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Fight Companion - July 7, 2014

2014-07-07 | 🔗
Brendan Schaub and Bryan Callen, of The Fighter & The Kid podcast, join Joe to watch the fights on the evening of July 7, 2014.
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yeah we're on live ladies and gentlemen nobody even knows it justice scoggins is about to fight there was a biva delay with calen and shop getting here since they find airlines airlines i fly for fifteen minutes it's amazing to get it anywhere at all i just get to fly everywhere anywhere anybody won't fly they're like all right well cool if you've never heard this podcast before this is what we call fight companion podcast scoggins this kid right here justin scoggins that's his name right that's right he's a bad motherfucker i called one of his fights before and he is about to fight the fight is going to start mary massage says go now fight starts now pressure really interesting fighter he fights he's got like this karate style but he also throws a lot of like traditional martial art techniques and he's got a wrestling background so it's pretty interesting always getting dragged to the ground look at this scott is the guy with the who's the guy on the bottom dustin ortis justin scoggins and dustin ortis dustin came out pressure take pressure on them right away
pretty impressive because scoggin is a good restaurant if you never heard this podcast before this is what we call fight companion podcast what we do is we watch the fights live we're watching the fight like its four fifteen on the clock right now unless if you want to sink up we only go pretty good very nice i like how he scooted his hips up there that was some expert shit sneaky we do these podcasts while the fights are going live and we talk while the fights are happening and that's what we're doing right now dustin ortiz is on top justin scoggins is on the bottom who came out with fight companion i don't know happened it just kind of happened but it's a good way to call it and so a lot of people what they do is they watch this and they watch the fights at the same time if you're doing that look at these kind of need them in the face went down which is kind of a sneaky thing you can do right can you do that yeah you tear gas always and he's diane's zaireans lot its rise without at least put his foot trying to stop that it has put his foot on their that's pretty slick
relax but o o o o o o o o type extended all this is so ugly damage due to the gangster so so tat that was amazing he got that but keep an eye on that r might be jag mifid for sure died at another word the other things done son that armed for sure it's going to suck jerking off that thing for the next you're gonna have to play the mystery man you have to use the left or dog it's gonna get really weird it was his
wasn't it oh they want it if he's left handed right we'd have to go back over it again i'm pretty sure it was just left armed that he was attacking yeah you're right but scoggins very high in this kid he's only twenty one to wow and like i said wrestling background but real good at karate is that at yeah are these guys thirty five on twenty five th these motherfuckers go for day
cardio is even in their mind they think about it he should have twenty five minute wait twenty five minute around three twenty five around they're humming birds and down yeah okay this takes us back very nice good role by dustin dustin looks like more of a wrestler and so has a lot more usual i look at this dustin is not giving up man motherfuckers on his back right now oh good trip so we just got back from vegas too incredible fights man we look at this or tesis getting scoggins back scoggins fighting off those hooks he's going to spin it took you this he's going to spin trying to hit that switch the cages in the way cage fucks you up a lot of times
really limits a lot of stuff it can help you sometimes especially if you're a ground and pound guy wrestler ground pound it's a dream for you but as a get a guy big things tougher i think can't shrimper dustin ortiz is duke rufus is guy very interesting that's why who is due how dare you how dare you ever do it's for the fans for the fans i like asking questions that a lot of people don't know too bad we don't have like that's what i'm here if we had like a whip and they just slap callen how do you say that for real how do you not know who do roof is i don't know only this coins drunk
down for getting doors the brother of rick roofers rick the jet roofers who was one of the big pka karate stars like one of the most exciting yeah amazing fighter who turned into a moi tie fighter after he had some moi tie fighters and got fucked up and then his brother duke after after rick got fucked up by some tie fighters his brother went into moti himself and duke became a moita world champion and now he trained anthony pettis sergio pettis he's trained alan belcher trained a lot of high level fighters and he trains this guy dustin artist he was on my podcast last week two weeks ago great really good guy really salt of the earth yeah couldn't get a nice person and super like super intelligent and really well read when it comes to fighting she knows everything about
my time specially on tv lot anti seats out there in the crowd well this is the one of the first fights of the second card of the second day and they are in a fourteen thousand seed a renewed if if you are you have seen and is here you see fanned you are just as jews in your pants with as we can listen there's nobody but look at me right have you ever see me this i've won lazy i said ass just got off the plane straight erosion studios eggs are nowhere to go and you have see what i mean it's been justly twenty percent unlike cnn of you see i was out drinking with markdale grotto brian cowen us brine stan my body just in and we were out until four o'clock in the fucking morning i had to get up at seven yeah well that's vegas man everybody's at four oclock in the morning the places
mob and also they set the casinos are set up so you don't realize how late it is music the lids decimal nice love took their leave you that's bomb the right hand and then with the left this car after three days in vegas though i'm good you can keep it you money laundering lamb iep it that's my thoughts exactly two days in vegas is all you need some love it there man i know so gamblers look at house coggan style man it's really interesting style for a guy who's a good wrestler footwork interesting for it's all karate he's very like machita like look at that but he throws a lot of front lake sidekicks almost like point style dustin or tea is no joke though man not at all man just bringing it i love that leper
beer to bulletproof coffee both guys out yes and a lot of guys with a beautiful tie up of that is it is like got that right arm hooked like he's gone for a crucifix here someone almost got a crucifix this weekend i forget what was someone rolled into a crucifix did the same thing tied up one arm when my fave uniform raw dries delgado runic choke first run did he ruined up for the night not not surprising deal is a monster i know i hang with dance even the beast yes at his against any what's the matter is that fifty six years i couldn't live better is amazing i was drinking fuckin raw millcote
somewhere he looks like a muscular freddie mercury he's a great guy too he's got some great stories about the old wrestling days international wrestling look at this or tease rolls dustin over right in front of roof is the other thing about having a coach like duke roof is is he's such a great guy like he motivates you so much you want to fight well you want to win for me yeah that's real man you guys talk about their relationship that they have with their trainers like that mean dwayne or time i had breakfast dwayne in vegas were interior how close then you sent for him it's cool because it's like he's living through tv like he wished he had himself as a coach when he's coming up so for tj school cool is a debt is interesting but it takes a lifetime to accumulate knowledge and allow times by time guys did their their bodies or more now it's crazy teacher had no time to
asking the championship do just got back right back and i can't i don't like that like after a stallion teacher about your zalm right back into camus already man you just one the bell is yeah that's what they want
men well you know what it was supposed to be in vegas supposed to be august the late august show was supposed to be in vegas and something happen they decide to move it to watch sacramento because his tea jays hometown give tee do yeah grave for teaching terrible for brow because of its quick turn around after kayo that's the only thing that concerns make one but why rush it like this that's a good question brows camp wanted it they wanna ride away they thing is a fluke doesn't know homey a fluke is if we get it right like in the first round get knocked out that's a fluke yet they live rounds of a pure ass women is not a flute they think the five rounds came about because of the first right does he cleared his own i dropped in the first round he didn't know where the fuck you was for the rest of fight like he went into the fifth round patently and he thought it was the third round had no idea what was going on i get that i get that that that that does speaks to your point about having them fight that early though he needs more time off oh yeah that head trauma man but the inner the prisons are tough as nails man they want they want to do more about lena yeah dustin ortiz is strongest fog do look at this new all his precious were saying organs unbelievable and for dioxins is like this kid it has a lot of high behind and justifiably but i am blown away by dustin ortiz brenda
mean that just the fact that it gotta that armed bar man than our bar was fuck it was his left arm new varieties on the reproves is let wasn't your great so maybe jerks i've loved you we don't know we don't now makes it argovie amber dexterous maybe just gets a cortisone shots i could keep eaten off she's flexibility man is in my ears but did they find a dark you young girls on choosing to continue this jack of kelly i almost got caught in a bad situation there and instinctively shoved that second armen were scoggins fishing for the triangle ground impound stuff if especially if you're a wrestler like this or you at a wrestling base and you're heavy on this guy like a marked minos it opens you up for submissions what are you saying brian this guy in the little box here i saw him leaning against the do you know who that is no how dare you again
that's marcus conan silver is that guy is a fucking legend he was one of the heavyweight champions of extreme fighting championship he was a part of one of the fights that changed mma really yeah because he fought marie smith and marie smith had kicked him and nobody ever from denver wow nobody marie is from denver yeah really originally okay he trained out of seattle though right did most of his he lives in seattle now ransom moris this weekend at the lion fights really yeah more tight how does he look looks great really fucking just fought fifty just bought one head can at fifty fifty oh my god how to fight who did he fight some guy who shouldn't have been fighting mary smith guy needs to work on is take a guy mary smith beat the shit tell me about going on the fight
so conen was a jujitsu black belt and that was back at the time when everybody thought that is black belts were unstoppable someone was a jujitsu black belt it was it you were getting killed it was like the host gracy days the early days it was like ninety three ninety four somewhere on there and mary smith leg kicked the fuck out of them and then head kicked him yeah i just kept the fight standing when he got taken to the ground used good butterflies got back up to his feet just really never morris's ground game was all about defense one defense it was all butterflies and defense and endurance maurice has crazy crazy cardio for a heavyweight yeah i remember that fight with mark coleman i remember that so well i'm going what's up come on grand manmark coleman but that's what he said during the pre fight he was like i'm a ground pound of shit out of him
so i was there man i was there live i interviewed him after the fight that was back when i was the post fight interviewer and maurice standing in front of me goes come on mark grown and pound me come on mark back like come on mars talking come on grand one come on grand poaching that leg kick yeah pure gangster but he's not a morris is an interesting guy because he's not like an angry guy that he tried to you know like mark was done he was so exhausted but more is never liked tried to close the deal never try to finish off just fought real smart but was fuckin weather beaten his ass some does her legs outright guise of real nice personnel as i can leave it you're like a pack yeah yeah does one heard anyone maurice is like he loves to play around like he's a silly goose but content just looked like a dead where i was watching him as you were taking pictures and i looked at him and he's so wide and he looked like
just an old like lion with barnacles certainly are not sonia jesus no not at all he just look like that we so recording we had a computer she weighs is are we still on you streamed yulka well oh dustin arches with a nice straight left this is a great fucking fight this is it meanwhile we're talking about all sorts of shit from the past and scoggins and or i want a war in a crazy fight back this is a great fit scoggins take them down again hey brandon thanks for making me do a wheel kick in my jeans this morning at ten in the morning that was a lot of fun from a bunch of people that was good for you man yeah as someone else's idea though yeah it's real good i have to hold the thing we were talking about what was good
about it nothing i thought and blows ass allowed to exactly gino trains were supra throw kicks like once a year kicks ones are since i've been been boxing i the bag now now but no nothing like that for a week i had no business doing some fandom head arm yeah i had an arm choke oh boy stuck in half card though very hard to finish from half card look at this dustin rolls over most cogan stays on i will fight that's why i love little guys man the transitions i love it don't see heavyweights moving like this i was i started count ourselves airline email account no you don't it's good to be the king of the beach bitch i'll care about the beach i believed you say i'll be allowed to go around with everyone here he said meanwhile sitting next to your website in those little seats on south west i wish yours
have you ever thought about trying to go to two hundred and five yeah i've thought about it before and towards the end of my career i'll do it i'll do one cut to it just like everyone seems to do that's like the older phase of the guys they make the cut but yes right now i'm two hundred and fifty pounds that's a really tough cut everyone always asks me that though you're about two thirty fight week though right two thirty five so when you think about that you're not watching your diet at all when you're eating healthy but you're not think about some of the shit that some of these guys do like a guy like wideman what is widen
around it before he tries to make two or one hundred and eighty five five a big fucking guy yeah yeah he is well this is the a lot of those guys get crazy out of shape in between fights like crazy out of shape i don't i don't put on tons of weight who puts on the most weight in which he fights well used to be rumble johnson yeah anthony johnson i never see anything like it he was walking around two thirty five he sucked down one hundred and seventy and we were doing this movie and i looked at him i said what do you eightright now he goes put thirty five i said you're going to make one seventy in two months he goes i'll make it six weeks is fucking madness this fight is awesome we should really pray this is really good it's ok scramble doesn't ortiz is no joke man he's on the map now when draw he's on the map possesses a great fight i can guess protection his knee
there you go go for the knee bar look at that beautiful what it's nice and one upon time lashes legs pressure on yeah where he strong or he's very strong this is great stuff what he's covering scoggins face that's sneaky falcon move you know we are talking about the sailor day that brand caraway fish hook incident that's dark man dark that's frowned upon i can't believe how long he held that fish okay and it's not by accident i think he said it was a genuine accent right well that's what he said i don't want to call him a liar but i think i just did for a lady caraway like i'm a lot i mean he might not even known he was doing a was so ferocious in the heat of the moment trying to finish that show at all it that's a crazed try to be nice now straight straight elementary yard fish
total fishhook how long did did he it for five seconds more maybe right i then back baby five seconds solid five seconds long time for anything one three a long time and he's got it fingers deep in this guy's mouth and its people towards them to try to get the choke play for keeps are they really doing a purge is one of one of my best friends frank she's see purge one though now of course i didn't like everyone and i care for their brows wants time i get way herds ones aren't as some of you have not started i think they made the movie for something really tiny i gladly welcome no you know wherever they spent it was to make was so popular that ethan hawk made seven million dollars on them and that's it you blown up even hotspot estonia where i met people hit him up for loans now i need some cash yo ethan man i have this independent project
how many guys come to you with like independent project i've done three a day including emails really you get a two one yeah do you want me to help help them producer animated feature animated things movies tv shows a good friend fucking gave me you're being a ferocious ear beating other day about some reality show he's trying to put together in being you're in the tv business i go w ho am on the tv but what the fuck you talking about well you have that tv show man you know you're in the tv business i'm trying to put together the show well find somebody who actually tv producers that finally i want you to how we can have been no one on time and on time this is the dim string mean you guys no one hits me up about doing that stuff i get dick pics that's what i do i get i pics on instagram and twitter it is high time then get some volume your generally want to describe a thing you you dear boy oh but you two dozen wow
just brought the pressure man take the dustin ortiz with the split decision solid wow scoggins is very bummed out man of course while while you know what we're talking so much we really score that that's where no that's fair i'd have to say that failure to say we're talking so much i always say like it sometimes during a fight like while we're doing commentary like i talked jimmy smith the last my companion when you motherfuckers were around
my guess is worth with j smith was great and in the call was i was on it too was really very good but you talkin about they make him score ability to make him score the rounds let's go yeah but they make em score the rounds why don't commentary like now that stuff i dont do it got me personally are you like i could do it but i don't want to do it i say during the pot during broadcast i say you know i this guy won the fight or won the rounds but the reality is if you want to really call a fight correctly to shut your mouth you still scoring it boxing lies right well it's a ten point my system but it's it's you know it's done because you're working within a flawed system right but the real problem with that flawed system is boxing wrapped around and boxing's three minutes and there's a bunch of us in our regular five is ten rounds non title fights fuck rounds try to fight is twelve rounds you know
emma five big difference three one only three rounds and there could be at ten nine rule or one guy just beat the shit out of a guy and then there ten nine round where it's like a toss up that doesn't make lost lies that does it sucks cause assistant sport so new to wilson a system restore of judging system from boxing there is no decision criteria for if ass to make him pressure on holding position on somebody take down take down defence about taking on defence about that they should go along with about submission is anything so monsieur received all that in the end there should be legacy scale of like one to ten of how close a submission is like the alcoholic looks scoggins authorities prove example thousand fucking nine that armor fucking nine nine and a half that was about as close as you can get to not getting tab you have to take that in consideration yeah you got out of it it looks
not met at her at all little sing her fourteen bro no whatever she saw twenty four she already tattooed up i can't believe it can't be fourteen that's not legal yeah i'll tell you what was fun though the expo oh i'll tell you what was so fun the questions i was getting about our loski oh that was amazed here's the guy we were in the elevator here's the guy was hasting man dude what happened although i had you mean and then i'm finally out of there i'm like alright this was a good day this is fun last interview i go on some going to call them out this i've had a issue them before i did not want to use this radio and because of this so this interview and he goes here that fight was awful it sucked excuse me sir there's three hundred pounds you ve never find your life you can talk to people like that i will never come on you show again
i say that to him oh when we were done he's like listen man i'm gonna give him don't bother do not bother man i was like i'm good you know me i'm i don't i don't like confrontation right again goodness walked away but it's crazy me crazy to me man but was terrible i see that's fine who'd you have windows are you for sure one that thanks man you know what it is managed its that sports guy radio bullshit there's a certain amount of sports guy radio bullshit that's leaked into emma may in alike that they think that they can be cool there's no repercussions uganda mean however you want i can't do anything i'll be in trouble obviously i'm not gonna snap your neck i'd love to i'm not going to i can't do anything yeah it's well even not that it's just like can't you talk about a fight without being disrespectful to the guy that was fighting like it seemed
like you guys knew each other you are both very tentative it was and there's a lot on the line for both of you are lost he looked particularly nervous like like was most frustrating about the fighter you could talk about a five or should look somebody who's ever competed before if you've had more than a few fights there's going to be some that are just go off you might be sick you might be injured my i you can't think that every fight is gonna be great they're just not gonna be you're gonna have any one that happened but i like but the thing is when i talked to him i was like yeah on the ah did that fight suck one hundred percent should i have one yeah do i need to things different yes i was i was banking on just like i'm used to when i used to train with him an aggressive or lossy which i hate that we're talking to is again alive just shit happen but our loss would come forward aggressive no more dynamic backlit counter fighter so i'll get my take down my big termination of like that so he's not being aggressive
approaching i should have adapt in didn't so you get a shitty fight that's what happened right right fight so however i won the fight so this guy when you were doing this interview was he like mock he knew what was he doing those best knew also much now listen also i could take his job if i want to honour to destroy them on air with everything fight talk everything so are you the little offensive already and i am again such gave him just jump in terrible so before that also there was like a build up already where he was like kind of like little oh and then i even told him and he was like well what's an extra and i have no idea man but this is a weird fight you know what they're gonna with me i don't know because taking out the really i won the fight if our last game main event against bigfoot so obviously they're not too mad at him so with me i i'm not sure i said who do you think i should fit yeah you can come up with anything he had nothing would it
about the true situation has gone crazy broke out loud looking for that fight and honestly i think it was also a blessing in disguise what i think she would one that fight real you're off i don't why dont at all and i think that the time away they want to give him more of an easier fight a guy where he could get his bearings back get used to the lock the gun in the lights it's a different animal when you fight in a while for those to calls him out let's explain what happened if you want to know glad you got to turn for folks who don't know what happened stephan struve is a really tall fight setting foot yes it's a scam scraper they call legit seven feet and doing well in the ufc has some pretty big wins and then all of a sudden he has a heart condition like a serious legit heart condition they don't know if he's ever going to be able to fight again so he
take some time off i don't know what they did to try to fix his situation surgery he had surgery on his heart oh my god he had surgery with these valves and stuff crazy stuff in his home town he had to see like all these doctors before one was like yeah let's do this so anyway he has a surgery takes how much time off quite awhile quite a while yeah you're looking more than a year yes oh for sure so he's off for a long time and he's in the locker room getting ready for his fight and he's heart starts beating like really fast and he has can almost fainting spell essentially his body was limp yeah that's about it for you buddy they pull him off the card like your fifth hour before you're supposed to fuck can you imagine if that happened inside the octagon they announce his name in this giraffe passes out like donald
imagine if he's like i stray but before body's taking the steps up to the ocean seven foot no one's catching him son oh my god breaking arian his neck when he falls you know what i'm saying you don't want that to happen playing times on a basketball court where somebody didn't live you know so you can't you can't play around his true yeah baby guys have a real hard time there's really talk as a condition for real yeah there's a condition and i came over the name of it where where do you know you just people dropped it well they don't live very long yeah seven for decades wall she has to strikes against some one name the old fighter you know there's not a lot of rampas out these cauliffe you know i'm saying you know i'm saying just not and then he's seven foot tall with a little nub i made that up
visit on them by the love ridiculous yes why you said i don't know i have no idea calm down a bad guy i love story with a little now so you seven put anything fighter so yeah he's he's on the back nine a life for sure that's the kind of insult a guy with a giant dick to stroll around willy nilly got a little not just giraffe and he's got a little now what you're perfect way describe and because he so long ganglia i think metreon would beat him really i do i think it was a horrible match up for him because we have the same manager and when they took he was telling me again because when i was looking for a fight for our lastly before the hunt fight philip
she's gonna be back man i'm like i don't want to fight the guy come back from heart surgery everyone's gonna hate me man i don't want to exactly i'm like i don't want him dying on me i don't be known as that guy that's a good point because did you see the justin gage nick nuel fight i did not hear gate you just beat them like nick noise one arm is one fighter and everybody is like rooting for he's a one arm form a gay kid bad mother fucker he is he's an animal i started get well gaiety his first day in the gmos there with the same had gotten denver he's an animal he's he's an em all american ressler seventh at national rules through the strange to rural striker a nickname tough shit but you see the final date you like just manhandled might be the most beat his warm yeah but it's like that's the weird it's like you watching a guy beat a guy up was one arm and norms
you know is very tough is known no doubt about it knows very good he's very tough now let's let's say you ve never seen before like slipping through the channels like i'll check it out emmett hold yeah this guy has one arm getting his ass what what is this make a wish you know what i'm saying like this isn't cool and then again if a guy with one arm beat you that's even more of a mind fuck do you guys beat by a guy was one fucking sure i remember when in high school we would wrestle guys sometimes we're deaf or blind it's always an interesting thing two different out of body studies can be the next broken you know wrestling all star and he got paid with a girl and she beat him he was crying as well death allen sean for a couple guys who were deaf and i wrestled a couple guys here there yeah death they can see you that grab ahold of you what or not how does he defend general started good questions a very good question here there's a duty the best pool player in the world whose death and we're late
who turns its hearing it asks me oh shit you could talk to show you that schools into zones fires he has an advantage is evident as its title my how jimmy so the thing with wrestlers at least like they came here themselves breathe which has death wrestler yeah i never thought about has this electoral battle folks i guess i'm a good effect in terms of did doesn't get freak out yeah don't freak out you don't know your fatigue i don't know about you on the some cause when i listen to music and i do conditioning i was just gonna say when i was the music i take it of all dang i'm dry even son i'm about to pass out put the music back on like astray but when you're running listen to music you don't realize how time you just sweat and you feel good yeah i think that you get better cardio when you when you have the music game matter especially i've seen a clinical study where music does help your entering stuff like that i said seems like i would it seems like good help you if you're doing like strength and conditioning workouts seems like it would really lie of the tiger guys on a loop dance
yeah of the tiger and banks have bench are you know that i have to tell your guy is the same guy that is the bud light guy but light remember now really yeah he would like seeing you know they would have like he's funny guy about it to you but like i did you lose your carrier carrying mr kane carry yogi guy he would be here is a really nice guy man he was he was the guy from survive would lead survivor while he was with us on the maxim comedy tour what to do with charlie murphy and john have run supervised great voice too look like we have heavyweights briar louis heavy where we really are later when this guy learning elevator his easy chair giant than you bread and you were standing got knocked out king tattooed on his there you go he was yeah
kind of scary really he was a hang on hang out where i what are you doing it goes out violence and i doubt scary this girl's acid scary this brazilian chick good googly moodily real she was what they had international fight week so they like the brazilian girls water had immoral rosewater oh and so need to scrape some dna off those brazilian girls and three i'll do it clone cross they can go the desert to came heavy right hand from downtown yeah whatever they have that grows asses like that in brazil please preserve you don't want to go out like the dot over one wonderful it's a mix of spanish and everything oh yeah it's such a melting pot you know they had all the reencode girls i went in the green room and i was literally like fans the little fans back there i have to shut them down i'm like just give me a second i'm literally trying to focus so much about this you know i change in
have to wear suit and i've this custom tell us who did you see what i'm already wears a three peace guess where i change i china reading room where the girls chain so we were all bodies owner border patrol now around here i'm a professional is shared through you keep your eyes body law do you think i ever dont flex when i'm in their prisoners unleaded ever let go my god just stick it out like a prognosis i was just out of the mexican authorities walk around the beaten or should i my stomach heard i was holding it in the whole time doing ever i could i got new to go if you hold it in it doesn't matter hey bro i don't know i can look what you're packing i got a beautiful very louis has got it we should talk about fighting good too i sent that's his name i've never even heard of this guy got me neither no have you its customers
school transacting derek on on the elevator nigeria's liquids era is private stop i fantasized about as big as body staring at him and i are you a lawyer so i said to him he was on fighting the nine i said light heavy videos heavy weibo i said oh damn no you said what weight i go one hundred and thirty five brandon good question literally the photographer not just in we can put then paleo malaria berries things all the jet six five now he was may be its annulled lapping fit london with you oh shit bigshot brain scan well i just he needs to be carefully this guy he's trying to get me five protecting him i'm protecting my friend from derek you know the last time he did this you know the last time he did this on our podcast
he started talking about frank mirror and i went in frank mars one of my all time favorite fighters i love your challenge love the guy i didn't challenge him you start talking shit about him and mean him fighting so i'm like i'd love to fight frank man sign me up man that'd be amazing it'd be an honor sure enough headlines come out sharp wants to fight fright mayor whores allows obligated cowan talking ship push buttons for sure brennan how tall you six or you're taller than derek loose yes there exists an extra so shut your mouth you have a laptop is you're almost totally not our duty i didn't think so i didn't really did to call him because he's blessed right every person we walked by calendar like god that guy's stuff i bet he's stuff i went brian if you're gonna do that all day we're at a fucking ufc explorer i was about to freak out we go the green room this anti pedersen their joy benavides chocolate l briars brow there are some guys around sow she's out
beautiful beautiful job in the transition derek lewis cracked him with the right as he does that's terrible celebration that was like a donkey oh my god that is gone he just goes what happened yeah that's been there did you say bell yeah be careful did he say belts man brendan buy him just buy him long look at this he's doing the people line yeah you don't even want to be in the same room was came velasquez did why i like the confidence that's gotta go back stretch women feel baronial
when in when he knocked out demonize i come the best beth who so far out of that by the way is one of the best ever knockouts true he pinned him up to the cage with punches kept him up with punches monet was out cold and verona was like literally keeping his bodies handing lost or about bertone i was in financial supervision and pride came to vegas i've got all my money together to buy these bullshit tickets on my best friend and there too pictures outside the caesars past fade or crow everyone's there i'm in a almond in the entire time i'm so excited man i see brownie my boy like them any and i want a visual broke my boy goes hey man get a picture like i there's a line i got abronia tat monsieur you hey my for you to pick me up turns around gets on my face goes your bro you call me a prick absolutely not ask for a picture i said pick let's do it and i
out the picture he takes a picture but he's staring off at like some girls ass he's i'm looking at the camera and that's the first i met filbert uneasy did you call me a prick and i litters like out didn't know not studied in shit no sir i feel baronial housman beast came velasquez areas besides that guy up oh yeah i've been out the round all week they're in the same room i was there i was like i really do when you stand around that guy what goes through your mind i just
what he has you i'm just like you only be one we all of us on about baghdad that's why do when i walked out the fact that guy that's clarity so glad you so eyes like when it when i went to the rights of real that whatever we do find me sure let's do it ugly ass a man here more more this shit like work yea support its flock via cable that contradicts everything you in trouble with you gotta you got a little short words i love the purge but you were just fucking around man you know that you're sports now listen and my feelings got her because i'm not in the uk sports gained so they asked me why i realized out you'll pay and asked what i thought of it i give my this is that i feel man i was like i think i should be in the game and so
you know i'm not gonna say what re said but you know i said some bad things about not being the game because my feelings were hurt but then i went and said hey listen find the kid fans tweet as what's in tell him how much you love for me in the game so of course headlines came out shops as by like sports grow were happening i'll drive him like a program called for uncle dana uncle data would that's a problem with podcast like you can take something that we say out of context over the course of a long sharia regime fuckin around and talk and shit and having read on and you you know you joe growl you like fuck this fuck that and and what when i say fuck when i walk like so there's a you'll see party i want to add some club and who knows in vegas right i walk in there's the table and its came last cares and when i say that i can say fuck that guy it's because i want what he has not been disrespectful fact that guy means
love to find him i want one he has done in work just as hard as he does if not harder elderly awfully you're going to be you ll see him one day across the ring and you can have reverence form so you know and hopefully one day he comes and no parties is looks at means as mere footprint and job because he wants a fight me that's what you y yeah right if it comes to derek louis i just just stand of his work the thing where when you take things out of context i get so comfortable like you are my boys were room it's all at coffee all warm chilling we're all friends mike's on i don't i forget where i'm at sometimes yeah it is what it is man it's one of those things i'm learning haven't find the means to combat the two of them and the like professionalism italy this to one shot from going bone he six eight man
it's very bright he slouches when six ray to look at that i got a t shirt of himself he's really i came for awhile your picture everybody as kane as we say so is trying to set himself up for a title shot boy ok hold i like the dreamer loads good average rain yeah could i have a dream i wanna wait a little bit there's a lot guy's gonna witten line stuff my one white or black boy now i will be you got knocked out cuts the bone to dual five real small have no damn herve dean of her you got to love the celebration for sure social emotional the idea we can it's hard volume that what about that no doubt is adjourned
this just didn't know every heavyweight hits are is it just in if you don't it's a bad time for you who has ever been a heavy weight that doesn't hit hard got like a pillow fighting heavyweight where's after deal how ya doing what's a tear the crank the shit up going to shut up i'm spectrum and drag yeah it's only a can't you can't i'm not madam for that though no me neither a little more volume jamie i respect them more well even if he's not on pay for you i have to watch bj penn he's one of my favorite oh how cute is he selling us on the site right now i think he is they must be in some sort of a thing it's a combination of sweet science knockouts i love it well and we certainly appreciate your support now wednesday night here on file
words one you're gonna gold boy promotes how he's out out boring cries all asking arguably sweet looks fantastic by the way it doesnt bismarck negative any shouts the face and i actually will you he just gonna rehab man like a lot of guys that have long box incurs stocking depressed him lot of start seeking like help with their dope levels using the wrong shit like alcohol cain and that will one hundred percent may only take us right now one underpricing have there are lots of like minded check my so you'll be mild go into rehab you ve melted kidding me what first of all him and drag you can't be mad he's looking up some dime piece she's like listen the only way you can hit this if you put on the stockings and put some lipstick on just what
i'm putting on some stock in some lips to hit that you know what i'm saying well she's russian to a russian stripper those pitches of murder get wild man whatever mercenary mercenary who's the guy we brought the girl up and she had her phone her iphone she recorded the whole with the guy's name recorded everything he was saying who's that she kept it in her purse god he had a tv show what did he say drama jerry springer al qaeda nasty startlingly does emphasise we can now low man dams kids good beautiful os and trout violated shroud fight was taken in luxembourg thus in travel everyone that one that's tough man the trout fight down are fairly disarmed drown you seem drop on beer that was a close fight men and now see the highlights gives its fine floyd may whether next they made it seem like you just destroyed trout he definitely not out of
go back and watch that again i see it yeah employed may weather is put a clinic on them it's too much i think too much too soon is too big he's too big for that weight class canal you i'd love to fight for email whether at the weight they fought in eating could he cuts due monsters not fast enough he's not there offer floyd that's interesting man floyd is fast he's also just so smart is brussels my intelligence deep this is the best in the world yet nothing like it of ocean them at once when some of our cinema hurt shane mosley the only a little yeah that's true my tagged them a little bit by donna tag they're rematching i don't care about that rematch i don't i don't see every match the rematch you want see it really yeah i'm not into it well i definitely don't see the ford may was their sugar shea mostly romance i met sugar shane at sdk little punchy punch you that's what happens it happens
a few years back i ran into terry norris at a boxing event and it was more super press i haven't seen him in for ever and all this let's see what is what's going on here this guy i'll help and guys with some discipline injuries coming off of a war probably where he built champions and this is a show soldier strengthen conditioning everybody has to have astroturf now american muscle that's what it is a new series is muzzle i will we hope that i will be into that yeah for sure you and i m south american muscle how crazy to say a word than was there and i'm just super into it they have i want they are largely why sure they have shows now about guys making pools my friend came up a this river this show i told you that i got an ear beating this weekend this guy trying to tell me how can i make the show i'm like wrong guy to talk to you
these i didn't give you shall might do it does show about a god it makes pools at it solely things possible we all know shows a hundred percent boss michael although drifted right those pop star show not porn star shows the stores worse off than those they feel lockers up they said it all up there's a guy who got from one o shows and random all out a tear it now if you don t mom script on efficiency and pregnant just where the charlotte frida i love that's why guarantee you there are some girls out there that are young and dumb would get pregnant bianti the four hundred and they can t be if you think that may people not want to have babies did the exact opposite these girls like hold up i get more instagram follows by getting pregnant at on mtv one blow your loading me well they're not
doing it because they're trying to save the world i mean that i hate one that you like we're just trying to let everyone it's like ten peg is a serious problem this day and age derick lewis and goto in sunday how do you say is i was just looking at daniel corman a suit and there's no reason he should be as tough as he is he just looks like the ups guy what are you talking about daniel core does not look like the killer and please shut your mouth he does his is wide is a how yeah but i mean it i'm not is actually in a suit he looks kind of like a thick i'll just small you saying he's gonna small doesn't look like you you know you small so amazing and such a killer and there has been so dominant it's just not what you when you look so you like well it looks like a thick i've seen a lot of guys like that
you're so look you're such a string guy that's so weird it you're a little jujitsu guy i'd be like rip your dick conan conan looks like a like a you know like a model you know do you have any idea what cormie would do to corn oh i know about it i know now with three o'clock in the morning a standing out so much fucking a pizza place and what is he five it may be tat five eleven maybe dm five eleven near he's an animal we you know what he is he's a world class athlete yeah that's what he and the mind of a world class wrestler like that is something i never seems remotely nervous it looks like he's going to buy milk you know what the only time i saw nervous frank man really really about an even mitted it yet you have see jettisoned first years i actually talked about that you see jitters usage it is a real man one hundred percent and guess what even have what dan fuckin anderson holy shit you haven't you
nobody's race i thought it was an episode of bully beat down i was like cool bully beat down nope you'll see preview you review just so why did he pick him up and body slam him like that because he got henderson you bastard you kill dan why did he do that to him though dan was all tan and shit too and choked him unconscious and didn't even tap when i was like a man they're brian stand right it couldn't get within better state than anybody in animal it was so i i look i was grabbing his arms i was like are you ready to fight i'm two weeks out standing guys were three piece suits on tv i don't know it's like what are we doing yeah we got a funeral home i'm sorry they got me those jackets and the whole thing they got me the collars the shirts are form fitted in the that are fitted to my legs shit and the i wore it a couple of times and i'm like this is just too goose just not you i can't do it i want to put your jacket on for this interview put your jacket on for this problem is it going to
get better if i have a jacket on a ridiculous it's not three piece suits to former man it's too much from behind me people and they're underwear about the shin kicker you want me to wear a jacket like i'm selling insurance i don't get it man i don't get it it's too weird some weird thing our cultural desires to all have the same fucking outfits on if we're being serious or classy or doing formality i have a suit on so listen what i'm saying i know what i'm saying clearly i'm prepared for no nonsense sale if i have a v neck on i'm playing grab as well guess what i'm playing grab as all the time then iron mic production oh my god i thyssen has its own production and my god my clothes and sea borders shit always wednesday and thursday while iron mike productions interesting man
did you see a show and he's doing broadway stuff no it was good i heard it was awesome he done with it he stopped doing it i think so because he's doing that bullshit promotion thing to the fight well he's only got so many stories i guess i mean it's one of those things i did you guys remember dead defending caveman it was essentially like a hack stand up comedy act and it was like he's making so much money on that but yeah not only did he make so much money out of michael checklist that guy from the shield he actually performed it for a while he was selling it so guys could perform it like he had this act and guys would do it is like the wood selling it as a theatre show rooms essentially like canada stand stand comedy comedy performed everywhere i've never heard don't make in a fortune so weird so difference in men and women yeah if a man and i d like to but it's not a groundbreaking it's like
you know i mean i guess it's probably well done the people enjoy i saw it on broadway don't you think about it i thought that it was it was well written i didn't think he was a performer he wasn't the ice the original guy i wrote it and do it and then and so that now we just licence its licences out to two other actors too yeah but it's actually it's they have to have it basically draws the distinction hunters and gatherers and when the difference when men go to shop for example they're linear they want to go get their genes they're gonna find it and i it and take the genes and leave women when they go shop they want to touch things smell it they go through it they're gathering well then i'm a chater's a lot of truth to it yes you are every year energy bro like i like my like my fashion man i like the russian fucking grab jeans from target why did you look at my why did you look at my crown it's in my face there you go you like my japanese denim jeans from target japanese data sheets retorted by ninety percent my clothes online really
how's it fit to do not small dude you know you're dimensions you know we're gonna have to give us a wooden bridge now because you cause you like thick you know i'm saying your in shape your body can violence like regular sweat pants from frickin sam's club i buy things that are like certain brands that i could buy like lucky jeans i can buy like lucky jeans but i have to buy the waste too big yeah thirty two inch wayside biogas thirty three thirty four and waste cecily trip my legs nor on the planet by the how's your snoring going so bad no it's pretty good i couldn't sleep your huntington sleep before now has the eu is not an area which start about two in the morning just look at us nor myself and i will do this you guys i go and you can you stand resign then you go away i got any new i got a new mouthpiece enough to worry about that really can conall mouthpieces amazing a mouthpiece oppressors my tongue down and keys
a tongue from fallen back in my mouth pseudo snow yeah that's what it is its uncomfortable at first it fills a year throw out like someone's trying to put that trying to deep my father's got really bad sleep happening he's got to have like a mask and everything that's what i'm trying to avoid doing yeah yeah and then there's also a surgery that you can get with the take out your tonsils and your admin my friend did it or you just keep snoring let you go on with life right yeah but you know what i did say that it was a long recovery they also say that about the fucking nose thing the deviated septum kept me from doing it for a long time i had a done it was easy it was great my nose is a little sensitive but i was rolling six weeks later and i was breathing great you still briefcase pretty good so good to my whole life i had a wack nose i fell my surgery wasn't successful well you probably went back to the gym like a week later and start getting punched them they said you went back a weekly rolling i was rolling no punch it you fell down the stairs and book you know when i was five yeah
five years all smash my nose shattered it cement stare and from then on it was useless men my whole life was wrestling martial arts i got here face who knows how many times i know i broke my nose it'll least problem ten a dozen times at least and then there's all this scar tissue build up they take your terminates they they trim your turbulence down they still my nose actually got wider after the surgery because when you cut me off and this guy was a real wizard he retired doktor feinstein and in encino and he put these like these forms the these things these plastic splints and shove it he's like what is your main concern and i explain you know like i do martial arts and stuff and i can't breath out of my nose and all those different jazz and he's like we're gonna open it wide working really get in there we're trimmed down it was called a turban insular list of things were spread it up so ye like caught me open and
and took out all this scar tissue and he showed it to me at like a plate of all the yet they pulled out of my nose or credible and then stuff these plastic things in that sort of wedged my nose open and thence of these foam inserts in place i had the same thing but minors collapsed and he'll take a piece of cartilage and put an undermining of this is i have you not village with a kind of i don't know he petticoat and expertise and i'm telling you what do you mean you don't show me how did you find your way my nose look my nose i look like a pig hold on private nobody knows job going right unnosed bramble you didn't a cartilage from other people's body and put it in my from must take me for my nose basin eileen these murders and put it under your nose critical i don't take part from your nose and put it in your nose that doesn't make a ring out on this they just they just showed they all thought fight over the home town where they go to their hometown show when
but this is funny when i was when i was just passing over my nose you for sure and i think all here under the following i had i literally ray i haven't dead no class in there to put it under and so my nose was up like this party forgotten we osha nice it is my nose gonna come back normal said it'll come back though they gave you dick nor was it it knows my nose a little more turned out then it was by the way you have a nice bend to my nose so when we hear is is nineteen eighty four nineteen nineteen eighteen ninety another some ninety eight ninety eight this it's a great operation if you get it done correctly and that takes god i didn't take but back that so it showed ultimate fight where they go hometown when i was an ultimate fighter this is how naive and stupid i was this how kaki was back then so i had four five made all the way the finale ultimate fire they come your hometown you're training here for the fight and
go to like your you know you background your life stuff like that and my thing on there i was talking about how roy nelson who was a former world chairman all these fights has never follow anybody like me and that was my that was my comment i was like don't worry he's never filing one like me and everyone on mine was like on delos he fought freaking everybody i just didn't take that into account man back in the day i was just talking to my dad on line yeah well you talked but i love the fact that you met that you talk shit yeah what can you do man you gotta keep it real keep it real you get back in there and fight you're honest about the shit talk yeah it is important it's important for you touch it to be ass but machine this is the strain the dell toro it was a really good book for them three quarters of the way and then it became shit i wonder what they gonna do but the apparently the whole time they were making the book for
mini series they were designing as a mini series it's about vampires they do a good job of anything with vampires i watch me to a vampire swords on bees while i prefer to be of empire red pick one and if the other side with me a monster movie term muslim farmers this is all for dudes trying to date checks but you have a farmer like can i get on even though i'm not a farmer just to clean house with no farmer bitches just like list and girls now i know you're looking for a farmer just center dateit but from marina array does on the ocean overalls just now you all know farmer you're no farmer can farm and san bitch farm and then we're going to farm and sand and grow and loads
like is there gonna be repercussions i'm not a farmer i'm trying to now all these bitches on farmers only no if you're into dating farmers you know like maybe the girls are not just in the farmers are in a guys who like farmer girls but is there like one farmer girl is just a beast on there none of these set farmers you can get to her and i do i create a profile and they hate me maybe to find me yeah there's some misha tatly can farmer yeah right out there where many skirts and high heels pushing they asked trot whores law on a warrior some jessica be look it yeah she's out there something so i do really
sure one percent the one like you do stand about minnesota and places like a jessica the chick apples he turns over just innocent has no idea what's going on looks over her shoulder at you it's like oh hi brandon here with these apples drinking raw milk and an apples all day you're just trying to be nice trying to be nice a whole time okay so eddie gordon who is this is matt sarah's guy and he's fighting out a ray longbows camp sara ray longer and then diego lemme whose douglas lemme who's the bellator champion bad mother fucker that's his brother data lemme good fights in the house three rounds in a ufc round i flew in with bruce buffer we had some instinct conversation about dating it was fun was it really it's only a forty minute flight how many times you talk about pussy informant
the entire fourteen forty minutes was bruce and stuff is interesting i've ever seen over fighters magazine fighters only magazine with bruce now bruce like lipstick was fraser kisses always waste too hot browser you use gas cover ever to like shit in bottles with message amy palatia alive it is quite ridiculous we will only mean so you know someone is definitely fucked up if they had no doubt is jump in early no whenever ben comes into your back room he's like you listen i'll be a refer like damn i better be on it this like so he stopped the alexis dares fight the right time when rhonda had her out all joking aside i'm just making a joke he's a great rep he's a very good look at this it bruce two different got the glass like the glass
kissing he's got the two glasses glasses love it man just doing the living lavida loca he that's cups that's cups wanson just scroll up you scroll see what it says about bruce buffer down scroll no rivers hot oven bottles and uses models secret playboy jam any is like it tell all of course all he's really all he doesn't hold i love it he told me brandon don't you get down to malibu we'll find some bitches alright yeah exactly what he said that's a strange choice of words i love it eddie gordon and diego lima let's get to this because these are two good fighters gordon's a banger man he is a lot oh he's talking he's very tall o gordon cracked demo dana began i'm assuming is in it sun i'm assuming
get digital train with as i always cracked amount that africa apricots behind all he's lemurs in big trouble big trouble oh he's out there just ices you're so right about leaves levine weiwei's called so right though you that damn what performance by eddie gordon man that kid can cry i love that upper cut through under the armpit hood from the sun i see it yeah it's so hard together way such a nasty especially when you're against the cage it's how henderson got knocked out but i mean that's how a man he so it's been out wrong fella yeah he brought it planted it built the forest with it cut the forest down made houses with it one hundred and eighty five farmers way right now walking around two hundred twent it's interesting i don't know i mean on he definitely got a little bit of fat on his box a little bit jiggling going on look at that and math
very excited that we had been over their eyes wide my name is wife and mother fucker champ of the world how good did he look at awesome no one fucks up machita like that look at that boom was that right here in the back boom boom check this out oh jesus we have now done about as yet in the bag leather yeah but it but everything whereas vision about ahead below you'll see item in the back of the head oh yeah well that was kind of behind the ear yeah in transition you're good it doesn't matter you know they tell you that too they tell you that in transition back they go if you're in transition you turn your head and you get back the boom is illegal boom now he's out boom boom boom so he took about four that he probably shouldn't have but no i think it was perfect perfect is perfect stoppage his arm went limb you know what when it comes to back of the head those head kicks
when you think about a head kick you're wrapping around you're completely targeting the back of the head the thing is like they said it's in transition there's nothing to really do yeah and like i said they tell you in the back they're like listen man if it's in transition you're moving it hitch in the back of the head it's on you man anthony bourdain anymore do you watch that show yeah a shooting a lion this is her can we not the rockies hercules yes he is hi recent natural forty five years old no dust airworthiness now and then having only five thirty five and think shut before on the rise wig make it shut up not thirty five years every bit of forty something no no you why do you say you're wrong when you don't know first what you said i and he's forty two dammit
it's insane the thing is i don't need to check it's a check yeah you're always always wrong pretty much always wrong e you know give or take i mean thirty five guys what are we fucking splitting hairs you know are like accurate forever i just like being what is the word is have if you were a motorcycle man yes a long time ago never do you want to really bad fuck it right by one of those goddamn commercials looks like so much fun i know so dangerous though right if i just rode my bike through venice and i was scared it's super dangerous i was on the or dangerous because you can't move you can't like really bad to get out away from shit but they say your chance of crap on your bikes like ninety nine percent the first year you buy one or debt yeah motorcycles i've been there every bike so it's a matter of time you're gonna crash yeah it's just to how bad is it i saw a guy
i still want to do it i saw it really weird he slid office bike and hit a carp and his head you that you saw well don't you do anything certain he's dead jes adopt stopped i got out jack them off your back in my girl get out you can watch drove ways while in my pocket of his bed curtains i know how this guy on the left fields right now losing the ultimate fighter you think your life is over i started a pony at monsters dot com put a resume on after ultimate fighter com what's monsters it's where everyone job search place where you put your upload your resume people try to find you for a job i'm making that up i didn't do that but i felt like doing it look at this very exciting not mad at different car girl i didn't notice that guy's got a future he's got a future they both do yeah you're right diego
we'll get a future to what is at what what dear galina now what what is his contract saying he suffice in usa yes who get one more shot you lose out when you dont really i've ever had lose the roy nelson then tell me oh we want you in your hometown no pressure hometown i think four months who'd you find chase gormley and beat the breaks off him and forty thirty seven seconds thirty seven sites for known how is your life your scientists like withdrawn like this are so nervous i had no idea what he's doing so nervous man not most i thought if i lost that lost wouldn't have a career is kind of true all that work kind of true cancer is that one though you see as our good man has anybody ever got
from the ufc gotten cut came from ultimate fighter yeah came back and i made a run of title so far nobody right i can't think of anyone who's like best guy that's been caught and look sensational and other organizations probably anthony johnson well at one point name mar court who would strike force one beat tyran woodley yeah you lie strike force still lived in of a banner as true yak is that that was the only about the time of the title shot john collision and johnson got carbon was mostly await issues the way this year then east but god goddammit think about it when you get come from the fc and you move on especially young trying to think who does well melvin collar just one but it's really first one did lard when he did when he must wait though again he did again us
oh my god do you not get any person that happens no you lose twenty percent of it the other guy gets to so interesting to see different guys in a different weight cutting strategies and you know some guys believe in drinking distilled water and some guy say you shouldn't drink distilled water like the try like rid their body of election right so it's easy to do this gordon with the big right hand and the young the idea behind it is that you read your body of all electrolyzed keep pumping it with fluids and then the fluid just flush eddie system quicker than replies from quicker in august dulce on and talk to him about that they would have adultery to increased it yet the ilo alvarez never look better in his last why does nothing a lot of guys are common in tell a real light like the week of like my cheetah
machita walked around at two hundred and three pounds when we champ when he impunity revives two out of three pounds are formed that is a natural way but he does uniting gonna want seventy now gap that in our view the way the week of the fight they said he gonna want seventy i was asking them i was in the locker room with or that the trade in romania i see that's the thing people ask me about cutting to five all the time when you go down a weight class everyone skills get better everyone's way faster so sometimes it like so my banjo heavyweights cardio spirit we gonna do a five now you now even it doesn't come in advantage really i don't think right this comes a point of diminishing returns right those the assessment of the now talk to turkey's whereupon i honour basis got that natural justice
black isles the such as the pure just smouldering is rise contrary smoldering little cutie on see now here it is his you show again american muscle me picking up weights and i'm doing it on some fake grass everybody has to have fake grass he builds champions from the inside out it looks like that was rashad evans yeah evans got to run your strength coach had me loren lando invited me to run come run with the nfl some of the nfl you do it no i did not refer to the ita get on a plane to relax guy down humiliated to want to get it but i want to commend this use anyway because guess what i do want to have to try to run against
denver brook no look i know you're not running against them here you'd know there's no jump in their work their men and yes i am i'm in my mind the mind of brian cowen guys run they definitely don't don't doubling up could not get out of here but their dixon a slap in the face of they run by its direct application than i thought you're going as like a fan blade even if i was doesn't make me feel good about myself how many times a week are you working out brian you talk a lot about working twice a day no quite honestly almost i just something almost every day really
you start someone you know why can you not like you get what why he has really who made up a nosegay she's talking about i didn't make i ve no doubt but we had to do i arrived on the other those weird thing to make our borders while nobody generally made of the part about them taking cartilage at your nose elder turk here's what they did what doc doktor carr ledge and they put it under right here look i've never happened dry and just right here's a problem if you're a doctor please write in about how they take a plastic split and they do put it right there we are talking about a sort of keep that thing they did that's me to lead me but it's plastic hearkeneth let this exactly said he said when you are under your under for a long time yet who's going to stays hundred days elsie said your nose calamities access to and i had to take i had to add a piece of cartilage
right under here that's what's calling his dick where did they get it from yeah probably inside so i don't know i'm not a doctor guys on that thank you i think it's a long time ago we bailed you out and we're back on i tried bailing you sixteen years ago things get real shape are you talking about something so my guns here i had cartilage on my nose i think i really have been rising events he is at the bottom all the time is zero believe that i believe that boxing a lot i like working out yeah it's good for you need it i feel better don't want to work at crazy yeah i like your boy learned took me to work out for an hour and in that denver altitude and ideally live alone awaits a gift and to tell you something i have trouble the trouble walkin around right now are visible the site this happened earlier on a more teens homeboy kids from the nuts does he martin is the guy that down sironi code he's a champion
there is no longer a bad had kicked out throaty has make nasty headgear yanza shin chin to the net downs gaslights walkin actors just now it had moved no one on a lower technique just straight forward muscular guys it is working well dude has good striking and good is to really get it in more gently ready to definite bested out a beard the guy who we talk about the guy without the beard martins the guy that sirony co in his last fight but he saw is more ties were good to man there's some good fighters now it's such a crazy time the sport crazy it's amazing you me seeing these guys and other organizations you're seen these guys and other shows see seeing every week like em
is a new car there's some new guy who's coming you know it was weird at the usc expo obviously it's the usc expo so everyone's there looking for usc fighters i can't walk through right it's a be you have to have security most ufc files do if you're if file popular can't can't walk by chandler from belcour by far michael shit if china have adverse iran his tale about none not one person stopped him one could walk straight through the different voters blue eyes oh you're gonna bell turn good luck you good luck no sponsors nor nosey are people i kind of watch but not really unless you're rampage jack for now do you think that if bellator sticks around changes it's goofy fucking name i think look they're on spike tv nice elder andrews middle and i think what's that the biggest move they ve ever made homes got koker oh yeah is nice and leg get some young talent domain keeping me i love rampage what you need you need to build your own you said
you'll see guys right but that was how they built that paper view they sold a hundred thousand paper views the reason why they did is because it torts and cause a rampage i agree yeah that's a beautiful straight left oh and i kick to the saccharine outshot down the thing that i talked to duke roof is about and duke and delegate says the same thing well you said you got to wear a tie cup these steel type i got she'll tell they stay phone your boys everyone they go through it i got a diamond tell them about the actual i don't love rate rang out for really protects it really enterpret this time piece of a dick i got dime piece or only the best for this thing but this is what i was gonna tell you what delegate said and what duke roof has said it's like the the tie cups are steel and so and so kicks you it hurts foot would not sense and this site to completely snags up against your junk that's ok
in my judgement day last snuff love isn't a scheme i mean you're tying it in place he said it feels uncomfortable and whether you like it in place if you tie it like a wage that goes up your ass like a g strength but after the fight is over first the area near your but home must smell alright just rain chase but you can wear it to the all way to watch the way to watch that's what i'm telling you guy you want to see this you wanna see this athlete because you kick me in the nuts you kick me in the not i no man levine was on that one beautiful right hand nice guys get up suddenly becomes an earthly decent back good call their brand and good back structure their hold it what happened earlier today brain
on twitter what i know i'm not that smart i was just saying yeah did you remember the part where i said i heard this was a good fight and i said yes so that's not a close listener guy not when it's not about you about details if we're talking about you you'd be about the car so we in ryan's world he had a nose job in the rocks twenty five years old so it wasn't no job i was advised there's a difference man i can't tell you when i told people we're going to do this but we got a beautiful writer hook oh my goodness so easy on me oh yeah that's all they said you'd be noise to calling do you understand brian towns like my brother he fucking idiots is people listening love each other yeah he's on the rock was twenty four years old and by the way he deserves it deserves every bit he didn't have cartilage putting his fucking nose we all know that he's going to let it go i'll call the doctor right now you guys probably really isn't a black belt in tae window but it's okay i keep it down keep it down a wise space is a wrestler canning channing tatum
hungary emma jane and hung women's egg is one when all my goodness is that movie about that fucking crazy ass all this that movie shorts yeah boy that today's shorten marshals about their daily by that guy who is a patron yet what what was his name and they look was supposed to use our maggie with a big mobile family man that was his name i followed a prettier was killed by du pont john high on china taiwan i really rich guy relate to wrestle with people and dusty carouse plain du pont yet
and apparently he knocks and of a fucking park really yeah by the way can channing tatum time piece you need to make your body look way better if you want to play mark schultz bitch how about that he's a little chunking twenty two jump streets and chubby joe what's name jonah hill jonah hill a great compared to jonah yeah he's like kind of have it but if you notice in twenty two jump street and this kind of stuff i know is because i'm super vain he had a shirt on the entire time the other ones from what i saw that preview he looked all right well yes i mean in my opinion that's like to to me because we are seen what mark schultz looks like schultz the wrestler is a fucking and well it'd be like the rock playing hercules and is like a smooth build that fool is jack to play hercules she gotta be back well shorts when he was in his prime to he used to grab guys used to get guys in in illegal moves like he used cameras anyway
amora and just rip guy shoulders off i was taking them down mangled guys we use a fuck and i don't know the story of that movie but i for sure buy a ticket to that it's a fascinating story because these guys were all broke and pont would pay these guys to come to his compound and rest built this wrestling thing and wrestle with them and roll around get all sweaty and gay with him and then being for real yeah is gay being funny no no i'm not being funny at all it's totally true and he wound up killing he wound up killing dave shultz who's a to see a movie now i just told me pot no it's based on it's based on so yeah man no more to the movie the movie's different in the movie he becomes a werewolf exactly i'll tell you what i saw that new horror movie with do is anyone like scary movies here no no
yeah well scaring the new one with banner you not lemme woods it just came out last week you know what i'm talking about or no it that the the conference was reduced to a range of serious sheer what's this carries more for you scared of you out on the contrary the conjuring yeah but we use a dangerous yeah i am dead tv i am going to say this i know you're all of sixty years yet whenever a movie star conjuring actually cutters scaring i'll i'll give you that it was scary know this new move you there's your honour those years ago from evil was it tourists from eagle evil with banner i'll tell you what on slope my lights on a minute have my lights on really it was man joe what's your scary i live by myself man scariest movie of all time i don't say i don't know i mean the women i would have to think about that the angel
hard scared the shit out of me you young thing new bright eyed hans anything do not angel scared the shit out of me this's a cop out man you just the greatest of all time no what the grace of all as far as a scary movie har movie oh no no because you got to put them in perspective like it might have been great down then you watch it now or watch watch it recently about four years ago and i was pretty damn scared in the middle you watching it you were tweeting and checking your that's the thing when i saw delivers from evil when i saw that movie i want a at the marina theaters where there's a dining experience this fuck next to me is chewing on popcorn he has like a margarita it fucks up the whole experience will be terrified chop each
opera is over here is untwisted sour patch kid balls deep in his girl you don't sandwich do reclining back and shit it's not a scary loud water the shining was he's good on their shining is a good shining with cigarettes shit that might be that my scared that filmed in cairo might like john i'm i jumped ship and say i am i am i am going to care just why don't you just stick to my original when i say that the shining is the conjuring texas chain saw mascot was pretty fucking scary too because never really pictured really original one or the one who jessica be original no i like the one jessica bill yeah i like it because of take it because of that that was scary goddamn movie you no one else was scary man jaws jaws that ruined me for the ocean dude so we got attacked by a great white off the manhattan beat yeah but i think i think the guy they were a long distance swimmers right and they'd hook the the white a seven footer hey guess what can i don't give a fuck one happen he got attacked by a great white but
i did say was fishing and in the guy caught a great why yet he was kay he's gonna be real what will you do with it he was really and forty minutes later these long swimmers swim between the and basically the shark shark bit the dude in the torso he's fine though gangster tat too super cool want to get bid just guy and tell the story charles scare the how'd you that does screw and yet i was very young does denouncing the contrary i saw here's another one that was scary scary twenty eight later scary see that's wrong to say removing that does nothing to remain and yet as you know it scared me was with them will be paranormal activity the first one the first one we thought it was real good at me i saw the blur which project you see that yeah when i thought it was real i was super scared he thought it was real
it was a home camera man the way they feel it was pretty genius in that sense but i didn't really but blair wish project scared me a little bit and so did the second blair was scared me i saw blair witch with my buddy chris mcguire we went to we were working in houston it would do and laughed at last stop which doesn't exist anymore and these kids that worked at the movie data across the street came to the show and they said hey do you guys to go see the blair witch project just all of us in the movie theater we have the keys we like you fucking kidding and so we did a show a thing was like a thursday night shows we d like eight o clock show after the show in saying about ever go across across the street they turned on the movie theater they turned on the lights locked the door we went in they turned
the fucking the theater and we sat down and watched blair witch it scared the piss out you super good so well first i was like this is fucking that was yeah it was so low budget so low budget and then i saw it again in a movie with a bunch of people and it was wild when i felt when i found a job and you need to be a law that are really that's scary setting some guy brought his three euros i thought if you're alone in a big movies are you could die right there that could be a trap he's setting its and now they were you know i know i'm just being one kid and like as ring any weighed eighty pounds it was a girl that was overweight like no one was getting hurt anybody's getting hurt it was gone then but they were nice it was cool that they did that for us that was really fun oh by the way i will be are you gonna plug your fuck
dates july oh by the way nineteen th i'll be at the west palm beach simpro bitch so make sure you come by i will be bringing heat so are we officially hunting the last week in september we doing that down for alaska last week i thought you said first week now you're changing an of an id you're changing gave me the dates i know no you didn't you didn't give me any date i have the text here dont make me pull it up please pull it up because it says the last week hold please please would you guys gonna hurt again blackmail disturbs me black deer in alaska are now in place here brian talking are you around the end of september the answer is yes are you around so you are around the service so
it'll be like i think i think i think the other days he gave me are like i think it's like twenty from the twenty nine th on in october what are you guys killing blacktail deer with bazookas or something no rifles bro to and maybe even a bone arrow animal lover i'm bringing my bow yeah guess who's gonna shoot it
i can't pull it back it's a gym son i don't want to talk about i am in the gym all the time more land box so i'm saying i'm saying get a lot of bench press hey bro and how many pullups should i do yeah but you weight pound old how many pull ups you keep saying that but what you do is kicking your legs you don't weigh a lot i'll do that don't make that motion pro that's what you kept doing see you talk about how many pull ups you do but what do you weigh i weigh one hundred and seventy pounds are you one seventy weigh about one hundred and sixty five six three one seven and how many cups can you do thirty one you did thirty
thirty one but he was it was like he's like throwing his what do you call it kipping bro that it's like crossfit i did it cross it i did one not my friend your suspend from being my friend for two days because he said cross it yeah well brian you kid those aren't chinups those are kipping chin ups and those guys who do those they do like a hundred i did you know like far when he was a heavy weight used to do like a hundred really oh there's a video of fat or doing kipping chin ups it's a frightening i not the one was in like the wildness of russian he's like carrying yeah skipping chips and he's in a song like in some white whitey tidies just fucking well he used to wear like black socks and fucking running shoes from like from the eighty s some new balances with black socks and his whitey tides but no one said shit because he said a bathrooms like they're not i came the german guys in black
a white tie he's trying to do the thing it's not like they have footlocker in the middle of russia were getting your sneaker you make them yourself you steal them from people who are running by you yeah he used to do like a lot of old school training methods like you put like caught up hand weights and throw punches it caught up well you know where it caught up with them it's interesting because i was watching some old fat or fights huge fat or fan and so if you're not you're not an mma fan him and sakuraba yeah well fado is just a different he's a totally different thing but i used to go back and watch his fight i was watching his fights recently and he was much bigger back in the day physically strong about two thirty you mean bigger than watch more us other guys you mean or more muscle than he didn't at the end of his career the end of his car stopped lifting weights the done with the weights it was just doing fight training but if you go back to like fight and babies thick traps shoulders
can strongly shit and somewhere along the line you just get tired of lifting weights i think i mean i don't know what it was what what led him or he got older right and started losing muscle mass made no no he stopped lifting weights like he talked about it he just did fight training only later on in his career i think he saw the technique more important than physical strength which is true for them part of the answer that brown tersely like let's see i'm going on the german spent an hour lifting weights on our weight or i can be on the mat work on my box intake jitsu and wrestling going to go do well you know what steve maxwell thought on that is it was really interesting because max will spend a lifetime with strength and conditioning working with athletes he thinks that if you're going to live eight for sports you shouldn't lift weights like strength and conditioning style he thinks like martial arts if you're in the middle of training technique he goes you should do sets like do set
of dead lives two sets of bench to set you mean like lifelike recovery lighted the rounds now just to get stronger like you didn't work on your endurance like you shouldn't be like doing these fucking crazy strength and conditioning workouts while you're in camp working out for fights he's like if you're egos you should live weight to keep your muscle mass and keep your strength but air conditioning should come from your kickboxing should come from your wrestling yeah should come from yeah actually i'm actually going to arizona on thursday to meet with this new this new strength conditioning coach you to tibo works with and yeah i'm going out there tim and he's the exact same thing and this guy works with everyone he said he's like you should have session where you're working you know reps and stuff like that he's in exactly what you just told me yeah these guys are saying that your skills are the most important thing and your strength and all your physical strength like the mass and size that you could put on and maintain he's like you should maintain that you should get strong you should do all that but don't do like
frankly conditioning like why your and my favorite lying across stuff here don't do that because you're not going to have the same energy to do you to get to work like when i was doing due to all the time forward lift waits i could live in the morning and did you use to at night you know why because i would do like a set of bench and then i would sit around meeting a bravo would talk shit for five minutes laugh at goof off and then we would do another set so we would get all the strength workout in but i still have energy to train at night yeah whereas like if i do my kettlebell routine that i do if i do that shit that's a wrap you're done i'm done that's interesting man when you do strength training do you do it twice a week when you're in when i'm in camp i do it i do it twice a week yeah but out of camp like now i left four or five times is it a full is trying to get bigger so so when i go in camp my body's gonna break down to lose some size i just try to keep it you know what i'm saying body but like people ask me like even younger fighers that rain or grace academy oh like what should i be doing the weight room stuff like that if you have younger fighter you should
really which time and wait room you don't get paid abandoned squad and power clean right paid to submit bitches and knock them out right so work on submitted knocking bitches out here's the final this is the light everywhere funnels right yeah there's are those breast yeah those are kind master corey anderson matt van buren of nipples on him it's not just dude the other dude that burns a fucking animal so it's corey this is a good fight really good fight and this is like we're talking like this the high level of guys are coming up man is guys they're fighting i mean you go back to the day will like when forest is fighting stephan bonner and then look at these guys and year are you dealing with some pretty high level guys now they're well rounded a lot more well rounded do six five two or five
what is more they bore oh no oh no oh cory's crack and he's rocked man he's out of it is out of it all yeas covered up super out of it is taken of this all they should all i would stanzas now look he's coming back no is not now is now out and let be done is super out of it you don't while wow coming back he's still trading my goodness i saw its oversight super over my poor although room not why take us it's a smash some of you this should be done i don't know you can recover right now you can recover this not like this a lot more than when you're on the feet mario is going to stop it that's it that's it core top ones have just been some open sun corey corey anderson to power the this year
people who don't know there's a bunch of different ways to get those nipples doesn't mean you did steroids no not at all really yeah but a lot of times one of the other ways times it means not to put you on the spot what are the other ways again real quick real quick how do i avoid just like joe's got really quiet i was like here everyone just got quiet but nobody's twenty fingers i didn't see any nice pro trying to be nice okay we had a guy there was one guy that fought in the ufc once that was like those are those close up on the nipples are one guy fought in the ufc once that had like a serious problem like when he was younger i guess he did a lot of steroids and like he was jumping up and down inside the octagon in his his boobs were like i like flopping flopping and he was fighting one seven on him yeah he was fighting one seventy damn corey can crack look at this beautiful strike very straight through the middle bow rate straits but
fight was about fifteen second long and his hand wraps came apart who fuckin rubbed his hands you that that war tape on the thumb stuff yeah you never want to set it it like that you don't want nipples like that or not that bad it doesn't take away from his great performance go to gold's gym you want go to those gyms that right oh my god bro get a brawl on would you that's correct me wrong that place last time i work out there smells like protein parts it's exactly what it smells like yeah this is nick animals now gives them get to work i love it a bad guy back to working around spendable as my boy wesley snipes these expendables movie america loves them a little talk about you fighting west her a long time ago it was a long time ago what happened
then he decided not to get his ass kicked what's the story is actually going to go down is involved and everything what had been contract he changes need a lot of money he called you out i start camel mclaren who's the guy who was the original producer for the ultimate fighter calls about a nowhere and says there's no sound creating but would you be interested in fighting wessex times i want one talking about and so then they start explaining what's going on i was training how long ago is this in two two thousand six six so blade so lava was out he did make blade i would scare me out of the line i think what was going on i think what was going on was that he the irs was coming down on him so he's looking for cash yeah he was looking in charge not unathletic by the way no he knows martial art but never competed and no jujitsu and i think he just thousands to grapple
and somewhere along the line i don't know what happened but be just decided not to do it you know i think if you ve never competed your whole life and you have these ideas positive he's probably hang around a bunch of deeds were taken bolivia powder and like you know what he's going there fuck everybody up best time to make your money money best limitate on busy there's a lot of mother fuckers out there doing that karate doing all kinds of martial arts but they don't know what you know you got some especially inside your bonus your turn i shine hard of a lie and so whatever he drunk from blade and doing all these stunts was like fuck yeah i'll do it well if you talk to patenella oswell did blade with him and apparently there was just bags of can involved taking of that yeah patent ole has that whole a bit he does about it about being on the set with with with wesley like how what job he was like you he won't you
dark period he had three lines in that my kill vampires on stop not the pat movie they pulled the lines from him hired a double to do all the scenes there was another guy he did that movie so he did nothing i don't know what happened but half that movie like the paternal has a whole bit about how they brought in the way cooler black guy to pretend to be played but that guy didn't get a talk they added west adson struggles with her yeah he had some issues well i also had some issues in a bunch of questionable characters that told him not to pay taxes let me get this straight joke so you weren't scared at all about a coked up wesley snipes that just got done doing blade no not at all coming at you like a spider nothing no clean to ground squeeze tap or sleep when he's all coked up just like fidgeting freaking out word about that i shouldn't i guess out pretty fast
i who has never done jujitsu hundred region seventy pounds if i can rather use every and i'm gonna see he's not he's not trust me you always do you always do it not big at all he's not thinking oh i've seen him in person really yeah johnny's wants is heavily some italian and please everyone that no links will be i get these two gabe grip around the waste and minutes we twin delegation in a tub of you know what you're gonna do that i'm a mistake and humanistic up with what is our job japanese american or japanese don't make pointed out when you're not brazilians a japanese when he's on the devil's dandruff penal code as you can get a hold up even better i was planning on failing every drug desperate saw as always i may have they tell me they re like wandering in jail yasmine gray i do my training high so trying to figure out what else can fight you always train i jujitsu yeah why
i always am i like it i like you too i like this multi year four in the morning when i really like i like eating it like eating in enrolling lying like i think it makes more sensitive mason more aware what's gonna makes more focused completely zone in guys digital guys yeah i'm aware yeah it's just i've never right you do it bro i'm telling you if you did it you might not never if you have some time off and you're you're gonna do you get so you do and so you know you're not gonna get tested you're not really gonna small pop is all just joking around right joking around on the podcast try once i'm telling you you'd love it i mean i don't know if you'd love it but i would assume you'd love it yeah eddie bravo does it every god damn time bj pan
it was a little high and perhaps he can we talk about real quick i was talking about the shitty dad stories which i had nothing to contribute to right homeboys one story was awful he had a great day a long hair a great dad he kept trying to bring his story into it oh that dude yeah horrible story i kept looking if i kept looking for as how often you talk to your dad he goes every day but today i was like oh your dad's very much in your life you don't know but my dad's all success when it calls me trying to give me tips and shit has a nice guy let's not talk too much we're not given a name there was it was a little horrible story it was it wasn't yeah there's sometimes dudes get around guys like you guys that tell great stories and they try
throw their own story in it and they don't realize their story so you know you're dealing with eddie bravo who's a great dose storytelling my buddy justin who's a great justin story was depressing his fuck my buddy justin it got dark yeah you know my story not as bad as head their story is pretty dargis bad it's bad i didn't say that no you know me i like i like i'll talk your freaking air off i didn't say a word last night yeah i can't contribute to the story so i'm not good nothing's worse when then someone doesn't know what they're talking about and they especially with with experiences like that my my dad loved the shit out of me straight up so when you guys talk about these shitty childhoods i can't really in right there's nothing worse one we got it oh i hear that bro right i hear that one time one to me my dad didn't buy me a fucking happy meal i feel you bro presents at christmas i was like another one i know i was like this is too much ever yeah depressed in childhood stories of rough their hard to do
but yeah that one dude story was not so good it compares to me justice was horrible mine wasn't the best and he's as horrible as trying not to laugh i'm the way i can't hide whe when i think some funny i was trying to not laugh at his story and he kept bringing it back in and then for even his friends hey bro maybe pipe down no no man fuck that it sucks when your dad's disappointed in you he's literarure so bro spilled have a drink on my genes but it is as the day when he got even more drawing really try explain something to me later on that night and it was light tough it's like he was like waking up from anesthesia to explain something to me i was like it's okay man i got it i get it i get it i get it opens in vegas about about three thirty in the morning you'll get cornered by so i don't hang out with anyone that no i can't get down with it so did did you know from before and now he's my body justin's power these
dude he just got hammered and you know what happens man like i said when people around guys like you guys tell great stories and they want to contribute and tell a great story to end it
not used to doing on you know you're around a fucking world class standup comedian like brian town who tells great fucking stories and you want to throw yours into the mix good luck bring your hiking though he doesn't have any he had that false sense of because he's junk nothing like being around joey deals and he starts to i've never met him man i hear him on your podcast so he's funny ever lived i've been a lot of funny why can't you bring him on the fighting time anytime i'll do it next time next one we do if he's in town i he wants to do the fighter in the i i talked to i really two days ago he's the funniest guy it's ever lives are you serious yeah i've met a lot of really funny he's from sopranos no no no no he looks like the guy from like big pussy yes he's not at all not really if you saw big pushes him he's working on as an actor to man yeah he's worked a lot but you know what he's making more money now with his stand up than ever and it's all because of the internet so because of our task as it could be himself he just never runs out of stories and he's got a fucking personnel that goes on for days this a bit
pena frank eager and i'm going to piss so please be kind when i leave the room and we're going to we're about to see two fucking legends go down real quick look at that department please look at him come on could look more normal like a nine to five he looks like a nine to five or no he doesn't certainly does and i love you know how much i love him how pick him every time i just just find it amazing he's evan ni surgeon then wait for his title shot smart move i think this is a mistake ran in his hands were not right that was what was going on with that hold hall pulled white i don't give a fuck can we just saw them in europe what happened the punch in the face very very hard disoriented and then more punches loud and well ok thanks a lot doctor no help
i mean what do you want to tell you may go punch directly in the face yeah but his hand should be up right that's tough man shit happens i love brendan so everyone does nothing that love about the guy square job marine kid he'd look anymore american he should be used to be a us citizen you should have to know who brian says jack and he could run for president fucking win by right now i would vote for jason kidd to no no no but for no hold on hold on before we went in a time machine six months ago i share the felon
let's say before he's a felon i love chail i felt for him to talk his way into it hails better talk to them brian oh your greatest brian's more clear because he was in freaking doing tours and killing bitches it's a lot more clear you get real clear we start killing bitches there's no stuttering when you're ordinating very direct i guess the going over the final they're gonna show any goran indeed alima again i they showed that we do and they just shows that their care i just saw it while you can show in this because the last night was on one round knock out to you now there's a lot of times on this poem gordon cry and tat i worked managerial lemme is tough shit in others kind of punishment he wanted her head contributing gonna be fun angry this whereby doesn't outside era that gordon looks so angry this is i got if you want
like talk about how evil cage fighting as leaders as the end of the world's biggest when in a few years when they start to look at me like that when they also looking back in the future about when society crumbled and when this is like the first steps were generally they were wrong internal glad or hear the colosseum i mean tell me this isn't some lonely that reality shows once again more if we wanted to let you have a good answer some is it wise it so popular wise and mrs popular and you said is the closest you can come to watch him two men kill each other with there yeah because guess what if you evil levine or her beans on in there yeah and there's no one stops it no one's dying yeah the guys out cold and you're stomping his head it's yellow yes yeah on for the only reason why the ref is there is just make sure that doesn't happen yeah damn a lot of empty sheets park there super empty
is for is what it's sunday in vegas after fourth july now i don't even i'm not even a partyer i'm fucking exhausted i was singing that this morning because i left this morning and when i flew out man it was the airport was mobbed vegas looked like it was full of zombies the airport looked like zomb you got about an hour sleep the kid takes vitamins pierce its bright orange related glowing vital who doesn't do well president if i don't get eight i was asleep yeah we train early hard man familiar don't do this a good weaken man i got to real solid work out so worked i would telegraph dane yesterday i lifted my worked out with the same time is around his girl more marina arena share the agriculture yeah very cool she reserve chick works out all the reason and she's a little bee she like round his best friend and proteges she's a beer you could tell she's a one forty five of them
put in her strength conditioning work out she had like a fuckin like a fallen in front of her with oliver routine ass she put in some fuckin work i was impressed so here is we're gonna watch frankie edge and blur entire believe kit now deal with anyone against be deepened i mean to aunt jimsie gillespie japan frankie edgar's why frank you mom frankie i love frankie i grew by lieutenant love frank you eat video went down the elders cap i guess right boy did a little bit of training novo now but he did most of the training in hawaii for the always always yeah i mean i e mccall who was he went with dj down to down to us here train when i'm dysentery sandy beaches credible shape he said in has fan drastic endurance he said be j was was outworking me said he was blown away by how good a shape pj's and now i've this a million fuckin time refined i hear this literally every fight till every time but
but blew me away about this is that first of all they're gonna fight a hundred forty fiv like that's going to be a disaster bj sewer a zombie was making one hundred and fifty five but whatever he did not know what he adjusted i would love to talk about how we changed his body but he got down he was walking around like under one hundred and sixty on a regular basis and then the fight we he was one forty nine fight week without any cutting the easily made one forty five frankie weighed one forty five point five bj wid one forty five on the nugget look good at the wins you know i mean he had trouble making fifty five b i didn't know that oh yeah he's not tall well that's why he's
one hundred and seventy all the time yeah he fought nick d has any fought rory mcdonald two big one hundred and seventy s not roy mcdonald fight was hard to watch and roy's my boy yeah bj pen bj pen as far as he's a super star he is up as big as they get superstar the most down to earth nicest guy i've ever met in the ufc hands down yeah j he's just salt through the earth and he's a real war it but you know one man he's a guy that has an incredible amount of pride in you know he he he's got a lot of ego he's got a lot of pride he loves you he wants to get in there and be the bj that he used to be well that's why he's who he is you don't get to that i have an ego listen everyone who fights in us has an ego but if he use that and motivate himself to get back in the kind of shape that he was back when he fought diego sanchez backwards sean shall ensure he was in insane condition back how old is he now try thirty five thirty six holding results essays forty two
these two bright rights is brian things be japan's twenty one years old takes the rocks thirty six i'll say thirty so that made thirty's for sure yeah maybe long time yeah it's been a while the one you have seen by the weather yossi website is dog shit it's horrible they d geek go to the fighter until their fight is on i give you try to go the fighter when their fights not on it takes you to the previous fight like you like if you like to go to the card when you go to the card it shows like the fighters and he try to read the bible on them and it just it doesn't even allow you to click on it actually takes you back to the other fight it's weird it's weird okay let's see if i can search
fighters pga pen i'm sam beach religion age and google among saint thirty four on say thirty six let's try here be j pan doo doo doo doo doo thirty five thirty five he law how but thirty five sulphur beaches last chance for romance at the lighter waits especially you know heavier guys can last longer in the day oftentimes like especially heavyweights yeah mature but later and are still effective dams until around my flintstone vitamins word word or listen i'm route for beach i wonder when i don't think he stands a chance really i don't it's hard to say i love be jane over the odds arm night out they stay opened up a ten to one frankie frank is that makes sense makes its frankie's outstanding he's fucking he's a stud he's a fuck
stud he's an outstanding athlete he's got some of the best footwork in the ufc i'd say heart yeah i'll see you if not the best no one's got a bigger heart no one's got a better chin no one's more of a fucking a gamer and frankie he's this game it's fuck take the gray maynard fights jesus christ bro hit his coach mark henry i worked with five thought croak up i fled to new jersey with his camp as recalled amida eyes trading mark henry and it's insane i've never seen anything like it if you watch martini in the corner he's rents and sweat by the end of the five its little like he has a control stick doing this with frankie he just shout now peggy there the whole system in code what do you for five what do you for five and if changes every fights we can't pick up on it it's like his coat is peyton manning and
running the offence and he so nervous before the fight does he feels like its bank on him because he calls every combination you see why not there's no one else like him in the usa what are you guys yemen margaret endangers the beast did you get a lot of work with them a ton real time is getting a move new jersey i did really i thought you back the czechs accents who's his gold chain no jersey short came out he that jersey short came with mtv on it i'm good i'm all set if they always like snooky i'm all set that's where i was born to la that's where i was born yeah markey's a baseman yeah i was working is basement i worked with him so much the cow
these are my feet were ripping off ludwig does basic nonstop at rio did the guy's work ethic isn't saint i don't think there's another coach in the world who are marking why so what what we mean so you really didn't i grab nor can it you don't enough creditors get it from you did you think about moving down are you really do i did i did but there was a big eyes there is no big eyes around anyone that's that's a big thing a bummer a superpower do you base where you train but by the size of the guys based on it on the top oh just first i find the coaches and then i was think that at least if there's big eyes in the area of at least get them somehow and honestly i thought mean verdure would work together more and then they when i first came out to give like a trial run there was worth
that mean for don we're gonna fight eachother mean i start talking shit each other on twitter i got out of hand he texts me or tweet me like i'll fight you on the moon and i put okay or we can just do in las vegas september twenty one st not the moon save your money you know like rockets are expensive yeah that's what i said i said rocket fuels super expensive you can't just do it in vegas bro definitely won that man not an awkward like thing step yeah but so we were gonna fight but then he was like nah man like we might have fight so he doesn't want to work together a great guy though we have now would you be with you well there's still might have to fight do the balkan heavyweights nursey are you paying attention are you kidding framework i would work with a man can as a kind of weird looking at a mosque in your second rank counts i love is what his walk out my favorite uneasy habit he it's almost seventy cries only works out
he get me fired up man looking at him just looking at his face gets me fired up i love it i'm a huge bj pen fan too man god damn and frank i they could not live in more contrast place right one of em lives in paradise the other one lives in fucking jersey chairs that's more can rewrite the ass i like those those gloves to big thick padded gloves but they still haven't county i dont know if you'd be a pick it up on the brok ass but your literally a march shouting the end around four hundred and fifty six seven thousand nine hundred and ninety nine just those are all combinations and they change it every camp they don't want people picking up on it so how a smart frank is to what shows you how much work they put it all my omar coming just off me just when we work together on this note book right here completely full why is overwhelming of a downer joe studied
for about was what does it feel like when you leave that and you train with someone else and you don't have all that you must feel like what the i come now maximizing my potential nope i gotta guy now here in their late as james share the same shit really does seem shit but he just box you don't say we ve talked about their we need joint about that when we shut this off we all of us on as i've got some new information for you all right we'll talk some more here it is he's goin down right now man i'm so excited about this fight i almost thought about staying in vegas just for this fight wilder place filled up that shows you man i'll tell you right now fate or could be fight in the prime could be fighting a prime frickin whoever and i would have stayed in vegas i witnessed oh man i don't know i would have pay or i would have stayed for not me or if i can grow up in the prime i would have went home la i told my wife this bitch michael j background i see in a day
it's not gonna watch fate or encroach perhaps not me out to pay double familiar to you today that's funny but are all the fighters that i wish i had seen live he's number one fad or oh i saw him live when he beat up mark coleman in vegas never saw him real ass wiping that was a real as well but i'm just trying to watch a horrible doesn't like their boomer no no no way no one spoke dj bamboo fuckin a man this is wild look at him he looks better he looks like his wave and their fighting and one forty five you know dj fought heavyweight he fought leo machita over five it's called the rock correct no the promotion the rock they're not right in heavy weight no he fought i mean he did fight in hawaii rumble on the rock it was rumble on the rock that this promotion that's not when he fought leota he fought leota in japan he fought if i go me in in hawaii
when go me was a legend and he beat the piss out of call me as one but going at its best the eu japan damn look at this maisie jane i wish i would say there's one s living legend right therefore straight up he is a living legend or you like we're lee we got peter pan fight right now yes actually competing big briefly to but i think all this brutal talks getting out of hand i agree one hundred along in the newspapers the greatest this the graces of very good actor it's really good ideas marshall some great stuff did some great stuff with g condo but however he never officially competed exact there's nothin on wreckers i hope then that i say i think i says on my part as the financial or yours i forget people bombard me with tweets i how dare you know me i'm staying the facts he's great great want the best ever did i wear
silly teachers all its ideal i love seriously that however it talk about him a brute and be japan seem sent exactly keep a minor ones a warrior wants an actor ones word yeah and again he was hugely important bruces usually import i'm a huge brutally fan here as the original mix martial arts he was the first guy when i came along in the nineteen eighties when i was doing martial law when i first started they still this issue where people were loyal to their style we still got a lot of that man and bruce lee was the very first guy and it was even before i started training the very first guy who came along and said that's all nonsense like you use what's useful and he built his own style that was based on it
incorporating all these different marshals asses turn martialarts into a business to the dragon he actually does an armbar too oh yeah he does well he worked out a lot with e jean label oh he did jean labels on the podcast he told me some great stories classic yeah it's a tiny guy right like five thirty five one thiry five five seven i think one thirty five still really dont know how he died rightly say mix like has drawn with painkillers an injury some sort of an already seen as the chinese man let's find out you know that's the norman i lily i go look is asking so much heed about bruce lee and if they said he was like some directors house he had a headache ass when we went home he took a painkiller in children frankie ways runs in and you'll see mark every running right buying them you see i'm trying to keep up various look
there's your nintendo controller here he comes nintendo sixty four in the frankie at your edgar holy shit here we go here we go rails frank ben henderson fights are so close i'd frankie beating been endeavour yeah i thought he won me too i thought it was very close but i thought frankie on man i can't believe this site is about to go down this is so exciting i can't believe they're fighting again all right death lee collapsed in golden harvest studios in hong kong while doing dubbing work for an the dragon suffering from seizures and headaches he was immediately rushed to hong kong baptist hospitals where do treat him with chicken bones and voodoo diagnosed cerebral a dreamer why hong kong bab doesn't ass an earlier has arisen that hong kong baptista ok here
survival a demon they were able to reduce the swelling while so he had bleeding of the brain man wow that's fucked up and then they reduce the so that was in may this year symptoms that occurred in his first collapse were repeated on the day of his death i can semi three lee was in hong kong to have dinner with james bond start george lazy be whom intended to make a film according to lee's wife linda he met with producer raymond chow two p m this custom making the foam they worked until four p m then drove together at all to the home of lee's colleague blah blah blah blah blah three went over the script and then child left to attend a dinner meeting lead complaint of a headache a ten gave him an analgesic painkiller which contained a aspirin anymore muscle relaxant around seven hundred and thirty one to lie down for a nap he did not turn up for dinner she came to the apartment but could not wake him up at doctor was summoned ben ten
attempting to reduce revive him before sending him to an ambulance he was dead the thai reach the hospital no visible external injury however according to autopsy reports his brain had swollen considerably so probably from i can brain injuries from from getting a beating concussions thou could be man oh ok the dock stated that he had died from an allergic reaction to the muscle relaxing which he d bribed as a common ingredient in painkillers when not actors announced least death officially was ruled death by miss adventure misadventure so unawares misadventures and recreational use of drugs misery attention well that's just have adventuring that's what i'm peter looked at me you can see is apps never seen that before a major well he fought on here but he's obviously in good shape manner as is so interesting duffy god forbid i never really gets i'm i'm so fascinating right now me too and i love
the short yeah levin prodigy i think it was one of the fast ever get his black belt correct four years three years three years and not just black belt one one world championship at one the year as as a black belt three years after he began training that's insane yeah then say is amazing what you have incredible always had incredible flexibility it's one of the benefits that has always had dexterity and in legs so instead of just being hold you in his arms he holds dear this lack of gmo maize and lack a guy's role with them there was come back and i go his this ground game is so freaky because eggs is on such another level old woman of now never have here we go here we go this is it my goodness of whitehall eddie bravoes get the freaky his legs you wanted
a legacy geraghty all my goodness he can do the craziest shit with his legs put him in play is without things but things that like other people have to do what you have to grab your foot and put it in edding and just do it like and you can do it like a hand his flexibility is ridiculous that's cool in certain positions but it's weird he doesn't have like flexible hands here we go okay here we go there we go jay is opening up with strikes this you now freddy roche has worked well these mme hobby j standing locatelli standing it's weird are these the impression i rather than locatelli standing never seen him do that's weird weird freddy bj has the best box and he's ever seen from him and a guy yeah look at this man nice left took there by bj dude bj looks really talk this is really strange stand right there in the pocket does mean does he want to you did he looks different than i've ever seen everywhere so strange vows
is but a prize leg take by but we know that all the lux there all night so the tank towns right take them special behind like to suggest that there was britain is tiptoes stand up straight lillian sippi to yeah so we're has reared is that these changes style friends looking for a take down to get it maybe want to go the ground maybe that's the only excellent feet on the hips bj pushes them off leg kick but frankie this is crazy watch super instinct you want some delmar outside it's five rounds to this region what's the matter you have brought back to it you think so i do why else would we
tippy toes inviting it tastes jane i don't know if that's it you are really don't line is not taken they get up either is he now we did you notice that work when he was thrown punches when these hidden the the paths in the preview it's like standing straight up to was weird ives those who just fucking around now i thought so too but it's almost like his changes style i wonder you brought in someone new to work with he's got a philosophy behind it you'd have to right you can't just switch it up for no reason i don't know maybe he had a vision so maybe said come on down to the ground i was in the ocean i had a vision i took a rocking when under the water and now you sound hey son brazilian no not sound region so he's not trying to get up no no he's not but frank's not trying to let them up where'd you learn to try to turn that corner back in the guard showed a path
this but has good luck without dignity less yard ridiculous guard to pass in own doesn't get alot of triangles inordinately shit over is usually pleasing aviano there's room to move waste weeps guys and takes thereby yo yo you sir but i mean that sees known for the locking guys up with one arm trapped his master at that one arm trapped wise got your bad luck frankie passes butterfly be impressed yeah ok that feed get up right there he literally get up right then it seems like he doesn't no that was bad ass that's non nay style old school you we see that fight encinas randy couture ensign through some gangster kick off of his back from the butt scoot and then he armbar randy are you there frank you try to get back in there back in there again the same look at trying to try to pass eight a anyway samoan now
he's trying to judge the japanese guy to black i hope so here european here anyway what seventy year anyway could be criminals you think he was just so thick he has to be something else besides you have noted doesn't fit japanese looking for guida switches let us forget these she there touchy she's a fuckin real thick dude juno champ oh by the way don't call me she was referred to us security a really learned that after two years dealing with what is it she was issues first names that what it is institutions is last no strategic chateaux she's his first name issue i do not like throwing gate hours without ceramics i'll be your backup let's do this upright agus straight up air we're good kick the body by frankie i switched kick my frankness roma locates there we go check one
great work will you frankie i wish we could hear much henrietta so strange it is sound so strange scenes style from him light on toes very a stance very the most narrow i've ever seen the ufc besides the kid who just got knocked out who's six months string no he's more narrow than that guy i don't know that guy was straight up right yeah but bj's got his feet practically touching each other bj's feeder touch to the tippy toes yeah oh nice left hook by frankie guess what's going to happen tomorrow kidding me in the gym on the tippy toes guarantee copy cat lee man people are really interested to see how this plays out it's where you get a first round of frankie frankly took down one hundred percent free deafening and more shots
bj was able to stifle him in the guard but frankie kicked the shit of his legs after he landed more kicks take down controlled him on the ground although he's trying to pass it and happen so let's see how if you're a judge when it goes the ground you can't passage no damage now dig it's no recognition for zero as a judge yeah told true now it doesn't mean any i mean but defense in a fight yeah however i'm just saying right i know what you're saying well you know what it really is man the system should be thirty points should be a ten point system is really a thirty point system they should take into account striking grappling submissions all those three things should be taken into account and that in the be ten points each side like maybe one guy gets ten points for grappling the other guy gets nine it's ten points you know what i mean yeah
point is are they gonna make the change i don't i don't think my life i think so you do yeah i think so they ve lived there actually looking at some alternative scoring methods now they ve dave disgusted mean do you have very wherever i would like to see them do sitting about can you see more kennedy in the back yelling not cancel nonstop he wants like cakes interesting in five man interesting so far don't see dj gets in his groove is in good shape i'll tell you that man in the second round still looking good good overhand right with frankie i like how frankie that goes to the single makes is going to struggle for it disengages and they did it the first time bj thought what would they do he so get it defend that single leg they're just attempting it so bj reacts so they can land a left hook we tag them the right interesting very interesting if you're though what are you telling them what your corner is just like we just just walking
it's interesting he's when the pressure on but if the interesting one more time him myself for mount myself this fight is interesting it is that the best way to put it bj's upright and just kind of walking forward kind of i don't know eating like kicks and it's very odd but he's checked a lot of em too though he's doing a great job don't care about that now not theirs that right hand again my frankie but beaches walkin him down man walking down walk down you re from my prediction fourth round caille forget another taken right handy for me right hand really what makes you say that i just see some stuff that's what wow what do i know that's a big prediction it is bold faster you are bold brendan shop if you're anything you're like that a one but spicy again feed on see i see this on my arm so so don't be taking the troll and any care pass every else like i bj guinness ass well
the problem he doesn't do anything offensive from his guard it's very rare i don't think he's a single arm bar victory from the guard in his career when he does is troll guy stifle them sweeps them and then takes their back and choke some like of all his submissions what are they there almost all rare namely russia just your back regulated and nice right hand there in that weird bt such a big dave justin ridiculous skills and he really real naked guys like you're not seeing armbar leg attacks he knows them one hundred percent he knows all of them but you have your your kind nice that you do and you get comfortable with doing it and then weird this is also weird for him to be sitting on his back like this i don't know some guy i just do thou marcella garcia known for were naked and gear teens vote
very rarely do you see marcello attempt an armbar although he did leg lock rico rodriguez and the absolute a crazy crazy well rico is terrified of them remember when he had rico's back and rico threw himself back on top of marcello idea to one if it sounds a leak of slammed on which is tat fact yeah i think it's weird it's so strange like you get good you probably have two moves in your back pocket that you go to you know the rest i defend them but they're not your go to yeah there are certain guys that do that over no look at rhonda and her arm bars rhonda's arm bars are fucking ridiculous like when she fought me should take when they did the ultimate fighter togther and should better get used to wiping your ass with the other hand she's telling her i'm going to armbar you and what does she do arm bars are an incredible it's crazy man yeah when someone has like you repulse ass area really good triangles
he had something like nine triangle victories in a row let me check the arms crossed it's not into their local people spoke not now these chalk not out the background fucked boy is not the most exciting yeah bags got to be thinking these two rounds in the whole here though no i mean frankly on top of them two round look at this sweep them oh we got blasted right there lasted took some serious shot i see some ground pound dexterity of his legs is ridiculous so few people can move around like that off their back with their legs but the bottom line he's taking a beating
frank is on top of em elbow on the shit out of a mere oh damn frank is relentless case i hate say look at the whole thing be they pay you beat up he is getting beat up to man two rounds beaches gotta come on strong likud this oh my goodness be jays gettin rocked here with these elbows he stay calm and everything see like here did you can earn his level can go for like you can go for ankles he does that your options there he doesn't do it you know a about you now you know i'd like to see him in his corner to tired i'd love to hear the coroner not one interesting ricardo in his corner to us you survive their jamie please give a speech our busted up a little his cheek taking big depressed
now two rounds in the hole for frankie i remember ricardo when he was seventeen at hands us walking around speeding everybody up at seventeen and big oh yeah you then being here's them here the stolen davis face looks like fuck it are you be honest that's a face of you know i like this just when this round that's not advice just win this round what should he say that joe what can you say well hey bro you are completely getting your ass kick let's try and revamp everything you can just took a big deep breath too well you know what he's got to do is he's got to keep the fight standing or he's got to take frankie down and get on top of him i mean if bj gets on top his top game is nasty
he just can't hold him in his guard and put his feet on the hips like that right hand are going to do nothing right hand is going to drop by i think he can get take of where he's going this isn't as cool changing i'm super depressed yeah that was beating on the right hand by frankie frankly just just more active more accurate more unpredictable and more successful so far at that nice kick on the transition looks like he's porn away bone lands i kick he does things like you know like you i'll shuffle in for the punches and then the second time he shuffles out he throws a hard kick or he looks he's going to do what he just did and he goes for a takedown mix is shit up so well mixing it up and you think that's always coach a big part of it a huge part of it very interesting is when they hit mit they do it i'd love to watch those guys train see
i loved his fight with oliver charles oliver rate for all very underrated guy to what happened in greece he got knocked out by if he has no idea he has knocked amount hear from them right you don't really hear that much lately in its name that was going to fight for the title i'm just watching this i'm trying to pay attention while i'm watching this thank you man tj grant tj grant knocked him out to yeah right standing over a few tales and i was after frank it knocked him out so slight are right handed finding a home and beautiful combinations by frankie the movement was just so good
there for recoil may just rag doll bj to the ground there crazy we just got to do something man he can't just lay here with him in his guard like he's been doing i frankie pass again like bj is so comfortable in this position but it's a terrible position for him it's almost bad that he's not comfortable here because you're just losing the fights can beat up but it's weird because you know he doesn't have an offensive guard he doesn't have a guard where he attacks off his back tries to lock up triangles he's just impossible to pass well frank is half past here he's about if you can clear that other foot look nope awesome dexterity is it chris recovery really is i love it it is impressive but everyone else listen like this is the most people i mean my franky smashing elbows more elbows boom boom boom how's beaches got bad now how is bj going to always eat light amount
lighten them up that's nasty look at it it's going into his eye now i would be a suprise if your corner in the towel you you with the legend like this would you that blood oh geez that's the bloodiest yes he don't really cut a lot well he's cutting a lot now frankie keeps targeting same spot with elbows and beaches get two more minutes of this to deal with our another one on the same spot oh my god bj's getting fucked up dude here might stop this fight is to get a look at the cup wow damn man bag just doesn't have an answer it does not have an answer frankie spin say god is founded on it
he's got a crucifix you're not crucifix in fiji and finish in like that they just not gonna happen do is hidden had bang bang bang pound has not glove he's pounding a man would have frankie submit some crazy we're thinking amount there is it tom keep going back to this butterfly guns doing nothing oh another one he's getting worked this is crazy to watch this is not cool frank he's a monster man he is a monster i look at him just fucking ferocious with these punches and elbows herb's gonna stop the fight man that's it holy shit that's it wow frankie edgar puts bj pan away wow wow look at that that is crazy wow that was a route that it's a three route we'll
great for frankie amazing performance that's why is a ten to one favorite say it ten my favorite year while the opening line we all know what it was one actual went down but man that's hard watch hard to watch hard to watch scrape they all go down man they all everyone does hate to tell you your favorite fighter that's going to happen the one day unless he gets out before that happens yeah man i hope that we've seen the last of certain guys like gsp i don't want to see him go down i don't see anderson go down like this no yeah do you think it's he's gonna go down like this again you think anyone's gonna want up fighting again fighting someone else is boom boom they're gonna give him a fight i probably in his favor he win that one and then some demon who's not lay down like that you know what you member when he was going out for the women find the second fight any pause during his walk i download any longer he squatted
i sat there like almost like having a hard time breathing ah trying to keep it together to collect himself yeah it's just a fucking nerves man knowing that you're about to go in there against this dude who's made out of concrete tell me about it with a heavy weight i feel like i'm not saying but it is i am saying it's different heavyweights different because they can crack you with one shot because you're going in your just like alright well this guy's two hundred and sixty five pounds literally if i make an air it's over and i'm gonna get really really hurt so heavy weights just different man like the nerves are different you're dealing with that's scary was the guy that hit the hardest thing hardest of my life everyone said you know like roy nelson who i got knocked out by hit me behind the air so wasn't that hard same i would say no no that's the lightest i've ever been hit in one out and the reason was i spared with shankar on the week before and got wobbled with a left hook almost knocked out basically and then thought that's why that shot wow
because if you look really doesn't hit me that hard he's i'm like flame wanna put him away and he just like clips me in the back of the year and i fall down of rock before that fight why it happens all the time right on time and a heavyweight two different bird i'd say who robbed me where i kept going would be priced hit me with the upper cut and it literally almost ripped my lips off wow it was just a good lord he's a banger yeah it's all use i put on earth and i bridges out he's a strong motherfucker it might have been born fibre it put a rustling clinic on his way to the fore steroids the idea has worked well that's it rustling went toward the end of the bee japan career man regime the the end well i'm super depressed i am wasn't fund a watch was i call it a lot i was how i know tat was hoping you would be a competitive fight i don't want to see that manage fox
there was more bulletproof coffee dj panel is as world famous i guess i guess how to zoo man he did some weird stuff i need sleep man to tough to watch when i was a kid i watch donald curry who is a big fan of my flight mike mike member might mcgown the body snatcher now you'll member middle way champion bad fucker and he mike mccalla hit donald curry with a left up to the body and then left work and not donald curry the fuck out donald he went out flat on his back and i was depressed i just put on my fucking shoes and went running it was cold i was like i was living in boston i ran down the street i just went and running i couldn't take it i was just so depressed and then
deciding at that moment i'm never going to get depressed when a fighter loses ever again i'm never going to invest it affect you that way i can't let it affect me like that i remember deciding that because i was so bummed out i took it so personally that happens to a lot of people that happens to me like when i found out a lot of get the meda against big foot i women price six miles get super stressed out and sad about it because that should have been me i didn't know what to do so i just went hit the gym running let's talk about that because big foot a weird situation max bigfoot has a real issue like he's got a tumor his pituitary gland he has giantism gigantism i guess which which made i mean they had to give up one point in time in his career was over three hundred pounds yeah he cut the sixty five yeah we used to cut down a two hundred and sixty five was fucking enormous when you read to shredded yeah twenty five orlowski and fight fedor one yeah
read he was huge he was absolutely gigantic when he fought our he's alaska oh yeah when they fought not strive for or it might have been a lead x it was a lead x how did he do he won i think it was a decision but it was a good fight really it might have might have been but decision but for sure for sure bigfoot look at that cut my god it's pretty bad crazy being such on almost stuff though just because he has an issue doesn't make it ok that you take stuff because this you want to make it fair say orlowski you can take where he's taken bribe that would be fair well the only problem with that of course is that when you tell a guy they can take hormones especially if you don't really need them naturally of your body healthy you're going to fuck your whole endocrine system systems now we go let's go on our votes so it's irresponsible it's irresponsible at the same time
you're fighting a guy who's andy supplements to enhance his fighting career than you are and you can't do anything about it he has a path to do this oh and they're fighting brazil weird i've got to find him brazil brazil or lawsy this not a gift this is a punishment do you think that when he gets down there that i mean is it possible for bigfoot to fight clean as there are no question though not personal not possible with his stuff not possible not possible been on his entire career you want to get them off in the top five good luck good luck so what is really fight in brazil to these gonna juice i think so interesting i think so and this is what i have done a few of these said hey why don't you fight bigfoot in brazil say listen i'll fight bigfoot no problem if i'm in vegas california with drug testing strict where he doesn't need this stuff that's fine that's fair game have rwanda regulate reign of test make sure he's not
doing it because that's what guys are doing let's be real here man right fuck that noise yeah well what do you think about tour now tours go in his view the titles wildman there ain't no picnic brow hole in fact wideman no coming off the sauce and fighting wideman no man have you seen photos of tor seen video of him lately no does not look the same he does it he does not look the same he looks much smaller he probably get destroyed man yeah i'm you almost can make motorway la takes a size and so he's got small hands feet yeah he's not the biggest kind of he's had a lot of broken hands because of that his wife is a tip size ligatures island yeah i know the bigfoot stuff it it's tough stop it's almost yours want to say i can't fight taking this stuff you should probably stop fighting you know what i'm saying it's not fair either way you paying even if he needs the stuff it's not fair because the other guys aren't on it
me and that is the true not if you can't fight without you really should stop fighting because a lot of the reasons why these people need that stuff is because i had injuries or cheating or steroids used to cheat whenever the reason is if i fight bigfoot silver in he's all joost up whatever cocktail has in brazil that i'm not on you punch me the face and i suffer horrible brain problem because you were so stop or or about i put you mrs i can do is about two guys in this world who can take a market punch you the face where else who is fighting september and bigfoot silver you stop only do step not taking his head is enormous so it probably helps them however juice up it's helping them you can't send the pocket with marta no one this rolins for those two guys i wonder if it did help them because if you know the whole story hunt fought bigfoot and they had this incredible war but then it turns out they tested bigfoot act
the fight he was on testosterone replacement tested him before the fight he was at normal levels test him after the fight jack to the roof what some stuff in the lock room maybe alleged his is doctor yeah blamed his doctor which is crazy is sue him he said he's assume i don't know who knows what the fuck common either we want is a legally took stuff he definitely was you might have elevated testosterone any definitely had tremendous ability to absorb punishment that he didn't jobs it didn't show in the crimea if i fight here but in white kane put him away i can let him and dropped him in and promote quick and their fight and market hit harder than both of them combined there's no one in this heavily division it's hard to the market in the world there's just not isn't that fascinating the test out tom could do that for you crazy it's all you have to do just go in there with a hyper level so taking up the part that is fuckin gigantic ism you don't say no absolute monster but now he can absorb punches and hit harder and better cardio fuck if europe if you
epo and everything are you assume he's also doing that i don't know listen if you opened this cocktail if if you we're gonna be risky you're getting i can find out about the best kind yoda yes yes that is going to do anything i think you're on that i had to bring it back to him so that is the question it's like just how many guys are how many guys are on things this is the thing joe if you if you're open to put these supplements in your body why won't you be into putting these other subthings you're but of course you're not just like well i'll do this but i got to stay at this limit and they're like well if yo do this you're really gonna be a bad ass no that's just ethically wrong yeah if you're putting a need on your ass what do you care if it's filled halfway or full you know that's true they are that is true i mean in a guy like jail i mean that's pretty much proves it hail had his reasons why he said that he took those first two supplements and then it turns out that they have this incredibly detailed test in that lorenzo pays for that forty five percent
in dollars per fighter and their taken is it a crazy things are taken the jura they take the blood rather they take a test from you and then the guy has a direct chain of custody so he's taking this flying with his blood to the play their testing and they're using a notary me boys basically like the guy caring for nuclear clouds and always flying with it in his possession at all times gets to the west so it's never left his possession and then they tested and the test so jail got busted all that stuff epo and hgh which the athletic commissions we're not testing for because it's fucking expensive as shit you know they had everything look for fires getting paid a grand eight nay eight to win to show and costly five thousand dollars to test on some of these crimes
that's why only the superstars in cut because you're paying the sure so much money it's worth it to risk it is it worth it now because now we just lost one of the biggest faces of the ufc who could talk people into liking the ufc yeah i though but i don't think it's worth it well what is that's not the only one no it's like baseball when people figure out mark mcguire and sammy sosa you dumb fox all the pitchers were on it so it's a fair game lance armstrong listen he does it positive dared to go back to fish a place to find go dentists positive it's a level field if everyone's on fox you know what i'm saying sort of but it's chronic well it's like especially in combat sports like well it's dangerous well so is getting punched enough face that's pretty dangerous too super dangerous when i keeps your career you can fight longer you can play longer yeah you're not hitting a fast ball if your bad speed slows down a lot of times in the major leagues but you can make twenty more million dollars and play for five years if you take
some stuff ryan bron ryan brone i got bus and then ratted out everyone saying how it is against that i made one hundred and forty four million dollars went to in costa rico i suspended came back he's fine yeah and why wouldn't i do it as deep and one hundred and forty million in the bank everyone forgets he got a stand ovation when he went back to milwaukee really guys back hey guys took a year off recuperate my body richest shit i understand much hundred zero million geraghty made of jerry and so they don't take any that away from you and test positive for drugs and your your friend maybe like ten millions who gives a fuck you she ran out that's so gross though isn't it you know that's an issue as well they're bringing in the federal so they're going to ask him questions where'd you get the epo special epo that is a motherfucker that's that's super super thing yeah
you have that all of it's not good man epo heh testosterone but we have real is normal like you could find that epo is tricky that soup it's very day you always say nobody wants to jail for taking steroids but you go to jail for line to the feds you go to jail for lying you go to jail for lying and you go to jail for selling it in mass distribution yeah it's we really interesting see what happens which you may not know where the fuck you got it from but bryanston was talking about it like you know that he had a conversation with shell is like you'd better be forthcoming when they come to you and ask questions that is worrying lie to them listen if brian sten tells me something as far as the government goes i'm for sure is listening i'm definitely working i'm calling sir to yes sir yes sir why you calling me sir i'm really freaked out right now really freaked out can you just come back to my hotel room to if i had to ask you talk me to sleep you're the inside guy here more than any of us right if i had to ask you how many guys do you think what percentage guys are taking hdh
there's a headline you'll be tomorrow okay no job thinks everyone's on shit i'm reaching this is a fight pigfoot only in denver i'm just gonna say some some numbers and you just give me facial expressions that don't necessarily confirm nor denied okay sixty percent seventy percent while stop there i don't want it to be amazing i don't even yeah like like i thought laval johns for instance we want on the scales and we get if i turn my coach so you come on bro is obviously on stuff i just assumed like everyone's like pro he's jacked i'm like yeah i know literally i just assume he's on shit i assume he's on h i assume he's on testosterone it's just part of the game we play which is insane right as a hippie would like this thirty percent outbreak and i was like in law lala almost rip my fucking lips up thirty thirty percent because it kind of like went with it right you know what i'm
i think lands my jaws all shattered i'm fucking tone west style like slurping my dinner and hit wouldn't haven conus was a shot i think right and broke his jell or some was it i live figure gangsters shot assumed i assumed he here like gucci loafers insured shit sports a crazy listen this is just not the sea or time i'll show you ufc problem this is everything rare in watch the nfl network the bottom screen goes and dixon gets spent for enhancing performance enhancing it happens all time but they will make a big deal of it right this like lily you know hear about it you re hear about sport when knowing is tested morning combat athletes but money is weird it a bit they make such a big deal of it while he is other sports they don't because if you're better because of performance enhancing drugs you're better performing by your better hitting a ball you're better issue rowing a ball you're better it now doing sports but you're not
beating the fuck out a person and causing damage to their brand and and definitely taking years off their life yeah we saw a rod last night in vegas and i've always like had a couple of gals with them looks like they're having a good old time what the fuck this guy's at the bar to flown do pieces who i was involved in kind of snagged myself getting i did it because they my way they live you did get a fuck out of me you know kind of money she's in the sweet oh i'm in the seller i'm sorry i'm i'm down below new york new york literally in the subway i tell you if i was a rod i would but hey girls here my eyes are up here look at they were they made at the hungry eyes for big brown eyes still a ride your girls we're looking well let's talk about is different this difference actual inundating athlete and a fighter when there's a bunch of athletes but then the fighter walks in the room the dead the state
have been changed for sure put mail in the house cool you hit a little white ball that's awesome in your fucking neck i could say that i'll snap your neck and then fuck those two girls you brought yeah and you can't do anything about it like feeder tissues right now is toes curling up and sweat out the boston red socks and other fun old snap your neck to take your girls is there a single like sport that commands more respect than that not close not even boxing right they're not close close made people really can't they're even like what look at fucking floyd may with her he's an compared to ronda rousey and everybody says ronda rousey would beat his ass and a street feet to show up maybe i mean i think i think she would i really do one hundred percent she would you look at that last fight i look at i'm not a girl she's very pretty but look at par bj man that is that different she looked at bj i looked at his girl man watchman those words i love the hardware
man you know and i just got to go home to his kids like that i mean that was something that he said when he fought nice as i was talking to him he's like i can't keep calling home to my children looking like this it could be they just scared of me don't call me at once again and i hate when i lose i'd be around my neighbors emily dams i'm do they talk to you hate my neighbors but i walk in i'm like fuck sorry bro i can't in my neighbors that's larry we hate each other really yeah what's it about because fifty and act like they're thirty they and do drugs and keep me up when i'm in camp oh no and the guy knows who i am you know i'm saying like come on bro i just talked about snapping a rods nick what do you think i'll do to you their fifth and they re hardy on my party do drugs coke banging our laws they yell at me when i being on laws i'm moving out there by the way those things are moving place is super nice my place is super nice it's super nice but they
whatever there i don't know they say you guys bang the walls with each other i bang on the walls and she yells at me all right i hear you i'll turn it down she's no fingers i went over him motivational it didn't work gave them a motivational talk yeah how they clean their lives let them stop in cheetos get a job did you really oh i'll do that forty nine ninety five will come to your house with cheeto things when you're in mid camp and you're fucking training your ass off and you're constantly exhausting constantly pushing it do you look get this like you know like man there's only only a certain amount of years i can do this i don't i think we start thing that you're fucked i think you're right does they told me i forgot not going to mention names a fellow heavyweight was going through camp recently and was like fuck this man this sucks guess who guess who doesn't say that kept me i'm like fuck man i'm always
all i think about is what i did wrong i'm just like fuck i got to do this i got to do this i can do this i constantly think i can get better but you're very self motivated to you know in our guy i need someone to wake you up and get you no because guess what because if you if you have to have someone yell at you to motivate you make a successful something a yell at you you're fucking get your ass what we really want that you know how to solve moreover brian cowen that's brian cowen that's right pretends to work out does bogs nevada keeping away magellan chin upset hands again was crazy runs up thy own gets tired i guess i'd better go to bed get up early which i'm you work in a range of my meditation red nietzsche reaching now no not right the way it sounds it's a good thing to say to checks if you try and press them get into my hore stand story first first time i went to brian's house had like some catherine rye or some shit open
his coffee table you don't read that you put that out there when chicks come over to impress them you'll like it i tell a story about that my stand up saying books around she doesn't really smart went to prince and i was like look having way i guess i read it sir you wanna mamma you moving the dictionary when i'm on tv a reed hemingway china be house gotta think someone's picked up in a book south africa but a book it because i'm why don't you do you ever read books about training about like like mental toughness yeah a lot of people do right i read a lot of like mental books mental toughness i read a lot of like military stuff really if we because if you can picture out military guys like navy seals what they go through in the mind frame they get in what we do is nothing compared to them right i think what the nerves the navy seals deal with before they go to war and they talk about the breathing technique in them and tell you they have as much when they're gone through too like boot camp in the navy seal selection which is in saint as one
like ninety nine makes the cut the guys who make it in the the guys who run it say they can always tell who's going to make it because i guess they talk to them interview them after each day and the one you guys like man there's only three weeks left if i can just get through these three weeks they say when that guy walks out of the room like he's fucked he's not going to make it then another that comes in the room he's like i'm just through tomorrow man i'm trying to get through tomorrow i literally take it one drill at a time i go just get through this drill and take the next drill and it's the same thing in fighting and that's what i do i never look at the grand scheme of things i never do like i'll wake up and like all right you got five rounds span let's go let's do this first round and then i look at the second down third fourth fifth that's interesting if you look at the grand like oh man i got twelve eeks get read for this fight you see about he twelve weeks what the file the lotta workmen who may overwhelm me focus at your best breaking down individually
that's interesting but what about like the overall game like if you look at your overall mixed marsh large game trying to improve and trying to compete all these things you do like have like an overall like us men of like over six six weeks i would like to look like this seven weeks and i would like to be at these numbers are like to be doing these rounds i'd like to be doing do have like things matter is actually has cardy has never been a huge issue for me like i was getting crazy shape i'm not the one thing i do like as a marker like a numerical marker is my resting heart rate if i've found above forty i freaked out i'm usually around thirty seven thirty eight when in phenomenal shape which beats michael phelps and who's vault by by the way when i'm like thirty seven for mit i get down i think thirty six thirty seven is like the best i've ever been jesus christ
crazy right what gets your heart rate there like what is like me a phenomenal shape man what is like the best thing that you do tight but would you attributed to what what kind of i don't know we put to one thing i'll just say just relent like the tempo i sat nonstop and then i finished my week off by running on the track doing these long sprints where we monitor my heart rate so when it goes in so i'll and my heart ratio like one eighty eight as soon as gets down to one forty i'm running again wow i said that does gets down to one for one forty wow it's one forty that's not very loves not very low now so you it's in my confidence from them because i'm tucking terrified and in all be honest i suffer a little bit from bodies she's two men drama super rip so so i'm always on a diet like tomorrow at stone by i'm gone afforded using clans unjust entering adduced for days i've had some dumbo affair the airport like shit and i will go and sporting when these lands
ate wendy's i did for some i've had fast food years right sorry green tired need disant dragon this weekend craziness humanity so when you say body issues like you feel where we take your shirt off inside the ocean like that kind of thing no not really inside the actin like when i'm out of camp it's rare you see me with like my shirt off which i'm in i'm always in good never wear close ide your body it's weird right it's weird but listen you talk to arianna i' sure there's something she didn't like unhear but everyone suffers from it right for me though it's just like like when you when you looked at as an elite athlete i'd never want people see me not in shape broach i m in shape but and i dont want people see me like out of my peak based garlic fade or logos hag tunnel it a little bit of a good you know i always knew just didn't give a have argued life whatever i'm here
no ass i got to bring with it wasn't worried at all about i know if they re not if i know what you wish you can be larger i guess yeah i've hell you i'd is or what do you think like maybe if you like thought the way things mrs are way too like emulate that sort of a mindset of programme so now the engine and culturally what what is considered man he also doesn't army he also does in here like here high look i'm very day and i like fast cars fashion ages and i live on the beach he lived in russia rustles grizzly bears drinks fuckin beer in fact needs potatoes and has a get hangovers belt and pray fucking gertrude has spoken here hang armpits were more all should involve russia may be different work very kind of you had only has anything to do with being successful or not i think i've the biggest stars know almost successful people are very self conscious really
in in mme anime fell reacting by will who in sub please don't ever use act with emma want just not not love saint stars zones annex i understand please you hurt me so please hypothetical sir do you like when you like that what athletes do you think in mma are like real self conscious like that certain ones no i'll tell you off here though okay let's wrap this bitch up there's another fucking fun fight companion man great man so i wanted to talk a little while at the end just alleviate some pressure how super down i was gonna crash brian's but son into the wall i wasn't and not train for it not put not pay for it yeah i didn't i mean it's not surprising but i can is anywhere you just don't want to see that shit yeah all right folks
when are we gonna do this again when's the next one the next one you tell us let's find out right now we'll find out the next one will you bring your boy joy deas i would try it i wanna laugh joey des so you guys make me laugh let's find out what this real quick brian had a nose job everybody's day hey guys wednesday july sixteen th who's where where are you at you're here bet you fuck yeah donald sironi jim milana's the next one wednesday night so wednesday on shit to do july sixteen th i'm gonna try really real hard to get joe ideas in here evan dunham
edson barbosa and also by you yeah i should be very exciting so all right you dirty freaks we'll see you then until then brian colon on twitter b r y a n c a l l e n n brendan show that's s c h a u b a k a big brown can you get big brown on twitter i try to find big brown that's true please don't send me dick pics how many people send me dick pics i get eight a week do i check them out yeah you see me in west palm we will see you with a real podcast tomorrow until then much love and big kiss bye bye
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