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#993 - Ben Shapiro

2017-08-02 | 🔗
Ben Shapiro is editor-in-chief of the Daily Wire, syndicated columnist, and host of "The Ben Shapiro Show" is available on SoundCloud and iTunes.
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forward, Slash Rogan, equal housing, lender licensed in all fifty states, an MLE, Consumeraccess, DOT, org number, three thousand and thirty part, and that's it, and on with the show woo that seemed quick getting better at these. My guest today is one of the most requested guests and we finally have answered your request. He is an online conservative commentator. He has a very popular online show that I was actually listening to on the way over here he's if you're into politics the Ben Shapiro Show is his show. I bet you can guess who he is now
it's Ben Shapiro. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Ben Shapiro. The Joe Rogan experience join. My we are live people spoken well, thank you for thanks for being here, man, I became a fan of yours when I watched you with the fuck is his name. The CNN piers Morgan Glorious when, when you went after him to sit with the sandy hook, thing like right away, immediately click, it was just glorious and you could tell that he didn't know what to do with it and- and he literally said how dare you, which is what I say with people all the time when I'm joking, you say how dare you exactly as one of my friends that look like it was clutching his pearls used. He was really pissed. He was really pissed. It was a two segment interview in during the break. I said him thanks we're having it growled at May. He was not a happy camper yeah.
Well, you crushed him and the other one of my other fave once was Chelsea Handler, crushing where she was literally talk like you, don't even talk to me in the break in the break you check in your phone and check and twitter and- and he could tell he was like. Oh no, he just you know. We came from that weird british, tabloid environment and you found out that the company that he worked for did really creepy shit like check people's voice, mails hacked in the people's people who are dead and it gave the family false hope because they had checked the voicemail and they found out someone checked in. They thought, oh, maybe she still alive, and then we made a host only x factor brought him on CNN is awesome. We just don't get me decisions all around. Why CNN thought that we have this fascination with british people? Yes, it
a british accent. We automatically had twenty points, your I q, yeah they're great for like selling mops late night and non stick cookware and I enjoy John Oliver. I think John Oliver's great. Apparently he has. Ah you know a lot of people. Think of all british ACT. Accents is being the same, but he is like blue collar british accent, but I don't can't tell the difference too much, except when I'm watching my fair lady or something well. I could tell people from like Manchester and stuff like that 'cause they. You know they have like this sort of like talking so fast that all the words kind of pile into each other, but yeah Oliver's to his his recent one. Any probably got really matter that the recent one about out Alex Jones is hilarious. I don't want to say it's almost impossible to make something, not funny about Alex Jones. You know you got to meet Alex. Have you met him? I don't know that, given how much I've made fun of him
find a real, fast yeah he's a lot like a stripped off his shirt and start he might calm down. Your good guy were based on the same team. Don't come around. These are the and, if you remember, the piers Morgan thing happened. Two nights after Alex is on piers Morgan. So put so, our peers is like flying high because he had that whole debate with Alex and Alex. Did he stick in his right over the top and he thought is going to be like Alex Jones Part two is going to be, peers succeeds again and Alex, and I could not be more different than our approach is no you're. Very rational and very reasonable- and you know- we've been talking about some of your debates- there's not a lot of guys like you out there, which is really interesting. It's like you're, a fast thinking fast talking very smart young guy who's. Also, a conservative there's not a lot of those out there, and this is one of the things that we're encountering today. Is there, especially in car campuses, there's this very strange separation between the left and the
right to the point where the right is like almost nonexistent, or at least doesn't have any representation and their ass actively shunning. That representation like their push people out, I know, what's going on with you and Berkeley as I've been written step and resolve yeah, I think that so Berkeley after the publicity they said there going to explain to people if they don't know the whole story, so Uc Berkeley. If you recall last year, I actually spoke there before any of this happened. I spoke to Uc Berkeley in April two thousand and sixteen and then Milo was supposed to speak their and he actually went there and there was a riot where Antifa infiltrated the student community and there are all these pictures then bombing things and you know blowing up cars and understand in a fire at least and throwing things at windows and so Berkeley shut down that event for safety reasons. Then Ann Coulter wanted to speak there and they basically used with all time place and manner restrictions to stop. Are they kept saying? Well, we have safety problems. We can't figure out how to do the event and in the end they canceled it because didn't have security and then Young America's foundation. Sponsors me to go to a lot of these campuses. They want
or to come and again I spoke to like a year and a half ago and they gave them two one slash two advance and Berkeley said we have no venues available, and so this seemed to be another cover for we're not going to allow conservative on campus because their security problems. So we made that public and then Berkeley said no, no will make will make sure that you get in. They give us an altar and then you- and they even said that- cover the security features. They didn't like the bad publicity. Oh well, then yeah. So that should be good. Well, you know what happen with Jordan Peterson. Yesterday, yes yeah just yesterday, Jordan Peterson was banned from Youtube and Youtube has a new policy that it's very, very weirdly worded, but apparently they're allowed to block and restrict any kind of videos that are about religion or that could be deemed offensive, which is almost everything yeah. That's right
things remotely. If I mean anything, that's interesting is going to be offensive to some putting so it won't be monetized. It also won't be in the remote videos of interest, or I know they did this to Prager University as well. They blocked like ten of their videos a couple of months ago, so it's yeah. I mean this is nasty stuff and listen Youtube the private company. They have the right to do what they want, but don't proclaim that you're a free speech, voting institution if you're going to block people like Jordan Peterson, for God sake well, the problem is they're not blocking things that are offensive to other people, they're, not blocking certain things that are representing Islam in a pod of life. That's right or either. Is that there's a lot of weird ness with this left wing choice of what to censor and what not to censor? And it's it's not just dangerous. It's also bad for the whole idea of being a progress for being a liberal 'cause. It makes you look. It makes him look Lee petty and really weird,
really resistant in hesitant to actually have real debate yeah for sure- and this is one of the reasons why I'm I'm very meticulous in my terminology- about people who are on the other side of the aisle, actually separate people who are liberal from people who are leftist. So when there are people who try to ban speech, I call them leftist and if they are not just in banning speech, then their liberal meaning they want bigger government. They disagree with me on politics, but they're still willing to have a car station. They want an open forum. People who are on the hard left think that it's actually in insult to their identity, to disagree with them- and this is what I expect sometimes sometimes on Campus- is Cal State LA where there's a near riot when I speak or University Johnson, where people storm the stage and stand in front of it and won't leave his state where we have again another near violent incident over a Penn state or Depaul, where they actually banned me out right. So sometimes you get this routine from people who think that they conflate the viewpoint with their identity and then, if you have a different viewpoint, your day, buying them their humanity and say no, I'm not the nine year. I just think what you're saying is.
I'm like a very good point. That's a very good point is that they have their identity completely connected with their ideology, and when you oppose these people, when you have these debates of these people, really fascinating is the level of a stereo that gets reached while you're com yeah. That's what I've notice is that there's a ton of you know. I tend to keep relatively calm just as a human being, and very often when debating some, you seem getting more and more and more emotional. The people in the right love this because, of course, it's the triggering of the snow flakes ready easiest thing in the world to do is trigger some Idiot college. Kid who doesn't know his from a hole in the ground- and it will what's what's hard to do- is actually discuss issue with somebody who is intelligent enough to make the make the point, but it's it that the level of hysteria on the campuses has really increased mean I know, have to trap with two members of security to every campus. Just 'cause, you don't know which campus is going to go off. I never had to travel security before it's the weird
in the world. How long did this start happening well February of two thousand, and sixteen is when I started traveling with security, so I spoke at University of Missouri. They remember they had a big blow up a university of Missouri with black lives matter taking over camp offices and suggesting that there is some sort of racism problem it at Mizzou, which is just ridiculous, and so they flew me- and I did a speech there and then the some I spoke was Cal State LA and they brought in a couple of security guys. And what do I need need security for speaking on campus? Who cares we get to the campus and they had already tried to cancel speech because of security, and I said I'm coming anyway. So tough. I had to be asked then by twenty armed police officers. I had to be escorted off. Campus by motorcycle cops flashing, their lights. There were three hundred who had blocked all the entrances were physically assaulting people trying to get into the theater the police had to the students in two by two into the theater. They told them that until I left the campus, they couldn't actually let the kids out of the theater, because they were afraid that they let the kids out of the theater there'd be attacked as they got as they were released. It was that one was pretty well after that was like.
Well, I guess the securities necessary wow. What is shifting like what is it is ramping things up. I think there the politics is wrapping things up, so I think there's a new mentality out there. It's the this intersection Allah, the politics on the left that says that they're bunch of victim groups, basically are there blacks in his can gays and Jews and Asians they're all victim groups, and we get those all those people together too check the system, because the system is keeping them down and if and there's a hierarchy among these victim groups, and if you are white male you're, the very, very bottom of the hierarchy. In terms of viewpoints, that should be acknowledged because you're, the creators of this vast white supremacists down the keeps on everybody else of your black woman you're near the top right, if you're, LGBT you're at the top, if you're a white Guy- and you challenge the view point of a black woman, your view point is an attack on her I entity and therefore she has the right to shut you down, and so the idea is that your words are violence to her identity and therefore she has right to react. This is the term hearing
campus. A lot is microagressions. This idea that my opinion micro aggress, is you now. Even the terminology I think is really stupid, because normally regular life would say, that's insulting. You said something I don't like. The terminology progression suggests. Aggression like I'm, actually do something aggressive to you and the rational wants to someone addressing. You is to use physical force in response, and so you start to see a more violent response. I think that it's been growing in politics. I think there's a reactionary side on the right. That's that's growing wind. If there's an identity politics on the left that says no black at any politics, gay identity, politics, email at the the politics I think you're starting to see in some area- is a white identity. Politics. That's almost formed in response like ok. Well, if everybody else gets to have their identity politics, why can't we defend ourselves on the same grounds? I hate that shit. I mean it's terrible. I hate that shit too, and I would like to find the person who invented the term microaggression fucker, whoever it was, they
quite a mess. I'm sure you saw what happened in Evergreen with Brett one steam, we're we're littering. The left is eating itself and that's where it gets crazy is like you're not progressive enough in less you're, literally submitting to leaving class, because your white, like you, can't be there there because you're white. They want day of absence, meaning the professors, the white people and then, when you don't do it you're somehow another racist Anna Nazi mean the whole thing is. The whole thing was very bizarre to watch, but but not show not surprising, because you, he is so much so often all over the country. Right now, and it's almost like some new flower of ridiculous thinking and behavior has blossomed and it's bloom everywhere and when people could point to it and in other places like in Missouri, where that woman, that was your name creek, was that woman who
the the Melissa Miller? Yes, click here, yeah, whatever name was yeah with when you see it in video. When you see her on video saying, can we get some muscle over here exactly like this? Is for fucking insane, like you're telling photographer by the way a minority in the engine David Asian Man, taking photos of a public place that you've created some safe space? But it's it's it's this way, weird thing where it's half of it is identity, pool thanks, but it's also wrapped up in this need to control p in control people's behavior control, their vernacular control, the way they communicate and how you know how much you give in to group. Thank it's! It's weird. It is it's Cariani Jonathan Hyde, who is a social psychologist over then why you need a really good piece for the Atlantic in two thousand and fifteen about this phenomenon. This kind of safe space trigger warning phenomenon. This idea that you must never be forced into a position where someone has an idea that opposes yours and what he said is
basically makes people crazy. You know it actually makes you crazy that the idea in psychology is that if you have a chain of thoughts leading to a bad outcome, if you're depressed or if your depressive, then you have a chain of thoughts leading to a bad outcome. The way that psychologists deal with that is with Cognat behavioral therapy. They say: okay, we're in this. I thought Terry going wrong. Are you attributing to somebody emotive? They don't have as your wife being nasty or is it you just attributing nasty to her and that's why you're getting depressor spinning off try to control your own chain of thought? What the MIKE aggression trigger warning culture does. Is it actually grants the more you are offended them value you are granted and therefore you actually an interest in being offended. We give you awards if you're offended you your your treasured if you're offended, because it demonstrates that your walk right you're with the more you are offended, the more we can show that you are woke and because you are woke, therefore, your granted this verse. Do you get to Lord it over everyone else going to say in my speech is: if we could somehow identify like the LGBT half black half hispanic one slash four native american little person,
then we would finally have the the person who we could go to dance are all of our questions, because their identity would be unquestionable to be able to it right. Eight, we could find Yoda. We could just get rid of democracy and discussion altogether. He just pull from on high. He. She I don't want to put a gender on Yoda right. I don't think you're his journal does Yoda go to that dude right, gotta be a guy or deep voice, maybe were being rude by insisting yeah you're. Absolutely right is no one. Is a no one's left enough yeah? It's! I don't know where the limit is an it so far left that they've actually made common cause with the people. They hate rise in the talk about safe spaces, and it will it yet misery, get all these black students protesting and actually said. We don't want white people who think like us and we want to help us in our safe spaces. We feel insulted by that. I just thought to myself. The KKK agrees like if you do safe spaces for separate races. I can find some Jim Crow. Racists are totally up for that from like one thousand nine hundred and sixty two well there's the uh really bizarre stay
that I've heard over and over again that black people cannot be racist against white people because they don't have any power over white people, yes wow, which is just it's an internet. I mean it's inane statement, this idea that you have to have to have power in the superstructure. In order for you to even to be erased, I can understand argument if they said. Look you be. Racist is not connected to racist action. If you don't have the capacity for action that affects people, then you personal racism is not as important as the racism of people in power. Then at least is argument, but the idea that you can't be racist at all if you're, if you're black, because black people don't have enough power. First of all, the idea that black people have no power in the United States is utterly crazy. I mean it's utterly well, especially when I was going on what well I was president. The attorney general was that was present, and I always said this about Baltimore. We kept hearing a Baltimore right within the right side, but with a right- and they were saying the Baltimore know there cracking down on black people. Look at the chief of police was black. The majority
City Council was black and Democrat the entire day. The deputy district attorney is prosecuting. The case. Was black, the majority of the police department was minority. The attorney general of the United States was black. The president of the United States was black, but up here in them, forty of the city of Baltimore is black, but apparently it's the white guys felt like I just at some point, you're going to have to make your ideas actually work in concert with reality. I can't I like do this with you. Do you ever step back and look at this trend? Look at what's going on in popular sure, looking what's going on with identity politics in this war, between the left to the right and wonder where it's going, I mean how it if it feels like the the people on the left are completely emboldened by the fact that you have this guy in office, who is said things like grab by the pussy and he lies all the time and makes fun of Peoples Plaza surgery, and you think that, having this guy in this position
in some way emboldens them and makes them even more convinced the factor right, you know fight up the resistance in tag resistance, hashtag. It's all over the place. Where is this? Go I think well, no place good, I think, what's happening is one of the things that I personally I'm not a fan of it, and this goes all the way back to the Pierce Morgan debate that you mention. I mean I started off that today with Pierce Morgan, saying to him. You don't get to in tribute in ten to me that I don't have right right, you're, standing on the graves of the kids sandy hook in order to promote your political agenda, implying I don't care enough about dead kids, because I don't agree with you. That is the sweet spot where a lot of people like to live, which is disagree on politics is because you're an asshole as we disagree on the best method to get to the goal or we have different goals, is because you're a bad person, and I think that what you're seeing is with Trump there's an attempt to cast all of his voters as people who love all of the things that are bad. That he does and says is not that they voted for him because they thought he was the worst presidential can
in the history of America, which is true right, so they voted for him because they lie. I grabbed by the p word stuff. They voted for him because they lie the vulgar any lies a lot. They voted for him because they are bad people right there. This is why people misread, I think Hillary Clinton's deplorable speech implication was okay. Everybody who voted for Trump is uh, add human being they tried this with twenty me, too. I mean they tried to castigate Romney, whose whatever you about Mitt Romney Mitt Romney, was maybe the most honorable person ever to run. For the presidency. They tried to cast him, as Joe Biden said, a guy who wants put y'all back in chains, and he said that he straps dogs to the top of this car is an evil nasty guy yeah. This is a big issue with strange dogs, so there is. There is a story I think is in the Boston Globe about how like back in one thousand nine hundred and eighty two, he went on a family vacation and when they were traveling, he put the dog in a cage and put the dog on the top of his car,
and this is an this was like a big campaign issue right, remember, binders, full of women and remember remember in the forty seven percent number exactly he's mean he hates the poor hates what the binders full of women thing was particularly stupid, because the entire point he was making is that I was trying to recruit women to my administration, so they would bring binders full of female resumes to me. So I could staff more women and they turned it into binders. Full of women is like Hugh Hefner Romney like really so. This attempt to catch get the other side is really bad, and I think that you see some of that on the right, but I think more reactionary. I think that the unearned superiority that left likes to kind of wallow in, I think that's, that's more and left it on the right, although I think that there is a buy some on the right now in response to do some of that. Well, it becomes sticking points that used to win. You know
it becomes something that people repeat over and over again you know like the deplorable thing or is it sexist bigot, homophobe, yeah, just what I was walking down. New York City done street right after Trump one when they were pro testing- and there was this guy right next to me, fucking screaming he wasn't even in the actual parade itself, he was like on the sidewalk, but he was screaming Donald Trump cake, hey races, sexes, Anti gay had just boiled it down to this thing, but the best part about it was. He saw blah guy coming towards him and he just started screaming black lives matter and decide you just I saw him. I saw his soul like in that in that one move exactly shift to screaming black lives matter when he saw a black eye. Yeah exactly thing was just so: there's the intersection elegy for a right. You know you have to know how to appeal to every racial group on the basis of a stereotype. It's been tomasello, you wouldn't know it yeah. It's almost like
the laziness in having the ability to communicate is one thing but having the ability to express a complete thought that covers something as nuanced in this complex as american politics in two thousand and seventeen. That's too hard, let's just yell out Donald Trump KKK in this ability to like boy boiled down. What's the difference between the left and the right to like a little statement is, or you know, uh bucket of deplorable basket of deplorables whatever it is, you know, but binders of women, it's so tempting 'cause. It's like it's so powerful that it works. You could put it on the back of a bumper sticker and I think with something shaped a little bit by it. Look we all we all live. In Hollywood, I mean you live in Hollywood. I live in Hollywood that that means that, and I think all of America lives in that milieu because ever watch tv ever to watch his movies. So when we do politics, we tend to see it through the Prism of House of cards or any of the other political movies you've ever seen, and that means there's a bad guy right. Everybody there's a bad guy, there's a villain and the Ville
it can't just be the villain is somebody who's, incompetent, like usually in politics. If somebody is bad, they have a malevolent point of that's pretty rare. Usually it's somebody who's misguided and it's a bad ideas, usually stupid or incompetent. Like this, what I keep saying to people who oppose trump like? Why are you attributing to him malice when stupidity would do like you keep saying that everything Trump is doing is out of some sort of malicious genius watching the same film like if you have a problem with Trump it's. I have a solution for that by the way, if they, if they really hate Trump, this much listen. I thought Obama was a crappy president. I have a deal how about we just minimize the power of Washington DC and we don't have to give a crap who is the president of the United States? Anything anybody in eighty thirty, two really care to the president was in no in act on their lives, but now the president, he has this outsized impact. We care about Washington all the time we treated the truth is we watch it for fun? I mean right now the last week, particularly with Scaramucci. You know it's impossible, not to watch it for fun, but it actually kind of serious business like there are other
world leaders who are actually looking at this. Like this impacts, my nation for us, we look at it would go well. What's on tv on tonight's episode of Trump, the series, when you say, use the power of the president. I think there's a lot of people that would think that would be a great idea because having one person has the authority over three hundred one million people, it is kind of ridiculous this point time. But how would you go about doing that like what would be the best way to implement something like that? I mean it really isn't just the presidency. You'd have to reduce the power of Congress as well. I mean you have to you- have to go back to a Federalist based system where localities and states have more power over over local who's in the federal government. Isn't that powerful because what's happened, a sickly in in the constitutional structure? The federal government is never supposed to be anywhere near the spec right that there are very a certain delegated powers in the constitution of the United States. The Congress has- and they are very small. I mean it's it's things like building post offices in interstate row, codes and regulating interstate commerce, but the idea that they could regulate. You know your toilet. Flushing is just that silly. The founders were thought. That was ridiculous, yet you have a federal government. That's that's that Big
Congress regulates on that, but if you're in Congress, the last thing you want is to be answerable for that. So what you doing that is you drop vague statutes? You say things like: we hope, we're passing a law that says that we should fix the environment and then you kick it over the executive branch and they second branch run by President Trump or President Obama has a bunch of executive which agencies, like the e p a and the a p a puts together all these regulations that you've never seen never heard of you never elected these people. They put together all the regulations and then those are ones that actually govern your lives. So if you're in Congress and things go yeah well, that's not what I meant to do. I told him to good stuff: bureaucrats were not elected, don't have to care so basically have everyone kicking the can to the other person for purposes of responsibility. The only is going to happen is if the american people just decide they're sick of the federal government running all this stuff and they start actively working to elect people who want to minimize their own power, which is difficult. I mean most people in power, don't wanna minimize their own power yeah. That seems almost impossible. It seems like
no one who's worked. So hard to get to the top of the game is going to try to shift the name so that they don't have any power in their hand. The other way to do it is to black people on the state level, who are pretty zealous about their own authority in this from the Greg Abbott in Texas, that every so often he'll say to the federal government. Listen you're telling me to do something: go screw yourselves like what you going to do about it. Well, Texas is a weird one, like they're, almost ready to leave yet get any findings ready to put a fence up and go you. I mean weren't there for the longest time they were. They were not really a state right there. A yeah they're still called the Republic of test right so that so yeah I mean the people and access. I mean it's been wonderful state. I love that when you drive through Texas, every so store is called Lone, star, Lone STAR, brewery or Texas. This everything is named after the state line up is really named after the country. It's all named after the state like a lot of state pride in there's a lot of state, prime, maybe more than any place else. I've ever been yeah will not allow state park in California, 'cause everybody's transplant and yeah
play some. You know people who get here and it represents something that they always wanted. You know some sort of Libre CALL Paradise where you could get famous for doing nothing I mean it kind of is they feel like there's some city pride like there's Hollywood pride, San Jose pride, but like California, pride and the people who run the state are idiots well, California, so confused I mean we have a grizzly bear on our flag, but we don't have Grizzly bears wait. We have a team called the LOS Angeles Lakers, not stick a lake in the third. Our legs there are man made, we have to keep pumping water and they fucking dry up a river is just a giant concrete yeah I mean L. A Oliver is hilarious when, when I've shown people the L a river, like that's the l, a river shut up, yeah the romantic and forever like that sort of river. No, no, that's the l, a river I get just
it is la it's a concrete shitty slide for water and in the city, so dirty and it's it could where it like. I I've gone up my entire life here I mean I was born in Burbank, grew up in North Hollywood like this is that I've lived in my entire life, the first time it yes, I liked it is. When I moved to Boston for law school, because at least the weather here is good, but yeah I mean it's gotten so shabby lately. It's such a shabby setting the weather is amazing, but if you've been to Mexico City now I've been a coup all times for UFC events, I'm not going back because I would get headaches from the pollution and Mexico City to me. Is is like LA in the future, but with zero respect for the traffic lights. When I mean zero, I've never seen anything like it. It's crazy, they're, very nice people everybody's worried about getting kidnapped over there. I find Mexican able to be some of the nicest people and friendly and easy to get along with, but they don't give a fuck about traffic lights when
we were stuck in traffic like there is bumper to bumper and it's a green light going this way, cars just go in front of them and they just sort of make their way a through and people hit the brakes and they make the way through the intersection. It's a straight up red light and they just go and it's not this one. One guy goes another guy goes behind him and then he got like twenty cars and and it's just great yeah, he says with its needs, actually indicative of why the United States works. The people actually follow traffic lights like the in late. It's true in ITALY. Also, it's true in Israel like when I visited Israel with my wife and I got married in like you know: one pays attention to the traffic rules. Everyone is talking there into each other. Americans like. Why are these people so rude all the time and that's like honked learn she strictly, but it is why in America, because we have a baseline- and this is what I think is breaking down actually so not to get too deep on a point about mexican city traffic, but I think that the country was based on this idea. There's a social fabric. We all have respect for each other enough that we're going to follow the basic rules of the game and that's true as far as traffic light,
it's true as far as financial dealings with one another, and when you is that when you lose the basic respect for the guy who lives next to you, you know you need to get through the red light. You know screw him, it doesn't matter if it's red, then it's kind of indicative of a culture in collapse generally, when small rules start to go broken like in ITALY. The the prominently is that fifty percent of their mens black market, because they have high tax rates and no one pays them you're, starting to think California to California, is the high taxes in the country. By far, we also the number one rated deductions, so we pass all these Texas, so we can congratulate ourselves for social justice and then we avoid all the tax as much as we possibly can one for the for the accounts yeah exactly at the those people are making a frickin fortune well, it is also feel like when you get a giant number people smashed into a small area, and it was la it's not even a small area. It includes greater Orange County and it goes into the canal valley, and it's just like there's so many of us there. Some of them could see it's almost like you get that sort of diffusion of responsible
anything where there's just too many people to care about, and you lose this feeling of value that you have for fellow people. I lived in boulder for a little while and when I lived there, the people's Republic of Boulder, you want to talk about lefties yeah, oh shit, if you have, if you had a right wing anything on your lawn like a sign for someone running, for they would take it down, they literally take things down, but I was there. I was amazed at how many people are polite when they drive in the wave and like there's only one hundred thousand people exactly so that going to gonna look looking up while we're sitting here. It's like one hundred and ten thousand people in order and the population of La County is ten million people. It's fast Mexicans, you gotta count Mexicans and then you account everybody's to connected to all the other counties around. It's not like. There's some border drive around, that's exactly right, so it is the first visited Oklahoma had this and I was in Oklahoma for doing a radio show California located at twenty three dot. Seventy seven million
yeah I'm in Oklahoma and I'm walking down the street and the first thing that- and this is some lady and I hi now in la you're from LA you look away, it only got stabbed if you catch your eyes with somebody you meet is rude. You don't catch eyes of people in L, a and among the street lady. How are you help my father? I was like what the where am I what's going on here like this is not regular, but I do, but there is something to the idea that if you have too many people in too small, smaller space we're all up in their business. So much that is very hard to say to people. Ok, Liberty stay away from one and leave each other alone like yeah, but he lives next. He's a jackass hate that guy 'cause he's like right. Next to you, Oklahoma, the guy next to you is three miles down. Is that and is also it's been replicated in rat population density studies that you get more mental illness? You get more weird aggressive behavior when they stack rats in these Q
uncles and then just jam closer and closer together and that's exactly what's happening with people. Manhattan is famous for it I mean I I enjoy visiting Manhattan and every time I'm there, I'm always like. No, I can't I can't here yes to any human has as their last week, and I like this guy, so you can actually see the sky Manhattan right me. You see the brick buildings and you know twenty five stories high and I notice that we were back past the store and there's a shirt on sale and the shirts fire text. Was f? U, U F, EFF. F, I thought only in New York. Could you sell this right? I mean you, try to take this anywhere else, and people would have been like wait what now but New York, I'm sure that the best seller? That's why? I honestly, I think it's one of the reasons why trump one is because he's basically just a guy from New York he's like a taxi driver from New York is really really wealthy and you know he does. What attacks you driver from New York would do if you really really wealthy, he marries models and builds gold, toilets and all this kind of stuff and people in the rest of the we actually take that language seriously. So when he says stuff like
bomb the shit out of him and people in New York like yes, we do, you know, and people in Oklahoma, like wow, he's serious, like that's actually going to happen, and it's probably not probably this just happy from where can talk. We saw this last week right he's talking about the cops and he was saying this thing ever in your heads be covering that he's talking like a long island. Are you talking about, like you know the from the back of the Paddy wagon, and we do all that and- and you don't put your head on that and it's finally, they bumped her head. They just make ultimate, and so the entire media wanna. How dare he he's talking about how captured rough people up listen? Is it appropriate for the President of the United States to talk like that about treatment of suspects? No is. Are we supposed the super seriously like this is like Trump is actually running a policy change with regards in the room? That's what he does. He works the room he's a New York real estate guy who works the room and more than anything else. If you understand your, can you understand you understand trump he's, not a giant mystery he's just any other reality tv star he's a reality, he's marketing image guy, I mean that's what he does like he's, not even there real estate he put his name on the
he brands himself. He put his name on the side of buildings. They pay him not to be involved in the real estate business, so they can put Trump on the his hotels great. What what does does that's? Why I'm kind of shocked he's kind of happy at the imaging? As far as being a president, you imagine that would be better at this part of it. At least, I just think he didn't understand the volume of hate that was going to come his way and I think he's such an egomaniac has a hard time dealing with it. Here's a hard time like separating and that's one of the I have read about him- that he's getting better at getting away from the comments and not reading comments on twitter, but he fucking blocks people. You know about that. Yes, we see him yeah. Well, there's people book group of people suing him, and now there are actually starting to rule against public officials. People who are in the public light being able to block citizens having their own opinion about what this person doing or not doing so, then you have to say: well. Are you allowed to be toys? The president? I mean. How far does that go I mean. What are you allowed to say?
I mean my views: you'll be able to whatever the hell you want about anybody, but it can't threaten him what you have right now, but it's it does more to the level of pettiness he's the most powerful on a planet. Where is busy blocking people on twitter at three o'clock in the morning Cool ghetto Scarborough and what is her name, the bridge in scale was bloody facing. He was thing that she should. This is the fucking president. He saying she showed up with bloody scars or she was bleeding from her recent facelift exactly and it, but first of all it turns out that it probably wasn't true, but second, it wasn't true. I mean fuck goes out when you're bleeding. I agree. I agree with you but agree it you, but this I've ever he's about a national review about this. You say that the level of directed toward Trump is warping trump. I think that it's also warping some people on my side of the aisle who are who are so interested in the fight that there this interested in advancing the policies that I'd like to see achieve. So, I think, there's a whole group of people where let's say that Trump would just resigned tomorrow. He said you know what I've had it screw. It I'm out and MIKE Pence become
president and then MIKE Pence proceeds to do all the things I want. You know, do get tax reform and we immigration, and we will do all of these things, but he does not tweet about Mika Brzezinski is bloody face. I think there's a whole group of people on the right to be pissed did miss it yeah. I think that's right. I specially now 'cause it's fun. What exactly what they want is somebody who pisses off the left more than beats the left, pisses them off. If you piss off the left, I think Obama sort of trolled some of the right into insanity. I think people on our side. Where is like this jerk? He just he keeps saying things just to piss us off and Obama did do some of that, and so Trump is kind of a twitter troll, and so he does the same thing like yeah. That's awesome, like two days ago, Trump or yesterday there's a report that Trump said that he thinks the White House is shabby, I can say, is somebody on the conservative right. My entire life of Obama said that we would not let him forget that for one thousand years White House is shabby. I mean it's an ass move to say that the people's house is first to mansion right like in second of all, this is the most icon.
Building on the face of the planet, what's shabby that was he saying it was shabby? He said they were asking why he visits his golf courses so much, and he said oh because they 'cause it 'cause. My golf courses are nicer. 'cause, the White House Shabby an, but there are people on the right were like fine. It's funny like at least he's trolling, the left at least it's taking them off and say guys taking off. The left is not a substitute for defeating the if you actually care about the feeding the left like this is one of things that drives me nuts, because my my life goal has been to imitate. Particular idea is not just to piss off the left, but I think that in the fight there a lot of people have fallen into the trap of thinking. These two things are identical right. You pissed off the left. That means you're winning is, I know, pissing off the left, maybe part of it, but that's not how you win. You win by saying things that are true and if they get they get pissed. Well, my good friend bill Bird did this piece about Obama back when Obama was mocking Trump
saying. The one thing that I am the you'll never be is a president I'd states, the crowd went nuts yeah remember needed. You know bomb was saying this on stage and you see trump the audience boiling with his. You know big frog, double chin, just sitting there eating at all and that fucking stuck in his craw, but there's a whole story that came out from Buzzfeed about his interactive, dynamic, coppens reporter reporter for Buzzfeed, in which Mckay was basically like saying to trump like you're a joke, you're not going to run. I think Trump ran just just because who's sick of people telling him that he wasn't gonna to be president. I really think that's that's half of what drives him. That doesn't mean can't any good things. I hope he does do good things. The president. I want every president to do things I like, but you know, he's gonna have to have under control a little bit because he was willing to keep the mooch. I mean
which is the butchers only ousted because John Kelly, and which is what is it? What did the mooch say? What was is what I was about ten and suck yeah own car yeah. That's exactly right about him performing. Why would you think that you could say that once he's in the office I mean personal, everything is you've been and could even possibly do them in Venice, not flexible yeah. I know Steve, that's, that's not that's, not something that is given repertoire a giant unit, but it doesn't matter just idea that he would think that I mean it's got. You must be emboldened by the fact that Trump said so many outrageous things look up any the reports in the New York Post that that he actually the trump liked it that all that happened is that there is so much blowback that he had to replace Kelly unit Kelly in there and Kelly's like you can't do this in terms like okay, fine, but doesn't it seem more crazy to flyer guy after ten days and it does to sit him down and say: hey man, don't say that again you Holla Gys right. Let's move forward, that's what they should have done the next day, but the problem is he's been doing it for a week. At that point, I use out like saying that Reince Priebus was leaking on. The president was an enemy of the president for a week and you're saying
who's going to get him fired right at the same time. Remember this is the same week that Trump himself is tweeting out, that attorney general sessions, who is his most loyal order for a year and a half that that guys, like a trader and that he wishes he would go away 'cause he recuse himself yeah. First of all, Trump can fire of these people at any time like this is very passive, aggressive for a guy who made his living saying, you're fired on tv. It's amazing that all the people, the Trump, is fired and then fired. Actually through surrogates yeah, I'm Flynn resigned. James Comey was fired basically through rod, Rosenstein and sessions, and then Rosa he had recused himself, which is how you get the special counsel and Comi found out on television on tv right. He says like in emissary to go to LA and give him a letter and like everyone he fires has to be fired in the most roundabout. I think that Trump, I think, the dirty little secret, I'm not sure trump. Actually, like firing people, I think he, I think he I think he kind of likes torturing people, but I'm not sure that he actually likes firing them.
Well, maybe he doesn't like people being mad at him face to face. I think that he wants them to love him in front of his face so like when he's not there. You know you could make a phone call FYROM jets and hang up the phone, and you don't have to actually see the guy wants that guy to like him yeah, I don't. The Komi thing was really bizarre because it was like. Oh, you can do that like this, this guy, I was looking into improprieties and you can just say no. You can't do that anymore. You're fired. You can't look into things. I've done wrong yeah. It was the way he did. It was the stupid part. So I was calling for me to be fired since last year. I thought the way he handled the whole Hillary thing from beginning to end was terrible, and I thought that Trump should have replaced him before he became basically day one here's, my new cabinet Comey, did it great job. You know uh sure about the door, bringing somebody new he kept him around and then the first thing he edit call me you remember, was when he met him. He said you're more famous than I am well when Trump does that to you, the writing on the wall right there. First of all is not true, but second of all,
I think. Maybe there was also a part of the problem. Was that komiza, a giant yeah? You know trump columns were d, six hundred and eighty six thousand eight hundred and sixty nine years, something like that giant towered over driving is such a comedy at the end been coming saying, he's trying to hide in the curtains. So you just see Herman Munster over there hiding in the yeah. It's we we now. What did you join? The show? I mean it's wild if I didn't think that nuclear war was a possibility of probably enjoy it more, but if I see a fucking korean missile headed our way, I'm going to be pissed when show me was handling the email thing. What specifically did you not like about it, but I thought it was crazy was when he restarted or reopen the case because of Huma having you is to her queen odor with Anthony Wieners. All that stuff, like that's not enough like that, seems crazy. The delete the emails to me seemed like I had MIKE Baker
from the CIA, and he said. Essentially anyone else would be in jail for what she did for sure. All right call me, so he screwed it up, and then he re screwed it up. So when he originally said publicly we're not going to prosecute Hillary Clinton, he was doing something he didn't have the authority to do. The FBI does not decide whether to prosecute people. They refer the information into the Doj and then the Doj decides whether to prosecute people. It was attorney General Loretta. Lynch is decision, whether to prosecute or not. The statute now I'm a lawyer, the statute itself did not say: do you have intent to commit espionage? You have intent to make classified secrets public or expose them to the possibility of being made public intense is not an element of the crime right. If you do it, it's a crime to my wife as your doctor, and that means that she is under HIPAA requirements. There's no element under HIPAA. That says if she reveals somebody's proprietary information by accident. Well, there's no in so she's. Okay, that's not part of the statue, somebody's medical records out to her car and really steals the medical records. You know she's working at the
day or something that's a crime. It doesn't matter. If tended to do it and just left it in her purse. So Comi read the element of intent into the crime to get Hillary off, and then he said: okay, we're not going to prosecute this going to leave it alone. You should have intervened in the first place. Remember he made an entire case basically for why she should be prosecuted and then at the end he goes, but you know, but no we're not gonna do that. He also said we're going to keep Congress updated on any future development. Well, you get to October and there's a few development. They found this laptop with all sorts of information on it with new emails from Hillary Clinton they haven't seen before and now he has obligation to inform Congress because he told them that he would, and so he screws pooch again because he's afraid that if doesn't reveal that information Hillary goes to win and then it comes out there something criminal. Then people going to blame him for Hillary winning and put in a criminal in the White House, since it is oh well I'll, be fully transparent. I have to honor my institution, I'm going to put this out. There course than Hillary loses, and now he screwed up twice and then into the White House and now he's supposed to be investigating the Trump Russia stuff
at the same time. So now he's investigating basically both candidates in the two thousand and sixteen election. He this the wrong way every step of the way because he was so focused on what will uphold the integrity with the FBI and the integrity of the investigations and the integrity of the Doj. He was less worried. Ok, what do I have to wonder? What's my obligation under the law is obligation under the laws to shut his pie, hole and then for me and over lunch if Lynch want to kill the investigation, let her do it so in a sense, Trump was right in saying that he's a grandstander yeah for sure I mean I think that part was right, but the problem remember was not. The firing of Comey was the two days after he fired me. He went to West hold on NBC. The reason I fired call me was not all the excuses I gave about the Hillary stuff, it's 'cause of the rush stuff. I was angry about how he's handling Russia, I mean. That's really stupid.
Yeah, that's intensely stupid, it's intensely stupid, but it's also strange that it didn't go anywhere right like that. Was it I do that? That's against the law? Well, it's it's! So it's you know observation to obstruction. Looking at the statutes, obstruction is a little bit more than that, so you have to actually obstruct an ongoing investigation into criminal activity. There's a counterintelligence investigation going on, but not necessarily criminal, one thousand not to get too specific about it, but on what is it to say that? But you should get specific about it. Yeah I mean the obstruction. Laws may have looked into kind of the statutes that they've used to suggest obstruction, and it's not clear that there's any statute, the specifically governed, something like this plus it is true trump- does have the power as the chief executive to fight there is the commander in chief to fire, the FBI director, for any reason he chooses now all that said he can be impeached for any reason, criminal or non criminal right impeachment is not you, don't actually have to have committed a crime to be impeached, people don't even understand when impeach means they think that somewhere, another impeach means that you kicked out of office right. That's not what it is. Is the house and they have to vote to impeach you
then there's the Senate have to vote by a two slash: three majority yeah things she thirds majority to actually convict you of a set of crimes they come up with, but these are all political definition right when it says high crimes and misdemeanors, it doesn't mean we actually have to prosecute you like they would in criminal court and you have to go to jail or any of that kind of stuff like they could impeach anyway, get anytime Clinton have to sorry. If they don't. If they wanted to impeach him, they could they could impeach w every president. You can beach, it's just about it's just about. So all the talk about criminal and what's not criminal, the problem for Trump. There are two ways of reading behavior in the whole. Russia thing right way. One is he's, got something to hide. Now, that's the most obvious way. He got something to hide. That's why you Flynn, we don't know why he got rid of Flynn. He gets Comey. We don't really know why he got rid of Comey and then brags to the Russians that it's a pressure off him on the Russia stuff yeah. So so wait. One is he's hiding something and now he's firing everybody who gets in the way and there's you know the evidence doesn't not fit that I mean he. The people he's angry at in order. Our attorney general sessions,
speedy attorney, general rod, Rosenstein the former head of the FBI, James Comedy the acting head of the FBI, Mccabe and and the special prosecutor, Robert Muller. So those are all people involved with Russia. Those are the only people he really angry at so there's something to be said for idea that may be trying to hide something. On the other hand, we haven't actually any hard evidence of collusion self. We saw an attempt to collude by Donald Trump Junior, but we have actually seen any evidence that the we're providing special information to the Trump administration, which was then being weaponized for use in the campaign we haven't seen so here's the other simple theory- and this goes to Trump's personality- he's so petty and wants to be loved so much that he is angry, that people keep saying he run because he won because of the Russians, and so now every time people say that he just gets pissed any fires. People so call me, I mean this is totally plausible. Comi comes to him and his said privately that you are not under investigation and from system well. Well, why didn't you say that, and me says
I can't say that 'cause if I say that I'm gonna have to update Congress if you do fall under investigation and Trump doesn't like that, it's the public to know he's free and clear, so fires call me and then he those have public, and he says I don't like how he was handling the rushing I'm innocent. Why don't these people leave me alone? Is so there's two ways to read this either he's totally innocent but stupid or he's trying to hide something. Those are the only two plausible ways of reading the situation. The Donald Trump Junior thing was really bizarre because he released all the e mails. Like I just yeah, it's like look. I've got nothing to hide like you aren't supposed to do any of these things, you're saying in these e mails. Yes, that was does not a good moment for Trump Junior. Do you think you got I mean, and then you hear that he was coached by his dad again. You know this is none of this is stuff, and I think that Donald Trump Junior releasing the first all the. It is imperative to note eight minutes later, the New York Times released basically the email chain they knew. He was meeting his be right out the gate, and so you put that out there, which is a smart move. Yeah I mean it would be smart, it be smart if you'd found a way to spend it right right. Like have you done?
If you don't, this is the thing in politics now the web politics works. Now is your smartest move? If there's dirt about you is to be the first person out the gate with it and you put a spin on it right. So, like Barack Obama, imagine if Obama hadn't said anything in two thousand and eight, and then we found out a week before the election that he did Coke in high school. A lot of people wouldn't care. A lot of people would write in two thousand George W Bush was hit with a d. U I charge of one thousand nine hundred and seventy three and it probably lost him a point in the polls. So what Obama did is he wrote an entire memoir and he just kind of right in the middle of a memory? Goes. You know when I did a little. Oh no problem, though well everybody want everyone. Okay did it'll blow all right. You know so you're going to release this kind of stuff. You have to put a spin on it, Trump Junior didn't he just put out emails and the emails themselves contain the damning material right. It says right in there you know: there's a russian government lawyer. The russian Gov sees this as part of its effort to aid Mr Trump's campaign and Donald Junior's like it was like. I love it. I love it, and so that does not look good. It's not quite as much
know. People on the left want to say it is meaning that there's no evidence yet that information was actually exchanged with the Russians or that anything came with the meeting most of the people in the meeting who said something that said, nothing came of it, but we don't know whether don't about the meeting meeting. I find her believe you didn't. You know considering every major campaign figure was there, but but you know, then they they keep lying. And this is this. The part, that's proud, that's a problem. Are they want because they just they can get away with it and their stupid, or are they lying because they're actually being meticulous about their lies? I tend to think the form, because this isn't a professional ministration. I think I think Trump fibs a lot. He says things I mean like on stupid things. He says things like the leader of the boy scouts called me and told me that he loved my special speech ever and the leader of the boy scouts like what so it is so a calculated lie to hide something, or is it just that trump lies by nature, and so he does it a lot. I think it's just so used to putting that that spin on things that publicity spend right
and the thing that he said about this was that this is what politics is. What happens in politics. You get dirt about your enemy and apple exchange information. It's just what happens? It's just you're, seeing it now so a lot of people like yeah. Well, that makes sense right, and this is something that again, I think that were shaped by Hollywood. A little bit. Politics is dirty, but some of this stuff is not usual right. It's actually not particularly usual to meet with a government that is really not friendly to the United States to receive information about your political opponents. But if you've watched house of cards you think well I mean it's two steps down from throwing somebody under subway. So what's the big deal cards, I don't because I work in politics and when I go home at night, the last thing I want to do is watch entertainment about politics. Now watch game of thrones. That's his political is again yeah. It's house of cards is a great show, but if it's half right, I always wonder the thing. The thing that gets me is when people suicide themselves that are on your way to trial. I'm like okay, I don't want to be that guy. I don't want to be that in the foil hat guy, but how many
people are going to suicide themselves? I mean for sure someone's been murdered somewhere along the line. Someone knew something some powerful people got to them and they murder him. It's gonna happen. It has happened, it must have happened. I think it happens. A lot in Russia. I don't think that I don't believe what Trump said and again. I think this is what Trump has a skewed vision of what politics is an because he thinks that the outer and politics is Russia. He thinks anything in side. That limit is now okay, but do you think it's ever happened, the United States or just in Russia like political assassinations? I can't name a specific example of where it has. I think that they are you open to the possibility, I'm open to the idea of someone like him and Johnson Lyndon Johnson. You know, like somebody, I don't think Lyndon Johnson whack anybody about Kennedy. I don't think the Kennedy whacked anybody about Hillary. I I think Hillary back and, if I add up, if I had my last thousand bucks, I'd be super tempted to bet on black, be super tempted to go. You know what I think she went dark,
just whacked, a few people. Let's go, let's see what we got here. You see white water. I'd want to see Vince Foster. I want to see that Enron guys shot himself in the head twice you if I could, if I could really. If I could, you know- and I think it's happened. I just don't know, I'm sure it's happened at some point, but again, if I don't know when, when I'm hesitant to my car, I think that we and I think that we tend to think things are regular when they are, they never really irregular yeah. I do we tend to think that this stuff is happening like every day and that's why you see Trump on tv saying well put in Lake America can kill people well, not like Putin. I mean, like Putin, legitimately murders his his journalistic enemies. Like I haven't seen you trying to double tap Jake Tapper, so every sure. No, it's not a regular thing around. Here. Even Obama wasn't trying to like kill Chris Wallace all right, but maybe they, maybe I don't know, will put, is obviously the extreme example right. Well, obviously, the extreme example is N North Korea, but
and is in that range of, like a totally feared a dictator whose uh I mean they're bunch of them. I mean in Turkey a measure of the sun, a yeah Sade manager. Now in Venezuela, whose and literally you have that now, a like a complete dictatorship in this is very recently right, but America is a it and would you believe I said like leaders in France had people regularly whacked find hard to believe I don't think were significantly worse than France and they whacking people in politics business. I don't think regularly, but I think every now and then the move is I'm open to the possibility, but I'd have to see the evidence, the lawyer and may well, I don't think, were house of cards. I don't think it gets that ridiculous, but the point I'm making if you think it's a regular thing, if you think that it is not like a rare thing and maybe once in awhile, you know once every twenty years somebody gets whacked quietly for political reasons. If you think that's like a regular thing, then fit thing is like way inside the line. Right right, you hiding documents is really or you like. Writing your son's stupid statement about
a stupid, email exchange and then fibbing about it publicly, like that's really inside the line. So again, I don't think that I think some of this I have a rule about Trump Administration. I never attribute to malevolence when I can attribute to stupidity, because I think that that's more likely to the case, like the Occam's razor right of the Trump administration, think that is a smart way to think, but I think sometimes malevolence is real. I got like give me the Gary Condit Chandra Levy, thing yeah. That was weird. That was a weird one. If you for people don't know the story, this guy was having an affair, the girl turned up dead and then nine and eleven happened right away afterwards, so people kind of forgot about it, but they found her body in the park and everybody was like Jesus Christ like this is a woman that was about to testify that she was having an affair with this guy and that one was a good one in terms not not good one, obviously a terrible once. I think that if so let me see, I think that you know if there's murder,
politics it'll probably tend to fall more into the personal than the political. It will. Probably fall less in terms of like I have a political vendetta against this guy and I'm going to kill him. We haven't really much of that since Alexander Hamilton and Burr, but it, but there are women, listen Kennedy left a woman in the back of his car and a body of water, so right, drunk driving right. There was thing with him: he just didn't want to be responsible for something horrible that he did similar to Dick Cheney, not meeting with the police for like something like eighteen hour, definitely shot his friend in the face yeah. I don't think he was trying to assassinate his friend in the trunk hunting and that may yeah I mean I would imagine. I can't rule that one out so yeah, but honestly off an Teddy Kennedy a little more suspicious. You leave the woman in the back of the car swimming out of the car and go to a house. Sleep come back the next day and my god she's dead,
well yeah. It turns out when you leave somebody under water for twelve hours. They tend to do that. Yeah, it's weird how that works! Well, less! He was so drunk that he didn't know what he was doing, which can happen. You can get blackout draw. So I'm not wake up and go wait. A minute. Did I crashed my car, so I don't drink. That heavily. Is that really a thing like you climb out the window? The card swim out to the river bank go to somebody's house. Come back like a day later. I hope sure there was a girl well in the backseat. I've never had it happen, but I have had I've had what I would call slideshow nights now where I get hammered and then like a wake up in the morning with a pounding headache- and I just just have these flashes in my head like who is that per like? Where was I: where were we oh yeah? That was that and then that you eat breakfast with your friends ago. Go remember that thing and you go yeah Jesus, it's not necessarily black out like a something horrible, and I completely forgot about it, but I forgot a lot of it, but some people, I have a friend
and he goes gerbil eyes. There's a switch. Goes off three or four shots in and he's gone and he's not there any you almost gotta like nerve the world around him and protect him and get him in his bed and he wakes up in the morning. He doesn't know a thing doesn't know a thing about what happened and it's really or it's a little less things do well things. Families were nice to him, but your your Insta is to get the fuck away from him. He just let horrible things happen, but the stories are legendary, but he does. He gets shark eyes. He gets these black like soulless eyes where he's gone and you all know he's gone yeah, it's weird, but I wonder what that is. I feel like that's a neurological issue I feel like. If, if alcohol does that, it's probably some switches that aren't connected right in the head, there's something going on. You know yeah, so Teddy Kennedy, who knows mean he was obviously a raging alcoholic and that could have been a part of the problem
I mean literally, might have gone home, not even knowing that he killed somebody. I mean that have to be as dense is only to find yeah you, you imagine well, that was one of things that they said they would have used as a defense again with O J, that o J with the c t e that it might not have even known what he was doing that he might have flown into some black outrage. That wouldn't amazing defense, like here that, like everyone who has CTE now gets to like run around chopping up their ex wife and randos, who end up at their house like that, be as a hell of a defense to let the Twinkie defense right, yeah. Well, the Twinkie defense was hilarious, but there are people that think that you know there is you're going to see more and more things like that of former NFL players with massive brain trauma issues. It is it's actually a serious legal question. You know like the there's always this is my own of weeks ago. This kid doesn't, even though we did, the God allow former NFL player, Fawn Hall accused of killing his mother. He doesn't remember days like in jail. Right now doesn't recall of the apple: that's real! It's a million
yeah. I don't find that wildly implausible and the fact is that we an insanity, defense and they write and what it means. You don't know right from wrong with you know you're doing like if this is something you're teaching law school, what your sleep walking to kill. Somebody there's no motive, so differ. So, like you need mental treatment, but it you should be in jail for that. Not not. I mean they had cases where people are like sleep walking and they think that in there leaving at the same time, so I think that their wife is actually like. This defense has been used where they think they're the if it's some sort of monster in the rooms like club to death and then they wake up and like oh, that was my wife. It's really creative defense or it true. I mean one of the tools so well. If we know that people can go crazy and we know that brain trauma is a real issue, the two of them together, I mean there's some thing about getting knocked around in the head, where it's so completely unpredictable and then you add in this impulsive nature of their behavior. That happens there. Something really weird about brain trauma it.
It causes a lot of very strange impulsive behavior in people they really can't understand, even while they're behaving the way they're behaving just not. Obviously this is off track, but it's what my point is that far from politics to brain trauma, you don't want a former NFL player being the fucking president. They did the sea he said was one hundred and eleven players and one hundred and ten of them had CTE. I mean you tell me, I mean you have more experience with this. I mean I didn't find that shocking. At all I mean they've been calling people punch drunk since one thousand nine hundred and ten so we'll see. The thing is when you get to that when you get to the slurring your words part you're, so gone like you're already gone, there's a lot of people that have CTE that speak really well, they're, very articulate and they're very reasonable, and you wouldn't even understand they're dealing with all these, this host of neurological issues the but the time your voice. Obviously I'm not a neurologist, but
the time is it's been explained to me. Your voice is slurring and you're dealing with like real heavy duty symptoms like you're fucked a year so gone like your you you're way off the deep. So here's a weird question for you: I mean what would you do about? I think the NFL is going to start losing viewers 'cause of this. I think they are. I think, you're right and you know I wonder about anime. Do you it's a it's a factor. I think there's a there's two things going on. There's the fuck it factor where people live. I don't care. I want to watch people get their ass. Kicked it's fun! It's exciting people, love it. It's consensual, primal and people know what they're signing up for when they do it. They know the consequences of it in it's worth of glory to be the guy who delivers it versus the guy who receives it. So I think there's that, but then there's also look. You know like the Colin Kaepernick thing. I think that probably costs a lot of ratings for the NFL yeah there's that poll that came out. That said, I think, of the twelve percent of people who said that they were not watching
tell games last year. Twenty eight percent of that twelve percent said that the Capper Nick National Anthem thing was the reason yeah. It sounds more, probably embolden them, they probably liked it and they wanted to watch it more. This is fascinating about the cultural breakdown of the country. Basically, why people hated it in black people loved it? This is this is how the polls were like. Seventy two percent of black people thought it was great and like an equal percentage of white people thought that it was just which is it, which is a fascinating look at that sort of how race his work in the country at large is actually one of the reasons I think the ESPN's been losing ratings. Like I used to watch, ESPN, religiously and now all I want is to just watch my sports and not be bothered with the politics. As I say, I do that during the day, it's a pet of mine that every time I turn on ESPN I after lecture about Caitlyn Jenner or about lives matters like shot Caitlyn Jenner hasn't even been athletically relevant for since before I was born in one thousand nine hundred and eighty four well the Caitlyn Jenner piece when they did it for ESPN, and I don't know if it is true or not, but the word was that her getting
athlete of the year or whatever the award was she got sick here has even like the hero of the year award. Aero was directly tied to the exclusive interview with Diane lawyer. That makes sense they sold the two of them together as a package deal which I buy a hundred percent. If you don't care, if you don't come on Liz, look figure out where he works. If that's the case where she came from she's, a Kardashian, okay, she's, a giant Kardashian, that's right! That's what she is now do that in the notice I'm saying she yeah you're, saying she, I would say very politically correct, yeah, I'm not, but the video where they serve sold her house and she was like moving in the shadows behind the drapes. Did you ever see that no, this wonderful? It was wonderful. She, it was like the first time she was revealing herself as this woman. So there's circling her house is glorious house and like looks like it's malibu or somewhere circling the house and it's in the hills with helicopter like filming these like fucking hype function, value share, this is
and just like, hey, you know, we met with Caitlin at home. Caitlin tell us your troubles. You know, like Kristen, back the four Navy seal who just sits down very reasonably and says this just feels better for me to where I am right now. No, so there was like curtains and shadows and those mysterious, and then she starts talking to like world of ours Burnham and he's like, oh god, and then there was the weird. Where does part where she said she got surgery, but it doesn't make any I was it was like I was any less of a man or a less of a woman before the surgery. Well, this is the case about gender right. Well, then, why did the surgery that was like this is? What
there are there a lot of questions as to the logic of all this? To get you you call Caitlyn Jenner, she Caitlyn Jenner is a biological man in a size are triggered so sorry to break this to some and all the people who listen, your show Caitlyn Jenner's it. When I had a tweet this week, all the people listen, there are Billy Gree with you yeah. This is a good amount due the number one retweeted sweet. I've ever had had a hundred, and I think, a day ago and has a hundred and twenty thousand legs, and it's a is. There was a headline from CNN that said. True is gender man gives birth to translate? What was his transgender man assigned? The female sex at birth gives birth to healthy baby boy, and so I tweeted woman gives birth to boy because it's a woman I mean this is like that's not a ahead. I'm sorry like I'm just because the woman believes she's a man doesn't make her. A man like biology still exists. Sex still exist. If you want to choose a woman who feels like a man, that's fine! If you want to say that, and I don't even care if you get hormone treatments or if she wants to have surgery like it's a free country, what the hell you want, but when you
insisting that I you that I just throw biology out the window stay with us any better than I is a religious person saying every time you say something you have to mention God right. Well, I don't have the right to do that to you. Well, that's idiotic. Are you fascinated by it? Are you fast and by the Trans, gender, the I'm having an obsession with it? Yes, that's a good way of saying it. If there's this there's not just an obsession, it's it's compulsory and it's rabid. So I think there's a couple of things that are going on one is that it's very dark, but I think that there is an element of like this is different and we get to to revel in the in the weirdness of it. But we're gonna pretend that how about the civil rights of it we're going to feel special because we're because we're on their side but we're not watching Caitlyn Jenner, because it's a curiosity and 'cause we're done entertaining were because we're on
Caitlyn Jenner side, but they feel really good people forever. Yeah right I mean Renee. Richards was a trans person yeah I mean, but it's happened throughout history. Reading a couple of days ago about a Roman like there was something about parts of some Trans soldier in the roman Army born one thousand years ago. It's gotta be, if it exists now, and it's existed before it was popular yeah I mean there's going to be a lot of people turn Trans now, just because it's exciting, oh there, it is right there, a Trans soldier in ancient Roman, Rome, it wouldn't be surprising, not shocked, I'm not shocked. I mean it's a condition: the DSM called the gender identity disorder and then they called the gender dysphoria. It's it's a condition I mean like did nothing to gender dysphoria and but that in a lot people's mind is labeling, it somehow or a negative. Well I mean it is highly linked to suicidality there's a forty percent lifetime suicide rate for people who have this particular gendered
order. That seems to me not to be like a great positive, whether or not the transition, whether or not the transition yeah I mean I don't care. If you do what you want to do, but the idea that that we as an entire society have to redefine what sex is, and we have to blind ourselves to a biology is this is something I'm not willing to do. I think that it's actually damaging the kids, particularly I'm more than willing to call her she and change, but you can only change name once I'm going to call Caitlin Jenner, Caitlyn Jenner, I'm not willing to call Caitlin generation, because you can't change your sex and changing changing into whatever you want. I don't care, but you can't Caitlyn Jenner is not a chicken Caitlyn Jenner is not a woman. Caitlyn Jenner is a man, a biological man, and if a man lost his penis and in you know in a tragic accident it wouldn't make him a woman and if he were born with high doses of estrogen in his bloodstream, he would also not be a woman right. You are determined by your chromosomes and there's not even talking about Intersex. People like Intersex is an actual status. Interest is a biological status, but this nonsense that if you Joe Rogan, decide tomorrow that you are a woman, no surgeries,
no homeowner, homeowner, nothing! You just tomorrow, you wake up and not not decide, but you feel like a woman. Then you have a he's been a woman. We must treat you as a you. Don't have to change anything about yourself for us to even determine whether you're a woman we just like. No, I'm sorry, no, I mean, like I had a mental illness today I had a grandfather. I got. I get so much for this. I I but I had a this- is not me being unsympathetic to people who suffer from a condition that is really tragic and and obviously harms people. You know in terms of the and the rates of suicide and depression are astounding. Grandfather was was a bipolar schizophrenic and it would have not been good for him or my family. If people said to him Nate, the radio is talking to you, Nate you're right, the curtains are talking to you. He and they put him in a mental hospital. They gave him lithium and then he was better and he could actually live a normal relat, really happy life. There's no good treatment for Jenn Identity disorder, gender dysphoria, whatever you wanna, call it, but to suggest that it is a condition that doesn't require treatment that really it's just
you're, actually brain female. Again. This is a scientific there's, most scientific evidence to back this whatsoever. Even these stud that have been done talking about there's a female brain in a male brain. First of all, if you say this to a feminine you're, sexist right right, if you say to a feminist, there's, a female brain in a male brain and male brain differently than the female brain, the feminist will look at you like how dare you? Well, it's also very rare times we are allowed to celebrate classic definitions of female beauty. When a man embraces somebody becomes a woman, lipstick high heels short skirt, not in general, hey Caitlyn Jenner was only woman. Caitlyn Jenner was on the cover of vanity, Fair and Bruce DA right right, but what? If, if he just said, listen, I looking actually the same as I did yesterday, but I'm a woman if he got a short hair cut and dress like Billie, Jean King. It's the reason why why the media loves Laverne Cox, because Laverne Cox surgeries and looks a lot like a woman. Well, I don't know who live around the one with all the guy from the Trans Gender woman from Orange is the new black. I never watched that I've never watched
so either, but she's on the cover of time magazine or he is on the cover of time magazine with. Where is the woman in that show? Isn't that the one where the girl who Ruby rose other girl, that silver and gold? That's a woman or man? That's man, it used to be a man. It used to be a man's woman, now very tricky trick, still a man but trans gender, typical farm. So out of the loop, I'm not old man, I'm not old men. Who is wonder that headline there right? This is America's next civil rights Frontier and that's the key. You have a bunch of people in the United States who are suggest and they want the next civil rights fight. Always the next civil rights fight right so that the civil rights fight is immigration or the civil rights fight is gay marriage or the civil rights fight, his transgenders, how 'bout? But there was only one real civil rights fight news about black people who had been historic impressed in the United States for two hundred years. Yes have been slaves, yes, then choose Rowlands genders. This is correct. Worse, that Caitlyn Jenner had experiences being incredibly wealthy in a in a high net worth suburb. Transgender people don't
discriminated against in some in some areas of american life. I'm sure that's true, but it's also like behavior is the same as being born black or being born Asian or being born with. You know I disabled. If, if I'm a business owner- and I hire you and you're a man- and you come in the next day and you're dressed in in a woman's clothing, saying you're a woman, but you still have a full beard. I don't see why I, as a business owner I'm expected to eat the cost of that like that, just doesn't, it seems that seems bizarre to me eat the cost is a great way to phrase it. I didn't have a dog in this, but I didn't. I was completely open in liberal about it until there was a case where a man who had been a man for thirty years became away even for a little less than two years and then started MMA fighting women, yes, exactly Jack, getting the fuck out of these women and shot and not proclaiming that he or she used to be man, because what in quotes
it was a medical condition that I did not need to disclose, like that's, not I'm fucking medical condition right and if you ever watch the fights we now in fact, yeah yeah. She wasn't winning because she was skillful. She was man handling these women. It was ugly course it was harder. It's like this it, but again it's it's so funny how the transgender movement destroys the feminist movement. My living off of the sort of lies that the feminist movement promulgated, the feminist movement, said stupid things like women and men equally athletic profession. Well, that is something that has been repeated very recently that there's no biological difference in the genders and it's all social, absolute worship I mean I'm sorry, there's there's no scientific evidence to back that, and it's particularly true with regard to actual physical capacity. This is just nonsense, not just no scientific evidence, but amounts are in yeah, yeah yeah, I mean mountain of it. My favorite study on this is, you know there. Is you member there? Is that those commercials about like throwing like a girl running like a girl, right mother's, feminist, commercial, saying? What is it to be running like girl? No, an adult woman should be running on early and then they would show a little girl
which is running and still a little girly, but she's running like normally it's only. It's only exactly fierce. It's it's only society that has forced the little girl to run like one first of all have a three year old girl. She runs like a girl. Second of all- and it's not because I'm teaching her is that customer on 'cause she doesn't seem right, but she played with dolls because you're a sexist pig. It's because of that. My daughter start off liking trucks like in the first year and I give a shit and then now she likes playing with dolls and dressing up in princess dresses like who cares. She's a girl she's always been a girl. She will always be a girl whether she likes trucks or whether she likes. That was an issue with one of my daughters to my daughter was a little worried about are going to be a dike which is like no now. What's the big deal you like lesbians? Who cares? I don't care like? I do not care and she's like them, and then she turned the corner and then she got, but we just let her be whatever she said, but she was really into like Batman for a while yeah man that my daughter is is in about an interest in a one woman like who cares, but is it but the? But what what's funny about this is that the left kept saying even even I met my wife right, who's who's, a conservative and I made
more conservative when we got married. That's what men tend to do there. There were their wives, but she, but she uh. You know I remember early on. We had a conversation about this and I said women don't throw like money and she got. They call offended- and I said, but that's factually true shit right, but it's insulting. It's like no! That's factually true. Like I'm sorry, there been studies out of one thousand. If you took a woman throwing baseball and then one thousand men throwing a baseball, the woman will throw faster and out of those one thousand men is in the book. The sports Jane the one will throw faster than two of those men out of one thousand and we're talking about like goose gossage. Here we're talking about regular human, we're talking about the accountant from down the block, we're talking about Paul Ryan, flinging, a baseball right. I mean that's, not the way this stuff. Well, that was the counter that Fallon Fox used was that she actually lost to a woman. She lost a woman named Ashley Evan Smith, but what I said was no. They proves my point. Is that you're not good you're, just a man well, this was John Mcenroe got slapped all over the lot when he said about Serena Williams, she's great sermons. Right now,
Serena Williams were complete. He said she's the best female player ever and they were like well, why not just the best player ever because she's, a woman like if you're a man to get her ass, kicked and every like? No, how dare you there is some called the universal tennis ranking should back in the mid ranks of college male players if she were men and Serena Williams like five years ago now I never want to play with Andy. Roddick could kill me she. She actually did this there's a two hundred Frank man in the world who she wanted to just warm up with, and they played it like just a normal man, for he one thousand six hundred and sixteen nothing he was, and he was like rank two hundred in the world and we only shock was that he dropped a dropped, a point. Well, there was the issue of Renee Richards when Renee Richard started playing tennis against women and kicking their ass, and he was a middling player at best as a woman or as a man rather but as the woman, he was a fucking killer. But hey I mean this is what should insult feminist? It turns out the Caitlyn Jenner, all these hero of the year awards and everything. We meant so great that even when we decide to be women,
then when that was the book. Moses sorry said only that a woman for six months that he's amazing album of the year credible and he's just using natural he's. A gold doesn't matter matter, even if being women and women, no wonder feminist, they should be, and and this whole glossing over, the the for the difference between feminists have been claiming that women are distinct from men, an important different and better in certain ways like I don't understand how you hold these two simultaneous thoughts. Hillary Clinton needs to be president because we need a female president, but also Donald Trump. If he said he was a woman tomorrow would be a woman. How do you hold those simultaneous thought? I always thought that in the so we could the election of Trump thought he was going to lose. You should have just declared himself a woman, and then he too First President Bay's been incredible. If you, if showed up on the dress and the entire life fires, a woman, I'm the best. Looking woman ever I've been voted as the best looking woman of all time. Ninety one has been the great arguments. I got an online when I was even arguments, but it's so many people call me a bigot, because this Fallon Fox thing was. It was stunning because it was
so confusing to me, like I'm talking about defending a biological woman like these by logical women. At least two of them got the fuck beaten out of him by Fallon Fox before, or they found out that she used to be a man. That's not an issue to these people, and so one woman said she's. It's been a woman and I said okay, she gave birth, she impregnated a woman and got her pregnant. I go what about then she goes even then he didn't. Then she was a woman. She was a woman, she went. She was fucking, a woman with her dick and getting that woman pregnant like we are in fantasy land. It's it's it's crazy town. So this doesn't mean this is: what's crazy, Leigh, you can't just be something's. Something is illogical. You can't just decide that someone's a bigot like the you we're in a weird area, we're talking about bones,
I'm sure and here's the crystal density there there there's a crazy thing is that they always rely on these gender reassignment doctors to define the terms, and it's really interesting, because I got deep deep, deep into the rabbit hole with this, because I was really shocked at how many people were angry at me. Yeah, and there is one doctor who is a board certified endocrinologist who sort of broke it down. Just like not is the science behind this crazy, but when you you have gender reassignment surgery, one of the big issues with men, um transitioning, into women's bone density, who she's like when you have gender reassignment surgery, you're taking estrogen, which actually prove serves bone density. She's, like not only do they have less bone density once they become a woman, they might have more will because it you're preserving it like it's, not you're, not going to automatically be just like a woman in a year or so I don't think surgeons I mean. I know too much about doctoring from having spent
one thousand years with my wife's medical education to believe that doctors have the capacity to magically change a man into a woman. No maybe it's! It happened one day with like or or something like that when they start using genetic, the generic before birth. Maybe I mean if you actually ended the chromosomes before birth, but no I mean like no, if it once once, you're didn't want. Your things have been fine. What's your chromosomes have, in fact like this is fifth grade science, people with great science. What scares the shit out of me is when you hear these stories about people deciding their child, whose eight or nine years old dot beyond belief, it's scary, because nine year look a fuckin. Seventeen year old doesn't know. That was a thing about the Ruby rose girls. She was saying that when she was young when she was a teenager, she wanted to be a man she wanted to be transgender and that she had come through that phase now she's so happy that she didn't do anything right. Did they say that eighty percent of kids who experience any sort of gender dysphoria as children grow out of it? So when
have a society that reinforces it and then in Canada, they're not having the passing laws. Now that say that if a kid says you have a earl and the girl says, I'm a boy and she's three that the government can come in your house and the kid because, obviously, if you, if you don't want to humor the kid and get the kid treatment for surgery or hormone blockers, then you're obviously something wrong to the kid. This is just it's insane. First of all, if anyone tried to do that with my kids, I would meet him at the door of the gun. This is, this is the kind of stuff where you're talking legit civil or like when you say that the government can take people's kids from them, because the government better than you had a parent, your kids on basic things like. Are you a boy or a girl that that's gonna get violent quickly? If you send someone in my door with a gun, saying I'm taking your water from you, because your daughter says she's a boy at school and you I'm not going to take her to a psychiatrist to start her transitioning process? No, but one. How did we get so far down this rabbit hole of insanity? And this is again, this is not taking away the personal choice of a sixty year old man like Bruce Jenner,
since you want to be a woman, how you want free country go have at it have a good time. But how did we get so crazy that that be is an option that people aren't paying attention to the mass the variables that a child encounters Psychologe variable stress variables, going on a home? What's happening, hormonally what's happening psychologically? What is happening to you and how can you decide like this? Is it you get you're gonna wow this kid to make a like a lockdown decision to begin gender transition surgery at like nine or ten years old hormone blockers in there to an eight year old yeah, and you know, and then they'll show you like this girl who's, like thirteen who used to be a boy, and you know you see her act and talk and they go. How could you imagine that this isn't a girl? Okay, I don't
you know, I don't know I don't I don't I mean I just don't know what happen I'm going to go with the fact that there's a Y chromosome in every cell of that person's body, except ironically, for some of his sperm cells, to tell me that that's probably a boy and you can block the man the station of some physical characteristics. That does not change the chromosomes and there are definitely interested people right. I mean there are people who legitimate have conditions like Klinefelter syndrome. I mean they're like these. Are these are actual biological things? But if you're telling me any, they can be a girl. No. Now the answer is no, and it's it. That's that's not by logically correct and you're not doing any sort of service to a child, especially evidence less, and you know, service, doing no service to a child by bringing humoring what is obviously a mental condition and mental condition by the way again linked forty percent lifetime suicide rate is higher than any other population on planet earth by margin mean telling kids that we are want to force you into you, expressed when you're five, that you think you're the opposite sex and now at eight
going to transition you into this, and your suicide rate is exactly the same as somebody who didn't do that it's very similar to something you didn't do that and like supposed to benefit the person. It's just it's it's beyond imagination. Nothing is cruelty, what's very strange for sure, and as someone who doesn't experience, gender dysphoria, I like to look- I mean, I know it when once someone's got some sort of an issue whatever it is, whether you call it an issue or a condition or whatever the fuck it is, and I don't have it try to be as Stan Crawfish are trying to be as objective I tried to be as kind as possible. This is a weird one, though this is a wee one, because it's it's become some sort of a fad and any criticism of it whatsoever. Even discussion of it, you are tables as a transphobic piece of shit yeah. I think it's only weird honestly because it's run into the weird sexual politics that dominates in the country, because if we had to about Anorexia, which is a form of body dysphoria, yes or if we talk about, I mean there actually is something body
entity, integrity, disorder, right where people like want to lose an arm. We would be saying well, the problem is in your brain is not in your arm right like if up your arm seems a little extreme, but if you want to do that like go ahead. But if you were a kid and it's in five five year old would say: oh well, this kids gonna suffer suffer with their entire life, like, let's just chop off their own, now prevent them. There are from developing like this is not, and to tell the entire society that this is a positive good is a whole nother thing. It's one thing to try and treat people who have that disorder. Humanely is another thing to find terms of the higher civilization as well as biology in order to fit that this is valuing the objective over the object of Sciences object objective. Your feelings are, who you are, is subjective. You can have those feelings, but once you are trying to translate those feelings into the objective standard we almost told by now you're encroaching on my territory. It's not it's, not just you doing what you want to do anymore, you're telling me what I have to do, and that's a different thing right now when people say that there is this forty percent suicide rate amongst transgender people.
One of the arguments that I've heard is it's because they're not accept it right. I've heard this stadium yeah and that if they were accepted and then they felt themselves, they felt loved for their true self the, and it would be just like everybody else, and I think I've seen no evidence to suggest that if there is a decrease based on treatment, then it's original at best, but not just for yeah. It's is it uniform, like I would like to know Michael, is like gender dysphoria. Is it a lot in a similar percentile as Anorexia or what body build? Here's gaddour with strippers get when they get triple F tits and I should not have to look up like the anorexic suicide right. Dysphoria is a weird thing. You know it's it's, it is people, there's a girl that goes to my yoga class, that's anorexic, and it's so disturbing. It's so sad. It's horrifying! It's horrifying and listen. I'm not so I'm not saying that we should mistreat people but again you're talking about it higher society being
first to redefine basic biological terminology. Then, like it adult like like live with this, I'm happy to treat you with listen what I would hire a transgender person, but I'm not going to I'm not going to change what reality is in order to humor you like, if you call yourself Napoleon, I'm not going to call you Napoleon or not Napoleon like this is not something up. Would you take it into consideration, though I mean when you were looking at the still like what if something was really good at their job, someone else was equally good at their job, but not transgender. Would you lean towards the not transgender person 'cause? You say? Well, the transgender person they're dealing with the host psychological issues. Obviously I mean I think that you would have to think about typical aspects of reliant ality. Just the same way, you would with any other mental this or, if you need somebody was, was manic depressive, which is super common and you have some is equally qualified, is not manic depressive. You might think well that might have an effect on and how they do their job. Maybe I you know I haven't had enough personal experience with transgender gender
people to know whether it would impact a secre, real job or something probably not you Know- probably not, but it but again to pretend that transgenders in the military. This seems to me like a decision that should be made by military people who actually have to determine how much does this impact the job? And if you already have a group of people with uh forty percent suicide rate who have high levels of higher levels of instability as a group, not individually as a group and you're choosing, which groups to pick from to be on the front lines in small units living under severe pressure for months at a time like it, that's something that is that, where you're going to go for or is that something where, like you, have to overcome certain presumptions? In order to get there yeah, I treated something that Kristin Beck wrote the other day, but when the milit
band, when Trump, apparently there was not a real band, it was bullshit any base from just trying to track the sessions thing. So it is yeah yeah. I get to TIM's letters back to twenty sessions. This is the part about that. I didn't like like. I actually agree that there is a question as to whether the military should be recruiting transgender people, because I think that the military has. Certainly it creates a bunch of questions, not just questions about who showers with whom but questions like. Ok, you have a Trans gender man does he have to fill the female standards of fitness or the male founder, the standards of fitness right, so these are actual questions. Does it? How does it work with troop cohesion, and you have a group of men and they have a man used clay man, but he's? Did you treat me as a woman like this? You have to carry the same mouth. That stuff is the guy like. How does that work exactly? Does this the cost of general grant in surgery and hormones and psychologists like does that come into play at all here? Would you recruit from the uh exit community for the military? These are like real questions, but that said, that's why they to study from General Mattis a department of defense. He was going to
into all of this and then give report in six months and Trump to just sort of tweeted it out there. I agree that I think that Trump's general general attitude on it is probably correct in terms of what the is they're doing, what what it's not there to do, but what I don't agree with us, how he did it all, because disrespectful to the people in the military who are transgender, I mean like I wouldn't want to find out in a tweet, a better rationale, then two tweets and then we're back and then we're back to you know like look they're doing more and I I mean they're serving the military I didn't serve in the military. It seems like it would be proud, but critical of me to say well, it's perfectly respectful to say in two tweets you're out, because that's the way it is with any sort of supporting argumentation and he didn't actually implement policy didn't give the policy to the Defense Department, so they could even implement it. The Pentagon says there now implementing it 'cause, they don't have a policy, so the pr thing. So this is a weird our thing, but it really stirred up people in the comments designed to do right. I'm sure well either that he just felt like tweeting and that's what I think that's what it was. I mean he wanted to shift the conversation,
and it was the funniest thing about thing about that is that it in two tweets in the first half of the tweet was in consultation with my generals and military experts. We have that we will no longer accept ten minute gap. General people in the military, so there is, there is a story, a buzz feed. It was kind of funny they went and interviewed a bunch of people in the Pentagon. People in the Pentagon are like during that time yep I didn't know whether we were going to nuclear war. What right does that first tweet was like we will no longer, except except in North Korea, N Korea's missile missile test program, so wow. This again is evidence and I think it's an example of, even if I think the policy is good. Good policy done. The wrong way is actually counterproductive for the policies that I want to see. No like. I want it laid out by Mattis, I want laid out by Defense department. I want all the reasons laid out, so we can have a good discussion over it. I don't really want just like
not vomit on Twitter. That's just not! I don't think it's effective, but also seems that this issue is such a hot issue. An it's also an issue that you're not really allowed to have an opinion on other than the standard opinion of this is always been a woman trapped in a man's body, and this is the way it is, and metal heart healthy day. Kardian notion that it's like a man that that's like the soul in the machine and that there's a woman deep down for forty years had three children with send penis and now now is a scaping there's a ghostbusters like again goes faster. If you seen the man in England was it in England. Now Germany, the man and in that again, if I was a six year old girl, yes, and so they turn them into a six year old girl. So there's this click the tail yeah. Exactly as I could to me, that's going around the internet affair, but we're talking a college girl about this and she she's saying like men or men, can do women when the man I said. Well, how old are you I love that clip and it could come? Why aren't you sixteen Accu sixty yeah and t she's like baffled like what and
and then finally hits her and it's like? Well, you know yeah. I think this is what kind of frightening about the age we live in is that we can't even come up with common definitions of basic things we supposed to have conversations with each other. If you can't decide what a man is or what a woman is or or whether a scientific fact ought to be relevant or not like at least we could decide what was a scientific fact or not before, and now it's like the subject, if he's just eating everything, if I don't think it's a scientific fact, it's no longer a scientific fact and therefore choose the parameters of the argument. It's become about freedom, the freedom to be your authentic self versus biology and right and again beat beer beer, authentic self punkish. Do it do whatever you want, like you more power to you, but it is no longer about your freedom, your authentic self, when you're talking about either legislation that impacts, how I run my business or how I raise my child or you are suggest that is my duty to humor your authentic self. I think people do stupid. Crap. Their entire lives is not my job to humor their authentic self. I mean I'm
pro drug legalization, but I've never done drugs and I think the drugs are stupid. Don't tell me that I have to like cheer when somebody smokes a joint like do what you want, but don't tell me that I have to redefine what I think is good and bad behavior. That silly doesn't make any sense, and the other thing that it became this weird political, hot, we're talking about bathrooms. Yeah, then it, unlike the number one toys is easy for people to sort of oil to the argument into that. I think right, of course, like this. What about my children? My children, will go into the bathroom and a man with the dress is going to come in and he's going to claim that identifying as a woman, and it got to the point where so many people were upset about it. The people are boycotting South Carolina. Member that you know the end- and this is the one I thought was amazing was: was the NC double a saying they would remove the final four from North Carolina to the past, the the bathroom bill right in North Carolina, and I I I asked online okay. So when are you going to abolish the separate male and female divisions of the NCAA
said that we can write a separate male and female bathrooms? Were biological males play and you know we're we're? Biological has got one bathroom and biological females got another. So why do you have separate divisions? Why do you have what you have women's division in an NC double men's division? Yeah? Where does this go? I mean eventually it avenged boiled down. I mean eventually it goes to one place or another like either. We just say this is a step too far. Give me a break. You know science has no or we say anyone could be anything at any time. A man is a woman and a woman is a man, and you know it's in just have you ever seen any videos of people that are gender fluid I have in those videos those videos are fascinating, like they wake up one day and their woman and the next day there are man and a guy on NPR on radio lab on the podcast who transitions at times of stress, makes perfect sense in the middle of having a conversation, I just switched, I'm Paul,
I'm the man said it when he's more stressed as you switch into a woman, because I'd be really sexist right, I mean, I think they like it. If you stressed at work in switching to aluminum started crying. That is going to say this to me. That's implying that women are the people cry at work so, and that is sex. Also. This raises a bunch of other weird questions like okay. If you're like, there's, there's been this again your time so weird there's been this weird push in parts of the Trans community to suggest that a male who doesn't want to have sex with a biologic male who says he's a female is: is now a sexist against rims Phobe is a Transphobe right. You bad person, if you're a man who doesn't want to have sex with a man, a biological man, and it doesn't make you gay to do right if you have sex with biological man who says a woman, that's straight sex, but if you were to have sex biological woman who says she's a man, you're gay yeah kind of weird. I know we definitely weird, but I have seen the arguments in the blog posts in the tweets about men who discriminate against Trans women who do not want to date. Trans women and people keep saying well, it's it's culture
early to find like no that's called evolution. We have a baby together, correct correct. It turns out that evolution wants men to have sex with women, like I'm sorry to break it to everybody, but evolution relies on human reproduction. Okay, if you put that thing in the wrong place that I'm going to reproduce like that's just sorry- I don't, I don't have to apologize for science, and then they say that my party is the Party of Non Science like you're, going to say that two minutes before my baby is born. It's not a baby and can be a woman, I'm anti science, I'm just I'm, I'm wildly confused by this. Well the whole, it is wildly confusing, but it's just such a strange subject. It's such a strange subject, that's been brought to the fan and I think about Maur the moral posturing than it is about people who actually think this is a major issue. I think you're absolutely right and I think people love to be virtuous. They love to be on that side. Virtue signal, how dare you yeah interesting Herod area? What is the? How dare you with dicks lack of fake dicks,
but they don't really have a lot of fake dicks. They don't really go that far. They just sort of take Castro and see see what's up, but the it's just. It's a it's a weird facet of our society today. That is unexpected. I mean you go back two thousand and thirty years and it was an oddity and even there during the Renee Richards thing it was. It was more of an oddity than anything else. I think sort of accepted other. This is why I say I think that it's that in a lot of people over is signaling, are still treating it as an oddity. They just won't admit that right think they're watching it, because it's a circus to them and I think that's actually cruel. I don't think that you should like put people who suffer mental illness on the cover of magazines. I just don't, I think, that's bad strategy. What about body builders? I don't know that. I'll be honest, I don't know much about Bodybuilding community. I look like. I know that much about it. They are arguing that I've heard of that guy and more of a marathon runner.
I heard the argument about body builders that they said suffer from as well as that. In order to get that big yeah, you almost have to have some sort of a body dysmorphia who you you would have to not understand how insanely huge you are yeah. I will be really into it. Their argument is there really into it in which makes sense to me, but I've heard people say that it's it's like we're almost like a reverse anorexia, like may, never feel like they're big enough you've seen that people say that before you well we're that the human mind is suspect or subjects really variable in it's really open to suggestion really opened suggestion. I mean you see that scares people about children, transitioning for sure. For sure I mean listen, you see it in everything, including fashion like how many dudes wax their chest now thirty years ago. Nobody wax their chest. They waxing to throw wack in January or they're just wax their chest. Whenever an effort is questions about, the youth are turned young, Jamie yeah, but it, but I mean, if you watch tv now and every deed on TV has a chest, is bare. As my young fourteen month old, I area and it's like where this
come from, and they were, they were chiseled and also came from tv. I'd like tv was gonna, be men are gonna, be hairless. Now this is this. Is the new trend? Men are gonna, be hairless Khomeini, you don't you'll get the Burt Reynolds like you know their chest anymore, and it's so if if people are susceptible to even that, with regard to fashion like people for five years, people convinced cells that skinny jeans or thing that people that people are open to virtually any sort of suggestion Bell bottoms that come and the commitment when they try to bring Bell bottoms back two years ago. They did not a good call, they tried and people big. Now not this one platforms when these were platform shoes, that's what I'm keeping around on my dad's old clothes, eventually actually going to come back in again, you never know yeah idea of fashion and culture also being the same sort of mechanism that allows people to be variable when it comes to their gender. And that's I mean you. Actually. There is a study. F, this is happening. There is a study in Britain or Poland, Britain about sexual orientation and when I found was ninety
five percent of people over the age of sixty identified as exclusively heterosexual of people who are under the age of thirty, only forty two percent identified as exclusively heterosexual. It was like ok in two generations: it's not that half the population bisexual right! That is not a scientific thing. That means people more open to suggestion about their sexual behavior, which you would assume so assuming that culture has no impact and that this goes against the whole. This way, aspect of in the homosexual rights movement, the Gay rights movement that says born this way like I agree that there's a genetic component to sexual behavior, but the idea that that's what why fifty percent of the UK population shifted toward you know, I'm open to anything. Culture has fifty percent, as I say, ninety five percent people over the age of sixty and then forty two percent of will under the age of thirty wow.
That is a that's forty, two percent say by social. You know you, okay, no forty, two percent say they're extremely extremely: a heterosexual extremely hit forty exclusively heterosexuals of sixty percent, nearly sixty percent. Seventy percent say that they're on the spectrum, but not exclusively heterosexual, that's fascinating! I wonder if they only talk to women. Women drunk are drunk like the young drunk girls. They get crazy playing in. I think also I'm trying to roll a thing right, we're out in the end of his whole, shtick about like in the future, there's going to be a point where guys are considered gay if they won't kiss another, do what are you gay? You afraid that you're gay show me you're, not gay, so we've gone around the bend a little bit. We have there's also this thing that I think happens when you have two very clear sides. You know where you have teams you sort of a line in the sand and not supposed to cross there's the right side and there's the left side, and we have that in the
country. We really don't have a third party option. There are third parties are kind of a joke and whenever you have two opposing viewpoints, people dig in you seen this new documentary about William, F, Buckley and Gore Vidal and baby I've heard about it is any good. It's great. It's really interesting debates. They had dour in the one thousand nine hundred and sixty eight election. It's fascinating, never watch some of those debates, but yeah it's intense yeah, particularly the lower Buckley, threatens to punch, but always pretty cause. I'm a queer and says sock you in the days inn you'll stay plastered by plastic. It's weird because it's only pasta, it's spectacular, such a like it. So, in the the speak of the day, you know, like nineteen sixty eight, the brahmin accent. It's it's great, like it's. Almost british accent, yeah, it's it's fantastic, it's really interesting! And then, but there these I mean the it's that saying this. My team versus that team- and I think the left
is guilty of it as much as the right is guilty of it. It seems like it's it's a real issue where there's a lot of people that have ideas, opinions, it's sort of cross party lines, but they vote on one side or another and they vote for their team, and I think that's right. I think that, especially in this last election, I think that was true. I think that people felt so alienated by the other side like to understand a lot of people have trump. You have to understand that there are a lot of people in the country who felt in assaulted by the left. They were just sick of being called racist, sexist bigot homophobes. Every time someone wanted advance a policy on the left, and so they said, okay screw that at least Trump's not calling me that I'll do that and then they're a bunch of people on the two now feel insulted by Trump's even presents, and they think all the people who voted for Trump are those people and so they're fighting racism, sexism, bigotry and homophobia by voting against Trump. Again, I would go back to this and there's a harder of of there's, not one bubble in the country. There is to know the right likes to accused the left of being in a bubble in the coast.
Is that there's a bubble on the right to which is the idea that everybody on the every piece of the media is lying to you, news? Everything is fake news, you don't like it it's fake news. These bubbles are not healthy for the republic and we can't have conversations with each other if we, if we do this routine, no, this ception is not healthy across the board and there's another going on where on a nazi like never heard build a nazi more than I have over the last six months. I mean it's been crazy if you support trump you're, not say you're, a NEO Nazi, you're, somehow or another you're a fascist. If you didn't vote for Hillary or a Nazi, like some people have boiled it down to like the purest form. Yeah, I agree I mean first of all demonstrates from menace historical ignorance. Forget the Holocaust, like you just look at who Hitler was in the problems you promulgated like he was. Basically,
he was all over the place when he wanted to talk to social issues. Socialist we want to talk to capitalist was a capitalist. He was. He was a top down government guy for sure, but he he would speak the language of of you know what would be considered the European far right today on a lot of a lot of issues, but then he would talk about redistribution of resources and universal Healthcare and all this kind of stuff, removing guns it, but he's just a many club. I mean it's just a convenient club because then- and then this part scares me once you say that somebody is Hitler, then then at really becomes obligatory to physically resist them. Then we thank you, have a conversation with Hitler like once you say: somebody's Hitler of the K K K. What what you gonna do. Let's have a conversation with them. At the very least, you won't talk with them and at the most you might try to punch them. That is really problem with that. The nomenclature right, that's really a problem with. I do defying someone in that way that they, they are someone that you have to resist and they are someone who cannot be reasoned with. They are someone who is absolutely evil. There's no like v.
The bulls are variance in their behavior and and listen. I, like fiery political rhetoric, kind of fun, but I think once you once you label somebody, you know completely evil you you you. You have a special not to debate with him. First, not to talk with them. Even conversation legitimizes them yeah. I mean it like. Listen, I'm sure you're gonna get a bunch of shit from people for even having me on, because the idea is going to be well. How could we have on somebody like you're legitimizing his point of view by having him on, and I know a lot of people who who I politically disagree with, have had that experience will have me on their show, and it's like how dare you have Shapiro on because you're just granting him cover you know like or we can just have a conversation in a bill. Disagreement will agree. Yeah. I really don't give a about those people. I think that's a silly conversation. I I I feel like you should talk to everybody in if you disagree or agree. I have friends on that. I, like my friend yesterday, that on any Bravo, he believes in everything's a conspiracy. I disagree with him wildly and I love him like a brother, I don't think you have to agree with people and I don't think you have to,
but the idea that you can't just have a conversation with someone about something and see if you can find middle ground or see if you could clearly define their point of view or find their perspective. That Smith thing today in a weird way and one of the wheel things about the election, was the ping pong match between the after the right. As played out on national television by the media. I would watch special cable news. I would watch Fox news and then go to CNN and go back and forth what channels you know you have that previous channel, but yeah on the direct tv I'll just put it on both of them go what what like two different worlds in two different worlds. My mom said this in two thousand and twelve, with Romney and Obama. If you read the right media, there was no way Romney was going to lose and if you read the left wing media, there was no way Romney was going to win and said which one of these do, I believe it's probably somewhere in the middle, like I have a basic rule, which is that if you have a New York Times report, and then you have a report from mice, the daily wire and they share the fact you can probably assume the facts are true, but the opinions that are embedded with the fax, those are
right and that's what's what's so hard about. I think the modern media landscape is trying to separate the facts from the opinion, and so this is why Trump says fake news he's not wrong that CNN hates him in New York Times hates him. That he's right about that, but bling at all fake news is inaccurate. Also because most of what they're reporting is true right, it's just that the biased against something can be both true and biased, and I'm true and biased. Right. I say things that I think are factual, but I'm basically conservative. That's my point of view. You know touch it then, and a commentator, that's what you do mean half of it is. You know filing people up saying provocative things I mean. That's that's! This is the end. This is where I think the right is correct about CNN and the New York Times and and some of the other networks like the. If, yes, the Roy, what pisses you off more CNN or MSNBC, most people on the right will say: CNN, not MSNBC, because MSNBC is honest enough to say we're on the left and CNN pretends have no bias were above all that same thing with the New York Times were above all that
and then they run the most egregiously bias headlines. We go well that, if they're lying about that they're lying about everything, you know one of my fast, my most fascinating characters of this play with Scott Adams and particular because Scott Adams, when I had him on my podcast, you saying he doesn't even vote like what I am when I'm paying attention to. He goes, I'm a trained hypnotist and I'm paying attention to the powers of persuasion and I'm looking trends and I'm making some predictions that turned out to be accurate and he's like he's looking at Trump he's not talking about Trump in these glowing terms he's talking about as being an effective persuader and he lost millions of dollars. Because of that opinion, talking about a guy that he's not even gonna vote, or I mean this is all leading up to the election, more people, worse, fucking furious at him and even more furious at him after Trump one 'cause. He would do those coffee with Scott thing,
as he does on periscope, where wakes up and he's just starts answering asking questions and he's so measured in common podcast recent with SAM Harris, where I think he's just like little two are over the edge of apologizing for some, some of Trump's, behavior and sort of attributing some of Trump's behavior. To that you could say was incompetence and it's like some some sort of a master thief. This is my only quarrel with Scott, I think, is that he tends to believe that everything Trump does is nine hundred and eighty seven degree underwater upside down hungry hungry hippos, like everything, is just it's all just acts of genius and it's three steps down the road instead of like stumbling his way to victory. Okay, I knew everyone involved in the campaign like every single person, who's involved in the campaign. I knew this was a stumble, their way to victory like either. It is amazing the minds and be human beings. Are we we need to think it's it's sort of like the Joker's. As in the dark knight, we need to think there's a plan. We always need to think there's a plan and some
Trump one. It must be because there was some master plan that he unveiled over the course of the campaign. Three weeks before the election, he was caught on tape, saying that he wanted to grab women by the p word, so there was no master plan. Ok, it's that Hillary was an awful candidate and no one liked her. Okay, the idea that the Trump was like even the idea there is a broad national movement for Trump that wasn't there for other candidates. He want fewer votes in in than Mitt Romney and he won the state and that's because, unlike Hillary, I mean this is the untold story of the election is. This was not a referendum on Donald Trump. This is a referendum on Hillary Clinton, particular in the heartland and people hated her guts rock Obama, one Ohio walking away. Everyone talks about Michigan and Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Now we talked about Ohio Trump Ohio, walking away. One of the reasons he won, Ohio, walking away is because in two thousand and twelve Barack Obama really drove out the black vote, the percentage of the black typically in Ohio, it's like ten percent of the general vote in two thousand and twelve is like that ten to fifteen percent of the general- and that was the entire margin of victory for
Obama in the state of Ohio. Hillary got closer sort of the traditional percentages and she lost in a whopping blowout in Ohio. No one likes Hillary Clinton in the left was so arrogant that they thought we can take the most unpopular, unlikable, unqualified nasty, bore, bring human being. Anyone is seen for twenty years and will run her she's. The one will run, but do you think the company you have to Helen confident you have to be to lose a celebrity game show host like you have to suck at this in a royal manor. I don't know now now that I think the floodgates are open, but don't you generally rachman kids. Let's do this thing and apparently is like way ahead said that is so he's gonna win the primary. If he didn't win the primary, then he would have to run into and then he'd be in rock rock kid rock is gonna win the primary well, we can only hope once he's in the office he grows into, it becomes adult rock. How is TED Nugent not run for office? Yet that's what I want to know how you're not
Nugent Newton Rock the conversation about running for president. You know that the people really wanted it. He would do it. I was like. Oh could Jesus wait for the rock opera, you know the rock might win, the rock might win it if open and in two thousand and twenty yeah she, the rock with Oprah Fuckin, dual slam, dunk the rock and open again. So I have this weird idea that we should actually reinstituted monarchy and it should just be ceremonial and they can be a celebrity, will just make a celebrity monarch and that person will just be there to look pretty and sort of like Queen of England exactly, but don't really have anything until panel tiles, no power, because we keep conflating the residency with like who actually has to do things like we want to represent the country yeah. We have popularity contest, see who gets to control the nukes, which is insane that's pretty wild, that's pretty wild. I think that you know this. Is we all think in cinematic terms now and in Know, Hollywood
run by the Doh Pierce jackasses like I grew up with all these people? These are not people who you want controlling the narrative and they were like. You know what let's take if Tom Hanks would only run if Tommy, what makes you think Tom Hanks would be a good president. Did you look at Trump in one God he's doing such a brilliant job, but we really need now is the guy from cast away that we need is an actor again. We did well with break in. We need another act. We did great with Schwarzenegger. Is the governor at least when was governor for twenty years before he before he was the president of the United States. I mean, let's, let's put him, let's put him through the ringer, I mean Schwarzenegger eight years that he was not capable of doing anything except kind of sucking. Will you ever heard him talk about it away it from his perspective is like you don't really understand how much red tape and bullshit you have to go through? He goes. I would meet with people and they would agree with me that it's a good idea. However, they would say my vote, we're never going to agree with it, so I'm going to oppose it. So, even though I know you're right, there's a bunch of far
words that are going to be mad at me for doing that, so I'm not going to do that. Well, this is the other thing in politics that really drives me nuts. There are two promises that politicians make that are complete bullshit. The first promise they make is I'm going to go to Washington DC and I'm going to get things done. Okay, this is the system the system is built for gridlock, it's built for gridlock, it's what we have to separate houses of Congress. That's why we have a president who can veto is why we have a supreme court that rules on cases is built for that's why we have states. They are supposed to be able to check the federal government offices in the Federalist papers. It was built for gridlock, and some people are happy with that, because that's how Trump is being like sideline that every time he tries to make something really important. I think we all should be happy with that, because the only way things were supposed to get with wide public support right, which is probably good thing. We don't want the government shifting wildly in viewing on it axis every four years or every two years. I like the grid lock. My big problem is that the gridlock now protect a huge system that I don't like that's been built up over one hundred years in the case of growth of government, but I like the gridlock, but
this one promises made and then people are disappointed. Oh, if we get in there we're going to repeal Obamacare, so you no you're, not you're, not I mean like you can promise it, but now you're not going, but because you're full of crap when you said it and now you're not going to do it and the gridlock is there and it's hard to change things. It takes a tremendous effort of will and electoral power to actually change things in a big way. This idea will elect Trump and Trump, but it's going to be so easy like no, it's not so it wasn't easy for Obama, Obama passed, comma, and that was it for his presidency. He do anything for the next six years. Really there were no major pieces of legislation. Nothing happened after that. He lost Congress, and that was it. So that's promised number one, the other promises, your anger is justified, and this is why I hate even more- and that is the idea that you know in in regular life when you have kids, I have kids when your kid is angry. The first thing you have to teach your kid, maybe you're wrong to be angry. Sometimes your anger not justified. If you want to make good human beings you to determine whether they are right to be angry. Is your anger, correct politician
in the business of justifying people's anger? Oh you heard about the Trump voter a lot right there. So angry there's! So angry! Ok! Well, I'm angry too about things, but are they angry about the right things right and Trump would say, you're right to be angry as you've lost your job in Podunk, Ohio, because it's being still and by the Chinese or by the Mexicans or something and it's like well, is that factor sure you just pandering to the anger and on the left here people say this to black folks in the inner city: it's the system, that's keeping it down! It's a racist white supremacist system! That's keeping you down that! Well, that true, or a just pandering to the voter, because it's hard to tell people hard truths like you're, not right to be angry, your ass and do something with your life, and this is true for regardless of race, you know go out there. No cares enough to stop you in your life. Your life is your own. No one in the United States cares about you want to stop. You want to throw obstacles up, I'm not sure you can win an election on the basis of go live your own life, even though everyone claiming they want to live their own life. I think most people are full of it.
Most people don't want to live their own life. They want a politician to tell them that all of their complaints about life being unfair justified and the is going to solve all that we don't want people who, out of our way we want people to be mommy, and then you know, that's that's attempting attempting proper Shin for politics are certain a lot of that when you talk into adults, because you're dealing with people that have the momentum of all their failures in life and all the different things that are not going right and then here they are this moment today right now and they want to figure out why and why they're not on track and how to get right on track and the ease this way is to point the finger or blame someone else and everybody has their own hand. I'm not saying that people's hands are are fair and that you know one person doesn't have it easy, a lot of people. Have it easy. I have it easier than a lot of people for sure for sure absolutely, but the reality is. There's a tremendous amount of psychological factors that go into why someone does or does not succeed and to placate them or to you know, to
play on those psychological factors as not being their own fault. It's very tempting because it works with people. People love to hear that they love to hear that. It's not your fault, and I that's what politicians have become in the business of doing and it's both right and left people saying that it's it's not your fault, because you're being screwed by some foreign country, it's not your fault, because the immigrants are doing it to you. It's not a follow up is maybe some, maybe some of that's true, but you have to show me why it's true. We have to show me what the actual like did you lose your job because of and because of China, or did you lose your job because you're in an industry that is being crowded out because of technological change, because your union struck and created way is too high to be globally competitive like let's look at the actual logic service to and then how can we change it? How can we make it better? How can we is it something we after do or is it a matter of you need to on your skill set like you see a lot of people now stuck in the mindset of thirty years ago, that you're gonna work a job and stay there for twenty years and then you're going to and then you're going to leave with gold watch.
That's not the way the job market works anymore. I mean, if you're entering the job market. Right now is a college student. You can expect it in the next ten years will probably work for jobs. You know like the turnover is too great and you have to be constantly increasing your skillset also with every new innovation. There's businesses that br and shout and become new, and then there's also businesses that die and there's no bra the bank you you're, not gonna, bring back. The printing press is no hear you there's a lot of stuff that actually got in the printing press industry Intel on that trying to look good from the printing press guy boring mean bright now, they're trying to stop automated cars. I mean that that is, I mean there was a there was a vote right was in there of a vote like within the last day or two to tried to block automated trucks. Yeah, there's a tremendous amount of people that regular living, but it's gonna be a more efficient when it's not people- and you know that this is
the great fallacy. That's been people been trying to fight since the beginning of the industrial revolution. As this idea, ok, well, the new technology is going to kill jobs and then no one will ever work again. But we've had this unemployment rate in this country for the last one hundred years and the technology is a little bit better. Teamsters convince Congress to block driverless trucks yeah, it's crazy. It's crazy, crazy. It seems like you're fighting an inevitable tide. Well, imagine that, like how is that going to work for all the other industries that are affected? Let's say that you now have your officially raising the prices of all the goods that now have to be brought in by the Teamsters and now it's more expensive. So it's more money out of your pocket. In my pocket, that's that's money that I'm maybe was willing to buy American, but not gonna buy Chinese, because I have to feed my family like this. Is that's not how I can this works? It's just not how economics is there any argument that they're not ready at that these trucks aren't viable? That that's one of the issues is that with a lot of the the automated trucks, basically in order for them to work any dedicated lanes, because other
human error is such that, if like, if there's a Google car on the road and you're a bad driver, the is car, I'm getting a crash or might be more likely to get in a crash. Then then, every human driving have you ever seen. People freak out those Tesla cars and she they could do them. I I haven't. I haven't seen those tests. I actually saw some major to Google car when you're. Ah, when the car is on that automated thing, if you just swerve at it who they slam on the brakes and back up on you like people, have done it to people in for and it when I see people using automated cars, it's it's it's not done it's, not! No, no! No! No! It ready yeah, it's it in the mix. Again it it's sort of like hell. There's a lot of fuel efficient, lighter cars on the road, but they're a lot more dangerous than the heavier cars 'cause, the heavier cars. The clunkers are still around from one thousand nine hundred and seventy in their tanks just run through three priuses.
How do you feel about universal basic income? 'cause? That's a subject that comes up a lot lately when Ellon Musk is talking about these driverless cars. One of the things he's saying is that one thing that we're going to need his universal basic income. He said we're going to have to figure out some way to feed all these people they're going to get taken out of the job market because their jobs have become irrelevant. So I think universal basic income is for when the technology gets so good, that they're legitimately are no jobs. I don't think that we're there yet. So if you have a machine that can make everything basically for free and there's a bunch of people, you don't need any more to do work. Then you can about a universal basic income, because there's no scarcity scarcity is what creates a need for labor, but their scarcity in any industry. Then there's going to be a need for for labor there's going to be need for new labor people are going to have to work these trucks and deal with technology, and the computer industry didn't destroy jobs all over the United States when typewriters went out, so I think it's a little pre
sure, I'm not sure there will ever be a day when there's a machine that, when the machine society is so well developed that it can take over all jobs, I do think you're single application in the labor market. So I think people who are in jobs like yours in mine that we're lucky this is the creative job. It's hard for machines to create, but for jobs that are single task jobs, a lot more of those are gonna, be technologically driven and so people. I don't have to work the right side of the brain a little bit we're going to have to train people in a diff well, but my perspective on universal basic income is when you have a four percent unemployment rate. It's very fickle to say you need a universal basic income. It's again. Ninety six percent of people in the labor market who can work, are working. So that's not that's not not suggesting to me that there is this vast underclass of people who are at coat totally incapable of working, and once you do that, you see what you've seen actually with a disability programs in the United States. Right or now everybody is on disability like the fastest growing government program and because the disability program or people declare themselves to say so that they can get government pensions. Basically, once you have
for basic income, is there an incentive to work and also I'm not sure that you solved a lot of people's problems like people still see need something to do with their day yeah? How many sixteen year olds do you see who retire and they're dead within three years? The utopian idea is that somehow another going to open up these pulls inherent creativity and I'll find some yeah they actually enjoy. As much as I mean how many people say again, I love these and who we want to know how old are you man? I'm thirty three lived here: thirty, three using the term who yeah I love it. It's a again. You know I'm I'm never. I hope I never retire, because I just know too many people who retire and there oh, I'm going to retire and I'm going to golf another paint on the creator and six months later. Well, people enjoy doing things and feeling like their value. You know- and I don't know if that necessarily has to be a job, but it's a very clear, definitive test of whether or not you're valuable have so. It gives you money and you get that money like look
valuable, I'm doing something, I'm contributing. I got a check for my, but there's a lot of hours in the day and it's going to be hard to filled up with watercolor painting and beat poetry classes. I don't know man I'd find shit to do, but I see, but I've been ereli self employed. Most of my life yeah. I think I just I've gotten. Some people are driven it like I, I would find stuff to do too yeah, but it's a there is a difference and you know not. All human beings are the people who would actually go out and take classes and find things to do. Do you have aspirations outside of commentary when it comes to politics? Maybe some point on the, but I think you run for president or something like that. Apparently one can- and this is what I'm finding it sure. So your reason, a guy I don't know- I mean I like what I'm doing in the sense that I get to work on what people believe, which I think is sort of the root of politics. I'm not sure lamenting is the same thing as I said. I'm not sure that the president can, like I'm more focused on getting people to think in the terms that I'd like them to think about limited government and you taking
full of your own life, and I might be able to do more good, promulgating message using a growing medium like we're. We're very lucky I mean. Are the podcast went from having three thousand listeners in a dead three hundred up to go to now we have three hundred thousand listeners a day. You know it's, it's. It continues to grow so as that crowd continues to grow, it's actually harder for me to said, I'd want to jump into politics, not easier. I think the limited government thing to me is always been a fascinating subject, because the people that don't want limited government there- that is the Topi an ideal in my mind that somehow or another the government's going to be effective. If you give them more money like well, they had a argument with a friend where he wanted people to be taxed more because he felt like that much. He could be distributed to people and you would get like more funding for the arts parts one of his arguments, but my thought was like. First of all, the arts like when
value when people like them, they pay form yep, that's not get it in funding for the arts means you're gonna have like lock box with the LA comedies, and what are I can box on the ground at someone's calling a piece of art as a as yet that that guy, when he went to let it is either in San Francisco or lack my where he went there and he took off his glasses and put them on the floor and he stood next, I'm going, you know kind of stand there and can stroking his chin to their thirty people all around and staring at the glass on the floor as if its amazing yeah, it's right that the modern art live. It's like there's. There was another one recently with someone like left behind a pineapple yeah. This is yeah. I remember this yeah, it's just it's crazy. It really is crazy and it's also put Cencius, and it's also stoking those fires of pretension and making something. That's not legitimately creative may king. It celebrated because you don't really the ability to create something that it's legitimately create. Yeah yeah as as pointing this out today. With regard to it's, it's funny how a lot of people who want bigger government, they embrace states that Sir Control, the government and then when
go to they're like no, where to be found news seven, as well as the most obvious example right in as well, has turned from what was the richest country in South America and had the best oil reserves of anywhere in the western hemisphere. Basically, they've turned it into just a gar. Many people waiting in lines have a friend in me for what she went down. There did some documentary stuff down there and he was, I think it's men got shot. He was is watching people like literally shooting dogs in the streets for food, and this is a man. It's it's. Caracas is the most violent city in the western hemisphere. Now- and all of this is because good job as a piece of garbage who centralized all power to himself redistrict did the wealth to all of his friends and cronies and then and then supposedly uplifted the poor, except that now everyone is poor when it wasn't friends with Sean Penn. I don't even know what you're saying exactly on my show today I played like Shaw, Penn PEN and Jesse Jackson, and that freak Jeremy CORE, who is the head of the Labor Party in Great Britain and they're all just praising Chavez, he's a great guy. He was a hero to the poor
and now then, as well as going to and we're all these people like. What would it would someone Sticker Cameron, Sean Penn, it's flipped face like now and just ask Sean so like five minutes ago, you were saying this was awesome, but this to be some sort of a left response for that like what it, what is their take on? Why don't know trad? Allegedly no true, Scotsman, fallacy radio? Well, you know this is them living on the because they never really got rid of enough private industry. If they'd just gone further, it would have been better. It's like a list of the union and didn't work out that great either, but I actually got a response was really funny today. I tweeted out that, according to the world, thank Venezuela has one of the least income unequal societies on earth. So it's actually pretty income equal rights. Nobody has anything right and the end it's, and so the the socialist, the official Socialist Party tweeted me and said this is because socialism has never truly been tried. Ok, dude, alright sure. Why not well
the the wonderful idea of socialism is that it's going to even everything out and that you shouldn't get paid more for that? No one should paid more and then everyone should have some sort of a like a peak that you can reach right like there's some sort of competition involved to be some there's got to be some even sent it, but only so much. This is like the Bernie Sanders. Democratic socialism, like formal socialism, is the state, owns the whole thing, but democratic socialism is there's private India, but only to a certain point, and then we tell people know know when you find out about Bernie and his wife and his wife's idea was to buy up a bunch of land and expand the college, and then the Fucking College went under and now they're being sued and vacation homes. Yeah come on man, it's all based on on a lot of myth making about like Western Europe and the Netherlands right. So there's always to look at these democratic socialist countries. The working great first of all, a car in Denmark has a sixty percent import tax. It costs literally twice what it would cost in the United States. Tax rates in DES
Mark are insane, except for corporate taxes, which the left in the United States. Really. You know they love corporate tax. They want those higher. Denmark has some of the lowest corporate taxes and regulations in the industrialized world, so everybody is coming in and investing in Denmark, its own, the citizens were getting screwed by paying for this giant welfare state. Then their gdp tanked and now had to elect right wing governments to slash back the level of government. I mean it turns out. Capitalism is the great engine that drives like Singapore is there's nothing on Singapore. Singapore is like a rock ok, so there's nothing there. Singapore has one of most powerful economies on earth because they basically have no business regulations, no taxes and no tariffs, so you can do it every want and when can do whatever they want to make a lot of mutually beneficial exchanges. End of story- it's not that difficult, but it, but it is difficult if you think that life is unfair right. So what would you propose like? What would you propose for the United States like the United States? Obviously, what trump wants to do is reinvigorate manufacturing? May
things in America again bring back the labor force. Make would take away the jobs that are going to overseas and other countries in South America. That is, I think that that's a XIV slogans for him and I don't think it means, and it's so so number one. I don't think a manufacturing job is more important than a tech job right K. Job is a job and in industries that are thriving action in more jobs and industries that are not doing as well. If the jobs your disappear, that's just the wages of a global economy and that I know, sounds harsh to people who are in those industries, but it's not a referendum on you or your value is just saying that certain industries over time, always you know our outsource, like we used to make t shirts in the United States. We don't make t shirts here in Vietnam and it causes like five bucks. So my view is, I'm not gonna privilege ones. I understand a lot of this is politics. You want a favor manufacturing base. Is there a lot of manufacturing hubs in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan Wisconsin, but in their votes in I don't care right since I'm not a politician. My view is that
you want a thriving economy, thriving economy as much regulation as possible as possible. The taxes for everyone, personal and corporate you corporate as much foreign investment as possible, and you allow people to build businesses with businesses, little risk little possible, and then you allow them to compete and if they succeed they six, even if they fail they fail and you get rid of tariffs as well, because I want cheap inputs for my product and I want you proud on the shelves at the store. So I don't have to pay up a jillion dollars for a pair of shoes. So I'm my view of this is that economics is an element of freedom. I am a free person what to do with my money when I damn well, please, and you don't get to stand in my way. There is some sort of moral thing right like if you want to say what sanctions on. Let's put sanctions on IRAN with sanctions on China Right trying is funding N Korea right now, internet security on China to try and pressure them into ending North Korea as a national security thing. But the idea that, like today Trump rolled this new plan on immigration- and he says I want to cut down on but the re- it is because I want to raise wages of people in the United States and I think well, that's not productive, because what you're
actually doing is restricting the supply of labor artificially increasing the wages which artificially increases prices, which means it's not competitive on a global scale, which means that companies outsource the exact same things, minimum wage you create a created, wager artificially increasing wages that increases prices that makes it non competitive people outsource. So it actually choose opposite of what you're trying to achieve all Gov intervention in the economy, save for into functions that are designed to prevent externalities and things that I do that hurt you all. Those are unjustified in my view, what about environmental protect? So those are externalities right so like. If I were to pollute the river, it's not my river, I don't get the polluted, don't get to throw my trash, my fence into your yard. That's that's! That's a different thing! That's it one of the most disturbing things about this administration is the cutting the funding for the Environmental Protection Agency in the changing of their standards, removing some of the funding for things like the satellites that they're using to track the climb
change and things on those lines, and that scares the shit out of me. It scares the shit out of me they're, going to ignore the environment in favor of the economy, so I think that some of the environmental regulations are badly drawn and of them are overwrought when it comes to, for example, fracking Abomsa Obama pushed a lot of environmental regulations on fracking or the Keystone XL pipeline. That kind of thing. How do you feel about fraction I'm very much in favor of racket? But what do you think about like when they you hear stories about more earthquake happening in in stable, so water supplies register table full from what I've seen the the earthquake evidence is extraordinarily weak, yeah that and that's what I've seen you know, I'm and again, if you present the evidence that I find convincing, I'm happy to change my mind on the right and as far as the as far as water pollution, again the evidence been pretty weak. So if that's a
which is then I'm happy to regulate. As far as when you say that's been week, there's there has been instances of fracking leading to pollution right sure, but that's not every fracking who leads to pollution right, and so the question is: how many is the regulation or how many are you willing to accept right, which is the truth for all business right like how much we all drive cars much. Will it rain water bottles somewhere? There's a seagull choking on a cap correct. So how much are you willing to accept? What I don't appreciate is when people kind of fucks the evidence was like, oh well, I set my set my what on fire because of fracking is like well, no, that's not because of fracking, that's because the ground water, but in any case the as far as the satellites and global warming. Listen, I think that it's pretty clear that the climate is warming. I mean the greenhouse gas effect is a thing. The question to me is less whether it's happening and more. What are you going to do about it? Cuz even left seems to have no real solutions as to what to do
for massively cutting economic growth, and it seems to me that, if we're talking how to increase score in the I p c c of something I seven degrees Fahrenheit over the course of the next century, then on average right not not universally on average, then it seems to me that it's easy did you just say that the climate changes over time, and maybe cities that and those are going- have to pull back a little bit over time like one hundred years a long time. A hundred years ago, we would have said that the pollution was the chief thing worry about in the United States, is we're all using smokestacks and Kelly and and now not even through regulation, but just through market competition, you've gotten better environmental products. So I think that the market does take care a lot of the things people don't actually want to live in in human waste. You know like we we actually don't want to do that. So I was been disturbing me recently is how many times I see Bill Nye on TV talk about climate change. Well, he's
Lee again he's he has. The same qualifications item. Has a mechanical engineering degree yeah. I was kind of a comedian yeah I mean I think he is one of my childhood. Yes, I believe he was like a comedian as a stand up guy yeah yeah, and he does it will lose your see. Is this thing with talk across yes, which is great yeah talk across and kept saying, okay, but you're talking about science? So tell me how much of an effect do human beings have on climate change and what what is? What's the science show, and all he wanted to say was that you know: are you a consensus, settle yeah, yeah exactly and like what is the? What is the difference or tolerate is changing. Give me a range like he doesn't have the exact number, but give me a range and then tell me okay, what do we have to do in order in your opinion, in order to stop the climate change where it stands or if we
can't do that in order to minimize it? What's the actual risk, also like people keep giving these catastrophic scenarios where it looks like the day after tomorrow and Dennis Quaid running into subways and shit was the weird ones he said was that we were supposed to have an ice age. Now, that's not going to happen like Jesus nice man, that's good yeah. You know, Randall Cross who's been on my podcast a few times and he's an expert in collisions and asteroidal collisions and the things he said is like he goes glue. Mobile warming is not great, he goes, but it's by better than global cooling. This is true. This is true. Cooling kills everybody right, though the little ice age was was not a good thing for the world. I mean the the the what will global warm here. It was actually pretty good thing for the world so, and this is this is the other thing is that their costs and benefits the climate changing which in which it has throughout time? What are we willing to sacrifice in order to prevent in order to make that seven degrees into six degrees right and just losing some coastline? Is
the real issue lands and sorry that it is far more devastating right? I mean losing Co. So I think that if you're gonna worry about the, if you gonna worry about you know, the the emissions problem worry about the the the c absorption of emissions right there like it like the talks vacation the ocean, like that, seems to be a bigger problem than the clay changing over time. We're pretty adaptable, like there's a lot of land. Okay, so we move, we have historically in Venice, the sea level rise in Venice every year, people are gonna to move. I mean like that's just the way it works and there's this there's weird I and it's it's true in economics, it's true with global warming that, where you were one is where you must die right in that you can never move, and it's like well. This is the mobile society in human history, a plane to be on the other coast in six hours, it's easier to move than ever before. So if you really think that the it is that that, first of all, I'd like to ask Barbara Streisand she's that deeply concerned about global warming, my shoes and so on, because when a state yeah, but is it it's like?
Am I gonna lose a lot of sleep of a bunch of Hollywood stars lose you know five feet off their coast line because we didn't kill the industry of the United States and lose four trillion dollars a year like one now, and I'm not really sure that would have worked that way, one way or another the is it. It has been absolutely proven that human beings are having an effect on this carbon dioxide levels. Of course, right course. There's a greenhouse gas affects your one hundred percent, so things been so wrong that, like there's no level of certitude and then there's no level of solution that I know for sure going to do this so you're talking about human being suffering in the now for the late, and, let's be real about this like yes, there are a lot of emissions from the United States, but the leading hitters on the planet right now in China and India and they're not going to stop this
anytime soon, like that, that's not gonna happen. Well, there's also this thing that happens where, if you even discuss it, you become like a Hitler or a Nazi. You become a climate change denier. Once you get locked into one of those labels, you know you're a piece of shit. Well, this is Anya and nobody wants to be locked into those labels so that they don't wanna, have the discussion of the debate and that's one of the things that I like bill. Nye was not prepared for, because I fell like he's so lazy with this conversation, because so many people just appease him and agree with it. Yeah, I think that's right. Tucker Carlson was challenging him on it. He didn't have and the data to support this argument he just but to sort of like play, word games, and we have this know saying. Well, you know you guys on CNN, there was one time when, when they had some guy on who was saying exactly what we were saying that the models they have I've been proven to be accurate and that Al Gore's movie predicted that we be under water in two thousand fourteen MIKE didn't yeah, I mean it is
predictions in that movie or not correct yeah they're, not correct at all, and he's made like some insane amount of money. He's got a sequel out this week, isn't like the first bill billion dollar Green guy, like he's, made shit load of money off of giving these speeches, and the whole thing is very strange because it it becomes this untouchable. Subject like what we're talking about before with transgender people or with many other subjects, become a you can't discuss them, they're, not even open to debate or Chris scrutiny they become locked down and when Tucker Cross. When was pressing bill not like what what are the numbers like? What is happening? Tell me how much of an effect we having and Bill Nye. I had nothing on it and he just became stammered and started getting angry is like wow this.
It's weird. This is weird to see. I mean if this is the cause of your life. You know a little bit more about it than everyone who disagrees is a denier and I think the way Tucker handle it was Bruno is Tucker's best moment. I think kind of show you, I think so too, because he was saying essentially was like I'm not denying it not. Saying aside. I just want you to tell me, like you been effect, tell me tell me how exactly he had. Nothing is like so maybe Bill Nye's, the wrong guy. Have there, but I own I shouldn't be selling himself like you can have me, want to fucking, show and talk about global warming. Is I don't know anything about, or at the very least bill Nye should say, listen! The intergovernmental panel on climate change. Did this study. You can look up the numbers there. I don't have them off the top of my head or have the numbers of the fucking numbers are going to be on. One of those shows are going to be out for seven minutes, so everybody in the media is lazy. Nobody is a lot of that. Nobody actually does their prep for debate or for tv appearances like because the truth is you you're going to be on for having done one thousand tv heads at this point. Most people think ok, maybe on for five minutes. I can get through
five minutes right. It won't be that bad. If I'm on for ten minutes, how bad can it be and then, as you get pounced on national tv in five minutes, if the person knows what they're doing well, you've done other many people, one of the things that I think is do you talk fast, always is like you're born this way. This is like pretty much everyone in my family talks. Then we just talked about it 'cause. I was wondering if this was a strategy to develop, to be really good at those shows. Now now a it's, it's it's been fortunate that it that, if it's that way, but yeah, even even my kids dot talk this way even in a three year old talks with some people that are just really good at bad, bad, bad, bad, bad and you you get him in the podcast and after, like Peter Schiff, Segre example who, after like twenty minutes, might want to drink. Let's have some whiskey had a couple of glass, clink cheers and we settled down, and then he settled into like a normal way of talking, but he just serve used to like force feeding you fat to pay ends, and it's is it such an effective way to communicate with those three heads and the the one
person who is the host through the Kelly, throwing a question, and then this person is no over that person, and so it's such an ineffective way to communicate yeah, I mean it's one of the things that I do like about. You know longform podcasts like this one like mine, I I just I I like the ability to actually expand on a point on tv. It's like! Ok, you have thirty seconds of a point. Excellent. We can make that work for us. It's the only place left the you can do this in less you're making you two videos- and you know Jordan, Peterson's, obviously finding out that's problem yeah, but in less you're in less your do sing something along those lines were no ones there, but you and you get to expand and express yourself. There's no other form. Conversation like podcast, where you're not getting interrupted by a commercial you're. Just talking- and you know as well as I know that conversation sort of evolve and move, and they you know when I get no, you better. I see how you're thinking better and I kind of have more questions to ask: can you expand more and you get to know a person for real and that's just tell
vision shows are so it's no device of any honestly it's hard for me to watch cable television. Because of that I don't feel like I'm getting tons of information. That way will see you had nine people on the other day, that's crazy. They they handle. On CNN, it's a it's Hollywood squares now, yeah Anderson Cooper standing sitting there in the middle, and these are people, and it's just people that are delimited. Diagonal, cool and they're interrupting each other and said. Excuse me, while I talk to you, might you might not interrupting me for a moment like their their grand standing and trying to have this? This point they think is going to be as air 'cause. They wrote it last night and it's just like. Oh the best you can hope for is that you have thirty seconds where you say something that goes viral. That's basically, yes, that's the extent of it. Yeah we've done a lot of those yeah. I was in I'm good at it, but we will it's like we were talking about before that. A lot of the people that have debated you that are really really lazy, like the like. They have this suppose it passion for something, but when it comes to preparing for the
sort of interaction they're not really doing that they're not for sure- and I think that you know part of that is- there are people who are experts in particular topics. You could, I'm sure, know more about their spell LT than I do on a lot of topics like if I were discussed climate change with a person who was like an expert on climate change. I would not know as much as that person sure, but you know there are a lot of people who think they're generalists and have never read a book right. You know like I know one fact about one thing and it's that you're denier and I well I mean if I know two, then I beat you, that's that's the climate denier thing seems to me one of the laziest things about the, and this is not saying that there's not some sort of a real issue with human waste, because I think there is, I think it's uh, there's a giant issue with plastic in the ocean. There's a giant issue with pollutants in our water system in our air in there's a lot of issues with the side effects of being a person in in in industrialized civilization. There is, we would burn things we create, poisons and
figure out a way to be sustainable. I don't think there's any denying that by anybody. I think it's also worth noting the market makes these things better. In many cases I mean. The fact is that you look at the the areas where, for example, everyone is down on carbon based fuels, okay, fair enough, but if you go to places that don't have carbon based fuels, they're burning, animal dung and wood, there's nothing worse for a party, but an animal dung in wood. So as we get if we did even better than than this, we get to nuclear power right, which, unfortunately, a lot of people have banned because of an based fears like most of France's is electricity is provided by nuclear power and that's about as clean as it get. So I do you think till it goes dark. Well till it goes. Fukushima even eat in worst case scenario. At Fukushima I mean, if you're talking about the, if you're talking to global warming and environmental damage, the amount of environmental damage supposedly done by carbon emissions is a lot larger than for Katrina right, but the local damage devastating. That's the disturbing thing that they don't have a way to stop that
that, like they've, figured out a way to like put a wall of ice around the containment area and that didn't work, it seems so fuckin science fiction Y, really don't know what to do and yeah. I don't know enough about nuclear containment to off on that one. Let's, let's just say that disaster in basically they've been through disaster at Chernobyl, three mile island in Fukushima, yeah the only one that's happened: they don't two of those three happen in the first world right, Fukushima and three mile island, three mile island basically ended up having no long term. Impacts of pollution is really the only major disaster in forty years, industrialized countries using nuclear power. Apparently they had some weird meltdowns here at Rocketdyne, though really weren't really discussed, yeah well tell about it. Well, there Dave you know it's. It was all all during the 60s fifties or the 60s when involved in the rocket program, but the rocket
find stuff. My friend's dad is a scientist news explaining to me the half life of whatever was released in the atmosphere, it's nothing to concerned, but there's a bunch of Rocketdyne return street. There was a bunch of articles that were written about it like worrying about people that have higher cancer rates in this area. You know, but this also, like, I think, there's a web. I, the the sins of rocketdyne, see if you can find that. I think there is a website dedicated to that that people, but there's a lot cancer just living in cities. Man like they say that one of the worst environments for human being is living in a place that has a lot of brake dust if you're living in manhattan- and you get your window open, you just inhaling particulates from people there. It is the sins of Rocketdyne. But the thing is, like I mean how much more cancer are these people- this is from two thousand, sometimes the statistics on cancer hard to correlate,
because you'll have groupings that are sort of weird and that's just because random statistical grouping, so how much of it is due to x, factor or y factor that and presumably the cancer. I should be going down a lot and they haven't really in most cases. So it's pretty where you have a lung cancer situation where smoking obviously causes lung cancer most cancers. Like answer, we have no idea why it happens. Also the valley it self, like anything that happens in the valley like when you drive from like thousand oaks over the. When you look down the value like Jesus, I can't be good yeah, and that is I I hear. Yeah I've been flying into the valley, my entire life and every time you fly into the brown gunk soon. That is, that is the valley atmosphere. You think that's not great yeah. I mean that is one area where obviously we have gotten better, I mean the smog alerts has gone down tremendously in the last thirty years. Yeah, it's gotten a lot better. It's gotten a lot better, and but that's also one of the things that Donald Trump is relaxed. Some of the standards
standards. Wasn't I don't know if he really did it isn't emission standards, he changed the car emission standards. Maybe it's again, I wonder how much of the car emission standards like there's there's actually a pretty thriving debate in the libertarian community, particularly about whether case stay under what drove greater fuel efficiency or whether it was the price of gas that drove greater fuel efficiency that, as the price of gas has, is risen and fallen. You see people change, buying habits right in the 90s everybody, but an suv. The prices went up on everybody with bought a Prius. Well, the this thing is interesting to it, particularly the Tesla thing, because when you look at the environmental disasters of creating these batteries, yes in a light cold, this is not totally green. Yeah like there's some weird gray area too. It's pretty Lex, and I think that the one thing we know is that there are millions of people all over the world for all of human history have been living in absolute penury in misery, and we now support seven billion people on the planet and the rate of global poverty has dropped by fifth percent in the last thirty years. A lot of that is technological change, a lot of that is fossil fuel use, and so
before we, you know well, we always have to ban. These are two things that are worth thinking about balancing later in in this is what I get a little fresh ratings that sometimes you see, people on the environmental left will say well, this has to be done or it's the end of the world and said well how about those people in developing countries how many of those people are going to have to live in poverty? In order for this to happen, and then on the right, you'll see people say well, no environment regulations at all, just let it all hash out- and you know sometimes the market hashes it out and sometimes the market doesn't hash it out, and so you know, I think a little caution is warranted. I think it's a very reasonable point of view and that's why other things that I I really like about your commentary. I know you're a right, leaning, guy but you're very reasonable. You make arguments that are sound and easy to trace. It makes sense. I think I appreciate it. I think we need more of that. You know, and I think that it's rare, that you find that in a thirty three year old Guy, that's some strange sort of conservative character that travels around clown serial numbers and so the Berkeley things get
happen. What is going to happen September 14th is the date. It's supposed to happen to good luck with all that you know. If they cancel it will still going to bullet proof, Pope Mobile yeah that hey and he was funny cat and so do I. So I think, in both years as a low profile, though, keep the heat on the dl around here when you were when you, when you do show up at these places, and you see the and to for people and they're screaming and yelling and cheering, and that's going to be a it's a real thing that it's just you and your thoughts. Your opinion, I mean you're, not selling babies, their slaughter and dogs in the Yulin Festival. Exactly it's weird. I think that I'm not I'm not arrogant quite enough to thank, but a lot of those people know who I am. I think that what happens is that there's sort of a call that goes out from a select few saying this cake came is coming to campus. Go go! Stop him! That's what happened I'll stay that way like when I spoke there. There were actually a couple professors were telling their students that I was a closeted member of the K K K show up wearing a yamaka on their favorite.
Ok came like a charter member, it's my thing as I was literally in two thousand and sixteen was hilarious. That year I was two thousand and sixteen was wild year. So I was so David Duke accused me of being a far leftist black lives matter, accused me of being a member of the KKK, and I was the number one recipient of Anti Semitism from the. According to the Anti Defamation league, I was the number one recipient of Twitter Anti Feminism in the United States for journalists last year. Well, I, oh, I do have a little trophy in my house is most hated due in America, which is a hell of a time. Is it a green frog? It is it green frog and then a little model of a gas chamber is part of our number one yeah by by a huge margin. By the way, blowout was like forty percent of all anti semitic tweets on the internet, directed a journalist in two thousand and sixteen were directed to me personally. Holy shit is a good year is a good year. You know some things are more productive than others. What did that feel like may have felt like my just out a dumpster fire
anytime? I retreated anybody. I get. Somebody get people emailing, you please don't retweet me because as soon as I reach someone, they just be hit by waves of these people and that's died off. Yes, the election. It's it's really gone down a fair bit, but you know I did that there are some pretty serious. You know death threats like I, I got people calling my cell phone and up my security. I had a shot gun, but it is an Jesus Christ. What what started off? Probably quitting right. So when I was you know I was not. I was not a trump supporter. I didn't vote for either candidate in this year's election or less you support in the yeah cruises, and I support him his positions. He was the closest to me politically, so I was not pro trump during the primaries. He didn't earn my vote during the general election. I thought like there's two ways to look at your vote, and this is what I always said to people I said vote for who you want to, but for me, there's two ways to look at your vote. Coupon expires expires November. Ninth right
so either use it or lose it or it's just. It says something about what you are willing to accept and it's possible that there can be election where both candidates uh, can you just don't want either of them. So what did during the election? I voted down ticket. I skip the top of the ticket wow so which is the first time I've ever done that so I didn't think either of these people was qualified to be president of the United States, once Trump was elected, then it was like ok if he does good stuff all praise him and if he does bad stuff I'll hit him as I would any other president. So I've been sort of calling balls and strikes with him and some of the stuff like Gorsuch, I love and some of the stuff like making prisons he's bloody face, I'm not so hot on, so it's but yeah. So the yeah, I think what led off was. It was a combination of three things: one I'm jewish. Obviously, so too I was working at Breit Bart and then I quit in the middle of the election cycle. Where is at home? Remember the Michelle Fields incident where a query Lewinsky grabs reporter from right by the arm, hard enough to bruise or and then break,
did he actually bruiser bruiser? I mean it like she took pictures. Your portal tops it was you know unless you, unless you believe she bruised herself, it didn't look much like I mean when I watch the videos like it looked like he just kind of grabbed her arm. It didn't look like he, her body didn't move like she was being injured. Yeah. I mean she, let's put it this way. She, our account, is also the counter Ben Terrace of the Washington Post right was that use grab hard enough to bruise and she had bruises. You know what let me as a fight commentator. There's a lot of things that I see live. It look a lot worse than when you watch my video. Can people get knocked out like that? Wasn't much of a punch like you had to be there yeah I mean the the most is. The example comes to mind, is the the Alley list and hundred and- and I never to write so it's probably, if that's probably sell, probably did example but yeah yeah my mind is that the that she there were three there are a bunch of different excuses that bright Bart went through on that one one was that she was never grabbed at all. The second was it was a secret service guy and then the third was that that Trump thought,
who is a security threat, including Dowski, had to protect trump from this ninety pounds, soaking wet girl, and so once Breitbart did that. Then the real question for me was not know what a horrible happen to her. It was much more about as a journalist entity. Do you stand by your reporters or do you stand by the candidates? We support and one's Breitbart made clear to me that it like I, I need a support from there wasn't any great shock, but I was kind of their token non from guy. I want to be chemically that they were willing to sort of sacrifice journalistic credibility on the altar of getting close to trump. Then I was out, then it's no longer a journalistic Alex I quit and and that sort of started the ball rolling, really didn't get any somatic response is on before that, not too much not too much so I won't see the bright Bart Direc. That makes I don't think they did, but I think there are a lot of people who follow. Breit Bart and my Indianapolis, and just me and they'd seen me is like an ally, and now they saw me as an enemy, and this kind of thing so
is that for a new war for them right, oh yeah people enjoyed it. Obviously, that's a weird thing about the online hate is how much people enjoy it. It's anonymous. You never had for it. For now, it's not verse. For now. For now I mean I've said this to a bunch of college students about you know the the all right it didn't for so I it's important to mention people who say they're all right aren't actually all right. Just 'cause, you, like a meme, doesn't make you all right, but like there's a group of people who actually like Richard Spencer and Jerry Taylor and the race based identity, politics of white supremacy and those p are actually all right when the right is coming after you, then it's not a lot of fun, but there are a lot of young students who will retweet things from like things that are obviously nasty and are going to hurt them in their future career. Well, don't be joking around on Facebook and using the n word and I'll say to them like guys, you may think it's funny, and ten years from now, your employer is going to find that and you're going to toast, and there are a lot of people who sort of fall into this
idea that what you do online is anonymous and it is not. It is not going to rain it's it's just a matter of time for blows. Yeah I mean you just committed any anonymity in ten years. I agree. I think that we're moving in that direction- and this is actually a thing that bothers me in general, like do follow the entry to the Donald Sterling saga, not here yeah sure. So it really bothered me yeah me that everybody was willing to like take Donald Sterling's team away from him, because he said something shitty to his girlfriend right about MAGIC Johnson when there's no evidence that there's actual discrimination among clients at the clippers and like right again, if there are actual evidence of discrimination, then sure boycott his team and do what the NBA has to do. But, like I'm, be certain that every human being says, crappy things to their intimate loved ones, about groups of people and uh people, and this now becomes the standard. Then I think that we're all toast so for sure in his defense, if it was like very reasonably like they were trying to get laid like. I was just. I was just saying things like he thought he was alone. He thought he was
with her and no one was recording him and she was trying to say that she had recorded all of their conversations. That it was a part of her job he's like a senile old guy and he's, obviously not with V Stiviano, because she's a Nobel Prize winning physicist this is it like. He bought her a condo and a Bentley and a Ferrari and he's just fuckers interview. His interview with Anderson Cooper was one of the classic interviews volts. I never saw my goodness the moment where he says because there's a moment where he turns to Anderson Cooper's interesting, have you ever fallen in love with a woman in Anderson Cooper. Who is you know, SIRI suck yeah single he starts with? Yes, no have never had that Express will Henderson when you do fall in love with the woman. Hey just get these old. I know where it is like. I'm sorry like, I can't consider this guy, like he's a KKK threatening figure like the guy, can't even find the toilet in the mornings he's like stumbling over his ottoman like I have did I did about I'm defending him. Well, because if you look at what he actually said, it was a he's. A race is a terrible person. He said. Do me a favor, he goes down. I don't give those don't take pictures of
guys. He goes in the next sense. He said I don't care if you fuck them, just don't take pictures them. I go. In my world, that's pretty reasonable. You gotta grow your brain or a ferrari. All he says, don't take any pictures, you can fuck him. She should just like leave well enough alone, you're getting a ferrari out of the deal. I think that was that whole thing was just like. It was our capacity to get ourselves outrageous. We could show everybody how outrage we work, while the press and of the NBA, whatever the fuck. His name is what is President Adam Silver, the guy that got on tv and was talking about it was the most horrific thing. That's ever been said by every human idiom, croat clipper at the staple center. You should have gotten on tv and said: look, this is uh. Basically, we know what this was. Is a gold digger, an old man, the story as old as time he said some stupid shit. All people say stoop. Ok, how old guys here's the thing don't take his advice when it comes to Race- and he probably should have said look, but on the bright side he told her. She can go fuck guys. So, hey everybody
applicant! Everybody would be better. Press with the greatest press conference of the rating system is like self, righteous and bullshit. Well, a lot of that again is. I think that if you look at the NBA's statistics and who watches the N B, a the outsized number of people who watch the N B, a r black and announce that amount of time watching it- and so you know Donald Sterling pissed off a lot of black folks with that. Understandably, and so a lot of people were like, I think, the uh they want to lose our fan base over. There is money decision. In other words, I don't think it was a values decision as much of it is money. Well, I agree with you a hundred percent, but I don't think they had to make that decision. That way, I think I sort of ended up, they could occur, divested him and put him like put his kids, his wife in charge of the team, like this idea that you're going to force him to sell his team. It's clear going to spend the clippers, because there was a tape of an old man, saying stupid, ass things to gold. Digger is everybody was soo anyway, and he wound up making more money from that team that he ever would have became much more profitable jillion dollars. Yeah it was became much more valuable. The whole thing is bizarre yeah, that's it dude. We just had three uh
well crazy, appreciate flew by as great well. This people been asking for a long time for you to come on, so I'm glad we finally got together and let me do it thanks for having me my pleasure. Let's do it again sounds good. Thank you. Thanks man see, you guys, see you next week or girls to non binary folks to everybody all inclusive by thanks everybody for cast and thank you to on it, go to me and it use the code. Word Rogan and save ten percent off any and all supplements. Thank Q. Two rocket mortgage from Quicken loans go to rocket mortgage dot com forward, Slash Rogan, that's rocket mortgage dot com forward, Slash Rogan, equal housing lender license in all fifty states, Nmls, consumer, consumer access, org number, three thousand and thirty. Thank you also to Legalzoom folks. It's now don't make a will month at Legalzoom, go to
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