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#978 - Judd Apatow

2017-06-22 | 🔗
Judd Apatow is a film producer, writer, director, actor, and comedian. Look for him touring all over this summer, and check out his latest film "The Big Sick" opening June 23rd in New York & Los Angeles.
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doing stand up again for the first time and well. He started three years ago for the first time in many years, and that's where I kind of know him. I've gotten to know him now from him hanging out. The comedy store, give it up for Judd Apatow. The Joe Rogan experience Well that not only do I know your manager Sussman Chess Sussman. When I was a kid I love comedy, so I got a job at the EAST Side Comedy club at that which is in Huntington on Long island. This is about eighty three, eighty four, he was the bartender and he used to give me rides home, but
because I live really far away and I used to take a cab home and spend all the money I made as a dishwasher on the cab ride home wow, but I just want to be in the club near comics. Eddie Murphy was coming and it was crazy and I swear to God. This is no b s. You have those people in your life that you remember, who were insanely kind and cool and Jeff Sussman was like that as a as a young, kid that was maybe fifteen or sixteen. I thought this is the greatest guy of everybody so nice to me. It gives me a ride home he's funny and I'm so glad that he's rich now he's been my manager, since I was an open mic are yeah discover how to me is an open MIKE or in Boston who were his first clients. Bob Nelson yeah, Bob Nelson at the EAST are gonna, go up, nothing funnier he's to do a show
once a week and one of the things he did is. He would just turn on the radio and scan through the channels and do improv based on what was on the radio. So if it was elevated music, he would do a dentist routine. If it was heavy metal, he would suddenly do like a heavy metal guy and it was incredible that guy was huge at one point time and then I think you blew a fuse or something I think is a very religious person now, and he still prefer forms in Branson, it's a nice way of saying he blew a fuse, but did, depends on your view of things. I guess maybe he's happier than all of us may be highly unlikely, but maybe, but God was he funny I mean truly, is funny as people get and then he built a thing on stage. You have to imagine this. He built like a wall on the stage and in the wall he built two doors, and he would do all these bits we would come in and out of doors as different people and they need anything where he would like come out of the door like run out
one door across the stage in India, the door and then run out the door again as a different person. So it looked like he was chasing himself. A gorilla chasing Bob and he would just change his body. Language is he ran in and out of these doors it was really creative. No one has ever really done stuff like that, since even Well, something happened somewhere along the line where carrot top owns props, they don't no one does props anymore. You remember when we first starting out there is prop it was John Rhe, Dennis Miller used to do props when he started. I heard that he used to put his lips through a forty five record and I've actually got with the pit was, and I threw a couple of props first. Types. I went onstage, I remember being a light and putting it to my finger to make my finger. Look like ET's finger.
I can't quite remember what the bid was her that all I had isn't it funny, though, that that John was just sort of dissolved and it is funny as hell, I would see carrot top in Vegas eight, I mean it's a ridiculous show I laughed my of about my whole family. We really laughed hard. I mean that is a funny genre of just read ridiculous. Stupid prop jokes, yeah, carrot top case way more shit than he deserves, he's very funny. Oh no he's very seriously. Funny I mean I've always for the silly guys you know I, Have you know the smart people in the inventive people, but this is the guy is also pretty great and it's hard to write super silly jokes that make people laugh out loud like this could be his were funny and you're. Like oh that's funny, then there people actually make you piss your pants yeah and the worst thing that could tub did that.
Maybe laugh was he's reds around the crowded subway is like giving the crowd shots, he's handing out cups, I'd really fast, pouring shots and they're spilling out of p. So these ready ground, giving people shots and, and then he liked this lady is like ok, give us you you're pregnant, but she clearly wasn't pregnant chubby lady, It really awkward. Oh no! That's always the best. When you make that mistake, are you allowed to just give people shots like what, if you have an alcoholic but they're? Just there sober, but You are like so influential. They go off like at one drinks, not going to hurt and then boom you just throw their life off track. Carrot top wanted it to happen. Yeah you gotta be careful with that now I certainly am not pouring booze for the crew, but I I appreciate it as someone observing karat up. I appreciate that too, but I would think, as a performer you'd have to be really concerned. Not too many people that you give one shot their data. The vendor Doug Stamper from House of cards. I've, maybe carrot top, is getting pre show
releases. There could be a whole system that could be how he knows who to give the shots that he survives in Vegas too It does there's not a whole lot of people that do that anymore. Yeah, there's like Penn and teller yeah they've been there forever right, but there she as a magic, show right and then there used to be like a lot of residents. Yeah, they were doing stand up. George Wallace, Rita Rudner George George Wallace, quit doing that right, yeah. He didn't load time and he had enough and something I explain to me how hard it is like you have to. You have to fill that room like every night. Rooms, let me say, as someone who makes movies and is terrified that people will show up fillet rooms scares me as well, like we have a movie, the big sick. It opens in New York in LA this weekend and then in two weeks it opens around,
country, it's a Kumail, Nanjiani Holly Hunter and Ray Romano based on an experience that happened to command line Johnny when he met his wife and he was he from Pakistan in his parents wanted him to have an arranged marriage, but he fell in love with an american woman, and then she quickly got sick and had to be put into a coma. And it's really Hilarious, fascinating, true story about him hanging out with her parents, while she's in a coma Is this a very unique story, but it works great. It's like ninety. Eight percent on rotten tomatoes: it's like one of those gem movies that comes around every like four or five years. What's it called it's called the big sick so like right now, I'm terra side. You know, will people go? Will you get off your for a great hello areas movie to go to a theater to say thing with the stand up? You know now that I'm doing some concerts like track like how they're selling it's a scary thing that they go yeah. Worry about this Cydia. They always sell lates, and then you look at you
numbers for months and no one bought tickets then like in the last two weeks they sell out, or do you just not tune in at all? try to tune in to as little as I possibly can yeah other than like doing the jokes themselves doing the shows themselves. You know family hobbies yes, I don't tunein anymore. I just feel like there's no reason to have fuck you money. If you don't say fuck you, so I'm supposed to be saying fuck, you right yeah, but not really saying fuck. You just think that, think about and there's things to not think about like there's like the things that like you, don't have really any control over like whether or not people buy tickets, you're hilarious shut up, what are you worried about man? Your soup, successful you've done some of the greatest movies of all time, but the things that always drive me is the terror of things that working out yeah. That's. What keeps me on my game is is to be scared. That's why I'm going to tell you right. Well, that's good, because that's one of the reasons why you're still good, but let me help you out, did you
some of the greatest comedy movies ever just chill out. No, I can't chill out Joe, I can chill out that's why I'm gonna tell people will be at the Columbus theater in Providence, Ri July 25th, early with the plot, yeah and then Ridgefield Playhouse on July 23rd in Ridgefield Connecticut, then I'm at the Wilbur in Boston. That's one of the great the best play great great place. Do you have a website where people could read all these 'cause they're not going there, probably their car? Now they like fucking the Wilburn Boston July, twenty for thewilbur dot com. I don't know see this. How your website website website I've got nothing, you don't have a website, I don't My supposed to I thought websites. My kids make fun of me. If I even talk about the web like if I see my kids, let's find out on the on the world wide web like dad. No one calls it the world wide web anymore. My daughter get me the other day. She said dad. No one emails, don't email me text me
and she acted like. I was talking about ham, radio yeah. You might want to tell him to shut the fuck up exactly ridiculous. I don't want emails, everybody email. Every day we talked about, I guess the kids, don't the kids don't have attachments? I think that they don't need it. 'cause, there's no attachments. My kid never has a pdf to send that's true. They don't spell your. They don't care. Every kid suppose you are every fucking where there it's like there and what? How old are your kids? I have a twenty me. I have a nine and A7 girl. All yeah fall. I'm nineteen and fourteen all girls, chaos, chaos and L gang up on me and the teeny is a rough there rough. They turn on you a little bit the genetically. I think they're supposed to push for their freedom in menu for well. I also think there so confused, there's so many hormones rage into their system that didn't exist, like there are new person like if you stop to think about how you
or when you're eleven and then how you are when you're fifteen, it's only four. Years later and you're totally different human. Yes, and I tell them that you say you're acting hormonal right now. Can you please stop? They can't help, but we talk about the chemicals I have this book. It's called. Yes, your teen is crazy and then, whenever they give me a hard time, I just take it out and just reading it in front of him, but it is all about how their brain isn't even cooked. Yet then, right, your brain isn't really cook to your early twenties yeah and your impulse control everything is gun and that what you're supposed to do as a parent is model sane behavior and if they They see you not lose your shit thousands of times, maybe that will program them to handle problems well, but they are going to freak out a ton and you shouldn't get that mad out of at them 'cause they're, not capable of not freaking out
but that is a hard advice. Yeah it's hard advice and when you get down to the youngest one, like my youngest is seven- and am I don't have your shit together yet come on? Everybody else is older than you. Let's go, let's go, they don't get a full shot, but the younger kid always thinks they're allowed to do with the older kids do so it gets scarier as the as you have more kids right because they go well. My older sister does that so aren't allowed to do that now and like no you're, seven yeah yeah, it's it's a really weird time it I think, especially in California. You know. Marijuana is basically legal. It's a difficult debate to have with kids what it is legal. You can't even pull out that it's a eagle card right, I'm not, read about marijuana at what age, though, would you not worry about marijuana? I'm not worried about it at any age if your seven year olds, like you know what someone handed me another boy, absolutely don't want my seven year old over my nine year old to be smoking pot, but I'm not worried about pot, I'm working about alcohol. Yes, I'm worried
alcohol and I'm worried about driving. I'm worried about teens, drinking and driving. That's that that freaks me out, like her being with their friends as they go to high school and that that freaks me out, because kids just don't know what their tolerances are. They don't understand the effects of alcohol on the body and your ability to react that it's all about uber. So, like the lift. And that is one thing. I notice that all the kids are. There seems to be a lot less drunk driving 'cause. They all uber. It's amazing, if you can afford it, but if you can't afford it, I guess you're still screwed yeah, you are screwed if you can't afford it, but it's pretty reasonable if you're just moving around the general area like if you're hopping around West Hollywood and going from the store to the improv, but people do it all the time. It's a couple bucks. It's not that big a deal and it's like it saves you all the worry in hassle of being a drunk a neurotic dad or a com dad. I try to be as calm as I can. You know a certain amount of neurotic that seeks in
seeps in every now and then, but I try to be really calm. Yeah yeah! No, don't you know the thing is just everybody doesn't everybody grows up just have it? Have it be fun? It's possible. I have a friend it older gentleman, whose a bunch of zeros. He's already said to me: you know you gotta. Let him go through it. You know they're going to they're going to do the drugs, it's fine, they get through it. They figure it out. You are going to have sex. You can't stop it. You gotta! Let him go through. It know. They'll figure is your friend that dude the big Lebowski, some literally John Goodman I side of it did- was what's his face. No John Goodman, the other guy. What's his name meant the Jeff Jeff Bridges, Jeff Bridges yeah, he did you know he's they did yeah in the, moving right yeah I saw the other day I haven't seen it. In years I was fucking crying laughing. Oh, it's uh, They used to be my movie, my litmus test for whether or not I could talk to you like. How do you feel about
the big Lebowski with piece of shit. I gotta go. Yes, we did an episode of freaks and geeks where he shows John Daly's character SAM. Where shows a girl of the jerk and she hates it and he breaks up with the cheerlead at school, the jerk good for him? I had that with the girl at the high school, where she hated ET, and I and I was a rough one to wear it rough on to survive back then yeah, there's certain music and there's certain movies that you just not allowed to like or hate yes yeah. Well, that's so funny, my wife- and I is we violently disagree on a lot of that. We don't have like one or two violently yeah. There's. There's one or two like the main things that mean the most to me in the world where my wife's, like I can't. I can't I don't like it at all and then stuff that she likes that I I go like I hate that more than anything I think that's good. I think it's good, especially with your spouse, to have like very few interests,
in common and I think all those people that do everything together, a fucking weirdos man. They wish freaked me out. That is interesting. Yet 'cause, it's like stand up. My wife. I met her when I wasn't doing stand. I did stand up from the time I was seventeen till I was twenty four. I met my wife when I was twenty, eight or twenty nine, so he didn't know anything about stand up till three years ago, when I started doing it again, yeah what what cause? you. Do that. I remember when you started coming around everybody is like look at Judd. I need to do and it's funny I see right when I stopped when I was twenty four I was pretty burnt out, so that was ninety two and I was getting a lot of writing work. The Ben Stiller Show got picked up, this sketch show we did for Fox, and that kept me busy and I was making a lot of money compared to
the five hundred dollars a week. I was making doing stand up on the road and I thought well. This is the universe saying you don't need to do stand up and you should stop. Maybe your friends are funnier than and I'm living with. You know Sandler and I'm hanging out with the opening of a Jim Carey and it's it's a daunting. You know it's like trying to start a band and your friend is John Lennon. I feel like it it would be weird to not feel like a decade later. I was cocky with Jim Carrey and yeah funnier than this guy I mean I'm not saying you mean being, I know I know what's happening and I was also a little bored of it because I was so obsessed since I, since I was ten, and you know I did funny people. I did a little stand up to write jokes for funny people, so I was writing Joe,
but it was for Adams Character and then I started hanging out with Amy Schumer working and train wreck and she would come back from these stores and I just got jealous at that. That sounds like the most fun thing in in one night. I said: I'm gonna go up tonight just to make you laugh just too so you can see what it was like what I did stand up and then I I told Bible stories had told on talk, shows that I knew would go. Ok and Amy was very excited, hoping I was going to bomb like she was. This would be this funny thing Judd bombs at the comedy cellar, and I did pretty good, just 'cause its stories. I know work okay and then the comedy cellar said: hey anytime, you want to come back. Just pop will put you up now: no one ever said that when I was a comic because it was hard to get stage time- and I thought wait- a second I'm getting treated like somebody who who gets did show up and go on stage. I have to take advantage of this and I went on every night. The entire should a train wreck, no matter
what time we finished shooting. I would drive straight to the comedy, cellar wow and I had the best time and that I came back to LA and started doing the improv in the comedy store in Largo and and then I would put these benefits together. Largo once a month and and to me that was the most fun, because I could book a show and get bike shandling to come, and Randy Newman or you know Azizan Fiona Apple and we did a malls benefits and I always like producing things like that. And then slowly, if I act, got to the point where I thought. Oh I'm, you know I deserve to be here. This isn't some freak well. You know the difference between someone who writes for television and movies and and the difference between that and A lot of stand. Ups is when for making a living, writing and producing and directing and doing your disciplined you're right. Yes, actually right, you have notes, you have books, you have like your opening.
Your binder you going over your stuff. So many comics. Don't do that. I remember when I started. I was hoping for Larry Miller, one of the legendary medians, and he he would have these incredible, but some of them were like ten minutes long. He had a great bit about about drinking a good, it's one of the best standard bits of all time and he had a bit about thanksgiving and the skiing that they were all like ten minutes and they would get funnier and funnier and one day he said to me you know this is a job you got to sit down not every day to write jokes, you don't just go to the mall and watch a movie every day like if you sat down for two hours at a desk and treated this like it was a job that deserves your respect. You'll be one hundred times better than everybody else yeah, and I did listen to advice of the time I do now like now. I sit down alright, let's try to write it up. Yeah
I had to show up with like notes you like one of the rare guys the calmly stories show but notes thanks. I know nobody as though they would have like a little like a business card with three bullet points on it and I'm a little more of the you know the shandling tons and tons of paper so you're drowning and confused channeling him. That's a sad one man, what fun dude that was the best and I'm doing a documentary about him down for a and so with the most fun part about it. Is he always went to the comedy magic club and did stand up even in here is where you didn't know, he was doing it. That's where I met him at the county, magical yeah. That was, I was great. He just I mean it was like for me. I was a huge fan of Larry Sanders. Show and Larry Sanders show us where Paul Sims, gotta start producer of news radio, and so when I, when I saw was like
of those ones like I don't wow, it's actually Gary shandling right there right. There were Jed Apatow, it's right there, it's a weird one and he and the comedy magic of the tape every show, since the 80s have every show taped yeah- and I said, can you give me the last fifty sets the Gary did the comedy magic club- and this is you know from the last few years and no one's ever seen any of these jokes except the people at those shows he did do Monte beat into about talk shows there was no special, some of the funniest jokes. You ever heard just him
You know working on a raft havoc around, be it being so funny yeah, but he he did a lot of notes. He was his discipline guy, he was it will in the seventies he wrote so many jokes. I found these binders hundreds and hundreds of jokes in every loose leaf binder, like a guy sitting at a desk all day, just crafting like to sentence perfect jokes yeah, but there's like the balance right is that there's crafting the perfect jokes and then just being able to be loose, yeah and fun and that'll areas. We also is going to stage with that. Just to set up any wouldn't know the punch line and he would say the set up and hope the punch line came, which is pretty wild. He you know when the when the great things aren't doing the documentaries you get to ask people for footage. So Seinfeld gave
me the dailies for comedians in cars, getting coffee when he interviewed Gary, and then the people who made the movie comedian about Seinfeld gave me all the dailies of a sequence that they only use ten seconds of the documentary which was Gary in Jerry, going to the comedy magic club and doing sets, and also there that night as Neil and Chris Rock and there's twelve tapes, it's all their performances and then their entire conversation for three hours hanging out backstage, and it is unbelievable. The conversation how funny it is and there's a moment where Chris Rock is doing the joke about how Nelson Mandela got divorced,
that even Nelson Mandela after decades of prison, he could survive that. But he couldn't survive, get out. It's a force to be delayed. I forgot how to word of it, but there's a shot of shandling alone in the green room. Watching rock do this bets and as he's doing it Gary's like, saying what he, what he's like he's guessing, what the bit is Asrock saying it, but in all of Chris Rock
and it's a it's a really beautiful moment and that's what the best part of doing this documentary is just finding little magical moments that no one would ever see. If you didn't dig deep, what made you decide to do this? We did a memorial for Gary Many died at the Wilshire Email Theater, like a thousand people, showed up, and I made about five mini documentaries, about Kerry, to show in between the speakers, and I thought I'll do. This is a documentary. I should just expand this and now it's like now. It's like the OJ doc of Gary. It's a big loss, epic documentary, I think people don't realize how good the Larry Sanders Show was yeah. Like people forgot, you know if you go back and watch it again, that was a revolutionary show when it was on the air. It really was so people don't go backwards. Like my kids, don't go backwards. Digging that far to them, you know looking backwards means
I'll watch, all of parks and rec they're, not speaking into the 90s right to go to twenty fifteen and people. Forget that when the Larry Sanders Show came on the air with you know, who's the shows on HBO. It was like first in ten or not necessarily the news. Our dream on you Gary was the first show on HBO that eight h b o go. This is what HBO should be. We should be the quality network with the old with this kind of groundbreaking television, and he Gerry was a guy who got offered all the talk shows he got offered to replace Letterman. He was hosting the tonight show for Johnny him and Leno would take turns doing it,
He decided he rather satirize. It then do it. You know, and- and he wanted to explore the people and not be a talk, show host. He wanted to show like the world of the ego. That is not just talk shows, but just Joe business. He was fascinated with people's need for attention. His own need for attention is on the vanity and narcissism, and he wanted to explore that and and satirize how we just want to be like so badly like what we do to be liked with prevents us from actually feeling loved cuz. We're so obsessed with approval, do you talk to Jay? Do you are you friends with Jay Leno, yeah Jay, and I were talking about uhm what it was like to host the tonight show and how much more funny has now too and comedians in cars or not in comedians in cars, Jay, Leno's garage, 'cause, that's what he really loves. You and you really loves cars, and he gets to be himself always doing this. He doesn't have to have people on it. It doesn't want like he just has people on to talk to them about cars and stuff, and
has comics on and all kinds of people on, but you know what he was talking about like having. That show is like you would have people on the give a about, and you had to talk to the ad for J. That was most everybody yeah, because he loves certain things right, but he doesn't love sports right, he's not a massive movie fan, but you get him going on the things he cares about. Like cars, yeah he's fat, but that I think, was some of the fund of watching the tonight show with Jay interviewing A young actress- and you know he doesn't care at all, and how is he, make it amusing for himself and the audience. Did you see the Hicks Bit that Hicks did about J interviewing Joey Lawrence and closes brains out, and it forms the NBC Peacock on the wall I mean I always felt that he reloads. I thought that was very unfair. The Hickson, the Andy Kindler criticisms of lent.
In a Lando? As you know it is you know one of the great standups of all time I mean in a club you'd see Lando in the 80s. Nobody touches it. He was just. I was amazed bond guy instill I saw recently in the above still is, and he you know he made a call to you know to be America's host. Beat everyone for forever forever was proven completely correct, but there was this idea that it was a betrayal of his club persona that some comedians were so mad about and. I don't know how you could be mad at anybody for deciding how to run their show, because you, as we've, seen with other people, sometimes snow lucky. Guy runs out of gas in two years and you know Jay found the space that was comfortable for him and God was he nice to me every time I was there
he's a great guy and always super funny. When I was on the show and super nice would put me on when I wasn't doing stand up. This is a direct are discuss. He liked me as a person and and a really a good class guy and in the Shanley Documentary Fascinating, describing his observations of Gary. His observations about talk shows I mean what a ride he went on. Do that world of being the talk, show host, there's, not a lot of wiggle room, especially back then you know, as just now now with the internet. I think a lot of like subject matter and a lot of languages opened up more. You can kind of get it like if you see what's going on now with, let's Myers or you know any of the other late night talk shows they have much more real. Look. Look at core bear. Bear rather yeah cool bear is said that you know Donald Trump, the President uses Putin
like uses is Mount like Putin uses mouth is a cock holster, but he said that on television with the phrase cock holsters, they beeped it out. Do not aware that I'm not. I have that's who's in the chroma key long rant and really hilarious, 'cause Trump Trump came back and it said a bunch of think about the bear being tasteless and countless and being a loser in all these different things and Cole Bear came back again. It goes Donald Trump. He goes uh ' I thought if there was one thing you understood: it's show business and he goes you responded. He goes you it's funny. When you don't understand. Oh four again, it was, it was really will air what's truck, can't help but respond yeah. He has no ability to go. It demeans me to acknowledge. You exists and has our stand, and so I think these easily baited into any of those situations, which is, I think, a little is. What's
there's people, because you think, if Cole Bear, can beat him what other countries in very serious situation, what baits him into action that he shouldn't take? Well, he blocks people on Twitter, yeah he's the fucking president and people trying to they're trying to figure out like is that, like a first amendment issue, Was it allowed to communicate with the president directly through twitter? Well now I can't 'cause he blocks me. Is he allowed to block people so people that are considering lawsuits right now Does Donald Trump understand. You should just be muting people and then Donald you don't have to block now. He wants him to know. I wanna know magga. I like it has bad like blocking people. I love blah. To build a second. I see anything I block for somebody who, even they say one of my movies was just ok. I just have to be that main boom. I'll. Never see you again really if somebody says that was that was pretty good. I'll block him block amount. Almost a compliment almost got looks weird underhanded,
if kiss, not kissing. My ass, pretty hard you're gone. That's my twitter theory, but even need you to call me a Jew. The funny thing is that when people say nasty things on twitter, they only start sounding like they make sense, but then bail at the end. You know so they'll just be like you know, give give the president a chance no, he was duly elected by the american people and go jump in and nothing it's always like. The two beat the The oh they're saying that to you yeah it sounds sane and it always lands on jeopardy. Another the Jew stuff, exactly the well. Do you take a lot of heat for criticizing the president? Don't it's pretty soon. I mean think I'm saying anything that anyone else is insane, because I have a simple theory about all this stuff, which is, I don't think rich people want you to be rich. I think that people are trying to be to
hold that rich people really can handle everything, and if you let the rich people have all the money, they are just going to figure it all out and in fact last night Is it interesting night because the Donald Trump said he doesn't want poor people in charge of the economy and what he yeah. I said he goes to. I want rich people, but it's what he's not understanding. As there are public servants who have not made the choice to be billionaires? Who actually understand you know? The economic theory is better than you know the head of. Walmart or something that just because you were able to figure out how to sell. Eminems doesn't mean You can run the economy that there are people that they don't want to be rich. They will to help other people, and they are very smart about ways to help the government work well and that's like
saying, Martin Luther King's, a loser 'cause. He wasn't rich he's, not smart, and this only rich people know how to do things. I find so offensive and I'm very surprised that people who aren't billionaires aren't more offended at the contempt that there held in 'cause. You could disagree on economic theory. You could say, I believe in trickle down economics, or I don't believe in trickle down economics, but this is a government that thinks you're, not a billionaire you're, an idiot. He said it last night, but I mean it's not literally a speech which is would You want poor people in charge of the economy, which is the argument for having like the head of Goldman Sachs in charge of the economy, but yeah. What is a poor person? Has he defining it? Is he finding it as an idiot failure or someone who and decided to milk this world much money as they can get out of it. Some people are happy to make
comfortable living and try to be giving the other people and they can be very helpful, being part of our government. You don't have to be the head of Goldman Sachs to be someone who can change. People's lives for the better? He thinks you just get ahead in X on the head of Goldman Sachs, but sometimes you don't want that. Exxon, you want something, that's thought about international relations, their entire lives and Maybe they've always made two hundred grand a year that doesn't that's not poor, like it depends on what your we define that or yes and how he defines poor yeah, I mean when you say you don't want to poor person in the economy. I think one argument for that Be you don't want anybody who wants radical redistribution of wealth? One article one argument why that rather would be someone who says like what we need to do is we need to figure out who the richest people in the world that own in ninety percent of the money and then just take that money and distributed to everyone else like this? Is there
pretty radical arguments from poor people. I don't think he's saying that I think I think he equates poor with Idiot He wasn't saying I don't want the Bernie Sanders type He was saying I want he can sit, there's like the head of Goldman Sachs to be the smartest man in the world where there are people who don't seek to make that much money who are very smart and certainly capable of doing things. I think he sees people are not the heads of industry as being incapable of being in charge of aspects of the government right because that's his world, this world is the world of super rich people and if you're, not a super rich person, you're a loser. Well, that's
it's all a winner, Loser Connie, which is I find fascinating, because he is basically calling most of the world a looser yeah in his world, and so we yeah you could debate. I mean I always thought think most people don't even understand most of what they talk about with politics like when you talk about wealth redistribution, that a lot of people fear is, with the actual, don't know anything about. They have no information that the the nodes, write a book about it and has very few people very few. I mean literally less one percent of one percent, arguing about a regular basis. They've seen a few clips on Fox NEWS and they have this idea in their head of what it is exactly, and I think that what's wrong with our country is no one knows anything about anything on either side like people don't know deeply about. The environment is very few people who sit down and read the very very few people right now we're going to read that health care bill that is before the Senate.
How many people do you think what percentage of the country thing is going to sit down and read any part of it less than In ten to one and it will destroy their lives if they get sick and they don't have coverage and who knows, maybe it's perfect and we don't understand it, but people won't bother to know anything about it. Well, it's like global warming. You talk to the average person on the right of the average person on the left about global warming, and you will see like it's really strange, how you see these ideologically driven ideas that they have in their head about what global warming is what causes it and you can almost guess based on their reaction to it, whether they're republican or whether their liberal, yes and people. Obviously everyone talks about this, but people have chosen a side and so now anything that that side does and so wouldn't suddenly words so soft on Russia, and then all these, you know, being a Republican you, cities,
so about the evil empire and on a dime. It's like people like Russia. Illex Everyones turned on Wikileaks. Wikileaks used to be the champion of information used to be the the people that are trying to let you know all the shit It's going on behind the scenes were finding out all these secret emails were sharing them with the world. We have a media dump we're dumping everything now it's Wikileaks is Putin's puppet and Wikileaks is working for Putin. The left is turned on. Wiki leaks was quite fascinating. Well, both sides will switch based on what serves them in the moment yeah. But it's dark man. It's really weird. When you see When you see it so obvious, and it's so flippant like there's, not a lot of thought put into this like you're talking about someone enjoying a size. I'm not a giant Julian Assange fan as a human being, but I think what he's done is, pretty God, damn courageous and he's taken a huge hit
for it. I mean he's been stuck in this embassy in London forever. If he leaves who would mean. Will be arrested and who knows? What's going to happen to him? If that happens, in this guys still out there trying to distribute information. Well, it's about. Is it selective a guy like that is just I mean. Obviously the issues are: is he putting peoples lives at risk with mega dump switch, reveal sources, and things like that, but also is he: is he manipulated to release things to serve different? You know political right doing it on purpose, one way or the other where's the stuff on the Republicans. You know if we had all the all the emails of the Republicans planning the Trump campaign, we have a whole another story to tell now? Is it impossible to get their emails? Do they just have the best computers in the world there's no way to get their emails or depends on what the story is like. You know they believe it's so high to figure out what happened here, but that Seth Rich guy
according to Kim dot com and according to Julian Assage, he leaked he was a Bernie Sanders supporter. He worked for the Dnc. He leaked some of the information that showed that the Dnc was colluding. And what they were trying to do was they were conspiring to keep Bernie Sanders from winning the primary, and it proved to be true that they actually do do that and Julian Assange was saying after that, guy got shot that somehow or another. He was alluding to that. If you work with us, there are consequences, so add someone who is a renegade by the Dnc who released that dump. You don't have any like that. On the republican side, it doesn't mean that the wiki leaks is corrupt it. This means that no one on the republican side is done that only one guy according to them. I don't know if it's true that some people say Russia did it but according to Julian Assange and according to Kim dot com was apparently somehow or another involved. At least part of it had to do with this Seth rich guy. That doesn't mean that they're like trying to,
to exclusively release stuff. That makes Democrats look bad. It just means no. I've done it on the republican side. Just 'cause, the information doesn't exist, doesn't mean there's some sort of collusion. Well, that's the, I guess the mystery of it, I don't really know anything about this set the rich case. What does that 'cause? I know people are mad about it, the guy that was, he worked for the Dnc and he was murdered outside of his apartment four hundred o'clock in the morning. They said it was a robbery, but this is a giant conspiracy. Theory too attached to it, but I'm just going to relieve the fax. His wallet was left. His phone was left. His watch was left his vow. Valuables that he might have been robbed of his monies, that all that stuff was there so you just murdered and they never found who killed and then immediately Julian Assange was alluding to the idea that this guy was helping them and that he was murdered because that- and that has been hotly contested and, of course, the Fox News- narrative
has, like God, like Sean Hannity is made a big deal out of it. Things were going to get to the bottom of this, ladies and gentlemen, which makes me more suspicious. That is not true, but it is the possibility that he was one of the people. That was releasing information. I would imagine if you worked for the Dnc, especially if you were a Bernie Sanders supporter and you saw what they were doing, what they would do things. Essentially they were, they were hijacking the Democr. Process from inside from the Democratic Party, and if you were a free Sanders supporter, it would be horrifying. It would really piss you off and especially if you're someone who's idealistic you've got this idea of like wow, The future could be under Bernie Sanders and you realize your own party is fucking him in the ass, and so I don't know how much he released or if he released or if he was only one part of it or Russia was a part of it as well and hacking into the Dnc. But the bottom line at the end of the day is exposed corruption
mean that's really what it was. There's absolute clear, corruption in the Dnc and everybody got away with it, the woman who is in charge. She went and left and went. Immediately to work for Hillary's campaign, and you know it wasn't good. Stuff. It was all that bad, no matter what no matter who really if released it, he just showed you how gross the system, s yeah, to the call or yeah all the way around come both sides, I'm not a big conspiracy theorist I should be, but I I should be there's always more going on than we think, but I also think that most people are too dumb to not get caught almost every single time yeah. You say that, but there's a lot of shit. That happens where people do get caught eventually, and you really Oh, like how long will you guys running this? What's your favorite conspiracy theory that turned out to be true hard to say whether it turned out to be true, but JFK is the biggest one, and where did you land on that? I would landed on that. It's very possible, very possible
that Lee Harvey Oswald was involved, it's very possible that other people involved too, it's very possible that he shot at Kennedy. An other people shot at Kennedy at the same time and then that he was a Patsy and he was put up like he was obviously involved in a lot of intelligence agency shenanigans. He went to Russia. He married a russian woman, came back the United States. He had been in involved in all sorts of communist began to shit. He was definitely not like an above ground guy. He was a shady do and it's in entirely possible that he was one person out of a plot to kill the president and they put it all on him and they had Jack Ruby, shoot him everybody goes black and white. On that you either go Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone or you go. He was in. And the CIA had him assassinated because he was trying to get rid of the CIA, which he was mean. Ken
we're trying to pose out of Vietnam is trying to get rid of the CIA. He was trying to get rid of the the the The federal reserve here there's a lot of like super controversial ideas that Kennedy was trying to push forward and someone killed him I owe Please go to this simple thing, which is: why would jack Ruby shoot him right? yeah 'cause. I have people say: oh, he was just a patriot who got mad and happened to be there, but which maybe makes perfect sense, but if he was told do it. It's such a suicide end up in jail for the rest, your life mission yeah, it doesn't make you give it to me. It falls of things like that fall apart, they that's true, but it's also possible. They told them. Listen just shoot him will get you off will fine in some sort of away or they might have had something horrible on him, Jack, Ruby, clearly embedded in the mob the mob I was angry at Kennedy because they help Kennedy win. They helped him. In Illinois.
You know, I mean they helped him become the president and there was absolute, but instead they were mad at him once he became president because and start doing things that were against their interests. There's a lot of people pissed off at Kennedy. That's! What's funny about the current Russia scandal, because it's a similar thing where there's just so much going on, I keep seeing people you're, not hearing this defense from all the Trump people. Well, we met with Peru eight times we met with with english people, like they they're, just not having those meetings right, there's not all those connections with any other country, but Russia not only that this whole thing about Flynn and that the intelligence agency is warning that Flynn was compromised and that that he could be blackmailed by Russia like they had things on him, what they had on him. We don't know, but they're, very convinced that there was evidence against flu.
And and that the Trump administration knew this and they were still entertaining talks with them. There still bring him on board and would fascinate this world of international lobbyists like cold manafort. What are they doing? Did you? Did you see this thing where Paul Manafort's, kids, someone hack their phones and they had all these texts They were talking about how horrible their dad was and how he's responsible for people getting killed, Oh, no and there's a but it's higher world of Americans going overseas and being involved in dirty politics and the work of governments like the Ukraine that we don't have any clue about what that is yeah, it's one of the last frontiers for really diabolical shit. You know like
which one of the last like what he what he is. What but Putin stands for is alike. Of the last brutal military dictators. It's kind of in a costume, yeah he's in a costume as the press, in of Russia, but we all know that he murders people that oppose him. He murders journalists, he murders, political candidates that are running against him mean he's he's terrifying God. What do you think? It means that that Trump just loves them just not good? he just he admires. I think he admires the take no shit. Guy yeah He does, and I think there is also the possibility that he feels that what futon stands for is like this powerful superpower and it's better to be friends with them. That is to be enemies let's just cozy up hey. I wish I could do a lot of the shit. You do a lot of people talk shit about me on Twitter. I wish I could have been killed.
It's entirely possible that he thinks along those lines, because I think it's probably from decades of Trump dealing with the mob in New York and Atlantic City, and he probably developed a point of view about how you deal with evil people and how you have to make deals and how friends with them a lot of rich people. Thank everyone doesn't understand. This is how the world work right. This is how the sausage gets made, who yeah and that's why easy stuff, because they just go. Everyone else is naive, yeah and just get me in a room with get me. A backchannel will figure it out like right, the backchannel with Kushner, it's likes it and with the mob figure out your price for cement. That's what he thinks the Peten Back Channel is likely will figure it out, we'll we'll we'll come up with, and I think it seems a trouble like likes the idea of that. What you present is a lie in what you do in private is figuring,
out solutions and that that's how the world works and that it's all full of shit yeah and that is the way you get away with everything: that's how the world works. That's a justification, eight! That's how the world works, which is so different than Bush, who is religious and had this thought we are going to go to other countries, we're going to take down these leaders and they are going to find freedom and we're all gonna change for the positive when they don't have these dictators. Trump is an old school guy who's like. You needed dictators to keep all these assholes in line yeah, but meanwhile he's kind of right. I mean look, what happens when you take the dictators out, you create this our vacuum? The places are way more chaotic. Look at Libya right, it's a failed state. Now he got Qaddafi everybody's happy. Hillary Clinton was on tv, did an interview with her when she's cheering she's like laughing, we came, we saw he died. Ha ha ha
see that the air thing. I think, that's what makes the World so impossible to manage right now, which is it's like. We tried this. You know this approach of. Let's, let's make these people a democracy, but you can force people to want to democracy, also their condition to being in a dictatorship. They've lived that way, their whole life and there's all these other people. When you get rid of kadhafi, it doesn't mean he's the only piece of shit there there's a million other pieces of shit that are wondering how they get to that guy's position and he's keeping them down and murdering people and trying to keep keep and so their entire life. That's the paradigm they've operated under they've watched this happen. They've seen this one central brutal murderous figure control everyone else. When that's gone, it's not all cumbia, a sudden. It creates this power vacuum and then everybody's class
bring to see who takes that guy spot and now you have ISIS steps in an Libya is just straight chaos and there's seems to be solution to almost no solution right, because is it there's a massive religious, tribal war happening where, if we, if we didn't exist, they they would just be fighting right and that's what happened? That's what the we were warned about with Iraq yeah the people that didn't understand Iraq, including Bush, did not, and if you take Sidamo same out of the picture, who is kind of secular. What you're left with is this Tsuneishi a civil war and you have this crazy situation where there's two different sects of Islam are going to kill each other. No one saw that coming, I mean well, you know who did see that coming Janeane Garofalo, because I remember watching her on CNN and there was a there's, a massive protest against going into Iraq before we went to war, and she said this is what's going to happen. If we go there and she laid that out when she isn't
I'm Chomsky fan yeah. I should probably these people are going to attack each other, we're going to create a mess that we're going to open a pandora's box and there are weapons of mass destruction, and we should wait- and we don't have enough information she really took a beating for being a strong opposition to invading Iraq. In every single thing that she said would happen in the next ten years happened and she wasn't the only person there were plenty of people. I remember when nine hundred and eleven happened Norman mailer was on is on Charlie rose like that week, and he said this is exactly what's going to happen and he explained the words that would happen where they would happen. He and then he said- and this is what's gonna happen as a result of those and and laid out the mess that was created and said. You'll see
We do not have the strength to not take these steps. I should clarify, I don't know if she needs it of really odd Noam Chomsky fan, but I know Tom's Chomsky was saying that like is pretty adamant about that. Like very early on hi. I just watch the Chomsky documentary on Netflix is an interesting guy yeah and it was fascinating and it had one simple idea which also, I think, a lot of people don't realize, which is just that.
Our country he how it's set up is is meant to protect people from the people with money from the landowners, as it was more back then, and the basic. The theory is that that the people with the wealth and corporations are not served by democracy. If democracy is functioning, it is not in the favor of the wealthy or corporate interests, and so as a result, they always have to be against marker see because if there, if, if Republicans on, have a voter suppression, then everything is going to change in favor of what the population wants to do so that they'll always be incentives for having less people vote and to to making democracy not function. The way that it should clearly. You could have vote
Your motor id, where the when you get your drivers, license you're registered for the whole country. You could have everyone in the country vote by mail. You could have one vote by computer, you could make it so you would have eighty ninety percent of people voting, but that goes against corporate interests and so the fights to say there's, you know all these fake votes when they're there isn't, and so that protects corporate interests and it's a really interesting documentary that just came up. I guess the last year was: what's it called We're about to find out. It's see, I like the computers, searching as we speak, there's a lot of people that are resisting the idea of people voting online, but we bank online. It's ridiculous, of course, should be able to well, we certainly could get more people voting. It's fascinating that there's other countries like Russia trying to get into that wreck.
Him for the american dream. Yeah it's worth it's worth. Seeing, I mean I I don't really. You know some of the things I don't have the strongest opinions on, because it's the it's very complicated and it's like what you said you just you never know what new you're creating. I was talking to this actor right does a lot of charity work around the world very famous actor, and he said you know I, is working on this project to dig wells in the community in Africa, and then we dug the wells and his incredible for this community and then the neighboring community came in murdered everybody for the wells, because that's what it's like trying to save people and to help people in the world, there's always something that results that you did not anticipate. That makes it even more complicated yeah, and I feel it's that way with most issues that you, you think it's this, but you've set off that and
the it takes. We would where I come down as you need an incredibly intelligent person to be in the middle of making these choices and just generally with Trump. I don't think he's that smart and I, I think that he is very you know, of a very self involved, narcissistic person and we can debate choices, but it doesn't seem like the like. The person is The depth to make these calls, but I don't think anybody it really is qualified to run three hundred and fifty million people. I just think it's a ridiculous proposition, but I think you're definitely right also. He sets the cone for the mindset of the country. I mean it really is we we have this alpha male thing, going on going the where the Obama Lovemore Hadam, was a very articulate, really well spoken, calm and measured guy, and I think that's very good for America to have this guy, who
who's smarter than anybody. You know and he's running the country, like you feel like this guy's, obviously looking. He hardly ever starters He knows what he's talking about and very moderate. I mean when you get down to it. What I find interesting is Obama's so moderate after the banking issues. He didn't go after the bankers. He didn't send anyone to jail. He propped up those businesses. So the fact that, like the banks so want to get rid of him, it makes me go how much money is enough, this guys still basic be on your side, Hillarys, basically still on your side. They were mad. And when their bonuses were minimal eyes. He had ever that exactly that's all I held the guy billions of dollars in bail money and they still one of their bonuses. I have a contract. My contract says I got a bonus that just thinking about their house there ya the people got bonuses, even in the economy collapse, even though the economy collapse as a direct result of the industry that they were involved in and the business
as they were running, they still got bonuses. It's really crazy and- and what's interesting is it I guess most people. They don't connect that and they're not furious, like right now they're trying to get rid of the computer, the Consumer Protection Bureau that keeps an eye in the back, so they're, trying to defame and he you would think that people who want their guns would also say, but I would like consumer protections, you don't screw me on my credit card, but for some and because it doesn't line up with their team, exactly they don't care about. The issues that are that would protect them is not super dangerous to have a right now left I mean it's just because you always you go for independent candidates, a lot right, you're looking for a third party yeah, what prevents their from being a logical third party. Well, I think we had it with Ross Perot right, I think, Ross Perot was a logical third party and it became very dangerous for people and that's one of the reasons why the commission for presidential debates change the threshold like you back, then you needed five
percent in the primary. In order to be included in the debates you put Ross Perot in the it is an independent, an extreme. Only wealthy man who understands a lot about tax codes understands a lot about foreign relations and he became like a huge IBM and most likely cost our Herbert Walker Bush his second term right, yes, and and that's why Clinton became president the first place and the threshold as well. Now to get in this debate. Well I mean it. Bernie Sanders is kind of an independent right I mean is obviously this parties. Now on the side, we we proved that, with the Dnc leaks, that they're they're of conspiring against him is the it is actual own party, which is the same as changing the thresholds of the third party,
and they can be in debates right. It's another version of that exactly yeah, it's another version of that. Well, then, you find of the commission for presidential debates. As I it's it's not even added a national thing. It's like a privately funded thing. It's a it's! A private company like they can choose like how the like what like what what's making fifteen percent, if you fifteen percent, and then they can just change it like. I was a problem like I was a pain in the let's change the threshold that what could go wrong. Yeah are you? I mean you, there are people who feel like left and right are the same thing when you really get down to it. Are there protecting the same interests in some way? Are you a believer in that or or not? I think that the most of the people that are on the left and most the people on the right aren't even really thinking about whatever their party stands for they're. Just like I said, they're sticking with the team, whether it's the left team of the right team, I think
date, I think, radical ideologies, whether it's on the left to the right they share a lot of common traits and one of things they share is the this'll, the complete lack of objectivity, lack of objectivity and lack of introspective thought in terms of like what their party is actually doing, what it means to be a liberal what it means to be progressive what it means to be right. Public and what it means to be conservative. You just get into this. Groove like this is what we do. Fuck global warming is not real. You know and then fuck this, and you can't be racist against away person like you, people have these ridiculous ideas on the left and on the right. They just dig there, those in the sand. They don't even think about, and they just go with it because of the party says, and this is the game their pants every election ex, I called a lot of politicians and a bunch of journalists just trying to get a sense of what's going on. How can I get involved? What was there to do and it was really dispiriting? It was all reactive. Everyone was like. Well, we have to see what they do
to decide how to react, and I was like so you were just super upset that Trump one yeah, let's see what was about to happen and everything I was concerned about did happen, but they basically all said. Well, you have to let him do his thing to then react and then have the population react to but he did and did you have any concerns at all about Hillary? Well, I think. It reminds me a little bit of I mean. I am aware of what those issues are, but I do think they're. The large choices had just affect millions and hundreds of millions of people like, for instance, when a guy like Donald Trump, says we're not going to give money to any AIDS service around the world. That says anything about abortion forget giving out abortions if they hand out a pamphlet and says that's an option. They don't get money. So if you're, a country in Africa and there's only one AIDS Aids service at like feeds starving
people, but you also we hand out a pamphlet on abortion. You don't get any of the money and you know I agree that drops up in a lot of things. He does a up, but did you have any problems at all with Hillary's like did? Well, I had a big issue that she does not seem to understand. Certain issues like the speech can pay for the speeches right that that her blind spot and she has revealed to still have it after the election but like Why did I go there? 'cause I got paid, you know, and I guess they who made you know over one hundred million dollars, giving speeches bill and Hillary Clinton on one level, you go yeah, you know, people understand, I'm gonna go, do stand a corporate gig and it's crazy money. There's a crazy corporate speech money floating out yeah, but wait a minute you, but I don't know I better than you did, I'm not defending it. I I'm just saying she has a blind spot to what to the potential for corruption that people see in that and
that she, when you're when you're getting I mean what what article said is like a hundred and fifty billion dollars between the two of them over like ten years or so. The fact that she doesn't even have a good game to to defend it, that you can go up against Trump and say he's corrupt, while you're getting that much money from corporate interests like she. Never. And saw how offensive it was that Bernie Sanders doesn't do so. People go well at least he's not lining his pockets with that money Hillary's base using. I I line my pockets with that money, but I you still have my own opinions and the blind spot. It leads to the outrage of. It is something that I thought I'd that through me, but.
Ultimately, the main choices that she wanted to make a lot of issues are so much more in line with what I believe that Trump, that, although not a perfect candidate, you know Trump, is doing it. He's the he's trying to get this healthcare thing through and doesn't seem that concerned about the amount of people get kicked off. So I I I guess that there are certain things I sucked up about it. I did have a core thing that she's like a terrible person, but I think it's it's it's pretty high to get me to that place with people. I need a little bit more proof of that, but certainly she represents. Someone is dishonest, though, and that's a real problem. When you have the leader of this incredible country, an someone is clearly dishonest and it's been dishonest for a long time like when they talked her the emails every interview she gave about it. She would give varying responses a lot of more dishonest. Do a lot of it was not based on facts when she compared.
What she said. Comey said to her during the investigation versus what Comey was saying publicly they're totally different things I totally understand, and I think that there's a lot of politics- it's really bad and really dirty, and I I don't know enough. I need specific thing to have a you know, position on each thing that she said, but I do feel there are people who are playing the game with service in mind and maybe they're getting dirty or making mistakes with service in mind. And then there are people like true that I really don't understand. Why he's there and his general philosophy is let the smart, rich people get rich sure and something nice might happen for you that is so dishonest on a level that you can't compare to worry it's just so I mean he admits that he is a liar now, I'm fully with you on this, but I think that whenever people criticize Trump or whenever the people
talk about Hillary, rather the first one, the first things they do is say Trump is worse. They instead like talking about how weird that's weird such and non ideal candidate like she was such a terrible candidate. She didn't even gay marriage until two thousand and thirteen mean two thousand and thirteen publicly, stating that gay marriage should be. It should not be legal that a marriage marriage should be between a man and a woman. Clearly for only political reasons like she obviously had no issue with it at all, and I agree with you I feel like there is a part of politics where people you know like say, my position was evolve moving on that when no your position wasn't involving you just weren't fighting for what you actually believe Obama took awhile to make big moves on that right, but I still think at core people like that trying to figure out the system to help people- and I can't say I understand what Trump is in this for other than to
we considered the greatest winner of all time- yeah. I think that's probably exactly it. I don't think he really wanted to be president. I think he was doing it sort of boost his brand and along the way he lost. The television show right he's doing all that, build that wall and running you know them at the wall. Just got ten feet higher yeah an NBC was like you, man, we're cancelling your show and when they did that, I see He was like oh yeah. Well, I'm really going to be fucking president now and he kept going and going and going and then he want, I mean it seems. You mean, like the whole thing was started almost as a publicity campaign like uh something what if his people said that there was a woman in publicity for him who left she's, you person who left the campaign, for this reason, I forgot her name but was very public. This was on a it. Is she said it publicly that when it's, started. The plan was to come in second to help the brand to get some fame to make some statements,
but he believes with no belief that was possible that he would do better than second in the Publican primary and then the woman said, as it became clear that it a really good. Out of winning. She said- oh, I wasn't in it for this, and what I find fascinating to watch is Trump slowly getting comfortable with power, as as he thinks, he's figuring it out is interesting. Like us, I mean even the judge, Kutcher things kind, hilarious. You have this son in law. So now you have a blind spot that anyone in the world thinks it's weird, that you give your son in law, a real estate developer, so much power, and he doesn't care at all. 'cause doesn't trust anybody except like four people, so he's gotta, give them all the power, but he put some in charge of fixing everything wrong with the infrastructure of governments
understand how insane that appears, and also each task is impossible. This is my son he's going to fix government and the Middle EAST type of guy. That doesn't realize. Well, maybe there's one person for each of those jobs is that's where I just go. Oh he's full out crazy the because who would even do that their son in law may be his son in law. Is a pain in the ass is like this fucking kid thinks he could do things alright, I'll give you the worst job ever go fix. Government go fix the Middle EAST. I got it, I'm going to prove my worth to you, Sir and Ray Ban, and sun glasses in his preppy outfit I mean, if you don't it's become so comical. You know it's a fascinating, because it's both terrifying and comical like. If this was a movie, it's too broad and you wouldn't believe it you would just go too much. Is
happening in every scene too many crazy thoughts and what? I guess? I guess what I wonder. Maybe you have an opinion about this? There are people who say you know it is the destruction of truth when you just make these lies up all day, long, that you change the definition of truth or even people's ability to decide what they think is. The truth is that a full LAS fee that someone like Bannon is executing in the White House, or something that happens right, and and and is organic out of them? That's a real good question. I mean there's always the concept. Absolute power perhaps absolutely, and knowing that you're in some sort of a competition knowing that who are those people trying to knock you down and you're in this position the power and your shoring up your defenses and, I think, there's a lot of weird stuff that goes on whenever you're, the winning team and you really
you're being attacked at all angles by this other team, and then you've got this guy who's the head guys, a fucking maniac he's got fake hair. He with a spray tan on every day he's out there is his eyes are white. No one tells him his face is orange is saying insane shit. He contradicts himself all the time. He lies all the time about numbers he's always bragging about how well his ratings are and how show those do really well 'cause. Everybody knows he watch is the show it's crazy stuff that you just don't expect from someone who's in the position of president of the United States. I think. Almost all bets are off. At this point, that's the one thing that I find promising about this, that people are subset, but how fucked up this it is. This is that they're going to get Politice active and they're going to realize, like there's some real holes in this system, like the FBI like president shouldn't just be able to fire the head of the FBI. 'cause, you don't like the investigation,
the same and and and sessions recuse himself, but he can fire the guy investigating himself insane. It's all insane, but I I guess what my fear would be is that When it just swings back the other way like You swing left right, left right, but are any institutional print protections ever put in place because it just swings back it but like for instance, a that we don't I'm not an expert in health care, but let's assume it's just a shitstorm, right and in a year or two in the health care in every day, you're just hearing about hundreds of people who have cancer who can pay for their Madison? What happens in this country? Do people get mad at the Republicans? Did they vote them? out or to somehow not enough sick people, there's not enough sick people to make the, I think, there's so many issues, there's so many issues that, like we
Do you draw the line? Do you draw the line at them, taking the teeth out of the EPA, which is what they've done environmental protection agencies fuck, now I mean they're, removing the satellites to track global warming, they're they're, they're they're, stopping funding for all these different initiatives at all these different programs and all these different studies, they're trying to figure out what the is going on. The plans like that that that stop all that, what we really need is and RON and Exxon all these different companies. Big conglomerates, big corporation: we need to drill, we need to drill, we need to frack to go over, where you know Alaska and or in the Antarctic, get in that ground, pull that oil out and and it's it's that's that's scary, and they here the healthcare shit. Well, well, that's scary too, and then hear the russian ship. Well, that's fucking, scary, n, Korea! Oh that's scary! There's! So many different things to be scared about. I don't think people who don't have cancer. Don't Diseases are really considering all this healthcare stuff. I think it's one of those
things that happens once you have a health issue, then you realize how fucked the system is, and especially, if you don't have the money to take care of it. You like wow, like our medical system in this country is not it's not the best. We have the best doctors, we certainly the best surgeons and we have some pretty amazing, innovative medicine. But when it comes to like the the system itself right, we find out how much people have to pay when they go to the doctor and how about you? If you have insurance well, the insurance only covers so much. We still have to pay more sure about my my mom died of ovarian cancer and I just remember going through those bills and there's a lot of the experimental medicine that potentially could save her and you didn't know if insurance would say. This is the type of approach that they're willing to pay for and anything you needed to do you have to prove you needed it. Someone says you need a new cat scan and you had to that.
Here. You might have to go to war to say why you know and I that it doesn't line up for like you say you love the outdoors and you love hunting? Well, don't you love the environment right, and so why are you not really pissed or Trump going to build it and he's going to take a lot of people's land away to build the wall? Well, so that was the big issue for all these militia groups. Don't mess with our land, and so is always gonna. Do is going to take land away to build the wall, the only way to build the wall in a lot of spiral and a lot of private lands. I mean it's a it's a that's a jagged path two when you're building that wall and you have to you know you have to take away a lot of people's lands to to pull that off. So that's what scares me the most about America is a there's, an ill logic to people's opinions. I think there's too many variables. I think it's too many things that for people consider adding people work all day, and then they have hobbies
families and things they enjoy doing, and they don't have the time to really mean each one of those issues would require a full time job all day, long investigating it's abating it discussing it. Whether it's Flynn's ties of Russia or what session nose and how many times did he speak to the Russians or what is Jared Kushner? actually do in the Middle EAST like what is he doing in the overlap is each one of those is a full time job. What does he sing to Netanyahu alone in the room? How do they let him do that he looks like such a dork. Did you see the pictures of him with the bulletproof vest on overseas and he's hanging around with actual soldiers and he's sitting there with his ray bans on there's masking tape with his name, magic marker, and I don't know it's it's a comedy man to say as a creative person, who's going to The Wilbur when when he got them over when I get the Wilbur, this is called the show plug everybody, the Wilburn Boston, just added
late show for charity for the after school programs for Boston Arts July 24th. The will be one of my favorite theaters in the world and the best crowds. Amazing, it's incredible and it feels like you're in a club. There's a thousand people in there, but they're all insist in three tiers, and so it's very short. It's like three three hundred c comedy club jammed in there together, yeah, it's the perfect, lay out for comedy really yes and then I'll be in Providence, Rhode, Island, the Columbus Theatre July, twenty fifth and at the Richfield Playhouse in Richfield, Connecticut July, twenty third and I'm taking my special Montreal, the just for laughs, festival 'cause. They seem to be amused. Oh that's amazing place to do it at the festival, yeah festival. How many shows are going to do I'm doing five shows I'm taking four of them. That's a good move! I like that. I like, when you hear that I hate when I hear someone taping one No, no, I I could panic and ruin one show I could I could. Actually. I did to only two shows I could panic the first show and then go
Ok now I only have one show to get it and panic again, who you doing your special for? Netflix. Oh yeah, that's the way to go. It was my turn, nice and so- and I haven't done something like that, since basically the HBO young comedians special in nineteen, ninety two with Ray Romano, the guy who got fired so you could have your career, no didn't he got fired, so somebody else could take it and then that guy fired- and I want to kiss- I don't know who is the between guys on in the pilot- there was a guy in the pile that was not ray. Ray got shared in another guy took his spot and then that guy fired- and I took that guy spot well, Paul Sims is fish vicious get it done all right. I was around a little bit of in the the news radio days just as a friend of Paul's and Andy decks and that sure is a show that holds up in his really funny yeah. Well, I was just happy that there was a buffer between me and Regs. I love ray. I would not have wanted to be the guy that takes raise job. I think Ray is one of the first people to tell you he prob.
But he was not prepared as an actor at that exact moment was the wrong gig for him. You know, everybody loves Raymond, perfect gay, let him right for himself and let him figure it all out and become obsessed with it. He's such a good guy. To is the best ray. Romano is like one of the nicest people I've ever met and so good in our movie, the big sick, honestly, the dream part so funny so real, very I mean it's, the culmination of everything he's learned as an actor and Anna Anna a person. So I'm very cited about doing that TBS things doing like a drama for awhile yeah yeah man of a certain age, to do this at a press, dudes yeah, all that bunch of depressed dudes, Michael to the gel Habitat story and yeah he's he's so he's so good. He was on parenthood for awhile and I'm going to spend a little time with him because of this movie. That is funny that we were on the young comedian special in nineteen ninety that is amazing and now you're back at it
and now and now I'm back to do it. So can you do you've done stand of now for three years since yeah, since the two thousand four three years, straight and then like like how many years in we like. I think I've got a special here. They asked me to do it year ago- and I said okay- give me one more year. So that's very honest of you! Well, you know everybody so good I mean I was performing the other night in the original room and you were in the main room and I could hear the place rock and from the stage baby by crowd was too quiet that I could hear you. I can hear your last and you just you, know, talking loud and I didn't, and so I always think why people are so good right now. People people are masters at this and I I can't be mediocre at it. I mean I'm in the same businesses you and Maria Bamford and Louis C K and Hannibal,
and I have to be able to be proud of what I'm doing. Yeah Joey D as in bill bars there is, is a different time, so many murders out there right now. Yeah I mean I was watching Burr. I did a Largo show that he was on. I was just watching from the side of the stage and his his level of intensity is so you can wear it So professional and I notice it with you the other night too, that you could get yourself in that state where you care so and you're so passionate, and it requires so much energy and focus to get to that place to perform with that passion. It's just really impressive like for me. I can just get tired to start staring at my shoes. I don't get tired halfway through, like I just felt a wave of light like after you eat a big meal, and you just get tired like it is hit. You eight minutes well what I'm always trying to accomplish is trying to get out whatever I'm trying to talk about with the most power that I can like the most like. What's the best way to do, it is the best
to do it slow and calm, and let people soak in the idea or is the best way to do it to be intense and what is like the most entertaining way that I would be engaging this material. Figure whatever that is and fuck with it and move it around and bring it up and bring it down and that's one. Things were the stores such a great place to focus on that kind of stuff, because there's so many killers and The standards are so high that you have to really. You really have to be on point and it's packed every night you go to the comics. The main room would use it as be desolate like four years ago. It's sold out like it's Vegas every night. Every night I walk in there like I got some new jokes like can I do how many new jokes can I do when this is a big sold out excited which changed
ace of Comedy in LA now means calmly in LA is a different thing now, the last few years. It's also funny how a place like the comedy store. You know our friend Adam and he got who who looks at just one guy with good. Take based booking the club. Well, and suddenly everyone in town wants to run to that club again, both comedians and the audience, because Adam does such a good job and looking at opening up that back bar, where you gave us a place where the public can't go in the comics can go and hang out. That was giant where there is a place to chill and hang out people with, like you'd, be sitting there with RON white ALARM on in five see you boys and he'd, go out there and do a set, then deers would come back and all these different people are hanging out there like wow, like this place, is like something special like they. They made changes. They figured things out, they did things differently. I missed just hanging out with comics when I wasn't doing stand up. I was like I don't know. Why
anybody anymore. Like I literally don't know anybody, that's just the idea of being a part of that community, and it is a community of people that are really smart in so really really funny and I think it generally incredibly supportive community to each other? Yes yeah? Well, I think especially now there's so many opportunities. I don't think people feel like starved? I think there was a famine, mentality that was going on way back in the day when it was everybody competing for tonight, show spots and then every now and then someone on HBO Special and that was holy shit. There was not that many HBO specials, but other than that you had to do talk shows and you I do like a few minutes on a talk. Show or you know. Maybe you were like a Richard Jeni who thrived in that format, and you can do thirty tonight, show things and then fill up arenas because of that but for most people it was a scratch and claw environment and people were fighting, try to get a sitcom and fighting
try to get movie roles and all these there was not a lot. But now because of the internet because of you too, because of social media and then a netflix which was giant there's so much opportunity the comedians have also found on way more of an audience, there's way more audience out there, because people realize like oh look. Sarah Silverman has a new Netflix special Look, Jim free. Is a new Netflix special I'll look bill, Burr New Netflix Special and just going and going and going and going and going it's like it's almost unstoppable. I remember what, is there was nothing there was just like Robert Klein would have a special every couple years and then George Carlin, every couple of years they didn't give the hours to many people, and there were so many people that probably could have done a Netflix special back then sure I didn't have the audience. He never got the shot, and you know they just sort of stayed at a certain state in their career forever. Yeah. It's just this is an amazing amazing time for it yeah and it's good. I mean I watch people, I'm like God, damn that's people are fucking great
I mean I really like watch people watching Ray Romano, the other night. His act was just monstrous yeah. He was so strong. Have you seen the interests and Tino the store? Yeah find the rate on that Joe I'm down up here. Yeah, I mean so good at it. So it's exciting. I can't think about it too much because sometimes I think there's so many people. Why do it but I'm trying to make it very much about the audience and me and that you know, because I make movies and do tv that my stand up career really is just about getting to hang out with everybody and my relationship with that particular crowd. That night, like I, don't need it to pay the rent, so I could do it from a very pure place. 'cause, it's just about these interact tions, that's great, you know, and so, and it frees me up to not be nervous and then I could be a little more daring because it's not going to get it sync, be it if anything goes wrong. Do you think
enhances. Your ability to make movies is in the hands your purse, probably our yeah. It's a funny. I think that when you don't talk directly to the crowd you get stale as to what people are thinking about. You know I can tell I don't know, does when I bring up certain topics, just what people's concerns are, and it happens unconsciously, oh, this is what people find funny these days. This is what people are free out about. This is that people are happy about and when you don't do it you're just alone in a room with your editor yeah, I just sit in it with you sit with one dude for for two years and I think connecting to some. You know whatever you you're the creative any of the universe, because you're in spaces with a lot of people with a lot of other creative people and for hooking into creativity on some level, I've always wondered how comedy writers don't do stand up, can do it. I've always do
like how do they know it's funny like how do they know? What's there guessing? Well, it's weird to write jokes, make him! and then two years later find out if their funding that Sarah That's why people say. Oh, why do you have so much improved because I don't wanna be in editing room put into joke? I wrote realize it sucks and then go do we have any other jokes and the editor says no, oh, so I always want like I with any scene. I was go. Well! That's where the joke supposed to be here's, my favorite, let's get eight more and lo and then we'll move on. I never think like when there's people like the Coen brothers and it's verb- eight, if you can't yeah comma, when they shoot it, is that what it is with them. It's like a play, and I respect it, but I do not have the courage to assume when I hit editing that I'm such a genius that I will not fucked up any of this. In the writing. They have a weird kind of comedy, though their comedy is so quirky and fascinating. Like an I guess, may
It's just that that purity of vision that they have entered sticking to that script and a lot of people do I mean the no we'll bomb back. Does that new? You can change any of it, but I always think I don't know if, if an actors on the set rear models on the set of the big second he's talking about his feelings- and he has this I if I go, you know you know Michael Showalter movie and do another one. Let's just let me change this, but tell me hit the same idea right half the time he beats the joke. Yeah yeah, if you the right cast well, that was what Sims did on news. Radio. He led everybody just come up with better lines. It was a big part of, why the show work so well? It's like we all felt really invested in the creative process.
And that's so rare and that's a member was chanting, would do that it and like senator they would rehearse for several days and in that rehearsal people are allowed to screw around any something good came up. Gerry would would write it down and Hartman was the funniest Phil. Hartman really was you know when you released make a list of the funniest people All time he's just so high up on that list. It was a remarkable thing. I would go to tapings of that show an SNL tapings and at one point I was talking about writing in HBO special with him, and I don't know, there's ever been anyone more talented in more ways than him. Now he was brilliant. He he really was incredibly sampling too, when I was on the set with them. He was becoming a pilot, and so he was in the middle of scenes. He would be reading flight books and reading book. An aviation and and writing notes and taking notes his he was so organized like his scripts. He would put them all in a
under he would take the script immediately. You put three punch put in the binder and he would have tabs for each of his scenes in each tab had a different call. This is seen once in two and they would have everything set up like that and have these lines highlighted and he would practice them and have them down to like a razor, sharp yeah. It was amazing he was a really really really interesting guy, very unique. I don't think I've ever met anybody like him, because he also came out of the he was a designer graphic artist, yeah did album covers and stuff and- and he said that he Saturday night live because he went in for the audition and he was retiring because his career hadn't worked out the way you wanted it too. And then someone said you want to go in for SNL and he was so ready to be done that he had an amazing audition 'cause. He assumed he wouldn't get it. And basically-
as I fuck this business, and then that's the moment when he was in his purest finding itself and just got it interesting guy man he was blackmailed. While we were the show and while we're on the show he and his wife. Actually, it went to a strip club and this was like ninety seven Nine thousand seven hundred and ninety eight somewhere around there. So this some asshole at a Strip club got a video camera brought in a video camera and filmed like a fucking video camera back then like was largely it and he filmed Phil and his wife at a Strip cup laughing just having a couple of drinks, and I think Phil got a lab dance and his wife got a lap dance and then he left- and he this guy, put a copy of this video tape in an envelope and nailed it to Phil's garage door.
With a note saying, I think Letterman's thing it was scary yeah, but it was different because Letterman thing was someone he knew and this was not, I knew, and this is the guy who found out where Phil live and said, I'm going to get this to all of the advertisers that you know you do commercials with and all the people who do films with and I'm going to ruin your career. Unless you give me money, call me at this number of fucking number, so Phil calls the guy records the thing and we did it in the room with and he goes. I'm gonna call him right. Now, I'm going to call the guy now and we shut. He goes hey buddy. What's going out, listen, I uh stand what you're saying, but you gotta realize like I don't have it. Much money, as you think I do, and I mean this is, and I don't want the tape get now, but I mean you taking it out like it's a bigger deal than it is, and the guy was like look, I'm I'm telling new and this that and the guys like, look I'm willing to work with you. Let's just
come to a reasonable, reasonable number, so that comes as reasonable number in this whole time. What he's doing is he's recording this and he gets it to this private investigator guy, and then this means the private investigator thinking is going to meet Phil and get paid, and it's probably best to get our guide scares. The out of that threatens his life and you know, takes his wallet from takes photos of his. You know his address and you know it. You need basically says don't ever contact him again or your life will radically change in a horrible way and the guy disappeared what it was weird to be in the room with a month to close the door closed on the column like weapons hands. I sounds like an Anthony Pellicano's. Exactly we're talking about yeah. That's exactly we're talking about! That's a that's a read out of and yeah three Donovan. It was weird. It was weird to be there for that to see like it is all
so. The c like that someone would like try to weasel in on the film was just such a nice guy. He just he knew this, do that was like a carpenter. The guy did some work with them to call them out this whole columns, horrible sob story. You know we're going to lose our house and this and that- and I just you know Just- could you give me a little bit of a loan and okay so filled this is my twenty five thousand dollars just gives this guy and then the guy calls him three months later and he asked for another thirty and it feels like what the fuck man you know like he, is almost too nice. That's about how it usually goes with that it is never lend someone money and then they go. You know what you solved all my problems and now I'm fine and here's some money did you ever send anybody money? Oh yeah, did anybody payback back. I used to tell the story just 'cause, it's funny my friend Dave graph who manage is PETE Holmes at some point was like transitioning and starting
the management company and asked me for some money not much, but the only guy who never paid me back and quickly, yeah and makes sense and with an and it is a great man and is producing my Netflix special hi. Will that work, but the only guide to ever do it. He said he was gonna, do yeah, it's always it's people that have dude once this happens, and this is going to happen. I'm going to be making this amount of money and don't worry about it. It's all going to come, but I just need a little right now. It never happened. Somebody said to say can people ask for money. They are who they resent you, and so, even if you give people money
mad that they had to ask and they kind of hate you, because you you that ask you who that's interesting, which which I I, which is certainly what you feel, what is also the people that think that the way to make it is to get somebody else to get you through. Like you gotta you gotta call on favors, you gotta, you gotta, have connections. Gonna will get your way through that way that that's the way to do it. Somebody gave you a break man. You give me a break. Somebody gave you a break exist. That mentality is so wrong. Oh yeah, I mean what the ip out of in my career, is they really was? I had no ins at all. You know I just you know my parents got divorced, they were both bankrupt. I started interviewing comedians from high school radio station. At some point I got Jamie Masada from the Laugh factory who owns the laugh at He had a magazine in the 80s and he printed an interview I did with David Brenner
and I think I did another one with Henny Youngman. Then, when I moved here Eighty five but I didn't know anybody and the person who really hooked me up. With Sammy Shore wow Sammy sure started the comedy store. Then he got divorced and Mitzi took it over and made it the great place it is. He started a comedy room in Marina Del Rey called SAM is by the shore in the back of a fish restaurant and he let me book it and in return I was allowed to go on, and maybe I got forty bucks a week and that's how I got stage time for the first year, but I don't know what I was doing. I would book that club, which also gave me an excuse to call all the comics. So I admired and it it's funny like there's those people a key moment, the door for you, but it's not because you knew them it's just because her with like to put in all the work, some
right right. That's interesting man Sammy's by the shore. I never heard about that one to remember the valley. Improv they had one in the Hilton in Sherman. Oaks No, I wasn't around for that and then what year was that is like late 80s? I wasn't until ninety four, oh yeah, the 80s in this guy Joe drew just the manager. Young guy I don't know where he is should come and wait around if someone doesn't show up I'll put you up, and I was like nineteen years old and I would wait there all night every night thrilled to talk to everyone cuz. That's it right once and they moved to town and David Spade and and Schneider, and that's when I first met everybody and that guy would put me on and eat and that's a funny thing about a career, it's two or three
who change everything for you. This is a woman, Mary parents who is one of the has a universal, and I was I sold to the four year old virgin and she said, judge the second you hand in the school I'm going to green light it. I so believe in this idea and the Un Steve and I literally faxed her. Like page, is ninety two thousand one hundred and eight, and then she called and said: ok start prepping facts, yeah faxed it I'm not crazy. Now, Joe here's, my question for you: let's talk my workout. Second, let's talk my omega brain alpha brain now, Holmes turn me on to the alpha brain and oddly, it's completely
a hundred percent and and it's all based on science, I mean we have double blind, placebo, yelled studies, it's not something we invented in terms of like the the actual nutrients and their their response to human neurotransmitters. It's all been documented people's known about Nutro picks for a long time now I always feel like. I am the perfect test. Case for a product like that, because most days I go in a room with eleven writers in the morning. I'm tired and it foggy as you can be. I do not drink coffee, so I don't drink coffee at all. I just don't like it. So I just the only coffee I like his ice, blended, mocha switches, all sugar, so I avoided when I started. Taking that I would completely
wake up and be sharp without, like some weird caffeine was or sick from it or whatever, and I would see it everyday. Like wow, I was funny as hell last three half hours and I did not start in that place. So I'm fascinated by your general program like what you're doing all day with all this stuff like what's what's the current Joe program? Well, always doing something. You know and in terms of like die, you mean, or in terms of like the workout diet. What's the meditation? What's the main tenants of your day? Well, my workout schedule every Sunday I schedule everything that I'm going to do during the week, and I say I have to do yoga two times this week have to lift weights three times this week. I have to run twice this week and howl where I fit that in I felt it in, but I over those things, so I have to get those things in the
exceptions or injuries and sickness. So that's the schedule and then on top of that, there's other things that I enjoy doing. Kickboxing jujitsu work, those in when I can then in diet. The diet is pretty strict in terms of like no bread. Very few carbs, no sugar, no bullshit like healthy food, a lot of vegetables lotta me game meat, mostly wild game, and I take vitamin supplements every day I take multi vitamins, I take probiotics. I take vitamin b12 and d and a lot of different things. I just do every the thing that I can to put my body and my brain in a good place so that I'm I'm keeping my engine do them changing my oil change. My spark plugs, I'm making sure that it's operating. It means going to be perfect, but I know that I've done my best to keep it working the best that it can who's the person that advises you on
nutrition. Is there a guy? No Bhutto taught you how to do it. How do you do it while there's a ton of people that I've used as a resource there's a woman that I have on the podcast on a regular basis. Her name is doctor, Rhonda, Patrick and she's, probably the best resource. I sent her something the other day on some new some new study on Sacha did fats like whenever there's some sort of an issue. There's a new study on cryotherapy or saunas like the Saunders, are incredibly effective. I don't know if you ever just gonna so lately which a uv rays or what is it? What is it called? Not alter violent infrared they've already, I said I just got one of those so one is a giant. You know the raising of the body temperature like that and heat shock, proteins. Incredibly beneficial to your body. There was a study that, when they put out recently that showed a forty percent decrease in mortality from all causes do to people who take regular sonnet like it just literally keeps your body
healthier yeah wow. Having that massive exposure to heat and your body producing these heat shock proteins, it just reduces inflammation it. Just it helps in so many different areas where people and just sit down in the hot room, it's really good for your body. Regular, is how many times a week. For sauna. I think they were saying four times a week, but I mean how Why does a man just force yourself to sit in it? I mean, if you have it at home, in particular, at your gym. Just go there and sit in that fucker for fifteen minutes doesn't take long. I mean I think, at all this written out how 'bout I do everything you have. We make that a special it's. The Judd. Does Joes programs geared up yeah. You have to go to bulk up well, I may have already built up. I mean build up like joints and all that stuff is going to get used to that kind of a pounding yeah there's a lot lot of shit is going to happen. If you want to do everything I do so, I can't just do twelve pounds out of free.
You just you don't want. I mean it's not even you don't I want to do everything I do like. I have a friend of runs ultramarathons and I just started running recently within the last couple of months, I'm not running a fucking Ultraman, I'm not doing everything he hey I'll. Do everything you do. I would break it would break my feet. My knees, yeah! You got to just build up the end of time too. Yes There's something about you know when you run tv shows it's all freaking day everyday. So people say when you work out. I'm like there's no time yet going to wake up at five hundred in the morning and put in two one slash two hours. I drive my kids to school at seven hundred and forty, the one thing you don't need two one slash two hours yeah you can get it great workout in forty minutes and that's all you need for the whole day, one hundred percent, you really can't specially. If you run, I run hills and I can get it done in one slash two an hour like off. King brutal work out a two mile, brutal hill, climbing work out in a half hour, I'm exhausted, yeah. You know this idea of time like how much time did you put in today. You could work out
in a bullshit manner for two hours and not get nearly as much done as you can for one slash two hour hard, just running interval, training, yeah, yeah, sprints and then relax then sprints again, but I just think being at given doing something on a daily basis, forcing your body to get used to the fact that it's going to constantly being be working, the honestly being under stress- and it just gives you more energy. It's like you have more of a gas tank. You have more enthusiasm for things. That's the scary part about Trump, his theory on exercises. You only have so much enerji per day, any things that exercise uses it up yeah, and so he you never exercise yeah, that's gotta come back out of it, someplace not fucking. Seventy I mean how is it come back out of my? but he also I mean he's not mitigating it stress. That's part of it is your perspective enhancing. For me, the most important thing
about only maybe they're, not the most important thing. One of the best things about exercise is that it gives me a perspective, no better, a more enhanced perspective. 'cause, I'm not I'm not coming at it from a stressful body, like my body, is not tents, so I can come out things in a calm way of drained all the bullshit out of my body or sting yeah at the end, are you doing meditation or what are you doing in that way? I have a sensory depravation tank, so do most of my meditation and that the two are old men yeah I climb in that float yeah. I love that that's one of my favorite things you ever do it. No, I can log fashion. You must especially for you, because you're working on things all the time
if you go in there with an idea like I'll go in there with a bit like, I got this bit that I'm working on right now. That's is kind of complicated in a sometimes just be sitting there staring at the walls. Thinking about this one bit, because I'm trying to figure out how to how to structure it, it's super complicated bit and I'll go in that tank. You know just sit there for an hour I'll, just try to work out this bit, try to figure out of their other angles to it is on the ways to combat it. Doing a confusing thing is when I have an idea in the tank and it seems like I got it. I got to get out of the tank and I got to write things down. Then you need a special pad. I think I need a voice activated recorder. I think that's a good idea. Yeah. I think that's what I need where I can just talk: yeah. Okay, so I need the tank. You know I have the spa, you have a spot, I need a hill to run on. Hills are good. I got I need more of my on it products. Do you lift weights? No I I did I, need to do a little bit of something just to keep your body strong. It's like, as you get older, your body atrophy's
and there's just no way around it, especially if you're not using it. Yeah. The only way to keep it from at ravine is to make sure that you put it under stress. You have to lift weights. It keeps your bone density, keeps your tendon strength, your muscle, strength, there's no other way. You know otherwise, he's get injuries to get back in the reason, arm, injuries and should just starts falling apart on you see, I've had no injuries due to not doing anything. That's how I've been protecting my my my body, but yes, I do know that. That's the thing to do. I I always heard about Clint Eastwood. Doing that and I met Clooney soon is like eighty. I know he's like he'd lift heavy weights such as things like heavy weights, and he was a car truck at eighty yeah, and so, but I don't like lifting things I don't even like counting, would really like catching hire a trainer get some. Devise. A program have them come to you work, you out, you don't do shit. You just show up, you know like you could do it in your
house, they show up at six hundred am or whatever it is and like come on Judd. I got you for the next forty five minutes like all right here we go and just enough when you hate that stuff really is tough. When you haven't build your brain to love it, but I've been playing a lot of tennis lately as a way to wake wake up, and but I do know that I need to do it. But man when you're, like of the mindset that when the trainer comes, you want to punch him in the face, It's a it's a tough thing and a lot of it is being a writer. Your day becomes about waking up and engaging your brain all day, and so you just like look at, writers and eat chinese food and you're kicking stuff around, and it's like helping the wrong muscle, your whole life, or at least not only one. Muscle- and I know that I have to transition into that, but it is Is it a fun word official to your writing, though it is at one hundred. Is I write better after I do anything
and what I do is I walk really fast around my neighborhood in circles, for, like forty five minutes every day say that you should do that after you right, they say when you write. One of the things you should do is go over what you wrote by going around a walk, be it's not enough, where you're so worn out you're occupied by the like it's not like you're running for your Austin you're occupied by the activity 'cause. I feel like when I'm running hard, especially when I do my hill sprints, I'm not thinking about shit other than left, but right, foot left foot right, foot don't fall down, keep going we're almost at the hill. Almost at the top keep going keep going. Keep I don't think about anything else, but when I walk, I can think about all kinds of shit walk my dog around the neighborhood a lot of times after the right just take him,
go for a walk and that's like a walking meditation down yeah, because I'm I'm trying to read a lot of like you guys talk about. Sometimes I heard you talking about with Russell brand. Just you know quantum physics and trying to figure out how to quiet my brain and to tune in to what is left to do tonight be crazy, and so that is exercise what is left to do to not be crazies actually, because I just like a pot, I'm such a pop psychology, junkie yeah. I read that stuff all day long, but lately I've been reading a little more like that,
Joe dispenser that his name Jody spends on it. But it's you know it's just it's! It's a cook quantum physics theory that, basically you get into a a pattern of how you feel, and it's in your self, if you're depressed person like yourselves or depressed, if you get in a good mood, yourselves try to get you back to depression, because you've conditioned yourself to be in a certain mood all the time physically and it affects your whole body and that you, you can make a choice to change how you are physically by be in a certain mood and meditating about a certain mood and that you could change how your body reacts. Physically, so it doesn't want to keep you in the same mental state you're used to being in that make any sense it does sort of. I guess I've always real cautious about what what causes depression and what makes people depressed and what I don't I don't suffer from
depression so like whenever someone says you're depressed because of this I'm always like. Ok, I don't know how to trust that, because I don't know what I know, there's certain people that do have absolute chemical imbalances. But what is that chemical imbalance come from? Does it come from childhood trauma? Does it come from just some sort of a PA order body? That's not functioning correctly got bad thyroid or a bad kidney. Is the brain like very similar. Is that their case or are they can a bad economic situation in a bad relationship with bad friends in a bad job. Is that what's causing depression like, I think, there's a host of variables, so it's you get in the pattern. You don't know you don't know why. I mean you're fat family. Do your parents? Did they stay together, yeah, so my step mom my my stepdad rather and my mom have been together since seven yeah, so you had the the stable yes yeah. I think that's why I, who is? He gets ninety percent of it. When you grow up in chaos, I think you get wired for certain hyper v
nervousness anxiety. You think more bad and coming yeah. So if you had any kind of trauma as a kid, I think you're wired to keep eyes open little wider, which also lends itself to some kind of depression. It could most certainly me that hyper vigilance, let itself to martial arts yeah, and then this also we moved around a lot, so is picked on a lot. So it's like. I was always the new kid alert cow, this song yeah, and also that that sort of led me to be wary of others and, just you know, be internalize a lot of stuff zero. I do that. That's what I did. I just want my room to watch the MIKE Douglas show to watch Merv Griffin. Did you know you knew so that from the time you were seventeen you're working at EAST side, comedy club, you kind of knew. You always wanted to be involved in common from the time I was TED. I was into the Marx brothers. First then like Cosby and George Carlin and likes to listen to
Bruce records as a kid. I understand that, but I just heard that it's the the best person- and I always will I think, I'd like that comedians is called out. Bullshit. I'm it felt like. There was a lot of bullshit around me, because I liked it called yeah. I like that. There's like George Carlin, was like no. This makes no fucking sense, and so I love those people and the lighter stuff too, like just silly comedians who just pointed out the ridiculousness of thing. So I left Seinfeld when I was a kid and Leno, but especially Carl, and I think when I was little yeah well, Groucho Marx is be underrated and to this day like remember, we use hosting that show. You bet your life absolutely so funny and so dirty and weird the way he looked at people like and even like when you watch a movie like duck soup, the Marx Brothers Movie, it's all about the ridiculousness of government and
It's something drew me to those people I think was also that was bad at sports, and so I thought this system is unfair. Like so I'm a dick because I can't play softball, So let me to like look for something else, but back then- What else likes comedy? There wasn't another person to talk to about it. Now everyone likes it, but back then there was no one was watching Berg but me really when I was little, I mean it when I was fifteen, I didn't like come to school and we would laugh about Jeff Altman on Merv Griffin, a I was just alone with it. Why? Now? yeah. I became a fan of us stand up watching stand up on tv like watching, like the tonight show an evening at the improv and stuff like that yeah, but really the big one. The run that really kicked in for me was my parents took me to see live on the sunset strip. Oh wow, and I was a teenager young teenager. And I remember being in the audience, while Richard Pryor
on stage slaying and people were laughing so hard and I was laughing so hard. I looked around I'll, never forget this moment. 'cause I looked around at the crowd while the movie was going on and all these people were like falling out of their chairs stuff for their knee hold their chests, and I was like this guys just talking he's just talking in these this funny. This is incredible. I made this is an amazing thing. This guy can do. I got never seen real stand up before I'd. Only seen like you know, like someone on the Johnny Carson Show, do a couple minutes and tell a few jokes. That in my mind, was what stand up was. It was until then, I'd listen to some of the old bill, Cosby stuff and some of the old Carlin stuff on records, but I've never seen it like seeing the movie live on the sunset strip and that planted didn't plant a seed like I can do it, but it did Planicie
like holy. This is possible, yeah hi. This is crazy. This is possible, it's still the best special it's one of the best ever without a doubt. He still he holds up in a in a very, very unique way where a lot of comedy from that error, just including Lenny Bruce, doesn't really hold up like it's, because it's con textual like, if you were there in that time, it was groundbreaking, but that's not groundbreaking anymore, 'cause, the cul, features moved on so far and a lot of that could be attributed to his insight. Lenny Bruce is insight, change the way, a lot of people thought and discussed a lot of like really important issues at that time, but there something about priors his honesty and is his delivery. In this point of view, that's like to this day. I cannot. He was good. I I there was a record they put out a few years ago, where they didn't tell you what album it was, but was just bits, and I think, maybe a lot of bits that
recorded when he recorded an album that didn't make the out like it was just it was. It was a in eras like seventies, eighties, nineties, and when you listen this stuff from the seventies, it's so militants yeah, it's so mills in, and it all works perfectly today, like what he's mad about yeah all applies to right now and then, when he goes honest about himself and relationships, you do feel it like all. There's not many people opening up like this right. Thank you. They did not a compatible person is not a committee so talk about their lives, but he's really he's rip. It opened the veins much deeper than anybody. Even now sure he was talking about horrific addiction issues that he had back. Then I mean addiction issues that caused him to light himself on fire. I mean when he was talking about that back then, who the hell it done that you member he would do that thing. Where would light a match
and move it around with like, with whom I am Richard, Pryor running down the street and joke around about lighting himself on fire and and how the whole audience laugh. It's like wow, it's crazy. There was a some via some bits where you talk about having multiple sclerosis and near the end of his life, and he was still doing the comedy store and on audio. They were right to sleep funny, brutally honest bets about your what it felt like to be that sick and I don't think it ever was on an album before when he just doing that when he was coming back to the comic store when he was really sick before he died. I was the guy went on after him every night, every night for like five weeks every time We do so bomb so many times going on after Richard Pryor it was death and how was he terrible
he was old and he was sick and he was drunk and he was on pills and he probably shouldn't have been there, but he just wanted to do it. It wasn't good and like it wasn't wasn't Richard Pryor. It was like they had it. First of all, you was really unhealthy, so they had to crank the Microph. On a bike? This could. Even here- and you know, you, like always love pussy like it wasn't. There was nothing there yeah. He was just kind of talking and ranting and he you know it be on stage with a drink and people didn't know how to respond, and they would give him this amazing round of applause when he got on stage and took forever for them to get him to the stage, because chewy who work the door and this guy Dave would carry Richard Pryor to the stage and slowly just move him towards a stage and all the time that people would be clapping
and then they would sit him down and then they would put the microphone in place to crank that thing up to ten, and then he would do is stand up, but it was it was he people almost like paying all much on. Much paying homage. They were there. They were there to see the great one you know when he was there and he still alive was like wow we're. Seeing like the greatest stand up. Comedian of all time is right, there wow You know it was more of that that it was like him doing really. Well, it was never like a good set. I never saw him kill and then you would come out. I was eat Dick just go up there and just eat plates of shit he was so depressed, is away on what was your attempt to pull out of it I would go on stage and I would say- and now, ladies and gentlemen, an unknown white guy aft the greatest comedian of all time this douche
look in a town in looking kid. I would just make fun of myself for a few minutes, and you know and then sometimes I talk about how Richard Pryor is like. You know huge because I would take a long time for him to get off the stage to so that was the other thing like I'll get introduced by Jeff was a piano man and I would pass Richard and Dave and Chewy as they were, carrying Richard off like you to kind of move around them and then get onto the stage and then you'd have to say let Richard Pryor in gentlemen. Sometimes ppc peoples eyes are like fuck like what did we just see this sort of facing their own mortality? Yeah, absolutely yeah, and you know Richard. They would like to remember like the he wasn't supposed to drink, but he drank anyway because they had a while this medication to look far to skip drink, and I was we
news. It was dark. I remember meeting him at a birthday party. I went to Jim Characters Birthday Party in at a it was. It was sad I mean it was. It was sad to see was some body that ill and then, especially when you think of just the power of the guy, just how crazy funny he was 'cause, there's not that many people just did the core funny they I remember when Robin Williams, we used to come in at the improv in the late eighties and he would kill so hard. There was just no way to recover the just the room couldn't recover. Yeah it just there's, not that maybe we can do that now. I feel like people could follow each other now you know Louis comes in and you go on after him and you know like he kills, but like Robin Williams would come in like you wanted to end the show Brad. Well, there was only one of him, then you know, and now is like Louis, but then there's burr, then there's ds and then there's a lot of guys. Now quinoa, Norisha fear in this like there's so many funny. People now
or maybe the audience understands in a different way and can transition we're used to comedy, and then I go now this guy, where the old days you'd come on on, and you know they couldn't go and all that we're about to enjoy this. This Pope reef people right. Well, you still see people bomb after someone who kills still at this still happens all the time, but I think that maybe I was more I think what you're getting at the store now- and this is what's been really interesting- lately is you're getting a lot of comedy tourism like a lot of people fly over from Europe. To come to the store a lot a lot, but it's worth it. Those lineups are crazy. Some night oh yeah, I'll, look at the lineup and go to this audience understand how insane this is. Yeah yeah and there's three shows going on simultaneously the belly room, the original room in the main room- and
you know a lot of guys do hat tricks- will do all three rooms. In one night the sellers like that the comedy cellar, New York there's three rooms and you go in some nights and it's like yeah chappells come in rock just left, and I really tonight yeah Schumer's here is only a few. Those places I had to follow a dice clay and Ray Romano had the seller wants. It was like the cleanest guy in the dirty. It's good that he do. You know why the worst sets after ever do is to but could not follow. Martin Lawrence Martin Lawrence in the nineties sure I remember Chris Rock says that Martin Lawrence is opening up for him in the nineties Vita before you did his big specials and he was downstairs in the dressing many could feel the theater rocking and he went on stage and he said he had had some shows where he couldn't following the way he wanted to, and I could made him work hard and then develop those great specials right because having Martin open for him, scared him
yeah. Well, he also said that he did too many crowds in front of white people too. Many show those in front of white crowds and there were just two happy and two accepting and Martin Lawrence or just bring the thunder dude. He was go strong before he, the wet suit on and ran around with a gun in the middle of the city in the in the heat like what whatever fuse he blew, but before that that fucking guy would go on stage with a leather jumpsuit on and just destroy. I mean destroying a level that people don't appreciate. Today, people forgot about him everything Gary Owen. Yes, I was it out it's going to set. I was playing Bonnaroo and I wanted to go on the night before to warm up and I went to zanies in Nashville and he's there, and I hadn't seen it before and I did a set and it was ok. It wasn't very good. It was just fine and then he gets on.
I've never heard louder laughs. I've never heard louder. Less me, my manager, Jimmy Miller, sat in the back of the room and we like what is happening. We start really paying attention going. How funny is this guy, like like listen into the material? Is this good material or is he pandering or what is it then were like wait, a second his materials incredible like he is awesome and it was the biggest labs, ever heard he had a sustained like killing the crowd. You know where the rocking and movies up and what kind of there's a lot of black shows yeah yeah and he went a full twenty twenty five minutes at ten before he slowed it down and had to slow down a using kill it. These people and I swear. I thought I don't know if I'm in the same business is this guy like? Is this what we're supposed to do when you jump back into you thought that three years ago, you're just going to have some fun and go and do
When was it that you realize like? I am a comic now I got a kind of like really aspire to a high standard like I have to. Really tighten everything up. I think uh. You know I would watch in Lewis work on his new set very seriously at the comedy, cellar and he'd say yeah. I got nothing. I got now did. I can go on stage and just crush, and then I played Carnegie Hall and had a good set for the New York Comedy Festival and then it's a surprise. I brought Sandler out to do a surprise set after me, and I thought I did great and then, when he came out, the laughter went up to percent where I felt it like I'm like at a seven and he's at a nine and a half like it was a difference in the sound changed right either. There's a whole nother step here. Now that I need to kick into gear, I always what the material to be good, but that the the is it a way to call
brush. That's hard to do to get that momentum and have the ideas, and obviously Chris Rock, is one of the best of everybody added 'cause. He has so many great ideas but understands how to get the room rock and really hard to Kaden it's in the Payson to find what what is in your cadence, that does it that doesn't become a Bno those louder. You know just talking fast like how find an original way to create that energy in a I think the only way is constant repetition. You have to be on stage all the time and you really always be trying to improve it, and you have to always be listening to recordings, and you have to have you gotta, listen to back in sets two and sets go bad. You gotta go. Why did they go back? Let's listen! This fucking hear myself in mumble, like they didn't even hear what I said. Yeah
example, when I get outta here, I gotta go pick up a child going to do my end of the show plug children. I got the big sick, get a website dude, square space. I'm gonna do that. Make your own web so you're saying there's a place called square space that has websites. I've heard a make it. You can make your own website the Wilbur on the 24th in Boston July, twelve, over 23Rd Ridgefield Playhouse in Connecticut and the 25th looking at Columbus theater Providence RI cancel all Connecticut gigs wise that I always do, which is for that. Don't work in Connecticut, I'm not kidding it's not a real state. Ok, I'm going to Hwy going to figure that out to Hwy between Boston in New York, I'm going to let you know that you don't do it, but as of now talk later after that, you like, oh my god, you are so right that Connecticut GIG was horrible. I need Connecticut. People just show me he's wrong. All these Connecticut people are mad at me. Now I get emails from it, bro how 'bout Layoff Fucking Connecticut, how 'bout drive to Boston, drive to New York and recognize the fuck you doing.
But Apatow. Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for having me thanks for being here. Man, that's it for the week goodnight! Ladies and gentlemen, ladies and gentlemen, good times right so fun week got more common to next week. I got a lot of fun shit happening. Oh yeah, I'm very excited, first of all, to start the tour this week That's! That's super exciting! The next week I've got Sargon of our card the card and is it at the card the end of personality? No, if you once he tells real name, that's gonna be weird right, very, very smart guy, Lee is going to be here, former UFC Heavyweight Champion the youngest ever USC. Have you have you a champion? Josh Barnett will be here lots of good stuff on the net. This weekend, I am at the ice House in Pasadena,
a real like actual headline show, Friday and Saturday, the 30th of June and the first of July. What I mean is like unlike a lot of sets, I do in town like say if I do the comedy store in town most at time, I'm doing only fifteen minutes sets but I'll be over an hour every set so two shows Friday July. Thirty orgy 30th rather and two shows Saturday July first and then I'm all over the fucking place, I'm going hard bitches boo. Thank you ready for tuning into the podcast thanks to Caveman coffee for fueling us through this Extravaganza Caveman Coffee Co. Dot com use the code word. Rogan you'll save ten percent off of any of their awesome coffee and it is quite delicious Thank you to Legalzoom, take care of all your legal shit online and don't go anywhere. Legalzoom in dot com today go there
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great old time. I hope you are as well and take care talk to you soon. Bye
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