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#923 - Whitney Cummings

2017-02-27 | 🔗
Whitney Cummings is a stand up comedian and actress. She is best known as the creator and star of the NBC sitcom Whitney, as well as the co-creator of the CBS sitcom 2 Broke Girls.
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you did state of the art equipment, awesome, instruction, great classes and its great facility with an awesome vibe to a two very positive place, and I go there every time I in Austin Texas, use a code Rogan Save ten percent off any and all supplements my friend Today, should not my today's, my friend all the time. My yesterday is my friend Witty Cummings, twenty March, by now she's such a bizarre combination of intelligent and crazy and in the cure and confident and hilarious, but a lover she she's awesome to have on, and we had a great time today so give it up for my friend Whitney Cummings,
we'll get experience. My life cycle does raise the embassy to was a good idea. However, we know that that is, and how are you and hold back the floodgates of k? I mean if you just why those good work that I hope you're, not a mole. Suffice city or if there is a kind of my will. Never talk to my come does not look like that delegation. Keep that well employees dean way. Well, you're, so healthy eating, alot of organic Flynn to manage change to my comrades wow elmers glue. Now that's on too much at all. This is this is nothing wrong with this we're we're talking before for people that just tuned in there was no other. Where to turn out now. Well, I sir but ass. The eye is recording us.
Talking about the the drama behind taken too much empty to oil and is a feeling that you get boylike up like a water, Babo pops right in your stomach, oh Jesus, yet just abortion like a five month. Of course, there's some ribs crack something goes wrong and then you must get to the toilet immediately, and I don't know why I was. I was I figured out like whether or not it's like the oil itself were lubricate, but that is any sense, because a lot of water comes out of your body to somehow Do you ever do clinics? No yeah, I'm! You are good. How are you ever? Are there and I don't know I don't know either I but placebo. Is immeasurable effect right. So, if you think it's good for you may be it is I don't know, but I have done a couple and I don't do that anymore. I just I was like when I first got money I was like should pay guys delay put things in my back. I saw a guy. Did it a guy? Did it get her word?
we observe the judge, whether by decision like These matters are guys, I know putting things in my, but we are all aware and its or we're paying someone I at least feeling I've a modicum of control and can actually sort of set boundaries, but it is we Are there so many things things going on? It's hard, isolate, what's uncomfortable feeling putting things in the butt is a lot like catholic school girls in their suppression is what what creates the door and you know yes, yet it remains true like witness we can see did find a diamond and he flushed me out what I mean by that is
when we were kids? We all knew the Catholic School girls were like the biggest hose rights because they had to repression. The pendulum has two swaying gasped the exact. Yet you can't like there's unity activists. Yes right to find equal embryos is cited horse yeah I waited and Catholics. I now did you. I did jeez, I did for a bunch of years, but my five six, but I was I mean my fate- was sealed way before school I mean now is just like my excuse for my baby or by Willy gathering School as that why I was amazed away before then, but it really yeah. I mean there's so much transgression within the Catholics. Everyone was getting in trouble because They were all sort of rebelling against forbidden. It is forbidden. Like the, but I wouldn't buds axis same thing: I've been well, it's you put it in their money. You said that, because I wouldn't thinking about you during but
no, I was thinking about like is because a concurrence show tomorrow and I felt like lack the last couple times it did. The shows I feel like I was in a weirdly liked. I would turn out like I just come back from Vietnam, with deformed babies and and and like a sickening go that way at last deformed abies again, because I'm out of divorce, maybe stories- and I was at the gym last night at Nuts- obviously go to the jam. Twenty dollars a month, no problem, and I was in the bathroom dislike. You know whatever, and I heard, and I was in the bathroom dislike. You know whatever, and I heard this grow on. The phone he was like. You know when you see someone pacing on the phone and like are that's a business call, and I I've just incapable of mining my own. Business I was listening to her she's, also yelling, and She goes on shows you now even allowances, Oh, I don't really get.
Only been asked to do one anal scene this sounds like I'm lying. I know it sounds like this stories. Alai I've only me Stu one anal scene, it went on and she's like, and it doesn't make any sense because I don't do anal on my personal life. So it's really tight. This happened in the alley. Fitness locker, woe- and I was just like I was a god, first Manning reasons, and I think that would be like Standard Noah. They run into porn stars you'd. Think and I'm sure we do all the time. I don't hear them talking to their right here. Negotiating. There's like this went on for quite a long time. She did talk about when her rent was. Do I mean I was in there for quite a while, and it just made me think about how grateful I am that I don't do porn do porn. That's a good thing to be grateful for yeah. I had a friend of mine who his body was dating a porn star.
Is like no big deal. I wanna do we have sex, no big deal and then one day the straw that broke the camel's back. She was going over her contract and here apparently there they at last they have contracts. Some time yet they always do, but in the contract said airtight was like what's airtight and she was like it's a guy in every hall, these, like I'm good as it were on its over at the end that the fourth law, just a one on one of those who on the mouth Riyadh violates ear. I mean it was, and I couldn't stop thinking about it, because I was of course like I had just we had been texting about. I came back from tolls on. I had a connection and I was like over, like I were on what we would bill: Hicks used to call a flying. Saucer tour places only we're flying saucers girl, amazing,
that's. When Hicks used to call it, I we would do the south. We do these flying saucer tourist cassettes same as you, that's how he would work out of stuff. He would go to these like weird road gigs. I call it the kidnapped Commodore, which is what I'm led the airport with the driver. I like I've, been kidnapped likewise, I truly don't know. I regret it. There's no house, I mean we were just like in the middle of nowhere, and I was like I mean they're gonna go to a casino understand up or get murder brutally in a field. Is that what you're doing Zenos I need a casino got get my mom is couples mom, it's got a lotta bells to pay, and in this girl she just went on and on and on and dumb. She said to me was so interesting to me. She was like and it doesn't make any sense Don't do anal my personal life, that's crazy and I thought it was so ensuring that a porn star boundaries in her personal life and but she'll do but on camera will do for money, and I said it made me think about my foes. Like does girl has stronger boundaries and I do it well, I mean that
Preference issue right, like some girls, actually like it like yeah, it's a bizarre things that had come up on stage before where people like raise their hands and say I love it. Any I get I'd diamond I can. I can I chimera, much on this, but I guy, but I agree with you. I think some people the site to be dirty to the right to be a dirty yeah. I mean I just don't know when sex got so boring, does regular I'd, say it's like you, it's gotta be so weird! Now I know it's a lot of it is who you're doing it with yeah? Why you're doing it to them gap? Is it maintenance acts? Yet? Are you really turned on right? Do you really like them to that? Do you want them to like you? Are you both are mutually enamoured with each other yet or mental connections riots and get them to be in an average with unanimous the two animals as a pure. Is it a power thing like that? Billy Joseph? What's that of trust,
Oh yeah! That's why it's cool well, or are we just so desensitized from poor? And I am fascinated by that bothers deftly the Junta percent? I'm doing this bid my act now about the loss of pubic here. That there was one point time. People just had pubic care, and now it just seems like women donor, pubic anymore. Look I got it laser off five years ago and I have been freezing Everson so drinking a lot d just tried to think of your authority, we'll panties shiver. Now I'm have to get a market and are laying lugs. So kids, your eye, whereas we have you got a permanent sky high. It didn't. You say that a friend of mine she is more like a family like acquaintance and she's got a daughter whose fifteen who had her first sexual experience at it will start on the bad sex, but a man's, but man boy her age.
Nay counter Saunders. No legal is yes. There is now a site like don't collar, most authorities, normal staff, he came home hysterically crying after her. First teenage boys saw her naked because he saw her I bid area and was what is that he had never seen pubic care before, because he had only seen porn. Oh, my god, and he had never seen a Libya before, because a lot of porn they have labour plastics down. So he sees this like horrific chicken guess are things that she's deformed or has a giant skin tag in porn. They don't have a lot of tat calm and they get their Libya's chopped off ready caught. When you see the giant and poor- and that does not have the or kid like these Leah at an elephant here. Whatever measures the poor gmail Foreign obviously
It is important that they are well imagine how Wheeler reeling. Yes, I know I wouldn't worry with. What's that. There is any reason why run Germany was a big time porn star because, like people who looked at RON, Jeremy, Falcon these girls near like hey I'd, have to hire variation of these girls. Yes, it's not like Ryan Reynolds sunk, I kind of, click run, Jermyn he's can lead. He wears a t, shirt and is born, and if you see these, these women, like forty five and still do. I can. I could get her her she's in my living. We re honest, hard, she's, an apartment for young. I married to Wada, crazy, bitch she's right over the interesting. So maybe just like movies, there's like aspiration all and then there's you know, related ble related bore no big factor with the milk porn. I guess from you I can't maybe this is my being a girl. Maybe it's being a comic, maybe it's having a hyperactive amygdala. I don't know, but when I watch porn, it's really hard for me to separate what I'm looking at from how the person got there
and when their young, unlike she is any enchant about childhood and it happens, but when their older in since China, Jamieson or summit has been doing it for a long time, unlike who, at forty three starts doing ports just to tragic for me. Well, then, the jump off like A jump off the train and when do you decide you ve had enough years on the right here. That's the deal would be the issue is there as it cause there's something so many of them are on drugs and had bad childhoods, and I mean I can't I. The only point I really am able to watch is the so like taught me. No tumblr, Tumblr Tumblr has great porn because it's just an increments of like eight. Secondly, Tumblr is poor. They had not well, it's pup plates liked teenage. Blogs about twilight, pinterest type collections of four. Sure and stuff, but there's that link. You know files exactly but there's also like some porn ones that are sort of tasteful
and only in Ankara of eight seconds, and it just replace it see you on time to see like the bad furniture in the background or the you know like I can't get distracted by the you now have declared a bad. Unlike that's good, that's that's IKEA. It's not assembled properly. I get distracted so easily. He, like four girls, get a tattoo on her thigh. All I can think about is working to look like an twenty year, like I can't summary, enjoying porn from the porn stars, bad decisions and I get worried about them. So this is good because its eight seconds- and I can't my mind- can wander We may have some that are black and white, which is kind of votes, are taxi. It's already always looks consensual. I care really good turn on, because I can tell when a girl is speaking. I can tell you I've done it up I know you know someone a girls just like over doing it is I'm just like ransom bummer. So it is up a strange thing: the
overwhelming number of people that watch other people have sex and masturbates amazing in history and a history of human beings there is now I ve been more people masturbating to others table having raising points is triggered its fascinating and also I've gotten kind of obsessed with this cause. I recently did movie? Where- and you know, when you do stuffy do like focused girt testing and there is a scene in the movie where Blake refund the Basle player really funny actor like his great in it is sadly strong, they're married and the scene, was that I wrote with no Brennan actually that he walks in on his wife masturbating in what that is. You now white women working on men, mathematic guys Mass read all the time, but how he takes it personally, and you know it sort of a threat to his masculinity and manhood and he's insulted and his feelings are hurt and all that stuff and so she's at a table and there's a computer and that's the deal. I guess I did
but my own experience into it. Not now. I just assume everyone masturbates the same way that the same things, the same by when we pleaded for the focus groups everyone, was so confused about what was going on when he comes in and sees her at the desk with her hands under the table with the computer, and then she throws the computer down and she's freaked out and to me it's very obvious that she was masturbating in the scene. In the focus groups. This one guy was like. Oh, I had no idea, she was masturbating. I mean where were the candles whoa? I was like what you late kit, like everybody masturbates so differently. I learned dude masturbates with care you, but you have a ceremony because I thought masturbate under a bridge where they belong and then The women were even where there one moment was like. Oh, I had no issues masturbating. Could she wasn't in the tub?
you just said so. Specific masturbate in your own Mrs so drowsy soup, its whole leg, just feel about tabs anyway, you know really even totally clean. You can you pussy an asshole he made to suit here, you're, making t, if you really going to our after you too about the year. Maybe he puts pussy too. So it's just as intermediary. How make us aware? I am fascinated by like people's deep dark secret and I think masturbation is that lot? We show our lives to everyone on social media. You know what I e you know or make your kids everyone. You don't really do that, but most people accept everything. The one thing we don't know about anyone is highly measurement, while I think So it highlights the problem was: does focus groups those focus he's travel with morons, because most people
there are only twenty percent of its fifty dollars- cash right now and we'll go watch a movie in the valley for fifty bucks and by the way you as soon as you, ok man, I'm fuckin nor mom, just broke it's not you! Man now know the people who you're doing it with. Yes, you ok, let's be honest, I mean it's too. I have a complicated relationship with focus groups because we're comics I'll another. The strangers feedback, is how I seek the truth. As your that's who I listen. Do you like. I would rather anonymous strangers feedback than like a network executive whose like got all these, you know sort of preconceived ideas of what a show should be like based on some formula, thing that worked ten years ago? You know I let the involuntary laugh. That's to me where the truth is so. I have a complicated relationship with focus groups, because I really do trust strangers. Well, you kind of have to if your comic yeah, you know, because with where we have a weird art form in now where one of the very few art forms requires other people to make it form people
never met and know nothing about and put complete trust him yeah. We don't do there won't be good now. Does that mean you can't right? You can write a future talks on their own and they are not really good. Yak, never read a act like Have you ever- and I know a bunch comics to do this like fine sitting in a vacuum. Like writing? Jokes, economic. All this is money and you go. Do you know it's very you I mean I feel like a minute. I definitely have a dumb, usually pretty close, but there are times that it's just like here. There is now a linear relationship with what I think. That's, why you're having useful users but a giant this occurred, avail daisy, I'm that words utilise embassy. Do you dream work group which Goodenough that is too much you just heard. Your trust me is not too much
Are you sure yeah? That's what I'm talkin about like? I wouldn't know how much you drank a law that was overdose. Why have you ever seen? Those Ozma was half a bottle. Has ever seen this movies that are put opponents rare microbial glowed? Yes, those thus the problem, because there is also a brand of porn by the way I put like a quarter of a cup of em see tee oil in that is there I don't anything about that is their point where your body stops metabolizing metabolizing, something it enough of it. Yes, but I hit that point yeah, that's You know I wish gotta get it all. Ok, really saying that trend city oil, this that's worth there that little baby,
court. That's enough! You're! No, a monster airstrike hand, literally in ones, were released. Half of that bottle. Now I've never seen anything like that. I go. I shudder at the idea of your jerking off. I literally feels safe sympathy for used ass, strange, knowing what you just did that bottle was in tat year. Dick needs a day off of every look at my hands. You never figured you'd ever judge it again. I'm fucked! You dig filing restraining order against, thank God for flush load. That used to be responsive to relay way back in the day was our first Panther only sponsor that we had was the flush law. I remember I had servant harmony with one of my specials at on climate central you kind find out who you are based on who buys advertising time on your show.
Yeah. I like I did it s some special kindly centre on the ads, we're all like Adam and Eve set Val drags. Ok, that's who? I am glad to note the though the focus group. And I just can't Imagine that no one would understand that a woman with her hands and our pants watching a computer that wouldn't be masturbating there very Comcast unless guys assume that women don't masturbate till horn yeah. It's a good points. I dont know yeah. I don't know, I don't talk about that kind of stuff in my girlfriends and is now no. We don't Melick what're, you masturbate. We owe you guys, don't just how about that all the time oh yeah, we joke about it. Now, like we prepare like some guys broke, I don't even talk about sex with guys with my girlfriends I'm talking about how to swim straight into don't talk about with you. It's not audits it's just like I mean all day. Currently sometimes shredded career.
Brain like a boy named this happen, anger is, as you know, is this rang and there, like times you get smacked yeah, because that's the new, the policies that sorry that, whereas in the master you know, I hate the word pussy in diamonds actual, I don't hate it, it just feels it gets reserve it's just not designed for sir. I don't use Edna colloquial way, but I dont have another substitute for it, because vaginas of bummer vaginas like an ant ads from their basic non Ets vagina preclinical, I dont know of synonym for it, but that slapping Kate, like I always know, what's the new trend in born kids at all, you know slow Bangladesh is the neutral Lapierre. Well, you'll get like a slap. That's it
similar do, and I dont know if it's like the main trouble, Sir Werner up whatever just slap your deck. Would you wouldn't know not feel good, a mill why anybody would let her know like any man? I just think eyes assume that since we give birth and that such a shocking, amounting pain that we can endure anything I don't know weird little while do something happens in porn for sure where they escalate, where I used to be just people having sex? If you go back to old, poor and I would be like secretary and upon so tense and the guidelines are back wissanotti. I've kept Maxine, oh there haven't just regular sex and then somewhere along the line, it became like gagging, slapping fucking, are they going down the resort from one to the other, which is super denied as a duty? I wait aseptic infection that I can think of you now stuff. That's like you should not do in real life. It's there really setting a bad example, terrible, yes and guess who's having to suffer that this guy
So are the ones that have to be like me and then were blade women, yeah yeah, I mean we just have to play defence khazars. Always what porn did you watch? Should I it's like? What am I gonna hit my get. I can you please deeds, rigid zoo just so I can get through that it's getting along the yard, something so huge teach somebody it's not like. This is the letter and cursive. I have a question. I was thinking about that because I always am trying to equate like are primarily oh instincts, that we have not evolved past and with modern technology and alarm systems and how we get out. Impulses in the modern world. Like you know, did you ever these food trucks that, were in downtown allay their like? These awesome food trucks who in every day are two different location and guys gone Twitter, define where they already go. Some like that's hunting right, that's the closest thing these guys have to hunting. If they're, not you write a word of thanks to you, isn't it
We're equated that before, but I guess kind if men have a primordial need to chase of things and go kill and slay or whatever it is. So, if there's inherent need to be violent. Let's say, and people don't get to do You do and a lot of people that you talk to do today. Here's my question: do people who get the impulse to fight out either professionally recreational early? Are they lessened by love violent sexually like do they not need to design come out somewhere? I would imagine they would be less violent sexual yak as they get that you're an automatic, maybe less violent overall agree because they get to, get some might think road rage when people in road rage incidents the the likelihood of I'm coming straight from the judges who class and having road rage is almost zero. Yes, because when I come from jujitsu and someone cuts mouth like both dick yet but that's it so you know how much you know what you're doing showed his for how much violence,
diamond violence, no, it testosterone whatever it is more attention than in releasing a guy. I think it's more most people never get to release. No most people don't, and I think our bodies we describe our bodies is like a leaky battery that we have certain amount to reward systems that are built into our bodies, fight and flight and worrying about you know how to get their food and worrying about incoming tribes are gonna, raping, kill us and I think those those things are just ingrained in our dna and they don't get mad or even addressed at all. In modern society we have- and I have a friend of mine was a really bad neck- is next all fucked up and he Works at a desk. All day is not it doesn't he hardly exercises. It does look a little bit exercise, but, unlike man, your body, has demands. Have you not meeting at my desire to narrow shitty posture at your men to act or says sitting as the new smoking yeah? That's a lot of people say that it is well, that's why we're in these chairs? These things are called compares girls they're from early years time. In now
you wouldn't you really are. Then you would need a slap very distract makes sense. Yeah yeah caught in these are forty. I guess it like this yeah, you know, and they ve noticed where I warrant. I know why are broad today said that for us it is a new patients down. Well, I know it's like home. It's like three who's that and if you move a sort of jam India, but what is it? Is it possible? no it's just like a masochism, massage monistic luxury, just make it its perky yeah. I haven't done laundry makes cleaning lady, so I'm improvising and wearing things that I wouldn't normally where, and I can't believe women where this all the time, because I normally don't wear underwear, no dissent, his always want to notice. The do. Do. Support brows, actually support your press and keep them from started sang
Yes, that's like any part of the scant. Let you know if you hold something up, so I know a lot of women with pendulous brass who, whereas to sleep so that they don't You know that guy Verhofstadt fully get beaten down by Greece Yes, monsieur LE wants me right if you got Africa style, yeah yeah, there's no way around yeah, but this unless you wear a sperm- and this is just more like I'd- normally never wear underwear, because it makes me a bad person, but I ain't got you paint I've just yeah, I'm just it's just unclear irritated yeah, I'm here the thongs, I've. I've gone numb in that area just had to acquiesce to them. You in your book, crock, yes, MA am but yeah, it's like, if I mean basically does use. Any time, but you can use my throat volumes. You too, you know, but I I have gotten so it's amazing and I'm just always fascinated by and we're seeing it. You know, I think, everyone's, it's sort of a
hasty word right now: normalization or desensitization obsessed with how we acclimate cause. I think it's our human instinct acclimate to some kind of pain or lower our tolerance to deal with consistent pain or does come or whatever one for how we sort of this amazing ability to adapt, and I didn't python then, where things are resisting resisting em so wearing them. They were so uncomfortable for a couple months and then I forgot. I had one on and peed through one once that peat three through one. I sat ass, don't turn, I just thought you, wouldn't it adds how little I felt it do you on any gonna medication, and this time you know I should have been we should have been on it. Does I got it? I can't believe you PETE now really Y Y, you. I got the super light like hammer ones, actually underarm like work out ones that aren't you can our they're called camera. I think they're not like, can
a flash run, I'm not hunting under our memories, lotta hunting gear o does it know that they started They start they did not see the face of that campaign. I can imagine what it would be if you wanted try new career. Really. I was looking for women to get involved in hunting. Really that's like a big thing. Pretty girls hunting. Is that, like us, is that sexy I think some people think it is what it is unusual yeah cities, girls a full make up on with, like really well applied camera on their face, it's a kind of obvious and then they have like a deadline next to them, and then the attic these facebook for and really weird. There was a girl. She was pretty the outer attacking her India and it became the candy I think, is her name and that's a mess. Your base and always people went crazy, are attacking her and and it became the candle Jenner or things remain and that's a mess cartouche other, my right, you might
no there's no way imagine criminal, something I mean the method of the what's a candle Jones Jones. I was not in our love our pretty close yeah yeah, I'm so out of the loop someone's Trinity area no card loop, I'd be which ones than one and had them there. It is there's a girl with the lion see so there's somethin, there's some an We are debating this picture here legally this pride, I want to look at us just take a look. Renault. I've saved me that is as a whole ruin like my we ash you'll be fund. May we ve been hampers. Kiss sexy poe those with a bow in a deadline yeah can't look at it and by the way that lion is in old lines. Up with this weird thing about the hunting lions thing too, because a lot of under in these high fence places where they go. His lines are kind of trapped in these areas, and sometimes they actually released a line the day of the hunt. So this line
had been in a cage skies released the line, and this woman goes out and shoots. I mean I don't know if that was the case with her person who I am sometimes that will go out shoot. The line line literally has no idea. What's going on. It's not even a free range lion. Yes, so to me that some mental Emerson, but my question for you is that is there some? thing primordial about, because I think you know we are inherently, and this is going to sound wrong- is going to sound like feminists, whatever, but like there's a lot of evidence, it warm a charcoal species, not that women should have more power, but that works are designed to like or whales, lions, like female lines, do all the hunting and men just it's not economical for their energy, because their show big to do a hunting made after killed twice as much food or therefore protection, yet and so on and fucking and whatever so is theirs.
Thing. Some sort of reptilian attraction to seeing a women go hunt food, even those ironically allow- and you know I don't think so. Is it like watching a woman cook. Washerwoman cook is probably sexy, but is watching them hunts. It the same thing, but I don't think so, but maybe so maybe it varies. I think it's more and lines of watching a woman cage fight. There's some really pretty women right now. Cause, I'm always sort of in this thing, and- and people always tell me like, I have alpha vibe and that's not sexy to man, or it is obvious that case by case or is it the generalization, I'm just always interesting? Why think what you are is powerful and that's a scary to people that are and secure Europe. Europe go get your constantly doing things in your cut, like I would a man June, that a guy who doesn't test himself or persons not accomplished would be variants were around someone who's like got more more ambition and more
DR and more irons in the fire than they do so they would feel insecure, big insignificant. Monica my engine is insecurity and tat S. What she was the fire you were secure. Would you be as ambitious? Or would you be exactly the same? Dona thinking even entertain a hypothetical costs idea being secure is so fruitless. Fifty one of someone came out with a security pill. Yap any and then they heard they have that data chatterbox pill, yeah yeah, that's sure, that's a good start, a business from what I understand it that lack of business. I'm tell him that we need to go a bit too. I've got a good idea to me now, either as a co op that one working with vitamin company branding Otto China branding You dont amazing job at your brand. When I woke up, I she said why brands amazing I ever saw we refer to you as your brand. Yes, tat is
such a bizarre way of putting things you know it's too. It's got such a pejorative, we're, but we're comics. So we have an allergy to anything. Corny, We can do in total, say with his like. We can say it, but we have to do with it. Can I roll like you, have a very strong bright hunt, but but Part of your brand is not being the guy who goes marooned. Parliament It is not even a brand yeah, but you you do have one. I guess a vague credibly, strong, clear one that anybody could you know written like say in one sentence, but part of it is because you're so authentic and anti You know conscientious calculated marketing that the word is anathema to your brand Well, that's imo, hamlet! That's one of the big issues in the courtroom. Court hunting community about a lot of these girls are involved in this. This hunting like eating and now some exists, Benatar Dearest. This whole movement, were these pretty girls
Have I mean maybe some of them are? I mean for sure some of them are authentic, gonna wanna, yes, credit, the ones that are authentic, but a lot There are some outstanding because I really want to understand the in. This is maybe generalization about men and women, but do you think women have the dna and the true rewards. Are they getting dopamine from hunt? Are they inherent hunters the same way women like playing sports Yahoo? They would love hunting, interesting yeah. There were the same way. People like very challenging and difficult things got offer you a massive reward. We not do it like a sports is theirs team work which is give us dope mean and adrenaline. You know cause I'm sort of interested in women in general that do things like make out with other guys when they're, not lesbians.
To get another guides attempted to make over those girls- and I would say yes, make up with other girls roaming out. Other girls like are women hunting. Is they want to or because its they feel socially? I think there's both I think we would obviously you'd make a mass of generalization. Yet we said women do this, because I hate that I hate when people say the left. Does this or the yeah does that men do the business he gets Guph? I can never met someone that does it. So I have no. I know a lot of women that do a lot of yeah, and some of them are unquestionably authentic, but some of them are unquestionably targeting social media and these specific avenues of getting famous and making them and inside the hunting community. It's a very hotly debated, subject about like what not. Some of these women are legitimate and who is legitimate and norms. Like there are and what, if their knowledge, it doesn't matter now Diana wise different than a grocer fitness freak, You know a girl just like doing
Whatever's I mean were designed to keep. If we get it, there is just keeps knowing. It was a vice thing about that today that are retweeted. What about thirsty pictures yeah you're in answer girls. Girls, like with browser like why do they do that, we're? Why do they as they're getting legs now? Why do they have their ass hanging out with an eye on whether you know the legs like sort of exposed in bed where their pretending that they're sleeping environment Kinspeople looking at them, because we, like new? Now actually, yeah, I mean work out. Attention is what we're gonna keep doing asked first. Yet, who is the you know bridge raiders at the person doing under the person enabling it. Well, I don't want anybody stop now. I like looking at those pictures, do you sallow that uninstall around I've got a whole really? What is that do for you not much like
follow two p m. Do you wanna, like I'd IBM like yeah? Just specifically when you read out alone, just like the about holes, like you know, there's not many bottles and Instagram Instagram is all you re, like peachy country, yet buddies distracting. Do you think it's because I am fascinated by what we put in our brain in the sort of well, where the wires our brain? Does that just would have make you exacerbate the obsession with sex? Let me let me go over my thing where nobody ever meet. I follow, I think, more than a thousand people. Oh so this is the curator file, one thousand two hundred and twenty four people soap. That's what I try to do. My instagram feed is: have it be a cascade of humanity? I follow people, more animal rights activist vague, and you want to know, I believe, our body builders. I follow people who are fighting for if you looked at last
When are you know you do? The search in the algorithm tries to find out like why we alarm yeah yeah, it's fuckin, Caroline underline what the fuck I am: there's flowers and and dead dear and guys, gettin head, kicked and yet muscle cars and those like I'm a fucking crazy person which are probably amp but I do is I tried to if you have anything remotely interesting, I just follow your right both and then I unfollow be ball time too. This is interesting about you because this to me illustrates an absence of ego like your very like I'm open anything. I just wanna know how everybody thinks that so cool, because our definition of an ego, but I beat the fuck out of it- you it's interesting, I mean maybe its veto. Will you know more than I do, but I find that I get very threatened by things that I'd that upset me like you just that, like Itunes like this is gonna but there's my whole day, it's gotta be dedicated to like obsessing about you know so you think I'm doing something. That's kind of under the guise of sulphur,
action or boundaries, but I actually end up robbing myself a little bit by like I went through that discovery, page and theirs, for voters that I dont want to see if they do a lot of like dog rest you and then you under we're getting a lot of like she's, seeing had beheaded dogs and the chinese dogma, and I just want to see in the dark first of all to paper vigilant I'm just too like I have you no trauma survivors, we don't have the same ability to calm ourselves down and so it Just pull out. The aftermath is just too much for me. So when, in an eye on the discovery page, you can put to sea less photos like this, so I am now narrowing my sort of as when you ironically, wrote me a letter, we're gonna mother's name, heads Marshall, Mars is a golden retriever, the less tease, the sweetest best security system. You ever have the sky for dogs,
for market is having Diana. I had someone break into my house is at least I know this is like an automaton yeah we have three three and I know so much about you about nothing, but I had this guy, the security guy come to my house, and he said the best security system is putting chimes on olive you're born because people to break in they pay. You know that expect an alarm, and then they know they have like three minutes or something, but if they opened a door Narbonne there's like some dream: catcher but you know I'm making a bunch of noise. They freak out genetic Nan yet and then adopt grew dogs are good and you ve got big dogs had pebbles, that's a good move, yeah for sure yeah. They ve taught me a lot. You know for me, it's like the thing with me is that I'm not is sort of mental around the same like functional. Mental acumen that you have and all the work that I do to try to require my brain. It's very hard to practice in the problem.
You know it's very hard to practice. You know without something are the ramifications? Aren't enemy huge like practicing on people, is just sort of you knows if people are so triggering that it's hard to get out of the fighter flight sort of fear mindset, if you're with the very kind of person triggers you, so animals are great way for me to work on the things that I'm working on. How do people trigger you won't work? I have sort of like just because of high grouping. Up enough alcoholic home and any one that has like an authority sore vibe my brain and we all, I think, tend to kind of do this if we're not like checking out and in our conscious mind we recreate or childs. From stanza, so I sometimes put I I'm just trying to make sure I don't go through my life where everybody supper. Action of what happened to me. Just being in this moment instead of this network. Is my dad and this you know.
What the guy that runs, this comedy club is my mom. You know we sort of my our brains go. I know what this is and then we start doing her old behaviors. Our care. Are you to the sort of you, no protection mechanisms that we developed ends? horses are actually helping me, the most with it by dogs. Help do wow, you know, and for me it's It doesn't really happened anymore, but when I was younger places and People that I knew when I was a loser. Yeah would make me feel like I was in your view. Just time travel back decided earlier years, old Tom Stores are going away from you. I mean it, I mean it's just it so and I'm, working on in, I think, there's a lot of manages to being hypersensitive. I think that's probably ever good at what we do for a living. We make observations. We have to be sensitive. We comedians ideas to see things that no one sees and by I found self struggling a lot as I do what I do for a living. When I deal with the ostensible authority figures recreate my child, circumstances and I
so had- and I mention your opinion, our view on this as the dry I have a very real addiction to adrenaline and it does ants manifest end. You know the Mme or the kind of adrenalin you experience and see, but I had epigenetic imprinting like she's when in the womb, your mom has a lot of stress, cortisone adrenaline the baby gets addicted to it. So just like crack or anything, we can be addicted to neuro chemicals, from a very early age. I had a really high time for adrenaline, and I find myself or found myself. Too much anymore like in these just really traumatic situations that so that I get because adrenaline transcended over me. So around any proved that that's what happens to the child, because I want to assume that yet how much of it would you be genetic and how much of it would be circumstantial. And how do you prove that, while this woman's matters stress in the womb, because I think you would have to go at once- you realize we do have children every kid is different: yeah! No might
tat. Every argument stay as probably diffrent ashore, because the first one the mom is probably like. I've, never know where this angle on their like. I got this. You know by the third one that you know that they will show what I hardly get zoo in them. Seed is doing so. Let us not get out move up the bar pushing slap send it. I swear it data. The urgent roadhouse tortilla pollyanna, like that. I just I think that There's there's most certainly gotta be it wants just nature, prepares the human for the was going to face as a child like Michael Urban was the first one. Explain this to mean of the football player in our on I try to stay away from above is a super nice guy who's, let wheat he and I want a flight once just randomly to Australia when those crazy fourteen our flights- and we talk for a long time about this because he's a big you
see Van, would you start talking about people to grow up and bad neighbourhoods and children to grow up in a piece of household that you'd you develop this penchant for violence. Like very early on, like an addiction to violence in it, and then also you saying that their trigger is so much like their wick there, their future so much shorter, pollyanna robbers, Dounia it just like that You have easier to parity, easy, you're, right, you're, right right away. You gotta be prepared to go crazy, whereas someone who grows up in a really happy healthy environment, where moms on Zan everybody's fine, and then you like you can t go on now. You know, so I wonder. What's better, is it better to be for sensitive and hyper fuelled and always ready to spread and then forget how to calm yourself, or is it better to be just some dough ball with no instincts at all it has to toughen up. I mean I think that the end
there's probably somewhere in between and the ideas to be able to react to the circumstances, your and in an appropriate way. So, if you're in a dangerous situation to be able to go zero to sixty and defend yourself, but if you're not in a dangerous situation, to know that and to stop shadow boxing and a safety situation. So for me I found myself. I grew up in a dangerous situation. Was always at war, though was over and I continued to fight a war that Roma happen, you're one of those guys that was in world war. Two in a climate of Ireland outside of China does know the war's over covered in armour. You know about this guy. That was, an island he was on an island. He didn't know the war was over. His japanese guy. Allow, you did know, the war was over for thirty years he will? He was utterly Tom. Hanks sing it I'll island wow without going unbelievable air, twenty things. Thirty, that's how that's? How alot of people they groping dysfunctional home sort of live and I'm done taking it out on employers?
employers, boyfriends friends, it's not fair to them. You know one of the first things I heard that that programme, a man is this guy said, damn he was leading the meaning he was like. The war is over. You lost We lose a zone grade. You know it's like time the weapons down and start living up. It's really jumping appropriate. So if you and I you know our relationship and you're like hey, I got a step out in go. Do my part cast an ice? feeling abandoned and scared that has nothing to do with you. That's house gets, we argued we're not invariably before our relationships or wherever I it's like. I've been react to the present moment instead of what happened to me twenty years ago, and I wanna be a puppet of like my parents failures and I'm just trying to figure out a way. So there are situations where you might have to goes here to sixty and fight for yourselves, but knowing when those situations are actually happening in one they're? Not you, I feel it gets better to be able
to go zero to sixty, really quite clear and just manager, and I know I can do that like that that, but in a conference room with three executives is not the time in my mind. It's never the time to be in a conference, room scared locked into some cubicle, exist on a conscious level. You never well they I know, and conscious of I'll, never be there, but I know the irrational fear em around people who are dying, syphilis the right there yet another there they rotting away. They ve got some both or somebody can get some So why not? In our view, that is the appeal that just go to law school degree What's any others here, I used to live next door to me and I call
lingering, because public bling would do is talk about stuff? That's all you could ever talk about like all this guy would do is talk about objects in new cars and new things in that state someway noses years retarded is more, is boring, so its lack of adrenalin by new that he was trapped and this guy was working. I think he was an attorney. I forget what he did, but he did a heat. All you do is working towards objects, getting new objects. Yet a nice house staff, nice car, but he's always like want to talk about cars, and I really like you a lot of pain.
Ass, his wife and then check out real crazy yeah. He was trying to get internal needs met with external things. He was also probably trying to bond with you and he thought that was how maybe that probably makes he was probably like cars yellow loaded me like me, like me: oh, that is depressing. That is as an end jeweller disease, Ngos, but whatever the arrest of six or up this Xavier get amounts of funds left over from the ninety seven that embassy to you Ellen, well shit his belly out. Do you remember fence and we were round during the fence. Then fan then found with some crazy shit. They were giving girls in the nineteen Ninetys. There is this one girl that a new and she was a very cute girl- should in future full face, but she had a food problem, whatever the areas and she and weigh a lot we she wasn't giant. She was probably five too a hundred fifty pounds, I'm not a monopoly
but ass. I think I know where you're going yeah. She was sick, but not that I am. I gotta know the right. What is she Georgian eight too much shot at Genoa Thick wide bell anyway, that I didn't see here for a long time Then I saw her and she wait a hundred pounds. I mean literally daily pow. Ok, she was normal size. Now I mean not normal Social America, that's what she was thin and attractive vials like what the fuck did. You do and she's like home. I don't look at me. I'm fan fan and I was like Ok, then a less food or do not remember what the actual name of vanilla LE mean as a adrenaline chemical is unlike speeches. Like an outline its totally yet people died a lot of people here it is,
to any unearthly. Hiv and friend Fleur Mean fin. Remember when, like diet pills cat, like Dexter Tram, came out which I'd I definitely took when I was like twelve, but with what is that caffeine or let alone knows way harder, caffeine, good, a lasting damage from fence and by the way this is so there's a lot of hamburger on our role. Now, yes, and I'm not telling anybody to not be on at all, but I want you to listen to me. You everybody was on hetero, everybody was doktor told you need to be on at around you. Are on, am fed a mean. Yes, you are on spew, not get it to a steady, don't get interested in you know of your taken, especially if you take it at every day or three or four times we end you're. Just you know, develop a tolerance to it in their own homes and addiction. Your speed folks and you might be ok, let's be look, you talk, no guy just scored, much empty tea or ill, and some coffee and nationally occurring coffee. I mean look it's like I mean I have the dictionary
Dna. If you know you don't I mean I would just explore that, and also on I'm trying Look it not the things I can add, but the things I can absorb track so good. Instead of taking at all, why don't I just stopped? eating sugar and may maybe there's some beneficial aspects of outer or to some people are unwilling to go there. You gotta understand, I know so many moms at our own fucking animal shocking dirt, just so many of them and their around you and there are like pebbly fascinates me. He will. I know who take them. I can't stop move a moment. Everyone, I know, is complaining about anxiety, which I'm sort of fascinated by, because I think that's kind of like you know, sir, I believe, the fairest. We are the fairest and most anxious one because anxious to people in town. Were the ones that survival because they knew lions were ino. I have explained that my daughter, because my daughter was worried about some things and she she was asking these questions and choose worried about stuff and, I said,
do you know why you're worried about these things? Jago? It's a good thing because you're, smart and yeah, where of danger and aware of the variable, go you're gonna, be fine. But I'm like that to know that I have just figured out how to manage gets. I heard of a kind of explain it to her. Now, like you're, just a smart little girl, then you you were aware, like hey, there's a lot of fuckin idiot. Sally, and some of them are honoured, like she freaks out when she sees people texting and driving. But do you like you know he's not looking at his car. It kills more people than drunk driving now she's right right to be. You know It is being anxious about that. Instead of something you can't control than the little bring starts going. You know, she's h is because a cut of work. We have you stop, people from doing that liquid. If they do that more, if they hit our car, where they had somebody else's card, what happens then her entire? This Chamber'S- and you know that that makes adrenaline which makes it will mean and new now it becomes a cell phone prophecy. Our brains evolved to make anxiety oh good on time. I'm gonna crazy women that the moms
there. She goes to school with her kids go to school purse. Friends rather demands thereon, fucking annex two, so there on Xanax an thereon amphetamine, so delete both and yet at the same place, but they want to stay. This is the way to do it. This is the way stay happy to be on Xanax because annex AIDS is forbidden. Scared and then, and then I'll keep supervising. I get a little eyes argued if you can Ford, Timewise and financially to go to the appointment to get that acts and, after all you have no actual, but now I see the thing is they all want to go to doctors. They go to doctors constantly sensitive, because you you get
idea in your head, you're gonna find this guy and he's got a good job and you gonna live in a nice community and you gonna have children and then you're gonna be happy Sunday. My name you realize, like WWW, just breeding, and then you know you have to find fulfilment and your actual existence your day to day here and now the moment like this. The moment like right now to give to fund fulfilment and now and it's not going to be like bling, blinks idea, where you get like I've got a boat. Now, look at my boat now about a foot remiss in Monday watch over doesn't work, no doesn't work and you keep try to fill that hole up and now in ever gets felt. So these women are going to die anxiety in the dodgers here, anxiety is openly is like a plausible found, its very effective and useful in our history like this is the first time in our his That anxiety is not particularly useful because we have doors and locks, and you know, but yet
there's an interesting in tie here, entitlement when I hear about that and look I've definitely been like I'm doing a show, and I have to write a script and I'm gonna taken. I've definitely cheated and cut corners at some, not how to cook. I just mean when I'm like. I have to finish a script in four hours. I'm gonna take a half an hour. I'll have definitely done it, but I know I have addiction to my dna and I know that can get real ITALY will resume, etc. What is really here I mean I'm sure it's different with everybody. My experiences that or after all, is what I'm cause I easily distracted. I dont like when people diagnosis of over eighty do over. If you had any of those things you wouldn't be able to sit on, costs for now, and you know what it is, but we would get sentiment but go now I just what it does for me and again it could be a placebo affect so many things that we take me with the exception of amphetamines, but certainly antidepressants and stuff is taking it is
The way works, just the act of putting it in your mouth and swallowing up. I think placebo effect is something like fifty eight percent or something correct me on that maxim. Probably wrong, please, but so for me, I find if I'm at my computer has all these devices are all addicted to the color declares all the adrenaline. So I've got this device and fry me I've got my computer and I'm writing raining writing in this dings and I'm here and then I'm an instrument and then at the link and then all of a sudden. I'm reading about the apocalypse try, my email may pay that we exactly and then I'm gonna, fuck and email thing with its totally a net ha ha like love to see. You soon see you soon and then I just can't end of an exchange land. Basically, when I've taken out on the past. I just do one thing with more enthuse Adam, and it is less appealing to me to go to other things done my phone down to work out a worked out for an hour and a half I got done at thirty. Seven texts to me later
probably offer me forth and Crystal clear there is one that we are increasingly I we can't talk too much about this, but the one thing you realize that we also have our own thread without you. When we worry we're bothering you that's, why you, where you, but I'm not even all of our exchanges by Gill, respond, but then you won't respond more like today, our economies to busy language and its members see as a family. We are like if his wife sees that he has already makes tax mistakes at midnight like this is bad for me, I'm sure I suggest you were watching tv just like whose texting you I'm like a flock my committee, I, but it's like. Why did Whitney just said you, forty tax appeals, will shells and send it to other guys. Not she's. Ruining ever was relation jealousy issue, but it is just like we require a family. This is wrong. She's neuron ensure also there's something interesting about sort of being on your phone with
it is the new being drunk on your phone heads, look at you and they think that device is more important than me. I must be a real piece of shit if daddy would rather look at that or mommy or whatever, and there's an interesting that, like cellphone, uses a new alcoholism. My lips to get all this snapshot. Recently, no she's been doing these snapchat videos are fucking, hilarity myself, my six year old, is how she doesn't. She is. Is that filters. He did not see it's her, but I was Abraham Lincoln yesterday and then she became an evil snowball at that she's, a fuck dealer, but she doesn't post that now and now she just put leaves him on my phone and I sometimes put him up on Instagram as are so ridiculous. That's it ok to start doing it, but I mean That's what I mean. We re slippery slope slang addicted to those those little. Now and a doll makes you know, and paralysis go back to what you're saying I don't think. You're cheating, because you take a half an hour or two to work on a script, is no different in me drinking coffee there or small,
part of the lot upon survey. If I smoke pot and right did I cheat to right- I mean I don't know, it just knowing I mean you said this are like knowing who you are and what your limitations are. What actually works for you and, what starts being you know, diminish, showed diminishing returns. Like I know, if I smoke pot every night, it's not gonna, be as effective me and I'm gonna be grog. I like I just I have some restraint about it and some discipline not uneasy if that was to serve their servants. Were you look like you, someone sprayed you with MR swept up. If I so I had a and I'll tell you about the next time I come on cause. I am writing and in a book- and I can I it's a long story, but I had it surgery, and I don't do well on painkillers by some miracle, because life genetically My family loves painkillers, but I for some reason they make me really nauseous so and I, smoking weed instead by it I was also like I don't know what
or take on this, but my lungs, where I was getting out of breath- and I was like- let me just do these edible thing- grill yak, as I was just like, I was like a spin class or something which sometimes I do just we're like anger management, and should you crack in your own am all sake landing. My vagina, which we do like reason tat just generally, like it's really hard on the lawn. The lady bids that spending- I can't do it to my rough lamb- gets a hard seed in your slamming and tapping back. But there is this one class that I really like now like instructor and I just kind of cry and release anger and staff and its painful and I'm yeah. What whether you like, I can get away with a cry are usually it's like its yeah is there something that for me when I feel a certain amount of emotional pain it just like opens up some kind of well
sadness that emit didn't? If I didn't cry it out, it's gonna come out as anger at another time, so I'd rather just released, said and healthy private lay and pay thirty eight dollars and class is thirty April. The clouds that yeah, I think so cycles like thirty, it works really. If you do it wanted to time. If you do, I do in a package. So let's assume super expensive data. Is it? Is it's a bunch of like rich publicists, pretending problem I was in aspen and it was during the winter and they opened up my soul Saigon covering legs. All me, I love it. I was at the not Throckmorton Theatre that little merrily that yeah thrice aid that they have a festival arrogant. Now. How do they arrive as yeah? It was me o Neill, an amended like. I think this is the first year. It was what's that the real wheeler eyebrows two nights ago. Are you I want to make the entire time you it's hard with that oxygen of their two thousand feet above sea level. Seven thousand see I can't it's Campi healthy. Well, I think it is
eventually not originally initially yeah, but was my point? You weren't aspen and we also saw like all yours- not it's been does and I didn't spend that shape. I've ever been in was when I was in aspen for like a week, and I worked out area. Oh yeah sure, so that's why fighters group too big and train right and like a steamboat springs, maybe you're learning anywhere its above young in Colorado. They all do in Denver deserve the team. Elevated right competes up there, but is it twice as much like you like? If you work at twenty minutes to that equal, the forty? Let us not laser labels. Honestly, though the way they think you're supposed to do it now. They think you're supposed to actually train at sea level, and then sleep altitude so had live at the base of big bear and then drive of debate Farragut work in and era, drive down to live and sleep, because the
idea, is or the opposite yet dragged out to you, work out that drive back up to live incited to because they they think that you get more work. Output in sea level. And then, when you're not gonna, tire exact yeah, but then your body recovers in you acclimate to having a higher threshold. You develop more red blood cells. Now, but anyway, they had spin classes up their sole cycle and they we opened up for like a month. They did they just rent the place for a month for sole cycle during excuses and like of like, like I, what is called a full assessment of storage, as opens for a month like a pop up,
like you know they do those Halloween stores, what a place close down. Yes, yeah yeah like a Christmas area, they just brought him a bus american cycles and set up a source of the media might have been doing it like test the waters. Were there not act as aspen, so much work in mind so craze, I every other cars arrange rovers shocked. It's really just rich alcoholic beverages. Losers, like people in minks drinking makers. To Pierre de I was shocked, lifelike I canceled. I had to stay for the day if I was a high and hooker. Yet that's where I, when I am a high society, that Belgium pop up merit as lets. You spin and eight thousand feet knows that what it is called a pop up. That's rosea! Yes, so I don't know you're take on spending. My chiropractor says he is going to retire on the money that he gets from spinning injuries use these literally like people doing yoga and spinning yoke how I pay my bells. All allotted people do not like improperly and mess up their shoulders, real bad and their lower,
max who, in all those downwards of you mess of your shoulders from yoga, jump off of building seriously you because you know my head, you bring now to think not Snow died trying to sell what we're doing yoga goddamn snowboarding, I sense yeah. I know it's more, like people want to do yoga for exercise like these Taipei. People want yoga too, burn, nine thousand calories and get them like a huge ass, but that's not really what Europe is designed to do so. The these new yoga classes, tat are like RO yoga hot in tents and you're too loose and you're trying to do things that you well. There's nautilus, push, shops and weird positions. We are on one get older, that kind unless you're doing it perfectly you're gonna enjoy yourself, and I give a one on one instructor. I do backrooms hot yoke. Visual struck my stretching flexibility, my spine tat, particular yes, pine strength. Tonight you don't go to yoga to get galoots
you do it to non the flesh yeah. I think you got a balance even that I do take a lane. You don't I do. I think you ve gotta, be real careful with those common, a tory type movements. Yes, for me. So site like spinning, is really just till I get out anger, unlike push myself even cross for work. I think cross food to be very dangerous causes a lot of but the do cross fit and they don't really have perfect technique and they do it to failure, and you know you're you're doing these. Incredibly high repetitions of power moves in a language which Steve Maxwell who's, a real world famous strength, conditioning coaches like that's it, like power, moves like cleans and presses you're supposed to do low repetition for them. This busted general, like a for rights, even lower yeah
tat Celine whose, like the the godfather of Kettlebells and american Browning from Russia, believes you shouldn't do anything more than five repetitions and really do. What is this? Is this like, because you don't cross, would attract such a type, a over achiever type of person that the? U no desire for over cheating supersedes. The logic of wax really is effective. Well, there's a philosophy behind it and I think that philosophy can be effective for some people and very hypocritical of us. I don't do something because injuries, because I've got a tunnel surgeries from martial arts and injuries from Jujitsu were put our day, was it like a collision injury or was it just a overtime, overtime, injuries from knees getting yanked and twisted shoulders getting popped out a sock you can get it from working out margarita from sparring
so much point in our action? I just I just feel like it's crazy, like I'm, not crazy, I don't know I'm not naturally, but to get injured while you're practicing, while you're in the thing. You know you can't necessarily, well, crossword competitions, in particular, scary to me, because there is one video of this guy who was a own across Fit Jim and he was involved in a competition. It was doing he's clean, presses and his body lit. Really gave out and he dropped the weight on the back of his neck knows paralyzed and the rest of his life is a video of it is her river to our eyes I summoned sent me one were summoned. So what's your anal sphincter came out. I saw that one was like lifting way. Is that which is your hobby? Is there not well set some goals, and here I want to add, and that goes to blow asshole out, like an old, saw, how do you come back from now ditches, Yang killers. Time
probably sterile. You know it. Then he is allowed to take out, or are we wouldn't river, send our judgment or should take everything? Yeah really takes annex, I mean there's our countries so over medicated it's it's terrifying, There is terrifying. It's there. It's well You really see it like. I said in these housewives communities like or are you know so? be what they call a bedroom committees that were, I goes whereby people go to breed and That's where I live. Yet these these piano out in a raise thereafter ran the razor kids out there and they are there's a lot of these people that, just because medicated men and women? That start dear, I mean I, I talked to the women more than I talked to the men. But I know a lot of mandatory medicated. There are, after all and shit, the late great our simple it was the great eyes leather greatest. He accidentally took an era once only by already lover. He told me I forget whose it was, but he he growled. A pill and that you can get a heart condition
for their cancer yeah. He had had a bunch of definitions and cancer and an ever get with the medication. He thought it was, but he realized taking it wasn't his and then it was an Adderal he's of fuck, so called doktor up. He told us docked: hey man, I fucked up I thought it was this, but it's after all, what will only in your house and the doktor said: you're gonna be fine. Now, as you gonna be fine, it's gonna take about. You know eczema hours to wear off, but I don't worry with that. Those in your body- and you know your body, wait. You're gonna be fine, so don't worry about, and he said I went. Over all my notes that I got I gotTa Jesse start organizing all my a comedy notes, and he goes I got so much work done. Is I believe, a helper of living on bite? It starts to backfire. So I remember when I was like this is working and I kept doing it and then the aftermath is like. I can fall asleep that, and then I was even more tired. The next day, which meant I needed to take more just, becomes an addiction in it stops being that effective. If you ever use it take Fletcher, put something arms Instagram today about the strongest cup of coffee in the world and its from
Australia. They may this cup of coffee these supposed to sip over the course of three before four hours, and it is half a lethal lethal dose, like for local or some might remember that for local those like there's I've, so I have taken note of the strong coffee, limited is there, the world's strongest gather of is outrageously calf unaided, it has contains eighty two. Times the amount of Catholic Angle CUP is called the ass. Kick your coffee had sold at the vicious coffee, the vicious cafe in Australia, so what's in it, it has forced shots of espresso, eight ice, cube of cold brew and a half a cup of ten day old, cold brew that adds up to half the amount Kathy needed for a lethal those Steve Bennington? The draft for a nurse completing a night shift. I dont want. I nurse to me tired. It's meant to be sipped over three to four hours and took the nurse
two days to finish the drinks, she stayed up for three days after she drank it. She was seen. Rabbits are fuckin running around, Appetizing everyone No, I mean look it's my goal, because I, by the time I was like twenty eight twenty what maybe it was, I notice it when I was thirty one, because I froze my eggs and I was thirty one and This is made, but I noticed at that at thirty one I was on five medications. Why frozen when, because when I press my eggs, they put you on a thyroid medication. For some reason I dont know why, and I was on, I think, to Antidepressants Bertrand of course, which makes me very crazy, had given me, after all, for when I needed it. I had Lou Nesta to sleep, and I just like this is. I have more medications than someone in nursing home like this is crazy and for Thou
Tens of years we have survived without all of his pillow sake. That can't be right, and I just noticed this- I don't know if it's what I do let a you know, but just as dismissive instead of hay learn meditate or whatever some was accused of sleeping pill. Now I found myself like wrestles, irritable and discontent and not actually getting quality sleep and I'm on anti too proud of. You know I felt like a shell of a person you know, and so that's my serves started looking into all these medicate and then, of course I was on coffee and you know all this other stuff, so my body chemistry wishes bananas and I think that a lot of people you know I personally would like to sort of get to the root of it or get ahead of my pain. So I'm not that housewife and twenty years has just taken Xanax, because I've got pain or can't deal what discomforts Orang Zion. He like an adult giving you a pickle bugs me looks
they are by the beach in Redondo. They are doing just mine there like a rose drummer another frozen somebody, you have heard a locker do go visit and I dont I'm a deadbeat mom, I'm terrible mother I'd never go see them. I wouldn't trust it. They were organised. I've got a lot make sure you don't think that is the main nightmare that I haven't. You are crazy or my kids, China. Why like? Why? I love that out, but actually but yeah. I worry about that. Constantly I mean with the Oscar mix up last night. I mean I heard about that and see it, but to her I mean what, if they mix up my eggs with what happened, the big said some one one and then I can see it basically Morn baby. They gave him an envelope, bless his heart. I can't I'm so cannot read and who know it's like even the wrong envelope war. Many has done nothing except bia. Classy legend is like the Steve Harvey thing. Yes, a sampling same thing: all the means are herb the comparing them basically likes. You know warm babies, initiative, urban or worn babies are brutally imagine and Steve Harvey as a silly talk show us
but but yeah he but he's got the envelope for best actress and he so and you just saw Lala Land and said Besta and they entire Caslon went up, and then they handing o o actually moonlight. And then, when the producers of wild land was a calm, total class act and gentleman is like Moonlight one and then Moonlight had to come up. It was man, Just like my Superbowl stress level, I fucking hate. Those contests are mutually. Do I dont have a dog in the game? Was it with this expert guardian of dog in fighting? I dont have a dog and fight, but I I hate those I hate award shows for heart. Now they seem so pretension. Have you not already one you have you been? one million dollars movie star here. What is the war For me, I mean, especially with like the political climate in people, go make political speeches. It's like Ok, how much did you don't need this year like what he really do? Like you
just mean another speeches and in talking the talk I hope everyone's also walking the walk, and you know authentic that. I don't know two sits its soul, I mean levelling loaded, there's something an estate about it for people. I think there's look at the silly monkey like the diversion of dresses and necklaces and make up an actress says you know I think humans. We have probably inherent need for that sort of diversion that sort of vapid. Let's talk about dresses instead of what's really going on and there's always a ribbon do you're that is close to where Europe was the ribbon they had well, I was a blue whale, has ever lower for seal. You also you, I thought it was for the iceberg, those breaking off me with their work, about that giant iceberg besides Manhattan YE, I now I just I just there so many now I just get frustrated. Sometimes I mean you're rear listeners are not the ones guess. You're listeners seem to all be seekers. My who the fuck knows
it's like saying all girls were all boys, my listeners or an idle hands out there met at least more team is marked. I think our things, that's testily not transpires to be there's a guy right now. I believe in you guys know folk. Do these words. Candle Jones in Asylum law, thongs de, should be line hunting porn. If you shoot you fuck right. On top of this, I feel like that would do well to judges. Is someone very desensitized? I mean that's what it's coming to level. I guess these days, hashtag read it, yeah, I'm sure humans have a need to just. Dissociate with pictures of dresses. Yeah, I think, there's deafening some of the new is definitely the pageantry people love when people dress up in all their best and they won't already moralising people. Oh yeah
all trying together looking to make clear what she's not even happy per it's, no matter what she does. You're gonna per Jack to your shit onto this momentum- and I do I do secretly not so secretly enjoy play. I do enjoy watching people as they get older, who are clearly fucking crazy, keep it together. And less Nicole Kidman was clapping like the Grinch Lasting Lapse s shoes clapping. I mean I don't know what that is. I dont clap alike, as were comics. We don't go to chose, I don't even like how do you club well, you have to club of Europe, a daughter, that's in play constantly, but I'll, just filming the whole time now a clap. Well, I films, yeah, I clap yeah. I dont, like I've, got a great cloud where either I do it out or to clap when you found it out and no one, but you this she also has she's comically willowy. I mean she does
her nails weren't are not another, something crazy. I don't hardly tunnel she holier hands way. That's not she's doing too much beak rum, that's not good for your joint! I am I do have. I am hyper mobile. Do you know about hyper mobility? This is a thing. So it's lot of western european trash genetics that we use our joints instead of our muscles when we move and walk and do things- and I got this thing called Casa- and write us. I hope I'm pronouncing that right. It's basically when you're cartilage in flames and it was my chest. I can be like like a relative of plural, see, mix and its. I did have pneumonia and didn't treated but I'd summit, press at my back that my at the cartilage or my ribs started rubbing.
Against each other. Why, and I went to this room ecologist, who is like? Oh, your hyper mobile, which means you don't walk with their muscles. You walk with your joints, that's where all of the impact goes and you need to re learn how to walk. So we need a cushion yourself with your muscles, like you're, not use it accelerated with your muscles base, it yeah you're. Basically, I walked just like I do not necessarily, as I've heard he resigned I want you to go monster, I'm, like ones are being in the beginning of the thriller video like Germany's or walking, and I was like so that's world and that's how he's like that's why people, when their fifty five have non collision injuries? That's what you hear about people who, like sneeze and throw their back out. It's just, are so much impact over so much by the time I had to go applauding instructor whose specializes in this- and I wish I had to hold a rubber band and like walk like it, was so boring that I just stopped going this progress going
really fund. Listen, the dumb people's interpretations will remember orally Kendall General killed a lion at you can't walk right. She thought I and adapt our duties job. We want our honourable member. I would like to hear the recap of those families of every s quit or fingered sliced uneasy when shooting out so much. I see tee oil that she engine could even club she theirs something going over them with new corkins face to she's, definite shoots, stuff and he's got some weird, so frozen appearance thing going? I it's weird to me because people accuse me of having worked on and Do you see my in my forehead? I have wrinkles, so that's sort of how you know if someone has wrinkles there that they haven't had Botox, but it when people say I had work done. I just I just try to take it as a compliment, but- Well, they just assume everybody gets worse. This is some years back right. Here's is a doctor said to me, as I said, to a doctor, I had
really bad under I bags knows Jimmy TV show like bad. Like they looked like cry. Look like see, Mohammed was not causes, won't sleep. I wasn't sleeping, I was not eating. While I was in high drain as too much salt and genetically again my genetics art a disaster and my mom everybody has at its fat. I mean it's not really something ice sleep, nothing helped and so I went to a bunch of doctors and their solution is, there were like we can put filler it. They called it that one guy called it up a pillar. Like we build a pillar to fill it in, and I was like no I'm a comedian. I can't just get a new face like I can't do that John Rivers thing like it's just not the character. Whatever and and basically he plain to me. I was like I can't about where I can't like this is not good. Work is so obvious and he said something interesting. What you just said he was like: you only noticed the bad work he was like everybody gets done. By her blue line, but the good work. You don't notice, don't say ever
while having started when he area totally, which he was probably just manipulating me, but I didn't end up doing anybody puts it in their site. This is, literally I'd non talking like a radio us trying to control someone, but in he explained because like everybody, just kind of looks like swollen yeah, it is valuable in punch in the cheek, but that's what happens when you get filler everything you have to build everything out its becomes Wakeham. All. If you do this, you gotta do that as you gotta, you know so, once you start, there is no going back and I'm actually noticing it in man a little bit too does not gay by but why is? Is that, like the you know, if you like hd age, is like the male version of Botox, you know guys do like that sort of thing. For me see each is just something that puts your bodies hormones to the same level. It was when you're younger, it's not like, but you'll have it you. Now now you you're a tab. Elizabeth
Creasy. Women are valued by this matter should be valued by their brooch right yeah. So when a guy's starts Botox in his face, like of guys before the forehead doesn't move like. What's going on, your forehead broke that ejaculate, you now yanza you wrinkles, I have your shiny what I'm a yeah, but it's weird shiny. You know what else that it gives us the empty t heard words like wax figure. It just looks weird what gives pooled and yet because the that's a couple of things, and so I am like shiny, but I so put like oil out of my face and sunscreen without good yeah. It's I'm always like you know, but because I that's like preventative and but laser in your face. What happens when you lazy or face because I was like all just do laser to prevent it. I had lie like some damage, but what that does is it removes the hairs on your face and then download shining?
would we have legal micro scare, the peach fuzz, which is why, like the lanes and when you don't have that you get shiny so My dermatologists was like we slow down and laser cause. You're gonna, look like a wax vigour and I'm already pushing you know, but the virus scan with lasers like is similar to like they say that women get more wrinkles or on their face because they met or than men, cosmetics, Folliot. When a shave, I've never thought about,
I maybe that's why I don't bring calls I generally men men get less lines or go round their lips around like the corners of her mother s leftist. They don't have to fake laugh as much as we made. They don't think angle at bar is. Why is a thing work where women were men like women to laugh at them is not at all it's it's feeling back its feedback, but it's not. It doesnt the other way. Doesn't it's not like a lot of now laugh at women? Now, guy, I know that's its. It's making a guy laugh is an act of aggression. It's a competitive, yeah language, competitive first stone, frown, For me, I'm wired have guys so I've been on this online dating up
and while the last one for famous people, you tell me why I add thou us one year. S name is people. You can also get out there. If your rapporteur, February's they haven't approval board yeah, they have like an approval. Commode get the fuck out on the approval, committing crimes- or I don't know, but it's it's It's an interesting goggle of of monsters, but I find and there's something very fascinating and you can probably guys or show mean with their openers to me, like that So you think you're funding ha like that's. Instead of like hey nice to match with you, it's like, usually it and where I save quip while those guys block, um, yeah, yeah, yeah right away. You guys doing that, but I definitely like being funny I mean, think about it. It's like you normally fascinated by nonphysical.
Arms of aggression, like I contact as a form of aggression and the lot of like if you walk into a bar made contact with a guy for more than ten seconds. He billygoat I mean not just cause you're Darrow in, but if you're anyone like I contact is like or without saying something, CS exactly Bulgaria domain, you have you do that when everything's cool yeah we're going to find it there's something something established home. I contact is fascinating. You know Craig dancing. I was obsessive break dancing for a long time problem will I get I can not when it is as if I've hyper mobile my knees lock all the time, but by accident I want make a documentary, I started making it in college and I would go to these break dancing competitions in the Bronx, and I was fascinated by when there's break dance idols if violence goes down in the area. I kind of like what we are talking about the other day our earlier today. This has not been available that waters two tools for violence. Are they get? The same needs met that violence gives
speculators, competition and an break dancing is one of them rat battles is one of them and I comedy as one of them? So I come and a lot of my stand up comes. A place of self defence and the implication is you're my attacker. So I think that I probably like you know it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy see. I always imagined that your kind of comedy comes from you being forced to analyzer surrounding yeah. That is true. Then, as you ve had to make light of stressing our moms gallows humor. Yes, that is true, but I did the roasts for awhile, and that is a that is I so form of he rose attack. I did not do the rose battle. I was judge on one the ones this year, but I used to do just that you're a judge on the comedy central. What are we were fuck and how they end the comedians bar the communist door, and you are right that young girl a levy I love her
I know where she is really she learning rates she's fucking illegally. I want a damn thing: she's great and you were going on about her being brave and overcoming like Rama in this and would like Jesus Christ with me You can't help with psychologically this young lives of all here's. The thing is because rose, but also interesting to me, because when people aren't famous, you just have to attack their personal life and she was on the one that I did recently. The taped one ever was like a living has been raised by a black guy. Then I was just like our wages are gonna per ten. I mean casino company is our anesthesia and we make jokes to direct and to not have to really deal with that, but I would like to get a twisted like you're gonna have to deal with being raped one day like world, Laughing and you're gonna get a page like at the end of this, but is that organ open thing she talked about it? It was ass. It was on the one that I would the taping. I went to she's she was like it. Then it was like you know, marks brother
has autism and committed suicide, Joe Joe Joe get out. I think this is too. This is to brutal for me, because I know the mental ramifications of this kind of pain and we're all just pretending like this person is in. A tremendous amount of Chinese like twenty right? literally she's. Twenty. I met her when she was seventeen crazy. She came to the issues of Israel. She all that's worse than being raised over me out even more charming than I thought she was out there for something figure which rules out. Therefore, national imo out There- and I was like look like let me fucking funny yet nobody and then, and I think Montreal or something she fell off the stage and ripped her calf, open,
she and then the rose battle, the next night in a wheelchair she's, a warrior by I, as someone who I'm not comparing my experienced urban someone who was twenty, you start doing comedy who joked about my pain that shit caught up with me. You can that tried out run at last. All the same, I walked, watches, don't fix it in cars, don't fix it laughs and fix it either, for the prince in yourself idea, doesn't work and neither does the money is not funny. You know it's like when you. We laugh at pay now and then it just becomes a joke. The pain is still there. It's kill it with laughter. Now you just sort of like you copy. Throwing like a bunch of gauze bandages over a swimming pools exactly whether in a pool he s coming full of ten percent, but it isn't. It is a temporary way. I think, to get your power back over your damage or too is to our committees that are sublimated into something lucrative positive, like my negative experience, gonna pay for my house, but there are certain points
and I M fascinated, like you know, cause I die personally. Think I mean I can't speak for everyone, but in our field in particular, I think we ve lost a couple too many comedians to suicide, that just gonna come out of nowhere and whoever like how did that happened? It's like how do you think you murder heard you heard of every night on the stage. Why is this so shocking to us? So You know. I think I just you know it's not me business necessarily, but whenever I see a young comic with Ray, I'm just like lead nowhere broad dog about it. You know. That's not very nice of you now makes sense, because I didn't see that I walked into the bar right when they had finished and you weren't worth de dissecting, unlike whitneys. If I can help like psychologically analyzes like me important I can enjoy porn. Guess I'm too worried about the girl and like why she's doing it in comedy, I'm when she's time a grave. I'm just like to recall a help line. I read a story about a guy who is in point that seen in a bunch of porn films, blues brains out and also on my given that guy
fascinating, because a lot of these people to get involved in poor, it's like they, they came here to be an actor and it didn't work out and in somewhere along the line on said, look make two thousand hours fuck now and they went at a man and then back there They really could make a lot of money doing porn yeah. Now it's even start you sure, because the money went away like there's. A guy was a porn star and newest producing films, and he just he lives like a few doors down from those guys guys born is born from porn and then the inner came along and you know how the internet crippled a lot of it. Countries and people cared. I people cared about the internet, crippling the record industry. Owe you a big deal. The Napster issue, I am no body- gave a fuck about porn, it's a very soon these things like are our shame and watch another. We'll have sex it. It transferred order commerce, yet like the actual commerce of porn, which is totally legal, was completely and totally ignored that interest
essentially vanished and had to regroup and re figure itself out. I dont understand the economics of it. I've never really looked into it, but I know that they don't have dvd sales anymore. No, it's kind of gone, and there is also something psychologically really annihilating about being seen and there not being seen you know it's like I mean I I dont know what this person's experiences. I can pretend to know what I did that, but I think Mark Burnett was talking like reality stars how many of them kill themselves after they ve been like they have it, and then it's taken away from them on their their seen for something and then not and there's something really fascinating, like Spencer and highly yeah, like the ex totally and how you self destruct after you ignoble humans, we don't like things being taken away from us, but especially being seen and we get feel safe. Four dopamine, or whatever it is from being seen in them, are not seen any more and porn is probably them insidious and away because, like I mean even find myself- and I am not- is famous as you I'm not like, but why
I dont know if people know me or not, I get I feel really unsafe, so if I'm really only in what were like, if I'm sitting next to someone on a plane- and this happens- you no kind of a lot and I'm like ok cool, you does recognise me. I change my hair color. Do you know a lot of we will organise now and or cool, and I'm doing this, and I'm like do in my dumb of writing my dick jokes and I'm picking my nose or doing whatever I'm doing and at the end of the flight he's like externally. No big fan and am I wait. I thought we had an agreed man that we were just strangers and now you ve completely betrayed like and then I'm like war, and then I just get into this weird Hitchcock like paranoia like who knows me who doesn't and that's micro dependents. I have to be able to behave in an authentic way. Whether people recognize me or not, but just sort of this creepy feeling I imagine doing porn because way more people watch porn, then watch anything. I've ever done so I'd. Imagine so many people recognise that guy, but would never say anything this weird like secret. I don't know it
feels like a very pernicious subsistence like not knowing who knows you and who doesn't anyone tending they don't know you I mean appear. I have like a lot of people come up in this is always very like we're this guy, the count me. Ok, I don't know where you are, but my girlfriend loves you. So can we get a photo Amazon like that? Just being dick later now you just hurry my like what's happening or when people like so So what do you do? You're an internet like I can tell them pretending not to, and then I have to engage in this weird bad improv game with, and I imagine porn stars, because there, but shame in many you watch it. People know you, but they don't say anything I wonder if that's ever gonna go away the shame of admitting you watch other people have sex and that you masturbate, like this. There's two shames they're watching it and as a shame and more widely watch, it long is watch it just doesn't interested motives, you need a beating off now your slapping a pussy you do something some crazy goin on my is. She is so fast, and I mean it's obvious in like
did in religion. I would amount lords puritan instincts that sort of echoed from the time the people came over. The boy ass, I feel very safe. When I know man masturbate cause, I'm like you're getting or needs met and a healthy way, you're, not just fucking holes and walls. Once a month and like doing to create you know it's like you feel safe. I feel safe when I know that your I dont, like waiting for the other shoe to drop like us, are you feeling of men? Don't masturbate they do wherever they built, whereas it where you're, just gonna, just shoot. Someone like randomly. You know like me, I don't I don't. I know I know a lot of guys who have stopped masturbating and because they made them too crazy and they have managed to go like years without a name that I don't. I can't speak everybody, they seem really happy and like as I think there are sick of being. Like a puppet of this constant, I can't pretend to know It's like too there's an insidious thing that happens with human beings when they dont have intimate interactions with people at a white paper that normally outcome character yet had enough
I dont know I do I don't know, but I, when I see comedians, who don't hang out with other comedians, amongst others, is missing. Adela will there's a lot of communities in order super competitive and they don't, million, which is really cause, there's a few of us here, it's the least competitive field. You can go into your lover, yet others just so much demand for commerce, thousands of comedy club. Someone else doing well helps you, you know, it's. It's interesting, I mean how many common clubs other and humming comedians are there. I mean I tell them. Others are like how many comedians can do an hour. I think there's five hundred working professional headline in comedian, Anna's country Yang, is maybe five hundred, maybe there's a thousand and by think five hundred of whom, probably they can sell, sell a thousand thrives on a Friday night. Oh a thousand, now seats. It goes down. Nobody internet goes down to what could I do the two hundred, maybe maybe two hundred, maybe maybe
to underline a familiar than any other feel that there has that few people, besides, like Tiffany Glass, makers or something like neuroscientist or something you know, I'm feeling there's one at every Collins, and there is how many colleges in America, but there's a lot of shit comics to just like this problematic shit, neurosurgeon yeah, but there Is this sort of false I'm granted to be a comedian, their Suno, probably and fight or flight mode anyway or some sort of competitive thing, is it so hard to do that? If you do get there's a very specific neurology there, but the competition among communities is so odd to me. Well, I remember being I got it. Do it straight from fighting, and I remember super jealous of people that were doing well when I was just starting out, like I see some onstage umbrella keys on even funny? Why can't I get up there yeah and then I recognized maybe like, couple years in my career, unlike while that is a dumb way to think beyond. This is some really self to guess. I'm com-
I constantly was reading in psychology books self help books he was trip me up whether was in fighting over. There was in comedy insecurities I go a weird little demons directs havoc on them. I met a lot at times, masquerades as confidence and emissions, so it's hard to sort of it all masquerade with masquerade with me, but I pretended did you pretend I was confident? Even if I wasn't, but I realized somewhere along the line. That line of thinking was very, very dangerous. It was tripping me, and it was keeping me from reaching my full potential saw stead what I realize somewhere, I had a little heart to heart with myself and I realize, like I got in there How many? Because I love comedy near now, understand I don't love it anymore, gives one someone's doing well, I'd be like God. Why didn't I think of that? Yet a wider! my friends like all my really closest then I realized I owe you have to be a fan and a practitioner like you have to stop and then you have to support other comedians and you have to like it felt car
for me to say, hey. I saw this guided and ninety was fuckin, brilliant gaudy, so funny, and then somewhere along the line like a couple years, and I started doing that again, I sort of being a fan of common again and then I saw run with it, and then I realized how few people did that and then think of it in calling for supportive of all the other comedians around me and then develop like a whole clan of people that do that so do you notice, like my friends, like all my really closest calmly, Ross super supportive of love, that about you. It soak it so cool and but how did you like? Did you have to get up like a lot of success before happen, or is that why you got a success? That's probably part of it deftly happen before my success. I was helping people when I was terrible. I wasn't doing well yeah now, but I was. I realised that there was something wrong with my thinking and as it is the same as martial arts, like you, don't get good by denying
other people are good right, good as respecting the fact that other people are good. Looking at yourself in your objective analysis of your own skills and they realize like while I got a lot of work to do to reach that guy's level. We and I was like look at me like you know, and I definitely had that new beginning a lot to wear, I mean I was in the beginning. For me, there was so much about just dealing with the grass of people and recreating my child circumstances. You were really there when I first started the commie store. You should have had your respite from the comedies door, but I had. I was hey so hard really not ah Joe, fine now and we are totally friends now, but ARI and David Ehler. Has the female more fine now worked through it. It was really hard for a long time by r E. Has I never told you this story about how you hid my backpack
did you give them pacing Missouri, where why every night, when I would go on stage, you know, there's like like in the car, MR original round, which is sort of arm on these. I kind of like was mine, church and a lot of ways in my home sick. As that sounds like there's a back booth like that back row of boots, it's kind of four Ip is allowing Menzies shore when she would come in and then there's not hallway in the back or they put drinks up. So I would have a backpack and I would go in. I would put my backpack up there because it she was super dark in there and when I was on stage like some comical, one in the morning slot like after dawn, viruses like was what I would sort of go up and I had just had my wallet stone or by housebroken insurance and stole my while the two days before so is already and fight or flight moan, and got off stage. I confirm my backpack and I'm running around and you know it so dark in there I'm like might look, and I I got so
scared, that someone was can basically what a security person that help me said. Someone who you're, probably with all the time, took your credit card, copied it and then put back in your wallet like because someone had member there is at the Big Bang, America. Scandal aware they copied, like two thousand credit cards unit was that it was? I was a part of that, so I got him. I had that there were some in my life around me who took my credit card and like copied it, and so I was freaking out, and everyone thought it was probably so funny, and then I started crying like hysterically like freaking out, crying and ones are, is home. You cry like I'm not running up to benefits it's like bugbears, so you just turn me just ass. He told me later, like wages thought it was an innocent, praying and bottom line. Even then you started crying and then we should feel he didn't give you your backpack one member. We have to ask ourselves how it ended up pick as I did his pockets a couple years ago, and he told me you can ask Org is arias hiding if you know
No! No! It's an amateur play this for everybody, because I'm glad I've been playing our voicemail message, because we call him up arbiters other subscribers request income. Calls have been blocked, he hasn't been. None are incorrect, are decided to go rogue and he decided completely off the grid for a couple of months now, what was in my aunt more and now apparently he's in some south american company country hold on a second. This phone does not accept incoming calls message, see a one was it really want it was on. Ritalin, as you have just agreed, is what when he was really young, mean that he's back state side, because last week, was in Spanish, you'd call him up. It would be a spanish you can't Jim anything, nothing, no email? No, ninety alone! Guess, what's this? What's this
fucked up and hung out with Henry Rawlins. That's what happened he fucked up and hung out with Henry Rounds and Henry Wrong who is fuckin a brazen yeah about all you know it's not on. I don't know I've not ass, he was he was so he was on loop, Ritalin Bright red, his whenever an earth. Now, what was it really want? it was on. Ritalin, as you have just agreed, is what when he was really young, he was like a test subjects from five to like seventeen, his family put em on Ritalin his doctors, whatever who airlines those heartbreaking, but it would be like they gathered gritting his teeth and whole and then after school was over your billing society, something he's fucked so anyway, what he does is Henry Want, is the hardest time dealing with human beings and not being emotion, yea thing about how he got into deep. Depression comes thudding into his chest, ivories, not doing something we're running. He can't show-
good night I heard him and pack has talking about how his assistant makes up fake work for him, like very just to keep him busy You have to drive out to this thing and pick up this. They like he. She makes like things just What is most, she hates by the word being called assistance, armies manager, misery, I'm sorry, Heidi swearing, but she livelihood to me. I hate when people say system as it, then I say sorry, no, you didn't we're talking about other people, so treasure is she's like guy like a warning shot, did she fires communist it mother, Fucker Lady is ok. Ok, we got it so Henry picks a spot. He'll just go about ballot and he'll call his travel. And you know, and the travellers has yet been gets out about by the way, only flies economy, because even though it's fuckin well the shit drives a shitty Mazda six is academic like a masochistic there. Yes, our should punish sort is greatest.
It's only done private as an own assume. As he said, my crazy shape he's in good shape. Regatta he's not like Jack anymore, apparently at a bunch injuries, because his bow and lifting anyway, so he had an podcast did. He do, with our, which is an amazing podcast, we're aryan him Matt, I feel like they were in Scott. And was always in scholar, Edinburgh, there were the Edinburgh fast and they started talking in the pot gas amazing cause. Henry was talking about how he's been doing. This he's been over a hundred countries who travels all over the world. Does it every year and does it he goes completely off the grid when he does just goes Ernie brings his laptop in his camera, takes pictures, people and people What are you doing here and is like I'm here for to meet you man and this meets people and goes places and hangs out with better winds and goes into the fuckin desert in what wines of dangerous places yeah dangerous situations, but then comes back and has he's amazing stories from it? So are you just released is just record.
His latest our and had decided that he really needs to do something radical to generate new material hid despair month in China last year and came up with a bunch of material from that, so he decided I'm just going to not talk to people. I'm going to not talk to my friends, I'm not going to talk to anybody. I'm not gonna use my cell phone, I'm just going to live, I'm just going to go completely, the grid and travel the world. Yes you know you makes it shit on a money. Now has got us calmly. Central shows these really well stand up and which is great to see where this I mean it's. I e look, I mean there's something to be said for it I mean I feel, like our brains are so cluttered with chores and roof. You know we're so rude agonized. This point it's like there's something to be said for just completely rewiring. Now it's just like ours, crews.
Yeah. I want to say I also I'm in this dull sub programme, where it's like human connection is what keeps us saying. You know what I'm alone and isolate like that bad bad things will happen. Well, are you won't use a smartphone more cause he's addicted to? It is our duty to do there It's amazing that would enable the course correct, like that he's smart John Silver uses a flip phone. Does he ruined get so much done, because it's not like dumb text. Asia phone calls handles that phone. Call. You little done little algae for phone. I mean that's all well and good, but you know what I'd do I put my fuckin phone down there's another level of do their work? Do you have to just you know, abstain entirely. Can you just do that our? my phone other room. I go do stuff. How to have some are self control. I don't know I just do its aid, but it takes a certain warrior to be able to do that, but I dont do it all the time. What sometimes somebody asked Tom April for now and my wife atomic yeah- you found your butt but you're out you're down, but I do understand it yeah personally, I'm not I'm not denying it sometime
you're just stay awake. I just have to stay awake as I get real zombie real fast, my way, butter put in my lap top down yet because I used to when an issue like out just because they go on Youtube and search and different websites and in Ghana hole you go on Youtube spirals that take you down and now I got it. I got in a spiral of watching people posits old ever seen, doktor pimple popper Instagram. Do I can't I owe straight to a game. I got silent one night when I was watching all visits get popped relic of good two and a half hours. But then you know in your when you go to Youtube and it says, suggestions for falsehood, say then you ll find out the next day what you did for me. I know I have to get the fuck away from the computer when I get down to animal tax we'll go to go to a good one. I like I don't I like they're, called confetti streamers, the ones that are small and they just come out for like a minute she's
at some ones that are just horrific, elevates the right answer that you realise that they suffer are there, but there go to when she gets a lot of cysts click on that place. Looking at what that's like it, here comes up pass. Someone come out and look like, like God, damn volcanoes. What is so is that globules that is One would think it worth lady are literally lingered dear, is giving when some of them come out and they just cream cheese he's got some other ones: underpay, liberality that five hundred seven thousand pieces of millions of salivated more fascinating, then or broken
more followers in you and I combine uncle. I click to see how many farmers are in the wrong by twenty three million. Two point: three. Ok, but you know she only have like one million euros as this has not drawn got. A doctor's. Dermatologist genius was like, let's start feminist well and she's specializes in poverty. One in the head, probably subdued got some honey Sandra Lee, some do got sand. Where I want your life. We don't know that group. For women releases endorphins in our brain Langen, I mean, does your wifi deposits or in grounds really not really have any while your phone us directly, not tell you that I that local councils Maybe aliens are getting later when the plus. I look at the small volume of this one. How? But this was a kind of pull it out like it was hamburger beer, others one there
See. I can't what would you do like this better or a little tiny ones here like these, the wouldn't? What's better? This was not all that those are my family, my favorite. I do that on aeroplanes in the bathroom, so the nose ass, my favorite love, it is- did hard on many levels. Is it harder to watch the like that or is it hard to watch the deadline deadline? The deadline this. I watch animal. You know, here's my that if you're a whole approach to hunting. Is I get it like? You have a very honourable. You have a lot of you know we treat on some level them with dignity and into new integrity about it. You know I mean I do eat meat yeah, so I had even disorders, so I can't really like when I start restrict
things are going. I don't need this. I don't need that that can go down like a bad spiral. I dont actively like seek out meat and I don't eat pork really, but I can't like start being to absorb unity. Ports are a pork, just like you're Oliver listeners, I think, would probably think I'm very annoyed. I'm gonna get a lot of lake. Trolling we're it just once at you. I mean I think, I've just two down the rabbit hole of learning about the emotional vacuuming city of pigs and dogs that it's just gonna like bananas are very small, very smart and very emotional. Was there like toddlers you gotta be around, while picks while picture monster, fair old heads, I'm sure yes, but ones that are just raised, and kid there's also a lot of like. Maybe this too met is a goal or whatever, but like they know, what's happening us and I just it's more like you're, just eating fear so their dreadful in quarters all slick than you know: throb
through their bodies, while they're getting killed and they just they live in fear their entire lives in there's just your ingesting mad and its in energy, and you know it's fog and about our sir crazy. My dad has antibiotic resistance right now, which I think is going to be part of the next sort of terrific things that we can't control were technologies should have taken over do things from doctors or from livestock. It's definitely from doctors is well being over proscribed antibiotics. Every time you ve called every time you over this taken about action and by the time you actually need them. They don't work any more and that's where the situation, my dad is enters a thing that do just researching recently on Commodo, dragons and they're. Looking to commodo dragons, I think there's enzymes in their blood, that they think is going to be effective in reading people that have resistance to antibiotics for disease, that's, but now yeah that was read those today I was reading bananas and I also luck. It's like again. You now refer me.
I'm not generalise. You everybody! I know this from me. A lot of things are projections, and so for me like, when an animal is helpless, I see myself as powerless child and when I see something in a cage may be the same way that like when you go into a room of exact, you're like I don't want to be there when I see something in a cage, I just Sunday, let's go listen, helpless! That's what a kid is, so it just triggers like a lot of you, I can't go to the pound. I'll have a hundred thousand dogs. I didn't do it. I do so much animal rescue and I had send someone to go when I see one that I'm a rescue they go and get him for me I'll. Just I'll lose my motto: you'll take em! All I just ran worse just gonna we're sorry I've already put it was. I was rendered yes, so I'm Joe! That's why I'm here. Did I ain't got the emperor view I keep very early is at the haha but He was a show horse who a dressage horse. Do you know after while they're just useless or like racehorses kind of so he was going to be put down
and I do outline therapy anyway, sums like Tijuana gap was quantities are my teacher, so there Is this. I think you will find this interesting. I find it fascinating horses, dont value any, thing that we value money. Prestige clouds I am being meter how's. They don't care about anything funny anything that we use to defend ourselves being funny. Being smart, they don't care about the only thing I care about is authenticity, so basically ports- serve kind of his mirrors to your flaws and really India and authenticity. Yes, so if you're fake a horse recommend they don't understand why their repelled by so got a horse around like one of the real housewives from both today and what kid you're always sit, kill it so that we could get up in the base as what I, but
Oh, I mean there's a difference out. There's this its base, its basins, farcical being with horses by the german women. Her name is Sabine. I remember her last name, but this place called reflective horse is where I keep it in to bank. And you know like, as you know like I point- there is used for a lot of like people in rehab and sexual abuse victims. When this organisation called she heard power and bet bearers, who I work with, is sort of running at and its letting because humans can be so triggering for drug addicts. Trauma survivors that, like for me therapies, stopped being able to work as I was so triggered by therapists. I found myself law.
To them. I find myself like literally trying to manage their like. You know. I didn't want them to think. I was crazy, like it was just you're, the most Osman crazy person at the same time, but it's like we all do the ship, but then I was resentful cause. I'm like I'm fuckin, paying you and that's all you're going to say, like I was combative tonight I was, I was, will cause it's like I'm very knots. Fish about my time but like it, the understanding about what is a waste of time, and I found it. I have a great there, but now it was like a bad ass and she's like, but you know five to and whereas only meet coats and pajamas she's awesome make code yeah she's, yet while they're like fowl for like vests and so Then I was just. I would get very like you in the executive room like I would be in a therapist office and would be like Harvard Business School on like this fuckin guy doesn't know anything about problems fuck. This got like I just like. I did angry at them and then all the Sunday be like authority figures to me and that trigger Avis just like, and then I felt we are talking about like boundary,
suffer sexual staff, and I didn't you know the shame that comes with saying I watch porn this or that, like it, just wasn't working for me and then acquaint therapy. You essentially its about dominating the horse, and it really illuminates. You know our instinct to control and be perfect and achieve, and those are short of the things I'm working on right now like I have crippling perfectionism, where he is like you and I have been tat, you have been you're interesting because you're one Phoebe by nosing credibly successful. But you don't seem to have a perfectionism issue like you achieve a lot without suggested about achieving set make sense. I ever perfectionism issue and law, with writing this new, our like women tax him out. That's really Jonathan lies. I was gonna comprising only guess I do, but I dont have a new like I king you'll have to do what You want to do it. I saw you do ten minutes or fifteen that I'm learning, maybe I'll. Do it perfectly. I know that
crazy. It's crazy! Yes, because in my household I only got rewarded for being perfectly there's, no perfecting comedy. No such it's it's a hundred percent. So this is why, like with horses, if you're trying to be perfect or control, the outcome can control a horse there? The thousand pound You were there. If there, you know, when you're alone, with it in a ring, not dominating it or cajoling at our using any kind of venereal. Asian devices. You really can only be authentic and detached from the results of like I need the horse to run and jump in. While these things there are going to do what you in your mind, think is perfect. So it's about like detaching. Results will let easier concerns the definition of perfection issues how, but I just let him go but ass. I why I I dont like anything I do. Real, almost nothing at all.
Again in my comedy, I don't like anything. I do because I break it down so much. I go over it so much you get into it. I make notes yeah. I go I changed things my flower word. I want to jump into a funny jail being the audience- loves villages yeoman. He floods hard slog clause. If I were recover its fine but there's it's just it others me when I don't do something right immediately bothers me, but learn how to manage that bother over the years where it doesn't. I dont go crazy here and I think part of that is I don't know, there's a lot of factors they are part of. It is understanding, that's an issue and then figuring out. Why and then I spend a lot of time doing things like is meditating on taking a lotta yoga, do occasionally get him isolation, tank work things out there. You know what I do yoga. I cannot cause. I'm so like need to be doing a person like I you know, and it comes
Ngos, but it really is especially when I'm on like get really busy and like out of control and out of touch like I resort to my perfectionism is what gets me attention and that's how I will survive very like primitive thing. King because that's what worked for me as a child, but simply you're, all your aware of all these issues, which is like step at least up one running the real thing and in your proof, that you can do it is like. Can you release you're? You know her action mechanisms or the things that worked for you or the things that could. I think a lot of my perfectionism has worked. When a lot of ways I can achieve things and because of it, but it has started to actually hold me back. So can you the thing, the sort of maladaptive behaviour that has worked for you, rational. Can you release it and still will you you're catholic angle on your single in your you you're, not finally, people
compatible. London has just said that, because I am finding it was bleeding into my data, I was in your not perfectly right, again. I think a lot of dating as being Let's just go like I'm flawed, your flawed, picking you apart, like as I think, there's an over achiever mentality that sometimes bleeds in our personal life of like, but what, if there we'd better and went to a funeral feel safe to use of predatory instincts. We find that were weak thing like Google, that's gonna, limp mental, limp yes and the Ngos or he might be full share, or he might be pretending he something is not or yeah totally totally but like that's. So am I sometimes I've done that I do that. You know what brought you just commit and accept like some body and I don't I don't know the answer worlds may be hard to find someone who can keep up with you. That's gonna, be a big part of legitimate need. Jail relay ashore on two percent has to
but is that can be examined, updated guys that are very high? functioning alpha type, bays and it was exhaust. Does business surely have to be exhausting yet to find someone who's known her nose? Look you can have car that six hundred horse power and not know what the fuck to do with it new going sideways around every corner. Just because you have all the power and all that energy yeah doesn't mean you utilizing incorrectly, Laura you have a car that six hundred horse power in you take. Every corner perfectly and you know when they hit the gas and it's always there. When you need it, we don't use. Additives used, show I'm still you talk about this. I don't say it out. How did you know that you're like commit to this person shit you're like any Dana how'd. You know my name, I totally. No. I had only just got a big, but Europe feel feel safe with nurse and feel common person enjoy being around them. You know- the thing is a person like you or me, you're anyways. You have a lot of options, that's an issue too!
here, because if you don't have any, if you live in a small thousand, will you find someone quickly musical chairs exit out clear? Yes, but you have a lot of options you like well disguise is not quite doing a farming. Let me just fuckin go test the waters they re read then you're out their checking, you're dating APP and who also before it's it's a full time, job also controlling I see you know, and this is a general issue, but a lot of people that I know that are you know getting most being the most effective in life. Do have. Com predictable homeland I thought that helps. I e a healthy European if, if you were going out every night too when what's ones I dont know if it's like a glove and allay issue Winston those
now, whatever you're gonna Marianna little aid, only at the grove every night trying to pick up where you would have no time to build an empire. There's no time you now I'm to work through time. Job will then that's a debt is a real issue with I'm looking to saddle I'm in the market to compromise. Well, then, you're probably find someone if you will in a compromise, but are you really willing to compromise, or you just saying that right now, I don't want to slash once there. A guy they earn is flawed. Now think about guys that you used to date, there weren't flawed, came up and he Avenant turn and not view objectify people that way. It's like I'm flawed too, like where do I get off we're all flawed framework, but I also think like there's this and there's this, and I don't know if it's it the feminism like. We can leave that out of it, but there's just new trend where women, my girlfriends alot. Them who are like. I deserve better cinema. Let you know
Will you be minus? You deserve our money when I'm like. I deserve this enthusiasm. I know I don't like. I deserve some got them ass. I can, I think people eating get. You could certainly get lucky. I think that if we got lucky with my wife, she's nice persons, smart cities, content is very patient. Must space easy to get along? When I think for me- and this is the first time I've thought this way- it's maybe not about who that person, as is about who I am what that person at the everything. That's everything goes you who you are like we're talking about this before. If you're wrong people are negative. Yeah shit bleeds off into your hurry and Gatt, and when you're around people that are nice, you feel myself. You know who are you around you're? What I like it here in Europe. I try to be this guy, all tat. You know, most part. I am I started go home and work for some hammered bacteria drink dark. Back defiling during rail air. Are you telling us what like two key like on gas
I mean I've been drunk a bunch times on podcast, destroy, make it more fun. Irishman, listen, falsely value highly lucrative. Let's do thou hast one we get hammered have all day. Let's do that fund could get dark. The real debate we haven't homer, sober we're. Does we watching what happened here? That's why he's gotta watch animal we're watch all those guys in China when I was in China, where they keep sneakingly is enclosures. We did Joe. Let wait need pop his back. Found a bad guy. We throw my, how do you getting on hairs? Shavers, I even castle and shorter hours, when I was the excellent, unlike kind at it. Can I get it the liquid nine dating anymore? You don't get to do that. Its grooming were monkeys were monkeys with guns, were just monkeys we talked about this, I that we ve in humans have more similar dna than african elephants in indian elephants, yeah, but apes.
Really fascinating there? The they have won restriction is actually the Mai there won't have sex with the sun, its it women, sex with women and men have sex with man. That's that's on a network rather than that matters OX asylum yeah. Well, that like a good genetic sort of survival instinct kisses and that incestuous breeds the dad foxes, daughters, oh, that are not fair, no rude! That allows like it out a free, Canna quality. It is, I might not pronouncements right, a guy I foresee like. Apparently they call it I knocker seek, as they use their vaginas to get. What they want is power of interested. I mean some people humans do. It is fast moving the least violent champ among the house. The marks by far well yeah. I mean that's another way to get your regression out. That's been serve our theme today. Why lab in thinking about this a lot lately when
examine human culture and civilization and all the fuckin atrocities that we committed on a daily basis, and then I look back at me now, so I was reading a piece about ancient man and trials, tribulations, neanderthals and hung out I've been so to deal with. And I was can I and what is the difference between Neanderthal in chromatic Magnon to question I always get this wrong. Romagna is the early version of us right, tall ass, a different, different breed of human indeed taller Hume, that's right, I conflate them all the time and are ok now use out, but I think It's not changes there, there estimate changes based on fossil evidence. That's so recent tell recently what I was thinking is when we're look.
Human like could is an honour to be the dumbest person on your pack has ever produced a clearly I ve never met. Brian Red Ban is a bright gown. They, unlike the ayatollahs, Crow Magnano, not a separate species, right, ok, they're factor the earliest known european example of our species living between thirty five thousand in ten thousand years ago. That's what's so fucked ten thousand years ago. Nothing! Nothing! It's a bit! Save it's a second area, actually modern in every anatomical. Where her you. Why learned something to buying a that's, not ten thousand years, so recent, and here the craziest thing they are existed a hundred and seventy five thousand years ago. They emerged so in seventy five thousand years ago, humans emerged so before a hundred and seventy five thousand years ago, which is a blink and tied blink roughly, there are really no, they ve been there, but you know that they did their changes there. There estimate changes. Some fossil evidence. That's so recent tell recently when I was
thinking is when we're looking at our are issues of dating and love and friendship and creativity and ambition, always weird issues that human beings have today and in this context, weirdly luxuries area creativity and love like do that's like a hundred years old, like what is the future going to be like what what is a modern human in the year? Twenty seventy five what is all going to be visa? right, I mean. Are we all just get me in our virtual reality machines just masturbate again when we might be the last people to touch our journals. Probably doesn't we, the latter, pussies banking, duration, the last maybe less we let maybe sex will be fate. I mean there is that book called Charter circle back to porn again, there's a book called poor nation in its there was a statistic that said: eighty percent of kids under
teen boys would rather watch porn than have sex with an actual woman. Why, yes come on title, I'm wrong with actual focused, grew out of these data, probably very specific group of people who would agree to be interviewed about. You know what The same ass also think women have to masturbate tubs only interrupts worthy those terrible itself by I mean who now I'm you, you could put real effect, boobs vagueness. You could probably prefer cause you're in control of it. If you have a vcr woman, who's gonna do whatever you want to deal with her afterwards and like talk about like what are we with debts have to thrill. You have to throw you but ruling up on fake women and anime, while seaboard jerking off to cartoons die. You don't matters like the car we watch Saturday morning cartoons they are jerking off too. The men and women. So why? How many
I have a little more evermore jerking when you got a bit more. Will you look up in an animated like Bernard Anime, por favor. I would say it. Very small which, by the way, a lot of the women in real porn or more lifeless than the animated imports by elder their weird, because a good fake asses will it's like Cambodia yards, like theory of like simulacra, about like how we prefer this simulation of something to the original of something we can actually control it. I think any Warhol was on that as well, but wasn't it are that some men prefer fake, boobs yeah like they get here. Why doll? Why getting off to animate porn is short here for supporting college Wired Connection, Lauren, Grizzy, synonym or worse zones, where our Sunni Porcine this habit of pop up. But how could a bizarre fuckin time, ok, let's see what she has to say: God, Dammit Forbes
what I really didn't forward. Yeah it's hilarious on Tuesday evening GEO Pekin Sultan Rick Wilson made twitter, but to deter waves with that they have the fuckin stock of twitter right, there, single men, plan zero and a fifty percent zero point, four types of internal areas. They showed twitter and then they have and people reading for all its stock at right. Next to know their audience so weird ways with his claim that Donald Trump supporters are mostly single men who masturbate to Adam. Is it GEO Pekin Sultan too? I think they're right with this intentionally incendiary statement. Wilson says he made directly to troll trumps, followers the troll and everybody forever as any enemy fan will, let you know it's called clears throat hence tie especially big genera of X, rated japanese animated cartoons, but what's
interesting. Is that in order to intentionally make people angry Wilson targeted, anime geeks, as his insult weeks, tweet doubt upset them they'll do file reply you I don't know, I can't I compete with poor. I feel strongly that, like ok, can compete with the girl I've seen for I can compete with Khartoum Cellulite it's it's. I really don't want to ask that some people how one website is convincing people. Hey for Khartoum Porn you're playing our guard from just while stressing the rabbit whoa hold on a second among eighteen. Thirty, four year old viewers cartoon in hand tie are the three teeth and seventy the most popular porn searches in millennials or one hundred thirty one percent more likely to search for anime than older browser says what I'm back well is put my mind so Can we see what the other twelve porn categories are above saw? Gagging,
so I'll? Get you more getting chose guy, you know, gagging pregnant gag, gagging, Bang gag. Here we go gagging all slapping so, whereas once number one can bullet why lesbian and then teen and then that lets a brush pass. Teen! That's of awful! That's horror, lying your monsters! I'd! Rather you watch anime, stepmom, ELF, wait well and then squirt people are an appealing. People are in despair. They like this, where they think it's anything other than page and then mom poorly mixture. What I am not really come out your pussy, its p o candidates, like your message, was cited or encircled by scientists. Analyzing know your wealth. Not all these worrying circle back organs, to that. Oh, it's interesting to me that step mom is above mill,
Who is many interesting? I want, I don't want it. I want a mom and I want to be you wanna fuck, your dad's Y Y, you that's what it is. That is not a weird like fruity young Europeans. Every envy thing number one number one of the bottom rather the least is public public is the research anal is above those shockingly low. I now Ebony Germany is above black, which I think was the debtor. I'm so writers are educated. People wait when really are no one is really that what we, why is? Why is japanese and asian? I know other different kind of, but do you the other different kind of yes Asians way down. Low people are way more in Germany's and they are and says, speech had virtually japanese Asian get like vietnamese tie and people like. No, no, no, no, I don't I'm John Align. I want the girl with the kimono yeah irrigation our interests exert a power that high yeah, but
I think anything I figure is gonna, be misconstrued. Asthma, roundabout, racist, don't be worried about this. Is that the age we live in? Ok at what is difference we ebony and black, I'm. So sorry, there is no difference. One of them is said by people, education, gotta and the other one is someone just there once anonymous. But I don't wanna be over, but I'd imagine what's under those ones, be classier than the other may mean there's something Socio, Emil's search internal differences, legal. This cause. What has caused by sorry. I don't know, turnout, anxious, coming or shitting costume, We should never forget it you. Why would you loud, you think, cause please toilet. I dont know what I said it so nonchalantly foot job look at what is the foot fetish? Thank you. No, I guess it's like something happened. You when you were young some sort of is not called Catch Texas.
Scully Imprinting gas, sexual imprinting, rightly that yoga may see Yoke, is right below the latter yoga balls important these days. I see a lot of sex on yoga balls. I do not feel sexy. But a gym is above yoga, which is interesting. More people are the last fit the warrant more beautiful, related girl do in squads. Would if you just want to remind you that you are really you watch what we what's the now that I heard that porn star elephant as I get the gem porn. Yet what is emo like Garth girls to Morrissey it here, really crying to touch you. For now I mean that's part of like the IRA make us. I gotta go emo now more or less what it is. You are sure to say that's what they're, why? called EMO, though suicide grow linking morality, I would think email
You like ride on the margins of suicide on here the near looking for suicide port and that's a way different thing. Then yeah, that's not porn. That's just crime! With that committed soon Elliot, something or another? What the FUCK's Anne Elliot, Psmith, those names, Don Khatami, Listen Tom. I listened to my dog inch. What the fuck is wrong with you, it was like super depressing music, like no one of his guest out himself weight. Can you What we do this? So what is dogging Davy, silent, dogging or walking process dogging dogging with Delong Nipples is at the very bottom grand it is well above long nipples weight. So I areas anonymous Harry's. Working with smoke. Edwards, wife swap wage He was a wise and negative. Does this mean it's become less popular? This one is actually comparing millennial, searches, two people more than
millennials or more and all this, but this is all new millennials, never probably had the opportunity, see Grannie, while the irony porn that's more prevalent now than ever before. What if he were a great would have fewer eighty doing porn. What does that? What is that? That's a person, no sooner dogs once a ride up, but read into the rocks hit the road she's Bob across the ocean. She said the rocks isn't lit up at all close your eyes is upsetting could go back up.
Called somewhat yes or no to a kind of Kim car dashing is the most popular porn star, search by millennials porn, star Mescal appointed. It's a man. I don't know the rest of them may Khalifa, whose like she's escalators, sir, I don't. I don't, know Nothin LISA and whose deepen or forties belief for her victory. Interesting don't know any elites, Repo Sasha Gray, I feel it she's she's fallen and affluent often she doesn't anymore relay she's having she retired. Her vagina in the towel means like a fighter that you'd headshot, though I could step away, said enough concussions more. How do you? I don't I mean I know I met like. I did a job with a physician crazy, so I hired Jeddah Jamieson to do something in a pilot that I did and I met her fiance and she was actually really cool. I I'm like I mean that the all the weird like recently
twitter feed as revealed that something else, but when I mentioned quite normal, whatever that even means designers and her I'm now her guy, had none didn't know she was gonna Jamieson for like a couple months I don't I don't indulge combat, do not believe that I now urge is very nice person rather not comment or personal. I got really know guy. I port. Anyone is trying to escape that world, I'm just wondering at home normal who? Could I also with guys that idea like? I never want them to see my stand up. Do you think tat? How many guys of you dated where you are on a date with them for a while for the figured out the you're, a famous communion? I mean since I've done stand up yeah, maybe nestles, always elephant in the room. Where It's always like. Have you seen my specials? Have you not ends someone I'm seeing now I was. I could you not every groundwater watch them job just so the oven
just get to know me first before you hear me talk about his mornings already when he was like I'd rather not actually and unlike more, whereas some guys, Lavoisier, specialist notebook and skirting like ok, I like it, I dont want. I dont want the guy's a date to see me that way, so I wouldn't I'm just the I'm. Just code apparently worried about such a great future. Well, she seems like a very small person. Yeah a buddy of mine. You still work for the bus light and hid met her and read. Books logs were smart, just Freak Matthew, a whole article about the election done some mainstream movie chile. What sort of our girlfriend experience as the Sharia? That's right now and you know her eyes, she did some of you about it. She was like I'm just sort of embracing my inner slut since, like I like it, How come you guys know? Why that I don't feel that I have I have known her non can maybe there
that then yeah it's a pair of something different there or maybe of parent, you don't have parents, you want to punish, Maybe some some women have parents if they want to punish right, want their dad. Who doesn't talk to them ever see this and realise how badly fuck yeah? How interesting could be an act of aggression and Ireland for human loss? Ev I mean there's lots of people that I would like to punish, get revenge on and I still don't have sex upload it to Vinnie ample because that's also self punishment, some one hundred percent. You got yourself a yes to massive amounts of. Yes, I was I went just for now, good reason. I went to Rond arouses Instagram page of the day she shut up at my feet. I went to her page I looked at some of the comments on some of the pictures and holy shit. Other monsters out the about sexual stuff now under some sure there's some of it with sexual. What I just said, I would just mean, open yourself up to just me now fact in
yeah? I mean she. I don't know no like she sure is, doesn't look at that are some they, but whenever I look at its it I'm out for a couple days and can't look yeah. Apparently they have to keep Donald Trump away from twitter and from damn any television because there is some thing they were talking about some some campaign aid. There was like in a way we have to keep him away. Your keeping distracted, keep moving the television because it becomes fixated and just once talk about like someone who's now Sarah LAB sketch about well, there's I mean there's look I don't you know, know enough about politics really talk about. It now really doesn't dependent, like matter you you are interested not but like. He shows the signs of a clinical narcissist and whether that's good or bad. Maybe presidents should be narcissist, maybe athletes. I dont know where that benefits you I'm sure there are careers. Where does but narcissist, Have that kind of addiction was scary. Ask it's scary for a leader its. It makes sense
for an artist or for an athlete that you have to have some sort of narcissism to become J low. To now is to decide on the best in the lab yeah too, to be a diva now or to be a whatever the fuck you are, but yet becomes a real scary thing when it's like. I remember when he was talking about Congo West when Tanya West did that thing in front of this giant concert and said I didn't vote and if I did vote out vote he said I vote on tromp, just like United Somalia elegant, does that we vote on Tromp, well, yeah yeah, God, you don't work, but somebody I I am. What is interesting like you know, it's gonna say is he did this thing Where is talking about it in front of this gigantic group people, always about he loves trump. Here, I love Cognitive Conway- loves Trump used about himself in third person, it was so disturbing and, as I said, this is a weird way of addressing that. Instead of saying integration way, that was very kind of him. I appreciate amused rebellion artist and it's very nice to have
support. Thank you kindly does that are just saying that he loves trump while he love what I love. Colleagues coil of Trump he'll have trump like he keeps that slaving. That's like broke in asian person, speaking broken English. Also, seven year old, grandpa who's out their work in a hundred feet the hours a day and he's probably ragged, but your thing about impulse control. If you can't go you're, not gonna, send that another job on a boat to put a pin in that and spend some time critical thinking before I sort of ACT but the also a man who is deteriorating is Adam. He was it. You know, I can see things for many every angle of not doing impressions. I can see things from every angle, probably better than anyone, will he always does anyone here? Anyone you know, but I've fascinated by how much a mental illness can help you and then, when it starts to backfire on you, you know it's obviously works pretty well on some level where
it's going on now is his mental state or his the way he behaves is personality is being examined by the brightest minds in the world. In a very I guess, Bruton, not ass. Other people that an end is dubious about was the lad with your colleagues and gagging lodgings at Bob he's. You know he's under this there's a level of scrutiny that you get if you're a rap rural economy, a western Europe, a fighter like round aroused, and then this is whole another level when you want to be missed. Tour of the tire nuclear armament for the United States of America. You want to be the commander in chief for the greatest country, the world's ever know. That's what he's he's done. He slipped and I don't think it's good. You know how its terms talking about this and I think our knows him reality. While any. I think it was very astute what he was saying: it's not good form like mentally, like the guy.
To be loved and use nominally loved in that job. Railway, nobody gets loved, you did it, you get love and you're. Getting the massive amount of hate come out you, but he is getting left from a specific area people I mean I'm again fascinated by the primal element of it of how we you know the people are who responding well to what he's doing are responding to often we have, I think, reptilian attraction Alpha males I mean I'll, say it when I was watching him in early. Early on and that in the early debates when there is like you know, six cannon it's on stage as much as I mean I did his roast. I met him. He was grows to me like eyes, grow yeah, he's he's he's the guy who like puts his hand on your lower back when he talks to you for no reason at all like it was just like you know, but I he's he's a cart. Was a cartoon character of Donald Trump. I mean it's like he's earth starts version of Donald. I gotta it's so surreal at this point, but I saw M sort of knowing all of his shortcomings as before. Anyone actually thought he would become president. He now
but the other candidates have shortcomings, but he's says to all of the people he pointed them all out and he was like. You asked me for money. You have asked me for money, you that it was so ballsy and courageous, and I was like my primal brain was like if there's an earth, I'm gone gone with that guy, I think we're all in such a survival is mine, said with what's happened, the economy and people are struggling, I got it, you know, and I was like that guy's the most fearless mother fucker the bunch everybody is so calculated and scared and reserved, and they were prepared for that. But I don't think so. Takes in general is not fair for somewhat that mindset, someone who can rebound from that grab the pussy thing and believed it was locker room till the heating, his hair. If you mean apologize, we would have impressed at I mean I mean at least his supporters. Wouldn't this hidden apologize, I set it there's something in our primal brains, that's like yes, that guy can protect me when she goes down well. There's also like people are too
tired of really ultra left wing. Nanny state type. People don't want to tell you what you can say what you can't and EVA Haven, totally trigger words and year so good, like you're, not contribute to this problem. You're part of the solution of liked, I think, there's also leclere type met earlier with catholic schools in the pendulum swinging of dislike, hyper political correctness and then just this reaction of like this motherfucker does not care. He saying Muslims are bad and their rape at like he's saying what our crazy uncle says at dinner, everyday. Unless there is some brave about it. Why track people? I think there is hope that sir One is going to recognise the positive elements of that kind of not total, like disregard for The way we will see view him, but it but having the car It has to be yourself and then meeting much closer to the middle, in terms of being compassionate and kind and being
open minded and inciting not apologetic, and we got scared eggs. I think you can be both you know and the other part the Democratic Party is, is showing a lack of people who are unapologetic fearless and have a plan. Also theirs. It's interesting watching people that he's trying to assign different cabinet positions, backing out Sorry. They're, like I know my own interest to deal with the behaviour of certain pussy hats out my front door to shoot so detriment, do you know here and if they think the boat is sinking like others, but might make it across the ocean Bernd Lange, I can also just adds its a fascinating time. I think to explore the kind of things that you exploring your show, which is like human nature and our primordial instincts, because this is has been, I think, the most tribal primal thing,
I have witnessed in my lifetime. I've never seen so much separation between left and right in the anger and fury that's going on today. There was a great article and think it with scientific American. I think about when people are wrong about something because here's the other thing like, even if you vote for trump- and he promised you you know- Manufacturing Job- to come back, which is kind of impossible. Given modern technology you to something that is sort of like technologically, you feasible, but even if, if when voted for him. You were right. He was going to give you he said. Oh I says in thirty days it's been more than thirty days hasn't done. You know, pen people say you know what I was wrong tack. I fuckin lied to me it's so hard for us, to do that because of our ego, and there is an article on scientific American, how people and grant I'm sure the study was skewed. In its specific you know, a group of people sign up first study, but there when someone was wrong. When summit
hold them. They were wrong, it made them believe their point. Even more. I don't know: there's the article I'll, send us into or double they double down. But if you say, to them and, I think, It's a CIA that uses this is a form of questioning. Is that you first have to legitimize their position before you suggest that there might be something flawed about ass. You go like act I totally understand that you would think that you know that this. While I can see why you thought that I mean you grew up here. Of course, you thought that if you empathize with them first and then say you know but turns out its round, no more more likely to come round? But if you say hey, you know, that's fucking wrong, there's an of course. If you show them proof, they double down even further on the board, What's the worst thing you say to some was upset calm down, caught, relax. They just get fuckin furious yeah, it's a non its non, respecting thing, you're, not respecting the person state of mind. We're not you not
actively stepping back and looking. How does this personally feel right now? What's the best we're moralising em, what we're all doing is demoralising each other, because your fuckin wrong you're, stupid and something that was interesting just from, and I know that I am in Hollywood in another way they were politics. I know you dont have to treat it. I know. One thing I do know is that arm and I was sort of a fascinated by comedians role in in this election because Is the data news? Fails us in a lot of ways the comedian, something tend to sort of show up in an and tell the truth, but in every move The underdog always has to win and right just where can know young baseball and what is the field of dreams rocky exactly so I was like everybody beating up on him years, making him the underdog and underdogs always have to win its just like
somewhere human destiny. Also, the president, like you, can now the underdog could be the president. Can you do that? He was underdog even during the election, we will have eating up on him and I think we were going to stupid your dumb you're, not qualified, and then everybody go we're gonna fuckin roofer that guy, because we were you know, I'm gonna take you. The Englishman down, but meanwhile is bringing in all these fuckin bank early day ass people young people talking about I'm just gave em hundreds of millions of years a free press. It was just sort of interesting how we sort of hoodwinked ourselves and will not just tweet. About a million things it. He said with a things at CNN, decided they're going to cover, and now he won't let CNN into the past and eating or the New York Times has women the New York Times the press gag, often when he let in the wars and all these are weird websites, and so I mean it's very, it's very odd. It's like the dense, unprecedented that he's here. Limiting access to the poor,
ass. I mean he filed for reelection five hours after he has one. I mean this guy is like a veto and there's something amazing about like he has figured out a way to hypnotize, of nation a whirl I mean there's something just so primal at play, though he's juke in the system, the sitting on his cheek the system we axes, India, with you know, with going forward interesting, because you are mostly designed to follow rules and to comply with what is socially acceptable right. That's like how we get dopamine is like just fit and be part of the pact. That's how you stay safe and he is not one of those people and just pretty fascinating one. Now by any stretch of the imagination. It's it's unprecedented that this person what that lies all the time pathologically pathologically yeah, but you bet, but these getting called on it, though, which is weird. I see that the rapporteur who said he said to him You said that you won by the largest margin
Some automata will you. He said balls, amongst Republicans many said, no cause, George Age, W Bush, had a larger electoral college victories allows- is what they told me. What I've been told that there's Also with illnesses serve back to the horse thing like it doesn't matter, what you say, maritime say it Rand and do people care of their being I too, if they're, being lied to in an authority, if way with someone who seems very confident like they know what they're fucking doing boats can a chip away at em no monsieur We believe that all these times who is being checked, this is the reason. Why won't go the White House Crew press correspondence did right, that's weird. They need that's that's how well this is never. When you wouldn't go on the debates he wouldn't go on CNN either. Have this has been going on where you just refuses to be present? Our haven't you not even moved in he's been golfing most of his presidency and its cost.
Money or Mona senses, kids on these business trips to go setup. Hotels in the countries that don't have to protect his chair do people's hair, and I can't tell if people care the known here they know them. It's only been thirty something days homes you ve been in the White House so he's been in the White House a little over a month and most people are just living our lives and busy and are busy, and they just don't takes a while for all that information to trickle into the entire country gets getting into some people, those people that are furious, theirs in others, New York Times writers riding on a daily basis. In all these different authors, I mean I just there's somebody we said foreign, I'm working on this in my life to be able to be like, I was wrong. I beg you, got me you hoodwinked me and I'm wrong and now watch listen to people who do the focus, that's acquiescing to left or just act. I mean or just being
saying going like I was. I was bamboozled and were being same, is not that doesnt work when you have these party politics yeah, it's so tribal, so tribal it suited so tee more into the means to something that's ingrained in us to have an enemy, enemy and he's a month to be a fight with them. Then it becomes all about our projections. Like I mean it's really been hark as I'm trying to sort of like, especially going on stage, I had a riot break out and Napa people started fight. You never out in a crowd what young woolly talker mainly right on this was before the election, and I really start out with being like you know it. Politics is not my thing, there's people who are much better at it and I let them do it. If you want, I got scoring you come to me by, like
I know my stay in my lane and bud this felt like something that was just you know beyond something that was almost feel weird to ignore onstage linking elephant living, and so I was talking about it and now I was a look, I'm not saying who I think should win. Adding both candidates have flaws. I think there's one that's less flawed, but whatever run- and I said some- about you know if bill, as in the White House of being, should first be more present, which is something about like what happened with the first me my president. Now I think that there should be a rule saying that the first female and male four. Can she so there was, as you know, she's have time to fuck him lectures on time, and this woman yelled out? She was like how dare you talk about Hilary you know this is when the most conservative areas in the country you need to know. Your audience is lady, so that in the second round from us, but by the entire time, turns on me- and I was like, I know you didn't know your eye areas like you and I
now I realize wrongly was like oh no, you need to know your comedian. I don't give a shit ad nauseam. Bad will write like I I thought so by then the audience all went after her and then her she had like when she got of people with her, and I wish to turn into like a mail I like it was commands. Also it was, you would have loved it. I was your a nap other probably drunk has faced. I was so scared and because it was not that no one was tractable, it wasn't like own body guard, it was like everybody was getting up and fight with everybody, and so I hadn't really talked Roland stage, but it just so it's it's so deep it so visceral with people. Like we're in warm in countries in a psychological wore, a psychological civil war, and I can't bring it up with any by eight. Just like I felt I mark an egg shells. This verse summoning of everyone talk about opening tweet about at I just kind of like how the show end.
Fire quickly earth. I got my check and cleared, but no, they had to be like? Sixteen people had to be removed, well yeah. Sixty shows on the show, went on young over the timely, and I ended up you, I'm as for me like, if someone tells me I just had to so, I had to go harder at the. It was spread, its accounting where I threw I've and adrenaline and conflict. I was like ditches. This is how I grew up later dial clucking, I'm looking for an excuse to fight people. I don't do that. Sell! Do anything! Awesome! Loading funds starting out and doing a lot of work rather the comedy store of natural knowledge, fucking time, regional room com, you fight with the wrong monster idea. She could say no, your audience. The most conservative places like she just was no you're, like cater your material to us. What you just said, when an erotic. She was one of those I mean it was
really demeaning and it was really- and I think I also was like a very deeply insulted. Like you know, I was slot machine that or like a Jew box where she lives money and- and I'm just supposed to do what she wants me to do, and I was a comedian the only ones left who are taking risks and saying shit that no one else will say like how dare you like, I felt like it was an attack on like free speech in general. What people other ideas. What you're supposed to do? You know this is how you're supposed to behave in Europe. This is his eyes, but do you have a bedside manner of you're a doctor if you're a comedian, you know you Detail, your jokes. I think it's I think it's like. If here I mean I know, for I mean I mean comedy, so I think of a comedian doesn't make you will along comfortable at some point we're Canada doing our job. You know I was these, whereas, and so it tells you not to talk about something like someone tells you next subject your husband's yell out next subject: Oh, my gosh I've had some pretty well I've
guy. Sometimes Kevin Christie pointed out to me one time that about because you open, me a long time, but forty five ten minutes into my sat at someone always turns on me. It's usually a man who just has had a drink and after I turn into their wife, like a woman, talking no microphone at you. For that long I will become mother, your ex wife, the girl who, in fact your high school like there's some the boughs I just I like, and one too we're in the hallway. I, which you know, is the most just chaotic group of of serve drunk people, that Alexandria and died this joke about like how guises ages ago, they they they have ever guys. Like jar of coins in their house somewhere, like like penny I gotta get dislike up or like a bowl of coins and Erin laughing and this guy just snaps at me. He had been the front row laughing at her time and you just like that, so we can pay for a year. Shat
wow and very quickly. I realized tat. I had transmigration and Sir someone, and so it's true I mean going to see common committee renewing. I think it should be that every year It should be obviously want to serve a different, but despite its yeah we basically trigger drunk people for a living. I just want to be heard here with us. So a knock you us like. Why would anybody be upset? The other jar coins means kind of funny cause a lot of guys. Do you have a jar and chuck coins in it? Then they eventually bring into the bank or do some with this yet was just have the racial jail from six years ago. You now, but I get a lot of time. The most annoying thing is actually just when people so Trow Hake, like just what are you two or I buy for me, that complements the backing to complement after the show is the worst you're really funny for like I'm or like I'm. I don't care what anyone says.
It's not like that. Hey, hey darn, my friend hates you, but I think you're pretty do listen to them. You're amazing, now just sort of ice. Somebody, crazy people, you really starting a war. I mean I get the curtailing the craziest. I mean you're, so much prettier in person. You're really pray. Wow, that's actually nice your nose. There is ever an actual Europe save money, but that does not We ask that some people, don't you think people just awkward? Yes, people get up. Why I mean just like, like a guy train, to contact you and updating app. They don't know how do I still think pretty fourteen year old. Unlike me, now I have really low self esteem next question sitting in front of his phone trying to think of the right things. What do you mean P, Oh, you must have people cause, I think, for comics, like with celebrities who are like movie stars people like on my god. Look, that's that's Emily.
Or whatever right, but with us there like what's up like they think we're friends run. I find at least with me, and people are super comfortable because the podcast I'm up to you and man all ties to fight yeah, that's one time our continent, but the promise I sometimes with my kids and its won't talk to me like I can't hardly ready, or do you just sit with my family man. I gotta go no you can't you came out. I got ass, you question, you know Google, and though just go into these in depth. Questions like this is not happening. I'm holding the hand of a six year old right now and I'm on my way to do something because not for going to sit here for half an hour. She could talk about car Macgregor. I mean exists down area that you have created. Such a group of people who are so into people come to be an irish show quite a lot at the gym but the germ yeah. It's only not talk about anal. Sorry, it's always yeah there like hey. So I really like the rapporteur. I have lived
do, as was new unplugged people know so much about us. That I mean it is. It is tricky you I don't have a family, but when I'm on dates- and people like hey, like has your knee likes, why, like guys, are always like who is this programme like I've never met this person, they know more about you, when you get expose and a weird way. When you do these long form conversations Charlie, I forget it- the can't hide those who are now yeah, but it's like. I definitely I mean I wouldn't junior listeners know more about you and your wife does now. She knows railway to lessen yeah should list Hagar she was, she would listen to me and runway introduced goes ideas or self fucking, weird she's You guys are so honest, yogi, you you you, reveal shit that people would hide till their side at a bed, a ship, and you guys
good about it and laugh and when you run way was talk about accidentally, Guineas dicks, like by a bunch of guys I've. I know you know it's really weird. I listened to the imo zest withdrawn his eyes in a million ways and I remember when he said. I just want respect for my peers- and I was you know when we say no one else. Everyone thing but no one else, as I think it gives the grace to names. I we sort of serve that purpose or think that's good, be. The worst thing in the world is even being success. Like a note, we can name a few people that are like this, but even being successful hated and despite by their peers. Terminates like you, you're, a man. Without a country euro, your law, the only people that understood me now her lap and when I got a tv show, and although the company you know store in the comics, there were like my family, you know, and then I got a show in their homes, and everyone was mad at me and it was then I wish I was around back. There was yet newer thing when I was five. Sixty five
yeah I was the loneliness I've ever felt. I was the only people who understand me now hate me tat. So, Jos, we it was awful desirable. I now know that it was just like them. And secure and want it, you know, and then everybody now has everyone, the other. Now. You know. There's a lot of people do have this feeling. That's never gonna happen for them. And there is no greater way to ensure that its never gonna happen for you than to have this feeling in ride it out. That has never happened. Few, like a self fulfilling prophecy. It's like the opposite of a perceive effect. Yeah, no longer so when it happens, just you better be ready because it's not gonna work. If you're not ready rising if you're ready, it might not work and if it doesn't work, you can't think it's and a time you gotta keep Goin on all new set of keep hammering the. If you haven't healed that made you want the thing in the first place. The thing is not gonna fix it. Absolutely I've gone into depth with comedians about that, because I think that's it poor thing. I think we all start out from a fucked up place ever
to media. That's any good starts out from a place of insecurity and weakness and then somewhere along the line you ve got. Become more secure and then it's gonna become about art is gonna, become about creating something that's good people enjoy, and then it's gotta be about doing something that people enhance people's experience. Like they're gonna go to see you and for an hour and a half that show it's gonna, be so fond they're gonna feel they can literally feel better now and it's gotta be the lira, healer down and you're you're. What, whatever good feeling you get out of that here's, the sacrifice you're not gonna, enjoyed it off. You're gonna, like I joy on, stage, killing but the creating in the process in the going over the material in writing in the chipping away you're the man FUCK Unwisest, softness topic section I abandoned it. Never should I just keep working, I ignore it working, but it's fuckin cheap and widen monkey guys laughing at this sucks scandal that sort of self load I hate to show its like it's like.
Figure out a way to heal the wound that made you funny, but also stay funny. You be healthy and funny. I think that's my biggest question occurred struggle it, but it's not easy. We have definitely a balancing act in there's something that happens to comedians when they become famous that their main Innovation was to get that love and then they get it. Then they fuckin sock yapping, adds that he's getting and placing you stop meeting the approval or you stop. You know, that's it that that protectionism perfectionism is lot of why, unlike so like you know my bar so high for what to say on stage and if I lower that bar as it gonna be less quality, you know you maintaining emerge. You just need more reinforcement. Personally, personal life to relax your perfectionism in your career as an I would think.
I think you're right and I think what happened is allowing a lot of people like what you mean you made a Europe. Everyone knows you and you will know that means I have to be even better rights like the bar is now higher. That's what you're scared do set of ice. How so I'm just kind of like we ve talked about this. I have a like allergy. To doing old material, and it made me feel like a phoney, that's good. You should give it some people, I know yet do spit in them. I've been here. It's a thing by the way, there's a lot of open your mouth. I could spin it, how do you guys think we like that? I'm gonna talk directly to camera, theirs lot of. Let me your mouth showed. Rather, you spent on my face: woe, spitting in them, there's like that. I'd like Swine Item like sexually spend aspect models, but in your values, crow. Let me spend around dollar and it come in your mouth become so bore now. There's a spitting in the mouth is less bidding I don't know ladders beating out of Madame. I dont get it degradation, I don't get it. I have heard that I heard from
a guy noack, I'm obsessed with. What's the most disrespectful thing, a woman could do, and I've had a couple by say spend my face. Just I mean in general, like not sexual All I got a woman who doesn't like you yet like you're. Like me, you know this guy. I know his wife's spit in his face when their fight- and he was like why lying he's it took every am I give my body not to not towards here are just lose my mind and kill her. That was his the most distant backed focus. Imo is interested in what you know. People stay with her. You shall marry take hold area we'll get a merry he's in the military. Like he's all about recent, whatever shoestring push lady like she can slap me all day, long but spitting on my face. That is the most disrespectful thing you can do to a man. So very dangerous thing. Physical with people now super danger, people's its reaches its very interesting. I have a very high tolerance for physical disrespect. Really I mean just eyed and I'm was this would my horse the other day. You too,
evil horses. So you have to claim your space with a horse and have to draw boundary. If you guys, you're gonna like be around because they can kill you ran, I dont really do with die. You have to do with dogs. I've made a marine taser. I mean you just serve claimer space and they actually respect you more and like you more when you have self respect sort of your boundary or awful just walk all over your eminence metaphorical. You don't seem to have this problem in your life, but with dogs. You also for a doctor. On top of you, that's dominant, we mistake it is like we're curdling, but Actually in your space and there like. Oh, I own you now, you know, yeah. So a lot of times with my dogs but and I get rescue dogs were unpredictable and peoples have a very high arousal rate. So I can't Let them lay on me all night, long line after then go now. You're off of me and you're, my batch, I'm not your badge back backfire, later trees, Yeah dogs are so weird when you rescue them, because you just don't know what the fuck they handed down. Oh yeah, I don't know, and I made some major mistakes of mist
a king with physical proximity with trust and we'll be fine by Russia when their full grown yeah, because if they get possessive a view or attached to you- or we sometimes think that's so cute, but sometimes is actually dominant, it also when you bring other, people in your life and in his dog, the size of the people's stealing you from them, yet they get aggressive towards the other, perhaps because of issue yet well I mean it's really. Dogs are just extensions of their own or, like you also have to let them know like I can talk to whoever the fuck I want and you're not allowed to have a problem with it. So there are not allowed to get possessive over you like that. If you, if you train them properly, you know it's interesting, the popular God, the golden we brought him home and he gives everyone kisses. Everyone kisses, everyone can see so sweet and it gets to meeting, was a bite my face he bite. My face in place super roughly I like right away yet whose like net nipping at will not hard. I wasn't hurt me basic international fund yeah. I came down here,
maybe you just on animal. Have you two? Have you put his lip under his teeth? You put your lip just show that they learn her sharp their own teeth are and yeah and then also by the MAC yeah. I do, at the back yard, usually just put him on his back now, Hake she told him yeah hold them down with both of his you now environmental. Do I their mouth is their hair. Like he's not gonna hurt you it's just you he's he's sweet, but he thinks my six year old as a puppy? Larry s like that's fine, is little puppy badia I e biter clothes and start to keep him from doing that and he's not being mean. If I may, I will they care about close their luck but you know, and they don't know until you tell them what is wrong like people, a people are so bad, a training, their dogs at shocking, like what I see like just in the streets, and I see someone with their dog like their dogs tugging in their like. What are you doing? Unlike this? Is your dog, the one that speaking question no sarcasm like would you would you stop that? It's like
the way you're saying do not match what you're saying and that's not a command, so I'm really and to train dogs in a very rigorous yeah me too. You also have to petition my kids. If you can't, the dog does not stand his name being use. A bunch differ ways should now now Marshall agreeing are sure yeah go you gotta, say no children only matter stand, sarcasm now and yeah and dark and people, I think mistake, and they conflate discipline with like being mean to the dog or something it's just. It's just not true. Its disciplinary discipline is so nice to a dog but yeah, I mean it's just and but also when I see people I've seen some real disasters with placing dogs and homes where people dont train their kids how to deal with dogs and India, Dudayev Childs and get their face, but not like. I get so scared because people just let third
hit. The dog in the face and shake their face and, unlike you, have to train your child also, especially a dog dog yeah. That's the rude, there's a danger and bring a dog around children. The first was ours. Does it think kids like another dog and might answer giant? My dog hurts me I've three. They hurt me by accident all of the time and I'm an adult like all bent over to pick something up: Come back and I had bought you yeah. I didn't mean to now ironhead yeah. They are like my dears blockheads and so on. My big dog, integrating people, and he just knocked me- she's a screw it all the time. So when kids come over, they go in the crates, they're not going to attack them but like why I ride of people want to take chances. Let's take a selfie with the dog, just put it in a crazy. It's got razor blades and its mouth. Just it's gonna make a mistake, sooner or later, so I just I mean each. I used to be really naive about it, but it's finished the german shepherds, apparently in a key, does- and I would say if anything, looks too much
like a wolf now like be fuckin, super care for around kids, with it Just don't there's this guy. That has really been helping this guy, Brennan Macmillan, he's gotta, show called the dog on CBS, and he taught me how to aggression test dogs with two leashes. Instead, I was just getting these D. From shelters that had been abused and stuff and, unlike my love, is gonna make you trained? No, no! It's like living in the valley with a yard. That's gonna fix you. It's not true! So I've learned a sort of honour, the Neurology of Dog in their instincts and name were wolves ends, and food comes first in favour Our city complex, like they're gonna, go after food and if they ve been abused like they have no reason to not protect themselves. If they feel threatened is that
ugh whisper guy that Caesar MILAN Guy. Is he good rosy? I mean he's greatly like all these guys. Have you know, I'm sure, like any like fighting or anything everyone's got like that's wrong. That's wrong! Everyone's got thrown like I've figured out what works for me, which is like a basically positive reinforced. Or just ignoring the dog when they do something wrong, so the biggest punishment to a dog adjusting during them. When you hit them here, giving them attention and confusing them or when you yellow, yeah it just its confusing to them and probably doesn't hurt, they usually just lose respect for you, because they did cause you got in a situation where you're now hitting them in their dislike. Why did you let me do that yesterday later you're, the one that's inconsistent and when they just start to feel unsafe and anxious so, when they do something wrong, just ignore them for thirty minutes and they will fucking. Never do it again, because you read books on balance. I do read books on ox. Now would you books on more people are dogs, people do you yeah
Well, I mean your dogs or election when you're yeah. I was just thinking about excels. Like recently I mean I have read a lot of books, unlike addiction, a lot of leysen yeah, unlike neuroscience, is kind of like you know, I'm finishing a book sapiens right now, What is that it's about, like I'm with his name's Seth says less name sets the funding it. We about evolution and how we evolved to be the way we are like his point, as it were downs hope point. One of them that I find interesting is like that. The reason we have so much anxiety, because we know that word like we implicitly know that were only superficially at the top. The food chain, we don't we don't deserve to be at the top of the food chain without weapons like if I'm in here with a gorilla alone, I'm gonna lose real quickly, find work. I mean you're with God. I still might lose actual but but that we're all kind of like walking around with paper thin scan and were in credibly vulnerable, but we just happen to have you know the enemy,
kill us in cages adjusting its incredibly fascinated. Anatomically, similar Germans who live ten thousand years ago, we were talking about chromatic non, who literally didn't have very many, tools or weapons, young didn't have guns for our health, and maybe I mean had addle apples are some like that they had both in Vienna, they invented. The bow and Arrow Jamie Sort out in a boner is also not a sure thing. You one chance mess you have no ten minutes it. You can earn you now hammock yeah and you probably how many times have you how to shoot a bow and arrow when you life depends on idle I've, never done it once. That's amazing that people before then I mean so. Let's go back even earlier than ten thousand years ago, polio not a whole lot of difference between those people and people a hundred thousand years ago, with the elect amount of tissue and softness of the body and the vulnerability like it's kind of crazy that we ve made it were made of pet. The fact that we get through the day without we
banana balloons of blood bees can kill us. Bees are the literally tiniest animal, ok bone appears to transition from the upper paleo? Listen to the mess olympic. So by all this elegant bow hold on which do extent bows. In one piece or ELM Homer guard bows from Denmark, which were dated two nine thousand BC huh, I see elegantly do that now, before current era, it's not even about Jesus. Does, while Africa, just an arrows might be at least seventy one thousand years old Holly shall wow. That's crazy. That is crazy, so they had arrows for like fifty thousand years for the fate of the I mean there. Isn't it has a democratic? Do summers has this autumn, he's been here, this epidemic of fear. I mean like this election that fear, I'm kidding by the way, I'm sure folks, we were gonna tweeting
yeah they're, all just going advocated, urgent, arrived and her dream, there's, always be there. I mean the gun. People one done shore in their house all the time, and I am not against the people have done I'm walls. It is what it is. You should soon by wire people, so scared people to take their guns away from them. They need the guns. There's fear Why? Because in my view there are, if you like, I have a theory. My biggest theory is not just that some people have in bad neighborhoods, but now that we're dealing with the news of seven billion human trail just too much and we see now that we have the news and we see so much negative things happening- that we have a false sense of power. The world as and when this is all bad, where the safest we ve ever been and whatever cowardice remember. When are we going over the scarce ever been salami. Learns acts again. That's your baby, scared. They weren't on xanax. They be shit Ting their pants, but everyone is, you know, terrified all the time and it just sort of an interesting thing in trying to figure out. What's a real fear,
and what's sort of reptilian irrational fear. Well, it's what we're talking about for that one day and probably not far from now we're going to exist in some sort of a quasi electronic state exists in some sort of a weird virtual state. Yes, and then it's gonna be interesting to see what that state is live. Even more vulnerable could well have fucking, noble glasses over our heads and will be Fuckin spinal cord to the male is why we want a peripheral vision anymore word devolving in some yeah sure would definitely not while we're evolving into more vulnerable thing, which is weird not necessarily that were devolving writers, we're not becoming more like animals right becoming more like. There was something it came out that said the kids who play video games actually have faster reflexes and consider Bo Sun interesting. That is so. Maybe reflexes have to do with the mind and the hands reacting hand. I coordination, or that makes sense
subject to move quick and area. But I mean that I'm physically, like moving your bodies, I decide they dont, have the dexterity or now the strength to do that, because they're fucking just stuck to the couch right. So they'll went like it has to be a somewhat it can't be an actual threat. I don't know what the threat was Jane. He was talking about how they're doing these EU teams for basketball that do alongside the NBA, like our vanity team, will now they're gonna play electronic basketball alongside real, fast ball games. I was on the boyish ends, but is explain it here in the and be easy. Sports league diversity means a new kind of athlete. Apparently have David announced it fully because every team is and fully locked into a renowned. But every team. The idea thing, as every teams gonna have their own five on five videogame team and there can be responsible for signing good players, and this can be competitions and
big that, ideally they would have the files in around two for this, the finals in arenas due for like other games. They did. My legs, including pie, goes in plays in a staple centre, observe I'm terrified by it in fact, were outsourcing physical sports too. Our phones. I sat next to a guy on the plane who was playing darts on his phone darts. Literally. He was just sitting there during his finger. Show Whitney has a phone with a photo of this guy's. So yeah he's just about. Was that the evenings? This is a sport plus he's, he is shit, yet he got Jefferson and he was also insurance, which was really dramatizing for me, but it was just this and I was like the fact that do you think this is a thing here: may this scrolling up the fact that he thought he was gonna. Darts, Cosette,
is your little that gas, lady just was freaking out about air travel, so he's gettin drunken medicated in is distracting himself. The stew began scares me. I worry that we're all this sum is, I think it's just up and so scared, ok, you're right, righteous live in this moment went Nuggets analysis and a strong Verde done. Three. Ok, ok. I sent a strong, ok where we do not an escort People are by some miracle, still lessening that, as I really you needed. Just I'm sure they are do something. Do something do your thing: where do we go his wife get me out of here zones embarrassed s really fun so embarrassing at all. More positive, reinforced when you personal life. I'm writing I just sit home all day and just with my negative thoughts at dollar, album dynastic, negative and now call me I'm here I have a generally, then you can revive
means line. I write a book is widely read a book. Why did you let me do that if you buy, we wait until you hear me I'll put, you would have stopped me from our dodo over these grew said to me. I said I was a girl. You did you write a book and you're like I gave the money back of initiative is didn't work for me and I was like order that will do. I should have listened to you, but you- The problem with that I had was editors. They were trying to get me to write, stand they said that I want you to rise. First, what they wanted me to, they said. Look you don't have to write.
I think I'll. Just take your stand up and wills soup transcribe. That's crazy. I've already done that, but the global George corroded that an injury Seinfeld did that I don't care what they did not do in the YAP from a right. Something, I think, is a different kind of medium right. Well, it's also it's interesting. As you're just sitting there bombing all day, there's no audience like my worst nightmare. We managed to achieve something funny and people laugh in their living room. I can't even tell you have to pretend they hear you say it to us like they have done in imagination is unknown and yeah fuck. All that I just have to go back to stand at full. Take as this is just like a man ass ever he wants to not do stand full time. Every comic works. So how come up? I left my love and alarming lesson. I'm sorry is back on back come to me, I shall I more, and I are ones in tomorrow, gotta floor to allow dumpy jealous. Can we accept a color, we re so ugly skull. You heard here folk, it's happened. I shall be the ice. How two weeks come see me each at our thank you, but it was also willing not
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