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#871 - Brendan Schaub

2016-11-14 | 🔗
Brendan Schaub is a mixed martial artist and also a former college & pro football player. He also hosts a podcast with Bryan Callen called "The Fighter & The Kid" available on iTunes.
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Brendan Job, my brother former, you have see heavyweight contender and he's now upon castor with my brother Brian Cowen. They have the fighter and the kid podcast, which is an awesome part ass. If you haven't seen it or listen to shake it off, it sounds very fun and they have a lot of fighters. Are a lot of athletes. Singers, musicians, artists radiance, all sorts cool stuff, but we break down the USA to all five which just took place enjoy experience by gas
yeah, I'm alive tickets sympathy Delicious condemned the best office hours at an abacha me fight club, it sure is one I have it on here because of the same one is this came in coffee? I take thorn. Who looked me hey? You say we need to redo those. So do here there was some fight this weekend I mean these by am, I saw the high. I thought you brought me on the talk. Politics is trying to harmonise national. Did I started, but nobody, nobody is talking about politics. These days think important thing. We should bring it out because it's not like I went on a few celebrities, twitter pages and those like freaking out will not just freaking out. They won't shut the fuck up about outs and stop nonstop and half of it is almost like, I think, like day want everyone to know that their upset
Now we now we want everyone to know that their one of the upset people than they do not want to make Amerika great again people how to promote that too. Upset like I promote alive shall do not want people to know where their where they stand on it. There's one female comic. I go repeated every now and then I have to say- and I just coach Jesus icy to almost want to set audience like you, gotta chill just rely exotic chill out Lord. You see what is happening with monsieur. She saw at thy Trump, but you can't you can't make it that they that part of the act like we were being take. Its anti was like walking, but she keeps harping on well. You know this tool look now is one way that people say they have a voice they have a voice. It needs to get you now that they need to use our voice too. Get the word out, not an automaton. Show, though yeah. That's it. I mean right, but make me laugh.
Do not let it Corbett's. You call yourself a begging. You know, I'm saying you back in the day. She would. I mean she's like way more she's way more like political and feminist now than ever before. Go back to the old Amy Schuman that was on like open Anthony she wasn't into that, are all she was like one of the guys that was like or selling point, which was still make a little older she's like, and I want to talk about doing stuff. That's not the short latvian foreign. I don't work well, if it is you gotta be really funny. Give you have like an Anti Donald Trump joke. That's fine! For that it's gotta be funny, it's gotta be just its but there is no room for that. They used to be that comics could have like these rats or they may like really important points inside of finance. One be funding, people kind accepted it, but that's what, I guess that's for sure,
this new world. We live in a new world, go to an action movie. I dont go reaction movie to get a massage Nelson when you're in the actual we someone comes over mythology. Relax. Do you need to relax? You need to be less tens because you're you're really concerned about this action. Films really not relevant leaflets like watching porn. I don't give a shit about the story. I fast through you're insane. I felt for the good stuff man like any them. Some people do let's turn assets of evils. I truth authority. They want these people to be in love or they want them to be escaping a bad relationship. Issues. I don't know, I'm just saying, there's a place and I would like to do she Dave chapels livelihood. That was my rug relate the wandering time for me to appoint ass yet, but he's also supportive jack is brilliant, EVA Master is a master, is the best in any is also very sincere person like one of two things That is drive me crazy about a lot of this tweeting and craziness like I was in New York City for the fights
me and my friend campaigns who went to the gym, and the young dream he was there too, but you are with us homework stuck in and the switch of human suggest me in TAT. We to the gym, no problem, but on our way back the protest had me. Marched through the area that we walk through and all of a sudden we couldn't go anywhere, is jammed with people. So you literally shoulder to shoulder with people like just to everybody Touching everybody vicious you had to deal with it. It was not an issue which is one of the reasons why Fanny pack so important. Folks, can you keep your money front? Ok, numbers pick I cannot accept up. I should goes over, that's gonna know luncheon in to get its can take some work. Could pickpockets do go to those things. You know you away If you want those super lefties it's a you, should check itself why we're walk in this one guy, with this perfectly manicured beard on Africa, had a really nice like wool jacket on he was. It was
Obviously like a wealthy liberal character and screaming out, I mean screaming in my fucking ear he's right here. He's real touching me: Watching with the shortage Donald Trump KKK raises. Sexes, dyke wouldn't stop. He wouldn't stop in part in one go. Hey man could just like If you want to go in the protests, the protesters in the street a year on the sidewalk, this isn't the protest here. This is the only answer is some non committal shit if you want to be out in all these, like doing Dr Buys, is like a walk by screaming proto, but does it really do anything? He saw black eye in the distance I swear. Guy starts. Shudder lack lives matter, black lifestyle, Massey Dale Hell, and he was so obvious just trying to get everybody to join with my friend, Michael Shermer likes to call virtue signalling that sort of disease p cocking his
virtue and just trying to get away, let alone whirling, though there was a woman with a sign that said: rape, millennia, she saw Sir and apparently the unease about writing that thing: a hook: crazy arrogance, a hashtag on Twitter, now, here wife, crazy! Here's was crazy. Twitter allows that hashtag Twitter, doesn't allow Hilary for prison. What check that makes your elbow advice. Is that I'm sure that's correct? That's what I've been reading Jamie, but he's mine Will you hashtag Hilary for prison? Look if there's any tweets and then ass tag. The treaty do there's pictures, People, though signs I don't think it's just one person and there's a bunch of people who used it who call themselves if some our another, if Donald Trump is massaging somehow another the way too,
I'm back is to rape as wife or even to suggest raping. Is why what kind of message as you are you spreading if you posted at your beauty and you're in a protest you're making a sign of that scary? What is a say for present asserts revised pops up. Ok, so they must end it since, unless its remaining they banned in performance know, maybe this guy doesn't always talking about not just read nonsense, maybe read some nonsense. I gotta reds all between eight hours to finance, all that is just bullshit, modest, bullshit there were so many. So many angry angry people celebrities we're like if trump wins, I'm out here you go nowhere. Did you see the fuckin signs of people have made some artist made. Fur the others benches for bus station benches where they have the billboard. The back of it for real states Alia is
state sale and it's all these people said they're gonna leave the country is their face like it. One of em share thought. I think AMOS yours go one of em to everyone says that you don't shit, I'm going any, namely such was gonna move to Spain, but she's a fuckin comedian. You notice, I guess I learned Spanish, that's just work. What a comedian would say so now, Peter freak out. People are met, but what she said is it, like? You know your disk you'd do justice. Disgusting is the people who vote the people actually expect me a move or justice disgusting as the people, who voted for that Anti gay woman hater, whatever whatever irish call them series of insult. She just so upset the Nazi she's performing that she's, don't theatres, stadiums, even bigger,
by they Galleries, Association, Rina, I'm just curious, she's been happy to Canada Elation Day sale. Meanwhile, here's what you need their stand if you deals are granted if you do want at moving canna when you move to Canada, you realize that Canada has a very similar immigration policy to a down trumpets. Propose integration is very strict, its incredibly difficult to imagine, Canada, you don't just do it like that you don't just go over there and also you have them. You may be sure Amy shown when you got some cash, maybe it's still strict people realize restricted is talking stirred. Honestly gotta came nigh abbots, its essentially very similar to a down. Chump is proposing like here's the thing about Canada and I love Canada. A much huge fan there, like so my favorite people in the world when you Canada, if you a drunk driving thing on your record, you can get in-
I can send you home happens all the time you had to go to bed deal with the USA to with America. Fires occur, anything you do the chance. We get up there again cleared with customs. The strictest shit Kevin James got into in own just a standard. Fistfight wants When I was younger and I believe he was like. I believe he was arrested, but no charges were file and was all dropped was one of those there's a brawl and he is a part of it and you get arrested with a couple of people. Nobody you something a young guy did he's up there. Fuckin do just for laughs and they flag on for it turnover, Bravo went up there. Any Bravo legally was carrying a gun. Legally because he was no ordinary whose work is were cast checking business. This way back in the day before even Madame and Eddie to have to carry around large sums of cash and he had a licence to carry a pistol because of that, so he
pull over for like speeding sometime and he tells the cop. Goes hey man just so you know I work for a check checks company and I carry large sums of cash and I have a pistol and its load It's in the car and the also cables diabolic are gimme Are you paid work in this parliament have to think of you what we check this out, so they check it out. They go yup, you all good. They let him go so nothing right, no charge suffrage carrying the pistol legally. Every time he goes. And it comes up day Do they got so bad that we would go to Canada? I would ditch him. Dossier in there. I didn't like it pulled in immigration. If I said I well know, I said I was within. They pull me and innovate immigration to get my does show dude. I get sector for fuck an hour and a half once they might not. Let us, I think, is the conspiracies like we just can't towers, sir towers and our lives shows we keep getting so
Do you know I hate each other, how they work and get out of love Eddie and then saw a start. A literally a chant tower sell its desire that fuckin meme Tony Ferguson, Montoni Furnace and beat heartfelt those on Jos Eddie. Bravo sand! Suddenly, that's like when you boy just winds is five, but you have some new information about our desire to develop innovation who are made. That is brilliant. There is funded material. Less and less favoured areas, my brother, animated things. I don't love Eddie, you're, crazy allies, whatever nutty things that he believes that I don't believe I don't give a fuck. I love that now I still love em too he's my friends bachelet, crazy and in his kind of way. I don't like that flavour. That is delivering ways that shit so into his? It really was tax non. Stop. We send this group tat. Yes, you, the latest one is put on twitter about some.
Its grainy footage. That would say it was invented back when the fuckin wheel was invented. Its grainy footage of some guy talking about some of the sex parties to have children is Pro Hitler's, not Satan Thank you, so I dont man. I got a hard to believe in her lap. Shout at me. I'm sorry satanic when you see she like eyes wide shut, though do you want to know what you hear about your skull and bone stuff? These do at Yale, Israel. That is real, so I would I wonder if I give you grow up in the Hamptons or you live like one of those crazy Connecticut towns. While those super billionaire hedge fund characters live and other kids go the private schools and get sent to these big
fuckin universities and you get pledged to have turned me because your dad was in it, and you know, there's a lot of that shit. Go not call the sculls way, owns it s, just the sculls now. Well, the problem I pay dollar two yet more. Maybe they would never invite us into that's like details will shut the fuck up darling we Tom he found a shabby Cathy's He told me anything they just blasted on the show really would buy, can't have a manner we would never. Now there's no way. Things were getting loom, decided accuser that so much because the Flattereth people, the flattery, people believe I'm a page shill. I now I get as to how are you gonna leave the you have seen step revenue that you don't think that's Illuminati work in Yalta, Geese, Partlet, Rogan dragged me yeah man, helping out shadow away on my show that it would be a Larry's if there really was a realisation that was paying people off to lie about the earth being flat would be amazing. If
We were able to keep it that hush hush if the world. Flat this whole time and all these people who claim to be flying around it and the big circle of people of navigated the globe in a plaintive flying flown over it in a plane They are all in their own interest to everyone's go over the house for our remaining it of everybody, party and like which get out of my shut fuck up do just or just from a boat go around the world. The man saw Flattereth money, flatter denial, money tubes. This is the world S problems and he hasn't quite gone Flattereth flat pulls him back and start messing with it. A little bit did he did, but he went dinosaurs. Our real dangers are real and in the moon is fake, with urban to the moon, while not knowing that all the footage of NASA elder NASA footage is fake now serving the shit and then the bans all the bands, The beetle lawyers were made by the CIA in bright light appeared to paying it came. The thing is, though, if you know any any fun, dude and
This stuff is because he enjoys it enjoys looking conspiracies dislike, and it looks of more true right the real that's the problem, that's the real problem, the real our true. So he has an organ on some stuff, but Yuki. It's hard for Ricky, so balls deepen it less currencies that it's hard for him. The job is like what Britain's now vows deep, that he's bent over closed pen and his his like his ankles are, and I can already. What is is that the nice tower, be ashamed. Sullen knocked down, as this recently ages pose israeli listening to us. He said is, though, grazing he's passion about so people thing when imminent CS it or any of us discuss it, you, don't he so passionate he's. Not are you with sea. Just like, like. You really think someone's true come on man. That's that's Eddie! Well
here's my take on a lot of shit. There is not much time. We know how much time you have twenty four hours in a day, sleep raid, so there's no time for me and if I go down goddamn fucking rabbit holes that she will take forever of done it with will have with legitimate things. I've done it if you know, like archaeological fuckin discoveries world to start reading up on some crazy temple that they found in Cambodia on tuna. Hours later on research in Essen shit to do, I urge do so, to do that about ghosts. The facing some of these concerns, and just don't I, I mean what am I gonna do whatever you want me to find someone, then no one else is found. Your fucking make escaped from national treasure, like I'm, not gonna. Go on this weird asking
paid, finding some. No one else knows Brian. I can just ass Addy guess he's either the Aberdeen clucking double Blackburn conspiracy. That makes you watch Youtube video, so the I'll try to get up there. In the last five companion, he tried to put we're not due to twenty five minutes. Forty minutes spirit a lot. I can't do it, I can't do it, I don't have it in me I don't have it in me. I forget what that one was about and something about money or something or terror. So he loves you. Love does to sport to him, but you know these into our time? Any then people forget so noble. Forgets are now well now, sir. Now, if you saw the Kennedy assassination, it will not help your life. But it's also on a tailor its pie, not in some chat room. You might be on you to help me find the video you gotta go down deep enough, you're gonna about six hundred view so far, but if we can get it out,
someone sent me a fucking three hour one just two days ago. Well, say our dna assassination want em like I can simply too long and do it anymore. I can't do it If they do figured out they'll be interesting, but I don't see how could I think they know in get past where thereat right now, there's like some evidence, there's some non evidence there, some speculation, as some does that praetor footage, there's some shit, but is there any export like actually open the case back up like? Do they really give a shit hat design of evidence right now at current physical evidence you so that it does not happen and it's over either. Wouldn't do it anyway, because we try, but our sovereign Kinshasa shit he's dead to everyone's dead. You what're, you gonna, do yeah we'll do I stood and bring about its also fucking weird, because we know that government. Does it bunching fucked up thanks? We know they do, but it is bending time trying to figure it out I was thinking when I saw trumps. It next Obama wonderful bond.
Told him how much work yes has to actually do, that's, why you're so fucked up cause trump sit. Next Obama usually looked like Jesus Christ. He looked like like he was like I think it hit it hidden. During that meeting I was like this is my daily life here you go and he's like wholly visible. It says tromp, reportedly surprised at scope of new presidential doozy surprised its scope guides hilarious bought it. It's like you have a hundred jobs does a reason why the age so hard it shouldn't, be one mansion of a responsible, for their mean. The think use spoke now before we have one guy with that much power and to have all that on his pressure should be a committee of just straight geniuses. You figure it out well man. If you want to look at the bright cloud, if there's any bright cloud about Donald Trump being an office is that he doesn't he's an outsider, a complete outside Joanna Politics guy, and so
it will get to see just by I should like sorted do get out what shape they take. You now good to see you like what what what's what's it we'll get a better view of the mechanism behind a machine than if Hillary Clinton was enough. Don't you think with people. We surprised at how little power he's at the present actually has, probably because they things into all this crazy staff and then be remote knowledge, not work like that. You jump through all these holes. The house away said all the stuff tat noble. That's what can be interesting to hear him talk and complain about that and see what happens Can it be interesting, we're gonna culture battle going on right now to all those people marched down the street screamin, not my president, not my pride. He is, he is diet till yes, he is. While he's the you know, you don't like it, you don't. The present doesn't come yours, so your review of the United States, those personally I'd stay out, so you ll get me outta, my president, to say my president you do not my president sharp they'll president yeah he's that president knew not my president.
It isn't a whole new world of my own. It is with words I don't know. Maybe it's Bobby Look This is what I am saying that we go like this and we like that. We go right, we got left and this is how people always have when they go back and forth. The country goes yeah they're, not gonna, win any awards for deadlocks labelling this will be at your city or five was son, was there which one which trump you got there and I can win any awards for deadlocks Balin. I really want the youngest youngest one or the one who's thy killing it. There's one is Bob the one who got the hare slipped back darker here. What are you gonna do? Is it was cool he's I've. I've been. Actually. I knew him from a while ago, his friend a friend of mine, a really so that, though families can have take over his other business adventures. While he's president, how at that
hoping so crazy, so weird, so crazy. Looking him at him up, there is so crazy, then how many of them going to live in the White House to they know anywhere? like all the move they want. Is there like a cap due to my bring tat, can be open to new? I fucking love, whose that sheriff the black share of the world, cowboy had everywhere sheriff gotten houses, dynamic, one out of Dallas? I think he is but we have the same. Did. He's out shooting always yes, yes, something Clark is named Clark, musically retired, very well reasoned retiring. Like Fox NEWS do you always I'm gonna find NGO, maybe I'll find a because I just start. What does it? David Clark is named David Clark. Share of David Clark Eric Holders, the attorney general. You fuck, you not american, their american. How do you not know that you don't know air corridors, Bulgaria.
To do that when I know someone who are the people now have fuck do not know the broom. Yeah he's he's a fucking character that go see was a cow ahead in honour of is what This failure. I was of Dallas Cowboy, so he was it tat we had a room where he was the actual cowboy had ever, Sir there's crazy picture that he posted of Donald Trump winning the Ellis Island World Award in nineteen, eighty, nine standing next to Mohammed Ali and Rosa Park stem. I was for contributing to the conditions of interstate in inner city. Black youths standing alongside Mohammed Ali rose upon one about that. Now Well, it doesn't help. Tromp is like the head of a K. K was like we ought. We we base again in the like. We were the ones who were the reason got an cambaluc idle, I'm not cool that KKK stuff man like does not meet our job. Kkk racist, sexist antigay focused,
Kathy than the one to tell a man go onto the street, but I was worried. I was literally worried industry it. If I said I d, like you, fucking racist, which tramp support, but she was so is vitriol was and then their economic all up on you- and this is my jewel rogue in not to just go. Mama over there. Over there met anybody actually protesting? Don't make me it came, hands get a spoken. Boner answered flag in working people in Vila Drab outside was no room to draw resist. It was so crazy people strange just approach Thousands of people in Europe is yes, it is, but it's it's? You know the cops broke it up or the cops were screaming and shit so was like that being there at the weekend with the biggest right in history all was so crazy. It was that there was a nutty seen man being there and the winds felt surreal. Eventually I certainly did happen. Tat was like it was crazy, like the weight of
event was thick in the air. It had this field to those very different than any other show it ever put together. Shows that does the one shall I wish I was that, because of so special it can be tough to beat that, but it'll never be Women you'll have big giant events for sure, but I've never been like tat, because that was the last block. Corruption, correct those standing in front of you see getting into New York. I get a little worried when I saw where was, I think, we're out in Atlanta July should I saw on Twitter like the crazy press conference. With Canada stuff from what it was. Where does the world seems? Will gimmicky blah blah blah? and then the way- and he looked a little more serious and then the neither fight like I mean you couldn't written a better show. I mean that the dove the fight it's the night. The way of things happened. It was amazing, met by far the best you see I've ever seen in my life, the main event was almost is almost bizarre
it's almost bizarre: how good Connor almost bizarre the weeping depart Eddie, Avez, almost bizarre. Like me, logical. That's almost toward a one year correct touches motherfuckers with that left hand Have you ever seen any average just like dating? We look like doing the same planet like one guy like look like use from Mars deal. It outlines the normal dude trying to figure it out, but it looked like Eddie. The moment he got hit would like what the fuck is. He on his face was like wholly but jeez What am I doing it and they as well? I guess, he's not regulate rest. When we try to wrestling conflict, there was a shot. I'll brilliant. For a long night. I think I d realise a holy FUCK oil very touched up a little bit when finally went in for a shot. You know, and I think gum. Conor knew then also that he had em and how com was a ridiculous, just come upright and just waiting, and then the accuracy of that combo that finally finished Eddie.
That's what I think makes going specials his accuracy when he throws punches eddies moving as he's lane stuff. I've never seen anything like like. You said it was straight up, magical MIKE. I will you ve never seen a guy like this. We just have an hour if we ever well either through Anderson Tunas, interview enormous I just gotta has some attributes. If you're gonna beat me very tall, you gotta be big human these guys my size do what he's do know it. So he is once in a lifetime guy because he said, and the ceiling like there's no there's no boundaries for him. Like he's just like all fighting that seventy of before five sure Merk Alderman thirteen seconds and I'll come to fifty five like we ve, never seen gonna creativity and we ve lost in urging the you see. Allow sauna do this either yeah while he's such a unique personalities undeniable, but also its style, our ways, a kind of does a lot of light. What wonder boy does, but with less kicks?
he throws kicks the body or throw some front, cakes mean Mina, like maybe seventy percent. Many takes wonder boys a little more tick heavy. But that sideways style and he's, but he I think he does it better, it may be something about the focus of the shots at his landing, the precision of them, because wonderful a very rarely like touches somebody up like that with a punch. This is now that kind of power yeah you're right. I think one boys better it surprising guys with his kids in his angles, but Connor set it up. These leaning combo see that are all so precise in this power, like he's touching, do than you can see it on their faith, yet touched Eddied eddies like what thou will not only down he's like he's, hitting items in surprise way on telegraphing it at all like his bill I too, like go from bouncing around to launching that shot. Is so quick it? So It's so precise,
it's so focused and there's no fat and his movements. Yeah they said, there's can be a big announced and afterwards analyses girls pregnant, which that's a person. Big announcement for him, but it, I think, he's decision. Take time off me. What's a piece of the pie, he wants a piece of dubious me in what you know what they're doing now, which is how Harris right I love it meet. Do I love it and he is the first fighter ever that can talk like this. How old is he was on twenty six Maybe twenty seven, twenty six Kathy we gotta he's a smart guy too. I mean I would hope. At least I don't seem fighting deep in his thirties know, especially the way talk to the girls. Now that I have a kid, I know what I bring to the table. I won't be set financially for the rest of my life. You guys want me to fight again. To be set for the risk. My life, I wanna. I want a part of this pie in his ease,
next fight and it's gonna be such a fight is with w me it's not with anyone out there. Have you if you think he's vice versa could be next year, Patchett crazy! That's not for a very long time may maybe the work it out and I don't think so. I think the next again. I don't know this is me Gonoph. Whatever I think Joe, but I think Next light would be Nate for the Bell at fifty five, because if you think, if you could even Tony they're, both deserving and we're emanate, purist were balls deepen Emma, we love it. One of those guys deserves it. Where's numbers and in a big paper view it have to be Neda. Do you really think that we do need again on upset? I dont think NATO economy fight unless it is thus that, if that has to be the match, I think Conor will fight someone I think, Conor might even five Woodley you think you'd see a fight with Woodley before she could be referred and I think, could be impersonal, fight each other before anything else. You know, fuckin crazy would be if we decide to go up and fight Woodley. This
it's so awfully Willie has get through wonder boy again, but does he asked? Do you think so Bobo, data data said: that's that's the thing it a lot shed. He says he is fighting for the titles, get point mutually, for I have a title he does not all the time. I don't think that means anything they get obscure based off what your boy said. Use. I guess that extreme ass bright would more your friend of mine, your real you ve worked on forever. I'm right, like other, got yeah yeah yeah. Like Dane, I just think you know. Close relations. I say your boy, but he does say things impulse back. If, if Leon, that's a this surfing our way about, though not you'll have to worry about some to think about how power that can we give come forty, five, fifty five, seventy just wrapped up all the duty,
crazy. That would be if he did it, though I say let him do it. I don't try years he's gone, we can't he's got it was literally I'll, say: Woodville Salem, try, fuck outwardly assailant Ashura, whether with love that Big Woodley looks compared to him. Judges, Jai, normally so bizarre. Looking at Woodley inside the octagon, yours is the most jack dude, I think other than your well we're mail. You know he's in there he's in have every fight the beginning. Every Friday goes into the audience are goes into the cage and he does back handsprings literally launches himself through the air and land S. Flag is still open lips at the beginning of every fight, the beginning every Friday goes into the audience. Are it goes into the cage and he does back handsprings literally launches himself through the air and land us like a slim pics, and it's a solid landing. Any two hundred pounds corrects eddies flying flying he's the freaky as every ass great emphasis. Yes, yeah, Jesus Jesus Michael. Booze boon, YO, YO, Michael of Futile,
are you solely to help with its well, because no, no, don't change a word. We lost so much. You also experience support what he said. For four: was you save for the gauge? We didn't? We thought he said gauge easily said. Don't forget Jesus welcoming those are so bad people went bad item, so fat say did and they kept com is being boy like oil, while it's ok, I like that, is allowed. If Bisbee anger that here we had some shit, I cannot say that the man of color- oh it s, not all far carriages- he's so scary, poor white man in New York hometown needed a wind lad. The aren't you didn't know, love in New York and unjust. Kill me from Cuba. Just don't flew flew to the air and as he hit I might use flying over on afterwards, but but you know,
I was in singing impressive, but you know, was almost as impressive away. He took widens back. He tripped him he's these. Tied up together. He trips Whiteman, throws them to the ground and then spins around behind him and takes his back level. The trip How about the world class trip? I'm Piero, Yasser stripped world class level trip women's an absolute monster with adheres, shoes. Throw him around was shown on the difference between a wrestler from the Olympics, a guy meddled in every single world tournament he entered and built like and your turtle he's ridiculous You know he has like a fuse diskin his neck violent assume get a serious injury in his neck, just like wildman as but why minute dissected me five minutes surgery. He did so Europe has a big scar on the back of his neck. You could see it like. A big slice saw stitched up like being range from pulp very different You know I'm saying that since the last guy, like Ziad, some notes,
but I've seen it before another guys but spinal surgeries. Fuckin, no joke man outside wide Whiteman. When that fight till then he wondered, first round, but you thirty one, the second round when you I was thrown him around, not not winning, but I thought, as the fight would go on, you'd help wide me. I thought second round, you well started implementing wrestling, and I thought he was run away with it and then in the thirty one one right. Yes, yes, I thought it was one why? Yes, one one, but I thought it was like shocking good as wrestling was in comparison, and we know that aside mentally, doesn't show it yeah wreck very rarely. But when he does dude go flying, I'm really doesn't loss, it monitors. You haven't fun. How good time do forever First, when he was talking stuff, the abysmal, on my guard at terrible fight for business out, that's terrible Mohammed, like five rounds, Bisbee really doesn't initiating that crap when he has cardio four days. That's a tough fight to call at first they get Romeo.
Fuckin destroy businesslike, not really, though, if you think about it, not really, who knows what could happen, but Daniel and caught Bisbee twice bad in their last time. Fight at forty five years old, when I want us to catch a million caught a bad and Dan Henderson, who is one of the most ruthless power strikers in the game for short and Spring survived that so that's good for business. That was able survive that you know. Maybe Thank you were marrow, doesn't just have a right hand. He fly ice he'd lot literally launches himself at you. If he gets a hold of you you'd the wrestling oil arrived Dan Henderson's or a silver Mendelson Olympics as well, but it's different it's different differ. Yes what she Dan right now withstand forty eight things. Forty six forty five he's up day, the way of Romania's basely you know in his prime as Emma may fight, will also there's like the range of motion.
Dance, almost like all locked up, some would say stuff. I've got but free hits you you're fucked Saville, but he's His range emotions very limited where he was your well is like a super athlete am any limitations. Range motion is ridiculously flexible. Does like a half split before you, for he fights down there like stretch now you like because Ranger motions saying don't His knees and fly means, though a lot of it. So she with widely from widening gulf for that single, eight goat, Wilfred against you. What happened there and will Building doesn't entertain the grappling at all. That's true, that's will you stay on the outside? Our says that beast of a coach but effort right away as a car that such because I love business, my card at the bad vie for cinema. Well, cardio five rounds if he can survive those first, two, maybe three dragon blame her water. It's fun, fight doping! not that bad? No, no, I mean
it's hard to do my math right, mammalian style, style. Memberships, though right now, but I wasn't like Bisbee last September? Indeed, TIM Terry lost your well but TIM Kay his beating you I'll. Like that's another thing that yours corner did this fight? There was fucked up man They covered him with water through water on him? While we sit in their resting, what we first. Second, they put on ice back on him, and they he poured water on himself. Poor on his legs report on his arms? He poor all over him and they wipe them down minutiae, cool himself off you have, but you know I do not need they spent time, wiping down before the round started, so like they wipe them down in between a corner, but then the referees stopped it made them white them down more because most gets more rest. Yellow for sure there are aware, went what, when that happened with TIM Kennedy. When Kennedy had I'm fucked up at the end of the second round. He-
absolutely and on purpose, stayed on that still longer than is possible. It saves a smart move des obsolete and working in his faith, smart of your cheater, if you're, ok, what cheating but it is cheating, is cheating. You have a lot of initiating honey percent, yet not enough, and the reverie should probably stop the fight, but I'm sure big John didn't want the fight to end. Did cheat everybody out. The fight is one I gotta get back up, but then you cheat TIM Kennedy whom do does one pushy dont want to cheat out of its encamped hymns walkin around like yelling, while on all pissed. Now the whole thing was a mess, it was a mess. Was a clusterfuck of a moment, but it just shows you this guy has a massive amount of experience. International competition wrestling and there is like a lot of shit that goes on and wrestling. In a word here, you have to take advantage of whatever you can to win in on this the all these years of high level competition on the international scene,
probably got a bunch of little tricks like that. It could do to slow down the pace or give himself election time, and we in what people are what what's fifteen twenty seconds: fifteen twenty six four day like you'll, remember to replenish giant it I mean you're, Talkin giant night and day different for a guy like that, and I think was also thirty seconds for the TIM Kennedy, five, our member, maybe twenty three. I feel it gives long in that our mountain stool get yeah still gate but also didn't there's a psychological issue. Because Kennedy now thinks the fights over. Is it not over? I guess no worries that does nothing worse than that when you think that fights over like back in and that's always kills me about glory when they had an extra around. We go one more round magic. Three rounds. Kickboxing and finally, a drinking water. Uk arms hurry, says bummer move and his knowledge raw. What we think, retired Woodley, every Woodley. What about Bruce buffer fuck it up where
we want must go to see what was going because you were like war, everyone chill you like children there! Well here's what was going on! First, Bob Bruce set it wrong. He it was majority decision was a month majority draw correct. They probably wrote down wrong form. The new Yorkers not do any Emma. May they never done it may before no should. First event, railways, devil, darling, Sharia, exactly so They do this thing where they will tell you up a score cars. They give it the bruce- and I guess it said majority decision tyrant, Woodley their retreat judges Cora draw one judge: scores of four Woodley and Woodley retains a title, but it's possible majority draw. Yes, that's what the majority People thought it was a draw, so it's a majority draw a Bruce set it wrong whether they gave it to him run. I don't know in Real Steve Harvey moment yes and then day and then tyrant, freaked out and then the audience booed, the audience went crazy and I said: do you still have your title just hold on? I was, and they want
Bruce to say it again. So Bruce says it again. I want to say it again onto the microphone to but they'll improves insisted he get the migrants who says it again, so he says it again and he because he wanted to correct the mistake. So he says it again and then I have to say that the audiences boon, unlike his is the exact same score. Yes, exactly and swore it's just a wrong definition. Just read Rohingya hats off and I think it was probably pretty accurate to. I think you're right, it's before it maybe with ten SEC so I looked at Brian, I went. I bet you anything. It's crazy. I've been tweet out before this. In our eyes, I think it's a draw back no Jim Shit Matthew. I feel, like the dry, give you five ten a and then by scored. The other ants forget were outgoing things to draw some people didn't give Woodley attention for the fourth rallying, because at the end of the round wondered what was on top on punching them better yeah, but I say, Bully beat if anything, if you did Do that if it farm wonder boy didn't get out, wasn't on top and might be at ten seven,
because not only did it hurt him with big punches, then he almost choked the life out of them and we had a deal getting people tell me that wasn't a good duty, my worn out of your fucking mind, you're insane have again a guy as strong as Woodley made let's say his position, the little laughing it out to the scientists say that frame rather than what round. Is it Miranda? Third round third round? So your car Roy Fourth round? Fourth growth? Fourth round you already exhausted and you have that So me poem mom, stir around your neck is not one. Seventy now he's every bit of what pray two hundred, probably two round there and by the way is a bramble Brown bound did you think TAT really does not show people you're, fucking crazy, has very good show and I was amazed me to more nothing was thinking was like, will wonder boys a skinny asked net and tiny had not had the me and that small head things when he had Woodley said would be said. Why knew he had a little head
dreamers link. Oh shit. I did everything about his head. I was thinking about the size of its neck, he's a slender neck, yet tiny head In it amazing, the human body can take up like nodded his head, not recall how did his neck not break? That's what I'm saying what are you laughing one by Iraq and neck? I guarantee you if you add that in the first round he private MA am, I agree, but how it is when or how do you well yeah? I see what you say it out, but what is it or differences or out of his wonder, boiler ridiculous, I'm not in I've, and this is- and I know one boy with say manager- we train together much loved the guy. Always- and this is just me- I've always questioned his toughness because does come from a privilege,
family like to have this huge, take one of Kennedy South Carolina and he has a great home life and his dad's is coach and his brothers are quandaries are just karate measure think it's his career? Is it just go out? I start here you hear your prior right, one of those, but this huge go unites. Amputations, Walker been the dinners with his dad the whole family guy disguise there's been gone for so when I see that's like that, our basses kids thing like enough seat. The tuscan Taliban is indeed do shit. You have seen just when their privileged like that. So when the going gets rough, I've always kind of question one, oh boy I've never seen it, though the Mat Brown fight his last laws and it was back and forth- is a scrap MIKE out, whatever this fight I was I was watching offence. I was standing up clapping like what is going on right now, man, let's go You talk about those crazy fight There's a lot interesting. First of how fuckin hardest tyrant, Woodley Head Jesus, price dollar. Do he has one of the best straight right hands in the business,
fit lands yak. I simply want avoiding get knocked out. Unbelievable while it mean he's guy was fought, professional kickboxing. He has a fifty but in all combined Kickboxing academics and proud? I guarantee you that fight anyone that kickboxing circular punches as hard as now it for our gloves, the exact as the other big did. He can punch faster with those little gloves on and it hurts more wetlands. So let s say Dana does do the rematch, you don't do Conor Woodley and they do do the rematch us thinking about three tiles. Three titles focus me third, but really was a slight underdog and if you listen a Duke Rufus who is talking about their game plan, he I think it's time on a post fight, press helmets.
Game plan, white and even mention like I don't get my tyrant- is against the cage. I got my I'd like it: either rosy doing get Merkt breakdowns their game plan, because what you know he doesn't alot. Yes, he does. I lie down and one boy is a counter striker, so they want to bring him to Woodley. That was there thinking my him being against the kid and do all that and then get him to commit to take him down right. So they can't it surprised one a boy a little bit but in the rematch I think it favours wonder boys. So much more is now he knows would lose a fight like that you might not fight like that began off. I like that. So then, he's too also, then this is my thing here. I think ability to change and in and be more or dynamic is in one voice favour his sword and say I mean in a way, but here's the thing Woodley only took him down once in the whole fight and mauled them once again to the ground, which is a lot of avoiding t off what, if one we would have Woodley decides to do that. Every fucking round,
I don't know how much wonder boy can stop, would leave from taken of downwardly, so much bigger, somewhat stronger in a way better Wrestler Wave Woodley takes him down like he took him down. The first round mean that might have been the strategic error, because, Woodley mauled him in the first round by the other round. His nose is fucked up, he's got a giant Cati, sleek and blood trick and Woodley just held him down and dominate him on the ground. So if he does does that in around to intervene, if he was able to do than to try to stand a knock em out, he might being able to stop them correct, but the reason why I got that taken as based off those kicks and then one voice stop kickin, as like you wasn't looking for the knock out some accent
like you so hesitant after that and so in, and I feel like the reason he got. That was because the kick so I think one boy care and make changes more of changes to when the next five may it all up, and maybe who know Roxy as far as game plan wise. I think it favours wonderful. He ever here's a thing now that tyrant knows. I wonder boys timing Andy's build a rock m he's gonna, have some serious confidence in Montana right hand, but go ahead to move forward on one wish. You had happened yeah, but sometimes it works. I mean he's been able taken down. Other people bear will take him down and when he gets him down like the differ, in the grappling was pretty fuckin evident to me. Look like a white built verse and not just those who saw much stronger so much better at holding him in places like man. If this fight those this way with he's gonna run away with does right. I thought I thought we were to me to be Boston, open bad, bad man and then, when dealing with wonder boy you're dealing with that weird sideways stance and just
up and their job and his face hands down, hands down, he's a weird goddess bar with two things: one, a boy brute you didn't let his hands go at all at all that left hand and like the ie, so good going south Paul traditionally can go back and forth, but it was also kicks well, he I think he was worried after that. Big down again busted up. No, not even opening up in taking down again, but you know, tyrants, a totally different animal to is a different animal than Jai Hendricks. I pray Johnny and the Johnny Hendricks that wonder boy. Faced, let's be honest, He's not same guy night is closely just now, and I don't know he's not. The same got knocked out John feared she's, not the same gotta knocked out. More encampment is not soon got no just not know, for whatever reason,
regulate all you want internet via further re, I mean maybe its motivation, maybe it's personal camps. Who knows, he opened up a stake, restaurant and it went on a business, terrible idea, but maybe he s terrible ideas. Worst of your celebrity get some cash. Maybe the worst idea. Restaurants, not the way to day I'm target, is disastrous and unhappy. I added I stressed out broke. I hate money together, restaurant, like investment. That's I mean it's a terrible idea, even if they just put his name on it, is still associated with a failure and I'm sure you have some form of commitment to it and she got a sign or people inflict n T bones were three percent off some like that. I read the odd not read it on the Yalu and Yelp reviews rather go. Taliban other were the worst one star. We can be associated with them. Tat like if you want open up a restaurant. In your celebrity good luck
sure you're really small place or you'll be a subtler, be asylum investor like don't, please don't be the face of it. There's a bunch of place like that. No one hundred percent a guy gang like our boy, Travis Barker Humans, crossroads, you'll, see, mark and stuff like that. But it's like and ass. He now your cup of tea, but all these in our ass Yoda. It's like a number one place in a way that was being our telling a year. We don't seem blast and out there like his face on it from the restaurant Ryan Playin the drums, while their service up spring roles, or they will call the big rig stay. Gauss God gave it was taxes, shit, yes, taxi, might work in Texas right great, stable him. I might get some vague rig. Whatever it was, our some would have been somewhere. Those at Saint doesn't that ever worked well, I guess you don't always John. I waited his always stay. Calcined amber kills it really fine staked head tat Adam, whose said, Turner always
was tat. The air to the answer lies in meat and shit yeah. It's a tough gig man. Tough Rocky did the last one, but it's also for an athlete, especially fighter or your mind, and the first of all. You have this event. That happens it out tell you this, but for everybody listen, and it happened months before the event you thinking about this event, we prepare for the event of as one night anything that can fuck your head up along the way should be avoided year. You shouldn't be saying about in mass discounts on tee bones and filet. You should be really worried about wonderful anything, anything that vacuum. You now there's somebody different thing. Second creep into your mind. Well, that the moment great transition to look at me shit, eight. I told him to gaping away from penny Pennington. I thought you were brilliant. She did her job those are real, bad match, affirmation honestly mediate and super underrated, the sheet she's underrated for sure. I also think that version amicia in I I said that
monsieur doesn't look into it or some else is going off night. She didn't look like the normal measure were used to seeing and for me Schiffer say I'm too. I think I can hear it again. I was watching lifeguard like in it, but she retired Craig ass. We regard what did you say you just like I'm out yeah. She says I just once. I'm done, I'm done, and I said was, is based entirely on your performance is somehow planned and she said now based on my performance. And then she said, dodged have taken a lot of punishment, and fair man. They then she's also to me She someone you. You want your daughters to look up to. Let you such a great faith for women. There may just guess I'll see, a beautiful young laid by the best looking when the asleep, but she also she speaks very well she's the skills it I'm a lady who, if you I told her. She been champ in the sea. After a senior fighter thrown in these other fights. She I'm sure she like you're full of shit, and she can
I've come said versus like when she beat Holly amazing, amazing men and for her now there's so much more for her to do this lamp proud of her and her again out when she did, because I know if you ve heard her breakdown fights as a female, analyse she He is so damn good. It's ridiculous, very smart, she's, very smart she's, very good at breaking down the fights, as far as not like Joe Rogan style, Brian standstill, DOM Christa she's good. As to other analysed when she's up there were like Stan and busying those guys and have you have on your show, we have not had, shall I listened or on your show. I thought she was brandishes. Galleron shone out too, that she hasn't. She has all talk area. Will she's really do it the right way? I think for her man like skies the limit. By really didn't you right, I think you're right. I think. If she really mean everybody says that if you have one foot out the door, you should just walk just go they go here.
And that's why? Certainly they here? Well, you know you'll. Excuse me, sir, you Tom Dick Jokes and trying to find out which one thing watch and somebody who you don't love whose just like. Well, you know, or even you do love you. Dont have a closer relationship with body as a friend. You know you have close friendship with someone, you see the path, in its one or two things. Man, you see it time and time again I can name you a hundred guys that I know that are gonna have in the game and they still do it and every now and then they get knocked out or they'll fight, some higher Rodriguez Type mother fucker. Some upcoming Vietnam is only lit up and all- yeah, those all in geyser, fuckin scary beer in eighteen, oh for me, is the best thing that ever have me in my life. So why things? But we're gonna, be the best information to want things, and I said to me she was like you know. You ve already achieved the highest achievement ever in Emma. May your world champion, and you say so You know that no one ever take out from our she wanted and spectacular fashion, and it was an amazing accomplishment. That's a job.
Thing to have an Erasmus former World Champion and and she's at the every time just talk about from business Things is the though you She's contract with foxes is coming up, so what they're gonna do? For my standing is. It can be on multiple networks. This can be like then, a feller, MBA or whatever these other sports links with a jot just tied to Fox, which opens up the door for years, pan sepia all these other networks, so that opens up the door for all these other shows for her. So if if I'm mutate, I don't sign with fostering now radically the best female us in the game to me, I think she it's too that deal goes and then fields all the offers, as she has the time she might, or you have seen my offer, some sort of in house gig. Who knows
back to the house. I don't do that. Don't do that. Our manager dont do let him play the negotiating game and she has so many towns and know what's come along like who speaks or looks like her years, not happen with you guys his narrow network issue. Yes, there's some sort of an issue. Would you guys been on foxier Four for us is just right. You don't talk about that road and we before I'm like we gotta talk about me, I'm an open book. I'm do why you don't have to talk about. If you don't want to know. I know we will take the floor for me, it's just It almost families. In the understanding of we don't need. Anybody in your voice said that, and I think the fine the kid fan base in what we were achieved has literally nothing to do with Fox in other gives a studio. I end and I'm good for that stuff, but we
be here with or without them. You know studios, not that big a deal you rent office space, a lot of guys. We all know people to do it. You, Tom and Christine undo it Joe years. Does I do a lot of people? Do it is rents base correct? None are to do now and we we know we'd barbecues, issued by finding a good producer to help us like a young James. All you have to do is put out the ad throw the bat signal up online. I'm sure this signal here his dignity, hollow where energy now we're looking for one mean if you find someone who knows how to handle the internet side of things, I'm sure Jamie can help on the woods going on today. That's really interesting part casting we ve got talked about this before, but is it then The real network is Org, network between friends, between all of us between Joey and Bill Bertrand, Burke, Christ, you're and Tom cigarette. We're all just a bunch of friends and we talk about each other and we have each other on, and everybody finds out about each other from each other, and we re
We need each other and reinstall grandma each other and support each other and that's a real network where there's no like d Let's go and no paper signed its end and then everybody sort of benefiting from it. Equally everybody get something out of it. You know that's a real. Network. This other thing is a weird business were not creative people capitalize on the work of creative people and they provide you with what a fuckin a series of walls, an internet connection. I thank you for your view. Deftly should get half the money you out of your fucking mind. I think that what I said just a different age now that that that were gone into it We're gonna get spot. That's a good thing get spot and offers from all these other networks and stuff like that. So that's all good and the most important things just you guys, love what you do and the shells fun and that's the biggest and then people going to still enjoy it sounds almost like think about it as little as you can. I guess
for me, I see it as an opportunity like when we are discussing today. I was excited my call yes and I get our Joe Rogan are now jack. To do that for sure lotta guys have done than you know. My friend Dave Reuben, whose on last week he had a similar situation whose, with one network left adding one with another network news like what the fuck am I doing, and I oh Mamma to speeches be free, just get out there. I think we're piano realises like all the gas them getting the merchandise like. I have five hiram. Booker within public, like it's all in house, all whatever I want to do with it, with a wheeler just shop to the studio, can imagine how they thought they get fifty percent of its so crazy. It's insane just Maybe I just don't know how much money is down. I was literally laughing like physically laughing. I call you of how we have resolved to end it now off. Agents,
like very down. There is no longer that he should have never brought you in the first place that all that stuff supposed to be done with agents they're not supposed to bring you in and talk financials with you with no representation. Correct. However, on very and if too stop fault, I'm very an on for the business side. Things go with fire in the chair. I wanna be involved. Now now we're doesnt negotiate. You guys do that, yeah you. If you want change the logo from a more room to an orange you better fuck in Dover with me. If you do some without me now, and then we have issues, do they think they can do their cash it? Don't you think they would start do unhealthy. I did at once I like, while they do day they change something if some logo they between its up now that I didn't approve any.
You can call me or control freed, but so this is like the networks that foxy there will. They have. Some people run the that the accounts and also they just decided there like a. What are you doing then? So? Well, that's you in a weird grey area. You know you have your own show. You have a very limited amount of people that are in charge of that show, but always people that are sort of you still like. If they have a show, they get a say that mean member. When they tell you not swear year sentence friend George, you guys to go get free. Will you ever know swearing? Why? I know it makes it makes the audience like. Almost you think they're stupid or they can't handle the swear words. What he was doing it Ex away everything this great about the internet with great about the internet is just you could be yourself you be herself and but also what you don't realize again, gem just an old school with think if or less how big Pakistan is getting, because, whether
Mt Fox, I'm in general, against bathroom due in the park ass. The listeners just want the ADI. They want the shall we do find you do the shell. I got a little microphone, but I hooked up to this for good thing to my asked what Milburn US dude it's made just goes off his eye. Phone like a maniac is still work. Man to those garage for God's sake, sets a precedent and grow again, while he's actually pre sweets- and I know you really does be it. The point on which I find the sharing their way. With this thing, yeah. Just this. Is it your friend I kind of day and age of median wanna get spot man some happy gathered. I just don't think that this debate later but it when it gets a microphone states in here and has a built in little tree, I applaud on it. I think it's called it. Budget or some other here you use the zoo MIKE. Brian. I started Zoo, Michaelmas garage others. This, it's just you dont need much.
You need much, I mean what else you were trying to go. The friggin jerry experience an engine we told how much that Goddamned Mothership board is over. There was right, I see if I can get the goodwill is unlike thus what does this office? like this since journey this off microphone. I take the view that Michael I screwed into here this little baby here- is a little fuckin tripod sits on at all. Can almost little case pop that ichor down, you can set it up in a hotel room Damson! That's what you did on the plainly with danish Tony now, though unemployment in its own attitude and have this yet damaging don't? Do it's a shit? I doubt it on its proper but g or something tat. I said that up it's a real live condenser microphone, then a pig. Up all the boys. Doesn't three fallen, that's really. Incredible Because all you need like you, don't you need all this other shit we do others other shit because even way way way back in the day I was like. Why? Wouldn't we have a visual element of it? Why wouldn't we have like
We were doing the streaming version of it even even actually before we do anything else, vis, visuals, big Donna, are you to be a wood? We need the visual aspect of it for you, but you kit downgrade now but but also for us, it's just dumb yeah I continue to continue your better report in baby. I can't waiver Didn't fire us. That's at some outlandish shit on that shall I can be false. Like listen. Why don't we get habit will hopefully be neither engine or the other, no the numbers. They know the numbers, that's one thing they do now you're on their network Jesus. These there's not another thing that they have this budget down, there's a die there when I This was right when I retired- and I was like in us- angry as English. Certain things man, I'd lash out on the Mai, could stop like s washing their thereafter in cahoots with the sea, so how they didn't fire me. I have no idea. Well, think the worst thing could be that they did fi, it's actually smart. They didn't because you know
The stress in effect is yet when you see now banned mean I went out like a little I'll, say everybody or elders does a bunch of examples of things like that of happened where someone gets bigger because, like Milo YE anomalous, knowing is he a ban from Twitter young man from Twitter because he was making fun of ghostbusters became bigger than ever became of this cultural? All right, I can't because its publicity can't pay for legal area Hawaii bad example. Hawaii remember when the USA Band king amount, they went on all those networks and their use. You like my mother, your backing for a little while Northern Ireland is the out again there why failure, because the Brok lesser thing number one is the out again on funding was in New York. I don't think so was he.
They're in the arena three of press credentials hot on about me, I saw mocking around he- was fired from Fox. That's what he's aside from last year that had not five from his doing the you see me so is banned from being in the media for a little while and they let em back ends or yeah. But the thing is and endangers defence in the uses defences Vienna felt that certain leagues that they don't they don't allow certain people in. So it's not in like as much as North Korea's. We thought, like others, they are leaks, who ban guys from coming to the events, while our now honour what for the Unifil does so it's not worth me talking about it. How about Habib number comment off fuckin scary monster guys. But here's a thank you dig it clearly: leaped Michael Johnson, clipped, em and I'm on watch nationals. I would Conor do this kid right. Just before my tunnel get marked by could be, I saw make of Johnson lands at you bet your sweet, ass college, land yeah ethical left in done
question what college capable of classic eddies a tough matches. I think he's gonna win this one. I do Goddammit I'm scared for the slight. I can watch him if I will live lives, unified Brok listener. I want a seal takes off. I want to see him take six months, often book up your criteria with a bit of me. It's it's not. That outlined is to see that no one very possible. No, it's not. It's totally pass the the hiccup in. That is the issues I do. We just one get all the built in all the control like. Where do we stop it blower? Before he's running this, you have to give up one of his belts to take on another one hears about forty one. Forty five has forty he's, never gonna fight again they might of that cadets tough, why our job, but the cuts different now, because you're allowed to begin your rehydration much earlier. Each way in a clock in the morning turn the morning, so time these ceremonial way and rolls around. I was in New York City at six p m. He was full. I mean he look great
look dehydrated around fifty five for even a fifty five use, look dehydrated right not to about forty five, he lorries arrogant very near the door of death and also, as we know, really seen, em a fifty five in the years we have seen in any case remain or some other organizations. Forty five ages, I don't see how even makes it even campsite do it's way too tough on just left that belt. Go though now you did, you think let it go because you keep it. Division hostage, the Paris that's always kind of funny. I think it's hilarious. Still! It's fine because now my life double vows, although I before freaking out all those whose the champ forever bringing secretary match so bad at inhabitant, is you really retired, he retired and then thought usually go, do set mouse and he's like in that These ideas, even like our ok, do you think, then you realize how tough those contractors and came out like well? What's you have to fight. Let's do it. You know like losing a fight winner of Pedersen, Holloway
they always been knock on the fucking door for a long time, nine straight how he does as ridiculous needs a bigger name. He did he just the union's get more famous that the day and age when he's ass, the famous or get on the MIKE Oxfam shit. I'm really should see him first, Pettus Pettus. I think it's real diminished by that cut. I agree at hard cut framed again forty five, and am I love that asylum is easier than his van, but I hear look the same as of late mass, always a slick motherfucker to you realize it now, after you watch frank EDGAR in Germany, Stevens Fight, you realize how slick hallways Callaway was never trouble enough. I never can also think that his life slots was Karma, Gregor Mendel Conor, how decisions that neighbourhood decisions, the only decision, Conniston NEO, Nazi and think I'll It's better match. Always now, if you in just one derga songs, listening to your title, shot yeah what you have to do now, what do you do. Turning to be, though you ve done it you crazy, when shrieks too like how do you even
just make invite has like you, make them fight mimic but say you had to pick one, of them, if kind of guy off at fifty five to three months who the fuck went some well right now before that fight, Tony Ferguson was an unwanted tender, rightly so just beat have failed to Sancho, beat a shitload of guys, you so actively so you'd Edson Barboza. He was in Ireland to tender according to whatever the rankings are, which I don't think are accurate, also has some of em cause, but this can position right now. If he still number one is clearly Habib Habib was number one have even been way more active than Tony, but by the way, a b. Mauled, Michael Johnson. I think he makes his case. There was an old how both have a cage voted against ones, undefeated ones, and I felt when street and then Tony you I thought dismantled idea, though you look great amazing. Could absolutely rag dolled doses? two and then fuck. You make
destroy Johnson was horrible watch and be Johnson. You no one could see he so good at tying up that one arm. He ties up the one arm, then fuckin smashes you was the only item in mountains was Panama, started. One arm, try to protect them, and these kids, just stopped in the head. Hold a chicken. We other snapper, big job, not good advice, two, but these are at least happily stabbed. Is a brave heart just come on is say it deep? It was so deep till I was Thinkin Naga when Noggin now Frank near fall, Thralls thanks like this guy snap, but light. Light sing with hands over the refuse, a tab. I get that your Priscilla Jitsu till the day you die by the Johnson Scotland tap those he has not yet I'm glad TAT little. I was literally squeeze my hands together. What I was going to come here might come on tap, come on tat. Just what now thing this is waning you ve, got him down and then immediately slid right into mounted guillotine outside Jesus Christ and his groundless ridiculous. So could his
happening so good at confusing. I don't yeah so those two final The fight? Does he have a conference in Geneva? The fight does that does not happen, but I think a bead needs to get the title to get title shot. At least that's what I think I think you should. I think he deserves that. He's the only undefeated challenger he's a man on stories, mauled everybody in front of me hasn't single goddamn, close fight, he's at one moment one moment where its ding too, but you you talking you speaking logically, does it? Do you think you guys that deserve it while we're weren't, entertainment, sir, just the same way, Conor Leap, frog, everyone at the title shot. Listen! What I'm saying you right now are you ever see is about to go to Russia. Do you know about where they want to get in the dome of they're gonna? Do yeah vs IE in Russia Connemara Gregor versus Habibi, Norma men off, that's what I think is common,
Gee I there's a lot of Russia's shy. Does to be got on the migration was. I am you almost ireland the same star who hears that Israel now Russia bigger than Ireland, but the United States Bear than Ireland to and what for corner is fighting in New York City, which is an hour and a half from Eddie, rises. House there Boon Eddie, I'll residues walk into the cave, Joker did as a matter of Russia, China, Korea, Ireland, totters the biggest star by four on all about thou and you go to Russia. I why wonder if he gets booed in Russia, dont use it could be. Was that big of a star in Russia? Maybe maybe it's sanction stuff? They are gone there. If you check my instagram page every time a fuckin photo gets up to now has died. I agree time how great king now he's champ. He deserves a but there's a reason. Why hasn't been the headline of a paper view may be
the states here maybe yeah, maybe, but he is a fucking monster. Any is a hero to the russian May fans corrected this guy from Dagestan has been mall in everybody. They put in front of us and people and rightly so that is unjustly keepin being kept rather from a title shot. We can save me kept from Natasha always been injured for along that's true to whose key, but from give entered the blame on. Ok, that's not Connor's! That is true, but they did promise him this fight. This was some thing that they said no Habib gets a neck show. The tiled is something that was publicly stated, which, sense of the time, because a Bieber's twenty three you he's fight, masses were garden, for the title does what they were saying. They are not the kind of late verses. Eddie hours can have that doesn't sell tickets. Exactly guy went now want to fight them could be, will keep your courage for lunch fund under cardinal imaginable Habib feels here's that shit manager cell phone call it thinks this is it. Finally, the tiny went
his back and be too should I Korea there is, as I said earlier, we are glad to see that the real issues that kid awesome areas it gives us so much tougher than anyone. I know where he's I'll get out of here. Jealous, is grappling ridiculous. I m really interesting seen whether or not he get pass out left out and if you are correct and that the fine Russia, the amount of money, though you have pay Connor to fight him in Russia when Conor still the draw, You talk about a different ballgame show me. The money can be interesting now what other russian bad asses either. That, finally of say, did you see that course com just got knocked fuck out in Belcour? Yes, which was crazy? Try lemme too, was a bad mother. Fucker Does the monster S being of Russians are in that area and not of the scope here, but this week in his Andrei Ward, verse freely
well. That's why? I love love S, weak boxing, match up and wanted to know what I'm talking about either. As I know, I don't watch another town downs in Chile, Cancun enough of it. I know I was at last countdown thing they did. Two, it was after the young Victoria tease fight. You look like shit while the duty, if I was I going to resort to survival mode, he was too a five year, he didn't throw any punches nothing. They said through the whole fighting through a hundred and some pie was so scared and then, or tease with touching me, pretend to fall down like waiting for that. He also was grabbed his head Santa hidden. The back in a couple of times was if terrible fight wasn't good, but that you're right right after that was Andre Ward for AIR Coverlet the countdown kind of their background and Andrzej word to me. The bigger version for my whether like his defences insane, he has not got power is a lasting ceasefire. Teen. I give him the advance somebody who think of lives. Can we not on what the bedding other? I was stunned by the way coverlet handled Hopkins and I know, burn
its old he's one hundred years old was a thousand looks like a turtle who looks old, he's fighting in December through tank? You know. I don't know, I'm not. Gonna start my leader, I'm gonna be in does the Toronto. You say that we can also that we can have glory. That's better hurry verses recover over was at the best. We can ever say that incite too good fuckin car didn't Ronald card is tat. It is how could you gonna identity, Shod, Cowboy Matt, Brown, cowboy verses, Ma Brown is better than cow versus gasoline. One hundred enough, I did nothing for me, we'll gas slums done now. Man he's in a bad bad bad place. Dana's is eighty five now he's missed, were easy to set up a forum made him fight. Eighty five mayberry beatnik mark forty five corrects wasn, if I have been far more quiet. No, if I might go to seventy, was it yeah? It was one of those fights that he beat somebody because you get sent up to eighty five and prove that he can make the way these, but When George Lock art now then
though imprisoning and blame is yourself like you, no man, s watch, you been experiences, you know and that's It's so frustrating that show your kind of card you see too. If I was I and blinked The unimpaired. Neither I what's next fleet is blocking cards to Uk Russia. That sucks all my god look discard yeah well trot was yes dad Islam is a really elite. Fire is a very tough guy. Lamotta does my big fan. I can things awesome, but he needs lose some fucking body fat period. You not a heavyweight and not came to as he can walk round damage by four he put on his gun like a week before or to its for. If I like real excuse dinner like these Fuckin breeders, enchilada stuff, and we can have that. We cannot have that surround. Do that mean he's an elite, professional athletes who absolutely could still to this day when the world title Hillah skill, for she has the scale and is fought the guys in that he be Woodley yeah.
Did. You get the idea that only one way to assess whether it be in him indecision, where he didn't fucking make way girl doesn't decision where he didn't fuck you make way and Woodley B the great guy that he is didn't! Take the percentage that over recent years, twenty, I think it s when your opponent doesn't make away sleeps a thirty thirty! Ok, I thought was twenty one. Maybe in a grey areas that I want that money and beaten by decision could so The other wine bar still but Calvin. Calvin has fought at eighty five in the land. Few years, but he's these been forced at one point time to go up to eighty fantasies needs to fucking lose body fat just lose it and keep it argued at any time if it doesn't make way, might dodgy jumps like this handsome from to catch pregnant season. Wanting to see your sit down and She cannot wait to tweet out
man, it's frustrating when guys miss Way might use super thirsty immediacy like that. I get a predator, does work and care way to tweet about it. We'll dodges got a whole staff. Just alphabet both these aspects of the EIS gotta worry is expensive for reasons got invited him he's got an office building their mother, not we're in Firefox. Will you simplicity of sea too? he hasn't. Nine employees or some crazy, just look. Inflation is and how to fuck and lose weight and shit yeah. But our comes out. The curtains allows you to disagree with him. The lot of people disagree with some of it. His methods of your car and speedier that the ammo he was. He was upset that, while he was upset for money, reasons the weight though, but he was upset they Jade charge him so mansion really and do much. I don't know the whole slot on a long story. Neither am I not taken sides there, but I will take this. Be depends a goddamn legend, some siding with him, usually from Hawaii yeah. I don't know
Many they'd have to be there, but the point is like: if you I have some one who is monitoring every aspect of your weight cut like your high duration levels, with the what what kind of fluids you're drinking what kind of foods are eating and it doesn't work out of you. With our guy said, in the We didn't come off. Somebody fucked up who worked up don't give me that I had. But let me ask you still: if so, if, if let's, let's not easy, to find this way by ten pounds that which is ridiculous. But, let's not you see too. If I were to card not a stack, let's eat the main event in Toronto with DC And grumble which, before that card was pure ship besides that fight. Now it's amazing cardio metallic Anthea Palace, Bolivar Woody, be crazy for the new you see, suits to a higher nutritionists, then they for those maybe just the main card. They doesn't it your died, help you lose weight, Can I see your product is not a bad idea. However, I think, maybe MIKE dodgy port
with every one and he has a team. Maybe it's not my daughter, but he's running the planned. This, your diet and this person is assigned you in their fallen up with you, because who it hurt when they dont may make way. If the hurts the fighter and it hurts the sea to sigh hearts. I think an even better strategy is seek to eliminate wage cuts, seek to cut it out a sport, its unnecessary, it's dangerous. It puts guys at risk. Wise when they don't have to be at risk. Health was, if I think, the only thing, that's holding back our championship belts and more options away classes? I think of he could figure out what weight guys are where they compete at optimally and then the same way. You do what you s idea. You saw the testing him you do. Patient testing, but how? But how many way classy you'd have will give these guys helium wait clad just yet you have you have more way class with any boxing, nor what the problem is not a problem of boxing now look at energy as an ordinary overlap. Fight you would you have less organizations, it's not a gift,
I've different world title organizations and plus wait classes, you would just plus way classes I'd say, you would have more champions. It have more opportunity for championship titles. I like that Gmos stars. You also have more opportunity, for you know, title bouts between guys where the one downsides go up. One guy says go down, but instead of them we buy dehydrating themselves. Twenty four hours out, you may go interact too to fight to certain weight cause. That's what way you are in a healthy way, which is met which maximizes of skills and perform a gas, and it doesnt put them at the dangers that you have from being dehydrated twenty four hours out. I think anyone would you stop the? U S? Will would you like that? How many way closer to you have work a question? You upset that of twenty belt. Why think boxing ass Emily and it's a real problem? Name stores amazing, but I don't care, maintain stars knew of sea. I do you want me to ten champions we'll tension could I get Shari Environment case
nobody can name champions and former champion these, don't you think you can name ten champion boxers a manual. Yeah I'll tell him Bradley. If you want to charge Golan Heights Crawford, he has more. Should I know, now the situation has seven or not. I love and Floyd may well. Do you know you can keep going? You name a bunch of champions in box little round those guys run the same weight, yeah vesture, that's true! you know you go up in heavy way to get fucking College girl Wilder generally Joshua's week. You do, I will not solve channels go to that's a male xbox live in areas where we are today, but had to move to a united fight for world title brilliant, interesting, the simile fun
this latter heavyweight out now and then a Joshua is bad motherfucker. I gotta go in frickin New Zealand. Everyone talks about his art Thyssen, fury doing he's retired in clinically, like that that he is suicidal, need some help mentally just not there so he's out, Germany now down as crazy man? That's crazy, I'm letting me characters I done, but I do I look The idea of the problem is its tough enough for our trying to keep up now with the starting. This elusive are concerned, the most important, just put on great fights animals if some higher costs, when nobody, I three billion dehydration, dangerous and unnecessary, denied They have in Brazil. I think they can come close in the USA, but have known what does not deal. Dos Santos passed out for three fucking minutes before its fight with Eddie Avez, whereas unconscious and unresponsive, but did you know he was on the door, but did you
nobody's died, but I will have been diminished in Sicily. The form is their performance, suffer so makes it. It makes a speedier product. I urge you to look at it from a business plus If you have sea has got. Look, you could say: hey steroids are part of the game. Are they Well, not anymore, now they're fucking knocking on doors six clock in the morning making peanut cup. If they decided to do that at six o clock in the morning, they try to test people's hydrogen levels. It six coconut, and every day. Find out where your weight is. Ok, disregard if that is the way you wait, as does the Lois. You can get you can get in will test you out when you're, fully hydrated and when your your body fat, is. You know where the fuck. You are right now to say: hey, okay, right now, you're one hundred and seventy eight lb listen to lowest. You can fight as one hundred and seventy two
but you're going to have one thousand way classes fight each other know about that. I think guys some guys could gain a little weight as no big deal so guys, like I don't mind idea. I think you're right, you don't get great performance is way better performance is, I think, the way, alas, it easier Lundy do is try Agri did they all seem to do something, but I think right now, how the easiest thing to do for them is to use whoever they want. Have I told you, but a number of them and assign nose to the main card guys to make sure they're coming on weight yeah, but what about the guy's an undercurrent fuck them? That sounds good? due to this as it did with Reebok. Does it sound like crazy, safer them? Yes, saintly does put that's the nature of the beast, but diving that's crazy to that. That's ones, there's a little crazy! I'm just fallen orders. I understand that. But I'm saying, if If I had the master key, the first thing I would do say: come up with a strategy to stop wait. Cutting come up with a new plan and whether the new plan means
bandit world titles and amount of clear yes, yes, now you introduce someone as a world champion. You know whoever the fact they are. They get to bring their world title to the fight, but whenever there next title defences or whatever the fuck. It is all this name stuff well
to light feather first vaults goofy, because it's not the right way it anyway well to wait is not one. Seventy, it's one, forty seven! That's what sugary lantern and Thomas Herons Fatah. They call this fuckin well to wear it, to start the you have c and just to say: well, it's welsh away and then pride fucked it up even more because they added it was different, like their middleweight was two or three like one, then light heavyweight as a tool for two of violence. One. Seventy five already knows the heavyweights two o one plus. We grew up. If boxing and in the way classes were clearly defined by the fact. As you have seen, a tuna sixty five pound weight limit to. Why you make an Brok lesson of Kuwait or whoever the fuck a big giant. Dude is like Shane. Why would you make shank wave you what's way, three interposed, let that fuckin big vanilla as I want to see it duty as a match up and rising. I just saw it since it in the Amazon do not ever heard of under whom, I guess he's just some flock in middle eastern monster. Oh no, he's olympic Level Wrestling Knox. Dude, I'm gone.
I need to research on the guy, but so Tag Vienna like oh, my god, I thought and fate or though that's a big name, match up to a failure to its term it I tried style where'd you just don't fight favorites will see like open way tournament, you, don't dope what kind of work is Shane had does back? he had surgery, I dis replacement and then some stuff on his neck tat, a disk replacement, pretty sure like they prefer ones, are official jammies. Ah, I don't speak for, but he had Sir John S nose. Did it the anything fused? I'm not sure I don't speak for shade. I know yet surgeon rounds back here I like rising because they let him take all the vitamins wants every adjust its master monster squad that they sure rename it monsters ink. While I would like oh room, go there to me too stupid,
just do the old thing all think at lady all time for gene in a fair and ended his life. Do that yeah quantified Todd Duffy looked like some sort of a cartoon character. How funds that we all remember or looked small compared on your marrow little girls there lived malnourished, your military is AIDS makes it and it's like I gotta, go left. Actually I got a deal. I feel like a bit. The gym worry. We nursey, mutilated, Aroun, United together we just fuckin. Have a love first over the Subaru. While we only as I gladly last July, the Loch Ness Monster obsessed with this, but this video there that's the problem. This proves not just like. We see him and that's the guy steeply. Just not telling you step is a bad mother. Fucker, no doubt about it, but is not the same guy Santa lesson or God Brok they get doesn't exist anymore. I was tat if he did, he would never lose.
Never ever Louis. I was so scared exhaust. Finally time only pulled at the fuck would happen. Where's they call me right now, I'm off, well yeah. It's interesting that says you have given. The steroids. Don't want fights heard performance, enhancing drugs, don't fight their crazing. Does feebler crazing crazy, you're out your mind, your crave helps a lot. You don't think I can went Goober Brown, who were big Brown, oh yeah, brown, it helps a lot. Don't Ebay, I would do some work, will also help with your chin. And hopefully I could have taken that age. My head would have grown. So all the son of this green body in this market had said. I hope honestly. I really do hope that rise and takes off and becomes like pride was back in the day and you have these nutty insane. Fuckin forebore freak show fights, and we get it you guys just jack to that. I see in my life
ip awesome. We would do fight campaigns were so C4 yeah baby, so violent would be amazing of yours. He was smart, they get in bed with them about listen the under the table, investors must bring this order for confide pass come on baby. I might be a lesson. We must start some shit I, which he had just size and open on flight and encouraged steroids, say listen. I know those motherfuckers can't fight like that over here, we're all clear areas. So listen. This is fucking, give us a taste good business out just ass, yet you watch the freak. Show you get, it happens, freak show you know and who knows man. Japan is weird. You know. Japan was a huge culture for Emma may at one point time like at one point, ten, I'm the you have she was giant over there and then have faded and dropped off back or excuse me, pride was giant and then it and dropped off bad and dream was kind of like the end of it?
and then now there is not really a presence there anymore to rise and comes along, so rising to figure out how to bring back the same sort of excitement in the japanese culture and the japanese people that they have when they had the pride days the glory days of selling outside Thomas Super, whose jacket places and gives it be good business we seek as a native come in the back door. I got you like their product was. I fell, ask about an area of peace. I wonder how the you see Dick is. Did they do, although fought someone out there now, although Anti Palace was the main event out there remember yeah, I was there. I was therefore want a good show. While there has been more than one Japan, you have say: I've been there for one amount, but that was the bit loud laugh the latest one remember rampage far when I was a member that But I don't remember too much about that of that more pedestal
I think, if you like pessimism and liver tick, the shit out of someone who had kicks on my might have been Joe Lozano. Yes may I was the children felt like Roy was on their to my sin I don't remember. I wonder what the numbers were like they can have been too great. Yes, it was like our good, them back and while I don't know I mean look, do you does so many show their doing to next Saturday, there doing one from Brazil and they do and one from Belfast really other due in the Northern Ireland Card is gay garden, Sassy verses, Riah Hall, the rematch, fun yeah, and then the Brazil card is Ryan, beta, verse, little Naga Claudia today is a good day is on our cardio there's one more big fight on it is you're someone that no one is talking about destroying divisions, just gone drudge move down.
A gorilla guerrilla? She her unless cartouche that a body building contest stand in front of each other flex, it that's what they think about what might seem saying? What do you see and I don't think she needs we're- gonna stand of the Super amateur and now, but that Ma Mackenzie, oh yeah, I was sure I think it was on hd she fuckin nodded. This girl up is a global and then she got she stopped a Google Plata and then got her neck. I mean heard grappling, I think she can come in. The USA ran out strongly in just top five she's gonna say heard you just Susan set. So it's in her shaken superstructure but destroyed divisions at a point where I think she could still do work right now, Andrews on his work, she is a smoke, shouted smoke show and she speaks and portuguese fluently dime peace and nasty on the ground. Now soon ass super high level, black belt
Then the daughter of megatons ideas, yes, whose very very well respected, famous, presented, Jitsu black belt and apply here? Is one Ojo guys? That's your papa yeah! It's amazing gosh! yeah they, I think she's, probably eventually into one of NEO, say she's she's, saying one fifteen good. Looking again down the polish killer. Did you see the with she put on her fuckin water bottle brow? Yet danish alliance is somebody killer shit, one of the guys from the underground posted it up, and then I actually want of getting it from mom Joe Silva Joseph up showed it to me in between fights it's the deeds spaces incognito, as the dude name on mixed martial arts darkened and it says, into
days I will fuck up bitch up and continue my violent run as champion rights and other water, while just stray cold, blooded kill a lover. How much that fight was surprised. First, I'm really soon, and a lot of trouble like that out, she cracked and was a punch, was a straight punch. She had hit not lecture elbow like changing punching cape through with that right elbow and she was wobbly man. Maybe we know really seen in that. Much danger it well. Bush in the thing was a ship. Genco was again lit up for most the fight to travellers. Article Sue Porthos oppose polish, soon move for tough and after the fight look great mean she had a lot of punches. Gelato kicks yeah like kicks Yolanda, looked worse as forest face the issue that big mouth on her brother. She are cracked with. I think there was a couple a hard elbows and the clenched too was great fight, but in a great five for a while for four while it was like it, looked like that
Tina was just she just wasn't is fluid or effective. Yes, you just hang in there for ever stopped generous document for never stop coming forward and She was never discouraged meet you at some moments where she couldn't solve the puzzle, and you want was good job of ending the combinations with leg kicks inside and outside inside and out and stop yeah yeah Pierre and all those like export their those. There was really making a big difference. Give if you follow your, though that that is, it is, tough fight beyond deftly one that she set light to her first fight with Claudia Kadijah. That's two hours: tougher fight for her Ternata final ass, one would logically area, though each one really can one but Buddhism, Wars Valerie! maternal. She fought that future broken hand somewhere in the fight kept punching, whether the mermaids, his bad ass woman,
bad ass, though still obsessed with loves her brother and sister, though not the out. Beware of that fact. See my way, I am it's a tough. When she's, not cotton, wait, that's a tough! Where is she deadly beat his ass? He admitted that maybe your ass right, this put on your own. He loves me she's a killer Taylor, does a long card. The knew what I was watching on these girls in Florida do Deckard get done laid there is like one. I am by the time. Columns walk now, yeah yeah Jamie was there we couldn't get somewhere to eat when we try to get into the first restaurants goddamn pact at the two, two thirty in the morning, we want of accounts as Delhi, cats deli Wait for someone was I find food was mobbed account for as how late it again done for these global New York is different. New York bar Stale I think too, for Florida. So five do
Oh Florio's, Crap Florida was pop in Nigeria, was greater than I was exhausted, and government to our sleeping on a plane? I was exhausted and especially your in southern Florida floors were death lower, and then it's like that. And then, with the time, change and allay, you know just all messed up, but I bet that white sports Ike in Austria for Bob, like the Heisman vote and stuff like that on these girls it so late there you're, lucky like you, I don't see a lot of it. You know or that they don't see a lot of my night footballer called games because it just so damn late feel it is a better route to go. The label to write the other, though these causes a milestone, a blatant on the West Coast demands it beyond their schedule, so that is a man had started more and more people its film things out here, get pointer yeah, they did it on. Though the West coast of the EAST Coast schedule, it happened to early you'd, lose money I'll, give you a short five people
done work and like to work on Saturday. There still at work too, so I can't for which would be if it was their time, our time whose seven p m and then also yes, you also have to think about the undercurrent. What a summit What's the under card on efforts you're not gonna pay for the under guard efforts. One's got me listen, Bitch camp, the undercurrent ten. The morning you want to watch that shit done it been. Do you know whether in Brasilia like that, but they get mad. People get master gate at the mess audiences, Elsie Workin Yan these coasts days up, they always stay up how crazy am a garden after the fight lights on the state in which they ve never done before. In the were irish colors aspirin tents D, and Brian. Our arguments, do you think, Macgregor is more well known and four may well. Currently, yes, locked and bigger sport yeah you about this. You ll get Freud Manny, like the paper numbers.
Joys, anything tonnage. Urban close still! That's true, maybe not maybe not when I was argued, Conor is bigger. He might social means that I got, but point as more followers and of an honest camps where we can judge off the here's. The thing the amount of excitement of the floor generates does not even fucking compare to the amount of excitement the car generate. That doesn't mean more popular stand, but it does Canada because the intensity of the popularity, the love people might know who for May, whether as but it comes to how many people love for May weather is Ivan close. It might be, like somebody we tend to want or twenty two one because Conor gets out there. They go fucking crazy, Cray. How many people there to see Floyd knew whether lose? How many people board after Floyd may well, have fights like may their fight so skilfully in surgically that and doesn't again she hardly ever gets hit. Connor marks motherfuckers. He wins, old, tighten the fast as ever, tighter winning knockout ever. What did you do?
after that he comes back and makes Eddie Alvarez look Eddie over as world champion the ghost defending hold of him and Connor makes him look like he has no business in there with em. No business has zero success at all, except for a couple of body shots. This is why I think Connor's big more trend descent, because he's build on that I did say, merits and transcend people. Could I just bailed right, just fucking out you light diet of the US like, like Effingham, using around the gout, operationally jack you, but how many, successful black athletes, duenna of Judea and how many white irish superstars doing no one yet one was Wigan, was a big star before he came to the United States and came to United States and eventually losses, Belburg Barry, malignant one point time was a huge star, but nowhere near do doc,
The cot honour of wine in in this goes for all athletes Connor's the green elephant in the room, everyone else we ve seen before everyone reached. We know what they can. China do cars screen elephant amongst all, he's GRAIL offence and Jonathan, like a totally a wholly different animal, it's crazy he's out. There were two fuckin trucks. Got fifteen decks footing I'm tired old, will elaborate gone out for direct high, and now he is a little son and they gave him a fuckin rolls Royce was face on it. How crazy is that? What is interesting is how well he manages at all thrilling interesting. You know like that the pressure in particular. It doesn't seem now prominent arouse weird, then what makes him so special is that magnitude the pressure and he has to deliver and yet do those ethics and then back it up here, but he keeps poet off like you at the best out of the guide. This is stupid and skin old me, but though he pulls off for me
that was brilliant and you know I mean the guy steps. Any loses. Two ds right takes the deified on short notice, oh by the way after staff infection, her son in law, to be willing to know the british evidence. Staff infection was on an about Exeter, like I think, two weeks before the fight of yielding that danger. Gas tanking erratic staff infection in IRAN are taken about Ex Ante box or perusal you're on your respiratory system. Yeah their brutal on your whole body is this. You bottle and ended up yonder your body made up of all this shit that you don't consider to be you, but it is you stomach. Flora is a real part of you. You know you bodies, essentially like an ecosystem, and when you have a staff infection, staff infections are dangerous. Fuck and people die from them urine, and so they hate you with some heavy duty, antibiotics that staff twice and it's not funny and the first time I had it and I took the medication. I couldn't believe our I felt so. Weird I felt light headed. I fell weak. Like well. I reigned right. No energy super strong stuff too
while imagine this guy fighting two weeks after this saying, there's no way you PETE correctly. No so comes from that and then he fights Nate again. You know a few months later in a fucking, crazy. Five round war and beaten by then I was of margins right, don't you agree, as it is very, very close fight where some people other need one Suddenly? I got here, but it is neither a father. The decision was correct but like while its close fight so takes them. Fucking crazy chance comes back and finds that guy he's Conaway one sixty nine, that's what he weighed when you wait in this way. During the fight and if they want to fight it for five years now, I can be an assembly when we do seventy Nate Wade. Probably around one. Ninety sought me did mean every says I need is a hundred fifty five pound or he is hundred percent, but he's way bigger man then than Conor you just is now so it's like who's gonna way more when they actually get in their native way more. So he does that and then
goes from there and just arches Eddie Avez, like a world leader, And just so relaxed and loosened there, so amazing fuckin Madonna was at the show, diamond was Show Mcdonald's at the fights. How crazy Madonna's, Instagram Mamma. We made it Mamma. We may have read panty night, it's road pennino in Modern Europe. Thank you, single, where the focus my second belt. I've vision this where the fuck is rebelled, knots, man, it's fucking, motorman such character. You know? I thought if you make a big announced authors, Nelson was he's can retire, but his As soon as I got, my former continue doing, you guys needed. I need a share of the cup yeah that had a problem with the announcement was gonna, be all long. You, nobody wants a piece of the pie. I mean he's got an argument that he probably, She get a percentage of the promotion because the
what their selling is. Conor Macgregor resounding. You have seen plus Conor Macgregor. But the question is: how to that card. What would it be with the paper where we don't over. The numbers are so it's pretend the number is two million, which would be like the greatest of all time right, probably wouldn't hit that I don't know whether I built around one seven say two makes it easy to correct, or so it say that what percentage body because economy, it might be a million one million plus for sure might be one million literacy, mainly one million plus under one million people might have bought the paper view specifically because of one human being that it not outrageous to say and it. But this is the other thing in Connor's, favorite name another star. Who can do that? One? Can why do that? She can't quite do it. She then she's talking out this may be my last fibre, so I don't think she said that I think she said she's quite a few yards Arabia which, when you hear than you, are right that you is dollar one foot out boys. So it's a she has to fight left
maybe three who knows which do not seem draws Conor. Just not. This is needed The number she's not seem draw by. If she comes back beaten? Amanda Nunez ARM Bargia inside Cyborg and fights Holly beats a beetle. He gets a rematch austerlitz biggest Conner. Don't know that because, as that happened, super malignity already, but here's the thing as these people when there's star gets more more giant as Rhonda. If Rhonda came back and started Winnie again, her star would get more and more Jai it'll get bigger or fuel more the more body she claims, the more fuel or fire will have. That is what happens all the time it means pure population, but really win the way congressmen winning she can win spectacular fashion or the way she was winning when she fucked up Alexis Davis and ceramic man. Merkin girl, marking connection custom want fifteen, she can there may be. No nothing she could find No we're not
she's way too big, but ass. She took her. There be it's that meet the obligation on reliable, really run, as the land sometimes appear to have that ain't. That's this night the animal, but if for in this. In again, I'm not ruin for fair terms of Saint from business ample photography such a big draw right, what's help him in his negotiating power. If Rondeau were to lose this next fight because any like I'm, the only one fucking town, claim in me and Rhonda, that's cool! She just lost anymore money Bob and by the way run it as a tough fight in front of our Amanda Nunez, his goddamn scary, you're, a girl ass. I was saying before Rhonda lost a holly, our saint. She should get the title fight and I said that I think she's, the most dangerous one honest. I consider the way she stopped ceramic manage cracks area without right, as she hits like a measure key. She hits like a do, but she you out cyborg it's like a due to man. It's like a strong girl, big difference decided or criticise, like Tyrone Woodley with bread
what be real. She had so hard, no love for you, so goddamn scaring can't make the way. She also has a better arsenal like shelter kicks in knees, shuttle blouse out on the ground. The thing Amandas areas Amandas, but a man has lost on the ground before Peter by cutting down on the ground. Correct cyber grip. Ireland yeah she's get no love, but she's too big outside a bloody one. Fifth divided were one fifty well and, if you like, they did that whole thing we're I'm talking about the eliminate away cuts every two girls cyborg fighting one, eighty one eighty and be her, and that big ass curled Gabby gas. He I see about two eighty, but don't worry. We would have to cut way to me when we fight every other week S liked him, Sylvia, Andrea Lansky. Let's do real enemies, they fight like them in great there might like every other week. It is always the old, but I think
verandah. The men are Nunez Fight stylus getting can we don't know, we don't know where rawness mental state is at, but stylish the great mass of around. I think so I think if she comes ready prepared as a good camp, she Mercer, but don't you think that you look at the way she fucked up me should take you like that girl presents a lot of danger with those punches, especially considering what happened. Hollywood Rhonda yeah, but yeah think she presents a lot a Dane ship censure. I think your own that by think her arching forward is the pervert antidote to get marked by Rhonda. She, like outcome, dismiss Jude phenomenon by us right if she marches forward what the really all she knows how to do. It I'm said could be interested.
A great variety the way, but it is also interesting to see what we're round his head is now she's, coming back, that's the exact because of its one hundred percent. She better, I think, nine out of ten times stronger it I know, but if it's wrong and whose Kanda our do movies on do this at this isn't for me hearing it marked because I grow hit so hard, but what Russia has and what you wanna has. You know good, then not a whole lot. Other women have it is why one thing that they do with a really fuckin good at it, and then they have all those other stuff correct, whereas page vans and his collar and whole sport. She never saying I shall go Jack and I wish you what she does it while page as is tough and she's hot. Ridiculous hot house way helps but there's other girls. You know then Valentino Valentino of Genco, yet is another. One is bad ass, whose another super powerful striker me the way she handle Holly Home standing up an omen handle they're just counter it will that that looping left took that cook the generals, other I've got you
she's, another one, but there is not. Do they need more of those in Ireland like that's, where Mackenzie Turn fits exactly till, they don't come into work and she's gorges. But I'm saying if, if collars like listen I'll, balance anyone but rather would lose. We the party- and I notice- has on the only show in town now give me my fucking piece, the pot when nobody has that sort of personality that no one ever, I think even he eclipses Ali of the cliffs, is all of them. Are these is bigger than shale sudden for sure is far as like his ability to talk, show not at all happy, I think, is all you were Ali stood for a different. They read like his message is more important to fight for equal rights. We also fighting to stop the Vietnam WAR Act like us. Through this time he had several things: cry form that were bigger, Correct Carter Why privilege is nice it's my suits.
Must not trying to send him over to fight a war zone. Even a mayor outstrip in his belt for long three, zero fight through funding is past. Prime, as products like base to you about from current right, you're years was ass soon and then comes back three years after not having trained at all. Ali didn't even work out for three years has been Ali, wasn't findings and while I work out well fucked up and he's never. The same was a no. No. He need not always be not the same. He didn't have the foot work anymore. I didn't have the endurance and really came back. You'll get his body we came back and for you fought Jerry Course back for s than that scary, not scary, but we have to see what happens. John Jones Valley suspend for a year right and he's been even longer, and then before that so distributors, style and Dana loves you. You know he never sticks there, what he says. Sometimes it does, but he has. However, The main event again, I could get bit biochemist in that case. We can't trust him anymore. Why? I know
so for John Gretta he's, don't let that flow. Grappling event like again to fuck out here the slogan happily you'd been fighting for the Yossi Heavyweight title on an undersea leasing showed some active. Like Ulysses, not Mohammed Ali, the, I guess, he's lost millions of dollars at least he's doing some in combat Sport leisurely suspended for a year retroactively July. He had been July yeah, so ass, to get at least still while giving out before you that huge laughed for you see two hundred. So when he comes back, it's me interests you. What we get out of I know, and then he came back and fought over Saint prove an look I tentative, and then you saw Jimmy Mattawa run through open saint through all these guys. Better, the better the rising up, and you know, rumble rumbles fighting DC for the title again. That's gonna be a real, interesting fight. Super interesting who remember rumbled deadline that huge showered on seeing her land who knows in this fight is get near. The lanterns corner now is how to for a few years now.
Or to the law on scrapping guarantees concentrate a lot more is resting. His lot of videos of running wrestling drill wrestling nonsense. I ass a he's preparing preparing to get up programme for take down, defends a fun fight man, it's a toss up from a toss. It and then John John has all this laugh comes back and say rumble for a reason when selecting with that man- let's do it. But why do you think he's gonna get a straight shot at the title? Annoying they know if we get straight, showed that I dont Pont coming back. You'll like everyone wants to see, though, maybe that's why fans demand might be something going on by then by time. This time, rules around next year or July roles around so he's go he's free in July. Whether that means see. I don't know how suspensions work but of what I'd ex would it. Explain to me his performance using drugs. Suspensions dont even allow you to train with us. Fighters are on the roster really. Yes, when you're suspensions, then you can train with them. I don't
even supposed to be sparring, went them why once they hand down a sustained and how that regulation about their mouths and right? I looked up Jamie you think that's wrap this up soon. Yeah, I don't think that's true. I hope it. Not because it's crazy, because you can up your teammates, even if your suspended dig it still train and help your team and also sharpen your short a little bit ass. I tonic. I was an accountant suspended for a year. Kennedy touch calculate well, I'd he's touching calculated touch. Does that glittering you dont announcements that reality through taxes instrument chairman is not peacemaking comes remember. Those now on I found I found out. I was actually there was via created. Three was like a Fuckin agglomerated Gameboy Elite to calculate a business man. They took a head either her no longer a wrathful whose, by a calculator like blockbuster there's, none of whom laugh meant or anything jamming singing. The first for earthquake looked almost one from last year,
thanks, but other thing to your point, where you don't think you don't says: he'll gonna tell shut the lightweight, the light heavyweight division is just l dinosaurs. Besides the top you guys there so old, John, like fuck in fighting show gun again. How dare you write again, but Jimmy Man was a very dangerous fight for anybody right now he's a dangerous. For John too, what you are regions or not. You are revision. Batman were lit up, open, Saint prove issue I will, and if I guess he got cracked, de? I would have unwanted rumble. He go cracked get dealt with as part of that opportunity. I dealt with gray as part of the gateway opens, improved just went fuckin the full distance with John Jones, tough fight with a sleepy, John Joan and add a broken arm, yeah Our broken have John rope that armed by three x ray care. But my point: is you want the distance and Saint Protocol pretty quick, I think his day I think, say Parada Jimmy man? What took about pretty quick? I think now
super dangerous, very sailors, variability rearranges first round for John, it's come back fight, I think taking him a beating him up on the ground. We Johns best how to citizenship on throwing the grandest momentum. Also job different anybody else in his length absolutely have to use, it doesn't get had really and his rashly. So just cells land scared, not scared to go to the ground anywhere, but you get lighted, light heavyweight divisions hurrying the most out of any one. I think you would go down the Russia God die. Can we need some new blood in this village? Yea might be right, the main event Brazil's Ryan Beethoven, little noggin logic African, do it I'll. Do I've been fined for thirty five years when his little my move like a goddamn toward us, but if you're gonna pay me I'll still do it here, and taking the same amount of punishment. That is, brother has, but he's taken some big. What knockouts your hope of both memories? So could you knocked out with a risk, my God will close lined up now and then the rum
one which is horrendous to suit. I told you, I wasn't back like a woman, a Pat Cummings, I'm a fucking warmed up by busy dont like arm stretches. King had met you so stiff music, uzi fighting like rumbled. Ah, he should gladly I would urge no! No, I guess we experience where no blame to decide? Where did it? There's? No, can me I can't go out. The man I wanted. Rob s leg like a three year old, not Lenin, walk out the silly octagon. I think Brazil is such a huge hotbed for Emma may right now, it's so gigantic that they need brazilian stars and enough for the main event in particular, they like just on a lot of options and light heavyweight division, sought so fuckin wake up. Little knock out of his slumber disease, cooperating, logger big dog little mud. Does that wake him up. Ass slumber has little Big Knox done right, he's little nod, they woke is asked of me. I guess I'd better mean I mean uh bees, probably asking for another fight, but outside of him. What other good
light heavyweights from Brazil that are in the USA that you could, like Celimene event are Gloria, but they re fought right, but clover just got crack too, and he strode a quite a while off after that knocked out. There was a kind of How do you need not do enough at Yale law? Allow yet flatland me so get that light. Haven't yet show goodwill on. What's gotten shoguns gotta be done a visa He's very real, close to being substantially could light heavyweight broke, go through game in Brazil, though even more so because far like brazilian fighters is fame materials, material, gonna, see, has been suspended and suspended for a long. Fucking time is needed, is never two year I'm not sure it's not good enough. They decide or not, but I felt you had suspended for two years. I mean just like the brazilian fires that especially the right light heavyweight Emma Jane was going eighty five anyway region. Between two, if I'm just thinking to five guys, he couldn't line up with in Brazil non Lot, not all
invader already fought LEO. You could sell that as a re matched his remember. The total knocked mouth and a bad but suspended. Although but you're right Dolly especially, there is now a lot of new blood in Brazil, josie, I will get the faces: Amazon, silver, his light fell He just left the building and then he got lost DC, so he's busy done while Thomas I made it was really good before Corti garb rank him around. Do he worked on in marked and whose homeboy that teach ideal shells fighting kids like a fuckin match on one other lennox. You could fight that to get five very fight, Linux, dire crew, they told the tv like listen, we did think you'd be dynamic crews and I can tell we're gonna Garbutt hears. Can Linux, though, and if the garbage wins and T J wins, a beggar, on both sides. Right, you knows a big big, if, especially on the Dominic cruiser good luck, it not guy. I know, but he does land lands. Yachts, everybody, I'm a garbage famine. Is my favorite lower class, a lover
These are old school young one that way: class one thirty five, just at even of chuckle Adele, is a savage small and death outage. No doubt can do to our out like it. I like it. I like a whole package. I come our power to remove, Stewards are we are rather up. I forgot here was due to the wider and the kid T fat k, dot com, Brendan job on Twitter and Instagram lemme get laugh. Actually, Thursday Sung ship desires, they landed on real instead of a growing times. You ve been on stage. Now by myself. Like that yeah I mean we do. I always start stamp the fine kids, but Tommy store. I think three times in the first language I get loved Thursday go out. What would I have to show a cock of your and our represents our thanks brother, thank you may have on times missed you love your lovely tumor, see you soon,
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Grand you might be hearing list so Tuesday November fifteen. We will Graham Hancock, an Randal Karlsson on together again one of my favorite large ass, ever really looking forward to that so go live your life and I think he s representing appreciate the fuck area seal.
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