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#977 - Jeff Evans & Bud Brutsman

2017-06-21 | 🔗
Jeff B. Evans is an adventurer, expedition leader, high-altitude medic, physician assistant, speaker, facilitator and tv personality. Bud Brutsman is a television show creator, executive producer, known for shows such as Overhaulin', Rides, and King of the Cage.
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the interesting dude, very, very good guy and has lived a fascinating and adventure filled life and I think you can enjoy strap in, and here we go we'll get experience. Thank you. Thank you for joining and PR please do not rise when Jeff Evans, but Bergmann good friend of mine store neighbour and Jeff Heavens, his buddy, who apparently is lived a fuckin, crazy life. Rescuing people, often Everest traveller therein Bud told me we were at school carnival with our kids. I get this guy on, go talk to him, so no pressure You're gonna put behind you didn't need sounded good. I was interested in this. So how did you get involved with first value? When was a first, I'm seventeen Everest two thousand one time and how many times you not just once just
good. I gotta go to one point: five: zero, blinded with me yeah, so you took a blind dude all the way to the top. Why don't you take em like half way, the Lord S face, do you made it you one of the rare ones before report was we got to the top? we like. Then we could see the curvature of the earth from here browning us. I don't give a shit, the democratic you think it's a really big Oda that's not true what he said is a Eric. Take a look around. what he said Tiggle around within instinct, or are you just fuckin with em mean I think it was a little bit of both a kind of instinctively fought with him right within browse for a long time. I made it's very fraternal relationship that we have. So I buy nature- the sort of automatically fucked with this guy I knowledge NI enjoys a back because he is.
Provided throughout the whole world, loves loves him symmetric and try one of the few people that just kick him in the Nazi now doing a little bit of our time. Here you have your blood, do the closed on average people just give you a free pass. Allow stuff! It's only that He climbed what also claim worries Donna, a bunch of stuff be just kayak. Grandpa in two years ago, in his own boat. The whole thing two hundred seventy seven Mars. Will you have a guy behind got left right right had you know these earpieces in area asked me to go ass. A climate restructures, fucking click. It is something that people really love about, someone risking their life and they pulling off rank something Assuming you pull it off. We assume it yeah, you dont, then you make one of those instagram greatest fails. Is there Tell us before you, one of their young blood is going to die and when he dies would you take? Was gonna happen there?
Oh yeah, we heard what the sherpas or who are just the others like experts, you know these members back no one. This is whenever stores simply laundress zealanders more raw than it is now. How is that? What it? What has happened because on the outside, but I've seen as all the experts say that show all the human waste they leave behind and including actual shit right and tents and people pay people a kind of do all the hard work and then you just can't show up and still hard right, but not as heart. You gotta put in you know you gotta put in his steps, put in a word, but it so I shall ask that it's been. Is deluded to a certain extent- and I am a sharper advocate to the core- these guys do the work main. They put it in every single day, their company alone, their cook in the food, their certain lines there there taken the biggest risk and
and allowing you know other folks to move through a little bit more effectively and faster, and I'm not have to spend as much energy and so over the weekend we kind of got in. There are no one towards, I think I think on it had ahead, had the curve the little bit as to when it started to change the face of every changed little So how did they make it easier like? What do they do that made it more commercial? that money number one gets in there and and pays a lot more sherpas to do a lot more work. So the lines are fixed. The weather forecasting models are more effective and more efficient. We see the lines are fixed lines or fix mean the ropes. The ropes on the mountain father also extend isolated dna clip into robes when you grow up. Ok, so that robs her there before you get there. All you do is a catalogue of it. So it's not like before. So you can, while its so. It's almost like IRAN like a theme park, I can ever
The issue is still in Everest and you still get fucked up by an avalanche. Re. No question is very dangerous. There's no way to mitigate all of that, but you know it's it. It has been it has been eased up along. The edges had been taken off just a slight debt, but it also adds a dangerous because one of them, if I was looking at it, is sometimes more dangerous now, because there's lines there, sometimes three hundred people, six hundred people, middle line and you're waiting from some asshole who didn't train and you're, watching him try to climb up this little twenty foot cliff and they do not work do more. They can't climb what to do more to her and to hand things in ascending devices, Conway ascending device to go up, robes slotted up and catches on the with poor, but there people go up there. When we were up there, they had people they literally without talking shit about trucking companies. There are some companies like alright we're going to show you how to put your crampons as you're, going in the icefall
Christ. You have there, they ve learned like we're, gonna learn finished. They ve never had crampons before we we had to Jeff. Not me: Jeff had a rescue risk. His life and helicopters go into high altitude, a pic of people who shouldn't know business on the money, sir, they didn't managed to get there. Acclimated. Is that with the issues that I didn't put in the apprenticeship days the commercial component allows folks they have enough money to and then show up and get guided basically to the top. So back in the days of, if you didn't have your teeth cut yeah you you It was on you now as you can to show up and and generally, someone will be taken care of you, whether it's God or whether its sharper and so now it's it's changed, but
I don't want anything from the folks who still go out. It's a dream. For so many people are still an aspirin. asian and in a life goal for a lot of folks and is still very difficult in so far as the last year we just saw, I mean we saw a really nice cross section of of skilled experience, its climbers China, but then we saw the shit show. You know we saw our folks to show I've been on other peaks first and then they weren't they skip to the top. You know I didn't hear anything life, you are you? U bypass the work, you get smoked yeah we did a week, our rescue team, arrests right, you seem more. Five sherpas did the highest out to do rescuing history, twenty eight thousand five hundred off the balcony and a girl, husband, wife. I don't know if they did. Did she summoned she summoned it. She was coming down the summit, some of it twenty nine thirty five she's, a twenty eight five hundred she decides to sit down. Husband left her husband left of it
people quit it. People quit so, but she sat down. He laughter went to the vote. Were that story, so he laughter and then We go rescuers, anxiety, say, sit right here out back in a couple days. This is up for questions like there. There's two s look outwards our brothers last night was. She may have just a tap out bit into said I quit and he I do and please come on, come on, come on followed. His laughter does one scenario of the Rio is, you know, aegis was like Pisa. How good luck, I'm half here's abroad, do this when I understand about diving. So let's say you and I are diving- were three hundred feet below the blow the water in my air goes out. When I know we can buddy brief, but let's pretend royal buddy reading. You're gonna, stick around a watch me die and you're gonna of dying, wrongly to grab hold
You grab your regulator in New York, revolt gonna die. You can't help anybody at that level. You can't need you're you're, tired of your body is, is eating itself, your basically dying the DES own. He can explain that basically, and if you give your wife says I'm sitting down, I'm gonna give in five minutes. You go ahead and she's gonna sharper with her and you go. I go ahead and they get that can't form just exactly what happened get down to count for look around you, why not their holy shit and then they call us and they wait Jeff and I up we're like you're. What so I was. I was with her right at base camp which, when we delivered her to her husband- and I was trying to gauge like- is he and to be one of these guys, like? Oh, my god, I'm so glad you're alive or holy shit, she's alive and I think it was the former. I think you is really ecstatic use crying member. He was now he was really upset. The then hold on foot
let's get you know, another goes back, is actually the first, the first kicking the ball so without taking the whole thing. That is so what has happened is is Jeff an iron ore base Commander Anthony, had to take four sherpas from camp to or can't for took two sherpas into more in the middle of the night, so six o clock, seven o clock at night, the most dangerous to win, are blown thirty forty miles an hour, it's twenty degrees below zero. Nobody nobody's ever done due to do it and we sent them up there and we said: can you go get her out so and you gotta find this person on the line so they walked. They kept walk they kept walking. We have video member Mingoes video positive, get up the line like Hell, normal normal human. Being you the three of us. How long would it take the three of us to get from himself? where she were balcony pride, three or four hours,
Saviour and shape. So take me out of that. A rudder do yeah, but I'm not do any high altitude hiking. Don't give me five hours. Okay, so so it's like very dangerous, extremely dangerous aspects. none the worse in it out at the worst time. Not even knowing no one knows where she is by the terrain dictates that she has to be unless he's fallen off the sod she's on a spine, exactly and in Europe go up the ridge you're, either fonder if she's love or she's tossed off the sun, so she and also she's deal with super low air. No excreted extremely cold nowhere was ordering an extract from neighbouring tanks. Her was gone. You drink your your ears, easily brought nowhere where there are the right with our system has abandoned. Basically, they left their general Will you would have somebody with an extra tank to be able to help her out, but I get this She just said: I'm done and she said,
down and everybody try to kill and then no one, no one could get her to want to walk back with her. You can't we tried, but you can't carry single area. Twenty nine thousand feet twenty thousand feet, so clear guidelines issued the oxygen up. There's thirty three percent less than what's here at sea level. Thirty three percent I mean did that thirty, three percent to sixty seven percent, less author their normal auction. She was the locks, and so she sat down so the boys. We have no problem. We had special cameras and pockets and all kinds of weird shit. The film on the mountain and the boys are How can we have footage of mingled mean, was walking up there and he's goin? I swear to God I'll say this for you, he speaks decent English, the whole time, not I'll, send you the cliff is a funny. It could be overseen either dear mother, fucking fuck, it fuck it mother, he's discussing every step of the way, so fucked up scenario, and you know the middle of the nineties. Looking ass, you know. Potentially a person in the death zone in the does not approve situation.
its wiser the dead zone because of the oxygen is the lack of oxygen. Your bodies starts to conspire against you mean you, you you can't assimilate and nutrition junior year fluid your body, he starts to go to places its not supposed to go had been your brain and you get cerebral, a demon, you make their decisions and you get a headache and you lose vision, and then you get pulmonary deem it your lungs Philip of flu and drown in your own fluid to MRS, like stepped out of the Spade capital Mars and on what is going to do to my body, you step out and should start pop, and it's strange up there they don't MRI studies actually there. So that's where it is right there. This is the line. The Jamie Polo eight out of their debts zone, lack of oxygen above eight thousand meters, can be fatal. The climbers, so I'd like thousand feet, is fuckin high, eight thousand meters, that does it see their aims at last that before the summit that twenty six thousand feet, which is right
their homes acquitaine. Is that where she soldiers out of that again and ass, the balcony right nurse, whose almost there five Univee shoes, five and a few from the tall she may have? Who knows a United Europe she was a twenty eight thousand five hundred. We have a gps coordinate on she's, a twenty eight thousand five five hundred feet from the so she could almost say she summoned it Everest she's like she could see You never was like where your cars part get. exercise, a lotta, crazy, ass train between where she was an across. That's where the Hilary step is and where the ridge, girls, it's no larger than your laptop in sections and ten thousand foot drop in Tibet is quite right and six thousand foot drop in Nepal either way her pretty Wine is a laptop in sections, it's pretty pretty narrow, but anyway it's it opens up in it and shrinks down but I mean it's no place to screw the pitch and she did so am I
so. That is already Erle Hilary step right. The way he's gulls really interesting two years ago, memory earthquake two years ago and yeah, so it knock that whole bolder off older people, stand right salaries to imagine your on that your demand it We want for the ride hats to give every four here. Maybe you borrow a Vulcan Hop Olive Grove. Hold me maybe you brew. So let's look at that level. Closure by so many people self someone falls on. Do you, you got a real problem to yes, oh the year we were up there in two thousand a year before the fall before there was a british guy, can't remember his name that he got caught up the ropes descending from the summit, down Hilary step and got caught and it was, nobody there with him and he got caught cod and he got stuff
what I am perpetuity yeah, so we thought there for sure the fur people that we're going up. No one. There were a few weeks before us had to cut him free because we were near we're speculate like if we're the first group. It gets up there when, after school around and this fella. You know our seas are stuck on this line, but his iron we gotta there wasn't so here too confrere now. Would they do push malthus on? Well, here's some liver, Jamie's, others, two hundred and forty eight bodies on Everest right now, still there and these climbers adding up as a base camp climbers usin is more market right, mechanical appear. That is the original climber to go for the first gotta make it will they found one year but he's on the cell somebody's on the other. the north side and Data Mallory Arts Mallory. They found maladies body that you see my earnest Saudi back right is bad Still there frozen gets weird sack, ivory, skin
it's still flesh like flesh their crawler, valued cryogenics froze the crows pick em. They eat underage crows at that at that altitude They give him this guy. That's Mallory Jesus, look at that software, but that too bad do man. That is a very bad man right there, because they went out with some hobnailed boots and some marginal equipment. Everybody was telling them that they were going to be dead for sure and they said we're going to charge ahead, and they did. I mean this was this was back way back man. This was in the 20s and there's a controversy that have boot because versus that they they summit at first, but they can't prove it. So that's a big controversy in Irvine and Mallory summited and then I think they fell on the way down. pick him, oh yeah, but whether the obviously still there yeah me not only targeted him as much but there's you know, there's
things. There's this there's a lot of stuff there in a lady is lot happen in the event that sitting on the mountain, you have to walk past that in advance that guy who never seen that company the two hundred plus bodies? Have you seen? You know that the conditions and so dramatically over Each sees independence no far, so do some creepy, at the zoo magnitudes face. I mean, there's hooks happy made key and let you know diagnosed jacket at pre fresh, that's a nice! Looking down see yeah, that's what I'm saying how many people die here? Well, indeed, averages nowadays is usually somewhere under ten. You know between ten every seat and how many people attempt it? I don't get it
the great is, is increasing every. I think this year was the most it submitted most attempted in most summit. It was this year, I think close it. Three hundred people some diseases on extra again, that image of death syrup chairperson, regular folks, aw the servers died. Two year well mean there. They go their higher concentration, they do the majority of the work and an that's one of the reasons I went out there. We save more sherpas. We pull not your beloved more more often than not. They don't have helicopters NATO of helicopters. currents, and so we would go and I would pay for their. They we go, there's a sharper whose really sick and he's gonna die, and then jeff- and I would just decided I'm off thing: they dont have, as they don't have life insurance, and you can imagine so a lot of these families louder than Nepal in a highly skilled workers, families they live, is their only source of income and these guys get get killed so a friend of mine lists- are not who was the first american woman to summit Everest without oxygen? Just
Last year she started a phone call, the juniper fund, and it actually compensates the families when there Loved ones are killed on the mountain sides and it's getting keeps him straight. Is I don't have a choice? This is I oughta. Do you live on aerial you're, gonna be a sharper reporter yeah hi is lovely, you can bathe, you're sure, but you're a guide. So what happened this late again oh yeah. I guess so mainly goes up their their walk up there and they need some help so the day and I have on video and he's gonna FUCK mother, five past so funniest thing in the world to Carmody show so then they they hear music, not getting the hear music. So she has a phone on her how the batteries lasting and she sitting at the balcony, but on the ice
and just barely breathing and listen to music and then so they go to agree, honours and non zero sum, India, music and curry rock or whatever was inevitably indian. Yes, she was India was China, dormancy name one or she'd, been disparaging. That's his love. She's, going to the latter stoked just to meet Chris was guard over to us. I spectacle This was carved with a kid. So what happened so then they get to her and internet our call her Mamma, Mamma Mamma. You need to wake up. You need to wake up, we're going she's like no. No, it's video like gloomy alone. Let me alone, I don't want to do it and I want to do it and I want to do it and then they put out a downer crank up the bottle, try to get some blood flowing stuff. They set up there at eight thousand feet. Thirty five minutes. Forty five minutes colleges of China coax her China coax her to get her down and now is it because of her personality or is it because she's so, like so
diminish cognitive? Let things go south to ride, so she is. She pry had pre profound, rebuild data, so her decision making was in the toilet so become really apathetic. It's impossible to carry on down. You can't yours and you can lower them down, which is what happened. You can tie rope to their horace and short rope him down with him. You know with two or three deeds artwork and really really hard a loner down and that that's how they got down. You know she she quit in a lot of people quit our search and rescue in Alaska and Norway for years in- and you d be amazed at how many people are just like lay down and their done because not rational enough to know like if I sit down- and I just take this little Billy napping in mecca- you take him snow nap, That's no! No! No! No! I don't like that turn, but with hypothermia the interesting thing it happens. Is you get euphoric right? You go through this
this stage of super called she recalled than your court temperature drops low enough to wear. Euphoria comes in so often times those same people we would find. Are undressed so you get hot. You get warm soda gloves. Had he laughs, Hansen, the concept- and you know everybody strawberries, but nakedness, the man right before they derive, for they did so not that what about our way? But now I can take a worse ways like it's for apparently why? Because we also poor people back I've seen multiple times when we pull people back and they discuss that they did robbed, and then we start rewarming their frostbite and hence it's not right up. Leonards better, faster, frostbite, so horrible to look to us to see the stuff we had to see in her fingers. Still half half fingers are off to consist of two years. She semi pitchers missing fingers
missing. Tipsy shapes she's lacking from the phalanges are gone so they gotta down. They ended up hours and hours and hours, we're tracking and word tut we're trying to talk to him. They get it down a camp for which is that tracked. He saw then the trickiest part, as he'll tell you. I can't I can't foreign camps. Three yet came forward, came three and then came three camp to which they didn't even do they could get. They couldn't get away, to watch straight on the Loki say hello, to face its it's about a sixty, sixty degree ice face, which is so EC soon Europa somebody down. You know that it actually does provide no less rich and you can actually slot somebody down, but you can't get going too fast So now, you're, twenty, two, twenty six, twenty seven thousand feet or a hundred thirty pounds hundred twenty five pounds, Europe and you get a lower. This talk about lady down hard oxygen, he's gotta
she's two hundred pounds well but with our gear and oil and gas is a hundred sixty or seventy pounds worth await. You know deadweight dry, lower down so we got her down. We got down to where we could go in with the helicopter. We picked her up and took her back down a base camp in. That was when the meeting took place between her and her husband in the tearful rejoicing in the southern part you missed was helicopter landed at you, couldn't land a camp to we weren't postscript twenty three thousand five hundred at the base of Loki Cramp on point, and you got there and said I can only take one of you and she looked at her husband said you stay, and so she made it a day and take the next helicopter out. So we got her down looked at her husband and said you stay. I ll bet you quit. While she was magazine left, she was pistol. She's peers, did she got left, but he couldn't have carried her known that they didn't think you're switching independence, there's ways looking out of
whoa somebody quit somebody gave up. Somebody said no, I mean who knows, but I'm sure they had guess who, through some deep ass therapy at home, ok so fill in the gaps here so fast forward, nine or ten months and dude Spain has ahead, has a heart attack and ass. He does sorry nationally, laugh and count. A factor of it it is, it is, does and come to Everest Fucking aboard the karma though they left her babies. But what is he gonna do if he does leave her. What does he do? This sets out there whether told people that she's up there and she's lying panic is panicking on the phone. You is there that we talk to less noted the romantic story, you huddled up with your girl and you're gonna, die together. Woe and then or you get you go down there try to get her saves and you get ridicule for living
it's easy to Monday morning, quarterback any those situations, because all bets are off when you get above twenty six thousand feet mean it's it's it you're you're kind, a hang on a little bit and that's why you know you get these big into thin air stores. It happen, and no one really can remember exactly the details. Notes the little did sketchy like I've my intentions were, and I did and you did- and I mean some at nights, twenty six thousand me twenty six thousand foot peaks there's always there's always variables that come into play and it turns into a theater. I mean it's stage who even make choices. People made mistakes. We had one guy on. What's your fate again graces team, he was a tragedy. He went up, broke a bunch of rules respectfully with regard to climate change,
opposition. Push himself too much summit. It got back down and died in his tent is fit the tenth up there. You can look it up. It's only a legislate attempt at their pushed himself way. You hard ruled. The rules are, if you don't make it a certain point by certain time. You should turn around and save your life and come back another day, and he said now he said not pushing through got to the summit to late came back really exhausted. Sixteen seventeen, our nay it is thirty five years some of what are you die from expose, cerebral edema. He might have found a clot couldn't mean I don't know, I don't know the autopsy, but I mean he knows something fairly acute. You know it wasn't just exhaustion and it wasn't just hypothermia made it back to the tenant and then just expired in the tent. Show me there's a lot of things that can go wrong and a small window to get it right. What is good about it? thou Wert summoning gas, man yeah. You know, I think it's a tough questions,
pretty nebulous thing. It's very subjective, it's very selfish! There's! No now has no chance. I used to climb pretty hard and then I had a kid and my sense of objective risk changed significantly at that point, because conning by nature is a very selfish pursuit you're goin out there to do something that is bring it brings me joy, and it brings me fulfilment, and it gives me a sense of connection to the people than I'm sharing rope with we're on a rope enemy. We're gonna win together, lose together its budget. Doesn't selfishly not you. You give all these climate shit like that. The very selfish thing to do for him, but he did it because Eric did air grounded doing so. He, like, oh, you, you're, a selfish break. You some endeavours to go tonight. I've helped my boyfriend
ever seen. It really wasn't his girl his goal to help the front line got some everybody. Martine wasn't just me. I had an amazing team. Was there was with all our sherpas on some day? We were nineteen of us and at that point I think this record still stands we're still highest number from one team in one day stand on top together and I attributed to the fact that just as you said by like that. That was just a bunch of brows who are commercially God. We richest friends, and we were there for something that was bigger than us. We were there for air. We wanted to get. Him is high up as we could and getting back down, and that meant that some awesome, if not, we will come back and will still be brows and we'll go. Do some other cool shit. So what happens when you dont go up there for me to plant my flag? Is we got the sum to stand on top pretty pretty cool? What is this
like when you get to the top, and you realize you have submitted Mt Everest were up there and you look around you like holy shit top of the World MA well, just like so many other times with him in the stuff it I've done with Eric. I was worried about him getting down. That's all I was, I was obsessing on it because it was a storm coming in and we heard on the radio challenging time the storm mean shit is barreling name, it is moving quick from tee from Tibet. Cross them. We could see it common. It was pie nine ten in the morning and that's early and we're comes out early amounts the edge of the monsoon is late nights and monsoon start to pick up in late. May you don't want to be anywhere near the joy you talk about the adrenaline dumps imagine journalism in a cage. You talk about all the time. Now you do some of the Mount Everest, but nearly halfway done. He raised
you're in pursuit of alma mountaineering accidents happen on a decent while he bus ass light, eyes, because your decision making top is compromised and you and you you did what you want to do in our house now you relax. Take your adrenaline, you like I did it and also another down at one more technical to be positive. That debts somewhat of a rookie move and experience climbers, always know to have a little bit more attack. You know it's just fighter. You gotta save some for the fifth round right and you got you. Gotta know that its common and it's gonna hurt right. It's gonna hurt I remember my legs like I was. They were jelly and mean try to come down from the Hilary step, and I was is Jack de Gondi man coming down and actually fell? I fell into a fixed rope right of regular right above the Hilary stone, and I got caught my room and it was one hundred times I slipped in that whole day, how Jews
Likewise. It is Turkey shirt, declaring cause. You felt, like your body was yeah. I wish you all once again, a new like little did not write of shot shot. My wad coming up, Doug some ropes out with my body Brad Bull for the team earlier that that morning that were buried, we were the first people up when we were the first people up and always rubs were buried. We were digging amount in the ice in their buried under foot. two. For this note, you eight thousand feet now made Brad. I made that decision to to dig those ropes out because not know which way to go up to make sure they were there for the decent cuz. That's when the weather comes in and that's when the blind lead the blind down. You know it's over, pops up, and I knew when I did that that I was gonna, be out a gas and sure enough like coming down a new it. So that's when I was cooking
how's. The born fastidious on you know making sure if I fell that I'd be caught sure enough, why the rope and they got back. I'm like good night that woke me up and you get a job. Yeah yeah shake it off for look around a goddamn one of whom I saw that start acting. So Is it the appeal of like accomplish something very few people accomplish in joining A very special club is I would what motivates these people? Is it just a really difficult ask if we want to see if they have it in them. The means of sea everybody's got a subjective answer to that and mine is I like to be with my people in the hills. That's my church to feel the most comfortable. It's where I feel safe. Actually in the hills right and because you around your around other very rugged people? Well just people who good decisions, you know, and then you know that the cathedral of the big mountains makes me happy and sort of reducing
it's my soul and but there's There is something to be said for foreseen, my body in my mind can do you know. I think that a lot of people would would agree that that's probably one of the main reasons why we get out and do they say but I mean it's, no joke it's dangerous man. I mean you so one of the most accomplished nears the private best mountaineer and world is dad. You know under two months ago, brilliant. You lay stack how did he die? He fell here. Is getting ready to go. Do lies train in up in. in the valley that western Coom from at camp to mount Everest that you sought an image he was going up the West shoulder of Everest with one other sure. If he's a friend of his not just a page, her poop was his climbing partner and they were going to go up a route that has yet to be successfully seconded. So these american second,
So it's been done once have died, trying to do it again. Oh gee, several parties and he was gonna go, do it these two Americans Willie unsold Tom Holbein, did it and it had been repeat because its it straight up, commitment, Nan Boss, but his Europe was sick. This Europe is sick, so you lay without training. One one morning and I think it was around or five in the morning. Yes, oh, he was up in that sort of Cirque and he was over on amount called an absurd which beside Ariston and he fell. Who knows why it is slow? We got here. You have to see this guy, this guy, you can see the videos online Eurostat is this guy, no robes and nothing he's got to ice axes and he runs up there. Bill fast and you can run on payment. Church jumped reoccur in Gaza with the swiss machine unbelief a video from doing hundreds of lots of how these spells name. You lay so it's you stick now these,
well, when you see the incredible thing about you, you're at these six degree, pitch ice walls he's twenty six, twenty seven to twenty three thousand feet. You just got back he's in Vegas Video Games ridiculously committed, he was. Athletes is committed to his craft being a strong as it could be, your technically capable. But you know it's it's still the dice and how many people died. Trying to do this, I want to do as is the seconded, why oh a good for? I don't know exact numbers, but several from different nationalities. Everybody is either failed or died. So one person whose own first to two Americans, those Willie unsold more or less what they do. The ones they summit was that once the climbers are in it just in humans in general, these climbers do it and they want to find a more difficult route or they do it oxygen, so Uli was gonna, go up and do that is fucking. It's gonna go! Do that in a cup
around summit Everest and then go debt check that out? Do he's like a Fuckin goat S, look look about that's incredible, the robot gear he's got that ability to kick out the lacked. Oh, my god. insane absolute beast. It's a shame. It was a big glass. Just because he's been doing it for so long. I mean it's a holy shit, no ropes God, ok for people just listening to what is the name of this video Jamie, so You Lee Isla De L, I s t ye, see, k New Speed record Eiger, two thousand fifteen citizens.
We face the Eiger and so he's a Swiss. Do he grew up cut his teeth in the Alps and just now I want to be clear that ropes. This is that this isn't like the first time he did. This rise pry, the fiftieth Tommy com around you did it over and over and over gotta dialed, figured it out and then went out and did these speed records dinner in it. Two speakers very similar to what just happened on El Capitan last week. Did you hear about now on old and what oh? Yes, I did. I watched the pictures and video that yeah he's been on the Pike Ass for Alex S gaze freak. Yes, I'm always he is what he did. What he did in my great way was like man on the Moon TAT Day, the ability to pocket fear and The focus on the three square feet in front of you on paralleled, I care about Klondike cap and- and I just
can't imagine being up on those slots. How undertaking you sino cap three days so three day so Jim Four hours, silvery solo, deployable rights, you a you, know, people look at that Super swine online art minor too. By the way you know. I think that if we look at you see this video you like, while he's crazy he's create now, is calculated and so is Alex super calculate, like he'd client free rider the route that he did a few weeks ago. He did it several dozen times and fall on it and you know it with a rope, and he just was in the right headspace that day and went up and did it without a whole lot of pomp and circumstance just went out nailed. It would you this there's gonna, be a crazy as video Jimmy Chin, Algeria shooting it in his tattoos near the top with now. What did he did? He shoot it like next, whom, with ropes? No so so Jimmy
was very respectful of not gettin in his work is a very radically very tense thing. Oh yeah man has gone on good, look down their FARC politically that you yeah I've missed the shock. I go back up payment. Can you give me a thumbs up itself governed smile, but Jimmy the very complex climber and is amazing Jimmy Chin, National Geographic, Josephine, research and tat. He was at the top in him and his team I think lower down and the greatest greatest athletic human food he's right assigned Larry. I have to agree because its, if you think about true athletic feats, it's not just obviously do you know the corporal sort of of debt. does the whole mixed bag of who you are as an athlete mental
emotionally behaviorally physically, how you executing the moment when she is just on point like right in your face, and he did it like to this level that Katy it's unbelievable national rip banana, my hands, I mean three guys. Any once you get thirty feet off the deck its game, you know and then now put in our power of a hundred honor, but there's very few sportswear. Why many of you dead. That's right does he have any like guys that are trying to be the next Alex handled that are chasing him. I just read something today, the small and about the there could be some emulate there's like who knows. There's other super tough bout ask I'm visitor out there that are also free, so on and doing shit without robes. But Is it another level, and everyone knows that
How is he had this alone will first of all like what is what separates him? Well, there's a lot about a chemistry that is sort of a mystery like how does his to a Terry. How does Juno gland not flame out right? How does he control that in a way that I can't write? My were sit near the desk hands sweaty, just thinking about right. So there he is is calm and collected is he can be? They ve done studies? on Alex they brought a man like you know, buzzed his brains like. Where are you? You know chemically bio chemically when we introduce produce assaulting sort of variables on you and he's just flat, so he's the perfect blend of biochemistry and physical capacity, but also devotion and commitment to his craft. I mean he's an artist right. That's so he got there,
from that from that claim that day discoveries go where you gonna go do now and in a different way. He's gone on his finger board and he was gonna, go train and do like you know. Finger board work out that afternoon cause climate all cap for four hours was not enough work out for the day there is like whatever he says, Honeymoon an mri and showed him in this that those response, yeah brains, is brains, fear levels, every looking, gruesome and arousing images. He commented it was like whatever That is the road he so mellow right. That's what the hell you described it when I said to him, I said like what is it like a girl, you freaking out trying to keep comes at you really really mellow, because if, if anything is like, if you, if there's anything, wrong, it's so wrong, like when it goes wrong. Cascade there. Fact like say: you're always eat his his door.
Way of putting it was Mellow Europe think there's a video I believe in a maybe Alex, and maybe someone other climate, but he's a video of him. Probably the cap would have three Solon before this one. He says Gimme a minute. It was northwest direct faces of the half dome and I've climb out too, and I tell you I've only I'm of ever seen him flat. That was the that was the arctic image on that g on National Geographic magazine of him standing just in his plaid short shirt like on the ledge leaning back, and it was he reflected on the asking about it later, and I said what was going on is just needed a minute and It come himself down whatever was happening in his head. Who knows, and recalibrate in went up ogier so It just who knows is theirs. I am right there. That's when you needed the minute, there's another one of Jamie. It's it's! It's he's in a green areas over there on the right yeah that one new, green or the right above it right there,
The one we stand in there are sort of on the letter. Tat ass, I think, was the natural. Not only is this, I just need a minute just wait a minute: that's that's a thousand feet. death in magic, that's your kid. We are in only like what he wanted a honey severe apparent yes very, very close relationship with his mama sacrament? Guess, I'm guesses, my head is tells his mama. What you need to know the innocent talent, Leftover fucking Christ, just like that, is that's cool, easy thing to be awesome up. You know how that is. Our talk, a lot about climate. The reason I wonder Jeffrey Border was we're not change it subjects where that's what you think you're doin this this guy, like so he said There are a few people that are trying to emulate. What he's doing well, I think, there's is too
you guys doing their own thing and it happens to be free swallowing, and you know, he's he's the pioneer there were other guys beforehand, those gunning Peter Cross. It was out there for many years sort of near. He did he did a route Astro man in the valley that was at time, and I remember I was my merrily twenties- we when Peter did that, and I remember reading about it and thinking now like what hath, how does one. What to do- and I was just really get into climbing a lot. I didn't compute but Peter Craft can guys like him in, like Alex just have a wiring, that's very, very different than there To this end, it seems reckless too many many people, but what I do seems reckless to many people. Sorts oh relative and there's a scale rowan and people that would lie.
get out and be like you're, crazy man. It should you don't get too like he's like whatever Mansour either as a sale. There's like yeah? Well, you wouldn't. What about physically Ike you're like an optimum, build you like for a basketball. You really want to be Tom. Then right is zero. optimum build for what he did. I mean I think you have sinewy in and the strength to wag ratio is, is obviously the basque farmers are usually thin. Pretty soon, you know carry themselves wow and you know it's. It's a big hands, like not another thoroughly big, like basketball player but like his fingers of sausages, is fat. Fingers from constantly training. There was almost calloused just the amount of weight that he can carry on his hands, being pretty unusual that so this fingers
that he does like. What is it? That worryingly did the camp is border? A finger peg boards like forest, like that's kind of like a campus board, is like an inverted sort of board that you climb up to four strengthen. It works you corps in your arms and your chest dealt in stuff. Then then the finger board allows you git, you know motto: Doit doubled, Doit, two fingers strength, so he can in sleep and then pull on. One of those so strengthens our your tendons in Europe in your hands and your friends, your like looks really I'm just little poles carved out of Sometimes it's, say: I'm sorry there near so. Sometimes it's our sometimes it's composite six months ago, cubby Shelf- and so you stick your hands in there and then there's Teens our finger pockets and three finger partner. How you use one to do was wont to and then I'll try and hang
in the account thirty hang and then go to finger and hang, and he did this after he summoned, and so we went down and got interviewing assignment. I gotta go work out how you got tired of this was that's. Why the best railways wearing their flowers. So the decision just twenty years ago. Was there a lot of people free swallowing twenty years ago? That is like that's the Peter craft. You know those guys there was a few and back in the old camp for Yosemite days. I can Yosemite Valley in its this was the place. This was the birth of and there was some dues over not far from here in Joshua Tree. They were doing some pretty balls out Solomon. John Geometry, yeah J tree, and I lived in jobs which we for wildest living in my vandam by the river there and climate all the time and eaten Romany, Wilson grown my head a little there
and in the true man and and cause the others law climb in there. That's that's that's pretty. Eyeball stuff and then, if you could look like the amount of mushrooms at are done like in a specific location and then look at Josh which areas the high concentration saw somebody will go to Joshua, treat just just to surmount the amazing I'd like to look at them, giving target value big cluster area. I mean I've. I've, seen some good stuff there, man that was when I was sort of really really dive and diving into climbing those day. Those two things were can join was psycho tropics and in a way, and in climbing, yeah, they are the with a lot of folks was that it extreme connection to nature right to life and you talk about a little bit to go forward came on air was you know you understand, you see the ball tractor when you're plan pull out Well, you feel like the revolutions of the ball. You feeling
well, you could touch the ball and get it to move your to market. For me at least- and I feel I play like ten percent better when my for whatever reason still more in touch with things. That's why, like the social sliver, social sliver, what that means. Liver micro does so just like your dose of of Mushrooms are acid mushrooms but yeah, so the new medium for us of fun? If you, if you ve heard of it, is, is do you know the do go now, so its super cart and traded suicide so they take mushrooms and nay. The still it down concentrated up get this liquid turn it into a Let's see raw appearing system, see color give it up following a stick and you get a stick. And its literally, the size withstood zero and we just click little dissolute nip and that's the social sliver
makes you just a little more to Know- I mean a lot more tuned to have a body whose high level Kickboxing World Champion Take boxer, starred Micro, dosing few months back. Does it? a river micro doses, any compete on it. Flocks, people up boys, Microsoft so with what, with ehler with now mushroom, so the and you might now no longer in the zone me, but if you, if you take it seriously, it starts you lose, it gets deluded overtime. Nebulae takes when he stops taken it he feels he misses. It does every day like your item and I think that's called addiction living, I think so, because not addictive. So like you get addicted to wash your hands. If you ones, crazy, OECD Guide, her waterin summertime? Surely you can get a mental pathway, that's very destructive, you know, and you can call it addictive, but it does demonize wash your hands in. I think his issue is only does take it. He says it is things. Are
fund, as it feels good, but I've been around him when he's taken. It needs a hundred percent there. I guess not is not he's like. I can. I see your eyes and until your eyes are with me and what are you I see? I assume their seeing now. Is there Now I hear that in our bodies will experience in slightly longer have died from recycling will be examined in detail. The fanatical lamb with a social sliver before it is too soon began to go either way with shot box. My no fucking numb scared. You gonna do Peter interesting, did Peter sentences on company as a forty percent, afternoon. It turns out that you're trying to get me a lot of business and jobs or try to behaviour by eighteen years address knows the micro dosing, the good man it is. It is Johnny get well talk later, but I know out I've people there's kind of theirs. Assertions that need have yet have the absolute. So are a lot of these climbers sooner I don't.
I don't think so. You know, I think, fit the others. There is probably a handful of us that lighter mess around with those things altogether. In that to say that I don't like to you know, trip my balls off and go get on a rock of course right. There fact I've had a few sawdust. Spooky times is being really stoned and the IRAN Iraq and not likened the situation. I was in yeah yeah I've been that way. It is normal life. You get to stoned, especially edibles, tuba tooth, fuck you fuck. You out a bit off a special, that's based on a truth aid, a fuckin gummy bear a pot gummy bear the guy told me to just eat the leg. Really is a true things like why the fuck are you making a hope, then, if you want something to eat a leg, so tiny little thing and I the whole bear an arm for the further for a while to long term tools, metabolize hours our
you want to tell you, but you feel so good about over. You feel like I needed the need all that pain and fear, and I got through it and take a near death experience something something about it. Like its cleansing, editor of eating, a gummy very should have that can should, and but it does and when it comes through. On the other side, like its beneficial songs, you can keep it together. You know A person knows that's. Why bums me out the units a pot or do anything because I know you could keep together because you're, a tough guy, you keep life together, like you Just it would just make. You more aware of his years, my ears, but nineteen years ago we started this complex issues, but His death bed, I'm gonna, get him high. He bud likes to being control the address that problem and he's afraid they might not be eroded. Let's closet did disease fuck you and everything's black. So confused. So do I had attended
conversation with this do last night, like do darker fuck me up looking at your cause, the fuck am I gonna, like other covers these black went on your feet. Of of variation of the other black short of the other banks like something smaller regional play, makes jacket, doll, boy all work and no play makes jacket, doll boy. Its efficient decision making rights to make other shit to go and less on. We were that I can get it on every guys guys. Everybody develops a uniform and life right when you and does amount of its Khakis shorts and a blue everybody to the Euro Yeah I've won by a sudden. You develop some interesting though. If it was orange, it would be a big issue, few Walker, with Orange sneakers, an orange pants and aren't shortages, Blackie, mother Fucker, but somehow because its black, like up its bud friend of my tongue, depart is headed. He owns Depart Registry magazine green paint like shit.
Looking green pants all the time at which we should agree on branch spare fuck. I why it's time we had better care little spot, I get so much like The greens has reacted, probably so confusing everybody knows my green patch me. I wasn't lanai recently and Larry Ellison owns the home the hollow. In Ireland. He only the whole body and built it was, oh pineapple own, first of all door Pineapple bought it off rose their regret that history Downs Maison Mormon own? some crazy, but they don't. You think it was really a mormon. They think you're, just a con man who used being more men to black people, localised yeah. This is probably a lot of stories, just like the oh yeah yeah, there's quite a few special Mormons. That's that's! A very varied boosting religion right when you know the guy who made their religion is too
Legends like that are pretty prominent, our on hovered, of course, and then Joseph Psmith Mormon. You know the guy can become a hundred percent voting. Coming you break up to fourteen. I found the golden tablets. They contain the loss, work of Jesus and only he can read them cause. He had a magic seer stone it. A stone he could look through is to read these funds cried. He broke out of jail, he jumped out of the window, was murdered, big murdered and now you get killed Asia. I think what did the funny thing is. I think it didn't was him or somebody else invented the polygamy part. They like wait a minute. I tablet I can talk the beaches. I want all, don't you everyone. I was many wives. I want it's good luck with all that that never works. the. Why would you want more than one can't handle what some people just like danger, like Alex Hano likes to solo climb? You know, just people like it if you like, nineteen chicks, Yonah whatever cells, Lincoln Amelia Judge, overload guide. I think it should be
legal. I think of those nineteen women are into it near into it. Why why it even legally married at all wisely. With when you see fifty percent divorce and people get their their lives devastated when, as a government step ethical, hey, yes, stop doing. This is ruining all these people, like kids, ruins deeper than anything. Just stop get married, keeps lawyers afloat, air does with excitement. Now the fucking is big business and weddings and look at how we can stop. That would make any money. Jesus, Christ, yeah fuck, all them, but so this guy who's. This crazy Mormon Guy sold it to the Dole company who used to run pineapples there. They used to have a just massive pineapple plantation, and that was what it was forever and then some other dude Murdoch, but not real, four murdoch- inordinately owns ailed half of Westlake yeah, almost all of it that dude bought it and then solid Larry Ellison, who just
runs around gold, underwear and fuckin ass people carry on like as an emperor, Colonel Kurtz, Colonel Kurtz? You haven't even know where you is, he keeps it plays out there. I guess, but he just wanted to own it. So fuckin bawler place to live, though so there's not how many people live. Three thousand, that's there's! Fifteen thousand access dear, though Oh yeah, so am I right in remembering that the the concentration of peoples not Vassili on Coastal, now nights in the middle? Yes right, it's in the metals markets. I don't live on. The computer have a smart. They like the silence, not that big and sometimes shaken up here where the water is. We go the fucking water, it's real. There's the Asshole America. Oh I want to live there anyway, you are, you can take a hike to the water. It will take a few hours if you're in the mental but get there. You don't have to live there. Jesus Christ
so tell me about the access dear Wanna hear Seigneur everywhere I we're not even sporting her. I was deafening. Sporting concerns animals. They evolve to run from tigers there, the fastest fucking animals I have ever seen in my life like in terms of like their ability to react like there would be a d Sixty yards away draw back on it and launch the arrow. Any would be nowhere near that era by Tommy I've got to last a few sharp sticks. Are you liar why you'd go five lighted Knox? I can see them in the grass but I lost to, but the arrows are going to hundred and seventy five feet. A second and the beers like match ass, like ass, not a didn't the island. No, there is no indigenous mammas on that island. Everything is invasive and everything has no predators. So bring in these rangers and seals, snipers they bring a man, they set up on a bench, and they just start, but by and by
they start taking them. Fifty hell, yeah, we'll know enough to eat fifty cow police like the meat or something. But why do that when you want the meat is outstanding? Some of the most delicious mean the world, but these Anna You are so on point so for both hunters is the best places for he bought in stark like if you could put the smack down on access dear, like you, either got lucky, which is me or you got some skill in Alec, I've got little bit skill, but the guys with a really good like Ramey WAR, anything he shot three or four wowzer. My friend John Dudley, shot for world class bow hunters, as good as it gets, those guys killed quite a few, but it is you got it's a great learning ground like four stocking zoo you blow so many starts to get me how long reason now you I only hunted for three days, because I had a problem with my bow that I had a fixed once I got there and took a day to do that, but once you get there
air and you see how many dear you realize like ok, this is like this waste overpopulated. So in those three days thousand you saw shit, thousands I mean thousand, and you took a few shots. Yes, it took three shots now: they're, tough, almost two years or you move in our you little. Are you move in stark and inspires in holding yeah? You do what you call still hunt? Yes, Joe High walking and then you looking for an animal that you you constantly using a wind checker, which is like a vaccine bottle with how comes our depot hundred oil just recently started. So you put that in the end you find out which way the wind is gone. My guide, though he knew where the wind was gone. He is new from his face and neck and scan lacking in town, was the wind blowing and his eye like this, and it is proof that smoking and sure enough was gone exactly where was shot out to Rome
but his his ability to sneak up on his animals prefect impressive, to do a lot crawling like a lot of grasses like waste high, so you're doing my crawling well you're, moving like literally like a snail's pace. Try not to make much noise. As you know, the Rover their railway side in him already at last and the outer there and you're on an island. They can really go that far. Therefore, there's plenty of room for them. There's a mean. This is not like you're hunting them, One hundred acre confine high fence place. It's a wild and free range in its there's mouth, terrain and there's plenty a place for them to get away from, but their aware of one, predator humans in Elsinore not scared of anything other than people. So they see a person like fog this, but are there? a beau hunters ago. There is plenty about hunters who go over there and get it is it's it's a pretty amazing placement, but MAO's another really great place for both honey to apparently in Mali also has pigs Maui.
as access dear, they have a deer, a ram call them move along. That, apparently is unbelief we delicious, but the locals. Thank it tastes like shit, some local, It tastes like shit and some local says the most delicious meet ever, but the bow hunters that I was there with there's a move along the borders I was ever see if it's any on ready, warns page Remy warrants two grandma thank around cause. He should not want uniform you like that access burden, denizens another know it Delicious fate is delicious. I once it's better than Elk Elk is my favorite meat, but it's right there right. There is really good air because you London Natural, relate those with earlier there's Remy Super Sagey. This is a that he shot in the nice. It's a really small animal right and there in other one. This really rugged mountain terrain,
and when I so fascinating, such a fascinating place and the people that live there could not be nicer, could not be cool or spiritual, gorgeous paradise. But yeah it's weird because they decided to introduce these animals. I think they did it way way back hundreds of years ago and they have to keep those population in check and sometimes again they bring in snipers and they put a bench down and they set up shop and get those long range skills go on papaya. So I was, I was Maui prior, but I guess a month ago Now- and I went to my bodies house- and he has a pretty sweet spread to the top of the canyon and looking down upon them upon the hill Goin towards our ocular and he's like man, you, come on my property any time and she D spoken dear while cause they come he's like theirs. Is there a pain in the ass other everywhere? We need to hear it and they come in and oranges and not so, but what's the point
a situation like the after mean is impaired licence to utilise this public land you get out. We hunted public land and we hunted private land, but you get a licence and then she's manage one. No limit no limit Why do they mean to have a dried on me son? A problem is I like they're, not sick, there's plenty of food for these dear that's what an argument chronic wasting. I know it's beautiful, latian, green but they're just everywhere everywhere, but they're not easy. You know if you had a rifle pretty but he also pay impact and get back to get aids as you over there like you're gonna, shoot tenement lungs, you get out here, fantastic You are organic, couldn't be healthier David served at the restaurant at the four seasons in Luanda analysis, goddamn, good, so good. meaning so delicious. You feel the nutrition in it just so fantastic, and when
two like sustainability and ethics is the one that best place like that supplies. Reach actually should be hunting these animals. Good, why? How is this you like? I should show my passport and gets no mark embarrassed all that shit. That's it straight up like it's a foreign country if away the attribute are aware, is its own thing. I mean I like the fact that you can go there without a passport, but I agree, but I am one of those weirdos. Think too, should be passports speedily, go anywhere. It's part of our problem, but he's all locked into these land masses is forbidden areas. Applicant countries. tear down that while I was just in Iraq in you talking about some downed reason, sort of lines in the sand and so forth boy. You now, I'm sure, we don't over there. So I with some backup Two years ago, the earthquake in Nepal that killed. Nine, almost ten thousand people throughout the country, nineteen on the moon.
Australia. People got dead. Team who died in that one apple, I gotta get well. So the earthquake triggered a lotta glaciers that are hanging up around and that certain it released in a lotta, stuffed his blue through base camp and killed folks, but throughout Nepal, throughout the countryside, talk in villages that have stone, hurts and no mortar and no reborn just shake just a little bit falls down anxious councils and their places desert your house, the towers, so so large devastation lots of people dead and lots of injury. So that day, that happened I knew I wanted to go to Nepal to help on the p. a physician assistant enough specialise emergency medicine. So I knew I wanted to be there and more than anything like focused on serve austere, medicine you know like I want to go out. There were shits a little bit off and try and help the best I can see.
Oh, I went over. There are located in an NGO, called N Y, see medics and and you and non governmental organizations, so not supply you know subsidized by feds suicide sponsorship. Basically, donation moneyed gets you over there and you do your work. So your under the auspices of the feds. So when were there with these guys and Y see medics, which is a group of former and what New York City paramedics that realize they wanted to take their skills and could do some cool shit around the world. So I found these guys. I went over with them. I was on the ground for a month way way back like in the way back on this place called dotting Bessie, which is right at the base of the connection more so This is a place that we landed in some helicopters and set up shop and those law. These Nepal has the nerve to Hmong Nepali there. That stir
try not sherbert tomorrow they see Alex. How to come in and he's white dudes get out of the hook up in like what the fuck we need help. Are you here to help? Yes, we're here to help. We have three helicopters worth of gear downloaded it set up our clinic and were there for a month we saw at seven eight hundred patients in the course of a month, and it what started as trauma from the earthquake sort of dance said: wait into primary care infections, I mean the jury will also go you're, not like a lot of new psychological paying like We were scare the earth was shaken still tremor after tremor after tremor Every day the earth would shake. I got home for a month after I got back from. There still felt the ground shaken in boulder cholera because it was just my boy he was still sort of. The equilibrium was weird so tremors every single day, so these people needed
anxiety, ass, to overtake the age of twelve over there. For a month we saw a bunch of people. It was very worthwhile so got connected to this this sorting zation and became good friends with with all the folks who run it. They do amazing work and so on a call in January from one of the heads the organisation says, we got this kind of kooky thing that And asked to do by the World Health organization. Would you be interested cookie, cooking Iraq? Thus the word used Coochie cookie Jesus, so who the fuck is this cookie it well. When it comes to go and I ran twelve years medical school, not not understanding with its neighbour virus was older, so he He frames it out for me, like listen. Here's! What's going on, we been asked by World Health Organisation to go in and be a trauma, stabilization point in Mosul, which means You will be as close to the front line.
as possible, embedded with iraqi special operations, forces and or job, will be to lead. Medical team of. We had nine of us with in two thousand meters of the front line that was where it was framed up that's what we all signed up for, and that was the dream it with the World Health Organization, and so we would be the first point of contact as these Aki special operations, guys we're going in and put in the fight to ices to liberate western Mosul, so Eastern Mosul, been limit were liberated no months before, and he volunteered for this by the way, so that aw easternmost only we saw the tigers and then on the west side. Isis still sore dug in right there and they were there ready, put the fight down. They want to get after it and save your that's. Why they're Caliphate supposedly darling was was settled, and so
our job as a T. F p. This travesty utilization point was to be as close. The front lines we could be in this is that this was a killer within a margin of safety, but still be close enough to where we can receive casualties as quickly as possible. stabilize them and get them to a for operating Oppermint operating sweet, which was typically run by outside force Sargassum. So I said yes before ass, my wife, which now in retrospect, pry wasn't the best strategy. Could she was not super stove she I teach detour and I've got eleven year old kid and she Gave me, I think, though, The least amount of push back as, Anybody around me and my close network, and a lot of my boys were like the fact.
you thinking man like: what's what are you getting? What's your point? What are you doing for what you're intention to go over there to a war zone, combat zone volunteer. you know and and and and helping a group of people that you have no affinity for it made sense goin in part, because I love Nepal, love love everything about the part love in the polish people, so that good everybody got that's the weird thing by June. Ass. He was on the phone me the same time say: hey. We go back to Everest, go rescue, so he's gonna. No matter what sometime in spring, you can put his ass on the line to help save people. He was all. are we going back and make overgrown back. The network may order another season. We probably go back and I started learning stay far beyond just in case as he said, in earnest of area yeah ever stare. Shows every stared in November last year. Everest air What network that air travel Joe six episodes on travel Joe, on Itunes and other places too. Ok, so you could get it right
So while so, you tell your wife yeah. She she knew what she signed up for one which he married me. So she knew she was can't get in a little bit of a little bit of a while back in her hands, but this is different you know I can go climate. I can set my sites on this that are there in the mountains, are due adventure, races and stuff. All that's cool than you know, matters back to the men and women. It serve our military man and put it out there every day, but I've never been to combat zone. That shit is crazy. Man I mean it is. It was real and I have no new product nations that I had any experience close to what are men and women who have experienced, but from a medical perspective it was intense, to say the least, and there was a mind under at first after first three days and protect him alive to satellite is out of sustainable like this. This.
my emotional stake. Is every day was enough, its volume of profound penetrating trauma I mean never was there very. Very rarely was a guy who had worn gunshot, wound, Tivoli no seven or eight or nine there are leaking from their from lots of places. He now these deeds were get shot up. and then the ideas and with bloody up and we would get em they be. This is, is screaming and drop these guys, often and then in its aid or no renders it can move to other dues and which is constant, constant. And we would do the best we could. to stabilize on or call it and the ones we could save. We packaging mob and stabilize and try control the bleeding we'd innovative. If we needed to and purchased to examine and Craig some cases and stabilizer extremities as their holes in and then send em on. He would do these
weekly, daily blogs rights of people who know him Rove there were waiting, watches CNN see if he's gonna be on which he was immediately daily, blog long long diatribe, which is, I think, how he stays somewhat saying, but to get shot at there's more to come in and their compound too, where, where these blocks blood is yet on my website. Jeff PM answers not I like to Charity Evan Takagi up just beyond Zaka, so I like to write in budget right and allowing the time closer, this is what I would do it night like. If I would lay down and we were sleeping on the floor on these new- these rakkeed blankets, you know, and we were just lay down on this. We so we'd go into these abandoned homes and we'd set up these trauma and we'd sleeping room off the charm of day, and so we we do our day. a very rarely wasn't dressed and ready to get up and go journey time. The head legislation would be like patient, you know nearby would pop up in
and get ready to go out and Amiens would throw people on mostly during the day that fighting we generally subside at night and we'd get a little bit arrest and then I'd write an outright and it was important, I think, to sort of percolate that shit out little bit and let it let it set so we're we're in this. in place for a couple weeks and then came. The request from head of ice off special operations, general boss, he's came to our head logistical gowns, like listen as front line is moving forward. We would like for Are you guys if you are up for it to move forward as well. The only problem is it's not going to be within that tend not to three twenty five hundred metre cushion
from the frontline. It's gonna be more like five hundred metres from the frontline five hundred metres yeah, which you now It's really class really clear, especially since the front lines pre flew in any way right, and this is conventional warfare right these geyser. You know there ices was was reinforcing these these vehicles and steal platinum up in it, Can civilians in handcuffs unto the? to these steering wheels and Tom. Thus job in their job and they'd, be pact for explosives and see foreign blown up and the others are guys iraqi due to be like China held him to take. The dude I couldn't sit was resumed we are correct, but effective known. So so they told us we'd, like you too. Move and then an hour had logistical gal. Cathy she's came to the halting and she said this is our seas, are option you'll have to do
me, oh no one's obligated to your volunteers and and and By the way we are close to begin with I mean it was. It was causing every day just mortars and small arms. Far in those bunch of of of of art, Worry. It was set up all around us outgoing, so we got used to the sound of outgoing artillery. you didn't hear a lot of the incoming because is to push them backs. Ok, we all said: let's do it if we can create positive part and we can save more laws by being closer listed. So we gotten, this big Oshkosh hum the car. boy and girl, down past the airport and I think loud, military folks. It listen will know that airport in West Mozart very well. Probably we drove right through, though
Busted up, you know it's just rubble the whole airports rebel. It's just completely. It looks like fuckin bedrock, flagstones No, it's just a mess drove all the way through there and then went to this house, and we set up our clinic on Street Corner covered by an corrugated metal roof, and our childhood six charm of birds and got her trunk sleeves up and everything is ready to go in and we we set by residents across the street, at some other abandoned and we're down in the sort of concrete bunker so to speak we started the impatience and day, one shit people and lots of things happen in talking dozens and dozens of no multiple gunshot wound paces. Multiple careers that I experienced in the month of just the flow of volume of of penetrate chum. So then, then it is due
two or three all these displaced locals basically got released. so. They ve been holding the checkpoint, fingerprinting, the fighting age, males, making sure they're not on record and making, sure everybody's, not not strapped, and let them through saw dates. Before they just let this flow of humanity started walking down the street about sixty seventy yards from us from where we were set up They see the Americans They see the stethoscopes and they just start running towards us, because these people had been captivated for in Berlin, No it held captive and hiding out in their basements eating grass. You know trying to fight, a fluids at all during there's, no rainwater, yes, fuckin rain there in two. This can buy and little kids. Civilians is little. Billy kids
And their hard now in these in these homes, and they would just run they would take off running and get to these checkpoints. So on three or something that this flow of humanity comes. Biogas, restart no, so bomb rush hour spot Everybody starts to get a little bit panic as we weren't quite sure. What was what you love turns la bad things could happen, you know and that's it and so we, we'll get our our security detail to keep it. Body way. We retreated shit on people for rules around and wake up that more than in the first patient? I have is a fine, you're a little girl it and just absolutely homicide like, George shot right ahead. Assassinated Baghdad document was Tower Day started. It, like you, know, seven in the morning that was it and they got were so the fur. Incoming lay
and it about so about seventy five yards from us and our people landed in the neighbour in the neighbors yard. Next Us- and it is blue, buncher debate up and landed on our corrugated Ruth Errand we were all day, but we kept working then ten minutes later. Maybe another came in and it was fifty yards, and this is getting closer this. Second, it's called a grid as a clip they look like there's every fifty twenty five, so we did not at the top you're, right that we did not know this at the top, so that one They got everybody super tangley, but there was still a shit tongue people come in, we had patients mean we were working and we are kevlar vessel and we were trying to administer. Then then the third one hit and it landed-
right outside the door and it blew shit tuna debris Emmy. We felt Last and one of our medics got a big Pisa debris in ACT is leg, knocked him down, so we went into this bunker basically to stay bunker and we sat down in there and you know no matter what we couldn't. We weren't gonna go out into that Then thirty seconds later one of our seas, detailed deeds carried in our head of security and he was lifeless and dropped him on that well there's a dude. We ve been. You know, cookies, who s in drinking tea, with like a half hour by hour before you know, standing at the door between ambulances? Czar? our guy, you know and he was dead, and so we all looked at each other and I was the team we mad. I tell you man, I wasn't about to ask anybody to go out into that, and no one even hesitated like we went out and
Are you working on us even wee? We we we quick and he was out- and I listened to his lungs- he didn't have any long sounds on one side us up to penetrating everyone in his chest put a chest. Souvenirs it is right in his right, thorax and about a leader, a blood poured out from his plural space, just like that and assume that happened. He could inspire again, and so we start breathing in research. so he was dead and he came back to where you ass. He was. He was unable to to inspire. So you know his whole body had shut down from number one from the shock blast right in and being hit that part by by a piece of of shrapnel into being there. close to the impact, but then also in his penetrating pieces. Shrapnel went right through his chest. didn't hit any of his vital organs just cause. This Heem Authority is blood Philip and is plural space.
Sorry, I evacuated all that blood and he started the Oda breathe again so they're here, he's back. We get him out. We go back inside the the bunker their Nan couple hours later. We got so We find out the next day that Adieu not a fighting age. Local guy was a sleeper so and that he had back in the neighborhood and was three or four sit down and was coming indicating with his operatives and his isis brows, two three hundred metres away and releasing pigeons to identify our position so that the figures are one of our security. Guys would see a pigeon go up and you didn't think about and then a mortar hit, and then you ten minutes later there is no pigeons around right. I mean she's crazy. It's the combat zone, birds nor did combat sound so
China started the piece together and then he realised on the third one he's like he sobbed. You can go up because we're about to get hit sure enough, so we got out of their safe perceives life, he got out and they found this dude and got his phone and sure enough. He was doing all this any admitted it. So I get that was me. I was doing now is releasing pigeons to identify your spot, and I was told they took care of the situation now is to try to kill the Americans who are trying to help everybody will there. So I just wanted us, I mean they wanted to get us because we were there. We helping enemy right. Those governments- so they documented on his on his website. Cnn was interviewing home and then there's mortars, droppin, crazy. To go on we over there for about a month, when you leave him, when I was They knew this December semantics. They knew this NGO nose like it was hard to sustain that. You know me with
Concentration of that can help but affair. I mean that's why so many of our our military foe, Have such profound PTSD rises from getting you ask it like? these guys go through these two points there just months on end of that right, can't imagine how much you know how that hurts and then go back to Kansas and they go to the grocery store. Yeah, it's it's hard to fathom. You know anybody like tar, titty rules rights, also socially black, to monitor adenoids fuck. It is obvious that the only reference agent casually dope, these young kids yes that was got. It took me a little bit too The rollout of that and thank God for my wife man, see I came back and we went out to run up in the hills like a few days later we got to the top of this hill and I just
its cry on her shoulder as is lead ago and since then than fond, but it gives me such a deep appreciation for how hard it must be for for these men and women who come back from these deployments and they ve been a part of these things in and then affected. So profoundly it's it's. It's got to hurt. You know on a very deep emotional level. I can imagine what a crazy life you live, how many people are involved in dramatic situations? when over again various dramatic situations, whether it's getting stuck on k to or whether there? But he seeks it out, What does he want to bring me seems like what am I gonna do? This brings gonna change, fifty people's lives, what it where's key to facilities in Pakistan, Pakistan,
is that the more dangerous one the nearest generally, the consensus is its more technical, it's more dangerous and it's not as commercial ass rights was not to say more technical. What do we mean by the others? Just longer bits terrain that require more high level, technical, climbing skill so more exposed steeper, you no more, no longer stretches of of hanging out their country, in their have your shit dialed. You can get smote and you and when they go on these like crazy hikes, they keep. You have to have very specific kind of gear to write like they must have like the clothing, pretty dial than Yemen Luke Member, these pictures of Mallory right now, it's come like drivers in war which, by the way, was pretty good for your ass, provide better than con, not their income. But now you know it's a matter of of getting the right gear that works. and you can rely on you nuts. I mean I don't
be twenty miles back, and you know it country now can have my term arrests have a hole in it. So I sleep in the dirt for five days, which is what happened in the last fall. I myself in euros. a way back in the first night. My term rest at all, I know about Lay the dirt for five nights. I was take off the air you get cold from eight to twelve year old pad. Could I have put my pack and each year, tonight's, like that, so whether you have segregate holier mattress, it was, it was flat. Man, nothing bag and the japanese gag ASEAN horns matches which the guy that came down the air while he called a helicopter and I sucked it- he called out to him because he had a hole in his mouth does with this is funny story we're so we I gotta call so. Does a japanese guy he's Dinah Camp to die dying tolerable for condign he's dying? So will it call shit arrives, I gotta get the helicopter get helicopter the risk their lives they go up,
Get him flying down. Base camp base camp to look lower station was get the helicopter and of takeover over well in the eye starting new ask enemies, pleasant as he can be in go on. He hurt, you have pain, knows now further tied retired hole in matches, and you have a worry what he said. I have a hole in a mattress and he, Was it camp to and was sleeping in the snow and had a whole mattress and entirely biologists was basically he was done by brute armor uses. It was done, because he's got money he's calls cavalry says, bring alligator Jeff was passed. I was talking, pissed hissed loud people risk their lives. I saw you on the knowledge, do that and base camp in nineteen. Ninety six or seven. This dude shows with they like a boy scout old School
oh boy, scout like we below looking fucking thing no like native cotton. As you know, was like some weird synthetic shit and I he asked me for a knife to be owing to cut the plastic off of it. in my man. That's not a good idea where you goin and I didn't want to show to question him- Two weeks later, we got a call. I ve got seventeen thousand feet for a guy who had broken his ankle, so we land helicopter seventeen and he runs towards the helicopter, which thereby noses run towards a helicopter, Michael live, he runs. Did our compromises, calibre so turns out? Use is called. I'm Tellin, you man, like people just tap out and because they know there's an infrastructure around that will pull them out instead of being accountable for themselves. where I get tests, we pull this guy. Often we interviewed him and then Jeff goes. The nicest things is have a nice life walks up to start costs,
she's pity to want to do and interviewed is the japanese Gandia didn't want to talk about. Omens only needs very dangerous to fire helicopter that out tonight. Selfish anything can go wrong. We are helicopter parts where a mean absolutely be under the military pilots. Gotta be the das, our counterparts in the world in these gazers so skilled and under stand. What those conditions make you do as a pilot its. It was. It was phenomenon, but that being said, machines break. I put him on chapter one time over the moment: helicopters, one time and that helicopter and that piloted dead now from them. Now, like a few months later, I let me in the front line imply Europe's nuclear won't need, not name the company, We then there was a one little fly. We put him in their area rack, as a rickety old healthcare. When you do all these really. I stress for high danger sort of situations.
Constantly around people that have this extremely high threshold for the extreme hi tolerance to discomfort to pay. Senior endurance levels, overcoming Obstacles like be EU. Your around people that are like really solid human beings. Like they're, very unlikely, we're talking about people who are willing to summit avarice people little rescue people at some whenever people that are willing, to do these Medical stations, five Reed yards are five hundred metres from the front line in Utah, about some really sorry all human beings very, very unusually, solid human beings. When you come back from that and deal with people are gonna fuck, cell phone such a piece of shit. You know like, oh, my god, this traffic- oh my god, like That is one of the hardest transitions. Like the modern first world problem.
comes gripes. The bullshit that people, wine and bitch about was part of the, discomfort I had when I came back from Iraq. Specifically, Was the delay in flights and just how Pierce Business Man Bob gets come on. Let like Louis Gay. You did that you're not broken walk in. You know like thirteen of your dead. When you get that you don't know, I'm just I've been on a gratitude tour since I got back like I'm just grateful for everything. I am so grateful that I was borne by right, random stroke of luck? You know in Road Virginia with good parents, good family structure and was given all the opportunities it I was given, and I wasn't born in Mosul, and how do you know of seller from the most evil deeds on the yet mean it system? It's it's great. So I've come back,
and instead of getting mad at those people are frustrated with those people. China smile through it and just think you know to myself five man gosh. I wish you good taste what I tasted just not not long ago. You know like It really re calibrated me word, Citys, doesn't You know I just let it Teflon off. You know, to a certain extent and with guards to the people that I work with attend to. I think gravitate towards people who, like these chaotic sort of environments, and I got turned on to this- this it was this. This causes acronym that American Military Academy kicked off a few decades goes. Thirty years ago. Some nice day started referring to working in these. fucker environments right, volatile, uncertain, chaotic, ambiguous environment. And how we operate in those environments and how true
champions and leaders like Alex can operate. These play. it's in these atmospheres that are just absolutely shit how sideways and when things oh crazy. How do you handle? How do you manifested What are you? What are you doing? Our? U flipping the fuck out Are you withdrawing in and we all have different, methods for dealing, but I feel like I've kind of gravitate towards his gun people a year. Just get done. Reading Sebastian Yunkers book tribe. I just read it to when I got back Maisie. It's amazing. It reminds you of of where we are where we then, and also why people do gravitate towards those environments, unlike what it what they get out of it and how this life in these intense environment sort of magnifies so much of what it means to be human and
and to be a part of something that you, yes, that's the phenomenal fan. I read I read yunkers. I read that book to right when I got back so dislike last month. I read it and it was a great tool for me my my seal team body. told me to read it. When I got back seemed all the team guys. You know I've read it because of that. remind them of Y yeah. And then why things are a little bit. The threads come on down a little bit when you're, not in that tribe, nine yeah pretty and how many people living environments. Where than all other neighbours there there's no danger, there is no excitement, there's no nothing and they live. This muted, terrifying life. A lot of ways is terrifying because it is
nothing there it's empty if there's a void and it's not how human beings are supposed to be we're supposed to be confronted by a certain amount of difficult supposed to be challenged life's very insulated and soft. and as a result, we insulate further. I think from that, and now we medicate to deal with hollow feeling that you get from being isolated in insulated, but even so the quest for earlier, which is why people claim Everest while you climb k too you got a nose yourself. I know you put right of way Nobody does why? Do people put himself well well embody. Why do we punt yeah? Why we run Why we do the things that we do cuz. It would get create engagement for me and no I'm not running for my life that great struggle. I did run for my life just a few months ago. You know and you know I looked back now and that was that's the fucked up thing but I think so many military folks really struggle with it and that's what younger talked about. Not book was how
Would you find the you know, The environment urine was so precarious and which is so tenuous like it could be wiped out in any second, and yet you wanna go back there. You know I got my. I got an avalanche on that mountain almost dead turns out. I wanna go back five. Why, like what why? What is that that worrying that that makes you want, but you know why, because They want to be with the boys in their gauss and, like you know in it in it connected feeling. Like you know, our shit is tied together, why? Don't we go back in amounts, the same reasoning on a goat, the same boys and get the same sort of you know intense experience, and I think that we miss that I miss that a reliable and it s got to thing you want to teach asylum where we are
Don't ever you keep on talking about teaching asunder serve others b b, pause of Europa role model serve others, and I'm unaware that comes from him, but he that's what we always talk about Well, I think it started with aircraft because our foundation, my relationship with this with my body, I was a selfish, bad climber and J tree you know in the in the middle. Chinese, and I met this blinded who needed an ally. He needed friend, Anita guiding you not just a guide and news teammate. and not somebody that would that he could us, but some eight. It would eventually trust him and that's pretty bows pretty, while for him to ask at some point for a site, a person to trust to buy a person on the side of Iraq, face what sort of a mountain, because it's hard enough with everything and you take away your your vision and shit. Just gets amplified Eric, pretty famous and
he's summit, it will it. What does he suddenly ways and seven summit so the highest point in the semi comments, I was on six of them with them down a nordic wives, medical school then he's gonna do a lot of stuff he's a visa ban, Dude man, motivation meagre and when he's great airliner so mean but to be honest with you, he'll tell you'll, be the first to tell you the kayaking in a in a boat by himself down the Grand Canyon. was way scarier than anything he's ever whatever you don't know what's goin to violence, chaotic environment around you too. You can see here the dude in your ear and sometimes not at all, or you can hear this violence somehow it is paddles through and then you get tossed go under enough roll back up and it was he tells me that you know he had his own little version of PTSD from that from this get being freak the fuck out and have nightmares hello. Is that true
two hundred and seven miles TAT here was a couple weeks. Twelve, maybe someday? I think it was a pretty remarkable for your mark. You can imagine how about it That is what it does, and it is a recurring theme this this thing where people are in these incredibly hostile dangerous scenarios and they want to go back, they get over it and then they want to go back and the challenge that whatever you get out of it is at him to others. Video from doing it was a born bond so whose boy with the degenerative written a disease called written. Look at that shit, oh my god. I'm that'll swallow how'd he smells last. I M J, W E, gee An M A why Europe's wine is what he doesn't amount. Sometimes mayor of the city that's an old, that's no them. As he's got here, and there yeah, that's right there than ever torn up top visa.
a bad man. Do you know everybody loves him. Some super blinded, and I think that's why relationship is so strong, is because I'm not afraid to give him some shit car keeping ground but behind the scenes he's, he blows me away a lot here he's a very special, Human beings have created a rigid figure. How balanced that and figure out how to go left and go right. Well he's an amazing athlete, first and foremost the maid. If he was cited, he could have been like a problem. You know he's got that sort of body awareness and then to his boy with a degenerative disease so use those under he was blind. Legally blood but then is retinas unravelled and at the age of thirteen it was totally lights out and then his mom got killed in a car wreck two years later, and so he a main it was. It was still
but fortunately, for him his dad is was a marine fighter pilot Ed and was not about. Let is and son sit back and let life go by so he grabbed him by the scruff of the neck and took him out all these are all these videos around the world as you get stationed in different places, and an heiress relies like pony up in no time feel and got time for sitting around son. Why get up and he did anything raw climbing in Iraq, climbing turned into mountaineering. That's when we met twenty three years ago, twenty three four years ago, I think this is all very hard for some people to process, especially people that have an experienced very difficult. Things are very scary things or dangerous thanks in other this, that people would long to do this to be a blind guy who's going through tune, and seventy plus Mile
of water and a kayak, or to be someone who wants a summit Mt Everest or to be someone who wants to be american, a war zone or to be Sebastian younger was out there. But you know indebted embedded for years and years I think that maybe the general population might look at that and feel like. Maybe it's reckless or some are super inspired my parents so great, and then others like me now down Dude Amsterdam site that year out their charge. Because then that sets the template and what it does. voting for a lot of people, just as all that biogas can do. Well, then that means I should stop feeling sorry for myself cause I'm feelin low today there's their guarantee, there's lots of times when I don't feel like train, and I don't really feel like going out and doing some hard and then I'll think I need to train harder to be strong enough. That wins It goes sideways at his back. The annoying
do trained for something like Everest. How do you prepare for something like that climb to climb up and down up and down lots wait. I place like got a bolder somewhere in the mountains above it are saying my bedroom out there like, where the hell's like big long days like long day, like ten twelve hour days. That's a train TAT your weak, the men, three probably like big long days, a trader, you know, get broken fuck off. At least you know a couple times a week raw or am I guph? Ok, you carry weight on your pack and only those days of carrion, big heavy weight. I've come to stop doing that. I just go because I like to feel a bit more freed there, there was a time when I would put on a big pack. You know and just just feel, that weight on my trap Jos, only asking these experiencing forty five pounds. You put it here, the new vast he was. He was testing out the other day ass. It is it's crazy how forty five pounds is not much at all. No, but it's a lot. I start
like an uphill sets out. Some of these guys are probably carrying way more. That right. Sixty! Seventy undeniably, I could deny packs, goes to a hundred as a god. Uncertainty about the plans, would typically have over a hundred pound pack and twenty thirty pounds lead. now a days nets, twelve thirteen fourteen thousand feet, that's not milking, and that's what These guys built like, answer, girder three, three narrow after they carried out much weight accurate there much way for years and years and anyhow, I was a buck. Fifty back, then you know, and then we can hundred pounds in it, hurt but you just remember: mountaineering is slog when you really move, unlike on that kind of its slog, it's right. slow and then you gotta technical training, you best Lightner, look, that's not carrying a hundred. A hundred pounds? Then you, king, you, are light. Light pack light is right
you out to make parents pounds make paint right and when you get to feel like someone during a hundred pounds. You have to build up to that. No yeah, there's always weird stabilizing muscles, your hip muscles now lower back and man is, I couldn't do it now. I mean I couldn't do it. I'm just now get sore thinking about it, but me- and this is doctor- my twenties when I was doing your back the knowledge Europe's any didn't know anybody know any better in this exercise has fallen by this fund and it was cool. I used to do a lot. Expeditions sounds the quintessential der back just so I could go eat so I get fed and anyone I mean I don't lose drawn expeditions just so you can get some felicity dunno. I was gonna need some do dehydrated food I mean I was. I was the. I was live in my van man start out being this guy. I grew up and I was born in North Carolina in the smoking, and I grew up in road at Virginia
and my parents are not adventurous at all, but you know my dad and mom we're both is working. Your middle class, the hard work and middle class folks- and I was just a restless part- you know, I was just super S was getting in trouble all the time and I got arrested several times before. I was eighteen and just bad, just restless and dumb like most of us. I think- and Went to school Tennessee for a year and got a one point to my first semester and point six: it's possible to get a point. Six. Why dean Racquetball now to restore is warm pay attention? nosed AUS Drinking Brown, liquor in and Jason women as good at it. What about those things and so failed out and then move to Colorado.
Eighteen. Eighty nine. then there's a boulder. It's just a bunch of hippies in, like I was in the grateful dead, and I was you no tapping into some good fun thing. things and grow in my head and I fell in with a group of climbers pretty pretty quick after a couple years older than me, and they basically took me under their wing, and so he gave me this apprenticeship and taught me how to knock it dead, while polish really weird spot, like fly fishing there and kayaking in hikers and live ones. Rawdon, mountain bike and everyone's it where airlines that ignores the fat people, his there's, no fatty bumble. It's so weird. You walk around everybody's got like solomons on shit like is coming in from a worker health foods. Arrests stinky in some granola neural sinewy inch ranchers this
lotta people. So I just live their lives in border on and off for twenty years, owing to medical school in Philadelphia, dreadful Merkel, cards Pennsylvania other than that I've been in and out of order for twenty years, and I Diane, were moved evergreen, removing the Evergreen Colorado, which is a super sweet spot reason I'm leaving boulders, because assistance pre congested man, lots of people, lived Larry as if you could either enough and ran on the four or five year, two hundred thousand people out on a higher, and while the people have sought to Lanai shoes, sandwiches can bring her nieces to work out for new. They never been outside of Maui Guph. They ve been the lanai and Maui. That's it that's it! So they haven't. You been a fuckin Honolulu and now she's gonna fly. I'm too loss Angeles thing, Disneyland Universal, like what in a fox games mushroom, see what happens just you don't need to that. The airline I'm out when I was a kid and we went from New York to or from
Boston rather than a New York afore. Some are famous for karate turnover is simply that the word drive out of the way side high, when you see the sick looming in the distance like the death star- and I remember thinking why in a flock, is an essay others ominous somebody bills since a city, but it's not that kind of city some Manhattan its manner, something very unique and special against you pull up to you like what is this is who so intimidating work going the way for those kids right that can be fascinated by the energy or bug the fuck out where to get back to another mountain stimuli that you get, environmental damage is overwhelming, but you like boulders too much too much. There's almost two hundred thousand well, do it anymore. I don't like to sit my truck
move from an go. Dr somewhere. I want to draw their impart get out and go in and do my deal and come back, and then you know that the trails are pretty pretty pop lady to yeah go climb and you gotta wait online you know what are you gonna go up like or like robed climate? Can people are gonna Cities are either get there at dawn, we'll get a mere that's its law. How do people getting busy out in the woods which is cool? But you know I'm just feeling like a lot of folks turned out the older I get. Unless people we want to talk to reducing. Also that's be yo you're involved in these intense situations, like being in Iraq or like being Everson, sometimes just once sit back and process at all. sit on the rocking chair and elected no, my your our tractor on drama tractor around it,
support a beer among them, a southern boy. At heart- and I like quiet things- I know a bunch of guys who moved out there for that very reason. It makes sense so we're moving their cup with as awesome in the landscape couldn't be prettier and nice beautiful, real nice. How the winners, brutal gold hill winners now that's way worse, but its brutal No, it's real! Yet erratic go you're ready, we do not address. We live on a dirt road holler out there, I beheld the Joseph there's, an old power wagging his old house and bolder and more power over the snow. Plowin. There's a couple snow machine that new and upon my dear Why those things there? Do you get a pie solve our? If not knows no man, I, when I lived in Boston, I drove a van drove delivered newspapers. I drove three and sixty five days year, so I drove every
fucking day every time, a blizzard at every time snow had I'm not scarce. Now I know how to drive in snow and it's not fun to get stuck and you will get stuck, but it doesn't bother me now, but to someone has never been in snow in eighth place. Ninth point, but if you choose between. Like it's out, it's a tough cobb. Would you rather live in like Phoenix Now I heard it's a hundred and twenty four degrees that their cancelled flights is so hot cancelling flights. You know I mean I don't do some about that cold and snow to that's like really peaceful, like there's something that people don't like. I remember when I was a kid one of things: I really liked about snow, special? When I had a deliver newspapers like, I would have to be out there and you would hear nothing because the snow muscles all the sound. So it's like you get a kind of peace and quiet,
that you don't know ones. Driving casinos to feed is now so you're out there and issues nothin and everything softer you hit it watch review feet on the ground and that's it announced sick. You and then I think people that live in those environments like live in the cold you're pretty summer for real, You really appreciates our out here, three days summer? Nobody gives a shit, it's seventy five degrees, perfect in January and you go and bolder and I'll see you campus, like you get a sixty degree, fifty degree day and sprang inhabitants is good out of their daisy dukes. You know like they're, like any of those feathers that sent fly well Why what's next for you man? What do you do now? We gotta figure
between now and next spring to Springs Master, get it to go. Do somethin in so are you guys work it out. Do you like come to him with an idea? Does it do you sit down and talk about it. Well, we can't talk about it. I can't talk about financial, where he just pit Something to me yesterday is pretty interesting and adventurous and fund curious in a mystery to just good tv menu. Good person in general, but it is also really a tv we have a mystery to guys have already died, trying to do it now: Jesus Jack Jack and it's pretty dangerous, and I want to put a team together and Jeff leaving. The team is how we can go, pull it off. My god. Listen don't die and come back when you live and we'll talk about it when I live yes idea, it's fun living turns out. Oh yeah, I enjoy life
enjoy more when you come back here again like gratitude to her. I love it all. I want my kids the total slob and like really drop shit and mass everywhere and, like I love that boy, you're, a little fuck up, I love you remember what you are like exactly boy am it's it's that's just the universe so a bit here. You get what you gonna do with this kid. You take owner Everest he's a little longer kid. It's is trying to find his way. I can relate in always turn now I just know their way. There is no everyone find their way now have do. I'm still looking man and he always will be. That's the good thing. I think part of what I'm doing. Why I'm doing I'm still looking on a percent. You know I'm still trying to figure it out, I'm trying to do the best. I can help and people where I can. I don't have
I don't have a wide array of skills, but I know how to people when they're having a hard go. That's a great path, thumb in the path of service, the path of helping people in the gratitude and the experience you get from that. That's that's very positive I feel like if I can instil any that my boy. Like I win, you know it's be grateful live, live a grateful life and by living that what is I mean? If you pay, it forward, show gratitude, shall love, show, compassion and and allow people to to be the best version of them and do that's. You can't make them better. Meaner, well said No. I didn't know that too. I met her. Yes, we use catalysts Roma wow. It's amazing that one person can change the course of your life that much just by existing
in being around them experiencing how they navigate life was a man, Doing this really appreciate Ahmad thanks rain mine we'll do it again can you guys survive? Could you go to survive right? Ok, we're not that I will do it again, we'll talk about it they father it's. I do see a thank your buddy fertility podcast, and thank you too Caveman Coffee, Caveman, coffee, c, o dot com use. The code word Rogan and you will save ten percent off of any of their coffee. Thank you also to dollar shave, club dot com, go to our shave, club, dot com, Ford, Slash, rogue in and can get an exact, a razor with a two of their doktor carver shave butter for only five bucks with free shipping.
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