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Fight Breakdown - Mayweather vs. McGregor

2017-08-16 | 🔗
Joe sits down with Brendan Schaub to discuss the upcoming fight between Floyd Mayweather & Conor McGregor.
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logan experience join my gay joe rogan podcast by night all day fresh from fuckin' toppling brendan schaub returns when you were in the mother land you in the motherland for days i was man a month earlier that's the mother lands well it's sort of one quarter of my heritage the capital flooding that's for sure grogan is an irish name i don't know if you know that loud is it really one slash four irish everyone out there and rogen out what do you want me talk to in your ira sunshine sunshine fuckin' animals perfect place have been really yeah man does a savage they're not even saying that the savages the super friendly yeah the right from soul friendly not that people were you know in australia or london or manchester weren't but in dublin there like i said to him i don't wanna leave man like i loved it i was the
yesterday when i was watching like conor mcgregor workout and like all the people surround him was working out you know windows open workouts real weird you stand around him bag and he's he seems to just be doing his work doing his normal work you know hit in the back but there's just a circle of people right there is a lion or something so he can't even move no he can't like dance around he can't back up too much he just right in front of that bag and he's gotta pretend most people aren't there as he would help show this is a show to hype the fight more if i guess it is in the box and cures make fun of 'em yeah yeah this movement yeah they won't make fun of him if he lands the way he did in that clip of poly that's what i'm saying too when he landed that straight left blank open snap pollis head back i'm like hey paulie why didn't you talk about that he's gonna tear just going off really significant but if a guy like conor mcgregor does that ask straight and clean and sneaky epstein is doing a little off speed like a little
the speed of the initial part of the movement that he drops it in bing's like snake like left hand like he's getting super come well if you can do that to polly like whatever say about those clips all we know is that that's that's what we've seen we've only seen these little short little clips like white here watch this left hand sneak dissin speed on to the left hand is yeah 'cause it's super legit here it is again watch this yes dude that is down the pipe called let me grant that's the 12th round but still plotting time world champion yeah i don't know what round there was i don't care i mean either i don't care either can do that with that kind of speed to pali mala nigerian time that like that that's like you can
sleep on him he's got magic but i'm saying at all doesn't always work that well so his work is kind of nutty as as a little magic two different types magic yeah that in that fight nate diaz had had the magic it was not nine but which college but now i'm not really no i don't think it was i think the rematch was bolted their night i think if you really want to look at that fight honestly the second fight i don't think you see a winner the only thing that i think you could say makes connor winner as that he dropped nate but ableton but nate was saying that he went down with punches anyway 'cause he was hoping connor would follow him to the ground which may or may not be true it is a good strategy if you have a weak dollar sport way too long to believe that nate's got a wicked which is decide like to get like when he gets clipped just to go down with it and to bring to the ground like fabricio does that for reese overdue absolutely does that
so do it right given dropped in the face with a left hand well it was a very good shot no doubt about it but the idea is if you get hit with a good you can decide to go man you can decide to bait him in three times in a row i think you have to take into consideration as a possibility once the marina roby every time he would try it we've never seen him do it right you're right we never have weasels doesn't have these tendencies and all the same salary daily fuct up nate in a fight is josh thompson josh thompson head kicked him and every other fight even when he's got beat up like the does i'm just fine he got his legs beat up and just does i'm just definitely want to decision they didn't get up and stop he's never got his stop well you know what you could fight was kind of a beating
the san jose is kicking the shit out of his legs feel coming forward like stood up said he never been broken say that they've never broke his will one hundred percent even in the thompson fight if they let it go he probably would have recovered eventually if you didn't go on contract see i think if the real test who's better karma greg renee dheas is if they find it fifty five in the trilogy fight to seventy it's a toss up you know nate one one con one one that's whatever they've they're both not find it seven they go to fifty five you have your true i think for winter well you know what i mean i like native fifty five we chat or anyway like way better gets real lean like in the michael johnson fight constantly look to destroy johnson shredded at the wedding yes just chuck chuck chuck that's what he's waiting for 'cause they've often fights right but he's just waiting for that big connor payday i think him and his brother or smart you know they're huge cultural icons they can go places and get paid and they're still in the mix for
whatever way class will next five or seventy initially as if he wants to be suspended for very long just gotta pay just got does he not yet suspension anymore really gay people is is he owes them one hundred thousand dollars and he won't give it so so gay well you can argue that sixty five i think he gave my sixty five you can argue that though like remote with connor like listen you're suspended you not fighting you gotta shoot a commercial for us remember that dancing a shoot or bullying commercial and paste one hundred and seventy five thousand comment cool just find vegas though it might not know money the fifteen second tweet and then we'll let you fight him when you got to realize when the guys throw in a monster energy drink and he's the throne water bottles this is our i don't like to say this but this is true there's a big part what's going on there that is theatrics that's no different than pro wrestling called selma fights called solomon fight and that's they're doing they throw we should each other selfies you think he's really trying to incite a riot like you know
occasionally yes like the dc jon jones think that was legit different animals and how much of that sell the fight like usc was like let's just keep that in the non stop and then there like we we do not approve of this this is ridiculous show more time showed again one more time i love that though this clip ever you know anything they did they capitalize i don't know if they did on the john jones saying you know i did cocaine a week before i beat your snow they did not that great it's like the most savage line ever ever jon jones is no joke and john jones like inch they put something approve like he did against cormier scary so scary and he kicked him in the face my word about the fact he says the exact perfect thing after the fights over correct daniel on daniel it's just you know i mean for the first time too yeah he probably felt so much gratitude you know when i said to him like i didn't know
i was going to say to him but when i said to him you made it back that's how it felt like not just that he made it back title but like you made it back from the dark lands from life read it back running away from a hit and run accident with who knows what the fuck you've got on you you know all that made it i can understand what i mean homeboy and people never stop cheering for him very interesting you know dc but then john jones his fame went up he had a pregnant lady rope around and ran from the scene crazy i don't understand first of all i don't understand how you could not be a fan of dc i don't understand it i don't understand there's nothing wrong with them like what would you not be a fan of the guys are fucking animal he won the strikeforce heavyweight grand defeated him yeah throwing around josh barnett whose uh two hundred and fifty five pound gorilla gym
corn maze hoisting numerous had spiky him i said he's macho man i mean the guy gets into mma fairly late in his career right massive really successful amateur wrestler gets in the ma and says running through people has a fight first dfcs against frank fucking mirror former ufc heavyweight champion your first fight in the ufc and beats the breakdown beats takes off i mean it wasn't the greatest finder still whoop his apps yeah i mean got an underhook and did work it's just people like people got mad at him for the anderson silva fight like hell down or something about me a little bit too like i can see why fans like come on man anderson silva two notice or whatever the hell it was come on but anderson front kicked him in the gut member that yeah hurley he hurt his chances in special c200 such a big card in there so much hope when you don't perform be like come on man and with dc i think this thing is and it's not his fault he's better than
everyone in the world at light heavyweight except for jon jones when john left and he had the title pike that's fake but not his fault it's not well that's john be mad at john could you imagine if you get daniel's brain inside of rumble body oh my god that doesn't hampton right isn't it interesting how that doesn't happen it's like jon jones is the closest thing to a guy who's got in talent but he also has like almost like dead darryl elkins darren rather darren elkins mentality of like never quickly remember when he got his arm hyper extended but he told feel bad by victor his arm was fuct up never tapped you know like when he fought the it's inviting wasn't shape at all and went fine final round which is about to go to the best fight ever and was winning the final round or about against ryan bader brian peters freaking good i think the time is right four or five in the world doesn't even
the train they said they sound like two days and went in there cradle him like a baby with disaster the first round the disaster i mean it's just time out a different animal man but if an animal but he's also got this mindset like he has a real champion's mindset was like rumble doesn't really like to fight he's a super good at it you don't think rebel i liked it i guess he doesn't he says he says that she doesn't want to fight morris is my brain trauma his wanna be rolling around with one size a little using i got they confuse the sea now we are rubber all done yeah yeah how good but rumple is like the scariest guy ever a tool five when it comes to striking a crew for ever been scarier than rumble nobody owes to myer pretty got damn close right now scary right no technique just all he's got context not on display he's got this far is that you all do you email is like your your power puncher check this out yeah interesting can
man interesting cast members it was a three in the world yeah i knocked out sir cooling off right knocked up moesha and then just mercs jimmy manuwa dislike walkthrough and called it to think i'm not come out in the first minute or so she can go do it jesus christ jimmy didn't even land anything like inside this clan she catch and with that hard left took these he's got hammers for fist too bro but he's like brushing it like he's not populated you know i'm saying like she's not calculated like a john or you know like jds or he's sitting back he's got confidence in power comes or not his brick hands together shake his hand helping to brock lesnar style that does that work against agustin and john jones is the question might be champion the world just seventy twitter followers light heavyweight champion nazis like fun ha ha ha
we do really well you know what he's i don't know he's changing his nickname to know time is already changed nickname too that's awful short time no time because like he point this is why he's like pointing to his watch at the time that was his move oh yeah no time no time like after the fighting side point to his watch is like this is my new nickname i've no time no time he's nasty man he's very nasty he's got real legit one hundred percent one punch power and when eclipse here at lian li clipse guys you can see that like oh shit and he goes bananas on see i think they should do gusman jones and then do oezdemir vs dc you want to fight again with us see what these guys said us yeah he he goes out now i'm going to fight him i'm a fight john again twice give it up my heart can't take it you you think you should give it up
it gets right back in there why not it was a good fight up until the moment john land that high kick i agree i don't think you ever beats john i think you might be right but you're not wrong and then it gets even crazier but see i don't think he's ever going to get the fight either i want to see it again certainly could be twice if he beats a few people he certainly could because you could play clips without fight and say he's doing very well in that fight i think john was winning i think john was learning more volume and he was mixing things up really well those bring rustu that's john kind of feeling things out and then once he got comfortable this what we're doing he two should he didn't seem ring rusty at all i see is a smooth right from the beginning a little smooth but i do think dcs pressure and stuff like that and just getting under his feet and once he did then he started tee off and take over i think yeah he found his rhythm and he found dcs timing you know you started and then they settled in a little bit too once they get into the second round both guys had exerted quite
energy hit each other quite a few times the third round and then you're going to be that that that i think those dc's best chance to beat and now jon's off to the races now it now owes to my good luck with no time there's those demayer there's dustin then brock lesnar young ebay i think goes to heavyweight who knows i mean if if they move and work out some sort of a deal where he fights brock lesnar well well good good low come on joe well when he called them out at the end of the fight i was like oh my goodness i saw brad pitt but saw brown pet shadow box
me too though the brad pitt from snatch you also i think brad pitt that guy lived with angelina jolie for like ten years no much rage he must have pent up inside i hate him with johnny depp just or it could talk of organic sustainable farming in adopting new kids random kids who the fuck is this wants to smash just go in there and fucking watch smash just pit smash on benches so angry at listen to that crazy lady lived with for decades i'm not calling raging alcoholic i just was trying to kids he was i love kids this is a new one every got damn day like i can't keep up with just a kid after kid oh my god yeah i mean in my opinion he would slap a bit so i mean maybe she's a wonderful person i mean she obviously is very charity maybe she's exhausting to those must be exhausting the vibe i get paper out she took she had a vial of billy bob thornton's blood that she
carried around her neck and billy bob i'm not hating on yet she was and is fucking beautiful anytime piece then i get how people make mistakes you live around your neck day what are we gonna do we gonna live forever so i think it's pretty kimbell forgot like him once you get a girl girl that the universe is have to like collide that would wormhole you gotta talk some such mad shyt she puts her your blood around her neck he's a bad mother fucker though super strong dick game show or blood around her neck joe i think they both did they were each others blood yeah that's what they're doing they both want each others blood that's another level not only that but here's the real problem with it you tell people about it yeah it's time to sell it man yeah you telling people i tell people it's dragon blood or someshit when you tell it hurts a little weird well i think anybody
got damn good and actresses she is and she's a really fucking good mazing she's really good i think you have to have a good percentage of crazy like shelby way up there in the 90s there's two though i mean even for men like the men actors who were really good like david day lewis mufflers a shoe cobbler for six years just to play like some thirty minute roll or something we went full in class it was working as a co problem right now in like london or something like that i think he lives in connecticut he makes furniture someshit drug you never go full louis man but that's just 'cause he's legit like that's really who he is little artists yeah but that's why he's so interesting it's like his art but his mind goes towards it's not dictated by finance it's not dictated by the box office success could potentially have his literally dictated by what interests
if he's interested in making shoes you're just going to make shoes like you're not going to see him cast this superman like he's like not his art you know i'm saying wired shut out of that because we compromise all the time people are compromising you're always like you know try does suck up to the boss hoping to get that raise or you know you compromising what you say around the office because you know you're at this level of the company ladder these people above you to get up sad if you talk about their ins with the law of someone's just free and authentic too play batman get the fuck out of ireland that bruce wayne headset the sock away from maine outta here yeah ben affleck was like i got this yeah benefits like this is perfect it is perfect whose other homeboy have surprised play batman well christian bale was the best batman my opinion is just his voice bothered me who was little right yeah we knew that mail batman but it means you gotta go comic book
a little bit and that's how you go comic book but anyway i wouldn't change his voice when with a suit he's gotta make a fake voice you're going to make it so people don't recognize your bruce wayne yet at least have like some mouth thing just catch phrase or some people would know that would be dope if you covered your face like why do we need to see the lower chain of batman first of all i don't think that's a good idea for protective measures you have a white button with uh is vulnerable part of your face is strange like if i came in here and what's that if i came into the back soon on a few other batmans have like let's just you know i'm saying like it's not a very good fuckin' the chin part is terrable because like that's the part you punch and it would be like so white here to fight batman just shoot for the chin you can't miss it it's like if you're hitting focus pads he gave his like look at this one spot just like you have camera
lodge on everywhere brittle spot you get knocked out there it's like the whole idea would be looking stupid so ridiculous that he looked at it it's a dose idea ever like you cannot protect the most vulnerable how 'bout just open open the nose part up to like your nose get smashed like that's so crazy that's so strange why don't they have i mean do they really have to have that same suit well no wonder about this up i don't know or figure it out until us bruce wayne from batman in the like dan and on and on and on about plants at least he didn't have like a protective suit on adam west now just had that thing over his eyes he was just in this guy's like this back index this batman is gotten to the point where he's in his like basically is an armored suit right and meanwhile doesn't cover his face or superman you covered a little bit he's basically he's basically a night there he's going to war with superman do you know how god damn stupid
and doing work done what i want you to do it kind of what this as superman is from another planet he can fly so fast it makes the world spin backwards he makes time goes backwards he's a mass every time he can cut things after his eyeballs it's got laser shooting july pictures dumb ass up and carry miss high as he wants and let them go yeah it's game over movies over he could bring you to the sun just throw you in the sun you fucking idiot in about hollywood he thought push it on my face how crazy is the idea that gravity is so dense on superman's world that when it comes to earth he can fly and then the atmosphere so different than his body is bulletproof but he looks just like us but the atmosphere this is people understand if you went somewhere and you're like from earth right you go to
somewhere that has like less gravity like space like those guys to go to the space station they're fuckedup after a year like it doesn't make him strong to make some weaker get weaker than in their their bones shrink yeah like the come back man and they had their bones atrophy like the lose bone density they come back in there there can a healthy that's why there's a it's only cement time you'll be there right i think live along this is the right over a year yet if i think they have like hit the new record i think i got hit the new record but i had channeled his name commander chris hadfield had him on the pocket he was fascinating and he was describing what it was like coming back from how long was he therefore i think it was a year right they just came out looking like schmiegel she was just said when you land he said eight seventy nine god almighty rushing up there he's been for five missions ok those russians came over the man who spent the most time in space when he surpassed so that's like over
all time ever that guy just want to space two point two years over like six trips though that is trying to get away from his wife this translation ship that's five years yeah russians have taking another level don't they i think you have to say like what's the longest space mission or something consumer sixteen days so that's the most huh that was two thousand and fifteen leave commander hadfield was after that still a long last time i might not be right about that but either way fuckin' one hundred day is she found what i want to do one hundred days in the woods do died until ten days on the road days i was super lonely i felt like i was in space yeah we were talking about that like you gotta bring friends big part of it and it's good for the friends so it's you know get guys a gig like that or they can open up for you yeah a packed house cool venues yeah also likes warm up the crowd like i'm going out just like oh which is fine you know only time i ever did that in last
ten years was when i was helping callan out when i warmed the crowd up for calendar special this is so weird to go on stage is go on stage and say hi not have someone in front of you but it's good it's good exercise yet 'cause you gotta get 'em in you know brings you brought me right back to when i used to do it it was like like right away thinking about how when first started out that most of the shows that you do the opening act yeah like in when doing a shot two in the afternoon was cramming just crazy man but the should guys do it like that that's they booked such short notice is the way i do it at two hundred and then do another one like seven oh wow it's just the way they wanted to do it so i have like to get away from those savages after shows over i like i did a meet and greet with everyone and then they bounce them like hey let's get a pine like which one i got there like see you there not just like chill i drink so much guinness is ridiculous put you down love that man loved it yeah there it's a different world over there really
is ireland england you know they have a long history of tradition that we don't really understand just just what their cultures like then you know their language in there three you you you go over there you liked all this pub is seven hundred years old like what yeah i want to so it's was through those pub in ireland and there's bullet holes from fighting you know the rebels well go in there and his family owned since day one and the owners due to his oldest flock now but he was born and raised upstairs he lives there now he's only one still alive where they're just all right with patty hooligan is great is great it was so awesome just sipping jenison eating crisps ship my pants after but no crisps or potato chips right yeah conquest unfamiliar from there could you call football football or soccer i say american football 'cause i've been i've talked about football i go american football otherwise you're screwed super school but you know what's best for me joe is like i do
uh it was like ten shows and four days or something like some potentials in five days or something like and i wish i could do it more here's just the wraps for me rap yeah that's what we're comedy club weekends are so good so good like i did a salt lake salt lake city wanted a wise guys i was like man i really get to feel it again like what it's like to do for one hour shows in a weekend like it gets every timing down and then tag lines they started like adding on start coming up with new ideas to what is it about copy that gives you phlegm even just fun really this is just a cold brew caveman cold brew nineteen those natural products area i'm always i shouldn't i'm always ready to coffee and it's annoying feel like it's an older thing now man so it's been that way with me with cause it's an old thing hold guys get all fleming suit
my i drink a shitload of in my voice is voices you know when it is for whatever weird reason when like if a guest is talking like if you got a good story your story goes on for a few minutes no don't talk for a while it all builds up in a minute so you still have the joker that's callin secret yeah it counts always trying to avoid coffins i told kelly that you did get your flight and throat checked out and he's been doing since i've known him because there not something that stops so i can dance with aids sucking dicks so about football i want to ask you about this 'cause we were talking recently about this guy who retired super young there's like twenty six right some dude just retired from the nfl yeah i'm dying jobs that we ask no no what i'm asking is like you as a guy who's played football in this guy who sees all this ship that's coming out now do you think he's going to be a change
in the game do you think is going to be less people that are signing up for it that they say they say like with the youth leagues now they're like oh we're teaching how to hit proper but it's like there's no such there's no three it's it's it's not real like that's a fun campaign stuff like that but you know it is are you is a man never get rid of football because see teen oh man i just it's part of the game it's literally part of the game you know wait wait til wait till the ufc numbers come out yeah you can be surprised i have friends now i talked to mike oh my god man do you not realize what's going on here and so once that comes out now we know with boxing and mixed martial arts like of course there's going to be brain trauma getting punched in the head with football people like why it's new it's a little early part of the game it is just it is what it is now's jews were to squeeze in football the argument is he it depends for your health if you come from not
then it pays for your college you make forty million dollars used family your family their family set for life god the juice might be worth the squeeze depend how bad you're going to have it if you can get to that level correct yeah i mean there's probably a lot of is washout i hold it more likely than not they watch out yeah i know it due to washed out and he was really fuckedup the point we've seen shared there wasn't there he would go out in the yard and start talking to himself such a bummer man not everyone responds different but they say the biggest thing and you know i guess it's the biggest thing because i played football since i was what six years old but when you're young hitting when you're young hitting it's just like that you shouldn't hit until you know they say probably high school but if you don't hit here in high school you're going to get left behind you know it's so interesting about that is that there's a real good argument when it comes to striking that if you can teach kids how to play fight when they're young just makes
a play fight you know you know you don't want to not going to war teach built that though the the quick way dance them he teach him how to play fight striking when they're young like do like tyson kickboxing or you know like just for boxing but you're not hitting too hard because they're not going to hit each other hard anyway right they can't they don't hit that hard and then on top of that teach him to not hit harder all and teach him like be real solid on technique then they're super accustomed to the movements of striking and then you get him to oppose and when they were like one thousand six hundred and eighteen they've been boxing their whole fucking life and there movements are like fully ingrained to the point where an average athlete coming at a later age without although like super fine tuning elements ingrained in you while you were growing up and developing you almost never chance you know like when he gets
like a roy jones junior in his prime level for sure if you're like an average athlete who learns boxing at twenty six and then you at thirty have to box roy jones good enjoy that good fucking luck i don't care what kind of athlete you are good doesn't matter fuckin' like yeah some people make that argue with floyd mayweather said listen his uncle his dad he's been doing since his last six he's the best argument the best argument yeah the best argument who never gets hit it's been hit in professional career that spanned forty nine fights he's been hitting may be hard seven or eight times true the only and there's a few x factors in the in this the only kind of thing that gives people hope if you're on team mma team conner which is not emanated which box and if you're team connor is these x factors of only had two years off right so two years off but in the past he's taking time off and comes back better but he is forty so forth that has to be something
so in those things why is he doing it easy do it for money which is do it for mention why is he coming back to get to fifty and then they'd eight ounce gloves which they officially approved today eight ounce gloves huge huge advance for connor i think man so it's all interesting man rolex factors right like we don't really there's no one really knows i think i have an idea what i think is going to happen but no one knows right but that's why i think the footage of on ishwaran poly such a big deal 'cause people oh shit no he can actually box and i sing the fertittas who were there watching go uh we actually got something here and that's why it was such a big deal 'cause i think everyone goodnight connor ma is good i've seen move around i'm toast this dude as far as box and he's got some problems using the best all time problems who knows what what kind of training and paulie been doing before that fight like what kind of shape is he in yeah non twelve round shape you know probably just died in plane why did he do twelve rounds why do you
training got word from connors team that they're going to use them so we started train some but not like it's not like he's getting ready for a fight fight you know so that's what he said he goes man you know for me to go twelve rounds with stuff like i wasn't expecting all twelve rounds as the first day they system i think certainly did sixty eight rounds and then he was like oh we're going to start more and more and i'll get in better shape stuff like that you still fighting shape and they didn't use them then he flew to cover the mikey garcia broner fight and then came back and he was fresh off the lane and then they start twelve rounds so he's like they just did me dirty man that's his halting his his feelings are hurt he's like why would they do that man is here to help him what they did that the kind of help they they just want to kind of help that he didn't want to give wanted to kind of help where conor beats of faulk out of a world champion wrecked and that's what connor said though like in college defense when they go you bring polyglass yeah i'm bringing he says on showtime during the media scrum because i'm bringing in to fuck him up and i think paul
who said that yeah he was going to bring in fuch him up word for word that's a that's an document yeah it's documented so then polly gets in goes will spartan be all good but remember six months prior this policy does i could beat conor with one hand tied behind my back the elf in the stores that was a guy man he said that but he thought it was just type in the fight you know it's not just barmby like boys but that just didn't happen like connors livvie there just to prove a point well he is a very important point to prove before a giant fight like the like that video alone is probably worth who knows how many thousands of hundreds of dozens of priceless priceless that's worth so much money i mean how many more people a lot of people are going to buy the fight anyway but how many more people are going to buy the fight now that you see connor landing that straight left and then dropping calling and polly said is a push down and you could see that it's not a push down i mean it's just not
if you get pushed down like that you probably can custer it yeah if your balance that is so bad like he was saying something about him getting grabbed on the back of the head you could watch it watch the knockdown polly just saying it probably saying it's dirty and he get that i get that but hi but the other thing is policy in in a in he goes take what you want from the video does but i think conor's team and data up in this out because now now floyd may with team knows this is the salary fights like this is the dirty stuff he does so they can warn around dirty there hearing that in boxing that's dirty you can get away with it but that they're around upon it's gonna happen those rabbit punches but they're they're up to the point you to do that see this this part right here give me some volume on that so you can hear that you sit them hard man okay you he had some with straight left that's clean and then it looks like he's
bobbled and hit some of the right hand afterwards like play that part one more time when it goes down like you can't i don't see an argument i've tried to look at it i will push down i don't see it i don't see it this is the beginning part then that's a legit ref by the way yeah joe cortez super legit oh ok i don't give a fuck what anybody says like if he can land those combinations on poly mullana g like that at any point in life that is working models yeah she's not validating about to me that validates color but the same time in pawleys defense you know nine hundred and twelve round fight shape is exhausted but still publishing never done that yet he missed you must have underestimate them you know i had a burt on my son he's supposed to help connor
now he's like going up there so i mean he's a guy good friends with him conor did rehab together he said no i'm not going up there man he goes just because a good point because let's say i go up there and help connor and for whatever reason he's on these and win because let's say he blast for a male in the face only it so much hate from the boxing world like fraternity man like in he did pauly like we just can't do it man 'cause i wish him the best but i'm not going to help him well i also think that if he's speaking and he's in full fight shape and they're making you fight twelve rounds i mean that's when you're in the gym in your spartan twelve round done is not unusual that you get one guide a box twelve rounds you oh no its design for paul you get beat up but then i feel like you know he's a team player if i don't know if you ever met polly loves you if you ever met poly like i feel like he's such i didn't say anything listen if you want me to do anything about guys offered wanted me to help him with kansai turn it down and you like hey we need to go five five that ain't i'll give you one round two rounds but
this condition usually do a starting up yeah yeah i mean fresh guys for different looks and push you harder to this is just a showcase of connor's abilities at paul's expense yep i like paul is a con but i think he's built in the world he's really really good he offers religion imint inside these vitally really good to think that he got rocked in dozens of remember how this went but i do think that he meet bring maybe didn't think that he got pushed down no i yeah i think it's combination of both i think polly wants a man who says he goes i want some rounds carter wants some running you know i want to see it all right me too and the usc said they're going to release it after the fight which is that's going to be the real test is going to be really tested 'cause dana said it was one sided beatdown yeah there's like even tested for twelve rounds which i don't believe that what if it's true you gotta go with what paulie did say happened and then what you see happened i think it's common both i really do i think again i think it's people were like yeah you know every
on this counter wagon switching ufc dana that's his golden boy right and i think we knew connor could logs but then when you see him doing against poly like oh ship and so even watch the tape room like oh damn counter did pretty well i don't think you beat the shit out poly for twelve rounds i think towards the end he probably like you that's yeah that's well obviously listen this is obviously and very valuable if there were more moments like this don't you think they would leak those two correct maybe everywhere i mean they're saying they don't want him to see what connors working on ok just show us amount of punches that land it could be like windows mike tyson 62nd highlights to show me a few bottom bap bap bap bap bap bap yeah yeah i mean you don't have to like show all of its patterns but how well this type it like this is priceless from giant and now paulie you know you have this huge soap opera inbox and going right now palisa main character now so poly might have to fight conor if floyd floyd
even if floyd and conor if floyd beats conor and then paulie say look i want my shot at him you know you talked a lot of shit and i didn't get in shape if you're not that's the play being put but it's only the play it's only the play if connor has a good showing you if you live in decision as long as it gets showing right then you do your promotions paul malignaggi that ship the only way fighting cab tony ferguson all that elbow jitsu ship now we are put on these eight ounces go twelve rounds and make some non need some serious money that's a lot building on their fight me again i mean he's going to make a hundred million dollars in this fight yeah probably more the sponsors yeah that's a lot of money scrooge mcduck rich that's that's we goin sizzler
these are sizzler it has a son you know he's a smart guy i think the play would and i know a lot of people like that should never fight or shop and i get that give any five one hundred million dollars they both throwing up deuces going spock and see yeah this is way too hard of a life one hundred mill satin sheets and i can go fight another whatever fifty mil my own money or or i'll go fight nate isn't a trilogy percent or more economy gregor versus floyd mayweather money man says notorious will lose ninety percent of his seventy five million dollar payday if he's discua yeah yeah i know that yeah well yeah that's that's if he doesn't know my may move on and she he won't give us up all the time too so super a punch been punch might get on my face the absolutely not you can it's too bad you can't throw spinning backfist though well and i said some get some gentlemen rules for god sake imagine now if lloyd said you could throw elbows
yeah i'm surprised he hasn't eight ounce gloves will do whatever you want to do let's do this let's do this you a man and you get elbows and you get thrown kick around and the guy can clinch throw elbows from the clinch do you ever see that the sequence where jordan me and knocked out cyborg in strikeforce style motorcycle nasty is one of the nastiest nastiest sequences of standing elbows holes like like a fuckin' seminar on how to land a standing elbow the most vicious alcohol time cyborgs taken some shots to the dome do that he got from my comment page the new cave page killed a guy he did god and their kill them and yet they have all constructive replies he felt like he bases like misfiring all over his face now he's a superhero now yeah and he said he's going to fight again then he changed his mind let's not do that though i mean who knows how his dome works right now i mean after you get
like that you are safe goal poured and poured a very poor who knows everyone different changed it here it is right here look at this he hits liver shot a left right don't have to they get to the cable boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom we look at that we come on man this hit him with like thirteen fucking straight elbows to the head did you think stop the scene for jones early i mean a late yes yes right yes yeah brother i think you're you know like you're given the guy the best chance you can you're john mccarthy no out fias john's the best in the world two so right now there is a sizeable as hard so to punch is too late yeah well in your three also like the the delayed effect that head kick again head kicked in the sea is like legs buckled as well i'm going around and then when he goes down up against the cage
i mean it wasn't like a real significant thing that he's like his legs weren't working right now it's game over like the games over there is already hurt bad yes and then john jumps on top of him it's just wailing on him he could have stopped at one or two punches earlier you know in his eyes what if dc recover what if your rolls over gets to guard what if you hold on to john i believe his little to fight another day i've i agree with you too i totally agree with you but i'm just looking out from john's point i did and i i don't like criticizing josh like man i thought those too late thought of people thought that was too late yeah yeah it's tough to watch with dc and my thing dc and you talk about and coming back is it three thousand nine hundred and thirty eight so thirty nine he is a great job with see is for use in the night right he's kind of become that the guy you see tonight he's doing commentating we do is traveling all around nice great commentary he's you know does he ever be john i don't think so so what are you going to do if i just been again
meyer you know either yeah i don't notice pay is but you know at some point you know health let's take a an account with this yeah the gustafson fight was a grueling five round fight you know number the so very very is a great site very good for us is intense close man i think because of sins better now than ever before you too that's well see him and jon were tense glow over i was like jesus christ looked amazing and the combinations he was landing the raising that whip like upper cut from the outside see the thing about him is he's the only guy that can match john furred distance in reach size yeah yeah i mean no one else is like not even close and gust of sin is also more mobile than john like he's john is like very creative mixes things up more but gustavson is more like bouncing around underfoot work in his left foot work for sure yeah he's very agile and he's also the first got a role in a take down on john yes and i think it's better
i think it's better now than he was then we do it would be a great fight funky hat would be you know they're asking john about john was on good morning america getting interviewed by michael strayhand good lord to things change wow yeah so he's on good morning america and they asked him what's next and he talked about you know like to fight brock like it's always been kind of thing kind of set that with the super fights brock can't fight too can't fight whatever i think whatever his eighteen i'm some i'm sure in the back door so i'm saying like what's what's this juice to the gills i'd still watch it so they talk about gus vinegar what about mass square garden is was not happening 'cause they tax me another ten percent of flight in new york so he's like i won't find message regarding wow i know i feel like you'll see like flickr so that's where god let's figure this out take a little extra their mighty mouse give simpson yeah it might not know given that would have john put a no steroid test clause i'd go ahead brock could take your shot you do your ship
do my coke arena williams columbia all night long don't drug test clause that's all talking about doing like dubai or some shit but if he just says tom look i don't give a fuck what you do i'm going to beat your ass and brooks gotta go oh my god looks like pain chef gets up to two hundred and ninety cuts down to two i don't know if you understood that i don't that's a scary dude became fuckedup bark up king but also yeah issue diverticulitis right muscle up when he being well that was a crazy fight for him to take after recovering from surgery we got twelve inches of his colon removed we talk in uber ring yeah that was luebering keep them like god like a straight up murder when he was two hundred and sixty five kicked in the gut
oh you just had surgery there he acted that whole brain see that it's like he's like one of the best arguments for note s he still kind of killed it with no testing too he's great but it's a different over him like this overeem heavyweight the prix came heavyweight grand prix overeem there's never been a fighter like that before like look at you're never going to see that again ever in the oc with those physiques he was so jacked they look like giant phil heath like you're never going to see these two again and i take like that yeah he's just all over him brought to the gut down he's got some of the best knees in the businessman super good technique with just i missed this overeem where he was just dying people with power you never see the the ovary now that john that fucking answering kick to the gut
from now that is steroid free like he does that move where he runs away steroid over he never ran with a focus that you know i'm saying he's on steroids thiras good luck in step one inch bat now he's clean the hookers sprinting memory thought todd duffee and dream ever see that fight i've trained time for that fight an i supposed to corner him tide up he was super promising before that fight will talk to it short notice i do it broke fight over dream that listen you i have a lot of talent you could be huge this is not well i guess a bad idea alliterated in japan with short notice
and what is it about calling people like a week before the fight going what are you up to saturday all advantages for for the home team then and wasn't this post ufc duffy because he had that you'll see fight worry one like it was one of the fastest fights ever won in a lock out and jam yeah seconds rest in peace to may yeah rest in peace not much is terrible terrible story duffys jicha jack too he was super jacked so talented all really really talented stupid goes in there any fights over scream at his most over him ever what is yeah it's like a death sent yeah he was a monster back then and then when you think got him like bordering on both sports right he's like k1 grand prix champion still fighting mma it's all in the same time period and his
hiking is just off the charts because of it then you can take him down yeah so get duffy just went out try to in downtown and everything boom he gets the moon for duffy though he gets on the body shot is ready get stuffy here that you right here but i'm not backing up to look just boom so much power forward right hand there's no running from uber rain wasn't running in his thought process now you go job i'm a fucking yeah without the way well he's also older and he's taken more punishment to you gotta think though knockout cities had just in the ufc steepe knocked him unconscious um travis i'm knocked unconscious awhile ago yeah i mean there's been how many to many people knocked him out he has his more knocked out losses anyone in the ufc yeah brockwell knocked amount rothwell he jds yes he did
he said he's got a couple issues yeah but think of other fights i'll tell you what i'd love to see over inverse your boyfriend skin l oh my god i would love to spread ssjds coming up but oh that's right bigfoot silva knocked him out twenty that bigfoot silva was brough that was a rough one it was real rough 'cause he was standing up and bigfoot teed off on him just ding ding ding ding ding ding then like him he merged dude suv nelson jds orloski boost ebay for the title this true fight was brutal know that mark flight was rouda flatline markup but that's fine again yeah right now russian dudes right like ten or something yeah fighting is not a is that in australia yeah yeah australia new zealand that's right yeah i still couldn't move man you have a fuckin' mark hunt fight new zealand he's a huge draw out oh my god gigantic only tiboris included neiderman monsoon tiboris like cats
the kiosk nikki left high kick to dis russians in though that that whole area the my there were taken over by accident slowly creep in mma how about could be and now what's going on with them well well the 21st and kevin lee now for the interim title they just don't think could make the wait i don't know what's going on they asked him to fight right and he was like no i need more time it's just the boats passing by it more time which you must be injured tiramisu i don't know i like you being such a talent but it's so frustrating i i assume are i think it it could be you know it's like when you don't you know you shouldn't be eating this but you like fuckit let's get dessert so what do you have dessert and they go well we have world famous
bring that oh that he got some coffee with it double espresso please game over some high cotton could be i get it i get it they don't have it here's the thing my man cam hanes runs these ultra marathons every year last year he ran the bigfoot two thousand or two hundred five hundred and five miles and this year he's running this mohab two hundred and thirty four miles he cuts down one hundred and eighty pounds which is what ways normally lean too he's down to one hundred and sixty now jesus how he does it he works out and burns off more calories than eats that's it any fields doing it yeah he'll blackburn off three thousand calories eat two thousand i mean if it's a little different though if he can do it if he can do that you can do that too they can all do that all you have to do is just work hard do a lot of fuckin' cardio
put a lot of hours in training and eat less than read it here's the thing that you'll shrink you'll shrink yeah that's it science but here's the thing you can hire someone to do that to make sure oh you make that weight well he's also look very strict muslim and so he celebrates ramadan yeah which makes it a real issue for guys to fight although i don't have it someone just did that in the ufc ramadan yeah and got through it look through around on them flat his nickname is remember the name blah mahomet blah mohammed went through ramadan while he was training he just did it very smart he scheduled his training for after his meal and a bat a yeah any fault great with kapedo it's like you know at fifty five kind of clusterfuck there and he's just getting left in the dust
i think it is but i think is real issues with his body from losing those boys drinking amounts of weightless buttonless i love ak and they've done and you know i think you know crazy bob cook should belong to the ufc hall in health and he's a straight up gene yes him and have year yeah but those boys i don't know what's going on there with cane you know get the you know well you know what i was for awhile here's what i think it is you got at the top level of that you have to the best first of all arguably the best heavyweight ever and came and then you got one of the best light heavyweights ever in daniel and they're going to war all the time to talk and got cold in there and but and luke rockhold make two and they also you only have a certain amount of years being able to do that and then you see canes body breaking down i mean you can't distribute that only two training there because there's some questionable weightlifting videos of him online the deadlift yeah well it's not even a deadlift man it's like he's doing a kettle bell
wing with like shyt form and they're doing high reps of all kinds of weird shit like i saw a lot of like steve maxwell saw and he was furious but the thing is a lot of mma guys if they don't come from like a football background and most of them are going to be left like that to be honest well it's problem was he had a trainer and the people were feeling like the trainer was doing shyt job yeah i mean yeah one hundred percent i mean as far as i know i'm not blaming injuries and delays in fights on ak but i think it's not to them i think again you have like you were saying you have the toughest guys in the world competing everyday you have cabebe have all these guys and things are going to happen i think there's two different schools of thought and i don't know who's right there's a school of thought where you just fucking go in there and you go to war all the time and the cream rises to the top and you get hard and by the combat and you come out of it the best fighter in the nineteen ninety seven you know it was kane for awhile right until all these injuries started piling up but i think there's
another way of looking at it well there's two different other ways of looking at it is when you get to a connor situation then you super campus designed around you and then you get these people who are with you on various aspects to game you're sparring partners are plan accordingly there's a bunch of people that you work with that you know their goal is to get you better this fight and i would say gsp is one who really started yeah for sure for us a hobby yeah yeah and i think these guys that are doing this today you know it's like how do do it do you do it the old school way which is always been proven you can make some tough mother fuckers that way or do you with att way where you have this gigantic program where you have all world class coaches and athletes and you're putting together all these people and you know i mean you just have a giant super team look at their roster too but again but you know not that javier didn't have a competition
background but the reason why tp so good and they're killing with yoona jenn jenn check with looking into new nas all their big athletes mike brown right he's and then he's done it so he's like yeah yeah to me you know he definitely top three then let loria the borough to but mike brown release owns folks on you on in iraq amanda nunez and he's folks in because he's been theirs done those meathead days is gone yeah we need to focus more on this yeah so what when you have someone you even team alpha male i have a ton of injuries really you know granted cody garbrandt seven his things but uriah faber he's been through it so you need these younger as you have been through it who are going to take control who are saying listen we can't be really silverman this isn't new top team this ain't working well same way like jim harbaugh michigan they don't hit because if you don't at this level you're not gonna make it the only hit on game is what counts right so you see this kind of trend happening with people who've been through it before well that's not all the way cowboys hard
there's bars anymore yeah he does mostly drills mitt work you know down to like this you see this kind of guys like man i can't begin beat up and training more doesn't make sense jam especially at heavyweight you know big guys does mitrione giving into the brain damage that idea terrible bad i don't do it so many times and i think when you see a guy like connor with all the different experiment he does with like weird movement staffs that it'll pour tallgrass long we're like rights inches in the weird that he does like when you you seem like switching stances in the in the ring slow switching stances like a tight window guy yeah i guess in a tight one no tournament all that weird she if you can do shit like that the floyd all that stuff that he's never seen before sideways stance you know moving more like a karate fight he didn't come out more karate than people are expecting as poly united said polly has has issues with him like that's terrible but how was how was it as awkward as i'm predicting 'cause yeah
car goes it goes in and get starts my time amount showtime that's my time have a goodnight now i'm saying like i look like it ask but he was saying he was like nah man he even more awkward than i thought like it's tough to deal with said one time at his palm up like this yeah like lyoto machida she is definitely going yeah do that please no idea who that is looking you just know the lyoto machida how dare how dare you fall how dare you he knows jujitsu sounds like morse prediction of all time welcome to the machida era probably you know there was a machida era no not like that like he lost right away after that the shogun right rashad well he didn't merck show gun show gun knocked him out all the shots showed that love him but they had that back and forth right but he wanted a per shot if october nah title to win the title who beat him right after that and then john crushed him and then once john crush crush his dreams yeah
in the dropdown flowers look great against munoz there was uh machida like when you say that yeah there's still but i change the game definitely changed a lot but i thought he was going to go on a crazy run sillas so we got there jon jones to to to to to oh he lesser rampage but they had to go back a little bit more go back a little bit more so where is there a shot ok so he thought were shot and then he thought that's what it is he fought shogun next but he should have lost that fight and he won but still yet last night show years get less than two years so it remember tito ortiz thousand that's realty ortiz that emerged thiago silva at the time of silver have straight savage and then just who is rashad then he eats by show with so many jump in front kicked randy in the face and don't read this too yeah does kevin little rough from the default john beat ryan bader with that crazy knockout that was nuts
ryan being iran into that crazy straight left hand just rushed him down here in la in the munoz fight i remember that was in like london or should i remember you know so i was trained with munoz he found out through social medias fight machida was like oh fuck those in england wo then he got smashed by weidman he did cb dolly and then luke rockhold one was the worst normal levels really bad too that was rough and then he tested positive for something yeah and then i don't know exactly what he's doing now yeah man you get a certain amount of knockouts against guys like rockhold and specially the rock one was rough tagalog is been donut though even though in karate since he was fucking three months old he's been doing it for a long as time man yeah it's interesting these guys like vytorin him where there technique is still there there it's still there but their body just can't keep
but like it was shot here shot that to me when i watch his fight in mexico city is fighting on the undercard ian sam alvey oh my god oh my god man and i love rashad and the guy i've been trained with forever turn to see him and i don't think i don't know if the matter of physical but mentally you can tell he's just not he's not there as far as not that he's punchy but just doesn't want to do any more like he's not pulling the trigger he knocked up i was the same way once i got knocked out things change oh ok i'm not going to fight anymore right that kind of caution when let's go let's sit in the pocket and bang no no i've learned from that and then rashad just couldn't pull the trigger i think i think he's swing towards being done while he holds which are now how old is rashad thirty nine yeah he's up there yeah it's not a great run stephanie had a great run but he obviously enjoys doing it or you wouldn't be will do it or i don't know money yeah i don't know one of the steelers seven hundred and thirty seven but the
something with her shot is the game's advanced so much further than wrestler with good boxing yeah if i could write heavyweight middleweight welterweight you go down why you only have two ask you only have two tools you're screwed man like yard rodriguez all these young kids go the only route symbolics only got me on the line but he can kick mean member knocked out sean salmon with that high k tucked in those old school and sean salmon with like every ups driver of africa yeah but i would would think that he would get better at that you know and it just never became like a big part of the game this game is never like full on more tie oriented no it's like the truck with well thing you know where sprawl and brawl yeah i'm going to funk you up with this crazy trains with tyrone spong i know i mean spawn is a fucking demon comes to stand up dude he merch this dude so bad and this was a light heavyweight
it is interesting because all along a lot of people thought he should be at one eighty five to one alter find it heavy weight in their own countries for brand items yes china's dude in the finals yeah we shot just tough man i need to do to play football to right yeah high school with the russell at michigan state his roommate was greg maynard crazy and then another other is a big agency which is hilarious all in one killing it remember his knockout of chuck liddell that was probably the biggest highlight ever have her in the ufc really when a plague to struggle dell's like the main man remember while other than what play chuck around and knocked out yeah right to that on fox's the loop well it once w m meek became the owner still and listen to i don't play that game where we're here to self i correct i know he's your boy
oh there it is right there one shot that was a crazy at the hard rock crazy high kick they i think they showed that chuck will knock out they just didn't highlight it over and after a long time they won't show chuck iranda that chalk one was so like i remember the sound of that right hand land naked just black oh no chuck was going to throw up or cut his famous uppercut and then just that and rashad stepped over with the overhand right on the falcon button like a gunshot massage turns crowd like his heart he's like yeah it is chuck's just chuck was just such a and executioner know chuck that there's rumors chuck again he's in thailand training wow great timing by rashad perfect
but you should look at the fuckin' impact that right hand that is crazy god about chuck and tito again in bellator to talk about first the challenge here talking each other just fight they just flatten chicken cheaper czarnik reconstructed his a tube in his neck but then start talking should take discs oh my god he got discs replaced full go to tito's instagram page he talked about it and he said jail i'm kicking your asses like soap katie to jail i love both e not made no but he tried to watch that listened balladares pan hit dead knows why she had it just solid jail you just go you don't sell yeah it is still wrong in that you know if he could talk chelan the talking to about other people and so it's happening get beat up again look actually a video though if you play the video jimmy it's on on his somewhere on his instagram all look at that they went through his neck go to his just
whole thing and i'll show you where it is if you find it there it is that's it listen let's play some volume on this right surgeries done level just replacement see what the final displacement on my cervical which is the neck area i don't recall but smith an amazing job valerie thank you so much bella tore thank you thank you for support which is for i'm alive fixed now it's time to get ready shell i'm kicking your doug weight is okay no two but how crazy is that a guy coming out of need a neck reconstruction he got three discs are placed but you know in the ufc if you have more than two discs reply
still i don't think they're letting your fight right now uh it makes sense they were talking about uh uh rick story rick story has some disk replacements his neck yeah i'm like you to certain amount like we got one your lower back on your neck gucun we're not sure we want to talk with this liability well who knows how good the guy did the next thing like who did your thing like it's almost like like who's building your car will send him to your disassembly your guy then yeah ufc like sending the one guy who we can trust how is shut down this career how many dudes are doing this neck reconstruction thing everyone switch to be looking for a deal get eddie bravo's got his back done you know he still having problems with it though it's not one hundred percent a lot of people have problems with it yeah i mean
tax treatment but one of this one of his students victor had his done and he's a big dude he's real big is like heavy weight dude and hit it for him it's fine like he was lifting weights like really quickly and got back to roland within a few months i think it just depends ma'am but with t is that so much of the you know abuse as far as wrestling and files is gonna give us he's got fusions too he's got all sorts of going to talk about a straight up fight a neck brace and chill get your house ready like we're looking at we're looking at like a year from now bro how long does it take to recover from those surgeries i wonder because what he was saying was that you know like he might have pushed it too quick and reinjured it a little bit i read with there tainment hit didn't come in here like the next day we're going to fight japan is like drinking half his allison we're talking about he's like i'm not going to rush into it like i'm not doing much but if you're on the mats and this problem is rolling it's too fun control of your injured you know i think the only thing you should do ever
you're injured his drill and just use it as a time to drill because you can get really good you get really good by dre but as soon as you're like if you're dealing with something that's recovering like a surgery if you like have to explode and exert weird energean weird ways you never know like you don't want to get tapped you don't want your guard to get past you don't want so you'll just fuckin' well you're in the middle of it you'll laugh and when you do that messes everything up you feel the back where you got surgery twinge again like a over fuct all that worked up until it's this week of injuries is when i saw patty login in dublin you know he's outgoing smart dude speaks well we're talking like dude so once the next fight in this whole team was just like goddamnit job mike what night i didn't hear it but he is rare blood disorder like less than one percent of the world have it and it's really not that dangerous but if it did something what happen it's like super dangerous so you have seeds
it's too much of a risk we can't can't clear to fight so he's done wow so how does the blood disorder work i'm not sure you help me i have to look it up jim here's some super rare blood disorder super super rare where you have get up for that all those disclosure and like if he needs a transfer you have something yeah something like that with you see these just to live a risk so so he's done but he was open a gym without spg with connor at jim and then she decided to do his own like up the street while doing that but crazy story men crazy so i had no idea i felt i felt bad from but good spirits man good spirits is gonna start doing podcasts and we'll start doing some other stuff well that's cool no he here it is um he was born with a factor missing in his blood called factor thirteen i never disclosed it until now it came to the ufc's attention from a third party i can no longer pass the medical requirements to compete only one in five billion people
diagnose so i knew that it was rare organ asians would understand or take a chance of me as a found out now and never explained in full to john on my team the actual risks because i didn't think there was excess writ excess risks when it's over if it's not if he doesn't think there is an access risk is a disorder that is dangerous for me and not my opponents are we did cma as a way to have a real shot at life for myself and my family and it turns out i was right while i've mixed emotions of this is sad can you look up the disorder how sad is it that you talked about a guy who his spirits are super up like he was joking about it just like what the fuck he's a he's a son hum his girls there and i was like i felt so bad for him but he was like don't bow i hit this i'm doing my thing here at spg i got my jim you know like things are good i'm starting to podcasting he's going to be good at it too man if you can get that good at fighting you can get that good at anything you just have to think about it the right way here it is here it is
for aero clotting uu a bleeding disorder characterized by a deficiency of clotting factor thirteen clotting fact specialized proteins that are essential for the blood the clot properly always look to hemophilia uncontrolled bleeding episode block all that like you get marvin eastman and the head or in blood and they can't stop it yeah you know something about four heads like forehead just bleed a lot so with the help with this you know yeah to the elbow hit like think about how it's more for heads bleeding like an e oh yeah in elbows like fuckin' if we get me it's always in the face your ships all fuckedup yeah but with pat it's a bummer man one in five million crazy and one of the once i know man super heartbreaking do you know the odds on floyd mayweather and conor mcgregor only four to one five to one right click on it plus i plus five hundred and fifty with a four hundred maybe i think that's a big deal with those odds swing i'd like
i've been on this hound this discolored dickride hound changing the cake and complete honor dick diver just changing the odds you really think he's got a chance yeah i do he's been really do is alot bigger but it's likely that mack truck he's awkward floyd two years off i'm blue joe smith junior bernard hopkins correct plus three hundred down to three take about jesus it's crazy one mayweather set my four hundred and fifteen or something hilarious so those are odds are smaller than when he fought canelo but that's crazy those odds are changing because of the fucking video well that is not just a matter of amount of people are betting on
yeah i know how that works listening they might you know what i think would like like what the odds are it will now be on its way knowledge people like what the man yeah how you win a hundred bucks most people have to explain every time we go to the of see this yeah i don't know when the odds first came out i picked up i thought you got twenty six when i got fifteen to one hundred win by knockout it's always so weird when you see the numbers like plus four hundred and fifty like howard watt who comes out it's only open with it you know if they open with an odd that's when it gets really crazy how do they do that is like an expert opinion they do it on purpose to get that you that because i want batting so sure skip you would go here so yeah floyd loves is because you know for those bets on self and a load of money so four to cast keep going did you see our food came out that not footage but news leak tonight i think it's all honey dicking that judah knocked out floyd mayweather in training and floyd down the gym what yeah looked at shut up jamie pull that shit up jamie
tell you that judah yesterday they said knocked him out why i think it's i'll smoke and mirrors i think floyd just trying to sell this to the max well that may be smart on floyd's part brilliant how close is he with zab judah that they would organize that i mean it's obviously i'll take that shine once in the last time you mentioned the name zab judah very good point word from the money team zab judah knocked out floyd mayweather inspiring during a wild exchange where both boxes began to brawl apparently floyd kicked everyone out of the gym afterwards more to come zab was mimicking conor and just came right after him says mario vegas po most mario vegas we trust mario mario talk to maine mario well look at him that glamorous that glamour shot headshot bothers the fuck out it doesn't bother me at all he looks like a very reasonable americans fourteen tweets i'm sure one hundred followers sherry votes conservative you know what but i think it's pretty obvious troll it might be a troll station with i think he's a troll i wouldn't mind having a
see i don't believe that i think would be more smoke i think the little boy just playing this full he'll like it might be i got knocked out look conner definitely a week before or judon him might have gone to war because he does go to war in gyms he does make you see and talk shared and go to war with people in sparring sessions and zab judah young heathens absolute it's true but zab judah can crack we know that in fact he cracked floyd a few times yeah but he can crack yeah floyd mayweather zab judah unleash chaos in las vegas april yeah who's back at the tempered battle between mayweather in the current sparring partner zab judah yeah they had a great war man phenomenal flight and if zab judah i mean look zab judah is lightning fast he hasn't lost a step and they actually did get into wild exchange and floyd got crazy it is entirely possible she hasn't lost a step i mean
web guarantee as yeah probably probably as far as like his speed and power i bet it's still there and he's like timing but i'm trying to get you right is reaction but losing a staff is probably not the best way to describe it but he still got it skills he still got some siri this power shows how to drop bombs and if he drops a bomb on floyd they really did have some crazy exchange is one hundred percent possible you could imagine correct zab judah not least knocking down floyd i'll tell you this if you did get knocked out a week for the fight and fight next saturday the way now we can win sizzler i might just fuckin' no bueno omnipresent showtime everybody like this same story kind of happened before the pacquiao mayweather fight and uh well maybe it happened it said floridum floorings ab nice flooring mayweather during sparring is prepare ship maybe that just whoops disaster there but here i favorite stuff probably so comfortable with being there with floyd is box floyd professionally fighter anas training part true like you know like you get each of these patterns understands patterns
and who knows also you know like who knows how seriously floyds taken this that means that the money for sure that's the other things like rumors come out like again all rooms have you seen the condition me too i love the drama kids so excited me too i'm like yes yes what else happened keep it coming come on have you seen the picture of about forty it looks good good i'm a functor looks like on that brock lesnar who looks shredded yeah he looks great under two point five wow wow wow well interesting uhm yeah the only way mcgregor is going to win i think if it's uh where the tuna half no not in under two one slash two but by stoppage i think yeah two option imagine him out boxing now that it happened yeah you you you're living in a run planet if you think you see outbox elections around salts unless
figures out a way to malham like you laid on a style like he's doing there with hold in the back of the head and throwing punches that's after he's worn polly out i i think you're gonna see right i think you see connor uses foot work still the distance you find that you know still do what down to the dance he mine what if he drops one on floyd floyd go stiff at least plants i would love that i think he's going to land one on floyd i think so i think conor wins the spectacle will probably loses indecision but if there is a stoppage on a knocking amount well you know we're talking today about them going to eight ounce gloves and how significant official commission just granted it very much as you you could just you could just pull those fishers asylum go let's these rule like slowly drug testing but why are we talking about rules let's have some fun here here here let's have some fun i wonder if wme came along like when they bought the ufc that like i went with the use of
yeah yeah tell me what's up with the golden snowin him we got another six months sweet listen let's just direct that guides weight cutting can you just have him like focus on the guys in the undercard so we do that slowly get out of this use out of them for rails slow back it up back it up burger king app sent one hundred percent oh well andre berto said when he fought floyd he's never been tested more in his life he's like four times it did not come my door yeah it's for like most people dressed up like agents that he said he goes oh you tustin floyd like this they go that's none of your concern here's the promoters obligation is the promoters floyd mayweather because you'll figure it out you just kept getting tested nonstop it's more of your blood he wants to make you tired yeah tell you what though if the i don't know what the drug testing is like on this bad boy but we're going to know number as light it was interesting because he making noted down to one fifty you know they thought it once
now this makes people to come to him like you have to play by his ruling that in this fight though that's not so scary yeah that's why i tip my hat to floyd because he went out without one hundred and fifty four that's i thought that's perfect yeah i will do a dance club what the frick yeah yeah we'll do that all take on short notice to this month crazy i just think he thinks he's so good he might just not understand like first of all connor is whether or not looking at his success inside the octagon which been pretty spectacular but it's the way he's doing things he's got this special fuckin' air about him in this very psychotic belief in himself it's a it's not a fake belief no he's not he's not trying to economy he's trying to manifest like some of miraculous existence he's trying to the guy who litter only goes in there and draw
apps and smashes floyd mayweather as a ufc fighter and becomes with that the biggest athlete on the planet earth ever maybe after him ever thi flatlines floyd mayweather floyd way mother steps in and connor fuckin' karate stances him and blast him with a straight left hand and we see floyd stiffen up and face plant north korea nukes where we're to turn the ocean green ship this we're all going to manual baxter all of the colour that green color that you put in drinks on saint patrick st paul oregon that shift in the ocean we're making the ocean green just all green just huge statues of connor you're going to have people that are faking irish accents that's sort of like that rachel dolezel
pretended to be black is going to be people that are changing but put it all up again haggard tattoos on their chest yeah they're going to change themselves and become irish they're going to be translated that's what the world is going to is that when did that happen on saint patrick's day do that yeah really officially on everything but it really stood out every year wow we're so gross people grocery list add some fun and get fucking hammered and make the ocean greed woo hoo fisher like what the fuck i can't believe they really do this it's awesome though oh my god so i don't know if it's only in chicago bottom amazed at boston doesn't take this on the trails they do it in fact in chicago really should i feel like it's a bad idea of camping well
probably some food based not the family that dives the chicago river green wow the hawk family how weird is pure yeah i wonder how bad it is one if there's like some environmentalists that are protesting one hundred percent that can't be great for anything in there that's just die its natural not really why don't you google environmentalist protest green die in chicago river see let's see if there's some environmentalists i think it's nearly sixty pounds of die cuts it top secret formula awesome as we caught leprechaun dust alpha q how about you tell us what the the top secret formula is taking that stuff letter f right now with that it was going to the dad on the right oh yeah set of sweet old old meant if we get him and it's like a mock turtleneck that looks like the kind of guy who kills a burger with his bare hands but he looks like he's kind of got it
millions of fish by dumping green dye in it god dam river look at those spots fuckes drowned in mermaids they get their gills all clogged up look at those guys got damn it yeah you're right though man if conor would've pulled off i don't use the biggest athlete of all time all time he's going to be old wide in the in the craziest way possible yes in nike shoe like to join but with this on it if the act actually can land that ship there's nothing nobody's going to ever box floyd like that from a karate stance never he's never seen it before he's been doing a lot of that thai kwando footwork thing where he switches back and forth switches stances on if he can keep that kind of distance it's going to be very hard for floyd to him too it's a totally different feel different field the only thing i think worst case scenario obviously worst case we get starts in like ten seconds that's not going to happen but case would be with eight ounce gloves and flowcharts land
beating him up and he gets stopped like seven or eight or can't answer the belkin staying so much punishment or router gets really tired from moving so much then it could be a she yeah it's a different expenditure of energy sure different animal switching legs like that switches dances it listen he's doing in training you are you don't get to commerce level without realizing what your site and i'm like yeah to me if if congress gas in this fight there's a series of been been everything we believe in congress fake which i don't think it's gonna happen well the only other explanation be he's not quite efficient enough yet to go twelve rounds of the world champion you know if you really start to gas like you know you're talking about something that he has a part of his training but this also kicking take down fence jujitsu elbows knees son says more difficult yes will definitely cardio wise a lot of people say is more difficult like in boxing get your rest like in boxing which is why i think there's going to win a majority of those early rounds and floyd four five
around before he's really even start sweating he downloads your patterns and goes to work yeah andre berto said that he comes out and hope for to come to him and he looking around he's literally downloading everything but it takes him awhile to get going before he gets it and starts going to work with connor i think in those announce he can land something big there man if he does so exciting thing is if he does that's exciting thing that's what that's going to make it the biggest paper view of all time does why power people are going crazy that twitter account is fake account apparently which one new it's not a real newspaper and some people have found out that the picture is even like a small business owner from somewhere which which uh the zab judah one that role guide account so ok so the him knocking him out is fake that in less likely income coming down so i told you yeah he floyd do better at rolling peek at the guy he looks like the average american glamour shot as his avatar or like iowa
you went to iowa we went to a family restaurant hi welcome it's good las vegas post and nothing comes up oh that's gonna be like that damn it flowed you gotta do better it's illness to some wild might not even be him it might just be somebody just going for clicks you know having some fun to make up stories restaurant flooded come out with anything but you know like my mom will be like wow so he got knocked out buying it it works it does work works well especially after looking at that video i mean that's what ramps it up look at the video of conor landed on paul listen dana white put some more video out here's the full list here's the full footage from what i heard from what i heard is they thought that footage to make it an all access and a nose kaplan all access of connor doing what he did a poly need to put in there so dan was like release the hounds and then released on his end oh so showtime didn't put it in there no no not they came from dana it did not come from showtime kate why would showtime not want to put it in
so they didn't denied putting in that they didn't want to put it in there i don't think that i don't i don't think they they denied ever happen there's like what happened all access i did flag i would idea to put that in all access soon but that seems ridiculous i don't know if you try to sell fighter nay but yeah in the day was like oh you're not going to do it release the hounds everybody indicate that when it came from his account why the fuck would they not play that i don't know i guess they love paulie he imposes an analyst for them right now but still it is what it is yeah if anything i listen man it's pouring we talked and talked about pratt yes like it's yeah it is what it is even though it still shows anymore los those those in those exchanges there was a clear loser in a clear winner doesn't mean the entire sparring session no and we won't know that until after the fire and most knowledge will fighting fan no that like that's a part of it but actually hit
really good he looks real and even if you're a box in pain like holy ship ellen he just got rocked well by the fight yeah it's giving the biggest amount of what i'm going to buy it i'm going to buy it from fuckin' dc i'm going to be washington yeah you're working the night working that night so if you hear the cut all my god they asked me to do something showtime but i'll be like i don't even know what i would do like what would i be doing that could be offering my opinion so i have not i fly out next monday from i'm working i'm on the whole coverage team with showtime tuesday through saturday i don't know what i'm doing on saturday honestly dude i really feel like if they were smart but this is this kind of like the kind of shit that we do when you and i just sit down talk yeah this is really what they need you get a bunch of goofy people sitting around with ties on an some circle and everyone is talking over everybody
there's a production meeting and you say this and you say this i agree yeah and there's more oh and then there's a fuckin' two or three boxers and everyone bernstein yeah they're all talking over each other it's it's not in my opinion it's not the most entertaining way to listen to people breakdown shed and this is a fight are you really you really want to consider all the different possibilities like max kellerman is always saying like floyd has the advantage if fighting on the moon floyd as image call floyd as the advanced like ok you totally sure totally sure is the skip bayless method where it's going to make headlines but they don't never believe that max believes that i don't i don't think max please i think he's so so old school boxing he well he loves him in may two man i've had long conversations with kind of but i think with more efficient he's my favorite analyst i love max he's very good i've known when i was your favorite you're well i'm saying boxing camacho come on brother
in terms of boxing when when he goes he goes contacting him and i was like no describe it you one hundred thousand dollars open a joint account sent his team like this how seriously atlantic love oh really come without silly come on man it could happen that floyd just storms out and find one punch ko something with showtime i had this chat with us when knows about it i said i don't know what you know be part of it i'm not sure when do i said but what you have going did you have your traditional boxing commentators which is great let's see what you do this is not your typical fight you cannot have a bias panel who don't know see my car mcgregor yeah they looked his fights up or whatever or they just mimic say what they've heard previous but they really don't know what connors doing you have to have someone whether it's me or not but i think it's going to be me have someone tell what there's doing what he needs to do to win the fight you can't have just a pro bias boxing commentating team
'cause we're going to make this the biggest paper of all time is the ufc fans of course were the ones that are going to buy this pitch well the whole blocks in heads look at triple g that's your best buy two hundred thousand pay per view buys by three although that yeah but you know andre ward is right up there with him and on your work it's way more no he doesn't they don't do very well look up on dave ward risco cold left to what it will the best box it's me five thousand that's it but still a hundred more than than trouble jeez still still for a rematch of a huge fight too and i'm saying so the the dana white do ufc conor mcgregor that fan base uc fanbase is but i can nothing else man device hub said true so you can't have just a bias box in compton kovalev does just over one hundred and sixty thousand oh my god i put a picture of me
getting weights in the background there are one hundred and sixty five thousand buys wow so that's basically the same as triple g in the ward kovalev two does around one hundred and twenty five thousand payperview buys how crazy is that is that which ones right july ones july first one versus the second one now the second one hundred twenty five dollars a paper loop flop so the most it did it it pulls in one hundred and sixty five that was the final thing just terrible one which is later or that magnitude of that no one is june 30th and it said one hundred and twenty five and they still in june 21st one did one hundred and sixty thousand second one hundred and twenty five oh oh no really yeah oh my god that's terrible that's a fail like that and you losing money when they have that yeah any paid andre ward you know six and a half million dollars to get them out yeah well yeah but you know you're talking about one of the best fights of especially these days in the fire is amazing
who is more troubling not only the payperview buys down but attendance numbers in gate revenue at mandalay bay events center in las vegas was not even close to matching the first about which is all the t mobile arena tickets sold six thousand tickets whoa that's crazy wow so if you're going to make this the biggest paper of all time you've got a bank on the mixed martial arts yeah i think so if you want them to buy it they're going to buy for connor anyways but you gotta have voice in there that's at least going to relate to the people yeah and here's another magnet for the andre berto fight which was the retirement fight for floyd he only got like three hundred thousand papers horrible horrible when you considering that he got four million for the manny pacquiao fight was in something crazy like four million which is the biggest of all time so he goes in the biggest of all time to a fight worth three hundred thousand people buy it which is like really mediocre horrible the only people are buying floyd may
fights are people that want to see floyd mayweather get fuckd up yeah and when he doesn't get fuckd up they go deal they get upset i even floyd apologize for the pacquiao fight yeah he's my bad like that sucked like that like that was not fun then well is pacquiao was injured and pacquiao fought that fight with a up shoulder look up oculus hating on this fight i won't even watch it i guarantee your assets more entertaining than your fight with floyd i can that he's still salty yeah 'cause he just lost a fucking hoe bullhorn in australia have to rematch embossed to school teacher straight up straight up that's the rich franklin boxing yeah yeah just i don't know if that was correct decission 'cause i didn't i didn't try to score that i see both ways i watched it twice i can see both ways but but uh i was watching my ground like dormant god i feel like corn might have pulled that off she's like really i'm like yeah i can't listen to commentators there's so bye again one i feel like
how to do it enough or slushy early on like i kind of bring it to him here anytime you get dropped once or twice in the i think is the tenth round they almost stopped it yes the night eight let the tenth one those rounds it did there like if you don't show some improvement here we're gonna stop the fire so that was a rough round yeah but still the the accumulation of all the rounds i thought horn pulled it up interesting this either one still the horn hate on you know mayweather in fuckin' connor come on man you gotta watch he still salty because also he's got class action lawsuits against him because he fought with the fuckedup shoulder and a lot of people bet on she flocked us yeah that's a weird situation if you're a fan and you know the guy came into the fight compromise get that paycheck but for that page same time a lot of fighters fight with injuries right that's a big one though means a puncher and his shoulders fucked but you can't throw him what do you do i guess they schedule i wonder what they did give me corazon shot what do they do yeah
but i would have but if you're manny pacquiao what do you do just like hey i'm injured were going to schedule sleep well i think you figured well i'm going to suck it up i'm going to get surgery anyway i'll just suck it up further true going there sling bombs and hopefully i catch up and did nothing horrible fight well it's just i think he it's really compromising his movement you know i still don't think you beat some but now i don't think so either i think his dial in particular is much shorter and smaller and connor he's very fast but he's also been knocked out by manuel marquez when juan manuel marquez knocked him out without one punch fuckin' devastating bob lam ko earth like literally stood still for a second when that happened i mean that was his clean one punch knockout one of my favorite see mi phase yeah there's a horrible knockout perhaps marquez was on the supplements of his own country i think for more yeah i think both of the country i think there's still no sign that it's i think there's mexican steroids and that was always in the argument about manny is that manny and go
so many different weight classes and kept his power and people will it come on son they get probably gain i don't hate on those guys they assume he's doing it i don't hate on him either i mean look the deal is that uh you pass the tests that even if they not testing i don't give a firefighting marquez who is clearly on the steel one the tijuana tamale protein powder is fun it is the largest as das roads the tijuana test you know in a hundred percent fee on that filipino you know what's crazy is that dude juan manuel marquez had the same trainer they used to be a trainer who is he got hooked on a what's the name angel i think it's alex something like that is it's something like that really smart physical conditioning trainer that he had many doing a bunch of really interesting stuff is very good very good but he got picked up before help possible or for like injecting the bane stuff
yeah he had trouble before it was at the same guy that got in trouble like that just ain't right that's what he was known for i know supposed to be a really good trainer regardless well you know i mean you gotta think when you got a guy like floyd or juan manuel marquez or anybody or many you got like a championship caliber athlete you got like you gotta ferrari yeah i mean you gotta make sure that tires are good suspensions tight and like you're a physical conditioning trainer you can't fuck the guy up too bad by the time he gets to his boxing skill work you don't want to be that exhaust no but also for racing cars and you know who will be here put a few twelve in his you can be running with a v ten on your math three twelve ninety two of them in the filipino hot sauce yeah like that's the game though
yeah when he was in his prime two oh my god never him backed digit jackson will do as i remember he was like a strip clubs like wilin out berry jon jones ish and then his wife was like this shit has to stop and then it flat lines like jesus let's do it yeah he found jeans or dress and all weird our government changed his life change his life i don't know if it's the best thing for fight well who knows it's the problem is especially now with testing you know pull up your house knocking door you gotta be clean yeah i just got a rubber chicken really good friend even then blood even then you're in trouble man yeah you're going to have a twin and have that twin like live us eddie healthy diet i don't know don't tell anybody about him just leave in the basement look at him there against marcos antonio barrera do i got pissed so
back in april we hold it down he looked super jack there there's one where he left his bit look jacked damn jack there too which is out now that's the floyd fight yeah when when he was like when he first started out he was i think he was i think he started out as a flyweight like i'm not sure though i have to look at his career record pull up manny pacquiao record 'cause i'm pretty sure he went through eight different weight classes which is crazy really stop and think about that i don't think very many people have done it so this is a boring for a podcast which is going over stats of manny pacquiao who thought knows it's going to happen man what's interesting is that it's actually going to happen i'm just a big fan of freak shows and that's and i don't mean that disrespectfully like that
it's not a real contest obviously obviously it is from a betting perspective and obviously it is because connor is a real combat sports world champion but it's freak showing that it's we don't know it's not like like if conor fought although san jose at one hundred and seventy it's a fight like well it's going to be interesting oh now that's going to play out i wonder if it's you know they were supposed to fight at one hundred and fifty i wonder if to san jose can you know that kind of thing happens that's an interesting fight that's interesting to think about you have all these variables you seen their fights never seen counter box you see little tiny clips that's all you ever see when's the last time it was a fight like this was made by the people it's all things ufc at all ever well there was james toney versus randy couture but james is well past his prime and you know really didn't train for it at all i didn't know i mean there was a video
james toney preparing for the randy couture fight he was way out of shape and he was just kind of like hitting pads and the guy like shoot the worst double leg takedown in the history of the known universe and james sprawl and he again we're going to grappling you know working my box moving out of my box was on my box is my boyfriend just when issues they said he barely true but that's the boxing experts like i mean it's like james toney coming year will make no it's not it's looking not he came in out of shape didn't respect the game yeah just kind of was doing for the paycheck it's like if anthony joshua gets you know if he's got the actual black belt so we don't know about and then decide to fight mma
this fighting steve is already anthony joshua yeah that's really what it is that's what it's like i was going to deal with kicks how's it going to do that's where it's like yes there's some x factors like i don't know but i know he does these two things very damn well he's super good at knocking people dead yes i think that's one of the things that guy does like that's a real threat he's a connors in his i'm twenty eight years old it's a real threat and we believe he's going to do it like the one thing that comes to see one hundred percent believe he's going to win this fight which is when you got a guy like that and his momentum on his side and yet the fuckin' nation of ireland behind your god man got some game of thrones special schitt and also legitimately is almost forty one like i think you might be forty one at the fight like i think like his birthday happens between like what's his birthday like you forty one now he's running training camp he turned forty one definition that picture release on instagram though i was like he does not look forty one yeah he's great february ok so
close so when he gets to be but whatever the ages when the wheels fall off this fight for now so he knows that's the thing yeah who knows what happens if he gets dinged i think you will be slower and because if it floyd in his heyday yet confidence and the chance but floyd us not slower man will you member my donna you know madonna came in fuckin' winging bombs at floyd yeah and the first fight we kind of i think maybe there under estimated him or didn't understand like the like the style there's gonna be a cent and he got clipped he got clipped to one punch in the end of one of the rounds where his legs wobbled on my woe and then remember did the rematch cut it pick them apart yeah but once he downloaded it but oh yeah i just made it didn't take him serious it's possible or it's maidana really well in the first fight and didn't fight so well in the second fight for various reasons but the only thing with that
is connor so much different than madonna is just way more skillful and he's also he's very bubble of doing weird shit like at a distance his ability to move in and out is very crisp you know it's like you have to you have to respect it like what he did to jose aldo slid back and dropped out left hand in that was not something a lot of people are capable of doing under fire no no especially that the stakes your margin where the mixed martial arts is so much smaller than boxing it's just you know it it is time that makes him special in this time will be better than floyd floyd can be slower i just think connors timing with the speed and power that's why that's why gramma shot floyd and sleeps on him at all and connor comes in and uh something very unusual and catches flow with a big punch early it could be chaos without clothes
hello floyd you're crazy man well here's the thing mma fighters fight with four ounce gloves so like why is box decided that eight ounces are what's safe for everybody one hundred and thirty five pounds and up ten ounces yeah i need answers would say for anybody one hundred and thirty five pounds down so that's like only a few weight classes it's not but also those boxing gloves meant announces when you get the rap on i mean if you have clubs on your hands man literally club that's ten ounces it only lasted a little rap interesting that makes us so interesting yeah comes again mma fight more it's not so it's going to be really weird it's going to be really weird until we see what happens when we might see floyd pick him apart yeah and that other odds are that's going to happen by just i don't see it man if he really does start fighting like this though boo that would be weird if
search doing this doing that you're going to see a machine are going to see it it's going to be those first like four rounds people hopefully who you're watching with people just silence just what in the fuck are we see right now more floyd is also a counter striker and sells connor but if start doing some weird karate shed and get some honest heels get some moving back and somehow or another and get him into some weird position where he can move faster than floyd understands or he could close the distance quicker than floyd expects listen i asked lego poly i know you guys hate each other all that but when you're sparring with their things that were landing goes he did some things that were unexpected indefinitely landed like man that's the thing with commers he's going to if he has that in his bag bag of tricks and when he throws it it has to count consumes you throw it floyd jingo got it downloaded you got it
downloaded how many do you have four five over twelve rounds you gotta make 'em fuckin' count man so yeah five bullets you better better hit the target man yeah it's true right right and his other thing how brittle or floyd hands really pretty brittle broken a few times right but is a huge factor from if you've ever seen like his training stuff like that after every session his hands and masseuse at night factor right was that before his last fight yeah if refer to as well it's been going on for quite some time i still get sore yeah so think about this eight ounce gloves he hits run that giant irish head that before his four head let's be real it's good looking dubious of dome on him he hits that hand brake and we go and sizzler
in fact as i like the bank on that's not recognizes that his hands broken and he starts talking to but all you have is a job and he starts shuffling put his hands behind his back broken fork in hand or your folktale booker falconhand didn't put his little core your little head to can you imagine and then he just annihilates floyd walked him down here in like two people were really mad at him for calling floyd boy oh man you can call each other bitch mother fucker yeah don't say boy this song goes oh do you know johnny yes my boys it's wrong with that were boys with andre berto i was like i kept saying homeboy tony left those like mad it's not racist hashtag boys ok like is my homeboy hey but you got to really figure this out it's weird though 'cause it has boy i don't have any pause between home and boy oh home listen my boy yeah you can't say
i don't know what it's too much boy and it's too much i gotta be careful man with berto he said someone that's my boy nothing it's hard to they triggered around a black guy trigger trigger tree why like yeah right yeah you know any word that's close i said trigger i said t rowe trigger yeah boy you just can't yeah you can't like to see cody go back to caen sterling boy yeah because boy too yeah boys a weird one which i take it out though you like to eat until she can't do that why not will cause the i mean come on joe that's why but but here's the thing if al germaine start talking shit about that boy can't touch me no problem at all i know so i don't have a problem with that
yeah but no one has a problem with it well but black people can use the n word in boy right 'cause they kind of that like they went through some shit to earn that title but boy but boy used to be fine no it wasn't fun though right boy it's probably always used like specially down south as a derogatory term for young black always the white people would always hey boy only four grown men hey boy over here all those home depot candle carrying douche bags a boy is a fun word to great where does my boys now i can't see them anymore deficit that stood out of support i have had enough of the token black guy yeah those web let those are my men hang out with white people just for that reason all lights alright i get charlottesville yeah but ian edwards i can ever say ian's my boy nope that's not the window now but with i don't think cody's races user you wait you will all right boy keep fighting like that yeah i guess
you got to know the connotation you know you're talking to a black guy so just use it like just use bro right you said guys are rose like i zone bro we did but it used to be a black eye no i said i feel like no sup bro no black guys own bra no no that's new bro was like the seventies back when that platform shoes on fuqing bell bottoms see after like blankets at brother dad brother and bro what up bro it really they're older than me so graphic surfer like that yeah now it's like a wind use you your b r a h i'm talkin be are you for a broad brush hi brian what about yeah that's like from ice tea if they keep that that correct so then they own it or should i say ice cube which one i stay in cuba rice cheese little older i'm saying people up bro
became like guys who wear like loafers and go to private schools hey bro yeah maybe like the fat boys bros yeah guys trying but now it's a bad connotation 'cause it go oh my god this such a bro is over there oh my god it's freezing grows like your son goes all there such bros like i know exactly what they thought oh my god bro science all the time chill road using broscience vegans love to say that bro science we know exactly what borough is hard only it's a funny thing but it's anti male in a lot of ways and it's really rude they they get upset if you mark anyone that's trans gender or anyone that's a woman or anyone that's gay but they no problem calling us
oh yeah no problem shiting on the very essence of being a man is growing out bro ing out bro and now i'm embarrassed to say it this toxic masculinity man it's toxic i posted pictures podcasting with me my bros were getting roasted roasted the browse brought it out to be that way it's become that way over the last few years when so many douchebags use bro we did it to ourselves we did it ourselves with a lot of tools did it 'cause they took it over and use it ps out we were being generous including ourselves in the rest of the men who flocked it out through we didn't fight it out i feel like we made it cool but we use brother now that's why brother yeah brothers other can work brothers like we can just do the term brother around a guy barely know that and i was like oh what's up brother do the trick each year hulk hogan and that she like so friendly you want everybody to be your brother like boo ok yeah man i don't trust his brother just with anyone i'm sorry can i throw it around a lot of him
from hyuna meet strangers still rather you let them what's up brother yeah see that's different in a way do you think about this tony ferguson kevin lee that's a good god fine that fight kevin lee is a bad mother mickey's back and strangled him lightly choke them i dokey as i was upset upset and maybe maybe we'll survive but the bottom line is that she was locked open should never gotten locked up where i come from when you go like this and then your body goes limp pure bad to go out while he was saying he's just concentrating on his neck just flexing yeah me too i us for ten hours a sleep when i get a bunch of it but not for real like if if a guy's really good again choked and he can figure out how to kind of talk is
she can and flexes knack and just ride out the choking if he thinks he's got enough air not a rear naked and kevin lee one is a straight up strangler that's a strong it and that kind of percent i know i know black belt and you get the you get there but in any light through chase is is a black belt young he's a high well it's not a black was not ranked buddies is grappler i believe he has black what level switch the usc yeah that's sees a black belt level grapple in the yeah i got to say oh yeah i definitely think is a black belt level i notes hi little competition black belts where if a blue bell gets on your back and they have a full sunken wreckage on there's not much you're going to do you can hand fight but if they're actually in your flock especially a strong athletic kevin i i i i get kevin lee on this i love might be like oh he's a beast i like all his fights i like kevin leeman i think the division needs him too he dressed as well speaks well he's exciting to watch you know one hundred percent he's just the
take that mario maiden stop in that fight before an absolute conclusion is a big mistake that's the real news oh yeah just like church oak you gotta know when you have to let it snow i have this argument in the heavenlies like nike is choking him out she cases arguing it wasn't like you fuckedup mario goddamnit because of kesa just did go out unconscious then we got no debate and then kevin lee has this amazing clean win and there's no bullsh touch to it to me though it to is amazing clean when we just moved on with mario up he's going out anywhere except that i could hear see accepted because they went into infighting installing for i know they did it well to good she has a on the on the card it's a good move too because tony and kevin lee were john back and forth to each other yeah you know that's a good fight is a very good fight kevin is a beast and he's a young guy he's confidence is one of those guys that like you see from his first fight to the fcc is joy leaps and everything so yeah i guess i thought it was a big leap castle python
is going to give him a lot of problems we need to got his back is like jesus christ man in castle and the left hand on him but when i watch it over in the replay you know sometimes when you've seen it live to your look sure through the fence looking at but it's hard to tell what lands would doesn't land away from it mostly caught on the end of it moved away from it and then you know once they got to the ground it was crazy that he took he has his back and he dominated the position predominant another thing is i find interesting is kevin lee one he wants to fight compete after five for the past three fights like you want to be in russia that true detroit superstar chill son well that's the way to do it man you know asked to fight the scariest fucking guy in the game you know but the thing habib is i don't know um whereas bodies out when they're saying his liver shut down when he was supposed to be fighting tony i'm out of different game what does that mean like you ok so much weight in his body literally was shutting down if i suck russian goes the hospital before fight yeah we
some serious problems serious problem he didn't cut weight rating cut too much too soon and then it's not even that they cancel the five round fight for the interim title and have a three round fight for a catchweight they don't even do that like you can fight the commissioners economics liver shutting down this is why people like oh we got to be brief counter next let's just talk about that logistically you got a guy who can't make weight almost died making the way you go on a world tour against the biggest name mixed martial arts and conor mcgregor that's going be a fight college is going to commit to that how can you do that but why would you do that not only that michael johnson fight with kobe apparently the same issue but we got through it they're saying it's the same thing that happened in michael johnson fights this means like as every way cut you do especially as you get older apparently your body resists like a sponge again gets big
the bigger it gets harder and harder your body is not one to do it now yeah i mean just every time you get fat it's between fights direct he does hold areas cats in ghana was talking about checks lake gaining weight between fights but you cut all that weight well fuck your body up like for a woman getting low in weight and body fat is probably even more foot the thyroids are fuct like like my brother my sister in law my brothers wife she did competition which cut weight and her thyroid but let me just fox their bodies up ball when they're doing the bodybuilding com we're all that water yeah for the for the girls like you know so these girls you'll see in the ufc like the of the fight i icon that's supermodel say god how does don't look like adele right now like how did they just blow up like it so like their bodies while the body just really really resist that weight cut it's just
doesn't want to do all that more like probably your body goes into famine mode you know he starts taking we gotta retain some water on this page looking for that cyborg fight but cyborg showing fight holy mass square garden that's a big fight that's uh cyborg two days ago and she's like man holy massacre gun that's what i want well this will try and get where there's some money you know i mean holy is off durant germaine de randamie fight which the but i'm chelsea it was really not in their league opinion not all where is she was made to read to me is she cracked me to randomly with a high kick and then dropped it with a straight left hand like jermaine durand to me is as legit a striker as you're ever going to see i agree so long as she's not find cyborg she's probably drop her yeah she just didn't want no part of that i have ever seen anything like that ever in mixed martial arts damn i'm just
radio silent fuckin' six months and it came back like she did stuff like ten years ago i'm going to cut down to one hundred and thirty five when i was talking to her post fight and i said well what about cyborg was asking around during the post fight interview and she's like i'm gonna go get some surgeries in hand hurt right now let's talk about this later junket question though probably if you do have a hurt hand which i believe she probably absolutely did now is the time to do it like hey i got this title i definitely want to have one and if you fight but she didn't do anything right she's like now that was an excuse she might have but she vacate the i look just like now i'm not going to do that hawley fighting again soon yeah now she's weight class she said at one hundred and thirty five she vacate the belt like now we're good cyborg have fun up there hollywood cyborgs administering fight 'cause i think stylistically haleys the perfect match up to be cyborg cyborg
just go through think of holly beat cyborg she's a great mix martial female small time merch with a head kick so she beats the greatest something threads well time mercer goes on a little tough run who gives a right then board should be run inside bored right we're going sizzle yeah and then we should take comes back get get you which is what they're after five rounds and then just got choked out at the end but think about it you beat beat rhonda who was undefeated then then you beat freaking cyborgs beat cyborg and she comes back and fight you again that's a giant fights a giant fight with me she wants to fight again i bet you do it for that sitting around super fight each other seriously tonight katie lane comic it poured import is schitt issues fuc me states don't first team all all cutie up there oh yeah yeah first team booty didn't it there was a recent those usc tittays ufc today's those those are some
here you'll see but with with holly if holly can somehow again i don't think she's going through but you never know i don't you know i don't think she's really going to be random but if she somehow can pulled off beat cyborg and she beat ronda or like some weird statue from the ufc gym now like how does this work is the net but you don't you think in their eyes like there's always going to be even though she beat rhonda like ronda's is the one that put the thing on the map she's always going to be revered more you are see i don't think so i think she is such a crash landing like so the worst of all time and she's gone radio silent that i don't remember that that climb do you think people they're upset and hurt like you weren't really a fighter like you only fighter for a little bit if you are really a fighter you'd still be there you'd be getting back in you're still young people that we want no matter what no matter what no matter what they thought you were one thing
then you fail at it you know fuckin' loser i know they get mad if you were there zero for sure and you're not doing what they want you to do or you talked about being a do not and bitten you get knocked out and you're doing nothing it's like how dare you i bought the shirt that she was hosting battle network stars i don't know i don't know man i don't know she's just not into it you know i mean i could see not wanted to find anymore right you don't want to fight anymore at a certain point in time little different you know she was a world like she accomplished a lot more than main uhm i love my my life now it's never been better man like i love what i'm doing you know i don't know she doesn't have a thing right now no maybe this battle the network stars i don't know that's true true calling i can't believe they talked into doing that either i don't know man you know and also maybe she made so much money like maybe she's good there too i don't know but
and if you make so much money that it's not about the money is it everybody thinks that that's going to be enough to make you happy it's not it will definitely be you mission where you don't have to worry about bills now that's your number one problem and then you gotta to be happier that's possible check that off the other problems start to come up right now what i'm going to do like i don't have a password on my waking up for there was a study on income and they one of the things they said was when it comes to like overall happiness see if you could find this i think they say everything over seventy thousand dollars a year is kind of a washout those seventy five thousand something i don't understand range and like going from if you go out from a bike to a car happiness nice when you go from a car to and just buy another car you have two cards nothing nothing changes in your that's not true i agree corvette yeah i agree with you talking about the perfect salary for happiness is seventy five thousand dollars a year
when did depend where you live and what you like to do yeah see i don't know about that for like the magic income as people earn more their day to day happiness rises until you hit seventy five thousand dollars after that it's just more stuff with no gain in happiness that's is never had a really cool this you never like had a deck that overlooks the mountain we will with your body i agree and have been able to go on these don't pass vacation has a stake in a travel to japan get some sushi fresh out of the ocean rise on master chef the private jet you can have some power times hello yeah yeah yeah but maybe get a yacht your rent it and go to the carribean yeah i'm on
do we want to get kids you take another case wherever you want you don't worry about that stuff just full of shit doctor phil be just as happy if you made seventy five dollars get outta here it just depends man big study bro yeah you think you must be super pumped go down to about seventy five thousand a year i think oprah is fuqing getaway cars being five thousand year do you think you would get that top shelf actress pussey if he was making seventy five in a year or seventy five thousand a year now in class a million year he would be like damn struggling certain from ill cut back on my security they were detailing all the different ship that johnny depp spends money on two and it's just like this stuff why in the holy phuc he is i don't know what he does in terms of his substance of choice that would he enjoys the appears to be on a financial rampage then they have to like take
loan from his agent or something like that he owns johnny depp owns like forty houses or something crazy something crazy houses all over the world they set of securities like stupid like two hundred thousand dollars a month like bro bro you just need one guy who is trying to kill you is an animal man your fucking captain jack sparrow knows trying to kill you he's a fucking animal and he's got some sort of a lawsuit million a month spending well you know got spend money bro oh my god john x business managers alleges outrageous spending having of two million a month you get chose johnny depp you go yeah sure dude how is that happen how does know go to hell you gotta chill out on the two million a month he spent three million dollars to fulfill hunter s thompson's dream of having his ashes shot out of a cannon
three million forty five luxury cars ten million dollars a year to support his entourage friends and family an thirty one thousand dollars a month alone on one at him he's awesome control that's how you do it he's lived a great life though it imagine those months two million forty five luxury cars taylor is ostras is having a grand old time personal lawyer jake bloom depp's living beyond his means an urgent earn urged him to spend less and sell certain expensive but unnecessary assets too pay loans and pay his taxes and living expenses he just out of fourteen in houses listen that's cocaine living right there at least in german fourteen residences improve and furnish fourteen residences i'm trying to see that car collection fourteen
fourteen residences forty five three cars good lord but how much money did he make in his career six fifty thousand million jesus six well but two million a year in the past thirty earned him an estimated six hundred and fifty million dollars being a rich movie star or does not necessarily bring great financial savvy over the past decade yet mister debt paid more than six five point six million in interest on overdue tax is has lent millions of dollars to people unlike you to pay him back and has shifted and widely splurge just i love that word splurge just a number of questionable measurements not the least of which is that town near central pay he bought it down amanda said providing the town called manager tell me buying it out the assistant called the manager johnny's buying the town he doesn't talk to them and he was like not so which house do you like i like him
i'll take that i've home i'll take them home how crazy is that but he owns a street in hollywood includes like a bunch of like stanhopes his boy yeah and stand up like this is going up the street there's a dude with an earpiece waiting for him to do with the ear piece takes my golf cart drives him up to the top of the hill and they own like the whole fuckin' will block but this one dude on the block that we won't sell tight moved that guys like knock it i like this house doing it forever if a cough height move i don't want all coked up once by and improve accessing so things are gonna sell the seven seas return it marked the whole room block the whole house but i heard i heard nicolas cage's even crazier spend he buys castles in like nate nights equipment yeah him and leonardo dicaprio think were bidding on some skull and had to return it because it was stolen from like the him i forget
that's bond when he bought a skull from king tuts fuckin' and they had a return it yeah the music chart that's harsh it leonardo dicaprio had to return a bunch that was given to him by a guy who's apparently stole it all he agrees to return stolen dinosaur skull to mongolia's got involved oh well that makes me feel good stupid purchases skull of a tyrannosaurus what is it that word tyrant source but are what is that what's the tyranosaurus but are do you know what that is have you ever heard that before how weird bro much to those go for dude we're talking about whoa that's a dope and he wow that must be massive someone stole it someone stole
it and he bought it and had to return with the black market wow that's crazy where do you put that in your house where do you put it ok so here's my thinking you have to have a real skull like you want to buy some replica like a child's toy you're a fucking asshole have you have one of those things in my life a que it's not real how dear you are so i'm saying like if you go to auto museums a lot the skulls you're seeing a replicas damn two hundred six thousand better deal and i thought that's that's it joe when the new studio by i'm thinking let's make some it's on a t rex this is have like three raptors at the new studio do thinking about it but it's like the most common doms dinosaur that you could buy i bet something lame maybe like a stegosaurus or cheap 'cause they're fucking feedees yeah there begins there all small they have little head triceratops
little sabretooth ones are bullshiting trying to have that yeah well saber tooth tigers on dinosaur jamie doesn't that doesn't count make sure the real jamie five site sign nc free shipping free shipping for five thousand dollars what is it that were they saying they have what is that about one that see what the the the animal that real law they can't be real authentic fossel masa sore halle soros am more lamborghini amburgey too delicate simple studio yeah like that does look pretty dope what is that thing how big is it seventy eight inches long dude damn fuck it is that real that's really really have that for sale and we get free shipping right now that's the thing with nicolas cage thing so it took like seven years for him to get the certificate of authenticity and then when they got it that's it
i found out it was stolen so fix it not know for awhile do they have to do uh well there's one you can get a t retro one point eight million yeah i just can't imagine that for fifty five thousand dollars you get it you get a real is that what it is how much was it two hundred and fifty fifty fifty free shipping not one point five million like some type care ha have all that around my house like game of thrones at a t rex go without so much one point eight million wow worth it warren buffett to those still open your worth eighty billion right like why they have a bunch of that's in your house by the shootout that your wife slowly start to realize you're going insane start constructing a dinosaur in the middle of the living room and all sudden construction who's at the house like what's going on honey i got new t rex comedy works is too tall we're going to have to cut out the ceiling too tall big room yeah
i want to glass ceiling out of stock out of stock out of stock i mean somebody bought it velociraptor from jurassic park number one i don't want to rubber toy so i'll take that predator thing though i will pick up anything about this at all i know a dude who makes those men the guy who made the american werewolf patrick mcgill each other thing he met a predator and he makes the alien those campy chiu i have got the limo then that's gross what what trying to pull it but white diamond premium white diamond maybe ask hole that depends what you do do the most exclusive breed in the world premium white diamond fisher rare than precious oh my god so it's one of those things if your anasol you have in your fish tank is these fish right here but genetic situation one point five million dollars just for the fish i did
yeah presently there's only like one hundred of those if you have an all white moose at your house he's getting some panty dropper here's the thing man here's the real thing if you're in a hunting okay that moose is a legal size moose and a white move steps in front of you do you release that yeah yeah shoot that white moves in stupid face it's totally legal like the way he looks so good sized moose we just going to choose who's gonna shoot the black moose now fucka white moose brown moves lives matter i don't discriminate white brown i've never shown here on my little thing is man here's the thing about animal rights activists and people that are nutty about animals what this is is a genetic anomaly it's not like uh this is a specific read this little by little person right it's not albino though it's not albino apparently got some weird genetic anomaly one of one hundred yeah there's a hundred of am so what does it look see what is it
it says scroll up a little bit i think it says with a genetic mutation is yeah see it's uh fur coloring is a genetic mutation and it's not an albino now by no unlike a like all white animals i heard that taste like vanilla taste good you know how to light one that you never even seen one i've been same same shirts family inside it's like white people it's all the same but you could look at that wow it's crazy another some people have the string coloring might be another sign of a short to be coming apocalypse now goddamnit you see a horde of white moose yeah then i was only a hundred of them no i wouldn't tell anybody i'll tell you one thing if i did kill that i keep my mouth shut i wouldn't tell people they get too mad even if it didn't matter like if you find a bear okay like there's a black bear if your hyundai but first of all if you're hunting black bear people get mad at you anyway 'cause killing a bear because then on brown bears they think the bears are extinct
this is verjus show so many bear is that there are cannibals they eat each other that's a fact delete the cubs the cubs like crazy including a female eat their own good time with anything take out the big older ones 'cause the fuc up all the cup yeah it's actually better for the population to take out the big nails 'cause the big males eat correct but when we were there oh wow he's white deer pigs bro i'm going through a little baby white moves on minecraft one of those out grab one of those in runoff in my car there cute as shit other adorable the twins likely less than a month old is there so cute utes little cuties you get in there momma big momma's going she will factor world there different than any other until it's in that they're real aggressive like a moose will chase you down and beat your fucking asses super danger i dears not likely going to do that they've done it before laugh a kit do elk might stab you really with horns
you get a little cocky when this morning you cock blocking an elk oh yeah that's one of the crazy that's rule number one they will fuck you up their swords going out of their head there's some days where like i gotta watch my peas and queues the grunting like baby fawn i can't fuck with you guys i told kim this man has something dangerous that i'm down ok well dear i mean if they did want to fuck you up with those things they could stab you but the thing is they're they're pray i mean this is what they are in nature they eat and they get preyed upon they are the food source of mountain lions and wolves and counter and bears and countless other animals i mean that's just what they are they're beautiful while they're alive it's not like you should somehow another you know diminish their existence but that's a prey animal that's weather here i mean in the system that now this they're in so had some access
deer for dinner last night had access there but when you post as i get so hungry so good i've been that in my opinion is like the most if you can get to hawaii hawaii if you get to hawaii that's the most ethical place 'cause they don't have any predators so they have to kill these animals so they have like some insane number of deer online i they have access deer on maui they haven't done i think mall chiasm too there's no predators no predators none so they don't printers are people they actually bring over snipers to take out some of the deer to keep the population numbers down to have a server of the population gets too high what happens is these dear star getting disease they start you know they run out of food to eat the good thing about hawaii two is just so much growth like so much plant growth they can allow alignment love love it you are different your birthday what would you do for your birthday nothing went to disneyland
took his does not get up and down to switch my family campaigns for law school and have a good time yeah i don't i'm not a big party she's still a birthday present had your family to speak into a video i'll be good idea right close friend do that anyway yeah i'm not a big birthday david just like i don't want to be the center of attention like that it's ironic is that sounds 'cause most of what i do you want to be in the center of attention some locker yeah but it just seems like it's just weird i'd rather just do a set have a nice dinner yeah so what's it disneyland or the guardians of galaxy ride goddamnit funny love it so good i thought my god they're going to make tower of terror better oh that's right now it turns my feet right of all time they should better now really it's better i'm not going to galax well i really haven't seen it going
galaxies right you never saw that movie map find parking movies and i haven't seen part two but i saw apart while you finally saw alien covenant who i loved how good i thought told you i loved it logs people didn't like it my favorite alien get out of my life people didn't like that right you got some shit advice it was brilliant what would you say is a bad movie alien covenant yeah click to i was wrong and i was crying for that a lot i i i was i love to i love swear to god movie guys i stood up standing ovation slow clap everyone else it out i love when they made the ai guy gave him don't say too much spoiler the movie's been out for a grip doesn't matter some people out there don't have time damn it that's been out for how many months are you going to have to tune out now folks 'cause we're going to talk about alien covenant that came out of the seven months ago go ahead and shown up fart has to eat it is to eat it
alright you don't have to tell a story that one alien that hybrid alien who do that was fun i like the fact that the ai guy like they cut out his creativity it start weird sense i give you give artificial intelligence the need and the ability to create so but this what prometheus first then this right yeah it was like ten years after prometheus salad prometheus i like that what was the movie with the alien they named him calvin not talking and right now it's getting fuct yeah i like that to do i watch on every plane i watched them love those movies is there's cut the shyt scenes like when the you know life one where they're playing with it and they try these experiments with it and they shot used electric yeah come on man you doing this out in space don't you want to bring this back to earth for starfucker when installing cured laboratory we can't 'cause you do that and then look if we brought that bench back to earth and you know i'm saying
look up movies so thinking of doing things like zapping it and trying to like a stem they thought he was dead though remember in today's abdomen he went which yeah oh it was so dumb tense he scariest shipped was care you know the problem was they gave him a little bit of a cgi face and i was like i don't like that either like that demon face nah man i don't need that qm calvin i like kelly called calvin because they couldn't make it to demonic 'cause then it would be alien just the most demonic that thing is the most demanding so scary oh it's awesome god i love that tongue thing comes out of this i look all the slot burn shit that comes out of its mouth to it this big giant fucking bughead do have you been to the theater it's right off of its in westwood there uh i picked now you're talking you get steaks chicken tenders and we gotta be off your diet where is it it's right off of i think wilshere
wilshire in opposite less well until i pick like cindy opolis that kind of shared kind of if you have those now at the vip it's going to cost about sixty dollars in the door that's the way to do it though it's it's i'm oh where's that that's it oh it's a small yeah you take me to take your wife either that's the movement of really good foods people they have all alcohol drinks steaks like they've everything there like it i like it look down on the people who didn't buy the vip tickets cool and judging often walk by you know so there's people below you have regular season like get outta here peasants move on peasants to look at me what did they talk enjoy them down below the you know they're angry about their position in society much dock in the movie theater i snitch on him i'll skews me no false ma'am ma'am you know that there's a system that you can get for your house were it downloads move these as they come out and you can watch brand new movies i need that
as they come out 'cause with a kid like it like annabelle the new annabelle came i love scary movies do you see it i want i'm dying to see it that new seen that new it trailer ship your pants scary looks clean september here's how you movie patterson pissed off at the slider i think it's run by netflix at the same guy that started netflix started the sort of thing it's been available for what fifty bucks a month but now it's down to ten bucks a month there's some weird catch this some catches to it like it's only for two d versions and then like you still have to pay for a ticket or something that he get paid back to some weird like i would say i would pay one hundred dollars a month to watch movies at my house this is not at your house though this is different he just introduced something totally different this is just cheap movie tickets that people are mad about but the house thing is not cheap the house thing is a system you get i think it's like fifty thousand dollars and one
i have installed in your house then you can watch movies as they come out and they run like a hard drive such a movie buff dude yeah look at home theater that's what i'm saying having a home theater is clancy new movies 'cause with a kid it's tough get the babysitter i seemed like fachmann yeah so like star wars no like it takes a while to make i can't wait for the command dvd in on stuff you know this thing if you can't even see the i think that's exactly it pay for it finally dealer most movies that are out i think that is exactly it and it's very expensive like i said i think it's like fifty thousand dollars and it just comes with the service to provide the movie yeah i think you just the hard drive and you download whatever the movie is that you want to see again watch it i feel like you shouldn't do that now 'cause its technologies coming so
fasten like netflix are going big movie stars like will smith and these guys and adam sandler doing these netflix deals so you don't have to go to theater but this is kind of fingerprint reader finger swipe with liveliness detection live ness live nest mean someone wants a cut your fucking hand often have a dead hand they used to start up your screen take your fingerprint on a piece of paper or a dead hand flow ness christmas like you see lack of new right up there under fingerprint what kind of a person wants to kill someone so they could see pirates of the caribbean is about dude i would let's see the new edit my house it's license figure your at home dude how great that being i don't like jim ready going out i wanna chill at home my undies watched all the new movies the real problem is other people when they can't keep it together and they start answering phone start running i then it's so many movie theaters are people start talking do so oh no i screwed this one movie theater little urban
take that how you want a little urban homeboy in front of me just on the phone the whole time and people of god and so i go bro off the phone man and keeps going puts his finger like this i'm like oh oh it keeps going up route movie saga pro off your fucking phone it turns around goes wait till the movies over i've been some fights i think i can fight and the whole movie i could think about like right one of my going to do here i got my girl here what is e with all those people will get there all looked similar forget my drift what am i going to do it and am i going to get jumped like houses i could i could tell you what movie i saw your whole experience yeah i'm just balls deep in popcorn time but i'm going to customize up carbon up carb loading carbon movie gets done he don't say shit but the whole movie up though we should've said something stressed just 'cause you never once again probably three four years ago i think i know i think if i was you if i could remote control your body at my code there smack me
but but my blood levels of there's a bunch menu with your girl you know what i'm saying through it depends on how many you got but yeah that's it is a very very rude and disrespectful thing on it would be on your phone but i could seize on instagram like i can see your phone on facebook and what the fuck here in the movies he's a dummy people tell me dictate your dummy there god dam addicted to their phones like you know a few people have the ability to sit through a fucking podcast without looking at their phones you know how to do it but a lot of my guests even checking their phones so disrespectful text in whole logic so disrespectful would you do that if you're on sports center now you wouldn't yeah especially not now now at this in this day and age but for some people requirement of an hour or two or in a podcast three without checking the phone impossible chill out you're not that busy folks it's not that it's their attics there straight up keys they're getting that little tweak that little rush of anticipation right then mean if they get an email or text they say literally we
and we don't even know how addicted the phones are but people their brains are coming addicted to it just to the sensation of feeling it yeah and the colours and mentions in instagram it just seems like tom at my mouth salivating it's never as fun as talking to friends though you go to a restaurant you'll see five people on their phones not even looking at each other i hate and when you're hanging out with a friend and they're on their phone all the time it's brutal it's loaded but maybe here in coming here put your phone down please there are some restaurants they take your phone at the door you know that and there's some that give twenty five then the sum if you don't use your phone at twenty five percent off if you don't use your phone at so your cameras overhead i don't know okay check angle should know detected it okay well you're in the room the restaurant you checked at no way out you're doing shut up from the table now doesn't count don't get the deal man i was taking it i didn't have anything to do i can't check it still
in the restaurant in the restaurant i don't know how it works but he has a competing so you can check your facebook took a fake to to check your facebook addicted son and then people are super addicted you enjoyed ears are pretty good about colin oh yeah she's got your great clode unite take so much my sometimes you know sometimes i don't know 'cause you're busy sometimes busy so you gotta text novels i can put it we had a question ok i gotta hear this way to talk yeah it's exhausting yeah man there's some people that just they but for whatever reason are tethered to the hip and there's some people that decide they can't use it at all so they just go straight cell phone like like button phone flip phone yeah boy ari ari aziz ansari aziz ansari's gone totally off the internet i was watching some video or no it was a reading a vice article things vice they interviewed him and there are
about he did he's an off line he's he's only got rid of his social media really got rid of all the he doesn't do anything so did i ed sheeran because he either put on game of thrones and he got such backlash he was just you know he stopped doing it mark accounts you have thicker skin stay offline for a few days bro but people are going to hate on you gotta use it for what it is you know like for these trolls who gives a fuck with him everything everything is nothing you do to get away from that nothing it is what it is not a kevin hart's post and it's like fuck you little it's like kevin hart kevin hart there's too many people and every buddy having access to everybody being able to communicate with you if you just decide to swim in that river and you wonder why you got poisoned yeah i agree that the problem is with your kids like even now my son he wants to get my phone and you know do it like justin he's not going to twitter and check indians and dick pics but he's scrolling through everything just 'cause the stimulation oh yeah with like your daughters how old are they seven and nine their phones
now your nine year old doesn't now left and so i'm not yes you have to school sure one votes if you give kids phones you let them see beheading videos you letting them to come on the latest news among the more they can see that car run over those people that white power rally in all that a kid can see in the gonna see their friends can tell me about it just think they should do you look at me think of the ship that out every ok i'm posting some new ridiculous video someone doing some stupid brain damage could like keeping our kids at ninth grade is are nine years old is what grade third now going into fourth wait till she gets the sixth grade yeah i think like you have to be that certain school or some sometimes they may have the the life i pads to right yeah what's and yeah for sure in those things go online yeah yeah it's one of those things where you got to wonder at what point is it okay to give it to him and you
how much do you regulate it and how much you do it by example you know well if you're at home with your kids like stay up the phone kids and you just like constantly checking out then they're going to be best at you there should be no phones between whatever you know especially dinner time so it's going to be spent what do we do with a big thing we do in my house alot of art lot of art school constantly constantly they're always painting and drawing and doing it if you give kids that opportunity to do something and then they get in a pattern to doing it all the time where they're not state you know they're stimulation doesn't come from tv and yeah yeah do you watch tv or no yeah we want to watch tv we don't keep it from a but we don't let him watch it all day yeah so it's i think that like i think especially creativity is important for it's 'cause the more they realize they can make things even if you could just make turn out of paper mache or something where you're writing something you know something that didn't exist you like my daughter writes stories like a story that didn't exist now the stories written like you wrote it you created it like you realize you read
you can also write him you know paintings make a painting mega drawing the more you realize you can create things it's my thought that it opens up your idea of what's possible for your whole life you can create things in your life you have the bank on anyone you can create businesses you can create a career you can figure out like how to work hard at something and create it i also think it's really good for their little brains to like make things other percent yeah for me that it switches every morning i live across from a school at the elementary school yesterday was the first school so there's all these parents drop off the kids i was watching the kids play outside i walked my son every morning i was thinking god how the fuck is going to make friends like i saw the clicks i've never thought about ever ever in my life about how this little duke make friends once he does my friend stay on my other friends work that we get a good thing to be the nerd he can't get to do
and i think you ten push ups even when they don't make friends of that's good too we didn't realize like what's wrong with warranty making friends like with just your behavior accordingly it will don't be the introverted kid is balls deep in the comics maybe or also or yeah i agree or do and then and then take over the world like hollywood you know but it's for sign it ever crossed my mind i saw these kids play on that one it doesn't make friends i gotta deal with that what are you going to do if your son gets older and he's like sort of introverted kind of nerdy and you see some predatory bich move in but if your son becomes like some super successful producer type character and you see some prayed on my god predator coyote type woman just move and on to leech optional runs and tells me to do you go to the house like son you can't let her tell you there's nothing you can do with the power of the percy there's nothing to do you know that feeling that
having a friend and you see a friend is getting taken over i got like almost like i go like a pod person you know like one of night of the living dead no not like avatar what is that fucking movie the vision of the body snatchers number i was under the bed never saw the movie no dude what is a couple versions of it is a really really old version of what's the new one well there's three there's a donald sutherland version which is i think once you like the seventies which is excellent a young jeff goldblum's in that movie grant it's a great movie and it's creepy scary and then you know like good special effects for the time for the time and then there's a more recent one with jennifer tilly i think is in it or meg tilly meg tilly jennifer tilly's sister there plus actually yeah yeah what it is is while you're sleeping it it somehow another like the fibers get a hold of you like it climbs up like if the pods like near the bed it gets ahold of you and touches you and then it puts
sleep and starts locating you underneath the bed so guam while you're sleeping it's like draining your body and replicating you and then in the morning you're dead you like a dry husk and those alien is underneath yeah so this is call sutherland as he's asleep this thing had was taking over an recreating him and he woke up before it was too late dude it was adult movie let's kiefer sutherland's dad is it i didn't know that it up that's jack or if you if you grow up in your dad's a famous actor and you become an actor so we gotta be fuckedup yeah little weird well that must be the new one that poster that what is that one invasion of the body such yeah one thousand nine hundred and seventy eight now there must be the seventy eight version 'cause the newer ones one is below that in green seat in green down there will show
the really old one that's the 1950s one who it looks pretty sweet doors one more that happened with meg tilly i don't remember what year but i want to say it's like maybe late now it's like they don't recreate it already yeah is days of the body snatchers the dork just really door really check that shut out um do not movie was that's the porn version body centered you know movies dope i watched on the plane with one thousand nine hundred and ninety three that was pretty good but it's one of those things like you only make those things so many times what was dope i watched that movie with ben affleck where he gets he moved to tampa he's like a mafia gangster moved to tampa started no no
i thought of the counting i was i was taking sleeping pills as loud i thought was the counting and i was like what the font into the account in like this that's not this is something else that she was so good really yeah he's like he's a involved with the mob they want to go run the the tampa bay wing of it so down there it was good yeah they don't work on me ticketmaster and people like only take one is like i'm not that sleepy so i pop three of 'em i was fuckking one eye open or just like ben affleck the best ever lived yes six point four and rotten tomatoes or fuckin' haters on my break down after you fucking haters on apple why do people have like hunting seems like a douche though dear universe his argument with sam harris on the bill maher show now i have it in a very uninformed huge mistake
he argued with sam harris about what's in islam well hey ben helping listen i'm only saying stay in your lane i'm all over the place but with ben affleck santa hears he never seen it no it's hilarious 'cause athlete doesn't know what to do so he goes full social justice warrior and starts calling sam harris or racist saying it's gross you're so gross it's so racist is not easy so gross and then sam harris like super calm his uh like you can't like yell and argue with harris 'cause he will never go there make sure looking it makes you look super living amateur especially when he starts pouting out facts on my painting we were talking about an ideology did ben affleck go on there to debate him i think what it was he was getting ready for batman this is my personal belief it has no basis in fact and it's just pure speculation
brother seems on steroids benefit was a steroid getting ready for batman he got jack for batman catch act and i think when you get jack like that get a little funky testy he had he had no he had no data this fun to ride well he tried to sling a little data with sam here and he just got just got run over oh my god what are you thinking right over and everybody was super i added him afterwards really slow yeah online you got torn apart it's just handled it very poorly i see i don't get the hate well obviously he funked up there but i don't state with ben affleck he makes good movies that geely alright you funky not see that they go that's the real you well that's it but is it really was that payroll is that him bruce wayne on steroids could be it could be could be i would think that i've never seen him behave like that before any definitely got jack
that movie again when you're forty five years old or whatever it is you don't you just don't get jacked like they don't put on muscle i don't but it's not normal it's not normal you unless you're on some radical supplements which hollywood com is a cable to be bruce wayne on get on that but donald city cycle i'm a get on some of that claim you troll to lower my body fat called me at all walk in and of art on all released do we need a mask is just gonna be me that he gained twenty two hundred and twenty eight pounds total got down to seven point percent body fat ben affleck strainer walter norton junior talks about ben affleck's body during the days filming the town the last twelve sounds for the town he was stronger in every lift hate walter in june how much does the cycle is on the television the truth about testosterone but if you but if you look at all of them the shirt off at seven point i'm somebody fat because i think i'm
on bullshitty to know you know how low that is very low he never got that ripped he wasn't even rip his last batman christian bale christian bands more grip coat hanger though he's real thin he got jacked this time plus a month but he's always thin uh meal all noc loves if as an act of war yeah yeah i don't think it's an active more you know he's on some more i don't know well let's look at him we'll look at him next but i think you're wrong on that wow that's a c got a good picture pulled up so we can say i mean this show us what we got here now that's some shirtless one right that's the the that's the most actors will go up to the one right there i mean it's superman dan superman here in this belly surprise jacked yeah ben affleck is kinda sorta jacked
ben affleck shirtless that's ben afflick fuckin' dad note though that's him shirtless what's that were there it's not rain areas right there with that so that being said not buying it now by i don't give a fuck that was ten years ago just let me suddenly stop this right now that is so do not seven point nine percent body fat go back go back to those pictures of him right there that is not even remotely seventeens that's why i think that's more like twenty yeah yeah let me this is an argo ok different movie lower right hand corner upper right hand corner no that's not him son that's the wolf from true blood die piece why are they lying here ben affleck is rip sexy you don't know chris pratt got jacked i don't know if that's real that's pretty now that's chris pratt is that see that's
really that jacked there was a sign of him in that's how it used to be used to be fat they look pretty good yeah but that's not like the rock jacked jesus right shelter rock that's the level take all these are fake pictures who's that guy gets the s america on done him in batman that society the suit sons got a bull shitsu don so there's also go to i believe there yeah jake gyllenhaal he did get jacked you who else got zapped jake gyllenhaal right there yeah damn homeboy got shredded that would be seven percent body fat yes that's what seven percent looks like go back to him didn't you going to gay porn jamie stop it let me just see who it is an app i can see if it's a guy jerking off and now he's fucking soup that's like ten percent their separate and so on heard of that looks like a guy is fighting in the ufc right now correct yeah journals on my face see that's the kind of dedication though i don't know if ben affleck house dude
then get down to that goodwill hunt never saw that never seen that that some shit now go to christian bale see much more jacked any good pictures of christian bale jacked typing christian bale jack that's pretty good right there really yeah yeah he's he just looked more like a guy who could really fuck you up then i feel like ben affleck looks true not respect that no disrespect like right there on the left ryan reynolds first team all body oh my god that's the machinist thou is like one the worst movies ever did in terms of like the reception how many people watched it it wasn't bad it was really weird but the difference between
being a skinny guy in the right hand side which was like him dying mean he essentially starved himself almost to death and then a few months later he's the guy left my window reebok yeah he played a guy with narcolepsy they couldn't sleep didn't eat like a skinny got man he's not good oven actors that like you don't know if that's acting that's just being a psycho built into kratz dedication to grab you crafted starving to death you're really good at it i mean that's the mental willpower it's uh oh yeah for sure but it's really bad for your body and it's not good enough it's not good enough of a movie too so who got jacked was ryan reynolds all he's jacked for blade first christie mobile oh yeah that's right yeah that's right yeah but why don't you do that if you're playing up a fake character i don't get why you went to a nice cycle oh yeah
sure or you do the jacked or you do the gerard thing what's that guys name from gerard butler cgi the fuck out of you well i have a whole area story with that we three hundred making a movie and everyone's doing crossfit non stop doing the spartan workouts and butler is not showing up and then like what the fuck man he's like i'm not doing this i don't want to do that goes just tell me when i have to be ready i will be by any means necessary spartans killed it yeah well probably the thing is that really what is body actually look yeah but which is in there like what the fuck he was super jacked and then he let himself go well it's hard to maintain that part that's not right yeah that's you can't mean how much is it's real
how much is what he really looked like oh go upper left hand corner yeah was that ok that's that's more realistic now there's even a better one keeps looking at go that one so it it's on them so go imagine if your girl and you think you're fat in three hundred and we get there i got damn and you feel that one hundred pounds rested on the top your ask why bang you from behind hold up girl restaurant put up with this short life holy stepfather after movie bench get over it oh god halfway lamp all night first night of your life going to do when they come for you
i guess we do those fun manta salute by yes three hours within three hours flew by we talked to me when we definitely talk to mayweather mcgregor would probably made some ma site some awesome headlines do you have any prediction i just you can't what do you think bob newhart this is what i like i like shocking results tracking result is mayweather comes but their underestimates conor mcgregor and connor puts him at the fucking end of the rainbow he's he's dancing with the leprechauns in a pot of gold how did i get here 'cause he's in fucking dreamland he face planted that's the exciting result the exciting result is conor mcgregor becomes the greatest app the world's ever known and the most famous guy of all time and uh mma wins i agree with you for instance it'd been love you that was awesome the best man you're the best how can i be the best when you're the best
thank you ladies and thank you to on it i can come thank you use the code word rogan and save ten percent off any and all supplements thank u2 legalzoom go to legalzoom dot com slash prepareduring no make a will month thank you also twenty two rocket rocket mortgage by quicken loans go to rocket mortgage dot com would slash rogan that's rocketmortgage dot com slash rogan that's it
appreciate fuckity people and i will see you soon bye
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