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2017-06-19 | 🔗
Morgan Murphy is a stand-up comic, comedy writer, and actress.
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without long term commitments so stamped out com click on the microphone typing j r e and never go to the post office again as at my guess is my good friend morgan murphy she's a hilarious stand of convening a writer and boxing enthusiast and just cool check so give it up for morgan murphy logan experience before more murphy we are where we are how are you fucking on thus baseball t shirt you weren't no it's no no limit no limit soldier teacher oh shit last whatever happened then the call he's gotta its dorothy murder lucy murder is an angel murder how odd as a lot of yellow
in jail for murder announced very big yet you don't have to do while your entire life so i think that every time you heard someone that's your joe for life people get outta jail for murder that's you we're fucked up similar for a little fucked up to half do i always am i like i wondered if they go back to their home town where they murdered somebody i got so is the fact that part to me as like going back to the place where you're the town murderer joe it's fucked up to in a moment of justice for a doubt you to change your whole life you left fact and the other end of the person's life isn't round anymore to stop stan banality of it all crazy comfortable i don't want you snapping affiliated snap almost labour are you i'm superman really pretty much specially like this alteration stuff i'm very aware of consequences what if you i like your tent lift of something
like an aggressive work out in the middle you have all the you all your energies moving forward your lifting your the kettle thing and number ten in someone just comes in and like tells you your mom's stupid i would be even less likely to anything because i'm already exerted i get it i think of the body this shitty fear no biology attached to it are all that i think the body is like a battery and i think almost maybe a battery of battery was a bucket and this thinking overflow oh and i think that's what you get when you get road rage does we get people snap for no reason i think that common action like eight then hi i'm morgan hi i'm joe and we meet each other at zero per annum
i think some people are meeting of thirty six and it is ready to snap right has nothing to do with you they should let a little out of the star box a little out of the car a little out you know with the kids and then on and they wouldn't murder anybody and of and people will say well you know you just need work on your breathing and well we need to work on your europe being present and need to be mindful and i think that all those things are correct but i really think your body has a certain amount of requirements and i think depending upon distress level those physical requirements might be higher i like if you have a job and you are but like some high level accountant at some big firm and your crunching numbers and it's fuckin stressful shed i feel like your body thinks that there some physical danger involved and i think your body absent for that and then when the physical danger doesn't come your bodies just fucking price
and ready to go off into no action there's no fucking action this thought it doctor me off and then he said to an that's for joe flag to begin their car and are just fuck you fuck you because in a car you wrapped up even more because in your car are you aware that you have to be you have to be really acutely aware of everything's around you you have to make sure that no one's making mistakes could draw go and sixty five miles an hour and a little error can happen really quickly so you're on edge already when you mean car even if your com you're in if you come here in your car you're sensors are tuned in if you plucking paying attention of your health a human you're lookin laughed you look in the mirror you lookin right here can you make sure that you're ok you making sure that no one is doing stupid and then you compound that with the stress of your daily life with no physical release we non of animal
chasing us anymore going and when it is operating tribes that would be fun to have a buffalo chase you all day and then you would have ye would release the proper amount of energy given the threat it would be a realistic we'd have a more realistic population and to like it that would be one thing we don't like that though we just whenever anything like gets what like to close with just kill em off just kill em off fuck the fucker buffaloes everywhere for kill them the gallop stopped up here's consequences i gotta get to work kill kill at the big problem around america denoted they reintroduce wolves into american the nineteen nineties noses giant debate with an old should be here really where they do that yellowstone think they're pass but you gotta keep an eye on the fuckers the i get a lot of kyoto and my my neighborhood monica woloda cody neighbours super caution
while the time at a biologist arm who tracks coyotes what he does i just track i autism los angeles and he's like to their fuckin everywhere so they were living in middle of downtown allaying the most crowded area they have done yeah i call my neighbours when when there's a coyote by the chaotic the driver i is guided to enter i call them if somebody knock on the door asking for money for some organization of went gives each other and alert others minorities aura he proper environmental ally never people just knock on your door oh that's a bad feeling i gave him money for bees one time they got nervous about these and saving the bees shit i really went from like i'm i'm having coffee and a cigarette like i gotta save the bees now is my responsibility to solely do it does not all depend on like where your heads at right like if you had a really good place in some knox unadorned ya know who they are it's cool you like high
hi we're here to save chimpanzees like oh ok like what are you going to do and then start talk to import it can like within a minute make you understand some aid and understand before you're like our shit now i gotta pay attention right i sucked man because i wasn't aware of our bee situation also they immediately with some pride it hit me with some facts like a boy now how are they going to save these bees i don't know what might it with mining with my forty two big desire or take this paper we're just gonna handle go handle it you have to bees die we're dead world that apparently except in china they figured out a way to pollinate things with just a brush there was an issue where they were really low on bees and tried reintroducing bees and didn't take so a last ditch effort was they took people with paint brush and they ve dusted the pollen and always different plants like one the tyre they power they literally pollinated all these plants and apparently worked way better
does bees are sure nonspecific like bees just going over there and are doing a thing and they just get shit on their body and transfer is over to the plants is really kind of fascinating how it works but these people did it very specifically with the paintbrush very hard to do a beast job security you find a video of its kind of fucking weird because like you the argument like we really be much one honey please i'm really good for you that was going through my head and they explain to me why we need bees which i forgot but enough i had to go home a whole foods is my most intrusive the most intrusive is when you're in the parking lot at whole foods because as we usually get you when you're walking out try to get you right as you want it's fucking hot outside and you'd like ice cream and shit healing aided so like seventeen vienna seventeen dollars screams they know you have mainly of a few bucks does right now
because of amazon won't do that anymore amazon just bought all foods so to speak a little one click shit but sky he hates me up stop me in the middle stops me stands in front my cart puts its finger up you have one minute for gay rights i could cite again one minute is not gonna help shit man equity talking about i vote like it's what it what would you want me to do only donate what's is one minute would you tell me what do you mean to tell me now tell me shit i don't know i do not i vote forget take it easy man like you fuckin that's it annoying activist what hall foods as this elegant hills are what right here right upstream vows trying like we around one politically what where that health is aligns i don't know what the deal is like where they're allowed to have people this was a couple years gone sledge still complain about some kind of wine bitch but i dont the deal is like are you loud just set up shop anywhere and put like one of those picnic stay
and you know or plastic table they send down than they show you a picture of a baby with a bloated belly and show you you hope it's girls cookies and it turns out venus horror show in apocalypse now almost click when i see someone like some kids selling lemonade or something like that i'm like oh this is like you guys are doing like a throwback thing you know yeah must feel like all you guys do like an old tat you making your own butter look at you kids they decided to stay of all is not a real thing anyway does anymore more you gotta lemonade stand ok did you did you how did you make me get a horse and ride your horse over here with this lemonade stand there's always parents now helping lemon i can't do it alone you can't do anything alone anymore always always parents there and soils helicopter parents don't let somebody billing don't want you to give me your mouth i would sell out when i was a kid i would like take my books and stuff and sell them in my front yard like i would put them out at that was fun to have my own garage sale by and see my
sounds like you know seven hours of the day and i come back and signs of what to do i made four dollars like should not four dollars and selling oh my shit and the frying ard soon see me or ask me anything different times times parents were just did that slut you out they let you out but i was this was like in the eightys which was priming that was like that was kidnapping was was hot in a moment faith in your voice tat maybe you think about how people used to raise people like everybody i talk to that let the kids out like when you were you know my age like i'm forty nine when i was like seven forty two years ago this letter the house i got icy kicked out of the house i was given a time i had to be back it was a very like broken system let's get out but come back by far i've and don't walk under the overpass tunnel else does
the troll had given her like a what year did they stop doing that like just letting kids out that stop because everyone my age says the same thing i said more kids you just let every house him james young how will you jim thirty for these young or not at all two euro like the folk due to all the ship broke some from your geriatric on twitter how dare you cash but if you were if you're jamie's age you got let out we would render bikes i was away from our house but you lived in the woods now down like columbus that's the woods
and you may as well i like europe an ally and i would walk down i would walk down then turn boulevard practically a thoroughfare when you're a kid walk past like they have these motels where the door opened open directly to the sidewalk you know those motel year those the burdens that was where i was sure i was going to kidnap and arm was gonna command grab me and so i would walk and then i'd hop pass the doors the moat doors is more tell to pay my beeper bell tolls are weird places peer beeper premier had a beeper had a page like twelve and that was late but i saved up all my money for example had one knowing away leaving messages yeah had i had all that shit and i would die walked down to j j beepers insidious city and paying cash so get twelve year old beeper bell you and i were j j king of beepers that it these same chairs same outlay like this like theirs
j j i feel people stole the stolen name i forgot about the dude the king of beeper air i'd turquoise year yet a clear beeper out those realise our slack had some star warship i'd be i page myself when i had my suggestion i did i not friends the king be brazil is a j j beepers las vegas while he was in a lay to i don't off the same guy or maybe like it's one of those things where it's like kleenex like a guy like that are called our kleenex you now i became doesn't look like a giant like this pink there's also pink elephant like i think people just conduct little pink pinks they postcard tata photon doesn't it is thus the biggest
weird fuckin event in ally as a goddamn line of people to buy hotdogs nobody from ally when he doesn't think put our dogs on a regular fuckin menu good luck by a lot of hot dogs view of arrests regular restaurant and you have hot dogs as one of the offerings how often the people who is it even one you had i'm on top of a hot dog if it's like one of two options like burbank airport in get beaten get a hot dog or like a packet pre packaged salad however i am like you know i want something fresh like a hot encore turkey sandwiches sore moist some weird way breads kenilworth like fuckers well bred in lieu of mayo or condiments and of course at sporting events you have said they will have hot dogs on sorting is good too good food from of sporting event for you know recreational food right picnics and barbecue shore always hot dogs right now to good move for barbecue simple carefully fuck it up phillips brown the
i've done right turning cooked agreed it raw doesn't need to be cut you delete around a package so that its a good move for that but so another pinks his convince people just by cooking outside there's have a bit open area with a cooking we're in front of you and there wasn't all those and there's a fucking liable that's it i think the line is why people go i didn't peopled pr doesn't go for a line and the line is outside even see the line sunlight draw burger like two i am where you can't see the line that line as exciting as would draws tourists a think does we must sort of strategy see brine that's crazy line or allow factory and it makes a common wait in line to really do although i am a little while but known i dont know at durban my deals common nuts i give to get like nine the morning and you wait outside and if you leave you lose your spot so you have to have some sort of friendship
a comedy i was always the comedy store added situated in the open mike when when i was started with fifteen years ago i would die bobby lee was the hosted the open mike and he knew i was in college i was in school knives and class i couldn't go all day and weight so he would like my name into the open my can all get to come after class that's real world real q open mike's were always weird right they're always weird in an allay their actual works is so much i gotta figure you can make it to be a professional comedian any start on ella euro rare person that's all it's it's it's a fifty fifty comedians and then just like guinea mentally ill transience sargasso comedians but we're all yes they do you just you just way and you go awry it's gonna be my friend and then to be that guy who has all of his belongings with him and then it's gonna be
other friend and then it can be that crazy lady literally me you just wait wait wait wait and you wonder what kind of fuckin diseases are yet festering on that microphone it also urges what's the point of this what am i doing right russian beginning to have vision and hope like what was your initial goal for start known stand up the really simply like i think it was i who i knew i like writing a lot like even before us are doing stand up and i think stand up i've tried to figure it out there the the easiest way to explain that i think is that i just wanted to see if what i was writing was funny that sort of why even when i start m m stilts deadpan obviously but when i started i was so dry because i was essentially just reading out loud these thoughts i have with no real foremans background and i wasn't you know necessarily a performer at heart russia is just
like reading one liners and going as this one is this funny as funny get a laugh keep it down the last thrown away but if you if you throw it away like you never sometimes is me is it the way delivering it is this joke is it a good idea but it's kind of its done wrong yeah and at that time too you don't have the eu dont have the the the ability to perform at a hundred from places he not going ok it works in the alternative room but doesn't work at the club or just like oh well it didn't work at the laundry map but at work the coffee house i wonder what that means of rights jokes at work the u c b but they bomb on this we're here why what let's go like why deck and applause break at the u c b in it's fuckin stared at me in the main reason for
going rick angrily stared i sometimes are easy be his hot time much word that comes out of your mouth it's weird and sometimes nope it's weird place it's weird they don't pay to that also super weird ye i think if i was i'd be a little luck less i might not have summarised set about it but i feel like i'd be less of said if i was like involved in the school and realise that its oh it's so kids can take classes at like a decent ray i think is not what it's for so that kids can take really cheap classes are is that what it sustains like the the shows what kind of classes the devil comedy classes improvin canoe teach well maybe you teach improper do believing teach stand up ah i believe you can teach somebody i think you can help somebody encourage them to get on stage but only you can teach the the ability to be funny no
i dont know what it did stand up in what capacity like i guess you could teach somebody to begin mould there thought kinda jokes and help them and shoved them on stage but i don't know who we're gonna comedian makes yeah i feel like boy it's one of those where i've learned a lot about it so i wonder like maybe i can teach something of definite learn something we mean people you know i i think there are if you find out favorite comedian you know sits down and rights an hour day of starbucks ordinary maybe i'll try that little tricks and things like that but i don't know i don't know anyone whose you know hu i deeply deeply admire who had credit all their success to their comedy classes now well does not enough classes the billygoat real poor focus group but i know are did an interesting thing while back where he stu go to a town like when he was stand up and
headline for the weekend town in you do like a free seminar for local comics tell them like this i get a manager stop asking people like you with them on the road when you're two months in a comedy stop asking you now managers to handle you like you just gotta get good first ray of them all its advice about like getting it jack when i went to a pen you pen recently and i was talking to us and students and i don't i don't fly fancy mice like an instructor of any kind but they were asking me you know about comedy writing this is specifically and stuff and the advice i guess was very practical and had nothing to do with the craft which is just like be annoying in the room don't you know like that tv but you did italy in the writing filling a tv show unlike jokes don't work that didn't work that's not your job you say that like that kind of shit just later how to get through the first year without annoying everybody dies that's not like taught right
you're not knowing our disaster shut up shut up the great rule you can make big mistakes yeah the authors and nobody wants to work with those men are our town did you are now that's a pope writers oftentimes very awkward right they can be it depends like the rooms are very split and when i got intellect succumbs suffocate just very split into very just in time all kind of what you would typically think is it a writer and then there's a couple comedian sprinkled in their who kind of bounds more jokes round which is a women people who just go structure yeah that's interesting thing the people that are good at structure for sometimes they try to refund sometimes but its might you know when you find the thing i like about like those rooms obviously is so much fun to be in a room of comedians but when she realized
a person can do a thing i can't i can do a thing they can start to realise that we could go into a room and get a lot of work on together down the thing right like lining up the pieces in the matter how much you want a score in a circle the line up did they just don't seem too and when you have a writers rumour site that i think a big part of a divine depends on just a fortunate chemistry of all the people coming i am and that first day where you show up it is not your room and you have an hired buddy and you don't know there is terrifying show up and you know you know within five minutes if this is gonna be a fun x number of months or if you're just gonna be trudging through what's the biggest shit show you ever had work on i have had really like tremendously good luck as far as like just working with friends and south on so many things but i worked on a ward show once and the boss basically do let me right jokes didn't they needed to hire a woman and i guess i was recommended
an aegis p i was like i'll take us to have these jokes and you will acknowledge the right of the banter where it says like coming up next is this person and i was like like anyone can do that literally wouldn't allow me to write jokes see a hired as a joke rider and then once you got there he just want you to write narrative disband dislike you know like our data from the hangover and please welcome him too the third thing what they call the called banter like when you running things eighty i don't know i mean like that in my twenty there were a lot of award shows so there's like the jokes a monologue all that stuff and then there's just the going out to commercial and come back and let us be written bright and sometimes they try to make it funny is at times they down but you can pick it up because break it up in terms of what this is though these are the jokes this is the best during this is the narrative this is the structure yeah the last i mean i was just riding on the nba words that are gonna be on in saying that twenty six
of the month drake is hosting on tnt and it's just like this you know i'm a virgin on everett written on the espys before it says like that of her just mba we ve been doing you know it the combination of like i read a lot of monologue jokes as other guys are better at sketches like like film sketches tape pieces there's live comedy stuff onstage and there's you know like i said like the cup little more boring like this next person you know to time bp so this guy huh are you really think you hardly just as we need a woman yeah yeah i know it so crew ere i knew it all it i knew it all when it was how i do will you let you try now that's for that's foolish it wasn't it was it was bizarre and it was it was the only case of like you know sexism that i think i've been in front of it which is i mean i i guess lucky in fifteen years i don't feel like i've a super
had that and i was on my mean for years and years and years i never worked with another woman has only girl and and everyone treated me great so to tougher road for comics to be a woman here i can i mean it's so funny now i it's so hard to the landscape right now i think so many women are begin being given chances that didn't even exists ten years ago so it's it's interesting two to see i never had i never had like those kind of sexist roadblocks if that makes sense world i think that like starting in developing as a fever it is more difficult just from my personal observations because men allowed times don't want a laugh at women they if we don't want to laugh at women telling them things about like politics or world events for a while when it seems informed likes for whatever reason they'll tolerated guys thresholds galleron why right anguish looking gentleman silver absolutely one of my favorite voice if runs up tyranny
else people something about some sort of fact people will sit back and listen all adria that if a woman gets onstage and tat does a may our group met about a fact it's very rare they're gonna go why i didn't know that that's amazing that with foot this bitch now for hates others that today that's up that's a roadblock and then the other road block is well there's a lot like you'd do sex jokes now obviously sarah silverman kind of broke a love that downward sit on so much of reactors just straight dirty and hilarious and then amy humour of course in a lot of the people but it still when you developing when you come only starting out its more seems like it's more of a difficult world too to navigate than a guy i tell insects jokes yeah it's it's it difficult world and also like socially it's it's it's the i think the precarious i am it's
christine because what i realized when i was nineteen twenty was either you like that aspect of people like dating in the scene and all that kind of stuff all that happened to and i found that if a woman who was now wish around like my all the time dating somebody else they were automatically looked at as a comedy groupie and that was the thing that didn't applied a man that was one part where i was like i don't i i it i need hardly true because our seen some guys that are dating like famous women rare sort of like underling sort of men who end up comics and everybody treats it might their common agree i think i saw that allow it when i was when i was younger than do the opposite where it is i didn't see men getting tat with that but that label and that but i was so scared and paranoid of bein i was i was so scared
of being considered anything other than a comedian that i like for years here's didn't date anybody in in comedy at all because i am worried that if i show up to a show with a guy who you know potentially was were successful the may then the first thought would be he's the girl is what that guy not she's the girl who's going up next not just die but she's with god because of the right she thought i was going to be the path when in fact there's a lot of people with legitimate relations of the word that's not the pathogen tree or track that somebody in surely i you know i made my way through a few people it's just another prejudiced is just one of those things another prejudice that you have to sort of overcome like you if you act like someone and they happening comic though what the fuck did you do like
you save you like someone they happen to be some big time media like wasteful do not lie come round and they like you get a little not like i'm not stupid to it is stupid but i was i was i was terrified of i didn't i i think it was very eager to to impress i was very eager to prove myself and maybe that is partly you know being a woman as much as i didn't find it harder i did find myself want to prove any stereo type that anyone might have about me wrong i don't i don't feel as much like a mission anymore i designed them who i am but i think give a lot wrapped in your head when here oh yeah well young and especially when you just try you really aren't stable as far as like financial you not you're really not a real professional or yet
here and then once you become one and twenty are established in the community afterwhile so what am i what am i wasting my time in thinking about the shit for so i think is harder for checks to develop but i think once they become good and once they get out there it there's a lower bar i don't know why i think there's i think the ball where is the sec the bar is the same height for most people and then there's like another bar that's likes higher for the great you know i mean i just think like on the ball is lower for limiting its lower for people who were not as famous not as successful model establish not as good but that of that i just i don't know i think it's i think the bar is the same for many women i just think it there's a could there's a few different
what i mean by that is that i think that it's it's either here to get a lot of attention early on if you're good your woman causes not that many of them yeah sure i think it's yeah i mean i would i would apply that to any person he always after prove yourself i mean that is rare in commenting right the surrounding the nationality but then you have to print you always have to prove yourself i mean and then that i don't know i see comedy too in these there so many different factors me there's people who are so great a stand up and then writer and so when he tries to make like you know projects and wrap them on people i also see so many people who are though that's not my favorite stand up on it rate stand up in my opinion but that's buddy i would love to write for that somebody i love to put in a shilling see all these like columns of mediums and i judge people accordingly and i think there legitimately comedians who are not like there never gonna
you know price carlin earlier anybody that but either i would i would put them in under tv shows as a funny person oh yeah so i don't i tend to like look at it from that perspective where i see i see the potential almost in spite the material sometimes while there's deftly that you know where there's also liked the difference between those guys in the guys that are in like funny movies like adam sandler type movies i sure got a gang of those guys always in those movies they might not necessarily be the best stand up so the kind of guys you want to see but their great in those movies yeah i mean and then it but it's it's a mean who's i don't know i'm not in that group like my favorite stand up is probably norm who i am when you go see the they didn't like movie and only a tour with all the actor in other comedians from it and it could have been different group a comedian run you go cable norms my favorite stand up there is a guy's norm you know gonna be the
live like a you know adam sandler movie probably not but he's the person i would go to the theater any room any you know any a coffeehouse whatever it is to go see yards in it's one of those things i guess when you're if you look at you to look at in categories like you know that kevin heart does his own stand up we also know that it does movies whether people write the lie and i'm sure he helps make funnier knowledge supplements is rina script essentially and then there is peace ball they go on stage to stand up and you know it you could be like i guess you could be like a really amazing perform and just have some wizards behind the scenes that right for you and you could make a fucking incredible stand back it's it's that stuff so interesting when a grey area i have a very specific like you know if i was
boil down the stand up that i know that the standard commie that i love and respect the most has nothing to do with tv and has thing to do with as it's just committee rather they aren't stage in that's you know that's how i judge i love and don't love is a comedian but there's so many other fact and show business that you have the sort of take into consideration i mean we like a lot people who are very famous who might not be the very best we know them the most brought forward we can say is that when you when you're done stand up though for whatever weird reason the people that we all love the most are almost all people that like right for themselves and it's very difficult to get lexie galaxy you're not gonna get bill burr to right first c i creation like this year has some fucking comic he's perfect cheek bones and he's gonna us a great way of delivering jokes but he's not cable writing there
right level of material or one of the process alex bird rights for his own mind rights for his own thing i m sure you could write for that guy he's not gonna get the best stuff rises i gotta be the same i mean i am i i've never guiding we ve all taken like a tiger said where something we're afraid rose dude add this to your joe can you feel like you're eroded i mean i like a three your fight with somebody my twenties over who wrote a joke and i thought he did and he said i did in a car and i refuse to do it till he convinced me that i came up with it cause i was so rare i'm doing a job that i've got somebody else wrote but yeah i mean that's the thing to is that there's some material that so fucking gray and i watch it and i go i dont know how to make that a show and maybe doesn't even maybe even supposed to be a show but like some like louis i think emilio repeals agencies by favour but lake
i could have never written louie show louie had to write louie show bright but there's a lot of comedians where i want someone i know i know i know it i know it there you know we had a figure that out the recently largely louie he did not show each bianca do i gotta come faced with them after was cancelled at the improv the first thing he said as i just i should have written and myself were fired everybody here and just written it he does like the problem a big it is this your dealing always people's visions and you're trying to get yours through in sight may not necessarily be better but the problem is it's yours in an order for tee for the thing to be the thing that you're happy with like just like your act china has to come to you like save you were gonna do netflix special nay said look morgan we think you're larry i would love to do an ethnic special way the boy well we'd like to do as a sign a team of executive producers and writers and they're gonna do is going to change your luck ok i'm gonna go with our goth theme
we have put black lipstick on you and and we're gonna just what you were going to come up with some fuckin nutty thing to do and then change were you deliver material billing web what are we doing here right now that's kind of how low he felt when it was doing a show it's like ours is all other voices made as retarded as agatha gough vampire black stick that's why i mean i am i get so like i get so passion about about making things like other people's things like get excited i see somebody onstage and like i wanna you know like my right now is just to develop tv stuff that ever fuck an app and never told you stand up to do a lot and up we're going on tour for two x on tuesday and then he continues and i have to come back for some writing kitten but i get no his passion is they get about santa i get so fucking into the idea like scenes
we go up seen the show that they could have and also wanting them to love it because i'm like not to know i get you i'm not gonna write anything that would say that you wouldn't do like you want to be the writer on the other side of that as the person who is sometimes hired to take a comedian get a show out of them like i'd like to hope and think that i have a perspective that someone who's not in stand up maybe wouldn't have isn't like i've watched this person so long i know their voice i know what there mounting on i know the way their commenting on it and i hope that if i write a script for them read it they're not gonna go fuck this isn't may run you know i'm so i mean maybe goes back to like wanting to and press for wanting you know to be seen as legitimate but i would never i would ever have somebody something if i thought that it was remotely embarrassing are against there you know let me tell you the lab people will rise
but i mean i find it to be an interesting sort of responsibility on and unlike when you're hired to sorted developed shows is all this shit they bring you like hey there's article about this you want to write a show about this day and unlike every time i say no i wanted i want to write something for a comedian i that's just what your special what you want to do what i want to do like seeing watching someone from a green comedians perspective i could do something with the yen and also like item alan i think that there are so many will you see where you go i they're not as successful i think they should be and i think i know how to how to fix a fix it to your cleaner i'm a clean your cleaner that you're the person they bring in that would be like the unity of the wars in my pop fiction harvey cartel care so earnest x and takes notes
there's something i only showers like a woman's job is to clean coming cleaner waiters on destroyed but it is an old boy it actually like mildly embarrassing to passionately talk about tat a vision and show business like it's it's there's a little part of it it's like a who cares and why does it matter but they sat illness and i think anything interesting views talk about people say well you know you're gonna bore the fuck out of people you are you're gonna bore the fuck out of some people but you're gonna bore the fucking to some people think that i think are really interesting weather physical nature that i think are fascinating some people gonna think stupid to see if this whatever's interesting stand up bank to us so it's gonna
i am i'm into anything that is passionately intricately discussed in our intention it if its ifs if i'm a seminar mentioned and enthusiasts enthusiast i don't know a lot about one thing but i love anybody who does yeah i'm with you mohammed percent with you i like logical should design interesting shut out there so much does anybody tells me there board like listen you're not board your inactive you just need to find things that you enjoy doing then you will never be bored as keep doing things you like doing is just hard for people to get that initial momentum to get moving go for sure some boring this not boring this is crazy you're finite life form on a planet its whole thing's crazy it's chaos scared it's fucked there s another article on yellowstone percent it's a ten percent chance it inside this hundred years there's gotta be a soup
volcano eruption so inside this from two thousand if you now two thousand to two thousand one hundred does a ten percent chance that everything dies the whole planet everything on this continent dead everything else all the rest the world's gonna be fact causes undermining son buxom glass go dates the move so i think south africa i really am been new zealand is is a big one for people escaping the apocalypse and new zealand awesome a lot of arrogance a lot of you know tat people big big money by land and new zealand really it's beautiful now want to girls don't super volcano hit by a swarm of more than two hundred and thirty earthquakes in one week why in fact people when you wake up call to we need see we're not gonna be even paying attention to this until the love is shooting up into the atmosphere
do not even know that it was a super volcano it's like fifty years ago or something i don't even know this is this package is it's just a talk about shit and learn how you'll die not always now sort learn about beautiful things scared now like five room five from your toes shoes boxing this is those things like that though i am like why would i quit smoking when i can just wait it out it ass you sang but don't you feel like shit when you smuggler when i spoke a lot harmony smoke would equally swoboda half a pack close on their backs i mean right now but a guy get our area when it when i would have deadlines and stuff and i'm writing i tied it into writing which is a bad now add move how does it work does the i smoked tony's of cigarettes smoked cigarette with him before she wants to do you legal buzz yeah i can't imagine writing or doing stana without really my dad's interesting yeah
over two hundred years ago hang out in a similar similar lifestyle as is the easy to like a cigarette with them and talk about common ok so using both presumed we gave as today not that's worth but what is the thing about writing cigarettes like what is it doing what does it do that like a cigar doesn't do we saw it it it there's a it's eyes into its it feels good and then there's momentum sort of involved and then you get into a place for your like oh shit i'm you know in cigarette i rode all those page utter i don't know i'm i really don't know chemically how the addiction part of it works but i know i am a victim will the addicts imparts pray clearly documented in that movie with what the fuck's his name inside man
guy from gladiator russell what the fuck the at the insider yeah inside man's differ movement what foxes name us trying to run around us gladiator did that guy he was added and see it i think i don't want no i think i like training as a scientist and really try charm causes releasing all day information paley this like hundreds and hundreds of different chemicals the fda is improved cigar company to add cigarettes just to get a more addictive yeah it's using took as i'll have like put out a cigarette glass waters and then i get nervous if the water put tobacco and touches my skin like i get like i obviously paranoid but i may all l literally inhale every chemical and my lungs i veins but i get nervous about like touching tube go you water that so weird man what is it about like maybe like bring it into your lungs not saying it
for years much theirs i never thought i could be in as much sort of denial about something as i am about smoking but i enjoy it allow right now and i allowed it'll start late i started late how will we i smoked real real casually through my twenties and then i started a job like twenty nine thirty thirty i've read out when i really started that's why start smoking during the day and like writing and smoking before that you smoke at nine only smoking a party with a drink or something and when did you notice that it crossed over into a part you i think just a couple years and two i was writing or not to broke girls and i was smoking at every possible break and it just started to pick up where any opportunity to go outside and smoke i took and then i couldn't stop i hate to be their profit tossing health
you ever tried dip now i'm gonna i want to try some stuff i just do not want to try it i can't even not even allowed to like you know what like antidepressants himself so they told me to take the the medication that helps you stop the gums and set its also said fuck up your brain chemicals aruba yeah have weird you're alive antidepressants i mean i'm on a i'm on torture by how the hours retail bomb smoking weed i'm gonna eminem a nice you know cocktail of of stuff stuff what is the stuff now my elegant effect sir they cover the main you know things or through dab then there are it depends on the tommy you get there
things divide anita rights here in summer bill inland almost twenty years of being on stuff i've i've i've been switched around a few times to twenty years starting high school henry rawlins go put all save my life and i score on shore a hundred percent like yeah i mean it was worthy of the term i i've got a couple of instances of don't wanna do this anymore and beyond it anymore i try to go off and realize i needed it lino high school is the biggest turn around just eighty the stress of now i was i was just imagine some doctor you know after a year of vienna mass was i try so you're suicidal yeah sixteen now moved around every year was just as you know a chaotic that always fox people up bud and always creates interesting people everybody i know that's interesting had some sort of a weird childhood were they moved around a lot
by the way how annoying is it when someone starts making a point whether holdings a very important point i wanna make grant we also know you're not getting that joint till the end of the point you have to sit here like fixated legged waiting for a treat you know the guy moved i lived with my mom till i was like file at fourteen fifteen and i live with her sister and i with my dad sister i live with some family friends i live at my dad for the first time and i was seventeen and adjust bounce around ella connecticut oregon to use and and i was just brutally depressed and couldn't you now i mean obviously there are big environmental factors but at the end of the day it was more than more than therapy and start your life was the plot of the movie toilet never saw it should see it overture classic it is a classic now right twilight twilight is a movie that was
fucking massive the massive and now never discussed never disguised not discussed at all at people will talk about star wars to the end of fucking time no one's gonna talk about twilight amicably and now there is not going to there might be like a twenty year reunion we're all the girls who wash it when i was thirteen go see it again it s shore but there's gonna be a bunch people what what the fuck was wrong what did we do like what happened as a culture would happen as a society where we decided that also vampires loud go out the day werewolves have arabs change your wolfram alpha fuck they want like what what are you doing wasn't their lot of vampire shows fermented too true global too yes everybody with great vampires zahm zombies are dead me they take their deputies to try to put out a zombie movie know nobody gives a shit ayala it's gonna walk slow you gonna get away in the people who really like little live
z boring here's the use of the movies that it's in there not zombies are excited now get yes in normal the movie is it's about a guy and his daughter becomes a zombie losses dorp cheeses hornby get it there's an oral schwarzenegger an move like that it was always a sad as the sad part of walking dad was when you realise that someone had like their daughter chained up in a room cause you didn't bring himself to put his spiked her head so they d c just kept the forthcoming daughter off you know it's fucked up that is not entirely impossible it's entirely impossible that the bodies would stay active
like long after the deteriorating and it has been going on for years he zombies been alive eating nothing you know digestive tract some out of flesh days on their bones are tissue allows the body to keep moving so ridiculous right that they even have anything in their brain at all that allows them to keep moving but as far as like a disease that choice it is the host and makes the whole supervise it's fucking rabies rabies on steroids airy pass very possible with all the horrible things happen devil like all these different animals terms like parasites getting their system and force them to commit suicide bomber using that occur worm one it gets into a grasshopper and then too the grasshopper and jumping into water and drowning so wicked pop out of its body now develops in its body and unlike the alien in the movie alien or so the chest literally rips out of things body in the water and then it that's how it gets born i d gets into the grasshopper
where's body and then requires the grasshoppers brain when it's time to hatch and convinced this fuck jump into the water said beauty of childbirth smaller you can live a bunch kids daggers but they have no money than a single time they ve been drowned but stop and think about that being real like how weird is it the idea of person becoming a zombie son has only weird at all when you become some super hyper aggressive thing like a rabbit dog but somewhere let us think amount of its body like it a very this is this is terrific it she ah grass avaricious gutted and this is swimming around in the water a ton of those there's a ton of those there's something when that happens with ants
wasp i forget who takes over who us there's there's gotta find that one is an answer i think i want to say that the ants take over the wasp like a lot of em something happens where they rewired brains out a bought fly worm worm wolf i'm coming on a rabbit of jesus there was one things in that movie rats degeneracy that europe is now look man i gotta get documentary thinks holy shit but a wolf form it looks like a grocer like ground hot day thing it looks like the first two digits of your pinky like its little that belgrade yet he met a rabbit but a day that documentary netflix right that was all about how many rats live and like new york city in urban areas king insane documentary i can't recommended enough
what kind of knew there was a lot of rats in ass here the numbers but when you see like guys were exterminators or people who work with rats and they go down in the base it's like there is an underbelly to new york city and a lot of others is to los angeles for sure where swarms of rowan's the city swarms more than there are people the boy is no way for them to they do rough estimates they really have no idea but you see them everywhere they ve got cameras there are different approaches and their smartest shit but one of them is bought fly they pull this bought fly of its body it's like if you are kind of football and one of your tits like literally just that pull this thing out of its body pulled it out of its neck actually fucking you like as big as its neck almost yeah i'm not into i'm i'm i'm a real moral pussy when it comes to bugs and you should be the terrified the worse as our spider in arizona last week that was i mean it was half my
firstly willing and exhaust shell like us greatly get like it was wearing armor arisen what kind was i dead now to swap as kill it for you strong why can't i can lie the monk and to bed with a without their living with a somewhere in my house there is a lot of weird shit doug's area that's right that's why did i overawe busier he's right next to mexico is not gonads mexico's door you can run to mexico literally none of those spiders had papers bell tat paul bill war just let the mexicans and will you relax that's a terrifying when you leave his area you gotta pull over and stop and they ask if you're meekly if you're an american citizen weird many yeah i know it
who has a ranch in its in south texas and they find dead people on the ranch sometimes or people try to cross they decide i've dehydration the desert far back the hard way to go and then these ranchers just find em you know gary shit and you don't know who would mean the other thing is like is for him when his his place like you don't know this guy's gonna be a nice guy just trying to come over here your job or disguise drug runner and a murderer you really don't know he just there's a person in europe this task was to be there they might not even speak english like who try to think something i would die to get to it seems me here lottery will get better me i say this from saint anyway i think it's gonna southern
that's gonna go away the idea of countries and you can only go one place i mourn on this patch dirt union stands patched dirt it's an impediment to progress and it's an impediment to quality of life did we does gonna come a day where people can make travel anywhere they want an or not and look at it like cities and when i go at in terms of like a year if you boss and you can move to cleveland if you live in cleveland neither moved my you can move you move you want but as soon as you have a country can't move they have papers gotta get preux where we job d have morgan are you are you and you have a specific skilled it would benefit america and extent of the rest far sloppy fox it half em don't you jack shit are you better the average person wash with a genuinely want quality people in that's it ever be able to prove myself in that moment as being worthy of mean into any country that of toy with skill such exceptional
a person of exceptional skill which assumes that seem fucked like it just seems barbaric i can really does i know people are spoken their markets overdue it's very important we can do the rest oils fucked up we ve managed to figure we got lucky we got lucky we got shit out on the right path dirt yeah sure and we got we have resources of other countries now have and i don't care i am i try loved to travel internationally i love you know putting myself in places that are you know that don't what we have at that makes sense like i and just europe hooks prospect i enjoy the preside enjoy making a vacation sort of a combination of of of pleasure and perspective as much as i can going places that you know
make you realize what you have at home if it holds i think that it holds back both sides de saint holds back mexico that united states is so difficult to get into and this always i just despair of certain people trying to get in x ray twenty and american can't what else get out as i think that its cars similar someone might be off but similar in some way to making drugs illegal that like you make actually go then create this artificial there this demand and this increase demand and then its outlawed so only people who are willing to break the law seller and so you the you this krim criminal enterprise attached to something that should be perfectly right like i verily yeah coming iranian breaking the law bike bye bye bye coming here right are you ok and he's going to break the law right you gonna be ok i also profit off of it by re icon those carriers right hey i don't i grew up in a way and i think i had a up
i realise that it was illegal you know as a kid you dont know laws or rules or anything so i just assumed that sancho and california because i would you know most almost getaway school for accident like i just assume that it was a place where people live in both places and you go back and forth a lot and yet the mexican culture was so sort of the home my whole backdrop of my childhood was paid but that's why it is kind of assume that you went where you want it to end like that allay was mostly max again and that was fine yeah should be fine round and people would come on we're gonna come over bruno quality label or is it don't even out maybe just turns out is enough possible like yeah i also you know i mean it's it's beyond cliche to say but are they are people taking jobs at americans are dying to do now
well see and also they come come over here they come over here then you have to pay them the same array it's like gift pay same rate that nobody is pictures there is wage limits is minimum wage like if you have an illegal european whenever the fuck you want and they do that's like the big housekeeper dilemma how can the fucker housekeepers asking for rings and ask if array we can say shit every time the word housekeeper comes out of my mouth i like i get a little i get a little red little embarrassed is i've housekeeper i never have you know i mean i feel that it has made me feel bad i i i absolutely i couldn't love her more and she's very much become kind of of no mother figure mine and atlanta have family airily end but i also feel like makes me sound like a pretentious white person is taking care of a person color like a really really it's not comfits i comfortable sub for me to talk about an yet i could
be more like earnestly grew full and thankful and i couldn't adore her more and and really she helps me function in life and yet the varies the sub actors in i'm alive i didn't grow up with that kind of stuff so it's it's interesting interspersing it's embarrassing well is low you pair well the new nicer it's just a job he knows on she enjoys doing the job and she gets paid while their sister job is something wrong with being a garbage man yeah wrong with any job yeah i mean you know she's known me through apartments and the inner city it's interesting when someone just a part of your life and and used to care about you more than you even think they should do that makes like she will your boss i'm her boss play you she's person in my home and you know i ate a trust her but she also seems to care
about me in this way she wants me to have a kid like she's like it's all these in that year be not early like my mom's like i've this housekeepers like you should have a maybe in an altogether she is like a plan for my whole life well listen tour sounds like you ve got some sort of a partner life pardon i do have a life she's your vows terrorism life partner it's it's a it's always a touchy subject because is historically been people that have come from other places and they ve emigrated into places and then they create nay roads and they there are certain class of people initially and then they move through society and i mean my people of experience at the italians like when my grandfather came over here there is all these like negative stereotypes for italians and there dolly slurs like these two com a guinea wop these different there were like hurtful big dave you call
when a guinea known out say i'm a guinea shit here talk conservation guinea of look up like it doesn't bother anybody you know it's like it became they became a class of people that normalized they just they fit they fit in with like reg white people young italians were not considered why people the same way a lot of people for the middle east that alex seem skintight architecture white people by some people today in all but if they if there was more if he became to say normal part like irish people pay you're an irishwoman an irishman if things in an early become white people they just figured out a way to get white get wider we should just there's gotta be is chaotic indoors and move in oregon the oil evolved ally of sun they will evolve into being why people aren't i just think any time you restrict things that shit be normal like move into
better smile so you can move to better but i can't i can't get what have i buy a house not spot nope came over this well i mean it's sort of arbitrary like how do you there are some it i'm very symbolic migration in general of like towns where are your encouraged to stay like so he's very undressing jointly gonna leave dolly if not leave the leave like what if you were told you can't stay you have to leave and you have who populate this other area like what's a different you know just words were choosing where people can and we don't know what would be the best place for them we don't know if the best place for them next door to you if you don't want it i was one a guy on tv we're doing interview with him he was a coffee farmer in hawaii and the heat started out as a fifteen you're old in america so he's been erica from the timing fifteen users forties now has a family he's been in america forced more than i think i think there's
like thirty year zoom okay so this guy why family worked weigh up from being a worker at this coffee farm to owning the fucking coffee farm think you sounds wherever say on the moon manager he was it had a big job is a big man at the coffee far in their kicking amount them moving into mexico their export cases and you just got some stay some now where were they allowed him to steal a couple more months stood to appeal his case jesus christ the guy did it can it came over here he was fifteen he's a part of it erica now he's thirty some years old or forty years old whatever the fuck is he could have already serve time from for murder i could have done a phone don't say that his time positively is actually doing well he's doing what you want is being a productive members societies employing other people he's making coffee which i'm not gonna fuckin grow coffee annie
i'm gonna grow that goddamn coffee because doing a great job that's a fuckin american it is to make a move it's crazy like me you move to where you you moved around a lot where the fuck were you in your fifteen i was in connecticut yeah you're in connecticut i'm in massachusetts we have to move margin thugs come knocking door with combat boots on holding guns and say listen morgan you gotta move you can't stand fourteen months tuning people in california you gotta go back back to the east coast saying the same thing they're doing better it's inside is it's it's i don't i mean i don't i don't get it but i went on we europe we did the other end of the world pod candidates did that one i remember coming out of the end hammered hammered hammered as i say hammered since i had been here britain's florida results came an i did everything was already dead at i show up and its you know murders row onstage and i get there
and i have no i have only feelings i have no nothing in my brain is working to connect pieces are really be you know remotely sort of elegant i just came out like eyes is bad for people in everyone's gonna be re says that we need a people should be able to do what they want like i heard is inadequate erigena started making out very your member and make out meeting the same thing about him anybody but but but bird just hammered may i mean came back with with you know thirdly i felt there was a lot of energy that i came in with the worst thing that ever happened just happened rosemary energy i felt there is a lot of you know don't don't you know they may not be a bad while energy that night around one million went on but this was really going first of all you got a bunch of comics in front of it all right that's the number one ryan is happening this fuckin election is too
to me and burn anybody else was there is like this anymore you talk shit ok and the fact that there is an election one leg work will deal with the consequences of donald trump being president later now we're here to make people laugh and have fun fur is on fire sound via was on fire here he shines and those things like no one he was just like one after the other smash there's a video online you get on you too that's like the best of billboard at the end of the world on higher he's just sleigh ways i came i like it i like through a cup a gasoline on the fire with my opinions i was but some really in a panic it's like you have to understand from the perspective of a zone at saint you have to understand but people listening gray a grenade would do something like that there's a bunch comics and there's an audience like we're not or not always is going to deal with what's going on we're not gonna be somber early be considering the fact that ok will now in our present anymore we just elected a book
to the biggest popularity contest no world is what we did rise a popular person one now and now we're fucked he's negro maniac and now is in charge of the nukes can gradually defy the f b i look at you just let it reality star just start fire in the people you need for critical intelligence people involve the intelligence industry and the entire just community for a after decade after deck you let this reality start start firing people its nuts it is also the best place i could ended up that night like i can imagine having spent i may i went to bed at lake should got scale would jump when seven i am time her twitter it also guides gonna stay away gives a freak in me the fuck out like jesus this is a bad system it's been about system damn people figured out how to make phone calls and assume people figured out how to make phone calls you didn't have to get a guy on a fuckin horse that carries your vote
and your your request for sovereignty in your personal state by a man in june that has to take it to some fuckin representative essen take it to congress on this fuckin boat like you don't have to do them more so since we don't have to do this anymore this idea of one person running the whole show bang through representative of each individual say it's archaic is too communication is too good now the bottleneck is the system the systematic redesign it needs to be reached it's not a possible no one saying we should government i'm not an anti government purple purple per person listening not an anti military personnel into police person's freedom must be managed in an engineer the right way you can't have just complete anarchy in this country but we i have to have the will of the people and right now it's definitely not will the people this is just some weird system that summit figured out a way to win and at once there in the system will realising all the flaws in the system p right waiting in getting finally but this is not the most have
we should wait to run this thing right but there's no there's no within the system there is no here's how you change the system like that has run establish then you have to do that in a way that doesn't know make everybody implode system the design of the system and this is more than i've i've paid attention more to the political system in the last two years and other have my entire life but there's checks and balances that are in place to sort of prevent someone who's in a orson getting into a position of power and unchanging everything does enough checks and balances to keep that in place and that i think that pardon and that's a beautiful thing and having all these representatives that represent both conservative and liberal attitudes kind of keep things in balance with a certain extent but it's not the best way to do it now the best way to do it b to get a guy like elon musk say hey man the way you figured out how to put fuck in tunnels
under the earth whirling horrors go on sleds natalie it's all the traffic in away and the way the figure how to make like us solar box that sits in a garage on the wall and powerful house from the roof and way figured out how to make roof shingles that are acts so apparent raises figured out how to make an electric car than go through and fifty miles haven't you tell us our friend this thing right here definitely smarter than me yeah i mean although it does he make the decisions it lakers ossing only when they change rules and major league sports always find it like interesting like that a group of people got together and like now what is it overtime football over time so short and now and they like like i do now it's a semi is now five minutes now we oughta skull k like whose who's the board the person who gets to say ok now this is the way that the government works mean that its own process or football it very glenarvan outer said once it's a game a neutron makes game better more exciting if they were just try to fuck people make politics more exciting maybe they'll be more
i'll give you that would work how just make it how do we want a timeline better how do we make this better may people like this more how do we make people feel like their involved how do we do this but again recently changing the rules it seems like that i just don't eat i dont know how something like that takes is it is it over generations is it tomorrow the rules or this i mean how do you do that i think you make people park at the bottom of a hill and you put the voting booth at the very top of the hill and only the people that can actually like unless your physically handicap than europe ass a pass were figure another test for you but only to think people the figure to get their fuckin lay the ass to the top of the hill those airlines get devote fine by me
that's it beggars arrogant i would tell somebody whether reliability and others here right up only say i'll write mountain hikers against gonna run the word alex honolulu gonna be our president that rock clamour dude he's gonna be number one large distinct it we just come up with an alternative system that somebody designs and we slowly implemented like in stages you know every time someone doesn't like something that everyone is so aggressively angry now and everyone is kind of you know on the on the other the presbytery snapping and i feel like any kind of support to change to a lot of people is is terrifying it is terrifying and it should be because if somebody fox it up and pollutants this whole thing that could be a big goddamn disaster to that's always possible this is as close as that's come with this is as close as its come to something worth thirty three percent approval reddish unlike except the pull that he found tat if he perceived ways than alleges that you can put up a picture
it says fifty percent of people like me and the billing while he's really doing a great job like you we're going to see a precedent with a hundred percent approval rate it does not exist so tragic them he is he is i can't think of a time my brain has been this consumed by by president right you know positive or negative i mean i you know i liked obama but i never thought about it as much as i think about trump even if you have like things like vice men's vitamins would not have a one hundred percent priority right this people that will for vitamins aren't even need em they saw and you don't give up well like actual western medicine doesn't have a hundred percent occur there are people who go like now i don't want any treatment for my cancer emma was ostriches alternatives and there are there is or something but i believe that you can do more work like to cure
or to white hot cancer in its tracks by altering your dying proving your immune system i added i little rat more than like you know no the lord o lord will provide my medicine but i think more and more doc are acutely aware of the factor that nutrition place i think they change need they make changes to people not just like some drugs and give them anti cancer medication but there's doctors now more increasingly more and more that want you to hey you drink too much stop drinking i smoke cigarettes we definitely smart stopped we'll get cigarettes we're here to eat healthy here's what's important if you like it clay talk right now and i just think that you have to pay attention doctors to these motherfuckers might have figured out a way to carry a cancer gotta listen listen to the holistic healer lady that has incense burner fuckin house he listened allows patchouli maybe love from column i gotta be careful those truly smell and mother fuckers
i just did some weird i did a kilometer some you know the hippy ranjatai place do you put up your ass and a paper my ass was it was ill oddly oddly positive experience i didn't think it would be i as a guy as in bisbee around dogs place and i took off for the day and gather like while before us on a whim semi on a whit now he was like a call the place i was looking for healthy things to do in the desert was one of them what percentage of people take locks on a whim four percent is it even ten or people just walk just treat look and be fun we should really i don't need a lot of colonialism like advertise for foot traffic monica was take up your ass but i
are you not said thing we're i'm not like you i don't have a i dont have a healthy lifestyle so i find myself hitting walls and then reaching kind of grasping for activities that seem hell the an enjoyable which is why a flake unite does boxing surfing go play basketball units but i dont do it as cecily as i ought that's why it's always impressive to see you you know peak form constant do things like doing i do that i like it i like sport i love sportsmen that's agreeing with stay healthy for me somewhere along the line though it's fit for me to be better at certain sports i have to do shit i don't want to do like lift weights run hills except like that like you don't do those things you don't have like you want it you want to make an analogy to machines like giver weird opportunity with your body whereas if you're in a race uk
turn your body into a sports car like you literally shower in your body into something that does something of regular can't do move faster could pick up more can explode and make corners better you can do that to your body you can give your body balance i could take a yoga class two days a week for four months dont tell me your boss he's not better is going to move better absolutely more balanced you're gonna u can be able change the suspension on your heart literally by putting the world of work and suck sat ones are due so are anything but you gotta get excited about doing hardship i can't i get excited about it i get excited about the the prospect of getting in better shape after the age i am now than it was before like i get excited about being that power send that i've seen happen like i've seen people do that getting better about thirty five i guess i can do it
but i believe he s doing thrilling but i can't it's getting there you don't want it bad enough rocky here now i now today is no tomorrow yeah you know you have to do is the big one for everybody in february listenin right down shit you how do i do it i write down things i need to work on things i'm going to do like i wrote down my schedule for the week i wrote down like this week i'm going to lift weights days a week i'm gonna run two days a week de over two days a week and period like there's no negotiation so i have to do those things so thou i'll do that the weak and then i'll make sure i make those checks are there's a lot of times or want to fuck off but i know i have to make my schedule i have to get it in don't get an end that i fucked up like i gave myself like a schedule but then i get things done and it doesnt seem any more stressful in fact it seems less stressful because i don't have
like him in hall of whether we want to do something like i have written down i have to do it and then i just go do it since it i'll do that then scanning just write it down stick this because as a comic one of the best things about us is that were impulsive and that we like to blow things off we like question the validity of certain actions why am i do in fact that how just jerk often take a nap or whatever you do i mean that's what we do here as well people were impulsive and that's what reasons why funny because you come up with a thought that may the people wouldn't entertain yeah i know it's it's just a mat once i'm once i'm in once they have once i got some downhill motion them you know why go and since the moment the initial start i used to go boxing like every day for years
here's how does one in new york right now as i hear is under the wildcard like every day for that is right and then more than murphy's a big fuckin boxing do you know how mutations about by you know a lot of shit i agree i used to come and no more i me i had embarrass with those sorts of because i'm such a fan but i'm not by any means a statistician i'm not remember of even names i just obsessively watch boards is not hours and hours now here today but it's not funny like if you're talking about like a television show like oh yeah yeah i saw that show what limit its good show who's who is the main turn lost what's his name again and what was that you you know i guess no shame in that right but a basketball game same time like whose in the final yeah i can think of like fights i've been to and then i can't even think of i might i know who won the fight i don't
it went even further coverlet andrey war this week and i watched a little i listen to a lot about it but i missed it that's the other thing to is i've watch i stay home and watch so much shit mean i loves where they find it to be the most soothing like i ate ike if i'm if i'm in a job me no writing something all day i look at my stats schedule an eye and i get excited that i'll have a thing to do at eight you know after my work is done like i just i wrap my days is at some trying to go out and do more shit as opposed to being locked in locked in to a schedule that determined by what's boxing match is on and are you stay home to watch everything and i didn't for that one year i you get in our comes and waves right but i some do allow me i you know i have opinions about having i've seen it
seemed still have opinions like uneducated one while i want now just from watching what i heard from seeing what i did see if the layers like like i get mad about do tolerance or outages really did you see the global of war yeah nigeria has an early stoppage shuffling eurostar budge evaluation someone's on his way down here's the question now did he have a standing eight count rule like i don't know standing eight account ruin that fight like see if there was find out there why does he like there was they feel it that's what should have happened if it happened but some fights i believe they dont have to have a standing account the correct me if i'm wrong i don't think that's case in all fight and i think in some championship fight they don't i was standing account and i think that suspects you're late or a specification re put that i don't know i just seemed like an obvious stipulation i mean the less fight i'm trying to think of why are you may find out gino meda i made
i was in arizona during the canelo the chavez fight and i made everybody watch it was a good one it was add one and it was the worst part of it it was that everyone knew i was the reason the fight was on own so everyone it was it was like i couldn't every round i wanted to be exciting because i wanted people to not get mad at me for ruining their night but instead i was response for a boring night and i was like i enjoyed it even those boring i just one he was gonna like love can and that was my that was my sort of you know my horse in the race whoever was in a way was gonna write ever fighter but most people thought canelo was gonna win pretty shortly but though the pie was that like chavez didn't really want to put himself out there he's but each and every day a great he's never been i only is training has ever been right
discipline to some but canelo is about that life yet right me he's trying to be the best ever in writing de the best that's hard to be i can run demeanor been i've been a rich kid boxer just feels like us born rich to warming a junior me as low as other site might now oh no no no no i'm just saying that that we know just dead you seem like a hard place to come from my dad is the fuckin graves of all time who says chavez is arguably the greatest mexican fight of all time means he's up their eyes i saw chavez junior fighting them at staple centre and they brought his dad of hers as long as they are like just the poor shadow you gotta be in your dad gets honoured before your files rough but you know what is this guy kron gracie and his dad is fixing gracie whose like the grazed g2 guy a long time and the sun is a world champion fucking beast meanwhile the best guys planet earth like legitimately one hundred percent
motivated not like in a dozen it's not like the same sort chavez situation right so doesn't always in that way but it seems like fire and hunger for fighting tends to come from a place of poverty i mean attends to hear but again doesn't have to now but i mean even like even in amerika you know what was his name respell did ross now you're the guy is american do too i remember his name is from tele public was a kelly i right am i wrong why why did i shaved had a moment bad motherfucker bad motherfucker you just run into bernard hopkins bernard often haven't figured out to name up yeah i like brought a blog article about about that fight just a masterful performance by hopkins options i was actually coming home from you have sea fight overseas those in europe when i was a fight like that mother fuckers
good i'm gonna get you worry i've been watching watch him but i don't know i'm written for route for peace it's like i don't know who who's who i feel i have like i think why just start even watch hockey's like i played so many sforza kid like i can get into the sports i know about but when i don't know anything about it it's like it's like work i'll do anything else among com we're getting into something that i come from such i've such a huge blind spot about right just like how we gonna learn everything immediately i try to get even worse a school me on soccer didn't last a few weeks we ve been talking about doing so her companion he eats aid to a bar once we're sitting there watch in some games like some big time sock game it is pretty good is fun it's fun be next to an casinos every year
knows as much about suckers i know about emma heaters rattle and off who this guy is what this teams bow and what their scores and he has a soccer podcast too that he does i forget it we that word remember we doesn't with love that dude i love him he's the best such a nice to hear me under eight a comic alive he so funny i you know i quoted a joke of isn't in the writer from it to grow girls my boss is like his joke as that and i was again edwards and he hired him great move like it was it was it was did but it was just like allianz gathers joke and everyone was like a nine i selfishly dont want anybody ever higher him as a writer again i want a budget do stand i think that's what he's doing i mean i think you just was a little short gave no he doesn't every now and then but i i just feel like people don't know how fuckin videos good he's any such a good guy just one of the best guys our true what you think about this com a greater food may whether fight i mean
it's a spectacle i guess i'm excited i'm excited about it but i feel it is going to be another big notch in may weathers belt and i don't think he needs another one i get a little bit together i i backslide may well a boxer but it's not the kind of boxing i get excited about watching waving though its technically you know gonna amazing it's gonna be a boxing match for sure it's gonna be an actual was well round boxing ass so we're gonna get to see some sort of an athletic competition why is this so i just i don't see how macgregor can be then the best boxers in the world who have tried yeah you won't be he won't be better than the best boxes the world but what he might do first voice deftly gonna make it exciting task in it the trash talk is conveyed the amazing it's gonna be epic it's gonna be a funds back to go and he has legitimate scary one punch power any way beggar so it's all
whether or not he can hit may whether chairs a minor one fifty some i don't know that's a good question to how much weight is you have to whose how much is for you to make em dehydrate himself even give a fuck deceiver emo respect his skills enough to make him do i drew himself like you do it's canelo because he made canelo cut a shitload away sure thing he made a fight at one fifty is correct firewood lloyd may whether made canelo average fight cause canals a big fell air i've seen it in person him get anna one fifties a rough rough suck i think that at always scary when you look at these days and they just look emaciated before the let her of like chavez i mean a tall guys is one of the word ever saw was when to one hundred and forty five we fought aldo those jesus christ he looks gone and dried up at the winds and then the next day
like a gorilla canelo came in at one fifty two it says occur in this fight is that one fifty four it is it one forty four that's making it ok we'll get some kind of like gonna have our time making one fifty four other cis canelo weight and that one sixty eight no that was his last fight was chavez jr junior chavez junior he fought above his way class actually chavez junior i think it was fighting one seventy five wasn't he came down maybe there was a normal wait for chavez junior was for the thirty day way and when he thought me whether thirty four thirty days out without sues when sixty six point b they had stipulations in the contract like how be he could be at certain points no dirty these one day mt i may i make that what's the word it were that what's the whole cargo levied is it are they gonna have all boxing under laroche is a good question i think
you'll find it do a little way and it is going to be interesting skill why is if conor figures out a widow mall em we're gonna like closed distance quick get em up against the robes and just head i'm with shots while his holy m he's almost got to clip him in some sort of weird awkward like my donna like exchange if she d fight my down floyd harbour floyd got clipped by a bit oh ran right i think it was at the end of one of the round like very ended around his legs dip like were little j a little by little wobble i got a little dare and it's just because you got mauled it wasn't because skill wise whose commensurate and then when floyd back in the rematch it is boxes face off just fucked him up she just wanted to let him know like look dude i barely took you sherry snuff first fight
got close but really got close to like the sloppy brian and just put a skill clinic autumn in the second five seconds i wasn't in close i think the dust only caught because our car normally fight selling swarming face first brawler do these guys like cautious about getting hit i'm i'm i'm thrilled about it but i am also i buy wish i wish i wish i knew more by your side of the tracks while we don't know enough about conor because connor's has never had a professional boxing ranch you know in the as you see a striking but you only see striking ways working kicks and wrestling although the shit to it if it is kicked him like with that i mean chested just the do it just alone now just do it before they fucked up that it would be an area is laughing you'd probably problem stipulations the car i can't get him in bar or overcome ironing disk
economic ahead and not an amount be worthless in all the money and then getting more money i could show manager he would be a goddamn folk euro if they got in close if they're getting else and floyd was like second in june on the outside any through a job to cover up or left high kick and that left high kick next just dying and you see floyd go limp and he would go lamp he never been hyccaric like that jesus toby crazy it's as if you know it was coming he could clip on with it i'll give you had no idea if you hit a kick behind a punch like fighter is a lot of fighters do they like throw a punch literally cover you ace so the kick is behind it already and boom the kit comes why your vision is already you're thinking about the next paunch paying the kick lands needed caleb happens all the time if he did that of insane but the orphan webley with fuck off giving up because no one ever trust another fighter from anime to ever fight a box or in a boxing match again
had the of the opposite happened really good day after this could they do and emma may fight but the two of them now now i know now what i got it will last seconds maxim marilla s o connor wanted to give him an ear beating for twenty eight minute seconds look connor's so much better as a wrestler as a submission artisan as it kicker there's just no waste he'll kill what spinning elbows and share like these things you can do in a boxing match that you're not expecting and if someone's just kick your legs once you're gonna be like oh my god what the fuck now i'm trying to day the oil may where money out of what's going on i mean really well it's gonna come in hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars yes that is the only way this anyway but this is a giant big difference floyd we'd have to learn how to fight emma may style who would have to learn how to stop taking
could have learned our czech leg kicks and you have to learn a defence emissions and that will take years he's gonna do that forty years old i don't know what he knows now as far as wrestling defence and what he knows about kickboxing or jujitsu or anything i don't know what he knows but if he knows nothing he's a hundred percent fucked one hundred percent bet the house on it fucked like connor might win a boxing match i mean maybe there's like a small a percentage chance that he just runs in their clips floor with a big shot rock sermon then take them out i don't know what that percent when you ask a boxing export is like four percent five percent right that's a boxing i would say which i'm not but i'm in emma may expert they fought in an mme fight its one hundred percent the conduit fuck him up one hundred percent no ifs no and no but no chance no chance cod is gonna be fine away from me whether the name once every item is gonna be kicking up in the stomach in the legs
softening up in the rounds of five minutes long and eventually he gets a clench and when he gets a clench may weather is fucked he's gone into the ground is not can be able to stop it he's gonna get mounted he's gonna get elbows force fed into his eye socket his nose his mouth his jaw eyes of his head his years he's gonna get elbowed in the ear he's gonna get points she's drop down on him when he's totally pin down and defenceless he's gonna have a knee on one of his biceps while those guys literally on top of a pounding him in that and you won't be able to get up there won't be able to stop the crucifix you will be lost happening he'll be tied up in mashed on the ground until he decides to choke em so he's been booby completely defenceless so in that sense the odds would be insane if may whether decide in the next two months ago the mice can take place in august we decided in the next two miles which by the way if you like is soon am i wrong gradually during its very quick it's not me
onto so maybe they been negotiating for a but the least connor knows something about boxing where this could be a thing but if they just took from now and said to me too much now you can have never mayfair holy shit the to be a hundred thousand to one i give you ass like any real emma may expert the billygoat how fuck dizzy is four hundred percent fucked hundred percent far and boxing experts think that may whether as a hundred percent fucked but to give my watch me slight chance you never know it's crazy people it's wrong punches you never know cause me whether can throw a punch for sure and conor control much for sure who knows what happens who knows most likely though me whether our boxes but you could see kind landing something crazy its aid in he just the hardest person delayed such as that he's a great guy he's a he's a hardest person the land a punch again that's why debtors evidenced he's the best offensive boxer ever sledge morning is not too i mean is it is
by the way i don't find a boring on a technical level i find it boring unlike a social like i like there are social element around a fight and the excitement and yes they put it it's not a good its he's not like the best dino ye can't look at your pizza way or even make it you gotta keep your eye on the screen like its slugger thyssen fire thyssen was the best example in a lot of ways what was wrong with people liking but they just want to see someone get slaughtered sure you now and then arturo body and mickey ward is like the other side of it it's like neither guy can slaughter the other guy and they keep slaughtering each other and coming back that's that's made is always been my favorite kind of fight in two worn personally because i know how dangerous it is for the ride such horrible horrible experience for their body just exchanging punch anthropogenic upon a guy named tim hague just died this past weekend and he was a former you have seen fighter who
lost in the eu of sea and there when overruns fight in a bunch of other organisations and ease sustained a series of pretty brutal knock it's like a boxing thing there wasn't a boxing ass he saw fought a bunch of emma may fights had gotten down in any times and then went in just two more after a little a big knock out that you just had an april fought a boxing match so he had been down in april some believe it was april i'm sorry from wrong that's what i read and then he's fighting again in his boxing match and he's out match it takes us find on short notice against a really good boxer i think he has a one in three boxing or simply is not a good bahrain record and this guy just fucked him up and bad the case was brutally apparently got knocked down several times in the first round and in he got hit with some big bombs and dropped in his head bounced off the ground and he i'd and it is a very rare thing tis for some wanted
boxing heavyweight division it's usually the guys who dehydrate themselves and then come into a fight like really like those of the war that usually die since is pretty rare theirs serious beating in a fight between the really ask cuban guy us pop a big something louise see if you give he's a top contender right now boxing in the heavyweight division but he beat up this russian cat denmark and the guy wanda being in the hospital for quite a long time and is a believes careers over at some swelling bleeding bleeding on the brain but he survived the tim is unfortunately pathway scarce shit you also those fights they come with the great consequence that we don't feel as spectators although i think you will feel it now more than ever for short
far too many let's say i can't i can't get over like when you hear legate does the crack of a helmet there it is why was a brain damage fighter allowed to leave mass square garden on his own yeah what is our homeboys name there margo mad you saw alarm off muggah mad abdul salaam off and he was fighting might parades think that's the fight so i got the guy wrong to that's not the big cuban heavyweight a thinker factor the different cuban heavyweight by the way of the amended a theatre at the gardener see says a great place to live on some may however the theatres amazing i'm doing stand up there who unexcited excited there's big you have to fight it mask we're on what is that guy's louis now louis goma screening thirdly there is a top cuban heavyweight something goddammit
a name overlap and box into the sky was coma for this loss yeah i think i got the wrong guy though that was the right fight but i'm trying to figure who the other guy is that i thought was this guy s another guy condemn it he's one of the top guys are really big disparities yes louis ortiz thank you has gone crazy i never remember any debts of evil i have talked to people or their legality should do a sports thing and am i i'm not again like i reiterate i'm a fan of such a fan but i don't have the knowledge to plot of my little knowledge satchel if you did would you be interested in doing alternative boxing commentary say it say it like i feel it is gonna be the future of interactive television can have just one car commentator till you have are you are you have you they were i would be the one who would be like this is fine everybody all this you know i'd be the wanted
like that i like i think he's cuter but i think the other guys better so look how about this maybe a guy sitting down with his girlfriend just like i don't wanna watch is via unless we watch morgan's commentary and because ideal deal with god at pre ins watch to fight you get to listen more deadly that's a fuckin good you and that's not a hard set up now i thought about it cut me i love a cook i love a cup man i love a close up of a wound over the eye of an end swell softening d fascinated areas tissue there's something soothing about it now when your bike we sparring the elegant couple times a little bit with a friend like now but russia's top each other how together now as i go my friend amy and we would we would you know we would work i was my work out i use it is like a work on and i became bodies with with freddy roche and that was like a thousand was working came all the time and as is twelve years there is light at the end
work out and then occasionally do a little like freddie what has too little sparring vote was very very couple couple points here and then done i was their eyes nervous nervous eyes by when i was a kid i did like herodias i sparred as a kid i kick some kid in the head and leg of testing and i remember the instructor saying good job to me oh this nailed some kid in the head but the now i may i went to the core sing about the wild card was a failure pack email was was train there ready pretty much and freddy would let me stay when they closed the jim for packing i let me stay unlike watch him train which was that was awesomely twelve years ago do that did you ever see brian cowen at the gym yeah i feel it is i feel if we for me see him there we talked about it definitely brian cowen boxes yet as arms are always talking about it's boring and waited stops barn
your brain is already soft what are you doing i get excited i i thought i am ourselves more of a bit better for vice magazine what was just a magazine we did a i fought a heavyweight a female heavyweight we did it in a prom grasses very she was allowed to really to be ass she could get her taken away and stuff but i brought this viewed from the from the wild card is like my my corner man and we both were prom dress so she was a real fighter real fighter heavyweight fighter and then at one point a thing i just jump on her back jesus and try to live knocker down so should try to her she is the plan was for her to try and i was my plan was for me to allow her to try and then her manager was like now she's not allowed to it's like he lit legally he wasn't allowed me want that i know but i thought you'd be you know goods get knocked be my fine little you know monsieur
it was then always don't you want like i get embarrassed when i haven't done something that's firstly i would like to be able to say i got knocked out once really yeah don't sancho knocked out not good for you they are others may speaking you up air while she seems firmly having so how can we stop doing how can we boxing good technique there like you i think we're off the backed foot freddy she's a call my right the cannon and real honoured that your bride challenge together merit your eye one is the cannon i think i like i can try you know honestly i got like a little i got like the press and suboxone and started going to the coffee place instead gets his it's the
where i got legality of the depressed stop wanted him so the gym didn't help you with depression like our dinner one was like a big dip says a few months away from that kind of stuff and i to stop going and then i go back as it was so by that time i i wanted to but it was also jim became it was like it's like germany pevensey every day just became such a scene dead it came not what i had started going therefore if that makes sense it does you know and i and i love it and i should actually back at an end and frankly i think freddy roach being nice to me as well he has been in my life is one of the stranger it o connor oh i'd he had no reason to sort of take me enemy did i must moved in next door to the walk out with fright like it was like in those dear
and for a long time about them we were gonna live i was gonna live next to the gym almost for a second in the apartment attach the jam but i was just in the middle phobia courage at least to live a going after me me me man that he has made much has made like boxing writers wards dinners staff i got to meet a lot of flight great pete me was it was it was a cool time in my life but i just sort of you know moved in new york and i think that was a big part of it too is did you find out of coverlet ward if they had a standing account i found someone trying to describe analysis in fact said that it was a unified rules no standing countless nap that's it initial source well for guy quint's and there's no standing account you gotta think of it as a knockout it's like emma may but if there's a standing account they would give it to him there or what he should have done is we take a knee coverlet problem the taking a knee and if you took me then you would get a ten count we consider knocked down low blows that
yea global deafening yea deadly got hit low and there's a couple of that question bullock on the belt line apparently there are saying covers belt was pretty high it's it's it's funny tends to somehow unboxing something happens be it do you know her reflect judgment which i think happens a lot like too allow there to be another fight like it just seems to be like wrote something always fucking that's why it when i have a lot of but over the watch boxing like i hate i hate the parts of this or that seem like it's fixed because pete i can appreciate the fight as a whole even without now come i think you delays is fixed none not there but i d seen in boxing there always seems to be something something happens that would make a rematch more attractive right but that's just the nature competition on a big scale like that with crazy com
the quences like the cup the clear go entity joshua fight like that's the consequences that i just fuckin chaos guys getting knocked down get back up and knocking the other guy down are wholly show that a kind of a controversial ending up it at that defending himself you think there's more controversial indians unboxing than there are in i think people makes split second decisions on the referees in the heat of the moment and when you gonna have that you're gonna have mistakes it happens all the time and its as neither deals like there's a lot of a lot of mistakes i do not think its first now by any stretch of the imagination i think especially with respected fighters are being handled do have biases for certain styles and their certain certain referees will lead of fire defend himself for
there than somewhere so more especially no man shore and mining when in our judges areas sitting somewhere or not but i always i always find it hard to explain to friends who come over who never watched that staff and i like i love having people over and haven't like i said the social aspect of lakes forts me is really fun but when friends over and they constantly see results a day to understand their done with this or in a whereas if you like it more you can be like i'd happens the promise your people pleaser intermediate these peace like something that you like just let him let him think its first so many conversations with guys like enemies fix man just admitted i wanna talk to you this is a silly way of approaching this issue you don't know anything they try to pretend like you know something so that we're right from beginning we're fucked because we can have this conversation you dear pretending they use enough as you understand fighting enough you ve competed enough you been hidden i've seen people get it you know enough to when something gironde something's not you know you know
i can't figure it out but you figured out a lot of pfizer fixed this from fix fights that's why i like i mean i write me obviously gulags last five years been obsessed with the glove can cause he just said aren't you can't you know that's not theirs prove to any maybe with innovative it's like you can i would say that the early stoppages and boxing probably more the very arm and other lamentable sport is just people making mistakes but my point is there are gonna be fixed fights there's gonna be people that dude i just liked is referees and nba apparently they get busted trying to stretch games out and try to call thousand certain teams and the work from people that bet money and they try to shave points that shit so it can exist always gonna be someone who tries to doktor references listen but it's listen not saying that the eu should fix the fight i'm saying if you see somebody get hurt stopped a mother fucker stopped a fight pull the trigger
quick nor manager and there's that you know there's deftly that but how often is it happened i bet it happens pretty rarely i bet it's much more people making mistakes much more people in the heat of the moment much more just the nature of the chaos of combat sports competitions wacky shit happens and people make big mistakes as reference is just like you know people like you and i make big mistakes talking on podcast you you just talk enough tabula rancher make mistakes but with a free you make any mistakes like the southerners career like for cover live like two not right nice low blows to stop the fight like the way did cobbler fucked up you should take a nap
yeah i mean but that's the thing is that a lot of these a lot of these things can lead to another fight like denizens as is that without the controversy there's less attraction no one's gonna agree to it look andrey ward is not going agree to some sort of a predetermined outcome killer love is not can agree to predetermine outcome so those two principles the most important parts of this equation would never fucking ever agree to let the other person when does chance in hell cove love is just going down from a notch oh no i don't i don't know their rights and i just think that say no i don't think it's fixed i just think that controversy itself makes a rematch attract our shores but the idea that somehow because it's finished yandah but a lot of you will do boxing show that guide the poor everybody likes rivalry body at my i gave i also seem to invite people over for the wrong fights economy where you're like the last one was fuckin gray and then you and then you have people over like embarrassed it's always odors to so many p
but i just they just don't they have never competed and so like they just and this also people more call bullshit they want me the first version called bullshit so they like their little ici and the trigger compulsion on things those gimme there it contrary ends luck try a lot of them are smart people are concerns us and my smartest friends disappointing sometimes some of my smartest friends are always wrong was like what led them to be smart and curious is like this distrust of things but contraries also fun right and tie going one way like tiles sparring sparring verbal sparring keep it flow on and that's a big thing comic right i always i find that the other guys i tend to be attracted to attracted to our partners in power
contrary ends are artists are just it's it's a fight from you know from the gatt go really does a little bit lay low but i like little spit verbal sparring see if they can hang yeah i'll nl i it's you know i'm i'm i'm totally driven entirely by being likes you know meant they stimulated searches than then i'm then i'm in like sexually but if it's not fun the banjo i find that then i would get out no interest involved someone i area bats now i feel at all events of between guys and girl it is very much especially with comics i've heard that in times of girl comic so they would never data that wasn't funny never you that dude now now that status that is its it's that's it's one of them they talk about the most with a lot of my leg female comedian france but just there's not there
no part of me that would be sexually interested in somebody wasn't if not funny i mean it's not funny they'd have to be brutally smart enough on a level that i don't even standards i stephen hawking shit yeah like i'd have to just i don't know i'd like to this is this get a sound wrong but there's something funding tract of about you know intellectually being put in your place wow that's where would you like to be intellectually choked yeah how about a little bit i don't know i don't i don't know maybe it's not that popular opinion but because a fuck your opinion does not without if you enjoy it it's also like if somebody's it doesn't have to be made then even if someone's great at their thing right and i
no understanding of it i find that to be a try legged so doesn't necessarily always have to be a comedian and someone who is you know brilliantly hilarious like i've been attracted the guys who were just brilliant at a thing that i have zero comprehension hi even get good at it let alone graded in something fun about it yeah i'm always fascinated by those people for sure but i'll find them attractive like four we believe me there are things i wish i wish i was more attracted the leg i wish i could list which has attracted to to money and looks and all the things do you know how i wish i really though my original it seems like there be more options and then would be easier as opposed awaiting three years to find someone who just like hits the right button and you're like i gotta men area while the big boys to be able to you like tuned into someone in it now
mental way like your minds are tuned in were you can speak on the same terms where you can even both unites the humor and things you both of opinions on things you u bolt enhance the conversation and that you have like you throw in something that makes me now i throw himself the makes me laugh in it but it's only so much more fun it just is this as other that's how it is with friends that's how it is everybody there has like when it when i set about bird like having that podcast with burg meat just mean bar or alone and we're talking shit or text messages we have back and forth which other their hilarious it's like that they too have a friend like does cherished gray adapt someone that you could sit and then if you fuck them to ouch they fund very rarely happens christina possess keen tom secure a rare ones or the rare to too funny comedians they get together and they both have a great army
bonnie macfarlane enrich vows and other one does to running contenders throw more doesn't have to contend with a throne knows or like what is married couple half a percent i don't see anybody else that's like at that level bonnie and rich and tom and christina i don't see anybody else at that level china thank threat but their outliers think about it and if era that motion at our eyes i've lost marcia fucked up natasha sorry there's they're both hilarious you're right i fucked up that's number three the us does number three those those three people other than that who i am in those three out of three hundred million there one out of a hundred million most of the smart funny as i know don't need that in a woman and and that's you know it's not my place generally i wish it was part of me like us leg
how could you data she's a fuckin idiot whatever it is it's not my job to judge who who was stimulate you but you know it's it's it would be easier if i had more i think do things we if motion tosh o went on tee and went on age with tee shirts that say one out of one hundred million because the new there could be like the torrent is it really early if therefore really gentlemanly hilarious couple their bone where's that it may be one out of one hundred million is out that's pretty the jet right i mean i'm trying maybe somebody else in africa have you dated comedians but i was like twenty one year and as i owe their crazy too can have this kind of crazy people love each other touches us until i get a wise move and also its too
complicated i've seen what happens when guys data make it and they break up with each other and then she comes around with some new dude in the guys all bond now and like that but with aryan natasha i know you're disastrous guys don't do that no no just be friends unless you gotta do we gotta do i know it could work at the problem is a year in the same saying to somebody you gotta work through all of your shit around the person that hurt you and that's the that's artists thought you might come out of it a better person michael have a more open minded more easy going more forgiving this deal overcome positive try me i try i took my best i don't always succeed but i do my best but canada it'll go work out so can worker set for this fucking yellowstone thank god dammit or dance
earthquakes i'd like a guy who does that like measures earthquakes sizemore lena but like knows more about like like a real cynical seismologists like we're done what if you really liked guy with any values into jazz it happened it happened a real like our now and you come home to your parma didn't detained him a bit by bit by bit attendant and then i heard a guy i every time he called me there is jazz on in the by now every time about about but but but bound up up up up up a member but you know very serious actor you know like some music just put it on and do just wanted on in the put on the back roma recalled so council's common mamsie more sophisticated brian cowen used to weave books out on his table that was really reading
i call them i came up with this house one time near the catcher in the rye or something like that sit right has covered table i bet you are not read maddest our lab legal some not that i know what the fuck do you have i format and suppress girls i knew it new additives so obvious to impress girls who don't ask any questions thank you know they could ever have to defend it or get into it or what your opinion of it why would you data girl asked questions that just jesus christ it seems like a disaster waiting to happen he data right away they come to questions so what books if you read recently got jesus is none here we should allow stop talking and what do we do now scattered rebuild momentum talk about my wish like a big exciting lady with a lot of movement i think we're the book
things you ever diamonds that carlos museum we did his material do so that you did it ninety tweets igniting like nineteen twelve i've tried to make it obvious that i was talking with people but it's every i recall miles i check i see what's going on over there every comment is like i don't care he does a better like sake was fuckin with a dummy its has nineteen twelve what the fuck it's pretty obvious the way you're doing that it's a parody paths reading ah fuck you car domain in five minutes i think some people are doomed they're just doom you never gonna get to him you know such a certain their certain fish second breathe with there gills and they also can breathe there they can suck air not nobody is that ability not everybody visibility recognise humor or satire or just to see it as some people in there i think through of a dull battery for a brow
it's it's in its it's more obvious and pronounced them known now more than ever because of in everyone's got a little bit of a little bit of nice old computer well or will we get it now we get to see not only how they make their own jokes but how they respond to yours and every the combination of oath startling sure frightening that and also like these people are illuminated now or the the biggest in the shadows before some weird neighbour and the good thing about it is the people who live in those we're neighbourhood like kids they get exposed to way more shed like there is such a difference between when you travel and you go on the road and now and you go to a town like in the middle of nowhere verses go no town the middle of nowhere in the nineties in a town in the middle of nowhere in the nineties you were in and out liar post like you were unlike some mad max type situation you doing some minister
again in the middle of nowhere these people are going to know tat the real world monogamy trapped out here the towns like five thousand people in or something you junior college good luck luck but now they i will be living in san francisco they'll have the internet people to know things now the time now funny dog he and i and he's right leg but hill should on me a little bit about like though somewhere another aus funny does that's down the road he has an area it ivy like a guy's me like you do like who have really fuckin done put in the road work across the country across the fuckin world like i am admittedly not that person and the places that i think sort of you know out their middle and nowhere i kill put me in my place fast like this is nothing was the darkest place you been lucky terms of like exposure to the light of
lighten up a one do they did with henry philips once was they may my twenties chris fairbanks every philips night when i i don't have any crazy saigon do i don't do that drugs that would lead to better stories in the ones i have but i gave you know just lake where you're just sleep not a twin bed with another comedian in a kids room because his parents on the pizza place he drove up to perform at andrews like a fourteen year old boy meeting drunk outside the wailing all it is that kind of shit where you just and you're a grown up technical you're twenties and you know what am i what am i here for four fifths dollars a six our car ride and free pizza and kids twin bed and like people or haven't contest who can pass the highest outside like just gonna shit or others you know i and i in one place or to hate it now i just you know i think i think the fray
that i have who go out and occasionally take near go with them i have so much fun now doing stuff that i used to be that i got time have i think in my twenty sets interesting i am a little bit reinvigorated while you realize that those things can be fun once you become a real professional further on the beginning you're so looking forward to working calmly store or the improper bright headline in seeing your name on the law of the bill or look familiar but once you ve done that then you realize like there's actually fund these places the problem is me freaking out about this two hours after span this shithole bar i should be enjoying the fuck out of coming in here with a real ex attitude having a good time and x putting this for what it is a sad experience like oh my god i'm so frustrated because i really want to climb my way being a professional gradient but i'm stuck in this shit bar but then once you kind of are then you go ignore those are actually fun
now i know it is like my only thing with my bugging guys like you say i'll go anywhere they haven't been to yet you know i mean name eyes if i like it i ll go and if i haven't been there i'll go i love the unknown of it but i'm definitely not a you know a veteran of the road which is the real issue is non direct flights area anyway rigour does number direct fly you might get act ere you timing for this this tour the ducks doing its he's his tremendous driving car out from arizona these coasts sociologist i've been around and meet him out there like a bunch of dates out that's a good way to do it i know my manager brought up getting a pass boss term a hey hey doesn't run white have a bus nice girl a number on yeah but that's wrong you know have young kids like
i'm not doing out gets a boss when he has his kids out on the road for him also i like doing too much other shit here i don't know if i'm just on a road for a month that's a healthy montier into the runaway any weird fuckin momentum taken over my life well that's that way public i can't do it alone i don't want to i don't know no interest in doing it alone and frankly like i can't i can't afford to headline and bring people with me i'm not i'm not that kind of a draw so i would much rather go out with friends who can bring may do a little less time and have a good time with a bunch of friends do that for you know it the it's not the now frontlines brave way to go about stand of garments but it is like i've no no
first in in suffering now road why should you while you have to have an interest like that's one not me i do their certain people who are like well you're you know you taken the easy way out you're not headline in this way you're going out you're doing you know a nice thirty thirty thirty five accidents like air while that's what i'm doing this lake so what is a fuck why not a bad thing i don't wanna go that they do all time the headline sometimes go on the road they middle shit things of people worry about pick apart slick so goddamn pointless plus you can eat the opportunity guy withstand i would not want to do that i feel that a long time ago like that the road there's two types road is road by some which can get real alone it's depressing making a very lonely or there's a road with friend wears a party it's amazing it's fucking great
i remember looking at a window it like springfield illinois i was like nineteen or twenty and i look out the parking lot window and i was like this by this is i love stand up and i love comedy but i said this is not for me this whole disk destroy me i did all my gigs on the road by myself until i could afford did not do it anymore and then right around the end of a nine these are starting chris maguire on the road of me a lot and there is a long time once i could afford any cost money and have to pay for the flight and painful hotel room but am i i would rather out a few hundred bucks here and there and have a good time it made the in the experience infinitely better i went to do phoenix recently latest for a night and to get like some tea i meant that i couldn't get an ally and so one therefore the night do long set and i didn't bring my friend in their eyes you find your names chris and
there's a guy you know she's were worse farmer negotiate my best friend from college is really funny he doesn't stand up and as i have made my eyes they regulate wasn't and she is more of a community act guess who does some lie performance stuff and she did fucking great unity ten fifty measures prove perfect them like i could have brought some one has been comedy twelve years ago i wanted to go my best friend right that's what i wanted to have fun one fund makes it way better you in minnesota but your home you know you're in cleveland but your home now it it's the best best and the camaraderie between comedians it's like such unusual camaraderie very unusual what's its also i gotta remember being on the m d the trans like we re in a doug's cranky
ever is and i am here today at first hand and we were we landed ellie acts and i was like it is different airlines way to get on the get shuttle to go somewhere like a shuttle after the plane as you know in some doesn't like surprises like since holdings shuttle this is like constant like jokes about like we're going to auschwitz but like aloud she was shelves unlike the american airlines shuttle would like people india like i'm a little more sensitive delay all look around a guy like oh we're not liked here but there's it's it's theirs there's nothing better than being around other people who like speak your language and you don't have to explain anything ever oh yeah yeah yeah that's one of these talks dead we once solaris egos he was i think i had could kommeni but i could never quit comedians ah that's the sensitive shit there is deep
i will tell him like if everything goes wrong he could clearly organised some sort of a village and bisbee in all the complex moved him i am i'm i'm i'm considering what i got i got i gotta either a bisbee real iter wax adieu think thingabob i'm not gonna knock i arrived i have to be an outlet might my work as an ally have been i but i i haven't found a place that offers me the way that places and found a place it offers me everything i don't realize i miss when i'm in our lord what were the second i get there it's it's a sense of com it's a sense of re priority your day around things have nothing with show business and you know being around me all who are in the best and most my friends wearily or not comedians like that i have every day but now in the other day like
is there and willow by pick up basketball game plan for nine i am like eight people showed up to watch me play this dude candidly it's just small town kind of shit but with people who seem to have figured out why there there too and i just dig it i dig the whole vibe i dig a dig the city the town or whatever i like the drive there even and i don't want it are familiar and now it's i haven't driven familiar find a tucson like an hour and a half but i always was obsessed with like getting a place like costa rica nicaragua like any time i go to another country and unlike out this is it this is my spot ruin there's a lot gang drilling that's because you'd be travel on i think so i think there's a part of me there's a little bit of a problem stain still because i never knew that kind of consistency but the thing i realized about bisbee which way
again is so like dogs thing that is almost funny but it's aye aye i is all feelings they had in even another country's rose like it's getting away but its close enough you know it's just speak still feel like you're on the outskirts and you feel like you go back time a little bit there when there's something refreshing about waking up and go and i'm gonna go get my coffee at the one coffee place i'm gonna go get my this kind of food at the one has this kind of food you know how many go get my fresh air from the lady who as fresh eggs and come from her cheek like it just shit that item do here and i don't even think i wanted to do until i got there right i get it i like those voices love bolder which is much bigger than bisbee but still for the same reasons i think gum what we
you specifically also like in front crowds all time limit is a real benefit to being away from crowds yeah just smaller groups people's more relaxed and it's also you know i think you go somewhere a certain number times you meet kind of the people that are there may be said marilla doug's friends yourself and you know once you're not bother you come from a place of like i wonder if anyone's going to know even know what annoys me like i really like it here then you like how i really love it here than you like i think i could have a place here so you think about legitimately picking up shop and move in a bisbee keep in an apartment here and then when you not work unlike in hollywood shit he live in bed when you go on the road from there you're not quite but i'm than i am thinking about having something consistent that like i will probably have to be here with the majority of the time further foreseeable future but i'm curious about would it be like tat my own little spot that i could go to when i
to end i and known in doing it enough and i realize i can go for a weekend and it feels like a good deal decompress factor in others cave for sale i i know he's trying to get here he's trying to get so far i feel like viewer intrusive i know me cry sure roseanne norman doug like the people who have best interests in his cave of going in and getting it owes lay i would live in that second insane asylum harpy dope arrives amazing you should get it thelma government embryos with you he said i am looking at like out you know a little craftsman two bedroom i want is a little place to go my dog and self but have you get the cave i'll stay there and prominently in enforcing the cave harbour no real love that's true it's gotta keep outline others keep outside fence
wild have a lena's roman run yard you can hire a number of people that will gladly stand in front of your drive out with a gun grew ass we have begun to tobacco guns are now living in a cave would be the shit if you live in a key if it's carved up the mountain there is real it feels right for years go to this website i'm saying that so far in de la ten people doug me keep clear than bert you have delivered bert monolith with them but we put stay over but you drink too much gently with ebro look at this thing things the shit yeah you see the war i mean all the outdoor stuff too they well on this point lake in the warrant right some awesome stuff in this house i would think that our amendments but that's what i that's what i keep thinking i could trying to find the house that i think i'll write and don't jump up though you had no one to find you that's the bed
it is carved in the ground nuts like that's like i said a fireplace in its view of his gallagher carpet and some pillows isn't a fireplace a yogurt protons ass you dear you that's a little built in my city of thing that's a real house and then i realized all this land and water and so the real ass you take some rambo too character you that's right and work a beggar backed about it up wednesday morning to work i work at that table dude which have coffee and your wife the coffee like a hundred thompson the classic picture of him a big certain await a wife yard i have one tired issues that that lady whose turning it have a kid my housekeeper nourishes she's your life for her she fucking amazing view holy shit i might have to buy a cave keep gone psych if we were gonna
move to a new spun disappear spot to move to either get it i would get in bikini shape for that little again plastic me six months before you pray by europe an tags for anna animals the mountain runner don't you my dog no dive dogs to do now finally i know i feel like you're also judge your finger each trigger your fingers so what you have to give the wrong impression on me more volatile than i am i may be living bisbee now what is it thousands five this time five thousand now i've no fucking idea delaware is really high that play mass mozart legacy television sets a mile high easy it's yad since i was i was i was i was deep down
tell it to you baskets in five thousand i was lean and i was leaning over real hard barely play city was well populations thousand to elevations five thousand populations five thousand five five on both perfect i got a little of this last time i was there i got a two bedroom airbnb will house hot tub while it's at eighty five bucks and i two bedroom house deserve jammer yet you know what you have done because his buddy uses hasn t he just joined a gym that's like a minute oh what like that's right there than they talk about that and to sound he says an hour after hour after i've got something something like going to santa barbara that's what i said to like like everyone organise like i'm gonna leave i can be back and three hour basically i said let me know if i need to come back for any kind of emergency shit and i'll be back but why is it again in the mountains we get cold at all
i think it gets cold at night sometimes but you got is the weather's amazing in that like i've talked to i taught my dad call me they got here too hot there and i'm like it so breezy constantly in bisbee it feels it gets it gets really hard but not as high as it does in other areas keziah innovation yeah five thousand five hundred feet is fuckin high i would imagine entered the idea is economy there like what we will do nothing why there now he's piled like i don't know why anybody else's ere i mean i know why i go how many people would there because it does i hundred i think more than people with thank god seems like it seems like there's quite a few folks it now i dont thinks i know i'd that i don't think so i mean it's it's all so i got we're talking today about lichen and i almost forgot to ask him like hath but to come out like a leg is that ok i know a jeweler town like it's
you wanted i want to find it may have been held when i brought my friend about my buddy bill from these is a good friend of mine i hear legal we throw legates i would i it's a kind of place that i want to in people to and show them doug you excited when you thought about moving there think you can know why i can't oh it's you you can't nobody seems happy with also there is a positive one places somebody's thing you don't want to intrude intrude front i do this oh i don't know i mean i i also don't think i'm i would just love a little little second little rustic place where do nothing to do all my nothing a larger i'll live in your case would you want to do i watch the cave would you no word stuff right now
whenever you let a comical watch your house and then like are i mean i might have some process shudder in the cave unless they gave me a big problem free soon be an issue that super bad forty mornin cupid everybody cupid automotive i just take a picture like doritos in front of your favorite places in a cave fund the gang whereby their cave shall i tell me something people who travel by air the promise try celebrate china sell a cave someone who can afford a thrilling and our cave like this not allow those dues out there or women this chaos france oh you're born you boy and so strong you inside of a mountain hope it doesn't go up homepage on your ass though but you know what you can do a lot of this shit with the cavan bisbee you could do lot of that low city and i see it happening on we're from i really want you to get the fuck you again how at an ever theatre outside emptier of folks owners can work
there's a small little amphitheatre and now in the park at busy in bisbees now little one you can do is show there are what is this different one type in the cave house and israel but a lot like cave it's coming up to i saw you i saw a special unwelcome television shows about houses were there just dissolved cave houses people build houses in caves carving art into the wall aragon back back to the caves well just people board is one of the interesting lunacy fuckin place jesus christ where he lives so god important area places a different feel too it that's why on that day of countries is so fucked up stop and people from living somewhere awesome we get i mean those eggs aid is its if you told me like i can the bisbee anymore i can't owners are like a perfect example i get pissed drew a line around business no this is busy beta
now you can command unless you have papers while you do have an exceptional talents are we had one let you into this banana michel just three hundred years goes wasn't even real right three years ago there was no american slot too hard to believe that one day bisbee mania could be a real thing maybe doug so maybe they invent some stem cells doublet doug live for a long time like way longer than he supposed to mean five more years five hundred five hundred years three hundred years from now doug is like some where old wizard mayor possesses other people on us i don't know he doesn't move their all that's andean andy andrews andy far and green unaware blackout then there is also a good probus bans they need you were busy mania needed declared their own country are bad move this goes w noise have unilaterally just keep it loki its glade farmers were
take it will drive into my shower ship goes down south the border take the money and are more ya think we ve taken too much time sums two p m done almost three hours but yeah a crazy how my gun can't wait to look at the comments don't read that are you gonna be there now is worried i don't need any that's why you depressed neither read comments if you aren't you need someone telling me i fat work would be see you workin they got orkney i twitter morgan underscore murphy i'll be out on the road with stand out from the twenty second to the third of july and look at his website for those days and i had dug got a thing coming out like a sea so i guess that's me and brendan walsh it's dead
wall he host this thing in south south less let's come out our beautiful awesome decks doug's executive produce like hosted in brought out me brandon and nine and glen or that's excellent and that's when one is becoming more murphy i'm glad we're friends your very funny you're the best some real jamie anything to say before we leave now right that's think morgan think here by everybody soon do you everybody for tuned into poverty thank you caveman coffee go to mcafee c o dot use the code rogan and you'll save ten percent awesome coffee thank you to square space go to square space dot com forts last joe for a free trial and ten percent of your first purchase
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evans who is a medic on top of many mountains like came to and everest and shit like that my man scenes that's bail out fund too that's it for today so thanks everybody these data
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