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#895 - #WhoIsFat - Day 2

2017-01-03 | 🔗
Joe is joined by Tom Segura & Bert Kreischer for Day 2 weigh-in of their weight loss challenge.
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the shit it's it's amazing equipment and tenth planet jiu jitsu as well use the code word rogan save ten percent off any and all supplements at on it all right today is day two barely got through these ads jamie and i had to do like for takes on some of them cuz i talked like i was eating things or stumbling through it i get my tongue wasn't organs we we went hard today folks who are today today was day two of our hashtag who is fat day one if you haven't heard and if you didn't listen they just tuning and now you probably might want to go back and listen to day one but day one was a podcast where they will they had a long time competition figures over a couple of months where they're going away and right after the new year and the winner gets the shaved the losers beer
and then there is also a trip involved was gonna be the losers to pay for a trip but if they get below a certain weight are we supposed to pay for the trip anyway tuesday to tom segura one day one going down from two hundred and sixty seven two hundred and fifty seven six thousand seven hundred and sixty seven two hundred and sixty seven lb down to two hundred and nineteen which is just crazy amazing that he's able to do that just amazing and bert kreischer went from a little less than that to two hundred and twenty to twenty one or twenty two two thousand one hundred and twenty one so it was a bit of a believe it was about a to pound difference so that was day one but either way tom one so here we are day too but we just get right anyway which i welcome
experience for three tall ninos pizzas if you're in woodland hills california i highly recommend to ninos get a smell for that bitch get smart not when i came in their legitimate fuck no affiliation no sponsorship to just good pizza folks is today's date two if you didn't tune in day one tom secure and bird crusher made a bad the bat is whoever can lose the most weight where was going to be over three day challenge it's been reduced to a two day chat i fucking god here and tom got down from two sixty seventy two nineteen which is fuckin staggering so how about a nice round of applause for calm and yesterday and how it around applause revert to a twenty one pretty fucking close and staggering as well both you guys amazing
so today's date too i know you're burnt out your dehydrate heartily may so it's just cut the shit and get right to the way it all right look away like those on aisha wham first i have a feeling that the opposing don't be scared ok folk cheese the way we did the height tests because irish of fear who is supposed to pay if they got to twenty seven are supposed to pay for their trip the loser ass to shape their beer and the loser has to pay for the winners trip of their choice x in less than it down to twenty seven which irish fear agreed that he was going to pay but now are is bogging any saying that they have to be there their height ass to be measured because the body mass index would indicate that they have to be a certain there are obese it was really weird so we we tested the heights ok is just under six veto if all you assholes same five foot too
test of me to five eight and caught hair and bird taller than tom so birds good you're bout six one so the body mass index i think you do you look good on here on earth it's a bird was it to twenty one yesterday you have significantly thinner today of hungary's her must seize get on scale to twenty to twenty four bert for one pound one pound last one fucking pound i think tommy's gotta hear that senior fuck soggy bottom up here i saw this saying me he's gonna parents janeway disaster gateway pleas of gain weight you falcon six theme tom sit whirling away ladies and gentlemen we have a winner in the hashtag who is
contact the winner is time down to two hundred and sixteen fuckin pounds outrageous outrages coke waters see two o cocoanut waters must be consumed now get those electoral rights in your system boys well done well done amazing effort is now easy to lose weight it's really not easy to lose it the way you guys it today in a row man crazy shit that was of that that yet today was a hard work out of around eight miles lost one fuckin pound that's crazy they my body was like in shock that's what happens as it happens the fighters it did it shuts down so have a sea guys i've been thinking about that drink this entire fuckin daddy appeared a beer trimmer over there
charging up she probably shave your beard after you have some pizza i mean have with a little boards i'm eating pizza that fucking face sancho look good reason our weight because of that yeah you a pretty fuckin skinny today man you did you do it significantly skinny do skinnier today i don't know man are you able to stand it s day without pull pork and your stomach from the night before the night before the way and waves calories pulled port we know what i want those seriously i sat long strand
in a long strand dna that mickey mouse you get tat mickey mantle geography rayless our city there dear you showed a little magee mail today i did you get down to that extent emigrant you are so funny you like three he said something in passing and that's what i did what i just didn't acknowledge it he goes a sure burke william you sweat spock today put abilene all over my body who that's good and and i just sat in esteem room yes they entered a good move here i'll run in fuckin ten miles so you didn't you didn't drink any water nothing no i did hot bath last night at the two and a half mile trackless and i did once i like best what a bill the bus we're doing that then i reckon no water then hot
i believe every where no water at all i know said i took a sip before bed ass a half of the hot bath jesus christ you ever have also had nothing but distilled water for about six days we also the benefits of the civil war is now all yachting it goes right through your body it's easier the sweat out do you body isn't like to retain it up a lot of fighters do that before they all cut where'd to laugh my ass off at seeing bert walk into the spots born i was waiting two eyes is that what you did i thought i wrote a reserve spot time at that by burke whims it in german oaks both days as you know what is better for me to work it out like i was like i'll be healthier work it out elsewhere it out and then like mile five i stop sweating when i was a thing about this whole working it out stuff you not lose in anything over the next day you know like it's really just dehydration and you might be
might have been better off just sweating it out than right you know i hit my baseline i had i wasn't doing this week leading up to it i just ran night before way right so or morning before yeah that's the way to doing what did you get what did you do it yourself when you got before it when you got two programmes now they're nervous gather ah fuck but i made myself on i scale of our scale w myself there and then i knew it i knew what like i knew what i way when i woke up yesterday and then i knew i waited here and i knew that what i had done to cut that way why repeated there's no way will i tell you right now there's i feel i feel like i was bested all around because there's no way i could have gotten a two hour had gotten to two fourteen to win yeah i'm not gonna run that you'd go below that is because you would have to lose by more than two pounds you lose more than to bounce because he beat you but two pounds yesterday so would have to be like more than that while its clear now cause you
both there's no longer really i feel amber i want to give a shudder to guide and held him and nothing's known as is possible and jake smith jape whose jake he's a fighter who we owe this insight on goods eggs for sunday shut out to its anybody can you do this do you want your whole maroni or do you want babylonian mushroom does only grown aren't getting them boys get in their jesus christ tommy think you'd have eaten today's policy goes uneven autonomy there's been a clean for a long ass working time not just two days fucking get us some years ago jamie on paper towels this is some legit peat to buy back
there's one the rare times i think it's ok to a peach into the microphone because our people need to appreciate the sacrifices you two went through as a pizza the last few hours were really the fuckin worst man really like i mean from waken up i got it first of all i woke up with cramps at three thirty bad lad legs like behind the knee here on the outside and then look half crap i kept me up like forty minutes i considered like you know you something about me that she drank some water and yanza dehydration clamp tat you think you know you could drag a whole one of these
what i want my three pounds i didn't even know you have a good right for them and the one i was just like fuck and then you go arouses counting down the hours so i spent the you know get my son with christina we spend time with them the breakfast i'd look at me like seven thirty eight thirty nine thirty counting it down men and in an that's in that spot sweating out do in like ten minutes in five minutes out ten minutes in five minutes out every two and then i'm in there alone and the attendant comes in with a big classical he said my own a glass of water and he made a cold vassal water motherfucker you goodbye a psycho pointed out what away from leaving i threw it away like through where he has passed they can't drink it yeah i like you do you really get to the place like today on the treadmill i was literally chewing ice and spitting it out
and was short and i thought i know what those people feel like when they dive deeper in the ocean to bigger their fresh water ten feet below in those people that loser minds out to see you ve heard of as we all know what this fresh want to be a little young people who are stranded at sea there's yours had a guy that's like he's like jumps entity that guy's their freshwater tempi below and they dived down below in drink what seawater and die you're crazy i know that feeling like i don't know it to that extent the man i can i could empathize with that on that treadmill allows like us i just want i just want to cheat i water i want water so fucking bad he mentioned the mine fuck of being surrounded by water as far as the i can see and you're dying of thirst
a member that never i survived that serious yeah men phenomenal people haven't seen it they did a series where people who are in like extreme life threatening near death situations and made it like sometimes they were kidnapped assaulted sometimes there are accidents sometimes are stranded at sea and there is one with this guy they were stranded off some somewhere in the co some gulf of mexico and boat overturns and it just this guy in his body and he said like you know he's telling the story and as it progresses his seeing his friend kind of slip away and the friend eventually eventually ocean water and he's he him not to do it but but so far gone and and energy accelerates the friends death in the friend i
what happens wager goes from on your crazier bodied craves more water it's just i think maybe i wake up and they make you actually go crazy i've seen what guiding grown up afforded there's you always here whereas the opposite effect you you'd it doesn't hydrate you crazy tat just now saw and many more bitter in dubious there's one went on your anyone wonder about vat you're not you know i've lost a lot of weight birdie should push your needs dollar area super expiry the fees are really is phenomenal so how do we shame ari if he decides to well down on his back he will he's got he's going to think so i must state right now that i'm paying
for it whatever whatever the cost is for the trip come on and i will take care of it while you guys are on five august fulfilling our army is no meaning phuket who gimme some weed you got me i should have to the past and honorary rage your brain and rule tomorrow but we did we measured em we really did we filmed it we measure it will not only their feet he's just under shakespeare's two years to blow overweight article i'll be out when we started this i was concerned about hype because like out of work like i don't know what i am at the end of the day i'm going to i'm going to measure me i know that i'm sick but when i go to the doctor
i don't know what you're not in use get scared than and then after a difference in overweight or obese is like six pounds from six one to six foot it's to twenty seven to twenty and i was dies albania nervous at the big difference made away our is wrong with the way even eta just under six we thomas up a little bit over five five eleven three quarters right yes it just under six feet in just under six feet that's i think your body i think you'd have to build two twenty to be considered all right now more than what is he find out young jamie things if you put in five eleven that's as leaning the other way you know i mean there doesn't do it it's not fair here goes
does it do it to sixteen by your two sixteen so towards my oil threes overweight but five eleven wholesale visa now final y all eleven five eleven obese why would you like on the cusp of your five eleven you still be obese to sixteen but it's all boss right zalm obese but my point is don't you know you're not even if you if he was being a stickler about this you'd have to find out what it is that five eleven point eight million turkey's i've been vital them away now can you put can you point in key put in what he would say what he would six feet not obese sixty
that's crazy that one in your be obese someone when five eleven you're normal at six eleven you'd be normal tom sago whenever men but again obviously that body mass indexing count you you do a lot of muscle we do a lot of weight lived and that i was the little bit of reply cache etc that's rundown muscle unloosen toenails honest running shit well if you put muscle on the other thing is you loose fat body starts burning off your body has more calorie requirements you have you have more body mass of more muscle mass so if you actually put more muscle on you'll burn off morn you can eat more i think i'm gonna start to across the river
i simply i'm really looking for this fresh face look to inspire me to work out you did you ever walked faced look with no beers nobel ok we go for the information you entered five feet eleven point five inches wait tuner sixteen pounds your body mass tween nine point seven indicating you're over weight so even with an extra one quarter of an inch against you say you're a quarter inch taller than that you win so armies wrong again sorry if you want to be a cheap fuck i'm paying for the trip you fuckin twat don't don't pay for aren't gonna let him before i'm not gonna be organised differently when are you coming under the i'm the exactly homesick one ought to busy corn mccormick for in paris for forty eight hours and especially for soccer forgot how i would go to paris where you have to fight for your fucking sacramento elbowed presiding at starbucks
ready and good ol man come on we'll go stated a cafe and rightly can your own you mock those world traveller people travel so my story electronically to him really gets up so dead inside about travel paisley putting gas in your current him like this is like a great model i had a month where i went to italy three time back and forth back for backing for those like invoke italy i used to use so doing tv is still doing because i cannot on i'm not dumb never done i'm never die ever of mean like i've morally sugar travels was open unlike them that dig them they're called me they vote and called to me and always work for them if it's a project that we both collaborate on one and were into what i'm done doing right now is is the kind of stuff they call it the like when you do in hawaii tomorrow because i was a kid really messed up my torturing and i couldn't really commit to any dates cause they
you like a cause you to monitor down you'd be in new zealand would you gotta fiji for that for this weekend party a party with the chef and i was ended up with another but hartford their inspecting heartbroken jack he's got my press lined up in order for it with a heart by the whale jesus christ this in places that i just don't go learnt zangara hartford by way that's the one thing listen tom segura tom cigar at the moment when tom tom and i like it i see where the same level in our career probably tom was tom it told me there's a bunch places uses its eighty go fuck themselves and he would name them and i will go come on man that's not a bad place anybody know fuck that place they saw but they're not socks demanded usanga their staff stocks to quit the crowd suck the press socks and i go and i was this company man like i remember talking your wife about it oh such a company man yeah man i should listen not a big fan of going to connecticut i like people in connecticut but i
philip connecticut has a feeling and i'm so sorry if you listen from connecticut my one of my best friends tommy junior those in connecticut i love connecticut people yet malarial blair fran but the bottom line is connecticut is filled with despair not a real state it's a highway between new york and boston you know it's a highway you guys put houses on a highway this is what it is it's a highway and then along the highway it's a bunch of fuck intact sheltering comments that that live in manhattan and then have these public show estates in bahrain ass usual young jamie digging and on their pizza helpless although it had so we only crack the top pizza till we get to more below them into one of those mushrooms yeah baby sort i guess sector whilst our drinking than we do that yeah there's ice we got glasses we got the whole deal and not bring out the jack daniels two young jamie we got that that's that
of vodka isn't that you like tone what is it to those tito's why are you have what is it about you that is so confident to tell people you're fucked themselves i don't think i tell people to go fuck themselves like a domain you like you know me you know you know the conversation without a million times yeah what is it about you that makes you go fuck them like do remember remember and then at one place no higher that you went to and you're just like fuck em on together again oh yeah yeah i'm not that guy i'm so the guy that you can step all over and then i go you know what do you think that is the about me yet because i've say i've talked shit about people like that and it always comes back to bite me in the ass it always comes back like i see them next i'm the like hey man it's good to see economic park weight so that's it that's why but why stops like having firm views about things about spoke about
jobs those values about we can but maybe was me may i will take the blame on me i don't ever go like the cure you ve always been accurately not too going fuck that club fuck that guy fucking on ever work with me i think i'm just reasonable so i feel like you know if i if i give it like i feel like something stuck i feel like i have a pretty good take on it i feel the same way you know i'm not gonna be theirs we know income we need a lot of irrational people and there's a lot of you know comedians that are that you know bullshit about everything like i'm including how the show in writing ro i feel like i'm a realist and i have a pretty good now diverse myself and you always tell me like you have bad said yeah i goes that thing in canada other things went down a care so i went to peg bombing at you play that video right away the audio on your part asked the us line what the owner say to you and you got on facts and eurostat
then he goes your soldiers are you in itself i can merge that's it shall yeah saving money there they moved me up stage i think you're your take on it was accurate though that it's your very reasonable person so if you like that i would say that that if i don't like you you most likely a kind because i'm really nice i'm really nice and i give he bought chance and i get along with almost every but almost every two emily coke jamie or die coke rather awake i'll take regular coke willing you're a mean fewer if if i'm like fuck that guy who's no way he's pretty cool yeah i know a way and the club like if i go fuck that club i'm telling you man i don't do that lightly tat there's gotta be some real egregious shit on their part to earn the maybe i thought maybe there amid a little bit about internal deck now you know what it is your more of the link between the three of us there your daphne more of a people please
and here i mean more and and and that's just i gave a thing about you and edit it's why people like of the three of us you know more people would say like what a fun time it was hanged you retards yeah you let me look his feet no occasion for the way they closed the real money you're my dream a guy's gonna purple bracelet on he's gotta wrist bandanna if someone to leave the house and up a restaurant where those ones it people put on their dog but is also welcome bert let me kiss
non stop giving vulgar was on whatever let's do it do it well you know you're a real nice guy bird you know and that's why i mean you and i have had some conversations before we ve called me up in and told me that someone was addict you or something went wrong and i get angry because i know what a nice guy you are so when that happens i know all that guides peace shit you know we know that we are talking about recently as i will fuck that guy got that guy off and i have talked to that guy since that conversation tuna mikey just if you're a mean person for no reasons one thing if you fucked up something you did something bad but there's a lot of people in this in this business and in commie in particular that you don't get you don't get the true wire from them it's hard to figure out what exactly went on they'll tell you something and then you gonna throw through a filter yeah that's the worst right like this
this guy was a piece of shit and the show was gone grade and then and then he talked to the guy i've known you is bombing and use yeah shit on the stage there's nothing like the the fibbing that goes on and stand up i mean there's to get an accurate thing that's you have to know that you have to trust the source and it's it's that's always been like does your chicago ok yeah i'm never telling my kids above all they have told anyone i murdered now you ve told me when great if it went grey getting there is nothing wrong with saying you had a great show of it and actually well as goods that was where i put it for me but my might what might actually say their chairs genuine chairs gaseous broke i always second do thank you yet thank hata thank you thank you and you you hadn't sort of fascism in me i wouldn't be healthier today tears and if i wasn't scared that in a backfire horribly i wouldn't have done some work
sometimes started shipmates you work are you mean you really were forced into a position when everybody i love you i love you too tommy although both yugoslavia job mobility not without anyone if i feel if anyone is is if anyone a dick convert particularly special kind exactly because he is such a nice guy and i know people are like why didn't you just vat shame on like an asshole that's i love him and it was that you have addressed well in on it you don't thus that the dazzling cannibal we talk about yes there were so many people are like like a fuck bert no no unanimous in the whole area of everything you by the way silliness some particularly mean comments that i hammock over the last twenty four hours to remove man i'm sure let finally my readers to ram anymore really idea because the outcome sir seems so much more active than anywhere else will
you gotta instagram you'll see so many people with blocked accounts that's one thing that the does that i think i really firmly lee that if you have a blocked a counter prohibition you shouldn't be able to comment on other people's accounts because all these people are blocked accounts and then they talk mag shit other people's accounts and its and anonymity thing because you can't lash back at them so it will take how many trash eyes there just pussies someone tormented very early on there like a baker account private that way people you'll get more people to follow you it's a dummies idea the of the whole thing would doing is theirs look there's a lot of people i don't want you lookin at pictures of them just fine but if those same people will go on other people's council starch sitting on what they get a lot you get a lot of fake accounts we gonna have no posts no pictures but their commenting left and run and all these other people
many like border line and even obviously fact eyes comments that have played their like you're fat fuck and you go to like their profile if you're fatter than shit man oh and so is your mother that's your photo with you like you both fat brennan shop was talking about the other day that he had some guide to suppose some really nasty shit about money and he went to the guy's page the guy's a kid in the usa holden's baby up he's ok dude like your dad like a baby i can't keep to what are you doing like what kind of example shut it we're gonna vibes you putting out there in the universe it might eventually bounced back down onto your daughter i've always wondered what comics and i mean i'd like a boy i guess i'm have set up troll accounts to fuck with other comics oh do you know that however and what has it that graham watson whole thing it's half its fun but there's a comical got busted recently commenting on his own
stuff about how funny he was and you know and check out his merch yeah yeah he fucked up on facebook and he forgot he logged in under the his right account instead of his troll account that's beyond jane you talkin about of of espn gotta got busted or a fox we gotta get but not avail escape us bela the polluter there goes a dummy anyway because i saw him he was commenting about fighting some mme things like is something about when guys common eminent emma main they don't know what you're talking about it's like me commenting on hockey academe an ice cream what remains a weird thing because it is based have clearly you have see is that i feel like i can say sort of lively i was in the zeit geiss when it blew i was i was there when it started blowing up now and even more importantly i was doing your podcast
started blowing up like this skip you are the man exclamation point exclamation point exclamation boy love the new show on efforts one three exclamation points and then the first comment is doubly eighty what our lovely people right away like that let me begin by saying that what mean with no other lady looks like you don't talk about and it just says the king s w eighty w you too i like ulysses we i use you to that one is my this is my by one of my favorite internet for were by the way i can watch hunting shows anymore because you can glasses everything people a glass of glass and is ready to start laughing i'm alone how would you let me do you know at genoa his podcast has done this is very specific whichever have like me
into a meme that whereas now i it's like our debate look up w eight eighty or w unity and it it's like a woman i think kind of korea that would be one fuckin horrible ones are doing rhonda rousing in ten years have you seen the rhonda rousing ten years ones is as you know she's getting hit delays are now there's a bunch of like really obese trashy women and one of our screaming some kid to get her a lemon aid lemonade see the runner elsie radiohead cover areas it's right here is a real now that seems very great adds very seems
fake there's a picture of run around you getting knocked out and then the radio had cover and they look identical temple of jimmy rough times rough times now rousing i've never been that down in my life i don't know how down that she feels bogdan down salad days man well it's a thing when you mean fighting is a different thing like losing a basketball game our but that seems like
is winning their than they're laughing that's the radiohead one is her winning there's one of arguing knocked out at the same there's one right there the head kick one oh god i suppose disease which really crazy is how just a year and a couple months ago she was on top of the world it's that kind of an adjustment that's almost impossible for a regular person to comprehend other than death or loss like that very few events in your life will your life will completely shift upside down but even in death like if you if someone you close your close to the you care about dies other people are sympathetic and they care about you and they don't treat you like your piece of shit because someone died so in a lot of ways fighting is its own completely unique kind of carnival she's kind of loss because it's this the old timer people openly mark you
for your laws like i'm never i've never seen people though openly maximum as much as it seems like the mocking rhonda in their defence and the people that are marking first of all she had she did a lot of things that invited this like the if you watch the ultimate fighter with her and me should take you know she was ridiculous in nice stick in the finger at me should tate and after the fight you wouldn't show we should take a hand and there was like a lot of non sport anti sportsmanship line she do that on the home fight also not touch gloves was not hurt didn't that yes at the centre right yes she touched gloves in this fight she touch gloves the beginning in there but she didn't touch gloves before the fight actually started she touched gloves at the stair down which i thought was like that's interesting maybe her heads and a good place and then she didn't touch gloves afterwards but new into the it'll turn on connemara
when he loses for if they did the world you turned on him when he did but but the world respected him in a massive weggs you jump right back into the fray and anyone else who is fighting that way added from wait right he was he was fighting in a different way but everybody keeps charming in on this including the you that they they say that nato one seventy bull shit nate ds fought one seventy twice in the sea against dumb young kim and against roy macdonald imports times he was too small and got rag doll he's not a one seventy there reason why he's not a one hundred and seventy is he's been fighting at one hundred and fifty five successfully his whole career and his fight before the conor mcgregor fight he fought michael johnson had one hundred and fifty five it looks fantastic nate is a one hundred and fifty five lb fighter and that's what he does weight class
right now the champ at one hundred and fifty five but they're different in size in that connor can make one hundred and forty five nate can't make one hundred and forty five so connor can dehydrate himself down another ten pounds nate can't you probably can't anymore cuz connors put on a little bit of bulk and now he's fighting one hundred and fifty five i'm sure he feels much more comfortable and healthy dairy doesn't want to go down to one hundred and forty five again but nate is almost physically incapable mean so if i get he's on death do wish it is brutal by the way can't emphasise how horrible the last couple days have been and i mean this is obviously a modified version like we're not prose but dont really knew you look way better both of you do then lotta guys do when they way and so whatever you drained out of your body that was so hard is in i think that's what i'm saying that i'm saying i peed the shower and it was a motor oil drilling to whose duty it was orange there was orange and there was just like like is like my dick spring
chewing tobacco went it was now is like a million right there is supporting this morning and i went i cannot wait you flew to my body i my dick larger really fantasize about it to your mind really started playing tricks on you you have to fucking crazy can i watch type that chris cyborg weight loss thing again that was a horrible one and
one european covered pretty extensively by the wayside the lawns back to skip bayliss nonsense about that's one of the things i think about a one time i asked you like how do you fucking know so much about this i am amazed that when you go see only thing occupying that space and my hat so sport i follow right that's i think the great flaw of being the all sport commenter a lot of guys or is it they're trying to keep up with experts experts in all the sports and they just don't have that like he might have a great take on maybe in the nba or something but then it starts to dilute somewhere you not also gonna be the best at commenting on horse racing baseball football college ball college basketball tennis got ike he bore so then you something's gonna get lazy about the way you come on it's not just even something's gonna get lazy there's no room like here is a perfect example i'm an expert in emma may but in amman
hey i defer to other people about certain aspects of em right like if i want to talk about you do too i talked to eddie i talk to any bravo i say ok look like we had a conversation today about the andersson silva chill sunshine i incorrectly remembered it and eddy corrected mean we watch the submission on your right you're right i remembered it wrong i mean i understand set ups and i understand technique i'm a black belt and jujitsu him an underdog machado ge and n oggy and still my knowledge is nothing compared to any brightly yeah and his it is like almost just like a gift to right now i mean he's eat while he's study did his whole fuckin life he's a wizard at daddy's a true jujitsu genius he's not just really good at techniques he's invented a bunch of set ups and a bunch of different pathways to techniques that world class professionals use and when he's a mean
when he watches it he deftly see something might see a hair or to past what i see which is gigantic in fighting crime so then when it comes to my tie i i know a lot about my time but i defer till i guys like mark granted or duke rufus out i'll ask them and they'll give me a certain take on things that may be different than than than my perspective this is like there's no way one person can understand everything better than anybody else there's too much to know there is to it even if you got the guy who's an overall like mighty mouse demetrious johnson who i think is the best fighter ever i mean i think you'll get his technique of these the best fighter ever there's guys that are better at muay thai than him just guys are better to just sit and he's just the best at putting it together in his weight class and dominating is is division but still
this it's too big of an ocean but that's what most of us will send adverbs bear beginning in this conversation was i feel like both of us were probably here in this podcast doing this podcast one when you see sign that the old fox which was i think the big blow up where it was like now the sudden fox was gonna brand it with with sports talent hosts and it was not you and goldberg it was it was it was it was like i remember hearing about big fuckin fox event where they had all the gym rome was going to comment on it or not i am just saying right and that's what kind of stuff sounds like i was like i feel like you know like the mainstream media was so against it for so long that finally want to push through to watch the mainstream media do this like almost like fuckin arms
i don't like tat we ve always been lodged skip give us your inside about yeats it's just you have see skiff give us your internal also it's such a complex such is putting a bathroom is so lame what a gig that is the cause they gig that he has is this thing this where it's like what's your hot take on this and then those guys have to say something almost that is somewhat controversial yes so for dr it's very contrive it's like it's like you know what joe i disagree nature is a better one seventy i've seen it meant that that's just what i think and then that's like the take here that he but that is agreed but that's everyone seems like that's everyone like i'm not like i've not about them put name issue moron blast but i feel like these days amy schuman lena dunham i don't even know if they have anything to say other than the most aggressive thing that everyone will yeah two and then that keeps them famous interesting it's on like blowing air under a feather it's hot air it's like it's like you kid
the guy had ever show from four by buying tickets alike tromp you know and then you go pushing can show she's talking get off the stage what does she told him on leave little is known about it they were guide on stay i don't want anything online shortly i stayed with set if you're not voting for hilary led my show us i don't i said that i think she was saying if you blew people are booing her issues talk it shit about trust but i'm not trying to put a male blast i'm just saying like lena dunham i wish i had been had it had had an abortion she said that because i wish i'd had an abortion so i could be with all the girls it out at abortions i'll be on your side whatever mount you know what he's overweight it's probably affecting our your brain people say things when they're not healthy how i used to feel it's going to feel do
will i get oil they must await it that's a business it's it's like that's the world she's in and whether or not its conscious or non you're you sort of playing to those people i understand what you saying like if she's trying look of china take away the right for women to have an abortion and she trying to align herself with those people and she hasn't happened orson that's a reasonable thing to say it not raised sound of disagreeing with what she saying i'm dumb i'm just pointing out that it seems to me that the way i was just coupling what he said the way to be in the media these days is to say the most outrageous things tat the most activity social media so that you're still in the public eye i think these guys are scrubbs that's what i think it is i think that guy's a mental scrub and i think this kind of way of talking about sports i think it's antiquated and i think it's gonna go away and i think that people just they gravitate towards it because it's like you know it's this guy
of news bullshit so item that he wrote to himself with such a dummy way the amalgamation avoid exclamation point i start doing that every day to judge whether i should do you know what i should do i should do like i really subtle insults in backhanded compliments that it just the debts that same mentality though the mentality that makes you write a tweet like that to yourself as the same and how its backing to compliment you got from an exact we're talking about member that was like we want guys like not like really good looking that super superfund but i kind mill the road like we want to talk to you man who now we don't want your talent to be threatening for now we want you to be the guy that i feel like me whatever regular guy i am an irregular job like i was better than you stars we don't want stars we want guys are accessible not too good looking girl
my work we don't we wouldn't want like our host toaster wanna gathered it seems like watching tv go to do that and they good like guided leg now now what a talent you know a lot of talent like all over the place known tat good looking overweight manlike ok this is a comment that i do not i mean like nothing shiny and focused not disappoint i'm feeling a little usually replace a perfect a policy that takes off during contract negotiations just kick you out noted so remember when they are placed the fuckin husband b which nobody gave a shit yeah right to enable the name darin right no no no no they both have the name that both their names were very similar in real life the rice evokes everyone tattooed cocky and they fucking out at the moment did that roseanne replaced at one the kids replaced the kid there is ever live the elder daughter replaced
i just got a daughter and they re like little subtle jokes about her look different really hidden this wished her back again what were the two dad's does the engine roseanne part of you asked dick york and gave well bay which did you learn its debuted the summer of nineteen sixty four was a rating smashing the word go the very attractive elizabeth montgomery was cast was cast lead samantha the witch young acronym dick york was cast as mild mannered but hapless husband darin ok so where's the daily orcan dare dick static sergeant india sergeant so they are the same name there so what does it it was indignant york and dick sergeant where they look like let's go bewitched husbands dicks urgent wondered what a gay awesome steam romantic sergeant sergeant go near the site
guy was like a weaker chinned version of the first acts and stand up for themselves being obliged we do this shave we'll do it afterwards will do at the end of the show photos but about aviv wasn't that china india whose on their preference and i never was such her there was too of a man i'm talkin b which do not know on live by where had a surreal moment with well psmith when i first moved othello yeah we're in his car and an uncle phil was in the car front of em and we were and whose uncle phil i was dad and the ugly guy that he lived his uncle michel seattle henry enemies van and please will through his car park and was like i'm scared the shit uncle phil reset his real name yet got out ran up and then and then you watch this big man and his fuckin reigned over the front seat and then they got out may hugged and they taught for five minutes
sadly that super whereby those fucking weird so very weird panty their guide travels like every way flies will smith brings like a giant box of books where there's a voracious reader apparently what are you anyway give the sceptical hippo look blue why don't leave anything why because i believe everyone for can cocksure own fuckin horseshit realities they sell it to the family never even been arrived why do you what do you know i mean like you feelin cynical as you lost it i know that's not why i'm feeling nigeria july so bad you have to have more coconut water had tat you wanted to windows everyone badly one very did i really wanted to bits obedience like more so than when than i think
you know remind me of i was never super competitive like you know like up i played on sports teams my whole adolescents and through high school and i would was gonna play in competing everything but i was more competitive with family you know it's stupid shit right like there's a new video game me and my sisters playing it then i was like fuckin laser focused and this kind of reminded me of that of being like i think it's because we're close that it reminded me of like a sibling thing right i gotta be fuckin bert at this what's our next competition oh my god bert once again yeah we're david doesn't involve water a pay as you know are the water champ you did not have water while you're the water champ man like migration there's no explanation theirs explanation for those who provide razor no explanation for migration and it's like curtain the water was like a vacation
but you ali worse modern frustration with my hesitation on my in all this i mean it really was all about a vacation and i did i followed that what i was told pretty much to it he tried to j smith there what a deck where's jake fight me look it up look jacob downpour was it you bert seems like you were kindly throw in the towel this morning we came here you're in pace vulcan well you did it differently than him he did the long haul you did you did the long strand butter the spread airlock stranded law strain dna march do you look back on like this few months there's a fuckin accurate tightness bitch out there's a couple mistakes are made five in one jake psmith no photo album he fights in prime prime fighting
eight and so is fighting for smaller organisations but looks like he's got a good record holler hollow jake but there's a lot of guys out there that are good at cut white man i've seen him deeds eliminate ridiculous month body way there's nobody bedded then this guy named glace in tee bow who got popped by usanga he got caught without gang a shed light on me i think two or three different ban substance we get dragged in a bunch of tweets yesterday that we should we should be helping some big guy to do it now i want you help falcon what's his name do it he must not cut wait recently which guy by the way i can totally see that if training for the vital cutting way be like and while it does happen but you lose it shit learn money we got we got a bunch of them yesterday i came members the gray borg lost thirty prosy one this week any was thirty percent of his purse zoos morn three pounds over so as to give thirty percent of his purse to his opponent
we are currently oh yeah when it which is currently look fantastic re born super talent guy but that say that's a big amount of money to give to your opponent but three pounds at fly weight in particular it's a lot what away their funding at one twenty five and re weighed one twenty eight point something there's a lot mr wurtz i may one twenty nine actually cause they gave him a pound over they give you a pound to fuck with because it's not a championship fight during championship fight you have to wait on the nugget give its once yet way once i can't we actually you haven't we wanted him is actually exactly exactly what money on ok but in a non championship fight you get a pound play with half and is it because i've been a number away and with you that that it just lose the underwear to make way for that it happens so that is where underwear on that particular point to or something it could way
a very little but that's enough it's an tipping amount because a lot of its one those balanced scale just it's the hare announce whatever it is an assumption if they if they're still over what you have an hour you have it pens on the commission depends on how it really depends it depends on where you at they do different way and now they do early wins the winds take place early in the morning of the day of the fight yeah before the deadline for data recoup half year after all my god i they said doing that after duck coup kim may re mazzini and duck cook him at this crazy fight they changed a few things after that fight one thing they changes they stop do in fifteen round fights and they brought him down twelve rounds another thing is they start i think that's when i our doing wanes the day before but i could be mistake because a declaration to the brain yeah factually brim pretty hard core influx of europe
ability to move it fox with that the word literally the way you're nervous system like your body works sort of mean obviously i wanna fuck this up but there's electrical current through your body that relies on water to function at its best i felt stumbling today like our deftly felt stumbling on the treadmill lives off shore you bought is not functioning correctly you don't you boys needs marijuana niches comic that definite about a dragon of marijuana you haven't event pete's already visions go and this will be good for its a good anti inflammatory ok plus its legal very true
ass the others writing sound conor ye shall i go for the great i'm tin cop ten cup to come he went for the green like he just couldn't stop going for the green taser first day in four days why haven't you have to ship myself some super site about that comic bug for the last four or five since thursday of noticed it on thursday organic farming there was an atomic drag you know drank i think so down jane hyper fucking eight hours after had dragged crazies this for us and deborah we worry about what is it said papa you ever but they are only those here but there is always a pleasure to me she s stealth bomb yesterday no flying over the valley as be fifty two still bomber flying over the valley i really am publicity about something enclaves in office
i got into i got into i got into a b fifty two into the turret gunnar is right be eleven which one of you know the one eyed little ball internet that you're done about it i'm not sure i got no one of those one time yeah holy shit you wanna talk about panic yeah dear flying lose no i flew in f eighteen once with a blue angels i had a bit about i did my act amazing zeal criteria we went seven have jeez by god yeah there's some actor before me to get five g's and i'm like fuck that pussy i'm going to beat that guy hits ramp it up and so we went we went pretty deep what that feel like insane like an elevator door is closing in on your brain like you see the darkness coming in from the left and the right like literally can see it he could see her consciousness closing really yeah and you you do a thing called hooking we hold onto his straps like girls trapped strapped in and you hold on the straps
or the pilot would hold onto the handle and you go like this yeah yeah yeah you're literally forcing blood into your brain to stay conscious and does the pilot do there too he asked you again that's crazy that there's some amid the pilot could do the capacity nor that's one of the things that have to hook another woman while we were fuckin we were flying and maybe i don't know how far off the ground but pretty low in this canyon range that somewhere between san diego and arizona zone is india gone nevada what's their arizona right nevadas up data so it's this really
crazy area words all this blue angel test flight it's like where they they practice is air force base out and its where they do their test wrongs and they drop things i give there lay a test like where they would like drop bombs i guess and your flying through this like small mountain range shop and another man and while we're doing it my i see the darkness on the left and the right closing in and i'm trying to stay awake i'm gonna put and i hear the guy in front of me you and it is this a guy yeah what is it shaming a bunch of people says i call areas g force training but allow this is eliza lies in fifty years this is jeanne were jealous raining though this is not a actually opinion in the plane being in the boy for public health training you handled
forest training is cool just go about the terrible he forced training knows you know you're in a simulator you know i mean it might be crazy spending but you're not flying you're not you can't look down and a hundred yards below use a mountain range is not man this guy was a bad mother fucker this pilot he took me through this wild rise to these canyons and i heard him doing it too is gone hooked put sound like he's experiencing it to fuck man do when when they hit turns that's when it's not man it's like there's like there's bang king turns that they make where there so i ask that rash annex is watching it due to their eyes bun around in a circle they flies tandem haven't money fuckin fly war like let it look how much are moving still do these guys fly in war like this and they
yeah he's hooking right now that guys doing that shit right now it's knots brow i'm telling you it is like nothing of ever experienced physically and it just makes you understand like weird but demands that you will drive your body has a very narrow window that it can operate in as far as like atmosphere as far as temperature as far as pressure others things a very narrow your very were very
honourable it's one of the reasons why fighting so interesting i could take up like this run around five for example take a person it's obviously very physically strong right like of a female cage fighting champion and cheese you see your muscles and see what she can do throw in people around but you realise that even a person it looks like that is super vulnerable i do get hit bang so he hits your badly hit again also you're in trouble bang ahead you again you can't respond and then you get knocked out like as tough as a person might think they are as like in shape as a person might think they are if you get in one of those goddamn jets and fly at seven and a half jeez you take one some crazy turns in your body
he's literally like giving you got you gotta go unconscious from the pressure it's a major realized like while i'm so frail so frail dude i was my may have told someone about this i'm am sure you know my body starting to recoup back to overrun with all this once more cocoanut wanted no no no argument vodka that perfect i feel really good right now unless guinean bake when i wouldn't hello skiing in switzerland we went up to like ten thousand ft maybe you seven thousand feet and it was in the mountains they took us up palace game drop this off and my dad was like you're going to you can get really hurt but you still coughing like a you live in his bubble wearing nothing happens to you but up there i couldn't even navigate liked i can even try first the mountain the little bit to get within the line that we needed to ski down like a cunning and walk through it shows like four footpath
order so your literally like like i mean it's up to your waste like your stepping in it's up to your waste and you like holy shit then if i couldn't make it my boy on finally they help me get my board on we start snowboarding entertainers crevasses to the right is it ok stay within far be it from me to write to the left and then the knuckles oh my god he's countries with switzerland is every now and again you gotta stay out of me by landed variety the cage i gotta put these a beacon on you when you got a big on your argued ok you go and so we our go in for some reason i can't turn left like our eyes toward perfectly fine but i can't live so much powder and and i notice that i'm just floating
the right away from his little fucking marks count towards where there could be avalanches are crevasses food and i'm like shit and i'm thinking to myself this is ike real vulnerability like going like i can't i can't allow can count for some reason too much part of me to turn left so fondly i just fucking cut it and i start cutting hardy will africa ok time to go back right now i can't turn right and i fuckin facing face forward down the mountain cutting left and i see them astronomy am i catch her nose and a fuckin land face first into the snow for feed and i'm under the snow i'm gone i go to push up and as i put my arms for they just disappear just nothing battle touch anything they go it is it is now and i'm like and i immediately realized my vulnerability unlike oh my god man this is it i'm on i am ten i'm i'm guessing remember the exact type nine hundred nine thousand feet up a mountain and
the last one on this line no one saw me fall when will they start looking for me when what why enemy within that time like i start fucking panicking like shit and i'm trying to move and flip myself at least over to my back and i can't i can't i can't move at all and i hear my dad in my head go told you and four can die just like she's i may add and i was like freaked out man and in this i was on the other hand on the back yard like these harnesses all of the bee in his hand pull my harness up me like you should see or sound guy and my sound guy is upside down skis lit really like he's doing a handsome and the snow gear everywhere and when they pull him up like fuck this mountainous got this fuckin mom right now it was fuckin but you think i'm a great gear i could do this and then you forget you forget you don't you realize you vulnerability every time you do adventure thing nothing this adventurous melick especially like when you you
is how much like nonchalantly you put your life in people's hands that name wool and deny me like you go like a pair of sale or something like that is placed does it and then you really is just some guy you know who fuckin hangs out that peer he is managing you know your managing your life there if you get on like a coaster roller coaster about it and in car in car sometimes i know like a couple comics won't let somebody drive me anywhere like an old couple guys that are like no one is allowed to drive me and my y know i'm a little fuckin guy derive me i thought you were taken but it was a powerful driver and they just there lay almost panic about it but then sometimes you feel that vulnerable like you realize it when you have a fuck off guy driving you now like he's like was i am i talking to union addresses the words looking up in the rear view at yeah yeah please don't and it's you go and eighty nepalese that's abreks right an iraqi i gotta know breaks go to apologize
and there they will send you have over now oh i'm just so used to taking the black car that's what i take some used to that i don't mind having a guy called rhyming civilities chauffeur lessons on the side somewhere like to impress it was just this fucking chinese guys like sixty years old in a fuckin civic perfect and i was like this is great i he was horrible i was like i don't think you learn how to drive in his country the loan this one and he is literally over and i was like how how recently had be had been in america he did was not speaking very good english horrific english this is what you sound like ok i'm gonna take you up on a full swing to the left swing to their senses yeah of yugoslavia either interview the ark over my party is a good deal is a great it he's a good duties at the communist world time very friendly he's like his own right does not think he has sold in branson missouri right i think you got rid of it did he eyed lie what
i interviewed a most probably a year ago by the way brantome measure is pretty fuckin about ass an was getting via that from kansas i have no clue he's an he's a really nice guy a smart guy and he's a good joke writer that's like jokes are funny man he's just a guy dad you know came up during a really strange time you know are just tacs and quotas are you said you were six one you're actually under six feet he's mad liaised bad i will get a phone line to patch him in its not do it he'll get mad we did it yesterday and it was a disaster his angry a lot he such an interesting friend on spectrum the friends to have one of those rare it's just so
feel like i must have been as his friend and pay for this whole thing because you guys did it on my podcast yourself and i want to argue keeps anna sloka tommy take care of it so are you you're off the hook do are you just don't seem upset just get gets you mad well so like you might have been his idea but honestly i benefited from it more than anybody cause you got did it on my part test has been good podcasting i'll you did i ever we ve never done too in a row i done something along these lines tom like call me when he's like we're doing two in a row for it going to carry this i'm not that funny and i was like i like doing too let me ask you this before i forget what what what could you have done to get yourself how that's no nothing now a lot of you will get trapped and it's not like that is there
a thing you're supposed to do is supposed to move the snow away from your face of air i sure there is i d i'm sure you probably should start packing snow down and around you i don't know my care man candle is a professional snowboarder and he had a very similar re experience we talked about that night at a bar in switzerland and he was tell music one time he was fine through that he was going through the tree heightens you in for me to do an excellent and yeah he's got through the tree lies and he had a tree and all the stuff that was in the tree bury them and he was her family and he was upside down upside down and using if colleagues tree whilst people who ski no more know more about this than i would but apparently what happens is no snowfall around the tree at all and then it's very very light packed snow so you can get buried in it and he was like he said he paid his back was fucked up but he was trying to go out the couldn't get out and was like oh shit this
i have had three friends dyson snowboarding like really reference year three friends die snowboarding hitting treason shed one had a tree one skeet off mountain and i saw his wife recently and i was like i'm sooner since he diagnostic just so you know i think about him a lot in alike is actually i got one snowboarding when you a story much less about the tree line so like where you have menu duffel is cleared where the euro loud do some shit that kills people and nobody bats and i have but it looks forward to it you know but a few we was covered only sky diving you know like this
there's a place when seen in aspen what's this place and i was like so many people die here this dude who lives there goes we wanted to every year are one or two everywhere i go what usually happens goes trees they had trees they float they fall off mountains they break their necks really leo's yeah wanted to every year unlike woe because a freak everybody out now i guess keen so fondly disco fog it though the girl think about scuba diving gone hidden a tree as at least pry really lights out really i was watching a video of my friend arby's really gets gear he can't ski ski goggins arrive but he get everything but scheme for four years hagen ski like he gets on sudanese startle any human being whose using skis these days can really ski like everyone else everyone my age snow boarded but if you
a grown man in your skis you know the fuck you're doing i let us not so totally programme i learned skiing and never snow boarded a really i learn scheme for years and years aubrey fly down this hill like look see like you could tell when you look at a guy like that move i think i can actually ski i gotta go its key another skinny when i'm doing this yeah do for sure you'll be don't allow things like taken await fest off when i'm looking at him scandal careful this is a motherfuker that scheme so smooth that's a guy's been skin like a long time and he really knows he's doing my skis are always further look i'll goofy i'm not that like he's really good if he's talking fuckin poles asked and he's really good friends with that body miller guys at world champion yak as interesting guy for gay as mean to either buddy miles on the u s olympics getting team my friend steve grand from tumblr kid he was he's my friend he's an the and when i was a kid i was like factory
sixteen i met it away with any ever heed this guy had at the time maybe ten surgeries on his knees ten like giants scars up and down his knees were they used to have to open them up like the old days when they do surgery they would cut you open like a fish and just stitch stuff together and hope it hung on fire but like skiing like getting really good like that but how would you ain't we you learned forty five shot that fuckin yeah have eaten shit hard before we do it i was a kid man i avoided any thing than i thought could possibly hurt my legs because i was doing so much time on dogs owes you know so obsessed with martial arts have they got ended so dangerous has it isn't like i'm not taken any extra dangers that i'm not gonna break my leg skin or by
my arm on a motorcycle or get fucked up and now i like one of already doing nasa i've waited all that stuff but does that mean we went to windy gap was like a youth camp with christian you can't we go to sea jesus by the end of the week nap saddam damn at what happened the shower i had to tell a story to the camp will happen they relate yet messina jesus yet bert we're jesus and i was like and i just taking a shower that day and i had like a cool mode to shower going like that feeling grateful for life i was eighteen regular florida state and they're like eighteen in this so that you are oh they d there's a male yeah yeah i get smoke cigarettes you couldn't smoke their anna and they brought me from a compromise have you seen jesus i guess i was being real which is i think the point the predominant times that i'm funny as one trying to be sincere
and i said i saw ozone in the shower today and the fuckin place fell apart there like just sit down i did have a moment the shower rose grateful why can't you find jesus when you naked what is jesus to come when you're in your tie with your shoe tied the be ruined the aims you why not you should be like about to come here and you see jesus new clamp down you dick like a child choke two deaths the car from coming out of mine i am so you don't wanna be disrespectful right you got lovey jesus any loco would have jesus said it's ok son you can come they be a big time believer way more angry listen was talk about this right why angry going on we talk jesus and pleasure yeah whatever would jesus came to you in the middle of a massage your life and on his stomach no sexual organs are involved but when someone has like oil on your end there on your back and their robin their elbow across the spines loosened
we think we know that fly arguably there's time so that feels as good as coming right arguable right there like but wise out o tax is not sexual would weird rules we have about touching each other or you can lay down on your stomach and some lady that you dont know can rub her back on like rubber elbow rather deep into your back and it feels amazing the rubbing your feet annabelle soon rubs your feet oh i feel so good but as long as it's not that good like dick good near lungs it's not balls good
thousand deck balls and dig hey hey can you rob the ass the cheeks yes and a dangerous massaged a rubber cheeks dangerous although just getting into the glorious maximus her alzheimer's it's not my hip flexures don't touch my ass hearts right at all times to attach so closely like fuckin dangers arms were not allowed to your bike kid they touch our dicks because we grew up like big babies we had fuckin ridiculous puritans got on rafts powered by the wind they floated over some place they weren't even sure existed they set up a bunch of stupid rules and the echoes of that stupid rules fuck with our dixon assholes today i think about you know that whether that vote upon the whole thing about that there is a doctor who is giving women orgasms and that was ass his thing yet you know i'm talking about i do yeah yeah there's been a couple stories like that we're doctors our finger in their patients
to like to get him out of hysterectomy like well hysterical word hysterical comes leg that's that tomorrow it written on board another one the word staring color had something to do with like hysterectomy didn't it like the yards of it is it is that they use do some doctors used to actually mean annually manipulate women to orgasm yeah back in the day there isn't a day before people get scared of china's there's a doctor in beverly hills called doktor squirts wow that's not a real doctor has done its job right now don't use your credit card burn the basic political soils are discovered in fact that fucking guy decided to go with doktor squirts but that's where the women oh my god oh my wife said to me her friend sandy or like they heard about that
sports and they were talking in the leg is achieving if we want a doctor squirts because eat partly gives you a massage and then gives you an orgasm it's like the best orgasm you ve ever had that is so crazy that women are put but it makes sense like if a woman was a check with a good job and she's busy work no wept corporeal matter does not time date assholes which once your finger ranked why couldn't she is too that yet it's that new movie risen yes there's the it's like that legal thriller this out and she's the attorney and she has she hires guys to color yeah she's like busy busy busy but moveth fuck was her name the redhead
look it up man miss miss loan that enable movie oh yeah i know you're talking about i know it's there it's not about its about gun control she's she's a lobbyist rail or a lawyer for lobbyists yachting an m assisting jessica chest answer she plays like this really you know her our did she has finger banked she got she hires do the fucker and hotel rooms she only has like and she had higher inflation our gut and cause she hath all she has is like very little free time but anyway deliberately and was told tat doctor squirts either cheating would you lay wife got it out i squirts i think guys that get paid to be able to banks so yeah like those in in societies eyes it's probably way less looked down upon than a girl pace for sex
that guy is actually a study is needed is the guy if a guy gets paid to go fuck girl you don't gotta poor bastard being exploited go he's a stud right but if it was reverse and it was a male lawyer right with red oh yeah i didn't get saxo right is the beautiful lawyer with red hair oddly enough if it's a woman its extra attractive and if it's meant if its man it's open season on jokes ride ginger jokes at it i want the fox go along with that red hair discrimination we have in this country is prevalent here it's pretty strong but if a guy was a mailed lawyer with red hair decided to get a prostitute we feel bad for hooker right this poor girl yeah she's just gone down that road familiar sailed with a leather belt around his dick
strolled into town he's just like yeah he's ogling deck dicks langer and nowhere and getting paid paid how many those are there those like american gigolo rigid gear magical my area much with magic mike budget goes to gather the restrictions on their fuckin girls one sure they were then there is that regular chef there's a gigolo shall yeah giant i'm way out here not raise this matter while your father i'm real ones like it's amazing you ve never seen genuine no i did we learn about awesome things for you that's all he fucking done i thought last night i was like you know i never heard a giant word and before him the best obi he was and about diet word when ilo was born like you're talking about two thousand six october last shit i ain't weren't you rather than o yea those guys the shit i loved and junior like what is this and then i watched them
him obsessed with your lamby foster the board made these so there is a dynamic hawksley on those arriving in bag on the guy in the far right began the far right wrapper who in a bag now now yet you know their names god tommy bonds i mean there's brace he's like d the paternal whore and this too is covered in tattoos the out he's like a really like sweats himself hot does he you're the guy in the left is like he connects with them like energy mile along ass an indian yet of american he's any hawaiian half black half way the guy next hagen like he can give you like that i run into i sense it he would have the heart of the group of the always gotta hammer on him for sure whose the silver fox on the right one
ray us airline holds brace braces like like as i say he's the fees kind of like that's actually there booker the guide to his left he runs the hooker studio and then that's a new home on the right he's a southern how he's like from nashville her son so old gentleman is he who is where is how and to brace has been doing the longest he's he's been like he's been at it like twenty five thirty years he just he just been fuckin and then got paid because he was realized rob low a little bit less said rob law the eyes in the eyes and you definitely should work for those police rules allow at andrews is what he's down by this guy leaders they just go
a break this guy's a good he's been on our part it s a couple are you invoking shitting argue shitting me yes do you on your part gasping banging on your new on any to what i was trying to promote especially goes in that but you're brace on we haven't bought for brazenly two years ago but we emanated guest in jesus per it doesn't have to be about you buddy and tolerate as allies hooker yeah he's a hearing i bet is not but isn't fascinating though that like a person does that he is by that he always goes as will be like look the amount of funding to dollar meat you got me in the ala like i know this isn't going to i hope we can accept the fact you know what i was thinking that we are talking about early about this rhonda rousing thing why people so mean and i think there's a certain diseases can be like
certain backlash from someone who tries to be extraordinary because it makes us feel like weak and and and lazy in comparison and like not as ambitious if someone wants to be the best right at anything of so untruthful at the best whether its conor macgregor whether its rhonda rosy like tat tat rush to make it to numb one scares lot of us yet that makes you look at what your what extent willing to go get what you want to achieve and then it makes you go am i actually doing things like fulfilling my own potential that's what those mobile still and you'll be kinder gentler them too if it goes wrong way more than you want to punish anyone else for anything else again took goes out
so then let's let's put his in perspective because i just by the way a dumb talking about friends of mine i'm not goin people out at all but like i saw kevin hard today on its in it and i was about commie he was talking about how his job is now to inspire people to be better and i was like us that's odd that i would hear kevin talk like that because is funny shit and that's what he's really good has been fuckin larry's but apparently is like a fifth fitness guru unlike he's like it's it's on a different level now and i went wow is that the level work will start to fuckin like dictate what they did with amy or what that you know like or what they did with dane is like you see a comic get bigger than that and then all the sun emeralds like slip up once and will falcon eat your lunch for sure there's a lot of that and you know it's like you want to celebrate the people to take the risk declined the highest mountains but you want a marked them then they fall but its oftentimes not the same people that a market like we're all experiencing like obviously i have
the euro animosity towards rhonda rosy and a hundred percent admiration for what she stands for as a competitor with what you have tried to do and what your competition and the coming back there so i don't experience it on the negative side but though on than with the people to do though the people to feel like they have a free shot to go out there's there's enough of them then it may difference so even if all the same people appreciate you whether you win or lose the perspective shifts because so many more people that maybe you wooden ordinarily be in contact with who are negative a mocking it and and and you know and really like being like absolutely vicious about their the criticism in the way i d just trying to knock you down when you're already doubt it's not just a matter of it being accurate or funny which you you're gonna always have that euros have peoples that crack jokes and make
but its origin exist here but its there's this is his viciousness of attacking somebody's in their down some of those of venom and everything that's part of me wonders like ago is that like god never been cool with self from ocean as those maybe a comfortable but i've seen p when our businesses are very cool with it while you know kevin arza master at it you know but he's he knows what he's doing he's a very very smart guy you're very smart he's very small on many levels bought at the id i wonder cabinet i don't know kevin when i say that police degrees he's aspiring to be a mogul he's aspiring to surpass not just being entertainer but but to being a culture culture culture influenza he already early i was an artist culture no answer but it here
you're really is out how it started in article about him in nice on the cover of fast company and yes or that of green the article and its some it's incredible the amount of things he's gonna buy a studio like a big warehouse actually not far from here and wants to produce yeah tv shows movies online content all within their continued you moving out he has a stand up he has he's an has endorsement from what like of an athlete would all these efforts should you shooting he hasn't hap i think he like the wizard it's like it's always if everybody i mean if you wanna be that guy's vows footsteps and by the way that we use that guy that's it other thing about kevin or at least that i'd idle only note or kit like were young starting from that i don't know if i could talk to him and by place ten years and that it be tito him did you
the greatest kind the world is the greatest fuckin guy the world though he met him once it's very nice guy but he is he i've funny story about him i bought her jordan's when time it at the mall i does want botswana bought jordan's night i know you didn't play basketball jordan's yeah they put out now you know that's the big ass the light life lesson here while you time it's this when you when you're black black know nobody is the rule you don't win the georgians are not meant for white guys towards just out of his own sutlers language i am tommy stoutly lobbies ibm doc already so when you when you're blackie play basketball basketball shoes like shit issues but when you're in jordans are meant for like going out georgia like nice you are aware moan about sport does the rule i didn't know that about a very jordan's thinking i'd go play
what are the best basketball shoes that's not the rule when you buy jordans that come in a jordan bag then i'll just come in like a foot locker bag to come to jordan bag kevin hart was in all and he saw me buddy croix walking through the more had a jordan bag and kevin came up and he grabbed my door from behind my back we used and i turn around us was a skin color currency cabinet and i screamed heavens saw the racism in my eyes and what oh bert exotic given i didn't know if you are a black id like birds but racism or you'd being rob will probably vote faster than the little house racism but anyway but i wasn't trying to say
them george given that georgians you got the baggage shook it now i freaked dude i jolted like a shark in the water to that was a chinese guided me shit your pants yeah if somebody out if they had been roar verse did he had done that somebody has a good chance you got punch forgone hierarchy actually accept lie have definitely punch somebody if they don't expect alexeyev you know sometimes you just cast one and there are already on seven and you i can't do it how do you two seven let's go out outside my fucking wife that is fully gimme a hug get rabid tired the and we ve all been like you know have you ever been in a road rate situation or someone cut you off and you just get so much or maybe you normally would yeah gotta know what you like you fuckin can't like how did it we do this from a guy had to react obviously persons an idiot there's a bad move but what what is it they gets here two to seven so quick
do you get that less it where you live versus hollywood now you get everywhere met his eye when i drive out where you live or where i live or were tommy lives like this area it's a little killer like its hollywood is fucking till my dress it through my darling restive just outside a hollywood hollywood adjacent when it can't quite live in hope but they re next to it may work there they get here the city ash sherman oaxus lot of fuckin crazy drivers out their yeah tia graters never arrive somewhere at seven like yourself you know like chicken at a hotel
oh yeah yeah yeah that were i then you know it's a bunch of shit led to me get in there and then i have like an exchange with somebody later i'll go back and be like you might say your leader i got here i felt like i was a little short with you and the like are no proudly thou is very much downplaying it but i feel bad about it i d fight with the with the with the car driver gathered roby from the airport in front of my house my mouth fistfight but while verbal fuck because he was ladys like thirty minutes late to pick me up in and when he did show up at the wrong terminal and their money did get me he blamed on me for not telling them whereas landing on those like that's not my job and then he got when i drop by drop me off he got mademoiselle speak to him the whole ride home i'd hesitant i fought in holy there waiting he actually said he'd what'd i say
i thought you might know i said to him i got out and i go about this man is not the best serves overhead and he goes well is little disrespectful you not speaking to me what are you shouldn't taught me the whole ride that's that's disrespectful i went so my fucking job entertain you i got your job is to drive giving a hard you to have a conversation but i realized this fight with his guy for my house while knowing about him and i was like and then i was like and i get by by the way i was gonna tipp tip in the middle john i mean when i say i'd twenty bucks mohammed goes i go just you know that was in the best experience about or whatever and i had a twenty bucks man whose i started to special and then we ve got to go back and forth than us fuck you have not given this too and then in a weird well went bert give a term region a comeback maria family and smells like aren't you don't take it we're even and then i had to come back and go i apologize i shy this is the weird part about my brain it is what i started this whole fuckin talk about as i start going haber how important this fuckin spectrum of life is it that this guy
is there a out and have even thirty minutes late housing that thirty minutes late and then maybe an attitude cuz your defensive i don't know maybe this guy was as a cuckold i don't know that's what i thought about today when you were late i was at least ten minutes late i ran here too no fuckin avail those clothes so am i overdrive hotmail confronted place you know a man of me i think the reality of people talking to each other as we come exchanges sometimes and things get started like right away like something goes wrong with him and he shows up lay and so you're interaction with him is already unbalanced because you expect him to be apologetic but how could you really apologize and yeah fucked up you did i know who you are you're that guy who doesn't take his job at seriously and you going to drive me i'm going to put my head fat hats and then he's mad at you that you do that like there's a lot of things going on there man and maybe if he showed up on time the same guy and you would have had a great old time maybe
moment where he's driving and my headsets are there really good noise reduction headsets their moulds to your ear maybe he was driving is like hey man i'm really sorry i'm going through a lot of shit and asthma those based on i just like this i mean i don't know there's a lot of scenarios that could happen for sure things out of assumptions you know assumptions always like what he looked like this and then the way that he looked i know that guy's and ass for me are you ready for the difference of what you look like continued tommy looks different about beings here physical india five years from the weight loss you look at the u look there was there is a non assuming this to you like when i wash your last special most historian mostly as i've had waited for mostly stories that cancer the promise we cannot but like you there is like a real fuckin coolness to like like a carmel coolness to you but now you
look like a fuckin like like and so when you meet people do you see people perceiving you differently not really not i mean they're so most people that you know would come to my show those people that does not about starbucks holy shit look the difference in train you and then hold turn turn turn straight on shit tom while i was there audible crimes including as i only atomic and neck is bigger your heads bigger raises bigger you're older vehicles so much bigger so much bigger everything's bigger fingers is your ring looser yes do you feel like gods unless we should cheap take it off you look down and barone drain on pages on the polar point polar birds tat eventually was
sometimes i am only fifteen pounds lighter now so unilaterally it's not ours in that for the special the specialist laws nine months time let us wait for the special d get oh no no no you want it you want to see a good one year ago it pull up our issue fears now unrivalled owes me thou nor the dust thus i was gonna find hilda got a fine dollars is when i was right he's right your fears flying dildos yet gets on youtube yes he is just a just posted today go to video and you'll see me this is me just obese what about that picture right there the moment the pole cat you can't you full screen another now but yeah yeah daphne like i'm a gallop chinese you'll go out fatter you look so happy and we basically what a beautiful scenarios fucked up zone as hong kong suits argon yeah it's a beautiful goddamn suit
falls in the collar and writing i got a couple there too it's like a fun little experienced the guerrillas in hong kong in hong kong why that's all changes is little full right here they started for the over i wanted to get rid of that away we size are you there my what weight are you put to fifty well did you you look really different while you do you still lost thirty fucking pounds i mean you you're tied down yourself limit in this thing that's a giant accomplishment enough few people of the will power to lose thirty pounds like that in that quick of amount of time and i was a herculean efforts you guys i lost it i don't even know if you understand the impact that it has on people when someone does then you see people do it do not so many people out there right now that didn't think that they had the ability inside them to do it but they love you guys and it was dear broadcasts and they hang out with you guys you you know you do shows their town they do they come to show they know that you did it you just you
indeed it does nothing i know you're a person you did at thirty pounds over i want to lose the wait i know bert did it i can do it too now that's real because of the coup rates we get i know a lot of illegal ones where you go like real aim and i like when there they do it joke test to but like they go home and this is the coolest thing i've ever seen kemal bell she has to be ass i can and i was like that i didn't think this'll be as far as it is this is also going to be a part of it you never lose weight i thought that was we cool camels sergeant fucking great nice guy had a mom for super nice guy savers wizard we are running talking about do another one be great if you wanted to do that whose you want to do with it i don't know i'm gonna take on a body that like long like lords pick someone you hey that's right it's gonna be someone you love so it's good natured nets fun and its encouraging you dont then people could do it too of could become like your personal roast battle
there were shots fired back and forth from between means that was what made of funding and did it we played yesterday as a fan i would go i would have been like i like these guys this fucking talking about yeah you're called tommy drink your vodka soda with i'd recommend you drink on our responded anatomists podcast release today play what says no less as a minority says i noticed that will declare just play in areas that are always play this play touch you know who that is that son of a combined tommy drink some fundamental requirement for it for inviting me over to your place i don't have a scientist the events in my life people ever took place and what i didn't first of all
there's no way in my mind i expect the lose that bad not ultimately be below obese was fear can beyond incomprehensible that both of them it was a sure thing for me it was a sure thing it turns a bag of bats like with your pants drunk this one of sporting event fucking golden it i've got it in the bag of course we're gonna be under obese and i guess they are i mean my i hope i'm hoping that that mauro they're going away and i'm going to be a little bigger and we may be securely be six feet tall if he's six we tell he's right on the border right now will place or not is its at six one thing that gets monday six feet he gazed about appointing a half on his be my that's that's what my only hopes that tape measure these five eleven then i'm good but i didn't see my people are believing that but soongoora said he was five eleven and now i got these people fuckin threatening me
media have got people threatening me and telling me like the call me walter we have to have a two way and yet we have three way and refine forego the first one the first so maybe did out one at home i rogan second third today's in a row they got a timetable for efficient launching ethical threatening me i don't feel safe in their letter and support these my friend my friends are coming on me like i off of chance i lose why why are we all going to adopt your game i realise them wait don't i don't have a dodgy dog it'll have to run its barbecue fuckin seven times a week how in the world did you lose the two pounds
thirty happen and then i got my friend sir it hit me up for fuckin they weren't first class tickets a europe i'm i'm i'm up among america member plus plus two for sure i'm afraid i can't be here with this i can't be here with with them coming after me
thus they having awaiting the second day but it's going to happen i know what's gonna happen tomorrow so they each lose a pound unless unless tom's five eleven i mean that's it that's a chance if tom's five eleven i got a chance that a mean he'd when the bet for most loss weight but they wouldn't both be under a bees so fuckin bert would have the you guys you you haven't dealt with this kind of like backlash so you ve dealt with it you haven't dealt with it that guy who killed that that that the lion s knees and operators i am one of those places seizure africa for count chutney until you find out all those eighty eighty pay
big lion get killed every year they got to the population of this our killin babies human babies but every cares about that so this fuckin dentist in rhode island has faced death threats all time you know what it's like to get a foot in a rage against europe and these people are coming at me and my phone calls might my text furthermore i can't text read with a football so every test comes in new they s question but what does that mean i did a little text after awhile because laura saying abruptly while applicant when the big football has european without this having flustered people get it is very possible that is but is under height
good morning i don't know i can't be here for this i can't i can't be here with them coming after i got to get out of here hilarious man i got to get the fuck out of here and i got to get away from this until i can figure out what to do i got it that's what i got to do that's what i got to i got to get away from this yeah that's my answer it's ok everybody wants a list of the rest of it are all of it are sphere sceptic tanks one of my favorite part ass the time its awesome i recommend henry rawlins one which bert scoffed at sky hedgerows different extremely dismissive m is for god knows insulting he's got a gang of dave smith the great one is not the best one the best ones running of the bulls that's a great anttila ngo
who's got a lotta great ones already has a really really good pact he's gonna run off he's gonna run off the map right after awhile is this good good he needs to mean if he thinks he needs to needs to what what i love about what are you doing is here living his life one hundred percent his terms is not doing it by anybody the standards and he does he's doing the exact what i think the best thing comic can do if he makes it once you make it like relax and just just have fun and by yourself and only do the things you want to do in dublin suck end and nonsense but you bid on both sides of the fence yeah for sure the fear factor was like pose i'm saga opposed rarely pre family yeah that too oh yeah that's different thing immediately add a family would be totally different thing but he'd or even if even considered having one or even a girlfriend be a different thing but he's been tied down the past and right now it would always enjoying is like create stand up doing stand up doings pie task and is enjoying life
enhancing his perspective and taking it all in and in these trips that he goes on his is like orchestrating that we want to see things he wants to he wants to absorb experiences from other parts of the world and its all enhancing stand up to those very of that very accurate and when i say this as i have said is from my perspective as poland expert world travel i would tell you are does a better than anybody else am i a fucking around i've done it for seven year straight but are we went to switzerland and had a different life experience and i did and i went women now mom was under production but like he really does it great i wanted to pity show so bad that were you noakes are disappearing right now i want to show how can i find very i can i find will you be able to find him at social media some no american he's going grid he's going off the fucking great as i mean now he's going wants to go where there's you know he's not bringing any laptop or anything like that
for real other people are phones and through say all lorries in sweden note i mr donnelly micronesia subject is turning off path that malaria makes the pills i told to take do do not take the pills malaria petals thought rog fuckin ready injections i had a horrific switch italy do vaccinations vaccination and all taken rocks upon agreeable area i thought a lotta people get malaria no i'm going to africa i'm talking about two about this on your took malaria pills and i was i that charts for while my friend just in rangoon malaria three times three time do it i thought malarial the dangle fevers one you're gonna get what malaria killed half the people that have ever lived that bulgaria in the blue or as some people have ever died have two people have ever died have died from malaria you have thus we're before they had learned that they don't take of the
there is the end of last year's ness like eyes on her light that one more time tom you let's get let's see how fucked up wing worries come on tell me come on you'll be galleries text again your big tommy ares arduous trooper happy that is rich friend decisive step in and foot the bill you talk yeah hey joe did you ever hear the ballot a big tommy bonds as free fun dishonour no i'm not let you played here but like i wrote a song about tom and that was the greatest part of this whole thing is i'm really man a song oh yeah the boat and play in saying i wrote plain sing a song called about a big tommy bonds oh how dare you and i was and am i but my the one cool thing about this this is as a terrorist almost hidden rose loudly of ever said i think s hotel please continue university where we had a joint i've never said this is s terror
this so fucking i don't even think i exactly know what s so tell me i don't either joe but as has been the seventh like what it gimme the exact definition of esoteric pull up which so what do you think you're so turkmen it's out their yeah right bizarre what would it what does it mean here and tell it like it so by a small number of people with specialised knowledge this is necessary and this is a sector so this one of us has a democratic intended or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a specialised knowledge or enter or an enlightened inner circle joe rogan this is esoteric what i'm about to say and you will get this more than anyone that's a lot of pressure to hit that and then listen i think you'll get it do you know sometimes when you work for a corporation and your paycheck is dependent on that corporations approval not right now imminent middle of anne s dark statement yes gay and and then you get out
from under that corporation and all of a sudden you're the one that kind of you get if you almost like feel your creativity again you look you go like a factor for gama really great stanhope i forgot that impact should it about making video like you know you know and you go can be my own voice i am it's my own ship now i forgot that when i started this business it what the goal was to get under the umbrella the goal was to be out there in the fucken ocean by myself and sailing my ship ran and then go take a laugh fuck it ran this weight loss battle code sided with my decision to stopping under contract for travel channel and i was i was really lost i really and i was like i didn't know where i'd where are they know if i should just take another television deal and it would just do another deal with her i didn't know what else to do i really don't know what to do and we lost battle happened around my time and again in an unlike bill burst says poetically i sort of taken a water i felt for concrete
see about it and then one morning i woke up and i went out tom's having a lot of fun with this like he's having fun and push arming a lot of fun like i'm all right a song and worthy song i wrote this dubious honour that look i was like i was but it was like i felt very creative until there is any parameters on anymore nose like oh this is what my career about my careers about doing everything i like and everything i like it if you like what i like you mean you stand up but if you don't like what i like like fuck it that's what i like to do this is my this is my walk there's my walked through the woods and it was like and i know that i don't think tommy can attest to that as much you can't is being out of your factor altogether warlike under anyone's control definitely a corporate umbrella that your underwear you like i can show you know how long did i not smoke puddle camera again you know like a long time and so as soon as that fucking but all that happened i wrote i saw it and it was like swung his bones raises like i get to do whatever the fuck i want to do any more like you i'm just to do that
likes for colleagues namely arias regos and get off the grid that freedom that freedom and being on tethered organised along podcast bobby on tethered but being and tat is so cool is an artist you get it what do you know why we loved that's why we pile of gaza raw white jim jeffreys geyser that are built there theirs on tethered worry there's an army is johnny i get inspired by the way are we live in a really do i really like it it gives me enthusiasm he's having fun these creating do and stand up is this he's making rational choices regardless of how much money will cost him he's like this is what i want to do for my art does when i want to do for i stand up and take time off i'm gonna go experience life right now we ve like why what are you doing where you go and is like that's what i'm doing stop and i want to go and get up in other asean is knows what he's doing it's like in for me haven't known him since he was open maker yes a lot you
really seen you ve blown up you know them in a way that i dont know em like out humanitarian about you on time and farmers apartment those the best you know we had him too when you gotta take some home you drop muffin i'll be sit and talk for timor minute me that won't dilber that i wish i had yet great but are you drop me off news like i will talk about router is talking about intimacy levels like how silly and i'm going to call out i'll say that this will return about we're talking about like how much the route on but you and anna and i set up my guy texting yes i feel bad taxing them again and argos onawandah text into my either and i said giving our friend we should be able to act in the way we text each other he goes i know but i don't wanna like our father when i go gabble he do it
someone and marilla yet we have in this really kind of crazy conversation and i realized or in our like that that that that those moments in life like so precious but there are no where the fuck the story was going how can we get scared text me we're square detects like bill i do it's him bill disappear to tax bill i'm scared like our tax bill allow text right now that's right now and either he replies in like a day at a dagger unity no no there's got look this is gonna i back not pleased i might add yes but like like like a tax bill a man now are we doing this thing on my they then hunger earlier by my father mother i do so because i know that likes it go on and i go i should go onto but trust me it like an you guys know
i give you are you or are you joe your bill or any dissects me these in my first reply a geiger right on it like you can see my bubbled come up in the bottom before you're the type of weird requirement rightly this times were in more so lately than ever that i've been just putting my phone in like a put in the other room and i'd just leave it alone four hours yet i think did that's that's that's not a bad thing do man now everybody to tax their phone during pod gas and everybody checks or phone during the movies yo james or em it's all i mean maybe longer hours which delay at one year on from the bureau where do you want do now you do it on the air i think you would know what s going on there ok do you wanna tremors beer definitely yoke but you sit sites are alarming
i would take about ten fifteen minutes away to the anvil rapid erika rabbit only a few people here till the rapporteur my daughter agency the videos my daughter's than on its graham i go i sets out my goa hagen makers on the cheek ottoman kismet cheek chooses did fuckin mad dog me and i go out a gimmick assumption does less cheek he might get a kiss the beard and she goes gives it to misuse wet and it comes in and then does chasm cheek and then i go do you guys think i'm in winter and no i said are you serious about no but i hope like a regulated seem you that a beer in their like nope they solve they pull out or what my wedding album merely answer look at the pictures and we gotta get used to it you gotta give it some time that so we are you fear defined your facial hair and we're well you don't even know you
keep not no alarm cape verde i really i won't let him off the hook a one hundred percent hold on i can't do that as a monoculture besought watching if the guy lets you have the knowledge of them if you want to do that now can't i like a kid never mind by the way has carefully this is in russia in russia where do you get this picture this room this machine thread this is this is in russia look i'm learning hbo shirt oh my god like the second picture pops up are you i can see that you're pushing the stomach it so small then do your tiny you graduate to turn by the way joe what american lower that lower that german i run over that of fuckin fanny pact power all you other factors that have seen me do stand up and say when i met eager in his door was wearing a purple kelpie fanny pack that fuckin panic fanny back and it is the small details a make storing that's a fuckin baltic in my pocket snuck quota what a baltic that's their local bureaus amputees blue beard your party that's is that purport at like a bluish as a purple kelsey fanny back
was the better if i can go back and i find that any back where every day my life it was the best any bank overhead because the way they met made it was that at the top was flat you know so i went out like a solid three inches sea rescue beer on that no no no no so that when you open it you are looking at like a portfolio of your stuff it wasn't slid and like another pocket that was the great if anyone can find it out purple kelsey fanny pack so save his safer young jamak how do you get a minor hockey savage go you can find out it shows the russian mafia who does this from a psycho article about your last showtime special near knows from onto power my books by the way by the way they can you inherited dummy i am opposed to that picture having no clue it was the fucking cover van water others there has no fucking clove really here he was like and i was like so they asked dress can you didn't know why they brought the shit
my own that opel areas no fucking clue that's weird do turned a hearty jurists even while russia your seat now remember i was a member a man it's hard to tell what i look up whether not have seen it it's one of those movies like him i watched the christians vacation the other day so that is a god damn what movies does fall that's a good movie when the great fuckin movie yet ya mean it is a great we we today may say it and make its like i really enjoyed it would you like that order am come on tell me drink finish that vodka tommy tommy come on bird is go we d i love this feeling this could be a if if events have our yeah ice
i've never seen their water and i took a meeting with their production company they brought me in well to do a sick on and there like you know they're my book farm in a good you know we are almost like now unless we produce by louder they ve any work under the communist like ok and then we have seen it no and that's what they said those said we should get reynolds to come on your part gas and watch it live with you because i share because its production companies black horse i think production coming as it does i barbecue why bell ass it is like you're tommy's yours now how measures come you just do you need me to hold you don t go you terms good i'm too reasonable and this approach we just cut off a fuckin bender brow bulgaria you do like you that you can release the hounds now and dive back into the fold with a vengeance simply with drugs and alcohol for low bet would ever like but not enough
no really crazy is that i had i m sure he felt a dukes i watched you eat it like the second pizza piece it didn't work well with me like my body was it was up in my throat nose like love like i was too is too much of it thing at one time did you feel the same way i don't feel like good i want you i want you to have the bees but the vodka is flowing i've a business meeting by going to do great you're gonna meaning bigger business maybe four others plenty of time my only be slightly buzz ice to your story chapelle going in the auditions highest fuck yeah nice guy we share that confidence in a part of me goes that's why so successfully did didn't give a fuck the hour for sure yeah we'll dave is another example of a guy just does things the way he wants doom a nose
you realize after a while i guess when you're gonna came or guy like ari that it doesnt benefit you to have people influence you and tell you what to do just doesn't and all three of us or a great example that like the best stuff i think that we ve done is stuff tat we ve done line we just your yourself like your podcast with your wife that that passes is you guys super fuckin silly silly together like always are and means mommy talk and it's fucking great in dan would have never happened if somebody threw it out had the reins to it if there a bunch people there were executive producers and comedy henshaw like ten people honey i'm not getting these genes language i am i what time type what time tight and what do you mean when your glass and when there's no reason for you to do with other than it's funny to you that's it that's it that's the only i tried to tell people agate i'm sure you could ask again
like cancer may i don't you get them from people go how much i view the start oh did you where do that answer all the my only one time deliberately marie developing a thick come did that ever happened to go away i went away o k these are real on what the problems are walking through walmart alike flag in richmond virginia s arm called me we're doin about sitcom dog and he goes on developing a grocer really what's your character negroes me i'm a doctor you go you're a doctor figures like a lot but i hope you don't think a doctor use ghana
but there was a but whose to doktor they graduated last so he's like essentially a dumb doktor tom goin scalpel now when the doktor was the best rivers i've ever heard of in sitcom ever my fuckin less doctor i could be a strike me keep the look on your face you don't know what's going on over i don't think i've ever how long that i live on the phone really long and hard to ours
i didn't know what i done yeah you five maybe lab harder than any one person that i know really a hundred percent i do feel like everything has to be a contest well i feel i feel license number one you know when we do even the birth of we do it to make you laugh i feel like there's a part of me that wants to make you laugh all the time seriously there's parts i wish i could share mama's biogas for their part tyres times the my favorite part of tom is when he is like he's like this this the side liner says that
like or is affected by something they got at only one i can think of it as very very applicable as we and tom did did my shaved estates we're in honolulu doing pro harbour and the two things they saw the two things they said to us that were recollect or like the remember donnay fallen hawaiian people and of its brown it moves kill it knows that is what they say this that the fits brown amoozed kill it and all my phone online people so goes up his first joke was hey man island life here slow as they told me at another time about the hawaiians metabolisms holy shit fucking huge laugh but emilius author like uk is not allowed say that gets sunset kills comes back to me russell peters goes on stage and you can hear the murmur and that crap and tom does dislikes nightly wit lash like giggled egos he's his brow
about killing and russell peters does that mediocre i would say at best and russell murderers but but it's because he's brown at that time there's an if a brass with brown and a move kill it through an early had the m nevertheless the show organizer was like you guys like bad remember oh yes and then he was like he's like i told you not to fuckin make fun of the local people i told you not to tell you pity thirteen you may not be voting i told you he's like they rang and there's wives of admirals here i'm down of like how we know everything yeah oh my god russia peters cools fuckin guy the antilles testament he like what yeah just letting you go too far right sizing have a fuckin his guests
tat does also completely empty he really to whatever he wants a brochure the bat zaza he's the best i'll do that i would be like i need to have some fox in my i thank you remember you dont you been connected to this idea that you need to for so long about enough folks my guess i got give me about that someone has spoken about how to fucking faggot browed place do you remember the girl there was on the tour of pearl harbor it wasn't like with us necessarily he told him about yeah and so we re told about dimly yet in fact i russell beers was dating may damage the human being i've ever met my russell by now and i'll call right now there's no definitely not he knows
no i mean he knows that we ve taught me in rustled talk about this on my part gas yeah ok so it's fine trust me ok first thing before even gone the tour i said a rustle in front of his wits me tommy and push liane emmy roslin kimberly dimly and i say ice and then rustles brow their plate and who might be my favorite view of being the were amazing becomes an awesome i love his brow comes and sit down and i go oh i have it has ever seen that indian porn star what's your name what's your name and all the sudden everyone's faces shut and she's like return about syria they it was a sharp and then you like she so fuckin her she's a thought all talk and i have talked about how great designer village at any woman is one in which my button and now russell and clayton are going like this like they're laughing so hard as she goes he dated her and cyril what is your name that right now and then
then the next day we went on the crews to prohibit item we're on this truth and is very kind of somber serious and then he goes and what now is giving us the towards admiral rear admiral he's i run the approach here where he says the arizona is not right that underneath and and he is there a zone as appear on the right and embryos are we going to go under and am wherein open both like on the tour the boat yeah shit about where you can see the skies of she thought it might turn to some rain yes that is like an open air like we're just gonna get under right now for i too am a bottom up process press the button and then by the best group of people to witness that statement with is russell peters zalm round her and he watches eyes go like level almond cow
push our sitting right next door and pushes like storming european going this and then tumbling imagine someone thinking that technology has reached a point where you get it be an abode and also in the press about on the roof comes over the bow dive underwater look at the window that far off that you think you and a submarine because all boats submarines re out there i'll go why when you just go under the water if you could say that our first boat about that you as a result i d get in a fuckin submarine how can anyone know dude disneyland panic there such close quarter fucking santa mom and what tat talk to me did first also close the door what avenue where was it went down a hundred night no less four but must be a hundred feet we'll worry hawaii went down what was afore as just floating some room for tv
get the submarine and making he was just a southerner manner and i'm not gonna details those like the shrubbery maria war submarines non chose tourists d like they'll india bunker once you get in was in a boat that turned into i was really submarine holy shit to getting in theirs berkeley phobic same imagine being into a negative fourteen or something because rubbing same shit and you start down than you realize like oh fuck if something goes wrong everyone dies immediately there's no there's no like there's no like exe there's no they don't give your speech at the beginning this go around sit down let's hope you do this you know it be the craziest community in the world but if you could build an underwater under ocean city they got one like a like us submarine city where you literally build it into like you take a trip in through the ocean to this the ocean we
a city where you know you can't survive if anything goes wrong and you all live in this little thing where you have to keep that train path over because as for the future an air comes from us the only way of that here any day supercharged life would be you know how nice people b b freaking out stresses ingenious fucking idea sitting in the ocean thinking about any moment this could fuck ups of this constant checks on all the time tolerances of all the joy of your ass the via luncheon can you just sit in there just being nice to each other haven't martinis her i want to go to sleep so you can sleep what about you i don't every like that that in these always enough air is always enough air and is always enough food lines keep that train of but if anybody's unhappy that is put a suicide vest go run in the middle of that fuckin train although it happened how queer little bee
hello would at last an anonymous dues with close off the blockage big eyes like fuckin do just close the boxing oh alright there's a tariff being paid that's how work dude nowadays it but would that work today without work today as it used to work but it used to work without communication the kind of communication and everybody has today with a smartphone you know i don't know if it would work the same way i don't think you'd be able to do that the way you can hundred years ago or two hundred year narrow you would have to have like a super supportive community there's yellow and everybody would have to be like treated equally otherwise if there's any sparely whatsoever also have to do is look in point a gun at the wall and it will it wouldn't last long yes i'm here is a letter signed by jack you mean you wouldn't i saw that i
sorry my my imagination haven't you see a joke over over your head you i saw a guy with a white beard and a fuckin clint eastwood war the joke eyes my head i could never get out is we're on catalina one my mom with my sister's morale smoking pot and they said and theirs blow that roma around there so i shall wiser buffalo here and then my buddy chris gill ngos o back in the thirties the twenties the owner the cubs own them on this island so used spring training out here so he brought them flow out and my sister goes for scrimmage and i saw the owner coming out this year cycle shoot seeing buffalo sign and the cubs working out because i met the fucking d like and i could not stop blaming image in line with a cigar like
but like that when you didn't visualize at best families killed is vodka come on let's closed markets you're goin ha ha for tommy congratulations body they listen listen i obviously do i feel personally i can't enter a bet no i didn't go hiding didn't go soft today how hard today on the treatment angle hard not to shape your yet really amazing like i was like i was like that's the moment at the moment there are no i can't leave here without a beard i feel very guilty i feel like i like everyone the tuned in iran the wash goes like ghosts i meant that really matter to me but then part of me goes i don't know i'll leave it up to you guys when are you switching better known and unknown i'm putting in your hands you mean that
are you not saying no you share of your don't give a fuck now but you just empty in your hands now imagine like i feel guilty i lost my mind was my my book is i got shape this beard about what i'm saying is i want to say i would have devilish saviours ok above wouldn't i wouldn't let you out tommy how do you feel about this i just interesting that he just had a if it feels like a change of the way feels about it altogether because by an hour ago whereas i owe you i remember how fucked up our we thank you for saying we i'm an unloaded tommy was killed us drink let's just get a big zip commodity wait wait a minute you're the only one it's fucked up tommy is not for getting this list when you come on we're gonna wait a minute but you you know about the extreme change it just happened right i don't know well
it is a little bit hedge and little hedge and go and i told you i'm a while ago that you'll let me keep my beard ass if you and you got absolutely not nick i'm never losing but now you brought it up as if to say i want to say you decide none i have no doubts about what if we give you one i'm crazy full manchu type motherfuckers all the way down to the job was to get rid of the beard let's give some crazy way i thought about the way we are worried about that are known and unknown the shivering sherman got loose tat this is here let's give him some wider type shit what like a photo weaken beard then i will be worse than shabby at all it's worse heavenly reviewing the on the way we gave you a prince you not head this kid carter zuma were we have reason ramses ricardo carter carter
carter carter no quarter gruesome i should say is behind his ten is give us time about hangovers with either the ok so he bought me some stupid fuck him back and it was like if you if i if he won the item to our box but if i want to cut his hair and so he was like all take it done his he thought his enemies by the use by the ram seattle game and i won t get caught his hair announcing unplug knew her up and this is part of man shit he's ten years old so immediately cut it too like fuckin diamond dumber banks have you a source laughing and his dad sorts go you like simple jack oh man but then in a we're way he changes like egos he starts get embarrassed and then the mom start coming in this all boys out right now and then a mobs hate always looks good looks good nego that's not the fuckin bet that isn't it looks good
the bed is it looks horrible that's why i didn't cut his hair i'm not going to cut his hair to get my free haircut but then as the part of the human part of migos i'm not going to fuck up a kid i don't want to fucking burn him at ten i want to do in beard somebody thought grids at this this is where the miles is here how my god what is this a comedy beards so that says his comedy beard when i do you know where this here beard is schitts funny guy is beautiful
this is what the people just listening i have no idea why we're laugh at different funding if google what is that the black and white one jamie that profile one it's from the cover of what are you waiting about super sculpt did in sky like this like will almost like a race track curve to its really weird it's the weird is rather a beard october is committed to a porter wreaking guy just align porter regan guy beer sums up it's a porter regan visual here that's that's what you're getting at
this is by new everything google being black play play wars the tiger he has a tiger print beers let her lip bear very thin oh my god it's goals in blazes amazing this dude has his hair bleach blow and died lack in the shape of leopard skin cringe that was the closest i came to blow get out of here i was laughing so very is epic over back three boys godlike might have been it is desperately closed but i want to give you down the matter might have been the hardest physically have ever lied yea mtv tattoo on his neck that is both us who is that he's the best
boys guy that guy rivers really good on our wines that uses jamie he was a howling show me the wings you know i did a raid on a joke ideas is coming up on a thank you won't do it now the ok i'll start assurance on evidence about the does it see you just go on to get fucked up by high wang but with a high interview yet ask you questions progressively more inch issue questions one of the questions asked me at the hottest wing was have you talk shit about comics oh fuck em out of it like i shit about tv miller and pete aren't like really i think i should crystal clear but i mean do you just like sweat you're sweating there like really goes again next question my link is you your body goes like it's a really great show joe ideas coming up to how much worse is the hide rating then eating the hot oven hot wings
for me or a little bit euphoric i get it i get into a place right i my brain shuts down and you start becoming prime all about it in love it you start imposing dreaming really you the reason i put out being as with every meal in albania is one thing though but i consider how subpoenas to be fairly mild dude honestly like this there's some stuff that these to replace him bank non burbank unseen o culturally my soul you ever go there no no baby i did aryan i've talked about it we is one of those things we overs always made plans to go there but we didn't go and then by the time we wanted to go the guy had died and it was a special chile shop where only so chile and they sold extreme temperature to chile like insanity chile where you would have like a very mild chile which is really enjoyable a little spicy and there was a whole taste grid from like one to ten and i had tried like a seven
and it was insane how hard it was grill they would give you these little scoops like girl like you know i give you would get legal personal size little paper cup and you pump fucking ketchup in it at a burger sharp little paper cup things they give you one of those with chile and a tiny baby spoon and you put it in your mouth and the fucking temperature from like a nine would make you immediately start hiccoughing snot fly out of your nose i mean flying but a man right you imagine people talking to you during that and you haven't to answer questions that's why the shows brilliant is because you that you are the most vulnerable in you like i don't fuck man whenever i hear what do you do it come on no wait on joe i'd rather not you sure you don't that a pair of deafening i want you to paris with you deftly know what if we change the origin of paris wait we want to get some sound right
and we'll get a cab over a week go hunting o something weird nanogram i've always wanted to kill some thing for ill yeah good i've thought about that i want to know the crime within the time brother's wife but ejaculate yeah real and i would like it when you too i heard the progress we talked about this the kill now that problem like that one that was the first one i know someone that didn't have the scruff off his hair or that one died lay back yet and but nobody knows it's not that it's that he didn't have the scruff of his area really upset itty scruff off his hair they grow new antlers every year i know but regardless i heard that as newbie i heard you talk about it was like a baby i am i a baby i got really emotional isaac all now that's a big ass dear me i didn't the groom knew every year i asked about the start up of most giant of giant dear they their antlers fall off every year even if it's like a nine year old dear what second impossibly old dear every other antlers fall off and those antlers are actually bow
on which is really crazy i do as i didn't know until it really reese recited all these fatter enable they would they grow new bone every year and then it falls off and they grow that stuff in their head just so that they can fight to the death over pussy hey that's real here that's really why they grow it thing they kill each other all the time we stumbled across and elk that had been killed my friend cam stumble across one this year and another for mine stumble across one last year in california had been killed by another one to stab each other in the body and like puncture each other's lawns and shame and they go to warnings i am a fuck now that's within their exact would happen that's why they grow those things tat s why the biggest ones always dominate because they can stab you from a further distance like it's a benefit of having
these gigantic alright summary norm so manifest was the benefit of other stuff like when you re out at ten point two years at me is that late in the season no no no no means it's an old mature or smart dominant male that's probably been dominating the area if you get a big dear with a lot of antler those are the ones that the bigger dears and those the ones that most dominant in terms of expressing their yeah let's go hunting tom was go man a lot of times the idea behind the conservation the angle is that if you hunt an animal like that hunting and animal that's already long spread its genetics so there is no danger of losing its genetics is genetics have been spread in its actually better for the biodiversity of the environment if you let the younger buck start breeding now as well that super hotly debated though because some cut
innovation is feel like you're you're better off leaving them in their as long as they survive it's it's really it's a very controversial up hunters tend to think that the idea is that if you can get them out of food chain the younger box will have a chance to rise up become dominant i won't do it well i know what is it tat i don't know i didn't you enjoy wanted something that through a common hands ultra marathon now that i wanted to not another serious furthest in cameroon soldier marathon that's what you try me you and i are like armies had need surgeries i can do that stupid ok listen that's what's on ice contest we had there not a car is it worked out manners but our is intelligent contests because he's deaf watching a marathon been out is what makes it the funniest if it was real spitting out i would agree with you obviously for community affect an order very well
woogie honestly in terms of like the fairness of the competition i benefited from this thing more than anybody i didn't have to lose any way had to awesome podcast will you guys by all right i should pay for it has been a farm so let's figure what to do what you guys want to destroy or paris i could do whatever i could use a mouse whatever you want to do one thing i which wanted to the early why do let's do it i know that we need to get on this right now put it in so right now it s line on there are a lot of girls say they want to go home with me and of some of the northern there anymore this means a mere german or it's not gonna make you take him on a trip hulu are i mean where you mean i'm saying anybody i do not say alike well anyway i think you have to go out and find out i want to i want to continue this bet continue who told you another pointing to the next level i see our societies they are to be no not even a day offer right back what are you afraid
because you know what man it gives you it gives you focus and your right and as it does gives you oh yes and it i enjoy it gives some of the fort you like tat goes a london like those really bummed out about christmas and then christmas eve i went about his altered the lug night liquidity comfortable with the lack of competition aren't we are you guys get sharpened by this experience and i think that i'm a better bird better bertram then burns at the name of my toward i'm in the name of london tours i'd have never named the fuckin took no fatigued no teeth no fuckin access by the way by the way the ngos last night i did jerry was a notion oh for the package will help and he would cannot put away don't you eyes i saw him i saw i saw him on his work as a new so high that you know we barely elderly when you know enjoy high when you start to survive
indeed while i only now caught a rat in his hand cargoes like either megan seem would be like be was or was great biogas joe is part of the great love tight yeah but i want to live and he's not coming oversized likely a little buck you did so that biogas lila fight and half way through two years i've edited out use or is this is good and i was like our partners with guys and girl like come even in his wife his art never funny and then she was what about unemployment spoken differ and this additive how does he goes oh it's fucking different lake milk cheese pushes comic yes different proffer mercosur thrones wife under the bus hey all citizens thirdly in the bus
this time we haven't he isn't that right you're amazing but easy if i would have no one to three three waters all my guide to it so three bottles water to those gigantic suitable cocoanut cans i've had half this island i've had rincon while two days away man i say what it really we cannot maybe appreciate water and now a really wechat water let me live like goes like this that one or two shit nose like i've never got it really i was like a guy i wanted a day i was like i didn't following a competition for us but now this is about job there you have it leg up real for what i love you the cap review of pigs it would take whatever
there were other time up this could be a car show that's a contest between you two every month could the greatest show the world has ever known i would it had to be due east is someone has to develop it for online that reaction we should be online that's what you do it's yeah forget all this nonsense turn explain to people they give you money and put cameras on it you don't have to do any more and not not that you ve ever had bad relationships that those people you won't be able to papa you won't be able to be honest it will talk you and we will swear view mind you can just be you that's why park as are so fucking good but he's my part gets us oh goodness what people really know who you are mean people know you from the travel can only love you from stand but please see you do you you the other shots the thing was joined in the girl haven't finally do you two candidates
back a little bit the passport the best part of this is that like and this is the defining more turn me where i met today was like all my friends the you had to say about this is specifically you milburn tommy we're all i got drunk with great like you're better a stand up and you're better by causing a better like being you and it was like one century go oh yeah maybe a better like maybe it did that's the quoting but the internet is that i don't want to be like hi guys welcome leyenburg creature i gotta mine doing that for money but like law tell you from someone who did it in for five years and so i did it alongside while you were doing it too i know it's a really great job and your job is better than mine in terms of like the fun of it like the places you got to go rather than fear factor which is you know most of it is local
hazily we traveled god it was a sign it was fun crazy show no doubt about it was deafening a fine gig but the difference between that and stand up is china and if you dont if you dont give stand up the fuckin respected deserves it becomes dog shit it is does since its issues too hard to not it's true or did not happen yeah yeah do i'll catch you at all times you got to do it all the time if you do any gang other shit on top of it works where you can't do stand up for months at a time like you were do you're going to do in your line at the re run eighteen weeks straight on the road that's where it comes from we have a name the tortoise because i've never named torbert it about that i have never named a tour i'm never named tore burke make sure i have never named it to her perfect pussy grady duo on every year i've never met him to tour to i'm never name the two or three about our adam how the first one i ever saw this summer
one was a genk named torn i was like a fucking bad ass i saw that knows the first one you ever saw the little stay off line the head injury the underhand i never penguins i've never seen it but i've never seen a person can act or punishment or not punish your door was punished or cars mozilla punishment or was it when i urge everyone light was talking about their illegal and punish the punisher griffin named is tours back in the fuckin ninety two what's up with any griffin i don't know i think he's doing there tour with who is it like georgia passwords lopez idea griffith cedric and who else is one of the earth the guy's a man i tell him we have learned rats doesn't fit a few sets it i've seen where you know what there's people that cat genius in a bottle man they just catch genius and
i'd be only for a short amount of time in their life it might be for a moment in our eighty charlie murphy's onto deal uli cedric entertainer davies move no no man this charlie utterly murphy's pitch so comedy get down they catch they catch lightning in a bottle they nail it and for any given there was what was that hbo suppose a deaf county jammed yes it was a deaf comedy jam special that eddie griffin did i am pretty sure he was wearing shorts you're right you're right you see i know what you're talking about he came out and he was so ex nihilo save with the way he just every punch line he was involved in was it a semi shortlist too was in the wilderness of add ons utmost we're picking up picture jamie he was so it was like the way he was moving there was so much energy this is not it now is another one who is as a whole our special yet
why it was it would not mind about i think you're right you're right it was an hbo i he did this and then he did that when he did that special whatever that special was and i've watched parts of it don't even know if i had i think i'd started doing stand up i was just like at open my current time just kind of just getting going and i remember thinking holy shit like that guy just tapped into that weird rare spot where you could never imagine yourself doing that's it either men so it says it is short sighted media it might be it the colors of god but maybe it's just my memory aided voodoo child too that was before this or not will appreciate that was later one he summoned which had seen love eyes america williams eddie so crazy he's a real nice guy
i must say that goddamn you sound like i wish it i've been at the store when they were the store la magnetic griffin of always got along with that guy he's a super nice about cat i dont know him i withdraw my big fan fan what he does can you do unless the chair curiosity do not reach out to them to be on your past now have run into whom i would love love to seek out williams and adding refunded broadcast but you know what man i would too if they're around like it's it's a matter of like if i don't want to bug anybody you know certainly nobody that i can't i don't even know and eddy of known forever like if he's around ever wants to do if i seem at the stores on live about what about chapeau i'll do it dave and we talked about it but which has never did it it's one of the values of our society today was another guy like you don't want your current on time time damage i texan we tanya but he's he's a super unusual guy man he's
stu in his own thing and if he wanted to do it he would ask me and then you come and do it and we have a job to do it like fucking command his own person his ease the pearl in the world that i consider the great white shark meaning when he walks in a room as a comic there's a weird energy were like i shall say expel like yeah that's for me a mere tomboy were yes as they may but like he walked into the room and get paid dayton one night just walked into the room you know you you jack it's like closed he walked in the room and i just adam across it with us oh my god and i do not get a compromise of amos people brows fucking shaking and i was like doing shit your embarrassed about we oppose it up a little bit outside the realm of him going like we're never gonna like like you but i did you knows a headline bert those data like but he's one of those guys talk i never spoke to him and he lives
on their arraigned davy silver reacts does lads as work out club we goes to fuck around stand on a more but they say you stop in august not at all china does anymore i don't think so then all the legs cincinnati area places too you know what he does man he'll just fly into a city with no plan bike in like when i was in denver i go why are you here man because aside a flyin he's like they were gone onto the canal avarice fight whose can however as fighting horizontal lies i want mexican including fight recently decided if i was it was some faint vegas heyday i'll be at the wilbur theater january 21st flying i'll fucking party with you in the end and i'd love to party with the chevelle
my point was he just showed up out of nowhere useful in denver i saw that picture that got like falcons up like two hundred and forty nine thousand likes what was this the yard the video was hilarious when it was a mere confines ever is could be to see role solo money limbs with my head off knows what fight was then maybe maybe i'm wrong payments to manufacture fight papua i recently a dead right he's gonna see him play if you don't fight was it was was not long ago as one thousand denver because what is vital catches flies and watches boxing matches plus boxing day spell loves boxing really a body of his is a boxer and does like boxing training should clarify jealousy vargas and november fifth weaken think those maybe that was
yes probably it but he is again he's like a version of our does what the fuck he wants definitely flies in the places where comes and hangs out that's right i know he's done the m that club that's like his favorite place and that then berea and they said he just men by land had been like hazy when book tonight i do shell and then i will just add nights if he feels like spain that's how crazy so awesome now what's the most important also from the other side of you too and chapelle is that i can imagine what site to go there lichen and be like howard tickets have us like you know i mean like it that it is not a thing and i am saying that and it will you things happen now really never never really i mean not in ten plus years for sure of what was left something like ourselves from a club for anything
i know i have counts sent to me when things are sold out are not sold out so i can decide whether knowledge tweeted again or put it up on its ram or somethin i just look like i wonder what it's like to be chapelle just go i'll do this for minutes everyone s city we want to come to see me daniel tosh put up a tweet in tweed he sold out like a whole tour in the day within like lesson now the whole tour was sold out unreal utah you did a show them right yeah so fun i've worked with me it's a fucking best he's dead saw water and it s christian andersen it is another guy and i really want to add that as i won't do interviews yet has one doing stupid like anchor yes it out from the guy lives a fuck a hundred percent unlike automobiling hang out with them soak it any dangle tarzan smart dude good because it is on tethered also like how so too do he's mean very easily
no i'm not doing any press when you have the number one shore comedy central for one right near to retain as varies i tethered mean yeah not controlled likewise that you if it was like whatever top three or somethin you know like not that the leading thing each sociopath being very much he still the eid i'm are we do they show together miami and there's a hackler in the front row like ours feature informal came off is the two weeks after georgia was born there almost what thirteen years ago and i said and he goes that's one way to do it like her i go what would you have done he goes i would have kicked him out you'll see he was go watch and i ran around at the back of the club in miami that all by me in prague and daniel i literally folded his fucking arms he goes i will not start the show until he's let s kicked out eight did no one knew him no one knew any these jokes photos arms was i will not
the show until he gets kicked out and i was like in my head i can't you can't believe you gonna fuck and throw the show for one dude and by the way you know you know me at the time yeah and aerospace starts no there's no kick him out kicking out right now arms folded kick him out right now was the people building a daniel tosh at the whole idea backside work through it like eyesight worse through it and that's why and why was the original haeckel like what happened goes a dick user redneck with
molly ran over the mollet was saying was patrick swayze z in my head the guy was shortly sumptuary wasn't but i remember him story is tat every issue like this piece of shit was shortly that need i say how he has not said pete little girls like ok here's how goes no so so i'm in the back and i'm watching this and then tosh gets into who's the guy in the guy sorts go fuck you intolerable argue unites over tonight how can i earn a very toss way doing right but how can i have a good night and then the guy goes i hope you die and then tosh as the guy's getting walked out the door goes i hope you get aids this is one night who knows maybe two thousand for and everyone groans and then tossed looks at the audience at a moment goes
good kind aids like magic johnson aids retainers the place was fucking nuts and its first joke and this is all job for toss so i'll say at his first joke is now it's fibre or urban club here's kobe bryant so good at basque he should be allowed to rape women and the place goes fucking but he is a virus is this is this is turning i would simply put in a highlight real ngo lose a job with a jury it's one white check a year i thought can sound economic like this is by november i walked into the agreement and waited for him to come out then i was i do your fuckin amazing so funny do man he's got it i too he's a very good guy again talked him he's right there really is no weird shit going on now than either i was i'm a few weeks ago and arrows and he said it has the weight thing knowing that i tweet tweet parties that please super any goes he just block and just walk
yet brochure absolutely i saw him in hollywood and he arena at the store hemingway appetite bombed me you and i was like is not followed by persuaded store ever as a paid regular and i've while forty five forty four years old and i'm in tosh like i'm sorry about this in a bird who said her husband in use good has of judea us a good news has malibu use perfect yoga meditation powder boarding house kids like migration dongle love that guy is a good dude get a puerto rican beard yeah i mean we could do it five hour podcast and just keep drinking it's up to you dude but what's about two hundred and fifteen what time do we start this page eleven thirty did we get a majority and you re a martyr let's gelding tweezer thing over right there you do this shit tommy
put on tom tom ages decided is happening and also you gonna go with a bunch of attachment to that jemmy depending how case and if you want a sculptor or contour anything on those lines but you gotta try do the prince you think tommy here's i wanna do here too i want to bring all this ring the bottom ok wherever put an ice line make it fit you guys gonna sculpted that year can be approached i'll go what about the stash that's what i'm saying i want to bring this guy's oh my god oh my we have to be there nobody is going to have their off their lives where is my vote
howdy texas pushes it builds appeared so ridiculous there's nothing better jaguar guy the leopard guy guys off i gotta but there's almost vote too oh please my dog all that you know that on all jamie lloyd at all with a wide angle second move over there over here a few guys with a beard with my on total got health and shit i put it should put it like a rambling to hold it
let us be evan i want you to be a part of it i don't want you to know my here the i know but i don't want you have the folks on me are you holding a given that fucking kidding i'm right here i'm just gonna rest it right here dr am i getting heroin me right now tom you're gonna get a little bit on listless tightness up you get your password son it's for four eight someone such good luck fond of my phone well just now i became a chair orange just like that weighs lot society outlets and says he uttered a bunch of sailors decks hold on to everyone here don't fuck with my hair like my actual hair and hold on hold on we want to give me an answer to the landscape in which while well landscape landscape that is why now
the financing honest again hit style record not reward ok we're recording right now they hold on i am putting this here i'm ok bert crusher please explain to people it's bound to happen and why my beers getting shea because i channels tommy bonds on a beer challenge on her loss we must wait and he lost a collective like six pounds more than me a failed but you did succeed in losing a ton weight loss i lost thirty five pounds i think so i live i'm happy that at least i'm not as far as i am just start what if you look banner before we do this i will not want to encourage better if you decide like i liked the newborn babies in new burnt down new bird
doesn't sabotage deliver already uncomfortable failure so tommy buns insisted in shaping a beautiful horrible at area you worked on grew out did it all schools that area vulnerability how'd you stop it i'm what i do is i wonder black barbershop and i thought and i repeat my beard taught them ass a mass of communism
where's the microphone these things might have had my fuckin finger over the microphone yourself on i hope i don't know i don't i don't buy gas in the ceiling on really i see you sculpting you do not entirely share we saw me tat they might crumbling mean you heard me why we decided to lie that while the eye of july me why you decided sculpted in not completely shaven ass i said this is a guy we're like i see so much potential and just a i wanted the maximum weight your phone is exploding with text messages while i'm holding this up i can barely look at it cuz the screen keeps filling up with text messages he's getting you a hitler giving you a hitler son homer guns
what's wrong with us we're all adults what's the clock is wrong with us oh my god can i please you so you're doing the prince i gotta carefully sure zuzu room this is
for some save another man what about a lot i still feel the same right now what were you doing to learn so much firmer mob jimmy about what we do and what we do and you can do a great deal son you and labour you given birth neuber arm rash tommy you an artist the oecd tommy asian once a year finally a sculptor affairs beard here
damn artists who lives amazing you should be the new thing people do go back sculpting beards that would be a can be assured that i as all the fluid my body this could be a show you d want to travel channel where ya get fucked up and get someone any shape their beard jerry very i there was nobody hi this is really really here you didn't like it the greatest grace i'm very lively critical
it's over people just listening what time is done is scope birds beard and what could best be described as a sensor the sixteen hundreds in france a fence he look like either that or for someone who lie about the importers some from like somewhere that no one has ever heard of an entire people say where the fuck is that goes beyond this border region has it looks very spanish like new york city fly you might stick with it a whirl he's cadmium i imagine if it turns out the tommy bonds is the premier beard artist in north america i mean we're locked in a somewhat still
really what how many people are in those four thousand so ridiculous i feel i must really be happy what are you gonna keep this or you gonna turn to remove was that do you know about it i'm not rushing reserve i'm not bullshitting at all it is a problem we see an apple i'm not bullshitting you did this feel you know what i am hearing here thing man look here where the apes furthermore we know this is not just any doesnt good here on me
yet earring on each year a big who book a pie i look like i like you read scheme for lord david that you throw i put it to fuck it jane hearings on first take you for somebody god that's pretty good holy shit can you see yourself performing with that fuck yeah yeah of course you have to do for a while right no damage up to now and i have to go on stage for the audience the people that are going to appreciate them see you knowing exactly what happened and the second is gonna fix it has not done that's what we're we never really determined when he's done so tom can like step back look at it
decide to boys needs arise i feel around oh my god i found the rash man sometimes we have rashes ladies and gentlemen it's not your fault i know you feel you did something naughty that the lord punish you with a rash that's just superstitious rationale that really bacterial infections on the surface we scandal so is definitely better now you my power i recommend defend soap i say just a mustache fuck allah squarely little bottom have you wanna make him keep it for a while i'll keep it for a while i'm a romantic army shave no mustache how about this what we give it all this crazy shit now known it looks like give you goddamn pollutants world again you actually look i look like a monkey for let me see you you will like it he looked like a top notch bowler from us content that your duties unlike world series of bowling every fears you like the big american
i can imagine that art and you're like what is that on the top of another europe has ever movie fucking dodging way kingpin arranged with them we are forever the growing those not u magic remember when he had to have sex with his landlord not pay for the rat i gotta loosen up a shit up into two remember that he has the planned like robbery with the guy and then through my face and then he he throws hot coffee in that guy's face because he has to act like that it wasn't a scam the landlord comes things like why you're here is takes hot coffee is larger than the screens for his life jesus christ was still so where this can only imagine the pills weird i know my face would be this close to my bones
who do you guys views dont do it like this like this craziness but just keep goin healthy style in me we're going to figure out a way to get you guys to not let's be honest if there's no way to do it if you if you if you if there is a target wait you're gonna dehydrate yourself right now of course have no very seldom does someone go below that pose a doctor be right that we really is heartily ass to a bad you suggested keith mustache i think it's a wonderful accoutrements to face it helps you party man image and again curling chant scattered around like a duck hunting guide answered a person gets no why should you had shots got to teach people how to fly fish
the guy them as it ever seen a mallard doug less a diver listen to me you you definitely your hometown pens oil tattoo at bottom mustache how's it look good deal it's really good really you should see a closer z your israel i do think is something to be said for bringing back mustache there's a few people who do it it's a strong look now it looks good looks out of there you're my teeth gleaned jesus this is a sad news actually i is looks like a guy who lost a fuck turn away just now i too want to competition and i got a mustache iraq this look and you go back up the two fifty six
thou be there would be any grandma so let me ask you this cause we're probably nearing the end of this experience yet how you guys gonna go forth like this most of this was healthy for you tom i think the majority of it was healthy set for the last couple days yet the actual trying to make the weight and bert at the very least likely curb some you're insanity dinner a curve did to the point we lost a tremendous amount away means you got feel lighter and better right side here how you move forward now do go back to life as usual or do you start in other contexts we can start the contest until the council finally bergmann starting the court of auditors the content i want nor any of the above two are like ours welsh and content until three i d get him in like our scottish ended there that we should do this online i got you want but the
challenges and have to await the site could be so don't know oh yeah there ogilvy can be anything man that's the crazy thing about the internet we can do whatever the fuck we want rice should have we come up with what you just do yeah now share right you guys can compete in such doesn't suck right now we see that socks like trying to drain your body in person go around the world for the fastest that's how they got bert thing now i'm just trying to think i'm just trying to ballpark again but i got a bunch of it but the ideas like a carpet and show between two you guys would be amazing because it would be in the best spirit to like here's thing about competition like this right there was an there was never any animosity so after it's over all laughing whereas i give you have a fight for instance and to people like each other in britain you're yeah there's always animosity before and after people passed also always kay
we should get our wives involved due to try to give this personal son no our wives that's cassettes on tat happy is over now the guy i like this i'm telling you i know not adverse to doing another competition at all and i think should be something well here we are in january right accuses the beginning first couple days january two thousand seventeen why don't we knock at around for a few months and will figure out how to finance some other competition zurich yet and so instead of religious figure out like what would be a fine thing to do and a difficult thing to do my right to defence suggests hearts are key factors like will be a fun thing to do but also a difficult thing to do will you guys could do it as a car tatian it would be a big deal few you with point we're winning it would be valuable you'd would like really work hard towards it be worth you dedication and wicked
we bring like sponsors involves i guarantee you billy it take five minutes to figure out what sponsors would be interested in whatever kind of competition we figured out what we can do something really fun we produce really fun air pollution has wanted do like what seems like a fawn competition like going out of your adventure i do their knowledge one another really i think racing razor that's one of our first person to get across the united states get the first yeah you could actually do what you do like a cannibal run type i wouldn't say that one of you you do a lot of crossfire new do not exercise one neither one of you like any immense physical advantages like if you started in a physical competition right now
if you guys wanted to do some we know each crazy marine things they do with climate hold who lets go to seal training listen to me don't do that lesson the now i'd rating i'm talkin about some crazy like wiles obstacle courses we have to like swing from the monkey bar and climb on the paul gotta jazz and climb up the net though the rope net race each other doings of like that and make a big deal out of that thou to fund because you have to get sick shape firemen framing garment round engine i spent on that but the problem is like do you really think you could even complete that i could get half way through it
man i'm sorry i'm not gonna can handle gene for sure i move my body pretty good and i watched on tv and i got a thing i price fall off one of those i'll call me mad iceman right now he get us on the course and you tell me but that we live in get halfway through an fall down i can devil that is all about starts i endeavored get halfway through well what do you think you be able to buy voted on the training no norms in him sorry oh definitely more than half but i think about lily pad as i think the only one we find it a course that is like what you're saying go about labour don't do anymore unfortunately that would be an easy one to set up because mac units was one of the executive russa fear factor a really dead i was his show the other people who created wipe out and made wipeout america they were most when we're friends mine but i could look at triathlon like something more trials on would be
mother fucker dude if you really want to do that datum serious commitment with coherent manner and man dynamic come on sponsor are the restaurants railroad the day do you love me now they have over the robes perhaps tat he wants it round you in the ocean he wants once the possibility that he'll be swimming when he looks back a shark takes you good i'm in here what's the what is the like of short raise its voice in marathon you gotta run a hundred miles marathon and yet a right right a hundred miles alike any get a swimmer double miles right no democratic another guy spartan race and clarity for what exactly are the parameter like waiting on anything what is this james battle proclamation european sometimes it's like teams relay racists but they are causing how you do battle frog although you there's he'd have to run up the saying second navy seal obstacle course basis
what's really fascinating about you guys that you both love each other in your both interesting combination of impulse and discipline writ rid takeovers fanatical like scramble sprint to catch up versus slow steady marathon pay his it's really funny man yeah and laugh in hard the whole way the tipp of a spear who may those graphics you don't make the tipp the spear and make it in neon grew you fuck that's not scary tippit spear out their job the enemy with his cartoon colors is going to be our our thing then we're gonna find a course know what we should in turn this tv show and like ultimate fighter competition thing but we beat both have teams of losers like yeah let's bouts round a bunch of ideas not commit to any of em was trying to figure out like what would be the best idea dabble fun competition between you guys that would benefit you because you guys both benefited
huge way hard you and both the amazing dude i shut your views my wife of you one joking around about the workers down the europe is already done and she was a holy shit they just went holy shit like looking your skin looks healthy your face looks thinner as like that you look vibrant you look like you're body had more energy to it max van adequately do i mean it's you know it's a lot awaits you then you always think about may i was walking around with that every day too crazy and we talked about yesterday and sometimes people think weren't sensitive when we talk about this like the subject of fat shaming whether our fetch him he's a good thing it is never a good thing to be mean to people but it might not be the worst thing in the world to feel uncomfortable about the current state you and if you know that states unhealthy attached
probably like magic words to it like fat shaming you decided that certain actions can never take play so he's certain acknowledgments of someone's issue with their weight can never be discussed cuz it hurts people's feelings it doesn't necessarily always do that person to service like we all be better off if we were healthy it feels great to eat fucking krispy kreme donuts you know what feels better see crispy cream donors empty lost forty pounds and you know that tomorrow you gonna get back on the fuckin treadmill and you're gonna eating healthy again give yourself reward days but don't let it control your goddamn life and don't wrap it up and wrap that criticism and protect yourself in that criticism and a blanket of these fucking stupid rules like like they don't ever talk about someone being fat or don't ever discuss it or don't don't make them feel uncomfortable about your supposed to be on feel uncomfortable at something that you can change but if you don't is going to kill you and if you do is going to make you feel way better if that's encouragement
it's the only way to encourage people about certain things that are uncomfortable to make them uncomfortable it it's no way around it has no way someone's gonna find out
there are overweight not have it feel bad i think the uncomfortable feeling is probably the biggest catalyst like that's what makes you do sir i think so too manner you know it's an uncomfortable thing it's like someone being blue brutally honest with you about something that you dont like about yourself and then you act on it yeah dude i i just think that we we definitely could use more nice people in the world would definitely use each other being kinder and the world for sure but when you when you're dealing with certain situations like at the very least you have to be stern with people over certain issues that are some of the drug problem such as await problem yeah i'm not look at you burn your fine you doing great a cure party or there's a difference between someone has got a problem was life goes a shit and a guy like you worked constantly and also just lost thirty pounds a matter of fact you might be like the perfect drawing line in the sand i cares of productive guy that's enthusiastic
but his parting partying but is also a great family man a great fuckin podcast her a great fuckin comedian near you haven't found you being very productive we do in various tv shows and on top of that your party again this is the line you awake when is it bad for you when is a destructive to what one it's good for your life and you haven't got time as well i give managed correctly i think the sulphur and i also oppose the headman that you too high functioning party guy harold arrest what it is for sure i am not function party guy probably but the funding so just lost thirty fuckin pounds like an animal dude you know there's a hard man you ran twenty four fuckin miles in a day or twenty two miles a day that's hard core does hard core manner not something someone whose fergie tommy be really nominate phil depressed i keep both of you guys are savages you guys both doug your fuckin heels into the ground and actually did it
yeah what you did is super hard to do you lost almost fifty thousand pounds dude so law tommy it's insane you lost like a good solid kettle bill a good one as bigger i am very proud of what we want to see that picture mostly stories again cause that doesn't look like samian being dude if you if your whole world is gonna be a different thing you're gonna be gone through life lighter you'll have a better ability to move through life like literally a you fight if someone told me hey man for how long you show your jaw it's crazy if someone told me here
from here on out you're gonna be healthy evidence in we great eunuch enough to worry about diseases but you're gonna have to wear fifty pound vest everywhere you go i believe shit then something about the pressure that's gonna put my lower back and on my knees now my ankles and exactly what you see from overweight people it's exactly the issue if you go to live life with all that extra shit it with it requires too much resources but you guys to want to harness things at a price and can do he stopped your pattern in its tracks and you turn the battleship you use will you discipline you turn the battleship in a competition between friends and you both got healthier because of it may be temporarily unhealthy the last couple of days dehydration but other than that the weight law how much four nine issue since we started and like consuming away will be to twenty seven
either you burn melancolia hundred percent have been about climate i'm gonna lose about our none it s over majority we didn't bite we already removed are from the equation anywhere you're drinking hannah idea jamie's got an idea that is the way i do twenty seven that day now dare i definitely put on paper but it's more weight man yes it's bizarre when you want to see what you are waterways mean each one of these things as we set as a pound further ban how much aid amounts to about nine bound aims the time sets its new motorway that's insane now here's the thing how bad you feel have a seat for a second i do feel bad like you i feel great marianna gonna foot race right now to think you'd be ok did alma surrender really
i am being dead sir is the best i've ever felt physically in my entire life but but even though they have lost all their dehydration south it in and what i am asking is like how much of you recovered from the way you felt when you came into way and you feel like shit actual so much since we went in bread i write her do you feel like you go run lot right now i am loaded with peace and vodka ok but if you weren't give you a lot of genetic physically feel behind just hydrated that that i think i think about it so you turn about fashion means that people understand what it feels like to be on the side of that begin more gotta get you ve had this shit its water ice should answer i am only a month ago can really it is about all cases confronted stores they can get online where'd you get it online is it stevie flavoured soda but it's good zero sugar and assists in stevie is like a natural plant based sweeteners doesn't fuck with your blood
your levels tastes good i still have to pee doesnt uneasy there that's a lot of water tools amazing you guys are awesome what you are the water chapter i want to take a picture that before we leave it is quite preposterous is you drank too so tommy's to these big as a chance to kill it like a grown up no that's a sip like other sixteen out against honey ounces or in those cans of sea too oh cocoanut water these are seventeen point five jesus christ he killed to those and then for sixteen hours waters nemo number from by the way if you want those people that's a good coup canoe war too slow to the war now tastes like jason it's delicious has a gonna hear this deal that put at an ad if you want to get the right cocaine i want you gotta get it from time to time cocoanuts deprives alone that's a very sweet
have you ever had the tp ones that are mocha that have caffeine in them those are really good to like those but does have a lot of sugar in them unfortunately i mean the really yummy but they do have a lot of sugar in them you know what really is the best like this neither has it or its fresh cocoanut water is that the one idle has draw yes i harmless harvest of that kind is the battle boosted balanced really you are a coconut water and you drink in its dislike it your whole body is going to make you flavoured one ever copy fully on this very sensitive everyone but yeah cocoanut waters unbelievable people get mad so talking about coconut wanted or kale will hear the person whose munich over water really guessing that is how it looks good and i'm actually already used to amuse sooner ready to resolve bullshit man guys listen man when i was scared shaved my head ask i was before shape ahead i was thinking about a foot a couple of days as i shall do this chechen my fucking it was just getting more and more jackie looking up there
those is gearing outweigh i was i was you in five years and i was like such almost over i just gotta give in and then when i finally fuckin changed it out like tat what do they want in the shape of the whole time we are this is way better it's way easier he had just look different right like in people are everyone's we're all afraid of looking different for some weird reason but there it yeah it is better you know but i do look i got feeling ever get deadwood but on the south side this wheeling rate here's one act of the big things about how this turn out because you ve lost so much weight the impact is not like if you have been four to fifty somethin burma governess it would look work but you lost thirty some pounds so it firstly do we keep it are the mustache looks good i think the mustache at the very least stay here my chin hair but what i'm gonna do it i really want to use a razor
red eyes twelve years don't they don't go get a real shave oh yeah good old barbara you now sit in that you already said andrea lack barbara to oblige are released from my beard we'll go there again you'll term you will get a real gave did i feel better after this is over a defence physically drained today really tired men brian on but we ourselves dehydration right the towers round i like that what the drugs novel dns your favorite part but like up until then you re hydrate a little bit forced our who's in right didn't you going a lot but i feel fantastic right now a fairly good cause i feel like i've earned a lot of stuff like a dubious
peter this is where my brains working right now but i already know that i've burned all my fit but instead knows not i burned thirty two hundred calories already camp near the smile that's amazing so am i i'm excited for like her to make i get these these stars cops he's sorry and i'm sorry to make big ice water and so why don't you guys have a jujitsu match want you guys train for three months and have a jujitsu match that's on talk about what we need coaches though how we can get you those bunker
wait but but i like how did fifty grand on the line for mobility yet that a man we love you will get that occurs in second place second place where secondly raised again when i was here yeah i was the loser get nothing does when are you going to get some loser gets darkshire they get nothin's euro says using our works it seems exploitative really yeah i think that we should more those she get last but the losers get those there should be compensated just for competing yeah i gotcha what a loser gets elizabeth to go in the chapel yeah this case like it's now you guys are betting a hundred fifty thousand hours this is that our aid is the the he's the
without my friend and i must protect him from his tendencies so i will assume the fiduciary aspects of this negotiation from here on out thank you it's the worst what was john was john drove in the end that movie get shorty who's the big parties the vague john travolta was engaged shorting he was a whose only read user bookie movie at all why i remember than usual removing a trolley came out was unduly he's gonna be hollywood producer i wrote a script cadets why am i haven't such a hard time remember that movie where he or she has this guy he's like easily on the producer of this is a few those movies that you fuckin loved when they came out like a box tail yeah fifa and then you watch on tv like why is this completely gone from my memory do the other
this approach will not jihad varies so fuckin funny in this movie i gotta see that movie is so far is that ninety what was it money have you ever the gene hackmen scene with the other guy that died who cop the former cop plays that he pleased that my emmi gangster in this movie and he flies out to get as much from him from jean eichmann looking good man i don't remember this fucking movie at all it is a high possibility i never saw not us when we remember that violence is equal to various that's the guy dennis for isn't it first arena so fucking funny in that he's funny everything the as various he died recently darwin windows my favorite black andover james you beat him up our jesus christ i shall watch out again yeah yeah right we should do a fight campaign
we watch it we shall i sure yeah yeah it's wife get shorty indonesia to men loves i have a couple of drinks get big from watch get shorty and talk shit will tell people to think it up let's do an hey that's fucking do for real i haven't seen this movie forever was do it i barely remember anything in this movie i might ask this movie when it came out and completely forgot about it since then i ve never seen since it would be a total surprise of jamie kills these previous chocolate comprehensive list along with ryan reynolds for their wilder do i do that as ever be weird cause you haven't seen it have you seen it now nor should you never saw the movie that was based on a story about your life in college that seems crazy to me to be honest about it you know i never could i never had the validation that i had now in my life worth his company says that that's what it was based on
right so i'd tears on radio and so i didn't wanna ever watch x y fellow i was lying did they pay you a number that could be fun awkward moment nobody arouses into it is company says he's into it you be into it into watching it live with us but i'll get baked and have a few drinks i'm around one around mature neither on the way to invite him know something they said they do let's get back to the internet they say he's all right i guess i'll really rightly said he'd go to ipod get sounds like you definitely do that who win who like took story and brought over there and profit from it some writer and theirs evan issue because it wasn't really use based on new or stories about you that they added a bunch of the option was made by a company by an agency a literary agency and they
took it and they sold it with me in the writer of the article attached so that all the movie had to be about a journalist running an article about a party animal ray i was the caddy out so then i got you discover by will smith and that deal fell apart and stone deal fell apart and then one of the producers or one of the writers quit submitted scripts or or sinus krypton and and it was moving forward and i thought that was going to be the one when it fell apart he just took it until the band monitor to phone and it made her why so long i didn't really have any attachment to any of it i never got paper any of it and i didn't make any of it but at the same time like my best friend and colleges names in the movie and so like like so we're here yeah but be i'd i've no bitterness towards it i don't care i don't give a fuck that's good
that is a little side borrowers cheer life don't stop put not shit i ain't going nowhere where we got a publicity yeah what we did when mister i'm not doing what would you have to go where you goin go out why do you do that you never do why were you biogas results given what what what our whatever we are right now we're about three hours in how many minutes ten seventy three how will we got another nineteen twelve minutes at least table around but up to the top of the hour tat there was not obvious why how do you get like that what this is how i while its leg you guys are fighting this is like impulsive versus discipline is slow steady marathon versus spread a lawyer drawing listen it's not both a virtuous diverge in both austria strategies will pay dividends will bear fruit we should do it together when i get back
i'd love it yes so opposite ends of the spectrum when you get famous yours you do authority are you reading this will now be valid something people know you he's told me that the rams game where some guy yoda them minded people didn't stop doing it by where my name on the beggar my lips i know i know you're a good level of fame dude fame i like i like john being dead seriously it has allowed the way people who don't know that on private arm i love the way they talk about a stand up like when we were there this house's ivan about you and i go or euro tops girl oh my god like his stanhope fuck as my favorite says my very special ever most stories but there are special ever i love that that's what i like yeah it's always nice when you can tap into bunch people that kind of feel about somebody the way you feel get bill burma is my favorite person because we all can agree is
maybe our favorite guide to withstand a by now but man i love em gandia admits amid sand but he's a zero rate this is definitely in this like rare group of people that i seek out to watch to stand up to this tremendous man i think there's also like it's a really good thing i just like you guys are talking about the competition of the weight loss in the fire on inspiring you there is at least some sort of unconscious competition when you surrounded by people that are really funny yeah and like where restore yeah man we're we're out right now today now lay in two thousand seventeen is really rare time where the slick were surrounded by killers you know a guy's people even though its own psmith yossi owen psmith coming or been awhile fuckin hilarious santino seize and we talked about him you wanna hear larry is there's a gang these kids these
and men and women and a bunch of people coming up there's a bunch of people coming up with a really fucking funny yeah it's it's awesome time man i work with a bunch of dudes that are super funny that come with me now josh potter with him yet hastings like an over what it's like to be judge potter i now hear you name brought up and go and ngo who they should or me no i where's the full charge haven't seen him forever is with me in a whisper keeps his answer i will take full charge a bunch he's the last full house a good man of tat you ve agitated nope you there had allowed nope narrows our data airfreight there's a lot of good ones i took drawn horton with me to the comedy works denver how's that fucking great is funny dude man and was also
i do josh martin josh is fuckin hilarious larry as do my sentiments zani shit as i k should do the road more uneasy why can't get off thursdays or sundays as i will that's like other word is bullshit nose like but that's the point the time i beat it the night i don't wanna do it either right carlos valencia him yeah super funny superficially others like the the two thousand seventeen roster like the people that are coming up right now that you are just start get to know him there the most educated in all of like the young group of comic set are coming up resolve them in all the these young men and women in getting the stand up now waves they have experienced the whole internet boom their adolescence you know like daily grew up with it but the comedy vans how many fans and the internet boom is allowed them to have access to everything as when we were kids we'd have to go find a bill cosby alba in a week
you just have to find kennison cosette or a dice cosette we had to go find a richer prior c d you know yet it was are either gold seek it out like now it's instant the moment you get it in your head that i would like to see some comedy off everyone is some kind of a computer today too but remember when you said that when i you sir open for bert unlike really early on see how hard he would kill like he kills so much harder than most people can understand and i would try to mimic some version of what he was doing i mean because like he had set his yeah j energy and in his way he is so i'll go up there and i do my abba flashlight cheetahs like i had a friend who is like a man you look real crazy up there you told me out trying to violate best the best moment my favorite time in my friendship with
these is when when you bond in sacramento i've never enjoyed why like you know like the real bad bomb too brazilian what started it not obey joke it was was least tasteful well it was like endorsing it i was making it was not of course as i was there was even a member hurricane katrina thrive happened ran their stories that that i think that all the chaos people remember regaining raped bright and i open mouth something like something like you know nothing like a floating corpse to get me in the moon and and i would somebody operate on the story and judge it it was started there and it was the early show friday and
i mean that natalie did that i get a laugh and i'm telling you this a full house i got no last for the next twenty two and one slash two minutes and i know it was twenty two and a half minutes twenty five but time at his hair his hair was long at the time has come over and what would happen is so lizzie worked it was flattened onto his hat on his head on his face he had just be wet and have learnt a lot man and then when i got up stage the lady goes i thought you were supposed to be funny and i was how can you just like so yeah vulnerable young lady the booker's yeah languid and do any other sites that are weak oh wait doesn't ten o clock show ten o clock show i opened the same way and i'm just as hard back to back twenty five minutes that just as our leg and then i remember the hosts goes i've never seen a feature bomb like that like he was here
was he was the m c and then i really was like her you know like having alighted myself at the hotel where the fuck i'm doing but i would like now devil you know you're doing unlike it was it was a shaky thing and then the next day bert goes i say just one thing and i go beyond what he has just opened on a different yoke just open how different yoke to exactly everything else just open indifferent joe i go ok i go out there i do it he said i have to that point private best that i've ever had and then i go to the manager whose behind a curtain in the kitchen ago well she goes well what do you set i go you deftly just heard what happened there was like there's three hundred people out there and shoes i did it go well
just like last night and then i went back and and the same thing i did the same thing the second show just open differently and our thanks for his best advice aragon why so through that is how people i know who you are you jump out there and alienate them with a fucked up joke here and then they tell me later though i pull you know that first group there is like ninety mormons that just as i wore a baseball moment what the fuck is that today's to do they sell some of the highest order urge and then you didn't know your form fervour mormons would be fine if they get drunk i like mormons but a mean at accommodation deleting oil is like crazy i know they do another party with budget debate you have the allowed to pills on in their doctrine no pills they can do monster energy drinks to over the cantering coffee migration load up on those fuckin gigantic others fuckin huge cans of red ball
that you look at em you gotta know something tat let the poles even muster energy never never their awesome you wanna stay away what do you like on coke i'm they are going to write a blow you know but no like like because i know you partied really a charter that i've ever parted but you'd say so even keel in we get you not even wait a fuckin minute you really think that tommy is party much harder than you ve ever party another and he knows it do you think that's true europeans making reference to one occasion i've never overdosed yeah that's true chinese overdose overdose on i took wait i drank too much g h be well then i i took some ecstasy and then i had like twelve thirteen screwdrivers shit
of a freshman in college my shit and control that's amazing was what had been i woke up the hospital strap down tubes emma throwed rather happen or stop the hour that is a bad man usually moi this is for the right on our shouted it's tom cigarette overdose hannah story yet some until i would have when they said what you
nick what are you write down they gave me so i'm strap down there but they do when you o o d and the catches at that stage so i passed out is the starts a swell so they thought about give me tracheotomy and they put tubes down there they strive down so that you don't pull the tubes out when you come to me when i did like your hands are really restricted why and then they they're trying to get figure out what's going on that see if you can help them know what's in your system so they get me on the left handed her for writing and they gave the pen in my right hand and strapped so they they write like or they ask me what did you take em road heroin and they are alike are you serious
just kidding just then i had to like right out and then they found you only they give you that why don't you write out i'm left handed anyway i found the toxic report lol but they go you have everything your system oh my god i was like you have you have you know or bitch would you have uppers of downers jove you have opiates you're right because the gnp was spyker stuff i might arrive with spike restoring last thing you have so much in you like it would have killed a lot of people like that's amazing that your life when i go why am i alive and he is i think you're pretty big boy basically was like you're fat necessarily life dirtier two hundred and fifty pounds the time while did
change the way you parted oh my god dude yeah of course really killed now like even still if we want to know you have two glasses one i just do not it's not from that i just i'm not just that i'm just not a big but you have jumping up down you love sprint you do you love the work done at work i do it no less is alive you sure comes off when there's some eight hundred i've been in his place and he's taken easy i going to do it's like you just you plant the seed and you go you have a beer what do you so excited tat she had done the level measures at your house you ve done it before i've your kids birthday party relying on their noses i can only tell you that every time you never go back now no
someone said jessica your onboard that's one of the most was fun things you're you're all about it i like it i like the rush of it like imagine when i have you in a fight in triangle is this happens that can i get out any bravo but what the fuck he knows any bravo to ok eddie picard teams you get jackson s how does work should any real you have team is due at the irish sunlight yeah i'm already be i'm looking for my fuckin teammate would you devil maybe i maybe it's not fair sins eddie knows both of you it is not fair that either what are you nuts rate by edison good examples are the rout exxon shock i think so that's fine jobs over the years all takes on jack i'll just take some brazilian anyone who wants to anyone due to bomb
those deeds in the jungle osha if he's the composition of regular now sire did you try and go for so we went back to sling the deck was has been a great work and part of what would you do if you did do a digital match would you do like how long and you re a five minute match ten twelve now ladies levers in one's wound time earlier i think we do men it would have to be one round see you can hear if you really want to do it what bounce around it i don't think there's no need to does know is not need to come up with a definite contest right now he has i've on each other great cause i'm thinkin about cross country skiing where they have the rifles to will you do that
like tat via fine job i have on my shit i go into that some called the total archer challenge psyche run around the woods and hit targets nominate amino cuba would listen this week you guys could do a bunch shit we really should be a shoulder yet we what we should avoid any fee if you keep it along the path that it's bad for this sort of competition does like super beneficial competition for bulgaria to you he lost an insane amount away really did tommy seriously that's one that really like freaked out my mum my sisters have never watched this pot gas imperative for than ever watch it they watch it with my wife and my daughters today they are not yet and i came home there like tommy's ocelot await us a way your dad has to and they're like i know one tommy's off a lot away but they say you do this to me maybe they were like tom is also a lot of weight that is a problem
people around you all the time to get used to a certain look and even if it shifts erratically over the course of six months you don't notice it this was going to take awhile as a family furthermore it ass a monopoly to travel after an interminable tab it for i go home but yes thirdly i think deserves a lot of art is a little tad been uneven alex agree to disagree if you wanna trim it up there i'll find a download travel tab i didn't moustaches stand very happy made that decision let's get it must have a dollar freed the fuck out again laugh they can make fine happy to see the guideline with their own just as we have a business meeting we're gonna be late for they have little or no no no i'm good i'm gonna play i buy cushioned it very important by jamie do we have to leave clams moving around motorola gas
but i wanted you to know i don't have to live the arab league either tommy this is one of the things you get your waffles date now this is what you awful date at other time there's no time no time just made a decision to move this waffles erlich pure enjoyment no illusion of nutrition best when their crispy on the outside and you give you all into something was i just go fuck and hot butter i just kill that thing with butter to chapter souffle i took the same thing is making a decision to ouch yet his party so deep ever had a caviar the area likewise ethnic rods tours daughters party my first we have an android i had caviar so much i couldn't take away while under five that if they take away they took the caviar away from you
the reasoning to mozilla so much i'd never had a turkey away from actually moved the whole plate of all the seafood and pull it out of the table oh my god and cold night medical richie what's her name how drunk we can restore not sober does origin rose gabby are so you were going out it so hard they decided this guy's gonna eat at all in a selfish gluttonous rampage of caviar consumption my buddy eddie was i could hear at caviar hormones like known as i do strike such it was your crackers nose like do you try it so i'm gonna get new illegal guacamole hours murdering it and they came out and remove the whole plate is i guess i got literally as your scooping a three people three violate their moved it back to the kitchen like we're that go isn't that they'll put food out but only if you
a certain amount they see why person is enjoying it too much it will move we pass me another piece pepperoni please yeah this whole disciplines telephones done of real what was it when the euro is the one with mushrooms you all my on almost out of court that our party what z we i party what was the event you were just when they had earlier i was that i see him at the time that was that i see him that's what i'm larry so they were trying to preserve the food each and every fatter arena newcomb deleting devil sliced you son he gave me two slices and made a sandwich thought no goddamn heated all right that similar really is to take that to me take the double pizza into the media now just take the thought of the double visa the fact to you if you came in silver and the weight loss charge of gold and silver about now slowly no big deal man panel
letting a contest between you two guys like every few months i think that the so it doesn't come on we're still fine figure out particularly idea will serve competition but our cancer but all i use overalls kid but now i believe i can i get it yesterday and i thought it best case scenario someone stands for three seconds then gets a concussion fergit serving man surfing is incredible but if you guys really want to get into that competition have even judge that way had he judged maritime that you're standing our petty judges kosovo notes or i'll tell you later judge it wouldn't get him on the population here project issue promote yeah we talked about a few times of dog he took a he touched me some ridiculous videos at national level for all that brad holdings now he would the on everyone
somber early bunch a good surfers would do sebastian inlet which is not far marshall nervous about spectrum and let you have a totally different type of human to get on board ride it on top the ocean is so fuckin cool when you see the high level guys do i have to go programme is in his new surf pool now by two up her on my facebook everyday it's called a shirt we put up on your what time did you is it the one with the perfect glassy looks like a lake sick the perfect ma it's so beautiful key player what is the most beautiful thing i've ever seen that strides i'll tell you why
just go into the detail right here the water champ has down five bottles water and to cocoanut water how deep my on this this is insane can actually get another one yeah really all you of a child and i haven't peed this is amazing the water champ is breaking into his set bottled water thankful look at us tell me this doesn't rick gorgeous to he had just amazing fuckin ability of these people have writing these like this i think that this is incredible come on screen you saw me uranos tabby yeah railway what he built that poor that's his poor that's a poor thought the ocean i really yeah that's what using about this oh my god you could learn how to surf on this yes i am i know sharks look at her that's approach or foregoing thank you god how do you know what she said
what i know her she's lando leg aviators and i've interviewed her you have of nine all these people power from her closure levels over the as yet no support it is a poor one hundred percent support oh my god where is it it's i'd they won't tell you because you're trying to sell it the you can see the hints of the portion of wonderment does and what that is in the back yard their sides on exist sides that's like see that's pull that size pose this massive i want is it what do you do jenny second man made sorry i work where is it learn willing and stuff bulgaria that may not the big like a wave generator like water park they just have the biggest best version of that while our this is crazy and this is used in malaysia and i'll tell you think they are currently slicer they can sell rivers were like a bright could take it somewhere our boys so we represent
the real figure for for hosting it though my pleasure man was really my pleasure you i'm honored for real and the oil shocks i for one am i really was fun i'm glad that you when you are like i'm gonna do the embassy the winds its it was it was really a fine time in our man for me is even more awesome you know i love both you guys you're both hilarious and to have you come in and do this in here it's fun and i really mean what i said that what you guys did whenever someone does something like that where they just decide to make contest and that the results that contests is you can radically improve your life over short period yeah radically pretty health i mean i can't imagine what it would be like to walk around fifty seven less pounds a meal is incredible what should you lose total was it i guess fifty one fifty one fifty one pounds removed from your body is an incredible accomplishment highly alone
compounds water at this point when it doesn't matter still incredible even if it's only forty like actual solid yet we know that way there so amazing he later for men you do look different thanks man and i went on to you the man everybody can do this there's a lot of reasons why people make excuses you'll feel up you'll feel so much better you really will ya instead of coming up with reasons why you can't do it try to figure out a way that you can and it might not be today in the might not be tomorrow but there's got to be a way to improve things and to always concentrate in the reasons why can't you gotta keep winding up and patterns and sometimes like a little competition like you guys did in fun and fairness and friendship it it's a good thing as it shows people that everybody one out of there he now even though you had a shave your beard he still last thirty fuckin pounds van i mean what happened was awesome so it's all its great for everybody
it's great for me too i love seen do that i love seeing people get the shit together i think it's it's been a blast i'm glad you got involved because i think has stepped up the next level and made it and made it more fun for both of us because we started getting bigger and bigger and bigger and ornament i'm ready for the next contest yeah i know you're fucked crazy bastard that's a town i discussed before i go you know it's you gotta deal with birds crazy he's got that thing in m jujitsu i moved to brazil for value i don't wanna go to brazil border as already available lenin taught his shit is plenty places where right here in southern california luckily a lot of like soup or high level protodyne jockey he down did again among others the six bottle why has barely possesses vodka reno russell petersburg which on job i met this guy billy yeah came and rational show we did together subjects the best years he's awesome i love that right folks that's it this bitch is over
they all praise beta mercosur and tom cigar bert cast your mom's house check out bird special on showed me showtime online reassuring i'm on demand showtime on demand thompson her of course has to netflix specials out next dates that you're doing in kansas city oxnard and then a big theatre towards all at times do in a new place start until now placed adjusted category grace to inert its awesome due in the club their yea today yet they do dallas nigger lot lemonade lives only answer stand up life which learned a lot i believe our love crazy we address i must stress factory this week merit comedy company wilbur theatre helium buffalo simeon january i go to the website
for further details thanks everybody for tuning in this is a lot of fun for us that has a lot of fun for you and it's two thousand and seventeen get the shit together bitches come on thanks everybody for two minutes of the podcast and thank you to our sponsors think the caveman coffee go to caveman coffee co dot com use the code word rogan and you'll save ten percent off of any of their awesome coffee and besides coffee they also have one of my favorite beverages which is nitrogen dated hibiscus tea zero calories zero caffeine zero sugar and there great and like yummy water with nitrogen and who so go to caveman coffee seo use the code word rogan and save ten percent were also brought to you by blue apron
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to buy histories new drama series six which premiers wednesday january eighteenth at ten p m so that's on history january eighteen ten p m and seen and on it better on it oh and an eye to use the code word rogan save ten percent off any and all supplements my friends it's been a fun week i think that this this contest these guys did wasn't just really funny and it was really fine but it was also really inspirational i love when people do things i love when people accomplish it its funding watch it's interesting it's fun fun to watch people work hard at stuff and succeed in that's what both of these guys did and even though tom one bert lost
shit load await its he didn't lose anything except his beard and let's be honest it's amazing without it doesn't jamie lovett above the mustache hope it keeps it because like you just keep the mustache tom i mean to say the whole mustache often just confuse the shit out of his kids this fact in politics dissolve so we'll be back next week thanks for everything let me guess
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