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Fight Companion - August 8, 2015

2015-08-09 | 🔗
Joe is joined by Brendan Schaub, Bryan Callen, and Eddie Bravo to watch the fights on August 8, 2015.
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We live, bring em, don't talk, shit now perfect right will not bring fuckin wine, but my brother, we brought about which we have two bottles already, but you'll probably tell me they suck, which brought us as have sit down. So people can hear you stay visas. We do not like y know, cause and worse tv ever. I hope this next something Steve, there's. No, nothing you'd really shaken in their like it's less strong and sugar. I think they're watered down or something It is like an issue like this, it's Michael Jackson. First husband daddy, you sure I think the losers. That's a good fight Johnson losers. Yes, really, I think other route is a fucking is monster. He is ill and on the ground, but you know what so Johnson not on the ground is not, but the good luck at them there.
There are some very good law, the underdog latin derision. What does Janusz does he work? Guinea Russell over eight years in nobody's commonly goods, is world class on grants pronounced that yes, but how you gonna get him their Michael Jungle seems hard to take oh any Stanhope, spelling Johnson's worrying Sambre, but Neil is really good, but you underestimate Johnson Stand of such acts to stamp out of the USA, one guys better than in that situation. Very well. I kind of lean towards Johnson and stand up a little bit too. We do. It is not me I didn't. I didn't get stopped by dollars now by Neil Dar Use, didn't get stopped by Ramsay Mitchum. No, no! No! He knocked him out cold. He knocked Rancey Nujoma. Who'd, have rooms, image and beat it's really good. Ramsay beat someday those really gravity in Indonesia not a great guy got Yahoo hotter ran
guy raw wholly, for I cannot put enough Stephen. This goddamn confidence brought Syria. I got Eve calendar. I pay, but have you Steve whatsoever in he beaten beneath Dario stood upright. He knocked Maria Gdps, yes rim, in a jam in you- have sea fight night Nogueira verses. Now It twice in Abu Dhabi. Does one Obadiah yet? dude, I'm telling you Ramsay, look Ramses, that's a tough losses, but he's a bad mother. Fucker is you have to they do it any works. Herself relax two on that guy was a beast. Teddy bears wrestling with. I mean you see in his last night, yeah yeah. I was Hitler and the US with em Holbrooke. Here he got robbed Rob deadliest bad fucking, judging dude, really bad, judging the so much bad judging, but you know that cobra kids, tough kid to those really live
It's a lot of fun, but Ramsay Tag, Dome Ramsay do did way more work. I thought I just didn't. Everyone says: she's gonna run a really big frame for fifty. Finally, look at em up close tall long. Anything! Really! Yes, yes is really. You got a guy on yeah he's just a tough dude and smart dude. I just really. Commissioner. We and I really like that Holbrooke kid to no disrespect. I thought that homer kids about mother, Fucker, good wrestler, real, tough kid and he took he took some good shot, too bad Eddie. Are we gonna bet on the fights no monarch? Yet you are about to share our boys with wanting to share it. Actually, as I allus bunker, oh look at adding oil tanker. Let's not talk over these. Our I'm sorry got exactly a middle of negotiate. Some dollar dollar bills here who's there were negotiating at best, are about it. I'm sorry I got excited those never and when these podcast before you like what the fuck I applaud gases, this what's a fight companion, if you just try downloading progress what's happening right now, you have c is on tv on Fox ports, one we watch the card, we get fucked up. We talk over it
either we talk nonsense. We make a lot of ludicrous statements that get blown up in the Emma media. We write that really are four articles for them three or four articles for these journalists, and we have a good time just all and stay I like this and go, and so will let you know if there's what, when a fight starts, will let you know at the moment starts because in future, Watch it live we're like fibre. Maybe more seconds behind. You may second saying like ten: maybe we gotta watch it when they judge areas, yeah, there's really quick culture always gone. We aren't yeah we're on our right now. If I compare with your words, your job Well your jewels, but what's our brother, Haydn
Donna progress. Listening to us, progress has not just as a crisis is not whether we like it s, joy, Latvia, who led language, because here so when the fight starts, guys know at the moment it starts will say ready now and if you can, like just how's, your dvr sink it up that there's! No there's no good way to do this What to do. His really is, if, like you watch it afterwards in you, watch it on the dvr and you got the laptop there and you think it up otherwise just decision on two thousand and county with someone else's we're not ahead of you, so we're Can I notice and shit and go our shared by and then you go wins it come on Wednesday, Thou wouldst thou, but it's all good. These. I discovered these never gonna, regular pistachios, again thirty shelled rule makes pistol just simply nonsense that Israeli, it seems to me the fad these days, because I found starboard the same ways on rat rule. Starmer sunrise, unwrapped gag
how do they keep them from still to candy wherever there? Would you saying how do I keep them from sticking to each other, but talcum powder on em, stick together MC you. There is no wiles wrappers round the habits of life there, not a tasty. I feel like the wrapper kind of seals, the laissez faire ills and second, I was just one guess, somebody that most dynamic What is this wine? You are? You are you are caught a cigar? I got ourselves, I got us a beautiful county, two thousand ten county and customs, the Sum Lorenzo done what that means, but it's it's an earthy peace worker agar. Now the differences you gonna get some earthen your. Why do you get some leather and some please permit me, hey you, don't don't you re born and how she boy. Reed said? Is Germans named g g g, I'm
Mr Herrero call Mr Hariri Beautiful, bought re boards of bad mother. Fucker, though, is really going on the ground. The Schmidt Alot of thought, I got a great body. Also some get shredded. You have to be their frightened one, fifty five or forty five. Smaller writing. That's your Siena that forty five at the bedside. That's not true that danger, no one's icon. This forty five hours out of shape is enchanted just to get the loved him. Are you fifty five hours there were like a little on the body. Fats, I'd really featherweight too big for you personally they might might do these guys. I want twenty lightly last year in my pocket, you are in my pocket. What the fuck are you, too lightly Africa, a very happy was Bravoes hair to man. Are you a good man to be released, might have a man's? A beautiful young man was a bit of forty five son for young Look Man thank energy reserves among four had a graybeard an hour ago, so it doesn't look
revive at all, not at all think you'd be every bit of twenty ends. Really twenty So how are you going to do? Their triumph argue come on we're going to this partnership. Companies, Brown very I'll, just be just the two of you know. I think that you can just be friends with guys. Have you seen the scene, the moon, that, like ten and eleven on the penal throng of glossy Attica, we'd, better sunset, Maria figure it out? Many of you have ever done, like my show, regarding all day, ready fights for fifty seven on the clock right now. So here we go first fight of the night for fifty four fifty four. Fifty right there bam. So,
I think that bitch up oh right, hand, those I mean, I'm just gonna, start off with a big, take tat. Terrible wrestling border strongest, fog, brilliant every fight- yes, you let me know what you think, but their trunks I'm a fucking nuts white and black in black and white hey How will we switch it up? Why not red and blue the corners read? You know it was confusing. They had a whole warehouse shit Data, Canada than that have first after, overcoming that sublime, how cool is it for You have see reeboks diversion and they give him this cash and it doesn't cost them anything there like they give the gum cash and they get to dress their fighter Did you see that rebar guy, what a great year interview, do not use that he, I think he's presently he has something to do you like the head of some thing with Reebok there deals with the USA. He said your ass is next in line be when Reebok was, I mean it means that the
They said they rushed to get things done because they said you know how come some fighters names are misspell. The others and he also Ellison, is over five hundred guys. What you expect swell people's names have everyone on their that's what I expect and then he goes. You know we have far enough ahead. We want to get this out, so we think about the ring car, girls or Joe Rogan. That doesn't matter, and I don't have a contract with them. Well, you me, where pumps, my man, it's just the way it is welcome. Aware? What I feel it when we'd better, like policy would have been giving minded herbal limit. I don't think unless agent had let him she noted that deal with Reebok, I'm not gonna, where there's stuff for free, just not its doesn't make any sense to me. I'm not a fighter and now the same situation where you get paid for it, and I would have to decide whether or not I would want to do that. I just that's. That's the problematic aspect to this meant that many, but that one of the big one. But if they aren't you a college actually k, we now do the way you have seen Reebok pumps for every show. You know I like doing like chocks me to buy more time. Ass, well,
you I've got converse once come at some cash congrats. You you know like these are what I like. I wear. These items are where there's been amazing Digital go on man and we're talking about Rima, occasionally we're Nike and Are we bargain for their close neighbours? I don't have it a brand that I love M, o o subsides guys. Both of these guys are really good on the ground. Both a really good men were seen a high level jujitsu matrimony or seriously. These guys are often yeah, yeah, lotta, jujitsu and thrown in with punches here too, and I don't know any battle. No other these guys, you son, Jake Shields here, speaking of which cause he's gone for this camera. Did you see the Jake shields? I have found out what the fuck was. That programme is eight times and stuff I spoke here is the most dangerous in the world. I think very scary. He's gonna Poky nine rip your fuckin arm, where he's also taken stuff to some crazy, different primary level. You know like the eye poking and then the
holding the submission, even after all, he's been through, he's been kicked out, you see for it and he still hold submission, or they warned him in the back, none the less Y got banned because back to your listen, if you get a submission. Do not onto that we're not gimme. Another warning this is it what's this motherfucker do yeah. John to inject shells were just owning industry, controlling I'm on the ground and he started programme and the I you know. I was just really really that's his eyes out by the way I do really joys eyes. His I'd look really bad. He just a scary, dude man, but he did come admission he legitimately hot J clean legitimacy problems. So the end of the fight is not dispute, but how did you it couldn't see near, couldn't see and round. Three he could not see was like. I can't see in the corner they hurry Atomic, wanted to call the fight and it goes down quality couldn't see. He was literally spite and blurs
I now ask you know I had a jig shield is one of the best passers in an area that is one of the best passers in the whole game, if not the best, if not the best, he's awesome passing any pass whose Amar bars his guard a few times and that itself was impressive Cross party jujitsu. All the way around is tat, not she's, not just gotta legwork. These good he's got, he doesn't have any holes in ASEAN, world class he's world class everywhere, and the one thing that I was really impressed with is is cycle, escaped his guard recovery. If you watch that it was Well, as are all eyes bars the way he dismounted and the way he has a Jake shielded passengers yet it was uneasy, but he replied that he ruins all that being a fuckin. That's what I'm saying only this triangle, Tempi out, that's all I'm saying is like is very primal. When he's fighting it's like it's
More jam did Disney airs each year launch shoulder. Did it get tore off? As is Voltaire, some Famagusta there's damaging I've gotta be his day. His shoulder and his eyes were all jack. What what about Muslim magazine, Maza godmother got it. What what? What is just not good, Maza gotTA, just looked in, has been saying for years that he's the worst referee in the business He made a bigger and frank mere Brok lesson or five this one, the big ones, because progress was completely locked up in a submission and he took to fucking long, there's, tap, tap, tat and then is moving in. He doesn't train and if you and then you move and then he doesn't train and if he doesn't, trainees, never tapped doesn't tabs don't lay as a man who doesn't know how close you are to give your ship straw. That's what big, John Mccarthy, who sing he trains every day, and it goes I train as that heads. Yet as I train and keep up so I know. What's going on lobbies, doesnt trains on the laws, gotta was in the wrong place too. You know tat the guys back I'll, get a fully lock him or you get him between them. You let him
without any question that data Don touching his back is not that it's not the fight. Having no no look. Paw arrest is a fuckin guerrilla right. Unease is destroyed in the middle of yanking, he's a middle of winning and he feels something touching his back he doesn't want to fuck. It is right I mean almost not as for he knew the Jake shields was tapping for sure Marilla boost amount, that was his coach lost, almost lost a mat linen tapped him in that had a tap and get the oceans are almost lost, they dominate the frightened, but he got fucked because he TAT Matlin Lint you caught linen Unarmed bar linen Seti tapped, but then let go, Then he caught a mitigating and compromising copy talk. You know what I believe that our motto God thou, who's, the marble, heresies crazy. It's It's a combination of greatest both I guarantee you
Mccarthy was reference match would have been different. It was only with bold and remember, tat, your mouse heavily by what it takes a point away from that that blade nice as would hurt the shout her dino. There was shown their very lives gouging his eyes and she ll have gone his eyes were Malea Moscow Sandy said I'll, take care of it, and just No, you won't know you do not do anything. Do not take care of it. What does that mean you gonna talk to him. He's got smile action programme in the world. One thing that was one thing for sure: maybe Mazarin fucked up really bad there, but if you watch that Camorra, that was in transition, it is about us all, and there was a huge transition from his allowed under the top many switches and they're. Just no, where he could have got there in time. I think the pat on the back was like this is the quickest get here not able to bypass let us stop them and go around and truck, he would just not
position. They probably duty communicating re born, that's nasty to his legs. Like do it looks like in over care like it's a scam. Amazingly legs to do. I have to do is get out of that. Fuckin Mount get leg separated that mountain one too. When they're doing like a guard from the top when they cross the legs like that guy. That's now Joy Benavides, which was won by now benefit as right. There are the mountain deity when benefit is tapped him who the fuck was a two means. No, no! No that's too much on Elliot automatically about Armand hangs a tap with his feet. His bolted we're trapped, getting guillotine both desirable and he saw and with his Kramer, isn't always really benefit is gonna nasty one. These guys have very good, too to. Let me tell you about it being in Brazil watching aroused walk out into the arena. We at sixty
thousand people of original India. China there were chanting over her fuckin song like she's. Going out or their side and they're gonna, who, vote. What you're gonna die? That's that you have decided there, we sang been there and people are telling touch inner walking once laughter is rising at our internal slap and their trip mean they have to reach really are so they're trying to touch her. You know that she's not close enough for them to just you know no exact, we had reached so that trying to reach leg of a white guy jumping up, try touch a basketball ran like each heavily to allocate it's no passive way to do its best to try and Niger, but dude. She walks forward with this fuckin stare of death, like didn't. We are also not anybody else. Random stuff was just not yet total tunnel vision, and why was happened? I was like well worth seeing some crazy history shit here. There's something about her right now we're she's kind of transcended the sport and I'm way your emotional do. I was cried elsewhere.
Right, you battle cry, but I was interview no, because I felt like I feel, like you know, when you, I would say that if you could tell kids- and I was there when Mohammed Ali beats imo. Romola Hu Jia was wrong. I was there when MIKE Tyson when MIKE Tyson be Trevor. Burbage can one the title: the youngest headway there I was. You know if you could say that, like a goddamn arrows talks about Michael Spinks, whose therefore MIKE Tyson Michael's banks used joy was in the audience. I saw many eyes. It was a historic sure. You know the only differences is when you say those names, I'm here, I'm on it, but when you know we say like a banner wholly feel of Thyssen. I was therefore Homenas LISA me list now, therefore, that I was there for on others that clear no said like that, like just like magic, whereas the best chick in Brazil at one thirty They have no she's, not well. Why number eight there's brute theirs, billions rank higher than normal she's right number. Eight. Nobody said about this site or is the best Ellis? Isn't that what she can make the whig? But that's a different story ends
Just recently signed by the EU have seen is wrong. The first time in Brazil, you not the first time in Brazil, it's that when Rhonda came to Brazil, that's what he's talking about it could have been. You know I do what s different. I think it's different, listen doesn't have to be equal. I'm not saying that. I'm saying is it is? It is, without a doubt, an historic event. Fortunately, only five point: five million Instagram followers in a fucking day. How many one point: five million- that's that internet is this paper view is gonna, be bigger than you see. One of the nine is gonna be later the same Macgregor that, since it is by far the biggest star dissolving bizarre, is means all over the internet. Saying don't be a do nothing bitch! That's what she said she said: I'm not! Some do as bitch sits around waiting for some millionaire fucker and I care about
We share this vision of gangsters. Does that she's she's? The walking example of feminism likes observe autocracy like she's. She does it doesn't. Talk is on our entire shooting does judged on a curve. Now now she walked out when she knocked her out. She cayos and then she goes don't cry, and then away from Mars and social rights struts around the requisite membership meaner. Why didn't she had known that they make a she strutting around the octagon and the audience has to give it up. They have to cheer for gas Has it was annoying girls and not an iron? Give us measure tat you really, but in Brazil, Captain Native here in Brazil, even Emma zeal their children for her away and maybe we're Boon Brcko here in Brazil ones, lands she's like the biggest. It's not what you promised area transcends all economy, Gregor fly in irish people, this actual Brazilians actual Brazilians booing one.
Their own countrymen, which is unheard of it, so it she's out a nationalistic country. I think she's she's, undeniable and she's. The others is a human example. Here, guess of triumph over all odds and away like you know, just to be a woman and in such a short period, tend to be the guess draw where I was I was in without was I I was in. I was do instead of Dallas, and I was in this bar. I was just pack than a minute she walked out does mean everybody went crazy. You told me that a woman could guard of that kind of pension. As a fighter, I would have been out who told you to your three. Well, it's not like anybody. We ve ever done before when you say a woman fighter, you, judging on the women fighting You ve seizure, so horizon girls, it we're really good as like boxers, like Christie, my was kind find a watch and Leyla Lee was fund a wider agenda, Corona see a writer and Jean Kronos one to watch this is another in love, another level. This is some MIKE Tyson shared. Yes, she's that female version of MIKE Tyson use vehicles are an anti terrifies, even among other things that did you think that she would dispatch Korea that
Obviously I mean I thought she would scimitar ratification. Would rag doll or it may be better facing with elbows? That's what I was David there. I think if they find a hundred times, a fight goes like that one hundred tonnes Concentration wants here's where the fuck you want to that girl. She does whatever she won't stand and she does whatever she wants on. The gradual see want. One hundred lay that all my colleague array boards headed squeal belied, look at that its flying out of them. That is crazy. Do that is I got broken, foster theirs. Open it because it's on his eye what is on his cheek but he's not going to solve. The eyebrows lot is pumping, looks like this. It s cheek started, tell targeted details like this little that I ha yeah. Oh, it is on the island out, it looks more yes, the I'd like at the slit at anyway item you're going to be a little less. They should stop that he's in a really good knowledge bullshit, but you re about to put them back in opposition. That's where her body does. Oh yeah, that's think about think about what you are. Saying about Rhonda right now and how this is such a lack of historical time and wood
Cowan Sand and then even the fact that boy then, there's like sand like well she's, not really getting any competition, put all that together and then you look at Cyborg You know me differently, cyborg, nowhere near runners level, yet more than the CFO side, we're getting a lot. I will close really way with lower demand. Cyborg is no one who knows a rider. As I fight or yes, what run does not face if worse. If we're gonna we're gonna make fun of round, is competition and not make it part of Russia companies are also runs competitions, nothing jeez, that's how much better she is than those girls and start run its course. Don't you see what is the state? the female fights right now. It's just that. But it is so new and ran decipher ass, bad ass. Did you not only the best we have ever? Had we not see another but sap cyborgs, she just not in the same realm as Rhonda. Well, this is because doesn't get any fights? I mean, fighting these girl. You know my popularity wise everything
Bela glued you never had. She showed a kickboxing boxing bow with this chick join. Her name is J o and I say, she's an orgy long hours and she's the one jail Sheila. She fought like one of the best female take boxers on the fucking planet, check that can't get a fight. Now, What's a fighter bars is patchy. How does it a distant and she went to the distance, whether in this with which is not or sport, because she's an eminently five areas, a big different, huge mess with the big gloves on the five? You know it's not the same. You can't take people down in others lavish tat do, but that chick she she got in there with one of the best in the Fuckin world, she's trying to fight people, but dissolve the allegations. Steroids she's fail to have this That's not. How well do you tests for one test, yeah we'll get a physical, no you're right! Absolutely! Look! I'm not the Imo Chris Cyborg Phantom, which say that right now, as a fight analysed or a fight fan, she's fund, a watch man I mean I don't know, because Bang immediately,
writing and I heard your jitsu she's laughed ass, made as far out and she's a brown bout level on allowance is really girls, ages, room but she's not goes round on the ground. No fuckin way bigger. She hits James. I she hits like our manager, I any anyone right- and that is my forgiving right so earlier, but nothing how get her to one? Thirty five zero, like that, that's the thing the Robin Black had a really good point. Robin Black was one of the best fight analyse out there and good due to have, in the past, very, very knowledgeable on a huge fan. Spore he's like it's bullshit also do is eat less and run everybody does it. You want to lose weight and lose weight fuckin. Fifty cent did it for a move. You off the ground or hounds. Look at Fucking Mouth Mokanna, exactly Matthew, Mokanna, look like a people can do it. You can't you can do at the outset. What about Homeboy with fucking bad and what does not increase interest and bail Christiania. Can you in the violent by? Can you find it that? Will you decided anyway, you should get down to work even better. If you don't ever cut wait about that, but you little fight it.
Seventy that's what she walks around at right. Now, it's bullshit, there's a reason why we have to cut way. We have to cut way because it trying to figure out some way. We can both agree and even terms, I don't mean shit tantalizing, any heavier than one thirty, five pound, twenty four or five pounds, any athlete. If, if, if data call me up right now is a cable and listen, we need you get twenty five and you can the champ at one. Eighty five omelette try my fucking best to make that fight. I'm sure, if I can like not, we do have one ninety, no whatever they. What I'm gonna do. Swam cyborg ass, I come relevantly. I have two main gave it by way of talking about cyber cyber, that's gonna. She was walking round. She goes about one. Seventy five people here today. Our lot away. Tat is a lot away in its version. You lot away, but here's easier, there's not a norm. One of the things about about steroids in this not saying she's, on not making the allegations, but one of things about the people that compete on them is that they find it very addictive and it's not
as a matter of the fact that it allows you to heal is not just a matter of fact that it gives you. You know this disability, train harder, but it also there's a couple staying where you know you're on this shit and they all talk about. They all talk about it. When I was on it and I was fighting, I felt in Vince especially about looked at it ass one of females money is going to change something structure and attitude. The way she fights latch fights like an angry. Do yes, she malls and whose take that away and again I'm since she's, antisocial, she's, it she's failed. It has started on technical for if you look at the two factors, the fact that she's failed test before and the way that she looks her as last resource the wish used to look yes he's and strike for, since you fought Gina. Ok, all that nonsense aside, I think it's worth when we know we know about the sport is worth considering the possible great right. That's fair! That's! As far as you can guess that said, she's just beggar she's way bigger and decide.
Iran has to move up like that. She actually she doesn't. Why would run, and why does she have to do anything? She's? The champ goes to the common folk to the common fan. No one knows who isn't cyborg. It is not a matter of her not being able to do it. It's about her not taking any steps to attempt to do it. I give you really want to do what you do. Is you may that we hire me. You hire my daughter, you make that way. You put up a fucking video of you making, Sir I'm way may in one thirty five c, and do it Rhonda, let's do this bitch. I want my title boom based my auditing women ever ever ever because I'd ever ever were you. I would have that shit back in January, one whatever one Rhonda was on Joe Roman show I before that you have even had chicks. You know what I thought it would bring me out is when Cyborg five June Cyrano and strike force. I work for the EU of separate you used to the crowd and what it sounds like you. I never had a crowd like that ever in all that the hundreds of shows I've been to that seven.
The Beatles concert. When Gina Cornel came out, it felt like it was spears concert, because you can, I thought wow multiplied times are hundreds yes wander in bringing us yes, scream. Justin Bieber was on State Ashworth. Agreements like Elvis was, I think I think Rhonda meet Cyborg, even at one, forty, five really think run as any reason why amazing. I got a lot of all time because it's a virus Rhonda, it's a dangerous by, but that doesn't know who Cyborg is so they don't give a fuck. Listen. We play with life, work, fine, fine right now in the: U S see: how long would it take for them to blow that fall and everybody knows who suffer cyborg is adopting a while. I will take one. We note that this, let me ask you, come on. Let's look at this rationally, let's say would say we know for sure, because we don't know anything for sure right. But what say we noticed the Rhonda is not juice and should not do anything canteens banana. Ok, I believe you, but let's
we know for sure. Ok and let's say we also know for sure that cyborg might be on something and she might be on something to make one. Forty five Then. Are you ok with it? Are you ok, whether the bullfight it one forty five and one person, naturally, bigger and might be on something that allow here and there I don't care where they fight one, for it is ass, much clarity filing this. My question: do you have any? Did you have a different opinion about this with women than you do with men not really. I know we all here's the thing with Chris Whiteman. Here's a brief example: Chris widens dominate Champ just like Rhonda. If you're gonna fight Vittoria, we knew that we took my Bianti Archie. I still have a problem with nothing. Why? Why do you have a problem with it either? I think why be like. I'm gonna still three and I went out to cooperate and I will not represent the guy's, a majority better able right lions. Aren't you got a bigger frame and what s the point it's a different faster if its lately different from that of our own I'll show you Torres Bisbees, eyeing the fuckin,
ex level. He will never be the same care right holders in one room, daily, odium, Henderson, look at all these due to use what seven arose. Six largest Kayo induce take em off testosterone. What the fuck was that as well. He doesn't want the same as before and morally close, it's like it's gone from a variety of civic. So that's the question is like a shadow she's capable of doing something access accessions capable of doing something: that's not natural to stay at one, forty, five or to get up higher than one forty, five, no one seventies. Then then, what how do you feel about the fight them because then it because we cannot fight and there what's the USA? Do let's say that your seat They say they do that mine and Cyborg Knox, Rundown Knox, rout dead, dead and more than what we
it's a beautiful thing, you're, making everything awful it's you lose libraries, as I pointed out, better, not lose what if she loses than cyborg test by makes the sport even more interesting? No, it doesn't get that. Could then we'd largest are we haven't? Got ass and opened a pop culture runners applying to send as our extra shit we always ready. We don't know that shit, you don't mind if someone is on the ship and they knocked somebody out like that. The reason why should got knocked out like task as the other person was, I danced timing- is cheating this. I think this is what the sexist in me a sexist. In me. I have more of an issue with it for some reason, with women. Well, maybe not just as a country with an essential with what I'm saying, I'm not comfortable with my my opinions on it like a mite whatsoever, a different opinion. If its women the woman was on something I agree with what we mean. Rhonda permanently. Rhonda were hanging out. I would tell her in less cyborg agreed,
to the strict tests and you are not fighting her there's, no, not having talked on forever, but you know I'm saying they went out whether in and I still care about what the thing is no way you're? Taking this fighting? It's fucking, the brazilian draw, go if she's on shit, unless you can, was version less and less I've environment test. I've there's no way one forty five! She just away bigger human bits day. Yes, what would you guess said before just lose the God Damn motherfucking ready? I would also say that it's a fucking journey forget what the FUCK well I'll, just lose the goddamn wait, I'm begging you might have of all time the fuck you do want five point. Eight stone and went away in a way getting down to thirty five would cancel out in some ways the tat, the idea, testosterone, in terms of opening it do it if we are to do it. When you ve lost literally forty five pounds was, you know when we also have to guarantee or each actually made the way, because another sneaky fucked up thing. The people do
as they just don't make the way my colleague says Chavez Junior in his last fight laid they contracted the first five associate one sixty eight and the move to one seventy uneven one guy drives me fucking, do not one. Seventy point eight came in, he was out of shape, didn't fight well fought like through reaches a few punches per round he was way Beggin, waiting and and the guy would land thirty shot and he'd land to unwind wobbled again and do them one the round, yes, within out too few body shots, it was, it was literally, like Scotland punches getting close and swing with club in built. Like you and me, in the ring sorted out, Google Chavez Junior was a big dude, endless tiny get. That's like runnin cyborg. If they didn't agree to want thirty five, some shit on your hands- man, that's not gonna, be happened at one thirty, five, it's gonna happen and imagine the fucking audience every niece grandma and your girlfriend's everybody's going to watch the whole fucking
in Africa and Latin America, and even though I know you don't know the regular persons no fucking I do cyborg is what I have no idea it, but he managed to move that smart move is me, should take versus cyborg everyone. Forty. This is a vital one that ordered the grating. Gigantic fight was going to kill me she's data, and I will write happened. I mean I never do that amounted to talk with the toughest fight me should take as ever. How and cyber war at the toughest fight, rather, the cyborg has ever had really would be somewhat wise, necessitates gangster musician, hazy, gangsters, tough spot lonely girl has taken round arousing the third round, but but but and destroying the ILO. Cyborg hits all due respect mistake. I believe Cyborg its whole lot harder than they should take us. Forty five, I think, you're right black rang out flavouring girl, I would say, with all due respect out favour me should take over Gina Cyrano
I've organ Gina Corona was a very competitive fight. That's the thing the people don't remember, but that was for everyone at her audio mounted her you're right, she's, better now, I'm sure but Gina chronic shoes to fucking fuck yeah China now lighter ambled on the ground and it was some control? Actually I shouldn't even meet at one forty. I think me states and give Cyborg some fritz she'll get lit up and I note in there and then, if they do at one thirty five and she five thirty five, it doesn't get past the two minute. More and what is not going to be able to pick cyborg down a wrestling that conventional hearted take down suburbs hearted take down and she hit hard by the media it lit up. I love me sure, but cyborg, The two main Ryan fastening about me show one scrambles against ceremony, man, Sarah grounds and a limp mental she's about five right now destroyed. She beat sumac man. You know it's nothing about this report and I was left for guys are talking about past.
Only about women fighter. That's about it is not about, because many happens with with Rhonda Siren Light up. There. Holly, Holly, all how hollyhock he's not ready. Yet you know what we're going to throw down to fight the hour, and I want to see if there's one, that's the next one. I'd want to see in you know, who's really. Tough! Is man she just be issues on in Victor she's like an old school Fido is really good. She has been a new mic. I read out Oh she's! Ok, if you measure, if you're measure in very many different lifetime and theirs around us is it uses, kill you nonsense about. The seas is good as she is because Russia is so goddamn good. The aspiration like that, though, the inspiration, the top of the mountain, is so high that everybody else there vibrate
comes out there with every study their game. They have just she's like the Michael Jordan was trying to do so that she's there's something about her man. She's got this crazy or whose app and ship Rond do. I really did almost cry when old interview and urges it was that the moment was so power. And plus no one her story, no one! story with her dad and the whole thing about this girl. Give me whether or not that's actually what you was trying to say what she saying she loves. Riley doesn't kill herself, but Rhonda's dad did kill himself. So that was like this is part of her. Story and she had always extra motivation seeing her there and having others too and is desired. So much go and I get a goddamn motion. It's like I did she so powerful in Albania, island. What's really important to about the sterile debate, and MR we're talking about whether or not you know with whenever we get excited, a fight. We always assume we like to assume that there is in many ways there's an equal Plainfield, they're kind of starting, even though they may be genetically different
stuff right. You want, you want to believe that nobody is actually doing. Underhanded. She things that clearly give you an advantage before even get into the ring right. Yes, and that's that's been there, think, that's the heart of of real competition. That's what makes it not much fun? That's that's sport. Wait too long to think like their brain, you ve all around to my mind, to saying that what we that's, what we see there's like Eric someone through you know that what we want to have a plane. So it's always done when we think about Chris women and look record. We all are really excited about their vehicles? We don't know if my high, we don't know that industry and we wouldn't want think I'll Lucas do you know something? I need that that somebody with doing something underhanded to get up advantage before they even step in the right. That's all! I guess Meanwhile round arouses and some crazy commercially Zed at sauces knots man, but thing. Is this? Isn't anything manufacture? That's what's crazies is really her.
It really is that bad ass, like her technique, is spectacular. This isn't like that, with all due respect, like page vans, as is tough as fuck and she's really cute is good scrambles, but we see her. You see a young fire, this learning. How far has a long way to go a long way to go? We see Rhonda launching bitches through the air, when she's dead being down on me, should take after a highlight real fuckin, hip toss, driver, sermon and Bodies Youtube Elysian, some next level taking have you ever thought. Well. Is this order advises epic person podcast have you ever talked about in a memo fighter longer. We ve talked about. Rhonda today, look there's so much controversy Van right would dies, there's not too much controversy right. It's pretty cut black and white with rom. It's not blind. Here's the deal, man! I think the USA should have more women's way classes. I think they should ever one forty five and if not nothing on the euro, I think they did ever want to fort you bill bill.
And they will come out here and they will come about two: twenty five and heavy wages. Don't you that's too that too, but I don't think you should have like you. Don't have to have that many fights I give you have a woman like Cyborg and she's out and victor- and she has he's fight their every now and again there, not that often, and when she's fighting she's fighting girls at our away lower level than are one of those fighting the you have see. Why don't have nobody is biogas, that's exactly had destroyed division. European judges stepped up and became this monster. Had one fifteen smashing, if you will,
contrary to all my way or do you live for female? I didn't even get our every female one. Forty five zero we're gonna do miss the same old, do and I'll do up one. Forty five just are all how sixteen one forty five answer might be that there are just too many fighters to begin within Europe. Say now do so many cards. They should find out what Gabby Garcia can cut down to and then focus a whole region on her and she doesn't it she's fucking, so shredded she's, two hundred plus pounds issue over turnaround. Yes said he showed even shrouded even shouted up to six year, your predecessors ex situ, forty three or four. I follow on ethical grounds. She could be, I think, sixties fancies. I wasn't elevated with their in China for Abu Dhabi and I looked up Michael, Should I thought in the Brok lesson, I would ask her to carry me in a photo
and ask you to carry me like a baby. We do you know what she'll be afforded. She's gonna fly Harry BAR like us, because there's you know what they're she is where the she now that's, no interference. She lost a lot of weight. She's July somebody I support it. All goes. You know America. Millions and millions and millions of fat bitches. Why don't you get tat trying all arm of bad about the much fat bitches Gabby just shredded, just plucking up she's in five and oh yeah against around don't want to run a drug tests on her either way and fancies you maybe that surgery did. She had made a weakened or chin. Do litigation she used to have yeah she about. She had jaw red dot. It looks like it. Let us ass though the rumour was it say: I'm not try I'm not line, nor is Tito. You have so called my manager last Sunday see if I would fight run at one thirty five December for Haiti no pasted eichbourg how bout you take it.
Some business wanna one interview see if the Yossi ass you don't fuckin blurted out until the world towards done can help It came up was, like nine ever said that during guess written out and bring it out so either way. State wants the mayor, but you know you're, not gonna do not she was to do you know what to do. That's the whole number one as soon as the Yossi says, hey we're thinking about you fighting whoever, please don't say anything brain and I now, let's be honest right now- should honour all that buff naturally to attribute, has been wrestling since he was a kid run, drivers doing through those as possible, and I put my hand Sarah MC man like Gleason Tito she's, it's possible. While I don't I'm not an indoor chronology statement. Do is what most girls are going to me.
One world I've heard of Jesus. What are you ok, let's watch. Your shit is weird that you have women ring girls when women are fighting, I think shop, big Brown needed stripped down, dude I'll, do it max, although rebounding fuckin guy, you are aware we are where we box did you. We had bullshit me about Reebok, saying that I have to wear their shit now in the interview said we rush this out to get the fighters done and then they You know. Next, we didn't you think about Joe Rogan authoring. Cargo has that's another thing, just like your San about Cyborg, not talking about that. They shouldn't talk about that and I don't like Don't super saw the whole thing super slot, because people there like we know we're taking a lot of criticism on the outfit stuff like that. Without the spell people's names stuff in Sarawak, man, she stuff another could manage ass. Many ass, bad ass dams, you presume TAT was all, but she just slip really hit her ankle, and this is our job.
So what they re like, I said, as you know, we rush to get this done so with made some mistakes, but where learning lie trying to scare Joe, doesn't matter are not at all? You can't really scared Joe this. Easy is different, as Reebok can say, hey Joe jumping I can indeed I would just not the whence it wouldn't be the hard in our goal. What I was about on a short sea, a Joe so ass, the Rhonda winds from the audience because they had a brazilian guy. There was indeed, how did you do it not o need these workers. Enthusiasm? Joe Railways viral. Now I understand the language you know it why this effort, as was trying to get it back to get it back, lose the position is this. You know ceramic area which we would see what's going on. The bottom was amended in this tough girl she stopped but where, but, when you want them, and then you watch round its like brown dislike, Leubronn versa, fuck and pick up game in the parlour around verses me
Let us, rather than the broad within that you gotta play these girls, a body of strong fats. Noah brought out a big part in that Amy Humor Marine train wreck to proceed at young. I love it the first forty five minutes I was I mean I was amendment- is moves. Are it is great for forty five million euros this, but then it you know when when you get really wrong, she should get in the eye like you, I am due to cut it with a bomb she's, a pretty begun as I have to look beyond their alternative, as is tough dude. Sit so sorrows and other sectors not good on the bottom, no serious favoured, I thought. Well, she probably yeah Brazil, Epic, but she's not very good at the bottom.
Is that in the measure fight that's a good backs alongside profound I say: fuck row name labels Bresler, whose really get on the bottom, its problems noted years dominant, yet so used to being on tat. They have been all the time bomb late hour, TAT. Sarah move. Our knowledge and to have stood his ground if you're gonna dashing she's going to tap over my birthright care managing means a shadow really to look it up. She batter why she just said the girl to be Rhonda wowed dear Euro zone. I got a whole new respect. We can say she's a girl to be wrong because she just got off the ground out by me should take oceans, american top team, powerful, Manta, good right should I was aroused professional groundwork like I love that she did this hopped over the fence, fuck it my brown good for her she's wicked she's, wicked man? That's one,
revive hung up there when she got a new great got a new start there, one five, but she was ostler. So why stretching it? I read: Yellow locked up around dynamic man, it's hard to justify. Why won't you know no should take that up. She's gonna beat random phonetic. I wouldn't want to walk that's. Why did it I'm gonna watch? Syria flock diet is why you have to have this matter. Where does it come? Oh tat, look at this damn sheet. MC man broke meshes orbital for yeah her. I was fucked up from her. She hit hard man for Man battered Did you know I don't want you happen paid in its fight, your honor now ass, normal because pages, so damn hot and so on is just type in Rome. I would love to see our love to see it. You know what, then is a fuckin hustler. She might be able to pull it
but you know what I put all my money on Joanna, never bet against her, but the bottom line is that that was covered up. Now you just patrons aunt Joanna gets. You said: you'd freak, the fat guy. We're not even an additive finds its not more, but you would want you. You wouldn't really care for the fight now, because my space get all my destroyed. Have you ever seen another female fighter, but just enjoying a growing? And yes, I've never seen another female destroy girls face like you, Wanna did to pending its added value, such as we have just started again. That's where we love the jury on opinion. The I know very well that also bad come on. His father was superseded fighters paid rather than trying to beat up everybody. She who did you she dispatched. Would she be, should be allowed a generic CBS interest rates offer you should be the shit, we're you sad. That was good enough to do. It was an error who aerials influences. That is that what you're saying not say that Thank you. Your honor is a monster. She's a throw elbows pages dying peace phase.
Does he agree with one and one hundred percent? I just think you shouldn't fights amount of you now ready and I think he's really learning may on you want is a six time world more tiger. She's, just not just have the experience. He was gonna write Antony hard lot. If your writings takedown defences, forgive your page like four fights and then in the endeavour to give my boy horse, laterally Hoddan Coup is Ben Saunders. Striking coach. Now I hung out with them. At the Chicago show me how he mention that Joanna was gone and training with the dutch guys at his GM free gears. They knew that she was Yes, yes, because he's a little girl from Poland TRAIN with all these giant launchers. He said there was nobody her size. She was in their sport with Do I much registered she just crazy and they knew man if she keeps it up, they knew she would be futile. She won me over in that benefit as a wholly Paul's hearts in a female lights, Astor hard on ferry that transit opinion on issues that last striker like period
period and am its arguable. I said that today and I did some you have set out, don't shit today, my she might be the best technical striker and all of them in the Congo, which were awake. The chance you take her striking and are come to take down the fence, God, damn it terrible she's very, very hard to be hate. You might not. You ought to get story is due Julia opinion. Fritz Braun arousing yeah, that's a good story, s eventually angry story because he was on ultimate fighter whether you know she's me. To date, straining partner. She doesn't like Rhonda, and you know what she is mentally strong is, as you gotta beating,
again, someone round she's, very she's gotta, I'm telling you a very impressive, demanded, Nunez she's, no Joe, now she's! No, are you kidding snowdrop she's dynamic man's back to drawing dangerous Lord issue over? That's all cheerily storytelling Tbilisi, every girls, not that kind of each other, so much air boys just raw story. She rushed story. I think your brother dieters in high school was stirred wrestling swimsuits Nunez Crack to man. Everybody wanted thank, prepare their half its fight. I live I for getting better, not gonna. There are getting better to me now. You see, then a wire love. You will. How long does women there are moving around Europe? Two thousand and two thousand weren't you be saved, translate bank I'm gonna via Zack there. My big inspiration is my pleasure for me to watch handsome eyes. So I wish he was here
It gives him just one time his lips are no united skinny, but as a bit of what we're doing what we, how a jury translate. What she said was wrong. Of what you have woken up. Your mom mother sayin that put it and beans and following two thousand half mass soccer, as he said what Eddie, whenever he beat worthy Gracie, he called seventy goes forward. A child's got the flag at half mast
Therefore, I got things anybody's ever said: that's how very he's got causes. While I did the pod cast the day after right. Wasn't it the next day extent one sees. I wish I thought so far easier, so brilliant he called he called he's just uses the funny spoken I am. He was on the package we're talking about suicide whose fucked we talk about knowing people that died and turn it around and laughing this girl. In recent days. It's guy- and I said joe- do you know any better than ever that ever the jeweler, like data grown the swamp Kosovo's? Now they showed shut up you get. My flock is because a committee of a seven year, what can emphatically-
the amount of resolution, some rightly Ryan. Is there anyone ever seven? Ever literally, I can't breathe tears down my face: a pause eagles. No, they showed that there is a man who applauded junk about round of being some phenomenon, and I may what about Joe, we fuck endears being a phenomenon man. His followers are so goddamn he's got some followers, they would die form and citizens is paradoxical plea periscopes every morning and he smokes a bowl and periscope and he's got two thousand but watching them somewhat we'd. Every morning the best comedian ever in them ever ever. I've seen them all. If seen everybody I seen I've seen alive, I saw Kennison Kallas I saw Dixon is prime I work with, which deprives as promised. By Sub bill Cosby, I saw runny danger failed in its prime. I saw these guidelines for him. I think Joey's better than all them
he's the funniest guys ever lived he's the crazy? I don't want to give up the big business new bill cause we bit, I won't know, aiming and swearing. They lie in a hurry to table last spawning he's the man he's guy, every other off Yalta, so I want to give it up, but it is an obvious at the start of nine unaware he's out tonight, but Khatami's you know, Brian you know one yourself right after tonight hollow say, and I think he's the store. Can I yup bringing them up tonight at eleven thirty? Oh, my life, I'm a distorted alive. It's Duncan trotted Bobby Lee Duncan trust me endears. Jesus power Line home ass, an hour of power at their Joey's, the best man any. I love them good? Don't I do not love of warm so call made her call. You know me, I'm emu, joy, you're cool word no, but her colleague do a man. I love you. You do know right with the opportunity to make us. You know Joe ideas
just a really good guy or just call me, I'm set as don't tell me what you want. Nature is all right. He's beautiful results. Go gangster. Man he's gonna wanna text. He doesn't want to talk to you avoid goes I go. How come you don't like text messages, voicemail gloom and secure? don't do that because of ivorian dog do I know what we call good. I love your rata. Local Ngos were losing that shit. It is time to summon text you something like was the only guy talk on the phone, Joe, I get it I dont know occasionally occasionally, but generally without tax. Thank you. Then it's Backtalk I talk to you occasionally Doktor Brian, on a fairly regular basis. I talk to you fairly regularly and Joey and John and Duncan ARM in arm. I talked to Joey Everyday, sometimes two or three times a lorry, Remember that I can't talk to move on this road will reign argue here, so sobs lose lose ground freedom nursery
yeah man dude, is bawling completely out of control, really his podcast, this killing it it's always like top fifteen twenty on Itunes and calmly, section sellen out everywhere goes on tour internationally for, like a month's he's doing a month like in Australia doing a month in Scotland get viruses does what everyone has as an apartment in New York City. That is get somebody else. Lisa's. It was not there. He s like a laptop. Is my old couch or sold he's not materialistic at like he's the most unmarried materialist guy, but he's got money for years now to save and whirled away all his money because you didn't spend so frugal cause. I was gonna get by a nice car has like to treat yourself took a nice Bmw three series:
here. We can draw my quarrel knowledge bar my car for a few days. We ought also to free just gimme. The best model is always unwarlike, Jos, always been our yeah. I think you know. I don't like that. You know what I am an exact same way. We enjoy a lot. We we have cars and have trash everywhere are obvious as a plug in disaster area. You know, and I don't like to think about money I got like today. I went to choose exactly my wife and my son. Forty dollar check I Tipton fifteen dollars. Yemen, Ten dollars I cannot Joseph rise is now growing yeah. I would leave a hundred yards. Only with stumbled. Fifty, if I can say on this point, we were we are importing, whereas the outline Jonathan back this worthy airports yet on the agenda and we get coffee, he's gotta, coffee and joggers put gives a got money
and then I see him put something in the jar and he's gonna hear. I have only to look at a hundred dollar bill on the teacher. I got the fuck he goes year. Cover, love bomb, gonna get the fuck. You saw aggressor, I put a hundred thousand. I get the fuck out of here before you know the facts like aggressor, ten busy man I'd be regular daily guy, who you dont want credit hide out. You don't wanna, see like hey, knows, I'm giving you a hundred books, you don't you guy. I just don't get out, get out there and know that when you're over by a gateway to this guy's gonna have a good feeling when it was too heavy. For I love you, you don't feel that they feel it if you can make someone, happy like TAT, but it doesn't bother you at all. I know whether or not you have an extra twenty you're, an extra fifty or one hundred I dont know doesn't mean shower. Time are not real, make our doubts the other day like if, if so needs money. I just give it to my cable fact. Mary, I stopped
in people money a long time ago, but I've give I'd, give it to you. I don't expect you to have any kind of. I expect to get it back. There are problems and then their becomes this weird kind of dynamic between us he's off. I just give it to people and then whatever might see what happens when I wanted to keep them I'm not doing good Emma Joe Rogan Scrooge Mc Doc Rich you're right you're on your way that podcast goddamn job can't you see those shirts all the time and I see the sex, drugs and podcasting sure the most. For some reason, I see that bitch everywhere we let sexy mother fucker A lot of this is a good goddamn fibre yeah, great fight, who else is that is it is asking for me on this. One to die was mighty mouse. Yes, alaskan Frank me are on the other car. Is it it sucks disease or to the most talented gazing. You see, my emails might be the most helpful in the world by foreign policy, but is that these two can't carry a bit
Maybe they must get. You know what it is man. I really think that it's gonna take some time, but I think the mighty mouse is such a good guy he's so well spoken dots and is the same thing Dodson just spectacularly fuckin, talented take a while before people realize it, but I talk about it as enthusiastically as physically. Can I now and then, but very I'm very high in this fight. I can't wait for this. Finally, like some russian destroyer to come and democratic sting and auditing Argo Tina again, fucking part four p c tested Hautala dope. Their appeal he was anemia and might email still ran a train on how bout arriving on chinese guy comes in? Would like some serious? Can you need arrival area? You need to write a note of them and us, can can actually, as you will have two brothers gone at it at reply. Wait we need at its heart of man, it's a tough self brazilian of reason.
Brazilian. That would be an surprises or small. Brazilians kill him again, a little party brazilian, whose kill and everybody was like me, don't you said something very controversial recently that the media picked surprise. You said that the Brazilians, or are they ever for peace? For part, diet, you, like Jujitsu, is right swing steroids. You guys, you got here for that by your life. Long death threats, there's one guy. They fuck, you motherfucker, you fucking fuck, you use, but fifty ties eyes like death. It's now ideology men? Were you gotta? Look? You know. I've heard mad accusations behind the scenes like mad accusations, and I can't talk about those responsible, but it's that old thing from the Fuckin Cnc music factory song, things at me to go ass, one out of Russia. I just throw these bombs out without having information behind it, but again at their certain stuff. I can't talk about so throughout these
and I get that the people are talking shitty magnetic. I did just make this shit, that's it you're. The guy can't talk about your coming from a place of knowledge, generous, some due to work in attire shop, is talking shit. Yes, never strapped. On a cup yes, Anybody is allowed to talk about it. You know this is a big fight for me, man. I really am into this fight This is blocking the goddamn fast he's robotic Johnson is enough John Dots, Knox Motherfuckers dead? Cannot do you just don't ya. Look at this way that come on son who the fuck knots guys out I bring my way you so powerful might mean, is my second fight. Look at him. Listen this month. Second, if I ever in washington- and I my headphones on and John Dots in Ireland, the same outcome- Cosgrove Jackson's corners- is by far my biggest fights timely signified. And US whiteness Olympic Ressler, Johnny Curtis, and I am headphones in and I'm so nervous. I'm like men. This ressler made out to dry hump fuck enemy
walk out sooner reactor in my which one I figure One was like mortal uptown versions. Tim Johnson's mustache refer your anything away. You, sir kudos, to ensure that the union can do so. I'm walking out for this big fight, indifferent dancing, as we all know, each other very well: dahlias, hey, listen, reanimated Diego's fact: that's lame I dont know all thanks where others kept walking on. I regret the fact that last year is like fact, ass, late, ass, formerly hasn't walking. Louise Baviaan, you guys been so he's a silly ass. Do sillies workin out Buffalo Wild wings at the time why he pulls mustache of this guy, usually pedophile thing and is now set off, and we also have some doubts about mother fucker too he's dead team take down a boys with Hendricks these index, tyrant, Woodley Fight, that's interesting, who that's a great. It is look at that goddamned TIM Johnson, mustache
What real, soon that that's gonna be popular amongst hike! I school kids! I agree. One hundred percent ashes I'll be the first one in that bullshit mustache, just fucking hasn't done. Well, you don't have a slow is another goes down to put. One goes down. I've seen it one like I've. Seen it cover? Does it come in that there does it? Could you could work on yeah figure out a way to comes in a covenant might have Comcast happen. Is it's gonna come on, it's gonna be popular, everyone's gonna have one does Thomas Black Moustache, then it's gonna get played out you and it's gonna be grows, and then the new young kids are gonna. Look you when you're older what that moustache and grow. He's gonna, get excited overgrown mightier over things, everything when it comes to style and fast, because at one point the bird rebels child Mr Mustache Walking data came as they know. They kind of point. That's why they came back ruler. Wildly faded back up can now look at beards, our so in cool
I broadly welcome the rapid programmes. Would look? Careers are gone away now that you're, like a fuckin tramp stamp now everyone now everyone has excellent, uniting beards, a pretty strong, not tell you there not match on its way out emigrating. So yeah there are the world the way joys, whereas is what's in right now, somewhat trendsetter bitch, That's called the recovery geek you everything about the scope of article five clocks, but why? What nonsense? Yeah? Oh my god, I'm gonna rule that shit yeah. What about maybe five o clock before it was cool. I was lazy, go style! That's what I just said, which is just said that that's copying, lays the early lizard oh god, ripping off your own conscience, repeated punch lines seconds later on the perennial ECHO The beard and skinny genes is like the tribal friggin band
to what commissioner, like cardigans went away. They re Erewhile, guys retrial, look lame on probability rolled up pants seem to be in Lahti, Guys Rowan up there. I gotta tell you he's gonna turn yonder. These four can genes the call barbell genes. I just where she was tired. Do we want our these motherfuckers these are good as their main I d like to stretching bounce back pants look you you restrict strikes on genes. Hardly a hundred percent has been one of them for a while, but do the loose to restrict strategy genes, street muffin good for turning cycle guys guys, we ve jump ninjas, how worried about it and relax we're not only the most comfortable genes of ever worn by. When did you try need here to tramp stamps, get like a gross on a dude,
what you are doing their son now. Not only call you or you have your memory is now. What do you do? You know Nor do I wish. Your lower back archer back like your lips. Let me see what's going on There are girls, don't got one, then I'm just going to get it back if you dont have ended the should, as is on its cocksucker from doing the guard. No one on one point: it wasn't not cool problems, but at one point no body at some building are never whole row now for males. I was right away only the first do that got a tramp step. People thought was gay, he can
daddy's bodies, not a bad idea. If you are Tommy Liner, why everything right away right, nobody has never come. We will have a girl how's it. I see a girl that, unlike you, you have good parents. Now my dad sucks cool. Let's talk, I do those kind of guy, but for a girl, even it's kind of not call right. Now. Now it's a little slow in all thoroughly stores of girls still get now. Isolating, haven't even got no only when careless. Finally, they handle days are at an all time, low risk. I think if we saw graph of the tramp stamp using nineteen, ninety three, the Fuckin pig and then throw by two thousand and five, a team that its working it's cool where do you get em for nature is not as May, but if a girl something artistic back, they're like really good work like you, don't it's like tribal stops colleague my gun
back there, but every now and then you'll see something, looks really good. Like a yak Jose. I saw that I don't give a shit about Carozza tramps step if she's cookies, fuck, if he's starting website good, whereas now that I'm sure it's outlook is already loud, I have really good tramps title. Can you imagine you a guy? hot chick school should make. You laugh, you turn around, you know chairs and thereby, oh no, I'm fucking out of this bitch northward, guys really good tramp stamp darkened, does not exist in any one. Listenin giggle after hey, didn't this anyway bring this area with pride. I got here today, wrestlers with sea, with this the shadow drive that the ships have them ready. He was a young known how to see the new brazilian car girl, which one those guy. Why TIM Johnson job Rochelle yeah, there's a bunch of really pretty ones?
This new and I saw the other I almost pharmacy TIM Johnson. Our Rochelle TIM Johnson's. One looks like Bronson from movie Englishmen. Movie was an angle big drying. Guy Tom Hearty was the actor Essentially, I know there's a couple: a big white guys, very wise thankful. And why a lot of flesh wound around enough LA stakes like this. The different states me fuckin dealing with a tune. Thirty per man punch near right, Brennan yeah. Both Brok, your world. You are talking about that about the two twenty five division. You gotta get point man a thing: that's that's exactly the right way to think tat one. If I sense does it I'm not. You know if I win at waiting as light as two to thirty one to thirty two and I felt yes to sixty five basic thirty five pounds, him thirty pounds heavier, that's insane than you would get along those guys, cuttin, wait there all the time they twenty are you get our guys members? We have guise of cut to get too to sixty
right now, it Bolton Sylvia such as solar power. Lately he just lost right here too, to sixty five. I was their when called Eric Pelayo went himself. He was as most muscular best when it was like when you beat Rico, unlike those those days time, so it was giant. You'd like like I used to cut way to get to choose. If a lot of people sleep on himself in October, the teeth, the TIM Sylvia that beak bigger rodriguez- he was a man. The best everywhere too much time would be one of the hardest. Every species of these six, eight, some pressure. Craig Crazy takedown Offensive great stand up now, Montague, whose values that came so Jim Sylvia. I can't get enough credit, I'm how Soubriquet breaks Armstrong punch worthy of the name and no dear Mamma. Therefore, yes had an ongoing guilty because the irreversible he bade him into Reverse Gill Data Bay. It I'll go back but backtrack.
Like I was always from half guarding. Let him get up and the girl and quality get to have cut my throat Arden. Did he paused have got pull guard you got hit, you get TAT, get hurt, he pulled guard now. He just when fresh, releasing all right. I go swathes of answers you have got on to us right top happened, then guillotine baby. You couldn't take him down, didn't and illusion didn't
Our vision is only was fucking him upstanding, shiny, couldn't come down and ears. I am losing this motherfucker. I can't take him back. So what do we do need to be said? I gotta pull factors suitable guard by going with a fake, take down like a shitty single right, now came and went to sleep and then just swept comes out outsmarted and then bade him into sitting around the neck and then told them like went right through he had to pull guard to get that fuckin down. Goddamn tough is no guarantees the fight with sentenced roof. I want to jump out of my tv, but I can someone please stop. This task is to Tom cease to tougher on good, whose, during these waited destroyed. His body was getting dismay. Asked us as other make that made me feel sick speaker. Heavyweights fatal
talk with. You see why they just stop this, why they separated and lying or and shows how? What do you think you just given Verdun right away for the worst paid or that the world's we're gonna? Do it fuck you guys Europe by God? Let's do you have to be so recipe as Easy Braille, because you know, like there's, gonna, be a matter of fact. This order should it is worded the man out its fate or you're, not really going to say that I think I know how people complain always promoter what yes, I've lost a pig for my last avert this rush out trying to get the full irish airline, girlies, Evelyn outlines and former oh yeah is now for surely so that has done it isn't what he's doing he's? No you got VON flew up yet, the young over the others. I would now like to answer is triangle or volatility? Is one flew or camorra more there? This is our decides. Barn flew like go to go but stood listening.
Dishonor I'd fox reporter commies again wanted your thoughts are fighting phaedr like there's. You got no interview men. There is no thought Thus I don't deserve to fight they ate. Is no Euro loose cannon you'll Cindy enormously some dinner droughts and bombs? How when it comes to trade order, though, as like I nothing very men, I went disrespect a guy like that. I, as a fight for the title. I think it goes right to reduce our self. They want to buy them if they said we need, let's get eight or NEO entered a warm up. We'll get em Brendan Shop, you wouldn't do it. I would for food or pretend gonna? Do that you're gonna get the UNESCO right to fatal yeah Let me do you never know. Now I was inside it doesn't make sense. Personally, are given right over doom, the heart again Chandra Velasquez yeah, that's I'll, give him any business. You're right to what he wants to marry me. That's the story is the re mass store? Let me ask you this about these short. You allowed to were regular short or
tight short you pick. Reebok makes ball, don't you think they should just go only titles the grabbing. I'm is no longer an issue. Now some guys herself guardsman, they don't want, they don't feel comfortable, tights, also uniform We need your underwear someone's gonna grab. In short, is not a good game should not impressed. I can never. Corrado does come up occasionally yeah It's not like Al Rashid. These guys programmes show our dry. I feel really feel I guess it's like some it's one percent or one tenth of one percent of clinch situations you can avoid True emergency fuck is not a problem. This issue with the moustache and sometimes it's bad for Russia is Russia. I am so anxious to show you just so goddamn big. They look like dates, mark and flag chest.
Large he's american underneath his skin. I got tired of American gotTa America. Now like this fucking guy must really that used to be in prison without a fight down the guy who's, a meal. Look australian prisoner value. How matters could a haze his body? He is he's gonna relaxes real. You randomly humiliation of not just a big fucking. U, but feeling is so, but you were shocked at all you and we should like this size, theatres, wrapped around the sides of your Ipod Christophe Sesar and now what, through my mind, if I lose this guy is the worst body. If ever see how dare you dear you acted just got away John. He knows that that gutters they all they have to do is just not the same foods in that. I'll always kind Iraq them all the standard. American diet mean these guys are big giant dues, but listen. It's
simple calories in calories out. However, since your body is got even care on that much body fat you're taken into cows and the wrong kind of cow. Now not rush in Israel tooth twenty five. Thirty, but is there a benefit? Is there a benefit to carry a little body? Fat like these guys are. If you dont, have a weight limit and maybe you're not as big say, a big foot so little over a little boy, Tony's just he said fuck it tat for what towers you're, Jennifer well looks but forget about looks. Is there any benefits? like having this extra weight and ours if you're on top Elmo would about, is that much of it is rather unsafe. So early the first was deserted everyone, I think its relevance. I haven't you ever take you back back off your laptop in its mother, bullshit oftener Pooh. That's like earlier that this, like ten pounds plug disguise, might have liked two or three fuckin backpacks on all the time and you're used to it, and if they got rid of that shit they would move, allow better, missed
colleagues I analogy. I never looked at it. That's great! You fucking good way, take back only we didn t shirt off your way, better yeah, dude, look, I've warned battle ass, Berwin Renault and I were hunting brain. We were backpacks and carried rife. Our miles and miles it's annoying. When you take that but how much is a rifle where feel like a feather twenty five thirty pounds, my rifles already have to having a grave when you, when you take their rightful often you set it down, you know, you're, you feel lighter I'd have about a bottom up. I've always about fifteen pounds right a rifle words. Probably Thirdly, the lies fifteen, let's have fifty wolbert minds, are really heavy right: you're you're, very lively, Missouri arriving there. I was twenty it easily twenty pounds, but either way the bottom line is awkward. You're carrying all that wait around. You got fat around your legs than that impede your legs from moving as quick as they should we're sure, especially like kicks and stuff. Could you
if you hadn't throw kicks in, you had like five pairs of pants on guiding tying that what do you think about? The oil first will end, The way that Johnson dude labelling is not the way that Johnson Dude looks training for eight weeks. Looking right when he says fuck you re talking about with this. I know those guys in good shape in the middle of the second round, still kickin. What's retires, it's that after the razor didn't bar say that about Jake shielded, Jake Shields was greased, he says about everyone. We do not that of a new market in a more flexible and orient they weren't markup rubber pants on. You got a real good, sweat before. Whenever that exact realizing amounted to myself and whose I'm going out there sweating, with shave, your legs and I realized what I've got upon three hours now, where we were suspended, doesn't always title they strip them of his time well deserved, while I think they're gonna be
I mean if they get rid of a row, shot look for them and I think if they get rid of amigos about or as in Belgium, crazy for raising the not take em he's got so much controversy behind as a bad everybody's afraid of em. You just get him so I was there taking out the fuckin jungle? Gimmick had been aware. Dont give my fucking cocoanut with astride outside brighter goes. Hey I need here is a need to do me. A favor heed. What Paul hurries ass, though I were possessed of scale to that market, is arches everyone I give you thirty or I'll, give you argue, the ankle steel, ankle, girdles and goggles but make your organization look bad if you sign them bear little or the public turn against that organization. When I started showing to give a fuck, they can share mockingly symbol slide is an inheritance is different americana. Look an incentive for looking at sets his left hand defending its thinking to Tappan him in
I am not has Lincoln he ever this is ok appear appears. Ok, it's really when you get it down your body but since you have no just needs the free that is seen, I know it s, sometimes I just don't know about a second it up next to the guys really or his exhausted. That's pause, their focus on the army has been attacked and said again, using yellow and escape that's the way out with a guy in the bottom. You have again about the gods. Have once you have that double wrist, like you, gotta countries, everything again the fuckin elbow to his side. That's everything gets. The elbows decided at TAT age as yet, with a bullet Kate, bring it down again going for the american right, so you get if he brings it down towards the ribcage, though Mount of movement that you could talk, it's so small yards nonlinear range up here, you could use so much range of a guy can do variety of guys really strong. Like some hours every mother, Fucker can get you up here and it'll hurt uses TAT just cause. You know it's gonna get ripped apart anyway, but anybody can get you down here. I once that thing gets down to your ribs, whether they talk-
the shoulder joy. There's, not much movement there, half Rwanda in another, national Jesus? That's it gets a fourth one. I think a modern? What's what's overeat, why would the fucked up with over over engineer dos Santos? I just call it today. I did accounting for today what that's a vision- I don't know, but I just liked it what As I pointed out, Windsor Yo Adele. Sometimes I do things that don't ever take place. Those arriving in the launch of fights diversion countdown chose for that have never taken place. I did too theoretical fights today. Too theoretical fights. It may or may not happen, but they have been signed that might have been one of them get the same around you know. I didn't do that, but I have done some before with the fights never took or are you know along the way, falls out something falls our people get injured. I think they ve been fighting. They been trying for this, a long time, but what's going on right now is that Junior is coming back from surgery.
There have been the same as those came for me. I'm a big junior family he's never been the same that steep, a fight that he built. One do he's just now. You can't go that many round you have so many rounds, career man. It sucks it's a hundred percent. True, there's! No way anybody can avoid. It swelled game scene it to anyone. Times. There's no one gets out of it without it being even Mark Hunt. When it's deep, a beat the shit out of Mark Hunt that was like you could see. You could see that this is a different mark on this. Is it market. That's like at the end of the line, while I was talking to tough its he is. I start my My buddy, according to my buddy Cody, goes too It is to have his brain research by some. Planning there and their use in fighters rather Duna lifetime test. Would you go every year? They do five years. Ten years in Cody went backwards, five years and three to five years ago. They said when you get knocked out, it affects a depend.
On your on on you on your brain. It can affect certain parts, for some people is the way they act paves the way they think wrote for a lot of people. Is there more motor scales? It just depends fruitful rely peoples, their speech, so you see it just depends on the base the way, your brains, design and Houston, Tony. That there's, Certain fights and views use em could go through all its fight history, Ngos, the certain fights where, for whatever reason you took one punching, you will never be the same, does matter what you do, but you will know be the same at a certain point, respect certain brain that will never ever be the same here yeah we the Roma care from mixed. Martial arts dot com on the park, and he was talking to me about this guy that we knew that they they told him he could never get hit. And yet again I don't ever get hit, not again be because of what has been any reasons crack too many times or one time to many of you know: you'll get head kick, especially if you get here.
Happen. It so hard and ass. The meagre time out with our original team in on my imagination, we're gonna. Do it my brow whose doing well who's the same mentally. We can talk to theirs. Many men, just not guys this and we had a ridiculous teen. If you watch and a guy like Silk Anthony Paris, Anthony pursuing knocked out, show Lozada nasty or knocked out so Rony with their body chaotic. How many times can you and Anthony prayers? Kick you before. Never the same again, there's a certain amount of numbers you get hit with that guy hits you so fuckin fast and hard and when he hits guys they they slump, they blame and then they slump like low. Laws on staff has fought we watched at head care? Can you go? Jeez was right. I can't fight TAT Joe it's I didn't. You know it's tough men, but the thing that people get your ruling in the get. Those crazy hits the boy. He doesn't know what you're doing and training. Are you doin it your money? It's that he does not know if it counts, for the USA or and training. What did you see that that Glory Joseph Bodily no really
wishes title four because of course, can impose concussions interrelated See that badly need is the was glad have bad. My son prepare right up there with Nicky holds. Can they had a great fight? Nicky Nicky stopped him in the last round. Nicky was winning the five, but it was a good fight and marked a bond is another guy that he thought he had kicked a bond knocked him down me he's fine, very, very high level of yours. You know what I have to stop. Stop take some time off, so he did. Cometary in this last card Justice is reality that everybody wants to avoid is a part of this, because it's it's everything you do you throw your whole heart and soul into an it. Just doesn't seem air that everything you love and everything that makes you who you are and gives your identity is also stealing your mind. But that's like people respect either. You know, that's why we look at the fighters in that's why fighters are like people's heroes, but there's a price why it also combat worse. There are two parts to your body that are not made for combat sports, no matter what your needs
Your head, you known with our eyes and say: dicking, you Bobby I'm taking your boss. Taking your brain is contact. The back is worse because they can fix. The knees, can do some pretty good fixing the eggs they can. I see figure with it fix everything except your brain. What sites, as they are almost almost there's some Baxter? Neither an issue that is a bad point. Their needs are always the first to go. There aren't really now your brain for sure goes before. Well, your knees Congo early, but they can fix them and make them better than they were before. As long as you don't have to much miniscule, cartilage damage and now even merrily their generating the regenerated cartilage. With these stem cell tree crazy, and this is like what we have now. What's he gonna be like five years. I agree there, the percentage of their scaffolding. Now that the allows them to regrow miniscule. I want to have to take it ever my, What's its lights and artificial miniscule, something that they create. It's like. I think it's like they take
shit this. This fight is going crazy Johnson is hit Russia with a bow right hand those going down the ground. I wonder what percentage of NFL football players have had a nicer I'll need surgery, I mean it. And it's rather vague united, Resent Dogan hidden and ass the neighbours, they took away chop. Locking, like you can't take out. The need is no chop lurking. Certain rules they put in, but you scramble crazy shit happens, is like sometimes guys don't mean a punch kind The head was sure: ass, crazy shit happens, and that happens at football to then affair, analogous runnin fuckin thirty arguments of four three in the forty light flights. We're not tsar. These facts are not so crazy. Thinking how fuckin powerful these guys are its and love it? It's insane it in saying I couldn't stop staring at Adam Smith: the irish or looking at the together we're talking about a tv last night, is if the guy you're talking about
the I got the cigarettes are licensed for that lacks guy was kept by the finance. She got her ass. I got your own eyes released on, but I can't talk about it by some shit. That I note that talk- the talk is head coach and out you'll. See he's. Ok, he's fine! I love that it's a bummer, I love oh geez. So you this fuckin external after one, I don't watch close enough. I don't watch, goes no further anytime heavyweight figures decision known the fan. Believe me, although, while fight man, I was our definition, wilds differently, a kind of fun, the watch and with it Whilst I agree this my addresses not while gentlemen have their bout. His reign rather is being rather M. Judgment. Judge mandolin convey what, if I'm gonna eat incident on. I for sure the up which I know is gonna. Do this work Fortunately, regimes is that We hear that shit loud and yeah he's there's a good microphone services in Europe,
so fast. These are real microphone tsar, high tech shared our Europe can still hear this magazines, we can get. There will be even more more though touch me even more the atmosphere, the room- and this, I think, is the right. This month, studio man of her visit. I love the studio meteor artillery guises better than you spot. I don't need to go a little bit of here because we're negotiate a contract with Fox and that that you'd, although the head the fox the suits they hate? The kid big Brown, but they love our numbers. So you know they were. You know the hate, you know the partners that they will not work. They listen to. It is like what's goin on we're, get all these comments and the main Bryant Animal dig jokes and money dig in chicken eggs ever corporate numbered cord without would tell him what they told you paint or yours. Is there any way you can talk less about tax? Is there
We now know really dont row, probably now we're too young to do that. I'm forty. Will. Here's the thing man. They start asking you it's just. Never, yes, no! No! That was the term milk as we came to an agreement and they go we're gonna keep doing you're thinking of great numbers. You guys do that an hour. Now we're gonna. Do we just sign still to do digital shows of brain and myself like Robin Big, which Robin big but basically like ours. Describe Robin big game. What is it it's a reality show, but like that, you do so. Stoplight Brian argue attempt naked and afraid we're gonna go fuck, it but now let you do this one. You can talk to me. First thought our enemy it'll be too is an extension of the party. I just two or three minutes sketchy area like sketch naked in favour two or three minutes now running. We have to be an act of your podcast numbers. Are undeniable? Now tat S going well
getting fifty cents a fuckin? Guess you didn't you just its undeniable, so once that happens is doing nothing, they can do they fucked up. It's like what happened on the internet they were the government, I'm sure would not like everyone have access to all the information, and I should but the doors open does not make it do about it now wants it gets open like that. That's what it is. There would be yeah, they were cool about it. There's a came answer: what is the kings? Only on those are banned David. Don't shit! No wild, though things a rough in Nashville this. If that's the star there, that's it Told there that's it: no big Brown, none the audience violent now as it might be ground. If I invited the big round on that, how There lay the soundness of really good song called wait for me mostly out not that really into now make up a tab away from where it. If I shall do you see a veteran put me in the nose bleed, you got away on his report. Well, like view
somebody would take when same they're, not gonna. Do that humanitarian put you than those listen, you're, an ally in an asset for the USA. Your huge Yossi fan, it's a huge fan, but some unlike fox they're gonna, have a problem with what you do and because it so unconventional and if you say something ridiculous they're the ones are going to blame for who let these fuckin guys get on the phone. Network. I thought why numbers so big because it cause, I don't sugar coat things, and I really zambian trouble. This is why I told you that shouldn't be unable network. I know you voice said that lies in the fox. Don't sensor us, and I call you do anything. So does your numbers drop, we're gonna kill you you Shouldn'T- have a contract with anybody. There's no need. There's no need for anybody to have anything in writing that connects you and them to what you got. Doing what you guys are doing. Is you guys for there's no need like it's? Not you
gaming- anything by being affiliated with someone in fact, You'Re- losing money, you're, losing money, you're losing control and you're losing your mind because you haven't have these conversations they tell you not to talk about dick you shouldn't be connect. If anybody there should be only you, this is two thousand fifteen. You don't need another Rhonda Commercial, another one unstoppable jeez beyond, brings me to my second sprucely. Never got this big. All real, quick have eaten, diverted would be don't come in. I was brutally Joel go about claims Sherwood, Joe Rodion Eddie. Bravo Brion said he could beat up recently believe I could beat him if I it's nothing serious You have alluded thirty, five pounds a year at least one forty, hey man. I was not at any price liability. There is also the possibility. You were some sort of a type window fighter.
Emma Y y. You don't like the way you just implied. Maybe I was by the way you said because he took a sip of wine in the very I'm, so glad sillies, one video of me not can somebody out online. I know one thing, I'm like something, so we ve got some thing. Otherwise, it's like you. There were those used among my mom has just just send me and that is to say that these tapes for the longest time but I experienced, is turning sidekick. Like first hand, being a garage need, be keeping murdering the bag, and I didn't know if that was normal. Unlike is no I'll norm eyewitnesses. So this is what now go to back to Digital. That was one bag, was it. You did John John Machado Academy. There's one kicking back, that's have,
on the bottom side, even hanging from the ceiling and in an indian it's you, there's always karate black belt type, wonder black dots injured, yet it's very, very calm and that these black about from the striking discipline, the traditional more charter, are taken. Jujitsu, So I didn't know if he was like that if there was normal, so I will have a guy. Kick the bag a black belt, and I can I throw turning psychic lemme see what it feels like where it looks like and then than Joe would come, and birth control and everybody to stand back and let me draw doctors have forty years tab and forty eight years old, no one that we can back. No one asked about. Electronic fires or along just me. Ok, so it's real and then I would get out get into that out There was one time he went to go. Get his car tyres
but there's only one of the other five year we Deryck S. Can we talk about this? I we're sitting on our demographic downright do it was me, a car delays and by the way, I'm a Saudi Arabia, their cards, amazing, every Johnson Geomantic someone's going to sleep Son page as your girl where's Alex we're. We're me we're seeing with that marked integrating Mean Joe and market without any democratic, saying that he you may laugh, but I spent a long time kicking and ice when autumn are really good guys. Who can kick really hard? I've never seen anybody kicked away. Does that forty eight years old and marked demographic said I can't hold path because my for arms I couldn't sign is trying to sign checks. He was my hair. These were shaking too much after holding fuckin pads for you, as you were taken up. I when I saw an interim personally I've spent on on time, around good pickers and trying to kick really well myself. I've never seen it
I bet I nurses does require than may reach. You watch videos. Melvin man have com, but you're, not far behind brown. You really not that far behind. All. I know in us if anybody that holds pads from and grants are, as everyone has the same thing wholly God, Damn shitty had tired he's going to be its every strike. It isn't just turning psyche, it's every goddamn strike is its leg. Stuff just grew up doing it. Man window gives you this, where Europe's or else there too weird for for a long time. I have. I have a loose like us now to my hips day day. They I don't tighten them up. It's all loosened to the inn and then, in the end you dig in without that we, the people, get lonely on vehicles and I think when progress, when we just went balls deep in these big, that's those guerrillas pickles, though these are like regular fuckin store, bought, pickles
grandmother relegates there. Ok, but grill up. Those are the shit. I think, if more guys did yoga, I think yoga would help your cake. I long long odium yoga is this shit. Do I agree and I think what stretch stretching inflexibility, Eddie Bravoes guard is like them. One of the most preposterous guards even get caught in this is his leg. Dexterity is ridiculous, and so unusual- and a lot of that is because of his flexibility. Is flexibility? Is crazy I saw guys it's cleaner Asia due to its individuality, always says it's down the lane roused. No. These are now more than ever. The more you weigh more flexible ways than me and I'm very fine, it's an illusion! No, its, not love the role and this I visited lessons, but I've seen keep people trying to emulate what he does, but don't have the flexibility they d can't than other dexterity, don't inflexibility, and it makes such a giant difference its those numbers that you
in just those numbers in the idea of what you're trying to do and then there's all the physical shit. There's somebody boy just born with different bones: yelp it is built to some people are born like Hydra Gracie. These long asked fuck and arms they just since Darcy in from anywhere long triangles. They can get both your fuckin arms trapped in like a dead orchard. They can do things with your body. If you have these long bodies but you can't do. But then this is Paul horrors. Bodies like you got this guy, They have realised that guy, I feel like I'm, you that's what it's like as these last two thousand dollar bill? I'm DR admit of abandoned guy I've, a beautiful expressly, always feel like a Claude, always forgot extra. Why have I see a bigger spoken arm over other eyes? You lookin at that seriously on Brian usually right, have lived here
body honour reserve, raw eyebrow, hey. What are you talking about? Boys agrees with your group. Welcome that arms exports are shown the amorous relax right now, I'm resoundingly Kermit. My legs are way better than that of funding. I think honey, it's one. How there do you read me do go on with these priority for our current defraud, that's not good or bad practice. As a german arms. No rules just like
the stream, clean and so silly areas funny. I could see you guys, like the perfect reference badly seriously than you and me. Deeds arm curbing the frogs The violation of all current Can you contact vans and pears now, but I think you have your. I favour armed back. You, brother bank. Your memories is closed. Looking instagram posts at you, and I both posted you, you pay action where there is a duty. Secondly, I said that I brought my very broadly depressed calves, Ugandans any browser says when you party they arrive and has the last minute you're kidding
his wife came up to me. This guy has come into force boarding house we're talking about other guys, like so meek. He's, probably look like if a tall and is used to being humiliated, rationalize pay women's sector camp as aren't when they come on It is good that in Florence is this. Dude is just did following these women dies attitude, I found this derives Jos and sent it to do that. Probably how Dennis Rodman Feed actually ravenous around was not u zebra, he's now. Reality browser girl, royal biography following someone in Lindsey stirred those on Instagram. There's someone named Lindsey on Saturday cries. There must be an Eddie brevity. I took my shit I had to do that. Do she thing by saying the real, as I feel
We do she's done sauntered your shit. I thought that originally I just thought: that's it you're supposed to do. If, like believers, This is the real problem. Is that so we told name it's only a girl has a second tell that's bigger than the big toe the seas, gotta, be free and matter what she tells you tat. She goes a church, the girls, a freak really lucky girl. That's not a girl's fight that that's gonna girls. What you write in epic, it might be girls for politics. I feel, like siding with the grand time, apparently Plaza. Granola gallop, Gabrielle, Reese yeah, there's some shade girls Jane. Ok, we got Rebecca logos, dared Bronson, SAM alleys. The virus, your browser, Sammy I'll, be on those.
Fighter season, fourteen hours, a guess coach on there and he drove me fucking nuts. Anything why shit, because he quit nonstop all the time and it is here- and that is where goonies spar things will be gone, Rafi just stop them like on her sit out. Look I'm nervous man oh shit via satellite Brunson, has really good kicks man. He caught your mare with a switch kicked the end. That's when I realized like what a freak you, our mare, was cause your marrow, took it right on the neck and just stunned first and then just went right back to normal. Does here all have a fight dominant? Did he say anything? I do not know. That's a good question. I think, he's he's. A library gauges thrives in many ways. Ul ninety grappled is: Is the greatest white men wait his near out of your mind of while he's not as mine for sure
it's a good fight undergo in without a Brian, no he's you're wrong they're, both in their prime Kimbolton monster, could in no time you gotta, tell me how you watch him go through LEO Machine like fuckin hot butter, and you don't want to see rock old fight Why why why I thought was actually thought little Matilda, one that last round, or at least was with us the way you have the wrong fight, either on for far too long to hold destroys implicated in our time on that, you know why perhaps our either way you lost a lot of the machine and widening oh great exchanges, and there was one exchange, particularly when the cheetah ported on but Lyman. Why miss really fuckin durable those in his leg ass? Yes, you do not tackled some shots, but it was never like. Oh, my God is guy he's got out. It wasn't like he's a beast. I. What I'm trying to say is I I think that Romero, is a bigger threat to why I do not agree that as local cardio community well cardio definitely to be an issue, but I don't think he's a bigger threat. I think he's a huge threat. I think they're both huge threats,
the different levels of dairy products. Goin off is if the rapporteur has gone off, he's not he's a swinging for the fences, all these hundred million on how these latter closes marathon but see this is one we should relax, rely labile relax, but he can move better than this guy's relax Thea for she was relaxed here and not just fuckin teeing off with one percent he's wasting energy agree if he was more fitting, lead or shot he's ferocious. When I want to see the odyssey guys like this, but free him as a fighter, he could do better stopped. It stopped it.
I've got to get stoppage. I love that for him, as I do that I am too, but if you just took it down and not with the wildness, was more accurate control components marketable. That's experience. We ate his experience. We ve all involved in that situation where special you're angry somebody in face of chasing them. Emotion, you re an emotional and we have enough for the island of smart guys like that limb. Every now and then can I get it. It's gonna go out. There now go and you don't know they're, not you're, gonna love. I want to say that I must see him develops the high skill of a possible dirt brought about in that that's hoarding guy, you might say being controlled and then the time for the exact time that we cannot one mother fucker that goes out there until parliament, Einstein Budget was not looking for unique individuals that you know don't reach their potential. We're looking for everybody is going to fight like use, should be made with fifty. Fifty should betray, like issuing go when going at five entirely. You here is a perfect example: you wanting a jet check when she had Jessica, epinay her in the same
the situations didn't do this. Ok, everything she did look crisp and controlled. How was way more devastating love fighters like there was more daylight, but they can all be like tat. Can we have crazy mother like delivery. Now, that's just a higher level with this doesn't work. I just need to get better at all. It does is really good, really good. They'll. Take him away from what it's not even a matter of fact that he can't perform the punches kicks correctly, because, obviously, can it's just a matter of course? how's your were executed. Like I guarantee you got there, once in and you were like if Anthony hard Dark, was workin paths with him. See and throws combinations. He would look smooth as butter said aloud. Like you just fight an emotionally, I've been their men and he brought the dude. He did it mean he really did. Duty broke up and you're gonna get a certain level, and it happened with me when I thought been Raftlike, throw spinning back elbow rock them I rushed in like just like he was doing. We're all cool story. He said to her Let's talk flights over
If I had been more control, smart calculus you want I'll ask you did actually with with Travis Brown Yea fights Maria kind of cap. We caught combat, got caught hard last he's also guide for world champions. Alot experience other guys. We get rock like that, you're a suit. You know you you will you want to get in and get you like? Always art jump on rattling guys most days is called juniors selling a beef burger with no steroids. That's what it's I said, no sooner Carl's junior sign run around the dam who didn't write round. Arousing is gonna, be so goddamn rich when she retires Skillery preposterous she's, already pretty rich she's already pretty rich, but the amount of riches gonna be school. Milk, Oprah, Rich, she's, materialist, personal, doesn't even if you guys get back together,
again. I might be a good movie right, you might tax will be given. I did her, I'm not the guide for the job, I'm just not men. Now, man enough you know how woman there I'm too much and too much and too much Yes, she needs she needs guys, can take a back seat. That's not me! Jungle. The guy who's. Gonna say yes, man. Yes, my real Well, she surrounded by you know. She saw successful she's, surrounded by people that war spur and go yes. Yes, that's a great idea, but when I went I dont think I good idea. Now my Haider I've I've no financial gain for.
I don't want to. I don't mean anything from I've, earned everything myself. I don't think we should have this conversation. I gotta respect I've ever her mother. She can defend ourselves darted. You gotta already highlighted I've, we're ok, restart trauma, Usanga, apologized, respect arrive respectfully to and what we ve been talking. But good shit about last. I think all of us, I think tat. I thought that we want about this before carrying, I think, Diana you kind of have to be out of mind to be as good issues you have to be. You know, and I think that she'll probably admitted as quickly as anybody, I think in that position. That she's in when you are that powerful, not strong and the shutters shot such a shining star man this that the fine a guide to match that with you like to finding a guy that you know that you mesh with perfectly is gonna
social progress. The balance right like people were that great me, tough in your personal life. Maybe what what do? I say to you like: I wish I was more batshit craze ebbing away, better, find it out with some fucking God nice. If I was so nice friendly and creative I'd, be away butterfly and then the opposite. Like Bobby Lee, you know it's very hard for him to fund a woman that can can t control him and dominate him come who Bobby late because clearly is the opposite. Bobby's like this, like really small, feeble guy, who is afraid of everything, he's gotta find the right woman for that situation. Him and Banana library match most women. It doesn't jam up in arms had ass, yet most women want to be like taking care like throw me against them all Bobby. Let me go on said bodies. Findings there's a liaison. Try funny hives out mantra, it's weird Zeiner, again we're going to find the right person for the job. That is really leads up. That's really what's up, you know and the phone
shit is like jailing own. Ireland's conversation about name drop. Watch it we're talking about this guy that showed up. It is studio once and you start asking questions about some actress and said: do you think I could meet her? because if I met her, I'm pretty sure that she would know that, on the one hand, like Jesus Christ, like, you imagine, being a famous woman have a bunch of dummies out there. The thing I ve got to you: they could be the one and that is gurgled Scotty meter roughing bound Rhonda she's. All these keyboard warriors Jack and, after all, the time Just get in front of her man, I'm the guy for the jobs smaller ass, enjoy ask I guess it's drinker bathwater made us all. She had been Neil daring, huge Michael Charles about I'm, just like you, bananas. There you I like bought these guys. I would never bet against. I wouldn't have rescued about I'm excited about this fight, but if you pick one topic, the other way: Adela Roof. Ok,
MS underdog deluge, l, a real mandate, I've had an I got more widely known to name from dying guys, most certainly don't wanna bet against beneath their use to them. A big fan, no united and we're just dream of the fun of it is in favour of sport and fun or dinner. You abandon. Ok thanks bill. Another dahlias, however, though, is yonder gash Dounia, I think, is a very skilled fighter. I like the way, The two eyes like would have procured Darrow's done me too. I was cornering Brian T City. They get kiddies turn up and use you announce, Gorman a low level show and allay dairy issues in the back war monopolies, the main event- and I was Watch, em, hit myths and all the Coca leaf real who that guy in tee cities, like all that guy's the next big thing, so I wouldn't talk me salts fight when we do what you're deal so man, I'm just gonna, get better Balboa, Michael. What your background and asserts tell me, like judges,
passion. Is this world class Jujitsu guy, but I saunders right, Some do on the feet as occurred in a digital is yeah. That's my thing of holy fuck he's very good at judges, issues for which a Miller what now dominated Miller, dominates monogram dominate some crazy shit. Man easy man, it's crazy dominate life is rising ground? Your fucking, pretty good shit, yeah Jim Miller's, tough fuck man didn't guinea, tougher eddies of black lounges. He submitted that Brazil in road wheelchair near by bar the nasty Gmos wounded ratio, moist, yes, yeah he's really invariably the growing also submitted Charles Oliveira leg. Lock, he's really he's one, guys always watch fight now appreciate is fights is fantastic, but I'm always like men humming. One of these is, I have been on a bummer.
Is that styles, so tax and militarist Superman, roughly speaking, that style we had a buddy, our mention names button you see in a style was kind like that. Lemme, Garcia Style- and I talked him on the phone and could not understand but we cannot achieve the Agora what're you doing these days, men and to teach and looked back in the end working at the school. Did you no shame, always fight and soon, shame all these fine Ricardo. My August, such upon me made that such a bummer have ever met mostly noticing top edge drunk scientist punch trunk, but how at the fact that his body seems to have deteriorated ip shrank? spoke is muscle definition as bumps me out man he was on non. There was one of those shows that white wine get that fucking what's up without light, she was the red room, I'm a man brow,
That's all we have a what's up with the regular, don't put that angel person here about retirement age. there is That's not read I held on eight March there was weighed worried that guy wants five arrive. I can do to man banal derision smile very calculated, break it on the ground, man, letters, ground, game, nasty for consumers. Since Michael Johnston, Tear Michael Johnson spin sparring on a regular basis with Nicky hold skin Nicky Hoskin real area with a black salience, there's some great videos them going to war. They ve sparks solely down that she's a square lily once it has also been workin out with his dust, kickboxing coach, the kickboxing coach for a whole scan the show, em combination.
The? U S, travel, Zyuganov athlete picking up like that, he's picking it up. His sparring sessions have been fuckin legendary down there. Others are due to other. Well now, there's a videos him get. There's one of men get rocked holes kind of the left, so they grow already. It might be a good teacher That's a great! I. Now we find that kid. You with a girl redefine flippers. I always lies in its piggy. I we started dutch Kickboxing like the Anthony hard angst. I always thought that was the duchess version of my time, but hang our Anthony's Tellin me is Gimme the history and as its really has nothing to do with more times more karate beds, karate base its karate base, but they did incorporate some of the thai techniques in they definitely didn't corporate like, but they
they use is more like a showed O Connor not showed a kind of cordial through well as hard styles the main we have put, one in which I can adjust plod forward, there's no footwork in with, with with what Do you like my cheetah there's a lot of footwork out and you just don't stand there and take shots here? They are, is fuckin hard style. Man is a hard styled, as did the HOLLAND style of kickboxing. They had some some innovations of their own. To, like you know that combination that are because the duchy that left to the body in the right leg kick behind it. That's somethin It's like really classic two more tie, but but the Dutch really took it to another level: they they throw alike boxing style combinations that the the the Thai guys din and then, when Ramon Deckers went over their fought. The Thai use a beast oh, my God, is funded monster and he fought the ties at their weight. It
and light came Eliza guys like bigger guys from HOLLAND or huge near the average. Height of existing research- Natalia one of these guys we're over into the both over India. You know it Anthony on this airports is that he said. Did A low level boxer can beat a low level. Dutch kick boxer, but an elite that kickboxing will always Peter an Elite box attached, as they will never withstand dutch kidneys angular. Nobody denies right I'll, kick never hundreds. Have we not account, but as yet bashfully, especially with boxing gloves on, especially with box. No way I can get sway trickier when you have little gloves. Rats Weiss Joe showing got knocked the stories. Differences still does gloves sneak through for surely threats to everybody was about him up to worry about, take down sleeves and about the difference between boxing and the Dutch Thou kick
and he was he really was Simum boxing like it was. I mean primitive, like they're, so many things that you do. And boxing that when the legs were involved once gets going to Joe showing knockdown Gloria meant in Belcour, but a great kick box or fighting gushers karate guy was fuckin tough career. A guy that various Duff dude. I can't get enough of mass an hour. I want every fuckin boxing match do eyes did you say we want, will have little. I yes tidy liquor, lordy, damn he's based man, he hit so hard. Is mine satellite had so fuckin? How do you have the time planned action? You don't you do you're single now I've a girl there, he's on Saturday night light? It is time for the fucking you have seen you're such a Europe, see expert. You know every goddamn fight. If you know because I'm a holy shit out of my child twice everything depends you ass most like you, important ones you watch what's important. India, so called love is am Cava live. Is such us
who s here, five hundred ward That's a lie. Ominously, Andrea warnings do somethin, I mean where did ass recover from shoulder? Surgery is, but he just thought you did. Leave her mother. She remembered slow as a hindrance example. Just seem logical for it's. I don't know shit. I feel and Andrzej border powerful pal. I think he's the best fighter. Right now is very so good men do with a coverlet IBM. Why such a good fight this disease black, please old metals down his dad was white, his father as mothers? Black? Really? Yes, he's a half underwear he saw is so good man. Workers enough Nl Box and on European NBC? Did so don't man really yes well, I I'd, say you have five, that there be a ridiculous, a lot of really good fights, embarking right now. You know the middle way too vague. And this heat Gaia, Canelo Alvarez, Granada, Love, Gan and get an outward.
As is gonna fight, coastal race, color coding, Thurman, docking, rarefied am Z. S lawyer fights, I feel like a girl right now, Listen, I'm not by its fun, yeah sure kickboxing is more fun to me. I'm a big fan, Alliant Fight, I love you. I love you and I were used where you see that I on access to be real. We don T have time bomb in due time bombs. Do you see that our shouts into Mme can be trouble me with her stand up for years and now she's always kind of talk, a little shit, you're yeah? She has I'm afraid, have you always lay sick? She said she thought or stand up as basic tip
yeah she's to man look into. I saw him it's an blackouts and I've, like Lord she's, lodge assessment of what she went out when I am looking forward to my Lord it. Some of the points you girls getting in Emma may like to just two world champions. Cura Yak, you're, a fight it gives you shall not. She is if she got too should be fighting one fifty Look if she got in there. Oh, my god, like five seven one fifteen things always cura cure greater Gracie. Do she had a baby utilities and she's ailing she's, a tan cod catches and Anna Lindh really it she will strike? You are our bar? Your did run down about Strang Hunter, perceptual oil shock and face she's fine, she's, no Bruce Lee, but I love it's ovary. Flee may need have your hand Michael Johnson. Get this matter. When I am forget, is, is it
Finally, do you have a bet on the main event always be, are not always be. Do you tell my votes? Be too elbowed out, there's no way, I think globally. Just for the bet, how much more do you want? something to go over the top five form: Haliae Delphi, they think it's, but if the global before five John Jones, Do you think lover as add to me tough fight over TAT, an idle d? Always my boy, that's not just as a training right he's doing some wrong attic. Is it I can't really bad on this because o S pieces boy, so this is one of these, the favourite now what Eddie Eddie can't be candid. You know she so hard buyers, she's gonna betting on its own right, but even if he was his lover, he he's very good at the twister LISA we're not gonna twister's tenant, groundwater is, I attend, twister, Glover in fairness and darted trust
may this year under the wheels Iceman. Always he is of one arm and are actually man he's that's great yeah. Ok, we came, and he is jujitsu- is very dangerous. Its ban on them I've done what you want to back years. Five hundred five hundred deal of love,
can t you last has now the liquor recovery, nine, honey, I'm your man, so I don't know that's the best way to keep doing it back and forth in just keep tabs on. We actually paid to him. I would keep a tab, gone dart would have it gets dark and we have to have a meeting and shaming oversight. Broader party man, it's thirty thousand, its thirteen thousand. We just give me five right now. We ve forgotten Darya, walk away, get somebody there's something instead of me, give you five a bet you five on the next to be done and we will lose an park. You lose a thumb
groom back there. I'll bet you a thumb, Michael Johnson. He would not. Let me ask you this worst areas from were originally do you know I used to know a caravan somewhere like eyes or by John or something her blocks from the steps somewhere. This is the best on a car. I think burial, she's a lovely amount. I went away. Got a bad feeling of actors which one in car grow. Lorna preceded this guy reminds me very nice lady. Guard Masonic. I think he's gotta he's gonna, that's ways relax. This would happen. Derivation need to watch that fight with those ass loss, Raymond Ramsay, to an idea, but that's just shows to anybody. Endicott anybody get caught at any given time,
I'm using Venetian is AG. He hasn't harbours. Now, though, you know yet he ripped off couple big wins. So, as Michael jobs, confidence for good job will keep in his chin talked. You know he doesn't keep his hands up high, but it keeps his chin. Tartan. Pretty good from our sea outlets is from our unthinking Jamie Data. How for young but see I keep in his chin doctor, but he is. I bet you is a Syrian from from IRAN. How do I know that? Did you know that I know. I know that it's a son it's made because he's a Christian and Turkey's accession in IRAN is probably in Syria. Full knowledge of the world price drop some world shit on about it. How can I haven't I when I guess all their nationalities, this Gaza may win a coffee shop? No one spoke English strike, think you're from Afghanistan, Europe Bela Ruth you're from Croatia as like. This was drunk economic rules right, clap guy near from Turkey. Did you see that it's just an oil on around the facts, wrong with your brother. You ve got the guns. I got no current knowledge,
I can get a grip on criteria that every time we let her have still higher was aren't nope readier, I'm good. That was very. I went to a different planet. That's not how many season weeder you see that HBO special about. I ran where you die if you're gay, but if you have a sex change, let you live. Yes, nine allows all these always gave us your ours that take advantage of science. Science has never been something that is, Islam was I had a problem with you gonna take advantage. What did you say is true. I tell you that, as already stated, absolutely vital by the way both budget transvestites wish there were like do you wanna check, sets a shitload of Caitlin journals. Lady there like they're, not printed, it was either that or die. Now it's actually the OJ leave. I believe or not they say that, but there are good.
Communities in IRAN in places and like any rules, that kind of lay look what's going on here, there's a girl, a Marshall, that's going on good, while the show fight is going for a move. They just showed a commercial in the corn movie, providing full videos and shit. You know me had a bad thing. I've, never that's crazy. Ip treatment ion knowledge about appreciating that through these two. This is not just five years, not just words like a Monday night. They shut out of the stock market on the bottom. She just show naked chicks arguments to do what it feels like by Reebok Quarters is our destiny out of hell just throwing amounts to energy, drink down or post or just Oh, oh, oh Jesus he's got no joke here
there's a little bill and spit about our buildings, can a great joke about advertisers if they could do what they wanted to do. You just see a girl and you'd focus on her. It would go down to her pussy lips you'd see Is she spreading our fingers spreading our pussy? and looking you in the eye and it just says, drink coat. Make a great bearded sewed shrill. If they get do it, that would totally work may return, women, often coke, think if you could What everyone there's, no frickin, repercussions. Differences. What are you doing right now in the internet son? This is true. That's why foxes panicking the king control, big Brown is engineered. Nobody can do. They might wholesome education that you see my just this nightmare. Listen my hours there straight laughed beautiful timing by Johnson Thelma missed it. Tat was pretty
man he's team and Emma Migrant Johnson's I'll fire duties inspiring behold skinned amulets families g he's a like an animal now Darius Review, probably tell you, I got something going on it's like he's: hypnotize total Coreham caught him in a nice action, total share mix up to take down now so flat footed whenever he thinks he just wants to stand with them. Oh yeah action I frankly so far can confidently stand up from spy withholds can look at this man. I think he s a is good an athlete, as he is he's picking it up at a very high rate. Greece got really good training down their floored. I can't Henry the south african clever as a kick back, isn't which, whereas it down and doesn't brazilian burger return really ever throw a we'll get one
I'm sure you where we might see. What are you trying to imagine our Bowser Holy shit right as Denmark owes only God. Damn shows we own donors are that's great, but you know it's. A scarcity switch kid. So fast morale found was fought well side. I gotta get out of here. I was good. Only changes. Filter is really good at serious, we'll kick serious karate traditional Marshall values with death find it. Colleges, death he's artificially he debts which Kagan he caught him in the ribs, his his side was a lobster read I mean it was so limits the duck. A hematoma almost didn't didn't miss abbot. He was attacked a little bit but a lot of shots. The legs. It cut down his movement against the expression, a third routing off whose very labored in his movement, because those kicks its load, it slowed down, but he is Tavis fact: Edson Barboza Whole Lee.
The fucking shit, yes, that guy muscles on how he might be the best kicker and you have set it he's scare- might be the best care deston. Would last guy you once you, I got a lot of guys. You guys would lead kicks. He stopped to different guys. Anthony Santa Rosa palaces up there. Our but scarier aren't now he's a journalist rye has about kicks. He thinks Part of that amount, authoritative job modify our sure does years. Donaldson game is anyone who has ever lived. Is amazing games anybody who so much fun hang around to love. I love This is a good fight. Bulgaria's figure you this fuckin fight to the granite hard, because right now
although it is, dare you she's coming after him now present various is not stupid. It's just that. I feel like the level of sparring. The chances been getting such a high level can be hard to take that do down behind you, gonna take him. It's gonna be impossible. Yeah, so quick sprawl, so good, a mainly resident college right, Sir he's good wrestler too, when he first started fighting the scene, the ultimate finer showed a lotta wrestling diagnosis, than him. It looks pair of it doesn't seem to bodies a long. I you know, but answers thick out, damn traces, no job, these guys, Johnson S like nice, snap to his punches. Yes, he does. I keys like is he's pop and in that the end no speed. But- and this is a secular rousing, you start to see this guy slow down quite a bit. You know it's a little bit. Footwork John
Listen, I teach idyllic, saw these nets, which do nobody ah but dies strive for the fucking. Neither do nobody looks good his teacher right now, God damned You look good that, however, human, so good human Dominic Naxa what it depends on we're Dominic is that health? Why in our view. Finally, that's the money, but he obviously doesn't want to direct Jack too soon military done that a couple ties blown himself out fucked his knees up and shit the whole thing is such a disaster. I think I think DJ even said he grew up to forty five fight Connor. Yes, he did yeah Dela shop around or tv in thought, gazed out. That's what you want serfdom. It can't go. What's Conor due to teach, I would have you. I teach US allies, Malta, Canada, he's a large and all those little do. But you know what he did was leading a good good. And his jujitsu his
It is very good, I'm back in the day when its first come. Today my that little wrestler has he understands you did to ride away he's here. He's young in this game and allowed arrests or to take some years, the figure out you gotta fallen into such a high stakes, gamble notified a girl, a car, car to knock mouth like one size and Connor's not slow. Have we not slow with his hands? He knows. Oh, like won, T J fought morale. You know Barreaux the first fight he got caught off guard and T J, cracked and nobody expected to be his He was an after that. First round I do is on autopilot. Tejus beat the breaks off punching just beat his ass, but the second fight you get but now is not the same human being The same you remain he's not shall shocked, it could have been no strategizing stream. Loss of confidence, is you also to deal with post concussion syndrome? Does that first fight he took a fuckin bebe down. He took a beating from.
First round to sit around and especially that last combination went to win DJ had kicked him, come on Son, that's terrifying tariffs. Shit you re, so you got that you get the recovery of that. We all know someone who had a fight like that and never really totally recover too. So you got that and then you got confidence law because he was a monster who had been behind years, just was running through p. For how long awaited, indeed everyone? How long does it take to get over? Like you last night he retired you got beat down. You got your title taken. You never come back yard Is he gonna be sad from that look like the next day? Two days later and later, when does it get to? boy aware that fight? Does it matter that the fact that Europe, a boxing icon. Emma may legend you're beyond that. Last fight like how long that take just given
guy, because it gives I'm not I'm not I'm not, I'm not a legend in silent eyes. Look no guys ever gone from the ultimate fighter become as good as T J did. Quickest t J did T J is like a real freak Also a sponge and he likes is a super nice guy with, even though teacher is like ultra competitive right, obviously is wicked competitor he's. He doesn't have a big ego, here, he's like super hard hard, he works. Is now many years now and he rode bombs. You know it's Alzheimer's, venality road bomb, think some fighters and keep them from learning. What's a bummer Joe, what is the kind of that I was watching the trash Jacqueline Alpha male underway. Now, like admin is go. You fuckin made you in thy while there either it's true, it's true not. If they did not listen, they did he needed the disciples any found super athletes that would look willing to listen and it showed what is capable of, but also what made him
is how good he is at it. He is undeniably one of the best striking coaches of ever seeing for sure and his relationship with T J and in progress teaches made cement that, but you also consider how feel Cordero considered Duke Rufus you could set out for us a hobby. You consider MIKE Winkle John there's a lot of really good, striking coaches ivory that really a lot of is dependent upon their students on the union's they laid but put Dwayne found a great stable of studs. That's like the every act. Or every trainers, dreams, a collaborative merit
just a symbiotic relationship practically no, it wasn't. I'm taking a nobody should be taken credit now for anybody. I think they just don't be so I'd love. I loved him off a male between, and I are very close, I'm sure I solemnly come on I'm very closely. Both of those guys are very close with T J, I'm very close with Danny. I love Chad men. As I love you write to you. I love all that I'm lonely lean to and so on it. This is not really talked about very much. We we had one point Tom thought about by their jump out about setting up an honest Jim through them, and we will consider doing it, but we knew that they were having some disputes with Dwayne and they would sorted out, but we were talking about going into some sort of an honest partnership with oaks response or allow those guys will down and now came, and even when we want to start making some more on gems and having an on it and they made That's always an idea that we bear we bounced around a few times, and I think that when We have a stable for guys like Chad, Mendez Lands, Palm T, J D, Lucia
gonna be ran, so I bought a vietnamese Castillo via mother fuck in favour. I mean Jesus God. Damn are these guys are savages and if you get a guy who's as nuts is Dwayne is Dwayne is fucking nuts about training and about like the fanatical, approach it. He takes tasted training eyes. He's obsessed, he's our true Scientists are me he the day, T J fought brow here. I had lunch and he's I do five or six or the people. They were all laughing. Joking around can't wait for the fights today and Dwayne Sidney's, which produce faked eleven. The whole deal about. We see broad. Does these platforms slattern guys, never gonna be gotta, T J, he goes. You can set up these angles and he went out did exactly what Dwayne set who's gonna do but Dwayne
this maniacal fanatical thing. He cities like it's like today's tapestry he's the union does, not, I don't think Tita. I think those guys would be where there was a guy like do. I examined way will be where he's out without them, but Danny, like Danny Castillo, is gonna laboratories, eugenic Estonians, last viceroys head kid is for or looks amazing and he's learning from tee. Jamie's learn from Dwayne too. It's like what gives you in December. We analyze exactly, but that's the point is like it was, is too bad? Those guys couldn't work it out now, because that is like literally the dream relationship, but you gotta media airy, even campaigns out now more in Canada. Leaving way might just be tired of dry. You know, you know he said his family does want being set minimum they that we send the interview, while also another looking for other cultures ass. I think any Florian foreign considered an apparently vacancy about can do it because I was audible.
Since here with me: Rostov like that, but cannot be great. All they would be. Grazer phenomena go to salaries, far very smooth, Keyser actually taken shot in the head and there they don't seem to be phased out. What's goin on some issues that we will find you, I said Take a lot of tylenol do a deal more hats and ways to head coach ya. Had Emma, may I e replace I'll even last guy he's leaving our two cabins are really tack who Upper middle Johnson egg has been hit four times and he just keeps come, for it is a great site. I guess we'll have go watch network, but we're not talking goodbye as a problem of these goddamn fight companions. We miss amazing, companies too good a fine now by the way right, Darius right now when in this round his tagged him five times each tab. Michael Johnson library the only around now. Well, let us he keeps him
but it's really, not least by his art in a slow down in Sudan chance. You know who knows how hard time he has making one fifty five of these due to have a hard time making their weight man see Diego Sanchez dropped, cried raise how crazy that's, ok Ricardo, lamas rise, so Mexico, so crazy, phenomenal fight and no one else, this! What do you think about Rocco dropping down to one hundred and eighty five now with the with the lack of iv, so they can take away your iv the one that started in October right. Why? When are they fighting? Why did I think they were fighting after that? I thought their fight in September? Am I wrong? You might be right, no, I don't think you. Oh oh beautiful, left hand where is it in September, or is it taken place your right because you're right, because in Jim Jim you'll, find forest either way, but only where Iraq hold a fuckin. How dare you should a huge eighty fibre, his big and in those I these? I meet digger
have a man, but do they? Because Kosovo was trying to tell me that there's doctors say it's actually more effective to orally rehydration. Just have to do a correctly and so, of course, journals investiture job, because in in in hospitals they re hydrate, you with ivy is right and right yeah, but maybe the lady have to regulate and ensure that you get the right amount of fluid at the right time. Maybe there's a method to rehydration a lot of time when you just drink, obsolete you'd have doctors scientists, but when you drink just water, droop re hydrate, it strips electrolyte an accident hydrogen is yours. I've you go straight to the bloodstream to rejuvenate those ass. I would have thought, but I am obviously not medically qualified to talk about it. But one thing that Jaffna Whisky told me is that they do it, because people can use these two mask steroids, whose Jeff Javert Events gives a guy that busted Lance Armstrong he's a guy that the New Europe. A drug do while black line of doping right now, not circles. Only when you see said I, these are bad.
Well now, they're on Sunday and say I don T believe you said you should use, but he didn't say that it was more effective and that doesn't it doesn't get. Does it there's no whiskey, guys very impressive. Ok, he doesn't engage in propaganda, doesn't engage in hyperbole he's very logical and very very fair. I had a really good conversation with him he's doing. The soon medium is. I need you know I need to ask him a million questions about how these guys do things and how the cyclist got away with, and we were talking about the tour de France. I was a good fight. We about the tour de France and how this guy, who is at the leader he goes he's gotta, be doing something he's breaking all the records of the users were making big guy setting new record times and somehow another's testing clean, and he said you know who knows what they're doing, but the thing is they have. They have steroids that their developing testosterone- that's not bad. Don't plants ok, because testosterone now those somehow they grow with yams, it's crazy,
so, but in their somehow another they can test, and they can find that its non non endogenous, that its expose exogenous has this athwart. They can't do that if its animal stuff, so they figure out a way to get testosterone from animals there get animal testosterone, their injecting because it makes human desire, identical girl, bio idea, demographic test. It! So, if guys are doing that, then it doesn't look like IRAN, testosterone apart, ask me so don't dude he's tell me crazy shit, I'm going crazy shit was Jean doping about the next. Level. We know I talked about this with Rhonda Patrick on the podcast recently, the next level able, by what you guys have to have around the Erika she'll blow you fuck around us and your task her. This is what you do is for the fire in the kid ask her to just study steroids and what steroids you could hide and what steroids would do what and why he would take certain things with the benefits of a ship Look through the research on come on, you show and below
Fatima mileage Borrell she's a smartest person, I've ever talk to Y ever yet when I get her on the package as wind or up give her a subject like could lasting, was cold shock proteins was talking about Crile therapy and the positive results. Vast sauna. That song people at forty percent: less mortality across the board, forty percent reduction in mortality with its cancer drugs. The heart attack. Saint saunas, Zadig manage resources, Sonic Vaclav you're, not really for longevity, ran out of the social there's something about heating, your body up to a hundred seventy degrees you put in that hundred seventy green environment, corners law, hills pathogens or something now he creates heat shock proteins. She went to this big thing about he: chalk proteins that are only create he shot proteins and from crowd therapy very similar, cold shock proteins. Do yeah, listen the pike ask as its, Really it's even me. It's I went through our law. The ball at her sit back for twenty minutes. While she just goes off and you got it
notes you gotta right shit down, TAT, she'll get so getting your body and a certain temperature yeah, you Lee triggers a compensatory response that compensatory responses called either. He chalk proteins are called shock, proteins and neo preference, which is something that it has an effect on mood and near the house. It was word net Netflix, new networks, Where will happen? Fuck? Is that word that she is but anyway what it? Whatever it is? It it regulates military use, one d, Arioch one. Why was I had a meaningful, Giorgio sober worries? Michael Johnson's furious man. I think Johnson deafening when that fight by we. I do not think I was paying attention. I was just enough fuel me dinner and I dont know how light I shall Darya was actually learn that rather than order nor up enough, I don't think you're. Never and thank you very much, sir, that I as a member state either it hasn't which white which one, men really rock, although they haven't habit of anyone s arm or that I'd be December. Fifth, officially
You know what I bet: it's the big one, because they're trying to do a big one December. Fifth, that's what Knucklehead Chile shut she kept her mouth shut. The US his iron ore outlines house. That's the sand this. Unless you make one thirty five three may wonder: environed douse December fifth: let's do this, but they're gonna she's gonna have to get on the scale. Before they ever she's gonna. Have they got way before bond is doing movies inches? Who has worked verandas scheduled eighty what's coming December? Fifth, if that, if it's a big fat, like Rocky too. This is trying to do December. Fifth are trying to do a gigantic arena in Dallas that huge Football roundly stadium and if they do Cavalry Stadium, it is going to be the mother. Fucker evolved mother fucker cards. Do it's gonna be like Macgregor versus Aldo Rhonda. Versus Cyborg and if they sign fade or versus for doom- and also in the card. I also getting really embarrassing holy shit over. It will be This does, after all, most likely the love or do a super bowl card like that. That would be the big con
that would be the shawls. Do you know? How do you like, and then your versus clergy, who once you're right once a year you have Supra Carne, Mammy Gimme a Super card, God damn well apparently planning you have seen two hundred for now. I'm a writer already advertising you yeah, there's half hour, Cordero Great Guy, awesome coach just but of sulphur, I'll, do yeah always lyin to unify smile and justice is a warm friendly guide is true, love, students and green oh they're, already Shoney's teaser trailers, for you have seen two hundred, which is next July, so that plan and it bears a fuckin stud Matthews Andrews dollars to rally large healed up like Margaret dear yes, like Wolverine, like it's already allocated to live with varying Kenema toes put opens us to run Look at you see two hundred me factor now how about you're gonna do Robbie Lawlor versus Carlos conduct?
Ryan cow was called caraway for that unite us about this fight right here, max hot MAX, verses, Oliveira MAX Hallways, a bad man. Socrates is gone on. Decisions O Connor. This is coming up. I called this one today too, I did of worlds count on chose for this MAX Holloway oppress the fuck out of me, We do those got down shows Joe here. I too near this area. Gotcha Those white just has my guys area, one eyed off one year. Why? I don't know if you have to go to like you, you have some studio. Now we go to a sound studio. Gotcha yeah just a place. This a hundred yeah play. You yourself, have you ever done ass? I do it do one for the video game to Madame DU in a video game. Again I did one for them for the top five greatest fights of all time I went unbreakable, Jim and let's go like Silver Rick story, holy Shit, that's a great fight MAX Holloway and Charles Oliver, a fuckin love the total Bergmans Fontaine boys. Would they
that August twenty. Third, we doing this for what it's a Sunday. That sounds like a good day to do. I companion ass here, who's here, hell yeah, I'm here we're gonna make, but that's it doesn't do and we gotTa Costa Rica guides us Sunday. I, like it here. Are you sure you're on your own, twenty third withdrew and how two percent are doing? It's a fight and that's a finite Joseph? Not. Still, as Brian Stan dues gonna come to one day is going to be to fund is going to be like fight, companion is gonna, be more fond and actually being there at the fight stewed. When I tell you guys era, this was my teacher, like Brown fight campaign for this you're going out of town and, like and nobody may decide when you said the other day and I said fuck yeah, you said
ok. So how are you gonna jam mighty, creating tax to be fighting apparently go fuck. You see the stars: airline Callin cow attacks. We were all tax at each other. The gang is back again, ladies and gentlemen, when we take a piano without you have felt weird and while we have our bodies girlfriend stole the show I droughts and analogies, Italia shit. She knew a lot more than I did. I lay down a lobby Lee shut down, you say if you tell her body, she was on the Filipino National Swimming T exactly well. If that's what you're saying, if you have a woman, is dominant as Rhonda a man. You get this gonna have to be some sort of an odd balance. A man, a submissive and small, as Bobby Lee you than I have have a woman that takes up the slack needs like a fuckin Thor just door. He added ass, a mother. I like another layer, likes you,
don't go abroad, has not a rotten yeah Todd. Duffy, that's been in a lab in their thinking that probably sloppy somehow in their preparation or showing it might just be a little bit, but that little bit might be you're the one who once said that Todd Duffy's like insanely, physically talented right, wanna bet, might be the best ever seen the gem rearing I've seen as it highly mentally mental ages. Why? those lost a few times my knock out and doesn't even men's heavy like you just get cracked, but if you see move, he's gotta, extremely impressive way of movement like this like the hardest described. But when you see you guys fight so many times. He soon thousands and thousands of fights up, close wanna things you notices if someone's slow be in their movement if their sloppy in their movement. There probably sloppy in their thinking that probably sloppy somehow in their preparation, or should it might just be a little bit, but that little bit might be they get they pull back and then they relax and then they,
Bangemann, then they go whether, whereas some some some guys had this like super efficient movement like an send a garrison in his prime. Had this super efficient movement, There was no slop anything you did so. When Anderson moved in on you and when he uncorked shit on you, it was just it was a comedy and out of nowhere, which was half the magic of what he did. It do is free actions and milliseconds of things that were missing in his movement that were available in other people's things. Read you couldn't red and even do shit like he was setting you up for staff and you didn't know like when you find kicked vetoing the things just setting you setting them up, for you just saw the tourist movements, I was going to say, and it comes out of nowhere and next thing you know it's the ball. The foot, your chin, that's there's theirs Some guys don't recognize that unless you Train that way, unless you have very, very like miserly approach to movement like all that extra shit, all this
swastika, with a hand, drops or comes everything, has to be logical. If you watch you wanna yawning inject, when she moves in that pitches like locked down and lethal everything's super efficient, but when you see or moving in everything is just locked in the position and when the techniques come off its times. That way too feels that way, training, thus ones, but this is why I think he has the mental put games. Not therefore because wise on fight, pragmatic, the fucking Why are you running with your chin? Down thrown bombs got accepted if if one side, but that only gonna win by not but that's everything you're right, but he's he's so I'm Tony man in the moon and he went to a K. Nice, don't call me, I'm a cow gets Todd. Duffy goes brawl like eyes a fuckin monster right, but for what reason does not translate so, and this is this is a good way to tell for guys mentally strong and I'm not seeing Todd's not, but there's an issue. Look at the guy's he's beat
when you fight someone who doesn't back down who's, not scared of your body whose that scared of your previous records. When you find out that whose like what you you didn't I'm giving you knocked down by a single part, what absolutely can entail guys record DE fancies had a long time after you have see. He went through a lot of health issues and I think he's getting back on track and I think he doesn't have lot of recent experience, I mean He'S- got that one Anthony Hamilton fight where knocked him out who expect tat you in that fight and how many other fights does he have That's it. I think this is. Is that what you thought? I was his first by Bacchus with them for our that. But the lack of experience like he's is recent experience for sure, but but but think about so he's. You know you look at the guy. He's he's be really has indeed any big names. Rybody hasn't fought any big names, either he's only first I'll start when it was in fact ouster when ouster was under movie, you say they were there
live Lucky right out events siren right, anyways, I thought I'd. Have you ever seen that external reserve virility, even real human? You know silver services is running over. Doesn't video to use any of you looking enemies weighing in interests like those many far Brok guy to sixty five, those before the date, all they did was urine test back. That's the only that's the only fight I've ever seen. Where would he waited? I thought were all fucked, you watch a flash, it just retirement and it would be better if I you, ok, I've asked their over the whole medicine cabinet and said have added the was terrifying guy of all tat. He would never lose. It is best when he was whatever he was If he was on anything and now we know he got caught. But how is one too? we now have a nice guy, but with my point being when
He was that guy wig, when he fought in K, one like that when he was just Jack tonight, I'm TED its strict tests that he was our minds tat year. They make sure you're onto the tests are not enough. A monster he's a monster. I think that him at that. Have all when he's at that level would be super hard to be, but it's like when you get used to competing like that and you get used to be at that level and then you no longer any more than the mental gain kicks. Having read those it look at a look at my car, he won't have followed with first and Mr Libya it so it is our minds you know used to fight. You're fired. I know anymore, they was drowned. Why did say to abide by it that I'm? The crazy thing is? He said it was from horse me horse me ever what some people s upheavals like what
I don't think I've made a source, maybe he's an absolute he'd me, look like hermit the frog: yes, really crazy, ease and even pumped up there. So we see that's a guy was just philosophy and lexicon like when you live Wade's its old thing. See a photo of someone, they look giant, they might just lift wager arms. Literally ITALY ties are all back there you get pump. Does it feel and then he's just relaxing in his underwear on a scale and pornographic Lester Kick Reign? The fuckin liver was like I'll fuck. There's got kicked right, worry at sir. Yes, I mean that's over her breasts guide twelve inches of his calling removed. Then he thought a year later we got five hundred on this right. We have five hundred men, you think you can one s heart, not not think he's gonna know no fighting almost bees, gonna win, but just for the fun of it Shall I got clover data for the record. I got that I want to. I know that, but I ain't got no go over your lover. I think globes gonna win by submission
and really hurt your feelings. Afterglow perspective on and knock em out. Gloves Gunnar amount. Don't I don't want to. I think lover is very compose when I turn he had on costs and through knocked out pat commons. He woke me my eyes media, because you knocked out I'll tell you a nice Africa, Highness back foot, why things talented his flock of always love, you explain what he's doing he's getting better is getting more more skilful and though he knocked out showdown with that beautiful step aside left took confidence that we think he lies twisted outweigh spectacular areas he's got all these victories. Benaco is like that. Was Thomas, Jefferson, Abu, Dhabi guy. You know what he's what I think is the only guy you're blind, another condign history in Emma may he got someone in the truck and gonna cap crank. He's is we in the Congo scars and his arm I must, though, mega regular. They from our time on that would make. You would not create some texture. Would that make it like difficult like four? slip out of stuff. I give you
You decide if someone was so gangster. They describe a scar, the all their arms from the wrist. Although up to the top of their shoulder, so they have more texture skin so chokes she couldn't slip out again team dedication brow. Somehow I doubt if someone found out that there was a way of creating scar vacation that made a texture, serves it and scars dots. When the same way the string and swelling burn their skin dark man did that a long process and created like a super textured skin like other products, Freddy Krueger, brush incentive, shrine, ready, there's a does, will think about it. You do a lot of scarf care in Africa they actually day they try to describe their backs and size. I'm going to shock and alive, but they does entire back to look like a crock. I've seen the crucial today. I think our species by far the better Thirdly, I think clover has more experience an dude when I trade with Glover.
Wrestling grappling hasn't shown much but he's a fucking nightmare for his is top game is heavy. When he got cow kings burned the ground. You could see like rule as a heavy game, his arm tourism, like a sweater Joe, yet come in time, chuckle, Adele right, but also think those six years he was out there. You see we're six years was Prime Minister when he was chuckled, Dell's, main trading partner, but his high on em. We stopped. He was the first I too was what the fuck is. His name also depend. You're the crazy dread locks fails to do so. Could you whose first got knocked out so much he knocked out? so. Could you be a sea or the doubly easy or palace It was these data. We say here and now that was a first, I saw a glow refiners. I've world is duties gangster there so what I found from everyone that yeah, but you gotta, think man he's like what thirty seven the eight now how me thirty, six Jamie finality
over is all Mary Ellen. I saw kind man the reality, as it is not doing anything if you get to this stage in boxing we get to this stage like back in the day when no one was taken. Anything I like the Marvin Hackler era. We assume notice was taken aging token, who guy got? Do you like thirty six, it's fuckin end of the road over over all dogs, unanimity at all times, gonna have a line of the night. It's over. It's trawl, dogs gonna, it is it the line of the nine earlier was correct to try the ass. There was another, for that danger per se, and now there is even there's no one here. Why don't you just stand up your mom? Do you could do it will? Even if you do not inspire guess you get your own state, you would love it. I agree we're going to do this, and we should do. I want to do and hang out with a guess. At night, ETA has won a recently. I also write an unjust war Gulliver's, stuff and is get up and be counted as here's agenda. This is your ready. You go on. There
Brian and Brian, brings you up and you do like five that's it. You tell a story for five minutes Even if a bomb junior laugh and then you bring him back and then you know, everything's groovy he's no expectation sick. I mean I'm. Not scared. Do has done in this respect, as I said, I'd say, and I don't want to try to justify our disrespecting Russia. Examples like everything else. Every eye sucks at first and you'll be funny cause you're funny already. I do you do. I ever sat down right now. This headboard warriors all across Amerika larger vulgar jugglers used. I funny flogging beat measures green and everybody's, not funny you're, not funny. You can't stop. To get everybody do comedy, stop chilling, thereby do apply. Guess it worked We worked at tat epoch as the stellar. This demand biggest thing, but it's not gonna get it for five minutes tomorrow on down man, you can do it easy by the
just tell me a story. Giant crazy, live shove. You did that it be not is thirty there we got our life show by October first Break, brand problem rather than just one on sale. First, live shelters, we're on sale, shoots, omnibus, hot theatre September forth in vague we even Edwards and Gregg Fitzsimons. I owe We decide Gregg armies of funny duties. He said you guys are roommate. Of course I want you receive his dick had no idea what you are. Roommates logic that is dig yeah. I hear Greg's gotta pee sound and die. That's the room a little duck. It's not Well, no, he said it's like Lord earning joys. Little guy you're gonna throw off. You have that sorry, I Roswell when look so big data are you gonna be an export ban. Looks like this is an extremely sensitive issue. Do so big game, Iago, there's a cheese is so big sober Harry was I fight not dude? I was so kind at those in a smoke at my elbow, I ended, began.
Ever train, but it before I saw John DOE Gama. Do thou against Roswell never tried it landed wobbled and guess what the last words for, when the cake my coach is no, maybe go. Listen. You have better cardio, better technique. Let's drive this is a third runway, yeah cool when in Spain elbow knots knocked out. Like this guy bad idea. Here we go open, seem through Financial Knoxville Tennessee benches. I think that's crazy, that Bruce Buffer does all this. This amazing passionate shit and they never showed up Phoebe I'd, love watching as well. My meriting swinging, our show it there was cut to the lack of a crowd shot. Prison is covered might be one of my favorite Americans. Terror, Swift, set at best haters gonna, that's an extra lyrics, yeah, we're Bruce buffers gone off right now, he's listening,
We hear Jamie he's going off. We just don't seem specific earlier here: permanent hurry, hurry of Cuba cranking. Do he jobs and spends right here? Watch live. Yeah they hold back on the back loading limps. Why Haider Bruce are now he's going to do the best weapon, the game right there, in the reach around right there. They boys, Dennis attitudes on some big fighters right here. I like big Johns do nicely to merited a good referee here. I wonder why Bruce doesn't just give big John the MIKE, so you take them like hey you hear me out here hear me out here. Why not what always be right, USA, Globe Brazil? Why not have the trunks, if you don't like that they have this name but to make a different? Why not have the trunks yellow in green and black in the novelist peace
Let us think about idea rather well give resting his fucking good, honest. The early early is tough to take down. Trust me super tough. They down as the rounds go on its easier in this school overtook. Him right always be off his battle, no Billina, nobody, we're just took: em right down, Raina Half card thousand pay out of the pay you right now to that was impressive. I get paid every year, over a kind of far he's a beast on the ground. Man superbly, that also dangerous. On top these get such good control. You know I was even worse. Thing is all other great control. All oh great little brown impact dude, I airspace heavily wrap up you right no you're right now, but you look speak out there, man for sure, o low rights. Unless these heads manner from football, someone doesn't have a diamond cup diamond Mme cups. Gotta have a diamond cup took one right there. Just like a diamond shape, is home to go into the say berries. I say as a refund, so
China grinding to how these ok right now he lied because it did It's way longer than now, sometimes master, no, sometimes much pressure. You only five minutes for I know, but this pressure, the fans like come all, obviously levels you can. You can sell frigate incisors, ass and legs cheese. As we heard about iraq- and I want my money right now- my rang out and improve this opens is gonna hold look at this You pay me the hammer first, if you pay me now, two hundred bucks, no sir turnover, This gives you an answer. All these Ober girl with them to open saint, proves a month, super athletic monster. Oh Adam, he super fucked up. He's about to wear gloves very good in these situations has always asked our right to the fatty man, one that python type
Here's my eyes straits among all real carry me lovers. Ground game crazy fight, hey he's gonna role very goes is India's back, but he's high on the back. Many signed the bucket behind the amount juice good control. Are you kidding me had always trying he likes it. I'm trying our boy ex Damn ground Ganges is inexplicable. I've already! Bravo loyalty! You well I hear you do but european pressure global you're. No, you not impressed of aid. Yes do! This is wicked and plus he was tested here about omens. Left kick man that letter also down taken down must certainly that lovely did by both the one before we start out and accommodate frazzle overheard for sure you can't just do this. He's enrolled is back and get out. Who is too high a stand up threshold and good. Then now stand up
he's not a critical moment here, right lambda, but splitting it will you earlier. She's always needed right now hand fight one hook in steady hand in hand. Fighting is trying to create that opening trunk that right. Their know how oh shit he got up he's gonna get taken. There was a crucial if you like, a movie right, you're about to tell you what opens landed some fuckin hard shots Walter. I take him down earlier. There ain't, no picnic standing up with your separate that left kicked the body into the head on the feet overseas. Better, I think he's dead yours is weighed down, has just spoken care. All global does is he's like a box he's like a really good rampage. You can grapples when I think well. It's also opens. Has those two big knockouts over shorter and he's gonna write? Take out your right. That is how things wrestlings ridiculous town, it's so fluttered eyes he's a visa get opens looking for the Fucking PA horrors as we're gonna call from now on its other com.
Anymore. It's the PA, Horace he's overdue continent is compounded right. I should have thought of. You have got a right to my dad again. This exhausting Provence and Peru since there is ass, especially if you're not a grappling wind up in guard that capacity pass year, two hours sitting Syria's pass. Gay rights approved, loves the vines. Now you just do it it's all over, he might get divine flew here. My share has stayed out he's gonna, FUCK Tirana is sometimes sometimes a glow does not know global smart he's turning away from it. This is closed. Overseas. Five, I am what I will do is our low risk due to the rattling. You know, and I would look at this man- he stock, I jump into top half go lockdown, let the guy get on top of me. I finish my back
easier from the. What do you do? Eddie head jump in the top half to take it? I lock down their legs in the bath. Let them roll on top of me and it's easier from the back with a lock that so this position right here, even though you don't have to go to my bf, Madam President, our fight over psychological- I was getting me, are you kidding me? Kick please kick is kicks, are also. How will you don't think it's a bad idea? That's a horrible idea against he such an athlete like the way he moves so much fuckin horse, behind it as he does, but rising in his ass Kepler national assets, Kim Kardashian ass. Looking to maybe after she goes to preserve them directorate or gets a shit or on for sure back critters gonna shit, I know your mind. Oh you didn't have a bitch sir. It's aren't gonna have to ask. Who is this sum
runs fast now. Five science is an actor about, tell whims in it the sum zombie movie. Is this the day the data or some shit? Is this? The walking dead. One o Dell Williams is not what this is you know, there's a new walking yet Rosebud called new via the dead, I don't know for sure switch it up the mother ideas you keep. It causes possible because the same same writers sit. I want you to have a chain of gotcha it. Some super close like run of the dead or jogger the dead. It's smart man, because everybody who loves that choke he can't get enough of it. I can't get enough. I saw the first to see lacquer blocking gaily, my usual so far from being a love it. Let me ask you this Rogan nationally and what the new one takes place, Will they all want to place a lan there's? No black zombies and walking dead. It's in Atlanta site pale up repeal up and they do pale up.
It is a very eloquent actually, but they would be. There are a lot more. If is that you're dead right in his sleep, I'm a man who's got the real problem. That is a big strong man. Looking dash is asking you play different tendency volunteer, that is, they kicked the body, his cancer nasty man, much to our behind him and he's another? got it just gets more more efficient. He loves Africa to the more more efficient, but but There are, however, a box over more technical throws real short. Just didn't. I didn't care, we go good point, but look events, so I know back to his feet on that energy, laughed and economic area, and when I went to look for a knock that always peas never been endangers rounds like they should brown glove gloves, never been knocked out right will go over, started, slow down or excuse me, always plotter slow down a little here and we're at four minutes largest like this clients. A lot of Muslim aka designer we lost Muslim feed oxygen to well is designed to be aware of what he's doing sees exploding is now
coefficients over that removes a better box. You keep looking at nine o clock, that's it sign there. Will you know, while over just wasting less time movement, but what, with a move that must be just as much a part behind it. You can only for so long now, number have let it yeah yeah and in taking this didn't he's gone for Rothstein, including global, so strong smiled smile. He smiled smile son is a good one and that you know what when is ass, our he's better fighter Eddie. Bravo, any probably only check with cash. You want. You check your right now, I'll give it. Right now to get home two hundred you wanna tell me cash right now to deal Medea idea, treatment,
shore issuing commodified, still got another about ideal Jai make the new right now with cash out every time we have any kind. As long as we have caused damage control, Machu you're, all that, but you do not like what you want to get a majority and fight with us, be he's not gonna, win that. Why not explosive yet and look at it the second round? It doesn't look good, so I got Think I made out well for web pages. Can kind of she lacks down here and take a little break, who just defendant, well. How do you know where you're going elbows when you're eaten elbows as to share elbows is very timely? You know, I just know mom. I got my letter. Let's
go on back again. Otherwise, a baby s analysis Eddie about this. Among you make an alternative that since you we can let em I dont, have a minor, haven't seventy three dollars: how about you, but all you? How about you bet whether not always p makes it past five. Oh, is he gonna make? past. The FIFA right that Russia is a further say right now, not a shy double enough and I shall not a shot. He goes back I'll, take anybody's back out. He lobbies do about it to gray Mosaic. It I say: doesn't last took the round three. He justice, you're tired. You wanna bet a week and weaken the land and go back to the original one bite. The always he's coming back on. You have a right to refuse to give me the option would just what just added to prepare coming back we week. We know this shit. I will see your back, but right now we're good I'll see what I think our speed t kayo around I'll get. It
detailed and without a Brian. Is that what you think too far Who wants to give me a good bet that it goes the full five now shot by changing one? Really gimme ten to one I sometimes have I'd, send one or ten, one dollars also get a thousand. Now I bet on us, hundred dollar dollar two and ten, I'm looking to maximize governor elect a chair, a vegetarian. We cannot take the money anyway, governs beaten so that's for fuck sure he's hit and what some serious ground always cut him up with that elbowed out ass they grow is not being used now. Thirty Leslie knots, and now this is the globe the beat Ryan Bayer. This is a global. There was making a run of the Middle EAST. Is a beast. People slept on him a little business his grasp whenever there Please get another opens and improves the underdog alpha corral now he's the favourite. Oh, my God get a letter that he's getting up here. The under. I would have thought it
even money? Quite it was almost even those like, plus one afraid, just ass, the germ of non he's back he's going to do. Now easy and give their lawyer again TAT S so tire they're, both or time you don't go over said. He said in the field days like Brazil, he just didn't cut the wait right and he was exhausted. So stop fucking grappled for five rounds was also lotta. People felt, like you know he didn't go to american top team for their fight. In Connecticut trainers garage does allow he's gonna, let anyone can this view. I kick back always all show clovers tired as follows: Jerry, oh shit, sighing GAD powers, but what about one regarding the river reeled back, you got any. Bravo didn't pay out back we're back. I mean why Don T, you know what we're back. I lost
and I am ashamed of that. I'm not angry that you're born when you lose. You look into my eyes and I give it back to look at my eyes. I give you I am ashamed that, but I feel now he's coming back and he's gonna. Take and you don T mind after seeing that the airlines anybody have one complaint, is there any way I can get more round arouse? Yet this is ridiculous love. It tell us more about famous thou little mud she's, a have you no kind of you know you guys they can handle her two guys. Through dangers. Dimitrios oak, diameters, Johnson, Captain America, the thing and Conor Macgregor, I
this kind of measure and all right she with him alone could are you kidding. I gotta tell Ya Demetrius your supervision, which you would hate now have sex with a lot out. Has our lot and and I'd breaker walls down and I'd, be supervised and make allowance was, despite what some have asked, what is left of the essential riser with my peace could goals I saw my spirit go. Is there we go out opens a crew. Might just pull this out duty.
He's exhausted, take exactly proved isn't over, that it can come back from being exhausted, salutary wanted to see he's not here, because your diary governor cover, he still he's, hurt all in same pearl. Glover just hurt him left. Her often simply has to run. He has to do a lot of running. Is you need to get off the fuckin events are beautiful, clovers footwork in his faints? He staying just far enough that he knows like what opens can do right now. That's a nice idea. He knows, like the amount of spring he's, got left and establish calculating it. Well with his answer. Him down in pompous, has left him up or trappers. Scooper my partner fuckin heiresses boom, o Vince, Tommy carries weight genius finish this ransom for militarism way. Eddie! Do
Would you mean and he's gonna have beyond the ground now he's gonna? Why must you try to get a wear gloves? You're, not gonna? Why am I think you started yet is due time it doesn't go past third round. I think he can still get up man, I'm not under any got out his guards. Kids get mad. Heart, I think opens is a tough. I could do You finishes in this room, I think he's not as mechanically efficient as he can be in the future, because explode so much in everything I think it's also a string, its periodic training wrong. What we most was strengthened, Zionism boxes and run. Maybe that would help for sure, but is also something that it does to be really don't expect the amount of explosions jobs who sat success with guy work women only only to certain level and that we fight of that a true that who has seen that you don't think global scene explosive guy before what you know. What the deal is, it's gotta be able to do both in gotta know when to do in spots. Yes, yes, I know I do I do each one, but I think right now he's not quite as technically proficient as like a
like clover were Glover throws short I'm a nation's their position with an efficient air. I think opens hasn't like reach that level yet, but overall can hit. Fucking heart always keeps workin for that mounts wicked ass. Getting it finished here, look at advocate a shit, Look at you are your money good control over. Can I meet you? There are now so nasty I am a money by thing, Dick jobs on the phone again at bad weather. Once he wants you, gonna topical kings were actually see their mouths like whew. That's a scary, ass fuckin, Mount yes he's right, shit tomb in all the other thing about oversee superstore. I know a thing about our species train at a high level. Can we return he train in Tennessee. At this all my good, you don't have like a lotta high class train of guardians. Fucked up did he get fucked up using it finished all access gonna tell you Eddie. Bravo Gimme, my five hundred tonnes,
has done that. Today we have to I was going to sleep and lets you went out while Eddie, I'm sorry, me. I sank. I think I sat around submission. Hey respect, always p. He was thinking about happens and that I did not hear this piece of asylum. Not he went out my lesson and look at how awesome gloves over like the nicest guy great uncle killer, nice guy you're, a fucking, great God. What are you crazy moment? That is when a fighter decides not to tap too pretty gangster FARC Sometimes they don't know, though you think you're, like a normal for later Why should I hope that I, like this latest material, gave a thumbs up and I'm in a dark. I say cool story, brow fuckin right here, man and then watch when since it up the bicep warlike. Why won't you tat? Those named fighting do is
Finally, one hand variety as I order that salvers squeeze on it and that's guidelines so Azra, Garlic, Microsoft, regardless of locking awesome Mozart, Such a lid he's the best ass, a jet brazilian judges of blackmail to those exact. What's goin on any train This is good for us, be though man to man, we're done. Yeah, hey, perfect timing, but fuckin fight great for us, be yanza, learn from this Eddie only five dollars. Why do for Linux? Like there's gonna, be here next week, and we can only be an exciting? Oh shit, you guys are going to be an excellent. If you give me a final, absolutely vip down drunk out some right out. You're listening. I got a submission. Only jujitsu tournaments gone on next Saturday. It's gonna be on Google videos. Doc on Saturday night, Sweden about it on a treaty that they go to Youtube and search API for count show on Youtube and then that I'll explain
it's all about her fox nor any brow on twitter, tenth planet, J, J dot com is around the relay. Bravo, Eddie Bramble, I'm not gonna Abraham somebody gang dont, canteens, shit. Some super famous drying cow with. Why be awry and Cowan Fighter in the kid pod to the formerly the Brian Cowen experience before, and I want to hear the fire, the kid boss of firing, the kid and when you get to bring back any Bravo radios can happen. That's coming, Eddie come under fire like myself from lively Harry, I'm lucky. I live caring for its violent. Kid live brain improv it gets on sale, Bray, improved that come. Take all I'd, love to be on your show, goddamn love making. I love you so I'll. Have you want you? Can we love doing these things and we appreciate all the positive energy we gave you guys. We know we get super site when you guys get site that we do. Is we get fired up? These are so much fun because we are
hundred percent ourselves on these things and get out and it's a very unusual thing to build do so. I appreciate the FUCK Eddie guys. This has analyses. We live in a prison, my favorite, why were we will not know you guys for twenty years? Almost haven't that's been how about that we so lucky this. I think one of the most important things life because having cool friends, and fragile. I drove carnivore yesterday, I had no other reason as it may be Jos. There I see you right in the park and I got out. We hang out for two hours just talk about agreeing to lecture there. We say the coolly shit, it's a shit! You don't expect the shit. You didn't plan for an like this, true, we plan the shit, it's going to happen with Diana Falcon and I do not mean lay one. Thank you very much you guys soon. Five years are met,
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