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#925 - Theo Von

2017-02-28 | 🔗
Theo Von is a stand-up comedian, television personality, host, and actor. Check out his special on Netflix called No Offense & the podcast he co-hosts called Allegedly available on iTunes & Stitcher.
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everyday essentials trend right staples and the perfect fitting genes for all year round oh yeah some real yes it is we did it my guest today is a young man named theo van he is hilarious he's a stand up to hang out with all the time at the cottage door he's a good dude is funny motherfucker he silliest shit and i had a great time of them today i hope you enjoy my friend the of on the job will gain experience again down in jail hey you are not borne long ago now is born in the back seat of greyhound bus
rolling down highway foreign law no china may live in and do the best i can see why i hope you me understand hours borne out alive we all of us as the volume ladies and gentlemen as albania going about dude i'm a big fan melissa you're that love that's all i used to listen to me rider isis whenever do radio and overdue kevin venus the last radio that i decided to do in l a he's do a lot of radio you know a lot of mourning radio get no part in the morning is rough because then you tried take a nap we feel little groggy during the first show weekends so the last one i would do is having to be no smoke a joint get up in the morning smoke a joint and always
on bid knight rider for some reason exactly aren't as to which we can play it we can play around where these two by complain that erika single model so the youtube pull us off but regular rating won't budge jamie has the ability to go lie i've on regular podcast tape shit as anarchy bra i like some light anarchy
do you have heard this guy this a library and plus share pity gazed upon ladies gentlemen i knew you would appreciate their kind of music giovanni get tasty get soul kid you get some going i wish i was blind somebody advocated that the music so good that it is even better and there you know i would say yes but have you ever see little skinner play they played free bird
to see what's the guitar name again let us cared such a bad mother fucker should know his name i'll know hardly anybody naming leonard scare about love letters but there's a video of them in like crazy huge show just gigantic audience and this dude is he's plan the guitar like performance art man and that that you know that that one long so and free burn with me i maintain is like the greatest so although in history music mass is up there every results may vary there's an opinion but you could start sex unfinished sex what i things there dependent i rocket i don't like it well man didn't let my bad sex guy there is like in this in this fuckin gigantic audience people and this is leonard scared the crazy things leonard skinners came out of florida before me figured out florida sucks seekers when i was a kid florida
was cool and if you listen to this you note fuck i'm talking about all of this data yet florida state if you listen you know what i'm saying folks i used to live their lives in gains will therefore but florida bag and what did nobody it figured out the florida socks is like lord is the place to go to get away from this fuckin winter down there in an hour moving and we realise act itself the dregs we're goes beyond oversee and if somebody had a t shirt zagreb in louisiana cemented teachers at floored on do that was when they or somebody you now while they may yeah they more yet and i really am florida year florida so louisiana looked up to florida o definitely take us forward coastline head pitches john they're sure that's right such as some people said not like an umbrella you know anymore a kid they want infested with alligators yet either i don't think so don't wouldn't worry about it as much as you know if you lost somebody to animal or some back dan i feel like it wasn't as big a deal as it is now really
and the eighties and nineties if you lost somebody to an animal or animal bite it was more you know part of god's thing i whereas now it's like just some crazy happened disneyworld you know that the biggest thing ever had a little kid that's pretty fucked up it just living isn't this is how collar and silly they like well he's however for us this is he probably a seventeen year old alligator lives diseases peaceful environment and may my eight a baby ah you gotta be a nasty alligator if you sit there and get this problem and other choices came by you know there was probably a couple of you know young lovers at right there by the water earlier in you waited you now you might not get a young lover though the young however my fight back yeah you know the aim is to have on this true i don't know don't worry though their pretty invulnerable now if you cut off alligators arms just grows back that's gangsta that's gangsters it gets i would prefer to the new data
how did the animal kingdom really we think about it two fingers fallible at all the airlines is thrown up his fingers a gangster alligators at their orders so short and that is so capable man she's in the video that new one that they found in florida that is on the golf course and it's like fifteen feet long as one of the biggest gaiters of film these people on the golf course then looking up at this gator simplifying jane we can't shown on youtube you have fun you took a week i got that that be pulled our facebook this what happens when you have these animal videos in particular when they go on facebook like people on those videos so when they go to look for the elegant algorithmic refined and if it's on your page up your homepage down the onus but so this summer
there's a couple different angles avatar bunch people found because it was so crazy so these people are playing golf and there in the foreground she could see it like there it is look at that for my yeah but look at the guy's a real animal in la you realize how big it is when you see a guy now watch others guy walks in the foreground and the guy but when the guy's turkish a little electric illustrate it looks fucking gigantic now i see how big it is now you understand how big it is can you see this guy are you are you kidding me and they estimated at somewhere on fifteen feet into they catch it i don't think so man they found it again they found it again in a pond saving and fine they they re rediscover were this alligator in upon i think that was the am i hope our guide over the video maybe they make it a comeback did i hope someone that comes in attacks at some animal did i'm ready for it the fights don't fight alligators man you don't want to fight them well
get out there and do some man there's this do that i have a lot of my podcast deformities those names jim shockey is a very famous hunter from canada and they hired him to go to a certain river in africa think it was the congo but i'm not sure might have the nile anyway he had to go he went down there to kill some crocodiles there are eating people it is one the craziest videos men you go there and these these villagers like everyone's gonna stop we're everyone's missing an arm or a hand or the exact chunk bit neither chest it's crazy when you are these poor people and there are living in fear and while you was down there women get taken we're up river looking for these killer crocodiles to try to shoot em and now one of the women was washing clothes and she's got yanked rather water gas every the worse to but was really scary man was done in the region are laundry just what you were saying the action of the people the wailing does wailing crying you know because it wasn't it
like they lost someone it's like god they lost another person so that woman's gone now forever shoes consume and consumed by a monster like that that is their actual existence fasted by monsters who act actively targeting them for food yet resembling give somebody that there was a killer in walmart and they didn't know who are where it was yet there is a bit like if somebody that there was a killer in walmart and they didn't know who were where it was constantly local board lions would jump out while you're eating at walmart buying atheling it we got a very easy man final those people must be so interesting like people that live under that kind of pressure like their view of life we can understand their language i bet they have like you like you listen like red like ancient why were works of literature ancient poetry stuff like that you think about it like these are people that are were going through war like the ancient greeks
the romans yeah you would read their words well this is fascinating those being translated this is the words of someone who has gone through like sword war yeah back when i would fight with arrows and shit swords and catapults and intensity of life back then when death was just around every corner was everywhere we so so intensely talk to someone like that you fly in a pig me or something he thought about that but i have had my friend not just ran who has been with the pygmies in the congo's for many many years he goes and builds wells for them lies over there for months at a time he's had malaria three times his again soon this text me you're gonna touch them we're gonna find a date to be in the wish of ice and being a well business limit not western wells mostly not water wells but ours believed this is me buy a pig me in the congo out of a nail its little knife that just brought me yeah they d
take these nails and as one over there to see that now there in the dusk that's what it looks like the hammer the nails out and they turn into knives since darts out a nail that they find why they pound it down and sharp in it and now into a knife edge you came back if history struck back do we would and i would make it out may i would make it long before i don't are prepared for ball you would be though you people are adaptable you're smart do the avant i would lead i would think a little bit our debt that lay low in the beginning you know like somebody does out of sheer pick my vows did you have to kill somebody immediately you have to find the first person in your group the weakest person and killed in front of everybody else here like can just stay on accurate reelect yeah you gotta kill some do but think about them and you can stand and is being a calmer universities chen grew puddle and erode is like you got it take somebody out right dank that's going to show you dominance a
we can release gonna show like this dude is gonna do so i see what you're saying but i think if you think ahead you would think well no they're not gonna think did he's got arbitrarily and always kill the weakest person eventually it's gonna get to know one because there's gonna be the next week is person that guy's dead now and the next week i choose to decide whether or not you weaker you know if you are i do that the person would have to be either a terrible person who is victimizing other people write or they would have to have attacked first would have to be so or they would have been such a piece of shit that people rooting for you like so we chatty be in his answer did there's no way on a server to survive like like you know that second coming of the universe and some deeds chatty and my group ro that's not special like he fucks up some hunting parties you're out they'll sneak up on a pig and he's like how my god so hot out the pig runs away nobody's hungry
yet he had made a farce and are not think about that kind of stuff i give a plane crash already know unplanned ahead did i need a vietnamese gatt why cadiz it's a start or move if you attacks on any bigger you eat somebody bigger in front of other peoples can of alarm people but you yet small person so stature is important i think if you come down of vienna people can it be that upset at your video a month means people can be super so we are talking about his dad their sacrifice their more under standing of things did this is the character your plan now but if you eat oblige do you eat a black lady and our families there they're gonna be pissed seething at vienna first we lay slide i think that they be it's more forgiving over a couple a day period i think our relatives you don't think so on only one thing no i don't think so deftly think they'd be super pissed at you especially modernize ones
but what is interesting is like vietnam is one of the few places were americans can go back to vietnam they don't seem to hold any grudge at all they did the day given that it will and people in general or are just much more for giving an understanding it seems like you i i think i mean i don't have much ethics i think that's a giant generalization it probably is you know i mean i did a fast for like four days and in order that the best buy an arm and i remember this vienna trying to help me out i can even here am i was so hungry and i couldn't fast for for day to day tat will not trying to prove of how to deal with some staff and other china fund a different way to handle it you know and then arm of his vietnamese guy and i remember thinking if everyone
turn the other way for a second i could eat this young fella in never been is banned actually odium westwood but i never got it so ridiculous well but here's the thing i never thought that before so you only so got to the verge of cannibalism after just four days here how much weight to jews have a less about four pounds pounds i needed to now but i got clear monarchy and i could hear i swear to god i'll get here somebody folder piece of bread from eighty feet away but i was so hungry i could hear fuckin scale hit the seem it across the street a really good man do you think that heightened your senses because your your hunger was so sharp a hundred percent and i could see how people felt i could see how people felt if someone philip i could see it man woe really soon just you bought think i became much more in tune and it could have been the hunger then like manifested itself in you you know to find other ways and two to connect people said then maybe in a limited
you would think our maybe they'll give me food or something you know if that makes any sense does wilbur of also i wonder if disappear speculation but i wonder if it's possible that animals you know they say animals have like intense acute sense the smell and we know our vision is fuckin spectacular right like a cat cats of spectacular really i think they said oh wild sheep has a vision it's ten times bit better than a human beings i guess they have like tenant binoculars link that's how while she is looking at you all the time to turkey's think too i think turkey made my beam and stronger turkey's turkey's might even be twenty power like double like up full set of binoculars you wouldn't beckett look an item you know but what else in science i wonder if they see she things that we don't detect like a wonderful could see like an actual aura or like it maybe look you not just smell different when you're scared because a sea smell different they smell fee
and adrenaline one if they can see things to get there your feelings canna yeah dana guy over there is depressed the guy i could be i have an interesting well it's interesting the incas animals are like you know was to be like for some people they re comforting maybe one of the reasons why they have a better sense a site that can then like transcend just now you'll give a shit what jamie just pull the sub some animals are capable of mag nido reception boom and added since that helps them detect magnetic fields europeans i too have now learned that the molecule responsible for this trade is also found in the eyes of dogs and some primates which suggested to my capable of seeing magnetic fields wholly fuckin shit it did homely shit dogs and primates may be able to see magnetic fields now this is fair the twenty third two thousand sixties as a year ago please
a fairly new stuff which is funny though a year ago you got so long goaded near this new shit now that's a year it is amazing so they might be or the like you know you ve heard it ores you didn t believe in oars what's your feelings on someone so they could see your aura well i mean one time this lady thought i was i was at a vfw right right now is waiting to get a ride home in this lady said she ass if i was like an aim angel or something and i was like no and she said you seem like an angel i want some dead she might unwanted someday sweet there and she was gonna bust his as well gothenburg but my word you may thank you ma am wait for someone who can say that to me that if they did i knew i'd be with them because that's how is meant to be as check them over here angel swing ass we dig swing lou did she beer and feet she was
do a tough time it's our vaguely remember about her but she wasn't very fish was new and physical fitness do you think that people like when you hear someone like and can see oars what is europe automatic assumption bullshit or well i think some people can begin happily are closer to get a feeling if their if their prey clear themselves and they are coming from like a newt pretty neutral state were there not overwhelmed in their head and that sort of thing right then yeah they might go to pick up energies pretty much better i think have like have you ever had up come up to me like you have just like one of those countries but hippies lady usually this usually it happens to me the happiest woman and should be like you do so best energy you know but i would think that they have all tear motives yeah she's trying to some dec the avant another one happy ladys follows a hippie lady you're the cargo for really fucked you
eight ruminate heavy look argued be you still as good feed even those who are sent a time yet no tv african all roomful a dream catches i'm out there you can find out this where my dreams sleep well when i get up in the morning i say my praise i praised the universe and then i checked the dream catch her for ideas what have we got today which my first thought of a day just empty and out my dream catches you shake him into a net and that's when i knew that i was gonna teach aqua yoga it's mine the style of yo you'll have created where are kitty swimming pool they concern us and our colleague together did its ally man i got involved in our gas it meditation ever done there how i wish i had it somebody in about it no orgasm meditation like you melted as you're coming melted they come
will you i don't get you the man doesn't release any seamen the women they find pleasure in it but yemen is a lot of stuff i get out here and in los angeles ning carter i remember story about this dude who is in jail and he managed to seduce why the female guards was a female guard and dismay around or enough and eventually she like let him out or suchlike that something happened buzz do could lie in his bed and through the power is mine he'd make his dick full are without touching and then come on himself without moving as that dark arts and sand unaddressed summer that comes without touching himself it seems a little extreme i can their stand that it could be possible to do that because i've had wet dreams survive wet dreams wet dream is all like you your mind thinks you're actually having sex and then you ejaculate and then you wake up you fucking idiot i am
kamal or myself as does the reality of a wet dream right so that's all possible through the mind so that's pa both through the mine wise in it possible for someone who's a really dedicated practitioner of meditation just cause the trade entirely on re creating the sensation of pleasurable intercourse to the point where they ski over them so that set of while you're stare in the eyes of the guard the prison guards another and though he throws documentaries at the prison they talk about trend look at you like let's just moved in mexico baby that's a wizard workmen at that zounds com and louis throws documentaries at the prison they talk about china to calm other staring at the prison garden eyes and it's like that's that sexual like abuse or something like that what about this issue there that's right right near try to do it and try to live in the past
they tried to ejaculate on them to think daring so well that was in sounds of the lambs number nea actually a and illegality other day entity hopkins member of the next two anthony hopkins migs he came came in his hand and through it and joy fosters face what happened to him that was as one moment this big moment they did come on in a movie the second all that's old fashioned id art big things with a jerk off at the bus window and i was growing but it's a weird thing to want to come on somebody like like you like as are coming here they come here they come got job right there it throws it think it his old fashioned mechanism like an old fashioned game you now busy barbaric game but it makes sense that prisoners would do that but how crazy sadly he got his come on her face and she's pretty haunted by that for ever obviously saw a real person did really happen imposed just like frost and if you
in a prisoner or some sort of a deal like that you think it advancing homosexuality or not obviously honestly i think alike people do i think it after really consider if you're gonna be locked and therefore the rest your life or the knot you're cool fuckin dudes or no pleasure and now what have you havoc one appeal but it will take twenty five like an appeal trial in those twenty nine years later like that after the kitten like how many years most i'm done would get they dig rationalize it like in like gang anger communities it call gave her the stay here and they would go and do just get gaze was again in jail and they get out jelly try not to get those in that movie american mean observed no idea how accurate that was but that's been discussed before but i think edward james almost when you did that movie i think he kind of got in trouble with some gang barriers who are particularly upset about the way he betrayed allow prison life
and therein there like you know there are upset them alarming the adobe terrifying i mean alarming group to upset the wrong group to collaborate drug induce gaze i remember hollow by their real yeah they might induce they can then gay with drug noah neuro like if you like arm over the head like it is popular culture and eightys and ninetys are there like behind the rest areas a lot a man would meet up in on you know new drugs and find pleasure with each other backed area rest areas rest tops on highways arrest ops athena state media is like a scene in building couple waterfowl where is that nato is a party start back in the day i imagine that the europe we want to rest aren't you tired here for so long drivers upon here taken out we'll leave his window opened some do ridges and grab your dick like hey strengths
we are but it comes here to fuck now this is the rest tat we used a lot we used to get serious about the costs of this river and the other side of the river was the back of the rest area a lotta me back their party in energy smell you can go now let like a dog dog it's well it is a dog i think that turkey could say that's my fuckin guy somewhere within five mile radius for your view can small scale a block away a dark its muslim by fernando from your house to their rest up a hundred percent guaranteed that rest up it's like a fuckin escaping from prison gave him this the shirt smell it smell a body go get em smell like but fucking out there maybe as one of what we get heightened sense is in the future maybe that's one thing it's coming next you know i would imagine were gear and towards it feels like maybe naturally our senses might be getting dollar
yeah because i think we don't use em we dont use em for danger we don't use em to stalk pray we dont use to run from something which has done what i use em something to getting weaker and weaker when their thumbs thumbs need to move ass now familiar the fast systems any fuckin living being its ever existed i looked back at people like some staring now comparative today i bear people can but if i did this to some some people in eighteen hundreds they will go but you always it's where did you learn to move your thumbs with such come and see the mind of youth showed somebody an iphone back then just text messaging product and you like you're just a touch her name on their work let there be so slow and stupid but you fly and three or four phones get your fingers and quicker hearing applies to the same no need for it to get any better hearing nobody's gonna shrink shrivel away their owns muscles we're gonna become like will aliens in the biggest little bodies
being carts will be in sums up the carts and here they allocate no offense tesla like tesla were bilbil have individual teslas that like eggs its around you and you can steer and they just drive you to work drive away you're gonna go you just talk to an tasty somewhere but we will we still have sex what there is some sort of of a union bitter pollyanna lab aren't they don't do sex anymore you know that's gonna happen one day i think you're right i think you're right think one day though make the people decide look we have sex for pleasure and in a war still do that you will make and the maiden will be done in a laboratory cause it ensures one hundred percent so in the end a healthy children you cannot factor out racism you know you can either but we do things your kid i want my kid we seven footing no pro lineman i want them to grow up to be foreigner forty pounds on earth done and they fix it if that happens man people not going to take it
hence the regular sacks have regular kid so this digging it produces super babies so slowly but surely the start alec cellphones were one gordon geckos walk down the beach there gas britain and nobody be condemned with today me it would be just like that start over those stupid bricks it only rich people have invented outbreak will be a fucking joke and every but he's going to be easy to pay like they'll be just like everything else do you get your kid vaccine yes did you pick what your kids gonna be yeah i made a fuckin amazon woman they can kill people with their last something what's it like will we with the old fashioned way you know we're decide not to choose we're gonna leave it at universal what have you kid is born with some sort of an element you'd be so heartbroken i go big asian did i'd go for fighting a huge asian signs nine one tall miami to loggers why the loggers brows more than a logger how long to at last her like hollow delivers your nine feet tall not not a whole long eight or nine years old i bet
the same can also arguing along who is the biggest gather big guy new grown up this get him ricardo he darted like fort here twelve without its well we had a heart attack happened recently amassed won't he's probably about six five while he was hugh asia hard hearted second the basketball game oh shit you emerald and bias member that guy was planned for the celtics he dropped in the middle of a game gay while yet needs and cocaine didn't do don't do doom wow the tatars guy ever robert wad low he was eight feet eleven inches so is essentially nine feet tall i mean he probably out a fucked up posture too his body looks it goes all erect with arthritis and shit is joints must have been completely fucked up good chokehold family out what his leg no lawyer well you would be able to escape is triangle because his legs so long they wouldn't be able squeeze down enough he could decorated legs for christmas
it'll be dry nuts trial a squirrel i good luck triangle squirrel their little motherfuckers his teeth jet do much room and his legs poppy had run out of there and take side control but would you be scared like i feel like somebody sadly they gotta be scared they're gonna die a lot like you think that's a fear that kind of lives in their head because because they're so big in a man s yacht bird was actually talking about that recently does larry bird is i think he's six foot nine while in his wife's rural bummed out about up saying it because i'm saying that no one over seven feet tall ever lives to be like seventy five years all these don't live that long i'll see those guys walkin around at age and its true it's real sad indebtedness about them and we need life for the tall chaired you know what it is man it's just this weird fuckin given take to this universe you have this massive advantage in size you ride is quicker yeah you know it's almost like having a muscle car with small gas tank lives which get you want
six hundred horse power shall be jd five hundred well you get this with a ten gowned aspects are good luck near add afford escort back in the day may arrive an escort bill so still eighty three holy shit that's amazing so may send that larry bird but is blocked by people a better genetics do they act now now just may prompt joking around but black tearfully doesn't crack is better for aging for sure it sugars a little but it don't cry larry bird someone get him that quickly i think i think it's more likely today that giant people like down on live longer because either just so good with medicine and health and so much understanding about how to take care of yourself yeah but i bet back in the day was a real problem at heart attacks a real issue i guess just so much to travel the blood has to go through
engine like if your seven feet tall all the extra real estate you your heart has to pump through you know i haven't thought about that yeah i mean in that sense we gotta think like you're you're on borrowed i'm wants you hit and you're sixties it's like you anything can happen from here man you gotta heart like a regular heart but you gotta giant body crazy body their hearts gotta be bigger than a normal persons their big everything the feet of anger hands a beggar out assume pads beggar the hard teddy bear to write how a gas man now get out of a lesbian so they tell me and i got a small ribcage too don't they say your heart is the same size your festers abortion is irrelevant to tell you in your kid out of a thriller brok less numerous have a giant s broken heart you big this giant dude huge ridiculous lunch boxes
bigger lunch boxes is scary when you meet him ices is so big does named enveloped you the same thing how you and i both people write a fuck up possible so yourself a poodle me like a great dane and that great dangers opposition who does like what the fuck is this aid it's hard to believe while the really freaky ufo people they believe that's proof positive that human beings word genetically engineered the same way dogs were because nobody knows where dogs came from we know the dogs came from wars because they do genetic tests on these dogs and i realise that all dogs started off as a wharf all of this is like really recently they realize all dogs did yeah all dogs legionella even actually normally that part at all i would neither except scientists do very done the dna work you got it respect what they came up with i guess but what they thought was at one point they thought it was a bunch of wild kane it's like all of them were like they thought like some dogs
were from this wild dogs from africa some dogs maybe came from wolves like a husky that looks like a war right no once did the dna the real islamic rather all walls it's all wolf everything's a wolf what happened then how did someone get down we don't know we really don't know and how you john in ass good question they know that can do some things there was a great article not article sees me episode of radio laugh which is an amazing pie gray i cast really good man and they had a a good one on foxes it was part of the episode it was about engineering animals about engineering evolution and how long you could change genes how long it would take and they took these foxes they took him from wild foxes like completely why yeah well you know they were just an irregular fox and by six selectively breeding them just select doubly breeding them they have them down to this fight
be eared weird docile like pet fox thank you just a few generations a few years they just did these expand for a few years and then eventually got these animals down to they were almost unrecognizable from a fox their jaws or smaller that years were floppy they became a different thing is excellent why to make em domestic enough work to create a market they were doing that may be but they were definitely also writing it down as experiments are trying to figure out how long it would take to totally remember the premise for the experiment like why they decided to do it but i remember results and the results or they would take any any these foxes that showed any aggression towards people any of em that weren't like instantly submissive yeah they would shoot em why fella they were the ones that we're semester they they lived so the one that lived with a war if that were the most timid in the most submissive and they started getting floppy ears like their ears incentives sticking straight up and started flopping and their jaws
smaller like this whole thing change i think they changed color to language anyway so what's happening america kind of a little bit of it well that's what these if you f o freaks believe they believed that this proof positive that aliens came down and grab some monkeys i chasm monkey become a human i endured we look but you can see a person he said pansy indigo ok i currency without could have gone into that piano by it that's a cousin to the chimpanzee really area middle man i think i could have a middle man otherwise for sure but those those old died off and economic sense i'm just saying it is odd i'm not saying we didn't come from humans or from chimpanzees of course we did or from some lower primate that's a cousin to the chip does he really real middle man i think you're gonna win a middle man whether what for sure but those those all died off and economic sense but it is fascinating tat were so far ahead of everything else my point is when you look at a human there's nothing remotely like us it's not like giraffe
is similar to a dear dear is the intellectual equivalent of a horse now has none of that man there's this one thing this one thing that as the weirs hair like like you face doesn't have hair several this part is an entirely your body only as a little what it where's that here what's a here for as it left over is this you with a mixture of some shit you like one of those hairless cats who did this to you haven't they make this at eu level will they gaily and took us at took magazine came back with us that's what i think you will not let you look at shaquille o neill and then you look like britain spears clearly they look very different at the same species they can easily into breed just like a wolf could easily have sex with a bulldog because there really ball wolves and which is so hard to believe give you didn't know species if you came here you are some fuckin ball of plasma from another dimension right and you came here to study there's not a fucking chin
in hell you would think that britney's years was the same thing as she colonial or me that i was the same thing is shaquille o neill or you know you look look at anyone like again molly ringwald then put her next to mike tyson how's it the same how did the same thing here it's all the same thing you have the anthony lynn the bad chinese back my famous for while jeremy lin jeremy lin that's rights are put the biggest killer his enormous me so it doesn't make sense look at his pants today but you see you saw him will pay next do like a very small asian guy like maybe the one that you try to eat at the store ban was his name actual in if you saw him next to ben you would say i'll give you came from another planet and he saw a chimpanzee next to an rang attend you like well those are different species right this clue to different things but they're not they're not
well those are chimpanzees rain are but people aren't the same thing we're so we would so we're that we can like we look so different from each other your brain with each other just like dogs do i'm amazed at monkeys don't like here i don't think that we have often wasted because because money never come visit us doomsaying though oh yeah do you make a lot of sense like we go visit them nothing about this we go visit damn at the zoo out in their nature malaysia but they me if worthy the top grade of that species did i'm a peak over and see what's going on you know when i see shack i go watch shack a pay to go watch him does he's the best of veto of a physical space you know maybe of of of part of our breed of humanity right but these people go to pace brok lesser just to watch him pick a man overs and slammed shut down the ground because they see him hoist some three what's going on you know when ass he shall i go watch shack a pay to jim because he's the best
a veto of a physical space you know maybe of of of part of our breed of humanity right what is people to go to pace brok lesser just to watch pick a man over his head slammed down the ground because they see him hoists three hundred pound dude over his head right and you like what the fuck are you how is that guy the same thing is me but if i'm get my associates degree does not seven hundred monkeys in the woods like broken out like i can't believe they did it and this is at an end frazier movie maybe the whole human experience inspirational movie the monkeys yeah you know they're like looking at us maybe one day now let's see these coconuts i don't know monodist all they know like i don't know that's where i really fall apart as when they don't care as much as we do well if you go to costa rica they care you around time we got away like a stay at a hotel in costa rica there was hang around hotels people go oh my god the monkey they feed him in his hand if edam we gave a month some orioles oreo cookies and we're like debating shoot uses monkey orioles online gambling crack for that monkey like
amount of sugar yeah what do you think it's animal sure and i thought about mike i bet that fuckin monkey each orioles all the time i go can one oreo you know we did he take the oreo any twisted albany start eaten defrosting that mother fucker had gotten so many oreo seen as an annuity eat defrosting lets you already did you do that when you were a kid it's way the total area many scrape www teeth museum frosty and then you would reluctantly eat the cookie here and you haven't had a little crossing on it forget either that it more crossing on it has examined this man i would love to have the in trails of a child but i'm not like you know i know you mean the urgencies digestive system yet about that our marine mammal buddies split and ninety pack of the miller creams one night we the whole thing just forty
five cookies appraisal insane somebody got no issue we who are born an egg not area no monkeys at the window not them all the things you not aware of what its doing do you either yeah so you kid doesn't understand why do i feel like shit they don't like directly put it to you will use a tub ice fox he catches even tell by ice cream like fifty thousand milligrams of sugar is shit cause i think we got a lower some of these like regulations on a lot of these children you know disturb beef up a little bit allow these kids are lot weaker phyllite there when i was a child what kind of regulation be talking about sugar regulation to tickle be from up i haven't more should i just think you know younger driving age is younger drinking a just things are going to get home you know more sperience i feel like you know well that new the problem younger driving ages the gonna put us in danger i think even age it is right now fifteen and sixteen that's almost
she for some kids was deadly sketchy for me they drag on a lot accents rules like fifteen sixteen the definition of a drive and was too crazy will you drive and also cars always had muslim you that guy we selling drugs are now i had a nineteen sixty four four to a wrapped around tree rent from high school hydroplanes man had ball tyres and although the water was wet and we're gonna corner my car just do said who slide did already see you know they found my car afterwards so smashed my car and have crack the frame you remember the first however drove off in your car the feeling you had like the first time you ever pulled off in your vehicle by yourself yeah crazy while i didn't think i was an irresponsible driver because i was i was i was gone petty to the matter with everything yeah like with was a car or they would fighting oh you were whilst competing martial arts till i was crazy like each should in no way a kid
sixteen years old who just started drive and should be able to get a four hundred horse power muscle create much insane too much power budgets at doesn't i had no maturity you know i just i in a girl for broken family so all this anger issues and weird chile you can give some unlike that a massacre the gm that some discipline did you know that you will like we're petaluma like i did i did you realize their relation other kids or were you just being yourself was i was just being myself and realise our crazy i've deftly felt uncomfortable around other kids sometimes you know we moved a little round a lot those attributed to that we're never look in one place at one time i just think in general teenage boys are right we risky for a lot of things like my body was talking to me about this data data buddy eric crisp is like they are the most dangerous thing our societies teenage boys i never thought about it but he's gonna teenage daughter at the time she seen age
and we're talking about it is the most dangerous thing in our society and i thought about us i can't you know what it is because they have manpower boy brains and their brain you like your father hello doesn't even fully development i think you're like twenty four i've while a year total ability to process thoughts correctly it's not like fully functional t like twenty five that's the middlemen maybe that's the middle monkey joe to be on it on sand like maybe that kind of maybe like that's why that species died off if they were here because they rollicked teenage boys they had the roy brain but the man bonnie boldwood chimps chimps are awake horrible people to their life the super strong their strong is like a five hundred pound person and their horrible mean vindictive jealous peep are they oh yeah god and know that jimmy punish each other to they punish people too they don't just try to hurt you to try to punish you to try to take your fingers away i take your generals away it literally pull your genitals off at
you were they learn that i wonder there smart their super smart there not a small as a person a waste more than a chicken yeah there there you're thinking looking at you and when you're doing something they don't like like the guy that got really torn apart sterile story rip his face off and tours eyes out and shit it was his pet he was going to see how to pair camp but after a while with champs one something will happen a simple snap on somebody i remember that chimp fucked up that ladies friend in connecticut she had a pair champ toward this lady apart when the loudly that are normally a panther killed her cousin one time but this chip with chimp thing is required because this guy had a pet champ within is chip bit someone's finger off so we really can keep the chimney more they brought to a chip sanctuary so as they are this chair but the chimps sanctuary these other people had chimps their names like this whole liking closure where all the chimps were and he gave his champ a birthday cake yes it was a chance burthen can settle celebrate with them and the other
you're so mad they didn't bring him a cake that they did that he didn't bring democratic that they escape from the inclosure wanna gates was open gotta hold the guy warm apart only air towards feed off just like torres dick off like they tear you apart legally they try to tear apart the parts of you they think you value the most really air and then do it out of jealousy like there are punishing him for making them feel bad they didn't get the cake their months since heartbreak there there in the the look they not always this way my people aren't always monsters right but chimpanzees inhabit some of the most terrifying traits in human beings was a great article recently about these chimps and they had this some one alpha may that was teamed up with another alpha and they dominated this village they were horrible and ruthless and one of them got real sick and he went away for a while came back they was like physically all fucked up and so the original al fatigue
was down to one guy and this one alpha male they teamed up bottom they all all the other chimps got together and they figured out a way to jack this dude that they attacked him and killed him and then cannibalized him they killed him and then cannibalized him yeah you know that up told us unama then go to the zoo now did honest i have really does give it a freedom perception you know the needles i didn't put that on the sign out front you know that is put that their summer from africa malaysian that there you know how it should be there in the zoo halfway not happened to be there in the zoo deafening chant would you find a chant fact that they'll kill you have no chance no chance you think it's i do think a kick your ass now most babies yeah that's what i think about champ i think not a chance in hell chimps gonna kill you would about this champ one arm chair you a hostile to eu law
right he might help me would you go against him i'm not have fuck fuck me up totally wrong i don't think you understand how strong you're talking about you talkin about something like a five hundred pound person me so much stronger than you if it gets hold of you and it will it's gonna pull your arms what are your socket one arm and no arms if its face it's gonna grab a hold you with its feet it's got feet that sums on hold onto with its feet by your neck off me they make me nervous honestly well that's where we came from mean ass one of the reasons why we're still capable of you no hand to hand combat to this day now raised after bobby it's gotta be somehow or another in our ancient primate dna but it's the question is how did we get so far ahead of the rest of armenia something happened and we had only acts jump we'll leave your man i'm serious there was something occurred where or somethin
where we came from the other way could be just some random mutation could be something that we ate it could be something that hit us could be radiation you know turns me i thought it was mushrooms he thought people found mushrooms and that start eating mushrooms and it made us evolve at a faster rate some people the trip to our diet but that doesn't totally makes sense some people attributed to our use of fire because when we fire we cooked meat and we got more nutrients out of it not allowed us also to work better clever and how we kept the fire and use of throwing tools like spears and shit like that or land i coordination women get him as do it though they could a literary been like get your shit together may now be brought it up put okay we hope of keep them around it's gone now adding no offensive anybody as opposed to other but i think a lot of pushes gone downhill these days aren't they like it's what it used to grant you things are not what's
changed i don't know a change of just the value that they put on it or just the fact that its i think it feels a little bit more like a deck a little bit like it doesn't have the same pussy feel innocent measures aimed texture i think it does have the same softness to you now so literally vaginas of change to you i think vaginas are getting harder than they were only the harder where thirty or do you think it's possible this is again like maybe something going on with you just the only thing it's like collective across the board mere information i think that yeah thing species are kind of like even enough to make don't think so it's funny thought so getting stronger and harder men are getting weaker because because some of the purpose anymore he knows a lot of men out there this crime on a fuckin dead the queen right now i do not know what to do with themselves or are we gonna shoney's public what's shoney's anymore says or now what is insular gaming houses or now but yeah places like that you know a lot of manner
disheartened and i think that they are not the same what is the instinct because there's an instinct for males and took to put women down and to hold their significant other down but is also an instinct that women have to diminish a man's manliness and till it it's are we to emasculate on damascus rare or email guarantee mascot and it's not us off for sure know what i'm talking about what i'm talking about we all know that they exist on both sides on met the male side in the women side i people did not a public trust shoot you doubt yeah right but what is an instinct instinct into the women that some that someone would have to try to make diminish you charge chips chip away too maybe they have more man anna maybe ever more man animates other morn pitch they look at you you fuckin you're such a bitch you don't have any heart you haven't hurt almost challenging horse one you know smack
there is a major problem areas of started that way motives it started out for sure that's topsy right the scary thing they they faced domestic violence because you might like find a guy hitting a girl you my pull the guy off ro might shoot you or very diverse y'all know what it is in a woman that does that mean maybe there is probably some of it is i don't think it's genetic i think it's something they were probably done wrong by a man previously and at some of that still probably resonates adam you know because some women do they just want to just make you feel mass they want to make you feel nasty i hate that doing things also have you are you raised like if you want your mom and dad insult each other and yell should at each other yeah pilot becomes ingrained in new system me
while others fasting and how we turn into our parents even though everybody says you don't want to that was always interested me is how a lot of people do you know a lot of people deftly do it's easier certainly easier than becoming your own person yeah becoming your own person requires a lot of thought he allowed i want to thank anymore man but did it i wonder if we will ever wanted to thank you now despite this modest conversation i been involved in it maybe month it really is the most i talked anybody in a long time i think people want to think but it scary and it's a lot of work and hurt your head sometimes yeah you know did you your parents were like real old when they had you right are you dad was my dad was might have a seventy when i was born why he is born in nineteen ten holy shit dude you from a different era you're different genes miasma do thing i feel a more tired i feel a little bit nervous i mean i mean he got like like
early human genes year europe direct descendants from someone who was born in nineteen o nine yeah you know my g means i'm forty nine so i'm how old you i'm thirty six yeah see a more than ten years old and new but my g means are from fifty years after yours you united no nine is that what you said nineteen ten nineteen ten almost sixty years here i was born in sixty seven lapse of fifty seven years of difference in our genes but you come from a party or stock you like old cool outlaw josie whales genes yeah maybe i don't know if my dad has archetype shit one thousand nine hundred and nine nissan people up for credit cards at the college's i don't think that's really why it hurt but he definitely you know he got out there still you know me nineteen o nine amene dating anyone how many cars were there ten nineteen o nine he didn't have on our morass and if he had one he didn't have one of em
we run a horse everywhere guess they walked augener sat mark that much of the work to do gigs if you walk theo van the walking standard comedian oh my god pending on spurring i'll be hit sector of make a living and learn how to alter marathon run a hundred miles and between shows every amazing animals while it was pretty well grown about with an overall data thing that's what i mean a comedy honestly just because people in front of my dad aloud and then i had to you'd have to let me say you know and then you had to create a story to because he would ask if that was your dad i need in one who had made it a lot of time but i would just be asleep become either someone a basketball games and be asleep he fell asleep in the car the time has also been the corporal if you can't get us why but he was dead all the time you know dislike weird shit like that so i think it gave a weird
i guess yachting really think about it but maybe that's why i started making ups you know get involved more story telling you know how old woozy we need or how will facilitate your sixty year sixteen good duty just got cancer and use a heart you know but what pretty hard was he was working deep no seventies oh yeah hastily credit card isa and that's why first gonna stage honey i'll get to the credit our colleges at the credit card we go to the eu people sign of her credit cards if you know come get this card you know at the college get this you know get this free frisbee be they all a handout with iran and then i get on the table embarking get people overdue are to do the credit cards and so you know you'd start written a little bit on people are walking by in a while but it was it was interesting he was he was too five years older than my mom's parents were so that would be weird somehow we was twenty five years older than your mom's parents elders your mom you sick
if i have now so now i don't know man i'm at a middle i'm i can then say thirty five thirty six she was somewhere around thirty year so she was somewhere around thirty and he was somewhere around seventy ia congratulation sir but if you have any money that unanimity monies slang yeah but you will say it s just being a product ever you want to you they come out of some that's got limit a cash and it's not tickets and seventys you know by what don't you think that if you did have that my maybe your life or build a softer maybe wouldn't have as much ambition maybe and be the seal feel von sent for me today gear think it's our blessing adversity the experiences as child it doesn't fuck you up like physically and yet right ruin your body i think so good for you man europe it just i think sometimes i still resonate with a lot of the feeling that as a child is hardly sometimes i'm still
and through some of those now so yes i do with you i not every day i hope to try and see that a little bit more and i know it's happening it does make me realize more now that the saddest thing in the world really is is when a kid doesn't really have a chance or an opportunity or you know like you said so physically happened no vienna as yes as i was when the services were for sure yeah but ah gimme that was that was the wild part i guess that's what it got me into this in a do in this area i am i am i am grateful now cause i'm able to look back on it and you know in and talk about it and do how crazy would it be if you knew your grandfather they but how but his genes go back to your honor i mean look if he's if ve had your dad when he was twenty that's another that's an eighteen hundreds so he's more in the fuckin eighteen hundreds holy shit eighteen hundreds jesus christ that's crazy
i got an born in the eighteen hundreds was your grandfather for shoes in the eighteen hundreds for shore unless your dad was born move for continues old riah enough from nicaragua actually my nicaraguan wage mom from from illinois lie homing illinois small town and he came up here talking like juan carlos hitler here have bilateral limited time slinging did day man again the big worry you have just announced i wasn't bad man i don't know what he was doing may speak spanish yea foe spanish he was nice man on europe return about em on established as i was just getting old enough was he was fallen out in our but i do remember being scared my feelings when i was younger disfigure man i remember i might never work in a church sometimes and and i would
be scared but the sidewalks in louisiana there you know there's a lot of routes that are coming up in his bad you know it's under sea level a lot of it so that several trawl wonky is even a walk it really is a challenge of pieces of concrete really look at ever thought about it before but through caught his her walk like those kind of sidewise his car cool see those routes struggling to get it now it's ball its policy for mother nature to be out there is pressing against those plates like that and moving them gained momentum but what was we're when i'm on being a kid was walk and abuse being scared that he was gonna like fall and so i was like i don't remember always being scared just be in you don't mean it i was such a kidney but i just remember this in my first feelings were like how i got to make sure you know just make sure he where he's walking is okay and i'll probably six years old so it's just a lot of fear i think and then shame or other i became the shamed enhance that i feel bad about that but that
understandable money your kid all confusing to you know why am my dad look like the other kids dad why do i have to do this we eyes had happened to me now man stay with my grandpa when i was first moving to new york i couldn't afford my own place when i moved from boston and new york and i got signed by my manager and i was like man i'm going to move to new york is going to happen how do i make the money in my and for this i didn't come stay with me for a while you save up enough money for an apartment my grandfather lived in new jersey and it was very important moment in my life to stay with them for a few months because my grandfather was he was getting old he was in my four hours a day and i was staying with him had this time twelve years to live but
they giving her seventy dollars for those who want to live in twelve years thought it was over this all the stroke is going to do a couple days probably found her in the back porch was a real sad story she left though it was even sadder that way because she was in pain and she bedsores my grandfather at a tenth or twenty four hours i was staying with him during this time here so for a few more since i was staying with my grandmother who was on death's door for she live like a year or so after i moved out and she was really aware of many more she was not quite there anymore and my grandfather who was struggling to take care of her and you seem sad and i remember thinking man this life is tempered like this x your answer i am experiencing right now is a twenty four year old man like this is going to last like this is the problem of my youth and i d like harden my ideas thank you gotta get going
while this is going to happen to you too it's going to happen to all of us and you you you think that you this static thing stay in the same exact state it's not true it's an illusion all those but you see that our old people that are walking in a street with their backs hunched over that you can reach that aid someday it's going to happen if you don't pay attention goes wrong you can wind up looking like that guy you did wind up thinking and be having like that guy is a slow ebbing of the life force the body that's gonna he's gonna draining so god dammit get your fun out get your life out just live you got a live thing asked it's fuckin coming you gotta remember if you don't remember you can sleep in dont remember not gonna get anything done if you dont remember you're not gonna you're not gonna have the same focus and determination that you would have with the understanding this temporary experience let's see essentially you re able are you able to learn that do you know like knots in that that moment color helped culminate gibbeted help
we have some people just hard alert why is it so hard in time for us hard i mean even i gotta there are probably forgot it yeah it when i got my own apartments or live a normal probably like let it slipped for a little bit in a manner deftly went through moments my life lost my motivation and my point of view are got lazier lost my perspective yeah but i've figured out the consequences than i was bound to back is best i could but i just remember those fumes instead i live with my grandfather being real important report two because he lived in a neighbor there was real bad bad it must is north ninth street in north new jersey sounds horrible did honest at every men there it was great at one time when he was you know when it was all families that at all move this neighborhood thugs forties well what happen was they did this thing called block busting they come around as a black people are moving a new neighbourhood dsl now and everybody saw my grandfather didn't like black people fuck off my long like one of those things
real estate agents that they would do that and just turn these neighborhoods over and just make profits and so and then it changed went for a black neighborhood to a puerto rican neighborhood and now it's like a bunch of different kinds of immigrants and you know they're all it's all kind of the same cycle they're all trying to come to america the trying to establish themselves and that's a place where they get going through a lot of crime lose is kind of dangerous the next door neighbor was selling crack in a battering ram to his door like i think something happened while i was there but the big raid was before i got there was another sky like barriers in front of his house and gazing at an audi in the driveway it was selling crack right extorted is one is always that one house unlike the crabby neighbourhood that is all i get psychoanalytic obviously it stands out some going to table brings advantages of lions out frightens man but i think you haven't dad like that must have given you a different sense of the cycle of life in instead of how
a young vital dad you like my dad so healthy and he's my hero you grew up gone we share my dad is now much time left man year i think it is made me scared desire had just may me if the first i made my sense of humour really dark because i remember like my mom would ask as if my dad was of alive or not you know and make us check on him like around dinner before i remember i remember i haven't like i remember my brother sometimes holding a mere under his nose ass he put fava you now to see if we would if a mom would and then we d tell mom yeah he's fine you know sir and my mom was very caring she was a good woman she's a hard work in woman he delivered news papers in our whole life but she just i don't know maybe she was angry that she'd felt fallen for this older man i don't know anyway i don't know it was weird man it was i don't know i didn't develop much of our relationship for witham sometimes
develop moment said i remember that a kind of peace together that create the relationship that i feel like we had i guess you know like treasure about ten or fifteen moments anyone in hindsight he let me drive and i was young you know you can't took advantage of yellow bit like you would drive a car it is when i intend to do to credit card stuff when i was twelve thirteen you now tall enough to drive some drive and seven on the interstate man only shit do you and he didn't and an hindsight it made me think everything's ok like you know life doesn't whatever you know somebody you know like who care whatever everything's fine you know like it doesn't matter what you know like everythink kids can do adults duff adult canoe kid stuff you know no real lines in the sand there why also there wasn't like a moment you felt like finally you were grown up like you just doing the same shit you always did ya sister driving at twelve here
or drive my dad's call to these com just ass he was eighty two at a time he aims he too armor want i'm driving him at the post office day and he set his nor departed score on the block you know someone around the block any haddock adele eighty eighty bottle of all my god but of gold brothers is abraham speakers in the back and one of mid broken out now the chinese food like old chinese food or sometimes to go items in there anna ha perkins speakers it always speak in addition we are ahead of us probably hit three or four cars is going around the block back to my lad because didn't empowers beats per steering should have helped why don't you get them all to know that eighty eight the automobile yeah to me the giant s car was big man felt like me felt coup you know but in the caucasus piece of shit man and is he could even tell if it had been hit a bunch of shit you know he is always hidden showing here was it again
no man delta eighty eight i would feel like those so big they would have to have powers doing but i don't man would risk crackers must have been if it wasn't champagne colored i remember that does our boat man felt big if a good thing it wasn't like that yeah there's like i know it was probably a year to a team newer than that a year to northern ireland yes that those were alike american boats look at that mother munger what years that that things are so it's an entity that until today seventy one ninety seven more than you'll get that thing i'd die is just americana you open up that hood it's just a controlled explosion encased in steel dear i am i dead so many get down that's when i was young and
they had crows in louisiana they crows and they busted out the windows in his car and i would add crows did this huge crow yet like a huge broke the window broke the windows in his car they hurried break it i guess maybe his beak come are yeah they can do that i mean they in this day and you sure somebody else and break the window the crows ringside why had us remember chinatown those a blackbird i was like forty has already thought it was a black man you couldn't turn his neck that he's like beyond all these racial self discipline and we're just going to know so there's just always things like tat there were judges weird yeah couldn't turn his neck i got one of the things i remember most about him you know i'm happy a change in his pockets a lot he liked to whistle he sat on the couch in us apparent kiss one time i take it from other on the head when time at one of our birthdays that's it yeah this one time and i don't know i feel like women thirty girl my mother became a little bit embarrass maybe almost to us at our door
was at age what makes i mean if she was like forty and he was eighty there you know she's forty six when died of old age essentially right men have a disease or cancer something that when you once you hit around eighty six is kind of like that's the age wherever he starts to go yet over ma am i guess i was you know that you are not to be a debbie down or enough now you know debbie downers spin on stop talking about your life it's pretty fascinating man i mean enough of cut talked about this quite a bit that there's we all have these ideas of like what your life is be like i think a lot of them based on movies were based like a movie version of life yet oh well that's how it happened in the movie that's out was to go down in my life and wise and inhabitants of my life to it happens in the movie but then when you talk to people are you or you know my child was different jamie
childhood wisdom illegal i know a lot of people that are really really weird childhoods joe ideas is child the crazy story ever do it s last spring seems an insane to make sure we found his mom dead while he was on acid ere i mean his childhood is craig adopted by us his friends family and they took a man and you know it's that his crook his child crazy and he's one of the most incredible but our met me out i was heart his heart you go in the smithsonian avenue dont when now now there's a lobby boy tat man there's lobby bull that have come from like all my best friends come from some fucked up crazy childhood yeah we're all experiencing that but the thing is you need to me as are all these people with these fucked up crazy childhoods those of the diamonds in this way yeah you know i don't like you ve talked to win cummings now on all israel a little bit of run your podcast here the dallas march we were met while she so fuckin smart and she's
was too smart like she's a psycho analyzing herself twenty four seven year and talking about her childhood and experiencing like through trine experiencing through her words which he had to go through and why she became who she is now so you don't make a person like that like didn't come out normal like ill it with the u dont come out that way if they had a normal childhood rise don't write when were you make a joy ideas as you got experience with joy ideas as experienced here that this regular life people does not you're not gonna ever get one of those people out of their regular live you're not gonna make a feel von addison regular life here neither is it a tendering is most my life my youth especially our pined for that regularly national or this idea of what it was you know or some we saw on television or little house the prove that they are really attach myself to you now boys been a huge michael landed fan as an adult and having found a man from atlantis and seen that member that michael landis used
to be a faint was hammers patrick duffy might be patrick duffy there was a show called the man from atlantis was patrick duffy who was in which it was he in he one of those first step no no those one before that there was a big time show that he was in before it he was like a super star before good man for unless it's silly hysterics how it every letter water chests it was like on tv when i was a little kid you know this is how i love those i was looking at us what year was that on its own firms seventy seven seventy eight as ten years old and he was swimming in the water breather underwater like a fish like he would these key legs together when he would swim head is weird way ass women underwater yeah to swim in a pool isis private try to swim wendy land land us is actually like an effective way to swim yes i don't like he would swim like like a goddamn
often like you would get in the water what it is i m is at him from way back then yeah it's from the show like allow those in gaza but always in very good shape and they would have him swim against the dolphin he was let faster than dont let do that is only this shows us deal with his family the dolphin i think so ro contests like this in arkansas lobbies and yet he is shoot the water grabbed the fish with a dolphin kick it this is crazy looked flies up there like thirty frida the water and then again the fish to the dove exists even better than the dolphin debt so it make it today they should do it
the exact same scenes exact siege put on company central be fucking malaria same cast but he would die was in a race but there was old times we seem swim underwater gyrate his body like it it often would weirdest fog yeah man i never wanted to be a fisherman didn't man of ever thought about the yap i've never woke up a day of my life savannah which shows fish near or how about how about this how bout a fuckin platypus what is that this german now look i was at a double headed c c worse that is tat a person the body seems real we'll get it he's china china bite on this horses bite these at the same time he's trying to get himself free he's robin this
yeah i was too has moved his head is rubbish is in his tide us against stick out an ice muzzle they re it's free and false the ground is he make it is rolling does you naked put it progress was rowan oh my god he moves like a dolphin on earth and then it gets the water they re wisely nay he's naked right yes sorts now there's a short answer this now is getting night oh my god this is worse than the captain kirk with the alien seen member that terrible wine with alien here the crazy eyes and it shows what a rock cigar was it a tender dating key west actually is that this legislation is so bad man from atlantis scavenger hunt is what it says on the on the youtube video if you want to know why it's working out actual after dig off is worse that's absolutely worse than the star wars fight with captain kirk in that area in guy he had ever seen than ever and ever get in star wars all that shit up star trek thus star wars did i get i'm confused
i mean if i star trek i'd be pissed star wars camera yeah but we already use star some star haven't called something else but what about the fact that it they got both huge series offer both of em lacerated about its not star trek bitches space track is it really a year sought star wars eda sears captain kirk first is this green alien do that moves and super slow my google he's like water comes left carcase somewhat some terrible punch the body it comes right a terrible crime chop the sauce look i'm not crazy ideas reach a farm and inhabitants who throws a kick out good wove current shitty ass king but the green monster obviously knows a little bit more time is just got him on a single leg dump didn't even try didn't bother trips severe strength thrown to the air but meanwhile this is inconsistent there right now they're battling no problem like the the monsters not overpower let me try to buy them
china dressers probably i was gonna net meanwhile he's having a hard time i got that we all a snack their double fuckin palms into the ears double to the ears though is a good move and frightened monsters elevated soiling this magic initiatives were gets really stupid he picks up this fake rocket obviously fake rock can we pretend to strain and why gets it why you do this vague rockets gonna fuckin kill you louis beautiful man he was back then look throws it long ago still that is about is often so can we can hit him but the fuckin double palmed the hands like the most devastating blow ever but that rock nothin like they're so inconsistent with ability to generate force the reactors in jones a little bit how dare you i think she's had enough go get it he's gonna pick up a big rock now you motherfucker i'll show you he's like you throw a rock at me motherfuker i'm going to throw a fake rock at you and curse like i'm out of here
as he runs out of the way oh just just shy away from that rock you can hit me with that and so now what happens nothing just gets stupid parents do i want to just keep running this thing is so slow why do can it out with it it will never catch you you would literally never catch you and that's you can run for a couple hours and then take a nap and this stupid fuck and green and become one of the top of the hill it here is footsteps probably makes a lot of noise when he walks and you would wake up once more i never fortnight the like you know what i'm saying that i do now a failure one time this gas fighting me when i was young fighter do well you know i'm sam past tense they made us heard in the hallway there was the big thing and i was over and our school you stand there all all afternoon for literally probably maybe to react is that your arms on each other's shoulders after fought yet to make up
regional and he became an hour friends if that were just my gown his brother was a present for a bit same thing yeah esther his brother i guess made out on our behalf so you go fought over what do you know what it was about an amber man i was probably talkin smack you know there's been a young loud mouth and somebody culture dessert whenever you ran your mouth ashore every now and then i remember that though and i remember another man who i met a man who was a box on a big box in and you have see fighting and am i a man who is a boxer like don flamenco remember that guy down a video game guy he looked just like my frank back yeah that job i never will just like them what's that noise what was how the nosegay was more like a boy was a noise only here oh you don't you
adam sandler with a prosthetic knows yeah that's what my body look like a little bit homes sexual gentlemen an italian member here the rose in his mouth and come out there you beat me more humiliating way kick your ass nobody has yet how together that gentleman and wish to accede to the stairways together back in the day inside the interstate and we went in there we were both boys boys will use a bus man is using adult but we would do passing tables at the at the stake house at it opened up and armor we got really stone when night whenever his place and princess i added died not an who princess diana was you know an arm you really didn't know she wasn't she died no idea how we're things sixteen bow wow you didn't know princess diana was his interest i mean our i'm a one point there have been a baby about at its most the both
then i remembered year children being baby i guess holds princess diana thing was strange man yet once but you didn't know who she was and i come around but his mom cryin unlike people gorgeous devastated a guess a lot of like southern kind of women were you she was an idle to a lot of those women can issues like elvis presley kind of well was crazy she got killed in a high speed chase with paparazzi was chasing her think about that's great like if that happened here we pride bestowed about a pin on who it was who they get they ethic israelis retired nascar ground still get him a camera do you remember tony stuart a camera he'll kill somebody did holly i got into a cart and ran away just ran up the cause it fuck this figured out what my attorneys twelve stick over remember because radio station juice to tom like us he's to play you too have collars it would call in
and ass we go tom take me out with a bang here they like bonn sounds like someone down upon it would take me out ellie berry and you'd healing hard to footsteps book you know when you know cartoons and so is taken as a sound like asylum or little slaps the ground that's crazy what would you do you think you ve got in essence like that which you master you think that's what she did it was under the internal been ass had been who knows begin caught up an idea that junior rugs and stuff this is oh what his mistress browns limburg he was found emily but i already there was his friend that drove it and just disappeared that's it notices because it was like were registered to him but he wasn't driving you wasn't in town it apparently let's like seven or ten of his friends drivers fleet of really expensive cars after this happens
total months ago which was kind of lumber is really expensive one having given even a pretty nice cardona seen some your cards or the comedy club minor older though i don't have any at all to door oh shit that's like a three hundred plus thousand dollar car lamborghini then too door i want to say that's four hundred thousand dollars follow how much that fucking thing cost the same there should say it valerius geist these represent mean it is always what are they end up in so much strife do you feel like a lot of memory we're talking about earlier about ossetia same thing with them he don't make them you don't make i got a big i'm or a funny comedian or in o org a great fight or any these weird professions you'd only make those things if you don't have some sort of pressure growin up how much of that bet
three and nine nine thousand five hundred hours gad damage as from that's like it's a stripped down version this option when we talk about a little bit of that stuff three ninety nine three hundred ninety nine thousand you can't come down began oh yeah nice wheels on it to those are those look like aftermarket wheels or dope too crazy that's it that's insane car for a human being to be able to drive you just go by one of those is scary driving a car that it costs a lot of money is it like nerve racking a little bit for sure yeah but depends depends on how much money have right you know like up for chris brown driving a car is probably could afford thirty or forty of right and also for him as point out that scary right and plus there's something about that world the rap moreover these are really arap right which com a rapporteur is like a singer michael jack aigner advantages commoner retainer here there's something in that world where it's very valuable to be flossy the average value
bull to have like floyd may tab watches and gold chains and like if you're a singer wrapper you don't you present a god was made here you know i christmas represents a guy who pulls up in a ferrari like of course he's in a ferrari he's chris brown he's an alien he's a famous entertainer dude so for guys like that it can be put up its employment we oughta lang cruiser camera carries a worse i do at nice accorded al gore very nice now as this is fleet of cars forty five million dollar he's got forty five million dollars where the car what said my god how that's not that be realistic all you think it's not but he plays arenas man if this dude that's his house knows this that is our down there that one that you definitely him do you get your brother's right do you gotta growth has your brother filters little stronger wolberg raises serious for cattle act as a dope cadillac whose is this is this is
this sounds but i find a bigger the house jesus christ nice man i could get a nice rest and you know what you get beautiful so peaceful he added it's just that entertaining of that lifestyle is what breaks allow those guys here cause you might make forty five million dollars you really might make that like while i'm at forty five million dollars but are you gonna make forty five million dollars every three years because of not burn through it in three years ago way levin soon as you stop making money or you want you want take time off anyone rights new material do all that's weird because you got bills mother fucker you chewing through money left and right and you see some new crazy diamond studs watch the jeweler shopping i have got to have its a million dollars got habit boom we throw a million dollars a good investment billion dollar watch on what in a fuck did i the two days now a pyramid scheme when i was younger
robin area with a lot a pyramid schemes comment through how they get ya it is asking for two thousand dollars pretty monster and i gave it to and when they say that they say when they show you this specialised sheet of paper that they really called even specialised chart which inside is the most minutes the lameness name for like a pyramid scheme a specialised chart you know and then at ease blocks in the bottom was green and then yellow and then blue and then read and each time you put thousand in you guess somebody else to put you money in and then you soldier and kept moving up and it literally was a pyramid in you'd heard like the term pyramids game am still fell for man so in that i feel are still miss that money a lot of times are all boxing coach try to hit me up one of those really yup when i first moved ally workin out this place in north hollywood now start taken boxing lessons from this dude and one day he drew with is the clunky is shitty
pyramid scheme pitch ever because he wasn't going to talk or otherwise you know he thought out years this guy i was on a sit come nobody was watching you already knew i was back then it was like a targeted me out just do the germany thousand act or might have some money right now he's like antonia woke me oh bodies rooms on my truck i got them from that oh yeah how does it work he goes well you put in money and then after a while you know you could take some of the money out new you know and get a lot of money that way they work this pyramid scheme he's like to me his eyes glade over i go now stood with his levels he's like you put this go it's pyramid scheme we just stand there in the parking lot looked at each other and i go i gotta go and then i never wear it worked out that jimmy generously warm done i can't come here anymore it's fucking can i get my money back plus he's a big due to car dangerous dangerous to say no did i work out with david duke when i was growing holy shit we showed a back fence and has grown up holy shit we cigoto
i mean that's cannot consider the political that's cleanup aramis game or not but indeed i threw out where did this seafood restaurants busboy over there and he did it pretty yes girl that worked at the seafood restaurant was this when you in the kicker notice was after is not act as an like a seem like a his one how many years goes nineteen anything so that was when he was in the public eye he was like a big deal back them right wasn't that one it was it than that that he was like running for public office let me think it was no when i was younger he was running against at whenever doubly for public office hours polly around eighteen ninety are eighty eight i feel like he did some stuff after that on a national level or was it a state level would you run for governor something that ran for governor a couple times yet human arm over the signs of the exemption edwards was a crook allegedly in data duke was a racist and that's what
one of the campaign post said don't blow for the races vote for the crook that was the campaign jesus christ or those everywhere to stir in a crook one that man one that's but we are against any many was in i'm not its practices but he was he was elected to louisiana house of representatives and nineteen eighty nine in that year the sitting representative resigned his seat to become a judge and duke ran these special election to fill it see daily beast describes the race in writing the off here specials election which david dude threw himself little media notice at first out through him so threw himself little media newness of note my notice at first who turned himself too as a why tat himself as a pro life fiscal conservative was known as an ex clan member he issued over
lee racist language and instead pointed to crime in the city criticising affirmative action and minority set asides who he always did just and tries them so i went in all that with his did basic work out he quit like a bitch when the reps got home he was he was using animal he was he was strong giving strong man year prologue people after maccallum probably gonna be on your pc cues probably and again the direction he described me direction in ireland it in media i how to do it right getting conversation time but he would yeah this is how you do this is how you do it ah ah jurassic unworth clan and it s not tat day i wanted to try to meet his lady did i was china mill around to see fuckin ella pair her pants alone you feel may do when you were little kid i mean that's almost fifth also care gorgeous thrilling on how i was erect bre i've never been why erect and was ever not to think that but began your whole idea that pussies changed maybe she was so good like regular girls
oh i can't password you that's one thing sober saxo of sober sexes for children of always thought that and i think that a more you git adult it just swears dan and a lot of juice was it covered a lot of extra just chat or inside items these days is just a law that david ducas girlfriend at the time i thought the one but she looks ok she looked eagerly jeremiah north florida she's gonna north south and about a woman when a woman has an american fly bikini on the justice to the next level hell yeah did our budgets down yeah she's down for you at tat hour either that the interesting that's their attack me the ninety two vote an interactive time on like that the category is is a big man look at us got why shoulders said land you gotta live weight of everybody wants kick your ask your racist we gotta be ready at all times point to the wrong fucking vineyard store to clock in the morning might get the fuck beat area dude duessa dude theirs
then i saw you on tv man you that x kkk what not why i ask you what do you say and pick it up stuff in the laundromat behind there to get authority outcome as crazy i gotta be real careful we go for a guy like you i guess the racism is pretty popular authentic where from you know with popular your growin up boston was definitely more racist in san francisco but florida was more racist impostor for sure yeah i saw way more racist shit in florida i think then i d way more than san francisco i remember i too am convinced my mother that i did not what the word nigger met why didn't know what it meant and she was mad at me like you know what it means i don't know i don't tell me what it means you shall tell me what it means i couldn't believe it does what could someone so that schools like white i goes china pretend
i knew what the kid was talkin man i got home ass my mom she also got mad at me when i asked her out while people had made babies seated thing i know she's out i knew it you knew already now she goes chagos i'm gonna tell you in just go out i go norms and its tells me i come out several now forget this was in the car with my sister and she goes what's his penis in a woman's of german velvet floor back there waiting we wear seat belts fell right down onto the floor our slap and floor of a nineteen seventy one barricade at i was the funniest shit ever a man wait a minute wait a minute you make people by a man like i knew it i know you're gonna laugh like what the fuck's wrong we think there will be a more creative way kind of a little bit you know like maybe if you like hide some likes i hide it in their ears or somebody at a sneak seamen in a somewhat easier when not look and are just some a little bit more was a fuck
a way to be introduced to because i didn't know and i asked her and she said you're gonna laugh you just got a laugh and then a magazine funny now you gotta tell me because of it i gotta hear them ignore not gonna and then when she tells me that a laugh catapez me i've now think about i was only seven fuck was i supposed to know yeah yours was to know what the fuck was she is but she was like dont you already know she's assumed i knew everything city my mom was a big lessons lashers like you know like i don't know tell me dude i remember her who would tell us seven your notes under some eleven year old out when you can tell them that how you make a baby why asked i wanted to know but i think a seven year old in nice tina seventy four he asked his way different than a seven year old in two thousand six loud or seventy seven years back then but little animals they will focus
average monkey people here we were more like monkey people we didn't have any internet there three channels on television i gotta get up the changed with your hand here when you're friends was missing people just disappeared it would go to the woods and never find em again you left the house there was a fucking answer machines a thousand a high school nobody even knew where anybody was no one had a portable phone it's a well into my adult years egg back in the south from summer for school it is hoped everybody was still alive fine yoda good your friends house you'd knocking on our door hymns wilson's my home they let in what's up do they get a fine do i know you let's go hang now have to drive each other in a media two makes very specific instructions so come on my house wrong six o clock the mountain front and are now and i'll come out ok ok i repeat my mercury gotta go member that shit and was often did i it is our dismiss the old days and the only way to communicate you like being for
people just good information like information you got the rumour and bay sickly mystics are the other thing communication we have was all looking at each other raw or at the very least harrington s voice on the phone and very little shit why don't you go broke up with you over the phone that's called planet look at you nor did she called me up said it's over mother fucker but she had to make contact with you at least you couldn't text you it's over betcha i'm fucking friend right now back then you have to actually make contact this is just not working out i need my space here just look at it on text they need to hang up in your house in some of your house really who was it and then you have to like expound to them when it just occurred did people think it's hilarious broke your heart pussy do too i remember this ah we
after this dance one time first time embodiment of a hooked up with a girl he touched your genitalia after this dance you know it i don't dance at school and he touch energetic area the words actually and he was our first one of our body to do that in our society i believe in and world hanging out around my body cells from this fire and were like like and we kept by doing that up with our scan and our mouths and that does it feel like i kind of reenacted a pussy you know like honey just basely b of agenda for a minute and and then my bodies father comes outright missus eagles we now know previously with which require pussy well for wage you long begets fucked up ideas again have to cleanse em
the city breaks out to forgive liquor the only thing i could do most is mine i had to get em so drunk you forgot what did your magic dad goes to this city for now the fact that comes out with jugglers drink drank looked at it shut the fuck up when we fucked up for their rights to life but you want to forget everything that happened so far to drink ass a man and he noticed but the dad ended up smell emma buddies hand rife where the pussy came through yet and there and he knew how will we toby tormented sweeter
but that is a job that our sense of smell give to be that closer i say i know a shark smell your pussy when you're it like the ankle deep in the water tat a mile away from them from them from them but it's a medium rare and key biscayne is not some speculation about certain animal attacks occur when women are menstruating the animals more likely due to apple shooters that's like some human human rumour in our sums silly i believe that dude i would a time but mean if somebody is bleeding your poor right attack em i wonder about
that like if somebody gonna miles their bleed to my house and driving care about it you get makin fuckin attacked ya get tat the average my carpet or some you stand and the girls is of you have one of those nineteen seventy shag carpet all white the alleys take issues over the door and his girl comes in with some old school jim shorts on in a really winkie ass pad leaking of labour goddamn dear gun it with a red rotted can alone she's leak in all of your future garbutt would you do the attacker d help her out as a friend and just wash did i think you got a home and knock at the moment a towel you get higher and archer i think that point did not if somebody doing that my house there then i wouldn't do that to you you don't do that to me i mean you don't believe like that that's gonna be a huge drag women just bled here but if you're purposely just drop drop in on my living room and you know that i love this carpeting you know that a public and afford new carpet there was of there was
this thing or these women were letting their periods run down the legs oh yeah like some sort of a protest i forget what the protest was about burma we're watch now gone we have absolutely failed as a human being we are so in denial of the biological process that it somehow or another appeal protest to lead your menstrual blood rolled down your legs somewhere is in some serious errors in communication if that's a statement of you are making a statement by letting period like it's either of them ass a failure on the side of men to not under like communicate that it's no big deal it's a natural cycle of life it's part of life doesn't freak us out it shouldn't freak you out let's figure out yet tampons its make sure you could take care of us like the same way make sure people have toiled apron the bathroom right you just go shitting your pants decide of protest right it's it's a hygiene issue like it shouldn't be approached by
a good gender based protest here like how bad is our lines communication have to get where women in any way think that letting pussy bleed down leg is reclaiming some sort of power i don't think so i think it's tacky i do man i don't and our own i honestly don't know woman i will do what i really want to know what model i wouldn't want even habits by accident it doesnt freaked me i don't give freaked out yonder just read out by some people do though he amicably w you appeared or somebody that kind of stuff i just no we're what's gone wrong with communication where that becomes a protest yeah like i don't want to i want to it's wrong of me to say i want to see that maybe that's what the protest as well i get it i mean i i get it on board all sides but it seems so unnecessary what was the reason they were doing that yeah
really reason why men protest and more about anything do you think we notice that does not mean exactly where ass if it were tat were trying to sex tampon tax that's uk out tax hello goes as previous nineteen oh yeah well something in a dyke more recent events thick drippin is highly motivated of ass were women protein by letting their minstrel blood run down their lives scuba that place and prepare for some increase the fbi racism fully above all i want to say and they're gonna come to your house yeah i never armor protests in college about soccer coach had a girls soccer team on creating an army are protesting about that you pay does tat mean to my bodies and i remember this at the last minute the coaches are out there like the meat that local news is out there like interviewing us we'll have signs you know and a handicap fella money was in
we was an here that carl sagan disease whatever that is is a guy who knows you're not our stephen hawking he showed up that van you know what the loudspeaker oddities like we got reinforcements and then the little ramp came down and he came rolling over the pickets on why and then he died he actually daddy died in the flood of years later that fella but a protest medina near katrina flood it can use medication fuck you don't they those kind of things you know right medication is not a people may die they become a casualty of the disaster fuck man so why was he given the girls creating what's dangerous about giving growth creating jack come out and we just stay i people know about its active member the first how creating hit the mark like you know it words t yelling but it may be gain a little bit of water waterway get a little little chubby in the face but what of what is the negative ask is whether a negative the coaches
as it is currently i'll take it needed no also the coaches didn't even now he added is wanted some sort of an edge and had it been establish whether our saviour yeah see just kind of like we had at seeing at the start of protest and yet protests going on accept but when there is a protest it's almost always liberal people that a protest in these days seems to be like protesting like some speakers university though i have some speaker and they'll be protest in them or you know you'll be like the women's march we ass protein yeah all these protests against trump thereof filling marches people say that the tea party has a massive protest but i can't find anything to chose been any numbers that were anything close that women's march specially allay our internet said there were speculated numbers that weren't proven upwards of one or two million people were
where did open one or two places one did they had any people back then because i heard that crowd or other go yeah but the thing is like it when you when you talk about that like you gotta think of what's confirmed like what confirm numbers like we have satellite images now he uttered there are different than what they had backed and so like if you get they like the footage they were talking about with the inauguration it's pretty clear when you look at the full twenty four hour sped up footage of how many people were in the crowd versus how many people in the crowd for mamma he was more people for a bomb it's pretty clear it looks like massive amount of people when you look at it on the ground overall then you look at the big picture from above its not as many so knowing that they tried to conflate those numbers they try to fleet those numbers and make it seem like
mean with a lot of people are saying it knave and set it on television those biggest crowd for inauguration ever went around now we know not us are true so maybe that was the same thing with a tea party we really don't know it's tough to tell unless it happened to morrow i go there tomorrow use the same modern methods of now figuring out many people in an area but they said that they think there was nine hundred and seventy thousand people get the women's march just in los angeles allow yeah her that's a bigger say into rehab for the country i they live pretty jerry big city right than they have a bunch of them you think it was a lot of du jour like hoping that like there was an attack or sums they lose their why for some you know i don't know about a lotta dues but probably one guy ah more than one a bay as fifty fifty you know there was some do like hug wife extra hard thinking that like some in a militant islamic law our non islamic group was in a ghetto be it
i guess anyway i never been involved in any terrorism i haven't mean either i think there are some stuff going around the end of last year was mike pence in house bill about a poor an abortion bill in indiana which bring up some more stuff about the taxes on tampon that's it i'm sure that's what it was and so these girls were letting their minstrel cycles run down their legs did matt satellite it is i'm ok was sent on a like that i welcome you feel or incorrigible and i can feel that way i feel i can say that anymore like i'm on the girl side waterfall raising taxes on tampons yeah you want to make more money off some of the people have to buy that's fucked up here that is fucked up it's fucked up because you have to buy tampons and men don't have two bites of men decide mangled patriot faggot damp antwerp here's attacks this they're just lazy and dumb trying to figure out where to shove taxes and don't make any sense like tampons what it will happen what else net europe tax vitamins you piece of shit we're tax healthy food finance
why would i send you something little craft your i feel like maybe take tampon put them on the end of a arrow fireman of the capital you don't sound like something that really what i'm saying i just started died because you got hit with an arrow that a tap on the end of it right through i ball right in your brain you drop dead and sticking your head like a planted tree but at least the blood flowed stopped i finally she know what women go through the head is group online for our you could put a tampon in your but to know what women go through holler data put attempt on your but like three or four days to kind of no they don't unless the doing wrong jesus christ you know they go through these people in there but now they had it group on line about six or seven years ago where you put attempt on your buttocks to experience so man can experience what it's like to have at least something in his body yet all time i fucked up you know one man there's a big i'm also with the same of it it's weird the people of
like so ignorant yeah silly i agree it is a shame of period only got out my parent who already run words who do you think that started from though do you think it some that we learned or something that for sure ignorance the ignorant some like puritan values make sense like why would you scared periods i'll beat a period in me and no one other than you live and we made it through and what would know what if i think about the eu decent they have things like that now in women were their stop in their periods is scary you think or not control pills do that when the idle and often on to give their periods back here the birth control have positive benefits though some women take birth control pills for certain ailments tat was one of the big things that was an issue back when rush limbo gotten trouble for saying some girls a slut could she wanted birth control pills to be paid for by insurance member that people get real madame amuses sounds like some he would say yeah was a big issue because i think
some women like for their own health actually need birth control pills and not just for sex right women i don't even have sex i get regulate certain diseases and issues that they might have passed is more than one reason to take that stuff i pm i think i mean i think they should you know they should be what they need you know like what's his christian attacks at like the extra tax with him ants fire decided find some money some other way or even just ass dude asked people say you know women having a tough time or we need extra money due to the fact that you think i've got a couple lecture dollars out therefore lady that needs a couple you now if you get the other i guess yeah man i'll do that day i believe you you know i mean it's definitely it's just it's a necessity ya like weather opponents are maxie bad it's sums and necessity we're just lucky we don't have that an issue but a thousand issue for men like if
men bled out of our ball sack leaked once a month if that was the case you do pissed we would be they are making and ponds and you're tax temple yeah you make more money off me and my balls bleeding the we would be sure we'd be fuckin fury we wouldn't handle a well data we had blue if we had that we were not handle it well did i be scared i probably stay indoors get nervous a lot and we would deafening went birth control to be paid for by the government dilemma with tat s true that's a great way to put an actual annually on yourself and see what you would do you now get that's why when you look at a guy like my pants who you know who's the vice president of the united states respectfully but some are told you a dick you wouldn't be shocked just by looking at it looks like every the high school assistant like football coach you know right is crazy like who in the past and i d like dana girl you know who those were from my high schools spanish teacher really cool guy
we're society to really cool guy or through that ever talked about come booger juice is this science teacher viruses like it's gonna be the future young he got it's gonna be the future were like you're nuts and then even with an almost did mitt married a girl they busted him how old is she i don't know man she's bobby sixteen or sun nay i work for his brother actually to do because they wish unwell company boss nice to work for them i wish well we're more popular i think when i was in high school this dude got away with it i think it was like one of them legal deals like you laws about consent get glory he hears why because when i was eighteen look i turned eighteen had girlfriend and she was seventeen and when i turned eighteen i mean can you see that happening i say you're a teacher your twenty two it i school was only twenty five
he was twenty five to seventy women he we thought he was a hundred and fifty thousand years old when you're seventeen and the teachers twenty five yearly that dude is anxious for a quarter of a century liquidity to which i mean he was even it was eight years old and groans banger was crazy do you think that those laws are accurate those age old age age limit laws for here's an old hires why laws about consent get blurry here's why because when i was eighteen i turned eighteen girlfriend and she was seventeen and why and i turned eighteen she turns seventeen first no i turned eighteen first she was sixteen for like a month and then she turned seventeen and her think it was her mother why girl or not like her mother was worried that what we were doing was illegal she knew that we were having sex i was lying to my mom and intolerable
talk about my years ago aroused locked the door my that are doing there mom nothing well i'm going i told me how it have his seven because she now you now and she just didn't anyway there was a real worry and i got scared that i wish i could get arrested yeah like all the sudden were not aware at first like when we first started got together she was sixteen i was seventeen and then and all of a sudden i'm eighteen and freud couple months superbly illegal cuz two years did years feel better because it was illegal scary scary dangerous women women women so i could a jail fragment sexual my growth when i'm eighteen makes our real like a year because one day your legal live she seventeen years and three hundred and sixty four days and she's illegal the net
stay she's legal so your time you some magic thing takes place over a twenty four hour period right all the sudden cheese legal that seems odd actually if you're just eighteen nineteen or whatever it is it gets super weird if your seventy right you know who you are super all than you sit in their outside the school room one more day is waiting one more rubbing hanseatic league will go to windows after candy voice but you know it's just it just like a hard law like that as to when consent occurs when it was when the age of sat with its eighteen or seventeen and someplace it would be sixteen someplace you get married people there tina got real weird do you believe that like a sixteen year old and like a thirty year old could fall in love do you believe that i do not believe it because we urge people fuckin weird man he bore weird and something people get together and ended defies all odds but it works great yeah like there
people that have a bizarre relationships with their their separated by vast distances and age there now they are inherit actually when we think about eight years yeah i mean think about that mean thirty eight years them when your dad fit to stop and think about that for a second your dad was forty eight your mama's ten minutes illegal that's crazy i'm out he's my age your dad was my age and your mom was ten year well yeah that's in that area are vote no on that well in that this in your situation and made the obama here nobody gets hurt but think but i guess you i mean it's weird if you do you feel like it that we was a sixteen year old boy here's where outfield way less weird was a hot dog the old woman and a sixteen year old yes are you sorry gotta be honest yeah feel less weird i don't think it's ideal radicals ideal for the kid but would have
eighteen if he's eighteen inches thirty yes you are there a famous case about the couple i think about when years ago remember that twenty years or fear ten years ago was a couple is a woman whose data or student and they ended up get married i think eleven ha hawaii one of the islands and she went jail for while rent yeah we ever have baby just gone here remember that person this girl found the well here did you ever come on you programmes now why we suggest that what would you think i ever and he found the well worn mostly about math and sugar and this sometimes cornflakes disarray member her i saw this video do the its says the video says it's an eighty year old man meeting his like twelve year old bride i'm arranged marriage of families there at the house why is happening this is real like meeting her and she looks like she's wants to die in the least
he's eighty years old i have for the first time that we have what it says on the water she reads out not only want to see you do that that's that's that they want to do is no way that can want to do that estonia is it i saw a bottle now on alive they won't you know it's like going on from the beginning of time is people been oppressed but now the first time we can broadcast to the whole world they look at it through their standards right as the standards of the people that live in it area judy i guess fair that save idea or not announced on percent air or safe and scare its ancient antiquated he comes from like these these cultures that caught up to our own current perception of the of of of civilization of life that you should let people do fuck they want to do is no way that kid wants do that do you think someone we start to like like a what when is technology like not good for us anymore this but i'm a mind a lot recently like mrs make me think about that look at what point is it that
if we want to survive as human still like it will point do we ve no unrove stop it or not stop it but what do we do i know it s actually gets taken over so quickly that when human when behaving very animals to be human or behaviors are going to be nothing we're just gonna be running little systems we're operators yeah no i think what you're feeling and thinking is what a lot of people feeling think so pretty common subject but a lot of people are talking about a lot of people have perceptions and ideas and fears and projections of what they think you're gonna happen no one really knows no one really knows but for sure the way we live right now is for alien to the way the people that lived when your dad was born leah and that's just you know a generation ago mean really if you really look at what it really is a your dad like one skip one go to the birth your dad that's crazy
i mean that that is an insane amount of innovation and change here and once we start becoming integrated with the computers and once they become a part of your body that's when things are going to get so fuck it strange relating to happen there's there's a guy did we play it on here the guy who has the artificial legs that are powered by neuro chemicals amount which is you in that did you play that after the bar gaza jaffa pockets put it on put it off for theo because this is the craziest fuckin thing ever met there figured out a way to make these artificial legs that work like real legs like for the longest time they ve been awkward and may be strange and they ain't got better and they made see some artificial limbs for veterans there we're we're pretty passive i didn't even walk without a lamp if they pulled it off correctly but now now they ve come up with saying that you're controlling with your mind oh my god it's like a machine and they have theirs
actually bionic billig bionic legs and these are functional like they have real people but have these artificial legs attach their body and there are neural impulses than normal impulses that trigger you know tissue movement on a regular person make it happen like it this guy you here is the father of bionic revolution has designed his own prostheses lost both of his life in a climbing accident so this guy engineered these artificial learn up a knife he was seventeen and he decided to become an engineer found a solution to the problem and do away with outdated prosthetics which he had been given so this god developed these leg that make him walk like he's and was shorts on look it look at other injecting into it feel and move from sales from the brain to me
using man this guy's moving anyone can use them he can dance with the more he can run look at that he's fucking running you can run with you can go upstairs the coming together of man and robot i mean and this is again human limitation cities us that's his daughter she's run as background you see their bosses dynamics robot they should do yesterday there were no i now hear play that big one day a human is gonna get these legs like this boss and dynamics robot watch it jumped that's a man not a robot determine a rubber can jump like six feet in air sums yeah see a systematic time here a lot it people take their feed off and put these four and things on and roll down the highway and we're gonna choose those demon legs those backwards horse type legs because apparently more efficient and more efficient springs won't you sit down on him it is everywhere you does it scare you when you watch it at its present i am fairly scares me yet it scares
because it some its change and radical change its probably come in at a steady pace but we can't really manage near now that's all is the scary thing about the change that were experiencing right now it's happening so fast we're not gonna be able to manage it isn't i wasn't to pay dick whether or not is a good thing or a bad thing and even if it is we do predicted it's a bad thing we're not gonna kill us where is it there's a crazy race going on we don't exactly know what the goal is but this crazy race to innovate to keep coming up with better and better stuff whether it's better laptops better computers but it's all leading somewhere we're not exactly sure where but were chasing the best product available possible and that contributes to this so the sort of matrix of technology in an incredible sort of votes this environment with you lift the reality we looked at it like like a life form it's evolving quicker than anything we ve ever seen ever oh yeah in armenia everything else from the chair
so we're talking about earlier to bug stir the snake that was eaten a snake they all evolved they ve all slowly changed there's been natural selection there's been random mutations is but of factors that allow them to get there state there are today never seen anything like technology mean from my from my day had a computer in nineteen ninety nine actions like that like afore gigabyte hard drive and i thought it was the shit can you believe this due for gigabyte now you own as a hundred twenty eight gigabytes now every you phone that comes out is going to even bigger and bigger than a three hundred two hundred sixty gigabytes in the fuckin terabytes talks have a terrible on a regular basis now that is its a thousand megabytes fucking insane we have this incredible invite now where everything is getting better all the time whether its cars or tvs or phones and its hat right in front of us we're just sitting there watching it and we're helping it we're helping it were feeding it
what can one in the newly shit comes out you can't wait there's a line outside the apple store please please he's show me what's gonna replace me did you see it yet no little step closer your finger bear this one takes your fingerprints next one takes your dna when you blow into a powers at lily feeds off here breath in the netherlands in electric champ that takes your dick size one goes right up your ass like a fuckin tampon and it was not tat they have one that wraps run risk now nokia just came out with one it's crazy what is walk do they have a cell phone you walk right up to your fuckin wrist like that lap and its slaps lentils rubber band yielding the kids have race at sea s lap races and adjust apps around your rest as a flexible screen he could look at your screen on your wrist it's shown you your email and whose con armor on radar came out there was a big thing around us rate are people radar do they got right
memory now radar detectors yours i get me do mother one of our bodies to drive around the grocery store is here be but he went by the electric doors and all right mind still does that to this day radio detect that some did miss you old days man sometimes you know i'm not like you know naysayers that believes that the future isn't going to happen but i surely miss the old days i miss i miss old diseases i miss old then you just many have legs everybody gets nice t there but i get so everybody gets you dont want that i want some people are a little different did armor they had a dude who broken nag images or is ethical and assure just never he just the duties shirt never fit the same way you know and now hu we was you know he wasn't you know
if ever you can a warrior we warrior life with you a little bit more makes any sense but does it does makes you got rabies or something and you lost a landmark you got you know you nowhere you know you just for you and have bionic legs you know yet like crazy process attics at somebody had you know with what in tucson had cigarettes he kept his leg one timely and astrid built on the side of the other when you across his leg over and really began just i don't know there's something i was that i believe in fact that i'm gonna get some bionic legs wouldn't you etc i'm not that gas i don't know that for years a guy you would want the bionic legs like this you dont want to become that guy if you do when we come that guy with cigarettes in his allowing them now i don't want to think i'm a guy the ass train you die you dont want become that guy you want me to go with biological if you're either one of those guys are two percent a year ago
so i guess maybe dismiss the visual i was made us miss that time and just things seemed a little slower will people always long from past yes with you that feeling of nostalgia especially to people that never really totally felt secure during that time so the roma it says that time you know state is one girl she's de vacillate between her childhood was this amazing dream and our childhood was hell ricky nary a straight answer out of her like east you would tell you that her childhood was his terrible terrible life there was constantly filled with stress and pressure and yelling and fighting and everyone was poor known to pay the bills and then some ass you describe it and it would be like this wonderful magical time and everything was beautiful and amazing and if she could only go back then when life with simple odylic what in the fucking dog you gotta you have this delusional perception of the past that you casually adopt right but for the most part you talking about you
childhood and scars at its left with you and they fuck with your head all day long but then occasionally you'll pull out some bullshit version of your life and i like you look some like like a memory seen in a movie whereas blurry in perfect music is plan is it a survival schuyler yes we're she's not you think she's deftly knots right now she deftly nuts but it's also survival scale i think people to grow up in horrific childhood special they have a way of longing the longed for that ass they largely of so much nostalgia that they distort their memories the memories are fucked up anyway man he s crazy they alters you get older you can you can almost if use plant this need now of what could be a memory later it will almost become a real memory later you're not i'm talking about how do you do that you could deftly manipulate your own brain it's crazy did you can trust yourself these days it any any day though human memories have designed to recall the past and perfect order his design
to remember what dangers and what's not keep move and who do you i got like deal idea of do i know you you know i mean like around people that you trust and care for you remember that you will remember things they did bad guy fuck it hit me with that that piece of shit here and start the inborn not designed for these long term strategies for the world in remembering what the fuck happened thirty years ago when you're in high school or whatever you knock i remember all that stuff and if you do to be all fucked up in jail build up in your brain it won't be accurate g you they do that everything that show black mirror to bow down to see a couple of sars to absorb there's an episode where the woman's a woman's husband passes away and have enough audio of him online where she can now it's how they can take all that audio and makes it together and she can now talk to him online because enough of his voices in the internet and new having this can you even imagine you're gonna live you could potentially be interviewing people for efforts of woe and after you're gone row syllable
where because i wouldn't know what else would have to be an actual if you're gonna listen to someone in a pot gas interview and someone who would have to be the actual person it does you know really know what they're old say i don't even know what the fuck i'm gonna but they have the best databases somebody like you to be honest they're gonna get database but at the end of the day right not real time and it's not based in them is that in the moment at all but i thought that was pretty fascinated they could even do it it is it's only the beginning of with it it will do to get people to recreate you thought patterns to the point where they can recreate how you would feel and think and i think how you feel think is a lot of time dependent upon your health yeah i just been really many times roses really tired and i just want the same person and i would be felt really awake i can also who is that of the same guy because put me in the same scenario with the same person make saying the same thing right of a different reaction to it based on how i feel which is one of the
this is why i think it so important to optimize your life like your physical health is so important to have as much energy is you can all the time for greater than when you talking to people you have a positive excellent response to it you have like a good feeling you take it he like but whenever you experience in life you don't be weighed down by your physical body to the point we don't enjoy the experience as much as you could of your feel unhealthy and happy and where the vest part you can't even get to the surface to like be there to resonate with the other how's your cranky tyre yeah hung over man worse or song drink medical drinking annex that hang his couldn't take the worst drug they think they got up they figured out a way to cure hangovers some guy said that by twenty something like twenty twenty they will have cured hangovers out some some new method to cure hangovers so literally separate doesn't mean you say you know you took him all these things about the future gives you really to make a future man you know of each man here make a new shirt each man and that they have i our tuna think call future some
you happy jerome that's a woman a thing i might a member spanish what i'm saying at one point or we know good anymore well we're not be this anymore i don't think it's a matter of us being no good i think you would pose the same question to australia pythagoras however many hundreds of if that millions of years ago the fuckers were created if you went back then and talk to those people with a sort of canopy or communicated in some weird fuck and grunting form about what the fuck happened a million years from now that their billig more we're not gonna be us anymore well enough clothes on many communities say let's jerome i gotta get in the car i won't even walk places on we're gonna butterfly in a plane you mean i'm not gonna have to freeze to death in the middle of the few rockies as they try to cross oh my god no mean we change everything changes changes like monkeys change dislike arbour
asked ancestor changed will we be ok do you feel like we don't i won't be us that's what we we'll be we right because what we every time we had a different thing man you're different thing it's my jordan can't play kogi because they distort the same at the same time like right but if you could get a time machine in putting together be fascinating right yeah but they can't and they don't and thing keeps going the thing keeps a thing does not way and you are a part of the thing you know we look at the thing in terms of like iphones i want i for one a piece of shit throw run the ocean but back in the day i for one was the future get me my phone aluminum on the back of it look it up just like i'm talking here and make it work when attached to care about you get a life slow as far but you get online mumia those are good times ban but if you got one of those today be horrified like this slow clunky piece of shit fuck this thing ever make it cried beat your spouse weather
you know that's aren't you wouldn't care lotta did you fuck and hated skip it across the lake i guess i'm just nervous and i'm not going to be needed any more in the future you know as a comic yes there's a comic i think about that but also this is like a human well you you'll be something whether not needed is what you need of needed is what we all need when we think we need needed because we don't like feel unneeded are unnecessary so like to be desired so want to be needed bright eventually they we're gonna have to probably replaced that with fulfilled replaced that with joyful with gratitude with enjoying the experience of it sell to who now scary some changes which we might eliminate emotions that might if we're going to engineer something i not me but if i was someone looking to ultimately innovate and get us past where we are now as a species of yours certain leaps and bounds of the human race can have to make one of the big ones
i would have to say as we are always true tat by our emotions man hans tripped up by anger and jealousy and desire racism mild racism or serious racism or you know just distorted perceptions of reality that are caused by the ego not looking at things accurately too hacked you from the reality of who you are versus who you like to pretend you yeah all those different variables can hold back people right now they come up with a way to ensure this ultimate bliss state without any allows us to take it as a zombie i'm godlike level in a state of constant ecstasy like taking the drug access via like but an intelligent crafty at length provoking moving forward ecstasy with no emotions attached to it and no no jealousy and no anger boy who's going to not go into that good like you want to be a champ you want to go back to chimp days when you bite each other's dicks off
like your fingers often killing each other and each one is that we want do or do you want to go forward while if you want to go forward in might be several steps until we get there but i think ultimately we may very well reach a point where we do not have motions as we know them today because they're not necessary because their biological artifacts of time where we were alive and tooth fang and claw trying to prove ourselves from other organisms when that we might surpass that we might reach some new state and that might be the main tool or the main ingredients main element that we introduce
into the human species that allows us to take it as a zombie i'm godlike level because like our new medium canna yeah i mean if you become something that you would never imagined exists now like something that can engineer the future something that can change a body turn turn some thought some one into something that you ve never experienced before make a mind infinitely more powerful than the minds that we currently experiencing the greatest minds on earth that's our engineering if that's all possible you think our feet these will be like in a museum nope i think it'll be a relic be a just like wearing no closes a relic mean you can go back to the amazon right now you can find people did not aren't weren't enclose undiscovered tribes thirds to go in there
arguing in they discover these working people the shootin bows and arrows helicopters cameras on appear in termites to see however that whatever the fuck you can stay alive that's all a relic right iced miss makes me nervous in terms of content the major of on line to the matrix i'm gonna give us suffers what would you bring if i said a dude you know in the matrix but you bring thanks i have to bring a pitcher my family and then after brain probably i bring probably some water you'd be water in the matrix i'm not gonna be there without it and imagine you don't once more to bring water uruguay behold the fuck i want but of all of us
the only some of the war and it gives some of their right to try to get the water bagful you jack in the water a brother signing a brother would drag all around my grasp man a puppy give it out and i would take a knife in there like a small knife a small one near or maybe a toothbrush to you the only person would have recognised girl in the matrix begins and pearls were always thinking you're pushing the major from having a nice girl so may i don't know if i care about that i just want to be in there without so am i a little bit of a creature comfort zone from your own constable on their work is about taking the same feelings and i feel uncomfortable when in this matrix i understand that i don't want to not at least like some new clean my teeth or you know maybe like it mike scar for some sudden make me feel rights more comfortable totally notice i don't get you in the major you and will you take an egg
i assume that physical objects would be useless saw just go but the water might be a good idea in our aid and we might let no one except i think the real problem is is your life force is what you are inside like is a soul real and would have and scientifically isolate the soul they can fit if science figures out away like i know we didn't used to know the subatomic particles we didn't you you know what a cell was we didn't used to know the difference multi selves single cell organs but now we do right what if one day we get to appoint work we have isolated the cell in a human you can see it the same way a dog and see that magnetic field right of isolated in people we know what it is and you can they take it out iranian transferred into the matrix new will live now in the matrix but your physical body will cease to exist and what if that's what happens when you die right would have that's exactly what happened
need i would if that's why the dm tease released in your mind you below through this kaleidoscope of geometric patterns to this other place would have that exactly what happens i believe it can happen that feels most for realistic to me but also thank you come back and be reincarnate he could polly bounced back and forth between the two why not mean if you can be born why can't you be born again there's no evidence i know there's no evidence and you know but there you also know that you're alive generally evidence we have is that we ve been here already wants yeah so he is most likely that that would occur again i don't know about likely but totally possible would you go into a person can exist at all if you can exist at all if whatever the fuck justice is exists in the form that is theo yvonne you telling me that you're absolutely sure but it doesn't pay ass through to some next dimension when the physical body deteriorates in this one you don't know that mean you might be right you might be right might be the end people that are like neo
they like the end your body dies and that's it and yet you might be right but you don't know that you're right so even saying that your body dies and that's it the reason why i have a problem with those a u dont know and be the fact that you exist at all is fuckin crazy ayman the fact that we can talk right now little listening this people right now on road trip right now you people out there listen to this shit right now laughed children they have children probably too out a drive them adults too did you you're a part this we're all part of this the fact that we can experience each other at all reason why we're so fucked up as a culture degrees is what we're so fucked up as a as a civilization as that we're somehow another ignoring the mystery of being alive as meaning this raises a bizarre and wonder full and powerful thing they just that you're alive just a you're here these were just that you and i are speaking these words just that's holiday
by donald trump cards in the office sl things like this happen when the world its tasks in a communication we're all baffled baffled by on still figuring out on the fly we're stuck with these are hayek models of government and control that were designed backwards people were riding rafts across the fucking ocean with the power of the wind may literally necessary radio and our but a burden now i'm thinking to southern africa mayflower the mayflower up into the santa maria knowledge it we are bizarre it just being alive is very strange people meet up and talk about it enough then we don't have time man the other thing we ve given ourselves busy work and creating these objects and buying these objects were creating these objects if you even if not a lot of work in technology shoe theory doesn't work ass you do you worked by technology you don't think you work and technology but your labour no matter what you do on coffee change tyres you're late is helping technology you're gonna buy new phone if
by new tv you're gonna buy new computer you're helping you're all feeding you working towards technology you don't think you are but everybody is man nervous but the oh it right now there's no need see i think that's part of the trick of life is at its own it's gonna feel like all my god this is crazy this end but you enjoy it why can't you get enjoy this is right now it's not ending i had a dream you night was fucked up dreamer you get choice what form for movement has had a hasn t get a choice if you move into that matrix or not do you think of foreigners who knows who knows me get a chaste chanced to stay in limbo maybe get a chance to go into that the empty world and just dance with the elles for all eternity might or you might relax and given the love so much that also in your opening your eyes and you're looking at your mother and you're a baby and you start from scratch and tried to right this time
go to moscow do that rowan ago you won't be born in moscow now just wanna go there like if you added at the end i could you get up more spot you haven't been you now imagine vulnerable you'd feel your reborn as a baby and you are in any way aware the already live this life oh my god i gotta do this again i don't things i think if you get a look at your mother i think you d be so filled with how much love you probably have for without it that's a good attitude that's a good perception maybe it's interesting and that's why it's fascinating to think it was you got to just have just a moment of like through a baby just like through a baby's eyes or through your mother's eyes that see what you look like or through like if you got to just go through to see whether the roots of it all worry now what's my jamie ever heard the stories of like three year olds pass lives they ve tried to tell our parents say that their kids well saying really weird things and i was he goes we were full shit there then
no that's urban treat once you find out and see what i mean you can start approval because they all seem very anecdote let's see if there's any like real good legitimate new york times source we envy start and speak spanish whence born in germany are somewhat that they busted norton he's gonna be a ghost he was make money for his hotel to get it on the haunted tour caught him impersonating a ghost at my dad has there ever been a fuckin genre of television that has been more fruitless then go hunter shows is david settlement about patriots as i said last night in his egos girth audio involves two of our favorite things wandering around aimlessly and disappointment it is every one of them is like ends up in a basement with black light like this where these night vision and the railways the commercial what was that and then they cut commercial
dad i'll be right back and we need black goes on where the black goes on resentment know that by kyoto like magic ngos but you gotta go some brothers and sisters out down the hunt because if anybody could find a goes its blackmail to nourish i'm a bit about that when it came to bigfoot they yeah yeah like here's what you don't find many go look for bigfoot black you are more likely to find bigfoot than you are black people outlook as a white man's folly black people do you have a good time and reflected area here looking for some shit that you don't even know it's real i'm gonna be the guy i'm gonna be the guy i am the explore i am the discoverer i'll be up there on the mountain a real man but have you ever have you ever went to look for a treasure up my love buried treasure instantly i've never heard of a treasure being in any area that was feasible for me go look for no never been involved see get not their agenda never found
the treasure man the everything that would be a crazy thing not we want to do that finds goal from them sunken roman ships because they found like millions of dollars and goal at the bottom of the ocean and oh yeah can ships down these are sink all the time certain parts of the world will think about it the piece of shit but other money on em like investments have like the mar is like the stock market crash it was like arm it was like our market crash boy five claims lived a past life is a woman who dodge cargo fire wow that's easy though you got a toddler worries like this that the hat and it's not proven against it through people looked into her people comment on it so he just had this idea that he was i mean he lives real person yet a huge and the other had the details hot shit till it looks like what we just talking about us before that we're talking about aliens of regos yeah fuck alone a transfer those are my big foot and we're talking about people go in the words of a big foot losers
something about people to go and look for things that aren't there actually about treasure discuss it yeah people wanted to scan shit right whether its ufos or conspiracy theories are thought to be the one of cracks this wide open unlike escape room that's what people love to go do those escape room things where you go in me julia group of thomas's out of filipino atmosphere over there you go there and nay do the arm you know go and try to break out of the room and even here in the room with you but you don't know you immediately want to be the one to crack the code think that partially that kills all of us as as men in it and maybe as people that everything feels like it's been discovered a little bit like the upper shore this like part of us that longs foreleg the ability to be the personal figure some shit out right fine some shit or describing let's would probably lead people to american the first place and we're gonna find the best bought it's open air keep goin
despite our yet you ever see an old homestead area you know too instead as a bomb in montana we we came across these houses that were set up back when the missouri breaks in montana who the river ella montana well do you know those irrational really old structures that are up there that are just rotted out from like dean hundreds and shut or people they would give them plots of land and they would let them homestead so i say you know if you stay here if you could stay here for x amount of time you think you get keep his land god then try and some of them did succeed they failed lao and yeah and you you get to physically type you can get out of your car or you get out but rather well along the shore and go up and put your hand on this building there was built by some guy who took a chance and didn't make it he took a chance and he came over from the east coast or somewhere somewhere east made
all the way out to montana took a patch land and died out there you can find that little house and maybe sometimes is although cemetery there too or the people that used to live there are buried in duty he feels any differently when he died and like you i feel when we die it's really a question like disease the wonder of his two really question about every go scared it doesn't give you i in beverly hills you think it's any better than dine in the jungle no no no it's ultimately woods hilarious about at all at the ends com latent total lack of control that's what's so terrifying to us can we go through our lives trying the best we can to maintain as much controls pos alone writhed avail almost every however the way and then ultimately the only thing that we have control over is our ability to let go of control right why
ultimately the only thing we really have is this understanding that this is a temporary existence and you're gonna come to a time with a ride ends and everybody's right ends and you d faced that scary men i write us on his part back into my head you lay and then doomed doomed undue should end on a perfect deal you're bad mother fucker always like hanging out you're the store i'm glad we got a chance do this do you're funny did thank him in a particular area like this this worthy created in here amongst us back soon withstood again and that is what i would say as yet and fuels goddamn awareness of euro seen him to stand up he's funny and you have a special is coming out in june on showtime nervous what's on netflix right now that's right generals attacked it when it came out but get it out there but
howls yet as some people wrote like negative articles in like had people like some sub reddit people like right get low into stuff that just like kind of cargo attacked you know mutually attacked what was it about subject matter when it was some people comedy comparing doll transport an honest and satire i guess i don't know it just was disappointing but go check it out look man i think you'll enjoy call began its called no offence on netflix no offense theo von fundamental fucker thank you brother through shit man think egypt holler see us thanks here but if a tune it black and thank you too caveman coffee girdle caveman coffee c o dot com musical i to save ten percent of any other awesome coffee thank you to blue apron good blue apron and get your first three meals free with free shipping by going to blue apron dot com thord slash rogan yummy delicious cook yourself and you could do it easy boot apron dotcom ford slack
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