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#911 - Alex Jones & Eddie Bravo

2017-02-01 | 🔗
Alex Jones is a radio show host, filmmaker, writer, and conspiracy theorist. Eddie Bravo is a jiujitsu black belt, music producer, and author.
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hey everybody march thirty want to be at the coffee at at the mgm with young hoon huge clue should be a great time then april twentieth i am the arlene schnitzel concert hall which is in what the fuck is that portland oregon jesus christ we had a crazy shall folks will tell you about crazy shell and tonight i'm advice house in pasadena if you get this it means probably by the time you get this you might have to like run right over there but i'm at the ice house tonight with bill burr bert crusher and ian edwards oh shit what a goddamn line up sold out though so fact that's it i got a bunch of stuff coming up i'll did buffalo tickets are gonna go on sale now on the eighth so seven days from today not today but the eighth ok all right
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one of my favorite people on the planet earth more my best friends and a fucking bitch a fine conspiracy not eddie bravo with our jones starts off fairly saying i'll let you figured out a way out good god damn time though and i hope you get a different feeling of outs jones from his pocket so that's ladies and gentlemen without any further do eighty bravo and alex jones logan exe ryan's block the stars have aligned the prophecy has come true alex jones eddie bravo together on episode nine one wonders episode nine one wanted to black no i'm not i had a fucking work hard all week did grind out podcast to make sure that i hit episode nine eleven we booked it i knew i go ok
there's a certain number of park as i have to do to get this the nine eleven today and i worked it out and we did it let me just say i'm very envious cuz i'm a to the under bright lights and i've talked about going back to when i was just on radio that darkness we can really think this is a wonderful studio i'm gonna do a studio my next one with a fire pit i'm gonna have mercedes and outside i've talked but it's like primitive it triggers in its comforting feels good and it's kind of cool lighting so that's in the next studio we build them and build a fire put me get some law some actual real fire you can only do that like certain times a year and allay though like when they went fire season they would let you do that shit we will use have like a little balcony you're like a little outside courtyard what you're far pittance gotta given i want a real fire pit and you know like i feel like it i have a fire eatable sharing bachelor yet each have actual law should maleficent alive part of the year and i will too and then we'll just have to be more involved in the jungle and create a whole renders
here's what we're talkin dialed rubbish latvia helicopter secretly bessie and take happily where i think that you're could fix a lot we can fix a lot with that i'm sure you like a decorated corresponded for the news now fucks going on what do you mean you mean you earlier oh you're out like all official whitehouse guy now right don t like you're actually the news guy hundred sent legit will verify the setting of strangers bureau and stop but that's just part of it but like you're nude in deep with the trump administration while i've tromp on and i talked to him some but i mean really he's your buddy really really it's just that we're covering the resurgence of america what made the country great lower taxes empowering the people bring people together the opposite of what image said what's happening is made media is literally almost dead its collapse i mean look at you i remember dinner with you like six seven years ago your idea we got a million dollars a week now
ninety million or whatever it is our minds and twenty million on youtube and for info it's somewhere numbers it's good its forty million we without any is eighty five million people listen on radio attune individuals in one way that was election weak but an almost forty million it's just cause how can they compete with that there still delusional there we see in and shows a million viewers fox thinks it's the big swinging deck it's got three million it's all i'm sorry p translating and broadcasting to geriatric comes in she foxes cnn and nursing homes you don't you see that within ten years old ten years at the college and beyond your of experience and its volume and it's always other folks it's amazing yards we're time as an end it seems like those shows where you have to tuna from eight to nine and you'll have to sit through the commercials that's kind of gone away because of dvr has now people just have to wait a few minutes he could dvr through all the commercials or you record things after that out of every you like fifteen years ago saying the inner killed television
announced that you have you watched gonna kill it because how can they compete with what you can on the internet you know a guy get screwed by a horse or whatever it is that you can be with all these crazy does china they got jack by the tiger today i did say that unless we re actually use yes we're gonna be let me not pay admission it just go through here will they even shot at the tiger so the scattered the tigers they shouted the tigers to get em off this dude and then even after the oh it's was shot off this tigers like not fuck datum go back and any ran after they shot item and finally killed a dude and it was all everybody's got their phone up or a film in areas as the greatest augurs pelenore known jumped in he jumped anywhere to get killed really for mass yeah you what now this that was another guy who went in with the line tredick averting the christianity turkey the dagger whenever the bible he's trying to convert i'm lying just fight him
i was crazy about that though is trying to convert a maybe he was just like praying the motherfuking line will need now he went in on his own he was talking to them in the name of jesus is like talking to it you never seen it jamie pull it up you haven't only problems getting serious he got in their unease is talking to the lines this mother fucker just jump the fence and decided he was gonna vert lines of christianity and lions apparently like way cooler than tiger what is going on here that the tigers see people and they just fucked him up and meet the line like barely fuck that guy up just that's because they're they're more tribal or more like dogs pack animal there's only cat to japan or a group so they're not yet as agro exactly a tiger seizure euro matured where i'm going to kill you tigers are totally different beast like tiger sometime like adopt an orderly animal like
a dog or something might be looking on it being nice to like all elements aimed at the other word stuff lines they remember the only way see this before with those animal attack videos remember those animals we started the same why there was a start off with the dog tag a dog making a male man and iguanas out attacked you'd leg and then its we ends up with drunk mexicans our rodeo on a wild blue with a rope those boys are smart is how they drag on these drunk mexicans and they drag their heads along the rails and just rush these deeds in between the railing like some serious brain trauma yeah vicious brain drawn they need one worth it with just a hundred per cent of that because i was the most exciting shit now jones how the fuck is tv
compete with that you don't want to complete our kind of wrong noakes netflix is tv and its also the internet it's like both things you're in its the power of hollywood debates disperse though he had well they mean look it's better if it gets ability to get your work out gets to more people it's better it's better if anybody do you like the other work irritation in these new youtube stars are going to have to do is get you stand in front of a camera zero production value their know how i mean to do that if you get a camera you gotta connection eleven you to show people find your interesting all of a sudden got millions and millions of subscribe banning any was bringing up fact for your audience up front of emma and says on this big rightwing guy but you guys know i was really against george w bush where you were arrested early on in the bush administration i remember one when we first became friends in eighteen ninety nine we were running around the white house are the the state capitol long extras with wooden with george bush
you're in senior masks on and you were always again sure the bush that's why i supported trot is the entire power structure the media in the vatican the communist parties are shot arabians all put money in and said stop him stop him and the lives of the russians were giving money was no proof the issue is he simply trying to actually be president and not have special interested in their running him and that's why the whole power structure is against from so any was ass overrun went live well house you're this outside yeah against establishment but now you're for it no trumps trying to create a beach head just to explain it to try to take the country back and actually devolve power back to the states about the people doesn't mean he's per but notice the stock market went up a trillion tuna billion dollars you just know last month or so because a lot of institutional investors and i was understand with trot you trying to create real prosperity not about yourself jerry and to pitch drop to people the issue is that there were major intelligence agencies and and and patriots in the government who are sick of it having a more sick of of
of hilary and obama backing jihadist groups of eggs their role in those groups shop right now they really standing up against them and this is historic moment and end so there's been a counter coup through the electoral process in our country and that's what wikileaks was that wasn't the russian that was u s intelligence agencies i said two months ago but actually winner in new york mabateans husband the former congressman that was workin for hilary i said that he's under investigation for child ok now it came out yesterday that there looking at adopting patrol born i had that from it why do i came yesterday yes while why would it what did he do he had something computer well now that they will tell us but i was told that tied into that whole pizza gate thing once again the media misrepresented what we said and did it came out and all those wikileaks these weird coach ok like day there was a bunch of weird code
about pizza and about a piece of peat president obama watched sixty five thousand dollars and hot dogs delivered they're like are these really got hot dogs items one is good last our leaders succulent dogs and cats about kids aren't you have to be what isn't had about its male prostitutes and me that's what the code mates really yeah ok yes how male process it to keep two fuckin marcia workers of bad things happen every doubt federal child porn it is possible for anthony wiener but i'm on record months ago i'm on record months ago saying that that's that because i had those sources and sell the government good element the government no what go and i saw the media the metal misrepresented and said oh look at fortune their time i think i'll pizza gates pizza place in dc and the media looks at it says oh alex jobs is claiming model as those having was pizza place i'm like what is this so they divert some probably innocent pizza place
extract of all the emails that new york police have and the fbi have that just this monstrous reported pedophile network so that its credit that they will create a fake story hope we jump on it too then divert over that story and then once we're on that it devotes everybody offer manfully winner words which they report which leaves reportedly polar larger network so their plane far ahead to their their literally attacking a pizza place with fake stories just so that people can focus on that and take attention of anthony wiener yes because i was connected to that story between acted too pedestrian stuff in disaster in new york and all the other crazy steps are less anglers because we're making a lot of like long sentences hearing a lot along statements chairs little it but let's let's fair alot of people that we go with a fuck is pizza gate there was this ben swan guy who did this recent piece about it in a lot of people got very angry did you see the peace yes he's a piece it he did it seemed to me to be pretty measured and he was making some
actions to between that look let's that symbol for child pedophilia yes and or just pedophilia rent and dumb the logos the logo for the pizza place he also made did he make the hasta connection with podesta while it has stirred firm chow molester and and and best bodies were pedestrian in former speaker of the house and then you expand on the night but let's puts too stuart step at a time is really kind of important stuff so that's all send true right so it's true that has it's in jail is true that has to do is known pedophile that a judge called cereal pedophile right yes true his honor percent its true the pedestrians friends with faster that's a hundred percent right yes and then all the other stuff now becomes odd doesn't it become odd in but if you say it's odd if you look at it this bends one guy with it's what i thought was he was just kind of expressing what is weird about this case and when he did it he got so much shit over our kind of shocked us caution
people calling him a moron in berlin and i got the same thing but but that's what i'm saying they build a strong man but imagine tat of emails come out with them talking about we'll have the kids ready six seven and eight in the hot tub at this time and see anything like that gets you it's really where where did say that it will lose emails there's reckon thousands of but it said get kids in the hot tub yes i never saw that greek you see if you can find a dream that seems like us holding so bazaars we're gonna have the kids delivered for entertainment they'll be in the hot tub now these are great kids but kids can be kids we know it's fucked up about it is how few people really mention that connection to hast her i was thought that would be a huge huge costs no joke i love the fact that admiration your true that with your very astute i just bring up this whole big topic of how they twist things you go right to the key points that ok data being barney frank who got caught run
a under age male prostitute rang in the nineties out of his three story town house he had thought it was just a male prostitutes somewhere i re summertime urge but listen was i was with them all up the aged nineteen plus and whatever german but then what happened is he goes on the ban on the house floor and says if you teddy investigators i'm almond expose have you that are involved in this in this room and investing she got shut down the reason this is important as shadow government you need something so bad that everybody involved in it ever ever comes out will be destroyed so that binds them all secrecy so that's where child we're not goofy comes in that's where pedophilia comes and that's where you get so many of the elite being into it but just as you shit you have the republican establishment trying to get hammered out of nowhere rustling coach to rhine for office then reportedly he's the your clear just like penn state and just they have sent a dusky sandusky
the under age you know here they were quote mentoring getting farmed out to supposedly big down what's this is where we were talking about two very specific cases where two very different cases but it's crazy is they're both real both real one hundred and send dusky who was a very respected man the community did alive the charity work with young disenfranchised children and was much asking them at the same time and what super respected in the community and he was the right hand man to joe pedophilia so that there right now there s a franklin cover a match then that's that's up in other what does it see jamie says we plan to hear in other words a sea jamie since we plan to heat the pool also possibly body will be over service to transport ruby emerson and maeve luzzatto eleven nine and almost seven so you'll have some further entertainment and they will be in there poor for sure why enough fuck that's only
and i'm gonna have a real confirmed email jesus selection here's the problem so i have why pd telling me before they elect like a month before yes we're investigating winner child porn photos gilaks employees do not just have not just have kids out on the internet that but kids he's communicate where's and their parents are basing letting them communicate with him i'm told this by nypd detectors i mean the secret service gave me information about glory was collapsing overtime member we reported that and got caught on tape so we shall all this stuff goes on and on and on so i'm not saying half the people or or not percent of em you know where are guilty or innocent malta's all i know is we start covering it start asking questions they then divert off to somebody on a forum pointing out there some email about a meeting at some pizza place in dc we're top democratic go they then turn all
and i'm blaming some pizza place i'm sending shooters and issued people at a pizza place make up all it's crazy ass crap whenever would set any of that and then you go back to me two months ago three months ago i said the police have told me there investigating winner for pedophilia all born when it was what is now known as examiners in the got this robot lace sloan before we get it i got go back to that there is a quote up there that that jamie pull that i wanted to read the one of the lower bottom about this now this the emails may you were talking about and these are a hundred percent confirmed emails go back that one that on the bottom girl doubting and unobserved many of these people are guilty get what is that it highlights the rebate hold on a second here so sick grown ups with two toddlers into infant spread throughout the house and sure enough one of the top was rubbing my nose at five forty five what the fuck does that mean the fbi
i got back to retrieve the children they throw in the towel and what i don't know man says i gotta know what the fuck those emails mean buddy look let's just now everybody wants immediately shoe this always disgusting but they have met eleven impossible why are we talking about two very specific proven cases hasta proven sandusky proven real huge elite powerful people that were also active pedophiles right yes so that's a fact you know each other and are bodies and then you ve got protesters brother whose bag in washington in an article into thousand seven and the large imposed on maternal evenings headline which was something like radical art or something and its now get out of the neighborhood kids in house and then their showing it throwing in your face
it's it's issues crazy but that's not even if i get into but there were but there is something to that because some of his art work with super disturbing that he had in his house like low it turns out you have all noteth pink butts there were in their underwear and it looks like they had been paddled eurostat with their butts faceless issues very budget more about this than i do see and that's all i do is cover these real takes only if the nunez within israel the government got pissed off about this the pet of always about so big that they intelligence agencies the legal all this info and they knew this plan is still the election she did steal five states according to the experts and privily how did she do that would any of its without listening to break into six day let's not go on these strong line ran with a bunch of different statements that are to be addressed shirt so let's just from right there you gotta get to that i caught it she steel five states can kind of gloss over that though she tried to how did she trying to steal sixteen she did still five states well beverage is a big liberal big democratically hbo documentary out democracy raise a leading experts
she was actually a month for the election through whistleblowers got the actual code that had been loaded on machines all across the country chevrons studio to steal the elections hacking democracy and i saw that they did engineer those voting machines that you could have a third party input and change it and non live on the show and that was a decade ago bush this is new ok just wanna she's the top election fraud expert she comes on my show the stories on events dot com she says we ve got evidence and then i had they hacking john and i had the industry whistle blowers on and i have to tell you officials on at every level we have a fraud proven that democratic connected groups eddie loading code on a machines all over the country but it's different companies but about things eighteen percent machines the country to be able to remotely break in and and flip votes show because they were aware of that a bunch of states were waiting and watching and homeland security broke in live in the six states and kept trying to flip the reserve
they even screenshots and videos of them in the computers in their clicking undoing well there's major investigations going on you hear the news when trot crazy he claims illegals voted to make it about illegals that was one statement in a larger election fraud deal of actual computers show so trumpet about all this so she comes on it says there planning as front there she comes after the election she says yes it's clear here's where things clothes here's where all this happened where a hundred percent want for hilary or right after it closed all the votes then came and we're on a per raillery they didn't even care but the and so i was so big for trump they couldn't steal it she success we saw five stage she tried to break it six others or her controllers did and got blocked that these mommy for tromp was so huge with the real and we can break now later that they still won't i to steal it and now patriots inside you s intelligence agencies are preparing to roll up the pedophile networks nationwide so you see arrests in pennsylvania
arrest and allay i haven't seen these arrests who's gonna write just now breaking and judge its big patricia wiser on seventy four rest twenty eight sexually exploited children rescue during statewide human traffic operation the gettin lily shall take over right holy shit look at the numbers their foreign and seventy four people arrive stupid but there are only rolling up the wren fields that get the people for the psychic vampires let us now insane is it that this is still happening right so all the people that thought that this idea that you know women whether they try to make a ridiculous by calling a pizza gate connecting connected to a pizza place everybody they thought that was ridiculous it is not ridiculous that there could put actually be some sort of pedophile ring and she they tricks and reducing other turkish they go pick some pizza plays problem their people go on economists also message board sea and in new york times washing the same day come out and say they all that
you're discredited from new york in california in hawaii because there's this innocent pizza place over here some of the democratic go to and they're all saying that's where the pedophiles or it ok so then the internet all those in looks at that and start trying to prove this programme assume that all there must be something going on there so then that turns that all into the big quagmire as a smokescreen from all the admitted stuff that's happening because it yet i was told by nypd high level sources that that they ve gotten stuff on weir's computer that just got scooped up during the whole hacking store in the whole story about hilary only unsecured servers and that that was being blocked by obama and that is suited to thank god and they would go back after wiener then talk about former section chief from a cia that indeed this was not creation of a running against and restart leaking all this and so on
you're beginning to see is the beginning of all the pet of failure coming out as they roll up the procures that grandeur kids out back yards or the go out as social workers and get the kids or whatever their rolling all those up right now to get the rent fields redfield brings the people to dracula could at seattle commissioner i know you are so they're going to now role it up into the higher level groups right now here's what's going on with a lot of stuff if we are to have any real careful and hey describe these things and high talk about these things because people look for any little tiny thing to discredit it and one of the reasons why they look and doing for personal reasons because it seems you you'd no one wants to be ridiculous no one wants to be a fool no one wants to be someone who's talking about conspiracies that aren't real so people are very hesitant to talk about something that's unproven but hers july us just like cry fifteen years ago it was a conspiracy theory that that the catholic church they pedophilia why are we not thirty thirty percent we're doing it we now know the old
hope had to step down was blackmailed within four but other high level praised by the new gather came in ministers heavy stuff is another of the catholic church stuff is absolutely horrible and proven over and over again and again when i was a kid it was rumour who was just were whispered and we hear about it and now it's wondered how they're getting away with it did so on the open how come there is more there are shy kick vampire stealing the energy from a kids what the most common thing they do like i get our own in jail most common thing they do is they find very troubled kids that don't talk about people with foster care kids with no parents kids from really troubled background relief but you it's all of you who are abusing sandusky ran a abused children's geometer and growth and then would take the kids out sometimes overnight it rich people's houses to make him feel better yeah yeah that's it
to believe that these that the assistant coach and then all these powerful people but when he finally got caught he was raping old you the showers at noon on a saturday at the field house and someone who work there found it watch did happen it walked in on literally in that's what would it all fell apart engine always emphasise guys get more more arrogant it's all i'm telling you it's i'm not saying anybody's guilty of these thousands of emails you go rita it's like the last war saw she brought wasn't very good oh well these are good call you're gonna to i love walnuts and then you go region fbi break down what that's code for which called for a moment the digits means people brown skin jews cursed poor well you don't gunderson was talking about this for years at the edge former rediscovered about shouted in los angeles he wanted he was there the la sector so people are gonna hear this they gather all bunch of pizza gate truths skies are bunch repeatedly truths there's theirs in
inclination to automatically dismiss thing let me be clear let me be clear i am on the ear covering fifty topics where are these emails are coming out i get charges of one of my sources by people in the my pity i get shit doc let's follows their licence law enforcement i talk to these people then i say yeah oh it's horrible it's much pedophilia yet it's about child porn it's all gonna come out its tied all these different and i'm just like ok i go on air and i say listen i got this from real nypd y and other sources and then eric prince of black water we still remain the biggest ribs and world does he run some sort of military operation in the by arrange our saudi arabia absolutely the point is that here this is the way we can argue about it he knows all about it but the point is that all this happens and he comes out the news ok through the lighthouse organ bright barred
rising from trumps mouth and says yes we have confirmed hollow pedophilia range in the clinton operation we're gonna bring him down and so that's what all this is why did bright bar tweet about that in two thousand eleven december that tweet bright martineau about came out right bart set out to bring out the biggest dancing to bring down the democrats and they pay and they were either in california initially poisoned absolutely the gilded where did what happened i didn't you know daddy death but he died of a heart attack you are you laughing fake laughing pull up the ladder you just now i know you're a media pull it out my job i won't buddy you know i love you anyway the bright bar email or the bright bart tweak its created internal joan is all about us whether tweet is pretty insane when you read it you'll like way what the fuck is going on like every part of its theirs
instantaneous reaction that people have made a great effort at our set of instruments right you're right you johnny people are doing this to kids you don't want you to get the fuck out of here that's nonsense gather but when you tell people about the stuff that's been proven the ones that have their own account that old clock that all attach though i was on air saying i'm told by him why pd unlike threed everett shows and others gonna come out at wiener sending child porn in the nose what they're saying whether accusing wiener of apparently ascending sexually explicit tat to an under age girl that's what's against the law it's so the college porn but is essentially he was sending pornographic text with fifteen years now while i was told it's a lot more than that what are you doing does just what it really is a minimizing it because a higher up serbian told you to let us out let me tell you wiener supposedly had tens of thousands of emails wiener should be fuckin comedian for sure he's a freak he's got real problems is good communicator betty's hilarious come on
we think all i know is i do not see even weders pedophile all i know is all i know is listen we all know that jerry epstein ok and now i don't know about your lolita expert ashes google that and what is that built let me live on twitter flights first said oh that's right are generally not an issue that has a simple in it and then he was also this this middle eastern country with a shriek that's emitted pedophile with with multi million checks and milk went on applying and we'll clinton's unknown social predator ok so all this stuff's going on and show me short bring lawsuits against donald trump with jane doze claiming he'd been with epstein no proven the logs i make you log on private jets none but was ever drew here is how prague prague pray progressive guru john predestine is in household name as world class under age sex slave up cover upper defending unspeakable
drags escapes me early on did john podesta imagine his baby m m f anna without as would be covering up for under age sex ops in age and hate crimes against blacks ha them means what is m m f faye young jamie media matters isn't that soros yadda sorrels soros but also guess who owns the pizza place who promise when on its media matters head guy david rocks why for him and that is where they have major democratic party fun razors and then they had they had wrought man's there that that gave alive spoken word dissertations of the love of children what you're talkin about guys like garth drag come on how much they love children have you seen this year i don't worry
pete but they really put up one does a video of them saying that it is in commerce commenting on so in what way is in this it really is a very very bizarre subject but why side so what is this you bring it up jerry gimme some via or which she is here he likes so what have we reached this he does super
with that i'm not lying comic ping pong anybody listening was described for that person look like that you were wearing a wig a blonde wig and it was a guy like you are addressing transvestite or a woman whose just smoked every cigarette it's one of the two but this is a fact that was going on in their place really odd but that sound like someone add living we all have preferences are trying to be funny it's almost like nobody's looking eyes in the in the russia in its little more than its all our work derive their lotta creepy artwork and i wanted to that guy lotta creepy our work i mean dead that's a fact there's a lot of fat so it's one of those things i would like but i'm not saying they read anything and you're not saying that i'm not either that's what's really important i never even really covered this stuff and then they had me on the news and also swan going they said these people were killing kids in a basement they say ok maybe kelly went on and took a club where i was talking about
irish funding jihadis and obama the arab spring that killed tens of thousands of people thousand people thousands of children now al qaeda was putting kids which is isis intersects sex slavery they added to that at and then cut together on fox news me sharing and hillary clinton oration kills children in a basement ping pong p they literally now added audio but i was able to change your audience i was able to find the day with video with what i really said and throw it back in their face bob wow that's really blatant that's it where's is can we washes where whereas as they did sir isaac newton s hand the company comparison yeah it's like megan kelly caught a giant lie fallow shown try to find that we should put we should play that but i don't mean to me to get our main kelly so pretty she soon folks once i wish it was like old any a lover damp desolate an old training here hilarious learning not like all trainees we're think she's hot you don't like it you don't think
kelly's not why insulted issues are globalists slow bothers me she's pretty do no jail she's real ugly she do you think that sheet what she's moved over to envy say you think she's gonna change to now and go for the literally see wants to be the quote new fox news shall they'll be than they're gonna glenn back i was concerned but i hate conservatism libertarians for everyone and i can t cultural so she's gonna go whether it be the conservative light and try to get some writings so it's like nbc realises that's where the money as we say we want to see a fake news is made from making kelly on fox news defiant m o careless player he would go give some volume how this whole pizza gay conspiracy gun measure we have many controversies do these days it began with a tweet on october thirtieth days after the fbi announced they be reopening and investigation into hillary clinton z males someone on twitter whose name remains unverified but has several thousand followers posted that new emails found
non anthony winners computer confirm that hillary clinton was involved in a pet of failure ring the twitter opposed included information from a facebook user who stated quote my nypd source said it's much more vile and serious than classified material on wieners device we're talking in india national child enslavement and sex and off from next day places nobody sex now that this is probably them caught trying to debunk us they do is they misrepresent we're saying shortly whoever these rob people were or or i don't know they are saying oh look nypd says it's wiener and all this she how they were saying none of that happening now actually started to come out i don't know how far how deep it goes but this when kelly let's let a player and respond to it out i was managed not ceremony lethargic ok do you know what i mean is it is the right one book user who stated quote my n y p d source said it's much more vile and serious than classified material on winners device we're talking in internet
no child enslavement and sex ring the next day the bogus claim was picked up by a webs i called your news wired dot com message boards like fortune and read it right wing blogs and several pro trump websites in four wars alex jones how far right web host posted it youtube video seen almost five hundred thousand times contractors personally job right have zero fewer standing up against the rumour spread inspiring some new found internet sleuths to start digging around in john predestined hacked email searching for proof and location of the so called sex ring what they found were numerous references to pizza now here's without jones actually said resistance to pillory
can i think about hillary clinton has personally murdered chopped up right i have zero fears standing up against european right hillary clinton has personally martyred children cannot back the trees anymore religion is one serial killers the planet's everything's gonna others a twist to that not all about the devil story with her chief of staff or campaign chairman the menu of blood and seamen and body parts mr crowley of the private event no i'm sorry about that i mean two hundred thousand plus dead christians or operation with syria and iran in libya and not let the christians get out and directing al qaeda and ices butare
and minor children and put up their sex slavery and throw catholic priest off cliffs and kill people en masse and murder gauge and everything else you can imagine because they don't like peaceful people and they caught him i therefore open society they live everybody anything they do is for degradation and could have been killed in society a restaurant oh good reason people like alex jones and a conspiracy theory that even the deasey police say has no basis in fact yes back of wise and
it's dangerous what had taught her sorrow sombre boyfriend to drive across foresight lines within this all rifle and enter a family friendly restaurant at three o clock in the afternoon on a sunday i now read it has banned this topic on its website having slowly but surely those who help fan it are trained dial it back out of the safety concerns for the safety of lemon endangered by really biscuit happened to anyone it's not just us anything no person i know you said our producers it's also surreal until the gun comes in wild and then some your being here so they went they got you do they got the full club they cut the front knowing i was actually saying i don't know about the satanism before the term pizza gate was out there but i do now she's fond of the radicals i came i saw they die you do ripen kill and got up kid so she personally is you were me
in a very provocative statements and he made a very provocative statements by saying something kind of crazy at first desk and backing it up and so they decided to do just added a chunk of that and so they don't really have to edit and chop it out but they did take it is i zionists limbs were his hand at a contact and said that i was completely riah weren't and i was talking about the spirit cooking mr crowley stuff for the lady is written it's real for her and they go little kids these parties and they have that's a blood that's one thing if you want don't want to do that you know issue some art project this is real and so on about the many were there in the email saying you have plenty of blood seamen for you and other delicious thanks the menu and he's like what are the juicy on them mega well we're gonna have cheese pizza we're gonna have we're gonna have the not sauce and we're gonna have the pasta and we're gonna have you know succulent hot dogs we know you love sucking hot dogs oh god i wanna go back to the question of why the best hot dogs
it is a got we dogs and obama want sixty five thousand hours or thought i deliver the party will not be there and then it's in stratford this i u males that got leaked by wikileaks that now people cross reference where the cia are watching or not look at all bombers your cargo another hot dog party while the did the earth i don't think so amr is a party with fifteen days at that is issued the point is now they can blackmail him with this and this type of crime or that we never got pedophile courage with obama yeah now it's it's men i mean tat is trying to say the morocco burma is a homosexual zany bisexual how dare you later who cares you ve ever seen him with a man you know this is true while sitting with men walked out straight maybe just likes to bring due to have conversations with em maybe he just wants it i heard a tyrant people in the head of the free world maybe he had a party with with sixty five thousand job maybe loves our dogs sick fuck it fuck this diet
president more our will and now this is essentially a thousand not sixty five thousand dollars is born that's more than a thousand times what gore may not those with dollar peace to dollar seven hundred what website super gourmet five dollars apiece reach our press it needs a hot dog helping hand one of the turns out he was like a ten time hot dog eating champion is like one of them that's probably one of that's probably ok let's say like and actually just really legs hotdogs here alex jones like this for heaven's sake for how sixty five thousand dollars five dollars per hard labor but listen with ino yogurt those delivers someone's gonna make em go grind it up put in the casing the whole deal maybe get a gore may hot he's gotta put those can might have put in to get us some giant party some i am out of his job party i don't know but browser behind all these are code for male prostitutes ok maybe that's what i'm saying is anybody who skeptical anyway
he was looking doesn't want you guys are so fucking crazy this is so you're making such gigantic leap of faith no leaps just look at all how would the weird codes in those emails there is definitely some and i know what i mean i mean job after this one i am effect my crew actually got mounted the os will be restored by the treasure we're about days and others and the news heading and picked it up and all my crew is doing is all day reading thousands of emails i mean there's thousands that are just related to food and hot dog and kids and hot tubs and kid deliveries and and in all the spirit cooking and allow mr crowley and be seamen in blood i told my career i said it's probably true knowledge i believe a stop obsessing audit and stop reading these emails because i want to focus on the election and everything the temporary solution i'd start accusing me of covering up the they podesta step before its call pizza gay then i get blamed for being behind
it's ok i'm only the bitching i'm explaining what it's like to really be trying to get at the truth and the people take the fact that its complex she but does that mean jobs you now to put stuff out clear and parts it i just know all this crap where you get crazy ass they ran people won't listen to me too much data what this is like it's yours i'm sick of it i don't know everything is going well but out of this i have good cia people and fbi and secret service ok telling me yes alex it's worse than you know keep getting up it's gonna come out and it started to come out and saying watch when we start arresting the pedophile networks we're gonna roll up the democrats and republicans are involved that's why trumps it the speeches at the inaugural this is not about parties where again these people on we're bringing god back in even stronger that wasn't very religious like trump has gotten legit learning about this we take some prompts lotta devil worshipper and he loves god and he's been briefed on all this and he's a role there s up to the pedophiles better get ready which a clear some up right now look at the camera until it but you know bill hicks
i take real stuff and i was chosen as research documents as so he knows all these little points are making conspiracy apertures what have i hears what happens they think it's a flattering to take real stuff noticed research documents as so he knows all these little points are making better than even the dynamic remembering stephanie brings knock i try to suppress after how about you handle anymore amount of forty three and i'm sitting here looking at all and then and these people country illustrate that go hey joe joe seventy five times and turning on new york you know it were not just honest alex whenever it where my fuckin name is shown by the programme is already enshrined in nigeria canada say bill hicks they say no ears and i'll be on or are we to restaurant and the commitment to go they say hey bill bill bill minerals your openness expertly and and and i turned around you know what you all because i did a few
pieces in one little video with a guy that lives in austin that you knows how i met you with the you don't look like bill hicks that's what's ridiculous about it like what you get like massive plastic jerry changed away your voice sounds like your voice is so different from united on saying is that no one ever wants to look real conspiracies does are complex and our donor stamp they want go with the earth is flat you others aliens open only to capital dinosaurs our real or no i mean less and the point is to get a badge any eddie as it could have a free open my but he doesn't promulgated stuff only resurging what's been said so i would just get now the way i am bill hicks i'm actually you are how a bill like sixty i think he died at thirty two in nineteen ninety four so do the math and i want to get hot in here is really eddie you know my studio really call d what you did
get crazy you're a goddamn illumine inferno melting you know how it is alot of people that don't know like how you got started but i think that that was really bizarre in that thing was that lady was calling you are right wing host of far right wing host you ve never been a right wing guy and it's it's a big misconception like you were always thirdly anti bush you got arrested speaking ass actually before we're bush was even allowed did you were trying to stop from being elected back when cool and was glad when he stole the larger from gore who i didn't really like i still came up expose it has now been certified congress and there they ve document i just go with what the facts are but you ve never end one of the things that really open my eyes is a really important video the did nine eleven road tyranny we talked about the world today organization protests and how it sent in these people in government uniform so government issue boots and these anarchists there dressed in black and they its
that this is an actual tactic that they'll used to break up peaceful protest although send in soldiers or we spent or whatever the hell they're hiring no one knows and they sent me people and they smash everything up they started turn into a violent protests light things on fire and then they all holed up in the building they negotiate their release and none of them were arrested and when you showed this clip by clip from these various news organisations a new focused on the kind of clothing their wearing the difference in their behaviour versus the behaviour of all the peaceful protests and then the result of it which had these people who were walking to work with a double tee o sticker that at a line through it police stop them and said you can have that sticker on that book bag you can after you bad things now you hate i might not have even been cops me who knows who while he waited met the media always spends it exposed pedophilia they blame some innocent pizza place you
both the government random costly bad things now you have not even been cops me who knows who well you may admittedly delta force that make sense gel to force it i'm not bright but my blasting delta they were given the order by clinton to go out and recruit and they recruited just about four hundred leftist foundation funded grips funded by big private foundations they train them for about a month before in oregon they flew on their put him in a government housing facilities on the news letter is local news did retreat to a building and negotiate their surrender and they were released the irish yes yes but when this was after all this property damage aims are you know they went out to start the attack so had it on video so they could then attacked a hundred thousand peaceful protest so this was something that between we dont what we like to think just like you don't like to think too pedophiles a real you dont like to think that any in the government whatever organise some kind of an attack or something a fake event where a bunch
people that you hire to start smashing thanks to make a peaceful protests look bad we don't want to think that that's possible but it is botsey goes on but it turns out that this is actually a document to be attacked it yes was the deputy o in fact esquire about two years ago was a profile on me and that of the guy is dead a former cia section chief in mid may involve much stuff himself and i told him i said yeah delta for ram those riots videos you're a liar and i said not he wouldn't googled it and could later the seattle posts intelligence and stuff and then even went and talk to journalists no because he'd been there covering it as a journalist and he didn't even know so he says let me ask why article ok i'll show you got me there even though i grown up the sea i am stuff i do know that was having but but let's be clear its criminal elements using compartmentalization illustration that do this they always claim i hate the government have a war and all other stuff no i have to give credit to the good
elements of the cia and the good elements of the usa i'm not good friend that's a very important point very important point about this point with a friend of mine who are talking adam does i've had might baker on the pact ass before and through the a few conversations at over how it might bakers formally the cia i get you i see start getting an understanding of how it works like these drug dealings that always we know one leg jets crashing will the coke on board their cowboys like a few do you want a sad santos diffuse due to realize they can make a fuck load of money if they sell and there might be a lot of people involved but it's not the whole cia it's not like they have government memos on it well i do still have a covert option there running the president says do this late hour it did not the cocaine dealing i dont folks are involved actually for the points he says our economies knocked out cars that are given the funding they go what you do in the government as you go the president said do this we're we're men of action and we're going to do it shall then there's cocoa already make sold the conference are you
to get other funding will screw that will just jacket bring an end using private contractors by another ever got what maritime they did and i got very pleasant you're very zombie vietnam to but yea was that it was a common tactic they knew that there was money that was being made from selling illegal drugs why would they let that money be made all round them they're not we d leslie argument as you don't wanna let the communist do all the cocaine narrowing ailing or because then they have more money than you we'll move where the fuck is going on here understand it's just this crazy at your talents how much heroin production went up since our prepare for anybody can pull this arguments with frustrating as a lot of the fake relax i see myself as a real liberal but a lot of the fake levels oh that's a lot of people i know you can see ouch engine opium production in afghanistan pre two thousand and one and then look at the later years it's come out like two thousand fourteen fifteen it went from three percent world supply to seven percent thirty percent and
ten years of occupation it went to ninety three percent look at another level supply so look at the heck tat went from memory what was i write well you they were it's pretty substantial increase between two thousand and one which is at an all time low and this chart from ninety for the two thousand and sixteen so too thousand ones an all time low and then next year it fuckin skyrocket job at google bbc and i pay just type in afghanistan ninety plus percent world opium production a very small ninety three percent illicit initiatives only also for like opiate pills or is it just forever than ever it so it's not like oxy contents and think i'm gonna be all they ordered the trips to the taliban works well and was allowed to grow up and they're allowed to sell it to whoever wants to buy more notches that there's been documented confirm instances of troops that are being forced to guard poppy feel sure will have a library downright when this
come on fox news with her all de rivera absolutely that terrible that came out of your ever i broke it and give it to eliminate they work it comes out that the trips you're being all right there goes ninety percent of the world's supply of opium according to the united nations has added it ninety three last year that live as well years always a couple there's like three years old gets two years i'll say it it's gonna ninety three right now to jesus christ shut like i said ninety three and if that's what it is but so but it s so frustrating as you know all this and then and then people still call you crazy now what alex why do you explain the fake news sites why do a lot of people out there i think info wars is total fake news why do they think that is a major deep state government programme funded by soros mainly and i found the most effective way is anti israel bashing and sewed on the wikileaks last year that u s intelligence led not the russians he's in there saying we're gonna overthrow israel
the old saudi arabia and we're gonna like up the annie with anti israel rhetoric on i'm somebody was neutral in israel never been there had nothing to do with that israel has liberal the servant of some good administration some bad but i'm not anti israel two tiny little place i know it doesn't things that are bad compatible we done it's nothing so i just don't have some hard on for israel to hurt him and if the policy as everybody else thereby knows that show show when they killed israelis going from a regional saints wrong when a white phosphorus bombs palestinians ceilings wrong show i'm their covering all that and then they just put out but this israeli agent you know all long around the cia militia let's not get into these crazy iran's about crazy accusations explained of events news why do they think info wars wars has taken is i don't know you that a lot of people out there smart people really intelligent date them they think they're there real news is cnn lunchtime you got attacked from below and above you ve got major funding by
sorrows and others is a real live nazi collaborator like true doktor evil and the latest james bond was based on his rilke accompany it's even named where's cambodia the bad guy in the movie is killings actually soros yeah and he tried to crash the pound bring nothing these really bad news so am i six aging but long story short about george soros he's funding this attack on me and any independent media how do you attacking media when the public's awake deep state and government stuff you say alex shows as the government and then they all ignore real facts i talk about who i admit so my family work for the government and they said the girl was correctly control that is even a real debate but but above that what was really question here the question with a splash was lighted amounting correctness explained the solidarity let me let me just explains pretty easy it did there in direct competition with him if it's ox news of cnn and end of its anybody distributing news you're indirect
competition with someone who was an independent news organization they operated themselves they do in online jobs you showed it perfectly that's it alex is in a very unusual position because he's a magnet people to people drawn him like a lightning rod says a lot crazy shit he goes on ramses very animated is fund a watch and alive of this shit he says is correct in we're getting into this right now like this this thing about the debate here which like i said was one of the first ones are really open night there was a long time ago to those like you put a video on those two thousand two or somethin like one was that today three thousand one hundred right after nine eleven right after september eleventh and on the web of that exactly like dvd or somewhat before that but you just said so we actually thinking codified this now because my problem is idle i say it's kind of all the map which is a good thing also bad thing you just thrown it you have your question why they call me footnote we just saw megan kelly too
before the election shea and a whole our long show special lichens fake news we want a few minutes of it alex the king affect nourish pages hilarious chopping up children inside it when a pizza place now grant i was saying it in satire about her in the middle east so it beg for the particular context but they clearly did that to deceive their view she's branding herself i'm real you can trust me little this poor victim alex jones almost got him killed when none of it was true when none of it your based in reality and what i want i was getting was from the nypd ok and the fbi who are good people release those agents shall there's an exam of the branding taxing etienne they'll take something real said or they ve taken videos where i'm acting stupid you know would like five acts or six eggs underwear are given the illegals or whatever and they showed with underwear on my head and say look this
it's crazy it however serious topics so they can taken out of context but when i being serious which is ninety percent of time i tell people but one comes in and we ve got when a valley show ideas our idea is talking about you know kidnapping people start laughing earlier we had fun like you're a normal person and that's that's what people find hard to believe when i tell people on friends without you you go get the fogarty argotiers very guy scrape i we'll get time together over the i shall you're a great guy i wish we aren't also busy and hang out more like an old ex i know well we can do it i'm going to come back to austin i'm trying to get to austin probably the spring turn figure out when and when and where i'm going to but i love aston where you live as a fuckin beautiful place well i know these topics get me in a quite frankly exhausting the hour for they are but but i'd like to sham today really get into the big picture and what i believe is really going on because i figured out the basis of what's happening and i'm gonna let you i mean if you and your some far out stuff
volcanic as we experienced i'm not gonna throw it ok go ok let me take a piss god i was always so slight com so are you eddie me i get near enough kyler round we're gonna bring it down we're gonna like bring it down earth every now and then going to launch into orbit we're gonna grab me by your heels bring back we're gonna be fine we'll get to escape and then tells us it there's a bathroom may vary through that door to arrive or for love extra owns so far bravo everything you wanted and more o absolute under sit near lehtinen just leaden letting the people let near fans know that have never been fundamentalism hours jones every goddamn day take a day off every now and then i look like do alone a good guy you know he has always been a good guy people that don't listen to him that they believe what the man
in media has said oh yes but also he makes it easy for them by saying crazy shit like hillary clinton chops babies knowledge stuff and i know he's doing it for germanic affair since one the reasons why show so popular because he does la things i got it makes it easy for people to dismiss them and then you go into this thing we're ok let's before you dismissal let's look at what he said what is he said it's true and they look at what he said we thank you said today so far so many of operate all far everything that he said it's just his radio show he doesn't have any teleprompter this dude can talk four hours straight for now that's a thing no one need wind of doing a lot of podcast especially doing these radio show shows like alex as by himself we're just ransom ransom rent for long periods of time he they develop like a certain must like there's a lot of guys who would do their own party like billboards per example disown podcast by himself all the time and he's got this a bit
he took over just rant from one subject to the next subjecting keep going and when you have bonaparte guess it's just you just can't i gotta get out of his way so with alex it is kind of gotta go freedom some subjects get out of his way but every now and then he does so many subjects in a row i gotta bring back i gotta go you got us ok let's get to this one how did she stealing you just can't ass over there let's get to this ok let's get those broke down pre did a great job and this is i think this is going to help people have seen alex like that is going to help people have a chance to look at whole picture of just forget about where you're loyalties alai whether you enjoy cnn or fox news whenever it it just sit outside of it right now and look it what it really is because what it really is why is anyone want to give you the news giving you the news because they love you are giving you the news has its programme and they're trying to make money and do they
have access to certain people because it willing to play certain games most likely when you're looking something that's on a major league television show whether its fox news or nbc or cbs or whatever the fuck it is you ve got to go through some say sirius channels to get there just had each if europe i would suit tie good evening america and you're doing that got that that guy on any of those major networks you had to go through some fuckin serious hoops and ladders and checks and balances you gotta represents something in order to be the person who reads the news but what is that four is it a fuckin show or is it the news are they really trying to help you what are they trying to do no why why are they doing the news are they doing it love you and care for you and i want you to be informed or they doing because there clearly biased they ve got an agenda but if you watch fox news and then to see and i just go back and forth whenever some going like what i did it after the election as like fox news scene and fox news cnet its quota focused
tell the truth someone's gotta be lying why you foxes lying won't you looks like this one story we here is a totally different story we're so all need to know just looking at that just forget about what you are with the progressive liberal whether a conservative republican just look that and understand that you're getting all of your information these sources that have a vested interest in releasing their particular version of the truth ass i could for anybody the represents the barbarity that how do i foxes totally me i want you no matter what you do on given freddy bravo to give crazy bring out the hatch i hope that people listen to your show the people who live in the law as all members want to get going for once did it still is to bring out the whiskey all i want like for me i don't want to be this conspiracy guy making money and and doing shows i walked from my podcast i started my conspiracy i really don't want to be conspiracy guy it so
thing inside me is wants to wake people up that's all i'm trying to do at alternative i'm trying to help i make money off any conspiracy theories everything i tell myself every time i walk in here don't say conspiracy with he's gonna bring out of umbrella exam black africa where there is a big failure was role with you later oh shit back surgeries no you said so he says he is ass ninety just had a desk replace really it's finally guy you're actually can be with you see i have every now and then don't you want to be like on that site i just have apple a act they don't waste donald that whisky alex jones listen let me give you guys the big frickin doubted ok poor that we say that i'm willing to give i'm abortion i got the thing figured out poland for aiding i gotta figure now gus you mean an usher parliament may you gentlemen cheers
i wanna keep my mouth shut shares to you out jones here's a u buy stuff bore so one side or the other when it comes to this was so much in tissue pace and regarding the show much calling about don't have algerians on about while there was a lot of that there is not a bigger com owners racist should someone said that to make our jones in one of the least racist people you ever fuck and meet your life i've never even heard you say a racial thing race is so inconsequential do you know what you think and what they stand for you ve never discussed race ever in the almost what do i know sixteen fuckin seventeen years i've never when you discuss raise it also someone calling racist like you're just like all they do all terms waving a rainbow flag say he's homophobic there was a guy walking to me in new york i was there after the election was there for the u have see was right after the election and me my friend campaigns walk back from the jam we what we went over the jam will walk back we walked right into the fuckin protests and theirs
guy that was standing next to me greening donald trump k k racist sectors they had tat gay kkk races sexes antigay just kept screaming donald trump than the caretaker is a job for you stories racist are you sure there's any discrimination is generally gay guys around to see those of hotels friends with them and i gave interviews the advocates twenty years ago it's all just come leap meda or scrap waving a rainbow fly aren t speech he says republicans have to stop being mean gay people and after being close him he's about to enforce civil rights laws for gaze and others and they're calling him a literal homophobia this is probably not decide now bs man this it but this is my problem with it my problem with it is that people want to use a real you're a big you're this europe
that they want to come up with a nice quick label that officially maybe you in that makes it boxes you lean images aligns you and then you have to defend yourself look you said it at the beginning as diatribes not perfect he's a man it is also a super ambitious super wealthy man it's constantly on the go and those kind of do there type a hyper aggressive personalities and he's said so should he shouldn't have said right dummy don't you agree like generally older than this the big one is one that he said in confidence with that billy bush guy the ground by the pussy thing that's the big and who has it in confidence especially you're famous man it's crazy woman throw themselves on you you do anything you want to actual solve a woman's climbing up on top of you you can do whatever you want that's what mammals do she showing she wants it she gets it and then they turn into a sexual assault it's pure
we did have a woman said he i guess i can see that there are other could you scope and grab him in the balls we would we would laugh or thought in reality just talked about how she fuck any gosh wants is walked up the ground by the deck we would like vigilant rising told we would think it's amazing how these out my group is he wasn't talking about it he hides behind bushes and works for jogger learning reaches out and also context he's out of context he's having a guy conversation wait like he described in a locker room and there is a whole but this how assigned window recorder gonna like at this and this is not defending it means is definitely not something should have said probably wasn't all agree to that but what you really doing he's really what we call talk and shit edie i had talked shit so much to each of the latin saying things we totally don't believe we totally don't mean but we're trying to make each other and show you were worse ellie etienne ire silly all the time you had a transcript of all the key
relations are you and i have had the fucking seventeen years we ve been friends oh shit we be in trouble can't put it on air we'd be in fuckin real taught me that you're gonna content rowan on facebook measures into that live video yasmine so funny watch this the tv show my guy that shows us and then a sousa turned the camera and you want to sell us that wasn't meant what was bad but it was my off the cuff aren't you know you weren't censoring while forgot what i said so our marijuana involved this conversation for every hour had the analogy somewhat these are you dont like them you dont have to wear so loud you dont have to worry about alex jerome is here seriously address what do the job and actually reach out here so hundred hundred and ten million who knows how many months now knows a lot about a month twenty million you came all the derivatives and everything else you're doing and i raised about on x and we still do not know now not on the excellent i'm a lot over the point is that you're one of the biggest shows the world let me to his wife not hearing him he'd know this continent as a signal to the mainstream media of apathetic they are seen in
top show has maybe a million viewers their average seven hundred thousand foxes top show maybe four in an automobile united ok great good for them and not competition while the point is there a friggin joe i conservatively everyday and rational radio have four investors on my plus stations that's right it proven make that's big right there and then millions and millions of dollars every day tens of millions of people watch the videos you out altogether forty something million a week we go back to this what's happening it isn't about joe roadrunner al shows ready bravo any that it's about the people are hungry for being here have a wider selection of things why are you in a wholly different categories zalm trying to do is give them interesting content you're actually try to run a new show and expulsions i'm really smart commentary i watch clips olive i have people on tablets talk you tried open minds all the time and have an open mind the different i must honestly what i'm not anonymously not trying to open minds on being curious num asking questions and i'm trying to learn as much myself and then what
do learn about things i would like to have that person come on to teach other people around because i think it's interesting well here is the big show out of revulsion we want a billion lay the sound chaloner and i'm wearing a documentary down the road and actually break this down glad there is a whole breakaway civilization than i am did you have ass yet ready i don't ever talk about this for real break way civilization are you ready hoddan joe we think that i tell you over the years human too many that true there was a couple that you are wrong you all right that we're trying to kill people the context not mine mr byrne that explains why if we want it's ok conspiracy theory is just not trusting criminals every now and then you can in that murder the criminal but still a criminal even though you're wrong one of those things i'm actually embarrassed about is the watch ok ok well listen you're not accounts but you're not a computer expert near my i didn't go anywhere that night my stay fuckin home and i was waiting for that goddamn
howard eagle asher i never knew a minute but since then twelve i didn't know about damn the mayans we thought it was over i think that paragraph two and two thousand twelve licence in december two thousand well like i did i was just about the s very strong tobacco from mexico dynamic california this agenda is one hundred percent medical reasons and legal yam and is still looked there's a lot of things that people think you're gonna happen they turn out do not happen is always a goddamn asteroids gonna kill us all that there are still important here is the news outlets so what what is going on aliens are coming to levy universal limit before i do this when i answer his questions yet a written question to me why you care i want to give our support ok this is one of the you things that that i have really gotten wrong i didn't go in my gut and so was proven wrong and i did it for the long reason so now i'm in actually confess your honor
i was on one radio station i've been on access tv for four years one radio station already started to show to my house there was unlike fifteen real estate so i had that at least but i was wondering radio station had the top show at night all station with howard stern killer is all of the newspaper had huge ratings and i will bring an end you're twenty forty random muslims reject a huge amount for me building whole operation at home they cover the cells guys they go look for a year you ve not been my why you came and not let this evolutionary sponsors and we're gonna basically we fired if you don't let us endorse these sponsors and have a minor and show you believe in want you can hold on a second so these sponsors were like doomsday stuff like can food and shit and bankers limiting ourselves even further they gonna like k lights and lions but about the standard wants to make all the hundred castro the station made you push why to kay why but let me go further disorder the few times in my life tat i say i didn't
integrity i kind of let them convince me but i think back to the point in the conference room i just kind of went okay okay okay sure i get it and then i will and then once i decided it was true i really pushed it so it's almost like myself because i'm being honest about this programme so so this is what happened for a year and a half i'm saying it's bs it's a government hoax because they're like the navy says the chips are all bad and fifty four cities will completely fall and it's all the death i said they just want to upgrade with all this new spiral when new global standardization of the u s is telling me active ninety six they want to force all the new chips zionist resources then that i was having on ok and realize how special wasn't have resources there tommy toby s people don't you were the navy and don't want and fox news had agitate your food which is everywhere someone hell ok stuffs gonna be real so was like a black friday for like a wide variety of the last few months and furthermore or was it a farm anyway
they didn't but the moral was how to convince myself it was real so badly and out at the course they like you're twelve hours beyond that data like five at some totally insane but it's like nuclear reactor having a problem here and really was happening and like you know oh and there was a missile fired from russia which like was an icy vienna like shot down that was abc news i'm like this isn't really happening ok we got for perinatologist there are probably going to react resuming problem well there's some stuff so there was some jesus problems but government and emma sam had hiked it then they use two demonize alternative media even then when it wasn't catastrophic so my gut told me it was bs it was bs so thank god i missed the whole twenty twelve thing but still they said alex jones as the world's ending the bureau twenty two
we're pissed at me that i wouldn't go into this thing that's fun for them see when you start talking about the end of the world are doomsday come and people like that shit because it gives them something to think about but there's a lot of people on future i know manatee gives this year was a long time ago seventeen them see when you start talking about the end of the world are doomsday common people like that shit because it gives them something to think about what is allowed appeal on future i know mannerly jobs this year was a long time ago seventeen years ago right ally to kay seventeen fucking years got at least ten thousand twelve then get you survive redeemed or so you came back out on seventeen think about seventeen years ago that's a long time ago i mean you getting fired from that job every radio guys got and fired the howard stern got fired you got fired but allows parliament just hours after fire i met top ratings and they were all pissed and weird about the wording
they met with the losers they were all flipping our cause the big paychecks well it makes sense how's it was assigned and white uk thing totally makes sense that they would want you to really push that seven hard because who the fuck knows no you get scared you like whether lives because agnes college the navy said what's gonna happen wash imposed now you're there is a real enemies the want our ok maybe i'll go to it i had one there were telling me there was something that was gonna happen on two thousand twelve they were sure of it here my revolver guarantee piano is there not a bully don't you just you're my doing you start like stampeding like linux its ambition alone it is like a single going on this massive double crossing is i really used to be in india you fellows but the more you looking to you i found it looks like another conspiracy intransigent was like the government it must be the sole nasa deal and when he came to the meeting couldn't do it out of the sky well and
stanley magenta meet with me is heart blew up it blew up like like a bomb in an art like they set his heart like completely rupture while the point as it then was raymond tee and if you look at mission control he was the main homage of control that control the cameras and everything and he he and i believe this house he had national security letters from the president he'd run like see but operations in cambodia and allows using airforce engineer he knew the whole deal and he would soon what hold they would say you do meet with you and tell you everything i knew you would come and start gulping and he couldn't get it out couldn't get what he said he was so threatened or whatever he couldn't tell me about do you think about how you probably left now laugh and losing the car around and why you think those gentlemen a lot is whether we should allocate resources are right there were advanced technologies we were worried astronauts might die they had two teams in orbit one but the real ships this is not a joke joe wait a minute
they had one meal shimerdas ufos in an orbit and they were communicated kennedy and the government everybody and next they're gonna have this giant thing about americans number one and not have a backup later the ashraf stock puzzles phones back on lost your fucking mind is guy you ain't going to hold on that let him finish there we are tell me what you trying to say are you trying to say that so the dean i still got ran and she was gonna give me the secret of nasa ok and then could never get it out you here in order to arrive a second programme in a second program how do you know he die and he told me but before the heart attack in them hardtack second to none met with him of the old sat command literally actually tell you look forward or not what he told me he said your d said from your analyses resources you're dead on why was in control of the video and radio communications and he was the bureau
these checks on tv or minutes they run at that point the guy control can was on mission in rural wasn't ready to back up what are you kidding of course the the moon landmines are you getting come out will you raised it you wanna know come on that's ridiculous now but i don't trust the government that's why don't trust in me because they ran they do you want to spend money they ran a fake up we're just re entry devices and basic stuff space and did some of it but then they had a real mission that put the reflectors opening on the moment when the member is no proof that re so you but about what you know that the russian government with leonardo enable died the secret space programme alex you know that the russian government you know that the russian government put those laser site those laser reflectors on the moon is well with unmanned probes yes you know their rights and their still authorities the chinese but about nobody dares there's weird ever nobody wants them things like that far away giving you
so you think they generally went to the moon they just the footage is is that what you say you can't rig phil back to that alan radiation building spots all over right but we don't have film what would lead us to believe that they definitely did it because they had arcy cameras where there was a trash other types of amazing footage right is amazing footing those close to launch in space in case the real mission died so who's in the learn to show you the relentless what happened and is already military algeria is we have real advance ok ok let him alone immensities eddie so we got it gotta figure this out so what are saying is that one we saw on tv would neil armstrong one small step for man that's all horseshit but the real one actually took place they couldn't get the film but armstrong had been on real motions so yes he definite bit unreal missions but i don't know he wouldn't tell me all of it he died before we met the other
i was on the next day and his wife called my dad was friends what they have done on the other guy what's his name buzz all but i do know bus aldrin buzz already said i want to come on your shoulder mulligan although he though he lives you're an ally and one time i ran into closely with that and he said what come on your showed i said i come on we'll it's the only interviewees suddenly goes a motel who else your audience alone he said there is nevertheless just by two thousand and one it's on the moon of mars the sole mon sending a transmission it's all real and it's all egypt anders aliens everything else and its autumn ever so why europe is zero clip of that has all port was also not pull that level now it was online easy nightly noon the next day so let us see that do you think he was funds william detainees back when you know he was real see her face i fell i urge laurie i think is foolish is for sure what is this true payment if there is an obvious on mars i think
that really is communicating novelist modem or the mood of mars photos so we are shall we only in their data be seen as instagram banality now is a good sign a bitch amazing my gotta followed which is that it imposes a slight he's just go to your local cases ok let's give us our love and instagram let's give some people with their habitation we can keep track if there's something very important to be dropped from the moment i am not sure whether it is right now gosh you died sure thing shared identity airports are not yet for while the truth i know we all want to hear what you hear about as i want to hear but who are you what he says first let's see what he says yes they hold the guy jim america to make such growth expenditures again for human habitation and about we can help we can join with together we can
nor the moon and develop and still tat we money do together our belgium has not gone before is this where it talks about that i'm i'm alive now it's on my shoulders she's measures we need to go go to a monolith there a very unusual step sure little potatoes shaped object need for billions dollars to go one listen seven hours find out about that they're gonna say who put that their hope that their there well the universe put it there if you choose and come back there it's like i know we ve come on i want four billion show less reform so that's the model that thing that you look at why that's weird i don't believe this shit for a second origin above all i fear in los angeles and i can tell you anything else this monolith on photos weird saga weird
structure who knows that's a real picture are both the ads are marcia command that proves that mines are all that i can i don't know shit about photoshop and i can make sure you hear tell you the big secret about my sheep were merely with yes without legal clarity we go look let me hear the shooting fed you wanna any doesnt let's go you mean kid he told me the populace merv is real no one's gonna die what he told me he told me he said you know india sending approved moan and then now that when they cross the probably family undersea frozen eyes that covers the moon the moon has dust on it's a big honourable give me the water we need to get the planet we make our big job so i hope it was our things lay on the planet just perverse mandate we make a step forward but like a video game buzz eyes highlight buck with those all right now you're not listening
working with a crash the profound exactly what they were saying and i want to do in europe would look over and it says as india discovers water on the moon that's all water will they ve deafening covered one on the moon right that this parliament is armed but buzz all told me about it a year before it's i'm right i see my corrections in the water and the money to buy buzz aldrin is going to the meetings and they tell em shit yeah i want to know you want to get to know about eating i dont get it all this stuff for here tell you was always told me in a year it you're gonna be on the news that they discover war with a proper setting before they even sending a problem the news they let india quote find it is the eu s already found is already but on the moon god knows how many times the orders they got military alliance zile accepted we think in the fifties what do you think we got now do you think they have nuke women their bases on the moon while never get it all the stuff right don't you let's just say it server advanced
think that they have some sort of a base out there's like i told you i only wiki or that so far away why when they just but on a desert somewhere what is it am i p detected why or on the moon way back in june ha drop and simple on you our reality buzz albert tells me there in an hour india finds water oh my god buzz i follow on instagram and then come back to me with examples all the moon flags throw you unless all retirement the moon impact probe which classes crash landed designated site on the lunar south pole on november fourteen two thousand eight had picked up some clue their signatures of water danish twenty five minutes dislike crash mr near said at a press conference here in front of interest to a you know what when it comes to space alex that's not your forte i but
want one thing i want to ask both all during this time of year was are above run on instagram and then come back at me what are you what you want with his instagram what's up with bundles buzz organizing it's amazing how is this like these he's bawling ac did you see when the guy comes over yours you're full crab erodes the managers punches email check this out i wanted to ask you what are you what do you think is trump going to do anything about the stratospheric aerosol injections write that down i guess i don't we talk we talk or not i am cereals down right of talking about stratosphere aerosol ingenuously i can't get to the point you will let me you know what would you think we must stop the nominal just write it down right let down the line
question although there that's the quite as a question you just want to get my five before thou jones is off the rails right for all the ring and we'll get the job i don't have the right of downloading it because you ve been there we'll drop is from doing another problem to start with what do you think the programme is adding what is it the programme as it director of the sea is talking about an hour you to look john gino brandy talking about strategies to try to resolve injections it's going to cost ten billion dollars a year and there's going to be some countries opposed to it because it's gonna mess up the right to travel to me about atmospheric manipulation of dynamite stratospheric g s i never heard of that it's a super important we need to break down to three letters
let me go let me john o brennan admitted last june of two thousand sixteen at the fire i saw the video common on it can you play but let me tell me on oh brother john it wherever amateur bashing you but you education jokes about it which i get because a lot of its bs there is an entire atmospheric terraforming geo engineering violation and call it came trails and of course the c i a director maybe they have a huge problem bill among the gate foundation owns the major patents on it from western and others that use these big antennas to manipulate the whether they can china's like causing usually like harp like horse how could i should analogy it's all we classify think hard manipulates whether they admit it does i used overhead of heart general bitten k port not all the time but the exactly there's giant whether modification systems and there's whether wars between different governments and they did declared its explain to people who are listening what harp is what it stands for high altitude
something tat i ve got a system that supposedly you know to harp really was on its classification what does a stand for high frequency active auroral research programmes or the idea behind this was they want do research on the aurora and did they want to see if they could communicate using it and set out your way i want it out other eyes in right are right yeah that and they also wanted to be able to send radio signals the places where they wouldn't really aright doesn't really go what does that have to do with stratospheric their heart and it really go into the atmosphere smart grids i've interviews that though the private out of it largely ruffle the pentagon let him on my how does harpoon wilma how does harp work with the controls would it let me just goes on only a my chronic amount a small amount of what harp does is in the atmosphere its bouncing off the a laboratory hours and then resonating back through in it in a deep earth communication
programme of satellites other things through the planet show itself satellites through the satellites down the submarines here goes this is an actual de definition how harp works the facilities examiners scenario where he was accordingly malicious reader first waves upwards into the ionosphere between one hundred three and fifty kilometres of altitude the resulting heating effect creates irregularities in the electron density there which in turn allows communication signals from satellites to be relayed off the ionosphere that solidarity does then they can should the satellite frequency coated through the earth to submarine now what is website from them shiner ain't james us a bully you want the real stuff ok yeah sure what the hell you lemmings why something need i have they have the heart programme on this but i got contacted about ten years ago they said the head of the heart project really liked your work he liked it come on areas online line like to come on a job body and about thirty minutes
we can on the line sorry during a break and cut the guy off well don't turn i mean is really happens to spooky music cues programme i believe you that's true i want to know what i want to know that i want to know the relationship between what are the camp trails have to do do you think trump is gonna look do the s eye a project the cia has green let tee starting out with vaccines as i told a bully would do and to getting all the damage they cause autism merely though the ultimate that's good to start the vaccines get that shit together to procure but what about the essay i programmes at the cia is green let you thank you
and get into that other next level you do we want to be the case with his microphone assuming blown up strong plenty to do we let yourself locked onto the like what is the problem with all this as i say i share most of what you see when you see those jets flying around those clouds behind him most of that is just say added origin exactly the generic fuses that with a little rules which are the real programme will there's no you're right and so is joe because the world's complex there are secret and clauses secret and public programmes to test population the weather and whether systems the arrow you're doing at the chinese are doing the russians are doing people being clouds eating for a hundred yards from the clouds were down you're too whether manipulation but they're doing it for different penalties and that not to produce will lapse luckily i had been living kinnock on the head of the u s whether weapon programme for twenty seven years on my show first because i saw declassified i saw you
the piano objections i called him running a major clouds in company with his son and got the nine year old to austin and then after we totally free jack as you see i came to this house do you want the interviews on on youtube do you want what he said yes the world war two and the world or to the full the first planes and hurricanes well what what you're amelia atlantic that's pretty gangs to add an empty i found that even faster in the pacific then he in a also let squadrons in vietnam flooding everything up to ten feet of water at a clear blue skies than ours what about with with their whither chemicals it was about ass you have to build up a superpower fly into a hurricane or a typhoon to caesar scattered to holy shit anyway super bad as you know is alive he's been living at ninety was still other thought at ninety can kick my ass one of loving tax and i felt like i was there i was ever anyways so so we're sitting there
give me all this dad and i can't believe it is always classified photos and stuff cuz they just e class by the file no one thought to call the old man from lubbock or whatever french i call him i'll get him on the agenda watch people their company threaten them the next week after aired and he later he said in ninety six shadowy certified of the same research institute that he was able to control hurricane create hurricanes and steer hurricanes all that got black budgeted shut down and then they got into these are rage or they could use antennas and out of that and westinghouse came came the leader of the whole heart programme shall in the sixties they could create control and steer or kill hurricanes that's why you google now bela melinda gates on all those patents and quote bill gauges save the world from bad weather bill gates wants to stop hurricanes google so i so let me bill near ass the weather machine when he paused for a second how does the hundred how do they manipulate a hurricane so the hurricanes gonna happen how they break it up ok image
it's coming into lands their problem with with aerial arrays projecting the sky they can break it up or strengthen it or kill it or steering it's all nato is doing that with harp what i've got growth they got heart basis the place they call him doppler radar facilities o the government wants your level city to have dollar rate are i thought i was like tat you could find a way to the screen that's it like one tenth of one percent they can create those arrays up that have imagined you're likes might go and they do a little bit yak is no he's all power your town through the popular radars control in the u s a giant whether weapon in front of everybody in every town and city and poor rush the chinese are just discovering and all the u s is whether have as they can knock em all outright bill gates control the weather ideas for barges to pump cold water from the dead the ocean to create some sort of a road block for the hurricane since hurricanes pope
our from the waters warm temperatures cooling the water could have theoretically irrational less outriders mental hurricane what somebody good idea of the miners analyzing is salad genius idea spray cold water and discharges of going off the terrorists rails john o brien and is in the front of the sea as far as we are doing this because for global world me you gotta say but you are right and you are right about social about about geo engineering contrails you are wrong about the dinosaurs lobbying but hey what about that they're they're coming out saying hey there's gotta be some countries that there are there aren't gonna before it we gotta you gotta we're gonna do with a heavy audio yes the sacred yes the big slick let them in relation to go with that come on don't change subject keep going what that you have done would livingstone imagine you're here but a measure me joe actually got me off on human europe are already doing later finish the s
i probably he doesn't know about this i know about it but it's my real what do you know about the essay i programme let me get this on what most of the real programmes are just like france for something else simon real so you don't think there sprang shit into the atmosphere know there is a programme for geo engineering there's a programme in place and yes it is the doppler radar system and a harp and what else and arrows rang still the most effective and what do they do have pat when you wear aerial spraying where they sprang barium so limit oxide radioactive vices of burial moraine him in the air of a lion and anti alone was because because it does a bunch of things are testing a bunch of stuff there there there manipulating thanks listen our political body of evidence it they're doing nessus brain aluminum barium human embryo online and raise the portrait of energy it's all public just a key just on line wants a chinese do did jack by a tiger the great that's out there you know the department of energy dog of rain and you can
watch sea of arms cia directorate time brennan admitting all business is all public here they look at it he talked about red nigh side i saw the video to play the video and go over it if you want because talking about various options for controlling global warming to lay out the future thank you global warming is a guy have only hold onset of global warming is real we know it is right don't you they want to have the all believe globalize real at the jealously measuring these temperatures and scientists keeps on cod failure and we're editors came out that's emails bullets found out let's find out what you actually want along these really gently with real ok i've given the high goes called they're always micro temperature is always live change this ship surrounds the only thing that our habitats angry carbon taxes that al gore one fix it i think we'll we grant lives but what i'm saying is there absolutely is global warming right what is this you don't want to i reminded the when my i was a kid the nineteen fifty four three four months
the year it was below zero or phrasing you had a chop would need frazier s often all houses had even the south have had yo had all sorts of of chimneys in them for fireplaces because it was freezing cold and now there has been a warning period but as part of a normal global cycle based on the sun all these actions physicians for the hole but clearly its carbon we put out the earth is carbon starve there carbon cycle that's the big we're gonna get to the globalist one tax evasion tax oxygen carbon tax i'd water sunlight they have total control over the whole life cycle of the planet let's play the video where the video this the c i a guy talking about it because what i inferred from it as it is with some sort of solutions if global warming becomes a giant leap sureness of friction i known lobbyists who would watch out
will you take them and what is the cia that's why do the media for global warming is a good question what do they have to do i don't know what does deal entitled intelligent communism there never built that stop the spread of communist right but ass an intelligence agencies that are part of the environment they are part of the intelligence community and if they got hired i would imagine is just me guessing right off the top of my head if they got hired to assess a threat and at being from global warming like what would we have to worry about are we really gonna lose cities do we really have an issue there is going to give george soros of the u and total power for a one hundred trillion per decade global tax to mike managing survey i'll everything humans do pussy is of carbon toxic they gotta surveillance thus they ever jurisdictional trawler lives ok hold up buys a debunked cia director admits came trails geo engineering stratospheric aerosol injections so
as a crime guys this answer really wrote all in all it hold on hold on at the council admits geo engineering in the form of stratospheric aerosol injections as i is taking place cancer is taking place i account trials and the robot is nowhere in his speech asean and mission that an essay i programme has already taken place the part where brennan mentions geo engineering is just one example out of several not often mentioned issues the cia monitors for potential elements of it stability in the world as a i programme ever implemented could penetrate conflicts and security threats if misused the cia his job is to consider all types of concepts concepts for tension travellers and threats including this science oriented concepts that's totally let me break down the right now possible nor to everybody but what that guy just said is that possible now that's basely let breaded said boy saying is that there are potential threats human mentally it's an issue rights these
admitting that he there's an essay i are eliminated ok go tommy airbus bates how many programmes are all the specific slaughter let's classified you google china margin major whether control operations ten years right or qatar or saudi arabia or you uk are your people have studied none of that right there's they call it study a giant in two thousand and five the department of energy programme for aerosol testing with five billion dollars ear shall under this code tuttle fifty chapter thirty two sub section one thousand following twenty eight paragraph b is that true that right yes
from mars under u s code you live on that arbalist tat was a fucking let me just show you i remember the time last time g2 look at how under you must go title fetish ever thirty thousand father twenty i'd rather be that's that's insane under say its low that jamie write it up jewish code job fifty jabber fast remember less code title fifty chapter thirty six months of our twenty by rubbing subsidy one hundred and twenty eight the real fast brain were actually fact speed species would say yes like one thought you jesus yours jabber hardly lucky knows attacks wonders restrictions on use of human subjects for testing of camp trails girl go back back back there go or by
logical agent site now what they do and this is they say it's illegal detest unless it's for research that under a lottery you kill people it was for research park you know that's how some of those japanese wheeler vessels get away with killing whale still they say it's for research purposes and they killed the whales and sell them dark shit you're the only as are the aids or the mask science everything engineers now will you be the big secret mountain view on ass i do i'm not kidding i know i'm not saying it's everywhere they call there the high priest their scientist right there engineers they're allowed to kill people test stuff on kids in jet black people fill us with all the declassified of because they our scientists all the real the eu should urge tortures are most evermore p by making decisions are doctors and so it's all medical doctor staff in this big breakaway civil nation of scientists ok and so that's what they built at under under
the research provisions they can even kill anybody they want i want to go back because we took eddies turn on cam trails but we did at the side tracked from what you were saying about the moon and i want to go back to what you're saying because you are so there are two completely different missions and one of em is real and that there was some sort of contact with aliens no i was yet another saying i had it turns out you're implying tat well i added wilson so there is an ongoing i was told by top nasa individual romantic that indeed there was a break a programme and that he heard and saw a tree and missions on some back channels of reach feeds and advance ships that he'd never even shame that basically didn't look like or anything that he can imagine that was classified and you knew about some classified programmes for every program you saw there was at least ten programme supersecret that's about it by massive ninety percent sacred or more and so he knew about a cloud much less what programmes and he was seeing transmissions and things coming back and talk to people about
breakaway program they said that a lot safer a lot bigger than the moon and they had guys up in orbit just basically said that even other foreign governments from the trajectory point with it they were getting transmissions back from the moon so there are people out basically outside of the regular ordinary just go round in circles wears a geo during his way and one spot rang transmitting back from mathematical spot look like trans measure to fool the russians everybody although measure was going on on the moon so you believe they went to the moon do think did it was buzz aldrin and not on o neil armstrong regulatory everything that he shut up would you tomorrow at dude that's like a movie he told me how did he tell you everything and then he just totally was crazy but he didn't medea that what the public got was thank you he couldn't get a jolly well there's some footage from the moon it looks so ridiculous and most
you'll never see some footage of them that but here's there's the biggest population this is one of the really big ones santa claus that there was a lot of footage that they did where they were doing tests that they wound up jesse using for press releases the using like to say this is actual a job that they write stuff for the project because they want to guaranteed of it a real however advise the truth but there was a thing with michael collins gemini fifteen there was a test photo of him with i got a test re gone and it was like suspended and you can see the background behind him it was clear that is suspended on wires and they took that same photo and black it out and used it as oppressive of him on an actual spacewalk but it's a scam exact yoda our stuff yeah they do that where they just go over within backed uneasy actually use an exact on irish my dad when he was like a junior and ice calls on the plan to programming beauty and they already have cd roms and computers and they had a nuclear
under you t nobody knew about and my dad do about this house a teenager and our like later go the labyrinth going to find it google similarly in the news but i've gotta you to talk to him oh yeah you know but the reactor in the building of reactor also got in and then no one even know that often has to declare actors and north asked what yeah diplomas by those for you i was everyone's ecology he's a reactor under which building in austin texas it's big so big railway system under there but it's it's built right under right under legacy jester so a nuclear reactor in austin texas how many people know about this you know it's in the literature to my dad's only about it when i was a kid i thought you might not believe my dad my dad told me about a dallas hospital was killing people for their organs point that unlike six years later i thought of sixty minutes whites they would killing people for organs really deliver in dallas was on sixty minutes yeah my dad said
i was sixteen fifty intake drivers course said don't sound on organ donor carano hospitals achillea cheese and daniel getting us now i've he was an oral sergeant rewire georgie's i've heard this one killed people is this is why the creepy as things you every time i get asked me can you imagine doctors are get kickbacks for organs that kind of let them see age austrians are seen as the highest cast by the elite so there poland all the stuff from italian you knock creepy would be like to find out that a nurse at your work which is killing people but that's a store that happens over an overhaul of creating a smart killer there's been a bunch they gonna pay so they get no no no no no no i shall be illegal these nurse jobs that signal nurses decide they don't wanna take care something they poise them they there have someone who may be someone's dying slow and they don't like it may just like get tired of dealing with their bullshit sorrow that taiwan is a drastic ojala times a sadistic been a lot of your horse and i have about facts you're actually on target you don't
i think i will worsen you you not i argued on everything everything i know and your aunt argues pretend you're not no one knew that document of utopia head like that so rain man must have been obsessed with cam trails right no i know about it a hearty other people see i remember that's gotta crazy mine i used to have all regimentals about thirty five and now it's getting worse steals that problems of our remember but i want to tell you guys the bay actual has carefully as the big into where these headphones now the problem is when we don't have headphones i we talk over each other i it's hard when three people talk unjust she'd nazi to suit now it's none of our fault it's just now i gotta conspiracy you you're u r bill hicks now some younger than him totally for an ivory i love how either that success its will they actually was a funny gotta gimme a frigate brakemen early another families common foreign said please stop the people saying you're
let's all control these damn people don't worry about that put the haven't back we have refine so i needed i don't know what do you know about aliens and how much our aliens real look this is really big ok airport on the show that media this out but the question is what does donald trump about a year was you know now right disease in the office i don't know it's doubt would be the first thing rogan experience deserves that a first thing i did i would run to the office and i go who's got the documents who's the alien documents who's gonna who's got em that would be the first i would want to rank cheer sir launcelot boring shit i got a robot you never have to piss are limited we might best please deep recent the proclamation wanting what he is gone but am i
wrong to still hold out hope that aliens are real because i tell you as one of two guilty pleasures fair still cling to his big foot and aliens those are to take not so much i wish he was real but i just don't are you ready yes they were true now come on daddy are you ready as some of you the big uncharted joe thereby aliens in this room right now for real yeah you're not of this world brought me you're the ailing well i didn't know it's like gum there was like an old comic book about that but some dude who was forgetful per ass her then he realized at the end of it he was actually an alien from another planet that same sent down here to monitor people just forgot well here's what daily leave em wanted to write letters we alter its context i know that i can prove thank you people can you handle that ok really surprised how much you knew every angle of so called pizzagate that i forgot wilds to meet more obviously we
have children and when you hear someone that wants to molest children did its special kind of evil to special kind you are in its it's also a special kind of bizarre twisted sickness that the human mind put like is is capable of logic we ve got a horse programming on care kids and we need to do something very crazy about people's brains and this fund something very crazy about of the weird variables that can potentially happen aggravate we will all sort of weird crazy aberrations and standard behaviour in like this the standard behavior but people that are just normal folks who got kids i got kids i'll get can i get a reply to you sit down you have a couple of beers laugh you joe have again i bob going steve that's fucking normal shit right when you're normal in theirs normal people around here you assume that everybody is basically a good purse we all our problems normal lower gorgeous that's your wife comes in the bedroom she even going you don't
get a five year old think that's what i want now there's some you what you try say is there some people out there that have this horrific programming whatever the fuck it that causes it is a bunch of psychologist trend speculate figure out causes but if we beat the habit of all but the thing is its real and its terrify here tonight it's going on we can't tonight's real and it's all set like chicken jared from subway the subway guy the subway guys in jail for being a pitiful what are you doing to emma they usually have intelligence and there armies were fighting a pitiful conspiracy but beyond that it's a vampire conspiracy and that they are energy mentioned sucking the essence of our youth right and their possessed by an off world entity they do and then joe abbot twenty years and i'll don't get into aliens medicine you call religion that i've studied the elite and i've also a lot of the top people them and if you want to know i will actually breaking
right now the best knowledge right now what's happening on the planet what's happening let me have your basic just stop ok love when you can use that word full confidence i never said that let me give you a basic just stalled guy got such a fraud no you're not you're nominated i think if i use that word now you'll get all this majority have not static azure bookworm research work good way the lee are all about transcendence and living forever and the secrets of the universe and they want to know all this summer good summer bad summer mix but the girl ones don't ever want to organise the battle so i want to organise because they lost for power powerful consciousness is dont want to dominate other people they wanted powers they don't tip gather until things are really late in the game than they come together evils always defeated because goodest much stronger and we're on this plan and einstein's visit showed it max places has shudder offers at least twelve dimensions and now that's all the top scientists in billion over coming out saying it's a false hollow
ram it is artificial the computer scanning at in finding tension points where its artificially projected again cavities bleeding in to this universe that's what they called dark matter so we're like a thought or dream that's a wisp in computer programs some gods mind whatever their proving tal coming out now there's like shove transmissions zone below the third dimension the chest and over the most horrible things what it resonates too and it's trying to get up into the third dimension that just a basic law consciousness to launch into the next levels our species already way up in the first six dimension consciously our best people but there is big ward i too like basically destroy humanity because humanity has free will and there decision to watch however we want to go to we have very well so evils allowed to come and content and not just good and the themselves leave their regime
or using human technology to try to take our best minds and build some type of breakaway civilization where they're gonna marry what machines transcend and break away from a failed state cs it is man which is kind of like a false trance i should because their thinking what they are is ugly and bad projecting and under themselves set of believing knowledge a human test about building us up and so google was set up eighteen eighteen nineteen years ago this was i know about this report was declassified i'm saying i sources that they wanted to build giant artificial system and google believes that the first artificial intelligence will be a schubert computer but on the neuron activity of the hive mind of humanity with billions people wired into over the internet askance and so all of our thoughts go into it and we're actually building computer that's real neurons in real time that's also psychically connected to us that are organic creatures so that they will have current prediction powers
future prediction powers through crystal ball but the big sacred as once you have crystal ball and know the future you can add stimuli beforehand and make decisions that control the future and so then it's the end of consciousness and free will for individuals as we know and a true to point out a very bad way hive my conscience with an jack and everyone knowing our hopes and dreams delivering it it was not in some piquet de wire at system where we plugin and give up unconsciousness because of unlimited pleasure but because we were already wired and absorbed before we knew it by giving over our consciousness to this system our daily decisions that it was able to manipulate and control into a larger system there is now when counterstrike taking place to shut this all before falling into place and block these systems and to try to have an actual bade about where humanity goes and cut off the pedophiles vampires that are control
there's a i system before humanity's destroy women humanity has only control the way i think that the pedophiles getting control pet the pedophiles at whatever level the devil where we call this unidimensional day that gives them advanced offworld technology to fall on one side of this world is giving them that's not what i wanna talk to run a little systems what has already been used before on other populations why that satan body we are talking about let's say they explain species is now making a decision where you allowed its entire future when getting answers from that's what it is but where you getting i know you know in the news or tv right this is an international force there the influence us to build something that absorbs in kills us rather than the divine free will were given to build something much better that empowers the species so the pcs is now making a decision will you come out its entire future when getting us from from that's what it is but we you getting i know from from looking at all the data researching in studying at work
watching the enemy that's the big decision that humanity is now got before us so of your directing someone to investigate this on their own how would they do that so you say here's the problem you get some place finally indeed research where it's what every culture already said when everybody knew what they're telling your movies like prometheus what the elite admit the new york times believe it is this you know she goodbye offworld systems hands vermeer yes everything everything there doing points if you read their own writings they believe where this ugly fallen ugly species we're are we to be killed there the millionaires horrible the knowledge and they're gonna marginal machines and become as a goal and i love it don't you think than most people who extrapolate from where we stand today with our cell phones and our apple watches and our integration with the computer and the internet constantly don't you think that most people see there's
be some sort of symbiotic connection it's very easy thing that relating it before i understand but a lot of divorce amiable your problem who engineered what we were given what is the point of the back door the trojan horse here's what i'm doing yahoo engineered what here's we urge israel johnny leap the elite literally believe inter dimensionally they were given this information on and built it and here's the thing they built it and google admits you would have data dumps to wire two years ago that they're building an ar in human consciousness free will and take over and the ex species will rise out of that they are we decided our species but people been time marshall mcluhan was talking about at fifty fucking years there's the old they built it amazon two years ago admit they can already with ninety percent certainty pick what's wrong your users are going alec before they horizontal read it instead of dragging this out to some nefarious end is entirely possible that all these future is all these technological in
they all they all see the same end game and there's gonna be some sort of please migration migratory people but it's been artificially on that historically everybody saw this coming right and so this big futurists all the people that started field fort before silicones who created the flash mcluhan i think it was in the nineteen seventy said that human beings are the sex organs of the machine world and he was saying even back then that human beings are eventually going to integrate or become something that's apart what i'm telling you is there's a centralized system of water bill what is it naturally occurs to who is that were artificial he was really the each believe they're getting off world honoured and building these things you just describing right now and if you actually rebate all the global say if i was you are the right as you know the show they are getting not offworld but entered national communications too didn't build this system
we see lowers are iq makes us live last i've never makes his unhappy but when you making these big statements like they ve getting into dimensional signals as telling them to create these systems that lower i accuse that's somethin you got a really prove where are you sure you're ok please if there's something you all the studies show screening i'm all the computers lowering our cue lowering fertility although here that it must not be right there was not a case is that a case of is somebody here a gun to your head let me tell you about me i'm addicted this goddamn thing of watching television videos i love love taking pictures shit i love while the determination of humanity it has a lot of beautiful works it does but i'll tell you the very addictive the very directive hold on a second let me stop you're right there i don't necessarily think that's engineered to be addictive i think it's engineered to be really well in the fact work really well and the fact that it works really well is very addictive just like little kids look at a screen you put a fuck
television in front of them when there's one year old and early some stupid commercial and they'll i won't show they pay for it hold on a second nobody men are unknown though they may better hold on a second they made better and better knowledge that we're not designed to absorb human beings of actually sit me with every day the exact dna that we did ten thousand years the atlantic and there was nothing like television there was nothing like movies there was nothing like stereo headphones and projected elicited joseph rather you're going you're crazy we're like it settled morleys you're interrupted my crazy rent telling you that this is a natural progression of this massive and fatuous that we have the technology they dont have to engineer it its natural do you have to say that any body whose looking cooler and cordiality attacks movies all that of is a natural energy jobs wouldn't let us kids play that i've had well then he's a cut he's a cut
but you kids via the guy is fucks wrong that we set right ran not disagree without you interrupted at ten times you thought let a motherfucker ran like we're done rather than some don't know shit who cares about going about this when i talk about the weather adding to their renewal let me tell you right now let me turn now claire my house down things being set up to control ok what i'm telling you you mean you're talking about the elites and into dimensional signals of their receiving that are telling us to lower i q you can't just say that need proof ok let me give you prove that sounds so crazy by the well all its own i wonder where the aliens also proved they honour i you know what it's really cool the same computer simulations was though everybody talks about that everyone says you're not you're not nobody there saying that will make you had your not easily easily yeah we're in a computer simulation but then when you talk inner dimensional like magical shit
wait a minute exactly magic is a technology that has a majority exact we have the videos are fuckin magic for short gag if islands in ireland we you and i can do right now and we go look here we'll do it right now this is what's what we're gonna do we're gonna go right now you wanna talk some magic is this really is fuckin magic we're going to do it grandma penalizing lived right now we're doing in amsterdam live we're doing like one little instrument of lorries lions containing several wars that this is a whole new design new thing young jean marie fuck this has never julia lighter alive occasionally added pulling a you got a little longer than you let me go below them bad apples on what's that we're gonna go out and find and why a pen to our position
no you know is light weight of drinking coffee i drank one of these kill cliff coffee drank one order of butter coffee did i go line is gone of drinking this air want conspiracy conspirator somebody i had two glass the whisky that's bullshit and these bitches european p i stand holding something i'd take credit to all break when it's all that stuff that those was his rent sure we're going back to that she's deftly highs did we get the stuff about pause audience tellingham some fuckin exactly crazy shit like oh my god i'm too tired you're gonna get us all we got on my i knew that was of key to make this park ass hooper special was what he asked
the whisky himself so he started deposit yours or has that is or that are not as a gentleman thousand live listeners this is generally the latter yeah there's a record a big time record you actually two thousand lacquered holy shit gentlemen jack is this is they send us less right good i mean good and in all his terrible like are you suck it on the devil's asshole disgusting me that's gotta have the vote a whiskey is that its disgust to tell i shall allow instagram i love a lot of people thought that this was a conspiracy because any went live on instagram live and you disappeared so there was a lot of talk online ever existed there are now confronted or about earlier inability globalist our john hume and they think we're about you dumb animals where the aliens their curing shot they believe it's not aliens that international aid does that have to do with the loose variant freemasonry type shut
bones stolen bone breakdown free as i know that the albert pike wrote the pre mason bible he started mountains a ferry and ships of your four remain until early in my hand says they each other about the technical go for it or for tell me albert our pike annoying i want to give every joe here's a vague joe you you brought in right this point about i wilderness italy dear point could you give us an obligation in the first place we but of the whole point about number we'd alex no man in ports and above all good when you realize you you went to deal with the aim of encouraging the smoke you talk and uptake of new entrants i'm trying to download this not yours you're nice certainly i wanna be nice your great guy look i
man i'm happy to see what i'm telling you this is that the globalist admit a lot of this it's in a lot of their white papers all the report's women it should give it to you i will they say they believe they're gonna become gods the rest of us profane about another shit about international beings given him all the data when he says that come there you you know where the theory of of the species and were all the darwin stuff came from where he had elucidation unbelievable given all the stuff from like demons i'm not saying that you are confusing darwin descartes knowledge storm didn't descartes isn't he the one that i came out of the idea of silence science from a dream love darwins idea came down what was like really into watch handling and stuff here yes in the guise of your generosity actually does ok what i would say is the calculate the guy that yeah a lot of those guys ass long ass they get a technology they believe
a friend of dementia people's lives here and now all about this much is have you joe and you sit there and act like you don't know i forgot about right to give you all it's all the information you have a say on the shelling joe no voters mars but you know i bring it up then you say among others into dimensional but i just want to know where its capacity has legitimately desolate small scale show me showed it showed darwin image but no jamie already known although you probably know that i know the darwins partner the guy that developed the theory of evolution where there were they both have like a similar theory and together with it and he was i greeley and knew it to the point where you mustn't channeling also it's weird stuff only knows this discredited him i'll listen you're real that's what they believe i'm not saying it's real siemens gonna have me up your uplifting out its own of saint of saying they discredited him they just put all the emphasis on darwin that's what you only know about darwin it's ok from working for me
that's faced him but if we want to give up the aliens come i know you think you're going back to gaza we holier than i do we do you gotta start there which is spoken right you don't know shit like this very right i love it i'm a man only just i pleaded nursing if you look at this that's what i'm telling you i dont believe it ok i'm telling you study what the establishment billy none of my they all believe they're getting international staff should be your back to dalton and wedgewood and huxley recognize always names if you go back to darwin darwin wrote this these letters these publicly republican reduce online from it national your royal archives in england stuff all believe they were all part of a secret breed programme or the british thought they would have liked a superhuman if they bread these six families together to live create this like mainline british extra this violence is known eugenics etc and then galton
whose related always other guys in eighteen fifty see stars these ideas these says there's a double helix was the snakes for for science and medicine and he said we're gonna discover that he's in the building blocks alive and he said is going to call biometrics and will track everybody by reading there genetics is what hitler freaked out about picked up and something like a of the fourteen new sciences like half or more than half the sciences that came says the eighteen sixty were all from galton and all darwin so the media in the liberals gimme there's one thing origin of species like closing its water right it's super having like galactic stuff they give this you this is only one little boil down bs it we'd have you gotta what these really wrote they were like inner marrying and involving wicked seances and channeling and and and this weird ass crap
then they envisioned ok was about what he likes dna discovered ok biometrics ok we're gonna be ok computers ok atomic weapons gimme the equations and they were all them like going other scientists means ago we believe as a programmer you'd take different matter too other initiatives that will cause an explosion and it's like they were like given either humans are super advance already had this knowledge or somewhere else in our genetics and were pure before and were able to them first mr genetic memories and archives or it was given of world but humans like have this data compacted and can press ready like probe it was then called like the acacia record just like you mean all of that is is is a cautious and ethically fanatics here's the epigenetic they'll take chickens with eggs and new tin generation a major universities that have never seen a hot and they put him in these like these when you foot ceilings and i'll have a triangle over a square flyover little baby chickens networking generate our generation go on for fifteen years
they fly one hawk over and they all squawk yelling screw may i run into their nest now i never saw hawk and never saw killer chicken declaration generation two june was was compressed data knowledge of the hawk that is asked on genetically yeah they say that's children are always afraid monsters tigers and bears used to be tat my son just wants to be changed so much he wants the practice getting away from a predator loves that the mouse he wants to get where you can catch me everyone wherever it may sound predators you can't fight thing get the fuck away from that time the zoo in china i recommend you do that sounds good news fear of a good not even in my local using analogy we want gloves you i'll i'll admit that i was like oh shit we share a little we but then
you're right about down you're bringing in ukraine by the ideas about strong keep a girl you gonna good place right now keep a gun you talkin about now you're getting into our pike while he's the founder of the decades of top confederate general heavily illuminati worldwide time so let's establish something that's like maybe people there and this might go what the fuck are these guys ramadan that lot exposing that supports establishes throughout history from the beginning of organised human secret knowledge folkestone a passenger who has also been people can lie ring to control whatever ass a silent and people conspired to control whatever aspect of it whether its political whether it's the military like whatever it is there's always been that it's always happened has been military coups all throughout history these wars all throughout the united states should set a peaceful unbroke hausa i mean to the intelligence italy tall it out of economic loveless he'd eddies ass you do
intelligence community leaked out what data they liked although it here makes he's over her saying aren't regionally broke out on saying that the russians didn't do it now really i know this because the mainstream media seller hold i'm age joe gimme a break to nine no actually i don't know how you know if you ever have you know me for like security seventeen years yes ever going to say i have a source i'm gonna be honest no no no mean i've got for supposing i can't tell us how you know let's just say i got down today from a head of state and what he said i can tell you voted on time the point is if you didn't tell me what the phrase we screwed up listed early so cause products by now russian diverse we mean on purpose matters must now that the hardline thank as theirs intelligent people like my students like you hear that you believe the rush it's hard to beware how does so why must i believe that your why you saying that the intelligence agency leaked all this and not russia
because i was told before it was all leaked by the former director of psychology deliberations the cia come up he told you there's gonna be late yeah before i was never why in view of the cia a veritable from a cia and as a defence intelligence you name it over the years i mean it the news that entirely possible general flan former adage intelligence tweets on my articles i'm not sure even some secret i mean re enemy knows the point is that i'm she was honest person that understanding i'm out for humanity i dont want peace power young and old people but is entirely possible emulate how does it information like that get out well there's an open rebellion the criminals have jacked our government and so we overthrew the global send obama and we're taking em over in france and italy in spain in greece in the uk though i place we're on successful so far as canada so we just took australia about took us right
with the idea of marie homage aside it what does that mean see most people start brag about stuff i'm telling you it's really you're not wearing one of those who are still here i mean mobile list are losing countries every month right now to the liberty mobile what what says that these are what i would have you have all their then why do you and your family to be successful and aren't out hurt you and make you poor like the globalist there's good people and they used the entire oceans agencies to defeat the global there's been a major counter offensive and the global made one wrong move it out at five years ago it was it was the system i like four years ago i've had see i was blowers all obama show colonels special operations you name it who were authorized by i level senators come on my show they ran away honor curve there was a deal mainly radical islam to actually take over europe and then the united states and by that make us can not convert but submit is law not criticise what are they blow stuff up they thought they brilliance you know new masculine arm though it make us
met and it got so even our own intelligence agencies that we had been corrupted settled it's too far we're not doing it and so on about four years ago started coming back up for air and now we're just we're throwing all system there is a huge war going on beautiful we we're kicking there asked on every front now like i said at the top it's a if it's that at the dawn of a new age you work ass george w bush current obama all your letter republic our democratic you work for you against government but now it's a new day now the consumer seafarers like yourself you're the king of em we're pro government and the sheep there our protest in crime explain that while i'm lonely trumps pervert key really genuinely is like going and all these corporate and one sided deals there's no meetings dollars a lobbyist he ban them all for lifetime here
literally goes on with actual worries and computer programs and with sugar and eyesight technology that even before he was an he says cuz the generals came to him years ago there so we deliver all almost everybody we don't wanna make america poor we don't want to have big wars who wonders tat prosperity sir we ve got next to free energy all these technologies cures for cancer we're ready to release it that's why talk about the state of the union or his his first inaugural and does it will be the second and he just really cares about humanity and he's not a say he doesn't like ripping gives you like super hard they show european women once that there was a little girl you know just he somebody now to get humanity and he's got the intelligence agencies totally back into the hill and it's just a super epic moment to be life what's going on so forward trot hold on one second so what do you think
gwen you you said earlier in the podcast you don't think it's perfect right what do you think he could do different that would make people accept well i said last what he should do about torture treat his next day just magical areas designs and you came up with the idea that what did you say this about tortures zeit guys and i'm in design guys so in that zone as you can see everything right even though you're like just a normal person you can live looking at any avenue anyone your take on it is that it's good to have him in despite whatever flaws people may proceed well he wants prosperity and he's not a part of the system that he replaced while there are legacy and he likes full grown women ok i believe that you can have say that for now but i'm just i'm just georgia and most people are serious both like they're like eradicate out your backyard and torture for couple weeks the kid map gaiety
we're sure they re always thought that would combine emails what's going on in like well these are kind of exhaust or about every time for you to get in there some of these are damaged look i'm up even going on i believed you look i don't know what we take us in a big old guy comes into just breaks their jobs so any central point after we gonna oh yeah what if successful is an entire route like a lot of people aren't just gettin in dire right now they're getting take right now about the vatican they are then what is i was that worries about in their own country level stop trapeze the devil stopping it you think we ve got stopping that's the vatican's gather pet of all central issue their pants overdrive the vatican is so bizarre yacu trunk going after the vat against a country gracie amount it is easy why because i wouldn't want you this is this is what they alex i always thought
how weird is it that everybody south park is making a goddamn episode about them pedophiles nobody's investigating what's goin on here so to me you didn't you conspiracy of silence i documented they never got worries about the whole network they realize oh shit note the reason my opinion is the reason no one's getting arrested at the vat again at a high rate anyways is because everybody at the top is involved let me with the good news i'm not here to kiss the asked the establishment alot patriots in the government i have always criticise ended up being the people that heard me better you betcha do something they done something in there really trying to reverse this whole thing right now and there is a full out war inside the government of guys like each stakes drink beer and haven't women versus a bunch of pot belly pitfalls oh jesus christ what's really fucked up is it the people that before the sandusky thing came out the people rounded problem
heard rumors that's probably someone to talk someone it says something but nobody really wanted to believe it well in that area did happen well spurs your silence is a documentary can wondering i another guy released they're talking about the base the headquarters of the pedophile network that's that's an international network is in omaha nebraska at boys town they they like taken orphans orphans there's different levels there's guys we didn't want any trouble they does what words and can only send annesley cycles they want to go kidnap there's like that hard core people and you know what they're top officials and in every aspect of government and a celebrity it's not everybody but it's enough said there's enough
bull involved that nobody's investigating anybody because they're all involved they all better keep their mouths shut so crazy something gets the level of the catholic church got to where the notary vienna here and we must prevent a conversation myself an ultra yes sure go fail out of use minimum we do it she who cares media madam he was wrong i know my one of those who had a drink of this is a time areas is go now trump basically said we're going to clean it up alex we know all about it alex stop him am i am we're gonna do it they also said obama's from kenya while that was when that's a huge intelligence hop you the right that don't you know about reagan it was also about our security software now can tell you the full scoop on that right would you think up now know exactly what they told him the bomb was from kenya they fucked with them on a yes
ok i was gonna tell a transfer but if you do that google to my mind i was to learn from storage and we'll go regularity store bravo yeah jamie you better add extra just times here joe apple juice what it would maybe not alex command a cigarette one crisis give me five hours if you pay miller dreyer minors i might have gambling is another dimension of yours seven years so we only use about say what was that what was issued jesus christ do remember what the question was jamie what donald trump told you now that was an as yet no you're about to say what donald trump told you know knows about you want to know about something else what they want but let's leave but hold on a second leave off fuckin with my memory what was it you just you are just give up i'm not the only one i shouldn't have emory not an hour to discuss
the terms are not we term jamie's gonna figured out jim you can figure out what is it that will not come into i was gonna tell him on twitter and we'll figure this out jesus christ and then right is problem with being too and talk and reach us was about to tell us how you know your machine government trump card they were at a hundred times a week on average known for a long time to our show known this year long as progress we will definitely peter out with than now look for ever do it is no one knows what the fuck we're just talking about a minute how do we are only partially all forget your question because we're blasted knew better you gonna kyar dispensary
man is so you were talking about the vat again we're talking about pedophiles and the catholic church certificate that's right the all powerful to react telling what that does not place we're not ashamed of this because i got conned were not what i would call vocabulary every once in a while i admit it later we learn from our nokia what happened did buzz don't let it go on out we told you a funny bonanno kenya kenya well ok kenya everything i want to say your listers can write this down they can search engine everything i want to say and choose for themselves because all the journey within four wars is it is not that i'm that smart i'm just like you i'm having this journey and i want to show you so this is what our ok obama's runner for office and hilary people have fallen is everyday hilary campaign
this letter came out push up he's born in kenya and i'm like a screw her i was quietly and i'm really ashamed of this but i told listeners this on the said i was i was literally on obama supporter in wanted to try to unify people i didn't like john mccain sassetta he's bad rats your bad but i hated what had happened so mozilla fooled by obama to where i was all right let's get a little time and it was an obama support i didn't attacking you liked it better than the alternative yeah indebted pushing for office i was just like hoping that always be a shrill show short here and there leagues that was from hilary legal google to sit hilary first progenitor aided the whole all deal show i'm sure
their hearing dead dead she's born in kenya something out of here that's much bs and then the article start coming out as the right wing picture that does the research and its his wife and my two thousand and six and seven in speeches going my husband born in kenya knows about the immigrants experiences video you can pull up machine we have brought up and then and then harvard law review which he headed up for at least three years he was the editor he says i was born in a little bit he bore buys penury oh yeah says he wasn't born can you would like it so that was just like pizza get it let us finally
are now that no double cross its not not pedophilia behold islets hearsay testing which is still plaguing so many of our communities which you all know a lot about is due to homophobia iraq has lead by example when we took our trip to africa and visited his home country in kenya we took a public hiv test for the very point of showing folks in camera that doesn't mean that he was most likely liner club he just found that fast another where she said enters the harvard law review which he where he says i would warn against ok we'll that but it should have there was she soon as his homeland like a year from ireland and i want to go back to italy or ireland or yeah that's only when they called the homeland but because it was just going on about recovering can you shrimp approach has ever get area so you're drunk on involving all that
aubert's report will join nano was so how did it what did someone like leaked out information him to try to make him look foolish because he chased after yes show or just researchers out of my family my foolish so do you think they just may be made an incorrect that we found out all about it this is stunning information show people want to say he's illegitimate they then get him in a harvard law review change one again you they look at clubs they look at the facts you want really name name barry soetoro in indonesia and always work cut out names or like five aliases why they wrote than he wrote dream look it up zero hour he wrote dream my real father run our dreams my father reasonable follows the documentary and energy does not frank marshall davis the communist famous pornographer tat he spit farmers will you look side by side sustained guy so they were worried that was very frank marshall davis but it actually
in his mom in like a scam make it lay off she would see i bring that people that you ask it sham marriages to have them emigrate it was basically a cover up with effective is real father was fright marshall day was the communists and so to a bomb is real dad was enraged viral father breaks it all down its online its prey powerful info so what does that mean just as a perfect example of you're not born in kenya you're really born in hawaii on them you know main city based i'll i learned how allude to frank marshall davis right and your grandfather cia your mother she i that's all the declassified air this kind prs mom was a cia area what was would she do for this she was a sex operative now and and and sheep as for news photos betty page style with sex operators in photos fright marshall davis was house and you know
because you see these are very visible all involved i've read dreams of my father where he admits i stated frank marshall damage this house he was like my dad my grandpa i had a special unspoken relationship of their markets look up obama frank marshall davis or obama real money you thought about what do you think about the conspiracy theory that the obama was like bread by the cia the whole way through otherwise troops on third a really we said she i e that just means like a marketing project of whoever was in power at the time for eight years who was in charge of that whoever shows interest can go then his basically me involved and rolling the levers of the social engineering other society so what does that have to do obama growing up did we're those rumours that he was at an end a cia agents in pakistan while he was supposed to be in colombia we
he probably exactly probably spent six months the others a supposed father brok for speranza second versus right marshall does her i think you looks more like the other brok ok well look up the linear look frank marshall damages pornography and is and i will do no such thing obama's mother clear in the motors grant he allowed his book dreams of my father many many stayed with fright marshall day was ok but but listen that's not the issue we what i asked you though to get back to where we start from was why did trump chase after that whole he was born in kenya shit for because he knew a shiver hot with the public and he wanted to know the answer to it as well and didn't like two things obama was done who it was a weird thing because if you were a guy who was a white guy and we wanted to prove your burnt born austria but
you had some birth certificate that said you're born united sates spoke perfect english but yet a square jaw you look like you're from the frozen north this mother fucker isn't free from austria dude i'm telling you it's from fuck in austria and then someone like made a big deal out of it and gave you like a fake birth certificate and people wouldn't do never hear racism then interesting like you were here yeah this guy might really i've been born other minded and something that i wouldn't worry residents are get bits of ratio been instantaneously gets connected to racism does an assumed racism with almost why is it color morocco by any accusation i love jimi hendrix use music what color is long watch hours of rest our pretty good good zile all of that show i'm telling you is yours frank marshall david central i believe it is in its crack you how conclusive it is my mom and dad are we talking about five years ago that's crazy let us see the film about who they are are they were blown away but listen let me with the big picture please the elite admit that
they are studying humanity like their breakaway civilization they believe they're taking the best tat is manatee and building breakaway civilization of technocracy show they can train send us i want the public to know the decision has been made tom you down vulcanize utah are you against yourselves have regional wars play people off against each other and then basely released by others that wipe out both the population poking while the allowing transcendent genetic pause is right here who are the elite like when you say the elite who are these people and how did they get together they hold on a second how do they all agree who votes to how they decide which our material in taipei super billionaire characters like runnin shit so how did they get together and all agree on the south side of agendas that will empower their individual agendas and are pretty much let into those power structures earlier
side of them because they are a burger bizarre build a burglar alarm of rome builder burger at the club of rome davis club of rome is a population reduction ruby do not enforce dot com right now there's an article in a video i cut about over whimpering are not things about person here these part of a secret eugenics group although i can stop right there oliver i said i'm not saying she's a bad person but as he is part of a secret eugenics trip everywhere that some are really hydropower like killing weak people in the hope of a really good person though yeah that's a larry i dislike absolutely so you can go there it's the truth while over went very ok and adjust deals with its new sawing oberlin free and secretly your face you excelsior with the other toilet you think she's in secret meetings with like the build up our group was she admits that okra to report that they had met on the news to reduce population
i we looked at first live like that but when assessing the brightness blight now when somebody areas that can hold please when suddenly her says something about reducing the amount of illegitimate babies born or them out of babies are born because there's no birth control a lot of or on a statements get construed into population control she's in this area only then people start sand she's in the population control and that means was shown the sacred meetings and she's push and she's tax i'm not a no secret meetings are you no secret me image i don't you go to this link that we like to have you ever been in one s eager meaning at its regular why do you hear what they said yes did you stay said they want to kill half the people now they say that was really not you believe me rather wasn't i remember that that was the house real shit you know big fuckin jim brown types did mean that is like if you want to go back to leg conspiracy theory fuel like people excited about something when you find out
there really are a bunch of global it leads to get on the ranch and they got a fuckin giant stone our and they burn up a bundle of wood in effigy and they all where fuckin masks and shed and then you actually have video footage of it and is weird sort of a ceremony they're doing and whether a is ethnic or not that easy or pretending it is would have wished however it is its crazier and i was like and they hijack leeward as yet go into that how did you sneak into the bohemian grow those amazing while people i wish i was sadly levy and it was quite like that we have inside her wanting to get me and actually see it and most people are bad go to it but the point is it's kind of a gateway into all of this maize and so this is u apple he mean grove and you're in your on the other side of liquor looks ilo ponder something as ill frida plenty goes beyond all care may fire make merriment with your dust meagre no it was so strange it was so bizarre listens
a guy in the speaker blaring out across the garage i play it put lit what's with places was water runs here something to play for high school it is it's all play but we're late it started that work as as we entertainment so what are you this is just some really ancient ritual that their redoing i thought it was no big deal too i was in the crown of old man that risk lavishing they were like loved and actually ejaculate in their pants such advice you sure project we now know they were like did ecstasy what is it about p all that love those secret societies i remember that j f k speech about secret societies will not tolerate yet a fuckin beautiful speech why they guessed
pull up jimmy pool of j of case bureaus evils i want power over others adele crave shrine secret essence right they're looking for that seek replace them most i yeah no absolutely nets but that's just like your time about pedophiles just like it you know any other deviant there are no winners lingering yeah i want to go in a big pile of stakes i bear on a nicer has cranked up ladies and gentlemen the very worried secrecy is repugnant in a free and open society and we hours of people inherently an historically opposed to secret societies the secret oath and a secret proceeding on by myself jail transatlantic put this item of you were an angel is excessive and started about secret societies a pertinent facts far outweigh the dangers which are cited to justify it even to
there is little value in opposing the threat of a closed society by imitating its arbitrary restrictions even today there is little value in ensuring the survival of our nation if our traditions do not survive with it and there is very grave danger that in announced need for increased security will be seized upon by those anxious to expand its meaning to the very limits of official censorship and concealment that i do not intend to permit to the extent that it's in my control and no official of my administration whether his rank is high or low civilian or military like should interpret my words he had and i kill as an excuse to censor the news to stifle descent they knew it to cover up our mistakes or withhold from the press and the public the facts they deserve to know
we are opposed around the world here it is by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covet means for expanding its sphere of influence on infiltration instead of invasion on subversion instead of elections on intimidation instead of free choice on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day it is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly nick
highly efficient machine that combines military diplomatic intelligence economic size started about common political operation its preparations are concealed not published its mistakes are buried not headline its dissenters silenced not praised no expenditure is question nor rumor is printed no secret is revealed no president should fear public scrutiny of his programme for from that scrutiny comes understanding and from that understanding comes support or opposition and both unnecessary i am not asking your newspapers to support and administration but i am asking your help pushing the tremendous task of informing and alerting the american people
for i have complete confidence we until then that's a that's such a crazy speech because it's him talking about the structures that were already in place and about the dangers of withholding information for people and him being forthright as apply as an end in a way that we ve never heard before sense i gazed literally talking a jail tramp tramp tramp spring and i dont know what to tell you well let me listen winkler he's talking about our own military industrial complex and eisenhower just warned about his outgoing predecessor he thought about this is there at the same time he was really smart cookie the eyes and our warnings where the creep use things inhuman oh yeah about them really where the military council you have k that sounded like you signed by communist pull up i shall how warns of the military industrial complex walter us he did it but just be good but there's a clip that just has that so segment of it we only saw four year there was a lie he says there is a scientific technocratic elite that is it
and of all information about to shut it down the public and then they will control the military she'll be where the military yields in the military was bad right he said these ten military industrial genesis we're about it control over the scientific people dolly about saving and finally it goes it jamie this is they address rudder is my fellow we now stand in years past the mid point of a century that has witnessed for major war among greatness charles right type eisenhower military industrial complex frazier he's gonna say it in here somewhere but it's a three minute speech at sea save any suicide alex it seems like tromp everybody got us more people it indifferent points of their life they begin to realise how much any lies i been told they begin to wake up they're not totally woke up but they begin to wake up and then they find
about nine eleven but don't believe all this other shit and then they find out about this but i don't believe in all that other than they find about that and then the very high level that the dude there's like yeah all this shit is true if you could follow the money it's probably true might be wrong one or two or three times but generally we're dealing with a totally crooked situation that's what are they doing there not stolen money from corporate patient you still money from a corporation is going to come after you kill you with what they're doing it's it's the master of stealing tax money that's what this is all about this is stealing tat nobody because nobody's gonna go after you still time why are you get all these programmes in these bills pass was play this girl jim
military contracted the tax payers pan for all their lives are good are all involved so is the very structure of our society in the councils of government or must we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence whether sought or unsought by the military industrial complex the potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exist and will persist we must now let the weight of this combination endanger our liberty or democratic process to scratch if they'd let that out like it was so tat if you think about this back in that early days of radio in the early days of moving pictures only refer to all the members that where they hurt at all the elite had access to this acknowledging moving pictures radio right from the gig go wrong from data when i want to get right from
they want it wasn't like your average guy was trying to help you manatee the guys who had technology where i am believe whatever the fuck we say back in the day you'd listen the radio those news reports or when the movie pictures were rendered madness yes that's what i'm talking about right wouldn't go tv movies radio and all of it was propaganda origin would never left out on his aliens involve an historically talk about propaganda lies in our had l l eminent sir come to him who loves the chairman george you tell him in search of his now just google operation or i know about that sure shouting german they said we all want terror attacks in america and sort of war or the soviets cycle another evil the we're going to do that so far kay comes here the same guys gonna make him do it he refuse so they kill him
while they wanted to have drone jet liners and blow them up and blame it on the cubans not alone they wanted to arm cuban friendly's an attack guantanamo bay they had a bunch of really crazy shit planned when you re as one of its operation northwards was and he really this assigned by the joint she's scare staff it scared the shit out eu legislation is real world talking here we're talking here does it doesnt let's get a shit are you there well there's an unfamiliar mind that is still today it's two thousand seventy doesn't a blow your minded people still think that nine eleven happen the way it what you will get to dine eleven on racial northwards is a hundred percent principle that crazy acted declassified two thousand when people realise that that was a real documents u s government plan to star wars russia and she'll be my blog moby theatres have you as military bases kill american capital till american military people hijack jed's crash him have seen
get on board of faint plane lands are the real plane lands of fake plain attacks was it was nine love eleven just bananas that someone would actually sit down i liked by patriots six before and i love a drive to stop it really i'm not saying islamic terrorism real something blushing than did it some super dark state group congress shall have the twenty eight pages vindicate nine slash eleven truthers that saudi arabia with people that they had gotten to convert to islam and paid off of their trillions and they got trillion had joined them and some larger plan to blame i rack their countries that were not radical so saudi arabia could take em over who who put together nine eleven shy arabia muslims i'd ourselves with anybody so in a very these other kinds of the outer to happen in the u s and the u s wasn't involved of course well who is in all who are the key players in nine eleven it's it's totally compartmentalize show you run a drill of the
world trade center and the pudding arming attack on that day so that the plan angel told one around our judges that was a drill that was supposed to be run that day and all came out a drill that was bout an unreal it rains i wasn't repulsed false flags it seems like ok we're gonna do false lag we need to set up the drill they need a drill going on about voting require it's ninety nine point nine percent of the government was involved because of computers it was a test then it is to have a hundred times more staff no one will know cause it's all remote activated the jets by them we're all remote control every jet for twenty five years the big new ones has control moreover control it's all its old it's crazy man there's just snow or unmanned absolutely
well now there man it's just taking the go on autopilot stupid violence if you think about a remark is dumb it's bad members will remember what you said about the drone gentler engineer we're gonna blow that jet liner and blame it on the cubans that wasn't gonna be a gentler philip peoples can be a drone have the capability nineteen sixty two of doing which here how did the outer doubted robert kennedy your jail caged elder brother who was joe junior die he was quite a fighter plane remote controlling to be contained blow with explosives as drowned crash in germany they had drums and world war to jesus christ they had drones and world war two what were they powered by google cave kennedy how did you get a junior die does it mention ever germ seem like can only their father now jokingly junior the crazy thing about the kennedys is is you know if you
lot of times you see criminals come from like a good family and then you see robert can john f kennedy they come from ghana this data is a gangster straight up mafia then he has two kids they thought they had i'm under control greece from a mafia family nay here's the owner of the mob guy is a guy named joy and it is now we're because it's like you're the opposite of your parents like you want to go against your prayers so robert kennedy and john f kennedy they want again that shit rachel the only reason over individual them out my support bab stole illinois formerly and ass the man imported john kennedy was hanging out with frank sinatra then all of a sudden he flipped and you know what he stopped hanging out frank sinatra he started changing his ways something flipped did did he ever kid died something like that is that they make something made em flip i thought i'd read some
could be total bush also how it could be that he had a son the die than made him flat we're gonna go to joe kennedy junior here you feel you guys that could make you think so we therefore assure your kid dodge you're like fuck this i'm goin varies very nice all right yeah you i thought this work could be worse working my son already died that's what we're there weren't you d come after you you like a fuckin apache savage with nothing to lose joe kennedy junior was killed in action while serving as a land based patrol bomber pilot and world war two and with passwords we awarded the navy cross alex jones throw endowed alex just dash do your fucking you're on fire this was was three hours of theirs people out there just now you don't believe you notice laying down
they're like game a mother fucking thrones gear yes you are all i know is there's people in the government they want to empower people and their trundle good job i'm not anti government i don't have a good constitutional government and the truth is i couldn't believe one in my penis contacted me up reach our budget reserve of came to me out of the aren't sea side like the number one passes nobody had read passes i go behind a she's always tommy but back in the bag deal the secret service again there sits gub i'll come up with tell somebody hilary gave us a contact number linux mother and contact you about a month later i got a contact to go can you come down cuz nothing's digital can come down and meet at this place so i can go down and meet that will meet one of my other people as well as where they work was like they're hitting both sides of operation and i said to me hillary has seizures like every thirty minutes she's got an ambulance as black she falls down all the time just have your people at her event will see her falling down she covering it up
sure enough a month now set on air a month later she falls down a road cameras we had footage wait before it cleveland again saying pleasures back to lose key battleground and she was there for an hour in this emergency tat were they with ambulances and stretchers some tony i mean real sources that really care about what is happening in this country and every they told me was dead on you know a scary my government lakes let's go go back i also you bring an hour the hilary thing very bizarre because nobody was supposed to mention it but you weren't supposed to mean that's just fallen down shows that weird like gas and algae and heritage of ammonia they said oh she had pneumonia let me take some other pneumonia you know it i haven't done i have an ever walked and just fallen down while walking billy freighters the background and this risky its known two thousand twelve hours for eleanor had she got of severe concussion that was where ayn rand urging for my sources we asked john hospital for year them
she was now she was fucked up for six months aquareine clinton bill she associations we don't know where she is and then meanwhile i'm told her she's falling not all the time she looks like hell on tv and then secret service says look you've got the people get up off your ass and follow her so we follow her in like five cities we didn't catch it we were in new york they sneak her out she falls down having epilepsy every fifteen study manage the point is my intel was good they gave us info so what are the elite thinking they're gonna put somebody with epilepsy its answer but do you think that it was just their idea was sheen hold togethers anything rather than their citizens take just one or two get her through get all those girls like oh my god everything's gray and then they pass all these mother fucking bills and it was i seem to me that when all this was happening that people so desperately wanted to not look at it because the alternative is trump it wasn't it
taken an objective look at angle while maybe she shunned ready black and out and then you consider that man of head injury that she had two thousand twelve which is real it's a fact of life when you bring that up dogs they think if you bring that up you can achieve people's opinion and you're gonna help trump when voting that logically glittered like little self conscious print to monitor started erotic which cameras about trump that one too so that we can give action idle claims have all the answers and i'm not here to boost your trump cuz i'm tied to his wagon five pack trap how to make more money this isn't about money it's about the trip tromp really has tried to cut taxes it make people successful wealthy he really does care about the average person the elite of central planning slave people to make folks poor and all asked you to do is get past thinking that you're part of this our fishermen are you're smart because your aunt trump mass you'd actually look is really being going on and understand that democrats republicans come and go summer gossamer bad the whole power structure
has been against trump for very serious reason trump is coming after them really is attempting to bring down this whole global system and that's all a regular sides want you're viewers measures now i'm not some we lack life you should only raised him being its bush i wish obama would have been real the points they got to obama would drop he doesn't give a shit they admit their offering a money everything he doesn't less so you think what could he sees you obama could have been is who he was when he was running for office that he was a radical element of change hope and change to close down guantanamo bay he wanted to do all these things but one july at all here the groove our oppose nerve and about during his administration the d a decide to not take marijuana off schedule one everybody knows it schedule i was the cover gradual one means no medical you please don't like electronic means that's what it means to be schedule one that's crazy that marijuana sketch one when it's the most useful out of all the dish
in very silly smart you are joe you smoke marijuana lot about yourselves markets deftly not bad i'm just smelling and i gave a thing here i know you can visit less had serious that's all i'm telling you it lets trump about water conversations about let the people now i mean tromp really wants to make poor people ridge he really wants to defeat collectivism relativism he hates all the bashing my family and what's collected the new world order collectivism is this thing like you're not individual you're like part of a group and trump cards and i can't stand sees a businessman business deals we're china has like thirty five or six and she tariffs on us there's no way get even compete and their shut off our power plants with regulations but not there's one we do that then what what is the reason why because our relates under quite frankly under under under kissinger and and and the courts
the president who is in that next they made a one sided deal for a leads to go make deals with china on their billion plus slaves that kind of sending me they're like slaves to leverage out ass the whole world's industry and trumped doesn't like this one sided deals we sang listen we're not gonna impoverish america power america and actually use american power my freedom worldwide so let me get this four guys like needed all protocols alone promises like what you're saying is in layman's terms the elite that the people in power people that have the green light power to sign these treaties they were may be offered couple meal couple meal there in front of sign this to sell the country out so that they can make ten million five mail there build anything like that
you ask colonise by corporate take over artists and trumpet the instead f you so we're detector global system they built for nothin taken away from them and have the true new amount can millennium not the new century you listen to his we have the time if you wanna play is eighteen minutes share to the union big star or not alone i'm gonna play that already deals with fidel his here his his global nah eurasian speech he lays the whole beautiful bechamel and so if anybody ever wanted to actually have some money trying to make them great and wealthy and powerful it's donald atra that's why the whole eight the whole power structure hollywood all pedophiles every damn demon every pot bellied one inch fucker you know they are all against tromp because he is pro human and he wants to dominate always people it is active album he won't benefits of the ego every now and then ever known
he's only helped him run here offers it any he talks to you in any calls you right i mean that's it uses the other people you know people think they don't know our jones they believe the mainstream media when they try to crucify me and say that button quack and is it well alex you need honestly is someone attemper you you need me right next to you all the time to balance your car powerful this is you being right there that you're like the fucking shit on calm down on you gotta bio suit on you fuckin ray god you're like okay we need this alien to benefit our humanity but i gotta put this guy damn vile sudan because you ve gone crazy just scattered discovered to steer them occasionally just give you get on rats and you'll you'll could connect for five different non related subjects
that's that's beautiful guy that does guy the does die otherwise go right after ran after ran after redwood no teleprompter only guy that could do is is that your mother she was just use rise and here i am actually very uneasy that joe is finished all my sentences and knows more than i do and its similar action on he doesn't know all i don't know more than you do me now you know more than just as much as i know every document every secret programme report may do all out of universal holes using this at all even fog of that you are really listen microsoft buildings sector above all x ray comic micro scar pig bacterial atomic split the goddamn critical mass comparative joe rogan i'm nothing nothing and i've talked so much shit about conspiracy theories that i feel like i need to shut the fuck up because i don't want to
for all of us rather new areas shades of the others questioning on your own the mystery and i'll just receiving the priest cleared up yes but i'm not trying to walk away from my pockets nobody out that nobody was listening but now people want me to go back there nobody but listen i don't want to be a conspiracy guy like you i don't want to be there but listen to you and you are my canary in the goddamn com as long as you're alive i feel like ok to say it but i'll tell you this every time i come to you the fight companion do joe rogan experience i swear oh god i tell myself this this fight companion no mother fucking crimson
is there a pleasant level alive i call joke and i'd call they have dropped by combating illegal joe emily but suddenly good news because i want you to discuss whether we organise something in me wants to help people for some reason and a lot of times my enemies like flock damn make a fuckin you know to be blocked them and am i damn it i just walk away because i am compelled help but i'm trying to make money i've conspiracy theory i gave a conspiracy theory pop goes right now and i'll be ok i'm not even try to do that i don't want to do that i don't wanna be they got a lot of eu but something inside me the fuckin money stolen someone's question i gotta son i want to make sure did i fucking do ever then i can for him because out of work i don't want to leave him with some shit that i could change
inside of me i'm like on the firm saw the time which are full of wonder therefore when you oversell yes because of your oversell than you actually turn people the wrong way they look at any conspiracies it being preposterous even the ones at a real like sand dusky like the catholic church like some the other ones before there's a ton of unlike pastor who is the speaker the fuckin house pedophile there's been a lot of firing so it's really good at ourselves but then i can hold on a second eddie it's really critical whenever you discussing s things you get all the fuckin ducks in order before you pick aside its super import because any time you make some crazy claim and it's connected tokens piracy theory and proves to be wrong if fox with all ones that are now you're here late i'm all right marie i would understand level santa buildings also a saying that it's like there i hurt me there that dumb there our a joke it's a joke me man
it should not yet i gotta isn't beforehand thereof fine melissa getting no somewhat more serious now yeah but i don't know they're not some other alex let me ask you something really quickly very importantly ass a super important at act like i was trying to say this earlier but we had to go back and finish that mob this very important i i teach i got students all over the world i got schools all over the world all my students or will start to wake up you know that's like a metaphor firstly there was like a different times some are just ended we for jujitsu but they believe see an inside out a precise it takes three years and the like oh shit they started more weight and damn they're all all over the conspiracy everybody awakens at a different point no matter how smart they are get your masters your phd you could be all i'm a scientist or whatever but you're working for the government and you in thinking about but listen listen do you think i'm gonna do that
donald trump is in the middle of an awakening gunners reawakening by percent real he's like is z in the middle of an awakening yes because if you could have easily been a billionaire too much to you ago could who bought the mainstream shit but he was a billion or even give a fuck about the mainstream he's cutting deals blown on terrorism but now at some point no matter where you walk no matter how smart you walk you awaken a little little by little and i from donald trump knows which way the wind is going and as julius caesar in in in the famous play shakespeare of julius caesar there is a tide in the affairs of men were taking the fleas on the porch or as mark twain said getting a patriot scarce man i hated scorn but scorn for the tablets cost exceeds it costs nothing is going to patriot so here's what you happening right now there's a major shift happily and tromp really wants to empower the people global
and so i'm trying to get at is it some really big things are happening in this way oil and people watching should conservative or liberal do you'd stop dressed ivy from what do you want say globalism what do you mean by that pleased to find that the lesson is like neo colonialism but its corporate colonial some over humans in visuals government states old world new world its world colonial rothschild rather than national its monopoly is it rots dominated populations and create centralized systems of monopolies and control was too in innovation it was to end up mobility widely lawnmowers in his answer globalism corporate world government what do they want to stop innovation because they see how suburban they see it they call disruptive technology and humanity soap powerful you ve already got a monopoly so is this a reason consideration after it has been an internet has been marketed levels
maybe he s ok you're partly through since they ve we got control they want competition in their own country they don't want challengers they seized control human psyche human development to the star they ve got it all that they go to get rid of humanity renewing gods whatever dimension there too and told them so they want debates to end and they want authoritarianism they want and what we have in the balkans and how is how is donald trump gonna stop this a bulky mafia you don't you see it as making both from africa the harder you holding it happens alex how you hoping that what has gone wrong i have to do with blocking chances are energy siphons revamping the catch of course he actually cut taxes the orbital middle class and gets rid of tax incentives for really rich he's not coming after the wretch but from it perspectives republicans are cheering if so is that what you want to do you want to cut taxes for everybody except a wretched showing her real it
seems like the opposite of what a rich guy would do direct but he understands like henry ford did you got to sell a car where people had to do a ford to buy it you got to pay her employees like by if he wants real prosperity does this is primarily get off in his ears limousine random i burn out old towns disease this been announced this tax plan so jimmy chin the poor but it says that's fascinating that'll change people's opinions if that really does happen people can save a significant amount of money in tackling the problem the globalist admit they want global consolidation they want to global downturn breaker bodies will and accept all the new taxes regulations and so tromp is racing memory they have eight years zero percent interest but it was only the big banks trunk separately europe agenda for one year you know is against it but for poor people to get zero percent interest who hears althea anyways the bank's lose the body it's all just right
they're killing at all now and raising raising taxes trump tax reform that will make amerika great again the goals of donald trump number one tax relief for middle class america in order to achieve the american dream that people more money in their pockets and increase the after tax wages number two simplify the tax code to reduce headaches americans face in preparing taxes and let everyone keep more of their money so he's land these already implemented it though fourteen were twelve days and we ve already got he's doing it so you're single oh you earn less than twenty five thousand dollars or married and jointly earn less than fifty thousand dollars you will not any income tax failure of shit holy shit and attaches a model that removes nearly seventy five million households old over fifty percent of the income tax rules whether they get a new one page form to send to the irish saying i win
those who would otherwise oh how crazy is that they get to see a new one page form to send the ira saying i win those who would otherwise o in i'm tax will save an average of nearly one thousand dollars each year it's not that here the lowest briar the pay taxes new mostly don't pay taxes you know what do people in taxes are for rich people here reggie probing but if you get it like if you will the money look at this statement no business of any size from a fortune five hundred to a mom and pop shop a freelancer living job to job will pay more than fifteen percent of their business come in tax it s time slower rate makes corporate investments in versions and unnecessary by making america's tax rate one of the best in the world as a whole we have the highest rates so nobody wants to beer
no family will have to pay the death tax holy shit you know about that yeah that's giant that desire ever man doesn't tromp is forever i always tell you earned and save that monitor your family and not the government you paid taxes on it when you earned it that is so you ever read his errand advance a beautiful tax plan that death taxes disgusting so give you less money for your kid they would take half your money they take out a summit the giant chunk of it and he sang that's not gonna happen anymore that alone that's a beautiful thing very good there is always raised trumpets paint ok painted i land either that seventy element like through like pushing by families with kids like harry was yelling at family just one way forward they like literally push bath hispanic families and black people
streaming kkk now and i looked at him on tape it is more like what feels good for people to have a clear enemy and if they can justify in their minds are a white supremacist or anybody on the all right is a real security i trumps k k k and clarity only that happens to you right well i wonder where it's like their inner dimensional connected likewise in all these blue euro loser slap you with a face the back of the head it's like how are they so maybe they'll that is the greatest they give ever says no i'm sure it invited a door for people go on who you're a loser and then try to slap you in the back i started already you started common good in their mind at least and no one gets arrested that's a good thing it's a larger lol i know we ask of traffic for a lot of people are made an annoying what would you do if like almost half the timing logic ear and rushed or someone i'm sort of slapstick about your autonomy that happens to you right well i wonder where it's like your inner dimension
connected like why is always blue a loser slap you in the face of the back of the head it's like how are they saw the old though is the greatest they give ever says no i'm sure it doesn't invited a door for people who you're a loser and interests lapierre thereby started authority you start human meme care the hoary asked how are they so think of years really well you have women going on bar while guys i sat by the media shaped by the media and i'm out their peacefully videos on saturday at the drums inaugurated india before i leave and there are a few white male they're all white women have you your hard all about good and they put hats on they burgers script a joint yod he'll never me i'm like a lion i got your generals often put on a slight block i dont get where i've never done anything to women and all these word as women included easy police rarely bullet
is there a world where these big hats and then got attacked praising on this and also saying that you're drunk that's not you're absolutely not i didn't think so now the fruit is the headline was alex jones kicked out of an you re where they have people blogging hindrances zero fence you can try it in you i was the whole thing is it's it's very though the whole movement is very aggressive you know like a response to what they think is aggressive you know you're all of their slick asking questions muscle john we have heard let's be serious okay what is your real world view on the nature of consciousness on this planet and air galactic space i have been a really honest today again allows romancers so metaphysically one the secret of the universe this is what i think there was a little le organism tat was just recently discussed i tweeted it i think yesterday and they think it was
one of the very first organisms that was the precursor to what we eventually became an all violence herbalife life all like living walking things came out of this one multi celled organisms right yes and one thing i think as that happened whatever hundreds of millions of years ago with the numbers but whatever however long billions of years that happened to go if we keep going in that same direction whatever we are now what is gonna be totally unrecognizable just a few hundred years from now a few thousand years from now or if we just do it by a large ashley a million years now but i think that if human beings man stay alive for a law terrorism and not blow each other up or on the cusp of figuring out how to manipulate our very beings like to the point where we're not gonna be people anymore it's exchange that's it humanity is at the crossroads and that's my message today we have decided they think the corset
revolution i mean to say should we decided to have a debate about why don't i throw the general referring to replace the people have this insatiable need for innovation that fascinated by want the newest phone even though their phone worked perfect they just wanted they have this desire to weird thing is just like we're talk about like these these things aren't designed to make you addicted to him you're just addicted to their designed well there's a weird sort of consent in that we have to this technology this is because one marshall mcluhan desire for i think it's because of what marshall mcluhan said that human beings are the sex organs in the machine world i really think that's what they're doing i think all of us and gratian all this innovation of all this we are the primary prevailing it is compelling focus on technology is because evolution airily that's where our biology goes it goes to technology because it can manipulate it at a far faster rate in and in your saying bio mechanically ethically through well
cells not square celeron we do it more beautiful and strongly agree what you're saying over all i don't think it's in either or shouldn't just expert alex i don't think it's just accept it they're going to be the do shit in both ways great i gotta do something really revilers law ermenonville it's gonna have the point b scream at four hundred years public needs to know this side you larger debate about what they did they are learning about it is something we have to seek out all can if oil all the information control i don't know about that the information about isn't about innovation and energy national insurance and hunted by camacho letting a lot of your comments and your daddy is your tony fuckin montana run and the planet would you that shit out of wood you keep a fear but it is not worth twenty montanans out running science the thing is the scientists are almost all involved in universities and different studies network and appeared to try to make a name for themselves are europe's loring all these different possibilities and then big companies that can profit off of it in billions ability
those like sony or apple were innocent they chose to these people up and they will hold on a second there thing is to innovate and make money that's what they're therefore that's what i'm doing the donors and will open took out a bit better now do not tony montana due to stand this you're talking about two different things you joe making all not some utopia known and talking about what a highly tryin to to benefit the italian about what intel ears one who makes iphones as it matter we're having a real discussion about the future of the text logical system of humanity they don't want that discussion showed this things it whether it's it's just or alex jones already brought up we're all here german experienced a discussion the elite are having right now in calais route now was zuckerberg i know for a fact the army when soccer bergen collide just visiting book two's about ally but the whole point their meaning he owns now we should discuss this happening is facebook
part of their low monotony now you know our shit and the worst part of it come on now you now we get our slogan in your programme are you ready to take that back we don't know is i wanted in our programme i do i know you do know yet evokes often do pay the big issues of the world the risk of our already i wonder aliens can you line but keep coming back to that because i want to know what do they know about aliens wayward what are the real ok i'll tear them and what i say is not political and it's not from my particular local active protests from the no knowledge in the universe ok we live in a third dimensional blame we can see the planet's the guy
galaxies the sun's hundreds of billions of galaxies photographed universes we live in an amazing space time continuum the elites believe that it's not in the third dimension that were mainly receiving transmissions ships don't arrive from others and cherries or giddy prime for wherever there going from or beale they come here to international gates are much closer through fold space and so we have to discuss the different influences the universe and universe fact that we have free will and we say we want i don't believe in any of us i am simply telling you what the elites believe so they believe that there is another dimension and these beings are from it are diminishing abundant imagine need baby blood rivalry and somehow they need baby our aim has arrived tuna ok we're really powerful i would take this out more may the far greater our brain is evelyn
soon and allows dimension the highest measured humans are basically really powerful creatures that can live right the signs for highly radioactive nothing else will have its close the very short lives because we're like a hive off nazism that actually live second the second in the space time contain a hundred years it's a second we transmit our data up to live next you likely star gate jump gates serb that are sons so because we live so close to these signs we only have like military to be alive so we're actually a hive organism is keeps transmitting up to the next species in our in our inner hierarchical system and then down below us sore live right now in this continuum and we're trying to progress and and and make things better annie elite you're are trying to make sure that we don't doubt internet incredible knowledge we ve got ass a species of basically dies species so then we're not competitors on the next level as the bible
as of their dimensional plain began on but here but you don't believe that you're just saying that's what they really oh yes exact what do you believe that now i mean i believe in research do you think it i believe in research to choosing did there is something from other dimensions i can access us this this we are other dimensions the third aspect is only one limited plain a larger scale you're doing leaves a wearable part of that spectrum while i should say we're not in kansas city more out of you dundee empty now do you want to i don't need your airline sleep i believe that isn't it's like he's on natural the empty ardently on somethin man for sure i got a question for you you know how this is this is kind of off the cuff little bed but often track off the beaten path but you know how the cia has always been involved in hollywood and make a boozing you know like zero dark thirty and you know these movies
clearly propaganda movies you noted a most like even movies you think they weren't propaganda but they are the latest superhero movies how they're just are the plots and evil oda gonna build a bomb and all that is it is there whistle blowers within hollywood that are made movies just like like in brazil it was our martial arts were outlawed so the people the people there were about the true thereby doing dance but whatever disguising them or yellow requirements is is there to make other filmmakers like that out there that trying to help humanity with the basis of their films ultra high like everything else there is good people and bad people having hollywood
always bandwidth which movies are the good ones tell me what's our market star wars are mike is this a bad one that's propaganda allow the marrow treatment of these are good ones yet once again once mail which ones are the ones i should guy you tell it really good knights right now what about like when hang over one comes out which does not determine because he didn't like hang over going see i is only the name of like one part of the shadow government which is almost intellectuals of amerika so those people on trumps i'd now and that's the first time ever well the cia is there and perverts had so they must have been with bush right because bush used to be the presidency were senior george herbert warrior
so he was healthier here's the deal brain the cia was shut up supposedly job defend or a public and all the stuff it got hijacked by multinational interests has been reached and their claim the cia out right now are you serious that's fucking breaking god damn news potter em for wars bc clearing house oh my god that's are you kidding me wasn't that the headline news on empty words right now in other areas where iraq teacher alot of posted really really crazy things for the sea that's just yesterday the cia does like half of fighting and they were all pissed off and i were betrayed by april inside the cia robots have the one on the right now there's a cow within the c cleaner well while their deadly dr jesus christ jail i like what i'm here well see what happens but are you are you happy about that first we really want to do it can if it succeeds within
years you're gonna hear major cancer is announced you're in on energy systems announced here i renew companies announced they have suppressed all this stuff from what good people want to empower humanity they believe the species on the planet and big steps but goddamn crazy would be if trump became hero s he but do not raising the the country accepted them if they figure this out after if this is all true this all comes to exact as you're saying which i really have no idea of your right no what you could play right now how about that bill clinton clip that you played were haste talking about varying emigrants like more hard core than tries it all that everybody how do you pull out how does gmo clinton and build lebanon river wall and the law does not idle halfway round history with them on the wall she'll do a ladder over its metaphysical that's like we're country were allowed to have as mexico as one can as one can't why can't we the big thing is just deport people that are
fair we need people from mexico in russia and japan just a poor people are and welfare is only support the poorest ones then loving ass we say if you won't do anything and you come here yet ok so when they come over here you're saying give him a chance but then once if they try to stand welfare there's even now was that we are more sugar now sounds good unmerited gordon hordes of aviation but that ninety nine lives it is nine tina devices here not only in the states most heavily affected but in every place in this country are rightly disturbed by the large numbers of illegal aliens entering our country the jobs they whole might otherwise be held by citizens are illegal immigrants the public service that use impose burdens on our taxpayers that's why i noticed recently moved aggressively to secure our borders more by hiring a record number of new border guards by deporting twice as many
criminal aliens is ever before by cracking down on illegal hiring by borrowing welfare benefits steely lately label rallying cry i will present to you we will try to do more to speed the deportation of illegal aliens who arrested for crimes to better identify illegal aliens in the workplace as recommended by the commission headed by we're congresswoman barbara jordan we are a nation of emigrants but we are also a nation of laws is wrong and ultimately self defeating for a nation of immigrants to per that's the kind of abuse of our immigration laws we have seen in recent years and we must do more to stop
if that doesn't indicate truck and tromp on all that fence sharing also makes you realize what our too bad motherfucker bill clinton was is troubling opening speech like that glenn was that it may be right what about when you're out their marching are taught on evaluating the wall if you're some chick out their margin talking about the wall and you just heard that was i realized giving you a chance admit your pont it's ok everybody gets powerful but from this point on shut the forgot about it that's ok let's that's what are you getting guy isn't it i wonder i give you full power game you're gonna be in the region are out of place where i think we ve done it's five we can all around us we got it we did a good job one more question one more i you know me
i'm fuckin fascinated with conspiracy they're just like you every night due to watch and fights and boxing i'm listening to conspiracy there is every fortnight when i go to bed i listen alex jones every day every doubt the one thing that gets did that i don't get i get the estate fishermen i get the illuminati i get all that shit but then ronald reagan every now and then you have doktor steep botanic on your show and he's talking about some serious conspiracy that raise all should confirm and everything is deep in the sea i confirm and should but that when they talk by ronald reagan they talk about here the last great pressure and i thought that actor that wasn't me f b i informed is any show god damn establishment ronald reagan i don't get that explain ronald reagan i mean georgian senior was the vice president de
through the cia aegis seems a jealous hangs out of this all but this is wants alive ok explain round of unity in this resolution is not explain well written good we're just joking around punching earlier neurons ok but his astrology close range the literary why more hours he wants to know about run around in the polar regions address tell me the movies architectural ronald reagan we're not in some blood vessels ragged but after all the obama globalization is this tells a good thing again ran against george herbert walker bush setting was globalist a sea world government then they told him at the convention ok you wine for him let you have it on a chevy don't let her rwanda budget and a year they shooting those really that guy as all that dove one oh shit i didn't sell reagan didn't get it agenda through and i i got around quadrilles other stuff regular actually the euro the ira's and a bunch of stuff so yeah
anti cancer he was running against george bush he beat him and then when he got the presidential nomination for the republican party they made him they forced him to tell us the true story for still say grant all reagan and i want to believe in obama but he's a total level is in us will this new tax things crazy do you what do you think of that it's pretty radical joe got maritime training punches i don't i'm crazy given trump on trumped gimme a real people there's people out there think trumpets races and they keys sexes at a whoremonger i think that more hormone nation such as a result i do think it wise woman one could for him while people do ok so you think he's gay guy i know trouser guy here he looked at what is done is he's delivered like no president
i believe that in so everybody wants italy every wants to find some reason to hate him and some reason to figure out a way to get him out of office but shouldn't we at this point mean here he won their game writers popular to contest he won the popular to contest and that's really what in presidential figure out a way to get the most amount of people to say i like you better me it's really what it is and he's the first truly popular person it's really good at manipulating the media to win the popularity contest everybody before him had just been a politician he's the first god it's actually amos that then became your true voyna it's never however we have our ronald reagan was thirty one was an aluminum twelve o clock rather that's only two and a half here but the point being that he's it wasn't that famous ronald reagan was a string trump and altogether
so here is a movie star regular you cut is true but i don't think he was a big movie star think user questions later trop wasn't always though no offense christian slater i loved you and blade hey whose joe joe and blade right since late and blade job no gentleman dwarf as well controls later i was ronald reagan goddammit get alleys did he get is operating in this right now about john you once i've time interview we have got their relations working hours and no non three of its fiery and three and a half hours area where do we go live one was dirty willow one thirty we're sitting the chair before when he's on us in time i know she's ok look at the clock right next to you see it's five o clock fine as long as you want it's all i know is some of your history should really told you the real truth ok what i've research you should believe him a sham their total corporate oars think going to happen how do you think this is gonna play up now that you think this
sort of silent bloodless coup has taken place and guy has gotten through this net that had been sat there to make sure that no one of them the people that were already inside the system could ever run it so he asked he's running it we're right at all wants it time situation trump isn't pervert he really wants empower humanity all of us have to work hard be involved here views put our ideas and just move forward but airplane to try to assassinate trump you think so god demonizing him same killing him mean assassinating for real or demean assassinate him like pop publication like paul italy is actually they want to politically destroy his name and they want to politics
we also try to kill him all i know is america had half the wealth of the world twenty years ago and five or so the world population we ve lost half that wealth and its that as we get more powerful vague it more powerful and the elite have been trying to domestic in america not perfect but we ve got ideas of industry and ideas and doing things that change everything and so the really this planet want to kill competition they want to consolidate control they want to end the internet of governments that america they were about its hilary the one they would a sensor dear oh here is how they look about facts are largely to private ever got pollyanna pieces together they were about to do it tom line is obama establishes ministry of truth three weeks before trump takes office one we gather promptly
so ministry truth being something that stops fake news yadda yadda yadda news them government does not agree with your right so the price one becomes how do we decide what's gonna listen i'll go back please go backwards obama's quietly signs the countering disinformation and propaganda act into law while laid on friday with who s population embracing the upcoming holidays and oblivious of most news emerging from the administration obama quietly sign into law the two thousand seventeen national defence authorization act which author rises six hundred and eleven billion dollars for the military two thousand seventeen in a statement obama said blah blah blah blah blah wears a sandwich area down he over the governors board of governors they elsie said to the media meaning federalized television shows every translations your limbs animation all galaxies your website my website everybody's website when he gets what're you doing just obama last minute bills
all this should he signed riley latin re read little lower its in the bill warrior federalized can put about in a final and we're gonna federalized communications the cia over the board of governors of the federal communication sounds so crazy did you would have been circulated and subject to that easily to talk about that no more of course hilary what a one that would happen we are under his clothes i wonder if people would have ever went for that that seems let me joe trump does he is like actual too warrior my nose retweeting twitter scale watch this video clips he gets out here he's in hillsboro z there asked what you actually collage per year i'll say and frogs perfect he tramped honest with anything going to come out against the point is that he's a dick what kind of thing you can open now you when i log element nine eleven is he gonna
anything about this already the fact that it almost of the garment work with saudi arabia to launch the september alot of attacks sixteen years ago going to reopen that shit you well you think that think that imagine that a mansion the reopening of the nine eleven problem madge shows about the moon please thompson released information but the alien basis and with a nice question what does he know about geo engineering right what does he know about aliens not about aliens foggy no no no no no they let em trails you don't fuck aliens ok our lunch you guys over alias embattled round back on back on your journal here call i'm soberly lately on aliens envelope or lack of alien bigfoot do horizontal rebellions ten years doing good so
ring rearing langley wing who alex mr president what's on well when the agenda forward to cut taxes leaving while i to know about those secret space patients while alex you gotta come from tat those me jumped out i want nobody asked trump if he wasn't learned some jujitsu i get all private jet half i fly to new york to be withdrawn or drunk i wanna see the buys and bodies we got from on these giant or alex he imagined on the show that would be huge for pro we're gonna do about it oh if you want to know you have to see us john kerry vertical or eat ever this more we have to get forgone here for sure let's go but whether now we're gonna eat or anything else but it's already five o clock so we're out of three and a half hours in it the more they have saved for out here let me get another question is it known eddie i want to ask
i mean literally i really think that trade is a tragic truth enforced outcome has or articles are researcher videos are our podcast what we do and are not left or right i'm not liberal conservative i'm really try find out what's goin on the world and so for all these years joe spent i love we find the lies really good questions you gonna do all this i was gonna bring up so you scared he asked just get crazy you want to keep going to keep gonna keep going to go on but i think sometimes ok hold that thought expand blaine benign gums things it will hold on a second eddie things that are in your head self explanatory you already know about it there's a giant returned people are listening this have no idea what you're talking about it again i want to say this for the no rogan listeners have an open mind you heard him for three and a half hours download that up in wars app startling soon they have any want you do show and enforce thats the move to bravo radio comes back and enforce our
that is why we need a rogue sampler illicit bullets ok about opalescent all i want people give him up a chair he doesn't know shit about space but when it comes to politics of base year when it comes to politics he's ease mastery this gives the owes you on the other helio gracie space here joe ruled out unless i'm up jamie some scientists out i have a very almost everything countering foreign propaganda and disinformation act of two thousand sixteen the bill expresses the sense of this bill expressed
the sense of congress that would a weird expression ok what are we looking at this is that bill that anti propaganda bill foreign governments including the government of the russian federation china used if this information other propaganda tools to undermine the national security objectives the united states and key allies and partners u s government should develop a cop preventive strategy to counter foreign disinformation and propaganda and assert leadership and developing a fact base strategic narrative and an important element this strategy should be to help promote an independent press and countries are vulnerable to foreign disinformation friends like that anna sam is on the rug sir panicking they'll shut down our competition one american watching this are listening doesn't think should decide whether she was listen to it do you think that would be ever accepted that they would allow people
some one that works in a government to censor websites and podcast lama signed has already had but avenues on china does that you're after this they signed a bell dry it delegate craze notice i tell you look at anville laws it s about podcast visit their back basically disappear conversation just people sitting down talking and if you if you stop put pure conversations mean that is like one of these most heinous foreign assets anxious to let you can't some care they could try running off you can't really did get an office in day really did try to implement with fright i almost wish hillary would have won outside the power iphone codes or whatever so torture you think is just it doesn't work it's not work and makes us look terrible is a foreign country lowers us of their level exactly but trunk him out of here
torture two days ago gentle galaxy changes might make good on stuff like that that's very and these waking up and when you think up you change your mind on zaza independently wealthy one of the marines that's probably i factor in this scouting he's are part of the obama hilary national that's what i'm saying is that there's no calculation i just treat you like i wanna be traded big stuff is happening let me ask you this before we before we wrap this up you know if trot is this new stage of politics or new type parties what kind of person do you think would be like literally the perfect person to run this country and what would the perfect person do wrong paul around pulse great but i think it's somalis worked hard and private business who really as this is a success who loves america who has through the gauntlet of demonization attacks and doubt whether the i donald trump how you wonder what he's been through man whose spencer there's gonna be a winner over
but in some calls donald trump rather i want to haiti by wanted not believe you so good but man he calls up again i read your mind and knows what you thinking about your like man this guy is like god of the devil this tax thing is very fascinating only very interesting raises accident it seemed into me up at the main street over nobody really millionaires round about it to me every time i turn on my phone you no one i didn't ask for fuckin fox whose bulletin board region they force feed me every morning sienna so what are your general that experience ran forward that's why you gotta slowly because jos re