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#890 - Fight Breakdown

2016-12-26 | 🔗
Joe sits down with Eddie Bravo & Brendan Schaub to discuss upcoming fights in MMA.
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on exercise is on the science of exercise physiology and different strengthen conditioning routines different articles about motivation we also has have you we also has madeira we also have a actual academy which is in austin texas which is a really fantastic jim filled with excellent equipment state of the art shit and tenth planet jujitsu as well as on it dot com use the code word rogan and you will save ten percent of any and all supplements there's a big you see this weekend its rhonda rouses return she's take on a man to noon as for the you have seen bantam wait title should be a spectacular encounter and on the under card there's a bunch of fucking great fights to and we break all this shit down dominic crews is facing coty gar brandt we got gather with branded charm and any browser to talk about it but of course the first two hours
are almost nothing about those fights so sorry spoil alert i'm just giving you a heads up but it was awesome great i we talk a lot about boxing those if you're combat sports fans boxing talk on lot alive talk and believe it or not any bravo brought up conspiracies i know you're gonna go no way he never does that that's it fight break down for this weekend's you fc eddie bravo o brendan shop will gain experience merry christmas motherfuckers brenda job with gucci shoes on an old john how dare you and he's got camel with poker dies i would suggest for you learn to do this blind
on one issue in love on the other a yard how dare you ve only just for you wrote this shows you did most socrates like those shoes i love the camel should i work just through your tat it's a little bit of roma women my style camera with poke it outside it i will realise the day george michael died it's like a good jacket to have on really die of heat had a heart attack parenting parting you're that was hard for me really fuckin love that guy that's on freedom that's fucking job that's all has like war parts understand there i think it's four but there's every part is just amazing that's rate fuckin such agreed i'm all too young to realise our thirdly down i wish i could play and we will definitely be kicked off you too if we play it and we put on youtube but there's there said video that they may well also supermodel also christie turning tin and all those although naomi
careful and always different supermodel narrow wandered about and there's their sing a song billig lips thinking that's the video heads fuckin amaze i just know they didn't wake me up go go that ensue and he had some ridiculous songs you know why am i would shoot two hours randal until i think freedom is the only one i have outlined by you know like wake me up for we go girl kemal ataturk there's the video kind of all its awesome did you like i want your sex not man you gotta have they were there wasn't a factor that sound right desert know how but you're the guy licence he saw tat she did a lot of uganda and i hear with honest these with a undercover copper sunlight than an unknown oh shit known gave you loud who cares
wait a minute here my problem with that what the fuck did the undercover cop say to get him on his knees suckers diversionary we now arrest now how did start up there was not only about those lakers now used look i want you to exact like also your dick you suck mine i get even probably said some they probably don't say suck dick they probably got code word code worker edward right and once sausage bro say what it looking for brow i love branches haggling looking for some friendship ray i got some friendship boy do you member when that set aside whose senator congressmen or some shit that guy who is an anti gay crews data with always my fair reduce got caught in a bathroom unlike many apples and who is doing that foot tapping thing they have like us
cole my coat he tapped your feet four times and due to let you into the stall suck each other off carries tired islands routes or indeed do try attitudes are into deeds when these kind of do during the deeds yeah but i think if i think it is generally in other words did you watch model the euro has now due to have its gets a few please navigate family they have to this and they adopt their adopted a girl she's an asian grow but those guys there's been a couple episode where this is on a b c mon family where the gay couple at some call it boys moving next door and then with the guys like hanging out with them when it feels like he's in college again and his parting with them any kind of the crush on one the guys like the main guy and
his hot damn is like you got across like they're talking about areas like like no of a crash put like it obvious that he does and it's ok they as you know i know but if it was a heterosexual couples there would maybe a situation like all they ve done that before you think about guy wanted had a crush on someone's wife been about it for sure a nod and hot neighbour moves in right but it is like where the guys like admitting that he has a crush on the neighbors wife lately is what we say no it's more like you can now there's there's a heterosexual couple and sit com and a bunch of girls moving next door and then the guy eyes hanging out with the girls and he has a crush on one of the girls and it's ok with his wife she thinks it's kind of cute dad's we're right that would never
and i'm confused is done husband i've never wants to show so help me is the husband gay i don't know if that's a gay couples so they came up with a gave up and young a young college kids moving next door and one of the guys that what are they a couple of crushing the guys that work one of the guys that movie next door and it's kind of acuity crush why i'm really blatant about it like he comes over and there's like these moments of like he's been flustered and nothing against that but i'm just saying you would never see that heterosexual a couple on abc nbc will i felt hard core stop right there i think even though the loudest like well items gay couples will take like traditional sort almost husband and wife type roles like a leather
really common for sure one and that one of the guys makes all the money in the other guy sort of stays at home and maybe even adopt a kid and he like racism like a mom yeah like is so but i think ultimate we we still except that gay guys are guys in the guys are just going to be different the same is like two girls becoming lesbian they knock em it's like people aren't a sexual if their gay in also people becoming lesbians they probably have a different attitude about monogamy than people becoming gay i would just imagine he eyed seems like overall lesbians are like their their love their monogamous it seems that when it seems like gay goods are like open about now monogamous knuckle about it i don't know too much i don't know too many wherever you into their life i was i or monogamous it seems like generally less
billions are more girly and monogamy blown love i've with super weird about asking that kind of shit to lesbian like a gay dude i could ask a gay do they ll adjusted martindale i can have dude anyway yellow generally wilder either guys guys and girls we're like girls whether their lesbians gay did you write what girls like a super like masculine like like a a butcher gave her still don't feel comfortable ask em like like how it works i there's no lesbians meeting each other and bathrooms it's that girls doing that generally now it's usually zoo rise they push each other into a start out looking near the head of a sexual world what percentage of strip clubs in the united states or for men
hundred one there's a chip and in the county do some research and thoroughly open on you now yeah well make a reservation and the like this a different experience like when i'll go to see men strip they scream they scream and they throw money in the air crazy rubbed her face on the do the girls at best where parties eagle fight why is it because they who is much like is often made an agreement mega go off about your parties in their like the guy you're not gonna say shit it's like what happens at the bachelor party stays there i had a friend of mine who sat in type window with that was a male stripper two friends might actually work it was his young puerto rican kid and the other one is older white dude
older perhaps it was a really nice guy very smart guy but he was light over the top strange big jack was shredded though jack black reality black belt marshall artists it was a big jack dude you know but he was tell em insight these women they go fuckin crazy he gets really scratching com sucking tag friends are girls who get married we just suckers dick and further friend to the guy's stripped club deeds by himself and but why is flawed do our work and our organism clubs when it was dead is fuck i worked those saturday day shared view that should we open about eleven and there's one girl no dude and ring is way security cameras the following one guy walks in only solidarity just its
saturday one fifteen zero to curl jeez begin this rag cities and i've seen an airplane to pass laws and shit is it was dark dear friends i do you're so lucky you want it's just orgies goin like dj like eating pussy is precisely to give me your job there i'll just pick up coax larry like man you so lucky i like but then in the end up moving up and getting good
shift you just wait for the nineteen when you first get into that the worst shifts saturday morning day day saturday today we are enabling the door darkness just you're c4 there's a strip of roma cruncher know him detroit superstore yeah he's over in japan now he's fighting horizon that's right he's over there now he was a linux ripper he's a funny dude man he's gotta hilarious mustache now too do the followers instagram its awesome religious him shootin thanks savage deterrent structure they have seen their crookshanks probably runs through we're rounds of ammunition than anyone in this entire town really a year flock yeas crazy he's out there shoot and shit come that led to graham is all just him gunning things down he's a while mother fucker do is funded what's right he's a good fighter do you know he was getting more more comfortable with keeping fight stand agnes and is when it became
or more comfortable keep fights them then you get to see how good his kickboxing skill sees a really good kickbacks are really good and i say kickboxing his box in chile is a traditional martial arts base right and what was his his original background karate attack on the limit really grow ever man really good kicker in so like you know when a guy like that makes that transit areas jack jack with can became ruse dick where they go back to their jane what the zebra diverse and when you first when he sees you click on video its daring crookshanks just fuckin going crazy wouldn't rashid cotton because this suit things constantly dude if the fuckin shit goes down gotta dare crookshanks house ask if you can get it
is it a sound another another video link it he's get a picture of all these japanese girl stared is package little leisurely and on whose difficulties without doing that kill me out below i mean that's a hilarious picture though he's a funny dude man and are not see i don't think you have see figure out how to how to recognize that you know them saying like how many dude that you see fight are like almost like on the outside its blood the bland like everyone's the same because you don't get to know them you don't get to know like all their weirdness so you are on the right so you don't even when you if you have rightly does its flag right flat so you need a story but on a reason why the tune into the fight crunches a great story is a great store him do you think i'm some people had looked more certain shorts and you were you recognize
by their short like a sakharov a yellow hair short tito domain flames of you and now now that everyone wants you locked it takes away a little value if what you say is correct it said adding personality adds value to the fighters which adds value the show causes so actually letting human encouraging them and letting him a rash cards and shit you wanna where you want to be the fight of the wears a rascal pocket so that a problem and women's emerald city why would be a problem and men's i may tell you show me logic there they you they should encourage fighters to where different memoirs melvin legend spat sign out by watching the our grip o girls can wear murals wherein rash carts jail mean that's rash card will plucking help your grappling for sure or it's a big factor it's a big factor
why they don't allow i mean they just haven't really thought about it no one's actually just sat down in a best melvin man who when foreign k one he wore them gladiators tiber gladiator during he he starts where those that are to remember that this donald murmur mcdonald i'll go you want better alexis our way oh no not at all suck whale allow dennis alexia lithuania's used to fight it a grass skirt generator
finding a straight up hawaiian grass skirt madonna had like street spartan about about genuine yogi when he was wearing them yet on tight he was known for a statue what's in the health dearie to watch allow nation courage that they win product when the dell had it was believed that wage worship eyes mandatory tranquil in the pink lends that's right away their personality if they wear uniforms look more like every other legal but doesn't know innovation is that it's a man on man it's personality on personality it's one one dude so his personnel just one do that process even if its we're doing all their personalities once you get to know him they become important you know so the more you understand everybody in this case too fighters i also think that making it it mean if you want to have a company that sponsors it that said that the two aren't mutually exclusive a company can sponsor
and still have dope shorts that are different for each fighter like have someone design their own stuff you dont have to have you know the same like you have read and i have blue like why correct it doesn't matter how's your u everyone knows you're u what who are we confused i do we lose the red the right guy on top who's the book the whose winning why'd i just feel like it takes away from the sport when you everyone look the same like indiana pillar somewhere totally guess what people buy into and fighting and its true with box it's true with mme they want to know why they should watch the fight does you can ratified on access tv if you don't know that but if you know nothing about em they don't get their rights ratings what everybody loves cowboy exactly tell you what a historic we know we know joan story now we know because has been going through all this crazy shit we know cyborg story and it can take to get this thing would you want to buy or not not you let me know but with a man a new imagined
but yourself in her shoes right now imagine having the biggest finally your life ever and the fight ever was lookin for spain we are female fighter does so much notoriety you all the cameras pointer you people you finally get to hear your story he's a great story and they can't do interviews there's none of that there's no promotion when i can show your videos can't do interviews dreaming open workout imagine being her right now what the fuck how well the good news is should concentrate on the fight and just content food always do i understand that and the good news for rhonda is it she can also just concentrate on the fight but she doesn't have to do any of these interviews i like that but i don't like is i feel like we have to respect what a champion is and it doesn't matter if the most famous person you're still the champion
we are the champion of a giant organisation like the u of sea and how about she's the first open we gave women's mme champion ever or amazing story champion and laid him a champion has never been an openly gay mme champion and she's fucking bad ass its she has never highlight real it's now she's having to hold these girls and just sort of winning by staying on top and do nothing so there's no highlights you can pull she knox girls out chokes them unconscious she's very good so it's exciting its exciting tech go match up it's an exciting story with rhonda coming back to being out for over a year to so much exciting shit but to concentrate only on one person to sell it i understand that person is huge i understand that persons the biggest person she's the probably right up there with corner i would go they both go back and flats would beg differ
what do you think you're gonna connor's bigger beatin on an argument i would i would agree with you i would i would lean towards that my point is with one victory she could get launched reddened that that place again i think it's weird thing man it's like you you're a super talented person who also this giant personality figure it's it's more more than just a fighter right it becomes his personality fig especially for common like that that day the his shit talking in marketing and he sends out a tweet to sell the fight part of being a fighter is sung the fight soon what about floyd may whether there is not an end of heat and look towards two so that pact our fight to the end in the end it helps the competent helped it puts more money in your pocket it helps sponsorship everything can't say anything about floored unless you are one of those girls then you don't get that well fitted it's part of they gave you gonna sell
the fight so for me and i think randy's the favoured in this matter she has to create these scenarios words me against the world hold on what are you sure she's creating this sum is a big marketing push this is like you know this is the new owners the you see and this is this and this is the real and tangible but this is really cinematic thing missing the boat on what would deadly miss the boat and farmers will prove it i bet you will devil he missed the boat on promoting amanda that that for a fact but you don't it was like a pretty exciting promo peace i saw that problem please i'm that got me fired up i think it through the good thing is it's like these really exciting very well done cool thing think if roger royal you think this fight has as much promos say you have see to a five in the art no night or connor fight to them i did now because no one's doing interviews yeah no i honour percent completely agree with you to that point
but part of me likes i want to see what happens when the pay per view numbers come out this part of me likes that the fighters are going to be bothered i don't think you need to bother them as much as they get bothered i think when connor was it was pissed off about it when all those pissed off that a large different fighters who are doing the crazy tour that pissed off about this promotion think the idea about it is you trying to get the word out to as many people as possible but i don't know if they like that the price that they pay in being distracted from the training of over two hundred words you're talking about a world tore reason do come on come on the last night there's a tough fight for me when semi i need everything i can do that to get this fight and get my mind right do you love helps do you think that it helps these these big promoters yes or no i don't know if you need to go all around the frickin world and promote it but these be some sort of publicity done
for four rhonda especially i think get her as a role model for females you can't get kicked in the face take your ball and go home we want our champ to be like connor or somewhere where they go i want back in there man give me the fuck back in there i need this i think that it's cool that obviously rhonda doesn't want all that shit she's as famous as you can be she doesn't want and someone just you said ok they let her just have a peace and focus on the fight i personally don't really watch in our views i don't watch that press i don't even know how important that is all i care about is that fight that's wants to fight happens gimme will probably a little problem all community our promo it doesn't have to be like it in anything fancy were balls deepen it though for the casual finn i thought my dad the council then he has no idea issues lightness wedding so casual fan that's where i think that it would make a big difference people watch espn and without that
by her views jail because to get that to get that sixty seventy dollars and their health the plan they need to be sold on using it sounds like you own a piece of zero are you making two points to make a very good point around there's been no now hurry up about your make very good points might might by my issues in ronicky doone thing but you you can't it's conflict of interest here's what we're here is because economy gregor right does comrades do i'll flood in new york in your press conference but i'm gonna vegas cool you not fighting right rummages i'm not doing shit digital school different different owners now different owners however different approach i mean it's a different business and domain names are changing changing the danger but also debbie i mean who owns you see manages round arousing dont manage kind macgregor right so there's a conflict of interest well it depends because it just a business decision the only people actually upset
probably the other people will coty garb ran and i'm on a cruise aren't restricted from doing any everyone's right to doing everything they can to sell the fight that's a problem it's gonna go sound for me that fuck take again for us all to deepen for sure and all the other casual famous drawn up by almost spent seventy dollars for those small guys now number one you know to me it's not going to ride on the card i love cody but we want this problem is right here right now what i why is it what i now it is the usa to keep growing in it it comes with a territory you got us el used up what do you offer the fighters are don't you think respecting their wishes i grant notably laughed aloud but i respect you about julia though exact reason why she's a famous as she is ok though we know from our lives but we too may be don't hafta only do press why you're in camp like that media exist after the fights which is easy for for everybody just talk after the fights but do
training in preparation it's a giant distractions gonna take a lot of time it did a decision if someone's is rich in its famous his round is a decision to to favour performance over finances strikes maybe she'll make less money but she thinks that should be more focus and are performance we'd better i love that i love that decision whereas we are really well well you're will really wealthy successful athlete like her you do whatever the fuck you want that's what i think i think when you get to a point where you get to decide where you can focus on making more money and possibly being less focus and distracted and may be tired or even maybe get sick you do know our travelling verses only dedicate yourself to training here you are the fuckin videos you want put all the promos you want
i do in shit for the next eight weeks southern wears an astronomer who's gonna sell the fight if everyone has that men tell you so then it is as though is that the roma are now do you i don't know we say because the old ways on the only way you can do both ways you can do whatever we want things all sides they can decide that their little promo pieces they could put together without interviews are enough they can fly be wrought you know what they could just fly to her for two days interviewer at or training camps that they did for tony and then they take off tony some big ever left big bear they came to him do there was no big deal it's like she deftly could do that or she could say no no i just want to completely focus it let's see how this work but her thing is is that she thinks the media back stabbed her and that's what you do many of you like turn on what she lost she's very emotional person it's one of the reasons why the reasons why she so good i agree but he's very emotional but to me it sounds like my voices crime
i swear i realize i gotta get back to cry we always say doug but to me it if you're wrong defend like when you break the slight down there's an that there's a huge x factor what fright framework mind is randy if she won't even face interview ok maybe or helped us yeah maybe he's the most votes you ever been or maybe you just can't deal with the questions of rafter last fight we don't know well yeah you let's she's only one who knows you know to be able to close none the state like you said famous slack listen imagine about amanda oh yeah what about her she should absolutely be able to do many interviews schwann but she might not want to either she might want to say hey good i'm gonna focus in time
leon fighting rhonda to look this might be better it might be better this way it's just like we're talking about weight before i might be better if people didn't fuck and cut weight look up god damn good kelvin ghastly looked against him kennedy look up god good doubts or only looks tunnels walk around like a hundred seventy six pounds is not cutting shit and he looks fucking amazing he's head kickin matt brown amazing he's running through every but only doesnt cut them much either down at the bottom counterfeiting five pounds those guys man they have an advantage that's a big ass advantage we wake i guess i agree huge but i think the way cut lifted i think there's benefits to it ultimately obviously you can be here when you get inside the ox gone but the performance hit your body takes its super art your ball at a certain level is a point of diminishing returns that a lot of these guys pass through then there's a few fucking examples like damien my damn you might cut a lot of weight
and he just russian people johnson therapies have inflicted johnson's cut i much waited to a fiber i think you money ten fifteen pounds no sir you lose really good at to twenty two i base guy what really how they stand to lose my affairs much for a big guy like that i have to say these i'm twenty pounds to repair twenty pounds is different when you're a heavyweight flora light ever sure but please learn that anyway yelling tunas true he's jacked whose whose name in my fight and that its jamie and my own well manner i think their weaknesses rattles like wordly happened woodley if woodley in wonder but we have a remit would these campaigns for a fight with next year's which i would love to stay
it also has to see what they get fuckin paid too i like unlike what he's doing like that is trying to get paid what i want i want you to be just the money i want to see it up like a like his initiative i like it you know people are going to just trying to get paid broke years by the way those are all fucking amazing fighting what're you talking about you don't want to see him versus gnp yes i tell people to lose number every right now lose your number if you know what to say that's why i didn't want to see that that's the sport do you want the biggest name possible with the highest paid acres either way you probably a punch in the face hey but also i want to see the run what wonder boy rematch i wanna see that i do not see that with any other russie ds argius p i honestly i'm even i'm even on ds
yes p or the wonder boy remember our demanded in wonder boys are bad mother fucker dude and that when he was in that deities it didn't and looked at his head was how do you know i'm a body now man he maybe his neck is so small that's what town was saying that is necessary small you gonna let really squeeze it existed so it also saying that to his neck is so small maybe he can like make more room because it's hard to get a really good sites please just whitley is ambiguous europe's idea that make up for what would we also said that he's got a little head so his head upon about easier i hear the dumb exaggerated yes more had myself then advantage not will not one didn't punch in the face got some crazy alex cazares do that has got be today advance to the guy hanging on four right i mean to ask you if you get alex serezana gettin like there's a lot of shit gotta go through on a shared history like my head was like what
rather haven't their humble in canada shave his beard oh that's right a meal a meal mac power bear this was caught himself a meal meek forever and then does the day before the fight until there but it was mac may i do cool would have you already have to ease the just make one s mother fucker jesus christ wiser but have why we have to keep the dumb they have spelling shit that our ancestors who came braun raf because we wonder you just can't make some shit can you would you deftly to ease is e it's not it's not it's not without rules the fucker rules on aid we have rules are soundly rules man i member roy being so pissed when he's fine kimberly one cut his bid is it gets an advantage we're going does not the commission that would its kimball slice worked on this fuckin beard what he wants to do men so sad and the personnel
wars you know personality wars verses i mean look at is kimball slice now beard is huge you know that's the idea originally was that some hundred the beard protected you this ridiculous that doesn't make any sense unless you have like some crazy rastafarians whacking dread lockdown beard like if you can have a gun groped up dragged locked down your caribbean share i think then you can make the argument but who that what will come of a human is capable growing the same kind of facial here that you grow in your head is anybody ever grown jamie look this up tapes anybody ever grown like a legit take such a little there eight fletcher bahrainis there like the role that shit up and braided he does now takes us braids it sometimes he's a referee to ask that really long ropey that's true just referee late at night during my belt trail mike right he's awesome mike has that's right my cousin ponytail his ears
please please please us is jervis pigtails makes a cool guy he's great very good reverie to one of the cruellest gaza chisel miserably due to be good do any pulls out mustache off being there he's the only one is the only way i can't i'm very sorry grown up my feelings we understood his background it would make sense he's a good man rightly malaria is now five emma may they cut it as you can use that to choke on yeah i guess you could get where show you the figures on top you get zeal with that inquisitive brown yeah yeah so unhappy roles that he d known the role that up he's a brown belt and his huge does second is big big eyes how big fuckin yosemite here he's not five nine now giant
do dangle sounds even beggar does he put in like i'm like a chin by like a man burn thing you have to ask you to have put like a thing over it yeah maybe in underneath the champ then again i would turn again the way out imagine the braids like could be avoided just like other kind of braids and is rhonda biting his braids without actually looks like ok yeah so just sort of ties in the bottom of it like the rubber band and she's a greater referee that guy's october has shed disallowed a good ones man this is a good time for emma may this lotto exuberant experience guys that are just as so important when you watch in a fight when he think like a fight could be stopped and then you know and then a guy gets through it fighters to and in the back locum dagenham bereft tonight there's some guys mike my crew who refereed wonder boy and tyrant her being right but a great job that whether dana mccarthy pressure turbo those caused an umpteenth ralph credit you now they know
the fighters you know and eight they know they what thou tough these guys are they can be no spots everyone everyone's got the classic fuck ups as a referee i remember any by big john mccarthy you know but we're all of us to maintain what tappan out matlin twice that's marilla those two men in an armed barn have to let go these that i didn't tab and then marilla gotta ganja next round with a gear team that within a fuck up alice like the dude goes tapped or something you know he lied tapped and he said it in tat but that's not that me how vital light but by looking back in denmark we have a great job in that fight creates great job not fight like yeah he's great he's great to dance are really good guy to end
in georgia and he's lisa guerrillas gang is we are feeling is my daddy me to sit on your daddy's hunting slackened lab but another really good referee you know is neither a really good reverie that josh rosen thought very hell yeah i hope they see out a priori he's out he's out he was also a very good referee caught up in some sort of pot thing they plan to show this house not good whatever but he's out now and he got guess he's referee and again for other organizations but he is very good at our member him ever fucking up and really smart guy emma may knows a lot of jitsu brown bout i think under whose yonder indices undersea i think so i think so he's a legitimate and more importantly homes have been wondering when they train like mccarthy's role in all the time so they know what positions look for transition
it isn't it funny how those northern california guys are known as like real hard style jujitsu guys like of caesar and you know when you when you start talking about like those northern california jujitsu schools health has always had a reputation of like if you got a girl of frowning upon tapping how can i get you tapped in front of have that was the story it could be totally blown out proportion but us training dow with jean jacques we heard we heard the crazy stories about how that that he looked down tapping like you got to serve you gotta escape don't about dates well he's another one another bad mother fucker from the north of california there's like that heart he came from that same camp that hard style it could be a total myth though you know that's what we thought that without man those guys
they're so tough heavily but don't you re like mine are don't like people have a field to them again here that goes guys half blackberry like that's that's that's like one of those blackwell took over was gazprom leah sab energy on my shit yeah have black belt is like this are super aggressive style right when you i got really deliver dave camera rio downcast maria like when you hear hicks years someone's a hickson black bout you got one hundred percent well ok this guy's luxuriate is five hundred percent legit it isn't there's no like
negotiations especially when their hickson black or through the really game to area like us at the grace gimme a lotta hickson guys got that i'm in their yeah game shagging does underground cross kicks isn't he says he's a cut above the ellie i hickson is everyone says when they rolodex at all you know back in the day that they were just completely immobilize and dismantle everyone has their hickson store and you look at chrome chrome very few digital players like chrome crowns got a serious full guard serious get guillotine and his full guard attacks you not see that that much in greece play anymore someone with a full guard that's dangerous crohn's got that crohn's phones are a little bit different than your average elite you should see his work out the mud when i was doing a grappling competition chrome is on it too so i trained with him for like a week at a school in culver city there
two and a half hour work out his cargoes and say more cash it was you don't you do this crazy warm up crazy warm up and what we over position position position and then it was like a king of the hill red match up and how long it took into so that submitted then the two guys would be at the end than the rest the map would stare and watch live together at the end jesus christ there was intense super tat while he does a lotta like nutty gymnastic shit to do that it is the breathing thing like his dad and that then cronan i were gone against other pray fifty in twenty minutes straight may not mean arbour he's here nineteen tie your work i know you are you're just high examined was wrong with all monsters and then with my began missus ashe arbour ngos training with nick innate this trend
what animals for a while now it's been a while it's been a man and it's looking like a striking coming together looking companies all about any do yeah very very special dude and special genes their son special genes handsome feller handsome www dollar structure as ice yes just like his barbara right yeah but also he's just a good due to be around like you very like your round a samurai very good do you might legitimate farc man i mean it sir he's the one exception to show me the man the son of a great man jury man he's the rare exception he had a mentality could you like guys like hullo shop junior you will give these guys who come from that kind of pedigree usually doesn't we're late usually kind of soft or their their missing you think was the discipline was not just not there just didn't quite the same discipline is his dad but you still talent liked party though don't you
not like i think our parting is for sure man for sure on that john john party whose party members jean jones barton you know he's the son of like one of the greatest if not the greatest mexican boxing champion of all time wholly us he's a shot as is a legend when he fought magic taylor member that fight man melted taylor was lightning limpid gold medalist during the hay day the mark breathing heyday member those guys that that whole crew of olympic gold medals personnel whittaker and magic taylor was just lightning plants such as hit due to these ridiculous combinations their job as just kept sluggish away bob and weaving rapid to the body and sluggish away gypsies fights outdoor mexico in most i that i'm just like it's like a fool can call us now get out and in mexico but back to the mildred
taylor fight limit loses what i remember this when i remember controversy in the first fight the end of the round it looks it looks like taylor was willing he was it was stealing the fight and then at the end chavez last round was fucking up our parliament gives the robes and the rest stop that that there was only two seconds left richardson you write it down i got up me up two seconds left the twelfth round and stop the fight and he stopped the five because magic went down hard and he got up and he was fuckin out of it and which still looked in his eyes and he waved mafia said he would do it again to is that it doesn't matter is only two seconds of nevada goes i know this guy's not fit to fight any more as a yacht stopped he got em up in his eyes male details look anatomy ask some questions and tail was an answer and companies like fucked you don't get a lot of that biotechnology is beaten the whole fire s but in his credit rituals credit major tail was never the same again never the same after that fight he was right he was done he just
was right in front of him touching looking to our friend for i see it this leo's laser chavez cayos magic taylor and this is a fight where melted taylor speed and footwork we was just he was tat it was a head on scorecard leading the better of monopoly guinea the vital that rests on that fighting their freddy roach like this i wish my corner would toss in the tower of the referenda jumped in way sooner and a lot of my foot yeah wilfred very right he took a lot of punishment but if you asked him back down if they he wanted them to stop the fighting money said now look how could chavez was my god he was so good with his angles he was our hero did he was so close our hair how's the greatest mexican box or of all time for sure i was part of a network could learn so much watching his greatest bows and arrows everything he throws is like short imperfect i was our chuck norris it was a powder on your computer and chuck norris she was a bad motherfucker i was a huge chavez van when he fought gregg out and he was the guided
said yeah he's gotta because it was like tat drives you wanna there's always opponents were taxicab crab drivers his son of skills he just didn't have that fact he's just not this guy this gas different guy for his boys son is a winger you doses lingua bombs in our energy is a hard striker they sun can fucking anti personnel something like rallies wild areas he's a chavez was a different kind of fighter he was much more volume finer and would throw perfect technique punches and would never run out a fucking gas chambers on you for twelve rounds drawn bombs on you just never letting up mt not upon either have seen as interviews nice find pretty legitimate let's hear it somewhat that rightly this to the body that left hook man come on let's turn and he turns around right hand perfect right hand go look sailors down and the referees counting on he's a
seven now five four are you ok you ok and he has no idea where is he won't respond majority doesn't know where he is so which is still stops the fight that is correct cause great job we're gonna write what honest you craig there crazy because it's gonna win the fight that fight was over man if they let him made him again he wanted died obviously not maiden why you never know maybe i should say that probably not but you know what i'm saying oh yeah that's that's what that comes from that's dead comes from the when a guy's done you just died not just a few months ago in austria professional boxer i'd like the fact that they're trying to like viewless an hbo cometary like guys would be like hang in there fight and yoyo max compliments aid they could very real we make case for stopping this his fight like i know right thank you before i have never ever heard that i've never heard that you never even enough l a guy got rock man i hope you don't come back hobbes right deportment concussion protocol who is that due to just
quit did he couldn't gloved in la mancha no no action against certain limits yankee was really get rock don't like you just outclasses factors on whatever iran defeated i'm just fucking done you're talking about homeboy tobruk yes well what is done with yet more to give currency out of his eyes corners i know we will find gloved hand yes yeah yeah but to fight what the hell broke fight was a little bit controversial the lama genco fight was much more controversial right were most people like this is ridiculous yeah because he really was thinkin yet bananas quit nicholls walter's one defeated for this but he said he had taken some time off apparent and that was what we like a big task potranco and they even mac telamon key goes in the ring and goes you know just just as our by in turn a you she got on his shield like you really want get hit and he goes
there was therefore left hand in their wobbled means we can't like didn't can give the time round anything's acknowledge but i was hurt man that's why stop and even in or mac germans emmi boxing ass it is i can easily the fuckin joe rogan of box and whose like do like this this is gonna hurt you rear man so there's stain all those years he put into is finally establish himself and get this fight and then you quit there is really no damage he just it was like mighty masters all around here not to do it no answers like i can't fucking please can we get embarrassed i think we're getting here look at more than that i agree with you but i think lama shakos relaying the tomb was it will what rounded they stop the seven seventh round to fight the round before that so was at the end of the seventh that work or is it the beginning of a seventh he doesn't come out to his cornea seventeen i answer the bell right for the seventh so was the six round lummix
and go was just put in it to a man and was just really get nano and i thank you he saw the end as like that he's like i can't even hit this guy i don't have a problem with it as a gay deftly never beating him as far as a fighter and most of other funds will fuck that data no fighters heart he shouldn't be in and now i think i think bolt arguments to be made i agree but i think i would like more towards yours because like you never know like look chavez get now classed earlier in that fight with melted taylor and he never gave up ukip chipping away and people define you based on how quickly you're willing to give up but i think the scale level you know you know look montenegro is dude from outer space caesar alien he's lancer bad rush mother fucker related russia pieces russia would wait privilege not an hour you think trilogy
granting love another different got not limit shakos actually mean more more technical is more skilled for pull up a lama genco highlights but joe to your love and changing your point does do that most skill box in the world does no publicity this is a video in viewers while he's a hundred and twenty five pounds at your saying butts but look at this look at these fuckin the footwear then you girls whose angles fail it so hard for people to hit him clean his is just so technical like aegis pushes deeds around look i mean he's he's land to this don't you re for this latter sliding him to man you're seven fight seven profile yeah we just has many amateur system one but what walter's hit him a couple of times there i see that's where i could see your argument much more and it's not like walter's didn't occasionally connect it's just for sure lama shakos connecting more than half what sells for him to make a decision to just opt out to look at that
he's down my man this you can't say he's not gonna hit fuckin head right right there he got hurt right there is hold it on the glove led lamenting ngos all over him here man i mean it makes sense or metal winter he sees the end man he's governmental twice yes to supper lupex right this is the end what i mean is kicking can fucked up walter's quit you know he's a killer corn look at em an error in the corner dude he's fucked up he's fact that he's also broke mentally to his i can't compete with this guy and i guess i see everybody point but i see the icy his point to the n you but you get fucked i wish you could have got into frickin but not hopkins was last week we haven't talked about that right now those of us who have all your whole kramer fifty one check this out out of them
have you see his here's one thing i haven't seen him out of the rain boxing need think box and let us hear something boxing something about that ring thing that's not that should never be able to happen or a guy can fall through the rings the ropes and you're talking about a guy fighting for twenty three something years hellenes hopkins when fighting and you can still fall through the ropes and you shouldn't have ropes we should have some sort of a mesh inside the ropes this is joe psmith junior not in our loose bernard hopkins who false through the roofs ropes roofs jesus christ and lands honest fuckin head and smith is about mother fucker do this is it those who is a dangerous fight psmith all has arms that look like like a pop i bad guy heavyweight alike to law i no longer is largely to long for his bicycles freedom here do he fucked bernard hopkins up it was rough
like this look it up we think you do something and that was the ira there i fell on his fuckin head this the worst part bernard have gone he pushed me other ring and show the replay then that maximum ireland because what you think of me as i got pushed man's do all share he just landed on his fucking head that is it i wasn't my real clown right but not a real fight he was less smith was winning the judgment is winning the fight up into that moment and then he knocked him through the roof with an apple rematch i don't know man i think i think hopkins is done that's dangerous the way felt like that and landed on landed on head fucking head man and no wonder wise is you can't hold them accountable for anything you say now that i clearly landed on his fuckin head after taking some real solid shot he has the rule and that if you knocked uttering now you want to save twenty said earlier to jump back in why why didn't have ropes look man that's why i don't have a mesh and between those robes where that can't fuckin happen
this can happen but it does happen it's happened before it happening what's his name re mercer fight number one tommy tommy morrison got tangled up in the ropes his arms went through the ropes eyes of fallen the ropes were these exemption these fallen out the rope share this isn't it this time a huge fall yeah yeah yeah the government should be fired or be when he went back i think people can fall through the ropes it just doesn't happen that often when you get tagged like he d stepped on his foot to you how did he got he was getting lit out go ban on these alone a seven direct contact with our not anymore see up some retarded let look look look at this boom boom boom niagara tarzan unretarded authority stepped on this i was it's hard to say dented everything in there but does a vicious fuckin combination and the reason why he went through the ropes because his legs were gone they gave out when is i was down and then he got clipped again and his body just went lamp we also want to europe's does that left fuckin hook for
yeah rhode island later square now will not put right away you want exacerbation not away you too i'm telling you the worst part about that was him foreigners blacken had none of its eyes a horrible that's horrible how they not have pads down there they not have some sort of like you know that's possible why if people fight what form that's what i had any rincon that's a better pads down yes what they should do they should it absolutely have low judo crash pads hard would that be you know that shit as a buffer between the tables have everybody push back a little bit like fuck the fact that that can happen to a guy like hopkins fine as long as he is scary yeah he asked to be done now now it is worth damages overtaken yea said he's done do you think that has never been stopped that exchange was awful not just for the punches because he still takes a great fuckin punch he might have went down from the punch and got up and even survive the round true but land on your head like that is no boy no proof that scary to watch my
died there for sure payments twice her brother so extreme honey style we get a dutch postal bledsoe extreme both care deeply do you want to hear about fighters the love you one year old fall now the ring on concrete on his head and these are god is my rushmore for box and i think you gotta give him credit for taking that fight dec keeping nice guy out he's crazy looked a fuck he thought he saw something in him then he might be able to exploit and he was wrong how much money do they get four five seven own soviet liked like five million but my question no three million one million and wondered deal with ngos below weeds golden boy productions to right he's apart golden boy the we got one million its
dolly i've always work that may or may not another guy like you know not a few daily but you made him a million dublin has a lot of you'll be fine but he already has millions yes bernard is a wealthy got still even if that doesn't matter vs ten million if you made a million for that fight him falling on its head like that do not have the same again eighty if your brain drama a million dollars that's like tat people would lie not save never never at any brain drama that means no no you haven't it leads to severe depression that sometimes people never get out of his all sorts of real huge issue with your hormonal system like your essentially compromising the quality of your life forever they put on our own circumstances that account hunters no word with helmets but who i know people that have been kayo that word essentially never the same again eight hundred thousand hours he made
no wonder is it was worth it was worth it i want if that's not only verse that might be just like paying for the fight us a lot of money did come up and might have got a percentage of you know the promotion because he's the guy's through its aim on i even two million of dolly pienaar hobby is not worth the problem is the way landed wasn't just a bunch of that he took as he so skilled he's good at like moving wish he was deftly goin out ok that left took his leg we're going out he got calamity got hit would hammers he was gonna using shots but rather to her feet went down in the middle of the ring we might be thinking you know like maybe here it's rather round or maybe the referees gonna stop the fight he deftly wouldn't have taken that though that the real issue is his whole body was limp when he fell its went right through stuff the what that's awful man just put some netting in a man make us of that happen happen know know remember how the old school valley to today's he's never net in the bottom rope is pretty cool whose pretty dope now it doesn't have to be that ridiculous like that
the guidelines invite outside the warlike w w e it seems like that it'll be able loose to you could fall out robes were deaf way louisiana saw good that's a huge that might have been something that bernard liked so he can move you now bernard is really good like moving away from shit and if he's contained up against a hard rope he doesn't have that ability trial in the staff true and you know like the best fighters who are really good at like utilizing the ropes were like lean bang away from punches on the ropes and it again its global promotions are you sure he had some saying that let's get point that kid is a killer well he has had for years last fight he fought cupful of like he's taken on killers in a row kova love did you really thank you to beat i die that's why we love but our hawkins but that's a showing where champion that guy is that he took those to fight that he decided take the crusher and then this kid who is a relative unknown
to most people but supranational sober who's got one one on us the abbe superfluous huge his huge any throws bombs but i dont get it though because great job hbo right don't accommodating fifty one what else you need to do and roy jones to the same way what you want to fly to turkey flight on some weird like livestream just get wax in the next week i think bro jones owes a lot of money in taxes i think that's what's going on that's what i had read that he owed millions of dollars in taxes from when he was champ maybe got bad financial advice i don't know what the instances for butt that's why does it yeah a bummer i'm pretty sure that's what's goin on that would get out my heart ass because it's like why you fight miss random russian and for his russia now like a lot like he's a russian citizen what yeah roy jones juniors or russian citizen he was in florida too though you might russia they get out it
kid my system where my sister size the royal family is just where the ideas by yam cava love is his fuck industries in florida too he's been trained we actually didn't train up here for the last one i think he did i think you train oxnard roy jones junior officially becomes russian citizen with moscow passport ceremony while not crazy you know what man he's probably just enjoying life over there having a good time to it is hard to see what you got accept too he is now and not think of who is now versus who he used the impossible that's what it really is because one of things like disturbed me this gas out so fucked up disturbed me about his last knock out loss was how his body looked i was looking at his body and i was like this is destroyed jones junior look like shit he looked like he was not fit and it's not is not an age thank as bernard looked really fit
when he fought joe psmith junior bernard look very fit he didn't look like he did when he was thirty now but he looked very strict and shady looked in shape if you wonder but like one we're looking at china's like chavez never looked sure he never look like melvin man of who is a shop as was like fairly smooth it wasn't like this jack dude kindliness guest yeah but just would still martyr guys so i feel like what we saw with roy though was different thing it's like this key camp working out like has just shown up into a merk these galleries such so skilled and been doing it for so long he probably feels that he's got a certain amount of boxing you see that knocker wasn't good and another guy five out of aachen killer you forestry
up killer see that you use you'd never allow that like say give le don't wanna come back did know russia wound meanwhile is one of the benefits of dana being a friend you know like dana this done one of these is does not want to be a part of that and the ease like i care bottom i don't want to fight again and he's right i don't think they let any those old timers come back but that's that you know the problem is you can't tell them what they can i cant do right there grown ass man but you also have to realise that a certain point time like a fight that that ego that a fighter has be pumped it's hard to say look who's to whose right news wrong because like they say that about bernard hopkins when you fought kelly public we fought kelly publicly said he was dying
that is why such the exceptions such the exemption my alien but because he was that exception we we got to watch some crazy fights by think up number think about the other exceptions that in never worked out well then it is also bernard and never been knocked out before true it was really skilful nikoli like really difficult but it also would diminish the your product like the us you'd never have like com and come back or don fry right and that i think is your montana cuban regime whereas what about that that was like that spiral showed that there was huge but do you know that fight was a man to take a certain you don't want to see a certain amount of deterioration from your champs what's he doing rife catch impasse is right now this fucking bad me i don't mind saying in all do try oh do why not a little fire or so worried about their all this if they want to fight level by a member ray mercer fought larry homes pitcher
scenarios boxes face off my goddamn lie homes was like forty six or some shit we're not gonna let you find out how old larry homes was when it far re mercer and is after mike tyson markham suit mike tyson burke them and then meyer ties in with the jail and then his leg was long that motherfucker gr box out he's out of luck what's i was yeah i was like the kings in jail case delightedly outcome well it is all everyone had when they fought my thyssen those are early days i would have loved to have seen larry homes in his prime five mike tyson now we got a monolith sire forty two are that's not that bad that's it that's a different forty two that does not like a forty two and two thousand sixteen
ninety ninety to foresee some totally i really know something totally different liberalism that afforded to using different we don't even think about his home it's gotta be in its late sixties assumption think he retired when it was like fifty one or something like that again like a fight like in his fifty's larry homes in his prime like glaring homes are fucked up mohammed ali he would give anyone or run for their money we almost hourly here and how big day when that was that was in the end how much do i owe you a hundred percent your deftly rasta we typology vintage marriage or you talk about fuckin george form in the skies are so man but you look it like larry's body here this is not the same body that he had like when he fought ali here
was doubly ernie i'd like a little bit of well actually done with bad right here man dunlop bad right here this looks like the larry homes that fought mike tyson which was like hands down yet only third man one too a little slower than he was when he was young wrought re mercer was always a fuckin murderer though man he was a scary dude re mercer started late scared wasn't military guy he asked i own a sturdy limpid gold medalist and boxing and what did from the army is a bad motherfucker dude and he hit hard but larry homes once a fight war on gotta job we're not whenever i think back to these rights those i think those gets hit so much harder than guys now well they were knocked out artisan a knockout hours i gray mercer he could be a knockout arson any generation but larry homes he would give fucking anybody today a run for their money anybody anthony josh will you fuck up a lot of these guys ban click
larry hardly go to larry homes of beet mohammed ali because here here you watch larry homes it's like forty two years old and ninety ninety two which is like eighty today five no two yards in no vitamins and no did know nothing about kido why go full screen and then you go to like the middle of the fight man did i want when our homes holidays look how good larry homesick back here man a wicked his mood yeah away their way leaner way faster and shook his head movement nasty fuckin jab that's a different nominally this is muhammad ali and it's a different larry holmes till this is larry holmes who was a punisher like he's angry with that jobs i got it makes a mean face when i'm with it larry holmes was a bad motherfuker dude and he fought smart2 i mean he was acted ali and just work systematically beat him down it was hard washed his ali was way past his prime way passes put such a bummer man it was this
huge bomber to watch because we were absolutely sure that ali was gettin fucked up there was no known i own on yeah there is no denying it towards you know the remaining rounds the fight forget how long it when you know the best bought in box involved time for this than are wholly fill out it's a good argument jack on their eyes about jack you get what he was on the first guys to language may we put on muscle and move up to the heavyweight division to member when he was a motorway chatter nobody fought dwight cow we do amanda wholly feel that crews away fought dwight mohammed colleague was five seven the cat in buzz saw five seven hundred ninety five pounds per saw what a great duty did not do it was an animal he was built so weird he went up to heavyweight after that any fucked
a lot of guys i've seven yes dwight car we i'm pretty sure is five seven i'm not i don't i don't believe i am exaggerating that i think he was literally in short shorter than me and he was fighting as a light mother heavyweight anna heavyweight crews crews always really were started one ninety five but he was attack those like this fuckin jacked up look and who some are paul her eyes looked endued with my goddamn but the but i i you know i don't know who supplements back gonna think five six justify us no wrong that is a sure like ninety but what watch on fighting and it was just so weird because he was a dangerous big powerful guy events are wholly feel sent me real that's the lena vander wholly field come out of the island that might lead i do yellin adder yeah different of this was skinny young vander but look at how we mantis justice tank of a dude short and throws he's looping overhand shots and euro is pointing down and look at the size difference man
just hard is nails are hard as nails dude current bald just he's like i'm not here to slim down slang some leather socks lessen the ninety ninety sweats they were killed at that time we had a totally different approach because it was so short for that division when you what you watch and fight it was like confusing i never seen this before like wholly field was be like two feet taller than a bit points because car we also fought crowds so you move in tight guard crouched thyssen stuff now he had his own thing man a lot of bobbin and we even he didn't have the same sort of combination ruthless punching style that ties in did thyssen could just fuck you up with one shot and he knew it colleagues i got mauler he would mall you like that right there but he fighting guys way bigger than him you know thyssen was probably five eleven
right wasn't somewhere or other still short still show you'll be happy that still short but a different oh how we feel connected and dropped them all i feel and mother fucker s mother fucker memories firewood burke hooper another one night oh oh my goodness i hate us bert cooper like on the verge of superstar them and human holy field go to are with our son of enter wholly feel i'm he was on past go to holy feel verses burke cooper drabant boxing knowledge on you fuck em a mayor here i was any bravo and i both men we were huge boxing fans well yes it is still always start to look at that stop them can't idea we could talk about boxing for an hour or leave field man in his prime drop you also that was this time they jamie that's the second time that was good coffee was older see if you can
and the first one is one andor there was the revenge fight because in the first fight they went to war and car we end of annual if you'll want to but can we wonder but losing their decision there was a big fight for vander so that was the second one what is this i thought it said i click to quick it's him fighting therefore george foreman versus car we how ridiculous that so george foreman five coffee he was five six george foremans fucking hands were afoot wide that's ridiculous really he fought at fifty didn't me foreign even the title forty six you know say former hardest hit are about time i believe it none of that might amuse prominent george warm and fire furthermore one punch this is when kylie was younger and this was a real close fight this is a different fight the second fight abandon which is totally different level and how he was older but colleagues to whereas his waste is pants rather is his belt
why the fuck up high the straps of his shorts were like way above his belly button he looks like the blue gave the green light for monsters nevertheless all blotted out to hit now as little fire agent but this is like oilfields first big asked but see if you can go to that other fight they were talking about how lean wholly field is man there is so skinny was the other fibre cooper go wholly field bert cooper wholly filbert coover was crazy or and this is like nineteen ninety one i think and bert cooper was a bad modify smokin bird that go go deep into the fight here young jamie mckenna
ok avails yellow more rocked up here is on per cooper was a savage man not motherfuckers out to his up vicious power puncher and this was like a sort of a make or break fight for him because a lot of people thought that bert cruet like burke cooper could fuckin crack and lotta people thought that bert cooper at a shot being like one of the top cause in this this was the fight pray these two guys just an awesome fight man joseph some jealousy of indiscriminate atlanta it's not really house it's more like artillery campus college of that fucking giant university from its ideas there's a u s c or some shit in atlanta like a hundred room man what were you doing balls to balls out that's how work abroad white describe lara the cable guys but that's it was he said larry the cave
as house looks like a university really getting as i can not phoenix university i say located large scale on children's rights everybody i was born to lumps you're both those guys livin fuckin giant mansions lower the cable guys funny dude man like a character that he did and then does it have his regular stamp and that was yeah i was a bit than you do that is a good dude man he's doing that led the cable guy thing on a radio show in florida was like a character that he did and then and does it have his regular stamp and that was a bit that you do he immediately i think it's not exactly sure the origins of it by he started out doing radio and then from ray the oecd taken to stage was real name this visit videos of him as dan whitney don't stand damn i do realise how big it was i think i wasn't making fun of umbrellas that i still alive i think run this this like what both the brow
just sold out fuckin arena arena the ash joshua took a picture of himself opening up for life the cable guy in a football arena that was so out in the south dude shut your mouth shut shut your mouth you got a faint man nascar and fuckin redneck jill does we gotta think there are three hundred in who knows how many millions in this country and you go down south lair the cable guy can get millions of people see him he might be able to do a million persons show how the fuck not skies limit if you that a million see arena he sounded larry the cable guy might sell out a fuckin million seed arena that's not bullshit that's bullshit what is that a balcony explained too funny dude buddy also represents them is a very good job greater life what's he also represent them like he's doing like redneck sore genes third demographic glad as is their lawyers and is really well written
funny shit you know his end is a good do is genuinely good do in an hammond jeff jeff fox or just fuck worthy was like the captain that ship yet and in and run why any brought ron white in apparently and run white was you know doing well i mean everybody knew he was i knew we was everybody knew like he was well respected headline she loves but people didn't really know how fuckin funny was until jeff fox worthy put em and on everybody he's a great guy to link their eyes are super dirty southern guy run my treaty gertie around why has this whole bit about how when he was in the navy stationed in hawaii he kept it was getting his dick sought by hookers not for growth that is their boys there were girls a whole time till like years later he was watching some show about during the
and seventys when he was there all these strands of s hookers there were operating was one blocked whose to go like every day to get my dears he's gonna dares not by about a hundred fifty do us talking about it last week in the park they haven't or the wrong why progress that sheds a genius is a brilliant storyteller he's frosted it is stated that such a good do so he's he's the blue country guy yeah he's a dirty country for short there's an orange let's get you dont want man it's just i think with when it comes to like what we think of his country like what we think of as this house in our i think people who live in cities are very prejudiced of it i don't think the same thing today as it was twenty years ago my own country the internet does not everybody knows things now man
nobody understands things way better now than they ever did before i give you lived in west virginia in the nineteen seventies you probably if you live in a real rural coal mining community sunlight man good luck get any sort of access to any information other than what's right in front of you in your town but an how now you got a phone and every cell tells me martin just check your phone ago that's not really true and i just googled it and stephen hawking says this and you will these kids they can be way more informed today than they were back then so i think when people think of the rural south may like to think that was a par with a problem of this last election i think a lot of people thought like that there are certain people that live in certain places that are just stupid
in our view that the red states and then that these people are ignorant who will certainly proved it with the election like if the problem with even saying that is people dont like when certain people talk shit about them didn't like it right makes them feel bad you make fun of people live in west virginia like i just did you ve been west virginia picked it up is right think there it's not this did not the same people anymore like those of our ideas of these like spots of the country where the i'll have information we gotta let go that idea like these down there definitely like leaning more right in some places than left and that makes sense but there's still a ton of working people that get it in these places that didn't exist just twenty years ago will yak as switch you to your point is a smart phones i don't think so i go home like what's going on out there but their fuckin it's easy like said to even bring google whatever in any news like me my damn nightmare
doesn't sound when argument he's arguing some point i was like oh cool it's one of my phone was like nope wrong three gal end of discussion so i don't know what you want to do like what people just have these ideas in their head and they've had them for a long time and yeah if you live in a rural community and you don't have the internet you can just stick with those ideas and those ideas will be transferred on your kid and transferred under their kids and its you're fucked you're fucked if you live in a tough spot like that if you live in a bad place filled with dom people and theirs no new stuff common and you gotta get the fuck out you don't even know how you gonna get out or if you if you just don't have access like north korea they have no fucking clue what did you see what they were making them do for north korea with kim jong rooms making them do on christmas he makes people worship the mother of the revolution the his grandmother who was the wife of the first dictator of north korea whose
died of mysterious causes like nineteen forty nine and so like he is so anti christmas this guy he literally is like he's a good character and a doctor she's antichrist machines like the grinch so they have to celebrate his dead they have to celebrate his grandmother though the mother of the revolution grazed the u s maid aid to korea cities disappear during that war and that's why you i mean eighty in cities disappeared when he may in the one the current between we win then i am armed eighteen cities in the north korea yes and then they all that's when the regime started well the korean war when did that end fifty's for them in the fifties do you always on june does a weird bore riley people only talk about talent yeah don't talk about but they did it i was watching a documentary about
doctors they're allowed to go under their north korea and fix people's eyes they give him like a month and these doktor from china they come in and they do cataract surgery and his assent didn't snuck in she was a journalist she posed as an assistant just to get and just to get some footage of on the inside so is about it is fucking weird and north korea's weirdest fuck and that guy's craziest fuck but at the top of that documentary that was not pro north korea was it was empty north korea but the very top of it which is breaking down the a she she tissue mentioned how eighteen cities evaporated in the war of words on like where exactly know wonder there so much hate for the fire you s but with their issues there s you another dictator is ruthless and is dominating them with feed eddie bases on that but that doesn't make any sense he's doing it again
zone people what he's doing is imprisoning is entirely contrary i agree with that i agree with ms cities joachim disgusting where big about that this is just as bad does have like it's almost like either undersea was an abuse child you know remain eighteen keel man is what it's about guns reality if there was a country out there that fire bombed eighteen of our major cities how would we feel about that country would be you'd be fuckin lynched if you said anything pro that country it would be that kind of traditional no longer dad you buried that's like holocaust type shit you bring up that should you be fuckin dead you keep it to yourself for that's what you ever talk to someone who has whose armenian was spoken to an armenian genocide denier there's a lot of like that
meaning and genocide is a very rarely discussed holocaust i mean that not the holocaust but when you know in terms of the use the word to describe and atrocity it was a terrible thing and there's deniers of that and when you find an armenian and you talk tim about people that deny the armenian genocide i remember many cambrian he won a fight and i was interview and i'm after the fight and he was dedicated to fight the fight to the armenian genocide to the victims of the armenian genocide occur and i remember thinking while like one was last time even heard about that nobody ever done but never never never never gets discuss i think a million people died in a brochure allay has the biggest army
population population right pretty sure how are you gonna glenville slugger while ok the united states drop six hundred thirty five tons of bombs in korea not counting thirty two thousand five hundred and fifty seven tons of napalm compared to five and three tonnes in the entire pacific theatre in world war two at least fifty percent of eighteen out of the north twenty two major cities were obliterated holy shit holy shit right with our your humble i mean this is the internet are we in the library did you get that from labour carlos enough that is terrifying over the images of their napalm martha you can't jim jones will look his name is crazy fuck you're sure but he can
you can understand when someone's really crazy they ve been abused and tortured as a child you kind of like you ever understand where said but i guess the argument would be that if they didn't do what was the war over the war was over communism right so that what happened in the war was it the two different countries they became north south korea as i the details when was announced is probably fucked up now we're fine when will north korea was founded because this was this is like the take over eighteen did cities destroyed out of how many they say twenty to twenty two when was south korea and when was north korea formed and when when did it become like north and south korea very nose in the fifty sometimes so before that it was just all career i'm not sure i don't know that don't you show this all i know is we fire
dating other cities man that's that's a devastating shit we talk about all these different about i think again back dead man you you never look in north korea's history one thousand nine hundred and forty five of the party of korea at the end of world war two interesting the creation of the car minister line democratic people's republic of korea ok cool him ill song in nineteen fifty the korean war broke out so they broke off in nineteen forty five and wanted to be communist five years later we were going to war with them man the history of it i'd be talkin shit if i said i had an opinion on it it sounds like a sure i'm per i'm guessing that we we shouldn't have been up in there
mass than large we were worried that he was gonna become another hitler and then it was gonna become just some a further extension war war to a gas gonna mcgann maria history of a war to that is that we don't really know the history were ones you there's that mainstream history and then there's the real shit when you know the world war one to both of a murderous like where more one is very bizarre man and you go back and listen to dan carlin talk about world war one you realize how reason that was where most of these guys were walking everywhere walking everywhere with guns you'll know what my gathered so they did they walked they walked with guns they do walked across the factories brave heart with guns is ridiculous when he realized like that was a hundred years ago you go home holy shit like what has happened and now instead would just you know fifty years after that less less than fifty years after that their name palming entire cities wiping out whole cities of the ability to work
used to be got cannons and shit the move and push from closer and closer to people the difference between that and be an invalid shropshire that point he's on people's drones now now incorrectly i saw the girl economy intercontinental ballistic missiles missiles that are pointed at russia and russia's got a point and we just go yeah we're like the fucking hatfield and mccoys to stare morton sam morning finally sheep dog in the coyotes old school mornin ralph more rapidly and they would punching they beat the fact that she dog bit fuck the coyotes all day long in the end they would punch out leave do that roofs round that what was the roosters races flock if your mother oh yes ass as coming aboard rog fuck we're late whose races was racist you have you with us as coming aboard and we can do that but it was talking chickens now you take some races shit he's talking to chickens opera
but the way wasn't even talking to people raise some races doesn't count with animals it doesn't we're all races we prefer squirrels over rats you see around all like a nice rat you see squirrel you don't mind you kid play on the grass was girl on a tree near it ah see i like a rat yeah but if you saw squirrel if your kid was in the in the grass having a good time playing around with a ball and then like a hundred yards the way there was a tree with squirrel across given time in any case squirrel that bit big bushy ten have too little fellow ally of gotta night there's no prob there's no browned right if you like fifty feet from uk when you you free gal i won't be comfortable and i went to anything it wouldn't care squirrel we're all gonna die and a baby's adela rat fifty free kid you'd freak the forgot right because rattlety serves its rate without rat was clean therefore i was trying to better the rack community with that was that rat was a leader was that rat was a one
trying to elevate the other rats need to being garbage cannibalize each other fleets we need if we need to build homes we need is established communities we teach people about rat traps i like it i like rats what am i supposed to survive on roaches but if we did that fact that the economy up we all these assholes and want to kill coyotes man if there wasn't for kiley we'd have roaches and a rat's at least everywhere rats tired in rats foxier they do that's like the main die remained isaac rats and rabbits jellies a bunch qualities to new york men wondered i already there i do not like the city the women in writing in the city dude coyotes are in every city in the country i skipped unwritten this book on up coyote america demurely book otto crazy bergmann crowbar
i guess it's coming on zone coyote turned up and middle village queens and april twenty seven is generally see there's a freak his instrument but it wasn't even the first citing of two thousand fifteen theres many car what is it live in mass in numb central park whose cairo live in queens yeah they live all over men will there go where the food that re go everywhere there all over the country there are small wolf that lives in every city goals city every single state all over the country and we can we really don't kill him began with your i'd kill em they do the biggest mass effort to erratic species ever was on coyotes and wolves first first wolves which was successful and entitled is now it does not work it is the opposite effect when you hear coyote scream there they do and will call they're just like this you're whose here yeah there did did did to trying to find out who's in attendance after the
when is calls over if one's missing or two's messing up so they think someone dead are gone the female has more babies so the female go from having for puppies to having ten or fifteen and then they also stretched the range their different and wolves in that wars have to operate in packs coyotes can operate as a singular or impact now what was a roll call and then hump someone was really attendance and then what happens the mama starts making more baby is their missing so if someone's missing say if they have a pack the bag is like eight coyotes one coyote gets jack by i'm outline they yell out and when they find out that kind missing the female say we need to make more babies and like to keep theirs be alive they produce more offspring so they go from having so they ops nor their pops are larger groups so from four pops diving like ten to thirteen so the bloody produces more baby saying tat
others martin the wolves oh yeah do there are smaller did there they're fucking ridiculously smart they theirs nicky and their smart enough to know too not attack human yeah leave me alone if we don't attack them here a lot of colonial times on dogs national millions in around because they don't attack that has happened that bisque be scared words guess humans and attacked had begun this professor that i've got coming on the floor the pakistan floris who wrote that book coyote america what he said is that coyotes when like that the to couple hundred years ago like they were only in the west coast and as people pushed them away they started establishing new territory like us making cities and going after them made spread out across the whole country jesus like an idiot there's people i don't understand this like he got approach by this work as people know is a coyote expert you get approach by these people that we're doing is coyote
rescue mission agree or to see the coyotes the coyotes great here to save it is even from what they are everywhere they literally have populated quietly and sneakily the entire country and the efforts all efforts to eradicate them only tat really have see when they have male wolves they can cyanide like a horse they take a horse and they'll shoot a male wolf and then they take his balls and his dick and they rubbish sent in his glance all over this this animal so that the other wolves recognise that he's been they're so they think it's safe to eat so they start eating this horse that's been cyanide it and then they would all die and so they would part they would they would attack these packs of wolves that way there would shoot
male they would take a sand put on this me take a whore should the horse injected with cyanide immediately so it went through his entire sought nervous system or stock as tyres circulation system and so all the meat would be poisoned they did then the eradicated walls throughout the entire west coast until they brought him back into yellowstone the ninety ninety there were virtually gone but yes animal to austrian article that they're they're think about building a bridge over the four or five and i didn't notice this fuckin mountain lines again to paying you can it but so one hit one in a car keys are trying to cross over across the four or five problem build a little red deer and almost a land therein like a land island like around the malibu area yeah that's what they're trying to do just to keep the big monsters love ya one of em killed eleven our pockets in a goat in malibu just a couple of weeks ago they put a depredation order there we're gonna kill it but this lady who on the phone
got so much hate mail after they said they're gonna kill them outline that you changed your mind you want to kill it does not lending online shit cuz she had a farm up there that's her living as making these alpakas this thing jacked eleven of them sign up for later in a way right but if it's killing your food and killing your your your living that's how you make a living by selling out paco's or doing so i don't know what the fuck is pockets like other factors lama locals those hustling lamas it would only to new for random too rich kids berkeley what do you do with alarm malibu lamas what nor ass is on there's a due to own atomic an ocean lamas lamas livin in his yard our pockets spilt they spit to this bit like a motherfucker species of south american camel it it's a camel it was and was a small lama in appearance or to breeds of alpaca while so anyway this lion
in one day jack and exact eleven of these things and just left him there dandler big o either we just had a good old time kill em you gotta get rid of that one is there a problem with wolves and hunters dwell counters under their daily they certainly would i had a friend who was cornered by wolves they try to take his elk anyone they went up killing i think two or three walls i think they killed three three wolves i would emphasise the store again he had one friend with the rifle in him with a bow he killed two of them with a bow and the guy with em killed one of them on the rifle and there were surrounding them when they were trying to get the elk away from they shouted out they fucked up they didn't know that they were like in the wolves dan was like that fuckin the gray movie like they shot this elk like right near the wolves and the walls like you will take that it is a natural share and they surrounded these deeds and started rushing em like really
crazy i've got three allowing and then the other ones took off their like fuck this the gonna think probably scare them they like others these motherfuckers have guns and they did their work their cost they did their attendants kabul and it was surrounding them but they are the wolves must have realised osha they killed to us here too there are gone and then the killed a third and they like that's it i said it was he had them alpha mail in his sight and he has bowed drawn back in the wolf took off running and when the wolf took offering the rest the pack went to their like fucked us like that again and not just those bone so low that passionate lucky not only that lucky such as one dude with a bow and arrow like you didn't have that go with them who had been fucked you know it's strange is killer whales have no problem killing other dolphins and other whales they go after him and hunt him yeah how they don't go after humans like the how they have had i really hope but only in sea world
i didn't get about sea were no has prohibited i ocean when the while i've never heard of that grabbed a ladys said see you don't known i remain a story that happen in sea were now that no more positive desert in the ocean but he grabbed the lady or they die by the leg interest fuck and kills off kills them takes off by one how how many reports are there of killer whales attacking humans there is none they go after dolphins and other whales like getting share that finally a great white to gather no fun fun with it after their mammals so why wouldn't that no humans are they that smart to knowledge and to mad they like i always are there i kind of like you know what if we fuck with humans are going to come out do other smart enough to know not to fuck with us or are they being so like a spiritual thing what is there's a whole story that i read online and i repeat on the public has four looked it up but the bush
the book is dire that i'm pretty sure am corolla told me are some our member where gotta from but the buggy story was that before i don't think i'm crawl believes this boa before world war two they used to attack us but then once they use do why do target practice with him from planes killer whales stopped attacking us turnouts nobbut restore it but that's what a killer store what a great story it turns out there someplace you used to fuck with us now like out check this out but i don't know i guess we'll help you guys the water level yeah out please stop that we could work together yeah killer whales in early may what's up with that an early
i don't believe you for everything you know there's a big cover i'd lady like humans all the time i think it's a guy in a pop up in upon our in these hastily exceptionally garcia hunt people to grab this vacuum a hidden by the ankles i like i don't know about that man and never that i'd like to see that at the library did what do you know what i am able to tell me that is there a youtube video about yes or no killer you i found one fake one i see one firm see world there's one work japanese wailing crew is eaten alive by killer whales fat pig video adjust as a story which allow always star has japanese crew was either lie by killer whales that's one of those fuckin fake news stories you that fake news thing about pakistan was like this really were like ready to go to war with what was that
i tweeted earlier today someone believe some fake news story and i believe in a store there's others some news stings on exports are fake news story i like you sounds by jack enough for but none of that will enable from the same said that this is not from the one that i tweeted earlier today i saw that that was a fake mr uphold right that was about but it was on cnn about a fake new story right and then they bought into about someone bought into it but this story about the war of the potential for war wasn't fate was anxious to administer issues after i put another running through yahoo after being tricked by fake news rife but that's what i'm talkin about so that's real right that's our fate the ultimate trolling that's how did when they're talking about fake new site that's the fake shit this action it was either away forever whoever wrote that allows the bedclothes that they put what for us indeed being tricked by fake new side they keep putting that out there necks
a sensor real shit and the government state run they go in china style that they already do in a trice girl don't want anything you want in china no gentleman that's it you gotta giant anybody nor china but guess what you can't watch regular youtube why don't they have a space between pakistan's and defence minister this is fucking cnn how would you put a goddamn space in between your word is a shitty lazier editors early man what does a gymnast telegraph that c o that uk ok this one is so what's the cnn one there was a cnn one that i tweeted this is not exactly what attributing either way it's the whole thing is very bizarre so homo yacht trawled there was a war will take you to war bitch areas right here yeah there's a see an hour ago do by fake news story pakistani minimal minister threads nuclear war with israel what they're trying to do is put out at scare people up
with fake news side so that they can go in there and have a reason a sensor never ones can go for fake news sites let's fuckin sensor ok don't while geologists community air to eight times something like that in quotas or fake news that trick by fake news radio people going to go yes it's like i fear see that ship huh why honey dick in your face right here's a thing or whose making these vague new sites and wouldn't it be in the best interests of the government to make fake news sites a girl i serve their have a reason to not have fake news sites around the general faded desire when using dig it implored iron but you think they could literally stop people from putting stuff out on the internet i mean if that's the ultimate goal know what they're doing they're going to censor the top alternative media new sites are gone after them that's the target this is the truth you say like cnn no no no no i don't like bright barter drudge empower wars there pudding
the real shit but they got control the media so saying oh that's big news so that creating a fake news problem that isn't there so that they can go women censor the real shit it's a fucking trick you see on cnn i called at every headline being tricked by fake news again everyone cornea thick new socks fuck that then they go yeah does right look here's another fake new site and people being tricked in doing all this crazy shit walkin into pizza places with fuckin machine guns for yeah let's stop fake news what are we gonna do let's just boom they're gonna did they go in china style the guy they can a sense of the inner they're gonna work if you oughta either get a blacklist you if you're a new site that's credible and you're fucking what do you do and the boom they're gonna go let's break that do your off that's what they were in the middle of that right now we ve been assaulted with people being tricked by big move where have you been tricked by fuckin fagin up
you're not going anywhere shrinking you settle down anybody can be tricked by fake news for sure they can be and that the question is who is actually doing it is the government doing and so the crackdown on alternative control sites that are saying like wiki leagues or anybody that's putting out stuff that doesn't agree with our agenda for is there a real issue is really and that's what i say i say i said this ball correct i say the government for sure would benefit from their being less sources of news and more they can control and being able to put the wraps on some alike bert snowden and not allow that to happen for sure they would definitely benefit from that but there is also a bunch of civil rights and fake articles and easier for profit they do for clicks is there's one legal argument in canada he was yes beta interviewed him and he was handsome dont while eddie please just be beach be rational we talk and must have we're not disagree you were saying it's all the above
what i'm saying that people get paid to write fake news i'm saying vague it money from ad clicks they can make ten thirteen thousand dollars a month they interview this dude who did it and he started getting out of control that he did it to troll republican people only realise how much adsense he can make from doing that he's making a fuckin sizeable chunk of manpower so there's those guys but then there's also for sure they would be governed agencies that would almost be worse it would be their responsibility to control information i give you wanted to control information one of the best ways to do it would be put out disinformation cloud the story that's subdued you just been going on in the cia and the usa has been going on in all of these leg secret intelligence community groups they do that forever they leave you if you pay attention to we absolutely no about how they engage with the enemy they use every tactic they do not use deception they dont not use propaganda the four hundred and fifty million plus they said
on those fake terrorist videos to nought but they also had in their mind it matters and resume that's when they say come right you're right unless it could be but eddie but it could be both see their their legitimate reason as they have a real player the tsar you watch those videos it's in a real player when you click into a real player it checks your ip and knows your ip so could figure out where you come in from so they could pocket if they could target pockets of people in certain terrorist rich parts of the world where they knew that there was a bunch of isis people or what have you if they put out some recruitment video and they can find there's a lot of people are watching it in certain areas vacant sort of in their where mine triangulate where these terror logan idea it's the same data greenhouse ball and its oil it that's the cover story right but that but it is boarded ices does exist there are bad people in the world the router or terrorism
kim jong own as a real delia's dick he is a dictator over the entire country there's a bunch of people in isis that have fuckin billions of dollars that are getting this money from us what i'm talkin all yours they exist of course i've royal families there's a lot of every a lot and organise a lotta motherfuckers and when you see her are being funded by using it to fall for that cover story that's all bullshit that i don't think you're right i think it's both ok that's what i think i think everybody's going after i don't think that they're trying to start biases man there's nobody trying to stop isis their encouraging it then they love it they need it i don't know if that's the case what does it say in case you didn't know the united states funds and arms terrorist groups like allocated an ice when it needs them to disrupt the country this is doctor jill stein who is running for president she said this the day of christmas present for that serbia is ruined local size you know who woke as fox that's what i'm talking about chills we know when you know this and it makes sense you could follow the money ok
only make somebody criminals is oh yeah in may that's criminals do this kind of shit what i'd always ways be suspected the people running the show the criminals do so you never you never go oh you have someone tells you someone's obsessed with like would save some famous killer no like john gaudy or whatever some criminal or whoever and he's obsessive them and he knows a lot of shit about this murder that murder this racket bat racket does this criminal activity when if he told you yeah you do know what other murder he was involved in and you talk about no doubt going to say how do you know that's true how do you know its shores the evidence that you probably gonna go you take his word fort disguise disguise a criminal he's fucked up all its other shit and then he tells you about some new shity fucked up you're probably like an we're gonna go yeah even if these wrong i'm still a criminal but probably haven't looked into it but it's like that when when you
you could follow the money so easily agency the racket nearest like any time cnn is attacking fake news their crew creating a fake news problem don't somebody i gotta understand their into didn't follow what you're saying there until you got to nobody knows about you're talkin about the government's reason first for paying a uk publicity firm far five hundred well why alien da million dollars to make fake isis and allocate a videos two million one hundred thousand dollars of over a million thus form for team to me i don't we were wrong about the wrong five thousand i'd say it's five and a million of those four fifty million are when you see when you see that lets you just saw that quote and you believed let's say she's right ok just protection why who she will whatever that that check that jill won't allow georgia jumbled she's talking about eddie is also funding the mujahideen which we're pretty open about women the wording that is that's what became the the islamic terrorism
but that does not are you familiar against the russians we finish work when you see a statement like that right and theres many people saying that but there's a man there's one to say that's true what you just said you find out that the government paid five hundred million dollars to make isis videos there funding and then there making fake ices videos sounds like they want to blow that shit you know so when you see the cover story when the government says the criminal says the colonel says what we were one is that we were making cds and we were like dispersing them and then so that people would get em and then they would plan and we know what you know we did we only a terrorist would play that city so then we could tractor p addressed to me dad slight some serious horse shit no but we do the same with like in the drug industry if they catch a drug dealer date they flip memories and for some to get to the bigger play there which is the drug pan right so same thing with this debate they might fund those ridiculous
yes i like it but it is a criminal but no eddie the problem is you think there's only one way to this i think there's a like a lack of new wants in the the idea of this i think it's both i think for shore the government is going to make some fake shit emulate they told us they were gonna do it to fight a war on crime on the fight the war on terror they told us that you're gonna do that they hold us they're gonna do they do in plain sight then of course it is of course go along more sure on two percent but also does also people that are in charge of me sure it's not like everybody who is in the cia or the fbi are any of these organisations is like a part some guy now said that when did you d never settle get lonely but the i come in april but the idea that the all the rest of them would know that it's bullshit and they would go along with it i don't think that's the case i think what they're trying to do is figure out ways where they could look
terrorists if they figured out a way they can a terrorism is through ip checking of people who want to terrorist recruitment videos i don't think that's a bad idea it might not get everybody and it might not even work but it's not a bad idea to do in a decent job have you see now just switch subjects to obey but how do you think i'm gonna seconded don't don't you think that there's a what did there's gotta be some way if there are legitimate terrorists in the world in trying to find them it's gotta be some way to find out that's a good way to ip if after clicking on those video funding them why would they try to find them everybody was only areas at the same people that live i pointed to see that the people by russia but that's it that's one personality is is the same people there are in charge of making these videos to try to find these people are they the same people that are also completely aware of their funding or is there a bunch of different factions all working together and each one of them doesn't completely beyond what the other day i could see that is definitely more
most of the cia most to the fbi good honest hard working people just people keep people in certain spots there i mean their funding isis that's just one quote theres many many courts but let's just say that was through that quote that with that chick said that's true ok were funded president candidate jill stein here she's not the first one to say then but anyways right of this i wish you'd that statement is true if it's true tab its if it's true if their funding ices us there's probably low level people say how we gonna stop isis but the overall agenda is not stop it the over their funding and why they gonna stop if they want to blow it up the funding it you'd put two and two together their christmas criminals at the top we know that everybody knows everyone
no that's so weak week we gotta treadle would like a detective would like your average bullshit ass detective it go this criminal being no one would ever know detective whenever look at a criminal no way he would do that he doesn't have the time to do it is not that smart he doesn't have the same at least so on organised this guy wouldn't this guy you know detective would say that we like you know what your phone and criminal let's look maybe you are innocent maybe you are but god damn look at them betrayal look at all this circumstantial evidence suggests just now you know look at it and then the hard core evidence documents if u s eyes like a toy their winning i think in fact who knows what their san their funding them they have controls the media who fucking knows what the fuck is going on who really knows nobody knows what the fuck's commerciale isis used to use twitter and certain things as they do get in full was the sea stuff and organise plans while twitter has a soul
twenty four seven marks those accounts we can't have them anymore now they use telegraph nor that is they can send a it's a big can organise a private chat room so whatever they code words those isis follows go there and then they had a logged in nature somehow some guy got into it just approve everyone in the secret chat rooms and it says what they want to do more say just crazy example in milwaukee how many guys do it to say how many guys do we have in the seven but we have these guns these guns we're going to head up this oh i scouted i did this they're gone to the guy owns telegraphone what the fuck man stop these accounting like in i created so everyone can use it man let's high level secure adequate for that ended this do just gettin fucking reamed for does he not have the ability to rush in he does
russia but what happens is these accounts go up and then after you're done their day the race forever that's like people use of interest is really hackers have said this is crazy time do it really is time does you his point goes i didn't create fuckin telegram prices but just like anything we create some good this bad people all i can't control jamie was a god he kept tell me about gary ventnor chuck other got yeah i saw an interview with him and in that he was talking about people alarm using phones and this lady goes isn't a terrible what we're doing to the young people using phones news like this is you we're looking at human evolution we're not doing anything these people this is like this is what people are doing and now just stepped back and look at what's happening any was saying that because we're just gonna be looking in the future back at this time because the good old days before virtual reality for sure it seems to me that all these things are competing
gather that taking all taken over various aspects the world controlling global resources like oil and things on those lines and they win else now that the size of fuckin seven forty seven to gigantic windmills their put together try figure out how to dominate the production of electricity and oil and gas and key money flowing and all the while we're getting drawn deeper and deeper into this electronic world that's some weird shit going on in our future folks weird matrix style did you see in dubai authority their building it now that were those tubes swing it from dubai however unlike thirty men others hyper loops their elon musk is gonna came up with it but in dubai the first was actually fund it is the money there billion that scary that's a plane on those grounds and now son full jumping to do imagine the feeling of going five hundred miles an hour to hide it
hundred mile in our hyper loop train centre it takes you from obligated to buy in twelve men twelve minutes on that's amazing that the same pit if they do it right in america you can build a live and allay work in new york everyday omar gone fuck all that you mentioned that japan in that nobody you can be enough to forward at least five miles an hour it's gonna fight our none of that start betcha stars rate to log on must say my twelve miles an hour's what there is what they're playing two hundred miles an hour link were like a plain floods and other gets any faster than a plain i'm going underground austria to two five hundred miles an hour in a plane but five hours ago as the country to five hours its inevitable they're gonna do
well it's easier muddled wait a minute just go to these twelve hours you have its twelve mile twelve miles an hour that's probably then would have turned our long term a very comfortable to when you can walk around this too maybe it's how big is this too
sure as well as the worst small people's farts in a two gaunt five miles now on the ground or in a two dollar five hundred miles now in the sky the sky the plan is how often do you say fuck it i cannot hold fuck you fuck you heard how should it so the most that time you hold it ain't right most determined try to time and how best to do your goddamn good today as it is ever just said fuck it i'm just gonna go for whatever put your eye shades i just let him do that to me all the time decided just go point out of its equity to be this guy that recycled air world there's gotta be like a suction thing in your seat so like a little button you present about a year how you gotta have you got that fares you you shit does help all locked but it's no good at all
it was probably for the fights to pay for the fight superbly why do you have a phone wherever in a restaurant you have a family and that blows hats are series i suppose they need to fix that problem and claim that they needed i've been led to death for the forest they never talk to grant its abandonment of people s got four five hundred percent or you know what back and police smoke complaints that's when they had them number that these two smoke on planes and then it got to the point we can only smoke in the back so they are smoking section your eyes to fly back then why was crazy you would ask how might be in those sections man because i was out be that's week by ticket peoples like they would say the only tickets available the smoking section that would cost less you go into that fuckin smoking section to see down people around your light ma am two meanwhile meanwhile used come on
whole greatest smokin soften at that point though he disclosed a little bit about wearing a fucking toe a guy i'll have to go back the everybody's briefly say fuck you know a little bit about a most vocal areas there has weird time people smoke everywhere in restaurants in bar everywhere you weren't you would see is people small operators i love a man i love that would tell you not to smoking movie theater people would do it all the time people get mad at a mere man put it that was one of those laws if that's what i mean the government were totally shit warrant will you know how good law you know why because people filing lawsuits lotta people have worked inside restaurants and bars we're getting cancer lung cancer seconds more imagine your job is to be a waitress knew how to go this fucking
bar everyday people go up good should bigger it's a good job why should you be subject to being poisoned at a good job like you have to like it's a great site like drinking if you're drinking and i'm not drinking i'm right next to you suffer anything there but if you're smokin right next to me especially if you work in a place where everybody smokin man you're gonna i stress club baby i'm never going to cigarettes you guys are full of cigarettes now but i've had them before going stage or forward i ain't cliff i've told drags he does as far as its i got gives its a stimulant it's it's very much like a neutral really very very bad for your body for sure but stimulant in itself a tobacco is a stimulant for sure one hundred percent i give you are if you can chew i think probably the better move like doll gimme some as to when i was here and i was like well this stuff fires you up so let's get you can i like buzz yeah yeah yeah for sure that's what have you smoke cigars brown brutal broke
grow from trying to low turnout way back on the bureau does not always negro jets deny the broadest they ruined brought by car com everybody is an asshole corral eyebrow he's a bro you know but yeah man for sure that there is no doubt about it it's it's a definite stimuli agreed smoke a cigar you get a buzz you don't see a lot of smokers these days though the smart people smarter well you hang out with athletes i'd i hail zero athletes we dealing with comedian the don't smoke yeah comedians on small businesses way less real way less it used to be arms everybody crystalline does even drink did we ever drained rank or smoke that lobbyists don't drink but back in the day man most guy small
like our used smiled duncan you smiled julius small rend anodos mouse now another smote no athlete in you i was was healthy austere working out here i got the time i was doing stand up and the beginning of kickboxing i gotta jujitsu did you jitsu straight through a gun i never didn't actually can't smoke cigarettes and do jiu but you're going to talk a lot and it's tough you're you're not just working out you're playing a game of death and if you tap out because you fucking gas out that you got tat out and then never feels that good that's why jujitsu so people get obsessed with it so so much you that's why joe showing is a crazy example is crazy he smokes joe showing as a world class kick boxer and he smoked smoke every down all time low pagoda well that's amazing peggy sue nodding carelessly cutting back but i think it was up to that you are not currently little while again in his gown robotics circumvent them robotics those
the laws they re road towards sucking airs bill strawberry cloud yeah they do swell nice dismal outline of people do that i don't think it gives you the buzz the cigarette though i think cigarette gives you a very specific buzz i think i'll just tell me it was all a smoke doesnt there's a fuckin knew if anyone's come back and talk more theories and conspiracies which is always wonderful phyllis there's so mad gets out why we barely talked about you see a body so mandarin zero of sheds raw shares what we do as well we're all i can do seek your baby so much fun so much fun we solve time but they did the fda approved like five hundred plus chemicals to put him in a cigarette you're all designed to make you more more addicted
never did you know cigarettes are never been less popular in my generation they think is can be the final can strongly get rid of smoking does now issues it's more of a healthier cannon vibe now with millennials stuff like us smoking as you're fucked like really knows doing one or two will carry on but they need more those do together jar removes seo and i was eating answer because we're up here we're in california if word down south in georgia some shall i found a bit that shoe and left and right at point what i d like a hidden camera and you put it on the two section of esteem or to invite a lotta onto sloppy again can choose to people would you choose how we got you could do you do how do you joy may have a club yeah here yielding they got you into this can work now
remember that europe is you can chew unlike down as fantastic cardio need shoes or dips was a desperate shower dip dipping dip missus sam press the same thing but that she was like never those old school baseball players with ex squirrels that shit i got home cloud lenny died stir air what's really crazy man that is probably very similar to what it feels like when you in those coca leaves but the coca leaves are illegal like when those guys in peru they take those coca leaves and they put him in the side of their mouth and they chew on them that all time you get like you also get actual vitamins from the flap annoying today in the area that guide that many air no that's cat jamie this throng stuff you wanna coca leaves that thank that's got that's a stimulant or a narcotic rather that cat stuff is very much
like our now narcotic it's like math dance blair guide miguel crazy do like crazy shit on it but this stuff is coca leaves they take it and they packed their mouth weather they chew on it and it has an effect a stimulant effect that's similar to a cup of coffee i've never done it but i have had a tea that was made out of it so mate de coca tea drunk but i couldn't shut the fuck up which is always a problem or red color awesome depending on what your job is now wasn't coke was i wasn't jacked i dont know if there is well cuts were coat comes from yet sulkily actually but its chewing the leaves verses the processed soup it's like the difference trained getting your your sugar from eating an orange verses eating like couplet tablespoons like real process sugar warlike your bodies like what the fuck is this what else is shit come from but you know what the fuck you do with a spoon sugar it's like were wise is alone
there all the fibre where's the fucking vitamins is just show did you do easy ass autism cocaine is in that way can fuck with fruit because the fibre right down different and that's why i think these people that chew these coca leaves they get a totally different experience and someone who does coke i needed tried though i never chewed the leaves nothing i'll jim popular though that only the state should i go brow it should be a junta percentage of illegal yes illegal the provocative and have those leaves the problem as you could take those leaves the process and into cocaine which by the way is an actual ingredient in coca cola still cocoa they still ass they know why yes it it s not the only take coca leaves they process the coca leaves and they make medical cocaine with it in the same platt that does this same processing place it does this ships the flavors of it to cope color so it's one of the main flavors they use their coca cola pepsico or two totally different tasting thanksgiving
one of the reasons why they tastes different is cocoa used have cocaine in it and now it's flavoured by coca leaves google that toga so much more that's a good laugh desiring look at their leaders to this day dude coca extractions if it's got cocaine free leaves are sold the coca cola exactly so they take these coca leaves the factory processes and turn them into medical cocaine and the rest of the shit that's process without cocaine in it ship to coca cola some flying knowledge hate diet and medical cocaine jeff medical light a cane which is one of the things that they use is like a gay cousin of cocaine uses hi but numbs you up town it's some
this is actually a lot of coca cola they must we make it a lot of medical cocaine man oh yeah it must from making ridiculous amounts but i wonder how much the actual flavour they get out of leaves verses actual cocaine providing a lotta leave to get coke ones less i like it nice ice cold coca cola it's terrible for its terror had a dyke or glass do what you worse dance even worse that shit is rarely do but it's a fucking it's christmas two i did soon i don't know a regular calculation is delicious so good because i would like our people do with barbecue come on i was not there is again i'd i'd wake up in the middle of the night run down to the twenty four hour liquor store and get a couple canada coke and just like down and wondering i had a drink whole cans and one drink i was obsessed with some dismay
how much you how much i love that alone would burn my i'm addicted about burn out it's what the constant burn with cold two wounds eyes that's nice has not changed its name does not take the same as those fuckin fountains burst dark corner that you know you're a goddamn why that is not the same formula you out of one hundred percent be out of a cure bottle or a bottle or that mexican without cane sugar tom and i agree model now the ones you get it certain bobby and have you no snoring coca cola green yeah cause that's over the puritan sugar green a different kind is it finally toddlers wheels or attack there was a challenge speaking a patriot michel waters and not to be confused michel waterman ron waterman
oh life came out even little shit it's anew when a pace de la stevie is a good move but cane sugar ends tv they put like up a little by little dab stevie bucket of sugar did that as you know my fucking thing people may i love she area xenia we're tried that oh yeah we have an area on which we all love that they sent me a bunch of it not you not even pay me to say we drag it on air doing what is its soda flavoured with steve yeah that's good scheme is good man i like it it doesn't fuck with you i like putting coffee doesn't doesn't fuck with your blood sugar levels tastes better vagaries know doesn't seem to have any negatives me i know what it's like if you abuse it but i think we need a hundred oranges by feeling share knowledge you note i abuse the should do their according to dance clim now it's the other guys on the back
so let's talk about dominic cruising colleague barbara matera with two hours into the pot gas like the markets is a boxing back gas this is what happens when you have a producer or like you know engineer rather executive at the hookahs i won't get the money lying code is not that big of an underdog while quotas fuckin dangerous so blind here's a question like his ever face anybody that moves the way dominic does and we ve seen with so many guys that they have a really hard time hitting dominic he's really hard time here ok so dominic is it to do one favorite correct you know which is i'd say that while codes one seventy five so the really spread is only thirty five cents on the dollar a dollar bet not not crazy not rushing out good dominic is yet what their bank and i think in cody hasn't misery got keys is best win that it with which was his last fight so that's down this title
shut here something rank him landing on dominic hairs on their people are talking about linear guarantees ideal shows on the same car that's crazy fuck and fight vinegar scary linux super scare he's terrifying was it build on that little monkey he's built like it chimpanzee duty like like up pounder when i see little was wondering where racist ladies gentlemen i call myself a mother if you want to see my survive little linear wasn't one twenty five yes he was want twenty without losing the way one that he has he has a real talent and he has real power that way gary's soil jerry guy hammer codes the harder centres that lead to fight global workers are different gonna hit her though i think coteries lightning fast and like beautiful combinations and beautiful footwork better to the angles that he cut when he knocked out thomas meda how meda when he knocked i made made illegal meda was undefeated very scary and heat
some serious fuck and angles drop some bombs arms i would go to a vast range of entry is alcoves alternative olympic boxer his dad was a boxer and they just put this little ball of hate in the hand by them digg is resolutely he's his kind of like our power is a different kind of knock out power then linear link is almost like a guy that is twenty or thirty pounds bigger than it's weird i e hits guys and you see them like off like sees hit you on the arms with these bombs and it takes a shot extremely well like when you find out and cisco when you and you watch the combination those two guys unloaded in the first round you like jesus christ francisco rivera a bad mother fucker very good striker and he decided to go to war with vinegar and lit goes just dropping bombs ottoman you jesus he can do this even at one thirty five maybe even better at one third
and i love to watch linux fight i don't think in four for right now i don't think i'll be champion with his with that style damned forward don't and only boxing watch what watch what happens when j because it is easy to game plan for teacher and doing logarithm guy this what we do and you resume angles makes it up i'm excited about being able to say that i think t j spectacular counted no doubt and t j has amazing footwork in all that the dwayne system but linux got some special now of very rarely seen a guide his way class it hits people the way he does it's a very it's almost like he's doing a different thing yet different kind of monster don't those fights are very similar will coty garber interest needs wandering when the fight linux needs wonder when the fight dom accrues footwork ridiculous titty deal shaw's footwork ridiculous but you gotta think you know t j k owed hannibal out twice dropped him in the first round the straight right answered i teach it has no power and about it doesn't
same kind of power but he's got way more options for as movement so it's gonna be very interested to hear what you have this game and remember that fights only three rounds which hurts i fear he j i mean it's teacher because just a survivor storm but whose only j because tt move so good man his heart like when in the corral fight these i like right away arouse got that like linear style presses for five rounds the right because that foot works if that's can be hard to follow if you let straightforward pressure fighter for championship rounds i jesus christ and such where non then teach it takes over that's interesting that's good point i think t j is is definitely in a tricky situation because he wanted that re match one
i defy he was really close in the first fight with dominic crews was a real close procedures told me what they bates like you one that fighting dana even agreed is like you on that fight man very close fight no doubt about it what whoever you believe one that fight and then dominic goes on a beach awry i'm pizza handily and now dominic stepping into fight him and he's got a is is fighting cody and he's got a really tough fight on that and on that same card and really tough fight where if he loses that fight fuck man that line you this is and there's a guy with that is lot missed wait a couple times and linux is like contracting that's jewish ways miss waited at featherweight or sweet rather eta fly wait a couple of times and in this miss weight at way to us why are so this is a guy that's gonna come and biggest fuck very dangerous hit super hard it like a creepy way creepy hard almost almost like it's almost like
heavyweight fight for teacher cause you make one mistaken linear lance it's over we're here for your fighting dom you make some mistaking it lit up he's like a man you're not shalt pull up lynn occur verses mcdonald my all doubt is a fuckin straight or that kid's a bad motherfuckers you went to his power all right has an injury hats majors lawsy arrival here i m all them down on the big one when you re emerged on cars that you finally came back in your eye marked them he went away it was one of your eyes finds performances iraq cracked and where the right hand got all that neck and just put the full your eye as far as his eyes key a team that mounted giddiness spoken but it's almost like the one thirty five term cause you have you know you have coty and don t have t j linux the losers going to fight the loser winners unified yeah let's want to check out that if you could define invite linux
michael mcdonald tale i had about it the pulpit wrong pfeiffers these sons of vietnam up here is so like michael mcdonald like real classical style real good punching power in dignity not built legacy every guy but a vicious knockout artists like one of those guys where the body really sort of is a is very deceptive and roma he was like top top prospect knew he was a big big prospect to syria or edinburgh first elastic edinburgh right and then he came back and fought eureka was nutcase how tall his little girl is short shore but he's about as have the same high dwight car we x i dont know that turkey is honestly i think he's fine for these small and he's a small guy but hits like a fucking mack truck yeah almost creepy in his power man like an in so confident in it to but the again to the point where i don't think so be champ you look at a gallop
john dotson who just outwork dumb yeah i thought he lost that fight granted they gave to immigrants yeah well it's close enough i mean look like he hurt him there look he heard him there he could see migrant doll steps backwards like oh jesus there's a feeling i get when he connects on them will you see it in their eyes like holy shit i call it is a different thing here is that the thought snowflake does not snowflake move no and he's he's also got a ridiculous chin when he foot when he stood in front of rivera go like this come on damages bang it out and rivera on whereas plans people so as you it's like vinegar walking down here you're looking at this kid is just got unique power will agree the unique and even about all that boom michael macdonell recognizes down their lives goes down again poem bohme bobo and linux just stands in front of him by china's mouthpiece and fuckin malls medulla landed one do and linux aid it like a tick tock and is moving forward both
table iraq's him again and he just under i am fully confident initially to walk you down and smash you see what you cared to loan back you up and get your back against the cage gotta move man see i've intelligent you heard him again times more ten times more a hundred percent but the question is is there going to be extended jews were dilah shaw's inside of his range and will one of these things land and once one of those things do and will deal ashore continue to engage the same well boom boom boom or will it be overwrite lands but teach aid takes it shot and has never been a guy to stand in front of you like this so and it out by mrs haug on apt what i would have thought about it does very rare that anybody has that kind of destroying power member that we never teach it can wrestle too so they getting closer take his s down the differences
and dots in at one thirty five and i like dots and at thirty five or think he's better at thirty five and twenty five which think he's killed himself too much to make that weight legally forget burying dotson can come on you and on you and when they find they fight at thirty five or twenty five champions in diane and linux fought does at twenty five is it one hundred percent of the twenty five near is it you might right i don't think that's the right way to class for dots and i think daughter you will be both guys i think both geyser way better off without destroying themselves those are fun fights man and then the pre that those of us one preliminary stacked yet neil maggie versa what's attic catch wait one thirty six and a half of this way or now so must have been like a last minute decision to have their fight so that's interesting that dodson and him went to war and linux unwanted decision yes a thirty five and twelve but i thought you'd our doubts and one year for she hears ethic
about t j d think how long is t j really been with dwayne ludwig and he continued to get better with dwayne ludwig to name but a few years so in the last couple of years like move we know we will really seen we seen the tube fighting hannibal our marked em right which or that all time career highlight format is right just virtually the same one that joseph o five which was an interesting five because take our real tough guy real short note today nice day why today during the way and huge morale trying to make wait falls asleep and banks has had on the wall because you cut too much weight joe soto steps end and so today makes out adjustment in that fight coming back to beat the shit out of around the rematch like really dominated them in the rematch those are like you no real highlight real finishes all three those rights then goes from that loads really close lost dominic crews and then be two sons out like he took a chair
so the sunset ascended i'll meet you at the girl he beat assent i look better in this sense our fight then he did the first time they thoughts we shown improvement just in that fight he's got a wonder what this guy look like what linux diverse hymns can look like very very interesting fight great match ups foxier thou in particular when you think about cody and down do you think the code is going to be able to collect when you look at cody move and you see his success against guys like me cigar against guy like thomas how meda and then you see what dominic does to people he's in front of you is not is is shuffling stances he's off the size get his hands down he's moved in this really fucking weird way that's real tough to emulate i'll i love cody but the x factor here we have a really sillam faith top competition methodologies
murder he got merk before from dominic then it gets marked by cody with a promise in our meda we saw him fought fight a really promising again young guy and not the love of damage crews or names with movement right the thing i like about cody so damn i was talking to a lance palmer team out the mail and we may see if you like it like fire week if he sees someone enemies work on this but he just young a hundred years if you cease on from other cat he doesn't vitamin hallway you just like this pit man you just so goddamn competitive like we would we have to have a coach with him at all times you won't leave that you won't leave the jam we see someone else from the camp chosen and fight some but daunting that's all the waste of energy hunter foresees that could be an exaggeration could be first i have had a problem with one dude one
for sure eighty bravo now sit and talk a reasonable now and outside the common sense yea sounds like vagueness else's let's go over the rest the car the whole college aiming that the big thing and this is king land can but can you keep up for again fights five rounds by fuckin rounds yeah us about think about it's i don't know anything about these codes divorce real good man they're both real good good on friday to louis mocha re borg thus be very interesting fight fun fight did this card it sucks has about cain and reduce longing for a guy that pulled out on who is supposed to be fighting in and pulled out a real short notice yes nor the files us find a watch forgot her vision in bonn on the watch a small got four add an american russian or actually from the eastern bloc now he's american he's american he's like your words loose phone fight are unaware
mrs fraga it what success chamber doom off thou gaping hole in hawaii always why and that's right de la samurai that's why it's deviate that's right is dad's probably rush how dare you come on small is is that russian name go back to that i don't know anything smoker small what is that we say it like that donut smoke deborah where is worse what's his ethnicity it just might be why did he might introduce illegally i get on brazil india is nick no one who is a wikipedia with longer at my beard maidstone and he's hawaiian as flock yet he looks pretty fuckin wines are killed in holloway oh yeah man bullets a crazy i'm used look on and i would do is you got a problem with them you can't just fuckin driveway that's a completely different minds she had tried we all you hang out together on a volcano didn't say
there was this he's hawaiian burns why the shipment go to the amended nunez rhonda ratified if you have to put the money then what do you really think man who the fuck knows my love saying who the fuck knows because ye we haven't seen running in over a year we will head looking at her body she insane shape disappear of her online thrown punches in you look at her back in leash unseen and fancies down she's down a fight wake wait already apparently you know think loosen to someone like holly home the way she did and to be tired and get beat up in the whole deal i glitter back their wishes punch in the speed bag jesus lincoln that's that's ridiculous god damn so if you think about the way she lost that fight and how she looked physically should look
nothing like this like not even close like she's got all these videos of her running uphill and all those different stuff she looks like way more fit she got tired in the fight with holly and that was a big factor is also getting hit was a big factor getting stunned right away and but really solid conditioning will allow you to recover better than not being such good shape especially when you get hit in the head that's a big factor with the guys are super super fit is how they bounce back you know like they'll magna's good example once it has done that guy in the first round body so fit he bounces back for her to that that holly fight issue but the one thing run shoes comes to fight she's always in shape cheat she takes that in our personal takes it cannot on such a regime have the same sort of dedication towards that fight with holly that she's got towards this fight is physically
i don't like it we know physically you can say that but we don't know shit and shoot movies you won't do prescott right you know i'm saying so we don't know she could take her down user judo and not try to strike with their just clench up do that juno trap take her down only by is in danger of that on border guard is a goddamn he's gonna amanda nunez could easily get com at our by wouldn't shock here's a question for you just gotta drag or death is requesting really does do you think she has the coaching to make chain just where she just doesn't pool forward on a man and get in in the car she's gonna be calm of course she's gonna take your time of course he's not gonna go out the reckless she's gonna take your time such came round around should any ways and it seems that common sense don't fuck and get crazy get in there just fucking get the blood going that's not heard does not hurried china man that's like mike tyson concern that side and job and you should try to overwhelm arm but she's not stupid she's gonna learn from mistakes they just fight a clean
fight more movement more head movement surgery suddenly surgery since then she could take amanda down i think i understand you could take a cat can data cats in ghana had a real hard first round and the is relevant and nunez beat the shit out of a cat nunez cat newness cac cat came back and stop leaders that an that's new leader i got on the back burner now for a cardio i get it if if rhonda stop because what makes run a great is theirs flurry there's exchange maxine oh yeah she fuckin hip pass union armed by right meddling shot we can sit on outside be patient that's not her but if she can like writs dogfight i think run ends up catcher forthwith fourth fifth round cuz amanda she starts off like a title wave and we see their losses she kind slows down aegis does yeah well gonna be interesting to see if american top teens been able to do so to mitigate that if they ve who knows what kind of strength conditioning programme she's under
the only problem she glanced quick is it if rhonda takes her down ends up on top she might have a hard time passing their men and nunez guard and will see like drawn is that she's and known for guard passing so that could be a problem maybe she checked react rambles at yes that is but it allows him to give up if she can get her on her back how will she she deal with passing the guard she really doesn't she goes to it then she's gone transition from the need to deal with it with a black don't you get so you can have to deal with the garbage its nanda really made anybody it's not a lot run a get on top of that boy shooting black for tat she cement she's a black budgets it's less made after eric man too she battered both of em it's me bullshit she what bolter ass is in a different solution did she cement ceramic mounts she submitted cataclysm decimated measure not
beat her not to answer she submitted meta yes she submitted asia that she did the same thing disarming man a thing she cracked her and then and then put her away with a choke though the one really sure that one thing she has over around in this fight is power she's vicious power yeah and i say about it and say that if rhonda does come out our full clip like that it's a very risky proposition she can crack so fuckin hard but have run it feels like she can get closer to that here we go she's no she's not russia and yes worryingly chung hunts right she's not scary nobody's gonna talk about amendment amanda nunez she's unwilling girl shot she's drop in amman blazing ok now she's marking girls yeah she demanded a hunch is our attitude only fuckin woman in that division she might be the hardest women puncher in one or two thirty five heartwarming punter outside of cyborg cyborgs not one third
not that i'm just ain't females our general social correspond outside cyborg debonairly ok yeah ok i know that you want to go into this in my mind stays the same digitally differentiation agri do you see her fight with nature and then as mr de but i forgot all about a man delude is stopping mission she be ours was allowed i i wish you wanna die i saw ok what about the ceramic man five nine hundred go before that because before that is when will you be in europe on the feet it was their skin a nasty job to manage steps in distance i do boom boom good scramble the question is like it should get it there's a big difference between deal with rhonda and deal with measure is a mauling man cheesy breaks off over a manages put in it to me should take and you just
she just ass long ass punches too and then she gets back this i sound around if run is on the right frame of mind i think she does russian which usually does probably just that it's a shot but then she gets inside gets runner taken for a ride summits in the first round of nobody has positive rising to so many people to gain popular cyborg game oh no no matter what it's for gain fucking government now really does tall just how can tell job less baronial lack tone is what they're saying it is still baronial lactose indeed t inhibitor which is a derivative testosterone die hydro testosterone ice to rub that shit on my head scheme and i was trying to keep my hair from falling off because it s task round yeah yeah if you have the gene for it died i draw testosterone as work both you beautiful heads of hair don't have that come on come on my like it's fine now you're almost fifty his hands beautiful they expand thank you thank you
i'm dead much dead wasteland time when i was a kid or when i was in my mind s eye was probably in my twenty is i would rub the speranza lactating on my fuckin scalp because it's a d hd inhibitor in its dignity so would when people take steroids or of the woman steroids or a man who has that gene were the hare falls out and if a man as a gene antics steroids problem worse but if you rob that's verona lacked or not it has a d hd inhibiting effect and think of you take it orally and also it acts as a diuretic and there's all so some uses as a masking agent there's a whole bunch of different uses of this like as a direct it also benefits is masking agent and it also mitigates the effects of of taking steroids in females so there's a lot of stuff go in our at flag with that stuff but the one on her side that she says it is is that it's a it's you
as a dire rhetoric which appears to be true be greater islam horizon and fights gabby garcia think about that which he set out already has an issue i think the friends said your friends yeah she glanced at issues of birth control pills and then she was polluted because a birth control panel so a doctor prescribe this to her off season which is to try to deal with a look i don't know i never cut that kind wait before but if you watch that outside the lines piece on her with the weight cutting of you ve seen it i've seen it in the end its herrera commissioner was like i would never appropriate a fight like shit that's really have how she's fighting at one thirty five should be illegal but one for snow have wanted aren't forward even one flirty you gotta watch it eddie it's it's insane terrifying it's insane till she always you should able do that's why he's around that's what i'm saying she turned on this to title fight without giving a shit on the who turns on title fights even though they made the division for she said i destroy my body i'm having depression amendment horrible issues my buys not re to fight like i need to
march what when you hired people we talked to people that have caught like ridiculous amount to wait like that and then all sudden the body just goes cute with his if something goes wrong and your body doesn't want to lose any weight anymore your kidneys making a kidney stones they convey some sea areas side effects dilating lack highway to goes shit man it's so dangerous your ear literally getting to the door of death twenty four hours before we enter into a cage it's the craziest thing that we allow people do in mme its essentially in a lot of ways it sanction cheating true sank cheating traded on another way classes you gotta have a way to enforce them what's what's your what's your idea i think there's gotta be a way to get guys to fight people that their size within having the same rigid wage structure where ya like one fifty five and one seventy and one eighty love any any solutions no i don't i think there's gotta be a way to check migration levels in camp and theirs
how to be a way you going to have to blow the whole thing up though like champions won't be the champions the same weight class anymore but if you got chris weidman fight at his natural weight and then gotta find his you and how you determined that you would have to find out what a guy way is when he's in shape and fair and you would have to do this whole transition over a period of time when that will allow comes and that's when they gonna cut now it allows your cut you turn round and then also be like twenty belgian regions like i'm in good shape our i do the same thing that you do with usanga you'd randomly test their migration levels and we test their way so if their healthy in there in camp there's no way they can keep that weight off the entire camp it's impossible would have their clothes kiss you not in its language was close it's like when cowboy cuts five pounds that's normal like when you cowboys you don't go there's no way does one seventy you look at me go you looks like he's one seventy that's real weight when you look damien maya is no fuck it one seventy he's too hundred pounds when you look like rick's or he's giant that like there's there's some guys
they cut the way and then put it back on in a big way johnny hendricks in his prime johnny henderson's prime would be jack modified when he was merkin job fitch and marvin campaign and no one else has a random way and random so for sure they're not going to cutting the exciting what no you didn't you couldn't and then whenever you way and at the gate let you cut five pounds of unita or something like is among those eyes gave a brilliantly pal i love her super messy does it get messy when you also i think you are causing part of the problem with way and by having these very specific wait classes like one fifty five one seventy so then the problem be determining who is a champion and what do you call that champion out we have a built in area because you know you you'd say welter weight or middleweight or light heavyweight well you're not saying is the one hundred and fifty five lb champ the names are kind of silly like why is welterweight one hundred and seventy in mma but one hundred and forty seven in boxing
rely heavyweight boxing's been around forever why do we have different names or different weekly for the same work but it doesn't matter still but he knows what a lie headway is off that it still crazy my point is instead have like lightweight middleweight have all these different names but have people actually way that like four guys one seventy have an actual hundred seventy pound may i thought some crazy dude who gets to two fifteen like like rumbled it just do much about this habit it that's that would work but how hard wouldn't be in that you know the random testing and all that shit and in the five pounds one of the guys six pounds what you could do is that the to the full thirty eight hours before the wind in under control you have you have to have during the whole idea really you can do extreme wait cutting no weird i showed up and i can't get on tuesday i don't again birds ghana commissioner with the fact that donor but they used to do
soon as your lan you you don't you dont check anything you go to the room and they way you and if you like forty pounds three pounds over there in their argument you make sense yeah that's it makes despatch the you'd have to dig up to where you all the time and there are also many other i love in your way in every day all your lagged if you run flagged and you know that don't tell data hey that's so they already living charitable goes smoothly way but they don't know big guy still miss goes like hey kelvin thirty pounds overweight and i will he's made up of for you still have that what you gotta have is someone who doesn't allow anybody to fight thirty pounds over what he actually way in that legal like widening cut i want to say thirty seven pounds and thirty yoda yeah when he finally oliver gina so there you there's gotta be an official wing and a few times
they all got to thrash out camp you gotta view they do not an obligation cuz it's a two day tournament and you got to wait if you make it to the two sunday if you win a couple matches when you get it to the semifinals and finals you got to wait who did wise identify when you cut although it was a damien mile no it wasn't it was in abu dhabi nukes cut weight on the plain remember rose and i would dhabi so he didn't was who did the fight defiantly auto now was it i thought it was on no no it wasn't leona using apodaca remember i forty five those damien maya is leaving my they stay romania and i was on fox wasn't it when all they resolved to munoz follow my card so was that abu dhabi when be japan fought frankie edgar it must have been cause the other adami card was when anderson fought damien maya right does the two that i went to helping the fox could know make you my i think you're right when you think about the new rules that big john mccarthy to see
now i'm nice you report i don't watch it even watch what you're emma encyclopedia how they do not want the new unified rules the big job mccarthy posted you off radio was damien maya is basically bwana stand up fight against any mine and was on fox who was the second card on fox any short amount away in a law a lot lot away in a short amount of two pounds in ten days insane insane i to greece i like him on state aid to death's door and then he so forget duff you can't do that there are still you know what fighters are against the cage and they put their hand on the mat so they don't get kneed in the face can't do that no more that's all got to have all four that both handled it how much you know they haven't had that's just just start issued out seventeen starting jobs but they amount announced day oh yeah yeah yeah right roy hell yeah it's a little i mean today do they talk about i poultry they like that i don't think so they did talk about classical grabs
grabbing college they easily we really think that you could do that there are member here negotiated it could do that out shoot someone in the collarbone please do try to please do please try to die kick him any like august kick him in any the column on those the dumbest like it what do you really think that easing obviously i get someone on their collarbone that think collapse legitimacy and he was right dude day they are with the victims they could just kick you on the knee and then they're gonna like a mobilise you to your way only a guy who could really benefit from that is chris wide met him at light heavyweight he should be allied heavyweight i feel it for sure what john john be heavyweight than john jones fought henderson that grappling matthews tune and thirty eight pounds he murmured so we just what a beautiful takedown she's take down oh my god i love it you shot at an gary tone and hit that very same take down but unsuccessfully his opponent kilometre yeah grappling that's right after i think i grow i think what we need is gonna go to light everywhere john is so big
light heavyweight manage so fuckin physically talented do what is it it's a fake single and then you can like duck under clench yeah that was it the way john did it wishes it was so glorious we watch how quickly covered ground realizing how i talented he is my how you know our time on think internet either i think that is ecological walked you that you could watch the to take down and you can watch the finnish onto you ass a whole fight and our other can do john verse tail no does john on them cuz i got up i want to fight you chair i think they are gonna probably do so my tail will go in there get smashed for just the eggs china is too big into good he so talented he's winning jujitsu tournaments like as a guph he and gentlemen and grapple
people and strangled i wouldn't have deceived go with like a gary tony would lay a real honest recycle felina painter yeah i'm like a bush let me say something man what john said when he's on my part gas goes i fell in love with you jessica some obsessed with it because on training all the time he goes i'm we stand if i'd be betrayed anymore hills fuck that he's going to take people down in the share out of uncertainty was hilarious electricity he's so talented is grappling you do what it lacks on some other planet it was a nice past it come down and then there was a nice pass that arm triangles johnson beat poland guard on people an arm barbarity damage or garden daniel clumsy and engine romeo were after is beaten him up but he might be poland guard on people and our environment future he's also i hope who could do and inter bear level be the light heavyweight chap and heavyweight champ think if you in here do that so much more notoriety than connor like the apple
dhabi absolute as well maybe he might look man there's a uk julie get a guy that's too so incredibly talented you go with its earlier about focus its about for like if you will watch him watch him you ve seen it did the had dan henderson oh yeah henderson's totally undersized is not dare not nearly in the same way classed as it is really not gonna loudly rising it but it's effortless mean you watch how does you wouldn't anything dynamics and has gone light i just damn eliza matthew was competition albert tail handlers was watch this here here goes because this is suspended you see fighter john jones what does it say fought dan henderson at underground event and john start off on his knees and just crawled ford and dan like put his hand has grounds that mostly growled john is like he's they consume pull the wages unless we do so strong do he's what i'm saying
is like the ways moving it i'm it's almost like unavoidable it's like this is gonna be a mauling he's not gonna be like what he did with chalcedony grab shale and took him down and to slam deluge area the size and compete with john link the guys i have given a misuse like justice in here same size the only time he really as is retort game some issues but well too commodore boiling got dealt with we estimated veto yes he did ass he did but when we talk about him armed by that was like really the first time we ve seen him ever the consumer is get out of here this is mostly john just push them up against a case they let him out through a job out on what the fuck that about your honor often we didn't really do you intend to a spinning elbow he's just cloud
around rattled once due to john jones was ronald ass right rocco did say that let's see that take well how the match go i don't remember but it did take down was the ridiculous thing saving your father there see now this is worth it eddie just to make money no head trauma you lose its whatever oh yeah for sure this is a totally different thing i really wish that this pact there it is wool boom gets him in writing the side control i really wish that this was a viable option in terms of like finance success i really wish that there was a way and i think i think you're a vat has the best chance do i really do think of your vat people watch it and get behind it has a real possibility because it's fuckin exe lighting a shit and people pay money to see it especially line a vague a tower of these gathered a line of is tomorrow meeting with you you fight passed they wanna they got great numbers ebay item they said the numbers
we're staggering and they want the bail out of your mind it and go crazy universe thing about any limit this is totally possible you could be the don king of jokes looking at this time but in truth it is just you an eddie you're saying that you are oftentimes will stay in the mouth stand there you don't three quarter mount buttermilk let's start looking at it i daresay inform out the full amount to only because rise of leg lockers deadly leg level leg lockers that hit a legacy transition when their mounted so if you let them get their hips up i always stand three crowded even the only german do full amount is examined skydive i got my hips down in my ankles cross and then i'm hutton for an under hook but our ever just sit there and regular mouth because everybody now has as got that mount escaped her leg locks that you got it everything around it could be overseen sunshine the hip think it's also those ridiculously flexible guys get those legs and play like eddies dexterity your dexter
he has always my main escape issues of my exploiting someone mount right and that takes me into leg locks and at eight that used to be the only he'll hook i had in my game was off the map and then i would use a hail mary escape seat cups in the armpits cross my feet in front of the stomach over hook a leg and then take them right to just good old fashioned outside heel hook that was my number skype and that's just two dangers on that now guys have taken that escape and added a thousand more leg lock transitions often and at that actually had a guy come to my gym maybe four or five years ago for a purple belt from enzo's and he was super flex by walk onto the mat and me sitting there walking to class he's got both behind his head i don't know who this guy he's around my mouth he said so my it don't look at me just what he wanted to show more flexibly was way more flexible than i am away more i you know i can cross my feet behind my head
and we rolled and mounted him quite easily but by hannah was a trick he let me madame and then its flexibility and i was low i was super low but he would grabbed his feet and just put it in the little crack an inch by inch his foot in the assembly and flat on him he would get through bull run into a leg lock into tat means polynesia so we went again an amount of him again i guess i should amount at him in other some as i just dont forget about these guys you didn't truck mounted on when i was still pertains couldn't get clinching type and he just grabbed his foot and just put a right there just would hold widen the in between our rib cages and he couldn't get an initially but inch by inch just get huge scale display it was like he was jail breaking too that mount escape
such an aggressive economic entities happily again my thought from that point on i go whom i can ever i cannot i always gotta make sure that i roll with people and and assume everyone can do that doesnt show college don't have that kind of ridiculous facility envious dexterity gotta assume everyone's that good at that point it i'll turn my mouth a lot like an arm trying as i just stay in the mouth see just assume you have too soon that everybody's of the deaf well has that why not rise if it works i am that it works and me up with that was crazy it won't eddying i will do that on an imitation thing they are telling us that there's like fourteen year old simple to our home schooled just to be dedicated to judge now those nine year old riddles nine year old does it what the fuck is going on two nine year old doing i'm ankle locks broken all your shit you know what we're times modern iris before the podcast started we were talking about physical freaks like that big guerrilla shane carbon
and how can i watch chain carlin role with people like what is the form this is this is preposterous genes are those shankar walked into a mall eastern jujitsu jim and i didn't know who was for a second i'm obvious any was accommodated is fine but for a second i looked up from the man i saw him walk into my debts on a person that's a gorilla that's she's a juggler from earthmen it doesn't even a real human and he would roma people and it would be preposterous is away your time i may i trained sickest chain will have another job he'd have an injury so you dont like four months are trained to twice a day too so am i can't wait gives you like a big brahma can't wait to get the number role this for you man up is ninety five set is lunchbox gown put on his fucking weird should basketball shorts baggy teacher even wrong mike yeah man let's go spoken roy me like you want to do more jujitsu that's why i can unjust
and guerrilla strong yes guerrillas drama wouldn't you love to see a guy like him fall in love with it and then window monday owls ike how crazy would that be how crazy would it be too watchin car win win abu dhabi with his resting background if he what if he dedicate james dedicated himself did submissions like we're just pure submissions i've got a freak out months and choke the intricacies bigger than months in huge pop your head off it again you know the problem is the man he's got just out past ferris punching power is like why would i not have my best thing is hunt you powers just ridiculous to women too much work largest jan again the face and when one containing i thought ugh it's gotta be that's gonna feel way about it to knock someone out to drop someone than to tap amount
eliza shane kirwin cayos frank mere because that was one of the darkest given here share frankness corner they're gone they're gone chill frank rounds almost over just chill and pitching off he looks at the corn who engage in his and ends frank mayor right there that's what he's cornerstone you're good fight and frank just like the other document control you're just chilled it's almost in the round and shamed like what are you talking about i cannot do that i need this much taves douche game over there were ridiculous apricots this horrific vicious that he's the he's an interesting example mere once the dewy bia i know he does good idea here he's off is this not fabrizia over dome as well wants to do combat jujitsu combat judges who of aviation land and wish it to be an actual ebay i cover regular sixteen man regularly
the eye rules welter weights and within it afore man combat you duennas ash in mockery we nail down to date to modern ensure no one who comes up there's gonna be there jitsu harms rags jujitsu it i will comment i would go to college view but not slapped the slab part but you know if you ever thought about competing and introduce apart did you busy i've got to envisage popped out instead of comedy yields family on stand up hard enough you don't like it so challenging i appreciate that but you know when you did have that grappling magic metamorphosis cyborg thereby got mad at you and you understand whereby get mad at you russia you be more man if you know how much money you did engage him you did engage engage him on the ground you gave cyborg chances
couldn't do shit with you and i watched and i was like while like i understand you being cautious can finally of sea and you didn't want to get your legs torn up cyborgs that tornado guard is it he's a ridiculous strong dude redid he's a bad mother fucker wean cyborg is a killer and but you did you did not defies attacks i mean i don't understand you went pretty straight defence but did work it's interesting z he was engaging with you you work locked up with them in the garden naval doing with your site name i wonder how you would do if you really dedicated yourself like in competed in some sort of an event let you want the truth i don't care that's all you need to busy with other things like that and i believe that part of my life like i love watch anything and i love come to you but to dedicate you really gotta dedicate to keep you out as you ve really got a delicate be all like all cyborgs donors shooting
jitsu seminars and videos and rollin every day when i just don't care when you put material to sleep i remember thinking like he's got a fuck its areas darts i give a serious darth he clapped out thing out on materials are all or all this is in the news out now say that's a serious fuck endorse choke does my shit man i love judges nobody just yet not on that lane it's not like it's not like the there's not big money and submission only right should be defined maybe it enough for the winter the winner pretty good money i mean gary totters made thousands and thousands of dollars and eddy comings and remain one hundred thousand dollars a year there make money if you win blood on overall you know you you there's right now there's no money for but still stilled the guys that are in the guys at the top they're trying to fool mother fucking i feel like your event you you're you're
then has the though the possibility change that i really do you you ve got the event a really hopefully you know you be turn was pretty fuckin i am grateful crazy to watch man and you got little girls competing which is amazing to watch girls at alike how old are you girls young there you know that you have he didn't wanna have any other anymore so real no more minors no more no more under age fighter man was that because the girl got he looked like probably source now travel her here don't deserve the snap get member that yeah ratio blowing ally that long children did you get to that's the cutest shit it's what's my love it shows you with grey or sun rays contra comma grace got drunk she is really amazing whose oak which cora horror sack have you seen the coroner show the battle check ways
impossible to maybe have a youth version of the same thing and have like is called some denounced and don't do it on five ass that is possible it seemed like as it might be an option to do other stuff is warm unless you have some sort of experts the thing we now want to grow and i like that pop want kids the chance compete beloved watching grace people loved it that is my tyrant and she got bigger roars than anybody calumet tremendous roars people fuck and love watching grace but you know there's other shows she just start she's gonna do show the art finishers which is a sub only show ebi rules rules on the east coast she's gonna do that she's got a big fight like a super by coming up cora just fine honoured imitation also there's these other submission only tournaments out there using ebi rules when rules why you know they platform and annually she didn't want any want to fight him on you know they like ok you
minors no minors no big deal you know that eventually we will see the return of grace eventually eventually imagine you know three or four years later when she's eighteen and we bring her back that's gonna be crazy it's gonna be like the guns and roses reviewing and yeah jujitsu interest it's just interesting to see it because i think it's it's the safer alternative for the athletes especially athlete they really just want to develop did you just do skills and get amarth to jiu jitsu didn't want to have to in order to be a professional have to compete as an my father was competition is so high that you do in jujitsu right so far every digits event has failed they all failed an ebay i you know one out of the woods there's no big giant the money no one's megan money except for the winners you know we're just is a passion project one hundred percent and who knows maybe we don't survive but apparently we got really good reviews yossi fight
pass for ebay item which you could still watch right now you wash replace amazing a watch in june martinez and eddy cummings go out at that that was one of the most epic jujitsu matches up all time if you don't survive everyone's for everyone what we're gonna try you know where you are our best yet i know you'd be in humble and over there but you just never no no no events have made it so far no that's have made any marked the rule sucked go by you have seen guard good see visit there finally we must be heard how do i was once there's probably ready doyle's that's not you got the perfect rules let's go back to this just saved anything else hendricks magyars of how that's right that's right that's what i want to talk about dude you gotta wonder where johnny hendricks head is that when you heard the way train for his last fight
you know he was saying that he was only train like a few days a week in it was really at stake out it was a really train and every day and that his wife really gotta geared up to train for this fight but the problem with that is like new magnesia fuckin role man he's had some tough fights some good fights and he beat actor mother fuckin lumber by stoppage you know be lombardo any be kelvin any beat lumber when lombard was put in a tomb in the first round the walls really close fights whereas like man is mike it stopped than daimio my ate his ass for lunch like toby isoude the way damien my put that's most down animals live whilst a bad match up jerusalem stud next level jujitsu about day my my others with a very interesting first of all you gotta get ahold of woodley second of all you gotta get him to the ground good luck with both
those things good one but also those in which our guy fuckin hammered into another dimension of fun fun fun to widely inwardly showed and i wondered why further dick and harry you into a dimension in the fourth round he could still like deep into the fuckin champion rounds can still hammer you out of this fuckin zeppa scary fight for rent money what do you want both these look here and of that you gypsies might make woodley a little cautious hundred we know that it is probably not gonna throw need like exerting an access but we don't you the woodland wrestling and its physical size and strengthened he's totally and relatively strong jason maya one seventy know that i can now rather have the rustling of everyone's amy a mile jail sown in pdf forget that a man with the inverted triangle get out its unilateral dropsy double overlooked let's drop it i'm here yeah it was those are our evinced is damning amelia he got a hold of and those is frank mere versus carlin this horrific vonnegut video of now
oh you're worried about it i guess yeah probably only on fight pass if you go to yossi bypass we have an account on my account is it on we don't have to see it but anyway way was marking merkin did bob we were talking about evans tuna guy was a super tactical really high level guy and then there's a point of diminishing returns with doesn't work on somebody and that's the point of shame corwin like you should like leg almost like there's a girl a physical limit of almost call technique that you hit a wall with when someone gets his so stupid strong that they can't as long as he's skilled and he is skilled on top of that he's aware of what's going on like a rashad evans black belt like rashad's not going to submit you off his back and put his knowledge is defense is insane it's just different like you don't have one cow in russia look what happened after that tim kennedy fight we pull them out of the tim candy they pull them out then use was the fight against re pulled him out again i don't know they try to fight kennedy again but this time renault and pulled him out to see the earth
call the mountain in toronto pull them out and he says it's a pre existing condition said somebody's always had but who knows man onawandah here that what do you think about kevin gasoline right yes or no known over against whom kennedy for it that's another example of a guy wasn't cut any weight look fucking amazing what did you want to go back to talk to your boy why you want to go back down a seventy because those guys have to cut wait those guys are cutting weight getting down to one hundred and eighty five in their gigantic eyes like hector lombard he doesn't have to fight one of those guys okay but you got to make way to seventy i understand what you're saying and i think there's a middle ground there i think we have ways to hard many times mystic ass tat but this last time he says he was on that this new diet missions regimen and did you didn't work what we have dolce originally yes i think so yes i want to pay the money i don't know exactly what went down between them
gotta to be personally more disciplined if he's just personally more disappointment is dies on him you don't matter dietician no sweaty him tat waited there has been so long you know come on let me ask that is the fuckin animals animal should make an exception not mine he's i'm on eighty five eighty one i think he's fine there but he's like veto bell forerunner of tibet for your do that's it that's a rumble it enables what does that mean exactly what determines your s couch what does that mean you beat veto brazil's different animal is it for sure address a wise there are no use out of the wood eternity what did i say seriously while saying the sudden ass i lay down that the last as for romance retort too great it's the perfect four telos are perfect by name but the midterm massage you put the midst of iter and i think kelvin is a better move them with saucy
can we associate more weapons like goose way better kicker but what kelvin does man with his foot work and that like real light on his feet moving madame raffoni who are darrow as guy made his is a striking looks professional so good an end ridiculous combination and speed and fluidity that'll give our design was gone for keeps going forward el game gas sang game gas tanks retarded it's so good he said strong zero fear zero fear great chin misdemeanours insane you and you know was real costs of all when ten was mallingham activity hold on merlin that first round and really put out a lot of effort elsie bow got his back really was mallingham with size and power but tim gas himself out doing that and look terrible enough i loved him more than anyone this will tim it what do i mean you have more than me he's a task
pizza legalise over my freedom rights my free hosting interesting but tit teamwork rough in that fight to most terrible performance for him but besides i'm nobody fuckin handle himself better after loss the knacker what did he say spock unknowns up to it like a glass is better five may is very very close picture him convulsed with well that sucked oversized faced airily jacked stood kennedy took pictures of jack and last but it s selling israeli outlook on on losses you know linzer lou when you're in months corner and you're dealing with seven man cycle tartar all you can say as i understand it says you count em all bro you got caught anybody can get caught but there is a difference between like what we say in aggregate liked him kennedy took that laws and like how hard rhonda took her loss the holly home there's a giant different complete opposite that in that
the business of being a fighter this games easier murchen everyone they once did every media outlets tell me how good you are like alice fucking great then you take one the chin you lose most fires come back you know why i work but watch this fight you'll see what's up i'm a real fur that's why tamar kelvin tat his losses when that brown combat manual corner you know not going back you don't already talk and shit after that if he was i going to forget i fucked up but now they backtrack illegal man care and didn't talk about staff infection by the way lotta people we found on bus hat staff infection cause of my fuckin big mouth but he had a staff infection two weeks out of that firstly ds fight you ve taken in about six ass the word might be idle deeds bullshit i haven't heard directly from his mouth and i heard a very reliable sources to hear what his camp is doing what are they doing his coaches reclining every fighter to have their brain scan fuck yeah john cavanaugh fuck yeah right powerful move smart guy man near reasonable follow the fuck here this is crazy
or you know no one wants to tell people when they can i can't do it but that someone should be watch out for them because that fuckin same ego that makes you wanna be a champion can also get you real confused as to when you are physically compromise which brings us to the fight that was pulled off this card kane velasquez verse for four fabrizio doom the rematch everybody was like before too and cane did that meeting with that that whatever that i'm a association yes thea fighters association and said that he's gonna have to have a surgery after this fight and they what what what are you saying that he fucked up you daily can't say you need a surgery before you have a major for first of all that that's gonna fuck the betting and there's a disaster there that's gonna fuck with the insured
if something happens to you than afterwards they say oh you know you you told us that you are already hurt we're not pay and for this i do you get paid for like when you're in training camp and you get to a fight and you have to pull out because injury you don't get nuthin right would you get nothing nothing nothing so if chose to fight with that injury said he's going to one hundred percent is going to have a cortisone injection and the doctor's degree the nevada state athletic commission disagreed that a bob bennett guy doesn't fucking playing the games when he's like you can't say something like that came to an end is this i long to do that i fucked up he fucked emotional calling vinegar little monkey earlier i fucked up came fucked up you just talk you say things
you know i was you say well that's gonna re supplies i call myself a monkey though i just sounds sounds worse than it really is if not raise its not release the last person racists but the point is with when it comes to kane is it was a giant error and that air pulled him offer this card and now he's gonna have to fight he's gonna have to get surgery you have to fight whoever the fuck is left and you're talkin about more months out and then even more examination next time and it's gonna cost him a shit load among a tunnel mutton went through the entire camp is a week out and they pull him from it and then he was saying i dunno what spout aha two percent good to go i've been told i've been cleared so he was tweeting that he had been told that he was cleared right before they poem i thought you know i think you give the guy for examination in terms of his movement like what can you do like how do you do you tell a guy business to business lies uk something in his band is back as announced this wise you kicked the seagulls man you have a bolting did your eyes shot and then if you get punch in the face by vertue may get the gun
tina your paralyse the fuckers can we truly business you just can't do that no deny i don't think it falls on tat came knows better the people around this association should not let him do that will first of all they should have known about first the bjorn remedy things very well like i was reading what john fitch had written that john fits rather envy said that he was very disturbed by all this because there's a class action law suit in what they are saying is that if the class action lawsuit is dropped like that the they could form this this union and if they all agree to abandon the class action law suit it would it would like help the strength and form the union and joy figures i what like so you're saying that the usa would accept you as a union if you abandon the class action law so that we ve been chase down for two years now without taking any sides i give you on asylum fighters not become any sites you just have to look at that and go home
what benefit would it be for the people that are not in this to accept that the class action losses rob this all sounds like someone's trying get some money caress there's no one's doing this for free that's what everybody has to realise when it comes to like these agencies and is like we differ competing ones that are stepping enron soon the other there is the social the two big lenses associations the union will ultimately i think we all want the same thing we all want fighters to be compensated fairly wanted to make a lot of money because its short window time that's an awesome sport watch right correct so you got a wonder does this help that does help them does it do any of these organisations they haven't yet because if they can get together and organise alluding to fight right then no can t you see the three different leaders three different ones and they all want different things and then you get a wonder whose again
does over here whose agendas over here what it has to come i can't come from businessmen can come from another promoter has come from the fighters the fires in once in now and i'm not seeing current funds to date they need to fight and then they need to have so to speak for them has been there but you you can't have these bills guys with other hidden agendas trying to get things done or in the orange case he has as you know we are jealousy with dana and what seemed destroyed we can have that why are you speaking first what are you doing here if you don't have the respect of the fund's what the fuck you don't and notice he's taken us back using every whenever one saw him speaking there like we're out man where he was at once and old school belcour when he was run things over their king most stop at home and king or most of his date cosmic dick right all the time
it's not good when you got a guy like king my very respected guy who is horrible things to say about you and into i talk this situation what he s doing like you have one way to make an impression and this you put your best foot forward with this guy and there well i don't know the dude do you know i know of fires have dealt with them i never fought for better so i know in sighed the fighter circle that people have dealt with and for managing stuff like that browser personally i was looking at all the tweets and all the negative stuff i think you can take a very positive angle about improving the life in the conditions of these fighters without attacking people yeah there's no there's no real i can also see what you are about in what it's not his job to make sure you guys get your shit together and form association he's like i'm a businessman he has one do that cool get your shit together and then bring it to and then let's figure some out as a fine with each other you dont knowledge you no doubts is interesting about this the four billion dollars that you know is that they had
say to the usa as a lot of that i wonder how are you i don't understand business i'm a dummy i don't i don't have any business background but how much money do you have to make to pay off for billion dollars i can house and your house's like three million bucks lay down really get some daunting thirty year payments now imagine thousand times that plus a billion that's what it is that's one thousand million but that really is and that's why they're going to do in these budget cuts and how can we save money here now can we girl so then you see up so you see the women's on forty pound division you're saying that these in what i would now i've got forty five scenes interim belts you seem ways to make up the money well that's really sad thing about the cyborg thing because cyborgs extremely marketable at a hundred forty five pounds and they made the decision for her tat they made a division for her and not just marketable would very controversial very controversial very
and she's scary she she mercosur and it goes after them takes him down destroys a mouse mashes people sudan authorities things just thirty four thirty five she that'll i think so pull up third slash young john thirty to thirty one a camera so thirty one is in a prime sooner prime would i be the champion and one point five because she could be problem is she can be an under even more scrooge she so far in there's never been sown who need a pass tests so ban their life than earth is the number one knock on her was you ve just pause before that's the only reason why you're compeers we knock people out by making out that train was like no she so skill she deserves it put mark those viner like fine cohesion division bone test positive but put put yourself in is it possible that she really we did deal with some crazy wake cutting backlash where a body just like fucked up its retain
water and some weird way in or hormones are all fucked up you got on the birth control but i believe that it is possible that a doctor did prescriber this it try to mitigate that and then the doktor told us that you could take this atta competition can take it into in competition because it is a direct great yeah a diuretic if you are swollen at the all those things do seem to make sense to me just trying to be i don't want to see any skeptical hippo face no i'm with you on this guy i've actually believer story have you think he's skeptical snake i sense large scale snake saw it sent me out i have to oppose this where did you find it in the guy goes just for you she said articles now at i see a sceptical hip when i read your super skeptical snake is fuckin snake i might have seen on your instagram so scared to have you
no she just get visionary your your mouth when everyone see and this is a new me this is a new barriers to trade new now pizza gay i don't think there needs to be underlined and his party all the good you wrote look at euro put aside my face when i want to use he promo these days i see your skeptical ipl and raise you a super skeptical state those exact wherefore about it that's because showed a man it is kind of fucked up but it's also you know like someone pointed out like when you watching these promos their movies now it's like this little film it's not like training footage people talking about it like this roma where slick lee produced movie thing rush doors fucking great ominous stories great the adverse openly gay world champion virgin brazilian i mean not
highlight real highlight real yes man looking were like she's the girl and then and then we show any rana cayos is like that just is like men and black with well he's assumed in a race that from your memory there was is that plenty of that video going around on its own everybody knows what happened it's not something you need to discuss i think they could have done it in that video and then showing the workout to the return to might be even more dramatic showing her crying showing her building back up picking up the pieces again i mean that that means you want to go deep you could that's going to be in the movie right if you ever rhonda rousing life story movie that's gotta be in the movie course on ever sets if she comes back and wins a mean that exactly you're gonna see you gonna see all the pain round arousing today right now i mean is who she is right now what's going on right now is because what happened with holly home you know this is a comeback because it can't you pull off to come back
my main dollar regime of come back against who like i said thou rt france gone come back against who she's been the favourite every fights never mean they began complete black out of amanda nunez like govern showed shit at odds out is very little footage that their shown in these promote the original known as stop watchin boxing and put it back on fucking act as i don't see you at this one moreover there are boxing network joe tweeted now i tweeted a big about like while watching at home i was watch is actually in a hotel room watching that you have c on fox were michel waters and beat patrons aunt and i was wondering if this is so big are there not showing the champion to showing giant promo and it's all rwanda which makes some sense because round is huge it was so want to everybody knows come back but don't you one the letter we know that you come back against a killer against one already know that she's coming back to fight the chaplet joe just just from a business aspect what in some weird
old and emma may what if a man and nunez mercosur in the first years let no one knows it yes in one of them one of messina this is a great i see her face but like most of the pieces about round but there's a few of these rights is a few different asked not jobs angel what happens if she momentarily lay out a shorter had kicked they felt as if somebody else's traces this isn't uses such revenge created shit if on their own that's ok that you don't have to do you see a lot longer than an actual promo tulip how long is a video or their two minutes you on saint eleventh if some in which some weird emma may world amend our does weird at all and then we're gonna do you think that's weird not at all now real dangers mercies acting like the plan all their chips in this basket where if amanda nunez does her thing and it happens people go out but for those one burundi is a thousand times more popular
popular than a man in a hundred back out of the money is coming from round and i underline is more money but ever ok you verdi's networks should run does it but on your already established in iran is fighting would you want everybody knows he's fighting a killer who she fighting that's what we're tune in him for you see the match up this was selling it is if the whole thing that you're seeing is her coming back yeah thanks in sum in business one or one what happened that that other person hence we don't know shit about it you have to channel yeah that's just not much let me also say a bunch of different if he wins then the blower there's still pragmatism like you have a deadline if she will comply run rather once now this one i mean irish may or even against work twice
no revenge but at least you know that's the girl debate but met she'll be just like holly home instantly huge on fuckin ellen and alleged holly's in an interesting post to right to choose instantly huge and then she loses tuna rotten straight and she is to try to two completely different styles she gets choked out by meta against a better grapple her and then she gets check the lot by them danish genco mouths opportunities i would like to see that progress is possible jamie though you have see one or two on the euro see you too how'd you do but there's no real brow it's not real isn't it less on youtube so here's her i can the top of our failure promos from lombard do you get to see and we all know that smash and so this is is the same one of the characters is a different one does the holly lawyers holly so this is what i am about the end of november one would have they all show it they come they go black uneasy holly winning
but she was my sceptical snowed while you gonna let go down more if it has to be done when these are pointing actually like you see he's up rank as you see the drafting of a bell now progression of the belt you see the progression of the bell but you don't see her getting head kicked that's crazy why would you not show the highlight while what were you doing as you showing preferential treatment for one athlete without a doubt and the ideas that the ability and the aim that she's reached you you shall preferential treatment because she's different she special she's different i presented a massive star she's a massive star that's that's the girl that's gonna put this the asses in the seats their man you got usually collar though i think you're right but as far as women go she is the content of the time out of writers fighter oh yeah i'm just not even close now i'm close there's no like there's no unlike but just cause connor's cells more tickets doesn't mean she's they they have multiple stars multiple elite stars
and hasty amanda doing some work out and liftin some words girlfriend straw wait nursing issue were old bantam we champion a man as soon they see some highlights this one is shown more so this is a different and in the zone when they re lucky they the one that they see on tv where they roll up the garage doors here hidden pad pop up and that's it up up up up up clues good though looks good do in that very interesting man where listing who the fuck knows who the fuck knows i'm just now gotta be watching everyone's gonna large that's gonna be crazy errors is going nuts i'm crazy i think i was surprised by the ratings of the enemy is watching no i'm not saying that it's not miracles a hater ironing on the promotional gangs
and i was always in a motto is i'm just i don't you see the same numbers of conor fires is there any allowing sites that are coming up there we should beware of any other big fights without what else is happening what do you care about tony habibi is we're gonna have not signed its exact amount for the interim title i mean that's not easily wants money but here's my question how the fuck do you have an interim champion network what is what's going with that how do you feel itself to that what gets people to tune in his belt ok and so because of the fact that your guaranteeing law so if you have habibi fight connor in russia and habibi has belt jesus christ we need a russian and the max what he is russian destroys the earlier that yet he is these unlawful smasher but what a big opportunity for tony if tony ferguson
steal that thunder and if you see when michael johnson clipped him and heard him knows a first time we ever saw him too but michael johnson just does not have the same grappling ability that twenty four hours and now two different animal and also twenty ferguson is a different kind of strike or to his is much more awkward in his movement is like is available time it would have both real good michael johnson's a very good striker and then when he knocks it knocked out dustin poirier they're both real good but the big difference is the amount of tony's grabbing abilities it did i see tony's tweet what did he say he's yours i'm down except the fight it goes off the could be you just can be called america's where's the fight and tony tony said dude you made your deal you're making bank i'm not scared of anyone i join get paid what i'm worth met on downplay the fly interest plenty to renegotiate my conscientiously checking what tony said in between round one around too you know he lost the first round design jaws he landed some some good shots and
we ran into the cage and you don't know exactly what's goin on through his head and the striking co japanese autonomous and should and before i got family the he looks him enough coach when a break his lack of mike the inside you know when you start gazers out of life on this now i got ok perfect that's what i want to hear his like he's such a barbarian that's what he had to say a point of order to seek a dana marking that i've gone oh my god shots at dawn gimme a title shot managers workin is it's gonna look different underground look different on the ground is could be make no mistake about it is broken air on the ground scarier excellent grappling but actually michael johnson was making a lot of key areas
the ground out positioning yes he was he was really a crucifix without crucifix he was given a genoese her he was hurt deasey could be very dose andrews though in los angeles luxuriate black but he modem he'll be back again like in like malta monogram aldermen a weird way when you watch him just a guy's brazilian due to blackmail like his hand i love like a blue belt look i gotta see the hostile around like what i think is grappling is as good as i've ever seen inside the octagon he might not the same submission stylist that damien my is but it's pure ability to control guys take them down grapple them and mall them is unprecedented may gradually and i agree with you this when he gets a whole do you it's it's so fucking undeniable like this kind of shit i can get to hold you bear hugs you and just like bitch you're going down you are going to the fucking grow any hold you there and he beats the fuck out of you when he has you their wages rushes and saying insane and clean positioning his positioning
pressure his strength is i guess i d maya various now and what our the admissions mortars have yet the ground pound damon great pleasurable but better take nouns better take down way better mines taken everyone downs very i once having very wrestlers and irian jaya about no doubt about it but you gotta give the age pyramid permit off and the tick doubts thank you i think so they went off over everybody nothing except ben aspirin been asked as the only guy that you just go ok what the fuck that's a fund bet you'd been aspirin i burial wagons bigger but he abandoned one hundred seventy of course but he probably could make one fifty five of the fuck no likud could be the tat we want six and one day for one thing the bit designers have didn't have the tone is gonna bring into this is college rustling tony really go ass don't wanna be a lot harder to take tony down than rise dose andrews telling a different he's he's like a harder mindset he's a scary fuckin dude
meanwhile let it whether he wins or whether he loses tony is scary fuckin guy to be in there with very scared not the dose just isn't but i think that tony is like one notch scarier rim remember this is those ngos like in his prime to wear smaller wars prime honestly it was this is before he started begging is real serious run he got molly walked here and then habib got injured and then decide just came back and he also started work within nick curse on that was a big a big factor in his improvement has his strength conditioning got way better after this fight is realised like holy shit i can't keep this fuckin vanilla beast anything less polluting precious trash iraq and russian destroy your man there's just these dagestan people man down heart that part of the world is tough and those dude on another level when it comes to light tenacity and aggression has also been done its into the kidneys a world champion pineau sambo that and russians aren't regular workpeople
now when i doubt the same his american white russian idea for their genetic so fuckin there's a powerful people man and it's that mean you think about all the guys came out a russia that had been like ridiculous world champion calibre fighter like say system to mary mary you are gentlemen yeah jesus christ christ it was remember when he fought francisco blind what does that tell the strait jacket dos santos design in there with him for a while but that only then take down i was you come on amazon monster you others polar wrestling actual beer yemen is a little kid like the grappling a bare eddie pull up eager of chechen front francisco bueno kayo for channel and we should throw those casting punches in i'm talkin about where we throw hammers who would throw like it wouldn't whip igor valve chance events
not a chance to challenge kin do not spell it eddie how do you love tension for chechen see age can there it is just go with one option and then right mme but equally my permission ok areas will champion versus francisco bueno francisco bueno in the it's one of the like the most vicious cayos ever watched this shit you never seen this before five tension was other guy was like maybe five eight five ninety most and was fighting heavyweights and just what he looked like a guy who had longer but they saw the ends off did you we're going to answer now as far as he before your time is easy before
i got really but you know we should now do you look at that i mean that it was an early russian destroy a wide area russian dad but look at the sky size was fuckin thighs dude those are ridiculous thighs i guess hold i was just like like this compact explosive machine would you think horizon you think i love i love it we need more we need more models like yeah we need we let you ride right we need all that we will need a bunch organizations like tat to morrow did you see he's hearings back here good he's feeling inrushing go i'm so sad the chains out but i'm happy to see that he is doing again these i saw pictures of him with roy how does he tore forty probably his thoughts and lesser marijuana realism like steamer knocked him over ten years ago there was a later nine years ago tenuous you long ass time here and they got mercosur broke up moldova who is a crime fighting he's fighting rise in rank grown is fine
college jury as a real right right that's a real fight i got was areas is a little old but little such i'm a very wise because first like tests were crony asher the real task right now to find him get back it's over now so you know that don't it took the champion a be crowded the dune those fight over three days we win for the next night that way whose doing that rising yeah that's so craig lightweight heavyweight mola wall king mo that crazy do that fact that amount allah kobori whose have you seen my guy yes he's too fine yeah he's fight it kay right is training out ok yeah thailand with mike swift always they tell me that picture of him threw him in that whole day another hook in the usa simone hulk
does olive oil yes sir and politely and makes wicker homer back and if i can like battle unleashed the bees that gas jesus christ it each this dude is scary thing rise awesome awesome think important thing here is jesus so big boy he looks like we're gonna die in shankar when her kid yeah and ridiculous wrestling just a pay i still remember that he's been training for our right he's doing rise and he's in the stern what's his name a mere alibi allegory of early i'm sorry i'm sorry by the children in mid powerful not not too good with the strike lizzie russian ran down that border sir not rush and what is their nationality is i is he he's muslims farc your hair yeah arrangement lot of strong wrestlers come out of iran iron cheek his things greco which doesn't always translator emma neighbour
whose more synonymous with wrestling and i ran in the aren't cheek none maybe nobody did you ever see that that done i gave him arrived at the airport once again take the credit allude to really do not know i think it's like seven part our sheikh and danny loner were where is he he is met roger would take gum you'd give him to on a box and you can hang out iron she in his hotel just fuckin cheetah shit with them while and so danny's as do you wanna go hang out the ice sheet as far as so we went and it turns out we relate any need he was going to the airport emily because you want to you wanna just take us to the airport vodka we got trapped in the car mother forgot to move out to see the a pretty old why he came on stage with me at that pot club in toronto navy i came on stages in the audience and i brought him up on stage you dad
john rogan knows what is toughest sport in all of olympics free tat greco roman to draw how do we want to tonight equality familiar spread as yours the crowd of who i'll fuck everybody knows the iron sheikh is i showed him that i named a move after him i had my book with me how you look i call the movie iron sheik it's amazing he's at he's hurting man is whole bodies all fucked up from all those years of pro wrestling
that too but it mean his knees or just gonna hips are gone back on these goals rather fucked up hockey how they do man nobody i don't think people appreciate the beating those guys take on there bother schedule even though that's all you are obviously rehearse and all that stuff in rio behind the scenes he was the bad stood and when he was a real a limp has an olympic gold medal and sort of current angle and an baxter he was the fuckin man everybody knew that he was run in the fuckin show how well while he was a definite like real resolutely africa is a few of those guys they get into pro wrestling that have angle but a real lodge gold medal and of shutting down the dead fuck you up for rail yeah yeah yeah well it's like about brok the shetland down whose whose beaten brok good luck guys can last year so yeah became
because i repeat our planet but in an also kane at two forty you know one brok is it to sixty five when when brok is not under any sort of guidelines or restrictions he tends to be larger asked me khan about a year now that the iron she came he was jack he was super jack back in the day powerful mustache yet he was a thick do he also used to use those iranians clubs those we have a fucking flung out picture over the fuckin size on that dude jesus christ i mean just like one mother can lower leaks powerful thick ass powerful do but watch see if you could find i rainy die and i use the indian club work out our on humanitarian shake now a documentary on em they're just got release like maybe on that point i d year to a girl we sat its awesome throw a sad though like to the jail the snake ones are bomber see those clubs
great great document as its adults is wholly journalist organ share this whole story you know you're not going start crying so why does it is please clumsy that check this shit out these clubs it is using these are like traditional indian clubs these too used to work out how do these things called shield casts that's fucking very hard to tell you the way he's doing around like their nuthin those are fucking difficult to swing around as i do that work out without twenty five pound club is that like that's that hard to do now is a legitimate at twenty five pounds seems it gets nothing like it seems like what the fuck is that though that he called them persian clubs virgin clubs in all these damn approach as well and i ran but those were like an old school strengthen conditioning piece of equipment would get other people to try to do it and they just couldn't do it
i get the some of em they would do matter would they would use like these big thick pieces a heavy would but a handle on the bottom now is what the originally made out of but now a lot of guys make em a vast deal now would lose a scotch act white boy taken the challenge is doing it too was paul brunettes ices paul goddammit precious poletti russia's pause going forward and back which is legit but the real way to do it is it's called a shield cast will you take your right hand you go towards your left shoulder behind your back and the new control you bring it down in front of you control we have you know you won't have any those we have the mesa's but we now have a club in about two fuckin awesome exercise for shoulda strength you shoulders burying yeah guess would you do that can't go with like really heavy now right off the bat but obviously precious paul always getting jack now i did you stupid fuck that's where you know you're just press
space ass a man is known that aren't cheek knows i'm alive memory has really dope still pay to arouse a chill and stuff for now several hundred bucks is it four hundred five now to block this government i can give you more than we have done with a car like an hour had just picking his brain make them leave suggests that the money we ride to the airport we see live think someone minnesota maybe called out there is talk about him some day be doubly guys killer i jesse ventura kill that he's a big time days of a guy he's had some injuries to man this guys are busted up from did jesse winter is like a hundred percent we'd active oh yeah he just wrote a book on the item on oh shit
now is a graph it was great he's all about the weed movement later ridden experts on the up and he uses we'd for he's got a bunch l ailments and his wife has some elements too he's using we'd for it you know he sued american style guy i'm one market sniper yet our stocks could tell city beat him up can upon them into the air and he's like that fuckin never happen sooner he's some actually said he was going to consider run for president donald trump one three set on the podcast one of her still gonna do talk amazing seventies now who's in the seventies that's that's so startled yes true it's all very interesting man of any of the fighting
you talk about that it doing get him i thought that ran and fetch o whose he fight and is a fun awhile spiten up a price whose nikko nickel price nikko nicole price house that's doing your friends with him yeah friends at him i thought those least are born this morning about he said it's the muck is that just thing has always been dedication since the most dedicated abed no fight so harshly scary ways a super super talented guy crawling tim means is fighting alex oliver oh there's a sleeper dude about right that's what stun dunbar sappho dean behold onless wicked this fuckin fight timmins about mother fucker and sows olive oliver's begged ordinary hard time making one seventy in this last fine do it was it was this less fight is when he got by tabloid the real cowboy cannot he goes by
how do you know he i feel like you fought alex i e one knocked down but he was way overweight right is huge like way overweight for some reason he i mean i want to say with several pounds overweight right at the fun fight yeah south garcia versus magpie might pile still an entire talked about but can we he's the dirty bird he's about motherfucker too really skilful very smart guy he's not young anime argue noise in his forties bodies in the larry homes forties collegiate forties with usanga legit forms derek seventeen and done young came that's interesting tone guns been up for a minute up he has in him versus turks aberdeen is very interesting when was last time stun gun was in most last time young kim was fighting what was his last fight if you had to guess it wasn't that woodley fight wasn't woodley stopped him
we can thus taken along with see what it does is it there is it woodley no last friday one who defied there dumb aquatic shit o burke dominic waters and josh bergmann ok and then he lost woodley so he's daily odom two years is far too in fifteen yeah john hathaway would happen him he was lying with injuries i think he had allowed up attach a lot of attention turns on under under under appreciated grappling ability for a big guy from the uk english fell but here handsome injuries i believe and did he have like some sort of an allergy or somethin tulip media food our dear something like that
down with it you don't see if you can remember some kind of medical yeah something up armor hard asked sport that it is at it for that card aid the outcome and that we need to talk about four we get the fuck about this bitch humming articles you think we wrote for the enemy media that today a fake emma may new site they need a stunt like allowing like devil outbreak once people make up shit i walked out it's almost like a blur i remember i said tat i read some sherman groups starting my friend you kidding i never what that likes it those videos pop up like one of them wanted some miles and that's it pops up into my onawandah what's up am i showed you frank was spilled milch when he said this shit thoroughgoing i said the person for debts without the problem with people like getting upset at something that people's three people say where the ages were all races was dark
and with shit and talk and shit we're all high would be ridiculous when you when you do stuff like that you're going to say some shit they approach the said but you camper and the does anything we thought out a lot of it is completely off the cuff and if you don't like that that's fine if you do like it is only one way to do it folks got to do it off the cuff like that and you going to get a crack some eggs you want to make an omelette strew will make some omelets their fake followed by the way brand counts not is not there is not here because we all love em he's busy ease the commission that's ox people are going to go to court and carry out no not at all but if he was here we would definitely have made fun of them and we definitely go call bullies so let's made some facts just one we do and we love on these crazy boy he's chris fanfare so so he's out there on vacation so he'll be back for the next so i will try to do one soon this
the ones coming up that i'm not doing i know for sure why that and it far beyond saunders is coming up against maggie though in january sunday january fifteenth in phoenix please i'll be there cornering so oh that of that'll be japan card what is a genuine fourteen fifteenth sunday night oh and used be fun our man man a man no conspiracy theories that one out there i brian saying why doesn't beat you just punch him with the right hand to obedience wanna males are just off what does it mean lithuania i folksteads fighting the kid teeth that k dotcom edgy but any bravo on twitter eddie bravo ten on instagram printed job on instagram transplanted j j doc we're in seattle portland and then coover jane next api is on march we aim for march fifth for it but old ones which you
you want to watch or all available and fight pass go there and check out the asked one with geo martinez against any come against any coming nazism and ann god damn and it's just so many epic matches and it give you if you're a fight fan in particular give you a real appreciation of high level grappling and getting to see submissions and is awesome format that edge bra has invented would be back to me with zack leary secular timothy wearisome i will see you by prayer thanks everybody thanks the and thanks to caveman coffee for supplying us with this delicious coffee today jamie good today of what kind of coffee was this that you bird really cool flavour to it
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so that's it thank you everybody for tuna and pressure you all out there a holder based on a good positive groovy frequency we will see you soon fine
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