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Fight Companion - Oct. 25, 2014

2014-10-26 | 🔗
Joe is joined by Eddie Bravo, Brendan Schaub, Ian McCall, Kareem Masarani, Aubrey Marcus, and Whitney Miller to watch the fights on Oct. 25, 2014.
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I and gentlemen. This is a cluster of a part of me. Awesome, there's a lot of fuckin people here. A companion party has brought you by ANA, go to Owen and I to use Colorado's. Eighty percent of any all supplements are shut human act. Each time we gonna Fuckin stacked house tonight. Have the master my brother from another mother, Mr Eddy Bravoes, here in Macao, friend Kemal Korean Corina Tool bar. I knows why those just Madame because, of course, when the baddies motherfuckers on the planet earth. Next to him, big Brown is in the house as well.
Now. Just one word for word prepared for his next big fight, which ravaged Brown gotta, be very confusing. Call that those like you Travis and because my brother, Miss Arbe Marcus, worry about how it? U S on Twitter, follow him. He puts our great links. Gal wit me right below she's here, fresh off of Jujitsu lesson. Just just Peter turning off pretty and folks pitches up and we're about to start the very first if you ve ever heard when these podcast before don't expect any. Deep insight to nature the universe most of it is people get drunk, watch and fighting unemployment. If so, we can get better use, English randomize, we'll have any, and every day we are demanding that we back Taylor right. We we got oxen
I am not going to get a lot of them and you will get a foot mad rush. Euro transactions are first rounds, touch gloves and other goods. Time says for fifty five right now so you're sinking up the thing about the internet is. Why should I get on the internet, its we're about? Maybe tenants fifteen seconds slower because there's a lag between it, uploading to use dream and we're watching it right now, so its very first round of the very first quite its Diego, for what is the fight, Diego Ferriera? Second I'll, tell you any minute now, east German What's out how much worth it I bet on four era, Did you better? These motherfuckers are gambling Ben, you dare range
not know much about these gentlemen, pennies about ass. Ever all that had the privilege of rolling with them a few times Benito, grant any combat and humans, gentlemen in the last shores. Fears undefeated be seen. Diego Frere fight before monster he's got very good. You jitsu two very good. You did too good letter. I can t like those is, throws hard shots, but nasty judges. Couple years ago he Benny went up against Kron and lost by to sit by adults. Age. We saw the fight. If he saw you would have seen that would be advance given was it wasn't a budget advantage? There was a sweep the what that he wasn't. Given that many wasn't given the points to really really good fight, real quick. My boy, Neil Magnum One is for straight t care size, the gazelle that's five this year, five and That's a pretty amazing. He just not us she's. A lot of people talk well, but you said you I know it is really mean but analyze. I barely keep up with anything
I know why the wisest not hear him check check. Kerrigan! Wasn't I'm sorry. What did you say that you do? You know what I think. I think that there is a chance that now it's really one reason why there's saturation of the. U S see, I think that was done on purpose, so we would watch anything I can barely keep up with the EU of the weather, but how the fuck am. I gonna watch Bela too. Now you know what it is all tat exact, what it is, there's only a certain amount of fighters, there's hundreds and hundreds fighters, and if you just let those duties just run free tickets, debt by other organizations in the reality is a lot of fuckin top town out. There is a lot if you will, an organisation that has three hundred fighters on contract. You gotta have an ass load of events, press plus the idea. Keep spreading this shit everywhere. Internet invites everywhere, but a car in the international they would at time people talk about on the internet all the time. It's at the known subjects, what's up with the saturation with
left, overs like here in Amerika in America, about an ashtray its growing like talking about it- and I don't like this- was american surrounded. Her is good. Was there a plan to oversight because not handed over lanyard, it's over seven on the spot, the I dont do not believe it's over saturating they're putting on good fights are just trying to put on as many fighters details time when you have for them to get famous Leaders of hydrogen man show look at Conor Macgregor, the Motherfucker famous me when I'm on the exemption right, NEO Maggie we go five years ago, he's five. No, you know he's on line. We only do and want to manage spot
via wrongly Zeebrugge, wager decision. Every time you know if you just might be Killed- and I was last bye- bye decay, sleep now how about you? I've got its ideals, values. What I ask of you is a train right, am I not right would be dug out, I'm saying: how can we like him who's, been winning? How come he doesn't get as much as national economy? Yet, exactly like John Fichte on fisheries unpopular fighter, It depends while he was, he was successful easy. You start probably cover title strong walk outside, but there is very strong rusty chains. Come on, Kennedy was exciting, so some people want to see him loose. I like this stop at war. I let you that's what I like about this tat style test people you know he's on. Leave ably tough. He fucked, stays on guys grind.
Tina White said the blue line. This lunatic. As soon as the last time you crazy, workmen bout him nastier, good, good top came a real good balance. He trains to stand up- would have I'll he's. He's awesome how about Damien, Maya, Gan John Fridges, John Fit He don't. Foliage optimism fits John, it's true for errors and hold them on a Monday for going to apologize and all about. I share your view. Get caught him that. Whereas good must say never son. His knee and so flexible. All I would go for neighbours wegg locked all day on him he's twist out. Maybe three
so far bankers and is coach attacks by just create with deeds who have like super flexible joints. Now it's when you rightly, I think that's how it like quietly amendment will, if I thought or other arm bent barefoot balloon is back. Your first european is ours in years of Digital. Is it like starting as a baby? I think it's who helps like it. Bravo, you I mean you're. So like you, you show flexible down there. Don't you think you were born. Why were you born flexible? Who I disagree? Everybody was born baby laxative whereby an you are not going to ride and I think all babies are born flexible, but some just keep using it and some don't use it. Lose its about a new attire, alarmingly dont use and you lose inexact right and I am really about not talking over each other sorry. Romania must have my life, my toenails with my feet. That was my bad habit tat. We have the flexibility,
all the southern gas thing. I did the exact same thing as it is so good being a disgusting towards odor rises them I want, because I had it make sure my mom might are do a lot to make sure your mom's, like anyone we're both in You feel, like you re at bite, my toenails price say. Why be flexibility, something you can use, lets a bill that a lot of people a lot of people don't work enough at turned into this. I agree with them some sort of same time. That's that's all that, for some guys are frequently yeah most everyone is how he's been doing it for ever the I'm not. That was not like explosive. It's not like that! Do not provide for nanomedicine brand anyway, they can get flexible. If you stretched rubber garden knows how you walk into Kickboxing school, you can keep to the head. Does anybody know what is going on discharge any ass and eventually the real deal to that fuckin shot was sweet. You role at that guy, you.
Doesn't quit its resilience crises the goods on the very day- and you ll see you know, but I dont think man. I think there's people than just don't put the effort, and they just accept the fact, though, not flexible, remember that do that we had the big football player guy who got stupid, flexible over the course of my good man. Here he had terrible floods, I would start stretching many got mad flexible. In a year he was like a soldier. Some people get get to load. Does that get huge use? Billig you so giant duties are to fifty. We should call a ride ball. When who fuckin wrote, I got really thank you. Somebody, like a million you gonna, take a Monday wing and in an you hook them up with a kickboxing train or any came up to me today I can keep to the head man. I don't know what to do. Would you Tom retire, he's the pessimism of do? Oh, damn it's a beard
any just cracked and with that need do is dominating I'm on the ground to. I was really surprised by how he took him down. And then got his back was hanging onto on where's this kid from benefiting started with on my son start without Bruno. Who at half Gracie nice Half Gracie, makes a lot killers. Yeah he's got a lotta killers up their northern California. They had Cameron Earl up there. He had allowed do up there. David Corral he's out. There came a real Amory amals down animals, animals up their dude Gambie Scott Mouth I'd, be german, DJ left and it went to Novo on yeah right member that come a details. Probably out, for they worked it out. I'm talking about the one you know in Icelandic of testing time here, whose teaches there thou Bruno Mahmoud, ok yeah, but he also tracer half I'll now kings have echoed area
he's a good guy man. He really tattooed him and his wife of puncture times are not have you yeah. I had better be otherwise. It said some foger it and we're going to let you gotta keep it should, quite frankly that I would have you got a fucking, be a little shy about that. You there's party in great depth. Yours truly. She had no idea that met and we erratic, whereby ourselves at the club in time and some couple comes up all cocoa their guard, you guys party, she would have found it. I'm like nothing that we don't we don't party. That's all! Yes! I love these wonders. Why not like fifty with just just perfect just personal meant,
it's a five year old tears with a tiny little. I've got a train, I'm never works in other words, and they get an urgent debate. We look at another table and there have swapped another cover with women and girls. Love, of course, and I cannot manage cocaine, has things happen, Yes, I said why would anyone want to draw because there are they don't give a fuck? Do I want to show you tat? I was do instead of a temper and there are ugly there's like forty of them. This couple, twenty on each side, twenty guys girls and they were all swingers and they want to take us to realize is me and Mattie curse like why look at you, fuckin monsters,
That's like that. Seen in its wording, you're still a great fear, low Thompsons on how wizard and the lizards. If we do not have the floor, I bought a cautious about who they want, like any random ever wanted to Bessie. I think when your dad. You know. You're fucked up in your old annual Swinger like yours, is a mess you just fuck anybody. Anybody faculties put lipstick we're good. I have read a pile drive my why, over thirty years, one of his men doing important man, you know there's like ten years with you might be thinking about about you. Toiletries like twenty years? I do not know what else to let people all I gotta do is letter, bang other dude soul. Why do they abandon their lives? There have been a good deal
the regional. Why, above all, you got to keep your wife and have sex with other year about the key party, while all you gotta do tat these two thousand and eleven everybody corners and apply guys don't have headphones on rights. Do not realise what clusterfuck this separate conversations gonna exemption! Only about a key party SEC Party- please! I saw you where's party Deodar, throw keys into a bucket and whoever got you know you did pick whenever you want homeless, when you better What does he bought more loudly? Tough, tough action, very life? Hopefully, suppose you shouldn't want in fact irregular dig exit, actually in order that somehow o down the gods, the Mobutu, you that's a brazilian girl,
You have to have an estimated twenty undrawn issue, as we have seen that alley. She's been correctly member Alger. Yes, tell me where I had a mouse and I loved I like seven years ago. I she had a beautiful boy. Look at his look at his left eye man. What would happen? We caught a bunch of shit and around right. Did you get tat? Other companies are nice defence, too man, oh Jim, overtopped it, but there was a lot of energy and not allowed us worry on good good defence any he landed a vicious fuckin like grip for that flurry. This kicks away too slow, powerful, Mccall, humming bird like speed, there might be a little fatigue, yeah well for just one of a big o big charge and
Irish how'd. He saves last named irish derision. He blocked most of that I suggest a cardiac have a nice. Neither biomass for how do you keep going pulsing, breathing culture, Xilai and also so important. Those moments right in the scramble and it take down to the guidelines the hard shots, especially those who needs the body if you get time it just right, Brenda Fuzzy, so you know, there's gonna! Be that opening you don't give me that brief. When to get somethin in scrambles everything. Brambles law level and it is judged, tells like who is in like really tip top shape and fuckin is really driven and wants it and whose looking to take a little bit of a break whose look into it maybe not push as hard to capitalize on those moment because those moments gonna gas- you know of your time ready to mad scramble news that pause, judging a breath here or boom to fire the shot.
And in a high level, no scandals. You have the small window attacker than ever to good manners and Silver Stephan Bomber, there's not scrambling land that fuckin vicious, neither the body- and that was it. Most emissions, you see at a high level or during the scramble guys have a good pointy. Fuck me, the body knows got a really good one cowboy yeah yeah boys got a beautiful one off that left leg. He keeps guys we come in as your charge and in he's pawn at you with a job, and you come to close a distance of catches. You with that body knee both overruns got a vicious, went to transparency about either so bad overcome is just it seems, like he's just having a hard time taken punches these days. Yes, it's not the same guy who ever they hit in his face to it, hurts had just put them out so well, now one against ban wrath well, and I never defend rough over him ever because it's done so mysterious. However, when he fought been wrath where he got hit behind,
So we will always genes out of control when a tour cease fire pan man his mind, the ear it's gonna, fuck, yeah man- it just is, So I don't think it's a matter of a chain in that fight. Look up came the last case takes bombs, Junior Conner, robots behind nearly went down while, but you do not now, but their wobbling, they get detailed yeah. I you know, I just feel like you go back to overcome versus Brok listener. You are looking at. May the scariest Fuckin heavyweight of all types of what I want seventy pounds of the just two hundred and sixty three. He ways in it to sixty three and he looks like a god. Damn car too he does and it was singularly extend, harms yeah just doesn't even when they are real respect that domain. You then not now give always the same supplements he was on. Let's see, what's up that's what has thus housing and proposing a report of this nature get bullshit. I do we all go back to not training If we don't matter, we ve all got
I'm talking about everybody being on steroids are flouted. Let's just do this using these gentlemen labelling slave it'll make this a fuckin main page article. When you confront welcome websites containing paints, Rodya one based on steroids, were already with drinking. I would like They do not broadcast so fuck. It everybody Ernst areas it worked comprises more men like family silver is banned for life. That's fucked mass factor he's done for this war, crazy due to unbelievable ridiculous. You care run from drug tests, but I cannot support them. Turning. First year for a year without even testing them. I'm a hundred percent doubt that it sends a very clear message: a guy can earn money fighting for a year, he's got it,
do seminars on its out forever that same eye, to his hand, was on my way out in Sri Lanka is just as I did there is I've already shown up, but not just eighteen. Zero merits a year. I goods a year a year and maybe a hundred dollar fine fuel and make it still steep makes any great dog random your boy fuckin beneath that's Benny Benny Darwish truth is about mother fucker Galileo is its first. You have to find out now How many of you like this guy for five? No, no Last year I was an event corner in the lock and rapidly night. He was on smaller, no head he's done Florida. Before the is. This is the fourth one in the
anyway. He's lost, wants to rams everybody's getting out why we got killed by Ramsay me, I'm so impressed with this guy man. I'm surprised Ramsay got what does his humming as you one question, He is six eight one and oh eight one, so Ramses only gonna beat him. Well, Fuckin soup tat Data What do you? My report has still less than one dollar racism? everyone's get busted? Do you think very few guys you're doing steroids now? I think it makes a tougher, but it listen, professional sport, its part of the game. Would you know limpets and avail MBA. It's part of the! U S management, I can be a power of fighters. Do you think that there's that ten, you have three fighters that just got off because they want to get busted and now quit it.
And I will say nothing so they got off. I think you know, there's one thing I busted. Saving some guys we're getting off to get off because that's like you said that was part of the game. Oh, how to fund the oldest erodes in every word, I mean you gotta any wars and you think it is personally in Emma. Am amazed may be eternal, try again, that's gotta, bitch she's, my she is, but arms is defined, medication allowance. If the treaty presented I'd, say fifty percent, you have invited you, don't do start depends on wake. Latvia, nature. Administrative costs are worth going away. I still believe that aid. If I were you, I actually like why. The way class has an issue with legs. You went out with. Fire me. I mean look at the guides. The if you just look at people have been caught usually have you were less it sure when that what will not only by a team of
caught, the Russian do not appeal what the fuck you, a hundred twenty five What do you want? Do you need only on with mighty mouse and he's his Gaddafi given like? If you will have the cordial at a hundred twenty five pounds, to keep help for sure just go? Do you know what I saw a man? I think its first fight that he's fighting five rounds, pie worried about that and also he's very physical like everything he does like yours, where mighty mouth is loose lava diary. Eirik. I hear you I get all these things are all great point, your hundred twenty five years you're right, a hundred Savio before day your rights. Look. What do you a flock of your three hundred pounds or two pounds or what unites was cheap? Ok, you cheated the fact that we did a bad thing and he and when you cheating it's not just that arose doing it. Here's the deal you're going to be able to do damage that you wouldn't have been able to do? It was just be honest to your phone is going to suffer. If you cheat,
reality is not like football tat. I can get across a line quicker, you're, gonna land shots that you wouldn't be able, and I mean speculation aside about individuals that we can see pre and post getting popped. Move is plenty of examples draw from it we talk about any of em, but the reality is there their bad, because your opponent can get hit when they might not be getting hit, but this is, a promise that training like veto about spinning wheel, kick more violence. Erodes emailed a pact that what s five hundred times more yeah. It's can be in his wheel house, knowing what I say now, it's all in his book of tool, so it was crazy. I hear my party, in other words, hee hee, legal testosterone, which is so squirrels. The fact that they allow that for so long ass, his own scornfully, but the ship works when you're, like veto leverage to veto had fourteen in seventy five was his blood level. A normal
persons like? Six hundred, that's like I've. Healthy if you're not draining when you're a training, you're worn beat down two hundred three hundred, so when you're jacked up like that, yeah you can make some gains visas are well under way. I love it between what he's a good guy. He looks like a well here in this house about the way and not count em out hell. Now you can know that striking is you in the fuckin head up is striking is nasty. What did they goes down really easily? what are you afraid? The asteroid them well you get off I'll drive you stay on. By get off I'm to get crushed stay rising troublemakers. What requirements not on that date and women is a fact. East monster is obese, a horrible match up, even if he was, and still is, a horrible medallion inside Monster Roger offer them any fight five rounds, because wine is any guys on steroids, but a really really vocal about being analysed.
Our task as it were, for the most guys are all that's like my colleague Carmen. That's, ok, do tour antigay preachers, Yea relaxing exactly have you seen, as I'm sure, there's lots of stuff back this fact and greatly by access locker ass, the fighters are both a cock Jimmy. You see, you have you seen the african they all, my god, you eat up. We need Google com, these Dixon speech. It is like a crack old man like that. Mexico's misdeeds corner Morocco still rock in it. After all these years, Morocco knocked Jack Array and Joggerfys, first Eminem. If I may, that too, it's been all round. He had wars with pay, lay back when Piggly was FUCK man Paley. Was these shoot the box? Man pay labour.
In Anderson, silver? Apparently, that's the word. He was a bad aspect gay, was moaning knocked out, Matthews that high and God Damn Paley was he had vicious? My tie fishes that drake Jane. I know his name is Lucas Martini both bodies. Girls are tough shit down. Elkins is just fuckin country tough. Straight country he's one of those do g fuckin knew you mean him in some dirty honky talk with sawdust and floor value. Theirs. I do this outside, like I'm out I'll, be right back monopoly on the first part for your hand, breaks smiles on Thursday. One knew they broke. You didn't he tat takes bombs, but he's got fight. Drake You're gonna get that drink, make sure relying only one facet non twenty four hour mill he's a good rest or to those
wrestlers man get guys who have their background. Fuckin amateurism so used. Torture, a window dressing. Only other data. My kickboxing coach, grinning boardroom, answer a handful tiles ship, his daughters, a freshman and we're so the porn bell rings on these is as yet no rest impact analyses. What, for at the high school ceramic we'd, all of the room go there and check all these fuckin kids, and I realized why I'm so fucked up threatening that's what fucked up your head. You may be crazy sitting. Some hot ass room, fucking tortured. We didn't beat up my my coach champion seventeen from IRAN, and then he left hippy. He left the country and then couldn't. Recently Olympics which she probably one because it never drink, so you would bring knowledge super bad ass. Just kick this shit enemy, my whole highschool career. They have a deep, deep agro wrestling. They fuckin tortured me, IRAN. This assistance
the iron sheikh, the legitimate village Erasmus, which I had been a college just kidding you my world class everyone's gonna, be like an analog he's. A good dude man is came on stage with me in Toronto. I did this we'd stop this week show in Toronto. They do the show. It's like the underground comedy show they do it. In a week store ended. The weeds doors are a barber shop in the front and calmly club in the back, and you go in the back. I can't see ten feet in front of you? You are in the clouds man, I'm not joking. It's ridiculous is the worst hot not all ventilation whatsoever. Every now and again they open up the backdoors. Nobody dies, that's it! There's! No air is all your Sweden and Ireland. You breathing they breathed out we'd, it's the whole rooms fellows, we aren't cheek, was negative highest fuck and he
age. While I was employment really been frightened. Is this your video of an online Solaris mean hands talking on stage, but yeah the Iranians. So imagine me at fifteen. Sixteen cut, wait. I've gotten Sana, and I have some forty year old, iranian dude, sergeant me Remo back in a credit card down all my sweat people look like what. Why is it? Ma am making their voices were acceptable. Sir, you can't buy him now, maybe muttering, to meet Farsi. You can't just stand him, so actually witness glass only want to fuck him you're gonna have to hold. I realized the same. Twenty four hour could, as we always went to ITALY. Silvio was a gay hang up hard This is getting where member element where your daddy and I worked out a twenty four hour. Fitness induces do is managed. There was a cool guy, we talk tomb and
It sent him over from the Santa Monica place. He was like a he'll personable, real, friendly guy, like a real, easy to like and so The Santa Monica place brought him in because they needed to get that place. Cleaned out because basically become just a fuck, how I closed the shower chuckle about everyone having com, condo, zounds Walmart, but my body and in a word I find I waited a working at the same place and they used to have a trap, nudes gay, that we're fucking in the sun and stuff
the cops gave renationalization people die in the sun made me for my way to it. Are you ready ready? Let me read you with me: do you fuck my make Mimi level is just a blurred outline funny holy shit. That's funny is unduly is do such a good guy and he was telling us that basically, the guy I just had a run on the place they would. Dominating the place there
because it was all them. They realise and examine MR here, the list at rock out with their Cox. I guess they I'd probably had some gay manages now to clean that shit up newborn or for an idle work out there once the Jim that I normally worked out. They closed fulfilling, and I wasn't Larry this back in the Larry days in Aragon, Delicious fucking go to the West Hollywood when I'm not going to the less all you need is here the scar irony stories to get that work out and then he talk me into a bucket was just go and the real questions this this girl chest on, get the fuck out. I swear it. I was standing there may allow work on. You know we're like Ben Schumacher, forty five player in a guy next to me had nothing just had the data And he asked me to thousands what is this for Go through your chest packs. Why does it make my? But we want to be
Phil just for your chest flock to sell, but there are many good time zone for you hated vomitings slit. While there is still one straight due to worked out, there really was a digital diggers. Kyrgyzstan isn't, except in the sun and three bullshit, my fuckin home jam. Absolutely this apartment is Jimmy Negative, guys from Wisconsin and does know shit about, etc. What are you doing here looks really fit. I guess I'm in a fit community. Everyone's walking around with Jean shorts Cheese short. This might be the days thing out. There's a million things are here: you have to be seconded Dick, while you're rollerblade, making dairy out and sobbing happened. Yeah, it's happened for
you're, someone selected Dick well roller bleeding one hundred unless it is precisely this parliament to do that was mounted on a due to face. It gives, due at a flying trying was celebrated Sedates, whether roared down Venice Bob. It's probably happen in all the years. Had there been blowjobs rollerblades it's for Europe, a glut percentage of flights. Domestic flights have gay sex. One percent say signal over there. I'll get. You think me procurators. Do you know what your hands? Because I can imagine what the headline? That's gotta? They love fuckin anonymous? If you know what, if we were all gay, we would all be under the same sugars, guys we're guy with parable minutes. It was bad guys highest type known for anonymous sex in bathrooms in battle.
This is an all out of totally normal. That's how we would all be if we were all of our guy probably doing the same. Migration is www. If you're not how we care James, I would urge you can download. I kind of that. To my mind, a few. Every little shit unusual have you seen my grandma and there's a few gals out there that just not follow the rules lot of women, you try and financial rules by women. You, I don't think I'm with you buddy, I'm not trying to come back here. You know that's how they actually, how the gout and looking at our direct one of these bitches is fuckin ruining the curve. That's why we're legalise process two moves into a country, chicks you get married like work. We just gotta lock this downs, with this. This is what it is much less value which areas they had to legalise prostitution with the overall
senses of women? They gotta worry there than she Willy nilly browser, systemic, some girls, don't even care like I'll kill you! Don't you see what this means do start calling learn. I can work in our times more model. Debo, of course, stages. I've actually, like God, damn it. I haven't commune day, see me Jane, worried zero power in countries with title of the regional striking argentine other. Did they have zero power there? Well, there's not a good thing countries, that's what it was like the backing. The gang is candies. Feminism is what's keeping prostitution is illegal because of who came legal we just block them all on Twitter would never have to hear worth keeping happen over their white wire, feminist, listen dear! I got I got talk. Should you for a while and by some to them
You know what man it's unless other highly, I'm I'm a hollow phobia. I am not know you not home, I'm not into any body whose only into one gender looking there's not going to go with. It means choke right now from the top there going getting around yet his elbow like in front of it. Instead of on it in order to feel man, I'm not into deeds are an immense rights either, but guys identify themselves is really be discomfort and on the other side you're, really in the men's rights like I'm. In the amendment I mean I'm in a hurry mean this group, men's right now I was insulted feminist a reality. I had a conversation with her. She misconstrued my point. Not a man's right. I don't even know what an MRI was cited. Look it up. I thought it was like one of those meal. I can just get when you're in the arm to every body with its a fuckin bomb has exploded. It was a fucking men's rights advocate. I want no way is that what you said and then I'm like, while how ironic is it that a feminist would be marking,
whose into male rights like retail, neither men don't have anything like what does that mean men don't deserve. It's like how could you be marking someone earlier you, one of those Dumdum M are really can memories. Is This was a very sexy, their pledge cutie for dairy farmers, but perfectly bronzed. Yeah man, you know, I don't think. I think that a feminists, their feminism, is women who identify Themselves with being a feminist and as soon as you start doing,
becomes like a thing you do like I'm in the car. That's the thing! I love bowling, searchlights alone in a feminist, blogger. Ok! Well me now, I like to play, pool both other than a segregated too now creates it's like you're, trying to like break that wall down now your creating a walling, orderly shit like that in our it lets you know, not, hang I would guess work. We have done militarily friend, no guys gonna put those guys are put before you there. No, no! No! No! No! No guy! I know there's a lot of social political, social justice warriors these So just like nighters white ninety bags, it's our men that under normal circumstances, would starve to death there. If we were all in hunting parties, would it be limping back, We send our be willing. I shall be forgot them. They would something bad will happen. More is important,
those sitting I filed out and what they do question about us deeply, has a different progesterone ass to where they are good or bad. It's good ragged, something. Why isn't Why isn't vitamin water because they used to get why they blasting that, for some reason, No one knows that you see the day when you stupid things, tibia enemies, something the ominous sugar to use other stuff too. They use diva, but that you would think that they would not gonna. Last man we're good Father May God s visit officer, but I would argue I was getting louder. Yeah? I know he boy he's land, he can take it man, that's part of the soil, that hanging loudly Proctor Manaos behind or two o on the chin. Without one is so damn tough man so hard to finish that dude that wasn't. Why was so impressive when he he he lost a Mendez Mendez? Let him up man Mendez
monster and that food, whose document as they were taken mender thing, amend as I like it s down to haven't coffee Won't you guys they says is a little bit like a drag raises very fucking, my point. Well, so we all know about all those three round, mother Fucker labs around like Ricardo LAW. This is intolerable and beaten is ass, now, fifth round much reality. The thing is, they sailed strategies made, which dummy run. Yes, he's not he's not gonna move like that, beat his more power, I feel like the OIE. Does he dealt with, but I just don't. I mean all those to get anything, although, as always I remember how anyways technically till he saw he's so precise, no browser, moral, child and goodwill. I agree, but I think that I do when accurately, I dont think charging, although I don't need any more about these children's you. I just think that I don't know he's here doesn't move like today's ocular isn't going out strike Aldo, which I think he heating
master splinter in his corner? Yes, I could be. I was wrong. I actually goes up so I went on there who do you think Fucking, Dominic crews got ten. I'm here, look like a beast, proud of him in my value and esteem, bribe wrought in Daniel Coordinated and my camp. Yes, yes, he brought in dockworkers with them don't mention, shows us for work is a sharp. This is what you do. Show me your way, smaller than that stuff. It's just not gonna win our real house, whose citizens trying to do that ship, the zone is Travis Travis Musil out like that again, Ass, like that's like saying, I thought right hook like MIKE Tyson, yet we both throw right helmets, cheese, man, persons pretty here that dominant crews thing is our right. I read a far cry.
From the original Dominic crews took it to another diameter crews level. The other data to now knew I'd have been so happy for another. Finally, that I dont train. Well, I was so happy for decades, showed zero hesitation till he came out guns boys in. Gardens guys do that's why rocky keys? At least I know you're Riah finished somebody got his back and choked in our midst. Darkies, not just not the same kind of grapple. Your royal robes in DC and other canonize mine, long funding, combo Lamont Joe yeah, I'm sure I miss you gave it to I humbly on our so whispering in what is it? What is it like? We're gonna win him and causes me his knees? A hundred percent yeah. It's this pressure, things? I've never seen anything like it. Rather, I've train with it. You know I've been with atomic guy came to.
The pressure you just need to keep coming, Keith Coma, that's him and came and those guys valued into werewolves. Yeah he's comes fuck in association with the issue about Cornelia from I can't needs a modular watch them spar. Now I wish our seas of videos them. Spar is goddamn ridiculous that we can also watches war K. I love the eating each other with everything. The style of this is that we again round the same style and both guys are going to run a percent mean they're, they're fucking go into war, and I wonder about that man, I don't I don't. You know there's, obviously you can't fuck with the result. Kane is the best heavyweight next to fade, or ever right, meanness, Faint Orient Hamish, that's it easily and I would love to see the together. I who knows what the fuck would happen. I didn't you know who knows if you watch the two junior dos Santos fights since the first fight, you wouldn't think that Junior could knock amount, but junior knocked about anything can happen fate or was arrest taken, mother Fucker radar. Would you get while on your ass brilliantly in his hand, are ours throw
through those casting Pontius yeah, He was he's, never scared. Now, where we waited in former years, so that I could be me he brute literally, could beaten anybody when he was out of Like Keynes injuries skylight, while he keeps repeating Sheriff was bought in go it's a different one hundred percent they're gonna hundred percent man. I took my slowing down in my area and elegant and thirty now, minimum old, but I'm just been fuckin injured lot. Well, there's a lot of people to think that the sparring is one of the unnecessary aspects of strength, conditioning the people overdue because you're, so your beating each other up so much and so much trauma that you, if you just as you, reach a point of diminishing returns. I here are you tough yeah? Can you mentally deal with a clear deal with irregular best? Yes, but could you be two percent better if you didn't do that, could you be three, maybe five Elvis take a completely out, but you can't you can't take complete, I hope, no way, perchance, you can do like many packages.
Bars only the last four weeks ago, Really we always why last six weeks, the camp, I do we care be unleashed by the last six weeks ago and how much older, how many times a week disbar what one is what we have marked once a week, we're brains It arouses man it's along the same lines as long as you're simulating scenarios using techniques that are gonna come up in a fight and oil in the motor oil and then do you know any always talks about this about how, if you just fuckin everybody loved role, but if you just build more. It would make you so much more success. What you're roles and it's really to the same way with any martial arts mean with kickboxing. If you, beat the shit out of each other all time, youngest, your problem, get better because you put a lot of attention to it. But if you work out with a really good like Rob, came in type, cold or Dwayne, Ludwig Type coach who takes you through very specific
ills once you're actually sparring and you land that led to the body. It's like you're right leg is coming around. What do you think about it or not? Is there just a part of your your bodies, memory, and I think that we still don't know what the right way to do this? You guys are due to guys we're like experimental projects. Ten years after Rio Ray I'm really them easily launched in Spain. Your hearing aid, in spite of Jonathan, should not immediately. They bought the shot. They look like a killer, chimpanzees. They found in the com in the Congo. Here listen go a little bit dick. Is they weren't? You know about that? No doubt nuclear have these over last, like since, like the nineties, they found these chimps in the Congo that devoted taught within of one that was shot and like the early nineteen hundred, they called the barn door
It's an enormous chimpanzee, completely different, genuinely stands a date. They stand up and they haven't crest on their skull. Just like a gorilla does, but their champs and they slip on the ground. They don't give a fuck google articles com lion killers they said is to have a video of one apparently eating the leopard? They have two different champ they com we Beaters in Lyon Killers and these align killers and their giant six with tall three hundred fifty, our chimps sleep on the ground like this to happen there dick why they pass out everything. Just fuckin steers clear. These crazy fox think of how strong a chip is entailing a hundred fifty pounds, This is double the size, six feet tall super small they have pictures of. All over the internet, like walking legged walking like a person. Does this car our minds and our swiss wildlife photographer, and he found for both of them like spent years looking for them. But apparently it's an incredible.
Remote part the Congo that super difficult to get too, but just now these people that are fucking risking their lives in this crazy shitty part of the world, the aggressive, of course they are one of them, is a fucking great story. These scientists that went down there and one of them made a fuckin a bluff charge at them. Just stated move you can't move I want to check the you dead anyway. So just got a stand around. That is my job back up. If you do back up for short gonna fuck you and they rip you nuts, I first saw you they re personnel genitals Base Dana. It works. They know what you like earlier I've seen as their smartest shit like half way, which a person in an animal loads I believe you have some little lamb right, a ribbon balls you. If you had a monkey, there was a hundred fifty pounds you wanted to fuck you up you being a giant problem, he would probably kill you most likely a rip. Your part imagined something twice that twice ass, big and soon
regressive and the locals, call them the lion killers and wages. We know about these things, they have dna from them. They have some photographs and some videos, but they pay. Early. No, these fuckin things exist. I want a vibrant way to get two might end up, as the pet mass ran one Edward trading partner, measurable, that monster. Imagine my mobile phone line and bondo aims to train with the next block train with Pando ain't, gonna, think, babies and then train them and bring them up. I can't take em they're already adult forget, Hannibal Lecter masks face crazy military and just a g, yours, I'm he doesn't by your we'll bites lobby would be a hammer we'll kick at the same time imagine a champ how to do a guillotine.
It was like spotter out, especially the big giant. Once Dario thrown a decision wholly hygiene, Brazil, it do it. We were barely penetration those beyond over time. I was There- and I was somewhat month my ass time on a month is biting dicks off some stuff Are you trying to fuck everyone? You know each other for their bondo ape who's. Gonna. Get who happen LOS Angeles happy? Who is he fight, needs someone goes on areas. I would just now. That's rightly dna timely line that NATO's back, I don't allow Ngos to sanitary monster. Yeah he's tough, it shit, dude can't leaving knocked out Henderson. I was fucking. Eighty cowboy yeah we can do about. It is a big step in a cup. Guys is beating of quite a few really good guys, but knocking out Benson this fuckin huge. Fabio Maldon eyes, always wonder why these gentlemen, zombie history for us this is paper view the only body shot
a milder now don't play scout, really good left her mouth, the cubs smoothed his boxing. It he's a perversion, The exact opposite of a guy like Barghouti, not he's a big guy means fighting. You know too, oh five, but yet he's like super light and relax with its punches? He made a big mistake. Fighting steepy, though, what did he toy, usually out through the fight, not saying asked, for an animal look at their picture of their debts. And I was one that they found, that was one they shot and like the early nineteen hundred saving it a picture that better picture is showing its whole body. But if you look at the other, Jamie, is one that they shot at an airport recently, these two guys understanding of its. You get a perspective, shouted getting this warning right in that picture, you're talkin about the airport, noble That's enough from one that I wanted. The cotton, the camera trap, but this picture of one that they shouted is actually dead, and these do You're standing with this thing and you look at and you go, I don't kills that problems that could live
the Congo. They eat champs their daily, whatever kind, meet their Bryce. All your real sports. Now that's another image, one to you, the real sports. Now there's just look up bondo ape and if that doesn't work, look up really a b I l ape, go bondo ape shop trading partner, you'll, see one has an image search, you're, the one with the There's a dead one there it s like the size that fuckin thing look at the size of that FUCK Thank you see it's balls back up a little Zack sacking car how they kill it. Shouted and heroism kill with a fucking with a barbarity that we bear shoot. That thing. Fuckin muscles on that goddamn thing: it's a gorilla is smiling to dine. Liberalism are the bigger guerrillas are bigger, but that's that's what the Miller size for ship. That is fine. Enormous,
We got a really big man. That's a set of tits, I'm gonna, do don't you like your legs. Stick With this in mind, we can look it up for apparently just out, but what's all like all in your face is a thing likely leg to the love that fucking sure sure rings around here. That's more than love stomach, cadets Keck, as is calculated growing I'll show what they don't have big dicks like people. Do brow people have been saying centre the balls. I declare the ball So this is actually scientific fact that both sides are directly proportional to the amount of promiscuous females in the region is now includes human beings and the envisaged words human women are more slutty. The human men grow bigger. Swimming. That's a huge
someone's gonna burn for bees aboard my girlfriend. I was like you want out of state exactly going. Things around whales, small town girl in the mountains to many people, Orange county. They have two factors too much traffic. They just do it since this fuck can wave my boyfriend come on already started travel for the next two hour. So far we'll Maldonado versus HANS Stringer. Anyone know anything about stringer strangers. You want to Know- and you see this- The legs really he's about to get punch. The foger another wins scheme is a standard bearer for showing us. They were. He. Mercury is a victory over. Friends whom are Barroso and where the fight nights third round decision, while denies a fuckin bass, eyes obese dude, his boxing's, really slick.
Money clip? Glover, clovers, lightning him up to heighten the mob and then think he catches on the left organised globally in the chicken nets, but he just so tough man, So it is a guy. You don't wanna, have a conversation with one. Seventy and how these desires to TAT feels gather to tabulating. Then postman. Stop this year. Three hundred and seventy in the you know, he's drunk and you and him were sitting there and he puts his hand on your knee to tell you store it. Does that we're about to clamp on your knee when they stood around I'm not goin down not on their tails, same story: s other. Are there any grandma ledges I'd have better. This year's be no comment, no other or it could be like that. All do that bit the Fucker
young boxer with along heritage, must, like the throwing away, told you never seen a video camera with tools like sixty, yet he flirting with old man back get old man. Hunch, like a shrimp shrimp, politicizing, get away with that, because it offers this yesterday, you let them get away slipped a jack in the jail like your goddamn world. Just there's that that level of boxing you get will your eyes are open, as the punch hits you have seen. Those pictures like old school or better Doran is a photo of him as a punches hit. Art is wide open. Its doors to counter shop has the plunges hitting them he's turning his head. I mean those. It sets out a level exist. So relaxed and that old man told me was used to get to know as a no exact airlines out Fouquet did
after one ass, he was going out and bad boys been around for fucking ever and it hadn't seem like they ve really been a. Why do so many deuce tattooed on the body Look we gotta keep very generally wonders of bad boy. Tattooed on every one of us is one of those who know what do you think about it? That really is like the cool thing. I'm a bad. Boy why everybody, whatever your bad, we girls like bad boys when they come into gypsies or, like a Brazilian, thinks I remember like eighty, a member, I have a pair short and it doesn't hurt boy, but what about, like God, like spiky Johnny? Bravo here with, like you, like responsibly, on talk rulers, no less about those lacking aid- and I remember my dear boy than I was verse and that more than eighty so rough, an old, their newborn eighties,
most generous. You when you were coming out of pussy with mom speaking to be your father duty. If I may to in I was made, it was eighty four in waiting for it was when I was just starting to get our seat. I could have fucked up and shot one in my girlfriend, Jesus Louisa speaking about shoot more powerful genetic. Here we go half of war, I think, but listen as they think I don't Brazil, that's why I'm not there! It couldn't be more further from the truth. Brazil escalate by we're on the ground. I love going to Rio. I just I didn't have the time this week and I had family obligations and could make it. I had a how to stand down. Damn kids words. That is there's no things I can't talk about, but last
on the grounds bigger bad. As all these was that Judo video, real with us, I was floating around using, but that was mine to reaching a video aluminum vacuum gene pool. I should add that old dude video of the old do do in Judo, he's gotta turn tiresome and he's moved like water, flown around them these, like into sixties. Another old due to sixty When you know you're almost dead, you give zero for protecting Eurasia Elles is decided, Let me out rotating of injury. I'm just gonna does do. Take me down like I've. My MAC times in a row of maize is amazing. To me using the guy's technique is stellar This also there is a potential watch, the video that their his students
times when you roll with your students? You know you. The student at almost have ended up. Guy found the keen over that death touch now those guys and just like flipping. This is difficult to talk to those do yeah. What are they about? There are created. Brainwashed totally brainwashed about your boy hunt in the title shot fuck here for a while guys do they make an agreement like go with it, and do they talk about it? is it likes, and I think that is- and I would rather you, wherever you say, master others. I have called the entering this cruel, really failure like today
We're gonna do right, cruel right, I'm ever talked about the gap. To do it's an unimportant, fuckin seminar readable their issued. I knew tat, I can you, don't have the guys that would do it. If you don't want me to do, can you can go back and I'd like a jack in Egypt was losing all you can you? I would never will pull that word off. I don't know what I knew what you may grow. You said I go. I seen that online fine, I'm certain rights aspects. I never really play that game. I now you mean I did a few jobs were not enough to call her duking. Thousands volume is gained tag without elbowed atop. The dutchman not happy big round, when you have our position in this spy here do ground and pounded you try to pass. I looked for submission from half got most, where Europe's guys like yours, whereas most guys
grounded panting, especially wrestlers, can really control gonna hafta on that switching Mme horrifying death. Through I agree I like this under oath, I you haven't or, like I do admit your own. I give him the another guy like for my daughter's island for the neck. When I come up one amalia now his dark Yolanda Maui, especially regrettable You know I never leanest bothered out of rights. The cadets like this nice with the hooks man nice with hooks or beauty, John Beautiful, good control someone Meyer! You let them out you don't! I think, mounts overrate Emma ourselves. Some amounted to be fine, one hundred billion snow danger wishing you I will try to regain half guard. Yes, why or create a scramble. Never, why would you try to regain have guarded because I can get up even if you are and how there was a deep how he would stay you during our term? Will you
and I'm not good at Mount. What I do is create a scramble I give them to grow scramble to get their neck and you- and I see what you say if you don't want amount, because it's it's worse than being in someone's half guard, you are being mounted. Why would you put them and have got You should leave. I they depends on the style, Tibet who depends on your fighting to them. Fine we're doing don't let that Motherfucker Mount, you did you. Let anybody fuckin mountain ever before going on here in the mail. Naturally, undefinable you wanna, recover, have guard at least depend it depends on your fighting, so there's guy I thought I'd guys guys mount to create scramble right. But when will you, but you have a right to have their mouth, pretty good man like every now just for awhile right. So if you were mounted Purple Bell, you'd do pretty happy with it right. If you were mounted on a guy who just maybe was a notch below you, you would take that you'd stay there. It was an empty fight right. Yes, so the dish between that and a guy is really good. Is it that your mouth is not good enough or
no? I didn't give em a mainly because the when the striking the short his youth, your great. Right. You finally dial it you're, not gonna, get heavy strikes in Russia. Kind of just sitting there, our fear of doom guy you're, looking for some measures across your feet, underneath, like a guard from the top amount, like amounted guard, your ever nasty you ve ever done soon die you'd, go for selection, ok, there's a new goods, listen! Even because no one has any mounts everybody. What's your philosophy on it, I'm just better at punching in passing, thereby also my division sorts. It's not it's easy amount pass mount recover eminent amount again tried him out again and why do you want on? Why are you trying to get to the mouth too dominant position, and I can punch you from there. I can get you to. The person gets tired. You know they. They start to panic, and they sort of square and I take a bath- could do whatever, but I can get to float above somebody in the belly punch, elbow and living things I gotta work so much when you can floater room and hidden
the body or whatever it is you you're hitting the guys. You can do that from half guard. You can You create scrambled out of iranian belly. You let him turn on and I'll eat all I'll do, like the other, the cross, my fee, I can lock amount locked down and then just pension elbow and Democrats mission, but I dont minded people. If there's the scramble. I don't I'm on top of them. It's such a dominant position. I can just I just holding I agree, and I just want to know where you were when you wish your feet like done. You're not finish, and guy was strikes. You mean when you to fly or when you re via, when you re not finish last year to year, do anything I want my level grappling from out he's gonna get out you guys, but do there's some guys when you grapevine there's no then have like a crazy hyper extension in their back. I've seen guys who fly
guys out with great amount, was still fuckin blast from the top. There are viewed ass. You alarmingly, gonna get more. Women have wonderful right when there's no NASDAQ, when there's one thing you gotta be, would sit up. You gotta have a calculated. I'm going? I agree like what are you doing it when there's not punches in the mouth, big brown, Why are you not trade with any? Bravo, you need to get you fucking. Asshole return. Planet get a couple, less talk, only half the amount in Venice chemicals, but it that's incredible let's get county, doodles internalize, rubbed, camping North Gun wrestling, entering on motorways and me, mother, Fucker others have recently manner. Why am I here? There's a lot of template jujitsu down their turning Ferguson trains? We're not sure what I had on right. Noses
I gotta come Islamic deal with you. I got crushing thinking and think about what they go down: orange accounting! Listen! What you're saying everything you're saying about the verdure guy is correct, but everyone should strive to be the verdant guy You understand, I'm sorry, sir! I would be the redeemed www judges, my passion, I'm willing to them. How would you get when I go now? Travis Brown Yolanda? Please give a brilliant job. I'm gonna be able to do that. Everybody you! I agree. Whoever Brazilian, why every one of us should have no about going against the high level brazilian and I can get them out, I'm like it, them out and go holy shit. I'm dominating the spoken on Libya and we know if it's there, but I never can stand, have guard if I can get them out our it's the mount because you're in some deep in the mouth theirs? again with a rather than what happens during our term. Shooting half god. Will you just now? have overall the overall and Emma, maybe look at all. The five were not that many fights and from we put all the time up, a fight is in in half guard top.
And Emma make most of the time nothing That is not reassuring in that. In that respect, and that's it. Argument was the time when you and guard it's bullshit notes My report last, I agree with his half guard. His fuckin top gain from half guard is very good use. Various it is his Darcy put Matrona sleep. That's a beautiful thing. Have guard doors, half guard Japanese, necktie, half God guillotine. Lucky I have got to. Let me go, let me borrow value your area, but also all sorts of gain from sight controlled as whole for sure the love and a whole system from the mouth of yours, notably, I know about it, go and then the back is the home of the book. Its regular dialogue, crying in front of Dana and he's not watching he's That is a weird thing. May you lost your gun, he's watching, monitor how dare you about, but is weird thing you do sometimes fight is on in front of you. When you watch no monitor, that's a photo, doesn't three screens and we're talking about we're talking in Argentina boys to watch and it still worse
still any chance, given the punch people more than others. Just fuckin excels, yeah, we're in, and I understand your names on you, you accidentally strong external he's, got a little extra, and so I don't really know made in such a hurry. What idea terminals rynch other you know it's in the show closer everywhere. I I would say that less explosive and having HU, I disagree I explosive guys guys I cant do I completely just like, like really now, because guys? Yes, I someone I'm playing football or do solid zero. How my boy he was like a star pupil has no place at destroying we're on our way. We go back and leaving them back my job when I'm with an amount that I've got a question about cops man. Eighty, the deep outlawed those tie steel cops and allow grappling competitions reactors. If I could do that with the right. So why can't you? you mustn't dynamic anime like when you know our
One time I waited has underlined the nano gotta pause. I was wearing a man what the FUCK Maldonado scheme We gotta get out phenomenon of agents who doesn't look, how life around Moreover, we ve got to you. You're gonna shoot a perfect devil on boards of EU and then what come back without whither. You come up with the right to work and to do that Sunday that Israel's governor Maldonado, looking just fuckin firearms Edwin Anderson damaged up there with them and dismissals corn come on come on some bothered about. You know could learn something watching him punch like everything was:
precise and, like seventy percent power and entering a new era. The fucking want see luminaries, Zella he's in Rio, the deaf suck you just go. Who is a he his striking from any position is so fuckin pinpoint looks like it hurts exercise nap on, unlike any hymen was right, the maybe he just moment. So there is the question: if you could fuckin guy up with a tie, steel cup and grab, competition? Like it's it's an actual lever. I give you catch a guy need two inches or yellow its metal, and it hurts I was wrong. A mere inequalities gather rolled with it rolls, with a tie, combine a huge mount you and stick that fuckin tie copyright. You saw a plexus in great buying, it is death I never thought about. I've always worn. One believes kicking, that's your fuckin kick, but both of you ever fucked with those. My question was we're fucked with those like diamond cup. Syria. Would we think about what's buried,
Ireland or like a steel I wore at once, and I liked it. I just any broken never more another wound, but was an hour ago. Was it a while ago table around it now they added about they ve done about changes to them, they're pretty dope, but they were asthma, and I actually put a steel cup inside of my last words market. I like the way it set up, but I don't trust. Plastic rather well shaped steel is a little bit different and speculate. Go sailing all look! There's a video of someone kicking you! Ok, we'll let Melvin manner Kick you in the woods. Let's let someone who knows how to kick as I'm watching this kick Michael, not, then a brass get fucked. Let me you have you wanted to emphasize. That proves that. Let me exactly hundred twenty five held There's a lot of people that sailor, gay men kicks kicks, usually elite. Some kicks some kicks. You can eat
patriotism, yeah, exact, ass, perfect wiseguy, to bring breaking down work with, you is used patriot, so striking totally can hold meets. One can have that do it. Have to put him on a bag. I just know warning him: kick a bag, Beverly Hills, Jujitsu for those mother, Father him, Patriots, Margo and Marco Studio Annalisa just says the guy fooled bags sensational do that you're too? That's why you're normal there's certain. Judges have a weird power, and you heard it should now in your hips. It's a. Obviously you reflects more solar own size to dude, it's a we're its shape and that's one of the main problems and I have a transgender fighters fight over in women's Mme say only if they let if they dont. Let him know tat was the issue that I have found function, shouldn't undivulged, cushioning, think she had to use. It was a medical issue. If you know that check used to be a do, but is now a check and
fighter to ads on board, I think it should be legal to ride bulls. I think you should be legal. Jump them actually be doing what you wanted. You, I think, a hundred thirty five pound It should be able to fight a high and thirty five pound. Do they have run housing, Brian Caraway talked enough shit. They decided to go at it. I don't many problems, that they both agree to it up awaiting fight Rhonda, theirs This is the size of the Lahti. It's a shape of the body that four different than yet every it's, not just the density. The bark is black. Women have the same density of bone as white men. It's very soon Almost the same very similar, but you know obviously, pro athletes in guises training and have more density in their bones, and the average person there measuring two significant difference, but the big gives the mechanical advantage, the male frame you do find a female with super wide shoulders, narrow waste and the same size, hips and sing shapes is a man and when you have that kind of by
you could just generate more charges. I can look at a dude and tell you whether or not he could be like a man who ve there's some We just have that just stupid fuckin power and you can look at me- go well. He might you might not. Like my billygoat Bobby lashly, it looks like a fucking brick shit out bodies, not like a shame. Car went to but a Shankar wins ashamed. Kardashian commented that stupid fucking power. He can t up coordinated salt, wouldn't we became entrenchments about one or two fund Jesus Christ. What we're gonna! Do you start when you I'm reports? I was in a row and regular. I'm a man like you. I'm will lose weight. Try both of you may not like societal that bad all. You could ever do hollered and pleasure in the back of it here. That's over his hands are not going to shrink, not if they do
will they showed a little containers, all other fire beans in women's em and may well be former. Do so true interests, donor question? Would you'd know where, as I like this you think aliens each strictly your mouse or are they began to question. What would you think they come down and we followed on aliens are real, complied through space where they live, that begins today, planets were there are or that there are mainly from organic. I've already figured out. Let us wait the boat they bring like farms like in there in their ships are eaten air. Do they just absorb energy? You know what they say. Where would they say was wrong with the vision thing they got listen. This is the true as long as you're, getting the all the vitamins and minerals and essential fatty acids, and I mean no acids and appeal form. Would you bodies can adjust these bodies. Can we can digest anything? It's all
at the vitamins, minerals, amino acids and essential fatty acid, you're you're discounting the possibility they might not even be biological, we're getting so close to coming up with artificial skin we're talking about artificial genes, the ability to download someone's consciousness. Who knows when in a hundred years? Now, a thousand years now to advocate is but download. You're you're, you're mine, just hundreds Louis I'm, a computer as I do that you can have these aliens we're assuming their biological, but thankfully we transcend biology. The view tat. If you talk about people lived in, We need a guy, like you know, was Australopithecus Riah than all this version of human. If you took too one of them and showed him an Iphone. They would know what the fuck to do with it. It would have waited basically be as ridiculous. Paris in the way they live to an alien and being some sort of a biological creation or artificial creation. If they come up with thick cells, and then they come up a fig body parts and eventually fake by an invention,
maybe won't enact the same biological processes as a brain or as as a human body, but it might be something replicated in a way we you'd, be justice, conscious and justice, productive, again like a clause would have to be something that I downloaded yeah right, rapid shown your replicated for you make. What do you figure that out did you make Vulcan copies of yourself like you to make? these twenty copies mail and all your work and your relic have. Obviously they all say that is one of the hard drive what files get corrupted. Then that's all! I think you know I've ever seen alien to get their work and master vile will think about it. If you kill everybody's everybody's version of the alien is essentially the same. It's always a big gray thing with black eyes. What if they just all agree like look. Let's just all looked ugly lotta behind. We don't have dicks anymore. So who gives a shit we just the one that will you won't? Even one percent
it's not gonna want. Let's just go. You want, because after awhile people hold onto you can hold on to the home. If you want a real fight and we shall not having as we can sell touch filled, filled Davis displaying the goal of islamic law is called me. End of learning told me: you want to shut that hormone off if you know that Think that kills everybody that member? How will we fuck it I'll get life I'll take this live with the food, and so what you turn around and on every now and then I had every now and then go in their turn on the sex.
I booming and again I want some areas areas you turn it can figure out a way to send sex. We we say if they don't have sex welcome, but what, if they come up with some shit, it's way better transcend sap again allowed a fucking thing about Fabio mother, not as doing tonight, there's no way you want to transcend that. That's gonna be beautiful, do and he's gonna do a hundred times forget I do under on sexual partners, Fabio Maldonado, no infinity domain names, but very thing. I know brazilian very famous naming names but their crazy block wild they'll just disappear, and you will be with you in an airport, the chicken airport and you won't get another flight take off and be gone for a week. These, Guy super hard. We all see gotta think like Mme fighters. For the most part you guys can testify to that very impulsive.
Whilst I completely mean not entering into the cage, because the fucking accounting gig didn't work out. I get time, offer you tattoos. I do Weird Lionheart I do where'd, you know massacre muscle car have. I am also going prices. I just I wrote you a portion of the individual I'm gonna America must garage thickened than thinking a lot lately, they gonna miss. Now my life get a cobra. Will I used to have a yes Shelby, showing eighty five they're fucking, real contributions to be able to get a new one on all one. Will real dolls or thought robot, arrogant, so good that it actually pimp have one. I have never really does it's going to be so good its authority, not about you know. There's nobody in this house were due to us in his girlfriend is in lingerie and she's cleaning up and you go is
That's not gonna, give you and then they got you outside, but no six, not due to the girl two million dollars like the one. We again tell you: the regular upward was dead men. The robot wives it only in addressing the alarm to do. Look it up, but loading up areas above it's gonna get there. I don't want my words of welcome woman, just watch I got one about our arguments friend that, like three, he's emulation. Thank you think that could like eventually change the porn industry. It already is thirty started doing. I first person porn those things on sports been saying honorary around with a shout at he's. Like I mean, what do you want for research purposes or knowledge will be you Eddie? You could do jitsu with that
put on innocuous rifts in Virginia Learning position left looks likely to what is the dawn on teaching girls jujitsu. I do for the girl and the only way the cameras pick it up is everyone's naked close. This is a triangle series. The lighting has to be good. Work on the North South position right now. Green suit with all these eleven one at all There's no one! There is anybody, the there's, nobody, nobody, nobody there! after dark is really like Have you been
I just yesterday is about risk height. I knew what the alien game on at the end of it in a new one, wholly was hidden. Having terrifying, I heard the ailing game is so scary that people think that it should be illegal. I gotta do an alley and you're you're in the world and pay. Apparently the worried logic concern. People can have heart attacks. You're an old man. Ok, if you and your fuckin seventy didn't you diseases or had been brought against lot, but they're, fine man. If you're fucking wife, you know what does one I've sexually more water is actually play. Video games put me down. There will be a valuable tired. I am now we get it, but she went
and leave you gotta, go around on guidelines round us. If you don't let that I'll give you five hundred dollars, that's alien comes at union just mean muggy like can give you five hundred. I wouldn't want to do just ass. He's got back to this. Kid is aliens and when the ailing, when you're gonna, fuckin jams like minded and alien, comes at each your book and throw that your body just reacts movement, It's crazy! You know you're full in full on. The Orange Oriana! Would the game has aware, but you get notches, is fuck. Is this some kind of de Lacey get bad motion sickness they can't play long, but that shit scary to intense from serious the tumor? five bucks to my region like the jail acts. Now nobody is through the heart, he'd game acts now am ordering. First round, yes, my mother nature with yellow,
the dope right. I love my robarts. I found out about those a couple weeks ago crying their awesome. Try me there's a super food. One would like soup, greens and children any vessel and due to the lack of utter avail, filled my boy too, and has a really good fuck enhancement, agility, Gaza, Fucker. I never seen such camps manner. The Abu overlooks good scared. I feel a real problem rumble man, rumbled Johnson matches, are poorly with alarm. People I agree, but talking to take when everybody will talk to take down and flogging throws, Paul, essentially build Davis who have striking you get in there. He s got going away eventually he's gonna, he's gonna figure at all. It just takes years. These are greatly matters. We already met glass, Annie's inject someone is fuckin. Scary in front of them says: has
It is a very tough man. Just over the old man, trains with justice and yeah. Well, you know that whole can't man, alliances are grateful in camp there's, so much talent down very coaches to vodka, dude and good dude to lobby good do down there. Yeah, I need to go down there more real friends of mine, so I need to go out train. He moving Phil Dude glow, relax railways. Little guys it just keeps coming forward mentally. To of yours. Just learned one is, will. He looks really good to the ways c and everything to slide and right out of it so far. Throwing the shots skin just off line just offline, but looking for his openings supervision, going against the kid chemo Mozilla that terrorism, tough man look at this,
Bill Davis might have to pull God it's crazy to cities like super high level. Wrestlers like Phil Davis like as you know, you work in a new overall ever make Amy not doing as much wrestling, and it's not just a wrestling match. We start thrown in punches in stuff. There's some guys, you just I have a really hard time taken down, even if it is good, it rested at Wrestlings Davis's he some fuckin good the distances. Reference out with a big thing is: Yellow Frontier can approach behind Z. Slowly, he's gonna be amazing, strike guys valuable raw limited duty. Man, that's on its hurt shoulder either two month. This fills format, habits to defence shares. Overs got some dope. Defects are committed to think about only want to thirty channels to bring into the camp I mean changes to bring in so many fucking, bad ass dues and lemon got so good
Yeah he was a guy for six years. Have everybody wanted you have, but his visa problem my rounds off get away from downwardly, auto maturing Glover teacher. Whatever would come in to our forty pounds would join polish servers for survival There are five and universally this'll be this way. This view this drama now, however, that if we let it go and look at the needs, let this our fills. Gonna win, he's gonna wearing out one by decision Well, you know, I know that it has been financing so. A lot of people are wondering who blower was training with always get good heart shots by hard shot was easy. External right. Here too, tat the man would run the risk that Metal Davis through some bombs right there he's a bad ass, Please don't do anything, but you hooks and yes, it's like he likes this condition to strike out. You can eat those shots. Man
the rest of the army, opera kite, the fucker he's gonna wobbly. Look me in the car is running for, as my friend I'm like feel too I'm just better friends, clever, whatever brought closure brown sugar over. How many times have you heard about someone? You thought? Was your friend in there and when I went to one of their one of their bodies like- and I take it personally- super personal hasn't happened a few times area because it I'll find out, like certain media. Does he think of your friends and then for a reason? the further. Let me watch, we call picked material and away in a tree round? One of cool. I won't do interviews with a minimum heavy What are you guys trained with air here? What is it about him? Memnon? I Africa combat just re, smart, the whole group is running out.
Smart guys. He trusted what it does to do. She keeps dagger look. It is a shame to families. You feel you where many scientists ease his head again, rock back on these These are serious shots. Falsehood them hard he's gone for even go over, gets through this round he's taken a lot of punishment. Man, it's really hard shots to the head where an amount unease is blocking these shit big round fulfilled Davis Hugh Drown, oh shit, She's gas tanks, pretty fuckin girls wearing juggling soldiers, Reinhard, becomes out strong than is done as cardio like a z, looks totally ignored, even if he is in financial, shaping roomy, tie that first you're supposed to be ten percent of trying to fuck em up down, and you must be tired at all about recovering recovery operations. This would be a big victory for Davis man.
He beat the Albertini resume its aid. When this fight global take your and resume the hell, he also be Fabio on Brazil. We, I think, we're out there. Five for the staff and bottom up front take up the lane, and although we have a high tat, was met, these are bad loser heavy. There was a few and really snapped his head back Balin one of em. We really got wobbled in the second exchange. Vito about he's not mad at his life have ever have been I do not think that anyone is drafting what she's like them, what the brazilian pay managing son you some moves, As long as I said earlier, that I thought it was ridiculous hair manner senator did a lot of squats stared at them all out the charts, booty chicks, how big ass is down there getting paid gases, because you know that just another necessary. I have learnt a big about now. They will be, I don't like it eventually will be, but right now no
is accepting fake. Now tell me something quite so. My right now is: surely you says we do not. I would rather have amply lack while ass having little No less over conversations, folks think big fuckin phenomenon, I'm not ass. Thick ass Jen again find he comes up the front to the face good. I keep moving fill your keep moving, how women are aware that we will not accept that you'd, better, hide that shit. Like hell. You hold family about letting you gotta help me with a down payment. Good shot. So great ass. You gotta keep women whose dad's gonna help their trickled down
what are you talking about not been attack has about tabled again that keeping, but it doesn't work lay at the through glove allowed up reports county every heart beat our here all the time at graduation lads, moraine, big switch. Well. These gallery spoke that Damn doesnt really had it's, not it's gotta, just as great bright weak. I gripped Xavier often come from my sister it didn't go. You told we had a grip that right we're how many more geared tv we get you see. If we had no gloves pony more submissions. Allow our a lot more submissions right is I've brought this up before. I do think that it would be actually you better have you thought would know, gloves you think of We can be sure with my elder those a rubber gloves. I dont know why haven't nothing?
If you think you're just gloves, why should I be figure would not get out of here? I really think you should have no ankle support. No risk support, no gloves, know nothin, I think of you when no gloves. We would really Tickling no punches do in a fight right now we don't because right now we have padded up gloves of hands at a rap. Together they don't we haven't, they do enough money changes it it's enough that most people would wear them if they had the option how bout brain your hands, you break your hands ways you would Without always here I think it makes a big difference to in what's effective striking because your beer You're knuckles, like they dont dig. It is what your wrist buckle little bit on shots words of your wrapping, your wrist up and taking it down, you're making it. Artificially stiff man and allows you get it contains. Allows you to punch harder. I think
We get an unrealistic sense of devalue punches because of that I don't think people why I see what you're saying, but out of these people are watching for that, like I think, but I'm not talking about people watched it, I'm talking about for the majority of us. More executor of the Spirit it may come from the region. May grappling adder flying stout. I've Randal icing everything, but I mean it was getting grinning jokes man getting runic chokes is a big difference between gathers last often it's an ever made. It retorted like you. If you touch of you, touched the ground that you can Neither phase in our countries are there so many laws that just won't they they never change them, and just like you can't what I too can that the laws you can have your calf covered, because
it actually transactions. Yes, it's a dangerous. It's crazy! It's illegal landfill is required. The cab I followed, the damn I'm just about said. Phil TB blew out so much energy in the first round. These beaten the breaks up, and he will he d done a lot of fun. The horses with eleven wreaking glasses right that MRS Mann has witnessed. One animal draggers got a picture and Corsica, Javert. I love him. My new favorite fighter likes cockiness, powerful or breed choice, not God right in the eye, would that gotta he darted against them. I hope you are using other goes down well, if you're gonna have gladly them if we're going to have. Why the fuck don't they cover the tipps of the fingers They figure out a way to do. That is a view
help me a little or no building is going to help the fingers man. It's that download opera. It's a big problem and I think it's a huge every on how many John Jones fights have there been epochs fuck everyone, but even if the figures are covered, can't you still book someone's, I yeah, but the nails, not their dealer, Johns Angels, hunger, condom, you're not going to be able to deal with one thing: candidates, so fuck you up. Let me Xenia out a finger condoms open our point. You bill, I am getting somewhere to my daughter, accident, He put me in the eye the other day, and I saw sparks Lincoln gloves on, was the fucking difference if they grab your balls of their grabbed. The ass men. Zone and what you do to their diverse nice to you now won't feel Davis, a big take it take. It goes off and rear naked every ordinary There's no need
I can think got too high she's gonna javascript somebody as well obsession was: does we have carried standing gas enter the round to those short time? How did you know nothin for the Africa? ever made takes up. The girls of a ball takes off the paths and helmets regulates C4 dangerous, but it's actually rugby thing with a dude Kayo, the dude on the piano, the ground and pounded on hit with a right hand, dropped him and then looking pounded about harassment. Karate turn one who takes out both competitors, these the rough and finally, He's trying to separate number that Russia does not like a russian Ratan. Karate, look beautiful was a real fight. He was trying to separate em and any swamp, and then he kicked the galleys the mayo, the name of the video Cnet with maybe, if you do search Roddy, karate wrath, fight, ref still further
Romeo find it it's like a three second video. It's amazing, ok, watches rocket This is about three seconds camera. I thought you were gonna, that's where was genies ass. Therefore screamin in their living and show genies ass. You showed her face, you sure, walk down to the very beautiful you had an opportunity, We need a zeal, Americanese feel Davis, round. Oh damn grove. Knows it's your lovers on fire right now. What he knows the steward diamond is two rounds in the hall. That also have our own big push our big push Louis sham. What he's got like a goddamn super? That's great market is his backs and his legs a retarded they're, just so goddamn big sense
Didn't you recognise that Russia, Canada? Yes, the goals that are full screen and that is that going to watch a fight like a whole deposit pause, apposite pilot, we'll watch that shit after this why don't you guys have and will need some downtime wilder's gluttons. We are almost WI fi. I want to give and take no big takedown fulfil there's a bit late heavyweights and world queue up that russian Beatenest mighty. Eighty two karate and I saw the other shiny pants on ice lover, kickboxing pants that lace in the front line, Sneaker shut, Chuck Norris, you stay. Where am I? This is how those I wish I'd love Chuck nor so much. I wore those from my type window pants hears about all these filthiness altogether alike. Are you hook the leg? I was nice. I was very nice cradle baby filled, davits tenth grade wrestling bigger.
Please do at me. I remember how boss route needs to tap guys with some fuckin crazy cradle. He would be ended up, ruin, shard, verse press. I still use gas that a management system the head lock on one side and hooks your leg on the other side and they fuckin flexes, and just apparently, head from your body. Ass short machine, I ease of such a God, damn strong, but especially in its prime boss, oh god they make destination of. We almost we're almost saw wants in the USA. I forget it was gone for, but I almost forgot it existed. There. Now Joe Joe Silver actually reminded me that that boss, written dangles like that's right, Danfield, do run in it. That's insane running it. Man fills in their aid.
This is a big thing. All big punches man feel Davis. Look in as good as ever against a fuckin legit killer Betty I best performance of well. You know what he came off that rumble finding new take it to the next level. I ve no one I'll be honest. Like I'm going for the finnish he's trying now me once submit these titles summit, but well duties until these guys should at least two minutes ago, these beating shit out a Glover bad didn't mean miss him with thirty or forty done answered shop as a joke. I still wonder one handed the armed Camorra sent me otherwise, no wonder bark and without ass, a very highly probable against a cage. I was well love or make a noise when you look at ease with this is not take notice. Events, sick, clovers, an animal animal Street Billina. I wonder how much of an effective any and I'm just thrown this out there, because I have to think of anything
Camp duelist, Camp and Danbury Connecticut had as opposed to duly like american top team. You know it will cost barring partners is. And I dont know me, maybe had a bunch of guys fly in World Davis's lonesome wrestler. I would imagine yeah no fills also know that we go look at still go on Glover Catchment one wanted to go, and that is why I wanted the finnish right. The deep breaths because it s gone Sire Ville Dude over the time, some right here. Oh he heard TAT one man that was clean out, ajar one becomes beheld mass of fail. Man, nice drop down that single spends king phase. It tells you knew you said today on a dude. If he dragged into the ground should is all his over you recovered, he recovered. Look at the sovereign control. As long as his grab. Ancaios different striking parity oak is striking cardio more labour, so when you see
standing up, buddies, tired he's, still a move and kind of labour but when you see him on the ground, he looks like a sharp, a shit. If one is tired, he's gas in all over the place in which covers all over the place gas in recovering, but his wrestling like he doesn't gas. When he's grappling these nuts is not just that any gradually can guess he's breathing he's doing. I mean you, you'd tell he's taken legality brass, his mouth is open, but in domineering and do this all make it go five rounds. Addressing the I mean he's gotTa Bernhardt, you have two Bernhardt Nord Aware Guy out in the you mean he's gotta wear himself out, so we're we're getting a view of his car over put his hand ass weapons? Can I read, as that would happen as India Mass Weapon in Brazil yeah, that was pretty gonna have to be wary of straw three cents real recent three rounds: restaurant around sedate. Look like that after the first round. Remember: yeah, that's a big victory right! There are huge
if you lose, lose a very tough luck and quit quit. My Mama Brom illustrated pressmen Dowser power bomb. Everyone big fuckin laws, mentality. You need to get to that point. I feel Davis, trembling was really coming out of her mouth and eyes. Our front. The hearings and early we write again dam is a nice move that frontier right hand he does a death throes right handling. A job is right. Leg is forward when he throws it. Please go allow pop behind it. He catches you like it it cracks you with it. In the end, the and your gas at all over the place, costly in recovering constant run, Missis Gaskell, viewing gas and all over the place. You push yourself hard and the exactly like that. I break people and assist
when asked what we just saw, I just I don't know em about cardio my whole life. I was hurt. People talk about Cardio Tito Ortiz, dark about cardio radically to it. Don't want cardio, and I we start cardio was. How long can you go before you get really tired? I like Heaven and puffing, that's it Claudia. I gotta eight minutes hardier! That's that's what I was tat. It was no one really explained to me at all. I never train like a professional happening to metamorphic and once at once,
I I I desired is of course. Of course you were so. I just decided man. What am I going to do for cardio? I was you know I was lifting ways. I was doing a lot of you get those training which on John and I just aside fuck, I'm gonna do sprints and I'm a go to the pool twenty four hour. Fitness and I just want to figure this out by myself. I just drove the fuckin pool that a big clock and I guess I never do this amount of professional I go. I want to spread twenty times across the pool I dont sprints before in the past twenty times and soon the clock, the big lock in a poor kids, the twelve that's one I'll take on, and then I might finish at twenty, five or thirty and off they at the other side of the poor. Until it's twelve again, it's twelve uncle pooch sprint. Again. I just made this up and I did it twenty times the problem during a cartoon oppose it. You don't get to read your heart rate. They have cardio monitor that warning, and what is this? What I did? I kept a simple I just wouldn't that fuckin kid and I mean no code you made because because
my law. Was I'm only gonna arrest until it's twelve again, so I bet a blast. Asked Trot was racing across the pool, so I can get that time to rest, and when I learned about myself is holy shit everytime I spinner across. I got really tied. First, three were easy, but when I got the pen, the twelve mile Where was I just twenty cause metamorphosis? Twenty minutes ago, I'm gonna do twenty and do that at ten eleven twelve, I was dead just on the edge of the pool. Barely get out dimes all these old people at the pool with bipartisan guy. Don't I just made the shit up what I learned I learned it you could be. Had tired and recover Then thirty seconds, that's what I was learning and I'll be dead when a benign I blog would have the tiller, but when it by I'm at the let's go again another spread the am you get across boom. I end up with three seconds of rest same thing, so you learn
we shared you can recover overrun. If I didn't know this, when I get to that point in grappling, I would I would go I'm done would break. I got it. I understand I am sure I have do. Somebody has to talk to you know you're the champ taken that we need more effect, genuinely put. That's your honor Romeo's knowledge agreement, not a good man. It's now Lahti Video, we should occur audible. You call that Anderson's our fulfilled did equality and called out Addison Silver movements. We dated eight thousand, I said yeah, that's Eli Brazilians, with there's only one. I want to fight next. My god, it's like I understand is fighting. Ideas was a thing like that
Gregor he talks a lot he's gotta go triple not that tie their fat. He knows a lot of shit inertia that idea about its watch this shit, so the Dusar Karate Duke now watch the wrathful unless the rough eyes. Each other, while they're off man ass. His wares has taken place where it is take a bracelet gymnasium for sure deal. I, where they use ran along, is no it's, not a man who can do this circus when an animal just goes. Fuckin crazy tries to push him more than all push when we know that it will be this guy, yes. This is to have two tore up. That's insane
You fuckin somebody Jack Ivan resolution. Under the hammer grew there. Will there feminine? That's why we're watching it! The competitors What was it like this? A summons memory I was engaged. Maybe it was really the making of a movie that looked like a real it was a movie. Those are real fight. Those guys are really in each other. Tat was good technique to wear that take place Jane. It looks Russia, Russia, I will say something would happen, obvious that amateur boxing fight that the guy after the vegetation governors are a piece shit. Rough non jangle leg is bad. Think around and watch the oil gas it's fucked up. You see him. Please help the old man having fallen over is like the ones It wasn't funding ideology rather than on these games, now known evolutionary that reducing you as it looks like a real dude look at this it by the way doesn't look down you play it.
I wasn't me looks close, but there's more than enough clipping weirdness to it the frames per second and they can achieve in these previews that digging it make. It look a lot sweeter where a couple years from indistinguishable from reality the programme games. Well, you're gonna be able to have games where you use the oculist rifts and you play out like a video you make. A video of things are actually happening. Instead of a game engine just have them. Do it like a hundred different fuckin ways: where you know, have them repeat the same scenarios over and over again from all these different angles. So the matter. Where you are where you're moving it feels like you're actually doing it, so you could turn to your left in the fuckin. It's really just like, as if you turn your left the aim of the programme, those in the same way they do it with like stop motion animation. We have to do each individual frame, though, does have different possible scenarios. They have people actually act out to the point where they cover the whole room like like a fan like oil is falling fans every hour.
The room gets covered with a possibility to my. Then you have these head. Headset on and you're in. There room and you can take these possibilities. Jurymen planned out of the video, and then you watch it. You play it out. And if I can shoot aliens like in real time, any fuck and thirty years later everyday stood and you get it getting up and you get have assumed that has that electoral stamina and when you put it, renders them on and like cause, must set a collapse in an ounce of you get hit somewhere it'll just cramp up. You know your pulse in another, don't have a theory, but I'm gonna happen. So that would like that like raise you up. One size you have to like lived through. They have those things are ready, those those stemming genes- people use them already. This was to help recovery, complex machine. You have, That shit to wake up a suit we have some advice, you feel it teeth, clamp in your body, a virtual loudly. It worked. What's he must give up some actions year. What do we do
he's got, although you care to comment as decision. Although We say, although like how quickly first Third round there are men, decisions as bridges second rounds eager second priority grandma. Your poet he gives Europe is making calls Eddie Bow. I'm gonna say damn it down, and I don't know I'm goddamn it. I was well green Abdul shook my vote. I don't know ass. A man is a tough one. Is a tough one, great bacon, we have tabled two zero years. Here's my take Aldo is fucking incredibly difficult, thick down like one of the most difficult take down until he gets tired. The problem is:
by the time you get him tired. You take him down. You are eating some of the fastest fuckin leg takes in the business, and that's that combination, the duchy the left took to the body and then the right like kick. He throws them. Fucker as good as anybody ever walked? The face of the planet is meant, as is thrown out against pads every day. The nordic glance things it is. It is possible that might Mendous can win this fight. Don't get me wrong. Mendez can got any one on the fucking planet. If it connects the way he knocked out clear, Guido Dwayne knocked out darent Elkins. If Mendez cracks you, he can't fucking put it on use the hardest hit on this deadline. Believable athlete ridiculous freak Emily. It's our two incidents. It's it's a wild fight. Did I don't not one. I would I say earlier that I have no idea. I have no idea. Mendous can win this fuckin fight. Don't don't get me wrong, no doubt about it and he can win by knock out. I think you could do that anybody. The question is, if you wash their first fight and you watch their second right, how much has improved
that's the only thing we're gonna find out tonight we'll find out how much he's improved and whether or not although it is in any way, regressed You know whether or not his injuries had a bunch of injuries. He's like a nagging neck injuries and all sorts of different things. If you know fucked with them, he said kidney stones that he's gone. That either are it's weird. We talk to its either its genetic or its from wait. Cutting a lot of a lot of people to believe it's, it's an ear or thing that you began again, you get it. You get exacerbated we talk about a huge he's, a big guy he's a big idea struggles to make that one hundred and forty five, and I think that's one of the reasons why he's been having a hard time later rounds but goddamn to get through those fucking around you got to go through house on the beating he put on your eye favours lagging holy shit dude. He saw a man he's a lightning fast,
deputy striker, whose also world class at Jiu Jitsu. His jujitsu game is fuckin, real good. You just don't say it. You know but occasionally you do see like in the MIKE Brown Fight, when you got brown eyes back those hooks and as a legit black belt, back mount too smashing. You know he he's. You have your I fight with him That was, I was out. There was fuckin when, although came out to the run this town tonight, I was the only person in Sacramento going on what are you doing like he's going to fuck your boy up Ed Soares told me about that before he was so excited. His managers, like he's going to come out to that Jay Z, song that run this town tonight. We're like. Oh shit he's anyone your eyes? Sacrament are used to be the scary combo. Gary combo is ressler with Chocolate Del strike. Any I was a nightmare,
fuck. You gonna, do you you might get shot off, there's a good chance tonight. You're gonna get shot off, you know, but the combo of black belt jujitsu and vicious strike. Again. That's a whole different dimension. It is rising. Ground game is that it is a more danger around you try to get this out of the ground. He might Choky, I regret that these better than on the grounds of what, and it opens up you're gonna do now. It opens up also mean wrestlers in this day, and age are not really just wrestlers pretty much. Everybody has some ground game knowledge, but you be maize and how many guys are fighting in the you have seen that you know they really dont work on certain positions like they never work on being on their back ever, although some people that are in the sea and like I'm fuckin, tiny agent Mulder you up, like and its Ukraine and I've been I've been wanting to what my wrestling, but among workers wrestler, I'm just gonna May wrestling with. I do beat up kids and called used up,
I M an opportunity for us all: is a shit nutritive or just as long as I'm only a purple about, but let's go. Coaches, my couch anymore, I wouldn't worthy. Ever when you don't worthy. Was very. Like is amazing. You not just about energy to writing about don't get! Bravo started on the guy. Less use of. I don't know, I don't you yeah we're just gonna go where safety, it's gonna climate, where you came from now. We re not whom I just love the fact you weren't a fuckin hoist Gracie too. Should have dollar shit. You haven't without any shadow of a doubt. Guinea are you and what means are not put some Williams. I am like. I talked enough Don't you know how to share the angry when I hear that he hates suddenly adoption funny what you been nothing but fucking praising him from this jump me. We both said that, if it wasn't for I would never been introduced through the first words he asked.
I guess it. He's also is a proud and he needs a sit down realise with it, with a with Eddie and just get together. If they spoke for more than half an hour, hoist realized never disrespectful. Now he would never realized is being your brother. Then you will have realised the euro has tabled I was much more than any is unfortunate, because a lot of people are upset him throughout this whole thing I mean I've read a lot of form threads about people would like legit arguments like take note that guy used to be a hero to them than here Saying shit like this like this is not what my hero it's. Why saying that even the Emma may websites we're talking about now? I understand what can he was saying it meant a lot. I I in a crazy way. I know there's Amazon saying, but I appreciate he's here about me. That's fucking, nuts grace, ladies, you say my name, that's crazy! Ultimate! U S! Lodging! I think it's just
as flattering writing I wouldn't last wilderness areas like my door. He thought he would punch my nose, it might have been robbed. You would upon feel it knows what points with Belcour yea sign of those who are you gonna do is not, as a fighter he's gonna lesser ass. You know, Scott Koker is a friend You have seen used to own strike for us. I think it's gonna be different relationship with well, it's war and I think fuck yeah? It's and it's always good for the sport. They'd know what they're doing you know they know that they have a bee level organization is not is nothing wrong with. That is nothing wrong with haven't be they have some great fights a lot of fun fights. But no, they ve got a manual Newton. The USA, as John John in others, John Manual Nude is a very good fighter, but he's our John Jones- and you know they had
they had Fuckin Hector Lumbar who might be the mother fucker at one seventy he might be the mother fucker scary. He might be realized tat. Everybody scared to town with, as I really enjoyed thanks anyway. I'm just gonna take some time off thanked silver, and you know who's scary than Woodley physically. What LISA Bees actor Lumbar? it is damaging a serpent. Centipede he's got dude symmetry of course read a bigger scarier that, like above dude in a rural old old car, to be just like a due to just like really boffin were too vague His legs now talk about pale peace on earth. I thought of gradual bodybuilder spray painted sweats on the annual accounts, freezers aegis all Judo the fork out. Here we have an aspirin. We did have some gay talk, ok,
Ok, we're on a little bit. We got is just the tip memory. If we do this place would be a mess. I am sure that we urge that, wouldn't you like comparing rebellion orgy, watching the fights with no internal politics bellowed, why daring Elkins warning against loads rather will enable our work is done. I got one gowns for you. You look over another row, the quickly God with it is that simple got called about ten minutes. Well, I broke my passport. Ok light is not. I listened. Let's see what it sounds like when they introduce a cake. Aren't gonna hear what it sounds like you, or even as do all use that lie volume, but here this week
introduce, although that places gonna go fuckin shit house insane, give it a good crank, Jimmy cranked up bitch, where the fuck up through the sizes of those same Craig it up Jamie. I just love here in the brazilian fence green. You ain't seen always been there. Do it's like. No, the place in the world comes through the enthusiasm of the family. I allow rapid. I really I mean I can only say here is that so far sounds like fucking stuff in Bonn.
You never get it really grasp it. Unless there is this, not a partisan he's from you grew up on the other side, but kind of Macgregor I find in Rio, and then I thought, Dublin and Dublin wasn't Rio's amazing, but double was fucking insane they're just drunk or Why now, while every single put at first, I got that I was gonna like fuck, this kid Conor like getting annoying and then I'm sitting watching him, like psychoanalyze Norway and just gonna, just watch on four like this month: fuckers, crazy and everywhere you don't Ireland, like all your ardent every corner. Yeah, I guess, you're right. I guess that's why I'm here we go Mendez Movement has worn and is I can't do this mandate is. Any sign of iron Dwayne Movement, there look at this never mind. He doesn't like t J. I lied
and to good landed shots today to food, our dough, commander has learned all eleven get a lie down kick by members right. There, though minor, does no someone's going to say I think oh and check that one. One can only come, have to do a job. You know when I write him by men. Is the men where they can make all the work like this man? Man has got a limit of a mouse net left. I was a bit of a mouse. And if men he's what goes on who's wobbly, whose wildly Son in Africa who was going to this guy, got going South poem, occasional fearlessly Jem and is looking to get this far
oh man are you kidding me. This is welcome. Exciting forget is always on looking on court. They are not right hand. Oh no plans, you don't ludwig, creating monster, Sears Mobile KIT, but look now members right in front of me does want to do that. Guy days we got you they're gonna get in your bike. Man yeah, but you know what you that feel much my finish, this fuckin guy and you stand in front of you. That's all catches by night. That's our! Although catches people. You don't want me be standing in front of you. Wanna go right back to what got you. That's! What I mean is definitely covered by now. You gotta assuming recover that offline near, but it may mean he hasn't covered, maybe Maybe it isn't really doesn't work hard. Maybe Mendez Nosey hurt him a great there. Got you a body. Oh no, my kick you go home with biogas and eight eight eleven
like you. I am a little bit. I love her mouth or the US, a good defence by Mendez too, but all those, oh god, damn sudden he could shit and everything is perfect. Perfect technique. Mendez, stand right in front of all the mood. I would have thought this left dude. His chair by Mendez, how much better to his fuckin striking, get Merwin. Fuckin Ludwig is a wizard It really is a goddamn wizard crazy oh, my god, Oh. There? Is there no more need? Please.
Oh, oh cellular is almost the only really is a little food. All those lit up look at its face. Allow me once again oh sheds, one thirty having to go down holy shit. What a fuckin fight this into the crowd now just missed with that Africa. Their scream at it, you all you can eat that care is eight that one thing the crowd a job right there to look. My real working man. They worked it out. Give him a chance here back then we have a minute after the footwork son he's yeah. I hope doing lovely screamin that item right now, trying to stay on about you know, although deserves this fuckin rest. If it's a legit ipo, let's take a look at it right here
It is probably a roar cholera. That's not an ipod, so lets the consensus is problematic and limit of a brick radio. One hundred percent move front upset break and it's not. Resident is rodya. Any look legitimately did go in his eye, so he's taken a little bit of right. Maybe it hurts more than me. And he's allowed to parliament is allowed to. Is that really cheating very don't get poking is problematic and saving went? My can you? Are you? Ok right back at all levels. Klute Mendez, takes them down the scramble man last October, knocking down the driver should finish vanish em Man, you go you there.
Cross seconds ago, God. As members for work for some reason Only she covered her recover you fuckin wow. I really think I got moving around the rye is going out. It is back into gems together. Just turn an amazing, oh, my god. What a fuckin round! Latour diagnosis as I see it as long as the end of the fight
at the buzzer he relax menaces beaten up the first in the Middle EAST. The girl, in the background, shaken a finger, and how is it that does ass to? Let me know he's gonna get on on twenty five August. If there's gotta be measuring girlfriend. No brazilian dexterity Wagoner finger the oars If she is, you say you see that this recover these fine. You say no matter how far you crazy do you guys are fucking. My legal kind sign any might be classified birdies. You do look at em right, civil, you don't know man, and that is not the only one who knows right now, right now in Chad. That's it he's the only one who knows what it is. I know Jack he's glazed over, even if he does recover well, that was a stunning patches of footwork we have to look at it dancing around like an angel
a tiny little buff angel took a bunch, a bunch of fuckin punches off his clock right there. That's beautiful again he's gonna be for sure. Is chins gonna be diminished by them. Are you crazy? Look at that? Has slipped muslim Rob Eddie Bravoes given up dont commentary highly now, charges looks better. He's not moving on that level. Everyone every level is buying time with this forward. You hear that was trying to him with a new. He was trying to get this already killed. Zob guy, this one does unless the fight ends here, John Merrick shits happened before we take a look at it. Oh stood on straw
what kinda, ok now in, if he's got a metal cup on how much differences for these front the dick in the balls. Bees have been frank, yes, it's fine, but it's the undercarriage, the continental shot, still her better stolen socks tongue. I was entertain area in the UN. Review still go up into your junk and it hurts. I got kick in the Dick day line. Bruise down happened. What circles is that conversation come up? These kicked in the day I called you like it will yet tell me, like I got hit and dick once so I was when I start wearing a cup for Jujitsu, because my dick by took my jock, often was filled blood, and so I was thinking goddammit. Do I go to the emergency room and I did what would I do? How is my no yeah of Argos? My nose, I wouldn't go surrounds sides when when I jerked off go figure dash hard, I didn't have to worry,
it was ok where we are now we're on the recent visit to the city piss blood. For a few days, though, it was just a guard passed to us and we will pass on my gun He shoved his knee right in my dick hole, so as a guy I get nervous about, but I just wish I would wear cubs all that I mean kids after that, though, so it's all good can come back to this. Fuckin awesome fight, hard won those a hard one and he should one issue. Finger. Reject it tell us some of what use is the thing about I'll tell everybody knows that in the third and fourth round here, It's too slowly begins taper off and oftentimes in the fifth round, she's not seem fighter for the first couple, she's, a mother fucker, oh that rock, but there was this
a crazy first round? And here we are on the side somebody get it meant, as might be start mood. I was a good. Many might start to think that he's he's gettin anyone. But you know what men is not been known for his cardio either, because such a beastly dude in others Beazley. As the lumbar and would leave us with new, never so much muscle involved so much fast which to none that slow and durrants run. Oh, yes, the Nicosia type, so that guy you never see entirely. This is a fucking great fight cause. This is where it gets weird. It gets weird if you can get into a third fourth and fifth round, especially of men. Is starts getting loops, who won the first round for shared fuckin crazy round, but I've got to see all the other item almost how cold and dynamism that job twice. The last one was giant the Lamb. Nice gesture
anxiety, kick oh shit! Mendous again loose lion out. Ok, I wonder how we are. We AOI right hand over the top. Although loves that love took he's gonna, fuckin nasty whipping one, no matter how much adrenaline you have when you get when you check a leg, kick like that industry still hurts right by less room one. Those tie dude, now a pet they're, just secrecy mouth. If I wait kicks gosh, initiate purposely break them down. We we decide Yeltsin clad our general got five hundred and forty two pounds kicking a bag like, oh, my God, Racine he's a ferocious guy man, but what am I saying about it just beat benefit. There was a chain of landscape, dude yachts, incline fought in Lyon
I recently haulage hold you that's good. He fought rather than anything I live, and let live. Watch and pure tie those measures. What time zone is like him like now, a pet yes implies the mother Fucker though man he's got like these. Thirty years all right and has like some ungodly Marietta light. Some that, crazy him Santa Superboss, guys like that yeah there's, a woman come over, they come and stay with nothing being out my coach, or do they really? May I rules the most hard core they allow the most idea. Will they allow it? clinch up, and even the king needs another grab as pretty much hand you could throw em and shit. He had left a drop on five yards Rocco. These two days have dropped out. These have take downs, most Psmith fought nature that I was how
at the end there it's a sweeps, unlike cannot move or throws Mendez gotta get up thing about the thing. I said what I always glory dragged manipulators bludgeon each other, but they just now. Hunting He could be more hard core yeah. I think so. I think it should be more tie yeah. I got my line. Fights better lives. They allow for elbows more noise tie. They clinch up. They hold on each other for a while they rag doll. Other need the body elbow over the top then on even have those and glory Glory is all kickboxing dutch start. We have some amazing Americans, Raina Kevin Ross, Joe Shilling Romeo Dan's, Kai Hollenbeck Like- and these are all guys been friends with its it's to watch fighters, However, our shillings fucking fight in go in glory, but answer what is named cinema market any and then he fought so that was
well now you then find another fight, England three rounds, and then he went and fought in the finals and fought in fortuitous is an incredible with Arthur and our unequivocal about an optimism, mother, Fucker peace, so countess issue that spinning spinning Beckham any hidden with you about the pirate the slip I just love the way fights to its hands. Yes, like a snake, mendous common Adam. Now this is their only pages out there. This is the little that is already scarce That's the guy is so soon. Ok, now now things are looking way better from end as you digging into the third fourth and fifth round tradition, You deal with different Aldo oh no! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! That's the annual urban! We are sad group of fuckin non fuck. Gay orgy. Haven't Have you read someone cut the area I with a finger weird but cut your eye before now, but even you know the Winkle John Story,
My share. It was the great trainer from Jackson's. Can me went blind because a guy, He was holding paths for his Tonia went into his eyeballs slices bob and was a woozy into his hands, fell out. Man says a bad one. Give up ever hear of shun shown by us shown by Jack, crazy, fuckin fighter from Norka we're wrestler theological back any got my head and skipped his finger up my eyes off a That was one of the stairs but also it hurts so bad. Ok, here we go back the back zoonotic point away, said next time exempting appointed and as good defence. Oh intact, and tag them taking what that left law, the left or right hand of all.
Oh Danny! It's such a sweet right hand does the when he heard with Latvia rather yeah dude, although still here man great. Endurance and a sharp eye wissmann as git to wrestle with it yeah. They show it to em. I came to us now and make them work, but I think he's clean reacted if you make some work like that and he'll be too tired yeah to do what he needs a duty on its feet right, he burned Energy earlier and renounce, wants want to definitely be able to have the speed of movement. This is the Dwayne Ludwig style how did you stuff? You know it's most interesting about this Dwayne lovely approach he didn't use it Let me get this straight: skate violent, straightway, Drakestail, Vertigo, slower Dwayne had nasty counters, no risk going homework, and no Fucking know slop in any of his movement like when he knocked out.
Having delay with that right hand that shit it's back and up, and that right here comes off like a pistol We don't know thing, that's how great Dwayne is is this. He knows what shall oh shit. He knows that the best possible start will be stuff that here harmonised to other Fatima their job, since, unlike other honourable members, is trying to win this fuckin fight, he got when he gets hit. You get an angry and he's like is- is heels in say now not tonight not tonight it he's a couple times been tag and then come back and walked Aldo. Because he is determined to win this fight, but man ass, we gotta be careful when you move towards. Although those counters comes so sharp writhings, when it's over good question, I think all those that all those year, although deafening, won the first. I think in the
Second round, I would say, is close, but probably Aldo right out, go over that. An old elder louder than you think, some measure, both your life The adding I was for about four hundred percent, Although his heart wound he's got you got back and for all that me again. They heard each other. While the entirely suddenly appears fuck entirely still, dangers is shit, it throw so hard God, damn do good sprawl by
Go to her and now manage shots. John keep under them more than one fuckin stolen. Does one complete. Single right, given that these basil look at this wound Mendez he's crazy shit. What start up? Ok, it's gone. Who am? I wondered why more people don't do that disaster Brandon, I am, I don't mean I will do us. Does those who, just like those of its gonna, do, yeah I didn't come on, it's the spot, sovereign at the front me kick, is horrible. These not put much these needs. Why? Because you don't want to commit All those are hard. I love those who is This is actually able to allow them to do it. If you look at em, all vessels
one man you're nice, three, that ok, you gonna break my about the right for each other opinions. Talking shocking, oh shit, when we said the other laugh in each other over the drop down. Plumb the plum baby. Look after their knees I sent via the nights. Are we time in their lives. Why one or the other I don't know back and forth their around amend as because of that country, and then because the end and the fact that he got that take down got a hold of on, but ten, although did cracker my dear, but men is recovered. The fight is l, the fight it's clean, like our almost close out huge, although drop at him. There is close, but I think when this is controlling the under the fight and tag them of the other five, I give a lot of credit to the end of a round.
In the final around I give a lot. Of course, the end of the room, give a lot of credit to the end of a fight, because I feel like stupid way to look at it, but in a street fight it doesnt matter forgot, kick your ass. If the teachers pulled you off of him, you one in a hit. You like a one to punch, kick you in the leg, pontoon deliver. You get fucked but then somehow know that he slipped and you want on top punched him in the face. A teacher. Pulls you off. Most people, don't think you want. Right who is on top of the inorganic on top right. We can achieve that kid even got to get our by on time. Well, that's a different one depends on who was watching. The fight can also looks big, put a lot of muscle and any I was about to say the skinnier, the usual cellular muscular here we go deep. My friend golden homes aneurysm or their cheap, switching apples,
man a lot of our southpaw movement does again Dwayne Dwayne, a dominant crews. Fourth round is deep water for all. This is where she gets weird without Super Chad. Look I gotta get better than ever to mark Harmonic was on top of all day. I will never forget that in more comic, very good striker thousand fit on at a very early age. Well, yeah mouse live in this house. I dunno makes been honesty. Like someone stored, a cannot pineapples and forehead. And it is still sharp, though Dude Mendez, still sharp he's in good shape for this fight. That's a fact: man, good head movement to still switching up a lot man and he's not back and office pace either
They're both these guys, like not committing now they're, getting real close with their their touch and touching looking for that Fuckin burst right at the top by men, there's almost the age when again, like the other slowed wait out, I just shook his head. They talk in these because those on that sweet opera cut he's fucking Amount man Fatima that left hand too. What was the last time we saw all those face, busted up like this. This is, use barely miss that hope. We can do is ask fifth round had kicked Well, listen man he's put in a pace on, although in its fourth round and all those coasting he's doing anything in this is all those usually bidding Lange, because what they laughed
What is he doing? Gravel he's complain that their heads. He can't complain that a weakness you know she's getting for you, I can complain over shit like that. You know, what's going on, I like us and rushing off, Ghetto he deserves thrown fucking wild. He button. You know why. What he's hit throne? is not hitting he's getting on the end of shit. It's Having the same impact amended has had in this round. I mean look at the faces, although is broken up. Man Mendous doing so fuckin damage in Luanda, regularly gardeners museum foreigners, blood pass it? Does it really really hard to write it could give soup it bleeds? We can give it suffice,
the predator around towards an egregious this worsening, all the right at the very end of the punch, though, look at all those faces, fuckin laddie. I thought I think he got part. He opposed man gazed from Europe cows. Other guests here he's got better carnero down. We, yes, because they are all hard act like you would have he gets leg kicked out below tat would be exceptionally late for that we get a decent meal groundwork in those fuckin. Firstly rounds or you just go on aids and barbarism. Here s a bar pose a he might have wanted to let NASA's leg kicks and although you have I know for sure, but by far NASA he's he's one only got to stop to people by led checks. We stopped half halo Oliveira any stopped worms earlier point,
Oh man, hard right hand by Mendez about one of the seven man. He was the one who showed everybody. What's up Paul violence on chopped down the polar Bear reminisce shit yeah seventeen Marco washes the king. It sounds too Ireland set me up her face, but weird message: notion: weirdness, Harlin's, really all energy jets are broke. Yeah. We admit that those are the hard check there he sent up southern German that chest trap. Fighting gonna wanna hear about that
message from three and now let us go all over the genuinely watcher physiology round just by shit like that he's so fuckin I've, let it is crazy, although, although the just and it's so violent mass and all much at Venice, ten seconds goes right hand over top and they must be helped him to turn up here. One. Hearing this fuckin crowd to two, I think, is three more. I think it's, I think it's too too, as well as three one. Although we want all don't get too to those in all. Look at that advocate shit. Son So you think all the one this round. How did tat one is the Amsterdam on this last actually allow the last one was kind of close, but I think the last one deafening when this one, I think the last one they're gonna, give it the other, because iraq- and yes, I think- then you said the ended around- I think all the gonna that round in Brazil, but the enemy
I was meant as when the round yeah we hit him therein- which struck yet talking shit. That's our folks, arms, then a fuckin Mikey like we're going. I could do commentary, guess what you can It was exactly like you. This is Fucking Eu Macao Flyways on a planet, earth spinning through space, and he does counter just like you. Fucking know when I better call that smart couple time things sober man, look at all those eyeball brow holy Shit, there's a lot of limited visibility, this is the final matter in this round? Wins the price might be absolutely in Brazil life. We see some crazy shit man.
Because he's crazy shit, you know jazz, you know, Josiana bring it always go to an issue that man is left and switch. Is so long live work God damn well we're gonna be punch what our final fuck numbers dude! I want numbers all love her stick. You have took as right round the garden gate, the whips. You know he whips into the body as well that they like each other men. They haven't. If I now so I respect now after this fuckin crazy war, I mean he's, does know each other like nobody knows each other take it down the bench and he's fucking two men who can be hardship back up from here does get back to be designed. It now use drugs and, as this girl ruler strong one, forty five that due to the beast,
president arrive on this is that if he wins do- and this is the last brazilian all the title- every fuckin champion will be american. A few areas did you use a visionary, better, don't be a terrorist every year, USA Corvette she just send them all. Cars is thirty. Zero miracles flock about. I run a quarter menu healthcare. How do you like it dope, fun? Loving, so don't love it seven, Seven horse power, Fucking Chrysler, but you see I draw it when I was in Denver the whole weekend really does I might make it like what's this one. I had an american muscle car, but I'm thinking about a nineteen sixty nine Mustang, yes burn down. I'd rather not have we been alive, it's gonna handle the same, but to be different, oh shit. Fascism off now my brothers for scars six in analysing the gray car, so pretty aesthetics through looks around the sun with Corvette they take on do you see generosity well for evermore again put commercial together.
Arguments will lock that's a commercial we can still dude, although connected here man this. This is I get all. Let's see that Jujitsu. What about that will finish them here would have used. This is usually gets. There comes to finish year by France to pledge to forty two forty, having your eye crawling who's. Taking them. It true and up again at sunset, think about those guys. They all have fuckin it wicked deities defence technology. Still each other the facility for each other anything can happen in this kind of fight. That's why just stepped back. Stepped off. Oh, yes, I again keep moving treatment. When light on the toes, isn't really done away like a rest in an hour an hour. This is over
love training measures over the top and left the body. First, oh shit, my god said. These paths dispensing Jesus, Oh shit, burger on the other with the left. Right again, although the very conservative, with the kicks tumor and very conservative with the Turks home with us, he's gonna win this fight. This is this. Ninety seconds might being is the fight changes looked up at the clock, this might have tat, but he was moving away from that. He was slide in June is left this war again,
the knee, not dental. My time you kept, it can be taken. It breaks here We must also find my allotted fire enough. The demise of business, a goddamn close round anybody, but they give to all groups fifty seconds anybody. You win this round. Anybody this round with one successful anywhere ends right now, there's no, then take it s, a big hit gallienne, but but nothing stunning. If although standing here with something and had him wobbly you'd. When did this happen, but now it before you know so much because he stunned Aldo too, he snapped his foot back with that job. That African I love them sober shit, we're ready the saw some seconds man twenty seconds. What body kick to one go?
Fifteen fifteen o checking in fucking, crazy, think, desolate judges and just right am I all go. Go, go go to change. Right has disguised as we continue That's all right, I don't know. I do not know given, whilst all around more of these problems. Things out. There is a bunch and about fucking, delicious, really good, really go back down our fight, my God What do we think here Alba? I thank all those who use money whenever there are things, although one when I think about it, give anybody last round approach be Aldo. You know up I've been Mendez. One made that despite this, when he snapped head back there was one more significant showing aiming to all those concerned, whether we like it or lump everything together,
to see the numbers, because we're watching it and having fun left those early as the first the numbers, its, although all day, feeling within a radius of damage, its probably MIA, that's true. Radio, significant rights can be old order, only their eyes, goodness all my goodness now more than his eyes could have been a finnish left up to the body. So fisheries was above all the repose over the judges there? Looking at the rainwater? That's looks like three rounds too, although right after the crowd slave remittances, Mendez Replay Jesus Christ, the Replies NGO, that's what they're showing ok, ok, but let's look at this look at the mean that that is a big goddamn round, so that was round three surround three was deaf We members right. There wasn't any really heard of knows the clearest round for menace round
really rather wound for was likely to fuck knows so. Around three was deftly Mendez round for was who the fuck knows and round five. You know grandfather so close. Who fuck knows Man who knows great fight the so you guys think either by the soviet bioethics right when you leave me why, whoever what? Whoever wants, what fuck it fuck, yeah she's, a strange amazing amazing, while unbelievable or a fight. You know how much shared Conor Macgregor is going to talk at leisure. I dont think you want, so you got get up by a midget, my duty, decision over. Imagine what I'll do two elder
what do you say are on August head clean off knucklehead, clean off all the way back to Dublin when it unanimous decision. The very happy in Brazil, very, very, very, very good fight scrape by phone while fight You know, that's not everything. You want to fight to elite fighters going at it changing direction. Changing the tide back and forth, both guys get tested both guys have to overcome fuckin amazing fight, powerful, big, handsome Brian stand nap in coming out of his pocket, so give me that shit am I put that goddamn not gone my fuckin pocket yeah words is not where the JAG, when a jacket these to make me we're the jacket. Then they got me alleys.
Beautiful suit, yet I hadn't custom made from my bridge troll body: they fit great. You always have to wear long thick shirts. Now I just do it. I don't want to be distracting. Onawandah show tattoos, that's why we're alarm sea must end stage to its is distracting. It's one. More thing for people think about dam was is, and we saw cut up to you to the left. I hope everyone had other lines have tonight. I go no key. Well, well, hey folks: what a fuckin fight, what an awesome card so were powerful, feel Davis. Does a big victor fulfil Davis. Yahoo is huge, delivering a monster. Those like the best feel Davis Walter and especially, if that last performance with their money Johnson
amazing return him really don't like kicks. Although I did not know that many meat lit up at some of his own men of Mendous is run off the back, but this was a fuckin test man and he, He survived a really motivated really well. In Chad, Mendez, but what a fucking close fight, what a great fine. Interesting division, man, I don't even know how he can say he thinks he deserved when in our mean he won You know why. Why say I asked I deserve to win you eve. And one man might I didn't base, I guess so I mean it was close fight, but Conor everybody in this room thinks that he wants, but is an account a common thing when someone walks away way more damage than the other shore, but you know that damage can come from one exchange rate I come from Algeria when he beat that that provide Nikobob guy.
He lived in the first round. Closes I almost completely shot and then outbox them further. In the five I set out the tremendous tremendous job and some people have more scar tissues, some people get take damage a one worth and others from the IDA Wider strikes me sharply. Josie Aldo. That's motherfucker fucker right there ass, the mother fucker. Would you guys think the pound propound thing like he? Usually tossed arousing ideas by always have do you still think years after this phone number? One? Probably I don't really know that's what Things are now. No, I think it's probably mighty mouse. I really do me I think, mighty miles yesterday. The mighty mass better than mine. I have you beat him. I really think that you probably deserve power power best. I just think that of I look at technique for technique. Ok, look at what he's been here to pull off entitle fights he's like flawless, You know, I think, there's other guys frightened tougher guys. You might be right in theirs
that's the thing about like single five and that's why Jones comes Josie. John General asked John Jones Eve is: maybe it real But although the moon, John John Canada, twisted ones don't even do I write when people, but rather in the power of about God, robot runs. How did you meet our own political area? It's hard to do with a woman. I don't agree with that, and I do indeed have a power for parents. She's number one of all time about women ever the walk, the face, the planet. Number one of the real. They make me a list of groundwater. There shall be anyone. This price, crazy, Mongol Bitch, though from like twenty per pound profoundly, may not building you, ve got in, and around arouses the ultimate should govern. I agree that puts round that power. The pound propel means wait, does it matter
you, know, remained Albert male monetarism, output run arousing the return and brown grazing given antiquity it would do to her. It's like after my editor Alley Kits we're about, but we're talking. Edinburgh would be we're done around about pound four pounds yet at the same weight do not really see that if I would think that would be a ruthless wife beating which would be around horrible. If you got have about about the toughest man the world, it's usually a heavyweight Chandler John Jones, I rolled with wonder Oh no! No! No! No man! They had to roll together two different scenario, but they don't. They have to emanate fight, and we are talking about kickboxing hand. Well, can do shit, Johnson, reliable Sonya, they roll go you it's not going to look he's a man. Yes, it's wrong man and he can't fucking kick ridiculously hard. He can punch ridiculously high
you can hit you with a standing knee like affronted, only you and a face like throwing she might or she might wake up with a flashlight nor for maybe we will include, whereupon I just in my eyes, Rhonda says that by the way you I don't know they asked her she's like of woman. Fighting a man is ridiculous, is stupid and it is stupid it solely no De Brian stand, Hanky Goldie wins going now. See I give rise to. Anyone can gorlias at three pieces on the three which one as more make up this oral question. Sure Goldie, the three plausibly reads about regular and standards eyes corner. Beggars next, well now see right, yeah, he beats Dennis Seaver and Denis ever no fuckin pushover Dennis neighbours got that sneaky front like round house good management of accommodates. Frank here is shorter. He's It can't beat look if cub beats Frankie by
substantial margin or Frankie Beats CUB by substantial more whether by decision submission or not out they probably My opinion are ahead on the ladder the problem is Connor puts ass is in seats. That's why you saw his fuckin picture. Taking that would Dana White earlier in Brazil and a lot of people like that's area, swans and EDGAR. This is In my opinion, this is the real number one number to try to fight in contender. But it doesn't mean that I'll take them Macgregor up there with them. I think indefinitely is, but here we're looking at a guy like cups wants and has a fuckin litany of broken by he's in the USA to his career. I mean he's, look at what he did to Dentistry. You know if Conor beats deceiver. Ok, that's great! That's a good fight! Look at what CUP did Dennis Seaver CUB lit Denisov are on fire.
Tell me the most now really, if I don't know he spent as boils down to Frankie EDGAR's a mother fucker, and he never stops moving cut crazy angles. He's got ridiculous. Wrestling he's got more heartening. Fuckin human beings ever walked to face the planet here covers bet, from a beating than anyone. I've ever seen in my life is not about that is this: not counters entertaining people seem fight, so there's just him the title shot, but how about this? In New Jersey, Frankie EDGAR versus Conor Macgregor, for the number one and slammed on Shit in New Jersey or even better. You do it in to enough. Consulting soccer stadium. In the you know, you This is what you do. Man, you gotTa Josie, all, don't go! You hurt your foot.
About. Four thousand, you silly listen! My film we'll talk about it I don't wanna talk about the real tired she peel enough cash can during a white, should fucking she'd everybody, throw yourself on the bucket and will go into this room had been unjustly, is doing. Conor Macgregor wasn't cocksucker movement
Then I would ask the seeds of a kind of guy there. Nobody wants to see you but you're fucking craggy, so called tat. I, like palm trees, get a look at it from Dublin modified in Ireland. Ok from California is threatening the Falcon HIV Lane and electric car common a horse riding out all day rock on one condemned the dog I wanna FUCK and Philip, a scientist, I would even say We would leave after you said that why you allotment thought this shit, he would we would be hanging around the commonest. Are you would say so shit like that? Just walk away on the punchline walk away, like you, just images of such a master, showman walk away on punch lines, but this fuckin pact, as those folks
Josie. Does the shit Chad meant? As a mother. Fucker knows a dynamic, Easy Davis came maxed wrong. Tonight, you man, five and a roadside? Ok, what do you guys think about hunt and virtue What about that renew the doom, the deadly? You remember that elevation reduce examine thousand seven thousand five hundred feet by my city, create, if you remember what you have to fight ever and if your memory market fun Deborah. We fought Roth well behind in the worst him we fight in history. They won't come back. The delicate everywhere on the car do so, but have you a titles and I haven't you have only weak. Oh you re through under five pounds. That's a very division lose so much weight to he's. Gonna lose other olive pounds, your car. I would just fuckin I like just see her
well, but also like evident well. If we're doom winds, he speaks really good spanish. They risk. I would again he fights in Mexico against Kane. I mean God Think of guns by using the intergovernmental again with care. To gamble, depends on how well this card does this card does really well in Mexico. It sells really well, but now the problem is Keynes, not them headliner anymore. They even said Adina wait said publicly like we can go to Mexico without came and Diego. To deal with big draw out, so the Ngos out. I am that end up, but of other dimension kid. What's his name press the earlier there I don't know. Maybe I see how am I gonna do other things out the shell of Burma, these guys getting injured, but it's
vision, Y know and big value. Travel Brown was this. When I want to ask you guys about you two guys, especially what did you think of the soft? What did you think about the calmly thing? Does a city a situation that was really weird. I got pops allegedly for a high growth hormone right and then they say that the task is ridiculous and is a bunch of people who waiting on it that are apparently experts in the past. Call and away everything was handled, and then you have seen for the first time ever rescinded it if it doesn't fit, you must equip stop. Now, Will you that picture of Conway, like while you're not on protein? In you don't say because he's in its forties nebulous enforcing that picture in saying it looks like all those guerrillas they bought up, Jack and shredded has allowed for a future, but he also got his ass well but he didn't do what we want for HIV Age,
He tells the levels for elevated human growth hormone levels and they don't have a baseline for him. That's the problem. They don't have like two people have weird endogenous levels of all sorts of hormones. The certain people like like there is a reason. Why be some people are depressed, why they depress devil bad low levels of Saratoga? And you know some people there have had had injuries have low levels of testosterone, so he might just naturally have some weird thing which has at last night laterally when it hits forty its single shredded pounds, a muscle. That's our girls, like history of em, see that's normal about forty years. While he does a retard alone and urgently that acts expand. When he is alive, you don't conclusions, it was That is all very real arab. If I had a job like that quit working out for ever get us is resident three hundred to three hundred ads on either he's endlessly voting on. Mr did its tiny, the best out of all time socket over that's the best apps. Maybe ever
right, I'm not mad at me. I'm shooting pilot nominal, but no bullshit there ve been better adds. No there's been different ebbs. I agree that the sitting but at best haves and ever made fighters ever exhibited and Lee because he's such a kicker like that kicking, is all your core. In your absence, oblique divide up a loaded? It goes right if it's the olympian Yemen and will he hasn't for a couple of years and if our big bang, whose cardio machine whispering as a thirty five or don't you, like thirty eight beats per minute, written brown heavyweight with a thirty eight beat permit addressing heart rate same is Michael What what what I won't see the pool just like the votes will sweep that's why how recent, Ziegler he's just Mademoiselle actual test. I hate I wanna be about. I was thirty. Seven yesterday instrument easier one
hundred bound by just carrier, knowledge impressive. How much you walk around and certainly not fight shaped like fifty or put small, so one fifteen. You drop down to one twenty five, how much water? How much was water we tend to about. That's a lot, though your body weight per percentage thing about, as opposed to like a heavyweight ten pounds. Ain't shit, don't you darling Twenty five ten hours over what I'll do it I'll? they got to Ireland at eighteen overriding high, but I would, but it was just like it was. The easiest caliber had caused my diet and all the stout moon. I've got my nice schubert unanimity that this company makes all just how the gorgeous mix my body makes all my meals fits. Fifteen meals are weaker vision and then I eat meat because I am not begin
I was gonna, make a rude, cannot use of such weapons must be limited, and I have a lot of gay people, elected dogs, We all share in our common when it came when it yes, but Dewey Gluten. I try not to eternity veto. I I did didn't free from landscape me ass. I feel, like I gotta, think the guy like you or me than when you guys is burned off so much goddamn glucose in a day. Burn up so much sugar that I'll take. It would hurt to have legal a pastor and you die here. We have another regular person. It's not. I think that he be egg. Some possibilities about our new neighbours fry it miss there's like financial silver eels, man in a bag of Gummy bristled, even small value dummy barrier for training, will they marijuana guy, whereas over they gonna bears that limited one eye, candy golly rationally this I don't. This fruit before voting
we'll go to. It is so that Sugar Unita she'll. Do you notice that sugar, however, is not bad have some simple sugar. If you're working at the way you working out cuz, you're, burning off so much fucking calories, you think about just a grappling workout with your body feels like it when it's over and they say the best thing to drink is chocolate milk because it has so many different things in it has a case The close I know protein want everyone nobleness, either ratios little ragged. I was better, we got Roger came out, then you have the enzyme in there to help break down the milk within the problem. Now is loading ramp, Harry response because it's hard to break down when its pasteurized? Would you had raw chocolate the BBC has ever had a cow sucked it
Mr Rod, I'll get you get raw milk from some health food stores experts. It has rightly Elsie. Let's just take some on protein, I'm telling you. I was wrong milk. If youve, if you're, not a non military, can person, I've had to totally different reaction between direct and regular and drinkin raw milk, totally different actions like Ronald. I have no problem about, has no problem. One that might lead to my mother said headlong milk is not milks, weird fuckin water, but it's not that milk. Yes, I'm gonna put sweetened, but Sweden. Only milk sweet gets a lot of sugar. Do not that dont trust chromium. Yes? I do. I found the best thing in milk it so all feed so good for yoga, I gotta take, really good. He goes Jago that sugar and it goes really look at the second look at the label and goes oh, my God, eighteen grams of sugar, preserving I go yeah sweet you're drinking water. I get, but everything get on. Sweden on Sweden, tastes like asshole milk,
to get a little flower, but you can make your own. It's really easy. All it is. You just take raw almonds and you blend em up same with making Hotmail you to come heavy black and shrink most remote actually creates the mill rabbit Hazara benefit in animals Jason was very very help now, but you mean, if you're, making a smoothly or something I need the liquid and you want to that flavour button assertion about time than blending of all means being want those weird soaks almonds and try to get some your own home- and I think that I know better than no benefit is just gonna make you dig road, no zoom, you started know. Is it going to we'll cover faster. It's going to remind you how awesome milk is racism, half amazing that have no problem with that shit. Islamic government outer has read rheumatoid arthritis, because I'm in your garage goat's milk would bribe even better use
ass to rise. Goat's milk is going very by just all you want you want to know about all you want to limit the inflammatory response and the promise anything pasteurized is. It kills all the natural enzymes and help you digest it. So it's gonna cause greater inflammatory response. I will help you. What is it about goat's milk that makes it even one pasteurized more digestible? What my goat's milk? Yes, something with the composition of the from human milk goat's milk human milking goat's milk are more closely. If affiliated, then Oh, my nails. Are the companies themselves rather just a little bit closer view it as a common level of growth hormone survivors like your dog? Can I get there all those who share, but you think I'd be huge instead of the supermarkets where the human love bigger
colossal male age is really great mentioned. Then we will have taken a hard look at that, because that's the first milk that comes out that's most nutritious, every mammal produces colossal. Cannot she lose, though, when it breaks down by your powdered form, because I know they select powdered clauses? the poor and smooth isn't ship but like what is that even really it's like a freeze drying process, so I think you do. Some button is still get alot of India has rightly your shirt greens or anything once you break down or powder, whatever benefit you get, it might be substantial, but its deafening less than it would be for free strong nutrients more than that process, though, so it's better than you passengers over yeah, that's rising itself, so powdered is better than heated, generally for most things, wow, that's weird right: let's go eat, that's get something I can you eat less light
Late baby, falsely we want story time around. I browse I'd like a pleasing to the walls of the ground would lose job, tells a story. I have the best possible time or react while it would just that's illegal. I'm a blaze of Gore Goddamned, anchovies, lasting last question. This being rock all you gotta, do you lie train of Bisbee he's a niece. Many five rounds right now shape all the time all the time. That's a big factor right yeah, but his I think his eyes big factor. I think rattled big, I think Rock hold a monster
Shit was right through they did the about bisbees used too busy Tell me that you want to fight more. I thought you guys get it. I'm gonna get fighting the genus. Yeah if all of us want to fight more. So you just talk some shit Joseph because I that's cool. There's that match up when he talks should sheikh reckless at all was gonna stories in Canada, game Walkie, support, eyes, shot he's a little too long enough for the black ass, though Master Eddie. Bravo, sure information people and get a whole you ten planet, J, J, Dotcom, premarital, Gama, yeah, Newport, Tattooed Newport, beat give you name, curry, Maserati Instagram, Corinne Tattoo Paula, creepy, Could we be omitted com uncle creepy on everything may and was an actual.
Your hand. Do and you, Sir, to him it's all better. Now I, like all our space but excited, I just had to make some sort of a fish now and building. For he sees himself he people within its volume. Also, really you never go to now. This is one show you purposely making groups. Now that's Yes, that's what you're going to such punching a wolverine closer to come here. Imaginings fix how many operations is fixed at and one infection to breaks, unlike this break. We need one more, I'm glad you draw from Sierra ass. You re questions about your fingers. What you do, and that is that this is the map out his parents, like big Brown versus Travis Brown, December December six and eighty one finally get park ass, glorious
When I got for desert violent Jacques Brenda Job, Aubrey, Marcus, warrior poet: U S on Twitter on podcast, of course, the warrior poet project that we call more. Roger S, my watch human documentary, oh yeah, medicines. Amazing George Merry about second, our experiences in the Amazon I play those fuckin eager gave me. I pay them in my car women traffic. That brings me to I support Mr Jets right messages on twitter. I folks fucking things over good, something when you time productive, because if you still less in me this point get a life galactic based
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