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#885 - Tom Segura

2016-12-13 | 🔗
Tom Segura is a stand-up comedian, and hosts his own podcast with his wife, Christina Pazsitzky called Your Mom's House. His "No Teeth No Entry" tour starts in 2017, tickets are available at http://tomsegura.com now.
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Hello, everybody What is going on this absurd? The podcast cast that shit that true put me through the entire, like forty minutes, whatever the fuck, as in my throat that I couldn't clear out, I hope I'm not fight, not a cold, but I was doing a lot in this of its annoying. To you believe me, owing to maybe hang in there clears clear about forty minutes and Jamie by forty minutes in sorry, April, twentieth for twenty I'm gonna be in Portland. Oregon should be fun. It's the four twenty the official wheat Holiday and I was do show somewhere weeds legal on the official while always, but I've done it a couple years, Neuro did it last year in Seattle it seems a little gimmicky.
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one hundred percent by design, conscious choice, cause I don't here that- and I know you don't want to hear that. So what I I do, and I will continue to do. This is only take on sponsors. That makes sense to me like. Ok, this is something I would use I wanted to make a web website. I tell you Square space cocoa. If I'll send their shit, you, the male I'll, tell you stamped outcome things along those lines. So up a promise. That don't interrupt shows, and I tried I try super hard not have sponsors at suck. My guest today is the great Tommy bonds a k, a dj, dad mouth, a k, a toy secure fucking, great guy great? friend hilarious dinner comedian an account, to him not as fast as Bert Crusher. We'll talk about that There have been a contest, massive weight loss contest,
anywhere a first second third and I been teasing each other for months and months with hashtags hashtag bird is fat, Hashtag, Thomas FAT, their turn offends against each other people our standards, all jogging love, each other chime and in their Madden Bloodbath bloodbath out there. So are the best comics in the world and is one of our best friends give it up for Tom Signora Logan experience Yo Dog, which we are due to buy gas. We told it. I would just wishes, went off recycling off, but everything I was really lost in it to me too. Well. Excuse me folks were slightly intoxicated. That's what happens DJ dad mouth, you don't have we done variations dj, dad mouth of you get back and with it or you, on television that as well.
I just haven't actually done that much morning. Tv shows lately, so there was a bunch of those in a row now that condemns folks. I'm sorry I didn't even during the butter coffee. With. Did you decided to stop doing those things I mean it. I mean, If I was doing morning press tomorrow, I just want to do something to entertain myself. I would just do it again. I met a lot, a really nice people and more tv yeah, but it's them, restrictive venue truly is a bad idea from the air from the thing is here like comedy closer just thinking. We got it. Let us make people know about you to sell tickets losers. In point when you're a certain type, a comic, basically were your like. That's not my audience is not gonna find me. Their people are gonna, go because of its value, the wasted time with their economies to do good morning. Toledo. You know yeah like Wordpress,
and to the people that are watching good morning Toledo. Would like your yeah, it's real! Oh it's! It's nice! hi remains ego. They sure, though, a cool watches who who watches this morning shows Viet. I swear, I guess mostly a outside, mostly mostly housewives, with children, young children and then otherwise. I am. I show you how to make a chicken that really isn't here! We come back in what about retired people without being democratic there. And then you don't you. You don't see a lot of my shows like moms mom or whatever and retired people these practices yeah? It's a totally different art form, folks. Yeah you don't let the crossover life they do this. Alas, some people get a though by others target. Did you ever see Tracy Morgan when when he was pulled a shirt off but still started, hitting her stomach and I'm saying someone's getting pregnant? That's that's! Probably the best
good morning about anything of all time, an essay Chicago and think He ended with his horse Grant Halla which, as you know, the old power, forward for the Chicago Bulls, though such a great fucking improv, right now, that's Larry! That was like the the button on the whole thing we like she's, as he just He told them that is so funny. It's the best one treaty mortgage falcon hilarious, no He was slap in his belly You see someone given plenty Subserve main goal. That's so people get a paid as the issue is to use makin and you're gonna. Take it all the power back, wait a minute like we ve got to get rid of their resolve. I've got it
What are we d lost? Your microphone, sir? Are you out of your phone but what a pleasant axes come on I'll go to practice, this This is our animal expect, more sure was actually is all James T curve to Vietnam Tracy one of your favorite Argosy. Do you want the wheelchair glow black leather woman. It has got to do a deal of Estonia. Can you do that? For me? That's the character. You allowed undisguised onto my dad's terrible, a guest here, you mountain home only love was on Shea monarchy. A Deuce majority was graphic yeah you're right, I guess children watch you but our dignity,
blog love than anyone. Pretending leg problem tonight become see me: I'm at com script, convict scrip, Tracy Marginal for this. We have you tell yet love available. What's going on. Do you know where I live? I just can't Maybe the then each other the idea, the the horse grant reference. Ashikaga one is so if such the funniest choice it such a little detail like ours, funny that he went like I need fingers. We'll. Just because he's that he's already thinking this is what it's like to sit in a wheelchair. I love when the shadow like it wasn't. Cargo so you in bulls. Anybody
It is a shared Michael, Jordan, right or second, famous Scottie Pippen and is still funny, but like the reference to almost like it was like an inside bulls reference. You know it's like so specific to you have to like the perfect. Third, list name right to shout out and plus the name sounds better Horace Grant is just a better named a yell. You know the name porous horse how and then the news gases are like see later. They don't want to do it so funny that yet I was trying to get it to do. Impressions wars in the middle of this gas was in Chicago by the way. Where was that I was Texas. Why guy trying to get him to do impressions wise in the middle of that amazing rat. You didn't know what to do. Two people were in his ear or they tell em, try watch em, change it didn't change changed subject to they put? Something is the early think today those guys have
pieces. Yes, usually most time enough, Herbie, weird man, someone's talking in your ear in your talking here is one of them distracting thanks. It's very difficult to hear some talk and then still maintain you guys you that in the fights very rarely theirs. Good when you pop it and they never talk, they never talk over me. There's never touch. I mean they're, so good that earpiece feeding you anything or yes, your voice like that producers can can we can talk plague. Asked them about a specific replay like show me that again, can you show me that foreign overhead, unless you wear that landed or are things on those lines but and sometimes I mark Dellagrotte now have conversations yeah I'll ask like. Is this a good thing, a good piece of advice, I someone's given due agree with that, and he now have discussions about like whether we agree with certain tactics, which is an interesting discussion is Mark, is a real one.
Class trainer knows a lot about my tie specifically in lot about I'm a man though they were figured something where you they get totally blows your mother ocean? realize. That's what happened the out, sometimes goddammit We have sometimes you'll see something like this. Something replay, maybe catches. It like a break of an angle or a weird role of a night of near some slight that, yes, I do like watch this look at his it'll, get it I lose out and then you oh, shall showed to media and I go yap. So I come sagely area. We need to show that the Imo replay somethin, I was vague, entails Watson. Those who stay? Look on instagram that you are in Toronto and you did a show and then you did the fights the next day, and I was thinking as like watching you do the collar. Fight. As I mean, there's no other broadcaster in the major sports were like the night before he had ass good a time, as you did
like there's no way out Michael's increase Collins worth like tonight. We're gonna Fuckin party with, like fans, and then tomorrow will call the cowboys and the giants like that never happens for sure. Yeah, you get alike, really have the best trips that our work trips me think about it. You know oh yeah, the so funds fucking nuts, but even when I don't your show you still haven't by Fight UFC is awesome. Of course, live watch, live fights. Man. Expressing other Lula loosened up my schedule, so go yeah. I go like half as much it's only North America, yeah no big crazy trips are just take too long break down. Take twenty days recover from its killer, lousy! but on top of that, it's like it, that's the right, MT for me yeah to distil B super enthusiastic about it and there's nothing. Like
Well tell you, I didn't become a hard core Emma. Guy, but now I watch it casually and enjoy it. But the whole reason is that I went to live going to alive changes your perspective completely. There's nothing like it. Yet I have only been a few other sports live within a baseball games. Bitter basque ball games below hockey, game basketball lives. Will change of perspective yeah, just how enormous they are letting have fastened. The shit is yeah. It's incredible. When you see the foot work in the movement when they do in some sort of a crazy lay up yeah, I got AMS, is superfluous as a more people trying to stop you from your people and in none that much space. We rent basketball, love. You like that's not that much room on, especially on a half court makes us laser beam, focus to people stop and put the ball exactly what I mean everything skill to the way that they pay
Actually, you know the like an top Venus Super athlete everything. His passing skills are absurd You look at a passing real tempting. You like, I think, even people that play basketball. How did you even do that, because he'll go in a direction and anticipate it someone's going to be somewhere else within seconds and then we'll behind the behind his head pass it and do you just can't put it together? You, like you, think these are things they work. They must. It must work, I think so. I think they work on it, but I think it at their level and players. They get his level. It's a second sure there's not much improvisation, absolutely yesterday, it's kind of a creative game me a lot of ways. Dude, it's yeah. It's really. It's really fuckin amazing, a watch high level high level anything Well, I don't like soccer that much, but I will watch watch it regularly, but when World CUP comes on up I'll turn and let go many fanatic. Yet a watch
within our words, are he's fine, really hard core he's hardcore. It has its own podcast about just about it. Him in some other dude, whose you do that As with you Jason, learn right? Is it color or learn him? Did it? Did it at one point no shit glimmers, rely funny, guy he's a fucking hilarious main, really funny yeah we're talking about em I was gonna bring. Somehow. I probably can't talk about this. Yet oh yeah, we're gonna springs, say something nice, but I don't think we can talk about it, but Martin hairs. That's what does it with us or maybe does somewhat learn, learn, learn to big soccer play. Take big soccer guy there high level. We will watch like that with that little duty, name messy messy, Lionel yeah
the other areas we had acute up, Jamieson Wizard! Let me hear you might make an do like twenty DORA bore twenty said, sooner and he's this just technical wizard in problem, the wizard now he's amaze I've watched his highlights been of I've watched a bunch of his because its fascinating just. Why somebody that good anything. You know tell me like. I just tweeted this thing today about dark player and I just wanna Batman, fuckers and darts. I watch that do throw darts four hours. Logris, look at this dude scandal. Wizard look is just embarrassing. Duchess wizardry, A key moves like a wizard sake. What he is able to do it abolishes what fucking astounding
and be so much better than people to do something, and then the thing I always think about remind myself of of is that he soon was better than people who are really great at Yahoo. Exacts he's not playing me out there, like those are other refresh. Yeah he's just are eminent heresy. Man you're, not gonna, wanna talk to your wife or your mother after this occasionally, there's fights like that to wait. This shit at least these as the getting humiliated when no one is getting her wizardry, there's just fuckin straight up: wizardry yeah! It's amazing like his footwork assist it's it's like he's doing two different things. A big tripped over the referee. So what happened then looked like it. So what have the reverie given the way the referees? Can the way patent, knowing due to get our way in our football, but she was wearing Stripes Eve.
There's some big time for collisions. Ah, oh yeah, I'm a guy, Steve NASH over the middle shit. Where the guys like me and he's like sixty four, all my God knows learns and you know can now you see they dies. No, no, but there's they ve left, I say again: he had beyond some of them. Some of them are horrific men. Regular person hit for Papa Heather's theirs, couple wraps that stand out as really in shape in football. A couple of most music like like a healthier like a more fit but normal body guy, then there's ed, Hawkules and there's another guy who are like little more jacked lobelia love it would theirs is due to invented this thing called the iron neck is names and my job oh yeah I get to send my throat folks does. I know it is as annoying to me as it is to you, but
he came by to warm Hercules, come on sixty seconds, or am I gonna get you throw it he's gonna get hit by some, and now it look he's in shape. I'm saying oh yeah he's one of the look out he's an older guy is definitely in shape yeah, but even though if you're, not a guy in shape you getting hit by an social and I felt by our The point is this: guy came over here to demonstrate Jesus Christ. He came over demonstrate the same he's a fucking giant, huge you just thinking. I give this get this guy play football. If I played for poor and he play football and we ran into each idea. That would be terrible for me. Yeah yeah, there's a different kind of person out there, these these, like, unless you bid round like a pro, and I felt where yeah I seem walked through a crowd of people and you go home. I just met J J. What I just met him like a month ago, I was like, like people call me like big fella, that I mean you know right: guy, big fella.
Hey man. I know you're big in other less that and then you can your head. You, like, I guess, I'm a big guy and then you meet that do like I was like a child next to him, you know, like I looked like eight and sure, like a little boy meeting, Superman yourself that has a giant human being he's a giant giant enormous man. There make people we watched, or we looked at this website than Hell about the various heights and weights of like NFL Blair's from twenty thirty go person today, oh yeah, that's lignite dares amazing when I was a kid I remember. Lineman like, which is the biggest players in football were like to seventy five was the stand.
Wait and when people say that you let up fuckin humongous guy manlike, eight nine years old, you got to seventy five, and that was like the thing and it was a big deal. If a guy with three hundred pounds and if you're over three hundred, you were an anomaly like dimmer the fridge rate or the fridge area, so that was like. The thing is like he was like the biggest human in the call in the fridge and he was like fatter and everything, but they couldn't believe it was a thing about this guy's over three hundred pounds. Now, if you wait, three hundred and you're playing on the line you be underweight, you be where the light guys, because those guys at our three thirty three forty playing that position and athletic guys to while Really huge man really really how much bigger can they get a goods
maximum size, I borrow at it. I thought about. There was this guy who played, but he wasn't really great, but he was six. Eight four hundred and six eight foreigner pounds yeah, that's a human being exactly like imaginative, like everybody was six eight foreigner grounds the world would be a different place. It's a different thing that's a different kind of human being sick. Five to eighty, not disguise really really I fled. What's in it for a whole lot of, Are you talking like you just look at that just says it says he made a sixty one inch box jump that is insane for the average person to understand how, in saying that is like how how do you describe how insane it is to watch almost Ray hundred pound man launch himself literally five feet into the air. It we look at this. What that is
locking in saying that is insane sizes prick, I stood in the Moluccas of his wages John insane. Wow I mean he's it's a fucking launched himself in the air, big fuck man. That's, hard to do page. What you just did like one stands like super athletes. To probably right, I am able to do that. You Jimmy you're, a big is one of the very few couple guys at five feet, but like it easily three through enough either about the poor I've seen a lot with weights and a hand to here be Japan can do so in Chad, Mendous crazy. This is but those guys are smaller guys humongous guy, do there.
De he's fought, is heavy, is heavyweight really yeah. Bt far before heavyweights, yeah yeah! I did yeah. He was five, nine. What's Five. Nine! Is that right. Somewhere around there, he fought LEO too either He followed him and she down. The Leona Cheetah was now clearly two hundred plus pounds in the autumn a cheetah had knocked out rich Franklin to what's what species like walk around weight. Now is pretty light, cause he's fighting it, Forty five, but he was in a fighting, it would be like the ones sixty one, seventy guy, if you got up yeah yeah forget if he'd in what do a lot of cardio walks around like one hundred and sixty or something like that, but who won the one hundred and fifty five and he won the one hundred and seventy what happened in that heavyweight fight who won yeah, I'm pretty sure I think
We want the Leona Cheetah thinking now. No, he lost Leona maturity, loss of decision fizzy. Let's see, if that's true, I believe, vesture, I think he lost the decision the zone earlier. I know he fought go. You left your signified. A couple fight, other organizations, Slap Bang, Ludwig in Japan and identify with China Yacht it young, Chiu, Ming. That's it looked the Oda mosquitoes. He was big back then Re Leah, Rwanda decision crazy. We oughta goes out to be the Yossi light. Have we champion in PJ's now, fighting is a featherweight incredible that's really naughty thing: the fighters do when you try to win and compete at different way classes. Peach edges didn't give He was so confident particularly.
In his career yeah. I was one of the things about him when you fight he just had this. Intense belief in himself, and he would he be supersaver aggressive to, like you know, doubtless due cow. You know like six seconds, a car Unos, a really good fighter. Who knows very experienced he's got a lotta like real class guys in Japan is real, respected grapple or it was interesting match because it be J, scrapping pedigree, late beach. I want the Monday aisles and count you know, is thought to be really good grab where rules for real sowed, wrestler submission guy, but peach it to storm damage to stormed adamant, starched m there was raising believe his gun. Are you out? He was just so good people who get to see him live and he was in his prime dj was so good. He was so good. When he be Diego Sanchez. I remember thinking damn like I was gonna. Think what you call a peak media peak, be just like you
Sean Shirk destroyed Challenge Europe, whose are really tough fighter. People forget our good Sean Chirk. What shark was up like a human pit, bull it was just Jack's super strong ressler Super super grid, Fiji go into it with a like a trained background or just like us scrappy fight. Is very, very trained he's very technical, especially on the ground, she's, really high level and speech language super technically he stopped buzzy. He was like that when he came and if you don't know like where one is when you started a striking out, but I know he does blackmailing jujitsu in three years with bananas fast, like one tenth of one percent, fast, really yam, I mean for most people like you, a black belt in is like, like you're, a real fine, I'm getting like seven years as a Finn yeah, there's a few guys, it'll get it you earlier. You know like. If you have some, particular talent, physically
which state seems like like a lot of people, Quite martial arts, rightly so with like technique, is the most important thing in absolute. Yes, but another thing that almost as important as technique is physical, dexterity of your body. What you can do, what you can't do with body some people are super flexible, like DJ beaches ridiculously, flexible and be J would Arap guys up with his legs. His legs are like weapons, their arms really chokes you, his arms, any still have you with his legs. He saw his incredible dexterity and flexibility with his legs. That's always made beach. A particularly dangerous on the ground and adjusted smart about fighting. It is very good at understanding when push push things one not to wear. Are you he just oh here, just like with everybody, you. Find a lot of tough fighters. You have some losses yeah, that's that's essentially, would have been a dj, fucking rough business men. It is the rub: business guide begin.
Still fight and now is unified. This kidney yeah you're Rodriguez, who is hate Vietnam, We are seeing a guy. How long is behaving fighting for I gotta say. Shit- he must have started his career in the early 2000s on my god. Yeah, it's a long time yeah. Well, he was you know yeah I would like to. I would like the gas you probably started fighting somewhere around when was find out Two thousand one or two thousand more than fifteen years of scrap and how to lot to live
has just when you, when you see it live. You understand like really first hand what the actual real consequences of yes exchanges are live for. Me was just also be the excitement around. It does mean it's an arena, yeah people so Jack. Ever a fight- and you know like I think you said like nothing in and of itself as exciting as a fight- you know I got vibrate a fight in any moment is exciting, but when you have a real full cheering with, you know the excitement to add to that. There's something you duplicate. You know ANA energy level, it breaks the consequences, are so high. Their consequences are high, but there's like there's an energy in the room of somebody walking up and you hearing that, like that it raises that the hair on your oh god, and then, with everything that lands that cheering dear woe manages its you can't
You can't mimic that you know neon. Yes, that's it! I hate the phrase because, we sat for so long ass, his real as it gets yeah, but that is just yeah. It's you now what what is it? but a phrase when you say a phrase too long, they do stop meaning anything. People start to misuse phrases. The hardware beats tell it, would tell fruit, refuse to work hard right. But I know that's true, but I fucking hate it when people say yea, I don't say it say two more hated. I stones done right, fuckin terror yeah, but there's certain ones like Israel is as gets like done. Scotland has grown aired anymore, he's say, stop as well. The rose is sometimes talk about life in area. He just started anti depressants. So just like the medicine talking is always a you know, and you stopping you smell rose again. When I get three times already, he let me ask you this: do because you're in the middle of this wild Croatia, my voice it back here in the middle,
wild crazy bet with bird crisis. Yet Who can lose the most weight by January, first, second and third right away in three days and around an empty it. Fuck yeah you at the forum. You know that right, fuck yeah we're going to do it with the forum. Reserve is the great western for yeah. That's what he's gonna being that's what I was told. I don't really know she's I've. Actually, I think we're dude can we do here, We can weigh in here, live in there we could do that. But if you want to do it live in front of a crowd We can do it anyway. I don't did you weren't, you really goes really want to do it live and we have found out. I was that's, does joke like May, probably could do it? We we get a couple thousand people. The forms you guys are unaware. I'll! Do it if we can get a couple of those ring girls, but that look way
and then those I want really big ones: real heavy, the real heavy rain girls yeah I'll, do it dealt with fat, shaming, though just as you start using heavy referrals thing is that it doesn't matter your guy S, you could take it, you can click guys. You never accuse guys. A fat shaming, this is so crazy. That term is Rhonda Rousey, whose of course the former you see bent which ambiguous all time great mixed marsh orders. She, Has this girl Julia, opinion, is in her weight division and they they talk to each other or at least Julianne, has been talkin shit about run around yeah and Ronda Rousey. What you say was that run arousing has large arms. She, such as vat, arms, race, there is one thing which so innocuous then, and
People are saying that she was fat. Shame What are you? Are you really seriously for this of all protecting Rhonda, funk and Rousey? I think it's really a more about that, the lady that said it that's to her such a horrible thing to say you know. Cannot taken a fight. Is my point here, but she's, like eventually maize like I might lose, that fight have bad ass arms. If you do, who and that's her that is like these are some arms real. I think you can mean some, to go after that. My that's for her a big deal. You know those Lee around his need any
defence yeah all round is really thin, like she's really feel now, she's, just amazing, of course, but I mean she's cut muscles math, you know me: she's got some big ass, shoulder muscles and big. Our muscles added says a reason that our all fan lay like a things are launching chicks through the air yeah she's she's got plenty implied. Life by point was their proposing to fight, in a fucking cage and somehow and others is unbelief outrage. I guess she made fun of her arms being right. Think We want an hour. Weedy show you nearly the deck. Why are we Talk like a bad ass, yet I mean. Is that really like you? Can you can solve people about their personality? People via there is really really know what it is to at first thought. I encourage vat. Shaming helpful Do you for real? I really do I think it's. I think it's actually help. Why do you think it's helpful because it depends on your psyche? I guess you know how I respond to it, but I think it's just like
Many calling you out of your bullshit. It's just a version of that is a physical version of that and lobby You can be in denial. You know, I think I'll. Have you weren't denial about a lot of things, while not but you want to live their lives to agitate. Cheat plays Devils advocate rightly out. If you just want to live their lives and then a mind being heavy re, don't like it will be, we're talking shit about something, that's a choice. You know I mean I am not saying that Debars doesn't have a right to feel that way right, but it's the what I think some p I have a problem with it is at this these, because there are certain people. I didn't do anything wrong. They have anything to you. Everything we done to themselves, but we shit on them is kind of a sneeze, thing to do. It is an easy thing to do, and you know you're, so fat? Nobody would talk about it enough. So I mean I've been called fat at so many different points. I've been up and down my whole life, so I feel I think, because of that and when you get older, you have more acceptance with like not having a problem with somebody saying it
to them. I get a public figure in a lot of ways: Rice, I'm I'm used to people being like fuck you and go fuck yourself. I hate your act. Familiar I thought you liked, okay, so that a version of that yeah like your fat yeah You you the same feeling if it's the same feeling, I'm saying like I've gotten so much. That has nothing to do with that. Somebody throws in fat and you like, ok, so weird as a special effort and hated it. Susie disappointed Bro seriously. You disappoint me yeah. We are currently bird disappoint. Well. Why we need this point. Is that I mean it was you know? like I'm, not going to engage you. So it's bizarre. People do engage people does we were talking about. This would like as a fig leaf Philly D. You know from internet from my youtube. Very nice guy thought the Franco that, among the pot gas for soup,
nice guy who's, gonna out some chick hee, Hee tweeted, something today but it was his original tweet was it Conyers on flight, the above kindly visiting trumpeted tweeted like Trump would tweet? Oh that's right right. He tweeted! I can't wait to see Trump tweet after this met with canyon. West, tremendous american artist. Shame J won't call em pick up the phone sad exclamation point there. Is this really fucking funny? That's really funny! and some woman got really mad Lukashenko mine Damn wipe business and stay out of black people's beef. You not a part of black twitter stops dealing tweeting style and then went to her page and I think she's a troll, I think she's all right. I think she trolling. We don't have to give out her name or anything like that. Please don't
get anybody excited, maybe she's real, but maybe just fellowship onto who knows maybe I felt like tired and daily lives can respond, but he responded in a video it in and out of his videos. You responded and talked about. I was I was weird eleven people say lake you're you're not to comment on this top on this store right or corridor. The best is that if you, if you make any comment or joke about anything political somebody who disagrees, that political position will go. We don't really need a comedian commenting on this in your way out. Ok, what do you do? Are you? Are you the their dear the person qualified? What about it has our yet so you work at the store, the factory a year alone,
a common on the earth that something you'd ever say to anybody. You know my comments are, of course not it's so crazy. I notes its absolute Haiti's fucking, white people, adding their two cents to con yea and Jason Saga and trying to get our t shut. Your goddamn mouth always button in she s talk about her this is the new world we're living in man let it come on taxes, black beef, she sang Bob, Anybody tell you not allow to calm things crazy. So let me tell you something: I have talked people they have. I've had gone dormice conversations with people think they're kung, FU master could fight me. You have see yet everybody's scared of someone Dian? If someone and understands real. She did a real Chee mass of how these kind of conversations of people. How much do people believe that Kung fu alot of people still do? Where do you think it would?
on the scale of the martial arts, ability to win major fights with highly trained people and either live we can fulfil the problem with martial arts with with individual martial arts iq does. I would say that yes, but I haven't, is below the problem with individual martial arts like that, is that there are no longer unaware of the tactics and What is of other martial arts so used to be that if you were like a tie, window guy like I was. You would have a delusional sense of how good you would do in a fight with a judo person, because you don't cannot everley. Never nobody grabbing before three around to really have no idea how easy it would be for them to do it nevertheless distorted idea in your head. Now everybody knows this: guy yeah, now everybody now so now, it's real hard to say, like a kung FU guy, like a kung FU guy fought a Judo guy who had when, because this, real, only Kung, fu, guys anymore and has no real only judo guys they haven't. They are now,
Emma everybody knows of Euro Marshall artists, especially your gets you black belt level shot like that aware of other shit now so you You know what things you know, what what's more effective now it is a better understanding of it than anyone ever had before. So, if you're, like a high level Marshall Artist, even is rest or something like that. I care and tea. They know most of them know somethin else. They know how to throw their hands in our throat take her to write on. If they got a really good coach, they could probably a pretty good at striking, pretty fuckin quite sure. Striking is one of those weird things, man that seems that it's really difficult to people for people to get really good at it. If they don't have the right body for it and they start late in life. Three, weird, really yea, I dislike you can get better at it but there is a certain amount of speed that you need to. Secure a really set up and knock somebody there's a certain amount, moving,
by with a certain amount of speed against lesser competition, you can get by even more so if you are more of a threat as wrestler and goodbye even more so, if you're, really smart and really understand when you engage when not to engage and you're threatened with arrest, and you can get away with like having a slower, striking style. But if you can't do those things, then you're fucking, sitting duck and that's most terrifying aspects of them at the most terrifying aspects of emanates being stuck in the middle. Cage with a guy like Anderson Sylvan, his prime ministers, sliding slightly the way your shit and play out, crag and phase and he's dancing around in the euro is making the wobbly face. Like he's, he's rocked to fuck with you and then his kicks you a bunch you creepy shit to deeds inside the opt out. I mean creepy in a way this like not not negative. I mean so good he's at these moments in fight, we just go holy shit. Creepy. Do you got you get stuck in a cage with that dude hugest, just basic
This was a thousand years ago. It would be that he would be the king of the village of likely now time for the king, the village it be the biggest guy right, see that's what we're doing is we're separating people by size, true at the end of the day, I give you meet a guy like Brok last night, you, oh, that's, why there's a heavyweight division right, that's a totally different kind of human. How much it much? How many guys like that can actually talking about Brock's ITALY, but that our like two, eighty five to move like We know that it can keep a body like that without anything additional. In other words, that's a super good quest, and it's not an honest question. The problem as people real dishonest about what they taken, what they don't idea. You know it's we're because there's people to argue with you is they'll, say that this is so a person can ever get and be so fast without help, but then you gotta, say
Their understanding recovery is way better today than ever before. Your understanding of like when the train, when not train when you're over trained, like if you, if you had a real high level, place they're gonna like a few, their groom you to be an end players. They're gonna, give you some. Eddie high level instruction, Coaching and if you're eating right, you can have definitely a job over people that were in your same sort of position twenty years or so there's athletes can be better just because the science of train sure. But after that you got a wonder mean it's. I don't know about them they all know about steroids, raise you get it's not like. I don't know about this. I don't know they help, and these dudes likened to accept the guys are definitely fat right, but some areas are like they're, so a yellow, who'd you're walking around like a the three ten. Why think? Some, among honestly, are probably a bit big on purpose the iron Rhine right. You got it, you won't even in Europe
a giant you'll, be a giant monster shredded. None at all. Just you went away ally matching into people. I think there. I know nothing about football utility people say football players. Names have to nod like like a personal, really country, my gun, speaking to me, another language like a year on year, I've got. This boy said to him. I guess you, oh yeah man, but you obey our hats, lot smash edge, with ice like having a had our plane, full of Vienna have like ten different teams. Guys newborn like you see Douglas last night, like Y know, the game realises the had em like not missed it. If you like fact shot him out, my fucking Kellerman, with a guy I've known, you know ideally sovereign about. Well now that somebody, you have seen fighters there's like five hundred you. See fighters occasion like I gotta look people.
Sheriff somewhat someone mentioned some of my coolly fight for that guy, like when no like for fight nights MIKE under car was on the ground. Already after, like my super grid to me, fight chatty pop, massive has got just in the time that I've known or been too you have see stuff. You know the fight game has expired. In popular it seems like it. Took off from this one fight in two thousand and five between staff in Bonn and forest growth for those at the big one, because it was the end of this. The final, this first reality, shows the aldermen might arrive. It's crazy fighting finals these as knew each other real well, naturally like each other lot, but they fuckin went added date is both when you change the game. Both guys fought Anderson, Saellvertu awhile later in their career, that both the both got fucked up now was when Anderson was just
a general night. You just don't shit people inside the opt out will ago. Jesus I was at the M was at that more fight with him, which one I think it was at the white men, one are we broke his leg or one the one you down and when he got knocked out we have to hobble, even though a ton of in a bunch of their talent was crazy because he was one in that fight if I didn't go to that when I deftly saw I've seen both those guys fight at fights? So I can't remember if I thought that Whiteman was pressing on bananas and was kicked him a lot in the legs, and I was looking house who, like he's, he's taken his legs lot. Aid allotted time like crazy taunting there, you know what wide men did. Some really slick. He did on the really slack is really interesting. He threw back fist, he threw a punch and then he threw back fist casinos and was going but he was Bob and weaving and Bob interweaving of moving away from. So I figured
right common in the left comment. So he throws a punch. Mrs then throws a bat, first, which makes Anderson have to go. That way. So then, when he starts going that way or the other way paid catches, a middle left her, it's it's a beautiful common, Asian, it's a beautiful combination with a guy moved his head a lot because, You foursome, because you're not just on one in that direction is a second one that so he's doin. That way which is like when you throw left hook. You're an hour. So he's already going the way to avoid left to he's gonna come back and we can do when it comes back bone. He catches, imperfect, was a brilliant yet a full is the set up before the Falcon blow to where you went. Looked a little slower than Anderson, so he's out our time, catch them and Anderson was stain on the outside and taken his legs lot. But they'd collide
the first round and he took Anderson down and rapped one of his legs. I've been had a pretty tight. I you might begin a leg lock our tent in the leg lock, and anyone got out of it. Isn't that the fight to at the after the fight more widely was like making This is now you're either on board. Are you not? I think there are now there was another fires and other. Why not a fight yeah, I think was that was after veto or a after beat up be tore his yeah. I was like Lord like Damp Chris, you ve had up to now to decide pretty good you know, he's an interesting guy. He takes a lot like Fuckin Champ data He lost till you all Romero by knock out the new sittin on their das and Questions later with its I'll stitched up there- and I mean he's here he's a stud farms. To do my. I bet Uk Odin and just answer answer questions with
because of your eye, you're talking to press people since we as real fucked up at perfect composure, though he handled it perfectly. I was at that Gustafson John Jones Fight, where they think they both like the hospital. Brutal day. Rule brutal fight with it was a decision fight, I think now, and then it was like the like they just massacred each other, yet others beat the shit out of each other, those crazy fight, yeah, does. If I were John was talking about it. When I was on the part ass. We talked about how much party after that file before the fire. Lobbying alot yeah. It was incredible fight. I remember a bloody. Those guys were you. I was a refined and Gustafson shocked, alot of people. Yet that's the crowd. You could feel the crowd swell. What I always call Emma may look the phrase I use all times. Maybe it'll start get annoyed to its like extreme
problem solving with dire physical consequences. That's why it's plus shit talking right thrown that too high stakes, talkingshit high high stakes, doesn't emotions battle whether in keep your mouth Sean's? How are you had a pressure giant just the thing about Conor Macgregor, more than anything like now, we should say more than eighty one of the many things about him. That's pretty interesting, but one of the most interesting things about him as he handles pressure like nobody has ever seen, yeah the gray fought, although for that I don didn't look remotely nervous. He was super, relax super com they use. I do think, though, that you go how much of what you're seeing is how pressure is
manifested through that guy. You know I mean like presses the press conference kind of antics you like is that is that genuine is that an act. Is that how he handles the pressure of this high pressure situation? In my doing a fuckin, you know, Bang Bang show a threat so like it. But I personally I find the guy, which is, I think, what you want, why someone becomes a star endlessly entertaining on top of the good. So I you know I'm turning into. I want to see the function He's the best should talk of all time. I don't know. I said that before, but other people for that I said she'll sign. It was a best shit talk of all time. I think he was for a while, but then Connor and also Topsham and also as well. Conor has an additional significance to a shit talking cause. He knocked people dead right, it's a toad.
A different thing in Chelsea, not these not fuck and animal shale, summons and animal, and it is easy submitted Chauvelin who shall sons, a very solid, crap or share, came very close to be managed and Sylvan. Their first fight sees a stud, but would Conor does differently the ices guys with one punch and that a big factor fight when you watching him and he fights Eddie Alvarez and also things and with the left hand and catch them a rock some early on. You go home Lee Shit and they realize, like here, find a guy. Now two hundred fifty five pounds and Eddy offers a big one. Fifty five is a big guy, big muscular guy. The ideas. He's gonna be able Russell Wrestle. Connor he's gonna be able to grab and grind amount same waited with Anthony Pettus, nope nope with a totally different animal Conner. Just got a totally different kind of focus as far as like the way zooms in on targets and his precision is just speedy, just drop in and in there with a hundred percent speed. That's a big part of what is
no he's not loading up at all. Yet the ability to stake like when you load up say legacy. How about you and you just go it. That's wasted time now, that's wasted time would Conor has. Is the ability to be perfectly technical in a fire fight so, like all those here Charging items is like thirteen seconds into the fight all those charge now, and he knows how to just slide bag and black drops out left hand in on is a striking the strong support of his yes for sure his ground games, underrated, he's very good on the ground, as he has very good defensively he's a good sweeps, sweep Nate Diaz. Their first point. People forget that he's the kind of guy. How much will you love the watch before he was a profession? I did watch one out of various international, but our fights judge you know he's been in some definite strategy. I don't think you allowed did like get eighteen in Ireland, a few have been in a bar. If I am and we're going out tonight, Lud Report Cherry, that's part of the world
accent ever probably right up there, but I I'm fight in here's. My neighbors age warriors I tweeted tomb in like two thousand and thirteen before I came to the USA, us at I'm, a big fan man they're to come over and did he I'm into a great after that, the you have seen him totally. Coincidentally out in car, I mean deftly probably told anybody listen to me about because I've seen him five perform this kid ISIS people his left hand, issues devasted, and he's got a crazy style, vital. Wide stance and moves differently cracks guys like skid legit, I'd like to see him in say. I never asked you. There does that's January of two thousand third so's almost four years ago. Did you did you think talk to you about what do you think of all the m. You know the talks over him. Floyd may, whether fighting
he'll find Em Gary Delia advice. Don't you think what kind of mashed you think he's a lot bigger than Floyd first via littlest emphasised that he's a lot bigger, so would be a real problem as far as lightweight cutting cause if they went, lay live, Conor fight it where every wants carnage going away somewhere on higher seventy pounds. We that is best like India, is optimum with no way cutting out, don't think Floyd big, I think Floyd to you, he's, probably not more than one sixty do think Floyd's bigger than Sixteen real life small do yeah them. Person is really quite short, doesn't mean weight, but small waited. He begin his career at forbear weathers. Oh I'm, in a huge for me, with a family, and I think that when it comes to boxing, I think he's like one of the most skilful boxers. Its ever lived a really do technical. Not be most one. Fifty one fifty bucks,
that's probably what he last fought at like did he make when he meant when he fought Canelo, didn't you make him come down a bit middle, come down like one hundred and fifty four or something like that. It sounds right, something like that. It sounds like they had some sort of catch wait fight. I remember Canelo's fighting at Weis, finding one hundred and sixty now he's definitely bigger, or is he fighting at one hundred and fifty four is one hundred and sixty right is that the the holdup is a two of them. I think I feel I been fighting men away to give our coda. What was at that. Was not middle way or one. Fifty four hours avarice catch wait one fifty to one. Fifty two yeah, so he made Canelo loosened, wait here, I was bigger than so canal. Probably walks around. Maybe twenty pounds have as a bad motherfucker too he's Gerda and forced marriages box them
what they had their army are plot. All look at that. Just beautiful ready, That's how you ever wonder could is is like put Connor's skills. Just technical skills match up to somebody like the counter countered. Hence I can imagine the unless May, whether so out of shape yeah, hey MA, I'm saying on top of his game. Him on top of his game. You're not gonna, hit him he's gonna to mean you have to be really top level to catch him. It's so nice that dude so fast that he he box like fully air noble. With his left hand, down yeah, not even hip level, MID Vi, their arms well, because at that forces his shoulder over its actually an easier way to block a lot of things at her skilful within these shoulder all EC side. Just quick and he's devilish work very quick, but what
Floyd has over like almost any one else. He said this incredible knowledge of what you're gonna do for you do it, He know so much about boxing about boxing as science, from his brother or father rather and his uncles locally, as Uncle Roger May, where there was a black mama whose all time fuckin citing gotta watch, unlike the Eightys and Ninetys who had starch people, man to him on those HBO shows they ve met had a better comedy than Roger May, whether moments it's the great you mean emitter in corners know when they do the all those twenty. There are seven. Yes, twenty four. He would fucking massacre those the funding is shit, I've ever seen and they added at him money so fucking funny. One of those fight there are fighting a maybe was Alvarez's. Somebody in areas like we gotta, prepare, Florimond, watches fights and address anonymous can have the five my life and my hands and then they cut to Roy or the
Roger May, whether here who the fuck is ours, like you, don't even know who the guy without really that was a big part. The preparation for but in the end it was, but for a long time when they are golly Harry preparing for this fighter, is his answer in their legit answer was like they have to prepare for this shit yeah we're not prepared for anything. He better prepare a lot. You know, and now they would approach it like we're, not studying you. You need to study this shit right now. It is going to be bad weather, does the citizens for each year to get points. It affords an interesting guy he's? Had his hands broken a bunch times yeah and rumours about like fights that he must have had broken handed though he has had hands that were broken any still, boxed that what is actually like Susan You got a winners mentality.
I'll shoot. You want about that guy. It's fun talk shit about him because you created is persona Observing may whether it's brilliant it's a brilliant thing. What he did is brilliant. He created like someone to hate, but is I downloaded you can't be them leaves and you're buying. That paper view it actually open. Canelo police, Gunnar their open can, Can catch him pack yogurt? Everyone knew that guy. He crazy villain keep going down the line. Every fucking guys far, please chasm, maybe We know you. You saw what one where my work as he had a tough I would pack YO. Shuts down over and then he will. A hundred watches now shut him. Although people like they really fucking, I don't hate at all. I think that it, sir, sometimes that persona can just get kind of poor, its furniture. It's fun marked his egg, like man, just I'm saying like integrating these like
The girls money on any relation light on one count it as a Larry. Is that it's funny it's entertaining but list One, no he's to hold like bricks. Money up to his ear out alone proclaim he's talking on the money. Wariness cars like they DA white TAT, his daily Bogota. He's in shirt massively doesn't when they lose three. Christ, how my goodness, what is that one hundred million dollars that he got from what it was his purse from despite these remoter so saying he made a hundred million dollars. Is we're hip keeping they're gone crazy about income inequality. There's this target, as this is just one of my many checks- have I've gotta love these back, see drivers so worried, but papers will wiggle
gotta these back see drivers so worried about another man's legacy instead of trying to write their own, ultimately always have the last laugh. This is just one of many checks, a cool one hundred million dollars that I still have every dime of ya still have to work, however, unhappily retire. At the end of the day, it's them bedroom Franklin's. It matter me so sign you, I've made smart investments, sorry for those who thought, I couldn't red writer count the call them watches. I call them timepiece your call employees. I call me out your collar houses. I called a match. What what does that mean? Yeah charter jets and we own jets, the money team. I get it. I think he's wretch. I think he definitely money himself. Its he's made a lot of money for his excellent at what he does pusher across the board. Yeah means no doubt about but is also its there. We are
That's gonna is forty. Nine! No fourteen and he's the only guy he's, he hasn't broken rocky marshmallows record. It he's tied it. Which is really interesting. I go under that's on purpose. I wonder if he doesn't want to break it I think, as want tables on shit about the pressure of other of it, Going away is the thing that happens. I guess the older you yet. Like you I mean this is this is a good Barton retirement age for him inside do under fifty? Yes, what's gotta be a meaningful fifty, you can't Ryan scrub for fifty, and then you start to think about yeah, you have he's gonna fight packing, again wondered what color I'm sort of loop I wonder what kind of numbers pack gets on his fights now a lot of people, watch and I'm sorry still ass one, but he just thought he did just fight. I didn't hear any peep about it yeah, but who is he fighting them? that's. Why here be still, does I mean it's gotta? Be significant number still day must,
Yes, let's dealings of big worthwhile fine, oh yeah, he's got a big bankroll up here I mean paragraph like apparently this package Vargas fight surpass three and a thousand paper view buys his pack YO may whether to possible. That's d Those are decent pay paper view buys three hundred thousand, that's pretty good in the big fights like bigger may fights get. I didn't The big ones are over a million, a think. Probably, though do you of Sea has been released, yet what you I see two hundred got or you have seen will five either one of those Madison Square Garden was a pretty fuckin substantial card Imagine the numbers the that women in saying and it was was Conor Mcgregor Card. I would have to think that's the biggest card ever ever forms of paper view buys, I would have imagined, but I could be wrong because a two hundred ad block Lester in it yeah
right now that ended badly. A few days later to right, wasn't Erika wasn't badly rehearse just something I got his through punch bro. Under a glove fruit. Raw you never know maintains opponents we're talking about. Sir, you guy get that big without somehow I don't know I do not know. I do not but I know those gnc stores they do really well, it's a lot of stuff yeah and go to those places they sell. A lot of stuff in any those body building supplement stores you kid this last stuff that works, because in my view, will buy that stuff, but southerners fuckin steroids in it, and that's why working, and they let you get away with them, while they just I'll tell you what it is to remember the Heerd man like fifteen years ago, when the first big I forget that product name or I would say it is like
the big like everyone. Does this to work out and to lose weight. Forget this. I've had a big commercial, the it was successful name for the product and then people sorry to drop. You know tat. I am become over many years ago. You talking about think it's about fifteen to twenty, She took my rip you one of those affected me right right, but our ephedrine rather veteran fatter and then able were. I remember I was taking them twenty some years ago as a twentieth no homes touch, but but then some is like. Oh your. Basically you taking speed oh and took a while the process that really was one of the key components of what you are taking like you taking drugs Raynham Hitting speeds, yet it take speed are needed,
feel yourself get kicked out. You know racing couple, those and what did you do to class once well younger wipe out- and I was out of fucking heart attack- yeah, the heart relating? Oh, my god, I stop sit down at one and I do so yeah. Those are just starting in Jujitsu and it wasn't like I mean, I knew what it felt like to raw, but I'd know when you, when you take those like. I knew something was like totally wrong, yeah so I had been exhausted before a note that felt like I got exhausted way to work my heart was about to explode in my fuckin chess. Also holy shit, sit out even being like. Whatever thirty. Whatever TWAIN honest, I thought I still smart enough to realise this stupid idea. I gonna sit down yes back, then I was really don't. I take a minute before Highschool football game. But the thing is that we had the conversation before that. I thought people are because this so you have the
illusion of what's going on women, that would work those football, because football is not something you do what you say: before long periods of time. Right, it's like this, like fives yeah play Jujitsu, gets super exhausting, because, like Savior, you have sparring rounds? They might be seven minutes long, sometimes Do nine minutes sounds really. Seven minutes was pretty standard. And so it centres Heiner for seven minutes and then year your basic They just go and add it was someone who is probably pretty fuckin skilful. Yes, you're gonna die yea Philip, I felt my heart was literally gonna explode something's wrong. I guess I do we're going away too fast right now for no fuckin reasoned manner, set out my harwood stuff. It wouldn't slowdown that would like normal. When you work out, you have like Savior run up the hill. Put your fingers
new paths and you could sit there in a few seconds, you feel and start to drop and you dont you watch and when you get to like one forty, if you could just starts printing and yeah, that's what most people like when you don't like interval Kurtz I knew I was way over that wasn't coming down was like does not slow down. This is the fact that you newsletter. I know I took a bunch fuckin retort, I'm I made such an extremist if it says like take two like that's too, for policies for his pettishly. Baby a man because we get out yeah well was like like doing that competitive market. Arts thing when I was young made me like the sick, intense extremists, I got again what is run two miles around five, he's doing this, I'm doing more with how you do it had there's no other way. You wanna be people. Yes, we have to work harder than that.
Joe. You can't just rely on what you're smarter than nobody knows more than their property fuckin smart. He would you're tougher than them through tough fuckin black belts, their tough. We don't be stupid. Like my thoughts, was dont. Think so highly of yourself that you don't have to outwork everybody wow That's a other way. That's a good philosophy into can take days off days, off, you're hurt or if sure we became fuck off fucking off is bad for your brain, it's vote. Yeah I give you have if you are you're like competing or you're trying to go for something like physically fucking of promise, fucking off. Is that a message when you're momentum? It's not just that it masses with your skills could sometimes you'd legitimately go. You know what my body needs a break, but you know nobody needs it breaks. He made a conscious decision, but when you're so who to work out. You know you should work out a fuck off you just like you our opinion of yourself slips exactly it has. It has an effect that goes out beyond just that work. Yet fucks. With your conference
that's cause, he asked your conviction it's. Why taking care of of little things can bleeding taking care of me. I mean like when you like, pick up and clean up your room are you like now? I feel good about the way. This looks that transit I'm gonna go work out today, and right now. I'm gonna do like those things kind of line up together so she had some quote about that. I just screen shouted the other day like a fifteen year old girl, oh yeah, let's make a screenshot guys. Don't you know if you like red haired as yak is just so interesting? to approach of the approach to combat and everyday life should be the same, the pretty! Well, that's that's the approach to combat and everyday life should be the same. That such intense here too, is a little too dance. I have a real interesting one, a my instagram, and if you can pull it up, is the greatest growth.
First time the video now, but it is a lady, the holiday one, but it's interesting in India who is a guy to touch the girl? Did he get permission to put him on you by to raise my tribe. Take, doesn't want you may reply. The Christmas one year is that that one's pretty interesting, the one where the girl, the one that usually when you ho ho ho it up for Ex post, I mean it's interesting watch it ok What are you doing? What is wrong with you and your wife with you, you valuable fuckin. Who areas is, but also specific you have of you guys, have the funniest silliest fuckin show, because
you're, both so specific thematic, though the things that you decide like you, weren't a short Tom's or an assurance, has just glass and on it and splashed and Brown now glass and is a term that, like hunters, used when they get up on a ridge and they look for things. So when I saw that I was like that's weird like what did you? Maybe you bought that its vineyards store in Alaska right, emphasising like this. If you silly gimmick shirt, now. This is a sure like from your fuckin podcast. It is yeah, it's Tolstoy alchemists. Slowly. Every week we get submitted hundreds of emails with links to video like that right, I I mean so many emails. Every citizen and the internet is endless pool of stuff to pull from, and then we have this our producer blue ban. If you know that that's our producers, ban, the echoes of use used to be read. Ban here was a yellow ban for awhile and now this blue ban, so so
the man, then will go through all the stuff and edit down. Let's say I got five minute Youtube video until, like maybe six tended to fifteen second clips, and so we're just always looking at stuff and as you know, the we like a range of things are engaging us. We got this hunter. His name is Fred. I clear, I think the ends and Avid Bow Hunter He bent his pants with the traditional bow like a recurring bow a results. Right though, most preeminent recur, Bow Hunter yeah, it's either a recurring bower might be a stick, but what is the difference between a wreak? Her bow verses like WWW power, power, accuracy, efficiency, technology years is more modern yeah, but in his side feel there's like a field. And if you get really good with one of those things it becomes a pair, very addicted to shoot.
Because I like people who like records, are like shooting at targets. It's an instinctive thing. Okay, so you got to shoot a bunch of arrows to kind of know where the arrow is going. Okay, you shoot differently because you know really whole it very long. You got you draw back and then they let it go pretty quickly sure, as a compound bow the whole idea of a compound bows is extreme amount of force its exhibited in the beginning arts us, through this camera through the limbs, but then I'm turns over gets easier because of leverage So I can resist red arts when used kind of start to beginning is massive resistance and it is a big let off the end right. So, like my boat takes four pounds to pull back who, but at the end of it is easy to hold and what is it? What's the different his would go hard, the hallways is hard the whole well aware, however hard it is hard, the hallway and actually it's more difficult as you pull back instead of less difficult, says the opposite of a compound bow. The compound bo it's difficult
from the beginning, and then the camps settlement whoops the camp settling it's it's beautiful. You can just hold it there s leg of your waiting on something you can hold their bathers super hard hold. One of those stick bows, there's your going like rewrite the and if it is his heart, you can get it and it's basically, it pulls back and forth depending palm like how much pressure you put on it, you can't more of your stronger or your weaker. You can only get to a certain point says it's a trained issue with this thing while dependent. Mostly time now because most of them are fairly weak but like gum, you can make them like really powerful. You get them I mean, if you recall, bow in particular the Mongols, apparently according to Dan Carlin, that hard core history yeah, whose awesome he said, both were hundred sixty pounds to pull back, would just crazy in so doing. That's that's so like it's. What you're essentially do, as you do, unlike an
Eighty pounds push in an eighty pounds, pull at the same time. It's a lot to be able to do that a lot of times in a row. Its way, then do know the compound bow, because a cop out about this little difficult and then easy- and this is what who would have these hundred sixty pounds. The Mongols dear model is says: twelve hundreds somewhere around them day. There was technology back, because they figured out what are or a recurved bows is crazy, bow that the it's designed? If you see a week of both its not strong It doesn't look like it would work. I give you are seeing what but it was like I saw it in this. This Fred Eichelberger approval I don't think he had a weaker about on this. Thank you. I think he shoot or what they call Stick bow, which is the most premier. Thank I read in his bio recurved could be recurved. I bet he's got a bunch of different ones yet who Buffalo Bo. Recalls that what he shoots both ok, see if you can show, picture of one without the string?
MR there so weird like an org. You know I just see if you could find a picture of the Mongol boughs and those are the first ones think somewhere in that time of the of the world, was the first ones when people had figured out how to make a recurved bow see that's what the top. What's what looks like without the string men, it's gonna go back to the ship. We see in the bottom right in the same position to it is so it's right at the other way so because that its doors up all this extra energy cuz, it's it's your pulling so far back that has tremendous snapping effect. When you let go of the string, it's pretty dope. Do you mean that they're incredibly smart for figure this out and then who make them unbelievably tough. So that's what lifecycle looks strong and make them so tat. There you can pull it all the way back. The other way like they had you, the shit out. I had he's out there for memorials that comes out with incredible force. That's still
not as fast as probably a modern day compound bow, yes, and also not that consistent, Cosette Enough scales Castle, a lotta, their arrows, yeah, the arrows raw, probably very inconsistent yeah. Can you making your own brought here, some of them might be a little heavier than others. The factory mass writing them. Yet other making arrows at Alex Aluminum and carbon fiber cores, and they have a very good I bodies arrows from Like EAST and are one like the top level companies. It may arrowes there like a suit I tolerance levels for like east each. Each one of the arrows at leaves their factory through super straight in shared management. Everything's good, yet notes is totally. It's incredible have how that that tax Algeria evolve. So there's a lot of these guys like this guy you're talking to class and guy here, still uses like mothers, primitive bars, but he just so.
Good. He can get away with. It says I mean there's byles incredible, but in this video it starts with him. He he shoots moose and it drops quick and he fuckin comes close to coming in ass red clay. He he makes a sound. He don't even you can't. He goes like like, like ledges can show to us here, Are you allowed to play it online? You get pulled from anything not played on using and end. We also play I mean the audio is, is was incredible till then he starts talking about glass and and he's like we're just coming around metal, yours classes and we were like: let's go let's class and it gives keeps going glass, glass, glass, classic glass which is looking through binoculars, which we discovered. But then we played a so much people like outpost of picture myself leg,
about two gone stays. Looking glass and unlike or you know, I could talk to somebody like what you do they, I hung out millet glass and gets so then it morphed intimating, like just chaloner, and it just kind of the picture. From there. You guys have so many these that I would like to ask you. What's the deal with Jean Column, everybody genes like when you guys wrong in yet explained its mainly nor the latest thing is what that first, we had an electrician over the house and every year in the house. You know your call, your spouse, nebula genes, Dino! That's what color. So then she walked down the stairs. He goes Jean. Would you like me to put the heat and we just let it go- recalled her genes, but then we how'd it go under Starbucks and During our drinks desist like a stupid thing like that, we told our listeners we do. We do this regularly just to amuse ourselves, which, as we call them genes,
and then say. Thank you mommy. I love you mommy at the end and no one Ever the order happened so fast and so like programmed that they never never say like what did you say I when I pull up like walking Starbucks, we're gonna, give you any like Hadrian's. I want to go, an ice coffee extra eyes, and would you want the doubled? Also, let it ok, there will be a success. We learn of tax money and then I just pull up. So we told We did that people sent us videos of them doing is fuckin hilarious, like a guy, like you his Usanga bill play place, he's like hey mommy. Our stay with this bill means, and the other guys like yes, that first section like they don't even dress,
you're calling someone mommy or genes or saying thank you mommy, I love you moment. Ok, I have a good day. They they, just as it speaks more to almost how pre programmed customer service becomes clear that out acknowledging that you're saying something ridiculous to them. No now they're, not It's hilarious but also like what do you say when someone says sunlight at you, you probably like you're so scrambled, I think so yeah. I guess it doesn't make any sense. You started off not making any sense, but then a picked up and made a lot of sense. Yes, I go clearly in talk english right. Then it gets to the anti calls you mommy, like love. What happened one time we called the the Renaissance in Cincinnati Toto the hotel, because the year before, before a few months before my son was born, were there for a wedding and Christina had like a thirty. Second
for we are not very prominent, came actually talked about it and we decided it deserved. Its own names was called the Cincinnati, fart Jesus and we figured out what room them we were in and we called the hotel- and I go We can help I want a book. I will stay there, but I want to commemorate this in any part, and she go I'm sorry, but was that I want to stay This room, I think, is from six one aid, because this is a far happened there, because I was having little trouble. What was that? The word, and unlike those internet apart and she's like key spell it for me if a and she stayed profound, not like. She was like see what I can do. Hast yeah, she didn't hobby of cameras, You're gonna restaurants and you can go
the fuck you talking about why? Well, I did have a flooring guy I go. Can you do this floor for me and he's like. I can send you some samples and I go great because of who do I send it to I go to your mom's house and he was like can I go to your mom's house, because my mom's house, I don't know, what's the name of our our company, your mom's house and I go yeah and he's like how are you have a good day and you hung up the phone? like I was I wasn't trying to frame. It was a totally normal. I wasn't dry funny. I know the name of the current model. And he like? Ok, ok, you have a good day like wow Did you try you? Let him hanged issues that is actually the name we were called, you might try to explain a big even though look it up on Itunes is very popular. He was. He was pretty quick with like this a joke.
He grew over the law, you mom jokes, yet he did not mind it now buying. It seems like a guy that just didn't get it. Can you play Fred? Do it? Will you please area the glasses? yeah, it's the! Where do you have it on your thoughts on Youtube Ok, what is the name of the them? It's called said it saved so you do me one moment terms. A girl The ice house said I sold out, I'm doing dumber show tonight and youth at the lab factory to mark. Tomorrow, with control and tony hinge curve to do. Got a couple of pop up up up up up up up on loose down. Twenty should be it. Ok, Craig it up. Ok, look so compound really usually couldn't tells me quick. Yeah. That's a compound the sea to the camp at the top of the boats, the son, a primitive boat, all
some supermodel bow think that this is knows how to do this. He's all yeah professional Bonner. I've seen this guarantee vetoed the idea here the tv show that I watch do, if you go my house, you think I am crazy person. You change your profile pic yet silly picture of me with a camel my face highly trees, China Nature. This is the right of any I'm looking going through the trees everyone's. Why stop, but I can still see the move through. The tree was loaded in good. We ve got when is it good? That's it I'm above its archery is. Is it actually is Dounia come angling down yet I need, and I like I've got here. We go again about you, get the foolish wait countdown to getting real funny spot watch
I don't doubt automatic right to use. Only this part way have ever see removed all week. Because I was raised ass. We got out here important to look at the matter. This is why this is why we came up here We would slip it along this. Huge battle Wrong Tom Atto, we ve been slipping along here, just glass and just go glass, it off. I don't even have put my head Madonna, my guy we're just glass and eat accused by those whose just keep Goin, let's glass,
what's it like, always marked I gotta moose, we're gonna move and I'm like a home answerable to pull. It might go right there. That was unbelievable. We came right. Israelis tree she was is: is a cow, more significant, tenable a oh no, unless he only had attacked for a cow and on Y Y you shot a cow, not not a bull. Sometimes depends on the unit depends on how many cows they have versus how bulls they have they might want people kill girls. They probably want a certain amount of cows to be killed a year. They have. Weird, who decides that gnats fish and game department they go there. To any depends entirely on where you are. Entirely on what are the world urine and Andy report it. Yet gang e tag, italian animal miss, have you shoot a moose? That's a moose! This one I shot in British Columbia
and you are. You have a tag. Take that you know you. You have to pay for it a lot, a certain amount of some places there. What's called over the counter which means issues of this kind and everybody wants to pay for the hunting fee and pay for the tags to some species he's, like particular, would you shake hands with a rifle? He will you glass and before deal glass, and No, that was that was like for solid days of hunting, with no luck and then were literally driving down this road and off the side of the road. Seventy yards away was a most. It was is so crazy. It happened so fast. We stop the truck the moose looked up. He didn't know what we were. I put a a. Shall I put a bullet in the chamber: push the Baltic take the safety off Saturday. My item like to have time to lean against anything. I didn't have time to lean against. I just I just held it at three and he was only about six
five. Seventy yards away was really closer, so close, I knew I can make the shot boom. Then down immediately. There's domino, we feel in man, weird feeling I aviano. I don't do that either, but I e is party he gets. Pumped party has excited, but I'll act like that again seems really will theatrical. I mean that's just at all, I'm not him personally, but I am maybe it's just how we react ituri, very excited Yannick, said, which I understand is not easy to do so, with a bow and arrow yeah very difficult. To do so will say I do Philistine run, I'm not an anti hunting guy at all polite. Then it's hard to watch the m. The animal fall apart. I like it. It's hard to watch aiming die
so fun and it's one of the problems that we have with eating meat in this country, that we don't watch the animals dying. Of course, it's only affects you. I went to a slaughterhouse once me to when I was a teenager, though, how long do stop you from eating meat? hours at night, but it's still was one. Those images fuck me with fear factor in a slaughterhouse once and you feel it it feel in the building me. Maybe this my head yeah but didn't feel I get it felt like a doll hum of death, everywhere. You were an ambient sound that you could pick up and over the floors made like rain boots on to walk around and does just like you know so much.
Things man yeah. It makes you really understand what the fuck you look it up, they would admit it definitely could deter you. I mean I said I was. I guess I was a young teenager and I still at me, but I think I would definitely would be harder as I'm older. What do you think this is something? have considered. I do think that if you took kids at an early age to a slaughterhouse what percentage of them would contain me you'd, you lose a significant number of them right, this very interesting, so children probably shouldn't be exposed to something that horrific someone are the right man. That's a good argument for maybe children dont need to see an animal, get pissed under its head and hung by its ankles and got it, but guess what kids grow up on arms. This shit through kids, grow up hunting families. They see that shit and it doesn't seem to be it doesn't see them other than that much yeah, I think when kids don't see some
like that, and then they see it, then it really fox em up what we want we shot is Elk in to hone ranch when were are taken Elk apart, we were caught in the quarters off and Donald stuff. This one guy here wife and his little girl came to watch and I think she said whether this the change of perspective- if you do you do for sure, if you kill and eat what you killed, I think that change your perspective on. Why don't think he will have to do it on that one. Yeah and mammals like no he's dead, she told her to change a perspective. If you do it, you do for sure if you kill and eat what you killed change. Your perspective on it. Why don't think you'll have to do it? I'm not one of those who think the people have to abide to say that, but if the changes you're a little bit right when you're yeah, you remember that, like
You did this and then you, you used its meat for something. It's totally different. It's a toll. It ever feel when you Like an amount does people it doesn't think you should be able to get me supermarket. I think you should, but I think there is. There is definitely something we about not knowing how that animal died. Like that's not normal. It's like arc arm brains, the way we formulate ideas, a lot of it, based around experience right and the experience, I give you you're eating a piece of meat or a few, even eating fruits and vegetables. For that matter. You will understand that experience better if you go through the whole process like if you there The plants are growing, maybe help water them. Maybe pick em, maybe cut been service, then you're eating I'm having a garden is cool thing. It's cool thing at its. It gives you some weird thankfulness, which I think is one of the things that a problem of people today
is that things come so easy to us that we don't have obstacles to overcome and we're not super thankful for the super easy life that we have totally. We think of it as being like he S. Just words were traveling somewhere poor will give you a perspective on that for sure our marriage go and like a really poor, palatial you'll definitely rethink You know calling over the waiter Jamie who was it that was Tellin us yeah. Who was it that was telling us that they landed in the Congo and they were Indeed, they landed in the wrong spot, who the fuck was. That was Tom Papa, it might have been Tom Papa. It was Tom partner. In the Koran? Don't worry and my yes emergency, yes, yeah there fuck their balloon. They went up in a balloon like asshole top opposite he's. Really funding he's a funny duties, great great, on podcast men, yeah he sets. I got an elegant dance partner, yeah conversation, You tell you right here
he's got an amazing story about how they were His body was Tom pop his life shall anyway, wholly sure everybody's leisure live, show what is a top up and friends was instead podcast? No, it's a live scripted like like a night, team thirty's radio show what yea wings I do it out of Largo, no shit, it's fuckin fine I've been on it a few times, he'll like what he does is here comes out. There's a fuckin band that plays like throw back you no kind of music right and then he how sit like a radio show so and then there's a theme, their stories and in between these sketches with live actors like you have a scope to reinforce audience stand up in between. Does he have its own Parkhurst yeah? I think so. What is Tom pompous Podcast for sure? How do I not know this answer, because I knew do you used to do one with some money he may have Canada.
That's right, that's right! It's on Itunes, the whole deal. Does a really good comic to my eyes are very funny guy. He just has special it just came out and epochs come out already. Yeah right didn't come at last, Gunnar something its recent and it's gotta be what third forthwith Prominent. If you give talk, Thus our dough bread soured obray. Now: there is yet lost four hours really pieces our no wizard. He knows all about making our debate will judge your bread. He could make em spread, as I could try, but relays what's wrong here? Please! I love is a red. I feel. Like I love that quality. I feel like there's so much that income acts when my favorite attributes about comedians, like this guy's, a fuckin hockey fanatic, he will put
in the face, if you say nothing, I mean like they have their little fanaticism. Yeah for sure that will you that's his bread any better than my guy? What am I in France and Greece now vacant Red its awesome. So yeah mean that looks really good, that bread looks fucking sensational. Do there was one time I learned to a french cooking class few like six seven years ago, and I learned very basic, but you know a little more sophisticated way to make chocolate souffle
you know like the hot lava where you crack and there's a certain way yet learned. The temperature of your oven, like the real way it works, is to make multiples because it might say three hundred, but it cooks it in seventeen minutes. But at my house three hundred cooks, it twenty two minutes right, so you because cause there. Actually the different ovens will actually are performed. At a different level. The guy is not necessarily what it says, and you know you'd learned how to mix in season the rampant. What's the range error in well, the thing is, I think most people would agree that you want the souffle to have a crack. You almost want it to be a crumble like a breaks through the top, but the middle stays a sort of three quarters type of choose who softness you know. So you don't want it to bake fully, because then you have a cake, basically right. So if you go under that would be like to be what you want like that, that kind of down
it'll. All I see what you do and you know you know Burke. Crises can hear this pod cast. You can hear the Souffle talking is gonna go off like a rocket, and I know what you do and not at all. I can't believe you use my pockets like that. I would never guess who does what you just? Did you never done this before you never have sent I wanna fuck and chocolate to flame. Now it's in there, I've read Emily. Do I vanilla ice cream with there's absolutely have to, and you have said that you let your server note these things take twenty minutes or more. They will tell you fancy Manzi pleasure, Victoria. Malta has up if you want the chocolate souffle yeah the snow now do when I learned that recipe made about thirty in two weeks, while and yet Singapore about thirty pounds streets. Definitely do you now when you try to lose weight for this competition yeah? Do you now look at this? Like visit, new times: a girl underscore healthy and all this way or do you go? I'm gonna beat Burke pressure,
I'm gonna go off like a rocket now I feel it becomes a little bit addictive too, when you start seeing some results, kind of reminds me of like saving money, your addicted to success. When you save money- and you see the number go up- you know like like evenly? Were you not making a lot of eagerly almost say this amount of money? Sometimes you'll, surpass it and you'll be like I care about the thing I thought I was save money for its fun to see it grow right. That becomes the addiction is that I just wanna see it grow. So though I think weight loss can be like that you like. Oh I just you know, try lose, but then you see the number I want to keep see a keyboard. That's why when they have those helicopter footage views of these mansions and the Hamptons Nepal on a guy out in handcuffs cause he stole from hundred million dollars from his company. That's what the fuck! That's all about! Yet hats, the deaths in Rome, human need to collect that becomes You become some corporate villain that becomes you.
Dig into the oil in the middle of the ocean in every see America every semi like this, it's a natural thing. The people there sure there anyway last one healthy. The way last one is a healthy one, but you can't you put bring up a really good point yet, like people do get addicted to success and they get addicted to. I think it's one of the most important things about people is that you have to find what little formula works for Europe rain right! Everybody's brain is fuck, indifferent to tell everybody they gotta go for it and they got to work out. The rock and they get to read a book. Ok. I slow the fact. That's not everywhere, but it doesn't have to do that. But you have to find out. What it is for you and I think, for almost everybody- does- should be something that you're pursuing that you can get better at meaning. It could be art. It could be like you really painting to root sculpture. It could be a physical thing. Maybe a yoga thing or martial arts thing or fill in the blank
of a hundred archery hundred different things that you could chess that you really get into a sure. I think when people work towards something and then continue to do something and try to improve it and even its use, your recreational tennis game. I think those things bring people happiness People have a certain amount of built in desire to overcome adversity, overcome problems and we don't get enough of it in real life all right right. So then you get something like a weight. Loss Stanley thing like that or you have a difficult struggle, yet I gather accomplishment to you that you working towards he gives me in this sense of meaning. You know which would ultimately that's the real problem right with a lot of people they don't. They don't enjoy their life and so on. Then they start thinking about. What is the purpose of this? That, because it is, it just keep being unkind people and not happy until your heart, Sobs beaten, yet miserable way to live yet allowed evil like that,
by the way is by my point, for this too, is that I think it's a great endorsement of fat shaming, because this is a healthy result where he had two guys. Ultimately, look. It doesn't even matter we both we, both fat shamed and a at each other and then so did a lot of people right where you can get away with it because you're a fact I have Jamie started fat aiming new we'd have a real issue. I don't know man Jamie's guinea runs a lot, but that's but a de mer. What I'm saying is that we send a faded from low fat yandah he's he's. No! No. You did definitely, but you guys are all both fashionable comedians, accuse approach. Example: what about a guy who like a chef who just some food, can bought ass chef, his master sheriff and it keeps creating always knew dishes, but he's a fat fuck and Eads like a pig. Can you drink wine every night like Gerardi, Pardo, get back. I love that you're right, I'm not I'm not
Urging I'm not saying you should go a fashion whereby I'm saying what I'm saying is that there is an outcome in in in which it can be effective and not negative nothing, hey anybody! You is that you should vote in favour. I am I don't say in this scenario in the outcome, could be that like it ends was eight ended today and we are where we are. Both of us just actually ended up eating healthier and working out for a month, and I mean we weigh less than we did were healthier than we were a month ago. I think different people have different were a bit Ladys of tolerating jokes pointed at them There is a different effect like what you can see. Than to me, and it probably has a different effect sets till it and maybe someone who doesn't do comedy or we have someone who was not used to someone joking around with them. Here. I think that's that's a factor too. I don't you should have mostly traumatize if that person. I hope I didn't sell a good, but I must say that for some people it takes being called fat till. I get them off the round
like some people. My point is that I I feel like. I should say that with me It were and with some people I mean in it in a healthy whenever took it to lake. Really I don't know I didn't affect me. You mean a motivating way will unite event of tonic conversations over the years about health and Fitness gate loss suffered. Thoughts came if you wanted to do something. I was felt like you, no, you would do somethin. You always worked out there. You know, but I just this became you know what gets me became something I want to do just channeled through this. Other thing is ultimately what it was. You have told us before, but when Kevin James is losing away his manager. At the time we got rid of was telling him that if he loses way he loses roles yeah, whose talent to not be healthy because you won't, you won't get as much work. Item goddamn, crazy manager. Tell me don't don't lose the weight. Jesus
same thing like you, what the fuck kind of advises that so crazy, don't don't be better as a person there did you fuck up your comedy rethinking of casting their This many rose, so you could get one. I wonder if they would Roger differently now cause now like. If you like cast- it's always can be good. We set com, so is gonna, be good to be in a movie yeah, but if Europe Some like you, was a successful podcast and then does Netflix specials I'll. Take that for all those things all day. It's a good life. It's the sly, your creating your own shit you're, doing your own thing you do and when you wanna you'd, be in very prolific haven't found him. You ve done to specialise in what two and a half years yeah, that's pretty fuckin ass. You did one than you do another one like what was like a year and a half later is more than the age of sixteen eighteen months. The young man, that's that's fucking, giant yeah, I'm working on other one tat legacy that knit no interference where no no you're right.
Have some crazy executives want to change the direction of the Shoah? That's a whole world that I've learned its really weird like this. From writing. Yeah like having a script eels yeah the lot of people get involved at first. They don't first, there's nothing like you in an idea, and they have conversations with you just want to go. Why did you just say I had one? one time where we have this conversation with the executive who said like we cannot want, shows like values, make it up right, like like say like an HP, OSHA and you going ok and that which is one of the things they said and then on. The first note pass, which is like they re your first draft. The first thing that the same executive said was discussed Secondly, we also don't we like. Let that's what you said. That's too much like that. I'm gonna go what's areas so that college, that's the kind of shit you can deal with on a writing deal. You like
I don't want to go from that. The other will. Those deals are so odd. Work with writers, and sometimes you know a guy, you don't know a person sit down them start trying to read scrip with homage. Is really strange idea, but when they, when the exact come in his might really get strange yeah, they have their own wacky idea. I picked you show once and the girls Picea without a panic attack. He had a panic attack the image meeting where he can it together with the other, out of a his is a really nice guy. Very smart. Guy, too, is real, good writer, bread Funny guy is becoming. And then the middle of this meaningless locked up, see it you I just have really struggled to try to get through the pitch in I couldn't jump. I mean if I jump. I didn't
to do pictures are so funny. Man pictures are like for people that haven't who haven't done it or do I like pitching a show in my in my estimation, in my experience, is a lot like a blind date. First, like the first five minutes, that's how a pitch feels Gaza. We like hey, you I'm supposed to meet you yeah, to write and get here, two o clock, and then they like what's going on right, even though the though usually popular thing specially for comedy peoples there like first to be like yourself and just make it funny, and you make a decision like you like I'm a jug about this and you like, sometimes you get on a roll like people. Are you your jailing like this? Is it's funny natural? Versation, but sometimes it's like an awkward first date where you're like yeah, you like moose and the person's like what and then you kind of feel it being awkward and they start to be like a great date. You know, and then they like at that point
I don't know if I would go on a second date with you is like the field to go. So what's the idea and you're already feeling like this? Isn't a good. This isn't a good day to begin with, and then you start trying to throw out- and I do like you'll like this, even though I don't think you like me you know, and then you kind of either like area rolls down that hell. You like you leave the room like TAT, was awkward right away, still one step to move from an audition, though renditions, the worst It is clear that is, that is deaf of the worst. They also you feeling. Sometimes you walk in the room and an audition and that you feel like the casting director person may decision all right as you walk in the room, Erasmus World, you walk in the elect disperses. Definitely, no! Then you have to keep going. You gotta keep no adequate check email once during an audition, then the atomic improvise, a line and the guy laughed
Ngos. That was rude as I was he to stick to the script pushed to the fuckin got like that. Have you had a bad pitch yes without, was about pitch with guided by had attack that was the end of the year or tried to pitch filigree Uruguay, and you like this is going to terrible pics of Charlotte, the dew laughed make thought I was joking, but I'm it was. I'll, let you girls, who work at a became pizza place during the day and night they fight crime, as called pizza slots The work at a place called pizza size like what's a bitch I wanted to do. I was just in it was a stone idea had, but the idea was to do like a super over the top ridiculous. Slight Charlie's angels type thing with some girls are worked at a pizza place. Yet there was the cover for the sexy crime.
Fighting organization was so stupid, like I don't have ideas for scripts innovating this. Yet I would at least be smiling. That was the pig he laughed. You like. I can't do that shit, You see my marrow sizzle. You saw that where I play, I basically like a rob forward five character.
Oh yeah, I did see the play that we shot. We shot that you know a couple years ago. We pitched too alike. We sent them that we bring it with us right there, so you will laugh in like you'd. Like I said, it's like meeting a new person run, there's one guy who were like so do you see this is all he goes yeah. What else is there like back on? It raises like shut it down. You know now I M in the Americas Harry prior, Mr Mer, evil. I greet me, Mr Mer. The sustained Ramsay from the budget office raising stand for some healthcare. Pierre says he was recently diagnosed with cancer. I'm sorry stand what time long, I don't even smock one of the doctors say they gave me six months. You also
I ain't had lung cancer and they gave her that same prognosis, and that was fourteen years ago. Really she remained cancer free. Oh, she died thirteen and a half years ago. My time in this case it was like six months to the day at me. In these doctors, like no other shit, great meaning, you stand, they indefinitely swing by before April, We can set up through my office where we will the people's mare, it saves decided to do a Rob, Ford character. You mean, like it, wasn't pitch that way, but, as you know, you could tell those, obviously the influence. Would you like to ramp up and start with coke? Do like Rob Ford the thing that so interesting about how they had video of him. Smoking crack that this this leads down. He gives Gaza, can black death for crack trees? Second biotech yet were accused of it anything else. I don't think so but it was you know, it was written by Tom. Rubric
really funny. He was eleven writer for years and years and years really funny guy and I just played the role but pitching that was I got, was, was a roller cut because we had so many good people like involved in it. You know- and I was like how and then, when you and then the pitch I just can't out, but I am repeating it, but it's like a blind date. It was like people would be like, oh my god, that's fucking awesome and then, be like I hate you. I think that the position you re going to an executive- and you saying hey, spend money, spend spend money. I wanna make ahead. What's your idea, then you know bunch. Girls, no bikinis may get the fuck out get out that he still let's stupid, stupid idea, glad they said no but every now and then going to come in their office and something clicks may decide was take a chance and dig take a chance on ten things. Only one of works we Hamish will get fuckin cancer may cause a shitload of money to make happens all the time through Remember that show with adieu.
From e r, what's name John Noah. No wily Marietta show like an alien show of this crime, these special effects, alien invasion, show me the shit out of it spent all this money if you're gonna hit show you get so many more chances after that, oh yeah, you do I'll, keep put you in shit. Man it is falling skies who is kind of funny. Logan yeah, I mean, like the little creatures, were bad ass. I can bear bizarre, but, as a weird show, it's like what is going. What is this these creatures, sir hanging out, like once you're hanging out with aliens, can't damn that's hard to pull off yeah each turn you backed and lizard person. I do not freaking out by the fact the thing from another goddamned planet right behind you, you could look this. As I would never let one those fuckers behind me everywhere at war?
at my back to the wall, let's every as had to be to kill, of course You see that picture I or the animated give file that I put up on the Instagram, which one of the owl swooping in a jack in this other bird. No, he's a hawk jack's two or some it looks like someone I did watch was your tree. Cutting thing holy shit is addressed about. Is that thing see them as sheen yeah I've seen those before but that one seemed like is paid the media yacht efficient or just cuts man, ass, the view that saws and half lives, up in the air buzz. Through all the bark, as is holding pattern again Buzz is through the bark all these trips, the bark off. I me that's crazy. Yeah. I saw the branches off cuts it black, it's so incredible lamp. Dude Manning that it's not fathom wild yeah? It's disturbing? When you see the brutal brutal efficiency of it, look how it just saws through it and all those wheels
gears ANA Maria, really incredible man, real but anyway, that's one shit compared to the owl this out, more swooped down and Jack's this bird what kind of actually loosely a pigeon like also hawk right? What does it look like? birds, blue eyes, in the distance, the sea, the eyes yeah this mother fucker. Whoa, other birds knew. No, what happened as I can see, look at his face that legal raptor. Doesn't it yeah has right a beacon, though right. I think that some kind of a rapid and distances to food and it sees them- they don't see it and play ya later in this. They don't just grab you. They kick you. I guess it closes in watch it one more time. We're like say this now those eyes looking just fuckin swoop in it but those eyes or so creeping often the watch animals do but watch kick some pitch.
It's not just grab. It's a stun like a kid some and then sinks the client man, and they have ever seen our towns, the other, their income, Annabelle, enormous yeah, that other bird turned its how's, that you say that Why is it that we take these ruthless since aiding birds of prey These predators, nature. We make em out to be these like love, we are sweetheart like ours is not the only polluting here than Matt Brokers bit about out now that that Taylor is so fuckin fuss about our ruthless. Our house savage there in the he hit me like I'm paraphrasing, it's an older bit his but his, but even people who are so could I think I'll rip your fuckin face off like it. He has a really really well written bit about it, but like a cheese, speed, whereas it make em cute, like other adorable, amazing yeah, there night, predators, night flights, predators with giant eyes. Those eyes too
there we were out there's a rescue place that we go to. Sometimes they are that they take care life and rehabilitate them. And they had this one out- there was blind- I pretty much blind, couldn't fly, it would just perch There was a rush, small owl, and you sit down. Look at this. They think it's hints Omar. I think the places I forget where TAT sits in the eight one eight It's got this little lamb, this little out, you're. Looking in his fucking eyes, man, you like what a strange cry, sure, and his eyes look almost like cracked comes maligned, looks like you're looking through a cracked a vision, glass and its old days old. He's old? Maybe something happened to his eyes to might have been an injury. I don't like that. Sometimes as a flying to windows. Then we have the outline of one on a window. Oh Jesus, where those eyes is that that one bird
a blind alley, Alec, look in his eyes and Victor cracked and saw something wrong. Something missing is looking at the universe. A guy looks like a portal to the Heavens is right. I mean like a constellation map or his left eye, to the left eye is a constellation. The right not dorm, favouring a reflection of something. Now that looks like that. That's what it looks like in that it such as such sorry, animal! I give that didn't exist give if there was no owls and then I just found one you'd be obsessed Billy. Holy shit, have you seen that new animal they discovered tat calling out they're, calling it an hour due to his giant flying thing with huge talons and it only hunts at night, smartest fuck me just swooped down and Jack everything yeah. That's that's incredible, predator! Well, It's really interesting that the balance of those things other than when people get infected or involved, rather with ounce of those things.
How many of them exist? It's all dependent upon like how much there is for them to eat more rabbits, there are the more rats. There are the more also thrive and oil. It's you eve. Didn't have those things like people are always an hour later. I was worried about Coyotes moons, Vulcan coyotes. It's bullshit. We gotta get these our neighbourhood? Oh, do you like rats yeah? Do you like rats not like rats and who had a rat's, get your fuckin house coyotes. My tat, don't your cat outside the african mittens doesn't know what the who the hell a goddamn coyote is right. Now it's the people feel about about who need Cairo, Siena, Fuckin, Coyote, jogging doubt trotting down fountain with a dog in its mouth before at night late last night.
Ass, dark and then I saw a pack of them came to an apartment building I lived at once and he hurling weird squeaking screeching at first. I thought it was an animal was hurt. Where were you? I was in Silverlake Holy Shit and I was like and what is that sounds good dogs crying, and I opened the door and the door that was near the street, the apartment there had a glass door open, but a screen door, and there is they had a bigger dog, and then there is like six coyotes trying to get that dog yet and there are making this incredible crying owings share. We were fighting
fixated like. Oh, my god, like five percent other they're gonna fuckin run through that door. Imagine they got through and just made a bloodbath how the hallway became down. You found this coyotes now kill as a pitch I'm already in on this one of gonna pick this. What an like in six coyotes, see a dog break in and make a bloodbath of an entire family Jesus Holloway twenty seventy coyotes, while coyotes should start telling people why not? Unlike most men, multiple, then don't fuckin by it. I just right. It's all right, dude cheese cried I'll, go K. We all have different tastes, I'm not into that it goes into denoted Coyotes awards now the world's thereof they. These com, prairie wolves, that's why they can breathe with walls they are they the other thing collar, Coy wharf. It's like a hybrid between a coyote in a wolf. Yet this is I'm just a hybrid between equality in a wolf there's. Actually, a lot of now. There's two percent
of hybrid as like some. I'm too hybrid mixes with a pure coyote, sometimes a hybrid mix it with another hybrid, sometimes a hybrid mixes with another wolf. So there's like a bunch of them, levels of Kyoto and wolves, but ultimately the raw wolves. Coyotes are a type of wolf, but the difference between dogs Will this dramatic grant nothing? I read that only by image by image, only gather, genetics and exactly the same, but then leave the natural abilities of them it is either genetics because, obviously the very Riah but What I should say is when you research are dogs. Dna. All dogs came from wolves who, so, they became a dog Obviously, an english bull dog is very different in a husky is very different than a rottweiler. There's a lot of weird variations genes, but all of them originated, with wolves, interesting How do you know how, in the UK bodies comfortables What is our walls are, wolves and
I'm coyotes have bread with dogs when we did a few facts to shoot. Once we stumbled upon this, like a litter of puppies, that this Labrador and had by the coyotes, was Where do you ever seem outline I've seen outlines of Saint twice I saw one in Colorado and I saw one in Santa Barbara. I wanted Montecito that mosquito neighborhood, where German, too, restaurant or drive and industry. This thing runs across the road and I'm looking at it, I'm sorry, Sir higher, who saw its tail and Anne. Oh, my god. It's a cat, that's a cat at a big cat holy shit. It's such a different feel in man. When you see and what I say, big cat, those pro only about sir, exterior seventy per hour bitching just guessing anyway, fifteen? Seventy pounds, it wasn't big like a big mouth line. Yeah like some of them get to be a hundred. Fifty plus pounds wasn't like that. Big, though, is a bad motherfucker.
They're all bad motherfuckers. My point is that fifty one fuck you up yeah. Of course, fifty Brown MAO minded fuck. You man, you don't want to see that. No, that's a terrible so to see it in this really nice neighborhood we want is really nice, italian, restaurant or driving residential street who work hard Lee Shit, that's a killer! They just roman looking for dogs and cheer. Yet with its sell you walking a dog they'll. Take your dog coyotes take your dog all the time. They need here. Stories about always in Brentwood, walk in there. Poodles click, click, click, the hither clicks of the nails, the coyote behind them and the cat You're snatches adore right off the leash, that's horrible if anything, especially when their Urban environments to actually target cats and dogs, because cats and dogs kill a lot of what they kill. Yeah. They don't you look at a cat. This is one of the things I found out from this Coyote America book. The red was that they don't just look at a cat as a something to eat. There really look at it as a competing predator.
I gotta get rid of that yeah because of things need not a fuckin birds rethink You know the rats things eat nuts killin everything ever thought of a data like it. They don't like having competing predators around competition mean you'll, kill it offers chicken. Obviously they would kill it if it was something that wasn't a competing like a buyer abbot, they would kill it too. So it's hard to say why the killer. The easily be killing for food, but they believe that they target those animals, because those animals are fell. Predators. Interesting, We owe they must know they must be able to tell when somebody's a predator. I saw this piece of news piece about how they would have much better. You no chance of survival the Mount minds out here. If we had over passes over the free waiting for them to Rome. Getting Annabel doubts. Are they and other talents in Europe. The him simply gonna do I'm here and that we spend millions of dollars and people are up in arms people in these things, while one of just killed. I think it was like when we will look disability rights, twelve AL packages.
Eleven eleven alpacas in one, go in Malibu just went on o er rampage just decided. I just wanna jumped offensive for these things. Up didn't eat one of em reduce, killed him for the fun of it. He was like four or began saw, is time to get. I can resist this bunch thing stuck in a age. I get an occasion I get a little or nothing to the wind. That's like probably a thrill for him picture. These are these totally tame things that are going to run good. I think about how many times are things to sneak up on a deer dear sees Wendy Oil, Goin Spock, yeah I mean how many times that thing after you want to start before it actually gets dear walked out on that occasion it is its assent this five. Despite came all over the place, you see, if you, if they did, they gave a dapper Dan in order to kill this thing, and people are up in arms about that like no, we want the monster, they kill They are part of sustaining our children. Our house
I don't care. A big mouth mine fan. Folks, don't get me wrong things Anna wolves do, but when you something new neighbourhood to kill eleven our pockets. What is it? a werewolf. What, if a werewolf was in your neighborhood, decided, kill bunch a sheep reprieve they do changes. While they gave a depredation order, which means the ranch was allowed, kill it. So it looks the mountain lion gotta reprieve than in neighbouring offered to shoot the big cat known as p forty five, the little bigger bigger thank Sir for Victoria VON per Nothing, but she told reporters. It was never her intention to have a heavy cougar killed. Instead, she said she'd hope, game officials, capture it and get it away from her ranch. Ok, so the woman who have the parkers didn't want them outlined to be killed. She indicated public outrage might have played a role in her decision. Adding she was.
Surprised by the vitriol. Of course, people who don't now, especially someone's I rancher is raising our pockets and then up paint how nutty like soldiers, his warriors get online. We aim to things like this, but here's the thing for you problem. If you got something it's in your neighborhood that kills allow livestock specially that the way it did it there or killed a bunch of em and didn't even eat it. Or would they drop that thing by the way things are, Do they would take it somewhere, like big, bear or somewhere, probably those by but far enough away- that you know maybe could stick out new territory, but does no guarantee that it doesn't come back so think about now lines as opposed to people as they know where the fuck they are, and they know get home. They have some weird built and sense of direction. Now, mines will travel hundreds of miles in their lives, hundreds hundreds miles and get back to work
They were due tourism outline there was killed in Fucking Connecticut and it originated in South Dakota. That's really far. It was hit by a car in Connecticut and they were like what enough fuck. Is this yeah, wiser our mountain line on the road sitting, a fine S door and Jesus child butcher with my shit memory and take our brain today now now forgot fled to grab it on the way out. Now, I'm stupid keep you sharper off shore, and the Fleming didn't help me. Flammable regained the time yet Time Connecticut outlined walked from South Dakota hundred hundred and four Eddie pound male Cougar, which is a big cat, estimated in two and five years old, almost certainly left its neighbour native habitat, to look for mates but went there. Direction according to Adrian. Why did a little animal? How do say that name Adrian Wide Devon, I even why Devon
a mammal ecologists, with Wisconsin Department of natural resources? He was looking for love and all the wrong places as mothers expressions he was struck by an suv on the Wilbur Cross, Parkway and Milford Connecticut. I know that his eyes to play pool around their real s play Pool Milford. In that area cycles. Milford. On June. Eleventh, the driver was unheard, but the cougar die. The scene thought wow a coup. Is this glass in the guy hidden that's interesting that they initially thought that had been released from captivity. Given that no outline had been cited in the state from more than a hundred years. Jesus but so long in its grazing they can they ve. They spotted them in a lot of places and now they're fact like a big one, is flawed of Florida. The Cougars in Florida would like a legend just a few years ago, and now has a lot of video of em. We see no one, whether Ladys walk down out fence she's, walk on a bridge rather ashes, walking down the beach
the mountain lions on the runs pass. Aren't you films, the whole thing freaking out no holy shit, it's a big one two and it just a little narrow, ass wooden bridge check the shit out like wash give us a volume. Jamie some fuckin volume. Watches were the mine. He only get worse, Oh, my god, do yeah dude. Are you fucking kidding me this for the people listening now watching this mountain line, which is really big, runs by this lady, I guess it's a Florida but it's the same animal break. It runs by this lady within a couple of feed over may be one right next to maintain its huge. This cat is goddamn enormous, but it's you know she's. Lucky that she staring us. That is, it does a third escaped number in her description. Is your mom's house, she was my bet.
Mom was unfortunate. Sure. Does she? Does Naples sang out of their eaten rednecks out their folks. Don't fuckin kid yourself to novel. I met a man, he was out there frog and he went out there fraud- and we never heard from home again there's a lot of Maya you, oh yeah, the everything each you you got in like fucking, Mozart, one d, member, that one movie goddammit southern comfort, Democracy, the southern comfort. Now something comfort is about some national guard. It's a fucking good movie goddammit. Before I say that it may not that's ok, maybe one has now. Yes, I know exactly what you mean when you're sixteen really do a groat houses- Jesuit divided. Patrick, your closing karate for real. You fuckin really ask me that southern comfort, yeah so is about these National Guard, guys that went down into the swamp, and they were doing some sort of like exercise and they piss somebody off and they got it
sort of an exchange with people they shot at someone who they are got it, someone with like blanks, they didn't have real bullets there, which is being an asshole and when they shot at someone the shot like some on occasion, guy who like lived in the swamps and they are they set up a waiting for these guys they took one out with a rifle from a distance and when he d they were. All my god, they shot and killed in front of them and then a b, I want to give away spoiler, but it becomes these guys trying to survive in the woods with these crazy contagion, people that have been living there. Their whole lives remedy dude, it's deep, isn't I'm raids slots, but it's fuckin anxiety. I just like the pc pizza sluts. You knew was bullshit go in re. That was the part, though discarding get yeah so fucking moving
It's a good fortune movie. I remember this might suck on when warn you, you go watch it Joe Rodion, I solved. States that movies fucking, terrible, and you're right. You're right altered, they changed my life, but it's terrible lot. Lot of movies on hold up nope, try what such a today comedies twos and fungi. Yes, a funny shit watch again so tell me about stripes, they try to rot white stripes yeah lives from there. If you see, I mean you know that the thing that you don't given of credit to our sunlight, that something like Stripes was one of the blueprints for how to make that kind of comedy and if you're, somebody that didn't see stripes but saw a hundred bad versions of stripes, and then you see it, then it looks bad.
If you know formulaic Lee, who the characters like that's this character, that character you ve seen versions of all the jokes. You know it so that it feels, like others, is just another that when its action the original right. It's also problem that, like everything, I'm just kind of gets keeps getting better. They will get better. Like super bad. Super bad didn't exist before stripes right now, why, unlike stripes, can open the door for movies like super bad butter? Ultimately, superpowers funnier dad's, better spent The dam that movies fund is really funding. That's a funny! That's a fuckin by yourself holding your sides laughing your ass off running Maria. You write so the one, did they really knock at the park today, but it has to be. Are they not there's a lot of shit caught but is always a lot of shit communism, shit colonies? Then shit com, it's really good calmly. Lately you see one of the guys Fred I got. Ass and video. Looking glass and hysterical
Jamie Siena, get moving accommodate I'm trying to remember one and have seen recently that was really funding. I heard train wreck was funny, but I didn't see it away Name one one movie: China, thank God, dammit, not a about a good. Moment. Have you seen a good move very recently saw shark bites the shallows. I saw that, what's that the media adjusted entertaining. It was a black lively alone sharks after her silly wasn't like for what it was it was like entertaining. You know it promotes movies is no HBO network the stuff? I can ask it over the head like when you watch a new episode of Game of thrones you're, so goddamn invested in that show, so they can go so much further with where the story's going to go and go so deep. You know You know you have ten thirteen fifteen hours
tell a story there, you can really make those hours meaningful. It's totally different, then like a girl, it show that you get into a mean it just change like fuckin. I think I'll you, if you watch Fargo the tv series hurts amazing fucking unbelievably too many good shows a guy's, unwritten Noah forget lad. Guys on real man, though, shows are so good, is Billy Bob Sort Thornton still in it now he's been most. Don't tell me that the cat I'm saying I don't you spoil the following. I once I want spoil anything, but you should watch season one and I will watch you read. Me, though, did what interpol is pretty good. I was like, we could certainly tat is what I would call that a superhero comedy- and I agree with you that was really funny, then put those good. That was really fucking funny and that due to really funny Ryan Audio his fire and ran up, I'm gonna say handsome guidelines for a thousand Alex his wife the start of the shark, when I saw her life with,
there. You can know why it was great guys do. That was a good movie really funny. I wonder if that new and that new and has got a pretty funny trailer the Amazon work. One I mean Christmas. It S. Party acts like it's like an hour rated commie. It looks like it could be fire me. I haven't seen generosity so just said becoming funny. I think these are that teaching Miller its gas. My right, that's like good solid Jennifer as and when we do you, if you're, not african friends, so I'd never watched runs now. It's it's very anxious, formulaic men, generic, but people like the Violences yeah, I think so sure it's just hit. It hits all the notes. If you're writing a sitcom, each of those characters plays one of the like archetype, people- and they just got people it had chemistry. I fucked up. I never watched Seinfeld what goes on here. I never what friends cycles really wants to couple of Frazier, and I would always watchful attempting with my doing cycles are really the only. I think one debts
if you're a comic, your watch mad about you and go into something with the. What am I just thinking wrong. Why would see people watch it like family members and that's an oath? That's an order something's wrong with me and then after hours, like you're, retarded off, you know she was. She said when you think that is not right. May I thank the people that are so laughing. You think is an intelligent thing? Yes, yes, yes, it is gathered. To their tapping into dull sperm, their figuring out the people that you, Susan, Focus, firm, vertebral different chose. You notice out it's fucking excellent abortion aside. I don't care what you like, but black mirror dark near by ordinary blackmail, mirror black. I watch the one where the guy I finally watch it, and I went right to the one where the guy
words, memories. Everyone can normally recent events that horribly shit. Have you actually what we ve been talking about ran a tire. Firstly, how long that that shows phenomenal. Have you seen the? U turn on one of my mother for masturbation one now, I'm saying the Annette show on Blackmoor would mean The they did is an episode on masturbation ness. I've only seen two episodes. I saw first one where the guy fucks the pig and I saw the sack this is the second one on us all. Ok, I want to watch this one specifically because it's about a subject to constant talk about wishes, which is recording memories, they're gonna be able record memories, its Rihanna percent's gonna happen matter of whether now we can survive the next hundred years or whatever it is before we get hit by an asteroid or but one these days. They get just think about how crazy it is that too, two years ago, if you want a painting, is something if you wanted a picture, something rather you'd have to paint it. You'd have to draw their pain That was so so recent. Yes, two hundred years, not
No photographs ever so, no one had ever seen aging, they didn't see the I saw it or you didn't say it sure. So what we have done is let you see things, you're, never gonna be named anywhere near some, the way we ve already connected people's memories? I give my memories of you know anything, whatever I did this last weekend, I can show you my phone they will efficient awhile wicked, some of my memories, of showing you my fuckin memories, shitty they like Morse Code. You know they're, like you know, a fuckin, teletype machine, the facts How is it not the internet, and I think this is crazy, that, like your children, will be able to grow up and think about how by yours or as the as well I'm saying among children, because my broken kids do so. My here, too
Only about your you show me a sicilian second piece of shit, useless knapsack sector, which is the early version of what you're talking about to do a surgery data showed like oh, what kind of surgery is this exact? Oh my god, how little warning I want a heads up on their I gotta pee man go people I want to gag cut open, but that's a super interesting yes through his eyes rise up. So this now our glasses are. Essentially, cameras are connected to the internet, yet your snapchat account I would assume, but yet has nuts hands off camera, so you don't have to people love them. People haven't sex on it like how dare they are not the sharing. Worn videos online, but but they can watch each other fuck through that. So it's essentially the same thing. The Verde got it. I knew it now. I could saving brilliant, but on that black mere episode, the different concepts that come up with that are super did
bursting outstanding job and has also weird how their eyes would glaze over when they would look at their own, so they can look at their stuff through their eyes. I'm giving away too much. It's been out forum So what I didn't see it don't spoil or learn things people mad at me for spoil earn the marking dead. What do folks sets boiler hit that button? Quick for nowhere near here spoiler need not near your phone like fuck, by time you get there. We should give them like spoiler and then ten seconds next time, we're gonna say something about something. Also spoiler somewhat countdown tubby annoying right I should have like a cat. The countdown on my desk, like a little thing that I can press in any moment. It just gives me a flat ten seconds. Can that be done and I'll just keep talking spoiler alert. Then I hit the button. When I'm about tell you, I could definitely get out of fucking room. If you want to know
I'll, let you know yet seven seconds five for how we gonna talk about for ten minutes. I want twenty tough shit but what I thought was it really interesting in the end of the black mirror thing. Is that when they had that one late can't talk about that I'll spoil Reddit, but I just thought they. It was really really well done because it it seemed like normal people of today that were faced with this technology. Was it as opposed to like West World is weird to me? I love West World a huge fan. But it's weird to me that thirty years in the future, but everything is pretty standard like the way their doing everything with a taboo in that everything, the way the walkin around their apartments all looks kind of the same. Whereas if you go to nineteen seventy and you look at-
eighteen, seventy, as opposed to the year two thousand, is a giant difference in that thirty years. I would think that whatever the fuck you mean it that closed, they D made these goddamn robots and then thirty years later there stood there still fairly similar I get the fuck out of here. Like thirty years later. You have you still you guys you soon ipads. A really is that would go and you haven't transcendent new dimensions, we're not walking through artificial black holes You make your blunder now. Thirty years from now someone could creates. Mine, numbing world, changing shit, just give me a robot. You fucker shoot can probably be. Oh, that's really like suspension, displeasing fucks with me. He said I ve been doing that part Thirty years after watching it and haven't areas that could be like. Maybe that's all I've shown I flyers It might not be the actual on her. My dear How come when for it
spoiler alert, if you cut them open, you see the robot parts, one of them but when you are building up now, no one ones were murdered when he marked all those people chop them all up. Member that It was scenes you see, like robot part sticking out of people there, all land down the hall, seal and reserves in inside of the worse, the Czech forget who, anyway there was that yeah there's that, but when you watch them construct the things you don't see any that stuff she synthetic boner exactly so what the fuck is going on Jamie, that's from Saint, that at last see where the show the girls arm ripped off. I know: did you hear that did not get a red band ominous they're, not gonna. Do season two until two thousand eighteen it well I mean, did they have announced that they gonna? Do it no pry after its twenty? Seventy now, basically that film by twenty eight anything, but it will still be fat, one hundred percent. Absolutely you really committed to this. Of course man is a guy feelings. I know- and I
love. Em is one of my best friends. Do anything for that guy. If you're gonna get inside his head in change him, would you stop get him stop drinking now? What about after January third definite now, I want you to be happy. The only way will be happy that we keep strengthen absolutely maybe with new technology, to figure out a way to fix you ll. Ever maybe they will have like a stem cell, liver clans notice pump that should in there but more aware way. The bird is thin future, maybe as something like and may be Bert will have to drink more because this is a liver will be so good, yet that the booze want asked right so rapidly. Twenty onest, that's Fucking Party in order is a fun at a party with is Have you ever seen a understanding with a shirt on? Yes back in the mid I saw him for a while doing it. He is he used to do it right here, are doing that I feel like two years ago, maybe three affiliates its fairly recent in the time that I've known him and and seemed to stand up.
And I think you since then, and he ever seen him do, stand a bush on no the I haven't either it's it's it's, but it works. It's almost like part, the persona you know whilst, like I forget, when he didn't dude is bigger than yours. It's just me. Not as an hour about the same that same says, how does his pants stay right above his dick seems like: right there yeah, but that in this different I like cash or shown it gets tired ways a funny guy too many new show come announce our calmly central yeah. That's too really cool idea, Nor will we like to talk he's a very smart, dude, very, very smart, Brian Cowen shown as ABS with Bert Kreischer oh, that's it Eddie! If Teddy, if I'm so sorry Brian,
but when there's a little tiny image doesn't like bright cannot tell me. Doesn't then look at Eddie Hetty shredded? Did those Bert looks good there now, essentially at all, Eddie is a cross which it always he loves cross versus got that bloated. Distended thing well knows I saying that it does knowing it out that I think he could down to know what you claim and had know cuz. He hasn't claimed a minute. Well, here's a photo that he keeps bring it out of him back. We was real thin whose real young Lackman College. That's how Larry bringing that I out but get back to that brow, and he did. He did his promo for last week where he used a ten to fifteen year old picture, but he just put it like. With the In the end he was so much dinner in it. It was ridiculous, eat it, but you just like I'll, be here this week, hilarious, really funny. It's not find when you watch body get big fat enchanter
around the I mean you can not everybody saying that like were in a position to do it. That's why having this is a good thing by everybody. Can Look why that's ridiculous here. I think two thousand, that's where these are these their peers. Maybe she's fuck with you. He was actually let you know. I did. I tell you what he did. This is so fucking funny. So this is it. This was gonna. Tell you and grants and New House the rock virgin it. I'm really get a package from the right, Bert, Bert sent me arises or set burnt, Chrysler, sent me a boxer cookies and that that was the card because he's too the rock on a few things in the rock has retweeted it and mentioned him me about it. So they sent me a box of cookies to the house and it said congrats on the new House, the rock, so that was that was Bert. Trying to fight with me having me cookies and then come from the rock job. So I guess
boy made good for you do horsemen good, for you know we're in a battle to be. I am I eat sugar free, pudding, dont know I ever everytime I eat my I'm fuckin trick. My body with the sugar free pudding got high protein type protein sugar, putting either is something that it does to your ass, a really do something that happens but it is up with real food there, it's a gang fight between in sugar fruit. Maybe I mean the wrong kind. Remit is a good one. I am so left her less horrific in the last thirty days for some sure yeah, but the more how you eat more, It's gonna be real, smooth, yeah! That's a big moment! People people are just eat meat men, doing your body a disservice- yeah yeah, a lot of vegetables so important
people don't want to do it because, God damn, if you get a cheeseburger blue cheese on it, you see the blood is kind of like drip in Bonn but somehow opinion on that a fit mammy. Some man is some thick fog in dark in terms of aid is some juicy iceberg. Let us in you wanna get busy what that cheeseburger for short ass. My favorite, I think You need to have won t. Take it from me to go. It's three meals to see two half cheese sweater where it is out sounds good likes out, Falco them going on it and give it. You kill, shakes now times up stairs to Kyoto. Step up your game was mega video I'll bring the ingredients over to your house offering you a blend tech blender. As a house warming get shit, you need one of these days, When do I want to show you how to make em? So it is good, and I will show you how I do it. You're tastes like shit, brutal their brutal, but I swear to God. You
drink this and you you want to run up the side of a fuckin mountain and punch amount line right in that. Did you eat this every morning nazis down on? I don't think it's smart to eat, a lot of the same things all the time, I think in the good mix it a little bit, but when I do it as I feel it may always drink, I guess I'm one, there's a big out always yet hours a lot of vegetables, but out of nutrition that you get Kale shake looks thing about like because what I take as members pay, I take for big stocks of Kale. Like the word for chop, that shut up shut up, shut up shut up then I take cucumber chopper bitch up Tum tum tum tum Tum trumped up. Then I take a giant chunk of ginger giant like almost got pager half a pager, half a pagers good, throw that bitch and for clothes a garlic get forceful for clothes. And I used to go with a full pair. But then I got a half a pair now got half apparent,
get diarrhoea immediately. All you should a shed its every part of the fond of her. Then, on top of that for stocks, a salary or too soon to stocks of celery and then embassy to oil, he is important because an order by your body to accurately process like tat at the most like more efficiently process. Vitamins you want. I want them to be attached to fats and allow the cases plot a different vitamins or flight. They do your body absorbs and better. Fat. An embassy to oil is healthy fat and it's good for breath function, a lot of other things. That work is tricky. You can't put too much because we put too much in here. Asshole well, really just protests the protests it right. You gonna asshole riot, like I've, had some asshole riots where, You, you you're walking towards the bathroom you at all the sudden. Nowhere gifts take a shit and you gotta go in the bathroom like, oh, my god, I'm not gonna make it like you
see the bathroom whoa whoa? The number is, but to me caution err on the side of caution with with empty to you Maybe just a couple of tablespoons forward: Finland, oil in us there's someone restaurant. I used to go to the east side down Felix peruvian Place and they would make this dish called law more such thou, which is so hard for normal cell thou tat. Somebody should be on narcos. Man is a hard. It's a fucking, traditional peruvian dish which meet potato chopped up, fries, basically, tomatoes, rice, but they would oil make it on a pan with lots of oil? I used to be able to fart songs out there, like with total control. You know I can be like. Because of so much oil and my system, it's probably really good for you care fuck. You gotta, try this man I'll, take it into this place. If you
go. Did you see that article that was released? It showed that the sugar companies in the nineteen fifties were bribing scientist to rob Oh yes, it was exaggerated fact that was causing people to get. Second have heart attacks, don't either with the fifties right sixties and they we ve been saying that ever since some fifty years ago, Some allied look at that and that it's crazy, because all these years, people have like automatically connected saturated fat and heart disease, saturated fat and all these problems. But there's there's like a need that your body has four saturated like a lot of these scientists, that did this stage fucking lied, they were paid. Off by the sugar industry to make it seem like saturated fat. Was woods fuckin people up, however, Someone just sent me doctor, Rhonda, Patrick, actually, just sent me something:
an article that there's a new study that came out that shows that the real problem they think now is saturated fats is when saturated fats are mixed with processed foods that price, says foods and saturated fats together as a combination of pause process, sugars, Things on those lines and mixed with saturated fats can be very bad for you right. This is you? Can on the fat kick, but don't mix it with that sugar. I believe that we are talking about this before the bar gessford were worth talking about getting the partners of the protein things before, For that reason, I guess you each all. It's all moderation is our balance, but you can have too much protein, yes of you, eat too much protein. You bought it or to converted sugar. Do that's what I was doing with with Meat Alla time yet having way too big abortions? And then you see my what I read amended portion is and then you go like out. That's that's not bad as normal urges eating too much of it to it.
You wanna beyond, like if you wanna, do you you trying to do a fat burning, key, degenerate diet say: I think they they say it. Seventy five percent, so it is absent, fats right, The rest is like twenty percent proteins like fighting. Harvest yeah, yeah, some zones, that's about it! Yes, somewhere on around those numbers, but we have one of those grandma those mile Plex bags Jamie that we got in the back. This is new company, not new companies, all ass company they been around for ever that make up I have no filiation when these problems now add took a kid powder. They make up like a pack and it the kid or meal they. You could take shape like if you're on the go and you dont want to run up and eat something seriously? I ordered this I got. A senator dovetailed is bad. So that's like seventy five percent fat, twenty percent protein five percent- by the way, it's our lot, a powder tat. If you try to put this in out of its fuckin time yard, it is one of those Yeti tumblers a mixed up with carbonated water like an asshole, oh really, here I was this:
stupid I did you find out, and there you see that that mug in their eyes this new soda from this company called Z. Have you ever had that? The big guy? It's not an ad it's out. They make soda with Steve you ok, so there soda they like energy drinks and they have a sparkling. Water has a much good gets the alike Stevie if you like, the flavors deviates because its Canada gotta like a flavour to it, but it doesn't fuck with you. You know if I still love Coca COLA me. I know it's kind of sera being fucked up, but they are eaten ribs. You know better come on so badly that one of those peach and one of them is alarmed. Those are the sparkling water one, so those are like very, very mild and they have other ones like a soda metrology. Ted Open, get down, get down with it, Tommy passionately hospital passing try and I'm Tryin Mandarin I giving you line but against?
advocates of our own. But I think thanks is super import. To just try just mean even if it's a one time for a bat like Tom, is doing it about just try to be fuck, unhealthy, try, yeah, try, goddammit you'll feel better that's. The thing is ultimately, even if you don't get too like some crazy level, your fantasy level of it you're. Still you still doing better than you were. You still feel better. You won't get down the hawk loads. Yeah man, chaotic called work a member of her that Gunter him even drink it holy shit. Yet it can't you it as you swore when it saga, sludgy server thing, yeah, choke it down and work out a mega video. Ok, we'll do it no more. Like forty five minutes later will work out. You gonna be like holy shit to actual good heavy bag bag. What's dude
I got exploits. Let's do that shit, a rift. A little have also do that. Then I'll do your podcast. Let's do stew, it switch it you guys up and running, and the new Spirea Oshea. Oh, it's ready. Oh shit, yeah enjoying it ll Do you guys stream live now? Do you make me he hasn't. He put it up later. We have we, we have cameras. We ve had. Who can be set up. One cannot set up where I give it to an editor afterwards. Ok and he em he just lairs up Thea the you know the high quality audio with video ok later the other three muttered up, because up every Tuesday night, all cattle tonight model
So are you guys doing one a week now you don't want to use every single year. I would do a mean it's pretty. It sounds funny. Can we talk about like fuckin? It feels like there's not time to do anything. You know it. We feel it gets a lot to get that one done, and there is a lot of production in that. Like you know, we play the clips and there's all that stuff tat goes into it and I will talk about like one is as demanding on us and then we will they shouted three three and a half hour once a week it out, but I'm super sloppy and I don't plan out well I'm just saying that it ends up being cartel indifferent and, unlike you know, and shows that yet We do the one consistently everything will you have a show yeah? You mean you, you're shows a real show. This is like a rock, warning of a conversation. I got that's true: bistro so you guys have you ever go back. Shit going on. It happens over and over again, you have gamekeeper, absolutely hats. Different animal be tolerated, but yeah I like
the new studio space is fuckin gorgeous we're it's a film composers house, so he used to score movies there and we get. We have this much too nice studio fur for where we're doing are far too. Do you have a kind of internet we could stream at a high level. Yet, if when we, if we went hardware yeah, we could do that sure yeah there's. Something is a benefit to that. It is a benefit to the training, is getten wacky. You know in the world maybe Hinduism alive, yeah like I can, and I once we streamed the president addressed the country do so. Do you stream now to you. Two were doing you to buy it now, as you tube life yoga. Was this man, more versatile and it didn't mess up. Is we had, we had problems, but I and you streams better now, but there s another always up. Upgrading in it was great, though many still. It allowed us to to do this in the first place, but you will also assist
your president boy, more used by people, sure I'm so we watched. The present talk about Syria like Duncan, and I watched it, live and work how can about lie. Wiles habitant, like almost like a fight, companion, sure presidential address, and it was just really weird man has taken pains- are massively with those go nuts doesnt funds. How does a really do the, but every time we doom Eddie Bravo gets drunk at once. About Illuminati. It's like you, the floor, The conversation goes everywhere. The conversation goes everywhere, but Eddie Bravo always bring around a conspiracy theories. He loves, as he still onto the camp trails. Oh yeah aerosol sprang spring, which you know it's private done there somewhere and one point time for sure gonna percent someone went to plain and dump some shit out of airplane Fisher sure the governments done it somewhere for sure for sure points is probably some evil agency somewhere. That is decided a fuckin.
Stout some shit on people, yet Lisbon, stuff, that's been proven. That's been done like I want to say it was either Detroit or cargo of Rio was but They they sprayed some particles that they could track they spread into the air and the city to determine what kind of impact bomb like a dirty bomb. Yes or I allowed to warfare warfare, something along those lines nuclear, nuclear fallout or biological warfare like how far it would travel given Certain minor winds. I think they actually like use joy fans and shit and blue some stuff in the end and tracked it, but the Sami people. Yes, it really did that they didn't didn't, do no! No! No! No! That's where the misconception is. I think what they did was a truck that use a trackable particle because they wanted to figure out what. How much do you want me to find out if they lose? The wind is blowing twenty miles. An hour from shake is blown
two hundred miles are two hundred feet rather above the buildings. How far is gonna spread if you're? Looking at that The only way to tell us to try out something so they took some sort of thing was like a reflective particle of traceable particle. So conspiracy theories, steers always pointed that is being Proof that they have done that on innocent people. Sure said Emily did me on. Habit of those people, but should happen to people all the time. If you wish to close to this are too close to that and they find out, I am kills. You turned out tat. I can't do it. Yeah unreal turns out any paint. La people do dumb shit. Yeah do did she have any? I put up a that kid. Don't fuckin front flip over this gigantic overpass, I saw you ve some dude on top of the building doing retarded shit. I've done, though I may put those up. I put them up everytime I can, but I eat me reposted this one of this fuckin kid. He goes right.
Up to the side of this edge and then flips over this impossible distance. I mean it's fucking impossible. How far he runs watched us. Oh my god,. Come on up there's no real high percent real look. I'm do it did he did a front flip over like rats death like if you mess that's death, you that concrete? You break your legs. That's the meme in these kids are crazy, doing the naughty a shit. Lately, it's like why people are trying to evolve the trying why people are trying to try to get laid crazier and fast in Edinburgh, when you're edge? Why people are doing ridiculous thing? Asians got the numbers blacks, have there this guy?
riding a rail over the side of a bridge in the wind is blowing and he's on a bike? Why Fuck is going through your mind, while you are risking certain death just slightly to the left of you and your riding on who is at three inches Hawaii. Three inches size. Your dick bought three inches more to you, girls. Yeah, no definite, thinner and thin and curly like a duck. Dec because around and around the version adopted. I I think I've seen a pig's dick doktor was it dogs, my friend, Andrea's entered our bitcoin expert. Explain to me about tactics. He gave me slightly wrong information into the relate forefeet long turns out there. About thirteen inches long now they all deck bail hard. They have is crazy, dicks and their dicks or like when they extended out there. Almost as long as their bodies really weird and these ducks their dicks or twisty in the female.
Vagina- is like a fucking twisty mountain road like he's gotta find away and again there and the female can let him in that's what Dick looks like yeah. That's one, obviously with no duck almost dick, But that's where directly that not insane the pictures of these dogs there. That's that's a little bit. A little big saturated, because it's in an illustration yeah, that's a real good corkscrew. Now, once obviously he's dead, so it's pollyanna hard, but it's crazy, weird thing where the male penis has to go through this weird kind of twisty turning corridor in the female duck and the female doc undecided, let a man or not shut him down and there Super Raby, we re looking at one white one on top of the other one, that one bird look it up. That's really just that's what they do they just jack each other. They tell you shit, two's rover, ear,
and we can look at them. We could say all brood, that's horrible, why don't we stop and paws and realise this is the same fucking kind of animal that we just saw swooped down and check that other fuckin bird right out of a tree, what would distance you think he saw TAT bird from when he does our long way think appropriate a mile that far they probably see ridiculous distances. There's a lot animals, they could see ridiculous distances attack he apparently hasn't seen. Vision is the Turkey ever looked through. Binoculars like urban glass, and I have as before death. Will. Let me mostly you Jimmy glass and knowledge Tommy, your average than the average binoculars that a hunter sportsmen are a birdwatching taken the woods like there's a bunch of varieties, for hunting. They usually people either go with like ten by four. He too, or eight by forty two, it's like eight times the size and forty two is like aspect Graecia right: the width of the the image
looking at a time like a good. Binoculars, like ten by forty two of Turkey. Naturally sees twenty acts. So a Turk, he naturally sees tat. The times better than you really get up and they see in full color. So they could see. You see. You may see you better than you see you so you, like literally, have to be completely covered up through a hunt. Turkey's you have to cover your face up here. To cover your hair that head they look right out. You they notice personal meet the fuck out of here. I can see you we off while because Turkey O the life of a Turkish, brutal, my most argues. Dont get to be to most of us. Most of them that survive at all like when their little coyotes jack? here is a kind of vision, insane vision insane and my vision has been deteriorating onto a software. Reading last may do brutal my daddy glasses,
I just accepted it damages not fighting. It is what it is, apparently to some exercises that you can do to get better at it, but I'm so lazy people. You do Lasik. Now Elastic doesn't work on someone who has mackerel Degeneration like when you get older argue that What what you having when you get older when you're losing your close vision in secure your boss, I forget, Somebody told me the actual term of it, like my friend Steve, whose an ophthalmologist he actually told the term of it. Meyer ocular degeneration of treatments, fur macular degeneration and laser therapy is one can live injections. Well, look! Google so that Google, near Sightedness, dude old age, with these oceans with the latest technology is by the way eyes you you, you eyes, you could still straight in the eye on homologies. Tommy was part of the team that developed it. They so lenses is correct.
Have lenses and your eyes. I doubt that now It is, as you know, John. It hit me I guess you don't need it goes. But if you had worse vision has ever here's a thing like when you Looking at something like I see you perfectly, I mean, if I put glasses on, probably see you a little better legitimacy slightly. He got a leg, a light dullness to you, but the personality eyes now no first out makes a lot of emission genuinely. I dont know why man has worsened I can in fact, with your head comments. You loud evils. Ie sucks, I don't agree, and I had your amazing, always a hair you what the fuck do, but of close big difference like in it at a distance. I get secret a clear that scientists as honour. I see that's very sharp yeah. But when I look at things I got my phone same women in computer least I'll read a perfectly snug up on him in sneak up on this,
People say it's hysteria screens, some people say just a functional, be an older. Some people say that is a combination of factors, but also one thing that doesn't help is it would constitute staring at something: that's a fixed distance right the way some people put it is that it's like who is the woman Katy Bowman Katy, in which is on the past issues. She's an expert in. Human movement and she believes he's got a lotta, pretty nutty ideas like they? Don't you? furniture? They sleep the floor, I judge there there and ate, and she thinks that, like looking at something as a really close distances like having a cast for your eyes, almost like, when you put your arm and cast it atrophies, because you're not using the right where we ve been like this region. We ve been looking at screens, that's not a bad theory. At least doing I got super begged wants and Auburn. I did a pact ass. I went off on this. Tangent has been fucking with me ever since We were talking about screens that if you talk human beings and if you didn't know anything about us, God they worship, the screens
that is all we do you get up in the morning. You check your phone check, your email, you gotta work, stare, your screen and compete in a cubicle. You come home. You watch little tv, you gonna weakened I'm gonna go see afflict you're staring at fucking screens like if something they understand something that didn't understand. What is what those images were or did care owed was trying to judge you based on entirely on your actual movement in interaction they'll be like, unlike other slaves, screen yeah, I didn't even have said we have to get in the screens. Well that were slaves to watching these screens. If you stop and think about how often you spend your time staring at a screen. It significant it suggests a giant its hours and hours of almost everybody's life. We bury their ads depressing to throw the depressing it's weird, it's weird, because it's not stare at the screen were watch in West world of check on my twitter check. My email or taken a photo. I'm gonna put it on Instagram. Let's make a video hey lets me.
The video you eat in the kelp. Let's put it on you too, but ultimately going on? Is people are interacting with screens to get all this energy you want? better screen all the time you want to constantly have this bit faster and upgrading, and want to do more things, and now its virtual agip get the screen and it's in your head. He could see. Three minutes two degrees all around you more and more and more screens man, you fuck. It scared, marries happiness, bark, destroy back again: freedom, myself, Brown yeah. You worry Screens, Tommy wear them haunting. You know they call you at night check. Your father now want to be Sorry, my text, I wanna be screened and I do look at screens I get yelled at protecting the phone too much as I do. I brought myself today just Karadzic and left my phone, the car. When I took my own class and then you ran out to it afterward, J
check for some new crazy shit in the world is addictive, so addictive yeah. It's a real addiction to assert its seen, always hogs about were at rest but you know you see about how together costs and then you'll have to look at him. I found that the other kids look at me as the Kurdish now, like not there's, no interaction at the table. Well, where, where it up all bullshit aside when they get tired, when kids retired to others what you find to each other, and especially if you want to have a conversation, it's not a bad thing to occur. Easily let them look at an Ipad or play a game like if it's on a plane or some think that about Oftentime, often oftentimes, you can get the same care as in get especially like books. Yeah, you scheme a book to read. So. Instead so they're playing a game which is kind of mindless their reading, a book which can kind of expand their imagination. However, there is all
some arguments against that its mindless is, there a lot of arguments about video games that, although video games are a problematic for little kids, because they do, they do just become super addictive. They also can expand your mind and there also there's examples of people I've done testing shown that video games actually can make smarter because they make you cost. We exercising parts, your brain solve problems dude. I don't doubt that at all I mean like I have. A gamer depends on. The game depends on yes on the system may be no, but like there's definitely games you can play where I feel like there's something going on in your brain. When you're efficient your pro, let your you're at a higher level, forming in that game here, where few somebody slower in the same game. They can't do it. You know, maybe they're not moving at that. There's It is certain that saying that that means you're gonna, be graded. Everything, but there's something in your brain
functioning moving well, where I be able to put together how to powder play this game play it really high level yeah man and his people- that the people you can He even merely ever tried to show play a game. They just can't get it yeah. I can't get it yeah. Do it were they don't have any desire, so you never try, that's a mean, but that some people try, which I think stands out more, are not good at it. You go. You need a lot more practice where some people can just pick up. You know it be, and I think those people come from a world of playing growing up right. Imagine today's kid who's born now playing there like that. These level games that are out now how you know how he's going to be fluent in that hole. Technology cyber stuff in fifteen twenty years yeah you gonna work, I'm through it right yeah, like my six year olds, just now figure now that she can't beat me and take tactile really site this motherfucker. I can Peter Mamma you never gonna win goes,
you're driving time? Really here, she's Why? Because cuz a dumb game, so dumb guy it puzzles you when you young, but as you get all do you realize ticked actors, fuckin stupid you'd make to moves, it erodes fuckin, dump it I'll, get it you do this and see you can go ahead. I'll! Do that under the Eu S I wanna go here, so you can't do that and then, while draw doesn't driver time every time, and yet. Shire letters were not long ago. I I've been there before, but now I offer some sort of a path might think about. What's going on here, she got oh yeah, that's cool. I give a little pause uncle always far right. You, Sir don't try to teach her alone. Work is only six. She sixteen and still kicking around ticked our toes and dummy Tourism must always be to addict actors of european attention. You monsieur you had to miss your kid into it.
Unless there's some crazy moving, I don't know about, haven't played in a while. So it's hard to say I actually is there a world de Facto championship. I'm sure there is a view. I guess. Yes, How smart is a person that will it fucking genius, Stephen hawking level shit? Who is he playing the grass dies and right now the grass Thyssen Richard Dawkins. When I told him about issues, you say that the entity facto forget it We the call to say Tik, Tok TA. Nobody ever does it's like trick or treating fuckers. You show up with bags. Put it in this area, yes negative, it's weird when you see that one kid, it's just a little too old for tributary, start to get creepy psych tricky. It is fine. How are you hand in hand? buddy. Do you ever went come to the front door, you d in life, yeah yeah, they ring doorbells, and you know what
a walk around the neighbourhood, to fund it as a guide in the word now hollowing Mona some some places like they do it, like. You know, there's like that the day before, if it's like, depending on the day of the week, you know can't, do that now go do hollowing, let's owin motherfuckers I've been to take over America, Google and have been paying attention. The Russians have cancelled, Halloween, mother, just as I have done my coregos. So would you have a day that you do it? Yes, how far outweigh its part? damn parts- territorial Terribleness God makes you dumb. It makes asked questions should thought through days, Halloween shouldn't say me day every year. That's it we're thing about Thanksgiving
skimmings not the same day, rewrite on Thursday, always right so that the number at the date- and it's always that Third Thursdays costume shit- is it wise it fuck and Thursday? Why you pretending that those guys? Damn pilgrims ever sat down those native Americans like that that she did happened, they speak the same language. Does region, People who landed you ever read from the council stiffer Columbus's atrocities committed, and I know that the people that are appalled by Communist Day, yeah how'd you day the. I think it's him outrages. Do you ever think about what you learn in school, thanks, giving how we made it down. You lot have a native american day, but we have a Columbus day as really outrages and thanks, given these two billion and then the sky was like you eating alone scenario and then ass, how they became, but that's how they taught they are. They taught us as well. And they ate Turkey, and then there are like, even though you different, that's all higher recession, they weren't Tienanmen, Turkey's the Us
Turkey's enone, better, like Sousa Turkey's figured out what the fuck they're doin here they're like oh yeah, yeah. I can't cash. You. This item We're just confirmed via away over that met alive there, though City guns does musket guns, they had those Swenson shit yeah. Those things were inaccurate, push it down we're not distance and we know how far they could shoot those things, but there shoot dear most likely there eating dears yeah stakes, giving you the fucking purge right should be just a bloodbath house I'm going giving just like our ancestors did well, it's not our ancestors. Not at all. Mine came over and above pretty recently like a trailing mine, so anybody says a gay man- you know your answer, yet they didn't Do anything denying slaves from ITALY in the nineteen hundreds. I tracked mind back to seventeen Reed's, that's when they came over here here: oh yeah you're, a killer euro families responsible for atrocities, this
I actually we gotta report on him and a family reunion. Oh shit, If we had, I like this, the guy came over what was your This is a real piece of shit, because the family reunion, whose is it not we'll go to Morrow somebody like it was a spanish guy came from Andalusia and he yet he really. They said you know they they read. His his will and they like, then he left thirty slaves. This personally were gonna, get another drink, skin, uncomfortable and then they said he killed somebody. In Louisiana. There, like any hung someone from this tree, and it was like a real savage dude Y yeah. Senor blood near the nicest. However, I know a lot about how to know, but you know that's Miranda,
great grandmother, grander on how this is like Gregory Grand rate by my damn. How are your people live? Not ten great merits its super. Remove from me. That's amazing! You people live forever now this guy would be come over like early early, seventeen hundreds It's so weird thing that a human being gets if their Superman we're lucky. They get like ninety years of life and work that life is going on you just trying to figure out what what's happening. What are you doing? what why are we gathering together in the cities? Why are we going to work? Why are we going home I'm going to sleep? Why doing it? So what are we doing? Why we staring at screens? Why am I bring in slaves to youth? Think about like, as you get older, staying like as a funny comic it I mean you know that
ever occur to you was I'm like this. I actually have maybe should try to be funny, maybe gently about being funny. Now I hear a lot about being a heavy really mean nothing. I'm saying that, like in general, we have this sort of outlook that being funny comedy in general. Saying, is a younger persons, kind of thing right, its rights appetite a certain age. Yes, what does at age, high level, Well, it's like there's really funny guys at or sixty like runway Hunter percent men. I told Degree, I'm saying like. Has it ever like? Did you ever think, as you get like azure going through your forties? Like am I still in that circle sounds like lane to say it, but like cool funny, as opposed to my eyes, Eldred that guy's older in L A give her process that as you age or no, is never again a thought
thought you know what I try not to think like that, because if that doesn't seem to have any upside gets here, you're, very, limiting thought and, as other you do about it, if you are an older person, but AEGIS to mitigate it would give to cut that offered the path I tried it. My best. So if you like, If you live in your life you're in the moment, you try and do your best and obviously unify that back in or than left in writing and have good days and bad days like when you have a mindset or, if you're trying to turn do you it sometimes and are trying to enjoy your life in a bow happy way. It's not always with super smooth path. You now there's a lot like mistakes and perhaps along the way, and the whole thing is is about like having idea of what you're trying to do have an idea are you trying to live and how you want to feel? I you affect people and then sort of like this
your way through that path. Then, as you keep doing, that, you keep getting better at it, and I think that if. That's the case. If you live in your life like that, if you are trying to make it trying to make this path through your existence, it'll at least leave you in a place where you're you're constantly trying to have fun and you consciously try and improve, and I think you get like better feelings out of it yeah. But at the end of the day, it's still the same thing. It still the strange temporary existence where you're, awake and conscious for certain amount of time every day of the year unconscious for an amount of time every day in your ultimately gonna shut off yeah yeah. It's all gonna go down, What's the matter what you do, and I was looking at these photos of red buttons, Jerry Louis at these events like the, but you can buy tickets
ok, so another they get become. Undeniably older, comics right and I saw the audience- was all very old and I wondered I wondered like, as they say, is this aid a thing that happened at a moment soon, George Chrome was seventy and still drawing in young US, absolutely commonly onset or other so young women to that's a great gown or two, but am I thought? What so is it that those guys sank, stop being funny to a certain generation or they stop trying or they just got so old? It could be a bunch of them things that could be taken care of your health. It could be touring Working on your Carling was torn consul constantly, who put our whole new our rear, unbelievable! are you still really funny at seventy? Like yeah, you Emma and he also had taken on the role of the angry curmudgeon eldest is angry, older.
Comic, whose also very wise and and very liberal. I love that character, angrily old, liberal, fascinating guy and stayed relative, relevant rather to the very end of his life and died, like I believe, in a hotel room after a show. Yeah, died in asleep, I think, was one of those things had its hydrographic during the member he went to, I want to say a centre Monica Hospital, for he had he had issues of pills, tumor India he'd. He was pretty forthcoming about that. Doesn't go problems from earlier yeah that all that shit contributes the pills are the most shocking. The way they deteriorate, people yeah. He was so funny at seventy man. He was so funny. I mean I think that that did was Sakhalin Castille Killin.
So are you thinking about this now because you're a father now and you were you thinking you getting older- you get into your 40s, it's just thinking about it's one of those things that what I actually think is that, like I think about that I'll look at, but you know people older than me then one of the things that I find inspiring is that I feel like people at the top of their game. Instead of right now are essentially all ten to fifteen years older than me in my mind that to be a very like inspiring thought, you know, like everybody is like late forward he's. Even early 50s me like it just one of the things you going all you can be better you can. You can still do greater things be funny. I develop more india or forties, whereas I think, as a young comic when you're twenty. Oh you hear about, is like ten years ten years tenure so you go, that's must be the place to get to and years. So when I'm thirty that'll be my development, do you realize you can keep working?
will also you Europe, when you d think about the body of standards has been before you this, which so many great comedians it had done so many great cds and dvds and on these two. Oh yes, why things that separates you from maybe a guy that lived twenty ago, as you are also like playing off the body of work, these people came for you true, because they set this bar. Where you been inspired by their comedy embed inspired by these are all sorts of different pop culture things I just didn't exist twenty years ago, have a greater points of reference. True, you know, and I think You get older. You have a better understanding of all the shit you're looking at so you might be able to point things out. I guess you forties that maybe you and malaria and seen in your new, your his your trip now we're on deck and here, a dumb ass, ensure you know, need it didn't. Your understanding of the world, then embarrass you today with and sometimes it does everybody Fischer for everybody. There's no there's! No!
about it. Unless you're born the perfect person your work in progress, if you have any self reflection, he looked back, he was wounded, use. It think that, but that's just a matter. Of getting better at life. What does So another wrong with being Jerry, Louis or red buttons or nice guys kill. You know telling time when you get older and hanging out and quit stopping the the grind. I was thinking about that just in the shower the other day, like I'd seen that I got picture of that house like I'm going to be eighty in my fucking Redjack, yeah. I can you no coward Roy and I'm gonna go and my fans will be like the fans it saw me fifty years ago and I'll just be in there like rod me yeah man and I was actually in. I was actually happy with that thought too. That's a good thought. Yeah yeah! You can't freak on that man. That is what it is. My name be real, might wake up tomorrow, exactly the same age, and then you went might be programmed with this intermittent memory, but every time you wake up You pretend that you have this past year,
to get better than with the reality. As this the same day, his own been your life. Are you fucking with over and over and over again everything has happened other than this moment. This conversations been bullshit. It's all just been fibre optically empty entered into that grain, the back of your ear does Jamie a button and then this happens? This is what is happening with tromp when Trot became president and they went Kanye West was a fresh three or four days out of the Looney Bin goes device tromp attributes, like yeah sure it's an iron side on the president you're crazy component, but even him, don't you? apparently very good friends saw that's wonderful, a lot about love. Friendship Trump said he doesn't really daily. Presidential briefings is probably shoot him he's a genius he was in fact, does he need a daily presidential briefings. That's our president! Folks, I doubt that have you seen these our lives gets. They did how. Why don't you visa world. Now it's fucking hello,
area soon, as a joke, I will be doesn't get to man as one problem with that dude. He doesn't take jobs very well, you throw up. So I think the learned man is gonna lie not me. Along for yeah yeah light, not brow, He was better Jeff, Ross Adam they roasted am. I remember endeavour us out of conversation rhythms, like you know, when we will crack in Jos by we turned the key What do you do with your about sport? Again, I laughed eyes like your right, since our Latin already cast Oh he's he's not endlessly get. It is not unreceptive but when he sees a silent, live ones can be rough yeah. Matter, though, over the last few there he's been, monitor, live for a while, and so they keep chip away at it. But this is like this s. Life has been in fucking years worth man you're somebody. If I can go after it's, it's fantastic and you got Alex Baldwin willing to do it is so. What are the odds? Isn't like an Oscar, where I think so, how's from her eyes actor housing,
there again Ross didn't want to ask fuck the Astor yeah he's tremendous actor, some we'll say that was overdone. I don't like that scene. I just thought it was too over the top. That's how people would be hey. It's a fuckin stage play he's alive and say that, though you ever see that some actress think it try to heart fine and alike. It go away to actively to actually ever people say that a city which is too big what they're doing too big, not our show who should have been bay great there now we're looking for something more ground, it afterward yeah, but our Baldwin. Is the Fuckin perfect Donald Trump he's fantastic. It is really for funding. Also, our Baldwin really understands what it's like to be a cunt. Sometimes they have. Although I don't think he's account, he definitely at moments in his life, where it has been accused of being a cut throat it attack. Whereas EAST Asia, wacky dude, he
Hunton somebody or somethin like use, o Connor Paparazzi a fag. This is my favorite, and then he gives a column of fat had kind of inaudible right, because he's screaming down the street is, is it fat had more fatch aiming he asked it does now. You said, but I also oh yeah, call his daughter who was eleven a rude, thoughtless pig that was the big one. Now that's that's hard man, people fuck up here. What you gonna punish forever for that to make those terrible that Did. That really is bonobo him. Do you think he? Finally, he feels it out. People heard that privacy is forgiven by Hollywood. You feel like shit after its awful. That was my actually. My first does my first words, my mother. When I was a baby, it's awful, no ice,
you're, a rude, thoughtless, pig wow! That's amazing! You just form that sends out what was it you were black stew went on until your lips formed correctly can make good noises. I think it's just as she wasn't feeding the enough just happen, its imaginative babies could talk right now, the box man they had although vocabulary where on the line, they would be so stupid. They don't like for babies stir well Mamma monster dummy they would you Everything they would also be like. I'm gonna eat this everything down like yet. No eight plastic, no, now eat hair rock. Can I stick my? finger inside that light, socket know what, if I turn it on? No, no, comes like this is awesome. As you know, my six years, love to tell me can't I somethin, That's right before she's gonna tell me something she owes can't. I
something. It's always territory, something you know. Keyser Somethin Debbie told this girl that she shouldn't do that, because she wasn't aloud and it wasn't true and what he did you go. There is conversation Javert six year olds. While why wasn't she allowed cause her mother doesn't wired do it, but she doesn't want to listen to her mother wow. That's crazy have was of outrage in kindergarten. Yeah really funny, that's a world! I think. That's, like you know, that's life. I know that this life, you got to respect that. That's why it's weird! You know they get upset upset if you don't listen to their wacky story. Historiae the fuckin boring thing. I've been teach, my kids lately is, don't repeat, punchline over and over and over again causally now EL punchline, some central say some really funny, and I said: listen, that's really funny you said is real. It was really funny, I'm so
I'm some press. They said something that was our findings really fine, but here's the thing. If you say it again becomes less funding, and if you then, let me say it again: it gets even less funding like every time. You were I know it's. It's like fun says that if you want to do it, but about unless you're doing a new show, the next night and new town kit the same time? They crowd China, yet the air caught again it. But it's study. You don't want discourage anybody from saying something funny and silly sure. I day they make it to the laugh all time they make me laugh. We have these funny conversations. It's funny haven't like joke conversations where they like crack and me popular eight, because I in my in my house, like you like, head right or financed Duff without moving on stuff is valuable like its valuable. So, like I I mean invaluable. I can in terms of like social commodity like it's hilarious Ike, when one of them will say something funny, and we all laugh
You could see the little eyes light up and they want to make you laugh more yeah now, and it's also when you find out things that make people laugh, you find out things that are ridiculous, that no one is talking about a part of part of What's funny when, when kids point something out, his leg had fuckin six year old notices that stupid, like they tap into something like me, daughter was looking at one of those fat freeze billboards, yes, it out fat freeze, billboard does when she was five. She was, I know, that's fake. Kazakh girls, Poland, in a stomach, alright, others, Q, India, she's, second or stem again she's, not even taken a five year old, it's hilarious, but once you would you say to me: I'm fucking, crying laughing and use your little eyes light up here. Way. She said I didn't do a good justice with the delivering sure, but she was like cock.
About me. I know that, since this gift out things it so funny said, she's hold in the stomach. Look at a daddy holding the stomach I got five year old, see that nobody stand like this your colleague Jenner, soothe those people who made them because that girl in the sign looked like her. Oh really, they do that they ve done that I can sue someone for looking like you Kim Kardashian turn down some campaign, and so they hired a Kim Kardashian look alike and she sued them and one I think she want. Then she Jamie till their shit, fuck and five five Clark, virtue, rigour, show night shows at eight, which I shall be easy. Jesus Christ should really left you fuck dude in Are you to pass dean in three hours in Andalusia whose opening for you dog, Mallard, really funny guy, ok, real funny guy from Boston, those here real funny. How long has he been here to meet? You may have Madame he's
for while he's while doing balloon, Stanhope awhile and I've had him of a problem with me a few times he's really find it is like I feel in the UK when someone says, is really funny guy from Austin Public who there he's pretty cool legal powers vests now he doesn't have then he's, but he's he's a very dresses like a Mumford and sons. Yes, like a moot music videos. He looks like you be in the band, was piano in the middle of a field for no fuckin reason dancing around it. He had just like funny ironic Tattoos and she does he s got a few people, he's a great guy man here, he's up on dude like real positive, and I didn't see the episode and listen to it, but I saw his instagram preparing to come here and that got we fired up like a London Moliere now started as a word. If I had a fucking desire to interest going about this, let's go China Cross. You barely do let's go champ. How great was about that right across your belly,
Compton those gods, this let's go chant, how the fuck does no one have their Jamie. Please look up so, for anyone has let's go champ tattooed on her belly. They must have bad ass, They should totally add, though, that is a doormat. Let's go champ and it was given to me by Shannon cannons and backs, though he's a great guy man here, he's upon dude, real positive and I didn't see, episode and listen to it, but am I saw his instagram preparing to come here and I got fired up like a London Moliere recycling, blue man, organic blueberries. I am I didn't even have to watch a union have to wash em males Fiona Dawning driver, yet I'm gonna Ass Angeles Times, are some guy he's ass, a man that was so far from it. We sent across gonna notes. As my that's my ringtone now, is it that's right? That's fucking, amazing.
The other thing I would say that out, but Jamie isolate that formats doubts I'll keep that four years of age, or that is your man knows fantastic. Remember, for I was the first video his and I knew Shan and I was a phantom- is a boxer forlorn. But when I watch A video of animals like what this is crazy, like what is he doing? This is interesting. Those are cinder blocks, The big boy he's quite a large fella hug of unlike high buddy, my head nestles. Next to his breasts. That would hurt ways. A big boxer is big. You know, it's probably why the two fifty range or to forty one Jacqueline acts with the chair and powerful punch from heads over days. A serious knockout buncher, JANET can crack is also got like his wicked left took to the bar he's a nasty jab but he's got this left took to the body that really rare to see in the heavyweight division. Yeah super like quick, technical, stabbing left hook. Just black
gets on new ribcage with it dry guys please get avoided a lot of people, I want to find him, though one piece of them as well, is a big guy. He's he's still real dangerous, he's real motivated and he talks so much shit. He talks so much shit. They can't take it and in the people that are there under these press conferences with them and is taught easily yell at them, training it fights with them and their they're. All at the press conference announcing another fight needs in the audience here. He shows up on the man. He showed up a lot of click, girls of acquisition, lunch, you start drinking water and in our in his food and when you eat we were there. We can. I still can't yeah and those when I started being aware of animals, like my god, he's crazy, like China, breakdown crazy, then a real oh he's just try thing to make a good get, guys to fight and make a name for himself and his it's really smart, because
He figured out a way to use social media any completely changed how people thought of them, because people thought of him before new about his personality. They just studies, Miller, boxer even talked about on the park and assumes like. I just wasn't me because I was like just always know be in this area knock out artist and is in a tough guys, like I'm goofy he's like a goof around a lot, I'm always joking around. So you see that those videos that something that there was no other way for him to ever show that key manufacture. Yo came to his house like we want to watch you work out. Let's go champ, let's go to their will. I cut all that out had all that was, then they would learn that that's gonna make us insatiable hit. You know why thinking how to do it over and over and over and over and over again on Youtube and on Instagram, for people to get addicted, to hear
like when I see it in my feed. The Shannon sit in front of a bowl of food or somebody s smile on his face, always click on other videos on here whose, though it's it's him, that's who he is. I think that's what the fucking close things about your show, the you you have with you in Christina the arms ass. They did you guys can only genuine. That's a hundred percent. Hey guys are all the time. So I guess available anywhere else? Here too, like when something gets popular, you know what gets a fan base is because people connect to the authenticity intensity. I think of a people's real personalities. There's everything that is So like this, there is less people from I can't Shannon doing that is almost no filters between each here and people restless people involved. So you can. At the sea, this guy, like who we really is, and so many people That now Joey Diaz when Judaizers Periscopes Jesus is beautiful, because like straight to Joey,
Joey, there's no one, even around its amendment number gets up anymore. Gives you like a few minutes notice. Life was smoking numbers and then it gets on. What did you do? and he starts talker. Money makes his tweets and the ridiculous. Like you know it's Monday, you show up at a big dick and a smile and like ok, I have a big dead, then like India, but as people love that guy he's awesome, but that's Joe you like you, know: you're getting Joey, honour percent, Joey spellings, all fucked up here too, periods in doesn't matter just you're. Getting straight Joey. You know and that's that one of the more unique things about this time and those guys I'm glasses that we were planning when you when you went to pee, though Snapchat glasses or say, scared the shit out of me, what you, where I'm in a snapshot of what exactly kind of what we're talking about, whether our wording, memories, eunuch, things that people see this guy was doing. Operation goggles, just recalling gonna be able stream your life. These things are
amorous those things in the right hand, side or cameras and there's is video that we are watching this guy doing an operation cutting this person open Wally's, wherein these snapchat glasses and it's it's. Strange joist, because you realize like this- is like the Motorola Razor. Does like the Motorola rate, as only one day, we're gonna have the Iphone seven. I think it's crazy. We're timeless needs a hundred thirty hours, authoritarian, most really you now. No, no, no and streams snapped for the stamped out, and if you look at it. This now come on man. This is like that phone. Then Kirk Doug or Michael Douglas out and Wall Street spacesuited, as in comparison with the Gonna have just a few years. From now Texan Bureau words, I gotta get the fuck out of here rapid
which ran up in it like we're, was army bones. Please do I rhetorical and it's my first powers theatre ever shit. By way, I won't tell you very inspiring do you do it said the other night. The main room do in all new material that I haven't seen before and was really fucking funny. Our thanks and our thanks. I'm really fine. Thank you at work and since you know that the last one came out and about at an hour now, and so the Torah January in doing like coast, the coast, Canada, Tuna Budget budget data. Yeah? We could tell you it's how you tell you put in the time. That's out that's one of the coup things about being in L a the sea. So many guys, like you here
Joey and bear an army and Duncan, and all these guys it is really fuckin funny in this one area, like all the time yeah it our right to see. Other people do people you, people, I love and that I'll look up to instead of do sets regular hearing crush. You should always keep going. Those men do the other night Dave Chapelle brought up Chris Rock the store, get the fuck out of Dodge he's, goin on it or not that he needs the fuckin plus Chris Rock Rob dashed by one of those but either way get the fuck out of here, but that's a first or nine years for Iraq, while adding divorce divorce is a motherfucker talks about on stage. Did I scary? Did I tell you so I did I opened for Chapelle. I did like it mentions that up waited ten minutes at a stop eyes. When I was in New York s not by. Show? Where was he uses the grammar seat? Just foreigners e place our heels like doing it, and it was before us now, but before they announced it. So I was doing Carolines
I pop over there, and then I call you two time and he's like this in time, and I go to time. I do like ten minutes. I guess they don't see me they like. So I get off, he goes up, he starts doing the set and then Chris Rock walks out. Then they pull ups. There's an they basically have a car, it's like a podcast, basically ally plan, but they risk and they go on shit and one point: Chapelle goes he's like you say like you say that, while the shit, though to rock the young lady like which mean- and I may say to why's, he said he and Chapelle goes. You called me after your divorce and said my wife has more comedy more money from from comedy than you do and as it has such a funny, like Chris Rock said that two Dave Chapelle, my wife, has more money from comedy than you do after divorce. While like how funny, though, of a thought about your situation, you know
that is a funny thought as also a lot of money. It must be insane yeah. Could chapels made a lot of fuckin money and rocks we'll rock was probably one of the most successful guys erroneous do in theatres. Like those I mean, theatres arenas. He was a world where soon gathered here to Hollywood, bowl yeah can say, does giant spots Madame oh and seen amounts of money, in an awe, went away to the girl but distort Scott, get that money back he's always com, I wonder if we just paid off a giant chunks, we don't have to pay for ever. There was a timeline on yeah was at Yale because all the stuff was announced. The big. Six, I don't even want to know how much money paid, I'm sure it so much money. So in saying that we pretend that if to people in a relationship person makes all the money. Some are another does even deal so crazy. Is that it so we're gonna, Picea guys go personal, wrapped the saga
we'll talk about you tore when you come back or finished. I sure what about the dates when I give specific dates. The tool with Tommy Bonds, the notice he's no entry tour Anna, bill should aside his Tom is not the room right now, this new stuff, the little shaky. Now it's really funny. He may we. I was he's got one bit again want to spoil it, but he's got one bit it's really intricate and at the end of it out like holy shit, that's good when you veneer of funny guy, like Tom already, is in your putting out stuff You have to write new stuff. The new stuff represents the new level of funny. He is ass. The last throw clearing of the show folks are promise is a rough one right. But yeah the fuckin, the beginning. My throat just did not want to cooperate and it was fun I'm until I took one hit a weed, then I drank some coffee.
And something about the coffee in the weed together just produce this. We can't do that right before Goin stage a rubber forego were on the air should do like five minutes. Before and then do a lot to get? That should have a way to make sense so wish. There's a waiter saw that, but you began after operate Now that would probably better than nothing but its debts we better now that we don't do the butter coffee anymore. That was fuck me up to many people working and they were right. So I took pride and try not to clear my throat as much and I still fucked it up its heart, turn off. Their Tommy must Tommy buns how wise no teeth? No entry. That's why not just met yet make fun of evil people. By the glass ensure absolutely dynamite. I come via like fucking, crazy. Now this glass and broke
class. You please tell the audience so I can have record that your impressed with my water consumption, you, the water champ thank even the water champ for as long as I have known you. Thank you. I mean on everything but try to fuck with you or try to take that title and even talk about it. You know, I didn't know it used to be like people would discuss our whose workshop I remember the first time I met you. It was in Phoenix. It was on this like that, stand up to her and you came up to me asking my set and you go. I've never seen someone drink so much water drink such a and I was like, while I was unknown connected to you, that you, like that's what you saw Why recognizes unusual kept an annoyance at a word, but I do It was almost like if you drank one more bottle water. Someone has say something yeah, you your power in the water, but you got to the point where I will show off down, but you let them know that you're not fucking around. Is this technically watertight? That's why a to Z s who pursue porch fuckin crazy! This is water with a mild amount of flavouring and who so
did you like set out to be the water champ or is it something has happened, aid or than ruminative attacks like a calling? It's like did you know, did the guy set out to be the fuckin? I don't know the Yoyo Champ no, when you wake up in the morning, do get a peep owners are you began bargain absolutely must rightly up and if you do like the straddle and why I gotta get this out of you Jurgen that much water is nowhere sleep in eight hours right. I wake up absolutely has to tell myself like a child to not to not. Do I do that before flight, sometimes at six a m flight, I walk through the airport Lang dude, just don't fuckin drink for the next hours. You can sleep on the flight led on to you. I can't my dismay overwhelming urged to consume more water fix it, but it's a campaign, The thing to rights also you're putting down numbers yeah, and you share these online with people. Sometimes he woke will ass. They come any. You know what your record and offer for these in a day, some the fifties, and then I know like gallon wise. It said just over
yeah. Whenever someone to talk to me about people to work out hard goes. Example, my friend Cameron run to an it in full my hasn't even plus seventy eight hours has a savage you haven't. Jerry's a person is a crazy person how two percent, but in a good way. I can already achieved, or just a madman right, but when someone's breaks up you know, did I know, drinks a lot of water. I go shut, the fuck up. That's one talk and that's why circle shut the fuck up. I got it stop talking about your fuckin shitty frantic, shitty water consumption. Beyond our guy during an early ass. Yet here my Mammy friend he downs like focus Fifteen powders water day, Brow Khatami tell they make you might drink a thousand death. He just get up dropped off by the palate, it is drinks, war and peace drinks. One on peace at the same time do does his pm, while he's drinking, I just don't understand, you're the ultimate hype, man and I feel like I- should get a Lesco water Champ shirt
No, let's go watered Europe. That new body Tom Cigar catch amount tours new stuff is absolutely fuckin brilliant watch to special that are available right now and Netflix too. Oh yeah, you want, but the new shit is even funnier it's well. That's all. Fucking great time Cigarette dot com, and go gach amount on tour. Our I'd say we did it. Thank you for, thanks for enduring my coughs, I told you that shit was annoying. Was annoying me, my voice out off to like trying to keep talking, but you won't get it out. That's all as frustrating someone coughing hearing them, How can you know they had some shit moving around the back there throughout that they have to when they not doing it like, I hear it that sound is wrong.
Thanks everybody for tuna, in thanks to Caveman coffee, gotta, caveman, coffee, c, o dot com used a code. Word Rogan and you'll save ten percent of any other awesomeness, because we ve been ranting and raving so much about those Caveman COS. Nato's. They so dumb petrol fought out. Two hundred and seventy milligrams in a nitrogen needed cup of coffee, Jim engine placement, Can I get it? Show these people, the fuck, I'm you have like a little refrigerated does make any noise, maybe have like a little yeti cooler, and I put it beside me and keep a cold one in their cause. He's caveman coffee nature of things. I had won the cry of the day left it sign whose eighty degrees out can you just sit and boiling, and the Lexus sit National AIR and recommend that? But when you like this,
It's I want to say it's a man's drink, meaning like it's a robust drink birthing robust, is better. So I think I think he's gonna be women and enjoys a fuckin familiar It's like an espresso type taste with nitrogen, aided it's cold brew coffee, essentially, which it's a different kind of smoother tasting coffee and it tastes really good once called the brute with cold water. I dont understand the process Never even looked into it. You know why some busiest fuck barely have time to get these podcasts s body I'm a big fan, Caveman Coffee and its own by my friend, Tate Fletcher, along with his good friends, Keith, mother fuckin Jardin, who If you are a big, you see, Fan Keith Sardine as former. U S fight our great! Emma may finally be chuckled at once. Went was in his priming keeps up bad motherfucker
it's him he's a big coffee fan, is well huge, coffee, fair and their friend Lacy Mackey, so they got a dope company Yoda, Caveman, coffee, c, o dot com. You check What their cell on which a single source, single family, single origin, delicious coffee or the cool story behind it we can channel the a sigh website use the code. RO again, you'll save ten percent cave bank. If he ceo dot com. Thank you too. Go to oh- and I t use the code, Word Rogan and you will save ten percent off any and all supplements. Thank you, too. Champs com go to stamp dot com before you do anything, click on the microphone the homepage and typing J R e- that stamps dot com enter J r e and thank you to square space goes for space calm forts Joe and you'll get ten percent off your first purchase. Ok, we ve got to bargain Jamie tomorrow and then we're back Thursday, with Hank Shaw
the world renowned chef, we're gonna, talk cookie excited by cooking gene therapy. James Hatfield from Metallica Friday, OSHA, and that's it progresses, though thanks you ever by who to Dan, create the fuck out of people.
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