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#914 - Ryan Callaghan & Kenton Carruth

2017-02-08 | 🔗
Ryan Callaghan is an outdoor enthusiast & Director of Conservation and Public Relations at FirstLite and Kenton Carruth is the co-founder of FirstLite. http://www.firstlite.com/
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Not at the hunting and he's not in the hiking or camping area that shit noise. What are you Talkin about trust me? It's a fascinating subject, and it's about public land, which is your land every by this and is my land. This land is your. You know that you They say your land first, this land is your gonna get in that. So please, Your land and my land and we're gonna get into that. So please welcome my good. Ryan Callaghan and his Bow Kenton crews, the jail Logan experience will I rely Wildlife Y Y know I'm here with my good power who I am and who are you buddy under swell already and his good power? Can crews met you before at the first light boot that the shot show those first time, so I think that's it and we are
To give you guys on first of all, because I love you, I love you. Company guys got a great company. First light makes really cool hunting clothes, outdoor clothes made. Out of that, you start out with Marino Wall, which I think before went Ryan and Steve Rinella really had no idea about the properties of marine. Oh, I didn't know that it keeps you from stinking that like it, that it really cute retains heat while your wet so it's got so many awesome properties to it like. If you go out for people who don't know that don't go any outdoors, but if you go out and you walk and it's called out You hike like a long distance and you get sweaty if you weren't cotton, you're kind of fucked. If it's really called out once you start getting sweaty your body starts shivering and you get a real bad place, wall has really weird quality, and maybe you can help me explain that where, when it gets worse, it somehow another still retains heat. So if you sweat in it, you still feel ok. I co scorn on their work.
You know it just naturally moves the sweat off of your skin and kind of tries to get its them. Outermost at which point, then it can evaporate fast, but you know she passed the live in crazy environments and I'll be harder than shit in summer time and then in a super cold, when herself up over the revolution. They ve got, you know a code that will do with a mass of a method of variance. You know and wolves pretty much this It's like you can wear it when it's when you're sweating border pulls the sweat, often in dries pretty quickly, but even when its weight? It retains eighty percent TAT S, amazing, it's amazing stuff, and is there a synthetic materials? Does the same thing every synthetic is trying to mimic down.
On or be mimic Marina WAR, because those are the two most efficient temperature regulating fabrics materials out there? And that's that's how you got into your primo off Samir? All your military testing and a three sought synthetics really take off so yet it so like a prima law, for example, or some your fleeces. They basically combined something that loves water and something that Haiti So the thing that level loves water is gonna, pull moisture off, nothing hates. It is going to repel it and try to push it to the outside. That's interesting! So it's like server to lay a process where something's trying to keep you dry and something's, trying to like literally suck up the wet like a sponge, yes and then somehow another body he then can regulate it, cause your body heat you're staying warm because the dry is close to your skin and then the heat comes off your skin and can drive
that stuff better yegg. Echoing your body, he you're, like your natural. You know your natural zone, how much heat and how much moisture you push out is a major factor and especially when you get in to like some, your waterproof breathable membranes and things like that. That is something that I think really would surprise alot of people. When it comes to hunting clothing, they really would have no idea like how much how much, how technical the stuff is and how much thought is put into it and how like involve the processes of creating the stuff? You know it's funny, because we all kind of Game from the traditional Ski snowboard snowmobile world in our group, wherever skiing in so we ve been, you know involved in having super technical close. Since I was eight years old
right right, all the under where Stuff Marino Wall, all the different policies. When that kind of came out and replaced caught when I was a kid- and you know they were great, but it wasn't until we kind of started using Marino that we found something that I mean you know skiing or snow borders, so misleading, snowmobile, right, you're, sweating bullets and he gets stinky whatever it's just. How always was you now, but for hunting? It's really big deal, you know if you can possibly kind of inertia. Your stink footprint. Just by a little bit, it can be the difference between succeeding that season or not, you know, and so we also wearing Marino, fir, wood you in all of the other sports. You know like skiing snowboarding and you know, peddled by in whatever, and once we found out that it didn't stink, that was like woe, that was a big deal. You know, cuz he's were days and days, and so that was kind of the epidemic and at the same time, started taking over. I would say
the traditional outdoor space, you now you and your companies really popular with public land. Do yourself hunters guys who go out backpacking for long periods of time, and that's one of the reasons why they like that Marina Wool and one? That is why we have you guys on, is talk about. What's been goin on lately, with hr six twenty one and now HR six, twenty two's two recent bills they pulled hr. Six. Twenty one, Steve Rinaldo wrote a big article about it, but further uninitiated what these bills are about. Is there about selling off our public land giving the states the ability to do whatever they want with it right now. These lands of federal, their owned by the people of the United States. It's a very unusual situation that we have here. It's an amazing situation. And there is very few countries in the world that have anything even remotely close to it, with his millions and millions and millions of acres that are available for anybody listening to this to go on its
its literally your land, like back country, hunters and angles, have that great show that a world times as public land owner and I've seen you on it. Now, I'm in a tweet, a picture of you and I shot show where I was with you in your where nature there. That's that's of such an important point for people because they didn't know it at all. Until I went with you guys until I went with vanilla, the crew went to Montana that first trip with Brian Cowen, whose hopefully communist whether doors open folks you're watching this we're leaving that door Kazakhstan is trying to make his way over here and now, but I didn't know that this public land system even existed, and I think most people are unaware. They just don't did understand how unique this is. And how incredible, like the for our forefathers lictor there. Their vision to make something so incredible that no one can go in and just fuckin put malls up in
It is an amazing thing, and I think this is like the easiest battle in the world. If we can somehow tell people can communicate even a fraction of our appreciation, for it has just. It is the reason I get up in the morning. Well, especially where you guys are cause you guys are like you're in the book, dogs man, I mean you guys are in Idaho and you're in a beautiful area, but you could littered like go out your back door and make us great line through public land fur forever. Like you just go, or can disappear. Oh I mean we can walk straight North and cross. Two highways and one interstate and keep going across the canadian border crossing
two more highways and being the Yukon. Basically, sir, it's a wild junker ground, so amazing in its and its opened everybody. Everybody- and you know it's it's an interesting issue because times you know, you'll get mountain bikers you get after the equestrian people or the other hikers get after the motor backers, but it's an issue for every single person, because no matter what or you do or how you choose to enjoy the outdoors. That's your lan one that's gone, it's gone the army, and there are regulations like as far as where you can take motorbikes or where you can ride even bikes. I even drawbacks, but that set aside Manders theirs Amazing country that you can just go, get lost in just go wander pitch a tent out of a stream and you could stay
they're for long periods of time and its totally legal. It's totally yours, you're tax dollars, literally funding support it and all the money that comes from buying equipment from buying tags from all that stuff is what pays to keep fish game employed make sure that people are monitoring the health and the populations of the animals that live there, making sure that no one is making any laws mean it's really an amazing amazing system. It is its unreal and you're. Not. I want to clarify a couple of things like all these national forests. Be a lamb grounds. They all have their own regulation, so yeah you can of land management for folks, the dialogue we can manage me geyser,
but the inside he gonna most people as it has done. A lot of work and talking about that's right, said: different forests have deregulation. Spires like how long you can stay camped in one spot. Typically, it's ten to fifteen days, and then you have to move. Again depending on where you are x, amount of sometimes it's a hundred feet, sometimes twenty miles and many consider camp again it is arbitrary rules. It is not arbitrary. There's some smart folks out there that study impact of man on the land, and they want to try to keep. You know that pristine experience that we all love to go find right there for everybody and they have an incredibly tough job because their mandate there for RO mandate is to manage that land for every one hundred.
You guys become a company that so connected in people that do go into the outdoors and people there. You hunt and you know, at the enjoy your you guys are really really connected to public land conservation and you know and you do it yourself, public land sportsmen, like you guys, are like very, very connected in that world. Like it's, you very It's a very respected company that world thanks. I mean. You know we do. We see it from all angles. You know all of us have value in the summer time. Will Luxembourg Mountain bikes and win time back into skiing in it's all a sudden you know and in hunting, of course, its huge, but you just see it from all angles. I places that where you recreate three and sixty five days a year, all suddenly to try to get sucked up and its dislike wait a minute wait a minute. You know like if this wasn't, if we didn't have publicly and we wouldn't have a business right it it it. It would just
Existing committee decision, our board of trustees, don't say its high time. If you look at the It states being only found in seventeen. Seventy six and you just look at the massive amount of land we occupy now with this, the great allows angels area where this thirty million people and Are you go up all through the Pacific Coast Highway and just see all the cities and see all the buildings and see all the stuff that you would encounter? If you try to try to drive from Calif when you too near the only thing that stopping that whole fuckin area from being covered with buildings and malls and gas stations and anything else they can stick, and there is the fact that public land is that its. Its federally own land, and you can't build on there's some folks at want. They want it. We are of that TED. What is it you're paying? It took anger, canyon, yeah, an as like all, there's a good looking house as a whole
gathers, has everywhere in here and then we came around the corner and there's a sign that says open space. Eczema like yeah cover. That's space up garret. It said that the open space that open wonder what they mean by that whenever its like a orange sign on it right there and it was like a park. Oh no foresail sign language in cities first sale is still open. Yeah, there's Development up there to bang is very unusual, though, because, if you like in LOS Angeles, you could be into Pangaea and look like you're in the woods. It's like, I said, and right now it's all green up, it's beautiful right now, spectacular right now mean it would trick you. If you came here from somewhere else like. Oh, my god is the most beautiful. Please ever come back and I guess you like this is a fire has arrived. We gotta get out of here everything a dry and people are thrown cigarettes. Other car windows,
the serious audio files sooner driving up the road. We opted to go over the civic Coast highway and then come over. That way, Are we in Cannes, like all I bet NEO Young walked around that at the lady had been. There is a house that was for sale into Pangaea, then I found out about it before was it was already soul by Tom. I found out about it, but it was how said Jimmy Hendricks owned FUCK. How's, the Jimi Hendrix only our being by a garbage can mean that whole place was just its hippies galore up there. It's a really interesting spot. Six. Twenty one each hour, six, twenty one. What is HR and for I believe its house rule rent there we're gonna to go out upon. Not real get on some dinner time. You'll get a further six. Twenty one was basically
to authorize the sale of pre approved lions. Three point: three million acres of. Admiral federally manage lance that had been designated as they slows dispose. Around now. How did they decide what disposable and what's not a fantastic question? I have asked at a time- and I dont know I dont know I certainly avatar anybody who is on that committee that came up under Clinton. I believe three million acres three point three months seems like a lot the Slayer date yeah enter their charges means it started in the house how representatives nature and then six twenty two. So six, twenty one off right, like guy pulled it after the backlash and his name's Jason Chaplets that it is then representative, You too,
It's crazy. This guy's a hunter and of fishermen and apparently don't took a picture with him wearing camel. Hey guys, I'm warning you stop attacking me because, as soon as people found out about this bill, his com- on his instagram page were just overwhelmed with hunters. To just took over his instrument as you know, and were really upset, and some people kept a cloud see a lot of people didn't and I'm sure he felt that the heat of that yes absolutely, which is a really interesting like now, because a social media, because a guys like you guys and I mean there's a million people- the gritty Bowman Ramallah involved is a lot of people involved and there's a lot of different. You know you look at all that if you can calculate all our followers up of all the different people that were making posts about this, it reaches a lot of people minute. It gets people. Who might have been like me before I went with you guys to Montana just might of curious, like what is this all about than you read into it and then start look into this public land
system that we have and how unique in beautiful it is, and you just go well there sell that yet Paul Ryan had proposed. That is well right. Didn't he proposed selling you have to pay some some of the land. I have to pay for the debt, it's something it comes up all all too frequently, because I mean it's it's it's something that we watch. You don't state by state by state. Do you know it's like you get a bad fire season of Southern Europe to your eyeballs in depth and its these taxes or its loves land, sell off somewhere, it's so short sighted. You know when you you think about the possibility. This land could not be there for you, children and children's children like it's been for us and has been far grandpa Two minutes is an amazing system that we have here and what HR six twenty two case of hr six. Twenty two is right. Now it is very black and white, it's basically to
remove federal law enforcement officers LEO's, which the The alarm has its own law enforcement officers, forest services service, Its own law enforcement officers remove those and then give how many law enforcement the authority to enforce laws on the federally management, Hot, so if their resources are tight, which they are, they probably they wouldn't stop poachers. They probably wouldn't do a good job of keeping people of make Massa Laplace SAM. Basically, what it does is it sets the federal land system up to fail. It's like a booby trapped. It's like our right now we're gonna pull in all this. We always reach
forces out and then five years later, psychotic what a disaster is now move to state. You know what I mean it's wrong: it's it's weakening the structure of it to facilitate a collapse year, act and there's nothing, there's nothing against county law enforcement. Here that the thing is it's like you know, you got grab your local share afresh, if deputy and say hey, you know how many mushrooms can I pull off this burn on you and other similar national forest mean that guy's gonna, look at you cross. I'd. Ask him how many cords would you can go up and cut freer, fireplace in the winter? The guy's not gonna have a clue, because it's not is job run. Bigger fish to fry, got totally different laws right for federal state, the versus state and yeah. It's a different job Now I explain to people what is a different, soon be alarm and the other organizations that control public land case
better management yet said homestead actor at go young man, everybody gets a hundred forty acres dead. So basically, we gotta pushed lot people out onto this big open space, because you know that he's needed money, so we really need to populate these areas and start economy, roll on again the basically that areas that failed, like alike, large chunk. Their misery breaks is block land management or bureau land management. Areas that failed and we're not hospitable became be ground and Basically the impetus be alarm: is there they're more revenue focus than your foreign service lands are so the alarm is is more focus towards grazing.
I'm so leases like oil and gas grazing and the grazing lease was the big thing with the Bundy's. There were a big thing up in or again where there's a stand off with the the Rangers knowledge, as we just fuckin chaos CAS, but they owed a ton of money. Yeah- and I didn't you know I did want to pay it. There- A ton of money still do. How does not work like because we ve been on hunts before like we were recently with renown crew, wherein Nevada we're on oh dear hunt- and you know you be stock and on a meal during these fuckin cows were everywhere. I mean everywhere. If you are hunted, cows bore you with the gold in due time good tonight, cows everywhere, but we're here,
dear, so you we would have to get away from the fuckin cows to get to the dear and the cows and sometimes spook, and then the dear would realise that the council something- and they would point point by the cows and one come check. You step in cow shit everywhere, and I was like this is so crazy, like how are these? How does this work in you know, explain to me that these people just sort of let these cows wandered in that way, we found that Montana as well, and we just let her cows wander all over the place than the round him up and that something so: the We, the people, have a have these pro. Grams in places where we lease background, I would say more often than not, if not a hundred percent of the time, far below market value to you know the rancher and its right first refusal, so the first guide to say, hey. I want to raise my cattle on this property he's his
going to be on the lease until he doesn't want at anymore. I need, and it comes up for renewal and then The others arrange Lamb biologists, who and they say this- is how days and how many you know, animal Calcraft units can be grazed on this area. For this long and doesn't that affair local wildlife is well. Can I assume, if you're having your animals graze, analyse land there eating a lot of stuff that the dear witty, or maybe one of the other wildlife witty but Yacu Man Man's at a tough call, a mania aiming for? We are Vienna that that, although lands, it's the annul open it and the, and that antelope and cows up live pretty harmoniously. In fact, a lot of that there's a lot of brandy used to a lot of cow feed than it could help
when done properly, it works really! Well can you not? Basically our beef has replaced our bison rather Bonanno. There was a major grazer out their prior to the beef being out there. You know soup, dance grasslands are good for some things, but you know oftentimes. Your upland birds need open areas for picking up scratch in its better for the bugs and a number of reasons. So when that systems respected and done well it's? It's good for everybody or can be good for everyone. Now what a european? As I am sure you are aware of this whole American Serengeti Project that they're trying to do in the MID west in his country, in the middle of a country which is really quite fascinating, they're trying to buy up private land in turn. It into what they think was essentially like what a mess? a was before people came here, yes and I'm not I'm not.
Four studied up on it, but yeah. That is the kind of the nuts and bolts of it and at the end of the day, if it's gonna be privately held, and I want to see nature, can the American Prairie Reserve there. It is right there This is a little piece on it. Jamie just pulled up, but you know if they want to reintroduce bison like wild bison, all threw out. Is of Wyoming is Montana. Why a bunch of different areas right? Where is it yeah I mean only gets bigger than we talked about in a number of different states, but yeah. I think it is you don't candidate traditional. You know the year that Canada, Oklahoma, South Code, North Dakota, might the true prairie region there, where it used to be a giant herds above low wandering through the land. They want to recreate that Yeah they're also can open a block management on that right. So this
it's gonna be an area like once it gets established and once theirs? populations of animals. There, then people gonna be allowed to hunt those animals yeah, I mean if, if that's the case, that's great, like I said I have been super studied up on it. But you know I mean I love the idea. Man, I mean a training. You know that they're doing this in buying a private land as right now being used for whatever and they're gonna turn it into bubble. Plant and they're gonna allow people to to go, then you gonna be able to see like great herds of bison roaming. Through. So many states mean that that's gonna be incredible, that somewhere else talk about on this land. Transfer stuff. You know once it's gone, it's gone so if these guys are out there trying to make some more of it, I say good autumn they literally are trying to make more public languages. Can crazy what aid do about predator, so they can bring in predators they can bring in wolves and man of thinking say that a year ago,
the AP, are attend, intend to reintroduce predators such as walls, Grizzly bears, which are historically present in the region as a non as a private non profit organization. American Prairie reserve does not have the authority to reintroduce species to the area, even though species were historically present species reintroduction falls under the jurisdiction of Montana, efficient wildlife parks and or the U S, fish and wildlife service in any decisions regarding the reintroduction of wolves or grizzlies in the region will need to be made by these agencies, augmented by the will of the general public interest. Reintroducing grizzlies of Doves Bell rang out, people lies are going for. It. Montana. It's crazy, an area that you and I were the Missouri breaks. I mean that's east to the mountains. Read write every other year, so they catch loner. Typically, a young male grid way out in the prairie, and it just looks like he's just
naturally given funneled down in the Missouri Breaks, which gives the historic range for them and somewhere along the way he get off. His hunger gets the best only Knox over some sheep and riots, at the end of their nuclear saint and Walter Gonna come whether you like it or not. Yeah. How do you guys feel by wolves? Can you guys are in Idaho in Idaho? Has a really interesting relationship with wolves, whereas of real love. Hate relationship like I got imagined pigs gotta, be cause for to be at night here. Oh, it's interesting set amazing, so it first hairstyle thing she was before you get hunt will and before it was doing, is totally unchecked. It it the Elk, exact, they killed all the ark as they can. Anyone help I'd know what was going on. They hadn't had wolves there in a long time over a hundred years and then explain to me
there's a reintroduction of wolves into the Helstone region in nineteen ninety something ex made to it. It was a positive one but it was not voted on either this really controversial. Subject: sports people and also among wildlife, people lot of wildlife people completely supported. They think it balances out the ecosystem and the undulates like the Elkanah deer were running rampage. They were destroying a lot of grasses and the plants that would like provide I'd homes for a lot of other animals, and that this whole thing is kind of unbound, just like with beef man, overgrazing bad absolutely, but are so you know prior to us being able to hunt them and stuff it was it it Billy was skewed. I at the Elk had no idea how to deal with a wolf so, for instance, a package had come in the ball would go out and try to fend off the wolves and it would just get crushed by the walls. You know right a boy Elk,
anything yeah, oh boy, afraid? But now days after maybe living together. For an I mean I've seen this it's having in my neighborhood like as we speak, there's wolves in my neighbour right now and it literally you can tell when the wolves around the elk they pop up kind of kind of get You a circle and then they don't try to go out and fight. One on one they'll just sit there and the wolves will cannot come in and they work together you know and and it's an interesting it's interesting r, r, L cuttings quite good in it and the Elk don't run it, don't run they dont split off. Kind of figured out this symbiosis like how to live with wolves. It's it's an interesting thing. It's fast name because they always did live with wolves in until people came along right. Well, in L, a
tradition, elves, but my time is where my minors, Elk traditionally before people, came around. There's a debate as to whether or not they were mountain animals at all right. They were badly spent more time. Neither raises store, starved going through the nests burst territorial like they are there so little game in the mountains when they are out there. That's one of the major arguments from more that, yet you know. There's there were animals covering the Prairie If, if you believe every word of those learnt Lewis and Clark too, kind of makes sense. If we think about it, because if you see the way their adapting to wolves in every animal adapts, I mean there's a crazy documentary. Right now is a little bit off topic, but on Netflix about rats It is so fuckin disturbing. If you haven't seen it, it's amazing. It's all right. It's called rat has heard about Morgan Spurlock, the guy who did supersize me in a bunch of other documentaries,
He created this rats like their gross everybody knows. Are gross united still when they start Poland heresy. They catch a bunch around Start Poland, parasites out and like all this one will kill you. If you have an open wound in this begins on you, you're full of black plague, Riah kids from Russia and did they they pulled a butterfly. One rather was literally the size of its head, it's his gigantic thing and then at the they kind of explain like the one the guy's exterminator explains how smart rats are and how much they adapt and wood he'll do as if there's poison or if this traps a literally the smart rats. The older rats will hang back in the let a young, weaker rat, go towards the food and his. He gets his fuckin head crushed by the trap and they go yet. I thought someone was fucked up about that. Let's get out of here and the Indian never killed more like to be able to kill them all the most effective method that they were using. This documentary was dogs. They had bunch
terriers, it was Harrier all these little fucking wolf, dark too little dogs. I add a little too little dogs, you would think, are little sweetie, those little fuck and Jack Russell Terriers those little Suckers were meant to kill rats, that's why they made them and they just wrong after these rats. In there all ribbon of a is ruthless and brutal, but It she's highlights the adaptation that end most undergo when there's pressure. Any kind of pressure makes them daft and change, and they just sort of figure out what the fuck the promise burnt down on the way I grabbed air it is. This is a scene in it. Eric I look at those things are past. Oh, my god he's little, fuckers are more man, stages crush these rats and they ripped apart, like they play tug of war with these rats. It is the end of this is this is not in the movie right. This is just something else. Just on you to cover adding
Adding this is how they rid countryside of rats and like really heavy area, they don't eat them, though they just cannot is crush him. Well, sometimes they eat em. In the movie they were eating. Some of em speaking to the parasite, said things captain our crews and out of work real s secret ashen inventor, but now there is a parcel say out incalculably, possibly detail. I thought it might be that your rapporteur, I couldn't help myself from I've. Ever, is a good idea to get everything possible for I've. Never seen a boss, possibly the words. Three introduce a year, also am wow, so I grab the thing by the tail is I want to see if it play the right thing and then May I just ran inside wash my hands like the away, and I grabbed a past thirty pounds. Aids for sure statements made by means of the adaptation thing is a hundred percent. True now those Elk God punish,
when the walls were come on the scene and they just figured it out that they got punished by people and they moved into the mountains. They really are these people though the lazy one's own apartment, truck and fuckin chewed off the hood and stay away from cars. Let's guises killings go appear that in order for them to go up here yet they get tired is not that much. Let's go higher. The wolves super smart, Rideout ADA mess around like this. If, once the bullets flying they would get out? They were the end that that's like. There's a wolf potan, rarely in our union. Does it get an met you now? So it's I don't explain that people that are on the uninitiated, so what it is is the wildlife biologists- and this is a really controversial topic, because when they reintroduce wolves there was a target population they wanted to reach, and they felt, like we can reintroduce these walls and what's interesting as they got him from Canada and the guide at trapped on the ledge and holds he just found the nasty as biggest elect. All you guys want to bring walls, because in Canada like where
At this moves and b c they of so many wolves that my cock my body lives up there, one of his neighbors date that it took out a cow, and you know they do just get these packs and I'm just fuckin attack thing their role in at least like forwarded enough a pack of four small Amelia night of women, but what I'm not like some wolf hater right, oh no, no by any means but its it is. They are normally predators like I've seen them? You know, kill stuff and its. Two, it's interesting to me how people have this real soft spot for wolves like their amazing creatures and they they do amazing things. They can travel amazing distances, but now, they are not! And it's not like this furry kind of thing there. They have pissed what people think of them ass dogs. Could they look like huskies that we think of them as some beautiful forest creature that lives as natural existence and they do but there also fuckin.
Ruthless predators and they are the only predator in North America like that, that size it operates in packs and that some scary shit man coyoats kind of do it. But there are a lot smaller and outs is therefore more going after rodents and and Fons and little, but I didn't get ahold of walls or take out a fuckin full blown elk. You can't across it kill and it's that thing did not I in any sort of a nice Disney sword away by an amendment act to the front, always when we were in BC in that place rose gettin to with my friend my cockroach up there. We came across a kills pretty fresh, it was a calf, a moose cow, and it was just do it: stunning thing about it is first of all is pretty fresh. Like you look down at it like, it probably happened. The night before may be at the very earliest, like a dago and it's fuckin, hair everywhere. Like that's what I didn't expect somehow another. I thought like
like eyes and expect to see so much hair. But it's like almost a gay shaved days for like a long time. You know you could come in the next summer and would be this big living a carpet woke up there. In BC where he lives. You can it is many wars, as you want, there's no quota, the reason being that there are so many of them. They have to control the population and their so fuckin, smart, there really hard kill and so the people that have cows up there and their various farm animals up there. I mean they're constantly under pressure the constant to throw these walls and is well him MIKE shot a wolf that came at him and jumped at him off of a ridge. He was going up a ridge rifle in his hand, and he had made some Howells. You know he can imitate a wolf Sow and the Wall I saw him and literally was jumping at him any shot it in the air kneeling full Africa STAR
rise. Got this wolf mounted his house like his feet. Up to remind him of It seems to me that easily could have been the end of him. I mean these up there without without a gun that Wolf could killed added value, work back, oh yeah, I don't bother with the worst we called. A wolf said yet that we should go back to the quota thinks it's kind of a pet peeve. Am I right people look. I tried it and courage, everybody at the office: Yoda our local fish and game meetings and the dead Town Hall meetings and things that happen there and catch my to hone that one of the arguments that came up was just so backwards, but it came from a place of come. I can see that law logical sequence here, but typically, if there's a really really long hunting season on something, it means that hunters are doing a really bad job of filling their tags rate
ok, so if there's a really short season, it typically means that hunters are doing a really efficient job of filling their tax So we have this very long season on walls and several people from town stood up the fish and game. And said: hey, this is just immoral that yeah we were putting hunting pressure on walls for eight months out of the year and the truth of the matter is hunters, myself included, are doing a very, very poor job of putting a tag on these things and I've called in one. In our area, and it was an absolutely amazing experience but basically yards. Facing slopes her wide open or north facing slopes heavily timbered, and I could hear the wolf calling below my friend my Jim
is an amazing shot. Old retired for a service did, and am got set up for the shot. I'm calling it the Wolf as the Wolf's coming up the mountain it all the sudden start. Making noise is that I just cannot make so I can't I knew I screwed grant, but it was a meet. The vocal range is unbelievable. How would I work with willow just like barks and wolves like wolves and growls like it just sounded like this thing was getting more and more pissed off the closer it got to us and that was my job random, like I'm gonna make this thing so pissed that it just keeps coming and Jim get a shot at and that thing broke the tree line. Probably five hundred yards made it at a dead spread about sixty yards from the timber. All the sudden hit the brakes turned round was gone, and that is the closest I have ever got. To killing orphan idle and sought for maybe s second, now
but there's a lot of people who are listening? Why the fuck? Would you want to kill a wharf man when he got a little dig deep, doesn't work that always that's a big one? I was comes up your dick, so small manually kill wolf. What I think is lost on people who don't encounter, wolves or who don't stand. The science behind wildlife management is that their is nothing else, that's going to control their population. It's only going to be people they're going. Survive through the winter They're gonna eat as many elk as they can as many dears many whatever the fuck they can get hold of as they can, and especially since how this kind of crazy head start before the animals figured out that they were there because they know been there and over a hundred years, since they were extirpated from the Americans, South West and what they had done was with walls. They had shot like horse like wild horses than injected with strychnine right and then they had shot like an awful wolf and rubbed his sent in the lands all over the meat, so that
The other wolves knew that he had been there, so they thought it was ok to eat that stuff, and so they would eat it. They get the strychnine and they would die. It is a mass kill off and notice. Wolf: yeah Judas, Wolf yeah, yes, so the other is management area and the thing is like one of the hottest topics in our area was in the winners a heavy winter right now, all your game, animals get congregated lower elevations, typically on these south, facing slopes, get alot of some heavy winners like we're Sperience in right now, these animals are basically pushed into that firemen ranch country and those operators down there are few their winter livestock and the wolves and the clouds are
right on top everybody and calving seasons right now. So then you get the typically a very large mortality rate, yet mortality it's by spikes gives young animals that are in distress, sinners, dinner after birth from the burthen brow. Says everywhere yet easy pickens on the calves and There's aren't knocking these numbers down, so the state- and you know it Catalans Association will go together and fun. Helicopter gunning, Ariel gunning to go out there and shoot those animals you not. I would love to hear the tiny, Dick argument he goes as the only moved tidy. Why would you want to kill Walter Beautiful, magnificent creatures and they are but it's important, recognized that there have historically been gigantic problems with wolves and people. That's where all the little red riding good shit comes from the war
in Paris story. I'm sure you are aware that story from the fourteen hundreds were they killed like forty people in Paris they're right, the terrace as wolves in it again. Do you know that? No yes, there are the people are being There was an article about recent where people are being told to not fear the wolves that are in the streets of Fucking Paris, because they're only looking for four legged pray like these fuckin people dont- remember this story from the fourteen hundreds of historical story where the people of Paris had- gathered together with Fuckin spears quarter these wolves and kill them in a town square. It's an amazing story of how much of it you know, autism, doing something for fourteen hundred there's no yeah film. So we not right now how much of this is accurate, but it's a historic story that they had to kill a ton of wolves guys know about the story from World WAR, one the Russians and the Germans had a cease fire, because so if we're getting killed by wolves in Russia, they decided, let's go kill him. Can walls no we'll go back killing each other. I had never heard you know
it's a great story to great story. I thank them for that, but I mean the populace large. What they I think with could benefit most from his there's people on extreme lovers. Extreme haters in the middle. There is someone in the middle. There is the right thing to do, and I think that the government definitely puts their best football. The scientists in whatever to figure out that balance? You know- and I think that to say As you know, we need to have. You know Ten thousand wolves in Idaho is naive, because that would happen first, for instance, if they were just let you no room for procreate at will, so I am convinced that these people are trying to be good right. That's the bats, Why they're calling on that's? Why you know that that's why they're reintroduced which creed balance. You know- and I think that that's that needs to be realised, ulcer side. Also, sighted people don't want any wolves to die. They dont want we'll start because Walter, amazing and then re wildlife is amazing. It's totally, would you
Yellowstone and I went the summer and you go and see a herd of Buffalo just children on his field like in own. I was there with my kids and I was given the binary stare at these buffalo and their only like a hundred yards away. This is amazing, like in my kids, like those your wild does or why they go wherever they want and like that's like in their head, like that's a while that this giant furry Fuckin star wars, beast is a wild animal. Never forget it. I ll never forget it. Communicates was sinking in their head too that this is wild. You know because, One thing: if you see something behind a fancy to go out to cow in a word Farm. That's a cow! I know honey. Those things live in the woods they go wherever they want is no boss. No one tell them what to do. Do whatever they want totally welcoming full circle like the whole. Wild thing is that you know with public lands. People get to have these crazy, wild experiences. I e by hunting like there's very little that things that you can do where you go out and it's it's wrong
right things can go sideways and you know you can get caught out that I mean it's, it's it's it's a unique thing to be able to do to see these two experience. This wild stuff here. How do you mean by get caught out? There is like you could go somewhere and the weather can turn ugly and you can get snowed in get law in the fuckin mountains. People die every day. Bob Bob TAT gold wait had a really fun video a movie rather than it did called Willow Creek about and they did the movie about all the different people to get lost in the woods and his mother who say that big foot was Edam Ray. But nor is it, but it's fun with Bob TAT is not his is a big foot fanatic. I would like to tell him from people that actually go to the woods. Any hunters see Bigfoot zero zero. In zero. How many get hit by car, zero? I can zero how many get caught on trail, cams, fuckin, Zira and
Thus, the other thing like would the the number of trail cams it exists today in the woods put people put up to scout, try to find out where the animals are and then on time, but that the number of phones are people have that have cameras on them has gone through the roof, but the big foot sightings have shrunk there's a way less of them interesting and you, my big foot and mouth thinking. I was last time you saw. Could you a phobia, fuckin nut, non right or non our area magic? Is you see a? U F, o you? Could we have zero light pollution red and now your holidays insane. Are you guys? You must have like crazy skies at nine hundred million euros all another level, yeah, you guys, must have beautiful nice, guys, Andrea, so we're I mean the office's just under seven thousand feet and then within twenty minutes of the office you can climb to eleven thousand feet. Why try breed and up there
Yeah, it's difficult, Britain's cannibals up their use of work out. You feel good. Do you feel many have you know a couple days worth stuff on your back and Why is that you have to drink so much water wonders high altitude would set about just dry generally, making our yards is low, humidity and de breathe. You know every time you in that way that little water right yeah, that's what missed is, when you see people at night, it's cold and stuff. It's coming out your mouth that at that water vapor right exists. All the time. You just don't see it, because it's not a big difference in the chair at a temperature which we your body in the air like a dismal. It's really called out think that's what people are more hung over months. Certainly my excuse escape gotta, be because you're dehydrated to which is the big fact than being hung over the first place right exactly like the people that are prose they delta.
Booze and we'll have a fuckin juggle water body, mine drank with Jean Claude Vandam, and he said this is like way back when John Clive Vandam was so big movie star iceberg most, he or he would do booze and he had a fuckin gallons of water with them. He brought like a man. Jug size, gallon filled with water sooner do shouting and fuck and chug. The water argues really consciously booze in I've never seen you. I do before that. Green for financing. He was help losing that's a guide is gone gone. Look! I'm not gonna start being degenerate. I'm gonna take care, my body in the browser he comes to catch and so used to, and we hear stories about looseness, but I've never witnessed it myself looseness. You now go into the bars and get loose game Party and yes, you it's crazy catch
currently used. If they wrote you throw side, kicks off the roof and gay you know that's for everyone. Shocking is the first time I ever heard a wolf, and this goes back to here on your arm. Stamina- working with the body mine in the Frank church, wilderness where's that just street North a catch him. It's the largest contiguous wilderness and lower forty eight really yeah. It's huge ain't. It tried to get people direct. We tried to force people in there minor and firemen, and it just intake so there's old, homesteads and stuff, and there are some eerie stuff like the Missouri bricks. Yes, yeah, very, very similar. This is just you not a kind of a grander scale, much more timber and stuff. You guys first experience out there. I think I still think about that Cosette was. I would love to put some these like land transfer people out there on that same trip.
Oh yeah, these showed up as like thirty four degrees trying to snow, mostly just rain, overcast greatly skies. Perfect. Nothing Mary about the worst temperature to deal more than a God. Like nine, you know, can my uncle's knows land right. It was fuckin ass, a man. It was awesome because it just it's one of things being in the real wilderness is how like beautiful but lonely. It is it's kind of lonely there's something weird about like you could die. And it doesn't give a fuck. Now you have, this: illusion, might give you died. Radio, yet hardtack and tipped over we'll all be bombed out we lost her. I can't I can't believe it man, you know, we'd be bombed out, but the woods wouldn't give a fuck you would just you'd fall dead and everything would go eat that humble
feeling of humility and of the feeling of insignificance is so overwhelming, an unavoidable that its justice, intense realisation of your piece where you are as a person where you fit in grand gigantic. One dollar of life. Yes, it's it's like its amplified. The first further you go back. You know, and you know, you're a full day plus walk away. You know where you get dropped off somewhere. You know it's like woe, well we're here yet out. It's it's a cool feeling That's the whole thing right outside your comfort zone. That's what makes it so pleasurable, my friend green tree when I do it yourself, hot in Montana and archery. My Alcott any went, I think, where at least twelve miles in the mighty went more by himself shot and Elk big Fucker acted out by himself for days for days, a pack out
so he's got a hundred pounds on his back and gonna walk twelve miles back and forth for four days to get this elk out as heavy for folks. You don't know that is four days of misery. Forty is looking around and enjoy whistling through the wood. The air I mean, doesn't work and he's indecent shape. Me works out a little bit, but he's not campaigns. You know he's not like some fuckin crazy marathon alter runner raised. That's nice job! To be fair, I mean he's a national on Ernie he's, gonna, mining, job and Australia. This whole thing he lives strangely so, even though he brought all that meet back, he couldn't take it home. He eagerly we eat what he had here in Amerika sailors, and don't it yet can bring about Australia. That allows a shame, australian customs. They won't allow Yoda for even more trips, so its aid did a little bit of me and his entire camp out on the first trip three loads of just me, eighty pounds loud there, mean that guy brought out a lot be brought
all day long back over four days, but you wouldn't hear described it like how brutal dicks periods as by himself shooting this animal and any call the body to to help him this guy health impact out a little bit. So imagine your boat, and lay there on the prairie in Eastern Montana. There's a good chance, because hunters do the same thing again. Canada is the same thing generation after generation generation. Think about you, Tipp over dead, there's, a very good chance, and that country there's probably like. Crow or sue bones underneath you, maybe somebody's horse, bison, antiquities, all stacked up underneath it does not give me a dozen years while any bones there. You must join in the pile and there's a whole system like the idea of waste is ludicrous. You know like give anything the dies. It's not going to waste, but you're, not
to waste your dog dies. There is not going to waste something will eat, it ended That is the whole system. There is an immediate, doesn't seem like it to you as a person you like you're, not supposed to eat. Fluffy he's my dog. Now, that's dog and the dogs of animal and an animal that dies, there is a whole system in place for handling that first shouting from the wolves, then the foxes I'll come in and the birds and then and here I am bugs everything and it'll be gone, you'll be down to both then eventually, suddenly, the bones: did you six tire? The picture that arbitrary Bob I posted this year? I had just left their faces. Then took all the meat off. You didn't amazing job that so important opposed to, because you didn't waste an ounce of that meet you cut every in
tween, the ribs. You know you were coming, and people like commenting on that photo like that is the respect that you give an animal when you hunt it and issued it s the right way to handle it. Yes, now their reality, and I think so too, and I I try go above and beyond the town hall, oiling media organ meeting. I do I love heart, liver, a medium on. You are going to need domino start with tongues this year. I think about your liver, odd, dared. I had That was the worst thing to be vocal about ever I used to use, get called up all the time and I care got tongue for it, because I know you like him we're out overwhelmed tongue know everybody closer to declare their lambs yet sets out of the bag. It is, but you will love, but the thing is that you should take every single thing, but there are little things get wasted.
Unlike the rib meat chunks, especially later in the season, when there's not a lot fat on these animals like it. If it's gonna take you, Sometimes we get out, that's the stop. That's gonna get some dried out bright before it. You can even make something out of it. So right, you're saying about liver. Yet so you made a comment that you need. A lotta liver yeah like that that a typical Elliot Dish around you know, no, not me This organ meets really good for fire. There was so high and vitamins and iron and I just some about is feels good worm, eaten it That's all I read about wolves at wolves like that's one way that they d day that they establish the alpha the offers the one each to deliver. When he kit, when they kill an animal. The alpha emilius delivery arresting here, there's this guy that was living with wolves and he had these wolves sort of convinced that he was a wolf
and it was he was a wildlife biologist in both expert and forget where this was. That was doing a bit of a whole document around, but one of the things that that never cry Wolf I don't remember the name of the unfortunate. Maybe Jamie can find it, but one of things it is guy did was he would put a liver in a day and animal like they would kill. An animal place had put a liver in it and he woods eat them ever and found the other walls so that he would be the dominant mail and where he get fucked up is He had to leave because a wolf expert- and there was a farmer that was being in an by wolves, so they had set up this huh way to keep the wolves away from this guy's property without killing them and one of them They did was set up all the speakers and they project did the sounds of these alpha wolves with these giant speaker. So like look bitch this new fuckin king just moved in a town, everybody get the hell with new sheep, and they set up
He's been speakers all over and it worked, but it took a long time to keep these wolves away like a couple of months, and so when he came back. Then there was a new alpha that had taken his place and wanted to kill him and it a horrific scene where this Staying there whimpering in front this wolf in huge wolf is in front of impairing his teeth and you think any minute. This war, which is going to tear this guy's fuckin face, is real that we act on two percent: real autonomy area, its gnarly when the wolves and fund and he's a good man he's gonna like hope that this war does not decide to attack him? They chose him mercy yeah. He has done most of friendship with this wolf and he was the alpha. The plain words can accept changing our positions and he has to show no resistance to this change. To really critical moment in his life and because it might end right there what that Wolf in a bad way
yeah I mean you know everything's happy when there's food around serve if the lateness season and food scares, that would be a tough proposition, yeah yeah early in the season. When everybody's happy calves on the ground, easy, Pickens yeah. I was arenas article about bears in this one region of Alaska, whereas is salmon run and its. We had a video of it. Were there a guy, I'm sure you ve seen the video is famous video with his gun. Sitting. There is now a little long chair and are taking photographs of the bears and his fucking Volkswagen in bus which ever walks Do images hangs out and theirs danger does no fear exists, buttons, berets, fat and there's salmon everywhere and though, as the guy pans away he's, he he goes get out here. Bear in the barrel of the bear leaves but means fuckin fit
hundred pound bear to know was helping people even get how big day till you're right there, you probably can't now, but as this guy pans away, you seated there's just like a dozen bears in one area and there so well FED this historic area historically has an incredibly low incident. Low rate of attack is like like almost no attacks by bears on people in this one area? This is it food is food. Is the ideal Libya that fuckin, oh yeah, he's seen in this one too, I mean that is that's a tanker we didn't did. We can't Did you get ahold Adam about that Fuckin tv told him to contact you did he can't theirs this tv, too obvious fucker decides to sit down, we outlined you have those barriers for these cut now yeah, so he's disguised chases bear off, but now, as the barriers or whatever he's got a big fat belly and iter.
And you look down the river and his she's all right. Look behind you! Look behind you fuck that tv we set up a ship, the left behind look at all those bears me. That's insane one, three four: five, six, seven, eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen this fourteen bears into this limited perspective and this guy's taken photos of em because just and theirs This is over run just overrun with fish. We were fission up in Prince whales. Up Stevie, Miss Shack and airline, and we had his little boy in the canoe, so the three of us in the canoe and with it was high time. We paddled weigh up this creek and there were six black bears in this creek. That's a mean as wide as this room, and you just sit in the canoe and can push that the bow of the canoe on the stick. So it hold us in place an Steve's kid you not be an easy bears, are bad bears. Our skin
So what are we doing here, but you can watch these bears, take turns and there's one laying in this creek and as the salmon would the waters dropping right. The tides goin out the salmon would come up. The baron wait for wondered, be easy grab. It walk. What the next bear would come down lay in the same spot ended. Twas, a line. There was a food line everybody was totally Google with each other. I guess we're all gonna get Yeah plenty of food, no conflict immunity is not the same with people yeah. It's like a universal amongst all species, resources get scarce should gets weird yeah marine and that that is one things. It's sort of important to bring up one people are talking about wolves and predators, and populations like You can ensure that these things are going to have an adequate food supply. Special,
is their numbers grow higher and higher. It's it's a real. Controversial subject in. I think that one thing People don't understand from the outside that really don't understand the whole idea hunting predators date. I feel. Really kind of have to be, there are filling a kind of have to like almost be just right. Really involved in that whole ecosystem just be their physically to come and get it then I think that's probably accurate, like I think it would be almost to be like I'm gonna go shoots this some animal. You ve never seen no, nothing! you know what I mean only is a certain cruelty to that, but maybe maybe not I don't know, but once you're You ve seen the cycle like in person. It kind of. I don't bring everything gather if you well, you see, like you a well that's interesting that do you know that that that there that their around now and I hope they don't get too many of them. But you know maybe it's a good
thing, and maybe it certainly an hour unit- things are Elk. Wise- are fine, well balanced, so super important Which is one reason why places like New Zealand are so odd, because brought all your prayer incredibly on brought over all these animals in the waters of the eighteen. Hundreds of the Europeans brought em over England brought em over. So what was the argument really really mass earlier and that all the way to say? Thank God, I think Roosevelt gave em Canada geese and the Mallard duck and, like nineteen o, five something like that. So what they did was they brought all these animals over. There was no predators at all and though, they have wild stags and these red deer in all these different animals that are not native and there overrun to the point where they have to do helicopter runs on Fuckin stag. They have to fly over it.
The debate that the third and, if I've been poisoned, maidan, poison, a whole valley, because the possums or whatever go crazy. You know, there's nothing left to control its nuts and you gotta think thinking was no predators. This is gonna be great, but I can get along and can be and will have food well the idea was that New Zealand was going to be an exotic hunting ground for the wealthy. It was gonna, be like Texas Ranch. The ass red ass, they were gonna come over and they were going to Chile good time, gonna hunters stag, they would go over there, and so they. Put these animals there, but then they just there's nothing killing them other than people, and so they just. King like crazy in making baby stags Ngos would, as a party is plenty of food. It's all lush and green rate reigns Crazies, there's plenty of food, beautiful play off stunning cantons. In order. I have not made it decent hunt over there wasn't lying. It was who are we just dumb kind of
Moreover, there met our it's not our wool growers and they rented held chapter and they gonna drop to soften them. Nowhere so it was seen a couple days, yeah exactly they could observe. On top of this hill, we are ready to get out of the bird frankly, it was like fresh. Snow and I'm an arrow I've been in helicopters. A amount and now loved them, and I was like I'll walk back like let's get down, so we got down and you know and dismayed our away. I ended up shooting a really nice Sammy, really wild. Can animal. While DIA I mean we didn't even know how big anything we're just out their Morocco is a sham me, Those are the native to that airy. Thou now took it apart and petty output, thou the meat and everything is her, walk out and almost left the head. Herman, like let's bring you now it out. Some do you know, as I can see, I gold no never seen one before there also small and other taste phenomenal. So that night we gotta
Oh, I see I gold is a recent yams, the size of it. It was a year of sized ass and it was which I thought you had a fine or all that stuff, the uniting gold. They have like silver over its unity and she is right, but then it puts you knew a different category. So it's like a foreigner, an inch elk yeah or an inch white to like theirs is yes. This is not the like a number that very few people ever achieve round. Yes, but it was not its huge and, of course I like to pay attention, but whatever, but its super yummy damask super good one as it is. I just kind of taste like like MA. I would say across between, like a lamb, really good white tail. Look at that. What are we animal? Isn't it while and they're everywhere, where we see a big fat, guy with a dead animal with a rifle. I feel like
something wrong there. I like how does that guy get up there? How you know I feel like you should. I mean this is totally ignorant on my part and very biased, but I feel like you should have to be in shape to kill something lives up there. When I see a fat guy figure out a way. How to do it MIKE aren't short rope. Damn short rope to set me up, I can guys climb avarice that are not fit. They'll have a guide that just basically short, that's ashore. Robot and thrives. Basically, I really hope we aggressive guide. What is and what the fuck is wrong. With someone who doesn't get fit and want to climb Everest, I just think that they have no idea what it's like, the of eight thousand meters like they might sit there and you know, go on the treadmill every single day and idle I don't know. Thousand metres is what's really important, is eight thousand feet sucks. He asked When I lived in boulder. We were at eighty five hundred feet and I
do my kettlebells routine at eighty five hundred feet news just like I always liked Trionel like right, through water? Who is Jesus crisis is hard to do. It was incredibly hard to do so much more difficult. The news to do at sea level. I couldn't imagine when a thousand meters like normal, it's like three percent. If we get this through my three percent efficiency, every thousand feet, you come down a sea level and realizing feet? Italian thousand meters, you're talkin about twenty. Fourth, at twenty five or six thousand feet nights sayings insane insane. They come down a sea level and for me, am I got running pointless. This is then run for a while now, we would have no yeah. There was one thing that I notice when I did live up their firms oil for four months, but when we go down the sea level I felt like I could fuckin run. Through walls. Yes, I can now I get why those guys like train at elevation and then ran fight at sea level. That's a big thing fighters lot of train in Denver or appear that go to big bear sure it goes away.
So let us work I give me, are probably you down. I here probably back down like not five like not five days in your DNS takes the same view. Go back up if you ve been at sea level, for while you go back up, it takes a while before your car yeah, I think yeah. I think they say that the best way to do it is actually to train at low altitude. To live at high altitude, so you can put it more work, so You may go down for the training likes it If you are next big bear, you would drive down and then train at like Lycaena wherever down there and then bust your ass Bernardino or whatever, and then go back up the hill and sleep eat and do all your stuff at high altitude. So wear your workload is like for the maximum efficiency of retraining, because you can A hundred Remsen at low elevate, jangling yet more work in any do more work you can, I
do also like for fighting its super important to not be tired, while you're doing certain technical work, I you gonna, be sorry now tired, but you don't want to be exhausted. Fidgeted rain doesn't work right. Now you drop your hands. You develop shitty skills, you you, you start making errors in your technique in those areas and new technical manifest themselves under pressure. So it's like why things about fighting Is it super important that you do everything in training, exactly how you would do it if you're fucking life depended on it? And if you don't you going to pay a price like guys who slack off and training they must never become champions, and the last year some physical free who can get away with it there. The reality is in order to come, PETE against like minded people that are also phenomenally fit and motivated and understand the consequences of not being fit and motivated and and well trained. You have to do everything right
especially now like Emma. May you get away with a lot when I started doing commentary and ninety ninety seven, you could get away with a lot because it wasn't not a lot mean do just that, level of competition. This was not the same as it is now, but now people are so good that the margin of error is so small. A difference between victory and defeat is so small, is just so much high level activity going on in Mme fights that you can't you can't fucker, anywhere. We nutrition with you recovery with your. You know, like all the difference, you're doing outside of training like cradle therapy or floating. I was different things that people do sauna. A lot of guys do all those different things. Like hugely borders, is little tiny edges, but also technique, like your technique, has to be fishermen and has to be correct so that in heat of the moment you you're. You never think of doing things wrong, so you've never done anything wrong every time.
Your train you're doing things correctly and that my not even save your stomach. It had kicked singular still, basically years Europe when Europe your worst you're still the best yeah well There's notes ass. The problem the best fluctuate when you're dealing with like world championship level right like say like us division like, say the seas, one hundred seventy pound division, very competitive division, sociopath at the last title fight resulted in a draw and one of the first draws. Only three draws in the history of the EU have see entitle fights. So this fight, I've been to draw and then there's a bunch of other guys fuck industry pillars waiting in the wings to have their shot at the title so on any good in day one of these I might be able to be one of those guys like one. These guys comes in a little bit sick as a little bit of a call from training or maybe the breaking up,
girlfriend or heads little fucked up, which happens a lot yeah. It's that that was the train was like stay away from the Ladys. That's bullshit sometimes sometimes is actually better and have sex? Because then you not? about sex but everyone has really see mine servies. All the time ran, it's gotta be off the Ladys. If you can train lot I'll lot of fighters. Do think that, though, like Hickson Grace, he was one of the greatest Jujitsu fighters role time you enough sex from like months once out. No wonder is just curious. It should be, for my taste, sent back to estimate is dicks our great before not someone the fuck you as I have about here. I'm here for political great might. I says a great quality said if a goddess I did anything better than pussy is keeping to himself. So you it s actually right before far and destroy everybody so interesting, put down in perspective.
Don't make. Any sense is not known to be a wordsmith either that we actually not the most educated. Obviously, but not a stupid man and aims by industry to the imagination. I heard that show he did was fantastic It's amazing they're, going to chance to see it that I saw the documentary, but we saw the live shows live shows both be amazing, pointed us like a stand up sugar sort of yoga, just a story of his life, Candia Riah its most be just insane. Everybody then I was seen said you guess it's amazing, that's cool, but anyway sex for him. Yes, he would have the sex sort of non reverie. It's just a minute certain with lower your testosterone a little bit, but I mean you're fit in prepared. It might relax you where you get a good night's sleep in our cassettes, one of the things about these guys is like NGO. Eddie staying up late. I'm just trying to keep. You should get a military it, a good night's sleep secret. You don't get sick dont, let the
dont be overwhelmed by the pressure of the moment to lie down on yeah- and you know you ve, once you ve, introduced the possibility of just get this shit cake. Daddy, raises the eggs significantly shore. The M now think about the anxiety of releasing a perfect arrow on a beautiful animal you know, there's a lot of anxiety involved, and that is something that people on the outside I've heard people say ridiculous thing. When it comes to hunting, but one of the most ridiculous things that people have to say is you know? there's no skill involved in that it all you're doing. Is you know you shooting a defenceless animal like do you have no idea, you, you don't know what you're doing its insanely difficult it so difficult to keep your shit gather and that moment, and if a person who is compassionate and who understands the consequent the wounded and animal and what's what's it stay here, and they now did the responsibility of making a perfect shot and in a clean kill, is very angry
Eighty filled moment, absolutely not No you're right now, I've been around a lot of death. Thirdly by my hands, what I'm doing the guiding, gig and stuff like that. I didn't whatever think I was susceptible to that anxiety of being behind the trigger cuz. I been around it so so much so I'm trying to say is once you get that skill be calm behind the trigger, or on the string of your releasing an arrow, its necessarily Something'S- can stay with you, it's an automatic deal. I missed the largest mule there, my life this year with a rifle and mainly art, no worries. He'll do I've ever seen. No mercy bigger than the one that you Joe with Steve. Yes, that's insane that what was massive, that one is You ve killed was huge. How is a bigger this thing? Man, I just dont, we hiked for two and a half
days my buddy Kyler Riordan he's duty boiled out you're meal there skull Montana. We I mean we hoped for two and a half to as he and he and his wife we're having a baby. So I gotta make this has happened because we're not gonna happen. How far is you guys go We were. Seven miles, probably so you goin over an under over elevation climate and you are basically, you know big. River crossing big climb, try to follow Major during a job couldn't find anything or very, very little just nasty nasty country finally find one mule dear fawn.
Son setting there's a meal dear fawn on this ridge line on my glasses camp. Here we had to leave the next day, but that's the only sign of life that we saw woe, and so we camped and Tyler's all fraud, because he's got this. I thought this would work out. Was his spot wasn't my spot and the next morning we get up and just stare at this hillside Can we leave to go? Take a ship and four hours later. There's a buck crosses can't get arrange Roma Range Finder too far away and I'm just passed at the whole situation. Tyler comes ovaries, like hey, I found some dear and we slipped around and in this tiny little you
I'll, be there. It wasn't sent me could see from two miles away like stumble into this pocket. There were seven, ox chasing window? Seventy older backstage window- and we are looking at the his dear, and we are so far and you don't typically difficult you're, just not gonna shoot about for me when you're that forum and I will merely say about from me- you mean a small but a smaller back. Yes, you ve put so much effort. You would like to get an older, mature animal when you that foreign southern eat me right, of course, scenting ex convict exceptional right exactly, but for me but for the uninitiated, which a lot of people listen to this are the meat buck. You would think of like a young fork. Backward doesn't have big antlers talkin You're looking for a big, mature animal. Looking for a big venture which is a difficult challenge, its there's a lot involved in an animal like that and is also an animal that most certainly has bred. Yes, spread its genes
and you're too good animal to take out of the gene pool to allow other animals to also breed, and in fact this is the only dear only buck in that group that was gone. The complete opposite direction, so everybody else out, his six bodies were on that dough. Following her and he was gone. The opposite direction. Smart is legless in bed. I got no time fighting a fucking Yoda, he Hooker profiling, for over the top of the elderly are ready, isolated and I will be a real and man How this thing dead too right I mean a shot I can make, any day. The weak, and I mean that ninety earth with a rifle viewpoints and was off hand, for ass. I had no excuses and I just lost german sugar shit man. Oh no. I exactly. I mean I M universe,
in this situation. A lot gay dears under cover he's gonna step into this, opening, at a in the chamber, finger was off the trigger, as is waiting for him to step into that opening. Crosshairs were there as soon as his nose came into the scope, I pulled the trigger went right in front of him yet panicked. Oh, I lost because you just saw those antlers. I just never even looked at the buck through my binoculars, because I knew I just knew. How did you was how big you haven't you He was a you. I guess like inches was, I would say once in two lifetimes I will never see eighty to ninety, it was when those Arizona trip bucks. For me, yes, for yes, but I would say it was well over over it. Well over the two twenty mark, the poor people don't know what that means that such that's like me, with my
arms out, like that's how big the antlers are its aid. If you see that thing, that is the There should be a lot of, for me, there's a lot of misery and seeing that thing for it should be a major pat on the back casucha. Some nobody gets. See yet super rare right for them to get that big, that's genetics, age It's a wise animal involved, certainly that unit yes, yes, it just so. It's is over the counter unit. Which means that for people who initiated aegis you not for a lot of places, They were, I just said, Arizona Strip. There isn't a strip as this legendary area that borders between Utah Arizona and it has- these monster, mule dear and like every year, they pull these just insane dear. Are they ve got over three hundred inches, which has just it's like the one? Ten, of one percent of the world's population of dear it's just so rare to see an animal. This big,
one area consistently produces these animals. So it's really hard to get a tag there really hard that you could put in for twenty years and still not get it. What that means is, there might be, thousands and thousands of people they are. There are thousands of people that have putting in for attack there and they might pick a very small amount. Very, very small amount, yes and this was like an animal for there, and this is like the leg is no excuses. We shoot a tonne, have a reloading bench in the basement me shoot are both in the basement of the office. We have multiple shooting, Reality is that we can go to within fifteen minutes or the office spend time time behind the trigger of a process that you do in your mind like when you see now when you about pull the trigger, you have like a thing that you do. Yeah You say that that's a good thing to have like almost like a mantra for air with archery. Like
more, you do at the better. You are like the way you take your arrow out of the quiver. The way you put it on the string like you want that to be too, where, if you are just gripped right, it just happens exactly fighting. I'd say that same same exact. They are doing and anxiety and having This like pattern that you ve carved so deeply into your mind and you body here neurons that your body just knows automatically that like what I was competing. There is moments where I did something where I didn't even know. I did it and it was like a bright. You basically don't even remember how you just moving on this total reaction and training you know, and for archers. That moment, like you, have to kind of like car that path, but also because they give you If you're fighting, you get disbar a lot, so you get to hit me but a lot you get used to the idea of moving away and hitting someone, but how often you get to shoot and animal right, I mean
it's really rare shoot one like. Maybe once is six months. You know once once a year, you're a busy person if you're lucky you may you go a year and you don't even get a shot at one. Zero. Maybe get this one trip a year and like what? now you go somewhere and, like you're saying you didn't say anything to you saw that fallen back there in the whole trip couldn't believe it happens. All the time you go you'll be enough. For days and days, and they all nazi a goddamn thing. The next year comes along and then next year, sucks too, and then the year after that, you finally get a shot, know J, that's your viruses, racked with anticipation and nerves and I've seen people were there. Legs or shaken their arms or shaken like I've. Seen videos are guys hunting Elk. Will you see arms, taking as our pulling back their bodies. Just to the draft on my shoulders and it's trying to keep the pain and the general area that animal pull through the shot. For those of you don't know, this is like stepping into a play. You have never been before you're, not
Sure what's goin on an? U whistle and a sixty eight hundred pound animal with big chunks of sharp bone come out of its head and its dick slap when it gets families living in peace all over the place must come in either mount you from behind or beat a piss out or stabbed you with his antlers of forest horse with swords grown out of its meets its are there amazing you freak out man freak out? It is but one every five. If Europe, Archery her once one ball every five years or one successful season in five, is national average? That's why campaigns is such a freak? He has not been he hasn't been unsuccessful on an artery hunt. Two thousand and nine guy goes men times a year, any times a year, but all times alternate
as on running and all the weight lifting all the crazy shit. He doesn't constant practice with archery he just like when the moments come he's he's so dialed in he so ready to go. It's really really impressive. In I mean, I think, People understand so when I see people, unlike his instagram page or new tricks, no school to do an azure coward, won't you fight that thing hand alien. You ve, no idea what you're He had the one tenth of one percent of all the hunters. That's what that guy is he's the he's, the one tenth of one percent of the hunters and he's there being women successful than anybody else doing something that's insanely difficult, but to the uninitiated or the people they just have never experienced it. It looks like he's Animal hating monster was out there shooting gods, beautiful creations, some I'm right and I ll go hunting with military guys,
will come out land, damn it back to the just having the process. It's the craziest thing guys are really good at this. You now and it's like it's almost like a robotic action when its go time. It's like said their pact down the unnoticed It's pretty wild to watch embodied. Is that so practised at that? You know the way they load where their reload on target on glass. Like it, it's it's, it's amazing. You know, and you see true prose at dinner. That's a totally different world. When you have to shoot people neutron issue, you too, I mean you think of the anticipation the anxieties involved in shooting a beautiful dear, like you must now imagine that's some you're in some foreign land, and this is some enemy guy- that you're engaging with and is trying to kill you in fact ya gotta between that's, where the jet, like An interesting! Do no jolt earners. I do not
jolt Turner has a whole series on target panic for archery shrilly interesting. It's online series called thing saves, you can find the name traditional yes heard of it. Is he added like Denver, maybe something much always out of, but it's an instinct fighting instinct or something like that this allows iron mind guy. Yes, yeah close help open loop guy got change. He he's got this whole system, put together and I actually paid for it and watch it very it's tough, very well thought out very interesting stuff it. A lot of it is on the mine said because he was eight. He was tree police officers he's train like Swat team members and in how to keep it together in the middle of a firefight. And he actually was talking in one of the interviews. I saw him in about
a conversation that he had with a police officer that was in a fire fight with a bad guy and heard heard his words and his instructions going through and executed correctly did the right thing, while its gas shooting in his car window in the glass is flying and real bullets are flying Adam any state com until this guy was shooting out, but that this process of having a thing that you I am sure that you will lay in your head that relates to physical action and the drill it in yourself? So it's like its unavoidable it. This is how you do things like that. Situation. We describe the boar coming in light, yet you should yeah you're hurt those million miles an hour. You dont have something to fall back on the other, be making a mistake. I feel are way a higher than you being successful. Yeah yeah, you gotta, there's gotta, be a thing in your brain that you can like press play on you know, and then once you do, that you could like there was an article
read recently about it, was about choking in sports and it was essentially there's. The article was essentially saying that what you have to do is figure out a proper says that removes your conscious mind from the equation, like figure out approach, as of training where you know to do like someone's, either basketball someone's coming out you? U Juke laughed! You go right. You know how to do this. You ve done it so many times. It is just a natural reaction and get it to the point where you don't have to. Think about its you, not overweight, by this moment the anticipation of what, if I fuck this up on my god. So many people are watching what happens here. What, if I do that You you'll see those moments where people just lock up and they panic is seen in fighting all the time in the trash both. Versus a compound additional, both traditional by like Arica that introducing the that's when this shit can get crazy because say with a compound. You
draw back. You hit the wall right, but only its drawbacks of right. You look through a whole line. Up with our whole, I mean don't get me wrong, it's no picnic, but then you know once you start shooting traditional there's nothing, that's super repeatable, I'm not try to do it, but you pull back as far if you don't pull backfire. How you do pop you know, I mean there's no aiming and it's a funny. Variants when all the sudden, the first time you drop back on a mind what the hell is go like there's, no reference right, you Ryan, is just kind of bouncing around. I think where that what was the guy's name, that yeah, where he is just You know that issues with us is on loop here. Mongol style. You know uncle style is now the Mongols used to have a thumb ring. They would have a bone ring. I've seen it, it would wear around their thumb and that's what would fit on the groove at a string, so they hope to string, the sum and then closed their index finger over it and they would draw back like this anymore
to dance Carlin from if you never heard this before. If you heard me ran about this before. I'm sorry, just just ignore me from I'm sorry baby. This is there's a amazing podcast, serious called hard core histories by the skies of minimizing Dan Carlin. Sis genius historian, who so good at ran, Lange's ilk, he'll say not historic. He definitely has his super, humble guy, but he's so good at run laying Formation in an entertaining and dramatic fashion has a serious called the wrath of the Khan, and it's a five part series you have to pay for it now: but it's like a dollar and episode saw worth it it's worth a hundred times more now, but it's a five episode in the Mongols, and here he said that their bows like a hundred and sixty pounds raw they would These sinewy fuckin savages that were incredible, archers that where they had developed disappear. Ready to release the arrow as the horse was in its gallop, so when the horse was in the air, but there wasn't this:
Durban, so they would time the release of the arrow to when the horse was actually in the air form they had it like down and He had a thumb ring and that's how would drawbacks or not with your fingers like most people, do they would draw back what the Thumb Lupi index finger over the sum and for some reason they found that too a better math l diets. I could think of you know it's like a primitive release. The thing with the tribe right, your fingers, you can pluck. You can just a hundred different ways to screw up right rise. If he had that right, you let go. It's probably a lot more consistent with us, the whole, the other it ass. He could see that that's the bone, thumb rings and a lot people like to shoot that way now it's really kind of interesting stuff, Massey how'd it holds, and then you you throw your finger over the top of that thumb ring, and you know you're you're, Tom pushes back on it any in your finger, your index finger closes over the top. Your thumb means not dissimilar to motto: release waterways, yeah, like
when I shoot a compound bow, I should I use a Carter release in the thumb trigger release its burden tangier its eyes. One called a wise choice. It some, but I use attention base one to evolution, is one that John Dudley put I'll call the silver back that are really feather area go now No, no doesn't because it's the same motion. You know that ideas, you don't ever pull the trigger you, you lock. And you put in place, you put your some over the trigger. Then once you place your car, turn the muscles that are in the centre of your back and you pull those and the release goes off and you get a surprise shot so that they are behind. That is never a moment like now, and you punch Edna, you move you like the arrow. Remove the bow to get it round is all that shit is out your head. That's all you're doing in the shop process is pulling and concentrating on those muscles in the centre of your backing is scandalous and contracting, and as you do, that their release just goes off because your thumb is pressing against that trigger, and it just goes.
But you have to resist that that urge that everybody has just now now punching so that's it difference. Ching like John of these approach, verses, jolt, Turnus, prototype, John D, jolt turn as the same approach and even talks about it when it comes to combat boast of use, some trigger of Poland, and letting you know letting the shot go off automatically but Dudley. He thanks. You should start off using attention based release which the way it that says he actually hold the safety hold the trigger. Until you lock in less than once you're ready to execute you really. The safety and all it takes is like a couple. Extra pounds of pulling, and it goes off interesting now. So it's like, Carter, evolution or he has one that he makes called a silver back. That is who finger version of the Carter evolution. So he feels like the least amount fingers at you have on the least amount of tension mean this. Is that the point to try to people
with a fucking rambling about what I'm China rarely about like this. This thing is insanely complicated so to the people that look at this and say: oh there's, scale involves, and, oh you just see, no killing is defenceless animals is the most difficult way to get your food ass, the most difficult way through, no more difficult way to get your food than shooting and animal the bow and arrow it doesn't exist. Unless you want to fuck and use a spear, I'm a guy- I guess that's it is not getting grow, should ass. He jumped out of a tree with a knife in Paris, but that's stupid mean, but it is but you know the animal comes for your strat for me. If it is proficient and proven be proficient, when can I wear making the switch to go, back to traditional archery watch it as I do that man I had so tired of the stuff like
stuff changing every year. New sites, new strings in this new that I got tat heat hate setting up a compound bow. I hated it Why, because they're just so much she had gone on in man is that me where's, the bail out of tune. Did my string, Stringham timing and lasting you're strings, and I'm going back this here. I'm gonna get above a doctor cows point plus we will go back to traditional or you going back compound Gutmann go back compound. A company is making an Kaji five, really nice chemical pattern? I'm I'm pretty excited and plus I don't know, I've had mixed success. Otho struggled a little bit, the I'm sure, but how could you not? But the m, but but to shoot at ninety hours, but it is for a guy like John Dudley or you know about human hands because they do it all day. Every man is a very everything up and plus you know you get to the point
modern compound bow. If you practice alot meeting for years right, you you'll get to ninety yards to where you are professionally we're going to complain, and I don't think it's not it's not really that ethical for most people to shoot at nine yards, but it is for a guy like John Dudley or a gala Cameron hands because they do it. All day every man is a very technically proficient shooter in any. That he sees, you won't say it, but we used at sit in the ski area. Parking lot gray hawk parking lot. An hundred and six yards is, as far as my adjustable site would go on my bow, so he would say, and there he could she lot further, but I mean the groups that he would put in at a hundred and sixty yards were amazing, because he's got that mind to do so that he can shoot. You know but the thing is that, after a while, you get to the point where I dont want to shoot something at fifty yards, our shoot, my next elk,
fifteen you, you know what I mean, so I think that's largely yet, and I think without a doubt. Ass three years, I've become way better hunt we have, but you know both I mean cows killed bubble both years with his track. I missed a nice bull two years ago, but it's just hard you know, and if nothing else, you're gonna get way better hunting in the sun that you're gonna hunt more is not going to kill shit at first right, but you know being having to go from essay Idiot MAX Yard. I don't want to get into the argument about distance, but let's just say that was you know your max max on a perfect situation without compounds I like sort out in my mind, I just go out my yard. I got a big rubber elk out there at eighty five yards and start it's interesting. It just makes you in your head just so much more. You have to try so much harder. You know, and I don't I don T wonder that experience of
No desire whatsoever to hunt, even if you're of lifelong vegetarian you're, never gonna, eat meat discussion, a bone marrow to target it is so relaxing it's weird meditative way: cleansers, you're mine and a strange way then stuff. It's like fly fish and kind of same thing. It thanks you're, not necessarily don't you have to concentrate, but at the same time they take now percent a year ago shoot for twenty minutes. Thirty minutes in your done like ok, what was I thinking about before? Oh, I love to do it when I've got like a business issue, I'm dealing with or something I'm trying to like sort out of my mind. I just go out my yard. I got a big rubber elk out there at eighty five yards and then start shooting at soccer and you don't think about nothin, but that shot you just like centre that pan try to stay, calm, relax your hand, let the bow go off and he doesn't know for anything else and in its activities and you walk up there, you pull your browser. You walk back your concentrating on the whole process at an. I think. It's
cleansing in some sort of a we're way and I'm not a traditional, both shooter, but I would imagine that was accentuated even further, because it's even more like instinctively, you have that involved as well, so lichens of using a site. Your sort of legal, Collating in your mind, a drop of the arrow over distance, but it can be more frustrating to wave or with the com and have gone out any with recurved I've got shot to
whose Ike factor is on this, that the candidates are all our first accountant, gaff retired, and so we all went out had some beers with her and I was little fuzzy the next morning. I forgot my tags so, as I got unjust can call for four. Can we took off into the woods and culpable and within twenty meant, didn't have a shot up? Oh my gosh is a great day. We ended up calling in three mobile three more bowls that day, but the bold it captain gotta. Shot. He would have shot four times before it ultimately came in to recur distance, but indeed come in it came, I mean, is in four yards at one point.
Oh, my god is, is it was like this close that so crazy to have an animal that big that close to you. It was crazy, but to cows point the beauty was was that it was hanging about it. You know fifty yards for five minutes, and that would have been end of that experience right. I would have not had that experience and then, and then it comes up and to cow. What am I licked? You basically right man- and I am now a cabin crew and through the mesh in the back MIKE Rear, was saying it's straight towards me, but I e kennicott me. You know too that shot and then it went looked and I missed it. I I'll never forget but by would lose the experience of having of having to get that close. Is really call me if, like like, I said it would done, and we have been packing on cool but whatever and outlining, audible, to shoot at there too, but but is to be that close
and this role in the thick holy smoke. I mean this thing is here: yeah it's one of the things that I talked about with Jason Herriston from coup. You were talking about the difference between like mountaineering and hunting, and it's like all, these things and hiking in hunting is like all these things are beautiful and their amazing, but then add the add to that the experience of this really intense moment with a wild animal way have to execute something. You have to execute a shot and you have to do everything to come together and ask him to get a perfectly in that What makes this so addictive and that something that man trying to lay that two people- and I tried it play it, but I just feel, like my words, are adequate. I feel like everything Everything I always say to describe it. I feel I just I'm just a rambling and it's not gonna work, because you
this can have to see it to understand. Yet there is very little reference right and that we are talking about, like you can say. Well, it's like you know, imagine you know skin a perfect up. Fifty degrees powder line right or whatever something connect. You know heavy with consequence, but it's totally different like then that it's like it's just raw house. This is no way to describe it. Sir. Certain words like there's no words for a giant mushroom trip of I've tried to talk to people, never done anything. Good luck! You see things. You see, look pretty colors is really worthy of you could see, God he's gonna take, and I thought I had yeah devilish collars, but I mean I just saying those words have. Even then you know you talked somebody about it and then, like a year later, the good dude. I did it well buddy of mine recently just did the empty, and he had talked about for a long time. They finally did. Then you just a semi attacks messages like do them at the elves.
You need a trip now. No, no, it tells me after it was over. He had been about doing it forever and then its Are things like you unless you do at whatever I say the way, the words that I'm using to describe their just not going to work? I think that's the key with so many experiences in life, I try to describe being loved. Some was never been. An relationship is no way you could never do. You can never explained the love of your children to somebody doesn't have kids, we work with. Where love my dog. Man figured out you know, and I think certain intense experiences in life like a hunting or each us even more even forget the hunting mean just be: In the words like attempting, can animals insane almost psychedelic? experience, eggs, one the things that I described people the first trip that we went to the Missouri Briggs when I should the dear, when I locked eyes with that animal. The fruit for the first time
and I was sitting on a pack looking down scope of theirs rifle and I was looking at this animal and then I look at this animal through this rifle scope and he's looking at me like this is weird life form. That's living in this very baron and desolate place. Where there's no people from my heels and humble fucking eyes with this thing, and it was Thirdly, psychedelic it was oddly like paradigm shifting The moment was so intense and weird while I didn't expect this like this is this is like I mean coming, I'm feeling like this. Thing's is looking at us. I'm feeling that this thing is thinking What are you and what are you doing? It's probably never seen a person before what are you, What are you doing here and should I be worried about you that wasn't here yesterday. What is what is that- and you know he's like guinea. He always seen is like being
ball hat and others of the metal Barrow of a rifle and see how much she just seeing us resting over the top ridge. Looking down on me, fuck that it's it's it's really weird, different examples of different states, of the sheer volume of money that comes in because Doreen, You do look at things in a much differently and an account of the point. A talking about all this public land stuff is it. I do feel eight people who hunt fish carry a big loaded. This burden ran through the taxes that we pay. Better tax. Is that if you dont hundredth, if you don't pay, so we highlighted down the show that the actual amount of it we ve showed like from the rocky mountain foundation, their instagram pays ever really good and scam page. It has a bunch of different samples of different states, of the sheer volume of money that comes in because directly because of hunting and fishing and staggering it's in the billions and is by far
above and beyond anything else. By far the the largest amount of conservation money that comes into this country, the largest by far, is so hotel, even hunters fishermen, nothing it's amazing you think about it. That way, and in that sense, this system that we have here with public land and with you, Use these tax dollars to paper for all the wildlife biology to pay for the fish and game to pay for the. Deletion management. It's amazing, so amazing system. But if you're hiker, that you know your peak beggar your final names on the map and you're not coming back to this lake european Hike to this peak Europe's that's: U Com Peak Bagger, Pierre Bag and Piano account bagger p, coming peaks. Have you been to as interesting a peak It says I even that border immunity, red bolder fourteen arisen bag allowed peaks. People fall off those
still man. Yes, there get stuck up that sucks, but you know you are taking a trail and establish trail Your cover in miles and you're gettin to your goal, and maybe you're snap in a picture spend a night. You're coming back on that trailer, maybe two different trail or, as you know, a hunter is You know as soon as you step away from the truck in our out the trail head. You are plodding your of course you're making your own moves and there it is a totally different experience. Everything mean something different to you, you're, looking at an indifferent way, you're trying to interpret difference, islands in Europe do not based meal In your ear, your choices are pretty much limitless. Aerial absolute limit, their psych well leave as soon as you get off the trail you're just like in a hopefully you hit you
or something I see something you smell. Something in that begins your day, but you don't know you might you might not leave a hundred yards that day and you might cover Guiana, might be a heavy piano. Eight miles din of five thousand foot day you dont know and that's out, unless the craziest thing you just have to be prepared for it whatever, and so you know get people were like well, there aren't any wolves hearing workers in Idaho wolves were you could see him alive, especially in in the catch him area, the Lohmann area there wolves that you know that there are smart critters. They know that they knew that nobody was gonna, shoot at him and said they were a fairly common occur to see, and then once the season opened once they let people go out, may she'd tags. They picked it up. Really quick and you didn't just see them hanging out next to the road and people said Wall, the hunters killed all the walls, but, oddly enough, the hunters are wording more sightings yeah. No, I saw this the other
killing. All the walls are killing a very small number and yet ass. It were our job as hunters. We're not we're we're not getting get the numbers that we're to deal with do they do do they? Are they hiring professional wolf killers to go after walls like they're doing in California to go after covers since they yelled since they said The hunting season on Mount lines they haven't stop killing outlined, said something people to understand like theirs depredation order on amount line up in the Malibu mountains that killed eleven alpaca, go in one's once sitting as big fucker just and they know that the lion to exits tagged. It has collar on it, and this fact I just found in our pockets farm. I just went to town to set a glory killing spree. Mason forty, they can't know no mount monitoring whatsoever, but there everywhere: a spy Finally, in rural areas there's a place,
to hone ranch where that boy came up front. There's one lake that they have upon, they have out there and they have trail came up. They got seventeen different mount lines on trail cam, oh my god, by meeting people fairly fairly, often out here how well it can sue. You know it's a lot of its joggers or lab bikers like people and trail bikes, because they think to try and get away Yeah thinks it's almost like a cat with a ball yarn. This can help themselves right of flight reacts. Someone's running like you betrayed on, but the thing is its hunters are, are doing something different, then you're too the core recreate are out there. You know you're not stick into a game plan, so I feel, like any other different hours, yeah you're making strategy pray noises right, yeah, yeah, you're, just doing things differently, so if I think feeling towards sometimes were people think, oh well, of course hunters are going sailors wolves.
Now it's it's. This is good information for biologists, because we're out there actually are point in the woods has been out. There look for animals, if no one of the reasons why won't you have you guys on, is to really sorted, discuss this public land issue and also to allow people to understand? What's a stake, and to give them options to look into and two different resources that they can check in on, like like back country, hunters and anglers Bulgaria, chair, yeah, back coming back country, hunters and angles against my mouth so shut down after two hours. These days, but what they're doing is amazing highlighting like what this is and how important this is. And what are the other things What do they want to look into this stuff? That's a beach is big. Loud voice, and I think there are one of the best groups out there right now. To really just raise awareness on public.
I am access issues teddy. Roosevelt conservation partnership does a phenomenal job it is a country hunters National Wildlife Federation and by the way you reminded gesture there too. Folks, if you want to buy that public land owner T shirt, they have now. So what that the main issue is an uncommon I regard about. You know you have an incredible platform here, John and we don't waste said that this is a non partisan issue. If you, Like hunters may hunters, anglers that still your land, if you'd never leave downtown away all this public I and contributes to your quality of life through clean air, clean water. Just knowing that its there should be in something that is more in cosy for you, because it is your birthright, As in America, in this, country where ninety five percent of the people eat me something it's mighty me.
Higher than that stupid. New upon it and. There's, so many summits discussions these days about where your food comes from theirs, a better way to find out where he food comes from an actually gonna get it absolutely absolutely. But man, if, if you're, buying, be firm, why I'm off after grocery store shelve those grazing payments that we talked about that a lot of that happens on federally man, lands, whether it be a lamb, our or for a service ground and the thing is this is non partisan again and one of the things that take me off about nor Jason, Charlotte Son each hour, six. Twenty one and said hey. You know this started under Obama Clinton rare Jaclyn took. Does he these lands is useless yeah? Who cares? I don't care client. Obama tramp that doesn't matter Gertrude taken the lakes and who cares
the cows point to back it's, not partisan issue and I think, a lot of times. People would like you to believe a few republican year against this or a fear. You know pro second amendment. You can't vote for that and this than the fact is that you can. If you a republican leader in your area, they can please remind mind: you need to be involved right enough and if that's the way, you feel that's great, but you have to real is that you can have your cake and eat. It doesn't have to be one or the other. Like you know what I mean you you can be conservative and still be pro public land you now and indeed to work and call and do it you need to change them if they're, not because if once God, it's gone and use social media, because social media is an amazing to announce what killed eight years. Twenty one. It was directly killed by social meaning who was killed, quick whose
couple of weeks, other pressure that they face from guys like me, posting it to one point: eight million people on Instagram one and a half million people on Facebook three million or whatever the fuck it is on Twitter, like all those people add up and in those people to find out about it they jump in, and they realise that this is. This is it. This is a really important issue, two giant issue and Renault always points out that he's and by the way, Rinaldo wrote a great article about all this and about how, HR, six hundred and twenty one is just one battle in the overall war and we're not there's no not out of the woods by any stretch of the imagination, in that article Bilbil right now to go to his twitter. It's on. I think it's on meat eater, dot com is that where it is yeah, but no that's not that's one, but there's one that I tweeted today. This is the from January twentieth is one that I, We need to know that he just recently wrote and
he calls himself a political eunuch because he's like look because the Republicans, we'll sell off the land, and the Democrats want takeaway guns, he's gonna, wanna fuck to go And in that sense or I'm not? My point simply is that you can't change. You know what I mean. It's like a few, you need, it's not a part is shouldn't, partisan prior representatives are there to represent your exactly the article. Its Roosevelt Robber barons in the continued fight for our public lands, and he just published today and is at on, mediator dot com, yes The media are dot com. Somebody owns media dot com yeah, give it up bitch give it up. Media dogma go to media dot com. What is that? I think it is levels, one of those thing has been just like a picture of a stake for years. Very.
The top sirloin. It's delicious best Cowan school. So is this like someone just holding it? I think the person may have died or something similar dead so six, twenty, two, the failure of a fork with a piece of meat. Look here is my food look at my food age. Sixteen two gonna get the folks that are supposed to be? their protecting our resources, making sure people play nice on on public lands yeah. You know that planning to point- oh just it terrible name, not sexy at all, but that is the new management plan for bureau, land management that just got shot down. It's gone up to the Senate right now, so The thing is, if you want to know what you can do, you have got sign. These petitions that are gone around TCP he's got a great one sports ones pledge. You know joint
Rawdon gun club, Ba shaved, National wildlife federation. These plans are here, for everybody is not just hunters and fishermen and man, you. Gotta do is right, emails and call your duly represent. Your official letter there to represent you and by the way back country, hunters and angers has a form that you could to fill. On their side. They'll, send it for you. He entered your email day. They have. I got a letter that already written up yes super easy to do, and they'll del direct you to where it needs to be sent and they're doing a great job of setting up and letting people I mean which we gotta be gotta, be wise about this, as we have an amazing place. It's it's an amazing thing. They did the fact that you guys live you're saying that what is it church, Frank, church, what're, they Frank, church, Frank Church Wilderness in Cuba If you went up, there is fuck em, so
chop olive trees down, would put up a go, cart, meaning if you look at this stage, I am example: read these state lands. Are there to make money for the states and, like we said stage, trouble. They sell those light fire anything right. They did it sucks all the money out of the state in the states literally mandated not to have a negative balance so that once that happened like how make our money. How is Roosevelt so wise? He had just panic, fear of God put into M because He had this realization that he's like, oh, my God, the your reason. I am who I am today is because I have this opportunity to go out and chase animals in and if I saw rise on line I could go over the top of it cause. Nobody owned Ryan is like That made me who I am. I got him, try to make sure This is here for the next person or a people, I understand that in many countries that's not really possible and that's actually the
story of Robin Hood story of having heard wasn't really about stealing from the rich and stealing their money and giving it to the poor? It was about hunting lands, TAT, they are really lost, goes out. The king did not let anyone hunt in the kingdom Hunting lands and Robin Hood was like fuck you, anyway, the erroneous shootin dear and getting people food as people are starving and that that is something that we can do here in America that you can't it's like, so, when the reasons why you get so much hate mail from Europe, your lot hate mail from places where they don't recreational hunting as it does to them at our derive and understand, and their eating stake. There eating steak My wife got into an argument with one of her friends: husbands, where you know she was saying that I was on a hunting trip in the sky, was eating a stake: carving stink literally at dinner, and recycle. That's too horrible that's deplorable? He hunts animals like you, don't have to do that, like sheep, like your eating, a stake
will these animals are farmed animals and though she was what don't you think that that animal lived, a horrific exist, since and then finally was killed. You think that's better than someone just add a know where you're hiding behind a bush, making cow, calls any blast and arrow through the heart of some wild beast and then take that thing. Out of the mountain you have the experience you have the food. You also have this wild encounter with this. This magnificent b. That you have this connection. To that. Every time you eat every time. I e a stake over that Elk. I think about the experience of hunting that day I think about seeing it. I think, about cutting it. Up and carry it out of their did that the whole thing about it is all it's all connected. Did you blow bring into the truck hoisting it up like the whole thing is like in my mind, every time I cut into the meat and people at the end of the day are genetically hardwired to do that.
It's weird, and now it's weird. When you tap into that file, go you don't know about this file working for it MA am we're the other experience on public lance. There is it's just we talk about this at length. All the time Kittens got this like nigger analogy in we're, walk around shot, shoe and there's this european in company down the road and stop Sweeneys, hey Karl, we lose all this land. This is what we're gonna be making knickers. You know. Indicators are fake, fake huntings, Magaziner stake hunting, but it's like candy variants, writer, valued enclosure, honeys less here once really really says inside of the back of a truck, and that does happen. Folks, there's a thing called like pheasant shoots, european fashion. Shoot and they literally release these birds and the bird fly away and guys stand there with guns waiting for them to release when occasion shoot them. That's how Dick Cheney shot his friend December that
Irma that story who shot his friend of fucking, face and was a canned hut where they just open? They literally open a can the birds fly out and they wait and boom and shoot em. We I mean the hunting thing: it's honestly, they being outside of your comfort on tat. Is it having an enemy, no it, and if, if that's not, can have but I'm not interested now man, but public hunting experiences man. Where else you know you that's what you follow. The rules Red because everybody gets the same experience a run, an our side. We are constantly like analyzing our clothing and analyzing our days and were given to be totally truthful. Ma Am life first light pretty fuckin good man. We get to spend a lot of days and woods way more than your average Joe gets doing. That's how we make stuff good right an
What were you guys do? It is you, you have new pieces, and then give them to like your representatives. I people that you guys have like wait. What do you guys call them? ass. It is something that we call them in a team guys that rises, but, as you have a bunch of like guys what I follow on Instagram hard core hunters who spend a giant chunk of their life out in the woods yes summer, public some are not yet died. Is to set the sent him to people that use them and tons of different environments. Like you know we hunton a rocky, so we know we ve got play experts, is there, but it's coils will send stay stuff too, no guys hunting in BC arise hunting in Kay where it's raining Alla time. That's the that's the gold, in other words hot, but enabled ascend stuff out and have it used in these tonnes. A different view it allows us to build better stuff. You know it's a real. Try an error thing where you taking these super experience guides money said some guys are
like some guys are not what you mean is some guys at public profiles in some guys they just stay under the radar. Just yet hi guys like that right, yeah. Here and I mean that's it- everything gets really testing and that's the fun part, but the amazing thing Some of the things that I love as we get in turns and people from all across the country that have awesome. There is very little experience and sometimes their input is the most valuable facilitate a bunch of people who were like. I know it all right Oh, no, don't worry about that. Nobody does that and then you get this. You know girl from Ohio Wall what about this in this happened to me and really cause it's free. Brand new perspective, somebody just started hunting and I think that that's been an incredibly valuable on our line too so living there too, its living in the mountains. You know you get to take stuff from all different sports, whether you're
yeah, know right your bike or whether you're back country skiing, like a lot of that stuff crosses over. You know, and I think that allows us to round things out nicely. Like you know, hiking hunting is quite different than hiking right, like hiking want to build the lightest thing they can build. That can do wrong whatever huntings totally different off the trail. You're gonna throw bushes like you can, after throw that I thing out the window. You know it. You more have to approach it like how heavy can actually build this and have it still work well, because its then get thrash dinner. I mean so to approach it from kind, a different shifted, how you know when you build stuff, it needs to be versatile right, like you can't have you know, I don't know it did equipment to be like having a guy that was a construction worker and he's gotta. Eight penny nail these guys. Penny nails nails. The other eight penny hammer. Sixteen penny hammer, it's like! No, you need to be, What to do everything with you? No Sir
amount of stuff because you're going out in the woods and yet he might be walking slow, you might be stopping you might be going uphill, you let it go downhill you now and had just allows carrying fewer things. Do more jobs and I might have to go through thick brush and you might have to have closer adorable or if your and Texas, you might have stuff that as thorns and shit me ripping your clothes and S don't go to tax stronger than I ever earning stabs you others, tax taxes, that taxes is a great example of what could be, possibly happen. If we lost public lands because Texas is weird. I love tat. Stung him. You re love the state, a lighter, keep where my favorite place on earth, but Texas hunting is very strange. There's a lot of its high fence and alive It is like over feeders. They have like these feed machines in these animals come to the feed machines in their overrun with wild pigs and then- and I have these fucking weird african animals taken Hunt- anytime. You want mean there's
Well, I'm just a bit from my last special, but it's true, there's more tigers in captivity in Texas than there are all of the wild of the world really yeah really tell me. That's not true chose the true, there's more tigers, induce fucking backyards, private collections, not zoos, not wildlife, sanctuaries more time, in private collections and travels, Eagle hundred percent there's no laws, not access he's can have no wait! Queer, no gay marriage lane! I want an index of clean but minority. However, I would like to live under their awesome. I love taxes, but you like they have like scimitar Eriksson fucking aliens and all these weird african? I wasn't like that. There are more captive TIGERS in Texas, then in the wild as real as reels fuck, but yeah man. You don't need that innovation. Twenty thousand
Thirdly, own big cats, including tigers, lions and cougars, currently living captivity in the U S, but it is active where's unknown due to insufficient record keeping an eye on foot those that hasn't count like those little kind of Ireland have those little whatever. No man, I've been to taxes and I've I've. I have a friend in taxes that has a body of his and as a fucking tiger thing in his yard. You do this job fence, doubt areas get a giant ranch in his ranch. He's got a bunch of fuckin tigers in order to feed him like a cow, live cow now that while they could, if we want to maybe want admitted to me, but they take the cow calf shootin ahead, toss it over the fence. These things tear it apart. They watch a slogan during several Budweiser fucked, her cousin and chief of
Alice and his wife for the proud owners of three six hundred pound tigers they have raised since they are born Jesus Christ, police chief in Dallas, former pervasive Jesus Christ, like many Texans Bill wrath burned is no longer satisfied with an ordinary pit. Why a german shepherd, but that clear wanna. Do is heart leg tireless need a goddamn America animal. These cats tend to mind me, even though I use no discipline. He says no discipline are all shut. Your fuckin mouth you killed. He has twenty two tigers. This guy said he's even train these tigers to remain tame. Oh my god, you Unfortunately, you can buy a tiger for less than a thousand dollars rescue tigers, renew no see tat. A Texas has completely different laws when it comes to wildlife, the wildlife, taxes is not its. It's private property. Hold different situation and we need
Tags and a company like white tailed, dear and indigenous species, but when it comes and even in the white tales are indigenous their mean this their brain amend from farm. So they have bigger racks and there are a lot of weird shit they do. I wonder it must be if you have a high fence bennets once she that things like fully fans, everything within becomes private, must be, I think, that's exactly what it is. But there's a lot of like evens and oryx, and always african animals in the access dear, that have gone rogue they ve got. Through fences another just wild and free range, our dead. What a Solomon in New Zealand convicts escapees bees yeah? How would doubtless be crazy if, like cat got loose, I could go nuts out there right now. I'm sure it's happened, I'm sure if you drive down a road some words of Jasper, Texas,
for something you should have time, and I myself have because scariest thing in the world is in Texas. We don't even know how many there are I am aware that I have a whole bit about a man. She watches this line. Just things come out of the woods, this yeah, it's it's a Texas, a very odd place, but what I want to highlight is like men, you dont want that to be the only way to get a hunting experience has Texas. Is it's fuckin we we weren't we want to have jobs, man, Armenia. The reason for innovation is that competition. Being outside dry, pushing yourself you not climate Snoopy Why is the hunting clothing industry like a bunch fuckin high school girls because is
there's a lot of weirdness like clicks like you, if you wear Sitka you're not supposed to wear coup, you if you were cool you you're not supposed to wear first lie. May I thought you were under our regard as sitting over there without first lectured on what you want to fuck and girls high school girls? Not now the zoning round with being a girl in high school, I mean icicle whenever they are all but have no problem. I'm glad you picked nuclear, but you know I'm saying it's like if fuckin it's like a clicking, little weird thing: whether on teams like hey this there's no goddamn teams gotta go conversation. One this! You know sitcom Harrison Jason Hair soon found a coup. You start out said many. They know they pushed him out and they bought it out. Now, the sick, a guy in a cool you guys don't get along, like your fucking mind, This should delay. You come worry about, rose staff, fang, maybe that's where that leave us team entirely man, it's the same thing as people from Texas, don't like people from Wyoming
You know we played your focus, superbowl Kicker, Zambia really hard to believe. I don't. You know we're very friendly with yeah Yeah I think be real hard for me to believe that anybody out there being like listen. If you put this on you fuck and hate those people how decorators penal people cannot just pick it up and around with it yeah, while some I'm sure some people are ultra competitive and it comes from that. Like me, this is the way it isn't business right. Instead of concentrating on what you're doing a lot, people constrain the other people who are doing what you doing the eyes smokers are trying to get us. We need to look at the man but that competition is good? That's a good part of the competition is amazing because you guys are constantly elevating your game. Like other Ryan, I warrior stuff. When I went to Nevada and those like man, those
and what would you like to cordially and accordingly, I passes for their great man they're. So like the ill loose like when you walk in and there's no binding at all their tough endurable, You guys nailed it in an email that last of anti it's a cool system in that you know, generally speaking, out of a few different shows like the outdoor retailer and wherever you get to see all the best stuff right like whether it be free louder it. How did it only right, yeah everything, and you know you get to build the best thing you can build and there's like I can a couple few comp, these that literally like us that cost is kind of Noah. Attempts to weigh down the list- and I I wish were make things as cheap as we can. That still expensive, but it's fun thing to be able to make the best you can. Right and some people
you now say our steps better cause. We don't, however, the United States. It is what it is, but airing everything is so good. Now yeah, oh boy, selfishly we could make it first selves with so much better than when I started hunting in two thousand twelve, which is incredible four and a half years that I've been hunting stuff has gotten a lot better as who is really interesting. That's us yet editors and accelerated curve out there of competition and innovation, and certainly and for people that don't even hunt like you your stuff cement, solid, I'm and it is amazing outdoor where it's good as you're like get like. I have this. Do yours we are talking about. Our was and my wife liquid asking Jackson and we went
it was this black right am I does the warmest work and jacket it's so light and so thin. You know it's. What does your puffy Soviet out the uncompelled Great here my answer? Not a great check it, the meanest! It's the perfect jacket for like when it's kind of cold out, it's not war than Montana, when I was doing Anthony, Bore, Dane show to my own funds freezing out, and I'm like this jack. It's amazing unifying, isn't where nothing but good time and Dan Bailey, the thousands of wherever dues time and Danville layaway say the link with the two other two gryffons, the two point dogs, yeah. Ok, oh yeah, real good. Do that's all cement yeah! I'm a bird funding is fun, but it's it's like away down the list for me. What did your skin you? so we are talking about l cunning here we are when we hear some time out was highlighted some kids, they a wife, have but his business
I've heard of those things, harassment fights those bad. You type man stay clean cans, get restrictions rightly made out of trouble, Major House, a freeze only happened, my wife, I might not have the same political of so if we ve gotten pretty Was it the rather little pussy talks at high pressure over the top? I didn't know favoured satisfies our lives. Dear boys are girls, you boys in a girl, you're lucky. There is like a balance, their usual girls and boys in your house, and then you may dude. It's all checks, my fuckin horse, overrun by checks and my mom. My wife's mom lives near by cheese over those over the Fuckin house to all women
when you go out time on your body, women yeah, dad is gonna, go outside pretending. Still a man can hide sirens turn briefly to the rocks. It's it's funny. You know! So what what laws get establishing your household? Oh, I don't know! You know where this would have to be concerned with what lower, where we say, doesn't isn't negative Donald Trump bring this now I thought you'd, like you, said, think there was enough. Like you know, I have two boys rights. There are not afraid to call each other pussy. If some things got you out, I mean right there on the news that area knows there ended their extreme sport scares. Mountain bikers, and you know, inevitably it's like the others. The jump filters than in first thing like it's called. As you know, the p I asked him out plan. That was the first thing I would like to know.
No, no, no you're a you like that! You like! Well, she serious actually did not thou nodded, not added our determined, that's fine, whatever it shouldn't be, but you know it was funny cause. You know, they'll have to each other and the other boys they did. Did you want to get out stir some nasty gnarly ass. You know for whatever their bikes and somebody's gotta guinea pig it and sure enough. It's probably the one they got called a pussy first without this well informed. For me, when Donald Trump, the whole story came out, it was great because then, all of a sudden everybody, so many people say pussy seems like this country's leg backing it. We got some weird politically correct phase, just in the last couple years where people are so mad at so many different Fr in groups are so mad at the way our culture is There is all these words. You are allowed to say any more, and there was all these new things like you not allowed where sombreros cuz coz its cultural procreation you're getting mad people for cooking other cultures.
Issues like people got so politically correct. That, like did the good thing about Donald Trump being in office. Is that that I said that political correctness, took a missile to Dick is like that. I, as the fuckin commander in chief man, that political correctness shit. It's like it doesn't seem very effective. It didn't work here like you, can't you can't and people fighting and, of course, and rallying and protesting knowledge as but it the good thing about It's like you, realize all that's just a word. I pussy the word I can neck. I was saying pussy now he's a president like sought, really looks like tat, Abu, were that summons demons? And now it's it's just a word and its intent. That's important! It's not demonizing words and making these words impossible to say because we ve made them like there's certain words now that you just can't say in our culture or pay We'll get upset at you the world where real common, like retard call someone to reach our you not caught seeing someone has a disease. You know you're you're, saying someone's a fuckin knuckle at all the cars retorted.
Do you know the intent of that word, but people are saying no, don't say that anymore, that's offensive. The more you create offensive words and the more You create words that are not there yet, not to say them the more you to give those words power and people going to die. I can't wait to say them. The king would mean did than theirs words become like nuclear plants at his head and nuclear option than something ray. You ve got, though, that the sea word you know, that's dear always, holding on that one for chickens crazy and I was and can't like. What's that, it's impossible to come back from this, not an equivalent word from their like you, you by telling us we can't say that worrying cause dicks all day long you fuckin, dig guilty, is charged on tv. Now, practically you can see the ones. It's not like that Good NBC Cbs; they still don't use it, but like any cable show they use that now Elinor was cantons. Wife tends to look at me like that is the source
Of looseness right that single man with a bang, this man got cut loose to spend too much time with hammock and all who now is fair, all tabs, which, while it put no one, tells Rhine where to go right is going to the woods anytime. You want, I don't think, that's right yeah! What about data evolution, times as a college check here. Why just out there with no leash, I guess I'm a collar. I did a lovely shaggy along. We, firstly dirty hunting season, but We shall be on a leash Why does have a leech she just at them? He doesn't have to call me about. Egypt goes where he. Why on earth is what it is? You just decide to take that moustache and go for hype. Nobody can tell em, that is as women off wisdom than demand caused here? Hey Ryan's, happy without no leash, everyone so am. I wish I was like that, like I love being married, love, I'm kinda love, though dear love out a family, but I gotta buddy my for an hour. I know what I did. Its went off. The grid shut the FUCK
phone off. He want answers emails. They just disappeared This is a long one due for a few months here he's a ski Stanhope, Comic Larry's guide, successful, show on commie central doing great kick. It asked he just something, no one. I need some experiences, my life to write about the talk about, so I'm just gonna fuckin, stop talking to people disappear for human life and talked him two months I haven't talked to a moment where the fuck is you call us voicemail, it just says the subscriber. You have reached a shut off incoming called play. If that's amazing, let's do this thing is just them, devious creation. I tell AIDS it out. If it is, it is squires request. This phone does not accept incoming calls message in the one guardian of years, rockin message envy one ever fuck straight, and they were so my wife that both the keys, you think that's good,
no one to call him to begin check in, but he can check in rank. Do it every once, but one card is everything Coolio late, but you can call me up a faggot install and hang up the phone set. My listened very the inferior to check out can mean the where we are. It is narrow, Valley, public land, we were as soon as you get off the valley for your on public land. Like we talked about I can take. I can hope to the frequent EU com. But I and you can be disconnected as ass connected as you want to be, and there is no price tag. There are no price to fear, and I need Well, that's the constant dilemma amongst a lot of hunter, especially the really hard core guys. While the podcast I listen to like a bunch of em, but The big dilemma is: how much time does your family allow you to get out? How much? How much time can span. Can you do one of those thirty day trips in like there's a
guys. I do like a thirty day trip. That's pretty heavy, that's heavy as far glad there's some street credit. That, or should I say trail, cried right leg. Why didn't you tell me what you know a fucking rail said to me once was really funny man, we were laughing we're talking about grisly man, we're talking, but the Warner Herzog documentary and Renault was late. We will tell you what, though he goes like. I did some fuckin hard campaign. He goes. I gotta respect that that guy was a hard camp, has gone from it and how likely is the hard way that allows it? No one loves her way, no more than an hour. He loves. It also does not, but there's something to be said, for it is just like we're talking about you know, things get more, pc or whatever? It's you start, padding yourself and also you dont know. Rough is safe spaces nerve. The hard edges of the world is a super important that we be totally inclusive.
Petition is not a bad thing and there's no more primal competition than you trying to go on and get your own food that's running around trying to stay alive. What have you got a point? You stick to trying to shoot threat, not ask us at every time a hunter those into the woods something dies? That's right! I that's what I hear all the time it's well. I saw five people going to the woods behind my house on a public easement. I was at a city council meeting. Listen to this gal talk somebody public easement, so people can access public land only way their housing development got bill was so there because they wilder easement, so people can get to the public land she's contain that People went past, her house and five outside sake, not the case right. Now it's never happen. I dont punch my tag until the absolute last day because as soon as I could, but I gotta be back into work with that
yeah I mean about conversations of people, the doors and the like. You know you got there. Should these animals I go now you go out there. You try to get an animal so that, while often you success was a boy I went on five hunts last in a super. Dedicated practice counts lamp absorbed in five three one successful told that's it's a good average, so you're spending. Fifty in all each Huntley least five days out in the woods and does nothing sorry come back home mouth and strike out. In an hour that was an absolute failure. My kids look at me like such a Lou. Nothing like nothing struck out like you, didn't nothing, nothing! Nothing! You fox fear that as hectare you come with me one day right now, too little too high killer afforded ages, six and eight close. They love. They eat everything. No man, they ve bear Elk Deed Elk. All the time they been eaten wild game still little. They did. No, the difference they like the learning of ELM yeah boasting
skin since there to two I took: when there is so little that they just pizza down, they had a little connected with the two skis than just slide my order rosy and to think she was too. You ever rose yeah, no, no way on a workers, Steve daughter at yeah, yeah, yeah, kids, You know it's at an amazing thing to have a little person that your raising and do you see it to see them learning things for the first time, which will never happen again, everything they learned for the first time like every the first time they went. Skiing. Remember the like this look in their face like we, let them Britain's on, like that's crazy, we're gonna, helm and others still have an excited like there's. Never gonna be a first like that again and the more first you can have in this life. I think that better and more richer life will be the more first experiences the more times you can learn thing and people get locked into these patterns in their life and on a wide happens. What causes it, but we get a job,
We get a career and we get a path in a neighborhood in that's boom and then the first stop, there's no more. First, and then it becomes the same shit over and over again, life becomes mundane and life tired grow old. In a lot of ways other than aging but the other day, that happens. Is you realize that this is going on? And then you seek novelty? You seek new experiences and hopefully that's what happens to more p. More when they listened to pack ass like this and they d, they hear you guys talk about your experiences, nay, I say dammit. I need some of that. My life and I need I needed- is go fuck and camp it has got out. I need a wake up in here, but balls bugles boy, and I need to like work up in here bird. It's that I don't recognize turban and squawk in and look over the ridge and see a bare like woe. Fuck, that's a wild bear hang children being doing bear stuff like all that stuff is
having new experiences like that, just giant for your life. And again, if you're, not in a hunting, you don't Timor got just try archery strike that Try that two new experience call someone fireplace it gives lesson I just go. You have drive out the national Park to you now bears your national monument gacek. Some things our road. Radio car camping is fantastic. Are you give people? Are there comforts yeah? Our bid is today maybe steps man go, do it go to your hearts. Why else fulfilling thing I do. I try to do take somebody out on their first on a rear, and it is one of the most fulfilling things I do every year. I'm sure it's just the best, while it always blows some is mine. All you have to use here. A bugle and people are just like work. Oh yeah maidens, I'm real animal, not Amy Q, up some Elk bugle because for people
never heard before them with a fuck we're talking about you live in a city somewhere in poor bastard. It sounds like an animal from the Lord of the rings. It doesn't sound like a real thing. The assembly, some crazy exotic bees, so the good when I heard a little bit of it, did you pick the first when you found it doesn't Now, that's not even like a crazy want. That's lay that sounds a little bitch bore, but it is a one thousand pound forest horse. It's maybe that's a real border, as they are very bad guys. Like I get all, pussy willows looking screaming and they re throw them head back and just launched at in the air. So these guys
going back and forth in this video. What a crazy animal! It is not something you get sick of here and never men. Every time I've been l counting and I've been l cunning a few times now, You see one and you hear it and just your whole body, like tangles wow, what a magical experience be around us things to feel bad to feel that noise in your chest, Jesus sizes, Fucker cod,. I mean the things that are keeping those things alive. Are the money comes from hunting? That's super important for people to there was a time in this country. Those things are almost extinct in the early nineteen hundreds who was very few this very few dear If you anything and now there's more dear this country than the whirlwind. Columbus didn't really discover this place and that's why people are so passionate about ass manly. The history like we landed. We said hate this waste can be different.
And where we came from the land where the animals belong, the people we fuck that up real, quick with me get on a year, market honey is an interesting she'll. Tell people about that. Don't didn't even know that that was a real thing. They know that we kill off all the buffalo, but they don't really understand that back in the day before refrigerators you get me like previous, then. Yes, memory. The commissioner's Chesapeake that there's a great description on market hunting in the Chesapeake Bay Guy's, guys going out with thumb, low profile boats. Cannons on a stone and shards nails and stuff and then go up to these big rafts. They called when ducks and geese sleep in middle than I had on big bodies of water. They all get the huddled up together. This is in the Chesapeake Bay, but having in the great lakes, also big rafts of birds, and you could you not push, often middle the night sneakers
really slowly on his big rafts of sleeping birds and touch this cannon off, shoot this cannon and then and that's how the Chesapeake Bay Retriever was basically bread into existence was needed. A big hardy dog that kid withstand cold water. This dogwood spend hours never getting back in the boat, but constantly retrieving four hours because aid shoot you know and probably a mouthful and nails to birds right, learns, Berea and then that dog had then sit on the pilot birds and defend it. The next day limbs everybody else rags as burs worth money. They were taken. Him come ass to so they had a guide dogs or guard dogs rather, and they also had to be retrievers. Yes were Well, then, they would bring those market by the barrel fall and that's in they were only good for a couple days: young people
the another, try to keep a cool, and then people try to buy arms quick as occurred before they spoiled and then have to go Rebecca Do it again in that process resulted in just devastation on the wall. Life in this country. Where, yes and the same thing was avenue no wait till the herb. No black bears everything basin. See? That's the one that everybody harps on, but they don't realize that it was pretty much everything that we could eat they shot and that so that we can put a price tag, and that's one of the major issues that were seen in Idaho Idaho's they wanted, and with some this auction tag. Stuff is were starting to put a dollar MT on our game. What we mean by auction tax. The word were Poland, two eggs out of the general pool. So like right now what said in the state Idaho? We could all pity on me.
Thousand people put infer for Elk tags and a prime unit, the unit that grows biggest balls well in order to raise more funds, they start to remove one of those tags, an auction I'm off. So, let's put you know whatever good I'll put in for thirty dollars for the remaining three yoke. But if we choose Do we can all try to bid on each other for that fourth tag so if there is a limited amount tags people have I realise that your chances of drawing that tiger- probably pretty slim unless you build up point it's every year. You build up a certain amount of points, and that makes it more likely that you're gonna draw tax or people who don't understand the process. So why person they'll, take one. And put off now, allow it to be auctioned off and sometimes over hundreds of thousands of dollars. Yes, but you're, crazy, rich deeds. So there's two schools of thought: once gold,
look how much money is going to conservation, because this one rich ass, all that wants to spend forty thousand dollars a killer, Bighorn cheap, yes- and I think you know say in it. Like you. Do the rich, ass, all think! That's how everybody says it ran course really frustrated with that is unlike what are we as the remaining sportsmen in this pool, supporting the rich asshole by giving him the ability of widening. Why the thousand people in the pool just agree to spend a couple extra box on the tag well. That might help, but is a really gonna get you the hundreds of thousands of dollars that one tag I mean it seems like without burdening the regular sportsmen who doesn't want to span like didn't, TAT. I, like significantly raise or tags the price or tax regimes like complaints, yes, but they put a lot of burden on the
How to state Hunter, not an instinct right, rear, resident hunter gets a break right. Threat are in state, you know, I am. I supported a tag. Fee increase for resident hunters cause, we haven't had won an alarm. Years. So that's tag like good over the counter tag for Elk right now in Montana. Excuse me and Idaho. I want to save already ex threefold, but that's amazing yet, and I won't say Montana seventeen Israel you know. How amazing is therefore, seventeen box you can get five hundred pounds a meat and more effort to nest. Hunters I mean speaking for the guys I hang around with and nobody else we like to drink beer. What yes when spending seventeen dollars on a case of beer that has gone and Jim seriously, say a couple of weeks: I love I love to hunt now
really love it is I mean it's just something that I look. Or do the year long right, I can vary more than willing to spend more than seventeen box on on the potential the thrill of the excuse to go home. For sure. Yeah, that's reasonable! In that book. Pretty much within anybody's budget mean just raise it to twenty bucks and then all that money gonna go back to the state and it's gonna help, and it still very, very, very reasonable there we don't say I mean it reason, Madonna, exact price generally, so you by sports and package. So I think it's for a hundred and thirty five dollars you can hunt in fish like basically anything: that's not a draw everything over the counter. As long as you don't go over the limit of what you could get pretty much, I mean pretty amazing in Idaho's a true lottery right. So now there are no points
I was one of those states, that's interesting young and I truly like because it now it spreads out, the pressure are draw odds are fantasy. So now worth where someone wants to auction those things off like what is like one of those crazy elk tax and other wild sheep is the big one right like bighorn, cheaper, the ones at the models for three or five out of three hundred and five thousand dollars and the same and Elk tag. Sheep offers lakes area that that we hunted I think last year went for over half a million were to keep my sheep sheep, are then lived. The rarest thing that we like they're doing really well and then areas that they're doing when, but in the brakes we saw a ton of crazy everywhere, but disease in other superfluous, applicable the disease domestic shaped his yes, cracked ran. There was a Sitka video that they did. They did did a short film about the head.
I heard it is how to heavyset d and e r, o Y yeah tend Roy yeah, and these sheep are suffering from diseases that are coming from domestic, cheap, so they're trying to figure out a way to breathe. Need a domestic sheep that doesn't catch this disease, so the vague in Rio produce healthy sheep into these areas and not then be infected by these dear diseases of the yet. Some really fascinating staff do remember. Keep Fisher was on that hunt with us in the brakes. Use Rhone one of boats here. For National Wildlife Federation and that's when he knows, as does conflict mitigation basic he'd identifies those grazing allotment, and most on public land, and he identifies the conflict grazing allotments, mostly for bighorn sheep. That could put
master cheap that could potentially be carrying diseases in contact with these wild cheaper. So he's looking to you not typically pay the rancher that has at grazing allotment, Fair get value for that grazing allotment and he just turns its back over to you. Forest and that's a real issue with Buffalo right with wild bison, because there's too schools of thought and there's one school. It's about Bruce allows us and Bruce, allowances will somehow or another be transmitted from the by send to cattle, but Apparently, a lot of people say that this kind of a bullshit argument cause it's really about the bison eating up the grazing land forcing out the domestic cattle. So they using the Bruce losses as an excuse. To say that this is the reason why we need kill off advice and get him out of the way. I think there's some legitimate on both sides, Yad in in the different finished
Innovation is the sheep. Don't carry a disease basin, definitely do carry the Brussels but domestic sheep do carry some domestic cheap do, but the wild ones dialed wild ones down, but they can catch domestic sheet is yes and they have no big, fire immune systems, but yet a basin one is around right. I got a big Eastern Montana family. Takes a lot of ground to grow beef out there and, if that's your livelihood, absolutely in putting more animals on countryside. Has some fuckin hawk bison thing a bigger than a cat? Is everything man? It's gonna directly impact your livelihood, but I think just as we are talking about earlier listen, there's some! be medium there and, if the especially for looking at some of this oil and gas stuff. It's gettin scary right now, like especially with light
all the sudden we're SAM you dont have to clean up after yourself after you, you know, start a big mind somewhere right like I would much rather have bison out their them like. Let's raise funds through sports manner, recreation us than digging big pit in beautiful spot yet. Another that's gonna covered, though, means not to play the Dakota pipeline liquid talking about their society and meet the amount of money. That's gonna come from those just dagger ring, and so the amount of prey sure that's involved in making something tat go through is also pretty staggering. It now, but it's dangerous. You know, and what the disaster that could take place is either I put a price on because what what what could be done if they ruin a river system, but somehow or another. This gas line breaks and have oil flooding a river system same way, they had that BP oil rig disaster out in the Gulf
to manage. Imagine they'll dealing with right, yeah fuck in enable the people than how to deal with it. There were living near there. They were sick here, there's all sorts of diseases and all sorts of lawsuits going to cleaner crews- and they had they- made prisoners clean up the fuckin. The Bp Mass and there's a lot of weird shit involved in that it too, I am truly not educated on economics. Over and might you know my brain says that no there's, you know we couldn't there's no warm fuzzy, eco. You know large that we could set up. That would match the funds from oil and gas, but the man- I am just trying to think long term and you boy that their did just wreck that landscape him now the landscape is what have you been in love with since little kids yeah. You know nobody
spill light your toilet water on fire. Either you see those fuckin gas, land, documentaries, common rather tap, and these guys takes a lighter too. It is fuckin waters on fire people, but they ve oil spill. Maybe it'll do that's always been the case now these fuckin people, but these fuckin people directly related a fraction design. These apologists for that stuff, like how many fuckin earthquakes You haven't Oklahoma for go hey, as is ok, but it was because of a thousand quickly. Here now I call like Islamist Thunder thousand we're lookin. We were the ones we only like pollute like three or four wells a year, we're survivors I'm each year, we get plenty of bottled water, but now the I mean there's this idiots constantly all the thing you not technology, all across the board getting way way. Better. We no way more about these migration routes and we use to me no way in act. Migration routes are what we need for her,
the mule dear Healthy Elk UNESCO. Recent thing, they realize how far mule dear travel right a kind of blue these biologists, wind, blowing hundreds of miles reindeer and our unit the migrate. A hundred and seventy miles well yeah While they have do. I mean like ears like this: we ve got. You know right now. We ve got out on us six. Seven eight feet of snow on the ground right failed travels, the cart when you come here and you see, no, but so many people what better? Regarding what's better no snow and a massive swarm of humans or a foetus. Now, not many humans? When I got your law as you go stay where you're out my stay? Where am I felt like a trick? I know it's always want to talk to people. They come from a place like Quetcham and you come too LOS Angeles and see the
fuckin swarm the hive get on at four or five and know what the fuck is. This thing dude, I'm not in it when we have the bus, just go, get a rental car. Last night I was good ray I felt like I was in a NASCAR, raise living on your car altogether. Aggressive regret. You have to be, Did a study that show there's a d a correlation between the amount of footsteps. People take per minute and population that therein and all the faster they talk they if The population is higher than they will say their syllables faster. They will say words faster they'll, say more words in a minute, like is a d coordination. Correlation from New York definitely talk fast carried out for yeah, but it's fastening. They walk faster to theirs, there's a here Gus Senator what
This Amy clears way for finishing Dakota Army, our Amy, initially Dakota Access oil pipeline by granting easement opponents likely to appeal happens just now, but yeah you know where you were. You guys live just a completely different kind of place. Look at of course, the first use imaginative bomb. We approve this project in the first place, the lube towards can't blame trump alright face lift liberty. What's that one of the best words it's come out of this whole fuckin right, verses left out. I mean like that, I'm just speaking off the cuff there, like you know I love I'm an outside guy. I don't want that stuff to ever change I realize there's gotta be something for him. Buddy to I mean were big country, is more than just me and, like I said, super out of the way,
waste blogger. I don't ever want to live in New York City, but I know a lot of evil can love it and good guy Good luck with it, but interesting. When I see guys like you, come from Idaho then come down here to LOS Angeles and I seed looking Frazier like fuck place where to get out of here am raising family here and why do my work and you guys like fire this place? I insist interesting. It's like the driving cow. I like Rana Stoplight. Already I, like I don't know you know it's a hive gets too lazy. It's crazy Le Philip putting your blamed on means to the next guys like when you put your pulling her on the change lands. That means here means they closed. That's base, you fucker an exact he's, gonna slow me down by one tenth of a second combat it all very intense, very intense origin.
When does bow fun conversation. I hope we illuminated a lot of these issues. Have people and fuck HR six twenty two years, any bills like it and we need to do the same thing we did to six twenty one when you do that to six point two and contact that guy and start the whole campaign all over again, because you ve just can't remove the resources that are going to protect those those lands for going to keep calm and very important got. So thank you guys, which do and your website is first light. Dotcom. L I t curse. Is it would, firstly, hunting dot com or nurse lighters, liars like dotcom, first light dot com, one word and anything else. Thank you buddy good than usual recognised by everybody, see thank you ever
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Up, including my pal, knit APOLLO hilarious, stand of comedian he'll be back he'll, be with us on Monday. Some site cited excited amounting to time. I hope you are too the hours Jones Podcast is now up to over ten million downloads. Yet still is not showing up in the I tunes top episodes category, which is very strange, aren't what's going on some people are crying conspiracy, downtown and some people just think it's a hiccup. Who knows our nose right, but it's kind of funny. I think its awesome things either way the park gases over ten million downloads is our number one downloaded podcast ever arguably problem
We, I mean other than that show cereal that probably got more downloads and ass right, the how many down that cereal podcast. Yet does say anywhere is our way to find out. But it's my number one downloaded podcast by how many millions two million tomb it's only been out a few technical, the number one pike ass by over two million downloads- zinc credible if you haven't heard its clusterfuck, its awesome its retarded, it's great, it's terrible altogether, plus weed and whisky, and now it's Jones and inter dimensional child are that's it at all. Too much. You know it. I know it too. I hope you enjoy this podcast and I know for Why do people like man? Why can't you talk about other stuff that I like different? That's the whole thing that I'm doing are post stuff that I like stuff that you like different ship, make
constantly- and I get it if some of it is just not your stuff. I think these. The strength of this thing has always been that I try to gravitate towards my curiosity and things that I at least thank are important or things. I think will be interesting and make a curious Jesus why don't I just shut the fuck up. What I had a chance. That's it chose over. Thank you. I love.
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