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Fight Companion - February 6, 2016

2016-02-07 | 🔗
Joe is joined by Brendan Schaub, Bryan Callen & Eddie Bravo to watch the fights on February 6, 2016.
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check it out the job rogan experience during my day joe rogan podcast by night ladies and mother fuckin' gentlemen this is a fight companion podcast what that means is we're watching the fights who supposed to be the heavyweight title fight and i was supposed to be in vague iss is supposed to be for over doing versus cain velasquez but cain to got hurt and he pulled out of the fight and then steep ameo chick replaced him and then we're doomed said well i'm hurt to fuck this and he pulled i guess he had a couple injury smart move i guess if you're injured he figured i'm if i came to matter what i guess and then when when he found out was me dickies like listen i'm hurt fuck this smart move is that users clearances before we go ahead and this is a fight companion podcast is not a regular podcast so we're watching the fights but honestly it's almost never us watching the fights
so if you listen to this right now like i don't give a fuck about fights the time we don't either carol and my dog one of my favorite human beings on the planet as well as my brother brendan schaub also one of my favorite human on the planet so these are my favorite podcasts more than anything i look forward to these fucking the best he had to find the best site we get to hang out and be ourselves we get to fuckaround just talk a little dudes uh just talking she gets up bro out throw out the three hours out on a pro technically have some fun watch some fights talk about what we eat yeah brian is going to try his barbell jeans i got him some sexy jeans it's funny how guys don't my son
i can with the men all he was talking about for two days i want you to teach me how to chop down a tree he's obsessed ally all right it is but i need to chop the tree down and because we go we go did cargo tropic tree down and i get a a hatchet he hasn't put the hatchet down you give that kid any kind of a weapon my looks the hatchet like yeah i can try to decorate it she want if you want to put sparkles on the handle my son was like why do you know what's interesting is a gay men can go one of two ways yes and they can go towards like girly type stuff yeah or they can go just as man later about the beers that well do is just not even numbers it's like two different styles of gay men yeah like i have a gay couple is on my street stud nice is it's so nice and one of 'em is the man yes he's into trucks yep and and and truck is that yes he makes all the cash you can break it down to one one one we talk trucks you can break it
one hundred and eleven fox guys and the other doesn't well i don't know i don't know how that works i don't get personal with them they're just the coolest mother fucker to be entitled the best neighbors i know something like that and i get personal with them but then there's others tweaks right then there's like that winks super girly and why would you want to just be with a girl you know i'm saying like the lesbians well how come some dudes like girls with big asses some girls dudes like girls are really skinny everyone likes a girl with a big old man like there's some guys that are like really skinny girls like really skinny like model type girls with no asses not a spot none of my friends it's all over the matter is also not it's a good way to put it all over the map he said trump's probably talked fuckin' suspensions and ship it my wife john see you later to go suck today's husband is actually in the trucks too so it's weird but the point being is like they are very different
now these that are gay like i know gay dudes it don't seem even a little gay yeah and then you know they had eventually come out and you know explain the whole thing like do you know why i'm like this like the fox's name but can we think of like a good exam what is just that there's a lot there's a lot so she didn't know much about my buddy my buddy keith is he's the man in the relationship they wrestled you know an in college not makes millions of dollars and he was with a bunch of straight guys were all eating and stuff hanging out frank was there and he goes he just said it so matter of factly goes i mean i think the only difference between you guys i suck cock you know it's going to really deep voice differences i'm not going to get fucked malcolm you know that's a
some right so we'll only from my buddies take it some only fox and some don't give blow jobs right up some okay blow job only it blows okay singles sites i don't have to say that that but there's a name for that i could do doesn't suck dick he's got to have hey there's gonna code was wonderful he's a he's a think of a name i had the weirdest conversation with a gay couple once after a show i did in connecticut way back in the day man i don't even remember what bit 'cause they were upset about but they came up to me after the show they were saying that they just just to let you know most gay guys don't fuck each other in the ass like we're trade were gay or their couple i don't know if it was legal to be married back then 'cause you're talking about like nine thousand one hundred and ninety two something like that and he was talking about we just blow each other
i was like okay in a way to go all the talking to me about after awhile i would i would always said i said i don't believe you but can no no no he was he was being on issues like we're not into it in these like it seems like the kind of humor kind of gay humor like fuckin' the as humor is like is a really big out here in connecticut like but we mostly you we hang out in the city which is one of those guys like big on telling you that i'm a very sophisticated i'm always in the city i don't even take it in the ass if i don't get my dick sucked by guys just train just walking conversation but there's guys like that that uh outlook that wait wait to him was like but you know guys do get in the ass right so what i'm talking about someone fucking somebody it's not like i'm making things up now no everything except all did that now
they don't they definitely don't optional right yeah the first i don't know i don't know their birth now every now and then on the birthday below to give up that i'm not i'm do survey once in a while with the chinese got a complaint about that's the number one complaint that's why the the break up when they when they stop the athletes just hand jobs you know it's over yeah yeah yeah now is the this is the kind of fight shot mike piles about the fights on cancer that's the kind of fight that makes me wish the t r t was legal this pile so fucking smart increasing exactly he's so fucking smart and crafty i wish they could get that dude on trt you know i'm saying one hundred percent needs it well of course definitely need it when you fight for so long you have forty until he's been fighting he's been fighting for a long time he's taken some hard shots he's been k o'd by guys like matt brown stuff he's been killed by roy mcdonald a few other guys too he's a tough luck in smart dude though he's
skill levels very high but you know there's a reality this is god dam difference between a twenty one year old body unnatural one and a natural your body just his size his finite use half very high he's a savage man about ten years ago we did a movie together were extras in a movie called the assassination of a high school principal like i'm thirty five years old and i'm playing a fraternity god in fact it was terribly terribly so bad but we're both in it and that guy just average i've never seen anybody we went to a club that night after afterwards he went into a club grab a girl like a savage just good god that best buy opponent then we went back to the hotel and he handled business i never seen damn but we don't know what his status wasn't that we don't know what happened it was between ten and twenty years ago he could have been one hundred years ago
and it may not have been my pilot something i remember about mike if he is a savage i never sent anybody get down like that be real careful with those kind of deep details those can be brought up that's true that's assault brother you can't be doing that well he's uh yeah you can't say you do that anymore it used to be that that was like an old movie trick do you the biggest savage as far as getting chicks i've ever seen and you would never guess when i give you one hundred tries me and him were in trono give you one hundred times shield so i would just asian so just asian girls who did you thought he was cruise up in that bed jake shields are very handsome guy he's cool but he was like hey i need to be my wing man help me out here i was like me what do you mean he says cool like you don't think that's a good looking it's not luke rockhold
i wouldn't say is that handsome there is no he's not as handsome luke rockhold ridiculously timepiece he's a straight up in japon level that's for sure do bala japonessa straight model yeah so when you talk about those guys will tell you know the story about alan jouban had a big photo shoot in new york city like two weeks before his fight so he had to cut weight twice touch waitress photo shoots he gets shredded for his photo shoots i talked to kenny johnson about his wrestling coaches versace right yeah he's got a big fucking campaign man he's going to make bank to hangs a beautiful person the way he looks the most beautiful rainy ufc is really great his heart he's the sweetest guy ever been a young don frye he's such a nice guy like to train with and everything too he's so polite he just a great analogia ban is a salt of the earth i agree but anyway to don't get better looking
i managed she lives in a strong strong strong for a teaching for all along is this what you thank you so five you're still very critical you're not you're not to help those in nine girls like up years girls like the giant like a guy who's been through some danger they don't like should i was terrified of danger it's a natural instinctive reaction it's to protect your genetics who is never experienced danger may very well fall apart in the face of danger so guy who does crazy shit like does flips bikes why do you think they do that they do that 'cause it attracts females because females are attracted to a guy who's very risky the guy who take
chances and does nutty because those guys can survive pressure i'm just saying with all the ufc fighters i'd give myself a5 'cause you know we're on a solid eight yeah about that i saudi maybe in half but you're better you you're a notch better than jake shields your way bigger than them like i see girls look at you to larry s it's i'm looking in a little over his goal yeah hungry eyes should remain every everything we've done not just fighter in the kid fans might a friend of mine that's never even met shop before was it because your friend teller will to shut down my heart partner at the company store bartender common circumstances not till april that's obsolete overtime i can't see it was already talking about her i'm just saying general motherfucka waitress at the waitress that they got it i got nothing i would say hello not anywhere alone i know week nine what's a ten job in
for saatchi eleven well shrubs maine good looking at yeah but he's got personality personality means more than two points it does again okay that alan japan lord that's not even a real so tell me short at least tell me spot for not sure tall six week yeah you know he just said the campaign for a equinox salad if you're feelin job an haner you fucking hate people 'cause he's one of the best people i've ever met i agree oh great great dudes fucking greg i can't say anything bad about him if i look like that i'd wake up every morning to be like this going to be a good day telling you though i mean he's not a pretty boy i mean this mother fockers scrap some serious fights and he bites down on that mouth because she got knocked down very good fight like he thought tumenov mantun officer mother fucker dude mother fucker i don't like that match up his efficiency in history as a tough fight for anybody especially tough fight when you this week he cut week two
no he got knocked out in the first round no no i'm saying not the all i'm saying on paper that's a tough fight to pick i would i would have taken it if i i was in a calm joanne and i just sent a response you wonder i would have taken it i would have taken it because i did i don't think it's not that i don't think you can beat that guy i just think right now now tumenov striking is so smooth and efficient and heavy and down the pipe e string every so it's also very fluid like he can go from three a jab to throw in a lead uppercut in a straight right hand and everyone of them is perfect in this town eight they count their accurate and the mechanics behind them or totally carrera dude like there's guys that probably hit harder like tyron woodley probably hits harder than anybody tire and lube like one shot for one shot like when he the oj here on i was like jesus christ using exploder dude if he catches you perfectly explosion he's going to put you away and it's
not saying like his efficiency is bad his deficiencies way better even because he's training with duke roufus but tumenov now that one shot power that woodley has but his efficiency is perfect says everything is perfect you see a guy that hits hard one of the things you see almost invariably is their body positioning is always perfect like when the guys throwing like uh riddick sponge you'll see the bend in the legs you'll see the term body you wanna go like a serious power struggle with two men of everything is in place it's all the knees in the right spot when the hooked he's throwing the hook his foot in the right spots weights in the right spot there's no
it's no bullshittin he come out of the russian amateur boxing thank you master sports and boxing yeah the struggle he keep fucking kick too man he can cash that was amazing membership program yeah he's unexpectedly dangerous in this kicks but he lost his last fight we didn't no no he beat lorenz larkin that wasn't great for us it wasn't a great very good fight i'd like that things really so close 'cause they were so danger we do a fight companion for that i don't think so this is one of laurens lock was throwing those we'll catch design that's right oh i remember that but tumenov hung in there to the end one is super close fight honestly thought that can pull it off but i wasn't upset this is so weird so weird as low wheel kicks he does all kinds of weird stuff is a bad mother fucker dude he's one of the dark horses in that division his takedown defense until i haven't seen anything like in a long time he came up to rain to train with munoz
comes of myself and his wrestling day how's it going to take this full down well i thought really going to have the key advantage at tumenov is going to have a striking advantage and that's how it turned out but god dam was a close ask fight lower larkin actually has braces and during the fight is fuqing braces were sticking in mouth something went wrong with his braces he was it like trying to fix it in between rounds fight with breaks he shouldn't be fighting presses button there and there's a line there was a very very good looking man she is the frank j i don't know i don't oh i didn't see it until they're talking about in between rounds in the corner i self bad about myself after i wonder if i was going to let benson henderson fight with a toothpick three of them do whatever the he wants his oh really bad he's come on pile do you do
it's three hundred and one right now three two hundred and fifty nine two fifty eight thousand two hundred and fifty seven sink that shut up mike pyle versus spencer is that is fighting the cynthia is it doesn't mean we shouldn't say that his name shoshit uhm yeah ben henderson is fighting for early for the title shot right he fighting brooks you know that's like secretly my biggest fear is going to fight for the title it's next month my biggest fear forgetting what someone's name is in the middle of quite well qualified cat getting you know head right there i also have alpha brain and notes he got enough brain on your right number eels i could use some of that right now should be a jug of it yeah ok this is a good thing the best stuff is the the new stuff we have instead out the residents that i take for instant stuff is awesome i love i don't have any here
do that kyle kingsbury on the other day he's the best great guy all my god what a sweetheart so it's part two is wife is a smoke show three thousand and two she used to be ufc rinker yes sir very cool check to like real whole family just good people they're salted the earth would you call it cool salt of the earth and i said smoke show smoke show salt to their smoke show mines more old school years probably better yeah she's really sweet person too it's cool seeing them parents to its wild they have two or no one one little boy and he just start smoking weed something right in the kind of like i don't think so no no he does everything and he's big in ayawaska i thought this was like a ship i under the impression that constant just started like maybe it's the week before
did a bunch of the iowa iowa skills and then fought pat yeah all you want but it's a good move i had as a mother for find pat cummins a mother look else marmite pilus likely efficient and smooth you know she's a shot to slip some liked and in real good shape i mean don't get me wrong but that's just the reality about what a forty year old body can do as far as the way pushes himself like that was what recovery and stuff are nard hopkins back you know like bernard hopkins just couldn't keep apace with a guy like but he had to go into a defensive mode against him was tough to watch but it was because he was forty nine years old if he thought kovalev when he was thirty five holy ship would have been amazing amazing right amazing chico love less white dude what the fuck is a murderer him and andre ward that's the fight he killed the guy in the ring yeah he did and it didn't affect it didn't affect him the way it affects most people would be very interesting against it hurted russia yeah it didn't take anything
off of his desire to compete does not give a fuck that's that's one thing that happens to fighters sometimes and man there are rarely the same after someone boom boom mancini that happened he was never really the sale griffith they say that that do you know mail griffiths they say was gay and that many peret the guy who is fighting was talking a lot of shit about him being gay and just saying of the like gay slurs and a male griffith beat the fuck out of that dude then you die and i him to death he beat him the damn son yeah i remember what round was if i want if i had a gas i wanna see like the fourteenth 14th round i can mention boom boom saying how when when that guy died he was never the same never most mostly don't wanna fighters and by i think the guy's name is bond keen moon or something like that kim the queue can for you what's the you're ban ki moon z's works as it is i think it's the connection pretty un or so but he was uh
that was his his was is coach boom i okay yeah jesus some that was another extreme dehydration fight well dreamily de hi to get down to one hundred and thirty five that shows on dish or tv3 member thing also had wins the day of the fights the terrible idea they did something i read it i don't know if it's true but they said that a number of a number of people who have died in the ring had dads for their coach you know there's not a lot but apparently that's it's very common for guys to push themselves they get really hurt because their dad's in there the corner well wonderboy thompson is trained by his dad is yeah yeah really sage sage that's dad yeah i don't know terence cruikshank trained by his dad the sages all the all he's gotten on the internet is just what do you think about no listen i think like if you ask any fighter hey if they off you four forty
take it a nineteen yeah force is not his fault this whole hype machine well you know what man it's it was a good fight for him two x variants to learn that's all he needs to learn some you know some ground defense he needs or some judges who but that's to make he's only for nineteen years will get caught in the gym all the time has a good you get so i get caught i think is the best thing to happen the skies the limit the icrc is essential at nineteen years of age you seem to have a very good attitude he's a smart kid at like athletically is ridiculous and those front front flips it's crazy yeah off what i have to tell off one toe and we does it looks like it looks fake yeah looks like he's on a stick yeah you're listening on like one of those for yes all tables yeah he said he's on antibiotics to in that fight to the lieutenant i me keep we had strep is one of the reasons why apparently he taps so quickly 'cause like when was clamp throat is very swollen he's fine he gets a lot of hate eats a lot of course it's stuff like you like you see
first i made a video videos like i tapped out like a it's stuff of your daily twenty for jews grinding right he doesn't get nowhere near as much love will talk sage you know tony ferguson is in the p r business as well as in the fight business as the reality the post mcgregor era you're in the pr businessman look gregor did he's oh my pile got a good guillotines complimented schuiten in here look up schuiten in here watch that butterfly who will mount he will flip over when i call missed it mister mount yeah so grab it oh yeah he's a bad mother fucker mike pyle still very very underrated he thought rampage jackson like two thousand and ten pro fights white first pro fight with rampage jackson tennessee man page is way bigger than here yep yep i'm telling you mike and that was one of the reasons that matt brown was like so respectful about him after the fight is like people don't know how good mike pyle is
yes in the training room two he's even better i guess he's a mother floor right here they say in the trailer he's like unstoppable telling t r t is designed for dudes like this can't do anymore science and now they have tracking for hgh have testing gracias you have attention for hgh that gets you from twenty one days out while you're really fat i used to be like a day how do they need to be like twenty four a douche it anymore i can't come up with something gene doping be well version of its key said that they've already at least theoretically have testosterone that's derived from animals instead of wild yams so the carbonize work yeah it looks like human just dirty bird yet our ship names the dirty bird that's yeah but it does of course the 31st president mike pyle sean spence they're throwing down man props dispenser for surviving that
that exchange just like to make is hurt yeah this is that the ends in a stadium looks empty it's empty rooms or when the main event drop down sure a lot of people cancel trips do not matter for doing talk about the beginning it makes sense because since he's the heavyweight champ the way it works out a lot of times you get a percentage of paper views but you have to hit a certain number right the market the pavers for dumont one two weeks yes i can hit those paper numbers sony like all i'm out of the that's brilliant these definitely hurt i'm the word that i'm hearing from everybody said he's her he's out he's been having some back problems for a while now apparently who's having on one side
is back and uh it would like lock up he was working through it and he said no she kilo she got some sun pile that come over i'll see it oh oh oh stop it stop it oh oh oh man john spencer bully people the late she's all right but you keep that was that was not good i agree so you know if you
living as a refugee come but you can't it's a violent sport it isn't going to happen but we can prevent that he doesn't know what five of those shots he's looking at his eyes somewhere pressure do four or five ductions of these better uh for funding what's the pressures if he would have stopped in earlier everyone only gave up front that guy was out guys in trouble would rather have it go little late they will know that hurts the sport my man that doesn't hurt if a kingsport i disagree how is that hurting the sport little violence yeah but a little late is unnecessary that wasn't that late now that was that might be one less site on whose property is what we pay for your model look there's you know it's really subjective eddie 'cause you're right in a lot of ways but then again
is it survive it like frankie edgar wright if you stopped every fight with frankie edgar was wobbled you'd be able to mean he would never be gray made in a second fight by ko because he got hurt hard in the first round and a lot of trigger happy wraps would have pulled the trigger on that fight and there's a shipload of fights like that there's a whole lot of them but this one this one is prolonged with this is my problem with this he's not hitting back and he's not defending themselves you can win he's not doing anything he's just taking shots that's right he's not movie one of the but anyway i shot he's not moving he's not moving at all he's just surviving honest i thought it was pretty clear that was not meant to finitive call it wasn't on the fence it's not because a little over the fence line that's why there's subjective thinking dude how experiences might different different points of view but
you know i see your argument but we gotta realize why are we watching this we're watching this number decisiones were watching this for brutality right but you gotta protect the guy when highlights all over his own highlights that's crazy that's a beautiful highlight beatdowns like that or highlights i think it's a highlight highlight do stop it three punches port still highlight yes i agree i agree too i agree too but it's not the worst that was uh no not at all like you know what's worse you know it was worse woman rockhold and chris weidman one hundred dollars worse it was a fight should have been stopped however said well when they were at when he was on top of him i was saying what does luke rockhold have to do to get the stuff but this is this is terrible at chris weidman is taking damage this
unnecessary i'm not just unnecessary but most likely when you get beaten up like that you're not going to recover but really there have been many many fights where they could have easilly stopped in the guy came back to roxanne congress allowed there's a lot of fights like that you gotta let it go for the fans and sixty five dollars now come on right we don't want we'd rather have you taken seriously early little late then low early is always going to win i think brock lesnar brock lesnar look better versus shane carbon didn't weidman did oh honey percent there really wasn't any damage like he's getting hit but covering up but there's no blood but he was he looked like he was there see weidman was called thumped are this was literally like someone shot with a twenty two to the greatest moments of japan demanded allergic because of that that's why that's why i hardly nobody's doing mma because it the brutal
already that's why that's why people are paying sixty five dollars for it if it was all decisions known would pay for anything it was a scroll down to stop regardless that wasn't that bad we don't have to argue about it i see at his point of view and i'm leaning more towards your side i think maybe it could have stopped because you just standing there taking shots doesn't move this model had when a guide to stand there taking shots and he's not moving he's waiting for the referees he was standing fully erect she wasn't walking until he was last sunday just to stud he's a stud he's in excellent shape but that's how a lot of guys die like a lot of the guys that have died from getting beat up they didn't go down they got beaten down they sank into the ropes how many people have died in mma boxing boxing you know one of the things that ma has going for it is that you could fuckin' clinch it's the cruelest schitt ever to watch a guy like rocked in a boxing match and the referees
pulling more holding on to the customer still only thing that's keeping that guy like after i see only thing keeping him alive they're like nope you can't hang on i'll break it up break it up you like oh no if you don't want going qualifier it's the worst it's really dumb mike pyle powerful mike pyle is a big win for him congratulations as to how she's been fighting for every forty years old i remember first time i heard his name ed clay said there's a kind from tennessee made mike pily trains at my gym watch out for this guy this is two thousand and one or two thousand so long ago he's forty now it's crazy taller than i haven't sung by think mma in a way has a longer lifespan regardless of what you take in even if you take enough and then boxing does cause is not as completely dependent upon reflexes to so many different skills to learn
oh man yeah it stresses brutal see that's when he left he looked at the ref went stop landed we're having stuff let's go one more and he stopped wanting to make sure boom ok we're done he still on his feet guy wasn't doing shyt though shots was just taken it take that last name this call it's all right words for babe ruth had already had his act i rippers hataf wasn't the words i'm just trying to be honest here that's it i'm just trying i see what you're saying but poor baby guys just bought his hard out hey that's what that's what people are sixty they know they know the game i don't know man they know the game they know it's brutal everybody is well aware and accepting cage man dude you're throwing full blown shin kicks to your skull no ones trying stop that but what is your heart that you're hurt they are trying to stop that that's the whole idea behind it what would you rather take what he would do against the fence like that with those elbows like that and you were kind
standing or edson barbosa just doing a straight completely different will kick in your face that's which came here to your style but switch kick your floating around on the switch talking about it i'm talking about the wheel kick with he'll be the hardest hit doesn't feel good in the fast system here is like kicks so god damn everything barbara's is probably the fastest kicker maybe i've ever seen i think i've ever seen anybody take as fast as him not eating also i think a lot of fucking chaos with those wheel kicks over the last five years look at one boy talking to carmen now remember we used to talk about it and i was like just people don't know how to do it yeah i go people know how to do it it's horrific because of it i've never seen anybody get will kick in the head by a guy was good and not go out like when you get healed
he'll hit your head you know like sometimes you catch guys with that oh and those guys are okay bye it's slapped yeah but he'll hit you in the head from a guy who really knows how then you got screwed on and you got the booty hole landed two no no no no no you contribute as opposed to like this exact that well the key is it's just like throwing a punch the idea like when you throw in a pun is you don't want your hand completely clinched up until you're going to make impact because then it slows the punch down so you supposed to punch and then tighten your hand up as you're about to hit it's like kind of a time thing a lot of ways you want to keep everything as loose as possible while it's loading in the right way is the same thing with a kick when you throw in that we'll kick you everything to be almost like ballet until like halfway there and then hey there your pulling your leg back and you pull it and put in pushing your foot forward and you stick in that he'll out but it doesn't come until like that
i mean like as you're in the middle of the spin once you get like there that's when everything hardens up and boom and then you come across with the heel is barboza sneaky know mma fighter for working on that ship and then going out with these early two thousand and four like yeah nobody was working on everyone is now though dude people used to make fun buddy shut up i would say you know like once people learn how to really throw spinning back kicks the body like it's like getting hit by a it was more really was when the people that already know how to do it learn how to wrestle in jujitsu so that afraid to throw it 'cause everybody that was karate guys cuando guys in those times but there were told hi there emma macoto don't falcon through that shit 'cause he's going to take it down and choke you out so they were limited like ok we're going to keep it nice and simple and we're not going to do the spin kicks that we know how to do 'cause we suck on the ground but once like
stephen thom center or wonder boy one one two hundred gilbert yeah he's rather yeah you guys after ellenberger said that it was a waste of time to throw those things he's like i'm not worried about is spinning tested waste of time that's what he said is almost a waste of energy in in the in the preview did he really yeah in the previous wonder boy moves like a snake like it that's that's the future right that's what you're gonna see a truck like that like conor mcgregor like a diego brandao those guys just throw everything he throws a lot of his a great striker is near my compared to those two not to those he throws a lot of spinning ship heathrow heathrow smiles like me compared to its joanne in the little girl did you ever think you're off did you ever throw spinning shittenou you have said never never never why you're super athletic
he taught me i never had it i never had a kick boxing culture tech on the coach no one ever said you you should every now and then it's good to have a has been able a game over weapon right there set the wheel kick man it no no one ever told a lot of fighters though don't throw most i would say not eighty percent don't thrown right at saddam can add some totally project things out of time on that ship and it's not exactly if if you put it in you know what priorities yes we will number thirty it's a long term project for which is you that's why i like it helps if you have a martial arts background star with when you're a kid you learn that should first becomes normal like if you see four year olds throwing sidekicks and then we'll kicks it's hilarious q and it's adorable because their legs they're so used to throwing their legs you know throw their legs up in the air and it's normal and then as they get older and their legs get heavy their bodies use
the dynamic that's crazy habibie mega man tony told her that her the fight johnson give us a quick the floodgates to settle what happened there one of the odds of that fight is really an take place zeroed in on the end not lie mark reynolds her all the time he's unfortunately he's super talented but he's hurt all the time he's going to get hurt again he consistently could get hurt again you know what more likely to get hurt than not i'd say which sucks yeah look people get hurt there's a fifty percent chance of him getting hurt or eighty percent let's say sixty percent that's a lot that's a fox card apparently that's a lot on my calendar at least that's a fox car don't know it's going to be an fs1 fox card i don't i don't think it's a i don't think it's a aka thing how these guys are getting hurt i think could be ban name this have so much experience with wrestling do combat sports they're just get
up there man they're trying to train like regular dudes in there getting hurt the people like young tk habibi got his tongue of experience now does what a world champion sorry yeah master sports and it's interesting because as well when you know watch it yeah i thought it was a real just a wrestler those things are great he looks like when he's when you're watching them compete he looks like a wrestler his when's greco's really good is outstanding he leg locking people not real the smashing people on the ground those guys those guys in russia do a lot of greco too though when you're samalga you're also doing a lot of greco typically will hear his clan is insane is a bit ability to control from the is insane but which was i was going to say about rockhold other days two fights in a row rockhold impress me in a huge way with his ability to control from the top we the cheetah and then against weidman 'cause machine
is impressive but it's like i think he had machida fuckedup before they went to the ground the temple thing but you don't ground he destroyed i think that she was already fuckedup but weidman wasn't like he just caught a wheel kick in a fight where there was a real close fight but once you get on the ground man you have to work i think it was some rumor too i think he's you know he's why melissa walker and one ninety three of up apparently and and i mean rock called two weeks before the fight was to sixteen technique to his technicians nasty yeah i just say yeah i was using to teach you just it's it's can obviously guys also training with i don't know daniel cormier and candle ask i think that's a huge part of it may sound i think that's a huge part of it because like like corn they said when he fought john jones he didn't have kings corners cameras all fuckedup from surgery and he's like it made a big impact on me i really felt it whether or not that had anything to do with him losing the john jones you making that face i want to say things wrong amnesty anthony johnson jon jones oh yeah i wanna see it too that's what i want but cormier
i want to see him with cane in his corner training with him see if that has any impact but flights going down right canes going on april surgery apparently it's going to have back surgery really he already had it yeah he already had it already had what do you think about home and tape that's a tough fight that came back surgeries not an easy thing it's not like a small deal you taking pieces of your disk right out for a while to distract me right is that correct yes i mean the means that the the gel that separates your desk see had a piece of it removed because it was pressing into his nerve she's very controversial procedure because some people feel like you don't have to do it like lou simmons the guy from westside barbell they wanted take him and fuses his and that's why that machine that i have outback for the back the fox is called reverse reverse reverse hyper
why am not mad i want to use it like and that's it looms in the background my favorite county resident tomahawks but the fire bob what do you do with kane you got to get a fight you got a re have that back man i don't i'm not necessarily big fan of cutting your back right away i think you got to take some time off for training i really feel that correctly i'm pretty sure you're had surgery well here's my thoughts though if you want to get back into it really quick that's the way to do it but long term health not i really convinced i need obviously i'm not a doctor but i've recovered from bulging discs at a bulging disc in back that doesn't exist anymore and a bulging disc in my neck it doesn't exist anymore if you look at an mri it looks different and it's from long term rehab i had to take a lot of time off a role in i had to do spinal decompression with
i did it on an office with the chiropractor at first and then i got some machines we could strap 'em up some mechanical shape you strap your door at your house i went through jenna keen injections i went through a lot of rolfing and like breaking apart scar car do those pulling on everything and everything was all fuckedup and tightened up who was just like years and years of wear and tear but now through that and through yoga i don't have any of those issues anymore they're gone so i don't know what his how bad his was but i know mine was my fucking hands were numb you know my left and was going out that yeah my fingers my two fingers my ring finger in my pinky finger going numb so let me ask this what do you do with the heavyweight division you have redeemed fight so sleepy i think would kane should concentrate on if i was cain i mean get your body completely fuckin' healthy there's a lot of people that have like severely criticized conditioning videos that are online i don't know if it works with this guy anymore but he was working with a guy that was like the to
can you have him doing these in the unseen is no my god pull up you don't suppose chain oh yeah pull up kane uh does a two hundred pound kettlebell swings his form is according to steve maxwell and uh into a bunch of other respected kettlebell trainers completely wrong it's not in this guise got him lifting this insane weight and doing this completely almost like a shrug two hundred pounds yeah it's like julie tabouli asking more than two hundred think it's two hundred plus here it's two three so this is true and like i'm telling you the reviews on on you tube by people that suits you know what the they're talking about but watch this his trainer look like look let's look at this like what he's doing he's doing a shrug that's not a swing that's not a swing and swing yeah i want your backs the user you can totally get up doing this the is that it's wrong in the the guy i'm doing leg extensions will look the guy's obviously a big fucking guy him
that means shipping this is better than doing nothing right disagree but it's not optimal it's not the the fight one hundred percent it's a big it's like one of those bouncy balls that my son has yeah it is also true swing it and then doing like an upright row row yeah it's well it's a shrug it's like he in its wings he gets to his dick is and then he's like a shity shrug upright row it sure is popping out of kettle black kettle bell swing and it's probably not good for you it doesn't look right and she steve maxwell was furious when steve maxwell saw it he's like that that is that's why he was like almost essentially calling it like malpractice looks horrible i don't have a degree in it but that looks terrible supper on the weight remind tyler that looks fucking terrible you got with canes you gotta fucking super athlete a guy who just do what you tell him and fucking push through everything that's probably one of the reasons why he's been injured 'cause he's pushed through some pain that maybe should laid off of and
i don't know like what i mean maybe it is holy for him is perfect maybe it's perfect maybe it's a real simple thing like maybe it's only sticking a little bit on one side if they trim it be back training for weeks i don't know but i know that for a lot of people you can you can get like real hasty and make a decision to jump into surgery and it's not the best decision but the special a lot of money on the line to be to fight though that's the thing for a lot of these guys like they might have to fight in six months so you would have to get the surgery because realistically with this one's a therapy you might not be ready again yet did he has to fight before six months the heavyweight belt song to wait six months while if his health think about flying arm triangle if it health is on the line this guy's good man what weight is this this heavyweight tool this domain card now me yeah mishka circle cool off is
russian guy one bodies on that's pretty brutal good hair good hair on that i'm just saying to you if he's out six months you have to have it yeah we don't have the title the title you can to do steer rothwell yeah you do both of them in that time that it seemed to realistically come back but he's got i don't know it's got to be careful he's just feels fairly young i i think teens like what thirty four thirty there's a lot of experience you know i'm saying like it catches up but he could realistically fight at the highest level for the next three years but these injuries i don't know it's real controversial but in my experience talking to different doctors there's doctors that say she gets surgery this doctor should say you should absolutely not coverage goes till you've exhausted all the options either way still in the greatest of all time anyway it's easily well jakes
they were telling him he was fact what happened telling him he couldn't couldn't fight again you should stop training started he was really mad he's like these fucking doctors are so negative man 'cause first of all they're just regular doctors used to dealing with regular people a lot of am not use dealing with elite athletes and guys who are willing to go through like kind of rehab but i got like jake shields willing to go through right like some serious fucking pain and discomfort but he got through it he's fighting now he just backed out his fight in a world series apparently it's a contract that yep do you know the full details i don't apparently what it is is a it's a title fight so if you fight for the title because paul ours gets stripped the strip parece after the jon fitch because they say held it too long right was a fish funny funny no no she she i was in his eyes yeah stripped him yeah after that and then but here's the thing about the the i go ouch like you either stop the fight like while it's happening yeah
don't let it go it in see and then to select to strip of afterwards i don't know that's super unprecedented well maybe they saute pan and realized he was dragged his finger through it he was even he's hiding what he was doing was different because i'd rather my address from israel is very evident right replays are one solid yeah there's like i you're good just keep on keep hard cheater he was yeah he was definitely stick in fish at i that was a real he's a bad guy what people got mad about was the more he held the kimora but i don't think that was bad because it really was in the wrong place the referee i'll get a priest happen is back you're expecting him to recognize that that's a referee tapping his back in the middle ferocious cage fight the referee supposed to be between the two of them
add mitrione in that same position you hit that more and you held it for that long by the referees tapping you i do not think you would get the same kind of grief i agree i think you would say i was in the middle of the fight i didn't even realize refuse tapping i didn't see him 'cause the referees in the wrong place the referee in that position is supposed to get in between the fighters he's supposed to be in front so he could him in the eye will parse has that yeah more he's out of place he was over here is supposed to be over here what about pahari versus garry tonon polaris left the polaris trained where is that taking place in gangsters garry tonon holds explained for this is a just to show the jitsu event held in england it's kind of like metamoris they have a bunch of matches are submission only and i think submission and it ends up being a draw the only minutes it's just like when morrison that respect i think in twenty minutes i'm like that and they put on great shows great matchups and man gary tonon is taken on i saw that that is so
fucking gangster i agree and i he's the only guy that's asking for ball r as he wants paul hartness justin juno body the last five guys whoppers it's because they just they offered the fucking fight told him that knows going after him you know an incrimination if he's graphical horace well blocks bar it's it's you know it's highly possible that he's going to luck porous but it gives you an idea how good jake shields was 'cause he was beating pajaros up on the ground he was controlling his body was very good he's on the legal is one gary tonon now we saw him at your event i was trying to remember last time i saw something tomorrow before he was eating these dudes yeah well dead leg lock game john donna her leg lock game is very high level man him and eddie eddie comments the both those guys are fucking wizards man and donna her apparently there too like i never seen donna her role but everybody says he
he said he's so god dam smart it all started with dean lister dimas or went to hanzos up in like late and these two thousand and two thousand one and the minister came into the jiu jitsu world already although guy so he always the guy even as a white belt is a blue belt in southern california dean we grew up to you did so well he was always that leg lock dude that's ambo guy who got into jiu jitsu so that to deem lesser goes on to win abu dhabi absolute leg lock and fuckin' everybody that knee bar if it's solid ribero with holyshit in two thousand and three watch that shit the neighbor had solara barrett solar bear was like one of the best one of the greatest players ever and that new bar that he got him distance to gary tonon i don't want the current rankings are but he number one in person he might
the best i've ever seen there's no real official rankings movement under the point there's nothing like it there's a point game and then there's a submission only game but let me finish really quick so that guy dean lister he goes to hanzos and dad heard their dinner hers that handles little prodigy and he leaves an impression with i'm sure he left he left omens affect his jolla and the danaher took what he learned from dean lister an he just blew that shit up and there's like a scientist i think he's a physicist or something or you know rock under armour shirt phd in philosophy something like his phd in philosophy and houston were hensel used to give him hence so back this is literally i don't know i've got two thousand and three or whatever and so when somebody come into challenge and so he's really good he would wanna casually give john had said roll with this is how you do first and john just you watch him tap these dudes like these really good sambo guys or whatever they were and he just
like he is moving in slow motion noodle is a minimalist right yeah he's just really smart ones bring it on or you know power let me know i'll yeah you get one point one yes and then server stress working strong and you want to learn martial arts to deal with like within bouncing such regency realize i should probably have some skills and saying i had no idea it doesn't look like it now but he's still obviously very strong if you look at him he's thick and fit but apparently used to be i saw my ufc event he was like at the bar afterwards and he had on a fuckin' rash guard an some jeans tucked in or no fox given either he said also his wedding thing he wears rash guards he did so i always seminar and a it every time i he was not a fluke look we've created eddie cummings gerry tone and because gerry told and win hands owes to train with dinner but he didn't have any leg locks he was all make a show cat is you're basically was already a black belt he went today
that's when he started learning the leg locks from him and through eddie cummings they him and eddie common just became like best friends training partners was so impressed with you again i took i took private from john connor john yes like probably five and now they got this new guy gordon ryan who just got his black belt is fucking amazing as well as the new guy you're going to struggle roosters at hanzo so yes she knows other leg lock master the people forget dave torrell dave toral versus ricardo almeida in two thousand and three in abu dhabi remember to dave torrell had some nasty ass leg locks dave how was so explosive for legendary stories about him in nature in the training room beauty is the best ever since i have seen him compete like watching him in abu dhabi i always expect that he was going to be ufc champ 'cause he wanted to emma may start smashing people he knocked out matt lindland first round but evan tanner got him he also had a series of catastrophic ear injuries
he had removed from his head like cats like staff inside head from his ear his ears were just gone right they were like these just fucking ashtrays on his add hard as a rock just all cauliflower up but apparently like just years of hard training yet it got an infection inside his ear and there take it take his whole fuckin' ear off his head clean it all out like try to fuse hidden swab it and cauterize it to get to get it to stop losing pus or do you know you know you trying out in your ear falls off that even work they had to do it again like he's got he went like like when your ears fucked read a near a girl back i can't get worse you doing your your equal libyans off you can't do horse so he's like a mythical creature in the nor nor cal do i have so many crazy stories about that guy who is signed compete i was like that guy moves like a ghost and fastest buck and his students
from joe soto there so good at leg lock defense joe soto when you're generally when you game plan against eddie cummings plan is stay stay away from any kind of foot sea battles you don't want to that's the game plan avoid it try to do the super basic jujitsu jitsu strategy like what i think it was lucas the pre in abu dhabi did that gerry town and you see the look is the pre or leandro lo i keep those guys mixed up all the time either one of those guys that abu dhabi when against garry tonon and he straight knee slice boom state type stayed inside control top half never let get anywhere near his legs you know that's the game and against a leglock guy i like eddie come that's it you try to put put to them started but joe soto he went in there in the finals that he by three he went in there and just said he sat on his s cinema play footsies with eddie cummings anet warrant for a long time ago
everybody was just blown away said how the fuck is leaving his legs out there for you know any comments grafters legs and jose so just displayed just this incredible defenses leg lock defense i was wrapping going what did he really playing footsies with eddie coming he ended up getting caught any did catch him but he showed tremendous fuqing savagery for going in plan legs with them and i talked him afterwards and he said did i i roll with dave terrell all the god damn time the guys always after our legs are you kidding me were used to the ship yeah i don't kill or be killed if you're in a leg locks emissions coming sneeze all up how about your boy right barnett and ross well into the call that same insane insane apparently would ruffle gets all the next his nose out so he was showing me what he got a man that's horrible i don't know how it's hands or the i don't know how to put his hand on the movies either it's a ten finger you teen essentially but that is
little coach wanted called a gogo choke half as it goes against your throat sort of like a gogoplata or there's no one hotter than the share your c division heavyweight division right now then dollar ruffles that we also he's the beast did like being that guy right now well confidence he pays the beast to though it's like it's real close like where after steeping destroyed or lost you like that steve is right in there man well for is mickey gal let us yeah mickey gall apparently one earlier tonight he did and he's uh i was hearing a lot of criticism zabita face off yeah see him punk locked in the first prelim ever have a face off i just feel like i do so why he would want to do that i feel like if he was smart he would just start fighting in small organizations you know i get that you want to get a lot of money because the ufc is where it's at with money but i would think like the smart move is what he's already done training wise go to a real camp
he goes to rufus perfect move is going to teach him how to strike as good as anybody in the world agree and then you got real good wrestling with ben askren you got real good jiu jitsu you got everything there everything everything there i heard they offered him i heard they offered him a go through the tough show and he's like i'm trying to write to the shell so i think tough would be in better form yeah get ratings now it does he gets warm up and then you know then he goes but for your despite being that octagon good who is mickey ghazi tough though well he's a newcomer they found him on that looking for a fight show on hbo now show or in a youtube rather small organization we look for it he's a brown belt significantly zeroed out that that's what i read earlier today three one this is the round by he won by submission they said the around uh i heard i heard blue and purple the usc said brown belt so i don't know well we might have got is brown right before the fight you know either way i'm a little pump
that's three more belt ahead of cm punk that she goes to the ground yes it's a big difference who knows what cm punk's been able to do in the he's been training for over a year you can you imagine seeing punk goes in and she gets merked it would be like from the waterboy when michigan play in the water boy that's water boy he certainly could right he could target marked who knows if this kid can strike like if he can strike if the kid has jujitsu any can strike would learn how striking a year she's gotta have any striking under him keep magine like you're going to see more digits in some dude who's got like some serious knockout power and you're going to practice for a year it's ridiculous i like seeing punk as a person but for the sport i think it's best if he gets merked is that fact that make headlines and happy with anybody said it gets marked me too but gets higher so i like when you go get stuck i forget is there anything worse about rumble john jones yo you never know man rumble could start young and he said starts early oh
we could we could start to anybody anybody in the world rumble can hit you on the temple and your she could just go boiling i think john master floor has the biggest head along steep i've ever seen run could almost had his gigantic it's a big fucking head if you can that's against john jones it's the it's i don't think he will though i think john takes a downed wires amount texas are people forget the steeping got stopped by skyscraper stephens truth yet i can not to mount yeah step two it seems like it no not stefan struve man he's had some real tough fights there's a guy who's got some real tough fights he said some like brutal knockout losses los seven foot tall by name all back in the day the kid had some mad potential and still does is two six hundred and twenty seven right yes so many fights them age is not what you what you i count here's what forty fight some ship he's had some ruthless knockouts inside the and once the last time solve some foot tall grampa anyone
they don't live long anybody anybody now they don't know we saw that one giant conditions no yeah they all have heart conditions are just too big one if they can mitigate that today and one of the under and like what is the thought brightness you dying so far pretty told yourself from your not ready and i know it is simply one hundred hundred i'll be i'm on the back nine for sure well you know what though honestly do you really want to live past eighty what what kind of dogshite arthritis ridden existence is that all my brain will be over athlete former athlete pass eighty made good lord and less thought well you don't know man think about forty years from now who the fuck knows who knows who knows my son my son his daddy
i'm happy when i'm forty five and he asked me that for real and i said you'll be a computer going to be dead that's why i i just don't the deadline coming down like he three thousand and forty five twenty third sorry i missed your call now oh april 23rd gym on john's been lifting weights hey call john's lifting weights everyone's like now he's a good guy now everything is all good like is he picture lifting weights he's a fucking monster now damn jon jones is ridiculous good luck beating him yeah and i don't think rumbles gonna wait for a for a title shot now i said he's not i would like i would wait if i was wrong but i would yes and quit work and and if you got both the
okay right would you can find better i love the guy was an option that that it snow flake demo came riding shot a low single just stayed on it also hang on to a more yes the guy so who do she did johnson to call me this is the first time in his annual is that the olympic wrestler to right yeah yeah he likes that those guys are super smart that's right let's get there quick yeah that's what i say so when we talk about these guys scramble what we're talking about making hustle the king has a little better but we just talking about a rumble jones quick work ryan bader i keep trying to finish that a camera like that's a hard move to pull off a strong dude as it is right a guy strongest
both on top and you don't even have half panicked i think because he had no control he's holding on to it he had to do something with his legs he just didn't have the dexterity to get new position like one slash two guard or something and then get up to like to dogfight right rumble said what the fudge is there empty half at one point right off a problem over with the problem he's so fucking strong explosive at the beginning of the round he's one hundred percent he even remotely tired i jumped in turn on your back or he's got you on your back and said copy and you know one of those punch is going to change your life one punch you got to be really good on your back that's all that is you really fun were you take him to it look grant jon jones look grim right there wasn't mount tried tried to take an ankle bracelet right now i'm trying to take rumble down maybe brown shoe he's going to incite trip home take him down he's going to break him and then tkl he might man you're so confident yeah how could you
here so calm photos can happen dan that's right i think getting better and better and i was trying to enable lance's get his grappling in order i hear jokes off the i agree he's a monster at times johnson johnson is a great champion you have the you might yeah but you he might he has the skills to words joe rogan but yeah he's got the skills to stiffen them all up its mother whether not again apply it against the very best of the best but but he's this edge i got on the he's done improving so you had this edge right now we're only a guy like cormier can beat him because everybody else the mountain one everybody gets the fuck beat out of him gust of the fuc beat i disagree dave i think it's five and five does custom got his sudden and rumble johnson's good fight match up wise cost isn't got head but actually they had one and he got start yeah i smashed him yeah i know i'm saying that doesn't happen every time who i don't know
well they don't know what happens every time you're good you think yeah that one i don't know what else it might not have it every time but with the data that we have only available gary guy who knocks everybody dead he's not a good idea he knocked them dead and so you got to think okay first of all the kind of beating the customs and took in that fight you don't want to take yeah i there's a bath but the data when i'm busy johnson bracey break he going to be broken so i see guy break but i look at jon jones who's broken everybody including dc broke dc let's not get it was good plan let's look at the data we have here assuming morning still data right but that we're not talking about him were talking about gustavson you're talking i'm saying but you don't just came and find jimmy pull up there but that was a monster fuckin' fight but definitely looks like they could watch this and everybody can get broken
everybody could get broken if you guys could break you i disagree multiple guys great ones don't get broke 'cause they're not they don't fight anybody that much 'cause they're great lombardi lombardi said just somebody said fatigue makes cowards of us all it doesn't for sure lookout lookout john was against best friend of men right yeah i've thought about all the time yeah it makes me pussey retired i turn yeah everyone does cardio sh but you know a man i've been getting into this street cardio over the last few months i've been doing like these hard core cardio workouts just because i hate him when he saw about like what kind of ridiculous sprints like it's not like it's about a protocol but i do a thirty second on thirty second off on our political machine i i adjusted from sixteen which is pretty hard pretty stiff to twenty which is like your wrestling the second thing and i'll do these
death sprints thirty and thirty that's good does it how many though you three thousand nine hundred and thirty it depends on what country it depends on what i'm trying to do but i do i do a forty five minute workout and doing the forty five minute workout the first fifteen minutes i'm just getting everything ramped up so the first fifty this is sprints the first fifteen minutes keep it on sixteen and going at a very fast pace then once i get to the first fifteen minutes and i'm sweating then it's death runs i go on these thirty minute death runs it did you do for a whole thirty minutes to the pen bring up on how long i can laugh how many death runs i can do 'cause sometimes i can't do the death runs i just have to just paste myself at sixteen but then when i feel like i've got my heart rate down 'cause my my elliptical things get a little heart rate thing kind of want to do you have that completely monitor can beast of a work just gotta well there all day all and everybody uses elliptical machines they just kind of go steady but if you go on a death run you got to go on a save your life save your love
save your mom from who makes you do that though i do it i just do it no but i mean like who makes you spread my inner insecurity of being we do like think you're sprinting but you're like during the spring time you're like you know man i'm going as fast as i can whatever you know sometimes i think it's just a number of revolutions per minute and i want to keep it up a certain number i don't remember what it is at one eighty or at at twenty but it's somewhere where you want your heart rate to be somewhere around one hundred and eighty and the i forget what the revolutions are because they're different on the one that i use at the gym first the one that i use at home but you could have a number where you keep it at that number so it's like one hundred and forty seven i think so when you hit one hundred and forty seven just gotta fuckin' keep it there for thirty seconds and it's big deep wim hof breast all whole time then just wrestle this thing for thirty seconds you know it's a nightmare and relax yeah you know it's a nightmare is setting just a little something set the trend
fifteen incline and it put it four miles an hour and walk walk for fifteen minutes trying to try to stay on pace did kill you today i have it talked about yeah the in the pool yeah metamora awesome well tim ferriss runs death runs in recovery that's what it's all about think about the pool thing though is the way i did it was there's a giant clock your time it's twelve you sprint across the pool so when you get to the end of the pool whatever's left in that minute you get to rest yeah so when you're doing that no one has to tell you bust ask your busting asked to yeah 'cause you know after the first maybe six apps are easy soon as the clock hits twelve you bust as across the pool you sprint you get past and it's like you got thirty five seconds to rest and then you rest and you do back as soon as it hits the twelve boom after like twelve you're dead
yeah and no matter how chaotic doesn't take long reading as you got it no matter how tired you are you got to keep your breathing on point because to swim your so you got your like dying but at the same sometimes it's something in your mind you're on duty bible mode your you're dying but your breathing's got to be perfect you're going to swallow water swallow water and you that to me was super fucking crucial they're not grappling yeah exactly wrestling with no matter what breathing no matter how chaotic your situation is it you practice breathing and chaotic situations 'cause if you if you pick up at all you swallow water is a good fight allows zach makovsky and just really this is a very good fight i've been looking for this benavidez kitten other title shot you think maybe he's down at musclepharm and he's a training with bang again doing all his training with bang i don't know what's going on with those guys in sacramento what's happening like how many how often
him and lance palmer had been bouncing all over i don't mean gaucho hemorrhoids palmer have been bouncing all over though to jackson went to musclepharm and i must farming let's see they got a hell of a team down there tj lance palmer ben it is neil magny the tach will benavidez how to do what he's gotta do i mean he doesn't have any meat in many years left i think he's in his 30s as well and especially i think he's thirty four but at one wow what do you do if you lose one hundred and twenty five well if he loses to mccoskey tonight and mccoskey beats this guy but maybe understand took him down i agree let's say he fights dj for a third time he loses hey man we can't do four i'm sorry four it's we got move on well what does he do then it's a real question opens did you see did you see talking justin scoggins today yes jesus christ hell yeah jesus yeah he looks fantastic fuckin' scoggins holysh holyshit god dam dude yes
bodies out him dude i'm i'm not like you guys i'm not like an encyclopedia right now there's too many offices like i can barely keep up i don't know what the he was but i saw for the first time today pretty little man i i was thinking holyshit because ray borg because before you board supported by which it before the fights they mentioned because scroggins thinks he has the best movement in mma and i'm like oh my mother fucking god how retarded can this guy beat the best fucking retard and then after one round of mike okay you might have a can you can you keep the pace and then he was he looked really good on the ground around his rest his wrestling was very good and is striking was whistling coming from also find let them be fighting right in the store every kick and spitting everything like holy this is one of the
best guys at standing in that sideways karate style stance and using the front leg to heal front lakeside kicks your thigh a front leg side kicks you bye i don't know bring the phone was correct or not but he was talking about how and i don't know like i said i don't know anything about scroggins but brian stan was saying that when he fights s south park he it's more karate and when he fights ride they're orthodox he's fighting more and more tired or something like that like when fighting right hand this style when he left hand this style mike holy how cool is that well it's a great style but he changes it like right here i feel good and we tie right here i'm a karate guy you know why only fuckbook amazing his sideways stance allows him to use that front leg so if you're fighting it doesn't know like that style you can get away with a lot of shit like if you're used to a guy who's fighting moy thai style with that light front leg and the more of like a closed off stance you can get with that with a moitie guy but with a karate guy he'll stand sideways like
what are you gonna die he'll he'll stand sideways and throw those front leg side kicks and you don't know what to do she throws from way outside he's like a lot of these moitie style guys they're standing right in front of each other that's using four backwards ns he's all over the place stop it stop it rain format of anybody describe a fighter like that and you see it before with noah goggins probably told him that he probably had a conversation with him about the different things before have you heard i never heard that before but it makes sense if you see how good he is there's a lot of guys that switch berkeley switch their plans in this case keeping the characters like holyshit well you know this is like super versatile at being able to switch back and forth connor amazing welterweight
call hamid stephanie yes tear accepting his fucking hair is happening is a wizard going back karate stage so companies had dutch kickboxer what does he know not dutch he is from germany to german cake pops i want to see belgium it's belgium that's christian brussels he's from where van damme as well there you go there you go i love me then he's the reason i thought man i want to meet him i've seen him a couple of times said that damn movie was brilliant to see him a couple times in venice example he's got tight jeans on always a beautiful bug an affair palacina fanny packs bubble butt
fanny packs you know still has one i just did he lives in marina del rey i live in marina del rey i see him all the time driving now you like i don't want to super super fast now you're saying good shift course i don't wear for one is going over him now we should have him on a companion like god is a great guy i underwears lives near delray claude van dam on this show would be fucking amazing they are terrible side too much comeback against the time world champion he's been talking about making a comeback for that he actually fired no listen to me he was asking if you want to see something that is amazing that no one talks about you need to watch the john claude van damme reality show i watch it
in one time a jb cd it's so great no no no no no no no no no it's a reality show reality show is in san what i watch with me i come to you you too it's the best well i think it aired in another country and showtime picked up picked it up that's also what israel pediculus he's amazing he keeps talking about having this fight he's been scheduling for years no tiger noises tiger gives watch my friend come on hugging fighting whenever i don't touch my face with everything that's my face he pretends he's going to fight this guy and they fucking knuckle up they have these press conferences he goes up go through his batshit crazy does this speech about having to fight for the children come to the cocaine i'm done with this i'm done with the party
ok that's better friend in need better friends he gets cached he gets gang to the gills on coke and he goes to parties with russian oligarchs did flying out to chechnya to goes to a funky disco with a fuckin' champagne bottle with both hands and he wakes up in the morning he feels bad he feels bad the children of israel children i'm going to fight to show that washington have it you gotta watch it i gotta workers jc basically on the show crazy now you will have it how do you find time does he fly private everywhere he's a bad i've got money and everybody is going to movies do the money that last movie was great made a lot of money but that last movie probably made eight ball eight dollars weekdays amazing stephanie dollar fill all those other movies that he made his whole life if he was just reasonably frugal he has hundreds yeah the hours it's got a really
my god of money how much money you make overs cool baby that was blocked it was a blockbuster i would go feel that friday night we here's what you have he's elvis in these have to consider ownership of the movies sales of the movies he existed back in the day were going gee dilemmas should is a good mccarthy on top he existed back in the day of blockbuster back in the day will buy movies in percentage that you get a percentage of that you get a percentage of it when they sell the showtime hbo cinemax tv all that shit he got a percentage of all that used to you he was reducing he was a part of the ownership of those films he might have made an ungodly amount of money yeah
do beat up john holliman how much i don't think anybody can beat up on hold on jamie it's jamie i'm seeing a lot of information online but something i just found said he is the hot top ten highest paid actors for two thousand and sixteen with an estimated age million combined but let's look at his overall earnings that's making money you made a chimney last jude i'm totally doing coke sales two hundred and forty five two hundred five million dollars at two hundred and forty five million times dude people you gave me one hundred million i do a little camping looks good he still looks good this offline privatize it though he's being stupid with his mother not fine he's bawling no he's fine he scrooge mcduck richie owns a football team and vodka and perfume does yes open money really bad guys two million dollars just being fuzzy jean claude
yeah i love that guy he's my hero he's got so much money he could paint a gotta fight where they can choreograph he's paying him to show up and choreographed fight fight but they choreographed press conferences huge fuckedup everyone in this room maybe he thought about actually fighting about three or four times but the time what it is is just getting together and saying that you're thinking about fighting in front of schedule of flights but i have movies to attend to did you see the deposition he blinded somebody in one of his movies with that we'll kick and he had to do a deposition at his at a trial about looking look at his brother who's better looking real he's definitely not as good looking as
now back in the day i'm saying now now climb and the day is really close yeah john climbed and them all day in addition there's no one better looking than alan jo bandages different you don't get better looking this is back look at this meanwhile we don't have any idea who want it if any of you try to say benavidez
as possible rather not do this track not watching it i think maybe this season comes out we would do a worse job than you know named your least favorite judge anybody i got benefit his head 'cause he's turned into screen the entire time i could feel it changes on you put the chains on man right triangle sweats off put those jeans out right now i gotta brian counter pair of the barbell jeans so props to barbell jeans eddie bravo just took the second law glass of vino if you were in a fine restaurant it's a double son come on most of what we would be like wars
glass he pours a slight sipping thing it's a delicious wine by the way what is nice let me say something about caroline this mother fucker knows his wine i've got to dinner with him and he gets in a conversation with him oh yeah the bank says what do you have in a burgundy from ninety seven and the guy goes oh shit this mother fuckers yeah baby cow big talking about different different grapes that are grown different hill science and he'll explain do explains amshit we we ate at this restaurant in a small way was like yes correct that's correct correct started he started talking about oh my god i gotta work on your technique mean sidekick is you got it kearney up having john claude van dam where those too though for sure you have to put they look good with stretching just you just haven't thrown little rusty you can do it
they're going to put the socks on before you came back from all the time sucks on does that help you kicking put to shoes do you still wear those shiny shoes so that you can throw roundhouse kicks quicker because of it for daily if you have a shiny soul like this to her you got to pick your knee up yes no see it's not bad but you have a is here at flaw on your technique that probably is never never explain to you is what i do four thousand nine hundred and nine bad it's pretty good i don't want to get hit by that i wouldn't want to get hit by that you could hit the magic yeah right in their shaft that's where you would get hit ship ship bryanstone spinning kicks right now dude it's those those jeans are helping
how do you spell serious let me see the spinning one though it's showing spinaway yeah it's my david that he does it's my favorite tools dear you just all you have to do different and all you're doing wrong this year coming up your foot is going up from the ground like a almost like a has moved right yeah i was always when you want to tierney up higher that's one of the cool things about those jeans way higher than that you need to really cool things about those geniuses changer these jeans that were wearing their like sweatpants man you should no no don't throw the kid like until your knees up get your knee up first and then throw the kick the problem is you're doing both at the same time no no don't throw the kick it to your knees up high any up way high pastor waste and then throw the kick yes mia
first and then she don't look over your stomach look over your shoulder i should yeah but nee first here this fucking hysterical this is ridiculous drunk i can't watch this go dude jeans on jeans on jeans here up here personal classified companion from here turn your shoulder to the right turn you show it to the right to the right now extent extent extent straight don't look over your stomach look over your shoulder like this like that that's how you look i know that's the end that's the inflexible anywhere anymore taxable you find left right from here watch oh son damn even though there even in the earth fuckin' chuck norris is blushing
john claude van damme the fuck out of both of you watching twelve i'm not mad at you at all no no one and then one i don't know what the damn be proud i'll never look at shows ask when he throws the kick like just focus on the task and at it don't look at it don't look at he has a set hollow look at the foot honey dews on right into the glue look deeply into them up due to i'd love to see our actual thai kwando matching shrink allen and rogen how just stare at their asses or both and this is a little hacking monster they're awesome right yeah well you see my kicks you see my does it matter process fundamenta
a little off yeah little bit spend years you get there but that that here is everybody everybody fox set up it's a number one thing about the side chick that people get wrong and it changes everything if you did you write in order to get that knee up hide the power difference is fuqing substantial intellect and learn your four thousand and thirty nine son no you just gotta do it right like alan with rogan's help you could be the best get yourself i could be best best dear diary today bro here's the thing you don't just throw it you have to throw it right or don't throw it right you can't be happy with the scoop never holiness coax listen to stoop doesn't exist you can't do it like you're stupid like that would be sick for a year just running one year don't throw it mama jokes still sick
i feel bad through a better looks like you want but it's not it's not a bad sidekick it's just you need to learn how to do it right you need has to come up high and then you could do it right like once once i show you how to do it you are doing they better i'll tell you right now this one was the best one i'll tell you right now you thought that sidekick with john claude van dam and he's going to throw up he's never coming back together yeah i'm dangerous to keep saying it's real simple you either do it right or you don't do it and that's the only way to be contested five hundred am tomorrow ready for my last day you will feel i'll put a pad you up like justin i put just i listen pads hope and well i pay him well that's why hitting the heavy bag simulating freddie roach about three years leg pads on him lego platform died body pad on him i don't kick him in the body though i only kick him in the thai pads but i fucked him up with shots like body show
it would have to get to the point where you're like pain due to not wear pads let me you up that you just bring a minute you take a beating and i'll give you of thousand dollars time for the killing you can't come i know too much about brain damage yeah no not who knows what's going on with the hundred foot that's going on with your liver when you get like no sign joe's kick cowboy in the body that needed the body heart to do so when those spinning heel kicks and sons body dude listen man done a gas done it'll get launched across the fucking the floor from a turning side to the body they get launched is it ok if you hit back kick somebody well there's a video of me on youtube kick in the garden he soars
he said he was afraid of me doing that and they took it down because it's too dangerous i slow him yeah i told you guys i called it a love that guy oh shit he was right wing ludwig in this corner kick to the body is always painful because your leg is strong even if you have a half ask kick he threw a kick to the body it's huge stronger than most people's punches in less you like also your shoulders should take to kick around but when you learn how to kick can you kick good a kick to the body is horrific it's horrific space if your shoulders account you should work on talking about stop dedicate your life all i'm doing i cannot the project dedicate your life to kicking you can afford to it doesn't have to pluck it it's not going to kill him you get so rich guys inside my killing only be able to last like now
cindy seconds tops with joe joe is going to kick harder he's going to need eight guys at forty nine he kicks his heart is absolutely pops i have a few months that's ten thousand dollars harder i've been around kicking for a long time you kick harder name well i learned that i just said i've been around kicking on turkey point out good battlefield date if you could do that just like the way you know kicks hard back in the day and i was right next to him who i watched boss rutin come back come up on my grass root how did it sound like it sound like someone shooting a shotgun in shawnee have ever heard kickback result pager his oh yeah lyrics they scared me more than anything i've ever seen most of the widest hips i've ever seen when i saw him kick the bag of beverly hills jujitsu all i thought of as just would take one and i'd be over there's no way i would survive if you kick me once in the leg my ship would just give up who had the hardest kick i've ever seen who shane carwin
he never use those tempted to throw him he wasn't tempted him in the fights to heavyweights get counter that so many guys legs in the gym they banned him from stop kicking well that's terrible then why didn't they fuckin' pay people the money just wear balloons yeah play car with like ten trevor wittman train him why didn't you ever have him thrown kicks his trevor is a wicked kick he will it could work on kicks all the time but you never thought inspiring and do it in fights man that's too bad i'd like to show heavy like fuq up gracie arms in a fucking freak specimen as far as like they also muscular structure yeah the sperm everyday for how many years i can't even imagine how would i don't know how you get out of the car today i'm gonna she is she winds in denver not
ah either gotta start wrapping or play basketball spark car which you wear head football helmet or something i would never be with ball helmet would help i wouldn't get bigger thing for him to hit dude i was living in boulder and i was training amal easton's and this guy walked in and i will we were in the middle of class where we're going over drills and i saw this guy walking in like that's not even a real person can be a real person then i realized it was car when he had his t shirt on that looked like it probably is made for me he his arm over my thighs essentially the from x men he was at the time i mean he wasn't making you gotta make two hundred sixty five the car it was caught a little bit too he was yeah quick miesha tate so hot smh so automatically instead of one two bit ease on it well the booty is just out of control and
also all she's just a nice person too she sweet by far the hottest girl i think mmm she's also just yeah she's awesome there's some fucking pretty decently hot when one hotter this there's some girl that just started fighting in bellator looks really hot really yeah there's pictures of tiff time bombing i want to kick her out a friend on the face roses roses hottest trends answer yeah i know what you look like the only guy i'm off that train no page on the page fan w me twist on the page fenton but still mister tate pal from water menace hack don't married hey man sorry that homeboy guys are getting your agents invoice of morality oh really i don't like seeing them around they get punched like that well
joy this kick then so they tried everything in their power not to show that no they don't they show the all the time that's in the loop now you know the loop the knockout luke the placed above all riley the the who song they put right on the your home you have to course he does he he's a part of it you for shut up you fat upright new life day nothing listen this and that she is going to be marked out now look at same provided hate listen holly holm is the fucking legit champion he doesn't play favourites that much you might have a love for rondo like as a person but the bottom
business business business champions so right now we're seeing a spectacular result you couldn't remove that spectacular because that was the most spectacular result in the history of women's mma and the ufc yes so i would say i want see how in a private jet will see what we're seeing now he's having her first vice cursed trouble so what's this mother fucker say before the podcast started let's get started we're talking about before he got shot in the bright suck me suck you in funny eight others on my local it's going to get does is the most i think i think it's really easy me we show and holly i think if if we we should keep to take holly down is misha can take holly down holly is going to win she's going to decision or or should be changed if she could take her down if she could take her down
i'm going to call again i don't think i don't think haleys jujitsu is anywhere near me shows how is stronger more athletic shoes i just got a letter out hate me show at three rows hit the brakes let's not say she's going to do this because we really don't know i i really have a problem when people do is they well she's got a light or hey i don't i think we should say that you don't think that's a fair assessment just disrespectful i disagree this is what i think i think honestly i think miesha tate is a better grappler i think we should take dominated sara mcmahon on the ground and flipped over on her back and help now which is a giant accomplishment yes outgrappled or out ground around and showed some bad as striking against jessica i had started with a plus ten strify man also is not going to be ridiculous she's not going to charge she's going to be chip
or i could use that on the on saying is it i don't think it's disrespectful i would never be disrespectful miesha tate however no no i don't think it's disrespectful shrek to john claude van dam for sure know that humans machines haven't been worked out yet but jeans mutherfucking yoga pants not that they need to be the survivors fibers so tight i put these on today and you broke him look at how flexible you are not the same thing i'm getting turned on i like listen listen they come from same box these are new now those are now i gotta hold on yeah now now the broken i said no i still have the tag on it i don't know but that does look very broken i think you're lying i just got him now you put him on that machine you bought you bought it put him on a gene machine just listen please send it to me for free look at this level may have at least right now the greatest striker ever in mma the greatest thing ever for women ma ma
well what i'm doing in j check i i would say i would say holly holly really does and you want yeah this is yeah like anybody out for ko power but to say that how much and i anybody it is not disrespectful to comment on how it's not just distill we were saying she's gonna later up i believe that and it's not being it might have been for me she might take her to the ground be able it from there i'm taking her down here take down the fence is awesome she's never been to she she might not be able to get taken down she's never been right now but if she can if she misses hanging upside down i think we should going to if she can take her down she's going to be over on the ground in those leashes first team up cutie we don't notice it's really a mystery like we haven't holly where i do know one thing those brief moments with wonder where she got out of ronda's armbar and which she took rhonda down because so we know it's far you might have some inside information from jams for people trained with her i've never seen i know this
i think it's a tougher matchup stylistic wise for holly than rhonda what do you now well i know that she's not obsessed with jujitsu she's one and there's a lot of mma fighters like that i can go rattle names off left and right there's a lot of guys they just want to stand and bang and work the wrestling will work to get up they don't want to learn it's there's so many they're still around they don't want work on their back they just want to beat the shit out of people take them fucking down get on top or not even fucking take him down to stay in and and work on their takedown defense if they get taken down work on getting back up that's savagery barbarians are you saying that's how it's going to be like here yeah that's a lot of guys like that and i hear hawley is one of those guys she just wants to stay in the ground but one of those goals one of those fighters yeah it's not fiction is not at all and what what what does a fighter's all have in common
generally not known to have a dangerous weapons off their back and they usually she get some touch up in kitchen cakes pitches in the face especially in women's division yeah yeah who's who's jujitsu does she have to worry bout in the women's division champions for a long time she works on takedown defense a lot and she works on getting back up a lot that's what i hear and then kicking their lesson to be learned that mma math doesn't really work and then styles really match up weird sometimes and this might be a case miesha tate holly fight very tough really take misha sneaky she sneaking she's tough she does a lot of good she's got a lot good skills good skills grinder to fight with their hands up high doesn't rush intake crazy chances and she can pop and she draw
jessica she really per game two man game working and james he's crying this she's great in the transition shot really good transition like like holy she's lawston been beaten up before she got beat up by cat cingano she's been to the mountain just came back strong one percent that coming back stronger is big 'cause she came back and beat yeah i answer mcmahon i thought like showing more determination showing more grit like she was back it's a wall after losing that fight cat yes i agree but seeing what i've seen from what i've seen with my eye whether i'm right or not it looks like holy holy nellie is a higher level striker i think holly just from what i've seen his much more snap and speed question yeah just so much fascism nineteen issues we don't yeah yeah so see shows record is way better never made them but here's the thing he hung sing then mainly a striker not an mma person boxing yeah her boxing is unquestionably better unquestionably best striking credentials ever
in the history of the women's division sure and taking time world boxing champion the only one who comes close as you want out 'cause she's six time world more touch him right when it comes to actual champions but misha can grow all she can clinch she can avoid striking and she doesn't necessarily have to kick box weather so becomes a very different proposition right so they went kick boxing kickboxing yes if they have mma kickboxing match which is with essentially the ronda fight was except for two brief moments if they went kickboxing yeah he's going to fuck her up but in mma misha it's blocking smart she she's sneaky she knows a lot of shit and she's been there before and she's tough and she knows she's tough sure she knows she can grind it out in a grueling brawl yes and she has a real shot a real shot see i i think i think me sure she's never gonna be rhonda put me should can't beat holly to be champion i just
think stylistic wise it's a much better matching how he means he's lateral movement we won't know until later but i know it's martial arts i think stylistic wise mitchell has a way better chance beating holly when she does run also there's a big difference between someone who is fighting off the back leg as a counter person which holly is just ridiculously the counters have timing was spectacular but rhonda was presenting a predictable target it was a lot of right for there's a lot of aggression also not all you had to do was all how to do is be patient find the right foot work and catcher coming because she knew she was but it was an exercise in moving back in countering she knew which was preparing for me she's not going to that you remember but if you're a member like there was a few fighters like most notably patcher kotte the foreigners and silver and he didn't lead and we
he didn't lead anderson did not look nearly as good horrible fight he's a horrible fight because cat coat a has an iron jaw he's got knockout power and he smart so what is do he knows that anderson is a wizard at countering so he's not his predictable usual aggressive so i don't think those two girls on the same level as no they're not on the same level holly is hollys very high let yes men or women on a higher level strike what under okay yeah that's what was that's what's right is we're gonna find what surprised me how's your may i think i think holly is so much stronger it was amazing how she looked so much stronger than ron iran as strong as shit and it felt like holly was just fighting about this problem by the way she's really strong he threw this fight out of the first round bales early yeah feijao look like do do they really well he's had some rough fights man patrick cummings really beat him down last round that was in brazil it was a crazy
oh see some other fuckery in the first round he's a super athlete man in that powerful left kick sick he's got a nasty left kick he's a dude just keeps get too if you can get him down if you can get him down any travel for the nfl a bunch of times nope i thought he did know he just played at she tennessee in the street straight to a hidden in is a serious athlete ma'am yeah maybe want to combine some be alot not the nfl combine but he really no he didn't get trials within a phone when he knocked out shogun what does step away left total flows nasty let everybody know what's you aren't they do in a gym other doing shoulder paper or rashad again right now so um zone is yes yes yes who's the fighting notice five janice and henderson thanks for nothing that's a weird funny for nothing on both of those how dare you thanks you you wouldn't watch that now ten years ago i would okay i will absolutely
watch leo to all your friends for you like a front always cross your folio to fight because the auto just a year and a half ago knocked out mark williams so that we could left head kick leo leo so if if you own the plan i'm just saying dennis and can we give some else well dan henderson has a bunch of flights left in his contract and i think he still thinks that he can do it and uh let a guy like that he deserves the right yeah to tesla temps in professional football so there it goes you were right don't say nfl though does it well i would imagine football no not at talian say nfl it could be sli really personal ton brendan schaub former nfl player with bucket logic maybe we should listen for twenty years ago who got her over so he kicked him and he fucked his leg up he's limping yeah he kept him fuckedup where did he kick him
i need to see up me os thing man is his training camp his team i have no i have no idea who he his leg is left legs real wobbly match jane she chance bad is when i went to south park did you see what happened early well this is actually our orthodox did you see what happened he kicked a home away and hurt his leg kick it up shin shin something happened like this back to start it again he's not moving out so that leg is not moving on page out just attacked the right leg you talking about the left leg and now i think he's trying to write later he switch you start ounce up on a switch because lex up please kick in with this the up legacy supporting my what the leg that they'll his right leg up on super up right bonds are that's weird yeah he got his name messed up his we're just touch i like see a guy tried to hide that shit you know it was the best i've ever seen it hall
uriah hall had his foot fuckedup up so bad that his toe was hanging off and he came back to his corner and you can see me better we got a camera on it so we could get a look at his foot was completely fuckedup like his to the bone was sticking out of his tough do not john don't scare jack jones i was here after the fight that was after was over uriah what i'm saying is he went back to his corner like barely could walk and then when the round started that mother completely ignored it he was strong kicks with it it's fuckin' to was hanging off and he strong wheel kicks with it yeah there's this so like you see how fuckedup it is it was broken off to the right and the phone was coming out i could see those worst pictures uriah hall bad mother fucker he is a bad mother fucker it doesn't fund awhile huh well he lost they guard member ok the loss to would occur sorry do you like being very very careful here the fight we gave was spectacular
amazing any again gegard still ranked item that's crazy that doesn't make any sense you're trying to one thousand liters right right yeah like this in i haven't seen thousands and tell us which is another one of these are very smart against anderson silva yeah he's yeah either one or one five open through their swing and so on my own you had you had a look at that oh should it looks like he could throw some elbows from the and on top of that now look at the phase yarns guard looks like he's got good leftover jealous guarding one thing about a guy like feijoo though is it fasih was a really good striker and really good strikers are hard to ground and pound 'cause they don't panic they don't lockout relax they get used to getting hit they know how to roll with things and they know what's common you know like it there though there i q as far as like striking like where the right hands come in with a left hands come in what position you're in to put like real torque behind something you rarely catch some clean like look out seahawks clever
he's moving when he's office backstage with the world championship fight anderson back in that they don't know he thought um king moe knocked him out and strike force to win the title he's a bad mother fucker yeah but you know feijao tough stenton yeah he's had some upson downs he might he might have gotten you do you like a little later in his career it a little late for like him at his best effort which is nice should they be massaging his knee right now do something no i don't know what's wrong with it mean it could have been a charlie horse we know that dashes fuq dot leader ended up on his putting seen him put that might hurt his foot feel like this a bad idea put ice before you go out there might be paying their information download yeah that's what did it so you might have broke his foot when he threw that leg kick his kick yeah you might lose me out knee yeah what are some out yep something think
that's too bad yeah yeah he's having a hard time on it see how it's kind of wobbly yeah he's gotta get that win but it's just interesting you know like little variations in someones gate you could see it oh look at him this is why thank you i'm so excited about what's going on right now with them in a with guys work on this crazy footwork like the duane ludwig like camp with the t j dillashaw style footwork dominick cruz is foot or conor mcgregor's footwear motion code i yeah all this week just yeah day goes hey man you have any we go to mail it takes me you i would i don't bullshit you that is so funny if you're an mma fan you understand why that well that's so funny 'cause i'm guilty of it as much as anybody but i can't shut the fuc up about moving here balls deep in it falls
glad the movie targets movement coach he was great oh what's your background as a kid i climbed on trees and played with rocks yeah that's like me going home arctic oh yeah what's your degree i played with legos his kids would have been nice if you had it like a more like details are also proud he's ready for her role as zero i think he knows a lot i mean not not really looking at let's be real about it i think he knows a lot about mom inappropriate ception in those things he was talking about balance and it didn't look like and carlos fight listen man how much money i think you won that fight anyways but i don't think he moved to well i think he's only been working with them for a short amount of time and you know as much as i do that new things you're going to incorporate into like high level cage fighting it takes along
time to apply let's not climb on logs maybe go to the gym and grapple or something that's not quite i had a ponytail on as i get the fuck outta here i'll look like someone on the underground said this i'm stealing their line they all looked like jesus why they all have ponytails whoever it is that the data tweet me so i can they all have ponytails fit you know what's your background he went nah man like on rocks as a kid and climbed some trees i was confused still even at the end like how the how they sort design their protocol i mean what what do how we design's like what they're going to do to get the funk out of my face on it was so paul said connors both all you want move all you want okay for everyone else stay the in the gym to work on our you see this if you haven't done it i've i on hey man and less you've done it you wouldn't like okay here's a perfect example you're doing yoga now
but do you not think that that shit was for housewives before you ever did it not sunny i don't go to yoga to be like listen i'm going to be andrea last night let me go do some white listen i'm not talking about why you as an experience yoga person goes to yoga i'm talking about your prejudice against yoga for you ever did yoga what was it i didn't have an idea i'm open minded bull i swear i came in there without first the shock was also online she chose to route your yeah i didn't think this it turned out to be really hard but is it we didn't get your perception of it was it was way easier than it actually was hey there was way harder harder but in the middle of training camp on a like thank god for miss
is downs in this yoga otherwise i wouldn't move as good but there's a lot of movement in training right i mean jabbing your chock full of movements and in training camp don't they have a lot of yoga movements and movements movements you simply browse a lot of papers and you see a degree only see some sort of scientific hold on a second there because there's people that don't get degrees like how about how about the gymnastic unnatural that hickson gracie tributes to a lot of flexibility and movement like before these my coaches ok this is what people need to understand back in the fucking
90s hixson was like a guy you don't want it was like candy man you don't want to say his name three times it's true he was the mother fockers mutherfuckers heartbeat down all that stuff he was a yogi he's in legit yogi movement guy that gymnastic naturals are movement was both he could he applied like he applied by brandon your breath that's why is alleged but you can also come in forty years yes like why you find out from all the greatest he stood out hickson gracie all of them will conceded the move all of this well the students were the factors that detective who say oh maybe it's the maybe had something to do with yeah but here what you're saying here too yes
it's not an open mind brandon have an open mind hex and the reason why he was the greatest ever because he was the perfect storm he was the guy who is super smart he was super tough it was we had a warrior mentality and he was in how much it enough to apply a bunch of really unconventional training modalities like some serious yoga that fucking video of him on the bars in santa monica before he fought in japan valley two dozen he's doing balance beam shared go into a full split standing there on his fucking bar on the beach he's doing interesting this is i'm not saying whom it doesn't work it will all fit it doesn't help like more way possible jim i'm mma fighter in the ufc on my
so priorities to become a ufc champion hiring a movement coach who his background is climbing on rocks and climbing trees is not gonna fuckinh you are correct for the import tile guy he's a god and that donna i don't do some 'cause i'll come out of this work you know sidekick the fuck i don't know with his totally won the core can do but i know he has a respective carlos condit so he's got my respect and i like to say i enjoy talking to i think he knows a lot so i disagree with you on that but i don't know if he can do that how can the mind set moves like anime yeah i agree it's not real all i'm saying is if you're going to dedicate your time to something i don't know if that's the way to no here's why i'm not sure you're right guys like rich martinez we brought this before you a fantastic break and the ability to billy his body standing on one hand doing the fucking full lotus all the crazy ship that he could do direct
really translated to him almost really being a bad mother fucker in jujitsu directly dick ulous lee ann not just athletic but the dexterity of star wars one language informs the other man you're wrong it's breakdancers movement one images but it's his movements this is why i'm saying you're wrong it's all good if it works it sign up for salsa classes and antenna forward without remember when football players were taken palace yeah i did it did you we have the right to english on southside but why did something to do kids outlet to get this ham hock in these tights and pixie hotel check this out ladies
i'm done with yoga pants now you have the full use those dance company should probably for two years you have time to do all these theater school you not ninety theater schools that you've done for five years has lived in the woods mushrooms better acting school they experience in acting school you have to take ballet acting school you must take ballet and you have to perform performance thank you ok yes that's like going to painting school and learning how to play video games and other related i'm eating right now and i'm being dead serious i was beautiful dancer about that you were doing delays to do that video that video you did was just hilarious of would not unconventional so what was the name of it but the fuck was that video that you did that where i was again poorer now you had this crazy dance video that you made i can't remember damn it it was hilarious she said just did this thing take a look at it
right take it home with back when people had actually had dvds yes it is bryant dancing lesson unconventional component crossword unconventional like in fuch thanks answer no no no no no inappropriate dan yes and he was right it was a sketch that he did was ridiculous ridiculous a guy just like it's okay to dance on the dance floor right we all greek and we see you step into this arena and you're on the hardwood it's all good agree you're allowed to get ridiculous but you can't do push it when you're waiting in line to rent a car ryan said series that was things i can't remember i just remember there was some inappropriate dance when i slap the game plan slap that bob thing i would jump that sounds hilarious i did all kinds of weird stuff we were doing ballet and then about two days so it sounds like we should probably go catch some footballs
yeah no shit no shit that's where all this movement like dancing stuff but one one language informs the other why don't you think lunges are essentially in a lot of ways specially dumbbell lunges or very much a movement exercise 'cause it's all about balance and rigidity and keeping your core straight like there's something about like campbell lunges things along those lines there they help you the walls as a lowe's book no heavy stuff yeah what is it like if you're gonna apply like explosive movement to a martial art there's no doubt about lifting weights helps right no doubt no doubt about it like lifting weights if there was no weight restrictions and you could do whatever you wanted and lift as much weight as you wanted there's a big dick in one hundred and seventy and two hundred you know there's a big difference you get like way stronger if you get way more explosive you get it's beneficial applied situation right agreed that's movement yeah it's it's not much different it's like you're talking about movement with weights or movement
moitie work there's a lot of people that say training moitie's help in jujitsu i believe it it does make sense but we don't just kind of ship you get this message and you have to do in my time that's a moment too i would also say i would avoid cummings with gymnastics i gotta movement for what leads what leaves one person like well with hixson would lead him into the other disciplines that mindset that comprehensive open mindset is constantly get better all his foundation is so fucking good insane but also he was a student of the great japanese samurai correct their philosophy so i'm sure he read the book of five rings and one of the things about the book of five rings and emphasized was like taking in all sorts of different be softly in calligraphy do painting becaus inflexible and the reason for that if you look at any great innovator
with one discipline they start with one discipline and then eight when i studied other disciplines they were able to appropriate those disciplines and come up with a new style a real you don't you don't revolutionize a new style by stating facts don't you you branch out a young hicks in might be might be allen job in a young though yeah yeah good shot he's from colombo sensually south america young it's i'm not and he would have a real problem no problem with that is it to see hickson was getting yeah oh my god please bring him up i'd like to look at his vision supermodels of let's let's look again let's click let's not bring up specific instance i think you jiu jitsu helps your music and i think your music helps you jujitsu and i think as you
jujitsu's gotten better you music's gotten better and as your music's gotten better you just got and i think if you really did coach i think they're all if you had removing country red hot chili peppers on your right now or when you get graded things like especially like you specifically your guy who like one of the best news about you creating tenth planet jiu ever since i've known you like if you have an idea in your mind like there's a point you have to get to like okay there's a spot over there you got to get so you have this crazy tunnel vision will you'll figure out an unconventional path to get to a point like you can block out a lot of like external schitt that a lot of other people don't you know they can't block out the camp fat they can't like tune in to the finish line the way you can it's really sing see because i think that applies to your music as well i think it applies to everything you do and i think it comes for a lot of us i think it comes from like some fuckedup we didn't get enough when you were a child and then attention or what anything love attention praise
papa arranging also what's really important is like i said this to him the other day go do he says don't spar you know why he's a terrify xmin now i'm not good as far as you turn this into you and i was sometimes i'm trying another last thing is that jerry listen listen listen son of no no this is the pointer making listen when you do something that you're afraid of or that puts you makes you uncomfortable and of writing i think i think it like when do another discipline that maybe you're not even good at that scares you it will open up channels in your original disk it'll jumble your brain so you come at things in a different way if you stay comfortable in and stuff you're most likely if you're creative field it's hard to branch out and become more creative you do things you're not that good at that maybe you're scared of that caused stretch in other areas and this is this is the argument for movement coaches when you do things you're not that good at the put you in a in your in your step out of your comfort zone you'll probably get
better at your original better be good at everything else with very high movie codes that being said that's true being open minded i think for both should get a timeshare marketing where just four do so i don't know let's do it i think we have some fun weekend podcast everyday listen after all of our chins get sick about bullsh it's just getting fat house in the hills and get it out the movement coach everyday cameo big house with four branches where we don't have to necessarily hear each other we just meet in the kitchen live like men don't live like these bitches that we've become trapped in this world this world of this is when we get to be free we could be free like this all the time yeah so how do you spell saying oh it's a pu pu pu yeah open mouth with a broke foot
with some but the actual injury willis p baby i just a sprain using walking okay looks he's walking okay as tough on the sincere since forgot this anderson it's a very good fight at this time and both their careers it becomes interesting whereas anderson when he was dominating when he was like right after he smashed tale son in the second fight you would think like well that's a tough fight for bisping the andersons just in the but anderson comes off of like psychologically there's two brutal losses in a row one los for sure what a catastrophic injury then he just gets phillip yeah then it gets by nick diaz but he gets humiliated like nick diaz lies on his i can put his hands on his head and mocks him he's talking to his calling me a dude nick diaz was super respectful right up until the moment they got in the cage and then he nick ds yes it was not done i never talk and it's like that old fable about the scorpion the frog
frog wants to get across the pond and the scorpion says or the scorpion wants get across the frog the pond the frog is in the water and scorpion says let me ride on your back and the fox is don't do that if i do that you'll sting me he goes well if i did that we would both die i'm not stupid answer the scorpion rods on the frogs back and halfway across the water he stings him and the frogs like what the fuck and the scorpion like sorry it's in my nature another childhood stories that you haven't heard this thing that's a famous story they also use it they also use it they'll see
in connection with that is if it were twenty stings him and a guy there that what's that i don't know the scorpions are great it's a great allegory your food and you talk to your children in the world you legitimately had to worry about them get eaten by wolves yeah i like to moral this mother more stories that speaks vegans are retarded that's that's the story everywhere yeah well we don't because the the out of one stay out of the war in the woods there's a while while you start a pen and don't trust strangers actually also numeral there now because the person inside the house and pretend to be his grandmother but the reason why they were always wolves where there's a little red riding hood three little pigs was always whoops as wolves wichita ate a lot of fucking people and people seem to forgot about that now we're these as sounds like we need to bring back the wolf we need to make so the baltic wolves will kill
everyone you know a lot of those metaphor they eat some of really oh my god wolves are so pray driven that they will kill whole herds of elk and not eat half the but duty but herman german fairy tales like hansel and gretel what happens uh lady an old lady take some issues which she put him in a cage age and start feeding them to what plump so she can eat them yeah moral story don't just even old ladies the germans are like you're a stranger sorry will also let's be honest about like a long time ago one thousand years ago in rural areas where food was scarce and people had suffered through a life you are going to spot the winners and chaos and see murders in seeing assault and rape and constant just the programming of person how much cannibalism was going on back there
a lot of corn stephen now and like in this country i mean steve we were talking about the other day with the at the native americans and as purse stephen now has the best native american stories right as he's a legit scholar almost i mean i don't think he would calm self that but he's incredibly knowledgeable thread i know there is american history and like what the nez perce indians did in the like the great lakes there's a lot of cannibalism alot they file one of those that crazy guy right in the history even back in order missionaries every morning shift there's a lot of evidence would it that all was like yeah we got this from an indian they were cannibals so we have to kill them all is there cannibals won't fire up stories that way any problem might be honest sometimes stories to eat dinner going to eat you we love the native americans while the hippies they were they were human beings just like all of us they were human beings just like all of us they weren't any more noble there were no more noble than anybody else they were good people in people they were just as violent as the most
people argue they could be could be white people of what the germans did in white people man well i think also like when you're dealing with people in the great lakes states a white central reflecting light that's a horrific knockout mice in the roy nelson minutes are knock out but you know those people are living in a horrible horrible climate like the old the great lakes before the invention of heat so far yeah no kidding each other yeah i mean people got desperado like you know we know about the donner pretty in colorado they get trapped in the mountains they had to each other that ship it happens all the time in the great lakes they just didn't talk you talking about fifteen below zero recently right
apart you eat first by the legs are asked to write to the asphalt parking so first for you i take that chance i hate your chest say listen my worst case scenario meeting someone's asshole must scoop it out with a sharp so last thing you ain't file a spoon with a fucking i'm not even going to pass on that you don't want to like this you have to hold onto it need to eat their ship their balls in their dick and you know why i mean that dick first testosterone because that's what the raccoons and squirrels go after first there's a reason think about that the that's how determine who's the alpha the alpha gets to eat the liver that's why i actually got yeah there was a guy who did a whole this whole like sees the documentary where he lived with wolves and he he lived amongst them and he had to fake a kill he would
kill their and he would pack a liver inside of it and he would pull the liver out and eat it in front of them and he had to eat in front of them and then we let them eat cake allowed no no this video it's terrifying than others know here's the thing would happen he had a farm nearby that was having problems with wolves and this guy was a wolf scientist and so he would go there with these big gigantic speakers play wolf sounds 'cause he had a scare off this one pack of wolves with anoop wolves that invade us and he had to make it scary enough this was backed up it's all on video the scary thing is when the alpha when there's a thing he came back the guy came back after a month and the the there was a new will for taking over yeah and so the wood knew if want to kill him so he had a way over sheila whimper from this one that's so he was recognized as the the old alpha and to avoid being killed which is standard is normal michael bole for challenging they would fight to the death the new
alpha would kill the or try to kill the old alpha him that close to the thing was in space gravel yeah human involved in uh well that can shoot the thing with the alpha water taste good oh yeah oh yeah there's a whole documentary on it it's called living with wolves i think there's something about it man they don't understand these unusual because they've been with him since they were a baby see the whole by the way that works he didn't just walk in he's a gigantic wildlife preserve in this guy lives in the wildlife preserve oldies wolves yeah he knows their whole life so they've been with him since he was you know like four or five years ago but they're fucking grown dangerous has wolves now she actually it's amazing you have what's called find a jamie is not dealing with walls that it is probably on
living with wolves on my watch it i think i really like doing doing some guy came in and said check this out i wanna fix this wolf problem no this is kind of simple operating mentioned to me some dude who was living with the grizzly bears oh yeah that's pretty bad he died got sucked up there's the item is in heat one of the tests aubria like confusing grizzly man ever it's a werner herzog documentary others another guy who was a bears yeah yes many use like the real aggressive today and then the thing eight is asal the like the next day well there was one bear that they use on a movie these are like some football talk about part the brit yeah that shows that guy in twelve slides yeah no children no shift the guy was just standing there doing like they were doing some sort of drill together and the bear just decided terrace
but of course peers are going to be course agree with you yeah what did what did was so i talked to a trainer i took this train with her as he said well there's old worn yet you three minutes before there if they're having a bad day gonna step of the way they did a good day because they start click in the jaw when a when is trash quicken his jaw stop you just stopped raining alright he's trans big look at this what is this it's the same guy do those are wild no no this isn't the same guy jamie now this and the scientists scientists was a younger guy but this is another guy this guys pretty bad yeah i think that guys living with wild wolves yeah that guys yeah werner herzog werner herzog you like chills with them no it's not here's a werner herzog's grizzly mascots name is warner freund or something like that it was a different guy and it was a really pretty positive uh ugh i should i'm going get all into this now man i get summation it's amazing
really sophisticated social system yeah they do i don't know i just you know what i later into lately big time like as if i just yeah they do anyway keep calm he did make it a murder still i'm seems not to have a choice yeah i'm a rebel bro yeah you're a while he waits to me i'll weight which you walked wolves and bears balls deep that man i'm obsessed with wildlife absolutely obsessed i'm obsessed heroes journey to netflix documentary about india and the ganges river no what's it called dude it's called like wild and india but it's on netflix wild ganges river is insane very dirty it comes from no but listen it's not that this is the crazy part about it is all that that river from the himalayas all the ice in the glacier holding something like that on
puts about india but the part about the ganges river it's a magical river they should they put that they burned dead bodies in there they throw trash sewage everything but there's something they did find all of the wildest while yes in yes yes there's something about that water has so much mineral composition that it it's like an ant my bacterial water it kills all the bacteria in the pathogens they've according to this documentary that could be full of shit on netflix it's pretty sad that it's so there's so much sewage goes into their but it claire
is itself you can still drink to be down the river people well not sure because my friend with a jump in and had an earache for two years do okay sure why don't like crime right now you may that bit about this a new bands can be fast the son of man is no joke to have any about the guys that they are killed in a boat there was a boat tigers yeah they swam out to the boat and killed these guys individually one by one and drag him back to shore the tiger swam out of school i that you told me that three times documentary talks about that they couldn't figure out of the that's the only spot on the world that were tigers actively hunt humans and they love the taste of human well they say was that apple to circle back iii oh my god but they got great documentaries about it yeah i watch that show they've killed literally hundreds of thousands of people over there
as hundreds hundreds of thousands of the last hundred years tigers yeah i have some some ninety number let's not unless way to go over the last two hundred years i think the numbers are requiring a hundred thousand i i quoted the number like on swing realistically in my comedy special that was talking talking monkeys in space they fuckin' killed they killed this guy drag them to shore and then back in the water killed another guy drag him a short jump back in the water killed another guy from when the shooting they couldn't swim away these things are so fast they can swim faster than five guys can roll a bullet at full speeds or anything it's a great book there's a great book called the managers of cumann read the management book tie jason jason crocodiles don't phunk with them crocodiles unfuckwithable rochelt running from roy nelson like he's a tiger and well roy nelson is a dangerous dude nelson throws fuckin' hammer you want to talk about a guy who's always been known as a jujitsu he throws fuckin'
eddie and i knew roy nelson back when he was just big country everybody called him big country know jujitsu guy she's not that haymaker back in the mark lehman days yeah now here are these guys can get over such a contract yeah he should well if versace was funking smart they would try to get it on the chubby band dollars for realz that dad bod books why why why is everybody has to be beautiful nelson in a fat suit with a cigar in his hands sick in the main meters was on their arm the decaying you know some people love that guy i really believe absolutely one hundred percent that he's like under marketed by a lot of companies a company should scoop schlitz people slits malt liquor she not even as a joke like that but just like a giza man versus walking man is the most bonuses in ufc history for heavyweight yeah he's a fucking
and there is an animal look at the man we get real show he is a grown man running from yeah i mean this month soccer throws hammers remember we how much we own jesus christ dude tanner he knocked out nogara like he was a fucking paper cut out is the hardest guys ever hit you yes she's chrysler's hot today and like roshan paul rochelle grosjean can take it he's like you russia's but not wrestler right yeah state national champ but the heavyweight heavyweight champ it's similar sumo wrestling i hate to be shady about it but it really is it really really yeah until brock lesnar's in your division bro that was twenty years ago about now we got fat what's the difference between now and then like it brock lesnar was around today you be ripping peoples faces off there's no prob out i don't know
let's ask if you follow college wrestling i watched the finals agreed harshly he's actually he's a freak he's a silver piece of blonde silverback is it evolution are we seeing the last of the viking dna is he is regular size wife guys are going straight emo now probably has a regular sized wife i'm sure his children would be fucking gigantic but maybe it was a pro wrestler right she was his wife she was she was able to save sable judas fuckin' fine beautiful beautiful he did well he did well for this weekend are raised to jack after middle school how dare you listen to his right now it's a good thing you son of a bich bringing answer you don't do shit you fake fighting oh how dare you better do boy if you met him in an alley's like one of we could run into four do you rate me prefix let's be real here great me and i have to do something i have to jump on his back don't draw enough to pull him side to listen
okay perfect his kids are gonna go free is his approach all muscle so when his kids grow to be about is will still getting nervous again that there's no problems out there right now she's beautiful looking at well who was that dude that just bought that kickboxer dude black gentleman from was it from africa in the ufc you talk about the dude from france from france that's right he was a shittier looking check congo cheick kongo nasty power yes to power sure take him down yeah well he got taken down the first round who was that chamber who was the sable those the hottest i would i would talk about her in forever sable ok if you can get like gabby garcia and shane carwin to have a kid who's lottie miss claudie what we have what we who shane carwin gab
garcia you got a woman who is six foot four you periscoping you fart now no not at all not at all this is no idea shane carwin gabby garcia have a baby i think that's no not mister athlete bro fuck that noise there you should know know jason shane carwin it serena williams interracial as well yes yeah yeah this is a lot of emotional power to both sides combine together in one furious you just saying that this is just send it to the hood now you don't make him rich and happy he sent him just like they might not make it out of there now the figure it out that's a rescue they have to make more than one hundred weeks do we get on this potential witnesses ridiculous looking at sable as we should go with what was that movie remember when i was at mask the guy who's like born with
so for me to talk about the with share share that mask would set the bear guy meets hulu the bear man oh ok a new bear guy and his face got ripped off too did you get killed same here yet you guessing in a deserve it though yeah find out if you ok which don't get the beer watermelon huh well here's the thing about bears man bears can be a lot like dogs if they're like really taken care of if you feed them and love them like people have lived with bears where they like swim would you got to be with him for the time their baby they can never be feral and you you got to be able to raise them and give them love so they sort of have to identify with you do you like frogs eat but the imprint on you but there like a dog in a lot of ways with you it's always a risk because you're dealing with something that one generation removed was completely wild like you can ease have a grizzly bear where you
but the mother grizzly bear had to fight for his life against a mountain lion that was trying to kill his baby you know that's totally possible and then here is like one generation later you got the puppets living in your house right now i'd rather chill with those grizzly bears then some of those chimpanzees in shade in my house that's good call chimpanzees might decide to fuck you did you do it at least appears just going to rip my throat out yeah chip wants to buster none of my apps is going to do it you are on the verge of suicide if you want to commit suicide then that might be a good idea you know what going to kill yourself while i go fucking live with lion association eddie you know what i mean see what happens and then if they kill you whatever you're going to kill yourself anyways again south africa is twenty one lions and wrestles would love might as well
well good mood not doing turn out great yeah that works out evolutionary you suicidal call this number is two dudes will do whatever they can to separate themselves from the pack the scientists that are like they want to gain data that like you gotta you gotta be suicidal to go into those mutherfucking dens did roshell catch roy is that you know he fell he slept nicely i'm surprised that all the time and i get embarrassed when i like and something so it's built into my own professional like i'm at the fight calling the fight and someone throws a head kick and it doesn't land but like look going to the last minute so i'm like oh my god but it's when i swear to god folks oh god slip it stopped when i yell out like i don't i don't do that accidentally i mean i don't do that artificially this this guys look like they're completely related
same day look like brothers same living exact same species exact same speech doesn't confusing at all you know good thing he has a beard 'cause i wouldn't know where i would be like remember i'll contact me for emmanuel yarborough feel like ok what's going on here these things these things are so not similar in their size these two individuals they both fit most of the like a supermodel version of the mask right now so you get a second xbox go supermodel version is nothing sacred imperfect sacred here alive how is that talking shit i said you look like a supermodel maryland from the ship ship is my favorite show yes yes of the share show damn it damn it eddie
that's probably the great thing about her supermodel alright let's hope he's better looking brother is my permanent joke in june bugs is better looking shaken bird say something man you're joking market schaumburg it's going to cost roy nelson this fight the karma of your joke is so funny it's a compliment might have come over here here's a trivia question who is the actor who played him is the real dude come on man that's not make up that's a real good way no i thought that was a know know know know know know that eric stoltz i mean look for you sure derek rented out that that make you feel like oh no now i know is there a salty here's a little jujitsu trivia powder member that dude
there is a black man running around jujitsu legit black under sean williams yeah sean williams hendzel gracie black belt legit shooting after powder well here's yeah did he need to the guy who did guy who directed powder was a guy who is like there was some controversy about some alleged child molestation charges which power a really weird movie wow that's how older was kind of like like a nam below a love story yeah to a lot of people there is a whole animation there and see about that like that guy he got in trouble the guy who directly not it wasn't a little thing yeah i can get in like real crew no trouble i do not remember we should have said that i do not the specifics of documentary on that i don't think there is but there's no internet please not find out jamie franklin slipping here will know so here we go barry crimmins when talking about it i believe thanks netflix barry crimmins was he talking about that he was talking about aol
i'm just talking to a out how child molesters were selling things to get a lot of americans did comment about that guy on a visit on a podcast or was it on twitter i thought that's how i heard about it maybe you might be you might be right i had known about it before that i dread are there was a big article that was but i want to say like two years ago but yeah barry of course if you don't know very criminals is he's a boston comedy legend and he had a bobcat goldthwait documentary called call me lucky and it's about his getting molested when he was a kid perfect man here for years old he was four years old and his babysitter's boyfriend would him
god dammit why'd you bring the podcast down like dude you gotta see it i'm hardly call me lucky's in the main ideas here's a guy look at this victor salva loves terrorizing semi naked use cherry no shut their semi naked don't be pushy that's from twenty twelve from vice take your shirt off ready boo terrorizing sounds like kitty bombs on top soft pants off move around i might kick you i don't know i might do voice going for the shape kill now three for three roy had appeared before it was cool people think he's a hipster for a takedown did not get it roy's wrestling is underrated liquid barnett that well he has a loss on his record that i think is one of the most unfair standup slosky against arlovski side control working on it kemora nothing camaro has a full double wristlock he has the double risk like he doesn't have the lock right 'cause he has to get it locked
on the back on a song so more as an interesting move because marcelo garcia doesn't like do it 'cause he thinks it's a strongman move he doesn't his incorporated how 'bout chokes he's all about whatever he does has to work on everybody we think about that but that at all weird way to but there's a he you know he doesn't believe in any kind of chokes with our men like women triangles a can or dar scissors we have been is that correct but i understand i understand really totally understand that the a ship if he only focus you take that time everybody has the same amount of time to drill everyone's the same time everyone is twenty four hours in a day everyone has the life everyone did that everyone has the same mutherfucking time generally what are you going to do with that block every day when you break it all down what are you gonna do with that block if you say to save all that time for shift it works on the big guys if it works on the big guys going small guys so let's just work on that there's not
is wrong with that at mutherfucking also that's really that's genius he personally i like working on everything works on guys that have like fifteen pounds you know because you're going be rolling out a lot with guys that are your size and maybe as long as work some guys that have a little weight on you yeah i'm into those moves to me that's a legit move if it works on a guy that around your size at high level i want that movie in my jokes jokes always work but there's a difference when there's a difference between our men chokes idea arses japanese like dis arming get teens and then straight metro with my fellow teens and all these weird little things like ron yeah there's all these ninja chokes and there's about three mutherfucking ways to squeeze the neck tameka to make a yeah
and so all those take any special time to get good at just because good at one of the twenty three makes has now nothing to do with are you good at this one or you get it down you gotta spend the same amount of time on that ship it might give you a little boost if you really good this one then you really get really good at this one quicker than a guy who not going to taiwan but generally you gotta spend time in all these chokes to mastro any let me ask this for forget who was that there was one choke that i saw only once in the ufc it was a choke like similarly gogoplata by kid the tiger showman student nick nick something or another if he had a ufc yes he had some crazy choke and he said that he invented it while it was going on he's like i invented it in the fight uhm i have no idea what that is you know i'm talking about i know what i'm talking about but i don't i couldn't show you yeah i showed him techniques all the god damn time now my shit i should
videotape that concessions comedy is yeah is that doctor new it is nick pace yeah yeah i face we did some crazy and see if you can find a submission 'cause it was some weird legs to make sure i didn't show you i remember was it had something to do with a shin across the neck it is alexa mission so i would say about it gases and echoes a joke it was some weird choke that had to do with some weird like oma plata type setup and he wound up some position with shannon his guy's choke under his guys naked conventional way that i don't necessarily remember i have to see it again but i remember seeing if you done that before and he said that the first time i did it is there is there a huge difference between guys crazy is there a huge difference being really good guys now in ten years ago jujitsu lies like all different types like that's like saying is there a difference in stand up comedy now in general as in the 80s come on in the eighties of was cold there's really not right
you know well same thing look up behind you that's the choke show eyes look so crappy jamie see this he grabs it this he throws the leg over the neck shoots under like this and he grabs his ankle look at this that's gun show control let's called gun she chokes and from here yep yep i got a guy benetti who does this ship yeah so all the time yeah he came up is on the fly in the ufc damn and uhm mean i calls the paste i don't i guess there is great i don't want to leave let's go says religion maybe not that i got a guy who style is based off just said it looks nice but it's not but i'm gonna show controllers guys spend a lot of time atomic green those guys tiger schulman for a lot of people don't know green those guys were a giant karate chain
in the east coast cinema new york whole time they didn't think of him as legit like necessarily because they thought well most giant karate schools aren't legit yeah however they are legit me thank you all this fucking kid nick pace came from there um that guy who won last frankie rivera the guy who won it's weak against yuri often tara he's from there jimmie rivera jimmy vera there's a lot of really high level guys from tyre shamans tiger show your by hall is look his kickboxers stand up is ridiculous but his karate skills fucking ridiculous that spinning back kick to the face that harsh guard nasty nasty that's all tiger schulman man it's amazing and this nick pace kid is like they one of the do you like big name schools there was a whole chain that became like a real legit gym that's cool karate chain never one
body chain maybe there's others that did it i'm sure there are but tiger showman's was a straight dama karate chain and when they saw ma unfold i jump down they were like ok we adopted these digits do we need some that we need some of that so tiger schulman is open in modern the other okay you stay stay there long as you have that big a school they're always going to be some superstars we're gonna come through no no sir training is really good it's not just that it's the same as long as you don't need one most other martial martial arts most of the traditional martial arts association didn't evil tiger showman's was all about evolution most most roy want traditional martial arts association are not into evolving because the people at the top there fucking lazy right now some because they would have to learn all this new you this and i want to do it who does this who gets on top of a top rope pulls a shirt up and homer simpson sucking it stopped after but it stopped after decision steep ameo
boost ebay got that new girl hey easy girl dude got damn the wind i guess the bay is a very on eligible on you're gonna talk about demand a handsome guy got my hands on be honest this is a this is going to be one of the least fight heavy fight companions ever after we've barely pay attention's rights i tried to congress bigger than those at the gayest one never know exactly but there's always that we've been there brians here it's getting a somewhat we cannot the dream about your boyfriend i can hear that paper over yet another dream it was not the only job is the only one so far the only dream
for didn't he's being honey afrikaner listen man you cannot neglect the skills of dos yeah it's a tough luck fire i when i look at san jose i i look at a fuckin' beastman the way he put away benson henderson you put away donald cerrone the way he beat the fuck out of sergio pettis or excuse me anthony pettis he's something special did i can't think of a worse match up for connor but comments dr connors fight he thinks that it's a legit he owes he just like jobs out of what should your version you
like he's really trying to start his own promotion do you think that's legit that's that's both look it was kind of going to his wrestle ship that changed his restless real i think so here's the power he's actually saying do the actual today is going to start his own promotion listen man well if i was conor mcgregor why would i work for the ufc after awhile i would go i'm just going to do conor mcgregor show is that real you guys know i don't know i would imagine if conor mcgregor contract that would allow him at a certain time to no longer be with the ufc he could do it he can take the sport with him but here's a question why why would hear you just those last two fights on that main event ghost am what would you say amanda nunez is no justice i talk about that right now let's let's what i'm about connor is that connor is a fucking legit superstar but the ufc made him a superstar the ufc is the perfect vehicle they've got everything down the promotion
the management the way it's all set up the way to fuck the marketing is on point it's on another level if you go to some other organization good luck lock running a smooth ship what happened to affliction what to lead x see what happens try for delta but the bottom line is greater com conor mcgregor would be unknown to the world in ireland training in a boxing gym if it wasn't for the u i i remember that she percent this the ufc made him famous it's all still deserve the money it was a cooperative venture there's no either or they're not mutually exclusive in their their their mount of success that was depend upon their acts they both bought it from my nose no no but no make no mistake about it the ufc would always be big yes i would always be big if there was never a connor the ufc would be just as big but never is big with a guy like that if you want to be as big
is what that guy is you need economy gregor so only way it happen no doubt about it or are always i've always or posner yeah i've always and g s fascinated with connor maybe today maybe just for you today why when he said i think the ufc today is bigger than it's ever been all you see is he is a young this be today champion he was a girls would be there fucking panties is filling up one hundred thousand seat arenas yeah he's be bigger than well maybe she sp was in his prime like when he was like when he beat bj penn for defending his title when he was in his prime if bj if the ufc was i think the ufc probably mean i don't know how many more people watch it now than then but as far as like could well known it's way more well known i agree way more bj penn coming back what the farm amazing that's he did the right thing he went to fuqing greg jackson had dinner he thought about it he sitting there and fucking on hilo
chilling the volcanoes outside the fucking window he thought of i really knew it he came back would he fuckin' do he goes to greg jackson i mean he did the best fucking thing boss i mean you couldn't take a kid inventor to doesn't fight it he decided to go heap decided to go to the one of the top bucking schools but jackson's not bad got damn choices best respond well it's one of like five best choices like eric del fierro down alliance best choice you've ok ross a hobby who is probably my first choice or one of them would be my number one hammer hammer bleser bowling as a striking coach mean through everything coach last come on jackson so i think it would be i think number one mighty mouse is coach so you write a mad human for us a hobby to me are commensurate i think there exactly the same level they're both wizards postmaster size their masters
hume arm had more mma fights i think for us at some a lot of kick boxing fights but for us is like nasty on the ground and he's a super genius what sounds like his analytical mind away breaks down fights he breaks down street fights 'cause youtube straight down yeah it breaks down how this guy matagorda guide cracked this guy with a left hook and explains the footwork draws it in a diagram he's also young but you know what he says as smart as fuck he's younger and he's been through it like he came up with everyone you know the coolest fucking thing he did he just put out a video or he's testing guard working ground and pound on guards what guard works best for grounding pad he did this ship he put it on youtube he put it up so he had him him gary told him and i think gordon ryan they had like dude jump with boxing gloves jump in their guard and start pounding him an
video the guys on the bottom whether it's for oz gerry tone and i think it was gordon how can a with that third guy was but they were just wrecking the guy on top of like live just a bunch of different things it was i'm like a revolutionary experimentation one of the smartest things you could ever do thank you notes the only thing i think version two he needs i i think we should add there's different scenarios in ground and pound it's not always it's not always the same ground and pound sometimes the guys on top she doesn't want even be on the ground if you're not holding him on the ground he's going to stand up and back out you have to have that that scenario to what happens in that's what god is for a guy that's on top and your guard you must have pulled guard because he didn't try to take you down he wants to stay on asleep so as soon as you open your guard is going to back out or he's gone so what guard
is best for that scenario and there's another scenario also you have the scenario where the guy is getting beat your opponent is getting beat up on his feet so he's take when you down at will and you have to with a guy who's trying not to let you stand up so i think version two of those ground and pound experiment i figure out what's the best guard i think that's my two cents but what do i know i don't know but the fact that for us actually did that he's already experimenting on what is the best guard for ground and pound that's brilliant i love ma he makes his ufc debut but i could have sworn that he's trying to bet on this main event son i'm trying to trying to breakdown the girl you make a good point eddie and you know what another good point ryan callahan talked about fabricio werdum's guard and he was like none of our ground and pound worked on him with king moe who's a nasty wrestler king mo's like
we need more of those films we need those on on on a consistent basis here's the thing though eddie i think there's only five guys you can do that i mean that's one of that's how high in regard i hold for us a hobby i think there's a justin deck to us easy just to a real martial arts wizard equity that was right for smart guy i taught you yeah i talked to in a transition to a trend right from wrong tom what that's like he's a may it's it's he honestly set the blueprint for everyone in denver like shane carwin myself neighbor court in the blueprint for speak i'm doing all this different stuff lot of move kind of walking on logs with rocks of the drilling a lot you have george drill a ton more than we really want such as barring well drilling on the pads jitsu movement started worst case scenario where we weren't doing that he's
genius i think that's one of the biggest mistakes that people make is too much sparring even in jujitsu i was talking with a buddy of mine who is a purple bell about this and he's like he hurt his hip and he had to get a hip replacement surgery and uh you know he's like our age is like in his late 40s and he he's a very successful businessman he went from there to going back to training again but once healed up he's doing drills rise like man i'm tell you just from doing all these drills my digits who's got much much better sure because now he's concert constantly improving upon his data patterns russian pattern yes yes the owner john adams chunking you're talking about him there like a good head of grace yes like pattern junking whole life yeah just understand shock things that way power box here is a patterns and mixing mall up and shows taekwondo is john hendricks body looks fit now now johnny hendricks beat tyron woodley what nancy delayed play signs how's he look johnny hendricks looks amazing look slim
yes he doesn't look at all again any sort of a weight problem was underweight this morning when they're waiting he was underweight the morning that's a lame wrench guy this mother jack what's his name francis sprint to make that larger angono now you know that he's a beast he's got some serious power yeah and a good deal it's on the ground to we got taken down dude didn't do shit to him he may be friends but he's w african servo for showa he's gigantic that is what i do as a war and i was i was interviewed on mike hi john this is gonna be over here a key i went to interview i'm a decided he wanted a walk away and go see how the guys feeling after you beat the adam can like on okay i'll just be over here you do your thing body and well what a man that governor who the you fight at a time right i don't know if the guy had fought and i felt like the show so the music the
it just felt it look where it comes up to these guys oh my lord but he holds their fate listen he holds their face over just he's a great guy just needs mushrooms in a fuckin reality check mushroom are reality check brendan i think with the same fellow how dare you listen i like joe silva i have never had any ill dealings with chose over he is my friend i enjoy him as a human being i do not know what the fuc went down with you and joe silva main ask any fighter you bet just need to work that shift out on your own man i'm good now bringing in another dimension you decide to come back and get a do it one more time you're going to make a comeback what camp do you join and what is your strategy it's hard to turn down muscle pharm at least or bone right now but i'll probably go tristar
well you know i like us i like my so far for a couple reasons one it's a big new facility everything super stay the are and it's got some momentum while dues are gravitating towards their leister eliot marshall you know duane ludwig is in cahoots you know there's a lot of other really good striking coaches you've got brandon thatch you've got you know why it's happiness clean my mother you know why muscle farms happening ryan drexler the guy who's running it now he is a student of mine and he always wanted to he was very successful in the supplement industry very very successful and his passion was to build years ago we go here we go here we go here we go i got involved in that fight with diego sanchez and quite blew it with the craziest fighter hendricks hendrickson thompson is about to start and we gotta pay attention to this
for hendricks any predictions hendrix was fantastic header ship it i don't know how if one of us is going to solve that wrestling but he's never looked like that he looks so fit he's gotta solve that wrestling while you sucked up in the tyron woodley fight it didn't make weight look at this fucking side stance show unusual so epic right now here's the topic is about even thompson is that he's been training a lot no damn is wrestling has gotten a lot better and he's not worried about being taken down so he'll get taken out by johnny might ryan hall he might get a job but they might not trying to double checked with the right hand caught ncaa chan it's hard to deal with but you're right it is hard to deal with you know what else i deal with fifty seven and kickboxing yeah hard to deal with cis wrestling giant johnny's wrestling so tough tough so in mma fighting corruption started watching it let's just watch it we don't know what the fuck is going to happen we talk you might be right
you're saying what definitely going to happen while it's happening that seems really not the same probability the rest spicy with michael wizard i'm a little psychic dude i see things i see things exactly one second before they happen this is the kind of commentary ever see that imagine if we did commentary like this saying what's going to happen it's quite different shifts happening across all predict so he's not even taking a champion right now count encountering counts prediction counter always watch this psychic alot like mostly like mine you know that more that following groupings the face to telling you this very few is it avoided takedown like him and have these kind of skills it's a completely different kind of leg next room it's nasty dude he used to fight in that chuck norris low johnny hendricks is in a world pool here getting lit up he's getting
thompson can do some shit that hendricks is not seen before it's hard to get a spring planting to sparring partner like you're not going to find a guy like him down he is one of the elites in america shapeshifting freak look at him like a snake so she doesn't look good at all or solid step in right now it all depends on who you're looking for if you look at thompson it's looking excellent looking crazy something about one hundred a bad habits is trying to throw that kick and he's getting caught he's getting timed he's in a terrible situation this is rhonda rowsey hall look at that switch kick jumping switch kick jumps with the left and kicks with right right hand on the chip card do you like them up
no no relented how tough is john henderson even look at least getting hurt he just keeps coming forward look wonderful he knows damn wonder boys comes out into this to everybody how 'bout that i've said that for a long time he i think he pees robbie lawler i'll call it now he's learning how to fucking fight mma the same at the same level that he learned to be this elite kickboxer did i watch that
norris thing remember the world combat league with fighting that bowl he was in that people use the changes have been honest to spot sideways fan of that chuck norris kick box he was the champion oh my god he's one of the best guys in it johnnys covering well damn i didn't know that you got this covered with its own title zero my choice zero washington is talking to him saying so god johnny just looked at the clock in the second title shot you can't shut down shut up saying saying it look at this he can't even walk no he's doing the karate kid who is rapidly karate kid oh my god oh my god he double got main throw shoes that i stood he funny
hey connor mcgregor definitely don't take up to seventy he still movement is karate he has minimal movement that footwork movement is just like doing all those movement drills with karate and you see the way he does he hopes i guarantee mcgregor will never say the seventy pound belt is looking good to me i'll never say that you don't want to let this go to look at this thing one right for shares in though the precision but i am just the difference in the job you want to call it a lady nodded outlook is not a not so he's like yeah you got blue dude he got lit up for john i mean this is taken down he couldn't get taken out of the keyword champion looking through the best camp of his life he's in the best shape ever been he comes in their motivated and he gets torn apart by adele adele shot apart by a gene has to be a time you know what
we're witnessing the second wave of evolution first it was about cheetah but we needed another one we needed another one machida was like ok is a special one had still not karate now we see it for sure the way listen coming this is one way is to wonder board derives this is one round you can do woodley in him for the fucking title would probably longer a little bit of a break just after a war with carlos condit karate is a big time off karate are those rogers in tom thompson come on and wouldn't you want to see him your light lawler up in my opinion i think that's what i'm saying be hard to take woodleys title shot away it's very hard dfc rolls and i do but at six in her own in a sense of fairness if we look at the sense of fairness it's very difficult but how would you how much would you like to see him versus damian maia i'll try to buy everybody i'd like to see him pirates can take him down by to see that wonderful
right he kicked me in my face keeps going off again i am kind it would be a good fight i mean i've been predicting the rise of wonderboy for awhile karate is bad fight one bad fight with four years ago he was overtrained against matt brown brown and since then he's been dominant and getting better every time and he was smart secondly he goes and trains the one hundred and eighty five pound champion is one of the grittiest fuckin' wrestlers in the game it goes through wide mens camp weidman's a bigger guy and he learns how to survive well people a lot of people don't know stephen wonderboy thompson got his start from gsp gsp was fighting carlos condit brought want to believe in i don't know how they met brought in and then he sent them to denver to train with nate myself all the guys in news just fucking everybody up meanwhile how about gsp discover one of the most marketable guys ever
the nicest guy so laserjet imminently the nicest friendliest guy you'd ever want to meet clean cut doesn't look make some murder i hope you look out here like look at him he's going to thank god i guess i think jesus that's good he's religious or something this capture this guy came up to you at a club and said i used a fucking bad astrik i'm going to church and get better at fighting set it up right this guy out fuckin' sidekick dude you see extension front like mine yeah well the better boom boom left hand would you like yours
he's a sniper how he got fucking sniper look at that right uppercut thing would ever be johnny hendricks like that too not like that look at that right kick to the body on the way out johnny so fucking tough though he says oh oh jesus makes arms come on man i give it up is a genius he's amazing it's amazing hashtag callan called of course i called it dude i got my fucking barbell jeans on i will fight tonight so i was stoned every quiet the beginning everybody was tired because he was right there dude it's carol is on fire tonight he said he's a genius he was right we have five minutes left we didn't tell you why he put everybody on notice sadly of these things timed first john is a man the mere turns out
lizard over time any bounce off of you very well so that was something you did very well he was the that's a man right there yeah i was gonna say because he did an awesome yeah that's not enough you still you know what man that's fine 'cause that just shows his character john he's also trying to resolve johnny hendricks is a man in his boss and he's a man
he's amassed he's the nicest guy and we had the right hand side of of monster who strikes has been trying since he was three years old sign up you know what is fun what is fighting right now he's fighting a wonder boys figured out how to stay standing yes figured out how to do it in where he's gotten so comfortable with that they can get loose that was the charles see that's not a way to more so than everybody else is how you know this is how you be dramatic when he says watches hey did you notice fighting future that's all you gotta say brother here but no one's going to give you that amount of time there before man why the policy is poor people everyone drinking jumping jumping ship you don't have that time but i can't 'cause i can't pause this is a wolf den son talking about sucking all these like details and these guys had never heard of and i was like i can't find her oprah i was trying to keep an opening for wine
give you props your wine but i was i was kicking when you told me talked about that you know you just advertisements are off the chart not bad right now i'm at your wine skills are off the charts you know as much wine is my business manager he's gotta fucking wine cellar in his high pay attention more sales dudes i'll sit in a wine profits in a wine store talk and talk to the guy for hours i my wife has dragged me out i'll call my friend matt i'll call him from like anywhere i'll be like alright dude i'm in some cabernets right now and read you some shit this is expensive is it good just just tell me which is a good one i'll go actually good ones always called her resume for seven hundred and ninety five is a better year but ninety seven is not bad calendar go to calendar tool has good wine who dude from tool yeah i think there is a good one he definitely does as far as you have your world as of yet if you ever had manners one it's still no i haven't maynard maynard keenan about just about what from
he was one of talking about before when i was talking about my friend who injured his hip is they wanna name drop when he's he owns caduceus wine he's lead singer tool he makes fuqing fantast one and that's really everything if he does anything he does it well he does it the black belt level yeah you know like he's he's guy had a hip replacement surgeries back on matt's drilling use is you know is my age great music is a beast like any intellectual or he's a he's a he's a good no bull kind of a guy yeah and he called me up because add that primal guy on mark sisson and he got a lot of things right but apparently when he was talking about wine made it was like stay in your lane yeah he's we don't use eighty seven different chemicals he's like you as we knew you some natural like like yeast may be in the you know maybe some tennis remarkably central when you see i mean i find a lot of time yeah remarkably since jesus christ wonder boys good cook in
i've been saying this not to be a dick i'm saying this from since one thousand eight hundred and eighty six here you have i remember back in the day he moves in vegas like do teachers get locked up the number two welterweight in the world setting him up in the first move he crushed him in the first week it that do that we might be looking at the champion right there we really might be the same but robbie is god damn ferocious demo knocked out doesn't you know what in match up for ronnie you might right but i headed to the worst match up you might be right but there i believe there's a difference out of danger that robbie lawler will put himself in first in the amount of danger the johnny held for one another i'm i'm just saying the amount of danger hill put himself in trying to hit him robbie lawler would take some crazy asfuck in chances and do some explosive ridiculously good luck even as a champion he might not land it but dude he knocked melvin man have dead
it's crazy he so indestructible it wasn't sure man who was teeing off on him and treat him like a peniata hit like a peniata just kicking his legs look like it was like a like on a string like one and then he just ducked his head and walk through give wonderboy the title shot well i believe so i believe so but i think that tyron woodley still has a real good argument that he deserves a title shot even though he's not as impressive as this guy 'cause his last fight he won by injury you know charles condit kicked up in maine so he was winning that fight though he definitely wanted first thought that's a tough argument especially as far as market volatility right now saying that he was supposed to be fighting johnny hendricks number one title shot johnny hendricks had to pull out 'cause he didn't make weight and a sense tire and was promised a title shot you know that you have cereal son i think it's a bad thing if wonderboy weights out and knocked somebody else off because i tell you my performance like this a performance like this like some superstar emerging dude he looked
a genius tonight a striking genius who that spinning back kick to the arm like it's like getting hit by a fucking bat in your arms he's how many arms johnny hendricks is like what the flight getting hit by a machine right my god grant perfectly everything he's doing is perfect like this just like you sampled as a direct example of what we were talking about when we were going over the technique throws everything slides into it he turns his hip over he turns his hip over throws up he's a laser beam accurate man lands on a wire and sees what you're doing before you do it right yeah see all your answer all right is let me just let me just move a little bit back back to the way he landed that right kick to the body that white kick to the body in that exchange before it was extraordinary because he's he knows he's on the way out but he also knows where hendrix left arm is and he sneaks that right kick right under it as he sliding backwards which very few people
be able to do crazy the crazy things in my fighting no matter what you do in martial arts you like i said before we all have a certain amount of time to drill so whatever whatever the kung fu the karate guys or whatever they were doing during the dark ages when we thought it didn't work whatever they doing that we're getting really good at it at that range beginning bucking the best at that range maybe you can get taken down easilly maybe they don't know any jujitsu but now we gotten to the point where they spent all that time in range and now they add and supplement supplementer wrestling so they can stay in that range the range the rangers they spend all their time in the range that nobody else spend that much time in that range but they got the rustling in the surrounding they can stay in that range that they rule in during the dark age is when everyone thought that didn't work but hey guess what
now with the fucking works 'cause i got all that shit to support and i love having angry with karate when he flew in any talks he talks cowspiracy he's like do we have to end this podcast on that 'cause we had in the avatar right now so mark we're at the three hour mark did we go over yet slightly went over three hours so most of this is gone to get everybody come on big kiss
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