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#944 - Scott Eastwood & Cameron Hanes

2017-04-11 | 🔗
Scott Eastwood is an actor and model, and is also in "The Fate of the Furious" releasing in theaters on April 14. Cameron Hanes is a bowhunting athlete, “training intensively each and every day to become the Ultimate Predator.”
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my guest today i have to guess one is my great friend cameron hanes you may have heard of him before he's been on my podcast before he's a professional bow hunter and also ultra marathon runner and all around badass and he's the kanye west of bow hunting a lot of people don't know that what invite like a guest is scott eastwood son of the great clint eastwood a spitting image for the man and very very cool guys and actors in fast and the furious eight which comes out april 14th and we had a great time talk to him really really enjoyed it um cam actually met with yesterday and got scott a hoyt bow and they did some practice in and you know shooting at some targets and stuff and then today he sat in with us on the podcast it was a great time so give it a
for campaigns and scott eastwood rogan experience trying my day joe rogan podcast by night all day old ladies and gentlemen we gotta sweet show today cameron hanes in the building laser german cameron hanes so what's up brother scott motherfuckin eastwood is in the house and if you nancy means 'cause i'm wearing the sweet under armour camo shirt and i do tend to blend into the background so if you get can using the way it was joe's head just floating in the air like that but isn't that if you if you could see it you'd be you'd notice you look jack dennis shocked his tie excuse has formed into illness till on it the floating head so camden town we're shooting both today and i know we gave you bow yesterday yeah yeah yeah he week we went down to riverside resent archery and the checkout the nice show me throw me a bow so that was cool
don't know if you had an old bow with we had an upgrade didn't way yeah well you know all about it was the old rocks it was like bras from a from like rice rationalize yeah same company no i do not remember her is ross and archery company a big archery company now known small yeah i don't i don't know i'm not even sure if they still try to make him anymore it is like a second hand bow i bought off somebody years ago so is this something you want to do for awhile and somehow or another you got a hold of him
i don't remember how we got connected we live like instagram he likes to say i slid amid the yeah so desperate girl i think i mean i always put a honey stuff obviously in a thank you commented maybe your son yeah so it wasn't like an unsolicited diem yeah yeah i like to get to know you a little better but okay you know if you you know that's all i mean it's two thousand seventeen everybody's free to express yeah so it's something like that built on and then we just started archery in in there talking archery than hunting and you know he he grew up in hot has haunted and had the bow and so yeah he was got done with his movie stuff and was here and thought hey let's get you also also the public land stuff too i have been noticing you guys both been talking about that and so i was really interested in that so i started reading up about it and i just said you know hey how can i help
can i get involved 'cause this means a lot to me i'm a native californian and i grew going to yosemite you know going hunting going fishing using the public and and so it was really important to me in my dad was a state parks commissioner if you don't know that so when was this what is life this was this was gonna be before he was the mayor no no i'm no no no after is really yeah this is after fairly recently that yeah probably the last i would say fifteen years i mean i know he he he he did it for awhile and then got out but you know he he was big in in the remember the toll road going through the san clemente no i'm not aware that yes so they they were they were proposing this is an arnold schwarzenegger was was in office and they were from a in the toll road to go through sankhla many which goes through truss rules which is a popular surf break and he was everyone you know got behind it sir
foundation because it didn't want it because it's going to destroy the wave and ultimately destroy the national park there is big on that kind of stuff and and so i've always been you know following his if footsteps hanging we got we gotta get in front of this problem to your dads clint eastwood that's so crazy yeah that is so crazy what is it like having clint this would as a debt like what's your dad do my dad is clint eastwood bitch it would just be like oh shit just walk away confused like what happened to me i just got hit with a rock and you look like a man like when i'm looking at you i see your dad like yeah from the old outlaw josey wales days yeah yeah yeah it's good you know it's crazy is looking at the photos of him when he was twelve and i was twelve you cannot tell the difference you put in both in black and white you can't tell the difference wow that's a trip was it like gr come up with him as a debt when did you realize like holy shit
i think i realized i'm thirty one i probably realize when i was about eight i watch on for seven oh yeah he when you were eight my favorite cleans one movie yeah well that is a high plains drifter is right up there too why does it's hard to lock him down sure sure but the unforgiven is a dark movie now yes stark william money will you might killer of women and children yeah that's a dark movie movie all gotta coming yes what he says that while at like probably one of the most realistic killers too like the way he handled stuff in the way everybody else was like falling apart and never saw that in those movies was about regret it was about life phil love regret and filled it you know things that you did wrong that you wish you could have done better and you know sort of a one last ride to you know be do some better for his kids
i think that was really interesting was it was sort of a final culmination of all his westerns really wise and and almost like he updated the mall too yeah because like in the old movies like you'd have cowards in need of heroes and stuff like that but in the unforgiven he took it to a totally different level like psychologically you know like in the way he like the switch goes off when he starts drinking and then he started just fuck and mark and everybody like the way it is handled it seems so realistic yeah the way everybody would fall apart and gun fights in the way i got to watch it again now it's been a while yeah now mike the sounds awesome it's great great movie i remember seeing it i remember the movie i want to see in the movie theater and when the credits rolled the and i just want us yeah powerful one yeah it's intense movie
intense so when you're eight you figured it out like moving right it right around then yeah i remember watching not sure if i wash it with him or or shortly after he made it just and you know that is the coolest thing i want to do that i want to i want to be in movies i want to tell stories like that wow so how many do you have brothers and sisters and so how did all that work yeah i've got i've got a few sisters and my dad was a busy guy how many kids in the family what how many wives yeah yeah let's just go that there's there's only had two wives please he's had a few few girlfriends the halo so did you live with him or yeah i would bounce back and forth a live with my mom i love my mom but in cal intel is about seven or eight
and then i lived then she moved she packed up as is kind of the when they split was your mom and actors to no no no no she was just another person you know flight attendant two kids in my dad and we she packed up i think when they sort of sp then she moved to hawaii she live there when she was a lot younger and so she had always left hawaii and so i had want to hawaii to live probably from about eight hundred about sixteen wow yeah and then i ultimately move back with my dad for like the last cup years of high school and so yeah it was it was an interesting upbringing or i mean you know one hand i was with my dad for some time when i was in hawaii living there and you know if you know anything about hawaii's the white boy growing up you're the minority yeah yeah there was a lot of
show up with a harley t shirt on all these rules i mean a lot of people you realize that it's pretty hawaii from like a warrior society still and that's a great thing kind of because it's still it's very primal and it's also you know sort of it's one of those things where there's no not a lot of tolerance for you know someone you don't know are part of your family and so you know for me it was it was it was tough who knows it was the day except to eventually you know sports sports sports really bridge that gap foot i played football and that was that really it was tough 'cause the first year they were like now they were like you don't get the fuck outta here sock yeah you know i was i was a kid then i was probably have to add on a track and
for ten or so plain p we football right right and then as as you know i as i would you know yeah prove myself that i was down for hard work and you know down to throw hits that you know that sort of bridge the gap and then ultimately they were part of my team and then so we would will go to other schools and play other schools and then i we still do the howling way to everybody else but they had my back now that was cool a bizarre time and to be a ten year old and also to be in that environment sure sure that was is different it was i don't know any better some okay well this is what i got to deal with now is the car that got dealt so they're gonna man up yeah i have a bunch of he's live and why and you know they say that if you're respectful when you're you know you're not sure who's bagley after awhile you just fit right in numerous cool with it yeah i mean it's to its it's i group also is a surfer you know
is going up going up surfing and so there's definitely a pecking order in a respect there that you have to learn or you going to learn the hard way because it kind of humbles you and it makes you makes you know your place good did you start training jiu jitsu there i started you know actually one of my good buddies who passed away paul walker got me into jiu jitsu he got me about six years ago maybe more now yeah he was like a purple belt right or a brown belt it was a brown belt when he died and so yeah he he was i mean he was you know die hard i mean he hit a place i actually and he had he would go get mats and he would get his place fitted so we can practice at home you got me you got me involved and you know it's another thing that's great about over
there's like you really realize like obviously you know jets is like the ultimate humbling you know for people especially for you know i think for men carry a lot of ego around or carry a lot of you know you know i think as men were trying to figure but who we are specially when we're young it really calms your ego down 'cause you always know you know i'm going to take some people out we're going to go out and it's no matter what level you're at to get it out of your system like the share a big part of what men do with a puff their chest up as they want to prove themselves and they haven't yet and they don't know and so they want to like put up this air like there's some bad mother fucker 'cause they're insecure source they don't know and once you've done it a bunch of times and you know trained for a few years it just it all comes down yeah but you notice like the all the all the guys who do it consistently are the high level guys just so calm so
and it's actually one thing i notice about cameron two he's like iziko mother fucker 'cause he's spent a lot of time out in the wilderness and i think that as has a big with the world we live in now today we're and we talked about we talked about this some of the experiences the stressful experiences in the hard i mean life is never hard really the challenges we face in a wreck regular everyday sometimes have traffic did sometimes a line at starbucks is huge i know that that's hard okay so i size dispose him with a k right but so it i mean it puts in perspective it's just kinda like what you're saying but yeah you need experiences like that just you can simulate those in training or and you know the hans i do or the races that i do and it keeps it in perspective you don't get wound up over that the little stuff like no biggie
there's a humbling just being in the woods yeah you just realize like all this this doesn't matter if i never existed now to give human beings were never invented these words would be exactly like this now on that i've thought about not a lot well i've been in the mountains and you know i'd say if something happens you know who knows die for whatever reason nothing there changes in iota yeah i mean it's nothing is it say it's like your existence doesn't even matter yeah and i think we we need to we feel to see self important sometimes i think some people do and so in that situation you're like okay i'm i'm not early my friend now ryan callahan you'll run from first light yeah he was out in the woods with to friend of his and they and they they work for the the park they were like rangers or something and
they found a human skull and the like whoa and it just this puts it all in perspective yeah deep deep in the back country and you find a human skull and it's a slow ok yeah this is real this this was a person something went wrong yeah and they just never really never found him and you know just batman's could be a bear could be a cat could be a training yeah yeah lightning happens a lot to people yeah yeah but i was i was i was telling you the other day cameron about i did a lot of reading about about circadian rhythms and in our inner body because i've had chronic sleepwalking chronic night terrors since i was a little kid what is night terrors was different night terrors in the park and i don't know i mean both what is the night terrors a night terror be look you know sort of you wake up in the middle and i you know to scream yell and others are now you know get in over his bedroom
and they can but i think they can coincide with sleepwalking problem you know so stress related but i think so it's hard to say i got him when i was young when i start getting uh i think when i was about in six grade if it was if it was if it stress related or or what it was but are getting them and then you know i've had thirty one now and i said i've been reading a lot about that and i obviously listen to your podcasts a lot about just about the way humans are supposed to operate in the natural life cycle and you wake wake up in the morning it it gets light and you go to bed it gets dark anne were screwing it all up with the tv's and the phones and all the all the stuff and anytime
never been willing to do a lot of backpacking and have been a lot of hunting trips and fishing and stuff it's really com my body down a lot and what i said was in all the reading i've done is that your creation melatonin is in your optics because of the simulation of light so when it gets dark your your mind supposed to create more melatonin which obviously you know puts you to sleep but because we don't have that or were manipulating that it changed everything that's why they invented ambient yeah works yeah i mean there's a lot of people out there that are taking pills that just knocked him out yeah just in order to deal with the fact that we are constantly surrounded by lights and internet your phone before you go to bed and watching tv and go to the bathroom the lights bright your body doesn't know what that is now and that's when we talking about this yesterday it's like i said i've never
been born at peace and relaxed and slept as well as i have it in the mountains you know there's adjustment it seems like yeah but once i'm there it's just like i've never been i don't want to make it the sound anything bad at home but i mean i've never been more if it's happy or just more content content that's exactly right more content then i am in the mountains it feels like that's just natural that's how it's supposed to be well people real we are supposed to interface with the wild with the wilderness the same way all animals are we just create these weird structures over the past two thousand years when you really think about civilization we only figured out how to talk forty thousand years ago now i'm learning more either we'll write the weekend was you know and then yeah i think the wheel is five yeah it's a little little longer than that it's somewhere around six thousand years ago they figured out the wheel which is just hilarious with
here's the best way to put that in perspective like so let's say it's five thousand five hundred years ago that's essentia lee a person live to be one hundred that's fifty five people ago fifty five little they were just dragging shit around that's that's insane yeah and then people go and then before that you just go back a few more people and they were grunting i mean they they hadn't even figured out how to write things down or even even crazier to think about is how we've taken airplanes and perfected that in the last fifty years you know before that it was you didn't you can just get on our plan be anywhere in the world in twenty four hours so yeah it's a totally new experience one thousand nine hundred and three you want to hear the craziest fucking rustic summer between in the time that plane was invented between the invention of the airplane and someone dropping atomic bomb out of the airplane it was less than fifty years she's yeah that's crazy what we do to each other
it was like somewhere like forty four years or something like that between invention of the airplane by the wright brothers the first flight and then a bomb dropping on hiroshima yeah and then now there's and furious eight and they got nice plug their cheese that was good you should be a publicist this is totally unrelated just thought of that how many of those have you done now this is the first and i've done this is the first one yeah this is the eighth this will be the eight one gonna do ten right to the doing of back to back because i would imagine that's the plan you know i'm not i'm not you know i'm sure van and then diesel and and the producers have you know that the plans sad but i mean that's the whispers i hear that we do a couple more i think ten would be cool you made it this far miles will go to ten right now he tell us does your character survive can you give us
spoiler alert i saw the movie you is good last night i mean scott had a big role i was it was cool 'cause i didn't know you know you never know didn't didn't ask anything but yeah he's all over it the whole time so cool he did that let's just say it's a good one and everyone will like it are you muscle car guy do you like muscle cars yeah i'm i'm a classic car guy like classics i love the old 60s ferrari between ferrari and for that whole rivalry back then so the gts exactly exactly i'm actually getting again the opportunity to purchase one of the new gt s
coming out two thousand and seventeen really do that thing looks insane insane and they're making only one hundred this year what a bunch of cunts one hundred or would you make one hundred and seven billion people are going to make a hundred cars answer collectables and how much they charge for those for a hundred bucks brought for hundred of them i mean all what i i i'm i think the price about three three fifty two and fifty thousand dollars yeah but if the local i think sure that's thing it's a it's a beast look at that thing yeah the new one god yeah sanity yeah configurator you can can fit why they wouldn't you can figure if you can by it just bunch a teases for what are you doing that didn't even look like a ford i mean i looks that looks like a ford on planet mars is it alright that looks kind of like a ferrari does it does better than a ferrari it's badass are in car yeah let me see
you got some other angles on it is there any other angles look at that pretty oh my god some camo on this is their camo ridge reaper option look at that fucking car oh my god what a e yeah i think i might get one to actually wow go for it too just my ram my whole life of salary three hundred and fifty thousand dollars but meanwhile the way they're making cars today that thing is going to be insane yeah but it'll be like piece of art that that will be like that he denied the older gt is i've gone up in value because they just don't you know there to make it hard to say that what about the new cars the old so much plastic and stuff they just don't seem to look people don't want them you know like if you get up 1960s car it's worth a shit load of money today but there
1990s current worth shit you know what i mean it's like there's no classics from 1990s a couple porsches like now nine hundred and sixty four hours from the wendy's or nine hundred and ninety three the last of the air cooled cars there still worth some money there are classics but that's kind of it like maybe a few class ferraris from that day but like a camaro from nineteen ninety push that thing off a cliff search and shoot at it while it's on its way down they don't let your girl drive that car she got issues were saying before she she crashes things a little bit history a long history let's leave it at that listen people can't be graded everything yeah that's have you seen the new acura nsx no jesus christ look at this thing jamie pull that up if you're into cars you know accurate built the last nsx in two thousand and five so there's like twelve years
off before they came out with a new one and they just came out with a new one this year this spaceship this monstrous pay so you find a silver one side like that when they do that with cars wait a long time to come up with a whole new con not just every three or four years four wheel drive yeah totally yeah i know i like it to four will drive electric we rules on the front it's tough looking at that one after ford is blessed not a good and that's going tell us and shows a not afford but i'm telling all of love that forty talking get off the site discipleship they get you the kelley blue book that's a click so you can see like that the three quarter view in the world up upper left hand side right there sh note there for you that to dope carmen yeah we see when in real life it looks like a spaceship
he does it looks cool bars today mam but that's like looking at the a new hoy i've been looking at the rosbo really you think that you don't think that looks cool looks good but not as good as a forward does it pretty close i don't know dude everybody's got different taste camp yeah yeah i can't wait for the self driving because people just are terrible some let's just let's just get on with that we figure that out everyone someone about these kind of cars was fine just let him be solved our you know that's not gonna be self drive no be ridiculous magic you have a car like that like a ford gt but its self driving unless you're on race track you like what am i going to live on a racetrack so stupid something that happening as were making things autonomous we're gonna lose a little bit of something sure sure sort of the one of the reasons why people like hand made stuff now again handmade boots or someone who feels different and i got these are hand made look cases
are they really casey's handmade i think they reminder like eighteen no eleven days to do to do from start well the leathering and stuff they do i mean they do in different stages but the i mean they're the best place in the market not feel differently when you have him like there's something knowing that a person made it too well they're just so comfortable yeah i mean public cowboy boots normally aren't that comfortable but those that's what my boots were yesterday too so nice i was reading this podcast listening to a podcast listening to a book i guess i can do that now about horseback riding and this guy was explaining how people try to wear like hiking boots when they go horseback riding and jam there he there's a reason why cowboy boots fall off so easy yeah it's so we don't get dragged behind a frightened horse yeah can supposed to happen that way yeah that's whether pointed so they slide in and yeah i doubt they slide in slide out in the slip right off your feet yeah yep and you have the you get a good pair
these i mean their last one thousand and twenty less a lifetime you know what i mean it could i just bought i got the ones i had yesterday which was like one thousand dollars and i just got him resold because i born i'm so much seventy seven thousand four hundred and fifty yeah brand new soles on i mean brand new boot i've heard that since you have your own under armor sneakers that you are the kanye west of badasses is this true i don't know what that means kanye west of bow hunting oh well because connie w has yeezys do you know what user issue but jamie buys them look upon you have money little weirdo he's got like five pairs on this weirdo so i don't even know hey see that's what the kids are going are those are you is a lot like expenses stupid expensive you can't get in when they come on sale they are a lot like how much are they right at the gate the ones that are going to resale that come out this month are we still on for two thousand right now there are two hundred retail
two hundred retail and they sell for two thousand because they make one hundred pair like twenty thousand like that god damn you can get a free one with the four gt so i i tell you i think that's how brandon's references tied in it shoot kanye shoes yes that's what it is right yeah it's not that you're an egotistical artistic rapper i see him at his at the u of c fight i don't know i was at college there yeah yeah i don't know which one it was oh yeah that's right he was there with the boyfriend that jlo dumped because he went to the ufc it was connor's fights that's what it was yeah infant wanted to go to the mcgregor fight in jail i was like fuck that then she staying with me jamie got a picture with him did you write your connie but here's connie w even at the ufc fight just like this well i saw him smile a few times who met some people really yeah but he's he needs a hug today did you
would you do know he didn't smile not in your picture did he would you do to get him to smile well he's needs a hug that's what i think needs a hug and some good friends i'm going to come down i think so yeah settle down dude when we talked about your prenup got one right that is not smile now not really no that's not your just the smile i'm tony hinchcliffe is bad now right you didn't smile so he was like why my smiled his duties and smile and you know even happen to meet me why even taking a picture hash tag blast at least owners on it he's got time in in that regard as the best thing about that other than j mean tony yes i agree the two puncture it's good move good move yeah here you know i don't know the rapper world is a very fucking strange world i can't even imagine can't even imagine now but
i did want to ask something so when you're growing up was there pressure because your dad is clint eastwood did you you said you wanted to be an actor you knew was that and now we're going back to it but i just wanted to good good question i think i always wanted to be tell stories by unnecessarily knew i wanted to be an actor i think as i in older i realize it's more about telling stories i just sort of one of the acting ok well this could be a way i could get in i could so just enjoy entertainment process like creating something that people can be entertained by and enjoy yeah exactly telling a story that you know people can too late to laugh cry whatever do you think you'll go the route of your dad and like maybe do some directing and writing things on there that the plan that's a plan what's the plan you know control of your own career is is good and also you know
tell the stories you want to tell yeah we were talking about this before the podcast the world of the actors very difficult and a lot of people like you the actors of being fake and i i think one of the reasons for their statistics yeah this is that for sure but one of the reasons for the accusing them of being fake is that they always have to put on the best show like as far as their behavior and the way they act and thinking their opinions because they're constantly trying to get cast in things all about getting to people like you and politicking and and we were i can also about like you kind of have to have liberal sensibilities like in this town if you if you are a right go together does that even make sense it seems like they contradicted liberal sensibile it's one reason i moved i moved out to la years ago i just i got sick of you are great they're great people in la right people you know i'm i'm from california so i feel you know
it has a place in my heart here but i got a la because you know if you made one hundred people in la you might me in ninety five that are full of shit and you know five good ones and i think that your generous yeah it's a problem right now and everyone always always always judge it when when i meet someone i'm having a conversation with them and ask how they and you know i mean an actor or something how you been are you working article and a lot of time there's a waiting for their turn to talk yeah not even listening to you yeah just sort of you know did you know the not gonna return that and say hello you have what are you doing what you know what's going on yeah even if you don't feel like a sincere converse in now none at all yeah that it's a big issue with people in general but in la it's i think this is the magnet for all the narcissists and all the people that want attention and the people that they have a whole they have a whole they need to fill up for whatever they childhood whatever whatever the it is and they gravitate here and then they just
communicate with each other the same way and everybody kind of like protect seems to be someone who they're not and then hopefully they make it and then once they make it then they just you know become some fucking weirdo it's it's weird how many of them are like almost like cookie cutter like oh i've met that guy before he just look different you know i mean it's like like the same person living a different life i've notice i know someone that laid the other assembly line and people yeah they fell asleep or something but the actor world is like i've met a lot of comedians that are similar but there a lot there very so much but the actors boy there's a lot that are super similar just a lot of you know but then again you'll meet some of them have like figure it out and made it through and they're super normal and re like adam sandler is one of the nicest guys you've ever met your lively oh my god it couldn't be nicer told they give you know he was adam sandler and you met him be like god someone's dad
super normal dude yeah tom hanks he says supernormal that's what people say you know like because they asked me to house scott you know seems normal so that's why that's why you like so you must not know me yet yeah it is because it actor is like i don't know who am i to say who's normal right to maine seems like a more guy and you said adam sandler completely normal so that's kind of put perspective yeah well i mean my normal is like the you could talk to them and they're really they're they're real sincere yeah right the president's brother i'm in a real conversation with you and there's a lot but people just don't do that you talk to them and they're just putting on some he how are you could see you and definitely trust people who are too nice why are they sometimes that this this isn't right i'm not sure it's just a tough world for these people anyway especially the ones that haven't made it out here it's so psychologically devastating because you're
constantly going on auditions and you constantly getting rejected so you're insecure in the first place and then you are hoping someone like go to go to this thing and you're kind of like put on your best behavior in your dressing good like high put please to meet you a nice alright alright hey hey thanks guys thanks for the opportunity to leave they don't like you they said you sucked at the audition but i didn't suck this really didn't like you they said you didn't make eye contact fuck yeah you know and people get weirder and weirder an if you meet an actor like like one year and then you meet him ten years later and they're still swinging and nothing's happening they might be like almost ready to crack like the threat of verge right at that falling down with michael douglas you know when he's fucking he's got the briefcase and he goes in traffic start shooting people like there's like a couple of days before the rest on the breaking line take it anymore
the devastating business right it's tough it's tough but you know like i said i mean we were talking about before it it's all it's built on hard work any reputation because like you say you know you get rep from for being an asshole or showing up late to work or this down the uh you know everyone is going to know about it it's a small place la or being a diva in a diva d yeah that's a big one that's not a good that's not a good additive for can't shake that one that happens to people not like in hollywood they'll they'll be doing a lot of big movies in here like oh she's difficult to work with and they just fucking disappear yes crash and it's almost seems like hollywood the lights and shutting oriental out and it did written for you to fail yeah they kind of look but one you prove to be like ungrateful in some way or you don't look like here's a perfect well he kind of made it on television remember david caruso when david kruse
so was on nypd blue everybody is like wow it's kind of great actor and then he quit my pd blue windows this massive hit show and then went and started doing like some real shitty movies and everybody was like why the fuck would you quit a big show like nypd blue and do a bunch of movies like po i hope he fails movies failed everyone did a movie again you never saw him in a good movie lekki like have this trajectory of this amazing career yeah danny became this caricature because then he was doing that stupid cop show where we take his glasses off and say some stupid pun but it looks like he got nail in ticket question remember that it was like csi miami or something like that and it was a fucking character sure of a cop show whereas nyt pd blue when he was on it was groundbreaking i mean it was fucking fantastic so what happened it just became
i don't know i don't know who is diva is actually recognized as a diva whether or not he was actually a diva i don't know the guy you have to meet him and talk to and hang out with him but he had that stink stink yeah that's that's the other thing too is is not easy you know in hollywood it's not even what's true sometimes just perceived it so you know my dad used always say he say believe half of what you see and none of what you hear and that always stuck with me because you know you sit down with people in the industry or whatever and you just hear a lot of who is gossip rising for gossip queens everybody wants to talk shit about someone they worked with if they tell some story tell how diff old somebody was this that if any and you don't even you know it's a a business built on you know it said it is the house of cards you know you're like well that how do you know that that's even true you know so it's kind of up up it
you know i mean i don't feel like that happens in other businesses but maybe it does with coworkers on i don't know it does it's also there's a weird thing because when you're movie star like yourself and you on the screen like you get all the adulation and all the well there's a whole crew of people behind you a special effects people and lighting and sound and its directors and jamie of servicing jamie and young jamie is one hundred people to everyone that's on the screen right at least that's and so they get no love they can you know they're going to eleven and that's where the business side of the business is so delusion because the agents and the people around it's they're not the one and there you put in this the sweat every day for five mines to make a film you know pulling the creative ideas pulling the hard work you know the lips in all the all the guys who are underpaid in our work and
to make money to feed their families so it's interesting 'cause i saw it from a very different lens i saw it from my father's lens which is you know my dad show up on time get the movie done shoot fast treat everybody good and going you work with the same people over and over again you do the right thing by people have integrity where is it people don't see that side of of of the is there so much other stuff that you never did people never get love for and in the film industry yeah well in the long hours so it's another thing to be able to understand if your film set like what's an average day for you it could be a short twelve hour day so it's twelve to six teen and how many days a week you work in five six i mean when you're on location your usually you could be in a movie that's doing a six day work week or you could be a but by the end every
i'm doing a six sometimes even you know you're just put it in full your full throttle today no when you're on location do you have to squeeze a work out and keep your brain yeah same yeah a how do you do that on a sixteen hour day i try to do it during lunch because i find that if you go to lunch you you get sluggish to lunch right and then you go on our i gotta get back in there you know and do this i can now get hit the coffee or get the whatever it stimulates okay right yeah yeah it is this is a just just about are you a member the mobile just just a bump to get the history of little bit woo but yet so i think working out during lunch assumed to be the sing for me i don't do well in the mornings for work out 'cause i feel stiff so i like to get the blood going first if i can hit it during lunch even if i'm on set do what you dumb bells this that and the other and then i'll have i'll get some endorphins kick in
yeah i used to i used to do that but now it lately over the last like not even lately but alas like five six years i like to get up in the first thing i do work out especially like do ju jitsu in the afternoon and i needed to do a lifting session yeah i want as much space between the lifting and the ju jitsu is possible so i can recover so for me it's like it just get up and even though i don't feel good in the morning once the blood start pompeianus where you gotta just remind yourself like does yeah i know you feel like shit just do with a few wraps get that blood going and once once you're sweating you're sweating it's all the same no i do i do in the morning too i worked out this morning and plus math but i just that helps you feel a society so in the movie fast aid a lot of sleeveless shirts which i that's all of big that's why dm i'm not sure about the connection
he's confused right now there's no we're talking about it but he'll press on so did these guys so rock state do we have to push ups in there to keep that pound for the for the scenes to very good question look everybody's i mean i think everybody wants to be on the on the you know at the tip of the spear right and you got shirt off tank off stuff so let's you know let's get the pump on that's where a guy like me i'm very very modest so if i was there i would the opposite with your skin tight muscle bear sure i would try to slump maybe perhaps or hide my definition that's not true good show that's one of the first thing i notice when i walked out is he really works washer i do i do a lot of yoga yeah i do a lot of yoga very good posture notices cam you don't even notice bro that was my friend never commented on my pasta that was that was one of the first things when i kind of yoga about ten years ago and it changed my life it's amazing
right there's no pumping yoga there's no public yoga we've discussed campus kim like sleeveless shirts and get his pump on yeah yeah and it doesn't like touching his toes and so that's uh struggle i can do i can do this so knees bent but i think that's that was the one of the first thing a guy told me when i was getting into it he said you really work on your posture he is you're going to look at look guys who are you know ninety walking around on the street who are slumped over he goes do you want to be like that it kind of got me quick i was until i got to sell the down thirty one years yeah how bout you relax pal he's got such a better attitude because i would have said what we're about yourself i'm used to get your teeth downline and so maybe i'm just a little defensive i believe seats that were sitting in that these are these called ergo depot is the name
company in there it's called a capisco and what it is is there comfortable but they make you sort of sit and support yourself with your spine whereas a lot of times people just kind of slump and chairs sure that's just terrible for you terrible swamping terrible all that stuff's terrible and when you order put in logan's order and save ten is just getting out of sponsor hopes area please plug in every companies coca cola pepsi you do do yoga though you will notice a difference in your posture and the like the lack of like backache some pains and stuff like that everything but it's just it's hard for people because it's not necessarily fun like the boats are excellent but why you're there and you're sweating your dick off and you're stretching quiet your mind then i think that's the as a base hard thing for people right is is is that the meditation aspect of it is is so is so hard for people to go to get out of their own way but once you do
for awhile you realize it now i crave it yeah i can't go i can't a few days with that i go i start getting antsy and i got kinda yoga yeah it's just it's also a very pretentious thing not real but it sounds like it is like i'm going to do yoga i'm better than you going to yoga and then i'm going to have hummus i hate this guy well you know what the thing was when i started ten years ago but he brought me in it was ninety eight percent female now i've notice it's a five thousand and fifty gotta go today class yeah reason not to go with us is a guy in front of you and as you have all been done over yeah this guy's sacks like that's i'm trying to say is i think that it was it for a for a long time it was state route yet frowned upon right yeah for for men to to go to yoga and i know i even had those thoughts i was and well yeah you ok i want to go hit the gym and get you know get a pump on to jacked project but now
i'm going well you know you see all the benefits and everything yeah to incorporate that with the pumping well for juju so it's huge because range of motion is one of the most important things that you do and flexibility especially when you have a good guard and i gotta do yoga for the most part because of hixson hickson gracie and i remember in nineteen ninety four i saw a video of hickson gracie doing yoga and i was like oh 'cause i was like everybody always said that hixson was like there was all these great gracie family members hanzo was grade high and was great all these guys were great health but his sin was always thought to be number one and i was like well why why is he so much better than everybody else and then i realized oh he's got like the full package like he has his dad is helio gracie so his dad's one of the originate yrs of brazilian jiu jitsu so he grew up with it it's in his dna he trained his whole life under the best teachers in the world and then yoga in training and exercise like hicks and as bad
once beams which stands on the open steam and does a full split standing up holds his foot over his head i mean it's fucking freaky to watch he's just got incredible control of his body so dexterity in the control of the body along with the strength and jujitsu like that's what made hixson who is i'm sure it's again it's one of those things is not as i was telling someone you deadlift six hundred pounds right you know what are you doing deadlift in six hundred and five million twenty six thousand and fifty three people want to watch that yeah put chains on it's not hard enough that kind stuff is the definite that's going to catch up at the end at the end of your life you know that's good that stuff you know it's you're not careful you too much of that i feel like it's really going to cause a lot of pain in your leg if they can but man if you just do yoga you look like a like a month scores now you've got a good yeah act as well i don't know
it depends on what you're trying to do but i agree with you that it does give you a calming thing in terms it down anyway yeah i think there's look at that picture him on the beach do that oh unbelievably flexible you got to get into it you got yeah i mean hicks and there's just not a whole lot of human beings that can do that but forget about like world class black belt yeah yeah he's a frequent combination ok wait so i gotta go back to the fanboy stuff so i just want to ask so so there is you started off acting with like smaller movies we're then now you've been and tell me if i'm i know you weren't fury yeah i didn't remember until that started to know who you were this fury fury was with brad pitt
which was in world war two david air no that's right yeah and then now it feels like now you're in the big movies well look i started fourteen fifteen almost fifteen years ago and doing it hysterical and people i first you gotta a couple hit movies happening overnight success yeah i know about always looking fuck you talking about i've been at for ten years you know at that point but i started yet doing tiny one liners or you know any it's a god just to get on set play any role do any lines whatever just learn soak it up and yeah i was doing that for years i mean i was doing it for seven hundred am here's you know all i was bartending while i was valley parton cars anything to pay the bills but how important is that you actually worked away through it even though you're clint eastwood son that's why that's what i was interested in is that it didn't feel like he helped you
and i don't know maybe he did but no no have anyone who knows my dad would just laugh at that you know there they would say oh yeah i mean my dad's very old school and he's he's very very tough on his son his he have an older brother and it's it just doesn't happen like that north there's no hand outs you not something you gotta go get it and i can't thank him enough for that because it never gave me any backup and back up it didn't it it didn't make me go out i can just sort of sit around or you know you created drive created hard work and drive and those are all the things that take to make some successful yellow give you a twenty two and he made you a star of his big movie that would mean that we are some that will look it would look at look really bad on him yeah look we know so and you could yet he could do that i guess when in his movie but i think the common thing is well you had you know but easy 'cause you know some of that he can just pick up the phone and call
big director in town who he she casts heavy said it would be a mess yeah i mean in that and in that for the drug supply tell him you know thank you client but i not not doing that you know is my movie and i don't even know how your son is when he went when he went on tv and did that like thing where he had a like a seat next to him and he talked to obama and talked to the empty chair you call mom and dad called what the fuck dad we doing now i stay out of politics i i don't even i don't i don't give two shits about politics i guess that was in politics that was just like a play like a puppet show with no puppet yeah i did like the intent though yeah 'cause i hate well whatever yeah is as good with it i get it but did you try out or i want to know how to but
didn't you audition this but for american sniper i did does his movie right i was just so how that go what happened yeah you know i addition and you know i remember actually got a new bradley cooper and i said hey you know i love to play your bra i read the script i'd read the script you know i was already doing my own thing and then when i was in a working for a long time ago and periodically in addition for his films yeah because the clint eastwood films right yeah get an opportunity isshin great and then you know when i said i loved it your brother and you know one of those roles in bradley looking like a yeah i don't yeah maybe ok cool have rushed out or i was friends with them and then so you know sort of said hey can i get in addition to go addition for this through my dad's company i wouldn't put myself on tape it's pretty simple when you add go audition for him he's not not there no ones there anything you just go put yourself on tape with a casting director
and then you know either hear something back or you don't yeah and that's sort of the that's the end of it on a lot of times you you never do i mean that's that's how it goes for actors yeah so that's what happened with that you you put it on tape and then didn't hear back you didn't say what did we sell it don't work like that in my family really nice these two old so i would never even dare to bring up something like that just expect yeah that i mean that's probably why you so normal lee yeah because those people that are in those sheltered families where is not good it's not good it's not good for you no you don't have the value for a dollar the value for hard work you don't have it becomes blurred then you yeah you know i think it's the same way with inheritance mean is it's very rare that someone inherits a shit load of money early on in life and then why is having character and being they say that donald trump is like that that he's a cool guy like everybody i know that's madame i know he gets a lot of weird press but the guy
is it i know that know him say he's a really nice guy really down to earth really normal really healthy and i've heard not a lot of trump's kids which is really strange 'cause he luckys is crazy you know i'm the best i do the best things my ratings the best but you would think that he would be like this dickey dad but apparently he's done a great job as a dad which is very strange yeah that's what i hear about donald trump junior yeah i've heard that too and he bought it so he does gotta be cool maybe that's why it's cool i mean maybe that's probably it mean it might have something to do with it for real like just all those experiences in the wild well just today so we've shot a lot of i've been doing this for thirty year you've been doing this for years now and still it's so humbling yeah there's you know it's not easy
making a good shot yeah every now and then one goes right into the neck of the target you like what the fuck i've been doing this all day and wonder so it goes wrong you talk about ego checks i mean anytime you think you're good at for sure there's a wake up call yeah i mean it is not easy yeah it's not an easy thing to do and then also it's like waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting stocking stocking stocking and then all of a sudden here comes that i'm ready get ready now is it really happening is really and then you have to execute a great shot under this in overtown the adrenaline yeah you have you done bow hunting yeah would you bow hunted dear have been successful have that's a nice thing uh yeah what find a black tail would you do in california it is like very very like you said it's totally in the pocket all of a sudden it's now in adrenaline adrenaline and then you're you know
dover 'cause either missed the shot or you you know you didn't take it and you're like and what they say cam that there's a direct correlation between lower heart rate and good archery that there's actually been studies done you know like in these european circles where their target archers and one of the things they found to improve dudley was talking about this on his podcast knock on on his podcast talking about that running in particular is it is really good that lowering your heart rate obviously but then also the the side effect of that is it improves our tree and improves your ability under pressure to keep your heart write down 'cause your hardware naturally lower right your resting heart rate gotta be stupid like what is it i don't know 40s ortiz wound yeah saddam i was good in that like you know fifty five or something that's crazy yeah you know michael bisping xyzz thirty four yeah she is at norton message most good
marathon runners are low 40s you know upper 30s so when you have that going for you like save your heart rate gets jacked up and you calm it down your prob you still going to be like when in the 60s or 70s where the guy who's like some fucking bubble with some big sloppy gut and you know and he's taken fuel to so you get up to the top of the mountain have when he gets up there and see some of these okay yeah he's tired he's when did these breasts haris already jacked and it's hard excuse good shot under those conditions yeah and and just like with running an exercise in you recover faster the better shape you're in yeah that's kind of why i mean you can go you can peek but then is back low normal and then your more composed so i mean it takes awhile for those guys to recover if they're not in shape after all my years of exercising i just started running we're running today we're running today we're running the trails today after this i'm going to keep trying
keeping up with him we dick ulous that's crazy that's not for me buddy it's like doing jujitsu with hicks and you know you're going to kill just go out there and do it don't be a pussy how many miles you gotta do today i'll probably twenty or thirty if he can make just kidding you're kidding honestly if you're training for in a two hundred and thirty how many do you do a day yeah we could do a marathon everyday right you kill yourself he was doing a half marathon everyday at least you know there's there's days i mean there's weeks getting ready for the bigfoot that iran one hundred and three thousand and forty miles so it's almost twenty miles a day in the bigfoot is two hundred miles over seven would you do seventy eight hours seven thousand eight hundred and fifty six did you see that ultra marathon guy who finished six seconds past the deadline oh it barkley the barkley marathons he locked up and took a detour i know that race they've been
sending me messages and they they tagged i don't know if it was both of us but the other day on did a tweet somebody mentioned my name for it and so the race actually tweeting and said that i wouldn't be able to finish because i'd be i want to get up in a tree any kill some of the wild pigs running around as a result of the eggs yeah i really i didn't know this but that barkley marathon itself where is that where is yeah that's the place infested apparel yeah tennessee so it's there's a whole store i wish i knew it cuz i'm going to sound stupid but there's a prison there and i can't remember who is in the prison some famous criminal killed somebody or tried to kill somebody anyway escaped and he made it was out for five hours something like that made it just eight miles and they got him so that's kind of how the race originated there's a there's a story
i did so the races there around that prison in that in that same country and so the goal the time limit is something around that fifty five hours and you have five loops you go one one way at first loop opposite opposite opposite and you have and the course isn't marked so you're navigating with a map that you have to create yourself and to get the check point search books there at every checkpoint and you have a certain number of the page and they say you go and pull out page twelve of every book this is how it works and then you bring it back to make sure they check you when you get the lap completed inside ok he hit every checkpoint here's all the pages of those books and then you do another lap but if you run with some douche bag i was like fuck page three this page out to pay seven could suck my yeah well in people's pages out i don't i you know there's a there's honor in in if somebody
working that hard usually don't have to worry they respect other people working that hard to do you know what i mean it's just kind of thing yeah donna system did the culture of it yeah so i mean i wouldn't about something like that but it sounds like a brutal race i think only may of might be up to fifteen people now i have completed it in twenty five years whoa and this guy missed it by six seconds yeah jesus christ he up and made an error in his past something happen and i i can't i don't i didn't read the whole story but yeah so you have to do it inside a sixty hours or something like that yeah and she was like sixty hours and six seconds or something like that says he when he was going around the race from he came to a staircase and there's no staircases in the marathon so he's the new a up to an hour okay boy he was a super sleep deprived you name it around yeah there's two miles from the end of the race wow and there's no there's no course
so you just run in the woods yeah jesus christ particular so they have the map up there the topol map up there and you create your own map off that map and you might use a map you can't use a phone you can't use a gps so there's navigating is part of the same what are you doing i want to do it i know you do yet to to get entered is that that's the whole process in itself you have to say and i got a letter and a dollar for thirty seven something like that into the race director and they they select who they want in there and then you have to bring a license play from your house from your home state and like a shirt to the guy and then you're in mono so it's theirs i mean that the lot crazy i don't know it's just not sure can you give me keep hammering shirt how does it have to be a pacific i think he chooses i don't know i need to i a documentary but i don't remember every detail are
we do in some really nutty one soon well i need to talk to to candace about at the race director of the bigfoot she's putting on the moab it's a two two hundred and thirty four mile race this will be the first one so long longest one there is so you to do what you did the bigfoot two hun which is two hundred and five miles and then and doing the twenty nine miles i need to run a buyer i mean we it was successful last time we got a lot of people followed along which is but what we wanted we were running yeah yeah with a live tracking anet cool because that the race is so special and she's so special as far as her passion for this and and creating these opportunities for people really test them selves and she was on your podcast yeah yeah i'm a big fan of hers what's your last name candace bert and that number what
remembers numbers in our five was it i'm not sure people find it yeah now it was good though 'cause she's super super cool and so she's put in on this new one in moab and it's you know further than any other race and so i want to do it but there it is race three moab two hundred why did call two hundred when the two hundred and thirty four i don't know that's what i'd like the bigfoot thing called bigfoot two hundred and five god damn it i feel like i feel like thirty four miles it's a little too far just around down that's a weird number i mean i mean listen this ring to it did under the the about the moab two hundred and fifty that's closer if you get around i like that better sounds better just a two hundred and thirty four dot three and if you run two hundred and thirty four miles an extra sixteen probably just like who cares i'm already dead it's a long way it's i look at that country it looks beautiful does but it's going
in july isn't it now now october oh ok so that's not bad you'll be fairly cool now you were saying that when you do one of these things you don't sleep now like you slept like may do an hour a couple times yeah and that's how you know if you want to win the guy who won richard it's total beast i was asking how long is my goal was to win you know i didn't achieve my goal my goal was to i wanted to get the fastest ever so i can come up short on that but what place did you place i finished eighth yeah so who's winning through sixty miles i think and richard past main fuck richard now he's he's just dug but i was asking him my how long had he been sleep you know at these checkpoints and i said fifteen minutes i'm like what so i have like so i decided i wasn't going to sleep until i got one hundred miles down i wanted to get at least halfway done so got two hundred
i slept for about an hour and got and then i ended up sleeping for three hours total over the seventy eight hours so you sleep about an hour birthday if you want to if your hope is to compete to win or to you know place high like like i wanted to just can't sleep do you have any interest in doing that now now it enjoy yesterday said absolutely no fucking way yeah to sir i'm aware kind of cook it's just you know you you know it is just like it's a different type of test just to see what you're capable of yeah i get it i'm just not that into running do you run at all like morning i ran on the treadmill before i hit the weights but just a war i'm up because there was nothing in the gym i was at but not really you can go with us come with you guys run brake dust
yeah all that crap i say you we run there and issue bows there yeah i tell you don't own this is what we really should be concentrating on isn't he like ten foot tall hundred okay talk on six seven or super nice guy is the yeah at princeton yeah you meant when somebody was on his show you like when with them sturgell circles actually yeah yeah yeah i wouldn't hang out with them down there didn't he want to grammy yes you're awesome he's he's another guy that's like super famous super successful guy that you would never know if you met him is normal as i get fucking working on a railroad car he was working for a train company just like a couple of years before he made it his wife talked him into doing music she was like you know you don't suck at this well quitman shocked me about when i met cameron where it came out in the conversation he still work and for your utility
utility companies have tried to get what you mean you're a professional hunter and like you do all this great stuff i follow you what do you mean he's like i still this other job and i'm like wow i was like super cloud respectful i've been trying to get him to quit forever how many times do i try to do it today about ten today he's like let's go to hawaii we can hunt there they got all sorts of access to your access here yeah it's going to be awesome so that's in jail i'm going i'm trying to drag him along time to quit my job and my could kill two birds with one stone i know so it's like yeah you go with like shane dorian or something yeah she is going to be done there grammy awards going to be down there john dudley is going to be down there be a gay old time hey man if you got an extra spot
i want to go for real yeah i'll see if we can make something happen i'll see if we can make something happen i'll find out what's going on but apparently lenai in particular well they say maui remi warren just got back from maui so now he's like steer on the south side yeah there's been a lot down there have you hunted there too now we have you know in south mostly in the california area you know when you were hunting we still hunting spot in stock like what are you doing no just an just knowing the areas with a friend you know the areas and walking and flushing amount it with that play laughing something like that he's just a little bit of self conscious about the raw data again that things that that thing was a goodbye thank you hey it killed a deer apparently so well now they have a hoyt though yeah that things like the most balance
i mean you feel immediately there so this new ones are so good it's so crazy because the first one cam ever got me was own four years ago and i think like well that's you know that's pretty recent but and it was awesome at the time but if you had to go back to today be like how this piece of i think but not really but both technology just keeps increasing yeah every year they get a little bit a little bit at a bit better yeah sure and you might not know it i mean because well we say is like oh i don't i try not to be the guy who's like oh this is the best thing i've ever shot but it's slow slightly better and as we know in hunting that that there's a fine line between successive failure so that's slightly better might be the difference yeah you
a lot more i'm an amateur and compare center and and i don't i don't want to beat him i did did out shoot him he did on this today he did you real it a couple times it's like you have taken the liberty i remember a time is the beautiful thing about our trees that there really is no perfection in archery i mean yeah i can get a perfect shot but to be perfect every time you shoot is never we've been done really well i will say by the end of the day we were out there in the parking lot of riverside archery we had forty six yard shot anne scott is laying him in there i mean nice tight group we are doing three hours at a time i mean so and that's just in in a day with that bo then did we cam and i talking about this today if people knew how good it feels to likes daddy yourself anchor like look to them
keep sight breathe release at aero watch it should think yeah right where you are it's the best feeling it is so good we filmed today and so i took a shot is sixty one yards at that with my bagel heavy arrow and i shot and i like run up to the binoculars and i look and it was a perfect shot and i was like so excited like the first time i ever shot a bow and that was that's just how fun this how excited i still get and we're just people i told joe i said if people knew this i mean they're going to watch us and go i want to do that it looks awesome if you're after thirty years you getting this excited it's just we were talking about this today and i want to bring this up and i think hoyt should do this the big entry barrier in in learning archery is having someone teach you and going somewhere and not knowing how to get started like once you get started and use
oh i'm a twenty eight inch draw i like a four hundred and fifty green arrow and you know all the stuff that you need then be comes easier to sort of do but the beginning it's so daunting it confusing the learning curve so long they should have like white should have a white academy or a place you can go where you could buy how about the size you they fit you up to the correct draw length and then you sign up for a class and there's a teacher and they show you how to do it if there was something like that whereas like you can go take karate somewhere you could go take jujitsu somewhere go try to take archery somewhere there's not a lot of places and if they are you know like the first is i want to don't fucking sketchy now they weren't they didn't really draw length is too long though it's good pro shops are define i'm lucky with the bow rack back home and wayne does that wayne daddy takes me to the teachers and right he coaches them and
like riverside archery was that chris there a nice guy and totally knows archery too so but those might be a unique examples because there's a lot of pro shops i mean this guy who versus thunders tell me about his pro shop back home they like we're almost making fun of him his his act not him but his cousin was in there trying to get set up with a bow and just like we funny why 'cause he didn't know he didn't know it's just like so you never know what you're going to get you know there's all sorts of different type of people out there i pulled up to the hotel to come up to la to do some press and i opened up the top of the hotel bel air and i opened up the door of my truck all the fee let it come out like the bellman looking at me going and what the fuck are you doing compound bows in the car
in la yeah yeah they don't know how to handle that if you were in camps neighborhood there be like oh you bow hunting out here they're like crazy this guy doing it's going to kill somebody probably right order big walking dead fan show drives me crazy when those arrows just sticking to zombie heads i'm like why do they just deck how come there's no pass throughs and that's fine in the kid yesterday where they're asking about that they're like would never do it would go halfway in like in the movies and i'm like it would even see you won't even feel it will slow down it would be like i told him about we put up this bear clip joe before we i think before we realize the venom that will come out of bear hunting bajo re we did the video of this bear stood up and was grabbing this beaver up there i shot it and we had to go pro on the backside of it and the arrow went through the bear
i'm at the back side and it was just like didn't even slow down now i mean it just kind of all this stuff kind of came out with the arrow just like what was the sound send the arrow made it through the blast through the bears body and the bear went on a full sprint yeah right you almost right where you guys were slightly off your right if you've never seen a bear sprint before like when you see them lumber around and you go oh well i kind of get an idea what that thing can do all she had right you know that things like hussein bolt when you through an arrow through it right and that so it has a four brown bear so you could imagine what you know brian was asking about what is he one hundred and sixty pounds something that's about one hundred and ten maybe one hundred and six somewhere around there but anyway i told i was it yeah these bos wouldn't even slow down you don't even know what it i mean it would be too late go through you and then you go what just say why my why
grandpa yasso walking dead grandpa please reach near damn i missed that i missed that one skateboard through the clouds but yeah so with the with the walking dead yeah they got some rotten zombie head in the aroser just sticking in it speaking of near death experience i want to ask you this 'cause i listen you i guess a lot and you talk about dmt and you know some of the stuff you see when you like it produces in your mind or you produce it in your body right is that the chemical you release like when you die or when you have a near death experience they believe so here's here's here's the deal they didn't know oh for sure until really recently that would it was even produced by the pinyo gland now that they know there's a guy name is produced but there's a guy name rick strassman doctor rick strassman out of the university of new mexico and he
who put together these clinical trials that were the first ever fda approved clinical trials on a psychedelic drug first ever on dmt and they we're done in new mexico and he did them and he wrote a book about it called dmt the spirit molecule and one of the things that he found it's a great book and one of the things you found really fascinating and i read the book before i ever did dmt thing that he fell really fascinating was that these people had uniform experiences yeah it wasn't like one person saw this thing and then another person had a totally different trip know they all had like fairly uniform experiences and here's the other thing that's really fascinating their experiences in many ways mirror the experiences of people that have been ducted by aliens tran people that have near death experiences and the action they think is that the brain produces this chemical called dimethyltryptamine and we know that it's produced by the liver and we know that's produced by the lungs and then in eastern mysticism it always thought that
the pinyo gland was the seat of the soul that it was the third i then in literally in reptiles as as has a retina and a cornea and actually it's like literally an eyeball in the center of your head and in the vatican there's a gigantic sculpt sure of a pine cone in the vatican and that pie king kone is supposed to represent the pinyo gland so you get a photo of that gigantic pine cone and i was actually in the vatican last summer and i had a conversation with the guide we had this really cool guy was a professor who's expn meet us all the different stuff that you know it's all the diff symbolisms and what they mean and um they've eastern mysticism and a lot of ancient religions have always been focused heavily focused on pine cone and pinyo gland and that is what that supposed to represent that that gigantic pie in cone in the middle here there's something now like people smoke pine cone or there's some grown people yeah
some people smoke socks if you given to him but but i i heard i heard that i never that now that there's there's a some sort of to dim he's like plant plant based right that is the thing is that the dmt doesn't just exist in one plant exists and thousands of different plants sure that's why they have i wasco when i watched it is is an orally active dmt so what do emt normally when you eat it your body produce something in your digestive digestive tract called mod you're a mean oxygen the blocks it right yeah and so what ayawaska is is dmt from one plant and mao inhibitor for another plan and they combine it together and they create an orally active dmt because otherwise you just be trippin every time you eat a salad but you you get some wheat grass juice should ship your balls off but your body keeps that from happening but the purpose
that dmt and what it does in human neurochemistry is not really uh did that well but what they do know now because of rick strassman in the work of the cotton wood research foundation which is a foundation that's dedicated to exploring these subjects i found that in live rats rats or mice or forget which one that they've prove in that there many gland is producing dimethyltryptamine which is what they've always it's always been anecdotal evidence so now they know that it's not produced by the liver in the lungs but it's also produced by this little gland and the this little gland they think during near death fix variances and heavy rem sleep it's producing dmt how much they don't really know because they would have to get in there and have to somehow or another figure out a way to measure it while you were alive they haven't figured to do that yet 'cause it's in the center of the different yeah who knows how and fuck they could do that with today's technology but maybe technology in the future they'll be able to figure that out
i mean i'm in fascinated by it ever since listening to you talk about it and then watching your documentary on cmt spirit molecule molecule does all based on strassman's work yeah so i mean it's crazy man try one time and it was you know it was unlike anything for the ten minutes ever experience in my entire life and so it was you know after that i've obviously read all this stuff what's interesting is i think no one probably never know until you do it or not i mean what is what is what right what you like what there's something there's a phenomenon happening the way we just as humans that can't possibly understand yeah maybe will never understand in our lifetime well you know there's two different ways of looking into one is that it's human neural chemistry and that is a chemical that it's just producing these crazy visuals and it's just all the meaning that you it is just your own
and then the other way of looking at it is it's some sort of a chemical gateway into the afterlife that what you're seeing is like the souls of these people that have live before and all the people that have ever lived like a sea of souls and i don't know what who's right who's wrong but it's impossible to describe but cancer i bet it's just like you're just throwing words around it doesn't doesn't work and it's produced by your own body that's the weirdest thing like everybody has it like terence mckenna needs to do a joke about i said everybody's holding the schedule one compound but everybody test positive for it elite so but is it illegal like how do they decide but it's going to be illegal if it's you know it's a plant based proteins that is the problem just now this planner walls contain it or all legal there all they are all legal and then it's illegal but it's in all these legal plans but it's in thousands of plants that's part of the problem it's like you can
i have a san pedro cactus and keep it in your house and everybody's like what's that like oh it's pretty cactus yeah but it's also there's drugs in that fucking cactus i mean that's where masculine comes from comes from that i think about it trip your balls off from a fucking cactus that's crazy yeah i mean when the the peyote ritual that same account yes san pedro cactus is this the same thing as baby so i think receiving google that jamie believe that peyote e and masculine or is like some wet the slang or something for is it yeah masculine is occurs naturally in the peyote e cactus yeah you could have that cactus in your house and you're basically a drug dealer but meanwhile you're not you're a little old lady who enjoy succulents you know like oh well so so you're pretty characters i love it i can go out of town for a week and come back and it's fine yeah so that's a really cool looking cactus that people keep in their yard all the time in la like
other things in la because of the drought that we have for so many years until this year which is awesome even looks like new zealand out there now yes it is nice but people would have these hard scapes in their yard that's where they would just have rocks and succulents and cactus so there's a lot of of those cactuses that characters you can go meet jesus with that cactus have you done no no no don peyote yeah that's seems a seems like a long long long time though right i think this is one of the longer ones i thing i think it's critical a few hours but so is iowa oscar you know i'm not i haven't done that either i've only done the day at the dig what dmt is like a shorter more potent form of it yeah but i've done it so several times over the course of an evening where it's like been like a couple hour experience do you feel like it's obviously you know people have done it they now this is like it's not something that you're doing record only it's something that's like ok you do this one time it's or you know a couple of times it's not like you're out go to the club
oh now you know what i mean it's a very sp virtual sort of thing you do that spiritual is so beaten down it's one of those words i don't even like to use because it's you know what i mean it's like like so many people like i'm not religious but in spiritual it almost seems like you know i mean it seems like going to spiritual gangster about to throw away as soon as i get home joe rogan says not cool but that is not cool it's just it's kind of been co opted by nonsense sure you know and not even nonsense intentionally i mean people say that like they'll say things and they don't mean anything it's not the lying or there being deceptive it's just it's such a problematic word no what i what i mean i guess i can say better is is it's xperience that you know is something that's very powerful is very clean you want yes profound and you want to sort of do in an talk about it and have a collective
discussion about it yeah and it's also these are also the real problem of perception especially amongst people that have an experience psychedelic drugs that when you say the word drug or each say psychedelic compounds may because you say the word drug people off i'm leaving their head oh you're a weak person your trying to hide from reality you know the year trying to shield yourself you're you just trying to get just lay around like good should be here man couldn't be further from the truth it's like one of the most self exploratory opening and deeply disturbing and it's found and powerful effects it's very shocking and you leave it one it's over you you're a different person man on the just and now that you know that that's a real possibility you're gonna be a different person yeah baby when i was maybe want me to visit dolled i mean it depends on how you coming into it and then what kind of fence mechanisms you have what kind of ego you have weather now you can just realise
but now that you've seen as you know that life will never be the same again you're always going to know that that's a possibility that you can smoke this crystal powder that is extracted from plants and when you smoke it your transport to a world of love and understanding and geometric patterns of until the point where like you can't even describe you don't even know what you're looking at while you're looking at it it's just so beyond leg lifts the veil from what we think is reality and it might be heaven it could be the afterlife it really might be it might there might be a reason why people think that heaven is filled with ultimate love because people of near death experiences and they've come back with these stories and during those near death experiences it's entirely possible not just speculate if not just like it might absolutely be that your brain
in is producing this dimethyl tryptamine that it already produces in high doses and that's what it's there for i don't know you know sure but you've done it yeah yeah a lot of people done it now more people than ever that's crazy in history for sure for sure more people listening to this now have experience the empty then probably at any time in human history and that yeah people when they ask you know that you know if you haven't done it you should do it because it's it's mind opening you know you go well ok you realize it's humbling i think to you there's a lot we don't understand that's happening and the may never understand to be so close minded i think we know one pack after the other what's the right thing or the wrong thing this is just really arogant is very ego shattering it's very ego shattering it also once you know that that's possible that's like how
that possible how's it possible that the you're just thirty seconds away from that at any time anna crazy now yeah campaign is not experienced it now now i can't i get drug tested or george miller lite i don't think it's even if that would even come up on a drug is a plant based right now we know it wouldn't come in all your body test positive for it always says you have it in your yeah okay let's do it or home just we got to go into a vault michael business going get mad at us why he was mad at you talking about smoking pot all the time really one a couple days ago for real how's about that i don't the seller why would anybody matter that awesome hello mike he see talk to a i could be real time microwave drunk like they did whole thing was talking about being in vegas and you know he was uh talking to gsp and gsp's like you're drunk because course i'm drunk come in vegas
just got a i was drinking when he said he doesn't put up all the time he's drinking beer did you see this jamie yes pete why can't just peed now this being about going there you're talking a gsp not what know bisping was drunk ok and he gsp called him out on it like you said like you smell like alcohol is like yeah i was drinking all night what's wrong with you i'm in vegas well why would bisping be upset that i talk about beer or i talk about pot when he's always talking about beer that's silly maybe that's true would you sure jamie you find that james going to his talk about you and and making fun of you and diaz nick diaz it's probably trying to fight with nick diaz that's probably what it is maybe i just anyone for a five i figured you would have seen it now i love michael i bad mother fucker yeah that guys tough shit man came see out of one i i know let's get one i that's all fucked up they filled that they did an operation on it and then filled it up with oil so that
it doesn't the rat doesn't rupture again when so he's fighting gsp when is that do we know when they do not have a date but trying to figure it out but bisping is said that if gsp can't make it by july will fight somebody else so he might how old is gsp and michael bisping blast joe rogan and nick diaz for paz promoting cannabis but that might not be real like so by saying blasts you'd have to hear like what he actually said i can't tell what it's from pay now yeah yeah it might it just seen that it might it literally and i'd probably hang out with joe rogan you know i see that that sixty minutes on and all that you know i know those words it's a good picture of you thank you news or whatever you see the yeah sixty minutes right now it is yeah i mean you know like him that that words sort of popular now because i think i don't know people have said it a popular but it's it's
it's amazing now all the people profiting on it really showcases check out the sixty minutes we've had it do you remember the you saved me from a bear attack oh yeah there was no i got attacked by bear joe shot the bear and there's a whole article yeah that is all it was i got one that said i killed amount my my belt that's right at the house in pasadena right yeah i mean what what do you think about that do you think this it's i mean all that stuff is pretty do you think there should be controls over it like just outside of being you know the fcc being able to sue people whatever that never really happens it feels like do you think that it should
i don't know arkansas looks like things like the onion it's like when do you draw the line 'cause the onion is hilarious oh that'll make it like a subtle parody of something and make it completely preposterous and then like pull up a good example of an onion headline is like you don't know what the onion is onion is a famous parity new site where they make stories that just if you're small you read it you go for her thanks to bear some may i make is making an energy on yeah yeah in a way yeah yeah and most of the are pretty humorous but occasionally people will beat me with like an onion store in like you fucking believe this shit man it's getting out of control and then you read it and go tell me this is comedy writing people don't have common so that's a problem with that clickbait stuff as they believe it is they don't they can't read it and be like uh that's probably whatever it is like they believe everything yeah
but it mean is not the case with like cults in the moonies and scientology and like there's a lot of nonsense that people believe in it's not hard to get people to believe in shit shit good question like what do we do about it do you leave it up to common sense which isn't very common today or do you do step in rookie justice gore such how do you say his name assigned to some in court overnight shift a joke see because he's new supreme court guy and they're giving him a shitty gig see that's not real but it when we read that they're like this is bullshit these fucking liberals there just because users derivative they're putting it on the night shift is not night shift man tries using pink six pound bowling ball to great amusement that's not real either like it's like what they do they write these articles that are comedy but they fake they pose as news which is a little is different he's right if you have if your fiction and your
posing as as news yeah it's like where do you wear looks like there's no more journalistic integrity it feels it feels like there's some there's some there's something under some it just feels you know it's is at you how do you know how do you read the news you're misinformed you don't read it you're misinformed you're not informed is like you know what do you do so have you been the topic of something i mean you know there's i mean there's been fixed of about me as i'm sure all you want my my sending my dad so you believe half what you see in and we're here i always laugh 'cause probably some silly thing friends will come to me and said you really do this no i do do that and there's a ton of fake stuff out there is it on a fix i'm sure there's a dentist about you know yeah yeah i just and recently by disarmed to guide the comedy store some guide gun and i do
harm to my buddy miles of cops a man graduations on take good do mike what good job what i do you save the save people's lives but you can ruin someone's life you know in a second yeah is some is it in the wrong word some you know someone says he inteligo throw is allegedly or something they store a leisurely rape somebody or something you know they ruined some poor guys life you know reputation just out the out the window well that's what they've always been able to do with those supermarket tabloids say allegedly from a source a source tells us that campaigns likes to be careful there exactly what i'm saying yeah but you don't have to do much more than that and you kind of cover your ass and you say i have to protect my sources of first amendment right we're time it's a weird time because essentially the boundaries to publication have been dissolved it used to be that you had to work for the new york times or the washington post or a newspaper whatever now just all
use a blog or a facebook page and you're breaking news you know and just scott eastwood admits to you know wearing women's clothes while hunts for deer that's going to be larry david lurdinha wear women's underwear as were the best line that's strange it is definitely you're right stuff and strange but i mean but who's to decide i mean i know they're trying to work on some ways to figure it out i know facebook is working on some different ways to block fake news but who's to decide what's fake and what's real and who's to decide where it becomes parody when is it funny when is it the onion but it's pretty subtle sure and when is it just like some guy making up a story about you me saving you from a barely act in a way and it's a weird amounts what if one yeah i'm not really like i mean i'll sleep well tonight i'll be ok but it
the weird side of the times that times are weird we have weird times this the ability to commune ok where anybody can do anything at anytime and everybody could find out about it like you could write something on your twitter page just i wish it and then it it's to the right amount of people and they share it and then also in a million people seen inside of an hour and this is our home now it's crazy but it's power it's it's good to yeah i mean we've use that to for our benefit yes which also you do all the time yeah i do your voice i mean it's he is this made you have a voice me have a voice you know you've always had one but made me have one and so it's it's amazing time to weave and my voice is way different now having a podcast and that's much in a lot where is the same thing because it's just
and there's a pretty lean operation obviously and just stay was surprised by just a computer you know jamie to figure it out and then we talk and then you upload it and that's it this is not easy steps and yet this will probably get five million downloads or maybe even more so it's weird it's weird in that sense that it can reach so many different people and then it's do nope corporation behind it there's no washington post so we could just sit here and just make up a bunch of fake shit and just be really adamant that this really happened and blue going to leave it one stop you from doing that i don't know if they could you know long as you're not the slandering anybody and you're not getting sued so i did so what's your produce if afi bing and gsp fight very interesting fight 'cause bisping spinner a battle are a warrior for a long time is in very active in he's very
he's very like a well honed machine right now whereas is been out of the loop for a solid three years no competition at all however he's been training the entire time yes a bit gsp is not a guy who sits around and and gets fat and he gets nothing done no he's constantly training yeah but then again he stopped because he was having memory issues and head injury mean he got he had eight hundred plus times over the course of his ufc career hendricks fight he got hit in the head about ten thousand times seemed like he was a mess after that fight who's been a mess after a few fights yeah carlos condit had kicked in the acting down i mean he's out some wars matt serra knocked amount you know it's weird it feels like a g s p he's been the champion but it doesn't feel like he's doesn't have that champion respect for whatever reason well it's because his last fight
with hendrix was super close we watch that here shall i did the fight companion no not to that fight i was there for that file al hendricks yeah not hendrix last fight i'm talking about s p's last fight all i did was talk about biz being his now biz being and henderson yeah i'm sorry that one henderson that's when eddie bravo one full tower seven and he got super dry i was worried the illuminati was going to come and get us but and i said knockouts were better than submissions i think well a lot of people like it gsp's last fight with johnny hendricks it was super close super close fight and gsp retired with the belt yeah i thought i thought he lost that fight just i mean yeah a lot of people did either way it wasn't like this big victory it's not like the way he beat down bj penn and stopped him and if he said then i'm going to have retire and had a great time thank you
much everybody would blood yeah we love you george but instead it was a close fight some people like yeah i don't know man i don't know if you got the belt maybe show went out with a los there but but don't you think is being doesn't have that championship type respect he does not right now yeah and the reason he does not as 'cause he defended against henderson was n't really ranked that high right and you really shouldn't have got a title shot but it was a rematch one of the most epic knockouts ever henderson at lindeman then punched him in the head while i was down and flew through the air and that's hendersons logo now yeah henderson's logo is literally a silhouette of his body flying through the air right here drop a punch down on bisping's unconscious body yeah so and then who else is the defendant then you have to spend it after he did that he in fact they just fight now is finding gsp doesn't right so he defended it against henderson and then the next title defense is going to be
against yes but he didn't have one before henderson no no on the title by beating luke raluca defended it against dan henderson now is going to fight so the thought is how this guy getting two fights that aren't right look we mean you number one contender rockhold yoel romero's number one contender was fucking terrifying which he should get the shot yes yoel should get this year yes yeah if you look at in terms of who's the most viable contain and who's the guy that you would think would be the most threatening guy who is the guy that might be the uncrowned champion yeah you gotta with yellow romero it it feels like ufc is i think trying to find their way their footing a little bit with no rhonda and o'connor know so they're just going after that big what we sell a bunch of paper use foreign gs peas a big man what what one out of town
please god knows ask to what's happening with connor and that whole fight with for mayweather yeah as they don't know that it's that it has not been worked out yet so is not definitive but is so much money involved they think they're gonna make it happen and that's and that's the do you it the years he's got to come to an agreement agreement what what did he get in trouble do you see the conor did connor for i don't know not saying something and coming out and saying some awhile ago or get fined or something yeah fine for the for the throne the water bottle monster energy thing yeah they find him one hundred and fifty gram they dropped it down i think they dropped it to like thirty five thousand he said he'd never fight in vegas again after that and so then i can relax new york because there shouldn't go to new york it's dibacco did the big factors in the factor is also that the ufc was purchased by doug i mean that's that's entertaining comedy writer the company is going to try to put on the biggest show they could put on and that's
not necessarily like the number one ranked contender fighting for the title it's an entertainment i understand it's a business i understand but it is also there a extremely important you honor the hierarchy of champion and top i think that's critical you your way up i mean you pay your dues you work your way up you it is real your rank don ability yeah so they're trying to manufacture big fights instead of letting big fights build themselves of big fights evolve when you let a guy like y'all romero fight and he wins a beats chris weidman by knockout and then if he fights michael biz sing a michael bisping michael bisping btl romero michael bisping becomes superstar right you know and it's a tough fight to real tough i if yoel romero beats michael bisping first of all he looks like a god damn superhero yeah that's easy to sell you
it is highlight reel of smashing people to the fucking moon is a freak yeah he's one of the greatest wrestlers it's ever competed you know he he meddled in every single international competition he entered he beat cale sanderson's wanna grace wrestles of all time he beat him twice is just a freak freaks do you know yellow romeros jamie pull up a picture of yoel romero 'cause it doesn't look real now he doesn't he's like one of those guys are like why is that that's a person is that a real person or cgi person just so jacked who did he oh he beat you beat everybody know know know but in that last one at the flying knee chris weidman right oh my god flat lined up because it seems like that full fight he wasn't really doing much about ladies get the fuck out yeah that's a real person but he did this find it says jack this is the fight against movers weidman was sort of like hanging in the balance and then he did some flying
him in the side of the head yeah i will like where did that come from simple up that video that your meryl kos my chris weidman yeah yeah the there's an animated gifs that are here we go we go to the video it's in saying like lookout even how he fucking flies when he landed but look how he turns around already of lands punches here it goes watch this boom how recent was this for a couple months ago i was in australia other guys side he's just a free command and it but the biggest gash in the side of his head yeah see if you right clear video of it superman fly from like another angle but he's just yeah a freak of nature and that's that's that's cape he's capable that it was any second boom but like the amount of force find i just flying through the air and it's like so irregular too it's kind of like the way
taco del used to hit like real irregular like a flying out of elsewhere well he's just so he's so explosive so his ability to close the distance is stunning sometimes and people aren't prepared for it 'cause he's such an athlete let in that fight it didn't feel like he had been doing much you know what right i feel like he was just kind of like god when is he going to get off it was a close fight for and then all of a sudden to some out of nowhere yeah so whether or not i mean if whether or not michael being can beat him like who knows but he's got to give him a chance no he did not give you all a chance yeah so it seems i don't know it doesn't seem life isn't fair who cares but it doesn't seem fair it's gsp well the thing is is it a sport or is it entertainment i mean you just trying to put on a spectacle or is it a sp and if it's a sport if you're going to have the world series people play
this guy to play that guy and they get to the world series and here's the world series folks and this is we've at all this whole season we've been building to this moment and this is the hierarchy right and it's still huge now if just to show but three of them in there put all in there too with gsp and michael bisping i was saying all three i was saying that they should have because you do more than gsp's been out for a long time having fight nick diaz he's been for a long time too neither one of them is ranked they're both not before right yeah yeah have a rematch that's the fight that would get ton of paper views he put people love dias de love am i don't think people even know how much people love him i don't even know if the ufc knows how do a star nick and nate are yeah but bisping would like another fucking smoking pot check away from the fucking promoting public use don't know those guys like
crazy insane insane cardio cardio nick has swam back from alcatraz i have copies me whoa five times i said twice once and he me online he at five now or they could race every they compete in triathlons hollow time yeah you know you know my dad actually he was in a plane crash in his early chinese is off san francisco and need to swim a cup miles not water really live in holy in the water yeah yeah most you don't know that it's a it's it's pretty crazy he and and i'm in a i'm a butcher the details but just you know from grow vagueness yeah exactly but what happened was he was in the army and it was right around the time the korean war was starting an he was and they're doing a routine flight or something and they
the crash land in the ocean and it was getting night and i i believed and i could be wrong on that the pilot died but it is the other guy he was with survived so him and him and this other guy they were come into shore and they got split up because it's getting dark goodnight and so than other swimming alone anyone who knows you know san francisco it's cold room yet down devil ejaz water dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb that's where they breed early yeah it might breed in northern california and there's like a nesting ground up their fucking now or you want to crash a plane that now when you want to swim from alcatraz five times either in your underwear i know that right yeah i know i guess i've heard of that race you know but yeah that's crazy i've done that yeah wow so you dana swim two miles yes i'm like that my name or i could have been more fuck it was a long
good for a couple one hundred yards it's not easy start looking for a log to hang on to think i think your dad has property in oregon warehouse or something does he not that i know of we ranch up in northern california's that transfer for a long time up in east of east of reading it's it's it's in you're no bernie is and and that sort of area and then it may be late lately shas's our area and i think i think we have a big sawmill right where i live warehouser i think this could be wrong i think he worked there your dad the weyerhaeuser sawmill i don't know i mean i know that look there's a lot i've heard for crazy things very crazier let's see if this is crazy maybe's on dmt how often do you get to hang out with him
for six months in australia and china and then before that i was working on fast and then before that i was on a movie not as much as i'd like but he is turning eighty seven this year an that i'm taking some time off to be that really feel like that's an important point in time in my life to try to be around him yeah eighty seven i know that sold yeah that a sudden near eighty seven i did that's almost ninety i didn't doesn't feel like clint eastwood would be almost ninety yeah i know i would've thought seventy it's it's a strange wow so he had you when he was like in his 50s damn son yeah i don't know i have a sister i have a sister who's nineteen should i just turned twenty wow so you use he's getting it done even in their 60s sling it in the 60s
i get it yeah so he was married to that girl who was a newscaster or something right and they did a reality show well he she did a reality show yeah that wasn't it wasn't he didn't do it at all it was in no episodes at all well i had the she might have gotten into my four and a half so you had a member that was going on i was like client this one is going to work now that wasn't his it was is he married to the who is the woman then i sondra locke every which way but never never married oh they weren't ok she do the shit out of him though when he broke up with her that was like a crazy store that he was like blocking her film projects she was trying to claim that he like what yeah he has time to deal with that yeah those kind of well she had gotten some sort of a deal when they broke up to do like some film pra it seems like part of like the you know separate deal
and she was claiming that he was somehow another blocking them if i remember the story correctly like a woman's corner that he did he worked at the pulp mill oh wow boy but that's where we are in this i wika pedia yeah and i think he did maybe maybe my i'll ask him hello you bro it's on the internet it's got to be real i think he did hate look yeah i don't know if you know about wikipedia but this is why i know it's real 'cause anyone and enter in information edit it right it so so hundred percent percent peroxide but why would anybody put something that wasn't true up there i think it is still says brian counts my brother really his somebody might have changed it but i left it there for ever yeah all he could be his jacked as you he is almost as are to me yeah
close use flex and a few close to call he does flex like crazy he's such a silly goose that guys the past to go hunting with 'cause for five days we were like the last time we went it was just nothing but jokes just constantly after he's cuz he's like he's the best out of captive auto yeah like if you're stuck in the car go anywhere yeah he's going to make this easy they make make a scene where he's just funny man he's a he's like just funny that way the way he is he's like a just a natural showman clowns in person always silly and the first i took him to montana like we went hunting with vanilla like it was just it was sick stays of gut busting howling laughter does steve seems more like draw i though like seems funny guy couple pops in funny dude but i don't have this character called the ravine cummer and uh
couldn't they wouldn't put it anywhere they wouldn't release the footage but they filmed it it was him who's doing this character of a guy who finds every time he sees ravine he has to come so you run story yeah it counts like pulling his pants down and he's like screaming that he's like she shooting loads into this ravine i mean i'm not doing it any justice 'cause he's like way over the top side god fucking ravine like you whenever you see like any sort of a valley he would have to pretend he was jerk off into it i'm telling you it seems so ridiculous but you know i think everybody's done that before a lower v nine oh yeah of course but when you're a little bit you get a you get up at five thirty in the morning you're freezing he's yeah he's making everybody laugh yeah that's what he does he mention there's some weird about that like it in the within your way consumer really are are going surfing super early here's a delirious and yeah and you're like what the fuck
we do and why we put ourselves through this shit and then you know you obvious do your activity or whatever it is and you know happy did it but it's it's so we're delerium hour there's also some weird thoughts that go through your mind when you're sleep deprived that don't ordnar they go through your mind when the reasons like some writers on purpose will wait until like really late at night until they write like the writers that wrote for news radio the sitcom that i used to be on they would wait until like two or three in the morning for they started writing it would just stay up can get silly and joke around this week really and creative it would be silly somewhere that's usually when i make a post that i wake up in the morning and read and be like wow why did i say that i did that the other day i was in new york i was sad at a bar and we were we were you know we were all celebrating sort of weird fast and furious stuff and i wake up in the morning there's me
screaming you know saying in tina turner at the top my lungs in the box what's love got to do it oh no my god who had a context that could be a problem it's a story so not part of any of the stories you know is that so drive in fast and furious yeah do you drive did you drive for real or do they have that well we we don't we don't we don't we don't do a lot of them you know the debate have lifting heavy lifting is done by by professional stunt guys you know that's it's a big liability first off you know and in those stunts are i mean they do an incredible job of keeping everything in camera or at least a lot of it you know as they can't do so are over in cameras up but they do a really good job of of utilizing the stunt drivers talents and keeping a lot of stuff you drive at all is it ever you driving yeah you might pull up to a thing then you know do a couple lines or seen or something but you're not doing your not doing
not going sideways around the corner you know what always drives me nuts with those movies they crush these awesome cars take these awesome classic cars and smashing like no seven hundred or something were destroyed seven hundred cars why in the fuck man it's like the duke hazard like one of the biggest bummers about the dukes of hazzard's watching these old chargers slam nose first into the ground and then pretending that things ok yeah oh yeah there are some of that jumping or driving off the snow what mountain or something yeah there's some stuff and still are still still this say cars but you know that's funny because you said seven hundred cars haroon i shot a knife in slow motion what time and people are saying how wasteful i was yeah i'm like have you ever seen a movie i mean do not kid that's what whistle of what gigabytes no i'm also the phone
i wasted somebody could use that phone don't you know you are you shot in and i shot i was just shooting in certain i shot it with an arrow yeah oh shut and therefore waste of a phone shot some here we shot some of that back studio for unbox therapy i set up some iphones because they had they came out with some new glass goes back on a ninety pound factor two blue right do that thing people were like there's so wasteful you could have given that to somebody i'm just like you know someone's gotta opinion about every go watch a movie yeah seven hundred classic cars yeah i mean you know it's i mean he'll as some are pintos or you know whatever you know sick are you know the i don't know you call called classic
they want all the vin diesel driving car now how about the shooting did you guys actually shoot guns yeah yeah yeah okay i mean because i'm not out there somewhere you can buy a blank blank ammunition that's yeah standard on movies okay yeah because you had some shooting scene yeah yeah yeah no i was told that when you do a scene with a gun and blank ammunition you're still not supposed to point out the actor you know no no i mean if yeah anyways got good gun discipline that you know if i mean that's how i grew up is in a good done done muscle down it's always i mean like even in a scene where you're shooting at oh yeah oh yeah yeah yeah you wanted sort of offset it especially if it's close i mean they do testing and stuff first to see and they'll tell you hey you can't pass this line you know if your walk up you're going to pull draw gun on somebody that you know we don't want you to go pass this line or so and obviously you know hey can you not aim it direct they'll find a good point for you to aim it at this
the camera little bit i had heard that that happened after brandon lee got killed that movie the crow yeah that was a bad one they had real ammo in there i know there was like it was in there of a lot i got what happens is sometimes like what happens is sometimes you know and even in these air bags the same same sort of stuff they had all these recalling these airbags is what happen is these blanks you know sometimes though they'll bunch up together over time it's old blank the gunpowder so they can like harden and then i can see like a projectile yeah i was almost a couple shock on pallets well yeah and just penetrated as they were killed them yeah crazy as forty four magnum i think so is a ton of power behind it yeah good yeah so now they just point to side what about like fight scenes what do you have to do fight scenes like especially you
martial arts background should have you do scenes yeah i didn't do that is a terrible amount of of land slammed against the wall slide around a little bit in this one yeah sure you know in in other films i love doing that so that's the fun stuff personally you know because you can hang with that does that yeah some of the coolest hasn't set all the all the stunt guys you know they're all like my the people all you know marshall background guys and so you're just graphing all day working that out and then you get on set and you're doing it or you're you're doing it with them because they might be playing you know villa seven or you know something so then you've already sort of shorthand with them and that's the fun stuff that's cool it's way better than dealing with like a difficult actor or something do you ever do that
who is the worst to get something else you get me in trouble like those guys that's right oh yeah that's right here yeah i thought of torpedoes but now my the lips and loose lips yet in the scene rock picks him up like in slams holds up against the wall and then it's like that real was that real it's really it's a real with some assistance there's a movie magic what is the agency i am is a lawyer you would have dropped him and choked amount dot duties so jacked he took a photo of him after work out the other down which one yeah he
hugh so discipline to four am where i am now yeah dizzy is was when you're on set with him as he just always doing that like wednesday on yeah he's just extremely disciplined guy you know i got a lot of respect for him he's he's he knows what he wants and he is going to get it like he's not there is no no he is taking it down he's making movie after movie after movie he's going to go do it he's he eats religiously let's get these meals you which is i love doing meal prep stuff because great makes his life one less thing to think about right yeah but he's a very religious with it them yeah i got a dog look at that look at that he's more jack now than he's ever had yeah i think it's i think it's forty four forty four forty six or something yeah and just as crazy
jacked continuing to get more and more jack still still put in the work he's not done getting jacked is keeping pumping it is keeping it going it's just when you see his schedule and his workload then there's always some new project is doing is doing a tv show and he's doing uh this do that now the fuck does he have time and he's hosting this award show and he's like doing something for the troops and he's doing this movie and finishing that movie is like how i tell you the travel is what kills i know you probably you been show business for all longer than all of us you know an travel is what kills you write these long flights and then jet leg and then try it you gotta go hit the gym and yeah why did outkast yesterday my brain just wouldn't fire right it takes like to me like a day or two i just flew in buffalo and it just takes a day or two like your brain like re sink today i feel normal but yesterday i just was like foggy it would be it i've been try but i keep hearing about what you're
just to do with the light for the jet leg because like simulation of light wherever you're at and they have you're supposed to put on the eye thing like when it posting a darkly seen lying in the light you're flying you know going to let those i covers yeah and and simulate wherever you want we ever you're supposed to end up yeah and that really supposed to help with jet lag i was reading a podcast about alaska about people that hunt in alaska and when you go up there in the summer and you get like two hours of a podcast did i say reading apartment yeah what the fuck is wrong with me what i keep saying that's a second time on this podcast i've never said it before maybe i'm still not really recovered from buffalo among denial i was listening to a podcast where they were talking this guy was talking about how usually sleeps like a baby but he went up to alaska and because it's it's only dark for two hours a night in the summer where they were at and i think they're in the brooks range and he was saying that like after like six or seven days start again delusional and get
is delirious you're so much like going on that same with that circadian rhythm is that just delight as they say the light effects the optic nerves where you're supposed to produce melatonin yeah and this guy was saying that the way to mitigate that that he didn't know at the time but he was told by someone is to wear a mask that those keeping mass you see in movies you know they always look so silly in movies but those things actually effective yeah i sloppy about it but fucking alaska though you need it if you have been in the summer well yeah it's awesome right many times weird though we would would bear hunt and so i have to go throw a almost every year we bear hunt until hi i don't think one in the morning it would go we go back eat and then go fishing at like three in the morning it was like dark for an hour then
fishing then we'd start dating again then we hunt at night and we do the same thing no sleep we were it's like this he said in a river so it's just north or south central basically okay it's just i've been up there a few done them to the c c seward yeah and then up by signor where they do like a salmon fishing yeah and it's with the commercial guys will come in and all the old it's like then adam yeah but they'll be the tides gets so low right up till the old to like the drive on the beach it is amphibious boats yeah it's crazy no like laid the net and stuff it really is the last frontier up there really is this amazing too cold though too cold how dare you san diego total pussy when it comes into well you lived in hawaii now you live in san diego it's like come on man you're in paradise both times
then get anywhere now right is is one of those places of people in san diego don't want you telling people how good san diego's lists yeah they're mad and yet it is a thousand thousand people screaming right now yeah up with traffic early socks yeah it's way worse now than it used to be in san diego used to be way easier to get around stroh it's good skydiving of use i have i have i have you yep down there on the border like el cahone nash area where was i there's like some lake there's epic training center out there do you know where that is no camera lake was but people don't realize about sending it to like it a lot of ranch land yeah you know i mean it obviously the coastal areas a little slip and then you go easy and you're right in rancho santa fe in five minutes and a beautiful orange groves old california you know you know tons of rain plant people riding horses goldberg's going to branch out there goldberg the wrestler some badass place
but there are keeps muscle cars i thought mike goldberg know michael gloves and my boys when we're watching ufc the other night they were like bring goldberg back goldberg there was a survey someone did online was like keep john annick me and dominic cruz was a and then goldberg was be and it was like ninety percent be yeah yeah into the ufc did what do you think of this i get it people want change especially if they own it you know four billion bucks or something but your signature on something i guess you want to change the color of the car i bought a new car across before billion dollars i'm going to get red always wanted it read going to you like to have them in it commentate the fight if you if i coming would you be the front runner to be one of the commentators that they do the mcgregor mayweather fight much
slightly know 'cause it's a boxing match most likely i'll just i'll be here watching it on the screen i can't wait for it though that happens i mean i just don't think so i think it's that it's not a boxing commentator i know a lot about boxing followed boxing since i was a kid i've commentated on kickboxing bouts before but i've never commented on a boxing fight before we kind of cool though they had you know a couple good to as some boxing ruin you because maybe you're there to make a collect they always have jim lampley yeah right is that they always have been max kellerman who are really yeah max i love that car yeah i would i would be happy to do a paper view with max kellerman anything would be fun yeah a big physical dude would be a different perspective just because with mcgregor coming out of the ufc more poly mall analogy is another one i really respect that kyle onto he's a great commentator and world champion boxer yeah i would be maybe i made but most likely now most likely i'd
just i'm doing less and less of those i just i do ten a year now i was just the most i've ever done i think it was up to like twenty four years just too much man you don't you don't you do animal now you're no international paper view anymore it is so i'm done just only loan to miss no fox ones anymore like all those big fox shows yeah can the cut all those out all i do now is domestic payperview that's it gotcha so it's about one thousand and ten a year yeah the international just montano we had fun though we went to real and watch rhonda that was fun yeah campaign with me down when she fought baczko haya in rio and starch during the first round thirty four site time it was fun but you remember how yeah it was when we drive around a bulletproof car were going armguard with us everywhere it's fucking down there i don't have any of that they must you must be pretty big down very important
i thought it was i thought it was for me good to know they they know they're big ball any fan yeah yeah and they know that you know pack a piece of work okay i was down there with giselle and choose those she was taking helicopters around yeah to get around that was that's the way to do it yeah that was when we were in sao paulo actually yeah boy being carjacked is always to conductors well i think it's just i mean i imagine or something maybe i have no idea but i think we just of traffic is a lot rests on some files terrable i mean or we were the traffic was terrible there's like one road but that's real yeah we're by the beach that was problem we've got to fight it took forever to get a fight they would like you three hours early like what then in the car dealer oh i get it that was why was going out is what we're talking to dan a latch on the phone yes right when cecil the bear was happen and that the license of the excuse i was reading about a lot of damage show cecil the congress
yeah it was that thing was going down man yeah i remember that as it goes at the time but yeah was the last time i went to brazil yeah i think i've been to brazil five times i love the brazilians i love them move down there it's fun it's great and everything like that we're going to go see chrysler redeemer that was our goal to go do it do you know what a process that is to go see that thing no really oh my god takes forever is like a whole day you take buses halfway then other buses and it's just like you can just go up there and it is better to skin a helicopter pretty dope statue though so may i wanted to be there so we got one from afar we add in the background and we're like is pretty cool though yeah i'd like to i'd like to fly and i'm i i'm a i'm a pilot and
yeah no kidding yeah and so i'd like to i'd like to fly that that's kind of you know for piles is gonna like that's a bucket list place and yeah yeah the other the other places you know how does it work if you have a license in america and you want to fly in brazil obviously can't fly helicopter on a way to brazil now how far can helicopters fly like what's the longest distance well it really really just depends on what i look up you're talking about and how many people your way so there's a lot of weight the furthest travel the helicopters ever gone well that's probably blackhawk i would imagine they have do engines and they have there eleven million dollars or twenty million dollars helicopter whatever it is it's got you know so fuel tanks that you know a civilian helicopter can't go i so i wouldn't know the answer but find out jamie
like a black out i'm going to guess let's guess how far do you think that i bet they can fly for twelve hours no way that's a long time i don't think i don't i think i there i was an israeli airing you say i want to say three hundred miles yeah that's it i'm gonna say that some of us are also you have complete gas i have no i i would i would i would be in a but go on taman sam sam across the ocean three times so you know i don't even call as you say it if you're in twelve hours how fast they go well it depends if you're if you're in a piston helicopter you know or if in a turban helicopter like a blackhawk with reference well piston helicopter is is like a piston engine you know what are your car engine yeah but uses uses you know your your blades this in the same sort of fashion but fast speeds on a i'm like a forty four you know you like a hundred thirty
i think is your vianney which is your feeling your do not exceed miles i see distance without landing two thousand two hundred and this is wikipedia house how dare you i see you get your information from that's a small helicopter that's a md500 that's not a desktop blackhawk that's not that's not i don't think that's black concert not right there what do you mean some rights on wikipedia we already discussed this anyone can edit of course it's really good it was wrongly with correct for so four hundred miles an hour no two hundred and fifty mph that's pretty amazing and that's us that's a record yeah that's a right yeah let's find out where let's see if you can google a black hawk google blackrock tell copter what would you google long distance long distance instance capability ability or something two hundred and seventy six miles wow that's a lot different hey nautical miles
yeah three hundred s three hundred black amount of one hundred and fifty one miles shorter than other similar rotated aircraft maximum altitude is six thousand feet top speed one hundred and fifty one cc they're pretty fast 'cause you know turbine helicopter what you can get some civilians the indy what is that when you say knots what is that in mile per hour one hundred and fifty one what is not some mph i would have to check why do they say nautical as to what is now two miles are longer than than says pretty close one point one point one five one five one five five ok so it's one point one mile per hour for every one mile an hour not to a mile so it's all it's more than one hundred and fifty miles an hour three hundred or wait yeah i thought it was two hundred and some and said one hundred and fifty knots didn't one hundred knots yeah so it's one dot one to each cell two hundred and seventy six what's that one hundred and fifty one knots top speed
comes one hundred and fifty one not set that is sixty one nautical miles and fly i see so not is that with you that was last one not or miles you just googled the second principle just nautical miles would not to miles but not an article miles right okay syncing no not one noticed mile per hour that's what i'm not as delicate mile per hour oh okay so the speed of knots is the same as nautical miles oh ok oh how interesting so i wonder why they notice use miles wife fuck confuse the shit out of everybody that says hey it's the same thing with standard metrics did you know that a not anna nautical mile with the same thing i just learned that it's just like adam put it up celsius for temperature in green tree i had in australia i know i just say nobody knows what celsius is what we should you put up american dollars to images for instagram it's what do you do with
stupid green money but when you go down there too 'cause everybody looks normal and they start driving on the left hand side of the road and they talk weird the steering wheels on the wrong side fucked up they don't know what they're doing they're not normally are great people i was just down there for six months and i really do like the australian people that's the second place i would live other than america one hundred percent number one is canada and move to canada you would yeah if if killed her to just kill everything there moose i think if the nicest people in the world of the canadians are the nights are on earth there always sorry sorry sorry sorry what's it all about so that's like the place on the first of the america yeah who's australia yeah close second to especially melbourne i love melbourne yeah such a great like miller reagan city i love both of them yeah they're both awesome but melbourne and i just had
a time in melbourne and amazing food that shows we did were amazing is such a great time yeah i really like sidney the whole the whole country man it's just great and it's got some more open space huge for the amount of people that have their less people then in the greater los angeles area and the entire country is the size of the united states that's crazy that's awesome is crazy this is a lot of country to this one the reason why so nice i do here though that there's a lot of interesting stuff happening in the desert out there that would like nuclear waste that they're allowing them to dump out there uh huh there trying to make some godzilla type shit so they do that's what i would do see what happens so spots out there with nothing but spiders and crocodiles throws uranium out there there's some there's some stuff out there that kill you for sure everything you know is going headed down there soon i'm super jealous is going to do eighteen days hunting water buffalo
kangaroos and shit cairo now it allowed to elapse ontarians yeah your your down can you yeah they say okay groovy jerky and so okay trustees good posters like venison what movie were you doing there shooting pacific rim did that how was that is closed as the ring settings like the you know you're creating a godzilla monster type thing that's a crazy movie right like how do you act when it's like cgi what is that like i don't i guess i don't know what it is what is it pacific rims of monster movie it grows in the mountain the ground comes out and fucks everybody up like the dinosaur but in the future if dinosaurs came back wow
very cool concept no not again since guy you throw godzilla passers eyes rollback into said it's like bitch i ran two hundred and five miles i got time for fucking monsters ever month i'm a bow hunter i got time for fake monster that bears that's what i told scott yesterday is like you know a lot about a lot i said i know sort of a lot about two things running running in bow hunting anything else i don't show good ship animal i know i know a lot about two things i know and uh off to pretend i know a lot about everything else yeah martial arts or comedy i give you some long ass answers and i know what the fuck i'm talking about but you get into other sherry i'm like my google jamie i just need jamie to follow me around exactly do you know one letter j mean in polish it up here in the middle of going wait a minute is that right and then also in point pops up on there yeah
some invaluable resource that makes me look so much more than i really am there's no way you can know everything about everything and everybody claims to is an this is just it's not possible well much information can you bring even take right i mean you know they say some i've heard several times now that you're only supposed you're only supposed to be able to really recognize one hundred and fifty people some like that where they think you can have relationships one hundred and fifty people which is a guys are super psyched about that they like yes this one thing who won fifty this is great yeah it's called dunbars number dunbar's number you keep one hundred and fifty people in your head that we have friendships with this very strange like the ideas that our brain was designed to absorb the names and faces of people that are in our tribe and then went get over a hundred fifty people there sense and manageable yeah i believe it i believe it to
but i think it goes back to what we're talking about we're saying that people aren't designed for cities they're not designed for this life and for televisions and lights that you just switch on and off that were really designed to reason i feel so content when you're in the mountains right your body is designed for that literally and for hunting so yeah sorry and i had psychos poor people i hate the city you know the anti hunting people you know they just they get food easy you easy to get food you should see they would turn that they would in all listen to me you folks all of you you would show rabbit right in the face if you're starving your kids were crying that guaranteed if it gets ugly if it all gets ugly you become a predator guaranteed guaranteed because animals are going to hunt you to fuck face guess what out there in the woods by yourself and you make it a lean to and you have to fight coyote that's trying to drag your kid off in the middle of the night yeah that coyote gets
posted over an open fire with a big smile on your face it happens yeah brendan put up a picture of the grizzly i killed upon his head yesterday all my god tsunami butt hurt he had detention he had to text me and tell me sorry bout is all the hate and i'm like dude i just told him hey you gotta take the good bada said this is all part of the deal it's interesting that people you know they don't under like here's my favorite one ever when you were talking about deer hunting and like you were saying you know the bear populations have to be controlled and the woman on the show was like this because you've killed off all their predators like yeah what do you talk but dinosaurs bitch what the hell is killing a grizzly bear are you crazy the only thing they feels grizzly bears his other grizzly bears unless you want to have a grizzly bear cannibal apocalypse going on up there you gotta for the numbers yeah i know and that's i told brandon that too i said listen these people don't realize that if the grizzlies
the brown bears up there where you can kill a year because there's so many of them that if we didn't will there be no moose so dear that we know a lot of them especially the moose they just focus on those moose when the calves are drop and so those followed the pregnant female around and eat the calf when it drops and with without us controlling him though there be gone you know one hundred percent similar with you know i don't know exactly the numbers anything about great white sharks right everyone is protected as for so long the thing like that's that will start up the cycle because then he your the two that so now i get this wrong but the the two population because we're we're taking all the tune a populist right and run some psych over tunein raw fish right now so then and we're protecting all the great white sharks and other sharks we've just completely off balance the situation 'cause that's what they eat
sure well any time people intervene in the natural world and step in and do like a big one thing and not the others we have to intervene sometimes we have we get it animals they still manage themselves what i mean by intervene is like what they did not trailer with a broad over feral cats to get all the rats and rabbits he had in the starting the ground nesting birds of the brass foxes to try to kill the cats in the foxes kill everything but the cats and like nancy ets scar right so we what we wanted to bring the when the when the cats it's a long story but if they he brought in rabbits in australia in the rabbit population got out of control and then they brought in cats deal with the rabbits but the cast didn't just eat the rabbits they also started decimate in the ground nesting birds and all the other local rodents and then they brought another things to deal with the cats and now hunters are like off
really is weird that latter vinyl bag zines water buffalo are not from here that's true there from asia everything in australia so stags in iraq and i was right there and like some of the big american crock an hour and i'm not sure about that now i think they're from australia i don't know salt water trucks are huge and there are an alligator an alligator well they are they have alligators in australia i believe i don't know that's another thing i read in the i'm not sure about that but i do know that they they threw show cats in there hi getting magazines yeah there hunting magazines dudes hold up catholic i got one might like and they think it's cool but it's the same as in america if you killed like a coyote that's killing the neighborhood pets people would like shoot it with a bow and arrow and then take a picture of it and they'd be happy yeah good you got that fucking kitty cat in coyote but that's how these people are in australia with the cat so it's all just culturally relative with it
it's not their own we were there last time i was there had this big white stallion a brombies with just a horse no coming and you know adams toners like oh man that's that's a trophy you should you should kill that thing why you kill a fricking horse dude it is but it's a bromby i mean so that's and it was by itself is it looked awesome unit all the way up i'm praying would go somewhere else now it comes twenty yards i couldn't do it but that's just because where we grow up where we left your condition to to them then that's just you know best some of the hunt it's me yeah what i ate a joe beef in montreal the restaurant yeah great restaurant montreal and they serve horse they served other had horse horse loin and they also serve horse tar tar
like raw horse and horse loin and we were like oh it's an amazing restaurant but there like super creative with their dishes and both times i was there they gave his horse now i can't do horse i like horses is one of the biggest problems we ever had on fear factor we made the horse rectum yes i remember the only number that showed us rector yeah yeah people were furious i'm not so sure it was and that was that was stop because it was hard because it done because as because his horse yeah yeah take is fine not a peep out of people nobody said a damn thing but horse rectum was a huge issue you only cause more problems how 'bout bear rectum yeah you wouldn't want that now bears why is horse i don't know that that showed that show just fizzle out
the one you were done with it or did it was no it fizzled out the first time because it just did one hundred and forty eight episodes and was just enough is enough and they never really got cancelled we just kind of stopped doing it and everybody let's just fuck and we walked away from it and then several years later it came back we did six episodes and it was canceled because we made people drink come made them drink donkey donkey come and donkey urine alright nobody had a problem with the urine oddly enough really it's like relatively normal compared and they come but that was ill tmz got ahold of some of the photos some leaked photos like the donkey com episode and put it up there what did you call it i do not do
remember i think i see men sperm i think they said sperm or semen or whatever the focus is disgusting yeah that was the people that was at the studio but people did it right oh yeah all three of them did it all three of them did it it was enough going to get outta here don't you gotta go to conan and soon yeah pretty soon when does let's get away from thank you this is troubling very few people in hollywood or anywhere in the world that can say i lost a job 'cause people had a drink come on tv that's true that's true what's up where is that nbc said yes to that yeah that was all signed off that got passed through whatever lawyers a quality control it looks good lot of people a lot of certain genders drink come all the time both
both on my blue people are switching i wanted to you're logged in the feet of the furious in a warranty doesn't it comes out yeah this friday vin diesel and the rocket odds in this photo i can't tell it seems like it was hey that was at haitian news that i read well yeah that's all it's all just don't believe don't believe me now are you on the internet some real issues those twenty two alphas collided on the set vin diesel wouldn't take off the sunglasses even at night was so strange yeah that's funny fucking dope cars though man did so he took off his necklace of pay attention to that work cars they have in this episode a charger flared fenders supercharge their supercharger at that sucker on display somewhere right that char
is it on display somewhere it might have been i mean it's it's the hero cars and that's fucking insane car oh my looks very sexy right that would be good yeah does santa some about those american cars from the late 60s early 70s you just just can't anything like that sexy god amazing now once got a custom grill to look at the grill on that sucker whoa did no wrong truck huh the ram trucks yeah i do too but they just don't there's something about you know you can get a ram truck with supercharger popped out of the hood like that sure big old blowing look there fighting oh no that's jason state them never mind oh jason say them's fighting who rock something that's out there that's the rock it is the rocket w so brown
is the potential market got baby oil on jason statham i would i would have to poems on go hang on yeah looking at him right run the other way but he he's fights right is it he's got a martial arts background sure yeah yeah yeah yes this is a them could fight for sure but still run okay that rocks finger pastor jesus christ features an icon young clinics fuck you hey how dare you give the high cheekbones and fella then why so upset angry out of those hollywood guys are angry i don't know why what's next for you like we do that we got going on after this yeah you know i'm i'm not i'm i'm going to take some time off from that i'm missing my father and come on son you get to fly or something you come to wired camel go to hawaii comma
to go kill bears and i'm not going to do that say that life he's not any kill bears under any circumstance which is going to shoot over their head and take a picture of it so you know he's going to try to scare him off so i can't kill them right and let him know where the moose babies are right all those county little newspapers that you love to eat go get him go get him nice sweet friendly bear can't go those bear of those babies as moose yeah yeah don't need moose yeah would you not hunt bear because the it look blowback anything i'll eat you know i never say never but i bear yeah you can eat better bear sausage is good man telling you like in particular yeah i people say it doesn't always get it done hey well yeah we have sent you that you you need it hello there with the with the
if it's we have some amazing bear meat yeah dishes i mean do this is like you think it was the best day ever i bet the stir fry the gentleman that stuff is amazing as it is i have a their summer sauces it's amazing bear regular sauces italian suites also jack there it's good man yeah yeah i bet and people just certain you know there's not buying it no i'm he's like i'm not sure shooting that's that's wait till this losing her mind somewhere that's why we didn't tell her off there yeah which were off here uhm but is that why because you would want anything to eat and you wouldn't want that because you would need it well no i just i never had there yeah i don't know maybe it's you know may i ask your bare sausage okay say i'll give you some around the really is good man and it's the the thing is it's also an important tool conservation because they really do need to keep those populations down especially in alberta yeah tons abare up there people think that
like i go outside i don't see any bear bear populations are so diminished because you're not where they are if you go with the other god damn everywhere that's what i said i know you're not going to see a grizzly at starbucks but hey go up to alaska you're going to see plenty and they need to be managed jamie played that video of that guy that sitting he's a photographer and he's by a river take in the big bear city in october and then they pan out to the rest the river and you see like a dozen grizzlies one print this river jacket all these salmon that yeah first of all fuck imagine you're sitting there this thing just pulls up within fifteen feet of you you are only alive because it chooses not to eat you 'cause it's gotta be play full of salmon so this guy is sitting there this bear just you to chase it off he has to yell at it mean its feet away from him and easily one thousand pounds it's an enormous bear right and if it made that right
every other side stick to kill you i mean it's not like you can get a bear and tell it's not good dog with a wagging tail i mean you don't know that bear could think i just don't feel like killing you next time ok i'll kill you i mean there's there's no difference are big bear family best buddies but people people see this stuff and they think you know mirrors roar for yeah that's the one okay it was it was trending merit yeah grizzly man in town we finally got it right away right yeah to the trouble did you ever see that documentary there is a man yeah yeah yeah using anyway listen this who hasn't seen it yeah this we do you smoke some of the devils cabbage and use in front of the old netflix and you watch grizzly man 'cause it is a god damn unintentional comedy yeah i'm intentional really is it's an unintentional comedies so many comedic beats in that movie i was supposed to interview order herzog who is on a tour last summer and passed it
work out and we never want to do the podcast get but that was the first thing i was going to ask him was like come on did you intentionally put comedic beats into that movie there's one part where like there's a sheriff he goes i thought he was retarded they can remember that i thought it was reported theater falling down like he thought is retiring because after they got eaten by the bit 'cause he was up there like way that is when you're supposed to be up there too he was out there paris friends yeah they were friends is one scene this is mrs chocolate oh this is her poop it's right here is came out of her butt picking it up he's like it's still warm still warm 'cause it was inside of her and that's just a good example of the bear might not kill you just because they don't feel like now when they feel like it it's over
god damn thing you do about that not a god damn thing now they're in there a wild animals just like is even the bears that we had up in alberta i mean you don't know i mean they could decide there wild animals at any at any there's all different kinds aggressive bears are shy bears there's bears that you i really get a read on but it's just like a dog i mean you don't they're they're good and bad bear so she are are one yeah they're like all animals have different personalities like cats dogs domestic animals of weird personal as well as animals to to it's just most of them can't kill you can only imagine yeah that's the difference now so you know interested not the eagles everage in cooking of an eagle although this bit is regal borrows history yeah nothing like a paralegal balls do eagles have balls another there male and female but do they have testicles click that up there's this massive hoard that's important is
your bucket list hunt that you'd like to go on like maybe in an elk hunt in the rocky mountains that would be awesome tagline do one of those if i can yeah there's well you know if you ever do get to australia like they have stag over there that are a lot like like ella and they roar you heard the roar do they sound like alliance of you have heard it in real life now staggers know they'll were they roar is it crazy sound jamiel find it for us we've had some good elk on so joe and i we have yeah there's an elk here i'll show you in the back that we got just this past fall fucking huge yeah oh my gosh so awesome massive massive animal and i've gotten food back there if you want some you want some alcohol break give you some could you head back tonight right yeah yeah after cone we are going to that is that a stag not to rock out in l q going we i've heard that before but go see a red stag roar
google reads there it is yeah listen this thing is crazy first of all look at those god damn antlers yeah that's how what who is dick morning flopping think look at that rocket a big old red lipstick rocket add mended that ladies are so lucky is he bringing in the female there are trying to he's trying to call him see that quarter into my hoyt turbo right to that shoulder we take that shot would you take that right now where we have no choice right through the shoulder point to the spot right there just right through it yeah it would go right through it camp shooting the most riddick
is the powerful set up we're practicing today and it's just so evident that these heavy arrows so much momentum you're at six hundred eighty seven grains so that is yep yep which is by the way you know we were talking grams before and we meant to say grains and then we're converting grams to meryl can't end calculations just don't don't mix we're doing this a long time ago in a then and was driving home and i was like jesus christ do we say grams when i meant grains and then we're trying to figure out how many grams are in an ounce and they were to determining that it was a pound for five hundred grams is like a pound but arrows not a pound like whatever and we just kept talking put something else and it took me awhile to like figure it out it's like saying i was reading a podcast yeah but
his set up is just preposterous it's unbelievable ordered our today man yeah sure and good hits hard at you that things pretty cool no it's not your amber none can be at some possible that we'll talk later we'll talk later as a trade secret engineers yeah yeah i remember you too okay yeah we'll talk later yeah we have a bar buddy adam they were talking about before that lives in australia when camp goes over there you're gonna be hunting stag yeah there right yeah stag buffalo and fellow instax just like an alchemy it's essentially a real similar animal will smaller yeah but it's i mean that is that right there mmhm buffalo the bombing is a video of him over there hunting water buffalo from forty yards and he's creeping up see if you find that never did you read that book last american buffalo vernalis book you know i've read part of it i haven't finished it but i started it and then i put it down i never went back to it as you get it sort of the first half is a little funky it's
monkey it's but the study writing is that we just hang up costing right now i know that chinese with kids since you're a cunt he was talking shit about what i mean is it later i really enjoy i really talk about drinking jizz will tell yeah yeah he wouldn't shut up you wouldn't shut up about this drink some alcohol he's moved on he insisted on he said some about vin diesel's i was one time one time he doesn't like la live in san diego is camp sneaking up on this water buffalo and every time it takes up its eyes or it might have caught movement has to pause so this is like ridiculously slow truck i think i'm i think it's still a little yeah it's getting closer so my range finder there so i can quickly get it 'cause i'm getting closer every time can what do you think about
range finding by stop head don't move don't move at all if it's coming actually do high behind that little tree what do you do i just wrestle it down oh like a man yeah i would run again when it meets with the big you guys had on your podcast yeah two double full ok damn pain yeah yeah we just stab in the over and over again so he's creeping up thoughts on range finding bino's day ever use those i don't have any would you i mean like i know like this some companies make some the bow hunters use like like a like a house one they actually is a button on the right hand side yeah range and shoot with one hand this is adam i what that be a trophy here's here's here's a good illustration of having i don't know i don't know what i'm trying to promote here but uh
start hitting arrow 'cause if you watch wanna shoot this buffalo the arrow arcs up and actually hits the branch and ricochets and still kills buffalo wow watch this it's going to hit i think it's this right here is gonna ricochet off that and still kill the big one it's sort of deceptive here how many yards you up it's going to be like forty yeah it looks like it's like ten feet in front of him right yeah yeah 'cause it's fucking huge battle yeah we bit loud okay back up back up because it looks like your shot it yeah back up back up yeah back up great scared us they watch us see that kind of touched it just barely grazed it but it affected the flight but still went pounded in here in a that's right where you want to that's right into the heart that's where they're hard
do you think you would have got more penetration if it didn't graze that branch oh yeah for sure but still well there's a ninety pound bow yeah and it's good and in six inches deep into the heart yeah probably than that because i'm not shoulders right minutes it's in probably eighteen inches things like what has happened now it does now it just it runs into that thing and what's really crazy is that cam was saying that he chewed a piece of meat from that animal it was so tough and so strong you to to for a whole half hour in one piece yeah as like shoe leather is that this is an old bull and hank these things are you know i don't eighteen hundred pounds so you have to shoot after shoot heavy stuff so do you think you're going to be doing that from now on you gonna be going to a heavier arrow are in the range maybe will sauce bill will see see how this week or this
this trip work yeah yep so how do we get you out scott we we do how we get you other bowen with camp what's the animal a dog for sure deer hunt with you in maui or wherever your going when i was do it can get under armor on board well well where the clothes in spring smile the board could you fire me today mrs please quit i don't know you probably where i'm at work right here at work right now punch now you're screwed who steals a couple of tweets to help the power business so yet though right yeah we should all do that will be fun for sure right well fast and furious eight it's at april 18th is the premier that was one thousand four hundred and fourteen fourteen fourteen is a junior this is brother scratches really fucking cool talking to man i really enjoyed it is far kim always a pleasure thank and uh we're going to go run and i'm going to cry so enjoy conan you could watch scott tonight and will see you soon bye thank you everybody for tuning
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okay and other than that by that's it so whatever you're doing just go do something else now this podcasts over
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