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2017-05-26 | 🔗
Tom Papa is a comedian, actor, writer and television/radio host. His latest special "Human Mule" is available on HULU now, and you can also listen to his podcast "Come To Papa" available on iTunes & Stitcher.
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oh hey everybody i what the fuck is up i agree on the hind i got a bunch of tor dates coming up a bunch of i'm headed all over the place i'm calling it my strange times two thousand seventeen tour for lack of a better name but i added a second show most places edmonton this to show their ball sold out at us i can show to san francisco we added a second denver second showed it to our second show to atlanta second showed a san diego second showed a sea at all i made it all road it all down the seattle san francisco sacramento dc any joe rugen dot net forts last tour come on you you folks
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that is what my favorite people to have on this podcast he's a great conversationalist is larry hilarious he's a wonderful per since he makes incredible bread he's fine drastic stanhope comedian a campaign of great things about em give it up for mister tom pop experience in the great tom papa will be at the jersey shore this weekend get digs down with flip flop talking about us it's you know anybody ever scored fundamental detector now i mean scored like found like something about have worked out buckler some should never never i use i had one when i was a kid i used to go to the trees he sure it was orange and i would get gdp
and i know there are no air no earphones everything out walk out on the beach with it never found it what's the earphones did they tell you like when the frequency is different does i didn't mean it immediately and sound yeah just go just so it's just like the frequency of the beeps yeah it's like hot hotter hotter hotter and hotter learning i hear their those things work i've never looked into meddled sectors now but you know like if you too that too like the apples jeanne trail or like you know where the civil war went down that kind of stuff like that you'd find stuff i guess two year guarantee you see what is the most sophisticated current set this up a couple weeks ago they peeped out
fourth the viking gold or whose laugh and now it's two million pounds for design or millions twenty bucks is at four million as a double italy's where this one and a half to two times jesus christ viking treasure hoard what does he got enough photo oh that's his metal detector junk email georgia tools they saw doctype gathered share is that he's been using a long time and this dude found millions of dollars and viking fines that's pretty great i found nothing sound like a bottle cap and it is exciting when you hear its activity dated let another shitty found that these can ring that's cool that's like the habit ring why tensions gold ring all my god they call it ring was eight year term century that's pretty great war that you just gonna walk in the right place
as i am of the jersey shore you know enemy there wasn't my dad lives in florida the treasure coastal call it which is the logic mid atlantic hermit halfway up non florida like every time is hurricanes two people are always on the beach looking for staff costs shook my yes a treasure chest star trek rex likened the bermuda try soil the pirate treasure gets waked up onto the beach do something about finding that the like if you zoom in you saw ring from them century but the end century whatever it is you you'd private why that's incredible that's right that's a but if you fucking founded in the dirt you picked it up in it maybe likely i mean is that there is at least a possibility the last person it touched it was the person who died there huge huge fast will it i mean that's an evidence how great with them feeling would have been amazing failure muscle eurofighter fossil when you were a kid walkin around really phelan arrowhead though that has generated point you
excited yes without in nevada bow hunting i found a narrow had wound i lost it ah that's terrible figure actually supposed to leave them they're so it's probably karma but unlike lee oh this is a trade i was gonna find it is stupid i give you a me to bring it to me here or something that's one thing right but you said just leave it there for someone else had become take no one's gonna let there there is the story wire brother in law who uses metal detector and his his friend married couple having newly married when hiking immigrant t times and you to ring she s engagement ring and he was going out there like that in a month from them went out and he took his mail does actually any hiked along the same trail and he comes back two new jersey and its bodies in the bar any two sits down next to him at the barn touches the ring on them
bar holy shit found it lee shagging yeah why what are the odds yoke of the steps she could have taken the other places she could have guy mean they probably told her what trail that you know they took her whatever just tell the whole trail actually someone telling you i lost my wedding ring on history somewhere i find it a fucking talk you re on the great move is not calling in saying holy shit i found it does the showing up your local bar adjusting is pretty gangster yeah it's pretty bad it is like the state of the art consumer model metal that may we shall metal torture do come on here and talk to me about what they do that would be cool because i guess it's be exciting rain especially like places like the beach were stuff washes up yeah she afterwards animals when you do it you must rightly unless i have a certain body odor to job like us mildew battery sort of
sour milky smell a glowing am the garret is supposed be the shit look out that pretty high it goes on your more right that weight so for three hundred forty bucks you could find for another your two million pounds worth a viking stuff like that thing escape is the best one if there's like some certainty having a lack of or the tax model who was abroad little camera waterproof lover since i went pro comes a lot of stuff changes seven sixty four trieste christ oh you impressed our programme you know after the viking gold thing rivalry sandblast so totally totally but was the meaning of sponsor yeah pro make money for fighting share river make an underwater well that's deep they pretty bad ass you know at though
not all that bad ass the something about there's something corny but you you got a bad ones it's like me i definitely you like it's in the fanny pack rome i endorse police like what what are you doing exactly where you given up adjustments seventy nine nine dollars a thousand thousand eight thousand go diego go nugget metal detector a mine lab i will actually see go up into the in california with all the gold mines were baby yeah that's a move right mia so how does fuckin thing work does our different only picks up go and set it on gold and the other one have liked on the top of the meter has specific for like gold iron like oh like gives differ readings and indistinct caught a pinpoint her whenever that
i'm only interesting go see the i guarantee you this is one of those things that there's a fuckin rabbit hole and you start with this and next sitting and now you're getting the minor magazine you subscribe to these websites where people go on these these metal detective he's your wife comes in here dan and you have a minors helmet we lay down it aren't you come in a bed a man in honey for real at what it's when you find out about a treasure somewhere you go but i can find it oh yeah that's already had a fine bravura seen those documentaries on those guys that are professional shipwreck hunters now dude is theirs real crazy money in real and if they know where a vip ship went down or roman ship went down they know where this they're pretty sure there's some gold has been set several times a day let's find out actually what the biggest bounty was lot let's take a guess we gotta figure the tick
college he's probably just improved right unlike last thirty years yeah right has made such a jump so why it's probably a good time people have probably trying the search but couldn't go down do deep or will there really good at it now in other did but it's also the ocean is fuckin huge so find something somebody else funding it without you tell about it and without some leaking some information so it's really touch and go awry and these guys invest a shit load a money so they have the divers who are these well that are usually the people that are knowledgeable but they don't really have the funds and that means a in that guy funds it its squirrels like who gets the money much the again and his brothers ike hope dealer right someone's gonna gun someone's gotta girlfriends too tat the hebrides super confusing she's really friendly i should think so nice to me if you want to fuck this can be murder suicide zaga to go down
i was his wine and these these guys had found i want to say was more than a hundred million dollars in gold oh my god they found at the bottom of the ocean by might be make him at once but you know it s one of the really good one i found their operations have to be really good at the most the discovery of the san jose shipwreck colombia and on fifteen how much ok guess really high thriller don't say that done that do these hello san jose i was gonna say two point four billion dollars a lot i'm gonna say one point eight billion i never would have said by the way you didn't say ok one point eight ok what i say to point something to say ten billion what's jesus christ governor the san jose shipwreck has
all the elements of a great drama international political intrigue a treasure of golden emeralds worth up to seventeen billion and now accusations of lie as one always projects about emeralds and one forgets about emeralds i sleep an emerald sleep out of all the time i never take seriously killing going i may know it is likely that yo ligament emeralds at us not even the best rocky can get and weird emeralds why emeralds and their own for women that just shiny everything other than diamonds are produced in diamonds are really for deeds them after do that they are doing now their offer women mostly but a guy can where some diamonds like wrappers word diamonds it looks fly the abbot it sparkly girls like sparkled at the robbers can't we're rubies openness ruby chiujio check out my ruby right am i read up they can someone's when ruby lie you lolomai rubio course there what about em
can they were emeralds abet conor macgregor where the fuck us an emerald isle man being irish and share just a big and it was the sash and how will it go again chess player emeralds i look at my emeralds and of your wherein turquoise and you're not native american i got questions yeah right if you really look at her voice and silver here slowdown buddy really from new mexico show me your artwork show me the here really kick it ass though some indian our work because it is generally the guy on the horse i know you haven't you fuck where we see the dream catches asylum battery cage here my man whether turquoise bracelet whereas we have called the silver man it when i was in school it was out in new jersey near riah high school and when i first getting
two girls that's why i would go to my jewelry to give to mike i remember being there like wonder when effect where some of this myself aware is the silver ma am i wrong but there was a movie there was a great wrestling movie called vision quest with matthew mode dean and his friend on the shows his native american kid turn out not really be native american turn out that was like his big hustle in the movie is that he was telling me what his native american talkin about you gonna vision questions here a journey and others too because more to realise that what it was our member but remember that no move back to the idea that do turn out not really be native american ours is bullshit well bad on new matthew voting for thinking that was quick and pay loose native american little about it looks more like culture club nigh looks like an indian man come on that's the guy from sixteen candles
same guy yeah the guy is really monitoring while the really loved wheeling the member that one you know too much about those movie i think that is the eighties i want to say i want to do that guy because he was like the cool guy varies so cool it and hang out the cool people molly ringwald found level that is the movie that wrestlers watch for supervision quest vision quest that is the movie here is that is an amazing move is a really good and we're having stocks today i'll go back and watch it today it's probably like altered states allow synthesizer have recommended altered states to people when i went back and wash it myself i had come back on the egg ok reality i lay there d be able as our robbed you of an hour and a half your life it's i remember thinking it was cool it wasn't the day demeanor was really go it was really cool when the movie came out i loved yan vizors different now unless you see like the godfather the godfather
one hundred percent holds up totally oil is gaining the shining one hundred percent holds a hundred percent hunter percent caddy shack oh yeah caddy shock is fantastic bending his blues brothers back to school there come on so planes that maybe i'll just states wasn't it great while it was different and there was a got by a lot on the different it was intriguing story the whole thing was crate you have his brilliant doctor in this beautiful girlfriend is was also wishes scientists to think and remember and so he takes this size shap somatic drug and it changes emmy morphs back into a monkey any breaks in the zoo and kills thing right that's right or member state right he was in love with my blood face yea killed someone in the zoo right the movie was based not really but based or i should inspire by a guy named john lily who made the
isolation tank there was in isolation tank in it that's actually how i found out about this movie i mean in the movie he actually go through several generations of lilies isolation tanks and sort of enormous ughi starts out floating what they are the head gear on words like a scoop attack how it on right at the beginning of the moving in the end the movie he's lying down see that's really did at the beginning in the beginning little had it set up where there was literally like a tube connected to his asshole so he could shit and piss into the water and it would be filtered out we never had to leave the water well that would be good for us trips where he would lily would do it with ketamine who would shoot up ketamine which is like a cat tranquilizer i'm not really closet approaches that looks clusterfuck it's not know now i may add on that one of never done that one the one of his later in the movie as his character of
of and as the plot of olives later in the mood he has a more modern version that isolation tank words like lang flat and then i ever mention that he like figured out a way version or inside that they just kind of put it in their rise pretty fascinating is pretty so i really was into it you see that did that hop one ok i guess the top one is the tube is concerned top of that but there is another one we lay flat what's the actors name again thanks we him hurt lame her he was cool about modifying member him and broadcast news yes you so good he's been a bunch of great movies yeah he just came back recently in something i forget what it was but that lily guy who may that tank yet was of a like a legitimate brilliant scientists who would take all kinds of shit oh yeah he would experimental taught use that he was of pioneer and intercity she's communication research with dolphins rarely have vienna fever her the story but the woman
was doing the research was living with a young male dolphin and she lived in this place that was like waste high in water but so she would walk through the water to get door furniture to get to where she would cook dolphin lived with her and swam around with their way later you'd be like up to her waist like the aim always them and she had come up to a platform a cook or simply add some set up where she lived with his dolphin while they all they lived in this tank ever heard of it is crazy and when she did it she was what they were working on these ideas that they had to try to get dolphins to recreate human words like but the dolphins if they're in it as intelligent as we are right which they might be yells they don't have the ability to make the sounds that we make the they have like didn't have lived there figure out tongue there they have a weird way of making noises yeah so they they would say she the dolphin came super close saying hello ro i am really close to its car where when you hear it too there was a man
we done where they were talking to the dolphins i guess i ll show you pull out possible yet that jamie louse do you movie yes this why they cancelled it this is he says a woman in a water proved house in nineteen sixty four women live in a waterproof south with with a dolphin called peter try to teach me motion at a sexual relationship with my sword of she would jerk off get super horny and that's all you would want to do is fuck he was confusing and it was interfering with the research whereas she didn't think there is anything wrong with jerk off his dolphin i don't either look there's nothing wrong with it hey it's like they lived together what why we so weird about sexual pleasure like what the fuck is that man we're so weird it is aware it's very complicated it's the driving force of all of us and you know it's it's been it and twisted and it's pure and it's nice and it's so weird thing right but
you have friend like i had a friend whose to jerk off his door with his foot for it doesn't have that friend he gave you that i got real energy touch we fully as am i suck on what are you doing us use is fuckin doors dogs horny so put my foot ass dick rub it back and forth and came all over stomach i was seriously he fell better and i go you know what i think it's me i don't think it's you think it's me it's me with a stupid problem in my head about the dog like that you how come you couldn't scratch behind the dogs years where he can reach and that's ok let me get rub his dick it have you ever she dogs dig accidentally when you revenues belly my dog has of vagina ok and i ve never touched it now never sadly no well now i don't think so touched my dog stick a hundred times nearly five months all worth its fly and all over the place minds only nine months old and she's
that right now actually i got it i got a call i left him it could have been a snake it has been a snake did looking swallow yes he's looking puffins laura season is happening the time you have a lab black every possible she a bit my dies been bit nine times really here my mother did two dogs that had been better dead now but they are day one dog bit and i took him to the vat anyhow i knew you got bit swell up yet right i too the vat he was so excited because he'd kill the rattlesnake was all fired up don't you know he had killed arousing oh yeah you that georgia is a disaster once you gotta once it better means like fuck you tore this thing apart a nice does frank sinatra those my dog named frank what about that's awesome but he
wasn't swollen when abroad to that and when i got home you start swelling up has like half hour later starts wound up and then it gets like to these cartoonish proportions have their faces hanging off no it's she was just and little weird this morning really yards like me know maybe someone got into the back yard i but she all her i was little puffy and i said smiling to look at her eyes she local aware as i am anxious avenue reaction so you brought into the vat on my way here and there to write in their like getting you got here early em they're gonna work silently ones up we're trying to figure we can i get sick remaining raccoon feces area that i would not imagine be good for you i know its work as we have trained here that was likes you not eating that as you know is that a big deal i mean she eats everything nights ago yeah i'm like is that the only thing i can think of because i couldn't
well there's deftly gotta be something in that mean raccoons after parasites their wild animals yeah it's gotta have like some weird their wild animals to the animals so soon as an animal's eating other animals that's when she gets weird right now if a wild animal like you could eat a deer raw ray no problem at all real problem as animals and animals because the dear doesn't need animal rights zero dear could get a parasite endears i've gone worms before further people than line diseases what no no no that's just the ticks cause severe inflammatory reactions well it's not really a specific groundwork severe inflammatory maybe who migrate other organs including the brain allergies why i've had darkened and warm for there were coming out of their but did they poop and as good walking away you would see worms literally crown either by their
and you're like section of whacked you off when we have the shares this view that when we put out to get up we hear so much our relationships like about how my dogs have worms yes the one of their number one things yet to do your dog at it d worm dear i now off are so often just eat shit they eat everything everything my dog ate a magnet others magnets we stack magnet its play with them poses dragging sick ass heavy maria i found it in his shit i'm surprised came out yet came can ride out i dogs intense rag dismayed at a barbed wire things is co rights has set its cast a shadow over some a meadow rural escape to the shared justice rolling and the thing that exist on ever in terms of eu wanting eating zone shit is new
he tries to eat his own shit we're need us anymore he stopped but i'm sure yeah like recently but for the most party does then we're leaves it alone but when he was a puppy like when i just got him in a few weeks old pierre he would take a shit and literally trying to buy the shit as is coming out of turn after like grab him to keep her from eating this shit as it was coming he thought it was like mr softy machine so i can't believe it comes right out of my air that's like look man i love you ve got to stop doing this why joe you won't get a car get account come on what a good thing is it made me like really diligence scooping poop up in the yard dive on that you gotta get up quick work let em so we we borrow your special trash can you just you know my other dogs same thing we're going through this same thing how old is please babies
months all our nine month yeah babies average age one it's in the hospital baby yeah yeah she's ok she comes would they industry shit on her head like where did you even get this works in all happy to see where the big lobby yet our airlines and our had i killed a rattlesnake a month ago you didn't really sauna walkway i quite worlds walker fuck this by your house by friends house actually happen he'll stamped on it just would have stopped in a giant by not got to forget me really was a big rouse night dead boys will can issue error you're wearing a member has been nice boot it was definitely not a wise move now no it was just something in me like said like first while my friend wanted to kill this doesn't want fuck aroused eggins yard worsted live right and second of all
i think i can do right now is one of those things are getting this was snake slip an army is not looking doesn't milk is multi we're not going to stop your fuckin head of your rattlesnake ear but i was like tat is the move right now just try that the other rattlesnakes instinct is humans run from me and it's it's like kind i eat you so some people tell you not spell stood ok i understand what they're saying i wouldn't i want all the rattlesnakes to die i'm not a rattlesnake hater but i have rules you get out of my house if your snaking you're my house i'm going to fucking kill you for sure yeah hundreds of eta and is not miles but it means in front of my friends house and he s kids that's dead snake yeah kill that i personally would not have done it better the garter snaky was like i've seen those i don't bother them now than whether gonna come yet it s now but this gives us little dogs to the dogs he had jacked maybe ship it my snake audits
easily easily happen had three dogs bit by rouse in california they're all over i will skip it by one i was what i condemn a little trail i might have said this last time i was walking the trail and my wife was behind me and it was a narrow part and i just around a corner in the thing just when drunk right at me and i just backed up just written ripe ass my wife why are we running and it came back and was pissed off like at the edge the trail in this little bush and i i just the rocks at it and ran past it got you i could totally down where this is now that's the thing i'm still not cool you're on it were two mile up in the mountain they say you're not post a move or else you'll get pumping through your system of jesus do make it tourniquet i don't know i don't know why i still i should have learned since then but the idea that my way
would have like carried me out doesn't make sense because you go for help right is kind of tough you know two mile hike down the mountain and back they make snake prove boots should look into emmy snakes like you maybe look when those people they like people mosquitoes mosquito people here you know what's your legs violated by other mosquitos everywhere i go because rattlesnakes these how got right you cook i brought you read out of you now i know i know you don't really i don't want to mess with your ato and elk things are needed occasionally but look at look at the bag that i have hooker i have these bags now paper bags is how much the perfectly shaped for these bread look at that doesn't really good but it just came out this morning look at that beautiful smells amaze yeah but i think it is our everyone are even if you don't want you to give it to you i am only the peace that a little bring a little butter i'll give it to them
i've perfected my method that was here last you know it's really intense with that brain fever gentlemen breakfast no comes england is it like blood sausage or somethin not as intense you take up butter at night but soften on the on the counter chop up garlic and anchovy mix it all together into the butter put it in the fridge and the more when you toast some of that delicious out o bread a thick layer of that butter on it with some eggs on the side it's called a gentleman's breakfas there's some about first thing in the morning gothic anchovy butter dangerous heart so good so bold choice you deserve all about your breath now unite
you don't want to hear people would think it ought to be mere people for a good writer you might have just eradicated in mourning braddock brush your teeth and then he got down this it sounds nasty but i'm telling you it is the imo delicious thing i've ever had hounds of maize and what i'm marrying and movies garlic and went out garlic anko he's in butter that's at least three things tat glittered soften mix it altogether chop up the anchovies and the girl really fine throw it all in there you know one of ruin you feel real anchovies i give lack of fresh anchovies like in italy now i mean maybe in a dish of something but i've done fresh anchovies in fresh sardines fresh sardines our knees in sicily amazing you go with him this is what a sardine tag it's not all covered and glue thick paint like oil mustard so fresh anchovies i am never do that would make the gentleman's breakfast even better i bet it would
like when you get like our really good sir your salad really good restaurant they do it by the table the real an old hucks rule tat it takes like memories of their work and on that thing in front of you d be like yeah that's a real old school move relics of yes own francs typed that's right pneumonia i love move zone francs is at least years old it's the oldest restaurant in l a yeah i think hundred years i you re like nineteen fifteen or some idea you martini in that place it is just it's just perfect they noted what tall old school staffing deeply stakes in a tiny glasses of these giant glasses like they use now that's a smaller glass and then they give you the extra ice on the side of your glass was guys and they look at it waste that has a seven year old guy waiting on you in a uniform that year
that guy then you know you're in good shape let's go there come let's go stakes there should i go for dinner we should we we should go before the store yes i go for stage once you guys gather yasmine a girl come but the problem is girls no really like it there i've taken girls waves and heard that into it an old man's pickle fingers given you your meek epithets have had turned the ladys up but not on either those places that still have that kind of dislike you can't fake that in a mall oh you know me i got a new moves zone francs yeah like what's the ratios in new york it's like five tables hard to get into like we're joe tories with derek cheater and julia this the inside this was on france music
looks a lot of them bar with a couple friends i've set my booth like the curve booth at the back when my wife and of ram boots that one state house in new york where they hang pipes from the ceiling is it called keens was a call keens late is that the name of it yeah my senior and keen k e age and even nominal stay cows and for some reason like back in the day like famous people would bring their pipe they would hang them pipe on the wall they would give you a pipe they would give you a clay pipe and they have pipes from everyone that smoke the mare i stein patten rose both of these people and apes and the places covered with it i recall in there for the first time in two thousand and one when the moping ban has gone into effect and you're not allowed to smoke the pipe in this ledge ways i felt so cheated shaded like when i
like when i went through purity and aid showed up you know what i mean that's why us i can i smoke and put my pipe next to albert einstein yeah when i when i was like sixteen or seventeen if i remember correctly they raise the drinking twenty one that used to be eighteen yeah that's right sir red eighteen when it wouldn't want just missed it we did just visit while these babe ruth babe ruth type pee wee herman now limit i heard the vagina pope wow theodore roosevelt pipe whole luggage and then we were all in there and we're not allowed come on i know that weak i understands cleaning up the city in stopping people from having can't spiteful at one lay hype one night buffalo bills pipe popular labour
beautiful nude behind the bar to yeah this huge paintings yeah keynes beautiful painting of this bulukiya that one's yelling at once we see all the pipes gmail only the hazy that's crazy yeah shouldn't joe rogan opens piping up there not be faking it only been there twice i know but my voice smoked a pipe once on the show i like organised pipe once in awhile would have been a pipe spoken whittaker i dont know because there there's so much more pleasant people that around like a cigar drives everyone out of the room i love cigars but likes it there are sent their rude but you smoke a pipe but the ladys aren't as offended why said because it more aromatic it's her few me to gentleman's craft i have a pipe in my in my little pencil case typewriter i just take it out i don't smoke it i just walk around with it pack one in four year these guys at their pipes thirty bad types no weed
why can't we don't like that i don't know what happened to us i don't know a bunch of baby such baby worried about cancer i stan trying to help people with cancer and all that but man that one lays can't keep still smoke there should be places they go there alone a club i go to the soho cigar bar when i'm in new york that's a nice little spot i've heard of smoke therewith chapelle in our heavy robber kelly it's great hang you going you sit like gentleman like gentlemen gentlemen and discuss your life and you meditate after the day beautiful thing you could do them garber lessons a place that i go you can order food and smoke cigars it's great to maison couldn't good restaurant two hats mosque it does me good thank you stephen crowd of lovely pipe tobacco prom with papers you gotta keep it going now could you whenever we see it the improvin stuff that pay your j leno with his pipe
old days when he was playing the improbable like we are here with imo round he would carry his paper round could someone pull that off could somebody do that today you have to do a lot of drugs you'd have to be like that hunt arrest and guided us so much drugs which have a cigarette holder abrogate an amateur one hundred companies to rock a cigarette hold anyhow nobody else rock to say or at all they have done hills in the end he did it because he was just so far out there there is like its find right it's real i guess you'd have real kick ass material like you couldn't be happy with a pipe chris rocket morocco by you have you ve killer killer material you could have a we would have liked chris rationality divorced go on stage one of those who have no voice jack it's on a velvet robe and velvet jacket on smoking jag smoking by i have one of those india is a red from brooks brothers nice won t pockets like you oh you're pipes in your letters
how do you know do you walk around your house like in your underwear with a robot ever yet do you closed but you were because it's all girls am i right in my place it's weird to what age is it inappropriate three kids the su dic i would say would you for boys no age for boys way the boys no age girls i'm gonna say like three four when three four is a pretty really they would climb into the shower and am i point and look after their literally wouldn't let em look at it they can't see it now what are you climb another shower and there are there to hide yellow i come out of the shower i've got a walk down this little hallway and that doors sometimes open in its towards my daughter's rooms and i'm really conscious of and it's such a weird i'll catch myself a lot i'm totally make it but as long as i put everything in my power
hand that would be ok if they happen to catch me to myself that we might have neural stands for the shower door points my dick and laughs at seven my youngest various she's really funny man she disliked i also want to do is go for the laugh like all the time just constantly just go and for the lad and that's her things that she's like really silly beer she's like really silly at school she's really silly at home that's my little and she loves i'm fun there good student israel god she's a great kid which is really trusting to see kids grow up without the same kind of like financial pressure that i go wait a minute probably you grab with two with the set not the same kind of weirdness in the house he does not like when the dad isn't it's it's dead when dad's not freaking out day add to and also you know i just think people know more about people they are parents in even have a chance now
they were try they didn't even understand themselves let alone understand tat with you and what was going to make you feel good and most likely they were crazy young a cold we ants twenty here my mom's twenty are taught what she was twenty one got pregnant twenty one chat me yeah if i can go think about when i was twenty if someone tell me how to raise a kid at twenty yeah oh my god i never saw grown psychopath right now manage dude i'm sorry i got the whole thing wrong i don't know how we can re do this i think about that sometimes i really have to let i live i let my parents off the hook all the time now just in my memories because like when my dad that to me he was twenty eight i mean you have no idea where he was twenty eight before the internet ya think when he ate today's way more knowledgeable the heirs pockets of flatter authors and shut out there that ruin but her that twenty eight today is way more knowledgeable i think than twenty eight of unwanted
years and yet so much more immature maybe some in some ways but i think there's generalizing i mean sing it's really hard to say people today the talk not so many people you're talking about three hundred and fifty million people a year but veto the idea that people were like men and women were raising fan he's doing all their hard work doing all that like very adults duff right there's an adolescence now it's extended until you're like mid thirty starts true you know what i mean it's like they may not be intelligent because they don't have as much they didn't have much knowledge and stuff but they were grown ups there was a distinction like i'm doing grown up shit now do you think that's all like an evolutionary course like life gets easier and then bull learn more about stuff but they don't have the same sort of physical resolve that people did back in the old days they had a work harder near maybe and also like the to come go together in our seems like there's a direction that people are moving into yet
think about it you know back then people die buying it sixty seventy now you're living to a hundred why should your twenties be a little more adequate yeah well you're gonna live so much longer will apparel the live longer thing a big a big part of what the live longer thing is they they reduced a lot of infant mortality a lot of is like the average of how people die it's also infections when you're younger calling all sorts things before medical science but the actual age people live too has really changed as much people think really yes i did too but it's what it really is as the act and chris ryan explain to us i believe it was doktor chris ryan phd author of sex it on good friend know well i believe he was one who educated us on that that what what's going on is that your counting infant mortality like they used to be like if people got infection like a blood infection before
about its guesswork you dead right i mean you get septic yes what you're dead yeah tetanus yeah you're dead rabies you're dead snake by your dead everybody's dead but yet but our people living like aren't there's more like hunting so man i mean you're old people enter i dont i would like to find that out let's find out it also sprightly cultural like you know when i was in africa was talk no guy was fifty and he was acting like he was at the end of his life just matter factly just actually it's like i don't have much time you know and for people in the messiah they don't live that long because lions round line at a year you have your fifty ilium been eaten yeah you're full of shit what irate rhonda god on the goods of smiled upon me i will
two new cecil has not dig in my life a thursday as march of twenty sixteen said for the first time in human history i guess people were sixty five in order will surpass those under five so let me more people that are older than there are that our young so people are staying alive but are they live longer so you don't say i say and i now know they're not living longer took a hundred years old but there's more people that are alive there are sixty five so it's like people are staying alive but are they living longer like what is the long age the people live like if you don't die of something if you just die of old age what is that number and has a number moved here i think that number funny that which is fixed aid on that when do i die it's heavy man man ever watch netflix in the accident hit the remote and you see it like this forty eight minutes left you like fuck now i know yes
who had just been locked into this movie enjoying what it is now ok forty eight minutes a kind of reputation i hold it causes so don't you feel city base of when you check like i've really enjoying this why do i have to know because we're retarded i feel bad sometimes if i check my phone in there's nothing on it the quantity even do that the air if you just obsessive lee like look at your phones you ve got a text it's the word is phone thing is such a a life suck it is sometimes but again also something which needs to be managed because it's a as a major connection to news factor now i get the time magazine alerts new york times alerts eight eight i dont i don't have the alerts i'll have the swipe left and see it i have alerts for certain breaking news things and for days it was just trump your home
every time i slowly vibrate negative but please don't tell me where war now i gotta get my phone please don't tell me you dropped nuke please don't tell me now shit is gone down every day it's a new russia share every day it was it was so rapid fire like those last two weeks before you took off his vacation or is his world tour won't you know is non stop there's something that was just revealed it's really interesting that james com he has said that he ended the hillary clinton investigation early because there were some evidence that was in used against her that was clearly counterfeit and russia yeah and so he didn't want that evidence to leaks gives me thou crazies that i know what that's what i heard i heard some congressmen on face the nation say that he said this is why this is what is getting getting gives scary about all these leaks and stuff because they're taking the information from the emails from people say like
emails from the dnc whatever their leaving ninety nine percent of perfect and they just one little line in that says something that's heinous or says something about somebody doing something right tore it or something and they put that out there some more dangerous than just we in the old days you just try like want some big story navigates bury this one little item in this huge dump of information yeah how'd you sift through that how do you see i don't know you their aid something it has been led to wikileaks how do they know that it has been altered exam daddy is that something that they do checks on do no final that's what they call me thing that it's like but it took a long time you know in the initial dump it was like you just going through it what's this right but it takes a long time to sift through it and see if that's really a true story or not this algeria is like bubble gum right now
yeah i mean though aisy don't be an amazing feat if they could verify one hundred percent the veracity of these emails european leaked they could probably verify the sources yeah but whether or not they could verify that this happened altered and anyway i don't know maybe but i just don't understand the technology maybe they can do that though probably at their mean they ve got to be working on it what the fuck that's what it's my hope i agree with everything in life right now with someone working on that right is so crazy resolutely occasionally go so its work and then will they have i've been working on the attic trying to figure out a way to use it for fuel because they think they can do it to his inquiry you know who knows how long away from using all of our nuclear waste as fuel lou like a rocket ship i don't know they were talking about using it making batteries with diamonds they were talking about using nuclear radiation from nuclear waste to choose
large diamonds as batteries at some star trek stuff i know it sounds like you horse we have like this one little orb of stuff in my pocket i needed second jamie stand but that should not as it seems like they can't civic can actually confirm authenticity of the south are getting there of the east we colleagues so when wikileaks gets an email they can't necessarily guarantee gradually firmer pretending at some point i get that they had they couldn't with the hilary stuff in the beginning but at a certain like now only some it's a colony saying that one thing seemed to be a counterfeit so one thing encounters like ok how do you know i gotta do not gonna release how they know yet right is this a whole crazy hans and automation going to go on with him and is now at an election yeah that's yet it's big stuff it will take time stuff it's weird
now how weirded as i mean i really feel like i feel like trump running didn t always gonna win they were just like you know there's still duties a business man or deal with russian doing with all the stuff they weren't thinking politicians like this might look bad one day then holy shit he gets through the momentum carries and now is the guy has like so manifest probably shouldn't of promise made that deal them and you know what i mean i call this other he kind of got caught up because he just wasn't he was a business man he was doing the heads of the eu definitely wanted to win you don't think he expected twin i don't think so now he still talking about it like holy shit i won he says it every time everytime you ask him a question you really so what do you think about palm trees we save us i don't know what you know it's really hard for republican a win the electoral college with i did it did you see the map i just put up a map and my arm is about and that just because you lex to congratulate himself part
lebanon is also a little and i like to see it that way now i see him as extremely self congratulatory did you get your heart of his whole stick like when it talks about a television show say outs number one is you what it right all the you seem to have the guy out of the way fuck was out about that's a heavenly eye out of the way and then strait jacket like a guy in a move and when he pushed while he grid is teeth like get the fuck out of here it's it's nuts we're losing i pushed out of the way we are he's the the leader of montenegro aarhus just coming into the european union so he's there like this my first time with all the with the whole the eu is my first time be in here and cover them for a photo shit trump shoves i'm out of the way and with strangers like i'm all right
the glowing the glowing warrior raising the tat counter to terrorism globe find a feat hasten the photo from the other angle like which shows what they're looking out like all the ask them went crazy i know by just it's the fuckin pictures preposterous that everything that every can spirit go back ethiopia has everything every conspiracy theory is fuckin terrified of here there's a dude behind him whose dressed in traditional our era arab god right he's out again the saudi guys priority trillion dollars he's touching the globe the other guy where's he from with his purse exude in his iranians face he looks like a middle east gentlemen also urging that globe than tromp was of sudan is crazy ere he says now
and the light coming up from underneath like a scary camp so fussy dorine man is a move in this attach they're holding onto a glow with the same time and its glowing so with a comic book email it really is a comic book does this star wars of fog is that so crazy why do that obama went on the globe owning about billig hold on what are we doing to hit the globe its glowing ogre what is i represent when a pass on the globe requires a glowing explanation of this exactly we take this let's take a picture by the fountain instead all this is so hard it so odd it's a big oil now i understand why does your out there with the fuckin metal decked romance simplify life just give a shiny rocks and joe shit i i'm telling you this bread upset mine is daily if things
are going well i probably not making as much bread but let's go in simply and just be making bread with the news often just put on some bob marley and just go and make bread and give it to my friends and family it's harming thing in these cases times i'm not i'm not you its corny but not trying to be corny but i really believe that back to basic its like people disliked lucius simplify things this is out of whack total let me just well bred as a task right now you ve got your ingredients you know what to do and if you do all the things you're supposed to do it'll come out this delicious amazing food yeah and yet its elusive like it it's u have to attend to it and it's a craft yeah right learn right so this task it becomes thing that your minus fixated on and you can fill you
consciousness with the new answers of this task here and not think about all the bull shit like these fuckin weirdos grabbing globes of ethics excellent mixture weird oil deal's off but with all the other question we are asking of outward channel tunnel i will jamie montenegro or the deaths that redoubt death oh yeah oh yeah really get to you well seventy appointed as when it hasn't changed from seventy eight point eight per man yet but i think that still based off infant mortality thing added into rising that's always added into it just like right out like a james bond totally this is like x men that's like star wars when you expect charlotte later to like me at the end of that and the guy who comes in after his the report on what happened seriously though could you imagine being trump a guy who used to host a reality show on and basic idea is successful business man in always a well known guy but mean how much that is a ramp up between your eye or a lot of people that we know that our famous how much of his like jerry seinfeld is donald trump a ramp up
in popularity over jerry seinfeld i guess he is now the president but when jerry was on tv in terms of its they're kind of commensurate you could jelly like jerry seinfeld being president as well i point sure run around go back to their original picture that we're just like another couple frames go now go and think of a guy lie i like go full screen on this fucking thing jerry seinfeld and all of a sudden seinfeld get invited to this list of nation he looks like a superhero comic book so in all those movies you mean there's a goddamn picture of the earth that's all light that's on the wall of the light on the floor is blue is all spotlights everywhere it's our freaking clean and perfect is these little screens in front of every chair like what the fuck is this is where the world's decisions get made it looks like the what's the peter saw his movie women
the bomb strangely looks like that just pay exactly looks like evacuees largest i mean why would we expect them to make more sense than us does that thing about world leaders like they're just people and their people that have store amount of power with not nearly as much oversight right in most countries right and mostly like middle eastern countries and must these mean they don't really have to fuck and tell people what they're doing they do it or the hell they want yeah for sure a lot of these places that we have relationships with if crazy human rights violations yeah i mean you don't look you get you have to deal with you now and bad you can't really another look at man imagine someone like seinfeld their imagine if he one like would sign fell became president your friendly like this is what does this globe what are you doing with those that are more i care about my transfer trump is he's i mean we
we always think of like politicians the same way i used to think about celebrities before i met a few of them yeah you right you got a duties dude right he's just a guy just a guy gets still have to be there come famous yeah why things as can the same way with politicians we ve always thought of people that's one of the reasons why we ve all like allowed them a certain amount of leeway when it comes to insincerity getting getting caught corruption and lies like with is a certain amount like she's a politician right now he's a senator yes what they do you let us lie a little bit of its light but if it was like a friend there was doing that you'd have like serious problems with them yeah yeah but look it's things have a little dirty because you're dealing with everybody you know you're dealing with everybody so many interests you gotta be that's what politician is it's a compromise its playing both sides is trying to get stuff done you know i think we gone to this is absurd point of
misinterpreting good for flawless you know the right there are rather could be good people who have a lot to do stuff going on no one's flawless the idea that based on the in that were able to get all information on everybody all the time we can't hold people to a standard of being flawless it doesn't exist but i think you can and be good while still making sums you know you can if you said that that parameter that bar you never going to have people that are good enough yeah and you have these weirdos they haven't seen egos because there is the only ones that are willing to take the punishment of being criticized we trumps shaking it right now you gotta be but as you know is taking in a way that no one's ever taken it before you could say deserves it i'm not saying that i am not amount making a judgment com saying it is absolutely fascinating the way the media and the people online are treating this press it's almost like the president is going through the same thing
not arguing that's not what i'm saying though is in its very unique moment in time we see so many people attacking the prayer well it's such a rush i mean you know you could say i was having a discussion when my teenage daughter about navigating stuff and seeing what people are doing in its also the president is going through the same thing the eu are going through is a comedian that teenage girls are going through this is a lot of information and access attacks and praise and everything from everybody all the time twenty four hours a day so the same way we have to navigate you know one haters and all that kind of stuff the same way kids do the president has to deal with a flood it's never been this raging before yeah i mean it is an intense intense thing and it almost like who else but somebody built for television yeah is
is ready for this job not even him but what i was like politicians were always like a thing not like you or i but then all of a sudden they are thing like you or i could now its trump and he might be like the average person but he's like you are i know almost did show when i doing the real version the new version of fear factory invited me to do it and i thought for a while but i would have to live in new york for a few months and i want to do that the new manufacturers coming out the old o the old one like in two thousand rain eleven or when it was we'd be did it again but i mean he let us do away with him i got but it could have been hanging out with him you know say unlike came on the marriage ref yeah i sat with him on an average if we lose our eggs stage he first thing he said when he walked into the dressing room was really a great ratings tonight we're gonna get great ratings he was so focused and he was impressive like he was too all he was a dominant guy in the room and yet then i'm sitting on stage with them and we'll talk about married cup
does it was like a again he would show real people and then you discuss their marital problems and the celebrities away in an time he's right next to me in the whole time he's making jokes about the girls bresse he's just like nothing really speak of funding even being funny and it would be like well you know she's got something going for and then he would look at me and give me a little wink on the side this wasn't the cameras are just remain a volcanic creepy but its kind but it's like he was just a dude is it just sitting there with me right on an equal footing and that was the president of the united states think about how power oh there's not one human being i don't believe in the country that doesn't have the word trump go through their brain whether they say it out loud or not all day all day i'll die or at least a couple times a day you know what i mean it's so insane yeah there's initial disbelief
there is an aftershock and now there is a waiting for the next you to drop this very day what is a sitting while waiting for the newest scandal every day waiting further impeachment weight for the losses waiting for the jail you just want com having you know if you have a great joke when you ve been working on about this is a job for one person yes right this surely should be a committee of people who are running this country it's too much for somebody and i love the joke but i think that what his job is what that president's job is more than anything is you just leave people you he has power all those people in those positions they have power and what they say in what they do affects people not policy just the right get ask her old themself carry themselves make you feel good about the direction alek and right now everybody's
filled with anxiety because he's not doing that part of the job well but he on twitter and cause we will losers you're like way it's like it's like a kid like you're saying before it's like a kid hearing like having a debbie shit crazy in the house the house is gonna be crazy if dad is shooting heroin anything on the couch covered and shadows is yelling at the wife the whole house is gonna be free to air that's what's going on but is that the price that we have to pay to realise that our system is ridiculous zero throwing the card table up and is there any value in that thought means other than the real issues with the environment the rolling back the standards and the epa and all the different things he's doing the free people out there access pipeline which i understand enough to know whether or not they are going to reach that anyway i know shut shouted down right then tromp brought about back again who knows if they had made some
we have an agreement the who knows how that works who knows a day you know that business is very authority its very dirty totally in i mean it's what you know you you it make a case that all of this is a big oil grab prey to mean while the dakota pipelines stuff is terrifying d a pipeline stuff the ape the head of the epa is an oil guy the secretary of state is an exxon guy the people he favours more than our russian bore than our european allies or saudi arabia and russia big oil business partners you could say this has just been this as you end its rate and the thing is and this would so complex about it it's ok so it's an oil grabbing these getting his friends rich but oil also is so much more than just what's coming out of our cars we are so deep in oil it's it's it's not i'm my home
my main thing is the planet and its beauty and trying to sustain it i'm a complete believer in climate change in all of that but two naively say we can just shut down oil and be like we can all just move along it so much deeper than that might my nephew is a went to just graduated from school and he's big agro farming guy that's what he wants to do with his whole life here revelation was that oil and food are so interconnected all of the fertilizer that's creating or of the food that were eating every day is oil based he said so you're trying to set rape emissions in all this stuff but just the food we eat is so tight oil we need oil so i don't have it that and how you try and make good policy about it well i do her alternatives to fossil fuel based oils that the u
those two make plastics and know that another you may class together hemp area yet biodegradable and they ve started to make these biodegradable natural fibre plastic bags that their made out of like a plant plastic yet again the supermarkets but you're vegetables in those years poster they'd while their day whoop when they go into the environment they are actually biodegrade table become dirt ray repose like a regular plastic bag which protects like a fuckin hundred thousand on here and birds he didn't die and choke on their caps but early you can make plastic out of hemp and its super easy to make in terms of like it regrows itself very quickly bike if have a forest in trying to make paper like you know you try may paper out of you know you have a forest timber the chopped down specifically for paper to regret at the point where it grow pale
and two years you know how many years for many years whereas hemp regrows itself every year really every year yeah what is this radio genocide edible plastic made out of milk protein for food packaging okay not reagan yeah remain under packaging like dairy products one now ass it at least what the video shows but that's fascinating on video two days ago that certainly something that can be worked on you now idea of biodegradable plastics be huge the yes the scariest things is that we start making waste and never had a plan to do with anything do anything with the waste and then it stacked up to the point where we're dealing with enormous amounts of waste being put out by human beings every single second of every see i was which is why i was in new york last week just work and economy seller ali and every night i left the club just on macdougall street just between third and bleaker the amount of
garbage that's thrown out of these restaurants and these jews places in coffee was stacked waste high all the way down the street every single day they see rats dartin in and out of him tonnes rats tons of rats creepy yeah it's weird we are a weird creature man there so many of us and were not really think me about that like you to think about how many like on an hour day how many water bottles you come across in other words like ten of them here in this room i now i feel guilty drink in it gas this morning i threw a bunch out of my car i guess got gas through to the garbage cans illustration of the gloomy fuckin water bottles out my car it's crazy what how many times someone had to make plastic and how many bottles of plastic or be made then that plastic to be in a land el somewhere or in the ocean giant island in the ocean that big place bottle island there ah terrible apparently
not quite an island the cardinal that's really sort of floating patch oh yeah but it's disgusting its heart what really bad so we just figured out a way to fix that there are so many people yeah just i mean they're so many of us like i'm alone for farm to table and like knowing where your meat comes from right i get it i want to do it i'm trying you know but when you think about how many people are looking for lunch at the same time i'm all those mouths looking to feed i mean you know like a mcdonald somebody's gotta feed these people you know what i mean in algae away this there is definitely an issue
i don't have unita mcdonald's budget aid coelacanth if you need food and there's twenty plus million people in this area that our growing anything other than the occasional pot plan for haiti has argued over and i had a friend in the kitchen and growing my own basil anger at my aimed at berlin who the fuck do you know that grows enough to live off oh i know until i worry you can't do it lets you live on a farm yeah noticed grow enough food to live off i mean that i mean just the people you see like on the four or five just feed those people you know what it is to have like on this great memorial day weekend if you gotta have some people over and have a little boy fuck you you bring ten people over you eat out you gotta get some food this is some serious amount of food you need feet and equal yeah billions of people and then they want to eat again our yeah robes deliver chips germany's
gotta call an authority have taken dumbson you're better off filling up your fucking pipes shit think about what you said is going on on the ball you're not a ribbon take i dont think how much shit is good through under the city every minute conniston has a bathroom this new boughs and they just put area saw the nancy it backed up last night then old pipes and new bathroom around they did their place deprives but some went wrong a boy i walked by the bathroom last i was like what the fuck is that throughout the smell of shit outside of the water that is just so sakharov back to the dog thing position might we're talking are dogs they rolling in shipments of my cousin stock the other day they people coming to paint the house and my cousins wife told them
listen you can use our bathroom dont worry about go in i ought to go outside aegis the hour after miss your bathroom later really big english they didn't really listen to her and some guy too dump in the bushes the dog rolled around it came running incited she's like what is oh my god how did you get human shit on your head now assume its mouth look what i found you met these guys there are some shit smells terrific she's here wearily smeared is on shit on his face during a podcast why i don't know they retired one of their park as they did he went to bed have you see these guys outside their cell great why does a dog want to ruin
i what is that now possesses the link that that's a good mood happy oh man has a role in this nose gonna throw a ball rolling down what could i found you met these guys awesome their shit smells terrific she's very rarely smeared is on shit on his face during a podcast why i don't know they retired one of their podcast they did he went to the bathroom and i guess it didn't you do a good job of wiping reached back and felt is but and then smear as phase like war paint it had taken refuge we're out of youtube to get behind the terrible that this would work itself
boil the brain out there in thailand they're fucking vietnam and the hot sun for two i he comes every time he comes back he's a little different is live in a very unique worker is good good god bless them the cell phone now even though here well here where we lack of arms to indonesia text i can pay text has one those flip phones that good tax worth right in flip sideways and galileo keyboard and sunny attack stick creek alex and if you sent him a picture has afforded to his email good as he's got all economic computer it's gotta go to a library and they won't let him think he's got shit on his face at the guy should face should face you get out so funny like i went away for four months man yeah has vanished for four months without talking anybody and then he shows up in cigarettes timetables tv show again pierre it's not a bad move well i mean i guess
and he had some crazy stories there's no way doesn't yeah probably other maidens towards happen to like knowing their needs and still is the trip i now i'm in his whole shows a stories all stories you shows it is chosen the best shows on central is really a really old comrades central never cancel that thank they that's really one of the best shows on calmly central yeah best stand up shows there is a really good and i did it twice and i get more some of that then i do like stand upsets votes just different yet it is only a single worries you talkin about stores and toss a different is a gas gaza can reveal and did it yet in any event a nasa a comedy rate storyteller so he'll do stand up comedy storytelling showing just tell a story and the settings really cool looks good like an extra club really here as soon as jim club muff outside of now i want to go there one day when is not found in the shower just disco hang here what it's like when you really see it because i really like
who were seen like yeah side of it it's not real noticing like atlantic city in the daytime is very different than what and what happens when the sun goes down laxity in the daytime twelve year outstrip strip rapporteur but girls the ice gazettes shit doesn't was fun when i was a kid there's no girls that one stroke cubs none zero now a razor yeah it's going to a sports bar that's like girls girls cigar bars yeah i'm it's like you guys and one of the guys right that's what we're here to not be with you right now to turn to test you resolve young tom papa trying to come now trying to get you to come with their side slowly but surely they turn you know when she's cool she's different from all the rats have other guy brings girlfriend everywhere how by brutal motherfucker
yeah you know fights of yosemite like more rushed fides yeah sure i'm bringing cindy fuck you fuck did ask it's cool guys you don't even ass he opened the door and duties over the house last and he bore drank in part small someone's jerking off the dog with their flight and shaken dad are you guys ever gonna grow up i did that once in college i came in and i was the guy brought the girl and walked in and you could just he'll forever the hate was so thick and they just got so silent and change the violent it till you gotta there there is no other waited at the cares i comic brings his girlfriend everything and then expects us to be able to talk on podcast there's a spy shall place and how reserved for those gentlemen you know you pussy whipped mom girls are
you should get your shit together and don't you ever do that again you wanna go to dinner shore bringer along you want to do is find mike's problem as that he doesn't listen to me and i know that so great you're here to tell me that during the same exact thing if we showed up one of their fifty shades gray parties there are ball get ready to guide to forget tat each other up stockings we show great you brought jamie now guy going and with all girls you rumour homemade reward of i've manhatto about tupperware party officer tom makes bread i may ladys the seal on this not me enough keep my bread fresh though we ever see girls into your shows in there's like a whole table girls they're so free and theirs
they're laughing they're having a good time one guy sits at that table ruins it ruins yeah because he's plant sexual politics of at least two to four girls like you might have a girlfriend abbeys all to friendly with our friends in russia is getting pissed i compliment her dress with torches your friends those drugs better now i have a brief some very desirable greatest and stand by me in your face times just needs its you need a break you need the latest be alone get out of that yeah while too much it's absolutely important for any friendship any relationship any time to people interact each other to take time far from each other space you know
all the time like if you're on top of each other each and every day unless you're really unique copper which i have met before they are they're out there that deal really bad about your own relationship over the internet and they're always look at each other and laugh and he had no we're great we work together and we played out we get along we finished she shuddered sentences they're holding hands all the time does happen it does happen i hate them well you know what it is man it's like they found that frequency the unique personality frequency cause oftentimes i am your free seeing someone else's frequencies just ledges yeah and that doesn't mean i love each other i like person might be the who and the other person the doors rang like ok we got a thing i won't let you in here yet this is the only above really like the beatles my only friend be having you believe you
i cannot allow you to hyper too many different i know what i'm doing and thus do people together fifteen year butch client just throats it's really interesting we see people are clown each other's throats yeah ok that's a good question how would you rather be around the couple that's stab maybe each other or the ideal couple whose making you feel like you're relationship isn't so great are the ideal couple for sure i want you're unhappy people here i want to hear a beer people that are enjoying each other's company there's nothing more frustrating than being around people that insult each other like slyly in public its brutal we note above ale hartman's wife used to do that all the time real they decisions be ill the dead but when they kill your friend and then kill and then kill themselves i absolutely this river and after they had very combat a relationship which used to talk shit about it in front of us really right in front of him and us it was just like to say
he's old truth is like one touches talking about our car they were tub fills talking about a car like fills a car fish not lawyers so we're talking about a car i forget what was and then she goes i love pickup trucks i want to get a pickup truck all my boyfriend's back my pick up trucks and you just picture inheritance daft in the back of his pickup truck by some fuckin farmer boy some do thick rests l catch it has its way in fact dig deserted take his pants of saying that like i don't know it's terrible where it was i was constantly like that she's always belittling am i was tearing down they have these horrible fights man i know i understand that it's like you together like it's for the good luck his success is your success and yet those
i'll tear them down while people dont think logically yeah you're saying but that's on logical thought near mean i think they just didn't get along great you know for whatever reason fear was really and smart to use cool ass he was a really smart you're so lucky you got to know him it was like i mean he would do things like a learned how to be a pilot yes oh he would be on the set and during the downtown he be reading aviation books she s in the reading going through whom he was the most studious guy kyle's discipline with his notes he would have is a script and each one of his scenes that he was in would have a certain highlight like like a toy like a green tab or whatever the quartet was and then all the scenes we'd be highlighted he'd have notes beside them was a civic parts of the scene where he wanted to do something different or site questioned his intent early like a year ago in and he would just every time he would nail it s
time even to abuse incredibly rare time where he would crack up during the coming year i'm just having fun he has never like you fucked up and in ever fucked up rates mean everybody fucks up and laughs when you're not supposed to laugh because it's funny but he was on his game he was so professional but he was a very very very intelligent man i was allowed to write a semi start alec designing design covers four ban yeah but forty was every even on personnel who is also one of the greatest rupees playhouse right on provisions on police play house and i think he wrote that first movie they he wrote peewee big adventurers one of the writer really wow what a great that's me see that's a hang with mamma you hang all the time it took me in his plane he did go crazy we gonna buy house down he was suggesting is different areas and somebody like us a dutch like quiet peace see things at a pretty i nature and he's like a keg as i think there's an air
like right around like thousand oaks area i want to check this out gradually take me heaven is playing flying around and look i was crazy that of driving on the one i want to go into the outlet a small plain and read em you haven't you have a plane to do that fly yourself yeah but weird way go when you know as for complaints diana as i am now i now the mechanical end of it are ya canican are not really i mean i know certain things but its rights like someone saying i took roddy when i was fourteen raccoon amending that right around my own stereo in my toe yoda roma i did it i wouldn't i install stereo yet i know a little bit about cars land love them yeah i did so but that's the thing it's like i feel like if you'd have your own plane and you gotta be no really knowledgeable and on top of it get to know your limits and that's kind of my limit yeah
intense men of landing was intense will tiny plaint man was able to cedar plain says is me and fell and he was a star already realities yeah he was it's weird it's a small plane like an older brother to me the dynamics aller assyrians at least sixty years older maybe more be seventeen years old or share that and he was a star already re amnesia he was a star yeah like when you little gray we were on the said he is in movies all the time you know he was just get enough sarah lie and you know and then of course dave foley was a big star from kids in the hall he was a big alternative star to everybody loved him and because you so smart the adding was so good and andy dick was the unknown weirdo
so it was a fascinating little grey he rose re crew environment spending a whole summer just watching fills the vessel l the fine and stuff it wasn't even ahead like it playing the acting teacher i mean i was in a loop i could not stop watching it yourself this is something this nothing this is something this is nothing and then he would wish somebody sir can i get out of my class interests it was on the money a hundred percent of the time yeah man he i was stand up to four the audience for fun who'd like warm up the crowd but we're going to use i couldn't get there almost like a little retain that he would do well and we talked about is i got how monaco and teach sunday well just never i'll give really did it though they could have easily done it and his wife to god hey man she was troubled you now choose a troubled
and then she was also on so loved and cocaine oh my god which apparently least psychotic thoughts its apparently it a very bad combination especially for some people we're in people of their own particular sort of human euro chemistry they got going on up there and with some people they do coke and as olaf together just makes them insane nay i now but those are the real one of the real ices is a fan of his is that he was the kind of guy that the older he got the better he would become he was playing guys were older than whom he had that ferry fatherly intel and older kind of vibe anyway so is as a seventy five eighty year old he would still be killing it yeah i think i think there's a million different kinds of tragedies with the big ones as key we had to deal with the various kill them and then killed herself how many to two heads they want and lived with family life
towards so dark so said it is man is the worst but i mean it was it was also it's just more evidence of what happens when people are those combative relationships die now don't yell together well you know you have somebody look if you ever been around like just a toxic person ants like just one on one you leave you like it's an energy that trains you and then living with that person guest it's got it's too much work too much we invite you know he ever dated somebody was really kind of toxic it's kind of exciting at the same time these times the freaky once the most fun yeah really crazy ones yeah it's a little crazy sometimes somebody you young too sometimes us break up make up flights are awesome yet now when they come back and think that are coming back annexing i make an outbreak surprising it's the only way the cops like what the fuck you call a cab
call them before new we're getting back gather jesus we're ok you escape now it's why we're all right now doesn't have an argument obsolete ghana roof i saw how so unclear yesterday really yelling up the street from a whole like a blaze of the roof was ablaze woe up in the hills are they had to ass bad yeah together fire trucks up there would then they stopped illegal still standing today but the roof is all but i've never seen like a whole house on fire dude i saw an entire i have to do you there was a big its way of approaching like but when i was working doing fear factor like two thousand and three it was two thousand two or three when they had a giant fire there was
a giant fire it was like on the way towards bakersfield up the five filming up there at to hone ranch re was a lake and we're droppings people off from helicopters lake and normally without traffic it's about an hour twenty dry our half drive to allay right from from to hone ranch but this day it was bompard a bumper and guy died a guy ran out and got hit by a car i cite sneaker and i saw him lying on the side of the road like briefly as i was passing while people internet tend to him and i didn't know i didn't i didn't like see his head splattered with my dad but i saw his leg and then my friend matter that guy one of dying end so that was that the beginning of this year a drive home than as we got closer to allay it was
literally snowing ashes and the entire right side of the highway was ablaze she life as far i'm talking like a mile in homelike as far as the i could see it looked like a fuckin lord of the rings like i was waiting for demon horses to combat riding over the top and just like miles i like that that was insane there was tornadoes a fire amuse fucking fire everywhere and you're in traffic at that point we're in traffic so yes sitting there early removed from it by a patch of grant of asphalt and i'm tellin you man i'm not bullshitting that's i know the road was like that for an hour sri hour of driving the whole right ass i was i fire yeah that's insane when we were coming from the one or one we're coming up the one on one towards like and seen ogier and the entire right side like over the crest of the hill over near the one a tac me values a blaze of delays
crazy i got evacuated from my house real yeah through the dog in the back of the truck rattling sinatra happened some stuff now this was johnny cash and haswell attention if eggs and origin of data but it was it was crazy man we which workers are intense here there people my neighborhood you could see the my stuff pact roof and shared common out like car rows of people pulling out of garages and shit was it was trippy man that's the problem stripping some of those like more remote areas like oh no surrounded by beautiful trees but after a couple dry summers and then some asshole cigarette yak baluchi now knows it was fires fuckin terrify mount because i titus firemen and this is scared the shit out of me because this been a few these big welcome saw camp fires that have hit the area most of them most in the summer when the winds kick up was aunt hannah yeah yeah one
fire told me goes dude it's just a matter of time before one day a fire catches it goes through the entire city we can't do shit about it why can't i got really and he goes yup because this is the right conditions the right wind the fire coming from right amount of angles with the wind taking the embers in the air lighting moor house is on fire oh my god because it's just a matter time for one day goes right to the ocean i hate the it's just a matter of time guys rain earthquake just a matter of time before this whole place to falls off into the ocean the others like glass half empty square yeah just a maritime before the big plague had sticks all out they do say that allows better time before there's no more food left just can but where do you want a bead you wanna be somewhere you dont want to be a proper right now if you dont want to be the guy who died of starvation can't figure out how to get by now you will you what you want you want a couple you wanna try your best
kennedy that you want to be rick from the walking dead goes through several seasons of horrific events basically shattered man by time i abandoned the show the air or do you wanna be one the people that gets killed early onsets to wrap probably go somewhere between get a little adventure meet some new people makes mistakes you think you got together and then wacko but isn't like the walking dead the ultimate existential crisis because if you do die you're gonna come back as a zombie yeah but the only thing that can free you is i guess he shoot yourself in the head but you'd have to shoot yourself the head because if you shoot a zombie in the head they do stop being zalm anymore somehow another's rag button i feel they're getting very wish you are with a zombie rules lately i don't watch anymore me neither i watched selected the zombies deafening aren't consistent in their ability to fuck things up yeah these to build a tear apart horses and now they can like pushing aside so get out here
like these bony little things and yet they're kind of strong i don't get it yet how here's my question what are they they rotted altogether by now i got it about what i guess because they're not real did you see what happened a big sir what their big sir than tat whatever ranch can you arrange would have risen theirs completely isolated if had giant mudslides and that part you can't enter our exit the town the closed off like the one year your hand there completely isolated right now and they think they're gonna be able to open the road coming from the north by like september what and they don't know the south is ever going to be pair oh my god go go go go go go it's crazy look at that but let me see what it looks like look at that when i was lying idle you have the title obscured landslide
in california scenic highway big sir he don't know big sir this is like the most beautiful part of the ride between allay in san my cup one look at the fucking landslide yeah they think that the only way that gonna be able to do it is to just bill but on the landslide it's that much dirt more than a million tonnes of rock and dirt felt look dad it's insane the lands sliding skins a quarter of a mile it's just mountain now the road is having a layer of dirt thirty five to forty feet deep how many people are dead in there i dont think that men the highway runs through big sir which is a major tourist attraction and already close all access to the highway and don't know when it will reopen about get us fuckin shovel all you need is a hundred mexicans it'll be done by them hate us lord hard metal does bullshit about them the wall matted let me show that in europe we need a metal detector you about that are you crazy
today i mean back to people died the million dollar what is it henry miller museum in they serve antenna all these beautiful places where you would drive up and be able to stay overnight and eat on the coast you can't those places are isolated there they were covered in the sledge can't get to them yes so what you gotta do is get by real estate there now policies would be panting silent cheap you're right scoop up a nice my scenic view magic that's your house i sit up children and also new slide all the way down into the ocean that's how he died so crazy thing i finally made it this beautiful view my deck hey dinner come on over bring bread joe you did i can't believe you did it did it buddy we're having a jet it still moving we haven't we go in i says it's still moving hey joe is the arts post removing like that and if it is we are geologists and engineers who are going to check out this week check it out this week and see
are we to pieces the highways oh my god yanks around the california coastline is a major tourist destination crews are the landslide one of a kind but it happened like like a like em months ago and then there's just like last saturday another chunk just went so it's like it's still in motion yemen that's what give me things like that would keeps me from living on the ocean i know i rented i was in my book and now one time i got super baked in and i went down to the bottom floor i was only in this house three months ahead was like it was the bottom floor bedroom was like the water would literally go under it right and it guys it's fuckin horrifying it scare in the daytime its gorgeously i look analyses that blue water and so inviting but in nighttime that water is dark skies black like oh my god like shows you what it really is in the ocean you're you re essentially let the whim of this
for changing see you are riding on a gamble yeah that gamble is what are the odds that it's gonna shift now you know it's gonna shift eventually that's right this house's probably worth like millions of dollars and just sitting on this water crazy you don't even have a front yard your backyard is the ocean there is my cousin as a place down down san diego and always beauty multi million dollar homes on the cliff and they just keep shoring up the cliff they just keep putting a new planks got concrete rivet and there hang on it's like some one some days in mind when it goes down but by man when you're sitting there the sunset and you though it's you and the ocean is prey the spectacular might be worth sliding into them i think you what you have to have a super bowl or money so you have that house on the coast
and then you have our somewhere else or you don't have a family and he has to do with surfboard this is the perfect bosnia if i lose everything so why so what i run a house somewhere i ve done it already you could do that yeah that good maria want to know what kids get sucked away while the tide women and men you're enjoying that pipe i do it's good little buzz i wish i had a cigar though i do now you know what i was actually thinking about bringing cigars today i don't remember if you said we could smoking we can well in the new studio the new tools like a mythical place we can talk what's it actually exists people going only wasn't bullshit yeah it's you have been talking about it for a new studio were actually having ventilation systems put in the ceiling so they get hit a button suck the smoking room details like raise clays here dice likes to smoke does smiled
but we also know what that's like dogs doesnt work up i will make nauseous that's awesome and there you go home smelling people will get secondhand we'd smoke too so honour or put you are under right people complain about them now i would never smoke in front of someone that alike as an issue right like those that people have come on that are specifically requested me not get high in front of them they didn't know me today like yeah that are in the programme to be rather do drugs confirming me makes sense worley next time i'll bring i have i have a big box a cuban cigars i have nice straw our strong there big you can get he was so eyes had rush after it's like you might go to bed isolate those hoyo de monterrey double corona us
fat posts stake cigars yeah i'm a big steak and mashed potatoes with sour cream and chinese after muso and francs you ever go to the cigar place next to the improv i have not know that spots i've never been in their fear don't two shows their screwing around it's a nice little hang you want to get away from the club for a minute just sit near the really guy runs its great it's a good spot that's cool here i really like the emperor man the improvers different vibe now i've been going there a lot lately have india it's a different vibe it feels good everything filled good now man comedy feels great is a good time it really is last night was beautiful where'd you do ethnic well one i did i was really interesting idea podcast my friend owen smith you know owen laval and he's a larry really makes me laugh fanny such good as goods saddle goodbye goodbye here anyway owen
as a new show that he's coming out with called something no books with owen smith and what it is you find your oldest comedy note books ring it out and go over your material and i found him no books from nineteen ninety that's great i had a list a set list from ninety three material list from ninety ninety three march of nine zero while this crazy was terrible was needles to my soul reading off my life itself is hair of a bull shit and i was twenty one years this is really saying something man i had i added orchestrated crowd work i'd like written in so tat he was so bad i showed it to the show to the king s learning i haven't tape i alone cosette to a videotape vhf tape
me doing stand of its stand up new york like in my first year oh my colleague ninety three and i am thirty pounds heavier genes i think i'm wearing a vast curly hair and i would lunge when i would tell the jokes like this elvis kind of small mary and i once i was so scared to hear if they're going to laugh or not that i would just go thousand miles an hour discussion
i thought it was a curious about the joke like a catch you if you pause for a year now what can you give us a split second i just went out one thing that some comedians will do especially in the early days were they like say a bunch of things in a row memorize it and the audience why clap area and at the end there big memory zation its and at at at at at at at at at at at at at at at at at the closest you get to a guitar if that up but outbound would in my opinion were dice had everybody beat in the night in aids because people would go to see him i would repeat his lines they wanted to hear watson above all as a whole audience do it just like a fuckin rock consular easy you can't that's as a one off expert yeah replicator in dice had something that was different because there
going to see stuff they already know yeah that he would allow i'll go right that govern da crazy as i still say the word out would hang out with ice yet is that was a rock star well what i mean the room with a my weird out i can only those days clear here it's crazy was now he was so big and my girlfriend or nineteen we're sitting my car he had ass dana's hot nigger gwen girl ice sheet a great since a humorous larry we're sit deadly har listen to this fuckin price clay tape just how great laugh and it was so nineteen that is like the perfect kind of comedy for you guys you know said on a tough it little boy blow needed do you ever see him do along set back then was it i always like short sets the allies
i want to sell him live i saw him a couple of times then i saw him body that the whole way son store a lot in the nineties re only just sort of fuckin around but when he had come store wasn't like a set like a concert set re was like he was working on new material used fuckin around eyes just workin out when he would do long sets i mean it was waiting for the nursery rhyme so yeah so still does nursery rhyme stop i saw him me and jim norton anthony coup me and who the fuck else was it a faint bobby kelly and bread ban went to see him in vegas at the riviera that's gray which is just recently now obviously reveres dead now you think it was probably five years ago maybe a little more but god damn we great time s off the whole set asides wholesale to end it was grids great he was a man mr dude he was a kid
how do you mean the woody allen movie i'm sure yeah julius lander yeah really get that woody allen movie words me out though alan as moves aware beyond now because of class so crazy because of a guy because of who he is is a thing is brilliant director narrate screenwriter but it's like the almost certain things you you know you expect in i get hooked on pills that happens is a boost happens the turns out it was gay happens eyes fuckin his daughter happened was she when he met her shoes to that's that greater a great jokes i am emma phillips woody allen adopted sunni when she was four years old
started dating her when she was fifteen pay since of us saint when he did it start they know it fifteen is around like that i don't know that's christ but now you find out anything about an artist you gonna like from right here's here's the question again is it me is it may is the same thing about my friend jerking off his dog was foot is it just on me i mean what if i mean sounds gross but what if after all those years they really were in love with each other that make sense seems now right i mean he's an old man it was up to still in love and hang out and that unacceptable i know now its unacceptable of people get hurt knowing got hurt me well you can't do anything a lot of agers before and after you have i heard some of these are i heard there is somehow weirdness and some of them with his
agnes here this is a little girl and these whither and then he wandered mariner but it does that's weird man it's just well you didn't maker but he will he's not arrested and he's not in jail so it's not our little right and it didn't everything it was there a case didn't i investigating find the plenum innocent of all this i don't know man that's the problem that is around what these accusations to i mean you know that accusations of that stuff is so huge even if you found innocent i that doesn't compared to the charge it was he found innocent but did they go to court i don't know if he was criminally tried i don't think he did nathan criminal so there was no evidence stephen i don't think so think there was a time where me a fairer was saying that he had done something to one of their other daughters right
yeah what he was saying that the daughter was caused by me and let me as crazy right and that she's furious at he wound up with sunni jacques raising this all crazy but i'll tell you i can show it aside and watch crimes misdemeanours over and over and over there the grand old journeys of all time was the one way it was the space movie sleeper sleeper here as free movie so just what he's doing now if i may to movies a year for many years is amidst does make to year yeah doesn't yeah spring project the fall project i was really unthinking barcelona midnight paris midnight paris is amazing was really weird washing owen benjamin the nano and benjamin alone wills in own wilson basically doing what lay him yeah really really he's doing a version of woody allen and it totally worked it totally
totally worked mean owen did a great job that movie was so good he was really like he was channeling like a woody i like even the way read the lie that same vibe here just to say yes is amazed and tolerating ridiculous shit in their full tolerating ridiculous shift from each other ants haven't affairs yeah you know just the perry six this isn't that yeah beautiful well i mean remains amazing work well the weird i added at weirdos of weird thoughts i know that's the thing some more creative amene whatever reason i know and i just don't have the connection that like ronan fair obviously has do it he can't watch those movies but tom pop sitting in his place watch the movie i'm connected enough for it to bump me out of watching the art all artists are freaky if he'd get down underneath it i'm sure there's a lot of people that we adore who did some
pretty heinous shit yeah someone like david carotene dies weren't a wet through the dildo possess hang in the hotel the name die i'm like an auto erotic ex recreation india the guy from in excess same thing the sounds like a lot of people died due and work really free you shit and some weird stuff and people are weird trees some dont think too deep it is to know people on the surface gorgeous ago except yeah you know but that's just a young i mean i'm almost always willing to do that almost always willing to do that but the woody allen one makes it go now the bill cause you one does not make me want to do i don't want to tat one is the site i gotta right you off the air forever you ever right drug and rape fifty women here that one definitely that's that's our lifetime right off if he had made crimes misdemeanours maybe a negative albert is fat i didn't what about rollin polanski detainees still watch fat albert
her hair is like that are difficult to fund i doubt it it seems like fat albert kind of rain forces certain racial stereotypes that he might probably disagree with as it became older i don't know there was little moral stuff there wasn't everybody getting along de that was always the rumour that he had bought out the little rascals and then he had kept it from being aired it was racing reactors of the buckwheat stuff racist stuff in it was a true i think tat snow passed and i think they found it wasn't really the other he was amber than about the rights to and when let it be shown yeah fine that's true the lottery stuff back them dude we'll talk the communist or last night about how people daisies to smack people a how and you see a movie aware like humphrey bogart smacks a moment face here and i want to make an hour there yeah it's just i went back each other women would smack men men what's whack women smack slack i lie
watching it's a madman man man when man world wars you never see manufacture of how come on when the greatest comedy films of all time whose body hack jonathan winters jack penny mickey rooney many young men really milton borough while i mean it's endless it was just always spencer tracy all put in this crazy film about trying to race across from the desert to santa monica and feel servers all these i mean great it was like the de comedy film of its time and it still holds up still great to watch you would love it you afterwhile the thing i love is everybody screams every it's just yelling at each other more on you area you got
into this why are you doing it so cathartic time where everyone has to be so reserved and say the right thing everyone just like you more i slept with each other in the base its much fun people just harsher to each other back there is great unease a different world right in a totally different world the longer you would rasmussen bill cosby did bill cosby sat status false says origins banking alfalfa buckwheat darlin just a few the easily recognisable names were a fond part of the childhood generations kids beloved characters blah blah blah the that started around it nine where where can you get little rascals now deprived spied on line of its opinion on hulu or anything that look for that mrs it's been licensed and thus indications and nineteen eighty seven bill cosby is never owned any part of the right similar rascals sorts portion alone the pop up said he tried to block amos annie for me
yeah and see withdrew a sense indication knowing this namby ted turner at bought up the rights the tv show that dukes has to keep it on television because of his demeaning put the demeaning portrayal of southerners that's you this is all that is its currently syndicated antient ends not anymore neither rumours but that's not are then they don't they don't air at anywhere anymore right is another deal i didn't like digitally remove the confederate flag now there was a young something today about the confederate flag man what was too in the news today about the confederate fly well some familiar the mayor of new orleans has given one of them speeches i think of our lifetime that idea the mayor and what else did some terrible today really civil war museum closes every spat with confederate fuck that's not it this speech area something about someone refusing to take down the confederate flag confederates
comes down accusations fly the sun no no i don't think that's it is bizarre can it be certain but with some another politician who was refusing to take down the confederate and you know mississippi as it as part of their state flag yeah me too hey flag is like a confederate flag in the corner right the mayor of new orleans forget his name gave his eloquent twenty minute speech about the removal of four statues in new orleans robert e lee civil war era things so eloquent the points he makes it's really about togetherness moving ahead we have to realise that this was up the wound to our country never healed right and this is part of me is he all right king down these statues try and explain to a five year old girl who lives in the city of what that means when it was put up
right after the civil war to let people know that this is the way i think it was a white supremacist risk soup was this movement the put those up there you explain that to a fight you're a girl how are we going to move forward in the culture if we don't get these removed says about hey this isn't about revenge is about moving forward he twenty minutes in a time like we're talking about a rush of just news and constant noise and chattering tweets sky takes twenty minutes eloquently calmly makes the case in way that my paraphrasing doesn't do it any judge us all approve the bulletproof bullet proof it so great and i think the price with the confederate flag and even some of the figures in the civil war they get connected a lot of people's mine to southern pride idiotic where from like southern southern pride leonard scattered in other cases you mean like aunt miranda and he always had that fuckin confederates
lag in their shirts ran i know meaning was it wasn't just a racist symbol white supremacy but it is a race assemble white supremacist both yeah you only right and you got a kind of give that up and have proof you could still pride in the south you can still be a kick ass southern who loves the south for all the good reasons you know they need to do you need to come up with a new flag does not ro the south haven't flag yes south recognise its part of america like did that just something that replaces the confederate flag but includes everybody relic something is not connected to a totally meant to try to keep slavery there was one come any made to use this was a move a flawed moment this wasn't fighting for america this was fighting to tear part america and we need new symbols yoga perfect example is the flag of texas with the star yeah bad ass that's that's that's like tax might as well be its own country right and flag
that means some in our day it's not about right supremacy it's about taxes a bad ass place that's a bad ass flying i have a mentality to live here and it's inclusive mentality of your text in your text and it doesn't matter if your blacker way i now they really let tat go man coming with any no may we think that the i was always kind of back and forth on the redskins and the indians and now why pride is the thing it's a sick but because you and your grandfather easter had hails hard and don't worry if it is your way through price my pa we used to go watch those games together me and my grandfather rights guide you tellin me we can't be the red containing with a few liberal parties my friend get made a great point he's just as a business man you would you say if you own the redskins are worth changing it all that old march people who can be hang through the asked to get benny
new logo and ones can be buying the new stuff readjusted gonna be a windfall just from the merge yeah just i mean if if you if you're not if you think about the social issues think of it is just a dollar issue and go for people who want to give up ground made a narrow sense because their worry the crazy liberals are gonna come in nerve everything it's not liberal it's just being nice strategy now in their case it is but it's one of things are people worry about here the whereabouts given up ground they were so ridiculous today we give up a little ground local fuckin crazy no more talk whose cultural appropriation and yet again serve sushi if your y know i can really wacky why don't you feel even up ground this affiliates running out of steam a little guess i feel it is becoming more more preposterous i've been justice warrior is as a really ridiculous thing at this point they really feels like it's become so absurd yeah i mean it
from that i think there's a correction that's been made i think there are people like taking more things into consideration about other people and i we don't really think about four shows families or that with that group or whatever but yeah did been done good you did i mean that's how it always is the thai goes out the diagnosis and you can explain thea now write a pillar of the cap now we remember that never has won the worst arguments he ever had i show is talking about how he's put his chips on jesus if as you explain why the tigers in tat goes out he's talking to some guy's an atheist whose docketed dawkins now it wasn't dockets silberman ok was so dumb any dom argument listen you can explain it but you can't exclaimed accorded to hear you here so stupid that the thing i don't you know tat you are a man that we're not built by and i'll tell you why it's not a scam in my opinion right tat goes into goes out never miscommunication you can't explain you can
splain why retired the goals and water the tide comes in and it goes out mission maybe i always go on top of mount olympus whose making the tides that's great the look in his eyes like yeah can explain that in fact we are talking about and narrow malone acute and his gravity array causes the way come on man this area you can't time the tide you fuck know exactly when its common it's such a bummer being smart sometimes as a bummer takes away or not he's not dumb i think he's deceptive bill aroused his crazy nea it's amazing that he kicked out a fox tomales thicken everybody out how did he seems to be holding on maybe he's like one of the own come every scientist land orgies
yeah they arrive enough dirt on himself crazy fuck party over there all they do is they try to get laid bill rallies beaten off on the phone i read some article about call women up and be beaten offers talk and unlike well grim when the transcript came out it was like i want to be the louvre on your body is not worry lays boy yes disgusting but what but ah yeah you know i know that that whole place was running like there was like the cause things like once the one came out mrs rapid fire well when you have a guy who's got that kind of power is that you know it's just so weird you get bored again the weird sexuality thing ravens like a manifesto act this guy in this way that night its abusing these women those fuckin shows too
all these shows like when we really think back like we look back at two thousand seventeen from the future and we look at the state of the media today here and how i one side whether it's fun ox news or whether it cnn here we so heavily leaned in one direction or the other so obviously editorializing what's goin on the news their opinions of the news well it's all just entertainment so gross i mean you know in that horrible thing happened in manchester at the at the concert it's like hey that act as heinous and what happened that night those peoples heinous but then who does that all of the other work of scaring the daylights out of the rest of the world cnn running it nonstop for forty eight hours this grainy footage of young girls screaming and crying so
much more powerful than what that schmuck did blowing up those people in that place there they're just as negative a force for the public then the terrorists but they don't care they're just trying to get attention because he believes it leads that's rise a big story harm you know that people but what is theirs its ability is responsibility report on the news that that's a new story that's a giant crazy tragic event sure they would be remiss of they didn't report right you can report on it but you don't have to have me walking with my daughter through an airport and having a blue peering out of every television said the girl screaming you could have grown up sitting there and analyzing it without sensational rising it but it's entertainment it's big balls out entertainment network its heinous i think that's a real good argument when people wash involuntarily looked at them the air can escape it cannot escape it i
trying i was working on this book i was at the end of this at a deadline i'm just head down not trying to follow anything but i was travelling at the same time wolf blisters popping out in bar as in restaurants at the gate wessels pretzels more breaking news trumpeted this now that you can't escape it pressure there's no responsibility about these like the weapon old man be an old what happened to the news reap reporters being a shitty guy but just go delivered the news i gather more amphora there note third running adds now on cnn of them like what but sir in another couple of em walking through the whole it's like those espionage is beyond would like they be walking through the net with a through the office of his man making jokes with mascot that's what loaf blitzer and clara belle and all these people are doing
on cnn was i do i dont oiling the walk and throwing the hey look swears anderson cooper what's he doing in the office and its a bit yes these are the people there was to be delivering the hard news tell me right analyze and make sense of the world look at enemies in what's anderson doing in there and a punch line well you know i really deserves you when they do that podcast thing or anderson cooper that three sixty where he sitting in the desk and allow for people to his right for people to his last wednesday people there's nine people the last time i saw nine people yelling at ahead of eight people in everyone's talking over each other ray and some people never get a word in edgewise and people are just jumping in and adjust its the worst it's all entertainment yes but it also edra editorial ass to its light how and a person just relate to you the information is unbiased as they possibly can i know is that possible today the largest pbs pbs is
close as i find it yes it's kind of just factual they just put it out whenever they have they have our shields and brooks on say not bricks and done it's never materials in your it's a major two guys who would know we'll be on any other network as their funny looking and they have the conservative view in the liberal view and budgets a matter of fact and factual and sensational match shitty to each other as it is evenly balanced com is i can find is pbs news our but who was shot hannity arguing with one telling sean hadn t that he's bad for america was a ted couple deca those ted copier torreons bad for
and you know and to ensure saying something along the lines of don't you think america smart enough to make up their own mind which is so ridiculous also candy asked of him is that he backs out of it and says well i'm not a journalist i must talk show host meals you think we're bad for america eating up bad for mark you do in the long haul i say really and all these opinion tat knowing you know what sad because you are very good at what you do and because you have you have attracted a suit never again play more wage and our limited frontal she said let me finish this and whistling it with all the u s and you have you have attracted people who are determined that ideology is more important than facts oh that's what you need those old
foods should be running tell jail riley ruin journalism to ted couples on a goddamn rampage any so middleweight aloof sponge bitch i got something to say on a number of times not an easy area how would you do it you know do you have talked about those general subject many times over the years and it's irrelevant how i would do it you know who made it irrelevant you do you have change the television landscape over the past twenty years you took it from being objective indulge being subjective and entertaining and in this employment it doesn't matter what the interviewer asks him mister i was going to say whatever he wants to say it was outrageous as it may be okay you know you're old network abc does interview mr tromp on a regular basis our job whether i'm commentator or reporter is to get as much information
the one and to show the viewer who the person really so again i ll go back to he sitting on line your are right at opposite him how do you do it well before you do it is not in the end of you you do it but some reporting that's it it's an old fashioned concept but i think straining who and what mr promptly is and what is various policies really amount to something you don't do in an interview he doesn't answer the questions you pointed out it's a whole football game on cable tv commentators like me just ruin the country i come to that it's true right i've ruined everything strew it's in a tame it like just give us the news it but there have been other so much money in it and it's not even why do they have to here's the question why can't they just rotten entertaining show that makes money like whose flexibility is it to relay the news to the people is it fox news responsibility i mean don't they
some sort of mobile and out that their initial payment program you everything that are they what are they what is anarchy lhasa use such small design i understand but would say you decide to call the show the tampa news and you start talking about the news i do you a very specific need to like if we know you was entertainer and bill riley was always entertainer he was entertainment news reporter on hard copy before he was ever on on this right so we know he's that guy would you as one who has a responsibility to take the news in an objective sense like if you can edit as you can write things out can decide which stories should get the most coverts like during the the campaign cnn was all about the sexual harassment cases against tromp and then fox news is all about hilary inner email scandal i mean there they decided yet once i was going to who's to say what you cannon
and do when it comes to that we don't really have a hard fast rule when it comes to television journalism we think the new york times we think you know what in certain a news papers have great you know we have respect for them they have a certain amount of fact checking reliability responsibility rather reliably assess there's gonna be the news right to a certain extent near i think it's you know it's once you start twenty four hour news station it's a beast it's gotta be fed and happy people's people attracted but isn't even really a twenty four hour new station we think about what cnn as they have doubled belle show great they have anthony board dane show they used other tim ferris show they got a bunch of shows that have zero over the morgan spare luxury right nothing to do with news yeah yeah i mean other than you know you haven't seen the show before this is new like they might be talking about some information in mine out of a heard before but it's not like
eating news share i think i think that's and we want to see an end stand for cable news network and fox news i think one people once you know the people are looking to you as the news there should be some responsibility i think that this somebody some grown up has to be in in control that but you know these are stocks you know these are these are some parts of giant corporations with stock prices and the people running it i'm going to meetings and get break over the coals when their ratings are down and what are you going you about it jeff sucker maybe skin be like when w w f territory your name is doubly debbie either a b c and yet i mean look if you put an old man knew station on right and we'd be like ok finally this is like all measure and in good and sometimes all sides in this is to america first before party probably deep down
shit ratings data varying doesn't have all the other people going crazy on it yeah it's just you just hope that kind of money through it and end up they just want grownups in charge here what's he do could the cnn the dude cheat you got it basement again has brought the rest distance kid overrun somebody's gotta site is gonna put that do not have many central issues let em right is on ship i saw a leg of a clip of him really looks like it's cable news network somewhere it as an ever make a purse of anymore he's just ecosystem make des and incredibly verbose speeches i insulting trump over and over again saying so cool sold out to the russians and this is an invasion make no mistake about it we are the resistance superintends yeah i know but it's got that we're table access feel to really does like his he used to be
i could always people around areas down to printing zone pages collating his own scripts germany so many do tweeted about deal about one fuckin not he is billing i didn't you know i had been paying attention lately these are defined well he's not i mean is that he's out there on the cheek homepage dune coming to you my boy you know my dog is isn't the emergency room what did they say is at a snake by bell and come home between for thirty six ass good so he knows where on the air so she doesn't want to stir but i want to find out what it was yeah wasn't snake bite snake venomous expensive ass the snake antidote very expensive so if you're on the trail like i was in the end the and the snake bit you in the leg
i don't like your thoughts i find that what do you do good questions that could happen to us against one of the things we really should know do neither ran over a snake once i was running with my particular mozilla neg nervous when i didn't run over like hit this one eyes i saw in the road i was running and i jump over this stick and as i was jumping over the stick i realized it was aroused neck i only beg one stretched out who flattened out on the road on the trail and it was you know the length of my arms yeah it was it was big ass wasn't stakes snakes thick like my wrist around it was a fuckin thick old snake that's a lot of venom that would come out of that had i guess i've heard of i don't know if it's a myth or not but i heard that the young ones are actually more dangerous because they unload all their venom whereas the older ones just give you a little zap field twins like to relax hello there morse their smart addison like victim victim com keeping them still unquiet restrict movement and keep the affected
area at or below heart level to reduce the flow of venom remove and rings or constricting items and clothing as the affected area may swell allow the bite to bleed freely for fifteen thirty seconds before cleansing create a loose plant to help restore the movement of the area contact medical help as soon as possible see below evacuated victim immediately by hiking to a car chapter or medical staff monitor the person's vital signs temperature pulse rate of breathing and blood pressure of possible but as it say you do so so number six evacuate the victim immediately by hiking to a car so as i mean that the persons big can highlight so you wouldn't do not waste i'm hunting for the snake and deny risk another bite if it's not easy to kill the snake while they're trying to tell you to kill it after it has been kill this can still bite for up to an hour so be careful i transporting holy shit ye that's that's scary
it's kind of their kind of like saying look i know you're gonna kill this fuckin snake is i looked it up for a hiking is here in the house to give any other information rise like specific yet still doesn't save you should move or not jefferies to stay still but if you have to walk a mile to your house yeah uphill you gotta go against this went is a loose splint to help restrict google what do you do for a bit i in your acting alone words my dog is we have no information the doctoral tell us when we get there still needs no basis that have show papers first fits of the worst my glass cat the diet it was like we don't know and after on a test ok fine on the test scores fifteen hundred ok granite fifteen hundred dollars ok that didn't come inclusive we'll have to run another test it why
which if you want to try and save it we have two three grand ran the test then there are now three grand in the whole week we didn't find out there's no way to cure it they put the cat down and then they say he wants to do an autopsy why sure why how could you do on the move and other to guarantee its is my snake questions on red it ok no first date is much better than performing bad for oh no first date much better than performing bad first aid don't cut all around the site of the bite dont compressed the bit lamb with a court or tight bandage don't attempt to extract or neutral as venom using electricity fire perma grant programme a granite announces perma granite herman granite poorman granite saw what is that we can all see black stones mouths mud leaves etc all snake bike
it's a dangerous and should not be used while this was also confirmed by the snake snake bite poison line a lot snake by patients injure themselves by panicking directly after a snake bite by tripping over iraq or a tree trunk or by falling off the cliff side of that rail staying com is important after snake bite walk about only thirty feet away from the snake find a sakes safe places sit down a sap the venom can rapidly diffuse to your system this can drop your blood you're too low to pump all the way to your head while standing will sitting down reduces your chances of fanning than the first few minutes if she faint should be more for more than a few minutes remove any ray any rings watches or raising wildcat yes well up anything else from the bit land because a swell you make a lot it a lot bigger soon take five minutes to calm down and plan your evacuation the only effective treatment for a snake bite ventilation is the right anti vent
to neutralize it do not wait for symptoms to appear if bitten his important again touch the merging personnel as soon as possible to get you to a hospital for a self and service grew call nine one one or the park ranger there's no service think about the last time you had phones or cellphones man that we didn't have a cell phone that was there the thing i would like now we're gonna disconnect thus useful the circle location snake bite right down the time next to it so when they find you dead yeah draw circle around the border of the swelling and write down the time right down the things you are experiencing that are not normal so now we have pens on us we have markers as apples are metallic taste in your mouth changes to sense of smell sudden loss of vision double vision visual disturbances ring in the years headache nausea involving bleeding from anywhere dizziness shortness of bread here we better it's bad that's not good down there contact i cell phone if this is not possible
slowly to get help that's the key drink some water and take some calories if you have any some snakelike victims walk several miles after serious snake based their legs ok incur they make enough why should i made out medical care yeah yeah i got another hang out don't be mercy man fuck up you kill that kind of a snake had evil certain we're serpent how did you kill it you just dont gonna stop us at his head there that's where the body part from your faster than the body part i gotta get sidekick you not wearing flip flaps now knows where i think i was ran trail sneakers there's gotta what's happened to him the grip
these are our move you shouldn't do it i would recommend that outcry never do it again but in a moment it was thing to do i like that it's just that i have a shot here a minute just sake it is predatory instincts over the fucker sleep anomalies and he has not think gonna stop then i have to stop this is good memorial weekend stuff two things to bring a new trail a phone and a sharp sharping well i always have their within case people one autographs good move i'm thinking about getting some snake boots jamie pull up snake boots club in looking at some snake boots if their thigh hi i'm walking out i will stop the snake i see that i get a site assistance thigh wonder woman style he tom you want then stop in this weekend with all its neighbours that snake boots gets you right above that and you feel such a fuckin idiot did you want his eyes go about like up to me what are those cabin boot looking ones with the red are those like calves
on the side of click on that bitch chippewa chippewa barboza it could see in that with a big red hat came sat a girl on farmers only darker i don't know what to do when they buy snake i want lozada kitchen bears this seventeen inch boot has a brown leather foot and core dura top to allow for breeding is also good year leather welt what's a welt the bottom yes cushion in souls and leather line don't get caught by a snake without a pair the leader and snake proof boot business have become the standard of quality and durability that will support the hunter in red
tile infested areas merry christmas honey i got you some at five a time they probably just light straight ahead right these things probably work they'll get about one where these people live in freedom the rich scott over the new snake prove boots has got snake proofs the levels that look like a snake that's just vicious are you looking for a blow job and bass boat i could you imagine if you were wearing those stupid looking boots and that fucking snake lunch or and you saw the teeth like this kind is going to get me right above the boot and bami locks on your kneecap and fills it up with hot venom look in his fucking reptilian ancient eyes is a heartless soulless eyes as he pumped toxin in your fucking bloodstream and you're still where those stupid boots
looking for a hand job in a motor boat how much sexes ever happened in those those it's a fan of as though you that examines bite new bite you there was a cool but where are these liking alla time at the ghent summit rattlers do up here you go up in the hills right above the studio man this fuckin snakes all over the place the point of wearing these boots of europe i want to do it all the time of your personal there all the time i would recommend them look ok let's find out where do most people get bitten by snakes what part of the body d people get bombarded badia i thought you're fuckin city i was going to say thank you bet it's i bet it's the calf like the cat
half area shin kafir it makes sense right yoke of her hand job in a haystack greater than i never sent happen on a leg i'm away again their low there in ground creatures than a flying around what if you have good my time you have good leg checks that those needs are commonly check it yeah i bet i bet none of those guys fastening bed none of them the fast snake not you know they're not that quick there's really welcome as if you if you start elam yeah through that's worth really fucked up you started yeah i have to what i did the thing about a snake is that they have to come up nor to get you solve a snake is flat that like the snake that i saw you relax and as i go you're dead you know get
quick enough mine was coiled this as they have it but they call strike height and they can make it above some other boots some people asking about if they can get kevlar genes that on go through their genes move so they are really you'd have to wear snake proof underpants i wanna snake prove condom rapid extravagant michael analysis a doubt it is probably help guide the venom right into your fuckin leg act as they will slide you wanna do do doggie style of the blue collar concert restate fair i busted state fares are on man there really will be a band of a state fair even if there's a lot of people to stay for the caviar as always it is a state fair
yeah i guess it had new due to the state fair i pack dad's ear you know one's got an offer when it was first starting as a comic to do that the offer let's get you would drive a van with but move all the stuff stage in it to state fair help help the crew the stage load everything on the state of stuff and then you drive at the end of show you know you do look comedy host little and then you drive to the next you break down the stage loaded up than you drive him the next city and the routing was like starts in buffalo next night phoenix next charlotte north carolina then rochester and back to tucson arizona i was like i said to my girlfriend at the time is now my wife wishes get on the motorcycle and just drive these places without this state fair shows
that's funny em and they pay you but it was much right now is terrible so we ended up so we did we took the motorcycle and went for five weeks all round the u s recycle yeah that's pretty gangster who was gangster we don't even dating for six months that show gallia care at seattle to get show gallia care move you really invested to recapture brother got back matt we're like our i guess we'll get married because that went well that's bill marries advice mary says if you think about marry someone travel the world with em be hot miserable you find out what they really are about absolutely i've lost some friends we went on vague and swift railing the air abort getting a cheery they can't go with the flow they get all pissy in oaks the card and show upper you miss the train you so a stressful travel yet the problem of some people right you just don't know how to keep it together when things are gone the best there pissy
bye bye hannity moat move when he's like really ten really not that sad that guy you d want to travel with that guy is silly boy you just get pissy that kind of like the kid he's been picked on nothing but you know what the problem with those guys is many problems born of the big is there always in combat toys fires forcing opinions there was pushed their opinions with a lot of energy and emphasis and there was resisting anything it is contrary to their opinions never considering them now going over it ike yeah really re objectively it's always this this into but which is a natural now that nash old knee jerk reaction that all of us are subject yeah we're all subject to that kind of unfortunate sense of our ideas the initial idea there's a book do not know the name i'll find out and posted but
my friend red and he's a conservative and its basically about that it's how to take here something recognize what your initial knee jerk reaction is because of where you stand on what you believe and evaluate it and give yourself a b to say wait maybe i'm wrong and trying work your way around the argument and he's but ebay really believes in this book it's like we're so all naturally set for these trigger word like you hear hannah beery here trumpery you hear hilary or you hear clinton's and everybody has a preconceived beliefs so you just back up when it was those stories are in this book is about breaking that down to be more open and more logical i've definitely try to work on that a lot during my time
i've been doing the park ass i've gotten away better out i'm deafening at the best at it but it's something i'm way better now than i was when i first are due in part to failure because you realize like how much it's gets in the way of a good conversation re gets in the way of understanding how other people think yeah inane on sometimes you have to dig your heels and defend your position because you think the other person being illogical ia and that's ok to but it's also important to look at someone else sand and try to make see if it makes any sense at all and it might not be but give it but give it a chance it due to chechnya notes great i trust that when you look at someone from someone else point of view i try to go okay so where it explained like where you come from which try to try to deal with judgment trotted just like really getting yad so when you would you do opinions and you do it eyes it and come down and say you know x is wrong i believe x is wrong do read your twitter feed juice
because it seems like any time you're in something public in you side anyway one issue when you go this way or that way you're getting attacked do you have that you deaf we have that i've got the and you take it too hard to you just like now these people just exist and that's the way i mean i mean i analyze myself on me now listen to some of it yet if its valid i know i deftly no i fucked up before sure and when i have fucked up before of red things that people said that it didn't feel good to read it the other new they're probably right right and so east you know when you do alive show and you're just kind of free following the air and at how many old time any sometimes communism and sometimes just sometimes gets heated sympathisers bows involved nor a hippie here there's all those by you know i mean it's just are you trying to get better i'm trying to do it better read you are this is the part of the process right and dumb
there's a value in feedback but there's also you have to understand like how many people with you now we're just trolling you out of here but i like you for whatever reason harangue just you i've got was pages will say something insulting and you're their pages is them insulting everybody right undoubted again i now some people to choose to that with their time and aid this is america you'll have to do that but i think overall the more those are the less i spend looking at any that share the better off i am some less likely to look at that shit now than ever before yeah it's just yet has looks like you say like you some of it you want to see and it is good feedback and like you know there is a good report like with you now and then people just like they make it almost empty for define the good ones because it's just sk as you said one word yet look were comedians were just curious people were always trying to figure stuff out you know
a similar that we're not down on neither any one side anyone team were really trying to figure out life and try to figure things out so you loud to try and be like i don't think this is right or i don't think that's and then but the teams people from the tina just pounds you can't take that away well i'm trying to figure it out i don't know this is an oil grey i don't know if this is but don't you think that we also makes social and social media and interaction with people so interesting is that people can throw their opinion to the ring young throw their hands the ring as it were like they they read something that you say or they heard something that you said and clap and then they d argue with you about it it's better if it if its it smart argument now not just knee jerk you know i hope you die because you said that i think you know to loved it you know that's what some of the best conversations you can have or when you die agree with somebody and you just kind of like going back
can get your let's not insulting yeah that's the big key in its also you when you explore why you believe something and ably something different and you go back and forth over if you do do respectful and you do get to re understand where that persons coming from sometimes it makes it even more obvious to everybody listening end you that they're wrong ray or that you're wrong whatever the fuck and honest answer it gets it gets sort of illuminated doesn't get illuminated when you get locked up in this battle right there's people that will form sides like but if you can get to the objective back what what eggs you believe that that is true right and then they tell you and you go all that is actually not true let's find the facts or i didn't know that right now i'm looking at my initial position differently and dont be to their national position because just an opinion but opinions us or almost like markers of our self esteem if you can't if you can't defend that position
then you fucked up initially and you have in your your flawed so people i dig in and they try to defend that position even when they know it logically re doesn't make sense is like to get married to end even if you you're with somebody your engaged in having this real back and forth about something and you both for dealing with the facts but yes they'll have your opinion that no i'm still siding with this way and i'm siding with that way you can still respect each other here it's when you go when it becomes a personal insults is where you lose it right i mean i don't know but my family people you know that i work with whatever who have to we'll different views vote differently act differently do whatever but i love em just gray people and you can't there you shouldn't have to dissolve relationships because of a political point of view a certain issue right there's you know that's what's great my whole family was like my grandfather was hard my uncle was hard left and they would argue and fight but they live
each other and everybody kind of got along and to state their potatoes at after the argument somebody can't do that rights in care if you don't agree with them you can allow them yeah got everything the air about and then some people have like these crazy arguments were you just can't be right or wrong you don't know what you're talking about and you still like climate change how many people you talk to that would you go hard one way or the other and climate change year and then when you start talking about it like you actually asking makes you think that climate change is just a cycle and that human beings are not involved in love been shown that spend a lot of the data has been hoax than a lover and then if you just go deeper deeper deeper on the rabbit wholly funded to yemen looked into it that much right very few people arguing for a pro or again steer man made climate change of really looked into a most people are just sort of taking the consensus view they hear from scientists are from pundits from people and if you're on the left you most likely
thinking that were in deep trouble and if you're on the right it more likely dismiss it yeah i mean that why back to why we need grownups to like control some of the news and give you facts you can kind of the side stuff it's because you don't have the time to rest climate change on your own you ve got kids you gotta dog it's gotta wants you to whack off with it there's a lot going on in your life so you depend on others who are really who are invested in giving you the right information so what he'd do dude tell them that they have to just say that ok you got caught something in news should we have like a thing where there is you you have to like meat standard of ingredients like we looked at your ingredients and you have trans fats in your news ray of others of the bull shit like this he can't sell this is food right re not new year you can't make this should be i am it should because like for it for like canada to say i'm a talk show host that's fine then more power to you but then
should be a thing a little logo off from the corner that says opinion show ragged little oh and then they should i m on the top of the whatever show that just giving you facts were the day right the problem really is calling it a news network and having opinion people on a news now awry but that's it with anderson cooper when he's rolled his eyes achillea conway other things they same shit it's the same stuff threatening shit you just do it on the other side and maybe he's correct that what you say is dickie less but he's clearly editorializing by doing yes it's all opinion shows you know and then you needs putty don lemon you made it all you made tat coupled to sit there with his little face just give you that boring news and put an end on it and then he goes opinion shows you let them know means loan these guys know a k you're ruining every year i don't have time to watch anything frankly good for you where do you get your news do just read articles i read i yeah i mean step up about my phone we the time to read the times i get the times delivered everyday look at you
a real man near to a toast gentleman's toast yes i do the gentleman's breakfast javelins breakfast need the van gogh is this great this great retainer has its great had this great quote about what it takes to do good work and you have to have you ve ever you smoke your pipe heavy a fling once in awhile something like an have up a moment to yourself to have coffee to have your coffee by yourself and i really trying cars have had every day i am secondly we then go with it i really leave those things like to just sit with your coffee for a couple minutes and just in peace have that those moments like you won't you talking about making your bread yes moments making of a person those moments of thought and careful consideration what you're doing relaxation you sitting
and eating the bread just having a slight supposed and a coffee and to sit for ten minutes before the eu embark on whatever madness you're going to do for the day you know what does moment eight point the big rituals for back country hunters bringing coffee i will in a is a very big thing ray we're back country hunting and hiking when these guys go deep into the basque country the other several miles deep into the woods i used to do it all to end they by the gulf guys will bring like a little jet boil packets of coffee and they'll got some hot water and they ll sit together and their well like have a moment to be a person again sit down let's have a cup of coffee interesting and they'll tell you these little plastic cups in the other poor their coffee in this in their drink in the side of the mountain and then i feel
i got a moment of pleasure a moment of relaxation important and there's other stuff they didn't put in the pact's this that we can have that yes right well they just carry that extra way especially the jam boil generals product pound or so yeah yeah you're carrying water anyway you just boil and that water and you pour in those of the other starbucks little were to ya think their call yes i was gone was a starbucks you have little packets called thing was about the recent on that yeah that discoveries well yes illegally pack leg instant call anything's virtue was a virtue that's somethin right that make sick electronic waste but the other whatever the starboard does it those star burst the starboard instance are really good agenda argus may it tastes like real coffin to making it out i do it now i swim i should in new york apartment because yak as it and have a good coffee as like these this'll doing well if you want to make coffee if you're at home all you need is a french press that is the way to go is the best
but its debts were announced it advocates a few steps by this the oil from the coffee viewer person who enjoys the actual flavour lobbies me no no nothing just give it to me like a man that's why i drink at these days i get way less complaints upon the park ass about me clear my throat earlier problem before why cause you had stuff in the coffee drink the bullet proof coffee with butter and the euro and it was making a fleming that butter coffee may see super fleming i believe what am i doing here blackrock display man causing the bat sabre to thrust really good content savage it's good no there's those moments are really important in life i really believe like those little quiet things that have been passed on things have been around for thousands of years and people of figured it out the cocktail hour the moment the quiet moment you know before better in the morning when you're having your coffee those things are fig our reason there people have figure
now this is the way to live as yes you know it really is it really is the way to live here and if you can pull it off and there so small there so deep in their so valuable not i mean it's not a giant trip to vegas it's not all i've got em make a million dollars sitting with you i hate and coffee that simple little thing is so much better for your soul than all this giant stuff that we end up chasing near small yeah i was interviewing doktor robert pasqua yesterday the scientist and one of the things i was doing is going oversight was work listening his previous interviews in reading some articles and stuff and he had this thing about meditation oh yeah essentially want things to saint of imitation is like it can be effective but you have to do it all the time right against something you do once a week like meditation something that should become a daily part of your routine then
it'll help mitigate stress but twice a day for can you said i didn't specify you know it while the different forms that it takes to this bunch different kinds and is not necessarily one that works best one might but i think that what you're doing when you're making your bread i think that's meditation i really do yeah in a way it like when i really meditating you sit for twenty minutes right you don't slow like it slows your heart rate its rice and you not asleep it actually comes you deeper than sleep i used to and i still do call martial arts moving meditation because martial arts make you think so much about the movement and about what you're done so much intensity and so much danger involved in them that they make you have a very singular focus and then in that singular focused as some sort of a cleansing that happens right with your mind by gestured going hard at these things a relief stress in a way completely that goober focus on anything right leg it went
when i had a motorcycle am i i still does it end i mean it's his thing like you know i've comedy in other things to put my mind into he still does it and i get it i mean one you're on that by its your survival where's your dad live he lives in their new york city now upstate near was he in a place where you could write a bike not worry about yeah it's not like you have doubt the running you over what the texan but he was everywhere goes like this trip slick excuse me all the way and that you must east coast but he's done all of europe is done all of the u n yellow light out never wiped out ever wiped out while no that's incredible yeah how'd you do that you're the only i've ever heard of really i don't know i was overs safest in as i could be used dependent on other people but we all of it am i fell over was my wife and i pulled two days in unlike kansas and we then a lot
high wage straight in ours is going we pulled up to the days in through teams we'd poland at the end of the day and she would go into check into the hotel and i would take care the bike into a days in and you got it she helped off the bike and i just never took my feet off the pigs because i'm so tired and i just like baby hilda slowly to her now the bark and i caught it just feel like it's a snub that pretty good yeah rise like all day hence now i tat i went with a couple of friends from fear factor all taken at the same time motorcycle safety course oh yeah and while i was doing it to people i know gotten carts and on more really here and and one person i know saw a person get hit saw some wednesdays out on their phone ran into some guy from behind a flying through the air just just
adam he anxious bang terrible i now i was lucky but once i came out here i added new york city for a long time which was kind of manageable i would do like spots mean great geraldo would go between clubs and it was so is kind of a little more mellow and it was all right but once i came out here like there's no way i just had kids in my career diana go ok and unlike this too much to lose i in this place is with driving as it is and everybody on here too as a brand new york those are professionals that's her hate here you re urea silent that their better at it but the man i was in san francisco a couple weeks ago and i went into a do caddy triumph shop god mainly one monsieur bad guys ah there so beautiful i've never written do karate bicentenary their interim and these the turing ones like i wasn't even interested unlike the real crotch rocket like if these touring ones that are so beautiful ass two kinds of course
under them too they really do very distinct yeah i i do miss it for sure who knows things yeah the new triumphs there made to look like the old triumphs handles a great mouth looks like so much fun so much fun ah look at them fuckin by body with a double tail pipes guide how could you not wanted to leave everybody always simplifying apparently those things can have self balancing properties to them really willingly gyros they have like traction control some of them do now and there was one jamie showed that some bike from the future that holds itself up w sorrow made it is some who bmw bike that doesn't have any bike you've ever seen before it looks like some totron shit some space age shit and this bike
is i think it's right it it's a concept right now go full screen so if you look at this shit here with him though he is doing but if this happen since the jane you saying they were saying you don't need a helmet which is what i said i'm in repeating what this market easier declared if you really do we're close look at the gods are they have on she's got these goggles really virtual reality headsets go back to you can see those goggles before she puts him on a glitter this look at this fucking bike and gordon the single tom cruise guy looks so she can see like the speedometer and everything comes through your vision that this crazy it's got big fat batman tyres that's gorgeous it's gotta navigation system it shone on goggles around this is crazy it's amazing this coming soon
really might be bullshit no way all the stuff always comes out but watch he stands off of it stays up on its own irish of course it's coming but she's my god i is shut out it would be women you hotter mr otto in your bike oh my god i fight i follow instagram it's like tat thing they think of that man motor a list it just farc just beautiful girls on these old vintage bikes sex thing of every single day like she hasn't even have to balance it balances itself not wasting could also are pushing its procedures scott such i'd gravitational force at the whole thing i stay centred she so you put a girl by its hot you know if you put it on a place where you not expect you couldn't energies goes up and bright girl on the golf course throat a boxing geometer hair pulled back oh my god a girl on occur
with just about yeah grown a golf course they're big they go up always back eyes right dating a girl golf courses looking predict what is the actual like off some for really play we haven't any request ex all types aerial real consideration probably all the slogan for dec i would like it it's like guys plainward dolls tat way what all now if you're out there on the links plan should play shouted i lay in some girls i couldn't play at all we were just flirt with guys at the driving range would you show me your jamie hottest arguably female offshore million followers on its course it does female golfer and shoulder but magic thousand male golfer stand like that back up one ok male golfer stand like that
shows all that's over what she could do that you stick are bought out you yes you got a workman waiting i well i'm sure she's got more than that you son of a bitch now she's talent sales sexist came believe friend that's what i hear she's a gorilla its hang out and she's wherein tiny skirt you gotta work with you got outcome dues interests like that when they hit pause seems we're because we don't know we don't have those bodies are bodies grows as always looked like that if we're sleek and thin variously thin smooth hairless smooth not offensive nope appendages dangling no disgustingly grows gross airs come and everywhere everywhere here's my ears now of shaven smoothing saying older get harrier i got no care now back of the neck here yet
here here knows here i'm card their support what'd he yeah exactly i might had a barber another time barbara shaved my ears when i was fifteen well just put like you took i mean shaving stuff and put it on my ears and shaved andre raising an air and everything then just we its growing out of power to my ears yet a totally work there screw that way anyone that's why shave you years fifty most kids do i have to get up your goddamn little wolf boy michael j fox in the movie but it was soft little fluffy hair it's like cacti don't think it works out women i don't think like when you shave it it doesn't grow back thicker than tat a man i don't think that's true i think definite grows back thicker really yeah i don't think it does i think this
the other day i found here this leopard heavily grows baghdad british or its mouth when my wife started shaving her mustache now it positive that china but it's a war will win we hack away i've got i've gotta trimmer that goes inside the ear nose out of the nose one thing i share with my regular razor adam sharing my face i shave the back of my ears harry mess sometimes i'm dr at my car i'll grab in your poor of knows how come out by the roots feels good very satisfying while looking to see a bunch of hair and pulled out of my nose you gotta get a tremor yeah i know i do but sometimes i can grab them just like it grab my one by one part of my back his hairy than the other side fact or fiction if you shave or wax your hair will come back thicker and
it looks that way but looks completely ready to see i believe the science spell shared with the southern scientific america luncheon liberal nonsense that is blame not so there's ever reasons that the myth continues to flourish one is the limitation of human perception people are just not very good observers but there is no science just no science behind hair growing back thicker says amy mc michael first vaulted girl it was she now chair of the department of dermatologists wake forest baptist health or just kidding amy show you know a lot more than me also the power of coincidence indeed pervasive myths if a young boy shaves his moustache will grow back figure are grounded in a colonel of truth it might but that's because the shaving may overlap with the timing of natural hormonal fluctuations in his body that are developing his adult fish well here not because of his hair removal hair grows at different times and a different rates for everybody case closed papa i
little fuzzy's on my ears and now i have cactus barbs that hurt life in our sleep well it's a hairy mess i had a birthmark on my left side of my back when i was young and faded but what's made his hair so bright side is not very harry has somehow but this site is just like a jungle a patch well established for it when i was in high school where wasn't sammy my back sammy on my back what you do and therewithal that hair sammy for it was samuel by my party called sailing i'm one of my friends named it the sami on my back some weird funny coming out allow me they jerk off to avoid what you do in their who hit by that air sammy and on that no reason gentlemen we just did no three hours we did a show of crazy how the fuck that happens for thirty already tom
do you so in your home enjoying my bread over memorial may weaken will i'd be enjoying anyhow gift yoke for use yes yes yeah eightys i have so i have purchased a new commercial sized yoda pellet smoker and i will be cooking from the new location so next we do fight companion or maybe next time you and i do a park we will sit onto a meal real i will cook before you ever get here will have a meal will put some cameras on animal talks and show our eating a nice delicious wild game dinner i will bring the wine and the cigars come i and dinner with a dinner with joe and tom dinner with a dinner for two and you bring bread and will have some gentleman's butter what is it gentleman's breakfast three cigars as bottle of wine that's done don't do that word were done
two great idea so i have this it's a younger pull this up so yoda one thousand hundred i got one sided cook for like six seven people at a time perfect yeah it's a big answer to this well i'm a big fan of these pellets bonkers what i like about these ye is is by the way not an endorsement of paid full price for this thing didn't four melick sponsorship big it's just a dope pellet smoker wow it's made america what are you keep what's pellet what in hell it it works on pellets meaning hardwood pellets so what they do as they take you know when the lumberyard cuts up like maple or curse hardwood they take the pellets they take rather sawdust and they can press it in the natural sugars compressed though down two pellets hold together and they pour these pellets in a hopper and the hopper feeds into a worm drive that feeds to a heating element
so ass keeps it at a very consistent temperature had indeed have you light it well light itself to fish to us well yeah see it lay that re ass it looks like and if you james c d you find my head and thoughts dope i love these things and is another cup he called trigger they just came with a really super high tech one that's thick insulated like yeti cooler it's like they're there best model yet any control with an app and when as digital thermometers that are built into its he could tell a temperature your food what's your when your signature dish offer this thing well mostly i wild game because i write i shoot a trotting food and elk a year which is rank four hundred pounds of meat plus i give away a lot of eighty four pounds but its foreign upon me but this year good year yeah i shot to dear i shot a pig i shot and elk
is so short a lot animals this year so i got a lot of good evening frigida have to commercial phrases in the back here ok and have two more commercial freezers bow give a lot of food to my friends yeah i'm very prodigy food to duncan i gave gary clark junior area while the graves guitars vote time eight my media that's great telegram real gruber yeah so this as this new one the timberline that's it that's a good line by line is their new one and this new one you could see like it has is crazy convection oven cycling of the smoke nice and the triggers get is really sick door here my friend john dudley has one of these i think there's some sort of a discount the get by one with his i don't know i i have a gas grill thing now and you just don't get that's not the same
sad to say the same this is this is no gas this is just would see the power that's no chemicals and also you just know line or no no no no just electricity heats up there heating element and there's a fan the blows err on the side of the wood chips while they're getting cooked and then it just smoke smoke and he because the food dude i am i am soul does another company really good company called green mountain grills they actually gave me a girl back in the day there were the first ones it ever try those are ex on two and you can get a good on this not not even too expensive camp chef as another really nice one too so i am not trying to tell anybody to buy anything but i'm saying it you're thinking about getting a girl look into one of these pellet gladys pretty bad ass well it's their super easy to use to you just poor the pellets into this hopper and then he said the tent how often have to refresh the pellet suitable needs are so they're so economical like it doesn't they don't
ass long ass they keep the exact right temperature or really to agree a few degrees up or down you like the hopper i feel it up like every four or five cooks and if that was like charcoal it would last for one current you thanks i was desperate looks like tell they looks like some sort of a brand cereal right doesn't like one yet it looks like durable food yeah so what it is is just hard wood saga and they just smash it and then natural sugar is make it stick together could break it up with your fingers i can tell you that a break in a busy so you poured into the hopper it grows down to that worm dry below feeds down that thing on the right which is like we're the heating element as soldiers catches fire and then the for the flames make smoke and fills up that chamber in the heat comes from the smoke so when you put elk stay there's something on there can you could get liking
couple monitors everything to slow takes a long time so like the way i do it now done a bunch of different ways and all of them are delicious like elk is my favorite meet its ambitious really healthy meat by my favorite waiter do it now because of sky chad whisky bent barbecue on instagram was my friend john dudley buddies a world champion pit master like one of those earlier bad mother fucker grilled change as don't ever cook meat above tuner seventy five degrees he says when you cookie issue cookies lowly don't allow them to dry out and use meet their moment or so since i started doing that have been very happy with the results brains i get it to hundred and thirty five hundred five degrees and around there then i pull it and then reverse it the way i do it on a frying pan he's butter in a frying pan rang are like and i see that shit i read on each side real quick like thirty says you re getting us yeah bring into the house then and i wrap it up the luminous
oil and i put it in a yeti cooler and seal it up for fifty minutes three legged slowly keep cooking cause real slow cooled down and then are opening up and i let it sit for another ten minutes slice so what should i do with the gas grill we'll talk throw that thing in the fuckin cuba to homeless people thrown in the alley rivers see this directive is when you can do something like that and you get good at it right this is the bread thing it's last year in yes well for me it's it's i'd love cooking voter fucking and it's not theirs little bit of a manly thing that i like more with cooking with lump charcoal over of charcoal grill smell somethin gary manly about the aerial far imo but honestly as far as like taste and is far as ease of use and repeat ability it's hard to fuck with these pelagueya earlier because your cookin with real would
fire the smells great it tastes great like when you open the lit up a snow of like maple and see the different you know you buy a bunch differently apple would all kinds of different chairing of re by all kinds of different pellets i need a bigger yard even the big man now now and again economical green mountain grill good agree mountain grilled ever pretty small one that is only like a few hundred bucks and my mother in law has my old one it's great near their fuckin gray men still works of eta for years really yeah and that one has a built in thing it's called daniel boone you know one thing i was of your instagram was the the eggs just throwing the coil on top of it oh yeah it's a lifesaver let me that such a simple glorious morning out the best so is what i do is i take some care i chop it up and then
chop up some garlic and leavesley do jalapenos do i put the kale in the butter i saw today at and wants a real sharks getting darker is ready to rock legs and right on top of a mix it all up put it on a plate and fantastic you mix it up they look like they were sunnyside up can sometimes do that to yeah sometimes it just put the case right next to the x ray sometimes i cook the eggs in the cave yeah i've just and throwing the care on top of the eggs great too grave gray so fast air super easy the best what's this one have you tried one of these there's a great sous vide yeah i think i have that one i have another one like it and then with water and the hot water the single heat up the temperature of the water like a hundred twenty five degrees my question would be like is
they leaching yeah your food they say it doesn't that's a good question though but how do you mean you can't microwave plastic if it's a certain temperature maybe the plastic needs a hairdresser via temperature to melt listen you shall never drink bottles that a bit your car in a hot day now and writing about that recent ass this i hide thinking about that where did that story like maybe come from maybe the glass bottled water people or put not who's got a zero glass bottle ghana business and others are all glass bottles they start ass yeah what's the trend on i think does actually science behind those wondering was gear its barrier your high that's speed is good i have actually blowtorch that i do with feed oh yes i do sues feed and then i took the outside of it with a torch at brown on the outside i've done that but i dont prefer it up
further the trigger style in mountain grill yoda rail was pella girls yak again as a bunch different companies try endorse one alike cream grill my friend john dudley loves those traders and then but then new new trade your timberlands pre revolutionary and supposed amazing in its ability to warm insulate think actually the best one too another one called memphis memphis grill suppose we really good at that someone tell me if you have a glad gas grill to put a m cast iron pan on it and you dear stake that way you're good move near to get that that seared re flavour from a caste and its more even its gets a little more a lot a big time steak strand still use cast iron pants diane's pretty bad a yet iron from it to the rio dietary iron well yeah i was crazy you don't is this queen and good for you you get you like it's good to cook even vegetables like good cooking vegetables in
an iron pan get a little bit iron oh really here that's good for my wife such rules so as to his little low iron pilgrim i believe no i think you're right it further who cares items that way by so many things that have so that a matter of course trying to have you not as they were doing our best do my best to us papa work in these fine people see you perform your money wonderful a magical stand of comedy i'm going to do some shows in oak my pennsylvania theatre in richfield connecticut an old say brook go to tom papa dot com a bunch stuff in june and concerning up again in the fall term popular my specials streaming on hulu and amazon and follow my instrument if you want bread tips how old is your special now it was about came out some months ago the advent of six months now and when do you think you'll think about doing another one work schedule
i feel like i could start lining up because i've got about i've got about thirty five forty it's really solid philippeville stuff and you know it keep working at that place my time i set it up and go do it will be a probably i did a lot july is when i filmed it so welcome up on a year and if i did it we like a year and a half to two years feels like to you maybe a little long but it feels like a year and a half will be it'll be read can i known was a clock on it it's really like when is it ready but if i'm already at that point i feel like i should crank it out there among the exact same schedule yeah yeah a lot of people i talk to have that same opinion seems to be like delicate at a year and a half finished our feeling this is real year to go there time you know and you wanted to be you didn't want to just eke
here s the finish line i wanna you know you wanted to be better at last one day you wanted to be representative aware year you feel your standard as right now you know undertook exactly exact great nights in evian nazi was like it's a matter of being getting its consistent that you get like this motherfuckers ready right exactly style you pull the bread out the decorating terrorism pellets and on that note ladies and gentlemen that's the tell him i sarcasm dimensional matter i can come up with podcast always forget to turn people onto that but as the best comics are the worst at self promotion i now that's good thing my friend thank you so i'm getting a year later this week in not this week i'll be there next week the ok i'll see their next week sounds tampa ladies and gentlemen we'll be back next week thank you everybody loves you by my ears are hot we did at least gentlemen another fascinating week of talking really
people i enjoy the shit out this week i hope you guys did to the great week to have the opportunity to talk to someone like god doktor roberts pasqua yesterday that was awesome michael malice whose awesome talking and was great in every last again and close it off with me pal tom papa joy the shit out of it i really did next week bill bar will be here tele broke in andrew santee know she s got a lot of fuckin good guess people got time so much so good shit happening so why look for that next week that's it that's caveman coffee go to caveman coffee c o dot com used the code word rogan save ten percent off vader awesome coffee or beverages are and t oil other groovy shit thanks to on it doc always go to an end i t use the code word row
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