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2017-05-18 | 🔗
Jocko Willink is a decorated retired Navy SEAL officer, author of the book Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead and Win, and co-founder of Echelon Front, where he is a leadership instructor, speaker, and executive coach. His podcast, The Jocko Podcast, is also available for download via iTunes & Stitcher.
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dot com use the code word Rogan and save ten percent off any and all supplements that we did it. Ladies and gentlemen, could you leave it? Yes, I can touch at my guess today is my friend: Jocko Willink GO is now, is a podcast ever since the last time he did. This podcast start his own podcast. I think he has seventy five episodes now. So we said he is a retired, United States, Navy seal ring. The the Silver STAR in the bronze star for his service in the Iraq WAR and he's a fucking awesome guy. I love this dude, I love talking to him. I love his podcast he's a fucking hero, give it up for my friend, Mister Jocko Willink The Joe Rogan experience join my day, Joe Rogan Podcast, my name all day. Welcome back Jogo, what's happening baby, it's good to be here,
could see man. We were just talking about Chris Cornell. We found out last night at the comedy store that he died and then this morning found out that he hung himself's fuck it's it's hard to even comprehend. How do you comprehend that I'm I'm living in a parallel universe doesn't make any sense like how could someone like you know it's easy on outside looking in a guy like that, but you like that guy was one of the best eh. Like how does a guy like that even want to kill himself? How does the leads Soundgarden? Maybe it just really kind of re reveals the complexities of human life, exactly what you're saying to have a guy that is at the pinnacle of his skill. The pinnacle of fame, the nickel of money and for him to say you know what not to do it anymore, yeah. I don't. I don't know what was going on in his head. Obviously, who knows if you
on medication. If you had some sort of an issue, a health issue who knows mean I would never speculate but it just I don't. Understand I mean again, I don't know his life, but I even comprehend. I can't even imagine it well, that's one of the really hard things when you start talking about suicide for people that, for someone like me, an eye I haven't, had suicidal thoughts right. So when you, when you go from that to somebody that not only has the thoughts but then goes ahead and execute it, it's very hard, comprehend. Yeah I've met people that have done it before I've added a few friends that have done it. Just I've never understood. But I don't get it, but I don't know them. You know I mean everybody's got their own unique mindset and just you know, what's really crazy. Man is already statistic: the other day about suicide, that people in poor neighborhoods are far less likely to kill themselves people that are in the struggle
yeah. Well, I actually believe that 'cause they're fighting for something yeah and someone that's already got everything and then there that up with no drive with no goal and nothing left to achieve, and so then, all the sudden there just staring at the mirror. Without anyone else to go you know I'm a I'm not talking about Chris Cornell in particular, but for some people. I know one of the things that happens is that when they become very successful and they're still not happy, then they get hopeless. They just feel like. Well, I have everything and yet I'm fucking miserable? You know I have a nice big house, I drive this fancy car and I still a miserable like there's no hope I diss life is meaningless don't even know what to say to that. I don't know what to say to be honest with you when you hear you hear that you just don't even know what to what to say to that. You know what one thing that why I don't understand it. I like struggle. I like it, I think it's import. So there's no doubt about that. There's no doubt about having something that you're striving for some goal and, like you just say
on all those goals have been achieved and now you're sitting there at the top of the mountain. And now you don't feel happy. What do you do just pick up of Can hobby man find something you suck at and get better at it? I mean that seems so simplistic, but you know I just you, and I are- we share this- this very important part of our lives, which is intense exercise indeed, and I think that no, I go to your instagram almost everyday to look at your watch. It's like, if you go to Jocko's Instagram, it's a fucking, Timex watch advertisements off that Ironman Watch with four hundred and thirty in the morning, the occasional three hundred and thirty, this mother fuckers up at three hundred and thirty and working out like his hairy gorilla arm and a Timex Ironman Triathlon Watch, but that's what's up. Man, that's what's up being just fucking, doing it get out there and struggling and then once you do Do that here's a thing like you know, like a friend of mine, said that is
like I was saying something about. You could come on the podcast. Any of those cannot do take. Another picture was fucking watch. I hope he takes a picture of his watch everyday until he dies. I go It's important is what it's it's, it's sort of in a lot of ways, it's symbolic of what we're talking about like no, it's not fun. To look at your watch every day, but you're. I can do it everyday, like that's why important yeah and I actually early on- I had someone you know say something along the lines of on social media on Instagram on Twitter or you can post another picture watching. I was like ugh follow me, but don't follow it's no big deal, I'm not making you do it and and now it is kind of turned into something where I'm I'm doing it every day, regardless of anything else in the world, yeah fuck them. I like looking at you watch. I want to know when I get up at seven hundred and I think I'm getting up early human up for hours and already done working out. I like it. I think it's
you know it's, but it is not a lot of ways. It is it's symbolic of what we're talking about. It's a struggle yeah and you know you know who doesn't point out, and I always make this point two there's like up a single mom somewhere in the valley here, that's working for the job, that's getting up at three thirty in the morning, so she can go work as a waitress somewhere before she's got another day job that she's got to go through, so she can feed our kids yeah. I get up almost as a luxury. At this point I mean right now, I'm I'm a retired guy from the from the military, so I can go meet up whenever I want. I get up early as a luxury sort of which you also get up, because that's who you are yeah, I get because it is, it is a way to maintain discipline in life for sure to get that stone out and sharpen the blade every morning. It's the grind that sharpens the axe. Indeed, there's no other way. There's no other way, and I don't want to say that this would have saved Chris Cornell or anybody else. It did it. I'm not saying that, but I mean for some people out there that aren't feeling good man if you just fuck,
struggled more you get over that struggle, you feel better. It sounds so simplistic, but I swear by it. I felt Should myself and force myself work workout and after I get out there. My present flocking to her is a guarantee I you know. Actually I had I had you know I I had to first come on my podcasting. He came on, he was like hey, I don't know from the right kind aghast for your podcast, because you know my part gases like about war and death and killing and all that stuff, and so you know well being better and stuff like that. So it's easy to can't raise your voice yeah, but that seems right and better TIM Tim's podcasts, about improving yourself in mind is about war and genocide in horrible things, and he said to me you know I don't know if I'd come on the podcast, but you know maybe I'm not the right type of gas or whatever, and I and I, and a real back to when I said: hey man, you know you've been through some dark.
Stuff in your life, because he wrote a blog post years ago about him being suicidal and him contemplating and planning commit suicide. This is TIM Ferriss. Did you really yeah? He went through a full motions. You know typical TIM Ferriss methodology. What did he do? He went to the library and got a bunch of books on killing yourself and then did the research and how he's going to do it and planned at all, and then one says how long ago he was going. He was like just done with college, and so I mean what is that I would see. Thirty, five or something so maybe it's twenties. Fifteen years ago, christ- and he was on all this pressure- you know he was an Ivy league guy and he was trying to finish school, but then it wasn't working out any which is problematic, and so he started saying stuff: okay! Well, how may get out of this? Well, there's one way to get out of it and Luckily he didn't do it, but when he came on you know that's what we talked about and what he You know, as he was making recommendations from. Again from a guy who's been. There was like hey. If your you're
in your in your mind, and you start to feel that way and go. Do something physical get in your body, get out of your mind, the same thing, you're saying it when you're feeling bad when you're feeling down out in Swinger Kettle ball around and you will feel better yeah. This is just too much for some people, especially there just experience in way too much pressure and that that that pressure a lot of times. It's just uh an imbalance in perspective, and some of like I was talking to his mom once her daughter does gymnastics with my daughter and we talking about kids killing themselves where she used to live. She still live in one of the really wealthy tech areas outside of San Francisco and a bunch of kids that went to school with her daughter that were like one thousand five hundred and sixteen were jumping off bridges and shit like it was like an epidemic and they were to figure out what the fuck is going on in. They are literally calling it Affluenza that these affluent kids
their families are literally worth a billion dollars. You know I mean everybody super rich, and there have been this insane pressure elect before high school in high school to be an ivy league schools and, to get four point knows, and all and they're they're not having any fun and then not experience in life and they don't have any hope in their parents- are all on pills and they're just killing themselves. Yeah and and and as you said, it really is a piece of perspective, because if you think about think about some, when you watched when you're, please go down the downward spiral, maybe it's not a suicide but whether it's drug addiction a lot of time, some female, a friend the ex wife, will just take him on the downward spiral and there's dirt. They can't get out of it and if they were to step back if they were, if it was you and your body watching one of your other friends go down this public, all my god. I can't believe he's doing that. That's crazy, but when you're in spiral people get caught in that they can't they can't get the perspective. What looks like from the outside yeah it's hard for people to break momentum to the momentum. That's good momentum are meant to momentum this bad moment on when
I get a when I get on a good group we're working out all the time I feel it like after I'm done. Working I'm like Jack can't wait to get in there again. I can't wait to workout again that's the good momentum, but then there's that that momentum, like you, get injured or something like that. You can't do anything for a couple weeks and then to to just try to get that June. Kick start that meant motor of the end, stop and talk to get momentum, yeah and I I've I've called some some flak for saying the that was the big science experiments or something in there, and they said that we will power dissipates throughout the day and and the more decisions you have to make the weaker you get throughout the day, and I, I think, it's b. I agree with what you're saying, which is: when you up in the morning you get a good workout. You don't lose will power, you actually build that you feel better, you feel stronger and then, at lunch time you you're not saying hey, where's the pizza and where's the donuts. No, at lunch time your he worked out, you feel good. You, like hey, where's, the where's, the steak with the protein and and that throughout the day, as opposed to it exactly what you're saying, which is when you sleep in, you skip your workout all the sudden, the don't
they're starting to look pretty good and then the next thing you know it's pizza and then we get home at night, you're just watching tv and that can continue on for days and days turn into weeks and then the next thing you know you're but now to shape yeah and then on top of that, if they did do that study like really, I want to know what those people were eating, because that's a big factor two, because there's a lot of people that are eating shit, food and then by the today your bodies in a crisis. Nobody just processing all this bullshit and people. Ask me that too they go. You know how much do you sleep? First of all, I would ask all the time so I go to bed around eleven. I will wake up around four hundred and thirty everyday at five one slash two hours. Sometimes I sleep more than that. Sometimes I go to bed at ten, ten, three thousand and eleven. Sometimes I stay up later, but when persons as we are. You know. I can't do that. I feel horrible. How can I feel better and I my first questions like what are you reading? What are you reading? if you're eating Cheetos and chocolate chip cookies for lunch, there's no way, you're gonna feel good. Now give you slept twelve hours a night before yeah, that's a good is a giant factor in if you're eating a big flex, bullshit lunch filled with nonsense like your body's,
the process all that stuff. Until the the end of the day, you going to lose your willpower so like one five hundred o'clock six o'clock rolls around you going to be tired. But if you have a healthy lunch and you know you're properly fueled, and then you also have positive people in your life everyone's. My evaded by the end of the day, you're gonna feel good. Like say, if you're going, if you're doing to get to with a bunch of other people, are doing your job to everybody is enjoying it. You looking forward at six hundred and thirty class, everybody is fired up. You get out of work, you fucking pumped man, what you doing when you get out of work, you're fueling up with what are you trying to get some electrolytes in you 'cause? You know you're going to get out there on the matter, you're going to sweat it out, and the thing you gotta do too is when you get done with working with was a grind. You didn't get get crappy food and whatever happened happened and you got yelled at by your boss or whatever, and the real easy decision is be like. I'm not gonna go train tonight, those right! You got a chain because that is gonna. Kick you back on the track, real, quick when you get in there, you see your boys and their gear get ready if tear you up on the mats and that
I'm going to get you on track as opposed to going home and watching tv, which is going to do anything for you yeah, and if it reduces nothing whenever the fuck, you thing is just go and do it just force yourself to do it and if you feel like shit because you ate lunch, then your lunch was, you know, fill with bullshit. Well, then, hey dummy, don't shitty lunch tomorrow tomorrow, try a nice salad, now try salad with some salmon and see how you feel, then you like, hey, I feel way better today at six hundred o'clock da yeah. Your decision making will be better like that people don't understand how Signif and it is like all these little decisions. They. Those are like that. That's the path, the rest of your existence on earth and, if you decide, to go to a Cheetos, fucking Cheetos chocolate chip, cookie route, you're just making a path, carving your fucking path through broken rocks and glass and there's not there. There's no doubt that the the life change decision isn't one big decision that you make and now these little tiny decisions, it's the you know having the salads energy. Does that's? That's that's what it is on a daily basis and if you think about that and then
You just make the right decision on those little things. That's where that's where the change, if you just reaching refrigerated, see the Coca COLA right next to the water, just collect that grab that water just do it. You know you don't to put just do it and you'd, like I fucking did it. I grab the water. Listen, water doesn't taste good compared to co, call if your body is like craving that heroin of Coca COLA, but the reality is, if you were out in the desert and you saw a cold bottle of water, you would be so excited for that water bug or it would be the most delicious thing ever when you're at a restaurant. You like, oh, you can eliminate. You know I want to do. I want. I want some mouth pleasure and if you've ever been truly thirsty before, like in the desert, you haven't had water or you didn't bring enough water and you're really thirsty. Coke, isn't even appealing nice nasty, you
the feel it really is you get in that mode where you've been truly thirsty, which I've been before you know, just not like I was gonna die, but I've been close to getting some sort of heat, stroke scenario happening and for and then to stream pump the water drink, the water and that's the most beautiful thing in the world, and you don't have water and you get it. I bet more. So, even if you get it from a stream and pump it through a filter and you're just getting it right out of the earth so good! Oh, so are you supposed to have folks where I think people supposed to struggle? I think there's there's a part of us that longs for the old times when we were just some sort of primitive monkey people running away. Animals live, there's that that's still in our dna there's! No doubt that you have an instant, I mean that's why we play sports right, yeah, police sports, you wanna, compete with people and and what look at the rise of of? U S see. Why is that? Because that's the most primal sport you can possibly come up with, is I'm gonna fight you? Who are we to do in a cage? So why is that so popular? We still have that instinct that we want to. We want to fight, we wanna struggling to survive, yeah
you know Dana White. Now I've talked about this so many times that it transcends. Every language like cricket is so giant in England right and then in try put in that shit on TV in America. It will be like pits get that fucking stupid paddle game on tv. What the fuck are you doing? We never know. What's going on or, conversely, baseball you play baseball to some country that doesn't accept baseball there like what is this nonsense is takes forever, knowing b the real sport of of MMA. Like is not, I mean it is unquestionably it's a sport and there are rules but transcend you know what what's happening. You might not understand the ground that much when when submissions, but when you see a guy turn and read because the the other guys behind him choking the life out of him, you get it. You see what's happening, you understand, that's another cool thing. If you ever ever teach kids JU, Jitsu yeah, it's so awesome to see yeah. No, you want to put this guy down and that's that's all you need to say they go ok and then you give him a little little little
taste of information like if you grab their legs and push them fall down and that's all need to tell him and then they'll be basically double leg: takedowns, instinctively yeah and it's savage yeah. It is beautiful, but you can't do that with you know, with a regular sport like baseball, okay, which gonna do is you have this guy threw the ball to three times every time you swing is, MRS, that's of that goes to him and he right was house at work, no yeah. Well, It's also the something feels good about like choking somebody. You know it's is there something about it like? Even if you're not hurting him, I mean it just feels good. Is that it feels like you're supposed to do. Maybe just you and I think anybody. I think anybody that tries it and gets that That's when you do too is getting so popular yeah, because you take a random person on the street male female ten years old twenty years old, forty years old, you put them. And you say: ok when you get them this other person in this position right here and you get their arm around. You get your arm around their neck. You can kill.
Them or you can accept, you can accept their cap. You can have mercy on them. That's a powerful feeling, This is really a party we know. Another thing is powerful about. It is the two guys can be friends and practice killing each other and not even hurt each other like like I'm sure you recognize that, like I feel better working out with black bear, I feel safer officer training with guys like super high level than I do with even guys that are like all of an athletic white build, might spaz out accidentally hit, but me yeah, and I mean I get asked that question all the time too is people say: hey Am I too old to start to get on fifty two years old, I'm forty nine years old and what I tell him is you're, not too old, you're, definitely not too old, but you need to be smart and one of the smartest decision you make is choosing your training partners and you don't want to train if you're a fifty two year old guy, that's never trained before and you're a white belt and you're going to get on them at the person you don't want to train with is the other white belt
twenty two years old, that's on steroids, that's going to go psycho and he's going to be just you controlled. His body wears a black belt, the black belt, the percentage chance of you being hurt by a black belt if you're away, but that's just you know- is nearly zero, a nearly zero. If it's a legit black belt, yeah yeah, I teach my kids class. Sometimes my kid takes mixed martial arts class and the instructor asked me to come in and demonstrate one particular type of move the other day and so start started. I demonstrated- and we were talking about like some different positions that are important for kids, to recognize like how make sure you don't get like kids were given up their back. They were trying to pass guard. They were trying to as guard they were pushing down and I'm like you, never want to turn. The show like that, because I had explained to the arm drag some explaining these kids to arm Jack and you see the brain spinning man and you see them active singing on each other in their laugh in in the girls. You know, so you watching these. Like eight year old girls have-
the best time like choking each other and everything and going through these motions and to me I mean I think it's fucking awesome and these kids do it all the time no one's getting hurt, they're having a great time with each other, and it's just this. Prime release like let's get all that out of there and then you could be civil yeah. Well, even if there's no Ju Jitsu instruction involved and there's no match around and you take two kids, and you put him in the yard Eventually, there gonna start wrestling with each other child just voice boys for sure boys. For sure I was at a party once with my kids, and these two boys started going at it neither one of them at any training you could tell, but it's just natural like date, get in there hip, slow and they're, trying to push each other and they're trying to figure it out, and neither one of them knew what to do. A kind of to go up and then start coaching on, but the just plain in the grass and what you know it's like it's. It's fast thing to see just a natural human instincts yeah and that's the other I've have noticed in teaching kids digits. You is the kids that
a little bit more cerebral, your your you know the parents of think. Well, you know my son he's he's kind of a nerd he's kind of a smart kid. I don't know if he's gonna like this, but the opposite is actually true, very often where the key, that cerebral hill Signis as soon as you show him. Three things like you said his wheels are turning he's going to wait a second. This is a skill I can learn and if I know this than any other guy doesn't know this I'll be able to beat him and so cerebral kids often get into even more then didn't. You know some kid. That's just kind of a natural bruiser, yeah demean tenth planet. You just two is filled with words. All nerds kicked in assassin nerds it's really kinda, interesting. It is and and you're not being facetious, when you use the word assassin nerds, because you know this is if you go back before you just before. I need you did so before I needed to and all of
ABC you'll two hundred pounds, one of those kids at a hundred and forty five pounds would absolutely have destroyed me if we got no fight boom. Take my back put me to sleep. You know I mean I I might you know, put up an old K, fight and him one time in the side of the head and then he's in on my back and put me to sleep. That's the reality no assassin's match you strong. Well, it is, I mean it it it's a complex game of kinetic chess. I mean it's more complex than chest because you know in chess, you've got these different pieces and their restricted in their movements. Digits is not restricted in its movement, and the every transition has so many different possibilities and somebody to and set up to so many different times. You get led one way and then just to get you to defend, so they can establish a second position and they get you to defend that, so they can establish a third position. Yeah and that part of it is, is what I thank you really for me, transferred from Ju Jitsu to not only to the battlefield but to life as well, because the big thing is
youtube from my perspective. Is that you don't go strength against strength right. If I don't. If I'm trying to choke you, I don't try and choke you overtly. I don't just grab your neck. No. I work on your arm and I put pressure over here to pass your garden and I eventually, while you're think about something else boom. That's when I grab your neck or that's when I grab your arm and that's what I think the battlefield. You know you can't you just don't attack hardened positions of the enemy and in life. You know, if you're trying to be a leader, you're trying to step up and lead somebody, you don't just come down and bark orders at people, because that's not as effective as maneuvering adjusting your position and getting into a better position and then getting that person give you what you want instead of trying to take it from him yeah! That's a really important lesson for parenthood, like you can tell kids what to do. You know
just to the told you do it, the like you, I'm gonna be a hooker yeah and that- and that applies not only to kids- that you're your own person. It implies to kids, but a plus to adults as well, and that is people need to understand why they're doing what they're doing- and you know if I want you to go, take down from building and capture some bad guy. I don't go: hey, hey Joe. I want you to take down this building, which pack captures back guide. These are the guys I want you to take with you here's the route. I want you to take in here's the methodology. I want you to use for the clearance, because when I did you go do that mission? It's not your mission, it's my! I came up with a plan you didn't so you might be, There was a better way to do it or you might have a different idea of how to get it done, and now you go out there and you meet some kind of resistance, whether it's an off school you didn't expect or whether it's some scenario that you didn't foresee into What are you trying to overcome it? You just blame me. You just looked at Jocko came up with this stupid plan, and here we are, it's failing. Forget it we're going back, we're not going to carry out the mission where, if I said, hey Joe here's, what what you do go figure out the best way to do it.
And now you come up with a plan and now you make up all the methodology how you're going to get it done and you decide who you're going to take with you now. It's you, your plan, you own that plan and when you go on the field and you meet a little resistance, guess what you do you say I'm going to find a way around it going to overcome this, I'm going to overcome that office comma, to make it happen, and that's another piece of leadership and it's the exact same thing with kids. If you tell your kid, you will get good grades in school, the nothing to them, but if you explain to them hey, I would love for you to get to get and here's. Why it's why it's open property! As for you, in the future, it's going to allow you to be able to out smart people, because you have more knowledge in them, and they're gonna be able to end up making more money, which is actually give you more freedom in the long run. Instead of doing a job that you don't want to. Do you explain all the things to a kid, is going to be a lot more successful than just do what I told you good grades, because I said so now, when you do these conferences were when you, you speak it at businesses and and they bring you in to sort of they. Have these
leadership meeting? What would you call them? Leadership seminars, seminars now when you the seminars in these some of the principles that you discuss when you talk about absolutely yeah, absolutely because that's another another big piece of this is that all this ideas about interacting with human beings? They just don't change like there's a little variance, but whether you're dealing with kids or whether you're dealing with adults and whether you're dealing with business people, whether you're dealing with soldiers on the battlefield, the lead oh principles. They don't change and therefore you can whether you're trying to get people to go out and capture, and bad guy or you're trying to get him to build some product and sell it. The principles ship, don't change, you're, still trying to get a bunch of totally independent people right and that's one of the myths. We have to overcome a lot 'cause, everyone think so in the military ones, just like a robot and that's just not true. Everybody in the military is free for their people, their people, their free thing Some people are going to come up with their own ideas. They have their own agendas and they're going to think of ways to do things
they think are better than yours. So you have all these independent free thinkers and you got to get them on board. With the same plan to you to go out and execute, and It doesn't matter if you're on the battlefield in business, that's what that's, what you're trying to get and leadership principles. Don't change to me. That's, as a person has never been the military. That's that's one of the fascinating aspects of how it works is like how like how do you get all these different people to follow through on a plan and who are the leaders, and why did the leaders have the right ideas and who educate them as to how they have the right idea to having the right ideas like. I know that a lot of people are excited about where the military is right now, like TIM Kennedy reenlisted, and he read lesson yeah, he re listed because he believes that the military I support now and looked him Kennedys believes he was put on this earth to kill bad guys and that's what he wants to do, I think I agree with TIM Kennedy. I think I agree with them too for sure, obviously, enjoys, it they're, not around music. He went back in he put his his money where his mouth is and
in his eyes that this is no. This is the way that it should have been that you should give military the chance to do their job, that's their idea and then other people believe that they should, much more civilian oversight and they be much more, it meant much more checks and balances before things get done. This is a this is a great debate is going on today. Well, I think, there's two different things that you just talked about: what that is what the military kits told to do and how they do it, and those are two different things and I think the yes, we absolutely the civilians should. Can and do control the military by the way they do control the disease are under the military's under control civilians- and that once you say okay, this is what we want to have happen. You need to let Terry professionals, figure out how they're going to go and make it happen. Yeah! That's that's where it gets tricky right, because if you're in that, like
one of the things that was explained to me by a friend as Navy seal. You saying that when something needs to get done, and you have all these people that are telling you how can do it, how you can't do it like people that are not in combat and don't stand what what could or could not go sideways like to put more problems in place or to put more checks and balances in place. You're actually going to put these one more dangerous. That is true yeah. You should like I said if you, let the civilians decide what it is that needs to be accomplished, and then the military leaders decide how they're go ahead. Make that that- and I mean it goes back to it- goes back to Vietnam. You know there was too much civilian oversight of what was happening in Vietnam and Military leaders were they didn't really have the where fall. Not even the wherewithal they didn't, have the free reign to go out and try and make things happen, the way they wanted to and it ended up in a big quagmire.
Vietnam seems like to me from an outsider to be one of the most fucked up wars ever absolutely. It didn't totally makes sense that it was happening and then now we know that the Gulf caught Gulf of Tonkin was very likely a false flag and that there was some sort of motivation to get there in the first place and then your deal with guerrilla warfare for the first time ever in us. History like they didn't exactly know how to handle this. No, we didn't and we didn't adapt very well to what was happening on the ground, which is always going to be problematic. If you have close minded people in the military, if for clothes mind, did there you're not gonna, be able to move forward against a win win the battle field changes in the battlefield changes all the time I mean you can look at Iraq, Iraq, the battlefield change dry. Strictly from this big convey and, of course, that we went up there to fight against Saddam's big army. Well, once that fell apart, then what happened? Now, all the sudden we were facing guerrillas again and and in urgency and it took us several years to change our strategy from we don't even know what to do.
You know we do there's. Always people run around what we do this by all these people running around and how do we get these people under control the civilians want us here and and yet, if we don't do the right thing now- the civilians don't want us here what we need to do so it took us some time to adjust our strategy in Iraq and look to We had some good leaders that that went ahead and made those changes. Isn't it also that when you when you're in war and though the strategy and not stretch, but the motivations very clear, like if you fight against Hitler's army in World WAR, two, it is very clear that you're traveling with an evil force where, as in Vietnam's like women? Why are we here like what's going on? Yeah it is, and what's happening, is extremely extremely challenging. You no doubt and that that is why you know I've talked about this before. If, if America or any nation is going to go to war, you have to decide that this is the most important thing in the world. You have
and the wheels that I talk about that you have to have to to execute this war. You got to have you got to have the will to kill people and again I say this all the time. No one wants to hear it: 'cause it's ugly and horrible, but when you say you're going to kill people in war you're not just going to be able to perfectly kill just the bad guys, civilians are going to die. It is a nightmare. Kids whim. It's horrible, it's awful and if you think oh I'm going to go to war and we're just going to kill the bad guys, it's not going to happen. War is too complex. It's just not going to be saying like I'm, going to go and fight in the UFC and I'm not going to get hit? It's not going to happen. You're going to get hit you're going to get brew, shut, you're going to get dinged and it's the same thing in war. So you have to have the will to kill people of course it's easy to have the will to kill the bad guys, but then you have to accept the fact that some innocent people are going to die and that is going to be awful and then on. The other side of the coin is, of course, you're going to send people wore people? Americans are going to die and there's
nothing you can do about it. You have to accept that fact, and you know, Vietnam was just the ultimate tragedy in re in in many respects, because we were killed a lot of civilians, we're losing a lot of Americans, but we were progressing. The way we needed to is a nightmare yeah. I I agree with you one percent. What do you think about transparency like when the Bush administration wouldn't let them take photographs of cough? and send him home like a lot of people, are really upset because there's a lot of people that felt like look. Americans should know that there is a cost to this and they should know that there's consequences to these actions and they were saying that these consequences and knowing about these consequences, could lesson. Morale could lessen support back at home when they really need it, and the people didn't really need to know this, that what they need to know is we're on the right track and we're doing well. Yeah, that's a tough one, anw there it's the right decision to keep the Americans and their beautiful bubble that they live in and let them know that this war is happening. But you don't have to see the brave
Americans coming home that are sacrificed their lives and in lastingly, if you remember, I think it was Toro at the battle of tar one world war two and for the first time, so we we needed money to run World WAR Ii, a lot of money, war, bonds and all that- and we were kind of falling behind it. We needed some money and one of the first times that they released a lot of pictures of american dead Americans was, I think it was the battle of Tarawa and there's all these Americans washing up on the beach. I mean Marines that'd round and got shot and it was awful, but they did it for a reason they did it to show like hey. This is real. This is happening we need to put pitch in. We need money, we need to save save. Save oil, don't use your cars, we all need to get in for the big win and that the opposite of what we're talking about when they're saying hey, you're not allowed to take pictures of net Americans that are being killed, and you know I think
There should be some level of transparency there. When you should America should see what is happening. What is the cost? 'cause? It's real easy for Americans to to sit there and while these young kids to go overseas and fight and die or be wound. Gravely wounded and just to show, got those just ignore him. I'm I don't care 'cause, I'm over here in the mall. Now maybe we should. Maybe we should not only you know, Maybe we should not only show pictures of the coffins that are coming back, but maybe we should explore and show the live those men sacrificed and who they were and what they did and what their families are like in their wife and kids and mom and dad that they left behind that they gave up, and why did they give it up? Because believed in freedom and so now we just going to say: oh, that's not happening, no, it's happening and you need to you need to know it. It is strange right, when you think about how little access to information people really had back in world WAR two and they were counting on the news- they were counting on newspapers and now today have massive massive access to information instantaneously. But yet you get less of it when it comes to that
yeah and and in some ways you get more of it, I mean obviously, when there's an incident that happens overseas, you can find out about it on Twitter as fast as you can find out about it through. You know, waiting for a real name was to come up with it, but you don't get anything. That's like specifically tributed by the US government to let you know the consequences of war and say hey folks. We need your support. This is what's really going down. These are american citizens. This is what's happening to them over there yeah and then the same thing could be said for hey. Sometimes civilians are going to get killed, and but we do, what do we do then? Do we brush that, under the rug and you just show the Americans getting killed, or do you universally show what's happening, what war is men? War is jacked up, I'm here to tell war is not glorious, it is not fun and it is. It is a horrible horrible event and so yeah. I think you should expose it and I think you
expose it at a at a high level so that people understand what we're getting into and and well as horrible as war is there's no many times throughout history, where war is the absolute in my mind, in my opinion, the right thing to do and we don't have a choice and we need to do something when horrible things are happening, and then you know, I think, that's you podcast. I talk about. Like the like, I said I talk about war and death and horrible genocide in, and that's one of the reasons why I think it's it's gotten. A lot of traction is because I'm talking things that otherwise being ignored, and I think people do want to know. I think people do want to understand what a deeper level so that way when they hear a politician up there saying hey, we should go to war, they can at least save themselves. I know what I know: what he's talking about and he's not just talking about hey we're going to the flag going to send some soldiers over there gonna kick ass, they're going to come home, we're going to high five: that's not what war is and, let's not ever forget, that's not what war is. War is
a man and another man on a battlefield surrounded by people, civilians and they're, trying to kill each other and it's a bloodbath and we shouldn't forget that, and is it necessary? Sometimes it absolutely is, it absolutely is necessary sometimes, but we better way are our minds heavily before we make that decision to go and execute. Now, when you about the evolution of human beings. You think about how much safer it is today versus how it was thousands of years ago. Do you ever foresee a time where war won't exist? I don't know you know people joked with me a lot about the robot wars and RO bots being able to accomplish wars. I actually believe that thing will come. I mean we've got drones right now that that are very capable pretty soon we'll have land warfare robots that will be able to go in and clear buildings and make things happen and then well. The enemy then have robots that will fight our robots at some point yeah
and then at some point will that Eleve to a point where we're not dealing with physical robots anymore, but just the software behind the robots, and now it's just a big sort of cyber warfare. That is seems conceivable to me now Joe, don't speak to me for some kind of like a SAM Harris Intellectual over here that I'm going to sit here and explain to you what the future of you know: warfare from a technical perspective, but from my from my Bruce Mentari thought process. Could it not elevate to a point where we have robots fighting robots and then that eventually escalates to a point where it's some kind of cyber warfare with it's, not physical, but it's just information based that does makes sense to me that that could happen yeah it may, since to me too, especially when you see those Boston, dynamic robots. Have you seen over? There are things you kick him over. If it bounces back up, they run up hills. They can run like sixty miles an hour. There freaks mean
it's really and what they're doing now is just I mean who knows where they're going to be ten years from now I mean they're going to be solar powered. They will live out there with no food. You know it will be awesome and then and then then, where we go well. Those robots fight people for awhile, probably people that don't know when people don't people don't have good robots yet and that's not going to be fun for the people without robots. Right and well, goes from there. I mean, I think, that's just a surrender scenario right if you got uh, let's say America has these robots that can just come in with ruthless precision. And take out bad guys, and you know you're going to be at their mercy, yeah, there's Fucking science fiction will be right. Like China develops robots, it take over New York City yeah. Look at this God. Damn thing: that's one of these Boston, dynamic, robots, it's just it's so weird man
see the moving around yeah and what's interesting, I've seen some other ones like you, don't need them if they put all this effort into making it actually walk. Instead of have you know, wheels or tracks or whatever the the we those are tracks with little pods that could get over things would be. They want this to look like a pro person. For some reason, a human shape is not necessarily the most effective. You know, structure for eating is not even well for us right, yeah, barely yeah, I mean, what's one of the reason why our backs are so fucked up can't, even talk us into standing up straight uh can pick up ten pounds. Ok, it's a big deal, I'm better than that yeah fuck. This robot someday, though, but it's just we like things that look like us, for whatever reason you know, we like the idea that This thing is going to look like us, but yeah. I agree with you doesn't need to, and it should know
the best and are you the real combat robots, probably won't look like they will be by Peter, is an hour yeah, but they won't be by people apply. A little trades or something and is now Hall Asat Sixty miles an hour with a machine gun or they'll have many legs like will someone that was like a cheat there's some some crazy one is like a cheat in. It runs at some fucking ridiculous speed and it's terrifying, they had one that was on a treadmill. Is the cheetah one. Again, it's obviously not the best galloping. It's not the best structure, because you, to make this thing up and run, whereas with wheels on it or treads or something like a mini tank. So I wonder like forgetting over logs and stuff like that, if there's any sort of benefit, they also have those ones that leap up in the air and they can go over. There go over the top of walls and shit yeah. That's where you need some kind of legs that can pop out if they need to yeah maybe we should just design this thing and take over there. You go, there's one wheels
yeah see that's got, that's got the best of both, yet let's fucking terrifying that was got front legs and got back wheels, yeah they're, not fucking playing games and it didn't Google buy them in that yeah. I believe. So. Google Skynet, that's we should be careful of a Google is powerful tied to him. The big announcement they made this week about the Google while assistant a I stuff is pretty crazy too. I don't know, but they did it information. So I can't tell you: Just look. It up. People are getting scared. This is like the Google SIRI type thing, yeah exact. This is for the new pixel phone What is a bunch of extra announcements? On top of that, too? supposed to be significant load. You see that thing jump over a fucking. Look at this yeah, see. That's the thing you have to watch out for that thing see without even knowing it I was saying wheels and legs is bird. There. You go camping, rewind, that a little bit watch it go over the wall. It jumps over a wall.
All look a little bit before that yeah watch. This watch with this fucking thing can do man after it does this. It goes down the stairs, and then it gets to me it's it's get to this wall like a hurdle and it oz over this hurdle like it's nothing there snow doesn't matter grass doesn't matter nice, no factors stupid wheels. The problem is Those wheels made out of you shoot one of those wheels things fuck, but it's doing bounces right over that no problem tux its legs. It looks terrifying, then put covered in, like some creepy fake skin, like an alien, no yeah and then you'd put sensors on it. No formal, sensors and night vision, sensors and you wouldn't be able to get away from it yeah. You know what you down and kill you. I mean just think about that technology and then add that Tesla technology for self driving cars and knows where all the cars are and everything words.
We're just a few years away from something very very bizarre again. I kind of look forward to it: bring up bring on the robots on the flight home I'll, go down to blaze of glory yeah. That's like the new comstockery ripping out battery chords and trying to take their lives. Yeah Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator it's funny, because when Google assistant can see and understand the world around you why they built that, like Google, Google lens thing that used to be existing and they took it away, it's kind of bill was given land in the use of that thing, you try sunglasses. You know you mean Google glass yeah, I'm so glad lenses that thing that translates the world that translates languages sits dejected, just kind of put all that data into this, and so now it's on that phone and everyone will have it that has the new pixel at. So what does it? Do it's doing a bunch as far as I know, right now, it's a bunch, a I information. So it's looking at barcodes and QR codes all over the place and it's you don't even have to have a really like hot
give me a good version of it. You can do it from far away and it can read it. It can be really low. Pixelated, not saying there, where I'm losing the word resolution. Low resolution. Ok solution resolution can pick it up from far away to off the so Cohn. Isn't it like this one again, what is Barker? Why? Why do you need to read bar codes? Yeah tell me why no one likes the new pixel supposed to do like say. If you have like this stevia you what I want to get this, you know it's got a little bar code. You put your phone up to it will show you a link on Amazon. You can one click it just like that. So that's one thing that it does for the bar codes, but you know it could compare prices and stores it saying automatically whether it's using Amazon and they'll block that so, basically we're moving into the ultimate age of consumerism. Yeah I wanna buy. This now is just a step up and instantaneous instantaneous purchasing, but like as far as
reading the world around you. What else is it doing? Uh I mean, I think you have to hold it up to see it so right here it says you can aim at a flower and it will identify the species low. You can pull up a band music or videos by pointing the lens at a concert, poster whoa so like right now, there's something that popped up Annapolis Fund recently that people don't really know 'cause it's hard to see like if I type in your name, Joe, it gets underlined and if you click that a whole bunch of information pops up and leads to, like all of your things on apple music, it leads to your web page. It's like a little SIRI assistant thing, but it hasn't been advertised and it's not really. It doesn't work for every person's name like it might not work for Jocko Willink, but it will work for Joe Rogan and it might in the future the update it or I don't know who needs update, but it's kind of it's cool to this is an updated version of that. I believe and just to bring this conversation back to where we were at the further. We go in this direction of technology being
every part of our lives. The further away we get from having to struggle with things in the bigger whole there's going to be in the whole that use sense- and I sense, which is if you're not struggling if you're not working you're, not fighting for something that's just going to further and further into the past and further and further down and people can have that whole to fill up. Somehow yeah the physical body needs it has requirements. It is stress requirements an if you was the way I talk about is like a battery and like almost like, but not intentional better. The way we think of is but almost like a storage vessel for energy, and then, if don't do anything with that, enerji it sort of loses over the side and fucking battery acid crusty outside of it like it gets all fucked up. But if you just keep pumping now enerji, you keep doing something. It may maintain some sort of homeostasis and maintain some sort of a balance point. It had maintain some sort of a operational happiness
where the body is not fighting against itself, because I think that a lot of people bodies are just fighting against them and a lot of like the way the decisions they're making it's a big of a big, part of it is just not taking care of their meat vehicle, so there's getting all this, confusing messages from the flesh. Yeah I mean we see that every day when you walk around america- and you see, people that are just you wonder- how much longer they're going to be able to survive and what happen is if they, if there's a fire and they have to run not going to make it around the corner- do go to Disneyland what is on a scooter. It's weird, it's so weird- and I have a friend who works at Disneyland and he was telling me like he started working there. Ten years ago it was rare to see some on a scooter and now now they're all on scooters and then on scooters. They got a broken leg. There are they're old on, because they've eaten themselves into this unmanageable shape. Well, again, even
five years ago. If you wanted to eat yourself into miserable shape, you had to walk to the grocery store to do that with who's at least some form of movement. And now you just one click on Amazon and you got the Cheetos in all three large size showing up at your front door in two hours and they gonna come in a drone soon, yeah and by the way you can just let it be like she does, and then it'll it'll put you up the other things that you will probably want to you. What you do is you, but I want to leaders coke. Can you buy one some marshmallows to go with that and there you go two hours. There are just kill yourself. What the man! When is this going to end? I wonder when they're going to be able to figure out a way to compensate for all the the shit that like it, was just some sort of a pill that fig that or even crisper. I was Well, I was listening to this radio lab podcast with their updating crisper. Where do you know Chris Bruno, it's a new tool that they have that
we're using to modify jeans and they they've only figured it out over the last few years and apparently they've already started doing work work on non viable fetuses in China. With this, that's what they say. Who knows whether we want by time they say that my thought is that by telling you is probably some fucking fake person by then you know by the time it actually gets to the news. Who knows what kind of crazy advance? once they're making you know behind the iron curtain, or is there an iron curtain anymore? Well, there's China and there's definitely some things going on in China, though, for sure they doing some dark shit with people in this God Damn technology, but they think that there not only going to be able to use this gene editing tool but they're going to be able to implant. This is gene editing tool into our genetics, so your own jeans, start doing the work of crisper for you, so things like they think it's going to take place of antibiotics. They think it's going to be
able to edit out things like Alzheimer's, like whatever the genius for Alzheimer's they'll, be able to edit that out, so Alzheimer's will no longer exist. It's going to be real really strange, because people are going to have to make decisions yeah. I think this stuff is going to come quickly once it like. Once we turned the corner, it seems, like come fast. It's going to come real fast and there's going to be some weird mutations that happen in there too yeah I was going to people with the Hulk is going to be the reason people that have one eye in two heads and just can be all jacked up and they're going to do. We knew those people, the ones that didn't get, that it didn't work right, T A1! crisper job was crisper a pill. Is it oh? No, it's some sort of a gene, editing tool. I don't know the actual mechanism behind it. I don't understand it. I've only like listening to people talk about it and read things on it and then how far away is immortality from that 'cause once you can eliminate all these different diseases yeah, I think one hundred years, and I always thought if you could just clone your body and then you let
body, grow to be twenty years old, then you just take your brain out. Put it inside that new body, then you're good to go I think it's going to be even creepier than that. I think are going to be able to turn back the clock 'cause. I think that when you think about, like cellular aging. Well, what is it? Your body is not reproduce every cell and your body, except for your neurons, reproduces like somewhere between every three to seven years or something like that. Your neuron the only things that you keep for the for the whole life, and so what they're thinking is the like, as time goes on your your cells produce, should here and share your your telomeres strain on the doesn't do what well that they'll be able to flip that around so that, as time goes on, you'll be like Benjamin Buttons, you'll start getting younger and younger, which would be really weird if they fuck it up, and you start turning into a beijing. You know you like some fifty year old and then all sudden you, like dude, I'm twelve again like this- is not good next year going to be eleven if it goes back
words in that direction, if they can literally halt it like if they can take you and then like say, if you're a forty year old woman- and they put you on a twenty year program and they're like well in twenty years, instead of being sixty you're going to be twenty, and this is well it's going to work next year, going to be thirty, nine, that's totally conceivable. That's only conceivable totally one hundred percent conceivable pos double end, likely yeah, then then that immortality thing isn't that far away, then the only thing is going to fuck you up is accidents and murder and shit like that. Androids is life become more precious than because now you're thinking hey, I don't want to go skydiving 'cause. I could actually live for thousands of years. If I don't screw this up, using more likely you're going to see a lot more parkour and those assholes that are doing backflips off the Grand Canyon. Like that kind of shit you're going to see, you can see more more more people that are like wanting to feel alive by taking crazy risks.
Those russian dudes, though James Kingston on the podcast he's that crazy asshole from England Great kid, but he does backflips on top of fucking buildings in Dubai and shit like what are you doing, man that you posted one of those the other day, and he said something like you know. I don't know how you wrote it, but you said something like verbal and I watch it. I was like my sentiments exactly that is jacked up. It was one just a couple of days ago. These guys released it. They were on the Golden Gate Bridge. I didn't even watch it and you see it Jamie. I wouldn't even watch it daily daredevils were on the Golden Gate Bridge, but you see on the very top of the Golden Gate Bridge, doing some silly shit hanging off the edge like yeah? I did hum dum err stuff. When I was younger, I did some rock climbing without ropes, not not any Alex Honnold stuff, but you know where I would definitely get injured if I fell, that was just being young and stupid. I remember one time we were on a show yep out in the middle of the Navy ship out in the middle of the ocean somewhere, I was in a sealed, platoon somewhere and me
one of my buddies. We were doing pull ups off the side of the ship at night on a little cable, oh jeez, and you know if that cable breaks or if we slip, often fall you're one hundred percent going to die, but we were doing it anyways 'cause. We were just young and stupid wow. You want to feel that juice juice, pre war. You know, there's no war going on. How do we prove to our bodies that we are break? Ann Badass, you do stupid, stuff, dumb stuff hanging off the side of a ship on a cable tv shows What is that rush like, be a crazy rush right, no one that you can't let go yeah, it's just dumb, but what do you do when your whatever, twenty three years old or something that is like, particularly in the human brain, there's something that resonates about hanging from something by your hand, like that's one of the scariest ones like Kingston, is on this track, can't crane and he's hanging on to the crane with his hands, and then he does with one hand, please hang in there and he's her
hundreds of feet up and if he falls he's just splatter is just the water balloon, but there's something but for some reason, like balancing scary but hanging, is really scary on the opposite? Balance is scarier than hanging. I'd rather, hang I feel pretty pretty good. Hang will graham yeah, I hope you'll understand. I don't feel good about the the balancing, because I think you know I could trip and fall. That's it. What's the life expectancy of Kingston, not so Good, I mean he knows that right. Yeah he's gotta know that he's a small art, guy too, which is really weird and really com. These fucking assholes, all Jesus Christ. Oh my god, this guy folks few lists on this guy is a skateboard and he is on a beam on. I mean like what couple one thousand feet and fucking their shit. It's terrified! I mean how
any of these guys die. It's not that many! That's what's weird about it. I saw it. I saw a video one guy frapin, it didn't make it. Where was it? I don't know something somewhere in Russia. Of course, was he doing what doing this walking around up on some high area price? This kid is object. Yeah right to the edge with skateboards barefoot. What the fuck dude. What is the so did you talk to about how he how he built into this? Did he start at twenty feet and then he went to thirty feet and then you get more confident. No, I don't think so Just just did start your own at gene. Well, he's got that. He said smart guy he's she's a weird guy, because you made we are expecting like I'm going to talk to this method out psychopath. We just just one just get a juice rush all day. Long now only super calm and relaxed and normal, it's weird doesn't
we sent, but where did it start for him? I don't know I don't he had a normal family seems healthy yeah, just like some people are weird weird. I mean Alex all that you had Alex Arnold on, and you know my family got Yosemite and stuff, so we are familiar, but you can see so we kind of edged into it right now you start climbing and you got ropes and then you get really good at it. And then you know what I could probably make it to their without a rope and then next thing you know you're probably make it there too, and then the next thing you know you're, climbing EL cap and with no rope or half day, with no rope which is completely banyo? Somebody yeah pleat Lee insane to even think about that, though he does some insane stuff, where you're going backwards like you're at a reverse degree, like fifteen, he's the wrong way like any climbs up it to go above it and it's got no ropes, and he
is hang on with hands. It's like what the fuck dude. He was telling us a story about one time. Where is halfway up the mountain? He realized you forgot his powder, so we ran into some other people that were up there that were on ropes. He said: hey. Can I borrow your powder, like you, don't mean powder, yeah, bar up and left a powder bag at the top of the mountain like yeah, I heard him talking about it that he for him. It's not big deal because he knows how strong years- and he knows what his limitations are. So it doesn't it's like he People with you right, he's comfortable, like you know, someone walking on a balance beam that does it all the time they're going to be comfortable with it and he's climbing stuff all the time so he's more companies are still hard to get a grip on, though it's hard to get it. You know when I was hosting fear factor. We had this one thing that we did where we had. People hang from a pole. Suspended over this water, and it was shocking how like the
least the little amount of time the small amount of time that men in particular could hang from a pole. Like, they were like a minute in these guys were dropped into the water, and I was like what the Women want it. Yeah women want it because they have the lighter bodies. So, even though their hands might be weaker like and one guy was, Fucking jacket was like this football player looking to do it and he didn't make it man. He was like a minute and fifteen in plop it into the water was like this is crazy. Yeah I had I had a guy in my skill, training class. It was a big giant monster guy and he couldn't complete the obstacle course now, you know too many have the hand. Strength is too much too much mass behind you that you're asking small limbs or small digits to control and then also too much of your heart is gotta pump too much blood through that tissue. There's like a point of diminishing returns when it comes to size. You know that
one of the things he saw when you see Cain, Valasquez Fight, guys Cain Valasquez, has always been in that sweet spot of about two four thousand two hundred and forty to me is about as big as you want to get 'cause the guys over two hundred and forty men. They might fuck you up in the first few minutes, but you take him into that. Fourth and Fifth to the first round. Then there huffing and puffing, then the second round they're getting their asses kicked and the cane Vasquez storm was one of the more fascinating things to watch in all my years in the UFC, because he was heavyweight that had the cardio of a lightweight, but he was again two hundred and forty pounds. Uh well Marvel well. Marbled too HUN forty pounds he's not like. He was a lean. He had some. You always looks a little bit it a lot of mexican food and some rice and beans on Etsy Keaton Lunch have like for real. Like you,
like one of the elite heavyweights ever and he's sitting there with fucking ten tacos and shit, and you know that's a talent to the having that kind of sustained enerji is a talent just like some guys are super flexible and some guys are super strong and explosive, Some guys just have that they could they have that range and and what is its medium twitch muscles right? It's medium, twitch, slow to HM will know that they're not they're supposed to which, which is I'm a marathoner right and then there's fast, which was on olympic weightlifter, but the in recent years. They said, there's actually something in the middle which which is on strong, but I can go for a long time. That's and about that. And that's what I got like Canis, because Kane, like you said, I mean for him to be able to get in there. Go five rounds, pushing away pushing around another guy that weighs two hundred sixty pounds. Yeah, that's beast mode right. There there's a lot going on with Kane. I think one thing is going on is genetics, his grin credible genetics and they they like Bob Cook, would tell me that came with be out for months like yet and in we can come back, it's outwork everybody
we just have insane cardio, so maybe it's so that is base was so rock solid that his out of shape for three months is everybody else's is peak condition and that's one of the reasons why I was able to overwhelm so many people, but also like when you see Kane, execute things he's never, straining Everything is perfect technique. There's no like there's no like grunting and forcing anything there's no like crazy. Looks on his face and like the windmill punches, everything is clean and crisp and it's all like a very efficient efficiently using machine, and obviously that comes from training hard and is that training hard too high? Have you been trying to order that? Why is all dinged up? Then? He missing flights. 'cause of injuries well, there's also like the mind, like his mind, is so strong that he's able to overcome the feeling of pain, but sometime like elite athletes, especially fighters, they can't disting between what is just like dings like everybody gets dinged up, but something so. A significant injury like hey you've got
compromise in the structure of your body. If you keep pushing it going to blow this knee out, you're going to fuck this disk up, you're going to need surgery and it canes out of gang, surgeries now show older knees back and now you know, he's been out for quite awhile with this most recent back issues. It sucks because, in my opinion, it's like him and fade, or you know those are the two greatest heavyweights of all time. Interestingly same similar body style, two three thousand two hundred and forty well marbled yeah afraid or at his peak, had like the ultimate dad bod. He had like a dad that used to play rugby guys they post those videos over him training in Russia running with his buddies and swinging kettle bells New York yeah. This guy works hard. Oh yes, or no doubt he just probably ate shitty food dentist and tons of it. You know, but it's also like their methodology. Just different, I mean he was like very, very old school with his methods like he was doing,
and kettle bells, but way before Crossfit or anything came to America. I mean there wasn't, there's an old school picture, see if you could find Jamie back waiting. Jack, like he got smaller as his career went on, because he stopped doing strength and conditioning as his body got older and focused more on skill work. But this ain't in picture not ancient, but this picture of him standing there shirtless uh around a bunch of counter both kettle bells yeah. I remember that picture as in one or someone you know, yeah and and the thing that I think that he really had, which he had a good. The way. His skill, in my mind, was that he was really good, grapplers, really good striker, but he the way he mixed in together. Yeah, you would see him just white hit. Some but in the face and then Judo throw Munin ARM Walker, more choke him, and it was all just so smooth. I don't think anyone knew what to defend, because if they defended one thing there, if they defended a grappling, move there getting punched in the face, if they defended opponent, they were.
And taking down yeah? He was something special man and you know he was something special for quite a long time too. I don't know I think anybody can keep going longer than like this, like time that you can compete at the highest level. Some folks think it's about eighty nine years that, like after eight nine years, the highest level like nobody's body holds up. It is all falls apart, and you know as much as I'm talking good about fade or in his style and everything. Let's face it. What was the best about fade, or was his add dude when he would just come in there with no emotions does raise his hand dead face. You know they introduce images raises hand, he'd, destroy someone and he would have the same treasures faced like before. He thought you just had total absence of emotion that was to me That's what I always thought. Yes, yeah! That's why it figures right up there at the top of mindless yeah. There's the picture. Exactly
stand around a bunch of fucking iron cannonballs with handles on him in those aren't some little kettle bells either yeah. I bet that picture alone must have sold millions of dollars of kettle bells. People saw that picture like I gotta get some at, but he also was very smart. If that's his brother actually yeah, he was very smart with his training, where you know he spent some time in our hall in the others him his brother like way back in the day, the picture was brother. Now get a good picture. Alexander just got out of jail yeah, I don't I, I wonder. If he's gonna fight again, his brother was a bad mother, he was he's. An animal he's got the your something about Russians, man for sure, they're, different kind of white people they totally different. They just did so much different well, it's the hard upbringing. Oh yeah diamonds die is made out of pressure in other guy that comes to mind when we're thinking about old school fighters that really I'm just his skill set, which is Sakuraba the way
Sakuraba his craziness and just and just have that incredibly playful attitude also chain smoked and drank through this entire camp chain, smoked and drank. I went out with in Japan after one of his fights one time really what he was getting after it, but that attitude of not giving a fuck is like that's what worked so well form inside inside the rent yeah. Well, I know we see this all the time with fighters we see with anybody that is going to live out on the friends like that they're going to have some sort of offset there's another for every action. There is an equal and opposite reaction right, so you get a guy. That's living that far on the edge like soccer robber was that at it just doesn't stop when he gets out of the cage right he's going and going to get after it more. He had some horrible losses, though he got, he got used and exploited were,
and anyone else right I mean worse than any other fighter. No one has been exploit input into those horrible fights where he just wasn't out and he was just out mash. It was old, he wasn't trained right and they would just put him in there and just let him get destroyed well, his knees were mangled, so he would rap his knees up like a mummy yeah yeah. They were horrible and you knew that that was a real injury like he like. He could move so good. His knees were all wrapped up and fucked up, and then they put him in there with Vanderlei and vandalay knocked him out what three times brutal brutal KO's. I think at least twice I'm trying to think of its two or three times but and then Melvin Manhoef, taking them cuz, you could soccer kick in pride and stomp
yeah. He had some really tough fights, he's apparently doing a grappling superfight. Now I think he's grappling. He grappled benzo, yeah matamoras right. That's right, I was thinking of you know what I was actually thinking. Machine Aoki is going to grapple with Gary Tonon. Oh that'll be yeah yeah they're, going to have a straight up grappling Gary kind of fucking up most likely Bio Keyes good. After show a picture, but it's a big difference between guys who are good in MMA and guys, good and like straight up ground in in the training videos of Gerry. Yes, like pretty he's just train, although all he does he's completely obsessed with Digital. I love it down and he's doing rope climbs and he's just that's all he does when he is also being coached by John Donna, her in these parts that hands Gracie crew that are sitting there and that Donna heard death squad man. You want to talk about a real like wizard of Jujitsu Donna, her understand his instagram
quotes for some of the very best Instagram posts on the internet. I haven't, I gotta follow him, then you got it man, his breakdowns of certain techniques and matches and what went well what went wrong and what's required of athletes and and how to excel and the day rinse, which we in an athlete in competition versus the difference in training. This wanted was most recent things about putting yourself about positions and working on your weaknesses, as opposed to just continuing to push your strengths yeah. Well, that's a big one, the the trip to the fighters that are good in training, but they're, not good in their cage and there's other fighters that are, you know, they're kinda get beat up in training, but when you get the cage they they rise to the occasion yeah I mean I got to see that a bunch of a bunch of different fighters over the years I train with and you'd say at this guy's to do okay, but then they'd get in the get in the cage and boom. They would just turn it on the elevate themselves and then some guys that are crushing everyone during training they get in the cage, UFC Fight night or whatever, and they just they just can't, can't get it done
and that night, even though they're crushing people in the training, yeah there's so many factors right, and I think some of them are also the ability to overcome adversity and with really talented guys. They didn't really have to overcome that much adversity because they were good really quickly, like guys who had massive fizz advantages and for some reason you know once they faced other people that also have physical advantages, but were tougher, they would just go just fall apart. They just wilt yeah, it's so common yeah. You got to get that in and we got some guys at the deck of this guy at the gym right now. Who's just he's just a is a mutant he's a mutant like he's so strong. He I was he shot on me the other day I sprawled on him and so is on all fours and he's he fights at one hundred and eighty five, I'm on all fours and he fix me up with one hand with one hand, picks me up and slams mean gets across side an I said: bro,
you just like shot put me right there and it's one hundred and eighty five plus you walk around that he walks around two hundred two five typical picked you up with one one hand, but not with his back but like with his arm. You're going to same Taylor, Johnson watch out form. What is this background? He wrestled he recipes it, but this is the thing we know. We know this right. There is red those that are great, wrestlers and and they're okay jujitsu, but they can't quite make that transition and they're striking is okay, but they can't quite make that transition for whatever reason, whatever gift he's got he so the other day we were training and he's been trained in this was a few months ago. He's been training for like six months right and he dives for a camera on me, and you know: move and get out and we keep trying over and we get done. He goes man. You know I just I can't lock anything up on your educate. I can't get any finishes on you and I was like Bro
you've been training for six months. There's guys have been training here for ten years that have never even attempted a submission on me and you're. Trying to submit me with mild move the camera. I'm like Bro, don't worry about it. It's going to come so yeah it, but my point is with him: is he's an inch rebel athlete and he's got that work ethic to enhance any competed, a high level in wrestling all american wrestler, the deed to the? But you know, then, on the last, you savage yeah people. This is, the ability to compete. It's a it's an interesting ability like and some people just don't have it or they wore that's not even though they don't have it. They lacked the meant skills to over burkam pressure, filled obstacles and you right and there's some people that step up when that happened. Yeah, and can you trying to do that? I think you can. I think you can yeah. I think you think you could do it. You inoculate yourself to the stress. It's just the mind so like like the idea that the pitfalls in the mind insurmountable. I think that's ridiculous. That seems to be
more surmountable or more more, more passable than physical, problems 'cause, like physical problems like if you're one hundred and forty pounds in a guys, two hundred and forty pounds is you're both equally talented and both equally driven boy, you're, fucked kind of fucked you. That being said, it is it's similar to what we talked about earlier, which is when you have somebody that's caught in their own mind, they can't get the perspective to step out and I'm like dude just com found it there's nothing to freak out about your going to go in there. What if I lose, if he loses no big deal, will get around. It will train more. It's no big deal, they can't get and so you do get people to get trapped in our minds and there's all kinds of fighters going through that never came out of it. Well, this is a really important quote. If you win you win, if you lose, you learn them, and so you always when and if you really can think about it that way. Every time you know, I remember pretty much. Every time I've ever been humiliated on the mat every time ever been really manhandled, and I remember them very well, and I all
So remember look every time I roll like a real high level. Black belt got my ass handed to me. My training jumped up a notch. 'cause like you know that expression. The rub, like you train with someone, is way better. You know you realize, like oh there's, a whatever I thought was like a high frequency, there's people that are opera reading like several one hundred rpms facet in that- and I just hadn't encountered them. You know- and I think that to be around that is so important if you ever train with the guy that, like trains in a small town and uh, all the people in the town is like, maybe like a purple belt coaches and they have like there's a certain rpm that they all operate in and if you come in and you use, that San Diego assassin rpm, and they is this guy doing like they're, just not used to it. They have. But if you come from a place like that and you try to train in hens or something like that, like you Dylan jumping into a fucking pit of killers like and that's you know,
the special expression iron sharpens iron could not be more true when it comes to jitsu. Now, there's no doubt the better people. He train with the better going get an you got to seek those people out. You know now I'm gonna not mind, hey that Guy Taylor, that I'm talking about. Do I like it my ass kicked by a guy. That's been training for six months. No, I hate it. I hate it Taylor, but guess what I call him out every time I talk smack to him. I don't talk a bunch of smack my talk smack to him like hey, what's up young buck, you want to come, get some of this everyday 'cause. I want to train with him because he's that strong, I mean, of course, I'm training with dean, I'm training with Jeffrey Glover and sharing with those guys too, but you've got the young buck that wants to get after it a little bit more yeah. Well, also, there's something about freak wrestling strength that just doesn't make any sense roll with some wrestlers before I'm like. Ok, whatever you are, there's people and then like it is like a champ people. You, like a chimp person, you know if they have like when your body is used to from the time you in early kid throwing bodies around
your tendon strength in your ability to manipulate bodies is a very different kind trying to mean it might not translate to a forty yard dash or or sprints or lifting weights, but there's their physical ability to move bodies is very unusual yeah and you always have to be air there's been plenty of wrestlers along the way that don't do well in m. Oh yeah, sure just they're great they're strong, but I think that's a mental thing. I think they have like some limited factor. Your brain with a girl. They just can't quite open minded you get to the can't quite open your mind to striking they can't get out of that wrestler mentality of you know, I have to go as hard as I can right now, cousin anime, you can't goes hard, as you can right now. For the whole time you will run outta gas specially with striking. If your, if your box can sparring with people, you think you're just going to go in and do that
you're going to run into somebody who actually knows how to box you going to come home and headaches every night you're going to get very discouraged, it's a matter of who your training with two like as far as your trainer is like who's who's, coaching you and what methodology are they using and what the mindset they trying to impart on you as far as like skill, development, 'cause there's, so many people there that just don't have like a real, clear fi, loss of like they don't have a goal like and terms of like. I want to work on footwork and avoiding certain shots and being able to move in better. You know instead they're just trying to win every round or they're. Trying to you know push hard in the end. Do you not get to the next level, which in my mind, when we get past the athleticism, we get past the mental, overcoming of challenges and then, in my opinion, you get to the next which is created yeah and that's when you get to Mcgregor Right, any bones Jones they're doing things
they're kind of making up yeah in the making of live as they go, and I think that to me is is we, I think we saw with Bj Penn back in the day. He was creative. I think fate or did it where he was. He was doing creative things, but I think to me that's that's where you go that one level higher is, when you add the creative element to a guy that can take a and b and make F out of those things somehow yeah end when you watch those guys there's something watching a John Jones or fade or a prime time, Bj Penn, it elevates you you watch someone do something special like that and you just walk out of there you feel like I know I can run faster than I could before I saw that fight. I know I could I could lift more weights. I know I could do something better, just people. Well, I think the is a huge thing that one of the reasons people enjoy watching all kinds of sports, but in particular combat sports when people do something amazing and may
makes you feel like amazing things are possible yeah. I actually. I have limitations on that too, because personally I'll watch, somebody some random fighter or whatever and I'll say I could. I could probably do that. You know what I mean like. I could do that. That's a good fighter back and I'm going to do some constructed. I could do that and then occasionally I see a guy and I go no. You know what I could do. What that guy can do. It just makes me it it's humbling. I think it's humbling. I was one Jack black right. There short jack black. I was watching Jack Black the other day and you know I look at Jack Black and I look at some actor right. I look at Brad Pitt and I'll what what's Brad, Pitt, I could do what he's doing he's talking on the movie screen, whatever I don't underestimating this right, but that's one thing I'm like alright. You know what to do that, but I was Watching Jack Black and Jack Black was singing and I was like I can do a check back doing right. There
respect and promised to got pipes got pipes and I pipes at the same time. I look at you know at Johnny Bones Jones and I go I. I have done what he just did. I look at at at ad. You know what he's got he's got some was spark it. I don't have he's got a flare, yeah yeah. Flair that Mcgregor has its half of what he does. I mean he's under we talented he's, got ridiculous power, but there's also this flair about him. When he fucking box in there flinging his arms and he stands there in front of his opponent goes like that. There's something about him. The fucking odd day shifts of his. You know he's just so ridiculous when it really impressed me when he came back and beat.
Fuck. You really important. I thought it was a very close fight. I actually and I have to watch it again. I usually don't watch fights more than once, but I know it was very very close. They could have won that fight. Yeah yeah, I thought so too, but it didn't and even disclose it was. I was impressed and I was, I think, one most impressive. Pizza I've. As far as that mental game, we're talking about to come back and say you know what I'm going to Do it this time that even wanted to come back one hundred and seventy again there was at one hundred and seventy right. The second point was to wash your surprise if it was very As of you know, a lot of people don't know that he had a pretty bad staph infection just a few weeks before the first fight- and he was on some here- is antibiotics and that's one of the reasons why he was so drained. Like people are calling cast out like if you never taking antibiotics before you. Don't know how fucking horrible it is on your gas tank. It's one of its. The weirdest thing ever so you could be in great shape. You get on a run of antibiotics in your body. Is just you gotta, fucking, thimble gas tank. There's, nothing left! You have no Energi
for whatever reason you just can't push yourself through stuff, and I think that played a factor in, here's the thing about Mcgregor, you never heard a fucking people about it. Wasn't for me talking about it most people and even know their yeah he's a bad mother, and I don't know I don't mean they said he signed the Floyd Mayweather deal yup he signed. When did that happen? It happened yesterday he has signed. Floyd Mayweather has not signed they're negotiating your mailbox and yep your boxing yeah. It's a my people like I mean, maybe he's going to go full Bernard Hopkins, just fucking clench and hit him in the clinch and time often rough a mop, and maybe that's the plan lean on his neck. You know just put fight dirty, we let him take points away. Who gives a shit long as you get this qualified? Don't like Stan the middle of the ring and try to shuck and jive with them, but the other thing is Floyd not knocking a lot of people out. You know so good, in terms of like to see what the fuck happens. Yeah. How much money is that going to make he's going to make a fuck ton of money
he's gonna make so the he estimated. I don't know if it's true between seventy five, a hundred million dollars on a check at all and then who knows how much Floyd gonna make somewhere in that range to? Maybe more probably more, but I think that it's gonna be interested. First of all for forty, almost forty one Floyd's may The best defense of boxes ever walked the face of planet. I mean he's right up there and my I mean you: could you go back to Willie Pap a lot of the guys from the old days and for sure Lomachenko today, but in terms of like ol overall performance against elite fighters over the course of his career? You guys only been tagged hard like five or six times ever he's a can freak and hard work mean he deserve. You look at him, throwing money around driving bentleys, but that fucking I will get on this trip and he'll be running miles at three hundred o'clock in the morning. He opens up his gym three hundred o'clock in the morning. Just does fifteen rounds of the bank. Just he works hard me. I know he works at hard. Anymore will be
interesting. One fuck yeah hi, I hope it goes down, he might get his Connor might get his ass handed to him, but he might not. You know he might tag Floyd I mean if he can call here is very good at closing distance and snapping off like lead shots like that's one of things that he id with Nate and he's a southpaw if he can just snap off one or two clean shots and make an interesting it'll be fun? I don't know if you can I don't I don't know what he can do straight box, it's so hard to judge for non to without without knowing without sin, and if they do do it, think going to do it somewhere around September. I think that's the idea. Jesus Christ so what you doing with UFC until then, nothing nothing sort of lightweight division is on hostage right now to be held hostage in something or whatever supposed to do that, but fucking number of medoff got sick, trying to make the way
didn't make the way what happened there. Tony Ferguson in her Habib, were supposed to fight a beep liver, shut down, yeah too much weight these guys they get too fucking big, you know, it up to one hundred and ninety, and they try to get down to one hundred and fifty five and he couldn't make it was he walking one hundred and ninety. I don't know that's what I heard. I don't know what he really way, but he's a bad mother fucker for sure. Beads grappling is so super high level I want to I wanted to see that fight, so bad cuz, Tony Ferguson is a fun savage he's, a straight savage. So he the first Habib a I watch that fight with him and Edson Barboza again the other day crazy for and while bloodbath until Tony caught with the Dars, was amazing fight. That's the guy! I want to see fight a guy who's. One of the only guys undefeated at the top level of the game, which is a beep. He only God. It's like a top contender, that's undefeated and is smashed everybody in front of how much longer until he can fight again. Who knows if you,
never be able to make one hundred and fifty five again. Who knows who knows what kind of damage is done to his body in these rapid rapid horrible wake cuts I don't know man, I don't I don't know is medical history, his medical history or his medical issues, but I know before the Michael Johnson Fight apparently had a similar problem. He made the way apparently was real touch and go. Yeah can't do that. You got to cut your calories because I mean you want to suffer cut your calories back. Do a lot, Fucking running drop, some body weight you're going to have to, and it can be done it can be done. You are going to have to do because of rapid dehydration you're going to fucking die, I was going to die in did you Just passed, some new weight, cutting rules and new weight classes tonight was like this is from Andy Foster. Andy fosters the guy who runs California State Athletic Commission and he is such a fucking animal. Any foster is one of the most important guys at in terms of like commission, the guys run commissions in MMA he's
one of the most proactive one, the most knowledgeable and one of the very best may the best he's so on the ball, and so he's pushed for these new weight classes and these new weight, cutting regulations and such a fucking smart thing is that guy's awesome man I likely to twenty five weight class. Even the one hundred and ninety five weight classes should do ten, they should skip seventy and do ten every do two thousand five hundred and thirty five forty five five thousand five hundred and sixty five just go ten. Every ten is good. Ten makes sense when you gotta, like so seventy, and then you get eighty five, the get. Eighty five and two. Oh five, that's too many, that's twenty pounds. What was I mean? G S, p verses were the new GSP versus pasting yeah you for chief I've tried to explain this to people as I've been in the room and stood next to those guys. This being is a big big, big man. Yes and g S. P is a normal sized guy. I don't see how that fight was going to be fair.
Well. Also, Bisping is currently active. Gsp took years off. This being is came. I will fighting in fifty five. He says Bisping said he could make fifty five wow yeah. So if he wins at one eighty one, eighty five, he is th thought about fighting either at one hundred and seventy or at one hundred and fifty five like what the fuck he's a big dude, straw train with him he's a big strong, please what six two something like that is being yeah he's tall, yeah big these, yeah people, incredible cardio, that's for sure is hard worker yeah. That guy is a perfect example of just like the ultimate like bulldog mindset and just refusing and now look at the channel the he took that fight on. A week notice, two weeks notice against Rockhold win the championship, not even that. I think it was a few days I think it was like eleven days notice or all crazy. Now, just being pissed talking,
Dana White on Twitter is, he was mad at GSP got a title shot. He hasn't earned a title shot yet he's like what the did yes GSP doing. Our man the whole the whole weight classes in a flux, there's a meme of of He said that he's is knees hurt because they said that the he said they wanted to fight Yoel Romero, because the GSP fight is off and he's like. Well, actually, my knees hurt, so I can wait for GSP is like. I can't really train right now, I'm good I'm going to sit back and take a little makes is a is a funny meme of G S, P, r of Michael Bisping in the hospital bed. This is a bit being be like I'll just sit here and wait for GSP. That's hard, yeah, Euls us savages terrifying, but that we bought out with Jim Carrey lost in well cheating yeah, that shouldn't happen just cheating and that that was horrible. Tim
little bit, cheating that fight two. What do you do? He grab his gloves he's grab the inside of the glove punched him in the face a couple times when I was holding the Oels glove, but but people show that in slow motion. But what they don't stand is your show in slow motion like it looks he's holding on to it for awhile and punching in real. It was less than a second or maybe a second, and it's probably just chaos yeah. This is something something is just throwing whether or not he actually knew that he had his glove consciously. The gloves make a really big difference happening now. You've got a train with them. If you're gonna fight with them securing chokes him even Damien Maya, you see him get rear, naked choke with the hand on top of the head like old school KEN, shamrock style. I killed him. He can't get, the hand you just can't get it and will start grabbing too if you could take Dhea teen and people are grabbing. The inside of that gloves hard. It's a lot harder to finish stuff and people have gloves on, but some people finish with it Josh Thompson used to grab
his own glove, which you can do you could get deep in there. I saw him choke somebody out with that was like woo. You can do that. I think you can grab your own glove and that makes a nice handle if you could slip your fingers in the train with them. If you're going to fight with them, you have to amazing how hard it is to show people when you have those, especially those pride, loves a big padded ones. Even Marcello Garcia was having a really hard time with it. When you do, how does one lone mma fighter he had these dudes back and couldn't finish I'm in a lot of it is because of those this never make. We make a big difference. Do really do think you should wear gloves a real. We don't. I totally agree with you. I think, fighting. If you could kick somebody in the Shin to the face.
You can shin somebody in the face, but you can't knock a woman. You know, I think it would be so helpful for all the head trauma that's happening if they took off the gloves and you had to either strike with an open palm or you had to pay the price 'cause. I might hit you twice before I broke my hand and now I'm going to be grappling with you and trying to take it down. I don't think people understand that, but if someone just ducks their head down and you hit it with a straight punch to the fore head, you are very likely to break the hand. I don't think you should be crap your hands either yeah. I really don't. That would be awesome that would you should have. I think you should have a cop on and a mouthpiece and shorts, and I real think. That's it. I mean and people like you know, you're a fucking idiot. If you're a barbarian they need to cover the globe. No, they don't know you're less of a barbarian. You make yourself you make your more able to hit someone. You don't really help them at all. It's hard to hit someone bare knuckle,
yeah, it's it's! It's eight, a I wish they would make that change. I don't wish that would change everything elbow somebody be you can't bear knock on. That's crazy! Your knuckles are way more vulnerable like it's way harder to to get the off to you wrap it up. Then you make it like a cast. You wrap it up and you get some you'll like at night. Steve, Randall, randomly rips wrist, isn't going anywhere in buckling and flexing. When you punch someone it's core with a wrapup. Those hands boys like even like holding pass for guys were yeah they'd, get ready to take their name. Did they just started up yeah yeah, but that they'll never make that change? I don't see. I don't think that he should, and I think for really for the head trauma of the people that are fighting. Is that that that's really needs it, you for sure they had all those times yeah it. It's not good for you. No, it's not good for you and um again. That goes back to the grappling thing. I think we see more submissions. I think it would be way easier to catch people with stuff like it would be way
easy to secure, guillotines and chokes. Just you you, you wouldn't have all these restrictions of having something on your hands. Your hands need to be able to articulate, moved to secure certain grips and He, it's you'd, see a lot more submissions. I think it's too bad that I make that change would be better for everyone. Yeah, I mean I remember when I first started working for the US, so you didn't have to wear gloves. Victor was one of the first guys to Wareham Vytorin tank tank was one of the first guys ever to wear gloves and he wore gloves that he was wearing were like old school. Century, martial arts, Chuck Norris gloves, but nobody even thought to wear those. I think tank was like the innovator tank was an innovator for yeah. Then detour, his head yeah, but will pop up up He in the early days. I was there his first fight in
one thousand, nine hundred and ninety seven, the first time Ufc12. Nobody had seen anything like that. This guy comes in. With this blazing hand, speed built like a fuckin, greek God and everybody's like oh Jesus, what do you do with this fucking kid? That was interesting and, of course we hurt 'cause. I was digital guy at that time were like oh he's. Only a purple belt is what we're hearing and they gave him his black belt. Just 'cause he's doing this flight and blah blah blah is only a purple belt and he comes out just what is it? Thirteen punch to the face bump up up and the same thing to ventilate pop up up up up straight, punches down the pipe crazy yeah when he fought Lee was weren't shoes, yep member, that there's one like wrestling shoes. There's always hockey rules back. Then it's really interesting to see like from nineteen. Ninety three to twenty seventeen, how far fighting has change that much. We know about it. Now I so we say that fighting in nineteen. Ninety two was theoretical, and
you know somebody will say something on the internet. Like hey, you know one this martial art or whatever, in which, what do you think of this and like? I do no reason to fear us. Not only do we know from the UFC, we also have been in a country at war for whatever fifteen years. So all of our guys, been going overseas and doing the same stuff on in combat. So we know what works is no there's no big question anymore. Right not like think of what happens if you poke a guy in the. I know we know what happens. We know what happens yeah, it's pretty obvious. It's not good. Here's an
thing like you, like Wing Chun, and things like that, like yeah that'll work, if you've got, is no the he's doing you chain punch, I'm done. That's not good hit somebody seventeen times in the head, yeah we're not expecting that everyday before definitely not good, very effective. Are you going to get that off on someone who actually knows what they're doing? I don't know if that often high school wrestler, good luck get into double levels like you're going to fly and your head on the curb yeah it just. It just seems to me that way. Do you see the video that is becoming a huge issue in China? Yes, that a chinese T'Ai CHI Master, try to fight an mma fighter and has got a blade rated M ten seconds out, and this guy had to hide Chinese MMA fighters had to go into hiding cuz people are offended that he battered this TAI, CHI Master and made their country look bad because it's making their their traditional martial art look ineffective, yeah! That's not
doesn't make sense to me. I know here we can watch this real quick, but I don't know why the fuck, this guy didn't understand what was going to happen when they thought they sometimes. I think they actually believe what there this is so brutal, though this TAI Chi, what's re, bizarre as TAI Chi, not really in a physical fighting, martial art it supposed to be. Something! That's more of like a meditative. It's a yoga yoga deal. This was a great fight. I had one of my one of my buddies, a black belt, a guy named Joe of old school Jujitsu guy, and he got to buy a tie gi. You know you take me down. No God and my buddy. I mean that guy just obliterated yeah and the only way you can never actually know what would happen if someone punches you in the face is the train that one, if you just have these ideas in your head, you're gonna stand in front of him. This catches who's in blood all over the place and get nappies battered is no the shattered wobbly. I guess
the first time the room punching, maybe the mma guy should have. If you had a little bit or four and was going to happen. He should have come out in like really done the whole. You know respect in the our than all the stuff and then, after defeating, should help them if he, if he maybe that, would have helped him from all from political standpoint, but yeah because wonder yeah, but you know it seems to me that this is something that they need to see. They really because there's too many people out there that are just buying into this foolish of well, like I said so, my buddy Jeff Higgs got this. This, I think, was an I does aikido people say Gee and all that I don't know she they probably well turns on which asshole your talking, whether was aikido or whether it was TAI Chi, I forget, but the guy says no, hey, I'm a martial artist, and once I settle my chi, you
even take me down. So how are you going to do digits around and he says what do you mean? You can settle your choices. You know once I center my chi and it's based into the ground. You won't be able to move me. You can try it if you want in my friend, Higgs goes okay cool. Tell me when your cheese, all centered and the guy you know, does this little thing and then settled his chin says: okay, I'm ready and Jeff just I mean it's. No big deal just hit a double leg on boom. You know like you, can't stop a double leg without defending it without spawn, and you say the guy actually believed that I actually believed that that's type of mental illness. It is but I mean you know it's flat earth right. It's saying I don't want to bring that up right now, but it seems I'm so often. This podcast I've got a couple people that are now every time. I talk about Jujitsu with all their like flat earth flat earth. They believe it yeah yeah people believe it. I get fucking shit everyday from people that are flat earth supporters that are mad at me for exposing they just,
I believe, believe it that's real. It is a weird thing with and by the way, one of the main guys who's in the flat earth makes has a whole video about how Jiu Jitsu doesn't work, and it's about Wing Chun isn't like one of his biggest videos on this page yeah but There is something about people wanting to believe that there's mysteries and secrets that his, like some secret power like in that the idea that you could just center yourself into a college. Wrestler can't take you down there. That's one of my new things that I tell people what you do to, because I I used to say like you did his magic because, because it kind of is you know when you, when you know what you just so you can do things that are almost magic right, but then, when you're teaching somebody for the first time was it looked. It's not magic. It's I've always from somebody the other day, your elbow escape or something from the Mount in the
like a you know, he's he's it's really hard to do because he keeps pulling my arm away. You know yeah, it's a fight, urine yeah, it's not magic. It's you have to fight against the other person's another human. I just told him what to do. I told you what to do now. You got to fight for it. Yeah you figure out how to get to the right position. Yeah, it's not magic, but it is weird that people that you know they're looking for something to believe in. I guess yeah they. Maybe they just want a contrarian view point. So that's why the pick saying that the earth is flat. What's also think it's it's sort of the same thing with people wanting shortcut on going down. This road just want to walk away the end of five cast them out a lot of short cuts. They love like like they love like throwing out of the the entire paradigm of modern civilization, it's all based on a lie: we're not in a globe. Wanna fly disk. Do you universe, spins around us like this? Maybe you know people that just like to argue is this: maybe just people that like to argue and have
country could be some of them for sure there could be some of them for some of them. I, think it's just that there are people that straight up just straight up believe that the earth is one hundred percent hundred percent in their soul in your soul yeah. They really believe it, but there's also people to join the Moonies, is being Scientology. Yeah, I mean look, there's people out there that will suck a dick if they think it will make him live forever. These are you sure I suck your dick will live forever. Yes, the knowledge will flow through you, but you have to believe yeah went down in San Diego. I don't know what it was ten years ago, fifteen years ago they had that Heaven's gate thing, we're almost people put on most purple shoes they put on the Purple nikes they kill themselves in. The comment was flying by yeah, it shows you again and on our you're talking about the human mind is just complicated and complex that it's grasping for something to believe in and some people are going to believe in anything. Well, you
that's one of things. A guy Ritchie brought up the other day about your book, extreme ownership, and it's one thing that I think are you and I are both really focused on is the way the brain works and the way the mind works in this is one of the things that I think that you reinforce with these big photos of your watch every day is like the mind, works in very peculiar ways in you. Can it's kind of pliable and force it into a positive, productive ways. You can you can you can press yourself in these very positive doctor of and in in car? of those grooves of productivity and advancement. Well, it's what you're talking about. We just about the moonies in the Scientology, where people are trying to mind control and when I talk about mind, control and talking to control your own mind yeah, you know you can make yourself exactly what you just said. You can make yourself and force yourself to do things and we you get in that groove and get in that habit. It becomes part of
and that becomes who you are and why not that person, then the other person that's not doing positive things. You have people like I'd like to also pretend that the way they're doing it is the right way. They don't want to be open to the idea that there is some other method. That's maybe more productive and more successful. Well, there's the down fall, I mean, and that's that you know again. I I think this is one of the reasons why your show is so popular and why people listen to you because you, listen to other people, right people, listen to you, 'cause! You listen to other people, you listen to what they have to say. You go. Ok, that's an interesting viewpoint. Haven't heard that before and you I'm the same way when somebody tells me hey. This is what I believe I don't say: well. I don't believe that I believe something else. I go. That's interesting! That's an interest! viewpoint. Yeah. I always want to try to see things from other people's perspective and it's hard because the brain wants to go fuck this guy. This guy is no shit. You're right. Do this guys wrong, but you
always gotta like pause and think I mean again, I hate to bring this back up, but that could easily be which also going on with the flat earth thing. Is they have this idea in their head and then someone? You know: there's no photos of the earth other than composites. If there really was a round earth you'd be able to see and you're all actually there's a photo taken. Every ten minutes from twenty two thousand miles away of the full Earth, hello! Well, that's not true, that's fake and they get into this thing and they get into this thing because they don't want to ever stop and pause and look at the way they're thinking versus the way other people are thinking. Ok, did I get something a fucking, a trap here that I get myself into an intellectual trapper. I'm supporting an idea. That's not true, and now I'm reinforcing that in my head and I'm fucking tightening up all my
borders and trying to figure out a way to not let new ideas and and to reinforce my old ideas. You know your podcast with Jordan Peterson the other day he kind of brought that up, which I stand by the way. If anyone hasnt listen, that part does that's, that's got to be one of the best podcast that I've ever heard he's a mind, blower unbelievable podcast, and he talking about the fact that sometimes people, if they, if accept those new ideas, all of a sudden, what they've done with their life for the past twenty years, gets thrown out the window and that's going to be really hard and immediately when I was listening to that, I was thinking to myself yeah, that's happened in the 90s when somebody that had been studying some traditional martial art, God bless 'em, they were doing the they could but when all of a sudden, some blue belt in Jiu Jitsu could come in there and roll 'em up and choke him out, and there was nothing they could do about it and they either had to. Who wanted two things say: okay, going to start raining, this other new thing that I don't understand or block it out, which was very hard to do with digits. I mean that's the good thing about man about UFC is it was like
you can deny it all you want, but you have to face this guy on the mat. That's the only way you can and when you do, that, you're going to lose where, We have all these kind of intellectual arguments a lot of times. Just I say you say I say you say, and if you tell me, if I'm telling you that every picture of the earth is whatever cgi and that's what I'm going to hold and I'm not going to let it go and how we're going to prove to me. Otherwise, in every single picture you show me, I say no that cgi and you show me another picture. I say that cgi we're never going to get anywhere, I'm not arguing with you about it, you're, never going to tap just going to turtle up in a ball. I had to go through three of those man, because I started out with Thai Kwando, which was not like the It's not a good martial art for fighting. It's got a by itself, it's going too many holes in it, but it's a great martial art for throwing kicks, and when I went from that to kickboxing, I realized how easy it was to get punched in the face, and I was like wow and so then I started really studying boxing and I was like man, my my
ideas of like how well I can fight or so overestimated uh, I'm not nearly as I'm a good at Taekwondo, I'm not good at fighting, and then I started doing moitie and I'm like oh well, fucking leg, dicks, Jesus Christ, leg kicks and knees to the body in the corner shelves like oh fuck, there's so much. I can I'm so fucked because I got I got really good at something that kind of sucks on its own and then from there Jujitsu, where I was just getting raped. I was at least it with kickboxing. I could throw kicks, I could move around. I could try not to get my legs kicked. I could try to like be mobile, but when I was going to did you just who is a white belt? I was just getting mall to what happens and I had accepted in this. So I I literally stopped doing everything else in this at all. I got to get better at this. In a way I can. You can even start lake. White, but some of them are changes before is is, has a zero percent chance of beating a guy that sub
yeah zero. Zero percent chance that they're not going to if you take that doesn't really know how to fight against a boxer. There is a puncher Chance I mean there's a puncher should not probably not going to happen, but it's a crazy chance, but who knows it could, and at least the person that hasn't boxed before has some semblance of an idea of what to do block punches from hitting me and try and punch the other guy right. When you don't know jujitsu, you don't even understand, what's happening here, completely lost yeah and there's certain positions like you get your back take or something like that. We almost a hundred percent dead yeah it's, but I think that it is parallel to that in life because of you look at life and you look at the way you're behaving in the way. You're thinking and the way you choose to accept ideas and away that you choose to view the world if you're, so rigid in your ideology that you're unwilling to accept
any sort of new information and new data or any sort of contrary data or information. Like someone who's telling you something that you don't agree with, but you ok. Well, alright, what's your perspective? instead of just agree or disagree with them and arguing and going to war with them, try to take it and try to go. Ok! Well, what is this guy saying that has merit? Where is this guy come from or if I, even if I totally disagree with them, what makes him think It's like? What's going on in your head, that you think that we should take add one's money and distributed equally across the country like there's people that believe that? that everyone who's ever been successful, somehow another God after stealing, and what we need to do is take all the money in the country and re distribute all this. Well, so everybody gets fifty thousand dollars. Ok! Well, what do you think this? yeah, I want to know, you know I might argue with it there might see your point or I might think that if you did do this, but you still, if you did this right now, this is what I think, if you do this right now,
Now, if you took all the money from all the billionaires and all these fucking, rich tycoons all of 'em and took all the money and distributed equally amongst everybody in the country. How long would it take if you just allowed normal capitalism to flourish after that? How long would it take before the levels went right back to where they are now? Would it be ten years would be twenty? How long will it take belong? The way I explain that concept to my children was said: okay, here's here's! What communism is 'cause! This is what you're talking about. I said: let's, my kids are really hard workers and they do well in school, and I said you know you study hard for your test right. Let's say you get a nine thousand and ninety five on your test and then what happens with communism is there's another kid in your class who's, the Dumbass kid Billy, ok, Billy's, getting up never one slash three. So what we're going to do is you're going to take the test and then and we're going to take whatever points from you and giving ability so that you both get a d and that's what we're going to do now. That's what communism is now, if
I do, that is that can inspire you to work any harder. The answer is obvious. You know you know you're going to get a d, no matter. What is it going to fire Billy to work any harder? The answer is: no, it is not Billy's, not gonna work any harder. So what we have is no one working and that in communism, your your all just level set you're going to get the same thing and that's why it's failed everywhere. It's tried yeah, it's not the right idea for just the the way the human reward system works is not the right idea for motivation. It's not a ride. Right idea for, like the only way thing get done. The only way you get a laptop or a big skyscraper, some as a profit from it death to get something out and by the way someone has to make that happen. Someone has to be driven to want to that. Like top into want that skyscraper, somebody's gonna wanna make that and you're right for them to want it. Got to be some reward, to be something or being driven is you gotta have something to show for it so we've got to be really careful that the amount of well that you spread around if
spread it all around you're, going to end up with no one wanting to achieve anything. Yeah like I heard Bernie Sanders talk and he seems like a really nice guy and he seems like he really has his mind in the right place in his heart in the right place, and this idea of demo Cratic socialism seem talking to people like well, that's definitely better than being greedy is definitely better than being corrupted by the banks. It's definitely better than be corrupted by Wall Street, and given these bullshit phony features for hundreds of one thousand dollars and fucking over people for profit, but does that shit but does socialism really work? It doesn't seem to work. It doesn't seem to like work in terms of like human motivation, doesn't even work for Bernie Sanders. Who has multiple homes? You know he does. I mean the guys got multiple and you just bought our house for eight hundred thousand dollars, and does he open that up to public to come and stay in his house? No, no, of course not! So it's
well that's different talking about a different thing. I've earned this money serving the people yeah. Exactly exactly right, you did have that money and if you want to go out and buy that second home on a lake good for you, Bernie, don't try and no like that's what that, like, like that's okay, to take everyone else's money, will do to everybody else, but not to me, it doesn't work well. The concept of income inequality is always strange. 'cause, it's like well, ok, but you should did you make the same amount of money for a job that doesn't have the same amount of important significant. It's not just go ahead and straight up answer for you ask for your job. No, you shouldn't. If you got paid, after ten years of medical school, the same that you got paid to drive a bus after you busted your ass and worked hard and had to study and do all this stuff to go to medical school and by the way you built up a bunch of debt trying to go school? Why would you
combustible rations financial motivation. Should we help when we yeah? I don't you you got to be we. We have to be careful that area and, of course there are people. Legitimately need help? In the worst start, people with who dies, there's people with mental problems and we've got to be compassionate and take care of those people to the best of our ability, but we definitely need to watch out for hey, let's steal everything from the people that worked hard and give it to people that didn't yeah. It just doesn't seem like a good idea. It seems contrary to what we know about human motivation, basic human instincts yeah, and then, where do you stop? Where do you stop legitimately? Like worldwide, because we could distribute all the money and wealth that we've built in American, distributed over the whole world. Well, I think a better car except is figuring out why there are pockets of extreme poverty and how to mitigate those pockets of poverty that have just I mean Jenner
after generation, certain neighborhoods just been extreme poverty and these people to grow up there, that's what they know, they're sort of almost programmed into it, because they're they're seeing it around them. That is the the paradigm that they they accept and you it's very self, limiting in a lot of ways. We don't see anybody escape, or you see very few people escape. It's very you feel, like you know, This is futile. What do you do? You know, there's a there's a, and I wish I knew all the details of this, but there was a native american tribe and somebody, I'm sure, will but will tell me what it is. But there is a native american tribe, like in northern California, that when all the native american tribes got designated as native american tribes and they got you, know here's what you're going to get- and this is your tribe- and this is these for whatever reason they didn't get it, they didn't get designate as a native american tribe. They just got, they got passed over. No one noticed him, and
now all the members that tribe like completely dominate, they run everything financially. They own everything up there that kind of kicked ass right and it's because they had to- and I think a lot of times when, when people just get given stuff becomes very, very difficult for them to say you know what I'm going to go out and work hard. You know, am I going to bus it's a classic example of Hey I'm going to bust my ass at Mcdonald's for eight dollars an hour forty hours a week or whatever thirty hours a week for nine dollars an hour. I'm going to work that hard doing that, or am I just going to take welfare check which is equal to or almost equal for sitting around doing nothing. That's not a hard question answer for many many people yeah, I'm gonna sit around and do nothing so we had to be careful that it's hard yeah. It is hard it's if it is a natural inclination that people have to do the least amount to to just be as comfortable as possible or as lazy as possible. You know, I think, you're your statement that you always say, discipline equals freedom. People should have that
tattooed on their thigh, you know you should look at that when you get up in the morning. Put your underwear on like it's, that shit this is so important because if you do have discipline and if you do go out there and get the things done. You need to get done. You have freedom and you feel better and you feel relaxed 'cause you're. Not you don't have that balloon hovering over you that balloon of you know you just know Think that you're not doing your best, knowing that you're not out there hustling and if you just get a free check every month and you don't really have to go out there and kick ass, you can kind of get by boy that doesn't it's not not conducive to lighting that fire under your ass? You need to be successful and again I'm going to point this out, for I think, the second or third time today, I'm no sociologist, I don't I'm not some big guy that understands the mechanisms of the welfare state and all that I'm just go. Off of what I think it which is similar. What you're saying look if I just getting a check for not doing anything? I wouldn't feel good about it
yeah. You know I wouldn't feel good about it, and so I think that there are people that go hey. If I can get free money I'm going to take the free money. You know there is a concept of universal basic income. That's kind of interesting, though, because this idea is that once we but automation, and once we get an artificial intelligence that there's going to be so many jobs that do exist anymore, that we got to figure out what to do with all these people, and the idea is, if you just have your basic needs taken care of like not enough, so that you could actually thrive, but just food and shelter. How many people would then pursue their actual love and what they're actually passionate about and would be the there's there's test they're doing they're doing on it now they're trying to find out Would the same amount of people be successful? Would more be successful or with less like how many people would pursue their dream, but they knew they didn't have to worry about starving to death. They just got. Money every month, they got it, they knew where they were going to sleep and eat, and then they could just go.
Do whatever the fuck they want to do, or would that just wash motivation? I don't know, I know what the answer. I think what I think I think it I think it's what's his motivation for some, I think yeah, what it for you if you got it check every month for like twelve grand or twelve gram for the year or whatever it is like. I think that's the idea to give people like one thousand bucks a year or one thousand bucks a month, one thousand bucks a month. Yeah, maybe double that just enough that you could just get by. But you know Boylan two questions number one, of course. Would it would I take free money sure what I feel good about it? No number two: what does that money come from right? Where does it come from, because that that's the thing that I also explained my kids is that you know every time you every time the government gives a dollar to somebody. They took the dollar somebody else and it's you know it's that's the reality of it. Yeah other questions like where, like when a guy like Bernie, made off for some crazy Wall Street character when they just move some money around and make money like
how much you getting out of that. Where is that? Coming from who's whose money was that where's that go where's, that going and has it? How does it exist? Well, Bernie is a bad example right because he was stealing everyone for the best example. Well, okay, yeah I'll, give you that yeah. But again those people are from formulating companies in funding companies that are trying to grow and build and create things you know that money it moved somewhere and it ends up. You know investing in a company in building company. That's what that's! What that's? What America is trying to build things trying to make things yeah take risk? I wonder what is going to happen, though, when all these fucking robots? Well, I think a big one is the automatic driving cars and trucks, because that's a huge you know you go to vague ISS. I was thinking this one, I'm in Vegas when you go to the buffet and there's like ten billion pounds of food. None of that food. Comes from Vegas, it all gets trucked in there. So it's
One point: all those trucks can be driven by robots and that's not too far in the future at all. I think they're already doing in Australia dirty have automated trucks in Australia that are driving. You know, shipping things around. It's going to get weird. It's gonna get real weird between that and genetic engineering and all these different things that we've been talking about it just get really weird and I think again going back to the original conversation we started off with today. I think the weirder gets in the further we get away from primal sort of existence, of hunting down food and fighting against other tribes. I think the first we get away from that, the more we're going to have to reach back to it and ground ourselves to it. Well, the very least the more you're going to have to deal with whatever requirements, your body and your mind have for difficulty. I think we have required for struggle and difficulty, because I think your body is set up to. I think jet by uh, logically, we have certain expectations for difficulty and when you don't uncover those
works, encounter those expectations. I think people find like a real lack of meaning and in this lack of stress this piece and that's why we're going to have to reach back to this physicality at some point it we're not just physicality like you're saying it's mental struggle to it is trying to achieve things is trying to win its trying to be competitive. If I'm just sitting There- and I don't have a all the more I just get. You know twelve thousand bucks a month and that's enough for me to pay my food and pay my rent, I'm just gonna sit there and play video games yeah. I don't think that's the kind of exist since I would want to live in, might not even just be physical, too, I think it's just in overcoming an enduring and figuring things out, like even writing a book. I'm sure feeling, like you said, you have a new book out the way of the warrior kid yeah and I'm sure the feeling that you get when you write a book and complete completed as I did it. I got. I made the that happen- I didn't want to get through all those days. There is a lot of times. I didn't want to write, but I got through
and here it is, there's a satisfaction of accomplishing goals and of overcoming obstacles and blooms and if they don't have to be physical, I think there's mental requirements that we have as well yeah. I think when people are mentally challenged, they just start to fade yeah and if you're not looking for the physical and the mental challenges, you're gonna start to fade CNN. You got to be careful that why you write this book. Well, if It's a kids book way, the war, your kid and the reason I wrote it is because, first of all, all the things talk about right now, they're happening. Even more to kids, I mean you have kids right, ipads iphones there sucked into technology and there, nothing completely wrong with that, but if they get sucked into technology- and they don't ever come out of it, you would you got issues yeah and being a kid. If you remember a lot of people forget this being a kid is hot,
being a kid is hard and in this particular book there's a kid. His name is Mark he's in fifth grade. He these got kind of the typical issues that one slash five grader has. He can't do any pull ups, so in gym class, when they're doing pull ups he's getting made fun of he's done, those times tables which used actually no in fifth grade, but he doesn't know him so he thinks he stew. But now, He does know how to swim. Because he never learned and he's they go on the field trip to the to the lake. He does not swim so everyone's having a good time and he can't and eventually they call him out on it and finally is getting picked on by the big bully Kenny Williamson Fuckin campaign happens, Kenny Williamson. So last the book starts last day of school. Basically, all these problems come to a head he's all bummed out crying behind the library goes home. We gets home. His mom reminds him that his uncle Uncle Jake
is coming to stay with them for the summer, and Uncle Jake is a guy that was a seal in the initial and he's just got out of the seal teams and he's going to go to college in the fall, but he's going to spend the summer with his sister and with his nephew mark, and so did the Navy seal shows up uncle Jake shows up and he sees his little nephew and he said you know either actually staying in the same room and you said you were going to do tomorrow. You wanna go play some ball, you want to go for a swim and they kid says you know I don't want to play, it's not fun and- and I don't know how to swim in bodily breaks down, you know getting put on the whole nine yards and his uncle says. Ok, you can swim, you don't know your times tables. You can't do any pull ups and you're getting picked on. We can change all those things we just have to get a plan put it together and make it happen. So put some on the workout program. Teaches him study teaches him how to swim teachers in Jujitsu.
If it was only that easy and what's what's good, is it is not as hard as people think, and I think that's why the the books get a strong reaction because there's actually pragmatic methods in there on, for instance, I I went through all this stuff, not know not known timetables. I went through that with my daughter, my oldest did nor time and what she thought was she stupid. She thought I'm stupid. I don't know my times tables. Other kids know him. I don't know him and I said to her she's crying. You know this isn't whatever third or fourth grade crying. What's wrong stupid. Why do you think you're stupid? I don't know what times tables have you studied? I haven't studied Well, how do you think you're going to know if you haven't studied him? What do you mean study am boom, make flash cards an hour later. She knows her times tables it's that, and so I actually go through that method in the book. How do you how to fight you're getting picked on. How do you learn how to fight you go down to your Jiu Jitsu school? Then you start learning jujitsu and you- and I both know if you know jujitsu
in a grade school fight in six grade, you're going to win off one hundred percent of the time right. So you learn you learn that learn how to swim. How do you? How do that in his big thing, he's afraid of water? Well, why be afraid of the water? How do you overcome that fear? How do you overcome fear? You got to inoculate yourself to it. You start off waiting water. Then you dunk your head. Then you get you know, then you then you lay down and you feel the water all over your body and then eventually you step in and then eventually you start to dog, paddle and then eventually start to swim and then eventually jump off the bridge. So these are real. Things? That's how you overcome fear and that you know that one I got from my middle daughter who wanted to be in school play, but she got stage fright she would freak out every time she would have to go in front of a crowd. So I said: ok we're going to inoculate you to being in front of people first you're going to sing in front of me. You know and then you're going to sing in front of me and mom and then you're going to sign in front of me and mom, and your brothers and sisters and then you're, going to sing in front of our friend.
We're going over there going to be tenable and then you're going to sing in front of you know all All of the people that we know at a block party and then to get out and you're going to your personal and she did it and she got inoculated and I'll. Tell you right now, she's, not afraid of anything that girl and so that's the same thing that goes through in the book. Come is pure water. He can parking lights to it gets used to it and then finally, the final step is, you have to go right, you can overcome, Every part of the unknown you have to there. So always gonna be some unknown in doing something that you've never done before. And then what do you do when you prepared as much as you can and you've done all the training that you can do, then you gotta step up and you gotta go. So that's what the books about, and I wrote it so that kids can apply, these things that I learned both in the seal teams and in raising my own kids? They can apply it to their life and the reaction be great. It's been great to see all these kids reading it and all the great feedback of kids doing push but some pull ups and in training and going down the starting Jiu, Jitsu and making flash cards. It's awesome. That is awesome and then one of the cool things about being a kid is well it's
it's a struggle in that you haven't really achieved any success yet in anything, but what you don't realize is that you've got all these possibilities to get good at stuff like once you be I'm really good at something one of the real problems. Is people don't like to get out of their comfort zone to become a beginner again and it's one of the beautiful things about life is humbling yourself with something new humbling yourself and learning stuff and and kids they don't have the lesson yet? So everything is terrifying, but one they do learn it. If you could teach a kid how to get good at one thing like one of the things that led me to get good at standup comedy and all the other things that I did is that I got really good at martial arts young, so I knew ok, I sucked when I first started. I remember sucking, but I remember I kept working and I get good at it. 'cause I focused and I put time end well. If I just do that without anything else, that mean you've learned that you can make a path, you can do it, it can be done in that's that's. You know, that's kind of one of the main points, the book and when the kid finally does his ten pull.
That was his goal and uncle says you know: do you under I think this is about in this kid says you know well, it's about. I can do pull ups now. He says no. This is about everything about every thing that you want to do in life you're going to have to work, for you come up with a plan you're going to have to have the discipline to execute that plan, and when you do that you to be able to achieve what you want to achieve and that's hard work, hard work and discipline. Is what's going to get you there? Probably a lot of kids. Don't have anybody in front of him like Jocko, to tell him well, and you know what it's interesting so in this book you know Uncle Jake is the character and he actually addresses that in the end of the book does Uncle Jake leaves and the It says: hey, you know, you're I'm going to be around anymore who's, going to who's going to read me who is going to help me train? And he says you didn't need me then, and you don't need me now. You know what you need to do. You know it's going to take hard work and the other thing I did this book, which is I I played around with the idea, but his dad. The kids dad is not really present and-
and the reason I did, that is because a lot of kids these days don't have a data round, and he only thing he says about his dad. I put one line in there about his dad, which was he says my dad's gone a lot for his job and stuff that that's the only line. So you you have an idea that the kid knows his dad knows what that is out there. His work, I'm doing whatever he's doing, but there's a lot of it's out there that don't have a dad. They don't have an uncle Jake and That was another reason why but wrote the book, because kids need to see and learn. You know if you and on martial arts who told you that hey, if you work hard- and you train your going to get good at this- that if you would have done that with martial arts, you would've done it with stand up, comedy would've done it with the rest of your career. You would have said you, but gotten on the stage, the first time for for in a comedy you wouldn't have made anyone laugh you would've, walked off said I suck and gonna get the job you know down without at seven hundred and eleven or whatever you know, that's, whereas if somebody said look man, of course, you saw you just started. Of course, you suck of course
I don't know your times tables. How would you know him? You don't born with that information. Of course, you're not good at standup comedy you just did it for the first time you gotta learn how to do it. Of course, you're not good at end up fighting Thai kwando. You've never done it before. So you gotta, learn these things got to put in the work. You learn that lesson to martial arts. A lot of kids. Don't get that opportunity to give them that opportunity to learn it with this book and eve, for people that aren't kids like go. Do something you're, not good at it's really important. It's good! Just try! something pick up. A new hobby pick up a new discipline. Try learn how to play chess. Just do something you suck at and let get your mind, feel what it's like to be at the beginning stages of improvement? Again, I think it's very invigorating. Well I mean factually that's good for your brain. You know they say you're supposed to learn new languages, learn to play chess, learn to play. Guitar read new
books, you're supposed to do that stuff, your whole life to continue. That's that's. What continues to keep just like your body falls apart. Yeah, don't exercise at your mind, falls apart. If you don't exercise as well yeah. I definitely feel that if I don't do anything new for a long time, I feel stagnant. But when I start to something new, especially something that I'm not good at. So I start thinking about it a lot I started sing about it a lot I get invigorated, I get excited about going there yeah, and we saw the same thing like when our first book came out. It's a leadership. Right and everyone thinks hey. You know it's another leadership book and then, when you read it, people go, oh wait a second. This is like a new thought it's a new thought I haven't seen before, and we have these. We have these things that we do where we bring people in like it's. Usually we go out and work with the company. We go out with one company and we go out and we work with the company, but we now that there was some smaller companies or people that couldn't afford to bring us in. So we said: ok, what are we going to do about that? So we may
This thing up call the muster where we open it up to the public to come and you know come and spend two days going through all these principles and it's the same thing that you're talking about they say it's a challenge. It's new fought it's thinking about so from from a different light people that I've been in leadership positions for five years, ten years fifteen years and they go all okay. I can apply this new methodology. I haven't seen hadn't thought about before, so that can to need to grow and learn is just so important across the board. Yes tapping outside your comfort zone. This is one of the most important things for a human being, for whatever reason I mean I don't know what it is, but I know what works and that's it
yeah, that's what it is man for me. I'd like I've got a bunch of shit that I do that I suck at right now so important man. I just started running really recently like within the last couple of months. I've noticed that you've been posting about that dude I suck out and fuck I'm. So it's crazy, but you're getting a lot better. A lot quicker though man, like your endurance, jumps up quick Within a few weeks, I was able to like way pass areas I gotta get this trail it's about two point seven miles through the hills like real, steep hills and there's some that's where I was just fucking dying and now I can get through them and I can get through them and get to the top, but I'm still dying, but I'm dying less. Are you timing yourself to shoot? I'm not that I'm trying to make the times and and then you know, I started wearing a heart rate watch to to which I let my heart rate get down. Don't like when I, when I, when I have to take a break on these hill sprints I'll, get my right down to one hundred and forty and then I'll start going again. Ap
last me that too, because when you get bored when you get bored of working out and also when you reach your physical limitations right. So you reach your physical limitations on something you know like you're, going to get down to a six minute mile, let's say and then for you to take passed a six minute mile you're going to have to like stop lifting kettle bells, get all skinny. You know you to point now could be your sole focus and I know I'm guessing! You wouldn't want to do that. I know I wouldn't want to do that answer for me. I'm always jumping around from kind of a golden goal right, like maybe I'll, be doing. Corpse heavy pulls for awhile be impossible, so I was trying to get up my max pull ups and I get to a point. Okay. Now, I'm I'm not going to take every bit of focus in my life to get to. From from fifty eight pull ups to sixty two. I don't want to do that. So I'm cool with fifty two and now I'm going to start working on my deadlift or I'm going to start changing jitsu moron Can fifty two pops yay
yeah, bro yeah but, like you know, Keeping pull ups, not not not not just full dead, hang pull ups. How many full dead hang pull ups, he do it'll, probably thirty, something damned! That's a lot. Are you doing any do weighted ones at all, yeah yeah? I do. With a weight belt or do you use a vest? I have a weight belt and vest. So I have one set up in your basement. Is that when I'm looking at yeah? It's my it's my garage garage, that's my garage, which is you have it how's right? I mean it's a game. Changer I hate to say it is not everyone can make that happen. People live in cramped quarters, but man, if you can even just get pull up bar, maybe a set of rings. You can do so much and many grab yourself. One kettle bell: if you the yard, and you have a kettle bell. You could do a lot for people. Pull up bars are so gigantic. Well, not you for pull up bars the over a ceiling, not it's on me. I mean it's so gigantic, oh yeah, yeah for sure. For sure, like a you get so, and also it's so good for your shoulders just to hang out, you know, I think,
go back yeah, but if you have a pull up bar in your house, you can do pull up. You can do push ups, you can do squats, you can do you know all kinds of burpees and everything else sit ups and got work and you can pretty much get your whole body in really good rape you with that one piece of equipment, yeah yeah for sure, yeah when you set out your your workouts. Do you write him down on paper? Do you just have an idea what you want to do. I do write him down 'cause, I kind of log what I'm doing but I'll put down you know whatever going to do or whatever bunch of exercise is do when I'm walking I'm logging down what I'm, what my time or if I'm going for time or what the weights are from going for weight and I'm pretty I heard the other day, so I'm going to say it they said Arnold was an instinctual trainer. So I I do that somewhat. You know I'm not like looking at a book and I don't plan out for three weeks or a month in advance of exactly what to do that day, because that day I might go damn. I you know, I'm not feeling that type of workout and I'm I need to not do it
I'm, gonna do something else. So I use my what my body is telling me somewhat: that's not the that I go hey. I don't feel like doing anything to do today, so I'm not going to do it. 'cause, that's actually a rule that I have. If I don't feel like doing something today, I feel like. I need to rest I'll. Do something that day and put the rest off to the next day. Make yourself do it today and then, if you still need it tomorrow, you can take a rest, but you can take a rest today, not allowed interesting. Do that to yourself your own boss. So when you write your stuff out, do you have like a log book to keep like, so you could go back and track progress and you look at yourself so, like if you're going to workout tomorrow. Do you plan it out tonight nope. I know kind of what I'm going to do tomorrow tomorrow. Going to do a bunch of ring dips, I'm going to do a bunch of dips, I'm going to be doing a bunch of parallel, shops. I'm going to do it wanna burpees and probably some yeah, the so that's going around it out right now. I have a lot
this week on my knee right now, so I can't sprint like I normally would, but otherwise I do be doing some sprints in there too. Yeah jujitsu tweaks right now it was yeah yes, it was conjoint now joints man, it is in the end. But if you think about how much time you spend on the mat, if if I would win playing basketball yeah for playing soccer. I'd still get the same, only worse, yeah, probably worse. Yes, I did need some relatively injury free and this is not a bad week. It's just like Yahoo will tweak. Well, that's one thing: when I try to import on people to that like strength and conditioning training, particularly bank training, it protects the joints for sure in the back and a lot of other issues. I think that is why I have been relative knock on wood injury free because two two reasons I work at all time and I never take like any sick amount of time off. I never say I'm not going to workout are never just fall into a hand, went through months or even two weeks or even five days for me to for me to not
workout for five days. There was some kind of like something happened. I was like majorly sick or I was from I'll still get it done, but I think that that consistency, your I just as used to it and you don't you don't get hurt as often and you're, like a hardcore metal guy right like we listen to. I listen. You know I so I grew up on the EAST coast, listening to old school, hardcore, music, yeah and and you know so, metal and hardcore bands like that bad brains, CRO mags, agnostic, front, just old school hardcore bands from the from the John Joseph is a trip ahead of the Kromaggs he's a fucking trip man. I watch this documentary about him he's in his 50s tapes up ankles and ship before shows like he's warming up and stretching out does triathlons in between shows write a book
called meat is for the F hardcore vegetarian he's like a Hari, Krishna yeah. I got to do the the other guy, the guy that founded that band, the Crow MAX he's is actually but my his g to guide the bottle digits are, but he he's he's at a completely insane life as well. His name is Harley for it again and he his lifespan completely insane. Isn't it doesn't even really doesn't there's hardly there's hardy red surprise to a great picture. Maybe I actually it was interesting 'cause. I just had him on on my podcast and it the different. It was a different gas. Just for me, a different genre and people. You know, first of all, the guy. You know people listen my podcast. They expect a certain type, podcast right I'm going to talk about leadership. I want to talk about the military and all of a sudden and this guy who's been a complete maniac- and I mean he's done, you know he was drugs
you know drugs, sex, rock and roll. It's basically been his whole life and since he Like ten years old, he was playing in a punk rock band in New York City Hall. There's a shit he was when he was one thousand and ten. He was smoke where the fuck were his parents. His mom was a hippie. His dad was a roamer, never never never met his dad, and he is just he just go you up in the streets of the lower east side in New York. Did you go to New York City in the 80s at all very little. I found a tournament in New York in the 1980s and I remember driving there with some of the guys from Boston, we're driving to the city and look got it going. What in the fuck is this place in New York in the 80s is completely different than it is now it really really bad. It was filled with crime like forty second ST down in time square, and I, when I was a kid I would go there 'cause. I was into this kind of music and I wouldn't see hardcore, shows and metal shows and you get off the train, and
get out in forty second reboot. You know every two steps, drugs dust crack everything and but that's where he grew up basically without parents and then he's got just a crazy, crazy story. How old is he now he's fifty? training. So, yes, she teaches kids class at Henzel, he's the kids instructor at Enzo Gracie in New York. Wow. That's amazing! Yeah! That's cool, but it was interesting 'cause. I had him on the podcast and it who is interesting to have people that listen to it, that listen to my podcast, which is very did you know, bring in basically all kinds. You could get all kinds of such a complete wide variety of people in here my guests have been basically ward right, Ryan Stand, TIM Kennedy, Jody Medicus, canadian sniper wounded, real bad and in Afghanistan I had a guy named Colonel William reader on there, who is of a pilot in Vietnam, got shot down and got shot
down twice actually captured in Vietnam was in captivity for year and he's talking about he's in know, bamboo cage with his legs shackled and he's good way it's up in the middle of night, because the rats are eating his wounds. I mean I'm bringing on guys that are just talking about not talk about heavy subjects, but they're also talking about it from you, a very a positive perspective of life. Right I mean. Is there anyone more positive than in prying stares right guys, just like it? Like? A distant american hero right And so then I Olson out of left field, I bring on Harley, Flanagan and- and he tells his story- was really interesting to media to have people's reactions and it was a couple weather like you know, this was a real, let down free to bring him on. But if you hear his story and you listen to the whole podcast, I mean here's, a guy who, who you
hear it in his voice, like his his over some of over some of the things that he's been through his life losing his father. His father was a heroin addict and in his father, die I burned alive in a dumpster as he lit a fire to try and keep himself warm. Yes was harassed, died of buried his mom. I mean it's just it's just a tragic story, but my point is that, even though I had a very few people that, like all that was you know you shouldn't, have he swore literally, he swore a bunch on the podcast. That's inappropriate or whatever, in what was really that was kind of well, that's, let's kinda too bad to hear someone say that that they would have that viewpoint. Who's, really cool with all these other people that are very straight laced kind of middle road american people that listen to podcasts like like dude, thanks for having that guy on what a what a guy and it's good for me to know about that stuff, and it's good for
to hear someone has been through the depths of drug addiction and hell come back out. Do all right end end again. From my perspective, I think that my interaction with those kind of people when I was growing up, which I certainly had you also get a young kid going to New York and Boston, going hardcore, shows and all that it is so you see part of the world that most people don't really see, and so, when I got the military I've got, I was kinda used to dealing with people that people are used to dealing with, and I think Help me out alot. So is it a hard managing expectations? Once you don't know how many do you have like? Seventy five episodes up already yeah yeah, it's crazy! Last time you hear you at zero. I love it though you getting after it's it's a lot more to my podcast is a lot different than yours, because I'm going deep on some subject that I'm actually going to like, I have to study and prepare for and and it's not in
acting with another person, most of the time most of time, interacting with history. So it's it's harder for me to prepare now, of course, you've been preparing for this podcast for fifty years. Right I mean that's what you've you've been mentally preparing for getting your experiences, your background, but I have to like dive into stuff, and so it is hard. My my my my point is yes, it's for me to do a blood test and he can get a reader, but is it? Is it hard to manage expectations as well as get NAFTA like because one two distaff Bush like a fan base? Sometimes they have this idea in their head of what the podcast should b them like what they want out of it, and then they can press that they don't like where you're going like. I don't like that. You brought this hardly guy on this guys, not what I like. I like straight Lace- Military guys, you don't swear this guys of fuck. Ninety do jumps around on stage and the My answer to that is no and I'll. Tell you why, from beginning of
you know, when you said, and you and you and TIM Ferriss, both you guys said you should do a podcast, and I said, ok cool to this day, your podcast with TIM Ferriss, one of my all time, favorite podcast, I listen to it in my I was cooking. I was listening to my kitchen is like Jesus fucking Christ. This is a good podcast. It was intense. You know when it was. It was so deep and intense, and I was like I got it. I got to talk to this dude. I got get one design. I had known you like from peripherally scenes fights nice seeing you around and that I didn't know who you were united, know your story and tell TIM had John yeah in, and so you know TIM again
and when he, when he pressed stop on the recorder, he said you should have your own podcast and then you told me in the middle of the podcast. You should have your own podcast and obviously, when you two guys are telling me, I should have my own podcasts beta, complete idiot, not to listen to you what you did and now it's a huge success which is hilarious. I love when people listen. Everyone listen to Joe, don't listen to me about everything, be selective, dropping wrong, but as I've done it I've done. You know what I want to do an if people don't like it that that's okay! I'm okay! With someone saying hey! You know what your you know. I did. On some episodes that were horrible man, I talked about the Me Lai massacre. If you don't what that is the meal, I massacre, you know people talk about these atrocities, that Americans commit all the time and don't actually committed atrocities all the time, but we have committed some
heinous atrocities in this. One is well documented Vietnam, the Me Lai massacre. It was a company of soldiers going into a village and they raped murdered, killed around five hundred people just cold blood. I mean it, it's it's heinous, it's awful, probably the hardest, podcast that I've done, because I'm patriotic guy- and here I am talking about you- know american soldiers doing heinous axe to innocent people in in. I have done that I did do. I did a podcast about the genocide in Rwanda, which was, if you don't know anything about that two tribes. It's very hard for Americans understand this. The difference between these two tribes is nothing it's just to rides. They speak the same language. They have the same. They look the same. They have the religion which, by the way, the religion was Catholicism. 'cause they've been like converted to Catholicism. Well, they went on
rampage and the Hutus, which is one tribe, murdered. Eight hundred thousand tutsis in one hundred days with machetes machetes, so I covered these dark in horrible things on my podcast and I I don't even know re one hundred percent. Why other than this thought? In the back of my mind, the I've always had, which is that you have to kind of understand the darkness of the world in order to appreciate the good in the and that's why I was really interesting to hear you talking to Jordan Peterson because he covered the part. You know he was saying look, man is got a dark side and you won't become a good person unless you understand your dark side and- and it's interesting for me, because Jordan Peterson is clearly a highly intellectual and academic guy and I'm not right I'm,
I'm a great. I joined the military after high school in yet So many things he says when he says them. I say: oh yeah. Well, that's the same thing I stumbled upon. He came across that reading, the for the french philosopher or whatever that's when he comes in. I came across in life and so it's very interesting. To me when I hear him say: look, there's darkness world and evil in the world, and we have to face that and as soon as I heard him saying that on the podcast I'm like well, that's that's what I think and I can't give the philosophical basis for it like he can. But I can tell you I've lived through and I can tell you that if you understand the fact that there is darkness in the world and that people human beings are capable of evil things. If I understand that I can understand the the the first way not understand what you need to look out for the world and what we need to beware of as a society and as a race of humans, but also
I appreciate things in the world that are beautiful and good and positive. So with the podcast, I'm not doing it to make people happy, I'm not doing it. To make people, listen, I'm not even doing it to make people. Listen, I'm doing it. It's things that I've lived through its things that I want to understand better and I'm going to keep doing what I'm doing and if people like it, then that's awesome. If people don't want to listen to it, that's cool too well, at least my personal experience, listening to guys, like Jordan, Peterson or listening to yourself for listening to anybody, talk about really deep important subjects either. If you know what they're saying to be true, it reinforces it in your own mind and maybe even opens up new doors of comprehension. Jordan certainly did that with me. I was listen to him talk. He was saying some things like you know like like to talk.
Dragons and dragons have goal those like cruel Jesus Christ like he was. He was hitting some notes about human, Psychology and the reason why we behave in certain ways and the pitfalls of the certain types of behavior that I absolutely. No, he was right, but maybe I'd even thought about them before, but seeing them reinforced so eloquently and seen a espresso articulately it it really like it. It's parked in in my mind, yeah and even know he was talking about, being a warrior right and how these guys in modern times we don't. We don't spend time being a warrior. If you and I were living five hundred years ago, you and I would both be battle scarred and we would used to that lifestyle. People aren't used, that lifestyle, now they've kind of forgotten what that feels like, and so that was my life I mean that was my life was to prepare for war and go fight war. That was my whole life and so for me to
look back on it now and here Jordan Peterson. To say, like that's normal, that's, okay, that's expected! and it makes me say: okay, I own stand now where you know kind of part of. I understand myself better when I him say: oh yeah. This is this normal for guys to go out and fight force. This is the warrior mentality and you come back and you tell the truth about it. People will react That deposit positive way. What you said about the years look: you're, not you're, not some. Academic sitting there. Reading a book and talking about what you're reading the book you like. No, I lived, I'm a fighter. I fight I've been, the stuff. I do physical challenges. That's why people or are listening to what you're saying you know, because you have that warrior mentality in your life. Well, I think the guys Jordan Peterson. I think that anybody that can tap into those truths that we know you know I tell
Don't think we hear them enough. I think we're inundated with so much stupid shit everyday. It's so hard to get to any, like real, substantial truths. That will positively affect your both your outcome and you your outlook on life, and I think guys, like you guys, like TIM Ferriss, putting out all these amazing podcast, Jordan Peterson all these people can express things to someone like this pie. Cast literally is changed. My life, I mean it's changed, my thinking. It's a I'm a did a totally different person than I was when I first started this podcast, because to in all these interesting and fascinating people and wise people. It's in like having some crazy crash course in a in different disciplines and a bunch of different conversation, seeing the pitfalls of some people is thinking and being around people where you see holes in in their their way. They express and
shelves were the way they process information. You made. We recognize, though, the holes in my own processing and the way I used to communicate with people, I'm just I'm a better, a better conversationalist. Now it all comes just having these intense conversations. This this whole podcast thing is something that I never expected in life. I never expected going to come along when it came along. I never expected it would be something that I would do and I never expected it would be. So and I consume as much as I do. I don't even have radio anymore my car, I listen to music. If I listen to music, it's my music that I get I get off I tunes or it's something that someone like a new band that someone tells me returns turns turns me on too, but I don't know anybody like I in the satellite radio I don't listen to local radio. I listen to podcasts constantly quarter percent and there's
something that is that I I know he I even I experts so so I'd what I'm seventy five podcasts deep. It's been going for a year and some change, but when people come up to me now the look me in the eyes and they shake my hand and they know me, they know you and I can now know them to like they have these shared experiences with me- and I talked about this on that on that podcast about Rwanda. They talk about the fact that the first thing they do in a revolution in a coup. Is they want control of the radio and there's this peace piece in there where he says they're, talking about the fact that, with with tv, you have to take what the image on the screen in your mind your eyes process it, and then it goes into your brain with reading you those words in a going through your eyes and the processes is many goes into your brain, but with audio
there's no filter. The words are going directly into your brain of their filtered, and and so it's that's, I think, podcast audio format is so powerful because the people that are listening to this right now they're sitting in the room with us they're here with us, and when I'm recording my podcast, I'm actually talking to them and there there and when I go out and I meet people, you can abs we feel like hey and the little inside jokes, because even though my my mom talk about how dark and evil my podcast is, but what we we have a good time to. We have episodes are funny and we talk about regulars. We talk about. You do too, and food and everything else working out and we we we have fun to and all those little inside jokes people will say the inside jokes to me that I never met this person before, but but he knows exactly what I'm talking about and and so it's a very, very powerful medium that I think got skipped over and
you know. We went from radio just completely absorbed into tv and then absorbed into the internet, and now, all of a sudden, we got to this other side where we're back to this thing that there's some reason why people used to sit around that radio and listen to those radio shows back in the day. Even I did you know when as a kid, for whatever reason I like radio shows in listen to doctor doom, then to now begin to show with Doctor Demento, I would sit there and listen to doctor Demento and they have those little radio shows in those skits, and that was a pow full medium and I knew back then so for me, like you, you know as soon as as soon as you and TIM were saying you should do your own podcast. I was absolutely I'm going to do this and I every you know. My goal is that when people press play on my podcast, I want them to like be putting in headphones on and like stretching their neck, a little bit pressing play and then and then just going okay, this this is, I want them to get absorbed. That's what that's what my goal is. It is also nothing else like it in terms of like that, you can have
don't have one guy. You work with right, ECHO, Charles as join him, so it's you and him and that's it like. Here's does not like a whole team. If you had the audience that you have, I know that you guys are shit time in downloads now, so that kind of audience, if you are on a radio, show you'd have a successful radio show so you'd be studio somewhere. You have a network behind. You have to have production meetings, you'd have to have a bunch of people, they would tell you what the hell I was gonna say: I'd have people telling me what I could couldn't say people tell me to stop. You advertisement right now and will know, and that's the beautiful thing about it, and you know I know we're leaving money on the table because, right now, all these advertisers that come to us. And they say. Can you talk about this and can you talk about that? Can you and they want to pass money, not just like? No we're not doing it. We have We have on it because your your boys, your company and you, help me beginning so and good products, but that's it. That's all! That's the only advertisements we have do anybody else, and
so there's no one that can tell me what to do. Yeah, there's a lot to that beautiful face. It is a lot to that. There's a lot to, and also not interrupting your podcasts giant yeah, not ever never breaking up that thought now just keeping that thing going to the answer. Thank you very much see you guys next week you know home and I just think that you people get locked up in this is like sort of like almost like a trance of the way, you're thinking they're there in Jocko's, mind you're, talking and they're thinking how you're thinking they're like allowing themselves to be taken on this journey, whether in their car, whether at the gym they are absorbed in your thoughts in a very unique way, because the fact is not a whole lot of people contributing and then entering into the picture. You know producers and network executives and advertising agencies and look we've looked at the staff, It's in general. You've got to talk more about this, and you know means mean you get lost in analytics and never find your true voice, but podcast it's on. Entirely your true it's so it
I want to, I don't say: low tax, not low tech, but it slow there's a a small amount of voices. You know in terms of like each individual podcast is your voice and it may be like mine, it's mine in the gas and whoever else comes in. That's it. There's not a lot of other intrusion and that's where you mean the single: Visions is what makes something it's like there's a reason why Netflix does so well and the reason why a lot of these HBO shows does well is because they leave those working people alone. They just go, make a make US game of thrones will be back here, go ahead and we did you make comedy special? You know I did my last comedy special with Netflix. They zero notes for me: zero I've never done a God, damn thing where they didn't say you can't talk about this. You can't put that bit in the only thing of we're done what they said. We love it. That's it yeah, it don't have gas. Okay, there is literally that was it. I love that joke you gonna! Do that one I'll, do it yeah? I. I actually told that to my publisher about
My publisher was like. I was like you know. What the best thing about my podcast is is that I can do whatever I want to do. I can do whatever I want to do and that's what makes it it's simply very, very liberating. There's no confirming you write, write a book. You know someone's going to edit that things are going to change this and they're going to adjust that they want the cover to look like this. The podcast is, it is just you and you know, even the first, my first podcast came out and you my wife, listen, listen to it and she is stoked because one was last time that you sat down and talked just talk to your wife for two and slash two hours right, yeah. It doesn't happen it doesn't. My wife was like a was awesome like she got to know me better than they do it for twenty years. She got to know me better because she to sit and listen to me talk for two one slash two hours and now she she's listening every single one of 'em and cheese. She knows she actually knows me better than she did before the
Comcast started because I got a wife and four kids and jobs in a border can travel and all that she don't have time to sit there and talk to my wife for for two one slash two hours: hey, maybe I'm a bad person, but that's just the reality of life Well, you know what honestly, when do you ever get a chance to sit like this across from someone and talk to them for three hours without checking your phone without anybody coming into the room with anybody interrupting you with something you have to do or some place you have to be, it's very odd. In it's that's one thing that I say one of the reasons why I say that it changed. My life is because it edge He me on other people's thought processes in a way that you just don't. Get one on one dialogue with people in the room yeah and if you think about it, you know, as we talk about going back, he's primal things there's, but there's a primal thing about com having human conversation, and, if you think about where technology is going, we don't have snow. Much human conversation. So you're, one hundred percent right not only might not have in two one slash two hour conversations with my wife: I'm not
in two one, slash two an hour conversations with anybody. Anybody until I come up here and sit down with you until I go into my podcast you and I sit down, and I have a two hour our conversation with you, one million people that are going to sit there and listen and they're going to give me feedback on twitter and they're, going to tell me this and they're going to tell me their story and it's very it we're filling a hole. I think it's a whole Inca unification right now, because you know we text each other, You only text, each other yeah. I text are text echo. I text everybody text. My wife, you think you know I've ever had a conversation on the phone. No, no! That's the word world we're living in people just text, just weird texted, we're good we're like legit things. Hey, I gotta! Send you something up here. My address home. It's just like just like. Just the way it is, and it's totally acceptable, but there's something missing and if we can't you know the next level, there's like we're going to roll. You know what I mean like that's the next thing. Is you train together, but there's there's
gap in human contact right now, but in having conversations- and I'm just in this right now that this the whole nature of Podcasting Phil is that hole? And if you look get the podcasts that do well, it's podcast that all conversationalist, unless you go with the podcast, that's highly produced and they got you know: 'cause Radiolab, yeah, all those ones that are highly produced in even the ones that are produced by you, know NPR. So they have a real money behind them and they're up there a different thing, but for normal dudes that are just sitting around and talking those are popular podcast. That's why ten SAM Harris, those guys are sitting around and talking and explaining stuff, because that doesn't exist anymore in the in the day to day life a lot of people, you know what else doesn't exist in a day to day life place where it's ok to be a man. It's actually ok to be amended, so could have man. Thoughts like everybody is so so, phone down and neutered, it's like
human resources and corporate life is water down peoples, natural behavior, to the point where people which is dying on the inside sitting in these fucking cubicles rotting, just freaking the fuck out. Having all these thoughts, they can entertain having to pretend to be someone there are. They are not all day long putting on this bullshit way of talking this fake way of thinking everybody's got to subscribe to whatever ridiculous policies the company wants to enforce and you're just robot, and you get out of there and you just want to scream yeah or you want to listen to some guys talk about some real she's, real shit, yeah and then go fuck. How come? I can't talk about real shit now, as another reason why they wrote the kids book, because the kids book instead of you know it about hey, if someone's picking on you go and tell the teacher, it's like no, Actually, if somebody's picking on you learn to defend yourself and kick their ass, if needed, that's that that hasn't been said. That's another reason. I wrote the book. I went
told this story before, but I went and got some book for my kid when he was little, my one son and three daughters and went got from is it was like a pirate book right and I'm thinking cool pirates are going to. Burn, stuff, takeover villages, steal things. This will be awesome and I read the book and it's just complete. These guys are complete. Thetic their pathetic they're, not fake pirate. This fate by there not manly pirates right- and I just was so embarrassed the book. I don't know some- I don't even reject absolutely. I threw it away fire book and damn it if you can't learn from a pirate that you gotta go out in like crush something. Sometimes they. We got just check ourselves, 'cause guess what life is that's what life is a that's another thing that we shield kids from these days. Life is hard. You die, get a trophy. You don't get it! There's no such thing as a trophy for participation. That's fake! It's a lie doesn't exist. You
can't learn your times tables, guess what you need to work and study. You don't get put into a special class and get a tutor, and maybe you get eight. You got some special help to get. No, you need to work and make that happen. You don't know Don't know how to swim. Guess what that doesn't mean you stay away from the water note. You learn how to swim. You step up. You man up that's what you do so that's another reason why I wrote the book so that people can actually our kids can learn that life is hard in order to deal with life. You got to be hard yeah. And this idea that life is hard, something you supposed to shield from them? It's so silly, and you know This conversation with my friends because uh everybody that I know that's interesting. How to fucked up life, but but now we have kids in the last thing, we want our kids to have a fucked up life, so we put our kids in the good schools. We live in these nice neighborhoods everybody eats lt and there's no fucking domestic violence and everybody seems so different than all of our lives and we were taught
in about it mean Bryan Callen, we're actually talking about it like we all had fucked up childhoods and everybody we know had fucked up childhoods and they're all interesting, but I don't my kids to be boring, but I also want them to be safe. So it's like how do you? How do you approach that mean? I think you get him all this. What chosen, do is get my kids involved in martial arts and and give them. Opportunity, pursued difficult things and understanding that, through pursuing these difficult things like in accomplishing stuff, like you look and something about yourself. You learn that you have this ability inside of you to overcome. I've got this stay, meant that I made on my podcast about kids, and I said if you're helping your kids you're hurting them. It any if you think about it right in is that the the example I gave us like time, your kids, you, if you tie your kids, you you're you're, actually taking anyway, the opportunity in their life to develop their fine motor skills of time issue. Your axe we've taken that away from there and it's the same with everything. Make your own sandwich, make your own bed
add clean your own room. You need to do this stuff for yourself and when I'm helping you I'm hurting you, so I think we can. I think we can protect them without just completely coddling them and making sure that every issue never could present itself to them has been illuminated. Yeah 'cause, you're gonna end up with some weak kids yeah, and if those kids have to compete with some kid is how to take care of himself their whole life that kids get the ferocious yep, hey, you're gonna have a feral kid can answer a little soft line, kid yeah! That's why some of those competitive sports are are so important. You know whether it's an more soar to great wrestling's great digits through, but you know football basketball, anything the thing that puts you in those challenging positions where you're going to have to step up you're going to get ground out and like my one of my daughter's wrestles and yeah, then she is. You know this is the same one that got stage fright and to
see her step up and you know we live a pretty good life right minutes mean we live in southern California. We live in a nice house, it's it's it's it's right! It's a very comfortable situation. Some of the hardest times that she's been put through is on the wrestling mat and having to step up against some guy. All that, like the exact girl you're talking about some girl from the Barrio in San Diego, that's a tough ass girl. That's been through the ringer and has domestic violence going on in her house and her one escape from all that is to come out wrestle against some other girl and beat her down. So my daughter has to step open. Do that and it's a new readable thing: it's it's incredibly powerful and empowering even I watch sure change. You know when would be intimidated by in those situations to wear now. She's like bring it bring. It got something for you. That's all man. We were almost three hours in here. So anything else he got a hold this year is the only guys ever showed up. I think with this many note
yeah well. So what I want to do is now if we can spend the next four hours going through my notes, we had, we had all kinds of stuff. I was driving up here, taking notes on a on the Jordan Peterson POT So everyone should listen to great great podcast to listen to and there's so many points of the covers in there. That are really profound and I think important. Worked today, but he's dealing with a very unusual situation where those coddled softap kids are now in universities and they're, trying to run the show with these ridiculous programs of inclusion and diversity and forcing their mindset down, everybody else is throat. It's really fascinated. Yeah, it's fascinating and disturbing to see all that happening, and it's really yeah It's actually disturbing to see that happening and see kids be focused on such important things in the world and they end focusing on something that is borderline in many
this is borderline. You know, let's, let's move toward the real goal, there's diseases to cure, and you know things to do in the world. Well, you know, I think everybody agrees that racism is bad in. Homophobia is bad, but that's not exactly what you're dealing with here, where you deal with his people, trying to control the way other people behave and talk and think it might not even be in response to any actual real like negative things: it happened like they're, trying they're trying to create negative things to battle that might not even be. There is just a lot of weirdness today in this world and I think that to bring it back full circle. A lot of this comes from a lack of true struggle. Like do you think that these kids growing up in Russia that are doing backflips off of the top of buildings? Are they
dealing with the same, like you know, diversity, lectures and classes that they have to, and then I think, there's an there's, an intrinsic part of human beings that wants to be part of a tribe of some kind and once defend their tribe and when you you grow up in a place where there's no real try. But then you look for one to latch onto and these people over here they have a cause and they've got a tribe, and you can be part of that tribe and you could be, and then you can lash out at the bad guys and I think that happens a lot and I think it's it's unfortunately unfortunate because it really crushes individuality, which is what I you know, that's my kind of my premier base. You know, thoughts are, are individual freedom, be an individual think for yourself for you, yeah, there's a lot of like comfort in those groups that these people belong to, where it's! You know any kind of group, whether it's a hardcore right wing group or a hardcore left wing group you get in, you kind of know what the rules are and you play by
those rules, and then you surround yourself with a bunch of like minded people in an echo chamber who also support the fact that these Rules are the rules and we have to get these out there and, like. I think we just get the established. There's a bunch of shit. You shouldn't: do don't steal from people? Don't rape! Anybody, don't you know don't shoot anybody like figure out a way we can harmoniously get along together without fucking with each other, so and then just let everybody be whatever they are. If you're gay you're gay, if you like, listening to fucking, classical music and and running naked, the streets. I don't care who the me just. Don't you know? Don't cause trouble? Don't you know? And again that's just your talk about individual freedom, yeah. What I'm you know which, which is what I like individual freedom to, which one do hard for in secure people to allow that to happen, because, indeed in secure people when they see the individual freedom, that's contrary to what their own personal behavior is like. They have to question themselves and challenge themselves. They decided that person is wrong and the
People are wrong and I'm right and this needs to be established and we need to fight and we need, you know, go out and much nazis or whatever the fuck. They think they're supposed to be doing and just gets real, weird man, it's weird when that becomes your whole life and I'm sure you get this, I get it a lot, which is people on social media that one need to weigh in on this thing or they want me to weigh in on this side or their attack. Because of this or attacking because of that not so much attack. But people want me to weigh in on things all the time and its thing, but I just say man this isn't affecting me. And not only that my comments aren't going to move this forward. And finally, I don't care about that thing. I understand that you're obsessed with it, but I'm not I know I'm not obsessed with this thing that you're obsessed with, So I don't even care that you're obsessed with at school and when people ask me that is going, hey sounds good. You know sound. Go! Keep keep keep
what you're doing sounds great. Not not my thing move on people get access with things that they won't even be obsessed with a few years later, like hey man, I got obsessed that thing that you were obsessed with, and now I'm like you Nominum obsessed about that anymore. I'm honest. Some new shit go, get obsessed with kettle bells in Jujitsu, start that out get obsessed with life. Improvement, find things that you enjoy doing their difficult. Do them and get better item seems so simplistic. It seems like a Riddick. This idealistic point of view, but its affective, you will be happier and you will be more positive influence on everyone around you yeah for sure be nice to people not so hard. Jocko Willink, ladies and gentlemen, tell everybody how they can get your podcasts podcast Jocko. Podcast is the name of the podcast it's available everywhere new book he's called way of the warrior kid old book is called the extreme ownership you can get those everywhere. They sell books, the muster, which is a leadership event in all
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