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Fight Companion - October 21, 2016

2016-10-22 | 🔗
Joe is joined by Yves Edwards & Joe Schilling to watch the fights on October 21, 2016.
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code, Word Rogan to save twenty percent on anything you keep never buy before you try again, that's their logo. That's not my advice. My advice do whatever the fuck you want. How about ads over. That's why they gave their advice. My advice is fucking sometimes buying don't even try beer be a rebel, get crazy, crazy God, damn it alright. This episode is uh fucking long, ass episode. I know you're, probably looking at the amount of data this thing sucked up in like what the hell the fuck did. They do. This is what happen Joe Schilling and Yves. Edwards came over for fight companion for glory glory is a very big kick box in league. It's one of the biggest kick boxing leagues in the world and I'm a big fan of Kickboxing Joe Schilling is one of the best kick boxers in the world. He also happens to be me pal and Eve Edward,
former UFC fighter now turned analysts is an. It was an excellent mma fighter of a great striker and a big fans himself and a very interesting guy, so we said hate fuck it. Let's do a glory this time ever glory fight companion. So that's what we did I think we might have paid attention into two fights and four hours of fights. I thought the fight started six hundred and thirty, but it was really just a prelims start at six hundred and thirty. So we watched the six hundred and thirty to eight hundred and thirty fights. Is that what it was? and we switched over to ESPN three, and then we watched the main card as well. It was excellent. We had a good time. We talk a lot of great stuff. I really That's no eve, Edwards even better. I fucking love him he's awesome. I
Give me more now. Even more can't talk, it's one thousand two hundred pm now one thousand two hundred and ten pm I got here at six hundred and thirty. That's how fucking long this podcast has folks in between shooting ship before we did the ads so anyway enjoy fight companion. For glory with Joe Schilling an Eve Edwards Rogan experience trying my day Joe Rogan podcast by night all day boom event Welcome to the show, thanks, Finally got you in here. Man. We've talked about this a bunch of times, but this is the perfect time because we're doing a fight companion is the very first one we've ever done for glory. Kickboxing uh. Joe Schilling World championship. Boxer himself is on his way he's over here. He fucking hates glory. They talk shit about him after he left, but I'm sure it'll be good.
We're going to have a good time, and so there's some good fights tonight Nikki holds means fighting Israel Adesanya's fighting he's a bad mother fucker that should be interesting and all this is live from Denver CO right now on UFC fight pass. If you don't have UFC fight, pass, shame on you 'cause it's a great way to waste days days of time, man you just sit down and watch whatever you want for or anywhere in the world, it's netflix for fights, but it is it's just like to have everything from way back in the Fridays, all the old Phaidor fights the vanderlei fights back in the early 2000s. All that shit, that's fun to go by can watch some of those old ones too, especially the pride tournaments, yeah and uh the golden days. So the first fight of the night here is just in Houghton versus Jonathan, wide Airco and the reason the glory rules did you do
kickboxing at all. I had four amateur kickboxing fights three amateur boxing matches and two, Pro. So was it the american rules or moitie to moitie to american rules, so it was but I mean it was amateur, so we were in headgear when throw elbows, but it was good. I was undefeated so good. Then I like that yeah, it's interesting because I'm a huge fan of kickboxing and I'm just kind of surprised that kick boxing hasn't taken off in America. Mma has, but I just don't think it's been promoted the right way and or who is Dana White, had a real good point and he said that the reason why is because people when do you think box and they think of PK karate from ESPN clock in the morning from the 1980s. You know you have to throw this five kicks above the race and it was like shitty sloppy boxing and they you know
We would throw those they would barely throw those kicks and then the pants they were wearing. Like all of that was just crap. It looks silly right, they're fighting in pajamas with the boots, those big boots that they would wear on the on their feet. What it is kind of interesting the boots 'cause. I brought this up many times when it comes to MA like why do you rap polls have nothing on him. Why do your shins and knees have nothing on, but your knuckles do, which is like the easiest thing to break. The hardest thing to hit somebody hard with is a fist yeah, but you use those more right and and because of the cuts, I think mostly for cuts bone on bone and skin getting pinched in between there for sure, but he's can cut up. That's true, but not the case with elbows yeah, but I'm I mean it's harder to land in Elba and less you TIM means Landon Elbow there. It is the land punches. There's a. You guys that are real elbow specialist George,
means another one remember when he fought Cyborg the other side board, not the only male to male cyborg in Strikeforce Holy that full combination, man! That's one thing! I don't like about glory. I really wish they would go full moitie Ann. When Joe Schilling gets here. You know Joes, obviously he's done both and he started out in moitie he's a big moitie Fenan fan there. Have in lion, fight is on tonight at the same time. So that's on access tv right now, while the This is going on right now on on UFC Fight pass I have never been a mean outside of an mma fight. I've never been hit with an elbow in a muay. I fight, I feel like that, would throw me off, but for some reason I feel it's different than mma like in MMA. I've never been hit. I don't
remember being hit with an elbow on my feet, but on the mat you know, but in kickboxing I mean that's where you're at and I don't know it's kind of scary. I've hit people with elbows on my feet and it seems it would be shitty to be on the receiving end of one of those men sucks. I guess, but it's very effective and I I feel, like anytime, you're, eliminate ing, affective aspects of striking I'll give you take moitie, and eliminate two affective aspects of it. Elbows in the clinch. Those are those are two huge factors in fights, especially the clinch. I mean you take I like Sanchi, who can dump people from anywhere he just flips dudes. You know he's well good at the clinch, and so go to throwin elbows and knees to the body from the clinch yeah. I don't know, and that was the only thing I really don't like about Glorias. They feel like they do break you from the clinch real, quick, don't even have time to till to work any needs in there yeah. I just feel like you should be able,
a to defend yourself. If you get hurt and be you should be able to work, needs to the body and elbows in the clinch. So it's just a massive part of moitie and they've. Just sort of illuminated it to make it more exciting and it all came from K1 K1 was like a big step up from PK the karate. It was a big step up from kickboxing, but they developed rules that would stay thought would favor action and make things go quicker. Yeah. I remember the first K1. That was think is like what ninety two ninety re, maybe ninety four here where they advertised it is eighty percent knock out to you ma'am that eighty percent nagas eight five five from the card for four ended by knock dead, so crazy. Eighty percent knockouts is so crazy, but I wouldn't be surprised- I think I know came off on on that wow. That's right! This tacky wow
wow wow. All that is so old school think Goodridge may have fought on that too. I don't remember for sure, but it's striking becomes a completely different animal. When there's no threat of the takedown yeah it does and it also becomes a completely different animal. When there's no, the aspect is removed. The no threat of the Clinton no threat of the elbows yeah that changes the range a lot. You see guy, you see what is the name hot and just did a spa you don't see a whole lot of spinning in MMA. You get guys like Wonderboy and those those guys that can do and they do it well. But you don't see that as much if you, if you watch card, you won't see as many spins as you do it in glory, yeah. I think really the only way to get 'em all not the only way, but it's it's so hard for guys who develop and over CALL Ma game to ever be like really effective with those kind of traditional martial arts techniques, because I, like some of those taekwondo techniques in Kyokushin techniques, you have to start out
that stuff and not worry about getting punched in the face in order to develop them. Like that's a big aspect of Kyokushin, a big aspect to Taekwondo is that people aren't punching you in the face not get it yet because you know you don't have that threat yeah. So you develop those crazy kicks in the leg dexterity and then I feel, like that's a great stepping stone. If you can go from that and then learn how to wrestle and learn, jujitsu and learn how to box and kickboxing. Then you'll always have those techniques, but it's It's so rare that you take a guy who is Argo, real from the beginning mixed martial arts fighter and then develop that kind of ability. Yeah, I mean they're focused on every aspect of martial arts, is almost too much to learn. Yeah, you have to be a high lander to get it yeah. It's it's it's so rare that anybody has like a full game that starts out from the beginning, but you
I think we're seeing these guys today, which is kinda, is an interesting time. There's the real specialist, like wonder boy, and on the other end like Damien Mine, yeah, see real specialists, I don't see that as much anymore, I mean guys were individual specialist back in the day, but now yeah you get a guy like Wonderboy, you get a guy. Like Stephen Thompson, I mean Tyron Woodley GR, wrestler. He started mixing the rest into his game, but then you get these guys like Dustin Porier, Mossad bektic that came up doing it me and they're really good at different aspects of it real strong and say the wrestling and Jiu Jitsu good kickboxing, but you put them in in no ring with with a Joe Schilling Joe Schilling. Ladies gentlemen, as if on cue, what's up brother, Joe showing, ladies and gentlemen, we were just talking about the difference between a real specialist like a high level special like a Stephen Thompson in MMA versus.
The guy like a Dustin Porier, who is a very good striker but Wonderboy, some special? You know that level is that's like you know. He was something ridiculous, like thirty, seven and oh as a kickboxer and his UFC, the career is only lost to Matt Brown and fight where, He said he over trained for that fight and you know Matt Brown's, obviously, a savage and early in his USC career, too yeah yeah. So there's the first fight Joe Shelly and I know, you're a huge fan of glory the organization in the way they treat the fighters once they leave Absolutely. We already discussed that now it's good, it's good for the sport, it's good. You know like Lawry's done for kickboxing. This is awesome. This is, but it is good for the sport. I love the sport and uhm and I think everyone here we wanted to do better. It's just doesn't get nearly the amount of attention and respect that it deserves yeah, it's crazy. It should definitely I mean kickboxing is very excite
sport. When you sit down and watch these guys- and you see some of the knockout, this guys pull off, I was watching on tire this Pengkalan Sallo and the way he cracked that overhead, I love, seeing guys get hurt but survive get through that round, because you get a guy like like Tyrone Spong, who is a killer and he's coming after he's trying to finish, but you have to be smart, I when I, when he dropped Tyrone in New York. That was Michael done, I think entirely up and they knocked him out until white guy over here yeah. That was crazy. That was that whole exchange, thirty second yeah he dropped, would drop tyrant into and and then tiring go back up and knocked him out yeah. I just flashed Emily wanted on the pipe and turn the lights back to that. As long as in a weird place, right yeah, I don't know I don't know well these kind of halfway kickboxing halfway boxing is boxing. Now I still had a boxing fight recently.
If you, when he broke his leg when he fought gokan sake. That was another one of those Anderson the style leg breaks is nasty check, leg breaks, It was bad. You see that one disgusting, how many times you seen that show in the flesh in the flesh, Denver who would never see it in the flesh. I've seen it twice really Corey. The court held that yeah for that, when what I hate about that is, your body is still reacting, you're, throwing that kick and you put in that foot down. I think you don't feel it and tell you put that foot down, and then you see it goes rubber on the airborne YO yoing. That Achilles touches the side of your knee. Oh that's, gotta be so hard to get over that to the point where you're capable thrown kicks too like to them. Fully convince mental. It's real, tough, real, tough to come by from yeah and well below break in and of itself is so dangerous because, first of all, when it gets
when's a compound fracture. It's insanely dangerous 'cause, his massive risk of infection, but when it's a the leg break, there's also an issue with Sir elation like Frank Mir, he broke his leg when he got in a car accident, he wasn't good for a year year, plus his leg was fun up for like a year later, and his name was fucked up from you know having his leg. But wanted together it kind of fucked up his knee what what bothers me most about that is how much pain, those dudes instantly. I mean when you're in a fight and you get caught, you get hit, you get like you feel it, but it's so you can deal with it like that. Yeah they just look like there in agony, right away. That adrenaline is not enough to stop that pain. Nobody just sucks it up when their leg snaps in half that Anderson, when Anderson, Father Weidman and he just
Kareem in in a in a you, never see that from Anderson ever was one. I had a fight once in you, you'd said something about how I'm good at throwing that inside leg kick and I was like yeah. I want to watch the labels like Yeah 'cause, I don't get my shit broke and I try to hide that as best as I can be in a S bomb yeah, that's the scariest thing inside leg. Kick to that Shin on the opposite side fighter, yeah that sell pause. Usually when it, when it happens, yeah yeah I run was just like full power and the Sakis me like yeah, full power and that's Tyrone style too he's just such a a explosive guy like The boss said about it made a lot of sense to me wherever he described it as like a like a ruler like a pencil ruler and when you hit you know the S pole, you end up kind of boss explains in library them,
with the the ruler, hits the flat side or the Shin hits like that. Yeah. Why has the ability to break so easy versus going straight out of you know totally makes sense, and then there's of course, that knee in the upper area, the new which is just like, kicking a boulder. You know it's like the top of the, especially it's so hard yeah in the top of the Shin too. You know when you. Duchene is sharper toward the bottom, but it gets much thicker much denser so yeah. He thought A solid leg, kicking you land on the upper Shin is when you really get like that funk. I remember: there's a fighting find fight. I don't member who malakpet fought, but he was he. The dude checked his leg. Kickin it hurt him. He could tell it hurt him. So Mal pet started swinging at his shins and he just kept throwing those leg kicks at his shins. It was just so nasty it was that
I don't remember. Who was our memories? I don't think I saw that it was when it was. Was that when cyborg fight on that card, I don't know might have been, it might have been my bin. I trained other part man that guy you know, Amala bet means no diamond and that guys shins are like diamond heart. We were drilling one day and we're going back and forth and I throw a kick and he checks me. He throws a kick check him he's not kicking me. Hardly he's literally kicking like that hard an I checked it and I didn't like how it felt so I say I'm going to kick again and I seriously thought don't even block that 'cause! Where he's not kicking you hard, so it's not going to hurt, but if you check it will write that guy is little he's tiny, but he hit so hard can't clinch with him beats me up in the clinch. I got like two thousand and thirty pounds on him speaking up about it so much experience and they caught old bones yeah. They start when they're babies, old bones an interesting way. I put it all. The ties referred to
well, that's the same with grappling to you ever wrestle with a guy like Randy Couture. He clinch up with I like that and there's just something about them. When they've been throwing people around their whole life, they got this weird field to him. It just don't feel right. Yeah, I train with Tyron when he had a broken arm at the time, so he's in a cast he's not even using it. I can't do anything. He he left me with one hand, he's put me on the fancy were straight wrestling, but it's like he's wrestling with the Chai and he had a cast on it. Again. That's a Lenny wrestle with another guy that wrestled at at Missouri also and took him down, and this is a key college level, wrestler Woodley so unusual in that he has unbelievable knockout power, but he didn't start out as a striker you know he's that snap, an explosion that he's got his ability like close the distance with one punch to a really noticed it. I mean I've noticed in many fights, but
the one time when he fought Carlos Condit. I remember he closed the distance and landed a right hand. You know your brain sees people doing stuff things, seemed normal like. Oh, that's, a good punch or that's a good kick, but it seems normal, but every now and then someone will do something you go what the fuck, just we just miss a couple frames there like it was like something was cut out of the he's so fast and for a guy. That's that big to be able to close, the distance so fast and punch you. He like you could tell like Condit was like oh ok ok and this motherfucker could punch me from over there. I think this is a whole different kind of thing. I think that's how a lot of people feel when they're fighting wonderfully now oh yeah you're talking earlier, but his you know what a high level striker yes, but he's a high level strike. Added style that you don't see. Very often you go into MMA gym anywhere across this country, you're going to see Fundamenta, is a Muay Thai boxing and whatnot United can be very rarely you're going to see, though, in crescent kicks in all this fucking car
play karate shit, Raymond Daniels well, when you're in there like what the fuck is going on and then end up standing in front of them, which is what they want he's got a way better hands and Raymond. Now the thing that makes him like Raymond's getting better with his hands but ramen as issues when guys close the distance and and smother I'm like would make you hold, can did like with Joseph out we needed to have, but Wonderboy, didn't have any problem with that and wonder where is hands are nasty and he also has this weird thing: he does very pivots from his hip back and forth, like a fucking snake, like he's so good at like moving back and forth from his hips and that's like a lot of that point: karate stuff, yeah yeah! I don't I'm excited about Fuck yeah. Those two dynamics is a tyrant, speed and wonder. Boys got good range to pick a tiring can close that gap and then wonder boys, creativity with what he does like he throws
at. U tyrants got that. One punch power, though, that that one punch thing is just so disturbing because he could just as the last five yeah Lawler, which I don't know where nowhere yeah and he can do that at any point in time. Anybody yeah and buddy and there's no one that can take that shot. You just you can't get hit by it. You can't get hit like that, whereas wonderful, it is much more of an accumulation, type damaged or but you know wonder boys been hit before you know like you, I think Jake Ellenberger hit him and hurt him, and you know Jakes got real power to. Of course he hit him and hurt him. So it's really a matter of whether or not he can stay the fuck away for as long as it takes a slow tyrant down and then get his his, game that he has a particularly with his front leg he can do shit with his front leg that you just do not expect front lake psychics front.
Roundhouse kicks he sneak some over the shoulder and drop some down on you throw that hook. Yeah! That's that shit I mean like when you're like yeah fuck is going on. Yeah worry, Johnny Hendricks is yeah. You know like what now you're a tar. For the guys in his you know, yeah Kerry. Will that side way stance to the stands like completely karate style sideways with his hands down, and it's just a different thing It's a totally different style of movement, and now is the one style of martial art that I was. I've been waiting for for awhile, and you seen it now with Michael page in Bellator two, this style of the point buddy guy those sport guys who can they can close the distance so fast and get the fuck out of the way so fast there, just a completely different thing, and there real good at countering to Like Michael page, is a master at countering yeah I'm.
I am not hate, not Michael paid. If you hate that game zero style, how did the dance? I don't know why? Why do you hate it? Because I I I I I like I'm a classic like old school heart, just put your nose to the grand. Do it the right way right, but I understand that this style, but for some reason it just bothers the hell out with I think that's also a big part of why it's so effective 'cause. It bothers the fuck out of his opponents too. It's like you do not want to get knocked out by a do is going to dance afterwards dance during dance. Right before he Kogo. You know, FUCK Richard Abrahams up next MIKE Ma Thida we haven't talked about a fight, yet I'll Abraham man yeah, I like how he fights he's pretty aggressive? He he likes to throw big bombs, uh call, I call what he does. Could Muay Thai who Muay Thai, that's funny '
go ahead and wait. How did you come up with thug Jitsu man? There's Houston was a big jujitsu town, an some somebody was using. It is like trying to denigrate mean you know they were like if you want to. You want to train some good jiu Jitsu. You come over here and you train with this guy and this guy. But if you want to go, learn some of that thug it so you go train would even saw Lynn those guys, because because we would towing kicks and punches knees and and right and they didn't like that. They just wanted to do some missions and do positioning and- and that was it, nobody wanted to get hit in Houston back in the nineties. Well, that's interesting, jokes on use them. If I ever had with that said, I saw you five the first time and who can shoot, do against Erin Riley what year was that that was the 90s right. No first time was the 90s. I think the second time was two thousand and one more, no, two thousand all
it's cool man that that is his old schools. You get right makes me feel old. Those are great fights, though man. Those are great fights. I don't know it's weird 'cause. I like beating up in Riley Aaron was tough. You know what I mean he was tough, but he wouldn't stop like he wouldn't quit, but so the second time we thought it was the point where I a and landed a knee like to the face and and then just saw blood immediately after I seriously felt like felt like, I need a burlap sack and light bulbs that felt like model. It was disgusting, call Maya, Burlap Scott sick to his hopes? I remember thinking during the fight when that happened. I was like that felt. Like light bulbs, god. What do you think it felt like Michael page landed that neon cyborg when its four head, Caitlin and so
book so crazy, like I'll, be fighting again in three months like what I hope not yeah. I hope not the way he went down to that was another one of those times. When you see a guy in agony in the cage. That's no man! I don't know if I'm fighting after that, you can get hit in the head a lot, the bugs the shit out of me, the most about eye pokes. When someone get jab in the it seems scream out to cover their eyes and turned it back there, and then we try to defend themselves, sometimes Anthony Johnson, one worse yeah with Kevin Burns. Yeah yeah I've seen of a gang of them now and the did- and I just don't know why they don't go to the pride gloves I mean it just seemed to this point: I'm like a no brainer. It just doesn't make any sense to me whatsoever. They continue to have these gloves that not only is it hard to keep your hand curled, but it like it is trying to open your hands like the US. Laws are trying to open your hands yeah I like to keep your hands because you have to force him down. Where is the pride gloves? It was hard to open them. Crowd goes, are keeping your hands like that, so as your
and punches yeah, I just think also two guys they have to get away from doing this open palm thing to the face to push guys off, and I think when guys do, that they should be penalized a point. You know how stopping from doing that. That's such an instinct. It is an instinct, but I think some guys don't do it ever. You know there's a lot, others who never never guilty of eye pokes. So why is that? I mean it's not like it's impossible to avoid. I think they do have to make it so that if you poke somebody in the eye, it's an instant thing is one point: deduction and people see that's too harsh, you know they didn't mean to do it. Maybe they didn't mean to do it, but it still was done so the opponent still suffered damage. You know when you poke somebody I how many times you see like a Matt Mitrione Travis Brown Fight where guy gets poked in the eye and also in the whole fight changes, and then one guys in trouble and he's not in trouble from illegal technique, he's in trouble from getting poked and then the dynamic flight changes. You can't see so good and then he wants up getting fucked up. It's just stop walk to the guy over a get good look,
We both get five minutes. Really crazy. Image of guys are allowed to poke you I give you focusing their other allowed to come over and they get a free poke, love it or that wasn't that one of the first rules that was like it was just like. No, It was just no doubting that was I get no fish cooking or something no fisher, king, no agile. Now I gouging you allowed to grab her. You allowed to punch nuts keep acne Some guys just have done it so many times, Josan yeah how is Jose on story, that's one of the crazier stories in all of them. Joe Son, who seemed like this lovable guy, who was really into Jesus and seemed kind of crazy he's to come in the comic store and hang out long now Joe shots on a bunch of times, because he was friends with Bobby Lee. We come into common story was jacked. It was three feet tall two feet wide. He was jacked, you know, and he would he was just real weird. You felt like almost dangerous around him like this guys
seems so odd and then they to some he got arrested for something and they do some random dna test on him and find out. He was a part of a gang rape and now he's in jail for life. He in jail and while he's in jail, he killed his sally yeah. I know that I killed his cellmate. I'm pretty sure see if that's the case joke John kills cellmate, I'm pretty sure he did but yeah he's in jail for life. Now that's a rap, but it just what the Walkman out I for but they arrested him for two, but it was. It wasn't anything like that. Jose yeah possible murder, Caesar Crazy Dude man for sure rapist, a possible in rare for sure, rapist. Remember when he walked into the cage, with a fucking cross, strapped to his back him and chemo both those guys,
there was so eight up with Jesus. They had to walk to the cage with across strapped to their back. Even Jesus himself be like guys guys guys that was along time ago. We don't need to do this anymore. This is cellmate was a convicted child molester. So did he kill him that he was standing over the body of him, so he was found standing at the door will sell. The body was cellmate. Fifty year old, convicted child molester, Michael Graham, was lying unresponsive in the bottom. Bunk he's pronounced dead well again with pass on the given pass on child molester. He said he killed gram, the combination of kicks and punches son, pleaded not guilty. When you said son, I thought that as you say that a lot son of Sun, we go speak pretty good one. I thought
that was from wearing the white crew on his head. One time I saw him fight, but I guess that's a real mark on his head. Ok,. You in Denver, yeah, Nate and I in and I found Nate Nate was one hundred and sixty three to sounds like one hundred and sixty two Nate used to be one hundred and sixty three that's crazy was like nineteen wow he's back to one hundred and eighty five. Now right, yeah, he just just just one by knockout amazing, knocked out ten record with a head. Kick that dude been around a long fucking time, Nate Ney, what ninety nine wow, that's amazing, Neymar Court, you know Brendan Schaub, said he's never seen. Nate lose a single round in the gym and he one of the things he said about Nate is at Nate is probably one of those guys that left too much in the gym just had weight
major mores with Shane Carwin with Shane Fucking Carwin, which is like what I think really self he was so I saw that Ellismania thing, so we can't holy shit so big in Oxnard like this, like remodeling We had one of tide to his body, which is even more insanely, stuck tape and arm to his body. I guess two people they had to make gloves for in the UFC Museum. Yeah, his his hands are bigger than Brooks Box ridiculous yeah. I remember I was at where the was I I was. I was at a mall Easton's Eastons Jitsu school in boulder and I was on the matter. We were training, we're doing drills and now the corner of my eye. I see what looks like the thing from the comic book movie, fantastic four. It looks like the thing like with the thing
it was a real person walking in and I look up what the fuck is, that in its car win in between fights. Now you get to like three hundred plus pounds and you know: 'cause he was, he was a giant, I mean he was giant and I saw Okay. I just remember what in the I think, what do you do with it? What I can see, I can imagine what Nate does with that. Guy bring, that is realized with the thing thing that was made out of dogs made out of rocks yeah. Is the size of 'em. He was so fucking big. The car Carwin has that weird or to where he can knock dudes out with, like six inch punches, he knocked out Gonzaga Gonzaga. Had him hurt and then he as he is problem backwards. He uncorks a six inch punch that puts Gonzaga in the dark lands. Stuff like that is so weird because think about the fight with Nnn Brock in Canada in Vancouver, and he beat the snot out of Brock for the first round.
He just didn't conserve himself enough in the gas right yeah. I remember gas trying to put away and bra is a guy that they can take a lot of like a punch it like that. You don't think it brooks that guy, but he's survived it and turned it well somehow or another somehow another. He survived it. But I feel like to this day that have car would just stayed calm and just kept that fight, standing and striking Brock was fucked because He was a commensurate wrestler. I mean I mean he might not have been as good a wrestler in wrestling as Brock is, but in MMA he's right. The fuck up there like good luck, taking him down specially when you get close enough for him to tag you. I feel like to this day. If he just stayed calm and just box the fuck out of Brock, he would be the UFC Heavyweight Champion for sure, but he just tried to just end it real quick,
which makes sense, because when you see when you see Brock run away from some of the shots that he ran away from before that an chain hits like he hits yeah exactly just close the show and then he's big right. I mean he's way bigger than mark on yeah. It was confident, as a kind of the same scenario would even have the wrestling yeah Mark Hunt was nowhere near yeah. He brought so fucking big he's big in a way that even chain is bigger than a different way, just his bizarre brock, even wider than chain yeah. The bill I mean when you come when you cut to make two sixty five yeah changes, yeah man. What is that yeah? I I'm I mean they're still trying to figure out what Brock was like they're trying to Mount some sort of a defense they're coming up like getting cream. Now there saying his skin cream, eight mm pistol
is so hilariously could plummet in my fucking skin cream, I don't know happened. Well, funny is there actually was some sort of hormone peptide in the the skin cream for Psoriasis that Chad Mendes Use Chad. This has some pretty serious psoriasis and is uh these photos of him. You could see him online where is wearing shorts and shit, and it's just all over his legs is real bad and you have to take a lot of times. You are taking what is essentially a steroid cream to try yeah he'll, the the area and that is what made him test positive, found the cream. They tested the cream to my job sure enough, but it's so it's medication, so he has a legitimate mean has bill element. You see he still has the service suspension if you got yeah yeah. I believe so yeah, I believe so well, you saw is no fucking joke man, which is really funny watching. All these guys go over to Bellator
it's going to be. It's going to be interesting. It's going to be interesting to see what Bellator does were like Vanderlei and all these other guys that are going over their nails first backs with Bellator and started laughing. This is so yeah well jail. They said the she also they're testing like crazy, but I mean it might my fucking cinnamon text message. Hey yo, we're testing like crazy and three days, wink wink. It's like the Athletic commission right. It's not even know. You saw the no no doing it the way the UFC is doing it and the way you have see's doing it, I mean in a lot of ways it's dangerous to their brand. You know, I mean a lot of ways. It's a lot of people would say it's not a good idea financially, but it just shows their commitment to trying to clean it up. I think California is doing randoms to know yeah, the commissioner came here from Georgia and he's he's down yeah, that's awesome. The problem with you saw the thing is that it's, if your boss
people that pay you solid to test is the UFC. It's. I think it's a conflict of interest at some level it should be. You know a state sanction or somebody away from both parties. You know because who who who who makes choice on who gets tested, yeah because signing when you throw your tests in California, for example, the California Athletic Commission is gonna contact, Bella, tore and say you're fired this guy's, not fighting evil drug test. When he fell test, the pre Usada they're going to call the US seem ok, so this guy failed the drug test. When do you wanna do about it and that's not that becomes a problem. Yeah. This guys test shows as cocaine in the system and then just lose those results till after this main event yeah, but that's different, because it's out of competition there's, Certain rules out what happen in there's certain nuts. I thought his knee buckled. I thought he got hit with a push kick to the lug, but I think there's there's added
petition, testing and then there's in competition testing and when you get tested for something in competition, it's very different and then add a competition when it comes through recreational drugs. But when it comes to performance, enhance drugs like even if it's at a competition like Savior five weeks out, he test positive for cocaine, that's not going to vector performance in the ring and am way that's going to damage your opponent, but if you test positive for sort of steroid, then it will makes sense. It kind of makes sense make sense until you talk to Nick Diaz well that window with most ridiculous shit that you saw, that was the Nevada State Athletic Commission. Not only that Usada Sada Nowitzki, where Novitsky is one hundred percent against it. He thinks it was ridiculous. Well, that's invite the knick failed for that in the Athletic Commission suspended for five years. Anderson failed drug test for steroids and they had lost his results until after the fight look at this knee buckle, do you see this?
Did you see that I was knee just buckle? That was awful yeah? There was horrible, I mean Anderson was doing well, I don't know if he was doing, but he had steroids in a system right for whatever reason he said it's from Chinese Cialis. This is hilarious. His fucking. I would like to see if someone someone should publish a list of all the excuses fighters have made for pissing higher. They get make a t, shirt, yeah right, like a tour like a world. Your t shirt have the back all the different excuses by Alice. In TIM, Sylvia failed for like winstrol or something- and he said he was doing it just to to his body- would look better because he was getting so much shit about looking fat yeah well. The TIM Sylvia that knocked out Rico Rodriguez was a monster. You go back that TIM Sylvia, that TIM Sylvia is one of the scariest heavyweights ever he was when he got popped, think that was when he got it: yeah yeah Byram,
that fight because I remember he had a hard time making two hundred and sixty five. He had to cut weight to make two three five and he wasn't. He wasn't fat at all back then I mean he was. He wasn't sure but for TIM Sylvia I mean he was real lean and TIM Sylvia walk around. He doesn't look like like an athlete. He doesn't look like he. He would have ever been a heavyweight champion in the UFC, but many it's hard. Oh fuck, yeah, well dude talk to Kelly start about that who's. You know a real famous strength and conditioning coach and knows a lot about physio LG, and he and he thinks that oh shit, he thinks that TIM Sylvia, that pigeon in toad thing that he did. He thinks that's correctable he's you just gotta retrain your body: how to walk and stand for some reason he never did that. But start really believes that, like the mechanics of your body like you've kind of been cut into a groove where your body's gotten accustom
the walking and standing in that way. But if you adjusted that and trained that he would be a way better athlete and he would move like like Travis Brown, or something like that was a big tall guy who moves great yeah, but I mean, as a grown man you think you can you reach me, I'm I am showing you want, but if you wanted to test the line yeah I mean I I listen to Kelly. I think Kelly knows you talking about yeah. I don't know if it's right, but I mean I so imagine there something shorter than having some like scar, tissue or whatever that forces him just to walk that way, and then you could change it, but I don't think it's likely to grown man is already been successful is going to be. You know I wish I could walk a little less and less goof. Let me fix this here. Yeah I mean I don't know what makes you walk. Pigeon, toed Jamie, pull that up. Tim Sylvia goes into fix, fixes Walken. Next year we seem in the NFL. I know about all that. The last thing I think that dude
you get hit in the head a more and that Ray Mercer fight. I was that was in the wall that was nice, snapped a kick in and in and out. Oh, we should probably say we're watching round three it two thousand seven hundred and twenty six twenty five, two thousand four hundred and twenty two seconds to go does it explain in what causes it? What causes pigeon to pigeon those caused by one of three conditions: TAS Souris versus meta, Metatarsus, a ductus tibial portion or fee miral into version, each can It is specific to its location. Here's a brief description of each the foot pigeon toes occur when the tends to resemble a kidney huh. Or when a metatarsal is ductus,
as an inward curve at the outer edge of the foot. If your child This condition you'll probably notice it, while your child is still a baby, sometimes it actor will try braces or special shoes, while the child is still a baby, in nine months old help, you manipulate the bones into growing straight the condition and will not clear up on its own. Metatarsus Abductus requires treatment than eight, which varies depending upon whether the condition is flexible or fixed. Most civil cases respond to conservative treatment, which indicates passives searching bracing and specialized shoes. The fixed type requires serial plaster casting. If conservative it does not help. Then re evaluation is in order to make sure the patient does not have true clubfoot instead of Metatarsus a ductus huh interesting, I just right now, I'm just I like looking behind the veil man, where there, at times when, when I'm listening to you bad gas and and
you go into one of those I'm like is he? What is he doing? Where is coming from. Oh now you know now I know see how it works. It's called the internet like yeah, but Google, Google is your asking. Someone else can do it. How are you asking someone else to do it and then you're reading it? Oh I get it now. We gotta get it I'm not going to give away the secret. I just get it powerful, Duane, Ludwig Email with Miller. You know that I love Dwayne, man he's a good dude he's a wizard, that guy is a striking wizard, he broke my orbital day, yeah slower in ice, so we had to have fun. I was in his guard, I'm on top, I mean as a guard and he throws a punch. He does it this way. So he turns in the holes over and like casting style yeah and all the knuckle hit me right in the eyeball, I'm on top of him and I'm like throwing parts and then he throws out punching hit me and I put my head down on his belly and hold on his biceps like fuck. That hurt
that really like that was one of those moments in a fight, whereas, like that, hurt that really Couldn'T- and I couldn't see straight for the rest- a first round from the bottom here in the bar. Whoa Guard closed guard. He threw out that punch hit me right now. I bought that. It's not you said doctor said two things happen, even eyeball, ruptures or fracture orbital to relieve the pressure. So I got lucky my brother in law, my brother in law Aaron. He was up as he has a eight that's and you see o that knee yeah. I that You can do that. I hate that anyway, he's a picture like a pick up league like just for Fun League playing baseball for a long time, and he throws up pitch and then gets line by line drive right back at him on a fucking Sunday afternoon, hit him square in the eye like ruptures is I lost his eyes had like ten surgeries lost his eyeball?
now they like talking about, we might go to keep the. I would like feeling it because it is open in the back like a flap, and I called the shit leaked out and they had to fill it with this oil and I'm trying to hope that they can. We save the eye, but the vision, God awful, awful Jesus Christ I'm a stupid sport like baseball for fun like a fun game on the fucking Sunday, is terrible, terrible yeah man fuck that but fuck that two. You don't like that kid sidekick as thing into the thought. It's cool when you're trying to extend the guys need right is that a legal and glory and well I mean it really depends on where he's hitting them. It's it's such a weird thing. Because, if your leg is if You know your legs slightly bent and a guy catches you above the thigh. With that push kick it's going to extend your leg and it's going to hurt is not I mean,
The way he did it was really nasty. I mean that was one of the worst ones I've seen. Did you ever see that one with Miguel Torres who I said when I for the first time I was on your podcast yeah? That's right, it's awful! But every time I see it just bugs me. I had a knee surgery and we were talking earlier about how long it takes come back mentally forever and I was out for a year from ACL and Mcl tear but like in that the last three months, especially that last camp getting back into the ring like every time you feel like any kind of twist or pop or any scarred issue that breaks like you just freak out. You make like a girly noise like if I was a fucking spider in across the room, and yes, really. So every time I see any kind of shit like that on the it bugs me. Yes, why people are so terrified of heel, hooks heel hooks. There are people more than anything because with the difference between tapping and I tapping quick enough. Is you being crippled for a year and super effective move?
that's why I like who Samara Paul High rises, so hated The keys is only one of the most hated guys in the history of the sport because he holds on the heel hooks. Those are those are the two those are the two guys that I hate this shit, the flashy dancers and the hill Harper. This shit is going to crazy week over Hovan an Barari seemed badderly. Oh my god, it looks like he's on all the steroids for sure all the star polisher for sure for sure for sure for sure he's so much bigger than he's ever been before the bigger you get the more I wanna watch. Look it up! Look at him in that picture. Look at that fucking picture from Instagram holy shit. He looks like you gained one thousand five hundred and twenty pounds of muscle Easton you look at his last fight. He did not look like that at all. What I love about this fight, two is, first of all Ricos in his fucking prime, but but he's been training for this fight for six months. Like he's been put it up on his instagram and he hasn't fought in forever. Look. We do this when he was fighting Shin Protection and
Gear was already a household name, it doesn't matter Rico, you cannot deny Rico. Verhoeven is a bad mother, Fucker yeah I mean he is so high level right now and his endurance Ann pace. In athleticism for a heavyweight. Is really rare, he something special super athletic and he's a giant dude and like he's a fucking giant food, those bator and bothers us savage, but just straight, like average yeah we gotta do one for that right. Let's do configure the more juiced up. He gets the more I'm like fuck yeah. I can't wait 'cause. I thought I was a little worried Rico's in his prime and bought a rather fun in awhile and his last fight, and look that great God damn it doesn't seem like fuck, that's the same night as the UFC in Toron in Toronto, cancel it. I should I'm thinking of it now. Joe, we talked about this you're only going to do you have seized when it's in Vegas and close to home. For you right, you know well go out,
North America,. But again it is more than their they're sort of America will commit a misdemeanor and you won't be able to go. It won't be repeated. One of our friends there are people is I really thought about this really thinking about canceling, the upside to watch that fight how fucked up about it. I feel like calling you have say: hey Brian Stann, what's up dude what you do in December? Tenth do it reason I was December tenth yeah, my flight December tenth. Well, what I, what I did there you wanna Bell toward I'm cancelling the fight fight, that's crazy, the Bella towards doing that on the same night as Gloria at so and the UFC. Yes, my fight in ITALY for ability or they're doing like a over this. It's it's three events or two events is a
Going to be Bellator Kickboxing or is it Bellator MMA and bills were kickball, so they combine. It's like one kickboxing fight, one like shockwave, did or yeah believe so are you going to find out local time we're going to fight for the US time? I think they're actually going to play it a week later for the tv or for the US, though, so you'll be able to watch it because you'll fight and it'll be morning here or early in the morning, when you're fighting, probably right. Somebody Casey Greenies who my spine part in the last like three or four fights, is really good, dude z taller than you this guy easy now, I think, have and John and he's gotten a lot better over the last two years. He works so hard work, so hard he's like real, consistent really excited this got a tough vitamins, hands list. I guy he's fighting it got like one hundred and seventy fights God, that's so crazy.
And cases out of sacks on different Van Nuys Righton Bombycidae been on coming up to train with you, yeah bombs been taken by yeah. You should come through within my my coach been torturing us, but we get some really good work and bombs are a cool cat. Yeah I like was Bomba Bomba, so this is using this kid on sales team on the ultimate fighter, Brazil, ok, yes, we like, so the channel or lift up the up there were chihuahuas did for painting partner for a long time. Yeah now he's here in Chelsea Cycle World World Champion Jujitsu Guide and he was like. I will work on my kickboxing, my cool. We start shooting drills on this mother. Fucker is good. This tie kid is twenty years old and he has one hundred and what fights how in seventeen thousand one hundred and sixty is fucking incredible, that's insane, first thai tape. I have a watch from a friend from Thailand. They had like two seventeen year olds. They had like one hundred and something fights
well in Thailand. Your prime is like one thousand six hundred and seventeen eighteen, you know if you're, if you're twenty three years old, you're like over the hill, like your fucking, older. What about a guy like Sanchi was thirty six even Sanchis, like I don't think he's like maybe Sanchi still is, but for the most part, those guys that, like San Shire Book, or whatever those guys aren't, even like the prime in Thailand, anymore, there gotten so old and so big that now they fight the foreigners everywhere. That's like, like top level in Thailand, is like one hundred and thirteen pounds. Lucas record one. Thirty four wins: thirty two losses: so draws with forty five cal's die is incredible. At twenty years old I have a lot flights: it has many Cayos. I have fighting right crazy, Denny's, twenty, that's easy. That means he was born in nineteen. Ninety six, that's insane!
So when he was born hearing I don't know, but I'm assuming is someone he was like, probably like eight years old or five years old. His parents, like poo, take him to a Muay Thai camp in that camp probably took raised him and send him to sue. Or what not and then, every day after school, since he was like five years old, he fucking train, Moitie, Lou, Casey's record five wins six losses to knockout crazy, but it's a big step up for him. He's, got a lot of the of the size of an for sure on this one and he also usually those ties when they come over and they do when they switch over the kick boxing the first time. They don't do that. Well, because it's so different, this the rule set and stuff How good are the tie fighters when they start getting bigger like in the heavier weights. This is one hundred and seventy right, yeah, that's big for a time. Oh yeah and he's not he's, probably eight. He didn't cut it down, so you probably over eight and waiting with his keys on to make seventeen,
which is like a normal thing. You know, Ok wait! One hundred and sixty nine, but yeah they're, just not that big of people, so I give him. Blue cow is not too many guys that lookout size, yeah, pretty guys there were like used to be one hundred and fifty pounds, and then they just got super fat and now they're fighting in one hundred and eighty five, but they have one hundred fights even super fat. How do you say his name? You say his song sit songs in song, Pinong Song, Pinong, that's a really famous camp in Thailand. So the and Thailand the fighters, their last names or the usually can make Jim name that they represent. It's like the Brazilians, except except the busy, the kind of just pick their name. Thank recent email, Gleason T email, not his real name or Thiago Alvez, What's Gleason TV's last name really get t bars real name? Taco alvizo son is real name. What is this? What are you talking about?
Serious he's dropping it. This is an exclusive area. I was listening right now going to shut the fuck up shut. The fuck up man invite next month so when they come in, they change their visa, their name, their their visa or whatever into the US they make. They choose their own names. I don't I don't know if that's legal, even because look next time you travel next time, you go to the UFC. Look at look at the list. If you look at the list, you can see the guys real names for for travel. Man Sitsongpeenong is a bad mother. He's got a quick trigger on that right, kick man! He he slams it in the farm. You could see Casey's reacting to it good overhand, right to.
You see Thiago down to one hundred and fifty five pounds now yeah, whatever is real name is oh, what's his name he's down to one hundred and fifty five man. He looks great so much such much better wait for him. I bet he's going to Taylor at one hundred and fifty five. I'm looking forward to this fight for you. What is real name? Look at this real name. How is middle name is Herculano. That's a dope name, Gleison Tibau. That is well what the fuck name is that Glaze nt bow his real name is Jonny Gleason back that's his name Johnny John, some Gleason Guillano Alvis. So he went with Grayson Tibau. Why didn't even go with Alba's place in all this?
I mean turn garage garage kickstand in the heat. Come on, showing who's the who's. The best Muay Thai Tara is admitting Shoreman. I think I didn't really enjoy Vinny. I think Benny. He knows his shit as for sure absolutely It's hard finding really good guides. I mean Obviously, Valtellina he's super knowledgable. You get tagged, oh at the Bell, the a colon and all he's heard a man he's earnings hurt to call the slip yeah, they call it a throw that is not slip. He was cracked, don't referee is Pro America. America
Mark make America great again. Let's make America great with his right hand Come on son he's hurt there. Well, you can't on Oct on those can't really come down through another shot. After yeah I mean there was a lot of slip in yeah. He did fall down from a slip, good job growth yeah, I can go America, Omar Barghouti get got, get it get it give it to. Is it hard okay cell in a more typhoon, right or kickboxing fight, liking? Glory? When you watch him remain you guys getting beaten on his feet and your teammates getting beaten on his feet like get to take yeah and you figure like there's another way when you guys getting beat up on their feet in Muay Thai? What do you think it there's no other way yeah this is we gotta gotta land, big shot? We gotta change something here. I'd like to see Casey start using this movement. Stop don't be so predictable for that stand in front of Utah,
so yeah, but this also needs to be like more american right now, not try to fight a moitie style against this guy is just too much experience. Do you think that. Guys automatically try to fight the style of the ties, because I mean that's what idolize right mean, like everybody, who's a more tie fighter. They they they idolize the greats. You know they idolize these high level guys and then they will not fighting on Monday yeah. I don't think it's intentional for save. I think you end up doing that or we should just watch a bunch of Ramon Dekkers fights time. What's going on Cirkut now, Casey was complaining about it about clinching and kneeing the time of the referee. It stopped it he didn't stop that. I didn't stop his know. What the fuck is no clue what he said right now, I'm looking.
He's here, yeah yeah, yeah, yeah yeah? Let me keep fight I think it's a what you were asking Joe. I think it's it's kind of like the wonderful thing to like when you when you're in that moment, you don't realize that you're you're kind of playing the other guys game. Sometimes There's a thing that you see with guys like sit song, Np Nong when you see guys they have been doing it. Their whole lives with their their trigger. So fast like the way he throws that that kick Let's switch kick they just threw away it's like they have. They have such fluidity, because their technique is so part of like who they are and how they develop as a human. Like yeah, you just throw that right kick to the arms. It's like it becomes like a part of
how they move. I mean he's, probably been moving, throwing kicks and punches and avoiding him and and clenching did it again. He just clinched him and him in the knee there mean he's been do. But since he was a baby, it's just that that file- Thank you is just so much better. You know that, I, like you and also the efficiency of the movement Watch Kc. United seen some things other fights and he fights usually fights How much longer range he's like really close to this dude. He So punished already, you know that's part of the problem with deep into the second round. He's just been beaten up so much, and the last thing you want to do with that. I without much experience is the clinches and Gloria rules with lunch anyway. But like that's what you ends up happening. Rap for some reason. You keep doing the same thing. They got Casey usually has a really a lot better movement and moving side to side, but I think he's getting flustered here or maybe he's looking for the big shot. It's not coming.
Get aggressive Nostro all he would if he hurt his knee walk was that he hurt his knee. There sure. Certain is like his leg just gave out he still wobbly. What is that from? Was that from a punch? Oh he's! fucked. He still fucked, but look he's trying to move just stopped it. I just got stunned he's hurt These are, but it seems like it's not just yeah he's got something wrong. Alright come on ref, who is leg, went backwards there to ref yeah the reference I bet. No, oh man, yeah he's tough his own good he's got ten seconds left around the referee. Stop the fight, oh shit, right before he got K. O'd, oh
yeah when a guy is that hindered by something you got gotta kinda, stop the fight. What happened with his leg, I'm sure they're going to show us, but was one of the weirdest way he went down yeah and also the way like he was trying to get up and it just wasn't working. It was his acl blown out or something it's like when you just kind of tease a cockroach of bug, spray. What the fuck are you doing? I grew up in the Bahamas, man, what the fuck is that were all like yeah. I do that here. Let's see here. Ok, him want to right hand is that it that's weird? I say I was a left hook. That's left Look at the end. Well, what
what made him wobble like that now, that's the very end of the fight he's already hurt, but I already had a problem with his leg. I want to know this is terrible. Replays I would if I would be asking the truck I want to know what happened. Did he was it a punch? Was it elbow What caused him to go down the first time, and why was he so wobbly? Was it because he got hurt over the because of a knee injury man? Why don't they show that get on it glory? Is that, like twelve year old doctor right there is that they're going to be fourteen to be about two thousand Doogie Howser right there is holding onto him. Did fuck showing us. This show us what happened in yeah. I don't know why they're not showing that this is very strange. Don't they broadcast this overseas? Also, it's probably commercial time. I think you're exactly right, yeah
how the fuck is this not on regular tv? It's so exciting, I mean in the depth of talent. Sits on Pinong is twenty years old. How many of these dudes are out there and there is? There, are hundreds right, he knows a lot. Yeah the depth of talent and kickboxing is off the fucking charts. And isn't that that fighting cow home back tonight. I heard that Uc I got hurt and they put the all of the fire axiom ever heard, but I heard you he went on his knee on this recently this week. Maybe oh, my gosh did. You know many bright smile that has for two hours right: yeah, yeah, that's crazy, yeah! It is amazing. It's amazing. You know he's a brother. Who else is on the lion fight card? Did they cancel the whole card or they
This is made by a man of it and then now and mouth. That's fighting Joe, the other time, Joe something Joe, not a what yeah holy That's a better fight or a really good fight, at least some really good fight, and then the my buddy Romeo downs us fighting on that card as well. Lion fight has some outstanding talent. They really do yeah, there's a California and in the US in general, there's a lot of there's a lot of really good movie time, more so probably in kickboxing, because because there's so many moitie gyms in LOS Angelus yeah makes sense. It just seems to me to be like the most underappreciated underrated sport in the US, especially like what and one thing that people complain about an mma like oh fuck and go to the growing you queer stop hugging each other and I met this. Is that no one goes to the ground? Is all stand up and yet still, I think, Muay Thai also is much more entertaining than boxing straight boxing.
Yeah for sure- and I think boxing entertaining don't get me wrong- I still enjoy it but yeah I mean so talents there and the people to watch it or hear so where's. The problem lies, no, you really going to show it to us. Show us the fucking replay yeah I mean that's part of the problem. The column Joe's Joe Schilling is that you get these Thai guys beating up Americans. So this is world last kickboxing, so we're gonna make a match up with one of our American up and coming american stars are going to match them up with a guy with one hundred and sixty fights see that was it right there right across an interesting interesting. Let's see it again,. So there is a right hand is right hand. What what's short circuited him hum, and this is what ends in this is the ends it. Meanwhile, the referee should have fucking called the guys behind him waving it off who
the guy waving it off. He looks like an official hum incredible, well, either way. Who makes that matchup? It's good question. Why would you make that matter? Yeah, I mean maybe they just needed to fight for peanut six price versus one hundred hundred hundred and whatever he literally has the One hundred and sixteen times more flights? That's crazy man! Well he's a bad mother, fucker, that's for sure, It's interesting to see. I would hate for glory. And for kickboxing in general to stay at this level about the hard on Casey were all sitting here, saying stuff to fight stuff. The fight going to stop the fight exactly yeah! He could've got out as a monster. He did
and try to take a knee when you couldn't stand up. You know he didn't he didn't say. Let me just take a knee here and is he praying to the? Why can't we just talk? Just died it's really common to also in Thailand. They always there's always usually carrying a photo of the king to the ring and what not a very, very loyal to the king over there. So when the king passed away, he recently was last week. I think it's like a really big deal to the thai people may have hear. If Obama died, it would be like a big deal. Middle most people would be. Is I don't know, I don't know by side of Amala PET had a picture and he posted something on his on his instagram about it, and I don't know if anybody's standing there with a tribute Obama? No, they won't give any of our presidents if Obama got shot, but maybe a month into office. People be sad yeah, but after a month already blaming him for the economy. You know, but after eight years
for get shot now, they're just going to repeal Obamacare the same type of people that still want to have confederate flags. Would be chairing those people be so happy. I go back to Texas, sometimes and literally two miles, my daughter's house on a corner on on a on a highway intersection. There is the just got confederate flag, just lined up hanging and they're selling them they just sitting there and the trailer selling confederate flags. People drive around confederate flags flying out of the back of trucks there pickups it's it's a different. It's weird coming out here, because I grew up with I. I seen that a lot it strange to me strange to me until I came here. Live there for a year then went back there it. So I grew up in Ohio, and that was like a thing, but it was like like a racist thing, it's like a southern thing and it's like part of history and there's not much like me. What the fuck are you talking about like what the fuck
talking about it. So it's about traditionally notes is sick redneck, it's not you know it's not whatever, and I'm really integrates the employer like all pissed off to the like. You can't use a like. They got rid of it or what not, but Skinner history, I'm like what the fuck kind of history is. It That's a history! You wanna fucking, keep or matches the Nazis hung under that Germans like there was one time when we were strong, yeah right or the rising rising, rising sun with that rising sun is still a big issue with a lot of fighters have that tattooed is had yeah, but some fighters have that Tattooed- and you know, some people think it's incredibly offensive Koreans and chinese people really get offended by it. Yeah yeah, I think, yeah. It's easy for people outside of that did not understand what those symbols actually actually mean. So this is an interesting fight,
travel areas of bad mother fucker, I'm not not familiar with Dallas. Neither my I know he fought in glory before this is like his second fight, his first fight he, but he took it on like a weeks notice and he thought a heavyweight. So I don't know guys look into things a couple guys that dropped weight on this card and the the middle weight turn contender tournament. There's this guy macho at Machado, Machado, and he fought on the contender tournament tool. Five at thirty two, but now he's in the middle weight tournament sisters with MIKE's gym. They still, even though he's finding two hundred and five is still carrying some body fat on him, how many classes. Glory have now. A five four thousand five hundred and fifty five seventy eighty five thousand two hundred and five and heavy God is so why is it so much like mma 'cause they're original, and they wanted to be just like the UFC to sell to the UFC fans
yeah? So we did 'cause they're calling two hundred and five light heavyweight. That's hilarious. The UFC is what used to before the UFC made the weight classes or whatever middle weight was one hundred and fifty four just like boxing, which you know and then there's like junior. Light heavy there's like a million types of middleweights, now, yeah. Well, middle weight was one hundred and sixty, but it was one hundred and fifty four to one hundred and sixty super middle weight. One hundred and sixty eight light heavyweight one hundred and seventy five cruiserweight one hundred and ninety five. There was a time where you know the Ui. See, didn't even have a fifty five. When Eve Edward is the baddest mother fuckin fifty five on the planet, you are the Uncrowned Champ man along time, looks along time ago, but you were the uncrowned Champ when the UFC eliminate that, right after you knocked out Josh Thompson, you were the the consensus best one hundred and fifty five pound guy in the planet and then the UFC said yeah, not really in this weight class. He
yeah that wasn't the hemorrhaging money money days. They didn't have any money kinda sucked, but it is what it is right no match give you fucking belt, though yeah. That's just office is a great you awful about this. This is a zero sum for the mantle. I just go home and I put my arm put my make a playlist on on and fight passing watch. My journey to the title for ten days ago, just take a burlap sack, Philadelphia, light bulbs to hear that sounds like a your lips at for a light bulb did uh in that fight. Aaron Riley had his entire lower jaw reconstructed with like metal and have his teeth wired into place, and I I didn't know we had all those wires. I know he had to have surgery. I know he had surgery. She was pretty significant. I think you literally broke the where the teeth connect to
his lower jaw. I think he snapped all that. Hence the light bulb analogy. That makes more sense now, that's for sure, sounds like it's Dick move. I know I had surgery that 'cause you were fucking wrote that down in my diary, dear Diary, Aaron Riley had surgery. Aaron Riley's been on the receiving end of some fucking ruthless fights the Robin he got Robbie Lawler. He introduced Robbie log into the UFC that I know that wasn't fun and then Chris even now pretty, but I'm sorry, Chris Lidle right yeah. Well, Chris Lee been introduced the world to Anderson yeah, guys tailor made tailor made for him yeah. I remember that he went there like I mean you always go into a fight confident, but he went into that flight is confidence leaving can be
Yeah and then it was like hello world, I'm Anderson Silva yeah. That was when Anderson was really like. He had taken time off of pride and then he went and fought in Cager pg and e cage rage. You really came into his own when he found age range. Those are some of the most impressive fights you ever had in his entire career, Tony Fricken, with a back elbow. How 'bout Lee Murray be tough, fuck Outta, Lee Murray beat the fuck out of and Lee Murray was scary back then it was only Mary like a Hardee's like a fucking debt collector or something oh easy way with gangster he's the most gangsters gangster that ever gang stirred Lee Murray is responsible. Who is one part of the biggest army collaborative history of England? now is in jail in Morocco. He got a girl pregnant from J. That's how strong is commas
we find the child was in the pokey, Pablo Escobar stuff. He. He also Anderson, also had a crazy fight with Jorge, hey Rivera. Remember that fight or Rivera. Let Rivera punch him in the face because there was like a hard header and he stood right in front of Rivera and Rivera clinch up with them and hit with bombs. Hey. Stood out. I'm looking at him hitting them Anderson used to be a beast anymore man from from where he was. You know, Anderson to fight one hundred and sixty seven pounds yeah and pride judo so it was a shoe to Champy beat soccer. I for the belt one hundred and sixty seven wow that was like in ninety nine Do you, member that kid who used to fight what the fuck was his name he's to himself the brazilian killer, Alex Steve Lee Steamtown stiebling yeah he's calmed the brazilian killer. 'cause he beat a bunch of brazilians. Is tough ass white dude
Anderson Schindhelm across the eyebrow and opened up a new vagina on his forehead. He asked dealing with stealing is bad until that happened. Yeah Anderson will change your life. Yeah he'll open up a vagina on your forehead. What he did to Carlos Newton and pride: oh yeah, a flying knee boom. It did it's so weird, some of the losses that he had the like, the real John in our area. The site had a broken foot going in a fight yeah. I didn't know that yeah real tone and hit with the craziest flying scissor heel hook. Tapout ever was it on that foot like you probably like credit? Ok, maybe right maybe, but he honestly children was beating him on the feet and are did not look good in that fight. His timing was off was tentative. He just wasn't properly prepared, but that also when he was gone through this transitionary period, where he left shoot the box and he'd start.
Muay Thai dream team. Remember that he He had like left and then sort of established is it like he was in the middle of like transitioning between gyms and I just don't think it was trained as well as he had been in the past. What's your favorite? All time are not even all time. Let's just go back to 'cause. You been doing this, for a long time you been watching them and made the whole time. It's been around you. What's your favorite mma fight from back in the day? How Man, I don't know. If I have a favorite, I don't think I have a favorite. But I remember looking forward those vandalay fights more than anything on the planet. He's just my all time he will. I get at the time at least my favor just 'cause. He was just a fucking tornado of chaos. He was so primal, you know just so filled with rage and it would be looking at the
across the ring and doing that shit with his wrists, where his role his hands he was just so fucking crazy, snake eyes, yeah fucking, like he so crazy contacts or was he just like, but I think like when CRO cop, knocked him out. That was one of my favorite fights to because the style that Vander Lee used was not a technical style like he swung, punches with his arms. He was very overly muscled justa that it's just all are fucking jacked in super aggressive- and you know he knocked a lot of guys out and won a lot of fights, but when you, why that shit against CRO cop it was just not flying it just was not going to happen. It like Crow Cobb was at a completely different level when it came to striking and then in the that fight, vandalay striking was exposed 'cause. I remember watching a of an old school vandal, a fight with a friend of mine who was
Krieger, who knew how to box is like God, this guy throws his wild ass punches. He know he does and cover is Chan, and it is just everything is arm punches and looping like mma. Striking, is kind of fucked up, I'm like wow. You know, I mean easier said than done like there's a lot of good strikers who stood in front of Angelines panicked, 'cause. He was just so fucking, crazy and screaming, and Elias NEWS. Now, I'm one of those button makers, but now crock of it the first fight it was of those weird rules. Fights remember that had shorter rounds. They limited the amount of time in the ground. It was a it was a draw. It wasn't a fight where they had a distinctive decision, like you couldn't be able make money on that yeah because the the betting line was now
I guess the the the the people putting up the betting line. They didn't realize that of the fight went to the distance. It was a draw automatic, mostly bet for the draw yeah yeah and they paid out too that's interesting, but that was back when you could fucking bet on mine man. He got he got to bring that back. I would be betting on everything online online betting. Still there I've been on this for fun. Why not? vintage books, draftkings is or they should draft now. Draftkings is fantasy. It's different! It's like you know. You pick fighters, you pick row. It's like a sneaky way of getting around gambling kind of gamble. But it's not the same. I want to be able to bet fifty bucks on this guy. I want to bed one books on that guy. I want to be able to bet I'm a can grown man, I pay taxes. American is Well, that's why that Guy Calvin Ayre had to leave the country. He he's a criminal because
he had all this online gambling shit going on and he was an American isn't. So he can't even live in America anymore, not only, but I don't think he's allowed to visit America. I think Alvin AIR lives in, like Costa Rica. Do you, member Alvin area, member bulldog fight? I remember both Doug. Does somebody else like that to the gang of those guys shoot? I forget his name, but it turned a bunch of entrepreneurs into criminals. This change the law, America, America, but Calvin. I had some great fights man. He brought the world Chale Sonnen. That was the first Shell center fight Cain, Valasquez headed first fight in Bodog yeah, and he was booked for bold off on Bodog and he was the Chambo dog Mazda dog whore, hey Masvidal, yeah yeah. He put on some good fights and he put him on the beach and the girls bang an he had ring card girls that just
Jesus Gamma was always like on a beach somewhere Costa Rica, exactly where in Costa Rica yeah, he put everything on like where he likes to hang out. It's like shit so have a fight here. And then once was in Russia and that kind of suck it was cold. It was November yeah. He did it in Russian, yet fade or fight Matt Lindland, that's right and I think Matt Lindland got fucked in that fight. Remember, fade or grab the ropes, Matt Lindland got the clinch on fade or and Matt Lindley was about to take forward, fade or down a fade or grab the ropes and held on hard, and then reverse is the position because you grab the ropes yeah. I remember that and I think Matlin and got fucked financially too. If I remember correctly, I don't think you got paid or you don't get paid with you suppose get paid or something there was some sort of controversy, but the controversy about the takedown was gigant
dick. Could you imagine if Matlin would have beaten fade or at that time? Oh, my god been crazy at that time fade or was fade or yeah, but that was post pride right. That was post price yeah. He had gone through a lot of weird shit right in pride. I feel like there's fade or in pride, and I think fade or in pride is the all time greatest heavyweight. I feel like fade or in pride. If you wanted to look at like and who knows what's going on as far as like chemicals and steroids and uh kinds of the shitty who knows 'cause. You know that everybody was doing shit. I've told this story before, but I've told this story before, but I wish I still had a copy of it, but the pride contract, the price contract says this is what it reads: it says you will be tested for cocaine heroin, another barbiturates, then the very next line was all cat. I said you will not be tested for steroids in the contract.
Ensign told me about that. It's an anyway! The g yeah he's awesome. I love that guy he's come in towns. I know your whole did. I think it was K. One k, one or k Q rose moved to. I heard that it was like you would. Everybody would go in for the drug test and then they, when they came out like they were just be cups all the way along, like the on the floor, like outside cups, full of piss, but like nobody's name on it, and that was the whole drug testing Everybody pays the MECCA, this TED, no clues. What I saw some so an ensign on vice land a couple of days ago, it wasn't it wasn't. It wasn't even hosting the show, the guy. I remember the guys name anyway ENT, and was he had these guys in Japan? They were street fighting so they had an mma gloves, but they, like you, know like all. They have the car race, the race car guys. It seems like they had. They parked a bunch of cars. They made made a ring with the cars and there
still in now it with little gloves on and on Greek on concrete hosts, his own vice land. It's I think it's on this week or was on last week, vice lance crazy. I love that it where it's amazing they put on some and insane coke terms, that's like a real man channel, like you know, a man cave channel, use it use it in your man, cave and just watch Netflix. Have you ever watched fuck, just delicious yeah? If you came in here man, he saw action. Bronson smoke more joints in the course of an hour than anyone in the history. The podcast half of the price is yeah. I have these joints, the the roaches are certain after This is I never seen anybody just burn through joints like a chain smoker through cigarettes. In two hours I mean I was. Faded. I had no idea we talked about just three ago and he just he keeps hitting it. Snoop is like that I was on a Nick Nick was in town, and he was doing that Ggn.
That Snoop Dogg's football thing. He does no, it's like a take a podcast network, oh yeah, it does it with video right yeah and went in there and like he just blunt after blunt after blunt after blunt after blunt, like through, like a pound of weeks ago, that we really We can make this work that we are well on, but it was like it was. It was rough we used to have Holly lit. He was the like. Even snoop is like on some of the ship yeah how that action Bronson do after smoking all those joints. Well, he like coating around because he was barbecue when he got here yeah he got here cooked and he got he kept getting cooked. I mean it was like yeah you're done dude like What does just don't stop? I don't Batman, I like when we do podcasts I'll take. Couple of hits and like I'm good, you guys good we're good, but some people are never good. They just keep going. I don't understand it. It's a different mentality.
You know who who got? one of the most high will try to an axe kick, Do you, member cabbage, Cabbage Korea, cabbage is one of my favorite fighters have ever he's an animal like. That is the kind of fighters. I really want to see. People like cabbage but he was in in Vegas and me and him in any. Bravo, we went to my hotel room and he he had this fucking gigantic blunt and we were so high. We could we should have stopped, but he kept saying yeah motto: Domashi with these warriors warriors. He kept saying that your motto demise: she key a past the joint like all right man. Yes, that right, I don't want to disappoint cabbage and we just the rest. The night we're done like we went to a bar we went in eight and then we're just like all paranoid fucked up contemplating mortality for the rest of the night but
used to save my head, full of rocks and junkers shit like that, so full of rocks and junk with that hawaiian accent he could take it home and, oh, my god, that fight with Sylvia member, the pod TIM Sylvia and TIM Sylvia beat the fuck out of him. And think of it now and our lan to my Bro Orlowski or Tank Abbott K Odom in a K1 fight. I want to say I feel like it was a kick boxing fight feeling, In Hawaii yeah, a one way yeah do that do look like Stephan Bonnet for a second hello, hey looks to showing these German. The only show you getting your, not mouthpiece, knocked out these. No, I was signing in as well. Well that's right with the new! Otherwise, the guard. Artem Levin, is he done man what's going on with him? Now I don't know, I hope so did you. Watch the Simon Marcus Jason Wellness fight.
Did you watch crazy fight, crazy fight, dude? It's They call. The wind went out assignments. Sales Jason Wellness was getting battered early on and Simon look fantastic. You looked super good so super strong, but and somewhere somewhere around the second round. It looks like he's just losing all of his pop and then he did some weird thing to that weird thing you did against the ropes? So I there didn't. He is like a bravado kind of thing. Tee off on him. Give it to me and then fucking give it to him right. Give it to my wellness can crack. You know that more than anybody yeah that should be interesting. It looked to me like Simon, sounds even like someone was getting tired. You know- and I had heard that he's not with his old coach anymore. So maybe that's it, but as was asking Eve being in Denver when I thought there, it makes like a big difference. The high Algeria and he's fighting Dustin
will be, who I don't think is anywhere near the caliber fighter to fight a guy like Simon but he's from Denver, and that gives him a lot of advantage. That's tonight do you think the Simon should recover, though I mean he got knocked the fuck out just a couple of months ago. Yeah, I I don't. I don't think that's good either know when I knocked him out. He fought again in Like I said it's got the part in China right in China, like I, don't know right away and got knocked out again. Who killed him in China but it was upset on Youtube. There was a big upset that kind scare you you heard about Jordan Parsons in the CTE seem like twenty five only had two losses and one by KO right. I know we got CTE like
product automatically and settle, see, support the head trauma, yeah brain damage yeah, but they can't test. Didn't they can't see it until you're, dead, yeah host marmot or to autopsy, so is all it. He had it or if the car yeah only by the car right yeah and he was only twenty five and then they found out that he had that, even though yeah well what's crazy is? He was okay, I mean he was articulate. He he fought well functioning fully functioning. And then they do this test on him like yeah. Well, what they're concerned with Is that they're missing out on you know a lot of the damage that your you're getting in the gym and that there's no way to really detect it until you're dead. But it's just like this slow creeping thing, that's happening to you, and then I mean when
when does it like a guy like Jordan, Parsons twenty five years old, fully functional articulate he can hang with any station, but then what that mean when he sixty or forty nine? That's the big question. What does that mean yeah as a means for a guy like Peter hurts? It's been Kayode like fourteen times, eight yeah, no man off yeah yeah flick in the sideboard yeah yeah. If you did have before after that me he's got it now, well yeah, but if, if he has it after you know just to them, I'm sure I already have it. Then I think we all I I she wears. You know they are up there. My cousin was concussions in concussions, concussions, multiple concussions school football. You know yeah fuck. Yeah, that's probably I mean if you could see it. That would probably be an epidemic right now, if you could see who had it
right. It was like a light bulb that went off on their head. What do we know about it, though, like what is degenerate? takes time to show its full effects. Eight to ten years after you're diagnosed with it, you really start seeing the damage, because it slowly gets worse surgery depending upon course on whether or not you still receive damage supposedly there's some athletes in NFL athletes that There kill themselves or did some some extremely violent things, because they weren't fully functioning yeah like that, will yeah that's what it is exactly what it is. Yes, I like to think about like these, the WWF guys are like that. Pro wrestlers they always an updated to fucking, psychotic, fucking, crazy deaths and everyone's like all of their own steroids. Maybe they get fucking slammed in the head and have you seen Kurt angle, outside of the ring, really know that he liked looks like crippled.
He can't even turn his handyman hardly much like that. Man looks terrible and then they turn the camera on and he's like. I pulled it together, but he looks really fucking bad huh, a buddy. My just went to a high school football game and he said in a high school football He saw six kids get laid out just laid out there. Boom collide in these kids are just laying down fucking knocked unconscious out of their fucking mind in a high school football game. Think about that, though I mean you take in I'm in the bath in high school there about that best athletes in their school, but when you get to the NF level some some of the best athletes in the world. You put him in a box and you just say: go sick. Three times, and they just run into each other. That's what it is. You know they're going to. Have brain trauma yeah. This is no way around that way because we are all of the money comes in and all the other yeah the other people like guiding. You come into play. You know when you're a high school kid you know, and you get the
Fucking crazy dad's are like come on. Son. You gotta, be totally. My cousin had like a broken ankle, but like still played the Fuckin state championship is like in Ohio, is like big football fan yeah. He had like multiple concussions and playing with them reason all that shit 'cause. It was like a big deal but yeah you gotta, be a man yeah man, crazy, the biggest fight in kickboxing history, butter, hires, an excellent fighter, but it's my time. I'm the champ fighting machine protection, headgears already household name in Japan, where the real men were fighting such a I like the fourth thing that they're like no, you can't sit up here and another one that you can't say that ok, fine, your household name, ok, will take. That's gonna be a crazy fight man yeah, there's the real problem with all the cd shit is: there's nothing they can do about it. It's not like you get a broken bow, phone and they can put in a tie
tanium rod and they can screw it in place and Yama heal up I'll, be alright after awhile. So but it's just that they don't. We don't know that yet I mean there's nothing. They can do about it now right right. So I guess the next step would be to be figure out made a test for it, while people are still alive, but is it going Jamie was this is Joe Namath he's got under hyperbaric oxygen therapy is said, yeah he says is this is quote right here, he's got a trial he's trying to get some money for at a research center, where they're going to do testing to see. Says my thinking is much clearer, explains finding the right words become easier, and I remember events with more clarity. One of the really great results in my sleep is improved ice sleep more soundly, and I have vivid dreams with the therapy now
completed. Joe maintains that the lasting benefits are both mental and physical and now more energean strength. I feel great how much pussy thing is getting still Joe Nemeth used to walk around and fucking gigantic fur code on back when you can wear yeah, just bawling outta control in the 1970s hills, old school dudes, man, old school football players, take a fucking banged up so yeah. I think it's you now that they might recognize. This is the thing. Then they get started looking into how you fix it or but I'm sure Cbd, oil and altitude, hyperbaric chambers, and all that shit.
Well, hi bags, the mushrooms, exact opposite of altitude like high altitude, is low oxygen. Hyperbaric is high altitude or high oxidation find that if they that over the over century, you with oxygen that all of your cells than the open up the ministers to figure out new ways to rip off is the idea between that it's mostly great for broken bones supposed to be great and people have injuries like recovery time increases, graduate cells, increases red blood cells right and that's what helps the healing. No, I think, that's the that's the hyper, the one with less oxygen increases. The blood cells, but using the more oxygen is with the repairs and I think that's. This was a really good, for I did it a few times after my to repair from like knockouts did you feel you feel different? I never and felt a difference ever like
negatively, but I just did it to be safe, safe and smart. Are you one of those guys it doesn't feel like the effects of things say, you're taken some supplement, that's supposed to be great, you don't really feel it now. I feel like I I'm. I have a really good awareness of my body like I try to. I try to really good about that, but I mean, after being knocked out like I felt, come and knock down lighting two three times where it was like one slash two hour after the fire was still look pretty fucked up, you know, and then after that happens, I might really aware of it. Like I've been asked, my girl, like my being normal, like my slower, I'm like fuck, I fuck keep forgetting my car keys in like dude you're high as fuck. What time are you sure I'm not like dumber like no just you, we always lost your keys, but it's not really good for your brain good for inflammation. But you never know you don't want to be that guy. That is like slur in a slow rise. We've all seen those punch you guys in the gym,
those guys who are punching the gym, and they start talking about fighting again that we've all seen those go so they just they in their mind, they're, just is going to get in shape, they still got it. They can go back and do it again and then you just want to tell him Joe you said after get knocked up once once or twice thirty minutes later, so I've been knocked out like two or three times also, but only one of them, Do I remember not remembering a big chunk of change so when I fought stout. I don't remember, leaving the cage, I don't remember, walking back. I remember sitting there with with an and somebody else in the doctor and I'm talk, king and I'm having I'm literally saying something, and then I realized my wife is in here and I'm Jai consciousness comes back to me in the middle of while I'm speaking entire I'm talking entire and I'm looking at my mind why the hell is she back here like
ask him man, told me what happened, and I was I couldn't believe it I didn't. I didn't reme we're fighting any of that. I I don't remember any of that. I just know what happened 'cause. I watch the tape so to this day you don't have a functional memory. Most, I saw stitch that night. He was like. We talked on your way back backstage. I don't. I don't remember that conversation at all. I don't remember seeing I don't remember the walk from the octagon back to the doctor two or three times a week. Locked up three times probably have been knocked out, and it was just one time where that's ever happened at the exact same thing: yeah was it the last one? No, it was my first one actually when second one, when.
Simon now was this time I use a walker. Did you go our ally and fi? I got. I was when the entire fight went for, like one bass thing got clipped and I a they will be up in the ring and- and they walked me backstage, but I remember walking backstage and I remember Scott Canada Lion Fight promoter was like Economie, like talking to me and I came to like as I was talking to him and I'm like coach. I definitely I call my girl, I don't know I'm ok. So now they watched it and I call She's, like laughing, I'm like what the fuck are you laughing about, like I just got knocked out like this is the fourth time you called me, and I was like, oh coil since there about those long time it was like. It was good, like fifteen minutes that it had no recollection of yeah. That's the big
right, what happened the town, and then they ask you yeah. You always see that with the guy in the back lot, yeah yeah, we will have been known like five minutes are like what happened. I think yeah probably still got knocked out like you were free of like that yeah that is such a weird thing. The missing time thing. Yeah because I mean you're you're you're, interacting with people in like What is that? Well, how does your what part of your brain is turned off in that period of time? Yeah, that's strange! It's scary do. That was why, after Overeem thoughts, deep AI was like you can't do this anymore. I can't interview guys and they got knocked out. It's just not fair. It's just not right! those really cool of you to do that. Like a little lighter from my perspective, I get what that was like a dope, the that you said that likes to go for that, because watching a is a fighter. You know I'm the type of guy. If somebody starts saying something embarrassing like. I almost want to turn it off like I get embarrassed for people that all the time and people
and then, like I set him out to dry. I didn't know if he was right or not yeah, I didn't know. I mean it. If you don't know what we're talking about after the fight we've got knocked out knocked out pretty bad, but it was. It was a right where there was moments. We had his moments in the fight he the Tags Depay had Steepe rocked. I mean it the crazy one round and after the fight he he said, you know that's deep A1, but that he feels that a steep, a taped that he got ahold of tapped along whoa. Well, let's take a look at it and we couldn't see it and then I said, do you think it's at another angle, and he said yes, I do ok, let's see it again, so we showed a different angle and there was definitely no tap and send it to MIKE this poor dude, like he just in front of all these fucking people in Cleveland. He just gets not doubt and now it makes it look like he's a sore loser, but you can't you can't count on his memory right now. He just got shut off and Alice has been shut off a ton of times
he's lost in the UFC by knockout he's lost if it's brown by knockout he's lost two one, a high end Ben Rothwell by knockout yeah, but this just just only have c s c big foot so over by knockout, steep Ameo chick by knockout them. I miss you. Anybody he's been KO four times just in the UFC at least right as anybody else. Cato don't tell them, I think that's it in the then you got to think all the times being been Kayode Circuit, Carotone off knocked him out. Shogun knocked him out twice right: Kidney Chuck, Chuck, Doctum out yeah, Chuck Kalemba brutal KO yeah, but are knocked him out Butter stopped, but the butter stoppage was in the worst ones. Over those weird stuff. It was to knock knockout to knock down thing in a tournament. You know he got knocked down and they stop the fight anything getting knocked down.
Just fucking wobbled yeah you'll wobbled in the last one you got kicked and he fell down, and that was it so I mean a ton of Khaos Khatana KO losses. This should be a really good fight spirit by the way, Vargas Super Tactical and Unruh small and sons, right now is rusman. Is he thinking about doing mma, because I see a matte black zillions alot yeah he's had a couple of the fights I think just recently, but he's been training with black signs. I think for at least a year now bouncing back and forth, and you have Vargas really really technical and real tricky, but I just think Rusman's got to experience the high level experience in the power yeah being in the locker room with Bruce Mountain passes, he's probably the hardest. I've ever Anybody like most impressive pad holder, where was like what what the fuck really and I'm like fuck, more than Melvin yeah yeah,
never seen melanin in their there's. A video of MEL Mike's holding the pass from Alvin you just like Jesus Christ. For the glory ten fight in the tournament we all like somehow we end up in this little tiny room and semi show from this little tiny room was too and there's like no fucking is like eight guys want him to send me show, and this tiny little room to warm up and Robin starts as I know who Robin was or whatever and like as soon as he hit the pad. The first time was like YO move out of this guys give him some space, call him, sir. Fucking, hitting hardest shit, hitting the hardest shit and he's only What is one hundred and forty five pounds? This one is his first item, one hundred and forty five, but he was fifty five and he's up he's a big fellow he's. Probably one who's pray walked around one hundred and eighty pounds, but he's pretty sure he's like five thousand seven hundred and fifty six. It looks real lean right now. Yeah, this is an interesting fight. 'cause Varga, like you, said, real technical and he's '
like a real chance taker fights, he fights a smart fight, whereas rich Mullins Supergrass. If then, he got another factor of responding cut in this way to define then also it being in Denver high altitude, and he had a hard weight cut right now should be interesting for under that right. He five rounds, title fight, And then Vargas from Canada, which I'm assuming is probably high out the two- 'cause. That's up more. What about my trip to the fact check Montreal isn't sea level. This inflows Vancouver have no fucking ice on the OSHA. He a boat. Ways Vargas CAT. I thought he lost the belt, no Disney. I don't know I feel like no, no I don't know whether not if I thought he lost it to that Adam Chuck D well glory. If, like Darren Negotia
Nations, it doesn't go well there just fucking give you about somebody else that yeah shit ain't going sitting going correct, big, very diplomatic you were talking about Melvin Joe, and that dude is an athlete right. When he was down in american top team, I threw the football to him. He threw a football back at me. Anything came back like a helicopter police from all, and I know they don't even know what football is. It was still yeah. Yes, the wisdom back at you like a fucking yeah. It was a stud. Scary striker knocked out mark home of one punch, man in MMA fight and he was outweighed by literally one hundred pounds. Yeah yeah I mean markup was close to three hundred pounds and melt, somewhere around two hundred, probably less than two hundred
so he's always bought like one hundred and ninety one 85k Odom, one shot him over the prior one of my favorite fighters. Like of all time, I hear that, but if there was a fight on tv, like I'm always gonna turn on one moment when you knocked him out, was that a special victory for you because of that yeah? Well, he was my first like big big name. I guess for man that was one of my big day. And you know, was a guy like I really looked up to and like really respect it a lot, and it would mean a lot to me that that I was even a fight him, but I think that also help me stay motivated going into it that had so much respect for him. So is my worst fights are guys that I don't think I look at him, like, I don't think he's that good I'll mean to like take him lightly, but I just see them, and I'm like this is not- scary guy, you know almost all my losses have been that way. He goes a mother, Fucker, dude ego will protect. You make you think you're gonna be alright. We tend to fight
hello, beautiful nice left hook, there Ethan Stein from glory he's when the social media team- and I was talking today- and I bet money on this- but I think it's John is he saying is your husband is not a piece games. Oh, he didn't have it in. Oh man, you know his mouthpiece at the beginning of the round. Oh man, he fought the round without his mouth pays. That's on his corn Yeah banned him, like you, forgot, your mouthpiece wasn't in like unless he got stung in the first round, didn't know what the fuck was going on. Yeah. You guys are so we just got cracked again. You don't believe that shit,
the stuck jet semi faq and you know he's as it has. I know I don't know he hasn't Canada, you own the house, he's from to have the different up there to different gene pool Bruce Mon, more funny thing about respond. He has that dutch style they very rarely Blockley cakes there. Just the you know, the typical dutch style is who's almost who's tougher and they get here. They answer right back here in a bank, and I forget which fight it was, but I talked I texted Robin commands them after finally, do you have to be? It was curious and, like his legs were like the fucking purple and his ribs are all messed up and he's like no I'm never never injured. After my friend I never. I never never have a problem, I'm never sore and, like I owe my I know already know going into the fight like the May has an extra five
break my feet. Every time times. You broken your feet. I broke in all my toes like at least twice. I have could couple joints wedge my on my right foot that pretty regularly pop out of the socket after the worst is when, when the joints just don't come back, there's a lot of the joints in the footer kind of like this and then once you. They come, they go over top of each other. Just went down again I'm trying to get that back in there damn who is mom's on tear
power, and especially down at one four thousand one hundred and forty three- I guess, what's the other glory rule, not the three knockdown, but not in one round but in the whole fight. I think it's four knockdowns in the fight is that what it is yeah, oh stundum, but that does earlier tournaments to those tournaments- are so fucking crazy. They really are tie up tie up there. We go just get out around Reset man, one if they're going to show that tooth flying out I'm interrogative yeah. I want to find the audience. That dude yeah those UFC yeah soccer kick was knees, know he was getting up now.
I remember that I was. I came home from school and I read in the Tv Guide magazine or whatever they had kickboxing versus judo versus Karate versus saw- and I was like my style bang, my step that I was here. Here is the twenty dollars please. I just want to watch this. This is going to be awesome. Why do you doing martial arts, then I was doing traditional, martial arts. What kind of kung fu Wow, we have been doing it for about two years at that point. So When you were fighting League Aaron Riley, you really only doing martial arts for like six seven years, wow. That's interesting man. You were quick learner thanks. It was fun man. It's easy to pick up on something when you like doing it, though right course, you're, young and you're free- and you know I have kids and your assessed yeah and you you do no you're vulnerable, yet always ensure
gaping, tired, enerji energy, live off Mcdonald's. All day is the most awesome thing, many in burgers, going into I remember hearing that about Michael Jordan. Michael Jordan eat a big MAC before every big game like what in the fuck I, yes, if you eat good all the time you can kind of get away with that, but you real only get away with that when you're in your twenties, it's doubled its bullshit, yet steak and potatoes like his game. You know, I think, is a spot by Mcdonald's, they might have interesting, very interesting steak and potatoes make sense. It makes sense today, but there's a lot of clips of Floyd Mayweather, eating cheese, cheese, burgers and drinking mountain dew like between rounds. Well, he apparently likes to draw soda like while he's fighting
to replenish is sugar or not always fighting wise training through when sugar like have a long, workout I'll drink, a coke in, isn't he like the only guy in Nevada, that's allowed to drink gatorade between rounds? Why the fuck they work that out and look it up. Pull it up Jamie? Look it up Jamie! Is that really possible drinks like Gatorade between rounds and they talked about? I think the one who the fuck is allowed to do. This is like I was Floyd Mayweather and can do what he wants. It doesn't seem fair how how Is it possible that, when you're undefeated, why do I remember that they own Nevada like when you are? You know the amount of money that he brings in right What does it say? What does it say? Roll it back? There, vargos Vargas, Bear barred from drinking Gatorade, Fernando San Fernando Vargas. What years is this? one thousand and six Damn Fernando Vargas was still fighting in two thousand and six interesting.
He was banned from drinking gatorade in his corner between rounds of middleweight rematch against Shane Mosley Junior middle weight, Jim Aug Lieselotte Lake in full Gatorade in Floyd Floyd men with their didn't, come up. Maybe just just made that show nobody Judge Scilly, doesn't trust your googling skills jamies on his phone, I'm gonna go you too find the video on of the fact check, but look Vargas is purple. Water front kicked him in the face. It happened trying to follow. Okay,. When that various thing came up there, reminding me of something I was brought up to you earlier Rogan my favorite fight from back, then I think you will like this. One Macaco versus Paley JAM and pursue the second was school ol. In school. Do you meant
Palei fought Chuck Paleo fudge Chuck Liddell and they fought in one of those rings with the ropes in Nathan. Out of the bottom yeah, I remember that shit with no glove, no gloves yeah old school, Floyd Mayweather versus Manny Pacquiao? Was it then yeah? It was like send fight that I noticed it generated in between rows must be nice to own Nevada, state Athletic commission- oh Michael Chiesa, my I, the UFC fighter, but put that up there yeah. What is that? How the fact is you have Gatorade, ok, huh, look at all those mma fighters. Commenting Michael page commented on a Floyd Mayweather fight, interesting. What do you think about this upcoming Kovalev, Andre Ward fight under word you think so, really, I think Andrea words. I think he said he's a bad
the fuck of a Kovalev's, a big guy yeah. I just think he's just pound for pound. It's gotta be a Andre Ward. This is so smart. These guys are going on off Vargas, making to come back here a little bit and the one Floyd Mayweather, the money team might be the only corner ever seen a lot of drink gatorade during a fight aljamain sterling another mma fighter. All US peasants are demoted to water, Mayweather Berto, those a different fight, see all of a CIA or watching like what the fuck generator in MIKE dolce. Can someone please explain why Floyd Mayweather can drink gatorade during the Fight Nevada, state, athletic commission friends to spend us for anything but unsealed water, interesting, interesting, one? What that was about they're just so happy
making them so much money that makes him so much money. Just such a smart guy in terms of like his style It was never the kind of style that would make a bunch of people come out to see him fight, but all that talking made. All those people want to come see him lose it's weird. Because some I mean some of his fights. You see his offense think about code. Think about Judah, victor tease, but that was the weird one angel enough Angel Manfredy, not Angel Med Free was it angel, Manfredy Manfrotto. Yeah, not the should given him Fucking Gatorade, that is fucking credit, Gatorade they're, opening up a guy Damn Gatorade, it's a purple, drink, purple rain. That is crazy is, as given him gatorade that so we legal.
Wow, how the fuck did they get away with that amazing? That's amazing I had some Panama, Lewis, shit right, just thinking that was trying to give me the bottle the one I made one. I mixed yeah of a sudden, these Alexis Arguello yeah, all of the smiling with a nasty left, took the body there. Oh another uppercut when I first joined at T Panama Lewis was it was in there sometime who doesn't like being next to the devil. Is people don't remember that Billy Costello fighting that fight no Luis resto was a fighter who fought this kid? I think his name is because tell Junior- and he was a real promising up and coming fighter and Luis Resto was a good boxer, but not like knockout boxer was Collins was a big knockout boxer. So Luis Resto
beats the out a call. That's when he took the stuff out of the Nasco dad grabbed the glove and felt at the gap. Great did the dad suspected it and after the fight he grabbed a hold the rest of gloves and resto pulled away, and there was no stuffing in the glove. He had just basically at hand wraps on and just bare knuckle beat the shit out of him and it fuck columns up so bad Collins is eyes. He lost his vision and he lost his ability to fight, and so after that fight he became a raging alcoholic and wind up committing suicide drove into a tree. I remem. That. I saw that documentary is really look at this water and electrolyte drinks are allowed in the corner. Any electrolyte drink must be brought to the arena in factory, sealed plastic bottles Moreover, a contestant must provide the commission an IT staff, with any information about the requested drink insufficient time to make it to terminate best, whether to drinks, approval
sample, no stimulants alcohol, drugs or questionable ingredients. Examples electrolyte drinks that have been approved include pedialyte, vitamin water, smart water option, Gatorade, Powerade and propel. Huh unless you're an mma fighter? Is that true I mean is that what it is in the boxing specific boxing dot NV, oh does boxing have different is at Nevada, so boxing is different rules. Is that what it is, would you look for brother? They have different weight classes. Is that possible that boxing is different rules? Do you want a real joint instead of that dirty roach? well, I'm gonna smoke Wanna Fuckin once in their format, delicious. No one
wow man- that is that's crazy. Did they stop the fight where we are talking shit, but it was at the fifth round. I thought it didn't go into the fifth, but I don't remember I do remember seeing a four. He's so gross that we said so who's that was the gentleman's name. John Franklin he's the glory promoter supposedly the promoter, but the face of the thing. So what happened here we were talking so much shit about Gatorade. We missed that any of this awesome fight what a night boom boom.
Bloomberg is really impressive, yeah he's just let him get too close man. I remember him writing on the lion fight cards with me, because I'm coming up and then he thought a he's a watch. Them come up him and Joe Valvoline anywhere on the on the same cards like him coming up at the same time with in California. So seeing these guys he's gotten really good and he's really technical you watch is, he always gets his hands. Come right back. Robin Ventura's model is just a super high level to gorilla how how, when Canadians are good at moitie. They're really good, like I just feel like, does not going to be type people or really good good fighters fighters in in Canada, because it's cold
want to go there I'll miss some really really good. No I'm serious Mexicans in Canada, people so where they can make bacon in Canada. Anytime of this is Jamaicans in Canada. I was shocked. I remember when I fought Simon. We had was like the most talked about Fight Muay Thai fighting, the US pretty sure it still is and we both started sending these videos back and forth like talking shit and like really live for the first Conor Mcgregor Chael Sonnen type thing that anybody had done and it was a big part of my career and we sold out the hard rock at the lion fight which was like a lion fights biggest gates or whatever have been all three of my fights, and two of them were Simon so we're talking shit back and forth and he's like speaks with like jamaican accent, but I think it is canadian
and I'm like us with fake mother fucker, like all you like, have facecard accent, blah accent, blah blah and MIKE what you're one of to jamaican people in Canada is apparently there's a huge jamaican community. No idea, not is a lot of behaviors in candidates, have no idea so the Commonwealth nations the Bahamas is a commonwealth nation and most of the Caribbean is, but I can move to Canada right now. Oh that's cool I can I can move. Can I can live there for a long time without? I guess I still have to get citizenship or get paperwork done but like when the UFC goes. The can and everybody has to get a visa things like that. I don't have to do that. Hi interesting. I can just go there and work. That's interesting, but do you have us citizenship? You have a green card. Yes,. So they can kick you out of America. If you like, if you talk shit about Donald Trump or something like that yeah they could
Get out of our country, you don't like our new king he's, pretty fucking close to being the new king. Two! That's so scary. Just a couple couple wiki links. Wikileaks dumps reveal more shit about Hillary Clinton and people jump ship. So I thought I'd do a podcast on Sherdog Ann. I did one with Nick Lance, what's called plug their the neutral corner, so I did one with Nick Lance and Lance is, if he's he's all about high what he called about Donald Trump, Knigge lenses, really yeah. It's all. He loved not leaders and love. Donald Trump he's not like Donald Trump yay, but he is so anti Hillary that he's like Donald Trump and the guys, fighting the establishment. That's weird! That's the way to go it's hard, not to feel that well. I mean, although I'm, I think, is going to write in Bernie. To be honest with you yeah, I think
I don't know if it's going to count, but I would still rather read him bernie- and I was talking to my friends about this and it's because I don't fucking hate both of them, but I can't figure out which, I hate more and if I did figure out which one I hated more, I don't trust that one not to make me regret voting for them either way right, I mean thank you screwed either way. Well, it's uh. Problem having someone either. One of them right is a problem, but the problem having someone who is outside of the system did step inside of the system and try to figure out how to make things happen. I wonder how much would be interesting to see if Donald Trump won just based on and what happens when someone's a complete political outsider and they get to a position when they're running for president, like Obama, was an insider, he had already been deeply. Trench in the system, Hillarys, obviously an insider. What the fuck would have happened You know, Bernie Sanders got in what what would happen if Donald
gets in if someone who's really pretty independent, you know yet it's one of those things. You have no idea, because this is the Senate and the Congress going to stand behind them, but you know also. Will pass laws. Trump says crazy shit. You know, I mean he says so much shit about like what he would do if he was president be in jail like it's not like you're, not the law you can't just lock her up. Man there's a reason why we have this whole system in place, like you can't to circumvent that now that you're, the king, it doesn't give you ultimate power, but his purse you know of it or the way he talks about it is that if he got in, he would have that ultimate power. This is disturbing. It is disturbing, but it's more disturbing to me, because you see guys, like Rudy Giuliani and he's supporting this bill, to get people out on the terrorist watch list to have to wear ankle bracelets right. So you
didn't commit a crime. You just gonna watch this, but you, are being treated like a prisoner rooted you Giuliani is was try. I don't know if he's still, if that bill is still trying to push forward, but the Giuliani, was trying to push this thing forward a couple of months ago. What exactly is the fucking terrorist watch list and like how crazy is they have a list- Ann you're, on the list, but you're not, I told you criminal, but we think you might be a fucking criminal. So we're going to but we're going to write you down you're on the naughty list. Dan is not happy with you. Is it not? You like you get kicked off a plane, then you're going to get on the fucking terrorist watch list or you could, even if you, if you go and you look at the terrorist watch list and you re need the names that are on there by the time get to the end. Your name should be on there. That's that's that's I mean that's how they work that there was well anybody can be on there. Mohammed Ali was on there yeah yeah,
because the name is Muhammad law. Yeah King multi mode yeah Well, there was a woman. I believe who was a green party candidate who was on that uh: first watch this, or at least she was on the no fly list yeah the no fly list is funky like they just put you on the no fly list. Hey, wait, a minute I can't fly, but I could take buses what Can I get on a train? What about about? Can I get an a so can I find myself. Can I go out in public yeah? What the fuck is? That enough? fly list hold on man like you, not going to arrest someone for something like how the fuck can you keep them from going places? You can keep him from flying.
That seems so they can't fly 'cause. We afraid you're not going to come back like here like no, there isn't exactly going to be a winner on it, yeah what planes are connected to terror right, especially now, because of nine hundred and eleven yep they just you can't break them away from terrorists. Planes and terror, they go hand in hand. One of the ways to stop light stream is ended. Thank you for watching what. How is that possible main events, but to start at six fifteen minutes Oh, is that on this order chosen, we did we sit through. That was at the prelims, like the super fight series, what they called it, there's another thing for four more fights. I think. Oh, my goodness, I know it's like game broadcast on ESPN three, which is. The internet thing so can we watch this on here to it should be a pretty short yeah, not own known, better, be on here. We still got ten minutes.
But I don't think we have ESPN three dude doing their web their web thanks. If you have the s p and you can just get on line Vargas Corner stop to between rounds yeah thanks for bringing that up. Ok, it says Vargo versus Van Roosmalen, but it doesn't say. It doesn't say anything else in event is on ESPN three. How do we do that? Can you do that? Can you do that for us yeah, I think so beautiful? Oh, that's interesting man! So essentially it's just like the UFC. How the UFC has those fs one and premium pass ones and they have the Fs1 fights. It's just like that. So it's just the prelims.
Powerful young Jamie he's going to sort it out event. Was your really good analysts. I just want to tell you I really enjoy your analysis. You great on the mic Your we're, really humble for a guy was fought as much as you fought till you don't bring yourself into it too much, and if you do it's like LISA Synced and important, like you do an awesome job. Thank you man I was. I was going to try to not be humble when you said that saying something smart ass, but I couldn't. I was kind of blow it away for you by you saying that. Thank you really good man, you have a really good inside too, you know you're. Obviously you are very intelligent fighter when you're competing you very creative and you know you had a very good high fight, iq, you're, very aware of, what's going on at any point in time. I think that belgian style of your fighting, makes for really good analyst because you are not you know,
morning, guys who I try to overwhelm anybody with power or aggression or any you you were. You was laying traps and send people up in use and really clean technique, and I find you know like I, said vandalay, probably one of my all time. Favorite guys to watch could just see with pure chaos, but I find that people like yourself oftentimes, make really good analysts ' 'cause, like you're, a guy who is like looking at fighting mma stand up on ground whatever it was you looking at it at this very analytical level, it's for me is like asking That's one of my boxing coach is Kenny welding. You should say that when I fought Aaron the second time he watched the fight after the fact- and he was like- is right. So what do you think any goes? Gear has a lot of questions. Is like. What do you mean is a lot of questions is like every time you do something you're asking him a question and then I'm sorry
anytime? He does something he's asking you a question and your answering him with I'm going to do this. And what are you going to do about what I'm doing and he's just Ask me: why are you doing that? Why are you doing that so he's like he I think he's asking all the questions, but he has no answers, so he is asking me questions, I'm giving him answers and I think that's kind of how I watch fights or how I thought I would try to do something and see what you're doing because of that yeah. You know you kind of play with that and feel it, and and that's why I watch other people find a watch when I watch guys fine, I'm like what is he doing? Why is he doing that? Is he trying to set something up? Guy going to re a house that guy going to react to that, what's he going to do about him? What's your I do about his strength. He knows he's coming with these strengths. So how is he going to try to take those things away, or is he just I'm gonna try impose his own strengths. For me, that's what fighting is it's be? Making yourself is comfortable.
You can be at all times, while making the other guy as uncomfortable as he can be. For me, that's what I I try to look at and I try to see if guys, play like that. How were they going to play that game? Yeah that that complete? It makes sense that you had that kind of style. With that approach you know I just always admired the way you would set things up. He always but a real technical style fight which, like I said, I admire chaos to admire those Melvin Manhoef dudes too, you know I admire vandalay like maybe more than anybody just 'cause it was so wild to watch but uh find that for analysis like Dominic Cruz? Is another guy think knocks it out of park because he so he's so smart and his assessment of risk and reward and put in your cell? in a position where your opponent doesn't exactly know what you're going to do, but you know how he's going to react. 'cause you're,
of this awkward style that you've seen other people react to for a long time, but for them it's like this new thing. Their stand in front this guy who's, switching stances and bounce in and moving up and down and back and forth- and you are not exactly sure what the fuck he's doing but he knows what you're going to do because he's so to do it to regular people like everybody stands like you know like certain guys. They have that, like we thai style and God there's so much that they're giving a guy in that situation and when that guy, like Dominic Cruz, like he's not predictable at all. He's, like flipping dances and moving around the throne, punches from these weird fuckin angles, where you would, where he's doing it wrong right, yeah, it's for me. I always look at the way. Someone explain something to me is as the easiest way to explain it, and then screen tyrant, said Ben likes. The cause scrambles right, that's with DOM does yeah he's causing scrambles on the feet. 'cause he's
he's not in the traditional position. He's not he's not coming at you like everybody else does so what he's doing is initiating a scramble right away when you, when you get a guy on top of you like RDA and he's good establishing position, if you can create a scramble, then have a better chance of getting out. Then, if you did, if you just try to use basic technique and Dominic is comfortable in those scrambles, he he's been in them. So many times when you react, you have like three or four reactions, but he has like twenty two damn. You know he did a great break kuric from the underground cure, Genesis yeah. He see if you can find that he put it up today. He put up an article breaking down all the variables of Dominic Cruz's footwork, really in See stuff, because you don't until you see it as a list yeah like all the different things he does and did an awesome job of of
sort of breaking down all the different things in his fights and it this makes you realize, like wow, that guy is kind of a lot of options. Man like someone was, I think it was Ludwig, was saying that he doesn't think he has good technique in public. How can you say that, though 'cause you land, so many punches like? How can you say like it might not look like everybody else is, but God damn it's working, it works, it's crazy. How effective it is see. This is all the stuff that that Kirk wrote down all the different stuff that Dominic does. Pretty interesting right, NEO footwork is what people are calling it right. It's like Tj dillashaw style he's got a very interesting style too, and I hit pads with Dwayne recently Dwayne showed me some stuff and why. The things he's doing is all these switch stances he's doing like you're switching and throwing punches as you're. Switching he's got a out of this switch stance.
Stuff that he's really incorporating into these combinations, and you see it a lot from Tj Tj is as comfortable from a southpaw as he is from an orthodox and he's doing a lot of these switch moves like they're, hitting pads with these and they're very confu. Hey now so remember when, when I said, I don't like that style, a geeky pseudo style, because not because but Dominic style, that style, I think, is the style to beat that the reason I say that is because the way Dominic is approaching it he's approaching it from a educated. I would say more educated, more studious place These guys are approaching it from try to get you to buy the Wolf ticket, so they're they're, giving you these weird looks because that's going to make you get off, balance get stand there for them, be the guy. That's just a target, but DOM
is giving you. These looks from a fighting perspective, he's always in position to fight those, is when you're, when you break dancing, sometimes you're not in position to react. Dom is always in position to react and that's why I think that style is the style that beats. The other style ten out of ten times what's really interesting is I don't recall anybody before Dominick Cruz doing it like that, a really don't it a lot of what they mean is limited, but Muhammad Ali did a lot of things like that. With his boxing, you know, yeah the rope a dope in his foot. Work that that's that's a part of it. That's a part of what DOM does the damn does it for MMA, so he has to be aware of the kicks tieups and clinches I mean how many times you see guys press DOM on the fence. Almost never. Never very rarely. You know the real superfight is him in mighty mouse. That's the real superfight yeah, but
I mean we saw it. You did see it, but we saw it. I think mighty mouse is far better yeah. I really do but he's so much smaller, so much smaller has fact: where is it fact I mean he's going to be comfortable fighting one hundred and thirty five, and he was always so much smaller than those one hundred and thirty five pound guys, but from the I think it was the Ian Mccall fight on when Ian Mccall took his back and battered him he's talked about it like that was like the big shifting point where he just realized like that. He's really gotta be dedicated. He can't he can't fuck this up anymore. I can't have a full time job. He can't be taken. Beatings like that and that it was more of the fact that he wasn't put in the time in versus he, not having the ability Tina? We can fight better than that and so then you see him from that fight on slowly emerge. As I mean at this point, how much the consensus pound for pound best fighter in the world, especially now that John doesn't have a license. John was
the guy that was in the the mix for that, but I think many miles takes less damage. Is destroying more guys more more of a crazy technical, impressive fashion like when he Absoluto I mean that was a work of art Mann, the clinch work in those knees to the body that was as good as I've ever seen. Anybody beat anybody. You know I mean that was just stunning yeah, that's that's the highest level of mixed martial arts, his defense too, when he went to the ground with who took him to the ground, he's got butterflies in he's moving, he gets back up to his feet. I mean some high level shit, many Hertz who wrote to the body, which is why Sudo took him down super super high level, so so the reason I the reason I think a guy like that gets that good, especially so quick is because he doesn't have a favorite part. He doesn't like he
of the whole thing you know you know, you know those guys that they're good strikers and they love striking. So that's what they want to do all the time like. No, he works and everything because for his offense to be as good and his defense to be just as good you, The guys just want to be offensive, guys just want to win in the gym, and I want to get on top and they want to stay there and they want to control. So when those guys, you get put on their back. They don't really know what to do, or they have a much harder time escaping or transitioning out of that position, but not a guy like that, though, those are the best guys in the world. You look at you. Look at dj, you look at DOM, I mean even Connor. The Nate Fight is a bad example, because that was the first time he was in a fight in the UFC and he didn't like it the second time he did better, but the same thing with chat
the little bit of a fight he was it with Mendez. When he was on his back, he did the work got back to his feet. He he he was it so one comfortable with a with a dominant wrestle like that on top that he was going to be able to get back up. Yeah well, Conor is is definitely involving. You know. You could definitely tell that. He's did like especially his approach to the second eight cs fight, he fought the fight very smart and he survived some moments. Where looks like he was gassing out, or at least you got that opportunity to reset. If you wasn't gassing out is definitely diminished, but he managed it. He managed it much better than the first time because I mean when he got in trouble the first time he did, try to change the game, but when it wasn't in his favor, It was like. I kinda want outta here. With this I mean as a fighter. I look at that and I'm like his spirit kind of broke there, but he
for that fight again, then he did it again and he did run into some trouble an he improved. He fought through at the second he didn't he wasn't like. Oh, this is a real fight now I'd to get outta here. No, he was like. I'm staying right here so I'm excited to see that Conor fight Eddie because I mean yeah Nate- is the same kind of he's not going to worry about those kind of things but like Eddie, is a different beast eddies that Philly beast is a savage so I want to see. I want to see them get into a fight like not I could easily happen too. I could easily happen. Eddie Alvarez, a fucking savage. He really is. He wants that has failed to San Jose stoppage Holy shit. The combination him with I mean in the the sheer amount of punches, he threw the barrage that it took to put him away. I mean he had some fuckin serious endurance to press the pace like that, the
the one thing that Connor has been struggling with right: yeah, yeah with that pace and and endurance and and Eddie has the power or to put that pace on him when, when Nate gets, I'm tired or get some hurt on his feet, he's got that power and not as dynamic, he's he's a very shy wrong guy to like he's a very strong guy for one hundred and fifty five. I'm looking forward to that, I'm curious actually to see what Conner looks like at fifty five 'cause right. We even seen him there in the UFC we've seen forty I have the new, see him cut no weight and weigh like one sixty nine. I think he weighed against Nate. It would be interesting to see what is Connor look like when he's at one hundred and fifty five I mean that might be the perfect weight form it's entirely possible. We might see a better Mcgregor at one hundred and fifty five. I think that's the deepest division. I think it has been for the longest time and that,
If, if, if anybody Dominis at division like IDA, did it for a little he looked on in for a little bit even coming up to the title fight he looked like he was gonna hold on to that for a while everybody there. So close everybody that way classes so close. So if somebody does what about Nurmagomedov, because fluffy ragdoll everybody he's got in there with that's the one guy, you can't say he's close with, because every he's got a hold of he's, beating the fuck out of that guy special. I have a special that's true. I like like that guy, because what you said, he spell right and when you see that special thing, then I guess people kind of get lost in the void when everybody is close to being just as good as each other. Then you kind of just fight to, but just a little bit better than the other guy, just a little bit better than the other. I just got to be better than him, but then, when you get the John the only comes into the arena and he's she's leave. Some bounds ahead of everybody else,
Then you realize there's a bigger gap and guys start closing that right, like Alice Allen, Alexander Gustavson, I mean he all these fights at that level, especially when he's in a title fight, but I don't know if, if Jon Jones didn't exist, if he would rise to that occasion, I mean so so. Somebody's gotta show up in the lightweight division at some point like that. To make people raise their level this guys right now, which is the deepest and toughest division. The guys are so close. And maybe the magna mater of his- that guy well, he certainly has been an when it comes to grappling like what he did San Jose was. It was pretty stunning because I was like man. San Jose is a legit brazilian jujitsu black belt super strong guy, really good on the ground just seemed like never get off, just get ahold of him and just did whatever the fuck you want it too. Once you got it on the ground, just throw
dudes around. It's almost like he's built different, but he doesn't. You know if leasing Tibau was doing that to dudes I go. I that makes sense. Look at that fucking guy, but when off does it it's not necessarily just some overwhelming physical attribute, it's his technique and his aggression just just super fucking, aggressive and tight with his grappling in his position is ground and pound. His horrific he's a scary dude man, he doesn't, he doesn't even have to think about. He does those moves. I remember when you said then, when you say rag, doll and people and RDA Rda the best shot on him and he's in the third, and he hit him with a uchimata, basically right from the Overhook wizard tripped him forcing it and that's not easy go to hit, and especially from that range, it didn't look like it was going to happen, but he does it to the guy who is art and become the world champion in that way and then dominate other guys at that weight. Class yeah like that,
a special man. I want to see. I want to see him prove it stand up and get and Joe get better. I want to see him. Do things like dj? Is you know just working on on his weaknesses? 'cause it that guy would never lose imagine if he had DJS, MMA Iq and skill set, but with his rest with his, what is wrestling in ground is now like who's in that guy. I will send their guide Skywars. For me, yeah man, look he's he ragdolls dudes in a very unusual way. Every now and then a guy will come up like that. That can do that and he does. It would like to see intensity and aggression like Damian Maia RAG, dolls, a lot of people to a special lately, get ahold of guys like he did with Rick story, but he's doing it in like this technical squeezy way. You know when
Nurmagomedov gets ahold of dudes. It's smash. Everything is smash, he's dry driving you into the ground, smashing into the ground at smash and when you're, on top of you, Damien Myers, just directing he's like moving into position and he's slowly closing you off and he's going to choke you it's a totally kind of domination, but then I don't know if it's entirely the fairest comparison day me is obviously far much longer career and he fought at one hundred and eighty five and he fought again it's against Anderson. He got knocked out by Nate he's had a lot of, n downs in the UFC Jake Shields be dumb. People forget that Jake Shields, essentially outgrappled, am but number going off. Good luck! Good luck out! Crap on that dude! Good luck! What's his way to take takedown percentage like to is probably a million percent. I mean it takes down everybody, but the other about number off is office. It's injured a lot
and you gotta wonder. Is it because of that insane fucking aggressive style of his it's so makes it so fun to watch him. Is that like you're kind of redlining, your body too much, probably yeah right, yeah yeah, I mean you gotta rest right! You have to heal up, you can't always be on yeah? But I mean, can a guide like a Damian Maia? Who trains very technically mean? Obviously, Brussels and he does like a lot of chaotic movements as well, but probably not nearly with the kind of intensity the number of medoff. Does you gotta wonder like that style is obviously super effective and very fucking devastating and fun to watch, but I wonder if prepare for that style and executing their style is almost ultimately too much on your joints too much on your body. I guess the question would be then is: can he
be? No without that style, like yeah the skill to translate that to slowing it down and turn the volume down? Is that what you always wonder about when a fighter gets injured on some it blows me out or something like that, that and the situation there, training in mean you know you go in boxing gym to this day you go into a boxing gym, an it's sparring. There you go to wild card and sporting day, and there's only two guys in the ring is only two guys that have punching each other in you go to an MMA gym and on the mat the? U when I work in, but then Joe and and and someone else working over here and I got I tried to take, take Joe down and he runs into my heel. That does have all timers happened, happen. Rashad Evans. I think that's how he didn't fight against Shogun for the title. It wasn't that what happened to dominate did it happen him as well? I wouldn't I wouldn't doubt it
so comma yeah, it's crazy, because that would be way more safe in boxing and they don't do it in boxing boxing would be way more safe right. It would be much s likely you're gonna collided to take down as cakes fly and became the take down, especially because you know like as well as I do. If two guys are going out at one guy's defending the other guys were really insistent, they can go all the way across the jam everybody seen it was like well well, well, well, wow, wow, wo man with that, and now you have all these takedown wet marks all over them at, and you have just these puddle exactly that's like it's that fucks kickboxing up hardcore those member when they used to have fights where the Matt would have like some sort of logo on it and they built, but they figured out how to do that right. Those things would be wet as fuck from sweat and they would become like ice skating and you just throw a kick and go flying through the air. I thought it that change wet and wild. You did that's right. You did hold
the shit. Tell people about that, 'cause that that I think to day is like one of the all time, legendary fight cards. Do you know about in the days when wild school school, this man, so the king of the cage event and we're supposed to fight outside at Soboba Casino, maybe as it's full Is that working with cages that well, I don't remember, but it was a native american casino. Remember that and we're fighting outside king all the king of the cage events were outside, but it starts raining. And everybody's everybody's ready to fly. They still ready to put on the show king of the cage. You could wear shoes and kick so. Basically, we went out there, but in the rain on a vinyl mat ha. It was even with you, fuck Jeremy Williams, come on. You thought the video was at the Jeremy Williams that went on to fight Nate, Diaz or Nick Diaz. Is that the same guy? I think so? The guy on the ultimate fighter. Is that
I'm thinking. No, I think of the wrong guy your own day. The Jeremy Williams is a guy that committed suicide oh damn that's right? I knew that guy this another Jeremy Williams, who was the light heavyweight guy right? Yeah ha that's right. He was a good dude man that was a bummer for a lot of people when that happened. I didn't really know him. We we kind of stayed in touch, of course, and you see each other other events and whatnot. I had no beef with him, so he would keep talking. He always seem like a nice guy, he was friends with Chris Brennan yeah, that's madame occurs. Brennan yeah and Chris Brennan who's always been a really good dude. That was a good friend of his, and I remember that was that was a big bummer when that guy killed himself show Fucking depression. Man or Duncan Trussell explain depression really good. Yesterday he was saying now imagine what it's like, if you like did just did a lot of ecstasy, and you know that
and, if you've ever done, ecstasy, the next day or your head is like fuck this. What did I do? Oh, my god, my brains drive, feel like shit, but you can get through it. 'cause you it's not going to last, but he said, like imagine going through that for ten years. You know. Imagine that fear That's your reality. Every day for ten years it sounds miserable. I don't know what exit right, but it's not good. What's good when you're on when you're off, it's not good it. I only did it once and I loved it, but I was like dad is not worth. The juice is not worth the squeeze to me at least, but also I wasn't taken five htp. He apparently, if you take five htp right afterwards, it helps your brain read world's after you take exactly a week after take it. I think you're supposed to take it like, like in the middle of it, so that way
When you come out of it, your your body's already starting to crank up its production, if that might be completely unscientific, though, but I do know that the five tp's to help you. So I gotta get me some x and they get five ht. I mean and that's obviously not the best description of depression either. Sometimes people depression is social, sometimes it's from from life events. You know who knows who knows what's causing someone to feel like shit, that guy was a good dude. You seem like a nice guy, I'm thinking of a different guy. Thinking of the guy who fought Nick Diaz, who he was the first to stop Nick Diaz, and then it was on his name was Jeremy, but I Can you what talked about that his name? I couldn't picture the all season, the ultimate fighter that Nick Diaz was on. I think
I mean that Jeremy, Jackson, Jackson, Jackson, Jeremy Jackson, is, it was at Nate, Diaz, Nate Diaz is here and it wasn't Nick know. Nick father even if it wasn't on the ultimate fighter. Nate was on the ultimate fighter, those on the ultimate fighter. Yeah, I feel with the army, was in those in the UFC it was just in the UFC Jeremy was on the ultimate fighter. I got a Nick Waterman, the U of C but naked Fatah before right, yeah. This is it. This is the fight Nick Dheas versus, Jeremy Jackson at IFC Warriors challenge: eighteen wow. What year was that play that that was his? That was his claim to claim to fame, on the show that him and Nick Diaz had that life. Jeremy Jackson- that's
is Jeremy Jackson had nasty hands man. He was a really good boxer. Yeah ask Nick one time. I ask Nick one time who is the hardest over him and he said he didn't say who hit him the hardest. He just said the german Jackson hit me hit hard as fuck Do you watch like his striking here? He was good yeah. He was green boxes and they were both super young. I think Nick was eighteen. If I remember right who's, who's close to it. At least I think they're, both pretty young here man but and then Nick went on to I think Nick beat 'em by submit. In and beat him by decision, did you find him three times? I think they had a trilogy. I think knigge warm, although now no, I don't think Jeremy stopped him huh. I think he stopped him in this fight. I think this the first fight that Nick Everlost, I think, is the actually the only time than it ever been stopped.
Then I had heard some crazy rumor that I'd hoped was true that they were going to try to set up Nick versus Conor, I'm like my god that would break the world. Do you know how like insane the hype would be for a nick? Yes versus Conor Mcgregor Fight week, we even Can you even imagine how crazy that would be so good? that would be like the sequel to make an oh yeah. Much better bigger my God Avengers movie. Could you imagine if they do that? I mean the thing: is Nick, is never making one hundred and fifty five again he's just not he's way too big to do it. He just think you could do it it absolutely. There is not that big! Oh man, it looks I mean, doesn't look small. I mean. I'm going to have to lose now he's only made one hundred and sixty, I don't think he's ever made fifty five plus one sixteen five thousand five hundred and fifty five in the UFC. I think e five hundred and fifty five against Diego Sanchez. I think I think you could say
good, but I don't think I don't think niggas ever fought in fifty five, yes yeah Nick five hundred and fifty five yeah yeah Nick five hundred and fifty five. I believe you fargo me a fifty five or diff item at sixty. He follow me at six thousand and sixty that was pride, water fight. That was oh, my goodness. That was crazy. That was when Gummy was going to tell me, was just knocking dudes dead and Nick took some ball, see that big ass cut on his cheek and he locked up that gogoplata. He thought a lot of when we were training for the Anderson Fight. I was looking over. His figure he's put a lot of hitters like in there like fucking prime, when there is knocking the fuck out of people there. Ok, let's match him up. That was an opponent doing mischief knocked out Robbie Lawler, so we were in the same locker room that night Nick and I an he was hitting pads with my with his coach, and he was, he was
Nick he's back. The hidden pads is early in when he was boxing, so his boxing is gotten much better overtime, but he was it Has it didn't look awesome an uses, I'ma knock this mother fucker out here right just get his private himself up in the back talking about how he's going to knock her I'll be out and do all this shit- and I was just like eating, knocking out nothing all those punches and they went out there and knock him out with the jazz. It was kind of like a little like a hook, a short long hook with the yeah. Well, so yeah short long look with the lady. I was like a straight arm, but it was. A little pop to it. He just I think it was I was I was taken aback. But he was talking so much shit before that fight. To this day, I've said that that was one of the most interesting things that I've seen as a commentator is like. There's the actions that people have to certain things, and sometimes it's psychological shit like sometimes there's these crazy moments where people like Rhonda,
he got in Holly Holmes face. It was like whoa what the fuck is going on like there's uh that's where you see in fights where you can I mean, don't you feel like that? Yeah there are times when shit like that happens. You just see that somewhat you you see it you see who they really are for us. The the see these with his is weird moments. We see someone affected by talking and Nick got into the cage with Robbie Lawler a starts going to stock, the mother, Stockton, mother and Robbie Lars like, Why is going on here? 'cause Robbie's, like a pretty mellow dude like robbing super violent and a lot of people think he's the boogeyman. Like people are scared of Robbie 'cause he's so violent, I mean incredibly aggressive fighter bad motherfucker right, but you could see. Robbie was like what is going on here.
I just do this Jelent Stockton, Motherfucker and two hundred and nine bitch. I never knew that and then he standing from his wound what bitch, what bitch, what you gonna do: bitch but you're going to bitch and he's like talking all this crazy shit, tamales hitting them and you could see you could see like the effect it was happening like you could see neck. They were both ok look at the age there Nick was only twenty x men, people, jet, how fucking young he was when he was fighting at a really high look. How beautiful Bruce buffer is like you. In the time machine and Nick came out an from the moment. The fight started he's just talking. Mad shit he's pretty yolk done. He had that one giant advance image not just like! Being tough and being crazy, like those those were good, he had a real good ground game that people would sleep on. That was big too, but his fucking pasemann his endurance
His endurance is insane and his pace is constant. It never breaks yeah, there's no, no rest and it's incredible. How quickly would sap God, or you could see it just drain them looks like I think I like where I was at twenty, like what I was into at twenty in, like twenty he's like that, he's that kid that was, unlike the cross country, team, yeah, fuck and swim team in the summer time and you have in his brother, go mountain biking all day long as kids. You know and he's putting it there high level press, oh yeah, yeah man, his his extreme endurance in his participation and triathlete events and used on Iron man's. I think- and I know he's I think he corrected me. I said on a podcast once that had swam back and forth from
Alcatraz twice, he said five times he's done it five times. Dude swear. Here's mega! May I swear to God he was making fun of it like a week ago or two weeks ago. We were talking about this and he's like Nate's, never done the never done Alcatraz. I don't like four five time he's talking, tell me suck web page, play Nate, never done it so that pussy cuz! You know that is shark infested water that is less objectively one hundred percent shark infested water you're, not swimming your swimming through the habitat of one of the great monsters of earth. We just clipped him with the right hand. There. This was such an interesting fight, man who such an interesting fight, because, but I thought of Nick before this fight as really a Jiu Jitsu guy, I didn't think of 'em.
Strike that same here. That's why I was thinking when he said he was going to knock this move movie I was like, I started getting really good at boxing when he went over to strike force. The Strikeforce version of Nick Diaz likes all day long, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Was there Lida exceed to help yeah God, damn see, that's the fight. If I was the out cash, listen Guys do this Connor likes fight in one hundred and seventy guess who else likes fighting at one hundred and seventy Nick Fucking Diaz come on but I mean maybe Nate would get pissed it. Another brother stepped in fighting in not raining they they seem. They seem like there. There there there
one in the same, this symbiotic man. But do you think like here like this, is like to others that there's a shot wow? That's crazy! Show that again there's a short right hook that stung him. This is a fun time, capsule right to go back and watch fights from that law. It's funny cuz. I I'm I'm working here. It comes with a punch before that For research he said he goes after him, yeah wow, that was, birth of Nick Diaz in the UFC. Really those are people got excited about him. I wrote I rolled with Nate for the first time during that on that fight week it was there with Nick. I just remember it now: Nate was there with Nick
it went down. I didn't my team. Wasn't there for awhile and I went down to the workout room. I was just jumping rope and Nick was like. Hey man, you that's all you're going to do. I was like yeah, my team's, not here yet he's like you wanted someone to roll with is my brothers here, I roll it Nick and no one ate an is really good. Then he was like seventeen he's really good, though. Yeah, you don't see their ground game dad, often 'cause there like to strike. Like the entire last fight with Conor was almost entirely stand up, fight But when you see him when he gets guys, the ground, like the way, went through Connor that sequence of beat him up taking his back choking him does very them. It is not there's no room. There's no fat in there is no room in there and you can see it was for him with flawless. He done that a million times before he has tenth out ten thousand hours of that yeah one hundred percent yeah
yeah and then, and is really almost no substitute for that. But there's so many fucking good fights to be made Now I mean nobody's even talking about Michael Johnson is going to fight in armed men off MIKE, yeah. It's it's a real mother, fucker, that's exciting! So that's exciting! This is the first time when the UFC's put together a card to the two hundred and five card. For me, like my personal, in that, when they they have pipe is the biggest card ever MIKE Hanna I mean yeah. This is this is the biggest card ever but there's like four or two or three good fights on it like to the big fights this card. Every single fight on this card could main event Usher yeah, Whether it be a fight night or whatever, every fight on this card can main event show really could that's crazy yeah. It's an it's an at card. There's three world title fights and there's so many great fights like the number going up Johnson Fight, Rashad,
can a date there's a lot of lot of good fights on that card Thiago, Alvez yeah, who fighting again he was supposed to fight iaquinta. They changed it, that's right, but who, who replaced at plane ticket here? It is. Where is it? Where is T ten Miller? That's true, that's good, too! That might be just as good that I hated hearing that, though, that Al Iaquinta thing yeah. It was a bummer. You know I mean I don't know what the full story is. I don't know either, but I'm a fan of iaquinta he's a fun dude to watch a lot of guys out there. I mean it's crazy, because this this is. I feel this is the first generation of of guys that have come up as MMA fighters the whole time the whole way through,
even even Nate being as young as he is. He still he was still interested to guy coming into this, but there are these kids now that, if I like, my bektic I feel like Mossad is one of those guys that he started training, MMA yeah, god, that's in when you're doing that, how important is it to find the right coach, the right coaches, so valuable 'cause Many guys can give you that full sort of Feroce hobby Matt Hume sort of experience where they've got black belt, digits too, like real world class striking, they really know what the fuck they're doing and they understand the game deep, deep in and out, is only a small amount of those guys, and it's not a coincidence that, like the great ones like Dimitrius Demi, Metrius gives up all of his credit to Matt Hume. You know I mean it's like he found
a guy who was a pioneer: the sport who was a real high level, moitie guy real high level black belt in Jiu Jitsu, and compete. At a real high level in Japan. He already fought all the fan shock yeah, but he in Font, Pat Mill Otage. Remember that stop at militaries in an mma fight like Matt Hume. In his day, bad mother fucker, so it only made sense that he would also become a great coach, but how many of those guys are there like that, like that's, got that kind of Matt Hume type experience and understanding of the sports coming now now right, because of guys from my generation like Dean, Thomas in my brown right right, yeah, Josh, Josh, Thompson's about to be retired he or his closer to retirement than some of these young guys. These guys are
did you shoot there's so many guys now that at that point in this next generation of guys going and they're not going to have to go to a go to gym and then to a kickboxing place. I know they're going to have these coaches. That know the game that they're teaching that mixed martial arts and not teaching them parts of it, don't you think there's still going to be specialized coaches, though, for each individual thing yeah for sure, because because those assume that generation know Matt hey there. Put it all together, but there are still parts of it that they are not Their rating is not going to be one hundred right well, like Dwayne. How big is probably real good example that, because obviously went to Wayne Kick Box a real high level he's excellent. A fighter and when you watch la what is coaching is primarily coaching striking. You know he understands ground him very well. I mean '
get some it people, I don't know what is brazilian Jiu Jitsu belt is, but I'm sure he's very competent on the ground, but Duane is more of a specialist and striking than anything else he does. So it only makes sense that you would want to have a guy like Dwayne, where that's where his brain works. His brain works on these combinations and you'd want to let gamma and do that like fucking, definitely keep doing that 'cause he's going into these crazy deep places with his techniques in his movements in his ideas will join it's all these systems, written down like it like out of his his style, is documented, as opposed to like a people just have it in their head. You know they have all their moves and they had they had they doing that, and we've got all this shit written out, he's a freak man again the best most complimentary way possible with these are freak ' 'cause. He went when when Trump becomes president this is, and then society falls and and get buried under ashes.
One thousand years from now somebody is going to fight that manuscript and recreate Duane, Ludwig NEO footwear, style of striking and they're going to build that uses grade level. Did you make me scared of the election? If you in California, to register to vote, you have two more days. Thank folks. I really think of both those guys. You gotta put your pants on both people running yeah, well, vote for Gary John, and even though it doesn't know what Aleppo is, I don't know, Aleppo is either. Apparently there was a and fight going on here. That would completely and totally missed that dude looks so much like ski mosey, it's crazy, as that crisscrosses brother can't be now we're going to say I lost my train of thought.
Urc Belgaroui versus Ariel Machado, wow, as so often is the fire campaign. So this is the middle weight, there's a middle weight tournament. So this is the first on the middle weight tournament. There was a term referred to yeah and then the next one is at a Sanya yeah style bender. So, do you know style bender? I know of him. I know fungi to watch fight. Yeah he's I'm really interested to see how this goes. Me too, he's super technical, I've seen a bunch of shit online and
just sort of dabbling in MMA as well he's thinking about fighting mma is well he's working hard and doing anything and gets up to him. But he's not like fighting, unlike the China show, so I haven't seen like the come like the similar competition or whatnot. So men should see Alaska and then Robert Thomas is a gotta slower. I fought him, he was slower, but he Fucking is like granite Chin you gotta cabbage face. I got hit that guy so fucking hard and like he took it. I was thinking about cabbage face. That's why You mean that the most common, which is really nice, guys good guy. This is very he's very talented, Simon Marcus, when you say that guys starting to do getting in some. When you look at like Kickboxer this level, I think like
we should if they want to get an anime, keep kickboxing and take like a year and really straight most of the time, wrestle Oh yeah play with the submission plays submission game. I'm just learn it understand it, but learn how to wrestle right first after their kickboxing, because when you can wrestle in your comfortable and confident in throwing you're, throwing out your real kickboxing skills and and feel confident that you can defend takedowns and if you you get taken out- and you can get back to your feet in cuz. That's what anime is now. I mean the submissions, if you taking down the only time here, you're, seeing in guys stay on top of the eyes and control position is when the other guy can't really wrestle, guys have decent takedown defense when they do get taken out and they work back to their feet. Bless you find me mile and exactly then you can take it down by a boa constrictor. You know he's he
but he did a Rick story. I remember watching that going. Did not think we were going to see that, like story, such a gorilla- and he said such a physically strong kid that to see aiming to get ahold of a man just constrict, he just constricted am got to his, Back got a hold of his neck neck, crank them, and that was a rap. I mean the way and it is stunning the way did that Carlos is stunning stunning, stunning I didn't expect. I I expected him to be better than Carlos on the ground by probably by a big margin too, but I didn't see him just I'm walking there in my eyes it's a testament to the ground game of Roy Mcdonald 'cause, Rory Mcdonald got taken down by Damien in the first round, and a lot of it was Damien on top of 'em in the Mount and he defended. He defended got back to his feet then beat his ass in the second and the third rounds. Just stand up, you know, but Rory Underrated, ground game, who they fight in
he fought someone in Metamoris I want it was it like. Jt Torres like someone, who's really good and he got caught in a camorra and he got his arm all fucked up and he didn't tap. Try remember who thought, but he went. Two. You know what they call a draw those because they don't really have skorts. If you don't feel to meet the guy. That goes to a draw. Is that who it is yeah, that's GT, Taurus and Taurus is a super high level kid in the grappling scene You know I mean he's. He does really well in like high level black belt matches in grappling. So for him to step in like that, for. Sorry to do that, while he's a professional mma fighter, and take on this kid super impressed. If any hung in there, I mean look at his tack in leg locks here, the bulls. Exchanging heel hooks, I hate I hate looking at heel hooks by now.
I I don't wait for that. Sound crackle crack crack crack. I know that he doesn't get finished with this. He look. I still don't want to look at it now. Right quiz guys get hurt, even though they don't get finished. Like you, don't know live there and they keep fighting and there's some information and later they realize there's a big ass, tear their mcl or something that should happen all the time, then you walk in. You feel it. When you try to walk up the stay years. Have you ever had a knee surgery? No, no knee surgeries as fortunate. That's incredible for a kick boxer! That's incredible! I've been lucky, damn that's a mate while you must do it too. Smart yeah, like like many kind, also seems like my finger in a war with our my question about a guy like number Matt Off who has that insane but to the metal style where you who
although you had a very aggressive style, it was very well thought out. There was there was. It was very technical in your approach. It's not like I'm plan. I don't got indicted, I'm going to be technical, that's just how my brain works. I guess you know what it means, but only because I understand that well enough to do it that way, this is not to insinuate. The number meant office in Technical and obviously she sees yeah he's super technical, but he's aggressive with that with that burger, yeah, yeah he'll just kind. Come after you and go while in and turn that turn the heat up all the time. I I wasn't that guy he fights angry yeah, that's a good way to play your you fight, calm and collected this dude fights calm and collected. I hate to segway, like I'm a fucking professional announcer here
the style benders a bad mother fucker. He looks real smooth. I really enjoy watching him fight and I've been looking forward to this fight. In particular, he's he's a fun. Do these fun online too, he wrote some funny shit about Brendan Schaub and there's. Two girls were having a pillow fight and Brendan Schaub Turn the going to get CTE those fees. Funny man is funny dude yeah, I guess
He listens to the fighter in the kid and maybe burned shops and talking too much about CT, but he was just being hilarious for shopping. Wanna have these girls diagnose for c t, but he's he's like, in my opinion, when it comes to kick boxing, he's the epitome of technique you know of of of of a technical fighter and he's also super creative. I like watching a fight, luckily moved yeah, very technical, he's very smart way, fights and he's also extremely capable. You know he's he's got some extreme towns should be interesting. Because, like you said Joe he's been fighting in China, a lot right, yeah well, just Europe over there he gets paid a lot to fight over there. I guess and and now he's making his way to glory, which is, I guess they.
This is broadcast everywhere, right, we're on the espn3, watching it right now, but where what other parts of the world they have like one hundred and twenty countries at glory's got bigger assets or overseas. And yes, I was so psyched when it got on UFC Fight, pass yeah, oh so fun just be able to watch like throw it up in the gym, get motivated. So while I'm causes AIDS, just save that they're seeing it yeah, DR yeah, you go to yeah you go to it's like a dvr will well. I was dreaming. Rather I was told about it because the sponsors sponsors yeah, when I was fighting on it, man, because it it was just he don't get ratings for for fight pass? Yeah right, you would even know how many fucking people watch Lou. Explain it to a sponsors like explaining like go to gfl dot com and watch me
there's. A lot of people that have fight pass by there's a lot more people who don't have fight pass, you know I'm saying like. Bypass is awesome and if you're If you really are a fan of man, you can afford the scratch. How much does it cost? How much does flight path Eight yeah, that is such a super cheap, that's super cheaper too. It's worth it like if you're a big time fan and if you just becoming a fan like that's, why it's even Craig dude. You missed out on all the great shit yeah, but it's like a awesome. Awesome deals yeah all the Invicta fights alive. Fights over the everything, so I had this. I had this crazy idea. One time I thought silly idea too make you able to make playlists on fight pass or have some some people's playlists like such a fire idea playlist. So some of you
We're fighters playlist on bypass 'cause of the fights that inspired them to come, and do this thing, yeah dude, that's a great idea! That's a great idea that should an option like on your. I pass, you should be able to have a star and you can add it to add it to a collection. Do that slick I like that, then you would like to be able to find like what would don Frye pick And I'm saying, or goods Don Frye's all time, favorite fights you know it's going to be slobber Knocker, short? It just has a lot of. I thought that was a bunch of different countries. Flags like a tiger tiger What are you saying here, Joe talking through this, like the Coogi shorts, beautiful, beautiful question? Mark it woo,
we've seen here Joe when you watch them call you know Thomas right yeah. He fought him. He Thomas is that as actually the right now is, what's and Thomas looks a little different than he's got a little more head movement on these in more of a boxing stance connection for a decent punches. He he used
of these things. Thomas used to have this overly thai style- and I mean is like these guys that try to fight and trying to move making copy, traditional moitie and one it doesn't work when you're that big, in my opinion, in it, and this style of rules is not good interesting, so was the kickboxing. Why do you think it doesn't work when you're that big, because of particular tradition traditional way time when I say that is all about like body cakes and it's like a very upright used and very very upright, and it's a slow pace thing, and I think that the guys that are creative that makes their punches in that kicks up these different movement have more like an american kickboxing style or at dutch Kickboxing style at different styles. The traditional way to its root, I think it's more effective than the rules are set up for that. What what do you think it's more effective with the people that are heavier, though the observer, slow, slow, interesting? So so, like
the guys were shorter, are smaller guys, a nice isolated, the guys were smaller. Like the elite, guys, the lighter weight classes they could, they could move quick enough to pull off that offered stance. Yes, the whole, I'm like we think about a movie time really was designed as like a martial arts for a bunch of people that are a hundred and thirty five pounds right cops in a but the when the with the rules for traditional winter does the slow pace by room. But it's like really slow pace. It's all about. I thought the way slower pace it's about gambling, it's just really different. We will watch it and then they try to copy it and they find it a slow pace. I understand you just cracked him is it about being tougher like the traditional style? Is that
is that kind of what you mean or no, not at all. No no is like why it seems like when I think about a traditional thai style is kind of squaring up and. So in straight stuck straight shots and trying to land that hard kick to the body. Roberts on looks way different. Different on these, like with a lot more turn into this stance, he's got way more of a boxing stance is, but I would like we had before it was really squared up. He sitting down this one's a sitting, somewhere, so you see a lot of improvement. Yeah I mean we have for my liking Eunice and then he's being a lot more aggressive with his hands. So I really Glory thirty seven LOS Angeles January 20th, you said Lion Fight is on fire passes it on fight pass. I think I think I heard a couple of really
I didn't know, Lion Fight, was on it too thought they were. I could be wrong, but I'm pretty. I don't think I am. What's so funny is like if a bellator fight, guys, this fax over is interesting. Thomas of, like you said he's. He's. Definitely, it seems to me he looks like a better fighter than he was when he fought you Thomas used to not like use his hands like aggressively, so I didn't think he did. I told him after they should work on his boxing lot, but he used to be all about like this step up knee and this body kick, and I haven't seen him, to do that at all and he's like it much sit sitting down a lot better understand. I don't know if he's winning on points are now, but age, I guess you say it out of Sonia I've been saying how I've been saying How to say that dope, though it's like it's somewhere like kind like it
check on my brain now, 'cause, it's like I'm not doing well, I think you know Robert Thomas looks good here. Well, you can say: I'm not nice dam on the solar plex. I don't know it might be that yeah. That was bad one wow. You got back up at nine those Jesus Christ. I just I just want to go disclaimer like exam. Ok, I was in like trying to fart on on ballot, though I mean I'm sound, bite, bassel, gobble everything. I know right, it's cool to put everything in one spot. It's like Netflix, I personally root for Bellator. I really do. I think it's good for everybody to have more events. I think it's good for the sport. It elevates the sport. I don't think it's bad for the UFC. I think Jesse's giant. It's only going to get bigger, I don't think it's bad. That Bellator does good and I think it's great the way. What they're doing now, where they're taking fighters, who
did well in the UFC and maybe didn't work out for them, or maybe they decided to try to Chester Options like Rory, Macdonald, Phil, Davis now they're developing a real roster. Any worries world class is a world class welterweight in anybody's book. What happens because of that is because he now you bring these guys with, that you have sea level experience, because so yes, some of those built guys, can walk right into your scene, do well Michael Chandler yeah exactly, but not all of the right when you bring that you see level experience back to the Bellator cage, then that the same thing that I was saying before about that void. There there's a point now these guys can raise their level some right, the guys that aren't there, but there in that environment right. You would no this year in the loop, what happened with Ben Askren in Bellator? How did he not go back to Bellator? He was the champion like that, so rare Champion leaves with the belt, and why
I'm going to find somewhere else yeah. I don't wear where at all. I know I uh well how convenient? No I'm I vaguely remember, he's the one guy that troubles me the most out of all the people that are now competing right now in the UFC he's the one guy the troubles me the most, because I would want to see what he can do. I want to see what he can do. These mean people say that his style is boring or they don't like you 'cause. He just gets on top of guys and becomes a blanket and punched him in the face like yeah, but he can do that like? Don't you think it's imperative that we show what can be done like? Can he do that to Damian Maia? I want to know who we can do it too. I want to know how we could do it too, and there's only one way: look he's done it to la but people look what he did a chorus cough. You know how what a bad mother fucker chorus cough is. Bright, yellow ant. Man handles on a man, have them,
and I'm just really on that. I'm really on that right now, the lot of dudes he mugs am that's what you do. That's the fight! You bring him into the UFC two, put him and Demian Maia is a co main on on on on on on on a big car door or put him with a exciting young kid who's going to come after him. You know Put him in there until match there you go MIC, Perry, someone, someone is going to do something crazy, go out and throw punches Adam, make it up. Make it a fucking scrap one of his fights in Bellator was J her on right. It was at Wrestle yeah Jake and wrestle Jay's is a very the MMA fighter, and he can wrestle and so that he was bad you're in striking. Then then ask him was at the time right. But asking strike is not that bad either. He knows how to get away from shit and when he gets,
all the guys. He takes him down in these ways that just not expecting. I really want to see him in my and now fuck yeah dude. I want to see him in a lot of guys. I want to see him in wonder boy. That's what I want to see, I mean, wouldn't you want to see that yeah? Can you take that dude? How can you get ahold of him? Can you get past those kicks like? What's going to happen there fuck man, it's like there's, no, a whole lot of guys that are specialists in that much of a pure sense, as he is he's a wrestling specialist, and these are real world class wrestler and anytime. There's a guy like that out there. For me, it's just like shit, yeah special when when they come in with a different style of that specialty, like Askren style, isn't this a mean set it off is a specialist as a wrestler, but Askren style is different. Exactly african styles, just bizarre is hold on you guys in weird ways. Just
and it just seems so much stronger than he looks very interesting men, but just I hate to br that up again, but the only reason why do is 'cause. I am a fan of the sport, I'm a big fan of the sport and I'd, think the sport is the most exciting shit? I think the sport is the sport. If there's something that's not as exciting, but is more effective that still a part of the sport, you can ignore that something just 'cause. It's convenient for your vision, of what makes a sport dynamic and exciting, because that's not the sport anymore, because then it's the sp! four plus entertainment, but this guys going to stink it up we're going to keep money outside and he might not- I mean it might be J Herron on squared you
and whether what was someone like a wonderful, a or Tyrone Woodley or someone along those lines. You know turning and they know each other very well right there they're teaming with a fight. No no, they wouldn't. I don't think there's like, I doubt, they'd fighting for the belt wow. Well, that would be an interesting fight of the warrant that good friends stylistically, because tyrants are really good wrestler too, and that, but they know each other, so they don't know each other to, I think, honestly, in an mma fight, I think it's bad for band simply because they know each other so well and Tyron is more explosive with the striking. Oh, oh, oh, oh I just saved style. Bender is no joke. Standing up just fifteen seconds ago. He's going to survive is shit. Wow beautiful combination there right hand oo,
the shorts are dope as they are. Yeah fun, guy to watch man, good fight, Robert Thomas well, better, so that was around one of the tournament for him right, so he might have to so. If he wins this, then he fights in the next I don't know we were paying attention at all, not even a little, Jamie Team is on the bar. So this is another fight fight that I really interested in our style match: matchup, I'm be interested in is explosive speed of Jiren versus verses that slow, methodical style of my yeah too. That's another one like in. Can he take tyrant down? Can he to Tyron Ann you're going to have to go through hell to get to him because
there's no question in the world? There's no question in my mind at least that Tyron moves far faster, so he's a very difficult to get ahold of grappler anyway right very good wrestling, and then he moves far faster and he's got thunderous power. So mine is going to have to take chances so and taking those chances to close that distance. He's kicking specialist either so he's going to be taking those chances with his hands and you're just going to run into these potential counter especially in the first round, for anybody. Tyrant is the scariest in the first round, because you just has so much speed and explosion, and I think it takes guys bar surprise. Play, somebody surprising it probably takes him at least around or about around, to adjust to that speed at the very least has been some knockouts like the Josh Josh Koscheck knockout. Never that one yet, oh my goodness, oh my goodness, just just a fucking bomb over the
top yeah. The way, the way he was I I can picture to my head in the way he's standing up over him in that. In that it's it's kind of scary. It look scary. When you see 'cause there but looks like two superheroes just got into a fight yeah, it's man cast checks. Another guy would have fucking accomplished wrestler. That guy was forgotten me hello, super high level, wrestler that kid Gregor Gillespie that kid is legit good, really good rest yeah really good he's a four time. All American he's national champion this guy. Before
I met him, everybody I was like. I was going to there to train and everybody's like yeah when you get with Gregor Man, he's he's a beast on top. I went up there for about three weeks. First, go we go. He takes me down like all right cool. This is supposed to be a beast on top and I get up, though I get up in the very first try right. That was the last time I got up for three weeks I like the judges and rent for three For three weeks. I couldn't I couldn't do anything when he was on top of me wow. I couldn't do anything, nothing. Damn. There's dudes like that. He's really good PAM. Yeah this is like what we're talking about about specialists, people that just that higher level. Well, that's one! things that always treat me about aspirin said Pettis would say like I couldn't fight that dude that do
he just hold me down, do whatever the fuck he wants to make want to see mine Uncle Dana. I want to see your bed used it key. I met him when I first met tiring and one of the misery to train and on time it took me some time to some twenty and then was. He was just going out and pin in dudes, I mean he's pinning like college level wrestle in in the first period, sometimes like quickly dean being said to me the first time he met Ben or the first time he worked out with Ben he's, like Benji, asking you do you know this brawl is like like he just he could do anything about Woodbend was doing to him so, but he didn't bend it and know if he knew how to sprawl like dean. Thomas doesn't know how to sprawl wow. That's how good he is, though,
and how good he is. Did you ever see when he rolled Marcel Garcia Mice, Ologist, just tap tap tap them ourselves, just so freakish you know his Jiu Jitsu, especially in his prime, so freakish or so the beast two yeah Now I was in Brazil when he emerged on the scene in two thousand and three when he Xiaolin and choke him out. He got his back and then in the rolling and spinning he put him to sleep like as as Shaolin was trying to defend he's get his going to believe. He got him from the side. I think he whined bike rear naked choke in him from the side, and that's we put him to sleep, but just Shaolin refusing to tap no even knew who Marcella was back then, and that was like one of his most impressive, like early on victories like that. To this day is one of my all time. Favorite submission victories that I've ever seen. Anybody Perfo
form because it was just so explosive and fast and final put him asleep. It's very rare, Aecia Highland high level guy, like Shao Lin, he Bero get put to sleep, you know, and that was the first time we'd ever seen more. Spell challenge is one of those guys to like. When he came to me. He was when it was dangerous. Guys. Oh yeah, super high level grappling, I mean, and this was Abu Dhabi, two thousand and three Jamie see if you could. And Marcello Garcia versus Shao Lin. It's only it's not a fast fight. I mean it's not a long fight at all. I should say: match fighters get mad jujitsu, guys called fights fighters like to match Bro's done a fight. But a boxing matches a fight. Two is not a fight here. It is. He takes his back like this. Like you get hit, that's up fight. This is a match.
Takes his back and he chokes him here like sideways. That's a poem sleep. This is boom. I was final This was nobody knew who Marcelo Garcia was and everybody knew Xiaolin was it. But that yeah I remember that I'm hearing about his name right after seeing that video yeah, I remember I played I should've gotten Jamie. It was crazy. Do it like yeah right from there And the other thing about Marcelo is that arm drag to the back was just so unstoppable, so unstoppable He would get to that position manner, which is so tight. Look at this he's he's essentially one hook and he's like on top on the side and he's getting spun around. Flattened out sheet back yeah. He was Chester back any
he stopped from rolling out of it perfectly. It was just death like the way he's, spinning and trying, see he never releases that Chester back. No, never his squeeze is something else. Man move. That is one of my all time. Favourites, submission victories, be just because of the reality to it, but also the the fucking foolishness of his technique. He had both things going on. It was like he had incredible technique and aggression and perfect perfect timing. Perfect positioning fuck, I was amazing and again Xiaolin. He did it to a beach Just you know wasn't like to some regular person. You he was at american top team for awhile and it sucks 'cause, like all my training partners, beat me up
I'm training with my seller he's training for an mma fight over in Japan and I'm training for a fight and we're going an I'm keeping it standing up. Spending takedowns, I'm winning the round and Conan goes thirty seconds and I'm like thirty, Second yeah I've dominated this round. Okay, now let me be strategic. I'm gonna take him now secure the round, and you know going to put it out there. Is it judges that I'm not afraid of his ground game? You know just kind of in the game in my head. I shoot his shot ah and on the way down. He reverses me any tabs me before the round is over like it was like this is this is garbage he he's ridiculously good. Is he the best guy ever roll with absolutely yeah? Like far I mean L, Matt Lindland was like, like I can't do anything that I got just a gorilla
is so is so good, even really good man? That's interesting, he's really good like I would love to see him and Magna Matt off, not necessarily in a fight g us in a wrestling grabbing situate, samba situation. I would just love to see that I don't know. I never train with the argument of I don't how good he is. I mean I'm sure, he's great because of what he I seen him do Uhhuh, but I would just love to see that I know his wrestling is probably the best in the UFC right now so again that, but I know some really good wrestlers, that get destroyed by Marcelo yeah, like Ben Askren. We were talking about that video. That's grown yeah well, Marcello's got that fucking insane squeeze man, the guillotine squeeze got a nasty North South squeeze he's got his back. Taking legendary
is, is so good at arm drag the armdrag is just before he was pulling it off like the way he was doing. It was really rare to see somebody the specialized on it like that, or they just specialize on him at arm, drag it into the back in that arm. Drag it to the back. You know and he's doing it from butterfly guard. He was uh, it wasn't doing it like a wrestler, really interesting. Guy and big he has giant fucking legs right, not big. Arms like his are the kind of normal sized. The big ass giant legs like fat boy, I mean there, muscle jump over just like round. Do their huge he's all legs, it's really interesting like that that is one thing that I think is like super underrated and kind and all of any any sort of combat sports. The size of your legs is so gigantic, like the power in your legs, rather the ability that your legs have like look at Pacquiao's legs.
The dude, as he's Chayanne, ask golf gravel or tennis ball cabs that here look at Malek Pets, calf, he he he he can't like. Now he can't wear like normal. You can't it up over his cap is ridiculous. Yeah Sanchis the same thing, big giant. You go back and think about Tyson. One of the things about Tyson that was so fucking impressive is his legs. He would leap at you and throw ball comes the same time and they're just coming up from the grave down home, miss so much horsepower behind that and uh. None of that was coming up through those giant ass, fucking legs. You know really interesting when you think about it from our side which, guided by the audience,
I would think about it with Marcelo. It's interesting as he's securing you with those legs like when he's taking backs like that says, thing right, an in guillotines as well he's using those that incredible leg power to secure you secure you into get you controlled by those. You see the Lego, Troll Xiaolin on the ground, the end of it. He just smooshing everything. It's all that power that allows him to get the chokes off better. I think I feel like it's one. Those things where he's he's figured out just how to use exactly the right amount of muscle in the right direction to control you with his leg. Using his leg is, is a hand, grab yeah, but like same, with, like a specialist like Nurmagomedov, same thing with specialist, like Damian Maia, my I feel like they have that ability to means the little details and use their use their body the perfect way to make that specific thing work yeah. You know the other thing,
it's interesting about Marcel. Is he doesn't? He doesn't usually as any strong person moves like you, won't do Camorra's Heath cameras are a strong person move. He thinks like grammar farm and yank in behind him. He doesn't do those, or at least he didn't for a long time, and that was his rationale. You might have changed and went to it now, but I know for the longest time he wasn't interested in those. He was just interested in put mother, fuckers, sleep is like he's like, like the all you have to do is get ahold of that neck and if I become a specialist and squeezing next, going to put everybody to sleep. I don't need to be messing up your shoulder anything I'll, just shut you off. I mean it's the most def a guy can tap you and it's very definitive right that guy gets you in our in Barrington. It's very definitive, but there's something about the way it climbs off Xiaolin Challens unconscious and he just squalls am out in seconds the most definitive
being next to I mean obviously, next to a knockout knockout being the most definitive right, because it carries the most consequences yeah, but I mean they both They both put you to sleep in a real life like that, like you're, dead, you're, dead guy exactly people do, that's no that's legitimate like that, would kill you yeah yeah. All martial would have to do is keep and on death for another thirty seconds second, and got over no referee, it's over yeah, I mean he just climb and that's the crazy thing is he just did that to a world class black belt yeah yeah the end of this again, anything in those stoves. Well that that work for Hillary Clinton. They they they put the inject you put you to sleep, yes, but when you're out there you can go, stay can take you somewhere. So when you get knocked out when you get chilled and conscious it's like yeah you're dead, you, you are at their mercy, absolutely nothing you we do about whatever they wanted to do to you, hey why you gotta bring in Hillary Clinton,
because everything is they're talking about. We were talking about this Politik ships coming in. We talked about the Trump thing and I just want. I just want to put it out there that I'm against them both. So so I don't want anybody coming after you had to say first Joe Schilling. What do you think you know these guys very well? Dustin Jacobi, Simon Marcus, big step up for Jacobi, though right is a big step up for him in theory default one snow. Did you rematch? I think that in here we go but yeah Justin's, not element dessins, who won the first. I see I didn't even want even wants first did Simon Simon one yeah. You know how you want. I don't. There was the brazilian guy who k O'D control we will left hook. Remember that Jacobi. It was like, oh and first part of two hundred and five with glory and
last, like five or six five? He was fighting mma for a long time, right, yeah. Anyone to one hundred and eighty five and oh nice pushed it. He's definitely got a lot better as a striker since he's been concentrating entirely on it also there it is there's a decision, Simon Marcus, wanted decision. That was the first fight that I would say if Jacobi has uh the best chance of winning this fight. Now then there because of the high altitude and he's a call orado guy. He lives in Colorado and then how? Much of a fact do you think, Simon It is just losing by Cal to Jason. Wellness is, was not that long. I don't think so. It was like two months ago right. It couldn't have been more than three easy, don't think, and he was out out. You got beat up
they stopped it, but you gotta be that he was fucked up, he got hurt and he got dropped more than once. You have not more than once six weeks, wow too, that was six weeks out to the socks. He's lynching. A lot of factors yeah he doesn't look confident. Herbal and Dustin is a big big guy. I feel like he's going to get, that. I tell you in the first round in the wellness fight he looked like a fucking world beater. He really did an. We just got tagged, but he looked like a world beater. When you fly you in the first round. Two I mean he's got he's got a first year. That's pretty fucking sensational, I mean he's a he's, a who so here's a traditional moitie guy, some with all his fights he's, got forty nine fights there all moitie and like where he beat me in the first two. I'm just he's like incredibly strong and good in the clinch and will legs app you and hold you and
oh nice. Try talent, I just tag them so the clinch is really the fact that it's removed from glory really hurts him yeah and his forces him to have to fight that's really interesting. He used to is cardi, look better 'cause. He had more time to clinch now when it full go and throw more combinations. Well, that's interesting too, because he has to completely change. The style like is cardio, is sort of based on the style of being able to hold on whenever you want to, like that, that's why he was able to get away with those explosive movements and not not conserve enerji right 'cause get explode like that, make a clan shop when he need that time to clinch up and he's very strong right, that's interesting, would you prefer this or do you prefer more, for the glory rose
Really myself, if you had to make the ultimate rules, though, what would you would you sell a do glory rules with elbows, I like what you're thinking, but what about the clinch? I think the clinches, like you. The way you see it the way that you like the clinches, the way that it is here, you just don't realize it. If you if I showed you want to know if I showed you Simon, and I second fight where he held on to me, for two minutes out of every round up against the ropes and nothing was happening, and I was just sitting there getting squeeze and I'm talking to Steve, Mazzagatti like ain't nothing's happening here you and you wouldn't like it that much just it broke his arm in they're, going to stop the fight looks like he broke his arm like kick yeah yeah, they disclose his arm and he's a pain, no he's getting off the stool. His left arm is fucked up man. What Simon Marcus
is going on here doctor the doctor is going to come over. This fights over he's got a broken arm where he is that you can't look. The fight is over What are they going to do? They're going to say, ok go go in there. What do they do when I stuck in Joe well he's he's he's in pain right. So here's the thing. No! No! So I'm saying why would they just have already started the round like sign? Get it done some damage right? Wouldn't the idea be either you are capable starting at the end of the round or the fights over cancel no is broken, there's still deciding. Yeah, I said we got stopped, the fight must be broken, you could feel is broken, but my question is how what do you start the round and then have the guy? This will have a have and get checked out like that, like what, if you can give you can't go on, I give you check in can. You can continue, it seems like if he decided
I can go on two minutes later. It's really a foul that was committed. It's not like you kicked him in the balls like in the Henderson Bisping fight right. There was a big deal Bisping ten percent. The balls Henderson took a gang of time, he's like good I'm taking a break and it was a smart move to do that that made sense. He deserve that. He got kicked in the balls. He didn't Simon, didn't do anything wrong. He landed kicks an he her to disarm and then they're like well. How bad is he hurt? Can we can we go on? Well, if you can't go on at the beginning of the round, then use, the fight, should be stopped right yeah, but did he ask for help? or did he get off of this tool? Ready to fight in the teaser referee decided to call the doctor. I would have to be real clear. I don't know I think when they were grabbing his arm in the corner. I could've sworn he was telling me it was broken and then
got up and then maybe they had informed the referee. There was some confusion in that regard. Yeah the right now. He was a goal over to the doctor to see this yeah right, but you can't know, ordinarily, that you, It happened right like that was the big issue. With the Yellow Romero TIM Kennedy, fight right, yeah TIM Kennedy hurt. Your Romero has a badly hurt the round. Ends and the Romero stays on a stool for a long time. He stayed on. Stool for the four minute and then state on a stool at the end of the round and just stay there and looked at John Mccarthy and they they cleared out the quota, It took a long time. I forget, like but all the shenanigans where that was going on, but it was clear that he had been hurt. And in time is of the essence, and they didn't start the route on time. So a lot of people thought well, the fight should have been stopped. Right there, I was on that side of the point I was too. I think it's very important esp Actually, when you talk about someone being hurt, yeah right, if you heard a guy, it's it's very important that that's.
You have to allow fighter to capitalize on that and giving someone extended round just because they're just sitting down there barrel full Tj Dillashaw. What is that thing on his neck? Somebody talked him into wearing that think. That's his idea that dog tag that glitter Ified letter of dog tag is that, like you don't like it. Well, they get those in forever. Twenty one there in that glass, glass cabinet feeling, I have a feeling TJ's, he didn't get it forever. Twenty, while he's just weight class here way, classier prices just kidding. It's probably super expensive, but what's that stuff he quit outranking arm yeah. So if you, if it's, if you kick boxing match- and you get your arm broken the second round, you stop them into the raft mom, I'm not telling their after five I'm good to go. I'm going
Are you good to go? If I mean you will know right, you'll know how bad it hurts bad. It hurts. Spend entirely upon like where it's broken. Liquid was broken up here, like one minute arrow fired, Frank Mir, yeah and snap. The upper arm yeah that's a little different than the forearm. Isn't it. Yeah that's much different in the form and you you can't even use that are at all yeah. If it's the form, please move it out of the way and you could stand like you're going to throw it like. If you get hurt like your friend, can you break that upper arm? That's a different beat For the further up it goes, the worse it gets for fighting men break your hands. You can still fight break your form. You may be able to fight right where you chip it or crack it. You may be, but you you start getting up here: and you buy zip area. Have you ever seen Ian Mccall's hands yeah he's broke his hand like huh.
One times something in every fucking something broken here: he can make a fist. Not only makes a fist. It's like this is one knuckles always poking out. It doesn't close right and he's had a bunch of operations, so they're trying to figure out what it happened. So somehow it was blocking a kick, do they think they're isolated it or they just showing you highlights here, looks like they just showing highlights. Have no idea, I mean they have no idea. What's called an angel with Simon Marcus, kicks fucking hard right there, it's probably right, it was probably it started shaking it yeah, yeah and the way he's holding me yeah. That was it. It was okay, sir, whether or did they nailed it yeah I mean you can't let a guy fight with a broken arm. If you know it's a broken arm like if you want to hide it even worth so you can hide it, but they have to stop and once it gets brought to the doctors attend.
Yes, let us John Yarbrough broke Steven Richards Forum with a body kick and others like one line for like one of the first line for it snapped. His forearm and Steve Rogers went on and beat him to the for the decision and the final, but you just kept clinching open like dumplings ship, but he broke his arm. He could see like in their hold and after the fight you could see like a huge dent, all my god, it's it's. It's like Jamie Varner me broke his ankle, yeah, that's right and stuff that that should have been stopped at. That was obvious. You can't do anything about that, but if he, if that would have been his form, he would continue yeah. He went back to his corner right, the what happened in the first round habitat for cornerback through back to his corner and that's when they called it. But that happened midway the first. They don't call it. He got knocked out. He got knocked out yeah
so we came back out. I know I'm pretty sure he came back out that already did get knocked out. And I think it was. Was it true, Hilo yeah able Trillo? No, that was in the back up, so I can see who's fighting. Who is that now everybody on that little boy is that it broken ankle. Now, how did this is what I'm thinking of huh The break is angle more than once what was the fight where he was in a crazy slugfest with somebody yeah. No, that was after the Reebok deal those James Krause, that's who it is right there yeah. I remember this. Oh yeah, that's right!. It just gave out on him. That's right That's right! That's right! Now! I remember so. I think I confused that an Isv
it with Abel Trujilo. His fight with a true healer was a slob or knocker and sure he'll want of winning by knockout. That's what that was. I can Fabulae did the two of and he went down the same way that he went down right there. Yes, 'cause yeah, when he got hit with that hook, he was may in that same move, so it looks like yeah, weird side. The two memories confused in my mind, powerful glory life from Denver. Oh yeah here, is able to Hilo in him boom boom right there yeah exactly the same you're fucking right Eve, Edwards, you figured it out. Man boom got Lord, that's a fucking, perfect punch If, if I was in my prime right now and I was in the UFC, I would have to be a forty five. These dudes
much bigger than we were ten years ago. How do you feel about that? What's your feelings about weight, cutting my interview on you, I'm not a journalist! Do you do to prove it. Do you think that we'd all be better off? If everybody abandoned it? Do you think that it's a smart thing? I'm asking too many questions. No, I don't disa. Move it, but I think we would all be better off in the long run as the fighters would be a lot better off in the long run, but not having to do it. There are some guys for me. It was a miserable but, there are some guys that it is an even for me. I think I'm still taking some some burning oil at both ends, so I brought into account both ends at that point, but it's not as hard as say some guys like Leeson, Tibau or guy.
Is that they're much bigger and weight class? You know, I think, in the long run you are putting a toll on your body. That's going to you going to have to pay the price you have to pay that tax at some point, but and that could come when you're fifty or no, I don't know whatever yeah. It seems that fighting itself is such an incredibly difficult task on your body. Why would you want to put it through the task of massive dehydration? Twenty four hours before fighting it just doesn't make any sense I know that everybody does it to gain a competitive advantage, but wouldn't it be better if it was just all even even wait like honest, like fuck, this competitive advantage shit if everybody just first of all, there should be more options right. I think we all agree on. I think that's how you solve the protein have a one hundred and seventy, then one hundred and eighty five and a two hundred and five in two hundred and sixty five and expect people do not cut wait. They're going to fucking cut one hundred percent. Your options are fight guerrillas
two hundred and sixty five or you weigh two hundred and thirty. You know we're going to do a fucking, Shane Carwin. On top you or something like that and you're, a two hundred and thirty or that you got to make that two hundred and five you going suck it up 'cause. There should be a weight class every ten pounds and I think with fighters like what really matters, what everybody cares about is who the best guys fight like the best guys fighting, best guys? You know whether Norma Medoff and Conor Mcgregor had a belt or not right, if number didn't, have the one hundred and fifty five pound belt and Conor Mcgregor. Now, one hundred and fifty five pound belt it be worth more to watch those to go at it at one hundred and fifty five pounds, then, and for me to watch. Maybe Eddie Alvarez defended against somebody else. You know like I just want to see like if it was not Connor, not not some high level. Guy I'd be more interested in seeing the high level guys who don't have the belt. If you were to make more weight classes, then you get super fights too. It's all good right
yeah you you get one hundred and sixty dot zero at the inverse, the one hundred and fifty champion- and it's like this- is a fight that people want to see, because it's not that much of a difference you know they gave people a little bit of a break by letting fighters way in early now. You could weigh in between like eight hundred and one thousand am in that way time. The way in ceremony goes on at like four hundred pm you're fully hydrated. You look good, you don't look like death anymore, like Connor when he fought Chad Mendes. Remember that last time you made forty five you like what the fuck, like you looks like like a dying person and then he's going to fight for world title twenty four hours from now.
That's so ridiculous practice, it's ridiculous! That was my thing. I'm not I'm not huge for the weight class, but I was decently size for the weight class, so I could get down like one hundred and fifty three the day of the way in so I would cut to about one hundred and fifty three and then get it put put about two one: slash two pounds of food in my body, food and water, and that's why I weigh inns. I was happy I was never miserable was never sucking it up, I mean sometimes not more. I do over cut and then bound. Interesting, but I was small enough to do that. Option. Yeah yeah, usually those last three pounds like death. I will wake up fighting, So I weigh in morning at like one hundred and fifty eight, maybe under some heavy I'm one hundred and fifty eight mostly time look up at five thousand six hundred and fifty seven well I mean
I, I I think you were lucky in the sense that you were in that room. Your body fit right in there with that weight class. If you were a little bit bigger, may you be an issue like maybe what, if we're a little bit bigger, but not quite big enough for one hundred and seventy, you know yeah like a Diego Sanchez, it was kind of a tweener right. He was, but I really struggled to make fifty five remember the first time I saw when he made fifty five uh pretty sure was in England, and I remember going Jesus but he looks so drawn out at the way in he looked terrible and then he got it balanced out. You figured out how to do it, but I don't think ideally his weight would be fifty five I think his idea would probably like sixty five or sixty you know somewhere in that range. I think if they'd went five thousand one hundred and fifty one sixty or one five thousand five hundred and sixty five seven thousand five hundred and eighty five I mean they could do it that way easily. But ten pounds, I think, is like the right, the right number, so you think the four five pounds the boxing is is too too small of a wait,
it's interesting 'cause. I think it's more of a factor in MMA that it is in boxing and right. Yeah in boxing is more options. So just kind of kind of interesting in that way, but obviously boxing is just got more history. You know it's been around way longer and people were smaller back then too. So it's not like you can eliminate Slapsy Maxie. What it was, he is your light heavyweight now I was Billy Conn was a light heavyweight write an I forget what you And they changed it, but I mean Heavyweight was one hundred and fifty four dot zero and up way back in the day, really yeah, one hundred and fifty four pounds more than one hundred and fifty four was heavyweight like in the early, like probably liked 1830s wo. Well, I thought, even in California, I think it's over seven thousand one hundred and seventy five, or something like that was supposed to be trying to think of like classic and technically box- is a heavyweight. It was over one one. Seventy six, I think, wow, that's crazy.
Everyone, Roy Jones Junior, went up to heavyweight and beat John Ruiz Holy Shit. Remember that yeah yeah, you know he still fighting yeah makes me sad. I love that Dude when I was a kid he was like. He was Superman, Roy Jones Junior would fight rounds without getting hit like nobody ever did that before. He was, he was so good that he heard a Willie pep. Yes, of course we heard about, around, without actually throwing a punch yeah. It's awesome you want, but in the hip you copy Box yeah, he said he was going to do it and then he went and did it like he said between rounds, then he went and did you just couldn't? Imagine anybody at that time, in particular having better footwork it's an amazing like where boxing went 'cause. If you watch some of the old Jack Johnson stuff, you know you watch like how how they used to be used to hold their hand
differently. They threw punches differently. You know, and then you see some Jack Dempsey like ok. Well, this is starting to become a little bit more like modern boxing. This is some savage fucking,