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#880 - Jon Jones

2016-12-01 | 🔗
Jon Jones is an American mixed martial artist and a two-time former Light Heavyweight Champion of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. He will compete against Dan Henderson in a submission grappling match at on Sunday, Dec. 11, in Portland, Oregon.
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com use the code word rogan and you will save ten percent of any and all supplements my guest today is one of the best fighters on the planet earth he is the ufc light heavyweight champion and his guy who's been through a lot of controversy over the last couple of years and he went into it he went into a deep so give it up for john jones the joe rogan experience join my day joe rogan podcast by night all day with live people i get mad at you turn it on their hearing it right now like god jon jones you had all this time almost finished going to finish that i think that's that's an athlete that someone who works out a lot just like this imperatives right you get that food in there it is key but that shit what do you eat and what is that on a kind bar thanks call bullshit is but
is that a good one is that one ones with the five grams of sugar or one of them carmel fake candy bar five definitely little will that jon jones young brother on the road you know ok i understand i gotta get you some stuff to bring with you man bring some good once you ever fuck with that guy primal kitchen his his stuff he's got some great stuff i'll give you some before you leave you're doing the number one thing that people get mad at on this podcast when we just fight companion podcast is chewing people get furious there's something about being in someone's ear like my daughter was in my ear last night she was chilling she's trying to sit on my lap and choose chewing in my ear and i'm like this should not be bothering me like why is this bother i was having an internal dialogue eating in my ear inter she's like what you give a fuck so i'm eating in your home your baby asshole let me give a shit how old your kids
that this one that was on my lap six in all because my youngest i have three they're all great i got a twenty i got an eight i got a six one zero now well now good for you how many i got i have four well john domes nine hundred and eighty six and three all girls crazy right i wanna sound so bad jeremy stevens says is the fighters curse i've heard that bad ass is good all girls mark woman all girls think don frye's got all girls yeah i want to sign so there's a surgery that you can do to where i guess they take my semen and they take out all the girl like all the girl hormones whatever chroma zones injected into the wife gives you like a ninety something percent chance of getting a little boy really is it legit if you google it i've heard a lot about that haven't little bit but if it's a possibility i think we're going in that direction for the next one yeah see that's one of those things that i would google i would
make sure that it's not some horseshit created by some you just want to collect your sperm i feel like i think i heard connie did that to get a boy the second time oh yeah i'm comin kim yeah i don't know obviously going to look into it extensively before even trying to go on that that's the plan of what is real when you think in some way now i'm not really too much of a spiritual when i can i would say i'm spiritual but i don't believe in i don't how do i phrase this would you worry that you would anger the gods but trying to with dna that so for that that's a great question so i i actually thought that you know because i was summoned religious guy i thought that might there has always been god is gonna
give me a son when i am mature enough to raise a man to teach a man how to be a man so that was always my thing and i felt like i feel like that was waiting for me to get married before given me and my fiance this boy that's deep and yeah that was my whole theory i was just like when i'm mature enough and you know and we were married you know god feels upgrading this good place he's going to give us a boy and then i'm thinking you know but if we have another girl that trap there is so expensive that's eighteen more years of reason some and uh your girl you know so you my i've already had three o'clock my wife and my fiance she's pretty much my wife being together forever i don't want to risk so you think about it in terms of a financial risk going forward to have one thousand kids you know like what you doing people
but that is something that like gets ingrained in your head and people will say though the cost of raising kids instead of thinking about man the cost of raising kids it's more that i'm at that time that so you gotta put in like the so you're raising another little ground so trial and error so i'm thinking let's just put a little science in there and i feel like i feel like god gives people the intelligence to come up with these ideas and these different you know surgeries or whatever to be able to get him saying like god gave someone the the idea is to be able to do this so maybe he's ok with you choosing boy are girl well they didn't have the foresight when they were right in the bible to take out genetic diversity testing or whatever the fuck they're doing what would they be doing like some sort dna chromosome chromosomal jazz yeah i don't know what the processes yeah well people mean when you say personally that like
people who are religious almost all of 'em sort of pick and choose what they decide to agree with not agree with i agree you're a religious person but you have a tattoo right you have a religious tattoo which is double ironic as it says in the bible not to get tattoo not to mess with the temple right but then you gotta pick and choose right what you want to listen to it's not the way it supposed to go either but i don't know where i'm perfect he knows that do you think we're talking about like one going to wait until or that god would give this opportunity when you were more mature when you're mature enough to raise a man do you think about that like now why do i have to wait like why am i not mature enough right now like if i can internalize that and i can understand that like what is the difference between me in the future when i am mature enough to have a man an me right now like why why have i not learned enough lessons why are not whatever not
balance myself out enough i feel like i am learning lessons every year you know every month every day i feel like i'm growing as a person this man but i only i know about some demons that i still struggle with and an i feel as if when i'm over those outfile outfile ready to be able to raise them and teach me how to be a proper man but you don't feel like you're over those yet nona middle of it you in the struggle yeah definitely kind of still in the struggle of some things you know but but i've done they got over a lot of things that that i used to struggle with it which i'm excited about but you know life is is a it's a working yes well you tell me before the show that you you don't do instagram anymore you're not doing anything you just sort of lay in lower not doing any interviews so like before you about to do this you like oh shit i haven't done anything like this in awhile
yeah yeah the main reason why i decided to come on your show was i'm i'm getting ready to do this grappling match against at henderson on the 11th and and the is going to be a lot of media surrounded it and there was a lot you know i gotta do like a one hour boner with a bunch of different media guys and then there's a a few reporters that's going to be there physically to to do some he's with me and i feel like this kind of just like a lot of things kind of fun talked about it that you know people have just wondering how i'm feeling and when when i've been to a summer there and i don't have answer the same exact questions over and over for one thousand people so i was just like you know what joe rogan has a lot of respect amongst them make community you know his follicles obviously beyond them and make community he's a smart guy and i was just like you know i'd rather let me just talk with you about kind of everything and get it out of the way yeah outside of this this interview with you i have not really done anything publicly since july when you have c200 was cancelled
you been on a crazy ride just not just through july but for the last couple of years you been been in solved in a lot of crazy shit you know what are you disappointed in yourself with a lot of the stuff that i am i told him i totally am what does it feel like like like give me the thought like we can go through all of them but give me the thought like probably the most i was disappointed in you and i love you as a person i think you're a great guy i love you to go thanks i really do i've always you get time hanging out with you but i was very the point with you without a car accident yeah when you ran away from that car accident yeah that to me was like god damn johnson about place yeah i was i was in a bad place it was a it was a mess up that basement i literally was an important life then when i was winning all these fights i was the
it boy in the ufc sponsored by nike and gatorade and you know the greatest of all time finishing legends after legend that the legend just really in this position where i felt so untouched but i just felt like i just felt like everything was meant to go my way and that that time of my life started to i was i was i was smoking pot you know my career of my career so i draw again you know every weekend pretty much you know to the point of black in out just lacking now yeah just just be a hammer in all and just being a total party boy but still still try in my butt off you know i'm working really hard believing really hire have big goals big dreams but just being a party boy and i think it's just took everything that i have for granted because everything for the majority of my career has gone my way and
that that morning i got in a car accident man i just it was it was just it was it was a huge reality check and it was you know i think in some people's mind they they envision me you know hit in this car it run it up and seeing that it was a pregnant lady and then taken off running and then people said that i came back and grabbed a load of money which is the stupidest thing ever why would a millionaire need to grab cash unless you run back to the car so i literally i i went through a lie it was like a green light that said that i could turn left do you suppose the yield for the right away right to turn left in person came through and i i just as soon as my green light to go obviously being not completely clear headed
and i ended up running into a car i was definitely disoriented disoriented from the accident from the accident for sure just kind of like what the hell just happened was a really big hit but i was fine i had no injuries and i just felt like well maybe it wasn't that bad of a hit so i literally step out of the car and i realize like seconds later i realize my bulls in the car so your call my yeah my yeah my part black part yeah and i wasn't smoking weed in the car
or anything but it was in the car but my ball will they had residue was in the car so i literally open my car door i'd like take two steps away from the car and then i go back to the car and i i like search the car 'cause i had it in my cup holder an when i hit the bull fell somewhere who knows where it flew too but i knew i knew shit like i can't find that ball that's going to get me in trouble just having a ball in my car so i look for like two seconds close on the ball and i just took off running did you look at the other person in the other car no i had no clue that it was a woman i had no clue that was a pregnant woman how much time we talk about like from the time was released the book from the time that i hit i had i had i had was over a fence probably eight seconds it was a it was literally a super reactionary like this i just felt i hadn't been home yet i say at a friend's house i was
drinking and driving you know my decision was asleep at my friend's house because i knew i couldn't drive home he woke up early the next morning to go to work and he's like johns feel free to stay here and you know you can make use of breakfast whatever whatever and the as a family he has a wife and he has a newborn baby and i didn't want to stay at his house while he's at work so i was just now i think i'm ok but really i had made like two hours of sleep in but it realized that i was still wasn't ready to drive so you know i i wake up to get in my car and you know i just wasn't ready to drive would not but why did you look at the other car because it happens so fares yeah sorry yeah so it all happened so fast and i just knew i was uh i know i smell like alcohol and
i just felt like the police came out i would be a bad situation for me and i just thought the person that i hit had to have been okay 'cause i was totally okay i that maybe this collision wasn't that hard so i just like lot of people's minds they see me as like i knew was this woman i saw this woman hanging out the window crying and bleeding and so something like that and like i just chose the lever and and right i i didn't know what i had it on my head a truck i don't know if i had a a punch but i don't know what it was that i had which doors another vehicle but you didn't even look no idea look and i didn't go back for cash but it doesn't make it doesn't make what i did ok the fact that you know i didn't go back for cash and i really went back for my boy there's there's no better right the situation is a shitty situation i was in a really bad point in my life taken like i said everything for granted
if you wanted to have a situation come up with is like worst case scenario the wood that is worst case scenario pregnant woman aw yeah makes me like a monster yeah makes me local monster when you found out was a pregnant woman what was going through your mind at the med i'm i'm done i'm done first i was afraid that there would be some type of problems with her baby because you know obviously that if she had a a difficult pregnancy then that's that's a whole different level of being in trouble god forbid if she will have a miscarriage you know i would imagine that that would be one thousand percent put on me so i thought about the fact that i went from just partying and join this careering this amazing fairy tale life i went from that i was going from that till like literally being in jail for being labeled as a murder so that was my that was my number one thing was just hoping that the baby was okay
what about what were you about yourself like when you did when you i mean there's no way you could be happy with yourself that you know that i will terrible well well i mean my mom have a great relationship with mama's boy and then i'm the father of four daughters so you know if anything my my my respect for for women is is i have tremendous respect for women and i i tried to like i was that be a father i like i try to i just felt like a monster i feel like a monster you know i mean i just felt terrible
i felt i felt really bad i was just i was mainly just concerned with this woman's health and safety and i'm really glad that she ended up being ok i felt really bad i would just like to even in the public size like you just heard a pregnant woman like doesn't really get worse than that but boy yeah i had no clue i had no clue that it was even a woman and i felt terrible and what was the what was not just that was the reaction from your family and friends you know surprisingly it was it was okay you know they they support me so much and i love me so much and they know that you know that i have a really i believe good how are they know that i have a good heart and there's just they're just thinking man like did anybody step in and say hey man you gotta get your shit together oh i've had i've had a lot of people tell me i need to get my shit together and what was it about like besides that what do you like beside
this one instance what are the things that will come to you and say hey john you go to get your shit together what kind of all of it everything that's happened over the last two years or not makes people feel like they can tell me that i need to get my shit i recently i recently went outside to but buyers my garbage pail was coming up and i was late getting one the garbage out to the side of the road so he waited for me even told me his but he he double murder he's like hey man like away i can see you fight against like you really need to get it together i'm like man just choose parked a little mention pretty telling me to get my together i'm taking everybody feels that they have the right to tell me to get my shit together the day you know i i said there and i humbly take it because they're right
yeah they're right but at the same time you know how many mother fuckers they are in in the world you know what i mean like so many people are into all types of crazy shit you can't compare yourself to the losers of the losers i know what you're talking about on i mean they say hey well compared to dudes like to go out and who knows who goes on for exactly who does know your this as it is telling me to get my together is like just as much as publicly don't mean you're any better than i am that's true but you know what that dot com looked is never ending and you can't get involved in it that flick the you're starting up your own brain right now that's it's a rationalization conflict you start rationalizing your behavior this is well other people do worse where a that is a dead end to bad road that a lot of people go down to make themselves feel better right the only thing that can make you feel better is to be pure or deeply shit together yeah because like if someone comes up to me and says hey man you been ripping off old ladies and stealing money from the church fuck you talking about it doesn't make any sense that's not true at all
if someone says something you that's rude that's not true it doesn't have any impact on you someone says something to you that's rude but true then you have to rash analyze and then you have to go what about you man what's going on with your life maybe your end of some dark shit you know that's a that's a bad rd it's a defensive road and as a fighter the natural instinct somebody hits you want him back so many attacks you you won't yeah well what about your weaknesses and you want to try to search them out and i'm sure a lot of people go through that when they read social media and they see these anonymous eggs on twitter saying mean shit to you you start thinking i want to know who this fucking guy is and what's going on in his fucking like that is the trap and that's it well you know like i said i do respectfully take it like i've never had someone say hey you know get it together john and then i sit there and be like oh well you know i always i was you know thank you so much for caring thank you so much for your rooting for me still and i and i really
appreciate it i'm working at it and i seriously have been working on my personal live tremendously an as of right now i feel i feel amazing i feel better now today than i did when i was beat and everybody is ass and you know sponsor by the world and like i literally feel better today because i i feel like i've conquered a lot of demons in my personal so you feel better meaning you feel more at peace you feel more calm more at peace you know like not well about social media all the time like that that brought a lot of peace to me not worried about what people are
and not even worried about what's going on in the u of c like who has the builder or or you know just the just just being john at the in jails and having my for my group of friends across the country janet like that jane really love me focusing in on my kids every day you know taking my girl the cheerleading practice picking picking up from school school governor at school basic stuff like me and my fiance because i live in latvia to top of stuff yeah being the top stuff you know i'll get men no debts you know everything is caught up everything's everything is spot on you know things i wanted to get fixed around the house you know that paint chip is paint it now you know everything is just everything is gone
everything is so put together right now in my outside outside sports is and obviously haven't having a clear mind something that i haven't had in a long time you know i just feel i just felt really good right now so as far as and then and then also being in a position where i don't really need to fight again either you naturally financially but don't you though don't you though in your mind oh yeah i have to fight because i have to fight because of the story can't end like this yeah well it's like the financial thing is beautiful and everything that it's wonderful that you're set for life and you could just kick back and your children will be taken care of and your wife be taken care of that's all beautiful but you have responsibility of greatness there's vet a few people that ever get to the position that you not we're in when you won the title when you were the youngest ever ufc heavyweight or light heavyweight champion not just that
the youngest every ufc champion not did not just that there is this also responsibility that comes with potential it's not it's not just like what you've done an you know it's what you could have done you fought alexander gossips and be honest about that how much did you train for that fight i trained ice cream for the but but i i definitely i uh this thing where i just felt invincible and adele otherwise stuff leading up to the fight i definitely didn't give it my all as far as party in and sleeping right really party thinking and could stand up on it yeah yeah i mean when you to fight like that where you were at one hundred percent does that sort of almost reinforced this idea that you could do anything you want and the man imagine if i trained next
if someone big i'll train laila so i have this i'm gonna shares of the what i'm not sure i've ever share this with anyone else before but i had this crazy thing that i would do where i would party one week before every fight and i did that throughout my whole career and in the so stupid but it was this mental crutch that i had i literally would one week before i reply i would go out and i would get blacked out wasted and my logic was if this guy were to beat me somehow i i can look myself in the mirror and say that well i lost because i got hammered the week before the fight so there's a built in safety net is a safety net yeah exactly so i did it
i would i would go and get him in one week before every fight have you ever work with a sports psychologist no but now but now i don't out my melvin same proof i it was the first fight that i didn't not do that it was my worst performance so actually i don't think it was your worst performance i think you are very unjustly criticized for that fight 'cause i think open st peru is a very tough guy is very difficult fire is very strong he's got a brutal left kick athletic he moves well i believe it was a good performance but with my worst performance see i think open st proves of really tough guy and was a tough fight and you hadn't fought in a long time now you were off for how long how many months sixteen months or something yeah was that was over a year yeah
time over a year last of korea you're fighting a guy who'd been pretty active and fought some good guys had a great victory over show gun and looked real good in a lot of his fights and was an up and comer the main thing about opens that really bothered me was he was he was the most well he was caesar he actually has been fighting longer than i have more people don't realize that but he which is so green and ross still like skill skill like i i don't come study everybody extensively and then i come up with their patterns i figure out the way they flinch i figure out their first favorite punch their second favorite was the third in their favor combinations the way they're set up so they take downs when they lunch was side their heads going to be literally everything i know everything about every opponent was either going to shoot whether it's going to head in size head outside what i'm going to do right there you know i figure everything why they issue what area of the cage they like to shoot everything and
with over same he he he he doesn't know what he's going to do he's so unorthodox unorthodox you know he gets these random knockouts from weird angles and he's just wing stuff he almost closes his eyes and next thing you know he's knock somebody out you know so the scary thing about him was he so unpredictable and so and i had a lot on the line so i just said you know what this guy is he's in a shell pretty much the whole file he was defensive the hose pipe and i'm not just that i i close to the fight and not really risk anything which i felt like i let myself down because normally i would just
i mean normally when you get something like that you just you know take him out you know you should actually just be able to take him out but i was content with winning and i think it was i think it was one of the first sites where i actually just wanted to get the win get my money go back to what my actual goal which was dc instead of wanting to finish this guy like normal so i had to really question i really question myself why why i was like that when i was content with close in well that was if i were you that had the more pressure on you and then any fight you've had before as far as like people wanted to see how you respond to the adversity outside of the octagon right right i agree yeah i had a lot of pressure and i feel like i responded great see my adversity you know i i did all the things i have to do to get back to get back to the stage you know i handled all my
obligations and and and i stayed healthy set of powerlifting and hired a nutritionist that i looked better than ever i felt better than ever physically i did everything i had to do i'm end up and and and was responsible for my actions and it was a great action that thought that the powerlifting might have a bit of an effect and you perform yeah i thought you were doing too much of that yeah well i was doing too much of it so i literally i said a powerlifter and i took off seven months of martial arts training at issue up to jackson's for seven months and i i showed up to this place was the austrian systems polished and jim four days a week just getting jacked get inject after camera became obsessed with lifting heavyweight
and i literally didn't know martial arts training and then about four months out from the fight so2 comma and see the room a little bit more and then only three months before the did i actually start a training camp how did you do that as far as like cardio and things like that wouldn't you think that your cardio would dramatically suffer from just lifting weights i did a lot a lot of weight to lose i had gotten big and i actually did a lot of a lot of cardio training but i was also i have these new coaches and the strength and conditioning coaches who specialized in powerlifting so i had to almost we had to come up with a plan together of how we were going to start not weight lifting and doing cardio and even at the beginning stages it was like ok well let's just look lighter weights more 'cause i know know know i need by cardio cardio right and so he just a big learning thing that we had to do together so these guys were they involved in martial arts at all these
my powerlifting coaches no they were so but then they were giving you advice about martial arts training so it's sort of learning on the job yeah kind of then job but they weren't giving me advice about martial arts training they they just learning curve i don't think they had ever worked with an endurance athlete the so that i am an so mostly they were football play there's a powerlifter they work with the philadelphia eagle and a lot of powerlifters yeah but these guys their credit they were really humble and they they listen and they were able to very quickly adjust it what we were doing everyday to make it more about and the roads are not about maintaining muscle or strength and things like that and now i feel like i got in really good shape with these guys so and now where to place 'cause i'm still work these same guys now now wait a place where we realized there as a vendor and said we're going to start way farther out and and and like i said this as a humble enough to do what i need and use it put me through some strains were because that i think are a great idea
my device is in the right place so other than the fact that you did so much strength and conditioning or so much power lifting what else would like how did you feel when you got into the octagon when you fought over the same proof did you feel stronger did you feel like your endurance had been diminished slightly because of all this power lifting well so so like i was saying i took off seven months of martial arts and then i did a three month camp and so if you like anything if you take off seven months of anything your game is going to change a little bit so literally throughout my training camp i found myself trying to get learn how to fight again i felt like timing was all at timing was off of creativity was off the things that the culture moves that i used to do weren't quite there out but some of my old training practices or my old fights and i'm like man i'm not doing this stuff that i was doing before so
really nervous going into the i knew that i was ready to be dc because i was so well rehearsed and like that the the drills and everything was so rather hearst to be deceived but as far as one of the file over the same crew i just felt my creativity was kind of gone in my ability to improvise or it wasn't quite there and that was just from taking off so much time from martial arts so and the fight with golden state brew i felt really strong i felt really really strong like picking him up against the cage and and taking him down fill
effortless as opposed to the way used to fill you felt stronger at though i felt really strong yeah stronger what else endurance felt good i felt good it wasn't as sharp as normal like a few times when when i took him down i remember i wound up in a punch and i had through a big punch and then wound up and then i hit him again in dc said it was on back of the head which it wasn't it was on the neck but i was throwing big shots uh no vince instead of throwing it at a whole bunch of shots and that was because i was feeling to get it in my arms so so that kind of made me nervous that i didn't have the normal level of endurance that i normally have do you think that's 'cause you had more muscle bulk i think yeah i think it is because i have almost a boca but on the bright side and not that this is a good
going to endure someone but i did break or fracture his arm with a cake and that's something that i've never done before so that show me that definitely came that has to be connected to just developing so much power my hips into my legs it's a point of this there's like a bouncing tipping point right words like strength verses in durrance and trying to find that perfect line right right now as as as i see here today i'm i'm using my past experience and you know how to measure what i'm doing as we speak so right now i'm strong is how well but my endurance is actually in a really good place right now and i'm not fighting until july so no one figured it out right now as we speak you got really big will you doing that with you thinking hey you know one day i'm going to fight heavyweight let's see what i would be like as a heavyweight i don't know i didn't know what i was going to do at that point i just i just needed something to be passionate about
some of this to be competitive about why you were suspended while suspended yeah and i you know i i i went through a real self destructive state right after the car accident and then how so i just started to party more i was really i was really depressed yeah the belt have been stripped from me and not until anthony johnson and dc fa that first time that i did i join the gym and get my get myself together why was that just watch that five eight one zero zero pm for your belt yeah just in the committee for the bell i thought to myself man i am wasting i'm wasting talent and waste and everything like you know i believe i can be both of these guys and they're up there and on tv why should be and i'm sitting here at home kind of in a live in in this depression and so literally the next that call
the i walked down there stoned and and it's just like hey i need to get my life together i need something and i need something to be excited about something to to inspiring motivate me get me up give me out of the house and and i just complete turned everything around from the day before and just started to to find a new passion and and that was way left in it and i i got sick so strong so fast and a became it became everything to me like just for my numbers to go up every week it which they did and i promise of really happy again like you know squad and five hundred pounds b and six four and only way and you know to twenty five you know with these really skinny legs five hundred pounds a lot
deadlift in six hundred pounds you know there's there guys who have been training at that jim for years who still can't do those type in numbers and i was able to do it so i was like man you know i can do anything i put my mind to and i just thought i was going to become one of the strong is whether voters in albuquerque like that was my that that was my plan will powerlifting gyms are very competitive and guys get super hung up on the idea of like lifting heavier and heavier weights hooked i've had mark bell on the podcast four and we also did a podcast in columbus will with louie simmons is a world famous powerlifting a guru and he's a fucking maniac and it's all with all those guys it's all just about put not big numbers keep going keep going keep their own they'll numbers no yeah it was yeah fell in love with it it's crazy sort of discipline it is yeah so it's so simple to you just lift it up
is very satisfying for people looking at it like who gives a fuck if you could swap five hundred but when you doing like ice cream in it yeah exactly exactly high fives chalks flying in the air is the best dude i'll tell you i love it i i really love powerlifting we worried at all about getting injured though because that's a big part of powerlifting till i have a i have pretty good trainers and and and they teach me the right way to do th but they also allow me to be out of position a lot of times too because a lot of times people focus on the perfect form at everything but when you looked the real big what you're not always going to be in the perfect form so they they almost allow me to be out of position sometimes are not in the performance still power through positions that way you're strong grappling sense yeah you're strong an average your son every in every room i'm a part of the movement whether you're a cook former bad form you're still able to lift a weight less of the theory behind functional strength right that's why people like
doing things like power cleans and presses because it's such an awkward thing to do with the weight and you're you're in weird movements and doing things with your whole body right now what are you doing these days so these as i am i have just been doing are you back on jackson's a bunch of part of that and a bunch of wrestling and ju jitsu that's been my thing with no striking i know i haven't had a strike and my my whole goal is to not get punched in the head at all that's your goal well that's what my plan is you want to eventually alter my my workout routine to where i'm doing a lot of myths and working on my versatility working on my versatility and and and just my abilities so you you not throwing any punches these days not doing any kicks now but now it's crazy to me but my plan is to get into that that's not going to last but i i won't be doing too much power especially heavy spine right but even
without doing any sparring you don't hit the back thank you don't know when know lately i've been doing a whole bunch of wrestling and jiu jitsu while and i'm start a love it two digits you will yeah i'm i'm really loves you too soon and then she has been the art that i've neglected the most over my entire career and surprisingly i have the most emissions and light heavyweight history i think in shower trim shamrock is right behind me with maybe five and i have six ken shamrock our frank one of them one of the sherman brothers are behind me for most missions in well ken was never a light heavyweight right i mean can went to light heavyweight when he fought tito but in the early days like when he was the heavy weight i'm sure if you got fifteen is a light heavyweight in the tito days without was can you know later on in his career lately for submissions of frank have maybe as frank i don't know cantor frank i think one of the sherman brothers are right behind me and said that's interesting
legends legends of not pioneers man but now i love jujitsu man and well you build for it that's perfect sure on these long arms man i'm i'm the children i just i'm the i'm shocked like i would assume that someone who is a professional mixed martial arts fighter has to at least maintain a maintenance level striking all right it my plan is to get back in i still july still very far away now when july how does that work when you're suspended this is a question i've always wanted to know like if you're suspended for p d or something along those lines are you not supposed to train with other fighters are in the ufc here bullshit i i haven't heard anything about about his crazy right as some train us especially if you're trying to help friends right which would be very therapeutic for someone is on the outside and that's you know i spent a lot of time helping other fighters there's an i love you a lot when you're trying to get back into things and just sort of one of my house study in their opponents yeah that
that is one of the best parts about mma and martial arts in general i think is helping friends given back something that's new to me too 'cause martial arts can be a very selfish sport you know it's a it's a team sport but if you're not put yourself first then you're not going to into certain levels so been really selfish my entire career and that's one thing my which is have always gotten on me about hey john i know you live in new york i know you got a family but you need to get back down here and help these guys they have a fight come now that i live in albuquerque i'm constantly giving back and and and helping other fighters especially you know since i have all the as happen do you surround yourself with too many people that like to party i used to used to i used to for sure i used to have a lot of wild friends and when did you stop hanging out with these people car accident
like yesterday no after the car accident one when i decided that i was going to be completely silver i i let loose a lot of friends and it's crazy because i used to my phone used to blow up up on friday nights because everybody knew that john was going to be buying everything that people need it you know like i literally guys who went to the bar and i would just buy like forty shots patro right and i'm it's and literally if you're standing around me you're getting to a up with your own just passing them out right next thing you know people who don't even know each other they're all hugging i'm really good at emerging people together and have it up at strangers and having a great time and that was my thing like walk into a bar i know five people are now i have twenty new homies isn't like everybody's just hanging out and so when you're
that you know friday nights come around eight hundred o'clock everybody's like yeah where are you going to be tonight you know you know if i'm out there's going to be more people around you're going to have way better time your isn't getaways going up 'cause you're hanging out with maine right it's just the truth you know so i've had a bunch of people around me and and since i became sober a lot of those phone calls they slowly step there they slowly stopped you know and so now i've been sober for almost sixteen months and and now i'm i have had the best times of the best times i i remember everything that happens my friends don't try to ever encourage me to drink or anything and they know i'm not going to write and i just had the best times of best times and a and m and i have are you able to make that transition did you find
the program has asked that be at night and i just nodding up answer my phone call for a lot of people and i i just kind of went into hiding for awhile as is i just stayed away from the scene until i felt like i was strong enough to just not do it and and and it it helped helped a lot and now do you ever go to bars now and order a water any flying back and do that yeah i go i go and i'll drink red bull larger red bull whenever i'm in a situation where a lot of people are drinking sometimes i feel like i'm just kind of chilling and like a little bit too chilled out so like in order to like keep up with a bunch of drunk people who drink red bull has a red bull there's many of those domains that for yeah it's terrible but i mean it's way better than just getting turned up right right so it's funny because i've developed this this way of just having so much
find completely sober or a lot of times when i'm leaving like a place on that hey how you get home and like i haven't dude yes yeah so it's great out i really do appreciate my sobriety i love now you haven't you're saying you having a problem with pot too yeah i did i've i've been i've been as a stoner since high school yeah um is like stopping that was that is easy is stopping drinking or is it it was more difficult it was six it was i think the other part was really tough because i literally didn't associate with too many people who didn't smoke that that's the way i kind of like a lot of people in my own team i didn't hang out with him because i was i was kind of one of the hardest working guys on the team but a little bit of a bad boy and none of my teams were really a bad boy meaning you smoke pot
meaning that i i was always down for a good time right you know what i mean so i just kind of a lot of my friends with people who weren't martial arts had you can do it much less than i would always kind of associate with just party people people who like to have fun so i realized once i quit smoking that i really didn't know too many people who didn't smoke so i had to kind of start hanging out with people who didn't smoke which i kind of found a thousands layla look at his people are boring you said it you they don't talk about bullshit yeah they don't like to stare up at space they don't want to go to the mountains and meditating fucking cross legged position yeah i had to find people who are just straight always a straight and and i just had to find activities to no because when you hang out people who don't party you know they have certain ways that they have fun and it's usually based around a lot more activities i feel
like so i got into mountain bike mountain biking and you know jaagi more fitness just lean on fitness and things like that so now you know fitness is like my drug i really love being strong and being healthy and like i do mountain biking and jujitsu do allows you to do these days and and so that kind of like that's what you know what i live for outside of family of course well it sounds to me that you've done an audit of your life and you fill it looked at all the issues that you're dealing with you decided to not in age in them anymore have you write things down do you right goals down or door but things you demand of yourself i never do that i do i have a i have a list of my phone of different ways of thinking that that i want to stand for different things you thank you thankful for notes of a
i wasn't thinking that out different ways of thinking yeah that i wanna stay up for you i do like like how so just little things that help me be patient and to to be loving into appreciate this is i had to look my it's a kind of i just as as right now a lot of mind is of what i stand for you know and and how i how i view things in yeah but but i do write things down here now when you look at the future and you you see yourself from here on a on out do you feel like from now on for my time on this earth no more drinking no more pot no more partying i do believe that i'll drink really why is that just because
coming out of high school i started drinking a high school and i always felt that i needed alcohol to to be cool or to put myself in certain situations to to conquer anxiety or whatever to be a part of the the the crowd and to have fun and relax yeah i always thought i needed alcohol and so well i got to a point where i couldn't just go out and have a drink i would always get to the point where everyone's getting crazy and things are getting wild you know and and i never really had the opportunity to develop a healthy relationship with it it just it just went from high school to call which when you get party even more to being famous and being able to afford to buy everybody drinks every night right no i i just my relationship with alcohol it it became unhealthy and i never went through a period of time where i where i had a healthy mature responsible relationship with it now
being sober for so long i know that i can have one drink and feel a little bit of a buzz and catch it over home or what not or i know that i can go out and not have a drink at all and be the life of the party i know that i can go out and not have a drink at all in a pro so want to talk to someone with zero anxiety or feel like all i you know i guess it amongst a group of young people and and you know that i'm cool in my own skin just the way that i am and that's something i never really had the opportunity to experience until now and so now i feel like i'm in a mature enough place where if i wanted to have a drink in the future to celebrate a victory or something like that or a glass of wine at home with my fiance i know that i could do that now so i just my relationship with it has completely changed and i believe that i could drink in the future and not run into some of the wild
no question a bit lee into a pole right stuff like that let that i was doing before we eat when you say you believe you could you know it's interesting i'm kind of talk about my ass here because i've never had a problem with alcohol but i know people that have and the people that have had a problem with alcohol all they the way they describe it they like i can't do it like if i go back we will go all the way right it's like that there's a is a thing that alcohol does to you where it says or drugs you know like just a little bit man just a little bit come on which is going to get a little bit just a little bit just a little shot just a little silly beer what's appear everybody has a beer come on man and then that's the siren song that leads you back to the rocks i feel like i'm had it
alcohol but i never wanted to admit it like when you say you had a problem did you have a physical problem like when you got off the alcohol did you have withdrawals did you feel weird i don't feel weird so i wasn't waking up and drinking everyday so it's a psychological thing yeah i was i was getting hammered on the weekends right um was waking up in and like i didn't need alcohol but i always said to myself i don't have a prob with alcohol but then when you run into pregnant woman you have a problem with alcohol the day that something affect you the first dwi you know it's a pro you weren't thinking straight yeah it's like because you know something was because you do not think straight news your actions and what you chose to take in your body and then right at our and i'm done with that right you feel like you can get back to that i feel i feel like i feel about the hall was never really like i was never really addicted to alcohol was addicted to i just i enjoy priority in a lie and i made a lot of bad decisions with alcohol so now i uh
really have had the time to see clearly where i went wrong with alcohol obviously getting beat up again i figure i live in a small town i never need to be getting blacked out public again anyways it's just something that i look back and i hear there is my boys like you remember the time you can do this and we were at that no i used to get blacked out in public a little bit in this small town that i live in is like so i i just we had a lot of times they violate marijuana actually is something that i don't think i want to go back to really i want to go back to you feel like you have an unhealthy relationship or had an unhealthy relationship with my why i re i i have i was smoke away too much plot i mean i was by the way too much power literally breakfast lunch and dinner in between workouts oh this to study film to do everything i was just i just
and for me there's some functional smokers who can wake up and they have eight things they're going to do that day and they do all eight things like me i will wake up and i had eight things i need to do that day and i've like i got three of 'em down today like i'm good with that i just it just it slowed me down it slowed me down and now that i haven't been spoken i just feel a lot better i feel a lot better i feel i felt more on my game i feel sharper nothing is sparking up a joint right now go ahead what you saying i know it's probably hard for you to hear i know this very well honestly and his everybody differently absolutely does it absolutely doesn't support and so does red bull and so does alcohol and so does everything else you know it was all day everyday for me but do you think that you was at all day every day because you were looking for an escape or was it all day everyday because it had formed a habit and you just that's what you were used to doing that became it just became a way of life they became a way of life for me when you're dealing with the amount of stress and just the
out of pressure is probably better word of being you know one of the great fighters of all time i mean without a doubt one of the best fighters it's ever fought in mma and there's so many eyes on you and there's so much pressure and there's so much money involved and accolades and all these different things these these you know hey john we've got a business meeting for you hey john this company wants to talk to you about doing this and hey john and is just so much coming your way do you feel like it's almost you would set yourself up in a position where you needed like summer you needed an escape valve and that's what you'd found through the drinking that you would found through the pot you'd found these ways you could not be jon jones for awhile we could be this blacked out dude at a bar all of sudden you feel normal you know ignore is normal as you can feel by being a meaning whatever year old millionaire fucking throne
shots around in albuquerque you would found a valve to release you from some of the intense pressure of being on the bass mother on the plan yeah yeah i yeah i agree with you yeah absolutely definitely made you feel for those moments take your hands away from me so i'm sorry it's right she just lock in the microphone thank you sir yeah yeah i i do agree that it it for those moments made me kind of feel nor that like normal yeah for sure expensive the bar thing specially the bar thing like going out and just having a good time like sometimes i i forgot that i was a celebrity and that there's a lot of eyes on me and but for those but i felt like i was like i think there's one biggest problems i felt as if i was amongst i did
i hold myself to a higher standard because of who i was and what i did i i've even to this day i just i'm one of the guys like right where you are yeah the guys like i i don't try to i don't really seeking out with other celebrities all my friends are like normal average goat joe guys and and back when i used to party i used to feel like that was me just not being jumble rounds and just be in one of the guys like just doing the while should that everybody does it and then was of the bad happens it's like right you quickly reminded that millions of people around the world know exactly who you are so is this it's like but isn't it it's a two edged sword too because the people that get completely lost in the idea that they are this unique and special person you a limit yourself from all those other folks and you you separate yourself and then it's extremely hard to relate and there's a lot of celebrities that go into a shell and ever
go they have security that take some places and they get delusional they have they have a completely distort perception of how people interact with them because they don't just go hang with people right yeah that's that's definitely not me at i i meet a lot of people and people said he just you don't act like of you don't famous on is like on not like i like i really have a lot of pride and just doing what like just normal shit like going to places that most people even fighters in albuquerque don't don't go just being amongst the people and and i think a big part belong to just kind of just we not famous sometimes now my question the reason why i ask you that is how do you plan on handling that now because if you're not going to be drinking you're not going to be smoking pot and you're going to mean now you're living life is just john jones the person and happy with your fam family and happy with your life and just working out and having a good time doing jujitsu and all that stuff but eventually everything is going to ramp back up again
media obligations going to ramp back up again all these things are going to happen and the pressure is going to be back on you again what going to use as that escape valve then have you considered that no i have it really know that's very important i feel like i feel like i have matured in a way where i don't think it will effect me the way it used to i really got it had the opportunity to step away from at all realize what i and who i am and what i was and turn down i just feel above what used to be yeah i feel above the way i used to like let so much consuming like even right now like i don't know it's it's just so hard to explain i just i don't feel that come in the same i don't feel like i look at things the same way i'm sure you don't i mean that's the thing about growth and that's one of the things that when people are haters what they try to do
do is lock you down to the old you right they try to lock you down to you at your very worst yeah man remember that shit in two thousand and ten when you said that fucked up thing when you were blacked out that's you bro anyway even remember that i was blacked out what did i say you tell me you know and someone can someone can build leave that they are there past yeah but we're not now you're you yeah you and if you have not had fuckups then you don't understand the consequences mean you've had considerable amount fuck ups and a lot more than the average person in a public sense is a lot of lived a lot of fucked up things but no one knows about it and the repercussions they feel is not the same as yours you feel the reaper cut things of millions of first of all millions of people that loved you that we're disappointed millions of people that were jealous of you though like i fucking told you was going to throw it all away there's a lot of that two out of people site that you fucked up so far from throwing it all away sometimes i think people write me and say do say things like you ruined it
great career or like you like people have this mindset of that it's yeah i saw a lot of people saying people that i i i like said that it is and i like you crazy an idiot who crazy hasn't through i haven't thrown it away right now is there's a pause going on but as far is it being all over or whatever is is this so far from being true do you would fall boxing a little what about you know bernard hopkins story know bernard hopkins the grey's box of all time for sure and he'll be he'll fight december seventeenth for his last fight at fifty one years old she is because he's a god damn defensive wizard he still does commentary for hbo still sharp as a tack but bernard hopkins went to jail and he decided when went to jail when he was a young man he decided that from point on he was going to be disciplined and there's no more bullshit in his life no more
robbery or salt or any of the shit that got him into the position where he's in and then he was going to dedicate his life to being a world champion boxer and from that point on he became one of the most disciplined boxers ever never ate bad food never drank never do anything stupid always was in shape and will go down history is one of the all time greats guaranteed shoe in hall of famer and i feel like bernard hopkins was created by the darkest moment of him being arrested him doing time in jail and when came out of that jail one of the first things that one of the corrections officers said to him was you'll be back and he use that as fuel and he knew that like there's no fucking way i'm going to look at that dude again there's no way there's no he's right there's no way and ultima bernard hopkins escaped his demons by facing them by being in hell but being an a
i think he was in jail for i forget how many years but just enough just enough to to cement and his eyes to harden him to the fact that what he needed was discipline and control over his own destiny and i think that for a guy like you you can take all those dark moments that you've experienced over this and you fuck man you think about it man you go pretty light that girl could have died you know a a horrible things could happen while you're drunk driving when you slammed into that but the bentley into the truth although all these terrible things could have gone wrong that you and it got away with you kinda mean you boy i mean if you wanted to think that was looking out for you've got all the evidence in the world that points to someone actually looking out for you that's great for sure something out there whether it's luck or whether its intention or whether it's god or whatever the fuck it is man but the bottom line is right now at this moment you are still in your athletic prime you're still
only six months away from a sport when is your suspension george ball a month eight months away suspension being released and i mean that's this is all great thing how well do you know you thirty at two thousand nine hundred and twenty nine when you thank you i let him so you be thirty when you come back i know that the twenty nine so when it's your athletic prime lets you that's you at your best really your promise like thirty two that's why i like i put the i put the majority meme up the joining crying face as my twitter page have you seen that i put that out is it with you with the belt on the jordan the reason why i love it's because it's because i know that right now i'm in a position to do some magnificent extraordinary things
i i know that because i've made so many mistakes i make the perfect role model i make the perfect person to to to still be able to inspire millions of people there's very few people who are who perfect and flawless and just that clean cut never did anything wrong athlete there's way more people who are like me who has struggled with drugs or just being an idiot or just doing a shit way more people let let their parents down at their families down that their friends down let themselves down and because because i'm made so many mistakes on it on such a public you know such a big scale and so pa i feel like all the great things that i do from here on out i'm going to be that much greater because where i came from two to do it i feel like i'm i feel like my best is yet to come and there's just
i feel like i'm in a position to to really touch a lot of people and inspire a lot of people because of where i came from so i'm real excited is that something you concentrate on more than you concert me do you do concert on that as much as you concentrate on just doing it for yourself do it for doing it for other people motivates me really more than doing it for myself what why is that is that from all of the accolades you receive from all the family i does realize that you have all this love out there from these people yeah i i just feel like i don't need it i don't need anymore i i feel like guy i feel like i've i've done everything already i've i've been in now the while this situation already i've had all the craziest experiences stood the nice hotels i've seen the world that made at the nicest rest there's nothing else
that i really need out of this out of this thing i've literally been there and done that already i feel like i just feel like all really i've already gotten so much all this for a what i need to do is to truly get something what i really need is to know that i'm changing lives like that motivates me more than than anything else right now the story the legacy and the reason why i put that laughing meme up is because i'm laughing at my pain in my i was right now i'm laughing at what i'm going through right now because i know my future is just so play bright and i know the impact that i have i know i know what i can do and what i'm going to do it like right now i'm just i'm in a waiting period where i have to wait before
i can show the world what i'm actually capable of what i can be and what i'm going to do for someone else one day and it's also laughing at like people who actually think that i'm down and out like people actually think that my story is over or you know is just like i'm just for at all because what i've done is like i've seen some athletes come back from way war stuff rape charges and murder and attempted murder and you know all this type of crazy you know i've everything i've done i have a of a of a party too much and i've done a lot of stupid stuff like to be in a party while i'm in no not a bad person i'm not like this evil athlete you know does it does it bother you when people think you are no no no i don't i don't because you want to people you know i like no i don't it is people who wants to believe that on this right terrible it
this is one of the worst things that has ever happened in sports you know these people want to believe that because they just don't want me to to be all that i can be and and it's also because people look at the worst case scenario look at the worst possibility you know do you is this guys had so much success so many things handed to him that maybe he thinks he's better than everybody else not visit headings of course of course yeah but they don't think the you know they don't think about that way i know i know that but they don't think about that way when they see the worst case scenario i mean do it the way it was played out a pregnant woman in a car you can you get yeah yeah i mean it is like for the haters like a dream come true yeah it is but i man man have one thing i've learned about myself is that i can't be held down i don't i'm not held up very easily unless you i just
be held down and i deal with adversity very well man i i always find a to get my shit together and and dig myself out of situations in like and also rise above that's beautiful as long as you don't count on it but if you listen now where i'm sick of getting my own way and like like you'll see two hundred let's talk about that i literally what happened i did everything that i could to be back in the position to win that belt back i was getting ready to assist show this triumph amazing story of someone who has made it hit and run situation had almost had everything taken from him and got it all back and then and then i'm sorry i'm thinking about so many things at once we have home so let's just talk about what happened you tested positive for some estrogen inhibitors yeah as
doctors estrogen blockers that a lot of people so she ate with people who take steroids right to take steroids you want to restart their system or if you want to testosterone boost you take clomid or clomiphene and these are these are stand drugs in the steroid users world via is all new for me yeah what did you take so i took a as an off brand cialis bill off brand it was it was an actual cialis but it was described to me as being a cialis and so i thought it was a c alice and i i just took it so why is that guy like you need cells have a huge county jail too big it's too big it's a good answer we don't have the resources to get it normally you know i am your partner no was wasn't even necessary party and no i i've taken like miller enhancement before and for people who
i've been taking you literally you know you go from being like that to it that way at the end of the points listed yet you know what i mean it like it it's it's a good time yeah and it's a good time that's going to be a quote to have joes it's a good time now is is like one ms gas station rhino pills and those things so i had added to may basically tell me hey i he was talking about how his government of pharmacists and and he he's cable okay and all the stuff in and all that kind of stuff and i was like why i don't do i don't do drugs or anything like that and he's like you ever take a cialis it was like yeah actually i gotta see at listen i was like but you said you don't do drugs or anything like that but you would done drugs well yeah but no he was talking about all these pain killers and all these different other hands on top yeah that he has because growth as a pharmacist and out and he when she getting this off brand stuff from is like i don't know
people get a lot of stuff from china i mean that's what happened with anderson yeah anderson got liquid cialis from china and it was tainted yeah look this happens i know a factor that mean everyone knows for a fact that happens the yeah the supplement industry has a giant issue with the people that mix the stuff like if you have a vat and you're mixing up whatever cree eighteen or something like that and right before i mean this is done in some country or someplace that doesn't have excellent standards it's not scrupulous you could be scooping up steroids in the batch before that and you just throw the creatine in it and some of the it's contaminated they don't clean it yeah and that's pretty much well i'll get to that but ok so take this off brand seattle you guys like you would you ever do like cialis viag rose and all that stuff and i'm like yeah i've i've had knowledge has pills before and he's like i got cialis and i'm like oh this is great so i ended up taking one of the cialis pills and um and
i thought everything was fine and dandy i had no clue what you know that i that i was now having something else i mean that was illegal i took the c hospital on june the 14th june 16th you cite it came over to my house six hundred o'clock in the morning hey what's up guys it got coffee ones everybody water bottles super nice hospital come in laughing joker with them i had no clue that that test was going to be the test that derailed my life and you know right before ufc two hundred my manager monkey calls me over to his hotel room he's like i want to talk to you man and i was going on is like hey you're not going to be fighting with you talking about is like you know you didn't tell you didn't pass your drug and i mean the level of hurt and just and confusion
and i i literally had an anxiety attack and i had never had one of those before what does that feel like i feel like the whole room just came in on me like the whole rim came down on me and i was just i couldn't breathe i remember opening up his hotel window for the for a balcony so i could just read that realize that i'm like not trapped there's a lot of the window opened that much is that what the fuck so you don't drop out alright alright hotel in vegas where was biggest fucking freaking i'm breathing gambler sleeping through the spec and breathe in through the thing calm myself down and um ann i instantly started thinking about the weight of the i had the weight of the world literally on my back i knew that i knew that i was gonna be fighting a few hours before everyone else knew the public knew and i was just i could already start here and everything even my uncle cultures been looking at me like it's just their hearts were on the floor like i had done so much to get back
to fighting at ufc two hundred get my life in order get people around me in order get my my health my mind you know just being in order to beat dc and and like literally right now i've done so much some of the right things to be back in a good position and right now you know people look at me as if i still don't have my shit today there but the only thing that i did was i took appeal that i thought was going to give me a bone and literally it's cause me a lot of heartache and a lot of disappointment and a lot of yeah i just did did you think in any way shape or form when someone gives you this pill and you don't know where it came from you don't know what do you think man i don't know what's in this no i didn't know i didn't think of it because i have been dealing with the athletic commission been in the ufc for a long time and i've taken a little gas station take pills before i like you know like and i've never failed the drug test
ever ready to did you ever think ever you might have lucky no i think i got lucky i thought that you feel drug test when you're doing sketchy right but did you think there might be some sketchy some chinese nora station rhino dick pill i i which you know the right else my friend ryan my friend brian called it he was on the on the podcast see you said john likes to party i bet he took one of them dick bills no as for the he called it yeah well he he was he was on i have been i've taken him several times before and with the nevada state athletic commission i always pass my drug to and and i know that i would never do anything to keep the sport i have a lot of pride in my work ethic and no one that did not occur i've been skinny my whole crew whooping peoples ass i'm not a knockout artist i want because i'm smart and you know i work hard but with you
with the nevada athletic commission i never had an issue and then i was suspended when you sat it game so i was never really educated on house because you saw it i really was like i i back to the game is at all if we have this new company name you side as instead of the nevada what we you suspend for wind decided to then we run into this sport i understand not when they came in your house so when he said it came into the sport i was i got out of his research and it because my head right and so i never had even met anyone who work for you sat i never been set down on a you said a seminar what to do or not to do and how serious it is and what could happen if you do this and all that i knew was i had to report where was that like
i go to la for the weekend i gotta let loose out of know that i'm in la because they could drink just be any time that's the only thing i really knew about you start it i didn't know that doing something that i had done several times before i could i often lose me to fight so i'm the only difference was i had taken like little gas station pills or have taken by ghagra before this this team mate gave me something that was cialis i thought the only thing that it would do is make me bigger and stronger for long that's all i thought was gonna be happening right and then when i find out that that i just failed the drug test do you know the viet viagra is actually illegal in the olympics i didn't know that yeah you can't take that stuff viagra is the performance enhancer it's of ass so dilator i believe i believe that's how to describe it and it actually has athletic performance enhancing product properties to it how does it how does it help you i don't know we'd have to look in
but i think it's similar to in a lot of ways to nitric oxide supplements we work out and get your yeah yeah i mean let's hold open it does something to open up your blood cells and get you pumped i mean there's something not just your deck but to all of your muscle yeah i don't know if i would want would be pumped up during a fight i don't think it works that way i mean i don't i think it actually can possibly potentially help endurance yeah i know but i know that athletes take it for that reason that's why it's banned from the olympics yeah but but yeah you know i understand that wasn't your intention it was not my intention i know i had no clue that i needed to report this to usada because i thought you know live that was reporting everything else what supplements what pre workout what you know my amino acids my protein powder like you said i had all my stuff happens once you find out did you
raja narrow it down to this pill i literally i went through my supplements and i handed it to i hired a private lab in a lawyer an we started and in giving them everything that took which isn't really a lot of stuff at all you know stuff that everyone should take fish oil base it basic supplement protein protein powder fish oil you know liver cleanse like or whatever just grapeseed extract that kind of stuff yeah it's very multi vitamins for men basic very basic stuff and and then and then get nutrition is like no we scanned all of our stuff we know it's not from that get nutrition website that was fucking hilarious when we went to the gap nutrition website in the moment we found out about that someone said john sponsored by gatt nutrition so we go let's check that out get nutrition is some fuck it dude is jack work today we have a lot of great great products
that if you want to get bigger stronger than you can definitely go to them you know but as soon as we saw that were like what in the holy fuck is he taken you know i mean but people saw you you got gigantic you power that chronically completely completely completely natural great pride in being a natural athlete but but so they got there child gets tough tested in brett everything was clear get the things that you said don't i regular absolutely but the things that they gave me their super smart about and i out and all the products i was in a clear and and so my managers like think outside of the box like did you take anything that could have possibly been and i was like i don't think so then i was like one of my teammates did give me this this dick pill and he's like i need those so we those pills tested and sure enough they and they
ingredients they listed about five products in their ingredients and they actually others actually like seven products two that weren't listed in the ingredients the to estrogen blockers whenever never ingredients it was a tainted pill yes so so the you usada was able to tell ok this was totally in attention and there's no way no way in hell john would take these edition blockers on purpose first of all there's very small traces so it wasn't like i was loaded up with estrogen blockers and why the fuck would they put estrin blockers and pulling addictive we believe that the factory that created these dick pills where maybe man
capturing these pills in a dirty laboratory or whatever and there because this just tainted yes because each pill that we that we had tested some of them had more s jim blockers some had almost no estrogen blocker and some had small traces actually none of the pills were consistent so it was obvious that we start with it's several different packages so it was obviously that that these pills were probably getting made in the same machine and there's just traces litter which is enough to show up in your system yeah little we found some of these dick pills that had none no estrogen blockers like damn why did i get that one exactly so i i took one that was just contaminated enough and literally i got tested two days later and it was in my system so it was it was obvious that was complete accident and even and even if i would have reported the dick pill to usada they would have read the label and the label would have never said that i was edging blocker in there and i still would have had a dirty butt because i'm going to
contaminated where does that leave you how much time did they suspend you for i got suspended for a year from starting from back in july so now i in july of two thousand i love you sarah i love what they're doing i don't agree with things like that i don't agree with things that because what you took does not enhance your performance no it doesn't especially in such a trace amount i feel like in certain circumstances like there's been several fighters like chad mendes he has believe he has eczema he was taken eczema cream that has but some sort of was it a hormone precursor or a hormone peptide i believe some sort of a hormone peptide i think that enhances the the the birth of use of this cream i don't i don't know the full i'm obviously not a doctor or sign to but there's something about
suspending someone for something like that it seems ridiculous yeah well in my situation they they the but the even you said his lawyer he so he showed a little bit of remorse i could feel that he felt bad about what was happening to me 'cause i think he can really even the the arbitrators they could tell what had actually happened right but their problem was they said john was just negligent like you to and you should have reported this pill but that isn't it seems to me that silly i mean that's what i even if i would reported the pill they would read the ingredients and they were never saw that there is a trace of of some and it wasn't advertised so why spend someone for something like that because they they because they said it was zero tolerance policy it was just like i was the first spider to ever take them to arbitration and they were more upset that i didn't let them know that i took the pill then what actually happened there's like the
did you tell us what you take a we can point you in a different direction right never told her what i took my whole argument was if i told you what i took right still was never on the label yeah unless you guys were going to spend all the money to take it to a private lot or take it to a laboratory to test this ended we'll you what i'm saying a suit over and the same situation i think it's great to protect people from people that cheating i don't think it's great to punish someone for taking something that has a trace amount of something that doesn't absolutely no benefit whatsoever and clearly it wasn't that was to be in that bill and wasn't supposed to be in that bill and clearly wasn't being taken to enhance athletic right it seems silly that seems a mass right seems like a mass that mean i understand there's zero tolerance policy i don't agree with it in this is the chat situation you know there's good ones like yoel romero he tested positive for something they found out that it was uh in one of the protein powders or something he was taken it wasn't supposed to be in there wasn't listed that way and they gave
but an abbreviated sentence you should know know know part of whatsoever but i mean my whole thing joe is i'm so grateful i'm so optimistic man i'm always looking for light in every situation and i think that's the way i deal with things i just i'm always said i honestly there's going to be good at the end of the day that's just how i and i'm just so grateful for most you will be so upset with themselves and all those is i'm really not i'm upset about the fans that a let down who flew out to you two hundred and things like that but as far as the whole situation i'm just glad that that my neck my name will no longer be associated with steroids route rather be boy or whatever you want to you know whatever you want to me what steroids that that was would really that was really bother me so i'm just glad that is out what actually happened
why did you choose to suspend it for so long it's it's just because of the negligence behind and they didn't like the fact that i that i was handed a a sex bill and i never returned i never turned it into i them to check it out and if they did they still would have kicked you off you'll see two hundred and if the exactly so i i don't mean they were giving you a more maybe a more abbreviated suspension but still it's just it is ridiculous i wonder when we hand send to you or hand anything into these out is a read the label and say oh yeah you can take this do they actually take it somewhere and test it i'm sure they read the label i mean if they did you go to bed in the yeah yeah they they're not gonna test things i mean that's that's expensive and if it and say it's on there there's no reason i mean if somebody gives you way pro teen powder well hey let's test this and make sure but it doesn't have climate in it or wear it would take weeks to get it back and it cost thousands of dollars and if you're doing that for every ufc fighter so yeah that's the whole thing like even if i would have told you guys i took it you guys want to liberate the label and gave me the ok right because you
allowed to have what's in and cialis in israel yeah actually allowed to but it be because mine's was saying to and didn't ask that was just like well you never asked so we're going to suspend you so i don't really know why they decided to go ahead with the full maximum punishment but as i tend not to this question things a i'm sorry i'm really young and and you know i believe that my best years my prime is even still ahead of me so i'm not even trippin about it i'm like you know whatever like you know i believe in god so i try to always point things back towards god i'm just saying you know maybe this is god's plan for me maybe i need this time away from the sport just to continue working on my own personal development and growth as a man and an i do believe i'm in a good place right now so i'm excited to see where i will be vet in july when it's time for me to actually computing when in july you released i think on july a i won't use july eighth to
so two under was december tenth or 11th december 11th no no that i'm sorry there was ufc two hundred and five ufc two hundred was july ninth okay so july seventh i'll be eligible to find two days before you'll two hundred july seventh two thousand and seventeen i'll be able to compete and i'd like to fight right in july yeah there's a big ufc july fourth car that we put on every year but you're going to miss that what do you now when you look at the ufc title picture did call cormier just had to pull he injured himself the rumble johnson decided not to fight look saucy he decide to step back and wait for cormier angle bible yeah hello either as a as a that's a smart idea will sassy is capable he's a very smart fighter of ibm rumble johnson and a high risk low low return yellow terry why why do you need to be sassy yeah yeah the title
fight pictures sort of waiting a lot of it is waiting on you it's a big part of it waiting you to return yeah i'm excited to go back and get my baby have they had conversations with you about when you do return what kind of fight you would have would you go right to a title fight will fight a contender know what is known as book to me about i would i get immediate show or whether they make me fight at least once or twice before or no i have no clue what they're actually planning on doing but how often do you communicate with ufc i i literally haven't spoken to dana white since like a week before ufc two hundred now that the um has been sold by actually not a week before a fight week of your two hundred s anyways he been sold and there's
his new owners what's your thoughts on all this i'm excited to to get to know the new owners of the s sierra i don't i've had a few interactions with ari before but i was i've never dealt with them on a business level but i'm excited i do miss learned over tia i think i had a great relationship with him he was always the calm cool collected one the one i can actually you know like believe emotion behind and and and like really have a a good conversation with so you know we had a great we ship in that way but i'm okay i'm excited about the new leadership that's interesting right it's a new chapter in is a lot of who knows that that's what gets exciting and they're they're obviously very entertainment business savvy and see where it where it leads to when you look at the state of mixed martial arts today what problems do you see in mma
do you see anything that stands out glaringly like here some things that i think about weight cutting way cuttings giant issue when you see all this work that's being put in by you to make sure people aren't taking things to the point where someone like you who's taken something that's not a performance enhancer get suspended for a year and the ideas you're supposed to be protecting fighters from someone who's doing something that's dangerous right that's the the take behind it that eating and somehow could cause potential danger or damage to people what a cutting man is mean isn't extreme weight cutting one of the most dangerous things so we're going to put this on pause i have to pee oh okay go ahead go ahead i was drinking let's talk about weight cutting john's going to be right back go right to the door take exam i in don't you publicist talk get to come back in here she's probably listen interesting very forthcoming with the bonneville talk i think there's a
portant i mean if anyone's going to believe him that's the only way to to really get it out there i fucking hate weight cutting i do i had a convo shin with a manual about it i'm gonna have conversation soon with a give about it and i just think is the most most unnecessary and dangerous aspect in fighting the most important aspect in fighting is fighters being healthy and in shape and competing to the best their abilities and if there's anything that inhibits that other than not training it's the dehydration effect of weight kind i think weight cutting is it terror and now that they they can't use vs i'm obviously again hate to have to say this again i'm not a doctor so i don't know what what is the most effective method of rehydrating but i've talked to
doctors and i guess they vary in their opinions to some people say it's orally is the best way through walking drinking water slowly but some people say it's not some doctors say no i vis a far superior method especially when it comes to re hydrating the brain which could take as much as seventy two hours i think it's interesting that in boxing most of the deaths of come from the lighter weight divisions and they tribute that also to weight cutting and dehydration a city on the backs says that i talked way too much i i knew it i knew it just like you said too much about the dick pills in the dick pills faster harder jones really how much weight do you cut i don't really cut a lot of weight at all i am i i get myself down to about two hundred and twenty on fight week and then what do right now right now
two thirty two thirty two two hundred and thirty but i give myself down to about two hundred and twenty during fight week and then i make sure that the day of wins i got about five pounds of water that's nothing no it's nothing but that's a testament you just you know operation yeah i've been doing it for so long now i know my job is to be you know to him away together you see conor mcgregor weigh in at one hundred and forty five and looks like like death right you know that i see those that that's what scares the shit out of yeah when i see people that is clearly cutting way too much weight or the worst whenever i was travis lewter when he fought anderson silva travis lewter he had like his lips were dried up and cracked and he was shuffling to the scale like he couldn't walk he didn't have the strength that pic is feet up walk he was like just shuffling towards any still didn't make the way yes is shitty
but scares me the most because uh there's not a lot of options when it comes to weight classes of someones one hundred and eighty five and they go you know man i'm having a hard time finding one hundred and eighty five then they look at you and i like fuck that this is two so far that's a twenty pound jump twenty pounds is a big jump yeah yeah as far as we can for me i just you know it's never really been an issue for me i've always made way i've never come close to missing way i just think but aren't you lucky though that you're in the neighborhood of two hundred and five like what have you just a little bigger and you and then you're in the heavyweight division was a little bigger than i would i would go to heavyweight but you know a part of of our of our job is to keep our way under control you know if you know you're going to be fine at two hundred and five you have no business walking around it you know two hundred and fifty right i mean so you know you just you know do you think there's enough weight classes no i would like there to be at least another weight class when it comes to was big boys you know i mean i will love it
at two hundred and twenty five to two hundred and twenty five yeah i believe that there is a two hundred and twenty five weight loss i'd be at villa two belt holder myself do you feel like that would be a better weight class for you i i love to a 5i make twenty five just fine but two hundred and twenty five i compete against two hundred and twenty five pounder in today you know face the guy who's showing up fight night at you know two hundred and forty or whatever you know has bargains heavyweights pretty much every you know i've been doing it my whole career anyway so it would be great to see some
something that bridge that gap a little bit from twelve to two hundred and sixty five yeah i would like to see it i would like to see between fifty five and seven thousand and seventy and eighty five just fifteen pounds is a giant leap twenty from eighty five to two hundred and five and then of course two hundred and five to heavyweight it's a huge leap that sixty five pounds that gantic yeah a lot of people are like why don't you go up to heavyweight and try to win the belt there i'm just like you realize what you're asking me to do these guys are very skill is very very skilled and and they they can weigh riff was sixty more to me that's very dangerous but but have you thought about doing heavyweight i do want to challenge for the heavyweight title but i'm waiting for the perfect opponent and when you do do that when you challenge for the heavyweight title are you going to let you gain weight are you going to fight the way you're out about i'll fight right around choose two thirty so
would not lose any weight at all yeah i would try to eat a lot and make sure my endurance and speed and agility is where it needs to be and i've beaten up cloud heavyweights man you know only people who are at jacksons have seen that i've submitted a lot of heavyweights i've slammed a lot of heavyweights of mandalore heavyweights but but and done it right at the weight i am now so i know that that i that i'm capable i just want to make sure that i compete against the right stylist that match up for me when i do go to challenge for that title one of the things you said earlier that i thought was really interesting as you said you'd not going to spar hard again yeah no not until this time i feel like i've been majorly preserving myself so leading up to the same proof i i took almost i took no concussions whatsoever and then i've been suspended now for another year and i've taken open questions so why
i feel like a lot of these guys are on this race to to get better i'm i'm getting a lot better i'm getting a lot stronger my wrestling and jiu jitsu was getting a lot sharper but i've i've completely my brain is is feeling great right now i haven't been polluting it with shit and i haven't damaged it and so i just feel like you got the best fighter and light heavyweight history who still the youngest guy in the division who hasn't taken any damage whatsoever and it's completely re generating himself and i'm going to come back and have this explosive explosive second half up no there's a lot of guys that are doing that now where they're not sparring hard cowboy barely spars at all i don't think even sparrs he does like some tactical sparring where you know it's just tap touch just move around but he's mostly doing drills that's what i'm going to get into he said he change that after the san jose fight he said when he lost a half two eldo sanjos it just felt like maybe he had
finished himself too much with hard sparring do a lot of these guys they leave their career in the gym you know like you get no points there's a few guys that come to my right now at jacksons who who get punched in the and i'm sitting there watching them spar i watch a lot of fighting and i'm still a huge student of the game but i'm not doing it myself these guys laugh and like you know they get punched in the start giggling or are they just and that's the dumbest shit to me every like you know getting punched in the head pisses me off if i leave practice with a headache i'm pissed you know i feel like i just took away for myself or or just those more punch i could have saved for an actual event so right now you know i have a great chin i've never been rocked or wobble and i want to keep it that way i'm going to preserve my myself because the skills will come but you know that brain once once is jello is yellow forever unit is jello forever and that's a scary thing when you see guys go let me see
a guy like maybe chuck liddell's one of the best examples ever 'cause he had an iron jaw at one point in time he was just indestructible and then he saw him just get wobbled by shots that normally he would just eat like like it attacked yeah yeah and when it goes it just goes and it does not come back yeah i'm saving my shit yeah i hear you saying i want you to now jacksons is such a crazy place 'cause it's a hotbed of mma talent and it's a it's a magnet for talented people to come there to get better 'cause they know they're going to be training with a bunch of animals there but i'm here and now with the opening of the new place you guys just got so many tough dudes coming there trying to make a name right do you have an issue with that when it comes to sparring we're guys want to try to make a name sparring you know i i personally don't have an issue with it so me since we've had a new gym it's is checked cantik facility and we need people to pay the bills so we we literally we allow a lot of people who to come into the gym who i don't think i've always qualified to be in the gym
but we allow everybody to come and tell anybody off the street like any normal person no you can't no so arjun manager he does have an extensive like try out thing that he does when he puts you to use your jets to wrestle in it picking striking and make sure you are knowledgeable about the game so you have to have experience like how much experience do they have to have when they have to be like an amateur mma fighter or blue belt in jujitsu like you just you can't you can't the guy off the street who don't know she doesn't know shit but but outside of that you know if you have a general idea of martial arts and you know that we were opening the door to allow people right now so is it like a pro fight gym or do they offer classes for beginners amateur classes so if you you know almost nothing you're in the amateur classes and then there's the pro pro pro practices where you literally get you know guys who aren't very knowledgeable training next to me and holly holm cowboy cerrone and you know so it's a an experience for sure and it's an experience of a lifetime for
the people and i'm happy for a lot of these guys who come in here expired marshall as it is to train with with me and and and and the rest of us because i can only imagine more unto you know you get to play ball lebron james and you you just got out of college or you've never went to college like i am happy for them long as they don't get in my way that is the big difference though is someone who wants to come and play lebron james you make a name for yourself so what made you you could dock on the brian james never like to do that but so i difference in and fighting i have i have a way of of not less in this affect my game personally i'm a i'm a decent judge like i can read peoples character a little bit and have if i see you for the first time you obviously about two hundred and sixty two five whatever two hundred and twenty and you is all about the way you look at me so if you
i'm in the gym and you even look like you have an ounce of a chip on your shoulder or like an ounce of holy shit there's jon jones i'm getting ready to spar him today i like like anything weird that's going on with your eye contact with me then i'm it is not gonna mess with you i'll say hi say hi to you an welcome to jacksons and i would say hey man do you want to spar how will i hang on i eyes is i don't have any room for for people trying to prove anything with me there's a lot of that there is a is in there yeah it happens so many the best way you can work with me when you come to jacksons is come up introduce yourself be kind be polite be respectful and and dumb show me that you are here to get better and and that you're not here to you know even some guys they come in and ask for a picture of their first day here and i'm just like yes i do earn like
you come here work your ass off for a few days few weeks or whatever and then get to this place where you feel like you can't go to expert picture instead of just being here and being a fan people those fucking pictures is that the instantaneously is like bro you're here you're in the church right now you're in them at like you don't your picture here like you know yeah i don't know i just don't know what you mean no yeah it's not where you mind should be at maryland facebook page i go looking for quite awhile today is just like to jobs bad fuck yeah huh yeah or yeah you'll see that they'll tell you in a picture in his then i just trained with the boat really we didn't even train together we like you were just in the room you know little stuff like that but but but i do see the is having so many new people coming in i mean everyone has something the teacher you can learn from anybody from any country if you will if you have an open mind enough in a lot of
has come in with a great attitude and they're just really grateful to be there and there and they they go with a lot of the top dogs and you know we we can kind of beat him up a little bit the because they are the new guy or whatever but every once in awhile you get that one guy with something to prove and and i've really found came up with a great way to protect myself from those type of people but you've run into those most people most people like i'm always very defensive when i'm going with the guy who i feel like he could be trying to prove something like even when we're drilling my defenses always on i don't i don't give someone the opportunity to take a swing or take a bunch of that one guy hit me with a monster is overhead right while we're drilling and that was intentionally to knock me out and instead of retaliating i just set i said no ok and he's like yammer i'm sorry i just i don't know what happened and i just ok well that was that was fine man nice working with
just it would never ever write work with you again at one guy punched me in the balls intentionally too not too long ago and and that was his last time every training with me as well so is so yeah smart strong yeah it's very smartly stay away for you yeah yeah but you do find is disturb people that get involved in fighting and they do want to take a chance at a guy like jon jones take a swing at you connect another amount and knocked out john john i go out like that the times that it that it has happened to i'll i'll let my teammates though i'm going to match what you're trying to do to me so you know don't be surprised if i fuck you up with something that's a little bit more than what you would do is to a training partner if i realize you're trying to hurt me do you meditate john i use them take a lot now i'm more big into visualization when did you use to meditate right around two thousand around
two thousand and ten two thousand and eleven i went through this huge spiritual big where i became obsessed with the power of the mind and um i got into a deep like really deep just um meditation visualization it just realizing how powerful our minds actually are like how we really do paint our world with our thoughts and our level of self belief and so right around two thousand and ten i just took myself to this different mental level where i took my cell phone being average joe kind of you probably hate average show that's a question i'm so used to that name goofy name it's good it's like a blank it's like cardboard there's nothing to it yeah so i took myself from being very average minded to actually believe in that i was the shit
and believe in that i could be the shit and that i could be the golden be the greatest and never lose in to take myself with different place mentally and a lot of it came from mental practice and station and visualization and just seeking knowledge from people who are strong believers because ikea les brown and tony robbins and guys like that i just became really obsessed with just learn about the the power mine so i used to meditate now i just kind of i have a lot of things that that stuck with me i always believe in believing stuck with me that just subconsciously consciously i know who i am what i'm capable of and how i believe how far from my mind actually is i'm a firm believer in meditation because i believe that human beings can get caught up especially someone involved in a very difficult endeavor like you are you can get caught up in the momentum of your life and sometimes it's very hard to reset it's very hard to separate
yourself from it and get a balanced and as much as you can objective perspective i think one of the best ways to do that is to take time we sit you close your eyes and you do nothing and just concentrate on your breathing and just just set it all aside and extract yourself extract your consciousness from the momentum of your life and i think a lot of we don't do that and they get caught up in this hurricane of existence where everything is just constantly going on your phone won't stop ringing this fucking people not going at your door you got this going on that going on you gotta go catch this flight no shit you gotta fight coming up and oh shit you got this not in sometimes you lose yourself you lose yourself in that
wave of life i definitely lost myself at one point in my life and i feel like right now i'm at this position where i am i am myself and i can see jon bones jones and i'm like i can allow can like look at my career at from a fan perspective you get what i'm saying and and actually make fun of myself like to him the canadian what have you done but you know they they like i have a i have a good way of detaching something inside of me and and and seeing what's happening and okay no it's not over are you gonna do is just do this do that do that and
the sand yeah so i'm not i don't i'm not necessarily meditating these days but i do have the capability of taking away who i actually am at this point and realizing that this is just as a part of me or this just the situation in my life this is an actual life is is in my this is my final destination this is just about a small moment in time that i'm going through right now you get a sense right i get a sense so so that that's my for meditation i step away from a terrible situations and look and look at myself as if it's the future i'm looking back on it's happened to me or what's happening and i said ok how can i get myself out of this how can i make this better what do i need to do to turn this around what do i you get home right now i do get your saying pleat lee emerged in the moment and thinking that i can't get out it like you know
so naturally that usc too ufc two hundred and five was in december i know it's november up due to a five yeah to two of yeah but hundreds so what i'm thinking of in december when is your grappling match a dan henderson december eleventh dispatch december eleventh okay that's one up on what is this is this this evey i rules so this is submissions jails signs i think that the president of it or something like them and we have the you have the information for all that let's put it up to tell people how they could see that what made you decide to do this just mix it up while you're off yeah i they reached out to me i did like a small grapple event i was at our gas and i saw that yeah some guy was like hey you ever role unlike a competitively at us like nice i haven't since two thousand and nine or something like i did one you just match my whole career and i want it with force missions against these these guys or whatever
he's like man you should come over to roll with me and i'm like what build are you and he's like a i think the guy who challenge me was like a purple belt or something and i'm like i you know i really don't do that there of stuff you know i i have have to go and i don't have any clothes and he's like we were selling keys over here and rash guards and i'm like as i nothing i'm roll man like i you know and so he's like a well at least come over and say hi there's a lot of kids over there a lot of people would just love to see you come so some supports his digits of community and i i i i could do and so i went over there after my autograph signing there's a bug the people standing around and and i was greeted everybody in the guy was like hey are you gonna roll me or what and i was just like in a lot of people here at home and i was just like i've like when someone's trying to i feel like someone wins when they call you out and you don't oblige them right you know what i mean so i was just like in this guys head it's uh
small victory knowing that i backed down and it's we're not punching it's it's right so i was going to get here and it's like you know let me live a little and just do this and i'm sure the kids are going to love it and people so i was there give me a rash guard so they give me a race car and i literally i didn't even warm up i just kinda do one of these and then i ended up having the these two guys out fairly quick and i think some of these people are for submission underground they saw those videos and their they're starting and this promotion whether it's actually paying fighters pretty with that like they're taking care of the athletes really yeah do people watch it on paper view is that what it is so i think you can watch it online you can stream it online for a price so here it is kate's flow grappling dot com and grappling com sunday december 11th at two hundred and thirty
i think this is evi rules if this is the chill son and thing so see if that if you could see that in there jamie grow up and see what the rules are i still don't even know what the rules are i think it's a mission only yeah it's a mission only but i think e v i rules is a u b r rules is a very interesting and you get me but ebi is eddie bravo invitational rules what he did is he figured out a way to avoid draws and he does is he has guys they fight for they grapple for a determined time period then the end of the time period minutes yeah the exchange bad positions like one i will start off well you start off what's called spider web so spider webs side control with not the armbar locked up but the arm hooked you know the arm hooked so your your of your legs across the arms trapped and ready go so guy the bottom is trying to escape you're trying to hold him down or you can start off with the over under
back control so you don't like have a choke locked in but you have over under you have a both hooks in an you're on the back and they say ready go so it's how fast the person could escape versus how fast you could submit him at the end of the exchange back it would save you submit your guy and then he has an opportunity submit you if you submit him faster than he submitted you you win if you submit and he doesn't submit you you went where the exit festival both escape and you do it again and then if you both escape again you do it one more time and then they calculate all the time it took for it's one to escape and the person has the least amount of time in the escape the quickest ones of went on one in this sure dan here said dan missions right but smaller than you too yeah i would imagine yeah i wonder how much it weighs right now well you mean fought at one hundred and eighty five and i don't think he's cutting a whole lot of weight is not a big guy is interesting like him fighting michael bisping i think
is probably going to be his last fight a lot of people thought he should've won that fight super close fight he retired any are you dead yeah i think you did a thing decided that's it yeah so i'm sure this means a lot to him to be able to be able to beat me even and grappling match that's quite the way in your career yeah so i don't know how hard he's training but i've i've i'm put in a little effort into it for sure yeah well you tell me before you just getting really in love with jujitsu not do i do love jujitsu yeah my my professor as he's a great coach man as they call him tusa as i think is portuguese for like bug tooth or something like that but his real name is roberto all the car he's several time world champions reduced i think it's be model is quite a few times and he's wow he's won all these that's huge l these world jerry i think he's five time world champion wow and he he literally is right there with me every practice and you know he knows that have i've never done key training but he
he he doesn't settle like i'm technically a white belt but he's he every position he's like you know you can't do this right you have to put your hand here they'll make this tired out to put yes super technically and that's right i feel like i'm getting pretty good right now that's awesome man he does dedicate yourself to that before you know you come back you you should die like you have a big jump if you were going they hate me but i want to i want my stuff is gonna be like my i'm just going to take people down and free care ride your ass out submit you like don't expect anymore stand up tracking for me really i'm joking yeah you can tell it who knows what you're going to do right now i don't know what i'm going to do at this point but i'm getting better and i'm preserve for myself this amount is good see smile could see laughs could see happy it's good to see you optimistic about your future and i think you got a great perspective right now and i really hope you keep it together man i'm a big fan as a person that's a fighter i'm glad we did this i am too i am too alright alright brother
you good folks we're done for today see ya bye john jones thank you everybody for tuning into the podcast thanks to john jones for coming on the podcast and being so forthright and i think people got a chance to get a better understanding of who he is thanks to our sponsors thanks to caveman coffee caveman coffee co dot com go there use the code word rogan and save ten percent off of any of their awesome products thanks to stamps dot com go to stamped the calm before you do anything click on the microphone at the top of the home page and type in jr for this special offer four week trial plus one hundred and ten our bonus offer which includes postage and a free digital scale thank you all so two on dot com go to it use the code
word rogan and save ten percent off any and all supplements alright that's it you fuckers we're done for today i will be back tomorrow with lee camp lee camp is stand up comedian awesome guy very intelligent fellow he's he's gotta show on artie called redacted does a bunch of great youtube videos too so that should be good time that's tomorrow with lee camp until then see you guys later and girls too and leave you out everybody people non binary gender types as well big kiss for you come out
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