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#931 - Jim Norton

2017-03-14 | 🔗
Jim Norton is a stand-up comedian, radio personality, author, and actor. His latest special "Mouthful of Shame" is available now on Netflix.
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my guess today is one of my favorite comedians while my favorite people just fuckin awesome guy my pal jim norton will gain experience by my very specific stock of wearing headphones would like one he has to decide and henry rounds does the same thing and i said you were near your head foreign headphones jim norton style i didn't know that you guys had some sort of an education but how long is this recently like a couple months ago month he didn't say anything someone else tony online or rather they still mad about that minor was it minor fucking and people they blow over the out of proportion we talk sense that i like him alive we don't have you to meet these great interesting are very interesting we're talking comedy one time and i forget what he was talking about with richard prior on the phone
but he was a little girl you dont leverage it like you do some that's right i remember the vaguely remember tat he was trying to pretend that you didn't know richer prying you may be one of the biggest richard prior fans of all time yeah love em and was a silly thing to try to pray for what like the valor and knowing richer prior on fire and purpose there's a weird thing that people do when they pretend that knowing things makes them better than you because you dont know thanks yeah that's very strange like knowing something is just like oh you know about it it's all it is and we so you're carbon where colonies a brilliant job about people leave you learn something from a movie people are embarrassed to go i learned from tv i learned of mobutu they try to act like they read it these markers you read it i hate you that great point will you do people smarter if they read someday idea that its true that's true my daughter was just telling me that today did she she learned something from an animated movie and she's out ass the weirdest way to learn things ever and i'm like well
really not go that's just it's just a thing you know like you you can learn things for anything it won't be any different money from their like then if you hear somebody say it but this is ways that we think are smart so much smarter if i read something i end up in the disease reality the oligarchy my fucking dope repeating what i heard again why have a friend who get upset if people say they read a book of the actual listen to the audio book really here did you read it or did you listen to the audio books like fuck man leave the guy i think listening to its better well it's as way more productive like you can get it done while you're doing stuff like driving a car the jam or whatever can you can have my focus has got itself fucked up like you it down actually just company i read a book and although certainly going to be doing something addictive i can't but can read a book anymore i hate that i hear my focus is not there i read it finally that lets well to do
red and one more and i start like having a hard time paying attention that's when it's time to crash how long can you before like we're couple hours all i'm good couple hours a mutually good for no more than say liked while if i sat down during the day i could read for about three hours but at night at nine a m good for about two you have that kind of folk depends on what i'm reading really interesting right you know well reading now it's kind of research about them it's a bucket american serengeti sang about what the wildlife used to be on the american planes like before in the pleistocene error i guess you know before the ice age it's pretty crazy shit i understood none of those words schaeffer illegally american these are the first war party got and the rest of i've never was used there's this guy then i'm having on the party was supposed to be here last month we had to reschedule to next month but he's a wild life historian or a biological torrenting us who would be not sure which one
it would be those names dance floor as any wrote this amazing book about coyotes or the history the howdy any road another book about the history a vow of extinct wildlife in the american southwest or the american west and a one point time we and all sorts of crazy shit we had cheetahs there was chief is there was lions that we're bigger than african lions there was a thing while the short phase bear which is fuckin enormous bear bigger than a polar bear we there's a reason why we ve ever seen an antelope like american antelope like a prom warmer antelope you know those are i've seen antelope by big that's like as someone said that an antelope re lying whether this weird animal that lives in like colorado wyoming in new mexico in a lot of different places its of strange animal because it runs way faster than anything that can kill it that's it right there and the reason being is is this animal evolved way way back hundreds of thousands of years ago when there were cheetahs here and they were
really fast things that will chase it like those fucking things are lightning for an outright cheetah while they can do their best the fact that it can make its you to work but whereas like a dear has no shot like a white tailed dear is if it he's gone after white tailed dear cheetahs gonna get it do you a video of i'm such a fruit i can go online i like to watch happy animal videos baby elephants cuddling i went on a fuckin baby elephant like youtube loop just watching but cuddling with baby elephants there are some out of heroin amazing there really for smart man their written out really smart just really smart but they can remember individual elephants from my decades ago i think should be separated from their family and not see family for twenty years and then they reintroduce him and when you see the two of them to get together and it's fuckin heartbreaking casual what makes you think about like the elephants or in zoos neo answer in the circus you like whoa what are these things like they're not dare not do not stupid
is something wrong gather some animals that are like dear beautiful in every like that but they have a very limited cognitive cognitive functions their brain doesn't work that good it's real sample does anything you want he may know where the grass let me be acting like they made no whereas the growth of two thoughts and then the time to fuck once a year simon farc which is crazy which is why they have antlers to fight all the other men and work and then they will fall off and in their back to normal shit but people think we're unique getting like porsches lamby game is the same thing this is fucking nicer antlers yeah well they have weapons really they fight each other to death they kill each other all the time factor but that's what those things are for those giant antlers differs stabbing just slam indonesia they head but each other they occasionally catch one slip it in there broadside i'm go road you that fuckin lungs
but a lot of time so just kind of back off a guy's got bigger antlers any smash me a little bit north african is funded watch one item on male animals back off another it's so much like human beings a lot of time does just posturing i'm going to show you that could rip your head off our right you're beat it like hippos by each other a little better than one's a guide fuck it leaves i was elk hunting once i sought to dig it out these two huge animals are about a thousand pounds slamming heads into each other just run into each other bang putting in smashing antlers together and they were so big mean usually enormous elk bolt of a moral around some around a thousand pounds and just in the force had they generate with their heads colliding with these antlers all just for pussy yea others exactly that's why i don't think people are so bad to do we do because it really is an animal that we were chimps and we're one step beyond and we just don't do it that way anymore but it's always us fighting to fucking to mate now to get laid
we do with gold lamborghinis yet and beautiful watches and shit where you been chosen strength is guys do it you brutal guys were big and can fuck you up and negative girls shore and just people at the gym just where little clothes flaxen picking up waits humiliating it's weird it's like the way we have a weird sort of can connection to these ancient animals that needed to do that or to make sure that the women were attracted to the strong genes stay alive rise not not nearly as important anymore it's late in the day turkey's i'm i dressed like shit like i obviously i mean i can't we're a tank topping i'd look silly so we're like where pants and like an old rotten honey i really a bomb in the jim i know that i can't pete simum was going told the opposite way like people wonder like
what kind of shape i might be in no i can't compete on a level of looking good at a gm like i'm never gonna get laid in a jam whenever not narrow picked up a groan agenda i dated a person who train me i do but she knew me was a personality thing it was never like it was ever like while this guy's cute i'm gonna fuck em like it's never worked that were now never never try i just kind of like wanted i become friends with them and also more fucking like a year later in life i had not happened sneak away and i really do i just put personality my way into it and then the one girl who i really she still really good friend of mine we dated four maybe mind you know i think she's in a different place in life and kind of wanted kids and i'm a fucking per i just can't do it i mean i'm not wrong and i know that but i was oh attracted to her i was sophie i wrote a bit about her and one of my in backup the offended i did a bit about following a girl to step
and look at her bag in the back of her hence there was so nice and nato or the rudder i did i told her after we had died she loved that she that was really funny thing on my god that's the greatest usually a fun person but i lost it her for so long and then we want a dating but i knew if like a year before data when you lust for someone for that long finally when you finally get there it's such a nerve racking experience like like trying to hold back the jews who here who will you can't believe it's happening to write like finally i liked to come sl i do sometimes i lose my rod so if i confess that i why night then i can complement them seeking seriously if you'll yard on you saw this you know what fucked up but if you come quick wow you did great right i'm a it's hard for me to let someone else make me feel good like it's really hard to just let someone pleasure me i can't do it really
yeah i am i a people who can like i just i'm so solo that stuff why very difficult what do you think that's from just compulsion and jacket often speaking of jack off so much you're gonna hear care there i don't i don't bother with that exactly i'll do it i'll do it i'll go if you know what i'm trying to help you fix something really i got is kind of like that with her it was we just we didn't they walked till i just you know like to waste people's time and i know that i'm not indeed having mode maybe soon and i wouldn't mind if i like some by think so i kind of one relationship i've been saying that like last few might ten years have you say it is those middling how fuckin i play i want somebody now like it is boring by myself right about let's get laid is fairly easy if you have money or of some kind of personality you can get laid so kind i want someone like get on a plane with or a watch tv where that's the shit
someone whose opinion you like someone to hang out with yeah friend that's where gets weird right but you want sexual do the mai openers we're we're typically women and i hate the german i've never forgetting them it's never even an option the ghetto kelson cook was my when she's just a friend and we would like watch tv like an old would like an old couple were not just put but non physical it just looks like it it's like an old comic an old queen with my fuckin lady friend so i want that like a friend that i hang out with but some of them also you know our data comedian don't think it's just yeah could work i would say that too i would say it's just the and they're both really funny i'm usually one of them is not funny usually tom woman's and christina guy socks or the it works and and then they sort of global off each other yellow one gets resentful usually the woman's funding the guy socks or the opposite and then they sort of global
does the case often is always like one breaks through one has something going on the other one gets better right yeah and if they feel bad better and then the other one resent some like we're partners in that's that's a hard that fact fuck that i couldn't do it among the only wagon dude is if it was just like i guess would have to be one of the things that you are talking about i couldn't do your friend or your friends with them for it long time rightly i friends we have to be one of those things like you were talking about with your friend where you were friends with him for a long time that you're friends with her for a year and then you are is about getting intimate with someone sometimes people get anywhere with people wouldn't you barely know them and sometimes it works out great but things about getting intimate with someone sometimes people get anywhere with people wouldn't you barely know them and sometimes it works great but sometimes sure just open up a fuckin baggage worms
realize oh you're crazy and they want to blame me for your entire fucked up life you don't i realise their crazy when they're fucking sitting in my house with a suitcase to have flown them in a maybe i should get to know them first put a lot of you on planes before an assignment and open luggage anything i don't even have to fuck em but i probably should know that they're not first crazy completely crazy and then you are in your house and your site and their hovering over you frightened thinking about what that pill over your first cultural down i've had a couple gradually i literally done my kid i couldn't sleep because it was just like i could i didn't know the person well enough and i don't want to have sex through that just takes it to another level but have enough that's the pressure pay when you're pervert year or or just a permit you just taken a chance it's funny and in this i start saying i'm a price to say like out of the day but i put myself in my purse i got i wasting parasite unlike national victims rightly i don't i got i like like drunk checks
i like we're at one point my career i did remember i was on the road and i d this girl massage may and should suffer sexy she stuck her hand in my mouth which i never thought i would like i'd never had anybody you haven't your mouth she's a little dominant in the first option massage vetoes nay given to push my dick out of the way like it was a disgusting item and it was so hot tat but we didn't hook up my dick like you need it and i told you that was one of the sexiest i didn't see it for a year and then we may georgiana she understood i like dominance kind like to feel a bit but there's nothing in appropriate have you candidature feet yes use barefoot now just trying to check it out and so is suddenly domino but she wasn't jerking we offer anything and that sucker can hannah my mouth was out of my life that's worth started to hand them i would like the first thing yeah but don't you have to dig thing a while ago but she just read me like people can read you really a woman that you like and fuckin read you and they just get it and its intuitive and you don't have to go do
those they just kind of do it are so weird that's a weird thing to do though levers ever occur to me you never so never occur to you but when she did it you thought it was really hot cause her ear ever cleans massage wild i mean right and i shoot languages like one i honestly not remember it might have been cocoa cocoanut reminded me of a senseless knew it was it was worthy are like the parting i've edge kick your finger she stuck her hand and anyway i wanted to hang out with her she came to one of my shows she came with a friend and the early show and they she came back on the late show at the ended but my marcel and she came hotel and she was so drunk and we're food i didn't realize how drunk she wasn't down for second now my chief factor like guess you realize the million this no i don't want to be a part of this summer i dont have sex versus to fucked up and she wondered if buccaneers super ass up in the air surviving the as well
and when someone is that drug is hard to go like you're too fucked up cause you were sober a hundred percent gives us where you don't drink at all it happens is heroic nineteen yeah criminals young so it's a to mean it never turn me onto to get someone who's sloppy like right right no what you really want to do and it just i'm not your chance you come out of it and feel like i did something around the fact that right and while she was loaded and she had she actually driven to the hotel so i'd it goes she was unlike look let you hang out and thank god she got sick like ghostly happy of urban happy never grow fucking puke so fucked up i might go see okay and she's apologizing cuz poor gimmick it's ok and she we call her over let me get around i to talk ite talkative taken her car but she let me get a renewed her home and i are that worked out ok but don't you go back to your tour after that no it was last i was in town we still talked after that
but i'm so happy i didn't fuck works out in the phone i never feel i don't feel good about like somebody who it means too much to them either somebody who's like looking at you like all i care for you like if i don't care lange who was the case with her now no no she just drunk but i've that where i think that sometimes the you guys if a woman will say like you i love you and we'd on they'll lie and they'll go i just want sex but they really what love after and advice is that someone is doing that i still look i'm a liar if i pretend i don't know she's doing so won't do it yeah yeah sensitive guy you're trying to avoid the bad feels year i just don't want to be a creep like you studied i mean you think i'm doing anything good is it getting that posed to fuck someone who so drunk the cheese and involvement would you know i mean like you it's almost i'm not a good guy for not fucking or but someone is fucked up if they do not give you know she's like that loaded new stress dick and are ass the commander should i think you would do it sober then i would be filed right
right but anyway i don't i find like i don't like the old one get the less i like any who's not right here like thinking the same way were we're being i just only a predatory feeling never turned me on you know that is too that's also like as you get older you realize like any kind of confrontation any kind of negative feeling that stuff ruins your day clings to you for however long you choose to hang onto it and any sort of negative interaction that you haven't another person right this is bad this is bad people that all the time like when people start flame moors people are mine like look what's a framework that whoever attaching earlier like shitting on people like that don't get invested in this because but if you win even if you make this person feel terrible you're gonna you're gonna there's gotta clean do i've done it before i not ruin that that ensue
thing sang in the mean thing in the negative feelings thing and that any kind of weird confrontation that you have with human beings or why person walks away from it going terrible like those things cling they hang on to you you know that the time necessary my problems i have ego like everybody else who says some so as to be shitty comedians arguing against it is responding to use to doing it alive room but after a while unlike what what is it satisfaction either you said even if you win who gives us who gives a fuck cares while i made a guy feel worse than he was trying to make me feel so that's not why i got into the business adding endeavours the spread joy but as they are now i'm a comic i'm not here to big peoples a shitty yeah i mean the best part about a show is when you kill him and the best part i'll kill him is that the whole room full of people feel great ripe everybody's laugh in hard you see it the little when you look out someone's phase like yeah there cry and laugh and that's a positive feeling and
you get in neg any sort of a negative situation with someone has even just a sample as a girl pretending once acts but she really wants love and then when she's leaving she feels bomb down and you feel bomb now and then you get tax from her was that all that it was to you and i got you yeah of organ grazed all those negative things man get older you realize you ve sort of data chunk so add up all the ones you annual i've got up i know what this is i see common right yes you are buying off please just be friends i don't want i learned tat someone comes over like i might fucker out of a little bit but i want to put dick in someone and tall i've homeward them at least once or twice so they this way if we fool around a little bit may walk away they feel good like while we didn't fuck i don't worry i just wanna be somebody media yeah i had been before were enough yoshida about i never feel good about it isn't it funding that there's like stages of things you do like a hug someone doesn't mean anything you could hugger coworker you could have a friend and hug you does mean asia but then there's like
hugging and kissing oh he took it to another level now you touched lips holding hands the heathen wholly has we're friends it's good to see you it's good to see her he could shake hands with someone and that's just business transactions alone bob hello mike yeah no problem there in all but one you stick your dick inside so things get weird yeah gets a little more connected feels more cannot nay certainly feel more connected to your so yeah and if i do the first series i know it i don't feel good about it and when you put it in their ass my wife this just got crazy address this digression niger is ticket to the wild place that boy i've been fucked you in the assets so long dude weeks now years years that is what it is i'm just running out of steam i guess that's lacking at metering act not seems
you been more considerate as you get older it's interesting and i agree with your beer perception i think you're a pervert but i'll take your bad pervert what you're saying was that you are not a negative per right you're not a creep mean person inane that's i dont think perverted bad thing i think it's hilarious you know like when used talking about feed or other weird shit yeah put your hand your methods pervert placing a bad part like it doesn't doesn't make me feel bad right i don't think of you in a negative way at all i think you it's a positive thing because you're on about what turns you want what you get excited by yeah that's it help i google is my friend i my enemy like what i'm doing i really have had many girls google me and adjust that's all she wrote never good like if they don't know me beforehand finnish because they google stop and they find it or not then whatever good that's a troop of their party great girl
meet me not knowing anything and gould in greece which you can reinforce our disguise even better than i thought phenomenal but that's very very rare and yeah that's it it is not very often it seems like though they would find you mean there's a spectrum of human beings right yeah and they would find you like well this is what i'm looking for yeah i'd you get that i should like the eye two very narrowed corridor of people the ones who do really show up with their gear packs always saying narrow corridor a people that i mean i can feel it that's the same way with everybody really like when it comes down to like who whose attracted to invite you generally it is kind of a narrow corridor of people but most the time you don't find that corridor you know
it was with a guy like you a girl can google you yes you know like with some regular guy like what are the odds she's gonna know sexual proclivities and other weird shit he's in who and how open he's been about relationships on the radio pretty pretty hot define them so you know that thorough quote i was brings our brain up too much i know folks we listened but most men live lives of quiet desperation gray close fuck as i listen i quote all the time a region quote all the time i think of their quota alla time because i think it's one those things that we just do and we don't address and we want to special if you work in the public sector or you workin no business rather you know you're your guy works in an office yuri wearing a suit you're acting as normal as you can it out it there's a lot of that no one on out there were people pretending to be someone who they're not it's it's a huge problem
one of the things that you see in these is i want to bring this up with you now that you're here jamie pull up might my twitter profile there was a tweet that i posted last night that i found this guy got in trouble for a fucking joke any wonder leaving this this company that the eu is involved video games he's been on dave reuben shown day reuben was raving about em look at this look with this guy that's on the one on the left right there this is what he wrote peace and i had hashtag day without a woman just fuckin joe these greeley ample job now go to the next one jamie look with the fao can international business times wrote kind of fun he's column moriarty resigns after targeting women in racist joke insist it's his personal decision to resign racist grace race known as women are women a fucking race now did you know that their dad joke about women
is racist get some brain surgeons over there i retired got wow that's crazy get some back vacancies for real journalist who could click on that that that calling it look at this international business times fuck you widely resign whoever this guy is what does this guy by mike mike loses looks but every name is fuck you man that is what you are doing right that is virtue signalling at its very worst you know that's not a racist joke that is that what you did is you u targeted that guy you were after that guy any did it in a very deceptive way that is it is if anything it's it's just a joke and you might not like it you might think well that's not really good if your work environment with women you know what you don't wanna hear them talk like that might be sexes it's a fucking joke saying that its racist is it
that is so fuckin deceptive manipulative lily thing i for tobacco calamari are i don't know why he resigned in here and a firearm but which is article say well how does he tion racer that's gotta day he has to go to the outskirts of the article this note does no fuckin connect it's come can't raise a how could you be a connection and saw no unless that's a race unless women are a fuckin race crazy that someone would think that it's ok to do that like a disguise punching backdoor i kind of like that he's not just taking the quietly apologizing while he quit whatever organisation that is that he was working for kind of funny and decide in so many people that he was working with shit on for that joke its two goddamn joke and what why is everybody so sensitive today and is it that are so sensitive or is it that they're so
per ready to jump down other people's throws because they sense that this is a very hostile environment and when you tell jokes people what were you doing this it when you oh he updated it the guy and by the way please i don't think it's the people we took down the word resources as ratio at last you described his joke tweeted my comrades racist it was not the article has been changed reflected bill fuck you yourself argue is still fuck you you man this is where the real problem today and that people jumping down people's throats for jokes and their their due because they sense that their soft targets that its busy
pylon and they sense the pile on the goal is got made a joke about women let's get him a bunch of people going to get and this is a free shot kickin someone whether downright that's what it is it's a drunk girl the party you stick in it right nor ass people are basically the same thing there mean the same thing at all not now but if it's the same shitty mentality behind it is that people like people they don't feel offended show us a chance to be mean and you can be mean that someone who does something fucked up or says something race mr whatever saw you people just comments that yoke is episode of merry with children it is we have peace and quiet david our woman quiet it placing defiantly come on every episode of of honeymooners same thing tat was the way to the moment alice threatening beating her i know with his fist like punching her into interstellar space and it was so great without those it literally people criticise that but she was like the first feminist on tv
because she one every exchange she was ass she was always right he was a big dumb fats o clock you not give man and he would always get mad and she would all the writing in that the fuckin the eddie it'll be emasculating line she had heard of some of the best lines i don't want my salary to leak out your salary couldn't drip out what fucking great line you're salary couldn't drip out great show how humiliating and yet what one nothing about that show that was so great about honeymooners and those laws and a lot of previous sitcoms no mean this is there was a ground breaking new thing at the time that it was on a car i think cavalcade it was called it with some like this like all the all washed ones are like some of them are fifteen minutes twenty minutes they were part of us a sketch of the honey this was a sketch in an overall shall if you like it was like date when you started he was just ices character in clays act that's why that was why i just became this thing we didn't do well
and they came back years later but so how do you can never do that yet today we can do all the family can do there's a million more these that you couldn't do you know me you try watching like older movies what was it that way that recently we were lucky there's no way you could do that today there is an old movie that was of really fucking funny movie from like the nineties which one would show a mocking bird there's a big yes or no definite programme and do that when either knows one of those o o whose national lampoons vacation like good lord i watch national lamp wounds vacation into situational fuckin way you could do that movie today that you will get to our member it i've seen it as a sexist besides nesting everything like you there's no humor humor has to be enhanced like these rigid filters now it's not as simple as say something inappropriate but that still funny that you don't necessarily mean like one of my favorite comics
what a great one the grace of all times roseanne bar i put hers verify i put her as one of the most important comics well time because i what roseanne did was she she had that powerful fuck comedy as a woman and it was really one of the first ever because women were more sid day in their first even if they were really good comics like joan rivers that it was different sort of style of delivery but rosy and came out like a hard core man club comic now and she was shit not her husband for being too fuckin loser big fat and it was just hard and slamming and i take offence as a man didn't hear those jokes and going camp we shit non man i've carefully shit non man just funding and to stop the steel sector this guy saying you know peace and quiet like i'm sorry if you're not a applicant that joke shouldn't affair
right ok if your person is a great conversationalist knew also happen to have a vagina that shouldn't be you even in the slightest probably doesn't it's just like all i know that should bother me so i'm going to be shity about it i don't think you don't care that much i think they just like to to attack of the people exactly and about now why fuck you too that i wrote that article especially fuck you because you call them a racist yeah he did that on purpose because he knew was gonna be quick bait he's gonna get people to go to that article and it was gonna get people more excited about it without even reading it has all they need is the article most people are so fuckin busy they don't have time to read the whole thing there's so quick to pull the trigger are they all they need is the tidal wave and tidal oh that's good enough fuck him what's tweet adam what's shame him yeah the euro john ransom he's great jonah to him to let him on before ilie interesting guy about shame yeah i'm i always feel it's i kind of understand that it is a weird it is eight integrate everybody's afraid of people fight so that
feel ashamed and have to back off exact shame is the fuckin amazingly powerful thing like you the reason guys shoot gonna shootings pre war is because they ve been shame because i ve been fire because a wife asleep with somebody else and shame and it is the worst fucking will shame is a new thing that people are going after like fat shaming slut shaming these early com lately new idea in american culture this as there was no sir let shaming all kids you know fuckin heard of it as a concept now we call girls like that was it nay they say like while girl she built of slots to they shouldn't be shamed or fat people look i don't care if you fuckin fat but if it here next to me and you're taking more space than you should on a plane i do have a problem with it gives you're making a decision that fucking me up i don't care the ilo the people live in a house that we created out good for them i don't care if you sit on the toilet forever knocking
of our doesn't bother me i'm going to shame those people but if you if you're sitting next to me i'm like what the fuck you it's it's pull being fat is a shameful thing it just is its it brings people shame i mean that's why the humour in it that's why i want guy takes office shorting doesn't give a fuck its larry i can say that guy doesn't give a fuck thrice shameless right here in our guy with big got these revenant like buddha that's where it's funny right because this guy shameless he looks disgusting words you are i would look at that and go of that was may i be so sad he didn't you and we are we admire accusing you like the fact that he's like he gazed with little either he doesn't give a fuck or he's so ashamed devotees loaned learn how to on its attitude to accommodate both some people probably so fucked up i d like phuket aware it and other people just dumb garish there are so many weak weak weak men out there that go after people for jokes like that guy who make
the guy collar moriarty that his name that made that joke on the partners are reached out him last night after this site this is so crazy so and i looked at all tweets on the people who were pile and on unlike what the fuck are you guys talk and ammonia this is so mild so silly we care peace and quiet jesus christ that's it yes it that's all makes all it takes for you to be disappointed with him and me to so many people people that he worked with piled on those kind of funny was that was an idea i don't know i don't even know what it was i never heard about until last night somebody tweeted to me that thing in here tweeted that mean that did you know that it was racist you now to make a joke about women also why is this then i looked into and like all my god is so crazy what a dick back i was too with that i wonder if he thought it was race history was possible i don't know it's so simple it's such a simple joke i mean there's room for error there a day without a woman hashtag it day without a woman and then
some quiet that's it here you see racist there it's crazy monsters raising anti human monsters they want people to feel pain for almost no reason whatsoever or they will go out of their way and use a tactic they can if they each if they see that its live in and their eyes its legitimate its somehow another warranted in its that goddamn virtue signalling is somebody weak man out there that virtue signal attack other men for end saying that shows that they are better than that man for you today you little pat on the back a little siberia hat here aren't i good people than doing lately politically too and i don't care how people feel that their pilot fine basically upset of treating the same thing over and over three they just what you look like while this guy really where's it shut up clear example here six fuck i literally i dont have and then i just i took it actually trip on the punchline i'm i am especially had a trumpet and i fucked
one final word was no way to fix it just a dope and i say a little about grabbed a plus united driver pussy like voice over it i tried to accession earlier in the thing and i tried brown like take it off ok ok i was this one not been anyway it was ok coming i could do this better but i'm not just saying something cheesy an ear cheesy in the fucking dog over the head sometimes when i'm doing a bit like about something that's real current events like that like i'm on stage literally searching for the words as i'm sanum guiana gum hoping that a new word will come out or a new angle come out or a new a new perception i shall be able to see see an angle of it that i didn't see before and then you know sometimes you gotta realise also that bits only have humor in them because their current yet people immediately and they all yeah i can't believe did when you have to start go and remember what we don't and less
it's fuckin genius there are some remember ones you could pull pull out but you know i got it all like i feel like every bit or every dear and are not even a surly just with jokes but any subjecting talk about like they live had these subjects have energy to them and what is it doesn't have the energy to it it just doesn't and you could try to use it up and jazz it up but but there was no way to put it that's a really good to put it in have sent out i've never been able to put it words are why does all the sudden something like this no longer topical that's a great way to phrase it does have energy around it like in the room it's kind of like everybody's mind right yeah like last night oh yes we're doing a pot gas and we got to the subject of bricks it and leave in britain and i could feel the energy in the podcast drain really give a fuck about anymore it's kind of retired subject and and it's just been
and down so many times wages it seems that there was no energy in it it just seemed like maybe if i live in england it would be different if i was over experience pros and cons of breaks it but to me was like ideas have enabled with but we were talking about artificial intelligence of artificial intelligence taking over the human race and that one charges me up now one gives me like all this subject has energy to it this is so this is things that have they have something to them i got an overall mass to them while the word of any use should make people want to smack my face but some board some things have explore ability yeah i know my complete kind for saying i acknowledge word but like the bread that you kind of explore and it's done but like artificial and tell you could always it doesn't feel like you're walking into a room it's only been searched like logjams you walk into romantic i've looked in this room have open every door there's really nothing new in here and roaring and the audience feels it yeah is an artificial intelligence is always you know
like dogs do you like cats i don't understand people like cats law he actually so many times someone can say that until you like alma ata can't do it anymore zactly i don't care about the one i'm done better yet pilato i've been riding the idea like midi pussy since fuckin ninety ninety so it's time to step we have always been a media pussy van already here and now that i don't like the bat lips babblings i don't understand why people don't they ran around your dick it's like this is like an extra gripper i like it alive i'm so happy i'm just getting saying i didn't like ibm now i am and i was talking to a woman whose explaining to me how women watching porn gives him a fucked up self image because a lot of those women have lady a surgery i hate those lady a plastic doctors i hate them the war it is so crazy that you would remove pussy skin like because they don't want their pussy to look like ragged they want they want to be like hanging out does know that you're pussies never too big like literally you say my pussies today why because sometimes
i'm putting my shoe on gets caught out then it's maybe too big a proper why you jump and robots we get started by the leather row he ever dangle heard wasp legs to break her heart but you i hate that you drive me crazy like i love that's why i talk about today's funded joke about but like women we you i love that you like that you have been social com please i just don't and why it would be a bad thing it's never understood why it's a bad thing because some guys don't like it doesnt guys like that neat little mean anthony's targeted amicably like i like a tight little package you no answer fuckin meeting per day this guy you want to make it in a tight little packaging that that's how he likes him any more
like i'm a little beyond two yeah i mean you might like any other reasons it has not had time to you my leg and fresh out of the box year he also enjoys green bananas he likes to put the cocoanut off the tree really does make an open window machete about who is so funny to talk to a guy who is so opposite me and like that but about that i almost wish i was like i think that's a simpler thing on internet simpler it is your thing to find them these weird little quirks nestle at how a bum down for girls pussies night nice and tighten trimmed up and how can by that point there's something in her personality i like her there's something about her sent that i like there's always it is you pick your bath like ok i wanted to be an old good location i want to have a door man but i like that i don't you gotta get to those three things that's how it is when you get dating but what have you
in a girl and she looked like she's she's got like good bone structures deco mike ten european she a big hands while this gulf gotta have a media pushing me get down any scars it's happened trimmed up oh i don't know you see them no i don't think they do a good job but if a woman of a totally learn how to deal with them yet you look like a jeweler less like but from the red room those monocles for i dont know how to deal with that i don't know they were needed at one point in history i guess in people just think it looks smart getting for reading i believe need to read things i don't know why would you want to have so then holding your eye like one one thing like that really dont know the thinking of it looks really uncomfortable and i dont know i would love to know the history of the monocle now i have no idea pod friedman used to put that
can thing in his eye and go on stage every time you did evening the emperor like he thought it was a good thing to have a miracle and is probably after a while it's like a muscle like the little thing cheek if i just got privileges holds it they're like naturally take when you have very kind tax you're reading glasses i do i twenty final reading glasses and like i just can't fucking i gotta go back to glasses stinks forty eight my eyes gonna be my eyes are part of the union are far can you really near like i see you crystal clear when i read i put these fuckers on other prescription now they are i gotta go to a doctor i just went and i went to look at the charts and found out what wasn't that's when i gotta do try blot like literally a twenty four hour hair downstairs cbs inward nor therefore but i dont think they're good enough and i look up and said my faces in gauze humbugging rock polymer they probably fuck with your eyes
the correct way that's why i don't wanna make my eyes worse cried lay sick back like a son of ten years ago but that starting to network anymore cacena holding i got lasik was it for near sightedness are far sightedness i can't see far away so early in your cited now that's far sighted i can't finally why isn't it works like anyhow nearsighted is i couldn't far away but now it's the reading like ads further and further away so yeah and glass ass i have a friend was not the margins and he said this is one of the things that happens as you get older your eyes just don't they dont focus the same way as they used to hide a doktor coming disposed to live my the anti the guy domain that ties are here the human body is designed to live forty some years and everything else is just science and medicine so we break down that's what happens that's why you guys go that's why i've cancers happier used to say that these are all part of justice natural you know you're not when you're born designed to live eighty years
damn i know where you are but the last twenty are supposed to suck yale terribly so as to get to the point where when you're on your death bed you like finally me i can't wait for this over with i don't wanna die hype and think about it a lot lately that can really resists the idea of it i don't want to i want to do it but you enjoy life yeah more now my more much more much happier much happen i have one you know intellect couple of years i mean i'm doing the show with sam now it means embryos show together which has been a lot of fun and its aid to think you're starting a new thing so it's a reset like ok i'm doing anything now it feels tat sounds are you guys are having a good time yeah yea i we really are and just what to do in the others with work i just feel kind of more grateful that i haven't awhile with a fuckin shut up being upset like an idiot things are really good and when i fancy feeling bad i know it's just because i'm addicted to feeling bad it's bullshit what we have such a fucking great
when you talked a person has a regular job and they do not complain about their job and you think about like the complaints you have with being a comic it's a goddamn so so animal i had to complain about i'd i'd legal a legit complaint about where the australian contest and was sure they fuck me and i was annoyed that they just d they on the connection didn't wait even though it was a quantum plain that was late and i arrived in my manager is on the play waiting for me in there wouldn't let me i again we are to put the paperwork here though it has been caught are they flew me somewhere else it thought it was just a dismal some complaining about online but people who don't give a fuck d like even though its logic plaintively fuck you you're fine all over the world and business i shut up and not that kind of right like it's a luxury problem it's a problem of of ok that's not right away they did it but that's not a bad problem to have in in life it's so minor in comparison the most things are people go through you don't you
stop and think about how many people work jobs that they fuckin hey yeah its power probably eighty percent of the police the people it's probably closed eighty lisa office before and the things that the women in googling you can't if you're an account walk in as an accountant and go home i gotta massage less than she stuck her feet my face in ireland but something is getting twelve people i know why you're one of you don't go anywhere you human resources and put you in the office jim i'm gonna read from a transcript you tell me if this is not something that you said yes someone stuck their feet in my mouth last night and they were clean but stinky as awesome and i jerked under my shirt not what i said i said she put them on my face and they will clean but stinky not allow suck them i want clean but you and our jobs we get to discuss any they and it's so much fun to just vomited yeah and people
but like you they relate to it but it's it could be a lot worse way or so i think it a lot like i have i do have fun i love i like doing the pakistan back love matzoh he's of one guy you know just two most genuine gaia probably known in years how often you guys to you do you see uncensored right how unfilled now many today thursday monday when they won't help fondest sit with a guy money ones tape would mean we take the day before it comes out however is not just where they come do you i don't have to be be happy to do alive but that as we do that was it today you have seen how do you know i don't know i am i'm guessing databases so it is probably more than digital but i dont know put talk to when you look when you do that if i have a problem or a question not alas craig or go to go ass i turned it about a dana what stuff is like a legit question or have i s dana someone who you coordinate with like when you find your schedule of workers can be on the show we have a bucker and i'll talk to us
do sir really is a great deal needs very organised in a great prep guy but it there's something that i think like hey i would like to have this better or rather we should have this guest honour in new york then maybe asked the boy see booker all ask go i'll asked craig or something like that they can help and when someone comes up when you have an idea of a guess you can bring in up to them and they can book it sure yeah we just needed a book and we have someone i was really helping out like i was u have to run it through like you have sea like say if you want to have someone give to run it through anybody each week the producer chrysippus batteries tease oppressive adasa nobody guy who's he's a little nervous he's one of you fired now my prisoner vine if we have a committee on or a he liked it check it out i don't think we need to but it does like i wanted frances i'm gonna i fucking love in god i just he's one of my favorite people and they picked for our radio show in the morning but i was i will talk to even though its gimme heart hard and i well he speaks
damn we actually did you see progress to different ages so we could have him in so he was great in other that's the one hardly get people you want to tell you how bout as english uniform not minds or postpone interviews he did bring in interpreted with them did fate or twice years ago that was rough going through a woman patrice was and it was really a fun interview but yeah i don't think that's i don't know if that's not worth it now going through an interpreter because you also don't know whether now with interpreting accurately get out people say that likes our interview someone after a fight and then someone who actually speaks the language will say that interpreter fucked up everything like day they got it all wrong though that happens yeah i guess so so we didn't do that but heated embrasures brought someone with them he was nice it was superior to that that was kind of fine dockers fuckin scared he scary man fuck you i think you'd want to i die i'm surprised number six over derek louis it's in the neighborhood
it made him and eric louis for doubling the neighbourhood i would do i would give derek the nod because derek as being more top tat isn't he wrote i'll send you know derek just be travis by kayo has a big big victory for him i would ranked erika he's gonna listen to jerk saleratus yeas are funded in areas fuckin instagram it's hilarious yassum should that he puts on insecure me like oh my god like disguise pushing a fuckin envelope do somethin about i dont know if it's because each time in jail but this is something about that is those guys have seen such worse worse part of life this is just i can only yes what they seem like there's a different reality when you go to jail and come out what a dear due time for i don't remember it was a three and a half year we talk to him about but i don't know what's got into why you isn't it might have been a parole violation for drugs users going down the road i think three years i believe you did we now have years yeah it's a long time he's an interesting guys getting a lot better man is what what he was in the beginning was career he was kind of abroad
and then somewhere around the time many far roy nelson i notice is putting its combination togetherness get crazy difference here and then i saw an interview with a more is talking about the strength conditioning work out he's doing now realized like look i gotta have a gas take liking easy to put it on he's due to him and heard him then you run out of and you realize yes i have a gas tank now that he has a gas tank you're seeing these incredible proof this work is most guys can keep you going through around if they know that you might run out of energy they can at least they can keep your word for enough time to frighten capitalize on that travis brown i was surprised that he lost five because he was doing really well i'm her had ever seen anybody you i've never been able to hold their stomach and they dared loosely studies vary from introducing a shit what he i kick any actually turned and ran to i've never seen anybody actually display like fucker you hit there again we have real i've seen it you have seen a map brownstone a couple times he iter there is also lab drug
pete cell fought nate quarry zanu was i think it was no scott smith scott risk yeah scott hands of steel smith and drug o heard em to the body anymore in four they kill and scott knocked him out with one punch team game he came rushing acres scott like grab his body and then as drug was moving in scott knocked him out with one punch then like literally fell to the ground himself in agony holding aside i think one of those rich franklin le del things like we're like literally at the round is ended he why they broke his arm anyone who won the fight yellow i cannot go why didn't i just avoid that fuckin i was doing so good whilst truck just heard that crazy style his style was always kamikaze was keller detailed too banana style so fond of why but man he you would never teach a fighter that you know you ever teach a guide to fight like that you teach you gotta fight mighty mouse style you you never say hey fight like chuckled though i rather less
finally even though you know you watch body mass like the guys just perfect in our budget i just like watching somebody threw giant fists and fucking people argue that if what i want to be like if i could be a guy in life i better off to be mighty nice he's probably a more responsible fellow probably more polite fellow we prague but you know who what about rather be little you gotta walks in these looking to fuck somebody or not somebody out there just system counting on his head like an animal is i you look at me nobody does for letting mighty amounts might be an account and you don't know what he does religion but chuckie like he absolutely has to do for a living it's in the neighborhood he's us gary did he has but there's others confused yosemite improv i'd even know now well years ago indiana brought him to the improbably heckling they don't stay
because i can handle it play when i'm a little regular you mean usually casually but i was like you what are you doing adele is heckling you there's no cause you never know how somebody is really going to take when our drinking a little most people who have a bad reaction be but dont want about reaction now but he was afterwards we were chatty and i he such an alpha guy like he does it mean to you i was talking when the hallway i need like he comes he's arms are wide he's a fucking leans in anybody's being lovely but people walking by like what the fuck happening between the it looks like he's putting you down and tell you to putting you fuckin place but he's not he's just having a fun chat lena gay with his giant armies are really fun thanked him to watch i could see people looking who will air day
they just want something unpleasant what's happening like now i'm such a smiling vigorously normal camera is like when you see a big dog in the room people to school jesus ideas are dogs friendly dog whose dogs at i want to take it may i listen to so many guys a digital and i want to do it so badly what to do it because cardio is so but match me down to ngos and i why i love that i walk images i'd like the atmosphere but i've i've i'm too tired and i must say that such a pussy thing ground like i don't live acne i don't sleep i'm fucking exhausted all the time but you just start doing you get better my alibi all i will i get your on a certain level in the beginning in everybody's level different if you came in your leg world class gymnast and you know you are really get a wrestling and high school you'd be at a higher level when you started but starts somewhere you know he is getting better mean boarding started fifty eight
i actually you know it's funny i asked him because i know he started likely unlike you like fucking love it like he's addicted to makes me kind of wada he's a weird god man i never would have thought when i first met heroin addiction while it will the heroin diction i think is indicative of the same thing that's leading him to jitsu addiction i think he's just crazy impulsive guy and not an bad way is none sultan my because that crazy impulsive thing it's also doubles up his passion in the the guy loves food the way the guy loves culture the way the guy loves music the way the guy loves anything man he and i are we did this episode of his show a few months ago and we went pheasant in hunting and we talked jujitsu likely he fucking loves it so much we were worried down in the dirt on the ground in montana we're going over positions like us
splain in certain parts of this like a lot of times and guy's going for the darcy get stalled up here but here's another option and we were going over stuff and like he was falcons so can in any manner guys like kind alike to do and then there's has it i start talking to my this guy's balls deep he's all in but another reason i want to take it because i'm a it's for self defense reasons and because i talk about it with the thing i wanted to experience it and this also so many great people i know that i can ask questions too yeah it's almost like when you know all these people who are great added romance sarah you know people don't give that guy the respect he deserves i don't think people remember but one point time that was one of the best brazilian judges who competitors in the world he be john john my shadow by decision meters by decision but he be jean jacques when john jack was in its prime when john jacket one dhabi and john jack is submitting everybody semitic sack our eyes emitted like some of the best guys in the world that's her was a fuckin beast man
he was one of henshaws first black belt in america twice a year in his view a super respected as a jew compared before i ever got into the sea and do not meet the problem in some ways is kind of cursed with the fact that he has heavy hands he hits hard so matt wind up in a knock and a lot of guys out like knocked out she s p knocked out frank trig but mats jujitsu was better than ninety nine percent of the people that have ever competed anime he loves so much like its funding we you talk to him a talks about yes the role of a key just live he loves it so much it makes you wanna do it well for him it's fun he sprang when people every day yet i would be fine he's not the nail he's the fuckin hammer i probably too much a different position i finally have a much different feeling about would be deftly will would at first but it's just one those things where the first moment you get your first tap out you'll be so addicted really fun do immediately starlike i'm such a fucking complaining but i've tenderness
it is like i couldn't work out for you can i do legs and an cardio so this terrible was wrong you're right i had tended eyes it was like literally i think i'm doing polyps or doing the kettlebells wrong and i just i literally my arms in such pain i couldn't do anything with my i'm sure you that was my lost all that way i was fucked up was like i'm never going fat again and i went on this whole thirty diet and there was i stuck to it for like months when it's a whole thirty two areas pretty good it was like you don't feel like eating a healthy lot of a white and common sense with carves gideon baked potato and some fruit like they did they didn't say don't just on it was just very strict certain that's no beans and this shit and i dropped a ton away and i was doing all cardio fraid reentry my arm and not be able to work out you can think of your arms on her your arms on her one of things happens when you get injured you said you start thinking of your bodies like a race car like a bloke tire like i won't go get that tired and i got up that quite a few surgeries
and a bunch of injuries that i didn't have the surgery on and decided that a meal output you just do itself on that you just sort it you have a different way of looking at your body you start thinking of your body is like a utensil or a tool instead of just as your body me think of it as your body as well but like if i break something something to foster a fixed this thing i don't think of as i go my god i can't do this can because if i get more tender ninus on his elbow then my elbow always be in pain i'll think like that i think how do i fix this thing where do i gotta go who's the doktor luckily i work for the seas i'll talk to doktor davidson and i'll say hey man what do we do about this what what are you wearing recommend and he'll say why it can he's on the cutting edge and comes here he's actually i'm part of this that has started injecting stem cells into discs which is radical new procedure
where they ve been using stem cells to regenerate tissue for a long time and stem cells work amazing by the way on tend to nine is really far gad heels it up like it's incredible i did cortisone which i know is not recommended i want you to once and some of them just once and then you're ok we don't keep doing it i didn't want you to actually really helped and i didn't do anything and it actually fix me or that that's good i certainly will help take away some of the pain but it's dangerous because it masks that pain and a lot of times guys like day day injure themselves badly because they don't feel that pay like boss route in basra chewed is fuckin these pieces because he got cortisone shots and when they were the damage nice push through it like an animal in our but by point is like but there are able to do now is dickens shoot these stem cells they take fetal stem cells they get from a woman's placenta after she gives birth she did like a woman who gives birth by sicilian section they take out the centre the extraction cells from this placenta and then jack them directly and injuries fuckin heal its
the general tissue regenerates monistic is regenerates all these different types of tissue can basically form anything that's injured tissue muscle any any tenderness and eating his injured it can regenerate but there now doing it on discs which is key is because we have this degeneration would what happens is your body through poor past exercise abuse trauma whatever your discs get compressed this wind up pushing on your nerves and they use do what i call the december summit they come in they cut a piece of disk away usually gets worse and some people to have to get that disk removed and the nay they get it replaced with an artificial one eddie bravo gotta replace an artificial on or they will actually few was the bone together which is very problematic put stress on the upper and lower portion the disk now what they're going to do sort injecting stem cells directly into the disk and the disk cheat regenerate and pump up so you'll be two in theory at least get your disk
back to where they were when you're eighteen so you a little injection of stem cell phone but it's not hurting you now right no ice too but i noticed it when i do certain things like i it's almost like i feel like i like its is to begin now that i know it where it goes waits i do but i'm not a lot yeah but i mean you don't have to do a lot but just live weights and knew no progressively build it up and in listen to it in a few field put some ice on it but the late wait lifting like it seems it seems two it but one of things at a lot of you the is that even olympic lifting like heavy power lifting cleans and squad dead lifts and things on those lines actually helps joint pain because it straight things up all that tissue and strengthens up a stabilizing muscles strengthens up all the ligaments intentions yeah i do lip and is not a lot but i can't do much are you two tuckered out my train was the fucking spit on me i'm always like
i'm tie i'll walk you let her know what kind of shape i mean like i'm really honest about it ok but i'm having my i'm feeling like stoned he's got a deal with the irish through the ideal i mean juno do a shower taking the fuckin gym everyday we get crazy i would like to deal with caffeine and i will try that the lebanese caveman coffees these fuckers of tuna seventy milligrams caffeine i'll give you two these bitches and then some some our brain and some true sport and just go analogous goddamned while the dress me some hot pink satin shorts and let me requests it that's crunching socks like those that movie she's a may all of us are there flashed stance it was because they fast dance plaster i would say that whilst there goes my man but with our partners goes my fuckin hated that up our bothers you ahead of it i don't know why the certain things like songs were they were they were they clap in it like i'm a big betty david
size guy like that she's cap every day but i haven t got does that that was so eightys the fuckin the hand collapse and songs drove racy i hated that yeah funny how songs like you can tell there from a time there there's a sound to them there oh yeah that's from that time but especially sixty hours they industry you like that that weird whatever the weird sound whether it's what phil spectre started or these things it the robin you i've been listening to dell sharon's run away a lot and just a sound in their random at that time that you just like everyone that's all meant something too as a teenagers older dead get me weird feelings man i listen to this sixty two the fifties i feel like a creep believe a risk frightened like i really get worse listening to those old songs because the
connection they had they are in the histories guy's dead how really bring me out was also one of the first times i mean if you really go back to it crept out when i listen to early nineteen hundreds music to cause like that's the original music there was record essentially mean ye i think the first we talked about this once before one was a first record i feel like it was late now is like the seventeen hundreds the first they came up with one of those big in others big tubes would like the now on it and that that was where the sound came from a giant looking thing yes now people in fucking in brooklyn are buying them they think it makes them look really william renders the eggs listening old vinyl on shared with final what is is eighteen it is evident that thing then the record first oh that's right and record yeah the cylinder that's right yet is crazy that when you think about human history
that people recorded music they just had her they could only write things down until now a little bit more than a hundred fifty years ago or hundred fifty years ago whatever was it is we are what you look like like with your listing tweeting i find when you hear something i got a temporary and you'd download i walk into a lovely and end the idea that couldn't recorded at one time like you literally how did you say them that all no and tell somebody how to play it and aid to hear it and then they had to play it the way you play like that's how i got passed out the worst is when you someone need you eat tell someone like hey you know that's on and then you go like this like a tax unfair please tell me where is sanity they're out a fuck your talent and then you play the song and they got out that's my god you are you didn't sound anything like that try my best yeah that was completely unfamiliar showing you are making i'd love to change the world and another one
but i do know what to do about you what if you heard it i probably would really weird sapping music sometimes i really am a weird emotional wreck with stuff yea i cry a weird shit like admiral on thy credit logan i like to try that bulgaria legislating movies it makes me feel like connected to things like you know like a jungle fever frank vincent i just wanted to hug am i get it now violating it may you ve really got not disconnected from human interactions are or feel sometimes like you're just a year a little bit but not not to appoint or i think i'm unique but just sometimes a little like its ways one tick off like argue with a woman in a relationship and i could say barbaric things could i felt like i was arguing through a window he was not real life it was a movie like it was a we performance but then i watch
sank a commercial wholly hook the puppy and i'm crying like one click or from where you should be and i are i can remember billboard the thinking of a lot like is bilbil told me that he doesn't call names like you won't this is why the bed she just doesn't do it because he saw that grown up any he'll keep those best angry is built can be he doesn't name call and to think about that alone like i've done that with every person i dated and so fucked on it involves it just so happens they'll say shut up your number that you fucking prologue what to do any more just kind of made me feel like a shitty yeah its shitty initiative too easy to do is especially there is a real issue when you do it cause you know the person's gonna take it in on a man like this one thing if you like lock your kindness done an alien to us anymore you fuckin you at my house on fire you fuck my brother dollar absolutely after a jerk off to the memory of a hacker but there is one thing you say something someone knowing that you're gonna make up like no
you can get away with it you know i think a lot of people do that and relationships they get real mean nasty to each other as another person's trapped splash of your marriage have clear i arrived i can get real squirrel we have seen of skin i've seen that people in your cool man you gotta not do that do each other it makes me not only america talk as so many guys who don't get their debts socrates more and they are they don't get this or that unlike a matter there's gotta be a fuck fast of your merit i get you a kid things dialogue but that that's my feet there's a merry somebody to real fear all these things all of a sudden i long to cheat i'm not gonna be good well it's the idea of marriage and this is but from a happily married guy it's fuckin stupid and this is why because it's a contract here you people change on a day to day basis they change throughout the day they change
based on the song they hear they change based on a conversation they have other girlfriend they change based on a book they read people fuckin change in your ear in this constant stage of growing in developing and when you commit to some like you say like this is my girlfriend is my husband is my wife is my is my companion when you do that there is one thing to do it and to really be all in and really enjoy that person's companies want to be with them a lot so nothing to involve the government to get legal paperwork side and all that conakry i was wont to do it simply because well first of all because my wife's awesome lover and great person but all because i have children and i'll that having children is a bigger commitment than anything else riddle because you now a human life depends on you and all my phobias about government interaction and laws and legal paper and this is coming from i who has several close friends whose lives have been fucking ruined by divorce
oh yeah where they had a pay exorbitant amount of money rex their life it cause them stressed aged ten years in a year i've seen guys like that i seen a bunch of guys like that have been devastated by divorce and an end then devastated by the fuckin wife hiring the most evil vicious lawyers to attack them go after them i guess squeezes much money out of gravel and dragged into the dirt especially when a man and woman are married and the man makes all the money the man has to pay for the woman's lawyer and that's where things get fucking but we have taken a yak events is there's no cost to her to do anything she can file a motion after motion on this dummy is paying for it is only that she's draining the money she's draining his money and i had a very good friend of mine deal with this he went through it was more than a year and a half of of where he lost hundreds of thousands of dollars and little face and the whole time his wife was doing up here they would come to an agreement and the change agreement should i gotta give a fuck i want more and he would
boy out an agreement like fuck you fuck you pay me jude hang up the phone and then the lawyer contact these are the new stipulations and he would get ready degree those and then she would drag that africa months than a ramp it up again and she was being completely unreasonable ways you under relationship to that's it we're relationship even if it's a hateful relationship is still some kind of a connection yeah it's crazy repeat israel's or do i have the power to piss my pants i got there as echo piss you know me i couldn't make it all packed don't worry is on a budding don't worry about it i'm glad you did what getting to wrapped up about divorced talk he's crazy to think he's gonna get married the one you want to talk to someone is and i say this i'll do respect hard core pervert by jim norton their duties settle down but you know what it is man when you don't have it it seems so attractive to you you know i give if of your guy who's got a regular ninety five job
get up in the morning you get your newspaper you let the dog out you say hi to your kids you eat your breakfast drink your coffee you go to work the same way every day and then you hear about ari shaffir disappearing and throw his phone at the garbage tis travel into the middle of the god knows where the fuck you we think is in vietnam as we have heard but he could have left vietnam tuesday in ghana fuckin malaysia now who knows where it might be in bali he might we might we doing some fuckin psychedelic twelve months and on top of a temple right now you knows conflict three months death it's insane it's great task but i dont want does someone who looks at light like if i was miserable and i looked at his life but god damn that's what i want to do that's what i want to do so i think when people just aren't complete comfortable life jim's problem one just promises his very smart and whence he's thinking is constantly thinking so costly
setting about things say see how am i going over all these variables that's why the reasons while while cry movies is also one of the reasons why keel he'll go over of various aspects of himself mass media let its problem dear how happy i am lucky i'll have to go again to my bladders we're like i rise idle that's already three o clock so you made it our half in we're not gonna having oh my god oh my god i ip eyes so much that when you hold it for a little while than your body is released at all my plan is a fucking nine thereby in my opinion so that i wake up and have the pestle apathy get someone to me that your body waking you up so you don't suffocate like when you not breathing you bodies bree breathing yon in your body will send a signal patient now get you up and you really out from yeah i've heard that on our true it is but i couldn't be pissing that much work there
if you're doing a lot of water you would be i passed sometimes male than i try not to drink at night but i get thirsty near me to my third him i got on a rather have a blog drink water now and get up a million i d i love a good beverage why not treat myself where some point seventy percent water some shit i now but i did making my life almost to the point of being a language i saw loaded with a girl and she's afraid i'm kidding i take away the bathroom twelve times it's embarrassing during the movie during the movie twelve years have a cup of coffee is where i have my black i've had sonogram somebody might we ladder twelve maybe how old homes movie two hours five hours you that's insane it's crazy treasure you left any every ten minutes one point towards the end idea one i had a two hour movie that means you left every ten minutes yeah that is without exaggeration yeah i pass without when i'm on a role its nonstop the girl must be like what the fuck
this guy doing she knows me i told you i pay a lot always gets hit the aisle i flew to the first time i went than patrice and i want to tell you a flight and i was in the window and who is in the oil for maximum comfort fuckin peace so many times and this is now before any five m m per tree said to me you gotta get check for diabetes you other eu diabetic and he was diabetic so he fucking freaked me outside one guy check have been checked multiple times is not diabetic i've had my bladder sonogram neck like you so the size of it different checks it makes it not normal size you just pilot you gonna i think in going on jim nor i do too much right it's too much it's one thing we're talking about you you think a lot mean its cause you're smart because you're taking taken in variables lot of variables involve nice i'll just tell her to people that were on my students backgrounds you can type one down they would go to fight and torment and they really nervous and about explained
at the smarter you are the more nervous you gonna be and that's just part of reality because you are aware the variables the stupid are not gonna be aware of all the possibilities that in their eyes in their mine everything's gonna go great and that might be good if it goes great but it might be tear those wrongs and the reality get shatter can they can't handle effected at it you will what happened i ask you this coming in because i'm always prepared for the fuckin floor to fall out yeah exactly you but you might be prepared to money you might be thinking too much about all the different variables paralyzed like your like like the whole worry about your arm when your arms fine right now yet it is right now is good but there are illegal ass we go there are two issues i was doing these girls i curls who's got you doing curls a dive a very ezra ones to do them really not good i don't believe in isolation exercises it is very little times in life we stand there doing nest lifting things up
one arm while a lot of time of life i'm doing this leads to like imbalances i feel like and as i get older i really believe this more and more and more really the trainers and i talk to the more they sort of harp on this exact same things that you should treat the body like a unit like it's one large unit and so if you do something it should involve for them start with a few exceptions and not terrible to do so isolation exercise but i think for the most part it should involve most of your body or large muscle groups like a squad or dead levers of one of the best because a deadly involves your arms your bag your shoulders your legs are calves me there's so much involved in a dead left it's one of the reasons why such a great exercise for overall physical strength and i think for arms like chin ups and rose and things along those lines when you do not like your involving so much of your body like one armed rose it's your back your core it's your arms it's your shoulders is theirs allow
go on there was a curl is kind of just your by seventy four on you know it's like really most what's going on there he i do allow others to those things we upon the thing are you have thrown a punch this way whatever really very robust sizing not a very particular such a proud of it only when they have you will lift and waits or you lived in waits for high repetitions or low repetition depends on how tired i am really like there's been a really depends on what i thought if i tell her like i sometimes i just wanna do like minor thing today exciting i'm so exhausted italy itself can be a bit but i know how i feel and i'm like i feel coming to pass out they come i feel like it a fog even been doesnt raise up when you start working out a little bit it does but its literally like like ear there's a thickness too it s like looking through
i know you're talking about i had sleep why have sleep appian now but now where a mouthpiece this is only right that peace is incredible but yours you got the one that goes over your tongue i wanna get one like tat i want to push by drawing which helps but it doesnt fucking i get the central aptly a to z harrison europe means a completely different animal europe needs your brain tells you stop breathing yeah that's a totally different thing so dials have obstructive i've both by the air i have i have outlined to jesus christ stinks stood the the what the brain when those creepy ask his obstructive all you need is a mouthpiece is good i got so i have the obstructive my my tongues too big and it covers my airhole one allow my back in my next there can it falls that's illegal lotto at football players europe lived a red light died they get a huge huge problem with that and guys
that also the take sleeping pills that becomes a giant issue because i knew you don't wake up so you have a big ass neck bill weightlifter neck and lie back and your tongue literally choke yeah nay they take play the sitting because i'm guessing cause you so fuckin title like every two minutes exact and it always exhausting like i'm getting a good night's sleep from now take a melatonin once in a while now tones gray we have on it we have spray it's really good sub lingual under tongue thrilling re yoga yeah and i would like to try to stop because a keener i want to sleep i just can't i just don't know what they can do other than that mask though for four that brain stuff like if it's your brain shutting off your breathing get what it is it just doesn't send a signal it's gotta be a chemical thing i think your brain gets bored with too much peace i might this modification
until let's forget has probably order is let's make this why injures thinks i do i wake up at i checked my phone which we always bixby awake i gotta check my text messages or thirty two million times at www losers haven't you can't do that it is very bad do nicely better my phones across the road you put it room it's like call i shut my phone off before start reading and then i want i'm done reading the phones days off all you don't check it before me that supply via that i'll check it before bed thing i check in the morning is important ship sums text message me it's important but i do it less and less i mean i think the phone as a tool but it's also very very very addictive and being connected to social media and you know haven't it's usually one am i and still have you seen ass now send me like a text message and click on the link on magog work crisis some crazy story or some do kill
bear some something nothing here and now and then in a half hour later i'm still on the table now my legs are not unlike what a fuck em i do with my life like i got tired of doing that and so now i just look at my phone real quick any important no good leave it alone then i'll go work out and i'll go get my day started do you keep your followed hearing you work out what are leaving the lot now now while i work out a good percentage of the time if i'm not doing you did to judges and my blogger or it's in my bag but if i'm at home with him waits layer live weight to mount my house i don't it now as leaving alone just put her way someone i'll do it in between that's ok look at it like for a second to foster the two goddamn addictive the two addictive but that here's problem people get mad at me because it'll be like to in the afternoon a hammer sponsor dry it because i've got thirty of them i look at my text messages thirty fuckin text messages i can't responded them all i dont have because that
makes you a half an hour literally each one takes a minute you respond to each you gotta have an hour down just text messages and when you send someone somethin like the here's one don't respond to payment what's going on i don't that's yeah not knowing that no warehouse question no can't do it's a terrible question do that's going on where air breathing getting sally isis syria phone texting buying off and you know people just like sometimes i did want to connect to the others want to talk to you you know maybe someone i will talk to that they want to talk more than i have to say in our occasionally sano say something funny and owns its funded get to have this this pros and cons but it has to be managed and if its not met you'll get away from me and i dont manager very well i think that's the problem i spend too much time obsessing on it get the computer disc four chatter bait what is that it
good side man they have the opening shopping this all these windows of people being actual you can join or you can almost watch for free is as a worker but i just can't if your lurking bridging coglan then watch that seems like a lot of time to it sooner he adds very direct reminds us that is this it is other sites like you i just touches the name i know i can't do it i don't do any those sites i didn't either for a while this one night analysing what it was so new like the idea it was so new to me i'm trying to stop doing it because it's just what you do is why didn't you got it and watching the weird it's a good idea as a kid something you know you're kidding all someday you gonna pick up that phone in the kitchen you came here to see the person you're talking to you like now now i can just open this thing watch people fuckin masturbate i'm a holy shit wonderful it is weird it's because
your brains are ready for it now no one's brain is an especially a guy like you that knows a lot of people and as a options is like almost like tat much common agenda yeah how to manage it i'm so and i'm so afraid of missing the party i'm so afraid of mean if it were my egg back a moment i was a kid i fucked up no but i remember my friends use these two black kid there i think they were twins pierre and randall do you want me to go to the store at them and my mother would let me go remember screaming frying and being so fuckin angry was it i was gonna miss something that the idea like all these guys like you're going to the store fuckin shit can happen under this bitch i was so displeased but it was really feeling of missing yeah this this great i'm fear of missing out you who doesn't have the feared missing i love em dice now you know your father you
all old is recently which is what made me think of it get a show i open for him from ninety seven to two thousand and one of the big issues tiger woods came to the show however madam i ran out and to allow the and dice the tigers might come back you to go to let em i'm going up to the room he didn't give a fuck that the it is good for alive want to come back and say i hate tiger gopher invented governor i wasn't showing him no dice fucking meant it went to his room and you are the kremlin delay that was worried he didn't give a shit about missing because it has vetoed vices fucking nuts and he's the planet but i might that so much that ability to live without fear like you're gonna miss out on this out is this fucking fear and its attitude is it had stuff is to have that with this pool all of you to go to eyes to go to paul and i lived in new york and it was a fucking great place in those executive billiards
white plains new york and it was always a lotta gambling going a lot like big gambling games guys would come in from the tower like great pull players in people's sit and watch there is always something happened and this was i didn't have a cell phone back then so this was like i'd be on a date with my girlfriend just be thinkin manage something called the pool all right now it's probably lebanon sums goin down guys are betting gaza play he's probably action happen total attic stuff yeah really when you get there's nothing happening some there was a problem yeah i want to know why it but it's the one time there is is wiped out the forty comes there wasn't yet does it does it makes a worthwhile take fishing you can go for in three days in around not catch a goddamn thing a goddamn fishing stocks ia and then one day you hook a giant salmon like wholly shots another year a fishing at one time a weird how that one the one time the work override all the times it does not rational by live my life like that will not like people going
trying to get laid you know i mean how often is at work when a guy goes out trying to get laid at a bar of the average fella what it like it leg three out of ten if he's great added right not even maybe one of the ten rain do you out ten knights trying to find the girl your dreams have you finding or in one of those ten or finding a hot girl or find you grow you attracted to summarize polar crystal lake upright well nobody's unhandsome guy i give critic it prior pull a fuckin four five nine out of ten years poland home at least an eighth these also famous and it's funny ani scary personality outward looking guys revolving combination as another man to watch revolting beautiful it really bugs me doesn't yes course so i need to data girl was the fucking mama finished shot because he is funny you wasn't money you'll be ok with the guy is falling like i can't then you that's they do one trump card i have brought up funny guy but if you have another
it's funny and he's gonna kill me but you have to give to concede defeat in our lives he's a conservative guy secular maybe that many she's a pervert right maybe she's not and he's not look on our hands yeah our feet what is happening at found them later alive i just think it's fun to talk about cassiopeia appeals but not a big foot but i do ask decisive yeah i like a big really why do they come back i don't know pageant moors bedroom agree fuck that's you lose a sound yeah would have unplug the is a little thing there has to be plugged in appalling act in that way we need to fix sat with her next set up nine checks it i'm sorry we'll get it i break it all i just like to ask for more don't radios inciting thousand tape there is to it is taped get done i've got so violent yelled the tape for you
just like our untruss my legs across my legs and properly broke the seal after one agency i think i got in vienna but i wanted to be like my life is funded i wanted a kind of one is not settled down i want to see somebody regularly mozart semi do that though you had a girlfriend for while when we're doing the virus tour way back in the day was like might have in ten years ago that was two thousand and six and seven or seven eight maybe i had a graphic back then but after data grocers the two years we broke up as is towards fighting on difficult she'd my best friend i still talk to all the time we don't daily more be swept over five years but we still know what she's great person too much fun too much and i'm really worried about everything i like the arguing thing but i get obsessed with food like i've been wronged or humiliated really it's a whole yet crazies a whole thoughts you do you realize that you're obsessed within it's not real while you're doing
yeah like obliterated gallagher write it down but doesn't change because i've got addicted to feeling shitty like ice trap girls where i would have a girl me like i would make them tell me it's their ex boyfriend dick is bigger than mine and here let's be honest the bad health kids rap on and then you upset that they had brought it up or just be you giving an to hate myself and woe feel bad about myself and like i'm worthless and that way there was nothing they can do to make me feel better a self fulfilling prophecy data girl one time whose ex boyfriend a giant dick and she turned for greater i e that it was like do as they will sit up and she had a video fucking him
knock and want to see that way she said it was so sexy like low naughty girl i wanted to see it and i made myself watch it and turn me on we'll see her like that like to see her being dirt like i something that was going to torture myself with my fucking it was almost like you throw hands up and you go with it like instead of like being ashamed and feeling bad about myself cuz of her past take a woman's pass and just make it a already part of her that you like so then i never give a fuck again about her but i don't care who you dated before me now right is dick was bigger does real let's hear about involving new pussy that's what i like tell me all about it honey he would do better wouldn't you it's fun then it becomes a fine thing you can fetish eyes and make good they don't ever have to feel embarrassed about their past all i can tell this guy that that's a rare girl little show you a video of another guy falkiner yeah but i budget what kind of an old man i knew at that moment then it was a man
your breaks i done this my whole life with girls it set up these scenarios where i was gonna lose and they were going to be fuckin i was young we put a wedge between that wasn't necessary then i do want to do with this girl issues super actually and funny and i just knew was dumb i made myself through it and see how i felt about it and i was able to turn it into a poor agrivaine it was ok and when you said that you you knew that you are doing it while you're doing it like you knew your sabotaging it why you're doing it at times yeah but not until after could out i've got addicted to the feeling that burning feeling in the piteous stomach when you're feeling you been cheated on even wrong uses a stupid it was again drug using a fucking familiar feeling so you actually addicted to feeling disrespected kitty and yet monotonous sexy fun away like now all do that good dose of humiliation makes me crazy but in a violin turns me on yeah it's fun different fields
nick olivier yeah i love is anybody related that we tell another like you for a lot of people do all kinds of course sure a lot of people like you re like humiliation whatever but whatever it is or how many guys implausible a lot of women enjoy today love telling you about that stuff for this funding let them before they want to be and then i'll have do they have to feel like i returned on this where were the idle fuck why give worse you ve been the more you can it be happy i walk through the door you i mean i'm giving you nothin i do that surprise you rise or actual i kind of like is like i want somebody that's why seek our people in the sex industry i think because i have no judgment on it like if you do port if you will give you ve escorted because i feel like you're not the judge me i feel like whatever you ve done like i'm ok with it yeah that is a big that's really important because that the real issue is someone judging you right yeah
you know someone deciding that what you ve done is wrong i ended a relationship at one time the girl was dating and she was one of the girls i met who didn't know my past him a history of the things i ve talked about are talked about who said that were true that made by made sure they were jokes for a while but of course the tree which regional aid i had to tell her a couple of things because its google right aren't you you know you know of trans you don't there's no way around it reside talk sure about alone this post nuptials post sex have you had what i thought oh yeah yeah we're caesar the furrows oil nuptials marriage ah in a reviewing and she is she got really weird with choose uncomfortable with it and we are eating lunch and she said something to me like you that stuff you told me about like the stuff you diamond can girls were like i had to say because again i'm not going to be with you for four for five months of will sudden you pop up because i got a question how much
without on the way to a wedding fuckin party you dumb face cause you don't get it i don't want it so i set out i would tell her and she's like you can never tell me stuff that again could i have an idea of what be nasty unease ok cool and ass she was talking i felt every bit of traction tour drain nuthin i liked it i like the fact that i wasn't a friend by what she said how is like go fuck yourself the finished and i stop seeing her after because it was fair that she had that brought alike scolding shit like don't like that like either we all want something when someone judges yours sculled you sexually drive me crazy yes i wasn't just that she was saying hey i know that that's your past and i know that this is something that you're into but i'm not into that via going to be a problem fine
said she was saying that is not what i think of his master and you're not mask alike and i can say that again we i didn't feel like all i'm not as a good shot at a put shit to put our foot nouns that what it was i think he's did want to hear about it but like i don't in view of the same stop i get that you know i'm not giving the same things a lot of women or into apparently times they want to hold hands and here i love you and sexually good luck without why haven't you don't have now not another those i can have a loving sexual experience was were strangers it's a weird high yet get traded waiting so if you're strangers then you can have a loving sexual exclaimed yeah that i want to say i love you or i want you to tell me you love me creating a sort of their strange yea or from paying them why it's weird they whatever feels you know what ever get mixed up a little bit so that's just for far good time just for a moment to elect you say you think you might just too much
we feel it in a moment or sometimes feel connected i for some of my val analyzes today i think what it is but i don't know them i don't feel any pressure and i don't feel scared i'm not going to do well i'm not i'm not going to be scared i'm going to fuck up so went when we're connected i feel completely free feel things and be nice but i know you want some gating you i care about your opinion dan like you should all the variables command gonna do so before there's no risk i think that's what i always liked about exchanges of money you know dehumanize you like i never treated bad i was never the enemy i always made them i figures i just felt like free like i know she's not why about how i do right so i could be comfortable luckily i judged as idolized nato just justify my shit i don't know it's it's interesting it's like i never heard that before though the only way that you can be loving and arms like lovey
in a sexual sense is if their strangers yell or of their inaccessible lot of times it is about the chase again said addictive stupid shit but i like that one moment look here we are on these moments where we feel better and that when that girl said that i felt better about like glad i'm like that i didn't nor did you stay friends with her oh yeah i'm not matador right on that matter and she told me some sexual chateau riding it was almost like the shit you told me that i didn't you want what can i share she had had a fair and you see i can say this case using the living daily more are she i wouldn't say that i still sorrowed feel bad but she had left to say we had and she never done it but she had had an animal fantasy hour she had why a video of an animal fucking a woman and admitted to a something about that had turned her on it was a pony
and you ve got tweets pause it was i when she told me that she wasn't being dirty she was literally just talking to me about it was a big fat hog yeah guy blurred that africa is not desirable that party hog which is a famous that's a common fantasy women horses yeah a horses dick is so big you can't think about the horse without thinking about dick absolutely we think about a horse i just don't think it's a site it's a giant dick dixon fuckin huge yeah what a grey repeats of salt marshes deposited in order great reputation i had to pay a horse socks it's also a lot of women that ride them ilities bach in no disrespect ladies boxy sort of almost androgynous
flannel shirt wherein women they like lose their feminine even if they get sick and they just ride that horse and i feel like some sort of evangel stimulation by just the constant upcoming yap cop copper there's something about the movement of the horse and their saddle rubbing up against their pussy and unjust here and there pussy out on their wrangler genes while the ads are going to look i'm sam yeah i never thought of that so i think of it women we just i don't need men just ride this horse and come three or four times as it goes up a hill is giant beast has to you know i mean i think a lot of what it is
it is a lot of women in my neighborhood i live in the equestrian neighbourhood do not burbank is in a question neighborhood in being burbank use you fuckin people walked on street right now worse its core weird i leaped heading horses do you they're awesome fucking great their great i rather like the pet all animals i wanna go to a sanctuary only the poet that grows outing judge what you told me that i was a man right into use we're i want my thing at all like i'm not idle size queen yeah sure was where she picked the wrong fella while she probably like do for some parts of it i mean that's often the case with people write like you like certain aspects but it doesnt doesn't go laying it doesn't all line up for you like a few things like he's got a great sense of humour he's fearless he's hilarious he says funny shit all the time he keeps me the crutches so fuckin irritating and then it's time for a thing so that might make sense
she'll live now know if i could do to dress that'd be weird only a trans woman there's a difference there are edward was a dude and address i would never thought tat was how ignorance trans woman yes yet wouldn't you probably like you get excited when people started changing a differentiation between like like it used to be like a tragedy i gave without a guy to guide and now its she you know her i didn't care what in whatever they i thought i felt a bit probably with some of the political correctness so fuckin irritating and then his time i think so that might make sense not an end in punishing people but i just there is a difference between this personal numbers and so somewhere fine but i dont care wherever they whatever people want to be like they wanted tat whatever i don't care some such measures are totally our i'm a woman and i'm right now there's a difference you know why is fine you greatly are you change we are you don't have to say you this word because the judgment of the country is
pleasanter for that word than it is for this were you are who you are tat you don't don't say you're i personally don't look at it that way but some of these twenty would tell me i'm a fucking transfer big i normally i shall talk about an especially no immediate shit for but forget you know not every word right you have you and was throwing the minds down you step on one you know you get fucked thoughts same thing with their we're talkin motor joke earlier that guy got trouble florence people are looking to get mad there's that there's a lot of that when it comes to transgender people and here's nothing like people are you if you're not trans you shouldn't be talking about trans issues how about fuck you first of all a national global thing it's going on now but you should build talk about everything that's my point europe but there are people that day definitely for whatever reason nature the universe has
is thrown them a strange ceta cards and they really should have been born a woman they are a man andy ident i was being woman they feel much better when they weren't address they feel much better wearing women's clothes they feel much better and i dont think should have to get surgery to do that i don't think you should have a get your dick mean people set of measures to cut off or not a woman i don't agree with that i feel i give you wore a woman and you are in a corner quote trapped inside a man's bought in someone told you that you had to get surgery to appear hole and as the only way you can ever be thought of as a woman but you didn't want to get surgery like one of that's crazy like those rules are just as crazy as any other but bizarre restrictions that we put on people so there are those people in the world but then there are also people that are insane yes
sure there's plenty of that people who think they know what they are and what they want but they're wrong it s tat surgery question a lot our alas they do you want it why do you want if you want to get this s her as well just ass the sexual reach amateur i'm genuinely curious someone asking to be like laying everybody would know that amount of deep into the world that old hat like human resources go talk to each other you forget sometimes you know cia fbi as our ass i like that i put my head out the fucking cave on so am i really everybody is talking about this are asked about it i'm like without edge on genuine the curious what you say i don't know the answer to it so like you or do you want it and sometimes the answers i think it will feel better and that's why and then other goes well this backing go swimming around my proposal or outside things of other people's judgment i feel a certain way that other people who are look at me more this way that's a dangerous thing i think but if it is you can
feel better and this is how i wanna be that's one thing and they come now that silly thing there's no orgasms right i don't know i don't you dick removed i'm pretty sure the orgasms are done i've heard and i've heard different answers from different people so i i just i don't know the answer i wasn't a funding this terrifying to people as a thought to no one we will have orgasm sunk hemi orgasm even how weak in only a few have like four five chasms a winning how it's not that many but not consider the twenty four hours in a day all the moments in a day that the few moments that thirty forty seconds of that so important people delete up to its fun now like i like that i get addicted to the leader and that's where you can you go for a while you were the first person to tell me about jeanne railroad edging oh yeah that's great i never heard about that you'd get closer than stop girls than stopped awful it really is i wish i didn't do it can in fact becomes weird but day
you know it's a dedicated to doing that allow don't do it for a while then i just kind of feel normal when you do a show like this and you get real open about this kind of stuff do you a bunch of freaky checks to start i think he's because again with with with record on the radio show in the morning there's enough people who know me or its surprise and anybody i don't fucking outside this girl on instagram and she was sure transit i was following her and she wrote me this this progress again she regarded you know who you are i d look you up we're late i find it and say hey look it's me kettle was attracted to shoot you down for no reason i've been doing to our natural and then she's like that but you did on strap on is disrespectful the trend unlike o first of all to true story i am proud of the fact that fuckin a curry i'd i'd tunafish on stories i haven't told them both his passionate about true economic
not the true story to you try to act like you don't like transposed with obvious you do and obviously argued fucking job you not reading the situation right of course i did you know no one thinks i don't know one may i send or near view from vice or i talk about it and then she block me blood of yours you did nobody wants to be wrong she was just running mad at you for no reason she already proven wrong people stupid man they like to get man they get mad just like you were talking about your addicted to causing this situation in israel on twitter trawler relationship when it is yes i am addicted to that feeling i'm addicted to that rush and that high that's exactly what i do isn't it funny that the president is treated as a twitter troll
oh my god he addresses a territorial and i don't even hey why don't you want about him i don't hate him but is twitters and is embarrassing he's the actual job he's a legit shorter to twitter troll weird word say what it at all and on political tutor trawl twitter trawl yeah really i he is an odd unawed duck he's a troll he likes to troll i mean imbroglio donal still go out at almost every day release rosy goes out it throws he backed off a long time but now that he's president does she back off when he said in a search i think she had said he was broker here she said something we technically and you don't have to let it gave it a guy with a billion dollars having that's affrighting proposition i think she apologise on the view which i was wrong would you probably smart move without was when she started mark in him on the view because he had done this thing where the miss usa which one is miss farmer he owns one of them and he had made some sort of distinction that the woman africa
the specific but she had done something inappropriate or what he deemed inappropriate and she was getting were her crown removed or something that so rosy o donnell was mocking em and she's markings hair and the way behaves in the whole deal and she went on this long ran about him on the viewed and then he went on letterman and shit over her right and then they went back and forth and back and forth and then i saw she made a poem because he had marked her during the debates like when one is things that drove me crazy come because some when hillary clinton is debating him she said you have said it's about women in other women this woman's a pig swashing ok but about which one layer liquid can't say women overall in general is she knew what she was doing she was she was trying to find like this hot but an issue is like you know my set about rosier donald and so she was
devastated by that which was watching at home and wrote a whole poem about the sadness being an how is bothering her and the whole deal but now she like kind of bates him like you you made a post yesterday about all the jobs have been created in the euro jobs jobs jobs and she retreat yet the quote tweeted it and said treason treason treason and my people really are observances one i'm in june i love being alive i love watching it has not fine saw these protests yeah get from the trump towers and fuckin scream i note our studios that far from their so when the fucking overdrive it decides to go first avenue i knock down like a dummy go the other way recreational outrage the either so many people that are out there in front of his although only their hotel yes in your own challenges you see two hundred us right or those who have called for and we had to walk fuck that was married that was fun yeah we walk from my hotel all the way to the u have sea because we could not get a fucking car to take us do alone
car so the hood on and just fuckin down and just plows or other people and then when we started in close mask regarded sergeant little crazy people recognize us and was little squirrel you yeah for you it's very arba you you walked very purposeful what you are you are you the way of getting out cause you got it you stop resume your fuckin forgot to tell you we can't stop yes we will i came out take a picture you hold on a second although let me get my picture and i can do it there's a lot i can't stop this fifty thousand people in the street is nowhere could stop yeah i stop i'm fucked yeah yeah i've seen it is i think one comes over there is too much but it was his feeling in the air to just such a weird feels like it was almost festive like people were festive in their protesting they're getting excited we're together fuck him but meanwhile you're doing anything you yelling and this one guy i've told a story forbidden to so bizarre screaming out donald trump k k k
racist sexist antigay here this whole thing that you scream it and then he seizes barkers walking towards them and he started on our black lives matter black lives matter he changed his ran supper so grows there was such or such a thin boned liberal such are the i'm a guy who cry if it was your campaign they ran on a water will just that guy frail shown herself rail it was not just frail he wishes it everything about it though the home the chant you know first of all this whole racist sexes antigay let's just start with antigay like what air where's the evidence omby amby shores antigay like what has he done a really cares i don't think you does either is unless it's making money are losing money there was the thing about people
trans rights to be able to use the restroom that they identify with that that was a hot buttons gesture in their actual government support for people to use the bathroom that they are they identify with it boy that is a tricky one that's what i am not sure whether i feel like that one you're almost should be three bathrooms like male female who gives a fuck yeah or put them all is well when you can have the moors single bathrooms gender neutral no it's fine but then businesses yet we have men and a woman's room and it's like we just establishes the battle was now what you have to pay to have two thousand seven new bathroom put it like any of your eyes all that were arrested a few guys who arrested for saying you were transgender nearer peeping in taking pictures of women in outside there are creeps out there and that stuff scary now i'm in and then people say and rightly so well those creeps should be punished on an individual basis right but that that puts out up to
enforcement and then you have to have more resources to make sure that these guys aren't doing creeping around and female bathrooms and pretend to be engender a sick man when you have an opening for creeps they're gonna find their way through those criteria and ended not necessarily saying that because of creeps you should put punish transgender people but if you want i'm not sure of the answer to know and i just don't know the answer like i don't like the law that they may was mercury as little shitty but dual was the law nor charolais diggers says they basically you have to use the memorandum mandate is that you can do whatever is on your birth certificate roy s band that changed as a whole your birth certificate changed that i don't know i don't know the answer that size can you get the gender on your birth certificate changed google that i think you can maybe other you can but as you are legit complaint like if if women are the locker room and somebody's legitimately trans is it is it for their decision we walk you're the catholic i can get it
i'll be weird and without being transphobia it's just not something you expect to see in the latest majority states permit the name and so ass to be changed on a burst of either through amending existing birth certificate or by issuing a new one many states however require medical proof of sterilization by sex reassigned surgery why proof of sterilization wanna gatherings reassignment surgery in order to warrant a gender marker change that's a weird you i d get surgery for the state to agree with you but not just that sterilization whereby ex dicey you're sterilised by the recent answered i know but that's a weird way is driving menace who states however require medical proof of sterilization because guess what theme to mail does not make you sterile when when women start taking male hormones like there was one with there's this guy with a beard and he was breastfeeding was crazy oh yeah regnant gave birth and was breastfeeding and then people are saying well what kind of what is this kid getting
what what's going on in them in disguise taken exogenous hormones in this kid is sucking on its territory yeah i wonder i don't know maybe it's way is not bad for the baby maybe stopped i've no dice anita like this does bigots in the country but seeing other people all right we're trying we would i everyone is it this is a tricky one people just trying to learn what it is and get used to it and science is not even a hundred percent so give people some fuckin time to adjust everyone who is not a hundred percent on board is not transfer can fall back some people are some people learn differentiate the just give the guy training what time is it not true doesn't mean you hate tradespeople transphobia learn the different when you lately everyone who is not only two percent on board transfer but you lose so many people who would be on your side why think like many things with human beings people are messy this messy realities to all of us and i think that's that's what's going on with whole transgender issue too you know i mean that's people are messy you know it's just the whole thing is we were weird man we're where
the thing about us is weird from education to marriage to gender relations to the rules that we choose right like there's some fuckin tweet that i saw today smashing social justice this is what it was go gotta smashing social justice on instagram and this is like those how bizarre the way people think there was a line in front of the women's room and no line in front of the men's room and i think the quote was more subtle patriarchy bullshit lot minute line from the women's room no less for the men's room like not that does nothing to do would the patriarchy that has to do with women need at individual stall it requires it is more as more space no account accounts private it's a private aware how we're
therefore i am getting a lot of money request request to join you fuck you locked out what am i landed on this ok ok that's interesting though that it's a private account must be they get paid by people that's funny i dont itinerant it's funny on twitter you i've seen if you really annoying things and last month or so and then i mention me and i'm out following them sort undress its talking to me i'm gonna try just what i've always preached like if i'm out of here following may go fuck yourself i'm talking to you while those people that will say mean shit to you that aren't following you polly i am is i'm really try to get your attention but what who are those people why when anybody unless you ve done something egregious or you but something out like this i give you wrote a book in new like tradespeople should all be shot and make the world a luxury alkaloid out that something that someone should addressing them too doing that and make a big deal out of it makes a lot of santiago putting a foot down but but again
we're talking about what that guy in the joke like pete people are not necessarily making points they just looking to be offended they were creational outrage yeah like like that like a dumb guy laying their on his side thanks you're saying that a bigger see you like secondly i would lock them alone logical steps just to get them to say paint that's it you better all boys only rely on your side ass if i was ever learned that i'm are being dealt with one grand particularly and i say just discussing florida little the party jealousy the clip who were tromp was not media savvy another chris matthews that they are taking them into a corner about abortion so should they be punished for having he just there is a small duty be just did a real media sadie guy thing that trumpets and politician was didn't you a very good answer to which was about abortion being illegal and he logically walked him into a corner and then trump had to go anywhere that is the only answer was yet a perimeter
so i would do to them like but just to get them to say bad shit fuckin idiot did you see that one report of the back them into a corner when it came to the amount of electoral votes like how big is electoral victory was i do not an idea he was he was doing this thing that he does where brags which he's a break doses man but you can't do that once you the fuckin presides you gotta change your ways and china stop free wieland he free will up there it has any you you get you tie yourself up knots and all that shit that he was allowed to get away with his whole life now those because liability and he was just talking about the electoral college victory in this disguise you said that you won by the largest margin history in fact that's not the case and then he goes one by republicans and then he because he says by brok obama and then he says well george herbert walker bush won by a far larger margin then obama one says that is like well you will though that i won by a substantial number he just can't say is wrong i didn't see that that i was standing up here has competence here the guy he can go to us
you will tell me that let you can't you sometimes you just gotta go i was wrong people my when you're wrong say it but here the guy had a point that the rapporteur had a really good point the point was if you want who point at all these media outlets and say there fake news and they're giving bad information can we listen to you then you're giving bad information yeah tell me now great point he should people when you when you say maybe cooper knowledge of a hug if you say you're wrong about something i made a mistake yeah people tendency to look at you and like you for that yes we kill nobody nobody thinks you didn't of course course everybody knows you did own up to it we're all human no one's per it is a person on bad that's all i'm saying that he could think of everybody's bout it were of oceans everyone there are a great many of us a very bad at that yeah it's a very hard thing to admit especially if you feel like you're being challenged is very hard to admit the year on year
alexander graham i mean i mean our focus should be able to do this i feel like i lost the exchange instead of winning a lot better than when going to lose yeah the good things about you did to you learn i lose you do right we have to carry put tapping you get tat all time specially to begin here i sit i want to take you just do it i'm going to take until i get tapped that unfinished targeted for one day than yeah no i really want to do it really wasn't really tired but i wanted you walk in a place like a violent network me any that do you imagine that just hope that the mayor for everyone loves this guy and are even i so great overnight judges who today he really they love em what he does he's the most the most genuine guy is no bullshit this guy he's in that he hey mcafee hates bullies fucking hate bullies he's one of those guys who just doesn't talk the guy who plays a short guy now ripe people fuck with them
when i was younger i set out to get i can't stand it brought a lot of guys that's what leads them to martial arts in the first wave your saint pierre same thing just just not just tired of being bullied target people fuckin with them you know lobbying andrews place i really like the energy and there the police are directly to us so nice so it's something i'm gone to do what is it always places sort in regular this one of the best place in the world and a new neighbourhood i now it's not fight too few minutes are the best in the world people travel from other countries to come and train and heads of state or on a per cent john donner oh yeah he's a fucking genius is he is one of the most respected guys introduce it today and what we call a dinosaur that's squad like all those guys are gary tone in eddie commons is so many really great jujitsu players that he's he's training and mentoring and in that one like that one place henshaws places one of acts
thirdly one of the most respected places in the world and i think today or yesterday's handles birthday so happy birthday and don't let em great is tomorrow tat a couple times lies in one way and now brigham and colourless i've never really that's ass ye i want i want to sit with him but i really like the energy and the people were very nice there was a walk in a place like i could see myself being here i couldn't dear i didn't feel nervous or uncomfortable and this is a place i could come and learn this i would love to hear you talk about it even talk about a camera expert on it you want to know from experience what certain things feline and it would make me more knowledgeable just what you are always haven't people strangle you just felicity s disease but i respect your so much more after that like when you feel of other gave us this puts a fucking fucking a european sugar yet it for a second and if you guys do that with the intention of hurting you and choking you out in a real fight staggers me when john jones lit the worst i took my fucking job that big john
on the chin in my leg by told you guy to shit body this video but i was very fat when that happens the fat fuck and i literally was my body judges is let's get you some volume ah you know it's like them about me he barely you he didn't put full strength we now is that we fight weeks and i dont get them and fight we could do exhilarated ordering couldn't wait not happy but he didn't even how hard he didn't mean it you are only show you there was indifferent outfit if as a secondary horrible ways do another too horrible choke
let us harlem i will check does he's goin that's ex esophagus style guillotine choke as he's he's using bone of the forearm across the the front of you yes he was the worst does the most painful of that the guillotine choke yeah he did it and i did the kick them hurt me the leg one your body i felt i had to i d go to the bathroom actually forgot her bonnet had to go to the fatima splash water on myself that island but what am i to show that my might pass outcome it was because by body had not been shy to the system and i haven't felt that before your nerves to you you're eads slams into that meat of your youth i and all those nerves that run down inside your leg or all impact it in your whole systems the skids jack do i but then you watch some unlike at symbiosis kicking peopling alone do not like this is the guy
this guy stead and who knows this is coming takes it and he continued without different thing because you so pumped up with adrenaline you're in the middle of the fight me those guys are an agony afterwards though for sure their walk another deep deep deep pain but who have felt any remote if it's a ten percent too that at all and then know that when when he's doing that because he wants to fucking put you out where he's doing a hundred percent you know you should do should do it for your show or you like decide to like if you filmed it if you fell like your first day at hand those do it on their like for a youtube channel and got there in the oven channel you everyone you just don't do much more than i do more on the radio shows one now we put our episodes up but this is he sought from these yossi angle it does have some kind film you taking your first class and have someone you know put it together make a ten minute little video out of it and you
and about what it's like take your first jujitsu class and and commit to do it three times a week they i would like to do that gives a couple days ago to arrive to the gym announced that i shouldn't know now you'll be too tired if weights and ngo duty it's how you gonna get fucked up that's why i do the gym four days or weeks that one is a weak yea means monday tuesday there is a further that's awesome that's really good man it's really good gamma some random schedule i go like right after radio ok and then well is if if you did you do to at night we find yourself a few hours to recover the top end of though my sexual stinks i'm up at seven on the area to eleven sucking the jam that you have a crazy spies well to today's aware did you decide to do morning radio again as did you didn't you guys have the opportunity to do it in the afternoon we wanted the mornings is more people listing in the morning but it's also because i became so used to it that i wound up when i travel did this travel days may i would miss out exactly thirty four friday gig autonomous thursday friday shall write
guess her better in the morning you'd better get more people in the building right but i afternoons is five seven i read treaty last night for this morning show to show so fucking tired i did not come here and i want to do it it's hard to get good guess the afternoon yes i mean a lot as though the good guess you're gonna get new york don't do and found the door can i found the dune cobia so by three or four clodagh ample up to go in the studio call bears in your two years younger days have myers to write admires and they get good yes but it's just we get at it seventy per cent more people are coming through in the morning plus howard's in the morning graph showing sometimes people coming to do him or they'll do this or that he's gotta show right its plus i just makes me feel like i can go to the gym if you let me sleep all day a wider gettin up at fucking one thirty are beyond the three to seven and then i'll go fuck it
spot up all night and the computer like i'm up to no good you not i mean you can't go till you get too at one thirty in the lawyer that was an option right afternoons eurozone seems like they would be a place where you could do jujitsu in one o clock in the afternoon or one o clock in the morning i want some up i just gotta go like monday monday's by businesses it's it's fucking radio jim on filter and i'm home by like three your three thirty in the afternoon so if you like i get a lot done andy you go out that ninety stand opponent of monday are due to set because as a regular set at the seller and round the corner they knew joke night we also thence runs new joked ice a great show nice or how many nights a week you don't stand up to sixty seven not yet almost every night work because i did that the special today all that's right that's right and i'm i started i shot december so i've been since december working on material just to get it sooner loud i got no thirty five bright
i just drop into susan gonna shoot me to disagree i've been envoy enough jerry seinfeld did improv the other night and did twenty year old jokes did did a sat did a couple new benson they did jokes from like twenty years day really had a customer and when the audience like why is he doing i gladly do in these jokes it everybody knows and i guess in his i still a classic songs yeah but you ll see the beatles you wanna hear a noise at the beatles throughout europe another better legislators guns rosa if you go to see you know whatever who the fuck it is you expect to hear the classic yes maybe it's different when you're a guy for different era he's from a different era than we are hopelessly out the catch you off guard jokes do that's why jokes onward forever rights is essential you hearing become familiar with england lyrics you know and you like it you like more you wanna hear mean songs repeat them just doug stana was a great bit about that has a great bit about songs been fuckin lazy
we find her out of here he says like the same sunshine over and over and over again and then just give way to the actual way sets up but it's fucking that's very funny but through yeah but some some guys they don't want to let go of that shit don't wanna go old stuff now they they feel jerry was always said and i don't know him i mean i don't know why i know but he said like the things that people come for the act and not the performer and maybe a one what they do they want to see iraq during leno feels that way to come to see the jokes in a way that true but i also think that once they know your jokes they want new jobs from the personality they like yeah like like seinfeld that i'm tellin you for the last time he asked what did a whole our special of old jokes here that he was timely but those like those jobs there again there were twenty year old bits and i think special was well received by us and on the other side but i don't understand i understand why you wanna do that you make some money but it doesn't feel good
do it here's what i seem to new shit as it is this that kills it what are you doing here goes up just research work it out did you see that fucking really good com he's gray comic there's no doubt about it but i think his ideas different than the idea the current guys and maybe a bit he's like resisting this new trend may is the trend that everybody does woods bird seek ere you everybody really she's a special than a ban as a material i do it already does it everybody i know doesn't and there's dennis few gaza just dont really specials they just don't and they have like a real the old material like i know freak few guys at all really good comics but they just don't put out specials because they want to keep to the act they just don't want to be i don't wanna be committed also to recording like that that is a lot of pressure to bat in everything down a tightening up in and get ready to release it right ready play record go that's all
blood pressure and that i loved you and in turn faintly amy did it we're she did she did her special and then she toward until the special aired scenario the style for me i will show you a shot i wanted done so atomic errors or some like i get fuck i couldn't wait cannot say those things couldn't fuckin wave usa that shit why is one of the finnish everybody's got their own way of doing it out i think the point is that in this day and age the public demands content sure you have to and you put in a lot of content anyway because you have your radio show you have your podcast in our member used to write a lot of blogs and you used to you're used to be pre prolific with blogs that make it off the radio i was logging all these sections that actually became happy endings first book was all these blogs i wrote about things i was doing i know where i started writing again reach there really want to do another book i had a sexual experience this girl and i just had to write after it was it was really weird
intimate and sexy and yet was aben i just felt connected authority can did no drugs and then she no drugs and then she to me from the elevator and so which one is the which one is the lobby and i realize what a dope just had a little the el says al i i'm not kidding you that she asked what was the lobby and jonathan mistake by her innocent i had to write to write about you is so because we are not going to go back and grabbing shit maybe that's the radio training we just saliva we're talking but i had to do it in the moment right like i'm writing then provocative going are you out two years ago in this happen and people s video evans shone like i'm gonna go back a right knowledge is the emotion for it is past differ try those transcription software programs you talk in a just records what you're saying i haven't are the following syrian but i do use at eleven a m
for time once in a while and i would just talk out the whole fuckin article from a good starting a lot about another said i'm good organizing in an editor in but i don't get it out already and we are ready for time axing they do it s because you stay unless they would they would have been right about the four not i wrote i wish i didn't write actually about prostitution why which you didn't write it because certain things i said it just i wish i had said it smarter i wish i had clearer just talking john shouldn't be embarrassed and away i agree with that but to a certain people in the sex industry who have been victims of trafficking stuff action must be addressed at better there is a big difference between trafficking and a woman who just two sides to have sex with guys money and there are a lot of those women a feminist i want to admit those women exist because they still for them they'll push up the trafficking numbers because it's a stronger argument against prostitution is like right i get it the traffickers should be executed and save the peace we're being traffic but asylum
the decision and they just want to do it what is friend of mine was an artist and she's a feminist and she's actually pre successful introduction talked pretty openly about when she was younger she would do stuff like that or she would fuck older rich guys for money she's like there's nothing wrong with it like i chose to do it i did it because it was great way for me to pay my bells easy these guys i chose to have sex with their nice guys i've fuck em i take the money she'd make denominate whatever the pay was thousand box we have organised and she'd get in a couple hours were rather than working for an entire week what is their problem then why did we not say there are people that are saying shouldn't be ashamed of sex and keep your laws of my body are the same ones saying if you're getting pay for each be ashamed of it now should be a little less so silly that silly it's all silly because first of all it should be ashamed of you massage people of you could you give him a back rub with that
is that a shameful no that's a very respected thing of some i tell you there massage therapist oh you making people feel good what do you do i just rub dixon the good robin deck guys like it oh but if i feel regret yeah but now when it comes to pleasure we donald pleasure in the general area the warlike who that's the dirty naughty prayer i don't go to like this asian massage places not we're russian because they feel like those two mere more sex slaves that's that like the energy there are valid very rarely gone i've got maybe too in my life in those places and i don't go ever massage places good i lear and ethical pervert i've i feel like i like to i know that there are certain women i do it because i've had a couple of women i dated legitimately dated because that wound up doing stuff like that for money after that they told me about what really happened the mai dynamic worth them so i know for a hundred percent that they weren't being panther fourth i know they were right but i don't like
massage place where i think somebody has to do it like it doesn't again that's said to me what were a russian place for i think that their being brought over for these reasons the rhine right right you talk your girl get in and they get tick contact your social media all the time and if i talk to her vanities russian and i've got to be raised at russia goes a hot but i start to doubt what the i could talk to wander off a website and i game right away and she got little weird i'm agree being forced to do this and she's got on our touch you ever which never spoken gambling uses it wasn't setting she was set you up i dont know if he's not a sexy energy mix is that not even set me up and maybe she'll summer was doing so she had to pay back some i don't know but that's not a sex energy to save energy that's interesting that's interesting so you definite clearly differentiate yeah you're unethical pervert mother that here i mean you're good guy i just i don't like the idea i but i think everybody should look at it that way tumors but people get married just for money
how many mary to say what it was what are you just a hooker with one client is that what you're fucking dude i met this woman the other day she was like forty years all hot as back her husband left he's about seventy his terrible past leaning over a stop to step out of a fuckin bad ass badly or whatever the fuck it was some beautiful car ah yes he was gone on area nowhere and it may be that the best personality ever but the do look like it was just fine wesley boys walkin yeah you know that's out some real rich older guy you got some hot piece ass whose younger than him by at least thirty years and they both getting what they want she wants a guy who maybe talk to her nicely innocent some young guy that's fucking acting like an asshole who can take care of her he wants a young beautiful it its loans you both honest and respectful who cares it is a form of prostitution as it is absent if a lot of marriages are former prostitution people die one admit it because they think that prostitution is bad yes extra money is bad but there's a lot
people that are engaged in some sexual relations with people that are only doing it for money come on you when i try to trust you how they will try to trap national players oh yeah that lets you instead of short travel ballplayer and get pregnant you want the money that prostitution while to pay day they want to kid they want some deck her want some cash to package deal for package look you can't get a better packaging get knocked up by an mba guy having jesus christ who wouldn't take us from the broad and ask him to put it back on you crazy you do a lot money here and nothing new key consign where if you kid he won't get money he can't sign away on his right to his money since it came out with genetic testing boy that change the game was dead no one july and change the gay tommy fucking ty cobb didn't lie about a few of them i'm sure your ted williams don't look like make good point those guys probably dump loads and gauss all over the country no way waiting in the hague and find out how would you find
who she gonna tell you tat good i fucked high carbon somebody different game then babe ruth lot of fat faces babies run around they're probably are labour northern clash babe ruth legs moving it so funny when you look back at babe ruth a body that is so ridiculous is fat got i've gotten hotdogs drinking good picture though it are you develop a multi faceted player and i the code cobb around pretty well for fat man that was the only thing you say about babe ruth china com is one of the most underrated films ever by the way with fuckin robber wool and and ultimately jones good movie for i was tolerably fairly accurate yeah you know me think country alot athletes are especially back then with really very repercussions for being a piece shit yeah really wouldn't get out and i won't say the close but it it's got arguably the best
what movie history which i'll tell you after all i want is only now is this really that raises racist and deal with i think i know the one that's my favorite wherever there's no way to squeeze it in a conversation funny a button it's just a fucking thing that's a fine thing to when you think about athletes and how competitive they have to being how ruthless you have to be you know then that sort of bleeds out to the rest of their life in on it bleeds out the way they deal with the fellow players the way they deal with women right deal with managers are anyway this is our athletes athletics he's a ruthless ruthless pursued it is just is have you taken on no ah you baby great i would love to you adam on your show rabotchi i am sure he would do this who is here you love you i'm sure he does love he loves you see when i first met with we do would ha ha ha ha ha ha
the eyes ease of gravity but he's a great italian it athlete just the arabs in its he's like counterparts vacation everything go right and everything that can go wrong and the sort of balance out of the enemy serve a cheese homeostasis at the end of his life or zambian like bow our means fifty years old he's gotten a family he's got this great new career worries does that one man show hugely successful he loves it it was recent article and sports illustrated we're talking about doing one man show and how excited he gets to do enough fund it is and he's amazing added to it documentary sort of revived eminent the one man show came behind that so he like in this new stage in its eggs is life for his achieve this stuff change new balance in no way form in the usa form in when we are changing nor naylor who said eustace knew he was used not a likeable guy needs then he gets knocked out comes back in here
level girl cell been funny do when i favour clips ever saw him on the tonight you there's a clip of him we're gonna johnny carson and ninety ninety before for alex steward minute is justified what a lovable fungi he was a different when he came back for sure he became a preacher loomed up too well over three hundred pounds and what's really you're saying ass he made his come back i want to say he was thirty six years old and everybody thought it was a joke he was hugely fat like way way way overweight when he made his first come backfire member as a boxing fowls like wildcat sad look at him and then said only but surely overtime his body down and he got more muscle and less fat and then he knocked jerry cooling the fuck out and when he did that everybody one oh he is for real like this is crazy like george foreman not easy for real he might be a better fighter than he was when he was young
for i live in many fortaventura wholly field and he lost i think you lost a decision ganglia directly i did and i loved the end said something about this is for people over forty hip hooray and with such a great cos by forming after losing one of victory a for it for age you know you're very knockdown michael more i want to say with forty six years old and michael more beat gnomon winning any hidden straight right hand on the chin and more just flattened it was crazy use i think he was the oldest guide ever gain heavyweight title at the time it would be for the time will you be making over the title think he'd be michael more for the title lost at the holy feel is that what i remember my thinks like having a pistol metallic pissed momentum will wrap this thing out when comeback think it would find out how old george foreman was when he won the heavyweight title and here's the thing i don't think they had human growth or if they did have human grow
thrown on it wasn't really being used by boxers annulled thank these to get human growth hormone from the pituitary glance of dead people he was forty five forty five when you wanna title a six year old michael more michael more was only twenty six of the time michael more was a murderer light heavyweight he was i wanna bet light heavyweights ever but light anyway was too hard from two makes we went up to heavy weight and i was in when you want the title and then who did the treaty was how i feel tommy tommy arson do lost deceit tommy martians like tommy morrison's bay biggest victory ever and those like poster morrison was losses just before he beat michael more really interesting it also shannon briggs he lost the decision shannon briggs shan again unless catch up and then i feel like lee was before too
the shannon five hours before it is well i feel losses ninety one morrison was and what is the money what's the order of his fights so yeah the whole field laws the morrison laws and then right afterwards he shouted the title says that's correct while the machine is hidell right aware to losses for the vacant w b o heavyweight title then he won the debbie ba i b f and lineal heavyweight titles when he beat michael more ok i beat him for the doubly b o title he lost that decision a lotta people thought that he should one the shannon briggs fight i believe was the and a brace fight it was at the morrison fight i'd have to go back and look at it again i think maybe both of whom were controversial but the morse and are the more fires are undisputed decision and brings us a mixed empty that makes the scenarios that majority decision
does briggs yeah the brakes fight was the one i think that was controversial who is a sham ratios yeah but george form oh it's gone over to george form career wraps the initial funding i will i will enjoy a good time up what are you i wish you want protection i anthony johnson against against korea i do not have a prediction i never predict but i think that if it goes into the third fourth and fifth sounds it's gonna be really hard for rumbled a win right i think rum the chances of winning the fight come early he's a he's a goddamn short term hurricane that ribs the house right out a foundation he's not necessarily a long long storm i think what rumbled does it comes out you fast and hard and he can go fast and hard by than anybody it's really hard to go without style more than three rounds the only we ve ever seen him do it three rounds he beat filled davis it beat the shit out of for three rounds but feel davis wasn't threatening him
was he was finding his pace he was completely uncontrolled that fight you want a clear cut unanimous hurt davis bunch thomson super dangerous also i feel like rumble johnson today scarier than the rumble johnson the far dames but rumble when he fought do you see the first time when he fought call me the first time he was prepared for john john so is profoundly different via the fight was a last minute replacement with korea and call me i just out russell them mean daniels when the best resolutely and sport period out wrestle them and then eventually got his back and choked him i just think that it's a terrifying pfeiffer cornea because this fucking guy had so goddamn horace fun if you make any mistakes animist he lands of fuckin nuclear bomb on your face this can be a scam scare fighters the way that rumbled ojeda he has that that what he is that old school i'm afraid of being beaten up in this
cool yards liquid could be beat michael jackson that we had on the ground but that's how i would repeat not like tat was so clustered folder for me to watch that technology pull your arm of those are really uncomfortable fight striking i can't fight sylvia i wanted it stopped i wanted it stopped before they stopped it it was bothering me like this guy is not going to win this fight getting the fuck beat out on his head punched and he's one of the best fighters in the world you ruining them but he's just taking the speeding like just stop the goddamn he was so outmatched but he did hurt him early in the fight for her could even the very around but then the fuckin to compete being able to make the weight against tony fergus i'm just like this goddamn wait cutting got such a high the horrible practice makes me sick that is heartbreaking he's everybody wants that fight now as they do to be scared to put him against counterfeiting and the picture that can fuckin main event he can't you can't and by the way one of things
we talked about it on the fight companion podcast we did the other day we pulled up the luke rock hold quote luke rock holders is trading partner and he was saying that you couldn't get blood to his liver that was something guys in deep pain he wasn't getting blood was liver mike you fucking kidding me in this guy's gonna do that again he's gonna lose our weight again after that and apparently said that he had the same problem of michael johnson fight the michael johnson fighting wind up getting down to one fifty five but he was having the same issue where wasn't getting blood was liver like what the fuck ban you know your saint pierre did an interview today where he sang that it's gonna kill one of us like one of us going to die wait cutting louisiana knowing all right i think that's one reasons why at better i think it's better me look i'm goddamn good kelvin gasoline against veto above alarmingly vs faster jan andersson that look at you yeah great you look great again sector alone
are you getting heavier makes you faster but i guess it's just not draining yourself that's all it is good is not getting heavier whose always heavy it but he would the same weight and indeed hydro himself down to one seventy and then go back up to rig one ninety somewhere around then which is what problem johnny hendricks was instead this time just lost a couple of hours i made one eighty five easy and then looked fucking graham sector lombard i would like to see more i do that i think that so much healthier so much but in the performances are better look at that what's rony doubts royce it's going up to while to wait looks far better they lived it light he always wonder why they do that and i asked them before and they just say look as you and we find a heavier guide i don't want you just fighting a normal kind
wait you walk around i would not be better and not have to cut all that weight and put it back onto seems crazy honestly in their defence i think there should be more weight classes i think there should be a wake us every ten pounds i think if there's a way class every ten pounds it would alleviate a lot of the extreme cutting he'd ever one forty five one fifty five one sixty five one seventy five eighty five ninety five and i go up like that if we did that we'd have more champions it would be more exciting i think it would be an excellent way two why have champion versus champion fights does he wouldn't be them at a much closer i right yeah yet i would interesting new life maybe that maybe they'll do it and i hope so sixty five or six seventy five pound champ fifty five or sixty five is a lot of fight you can make we have these big ass supervise the i could go up a little one guy going down a little not a giant a giant i'll be out my life very similar to such a does you don't come up to buffalo fight
i dont know if i'm working for fur for korea johnson buffalo right yeah yeah if i can't i will i'll you go to vegas but that's what i want to see is that is is year every guess allowing us to eleven i urge the irish to eleven i think that this is i it's arising broke out charles oliveras wyman versus sausage great fight there is another one he went up to one fifty fives frightened we'll brooks now i like that that's there has been a struggling to stay one forty fives brutal breaks down man is so bad for you get him didn't this was over he no he beat pettis pedestal make the way and he beat pettus no that was max hallway max always be pellets he lost to paris pettus getting him but i think he he's had a couple awesome who the fuck was poorly management there's last loss was met at recently who criticized his weight
maybe i am nothing and it shows what are its usually pissed off somebody had certainly disrespectful that his way i lost ricardo lamas yoga submitted by colonel themselves a great pfeiffer lawless and then before that petty submitted them and then before that he beat miles jury he's just dumb i think his estates another one those guys just he's really talented guy but that fucking wait cut is this horrible is the for its part the sport there should be a way to do it to eliminate it i think they should be weighing these guys in every fifteen days or something like that finding out what they really way and are these crazy a really i think it's it's insane to dehydrate your brain your body get death's door and twenty four hours later advocated by his peace there is there i didn't i didn't know they didn't unboxing you say about in boxing day a month out their ways you kids like twenty percent here whenever the percentage your body i never consider them but that private going to do it mainly while desert the guy who runs a california state athletic missions names and foster and he's probably in my opinion
the very best commissioners in emma may today in athletic commission commissioners because he's just really proactive i believe he's out fights himself in his is accomplished marshall arcy really understands the sport and they're doing their taken some really proactive approaches to cutting wait cutting and making sure that people dont dehydrate themselves march and he was really proactive in fur performance enhancing drugs catching people doing drugs before the usanga thing with you ass he came along too so justly better regulations more people on top of thanks is a battle i lose my gut finally and i like i do exercise if i actually think i am it is you wondered where father what the paste was that they put on in a part of me actually considered put the pace onto sitting in the fuckin rule billy why orders to thank you i did what it was all wet year but he's like italy that sir you'll lose the wrong wait now you just get dehydrated that's gonna lose body fat he's gotta stop each sugar
each other very rarely but occasionally i'm doing i go getting any i got frightened to periods on anything i want to miss behavioral just shove bedford my fair face hard not to tasty love a good treat i love a good ice cream sunday our time dammit dude i love it frozen yogurt all my i can manage what i want a couple of queens we look like prancing on santa monica provided through the yogurt stopped three times a week we mismatches it's a fucking bastard vanilla there the sugar free choice holy shit all those toppings i do i'm remedies pieces i don't know that crazy you know maybe a limit of coconut shavings but lately i've done more i rarely do i rarely do a but when i do it i go hard are gonna coldstone cream ringing gonna fuckin giant sub but with like peanut butter and hot fudge and recent pieces chocolate ice cream and whipped cream on it and tat and
doesn't that does not fuck you up there like my around my throat clearing area not type or stop fox me up like lactose at kyoto coffee i think massive my throw up right now my throat i stopped drinking butter coffee on the show because they drink it be constantly coughing this is when you talk can for long periods of time like this occasionally gonna have to clear throughout yeah like that the air but i mean what are when i think about it more i have to do it more but i mean when when i'm like lactose fucking kills me i stream frozen you're getting allusion to source when you have an ice cream sunday me you're getting who knows how many hundred grams sugar but
feel so good wilds goin in india's share and i regret to say but it feels like dog shit for a long time we're hour or so after a fillip darkshire i feel i feel it for a few days like i had i got a good for a while go to the german and i start this i've never had added i never will but i'll have a nice guy have you not far away from lamps i don't know you have a real trainer like a really good training that fucking kick your ass you gotta check that you go to the three different three different one area where one couldn't do another schedule so i use another one one monday one frightened and why you tuesday authorities all schedule so every time you work out you work out with a trainer every time unless i'm here and i'll do a little something i'll pop up on the old elliptical for twenty minutes but i'll drew a few things that i remember you now to forty five minutes for myself but i would say almost every time it is a traitor because i dont like i'm fucking lazy i'm lazy i like to be the fucking late they will at least make you do different shit squaws republic
all these four body exercises on doing things i wouldn't do a mile it's interesting you say you lazy but you work out for days a week that's not lazy i do that in spite of my laziness like diana lazy you do stand up seven nights a week but your lazy you do your radio show how many days a week fires we but your lazy you do your part as on top of the radio show two days a week by your lazy yeah weird i mean but i i maybe i am maybe a minute maybe i'm not i did i always feel like i'm a lazy bum and i really do i might i feel like i'm a fucking hard but i'm doing all this stuff in spite of being late i'm fighting laziness constantly maybe it's the way you defining maybe yourself defining often a very negative and limiting way maybe by thinking that like your lazy even though the evidence points to the contrary you're still doing all these things a i personally find a way to not work out a lazy purse
would find a way to fuck off and call and stick to the radio reappoint yeah i don't think you're lazy i think yourself critical which is usually what a lot of our artists are you now a lot of artists hate everything they do and they just deanna constantly trying to do the best standard just never good enough and they get pissed right arm so it might be like listen way you're looking at things you might have to disk blank that out and does not think like that does not allow those thoughts to get in your head like if i wanted to fly golf not work out i'm sure i can come up with some sort of a reason but i don't i don't consider my of lazy in that regard i'm just not i work out too much it would be ridiculous i said i was lazy i make myself do it like it would a trainer that also forces you to do it but i may myself due to its does not deny much difference between you and me in that regard i'll give myself a few days ago i'm so busy doing press this week i'll give myself like i did a twice on the third a girl like i'm modest driven as i was at one point the trainers i always show up i never don't show up i don't cut the work out
i guess you make yourself toward its also making shall be faithful looking at once i start cheating goodbye the soldiers are open floodgates are open can no longer perfect oecd should comes and i'm not perfect clock i think that's what you do and i think you're defining i think it's a negatived definition that if the latter yourself the allays lazy it's impossible for you to be lazy when you look all the things you do i didn't mean it that way that's a good point where i avoid myself like maybe i'm just a driven guy was tired like i mean jesus christ think about all the shit you're doing you do in five days of radio you do in today's apart guess you don't stand every night you working at night and then you getting up in the morning to do radio seven with me there are now on the efforts to eleven if eight to eleven so you getting up at seven yet that's fucking early for a comic this is doing to set at night like what times or sets i usually were asked you will give me early ones where i requested so i'm usually done by about
it thirty i behold my nine or some the awesome vietnamese food and relax yeah but still even then like you barely any eight hours sleep then if you go right that i never get errors occur san can anything you need like everybody needs eight hours i like it i got eight hours last night so you feel refresh train you wake up ratings refer i feel amazing feel fantastic scared get that eight hours i just think that that's one of those things is non negotiable i just think that mean there's gonna be days why can't i gotta get up early for a flight or what area but i think sleep is one of the most non negotiable thing sleeping in drinking water and eating healthy food does a pretty non negotiable whatever you today and last night was pretty late last night was probable at one o clock in the morning i got a bit like somewhere around nine fish still there still a good scared of recommending deaf convenience great wilds good stores not far away i didn't get the store and a half an hour at night
i'm done by one thousand one hundred one thousand one hundred and thirty i'm home by one and i'm whatever scare me though is the idea of doing radio during the day and then like i did afternoon how do i set a night and then one right and then you vineyard naughty we're in a nobody's aloud nobody's around but you you really correcting the dregs for i am i hear you betcha your best options have candidates are best taken all the loads they can hand they have to have given them she's really good girl hour by hour by hour it jim norton in new special is on netflix now full of shame yet signed as of today there is a will you with great not picture thanks janet did this is it's a snow storm actually pull that actually a screen cap decorated like the picture using so you scream captive actually can you guys you that night ok pervert yeah that's it for its i like that too because you're in the middle of a set in
that's a real picture as a real like you not posing like i posed for a bunch netflix his pictures and i like you well there's one they took me where my hands over my mouth but it's a screen grab from a set of doing yogurt carve my mouth but unlike i dont want to use that age you can see my face and be because i no it's a mouthful of shame but it seems like i'm going oh i sit so big naughty which is now it's a joke is but it looks i called a mouthful of shame and i went to all look out folks right it's fucking awful year that could be a problem entered cynical narrow accuses y yeah fuck out here you're my family to say whatever i want no one s let no one century me isn't netflix amazing in that regard i could not be happier so so amazing i so good a robbie process to be updated it was it was an hour in one minute or our two minutes was now and fourteen of the ceta chop the bit up and i asked i believe i will turn its a bare puts up to you and that is one part is right the trim was actually smart now is that with the who suggestion the others
the only notes they gave me when i was recording was like one of the ladys really enjoyed the dolphin bench do the dog bit in that sector are just because i did not worry it'll beyond i know i just want to do it during that sex is i dont want did anyone any two sets to be lower than an hour and some of them are gonna have met here let's not on the other one rail decide which way to do it but that was it like i like a bit yet as i began we don't worry that it's gonna be in there he also that's myself together yeah it's i think the best then you right now for stand by far out does anything even closer netflix dude every it everywhere now you're like a ticket released everywhere so our gratitude exactly hopefully the next couple of months are being put in a bunch of shit and someone can listen to this part gas right now hang it up it closed closed upon gasped and then oh right to their tv and instantaneously watch it it's stats the best on their phone i only my phone before it's weird it's like you watching on your that like even like did they don't care about the primula they care but daily i had of the bus
stuff line up and made i never was actually get up don't kill yourself a second wave unanimous provided i did wouldn't lie ass i did like maybe i'll call the couple the honourable member is there was nothing was nothing i gotta do for comedy central right i'm a central involved like there's like a bunch of obligations like you do in each bs so imagine private the same thing same thing seem for epics again just today the premier daily numbers yes like that there they just want to know the people are watching us and they can tell you i don't tell any of us how many people are watching us get numbers they do they don t share they just go we're very very happy i want to do another one should actually i'm holding out when you want to do it ma am are ready i buy me out with me in a year or so that more than a lot to do with them your schedule do you like to do do i do want to hear it's not all ways possible but at my goal is to do one every year and a half maximum because by then a lot of the material is like my touch topical stuff now i try to
watch it in a way that ties into an overall theme so it still makes sense like i talk about high dont loathing i'm a permanent i mention the carriage a pervert do a whole along jared said i do something that is fairly timeless too that bit nothing specific to the moment when we remember that you know what he did so that the idea but after a year and a half i just lose interest in seeing joke wise and an unpleasant i like doing that yeah i love doing that i feel i cannot put it out to somebody places to put specials out right and especially when you do and so must stand up if you don't stand up six seven nights a week and then you constantly doing a radio shoulders consular new themes run through your head yeah you wanna get that out and it's always there and if i may i should do shorter videos are somehow to know how to get there now i think that are so topical does to justice about their so there there and opposing wasted no said i want to be your self esteem coach from a pump you up no more negative thinking positive jim but then again you might be fuelled by that negative thing you know maybe way so prolific it's a combination of both like i can feel good and be funny to but
if i didn't realize it was a negative thought i just think me i was confusing being tired with being late and i think that's a good did you just points india that makes life is generally not lazy and allow shit done here i feel but i want you and i see you you got a company got they don't like mother fucker i'm sitting in them sitting on a block of ice doing nothing we're louis doing this are you sure frazier perry self nigh nobody lazy when you see your friends doing these he thinks he other things i'm doing no i'm really enjoy doing those things you don't seem like work to me like not there's not a goddamn thing i do that seems like work whether its work of the sea with her suit stand up there's obligations should have be there at a certain time is writing involve there's things that i do have to sit down be alone and force myself do that kind of work here none of it seems like work it's all fun stuff well i was only doing stuff i won't believe me i wish if somehow
watching chatter bait would advance me in this business you'd be fucking you d c and my fucking heels problem i've tried you'd like live commentary on twitch for chatter bait gear chair windows in the background you you just sitting there like oh jesus you're not allowed to but i do but i do want to do is i want to get a beautiful girl and chatter bait and i want come on it's fucking chip and sit next to her and run always yours jerkily often in portugal idea i want to do they have the look at everything i really wanted but i would have somebody like somehow capturing validity if we don't show them you get sued like yeah there's a way to catch
what they said and change it a little and put it out i think it's so funny or you have to do it in conjunction with the girl arguing that girl would have to have some girl would be only be he be in the rumour that right i wish you wouldn't be i can't do anything with porn but the girl be like a sexually girl shown a tattoo really hot you can't do anything with poor because a serious not just because i was a kid me i don't want to i don't want to cross a certain line right right i don't want to i want to be there are people actually fucking right not a judgment prejudiced recent but i wonder i wanna have fucking chip colliding just sit there and fucking spoil
beside spoken popular upon his shoulder fuckin cougar people would be so for people like me wouldn't know you'll enjoy today have to argue put in a couples so you should have our and your fuckin seconds i need something great idea yesterday i would like a billboard mashed potatoes and where do you see how good i fucking thickened outta people would hate it sounds like a plan document i love this value their sarge love you may funding modifications real silver gas one while the real oh my goodness tremendous my goodness wow calvin gas limbs he's trying to be the legend killer yeah
ye shall receive who's who is tweet is see our while i woke calvin asked for that fight ann anderson apparently said yes does a dangerous five anderson silva kelvin gas forms a fuckin destroy asean and anderson against our brunson i felt was a very interesting decision i didn't agree with that but other people dead there wasn't bad decision wasn't it was a close fight it was he didn't get a lot done but i felt like heap i'd have to go over and really or it by an thing it was agreed just but i do thing than anderson is deaf in lhasa step and even get hit and calvinism motherfucker medea he's a motherfucker while while in rio those fight anderson in rio the vice in rio but just fucked a visa or for the laser knocked him the fuck out yeah g see to resume the carriers common gas home is a beast he's a beast easy kid on the way up he's only twenty five to right how is it that young believes all my guide believe is twenty five i believe you won the item
fires with one of the youngest guys ever to win it reality you're right i all i was shocked that when i remember watching you open when she it now he's way right yeah i love you i oughta he's a beast he's another one really could find he really interesting i do i for shame on netflix starting today yossi unfiltered and you should know that sarah the great met the terror sarah and the insanity morning on serious dag brother thank you joe by everybody does i will be back tomorrow with someone fuckin good and who else tomorrow colossal tire commitments t j kirk the amazing atheists that'll be fine he's great by thank you you everybody tuned into the podcast thanks to our sponsors caveman coffee for cabin aiming us through this gotta caveman coffee seo dot com use the code
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