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2017-07-13 | 🔗
Ben O'Brien is the hunting marketing manager at YETI Coolers, he was also the executive editor for Petersen's Hunting.
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is back on true tv and the second season of the hit informational, comedy Adam ruins everything and it returns to ruin your life with knowledge topics that Adam takes on in this season include having a baby losing weight, fine art college in hospitals, Adam ruins everything all new Tuesdays, untrue tv and their available on demand at true tv dot com or at the show you folks, My guess. Today's, my good pow Ben O, Brien, Hugh you I have known him from my podcast in Paradise, which is a package that we filmed when I was with a bunch, buddies hunting on the night He is a great do. These a very interesting guys been all over the fuckin place and we had a wonderful time talking and I hope you enjoy it, give it up Ben o Brien.
The job will gain experience. One oh and would lie, ladies and gentlemen, with the creator you the creator of this. No, I bring you own brain year, not a thing in the areas of far right, brain rubberin cheer. Sir! Thank you, sir. The clink, the famous aging rambler clink, great invention, how'd, you guys would you guys are hammered and throwing anything in there same way You haven't been properly introduced. Friend, banal Brian, is here and he's the one he was in the pot gas from Paradise, wherein Lanai one of my old time. Favorites I mean the island or the while some of them very but people drink in those cat. Ladys now or drinking those tat Ladys now, which is not to be asked what the FUCK Dudley making. That was what- the cure and he poured tequila a
red ball into a glass of red wine. We're lookin like what is course. I do wrong man time, just a poke fun, sometimes just a poke fun. It everybody, but I've had probably does people like man, I tried to get laid last night, the urges drinking adjusted, say they drank it and which is just don't do it. People dont do it, but rye brain is actually pretty good idea that we are ever some meets and trigger some bows involved and stuff just get put together and I've had these before these acts. It is good, but does like no benefit that you get from our levering. There's makes it, which was all science we put in our brain. All the nonsense from whisk out the window frames window boil in its, but at least made zero. Leaps forward, but were good We are, I think, maybe my balances out, though I realize keeps
getting too stupid, which adds that's sounding achievement of an issue with which what is this was. We at her societal change out there gave us at the college stores called angels envy. That sounds like I think, like angels, are really envious of whisky, though, may your hand. I was God you can fly goodwill to rescue me why violence door. What angel and don't have money may this out wings on the back memories kind of Red Boulogne, those are the wings on the back of a strip. Further crises in the world. Angel and envy your both names is worse than I've. That's true, never you'd, never seen that are really good. Point the other wings on the back is always a weird move right. So if your list, if you drinking whisky with Russia, with our brain you can do whatever you want? You can Whatever you want of whatever kind of whisky you wanted, there you're very open minded the IVF brain cancer. Is it out? They could be here
Give me the wars whiskey in the world and the offer brain makes a better did. Have you taken this where this rye brain had not. I should add that really count unknown dear listeners in and deadly fans. To do that I wanted to be organic, is can spread, yeah skins brought the net Can you go like to some exotic location and they haven't right like if you're in Nepal, I'm good into northwest territorial here or you boys, on your hat there. The easement siree like a week Why would he do up there boo and dull sheep. So we're doing film about their. Yet he found the eighty percent fell about their family history in the north was territories like technically what part of Alaska so that its EAST of Alaska, Right EAST of British Columbia, uptown, the arctic circle so will fly into Norman Wells and go north from their up into the Mackenzie mountains, which are about far north. As you get forty the arctic circle, which will be sniff in the arctic circle most days, but it still still Last year I know its not own territory, real, yet
say, was you cardio? You think you can move or wherever there all their own territories. That's also Yukon is not Alaska. We let the look that up. I want to be right, Let us look at glum and elegant questioning, like I know, although either but northwest territories is sauntered or it's not so, who owns Canada? Yes, really, India oh, so it's like past Alaska becomes Canada again. This is real deep you didn't get unless you're. Like a tell me to history of northwest territories, Zaire is ordinarily map, so you can take Tourism, Yukon is slightly east or east rather he's than in the northwest territories course is Alberta, so you get up there and to issue so it is. It is connected to Canada yeah, but it's also connected to Alaska? It's now not guides party. Canada is one of the Rhine.
Provinces right. Are you getting confused idea? Yeah? I thought that the British Columbia Section so I saw British Columbia thought those part of it. You can read, the Wikipedia is always really really did dramatic, tat, wild mountainous and sparsely populated, it's crazy. That is new north of northern Alberto, like people like you, no one is just not fucking cold enough. Here we gotta keep Goin where they have lake they ve got. I mean devilish organ month earlier GOSH I think we're eyes out we're sorry about last we're I think, we're up. There will be no it'll, be daylight. Twenty four hours, while believe, when you do that, do you bring like one of those eyeball cover things you will have to the mask eyeball cover sailors have, after you, have to unless really machine gettin attend just tan, just kind of it's Kyle, but it's it's twelve thirteen days up there. So by the time you get day five or six year I mean you live in your backpack you're carrying probably fifty sixty seventy pounds in your pack
Helen, climb and every day so minutes by the time you get laid down. I don't think it matters. What's going now, when you do something like that, much gear, you guys bring a you living entirely at your backpack, so in the first place, what in the in the plantation a base camp- which I think in this case is there's not a flow play also war there'll be a wheel, plain we'll. We can take fifty pounds and then designs. Each fit bouncy, plus your body way possible and six days in they will either com and a helicopter and pick us up and move us for not having any luck or they'll just drop us more dear, so him so the plan would be take. Fifty pounds of essential gear and then have other gear as back up back a bit camp, while until you flying to base camp, it's like for me, it'll be like us and Denver downward, Edmonton Edmonton De Norman Wells Hoppa Charter to be camp and then from their fly out into the hunting area? How many? How many days travel is like two days and change to day south of just flying just fly,
what does your overnight incomes of them and they run like one at a Norman while they run like one flight a day or something one or two flight today you have to be really dedicated. This kind of experience to travel just travel for two days once you do it. Man, that's like the only way to go, though reeling its once. It's not only ago. That's do she d say, but it's like the best most when you get back like men at socked, but I wouldn't want to change it if something happens to people when they do, those like exotic location hurts like when they go. She hunting and they risk their lives. Like I've. Seen a video of guys like myself, some video of you guys when you were in New Zealand, where you were literally risking your lives with every step it in its the whole time to its not just like. We got up this one area where the sheep live ear. Just and where we were in a museum, green tree. We when you get up into so there's like Beechwood far, so you looking at like a three thousand three thousand five hundred four thousand foot mountain right there, we stayed in a little hut in the river
and so when you down there, you looking up like that's where the tar liver for three thousand feet from. We are right now we're tar for people who don't know is crazy. Look an animal Emily was are here. It looks like Lord of the rings, or Sunday really does make a woolly mammoth, but just a miniature version. Yeah really crazy. We'll leave furry shaggy, a goat aside like a goats ice sheet, but I'm in the five part about all that is when there is a further damage it has a similar, creates they look like where we were. You would look across these little these alpine valleys and see him. I look like a blackbird looks like a giant very soon. Why am I in? What is that thing? So It was not likely to have some really cool adventure. Earthly honest park, ass best, not me when I see that thing I think what and where am I its?
while work and they live. You know up in the alpine, so there you get, the beach will force, which is probably FAO, just say, hiking straight up for an hour and a half Our is an invasion species, furs and New Zealand desire, Pharaoh border areas, no their non native, all the mammals on the island there? Not all of them were introduced by and I wish I had really looked up. Something but they are all introduced by some other countries, Europe's animals over their Teddy Roosevelt sense, a man was over there. Okay, here how we want these, and so The problem over there to get on a whole different subject is that the the people on that island. The residents of museum, dont value those animals as part of the landscape. There's there I mean It would be a good terms that the way to view a valuable when we have like you moose mule dear that's, that's part of our ecosystem tree and our ecosystem yet and our ecosystem they ve been here before we were some level
and so over there. They just they'll Jumpin helicopter MO down like forty red stag on weekend, because they want to control the population. One cause there's no way Her kill no predation all that stuff, but they also just don't see a big red stag way. We see a big help it don't they don't have the value for them boats. Also, the weird thing about having no predators is: how do you handle that they d bring in predators like if they don't they risk disease and there's also to where things that can happen like like they have online. I, yes, and so that's it right and we ve had than we done that in this country, with brain down northwest. What's the timber wolf that we brought him down and put him in the states that that may seem like a good solution, and we, when we were in British Columbia, miss the other. We saw some calf skeletons replied showed that picture on the parties can get up.
That thing had just been decimated. Arrows wolves and I saw and maintain one time I solemn runnin circles. They run in like concentric circles around like a Bulls Ipad when their hunting, I feel like the pacts, and I just watched, we're I'd, kill my open. A first aid is hot and I'll watch. I knew you would show there be a different wolf care like every other day in this valley, and it's like the walls are different in circles and I did see a couples. In a natural manner. Finally, Jellia, two of em, why I was twelve. Yards away and had a rifle. I was thinking about it, but What you see when you see a dead fawn every day YO honey audience pre anew it, maybe not new to that day, but knew that week. You start to think like how this pack work this valley for a full year. What did they do right? There's numbers to that somewhere at some people figured out what how many L a year
upon the other side fail before the walls were reintroduced. There is an issue with overpopulation, so it's so that's where I think. That's why we're hundred km in yeah yeah? You can't die I value and animal I'm willing to pay you for the opportunity to help you can serve their population right answer that, becomes very problematic for people like when you are talking about wolves yet is ruled out. Like dogs does older only in another one of those ones. Blackberries too I mean, I think, it's you, don't you I think that more than any rules way more than Thou stock there is a again my work there organ too and she lives in Austin Texas in his very not Hunter but works at Yeti and so she's around her, and we're talk about wolves and I d say: look We have a really hard and opinion on bulls. I've knots of time around him. I just know that their meat processing of four legs they give no shit about anything they are there not just eating, they don't just eat what fills their belly they eat and then
eat more and they kill more and that's all there wired to do right. I've seen that actions, that's all I really know well, that's good for an ecosystem, bad whatever, and she is so. How do we know that is? Hunting has really bad wolves wolves seem to have a good pr. Agent and honey management have a terrible accident. So I think that you know that's that's part of the problem that there's a sect. People are really glorifying. A wolf for good reason is awesome. Animal majestic animal, but at the same time there is a juxtaposition of that it needs be told to why think a big part of the issues that people know that the virtually the mountain North America at one point in time, and I think people feel guilty about the one that they should shelty. They should feel ashamed about. The matter duck l people are known alight yeah, but we brought those back. To the point where the numbers are higher than they ve ever been before by right. Those same people don't know how that happened right their anti blarney aware of how they DC white tales around and look out annoying yeah about the car they don't know
then turn century they were almost all gone yet as we market how to them to Hell, and so that I think that's theirs. It's just education, man, artistic people, need to to seek the other side, which I always try to do, and you do all the time to seek what The other side is in hunting is not always the way to go, but it's inconvenient because, like it's it's hard, I give you If you're, a vegetarian or vague and you're gonna get information from animal rights out to activists and it's going to be by in that direction, or, if you're, a hunter you're going to get your information from hunting in conservation groups and it might be biased and the other way. I think, wolves or a good thing, because there are some in. I don't not, I don't not like wolves one, I think no hunters psych wipe the will I never heard that obvious heard like what's the carrying capacity for this state, this region for wolves right? How many can there be an I know a lot of cases. The biologists would say one thing like ok, the hundred wolves in this area
and then, when it ballooned up to a thousand, they argued for hundreds come in and help put that population down there It will push back right, wait a minute. We say we agreed upon scientifically by in in a week we either is that its negotiable at all, it should have been like once the walls hit two thousand certain than you start. Hunting she's. But then the real issue is, isn't credibly hard to shoot. A wolf like that It's not a simple is like you find a wolf and kill em. Well, there really smart, I think, about tar museum and you can just like if their overpopulated very caters, like what is walk up the hill and crack a couple. I mean: that's that's a pretty big feet. They jump in Hell, Carter, you gun down the tar that way to really got dams how do they determine whether or not there should be going down its ADA I don't know like the holistic methods used. I know our guide up there. This year was just talking about. He would go the sheep stations at the ranch owners or some the areas some of the big
there's our own privately and the areas where they were down a little lower, the they would you say, go out to thank your hundred and that's what they do and it was there was not. It didn't seem to me to be sent to scientific and away they went about it. But that's a private land owner telling you these. This is an infestation essentially yeah, and my arguments and I was like why don't you Just these animals here they're not going anywhere and swim over Australia. Molly is treated like we treat our our wildlife wildlife accept them. There are some people down there. There were agreed with me all heartily sick people in the garden happening. So why don't you just accept these animals? party landscape and treated like that, and, I think, that's a swelling opinion down there for sure what how do they accept amendment
just freedom like their pasts. I wouldn't say past because they do have some values. Hunters from around the world would go down like we did, but don't they have a lot of a lot of that is on public lands, works using private land in those high fence places. That's that's basically, stag. You can't really it's gonna, be it's hard to high fans, fur shaming, tar. They just live in places where you if we try to be done but stags deny is an english india rather yeah is because are so big, like David people want to go there and get a big day rack of antlers to their discredit like they have harvested the bad parts of our hunting culture and marketed it real and they have and I think, there's a lot of people down there. That would push back on that on an idea, but yes away now what that means by bad parts and not just the american monocultures. There's a lot of Europeans are go there too. I think the parts trophy hunting- the hey come down here and in the work on this file. In a stag we got here and they have agents that go round
in four five and stock were talking about. Folks is the size of the antlers, not the size, the actual animal itself that people get super obsessed and they fetish numbers like now the score and what a score is for people are now they take a tape measure go over very specific sections of the antlers and they calculate all the measurements together and when they do that they come up with some number in their serious mile, stone, benchmark numbers like a two hundred inch they get stags huge to. And more insane and his is bigger than Elk. Looking animal body size not quite close, not quite is it as big as an elk the animal body size not quite close, not quite and and I'm in one that sheep stations we Hunter was originally they they certainly farm. Read the urban red deer and stag same thing are walking around in these and the same animal genius
why they call a stag, but is an establishment, mail fine red Deer in Europe in their different, our Why do they call my staff, but is an established, a male round, staggered high time being female HIV? Europe and they call a red- do, there's I'm not sure dear, came from there anyway, so I'm sure it's the same speed, so they came and they in Europe, and I dropped a red in the eighteen hundred, not sure those the came from there anyway. So I'm sure so they came and they dropped them off in the eighteen. Just to turn the whole place into a giant by counting provision it some level they I got a weird Hacha land. It's a weird like New Zealand is coming from is we come before they came? There was no mammals there. I go it when it, how many animal species are there on this, definitely coming from where we come from We haven't. We just find it normal that weaken hot. How how many, but in that celebrate the out or culturally celebrate hunting and fishing in the way that almost in a way that we do, and they are public land
weird, but in the end they celebrate the out or culturally celebrate hunting and fishing in the way that almost in the way that we do and they have public land, much like we do and their public. As is and so they have all these like similar properties that we have in America, but at some level they just, I think they, just God poor lock. They don't Do they have all these like similar properties that we have in America, but at some level they just, I think I just got to porlock. They don't have native mammals to noted they don't have the bald eagle to put on there those areas, not native none of the native, not wicked. They also canadian geese that are non native. Are there not native either. Now none of those areas not native not as a native, not they also canadian geese that are non native right. Did you know that? Don't you to have the biggest eagle in the the others Devon Eagle called the hostile eagle and apparently they killed them off and the fourteen hundreds and they were so big. There's speculation, these to eat people, I'd kill, might have for
ten foot wingspan, I think, is what we figured out on an exaggerated. I've got my plan over there. It's it really is like if it it's a place for that kind, Eaglewood live! That's what it looked like a leash. That's what a hostile like we're looking at an eagle, that's literally size of a big person, my warfare and Look of its as big as a person like that picture, gonna first picture again, and so this, how big that thing is I mean, if nothing spreads its wings less land over there and some the alpine areas that it looks like a poyser loudly. Look how big that thing is. I mean if nothing spreads its wings of that in less than a landscape over there in summing up on areas that it looks like place without that will kill you yet sad thing. If they caught you hiking fight, it would just pull off the cliff can just drop you off. That's not a real Haast Eagle Hosty round with Google images or yet knock out, That is correct ones here, So when they go upstairs,
under or whatever the fuck those animals. Are it the a hosty that is kept at once. So, when they go extinct, jamming was assigned to the size of a thing is denied standing next to it the skeleton of a hostage, and who is that do that there is also look at him. Yahoo wizard does, whose robes the real thing, actually live done earth as late as an authority was known at a good time. I gotta school does so the real actually holy shit. Earth thought was and, of course, a tiger uneasy Eyes Tiger school. That's all that long ago, sixteen hundred holy I thought ten was wow. That's correct because a higher risk, I'm these powers and seen that much how do you go back to their picture out of focus? I think thirty, five pounds, there's nothin six feet tall, ten foot, wind, powers and that much man. How do you go back a picture of the factors that think thirty. Five pounds, there's nothin six feet tall
Turn Turkey, like twenty five pound range. Are you the size of the thing resale our hanging around you. Actually I hear about these like evil missed. Stick with animals. Why think giant burial concern was that the Hoss Eagle they might have killed off by local news. To call animals. Why think giant Real concern was that the Haast Eagle they might I've killed it off, like the local New Zealand folks might have killed it off back then, because they're eating people. I do not blame them in any way that the truth that might be a lie. Did has now, unless it's hostages, I don T, know I will hunt out of place, got hast wherever there are connection, maybe really find and maybe find some ancient eagle skull. They all want to see that eight people relationship with human issue that you will see, it's as relationship with humans to do to do who could have been possible to do
even smaller go negroes are capable of killing in the act, so they kill humans, which scientists believe could have been possible if the name relates to the eagle given them ass of size. The strength of the bird even smaller golden eagles are capable killing praise, baby, billet, biggest sick of deer or Bear CUB yeah that fuckin thing kill a few evil. Assure a baby. You don't think behave? Youth? You don't think that you're like that, did not learn what it could and could not go get. So the sculptures goofy, ok, the sculpture is that the sculpture we're looking at? Maybe you yeah, I was an approximation of It- says: seven point: five meters, twenty five feet tall. Now that wasn't twenty five feet tall with a wingspan of eleven point: five meters. Ok, that's that thats the art part that we're lookin at me, Zealand, that's just a giant sculpture in the animal.
There's a really cool eagle that lives in the rain forest called the Harpy eagle. The Eads monkeys you see now I want to know about this stuff. I think that cause I myself in Iraq and hurricane It is a couple months be looking over Harpy Eagle dollar TAT. Well, there was a do that was trying to put a camera in a Harpy eagle Nest and he got attacked by Harpy Eagle. Also reaction has been doing ways a scientist lounge when should work in a movie. Theatres, bulldozers thing see digging up looking at these terrible The ideal school looking causes cow white. Look we- and we are tired by this Ireland I have a problem swimming in the ocean is empty. Like I look like a seal all the time when I'm in their right to feel like sharswood there, that I just gotta sold his legs, but not yesterday in Florida C is awareness man, chomp Champ,
shock. So now I'm scared of the skies. Thanks to that, you know that the bull shark swim so far up river that they live in, ash water and they have been found as high as Illinois. They go on forever, Irving to Fucking Illinois and there the most aggressive sharks. I heard that I've heard that before this deliberate on the Illinois River, will they also the reason why the movie Jaws was inspired by a great white shark is inspired by a series of attacks by bull sharks in fresh water, rivers in New Jersey, ATO s mouth freaking me out. And they made the music like arts tearoom do him. Yet Johnson your psyche that stuff change, but with the music me for one of those big eels same though it be death, that on such you'd be out in the field have mental music seen too much open in Nepal. They have these big things called longer guys. It's like a big Nepali Griffin, looks like a big old vulture. Look at
see what the wingspan or knows that they be we up on some mountain glass for sheep and be like giant thing with airplane nine for wingspan- and you could see the creepy his part to me- was you could see their heads moving back and forth like look like they were looking for ship and they they take. They taken, kill baby sheep S. All video after I got back and ask him a freak out all these things and it's a vulture Nepali. They call it a longer when we were there, they told us how you gonna see Griffin's, so it it had a variety of names like everything there seems to have, but it's a it looks like a ball
giant. I didn't know that they hunted that's interesting. I thought they just say. Well, I guess something on like a planet earth about them and that they showed him in packs and they were they eat bone marrow. So they would, they would get a bone off the ground fly up in the air and strategically drop it on the ground to a crack. Open fly down, eat the insides, I haven't figured out the same thing. You could just see their brains churn and legalised time you see if an animal sky burden scandalously get someone around, but you could see the predatory brain. This I regard as it flew above us just churn and has looked around for what to get. After all, this is ravens or stupid. Smart, like a smart, chimps, think about barometers, brain size or what lemon bear its it literally found out. If I want to get inside that bone, I'm gonna fly up and drop it some vision, anything
was somewhere along the line. They figured a long time ago how to drop things off cliffs. Absolutely they ve been doing that with goats. So as a ton of videos them grab and goats and poem like eels and their woe. That's the longer! Guy, what does that thing? That thing was fuckin evil. The sheriff maybe they face on that thing. I think what I was over there we're in in the mountains. I just wrote like a whole page about this long ago. We saw, I dont, remember being listened to echo, that's a major one, o my clever jet black, the ones. We saw. Imagine how scared that looks, but just being jet black color ratio is at a bone about mouth swallowing whole primitive creature. Just note a complete emotionless eyes, that's vividly remembered remember looking up at some point and seeing this thanks floating in the breeze.
And looking around and thinking tat thing is savage. How big do they get Jim? What a weird name, lumber guire spell in L, a m m e r. She s are over there. They described it. Originally our guy described as a griffin, but a Griffin mythological piano. That's what I was thinking. I wanna see this mythological historical. In for some the land and like doctors, that's like that's a place, in New Zealand is like that's, that's perfect location. If they decide to do some observer Jurassic our task, jewish and even when I write four feet tall, and foot wings heard is, while man again give us wait. Fifteen pounds that's crazy, gotta, be nine full. What is fairly well, that's what I felt sure tat the Egyptian vulture. Have somebody dreams about this by, as its closest relatives flock, is a increase need
Just designed a really creepy shady look in animal feed, down and eat all the dead shit, where I picture firmer, there were several old Farquhar recited could be an apart bet. Over hunting has led to the endangerment and the species Damn it's weird, how natures is evolve these animals are. They have evolved to develop this. That weird look like vultures like look disgusting like look at how things face like there's something about the way, nature is evolved or they have evolved and they're not yeah, They have to excuse Mary yeah key Diana, are delicious right, rabbit, yeah, delicious. Dear dear delicious, gorgeous annals, rightly give you a bare, like somebody willing, Barrack you, but cook the shit yeah. Can we need less?
dress, something right now ok bear meat is, is good, it's very good, it's very good. They can be very hanging about with the pain what they were like a genuine in September to Prince of Wales Laskin, you shoot one and it has been eating salmon for a week clams on your age. You don't want to eat that if you're somewhere, where were good vegetation and its wealth is got on fat on, it can be good. I would argue it's not to be celebrated like it's, not that good. It is not as well depends. Apparently, if you eat a blueberry bear is one of the best meets ever renown, raves about c, for nowadays, I've had of a lot of bears and I like eat, no Mamma, I wouldn't thrown away or whatever. So I will continue Hottam, but never had that same feeling, like an tenderloin up Berkshire like it's my ass on Access Solana category, so I feel like maybe we I'm saying a little bit because there's so much put back on bare hunting, thriving
I told him how great it as aid. Is it's really good, but it's not like it's not doesn't get their necks level have had smoked bare hands, have that's pretty damn good, but that one of those things were excited smoked its Brian treaty as an end, in that the biggest thing right at union most meets. That gonna go hunting for you treat you look at the cut caught me any treated accordingly. There's no, you have to obstacles Who knows this? You have to cook a bear all the way through to a certain temperature said that Maybe because I love rare me that maybe my problem- I don't know- I think- maybe I think, maybe a little bit. We could address the fact that hunters a little bit of overcompensate for the fact that people are pushing back on so much with another. Like I love There is good and right, but I wouldn't she's, not my favor. I would choose it over a lot of other me right if you had like AIDS bad. Like if someone told me you have to pick one animal forever, I promise say Elk and back
would be pretty far down the list. We wouldn't do it Megan the top three or four. It would be all well. That's it again the thing that you just said like I like eating things, medium, rare or rare, that's where they taste the bass. Yes now, and so he lit not our, never put somebody down now for what bear me now? You'd, all sound, that's great! I just that's the point about. It's always that I set it right. I it's like people like large mouth bass. Fishing, If you go to a restaurant and they have large mouth basque. Access to land, sea bass- and you pick the large about bows. Your kind of an airline to yourself, yeah come on man doesn't is good decades, Annabelle, etc. With Greece good. I mean if you put a bad example, because large mild pasties bear tat. Way better than large, while a secular, Edward Goddamned like large, might This doesn't taste that there is better than large right. If you read large mouth, no, so Kay, so I hear some delicious water fish. Do it now
unilateral and are everywhere yeah yeah Leander, I'm not much of a fishing John BAR glow from my Sitka was in Vegas as best we can and will not in yeah great guy Amanda Dave Brinker were there and he was too the about how I love that guy do we ve met earlier, but nobody is Michigan, happy gas, but John. Was talking about how he actually enjoy Brown bear mean and I was really he's like Does it tasted like a mule dear roast, like because I made it, I gave it to people parties said, light he caught up in the cubes and put little toothpicks in it and handed out like as orders at a party and bore eating I, while this is delicious, what is it and he goes its brown bear and people get mad, because the shit
I trust that if it's a person like Larry bedded, I love that he did it, though I support fully support that idea. Right buddy. I would assume that if someone like John who works for Sid calves, polar number, one hunting, gear clothing company in the war and john- is a wealth of knowledge. Yes, all away through an email had considerable, not experience in the military. I would imagine The people that would come to his house for a party here would be normalize what happened and allay if you D, like it ain't that God did go crazy. Serbia, be riots. The look lookin people's faces when my kids tell What they mean bear on the kids like five and six like I've eaten. Bear I ate a bare was awesome, that, like fierce, look in their eyes and you just have to create a barrier- and I think it's beyond the free people out there, barrier sausage and indeed darts acute. That's wonderful thing coming out, it's weird rights! It's in order that the bear
Thing is a very strange one, and I am I definitely like hunting them like coming anything else, and I struggle that, like I as a hunter, I feel, are coming on and talk and as a hunter. I dont want to lick disparities spray. Anything, but I also just want to be higher than honest about every pirate, hunting. Is it's really complex activity and I feel completely conflicted about almost every time, I go now killing in or honey, but just got little parts of what's going on here, so bear much. Also sentences, while, like Renault us at this once I never understood it until it happened to me he's like I just a watch him some time. I don't really want to hunt them. I ain't it's it's what is hunting anyway, killing or his hunting get close enough to like the whole thing has the whole thing. I think my opinion on that specific point is One I would go back to. I always ask myself to questions. Why are you going in and does this hunting benefit? the place and the animal that your money, and if I
answer those questions myself and I always strip away conservation and meat. From the first question we a very good way of looking at this, I think, is very honest: hunting this super important as it conservation is essentially a side effect of honey. It's a byproduct right to pretend that it's the whole thing is just like a weird. It's it's a day. Ingenuous approach to the argument, but really saying you shouldn't be hunting, was they will hunting, is conservation and hundreds of the best conservationists? Ok, that's that's true but hard eyes, true, but it's not really why you're do their interest in the here's, the biggest point to make their semantic chunks and then armor ride rife, build up over the years as hunters like these organic, mead and conservation, as is like armor right, that insulates. Why we go, and I think there just chinks in that armor that if we all recognize those points specially to conservation, I think that's a bigger deal. My conservation hunting is a tool for conservation in the same way as Trans location. It all
patients. You can move the animal to get him away from a certain situation reared animal fats one way or bring in hunters and help finnish population that way it's. That first question right is: why do I go and I always say it's like we ve. Experiences you and I together in the woods that I wouldn't we couldn't replicate anywhere else. Like you, darling, article shit, there's some like when you ran down the road map and workers there's something about that for me that way more, fulfilling and enriched into my life than any other thing I've experienced. May I have experienced everything, but all the things that I what's so primal right into, is that it learn about animals you're in the world. To your also in an and really almost like, you're a visitor at an alien world. Exactly ensure you learn about these animals, you develop skills. I feel, like you, wouldn t any other way,
and all I wanna go diminished by a hundred reasons that I and I discovered a new one. Every time I go and so I was say like that's the answer. The first question: why do I go? It's not like madam Hungary and I want to control the population, I'm whereas I go hunting that the to those two things are by of my efforts than there always can be buyback. So my efforts, unless I'm poaching, right. Now, I'm I'm I'm there's biologists state, while a biologist, feral biologists, that determine and what TAT go aware: what animals they're moving pieces of the puzzle around to keep this thing? The way it is right, keep healthy, keep stable, but there also looking at what the economic impact. That all that's going on, while I'm out there thinking, I gotta, kill this big buck, but I'm not thinking, while I'm out of my bow, not thinking I'd like to kill that one, because that really stabilizes area I'm out there and I'm kidnappings are really like backdrops. I know those two things are happening, but they're always like be pulled away from
from what actually going on and focus on. Why you're there like. Why are you go why'd? You girl, and I like what somebody said why you go more just two reasons: one to bow haunt from me for sure, because I wanted to eat access dear and two, because I think that is good practice. One of the hardest things about ball. Hunting is just you can practice all day. And targeted, but it's almost like- never sparring like you get back, this all day hitting a heavy back, but you ve never have had a person right once you in front of a person, things get weird the change in the arm rights use of practice on an animal. That's terrible, I would say that, like that, that's just a their chink in the army that we all know is happening like if we were conservation. We would never pick up about you, but I'm not
practicing on an animal like I've, never practice before. I like. I pray that this is a tax in maybe being wrong turn like there's something in there that, like the experience of stocking an animal pretty visceral and if you ve never done it, you shit you're back how you want. Well it s a practice in terms of like when you compete as a young Marshall artist. It's not really practice, but it is that if a gear involved in competition- so are you hunting are you practicing. We are definitely hunting, but that hunting is practice for other home. Or you don't get nearly as many opportunities is. He doing. Lanai denies the one of the best examples of a place that has no predators and a real problem with overpopulation. You are with me and Dudley that one time were me in him and his son were were hanging out, and we were there at last light and we're watching these access dear come off them out and we saw
if I don't know how many hundreds of union might have been seven, eight hundred dear coming off this mountain, we were like. What's up, it would just crazy. There's ten more is five more their six, for there is eleven more there's a herd of twenty. What the fuck it got to the point, like this is crazy. So in a place like that, I feel like you have a great ethical argument for like they are going to shoot these animals period and the only other way to get around it. Is you bring in wars and if you bring and walls will get, animals have wolves, and these people also have dogs running around in the streets and pet dogs those dogs you get fucked like immediately they're, gonna, kill by walks bulls wanna, take out all the possible me. You can't have wolves online. I too stupid. I say everybody to stop when I read any that, but is one of the aid in terms of like since in Since the animals are there and there there's no talk of erratic not because they real value the people that live there live off with them.
I got those folks that we're hang and I would like Roma allotted to the people that work that place, they tax axis, the time any. It is without a doubt, not an end. It is the opposite. It is the most Delicious gave me in the world if it's not, if he's not right! I'm not err on either number one, its number two yeah. It's amazing. It's so good, like we aided at the restaurant, they serve the restaurant in one hour and remember that argue. We have that one launch all my saying, gosh and then the state plays the state place at that place, terrible terrible, meaning good terribly. By so terrible. I hate I carried out my motto: sliders and examine all yet while you're sliders, but at the restaurant serves tenderloin and it is phenomenal, it's so good. So why way like it That's why one thing I always try to separate Try to do it only because I think I try to look at it from some what else is a non hunter and hearing us too.
Or hearing me talk at whatever it may be. Thinking like that's weird part of that, like that's a strange, and so I feel like, if I can say Yes, the media delicious. Yes, they gotta kill these things. Yes, the law local people value the annual because hunters exist. They they want just got him down, because hunters will pay to gather all those. Things. I think set aside. What am I therefore like? We were that group of hunters we had in camp was probably I mean I've hunter with lotta, awesome, talented folks was by the most skilled group honours. I've ever been around. Who think about who we have? We are John Dudley is arguably, if not the best both in the world is in top three things like John well there's like top for, like John CAM, Remy and Adam David Adam. There might be other people find work that stuff for outside did. They might be tough for in the world, and if it is it not tough they're all there in the top ten
So this does ideas. If you think you're better come see us decline of killer yeah I mean, and then he got chain. Dorian is a great honour to and as attic waves, or can I say about shame he's fanatical like how you would I be the haste showing you wanna go, take a break, get a sandwich and he looked at me like Yes, I know we could be hunting. Why would we be eating sandwich? He was out there all day idea, even in he didn't come in the restaurant lunchtime, when everybody else's Incas with ninety five degrees outside it he's out there on his hands and knees crawling bushes, open, rollin, hoping to find one slipping. That's just for Mr Crowley is so that for me, one reason to do that stripping way. All the things that I know to be right. Right and my mind was that was those people them altogether, unlike Meetin Roma, and Mean Brandon Meet Alec, all our guides and all the locals over there like theirs. Things I, and I learn more about the quick twitched
So when I get to hear all my gun and I've ever learn, so I feel like I've learned something I spent time of these people that that made me better at not just honey, but everything will for peace, We have never been around and access to your before they evolved with tigers, so tight Yours hunt them you ve never seen an animal more fast in your life. How? Otherwise? dear, that we shot, I shouted dear, was sixty yards away. It was lookin at me and I was like I think, I'm gonna shoot it Stan and there by the time Arab got? It was four or five dear away was swimming to mouth settlement, it build a boat and it was ruined. Also sixty yards away, the arrows going two hundred and seventy five feet a second, and it was nowhere near it by the time it got there is, I believe, they're so fast to fasten any animal of ever seeing whether that lets, you say like what a weird scenario to be hunting and animal that has been trained by tigers, to which you know what a weird thing so like that. That's my appreciation that
all that will exchange of her me and TIGERS. Both on this thing, that's that's and called me. That's that's outside of this thing, so I'm sorry about that alive and then the meat, if you're a person who values animal protein, if you like, ethically sourced animal protein, theirs a better way to get it and then like a place like Lanai, like all the pieces, are in check that they need to kill them. Yes, is earned over population problems, yes to provide jobs for low. Yes, yes, all the good things mean, there's a lot of positive sides to it again, if you're someone who enjoys bow hunting like look it's a uncomfortable thing for some people, but I enjoy it. I like it. I like getting my meat that way I dont like. I feel bad. If I get back from a store, I feel like always.
About like ass predators like we are predators. If you look at you know, it's been a millions of years. We ve been killing, eaten things new humans herbivores in that's all along. I I don't know I don't get on Randy, predator. Look, you don't have to be a predator, you could live off of, but are we, though we are some people little if you could live by it is. If you wanted to, I do want to disparage away anybody lives their life. You can live off of just pure vegetables. You can live oven. The way is a real moral and ethical argument. If you are a vision to eat molluscs folks, because mouths are more primitive than most plants. They stay dont communicate as much as plants. Do they don't? of any sense of feeling they have no nerve endings. That would allow them to feel pain there incredibly simple organisms. The only thing that we have against them in terms of like when we think about them as being an animal verses, you know like a plant, people think eating. Plan is cruelty, free eating, a moloch, you're killing a living creature right, but that's just.
As they move, but a fuckin Venus Flight move to its probably ten times in order, then like a scallop like they're, not smart, it's hard to relay Demurral Eddie but I mean I just want people if you, if you're comfortable with eating chicken, I get it clams and oil stirs and those things are good for you. They really are in its Annabelle envy The animals themselves are not feeling shit near the moral entanglement of all of it is just yeah and like we're, we say: were we humans we wake up in the morning you consume everything you just consuming Pryderi pop out see do in every other animal does to wander around you and on the grass and consumption engines for us too, to separate one part of our consumption and then like beat crap out of its, even though we ve doing it for two million years. Is it enough of kind of weird will you know what I think happened. It's like on those aware. Very loud was weird.
Like those in my ear rabies on their, I brain or at least get crazy, but I think part of the issue is at people over the last two hundred years. And so removed from The meat comes from that when there they can find direct connection like oh you when you shot a moose and then you ain't that moves like yours, you killed the moves. You didn't have to kill that moves like that. That becomes problematic because people are used to someone killing things, people that they know in particular no. I I enjoy the ideological. Conversely edged enjoy the conversation Braddock I enjoy it because I think it's part of our human condition. Its part. Who we are and what we do so yeah. We surprised fight about it. A little bit and disagree is pretty damn important. Yes, is important piece of art you made. It is born Aachen about I've. I feel very strongly that hunting is like the essence of who I am as human and has made my life better brackened see somebody
I would say: that's your cabin staff. I cant do, and I also think that those people are important. I think so I think, having visions and having animal rights activists and having to be able to have dialogue with them. It also makes sure that you keep people honest people that our hunters, like you, know like because we all know on ethical people, there's people that are unethical absolutely well. It looks like the Irish think about it. You know if you look at the trend of hunting and Seventys honeymoon great and then in the eighties started Tick fuckin Bambi as what happened here. I would say three we ice. We talked about this for three things: Bambi, maybe Walt Disney, is maybe a dick and then urbanization right which correlated with those climate hunting and then there's been a third one measure we have bad were bad pr. Some of them are bad pr agents and journalism, and people like Rinaldo that are a mailing were way better. Now we were five years ago with better tomorrow or yesterday. What do you like it
general like if you look at that line graph right in the seventies, it was going nicely in the 80s started decline and I think two thousand and eleven was the first time I actually went up a real number of. I think it's license sales or number of hundred I wonder what caused it is like the organic food. There was a study that said local wars. They talk about more women. They talked about returning military members around memory study. I think there's the top three, but I ain't local wars. Pride pushed out. There is like the way to reverse that second point: the way to reverse the suburban and urban rise must to take that. Subject in male or female and say you can't get food right and then that's away to kind of reverse the did the decline, and I think that's pry what was happening. De well, you everybody wants to go with locally sourced locally raise grass FED people are trying to go to farmers mark to connect with the people that are actually grow and the animals, and this is like one step out instead of having an animal, is in captivity, go out to the forest, but
there's, a rude awakening for allow these people to think they're. Gonna just go ahead and try it it is not easy by any stretch of the imagination. That's the other problem is the Grand Canyon being I would love to. I would love to pure my own elk meat and killing and Elk is like being on two says: the Grand Canyon, like you can't, there's no bridge to be built there. You gotta tell you want separate time and for most people, that's just not enough time for that. They don't have the want to do that so I would say: wasn't with fourteen million hunters in the world or something like that. Are in our country. How many? How many non hunters who don't either have like the wherewithal to be to get educated or want to or just don't fall into the anti on her side like gnostic crowd. How many of those are they're out there right now, but it's hundreds of millions of people herb. You know that, a lot of urbanization. One of the things it's done just just careers just careers in cities is eliminated almost all your free time and if you
wanted to go out and procure Europe meet. First of all, if you want to do with a rifle, that's gonna take a tremendous mountain. What are you gonna do with a bow multiply that by a factor of like maybe five or ten metre What had one and is probably pretty honest honestly and then you talking about one of the hardest pieces as access right right, even if you If you get a John deadline, you learn how to be great archer and You understand that in your suburban areas there are some places where there's dear that you may kill you gotta, get access to replace it and that when you're done You ve got to figure out a way to get that thing from dead dear to meet and all the other things this is so complex. How would you ever expect somebody just to behave like a desire you're like that. At some point we can't walls were now open the door for me and travellers hell to have yet soup unlucky forever grateful because, when he took me into
while back Country Montana Deer, that's for there was a very breaks in the Missouri breaks in October nine degrees out freezing your dick every night in a tent buying like lifeless Stephen Ella, that's what I loves it. He loves suffering, he loves it, but I love that he loves it. He's is legit stay calm. He really is that I think that's it right. There is justice. There is a big gap. My father yeah me into it, but I my brother doesn't doesn't hunt and but he has respect for and understands what's going on, but AEGIS, at the time and my was introduced to hunting. My brother was more just it and go out his friends and Saturday mornings, we're not forget not early and and so were assigned to the same person. But I just want this way and he didn't go. Thou ran so lights. Have we so you could be in the same house with somebody in shore differently. But whenever has a real good we're looking at two is like: I don't expect people to go out and get where their own sewage wash it. I expect
to go out and hunt their own food like you, don't have to bodies. I think he price this at some point or somebody smart did. It is what I choose is. I believe I choose to for meat to be the one thing that I grabbed hold up to bring into my to my skill set out knit my. Close, and I shall make bone shoes. I dont bill. My own houses can now we would is looking at some constructive, several open earlier. Unlike do what you're, what are they doing? What are they doing here? I can do that. I just pick this one thank as is also part of my passion, so you couldn't just ass someone who's a construction worker gaelic go hot it's me. I know you have a desire for that. So that's just another hard part about hunting in and non hunters by proxy are essential to hunting always in industry, an opinion and because we can legislate ourselves out of being able to hot air happen, monies a privilege, man, that's not right. That's a lot away,
So that's another on other can of worms, but they could make it go away. Yeah, I think The issue is that so many people are opposed to it, because they're so remove from the realities of the wild and date feel some sort of moral superiority by either not eating meat entirely or by not killing their own me. The not killing their own meat is really ridiculous. Like my wife, a conversation with someone they were out to dinner with such people while I was on alcohol and the guy was eating a stake guy from when, in England, in all hot air, they do things like foxes and horses and shit. They were like tweed here pussies carrying when we love it's guys, carving steak and my wife, Gaza he's actually out elk hunting and the guy Does he hunts? That's deplorable sagacity? the poor boy, wise carving, a stake It's like, and I got Magala like looking at me like. I was weird at work.
My work is eating a chicken sandwich from trickling. I look in a bag and there's a cartoon chicken on it. In my mind and like that's like building swimming pool by the lake. Weird irony that that we're like. Saying: hey I meet in a chicken, but here's a cartoon version of it. So we can celebrate the fact that we as murder this chicken and we found it doesn't make sense like a swimming pool where the lake place smart because parasite either raise where time for a refill. Yeah. I know uranium is weird that large no enemy. Well, we Devon They liked cartoon eyes. These weird said were not really cartoons person alive no way the promoter Pfizer's you take an animal and give a human characteristics personify now, cart. Unification settled This goes just turning it into a fuckin car to re drinks will do a sweet, little cutie pie when really a chicken is a ruthless little fuckin dinosaur that maize eggs for
every day, but it is it. Is it weird to be eating a chicken and like There is an urgent matter where that chicken came from its like a picture of the chicken right, so Canada sees it. Weird way to handle. It is weird, but we, like cartoons, people love cartoons. What I think personification of animals. I think as part of the bear situation, yet as I can it out my son's nine months old and from before was born until now, there's carting bears rywhere there's like this yo personification of these cute little creatures that come along with being a little baby right and then and then look at so many Pixar dream works. Films are like personify animals, I think that's a mean its theirs doktor nation, into that right. There has to be. There is because, in those were those magazines, or rather those movies and books, you
those animals and never like eating each other, better obey and others. I mean if, like they're fucking, if, if he owed Hilda Hiker Hiker for up on one of the episodes of Yellowstone, and just around the turn out. Her and Yerkes like eating is really a bunch of people show to bear no you're just gonna weapon it apart eating Cubs yea and some dude Asshole first oil screamin in swatting at it with his fuckin hiking, squaring the circle life into backer yeah. There's this effort there's some indoctrination, and maybe maybe that's what happens. I just don't I have no idea. Why bears get this thing is bears It's not like. There aren't bears around there in almost all states. Aren't they like
That is what it is: people that don't experience them first hand and when they do experience of first and usually there in their car, like look a bare and they drive by Tommy that one bear that was walking on its hind legs and bows cute, or that one that at a broken front paws. So there is ever they call them like petals, or something like that. There was my friend Tommy. Listen Connecticut, sent me a picture of these bears. There were in the Middle EAST, St Duke in it out in Connecticut there are invading Connecticut now and that I have any pressure so here thing about, bear honey. As opposed to anything else. Like cow porn is weird in that, would they don't hunt mountain lions, but what's good about that is, California, has very little dear. Now, it's not good if you like to hunt dear. But it is good if you like to drive down the street, not slam the a fuckin dear Iowa. Doesn't
of mountain lions, but they do have a shit turn a deer, and when you drive late at night in Iowa, you gotta have your foot. On the gas ready to hit that fuckin break it any second I'd get the ranch. A girl guard is rough of a bad max real people everywhere. You look like Ireland Montana. These people have pickup truck with these battering ram front grid. The things that they will have idea. We kill online. I were you in any the less dear. We must hit with a car via with the brain and truck, I think we had at least two three dear, did you, while we're alone, I learned that we now get any Romans better driver than branded ass. We was going around if you listen, we never handle its anti. We didn't even one year we hit multiple, but they were telling me about em they're, like people just slam enormous area, that's it I'm sure the insurance industry would really enjoy
one county down. Last year a guide died because a guy in front of him hidden dear and the dear, flew through the air and went through his windshield in brain them. Luck! That's a shit! Luck the longer. You know, here's toilet that you lay out a docked dna. Like a doctor, as a pussy, I d been in them thanks to which it shit like that right in the Middle EAST, I have been dropped my car and I were seen as dear flying through the air, and I might well there's a good run like that. There's nobody about. It's been a good time. Airborne dearly gets his luck. The hundred DE pound, black through the air for now antlers hooves. I didn't like wells, I lived these years that this happened and I was lucky dad probably more lucky right yeah, but that's any
You know you started, I break down those things like more animals, less animals, the value of em and all these things. What a complex freakin thing to have to figure out I always is yet more. You read the more you jump in the more you go. You know gone to. New Zealand. Go into in northwest Torres going to Nepal, you go to these places and just realise that everybody same essential problem like to we out our. We live with these things that that we were in some ways meant to consume. Like there's evidence, of two million years ago in Tanzania, humans, early humans, hunting and so hundred thousand generations of people have a cent lived on a hunter gatherer die you then you had the Industrial revolution, couple generation to people kind were introduced to a new diet and the last couple generation have processed foods, run
and so you everywhere that I've ever been you find people are struggling with that thing. We're doin it it's just not us in right, but would you can exist on a plant based diet? I'm gonna know allowed he's a little can be done in those a hundred thousand generation. There's plenty people that didn't you know, existed honor gathered, I alone, but that you how money there were honestly, because I feel it people just really super optimum opportunistic. Back then made of we're just trying, survive and struggle. I dont think you would kids a like Hanno Anita Rabbit, Glenn, oh yeah. Rabbit is the way live and the generally, where its power in the that's oh yeah. If indeed I was right now a peace one time, and I into ran about these basket. Weaver people, our in value fire stay Park in Nevada, which is really close to Vegas, and he should go if you never been up their basket. Weir's basket basket major basket
we were people like native Americans yeah, they are essentially a roving band of nomadic hunters. I can't think of a year. He private up found it, but there is different generations of this. Actually roving ban tribes and in that area, next time in Vegas, it's like an hour drive nor there's a bunch of that depict like deities and and she in all these different things there and then you can just go visiting with fucked up lots of petrodollars. Men are not protected there's a ranch in Texas that I bought mine went to and he's like You just go over there and touch these things and they might be five thousand years old. I did that when my wife and I went up there, you can add a kind of spray paint, a workshop fucked up as a strange. It strange that you wouldn't find a way, but also probably polio cake is a natural occurring else. Unnatural palatial input fences. Bernard our stand and they are not what I mean. It's actually pretty bad asked that no one factor that yet far worlds
you go up there. You see these things nearly fully traps us. I read in a little bit about those people and they were part of a nomadic band of hunters. Gathers that lived in caves and an essentially followed desert bigger sheet. Much like any other Plainsville Buffalo. They were. They essentially. Follow these things and into this valley. Eventually, they emphasise Anasazi in it. Then they start cultivating the land and planing crops, and you get this like. Oh my gosh agriculture in hunting, which one is better. What do we do, and so the whole story of that interaction is interesting to me, because it's kind of the evolution of our culture right hunting is created this social structure, ways for us to communicate its create all these things. Ways for- to grow and expand. As we were. You know early humans ways for our brain to expand and grown and function differently, and then you have
It's like! Oh, it's a lot easier to plant crops in the ground than it is to go, kill a sheep right guys run. Anybody this easier? So then you get into this weird thing: I what do we do now and know? I think there Your story was very much like the Indians that go they go in and they cultivate this area and as long as they can grow crops, that's what they did. So this nomadic band of hunters of hunters settled in this area. Up, surely still hunted to get me to have to can't grow the whole year's worth of food. For for a valley like that, but- I think agriculture kind of one out a little bit in that and that scenario and as it would it's easier way to live evolutionary. What is right, I mean the whole, is filling your belly. That's the whole thing and everything you know you due to do whether its with dear, whether its with corn or whether its with with tomatoes whatever yet grow- and you know you just have to eat meat
that's that's the whole the whole picture staying alive back then. That's our hope. Sure today. So that's why It gets really complicated and that's what I think that hunters have done a really good job over the last x amount of years describing to people like if you are going to eat meat. This is the most ethical, the most cruelty free and the most natural way to do it and you talk about an animal that literally like ok. Here's provides ample that here that meal. Do they look that written that year, no idea, I was alive until it died and it died instantly Boom one shot it dropped. Right where I shot it and that's it and then it becomes stake in, comes delicious food that we ate and that Sir it's way better than any other animal. Did you ever gonna buy in a store of care for talking about farm, raise grass fed. You know
locally flowers. I figure evolution as a hunter has been accelerated more the mouse pack. It s how you do everything, but you went for when I first we first on in British Columbia was three three years ago it's a where you are now leave evolved in this. Like what you see, His hunting in our community our world and do indifferent things in it. Well, you have all from when I was a kid we just shot dear. Oh here's, a spike, here's, a four point is dear and and that was a great day dragged off, need it and its great. Now. I understand why more about what was doing then and what I M doing now and I think what at Hunter we need to be caught his love and comfortable with. Is you change your sensibilities change over time? You don't become a trophy hunter you're, not a trophy honor, but you do appreciate the difference between a small ailer animal in a large one as it the terms of its maturity in its how awesome it is to see three hundred eighty inch elk or to an image dear hell, you you, you pursue
is different. There was only shot that moves. It is also, but the also partly pursued this difference is that I understand that the benefits of going on to mature animals as if you're getting a mature dear you're, talking about a dear this, five years old. Dear, has had five breeding seasons has spread its genes and by killing it you're, going to give a chance to the younger bucks to that are coming up to breed. So it's done its part. Its brad its genes, its created its progeny and now you take it out my max and this the right way to do it, because then you ensure a healthy heard that, like especially for bear, that's the big argument you wanna take out the dominant ales does the down it males actually eat the marauders annals. Does the crane his part about it is by shooting a bore you gonna. Save the lives of many bear its a week
in many ways is calmer, catch twenty two, because you're talking about controlling population, it is isn't it catch. My too that the a young dear tastes? Better yeah? It's only Jacek. I really love access for me, but two. Then, when we were there there, like, we have certain call boxing or certain things. You want to shoot sake. I really have access dear and, if the house other just for meat, I would shout the youngest by not the youngest, by what picked a certain age group, but tell you here's the argument. I guess with access dear, that dear I shot was not young, those a big dear, not fucking things delicious wish. I guess better than that when their younger need that it's a fact that a younger animal is more tender is a better, better cut a meat than an older animal for share. In most cases, not all cases be added. Let us that's that general that giant Elk that shot, we saw the animals. There are less stats, amazing of any that thing for eight months now. It's fantastic do something, but Elk is
Great, no matter what yeah many years out, as you well know, you're talking to animals that it's hard hearted Macedonia, but in general, that's the bats, as they are the matter right since their lawyer. That argument, though you know I don't like that argument, I don't mind chewy meat and I like a lie. I Keating what I kill feel like. It feels good to me on top of it tasting good. Like if I eat a deer, that's a six year Oh dear there's too, go on wanders dissatisfaction that another six year old deal is very difficult to hunt. Yes, you know so much The places where you hunt other people hunting as well. A six year old dear, has seen people that are hunting dear period, a threat, so that dears be on point. That's a tough dear to kill so that by killing now dear, you get extra satisfaction at one and then on to you, you're you're, you're you're eating this animal that you have this connection with so tastes good. Because of that and I'd like I like meat that tastes like me, I want my
Philemon yawn in I, like I, like a deer stake. You know I got the best. A sirloin from a mule, dear Father, that I would say like if you took preservation and organic meet right. Any sound gone for I understand both as principles about hunting. Everything's great you're shoot that sexual meal there, if you and if you remove concert and you're not gonna shoot that sexual merely right cause, you're gonna get a younger deals easier to kill more ten or more delicious. You got that right. You know that our dog rca, the chef in MILAN, ten yeah, he was gets shit from other hunters, conceal, shoot a spike on purpose. Like look, I'm here for the meat guys, he was grocer shabby that should be in general. That should be ok, but there's principles that say, like the shooting. A mature animal is more beneficial to the hurt, so that yet another complexity that we should all just say like manasses here right now,
do you talk about a dance important. I think what you the way you approaches very important, easier. Tiredly, honest about the good and the bad, and the bear thing you know like it's like not the best meet its good needs, good, but It's ok, I'm not going to stand up and be ok. Policies need to bear as best they ever it's. Not some people love though I dont know if they told the truth there, temperatures truth, but it's just I'm I would assure them if they were able to offer me they'll find when it's better. I'm pretty sure why It depends entirely on the way to preserve all prepared radius, thing, above as an argument for hunting bears, is different than the argument for hunting any other animal, because you do eat them any need to kill them, because they don't have a natural predator. The problem bears is like, especially when in Alberta, she's crazy are everywhere people to think there's. A shortage of bears need to go to Alberta. The people.
I want to have one of those experiences, were you walk away from that? Really? Don't you see that he has it? twenty five members hanging out of here and there a cam like I wish we can call camp, can please text in he's at work right your job camp of your job camp and tell you for years quickly, job you too cool- to have a ninety five? It's he's gotta. Seventy five it takes. Two hours launched, go work out and run the mountains, while savagery this Saturday, It is pretty good at seventy Goddamn SAM, you might get my ass together and a legitimate well written I'm complain about either thing about campaigns, get him a forgotten. The more in IRAN like hundred ninety eight miles, fifth, due to thirty four, the summer elegance worth my dad was an ultra marathon honour, growin up in jail in worse. It's like smoking, crack get deeper and deeper into how much argument or justify a terrible analogy, but
It is I'm scared of it because I can run in further and further distances. Unlike what am I doing? and I'm doing it more and more often, if what am I doing here is feel no runners hi. What's a little bit of that, but it's also like, I feel improvement improvement junk. You know that I can keep out. I'm push further, I'm goin further distances. I feel better when I had the top of the hill, but my like all as a kid. I remember my dad is being irregular. He must be mid forties, maybe later what is, and he mode will like a fairly small backyard, any mode, a little circle, and you go out after work in his genes and his loafers, unlike jog around the circle mine, it was very nice has never look at them. We like you do in my elbows yard, was like maybe an acre out of wood big there. He was wrought in light just little circles in the yard.
Get to the end of the story. You your gift of virtue, but that was the best way to run right, and so, after a while he started running, you know, got running shoes and started to get into the actual sport of running, and It seems to me like three or four years later used like Africa, but around this fifty mile race and the mountains of Maryland J F K fitting and had he run marathons no now. So fifty mile raises like what it was six hours, seven hours. I didn't really good at eight or nine hours. I think eight or nine think of you started and maybe ten, I think, twelve, the cut off is one interesting like eight hours for fifty four four hundred and twenty four. Of course it is it's like listen, Bitch seven dials edge. Daddy's IRAN is used. Her home and places it was like the Jackie footballers up over the mountains, not like
memories, Tommy stories of like people falling in the Boston themselves, all up on these rocky Cliffs trails and he would come in and is becoming more that's how it is nice is awesome, but he would like is toenails always turn as would fall after the rays and click save on fundamental jar. Now Emory saves burgers, took no notice, tunnels it was almost like. This is like I can take that ran like testing and then he's my ran fifty in and I think one time you're in a hundred can I hear an entire scene okinawan time hundred eighty three miles- and I was like I think it was in- may be a senior in high school and I had like had to drive to the checkpoint. Like him foodstuff also, he never start into using its forties kind. Maybe fifty two is forties. Probably I would say yeah lay so urgent.
Did he keep disease still do it? How did you know he would still do it at his knees would allow into his mid sixties now. Sixty five is neither fucked up, but he still is Helstone Bike and hell still, he hikes all the time now. So we still has that like need to push push in. He ought, unlike when he gets around one of his bodies in particular that they ran together there like old army bodies and talk about this lake experience that they share together like member one time you tripped ninety four, when you trip and fail- and it's like stories it's like that, this visceral thing that they share, it's really cool and I like he did it passed me mean. Maybe it's midlife crisis man but yeah. He wasn't predisposed to run a hundred miles until it decided that he wanted to hear weird right, that that compulsion is a very odd one that didn't need for suffering. I camps, bad. It becomes a thing
he's had a bad unaware aware my dad, like you, gotta, need surgery, and then I will then it was ACL. I think it was It was at the scope of his name. He and the other scope scopes uneasy. One though it they cut his knee open Reimer. What I want your online, but any surgeon. I ll give it for five days before Europe moving around and he was like. Charges can reckon the backyard on day to limit around seeds, deluge pain, and that must be miniscule there. Something like that, some tenant of some sort, but it was just like you to see this. This dude is this is, if you can't do this man, it's not good for his sake If you can do it he's a happy guy. Will this something that happens to you when you push yourself like that, were mix, regular life easier and that's part of the addiction, that's real. I went in the palm and that's exactly why I came back. I was like I brought back a sheep, I kill know it's tough, but perspective You tell me how you we're hallucinating. Baby did tell me about the
How high were you will get, will have to start we're very. Like thirteen thousand, maybe thirteen or thirteen five, Thirteen thousand feet above sea level, yet it sets sketchy as far as I can she's, that's up the mess around with. I found a special districts and we were white and blue sheep in Nepal. Belushi pollution was Oliver up look, I can all dad. It's got these our it's got really really You can really see their annual. I, like the age rings and their only go straight out a short and stocky stocky, look at another coup animal and is one of the things where we want the hunt him and I don't really have much an idea. What bushy was until till we start getting into the thing, there's one hour of aroused the collar wow. What a cool can animal yeah they're mine was quite there and that we must make it might be at a farm, but does mode grass and may be blunt- the goats monographs outlooks
more. I saw a very disturbing video of a goat eating a whole bucket of chicks, I'm a little baby baby chickens, yeah What were you are? It was an instagram page. I think it was either was Jimmy Jew or clown in the home yeah. That's it right there dislike, it will go. Just sitting there eating This is on Youtube and was the name of the video Jamie. Their malaysian go. Eating live alive, baby chicken, so this is too, several bins of baby checks. And this go to just stand there and it just reaches in choose down and the goats carnivores, so they don't have the teeth for this, and I think this baby chicks triumph fuckin clause, where it's just what he reaches in places like. I can't get it lost out on that one lived: look, he gets one he would go. I've got to be
he's just start? Usually one just starts to and I work with this one wild Impala fights back as its guts fall out really make an occasion. Rice, Predator Hunter, yellow this this Paula is getting chewed apart by this wild dog. Do it don't stop it? Airbus, is lower than in the cavity. Oh Jesus Christ, that's like where the bacon is now up it's terrible god. Africa, dirty other regular system pause like come off me. I'm stabbing you motherfucker. I know I got weapons and what is your tail Likud? This show down there Italy is God's, are literally hang out to the ground and its standing. How tough for these things, man- and I
I would not want to give gourd by that. Impala Horn, the dog, does now on a road. I sure there's a railroad their paved. The challenges circles into. We can catch him on the flank. Isn't it is messed up like wolves and cards? They hit the backlog first, Pierre. They cause that shock and blood loss. I'm a big cats is least cats grab you by your net. It really does your mother. Fucker is not doing this, and this is where the whole minute thirty left to this There's more more commends, that's it! That's a rat just grab the God of the common moors fallen out. Now, how can it be alive? I have no idea who stand and they just go and after the leg is another one doesn't know what to do: man, whereas in some v in June is dinner, tastes like what six of them three for housing.
Seven. In its now. It's there now look at that shocked alleys, border guards out one watching look out ass. They tear that fuckin thing hard look at that body cavity? Now holy shared the jury behind our no jokes, in those guys are nothing compared to hyenas yeah it's hard out. There is the point I give you get hit by an arrow its way, but that folks has extremely terror. Yeah we're going for the vitals. We're going for double lungs, offer a heart. And nice and quacks is the biggest problem. The internet you get from like. What's a blue sheet to that shit, yeah, will you can you can go way deeper than that? You know chop, his dick off the other day. What yeah. I just for a guy I was looking at different hashtags online and I four hashtag triggered. I think I'm
the road hashtag triggered, and sometimes I look for hashtag triggered thinking. I could find opposed that. I wrote a good luck theirs. Millions. There were. One of them was this: one do chop and his own dick off and they somehow another got on Instagram They have that IRAN. They know the great nobody, nobody caught it before they pulled down. Look there's no way they can take down everything fucked up his hashtag after that savage giving the guys we're like well organised, get this What do you do for the hashtag cassettes we gotta market, like we? Have people treasured trick ass to trigger the air they have to market it does not find marketing marking to use a big thing You know what I was reading: southern inhalation, some fuckin, you tube, not even you two brothers, some Instagram person was talking about what they do to market their brand
and all they were like of fitness person- knows I get the fuck out of here man. You have a brand youth Ten thousand flowers. Are you a brand are you just some duty? Does squats can't be like Tuesdays arms? Bad, that's my brands, my brain ran marketing, worrying Workin Horridum a brand. It's like those those those kind of phrases. People use those allotting, they won't do something because its Austrian, that's even extra level of do. She knows I feel really it's not like my brand, and I won't put that because it's off brand for me, who was My brand right, exactly funded, put, not seems quite right. Asterisk social media. So tell me about seeing the baby in the pile of efficiency gods area with Lucia Logan. Yes, we're looking for with cheap. So I'll start off by saying that we are hunting in very rural policy role as a mere six days, walk from the nearest road. Where we were told us.
Things days with a day off, and I said how many days walk to the paved road, and there has been much talk about we'll know we can engage them and so we're in this remote region. Nepal, in this district called a rope home district and to say that the Rocard district is full this like primal, this primal people when animals are- and it is really just out their place. I think you know to be out way from civilization. That was the the furthest. I think he could feel we were out there and the people The people there were part of a civil war or the Nepali civil war from ninety six sixty two thousand six. This district was maybe the epicenter of the rebellion there's a communist party rebellion against the government against the monarchy, and so
The people there are are amazing, because I've lived in this abject poverty for their entire lives and not only that they lived through this civil war. In recent times. We think about civil wars. Dislike thing. We go to see a national part sailor. We're we're with these people were hunting. We go into a helicopter into ten thousand feet, which is this just knob in the middle of nowhere. We hike about a full day to our base camp, which is as little village called delay. Arza in the middle of course, unawares like this terrorist village, and we made our sherpas in and made a bunch locals and from there we go up we're gonna. Do I think we had two or three more days of hiking just to get to the area where the blue sheep live so you're, hiding from about ten thousand feet at our highest. We are price. Sixteen
for sixteen. That subject, and so the first day we go up and we acclimate we cited. Our rifles were hanging out. And we go into this ladys little Mud Dirt hut, essentially just like prize half the size of this room with a little with a goat standin in a corner and a little far pit sit round is far pit and sir. She start telling this story about how right where we were sitting during the rebellion, the police, the government, please Is this like maiden ceramic thing outside we regret, and so we were all just drinking. I wasn't thinking much about drink in it and then we had war day before we left the next day. Everybody was sick, but me I'm talkin shit, your pants puke out the tent. We had two or three people shit their pants. The next day it was the the Katmandu flew like everybody, everybody that wasn't native to that area, get sick. I didn't on the first day
thing outside. Where regret, and so we are all just drinking, I wasn't thinking much about drink in it, and then we had one more day before we left the next day. Everybody was sick, but me I'm talking shit, your pants puke out the tent. We had two or three people shit their pants. The next day it was the, the cat man, do flu, like everybody, everybody that wasn't native to that area got sick. I didn't on the first day, so everybody recovers the next day we're going up the mountain we going up. We probably Klein about two thousand feet. We go over this pass and I'm feeling good, I feel, like everyone else, has probably feeling pretty crappy and we're going down this ravine in this river valley to go we're on these, like through three foot, wide goat trails. Probably it's like you. If you go to the right you're dead, he stepped you feed to the right. You're gonna get your dead fall off new debt. We ve got twenty four sherpas importers. We ve got three or four mules with all our camp gear.
Going up this mountain in a string of people, price thirty people, long, I'm in general, in the middle, and we stopped at some point after we had crested this high point and we're going down- and I remember feeling pretty good. I got my trekking poles and going it's warm outside and I'm gone, I'm like enjoying the view slump down in the snow, the game I saw it in so I stood up and on life, you're, ok, you're good! He fell down and no recollection how I got there. What was happening it so you hiking, and I could go on and we had a little problem with the mules. These meals we're goin over this and I think in my mind, I understood what was going on like a kind of maybe stumble back against this rock law and then just slump down in this Ah the game I saw it inside. I stood up and on life: you're, ok, you're good! He fell down whatever, maybe a little weird and
a second time to let these meals go back. By and like I had to hang onto a bush on, the side of the trail is thereby- and I got back up on the trail- you hang onto can get through, because the snows yeah, I got videos of snow's too deep, and you talk in a trail half as wide as this table. Maybe- and I'm trying to get these in your you know a thousand feet down to the river. And so are we stopped. We all stopped a second time to let these mules go back by and like I had to hang onto a bush on the side of the trail as they went by back up on the trail. You hang onto a Bush for dear life, where you get yet footing, but we are we at filmmakers with us. Our doing consecrated shit like hanging hanging off some do in just to make a video here to make the medication they were, and so we stopped. We start going again
most everybody gets out front of me, I'm slowing up and I'm feeling dizzy and I'm like man, okay, maybe I just stood up too fast. I didn't eat enough today. I'm going we're going at at some point. I just like it snapped in the room is spinning like crazy. There's no predictor, you could be a rookie or you can be a veteran. You can get it like that, like it's just as part of we see level, and I was at a place that was thirteen thousand feet. I've never done that for an the prepare for it at all. She can and does not really any. I train I did for about. We didn't really know we were gonna, go until later saw train for about a month and a half, but not Are you can't train like there's? No, they told me before we go like I'll sue sicknesses, no predictor, you could be a rookie or you can be a veteran. You can get it like that, like it's It's part of the way your brain loses oxygen at those altitudes and it says no real predictor for it, and so I don't think physically, I was having any problems
Ben everywhere and his emetic, and so he's talking through a little bit of the situations like this. It is not good, like you're, too busy to walk no good. So let's get some water and you let's restless some food, and you see the meanwhile up the value, the rest of the crew to the next cap. So I am, and I spent like twenty minutes just go and really slow and I can do- and I think I can't stand up- do I can catch my. I kick it my head to get back on their shoulders. This is not good like if you're too busy to walk no good. So let's get some water in you. Let's rest, let's get some food in you see what happens. Meanwhile, up the valley, good rest of the crew to the next kin
and I spent like twenty minutes is going really slow and I couldn't do it as I can't stand up to. I can't catch my. I can't get my head to get back on my shoulders, and so we sit down and we're sitting there, and I look across this little bowl in this valley, the loser my shit a little bit at that point on this, not good, and so then I'm sure and his money thinkin. I am oxygen- is a pill you can take to help us do sickness any thinking about good. I don't exist. They don't exist where we were not district in that in the hunting everywhere is now
nope, so you're hallucinating hallucinating, but it was not one of those like you see, you shake your head, it's gone, it was like a looking at it and it was. Let me know just this life. What could have been a stump, but in my mind it was a freaking wolf losing my shit, But at that point like it's, not good, and so then, I'm sure in his mind, he's thinking. Diamox is a is a pill you can take to help with altitude, sickness and he's thinking about. Okay, are we helicopter in this guy out of here on day two out of what we going to do? Cuz it's? not a parliamentary demas realer demon, it's nothing to master, whose only day two year, while data or the actual trip we are for five days into being in Nepal, that they too, of the track in and so we sat there for a while- and I just lookin- and I remember- to look and act like ten minutes and still at being there. This is not good until we get up to go and I'm like, I can do it. Man, I'm going to do it cuz, I don't want to leave,
one hunt and we get going a little further down this trail and at this point I'm trying to like find some levity in the situation. Joking with him he's joking with me, I trying to be normal and when I know that my head not normal or gone real, slow It was so unusually sires like a baby that come on baby I didn't say anything to on aid. Failure was a really big naked baby. If I heard they were held, Copper right see a buddy Yes, I think so I alone unusually size have you saw it on the street. You behave well what a whopper, as at your leisure, serious baby science, should be studied, get there
This view is on this either, and so I'm thinking like I'm not saying nothing to ban, because this baby is like might take it at home. She was baby fibre heap. There's a baby right happen. I would like to the chopper right, say: buddy right, you, made in this way you it wasn't like the water was like. I saw it. I stated like I saw it and then I looked back and I was there and I look back wasn't there, so I kept going I'm like a baby. If you really there fuck, you should be up here anyway. It's, not my fault, harsh with it. Whatever baby stay there, so in saving to Ben about the baby. They write off and we're getting Eventually I just can't on in like with me- and you know I was talking positively I wasn't hallucinated any more than the baby and wolf, which is enough
get down when you're going down this ravine and camp, you can start Seecamp, God putting together and essentially he's like just give me your pack. Can you check my pulse, give me everything and he held my shoulders and just have one step, one step, one step for a solid hour and a half or so until we get to camp. Philologist him, and I talking about here's a scenarios. Are you? Is this really, you know? Is it acute mountain sickness or what did you get sick, like the other people got? So yes, so that in the next day so light than that. You think it was because a drinking that moonshine, I think we got sick of the moonshine. It could have been worse which back trail to go, and I can't remember like not much like when I felt I am aware that my feet on the ground in these truck and pulls written ground. Like I'm aware I'm doing this, but I do Leggum can control it affiliate. I could be flowed through the air as well as walking is weird. Like head detached from New Zealand while is nearly
Nepal in eating food and drink, the mention of that. So who knows it was the moonshine nowadays in committee, so we finally made the camp and we're we're doing a film. So there fell in me, I'm all messed up, and I was the out of it and coming down the this my trail to go in a itself I remember like not much like I'm aware that my feet hit the ground in this trekking? Poles are hitting the ground like I'm aware that I'm doing this, but I feel like I can't control it. I feel like I could be float through the air, just as well as walking is a weird like head detached from body feeling, and it was like it was coming on at the same times, altitude- and it was just my body- was fighting this battle against itself,
a hundred percent. I think I was more focused on levity and more focus on like making jokes and like make. It seem, ok break as that's the only way that my mind rap selves around, like oh, hey, you, dumb ass, you train for months with Nepal. We do and you idiot rank. He got a kid. You live in Texas, eat this, right. That's the first thing you think about what you're in a bad situation in the woods, and why do I have to be this adventuring asshole? Yes, that hundred percent salon, Hlavaty and more focus on like making jokes and like making it seem. Okay, That's the only way that my mind can wrap self ceramic. Oh hey you dumb ass! You train for a month, wasn't nepal? We do in your area right, you get a kid! You live in Texas, you this what the fuck
What the fuck are. You do in this brain body. Tell you like, when dummy donor, but at the same time like I'm here, it's amazing these people this place the feeling Spirit like you, gotta get through it like. If there is anything to get through than you, it would be this, and so you get. I got hardened to fact, and I think you know, as events Leah had some more and I went to sleep and I woke up and milliner and then the managers in the tent questions will medical bags Laguna with me. So will I feel like that serious? I think they had a discussion while asleep about do. We just does you wake up and a helicopter? Does he wake up going back Katmandu lay Tribune balls, yet under the science of somebody smarter than they could tell you like what actually was going on, whether I was just a pussy or there is a national to be a wolf. Did you tell anybody about the baby or worry about the Wolf
right at the moment baby was there I'm like listen baby. Let's make. Let's make a pact, I'm going to keep you funny raps for a while, so you're. Basically like tripping balls, I was just a pussy or there was an actual like scientific stuff going down since it's illegal and it's legal California's assist, hit me hard. Keep going, keep going. Are you doing that so the next day there's more to the story to tell her so much to tell, but the next day we get up and I'm feeling we pretty weak, still not country that her and were hike in, feel pretty good. We get a spot where our main God, man,
At the moment in time, I'm going but we're back Sheep Kemal sheep. Let's do it and were gone. I think we will probably had a five or six hour hike into the next. Can we start again in a country that her and were hike in an feel pretty good and we get to a spot where our main God, man had spot, is cheap, and so we get to where he s, bonds of sheep. I'm feelin tired, I'm like that. We were going up as we go we're going up as we go, so we may be air. Fourteen thousand feet or thirteen five at that point and we sit down his glass and his sheep farmer, glass and a man like like said our up. You can imagine going too far to get him and then off my stomach just
I'm feeling pretty good and we get to a spot. Where are Maine Guide mine had spots of feet until we get to where he gets bodies of sheep. I'm feeling tired, I'm like we're going up as we go, so we may be there. Fourteen thousand and forty or thirty five at that point. And we sit down he's glass, Nishi primary Class and I'm like okay they're like so far up. You can't imagine going that far to get him, and then I have my stomach just like. Oh no, oh god, my stuff, screwed. Does you bought star gaunt figure that matter but muzzle, but most like when you hold in a way that you gonna drop yeah, that's allows Jesus James, you, let me say this about ants
Everybody on this trip was okay with it because it was happening. It was with some pretty extreme conditions, and I wonder I always wonder now looking back on it like how well I would have done if there wasn't Smith in like. He should his pants nothing during like they want, and I don't have any pair of pants he had, but I remember watching him like scrubbing the shit out of his pants thinking. Like the occasional short order was right, is fine, clear bodies dislike you. Realizing that your mind has a directive, that's rebel, your bodies dealing with some pretty extreme conditions, and I wonder I always wonder now, looking back on it like how well I would have done if there wasn't sickness and like I had some stuff like go to Katmandu and assist Dustin Dirt and all this craziness and I had to go into respiratory issues and then sickness, and then visions it's so good that it really shouldn't be considered a hunting show.
You know, because really it really is fuck exploring cultures in Shockey, Those who don't know who Jim Shockey is Jim Shockey is one train we respected in the hunting world. Delicious steps download. It says it is what you do and this we gonna Macao fly home out. But maybe even more important. That he's got a show, they have blocked uncharted show in Poland, where I wouldn't worry autobiography right and when really shouldn't be considered, a hunting show because what it really is exploring cultures in the most remote parts of the World Gym goes to the strange villages in the middle of Russia. No one goes to have it. I get off. Has stories like last time I was at James Place. I can and like it says it is what you doing this. We get him a fly home, the family what're you doing bison and
and they have place and in full, as what I think is very sad, be aggravated rise. I may examine about regulating same kind of thing right and when I was I saw Jim about a month before he left for Nepal and Jim had been you should, where you can find foot the fool episode of Gems Nepal Hunt with his crew. It is they, film that are like doing self filming this kind of it's how I felt this like you're, just a just a mess, just a mess, and I said to him as I can in like a month. Half the people, know villager either missing arms or they have a chunk taken other leg in one they were there. They lost a woman. She was going down there either to fetch water to wash your clothes, and she got taken out these people worse They are either fetch water to wash your clothes and she got taken out in these people
show or a an episode of his show he went to a thank you was Mozambique? Were there hunting crocodiles because the crocodiles eat all the people that work in that live and work in this village it is crazy. These poor people, these people, live under the threat of monsters on a daily basis like half the people in the village are either missing arms or they have a taken out of their leg and why they were there. They lost a woman. Going down there either fetch water to wash your clothes and she, taking out these people were screaming and weeping. It was so hard to watch man to watch it gremlins bearing mother fucker. Because they know this woman that they loved taken. Or by a maltese member, the end of that yeah, the end of it where they cut a crock, open and pulled, was like a shoe on bananas and rocks ballot. Sometimes shirt around something like that.
On TAT should be on a different shape, yeah, it's so good. So it should be on a What's this song's name the thumbs up, mother, Fucker things are as they should and were trail cams bunch, a dip sheds there are you know there. You know the Lord bless me one as bull came over to read besides, like Renault is that are just brilliant, mean reality show or shows rather like monopolised. Rinaldo show is just a brilliant chow, meaning easily could be on any other network. It's it's shy, by Cyril Point Zero, the same people that shoot Anthony poor Danes show the same people issued a ton of a winning Emmi award, winning shows is a brilliant show, and then he got these Ngos. Are they shooting which rail cams bunch a dip sheds there are, you know You know of the Lord bless me one as bull came over the ridge. Ok, it's a little thing: there's a a ramp,
although this is a guy. Jim, is like policy by post. Sixty or so you get up there, sounds like fake simplicity to it It goes on all the time Who has this like legitimate appreciation for these cultures that he it's all over the world. I mean it goes to these. I remote places and communicates with these tribes. Oh, that live in the jungle or the mountains or wherever it is, and you could tell the I appreciate what they do and like it's not for me, I don't wash it and unfounded, but I appreciate other bubbles lie hidden its langley. It's it's. Of wild and amazing things, and now this point life would have really desires or extreme experiences. Reality, coups D, Europe, so where he just got like the whole themes like sitting in silence,
It was something like that and then every once in a while, you ll see one word like that. You know by his own barboza yeah. I appreciate what they do and like it's not for me. I don't watch it and unfounded, but I appreciate Alibaba's like it and it's it's it's hunting, but ethically produce yeah Harlow Hunter? They do a really good job with their eddying footage and they did you really good jobs are in Ramey. Although hundred on early great timber, and like if you're looking for their talk about his dad talking about grown up and is no music. It's just one or two million have wonderful, and so you wash something like that. And then every once in a while, you'll see one where you like what's going on Jackson position between that. What what Stephen JAM on these elections able to like even cinematically produce
Are you really all you care a really good job with there's a lot of bad information? really, a german citizen Remy, like solo hundred, I really great timber and timber net. There? Is this really good and, like I don't know, if they're pulling up the ones that aren't so good or they're being brought down, I'm not sure I'll, think it's either or united in one another. One of my favorite is western hunter. That's amazing, show you know a native Nate, semblances fuckin, so good that it and, I would say, as a hunter, it's hard lady really all Do carrots honey just want to read, there's a lot of bad information. Cuz a lot on television mean television, but then you got like western Hunter, which is a lot of really good information. Public land- and he would he does is go deep into the backcountry hiking sets up camp and does it the hard way? That's the real, hardware there's a lot of that
man. It's hard to tell people to tune into a show if they've never had any appreciation whatsoever for hunting to be hard. Would you turn into you know. I mean you would be there in my there's three, I feel like western hunter theirs. You look into the live, really good too, but doubtless probably the one. I was an to found our nation that you're gonna get and the internet actual there's a bunch of em that are really good and yeah. I guess so. You know me, I was important to me. I guess I did along in my life and career and like I have. So now- and I'm trying to figure out what I want him to know like it's important to me, that there's good that people like Steven out there, representing kind of my thoughts and feelings and in a way that I probably couldn't you know
so I want to stress our struggle with that. I don't want to live if he says I dad, let's watch out or shall I want to be like a man like, so I do appreciate Steve for what he doesn't know, there's a bunch of em that are really good, and I guess I would say at the end of the day I've always struggled with being a roomful of hunters and wash and the authorities because were high fucking crazy. You don't think he knows when the punch and when not upon surpluses to our way of looking at it. So if you would prepare useter make that flows into the actual, like the quality of the content and how you know, because I feel like if I'm watching, Nate, Simmons or Steve Rinella or Remy Warner, those guys. I don't think anybody should be second guessing what those guys do in the field you have a level proficiency did to me. That's like the layman, watching you have two packages that can invest in it. It's a big deal.
Writers, you have two packages to invest in it. It's a big deal gap to launch it right after Tosh Point now on what other ninety invested in it to religious, statistical, good. We, oh good, everybody How you get on hunting television, you have money and you buy airtime, their rights, that is that there is no cloth, explain now, because most people have no idea. So on the outdoor channels, foresight of you, you wanna, put a show and comedy central. You have to make a deal. Comedy central producers for real riders. I point out on whatever ninety invested in it to religious. If this does good, we are good, everybody can buy in the cable channels that are out toward Sorceress Channel is the business model is not that you, you pay the network for the air time essential run. You deliver them content. They have very little oversight over what you deliver than theirs rules. You know how many times you shall kill shatters like there's theirs
what they have rules rules, what s hold on. Rules, and how many times you could show a kill, shouted early shore. So you can't like shoot a deer two minutes into the episode and just died at the debt. The authorities at his watch closer but dears eyes. The arrogant priority close upon the arrow is Red Cambridge death metal. Anything years dying. Forty of shows are people who pay for air time, and then companies come in and sponsor. There shall pay that for their food It could be a show like that, and I mean it's not a naughty fuckin chose there there you that are like a metal inspired by evil, but so there are right there are. I am trying to be typical,
I think you're right there there are some brilliant shows, but but you pay and there's some shows our own by the network, but that is the minority. The majority of shows are people who pay for air time, and then companies come in and sponsorship, pay that for their food that we're, though, that a network on actual regular Directv, like you, can get Two channel six hundred and five six hundred and six six thousand six hundred and four and gods greater than the beauty in the bounty of Jesus cries out here in the I would say the Fucking United States uses Putin. The viewership in terms of like the people that are on the show are literally two or three channels away from black dicks and white, chicks on Directv,
like five, ninety five, ninety seven and then you go six so for all that we're out here represent gods greater than the beauty in the bounty of Jesus Christ. Out here in the far well, you're, always to re Aeroflot blow poles and wide holes next on Directv click, click, click, Jesus as bless me with this turkey, You are no longer Geier, end of friggin high, a massacre you're always to clear away ass the internet. This is television like written. You know it's there, to him, and finally, after said that Trump did respond. Column second rate, not funny things. Ratings die, ratings battle is tough and then Colbert gets on tv negroes, Mr Trump had evolved.
I too uses his mouth is prudent, cock, holster, hut, yes, but he's even call bears very religious rights. He is he said that we can say to reset it on television recently yeah his ideal yeah. His idea, he was going at this is the inside story. He was baiting rob to respond to him and finally, after he said that, did respond column second rate, not funny listings ratings die ratings battle is tough and then Coburg. On tv negroes, Mr Trump, out of all the things I know you don't understand the one thing. I thought you dinners and was show business eyes troubles You responded to me. That means I win and theirs is it. A seat is huge, the president had acted. The president is tolable is an issue he's trawling as well as being troll a bull Psycho Scarborough and his fiance deal that whole story where the president, but we and out of these kept a woman, came to Morrow Largo, but she had face lift surgery and she
bleeding very badly and he did not go. Did not hang out with them. He tweeted that minors. Last week I gotta get back on Twitter, it so bad that Scarborough left the Republican Party. What is happening is Carlos. Like look, if you guys are going to support this, he goes on the republic anymore, you some going into penniless. I still have republican values. I felt the Belarus geopolitically answer. I'm not gonna do this. We live. We live estranged strain, Just the strangeness of organ does to his call strange timescale, jargon that efforts have seen you tell us, we can will be. Are you gonna be yeah we're gonna be there, for it is total coincidence. My wife doesn't pleaded with a totally Little archery challenge is action
there. At the same time, a hunting is total coincidence. Total coincidence, like, I can't believe this baby absolutely is I'm doing a show wilds of New Mexico in September. I always wanted to visit this native american reservation. It turns out that they invited me to hug ice in there. Want to go, but I don't wanna, there's a lively five people coming to the show, don't be disrespectful well strange times it is. I must Like I do. Every was well look on CNN and or something- but I know I'm not one of those people- I've seen people my life, they get so wrapped up in that stuff. That becomes a becomes a reality. I've never been affected by anything. Donald Trump is done in my daily life. The healthcare thing is different: I think in my daily life there are few things that directly affect me other than something that seems excess central other than the environment, Again: healthcare, robot, Daniels, Newman effect. You were you feel that your party lobby, manure, it does
The problem is that we don't like, on a day to day basis, it doesnt touch your skin, it doesn't make you're eared, nerve, endings response you can choose urged, there's a choice right man, you can choose to not. You can choose to create some sort of bubble for that news and in politics, and let only what in in its got out, I try to do I'm always doing it, but I don't just turn it on sit there and watch CNN Russia, Rio man, russian on the street punch, faceless other news report, whether the reporter he admitted this whole kind of bullshitted for ratings. Of course, of course, it is course it if it bleeds ITALY abandoning guides I don't know: what's real anymore, Don't I dont want to ever say I mean I want to look in the things for sure,
it's. Not that I'm not I'm not thinking about it. But two. I watch house of cards too much. Let's drink there. Surely this is not a sponsor was important. How ya do down this Reverend mother, not I'd like to know you didn't, really gets hundred percent no sugar. This one is there their energy drink. I think it is. Twenty mg of caffeine. Which is like a good cup of coffee in a Starbucks Venti. I think it's two hundred, so it's not quite, but not quite a Starbucks venti. Not even a grand day, but it has Europe sugar. It actually tastes, really good which, like one, I shut down! This motherfucker zevia silently, maybe it'd make really good soft drinks to do. We have any soft drinks in the fridge or just the energetic thrust when those soft drinks in the fridge for that as a first time visiting California, I gotta do shit like what's that drink this area,
people in California dont respective yet been here. Like you, don't even know what to do here. Then your mental great airplanes had never liked it. This morning I went out, get like parfait. Ah, yes, with granola, there was some good elinor and then I got I went to the pool little bit and did me males nice and drank sparkling water. These any house. There were no therein. I can't there if you ve, never had next time you Atalanta, Beverly Hills or at least go to a hotel Beverly. We have arrested today, like Wigan yeah. I really need to see like the communist or a poke, my hand By the way my friend Ben worked for uranium, and, to be honest here, this is a yeti. Ramble aerial send me likes me are those cold or no so it is grape soda, but its euro sugar try one of those girls girl delicious.
By way of response now I get in trouble all time for shit the not trouble, but people accuse me, someone else bitches. They always think that, for whatever reason I'm getting paid for stuff, I get the peace you're right. You don't have to have one, but I'm tellin you if you have the money and you want to occur. Ben works reality. I wanna be honest here. This is a yeti, ramble, aerial, semi likes and getting things, but I bought yet issue. Before even work for years- and I was telling p of our making. Yet he made that very clear to me to outside our creating I'll. Do you need a cooler something yet ease Harry had to yet these ones off O Brien got yet. Is there the best? It's I kid, there. If you ve never had one people go, loser votaries bones of your right, you're right, you don't have to. But I'm telling you if you have the money and you want a crazy fucking cooler. They are the shit How do you feel about the ones that there's one that
really copied Yeti lacking in every way. Many, but I mean a copy, the two way very flattering the way. The logo airs- and someone was saying- hey man- this one is like half the price and it does just as good and like ok and then there was like this battle after opposed to that in the comments section of Instagram, where people are copycats it, you know that there is debates. I mean it's a good, robust debate on. What's the better cooler, it's funny that yet it's kind of well, it created a premium cooler category then an and when you create a category like that, when you and become a businesslike, yet he is you're. Gonna have people there Carl along for short and they can need us. We can lay down this whatever, but as long as there's not they're not infringing on the things that are aren't, paper on shooting journeys. As far as that goes,
fucking, God of theirs. Every time we have an adequate like the ads from my podcast urban knows or adds people pay for those. That's what about when we talk about it? I was my argument of like people pay for ads and Germans, the ad he never never just like froze in it's all good, but what I mean I want. I find something that I like that's good. I tell people about it, and for whatever reason, people always hazel eyes at such a hard thing to get their heads are well because it's their cynical and they should be. It has people I full of shit. There's a lot of people are full of shit, but I swear to fucking God There is every time we have an adequate like the ads from Ipod Jazz Urban Nosair ads. You pay for those that's what when we are talking about now is my argument of like people pay for ads and Germans, the ad he never- ever just like froze in during a pocket just pull out? Nor does it happen. Not if I taught us Exuviae I've- zero I bought this-
I ran out. I ordered these all on Amazon, Dotcom out every form, its very foolish, the fucking great I drink this. Over time? You know why, because it tastes good and it doesn't many bullshit in it like this- is all just zero calories euro sugar. He now I mean it. Grape soda is clear, but as an army, prison legal is great but lack clear water supplies, EMA, scrape, loves you as long as even add, and I haven't forgotten nothing to do with our company there, not as will answer. What is it that the whole world like facts? Are you ok, will sign their motives, the facts and, like everything right, I could say our creative yet is a great cooler. It's the best either were used, I use them all the time more than any normal person. My brow and I found it to be- I'm proud or for the company, because it's something could stand behind. Stop you. Whatever man right, you she'll and for your company were like I just but it's isn't it smart, though, that people are that send a gloomy, let cook, but here's ravine
am I rant and rave about the glory of a nineteen sixty five corvette. I don't work for one sixty five corvettes? Ok like this, a reality about certain things that are awesome. The people of created that I celebrate and I don't I don't say, I'm not going. Talk about Zevia, cuz you're, not a sponsor, I'm not going to talk about because you're not a sponsor, is its interest to me it's all interesting, I like I like, when people get it right wanting, you have, as I suspect s where you done your closing a thousand upstairs, and if you remove like all consumer products from the conversation it would suck, The problem is people boiled down innovation to a consumer product. They boil down to committee, Euro possession that somebody has to purchase right, I'm I'm not look now that way, I'm being honest when I'm, when I'm looking at something someone and so create some new innovation, I'm looking like how could they dead? Oh yeah, I wish they may. I wish I could figure had what I don't even think that
hey, I'm not an inventor, but I do. I do get excel Will there be a career of thanks wheels it promoting shootin at much. I swore a real real check out called What's the name of the company, Breadcrumb Tech, Bluetooth, that's the problem is I'm shooting eighty six? answer to our strong alone right through hands. Listen one of the many knock spoken out. We can track those tat. A lot of people tell through me to tell you just a dial down a little bit about for a variety of Attica. Wheels can be promoted, shootin at much poundage she's in the press, which I do often he must do as my brain. They sprang debates understand why people, don't it doesnt a fact. Into their mind that some people are stronger than them screw like if you we'll sixty pounds. I don't feel bad
not upset at you. Lady things. Look so they shoot this arrow and then with your phone, you can track the knock through a blue tooth device that have some sort of a g p s locator on it. I shoot and the grass, which I do often he must as my brain, they sprang Bates. Army are Amy S Rocky Mountain oxen. Nation. Good man, please, Young America had formerly Martha Marrakech. My phone number wait. We have the new studio. Have miracle AG. In the background we sit back their Jamie John, I'm gonna have you preview the news to the new? Nobody knows anything that is not a new studio when, when it comes, it will be epoch, Don't worry about these Knox, It's gonna be a good way to fine arrows for sure but woods but interesting as it'll be a good way to track animals. Have you
Why should an animal like allow times people shoot an animal and the animal runs and its in thick cover and you can't find it it's dead. It died quick and animal run two hundred yards inside of a few seconds and die immediately and you might never find if you shoot exact. You are able to put a holidays of his lungs or the two. It's done ever diameter rage brought airborne and a quarter whatever whatever it is. You can run home your hundred years, a perfect example that place we were at a Texas. Oh yes, this he's had these scrub oak that were six feet tall and you could not get into and the animals you would shoot one they get the guys you're talking to us about pigs. I care we had a pig contest. One shot three loss to get one. And it didn't make sense until you go there. You go oh yeah, I gotta find that. You really get in there. How would we go there? Why would you do that, while data needed trim that stuff? It's should talk to about that
I think they kind of knew what they were put it off, but it was just like Jesus Christ. I give so much. Bush any pleasure aren't like specially when you think about from a game even in will now you think this failure place like if I asked you to do you see it go down or whatever it goes beyond the Bush goes arise and you go you like, oh crap, why not the so we were at the last day where the grass was six feet high and the animals were in the grass multimedia drier before they were waiting. What's crazy was Ben and I were there I shot at this one dear and other dear. That would like thirty feet away from us jumped out of the bushes like they were, hiding being they hurt us talking, they knew we were there and it is laid low, yeah. Well, they like they lay, and then you shot an arrow and they were like. I know that sounds like they ran off and I knew we knew they didn't cross into the next little panic like the next crisis road. So I around and got up on this like mound. Into the grass, and I could see
in their there. Like talk your shit, what do we do, as Europeans and that I will try to get you to go in there. But you are what like six feet away from this angle. By the time we got to whom I was no no further away fifteen feet yeah an exorbitant excise duty, swords grown out of his head, the multiple, pretty crazy, but there's animals evolve to experience. Whatever the danger Of their environment, aren't there dangers are hunted percent people in that then most probably for five years old, been around people for four or five years like oh, I get it. When people around there's running Man, people have never got me in the sky ass. Yet nobody has ever been able to do it so how'd you will. How did that Nepal thing and get it together? I did get it together. I think we left off it. I started yet
sick, while the whole. Next day I was puking shittin and just I had the flu everybody else governed sky like two days later, and so it was day the day it was the first day, we'd seen sheep, so we were three or four days until the end of a track and we were cabin somewhere at fourteen thousand feet and the next the guy's with other guy had tat call goes up shoe to sheep and I6, like they climb up. Two thousand feet: sixty mile an hour wind burst, microburst frostbite conditions like these guys when they came back, looked beaten- and these are call Kramer who we went with his a Alaska, Bear Guide and mountain home and it's hard core gets and I look his face when he got back and I d been maternal day puke in I to stay alive, and I look this face
and I thought I can't make it over there latrine, let alone up this mountain to kill sheep, and so I cannot resign myself to like this is a man. I can't I wish I was healthy enough to do it, but that's I wanna get up there and then have issues and not be able to get helicopter rescue, and so we we talked about it, but the worst part and I'll just have to tell us just cuz. It's like the low point. My trip there, the third night when we got camp outspoken in the vestibule, my tent and all the other the polygon, or are you ok, you're, ok, ok, now in her computer and then fell asleep work back up how to go the bathroom ban, the magic is, there's got helping me to the bathroom later came or make it can't stand up. So I literally just colleague, huddled over in the snow. Polar pants damages right in the middle can't just
ago. I just remember, do lay just thinking. Oh my god. Look up and there's always porters and sherpas for their headlamp. So, like your came as a bad, you ok look. Diane. So that was the lowest point, the trip and that I think the next day call killed a sheep. The day after that, I went up the mountain with Hamas. In MID day. Just for another, like acclamation, could I make it we got into a group cheaply, make it happen, but I went up the mountain. Basically Prive. Twelve on her feet is a good climb, went back down there like a cat Tomorrow is kind of the last chance cuz we're almost out of areas to hunt the sheep and we went up the valley. I want to say, like eight miles, I got it down somewhere. I now eight miles beyond
a store to Asia, s door, and I wasn't a b, the hunters and I was carrying a pack or anything. I decide tracking poles and bio harness and I was just like one foot: one and we get into these mountain pass in these valleys, where there was likes to three feet of snow and its frozen on the top, and you were just like every step. You would crunch two feet down and it was, as ours that- and there is a time during that, where we we saw in this. The pride of high speak we're out, which is mid. Fifteen's close sixteen, and I was like I can't this is. I hope the sheep are right there, because the zip legacy, as far as I know, and we rested and we glassy sheep and there they are like a mile and a half away down this other dry ravine and up on this other flat I remember even the guys we're with looking like you he's gone.
And I just I just remember thinking like this- is what I'm doing it like. I'm just going to go and we slit on our butts like down the side of this mountain me into guides slit on our butts down. Side of the snowy icy bank got up walk a half a mile popped up over this ridge there, the sheep bar- three hundred yards. In about twenty minutes, I got got on a big rain, shot him. While and death and there was no celebration, there was no. I was even happy, I don't think you're. So out of it, I think I just kind of like slumped over on my pack is lying prone is like slim through my pack and okay, Did you read that night, yet eight or thing? Why not all that night, but you lawyer, I was too sick, like the spices hurries by even the smell of that, carries, buys a canoe. Take me. I need a good bit of other curried up your. They forget
everything, but even the tent smelled like that. I'd, like the cook tat I could even really be in there. It was, I know, is in rice for a couple days. I couldn't why stomachs such up early experience. So everybody eight, your sheep, are you but now you get me back. Here, anyways, so the point was away had they mostly already eaten call sheep within a day and a half or two days without wolves and untimely people women, for twenty five about why oh yeah they burn and through their learning, and not only did they eat like eyeballs. We so call a shout of sheep and he was keeping out the head taken at the height of head poppy eyeballs out, and I think jokingly handed to one of the porters like high this, and I am watch that It put it on him to stick and put every fire and eat it down. Why wouldn't their minutes meat, so they ain't seen as per
play, but they are picky yeah. They took the punch that the guts a can and cut it open flat out the insides and took it back and cook that, to you know, it's kind of like a and so I mean they just like these devoured. The thing would you go back, yeah, really, I'm gonna Northwest territory. That's suck there will we succeed. I would add that yeah there's, no one, I think about like. I often look what, if I'm glad it happen, the way it did because I get power. I got so much perspective like on the way back. Because we still have two days to hide out to get back to the picked up to go to go back, Katmandu hope to have three days hike out
The first day we were hiking out after I shot my sheep and I had a night's rest and I remember getting back in like midnight. I know we got back like ten p dot m had left at six in the morning from killing my sheep, and I was just so like emotionally spiritually. And I remember thinking will tomorrow, to give us a rest day and the guy doesn't nope it's too hot to wear organ sunburn, either. My mouth saw, my home, the roof, your mouth, the from going up in this. Son bouncing off the snow earth. Your mouth, whites blisters So you get sunburn on the roof of your mouth. Did. That's insane and heard that before I feel like that's a pretty common thanks guys ago that elevations hikers himself why it might not be so. Do you have like son screen on your lips in your face and unnatural zoo? I did, but I like really think about that cuz I was hot
the field burned up but like there's photos, I look at now like my lips, are crack and open and bleeding why he was here and if you wash jockeys episode when he was in Nepal, similar like their fill self filming like this, pretty you get something now that, though, other than the survival of again Yoda. So much out of that I get like I've. I've written this now pride wrote like twenty thousand words on the trip, but I got this like amazing feeling, first being around people better, that not primitive the wrong word, but that removed from They right. Have they don't really even have the option to be modern, but they don't have they couldn't get them. They couldn't get a chainsaw they wanted to like they have an axe and they need to chop wood, and would it just being around that level of just primitive
people and their permanent wrong word I'll. Think of something better than that. But there here. It was so infectious like they're, happy people, and you have these sherpas importers, who you know, there's big sick bags, the big roller topics we one to base camp as they told us all we can leave, we won't take it in the hut. These guys would take like a ninety pounds suitcase put on top. There had just your walking up these trails, I was describing it was nothing put on their head yet about everything. A basket on her head, always porters a ninety pound bag, and they would do more than that two hundred pounds. What are your head head? Strap basket back here to underground, if not more, now, what can a desk issues does don't care how they in their where in like these guys are wearing like sandals and some only via like old sneakers and their De Warenne, like whatever clothes that their whenever it again.
There and they're doing these amazing things and when they take a break from something that you or I could never conceive of doing their like happiest could be there their perspective. One life is only hardship and poverty, that's all they know, but that's the only thing I ever know, but yet there happier than than I think. Maybe I can ever be, a big part of Sebastian Yunkers Book tribe big part of it is like how living easy and not now sustaining mass, of amounts of difficulty. We were doing these impoverished communities is one of the reasons why people are happy. People actually need struggle, which is very counter intuitive for where people it is
we're coming back, there's a bunch of moments and I could describe always moments where I dislike I'd, be at my my wits end just thinking I was irregular democratic, some adventure. What am I doing burnt in I get to appoint. Obviously, please also- and I would look over here- become this porter- the c I a twenty five year old kid with a basket strapped on his head with. You know a hundred pounds of stuff when sneakers night for our time boots on sick gear and, unlike it would always comedies opportune moment right, look over and I see that big o crap, like this person is here. I am you, I M in physical pain and things happening but like to have them mental Ford through those people have no. They have that just how other wired, and so I came back after the whole. I remember out being out, be, unlike in the front of the group Oleson like really feeling good my packs back on my back and like energized again thinking light this best feeling the world that field
of overcoming that thing in being on the downhill. So I get back just for that feeling. If I could catch again, I think big part of the thing of that, is just the young, We appreciate what it feels like to be healthy until you're, not healthy, advise anybody to get food, sick, food, sickness or food poisoning, but things about it is man once it's over, you realize you Oh god, I being healthy, so critical. It's like everything Doesn't matter here status, your money envy your friends. That does not mean shit of your unhealthy. There I mean in this endeavour when the poor live in this latest width civil war and the recent decades, and these people were like at the epicenter of it, and there is no are trip, gave him jobs it gave in purple. Gave like there's a lot of things. Our main guide man by door didn't have shoes until those like thirteen.
And they used to go hunting and they re they would build their own guns and he described to us about a couple times were like they ve never heighten and hunting sheep and, like the gun, would blow upon his back and blow shirt off. They were like Megan, home, primitive, muzzle, odors and using match, six as it as powder. I feel like So there was all these stories like that that, on perspective perspective and like you can people say? Oh, you turvy hundred that cheap, maybe, but there is so much more to it. If anybody would everyone is. I mean no you'll see that use aid. It we ate yeah? I mean what I mean that the other, but what it means is people make it thanks that you did not have to bring that animal back in order for you to survive the threat so That's the only way, a motive to meet and right. If they call me a turf- and I would say this- also look- you go into a war torn air the world where, after the war day.
Don't, have allowed a chance to make money like the tourism is kind of died once you ve been through a whole poor, it's really not happy place to be in plus the place Iranian is, I think, throw Bhutan honey reserves like the only honey reserve in Nepal and its heavily regulated painters. Nineteen blue sheep taxi here, so you think and like every how many people a year go to Mount Everest Base camp thousands, I don't know what the number is. What is thousands, I think there's we were probably within the within a couple of dozen westerners that had been to that area post war and had brought two thousand four hundred and twenty five jobs people at prep that all that starts up like see in that is pretty powerful me and shoot sheep and not even given a shit, whether the horns may back or not somebody question my motive: all they want, but with the system in the structure that set up there now hunting is,
the more valuable things that day, one of origin able tools they have to to get better at everything, their lives that they're having resource since the recent Asia and in a week and looked down upon that, but it is natural resource in, along the same veins as like. If you live in an area that has fracturing that's a natural resource, we live in an area that you know they. They dig me. Girls out of the ground. That's a natural resource is not a good or a bad thing is the reality of their environment, etc. Show many I There is arguments against what we did if somebody like broke it down like. I always try to break it down from endless. I think we would say like. Why? Did you take pictures of it? You know what you doing up there. And what have you pay for her like that takes a picture? What partly as a challenge, people to understand how difficult it is to do what you did. They do You did and then have this final accomplishment, which is to get close enough to an animal, were either
It does no you're there or you get in a good place. Where can't win, do it doesnt smell you and you can take it out like its heart, to do when I went. Hardly I've got all my personal reasons for one to kill that sheep manner also say like present a better plan, then are you gonna pay? What hunters are willing to pay an already? Are you to be a part of conservation regulation. The way the hunters are as as a tracker and a photographer like give me better idea, ok, but here's a problem with that, their their responses that could easily be you know, about a few are decided to hunt people if ye be paid a million dollars, Johan a person and that that much fed all these tribes, feeble and Mozambique? Is it ok to go out and hunt people? Others is surely still have an ethical and moral obligation to do them. Tat of Animal Rights ACT
diversity, of an ethical moral obligation to let that sheep live here and I'm on your side under, say now. My legs in both sides, like I I I really do like, cuz, we only ate it there, because we didn't have a freezer full of back straps and because that thing didn't occur, the way it normally occurs. For me, there was like some complexity of that my mind, man, you know- am- I really are here just to collect the sheep and bring it home, show people, but also filming we We made at what will be, hopefully awesome, fill and so at the end of the day. I check myself and I said: did you do it for the right reasons and then after I look back the trip, I'm like man. There are a hundred reasons. Why did it and they're all good, and then it was what we did was a good impact on the place you went on the animals that we hunted like it's it's to me. It's all good and I and I would love, have argued somebody that feel differently about the place. You got the trip balls and see a fake baby, anything worth people
a lot of money. Man mushrooms are expensive and you might not see a wolf. You mine and might not see a baby on the road? I'm sure they're still like a log, she like a wolf log off our where he lives on raw shareholder value, is getting to be something I'm not crazy. We wrap this up and Mister Bell. Brian. What is your? U, twitter, that you don't use again, so it is at Benjamin O B on their use that so Instagram size the better. And that were its Benny o b b and and why oh, be three a one ass, he had three o on that's Erica. Oh Holler hour, but I wish to three a one man accurate that handle. When I did know it would be a thing I thought we were see that will now to think now. The thing We believe tat boy. You have that competition with the people who work in our folks we're out we're out for a while, we'll be back. Next week with a one podcast with
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