run for president before what he is he would he represents is a guy who has been inside but is also outside and he is independent infants and in terms of financially and he's so independent in terms of his connections and his obligations them one of the things and being a narcissist in one things about him being a guy who well we didn't have a whole lot friends is that in establishing the and be becoming the super successful guy who is really concern only bowed himself he's immune to other cronyism bullshit he's not going to do yeah you're seeing that like the way he's hammering hilary on all these different things always attacking mean he got paid to be it hilary
fucking wedding or hilary rather got paid to be at his wedding grant he pay i gave her a donation age her donation for her to show up at his wedding reacted up mean this is a god it's been deeply embedded in and in politics to his credit than he points that out i mean enough inv first debate the first republican debate what was that he said it within the first ten minutes yeah yeah i gave her money and she showed up to my wedding that's ochre up the system is so you're totally right what what's happening is people are there so frustrated there frustrate about language and all the bullshit and seeing all the nonsense between the media and the white house correspondence dinner where you know they call it nerd prime and although this must be guarding the politicians and instead there having dinner with them and we could go through the list of the amount of people that are on cnn that are married to a public people are looking for campaigns and i just mention the diner resulting there's a good you pull the gala for example he runs hilary super pack he's on cnn as an analysed like dish everybody
seeing it there was the idea of it but now because the internet were seeing all of it and people have just had it think about it one wants to be close to power in a certain way so if you had if you had brought are you the president in here you probably in your first interview with him the first time you met him my go a little easier hoping that he might come back again because you'd like to be around it a little not magnitude i hope i hope now go hard i would shoved rock and how are you going i lit accurate says do this man let's just do this i want to know what's up but you they're good like angela gimme the present want to be present but likely there would be like some serious consequences if i did it right so they are serious that's what's the real concern so there's two things there's one is that he won't do if you ask if you are going to demand really hard interview i mean really really hard what do they a hard interview would i would do if i had a chance to sit down with brok obama is he's not
much older than me that these only a couple years older meet a guy i essentially could hang out with that i think it a lot of ways let's forget about what is done in the drones and the attacks on whistle blowers and the attacks on the freedom of the press has been a lot of horrible things that have occurred during this administration has been won the worse administrations in terms of freedom of the press the it's not but it doesn't seem to say much about not at all they cause it's it's bullshit that's why i don't believe in this left and right thing it's like the raiders versus the dolphins you pick a team in your team can do no wrong what i would talk to him about is what is it like being a human being under that immense amount of pressure and is that job even manageable and is it is it possible for one in a really be responsible for three hundred and whatever million people there are well that's convenience separate but that but that's not gonna put it into their people think we're vote calling for a king they don't realize that in other simple civics things that people need to know that they don't know anymore stuff it you should learn and seventh grade social studies that we have three
branches of government the president is one branch he's the executive branch all he is supposed to do the president right laws were all views we to do is sign the law conquer rights the law the legislator red and then judicial branch the court's actually make sure that their legal and their separation of powers and a balance so that they can do checks and balances are they make sure no branch gets too powerful but you think about it think about what the last here is a bit like for this election people think were voting on a king so hilary i can solve this and all that psych women if you can all this shit why don't you tell brok these last two years bring all the jobs back what you're on his team so maybe you should imagine as you know that's all bullshit right and then when from says i'm the only one that can solve immigration i'm the only one that can make the economy gradient as well you just a part of the government i get it you're a big part and we we buy fetish eyes the president in a way that we don't the other branches which is a problem but there
they're not a king and we have to remind ourselves of that and for the people that are really ready to jump off the bridge to morrow if their guy loses or gas or or gal for those people the hope is that this damn is can be stronger than either one of these two people you have if if if we're not at that point then we're real control haven't we already established so that the system itself as is generally yeah it's just busted just busted but that's why they're voting trump and that the thing that's the thing with trump if you think about trump what if what if progressive hated for all these years they hate christian conservatives will guess what trumps inadequate and can serve if you don't give a fuck he had there supporting him bribe oddly at the highest numbers but he doesn't care
that you think trump really cares about abortion is an old school pussy grabber yeah expect couldn't you write he doesn't even old school pussy grammar always being he doesn't care about the whole issue and each day chart there you go you can avail but he doesn't care about abortion he doesn't care about gay rights i think about it he gave the the there are in sea at the convention he talked about right you got a pause break he brought peter teal up there to talk about being openly gay and they loved him here i mean so unilaterally also established that hillary clinton was antigay marriage until two thousand and thirteen when it became convenient she is on record many many times a saying that she believes in marriage to a man a woman yet but that it is credibly regressive of well that's what they
do they wait even more bomber it's like he waited waited waited until obama rack and mobilise as it is but even obama didn't do it until biden was on meat the press and here i kind of slipped amendment ex day about was likely to you know what you just saying more bomber michelle obama she ran shaken by we fuck and when you want to talk a woman who has been in the white house and who has shown an incredible resolve at the way she speaks cheese she's like a very intelligent very articulate very composed person i think she can win what does that tell you though that rather have her than hilary how about that
would probably rather a hundred per cent yonder percent so i well you know what she thinks it put here it's ridiculous vienna president is a mummy i've seen you talking about i don't i just know she's not as compromised now maybe she would be if she got the job so is that ultimately where work is that the system is so corrupt at all could choke out all the two years of this bullshit could give us at the end was these two like i kind of think they just the perfectly deserve each other but if you want to look can find out what went wrong you gotta look in the mirror because we ought to look at ourselves and say how we all allow this to happen it was a joke at first that trumpeting was a joke i mean how fully i remember when he first got in i said he's gonna be in three debates and that's it was deafening entreaty
yeah i met you stayed for the board that i've been osiers is better at talking now ass people he's used to being on camera annie's used to insulting people like when marker rubio tried insultingly was terrible oh my god he's like he's not good at that liechtenstein something just pick up on their was like watching an open my comic canada like headline the biggest show their life you know he just couldn't get the words out properly but but to that point maybe so for all the things that were talking about it seems too that trump the best l job i could give her trump would be that he has alot his family has alot they have everything to live for they have everything the most of us want material assets what all that stuff and its aim is he really we people that are like you gostar war three area would fight north korea is not a real concern known that with his hubris in the way he treats opponents in business no way he treats opponents socially like right yo donal the way he does sort of conduct himself that you that it is now
some thing that you can do if you wanna to some foreign leader absolutely its accounts for sure i saw a mac diminishing that we don't eyes i santa told him i don't know it his moral centre is you know i just have no sense of is this really all about him or is this does really field is like in the truest moment of him does he feel the country really has been derailed and is he just you seeing the trolling tactics to just go something good out of it it up my point is that that he has wisely he's alive to lose and it's like maybe he'd seize the moment where finally you i came around and was like i have no one's gonna stop this bullshit this corrupt always are well shit that you're talkin about hilary and maybe he's like i'm the only one that can do it that's that's the best we can frame it i'm not telling you that that's really fantasy based viewing that though is not based on his actual words but its impact
well to base any of those so so how do we base any this on their words we know that hilary lying left right unity and while these have you seen the thing the different strained us the fbi director giving the description of what hilary did and then her yes hang out the fbi had said and i mean it is so horrifically inaccurate and dishonest nose like does that not immediately disqualify union any other time it would because she was running against that's what it is if she was running and so bomb and these thing and this is this is the hillary clinton that we had been exposed to its legal our standards have dropped so low but the media would have been all over her because they liked obama so that's what's happened here trump has been the great unify air to take all these people progressives and liberals and well all these people and even in the never trump conservatives all these people they're all unit fighting just their hatred of trump and then that gets them to ignore all the horrible shit about hilary so like this
with the emails when she when the guy basically came out he was like well it wasn't negligent was sort of that he was like she's basically an idiot she didn't know what she was doing but it wasn't negligent well that's ground to be fired at most jobs if you're you can't screw up something really really important and say well i didn't do it on purpose i'm just an idiot none not even that its illegal and illegal going to jail right what everything she did if she was a sailor you know that the story about the than naval officer who took photos was even officers unless the guy who took photo so the inside of a nuclear cockpit and now these facing ten years in jail just photos on his phone topsecret shit what did you see this unless today is that hilary was having her cleaning lady print emails classified emails there there wikileaks showing things where she saying have her print it everybody or anthony wiener thing that she had homer whom of forwarded her fucking car certified emails to anthony winners account and then print them up because i guess his computer was hooked up to the fore
can printer in the house we could printers dick picks right so then what gives a printing them where do you send them once you get the large mother no traction cats and actual size depicts say ask you this year before we get any further what do you want either one of them to win and if you do you have a preference or you like i want to step back and watch as nuclear explosion go and see what happens it's none of those three options i dont want this thing to blow up in a one to one of things i sandwich all time is that our country is still so good and we don't realize it we think that it's just this endless fighting in this awfulness there's some good here you wake up in a world where a little different as as public people but average person wakes up here they can say what they want to say for the most part you can say what you want to say you can get a decent job for the most part where we going york city and go on a subway and be with literally every single person from every part of the world from ever every ethnicity and nationality religion race etc and we're
here we're not killing each other that doesn't mean that we could do a lot better doesn't mean that the systems broken it does but you're pretty damn good here almost everyone in the world still wants to come here we don't how many your friends are leading america no leading dunams gonna leave thou be i should really should go in its trump lines you know i said that we should go to mexico is no than she's got a lot of problems of our own gas let's not raise any reigns as at her but but so my overriding point would be i dont want to blow the system up to that level where it's really like there's razor thou say is i didn't say i didn't mean like watches nuclear explosion go off him at an event like this isn t in advance and we're in us back and watch how does that plays a who are you what you want to say we are voting for so look we're we're in california so i haven't said this publicly i figured i would sort away till today so wearing before any here so we know hilary is winning california so the two of us have a little bit of a luxury to do something that might be more prince
then what the hell are they going to prepare the door then what the average person if you're in ohio or you're in florida colorado whenever you're your votes matt literally every single person devote much also highlights how fuckin goofy this system right so completely does right now our people that trading votes overstate lines and all kinds of crazy things look my biggest thing this time is that the system is just man and we need more voices so i might not totally sure my gut feeling is i'm in about four gary johnson for all the wrong reasons because i just want somebody to realize down the road at four years from now we should have somebody else but i you can make equally strong cases for trump and fourthly hilary an equally wrong cases both of them because everything because it's funny i don't i'll ask you the same question but just from what we ve talked about here my senses you're gonna vote for hilary in the most begrudging possible way think i am if i was going to
four hilary so think of de i would i would have to i would have to have a way that i could justify supporting her not just away that i didn't feel like trumped should be the present it's in my mind for this system it's it's it's it's far better if sign that makes sense i say a definite thank my options are either voting for gas johnson or writing someone in there and i don't think gary johnson repressive no i know look he's not going to be so you can emanating clean countenance was present looked a guy did a great job as a governor and you mean what what i find disagreeable about him is so much different than what i found disagreeable but george bush enjoy bush was a present for eight years what i find disagreeable about him like is only his lack of preparedness but i think he's a very disciplined guy i just don't think he prepared
well enough about foreign policy and about a lot of other issues and also think the pressure of the national media and the spot diana got uniquely gotcha journalism the unique there he had not experience before something depressing that is with everything on here and for as much as you and i are in this thing like in it and in a public way that were but we both maybe we'll begrudgingly the day before the election kind of be like ever going to vote for the guy that's definitely can't win i mean think about the ship that you just said about hillary that is seriously damaging shit really damage it never samara is one of my heroes who i know you got on a zillion timed and i've animosity did the best sell job he could on hilary he's he supporting her and i think it is not really but it's mostly humps a funny little article about those that would work the no to the best of believe evils are not a whole article a hog cast about it right and i think he makes some good points about that
he absolutely doesn't look i hold him as high as i can hold another another person but i think that the maybe the best that way this could go down is that if you don't want if you really afraid of what could happen with trump that you'd that it just like the rules have just changed forever and yeah just doesn't sound right that trump would be present united is this reality tv sorry if you really really afraid that i think the best argument clinton then would be that get her in the system basically keeps trucking along and then good liberals and peace conservatives and libertarians and people that really are in on the fringes that are dragging everybody apart you know me like the real regressive left people and the real already with everyone else kind of comes together and says we are going to change things over the next couple years i d say i'm giving you real i kind of pie in the sky like right you know let's try to spend this positively self abc after school species like that's really what i'm giving you right now because i got another laughed with one day to go in this fuckin thing but but
that's what i would say is that it's become this to me over the course of this debate the conservative why may disagree with on taxes or abortion or whatever they're not my enemy they're not as a liberal they're not my enemy and weak finally we have to find room to be ok with other people this this whole election is just a result of not being okay of demonizing everybody to appoint their evil and then what did we end up with we got this so the asked argument for hilary i think is let her for years the whole things can be scandal ridden no matter what she's this is about and not letting people just do their own thing like that's that's a big part of what this is what we mean when you say export explain what you just said about the whole reason why we're in this work this position because we ve got a cause over the last however long because a cable news because a twitter because of all of that all everyone caters their news to themselves and then demonize
as everybody right so everyone on the right will tell you that there are all lib tarred leprous socialist marxist blah blah and everyone on the left will take that they're all racist white supremacist nazis and it's like neither one of those things are true and and there could be it's like when people argue about abortion and it's like everyone on the left will say that the people the right there against abortion they hate women and people on the right will save people on the left are for abortion so they hate babies and guess what not really true either one of those you gotta realised that we there's much more in common that we all have i know you know there's like obviously like that's not rocket science and we have to realise that people can have different political opinions and that we need and still find some room there is some place democrats and republicans used to work together yes of malta guilty and just come the common bond of being american and being so incredibly fortunate to be born on this off
patch bernie i mean that's that's really what we are where the lottery winners when it comes to the world tat a lot of people disagree fuck you canada's better as a lot of evil but we need more than that and i therefore ask that road live but in live here canada australia those are my two spots will australia i've had a couple australians but how does this shit i fuckin lovely out and unless we get in april i love the people there is such a fucking great place there i met melbourne is fuckin fantastic sidney's awesome sis i enjoy it so i can have their problems too but i had read up an idea whose writer for the herald sign in australia she's born in iran move to australia now she's basically views on the right in that she's ever should be considered a republican here and she's actually fighting against immigration the way their doing there because she realized how good back andrea she says australia's the most tolerant nation on earth and were now
following that tolerance by allowing everybody here even if they don't believe the things we believe and even if they don't want integrate in a similarly properly and all that stuff will there verandah dishonoured on illegal immigrants they totally grant emigrants they put him on a boat and share to a fuckin island which is happening all over the on their sinking boats i mean they're videos of boats trying to get to greece in there just literally sinking right now but australia canada yet there so their places that are better pretty good but the fight against people who i agree and de demonization i completely agree with you on i think that we have a real problem with teams we have really real tribal mentality lets a team of the writer a team of the left or even a team of the independent i've been seeing so many people have been so disappointed with so many people ignoring all the things it clinton has done and using that hashtag i'm with her especially my friends at are women
a really excited about having the first woman president and this one is this is the one you want i guess this is like if you wanted to have the first woman president like wouldn't you want to have a woman who was like obama when he ran for president was a perfect candidate in a lot of ways of it and a perfect response to george bush i mean take away all the things that he didn't do that he had offered in his whole hope in change campaign and this so much then he went against especially really disturbances the whistle blower thing a key he was offering support for whistle wars and saying that people are doing illegal activity and they expose that they'll be protected which has been absolutely not the case that to me like super disturbing and i think as many people said he's gonna be on the wrong side of history when it comes to that stuff but i don't know how much control or power they really have i don't know i don't know what kind influences the president really has an opposition but my point is he was a great candid
hillary clinton is not a great candidate she just not she's a scare a person in a lot of ways all this shit that she's been saying about russia being a part of the attack hacks on her ear mail server and the dnc that's all bullshit will think about improving but she keeps saying that she's offered up the fact that she would respond militarily mill terribly against russia for her writing a bunch fucked up shit and emails and getting caught for it right so the way you know that its actual bullshit and you're not just you know given hyperbole there is that if they were doing the things that now the pillory clam pain is claiming they do it very care they very careful with their words where they need a flat out condemn them for sick you know it's but it has to become a runner remember i at all it's all you know it's a magic trick to keep you off the topics of emails which is really the step we should be talking about but
the way you know it's really not real is that if there was real let's say there was real evidence the cia or the fbi ire and its air whenever had real evidence that russia was genuinely rigging our elections either with tromp or without trumpet whatever it that would truly be an act of war at this point that would an act of war and obama would have to be talking about endlessly yunkers after i that like the term rigging the elections in inner fyodor when you see russia do you mean a guy in russia right like us that's like a guy in america could a hacked in that's right do you mean putin directly the government or do you mean brushing hacker russian citizen harrison who has no connection whatsoever to the russian governor who may have gotten your shit now so what about this have you thought about this so all this stuff comes out wikileaks it's gone the assumption that hilary go into my ok what if and you know you i say this with that i always call carl sagan on this one which is extraordinary claims require extraordinary evident but what if we
leaks or the russian government or whoever it is is right what if there's leaving the real shit until she's present when they release it said i know we're not if you really wanted to blackmail the present in the united states blackmail where they want to block alec than one you're someone or they why did i what somebody favourable trade agreements or whatever none of that that you release enough so that his damage national rights into the white house and either you start continually leaking more because i suspect they ve got plenty more you continually leak more to hamper her or you actually then have some shit over her like what if there's some real shit she was she facilitated you know something worse in libya worse you know like some other thing and then make they could pretend we have some shit on her which then call actually lead to a war with russia again i'm just back slowly i fully throw that the carl sagan caveat out there when i say that but you have to think like they have political motive
they're not they're not an a political organization clearly they want to damage hilary so i think something there you're giving me there captain lie which is which is great yeah i think that's a law speculation yeah i don't think i had anything big would have already been out i mean really got a couple hours left on by it i think they would release did yesterday or well maybe not on sunday newspaper intention but i too think that there's no way they would have waited this long like the fbi saying that they are going to reopen the investigation was one of the most damaging things and then came from the investigation of anthony wiener and had nothing to do with wikileaks tat it came from just them looking into this other creep and finding out raised sending his dick picks some fifteen year old girl whatever the fuck he was doing i just
think there's anything there i think what we ve seen we ve already seen so you and we have we really have thanked the most damaging thing in my opinion was colin powell impression of her hours there was horrific because colin powell such a respected person you very rarely hear anything negative about him and he essentially said that she's a moron you mean you or not not a more on an intelligent person is hubris fox up everything out as you know a way of being more on and that in hill they about bill i'll dicking bimbos larry s still is and then one donald trump brought those women than he know is allegedly sexually assaulted and he brought them and even raped the allegedly brought them to the debate and had them sit there there's a photo a bill looking over those women of usa had seen it what in the holy fuck was on his mind when he took when the impression in other he's gone what looking over those women like that so doesn't
i go to why people are voting for trot if you don't i saw at one of my best friends and some forty years old hat does not care about politics at all could not care less i don't even know that he could name the vice president he is all in antwerp i've never talk more politics with him ever entirely as a reference of right wing are keys completely political he's not begun the government in general he doesn't care if you you don't care what you do and heard him that's live and let live that is old power these ever voted i mean there's a great guy but that he just has nothing to do with politics here all about trump because his whole thing is the system is so gross we all know it and other guys exposing it and he is willing to take that risk of what that might mean is that sort what's got items aims and that yeah that that basically the thrust of it that people are just saying we all knew it was fucked
up now someone's showing it to you and your site but you don't like how we behave you don't like how he talks about pussy you don't like that he says mean things too rosy all grew truly gross things and that defending any of those things but like when someone actually polemics and showing you the wizard and others there's a little weirder than you like an eagle outweigh that will forget that yeah i got pull the curtain back and get another curtain and you know it so they're all afraid of they're afraid of this is their chance and if they blow it it'll never that the machine will just swallow everybody announcing the machine swan shit i think what we are seeing is the inevitable demise of a system that wholly incompatible but with the internet now i think i love that that that's what's happening what's happening now this system cannot exist in a world where i think all communication within the next twenty years is going to be
its parent your emails to jamie you know your tweets to your mom whatever the fuck you're doing it's gonna be transparent i don't think i think what the internet providing an modern communication is providing is also instantaneous access to data and to the way people feel and express themselves and what we're talking about earlier these little pops of popcorn they did they're gonna boil up to i can do but with its gonna technologies i gotta stop here it's not like what we can do now is as much as we're gonna be able to do in the future no doubt continue to progress and it's gonna get your point with is not going to be the deceptions can it be impossible so the that's what it is that what it is cable news is deceiving everyone we know their deceiving every one they're sleeping with the people there is both to be taken care of all of us must be watching sorry and now we're exposing it so think about just what we ve done here whether if we got one decent pointing in the however alone we ve been senior if we got one thing out fifteen
ago you could not do this you could not have two people fully unfiltered for this amount of time doing what we're doing so if we manage one cogent point in this whole thing that's we're than you could have got out fifteen years ago well it's a definite more than your ever gonna see on networks because networks have an obligation and they have an agenda and i was going back and forth i tweeted about this those going back and forth between fox news and cnn one i just sat from the tv my wife and kids we're out and so i was just sit and farther tv stone as fuck flippin through the channels going back and forth between cnn and fox and i was god damn bewildered reaction to different here are two different plans like there's two different parallel universes in a one parallel universe hillary clinton is
now the saviour of the world on the other one she's a monster and bill clinton a rapist in sexual predator and these women are a bunch of bimbos it just came out against donald trump and there are puppets and gloria already in on it how crazy ness and unlike what what what would a person think if they had this is their first exposure to human beings is an aim and came here from another planet and there's first exposure human beings was looking at this process to decide who controls the button then that has all the nuclear weapons of the world's pointed at various countries this isn't sanity and this is an insane way to communicate so how to how do we then as the the meals of this non this matrix how do we then keep emboldened am we just have to keep doing never really there's an inevitable process on and it's going to it's gonna its owing to overwhelm what we
consider to be normal communication now it's gonna overwhelmed and right now i think word we are at a very early stage of this technological progression think we're looking at in terms of the internet and devices and phones and laptops and shit but i think not knowledge is gonna merge that's going to follow no one would have ever thought that you would have people addicted to a phone there just twenty years ago no one would have everyone considered consider the idea of being addicted to affirm that you'd go to a restaurant and eighty percent people would just be on their phone and no one likes it when you bring it up if you say to them he man will you have you found like fuck do porn emails everybody gets matters the girl it's like you like saying hey you really need that drink for doing the same god damn feeling valuable responding to an addiction but this is one man this is step one of an ultimate complete in vain if necessary is going to be some new technology whether it's a neural in
land or whether there is some other device it we're going to wear but gonna be something that connects us far more intimately with each other then what spirits he now which is pretty goddamn intimate wouldn't it be nice i had a guy who's running for the trans humanist party should be item on yeah so that's what we timing we spasm sure you did we spent the hour basically talkin about all that that think about it we're not submitted this look it's not that they should happening tomorrow instead of talking about random pussy and emails we should be talking about some of these things some of these actual things that are going to shape our lives and we don't about any of this stuff and then the shit just happens and then we were instead of talking about it and preparing ourselves we react but we need to do a little legwork so that when this stuff comes whatever it is we have to be ready for it and we don't so one day the robots will be here and we're gonna be bound down to him because we didn't do the legwork to go you know what they were gonna turn on us we should have well
no i don't necessarily nor the robots are gonna turn on us like there that's the big concern that a lot of people have stephen hawking elon musk the artificial intelligence i think before then we're going to innovate i mean i think before virtual reality you gonna have augmented reality and i think that augmented human beings human beings at our augmented with technology that's really going to be what's gonna separate us from what we are now the which is essentially the monkey holding the device i need a device is going to be in the monk that will look sultans got the chip in him and could open his garage we learned that he's he was talking about a guy they re knows a guy that wants to chop his arm off to get the bionic arm too to be able to get out and get wi fi in your arm in hand and somebody hacks near the russians are gonna hackers armed jerk his own text because that you know leaders go do this there is a robotic boy you fingering shit now i think we should go and stand up and say nothing to really get public speakers obviously fucked up has got all the traits you know he's got everything on and get him to stand up fairly pretty fucking funny
he looked round he looks mining gray face for it wrong when a business politics are essentially showbiz rugeley people just what sets comedy comedy girls this been some really not very good looking people that have done a wonderful job of telling jokes and becoming train i think we look pretty good relative relevant j i mean i've been doing stand above lascaux ears but i think relatively speaking we gotta be on a higher end of relatively speaking to toss is probably number one that handsome bastard ass to a beautiful hair of a man this fuel like that's a banner and he's a good looking goddamn guy too there's this quite a few but now more so than ever in the past year the one up into the fat slovenly comedian i would then like to do so a thing up but i'm fucking that legally embraces i'll talk illusions and just i was happy that he won that after that he won the iraqi may re evaluate takes us a whole new ever is like
crucially he's fats have invested well go that's not something you wouldn't say in front of us now i would like here to his back he knows what he is at worst thing in the world may well whatever i honestly i honestly believe that word a tipping point in inhuman civilization and i think that what this elections exposing is how ridiculous our processes that are process was created by people who used to write with feathers you know i mean really was it was created by people who wrote horses to get around and you know that needed a representative government cuz there's no fuckin way and we will talk to someone in missouri right would take forever and so they need someone to talk to those people and get the word backed washington we don't need that anymore it's an archaic system and then archaic system is in many ways been
both am i made a tweet recently or insecure and post about this guy that was going over the electoral map like a storm was come and i got warning and other states in us like disguise like talking about storms he's talking about he's doing a fork yeah i think this is so bizarre what we're seeing will use your so right i mean just on the technology for and how we vote it's like every state has to senators and the reason they did it back then was because they wanted commitment to make sure that those states like montana that have nobody living there had some sort of representations so they needed to make sure that the train with the president campaigning would actually make it their or the horse and buggy or whatever was and it's like now all change so every being equal even though i'm not for changing a lot of the the i certainly would be for changing the constitution but like the fact that montana has to senators and cow fournier has two senators california has like that what is it like that the biggest economy in the world in somebody got so it's like that's not right
there are no technology is change so it's not necessary anymore the people in montana can hear all the same shit that the people in the forty have low there things that are happening now that the system because it so ingrained and because people that control it and the money it's a conspiracy adding that's just the way things work it's john it's also home ingrained in what we love about the constitution has essentially already been violated you know by the patriot act patriot act to the nba there's a lot of weird shit that's already in place that kind of takes away from the now that the founding fathers it set up to make sure that tyranny was never embraced the wee wee we have these things that we established a long time ago that we think i've only think of what the united states as freedom of speech freedom of speech
you have a right to a fair trial will you don't anymore with the patriot act and with indefinite detention those provided by the nba they could gonna put you in jail for whatever they decide they put you in jail because you represent a threat or that you're on the terrorist watch list or whatever and if they decide that you're a threat to america you you we don't have the right to a trial declares lock you up i mean look at what the fuck they did two chelsea manning i'm to this day she just try to commit suicide again barely yeah this this whole not to me disturbs me almost as much as anything the way julian assange dislike trapped in a house in london and lee fees in an embassy so what does that tell you then about the progressives that this all about this right they were all about chelsea manning euro about getting all when information when it was all breaking i was completely with them it's i'm all alike look i believe that governments should be trained
but there is some shit are you with me on this that some shit has to go down that we can't know of absolutely i like that i just think it it's when people want everything to be fully transparent as i put it to promise who gets to keep those secrets and apply the regular folks well is a regular person get to keep those secrets over the american people well the latter know who i don't know what the right answer that is other than there has to be you can't have everyone walking up without the knowledge as a proud and then i think some day that's gonna be inevitable that's what i'm saying about technology that eventually eulogists unfurled holding the bottleneck is there no and i also the bottleneck is going to occur with money big money right now is really just numbers money is backed by gold anymore that's just numbers it's just numbers but so that means it's data so means its information information it's going
in the direction that information is eventually going to be completely transparent you can we wish to share information back and forth i dont know if we're gonna be able to hold on to this concept of money i think the concept of money that we have an arm it's connected to civilization and that in its as is only a few thousand years old and if you look at the invention of money but for that sort of like trading in goods and services or what was you going back twenty thousand year thirty thousand years human beings been around for a long fucking time cultures but around for a long time i thought like ten thousand your good two thousand but human beings in this current state our incredibly recent where we're not even dealing with gold anymore now just dealing with numbers of ink the next step is that you can't keep track of that anymore than step cuz it's gonna be a resource based economy meaning that people are just gonna be sharing and trading in resources and we're gonna have to go here are some way to quantify those resources and quantify your value and i don't think it's gonna be
the way it is now where you have these hedge fund managers and these bernie made off what's that are fuckin just essentially moving numbers around and making ungodly sums of money i mean if you look at the hamptons a lot of those and people that have these castles out there and then in the castles in connecticut you have these p will that have just figured out a way to move numbers round that's all there doing their move their land tricks with the system basically yes there extracting money from broken system well that's why i think that you know even when people come after trump on the money stuff you know the whole thing with the nine hundred eighteen million dollars in the right off in all the ass now look we don't know we haven't seen his taxes he made it the elections he made it without job of acceding to the eu because again it's just strolling this system but major member one when howard stern was running for governor forcing him to reveal taxes anyone fuck you em out
mademoiselle was outward happened to drop basically howard's very wise guy there so i would i would imagine that he knew that was gonna happening didn't really want to be governor anyway but when he was running for governor that was the heart there was a hurdle he told them yet it exposes taxes to to cowards credit i love love love howard you know you see a couple weeks ago they were people were asking him to release all the trump interviews from all the years from the twenty years and he said no not gonna do it because when people come and come to my studio its reply in a game sort of organic talking about women were and and it would add nothing to this end and donald trump has a good sport about it so for me too trade that it would be betraying my own self is a pretty great principle statement by him that is as great as also taking it out of context component of being on a stern show didn't it
did you some of this stuff that he says so they got supporting the war so i think somebody else had that video but i guess there's but apparently archive fuller stuff that i guess he owns ok well i mean there's of there's a time and a place for things and but is also used to think that this guy was not running for president back and saying those things rise just being a silly man a silly show where its humor you now being goods orton playing a role is as howard put it maybe you pay for but i think that's that's pretty act yeah yeah he was playing the game i thought that was it to your look he would have had an opportunity to get him in the mix again you know may in a more publicity for him any said no that's not that's not what the purpose of what i ve built here for the last forty years is an anomaly throwing on this garbage yo i thought is pretty good well you know i'm sure he probably realises that if he ever decided to run for government
they form now the same thing would be used against him but what does that say it s the other players have not him you know who he is when you ask him what are you well considered opinions and then right now and then neither woe and nineteen eighty nine you said that this persons of monkey and now i think i'll fucking danger that is so from the from the limited amount there that i know you ice use seem to me to be extremely principle person you have a code that you live by you you care about honesty in and being forthright and and all that stuff right think of all the now that you ve said here about doing drugs or sex or about burma like you would never want to run for president ever we could you even possibly fathom running but i want the job but if i did if i did
run i do i don't want to but if they were deaf we use a list of course and that that's why contacts is so incredibly important and this is also incredibly new thing with human beings being able to extract little soundbites from things you said and whether it's a tweet justine psycho or whatever the fuck it is and then say this defines you this moment miss one moment defines you this one moment where someone cut you off and you go you can't and you lay on your horn this dave rube bejean dave reuben running your country would have had a german on that cut off dave reuben would have that one was added to the hospital would have her baby was dying in the back seat and dave reuben cholera caught mean you know that's thirteen louis everything i was very valium trying to him just thrown little whenever i just think that the problem that the problem that you can't think of a mean
i'm not all i'm doing right now it's saying what i think as it comes out of hyper right i'm not freaking me out its wild but offering me but that's all we're doing here but anyone any one that doesn't like us are wanted to discredit us or anything and not to bring it back to sam again but you know the types of things that the that people with really awful intentions have done with me quoting here now lets us and would that thing needs to be destroyed that out reach monster that will find one thing that you did or said once too then destroy every other piece of goodness that you put out there must that is a big piece of what's happening here too i also think discourse in particular like against sam is is what a lot you were doing there playing a game and sam has a high profile and they are using their voice to attack that high profile to make a move on the castle you know it's like they're moving chest pieces around and they're using strategy in their saying well he said this about islam you know and you
understand how many billions of people were peaceful muslims and how offensive this is to say that they know that that's what they're doing they're taking these positions and they also take these positions in a weird way because there's something about writing a blog it's a very cowardly thing when you're attacking someone because they don't spot they d just a mean you want someone to respond back and i love you requiring an incredible another time senior and formulated at a block but the union oh that that it's a one way dialogue on human rights and attack blog on dave reuben they ain't that's a very cowardly thing because what they're doing as their sort of forcing you to respond by establish a false narrative our by portraying you in an unfavourable light by taking things attica tax and using a man about do people do it against me it's almost it's funny when you when you re like wild is weird the or that someone split spent so much thought and x
operating something that you said that you didn't neither mean or it's like while you really went deep on my psyche in a way that had never do it of you no this guy might learn of its brain chance yes ok habyarimana nor have not so smokes yes most unwise as offering freaked out for i can support the city the ceremony so so makes earned a bitch i've had my show he's he's big within the he's the pro trump guy i'll try to make this really deep so appreciated from having him on i got more shit than i've had than anyone else that i've had on because you had them on because i had a lot cuz he was sort of a cuz he's thought of as part of the alt right he he had tweeted like three years before i had him on the show i don't even know we was until about two weeks before adam on foot three years before that he had tweeted something that sounded like he was right apologist but with a better bad joker it was a little unclear rewarded clumsily or whatever was i
we can but we can only find a pretty quick ass bad or i do remember exactly what it was but then suddenly i got all these people's ain't you see reuben had a rape apologies dawn he must hate women or something you know something to that effect and it's like what you guys are doing is just you're picking okay so should i let you pick who i talk to you know and that's like you should have the guy on you'll get a certain amount of hate for it but you having a really interesting conversation with them i haven't had people that you communicated with that you sought where one way and as you got to know them better and better you found out some stuff they'd said and you might want to know how cold there's something people say that just absolutely we in arguable you can't you can't supported when there are certain things that people say that's inexcusable right of course in you you might come across those too so i could see the point of taking some things and maybe they might be evened out of context and using that sort of like say at the very least
consider this sure but as in an interview or you're not you're not you are i are not held two if we are to base glee that every person that we ever sat down with for every thought that they have our years ago on twitter we would be a pretty broken life why round some pretty offensive people on for sure i've got a lot shit for the milo interviews yeah i've got a lot of shit for some other people have so do so so milo i really like my animals for dinner i've gone out with him i think he's a good guy he's d say shit that i would not say working that's why we're talking about a much like trump now and that is why europe has done exactly and then when they ban milo what do you do you make him stronger destroy you make him stronger i spoke i did a speech at you see lay with milo we're just a little back and forth chatting they had all these kids out at first there were hundreds of kids trying to get in but there was this loud two hundred kids trying to literally blocking able so they're not against walls they don't they don't get out small but they're ok but blocking a wall for other
people exercise their free speech and their dumping our cans and spitting on cops getting in cop spaces with cameras i just begging them to just flipping a second anyway we have this great chat it was really funny actually at one point this girl in the odd since she just bus about halfway through start screaming she got in his own people weren't did notions protester she gets into starts i hate you i hate you about so i stopped and i said i you actually we're going to accommodate the end but i bet you right now if you ask milo one question that you really of burning or make one point i bet you will respond to you so i said the show ready rise because if you have one point and the girl just goes yo and it was like when i was a kid but it's a stupid people are in rice stupid or are they just kids like when you talkin about these kids at are protesting and stopping people from going into lecturers or somebody's crazy feminist that are there
you know the scene from the university toronto very famous thing where they had this guy that completely misrepresented his opinions on things and they had power this guy out to be anti female and anti woman in as some sort of a men's rights thing which is a very bizarre thing that you have to deny that men's rights are applicable like it can't if you can't be a feminist and also recognise men's rights it's it's very very bizarre that's one of the bears a thing going on where it's as much as trying to get back at the perceived winners of the world when you feel like you ve been a loser the world that's where i think white privilege is coming from monotonous stuff not to deny that white people have it easier than black people in terms of dealing with racism but it doesn't mean that those white people are racist is a lot of white people that are allies like that the real problem is the racist themselves are not people who aren't victim of the racist it's like saying that these
people are lucky yeah for sure but painting it is some sort of away like where these privileged people their assholes for for allowing this privileged even take place not the problem is always singular other priorities racism itself the race themselves the problem not the people aren't victim it's the individual not the collected and this is what the left is doing that is literally destroying culture and destroying its up we ve man gang of knowing and i think it's gonna pull back just like waves always do i think there's cycles two things i mean i think that's why we went from the sixty two the seventys and the seventy so the eighties may i think this let me also responds to the condemnation of psychedelic drugs and sweeping schedule one active pass in nineteen seventy which was directly attributable to the richard nixon realizing that a lot of what was going on while the people that come after him or part of the psychedelic all these are public as our realising like we ve to stop this this cycle
movement will destroy our culture you go from this goldwater republican era to all the sudden you're dealing with freaks and hippies jimi hendrix and janis joplin like stop parking fire they just through as much water on as a good new locked bunch people in jail and created laws that me marijuana in particular it always other drugs they demon as them so that they could go after the civil rights movement the people who are in charge of it they got them for drugs and so they would go after all these different anti war protest movements that would go after them for drugs two and that schedule one move class the creation of these things that warrant dangers are deadly or killing anyone was directly attributable to a strategy where they were going after people that opposed the vietnam war the going after people that imposed administration clearly lying to them about all sorts of things now as before they even knew that the gulf of tonkin was a false flag the original thing that guy
into vietnam so there so many this so much evidence that that this this way that people behave when they suppress things that it has there's a direct response first of all me if you attack someone there wounded or damaged and then rise up and then go after that attack and that's what you're seeing with all right up there i don't agree with him on a lot of things they stand for but i read nice at almost as if i am not objective random person human being like thus i have my own shit but if i was outside of it trying to look at it objectively and like all this thing goes like this and that it goes on and it goes like it's like a fuckin swing it's like a pendulum its what yang comes in and comes out and i think one of the things it's happening with this all right movement these people are really super conserved and build a fuckin wall built a vulcan what we doing with his response to what they perceive to be too much
openness from the obama administration this fuckin let obama care i dont know enough about it i don't i don't know enough about it but i have friends their doctors who fucking hate i now have rendered doctor and tax evasion in the east destroyed is brought in these bit when they talk to you and they get red in the face and that they have to stand back and take a drink i mean i know people the loss to practise a nor chiropractor losses practice because of it so i think there's there's a lot of people that are upset at any one who is the president anyone the present you don't get fuckin shot missis ultra have my last but who do like kennedy in lincoln that's what i like you didn't get shot and ahead we like you fuckin selling out what are you not i think the data just a natural reaction that have and i think that's why we go left right left right i don't think it's a coincidence that we go right from george bush to bill clinton to george w
bush i don't think that's a coincidence i mean i think that's a very clear response to the the governments like well our this in the people i feel that as a fucking work either let's try this and then they saw back and forth will then i do you make of what's happening now that a very long if she's very heart so if you think it actually is a swing back right i think there's two factors there there's the woman factor which is gigantic there's a lot of women that phone a lot a matter fuck ups are there that problem the vote i would imagine that women out vote men i really think that but we do just totally guessing let's find out i left in his aim but i would say that there is a slight advantage i would say that may be a billig forty six fifty four four women in favour women that more women vote but i think that your you you have also is there's no good choice here so this is a very unique situation you have is really strong anti
woman feeling that allowed these girls get from donald trump especially now right is that there's that again in that conversation that he had on a bus i've heard they worse some people that i love and cherish very deeply and they're trying to be funny and sang fucked up things are totally ridiculous gross and allow former santa because it's just you and me and you and me we're just talk some shit and i do when i run alas words are not action and that's what people in us and if he bowed their women voted higher rates than men that might out clinton november see what the numbers there you go by doesn't say ass different numbers here has just state ok this is not an overall known here so the idea that words are and actions are not defending the grab the by the pussy in bible and was sort of saying that he had done it in the passwords saved everything evidence that he had done those actions
actually it's one what is no evidence less women's vaginas not meda plato smaller fingerprints that a permanent forever you know so that's bully legit but you can't prosecuting produced saying that's my point is that words he said so shit that was gross right i might add true tat i made my point it might not have been true so words and actions are two different things now maybe you can't prove those things cause yet they're not meda plato but that's bill until its provable you can't you can get outraged by i say i see your point but the problem is that just relying completely on the burden of evidence being like physical prove your dealing an act of people touching each other's bodies and sisters not a whole lot of proof when it comes to the so i agree with that but then what do you do when i learnt in earnest output ices we know that some people when they when they give a our rape allegation you know we know that there's gonna be a lot of peace
well that are telling you the absolute truth as they remember there's also going to be crazy people that make things up there's going to be some spam drum and between those two things were you going to have people that exaggerate situations and i'm sure you ve had it in conversations that you ve had with people that maybe you ve got a disagreement they go to someone else and they completely reef came the disagreement like your pc share a common thing that people do we love to do it and we love to do it for all kinds of things and i've been guilty of it i'm sure you have and everybody listening to this thing i am sure as we are learning the very complicated game of communication with human beings and how much involved in it the eager when personality conflicts and where you are in your life in your own stresses and frustrations whatever the fuck is going on whatever is going on in this struggle that we're all involved in right with theirs always a very clear perception of how events went down now so see have to take any consideration you have to take into consideration the fact they might be telling the truth we do not know it's not that there's no evidence cause there's people
you're talking is just it's nothing you can put on scale we are and we don't know how to read minds yet in their promise if you read minds man right i find some fuckin memory things then i went back and looked at him again like a video say i'm like wild and even know went to their way we just one over the other day we talk about tommy air currents verses marvin hackler strike one way i'm here for its own swore was a second round knocker no they went to a third round haggling knocked the third round of my co funded in my mind i would have told you i bet you a thousand dollars who's the second round and i was wrong i remembered it i remembered it wrong there was moments in a fight with fights plainer and this is it that doesn't have any attachment to me my life obviously i'm not like saying that someone's gonna nobody sometimes you remember your own memory i'm not especially someone is involved in some sort of a violent crime where there are the victim i dont know because i think that's gotta
absolutely horrific and it's entirely possible that some people can go through an assault or crime like that and remember everything and then this other people cannot miss people that even black out horrible things because the memory is so disturbing to them that they have to day they blocked amount spent sleep manifestations love people go through that later in life when they realise like what they are trying to suppress your brain is like literally trying to save you from these men these are two fucking painful so what does the berries them i don't know how i don't understand it but i don't know it's real and then people suddenly at forty they go wait a minute proven out act to prove anything so there's all these things that we need to take into consideration it is also the very real cultural benefit of having our first woman president i think culturally what i do i just don't think that she's a good representative in terms of like her need for fine financial compensation for
beaches and the goldman sachs connection and the connection to the saudis i also don't have a fucking clue as to what it's like to deal with foreign policy bright and foreign leaders and i know i don't know if that's even avoidable but that's the thing it's like you know people say well she's in bed with this out either saying well guess what the saudis whether we like it or not who do horrific things in export all kinds of lobbyists in real extremism and bombing the shit out of yemen and with our weapons in all kinds of stuff will show took a million dollars from qatar qatar right now is using slave labour to build their world cup state in which they may not even get the world cup so it's like every what why did they give her a million dollars its bore something you know it is not for nothing you don't give a million dollars for no reason so but that again goes to like we're seeing how all this shit is made right now and the simple fact is you're upset that she is a close relationship with the saudis then you gotta hate obama for it to where i think alike these people are letting that slide on a monday to making a judgment call on it as much as it is this
are things that are going on at extremely high levels for governments and that we do have to try to decipher some truth to it because we're can you get another eight saudi arabia women can't drive they can barely go out without men they are stuck in as build more says beekeeper costumes in the burghers yeah right i mean all of these things will how could they passed could we be our ally if we're for women if barack obama's for women who are good it is or women how is saudi arabia one of our most stable allies that we give a ton of money to if that's what it is the only thing that i would taken to consider and then if i was trying to say this as an outsider i would see there's gotta be some benefit to keeping people like that connected to an obligated to communicate with you and boys in your friend oil not just oil there are some other ravishing a non combat of relief
fish and chip with a very very wealthy middle east compton country that there more could be done with honey than with vinegar you know that this idea of being connected with those people there might be some sort of a benefit because they're so alien to us in their so dominant in their control of their environment like you you look at these dictators foreign these far countries that we supported for so many years and you can make the argument that their horrible absolutely terrible people that we should have nothing to do with you could also make the argument that that part of the world is so fucked up now that you have to somehow another maintain some sort of friendly connection to the people that are in power and then that might be the best way to keep everybody safe while we figure out a fuckin strategy how to deal with religious fundamentalists crazy people literally a trillion
of dollars at their disposal to do anything they want from the salaries by yes but not just from the saudis you mean there's a gigantic chunk of the middle east that has so much money it's incomprehensible and not everyone just a few people oligarchy monarchs in these people that have looked in output be they may remain every week may make it right they are literally literally discarding of cloud seed and make a rain like it's the desert they use their money to make it rain like not esther club that wasn't hyperbole is actually will think about egypt is there example if we are talking about because egypt for thirty years had mubarak this was a guy he was a military guy backed by the united states horrible human rights and all that others there but he kept control of the kind we basically kept their borders kept peace with his basically kept things under control i was in egypt in ninety seven and it was pretty discuss actually even going to the pyramids it is there that the pollution was terrible it was
the people were in friendly like that i would love to go back over a friend there now way whose a youtube skype joe who publication his face he's atheists and a free well if i can ever get up the ice age you should have meter the guys really is great and he does that like freely and openly and egypt it sometimes disappears for months and then yes side he doesn't really publicly say exactly what he's doing by what i when i had him on the show i said to him you know if you want to wear spiderman mask you not to show your face you know you do whatever you want right and an he said no i want to show my fate so anyway they had moved for thirty years he kept the muslim brotherhood they were illegal under tat then they have the career square revolution what happens they do we deposed weep partly they deposed of mubarak they get the muslim brotherhood through democracy and then a year later they realise these guys are way were so what they got from democracy was way worse than what happens the military then steps in and then has a coup overthrown democracy they have a military leader again united
the entire time supported all of that so it's like this is the problem with democracy and we know this from iraq to is like you can if democracy but if the institutions are they are ready to support it you could get a lot of bad people then and then you know it jesse the game is over what the hell's going on you mentioned benghazi before we got rid of it coffee he who is obviously a bad dude you any idea what kind of government there is in libya right now nobody knows is a scary state yeah that's a state of chaos right so it was a state before they are aware of amber lion and amber lion which was workin for cnn and she knew peace on bahrain no notice i said bahrain like an american not behind the elite in thank you for doing that down for me it's not that i just don't worry pretentious passport genuine obama's pakistan pakistan yeah lucky knows latinos one are you to say latin ex also that you're not it's not t knows that implies men
or little guys applies women i use a latin exquisite you're fucked anyone we call ourselves you max instead of your man it's coming out in x i like it you mix it sounds dope yeah work workers species other human rights he has also examined the male and female hugh max they say you man right itself its root why not hume wool man man long history what about her story i mean come on gm what about her story amber lies began her stories she does this investigate peace and bahrain and cnn completely turns it until i got a vacation in tourism commercial they cut out all bad stuff aired it end how member she d jamie do you know she got fired if she went up resigning do remember anyway that sounds like a resigning it was always i dont remember if she was fired if she resign their i'm sorry
remember but what the point is she came on my pod casts wrote a book and dumb cheat sort of explained like what what would really go on when you try to put together these pieces and you know and in india france of sierra they i know they had a rebuttal to which he said and they disagreed with her her framing of in her memory of it and i don't know but it soon sounds to me like whatever stop that she found that was very questionable did not make the air and has probably why mean there's lucy eyes talk pretty openly about having people that work indifferent news organisations where they sort of frame the news tat will look that's good to everything we do welcome at the door seems to be coming back to this idea of the online world and the old school thing they're like starting to have parity now where what we're doing is as an influential you george
and is more influential than anybody on cnn in reality in the reality of java not alex news them the magnetic how a man she maggie kelly's hot if you are a gay do you understand i still do it what still do as i say she society violent about her well i got caught something violent like master and what you think of her ass a man so she i feel it she has a big big wow it's a brain now its inner break is vague there's during lies as you know they're trying to give her twenty million dollars and she has an accepted yet whenever you go girl she's great that forty at forty it's fuckin worth the network's useless without you where was she goes on watchin isn't that crazy that i've been thinking about it like twenty million bucks skype perfect cheeks she'd she deserves each book she deserves it she's very it talks manage very eloquent did you see the thing that you went out with new gingrich tenaya new gingrich's off fucker isn t here
you know i have a little bit of a love eliminating them because i do the eu really smart guy smarter guys really smart he understands like when i talk before about like knowing but the role of government is in order that we should know more about in civics and all that like that guy gets it in and out and any whether you agree with his politics are not he did do so stuff with the contract to america with america you know move the country in a certain way i'm actually surprise he hasn't run for president while he read four years ago in and they basically remember he at that point lands right i was holding with his wife and he left as we like the cat was african abroad but you know in a weird way he was the precursor to trump because you remembered that during those primaries here be it a whose really good with fingers and with some comedy and he would get the audience to applaud and cheer and blue song about the media a media they blew and his and suddenly the moderators star
it saying every time they ll be no booing or applauding or as sit there like a fuckin robot its nineteen eighty four on press your disdain that's american they do it now in the hearings america they do it now in the debates dollar lobbies to silence you know it's like could she'd be in jail to she'd go you'd be in jail costs should be in jail that was in my mind the best bomb ever dropped on a presidential debate now do i knew jack kennedy you're no georgia member that line against dank where we know you remember what you do is that with lloyd benson lloyd benson yeah man politics is an icy like another that seems like something else these are about parallel universe it doesnt that i want this means that these can be corneas hell but about two weeks ago i was sitting after every number split in the channels ban comes on their replaying than ninety ninety two debate between george h w bush bill clinton running for the first time and peru and i want
but a half hour of it i think three o clock on a saturday any really was like being an alternate universe it felt so different they were actually talking about economics growth is dry and i'm gonna do live and we all know you're gonna be a member and bigger and it was like wow there was actual there was about politics here maybe it was completely fucked up maybe it was all bullshit and lies and all that but it was about politics and that only what is that that's twenty years ago basically yeah this is a different era this is reality tv show air no i said this joke never figured out how to get to work but it sorted just an observation that so many people what shows where there's just up i dislike when jersey shore was around like we're gonna have a show one day where it's gonna be a reality show about a reality camera then and there
we want to win a file that guy arouse he goes to all his exotic places and films these people getting drunk on the beach and then one day we're gonna want to know who's the man behind the camera behind the man behind the camera and they were going to follow that guy around he's gonna get a reality shows gonna be a reality show about a camera man who's on a reality show about a camera man who's a reality show cameramen descended on his or any litter and deeper and deeper until the whole world is filled with people on a real let us show other holding up a camera to mere is facing themselves with infinite cameramen in each direction that's what we have right now that is a good we'd what this is we have it is guaranteed within its of old bit and i m afraid i get to work but the point being as this is what we our experience and as we are experiencing with phones i get its not be on a network on bravo coming up next at eight its mike the camera man on a reality it doesn't have to be by
network that is what you're having with something like periscope it is what your having when people are live facebook streaming from me no amusement parks whatever the fuck they're doing is that how do you how do you blend how much of your joe rogan actual human versus joe rogan the public purse and how do you where you put that line like it in terms of paris coping from home or showing my don't do s stacks they're not public people he added my wife and kids aren't poet people you don't wanna be theirs regular people do they know me doesn't mean i should dragged them this number two i just think all of us could do at her with a little less interaction digitally think it's happening so fast it you know like we're talking about people at restaurants that or cost and a phone and we need checked him on it they get upset i've been upset people tell me my phone down material do is normal natural reaction i think we have a thing come all of us
going to eventually the step into that great divide in the future is gonna be everybody all the time connected to everybody all the time and it's gonna be very weird you don't think we're gonna change thought i think is good i think we really are going to come like some sort of bizarre hive mind will they do we ve done studies where the internet already when they look at internet attics that they find that the wiring in their brain actually has changed its change certain sin it's actually caused like me brains to shrink into organic left but he was may i fur eight days and i never had never take off on a less my took like some actual time what i took eight days off went to me ago i locked my phone in a safe world so my wretched my husband it locked the phone and safe i did not know the code for eight days i sat on a beach is that like an old empower rejoicings garbage there is if you like the lottery liza the dirtiest thing with you want
phone areas really it was but eight days i had no phone and i could you not i mean i felt my brain kind of resetting in i felt something's happening and also i felt more i felt more patient i felt you know in conversations where you have not like but where you constantly just distracted by every little thing like i got away from it and then when i got back on the grid in luxembourg the second i got off the plane and owes you do my thing areas while you world went on it was right it actually ok i miss some shit something something happen on my show that took their go out a news i don't know three days but like the world i would just like some shit happened yeah like i said i'm not trying to judge people who are using these things using these devices i'm just trying to talk about as honestly as i can but i think it's almost inevitable but i think for your own person good it has to be managed carefully whether you have to take audit of the stuff it's in your life and if you spend
like i have an hour and a half just reading through tweets about like em nothing i'm just looking for something interesting just constantly growing looking for something interesting step away from thank you for your impulsively me speaking me talking to me impulsively check images on instagram cool shit people post up you know what interesting emma may news is out there right now you know what is the latest trending topics on twitter after while it with can my doing we're my life what about me as a person like what am i doing namely pay attention the well that's why framed it like that between the actual rogan the public person and then actually the human that has to go ahead and live and do this operation and have kids in a wife and all those things those are to set it things and yet you gotta bring them somehow into harmony so that bacon this together a big ones meditation yeah thinking meditation and
king about what you actually want to do verses what your momentum is leading you towards an for maids isolation tax as the big i have one of my big enough i use it all the time at think about things there an unrestricted way and i take valuation of like how they always like it it's one thing to people don't like about getting i one of the things that people don't like about isolation tanks in or yoga last tools talk with my yoga instructed dane do you know she sang it forces people to examine their shit it does the forces you to look at your stuff when you're struggling in oh and yoga seem so easy when you say the word seems like something earlier describing your feet and now it's fuckin hard man tar there was a hundred four degrees speaking fucked up did you see that hbo real sports things without become guy now if you'd be grim
got shit people are dead they're taking their name his name off the youngest studio ice killing people no no no no just like a crazy fuck was saying that these women you know have lied because he has been accused of sexual assault and that peace they pay a million dollars for one drop of sperm he's like one drop of my speech one million dollars why pay like ass not i mean he's he's a girl ryan's as yoga guru who's responsible for its what it's really an excellent sort of analogy to how weird and fucked up pew beings are that we are not perfect in any way shape or form you have this guy who brought this things be grim yoga to america and he didn't create it's been around for thousands of years and he tried to sue people for the patent and all the movements in lost either you can't patent yoga but this guy has brought yoga in in sort of promoted yo
to who knows how many millions of people he's like one the most directly responsible people for promoting the stuff but then you see as a person is a crazy fuck he won't let people go to the bathroom we have to sit there unless don't talk and if you have to go you gonna on your pants like it's all a culture it makes him stay up all night and watch bollywood movies it's like a fucking crazy man he's got rolls royce isn't shit they busted and with all these cars and he said that it was good open up a school for children to learn automobiles area that i bought these rolls royce s school for underprivileged children with rolls royce in these amazing it's amazing but i think but that as to the worship thing that we are not met and that's like it we see these people worshipping hilary or worshipping trump and it's like they are not going to solve all our problems and not only are they not gonna suburbs they shouldn't the president the president should keep the
the road safe the presidential make sure nobody bombs us the president should make sure the economy keep jungle and think about it are you just said has one person of those three important that's fucking crazy you get a guy for the roads this time it's ridiculous you get the department is something around he gonna call may may doing a job you gotta go check these roads workin lie in arizona let me see the road but that of their own that actually that's actually the point like they're not was to be our guide they're not supposed to be our emperor they're supposed to keep the ship friend ass human beings we wash camps we want god we want we want to bring j f k back to life what cloning and even him he would never survive today are the crazy shit that i was up to the poor it's like he would have made wiener look like a catholic school gave him a that we're gonna get out i think they're so many people like that that are complicated there not did we have this narrative that's been created by film and by
books where this false narrative of this perfect human being is john wayne care to rides often the sunset clint eastwood who are you now sondra lock is always waving goodbye to whom is your rides oftener and away from the indians like this is all a false narrative and its created in such a potent way that our brain sustained by that and we try expect that out of our leaders instead of i think that's not the key in other countries like in europe in particular right in europe like in france politicians their fuckin affairs and shit nebraska colonial is like running a brothel ears on big irrelevance italy there italy's another example it's a different world mean we developed a very strange culture over here in amerika very strange and a lot of ways confused culture both in the positive and in the negative you know a bolt in you know the condemnation of things that people like tramp of centre in people like clinton a village leads
and also our reaction to the goal of a more were weird we're just fucking weird and i don't think we ve really fully embraced are weirdness as a species yet that's part of the problem with being a president the first place it's based on bullshit i gets it's based on the idea that you can give people power and they want abused it rise of an ancient scroll that's really what is there someone many many moons ago before electricity they figured out how to make ink like but shit media whether used like all the fact that they used to make i was gonna buy the bugs that seem says in his dip their quill into that and they would write on a scale which by the way was mostly made out a hemp modalities hemp paper look everywhere is incredibly complex and it has to do with we're all flawed we all fail every day and succeeded other things you could look look
thomas jefferson i was at my cousin got married near modular in virginia witten that's that's where his house was in everything where he we lived in own slaves and had sex with some of the slaves in one of the slaves had sex with several of them i think there's emigrate area a bloody did i think that he was writing the very long gray ultimately freed the slaves while at the same time in effect you could argue and i'm sure people have argued this that he was keeping a sleigh because if it is about power even if she was fully down with it she was his slave so absolutely so at the same time he was also with writing the very laws to free them that shows you how how flawed all of us are that you could hear you could hate him for four owning slaves you could hate him for having this relationship with this woman all that and at the same he was instrumental in writing the very laws that made us all equal so that go
an end you could add that's why it's so dangerous when you look back on a different time and you try to apply our morality of today on other people in its other times it's so dangerous could you could look at him and go fuck that guy lets a letter race every bit of history the way we did with the dogs hazard car and all that shit and it that's chris it's a thing that existed confederate flags go back to the generally should the generally i too think it should be on the car in tv land shouldn't have taken the show off the air you know what i mean like built as we are is less than those here like back i was my hero i went into comedy because i was five years old and i saw a bill cosby himself reads darkroom our jargon gave the old vanessa low vague and i thought it was the fund he fucking thing ever and it changed my life a change the course of my life now my child the euro is the biggest cereal rapist of all time of autumn that depressing yeah that's another good example hole
she's really fully think about what goodness you could absolutely draw a line between bill cadmium barack obama you clearly draw a line that if bill cosby does highlight shoaled there black so there you go but you we draw i'd say that if that show had not been on nbc prime time in a he not done that that middle class upstanding leap that was incredibly funny and all green stuff about guys me that that law the two eventually twenty twenty some years later barack obama being president and this and at the same time use was rapist do you think that like a lot of his morality and this goes back to the sort of tied thing slingshot effect that allow of his sort of projected morality was to make up for the fact that it was drug and checks and rape and i'm so he was run me is dad right and he was also like the upside down upstanding citizen for the black community to get upset if comedians would swear the whole thing with eddie murphy i mean and not just him
just eddie murphy but i believe the same but gave chapin i think he had a problem with chris wrong you know what he would he stood for as was like this really serve it is really friendly don't we don't talk about dixon pussies and all that stuff like he had a whole thing about like when it was really old man before he got caught hold thing about but well we'll talk about it but we don't hit it near we don't hit on it when we know what i'm saying it could every commedia do cause we carry than that i'm a relative probabilities that working time of her tried it but it's pretty decent thank you i need in these workers but the point being is this guy was we vote we are you never heard other common endeavour george wallace tell other comedians what they should do you know you never hear that from pop impossible any maybe but in those eu edam say and like it it's slightly
you dont well i guess apparently partly that may have been because cause we became such a big institution right you know it wasn't like i love about those guys especially george whilst i beg is like absolutely hilarious here he never got the level of mainstream success where one he says has some sort of cultural significance right and that they were world cause be got to the place of its something else it's beyond its beyond what ninety nine point nine thousand nine hundred and ninety nine percent of comics or any public figure actually get yeah he gets a place in you know the scheme of history so well yeah different he was he was the best example of like the elevated person from the minority like the best example very well spoken he got a doctorate you got a kind of a legit wandering got an honorary one pretty sure it was late
the legitimate was like from a paper that he has had to write graduates course on the likely to see if you it's i think he got a legit one from new jersey saxony william h guys we write that out to me yeah buddy mean you can get an honorary doctorate just four years monetary and work is people think you're slick while heath clip huxtable was they'll be to land day ago must have went to school there must have i think that you see a bribe whereby the pussy but you give her drink first from you sleep now if you went to run for president they go back to that they take down context they go what the fuck that cause me worshipping pussy grabbing you'll see but is it here goes as this here is sometimes are for doktor cosby has his doctrine and education university massachusetts and in amherst here the degree in the mid nineties seventies a thesis entitled integration of visual media vii of fat hours cause because that's what i did my back return the how weird ok it's a teaching aid
and vehicle to achieve increased learning that's interesting so so that goes to your point did the a was the public purse in really just defending the horrible actions of the private person but also he clearly trying to do good work he has here it's as but how we got his degree has been controversial ever since corps to michael eric dyson elsie college professor georgetown university in the claimed author of his bill cosby right and numerous other books cosby dropped out a high school after a fly this tenth grade three times you listed in the navy organist g d they enrolled in temple where he dropped out to pursue a show business careers unfinished batch of degree from temple was eventually bestowed upon him because of his life experience cause enrolled in a part time doctoral student as universal mastery stammers which bordered come see so that yet so he'd drive that i go came back got his joy
he d enrolled in temple dropped out of that and got a doctorate for writing about a cartoon but even the bachelors degree they're saying he had an unfinished batches eureka life experience heating get that degree reality and eighty wow that's while so both of em so it's not entirely true i mean did get a degree but obviously this there's an asterisk detached that but but supper it from that it's like that that thing that you're talking about is is pretty powerful stuff that what you did doing this horrible shit and yet and yet in rich so many lives type at that literally at the same time that he was doing this horrible stuff to these women he was bringing somewhat goodness to the country that's that's deep you know his luck in deep and that's people now i think the sooner we recognise how flawed human beings are the better we're gonna be off and i think also
there's another thing i ve talked about on stage before but it's a real issue i dont think human things are designed to take in the data for media i don't think we can truly distinguish the difference between false narratives infection i know we can you know when you go to see if i can movie you know it's movie leave lousy good movie man goddamn can't wait for dark strange too we are going out there we know it's a movie but there's an impact that it has on our mind that we have to even though we have two separate it moved around that impact is there we're designed to follow like the tribal leader this old guy with scars whose fuckin survive battles and he has wisdom and knows the poems we sit around a fire and we ve fallen because of actual real life accomplishments in real i've things it we ve seen him do
how he stays alive is i stay alive whereas only thirty of us we have fuckin bear skins on and we live in a cave and when we know how much time we get to follow that guy he knows how to stay alive and we might not make it this is a very real concern because we know tribes it oh god right so this is like how human beings developer fucking thousands of thousands of years if you believe in evolution when we went from being a monkey to being a guy who's addicted to a cell phone the last steps along the way and in those steps we developed lot of these human reward systems where you get you you get you this too and look forward to certain things was those things those rewards will keep you alive whether its being attractive to females the eu will spread your dna that when you must be concerned about this weather its overcoming the adversaries because if you dont they're gonna kill you you have to stay alive you gotta believe it you're gonna have to figure out how to get you stay quiet when you're hunting when the reasons today why women enjoy gossip and men enjoy quiet and why
two or sometimes incompatible if there's a design women are does that they were trying to keep four contrived together so the sidra washing close to you this journey bitch zone but that's that's where it came from behind with the men there are these hunting partisan which shut the fuck up guy what's pay attention we gonna beat we're still closer this is the whole reason why there's a difference in the way these to behave in this is often like well established buys geologists by people who i have studied human behavior i think that we we're at now with movies and songs you're getting this data in a way we don't know how to process we obviously internally you know we obviously going rationalizing go y know that's just a song i noticed a movie i know the indiana jones isn't real guy and he wouldn't just survive every time the fuckin bowling ball size bolder comes his way he would he would get killed the new can any guy in the fridge in part for east who the fuck and argued
covenant how you survive the command is a lot of shit go and i could accept that the work in densely populated thick all of it it's mostly because his eyes the darts truly another way lived here the way from the nuke i needed to cancer is gonna fuckin cool hat those those narratives and this this life version is all data then enter into the human consciousness and the more expose ourselves to kids are watching eight hours a fuckin television and people were constantly engrossed in their phones and others like two dimensional data and video and all these different things on youtube the more that stuff it's in your my entire life the less europe rinsing the actual life it's almost like a preparation for us being applied this hive my these steps you take when you create this sort of new type of being there the union's integrated you're you're talking about the matrix that were slowly morphing into this thing and that's why you know people have to
but what happens there isn't real yet so i in a sort of jumping all the way to that leslie dozing when people say mean things to you i'm sure you would look at your twitter right now somebody's price answer me they will now the latter do really petra bully you told him to do is get your login you see you you ve sick i don't pick them go are either there's a lot of minor you're so then turn it on me dollar raphael but but point is that that those words because that words are not acting thing like it so what i wanted i mean to you you gotta get over itself example part of my business according to a part of my success and last year is equally related to you because quite on a cruise my show is my very oh my show was taken off when i was on your last time and by you given it a little bump here and then you ve been you been real good to me on social media you helped amplify what i do and in the past some of that i now all my social meeting when i scroll in a weird way it's become sort of meaningless it's become all noise because if ninety
five percent of its good which usually is like others in other nice one it's nice and it is nice to know that demeaning and people given incomparably i'm just saying i stranger i like what you're doing a retweeting what i'm doing or whatever that all night and then the bad whence come in and then you know for whatever reason i focus on the bad ones more but then i just let it becomes i'm just like you know what i did have to do what i do and then let them rested it be i you know i mean only probably at this point correspond everybody anymore no i cannot one you know it's that today's not fun anymore i part of the the price to pay for a little success here is that the party used to be fine when i would play around people more on air and spend more time interacting is like become such like a calvacade of craziness that i i just don't have the time or i didn't have the mental band with more than anything else have a lot on item it's like so been a little bit of a sacrifice along the way but you avatar
this comes with the programme when especially when you're thinking about the numbers of people that you're reaching nobody or how do they argued merriment magic johnny carson twitter account can he's trying to interact with all the fans we got email carson at tonight show dot com did not know that there's look at all fuckin email homeowner swallow these people if you don't they get mad at you their inventions that i think the one good thing that's going on his people don't expect you to do that when you reach a certain number of man's like get way more suggests from people who say hey i love the podcast or a great job and you have seen some like that that those kind of messages i get way more often than someone actually trying to get me to respond things which i would like to do i have had that kind of time but no one as canada right that's what i'm saying there's just a certain amount and that goes to combining public person and private prison like there's a certain amount of bandwidth that your brain has that all of us have to do what whatever it is we tat i could with the two of us could sit here for twenty four hours in a row and just responded things and bubba and its ike
your brain also has to be able to breathe wilder spirit has failed to breathe you have to live life i think you have even offer in this one of things at on finding its kind important to me and of tribes i've tried to engineer this in my own life and away i've gotta have as much life experiences or more more than i do work because like just working like of i gas everyday i rode out things say because there's always something going on the world but i think i would be doing my own perspective a service to do my perspective a servant to be honest about it need experienced experience things i need a lively and yes you would you know what a place ass yeah i need to do things are done called and i need to get involved in a lot of activities i like to do different things losing first workers i enjoy them first and foremost
and i think embracing that i enjoy them benefits mean a great way to his when i do things enjoy i get happy when i get happy i work better you know and i think if if i didn't do that and if i didn't like act thirdly seek out it would just it's really easy for a lot of people are we will find that they get caught up in work so much that that's all they focus on there and then did then i think it you stop being the person who got to their position in the first place there and you got to their position in the first place got there because people liked what you about what you thought about and now the only way that even it gets more enhanced is by experiencing thing and by the way you don't have to go to across the world to do that even i was telling you before we started that so i just bought a house were due in the home studio thing my fans are finding it it's like my dreams literally are becoming reality is as you know like
validating is anything that has happened in my entire life congratulatory s thanks it's like it's beautiful here it's very good deserve a tumor persuasion and yesterday i'm trying to hook up some speakers in the house and i have some old ass stereo that i've had forever and i'm trying to hook this shit up and it was i bid me crazy but i act at halfway through after like three hours of fuckin pulling things out of the wall and you know that wires the little metal wednesday you're gonna turn and jamming them two speakers and negative i love the twist at its meetings i have read in the blackness of jam and i mean that's literally what i'm doing yesterday and i am frustrated spock and then about halfway through i was like this is actually great my attention was so focused turn those things getting nothing in there pulling one out with him and i had to run across the other to make the speaker work in this one at the run outside and it's like that was truly great it was a moment completely were i that all my should aside and i realized i was like while for the last hour i was fuckin
in this shitty ass yamaha staring you know and it was actually pretty great this in that area there really is so you don't have to go across the world to do it just doing something that there was meaning and me doing it i didn't want to hire someone to do it you know like i want to figure this thing out and i did i think there's definitely something that but i went to the vatican this summer and i think i was more fun and you install your stereo and i think i learn more about people and looking at you know saint peter's basilica than i ever would have screwing together some fucking wires and stick them into some box that makes noise i bet i can beat you on that because many years ago i believe around ninety seven i think i might been the same trip that i ended up in egypt to amsterdam i like
basically shrewd for like eight days well and then we wanted so my body and i we wanted to take the ratings numb who we wanted to takes rooms too to rome to trip at the sistine chapel so this we get on the train you know it's like overnight train not apply twelve hours ago from amsterdam to rome we got boarded trained boarded by like blood border police resounding yes other so we were like what we can do what we did so we ate the evidence so we look we ate the rooms on the times that are met like enough for one person each like matter not like a crazy about but we're on overnight training like one of those little couchettes where you're sleeping with two people above you so we're both on the bottom in a tiny little room with with for italians ribbon balls for hours and hours we get we get to rome and we went right to the sistine chapel which you have to walk through like a lot of other chapel kind of get to anything but so i was in full
we tripping but i had just enough just enough in the sistine chapel beat that i can't pretty well you only thing waded through four countries because i trip through the netherlands i trip through bolt belgium something in italy is today's up another one in there what else would be i don't know it florence did your florence i went to florence but that in italy the ad something else in italy so the only just heard it was belgium netherlands is where i started something other than italy's ouch meant obviously there i want a good time that's the boy would like we who are you visualizing i just you know when you have just enough for the visuals like just like a little moving you know just a little somethin i was stone cold sober inside saint breeders basilica and i freaked out i was just thinking about the sheer effort involved in making something ass o insanely huge and how many hundreds of years it took to build it we had a great guide
it was really smart he was professor and eyes flew in english and flew in italian and he was a local professor who did this on the side and why someone was like a really enthusiastic about the history of it he like lit up like a christmas tree minas guy had some awesome conversations and you know you didn't he stuck with us for like our five or six hours and then we went to dinner with him afterwards and dumb you know he was just so he so the love the artwork and the culture and the history of it it was so infectious when he was talking about well that's the thing you don't have to be religious per se i'm not a believer i honour right i believe and things that i that can be proven if someone could prove something to me than than i would believe it if you told me that lebaron james dunked from half court wide need to see video you know languages oh he did well hot damn you know so why wouldn't i apply that same logic to the big questions in the universe but even not being a believer you acknowledge that the work that these people had to do that may be they
felt some divine spirit they felt something in themselves that i can't explain or whenever that there is any edible power to that i mean go to jerusalem you can look at the the stern wall is literally the holy citing judaism is adjacent with the temple mount though the domino rock is right on top of that the third wholly citing islamic if you walk five minutes the other way the church the holy supper where jesus was we provide is right there i mean so what you believe in the stuff or not it the fact the backs the ground exist and we have to acknowledge that some people fine meaning in value and that we could we could argue whether that would have been a destructive force throughout time or why and i think in a waterways religion as i feel cosby its health it's it's helped people and its her lot mean religion is been responsible for some horrible atrocities and not just one religion without any many religions but
many many groups of power many groups that have influence in great influence over people a lot of times it look out for themselves they protect themselves ruthlessly especially when they have massive amounts of power that doesn't make any sense in the world like when you look at it any sort of any sort of a coup any sort of a usurping of power it's someone who has massive amounts of power and someone else wants that mass amounts apparently conquered and take over and it's always like this spectacular chaotic event and that's what human beings sort of that's what they do they establish positions of power than the abuse and the almost begging for some better smarter person come along and take it from here i think about that sometimes even where when i'd be like walking where you live in west hollywood where it's like pretty in its next to beverly hills to nice area and that all
if he were sort of walking you know there's nice shops there and everyone kind of looks good so it sort of oars ever they go to the gym they tat they get surgery their delicate all work in on themselves or they do anything and its annual right it's almost like they're just thereby blind to the fact that there is something else happening there is a real power play pending in the world where there are forces is that want to change things either for what may be for you or or worse for you or whatever and most people just ignore it because it's a lot easier to get lost in twitter waters are dashing euler country club yards of the world that we are who has spoiled country club kids the world don't realize the consequences of fly drones and a yemen and bombing wedding party zone elders like the consequence that attack those people or it would be so significant it was happening on this patchett dirt but since happening over there when i think of it as a big deal
imagine what would happen if someone from another country had flown a drone of the united states and accidently bombed some sort of party in phoenix right could you fucking imagine imagine if of one rocket flew over mexicans mexico's border to the hotel pass our lawyer we bomb canada i mean like that they think about that later it so crazy when you think you know i get it as i said before i'm not against every state secret in some shit has there rules that beyond well why they there only that way because there is no transparency in these other countries to you i once all these countries developed as new level of transparency where you can't hide shit you can't lie you gonna do one or two things you can say look i'm gang is com i'm runnin mother fucker and even a putin the whole thing i mean what putin is right now is old school dictators f
kills his rivals publicly he sat has fascinated right did you see the fucking assassination attempt on him no unity i don't think so unimportant yeah no yeah that idolize that made a suicide attack on his car but his driver was in the car and not him this guide drove high speed head on right into putin's com when we got is how the hell did i miss you weeks ago notion yeah two weeks ago travilla takes a lot as even what washes watches watches i see the guy in the middle doing that so he could hit putin's car bam that's it he knew car was and he drove in the media in and then turned towards putin car we can no more time we know that i can see it s either from pussy watch the median what's the middle eastern that guy's they are planning this than he sees the car and turns right into holy shit holy shit is right it killed the driver i think he killed both guys safer kill both ass
but who was not in that car but that's his his favorite driver fuckin bananas something that's that's game a throne that's right that's the point that is modern aim thrones happening here and but all these other people these are they the people that are protected by the dark lord that run the kingdom and that this is just the modern version of shit that's been going on since the beginning a tie so then that said does that give you any empathy for what clinton has to do to get there so let us say i do not necessarily empathy but a vague the of how ignorant i am about how the world works there and that's it it's a weird play to sit hose and you know it the defence of clinton the major clinton the bill because in a knot of it defence of whatever he may or may not have done physically told us p but are accusing him a things but about his like the speeches he does and all the money that is trying to acquire people forget how ruthlessly
prosecuted he was money and a star while he was in office and how crazy that all that all that situation was who is leading it nude gingrich who as we said before was having an affair off his wife it was night here and there was another guy these the strategist who's the republican strategists it was can mailmen now that was after i was a georgia babushka rove no car of coral is about part of a tour i wasn't missy party involved the clinton thing maybe he's not maybe i'm confused carl romaine heavily upon the jeff gannon story out you know i dont know what that could have possibly been like them but i know that when bill clinton got out of office apparently he was deeply in debt because of his legal fees and the thing which is off the chart does one thing it hilary talked about like she had said that when they left when he left the office they were dedbroke while eve obviously found ways capitalize on it and did it but could you imagine being a guy was a former president and is
what was he had the time like maybe a slate fifties eyebrows and fuck and not just dedbroke but beaten down down by public scandal and your ear in debt who knows how many dollars any law all your money to legal cases because you're fighting off impeachment pilots crazy people they want to prosecute you for doing shit that pretty much every president don since the beginning of time wiped his dick out pierre start second it because they too fucking king crazy to be in that position in the first place who cares while people get up here because he lie not re people or whatever them that's one thing but i was just a general with the president's having affairs who gives a fuck is the country working at this thing basically not going towards the the iceberg then ok but here's words curious he didn't get prosecuted because you i'd because obviously bomb and now we don't now found out that he lied about the emails from though the wikileaks he'd lie to the american people is a small lie it is a white lie i guess you could say is knowing
might not be the worst that he didn't raised his hand and put his hand on the bible and say you solemnly swear to tell the truth i why'd you have to do is you have to no you're really on its like now is the time we can't lie anymore so we have this crazy rule that if you do during that time it's so different than when you lie about what fbi administrator call me whatever the fuck his title you call me is about what you did inverted what you think you did right or whether its who knows what other facts right with its how many funds phone she had or
gaza or what are those little or no you of your team destroy europe devices with hammers and my has at any rate that we actually did take some old hard drives out to the gun range yeah yeah and i put some three hundred when mag rounds and on that issue whose but we did it gives we're gonna get rid of them anyway there old it is old bull nice it be finally take these the range is blown apart this say so we took him out there knows site in my rifle but we should do it does to one i'd like to address you would like i would do that with these under our i'll shoot computers ass of old laptops you don't i did today i off the apple too i got my apple lapse out here but about a windows laptop just to see what's going on a bus or make them ass they do they make a lenovo think pad
but i got always like thing pads had won a long time ago and was also the newest think paths look like and what goes to him that little red yet nipple the airplane nipple airing or they stood over the need to have the naples to really yeah i gotta pee fifty lenovo think pad p fifty so anyway i get this thing pad it has windows seven will the newest windows is windows ten so i try creating two windows tenth algae three and a half hours later after two fuckin live chat with people they can't figure out how to get it to work to different people i'm talk to that with you no text they can't figure out how to get it to work it's still got windows seven on it i spent three and a half hours this morning is there a punic is my little yomei assertion i lose my didn't lose my temper i we did it i have a laptop this one's getting caught up it's got a lot space taken out by porn and stupid shit and now
and pool videos and much dumb stuff on my phone from my phone rather and i will say a marsh probably get like a new laptop i wanna see what windows ten is like so i figured by a new laptop or for sure is gonna have windows ten on it noted back windows seven windows seven in eight nine i didn't know that they did anything after ninety five i thought it was windows ninety five and then that's why heard windows ten is good of have heard it reviewed by tat people some hoping to see what the fuss is all about but i've been least think it might be like going going to really shitty job for a while and then cut backs your regular job going caused so much better isn't it funny how sometimes like four as connected as you may be sometimes some technology just kind of gets past you and then you realize you just like miss something so for the last five years i've been using firefox browser liar box i on your inquiry i rights i'm using firefox nothing would
work like things like videos would freeze audio breeze i couldn't three windows it wants you know like whole bunch of shit and then my my director amira saw me clicking firefox and she was young she's twenty three twenty four and she was lapping hysterically like you fuckin idiot why are you doing that and then did you gotta get on chrome and ass i know that can't be any different in firefox i thought everybody was on fire box like for as much as i'm in this thing this afternoon i got on firefox and i just was their chrome is this so now my chrome and guess what you press play you know it happens ship place she plays on a big believer in the google and one of them had i been thinkin about is getting off the apple tit using an android phone windows laptop so i'm gonna try that over the next few months this beginning really end think so i want to think and frustrated be such a bad thing i mean i think at the very least a copy
dude i don't think i can send you a text anymore sally pictures i can't find him that's a great way to get off the great sorry i heard what people really goes hicks yours on those google phones like they go into a folder like if someone send you a picture attached to your text message that picture like automatically goes knew a folder may not even exist on the text stream i got i don't get it that's the case even live like this summer fund now find out i'm gonna find i wanted what's going on to try the they have a google has a new phone call the glue google pixel heard about it and it's very highly received by tech dwarfs the but that really know what the fuck they're talking about unlike me and they are they really like the camera they relate to speed up the pure google experience because nobody fox with it comes straight damn them don't have a third party software built into it something she was gonna what's did you just stay on the apple tit all the time when people sent me a text messages all green little envy dispersants out that rebelling throughout their work
beer wild and setting text messages on this morning i message when i was dealing with the imo ha show your making this shit up she i'm just a real big and of google and general area too picture of a wire and came back green i thought what this guy no than i know he's a nice guy green knows in those things or a dozen oars poor get exactly unemployed it could be that he's just a crazy person apple but there is something fuckin word about that those blue things and then if someone's got another kind of fallen greens its green psychotherapy an outsider it's green either you send you a blue one my right why do you have different fucking collars for different people that have different funds i don't like the way where that going well the annoying i feel you know it's that nineteen eighty four commercial that apple did in nineteen eighty four when they were fighting windows at the time they were fighting microsoft but the idea that the bill my apple gets and the more we just instinctively
go to it by the way i say this with all due irony cause i got the iphone seven the day i came out here today are some but i am but the more that we all do that you actually is santa buys them to not innovate cuz it ain't know that if you could this phone really the realities of this phone that we're both have right now it barely is differ than the six right how you finer you your but who are you know something i want to talk about a better a little better but an idle better let maybe a little worse i like the others illinois version and i do miss the phone headphone jack yeah guess what sometimes on ever headphone plugged environment my car i can talk to someone with a thing dangling from my ear because its way easier now hear them that it is through speaker phone or what if you want to charge your phone and you listen to me i don't agree with what they're doing and i agree with what they're doing laptops either way getting rid of u s b and they are not a new type of yours billig come on man this
in any better but the thing is that goes to my point if they know that you're gonna buy this shit no matter what they know us they knew the day they put this out they're gonna make x amount of hundreds of millions of dollars if not more rights so the more that we ought instinctively just go to them actual less they have there is less incentive for them to give us good innovative shit because why he changes it if you just tweak a couple things they don't put that much into it we all do it anyway i also think that it's probably important to support competition now and to and in what i think once they reach a point where the tec people are saying this the best phone like a lot of the google the people that are reviewed the google pixel their san i've dish my iphone for this is the best phone the market finally for the first time an android phone i don't off the roof being further android and so they may have a biased opinion my try like these guys are either flock in mind right we're gonna find out about to find out about those ten and i want to find out about andrew antimony given both she decided that recently as like this is
two instinctive a move from me to just go to apple i remember when i was on news radio when apple was really even that good it was before o s ten o s rather which was with the big operating system change were meant to union based system of opposed to the way it was before was i with frees up before no memory protection couldn't really multitask correctly it did they didn't have what they called pre emptive multitasking so like the tec people didn't appreciate them the mac platform until o s acts and then o s access is really like responsive user interface is very cool animation things would have it when you click on things i saw that well ok when a dry ominous rights i want that's when i jumped back over from windows to match again and there's so many people that get in these clans it's after talking about with republicans versus democrats there is a lot of clans like when i was on the set of news radio one of the guys is back on what mac sucked the guys like you know it
it is your sales or up our sales are up is talking about like max i go our sailed lifestyles of magazine i knew he was met he'd have where apple tee shirts about any was such a no bill gates was their steve jobs is the key grip on these radio human yeah he's a creative guy behind a scene sky but it was so excited about apple sales being up and owing to this is weird you didn't weird with me now we ve got new new macbooks you come out i don't have it computer what are you doing we become slaves to these machines but i always like apple was the underdog it differently
well that's what i mean that nineteen eighty four commercial their whole point was you all bow down to microsoft and we are the upstarts where the people that are gonna break the system break the matrix think different think different and now it's like think the same analyses it think the same and if you don't think this into something wrong with you you got a green tax without raleigh you but you know apple for all the the cries of everybody would trump and the taxes because everything these days is somehow going back in your apple pays virtually no corporate taxes jacques an end what's his name that had guy now seem cook basically was i when they re right fairer lot taxes will bring our money back here now know somebody for some reason nobody's upset by that we don't see people thrown iphones out the window the problem is they have a responsibility as a gigantic cooperation to the people and hold their stature like there's a weird thing that happens corporations and their public and people owns och in it like you have a direct obligation you're stockholders to make a profit so doesn't that prove trumps point though so it proves this point because it's like a right eye
doing what's league right right like we're at the end of the year when you when you go to pay your taxes to i'm pretty sure you tell your account in the same thing that every sensible person does which do whatever is legal and i want to say the least manner taxes i dont isosceles everybody in arms were attacked shelters exists yeah so i dont so again he hasn't released his taxes so that shitty any lie and by the way he's lying when he says the thing about auditing this whole thing is well i'm under audits are not going to do it but then the next sentence at the last debate he was like you know what i'm underwater i won't do it but if hilary releases her emails i'll release my taxes and it's got will which is it you know if he was a goldman sachs beaches wasn't it no he's emails he said emails so he's lying you know it's just a way of lying under audit which there is no technical reason that you couldn't but then he says but if she does hers you know that thing i'll do it i'll do it well no technical reason but that's his argument like while their auditing am he's not gonna do it because he doesn't have to write in which does make sense
if they are auditing him why wouldn't want like opening up to public discourse right so that so that in itself may be legit but an idea that but if she really zoom out forget that voting with the audit now go ahead and do it don't you think though that that would if he did releases taxes while they were auditing him it could perfectly impact for shark as it would affect public opinion rhino for effective public opinion has had a big impact on things me enough if people in digging did get outrage about it maybe the president whereas in charge wooden move in a certain direction right right well that's but that's the point is that if you want this if you feel that this stuff is broken that the tax system is broken and all these guys can hide money in offshore account using all that's broken don't be upset at them this man who use it now that doesn't mean what he was doing with ethical aware whatever
maybe it was maybe wasn't that's that's a different conversation but you have to be upset at the people who put the laws in place that allow this to happen of any business man just uses the system as it exists so when all these points like all tat trot makes his ties in mexico yang visas mark businessmen in that regard he uses cheap mexican labour if you're upset that that is the reality then be upset people who set up those trade deals but isn't the issue really not that he does stuff in mexico the issue is that he does in mexico but he only pays people tiny amount of money if somebody opened up a plant in mexico and pay people american wages there would be no incentive whatsoever to go to mexico we should have laws as human beings in what were we thou and not just in america you can't you say you go past this line does iraq over there once you pass that rock you can pants common sense an hour but over here
we get eleven box you fuck team america world police so i'm not defending the ethics of his business practices i'm just saying all be as you said there there beholden to their stock shares and their holders and all that's the scientist if you didn't do anything illegal than he just did he just played this stem cells should be angry at the system and you can say he's immoral or took it back did you know way that are more or less unscrupulous business person may not of and maybe that's the type of person you would want to work with a mounted on a jump right but that's why this is really complex and we instead people look at the ties in mexico and they go see thy hypocrite inside not quite the truth he is here the creator he's a hypocrite room for remedies a hypocrite means talking about of corporations go over to mexico will will find them to the tune of thirty five percent yeah ok but you already there nobody you if you're running for president you're making your ties over there you should stop
because you're saying there's something wrong with accompanied taking their stuff and moving over there and profiting from it take jobs out of amerika you do it already ok doing right now so that we do it i'm gonna find you so that at least so you're making a distinction here that in the core of this he could have said no i am not going to do it anymore to show you that i'm going to be moral or whatever you want to call it an eagle or whatever i will stop but isn't a thriving our way to do it just pay the more you have course but that's unfortunately we live in a reality that you know that's what i lost how much it past that is human beings that live in the united states in the world the united states america one of the most fortunate countries if not the most fortunate in the world we will respect our american privilege and you know now be willing to subjugate people that live in impoverished countries too like taking it i don't know don't take advantage of the unfortunate circumstances i give you
living in a very poor third world country and a nike factory opens up or whatever you can't as a as a person who is aware that they have the best like low creation role the dice means available today you're living in amerika you born here like this you're gonna like make someone in some other countries work for essentially with slave labour the phone you buy this fuckin iphone i have in my hand is made in it do they have nets around the factory because so many people have tried to kill themselves that they may where they catch you in a fucking net when you jump off the roof because they were cleaning up bodies off the ground and when people defend it they defend in the most bizarre way these the defences yeah but they pursue
people to commit suicide of those factories is very similar to the percentage of people they commit suicide and a culture they land at the factory they lived the vat or making no fuckin money they live at the factory in a job it off the roof that's you can't defend no so then what do you make of are sort of fake moralising with this where you you are fully acknowledging we both have this thing we will need a lot of money for we acknowledge we have the intellectual knowledge of what you just said that they do some shady things and yet this time all these people that are doing the exact same thing with us that have this phone will go preserve over the ties so we we pick we in that goes to the sides everyone's pickin aside so why don't you just go and ask your leisure i go after this guy and others there's validity what they're saying even though they have a phone it was built by slaves the validity and what their say and not only that that mean we had changed psmith from vice on one day we were talking about the coal tan coal tran call candidate take out of the ground of cod in the congo and how you know like that though the way
they were getting a lot of the elements but the use and cell phones fucking complete slave labour and child labour me it's scary scary stuff when you get down to the nitty gritty of how things are manufactured in constructed in order for us to get them reasonable price one it's ist it's really spooky were willing to do that its it's just that we just think up there that was wild maybe it's partly it's just the unintended consequences of wanting things also the unintended consequences of having this business model of unlimited growth than that we're talking about about trump having a sort of response ability to its shareholders just like apple haven't response to their shareholders like this this thing of unlimited growth places morality at the end of the list of of motivations for what you're doing and there's a thing called diffusion of responsibility that takes place and have a gigantic group of people call themselves the corporation you're just a little piece of that corporation it's not like day room
out there making people work for thirteen sense an hour no it's microsoft or its you know touchy are we going to fill in the blank i don't know if those company too bad but whatever company it is apple its pain peep ridiculously low wages myths that is what it is and it said that the court duration becomes this an entity need zeros and ones and you have to figure out a way to get them can you get him by taking these people out of work for us or twenty years just fucking casting about can you do that but then the good they do a good job fuck them cut them off and you make asshole face to the right work or extra hours a day right so then you take instead think of all the executives and all the mid level people that they ve got up and cooper tino making absurd amount of money and not just talk about the shareholders cashed in document although silicon valley guys making absurd manner money i don't begrudge any of them any about money but imagine if all of them who could live incredibly well and temper of what they have in
some of that money did the same people making their shit i'm not a socialist that's not even sayings would be the right thing to do in any way but like they'd those all walk around with a pretty clean conscience you know well they have you know the pantheon a priori teslas and all that shit and people that are literally making the shit not just the ones coming up with the the ideas in cooper tino could there we say when bartleby cooper keynote will need while they are they made in china we it is interesting how we really distinguish very clearly the difference between the person who has the idea and the person who puts the idea together with their fingers like that not nearly as valuable but without a person putting it together guess never gets done like you the manufacturing process does not just include the people that by the machines that includes a people that work for the people the machines but the people who buy the machines get so much more money in the people that work for them and in the people that design the plans and give them to the
but by the machines they get even more money they get the most money the people who desire the idea is most important and i don't know if that's because like the nature of the thing that like that it's set up that way because that's those of the people the people there top of the ones that can expand this weird thing that were do and expand this technological soda progression that this ongoing way of improvement and innovation that we demand we demand and knew better versions we not an iphone set a piece of shit when's the eight come out do the aids gonna have hd reality built in and are any of us are the question really at the end of the day is or any of us happier or any of us more functional or any of us more yeah like aren't we have we done here what have we done is any if they word of june gauge happiness of the average person who had the zack seem physical attributes as you that grew up in the same town you grew up in nineteen fifty verses
right now is there any quantifiable different and i would or i would guess that sickly it's no that doesn't mean this thing has done incredible things goes through square all the resolutions that haven't really tat there is money but it connected people all over the world and that's pretty awesome so does of course does great stuff but i can t of what are we actually chasing cod finally as you said there is no end because once is always profit new do not chasing happiness you not chasing fulfilment you not chasing you know whatever the end game of the human experiences i just something i don't think it's for humans i think it's for the next thing were set up for the next thing or the little workers that are building the shop for the machine overlord tell me where the guys with the nets or where the guise of the nets we just don't think we are were ard thirst for technology is probably
connected in some way to this thing wanting to emerge and that as we become more more materialistic and interested in the latest and greatest we refuel fuel this this innovation and where a part of it whether we like it or not or not that's why like as a human being is very frustrating confusing when you're addicted to technology when you caught up in it locked away and for me i feel that the only way i stay happy as by being involved in very physical things why can i think that's one of the reasons why record numbers of people depressed today i think they're not fulfilling the human requirements their biological human requirements for me exercise is gigantic meditation is also gigantic which i also consider a very physical thing billions of its focus concentration internally seize on whatever bullshit is on my fuckin twitter feed or whatever facebook feed or dealing with some nonsense about a job you don't really give a fuck about instead of that focusing on things that are important to me
the management of the actual mine itself from whom i think putting yourself in competition scenarios putting things we have to perform into pressure that's one of the reasons why people get so addicted you jujitsu because then it's like this highly a problem solving thing you're doing all the time and it makes regular life seems so much more easy to manage and regular dilemmas are nothing compared to a fuckin ninety per man was billow guerrilla on your back trunk chokichi sleep there reminds me of the german west hollywood lecture report i did their day roman ladies and gentlemen i think you'll regardless it's happening they are happening to us regardless the technology in my mind nonsense and talk to you about switch no windows tenant of fuckin google phone it's bullshit stupid its fixated and i'm not trying to claim me too claiming that i ever possibly could or have the influence but what i'm saying is you as a human being habit legation to yourself to extract happy juice out your body in a positive way and i
think were designed to sit at desks i don't think we're design for florescent lights i don't think we're designed for movies and all those great things are great great but you gotta manage the amount of exposure you have that shit if the managed amount exposure you have the fictitious all narratives you have the merit we have to manage the kind of exposure to have to electronic influence have to manage the did this just like you have to manage the type of people that are in your life you run people that are complaining all the time if you just around people just wine i've only got another day in i'm sure you do see the movie but there's this kid's movie about inside out and said like guides girls brain it's a little kids my daughters but too little kids move about like this girl has like these characters in her brain one of them's anger men louis black place anguished folk and
another one of sadness and sad as well we need to do everything sadness touches become sadness everything turns blue it's kind an interesting we because it's funny it's entertaining but it's also it's kind of there's a lesson to be learned for children that like you can you can marinate in those among involves you can allow those to influence and touch on different aspects of your life or you can figure stop am i going to say what they are these these these thoughts or it's almost like a living thing like a life force and that living thing grow if your feet it but if you don't see that you push side and feed the positive thing you can manage that little fucker may not ever go away cause you not living in a movie but you could
definitely manage it way better than you do and if you don't take conscious decisions were kind of energy let india life where we all know people letter addicted to their own pain or their own drama their own story no matter what you do you know it and they love it they love it we all relatives like this are arranged and it's like you got do the work it is work life is work it is it is endless at bathed endless till it's over and then you may regret not do in some of the work it's also it's your guy it's not there's no it's only there's no options there are options to fit thought patterns and you just allow these i deeply ingrained paths to existing your mind we immediately fallen to complaining in the woe is me and ever worked out for me you know someone sent me a taxi the day comparing to people whose tooth same thing happened to people were the same event in one person had this horrific look like all my
this is terrible disease a the worst is such waste my time and the other person as well it has been good yet but there is little time exclamation point smiley face like this is a perfect example the difference between two different people in the exacting experience having two different patterns that they allow their brain go down now if you find that back as angola that's that's an azure rain and that's what a lot of people do instead of one and against knotted disparage people have legion mental moving bounces where they need medication have a bunch of friends that have had that but the question with that is like is that nature nurture liquidity is because what is causing these negative thoughts in your mind is a biological issue that you have because part of you is not working correctly which is entirely possible nor is it you them raise these negative thoughts and this negative programme by your family or by people that you hang around with or bad it influences and eve embrace it to the point where you are unable to take these positive thought patterns not yours like have to
or a tree mouse have like kidnapping and put you want some island somewhere or somebody talks to you and goes hey man this is this is life right now life you dont have to get back to that email you think i know you think you do you don't have to get back to those people that are negative there in your life you don't have to like this is like now this readier bree then breathed out here live your also live in maybe the greater working time the world is right i mean come on man is never been it's never been easier to get food to never safer to walk the streets is never more keep cool people to communicate with them best fuckin time ever i don't go i will make us i'm gonna want to start your dick anymore just do we ve just fuck and stop in relax from moment if you were a nine year old man living in ecuador in other whole life had been forced to be a farmer working for pennies and eating fuckin raw potatoes and shit and someone gave you the opportunity to come here and be you now how god damn happy would you
be so happy but that is you that's you right now you won the lottery bitch sewage still complaining and warm ninety nine point nine percent of people listening of one the lottery in comparison to all the other people they're going to come in contact with so there are a lot of either in an interesting way you're you're almost making case though for people to do that need a happiness in the midst of this technological monstrosity that were part of that key really used to disconnect yourself from it and their that comes with certain costs to disconnect i think to have discipline think just really me at least my my best happiness comes from when i have discipline in avoiding the technology or or limiting my access to technology and consciously choosing to do other things you know
get involved in other hobbies get involved in like whether it's yoga or archery or do you know to go run marathons or go you don't get involved in you know to go energy to turn a man go climate mountain there's things that people do that are hard to do and you know just do it to get to the top of the mountain i think or two finish that cross that line that you decide you gonna run to you do it because you you're u body were wires your brain may require it like you is being as an entity per problem solving and puzzle solving is a part of who you overcoming adversity is a must it's gotta be exercise because of its not and once the shit it's the fan you fuckin fall apart and we all know people like that they just one one add thing goes on in their life they become belaboring fuck idiots there that's i mean that's why you gotta just push
you like you have no choice in a way i guess once you see that which fairly obvious to to someone if you're awake enough once you see you gotta just push and pushing push and you you will fail as i said several times that you're gonna fail at it and i fell out the time we're suddenly three hours when buying a shadow just stare to twitter but three i e g clamped yet on literally just taken my dog forelock yes and that that would just reset it and then i feel better if there and if you don't do that its taking that step get yourself to take that step in just one she's doing something it's usually pretty easy to do it i once you're working that's pretty easy to be there what's your star like others we do now and accessed are enjoying its making yourself take that step in like there's a lot of times for yoga classroom like i could just stay here tv if i can put my freed up and do nothing and i'm feeling kind of sore because relax your brain starts playing fuckin mine games with you but when you
do go to yoga class you take that class in ninety minutes later you've lost fucking eight lb of sweat even freaking out and almost blacking out you get out of feel bad feel better if your way back and it gives you also i thank momentum and motivation to continue with the rest of your life to keep pushing forward what what do you think about the fact that you are your own boss also pretty much i much i mean i know you're about side gigs too but for the most part protein ninety percent of what you do i would guess is is you are in charge of the the ultimate and if not a hundred percent maybe it's well not to you have saved you have seized my one job but i have bright and it still is a job but it's a great job a driver hats when a mirage yes super pleasure it's also it's an honor and
also there is a massive obligation to respect and represent the people that are competing in what i think is one of the most difficult physical endeavours and all sports if not the most think it's incredibly difficult to do and i feel like i'm in a very privileged position represent was people but yeah like it didn't need it i love that i love i love i will highlight not haven't abbas man even though my boss is amazing in my that jobs a great job of all time i like doing things i want to do and to night but about it look i'm blasi so i grant push myself to do a lot of shit and i mean i have goals and i complex them or attempt to an idea of our commitments as far as a writing in peru performing at producing things but yeah in your own boss man if you could put off as the greatest thing ever the august is now work anymore it's like you working for yourself but you you're doing things instead of working
punching in i mean i went independent in june so it's only a matter of six months out of that and not only was it the smartest business decision ever made which party was because i saw guys like you in kerala and but other guys that will i was like wait a minute they built great brands they have their fans and there like i was like i was like oh there's actual template for this if i i built my audience correctly and i just took the risk and said let's let's see what happens in vienna we launch is patria campaign which is where fans condone eight per whatever they want to know you do like two bucks you get a newsletter we people that donnie too fifty and escape with them every month in like a whole bunch of different things i don't know when i woke up the next morning after we launched it they might have been over my career literally might have been over like just like that can i quit my job i had no right i had no job my pretty sure i know job my director i know job no insurance nothing and i woke up our fans showed up and i took care of us and because it
now in the six months since there now i bought this house built in the studio figuring out all other ways to to make deals and all that kind of stuff and its incorrect but i to wake up sometimes isn't my point was i still wake up sometimes an agreement to have to answer to somebody like i have a few it's just a feeling you know i i i can't believe this i i make the decision here away like that that hunger that that you know that fear that to take that chance and to do things this like one of the best things you could ever have enlightened as is the motivator if you don't if you re like a woe is me i'm always gonna be a loser if your personal really tries to do something risk taking his so goddamn because it forces you to action now forces you to be inspired and to get fired up and that's when things really place where it really is like that and that's one of the things that scott items who said sort of about the election is that their such chaos but whatever happens after out of chaos
thing new will happen may not be good immediately may not be bad we don't know what that will be but the chaos the chance the risk well now allow for something else to happen so all these people who in all these pundits got everything wrong for the last year and oh it's gotta be rubio it's gonna be bird crew bulgaria is like they'll now tell you everything else that they're gonna happen for the next year and they're gonna get all that wrong but out of chaos it happens and that's what i realized i had a path i had a salary and i was doing fine and i liked working at aura and larry king's been great to me and was all good but i just had this feeling up like i got to try i gotta try this year you don't need a very different position if it didn't work in oh yeah you don't wanna be that guy who just wishes they took their chance down her still work for some companies still treat like shit because the eu that do you know that in that sense here the person making the phones you not the person with the idea and the person with the idea especially if you're a smart guy like you are it's
do yourself a disservice if you're not express yourself completely fully and and without any reserve or reservations and when you work of someone you always have a reservation euros worried man you always always like by can your tongue or flavoring your words or you know they come in your office a good day if you have been really hard on clinton i think it's really important if we mike you know that the producer producer is a i'm with her on twitter account we just want you to think about knowing that like criticise her if you choose to but be balance be balanced you you're being real like air you're being silly but you're also be in real about everything that is the real shit that's going on hashtag on with her of ash their jeanette the president the companies can come down and talk to you about the lot of the things you said not necessarily disagree i've been kind of massage nest you know and maybe just a little bit on supportive of women's issues and this come he's very progressive we really feel strongly that that's the cash of shit that need
you're a very progressive so you should think exactly i'd have to be dave reuben with a mortgage is worried about losing his job that's that's not good for business it's not good for thinking it's not good for humans is not good for the business of culture and i mean business but the the endeavour the endeavour of culture the endeavour of culture requires like sort of some sort of ben discourse you know and include shit like wikileaks ok that's part of the open discourse when you tell someone like chelsea manning that they can let anybody know about this horrific shit is goin on that you know is illegal you you ve set up sort of a system where you're stopping data from going through you stopping people from communicating in you're gonna ultimately stop people from expressing their opinions on what was communicated which is gonna stop progress what are you a russian hacker whatever they really shit must be understood pot smoking happy but no hair
all of us sir just fuckin people david i think that's what it thinks it's gonna come out when the dust settles and we pick a new king or queen we're going to figure out how things can happen now we time is gonna win and everyone's gonna haider and it's gonna be record record number of people that are intolerable and say crazy shit and you know when we're gonna have to figure out a way to get along do you see any situation where we wake up or tomorrow night that trumps present a hundred percent ya do i don't think it's gonna happen i think i think most likely hitler's gonna win but i absolutely could see just some giant fuck up where the mass media has been lost to buy poles and by public opinion in but i don't think necessarily poles are very accurate anymore because i think people choose to take poles very often they mostly call landlines wenzel s him yodeling exact a monday at a joke about that and my last special bike like
maybe you're dealing with one percent like the problem with polls is the people who answer poles thus the products have you ever been bald ever never articles exactly so it's a weird thing that we're doing here were basing them on poles exit polls are different it's a little bit different but that was way off do with al gore rat amene data predicted al gore debate was apparently he was like the popular when a right when he found the pilot why doesn't he run what's going on i'm not a huge i know it's very cool to say i gather that al gore guy you know you know it al gore did he he created current television right and then that you know then eventually when he was a failure as a network it was purging money and then he had a choice he could see at a couple offers on the table could assaulted glenn back but i guess it doesn't like glens back politic that's fine he sold it to al jazeera which is owned by the government of qatar them which more fossil fuel
oil garbage the same stuff that he rails against all day long and he saw them that so he basically did the producers who used all is pretty all of his my connection send and money as vice president to get a network on the air could it incredibly hard to get into the cable system so used all his leverage to get their created failure and he walked away i think with five hundred million dollars and it was on one did so qatar and it was in many ways funded by his humanitarian campaign to alert the world the dangers of global when there was what gave him credibility so here the cosby situation its economy is ay and on that note rapid today reuben three have ours holy shit i they had no idea i have no it when i'm on stage when i'm doing my show i have no sense of title don't do three and a half hour shows man people get pissed though there was the longest why was it was its am for hours which alongside oh i don't know man
five and a half or fight companions no shit yeah dunce long fuckin podcast and here i can shut the fuck up the good job listen i am now going to publicly you ve already agreed to do it but i'm publicly you got it you gotta come i'll do it i know i know you do a little gilded the ended without a nice railway judges have been a great conversation nagras adviser and then how do you get your pack ass workin on youtube com slaves reuben report reuben report back on the lines of code i twitter we're on the itunes insights of my brain it s pretty gouvernail they report you motherfuckers respect i will cease by tat really thank you oh you motherfuckers hope you enjoy the show i love that guy such cool gotta talk to we always have very interesting oftentimes weird conversations thanks our sponsors two caveman coffee if we were talking too fast it's because we both drank some unease fuckin nightrobe too seventy milligrams caffeine and when you hold
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thank you very much for tunein i hope you guys appreciate the show i appreciate the fuck out of you thanks for all the love hope your life is fantastic and i'll talk to you face to buy yeah
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