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Fight Companion - May 16, 2020

2020-05-17 | 🔗
Joe is joined by Eddie Bravo, Bryan Callen & Brendan Schaub to watch the fights on May 16, 2020.
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The job will gain experience its work. We have travelled technical difficulties with german song Dong, Tito Vera, you downwards. About an hour, Famille Guy and it seems like there was the might have been a visa issue, and then they cleared it up just in time but you re a favor apparently weight in yesterday. That would have been fun. I heard he would I've read, I might be wrong Jim receiving you. Finally, ok, I think I think, They were saying that it was gonna, be a lightweight fight. I give you right, due to a lack of it, you re was gonna agree as I gotta look away like one sixty five I'll get down to fifty five, and I was down in the way I dont know see
I saw it when I was running out of the house that it was an issue, but then that song you dance visa problems came through. I call this last fight and I believe he's wicked. His hands are very good at its heart, yeah, it's real hard he's, already mapped the mountain. Think you still new groundwater. The left coded gone Marlins, very dangerous and his creative he'll do wild shit like she'd, all set you up with stuff and he takes big chances like you, flying neon. You he's a very, very good name, dude and really smart, yes, yeah and I'm looking smarties defensively here. He's he's
just stay on the outside? He knows this guy's super dangerous. Using his kicks out ahead, kicks and putting pressure on a man put low hard kicks lot of pressure on, but it was doing it from a kicking range to write. You dont, like real good hands, he's real dangers in tight like this or looking four Eureka who out the question was: was you write in favour will the step in four song. You'd die because of a visa issue and was going to be a lightweight at one fifty five year. So I thought I pressure. I read that, but I was half asking my reading. You skimming through the Scam Authority, sometimes I look at the picture either tsar. That's why everyone so unformed me included when barely paying attention.
Too much too greatly delighted throw it out like its facts. Yes, ok, goodbye favour, made a surprise, appearance. The wanes today he waited at one. Fifty three point five. The reason did so I saw you dog wait one forty five point: five was a bitter adamant. Potential visa issue may preclude him for fighting tomorrow this from aerial how Waddies twitter page that says all trying to sort it out to my questions are right now, Kenya should be sorted out in time for the event, if not, would Commission allow favour to fight Vera who waited at one. Forty five point five o and he would a pounds every animal think. Well. Fuck in Florida, so and it doesn't matter now, the fight on it is only eight pounds. Ozma, like that's a big difference, right easy, but would they usually say in terms of like
don't let us out of sixty. I thought it was now make sense such a big difference. We gotta such spooky part of sport to await yeah, do beneficiary makes the Comoros MA am like how the factory You weigh a hundred and seventy pounds ever we'll do think of wounds that you see to forty nine that you come dated, cater and Stephen Stevens. You know Miss weight by five How do you think he was right when I can make it any balloons? The fuck up Mc Gaslight, I I guess we'll do it? Man, yeah That was a real we're going right. Is that certain normal for german Stevens he's Miss wait a couple times, but a lot of weight to miss by you know. That's real unusual set when
that big, I assume therein, then I do not gonna make it look like Phuket it by one point: five or power, MR by five M, quick killer myself, so there suddenly fight for in TAT it so crazy that they twenty four hours before cage fight that almost kill themselves. Asana nuts I like it. When you guys were talking about that one heavyweight and you know he can get the two hundred and five and tc goes, but it So so right. Everyone says it is eighty five zero disease, thy mother workers. Let me tell you that the right now for every do who did it like the Rich Franklin's? He was like when the first guys around, which, frankly you grow rich? How the fuck are you a hundred eighty five pounds ever he's a big guy?
forced Griffin, amateur for medium, we're doing a pr together in Brazil and ask what are you weigh right now? He's I dont like forty seven, you are more than we do at least crazy right. The the guy's work really young and really strong. They can get away with that. They do it right, but it pays a little bit more of a price. I think every time you do it towards, then this is the thought about. Tony engage. You fight that look. I was scientists brigades so to make wait anyway, but then people that in our Dana said this couple that we were set aside. Why would you do that doesnt when you know you're going to have to make, and we did I talked to Tony yesterday and he said ass. He had nothing. With the way I'm Chauvelin had nothing to do with the way. I'm sure he look if I well, but he had to have felt something from draining
these bodies to couple. We still don't know it when we know what I mean are indirectly Rhino didn't help right. We know that, actually we don't get help him just unjustified. And fight. That's where too, because this new things like Tony took an inhuman amount of punishment, but his His cardio is so much better than everyone else's. You ve always do rocked Couteau ridiculous extent. You everyone knows no better than anybody how hard it is to breathe when you're getting hurt. If you getting hurt, and you stunned that's when you're cardio good at the window through the Sugar Beet Laurette, when you get when you click it that danger energy more than anything. The wind is Cartier whenever one away is fine, he's already training strain. That leaves you didn't acid. In the fuckin dead
Send the emergency value is ready to go back. He's taken this loss like gave me the chills listening to him talk last we're talking about that is champ should only that's in his losses to listen because everybody everybody in the world is is suffering financially and I got to go in and make a whole bunch of money in my family secures. I lost technically I want enlightened winning so and is ready to go back and do it. A gay Eddie, Jack Keys seriously feels good Can I ask you this without you upset at me, but when I was watching it and I dont know Tony like you do not to you, you wanna, Greece just go to an all time, but when I was watching it in the fourth or in a doubling the fifth, I will throw in the towel. That crossed my mind, but I wouldn't ever.
But I thought manners. I know you this knowledge. It was at the heart of the matter. I have never been head Emma make coach ever in my life never wanted to be, never wanted to be, and I never even to this day I have never been. That's not me, I'm at Trevor Whitman that guy's amazing, I'm not a Gregg Jackson, Duke Rufus. That's that's! That's a whole other level headed ouch. That's the guy that should be talking to the fire that sit down. I know I'm I'm the wide receiver coach, I'm the guy they just rose in shit on the side like especially to stand up in a standard by I shouldn't have been might because I know this is gonna be identified. If the fight was gonna. Go demand was a complete by yeah. Maybe there's gonna be a lot of groundwork. Yeah, maybe it makes sense for television, too, like me, but whenever MIKE me MIKE, I'm does therefore emotional support. This is going to stand up for me. Never he hasn't had to take down in five years. Never takes anybody.
The last take down we got was Gleason Debo. Think about that. He doesn't think he goes out there and you know it does when it fight when five ends up on the ground. I promise bull. Someone took him down Kevin Lee takes her. That's where Jujitsu comes, a renewal is gonna. We were preparing for, could be this whole time which he was going to try to establish the obviously and and and do this thing and all of a sudden two weeks before the fight when it was April. Eighteen, We get the opposite of cut costs, lunch time, not only the opposite instrument strategy, but the opposite, and probably the heaviest handed lightweight Maybe ever Donald Orderly, just man Bertone those daytime lights, people up with one shot, so not even for war, second. Did the camp thing all we got this one in the bag.
From those wanted from day one. So let me finish this real quick and you get this off my chest. So the whole time we're we're training for certain strategy. Now we had two weeks now. It's just engaging with the smart thing be to do totally changed, tony style or say: fuck it, let's get started boxes. Do Tony Tony wanted fuckin strike. Tony was like I'm gonna go out there and a box. That was the plan. Nobody said a hundred percent, I was gonna work. You know to mean so, and it was weird was everything about that that that that battle fight was weird when get there and there's nobody. In the end, the arena at super quack I've been to about a hundred and fifty you have seen I've Konrad and a bunch of fighters and the US. It was the weirdest thing, and in that, What are the weirdest? Things was in between the first round and second round. They only allowed one Cochin right, yes and they say who's gonna, be and I was the first one to say. Not me like I don't want to be the
and then they had good. It's gotta be the striking coach. It goes into. Everybody agreed for sure. Am I I'm not gonna be it's always gotta, be the striking coach. They had coast, the guy, the talks to me, I'm just a guy that offer suggestions, I'm never, but never wanted to be, never tried to be so Billy or shot those are you thought regime yet was shot hallways boxing coach and billions. We take out so one of them went in on the outside. I had nothing to say all I could say was tony you're. Looking good, that's it did. You know did either of them consider throw in the towel. Now we don't talk. I just had it in my head loud and talk about it, but this would happen so then, the second and then on the floor, room in my eyes at the at the events that ok Could we neither either? Ok? Second round at the very yeah we're two seconds left he eclipse adjust and so after two round something? Ok, now it can start to turn oil. So at that point after the second round, he knocked him down
if you would have thirty seconds, who knows what, with the five what would happen? Who knows, but then at that point now, the third round like ok, man maybe tones and turn it around like he always does so. At that point it was we weren't like think it. Ok, we're gonna, take him down or anything like that, but after that fourth round it will, it was looking like oh shit and right when the Bell rang after the fourth Russia turns wrangles etiquette in there and MIKE I wasn't ready for them. I wasn't ready to walk in there, so I walked in their gone. What the fuck em. I'm gonna anime, head coach: this is the fourth round he's hurt and plus did Michael I got broken into last week? They stole my glass. As I always. I need my glasses unprintable, I'm sorry! I didn't really. I didn't realize how how cut up he was until I walked up to him like ok, I'm supposed to give him advice. This wide receiver coach like under It was a mistake for me to go and not around idea for you to be a mistake for us to have got. I was like at this point at the back. Maybe that's pulling guard or doing,
A menagerie roles works in the beginning when its fresh, like the way right all got really Japan, member Ryan, Albina them it was early. Anyone for a minority Romeo's fresh you'd like locked them. If, if we're going to do something like that, we have two strategies for that: the whole camp, not just like hey, so am I mean they're gone at this point- he's hurt he's cut up. A lot of things are swirling through my head and I'm thinking- oh my god. What now? What is the best advice here? but what does this court I need help here are froze and it's so quiet it. So why don't you know? what would you usually like you gotta, take this. What the fuck do you know about it, so quiet it so goddamn quiet that everyone's, like you know, you're,
How can lower it would just so weird or self conscious you can't just walk through Brian Cowen. Just please let him finish disease in the middle of describing went to honour Tony Fergus, I'm almost that, among other things, so I walk in the first day I notice is he's cut up more than I can see from the corner. From my vantage point, I couldn't tell you had a big under his right eye and at that point that's my brother man ass, my brother, I'm thinking like, Like maybe the best thing to do is stay on the outside for the fifth round and just get through this would no more damage as they could make it tries to shoot now and he's really tired and he's not he's hurt it could be. He could catch me come in, I'm thinking what what kind of advice not just you might want to try and who in our right now I don't I throw
I didn't think you froze that's not. Why does everything else work? I've never been in that situation ever before in my life, and I wanna be I'm not the guy for that matter. I was another guy, for that should have been in there, I'm always on the side when I'm in the core, I'm always on the side. You know what I mean just author, a little little emotional support among the most important thing for a fighter. I've been in this business getting paid in the Then they business since two thousand, I think fighters come and go. I work for the EU of Sea for eight years been about a hundred, and fifty you have seen I've seen everybody come and go I, my raw yeah so crowded, I'm not do Rufus United Europe of those guys there on another level. I am just hey. If he takes you down. Get. That overall can welcome hit that trying would let us make better bureau fantastic digital coach, but I think you're also smart enough to know where you strength lie in its in the jujitsu. That's a good thing, man, it's a healthy thing, but you she is for sure have an understanding of how to coach somewhat
in Mme. The thing is: there's like levels right, there's like for us a hobby. Mad Hume level, the wizards of TAT Year strata, jamming yeah. Those are different. Eyes, but those guys are, anyone comes widgets. Another not know that but you're, but that's the point it's like to be in both of whom are very talented on the ground. By the way Matthew was a wizard man is amazing. Imagined was also a legit striker right now, my trial, worse than you know, a when Matthew was on top of his game, on whose amazing was an incredible fire. He was way ahead of its time, amazing, but it. But if I want, if we want to examine it straight technical, how married an offence, the guy Eddie be my God for, of course, of cornered yourself, no eyes the thing about both those guys with Jane Holgate. They know the whole game for us is very good at strike and very number- and I don't think I remember at last year at Pee SL, the first round fighters twice in the same night. Remember that Vinnie Margolis pulled guard in both to this fight.
Really in the Bible and tap the caravan Roquat roarers right at real, quick work resulting but but you set it up and you work on it. You knows we told me the strike and he wants to take your head off. You don't owe me such a result so and then what happened in Venice fight in the final of the tournament he got. Really tired. You know really tired at the annual trying to pull guard at the end. But you don't have the energy to pull guard. You noticed It's a lot to set it up like a take to these added up. Had he fought earlier that night in the finals? No, no! No, he it in the light of the finals. We're like money later is only one five hired you'll, not fighting in that fight. Any must try to pull gaudy couldn't strike the guy. He was tired and it was no use trying to pull Gourbi wasn't even close he'd like landowners, but with no clench- and I forget it, we fight, but you would just walk away. Look at this he's got his. Why is this? Is this? Is it this? Is it Oh man, twenty seconds
tony stores, not over the so many good fuck him. Now then, one wind one when he's right there, while you have to take into consideration the fact that it didn't really get a full chance to gain plan for a guy's, dangerous is just an empty air there's gonna be around eventually they'll, be a re magic and that the training camps can be different. But but here's the one thing we could look back at this- is a blessing in disguise in one way, because originally Tonia Connor was the fight, but then Conor loses two could be, and then What's tony and caught and could was the fight now since they're, both coming off losses right now, Tony and could be makes the most sense right now. Imagine that Johnny O Connor Carlos tomorrow. I know it's time you inclined I'm Cycle Conniston, Motherwit cowboy. Oh, that's right! That's right! That's! Ok!
but still it still accelerating exiles. He did lose and excise duties. It makes sense, because it's hard to pitch Connor could be five right now. It's like tar, departmental gaieties writer gauges there would depend on what can be want to do in his dad and bad health, if he's out for a little longer than he can do gaiety com. That's how about how about gay g Antonia Connor Song Car? Oh, my god, you poor boy- oh my god, peoples, because it's perfect that it's crazy about New year's eve or something we noted we also merging of baby. Take you home, I don't mean to that right and then there's a winner of each fighters. Amazing car already tony versus tournaments, engaging verses
be one hundred pounds had totally global worldwide, we'll simultaneous summer. Some other dark forces were totally like. Does employees right there, trawler trouser Wilbur means well a very pressing me as much as anybody to do. It is striking that the heavenly I was like this is crazy is striking shown what matters out my staying on the Elles, every and his groundwork has more submissions, and anybody who support it. But now a strategy is striking is right there, he so dangerous right now, a flower man himself. He follows you know his technique is like reels, Lou and competence. Is there was a different these different Conor Tony? That's all I'm saying Conor Child national to our day, not the kind of telling you Charles Oliveira might be the dark horse that divisions announcing for sure he's Herschel. Like thirty years old man, we ve known, kids? What does he want to wait for a while, but alleys
tear you notice that they represent a leaf fight. I was on hold me to be shutting literally down Kimberly's fucking good, and then he tapped him on that. Getting captured taken down limits to there was he was sleeping on a business like next level tight. It was next level World championship, Jijiu TAT, my dark hair done. Individuals desire hairs, that's an amazed majorities out for how long is the broken orbital right now, what are you broke in orbit now? Maybe he's a nice guy he's already each trained adapted savage dude, I'm telling you man, I swear reason splatter thought after you ve catastrophic me surgery or six months later, and they would only have well that's crazy when he explained it the way, I'm like nonlinear twenty said: hey, listen, the whole world is struggling financially and I made the biggest pay paycheck of my life biggest payday. How can I be set he's a winner. Man is always
are you kidding when, but hey this is another thing, is we're, see, levels, man we're seeing new levels just engages next level like just engage you first I wanna things that Trevor women said that I was really impressed with he's engaged. The most comfortable athlete is ever work with. Toy he's, he's form gate year. American talking here was saying that to the Lucchese above all about my boys, but he remembered gauges day. Molly gaiety from came from the German Northern Colorado down a grudge and travellers like let's do it dude and nine years, moling that kid nine year, stewed he's he's so cultural too, because one of the things that happen you were talking about the shift in the second round when he got hit with a big upper Cartagena round. He went back to his corner and Trevor. What and said you're going to heart Adam. Take the contents of your of the challenges. They don't take. Her up, see hidden with good, clean shots,
any nodded his head and he went out, did exactly the how about when Justin would rock them and then sit back and, like all he's ready for the always ready to be because the areas most I welcome that Russia sit back? You go with this common technical. He was smooth and look at them we'll take home. I can't get hair trigger that left took counter, was a hair trigger just by its coming out of nowhere I think he's in give could be some online air and maritime air, because the best ressler could be ever face. Who doesn't want to wrestle like in terms of wrestlers. In the octagon I mean who has to be faced better than him amnesia you time, but are all american Division champion. I forgive you easy base in a fight has buddy had the the level wrestling. The gauge has no
they. Allow you to think about this little tree. You hold your breath. Trio wasn't was the all american you ve been ducal American, which it was really wrong motherfucker and he took him down like rag. Seventeen Tarag now gets writing wondering if there was one thing, gaiety again gauge- and I think I can gauge- is one of the one of the best for sure, but if it could be can't take him down, mandate I was not going to look at how gave you gonna look on his back through real important boy. He might not be able to take him down online. I wanted to know my mother, you know, maybe maybe not to get some, maybe not just caused by I've heard stories you. I think you further what he can do to Ruth Mcgraw Cold in DC authorities. In case you, don't you think, so Irish, it doesn't mean the fight I need to see, training with those guys, because it's almost like one of those mythical tales. You hear about some things that people see the goods do not make foot one. What do when vessels of ours in San Jose Josh
you ve got a code of practice. Practice could be training do rustling day. I want ago, but I had the United They got too far, and I didn't do it. I'm shoot myself in the fucking tries to John fetch about it. John fish gathering over each emphasis. The Argo, what's it like the rest will make us sorry with breathing? Is I mean I gotta like, if I'm very, a rather opinions. Sometimes I can stand up like John Fitch, John this is a man thought all legit less, there is a country where he's going to and wrestling how to John Fichu unrest which never lost in Russia, and the aim here is to use a Missouri element with this murder. Croak up their use. Keller owes its the whole affair. Is this. The fight well and generally never has a man have gradually? I think I, like Apple tv crash reset alarmed, open, Kevin Random involving
great. I wouldn't even watch that cheetah verify we barely one a lot and manage eighty Eddie you had with Tony I've been waiting. We have been killed now now listen man! I couldn't wait to hear it either. It was one of the first, while one most epic fights and one of the weirdest ones. To see a fight like that with no one in the user. Weird for you guys spelt pretty comfortable for now, there's a sideways. I love John Annick and I love DC love best team of observers, family those ganja there than nice. Guys it's a pleasure to see them. I need you. Together. The I now know that your shit we were all tested. Man we're out as an accessory, hasn't, have bracelets that show that we ve all tested negative, so we're walking around these bracelets on. So let us sit next to each other, stood next to each other. What we're in the pre shall were a basically right there. You can reach the strangest. This is the strangest tired they didn't want. Let you in the audience for the interviews. Do you want me to do the interviews from like fifty feet away? There was,
I was gonna stand with Cameroon. The fight was gonna, stand our cameras, we're gonna, have a modern, tells me modern. I go I Don T just fight No, this is crazy. You're gonna be next to a basic right. You know when you shook his head just engages hand you like, but I don't give a shit. There was a gamble on you know someone like added that out or something like that are now say something about that. A friend of my said do check check this out, like you said something, and they cut that out. Like other languages used tested. He got tested like litter they had the test they isolated. The fighters that isolated all the corner and they tested everybody? We can't live in fear ever do you know what I was thinking about. Going I do take is what they do. They get upset because- or I don't know about the editing, but I know that some people
so that is shook his head out like that that will be banned. You build anything gotta, restaurants inject a little demand that we went to a Morton's where we were going to ask the ties that we want to. I went to a restaurant everyday was there were other people do in Houston? I can't wait. They heard where we went to the bearded pig you just get one ripped. It just worry it just palm rip, one and ass like this much meat on one really be for it to give it some kind of bronze soldier where we go in the restaurants and you feel which was totally but the waiter had a mask, but I was down you is to set up with hay mantle of your bike. We're satisfy your eyes. We're not only did the wit that get used demonstrate nice. Could I don't think that's going to happen. I live for at least I dont think gotta say bagel man, Kyoto, let's run down well? Well, I, it is a very strange to something corner,
Did you see that article that who's is guy? There's a conservative desire to take a politician in some years ago. I'm thinking about taxes. I've been, That was, if one goes, we all would love to leave and taxes like you come over here. Just bring your liberal bull she ran a gay, easy you ass? It love ass, yet obtained liberal endorses. Liberals gets. Did I said that you guys that articles, but the San Diego guy. It is our job, monsieur Synergy, Jamie outside area, with the six deaths success what does the eyes are you? Are you a sentiment? I give you talked about that you will be. Your cue can be taken off you too. Why does laundress doctors? You said that you have a point: all three: some chance dying and allies on that, and they were that that video taken down. Facebook and Youtube will take their new.
If they consider, I guess I'm programme you'll enjoy this you'll love this Einstein up from our boys and men pixels. Do you can you Brian the first five minutes not talk about penises or cause? I who gives a fuck duty as you too Youtube's democratizing account taken when you cut in the first five minutes, you fuck you ruined everything. How crazy psych analyzer Jim Desmond says San Diego has all has only had six pure corona virus. Does woe so what he sang as all the desert? Had everyone had an underlying cause, except for six? There were pure corona virus x out of three point: three million Hermia boys. I love takes much of the next day Lohala. We go the colony store there. I love it when I can say much on taxes, but sitting we can serve repetition, you walked down a more than us, I know, but at we should listen, I mean there's notes simple easy way to do that, we just gotta fight, we
look at how the states act over the next couple weeks and its judge these states and talk about what states our laws are not all Tangier Ryanair, but also as a man of Florida is AIDS needed. If you want to help, people talked about health, no one no one's doing all these people are talking about fear. They talk about the disease, how quickly it spreads. How people carry and they don't even know another talking about all these things about the disease, which is great but put you want to help people put out a message to change your fucking diet, you? How about the belgian Health Minister hilarious gate? get your life in all its people die, it destroys people, Roby destroys, it was. One number one factors in people that it really If there's a lot of my favorite entity flew. Does that's like obese and people with
This is a disease. All disease, Ladys, convulsions, acres of Turkey over one we were led to believe it was gonna, be something that it wasn't. They thought it was different than it was we're lucky. Another cannabis we're lucky, but you have, we have to admit we're lucky and we have to admit. Obviously people did a lot of great work, and the heart of your cylinders, though the bravest fucking human beings alive to say today that we were scared about it in our homes and these fuckin people are dealing with sick person in Dallas every day, but we have to recognise the difference between what happens to them and what we are and what would happen to the rest of us and what can be fixed with nutrition. Work can be of medicine work. We fix what would have been visible. Also, the actual odds of dying from the disease was alarmed at a certain point time. You gotta let people be
Free- and I don't know one that gives us. The guidelines should be like people are dying, every no right at the opening of mobile. Don't believe that the people in power right now, though it is larger issue. The larger issue, I think, is that you have people in power, especially in and I'm sorry, I feel this way about Argo City and and communism, and I and I love the people around who who have this arbitrary executive control to make decisions that affect all our lives and destroyed businesses, maybe irreparably vice and with what health bureaucrats by saying. Well, you know what everybody has to wear met. We're demanded, masks and we're gonna weeks, and there's no what we flattened the curve and by the way the hospitals in LOS Angeles are empty. They do our health system is not overrun and we have in the current. You know: I'd take a seat for another three months,
take a seat for an onus on enabling the twin track like nature new neighbour but snitch on businesses. Yeah we're just as I said this. This is unprecedented and I think this is executive overreach and it was Origin Wisconsin, and returned? I want my opinion rightly so, and ill and we'll see now, as these states open will see if the death toll class, but we know that that this is a disease that threatens people with underline and severe morbidity and just like Loro horrified of yes, where much older, so is it? Doesn't it makes sense to target corn? can't we quarantine. People are like say: seventy and over its regular logic, where ya know not. None of this would have large we're dealing logical when dealing with ideology. I'm sorry and an eye I'm amazed maid and I think that you wanna hear it. I think I think even people like this, the CNN and and and car settings feeble,
Think they're really shouldn't restructuring society? I think I'm gonna drop out at all costs. I think it's about power should only go to Russia. They're gone. You motherfuckers is what we ve been trying to do this all die becoming. Are you guys doing now due to write their love and when you would it, how do you wouldn't? How do you think they want to restructure when you, if you were just guessing well, I understand, goes right order. What I think is this, so so, when you keep an economy shut down long enough, you have to look at these three trillion dollar stimulus package that three thousand billion dollars, three thousand oyster number, but it's important enough I realise that a lot of money, it's three trillion dollars and in it what what happens with government, what you what you're doing is really essentially spending your way trying to spend your way out of a problem. But that really means those government has to take over these aspects of the economy in your lives that they didn't before, and I think this is about.
Our. I think this about the expansion of yes and eyes, and I really do dynasty its authority has just quote. We talked about on the way up here, but they should see Garcia quote that we have to wear masks and if we we do the right thing aware Mass will get back. Some of our freedoms at one end, but just fine then going to manage a guy man just sing. You saying that way, get back some of our freedoms like you, can't take away free this week we can write your hotel to show how someone like this simple mayor, Garcetti orders Angeleno to wear masks whenever leaving home. What we can recall him. You just me yeah thirty, three and thirty two thousand signatures petition. Let's do it let's get together and we call on you all to call them down. Let's do it and I think that I don't think it's that motherfucker. I don't think they know how to let go of power, and I think nobody does. I think this is not the same argument that we have.
Two months ago we entered into this. That argument was, we have to stop this thing because it kills. A giant percentage of the population is coming, runs on thirty three million reminisce, Jan and It turns out, look it's horrible if you get it, but it's if, if you get it for the most part, you're probably gonna, be a symptomatic or are not going to have bad symptom. Ninety five guys just like on, doesn't take it, but the problem is: it sounds cows to say that right, because that would about some the law, someone who had at what he was dying all the time from the flu hardly make motorcycles. Italy check this ain't. Nobody wants. That became up regularly manager question recount. Let me ask you a question: what would you rather have someone give your whole family covert or that same person get drunk and ram their current? Your whole family on the free I'd rather haven't given covered, because I am the death row between zero and eighteen, zero called it or of drunk driver crashing into your entire. I will. I will make everybody Susan through right. Simply obvious.
Question right. Yes it's an obvious questions on we'll get question that everybody is like my exactly but think quality? Think about how many car accidents there are every year. Yes think about how easy it is how easy it would be for someone to make a mistake and kill people do in a number of that cannot be resolved happen all the time, agile metal, which occupies a price for driving lately disorders disease? It is about this, you know they could you know how they could destroy the legalization of marijuana right now and how they could go easy this, how they do it signals. Now this is bigger. Destroy that could make we'd illegal right now, all they got to do is say is start doing with their don't want that like forging the cold in death certificates, Joe anybody, there dies anybody that crash at us with anybody who dies from a drunk driving accident. Just put marijuana accident call D, W Bbq Drunk, or driving. Why barbecued lament right now, you all round there to do that, hold on hold on and then and then every night, every
we turn the news you put on the deck count of. The people there are denying marijuana driving death and then start look at. You know Puddingfoot of all these car wreck that are gone. All that we never see. Ok, we're here! Somebody s been so let us go on I, but I also think that it is, I think, there's a disconnect, but with a lot of journalists and a lot of politicians that there's a major disconnect between them and every day, Americans who have to make a business work. So if you had Paul cut Krugman, who is a Nobel Prize winning economist? Who is a regular, Abed contributor to the New York Times he wrote to the most concerning article. You never had a real job in my opinion, but that's a difference but possible. The recent resolution. What right by the New York Times really he's always been incredibly left wing. There's a difference now, release he's good at
talking and writing delighted talks on? First, I'm back in my heart. I can't drive occasional about so Teslas hours. You just wandering Isla thus hits identical careful powers of caged because I don't worry, we're gonna. We got one of roaming. Why must I got so high from this? Is a blunt speaking to us ample what you have to finish. My note, I must more it might benefit, is because the thought was. If I do, he said that right wing, What do you want? I offer people called right wingers into one thing. Right. City said right: wingers are coming over these conspiracies and are against the lockdown because they care about the DOW Jones. And that's what he and that's how he categorized everybody. Who is against the doubts about the shutdown in our family, instead about duty families, people who who have spent there, lifetime, building a business and it's going under and may not come back or somebody has been all their time building a brand. And lies on that, and so there's
never any consideration for that, because those people have never done and when you ve never done that, you don't know what it's like. I think they didn't. I they want to destroy the economy. I think they're doing it on purpose. I think that's. The whole purpose of this two year trumped up their exact, I'm. Never the Senate. I am nevertheless conspiratorial. Try and content of the first time in my life, where I'm thinking to myself. That's the proposals that people might be ITALY. Can we just talk about he's been right about the whole trumps, all the obligations of illusions, real careful bug, drawn conclusions about? Why that's? what language do our work, conspirators user regular seconds, a good point too, but this is really really important. It's a natural part of human nature, yes or no want to relinquish power. Founding fathers knew that the founding fathers knew that, which is why we support. This is why you don't have executive overreach, which is why can be challenged in the courts, which is why it has to be it is, natural human behavior. What does that have well? Why do two years that cop who lost his job was Gregg? Anderson and Great Henderson would have the dude in Washington who say this: ain't right ran exact and then last
job because we take, we can't do this is against the constitution. Whoever that guy's fund who that guy Unprejudiced, Greg summers right. My own Chinese, I'd that J J Black is a black belt, any special forces guy. He was arranged you know what I shall never be happy, because I'm not built this here. So the final Anderson about whether about Anderson he a year. Also played linebacker Alabama, you fuck, ok, you're startings, I'm back so receives a stronger and more powerful and eyes a fucking money. She's great fight or to an egg power, but job does a fuckin beast such a good fight. This final, Oliver, Yad Jocose, are very good. Striker yeah he's funny Watch and Anders is so tough do when he Falk Lou, country round. She was lightened his legs up and he never even flinched Anders I beg you usually Alabama, ammo, try football and he's fighting and he's
Let us bear in mind that you mentioned already linebacker ass championship, our ability and here's the thing you know how like, when you see like eighteen year, old, kids and jujitsu, like they give good, really Wick, it's kind of scary. You know, like I, don't know what it is about. People when they get older, where does work like that, and I think it's not declare their articles thing. I think it's also like a resources thing. You don't have the resources to think about it. All the time you know of the resource access we have built like an eighteen year. Old kid is still lives at home. Can try to be the world's best boxer, and you got your run, an appeal that and I greatly and then having to live in it and they get good, quick man and his body doesn't get hardy recovers fast track. It finally get a good people people has shown great party has been fighting that more lilies in the USA has like eight fight these one most about and how bout he fought for Carve Vulcan.
Our ballot, yeah factors arm up who built vocal was the bell tore, heavyweight champ and the forty four Derek Louis, a lotta put people thought he might be the dark or so the division hundred percent. All law didn't stop Fabrizio region. I do the related area close to until the very end and the highest eyes. Louis is absolutely one of the most entertain guys ever casual, never know you never know We have to pull it off, trying that firewood strike. That was perfect fight example that would dare glow. You never know, can never Canada and you could ever Canada's layer is the helmet were row that was Kay Do you have my knives? You're gonna need a label that knife or do I need that? I'm only countries with my knife where who is the company civil, where I need a flemish everywhere. You guys are also thank you not arise here, but there studio in the in the room somewhere. Where are they won't get? If I dont like people who keep my eyes yeah, it's Gregg officer, Gregg Anderson,
I say again assume their deftly here, but I think that we need a yes, I think. That's it is that it is, of course, to grab me one b, the paralysis, there is one I don't think, there's another one. There there's a small! That's there's a pocket knife! Folding knife: oh that's! A big ass, japanese knife, the things the shit thousand sponsor what we have so many nice, a normal problem nor not or not yet have never quite grew up secret first for civil air. Forget this night thank civil war. Thank them! There's a there's, a full, a small folding knife in there to Britain Israel I need is the following. I need is a gun, I love and how I, just by at least fifty and wrote that no by good it spoke, they haven't. They like some shooting, michiganders torn
that can only besides, I'm shooting it at turn tactical and turned to stop and Logan Poll shows off. So he shows up so he's behind love him and greater what a sweetheart I told that's, an urgent loved stud and start handsome kid athletic guitar little bit about Anime Joseph criminally rate, so long by normal, normal, yet greater time after his fight, yeah and we want a vacation sweetheart anyway, so he I was so he's bi me and I in turn stop. I thought he was Jada Bird, oh, my gosh it so I go over there and I I wing the Dove like your shade of white dog dove tonight. I wasn't a white dove, it was. It was dirty Brownlow yeah, but no, it was a gray, but it was unfortunately, no pigs that also kill him, and no no- and I did I said turnover committed Gama me, I'm gonna shoot it put out his misery and he was I'll. Do it. I don't know We do it
job is not invoke and goes way. I think guys, gonna be all right. I look at Logan now the third thing in his I could see feathers find anything just goes. Looks it Logan adjust thanks by revise away. How is like, did you do it in the way of holy ghost energy? I anyway, I think you know what I don't like birds being my targets to mean either. Did hopefully, that will my from any number of high and I'm drunk Saviour S Brow ninety one of those highbrow this, he's from civil, were that's my chest cutter this is That's right where you gotta give him. What are you I need one from where Maxima? That's not gonna help you. If you get that close with a rattlesnake, you ready bit, but I went first stab at this way. Nanos Arap Moi online. Ok, I like it shares my view that she's cut or two I wear this in my booting Cape Breton decides the serpent. Do how we gonna feel when the first Hyccaric is Jack. I'm outline whispered good chances.
About their earlier. There are three: maybe they amount to imagine that could happen real soon almost any day, and then how do you think people feel that became like a normal? Nothing How will it have an eye out it? That's what valuable light on its whatever they decide to focus on people are dying. All over the place will do just died by great white short, not far, whereas women now Santa Cruz salaries, now was the Santa Cruz. That's prevail about that's how long this lies hours. I know whose did Matt Santa Barbara Imagine effort in God's attack Santa Cruz work as far so forget how fast does he walk tired? You know it. We re in and one of the cruellest things about fight companion. Me percent more for guys one conversations here, we're just fighting or knives area. I said one of the cruellest things about like for me personally. Is that we're all programme? That's huge
That's a cue! Imagine if we were all anti gun sit near. Why did you know This is a dangerous thing to do to give any one all the power, and that includes the power to shoot. You Actually right, only like what we're see what's happening with laws. This is this. One thing that has happened and what are we gonna guns right? It really is it's really unfortunate, but what government tat tends to be always is just people, it's just people, their people right there, just people they got elected office. They might be great people but there's still people and people. You can't give them power over other beat and their easily corrupt, bull and blackmail able and they find swift monkeys with they find ways to make it legal for them to influence things. Just straight up, gave him the money to do those things. You'd say no way. That is where there is the nature of the great experiment, called United States of America, mental gymnastic. How many? How many you guys know dude that worst anti gun like asking you
girls landing of night. I know. Quite you know I well I would hold on. I was a gun to the lungs, even Josiana veterans, Brian Superman. Dungeon again I was aunt. I get just as I don't need one. Why would I mean I'm a good use? I may human, nor my house, broken into. Am I I'm a gun? Of course, I need or comes and dogs every time I see a video of someone get my rob jumped or or killed. Am I man I want to get another gun and wanting another one and then another one. I want fucking bazooka, I know I Lola Bunny and automated I loaded on em. All you have to use. The alarm goes off you gotta plan. We ask, I am I gonna plan we'd me and my wife over the plan. All the time when the alarms goes up goes out, we each other perfectly right. Ladders and shoot up row I used to do. This is not a thought that most of us want to confront like right, now,
was actually. I was at a drive to perfect the right about. I was at a drive through a few days ago in a bad part of downtown. I want to drive through and right up to my window and, like Mss, thirteen guide MAX, I'm Mexicans, so this guy was very me, could have been San Salvatore Anderson rule, he looked like those pictures when you know who I am starting Gaston's going. I came up right to my door like on the passenger side. I was driving this way. Among other things like like brought out the window gimme some money and arms. I just looked like I do. You know what fuck this do I put it in reverse, behind it: a car behind me clarify like and then the guy goes like why you do not like woods MIKE. I had a fuckin screwdriver screwdriver my car, like oh shit boom, and I got it and I just held it like that. Like this programme choked amount,
Who knows you got a gun? He could have gone, gonna, try and getting usually out again. If I went out again shit, I would have felt the lot do not the vulnerable. But if this guy pulls out a gun- and there could be my last day on earth, amateur drive and Fuckin Lucy's united you're fucked your right now, just when a system where to guide we are working out about my might die right here. I thought about That's what I'm saying die right here. History. Has the fucking face? we all have to. We all have to think about this shit fuckin crazy did in the other thing that we have to think of as to how quick can we bring it back to a manageable place? How quick does you kind of delay? to bounce back. I think, and I let what will happen there see all these other states open up and put so much pressure
on new seminar Seti, whether they have no choice meant they have no you'll, give the numbers in the highly land of an order. They have no Denver day of the universe and eager to have no fucking Choi. No one. No one understands people don't want that easily fooled with cases in number there so easily. Bold. Most people have no idea that eighty thousand people died. Last year, the flu, the exact same symptoms, the exact same death of the people. That are Diana Corona, its gets that many. But it's a lot. It's like sixty or sixty five, something I can say that what it arises, how's that he can you imagine. Can you imagine it's it's like it's like gum who, if they put this light on us. Another study, there's about two hundred strains of the flu. I'm not sure how many strangers a bunch right. I bought a red it shows me tell exactly how many people die from rattlesnake. Not what I'm saying is that learning? What I'm saying is on there's all these technical man there's all these
Local names are all look. How many grizzly bear dazzling broke. Do little minor ever known, awesome points use just started, putting the spotlight on it like contracts. If you all the news. It would just feels it corrects that's, but our people we doubled should be fucking driving as well. You can drive it. We would be in a rising aurettes. Yes, we The war against cigarette out you know easy, would be to ban driving out. Do data said all sporting concerts done amid happy and you think they could, you say driving make driving illegal. You we took it up and we're in the middle. The new world order right now we're in the middle. They shut everything down so that there should be no. I d ever say and it's all those guys all those guys. Look all those got anybody that says all those guys are dealt with. The corona conspiracy theories with their carogne. Do we have the greatest conspiracy, theory about time right now, right now,
the greatest drivers who married all time everything that shut down. If I would have told you last year about you next year, everything shut up upload a loved one world. They got worldwide, you would say worldwide path worldwide, every fuckin country. Let me every Mammy off you start biggest punishes regret. Do just that. It's just that thirty seconds application would be simply we'll get that de facto quality standard it puts out in what you say. You know what I'm saying is. If I would have told you that a year ago I said, there's gonna be authorities, it there's gonna be a rate if this impeachment. If this in judgment day off. They're gonna come hard, Their last hope lacking here is that the best way of transparency? Let me go meet, stop utes knows it's not. You have to realise how many people died verses. How many people were out there there's a big difference between them.
Way. They approached it. If everybody was opened in society, the way it was would spread quicker. It would have been more people. Flora s hold my margarita Sweden's as hold my mercury lot. It's your handling close down. I think it was a little slow down the transmission to make people aware if they wash their hands more if they put mass on, if they did all that should the beginning. Maybe it's loaded down. You gotta think it that number is higher. It's like eighty, something thousand now right that numbers higher than the flu, and they did that. So it's worse than the flu, its is fuck and dangerous. If you're not healthy, it's fun. Endanger explained some. Do that eight hundred military local society? Here's what here's the alternative perspective, what you're thinking some grand conspiracy to overthrow trump? What I think it is is they got some power when we were forced to all collectively decide the let them Take the reins and lock everyone down to protect ourselves from a very real virus. Is abundant numbers of the virus? A very real scientists behind the virus are very real rights pit, but the poor,
problem is human beings in power. That's the problem kitchen! I think that we thought we'd see these acts were sees experts, these scientists and an old Those people are wrong. A lot of times motives urgent aid by the government, the defendant they get paid by. The very very we see here in June, Stanley. He wondered what Joe he didn T come in here. That's that is now really big deal. We shall be when mask well, because we had never had something like this happen, where we got bad information from another country that experience conceptual going on something you gotta. Ok, maybe like there's so much bullshit gone on. All these lies forging death certificates all over the fucking. Ok, but did halving the number of such realistically. There was when they, when they had this moment when they identified the World Health Organization was saying that the that also was saying no they're, not what I'm saying China was saying that you couldn't get it from a person
Then it was all. It was only transmittable from like that animals. Could we list does not dare not trustworthy. Nobody, but we did you mentioned, is trustworthy and they're all exact, although we all this shit- and I wait a minute one right- a masquerade of bullshit starts flying around hard to figure out some horrible shit. You're there's a lot of things. You gotta go you just. Could you make a conclusion and it's wrong doesn't mean you'll, make fun of the person that makes detectives they put together. Facts may conclusions some detectives guy think it might be discussed at the other. Detective. Does know it's probably his brother and if someone's gonna be wrong, they're not gonna, make fun of the other person. Four p m its autonomy is honestly learn for the truth. Will businesses together ass. It was you fight when, on things are so much bullshit with the passing of the numbers forging of the desert, to figure it out of status. To should I dont know if those numbers are accurate and we all know how nobody now, but the fact that its concern- and I bet it's Listen. I think the realities is probably concern both ways. I bet a bunch of people died and they didn't list
discovered, and now they get back, but I've met you might not have people get people can hide in. I don't think it paves they find a body. Now I think I do paid more of a hospital railway they find out, why would they get? Why would a hospital get paid to have a covert death like? Why would they with that happen of water or money. I think quite is the hospitals. Why does the hospital get paid? I think I'll call the dice think that doesn't make any sense to know what I think is exactly how it were. How does it work is and what is their allocated money to stay open, because there is a massive crisis that strengthens the resources in a way that unprecedented, so they send them a bunch among yes, it is a strange resources entered in those incentives to keep it got. Ok, look look like this price as soon as you establish that the players maybe you didn't know them in the beginning. You believed them whatever
now, there's so much obvious deceit and deception and lies at that point. You gotta go all ok, we gotta go. We gotta back crack. Maybe all this shit is deception be there's other reasons. Why wouldn't let him and used you at some point maidens? Then I play you. This was not a unit in the state, I think rascal wrong. Everything was wrought. I think this was a black swan and presented itself and now, as Joe said, the people in power taking this is now can, consolidating. I totally respect that put. I was very weird position all incapable just like us or controlling people- organization residing alum sayings brine that Darien what your theory I'm going to make fun of it These are all just. There is no no shit. There's someone deception. We should We got a mannequin, maybe it's that maybe it's that maybe it's that who maybe it's not like. I beg you fucking crazy, do this is all this crazy?
of alternative. So here's the crazy about we observe systemically growing all of us all of us would behave very differently if we're in power, things, you said: human beings, anger and power when people in power, when people empower? We don't has always one politics will want to protect our our vision of world powers but John, has power. What am I? What I'm saying is that you are in the most high. Did you first, I'm gonna politics, you probably like being in that position, but the thing is, I think it's very too. It is almost impossible for a human being not to want to protect their vision of the
on the one. That's it isn't it, but it towards eliminating. Do that. We point of view with that's all you're the constitution. That thing I can't I can't take when I write when we come to the founding fathers were very aware that human tendency you that's, why we have the checks and balances man we're very loose. I met this constitution. Remember where were we are primates? We we seek to control its a natural part of how we got here in the first place. We just have to avoid it. Now we have to recognise what it is. We have to be very steadfast and not giving into because when I went when ego starts controlling people and when people in power consolidate their power and don't want to relinquish it when the the facts come in yet when it comes to us wherever we all agree that proposition whatever reason we all greater problem but Facebook and Youtube, and these other outlets control. So much of the way we communicate
very slanted and don't in many actors sense and realise that there are also those answering that are sent raising. But let us food problem. The problem with it bill sensor things up to a point right right: you you can have of a flattered video that's day. Melbury did not a burial, but the latter. It still exists laid bare leader, Lord US, to leave out Florida in Georgia and the great in Texas amid the candle, please. I know what I'm saying: don't like people, I don't mean shit, they get to decide at a certain point time. What should what should be argued for and what should not be when it gets to a certain level of ridiculous guy bread with big, for you could put up sure, that's cool you can get to a certain look like and of my point was, but about evangelists. You know their stealing money from people, why their videos on Youtube, just stealing money for the domiciled in question now is what furthermore, such as a slippery slope, so so the hurry
to say if people put on due to the tumor EC, for example of item, secures a covert I'll. Take that doubt and I find it didn't assessing what the ads you max. They did the same thing with the Anti Baxter's. Let, but so is. That is a fact that the dozen George, I think the solution is you put a? No. That's it's like when you put the video up. If you go to click on you too, you should have like whenever organization you want that could refute that we held lemonade systems that are often the absolutely from dying of vitamin c is essential for a healthy immune system. Super essential vitamins is not united to the Doktor Burnham. That's it beside the business not even about this is old shit. Nobody asked beside the point. The video should be taken down. Why don't we right now, but but that it is being taken to exact that's what that's of course, would like from whenever someone gases whenever someone sensors, they basically saying I'm smart enough to know this bullshit, but I don't know
you or there's another reason doesn't get or there's other reasons. That could be political reasons, which is probably what's going on ways of potential there. Not just world sees our moral decisions these up these up. These are political enters walking. I do what you like. Oh shit, talk and that day Anders Larsson decision at her CUP of Rick James Fishing agreements, there's all this team locked down and there's team freedom, there's only two till daylight Facebook Facebook took down a protest that was in opposition to social distancing and all these measures and faced. Decided that there was a harmful insane Redding false information, so they took down the actual Rhode Island. So think about is what would dealing with gas. He loved. It is true censorship and we don't believe in freedom of speech and more and you'll hear people who say things like this, where a nation obsessed with freedom Americans need to learn that freedom is
at the end on the outer when something is pose a danger in danger at our job, but that's what they ask us we're math and we have a group tax. I survived this insight theory I started over. I said they might of they might have this. Look at this these from these three countries. What they want mask in their there. Everything declined so maybe they're not because this and then Brian does it got realise its it Do it. If I were mass than what's the next thing, if you start these mass? They start take away their demand where masquerade go. The what's now more tangible morning around they went away from take away our cars, like that. But in driving. You know that this. What I'm scared there's one I'm scared of. When I hear Elon musk talking about he's on our side. You think he's doing walked, ok, there's team locked down and then there's team freedom. You would think he hangs out. I mean part of that team. Lockdown it in every limb is not alone or no. No he's
taxes, and we just spent just team locked down. It appears to me I mean. He claimed I got a car into space anyways, So would I think what a fool that's another hour but anyway, what I'm saying when he starts talking she I write. It is not a man when he was on your part cast any said the things he said about the lock down and tyranny and all that at first sight. You aren't spoken when like. Let me help you finish that, let me just than thirty seconds rejected, just Gimme there is no problem to understand a finish. This point does apply and ok so Elon Musk now he's is like he's like its ex ante freedom holy shit? That's that's it! That's real, that's beautiful, but conspiratorial mine would think like what, if now. These are just conclusions, don't make me, but this would be a great. I
fourteen locker, if team locked up, how do we keep lockdown going to hatred, this Ilan you're going to pretend you're a rebel You guys are that this is just a conspiracy. Theory is natural right. I hope this is natural. Hope it's legit, I hope, is legit. Ok, I'm pregnant that it's legit. Ok, I pray so. But what about this team? Luck? Our tells Ilan, hey, listen, be a rebel, controlled opposition, be a rebel say. You just can open up your plan and then we say fuck it up thousand krona deaths, and then we restart the lock down because and then even now, ones afraid to step up like you, la reality. That thought is that someone would ever get together conspire to do that to control. People no longer so my lot into a new world order right now. That's what I was just talking about fifteen minutes we're in the new world order re not to come here, you're you're, trying to help you out that's interesting
That's interesting doesn't learns running into one of the open this point and then there's almost corroboration of your wrong. I think, and I hope I am wrong. I looked out and latino freedom. I hope Amre, you, you gotta, listen to his words and see was actions. Are he a glance seat, goin on any against the government of California open up his play, He says they want instead of you're gonna arrest. Someone arrest me if you think that this sum three way game. It's ridiculous togae invest all his own money. In his businesses, some haven't and a guy like you, subsidies for merely millions, but that's also the most think about whose who on the planet is more innovative than that guy. The guys do when crazy shit man, my order during your four different realms he's dig in tunnels to Vegas he shootin rockets into space he's making the these most insane electric.
Look, I've talked the guy a few times I or I'll Eddie. Bravo he's a fucking super genius. They exist. I hope that's. What is he doing? It is not legally, and then I just heard anyone. I always really hunting freedom. We out then release Rick from reckon more hills eliminated. Tell me all of his worldly possessions he selling all of his house, and then you know why so people can touch ago. You live like that, but you you live there. You, and this is a legit. I hope these on team freedom. A billion cap of this help, I'm wrong tat is he see. Reading is removing the Texas he's. Gonna move one of us plants, no he's not anymore, does that do not because they bet they Batley bent the need to take triple cease thing. They bear the meter man. Opening up now give you what you want. Do that I'm a fucking rather than oh? Ok, you have some people that all people I will stay. I understand if people have bad immune systems, we should Let them stay home. Of course, I understand of people were old. We should take care
we shall take account. I would wish wash like you can't hide forever, and I dont know when is a good idea for us to come up, but I do think in with my limited understand of really limited limit. Understanding of scientists, basically scientists and economics. I would imagine that if no one's making any fucking money- dear enemy is sliding further and further away from homeostasis every goddamn today and every fucking I think avenues marine sentences corner there does you have got to know ways: Gavin, Newsome, gonna, win Callaway, he's happy that we are taking a real gamble. Man go! That's my Garcia Republic. In one, the twenty fifth district in the eighties commercial one lives get hard plot light. Would child by arms get people flipping re lip they go. Hey
During this stage you look you a. What percentage has the people who can count on when the chips are down? What percentage has the people with the character? What percentage as the people who can rise to the occasion physically, a new age try to figure out which team your honor for some people for the longest time. It was the liberals because they felt like look it's really important. Have freedom of speech is really important. Freedom of expression is really important, to let people be who they are be open, minded and to be more compassionate and try to give to others, but that doesn't taken count human nature and that's where the line of right wing person is that's what the appeal of being arriving programme, let your giving up and I'm not quite ready to give up, Now I say, how can we have? Can I be? Or can we have a party that is pro choice pro Gay rights Programme pro pro gonna wait forget programme how it is Ok right, throw away choice but probably go. As drugs Republicans
it's a Republican is that the problem is that we only have two choices. What our cakes and others libertarian I know I voted for good jobs, but when you say it everybody's, like all, you wish you well, you know what s your question, Brian, you know the isn't there like a morning after pill like if you, if you re dog, check and are- and she can take a more clarity that planning a son of a jewish isn't legit, you know it's a city I quote, can show you. I hears the question: why does a book she's, still exist while because some people are another right now we three miles they want what, but, but the whole pro choice thing. The big giant part of it is rape like someone gets right like if you get raped- and you didn't want high time for the argument that their ship abortion should not be exist. Just if, if you get pregnant, you get but rod I do not want to have a kid, don't say: will let me think about it.
Six months will decide the next day. Take the pill down to us no choice. So I don't want to get into this, because this is a weed I see. But do you see my point? Abortion should not even exist. Pointed Alban made many times like and how does it still went all the way to the Supreme Court has inherent here's the thing when someone it's their body in something happens inside their body. It's making a person at what point in time. Are you ok with this? Is that this is the most men see part of that country. They take the planned, and why should we require dont? Want abortion? Just you and me. If you don't get out of hand, be logged out plan because Mangano Version, that's it that's it run apparently Eddie, stop it, because what, if you don't want to do that, you do No, and then you gotta, have you have what? When do you have to make up your mind when you're twenty year old right away? You wake up your mind. I wonder what it's a fucking, that's a heart.
Questions to ask of Persia so as it were that I'm done with that this change, the subject it's like Bananas is James. It's it's at a certain point about other Jesus, only them and certain point time it's different right like that's where abortion is. The craziest is like when it. One. So are you ok with it to get rid of it? What it's five cells, gig of equipped, quick? now when I fancied I should we wanted civilian says it's a million cells. How big is it? You can barely see why that's a million cells? The big question asked abortion rights activists is, is how do you feel about a foetus of eight months and then it becomes Kennedy asked Kennedy Laszlo that depositors, like I'm, not getting in that ideal budgets, you have to get into up see it's so political. Valets trimester! Oh! My third remark: you couldn't, I believe, right Jimmy the pent up by the church, Bertram Esther, eight. We probably should watch this fight is what this is about to be Danny
versus Edson, Barboza Barboza, to my knowledge, at least in the EU, have sea has never far forty five before. I think this is his first fight it. Forty five after gauge right, yes as gauges, Laszlo gauge stopped. That is less right. I don't know it was either that or the Dan Hangman Fight here Keller fight would then hangman principle filter. It was Paul Felder before that. Oh that's, right, Felder beat him and he was Dan. Hang man before that Felder Gaiety, then Dan Hooker is a beast man and they had a war. Dan Hooker still want it most dangerous
eyes. These built, so strange so is poor. Felt her by the way are super dangerous, don't mean that fight was now the wire between hope and fellow felt. I was an amazing fight, unbelievable and a great now yet seem like he was thinking about quitting afterwards. Haven't talked him about pumped in how we get out you give a lot of punishment for cannot quick propose. Is forty five US cut for him. I thought he was edging that fight Paul Felder meter, but then the take down the final round like visage or take downs are interesting right up there, so valuable and sometimes at work. You know if you can do something so gambits date in terms like how the judge, my God, pearls, gazing, trouble bubbles, crowds worry about forty five, two men. Maybe it forty five yellow tremendous power crisp due heed he had he would
sure around here, an resilience, guilt uncovered and skin. This is the thing that we're talking about earlier. It's like this is the weird part of this. This. For it is that someone like Barboza can be one. Forty five are really brief amount of time fight completely shredded. He brought me anything you ways now, one sixty yeah, probably one sixty- is sixty two's. Might that completely radio or minority, so fast We all agree that smell, so dangers it. For forty five cause he's been used to fight those big fellows strew. I mean some of those fifty fives it. He fought so big man whose with Minister go find me for Francis was John Jones. John, wants too much money,
but I think we should go for because no fans I dont know of John wants too much. Why that's a rumour, Sir Nigel smile, I'm just saying if you're gonna get that by together it's going to cost a lot of money. We are started, Gopher nobody's ever Look John and I draw back and forth if I was smart and if I was them, I would wait until you. Somewhere? Would they can have a crowd and the audience the floor? we'll have a meaningful floors, the time I haven't nfl games there, an MBA games that with audiences with little NFL, so we're not going don't know, fans will do limited fans, but we'll have hands and I fell. Don't fuck around the lifeline to America. Everything shut down now and I felt a man like when is it other their meal I don't know my dad come in, so I don't know why our Dana White Fuckin with his attitude,
I live in New York Times. I fuck, I put all my share of people around man, I'm a big Zono are now yesterday. They wanted him to not do it like. Will there protecting everywhere the testing everybody they even found, one guy in his corner, Manhattan, too Jacques Chirac yeah took ornament to contemplate because of family members. Had it and came to heat, look how much bigger barbosa to it in egg, a gay is an explosive dude. He's he's really coming up in the ranks. This is a big fight from big test. Real dangerous got real good ground game too. He gave a beast athletic, easy fight for boyfriends and especially if we are to clarify our means awaken. Where's amount me gaze How far do how bad ass you see to go. Oh cool! There's this pandemic gonna! Listen, we put some python for gas. Do you know the only reason it got? Stop. California has fuckin some the media
called in complaining, got to loosen the losers own new saw was the one that finally shut it down for him, enough already that did it man. Well, I think they said that the President of Disney called up workers Newsome caught knows him call them, and that was the final straw. An additional that gathers crazy, we're never gonna show you were, isn't it for awhile, isn't Gavin Newsome Policies, son in law, career, crazy that allow right she's the best per annum. We, the chasm governors and believes anything he says. I think you just ambitious. Just like our says, I'm your ambitious knowledge about. Ironically, the press is not particularly bad. Do it, so we that we have a it's. So where do we are popularity contests still? but that's what we did in twenty popularity contest to control everything at some people looked so fake and
They get mad that other people have seen it like. You don't hear this robot bullshit cannot disguise about buttons to die. You're crazy. If you don't think if you think they're gonna switch someone out with, but you re afraid he's acknowledge, he is not going to theirs. But he's gonna, Zambia, Saturn enough, there's no way Hilary is gonna, come in like a Fuckin Chris Angel Show in Vegas wires and at the convention with a change of wings on she's eyeliner here bitch is in everybody's, going, you mean a runaway Michelle Obama. He would hear n should win no returned no way here, Larry and Michelle Obama be Trump now would go knock. Another part who are going to vote for my
We had a vote hypothetically gun to your head. You don't want to. I don't I don't know. I don't know. I can't even get even say trunk with the hypothetical it just makes such and such ways when jobs is not the first time I dont get it. We got voted everard. My life, don't rush hours. Time has brought by who'd you out for between Hilary End and tried throughout this. At this moment I will cut you and if you last moment, I'm proud of you have him saying it down There are good mutual knowledge and we really between Trop and by God. I can't believe carefully mosaics a daughter I got those trop is doing everything to end this locked out. I'm with that motherfucker look I just I just a hundred percent. I just think the left is lost their way. That's what they're mine You dated I, when I was out of lower house rice, that I agree with you and moderate. Person, I'm not. I fancied I may as well.
Brad Motherfucker did Trump as a bad man. He's gonna go down as the greatest president of all time that some people, but that's why its greatest contest you know, like everybody, has a pick. Some people, don't you think I m J is agreed basketball player, Volta filtering your little european. The way that the way he calls out the fake news, media Oh, my god, that's my favorite August love watching outtakes How does that also drawing lose? Has a big swelling like Greek proposed, has taken a lot. Quantity to point out and watch the news now I dont believe any all with a piece of just propaganda on one hundred percent, like I mean come on man, you watch DAWN Lemon Chris COM. All you come on matter come on man just Some of them talk those that's all deception. Well, it's I see it as a fucking how'd you get there. It's almost like that's what the game grooms you in debate either.
They were always lie. You that's what I'm saying, but they were always like this. I have a fight them. Always it was always lies with no round. Ok. Just did notice you act like this shows golf. I campaigned. Let's go back concisely second round its second amber eager just took it all holy shit. Do that's what certainly is a tough out, but also for our also come. That way around would affect right and Barboza. With that big power, that's all. That twitch has thrown away nobody's finding egos outlining its hand. Oh it is calling on solid and hands. You can't take the same shot. Any cutlet is used to make in this way it S. Remit is world, but on the flip side, he's got more power. Barboza decay, Skype Now that these fibers yeah
comrade all powerful five cave banana. Thirty five, you kind of it wasn't as powerful right right. I think you have to fill out the address like, like the don't think Barboza when it gets down to forty five, is as strong as Barboza. Fifty five he's losing some. It's impossible. Ass extra he's losing cutting them. Why can you make it? He says he can to one twenty five, that's like that in a vision, Quest, Matthew Mode. We're gonna go down awake to wrestle issue. Can you make it? Can you make the way our brains so fuckin tell number that scene. We pass on beyond a lot about moving. You never saw there was wrestling. Operation movie have also really close to that of melody. What year, eighty five Jamie have you seen it words and their own native grows, so any so many old school wrestlers that was their movie. They would watch that moving NGO workers. That was not moving. There was the greatest. We think. There's nobody, here's a thousand,
a good wrestler Alley Recipe for one year, but what they showed in movie was the closest wrestling school like this ever existed in about big time movie with a movie star at a marathon discussion. Now it's all about really fuckin smart kid who becomes upset, with wrestling and want to be this guy. You ought to be. Shoot and their friend his friend who pretends native American was like the first cultural preparation seem like, as a moray ever has a greater Massimo D Visa beat? when the guy's. Until recently, the guy who places friend, who pretend to be native American, like breaks down how the other guy Barcelona has forced Whittaker at first unfortunately, there is a great movie- will leave on the great act
Encouragement that white mundane is spectacular, movies trade, but in that movie he's so believable look a shirt of real. Your guy has to be absolutely visit. What the fuck guys we allow these tall police are more. That's! No, don't tell me, you may laugh. Modin move like a wrestling to do, but you ve got reason. I would ask, though, right although watch and now I'm not telling Barbosa getting worked. Hey man, you don't to be like super fuckin, strong person like Debbie, you have to look like, while those gas look at me. You ve, felt you ve tangle women. Does things you guys. Royal brother has a really technical or surprising, like those guys are really technical that have like a significance. Does it out? I mean look at his body struble! Thank you, perfect Zere. Fist graphic example
yeah, I'm marrying aspirin, would rags our people and if you looked at a mule, ever believe shit he's gonna die I dunno sizing, dad he wouldn't clock zone, but he did not say the need and run flip flops everywhere. I feel like we item in the USA, but we love it. I guess I do love, then I won't talk to him again think we talked about having come in and talking about this, a marijuana, Crawford teacher, Wonderingly, german Toby Golf occasioned by Adam. Yet he is experience was very unique the man he's. Never so much pressure later, really bad hip, very bad, you're just couldn't Alzheimer hip, certainly, but has also been asked to talk about politics and all she fall. Montoya is great yeah
he's he's one of us when it comes that he believes siblings employees, a liberty, Liese, every constitution. Is America advice, IRAN Paul got America yeah it some in its it's interesting man, there's different philosophies on how we should run this country and how we should exist as a culture and you're. Not everybody thinks there doing the right thing. The last word that people get the mistakes, the Democrats, the liberals and want to keep the city shut down. They think they're doing right now, just Greek, but they're, they're, they're they're, not just the government of the behaviour of that support, only bring one think they're doing the right thing. I really do believe that Israel scared propaganda, the scare, the terek item with the fear, propagate live, probably and SAM. It's against. The real sheds, a couple things: it's couple things: it's one, the the worst kind scenario that we prepared for it didn't turn out to be true, so it's less than that, but I think that's luck but banal, but-
Now we're lucky. I guess that's like it or not, but either way Eddie. What are they now? What were those Democrats a weight to the summer which to that surge, you know you're. Only the problem is a big problem tablets, whereas where is the problem here is the problem. I know people there are getting wave fucking more on plumb, climate, regular job, that's great, punish huge, do little high work. I got some friends or like dude. I want this to gone. Under the guise of combating like dude. What about old people? You don't have, at any. I got to deal with that Iraq. Has you getting on a lot we're getting unemployed. I know them I do know that and unlike mud,
First, I wonder. No wonder you're on the fucking chat, supporting the Shi Ite other family members like would you shut the fuck up I'll have to go to work? Dude, I'm gettin day come sooner. I know they're, like idea, so that it is a lot of people like that achieves that's the problem with socialism right there. That's it! That's all In a nutshell, we said we would like socialism. I say so are how much of your days you want to spend working for. Someone also do believe in eighty percent tax of seventy five percent. Seventy five percent a year day is dedicated to. Working for someone else, you're giving that money away, and then you keep twenty facts. You know it's killing you when you, when you do it that way, which is what we're talking about really eighty percent in a true socialist via you know, it's a lot socialists people love socialism because they think they're getting free education. They think they're getting free health, they think they're getting everything free, it's a fucking it, nobody is getting nothing for funding free.
We cannot deny capital, but we can't burning. We cannot and we can't even get free water Americans. We can't even get free water, we have to pay. We get the ocean right. Next to us, we get droughts. Our foreign, but we can figure out how to take sea water college to its own. It's too are we can make water drink of balls. I talked him. You'll have a list of all that we can make Europe a check. This out bill can have had amazed by accounts. I review will give us has back during that can take shape sewage, and turn it into drinking water. Thank God. There is a value eyelids. How about leaving to shoot out. Regular seawater we drink that they can't figure out see.
Water dude, they can't figure tat. No, that's not true. They have detailing just exactly what we have wrought. One wound round shit where the drought did not efficient to explain our exact. What do you know what I'm doing figurated now they can, but they didn't do not send the biggest ocean right back to try to expensive you. Wouldn't it be crazy, though, all of us to decide whether it be crazy. If we did turn to ocean for our water and just started drain in that motherfucker. Just very life realise how gravely how'd you realize how the ocean we really did. What I realise this- kill your balls of bridges in Wales, flower unravelling real guardian people becoming a free healthcare, free etiquette. Can do you, gonna pay, in some way. Pages will not suffice. Previous women's rights over this is over
the guy from my younger days or- and this is what has become of the government- They all got to go to Congress into ok, we're gonna, take a percentage of our page checks and pay for your shit like like the government is paying for it. That's free! That's free! but it is a new. Some. Take you to turn all this are getting paid. You wouldn't do that now, he's got to know he's not getting paid. I don't know getting paid on unemployment. I would, I would imagine anyone else to imagine that employ the check is lacking a hundred and fifty thousand dollars a week. How much money they make pink government make but these were temperature make way more unemployment. Why income? But that's where we want to call it. That is all we are not here on my mail, but he's worked at Millville intermittently. A handsome fellow see look I'll raise not jealous of business nice had a hair. I now eager really good almost
That mean I wouldn't want to be him. I wouldn't want to be the person that decides when and how to open it back. There's a lot of people that are a sterical that don't want it to be open, beggar. One is we have to take this and it could still recall time you got but be asked and there's a lot of shit involved is technically people like us, and then this there's a bunch of people that are scared and they don't agree with us. So let him stay with the real. The reality is you kind of have to listen to them too. If we have a civilised society for large scale job. Ok, that's one! The problems we haven't right now is that no one wants to be open to the other side. Haven't of current ok, ok, the other day your podcast, you guys talked about you brought it up just recently within three or four days, the EU. Looked over Jamie and you said: what's the average age at this point out- is that everyone is higher higher than the average age that people normally die. She the latter act, which aim right.
It's a? U should average age suddenly assured the lock down, be based on logic or or not. It should absolutely be based on large. But if the average be nice to people like, I had a great relationship with my grandfather. I live with them when I was in New Jersey when I'm, when I'm moved up there, when I was I guess it was twenty three or twenty four. When I left So I guess all twenty four somewhere on that and I live my grandfather. I grandfather took me fishing. I gotta. I really grow up with my dad after I was like seven years also, my relationship with like an their man other than my stepfather was my grandfather. I did a lot of stuff it, and yet I let my grandma too, if priests, but but but the realities, I knew that there was something that could kill my grandfather and I can keep it from him and protect him.
House and get him full of course, and the EU does it. I've been made sure that I've been checked and then make sure that no one comes around him that second coffin, a hundred percent sure, but those people, I feel, are the people that we need to protect. Instead of the opposite, gross approach of locking down all the healthy people and saying don't ok, so vast module. Video numbers. Don't did numbers, don't support that kind of internet on my wise and also you can't decide whether or not other people take chances with the line you get some well you're gonna spread that other people yet will. This is a part of being people, that's right, and we can't just deny that because it is neither for this. It's a goddamn slippery slope. Ok, we'll take the measures that we can take. We do the best that we can to protect people that are vulnerable, but that should be the focus of our attention. Not stopping society until there's You're? No vaccination. We don't have accession for the flu motherfuckers
We don't want and what we have to call you gonna take your fuckin bill, gates, vaccine that becomes up. Then you got a mile came out of the nine sundry more business Eddie, because it is the other business. Thirty, I didn't listen. My request is Bryant. My question to you is Joe Joe at a story about his grandfather and and protecting the elderly. I understand that When I put my mom is seventy gas or I get it, but my question actually I. Why is the empathy so selective like this, every year. For the last hundred years, a bunch of old people die of the flu every year, but they are completely ignored, but now that we put the spotlight on coal did not take but to their, old and we gotta take care of? Yes, the exact same numbers for the flu every year. Every day you ve been alive, all people have been the blue they of its at the exact same thing that it isn't it a coincidence that
over the exact same symptoms, the exact same age of debt, the exact same age, a death, every everything's, the exacting, but why why Are we selective about on our empathy why Why must I think it's forcing us to be aware of something that we didn't taken situations where the people die from diseases all the time when something is one scale above what were used to people panic- and this is several scales up above a flu right. You look at a normal, flew season where everybody mingle and now we're talking numbers of those members who ran referred about numbers. A bad bullets lets us again, let's assume for second, a bad flew season is like sixty and this we have in got through this right This is still going on. People are dying every day. It seems to have dropped off in a lot of places, but that but horn we're over it
eighty thousand we also, but how many those you think you're off the up. Do they do this? However? They are obvious FARC like off, is due for you, said of or off and have a look like this look at what about it as a contributing factor. Nobody would hold us and we know that people die of covert right. So if you're, sick or something else and you get cove it- I mean it's a contributing factor to death. It's not the only factor, but Not least, it would be just as disingenuousness listing it is the only cause listen we're looking at as a covert death or should be little asterisks exactly We also had little. Why does the media report that it's so pixies, because it's an ideology now so there's a fight? It's the fight of control of what is happening. Do we need to keep people locked down never gonna go away, is locked down till twenty twenty two or is it recognising? What
What it actually has witnessed. Lockdown don't have a loose creates, a problem. Problem there is the lock down is based in tirelessly on numbers projections in grabs while real once once once its proven that their pattern, the numbers there inflating the numbers there forging death certificate which actually here I ride. Everyone is aware that this was in court. If this was in court once they get that point that I told us about the fucker out. They were told it's fucking out of a court in instant, once You start proven. Ok result my phone numbers, but the numbers of our forge, which is miss brutally due to finger push up. Son he's doing thirty, four thirty on how crazy laureate for thirty Abruzzi Famine Lambs Armstrong. I want to see your blindfolded. I can't wait for the answer from one blindfold, so we are safe for the briskly one? Oh yes, it's weird
that science, I know I won't go away from WWW briskly was home. I am I made last night. The number one Donna Vader in terms of like contributing different. I know all this. I know it's fantastic news from different. I now see spent ass. They grow when I was a kid brutally was the again. You fucking word you man, because a mess and spread Brian brought the cheese, and this cancel the lot of control. You know it's crazy. How much better technique is now then, during the brutally days and how long is grossly last with you in the Arctic? How dare you so inside a tiny feller but live it's interesting or even when you watch him, throw kicks and stuff like even thrown stuff that he does things, look a jacket relevance in a way that I borrowed also is based on my God. It wouldn't be close. Now propose a kick his fucking later, but it's so different. When you look at people, his era where he was I truly exceptional. A gap
but we never he saw he was also raised. National is mine, career vessels once Yellowstone down there was never an all round. Use none, really, no, no, not really now you're right, but he hears the country with your none, the less in a way that site really significant high there. He tried and tested in April and brilliant hidden, really matter and a lot of street fight he will fight so that real decades it has the german car you're about to save you. You know domain bought on extremely ill clergy good day. This should be wild but conscious cute. She looks I'll tell you said, you'd up all her, Israel now sure Instagram wing real costs. You look first team. All brazilian sign this body just awesome surgery, the surgery on some kind of,
an bodies are not ominously? She looks like she's, that's a mammograms in Geneva. Actually here, yes, she's Saleratus man, she Solaris on lie to Angela Hills, a good follow, oh you see face mass That was the bodies that uber buggered said. Do you know that's not funny top twenty five twenty buying Larry is it's funny shit. That's does we can't go back on the road where the canaries and the tunnel allay? Did you invite amusing to another question? Ok, let's say Donald Trump too said Visa. I'm gonna fuck and make an announcement we're gonna have one comedy tour in just one ended they wanted to put. You got as in the comedy, torn trumps, that we are talking about what you do it, that I now do anything for anybody like that now, no matter what it shows for. Why was no not yet like as as the first shows, this is gonna break,
on the barriers for comedy, shows Donald Trump now known I was getting beyond the role you guys. You don't know what you don't need to be given on. Don't freedom that we remain constant right now, no easier to allow Eu Donald Rumsfeld, I'm going to allow you this one too stadiums one tour Jos, not an hour, you breathe underwater. Are you? Are you won't Brown can do it IKEA, covering my surroundings. Passive we're naval girlbride touches knife. Ramstein is overdue. Donald Trump approved last night. I can feel stadium. Slice works, how crazy without being paper, but so is there a problem.
Like you go so too, like you're, with Peter real work. Take money that should ensure that my secret and pizza, real architect, like your old Davy masters, division tat. I was in my own private, where to take up- and I was embarrassed- you were working out by myself where did not take up- is that they set off by advocating a great thank you guys, parlor dollar, twelve junior. Now you can download from junior light. You're changing the subject, but I to pursue fund. I thought for sure you guys followed him now. You on Instagram followed, but these are so gangster this shitty posted today. Oh my god, do is obese. He's of Balkan pleased on the internet wholly should follow followed on from something crazy about Joe Biden like
some name, Joe Biden after a while pettishly. I'll see you later alligator aid as all that shit, like that those hard Gus hard, I thought you might know, but TAT Rang thing too. You tell us. Why brought? Scots Savage. That's a curry savage! But it's crazy that we're at this point we're we're times with Brigitte Fetish yesterday and she was talking about this. Congresswoman was what did she do representative the Ladys said FUCK Trump or The law must rather Yama fuck you a month who said I would pay a fuck her if she said what she liked should says. She just well I'd like the crazy statement, but it really what we found fascinating yesterday were talking we were like imagine at any other time. People say something like that nobody's ever save Ronald again now can we would say no com,
where's person, inner senator representative, when no representative would ever get on a public forum like Twitter. Never right but you know by those arrays listened, but when you have the text in media for the last three years time. I thought it was little stream its flags and have to any day and if they extreme, for everyone to issues, are people trying to reinvent themselves chat with new nicknames Joe. If the fake stream media decided to attack you and smear you and fuckin connected with all crazy she will have its partner already. Did you Come with us events in range residue? That's what's goin on, we are just be friends. Do I'm just? in fact, just kind of aggressive right now, a boy's. How long before the problem factor of extreme media has been crushing Donald Trump trying to ruin his life and the life of a family history since day, one of course,
he's like that motor. I know people that I owe him what is yet to be such an asshole such an asshole, my dude they're, trying to ruin him on a date. We basis you put our everyday, take a shit I put on my phone and there's a headline: Trump there's a focus all every fuckin there. Take. A shit. Next was throb fucking asshole. Read shouting to we can do it like this you're talking to ok, I people who we can't fucking, do anything we're too sinew here new yelling about tromp. I want want some stating for cases. It's your opinion, that's a fact what I just said Otto said facts at your steer, but they come in and hard and paint. I'm feeling a little. Hence, if you're still little blue, so I may still little blue already and your pay little by little inch by so many it's, my english women or right now, everybody chevaler fuckin passion about I'm in the middle of the new world order right now store. We should
When are we back don't stand, but that I had a guess. I don't think there's gonna be a show that open until around August Dish, if I tat Emily and she and I went any Amy News- one shows just put a heartbreaking This is a very dangerous time because when I moved could ramp up testing it's possible, the ramp up testing and some innovative person could figure out a fuckin app. Ok and you could do leading when you want it, when you don't want any more, but this up As you know, the fact that you ve taken something in taking a test that you ve done it in the Madame x amount of days. Like it will would do it every two days, every three days, whatever they just. Let us go back to work. If you have let you get up of a new bar code every time you testifies it and then we we recognise the number of positive solution that we ate a year old daughter.
Overseership. We talk about testing and we have to start testing suggested. We have them semi. Ireland has lobby, was there's gotta, be ways to protect people other than just shutting everything down. There's gotta be innovative solutions to let people go back. There was the care and they know about what was now, but I worry about it now. I worry about gun contact, racing, clear phones, vs, dangerous drones that are watching seems willing hungry what I was saying. A new world order, tracing fuck that the bet the best thing to do to maintain freedom and saved up is to have an app you fuckin you're gonna checked in every x amount of days abolishing disillusioned and we figure it Well, if you think you're older pre, existing conditions, just like the flu, you already have tete, a tete, a tete, a tete, a tete, a tete, a tete, a tete, a tete, a tete for what test tat, daddy, Ginerous, ground control. The bottom line is
I worry about things. I did a flat like immunity parent papers enough to carry around contact racing with you on your
on the three you been with. The primary, isn't it raises drivers is a precedent is dangerous, because then what have? We got a particular stiff flu or what have they exaggerate, the yellow, or will they pretend they can lose over the worry? What if they say there worry that this food can be twice as bad as com is an easy received. Another they know it. Works can show MR apelike airy bioenergy. Only those two ufos. This may sound iraqi drones russian in China drones. They think in fact, did you hear that Jones ones? No one would think you would you David Framer ones. They found in Fuckin San Diego that went from like sixty feet. Above the water, only son, thou drowning in a second rose Joe now then Russia, asian values- they don't even know what the propulsion system of these nurse or the government told us did. Listen then it's like I'm lockers you're coming after us for this bullshit, you guys are doing the same shit if that is a drone. If that is a drone that command afraid or saw that's off the coast of San Diego, where they scrambled to go meet this thing it was,
covering over the water it moves so fast? They could barely track Chinese via violated all sorts of laws, alien compulsion and speak. What does not necessarily aliens incubator? They don't know what the fuck it is, but here's the thing the people that are the at the front of the line of propulsion- don't understand it. What is this, why is it is what the Swedes confusing The only way they'd be able to make this in secret scientists. The way they work is what Scientists paper influences the work of another scientist. They figure things out together there all in coordination school because they have to exchange information, because one guy can't be the fuckin guy who lives in the middle of the mountain. It's a super genius like in the Ex Mckenna, whom makes his own people and no one else is aware in the re out the real world, like this all work with a bunch of other scientists. Do there's not going to be a thing that just sneak up on someone. That's that monumental, we're just gets
over more like what the fuck yeah, but at Rome, I MEL Gordon bad chick easier. Didn't they tell us who are less able to listen while those things are moving in a way that they don't understand, they always less on a hydra people, good points, but the people there, you stand propulsion, know, there's gotta be something that makes them go, there's no heat singing. Sure the others not old from its handling of that Rinaldo liken plainer and know that was racing their racing on radio. They don't reality in all these different permit. Beheld grams of our countries are different weapon systems that they use to lock in on physical targets. Heat doesn't into it moves on radar faster than the kitten video. This thing the Dalai Lama is a red video store. We didn't talk to me about it. How do you do it? I wish I
had not brought up. I feel are de facto. Why didn't I ask of you know? You know we write, he probably has his own weirdo theater. I got a job. I am one of those drones, Joe, it's probably and they're burning Zaire. Next, that's what does instead of sleeping s return you sleeping, So more those though small tests than M three Bmw's America, while it's an amazing car. Now this three serious, especially the? What does that performance mile, the sport, mafia love it? That's insane collar love it You don't have their and our that's the rights as to the right line, I love you I got mine is really. This is a very good sign, a fight with you. I guess I got allocated in the BP list for the new Bronco drops in October and in the top comes ask why my bikes back shirt off yeah Let me say that I want back in January, that shit zero legit picture of the new gas other. It's got leak from the Fort factory, your boys on the vip last all my white Cottage,
nothing you can move our prerogatives are making to combat. How much are they wide eyed? I get so patriot. When it comes to cars, they all Jason. What are our main problem? How J signature its Indians urgently? Everybody wins. I know they're sure. That's all my colleagues have real ends. I so that from the factory on like that, on four or five I want that it says it. This isn't: a roof comes yeah two doors so that the border, your boy gather to lure, I wandered back up again done something arose. Why yet is Jamie so not or not look a mindset. If it sooner I train order, that's the Ford or zero towards they help each other Angela Hilda drawn down. There were, or for daughter, she's beautiful, held over that Do they Adele Angeleno fought You have see after four years of training. Ok, she had no exercise, wasn't do jack shit and she was getting a little bit chubby. She said
so she decided to go to a more time, Jim for years, leadership that you have see undefeated, there's a kick boxer. What I am about to say, I must say, hold by Turkey's Yossi after two years of training, through fine Roy now sexual letters- and I know you were. I know you were trunk credit right here. I will want credit, but he wasn't saying like you're, seeing her final world class level. Literally, like I mean here, we are now? I wonder how many years it's been since she first got into the EU of Sea. I think that was the first time I saw a fight was at altitude in Mexico City up. I believe I want to say Tudor with that supplying is on the list, a stunning looking car that way car matter. I want you D nailed it, they nailed it, they never go. Oh yes, like you're the restoration of K. We got it. I want that fuckin car, that's like an icon, but like a modern version, it's basically Logan Icon, brought it
great car boy, you're somewhere beyond the first words I like I get oddly patriotic, comes to carve? Yes, I give very excited, you knock like I'm doing their duty to our ass. I wonder if you dont, like logic to areas get to clench on Angela Hell. Let's see what happens here, age abroad took us who take Clearly, the data such about you know me man I don't know shit until his ground double underlines the woods you strategy into the ground. Where would you trail try a monopoly to does she have language is good. What's conscious, you just a game, I should blackmail yeah, but have you seen her cement? Nobody, I'm trainer member. I can't remember, but wars with you on a man is not a little weird, though, that hills in this fight and Claudius number six, but I think it just fought and won really reach yeah. She didn't super act of. She was on the last car, the wonder: what's in Zealand, Hills
as the last one to see their burden could look at the way he's fucking like stop and could do. Should you have learned? How did she is for the small amount of time she's been doing this? She just he's getting battery what she's only on three aerosol yeah. She could actually say it say with his funny to man. She was funny on the park gases. Smart man who big take down by daily that's a blackbird jujitsu right there, controlling press ass. She could be in one on earth one. I see we're in a one minute relax, you could get a vehicle manager, throw some punches just give raptor and her better road or butter, that that would be the thing the underbelly mount punch, give rap piggyback show you You gotta go now. You can't stand side control right now, you that amount- or you know a Kimora right there might be all right,
I think she's gotta make a move. She just can't stay there. You don't just controllers. I control deserve opportunity. This round and they stand up the next round she gets knocked. I would be like all my dad. She looked back at this table it back. I should amount of this after tonight. What's the big fight with an iceberg paper view what is next weekend? really does one every week what's next weekend, but we're gonna become a barbaric society. No sports other. You have say I now have your buddies broke. My nobody by only after I Jesus Christ. This might be the greatest moment ever for, like a fuckin the birth of what our arms oh said, arm clearly too damned standing honours on us standing up our mandate, Boot Nunez, Felicia, Spencer, the annex, one urgent, six, there they are Charging me money for the sixth,
There's no other asking me for money. How dare you Joe San LAN card, I didn't see, I love Amanda. She stood up. Let's put it go ahead, so we gotta wait a minute as Charles Bird Marcie, but although Juno market, but also as a free card, that's free You re not an overt gimme. Some first built gimmicks have now that's free, you'll, see Jim for charging. Nobody for this- and this is not a sign of lies card- a guarantees on finalize card. It's free, tramping entrepreneur, think they have the final S card three. We the answer is, it would appear to have Wikipedia you'll, see that comes always so far, but there is applicable knew that shadow for, like really popular funds, man, I'm just trying to get this thing going again, I'm happy there
it has got the kind of bombs dollars and a lot of human beings. It would make the choices that he's. Thank God for David, has allowed a lot of trump, and doesn't he now after he died, we have data white I've, Jesus criteria. Everything doesn't have to be trot, no big that their similar. They don't give a fuck these friends. They don't give up is what I was trying to. These regions may act upon their very similar. I know we're going down like a positive forget the struggle by moaned, the love, and I don't care about B. We do any harm. Reading a great book called ghosts words about the sequel wars this year in Afghanistan. Dude and have the other media daddy Jesus Christ. Let us talk in direct or indirect, raised by the same author, didn't go: how of a book about the Pakistani
aside there see I am a CIA and they warn us. Gunnison has been gone. I've gotta, stop and of no sun with it was books with ASEAN can the Boston we soon brazilian bizarre to sign on when you get there, you don't go scores. You'd love goes warrior and direct, reduce our stand. He'll be much smarter about the situation that we spent two trillion dollars on over. Seventy has done much when people talk about the efficiency of federal government, two trillion dollars and were given the country as I'm back to I can't go, but the point is brought out just how little Litera get up endlessly get up. Literally. Oh, that's big, her dropping clogged up. That's a big moment at the rough fucked up, don't occurs fight with a neck that it's not like employees. It's I don't know about our manufacturers is, I grew. The sicilian mean there.
In Latvia. You smell like that. In a moment I was out all swap. Maybe it was all in rubbing stander she's done that right hand she she's in the hills on the prow. My goodness me this seems a lot of talk about with, like she's coming into our own men like she sees to Brian's play she so afraid of furs and racism is so awful and wish you mean, enjoys it man. She has fun in there and the more she does it, the better she fights janitor fighter yeah what she's getting even more our comfortable to she's gonna combination and its slips away from the counters she's she's beautiful cash and quotas, fades orphans. Logic has also been in some fuckin wars, man. She knows how to like wars, dissidents apparent, but she knows how to like get through shit, she's been through shit before their hands.
Down there. She was a little tired out Rosa though you, when you get son your hands, you know when you really when you just hit a heavy bag for three minutes. You realize how ridiculous it is deaf to fight for five what what's should also decide about twenty five minutes ago. That's the most ridiculous thing: they arrest any athletes to destroy our twenty five mankind wrestling with criminal. Three minutes during the twenty five May. Try wrestle for nine fight. Dude fifteen minutes is a turn it off. I'm almost blinded Zayigo and the third round like Trevor. What videos out three minutes, I thought, you fucking asshole. Oh give me a minute he how a three minutes hours this is the war settled all really how long that is. The thing is like that switch in your brain when you start thinking too much about the time. Yes, it such a dangerous switch. Does it causes anxiety?
It is in every minute left Eddie do! Member! When I did time for he in Abu Dhabi way in Sao Paulo. When you, Fine, you remember, this did completely right to Scotland, from my brain. When you when you, then I remembered at the same time when you fought You fight, Mr Gracie Hagen was fighting from tat time for talking about China was spent when you Eddie was having his bachelor toiler like that seem event. Craig. There was a moment where he was free, re, so egos. What should I do the time for be you Craig had, but here again it was the total opposite with Hagen. It wasn't about like like panicking about how much it was like. Let me know when I should move Let me know where we're going where you want to win the man you heard me: it was like smooth Agatha team,
correct. My time, top five economist emission rattlers of all time. Do this a battle of voice. I mean she's. We have Hickson versus he. From a big fellow. I know it ass a day when he was young, because I believe this is one of the videos like from eighty eight or some shit kind of get Possessed increase, listen when taken with biogas. Imprint of anti relates to all tat time score points on it any day and on top of which is insane at that point, I owe my God somebody scored point. I think it was some like the whole land combination and still does have the combination of being very big and also very technical know. He also trained. He also won the first discuss when trade with Russia, guys sambo guys he can train. He can has a deep knowledge of Greco Freestone. His he's he's about Russia
Isn't it weird when Hickson enters the room there see it's like a sense of royalty. Did like everyone. Can nobody open ended as like everyone's like sir, Do we are seen show I haven't seen then forever. In fact, we also have you, and I was gonna- do these the real deal with in such a legend is the guy that was on another level such another level that the elites bad about their role to them, and they all got smash. It does happen in any others, provided when he came in with a roomful of pillars in the room, with silence, silence landlady, who have you with that that was astonishing in their technique, Johns every time- a rodent yeah until I got my elder abuse on the guy got large laughed about from Jean Jacques Machado. Never ever ever and its people think I'm just line and being nice, I've never ever come close to submitting them.
Not even close the most damage our job. As I swept up twice within twenty years. When he was because his knee injury ads and surgery- and I pulled little love twist back on anyone- is he was hurt, but other than that, because nationally and then the next guy after that is when I went to New York City and rolled Marcello Garcia, like I put a fuckin one meeting on Yemen is levels to everything. More everything there is everything from fuckin fencing to driving cars. There's levels quite clearly is so durable, oh my god, dinner, they show that right handed Angela dropped us, so its place rounds interpret dirt term who wins it could
about early launching fan high drop. Nobody like this numbers, what one it's one, why magic like it was like fight companions scoring, unlike the corner every if you have we weren't we'd still do better in these judges, but you know how ridiculous that would be like if every said, listen, we need to know now. I think it bans going there not paying attention half the time There are also high and dragged their high there. Drink wine and whisky, their talk and shit about everything, there's conspiracies Aberdeen. We would still do. The current challenges, I believe your target bad about Youtube on you, too, you see the fat and three of us will be better than the judge how they have these shitting me now we would we not paint I'll come, I barely started. We feel there is a lie, and I love that do I have no idea. You were gay fight. I mean I'm happy for eagerly. I think he's a beast about
it's interesting as he Barboza ETA one. Forty five to supporting. But it's a firstly settlers, I'm back, for we got your course. I bet if wine kills the krona by pure pure whiskey, we'll get you usually Eliza dustier, apparently, according to the back of the Lysol bottle, do. But you know what man Spirits of colored fights live, especially a fight like Tony and Justin was so bonkers. Did you are funded Far here I won't be able to really is a letter with fans are no friends by definition. It's almost like a majority here, it's a different thing. So different thing for me, you know because, like I've called so many fights with vans. What was different about it is I had a real clear
understanding of exactly what was goin. I would note no cheering distracting via the impact one that is rightly wants to buy up about. The culture may decide they would listen to us great cause, he's getting pieced up here, man, but it's a fight what this round the trains are non drunken. My point is that fighting would have been fuckin amazing with a cloud knows also fuckin amazing would know crowd. It was amazing, do maybe in their without twilight. I felt very, very fortunate. Oh yes wielded media, but you have to see how we Smith. The picture. My glamorous pledge of yours, I'm sorry. It's part of the job ethical, why he isn't I'm sorry farther job areas. It is when it is man, I love! You never got that sound by four years. You're right. We will never heard so. Clearly, re so looking to hear about us is it is worth about us is clover here Forty four do you little rather than ever like. Finally, when he got into the water is cloudy he'll ajar than me
Financial here was a long drive, business fighter Angela Hill, like we said she's argument, is beautiful. Really coming into our own as a fires. Oh Johnny Dooit that long man it's crazy how this number sickly in the world. Climate change is a legitimate contend, actual silk coming in your own. This is what I hills. Paul showing to do your head looking, I wish you d dissidents for timing designed controlling distance, no we're hands hitter Germany's and develop a go to something which is famous for like a big right hand, her job, maybe even growl, or what her foot museums got ahead, cares to doing good fundamentals and it'll we're just keep fighting, but no other talk. That's me to whom to get famous letter, Tosh Blue Jacket, he's funny articulating she's, gonna, fuckin, Instagram, honour, twitter or social media S right where she from she's, a San, Diego she's.
Down there with alliance african team of savages. San, Diego crews and the Ngos. I feel David locking great place to move their. Do throw power the snow down there, the lowest, where, whose lacks any message in other crazy thing about you know you don't know, has all of a sudden. Everybody knows who there here's a governor ride like all of a sudden. Now we now ideals. I never knew him. I didn't even know the bug. Arme idea, I never tens. I know I have and are now in a guard. That is my man he's around what your slogan Guillaume Politics is and give me the on going in part VON politics. It'll get involved with you not. We cannot afford any. I can't afford to. Little data and philosophically major, like that.
It's an old! It's also just take credit for so that's great people. They were people not inform. They would rather have you paying attention to. Football is because if you pay attention it's really easy to see the bad guys on the good guys really easy. All you need is a third great education and paying attention and unity. How long what color education do to see to vigorously policies for here is about how we market has already have to be about close. Their ideas should do there
their allotted by lobbyists, so obvious pull out there. You know like democracy in clarifying the democracy. I shouldn t like that. I think he has hidden town back. I think you're really immature where there is room remains bases in Europe are worried that those profits while horror Mirage apologize, but you know that why would a mathematical fucker MIKE Tyson is he was talking some will say something about corner fighting floating. As you understand what he did. He went down rounds when the great size of the past hundred years- and they make vanity, goes what a warrior. He has never had a box and fight anyone tend wound and let the upper covey. Let us just ploy, let that happen. You think one tat up again, so you are you're fuckin mild chance, no chance continent.
Finally, another leaned, his gaining lie. He because that fight he fought so There's no one here, one this knowing well will find our chance. I mean he fought the craziest proposition fight ever made a guy with zero lives, fights the guy who's. Arguably, the greatest boxer ever is a real. Argument for that was fifty one can well. It's also boxing is the sport of hitting and not getting hit. I would argue that no ones
done it. Why does that's why I'm high and drunk I thought is one that lack incisive. She so tat. She was not paying attention to what he is talking about an authentic I just how much our joy, the five year, Pelosi inflation rate that live and policy at the same time, I'm sure you're right at all, that's crazy! I don't think she wanted that's crazy about this. Last round you don't win with, as I am going to be a harbor sent us. I watched forty percent of this fight and I love Angela he'll Anna love, Clubs Vidalia, but we're too drunken high. So I would never if the alley how this allows those first stars round. But what do you think I ever at ten, a m o Brien? Was she not? I would let you down. There goes through the third round. She not reality
palm challenge. You weren't payment tat. You ve won the second round. You usually right, though, does beta tumor Murdoch, chancellor, that low base he's got a point, objects of politics right out and its frankly, I'm going the issue that she's, with our data heartened to hear this, and I think you can we'd have to watch. That in silence decision. No, who knows Sport decision means economic either. Where by? Why should I want? First of all, you shut the fuck up and wants to fight. I didn't know. I don't remember this. If I have to talk about this way, I hate talking about fights are barely watch like when we do these five km because I will get mad at you. Why? Because I'm not- upon his own, unique disclaimer, and when I got to do it right now, I always do, though I was Can I make a really clear will have at least the early paying a kind of crazy? So dwelling do that Claudia. But what do you think I'm crazy?
I know that you have no idea. I will watch tomorrow, I'll definitely watch it again. I want to have a real live video there's, a black lady, she locked herself in a car and smoking cigarettes and she's making a video to try and she chasms Just listen ass crop up in schools, schools Grub Michael the driver me and say fuckers shut the fuck up with their look at the numbers and their MAX Claudia scholar on every number, will you the number, Claudia one, every number etc body? I didn't see that wrong. What does it tells you TAT Day go base up, numbers are barely penitential, geyser, also democratic drama while the high school? Here we got drunk Democrats? I think that we need another political designation. That's we need
ok, let's talk about with wood legitimately this idea. Only repairs or left wing sire ground, not right when I grew up No, but in line with Eddie, I'm saying the problem as having wings have any wings He knows about this about left or right democratic. It does now it is about. There's a lot of bad republicans. It's about that. It's not about that! It's about truth and he'll shit, that's where the latter Republicans that shit, but when, that's. What I'm saying is yeah. And it's not our wives democratic, because its teeth, like this list Jonah we're talking here today about a group of justice, we ve come up together. We're time what's important is like we want to solve a problem right. We all want
solve a problem and rather than being emotionally attached your ideas, which is hard not to do as you get older. You have to say: here's, let's, let's try to be too bad idea with a better idea right and let's try to see what's going on here and try to solve. This problem must put all the ideas on the table. Let's be honest about it. Let me Ideas scrap it out called idea. Sex told in either come up with a new idea, come a hybrid of all our ideas or bore somebody's idea wins the day. You talked a lot and there is no ideas that are ridicule. Right looks Some stupid idea, you're out their dominant fax number back story, presses evident. Don't worry, we'll kill the person. They just have an idea It is. So weird that flew kills hundreds of kids thousands of kids every year and we not shots, goes down
and corona doesn't care as large a shot schools now about lies about yeah, there's, not a biologic, because the figure rises, the kids are asymptomatic, transmitters and they give it teachers and the teachers give it to their. Their parents, because that would worry, Shouldn T just stay away from their worries, which is closed now, because an area that is now before us Eddie, that's not what I'm saying knows. What I'm saying is the reason why they thought it was a good idea is because it's like a hub of transmission, because you have all these people get together. All these kids get together and they have it, but they don't exe. Here is the symptoms for the most part they give to the teachers they give to their minds. People die like crazy. This is what the fear
Why I'm? If it does not mean that I doubt initially stocks at hack. Aren't you don't ride, and I are basically, I dont arbitrarily tack on another three months, not out any due process, and so we need to ask ourselves a this is the way you get back your freedom? Yes, you can't say things like that, because that makes people real suspicions. Yes, he is in our own green, but now that what he has, but now that we are now the worst case scenario but other we know what she was schools like kids back in fucking school and by, but let the teachers take the precautions that go see their grandparents. Let the kids back in school well here is very desirable. Scaring tells us this is when Hitler took over German Chris right, The third Reich when makin Germans were desperate and it was a bad time Depression is guy, came along with this proud, Germany mentality and this really magnetic speaking and screaming, and he gonna people to do some horrific shit.
Wolden. The worst of all pain is united Agenda resort Iris, analyze, tat scientists to terrorism, which say by shot down. There was a fire in the Reichstag and said that these terrorists have to be control. It feel what does then they suspended all the civil liberties Nero didn't Roma rights as they do that. Those those lands on Meda enemy it was. This is why ones do do. You do know Prescott, bushes, designed, Amory, ok, who is your sacking? We said charged seniors. Father, yes and riots aim. Is why not rightly highlights once you know get it? You know that your any international banker problems are used, Did you know that he was a got indicted for funding the mountains? Do you know any of this brownie fuckin read even read, you didn't know that didn't I I shall look into that. Their reserves, theirs
There are some gang personalize. Oh there's way more today at the store than you fuckin can ever imagine you look into I'd love to hear it gives some rogue you think it's a rogue evil, mother fucker trying to take over the world. He was fine, Nance the whole story behind them, but what we know: We already know we already know lids Ricky Morty and I wanted to make. I wonder just make one final point: you son of a forget about forget about Heather, understand is you got to say? I don't argue about this. We have a debate, but you gotta, there's so much deception going on there there Gotta, be at least ten percent of you that when they D believes that maybe ten then. Maybe there is some poem, deep political shit that I just haven't looked into. Maybe there's gotta be a lease temple Some of that in you write me a circle with all this deception with all this deception, ten percent- god damn maybe there's a lot.
Maybe it's showed deepen com lacks. Maybe, but maybe you hear a common vision? Ok, ok made when a third pillar, two may thirtieth with hopes of landing in LAS Vegas. Oh, my goodness, please say yes, Vegas has started. Open up some stuff. I know that I know these are okay. This talk about opening up casinos and giving people a bag that has like a mask and some hands advertiser June would have what if it comes with a party and comes back like a fuckin, tidal wave where they just RO the face bass and everyone just start raging, and no one can control and everybody's rage in everyone's gonna fuck we really appreciate eventually great desire, Rio and as a psychopath, gonna comrades. No, I think it's gonna come back, so big people can't wait to both comedy. I think comedies gonna come back, it's gonna be
What can I do? I showed you learn. Jesus right brought back bigger than Ryan. I put a show on Houston, which we think is some way to utter, be toothless, capacity for fifty four, video, but do we sell arenas now that the capacity for fifty, but the only let you do two hundred neural activity, but do not just show so that equal, so regular mountain gets too, is to honour to fifty two on I'm thinking about doing it as well. We will do is sold out and forty minutes good bye. Again shows how to take it? Listen man, you gotta, be bigger than TAT was on sale. Do I have any through the eighteenth and would do ass a boy by club? What's upsides? I am yours and you get nothing, but first that for of comedy where you go out and its packed and theirs screaming. Imagine how that
it's gonna be insane now we're gonna do I'm here. Last performance, as ever the Coelho jokes, you guys got everybody gonna, have an hour bologna, chronometer trouser material, Cyrano exert every maternity look at my people are sick of it. I have a material Brian decided about things. Corona everything is on our side. Above all around you, ok, I decided by Tom. We start doing stand to begin and it'll be hack people so sick of it. The milk. I don't want to get out of the talk like a fucking body, and I had no one's gonna have explained wearing gloves. Everyone's gonna have do Joey. These six months The pact arena Joey has got off on Corona do have was suckers daughter, right moonlight where no man first lie back. Yet this is Wall Harris's, first by tough fight back too horrible story, but the worst story switches if your father, which we all are one issue
murdered brine. His daughter was murdered, shoes shoot she does. This guy tried robbing her strength, fine for the gun shot her Emily, they tossed her body they for young, they found his car and they knew they knew by the mob blown the car there was a life threatening injury moves. The way played out in the news this horrible, the minute they showed this horrible story? They showed him a picture legal. We found this body in IRAN in the woods retarded make out and he was I bought those boots two weeks ago. That's our that our all our nightmare! Pbs parents, it's it's! That's
it's worth. Eight, the unbearable did not stop. What's the unfair, I can ever go these younger people they go through that. I, like, I, can't believe you not route for high. I start crying and any parent. My see anything on tv about like that. I won't I instantly to start poor. I won't y gotta. Have a big fuckin guy won't want. If I start current, if I watch anything with kids, aren't I turn to my girl, with whatever she'll tell colors do likewise. I cried out myself out of welcome getting people. I was seventeen year old, seven year old, kid driving a car again pulled over and the cops pulled me about alcohol. In my car, how'd! You start crying again what the fuck you let me go. Do I want to start a crowbar. Did you see the five year old girl pulled over drivers, prayers turbine labour gaining what the third our sins he's gonNA, California, a lamp, astern gas, so we're data. That was the superheroes. If someone does a sign that long term rap contract right now, just gravel
wow, you got balls the here's. The other thing that does the fattest vyvyan I've ever seen. A very light thrown attack is, as I reach now is used only for I was so fat values mazato highway and then the shortest fairly that they'll likely common, but also bear my. You can't say that I refuse again it's coming off. The head levers daughter, refused about against them is a very tough fight for him, losing out of order. This is first fight back after having his lip, literally split and half by rose and strike a mean. That was why the nastiest lip injuries I've ever seen in my life and then he healed like Wolverine. I did you see how quick healed he's been fighting since nineteen. Ninety nine- that is so pressure. Isn't it true that a short here That is a lesson for for easy. Imagine
why me, one years after you started fighting you're in the? U s c in the top ten the heavy one is only then that he's never phone tapped. His entire career is always dangerous like when you knocked out you do dos Santos, nineteen airline Paul hoarding G What is this, what is re ranking in the euro? Zero now he's nine fashion. Of course these are key out of its kind and trains. It highlighted martial arts Tyrell Spock Desert. This is always kickboxing record. They D and may record. The whole thing is crazy. How many do few I have ever been a k, one Grand Prix champion and then also been a dream, heavyweight champion and also been a strike force heavyweight champion about croak up either to not food jetsam, real fuck that us fight
he set. So you don't move the Colorado with highlighted. So how did has Curtis Blades monster Astro over him just and gaiety right yeah, here's my words for Sandman him do juice over him. Let him do juice, I'm setting about them. I missed what I saw when he fought Brok Lester I miss it or did you see Usually the Doorbell Forest find that juicy dude while for seem all juicy. Yes, We always see the guy vetoes fighting he's so juicy his So let me feel gonna see it, but as possible that he's a soup athlete unnatural super now answered. Bribery and I will show you the letter monsieur you picture and I want bribed the file you has asked me to produce you're, not ok. I feel bags I'd really like to me too,
beat your Balfour and not want any. I dont have pronounced a I an and g A l, a private he's your job. If he's on his and readable athlete, by the way he can like standing up, he can go backwards, Brian put his hands on the map and then flip his legs over the top enemies. You know to honour forty pounds: wherever he weighs his brow, he's rings human beings. Look. I would just like to raise a freak dead. I don't I don't want to pronounce. Your name waterway picture he's gonna get now lay Mendoza does not know that China and say it not a brain. The lane alive. You allow me during the lie anyway, what's this kind of time at times on the internet, he's a law has seen a special ass. I will say that's what he's the bogeyman, our savers, Frank River, went to Senegal and watch those guys who did Lambda and Frank said dude,
I'm tellin. You see in some way six six to seven who can move like a lightweight was not unusual. I've never seen. Athletes like that amount, you went to Brazil. He went to Mexico, he went to town Harry LAD. He went over there and just look at any other J D Ya to Sir. I just need a video generously invested up at an back off their offers, guys watch this was his watch. How this guy can move is a fucking heavyweight watches will kick, what's a heavyweight you guys marine policy similar? There was no longer who try. That's natural advocates. Not somebody rivalries overdue out. Yes, but doing the seal with a wheelchair leads you raised is did I was having a hot for Greece overdue
we'll get you Travis Brown and he wobbled on new- and I know you do- I landed- will kick tribesman, that's one guy like actually ill who stuck with it in, and you saw developing their striking because in the early days Fabrizio had no striking. He was one of those each Europeans, and usually you know people you know, get Champions come in and though, the deep there you know their toes in that Then they water and some just say, spoken out to make money you get safe and in some just keep at it, and no one and they don T just kept at a particular category and then it became legit strike reassuringly finer. What did you see him in his last vital for research, I need you, I'm a bite to this third boy. Like look warehouse. He was off for two years came back in since the year he was, he was deafening. I'll call you lying or offering sponsorship sure I'll given by
crazy as issues with which you have always been so these are ok, so you don't worry, we'll get you work. I can make that how a lean I'm seeing his name right, Elaine's tournament, what you got landline five eleven two two hundred forty per last night and I ll go on what we have you anyway. Advise eleven, have also vetoes, baggy lobby, fight on fights on shit, you're, crazy, old, think lean towards taking all the sea. Also last saw you sayin. You could take what have you don't, even as I'm Sony and herbs will really that's one of the interesting things when you look at other organisations outside view of see this to buy usanga. As soon as you see someone who you know for sure used to do testosterone, but then was allowed to see a subsequent performance. Did and you see them reengage if they leave the organs, its phantom doesn't take inspector clue. So too,
just sit here about what he does. You don't have to call in Colombo. You know it's weird. No, it's weird about having no audience. It reminds me of what I used to a Dj Strip club on Saturday afternoons, maybe nobody there. I think there is this. What I did I did I swear to God I would take. I would have liked ampler in the dj boot racket ample kiss alive like this, the audience, so I. Got tired of men. Were cracked M, o rooms in big Rollo, pointing them again biggest trouble it's over, not yet not my last job, Oh, my goodness. This is crazy. We want, while you're my u really worthwhile, to renew my god he's dropping bombs, he's
It was an honour level, ovaries, IP, although still in the map, grandma surmise wholly liquor, stopped. That's crazy could live by they're all that workers head up again, I think it might be his nose man I think it might be much talk about. Massive parties really get a refund big, The error that word knees got married
the formation of a joke about look at this hour. She rambled grapple with unless you easily has given the European Abu Dhabi correct so much time left any easier. Hearty laugh was seen as a matter of these territories going about our omitted veto over the guillotine. Asher gal he's gotta. Remember when you got a guy like you know, he's got like a high I'm getting like one of the back he'll finnish. You that's a shit right: business and we have a wall rate, is nobler time. Do that's a lot of time and overcame has been in trouble so many times come through. You know, he's a guy's been war, she's been tail Cayos people. Do you mean you want to talk about a guy's been through the fuckin treatment, but every time we had together when old, dream Brok lesson might have been serious heavily time of all tat time about. I was my leg.
Does he still eating horsemen, yes source me? Was Ireland wars me, but my my belief is: if you go deep into the history, you're gonna go into horse me. Ok. But if you look at all the results of horse me that one guy who for less there wouldn't astern wish with some sort of blind deaf guy who's the drug tests. Couldn't reed
What do you do? Two thousand one in Amsterdam? What's your test based re? Do Memories brother Valentine animated Rennie? Could you tell us about your trouble in the street with them in Amsterdam? Two thousand. While I do you want to fight everybody, it was the glory to over his brother thought. We only need to hear the steward. Please crazy, glories historic torrent glory. That's right with me, because that show that a shock to how to handle golden glory posted this Amnesia Tirzah had met them in pride. When I worked for pride, Ouch Otto, the story letter still less unless we definitely want to fight this. Here we go to the sick around. This might not go to the second ballot. Well, there's thirty's.
Let us at last to beg deep, breaths, big depressing, overcomes moving amount you just like the clown tax funded. He could stop him right here. This is possible over has been around for ever son, but its twenty. Eighteen! Ninety zero, still stop a mere and show our right here on uniting us tonight should happen we wanted to man dude, I'm telling you. Asked he's in there for legal come on what those are big knees. Man, his knees are the best the heavyweight division best, the best humiliating room have greatly scaled Mark Hunt Caleb, but basically killed Brok, Lamb, breathlessness combination, the body that can those eyes what did it do we or do we not also always one make excuses for anybody, but you always have to take into consideration that was a guy who had just had diver
regulated surgery and had something like twelve to fourteen inches of its colon removed in order that lasting right, yeah overlap. All your intestines remove check this out. He smells like. The guy was indeed see you see, let's go like this, that's when you finish them yet he had so. I believe was liked somewhere around Google's funny how much Brok Lester had removed from his intestine. He had a really serious disease and they think he had for a long time back was so good and people to realise how good he was really got cow, Polton, stardom man to have much experience beat knocked at random tour beaching car we're not outweigh any coating shake car. When he's my little ass, I will take you a beating about the fright mere rematch. You see the power of raw solar transition, but that transition just replayed a walled came adamant Frankie, an overall
Jim interest through my level for heroded aside. This exists theory his power goin on here it's interesting because like who would walk Harris be if they let him juice, You know this and I'm not saying these guys. Do some just joking around when I say that led him, Jews, but also let them do but also let them juice but the thing is when out, but I'm just as a curious person. Unlike what would happen if you gave him all the chemicals that we know that make your body perform better murderer walls, give it one mba what was a serious Basque, my earlier his foot works were dead. You well, these guys were now, and you take these guys- that have experienced high level experience in major sports where the company vision is fierce from childhood on you know these guys they develop. They have a different kind of work ethic. You know, that's why Herschel walk!
able to fight Emma may? What is? It is late, forty different kind of work ethic, but it does those workers, rural Johnny, Morton, was a guy wanna. Try that goes and whose knocked out forever Johnny more would have origin anymore and was too case scenario is arising, Emma may is getting not now put on a stretcher. Take it that's the very sight of that size is Johnny more. Why receiver deterrent lines, because this too that's avoid worst case scenario, cause he gets taken stretch of job overruns until now he's going to stop them. Oh, my goodness, you see that you got married and I was crazy guys that the store He has brought master, had a foot of his colon removed.
Incredibly lucky to be alive, and then he fought over him after that, when ovary was on all of Mexico, do very nice girl, entire Sannella cartel was in his face. He had of Jamie. Please I don't get it. Can we see that Johnny more? Hey, hey any! What do you do here when you are in a situation where did Johnny mortifying? I thought someone Le Jasper, It was illusion. One read it wasn't! No! You here he wasn't came anytime, I was listeners hiring has anyone with me is eddied. Remember this when this was the the day that brought closer debut you and I were there and I sat next crazy horse. What a great now that was what we doubled. Do you say COIN Sakharov to did you ask that get? No, no, that was on corporate get up. Yes, this shows that this further shall start, but he's not it's over. There's no way is going to survive the agency. I keep
Vietnam unless he saw just level over this whose use around fifty fifty picture of this man by Morton's got knocked out. If he picks up the he did, he could stop it more by up to write their stopped. It fuck man, you ve, just make the educated decision that arise in a position is and build improve away that legitimate decision or wall here. It's a good decision where you it's tough, because Everyone is given chance, but the reality is that your kids, then you can defend that spot, he's kind of checkmated there. You know that I hope the whole debate about whether or not a good idea to stop a fight. It's real, tricky man, you know Dominic Crew, said the reverie before them. I said: don't fuckin, stop it unless I'm desperate Sinacherib shelves analyzer, let's do well come on workers move, but the guy is he does it know? What's gonna happen, oh my god. Amaze owes a great obligation livery overnight.
Still. We still one of the best man walked. Headway here is my greatest heavyweight strike of all time. He had lost his body, shall I suppose, shot that's why it's so terrifying that Francis sent him to the dark lands book private best, not gonna, Malta, that Africa, howling in between the what John Jones Right was like. It's gonna happen. I don't know man to sit there, just talk and right now it often happens. We gotta go for. That was that's what I was like when when Bilbo Barons puts on the ring- and he goes the dimension in the habit dude, you know I'm sorry, that's what it was like. One of the worst knockouts I've ever seen and remove the swing insight. Yes, I was, I would we would you Eddie? Would you think about a fight between John Jones and Francis in Ghana? Would you think about that fight? What you think it's a good fight to make fun. Of course. Rather what we do think John Jones, with fighter
just tell me what you foremost time to think you need to give like would have job I wanna do it would make it would have John John knew were tight. Like you, the way you are what Tony said? Listen, we want to do our best to prepare for this. Do you think I should wait on No, I would have to know what I don't know. I'm not transport is an expert on what you should wake. I would you say, with all due respect way, whereas heavy weight and then there's Francis in Ghana, agree smart announced rover in timely traps, brown and this aid a great draw great one. After starting if the other everybody got dealt with Andrea last year, all the one thing I would write out for use on genes. The one thing I would say to John Jones. I would say, listen Russell him. I'd like to party too, You got a lot of power again it, but for three months too much can you
You know what he needs three months. Can we do now emerging lands? We have one day you go out. You have two don't get too crazy, like Dennis Rob and let him let him get us not offering turned back and go back to camp is like shit. He's the king do he's a fucking savage cage fighter. Let him get crazy, it's the best people like if it gets busted for party and he's got cocaine, and whenever I don't give a fuck about that too. How do I tell them here? Less the guy's a fighter lead. Party, let him do a shit. Court. Doesn't matter, he's entertaining us nowhere. We're gonna early night like you in Syria. We recognise that a guy, that's going to be the greatest cage. Voter volatile is the greatest cage fighter of all time. He's going, Meanwhile, as someone Henry, why that's part of why he's so eggs he's gonna, see his? We after amply Psmith lots this virus,
he's gonna these threats Roger. He goes the picture will together tv that so set aside and know that one of the other one is what happens when you raised is my god he's just savages aside, be the bad guy, but be the bad guy lumber he's only the bad guy to people's complaining. Just run Roche's competitive, but then again like that's how all of them man, it's so is Michael, Jordan was so and so was not due to citizen given given guys tips, Francis, given Francis tips, unlike out of shit, taught how to sail each? life were well well. Now is not the time to my place. You live France's just let his fist talk forum that'll, be himself key margin talking shit on actual rose, because you parties too much that's. You don't want me the bear, no more. You can drink too much and does too much coke. I want MIC Joan
to replace you can't dance like that guide dogs, dreamers work. I might have to be drunk wind programme when you like switches themselves, we ate wrappers and rock stars, can do anything you mentioned like sexual harassment. I was when I was a rock star hotel from IRAN. Madge existed as there's. Nobody say, imagined a guy trying to dress up like Stephen Tyler that wasn't Iraq's there's. People like us everywhere, Steve Tyler in his pride with others, yarbs in Shit, fuck and bell by liner. This shirt outwitted
please try to accuse like Tom, you really like sexual harassment. They will go nowhere to go back to the court, which is right into the dumpster they would take. Us has turned out to the dumb certain fired it is. I want to hear any Samara. What we Kimberly play it. How can I Now I can't really put like Heaven realm Idiot eyes: dude Cavern, random. A while ago he data yo. You know Kevin Random Mittens forty, for he had a really really really really bad stuff. Like those Mercer Mercer Right, brother, worst staff of ever see, I never saw it live, but the photographs online he's opening is he's got a hole in his armpit, we could see his tendons new scene at right angles. Pick. It's like the rod stored, swallowing crazy tropical. How much rather worried about you can't tell me tell me your golden glory story. That's right!
the higher. Does this it's a dangerous story? That's please to dangerous, or it's a long story, but really ineffable everybody's abandoned Kay fight fill with bandits method of behavior. You download the fighters. Ok, that's it while there is less, Spock has gone forever, gallantly, wouldn't listen! Realistically. Do you think the California Glenville sprang back to the point we could keep doing so the more. I think we can make a difference between us, for I think we can, fuck and I have to disappoint you my whole my all associations frozen so am. I am at the point where, like damn dude, I'm gonna fuckin get even louder a man like we have allowed louder every day. We now only one real followers shit like I don't want. I don't want anybody. The thinks it's locked down here. Gold longer. I don't want them following.
Like I don't want to hear you. I don't want to to you. I don't think I think I've lock about if we want to change people's minds. Who are MR, you want to keep the slaughter of draw this bullshit without form, but hit the here's. The attitude the ear split expressing size is makes sense. I understand we come from. I get it, but when you talk like that, what happens is people digging their heels and then tell you know they are taking their heels lived, my life, but I don't care anything you want to make. One hundred people you have to worry about are not the people that are in control. It's the people that succumb to the will of the people that are in control, even I believe, and their own We wait and not get them to be upset at. You is to not insult their opinions and instead to present your own in a way that so com,
down with them. I don't buy it doesn't matter. I don't care what you re, seeing Eddie you're, focusing on only the people that you're going to war with no, no, no, no! No I'm focusing on is, if you have a result on the people, not just not array of interest. I had known majestically lump focused on. I am focused on the people that are with me and the people around them the people that are not an offence in the way over there. I can care less that's. What I'm saying is undesirable me when you don't like me: freedom have a conversation you ever like when you say and carry them. You taken complex issues and a new one and you're breaking them down to these binary positions. It doesn't it doesn't work that way. I'm not trying to convince my mile point: is I'm not trying to argue with people way on the other side? You want to think that way go for it. I just told you part of my life. I don't want
I want you in my life? It is mainly I only into the regional if you're, on the fence. If you're right, I don't know a man, but what about there's an hour? No man, but what am I call it that most weeping and talk to you have not thought about this stuff nearly as much as you right, if you would imagine, people had just down over the energy for them die. Now I will say they're not as those onto I only have so much energy, because only the reason is I was one of those people are getting swayed one way or the other way towards did not know. This is one where did they get swayed towards propaganda? Tell you what appending, especially Eddie, you gotta. Let people finished her thoughts depending especially we on whether or not there's a bunch of other all around them. That also believe the same thing when you around a group of people who work with them. You live with them everybody's like we got to get by then there you got to get bite in there and he's the only one that makes any sense and people start saying, yeah. Well, it's important we went to.
It's important that we, the Supreme Court? It's an you hear this mantra. They gets chanted stranded around and then a bunch of people that barely look into it will fight you to death. That Biden needs to win, They barely even understand the process. They barely even understand what that what we are actually trying to accomplish by keeping or trying to turn from Republican Democrat and what kind of control it actually take place, but they ll fight you four, because it can comforts them become for them to be a part of the team that was give them love like MIKE you're dead right. This guy's a lunatic know what we're gonna do our duty to George I'll see you tomorrow and they got him headed. They pretend that they have some power over this thing. I always think about that. My favorite quota, totally Michelangelo, quote criticized by creating create something come up with a way to criticise, rather than because we all want to do that. I detour autonomy so managed Wanna fuck can be like fucked up, but then I suppose you're gonna. Do we
responsible, we are responsible for the people that are learning right now, we're all our group, true we're all grew troop learned together and the people that of survive longer experience more a response. Small for relaying, then information down to the people, change my wanted to hand them. One things that were were faced with, as we had two things were: teams, which is a natural inclination, afford teams tribes, that's a problem, that's an impediment to like real rational discourse and to your power We're one champ has power over the other ship. They become a little fuckin tyrant and it happens even if you think you do. Because you're, a green or even, if you think, you're doing it because you want you, don't want any hates, be sure you want to make sure that people enforce certain standards that inclusive, and you hear you develop these called words. They let you control the narrative without some sort of like exchange of information back and forth with people where everybody Qana gets decide universally, but that
makes a strong personal, but also let the reins go to everyone, and most people don't have that kind of strength, and another really good way to look at things. Come to every situation with some doubt youse about your own position shore, a Babby, is very important to realise that you may be mistaken. Not maybe not entirely, but me. Twenty percent to thirty percent target I'll, be an open minded. Here's the thing I dont have we learned that don't be married to your idea. Your ideas are not you that your dear I just because you're wrong. What did I do come on man, I've been everyone's rob and raw, I'm ruined the timing allowing or the wrong all right, sir. I am wrong, but any of you all the time. Yes, ok, we're all others about rods. Murmured. I should do Russia now is wrong, but you rose. I got you. I got an alien tattoo and attention on my arm, because I believe that a new approach must be flexible made me. Maybe it's these powers drone, but but
That is what the people, the people that I talk to the people that I enjoy talking to on a daily basis. There not Republicans there had Democrats, the people that I talk to our own pilgrim Republican. But with the guys I talked to us today. That is not our aid in people vision, in Vegas Zermatt Republic gives out maternal. But what finding out is down its when it comes to corruption, wooden democrat and Republican. What have you look at it objectives and you're. Like a detective, you like there's a lot more. Going on on the left, then the right as the people, How would we point out the right all the time like look at these motherfuckers look at we're not into George Bush learning W or senior. Those guys are falcons godfathers of evil. You know what I mean like I'm not into that the people? I talk to you Bush, but right now just doesn't do
I want to know what well you know what they say is for me. Why fuckin on when I woke up, I rat. I want why even episode of black after Afghanistan fuck me three times I wanted, I wanna get and labels we where, where any more blue, ever Silver FIR Terry Fate or type, our wits leaves something very loved and eighty Bravo takes over his impressions report. I have the worst. The only guy could do the only impression. Devil is now the only pray improv I cant do Trump can do nobody. The horrible with my vote, my voice, but I can't hear Anja. No, I could a little, a Brazilian every now and then, but now I'm horrible what you're? The only one is set dog from Cyprus, Ill, ok, I got
rather than have you learned hot box, but I didn't do send out. But if there is, there is a Cyprus Hill tribute paid out their due does hotlines, I've ever seen so many times, but I got that right. Now, let's go from this no perfect the guidelines on which a burning doesn't smoke. I dont Bernie Sanders material, but it's not going to work, because I can't do anything I can do I gotta Bernie Sanders accident like you, I had to listen to any Bravo. There is this guy got ten language issue
tat. We never on ever define how we do it. I got really. I I got so high with him. Those guys keep parliament operate. There is just a special part to professionals that just click on Austria. We he's gonna block bananas, keep smoking weed, you know certain professionals, they can just already done. They just keep gone. They take you to another place. Action, Bronson, right, Damagon, didn't stop smokes on a show for lots dossiers. Ali does smoke on the inviting me. I was so they're gonna aliens and get higher yeah you're, not our lavender yeah. They watched the get high they watch aliens. Oh, my goodness, is some good I believe so. To the ground with a right in my goodness, my goodness nap round gave it while you just why so
You didn't want any is no background, massive check it out. I thought you guys missed the last week. We do of tight opinion now where we actually want to fight. I won't do that. I've missed you don't care if I did that, like an act, that they look legit Claudius feet, tangled up, did have on our defence manner. Her fuckin, oh, yes, I think, I'd have to watch it like actual he'll one that fight. I don't you I once six whisky. Double I know as much about whether or not she works fine, as I understand how the hell do, you know it's gonna live copies, then now I heard he was in a coma using and they flew up to Russia to Moscow because a they didn't like the whatever set up was, whereas only come out of its own laws, do not actually raise and allowed to hug after goals its grain, but the one guy score, those huggin, they wonder, expel and now they want to punish baseline. This is weird shit
look at that nazi chivalry, those where's the as yet stupid shit drivers on their families rather divers face in everyone's. I call on the house, which would be very offended by Condon Nazi shit. It's is ignorance to Britain was those dance. We win the dancing nevertheless gotta, be sixty treat that somewhere else, so crazy you gotta turn to soccer, listen, I'm happy they can play at least let let the stupid shit, let it subside. After a while. The baseball rules are interested. They're talking about what it is that I'm out no high, five, no first bombs, spit it's the demo Malone Voucher, demolition man. They could not touch on the future think they do and demolition man to do. I think they just announced it alone and Wesley Snipes I've been saying for years. They need to bring Wesley snaps back, for
laid blaze wars with a shared growing ride rails. Get all that you see the rather yeah how the world views to be. How long ago was that there were twenty. Eight I got now looked is no ones factors which are so retardation, Z for agrees that kills eighty year olds with pre existing conditions. That's it we're done well going. It does kill some young people- oh my god alone, when it kills. So does it make a big deal out of flu? Does nobody? It does look it's something that we need to understand and we need to protect people against, but This is how it is, I think, more binding legal fuckin died. Maybe it's the maiden name why? But it wouldn't be logical, It wouldn't be logical that we cared about that ship for the flu. The peasant areas ought it was gonna, be worse see what happened was that we are in fact now. Yes, now that you know There are in chinese Joe limiting them in a chance at their side, and I got an affair should go on.
There's nothing in the various shit is linked chance power and they don't want it. Let it go That's what I've been there is. There is either a merchant psychotherapy audio makes you think that that's exactly what I think it is human! Listen! You guys are right there. I should be happy about that shit because that's beautiful you guys are at least you're, not fucking like promoting wherein face you measure children. There was a command of Jos. I do we're gonna do enough, for any other reason be lying. If I thought I need you to part first, while five thought I need a mask would mean I thought I was gonna, give it to you. If I ever thought I had, it does not a fucking chance in Hell. I would come in and give it to anybody. I would let you guys know: hey man, I need to get myself tested someone be up, but don't worry about, I feel pretty you said: hey dude I've been checked and I would like your password corona, even if I would still who, as a result of the lack of soda now, you need tell us, I wouldn't obscene. They called me said: hey Dude,
They can really work, but I have grown up. I would still do the show either you deal with hundreds and so on are healthier, theirs alone, resinous girt at all Europe's zero fear of cologne. It must have Yahoo off a bunch bug chase zero fear, our bunch of change that itself in this year after me to come in here, the coffin, your mouth, you respect your wireless is every guy recent back your virus at the at the airport, scaring scary base mass are not were require, that's where he alone must get the loop and yet the fuckin she may require not just at the airports this we're. Until on. I will try to make a point at the airports, as at the airport. Gotta face mass are not required, yet eighty percent of the people to airports aware Khazars skin.
Another scared. I had a couple of eggs to me twenty three year old couple: job com. I dont son of a bitch is getting a holistic and socio democratic. Ok, we gotta wear masks meagre. Imagine Q magic. If you got what you gotta losing one of those guys seals. Imagine if there were like you need to put a mask on sort of growth Those are seriously out we're going to die. Like maybe we're about. I swear to God. I thought about. This is a very highly likely that I want to show up and you can ask me, get tested a night. My I got tested last week. You see that's the last back in time and now I know you retested, I gotta did there and how I gotta tell you there they testament up the nose. The lessons of emotion is interesting because the first time it was rough and then
second time I did it at home. I had them come in. They did the same thing sucking. I think my left nostril is more fucked up to my right. Nostril It's like sensitive endeavours Unreason, but I write one is numb where it will tell you if it was, just my right frustrated, I don't do that broke my nose in those five found on a flight flight of stairs and run Windows gang at times thousand. Dom kid I ran a fuckin treason goes out, more climate basketball winner. Kid lawyers like your eyes, just watch the road I gotta broken bones tantrums far too, but it just for whatever reason. The second one and I got on Sunday was was nothing but one of the things I found man. If you don't feel good if you're gonna dragon, an ivy vitamin drip, nothing better, fucking time. All due respect. I felt ass though in a random Rhonda, Patrick, she told me tribe,
ten thousand milligrams of vitamin c she's, like that's like the therapeutic dozy you do that once we have very are banned now, I'm not a doktor ladder and anything that environment being you down is better than a mother. Fucker Eddie, please bounced back so well from hang over is removing jet lag, you're pat of power was the first one term. Yonder Chapelle would have everybody get together in one of the rooms and they would he would set up ivy drip bags and equity to glue to fund. I want I want a full vitamin c bag and some did just wanted the fluid some you're nice I used it when I wasn't toward like every we cannot fly back assumes island Sunday. I have some of you. May I ve, driven bays, show great so much better on your arm, my god, it's in a fly got Africa about. It was until this last weekend, when I went to Jacksonville wow you guys interested in the stem cells. What stem cells fix my shoulder. Did you better which go fuck?
I told you he's talking to a stem cell. Evangelize does drive us on stem cells with who doktor near and the girl fixed do not worry over. My shoulder feels great, that's great like five months stood back and works. What kind of stem cell dead way just go mad cow that yeah chips. Where did under language alone or another like on hold, I now don't worry. I was dude, I'm the guy. I wouldn't be saying there should be saying that, oh, I was do I wish you before. I won't get there s a felt. I just got out a shoulder surgery, major shoulder surgery, and I think maybe I came back to Jujitsu a little too soon and then do after a while and I just kept Rowan and, like I thought, maybe I reentered it has every morning had wake up and feeling my arm was literally falling off and then finally decided fuck man. You know what let me do that crazy. Panama
Stem cell therapy- I knew I add clay you gotta ask- has hospital Mexican, they did send in that they do in Panama. Joanna T, J did actually is. It was easy. I went down there, I stay there for a week. They gave me my work. Big I dont want more than stem cells, but they injected had stem cells in an ivy and directly into the injury, and you know what that means is expensive done. It works. It fucking right see though they did my knee to hurt. My knee was different because they had cut. My name was fucked up because I had knee surgery and they cut out like half my meniscus, so it was just going to be tender, no matter what it's not going to be healed. One hundred percent, without all that meniscus cut out at a bucket I'll, tear in a fucking just shredded it, and every member. When I had a buckle, how dare you drive into the footman
We show my end as yet, and I wouldn't do that man. He was able to check this out where the journey got into due to its citizens to travel. Jujitsu gets so we drive, he drove is any sex lives towards Gore, yellow friendship I proposed brothers when ninety eight on the ship in a while, you know automakers when you're poor, stick ship means your poor and I can in in the Mexican heard once you get your automatically like automatic engines released from the bounds of those ideas you how he has now turned out listing rates, white people like Stint in them. I can't find it hard to resist son of a bitch Hargreaves. Why labour? So I gotta get rates it was like. I did the automatic so my park. You know I got beyond the stick ship now he's got like a high performance. Diction, Sir he's gonna drive to the Doktor D
pursuing this boat Bundy. So you could see his needs fought dumb usage shock on like wine in the clause because, like you is neither drive a stick shift, do you not people, not only poor, do not exclude level. Do not go to suggest. You stand all my car's restriction. That was that the Dublin Convention seen ninety eight x is the easiest card to shift ever I don't understand- is far shifting car go now. You have to understand. Like I have to speak at us, car. The decision hid. I had a nice loaded. I mean, I think this was a blind eye, abused idea somewhere on their maybe two thousand at the latest two thousand, though those years innocence. We're a marvel, won the battle cars lobby on and you were so connected when you put it when you put their mother, fucker, reverse or
gear. I wish you had a feeling. I should probably another one. The feel of the collapse was magical have sent his mother s wages, and I know that the only reason it wasn't grinding it was the anger, He was so pissed off because he was already. It is vital that Japan and I'm fucking. We might do what the fuck are you doing with Eleanor, and it was pretty little more about that and you know what another great sorrow about sex it was when I, finally, after six months of getting his ear about smoke, and we have is like trying to convey the smoky them like sir. He so funny without we'd go back and get him to smoke. We because everybody everybody that I was crazy for smoking. We so back and back in the day, and then I find We convince them. We were in his Anna sex. He pulls over and goes ok buck and pull it out. Am I not right now
I remember a man, a man we put. I got do gate thing. I finally convince them. I finally convince them to smoke. We knew what it was While we were driving it's not people, put out. Our report, you pay. The thing is, I, like I told them, I like I didn't drivers. Six months. When I started smoking weed, I will drive out too scared. Just do does just do it like the lives of the Rhine damages ever and I got shit. We gotta go to Fuckin Bascombe Robbins, he's gonna feel that shit, because this is it I finally convince them to do it. You gotta, is there an ice cream pleasures of black and Rawlins Dental Topanga? I got lit for
made up. How do you know that first time, during the recent after that double that was it there was it and they check this out everyday politics college, and there was no, he doesn't know number, but there was them up and ups and downs but tat. I remember that night, tat night, we went to bask in robins. He had a fucking Hotfoot Sunday went to the comedy store any got on states. The first start its work. We ended joke I'll, never farragos dude for the first time today Damn I didn't realize conflict sundays. We're so far can go that you did away when I got up regularly, not how I see what I'm occurs target. I crossed the first time in like at least seven or eight years, though, because when I made my ears like what twenty nine thirty or some shit. Now about my young. I was right, I knew I was twenty highly arena. We have fifty to say it. Years older than made on twenty may
Ninety seven year twenty nine by but we don't really have to Dubai yet boggy phenomena like ninety eight dish, you were there was ninety eight was the actual train to John Jocks Irene, all decent after radio he's on the channel, for show that oh shit really, but he only that private. You never did the regular class gazette actor. You see he cried. I remember him we're about ILO and you were a ground bout used to work with your use. Download another deserve no less without store purposed. Having met with at the store with I used to go to storms have I I was working as a Strip club dj and unlike taken strippers, the storm on Sunday night on Sunday, night onstage and like oh shit, and I'm with you how much I know I gotta get changes we so what you did a fuckin set new crushed. It was all about pussy
Did you know only too well how bad name? What did I say that the biggest crusher I ever saw when you do? Those would do those like lions, bucking, but no crime, tired, fucking, I'd, never ate and are not only not only better than you know. They are those on serious euro bit those paid for the proper. Do he used to crush. I would watch him fuckin. Do the comic for when I wasn't who knows how many times have I yelled tigers, fucking. Many times by yelled at Doha. I don't even know how to do my own act that new right now he knew, and I thought about it- I've been so
stood unstressed about. I never get you heard about the time I haven't been stressed out at all. Can anyone else here before I struck candy tiger smoking now yet because we're two different conversations going on with you? I've never been that the stress that I got was in the beginning, when I was worried that we may not survive and we catch this. It would be deadly and I would see my family members die from a disease when that didn't seem to be happening, and then this social isolation I started working social distancing thing and you know and family they realised that it was this big ideas. We thought it was when I relaxed, but as far as I can being able to stand up. I just have accepted it. Adjusts took it in I think, not, I think, for that's like you and brown. Sometimes, I think, is good for. Yes, I think so too, might not worry I have a legitimate perspective on this, I don't want to have a contrived perspective. There are things we funny eventually I'll say some ridiculous shit about it, I'm sure, but there's a sore
responsibility that you have when you emerge from something that's as preposterously, weird as what we ve gone over the last two months. You have to think about what what you taken from this and what comfort you can give to other people, I don't have a voice of responsibility is being the not just be funny, but also to have like a perspective context, both as a person we talked about before you are responsible for educating the people that are coming before you, because, wouldn't it be nice, if you had better information when you were going through twenties and earnest, while you have, everyone, has better access to information and has to order and how to deal with crisis. And we want this waste is characterised by being honest about your faults, your pros and cons, and to tell the truth- and I realize I hey man- we're we're- trying to figure this out, but now we're in this weird situation, where we're trying to figure out why we're trying to not die and how much do we need to worry about dying
Ok, why are we sure? Do we have this figured out a mean, and it's a lot of debate about. That is a lot of debate in that debate as to be rigorous and ass to be open. When people talk soon, as you start banning videos, unless I like that, bitch up unless you're some sort of a doctor that specializes in some shit, you know people a lion in less, that's happened. We had real doctors on the front lines. I talked Daddy's Mars, Gordon yet about this, for couple hours of the disparaging opinions that are different from experts. Do the yes looks very he's probably also nobody's, can also see the numbers. Well,
this and there's haven't I enter in their dominant does also you have to take into consideration other sciences and you're gonna take into consideration economics because their sane, like you'd people, don't understand this thing. They just hit the brakes on the like you'd understand. This is something that operates on momentum and confidence and it literally mine have the momentum to restart itself. That's the way it needs to be get anywhere close to back to where we were just four months ago. We gotta be careful number one. We were talking about how crazy it would be if they shut the work that the country down for two weeks, how knots? I would be enough money and where I can you matches in whose I went up you know I do that what he and await Dana weight in Frankfurt, Tito's Frankfurt unity talked Dana White about data white related to mean that both we talked about it but Frankfurt to settle, just ripped, the banning of which is fuckin shut. The country for two weeks, no ngos
We were no businesses work. No one was an ice in unknown applies in no one finds out. No one can get it. He was right, but that a harsh thinking that sort of what we think of us, like careless republican thinking, that's affective. You gotta solve problems, sometimes not always, but that's where the bounds comes in. That's where I feel imprisoned by this idea being either on the line After being right, I feel in prison meter because as you know, is one of those guys that I agree with a lot of shit right about hard work, the right about the importance of farmers, of reliance and, if possible, family men. All second amendment, echoing economics, is not a small consideration in the how the health and happiness the individuals that are enjoying that prosperity inside the candle rewarding individual initiative, I mean you know lies about less for creative destruction. That's really
important thing to keep my do you want to protect jobs, but you have to allow that people will come up with ideas that destroy jobs. Yeah. We talked a tower records or blockbuster video about tat talk to flip cameras. You know there was a lot of. Weight of destruction and went into making your Iphone the GPS Cup about tat and an end. Kodak is not happy about this, but this is where we're you know so the list of survival, the fit right? It's it's always the best idea. Yes, We have taken a consideration. The people trying to figure out the trying to figure this out in real time and then what, We have is the luxury of looking back at their mistakes. S gone locally spoken areas, but they are acting on limited information. Everybody scrambling nobody's seen it before the problem is now that we ve hit this spot. We gotta figure out a way to make everybody feel good about did the decisions that are being made. We gotta agree on and to realise that there are people who fall through the cracks and we have to take care of them
Are we not automatic economist yet it? Well, we have a lot of em, but it's not about it, not enough scientists like a grass of Lee. I need to get Peter Peter shift back on to have him explained this restated the ship is pretty libertarian yet has to be very honest inside and I like is also brilliant enough that his views need consideration. It's like he knows a lot about the business in debt. Jefferson, video of him where, though member occupy war, Jerry days. Have one percent are yea refrain from every cetera? He was great issues. I do ask me questions, but duty was Emily's great. It was like MIKE Tyson sparring with babies. It was They didn't know what there was a. Why it's hard it's hard to earn an opinion because it takes thought and it takes consideration of all different size and it takes time and you have to read and you have to exhaustion
fucking a tart as you I'm not interested in my dad. You stories they most people have attitudes, it'll, have thoughts and that that that's what we ll have a good. That's a good expression, pretty accurate, it's exactly what we're talking about before people they find it what the ideology is of their community, whether there you know hard core, rightwing christian. Or whether their democratic, like Hollywood working working in film on television, there there contests and in a lot of ways and their their call is the ideology of the left, no matter what there's no consideration whatsoever to any other possible answer other than what the demo party proposes and they ignore all the problems. Democrats have done and highlight all the problems. The Republicans have done like it's, not fair and when you acted and not fair way, it makes all of us suspicious of your intentions, because I can see when you're
shit and everybody else can see when you're Fulla shit, I know you're trying to do we try to do is control a narrative with bullshit and industry. It just doesn't work anymore. They used to be able to work because you kids the same kind of things, but there was no one to respond. There was no comments section of Youtube, video they didn't exist. There is no Youtube videos right. There is no twitter, you couldn't you couldn't respond someone's horseshit, so they got accustomed to be another, get away with a real low level game makes a meal you have seen to type bullshit, but here they are you know, and we invite twenty and this out, Yeah yeah, we're talking about politicians is well we'll talk about it, they're following a pattern that existed before them and then all suddenly they get to the end of the cliff. Oh, my god, like hey, hey, hey, hey, slow. There's no one girl. When I'm amazed, how is it that you, you have news since that are so openly biased.
Fox news is on one side, citizens on the other side and you nowhere their point, it's just a opinion after opinion, as both, whereas the objective news can I get some objective news Where would you gonna go independent? I knew I would be damned Barney, GINO, listen, Adele, GINO Rwanda, politics it this right here, real quick. I thought cowboy one against Pettus major thinking wanting us Rather I got a tablet, pull the Plaza one one. I thought you hundred percent one that was a bigger robbery, which one is it I started to show was someone. I fight and I said to her as I was co another hour cancer. I told her. I thought I thought you wanted to couldn't get. I didn't stand, but man, you know go so origin my view is a world champion, one tough forgot, wrestler, that's how drunken three of you the drawn up
turn away at various golly. I have home anytime soon now taken over I'm fine. I live a block away. That's why in smoke too much because I can get into a cargo age of ass, well, ass by parlors bars, dust cloud. Part shoot she's gonna sell a motorcycle she'll make enough money. Carlos bars has been on the wrong innocent decisions to what, with egg powerless as is recognised as a result of her more recent fights, and I thought she got fucked over to the judging is not the system Deanna bitter ass, I think, is a logical, daily fight. Rousing slit, not thought you one that fight it was really impressed. Colleagues today, just split runner Marcos, brow she beat Cynthia Kaweah a beast, be used there she's on the three foreign minister. Yeah did it's a hard road for any?
human being read more diverse, especially our road for female fighters, especially a hard road for like female fighters. They really need like a five pound, wait: division, diverse! Let me to ten pounds, ten pounds for man. This is what the John Jones thing is like John Jones at two o five want to fight Francis Thy to sixty makes more sense, though it does, I guess, but have because John walk around like too dirty to forty zero, JANET others to twenty five division of like John Jay, still paying John, is that much of a hard time make it to a five right now, MR he's never vested right. If that doesn't work, not about you, thirty he's big fella. Remember when the heavy heavy lifting member there is great people it was really a day him dead, lifting she's guinea lacks he's all who is asking likes that waiting.
Wait is pie. Why well is calves fight too fast calves? Skin his calves are like some sort of a cartoon about it. Diminishes upper legs. Aren't that the Prodi. Whenever squad every seven his legs, his legs he's the go half reality. Does kick the fuck out of you and also go ahead, and how about that, I video hit any do when the skinny sweats their black, like what is happening to me. I see that it's in the celebrated are as a savage another. Do you like is yes, I remember things any girl, here's your punch, the face, Mammy, short term memories. Fact just won't! Let you know before we start this on, be fact, that's a good answer. Is that a very long way or is it a very smart guy is market. You sell my hands. I guess I'm smart. I guess it's his skull. Snakes prepared! You can't be that good. If you nuts models.
Was first time the law- some, surely those jobs they smart do yeah. You can't just be physically talented and be able to overcome the stress and the pressures of chain chip fight, not the last that wrong. There's a psychological element to it than I thought John Steinbeck right, Smart Fuckin, do real. I got fired. Do you know? Matt Hughes deserves a shitload of credit, for this, too, has one Matthews got choked our five by be J. I was interview in him in the octagon said, son I'll, never forget. He said it was a relief, so it was a relief, Xavier so much pressure and have one common after me, but he was just so honest about it. Been championing about just with the relief of Bee J tapping him. And what about you didn't just peace editor! Yes, he said was a really high after the Hendricks fighters
I think the rubbish is literally like there's a certain amount of stress her. Your body can take whether it's you do three fights a year if this amount, if you do too fights here, is this amount but there's a certain amount. You can take. That's why we saw what she s pay. What was so interesting about him is that he just settle down. Let everything sourdough he'll, turn off chap training, trainer. We can now that when it came back against Bisbee weasel wow he's been out for four years. What could it be like see? Gnp back You just wait better. He knew he was way better because he never stop train in Sri, like a Marshall artist, yes so thick, apparently he got real sick because he was eating so much try to keep people wait. Real damages. Their testing to share you see, can do in terms of supplements.
Middleweight champion the world's. How much creating can you take? as much as you want. You get love Ukraine crab problem. If you talk trampling you will shit. You apparently demonstrate your particular greeting model. I do in a shit load when it's time you take them a sob. It's only takes them. Granular shit, you're buys. I hey it's Zaire the whole time I should enjoy brother. You ever done one. Those saw Animas now Eddie. Bravo, you reduce our enemy journal. Butter to warm water, we're done as coffee animal. That back when I, when I got home cells, but I remain up to as enema drinkers, salt water, no, I if you drink, saw water. I found this out when I did this sober October challenge of sweat and so much porn Himalayan saw in the water and shaking it up like I'm losing so much weight in electoral rights, when you have
Much saw in water issue, you urges fuck, it's like it's like. If the Hoover Day Here was a warm thanks. Like jails up when the tea, is ready to do it is crazy. Soldiers goes its way requires you to lose, it doesn't degrees. You in a kind of order. Now goes every coffee animals. Now I've never done my but one doktor. Apparently I married three three three fingers local did. I won dogmatic, bank. Ask me questions wise failure about me to hang. Can we do this? One time we pressed for time here, son my doctorate, some fuckin bratwurst for years to mend throughout Europe? not yet set at my age to regular. Do I get one hundred pound man from the more or lady I am less, what did he say to you afterwards, you're good.
During young people had you gotta tell you dear super down, on the left hand, is inevitable. Twinklin abnormities molest, when you're fit on his glance. Your prostate this is four years ago now announced it. I'm sorry I'll. Take your balls of their salty order me right, delivering those gloves. Wedding nuclear came out little chocolate might have in his day now some new show I need a new show. Man, you finish. Ozark, minded. How do you not feel? No do no good arpeggios, I wanna go out a link. Tat, love top five shows the top three of overtime that don't include monsters or dragons
real Mozart, but because it might stay been wrongfully does not sign opinion. The greatest of all time is getting through as great as of autumn. Yes, shut up season it grace of all time. It's the ultimate now get so outlandish. The things that happen. You're fuckin their brothers and sisters, but forget deep maltreating, nicest people on action and dragons running around. Why walkers come the fur and you're there every step of the way there was no one season, we're really, fellow so do about it when the dragon turns it opens up in the bottom of that, I can have a she wants it itself. She wanted to kill that one person I forget it was a guy or a girl, but our member states. She was then, in there and the dragon came up behind or from the darkness. Remember that that might be one of the greatest scenes at all the film
Colleagues, you stand in their way out of the darkness of workers, erases emerges and that person knows that that ball. Lambs are those of you who marries a baby dragon in the guy stronghold it and she goes demonstrates he's not a baby dragnet. That's nice he's gonna, that's not ass. I was we know the guy because season to review progress. It is not used to its that used to tat ores, because it has prepared a setback, chose a stupid park here from really are stupid things how I wish you d, never killed off. Jason Mama, hey rewrite this shit. With Jason Mamma is about why nobody just fucking policing. He got faked. It's for that now how about one- Must Johns policing, rumblings
John. Nor does a crazy wait here. Dad that's how I lay down the drag you I love. I dare say shit you. I love you ve gone sport, man. What the fuck do that came out years ago years, we watch us! Bread is irrational section about recent comments. Rate Mozart. I think Ozark gets number two more than breaking this in a life is a leg about Ozark is how Damn regional? It is sticking inside the United States of America. It's good Let's take a different elements: Missouri, here's, here's! How well written and well accident is the scariest people on that show or to women now the scariest lawyer, and who will all another crazy? Don't I'm a number three is Ruth
Tell me it is not some very serious, hawk eleven actors among young kid, rightly air about this guy lawyer she's, getting some online. Do you are talking about a spoiled closer ears, spoils the lazy airway blows up due to dig a sport. Or killed her own husband. Spoiled by using new deal are another browser gangster, the scariest people are them, and the mexican guy he's the scariest guy large, actually scariest, got scariest guy. He He was a lorry decision, though my clients, out of ending the last seen, don't say a word to say to those who think narco season. One was bad Argos and I want to share, but narcos he's one was right there with it. It's right there those seas. One was so good that, due to plead Escobar was so good
he's brazilian servitude. He was believable. Caroline, if I was to see. I follow him every day that guy's killing cat somewhere grace to goons goodies sugar, but he's kind of darkness girl season one season to sort yeah. Did you know it's better you're the strangest thing loved another by didn't like that, you love there. We are your view. Will you we're nazi? Why don't? I may not like some of it with less eleven, you ve decided. You have no idea, son of a finnish aliens. Real question is sick. How how hard was Joe name with sling indicative? I have a very low co before for the night before the boy he's drunk we're watching Joad name, it's right there, the night before the Superbowl he was drunk. I believe it What does it have a different world of
and being badge? You have worked with me to override the mat that's all they hear me: women got do by Clint. Eastwood please! What really happened for me, I don't think colonies were actually have a reputation. Do the unforgiving Democracy is: are you shut your mouth he likes to fuck, Do you know how I me like on the unforgivingness? Probably one of the most underrated move great want to grace movies of all tat. Is it it's fun? It's a basically scrape. He basically did these westerns, please, like sort of like very simplistic, rudimentary plot lines of these westerns. There are good movies, but they weren't they weren't there weren't, if it's like he stepped away from them
yonder and re imagined. It then came back with the under use women. Let me hear it was real shit. You don't need to hear from you know it did. We usually ocean, the I know, you're a music player genius and directed and wrote a lot. He was clean. Was her William Money, William money that care? that he played out on bail ass, this one, a scary or civilian assassins undesirable. You don't wait. If you go back and leaders, they usually shredded, they showed it matters. Why don't you just at random, but he was like, is now a lot for a fucking gay porno magazine now bit, but now you gotta be shredder you're right. I owe you, I know you. I know you, may I guessed right man he was sixteen Mcqueen can tell Newman or Brian Cowen. Aware of these was supposed to play an old guy. All your money was all the avatar
Raymond. There was trying to be more or less yeahs lawgivers a black eye nobody's or market free movement. You meant using you gonna watch its also generally agrees also historically accurate Algeria. We said it is true that there is a real money. There was, but no historically accurate. The fact that there was a lot of freed sleigh. Yes, that became either soldiers or hunters, and a bunch of a very boring native Americans has allowed heavy icy hyper servicing Clint Eastwood in the mule I'm doing my fuckin money back though he has no idea what you owe Dude Tom. Ready, we put it just came out yesterday, you boys, Camp Capone, Al Capone, it's on Amazon. Is it good missus them? Now? of Tom ART is on it so that our back It was wives, and now I shall get high first beyond
fun, so is it like showgirls, bad or like roadhouse bad dude, it's just it's just. It is the last year of life when he was crazy from syphilis, nothing, it just simply increasing in his manner in Florida it doesn't go back. There old school shit, nothing we're gonna, which you're gonna tackle a subject that is in recent months. On the thirty four thirty five, you gonna tell me that really tackle a subject that crazy, like you, gotta you gotta, go deep. What your deep catches dabble on the periphery of us? TIM Tim because you eat his wife talked about how he was gone crazy in talking to his old friends, he'd Walker and I stopped his old friends, but they he saw his old friend. Then it will show like his old friends in him. Talk them in being leasing that just What the fuck are. We put it, but two hours of that just seem shitting his pants posts in the bed autonomous friends path. It fishing so does
point, come hardy, so good. Well, each it's always whose writing the script, whose writing it in its, not just whose acting as if as much of a bad motherfuckers Tom hardy his health, if, if they don't Put together. It's like don't matter due to the airlines, imagined! That's how you have do your project, yet a team of people fleeing over your shoulder, keeping you from Saint preposterous shit. Does it make any sense to try with history the charge of trying. You had the terminal moraine your partner, How dare you listen? I got nothing but love for all those people, but what they have to understand, as they have a weird role that they really shouldn't. Have they shouldn't have the ability to make can't decisions? that they can make. What can one those kind of decisions are you can cut? You can can decide that someone doesn't get to talk in the biggest Platt or user generated platform in the world, and you go by Europe.
Standards, but none of these job right monotonies. My point is a time to use those games. It seems to be a subject where there should it so important to be able to express yourself. It seems to be a subject that we should have People from both sides work on some sort of agreement for what you can and cannot say and why you can't say those things and penalized people accordingly and then have a good time within come back, but that something that's like at the very latest figures: Yet they did, but they didn't anticipated. You say you can't resilience is where the internet being privately owned. So anything you don't you two were a twitter. They can just decide you it's just like what were seen with this California thing? You can't give any person the ability to irrationally country
other people, if they don't agree with three phase on agree with its renewal of the rule of law and our role of man by man, rule of law has tried Neri situation. It requires a vote and I guarantee, if you had a vote for to pop two propositions. We let the government take everything and we held a billionaires taken. Their money and is used to feed everybody, and no one works ever again or we look at this rationally and we figure out a way to protect the vulnerable and we figure out a way to collectively restock our economy and save these small businesses in and let all the big business is now listen. We are going to be really pose to you if you do absorb all these small businesses and the only way to get tired of you, gotta Walmart,
or seers, or some big company in the mom and pop stores all disappear like this. I could for anybody. This is some bullshit Haider mentality. So this two opportunities is an opportunity to be scared and to be more closed minded than ever before or there's an opportunity to be more cooperative and more in a month. One thing that people need to realise that was the real importance. To think about how many people there live in day to day and even realize, you're alive in day to day until they shut the water. We know we know a lot of money off with comments that you may come in come in major than you had a bad view of what reality is. You thought it was ok to just kind of spend. A little bit more that you need to spend other. We want to see the noise. Why me another staff of job is to look for all those people that never did anything wrong and they lost all their income. I feel for all of them, but I think one thing that can come out of this is that people understand that
as this is no logic, real logic and stretching yours. FAO, if you know now, we didn't know before you know now that it could also Somebody else out just point do about their lives with their means. Reliable just said, is such an important point for that right and he can't play, but if you know the government can shut you down like that whose really going to invest one The two drivers, confidence confidence is accusing one wait secretive these countries. We have a stable political atmosphere. Where you will you you know you have the right, your private property. You know there's due process all these things and when you have this kind of executive overreach where, where mayor can arbitrarily with a couple of health bureaucrats tack on extra three months and I then you ve got a stimulus, build its doesn't, have a fuckin prayer of of passing through the Senate. Also me go hey disaster get hit,
arbitrary celebration could arbitrarily decide pocket and shut down. Your business is very difficult to plan for the future. In that case, we'd. Never faced in anything like this. That's not represent, government, that's a problem that doesn't represent the people and if it does represent the people, I would make a real strong argument that those people are misinformed. I would make the argument that those people are acting in fear when look if, if you're really true, really concerned about your health is one of two things going on either. There's Some sort of initially have a medical issue or theirs neglect, and I think we need to look at those accordingly as well as what what what is more difficult for us to accept. Is it more difficult for us to accept that a virus kills all people or is it more difficult to?
sapped. If it only kills people smoke cigarettes or only people who are over weight or only people are out our hawks there's a little less, but do we feel less bad? It knows people die well. I think this always up an element. First off you smoke, we know you have a much higher chance of getting cancer and a lot of countries with you drink a lot. We know about much higher chance of getting cancers dementia, a lot of other things, so No, that if you eat you know if you live on sugar and why flower you have a higher chance again diabetes. There are lots of things you can do to really short in your life span creates misery and your and I learned it unless you're a number of how many of you, but a lot of that comes out of personal responsibility and- and let me say this- that's really important. There is this very. I think you and I will talk about this. There's the people are terrified to say about any. Group or any person. Now that you are not where you should be because of you narrative under left the narrative olive this you're, not where you should,
Bay or you're down here, because you have been victimized by a power structure. You have never been given the chance. Now them So what that does it takes all alone is responsibility off of a particular group or a particular individual, and the problem with that is that it is true that there could have been some absurd there's this oppression and suppression of certain groups concerned with marginalized absolutely, but to say that The only issue facing certain communities by is not the truth and not an end not held a riot as just a symptom of people that had no real problems, but people dont people are designed to fix problems and to run away from danger there's, no real problem and no real danger. You find it. This is hate speeches dangerous via people. People were really using the term and two thousand night. In violent speed. I tired Carson.
My party is preposterous ideas, revise its is endemic community, anything about the Woke movement, Mather ramping up again. Are they just turn ramp up again get is now. I'll tell you know we're going out of it. The broke their angry has just started a ramp up again in order to allow their frustrated man, everybody, but here's the thing, even though the woke folks- swear to God who are the old folks. What is the zinc raises? Right, woke people, while you know team freedom, you know, that's why workpeople? Oh that's! Why I do I do now gives you thought that it was different social justice and redress? Is that doesnt railway ETA, United? Listen when I'm SAM joking around you know how they arise down at the world? the other side of all time. Knowing arrive in your job here. Ok, no value, not listening You know how this team freedom right, ok! Well, there's also team woke the same. But what is well that what are they believe Well, there's a penal suggested that worry, or even inclusiveness and diversity.
We sent a why I called. There is also a wonderful way to say it and if you're not inclusive enough, not diverse enough, there will focus here ass. She knew from video there, the issue, the ironing think that's it. I really do think the issue is that look we have up. We have a power structure in the country. This country was founded on things like slave in genocide. Yes, to an extent there was alive Slavery and genocide in this country tightly makes very glad. Slaves or just ritual are needed. Calm, your white bulls areas suffer enjoying your white bull share your white. Upon there is more to it when you want a man's delivering barbecue to people who are failing masks. You can't simplify arguments at arms. You got it, you gotta, take into account a lot of other things were also law. Amy democracy, beer. We can be allowed to get a restaurant Houston. Bulgaria can count way. Buddy restaurants in Texas,
My body, Adam Curry, was tell em it's not last weekend with we weekend before they already open sat down at a restaurant, real sit down mealy. We like like we're we're just got here: a wagon train, fightin, Indians, a shoot narrows that as we pull in of our brow? She's gonna come more associated taxes and used over their opening. Columbus was you're crazy picture. Janet put the fish, these great. They sent me a picture of Columbus Columbus doesn't give a. Doesn't give a fuck they have heard of mutually already was nuts is cats at me this she goes as it hunted beach there you how issues? There wasn't one mass hysteria picture Do, as I write like minded to hunt for lots, have two thought: okay, ass, you know play, as I love you and their plan, people gotta keep move in and now we're gonna be looked at
That is not what is going on in a mask insight. That's really people suppose the letter you gonna be celebrating all these, not sick people out dancing what the FUCK folks Alec fantastic Plies, though I hope the people I don't want to go. There. I get it. I dont know how your dad either of us say you I'll give you a better look. What led this girl We're gonna have neither can make everybody depressed with last but guess what we're gonna die. All of us, probably a thousand alive. Nobody remembers every three years, man we're wasting away years year. It's basically like the metaphysical equivalent like you're running
a guy falls down scrapes his day like Mama get up, it doesn't want to get out. You know what I'm saying I could. I am, and I don't know if I should just just fuckin, abandon your ass. We learn that are in favour of like old love. This social distancing, our people are just don't like people time is that no one wants don't fuck, that's a very port unvarying poisoned. It's often ignored instead of a percentage of the airlines. Have you if your boy, you have a birth defect or some such something wrong with your usual is not static or not. You don't look good your bag genes. Are this we had that's why we have to have compassion for people who don't agree with you and your beautiful Zella. I must say I was talking about him. I was like, I feel bad for you
and it s like you were here. Let me show you know you, Oh man, t shirt on three layers and I always Ashura leisure. Why why teaser sweatshirt bro? We weren't Looking any layered up. Are you camping right now? dude, I'm just wearing my cashmere sweater. Do you ever go back and think about the time you and I and two thousand twelve went, went hunting with Manila. Missouri brings a time. Stanhope comics never been hunting. Color haven't, haven't camped since I was in the fuckin. Boy scouts and these kids from the inner city tried to I didn't hear every shivering. I can hear him one is this: do you like the taxpayer? I hear this because he was recombining capping, it did, you say you are shaking were last guy. He was shaking so bad. He was gonna this where he was talking enactment he's hardy sulphur content,
but he says he's biogas and shaking so much that his lips his let's go. Let me remind you live shoes, they left. It is obvious that the reason I love those threats, because we laughed so even faster- and I want you know- is really great about that particular to Alaska those one day. Work didn't Raynham, not bullshitting. And that one day lorries was it Was it MIKE? What the other guys I was working on. The crew figured out tat. You could burn Fredo's Frida really flam very flat in that we use Fredo's because they they burn they stain. They stay lit for awhile and we take little pieces of wood. We made this little fire little pieces. Kind of where the wood was gonna win, but we kept the Fredo's go in and though the way
would would dry out as it would heat out of and then then it would dry other pieces we do to real slow engagement was, as yesterday were turned tactical and were shooting shooting is new to redo. Eighty twenty left and right him yeah pretty I still have my secrets tone I owe you do. I have my shooting belief system. Don't worry about it! Retorted! Fifty fifty earlier I was ignorant now come on you gotta be were loose right. Hymns loose right hand is put our already seventy. So so friends, I Disney shooting he's he's kind of missing salaries are using your flock, and I go Bob Cover, so we have a laser going. So when you shoe with two eyes, see the site, see this there are times when he goes like this. He is ligament, John Dick, even our assembly. All these guys are these guys who shooting good tactical, like Gaza come immediately. She value in dumb piece of shit he's.
I should have on our work in nice guy what everybody there's: a nice guy, They have a great place here and terror and very grateful. I am to teach us Ninety great, we go there and encourage you not just proper technique for proper safety in and tell you about how the and the works. I learn so much as I guess I got so just look for deciding just call now. Do you think I care less this way? nevertheless back in about when you time dim any shot would have only plates. It is therefore, ladies and gentlemen, as you can see these so fast, it's weird, but it is not just facets. Stupid accurate: what takes me like fourteen seconds take some five. So that's why they? came to him to train piano, Reeves outlier, ITALY's clock, Clia. Levin laboratories to solve a bitch, someone's ready bail. I wanna get always I'm here for hours in four hours is from the other bus, as I did
we find that it is a very important area. Listen I'm this happy they do and fights. Happy that is watching right here, watch and base our story about them are in the world create, so they just started up again. You have no audience shown up Beer Palm Glasgow. This inherent this ain't a barrier to Gerard onto they are but the Santa withheld thereupon shown Cornel Championships, o none thrown be had been breached. The thing that's awful God Tsar, really, we can do it sport so that such dangerous do anyway. That's you and you would think that there's too many things leaning in favour of open things. Too many businesses slows. What's goin on like this glasses, one person, the middle peaceably
some Brian, how how effective our what tests actually are the most effective? Well, apparently, the they draw your blood you. I was saying that that is the most comprehensive and then second place would be to detect and active virus. They do the swab. They go up in your nose like it's crazy. It's like literally probably about five inches in your new candidate that hers you can do it, I'm not to ensure better, do twice. I'm telling you! I bet you have one Numb nostril, even punched bunched I have so. If you have one numb nostrils chauvelin that bitch I write, one is the go to nostril from now on
promised sparring like? I still do a little of it and that you don't realize you're getting hit even if you'd move around the pro diseases tapping you but then need you feel it later here. You know Susskind swear here. Are your head? Your head? Is, you know, you know it's weird man when it hurts to eat only virtue interest I don't do that shit. I've got caught in the dark advertising spots and eaten Jijiu due to the fact that, where hurts to eat I'm getting reality. Ajar never happened to me. Would you good you together no one is essentially areas like the DMZ this, get out of their berries, rare. That is good in this area. I want to ask you this want to make a point. How's your back to the law, back? You know they didn't inject, my back with stem cells. They don't do that. They injected mind me and my shoulder, and so my backs the same but ensure
This is why I now hear that. How do we now feel anything from them? How much a battle that I don't think that did anything? Maybe if it did it's something you don't really notice, but I do noticed the shoulder because we got. I gotta do rockets right into the children than me and at first, the first couple months with my knee was weird cause administers surgery and it had all these Alison, these new pops and cracks all up in mind and I know you have a relationship with your new. You know which cracks and you know if it's been. If you know what I mean, but every now and then like new cracks or come up, but I don't know what's going on, I remember the doctor calling for a follow up and I'm like the shoulders feeling. Alright, I was like at the three month mark, but my knee, I told him it's all, there's all these weird new cracks in my knee. I don't know what it is. So if the stem cells actually are working for the need, that would mean that the meniscus was was being rebuilt, so maybe the cracks out
I told the doctor, maybe these cracks or like what's happening because it's in the middle of reconstruction- I don't know- I don't know, but it's black and it's making weird noises. I don't know what's going on, but now those cracks are gone and my knee feels a little better, maybe that really but more because it makes my shoulder thousand resides in fix. My shoulder feels great You know my story fix my shoulder for sure. I had a full length rotating of tear. It went away. I got a second mri. It was like eight months later in Santa Monica he's very good doctor been really is amazing. Guys, lifespan, medicine, Santa Monica, he's I've been going to him forever. Is incredible and he's also, I think that's important with all these doctors is that this is an ever changing environment like the technology, the medical technology there. Constantly coming up with new and better techniques will translate your pockets in five years we may have things are all they all say that the
Marina await the you girl, merge peer and about is locking asteroids whereby an idea whenever that just now so I did that to Jamie and I've been. I was part of the treatment we ve been doing any day every week. My do yup adieu energy. We weak. I do a ivy bag of vitamins every week. How do you feel here field yeah yeah yeah, jeopardize too. And what a peptide I'm doing BBC one five, seven the other doctrine, is it you're all at once? Yes, well, yes, I do a different days. What he's been unaware right here that they do not agree with the set up a thing: Concierge Ellie, maybe a fuckin, hazmat suit and enabling them to make you do like an opinion like get and then I talk talk while we're getting ivy dogmatic day after fight of an ivy. You feel better
bodies. While what, if you didn't while such a distraction, because the New Zealand needles in your arm, you reared alpine nobody can imagine fights it's just like us. Getting I read and talking showed him d hurts. It hurt a little Then you Charlie, how I do not agree. I heard side, then my my view of my girl was to get it underlined minutes here. I've gotta down at thirteen minutes. Thirty minutes bag, it just ideologically shit stomachs. Events like your guts are on fire. Are you, so we feels like the worst stomach came last night. I heard but then you may regret you, but not. Everybody has added a five day straight, that and thereby been along with your ivy. How long did it take to guide? Did refer man, I remember exactly, but it was
our yeah yeah, when our lot easier, you see the ideas, the quicker you open up, the ramp, the valve on the ivy, the more it hurts. So if you do an hour, the first summit did it was now is a kind of mildly, uncomfortable, not a big deal, but I'm like how hard can you make it and I go over and above the way, so the nurse open, Paul the whales. Oh my god we're good grades and hurt you like your just man. You're got word into your child in everything. Fills weird everything your chest: it's just you! real happy. It's it's tough man! So me, since I'm a run, I decided. I want to see how fast I can get that shit through my system. I want to feel the brunt of it the full wake. I want to feel the worst it feels. And just open it up, why, when I feel now wait it's I don't know, man has something to do with our asses in your stomach. So tough Lou feels tat.
And a little better. It's crazy! The moment it's over the moment, it's over it's gone, and then you feel better. If elected not and part of EU like ok, how much of this is I'm just feel and better, because something socked like when we were in Montana and everywhere that the that motel billings, yet if in a terrible tell it afterwards way. Does the bare shower ever ever, you know. A regular shower and you have always said this- even I've had shower conversation. Somebody, never taken showers together. Now I didn't mean that what I mean where you liked around right out of where you you said this once you imagine. If there was no showers as you couldn't data, how shall you take a shower grandma? there is. However, hot shower we the relevant down in a fucking frigid river, I imagine things in the thirteen hundreds like them out the ability that hot shower like we did, find my arrive. I could stay in my thirty minutes easy that
water land that shit then came the hurricanes didn't even now that they have Rowan, these crazy bath houses. The man's really interesting and whisky be taken one. You you'd get really waste, because this is the first thing we ve done since the lock down to understand this. We have a fight every week. And ass we wish we can have. Finally, we consider shadow land. We do a hunt. We should now move to Texas I'll. Do it If you have come, sir, don't you I do guys out good, timely since tat time and in Houston. This farce comedy goes, is an extra bulgarian raw. Listen for me, and I know that inspires Houston- is the first place I ever recorded an album. So it's actually special totally due respect its Samuel. We go out there, tat, usually best known but personal reasons. Why use Houston for bunch a personal reasons?
May I also like that that was the club where first really started pop in on the road was the club where Kennison needs to work out of and and and and Bill Hicks used to work out of related there too. He says it was a thing where I was there, and I realise that I just missed this era, where, like in the eighties that place was the shit I people are going to Houston. To learn to do stand up in that outlaw away way. You know how many guys came from their Karla Bow Jimmy Pineapple others
as a travel around with Kennison. I think they were all from that of June. I love Carl above was from using very definite perform their. There was a lot of guys that we're out of that place, who is a different vibe? There was a wild vibe. I've had good times, but then that one club went under was so crazy. You watch one club go under and then the whole system falls partners, the Houston Improv, which is really good. Craig- and I know you guys are there, but the thing is that you need a bunch of local clubs to build town. If you won't have local local town, you can have one club you can't dominate. If you want to keep your own, it's it's crazy view, but its contrary to a business. People think that the only way to operate a comedy
successfully is to help all the other comedy clubs, because you want talent, you want a lot of talent and if you only make it so that your club succeeds but you're going to have a limited amount of town you're going to have a tyrannical reign over that talent as soon as suppressor, creativity and contrary to where you thinking you're going to do. This is going to actually hurt you in it is right, as I think it is wise takes years by Philip, was performed San Antonio. Through our cities has got great state ass. They said Emma Hotel, you, San Antonio Club, their ridiculous. In our cities also to caps. It is amazing, but I love all taxes. I love Houston. I love dollars. I love Austin. I would live in all those plates gesture. The thing about Austin is awesome is like that. It's a nice combination of how boy in heavy began Craig inhibitors desperate? Is it it's slowly becoming like I kind of like cool to be like?
for I do want to live in tackling drowning out little by little last year, how many million? What have remained Californians moved to Texas last year, The tensions are right when they say hey, you gonna come over here for this. They serve the same voting right you're right. I don't blame Brussels. A lot of people say, as happened in Nevada, blind taxes, Kelly, California or lie to California wounded via line is right. There people just drive there was a shit in the back seat and why, try to people like denial of why it's a good thing to talk about tat. Does this mean session, because even they fuck done, because they also let us know that we could do everything like through zoom. In you. Everything through was crazy, there are things that we have to be in early nobility illusions: the with the only part of the air. We all got caught up. This two things stand up here. You guys keep me here in the store. Keep me here
that is true right. You guys want remove somewhere else, and we want to do comedy somewhere else. We could do would go, we could get together can live near. We could bring other people in. We could literally start a common club. We can invest in a current comic Levin help them. We can. Blow start anew and we can bring in our friends and give them a giant shock of the money and just try to stimulate the business now need to worry about us. Making money from the common club, but worry about promoting colony this new place that wouldn't get my. What my back we're all in all we wanted to do was break even readers. If we just made a decision like here is willing to do when a move to town and make a comic club, but it's a fucking shitty business model. The business as we just what a break in. I don't think so. I dont want to make any money somewhat. Yeah we're running, engage shores, communists
They are all like I'd like a rough in a lot of ways and lots of ways engage. The audience liking engaged the commerce get everybody like. Look. We gotta community here we're gonna, do this for the art form, because this is how without Wendy the comedy words amaze. Denver wouldn't have seen that. Ladies amazing, that's, why did my comedy central special? There are two thousand fourteen and what I want to honour this lady. This club is like the right he's in? Why Denver has a suitcase, and sometimes it does come down to? One person met us, but it can come down I would do it, we go somewhere. What about you? Kids, school friends, listen man! I am ready to start civilian US people on your lies about your kids are cool everywhere. Man, kids are cool everywhere there
there's a little bit of good about learning from the adversities move, la cooler and taxes, zombies, yet love, but people nicer and Texas to that's another thing that I hate stereotyping Khazar ought not all nicer, but their very polite there. This there's do some benefits to non. Haven't people tell you what to do. That is that's the problem that we are all experiencing right now, and this is the real issue, the benefits of people not telling you what to do or giant it's the only way you get anything done. Otherwise, your resources are dedicated to dealing with this one person in suppressing you, freedom of speech or suppressing the way you live your life or stopping you from going to work because you have to wear a fuckin mask. We can't be their close to people and you're, losing your business and come come then advanced or Santa Monica those areas and take a look at the homeless situation. Brentwood the tent. It's crazy!
Jamie seem, as ten said, I wouldn't know they gotta. They only celebrating that's a greater part right, but the radically said they rapid will bring with it. Broke this crazy rambling by the Visa centre. They set up these outdoor camps that are socially distance, so you have the camps where people are willing in the inside to follow the rules than just side is other tents, just regular homeless, folk fuck, you rules, here's my friend, Willie. Almost too. I hear he's in there what about a washing their hands whatever now that we have these on that, no a judge- and now I just ordered that's why they're alive homeless are off the street right now. He just ordered that that these homeless cams have to be taken down and they have to be put into
Its operation turn David Smoking math. I see, I see the harness everyday, I drive and go down there and do not about a homeless, they're fucking everywhere in the same spot. I just did, but they just did in the past week and now I think the guy's every day I think was homeless. Futile energy is, I think, a lot like Emma may fighters who are sluggards. If you see them when there in their prime, you say what looks like we're: gonna have the activity just give phase first weight like it seems, like its work amounts, he's a good guy net homeless person five years later, when the ten has a much calls an egg and the Heroin STAR Anita whether Liver disaster fund. That person then find him, then airports every girl. I love you guys, you hate us now. I don't listen. I was worried I felt like this show I would like a drink water of does in the desert. I know did like I feel, like
I can and what can we do in our next? We as we can keep do, which is doing very well when we draw up this is who we are. We do why not render outside the palace and may also, if we weren't, even really good friends. Imagine imagine someone trying to recreate this. Is can stupidity. I like your class alone club, it's not a bad idea site about idea and I think the place to do it would be in a place like Texas. You know you it is. You have to do in a place where the business rules are good and you do it with a good ethic. The ethic of the ethical like setting up a place like the old last stop because you really worked old, laptop and river oaks, but the old laptop is a magical place and you would be answered
age in wonder? At one room there was like the, I guess, their main room, and then they had a side room by the bar that they would do and open might night. They would go on to talk in the morning. Sun guide. It was amazing, it was a real. It was a real community man. It was run by one crazy dude, who is part owners? lotta met not a nonsense attached to a plan as it could mean benevolence always has it. That's always how it is when you are creating good comedy you dont, get good comedy out of Both like rational has varied in this fits we're all Miss misfits come on. Man misfits, I mean there are I try to get a bunch of cars involving this thing. I was trying to do shut up political car when it was easy when George W Bush was president man. That was easy, but you guys understand if we just decided to up and move towards Austin together, no bullshit, we decided do that. We could wicked ignite a community, that's not bullshit! We could bring there's a lot of comics from Ella. They don't want a beer anymore. You're tired of this attack
given up a giant chunk of their money in taxes. Go all these draconian laws that are, you can't go outside your house that a mask on or you risk a ticket like. When are you going to lift this? when this is over. You sure you know what the fuck you're doing. There's a lot of people feel that way in their line of foods, and there are many eighty percent of the people at the airport. You didn't have to wear my face ass. If you do eighty percent of software mascot here No. I dont want weren't on a plane named underwear planet where in the urban? No not I didn't. I was a damages- the airport, Jacksonville haven't it doesn't sell lays down. I don't have to wear shit, no atomic access whenever world view An ominous doesn't want us to the point that was. Eighty percent of the union have to wear trust. No one ever said anything. I said to do next couple on the plane. They like twenty three zero to the nice couple, that mass on the whole Goddamn tom. I didn't
It's that mandatory I went on goddamned diaper for Ireland is so close to forbid. Are you giving me a very mandatory? I wonder with all this nonsense is going on how everything just got real haywire and in the world is not what it used to be. Just a few months ago the frost ability get together and just talk shit. I notice get factor and a shadow to any one of our evaluates head for three months ago. Very it said very it's at five months ago, I've used, like you, too, brow Abdel you I now Falcon, you mother of our girls, but for him they presents worse in Britain, assess six feet apart and cover MAO's brow. I know an event like a disgrace: crazies going around flat around they're gonna be traces on our phones, it's worse than flatter, while we were going to sign up for it and their bureaucratic gonna, let dudes microchip M because they want to work the shipping and
we're going to embrace the bill gates vaccine. I can't wait for it for something that kills eighty or I can't wait for these vaccines. My official really mortals eighty year old. Does that make sense. My favorite worldwide will be allowed to use them down out of action right now. I'm gonna Yells AIDS is the devil is going to look at areas. Like we would open the council's honeymoon. She said: honeybees was packed brown gonna get mad and those that drove up De Malibu yesterday? real bow, all all love or malibran dawn, broke down over fuck. You that they I'm just scared that they got something that big, Dick man so political ends, think they're holding onto this. Like no reason you think there, for our health, comma, looting, is about how we can as a drop in Finland, son you think about that? I, like the care about our help. Realizing that this entails loves? You guys are right, listen we made it happen, goodnight.
I love it. I thank you for my own. I do say it so were felt really get to do this boys I now is. We went to long term pop you doing great, Look Xyz didn't spill any tat. It will you there see their regarding how about that available Amazon everywhere books are sold.
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