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#908 - Leah Remini

2017-01-30 | 🔗
Leah Remini is an actress, producer, author, and comedian. Her new show "Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath" is a documentary series that can be seen on A&E.
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always knew that she a scientologist honestly and i don't really know that much about scientology and i didn't know that she had grown up in it whole life and so she shared or stored today she talked about her leaving the church and she's like old church just leaving scientology and also she talked about the experience of doing her show on any which sir a highlights all issues that she and other people have faced and families are faced and its harper in a lot of ways its eye opening in a lot of ways and i think it's it's very brave of her because she's being very honest about her own struggle to sort of find herself now i don't want talk any more about it i want you to listen conversation and hopefully enjoy it and on i think it's gonna can i give you some unique insight into how the mai and works under these
very controlling ideologies like the one that she was sort of raised in not sort of was raised in i'm talking too much give it up fully remedy logan experience my country ok room had abandoned all crazy talk and i i was good it was yet if we could talk first war is good here you tunneling alongside our great haven't you do too and citizens can queen spent a long time and i found out about you know the whole scientology i knew you were into it back then but it was one
those things where i heard about it yet and i met my goose pretty fuckin normal for a time tell it right well i am a large able once tuna said the same thing like pretty normal nice guy kelly precedence pre normal generous normal yes you know it's i guess you get deeper get to know them well and it might get a little weird yes yes because that's the thing is scientologist good people they really are at stake they really as i did believed that we're doing amazing things for the world so they go two it thinking i'm helping myself from helping other right but then as you like you sad as you get more and more and by the way you don't really get close to scientologist when your sign like you we are not so in your nonsense morality is correct like every thing that i did and they do is for the purpose of
setting a good example being a good person been good friend so to get you in tourism does it does a purpose in that like i would never tell when i was in a non scientologist my real problems it would be kind of bad for the church to ever appear human oh to a non scientologists setting a bad example like it would actually be considered like a transgression if i told you joe oh yeah my friday when my mother writing what my husband nor i would never tell you those types of things because it would be bad pr for the church wow so that something that your taught correct now you you can't i grew up in it how old were you when you nine i think when my mother larry remember pre scientology a little bit and you know what i remember pre scientology was you know i had it mary catholic sicilian father who ino believed in
punishment believed in not taught like what did i talk to you know where you're talking to that kind of guy where i like my my dad says at the head of the table and then we don't talk back at all or you know so that is kind of what i knew and then we were baptisers catholics was my mother wasn't really religious my mother's jewish is you know so she but she didn't he any kind of religion growing up my father of course was catholic so we got baptisers catholics and the only tommy want to churches with our grandma warrant to visit her and you know in the city and my dad on holidays so that any kind of all i remember pre scientology and my mother meeting my step dad he was in scientology he got her in as loss but right away right away so that was what part of the deal correct we and by the way you like we went from like don't talk to your slogan to to
hey we see you as spiritual beings we want you to talk to us we want you to communicate like you're just your you're not children your minos spirits in a little body and so immediately that kind of indoctrination begins that you're not child and so egoist children you have kids you know that always want to be grown up so that that really starts two's work this kind of idea that you're in a leaders that your your ego becomes kind of stroke does it like your very powerful and you returned and you came back and you found yourself back picture mother because your new should get into scientology in your very strongly and your very strong call to my sister you picture mother you have had your mother but as a reason to find your way back to scientology now ass a child remember you you wanna be more important than you are kids are always try to exercise their power you know so that speaks to something
decided you that like i'm bigger than a kid i'm more than a camel spiritual being in a little body and so it sets up that kind of a asian very early on did you like it because it made you when you are young a major feel like ok now i can express myself better that i'll feel suppressed laugh you act like a scene i ran i'm going round my dad who tells me you know shut the fuck up and walk when i talk to you and you sit in that chair and you don't have any thoughts listening to two years much an important being your big being not a word to use the law those words big beings you're big being and so you see you start to feel very important you start to feel that your powerful that these are not bad things to make its feel but this is the way call
work and you don't realize i joe until you out you don't realize any of this was really going on because i've heard people call it a call throughout my thirty plus years and and i was offended by i was deeply if ended by it and i couldn't even allow myself to believe that i was in a cold and so all these epiphanes are only happening you know after the fact while i was watching scholarly documentary once on christianity and they were referring to it as the cult of christianity and dumb it's it's it's that word is correct were really want to just look at in terms of the actual literal definition of it but when any its automatically got this negative connotations yes the word tk and people think you're brainwash you're lost their theirs
there's a natural inclination that people have to be tribal there's a natural inclination people have to be on a team and we like it when we're all together yes you know i know you're scientologists amazon autologous work together in this thing everybody else doesn't get it right now yes that's it feeling right yeah and your taught that you it's not even just that you think it joe you you are towards that you are the elite of the world and then by the way you're going in every single day it's not like i'm going i'm going easter ongoing christmas you know it's an every dana's so what did you do every day like when you say you went and got duking queens and then after rehearsal i'd have to dry if the hollywood and put in my two and a half hours a day two and a half hours every day yet every minimum watch out known a minimum ok son then if i couldn't like let's say on a tape day i couldn't knows there from nine in the mornings lieutenant nine as you know i'd have to make up the time on the weekends or have to make time on my hiatus so i'd be they're all j
night what have you wanna why on vacation or something very rare that scientologist regular vacation i'd have to make up the time i'd have to make up the time back i'd have to put in our weekends like it lets say of my schedule was you know twelve to two ready to go in that i have to go in one to six or one to ten or nice and so there is in every dana's of this indoctrination it's not only that there is is it policies right you're studying the policies old an all night you're looking up word you don't understand your being tested like after you read an l one hundred no one who is policy than your test it you go into the room they go what is a definition of this what is the definition of that so it's it's almost worse wit occult expert on and he said it's worse i hope your cause you actually brainwash yourself because you have to study the policies of the church and then you get tested on it and you have to look up debt words you don't understand you to put them in sentences have to write essays
do clay demonstrations so you're really brainwashing yourself and your speaking all the same language you are all working towards one goal and that is very intoxicate like it is to feel like you're saying to be tribal to be part of something imagine being something part of something that you thank and an hour told and our reading every day is the most important thing that's gonna save mankind you are doing the work that no other group is doing and so you believe that you start you want to believe that you want to believe i more than just an actress are more than just this i'm saving the planet and now all this stuff you doing you go in for two and a half hours every day in our you try to move your way up the ranking system again get a chart right right and everybody who has worked on that one
there's like the inductive like the little courses they're called self improvement courses and these are the things that i people like me would say like when people ask me about the money right i say well there's courses for thirty five dollar sixty five dollars you know it's all it's very affordable like these these lines that were to what to say it's not an outright lie it's it's omitting a lot of data right because really that the next the follow up up to that is but when you're really scientologist gonna cost you a half a million easier what whatever it's gonna be but its pre set prices so you start on the self improvement courses and then you get onto this actual chart called the bridge and the bridge is very precise nobody's doing different things were all working at the bottom all the way up to the top which was eighty eight thus the most enlightened eligible or eighty eight now lie anymore because the people
who were in scientology and fifty six and seven these who got two o t aid were like this is some bullshit it wasn't what i thought it was gonna be and so a lot of them laughed at its high mature scientology was big because it was almost it almost spoke to the time that it was where people wanted free thinking but also wanted to be morally on the right path you know not wrong drugs like they were you know maybe not part of that but they they kind of didn't want to be held by certain our religion but they did so once virtuality in your life and i think it spoke to the people of the time so i dont think here you're gonna find new scientologists you know in the world by using the internet took a big truncated up yes because of the information information was very hard to get exam lore oh yeah phronsie well let's say you are scientologist and
one day to see you and i said he would have been a joe where's your wise united scientology anymore o nay they tell me whatever they want to tell me about you to discredit you he's an enemy to the church and here the reasons why and they could say anything and they do say anything that immediately makes me not why to talk to you ever again one common enemy really an enemy wonderin enemy i can actually talk to you i can't actually talk to you the policy says that since you are declared label this oppressive person my association with you would then make me a suppressor person and then mean enemies i can't actually talk to you but they could tell me whatever they want to tell me about you and so i couldn't actually find out
are these things sure about joe but now with the internet with social media is harder and harder to tell people whatever you want to tell them about the person because the information is there you have to want to seek it out i didn't seek it out i didn't want to seek it out and when i did seek it out and i go to church they say that's a lie that such true here's the real data and they have actual doctored you know the date actually doktor things that make you believe me you don't you're not gonna go and take it to her and analysed you never go take it to somebody goes us a real document you you tend to believe the church you're you're in and raised and most of your life now it had to have been positive in some way for of course it gave you some confidence i have you a true belief in yourself and that you on the right path because
had seen some interviews with you you are talking about it when you were in it and you genuinely seem to believe that it was very beneficial to of course is basic morals and basic tools to help you in your life but remember was an educated most scientologists or not educated and so we must work as a college education and innovation yeah i left school in the eighth grade really yeah scientology he does not value a traditional education they value your education see i want a never woe how old were you hold your hand wasn't even though its greatest like thirteen yet right so when you were thirteen you just stop going school my school and i was doing scientology i was working like literally working selling car insurance and you were working at thirteen or scientology companies and so was my sister holy shit yet but people ethical well how come they nobody
did anything how come chopped services whose calling them who sang and not to mention where where then lying our parents relying saying they're getting of private education they're getting tutored at home or they're going to a scientology school which is partially true were i got my g d you know so did things like that to learn to but the original question what what was it because it was about me learning i was about late was your original question goes anthrax how to be of some benefit few light exactly incidents amy confidence because i thought i was getting on looking at these big words music dictionary unlike you doing more school than you could have ever imagined even as an inner right and an u i started to
we all like i'm i'm really accomplishing something i'm so yes there there are benefits to it but i didn't realize because i was a kid that the things you're talking about the beneficial were in the real world i thought they were they were invented by our hubbard as most people do believe that so using where these things beneficial i would have learn these things as sunday school i will learn these thing right being a good human being being around other people but regardless if i was brainwash into believing that i was doing great things and learning gray things in that his work even if it does work if i say hey joe the if you do the steps you take these steps and you really truly believe in me you can then attributes leah agency lee as an amazing life coach tony do these things and without her i can't you know things but not knowing that it was available to me in the real world because i didn't i thought of herbert had come up with these things
now when did it start to unravel for you well it's like a law is it wasn't just one thing i think people always think what was the one it wasn't just one with a slow process as it was six year of me basically i was like begging them for these things not to be true that i was hearing about where graven was for example when i went to tom cruises wedding and i saw the leaders wife wasn't there and the david scabbard choose the head of the church of saint ology
his wife wasn't there i want i asked the question and i said weary shelly why is his assistant here scatter people to scattered and then i was told i didn't have the f in rank to be asking about him about the leaders wife it wasn't that she was just an average person that i didn't have the right to ask about the rank the rank while and so that that would begin ok that was the beginning but then when i went to my friends know when you're my friend i consider your family like i really do i take my friends very seriously and my friends of thirty five you you're looking at my sex mean nails reno you want nelson sexy nails search emails you do a very nice nails giddies or sexy though you said nice are why you know i'm different than other people comes nels apparently with his other relation what no one
a real what does that mean unglued on now they're not appreciate the more fighting at a lot about you i'd like to do a couple hours with motor talking about other things do have to hold on to camp has it ought to hold i can't let you do have to work along with your non cologne wearing ok you too to fill out so ok so what was i do miss gower of the right to question however then see my friends relation to it where i said will you to get involved in this i think there's something really off we were able to missus gas going on what i know what's going on i saw tom have been negative role in our church which had a problem with could remember you learn very early on what l run harboured says is the law there's no it it's not up
of rotation there's no assimilation of data it's just what it says it's not what drove them over a hundred said what leah things it's what it says run and that's very strict is always what does l a reach say read it again what does it say and it's very tough so i was very by the book person i'm a by the book person ok if i have a recipe i followed exactly i don't do pinches under that shit i do exactly how it says in the recipe and then i see how it goes if the scientology is about word for word what does its my understanding and the policy is there is no celebrity that should be treated differently than any permission and i was seeing behave and i was seeing things that wouldn't be ok that are not ok for the average freshener but were being made to be ok
for tat and it didn't matter to me that he was tom to me i saw him as a team member in the church of scientology and we are working on the same thing my for i was a better example of scientology then he wasn't i wrote reports on him like an internal reports on him which realize work i'm getting me to be a target for the church i didn't realize his position in the church you wrote internal reports yes we're all require to write reports on each other jesus christ yet as a pole there's a policy about writing reports so if i let's say you are you're sayin paolo ok you and i go out one night right like not like that so now get right you seem uncomfortable nano you day because you said nice as a poster you said nice one of us
i've got a nice and about what i said ok i think our prevailing lemme sexy and elsie said they're nice they're nice the beautiful sort better it's a day you work alone i feel like you have better adjective like are you oh my god we're your wife comes out as oil of jody using fine now see what group is a great beautiful lovely we will largely clinical you have kids oil comes from you i think different adjectives different words have different meaning depending on who what person they come from and how the person with the intent behind it they think well beautiful you're beautiful i guess yeah i mean evangelists his own beautiful let's go back the internal certain tat i must have a clear yes our lives are you go you and i went out we were just went out one i won't going dinner right go group of us somethin you date i saw you doing
something that's not like for the book i have to write a report on agree allow to drink not real i you will forget lit up probably writer important satan's overcome forget our age would love it i ok are each other so that yes so that i read a report on you and it's a joe was acting in approach yeah he was making fun of iran hovered vision and while to joke integrate on hovered as policy call jokers integrators jokers and a greater yes you when i would be very much i've been yes i ve been trouble for the many times ok so i would have to write a report is already you you out but have right you you up because let's say you went into like the next day for a session and you said they said you know they do the check they do it can you every day you and upset you a present time problem or a u withholding anything now if you
a real scientology would now that you probably shouldn't be drinking carrying on because as a twenty four hour rule you can't drink twenty four hours before you're gonna be doing a service remember your card to go in every day so you never can drink right and if you do you consider it a transgression so that's on your mind that you with holding this information now if you went on a vacation and you knew that you were gonna make it up when you got back yet ok then digging you get me can you not going on is not going to get to see only time then crept or if you're just not getting a service so if you are correct you go in and you'd say so i went out last line i ordered how much are shots and i made a comment about to el ron hubbard or whatever it is and they go okay great when was it who do it with is there they to write down all the names it's also being recorded and the writing everything down who knew about it will be the next question who knew about it you take
leo was there they believe was there ok interesting than that person's gonna write leah knew about it and didn't do anything about it then i'd get full then why didn't you write a report on job cause joe just admitted that he was in carrying on and you didn't write him up decisions so it's a creates a kind of environment as a rat environment cracked so i was i was writing up tom and i was writing a blatant scabs what'd you rode up tom for jumping on care chairs and being in a further i've always ring inappropriate is job we couches for what you did bride i was a man who remember that road and john for further battlefield earth i thought it was movie itself for while that movie was awesome theirs grave you haven't seen battlefield it's when my favorite unintentional got even joke now is terrible yet but awesome because it so terrible ridiculous so terrible becomes good he cried is over the year out it does after a while you're right it ass he s like what's a movie with dancing one with was above berkeley
sugar genre yes that's the best one yeah there's a rather the tyrant movie yet it becomes awesome could yes so bad you like what the fuck are they doing right and it's been tat exact airline is yes i got a field earth is right up the right so i did things like that not that i was a great example nor am i a great example but we can't road a whole thing about him jump up on oprah yes by also listen i were i gave myself i'll buy inner is writing i was writing myself i was writing my mother up already my husband he jumped up on oprah couch because he was in love rights possibly jumped you know what i'm looking for a way they they pulled me in and they said you note could it be that you're just not as high on scale like in life like yours so basically there saying you like you're a bitch so you can't you can understand that kind of love because i was right i guess because i've been married twenty years i don't understand jumping on account but there it wasn't a good example because because i cared so much about my church and
work that we are doing and i didn't want the church to be seen as a joke or its or one of its senior member which is considered a lawyer scientologist his was inappropriate use out align yeah i just got an obligation might i mean this and are not perfect of course as many things that would weaken than a bad example in my every damn on a great example but at the time i thought i was pretty pristine bolivia now you fill out it's totally innocuous he's just on a couch jump at around having a good time yes but he knew how serious scientology was about clearing the planet it did not go with our intentions and our goals say i was writing him off and i was running everybody up and i was running everybody up at the wedding i thought our senior executives were and i was wiring them back from italy from my hotel room calling one of my
closest friends with scientologist and then i need your right this unequal writers were read em you write this word bade him and any to get us to the watchdog committee and i thank her for her and took frantic i was frantic and i was heartbroken because i like seeing if you believe the sea organization and and the people at the higher in that her senior executives strada of your church are living a pristine and perfect life that you're trying to fire to the ear spending your day and night and money and taught like you this is what we're trying to be and i'm seeing not great examples of what this is now like is seen behind the curtain i was like i dont want see this and i really thought i was going to save the church i thought my writing reports is like i'm going to take over the church i'm going to get it right by l dot ron hubbard i really still believe in the policies of elrond
just believe they are bending of rules for celebrity and ours he's a celebrity who gives a shit what he's doing like he's scientologist first a celebrity second to me so that's why it's difficult i don't wanna talk should have another actor we ve all met asshole actors and were not really supposed to be talking about them i mean it's just you know here that a lot you don't hear a lot of actors doing that other actors but for me it was just a scientologist so you take out these reports on him i write these reports i am sent to florida immediately the mecca the hub of psychology that's right for interrogation no and i mean like interrogator to fly out there i fly out there i am in the room i'm in a room you know with with cameras with my person who is is armed within for me an unbeknownst to me of a stack overflow
what's that were written on me by everybody who work for tom us staff now i found out about your report so he decided that everyone who worked for him has to take out a report on you don't know what he knew but that that is that the churches very much involved with his life he staffed by people who work for the church no non scientologist works for him but it was if you say something bad about this person you are talking about god and you and i was asked you have sexual intentions towards him what are your evil intentions towards him what you're evil intentions towards david miss garbage what are your evens engineers towards over an upward and it was three months of this it was and i had to retract everything i said i thought i made it all about and see any of it to get out of there and so they wanted came back allay they said they want to see you again here in celebrities on our so i went to slavery centre and they said
everything that was done to you was wrong as i could be right i know that we just want to let it go you need to let it go because if the fact that you're not letting go means that you're guilty of the crimes that you saying yes we saying that everything was wrong that was done to you why these not because they wanted me to come back because i was kind of like i'm not when i came back from flores kind of not really a dedicated scientologist anymore but i wasn't doing anything to rock the boat with my family and how long were you in for it for three months three months of of dealing with this very much every day for harry mamma had to write apology line days so you're there for ninety days you darling ironically was during my hiatus on currently shit yeah yeah yeah that's what i'm doing most of the time and
and we have a family you marry my mother was air must my daughter was there my husband was there and how much of the day you spending odour of order all day every day did you see defending your life no ok gypsy what is it it's a movie where moral street and i forgot the ogoni anyway they die they go into the year the holding cell like you know the whole way where they're going to decide their fate are they going back to earth which is considered hell or they going on to heaven and moral street lived a pristine life and they review your life right at the end they have judges and everything so they review good moments in bed moments of your life and then decide gonna go on you gonna go back to hell and moral street was of course pristine but then the guy that key forgot just running but you know they were looking at times were hidden stick up for himself for where he pushed out of something right and so they were judging him pretty
harshly right when they were like you need to come back in the morning and like it was like an all day of light were viewing a hundred and twenty days of your life right moral strictly they looked like five days in their like don't worry just come back when you can out that was me like my mother was there to do some fluff thing and she was like come have lunch with me and my person was i'll be back in ten minutes legal did a sandwich and eaten the elevator and need to be back here in ten minutes it was like for me like defending your life because my mother was just like she had should she didn't know what was going on she didn't you don't usually tell your family what you're doing i wouldn't tell my husband was happening to me because i didn't want to create can you imagine this i didn't know your husband in time to hold no my husband's out he was ever in bring me to emphasise how much are you made him made him a scientologist which is good cause you still kind of cool you're saying so he wasn't like you still can freaky a little bit you know still believed in slapping an ass
once in a while so like a kind of that lately that are worth more the boy you can't slab ounces of your now without any and every two what about choking absolutely not here will be honestly you would be considered like you really there's something really wrong within in other yeah we'll use lever no i didn't think so you say things like nice months anyway so you therefore ninety days yeah you they have inadequate i'm not telling my family what is going on that because i don't want to create a better judge of the church ok how crazy i don't know about it you generally reviewing these papers i'm admitting my kinds saying maybe i do evil and maybe i do maybe i didn't see what i saw on young people write these blow your meeting with in florida they assign you a person you'd but you haven't met them previously now know that
some person with paper work i'm going over your why they have you on the meter they have you on the lie detector tests i mean on the lot you know at the cannes utopia yea you're in a room that's locked nothing doesn't do having read the demeanor well it does something i don't exactly i mean there is an actual explanation for it in the real world it not smart enough to do to retail it to you but if i to have a meter here and you had a thought i could show you it does register that you thought some right but you can't really differentiate what those thoughts are now but as an all but as someone who trains or scientology all your trained to do which what i was doing i was training to administer scientology two people was learning to do that and i would learn to say joe what was i thought what was at thought i don't know what you're thinking but i just know that you had a thought so ask you a question and i look at the meter to see that registered on the meter and regardless of what you i told her that were only gonna talk about what i see on the meter right
and then is also its open suggestion right you could say is this a moment where you had doubt is this a moment where you're angry yes and then the person us think why was it and they start convincing you incorrect while the first thing to do is they re uk any familiar discussing coconut warner know how do you like that atrocious you loved i did love it i also love your computer and brochure this wants as i loved everything he had joe you really what that this narrow stuff you know my father i know that it's all everybody everyday may join zone re minutes is on sugar pure tis to being new like pure something's pure so after this ninety days be in their ninety days of being stuck in this area and it must be but i've marriage believe that i was really really really matter
and to that they have probably a pretty grand establishment and clear water right it's probably intimidating i guess i'm a lot of like carlton religions liked around no go to a leg of a pretty big place it's a huge place but erased and you know you you're you're very familiar with it but it is when you realize your position in the church takes us as your backs feet to the leader and talk rose you realize will that that was scary to me because it against every day entirely i've into everything you and taught is that everyone is some sort of spiritual being and everyone's equal cracked and then you're a whole goal as scientologists is act for the greater good of mankind and sort of brings many people into this is you can as you're gonna help them right because it wasn't ever
i'm gonna get somebody in because i want screw there lies up it was always i want to get this person and i want them to be happy i want them to contribute to what we're doing now was the thought process that tom cruise being this huge celebrity worldwide figure that its very poor to keep him happy yes and it is probably the main goal of scientology is to keep tommy what your boots and must be for him oh you see that is something that the people say all the time to be like why is pot where men than estuary now joe you know i've never salt ocean deadly try right now i'm scared i should why would how does your stuff friggin out loud sort stuff will now air and sea just keep a dirty like the ushering woody meeting one should make at night sake one issue presented another man this is my man cave men of your fuck about yeah well
lab in her eyes and ran surprise hearing what i heard before drawing before you don't try to talk over me jugs unanimous you never had puzzled no i would suggest a little tiny amount for you i think i like that looks just that the recent something about gummy bears to me about your oh jesus don't fuck with those coming back that's all powerful ok what are those are horrendous so what happened anything yeah you want on a journey on your life it'll give you extreme paranoia areas that are not fun it's not when you come out of it it's very beneficial why because you realize you it's all bullshit and then you're nervous about some things that it just highlights your vulnerability i don't eat it takes your blinders away that doesn't sound like fun well it's not necessarily that fun so you wouldn't know it again are you i do it all time becoming barometers to outdo malta really like the feeling of being yeah i think it's good for you
good to be vulnerable that's guys ready to understand is that to be the you're really just this phenomenon but i haven't ism yeah loading through infinity and i think i feel that way without it ok then you know need it i mean several very well i want you to push it on me a little bit you just gave up i think it benefits allow people play your sensitive gives you a better sense of community makes kinder already i generally that ok it it'll make you a more i think it makes you a more loving person i really believe i need it ok back is mixed ex feel better food tastes better married to a porter local autonomy that europe has a little that's all how important they do not have yeah why don't you take them i shouldn't say they like a boy and says that one
the celebrity we'll know those treatment different treatment liberties especially in scientology right net highlighted it is like nothing you could ever imagine it is so when people say it tom doesn't leave because they have information on hammer john that sought the recent the amount of power they receive from this church is like nothing in hollywood it is like nothing there is no reason for them to leave this environment rosewood super beneficial for them to be attached to a cracked has employees they work forum always people take care as every need yes and there's a policy on how to talk to somebody like the you wouldn't say like you said go get me gotta be a coffee and i wanted this temperature there's no i can't
there were five miles from many in over thirty months there will be none of that kind of talk like not any cut there's policy about don't you don't talk back like ever you don't step but a line you dont give an opinion you don't make a face you don't make a gesture you dont sigh if you step out of line in any way you are dealt with by the church so smart essentially has servants correct haven't people alive one a lot and by the way europe a grudge somebody was staff like if you can have it i gotta do it all day or night do it all day or night but when you believe as a scientologist you're working for somebody who's single handedly is saving the planet and you deserve that kind of punishment that something different baby understand warmly that that's it's an abuse that is not justified but it is justified because you both
i believe that you are single handedly saving the planet dervish ya know get it so it is so he's the main figurehead right he's the main guy right up with miss cabbage and then john travolta somewhere in that i think and was given what a designation called cocoon where they want cocoon not can't calm he ever com k age a k h an account after he's given this designation of cocaine which there is a policy that basically says you can kill another human being if you work conned look the other way and he was given that he was given that by around hovered don't we lay i can do to make me feel companies will make me let where everybody got lamping are you are sometimes clearly all because as we all know very well nobody takes i ruined because like heaven coastal don't
ruined this take augener not are you gonna do with i wish i were rwanda jailbreak agreed that he would do some stupid shit with his hands or something that will never rehearsed that would make cry from laughter yes eddie was really highly inappropriate moments that limiting the p almost feel ok yes oh he's allow to kill people do one are you i don't know i don't i should go to the policy can i don't want to us we get a full years was look the other way so you have somebody said something wrong to john devoted its love samara sorting cutter had off using clean up the body is being as they are called i had called ethics protection as has already responsible for dealing with that dealing with that yes it is out of the room and he would know that yours would take care of correct and there is also another policy and by the way are the reason why i say these policies is because i dont like when people say lee i believe you i don't want you to believe me i want you to look it up where i want you to look for yourself and make your own decisions i keep quoting this policy because i want people to look it up
so that they can say that shit's true she's not talk he shut intervene right the policy called ethics protection there's another policy called the responsibility the response ability of leaders which he actually says exactly what you just said that way quickly you know the what you gonna do to protect the leader you gotta do it if you see a body than you clean it up when the leader should never know i read going clear by lawrence right and i watched the hbo special on it and on its its stunning yeah when crazy accurate crazy accurate by way of the book especially the book goes into great depth about how bananas iran hubbard was right and it's it's so odd to me that
these are all this information is out there the asian out there remember you're reading ellen hovered words from dianetics right the book one this is the first book that we all required to read everybody's required to read everything that he's written aerodynamics to lobby that item a year i ordered it was one those late night infomercial things when it first moved ally i have always been into self help hisself helps anthony robin but bought all his tea please to listen to it on a walkman back in the day read his books so i thought it was more than me and i got put on a list and i got sant pretty irritation for your years your orders and i bet you i swear i met you learn to make money by that you get male after we talk interest yeah well i went to one of those things when you sit down and you get a meter and you hold a thing like i asked
oh yeah yoletta san diego knows film some also you saw as they did a demonstration did you see it read on the meter like the other girls together pinched hence while the now watch out remember a pinch test but i do remember holding onto these things nude asked me some questions but the guy was very uninterested less our disinterested he just seem like he cannot like being forced do it anyway we are just going through the motions that's where he seems super board ah some i wonder had he not been super reward would you be followed right now no no no i was i was doing as guph like ten years ago that it was ridiculous i was in san diego film and something we had this set up outside my will then we go in there and i was just in our hope and i could we have a seat no way no i am and i put on the cannes and they now now now i don't give a fuck dangerous he's italy there very you know why
carrying in loving because they remember they do believe in what they're doing i did bright by what i was saying to you is the dynamics and dynamics of harvard is writing that he's sciences right he's you know decorated war hero that he was a college educated and so you're not using the information out there what information other than what were reading is their mighty now would like more is now too late but no scientologists allowed to read learns rates book they are not allowed to so they they didn't lax insulating pillow if you and i were like friends friends right and you had concern for me and scientology and you can't even you sir leon really i'm scared for you i'm re read going clear i want another you're ok new names like enough this is a good thing for your daughter you know i was a joke
you know me i'm a person like i've been there for you your white like come on you know i don't monday drawn or do not you not steal it right just respect the fact that this is something i believe is helping me why would you asked me to look at something that's in time church or anti what i'm doing that's all you approach but any would accept a joe you'd like she's right it is not up to me to be telling her these things when she is a good person and heard angelo great like you wouldn't you wouldn't push it you wouldn't push you would respect me enough because you would know me enough to go i don't want to do that hurts wrong it's disrespectful if that happens very much cross aboard well let anyone as outside yes and when i was logical that you're trying to do so working constantly with people that are not in the church
you're right sets you do how many issues are going to look to you and say head what i think it i think you're in a call one your position very few arrive as you were one of stars the show and everyone knew that untiring do you do that tonker if you re very few none none yeah not so when he's gonna set is it all a keystone mission impossible should like as it all scientology employees that are currently surrounding him yes so he's got like this wall of installation correct as all scientology people correct but the director the writer that they don't have to recitals not at all now know but they're not they're not invading tongue space they're not gonna be disrespectful to their lead actor they're not gonna go to tom and go hey tom we don't know that our affiliation with you you know and what you're doing in the science holiday thing you know they're not gonna rock the boat they hired him as an actor right in but because of the way tom cruise is no modestly but what i get out of here misuses soup
focused like very tense turned on gas intense guy yet and it probably benefits him having all the servants take care of olives every needs we could focused my directly on his thing and just go for sulphur him it's probably one hundred percent beneficial to pierre oft correct because the aid is it is a world that's tailor made to him in the end that is is is scientology would have rare position mia it is for any human to ever find themselves in without like being like the conqueror of a country or something parada that again again i want to make the distinction between listen when you gained some success in this business thank god able to surrender self witnesses and and people to help you to to make your life easier so you could focus on your work but this is something totally different because behind closed doors
you are acting and being a different way and you know it i know it he knows it and anybody scientology knows quite different it is it is about the mission of scientology so anything is justified so behind closed doors though he did front it is nothing airline nothing nothing that would upset him but you have to act and be a certain way around him you cannot you just can't step at a line of the bounds of the policies of the church and you or you will be dealt with and you will be dealt with swiftly within your church and that seems to be quite abusive to me i was punished for basically following my own policy of my church offending my church and i can't be friends
somebody who you can't be around that you can we read that you ve been getting punished by your church because of it but that again that wasn't really even the reason why i left i mean i was dealing with that i was dealing with it being interrogated at my expense we're talking hundreds of them dollars you give millions of donnelly's yes my that's insane and now they're they're they're turning around it you know they have these hate websites they create on everybody within minutes there i saw your manager adorable murmured the carries anything you didn't doing a lot less about what is that a job i said in my book ok yeah i'm all those things okay you even if you catch me you know in a situation my husband it wouldn't change anything about what i'm saying it wouldn't change a damn thing it doesn't matter within their intention is to try to my husband sometimes things in a source club you don't think they're gonna catch him what a girl somewhere
and sing innocently you don't think that is yes you can do all those things you can hire p eyes to follow us you can get us in situations but such change anything or trying to discredit you and it doesn't does melodies what you say is true ex clee and it's not just me i'm not saying it you're living it bothers me is that it's become my crusades though my crusade it's my responsibility and i feel other people need to step up and take some responsibility i don't want to be the only one saying and i don't wanna be other people other actors other officials the the media they need to not make it about may get some balls and say what you really think like i was on twenty twenty right within hers and its apparent company to ain't it and i did the show for somebody
else and and dan harris i said what do you think of that like what do you think of dan and he said i have to be impartial and i said would you be impartial about abuse so you impartial about this and i named a few things any went well now and i said right ok you ring it s all and the truth of the matter is i do think that of of this industry i think this is like a ball was industry and those people who have symbols like you like adam curled there's a few people who are in the public eye sorry about that who are in the public eye that have had the balls to have an opinion don't make it about me brought these things are screwed up the volatility was wise or being hurt and damage and you're in year defrauding p a lot of millions of dollars by your abusive
policies here you can make things confidential than you say this policy's don't exist why don't you say they exist there you can google them and see that they exist their defence you are is a magnet point because you are a famous person and so it makes it much easier to concentrate on the whole situation through you right you know and eighty because of the fact that your amos person because the fact that you lived most of your life in a church and makes it very we need to go through you i'm a necessarily thing it's a bad thing out and guess what i'm saying if i say this convention as a policy right right and they sat and then the next headline is lee run many alleges that this connection don't alignment alleging anything look it up right look at all right don't say that i'm saying it they're protect themselves legally probably that's why it's available for anyone to see what because it probably gonna get sued but one
get sued in their policies that's good ocean in i e they would say that their misinterpreting at her i thought her connection as oppresses and it says exact what when the church labels us oppressive person they you are only you're only option is to disconnect so of children disconnecting their own mothers and fathers that was one most disturbing aspects of your show right to see the damage that caused and see how devastated these pair its work and family members were thou that's horrible that's really horrible and you know and you know what people say you knew the policy existed when you insane college why you re so surprise we were taught us oppressive person is then either evil with horns right they like hitler right now that you're not thinking it's my mother run my daughter but when you get pulled in for something like this
which is what they did in the end they try to get me to disconnect from my stepfather then they try to get my stepfather to disconnect from my mother they did this whole thing when you start father who brought you in the first put not and this is another guy monogamy busy asking crazier yes she's a naughty naughty then she's been she'd been married to george my ma am her husband for thirty years so you know the other guy ended up leaving us there he got us in scientology linen who love he took off oh jesus yeah so talk me through your return so you go to florida spend three fuckin months getting grilled every day the pressure on you and that's been proven tactic of interrogations at its always questioned by people that really like look at the ethical implications of interrogation the problem is when you put so much intention on someone about a certain things
some so uncomfortable than it changes their perception of things the point with a willing to admit a lot of things that may or may not be true just to get the interrogation over that's right it yeah yeah i guess they're ok out i'm sorry sir we come back i come back i kind of like take a little bit of a hiatus from scientology but i'm not creating wait we say take a hiatus you're not doing the daily thing i'm just not going in all the time when you go in and then maybe once every month once a month instead of every day having a deal it was a big deal then they got me back then they have a big meeting with me and they go we want you to come back we know europe sat like the whole thing was just screwed ah let us come back and i and i wanted specifics what was messed up i want you to tell me writing and then you should also refund all my money that you spent that i spent having to do this then they show a policy that there are no refunds and if i ask for a refund then i'm gonna get declared a suppressing her
from a legal and so the money that is spent go in florida in three months down there that's what you wanted a route fun correct i wonder how many millions that you guys don't know now because i said and in their defence i dont think its right to get your money back on something that you feel you received right a server you received right problem that i have is scientologists pay before you go proposition there are if not tens of thousands of people who have money sitting on account that they can't get because they have a refund policy i can't i can't just call the church right now and say i want to briefly because an analog talk to me so it's a catch way too so you're only person that you could talk to in the church of the person who deals with refunds but they can't talk to you because your declared an enemy to the church so also their holding millions and millions of dollars of people's money that they can't get back because no lawyer is gonna take on the churches scientology for free but you know
the average guy who has fifty thousand a hundred thousand dollars on account he or she is never gonna see again so you come back no you you you get to them have this meeting with you you say that you want to get your money back they won't give your money back and how does it go from there they said you know you you're gonna be interrogated because you now acting as an enemy to the church because we are asking for your money back rat it's a bad sign then i said ok now it just kind of out opened up a little bit of a wound then i started saying we're shelly okay now one answer were shelly is cause i had been writing her showing miss cabbage correct the leaders wife and i said i unaids it's gonna get bad for you guys because now i started going on the internet and i started seeing stories of senior executives getting beaten in the church like debbie cook and might render and armed walked and i was seeing all these names and i was even though they were actually beaten physically beat
one reason for looking the wrong way dave miscarriage for saying for reciting for rolling their eyes for being tired for we got on a wide yawning in front of my something yes so someone beat you write or had or he has somebody beat you and mike render and marty rathbone were part of that right were part of that senior executives strada that was up in verse i county where they have a place called gold gold base and that's where these incidents were allegedly taking place so i started googling that sort of going into the church and saying i'm googling this information and i want to know why these people are saying the same thing that their stories are over and over again and then i'm seeing stories of families being declared suppresses people their own he ain't seen other high up in the church and their families are being force
then you're be then your presented with this is a lie looked marty mike mike render admitted that he beat people and marty rising but that's a difference there admitting it there are meaning that they did this under david miss direction you're saying that there lie they're not lying about their doing it but there about having received it does not make sense to kneel vetoes over again these stories kept coming up and they kept when i would ask sure they would put me in a room and go what are your crimes who were you talking to why you talking to enemies of your church and it will just ass it was now my questions were never answer as it's a jeep does this church ever do anything wrong disease church ever do anything wrong is every body and evil asshole once they leave is that you're telling me so what would happen if you said that my mother was then i just got a book the view that my
mother is an evil person and all these horrible things are saying about my mother's wants to believe you and the answer was don't believe me believe though whereas elway would accelerate say and then they have a policy on what the cellarage say read this read this allowed what don't you understand what is this word me what is that word wrinkle look this up you have misunderstood word here if you don't understand that anybody who attacks your church is a criminal like this is the kind of thing you all right so this is what you gonna do when he came back to allay we yes slowly started separated yes did ever give you one has been gold medals like tom cruise guy i dont outline
a huge of ward for donating another million too large and an end its it's so crazy to me that everybody who leaves is somebody who was an axe to grind apostate a big it could have been called a big it because they they they go to the one place you can go to which is don't don't disrespect my religious beliefs raw right and then they can call your big i'm for religious freedom and for the first met like that doesn't their hiding behind and o koyo bullshit ray celebrity who says that shit because they know what they're doing i did it too i did it to jobs y know what they're doing wrong anyway no that i know which is even sicker you terrible person have against you on us why cause you're a fiery and you leave you enjoy this combat there is poor of you that enjoys clearing asked why i thought about this when the whole things first started going down she's like a terrible person to like to leave the church cookies
a talk show to the under time now did you hear me like a bad was in jail if you told me tomorrow and i really just getting to know you today i mean i've known but we don't know knowledge are the rain but emily a kind of like you like your you're cool value how can you smile with your eyes which is a thing that i loved about kevin like that was wondering eyes about kevin like this like a smiling behind their eyes like there's a smile i always find it to be kind now you can be a total dick and i don't know about it because i don't listen to podcast ok what are you dick ok because i hear like why leave your jewels donald walk in i hear from one person to ok let us clearly said ok but here's the thing it you call me tomorrow and said ah i'm having a problem with mine because he because he said i'm encroaching on his property my kids swing said is incredibly i would be so but i would be
i would find it every resource i could help you that is who i am i not their mother teresa i will get upset about i if i see anything on the three women i get involved and shit i've always been involved in other people's business our i if i could into your house i will spy on you i will do so i will if i go into your house i'm looking in your drawers i'm in your shit i'm in people's business all the time and if i'm in a restaurant i tell angela and speak to me cuz i want to hear what's going on next to me everything era but but but if i see people being bullied if i see people being unjustly hurt i saw you i have always says and people who know me know that's true the boat so this if miss cabbage wife situation deduct resolved now i filed a missing persons report with the lapd
and then i found some pictures of the guy who is in charge of my case speaking at the scientology event on human trafficking dawson police officer yet you charge looting paid to speak at the celebrity centre at a human trafficking that its lubbers and our scientology that seems mass of conflict of interest he think ok so then so then that's funny so then after that i called the door similar tend to us and i said so what's the deal because i had given a letter with the police report that said was to shelly if they found her shelly go this man now i'm gonna take care of you ll take care of your legal fees what's going on there is wrong you have no idea because sometimes it they have no telephone they have no male inner out they are not allowed to leave the base if they leave that base of riverside county they are accompanied by security or handler sheathing as a prisoner
aye aye if she's alive and well the second best case scenario would be yes that she's being held prisoner if not by her own mind if she's alive and well right oh you did what didn't she really some sort of a statement or someone say someone did i dont know who is from terrorism europe is that it is right that they said that they had made contact with her and she didn't want to be found i said did you see her or what she's being with somebody speaking on her behalf you ready for the answer that's classified with the police and i said are you sick i said sir you sit there something wrong with you am i doing something wrong i filed the rope or you know that right like you know that i the report i thought maybe he was confused and you don't to my cousin i said not is like i filed the report cause you're gonna get me the information i need to know if you saw her or the the off
shows that you sent their saw her did anybody give her my no if it did you did they and while she ok was she did you take her off the base did you say you want to speak to her alone he said i can't give you any of that information could you imagine the and i had to spend more money joe because this is not free i spend more money on a lawyer to do a follow up on this public information act i ask specific questions who did you see you see her why she alone where did you see her once you look like didn't gimme information legally i you can get information pay to two more dollars okay we pay the two more dollars and then the thousands as a cause me to get a lawyer to draft up the letter so it still ongoing i stood on having answers so she just sort of vanished she stopped going to events lay behind by the way she is called her official title is called c o b communicator chairman of the board communicator she
who is by his side twenty four hours a day so imagine going from seeing somebody's a permanent like that's not like oh sometimes your assistant work sometimes this is a person worked around the clock for him and end was his wife what is going to happen i dont know which is why a father have you heard anything new so no one who used to be a part of the church has contacted do there would be no ok anybody who would anybody who i would need to talk to me is up behind gates in river side county at this gold base anybody that i would need to come out and talk to me give me and from nation the fbi information would be behind those gates where are they getting money from now hook the scientologists because it seems like will you have people like me cartwright who give ten million dollars twenty million dollars if some whales and scientology
you know you have gretta events austrian and her husband governance austrian o bigtime kneeling i saw her wikipedia page scientologist yes and her husband to but it's you they have a giant staff there's a lot people were at last we will work for free baby those people signed billion year contracts and they get to fifteen dollars a week kidding i'm a real union contracts are not being funding i know you and i know and they get paid fifteen dollars a week and they work for them moment they get up to two midnight we work astronomical hours these are called sewer members are not talking here about average scientologists and explained explain to me this year because was that establish when iran herbert was evading taxes so that a lot of shit yes and he created the ship called the freeways and what ever ship that they then i called a free ones and it is called a free one cell but that's where they deliver the highest level of of scientology there
he ate some when you get out here you gotta dig it out everyone's but before that i don't know the name of his boats but i think it's called the apollo there was a part of it one clear that we are less when who was it that one of the writers are one of the though haggis ass yet when he received like the highest of all that wasn't even the highest level in wasn't i was eighty three ruin yeah and what i read it i literally you know you have to go into a secure room targets through that i was everything all you have to get invited here to get an invitation as he had been scientology for years its bearing on money around a money can buy my most cited by the way most scientologist don't even get to this most most don't write casually wealthy to get to know and have to be wealthy but a lot of times that they do that the new scam is you got to go eat you get to a level nine to go eat we messed that up you have to go back down at your expense the redo that party were talking motherless musha yeah yeah so
and there i write some new say and now david savagery rights things as he found it evolved somewhere like all we all believe it waving honest road we all believe because we want to believe it so talk me through so you go through this report we are a little did you get to o t five year close yet echoes i got to us when it went so you to get to this advanced level this is called advance levels run you are put through the ringer they go through every folder you now from the moment you walk into a true scientology folders on you everything you there said is written down at an end videotaped okay so they they think you're folders and they they call it they call it they go through it ok and they go through every transgression are you still humping your billow are you still you know a nasty asshole to your mother
i think they go through every thing are you still connected to this person who said something bad about scientology twenty years ago so they make sure that you are eligible to get the advance data and where they bring you can have your room where is about it it's on one hundred way in los angeles and fountain so how nervously economic oh my god i can i use have finally all this shit i've put up with all my life is falling into be answered all my questions of life can be answered in a moment you realize this is the moment gonna get the sacred document so my mother yet so because i'm celebrity they let my mother she was also higher level than me right imagine i mean this double lake so you go through one door security and then you gotta get lanyard you like it you gotta get like clearance you gotta go take a picture you ve got a sign
documents is safe i ever reveal this it's gonna be a hundred thousand dollars an hour you don't ever get to read any legal document that scientology gives you see just sign things no you just say sign here sign years like today would you dear sir no legged remarried use rhino or i signed today i left he shook her head you don't need to shine okay so you know comedy you don't deny jos i'm awake you denying that's how you step up common knowledge got it you deny oh all right can get them ok there's we're doing ok i'm thirty seconds yoga room secure room you gotta lanyard
you photo beside the diane while they give you a folder you have to get a brief case that only you know the code to a brief so he walked to the window to the ale window and you hand me reef case they scan your brief case and they put the materials in every face in their closer they turn it back to you and you lock then you attach the reef peace your body and that following the handkerchief knowledge with a little clip it has to be has to be physically connected to right so you will pay you have religious commonwealth right so you re case go to go down the hall and users and you're going to get event let into one door and then you're going to know the door i need to go into the course room that's what's called so you going to the three doors or two doors whatever it was they sit down you open up your case and you read the material for the first time the answers so my mother sitting there in front of me cuz she's so excited understand that like
what you want for your kids like you're like they're getting up the bridge and they're getting the answers to lie so when they come back next lifetime they're not gonna forget everything they're not gonna be as fucked up as they were when they were in i mean like its is really a proud moment you know so my mom sitting crossing me live so excited and i'm reading this that my body is made up of other beings my body my whole body my thoughts in everything or mixed in with these other beings that make up compose my body ok are you following me loose which are understanding of your body is made up of other being site every every everything everything my thumb is always are other beings you're hurting the nails khazar acrylic ochre europe skins other beings or i would rather be everything everything like thousands now just here to that decision
some is is a person is is being trapped into this why so i read this and the supervisor kosovo's do you understand i want you to draw out i want you draw up so the supervisor access to this information he standing there to make sure i'd psychoactive joe i'm on the wrong person ok i go to this two beings on me like that and i give it they went down and he goes start again i want you to read it again then i want you to draw another one so ok so did all this you know it literally did those joe i need circles on every part of my body so for people's hearts whistler cylindrical has drawn a stick figure and she's drawn little circles of the stick figure right now these beings were like from seventy five trillion meet years ago they were put in vulcan those in blown off packaged and overlord into a lower anyway i freaked out this point out
i look at my mother who said it now the supervisor standing over me psycho want sounds like it so my eyes and she has already eight right i love you majority agar europe's top of the food chain yeah natalie if i would have put photographer chain when it comes to the counselling side my mother was top with food chain when it came to administering scientology which is very rare shoes what's considered a high trained the term but she had read the stuff of course she read it she was just there to see my excitement i say ok she's there is a spectator to see her daughter receive the answers right but our superscribed coil rotten right right surprised when someone goes but don't you understand i understand it i just i don't i don't loved like on that happy i got just gonna i am not happy with this is what was
and he was well you don't need to believe it you just need to do it so that's the answer that's given to you you don't need to believe it you just need to do it so then you have to go and what is this you have to go and do it on yourself talk to these beings on meter by yourself so on the meter meaning hold the can i say cans folks what they look like it looks like soup cans will you be drained all the soup from a suit can and asked attached to it and connect to some naked google let scientology immediately meter yulka so so yeah to hold the meter and discuss this now you think it you think there's a thank you so now you gotta go get you material so after you ve been checked out on this and they get that you get what it is then you go back to the window and they give you your actual what you're supposed to do with this formation subtle say like it'll be a piece of paper and all say ask this question
and then look at the meter and what the answer as whatever answer comes to your mind write it down ha decency yeah so all you're doing is awakening these things to talk to them really hoover yeah right answer let them go your basically saying let go be free governesses o t three correct and by the way when i was a scientologist when i heard that this was a story i didn't know i would go to the internet and go o t three story but i didn't know what if it was true so i can verify it right deserves thanks for most people who go that's bullshit because they haven't they don't i would though looking at on the internet right does not intervene firewood so if i went to my mother let's say before i got to this level they you're you're told to lie people can tell people what the answers arcos they're gonna get pneumonia get pneumonia surely will die
ok so a lot of times on i lied to the present and they confronted me on one july i was like i had two to save your life i mean i can give a clear answer so what if you were about to go to a t three and then you went on line in you investigated what is only three and then you read a bunch of stuff but these little beings you bought it and then your mom you're moment after lie to lightly as she did ass she did so after you got through there what made you do for far as always the carrot of like just wait it highlights here's what they do they set up that year the auditor now so you're you're auditing these things in your body you're now the boss so they go they tell you get your hat on like here it's your job you don't need to believe anything you just need to them so you need to do your job as an auditor that's their call auditors people who are the ones who take you into session and scientology brain so you feel like you're in a leadership role so you're doing these things
favour you knowing you like or maybe it's true i don't know i mean i do sometimes hear voices leg in all you have a moment with resolving you're like a might be really kind of crazy you're like maybe this is an answer it's it's sick because it's free to cite a view that warrants answers about life you know and then you're like now this is some crazy shit man that it wasn't even the people now you know it it it listen you leave what you want and believe that the time rights as does it feel to you moment like maybe you just keep going illegal that is far worse than all make sense yes i'm confused now but if i contemplate this i really think it over eventually i'm gonna receive enough information or answers are gonna be like right i was fool arise there right sir for example one time i had talked to a friend about it i said you know i have five awesome zenos shit she
really pulled me into celebrity centre so fast into a secured room and she handed me my ashes don't you ever say that word outside is secured room i'm writing a knowledge report on you she ceremony you never say that word out loud in a room it's not secured ok and never again so she wrote a report on knowledge report she ranald report on me i got send to what's called ethics which is like the justice department of celebrity of of scientology and they said they brought me into another secured room because they have to get somebody who knows this information and isn't never ever say that we say this now confirm it never deny it never give that information out ever that just never discuss it just say i never heard of it you some crazy and that's what we all say you so crazy or in a proper
we don t get it you know like you'll get it if its properly done those people do it properly that's why they did understand decency there's a there's alarm you cross ran like this is my life the societal do this is what i believe and then you cross the line oh my god this is bullshit late that that's a that line that bridge that you cross in your mind is a very distinct transition so well what was that like like what is that transition like like what is i like well now you did or how long did you to leave july before years that's it that's not long no that's really recent joe and i'm still you know finding myself i'm still like who am i would i believe run you know my some bullshit am i a person
like you say it was a fake as i don't want that i don't want to be the person who loves to fight just a flight i want to be on the path of of being righteous i wanna be who i was the m an end and who i really am is sometimes an asshole joe sometimes i i have a horrible temper i like of something i feel like i'm an old school mafia person stuck in a female but like i have really extreme thoughts about life and unfair ending who i am finding out what i really believe was allowed her i don't know i go do i believe and i don't have leaving that i was what everybody knows pot is evil do i believe that everybody who cheat is evil and horrible and just lost do i believe that other religions or laws do i believe that everybody needs think i really am searching
i have to re evaluate your entire average to everything and it was a big part of my day remember it gave me a mission gave me purpose and that's what i hear a lot from scientologists is excellent holidays not us hearing their pain of losing their families and everything i've ever known but not having this wrong when you wake up warning like you know we have purpose joe if kids you oh god for them but this it was so much bigger it was for you children's children that's a giant factor people i have some friends that were deeply involved in the mormon religion and they're not anymore and it was really weird we went to dinner wants and they were saying do you believe in a higher power and i said it's entirely possible i said i don't but i don't believe in anything that i don't have any evidence of its entirely possible liked i think the universe is an incredible mystery i think the life itself in
consciousness is an amazing mystery and i don't think we have all the answers i don't think i'll think an ant we stand a cell phone and i think i can understand the universe my brain is not involved enough and they are our understanding has reached a point where we can really accurately described what this is all about and ice in it but there your answer was like how do you get up in the morning may i go i love life like a like drinking nice wine like having dinner beaten with my friends joan and everybody has well they probably should find some things they enjoy about the sly exactly but that's it is finding those things for scientologists it's like a lot of my first like who didn't really know what s going to church go you dont kind of childish at times you know because i never went to dinner in my third easy for them had wine like i wouldn't go to dinner have why check your reports written on me you know we were to go to church and next day
i'm going out to dinner after the king queens and enjoying my friends of and if i did joe out in their laws they need scientology you know i was never we there i was never really part of unlike living for the first time but i do have faith that so one thing that i have found it and not an a weird way not anna on one another call way not an just i have faith for the first time i don't believe in any one thing i believe in a higher power were and i believe that faith having faith is about these people that i was friends with them so friends did this this conversation got got a little weird that night but it got way we're two years later like us they want to believe it when he needed if the more mature ok i get we're well because then they got they became on and the conversation i had with the wife was very strange issues like i grew up in indoctrinate
in this fundamentalist religions may and she was now that i'm not in it she was i dont know what to believe and i realise that my mindset is kind of fucked up because i am indoctrinated like my brow in developed as a young age believing nonsense and never questioning it she goes i feel very vulnerable whereas habitable she was feeling of the right called came along they could suit me up and she was laughin about it but she wasn't lawyers thing on the opposite now that's why like when i i don't want you to tell me nothing i don't want to be told a damn thing i've been told my whole life what to do and how to thanks are gone the opposite just don't tell me what i need to do and it is at the pension swing is far you re like me even gonna do you see when they go you need to stand our need to stand anywhere i dont need but guess what i don't need my license renewed and then and then on that person our destroy my whole day and get a ticket because i want to be told what to do does hawk to me like i'm
yeah your child and don't talk to me so i can let you know i'm very much that way you know you should have short and now i don't give a shit what you think about my nails i want and that their slightly longer than average because is purposeful and when i don't want them anymore i won't help them about that justice small scale i dont want people telling me what i should think any more and how let me find my way i'm gonna make mistakes i but i want to in my own way she retorted reestablishing your personal sovereign i dont know what it is genuinely like assuming a piss some more people off i'm sure i'm gonna make a lot of mistakes and will not be the perfect some people think i am or want me to be but i gotta make mistakes you got that are you learn i would always unable to learn brought it was like to do it this way the way we do it we don't do this we don't do that i mean i was always a little bit of a rebel in but i thought everybody was being held this higher standards they weren't
i was finding out other celebrities was smoking pot and then going into the sauna yet exactly like doing their purification run down a hundred times was that's when that's in the beginning steps scientologists do what's call the purification rundown supposed to deter sure body of all you know etons nothing you're not there yet now don't get too bad i dont get asylum baby internet there when you get there what use you have to spend three hundred eight thousand dollars and about forty years of your life forty yeah that's a lot of work or work now you you learn basically purification indonesia's use was a sweat out all of the toxins lodged in your fatty tissue now the problem that is you taking large amount guy a and they claim your you're you're running out like
suntan from from when you were a kid and from other lifetimes and its rise and yes flash my sins yeah you feel a new school reality hot and yes you have to sit in a sort of a five hours while to fight our thing but at what finding out i was acquitted why was a prisoner was fogey pop granada smoke pot right like i haven't been smoking pot this whole time you know where people do anymore that other people were smoking pot doing other drugs and then going and so on i was away i do know that was an option for me like i was living by this i mean so that's what i'm going through now that's absolutely part but they want to elevate only because they want to be calmer or might not only has to look at it i dont want while it could you know from the fact and i am sure that no you directly not judge you all four million now you're alive if you're alive
experienced the benefits of a consciousness enhancing substance whether its mushrooms are part or any gel upgraded creating some crazy i don't i ll a gorilla get a friggin out i've been in a cultural life sorry folks how does it nobody in psychology the people get attack mean you are listening to this well even the people i gotta you me that i'd like to get away for them i feel bad for them i feel bad for anybody wants attack anybody for their beliefs or for talking about stuff and guess what if you're religion or belief system is so easily destroyed that someone can have a disparaging opinion about it and that that way through i to the point where you want to attack that person you do something wrong let your leading your life wrong lay your on the wrong path there's a lot people have different opinions about a lot of different things as one of the more interesting things about life like you don't like cocoanut water a fuckin love covenant watering we're aloud
you know you like alone i think it smells like shit were allowed to have different opinion yes is one of the beautiful things about life like different kinds and music different styles of art different kinds of houses and different landscapes it's it's one of the things that makes people interesting so the problem with any kind of ideology the part of the problem with what would this represents or any other kind of called or any kind of really rigid structure is that its human things are very susceptible to those kind of routines very susceptible to influence were very susceptible to other people carving out these
determine patterns of behaviour that you just quickly slot into because it keeps you from having a form your own opinions and that's that that's everything that's wrong and you truly believe that you believe it yeah sure and you didn't do it makes very easy for people to dislodge themselves into these these patterns and adopt those opinions as their own set of trying to formulate their oak as its very complicated show to formulate your own opinions may and they have to be flexible because new information comes up and then you have to gonna change them and adjust them and then recognise that perhaps like you like your recognising right now that like love like colored like lived a lie may for a long period and i really mean it doesn't describe you as human doesn't mean and it's very brave of you to discuss that openly because it gives people that are less to this day
the same sort of understanding of these thoughts that are in their own mind whether because of whatever religion filling the black and assisting about this how the fuck did they have tacit tax exempt status well because they there for personal the irs they answered the ira's questions to to get that status one one of them is you have any other filiation with any other god of which they said no they deal with the very they believe that they are fearful beings in there they deal with the spirit right and so they answer the questions that needed to be answered for the irs but is an amazing that any religion gets caught tax exempt status all of them are ridiculous well i i dont want to me comment about other like bonafide religions began i dont like some of our bona well yes i do
amateur why honey honestly joe you have to really make the distinction between an organisation that takes your mind hostage the minute you walk in and that you are you are required to be their turn you know two and a half hours a day that your eternity is it day that yet the planet every man woman and child on this planet their lives are at stake with what we do in scientific would you don't using the pen world now were hard no fundamental as christians unless you said fundamentalists okay so i'm not talking about that what i'm talking about are what what i witnessed as a child with my grandmother my grandma down the street from her chair we would walk in on the way to get you now sausage in me balls and thing she needed to make her sauce and she going
light a candle for her friend connie or should go on and light a candle because i lost my ring or she paraded the sphincter that sing and when i was scared at night she would say pray to this person pray to going to your cross and god's going to protect you when you sleep and he angel and here's your little cross in it she would give me let all in the same somewhere on the necklaces and none she'd say and i believed for that night that that saint was protecting me or the god was bacteria and those whom you can offer a gaming comfort and so that's right on my door i want you to believe anything although i did bathtub baptize her as a catholic i said i want you to really find your way with some kind of spirituality but i'm gonna baptized catholic because i feel you need some kind of foundation for i don't want you to be forced to believe in anything but i want you to believe in something or even a full for anything else
i didn't have structure as a child i had scientology and by structural well i mean of real a real religious base their religious beliefs cracked and never the difference china called the religion the beautiful quote what is called spool should create by one person that person knows it's bullshit in a religion that guy's dead where did you go over there signor joey now it's just something i really like it true sigh i but so that was my experience of religion no i know people feel very differently about religion being forced down your throat but i would have a kind of love you know knowing what my family every sunday to charge mine i think it is created where i saw my father doing that with his other daughters i was a little jealous that we had that wrong that we get easter dresses and it wasn't a big thing
my you have that right have you comfort room yes he answered as also the the i'm trying to look doesn't cost quarter million that you know to to get up to this level that i explained to you and by the end of it if you have made millions that you're gonna give those millions away it is requirement that such a requirement in another religions that you are not allowed to talk to certain people that now i understand there are other calls that do that and i and i do call those things com because i don't think any organization any church should tell people who they can and cannot talk to what they can and cannot read what they shouldn't shouldn't do the person should make their own decisions based on the information that is given to them or information that they find on their own rights
very different pay before you go proposition there are repercussions to leaving nobody knows that i went in and out of a catholic church the other day and lit a candle there was calling me saying where are you why you not here who you talking to me to come in order to start working on your family destroying your family what who don't ask me but either in others there is different tiles of behaviour patterns that exists in all sorts of religions like buddhism is radically different than islam in our there's differ requirements if they ask of the people and that is based on the environment than these religions were established in the based on how long these things have gone on for whether or not the people that are a part of religion of gone through the enlightenment like what what different factors played a part in what standards they uphold today and make people but the mai issue is always with subscribing to
determine patterns of behaviour and ideologies where they indoctrinate you on specific ways to think and act what that's it as for the water religions are minutes it's a real issue with with human beings well my grand mother of course was was yes exactly varies to think a certain way about people or lifestyle and but she had the choice to be friends with somebody who maybe wasn't those rights church we don't have to now i it's pretty obvious that some especially in particular the way you're describing scientology it's far more suppresses than most and far more rigid in its behaviour patterns they for one of these behaviour patterns and it's it's incredibly difficult to break behaviour patterns especially when you believe firmly and her heart that this is the right way to be yet he had been just fight clearing the plan is just amazing that they have to pay taxes at last
coming in their doctrine if you look at it that's the thing the work where there had been judges that should have looked into the doctrine they said it so that we can we cannot actually look into the dark but they need to understand that their you need to look into the doctrine where its abusive and her people if you're doctrine calls for you to hurt people her children are the government does need to step in me right here i agree well adjusted for absolutely this the accusations about the sea organ about people make it fifteen bucks weak and about these people that are essentially working as lenin centrally indentured servants is not they sign up for it so long as you sign up for a sign that billion dollar contract you not subject any minimum wage laws or an ailing along those lines at length we shall not really that smart enough to speak on these things because people think that my that my agenda is to take away their tax exempt status ah i would lie
for that to happen but that's not the reason for the show the views wandered sheriff herself and be honest about now i want your answers and how but they're not my experience free these are other people's experiences wires to what but because i know it's true because i experienced it i'm close signing and i'm saying you know if you're gonna bully somebody bully may believe me but i'm gonna let these people tell their stores because a telling the truth right yeah and if we weren't only truth you would suit us oh cut the shit already with us what is interesting is that the disclaimer at the end of your episode the inner episode it's in a hundred times yeah bullshit they gotta do it i only want it's more to do a lot to me it's annoying everyday i see it i wrote my eyes i mean everyone i understand it but you know it's it's annoying because what we are saying is true again this elected you screw
ok that are going to shy away from many laws if they could assume as they would have but they know what we're saying is true these are the policies of the church here's danger they but they should do is go yeah we subscribe to these policies you don't fuckin like it dont be part of our church but don't say world lying runs right there on the internet you assholes i had the books of my britain garage what are you talking about not only at all i thought you are no no nomes thinking now you're your ear your current state right like doing a show and having on these people i feel like up in the lot of em for sure cause you're around you're you're getting their message out there and again a very heartbreaking message and see these people and their non contact with children and contact with love ones yeah it's an imagine my daughter doing those very those going my mother just wants to make a buck my disgusted by my mother and discuss that she then that she's my mother i would be
scratch state not criminal mama i'm one of the lucky ones you know like these things didn't happen to me joe i wasn't more i was molested i wasn't heard i wasn't physically heard i wasn't my kids didn't disconnect from my mother didn't disconnect from me i have my mother during the holidays i have my sisters i have my husband now your life must have revealed of around the church in a very big way socially in what is like now like all those people the written you off right here it said i'm scared for them because our relationship was was obviously dependent on our relationship to the church of you can understand that right being brainwash and no because they knew me right so for my church to say you lee as an enemy of our charge my friend should he said bullshit but aren't you kind of an enemy of them now though
i don't know why i would be they know were telling the truth right but the truth is very damn the june to their why is it amazon because our consideration all issues of the church right you're right non muslim thousands nan behind it say you don't like it dont be part of it but the camera do the line because their doing so fucked up things eighty days there the epitome of morality there the vote the elite of mankind their saving the planet so you when you go on their website and see that they say the largest grew religion they are the only ones that what the solution to life to man's ills i'm not making ok so when you make those kinds of claims you didn't than stand behind it right that's right i also leaves and other things we don't we you're all lost we are extreme
must we are bigots we'd this is what these are our police then dont join us we obviously have enough money do you communicate with any of the people are not allowed to talk to me disorganizing celebrities who talks to me on twitter and social media not directly at me and they run from me they run from the parties and their luck that they run because honestly i don't mine i don't mind you talking shared just when you see me back it out that's all just landed on wheels really can sign on one may you want to know why on an aim anymore name jonas because given that much credit that i want to give up you can just name and is any celebrity that you know like that does poligized we would we have we have kirsty alley we have time kirsty always to him show me a big it yeah they drag my big it because you know i signed algae way but i wasn't a big one didn't like anybody else what scientologists rank cassettes would say i was very much a bigger and she
i wasn't coercion irrelevance austrian she's developments austrian gay masters and laura pre pine he's on the seventy show oh yeah she's in rank laura pre pine juliet louis her brother life feels as he says i like the lewis and set a wedding her julia louis his brother who i grew up with light feel ok in the scientific community he was filming a wedding he was a sinner like you know doing the video he literally ran from me and my husband at a wedding and he was videos the wedding so wherever shot wise and my husband even said to him a lot like he said why he was hale i feel and he ran and the other and i was grateful singing right he the other browsers ie ok is he and his luggage scientologists
who else well i'm ignorant as to how many celebrities scientologists i dont know back while china that is a weird one well because he's a musician yeah nowadays like a sober creative you would think that person like super open minded he comes out with a sound like i'm a loser baby so why don't you kill me that he can answer to some are you sure i'm a are you sure that's him so wide out your home tat i loved desert its back when i hear ye fisher hunters you know this one saying yes i'll leave him is he seemed baggage i got back that like you would be a nine inch nailed does jamie viewers zis or billing we're gonna so you mean in who else
is in deep jenna often right general indeed gate rambler show the big show or i don't know we all go up and down in our careers you know that's too as like i love how the church tries to measure like she's a an actress path to tie hours ago utterances out yeah yeah i saw my website has anyone pass or time if you still alive and acting rain and the atmosphere eddie whites not pass through what i want but as i was famous enough when i was in rent now your past your time that's why they're saying about you and you can't measure pete like we we another known career that's right or left but i i don't i don't need to work i want to work i love what i do i love acting i love making people laugh but i don't need to do it right only need one solid hit in your life you know that this is my passion this is something that i always wanted to do as far as helping
people smiles and scientology i loved helping people it was everything to me if somebody needed help i was there i just love it that's why now like to talk should about these few by no in their hearts they really believe they're hoping even and hacking maize how were so i dont really wanna call these people out like this specific problem but at least have the balls to back it up when you see me so you believe they're just have misguided intentions preside engines are correct as you did at one point i do and i are unique required call anybody a liar a big it i would tell the zenith story is a lie it's crazy sound crazy what is the it or this is the story this is how they got to be attached to our bodies the z new story is they got
package what is even though they are found to avoid or an auditor got dropped in slovakia and national they got yes they got package like there was a planet that existed like this look like this and then the the the lord z knew the thought that there was to many people on the planet so a package of these people is that aid stuff now i think so too three step or three but what happens like it ok did your mom's out now yes i held out so you are told from the very beginning and scientology that you have a reactive mind and so in dianetics you are running out these bad experiences that you ve had maybe this lifetime maybe last lifetime maybe lifetimes ago so you're you're told that you have a reactive mine and we're gonna take it away we're gonna find it and we're gonna take it why so you don't even know that you haven't into your told you have it right so who run all these like things is incidents like you'll get a picture in your head i'm getting a fisher than i was like a french
medieval times whatever they like us away you don't have to believe did you say it to say what it is you and then i was burned at stake i was away it showed obviously i wasn't salem and i was work as i have a problem with fire you know and you're making of these as you go and then you're like i think i'm making these out and then there's a policy that says the person's gonna say by one hundred that they're making at all but they're not making it up these are real pictures of real pass lies right tat by the time you get two o t you're told okay so what wasn't true all of that was a law you made that but what is like what aren't you so i'm not a i'm not a body i'm not a arm i'm not this i'm not i was never louie that i was never that guy that i said i was never which a sailor i was never so that's what o t say you recently told what what wasn't true what are you like what are you really
i'm just me is the answer how did your mom get out my mom got off that ship and she said i never going back wisely another thing she those bullshit but she thought it was ok when you were going through your o t three thing in their explaining covered with bugs ready things you're not parks don't you understand you really need to go back maybe do we need to do it out of him laughing a little beings like that i had a body we're so your mom got all the way past that yes and something she does at one point time it's bullshit it wasn't from me what what that should decide i wouldn't tell me that if she would have told me that that would stop me from going there pulled me in a measure when did you think it was bullshit you're not here on sugar the talk she can't tell me she thinks it's bullshit i'm still coming up behind her right if i were a sheet
and pulled me in and said earlier this is bullshit like i i don't want you to continue than i would have turned her and i what have you don't think it would have if they would have gone to work on me and your mother guinea disconnect from your mother she didn't want me to disconnect from her that's could i know these are family so you learn to be quiet so complicated it is complicated and it takes years and years of this you notice doesn't happen overnight as your mom got two o t so she had to go to the ship and is it the wacky as to the working when she got their interests like this is nonsense i'm done which is happy to be done finally is always actual free why here so what happens when she left go hey weighing on now she after you're done they let your ship right you complete it you get assert and you have to go everyday anymore now and now but little raided more o t levels now so she would have been called back in
they created more yet some day like look we just went to the vault maybe uncovered squirrel right we found some writings avail unheard before he passed and threatening not even a lie and you believe giotto laugh at me because i feel bad for like i feel bad for you all i did to looking back i go you know we're all went into it like with a good heart like we believed what they were saying was like what you mean just founded element hovered said it was the end of the bridge was o t eight and we spent a whole life doing this like you want there to be a definite end do you know live your life a little bit sick credible science fiction writer to create something like this that so poorly given no poorly thought out we only knew of his science fiction writing like from him telling us what it wasn't like we were faint no new element hovered as if science fiction minded
been some knowledge of another was battlefield earth would have been i of course they have a whole building on their whole literary right building on hollywood boulevard colds arthur services and it's all dedicated to overrun hovers publishing and you walk anything this man is a serious right like this is somebody was really accomplishing for people no no he wrote more books and wrote what more stuff then more fiction than any human being that's ever lived ever is a true yes he wrote morphine action than anyone who has ever walked on the face of say something that has made our abilities meda more shit anyone who ever lived so he wrote down more shit that never really happened than anyone who ever lived but the scientology stuff you tell the truth about might like you don't know
that you don't think that anything you don't make that distinction you don't you you're reading dianetics as a self help will run like you were searching for something bigger you know most people are looking for that and so you when you read the book and you like oh i could cure me of psychosomatic ills and right well he's aids that was big part going clear is that it he had it it seems pretty obvious and he was going through some issues himself and he's trying to self die also i sort of self of blindness he said so and you believe it you want to believe it joe you wanna believe like i concur myself of things i and the cause of my own well being and by my own thoughts and i don't want this reactive mind and you know that makes sense right when people say have you ever done anything
that is uncontrollable to you that you know is damaging to you and you're like yet every day i don't want to make bad decisions well that's cuz it's very reactive mind it's it's beneath you it is it's me it's in your subconscious deep in your subconscious i'm going to help you find those areas and we're going to help you to stop making bad decisions and who doesn't want that ran and you believe it you know you go from maybe you know punching some body in the face you know for looking at you a certain way to being able to control your emotions like all he moves working all carriers do drugs now i don't you don't curses case it's safer life so if she believes that a sea for life save your life i'm not taking that arise from her i'm not taking away your gains in your winds but don't take away the fact that uniform tone
truth and don't come from me when you know telling the truth is that we do have a fucking problem well it seems like the other military clan you know and you are opposing the clan they know it's true right i have it listen if you didn't knows true but i like oh she's unaware she knows it's true so to come for me is kind of crazy it has gone crazy what is the predominant criticism amongst these people the nazi cancer you're lying right yes they sam why we were all line baby notches may were all lie any version has spoken out against the churches lying we're bigots we are and validating their religious beliefs you're telling them that something didn't help them were not known saying that nobody's you feel you ve been helped you ve been held however you know the truth and now you have a responsibility but what they think is i don't wanna have a problem scientology helps me and said
that's all i care about you don't give a shit about abuses you don't care the children were being molested and these things were being hidden you don't care that word would we be more ass to honey if you even just google that what i just said scientology and child was it you will get come upon website after website of of people saying i was molested while i was in the church and the church should nothing about it i'm not alleging it this is what i read this is where i ve seen run and i ve been is hadn't heard that way you can you you can you can hear it you're gonna hear because people are becoming more more vocal about what happened to them and so if i seem overly passionate about this subject is because i have heard these stories over and over again behind the scenes i have heard stories of people being abused children being abused mentally physically sexually and i'm only may with a show you any kind
do anything other than just let me tell these stories arm so virtually men might render an other avenues that we will really can't talk about i'm trying to do something right by these people and so last thing that i wanna be bothered with is bull shit from us liberty who knows that were told the truth about what we have already spoken about but to be interested enough to make find out what i m talking about now ripe elephants austrian one is really odd cause she's a news person cease wasn a television news journalists try me i don't know yes but why what why is that
cause i'm just assume like you'd want your news from someone who doesn't believe a bunch wacky shit well that in her defence i mean who who knows what any person belize true however the distinction that i'm glad you did make is when you are hearing about abuses when you work hearing about things that are happening that are hurting people you then do need to say on the lined with this organization and so i do need to find out how is she will i think most of her life has allowed people there get it as a child have you received a mouse or any sort of contact from people who you're show benefited and it was the catalyst for them leaving alive no for leaving now have we ve received tons of emails of people who said and glad you told me that i'm glad i watch your show i'm well informed now i will never step into
church scientology believing because you're not getting scientologist watching the show run you know i don't know they have shows right you know how you ve learned have to be on the front while average scientologists do but they're not watching shows like this they have to pay for that literally joe like it if the go in the next day and pay to have your own interrogation and punishment handed to you for watching you shoulda hours were going clear after while you just gotta want the punishment especially if you believe that i am the devil if you believe that i am a liar that i have crossed over to another side that are not to be listened to why would you support somebody was talking about you and your faith or your family and people you love would you go to your room
listen to them maybe but the average person doesn't want to seek out things that they think are damaging work know what kind of blow back if we receive from those like the kind of woe back as garlic paul hugger sir its rider and these people outlaw had to watch his family go on his heat website at the church scientology create and watches family talk about him disclose their stolen because their stolen disconnect from him as every single person who's been on the show they ve been followed they ve been harassed they ve been a p eyes following down there
showing up their jobs their getting male loves that like people who are ill people who don't even have never stepped into a church it getting male connected to me mail at their house during like they have never stepped into a church of saint how girl does my eyebrows she's like i don't know i said give you never such institutions it she said never forgave mail for the first time for the courtesy intelligent it's crazy but that that that's just a little anecdote but that but to have your family make videos of you do not talk to you to refuse to see you you're their own grandchildren nad that's just something i can't
deal with but also now what word when i'm dealing with now is hearing stories of these people have been silence for years the pain that they ve they ve had to deal with and sustain through these years affected their normal in any way as a miracle and so i hope to do something with diamond i hope to to make some change what one of the positive aspects of science algae and how do you think it benefited you and do you think it's possible to take some of them positive aspects and either reform that organization or form another organisation and doesn't try to control people's thinking but may be positive maybe tries to encourage the positive benefits being a pirate couldn't lincoln promote anything good about it because it knows an all in proposition right but isn't it
but is there some guy read books by the books if you wanna buy books but i mean i don't think it is going to therapists now when i bring up concepts issues like oh yeah that was cycle as you may like one you not unlike what a lot of it is from that existed you know so yeah but i believe in in putting things at work for you i don't think it's one thing the one thing that my third procedure me is it as such is one thing you know you get something from here you did something from their its knowledge is scientology is not about now ledges it's about us in this very important things very new do you you never went through me now is rather like my first thing i said to her i just want you know that i think i know more than you i was caught us towards a scientologists that you are you have wasted your life going to college i could do for a person and
five minutes on this a meter what you're gonna do what me in an we know in five years like guy our firm prefer i understand i understand i understand that you feel that way and she said you know that dumb spiritual any religion should have nothing to do with the ego would like it does stayed with me for a second cousin i have a huge ego she's right she's right scientologist believe that they have the answers and when you believe that you have shot yourself off to the fruits of armed observation to preventing other people do opening your heart of two things i mean it's it shut you off completely she's george this is a part of you you re exporting or boy maybe yeah the first non cologne saying is like other so judging about it but i'm willing to may be changed my line
nine cologne think i'm sure you ve seen the video of tom cruise though its words get a mission impossible sort of soundtrack play in the background is talking about a car accident have you stumbled on a car accident and let you know that and then later one of us take care of whose europe's high intolerance energy and want to can handle and any believe that when you're saying to you you're not only you are taught that we are the only ones doing anything that you are the only ones that's why i was so shock three when no one in my church was once stand with me so we are not those people who stand up right we are the people who look the other way because you're looking the other way because time because of data scavenge because you have no balls really are we those people because the truth and better is when there was an x and enjoy did stop i am that personas since they are one of the positive benefits scientology here while you feel that you're responsible for everything a new felt like you want to help as well we value
how can you want to help that some positive thing right and also intelligence do think they're right so this to be some i want to say that i found about alas i know that's a huge ego yell if you think you're the only one doing anything by the way there are other people who stopped but i believe in what i believed that it was because i was assigned talent you're still i stopped right but then i saw in the life of the window and those good people in the world they have no interest no i hear your motive no vested interest in helping somebody right there like our more shocked what but the show that's while again in the last episode in tears i was a mess because i was shocked by the goodness of people that i thought the world was so screwed because of scientology because i thought we were the only good people in the world this say and also so stupid and juvenile it doesn't though
was it makes sense and honestly from someone who lived there higher life indoctrinate in that i'd ideology and you ve only been out for four years your shown a remarkable amount of self insight in a remarkable amount of ability to examine the flaws of your past thinking and current year current because every day like that's really most lovely but to abandon the foundation that you ve kind of established your entire life on it's gotta be insanely difficult due to your forties after all these years of being involved in this crazy sort of organization it's very its view admirable it's very hard way easier for you to just keep stay and stands out comfort zone do you know your nonsense get up to eighteen fifty five whatever the fuck it is now you now just keep paying the money and keep your friends
do you miss eyre friends there were in it no i only miss the children of like my god daughter and you know because i see her she was a manoeuvre and you can talk to while her mother can talk to me she doesn't know me now i delivered her you know where i live in the hospital and then i move we moved my friend close to me down the street says she could be in a certain school district and then be able to be my god daughter and i see her in the neighborhood and she can't talk to me so the girl you know that my god your doesn't know me you wouldn't know to come to me because she's now only you don't fives in a bank robber how are they hang on
how do they how they stand had amassed three billion dollars and asset three billion yes and so it takes it's gonna take a few good men and women to stand up with us and ends and get interested you know like i said there's been a few public figures who to publicly come out you're no one of them conan is another one and in your bill more like there's some people would some balls that are willing to say this is bullshit and we should be doing something about it the world at large is supportive of of me and the people who are contributing to the show amazingly supportive social media has been amazing to us in an as well i need very brief do show like that's the first time of its kind german a series about it its examples in their part they pussy our disclaimers but ok i think you're probably how to do that united to defend them
so i think more more people are coming more and more people are being supportive but we need more people in the public eye to say that's this is enough it is and what is a bit like doing press for this and promoting a like what a band of the varied reactions from people even onto hurried its i've been varied has been very supportive and be untouched by it like me i didn't know what i was gonna get i didn't know if i was to get people who were gonna you know a walk the line and a well i don't know what the one problem i was would then because i felt you know
de i knew enough dan was right it with enough we ve talked to him now dan harris you know from twenty six harry like isn't like cut eyes like we can't be impartial about things we shouldn't be impartial about like come on there's things in the world you need to stand up to write and i want people to feel that power whether it's this cold or other calls or a political party or agenda like a few people have the power do something i think that's becoming more and more evident and i think people need to start standing up for what they believe in the candy something and we get asked that all the time what can i do i sequoia congressmen call them and say i want you to look into this i want you to do something about this if you're a lawyer who could do something you should contact us if your somebody who has some knowledge of something that that could could help us prosecute you need to come forward because a lot of the stories that we tall
statute of limitations on these abuses have already passed and it's their words against you know a hundred others like what say we walked in right now to that base that i was telling you about most of them wouldn't leave they don't know what's going on out here when they don't know that what's there is being told is not happening hearing they don't run so i would love to do that i'd love to walk into those gate the f b i say hey you who want to come with me come with me now we're gonna take care of you on a vast might render that many times in my city proudly won't go with you i'll stand there and say what each he wrote you know you ve been beaten i beat you you read me he'd review people saying well yes he's gonna be people yet a rough some people up and he admits in the show but not you you didn't beat me boy
you have to smack anybody early in general because i did on the shit i've been into a few fights and cartoon clubs you ve been fighting club but you don't drink well i did drink joe you did you did bad things while you're in in the group i did and you are up and out cracks and pay yeah but that's got them from brooklyn i believe i blame brooklyn boy in brooklyn cancer strange can claim anybody but my thought my men attitude but did they ever make you smack anybody anything i know it's all about smacking it's about but he had yet to be people david miss gab edge and this is what they have said and they said it oath davis cabbage under his direction has me and they have admitted to that but where they admitted it they'd be twenty people who said there lie
now this like a punishment thing they flogging these people they had a policy called over boarding when the ship was where the sea org and they would overboard somebody who was at once so thrown overboard cracked and so now you toss when the water right and so now you don't have overboard and cause you don't have shep right toss me nor are they pull back out or fuck you how should remember so i know further down the line of her oh yes they got back on the boat but it was a former punishment wild animals of boarding now they ve just assimilated that to be like we don't have a boat so modest will crack in the mouth or break his finger didn't have a boat anymore no while they have the free ones but do not have a seaward ship like they used to now they have bases in although celebrity centre around celebrities they have been angeleno big factor like what happened to the boat why obsessed with
because i think that would be a cool thing on on the old scientology boat gone parties this is this where they told the people bought otis extra hair german i said it was the power of a job you any too it was about that road started in the sea or an arms while the apollo yeah where they give o t eight is called the freelance these will have that doesn't have a boat yes the boats around that the seller outwards about c by that but probably in the bahamas out where they go he's good placed party and learn about the antenna faintness dayton and it's that party nobody around our vital when they do have a party available celebration like us the once all by relying on you i would go to the gale every every year at all gale yet too slowly centre and wonder what happened there was no speeches about how much scientology is accepted in the community by the election
he d hawks lapd so the contractor much money to the air is yes they give they give arm they started a thing called the police activities fund league sorry the police and i and i contributed to it my helped at night they put on us to show for the kids every christmas at celebrity centre and they give the money the proceeds to what they created which is called the police activities league and the present the the lapd with money for children or sound grew gray but it was it that already spurt listen purposeful there's the policy called safe pointing the community and that's what they're doing and i didn't i know what is about right you appear as if your intentions are pure so that you then have maybe favours like this happening were somebody files of police report and you get with
where do you think this is gone like where were you woody anticipate your by this i dont have a battle i hope that we can do no because i i joe if you received a clause that i receive like one when i'm not working on the show on the executive producer of the show so they're not safe to just call anyone that ilo core annie it's mine me and my it's where the one rail who have to vet these stories and kind of people trust us because they know are telling the truth and they know that we have their best interests at heart and telling the story correctly run anyone you talked these people when i talk to them behind the scenes its is takes every piece of me not to be down i have to be kind of their auditor you know i mean they're scientology origin you keep my shit together
but when i hang up on devastated riot and devasted riot like i've been part of this thing in a region like i'm getting what you re talking about namely before him maybe ten thousand worldwide that's it well it gives the appearance because i thought like these big events set the shrine auditory that they have every year right they show what scientology is doing they use things like hundreds of millions in these really kind of electrifying statistics right and we bought this building we bought that building and that would indicate growth were right that's the subliminal message to you you know there's people in there but there are just buildings and bite you leave that those buildings are besides your box and buildings where they have to for tax purposes rain and the appearance that its growing but its work but they have to get offload
some of this money do you have an end game with all those my end game is just to tell these people stories to validate the their pain is real i'm not gonna let the church bully them or scientology bully them into believing that they made it up that they're out to get money or faint it'll make money doing the show brown mustang and how long are you doing it for atomic i don't know i don't know i really how many episodes of you done with owing to an eight and then to specials likes or in other read it especial that we none but you know there's a whole other there's a lot of stories to be told i didn't even scratch the surface so how many stores are we going to tell i dont know was my end game my end games that these stories get out there that people getting sense enough where this church well served going church this organisation is is held responsible for the things that they have done and
they stopped destroying families i mean there's so many tears to it that i don't i don't know where it ends i dont know word ends but somebody plan as far as a plan or you're gonna stop hurting people that's it you guess they got it takes responsibility for what you ve done these stories are real you're not liars people don't say they were heard less did they dont go on tell vision for fame to it they don't get money from doing that they'll get money from doing that the who wants to go on television say i was co worsens getting an abortion and hoo hoo hoo does out for faint really joe i was hit i was abused i was sexually molested i allowed this to happen these things are not easy for people to admit to rob you know you think it's easy for me to say i was you know i believe this one alive that my mother believed in a whole life that my stoutly we gave our life to this they were you
very fortunate your mother made it out it could have been a little sweating that's ok we'll rep sorry but you know how i feel that's what like i can either way to get the shirt off the roads unites were her well depends a mean if it well i do like sweat ran like it when i'm dress you like make its work in the regulations are not with glinda i think i think you're very brave and i think we re not just didn't it's like what you are with your show but the way your admitting your own personal data and up the battles that you're having with your own mine trying to sort of reformulate your view of the world figure out who you are you know i thank you swear import and thank you remember we would here thank you baby and obviously i really thank you for having me because i'm it's the it doesn't come without some repercussions to you
but i want you to know that i appreciate it really does in sure and lets say hi again and that not over some whacking like this after all these years jail i guess i would follow us anyone's s tail the seven minutes before we started this we had a very funny congress it was very funny no seriously would you talk of another year what i would initially we now know for sure but i think there's something in there i don't know there's something funny about lower talking nevertheless say what was it what was it what was a jealous smells thing that our smells and thing periods do not everybody around your show when it wants to about what oh i think you could see it on line and what was on any all the time but where they should constantly was on a couple of months ago yes and i'm so glad
are there in the shit out of air so if people want to follow any this is their website they can go yet who i think they can go to the kind i shouldn't names and i d find a good went through the folks thank you thank you imagined by everybody thank you but i being on a show thank you too caveman coffee for given some delicious java caveman we see oh dot com go their use the cold war rogan and now you're safe ten percent of any their awesome coffee if you buy coffee from a grocery store and you don't know too much about coffee you can get some fuckin bang delicious yummy coffee and recommend cooking it or brewing it rather in a french press that's how i do it i feel i can get the real flee we're the coffee that way a lot of times coffee filters day take some of the oils the coffee and a lot of that those boils in the coffee you that contributes to the flavor but caveman coffees all
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we really take ice and girls everybody else tomorrow we gotta i will have you fox dilber in the morning gary vainer chuck in the evening oh yeah that's right or double and doubts pitches and then wednesday nine eleven episode nine one one legs jones and bravo together in studio am i making a mistake we'll find out hopefully we'll have a lot of liquor on hand should be very interesting if you have any conspiracies that you would like us to to address just send me tweet with hashtag nine one one nine hundred one eleven meeting episode nine one one i will probably lumped into a bunch of nine eleven stuff for bunch of emergency stuff but episode nine about showing episode nine one one how about that yeah that'll work so hashtag
episode nine one one ask me some some or suggests asked rather some questions of some conspiracy we're gonna cover the moon landing for sure we're gonna coverage have case assassination can dinosaurs maybe cause any browser doesn't seem to believe the dinosaurs are real we're gonna have a good guy they have time so this week also dance floor as is going to be here he's the author of that coyote book than ever all the time former professor dan flores wildlife expert that should be a greater so a lot of stuff go on goddammit so appreciate fuck people thank you everybody and take that's right
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