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Fight Companion - October 21, 2017

2017-10-21 | 🔗
Joe sits down with Eddie Bravo & Brendan Schaub to watch the fights on October 21, 2017
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the job will gain experience and we're lard fight companion he mother fucking broad yo yo yo brandon mulder faltering job we're fight companion dare until versus donald cowboys rony is the main event and api tomorrow bravo invitation a juicy its autonomy and where that its two mile orpheum again at the orphan downtown allaying get tickets api official dot com joan yossi bypass and you also have a choice now there watch non paper view at inch by inch not tv at school that's a gray eyes you turn it moves so if you don't have fight back you can still get the nets my company sunlight if you dont have five past you should give ipad bypasses the shit we're watching this fight on five past right now and i'm not just saying
bypasses the shake them you have see employ if you're a fan of the sport this fuckin everything on fight pass you will go down a god damn rabbit whole pride fights average for everything may the lights and this also a bunch of like organizations that you never heard of before that have awesome fights heightened just the fat just the fact the eagle watch any you see if i ever get us that a long as worth it amazing live just that alone just pull you could just member that bomb you can watch it member that by poor you go out on demands and pride fights fight that's like that that although it does need anything else we should do so fight campaigns for old pride fights the vessel like i'm cop verses fate or vanilla nod versus fate or vat as yacht zap no gara you know my question is how long after you see do they put the individual fides on bypass that's a good question
today they upload him yeah there's a lot lie down on the floor with it we could see this fight on fight what does this is unfair panel right now i mean archived we i carve right afterwards you think so how does it take a hundred percent its right after all just upload round i don't think so i've tried to check fights out that just happened name they were fox fights if its effects or f fox ports fox words to their nose true or farming why are they all knows they camp it doesnt five pass i don't know but i don't think so i think you're right and jobs the think they do this work did you pay all that money clothes of money they want to pay fuckers are you could just not have fox into swash on fight pass but we want them and they should own it mean their pay of order they do what they do and share their replay migratory again they replace one last night was came blouse gives was big foot and i want
dan distorting and reclaim on fox hunting i d been i have it on my dvr so i was not right now i'm a hipster all because i'm too lazy to yell too lazy to turn the team i have you have sea fight night on the we are like automatically set recording and always is recording old fights always we will ask lawns constantly say anything there's been on if his wanderings fox venue pro of adverse one fox spike bela tour i fucking access tv its other bernie yeah so see i love access tv i love line by line fighters they had some fuckin amazing might i have some pvc box and i mention of everything so these due to a fighting right now p p p charter and wilson
i'm from assuming peach showed us the guy in the red and the other little thing on the bottom that wilson do as a sick left kick my ass thrones nasty hard left kicks the body but i don't know that did i heard there are some good fight on the premiums are allowed i heard was good you know one that jamie do you guys know now already fight lobby get head kit when did you last and then i'm not sure but connor was there the corner and the reference to stop the fight andrea feely why and why the river cycle connor was an official corner men and was yelling instructions and refer the cold up you a chill may be professional comes like my bad my that really you can't yell out from your outside the cage while he was cage side and he walked up to the cage ones yellin instructions so hoboes i kill you non official corner you get three not from the title for so he was too close yeah just is a distraction children that's a good rule
there really is a great room you can have crowds of duty that are your friends yellin colony faggot diego here again i want just can't look at us who did you just shows up everywhere with cuff links in a beautiful walking around like he owns a place at work has to put this answer me so it's my god or two more guards motherfucker years a motherfucker does not take any bush do it's got to choke standing here naked so i watch belcour last night right at what is that dude that gracie dude hall son hollow son deny game in ireland and greece yes yes bad mother fucker bad metaphysical series judicial some do about that no yeah seventy now seven submissions he's he's he's about modifications exertions niemann grace and whose father halls who holes he said
your holes the dynamo yes penguin idea becker dude you should see this net crank eddie how things are bates mother whose neck the dude looked every bit of forty four but i guess he's only thirty tunas gray here like the guy for particular time is right here law whose young son by a grey air but if you take away the grey hair chanting gravities ripped and the good for sure defence to man he animals back the whole first round in the off but then niemann switched to a network you just ill of till i get hurt so well every sent this oh yeah there it is worth there no that's not it does its vital mask we're gonna be one that we shall now blowing chose to last night you had to do next illegally it hurts so bad move saucy did a grey back so to sink this where twenty five seconds the first round twenty three twenty to twenty one and peered page showed tat his name is on the back wilson
it worked oh shit he's got the job oh shut up shit over go shirt i say no no not much time not much time athenian hang chintz talked ozone layer powerful hangs out is good there is the best but lastline belcour massage did look lethargic and take off adding or the coms dora militancy it many deadly one the first round but then ship shoemaker shut tough were now what is his name what's his name shall manco right slime anko sri lanka sri lanka he hit him with a overhand left in close up his right eye like his whole rather confederacy and then this i thought a shoemaker when the second and the third the intimacy ass he did not look like a world bitter no ship no interesting maybe they're u s he got rid of just in time too bad because against chris wide me living a basket i dont think its actual i dont think built or it's enough respect their ties are fucking tough at the top level i asked you shall make it hasn't lustre
how long yes when for steer was one like six zero he's a mother fucker me as a mother fucker see when knocked out melvin yeah like those that lay that i boom pelletier is going to be a tough going everybody i think that's true i think that's true that also highlights how fuckin good roaring mcdonald actually is look look at large not doing well yeah will lorens guy killed by paul daily as you know when you stand in front of paul daily paul daily throw this bad idea walk in bombs at left hand is just a ridiculous weapon will look at them henderson he struggle ben henderson was andrew s really odd he was on the downside when he went there the true but a struggle city the ashes rough e fulfilled destroying go one seventy thousand again the guy fought nightmare filled davis did well but you know ryan beta beat him you know ryan vader who was probably never going to be the champ in the eu of seed light everywhere division now you never know now you never know john john jones in he was
really not was that everyone the right they nobody can that type of john you know you got a wonder man you gotta wonder what the fuck actually happened i came to this steroids stuff i talked individually look alike these these websites were posting that if john jones could provide supplement that had that stuff in it he wouldn't suspension it is possible to get especially nervous he said they just totally took me out of context and i sat at all listen to india is what is at what he was actually saying is it is possible to have tasted supplements and people have proven in the past there's something in supplement of you can prove that you took it complete the accidental which guys have no did what is tim means but he got suspended for a few months even even though but a few months for john would be a win tough debate we share with it but it with his history it's tough the bully
just now i want to believe i wanted to leave to sell bad i won back so bad i think he'll see needs himself so bad right mary excited for these days saint grant to her i finally side a documentary icarus i was for molly shit via an amazing re russian and ass if you didn't know anything about that movie and say alex jones said the russians their snake in laboratories there's your sweeter than the middle neither switch in the year and the asian the bees i'm telling you i know this that inside source how how could they do that's impossible yes i believe that would be the end of alex jones right they don't like do fine maybe with russians itself so crazy the breaking into the opposite switching the places where they did it in russia though it was in okey they once thirteen gold medals italy remember gold medals everyone was dirty to do tat every
and was dirty that guy's in serious hiding right now tell you is what they are talking to win homeboy was worried about him right oh yeah yeah you say is that he's had like depression before and that we must try to commit suicide but one that scandal first broke out russia when he was freaking out he was in russia is on the phone how do they can kill you to point out here i was shocked that he was able to leave the country yeah what did you think whatever like they would have someone on his ass well brian fogel who's the director of it was on my pie cason explain to me how they didn't think that he was a flight risk indeed they cause he was such a masterminded programme they never thought that he was going to take there's a bunch of reasons i decided on the pike s i can't totally recall why they didn't think that you can take
but obviously the fact that superfly use us see you're crazy do how wada the world anti doping agency and the international olympic committee are all in bed together they not policing each other waters not police in the icy it's bullshit that's why they left the russians in even though they knew the russians cheating in sochi they had irrefutable proof that they cheated like that all this have you seen that netflix documentary icarus is a hundred percent true they still compete in rio all they did as they throw a ball nay said yeah we're gonna take out the track and feel team this this track unfiltered us to get money so they took the track and feel team out they love wrestling gymnastics all is a dirty dirty dirty athletes they probably rush oppose hey listen guys if you guys have my back we're gonna go
after you use everybody's due on everybody's do not those of us who know how to use china's a hundred percent doing that every member state a little bit of american olympian how our years how come on two percent hundred percent by all possible like russia now not like russia does not state sponsored but if you don't think a lot of morocco and the amount of the eu can be using it bought brown was explained this like think about some unlike phelps right michael phelps because he wants could he won the gold medal you know how many gold medals you want a shitload right most over that guy is a huge celebrity he's wealthy whose that's it as the russian has gone as far as the russians the russians got it so because of that because of that that guy makes fuckin millions of dollars a year but now go to the silver medalist whose agora who fucks that rain locked but yet who is a no no
he's a liar no no lower remember that's right that's the guy rio pretend that they were robbing waigel changes yeah the police had me at gunpoint let you broke up bathroom door you piece of shit no really use idea at gunpoint told me get on the floor i said fuck and make me another blow your bike genes on a few feet on the ground what they dirty and always i don't know clean ground brazil on pretty ground roars now just of white fucking thing stock about them as is the biggest liar is possible to win the hundred meters without being on juice no that guy victor content from the borgo scandal that guy that hooked up very bonds and all those people with the in detecting wholesome ultimate snitch of ultimate snatch is he he got it
to jail and then a me start stitch transnational snitch smith dawns is the entire track and field sport is a dirty sport he said all of em he's like do you like to think about make jamaica wins all these metals he's what's going on why why they waring hudsucker metals like what's happening is tat it was happening there were very sufficient a drug programme to make i guess like do not known for being they ve never been known for being sprinters like this the thing is kind of new that that's their seeing and though the best ever do you just think it's the falcon fantasia light do you think it is well known and analysing what do you think the leading world things fogel pointed out like we're member ben johnson got tested positive fought it when he actually raised against carl louis member that these can deal used super jack jack gold chain paralegal to carl louis tested positive to the other
they're were tested positive it's just that ben johnson's levels were so off the fuckin charts there like jesus but that was the first year they were test take pride in war they pride is yeah like pride days and that makes you think i hate but it really makes you think of our fate or there's been johnson back in the day sun that's a good picture but get a picture amid sprint jamie jack jack fuckin jack i'm a fine he was he was so fuckin fast look at that let's get back he's so big ears so big fridge i can feel carlos actually as aids back that lit benjamin keep like melvin man that's harass like that kind of thick adrian petersen so these these international these guys are all but there all right there on somethin every one of them's on some how come no white guys got a wholesome go to that one go to that wouldn't want that cries rock
i'm fucking spring one hundred metre dad like i said get life we get used to the gills south where the words the white stuff it's not not sprightliness unwilling to go that deep we just what we are your full name i wonder i wonder what it is look at his eyes first of all like to see taken his eyes turned yellow that's what they had said that his liver was struggling to deal with on steroids in the system and it was making the white of his eyes yellow damn he'd still be directed without timex watch on that summit
why is there no time like slow you down the heavy ass basically that moonlight though but that wouldn't really whole you'd like dynamics my man's not about gold chain falconry last gold chain gold chains a big one do you so joost coaches tried haven't interventions i do because as the experts change beaches like gold oh bitches arguments are powerful g shock watch and let you shooting back much better it does have yellow eyes when he looks like a leopard but he's real leap on no one said eating like brought your eyes now watch her broom give away money you're busy women now
you ve gotta be due to the fact of all time is our second whose than johnson bench for a why didn't you say farm maybe air he's up engines and they're not hussein ball was another child who the people's guise of all time let me save all this number one curlew is blown or whenever symbolises the first i'm about and then the ben johnson bolt carlos how many can you how many sprinters can you name well who seemed bulgarian jones females again she came out shields snatched on yourself ever seen a snitch on yourself why she's there are of course i think there are some rumours and she's like i can't handle this anymore i was due to the gills i got a dead man all time fastidiously this same ball lucille ball or simple tastes and gay oh just in gaol enticing ghana those as a rough name too rough name ties there ain't a white guy you fuckin not at all or only list compton bought look out
our down you gotta go to get somebody no same bolt number thirty four like maurice green like wendy it down to ben johnson do they have on their did it take it off protein they took em off encroaching com and i bet that they shouldn't take em off i mean if you want to punish and punish them but you can't take em off it's like what they did with the with the tour de france they did took all the ones that lands armstrong one there there moved him as a winner he one like eight times but everyone
it was dirty dare to go down a fifteenth placed a final dieting was at eight anything was eight will have about in the american i didn't ask by now how about a major league baseball like no bear bunch camp in the hall of fame cause you got tested positive like dupe who the fuck single stone the pitch is their duty to give to you fox and what happens with like sammy so sir and mark inquire we'll have since animal sosa that's how i guess i'll try arrival great angle who he locked up nice professional triangle right there new executive is done the aspirate deep it took a since then but always with blue a rap out there it is your job the rounds over no way title around i think that's however that number we did it up there really was a name was it now the ring the store the ring that was a good ending also the end of the round
so we are roma but if you will see what happens when you don't make the hall of fame likud servicing semi sosa lately wise referee check in him his eyes after all you got it took some punches when he's down yeah i've seen semi social lately like something went crazy became like a crazy he just went from the back to triangle did as totally those guys rainy outdo he fucked up that right disguise dude semi sources a different human be how need to acknowledge this what did he do skin he lives like michael jackson what happened what the fuck i'm not sure did you talk about it has he talked urgently it looks i just went fucking i won't be why do you think tat copycat sir ok excuse me the greatest baseball player of all my presided as it happens i guess unhealthy well he might have thought was a gouty up with all the steroids is model with wires detainees gay
that would you say open that's what happened when you're gonna gaze and all available either deaf when i say that i think he's gay thinks i'm so still less pipes are even always waited all third gay now five now said he gave you i do not say you'll size do which is to be real clear and none of us ever probably gay people i love of gay people same precise wearing a pink because gay i'm cool pink shoes i for example to dig look i don't know what happened so what does he say happened to him like because it's weird gear he just ok a white guy gas crazy he was soon after he was dark yeah maybe that was a ten maybe
it was handing not none normally everything's changed you no one hears dear threem there is cream that some women do use the lightning skin light is over what happened he admits here bleachers askin immediately bleached skin why that's weird i wonder why to do that to you that's really by michael jackson nano now because michael jackson how would i am yet his condition bleacher skin he did because it in to even out he's kenya's yeah but that's not
that same resources do and semi sausages decided to be all why me why people have done having our main michael jackson just wanna be white but he use that as an excuse knowledge it like a skin thing in estonia spreading like fuckin one looks like this interest when full spectrum as you have you seen some models who have at their gorgeous and they just rocket that bloody sexiest need winnie harlow again underlines the icons zebra models their sex i got like a cool alone we see them well it's only one model is now there's only harleigh why currency reserves on years here's a triangle right but this is not the end of the fight like how this fight and maybe gave up at the court i think i was the last round yeah yeah i think those through our decision humbler when we're doing the worst job of paying attention to this fight the hardy with a beautiful green jacket shuffle joker colors
so sammy sausages decided to be away just fuck it say enough as is knock knock into a white guy go black no mean you can be after that tape gets what opportunities they did a movie tahiti when you don't get black features well now but you don't get black skinny get like terrier super dark take got some fuckin dart no roll on time going straight black vice that can go like that no there was more and more ease pulpits there was already spoke it what does no more you it is morally went black he bore no more is parliament's knows a girl some white girl who wants to be black i ask this house to catch me ass i got no no no no no no she's like really wants to be black it's a white woman who do and the audiences all black and they fucking can't stand there and they just
bearing all is at the helm girl who got five from a job like this would send me so says what happened was that i have been using the cream for a long time and that combined with the bright tv lights may my face why are there really is i dont think michael jackson he added apparently sosa has kit of his use the cream over the years which has led him appear even wider than they do in two thousand and nine so here he's getting wider and wider and wider okay higher there it's a bleak increasing that i apply before going to bed whitens my skin tone so said during appearance envisions bob oliver the cream that i have that are used to soften my skin but it has been it's me some i'm not a racist i live my live happily why bleach me some sir you're completely alight manner i leave renounced another racist maybe it was like a super racist white check these trying to fuck it is only one way to say i got you ve never never go for why it was used
it was like like dodge status erases apple with paid tidies big plump bank tidies and now he's just flat ways because as you know i like you i guess i just put a bleaching cream recent cream it's no big deal i put a little bit on before i go to sleep at night the little bleaching crank which is a crucial issue the problem you said even lighter than he wasn't two thousand nine and in these talking about something that happened eight years ago is delighted that he's also little mentally and stable keziah also as white man here now he's like the straight white like getting lindau goddamned dark take got jesus christ data savagely the memories to these i mean he's tat but you can views him for being black while you would if he had black features and black hair know for sure if he had an afro you would say that's a lights came blacker you think five hundred percent
is a learning and make sure you do that he has done good work ever get photoshop steve changes very curling he's probably already on the aid for areas right all be bless my favorite meme online is that one black do is go on like this throw it in the body we take the sector reading rainbow guy who dies dared brunton machine i hear back yeah against dared bronze has been out for a minute ok
if you don't get to a relationship like there's an animated give him due to its even better and animated haven't seen now that that's a parliament like the clown under the in is wholly misrepresented areas this the atom anyone who this just some it's amazing area i think he's a wrapper do you know about that guy he's a jamaican wrapper did you know that they have meaning carts now and people like they have like games play with mean car relief and he's one of the main cards and is is the one thing the one where out of africa who is somber another wrapper way stand like this like what tat
picture sends us and then there was the you know though the black lady with the hump for a neck to every single one of the kiddies like in school uneasily sounds like begins when they haven't talked about being a vague in it that's all areas yeah see the meme the game celia this it's a fucking game you play this game in the outer know how it works but you deal these things out like these popular means so brilliant guy gets laid for that ma am prime damien maya versus call be covington oh that's an interesting skylight that's an interesting fight you know what managed swish damien why my was younger because without this sauce special sauce in areas like forty old now
being he's an erroneous zoning user bees we still i dont memory was on that all kind of terror and then five amazon terrible fight back down cut seventy nine obese again do a zombie still is a hundred percent be yours you john why because i love the idea of a specialist i'm fascinated by specialist about guy who just as one thing better than anybody else else can do do somebody to somebody been asked yes the fight i would do its bit ask do me my wishbone retire i want that fight bends never gonna get see he talked way too much shit about about dinner why to those they still there if you liked anyway don't give a fuck any my where we have had much may i glad that after me i don't know man why have men than what if he talks more shit about you you we need why aren't ben astrand is in europe is retire right was a j here on j iran just then because the only one who gave many problems really
j here on j iran got him too split decision a long time ago yeah but it doesn't matter it's like a wrestler who could strike i was good enough to keep your way you know good enough wrestling keep it from being a wrestling match and he could strike but ben of all from there is ben with with woodley with all these only guys like you vault is gained only talk to people that i do these days you handle the shadows one guy to go to some trouble from russia and dagestan type ressler gun who claimed it was on one i've seen he was calling than outside i got out roughly amateur you down real end what he did and he was honour for wild but pencil beaten government on such a shame he never done the athena flushed and jude short except for that guy everybody that he gets meets on as soon as ben like hold your grabs you his clinch is so high level you just can't break free of his his client
so bombers one the reasons i'll see you touch it the dana but that style for a lot of people isn't gonna sell paper views or did ratings camelot undressing holding cold and people to have a good summit summoning guys now to see hasn't care but there is a problem with that logic floyd may whether style of boxing is not fan friendly either but floyd major superstar before that he did not people out became the guy you'd rather paid a watch em lose or win huge draw then ask and not to be drawn up for introducing wasn't he was not a huge draw before you start talking shit people it wasn't a huge draw until it became money may whether came the bad guy that's when it became a huge dream a bad guy but also fought oscar della hoy the all superstars bent ask is that company yossi laguna here's peers karma gregor some superstar right that the us is now i can do that you don't have the style either but if he did that would be very very interesting huge if jack but but what i'm saying is that the only way that this guy could become famous is by ship talking the shit talking is working to make him famous
like people wanting to see and lose that's it makes garlic that faint because his style is very appealing to guys like us though i want to see they do is you know what it takes a while to evolve and and be a good finisher at first for a while they were just having people down disowning i'm in controlling of john but he's good at semitic people hell yeah united paragraph where overall its greatest now so now the do that and ask and we have now you can't compounded the bed asking for five years ago that's gone but gone there the benefits gained that's gonna take you down and choke you out now that's got he's retired money order is also the idea of a normal he's really return f c allowed him to you my nose to the head on the ground what you say we have seen allowed him to use needs the head on the ground rat good boy that's a big weapon and kicks schubert what brain did over the yeah chicken do than the face you in the back of the head and i now hear that site
in russia these are everywhere champion things on the jews they took off they took out hocker kicks out you have seen they did you see homeboy roger where to get that was wrong because i can't answer gets he was fighting a brazilian who is league fella who is cutting to make one seventy rogers not really once avenues one fifty five and you have see decide if i one seventy and he was gonna beat and then he went down and this dude soccer kicked him into the next fuck again have that an and be professionals more just tis to brutal oh no man i mean he is it really he didn't on a shroud mean it was brutal brutal knock the tough the watch that one was particularly you secret when croak uptake run waterman amidst fuck it is hard to watch but wise and hearted watson irregular had kick that's my question is it because the latter had taken a move more with it any socrates
lying down already dog when it harder to defend on your lower i think you can generally our yeah right here for sunderland charlie brown kicks in the face i think i could kick someone just as hard to the body will now think you'd be surprised you mean day take harder on the ground fuck yes like think about it and if some dinner i like him like straight like that now i don't think so do i'm pretty sure that i can kick just as hard to the bodies i could to the to the ground i don't think so doing you just get question is up high i think up high would lose something lose a little bit apply just from like the leverage but the glossy worries i think you're like going straight like this and low i think that's where are the most of the powers gonna be right boom and cancel all shit guaranteed also depends on what kind of kick as here's the thing you could spinning bacchic someone in the face no doubt to that's another thing to think well think about
we're gonna turn the hours not all of them but think about that like a do gets hit egos down one knee and you flogging gay people dangling gonna die i mean if your face is right there and took a full power turning psychic to the face failure brandon so jack now he's so thick this this is the one when you came the dude in and kicked into the head what is on the ground marijuana b frank males account taken light heavyweight over what you know what happened with him you demonstrate left is familiar this soccer text to the back of the head ashes rough those kind of kicks in the back of the head her forget that noise friend very always a good guide man or is it really a guy great girl yoda the fan of his butt he started out as a heavyweight then i've done the light everywhere but the big thing that happened to him and the sea was he went to this big prolong
contract negotiations while you pay you wanna get paid in when he came back to a tremendous amount of pressure on wages didn't perform the same as you did before then he fought fabrizio four brief overdue got on top of put the swish down on the beat the shit out of him appreciate mount this should be interesting my arm wildlife anyway my god again in the mother fuckin house whose the gentleman then blow which is fighting devon clark do not know mr clarke there's the golden right and left i didn't see him united arab check and pass right they go a magnifying glass barcelona hit miles file still valid it should have a hit on him which should be i am g doubles every rather right people upon the usa is due to fucking up our business they should find that russian dude that they got in hiding
you didn't bring him and to promote should give no vincent position sailor javary did a great job we're going to different directs quantitative directly get a different job via rocks ear now keep em on you don't want a firearm casino talks shall jeff we you need your objection marketing years i'm your man mazes market area we need to run the social meeting should add on pistol have em you have em run the you have seen performances to piss boy you're just pissed boy you stay at the usa and stooped down just keep your mouth shut you don't you're gonna make you may shakes now you're making sure so the sooner you gotta give most prestigious position no which we caught we say its prestige let me just another i pay you asked for how to make some high protein shaken shut the fuck up
monitor the deeds at around the treadmill yeah job guys go guy flat housing your mouth when they run with the hose like what are you fuckin rocky cartel disney called out his boy where is that you have seen before it's institute is fuckin amaze scene it i'm not alive you know the next you have seen vegas you come with me more we'll take a trip i wouldn't go with their energy companies you had a meeting their fight pass rail about libya and combat jujitsu guff good good good did edgar we're still go abroad was john negotiations about and combat you did which is knowing and three weeks but it's looking good and so it's like this
do a lot of promotion and no of fbi on flight paths yeah like entering the fights total and we ve got some time promotion they sat down there's that is then said listen look like we do for you they put all presentation as every time we mention you guys on this shows that shall be how much that's worth maybe get down for us like park as pretty so you are you are you contract negotiations on that's what's goin on combat egypt is a new it's it's an option it's a spin off from ebay i it's a hundred percent combat you get a neutral zone with mom strikes and you turn so that labour as we were putting on the show and you have see wants to be part of it and i just we can explain sadly how but were going figure it out within the next we gotcha and but if you don't know a combat jujitsu is its basically in between sub only jujitsu anime it's not i'm a man but it's
it's about only it's right there it's it's for you jitsu fanatics who are just interested in seeing in others that there's like guys are really in the kit boxing and they know everything about kickboxing but the watch anime a little bit you know to mean but their milk that their into kickboxing there in the business and then there's gus dunham boxing sure waterloo lemme may well there's guys like down and you do too to the latter gods and you get to do now watch the you have seen you know why because their showing did you to do just that they want to see jujitsu there are not you just i went in and maybe they're not interested in kickboxing just like a kickboxing guys not interesting watching you just or address short so there's a lot of different generous and combat egypt is for the digital free it wants to watch jujitsu competition with a little more realism a little bit closer to emma may when you add palm strikes the importance of each position changes tremendous like in the southern lies internationally well well in the sub only game that's one aspect in the sub only game them
full guard is not important all of you never want to play for god that's on you you don't have to you could win abu dhabi in the points system without ever plane full guard you can win gotta show not important in some only end in point grappling to supply what you're allowed to do with you to do i can't i'm judges who keep rising punch ya know its palm strikes it only when link on peace landing it's just wrestling it's not emma saddam hussein entering jujitsu you gotta look at it so wrestling just standing it's just wrestling but as soon as someone it's the ground you can start palm strikes right you know but no well both to the body no punches just pile hey artists rights to the bodies nothing contracts so it's like member the old gracie inaction videos yeah with all those challenge matches in brazil that rules than i do palm strikes introduce those rules so after we did the first combat digital tournaments api eleven that's when i first introduced it corey
and gray see calls me i never talk the hoary andrei sakharov whenever he called rose grace you to get my number he wanted to call me and i'm on the phone with oil and raising these thanking me for putting together combat judges eddie this is how we used to do in brazil i wondered how to do this but how they could not do this this is what we wanted thank you this is the real jujitsu like all we should the guy who invented the you have see correct calls me martin and what happens is that only makes a fifth it's a foul of a foul and taken away like like cambodian foil it's still it still no points we call this finnish only because in the first ten minutes if there's not a submission or a t kayo or that destiny we could finish then we go into overtime like ebay i overtime but there can be a phoenix so we call a finnish so i wouldn't get knocked a book they have not done yet we the two we did to four men tournaments we did a girl one the last show and we did
but the arabian eleven like six months ago we did the first would now we're doing a whole show combat you did two worlds one a whole show gin returns gonna be in that no roach is going to so tomorrow you gonna see gary tone and invade neruda going at a style and then through weeks later you gonna see them going out with palm strikes how could they harm strikes is interesting because you member went boss route and burst on the scene and in in pancreas was light motherfuckers on firewood palm strike he asked ass he figured out dead of swinging like a bitch when he figured out as you pull the palm straits and throw punches is you thrown punch this hand the less i do a lot of it so no no that was the rules do i know i know but he was but even when he went there may he said he would keep the same thing even if there is a rule or not because city when a break his hand where you ve deathly can be eight through a lot of punches in infrastructure but he still to hooks and stuff with open here it's not like it's it's the thing about the palm is
it's not much softer and punching somebody but you known her your hand at all like if you got a guy like boss rooted who really knows how to do it well boss has weird wrists cupolas hair way further than i can t pull his hand way back like he gets his hand like back there so is basically just fuckin palms jail i buried embarrassing iceland's so what happens with colleagues who gets to release is we this the importance of the positions change when all of a sudden when there's palm strikes fool guard is guarded tried all god would be trouble can't be half card unnecessary and olive budgets those guys they win abu dhabi multiple times never put anybody in their full guard it so necessary but when there's palmistry its most important so it's better to prepare for emma may with that that was that's another reason so aspiring grappling that want to start working on like anime time you and judy
two positions and focus on the positions that are going to translate to emma may better combat jujitsu we'll get there are many sites gets motorway they'll get a practice look into practice emma may jujitsu without worrying about my getting had kicked or something you know to me that's what it's for its further than that it's u fanatics did they daylight the emma may when there's jujitsu well with budgets can we mostly digits well you know one that whenever they like move rules round and combat sports makes an interesting like that's what they did with k one they took my tie and i said you know what is claimed sugars clinched two months the elmo's cut people up it needs to their fate let's cut all the fucking clinch with the knees the phase like holding in need and let's just have turned to kick box terminated better here they just try to make it more exciting yeah there's gonna be fine four guys that like emma may when there's jujitsu and now we're gonna get pure and the maid style jujitsu and went on to worry about the striking we love my tie we love all that but
this is just for the hard core digital guys we're gonna get some a lot of data on what leg lock positions are gonna go out the door in the sub only game shit you know for any goddamn right leg lock you want but striking we cannot now it thou one ran down ones too risky little stick with these right here organizer looking to find guys working their ground and pound younger you guys like getting a bag and just fuckin ma am i do they take out eddie or can i can i can i likely in oak farming guard on top can i posture up yes as long as the guys on the ground you could stand up you could be in a hoarse stance and throw palms task here tomorrow it tomorrow at ebay i think it's a regular severely sixteen men terms but we're also having a poor i've been a form and combat jujitsu term it would richie martinez we dismissal knockout yon blow which just knock somebody you're real runaways body job to israel that with a body is jack he's very wide areas
so now showed was not what would happen in the replay madam is couple like days whatever you just have to fight for some reason and then like right away knockabout or something and he stopped they were like going not yet i must weigh stop us when we set the clock back up over well we'll get a look at the report a year i left her to counter wobble are we bali flouting the jogged oh god i'm standing junk wound daddy that's really don't you know i can trust it's better than a knockout right there i sweet laboratories all messed up no jokes its way more dramatic gonna knock out right there yet secondly on rear naked choke against the fence no hooks somebody had some ridiculous elbow knock out yesterday
how about heather hardy have you seen the thirty so she was a ridiculous box and we the best female box of all time they came a driver may show good first fight mask regarding she fought last night school had three fights but the girl had zero marietta may cite three amateur amateur this reserve prodi view in galleron maybe but she was a kick boxer and she kick this girl's fuckin fazl heather rolled like you really does have a role like you do in box in that go in here well the girl was beaten or ass before that did you see her elbows like others like with them if these yeah she didn't know what to do she thought she was in the same position and also the girls lighting rough me outside with kicks shoes kickboxing champion if you didn't take boxing undefeated intact one though i think undefeated in boxing so there like knew how to strike i route for heather met here story it's fuckin fascinating what's your story well
was living with her i think her mom her grandma and she had a daughter and they're all like a one bedroom place in new york and she's like i'm gonna fucking crazy be in the house with the baby i just need the hour to go work out so like others oxygen down the street she was watching them captain jim search to work out damn you not bad at this jackson now in our minds does she have in a magic wand box and i think i've found another girl could fight man and julia i don't know about all that at a high level but she is that girls can box to she's an undefeated kickboxing record as well note i hear you and huddles amongst but her control of distance was what's important and when she was stand in front of her she would kick in and she moved to another angle should make us stop and others one kind of giving close and play that dirty barton it in with a big thing was the distance christina williams is fighting completely outside mean if you get it the distance and you can't throw kicks give europe box
and you can throw kicks in the other person can box a little and they can kick good luck girl can you're fucked man those kicks it you couple times in the arms and also those arms on works of good anymore and i don't yeah you're super together rhythm these e heather there she tried rowan like you do from a left her like that and that fucking kitty so hard man shin rachel faith is destroyed everyone looked same again pretty girl too i didn't have the reader to burma another belt respect i heard a gonna be the next big thing the care that wins division whether or not that a loss kills or but kind of laws is a tough one because you get your face caved in again your face it is not just lose on cyborgs though you might page it's this yet the bases so fucked up like that like you
he's got a wonder like how long will it take for that girl could even fight again did you see might develop page professional box and debut created them authority thought was foreign seventy whatever he merk that do and he did it in a weird way your hands down leaped for this blasted em and then just stepped on the ropes and looked away on exciting is that kids fun man he would be a bit star in the eu have see in the metallurgia belcour they just they just do not get the credit that they deserve i mean yeah i agree knowing discredit deserve what do you know he's a big starve there like in london who came in paul dailies gonna happen oh yeah why hope it happens it can happen is a video chamber you find a video though the pirate is its current crazy what does us his style still hangs over this whole area is keller comical
that is right hand holds somewhat yet stepping into it so much momentum behind that roy make dollars on my showtime unhurried like to fight him eventually we have one fight other foods with some mantle and wrestling shoes we just pick my power who dismantling the promise roy is not easy to hit is is it very good on a small boy stay behind a job if you wanted to be got ahold of michael michael's fox which is due he's just to high level rory has just one of the most comprehensive games the hundred solely by division in the world is the best way to win the world he very well could be happier thieves each beat woodley yeah but then he asked in a two i think what man have failed those angelos fight and robbie lower god damn that's a good fight to get what they want to learn a lot about dose on joseph one seventy dose oranges at once everything looks like a fuckin murder excuse it looks like the same guy one fifty five i think one when you making that mad run at one fifty five you know when he got to the end and he lost
where's he was just cut too much where he couldn't do it anymore too much weight and now you see him at once every five it looks more comfortable got more power and he's beaten the fuck people see a neo magnetized farc aid on one arm around room like louis like a world champion fighting a journeyman that's what it was like i wouldn't even journeyman in illicit i love you know but it looked like fuckin at your our he is smashed m o neil we can have problems with the real illegal in the ground a little travellers is just that is downfall achilles heel everyone else he influx with detailed and gas let me be tough level guys but if there really really go on bullets beyond but why be kelvin tell them was overweight and became andy try to cut too much weight news is diminished i think even in shape is just way too much for him that's my in iceland kelvin is one of the best in the world and i say this alone i'm sick but match applies the kelvin units you seventy five for carbon he's calvin can do things to him that he can't do to kelvin kelvin knox people dead and heat
neil is like got incredible cardio long reach but he just kind of pigs as upon range is deep around most impressed with him was why he fought andrea esther hacked alone lombardy us as lombard had him dead he had of my quarters i mean these are much more about nearly be tighter lombard johnny hendricks telling das yeah yeah we're mass must definitely worth ass fighter but that's all da sancho says don't sancho kicked him one time two legs lays went whip moment took advantage of luck in our programme now the leg kick etas s leg kicked him to the ground have you size of dozens of his legs at one seventy two models was she showed so much bigger it's so much healthier for him to have these i just dennis something recently that he doesn't think that more weight classes are the solution to wait cutting i didn't want the solution will ever do is not working no one mrs more weight than at fifty five and seventy four how about heavenly i mean captive if there
if they ve got everything lockdown how kevin barely make it to one fifty i've looks like he's on death door and he's ninety in pounds over two days a who has it locked down he said sandy don't have at last fact noted its the biggest issue well besides or some other things but it's one the biggest issues in our support and we have said cabin a sad again do any more i can easily move up beside his weight cut damn you said you to move up the staff in helping to send out the cabinet genuine serbia he's gotta do same day when yeah he nobody ever their chance known would kill themselves of that same day when they wouldn't take a chance that's that's why i be j j does that ebay does that same day you can take a chance you can take a chance you just gotta compete at what you really at even greater cover the goddamn i gotta die out all that can kill myself i'll have twenty four hours to recover you don't have like i be judge if they make you way in and then you fight right
but the two in i loved kevin he knows but do no tone color bunch away he figured tony was like three pounds over like a couple days out yeah but to exploit for estonia tony goes down he has adapted to he's a soldier do remain within put the but also if your dana you you mean he'd more weight classes cause it's fucking europe you your business up does could be we can't put money on you get commerce never gonna find him he's not fine tony next morning i want finally to cuban making only live barboza maybe whose i barboza habib is it not everything that idea about lee he's got according to korea he's got a new nutritionists and then nutritious got him on point what is it the plan as she's gotta keep term have yet to monsieur i will you forgive you know is it actually does an issue but it's also psychological issue leaving town he's gonna fight car that's going
i asked a lot of has your honor may has host conor made that posed to tony you know anymore emitted by michael gta pose yeah grand theft auto with him holding a gun driving a boat is tony didn't first it is telling that a first rate what tony's talk it shit about we call the mcnugget now gather totally oppose this shit but didn't tony original post the gta meme and then conor responded with his or vice versa i think vice versa connor when tony look conor smart he realized a unused eccentric character yeah wrote tony conner is an unusual excel he's got a bag cash in the back connor's unusual eccentric care tony's an unusual eccentric character to and tony blair as the longest wins streak in the eu have seized one unfit to five pound division he is the interim champion and he's the logical for one ten in a row forgot six in the toughest division the worry he's a bad motherfucker no doubt here is doubly hiding a champion here's the problem with and i
i won humber still think conor hath fight tony next if you will be taken seriously in your legacy you have to fight tony but if your tongue if your connor's business doug decision make us you're gone we get tony's drop paper view though forces selfishly well yes but not with connor like connor cells like fuckin crazy and controversies tony cells because tony's a legit threat conor verses my ma amselle right but com versus a legit threat sounds like conor fighting someone self but com a verse village it threat is where it gets a totally is the big lie that's the big firstly i agree held only who you are you kidding he's arrive every but he's a character wrong job but eddie ass ride with amiably tonight these numbers were fucking tear off owner in terrible well well i told you we x two to tango it does
right not connor many regions the biggest name on our planet body respects him in the game because they know is a beast he's coming up fucking people up chuckled people are left to right they know is a peace but the world really didn't know em yet you know what i mean the world doesn't know either and there was a lot of chinese now the world knows tony there is alarming there was a lot of controverted hand kevin's win orientals tony the whole world doesn't know tony but the emma world knows tony for sure but the regular people with the people to get hold of nor to really by paper view since the world knows near and that's where that's a businessman d w amigo well let's do mate which if you look at it people i did a poor air quality deployment junkie everyone goes no twenty first that fuckin fight you talkin hundreds thousands of we will have twenty four next fight but w means going i put the monies over here but the name fights like calling me where and how long you let connor play this kind of weird make up
fight do would make mate made four million bucks over to fight and he don't give a fuck he's pay me you gotta pay me but she's gonna pay for what you you ve lost formula says it wants in yeah but he beat honor and then the second fight he arguably how to draw with connor but he is very yet lost a decision based on a couple of people's opinion but i if u s although average joe but it doesn't matter it doesn't public opinion means a lot if you went on line and you ask people who you think one that fi i bet you get very close to fifty fifty nate versus connor doesn't matter we lost does better in terms of how you sell the fight it doesn't because to sell the fight if if nate would have one of those three people in heaven winning you'll have a third fight because a whole other right after he be now twice in a row sure have lobbied heavier eddie avez you absolutely can have a third fight you have is personalities more freedom to act not not true not true especially
he beat him by the same decision if the exact same fight innate one that decision which was entirely feasible right the second fight was so close you could easily you have given it tonight have now wines that second fight scene twice and around you know a thing after conor knox out eddie offers the way he did conor fought over as knocked him out you don't think you could sell a third fight because it was so goddamn razor close cod when two i guess you you look at the numbers of this is the problem with decisions is the decisions are solidified by three people that oftentimes don't even have a fucking background nemo may correct discharging long all the time that doesn't mean emma to me what means a lot to me is how close the fight was that what means a lot to me for guy goes only two shows you meet up some children would we regard from that time yet forty seven forty seven forty eight forty seven forty eight forty five that's fucking close as it gets its image decision one guy score to draw glenn troubridge i do not remember what i thought weather
thought it was went to college or went to you know what i don't think i've watched it again and pressure i only want to fight with a little too close fucking five are super raise a close we ve seen decisions like in fights that war and his clothes go to the other known got robbed in that fight i wouldn't say nigger rob i would say that it's a controversial decision because it's time you have a majority decision there's some controversy to it but my point is you can easily sell that fight even if connor even if needed one i think there's other sites to sell bigger fights if would it what is the biggest fight if nate fought conor you know these things is a bigger fight the now if you're set of all our job what are you some trifling so you same if need be them twice the third fights him be a big fire in a thick you see this beat him stuff it's the same exact fight ok the same exact fight takes by god damn in women whose is an exact fight the same
exact fight those three random fuckin people they decide you know what this forty seven forty seven monica forty eight forty seven ds and then the forty eight forty seven goes you know i think it's the opposite its forty its own makes a leading world it's not a make believe workers is entirely feasible that could never happen antonia rice are you listening to me is entirely possible that could have happened in the exact same fight it still is fight the sick the fight very close those guys arrivals man and nature choked in the flesh out in a correct right that's always and to be there so even if conor like got real close carter such a superstar that if you lost the close decision the second fight you get absence make an argument for third fight especially with one or two spectacular perform
is like the idea of herself we're goin off that we can do any fight let's take the dew josie aldo say allows a freak acted thirty seconds is one that i have a huge dr valid for sure and then that's one eighty hours back of each but everything about any arteries now he beat the shit out errors they knocked about eddie was never in that fight all those rynch goes back as he did you took on six we sixty notice on a bad idea but chaz say when it was thirty currency would someone say juggling with brown saying like my understand what you're so i'm just saying in the night it couldn't one either way but that it didn't happen so you make a car in any sites can be big but honey and losing does matter attentively to the to the general population it does matt it does matter but when the fights are the exact say you can easily see the the decision go one where the other i guess you know there's fights eve watch ways you know what the guy got the decision but man i agree with what you just said with new saucy for sure and i get happens at any time that's part
the game i look at that if i if i look at if i like that i absolutely want to see their fight again i don't care if one guy got a decision from three people agree with that's fine and guess what kind of saying the same thing i'm saying anything confidence is gonna be big whether he any fight card anything my big but i think we both agree that the big monies in the navy is correct and i think this morning light to deal with the big money would be in the new ideas fight even if need be him in the second fight reminding us that i disagree with you i do because i think connor's a giant superstar he's not gonna be less of a superstar nothing nate would be a bigger star how many thanks entire losing worth more money if nate beaten in the second fight i think living nate would be a beggar star tony
and concentrated is about as biggest fight you can get a lightweight division jerry tony in usa history and you have seen history tony against in that's like the ran on all of these latter eyes out if it is the biggest five but i think it's not like yours delight at up there it's what i always lies among the light weight between us corners come and offer the following may whether hire people know don't let's say if nay i had my head off tony encounter one hopes that he is a star in our world big world he's not he's a start on early start big world let's say may hold on a second you think you know the gas station right now go hey man whose twenty first depends on the guy who's their blessing you don't you shall now ok w w shorted not lakes and shorter and if you go to the average person asked them who nate dears is way more people get to know who here and tony now now here
your blood resuming oddity why did they point may weathers are still a bigger name then they could do that they could do rematch and have another bit five bigger than kekui but i'm talkin about for the u have see fuck everyone outside you see you have seen millions and millions of one nato beginning all over the world all over the world theirs he has the interim belt he to fight him i know you're either discussion discuss it right is up in terms of work as a pure correct but joe what what if this what did not reply you have see fan i'm right as your average you have seen what if nate fought barboza or could be and beat them think our big that neat fight would be with conor then that's a big if though the problem that is its long low time out if world right now what are you gonna honneur last about bore not right now because we're talking about what pieces or employee right now what way will we have written fun so we can do right now so if you do it right now may well
you're gone by what the fancy voted tony would be the fight that the punishment but this is the fans that listen aerial ahwahnee or you these are hard core people dip in order make money you have to get those people than you gonna get the people who know it peripheral more than they do as polly monarchies the next right now there's no point out how to hear you say they know until he fights but less counterfeits him boxing the deadlines in bonds yeah but i mean what we ve taken all that i've got a context nay is the bigger fighting about how we paint this picture here the riddle fight you should do is tony that do you think paulie versus connor is a big al you less do you think polly mona diverse economies a bigger fight in boxing then versus connor is an enemy i think whatever conor does is displayed
it would have us as big but i think i think nate versus corner is bigger in emma may than polly versus conor isn't boxing primarily because cause paul he's not like a fluid may whether waste can and get all those boxing fans pie was good he's a big names on showtime he's not floyd may writing gets deserted the whole night again fan base yet conor fan base then you have w w me behind that with the hype machine here and there they ve severely lightened by sanctions on we'd yeah but if you're w me you're doin what are we to make orton i viewed obey if you're connor's business planners you're gone how do we make the most money macgregor promotion in boxing ring make more money doing that fighting polly safer than fighting nate refining two hands true but if conor loses two in a row and boxing that's amidst really diminishes star and may come
i am a man and by the way those chirp him of his belt fights another it we got a strip they don't shit you're see who's going do it he doesn't want every words might find heavyweight if we wanted to let you do shit to mr watson withdraw but tony or nature is a dangerous fight either it is a totally autonomy tony end they are more dangerous than fighting polly not only did his on tv post what does it say anything i'll think monument what is just a detail does that i may regardless i told you i was a tiny furnace and nobody has is he told me what have been the first one to do it i think tony pherson see one there snapped out city no that's not it is heard is right that a video or somethin he's running
bears in big bear click that's funny did he trains of their man it's really interesting to see always read the same place up there is you rent devalues indifferent has so just goes on you're being beers no more than a month and how many weeks to stay up there six weeks sunlight the he's got phenomena have already oh he was com in that fight to it's like he knew the cabin was to scan eventually fade out there did he know about cabin staff infection no
i noticed it right when you got in the octagon assume it's gotten the octagon my dude has staffordshire williams but the way tony responded to this it did you know he had stopped because yeah i was trying to punches target i noticed that i was commented on the global you said some what do you think about the fight why do you think i why do you think i wouldn't say i don't know i don't care if you didn't always staff as i call for new staff dollars i staff in dc staff enough times is wise i know its staff looks like oh my daddy good that's a bad why would you want you yeah we saw staff michael he slippers reign was a tough match up many of the tap whenever ignoring didn't gone in about others he said he right now we say didn't you said you didn't take down about ecstasy wanted directors cardio but the staff itself rex you i thought tony with amazing look amazing but here thing when i was saying and i said to dc i got him
and i go delicacy staff to me that we work staff and disease i yelled sitting someone was indecencies ear saying don't say anything someone was telling them in the production don't don't stamped on tackling this issue that staff all this has before before anybody i noticed it before anybody i noticed it immediately he took a shirt off he rented the octagon that stuff the train has opted for the truck was saint deasey don't say anything and disease i yet like tat he said it anyway knowledge it again or do we did an interview we said that they brought it up like someone let a dam is like normal to talk about it anyway you have to adjust can ignore fighting staff that's different use is with us a huge issue did tony like washed himself with bleach unshared afterwards jumped in this city of defence so i don't know
defence or makes these or wipes too fine allowance that look at the size of that fuckin stafford faction i forgot he mounted let me too i forgot to enter the first round he escaped though caverns did these young look at the size that staff infection of jesus christ we're staff of original that's a huge huge pos filled forgot how bodied opposite due by the way for a real jacked how the fuck did he make one five to cause he looks all of one neither is there tat on this scale like a deeper very bad but that's a terrible staff infection they want a tony verse connor's are fun match up man sure it's a great fight tony has survive ability he's got crazy you got a chance and use it you're crazy and you're a good way he's crazy we're gonna get eaten get things off from everywhere he can be from the ground beat you stand you knock you out he throws he's weird
off angle punches he's got a great chin the soup during my elbows from the guard that was would change so town that's we're kevin's internal most fighters dont know this they think fit in the mouth twelve to six is illegal right these straight down but not the sit down now is poor six to twelve that there still to twelve citizens on their back those are totally legal her mullahs fighter still don't know that never to strike down from but you know who was the master about should jose paley landy oh gee he was the first anderson silver chewed box that was first anderson civil was like his little protegee polly pay jose pay they landy when you bought mechanical back in the late mondays and valid due to mecca and all that's what we're knuckle memory in high school jim's that arrival morocco is he still fighting a morocco is what you get it and pay they was the moon tiger but any time aka would take him down and full paley would put spin on his hips and though those
while the sixty guard and walking would brutalize let some power it's like you didn't want to take this if it that's all you focused on isn't a to train a lot of it this is the heart of train those but with you know and full guard would say remember i was always you look a ban on its part of the game rob regarding elbows they work hand in hand with heroin jason day for our belcher sign as exactly you jason day verses alan belcher heat through like twenty two elbows for mission control yet it turns out it s pardon system if you can get you get him in a position where you want em just get them to control and throw elbows but in this situation in tony's fight kevin lee didn't want to stay on his feet he wanted tony on the ground so we have a situation like that where tony is winning the stand up he wants to stand up but you got a restaurant top with you now you can put you can put your feet on the hips because
if the cabin wanted to keep the bite staring that's how he was beating tony standing there putting its feet on the hips would be bad because in kevin would stand up and now we got a drag him to the ground again but since kevin didn't want to stand now glazier you're free to throw those twelve the six from the bottom you put the feed on the hips and costs because kevin to put the pressure so it's perfect you just hold yourself up and you can even by your back when you get on your feet waiver needs are blocking the old so do i can't even fire back and if you set pace first he's got a block he doesn't have time to throw cause you're coming straight with those elbows you watch that fight kevin as he was confused with elbows that through everything that's what set up the submissions attila tensions in the fight with tony consulates next if tony girls you know i am do my word movement by machine grappled fuck area you d i dont know how good fight you have just told you
amazing wrestler people realize the algarve restless pfeiffer conor i'll tell you that if tat if tony doesn't want to be good for if tony goes you know what you think is best end up at the on the best watch this clause scan but if tony goes on back maria sundays you're fucked it's not great can i will do a great milosevic finishes in its great if he gets canada ground some up and i must say for connor what autonomy i think it's a dangerous fight for corner i think verily these for both guys super danger kind tony's the most dangerous guy in a mean that division by far please don't do anything tat about judging about we're talkin while the arbitrary three people i i think that's a very flawed and i think it's completely unnecessary today i think today with says to voting an online would envy and though not offend vote a vote of experts a panel of experts
you get a bunch of brazilian jujitsu black belts that are you know but also emma may journalists different referees and judges have panel of like you oh no rats go and how does he cadmium wards work out an works but i would assume it's a bunch of people that are actually is now we're in the business get idea how yes great idea though it s different the italian wines sizes man crazy right documentary and an open secret watched that i keep hearing about the open secret was about its pollyanna allowed that's about hollywood managers to manage kids it's a racket did you hear the director hid from generation whom in these kids do things he ruined a strange things suffering extra ledger stranger thinks he day just let you just left his manager and their alleging sexual abuse they'll just left
agency if you find that owen better surely here did he's india and human just put it on his instagram today because owens take a lot of heat online because he said that ray you're old kid shouldn't be fuck and transgender people given more hard times in he's a big like your fucking mind when you are would reach transactions or she a stranger things actor dropped agent cause of sex use of sexual assault disney follow suit jesus christ is not watch and open secret they tell they go through we do they picked there are considerable it's on his for free i think on vimium yeah you can watch it are free and put a snake restoring to resign jimmy you know what our sturgeon simpson told me he said the same thing exists in music lies in music there's a bunch of potatoes and patter advertising entertainment business all the way through music that this was a silence about music
movies and tv it's about the whole women women and kids most of the goods and sometimes do it's you know terry crew said that he was attacked or not tat some dude grabbed his grabbed is taken from sunlight aim as dude grabbed his dick you well oh that who's that fuckin big time ballplayer that was in that weird movie with john travolta how long how we said the exact same shit was happening wham how he looks dick guys we're common after how we long guys we're we're propositional him try to tell this is what you have to do to make in the movies i suck take a longer we all else it happened to haul coggan say lay hold coding less remote region got proposition by high level movie person they told this is how the games played in
they do it mean asking why not movies or the why isn t want you guys are killing it super sceptical hippolyte what do you have in common should come out now donald sterling look at these beautiful black eyes what is something that i heard about before he got in trouble that this is while on a players didn't wanna play for him because he was known to bring people down in a locker room to look at his players showering and what not like super untreatable with lies everyone so fucking creep like be cool be cool man let him in my idea about we go back what's your kids watch motherfucker dollar you kids bureau weird fuck and agents delicate ledger kids get into acting do not let your kids getting as it worked out well you know the other thing is like look at what happened with that sandusky guy back i was taking care of kids like his whole thing was like hey i do charitable work with children you know i do
chernobyl work and i thank you so much yeah just i'm just all about helping kids saw about helping our future hotel with the summer camp does dicks counselor i think you don't jacked up his friend does dicks gathered callin advocating what's our famous guys a famous in the uk who die and then they found out what does sarcasm jimmy seville daiquiri do was cold in here like he was superfine yes super family law already data he had a big talk show in in england bring him over years better no yeah that's the guy shout nor should you folks look at the picture above him will you their picture but with the red glasses above with a crazy hair one more than my god you left your kid along with that fucking guy you should be slapped maddening i put in his dick in your mouth is document early on him yeah yeah there what's that car she kept there's a secret for law
time because this guy was like a big star over there look at him mother circulating secret like the media the people to be carried out with them everyone knew that we what about arose go back to that about law enforcement in the uk you know the rose new jimmy's availed several that i said seville documentary is a horrible misstep oh louis through is awesome i doubt that he fucked anything up back i've makes some of the best fuckin documentaries go and he's a month it's problem some yeah someone's aid or who exactly and that is also how could he haters out better think about that big about they also show making on done some row nay we find man there is a lot of re jimmy savage gropes teenager and newly released lui through footage
powerful stuff it joe biden joe buying the former vice president do there's videos on home like at the white house and ticket pigeon kids do look we seem to have you seen that shit as i groped demonstrated just these super awkward those guys run when you're untouchable when there's no way you're gonna get busted for anything murdered child molestation did you give a fuck distilled had and i don't give a lot you grab my kid anyway propria there's a lot he's i do bastard looks agri set em off just told her secret yeah the promise you taken like a screen shot of as ever the audio you could hear like what he says to these clumsy say creepy get like white like do they just give you keep the he's taking pictures eyes kidneys dislike just whispering in their ear and all your beauty i augur fee of a big government creep
these are still but there's actually video this within this is by the way what you ve seen a public right here they don't give a shit that's not the doesn't care it's that's a small version of probably what he's like behind closed door if you if your big hollywood act or maybe you didn't get sexually harassed i like pissed offering an obscene likely i fucking here an actress in you worked with harvey one c mere virtually every decade like what are you along with me are you are you fuck is wrong with my face you're really going after him not seems we see where do how ya doin after a guy's entire business here's the thing he's one of many there's gotta be like a bunch of people there ran their business that but wine steam theirs they say like in hollywood like may just like on oh yeah it's about time yet come like what the fuck everyone knew this like ay and one new use every high tracked it was easy contract the way that contracts set up was like this
add a certain amount of money that he would have to pay if he added sexual harassment claim against him it was like thing for yes like he had so many claims that like first offence was a hundred thousand second my one and fifty thousand third offence was seventeen fifty thousand knows for thirty four the first was a million oriented written into his fuckin contract calm your max his contract with the wind in company like his own merrimac non existent explained that contract like they'd have to he'd have to pay a hundred thousand yes yes different acting themselves when they finally ras when they go for the first time you fuck we're gonna these two hundred thousand years second time see what is now just yes i mean he was it will not solve the problem as it was such a few it was so known of what he would do and look even quintet nineteen oh said that he did it to his ex girlfriend quiet guaranteed osity knew about it did it's a mere savena dude harvey wasting get any fucking uglier
i did he is ass why so heroics like a troll he'd know he would he looks like is a sexual predator and harvey wednesday moving correct like like was a shitty lifetime movie like a commando through an open and that lacks on realistic keys hideous think you know what i think the message so bad listen the girls at ease arrests and most of them bitches fuckin trash anyways you know them yonah now here's pricing that distracted what about the kids fuck them bitches what about the kid now those girls are travelling levies does actors but here's the quest here's the problem was what witty told me wouldn't comments yes you know you should know shit what she said is true there is a lot of girls that aren't saying a word because they did fuck em and clarity for parts they fucked him for like eh being of course for a lot of things found trawl nets to roma but that
this is like a standard thing that wines team would do and women agreed to it because he was a powerful motherfucker they could get them the word hold up willingham superpower many whatever fifty girls come out with claims against them he's pie fucked five thousand here aren't coming out i think there is probably a random and ridiculously hot girls we all know about now what i said his dick to be the next batman yeah probably man down ronnie dairy need to focus on the kids and we go well that certainly an issue but in a way that it is hardly but the necessary for parts you know to mean what do you remember brian singer member that guy who's the x men guy that guy got busted because some seventeen year old boy saying that he got used by him at a party and they would pay some around all their friend lie at all these boys what guy brian singer onyx house no no ex man oh my bed
whilst i think i'm the guy with x files now x men area that the railway dr amos direct yeah that's the guy he's in the movie an open secret i'm sure it's about its about him hold up you introduce you just some dude light but you're my servant anyone here goes the sad turn behind ella party seen that took down brian singer like he would have all these like young boys with them and there's a picture of them pull it is fucking high larry's dismally at times school backup look at this picture like look at him and all these young boys the team on the right that's him above with glasses are now the one the arm wrapped around its yellow bath disability glasses sandwiches wrapped all gotcha wrapped around boiled was hannah guy kids chest like hitler so you solve sixteen right so there's a picture of him at a party that he threw it is place that whole hilarious have that party has all these young twinkle in a pool and the poor those lights are red like like they but fuck so much
they bled out and the whole poor became riddled by their no look at that tommy was another man s party abroad there all signatories are they all under age and now could we not but what does that nothing wrong with if the island know how many more but some of them apparently were under a holy shit it just seems like a cop this if you a young boy and your team to be an actor in hollywood are a singer how you can avoid that shit look at these fuckin parties are these eyes hands on each other what is this about day guys ray is like a lot of gay guys like dies look younger they like like you gotta twigs you don't they com tanks in our body here which really funny because andy what the fuck's his name from the guy from that runs
ivo wasn't any go and get back i have trouble foreseen twink and he's gay really he's gay shit he's all skin doing everything twinkies like a thin careless like well groomed young schoolyard jake whilst i say here there until walk in the arctic this actually washes fight because you get ripped out we all have kids i feel sick of it makes it makes me sick jesus christ man but court feldman about is talking a lot about it too yeah he was crazy when we it's crazy but is wisely crazy like ass he could because he was molested it make he's isn't say he doesn't name names but maybe he will if someone said eighty percent of kids in hollywood there came a business have add some kind of run in with someone trying to molest him would you believe it yes eighty percent yo i would say mind look i don't know i want to give out crazy numbers
say a large number i wouldn't be surprised impacting but now i value that i wrap it because i think this legitimate agents is legitimate managers and disney as a pretty great record of the code of conduct is never get shows their privilege it but those ones don't get any work seems like it accelerates like they just like each other up in there just looking for there are only some of them do there's definitely predators that are organised deaf no one ever maybe we advances that you joe never not now not like hey complaining about a comic john said he got molested in hollywood were now chosen alex jones talked about that's really roof himself why do you mean region that membership in a movie with economic rami accusing the movie with kyoto re yes one animated gay causes went away or something where life
waking like it was a great man he was in there he was driving this before anybody new outs wasn't as friends of them even back then but he they animated him ranting driving those trees z place them in that place there is the rolling across picket line lay out here i lay down july we sought all through the twentieth century and now the twenty first century it's time to stand up and realise that we should not allow ourselves to be crammed into this well maybe we shouldn't some will do what i say i don't know about you but i am concerned with a structure i'm concerned with this issue controls animation live signal i want i want my favorite autumn aus jones close keeps get man swearing when he says i apologize
it is too easily a whole but a calculation of him freeware so he did that one moving unmolested embezzling even even those animated they molested and just how that's what he said on a shut down another was during that move us is at least ten percent crazy though you re right now italy's ten percent crazy he's a but on the stuff reports i am reforms i would say about eighty five percent correct that's probably good number is eighty rightly eighty percent he's talking about some stuff its privileged occasionally goes off the rails and he's in that hurts but that's ok i can be a hundred percent right well but the promise he's always looking for conspiracy that might exist and then p can discredited because of the mrs we have taken these ways ahead a home run through you know when you were making all these accusations you know against criminals a couple of them or not gonna stick you know and you might be wrong about a couple murders here and there but there still murderers so we should
focus on the fact that alex jones are ample wars will if you if you think that fake news station to get and you ve been brainwashed because that's where most the truth is coming from is coming from employ you're my man and the main was dreaming media the mainstream media is trying to convince you that simple wars is a hundred percent fake news when they're the fake rome i meant metabolism is pro pisa done yeah little bill outside you since i see a cowboy room i love tat way where you got master where sir tat i like to see a cowboy partner that those funny pregnant ciera maybe no one has a sitting like that idea why should weigh worse the combined it is not anti elect a new hairstyle iraq and i like that show them either
i look like a guy from fury sheila movie you copy rationally erika ideal type but when you seem it grows our little bedroom once every two months i cut my hair we got a big data mosaic how still dennys doing combat gifted among oh shit is he really we we have put together a special match its an alternate match for the poor man turned the bogeyman stone boogeyman is to combat jujitsu about russia danny if fighting another black belt and just an alternate single match which is gonna be like a little supervise so let me tell you what vinnie sherman says about this down until because vinnie shorelines very high on amino venues a big time my time commentator he knows a lot shit about molotov cocktails amongst dare until was beating men at fifteen years of age rent romania on one eight man tournament fought to fight with a broken foot seventeen started training odor collins hair on from kaboom
a guy was a super tie box himself now successful emma may jim knows com for thirty years top coached till tails but determined livin brazil to and he's a real rags richest story he got the stout it go to brazil to the stab twice gara here yeah yeah stabbed in his mozilla in liverpool is cultures i kill me if you want be successful you need to move to brazil moved to brazil one on defeated they're just get so much shit living stabbed and our young people so fuckin crazy yeah just you nobody has run or the rough matter stabbings gone on theirs i saw crazy to integrate the stabbing is through the roof ripe japan has allowed a step and shot well ben nicer going to cut you stick aren't yoga until covers around you here we go here we go scientists are you don't don't write people till is first of all it also is funded she's a legit well to wait and damages swung amiss with alike and tunnel to slow start a man till it's a trap
or fight tells got some good this o donnell went for the take down till it he'll take down defence is good very good till defended such a danger could have killed guard right their tails a super high level kick boxer we see good since control already just tag them he clifton not clean you hear how to get this oh my god oh jack i'm forty down for you beat him kill him sit back and get comfortable maltese up bigger fighter turn out shit to dictum this this is about gotta you're gonna shoot and pull garter visible i gotta should employ guard oh my god out tagged but i'll tell you another move is head man the covers fire
tat was not out of it yet remember all times cowboys been trouble in the past he's a slow start amending you want to get going into trouble this guy legitimately might be the best striker here it has no chance right aired jump on his back he's gotta figure ups fine brazil man you don't say experts in some we had brazil fights on treatment taking our bunch could defence back up to his feet anything about this guy fuck i do i do neither at first and i talk should about him he lashed out me i did my research what o clock this kid an already talked about this man about starch should random could hear the body but little boy it what's his name again dare until daren t fastening solar panels repulsed here's the thing like donald in doing a lot other shit too has been doing to molly movie yet tell eclipse tv sharing low market there
yet young till a monster has just this is always thinking about some weeks after life eyes job i tell look very good and good good distance control see how relapses first verse main events crazy any fucking i can't get over how big is doing his tune cowboy up and he just that respect cowboys stress hands or low the outlaws answer he doesn't give a shit what you gotta think cowboy striking is good for emma may but at the level that united i can about like glory or a lion fight like real high level more tiger how far de vigo what area aaron wicker zan why mr duhamel tournament in romania o fact that ended its nest vinnie shore manoeuvre they i'm trying to watch this and talk at the same time very shortly oh that did it kicked the bible outweigh finnish women's very high in the sky he's a very legit my typewriter that like out though
people are in the no in the business of super hind until super super you see it here just from this distance control and footwork unmilitary time cowboys trying to kick him he's a slide away you're beautiful right to any the south pole to his oh he is less than a merry laughter set up land that africa is done at twice the cowboy tumbled down always get lit up man getting lit up he's not having much success yeah see though new you're looking for in a fresh stars and new blood this is what you doing it yeah it is you do in cowboys the guy that will fight anybody anywhere flies to fuck and poland to find this kid and and said i didn't watch any fault footage john i'm gonna know shit about em i heard is a good stand up good i love to strike which is why we love cowboy boots a double edged sword india while especially as when you're a big name i cowboys a huge name so for cowboy to fight this
who is arguably one of the best trackers he's ever fought and he didn't really look into a much but it does nothing for cowboys so you be only going to be the guy we know heard of you lose we just got hurt you just got hurt daring just let him up this fucking oh allowed our all this kid fuck you have always knowledge rabble knees till cowboys and big trouble oh shit that's how i just got stopped first round smashed ran through when a story is ran through i love you i love you now blame nor even to contend with european standards and ran through cowboy just about ran through what about alarmingly you little mentorship smashing uncertainly just smashed m this guy has the ability to maybe you know contempt for the belle flat on his take them is simons only do amazing only twenty four twenty four with it
extensive about striking and he just made he just turn into a fuckin star at least in arson our group of em are made this is on fire pass right there my priorities young people watching us talking not gonna be forty thousand but have you done this is bigger than that our fears watching this viewpoint a youtube video taken a piss what is more we have forty thousand watching on here we're being were beating but then what is it i swear tat used to be like two thousand remember those days hundred fifteen hundred but when it ok elbow we landed jesus christ dude he teach tuned cowboy that is just an absolute beating a hasty for car what like it in this is a reason why can't we so big but then it's also like it you're fucked your manager never can be world champion fight like this well it's also cowboy has had a few these fight recently moskva beat the shit out of em you know
robbie lower fighters last i was a rough fight some people thought you know i don't think everyone that fight but is a controversial fight to get back to the judges yes you know i some people having calmly russia i think how they lost that fight i think you ve lost too because especially look robbie really came on strong that last round a first round if you have ten aid be drawn cowboy shaking his head up by his nose smashed with austrian role at the rough go and lost year in a row and just got marked by a young kid a twenty four year old kids i'm on fire twenty fourth stud though we have not just some random fucking air while i don't fight reign of them poland though right well
and it wasn't me fifty five is a fifty five i mean he's one of those guys are went up to one seventy like those on wheels in general and it doesnt work though it does not mean that that often how can we just about having legal tablets killed outside of fifty five but he was dominated fifty five cowboy never champion he yet poster a bell that seventy they did fifty five come this well i mean the bell had fifty five places when in reality we know that we have to worry about how the cowboy show ends because cowboy gettin stop like in this fight you got a wonder how many more those we're gonna see and what what is it what tools are gonna take on cowboy because of that stuff that he has no because the fact these women i'd anybody and because the fact that he spends money like water it's gotta let me play the lay its cowboy like that's the persona he has your cow we fight he went anywhere and then once i got i know that's all i'm tired and i'm with you gotta worry about how this how the story ends because when you thirty four don't get younger you get off
but he still a name so how many more fatal they give him who stated that that that fuckin right laugh combine slandered autumn we should back to sub watch it again cause he turned i'd love to hear what till sand for you this oh no law that was the right ass wicked i can't get over how fuckin bake this kid is man for that way lies gimme volume jamie he's giving cowboy loudest love he's amazing for others well dan hardest beats english to he knows what he's saying you know english english from england mike parry
he'll like my pay a job and that finally kgb fuck visor perry platinum my parents are tough guys and knock out artists he now doubt a gallon the total allocation plan japan out struck him to peace him up i think he's crazy man he is crazy skill wise is nowhere it is not even on the size and planet not even the same part of all he does is really bosnia while he's an animal i mean paris a flock and animal no diana ball is the english is strong guys i'm serious power from paris from florida strong guy with serious power but he's in his way out class when he flight like a really good striker like job answer workers they just avoid the big shot and pick em apart yeah but if you play that game you will not get a fucking pluto this is a different guy though this dare until is this a different guy
just what i was short was silent you know and i wish the remote run that bitch you have run that bitch watch this again i wish they would enough they can't you need the fight on fight pass boasted ear it like tomorrow on fox bored so he could so till you like more recognition is how many people in the sea this beat them that's a good question but the thing is like if they're on fox ports as fox its own it then how does it work you do someone's gotta brazilian flag with his english work razor for awhile training that's while eight years i think allow men eight years so he was like a kid when over then it's so not these twin four years old and motherfuckers already this good god damn system come on man that is so crisp what show did come up on has gone back to this he just attacks amazes i told you he especial well but a lot of oz makers barely tat was the favorite color a minus one twenty
so there's a reason for it now people know no till they fucking monster booth crazy shit man if israel called out my perry after that maybe just wants you another when put microbial raising random jujitsu i don't know it's good question take down a fence brazil is there he also speaks portuguese i'm sure so how fight brazil will be interesting right yeah brute i think the brazilians would totally welcome the show you just put up some stuff from your phone yeah let's illicit the fight against china towers nos one i think i'll give you ten year you can but you have use the remote click on it and then scroll backwards just doing that is because it's streaming gatherings
still don't ya can't buy your here boys knows looks far too looked fact knows i feel the amateur is it my farm yet as my phone cover a large ngos might like that you know that's what we're sands like how does that story end how does anyone story in the but how does story and is very different than has the george saint pierre story and george champion retires now is coming back fighting this being the cowboy stories different because cowboy was nevertheless european and he loved this rough and tumble life you know he loves the fact that he can just you know get our flight fight in poland and golden kick this young kids ass but when it doesn't work out like this i you just made a star a key latitude become a star often like four guys like us and people there the websites that fuckin straight one to man and that elbow in the clinic
you set them up with a lot of shit to like was thrown straight left but then turning and into a number but yeah poem tat day ass raw it onto i wish we had another angle of its work to this fights before this it you'd see a snap at san up is good but he was wanted by decisions were split decision here to draw really our land maybe maybe not in people socks off early on maybe cowboy had a terrible training camps or maybe the jet lag starting these things just realized it easy that bulgaria is that good is twenty four and is also realizing look just watching his movement in this i'm not saying cowboy at about training camps in this kid's a mother fucker the way he landed that opera cut the way here and that one too that jab left my parry for this fight is like me i guess he's there don't tell him out i know which one do you write em don't because he's a name my parrys name
from tat would perry those good fight fun fight some legs to fight a brawler lets him show is skills managua think that's it fight for him look this do you stand craig match up for a great match up for areas of fight already there was yet a fight dad i forget but i'm pretty sure that a match up already interesting very interesting just a difference in the level of technique you know and what till can do do everything no he's not just a guy just wade's in and throws haymakers it is like very very technically proficient but i see me when you get killed he could get fuckin knocked out my parents not got anybody you fucker
and using when you should resign their yeah that's right that's a fuckin tough fight form to at a great santiago ponds and nobody has the argo just deed gunnar now yes it was with a finger pointed still yeah that was a factor that is more than one finger per week beetle cycling or power when i feel my finger but why stop them you have figured out works fuck yeah so fucked up and when you see the replay of the finger poxy like wait a minute long society through it is a part of his combination advertising fight gunnar ever get him to the ground now going up far more early on from the ipod segouin effort if you don't watch it like an slow of course what you oh my god damn it looks like sheepskin rock was going on it you go back slow more anxious polo against the cage poke do not work like that fuckin potable fires is a stoppage again ding ding man the elbow already did it
bradley did it i mean just beat the shit out of a man a cowboy crumpled was einstein resort cowboy do this is like scientists days maybe here doesnt does both pedestals a kick to the body would it crumbled you say we were competition raf man rough heartbreaking fuckin real heartbreaker man but for that kid you know that's a good story good kid to and enough you gonna build stars tat i do it when i type ass we yes that's without right now on five now that is not the way it does you have give out the numbers on five ass i do they tell you know did you like i know enough smart move arrive why give it up when you don't have to to give it if you're killing it so ok listen this man i mean shit dude best versus gs pete now here in that start selling well what
squarely on from what i've heard it's not doing great that's fortunate does make us editors in islands are doing great gnp gnp is busy doing great not like you'd think now here's the thing if you up of uli stop and think about it does four years ago last time for johnny hendricks the p well that are in the eu have seen now differently host rond aroused in posts macgregor like the casual fenceless listener the hot hardcore fans like you and i were going to go we're gonna watch i for sure like ok i must see what this being looks like you know fighting a guy like george saint pierre smaller than him guys take for years off bisbees get this opportunity shit or of money and then george george has george
look it's a tough sound and for years a tough cell even for the hard core friend like that's a great fine way find this being a jeers business be a great fight on lobbyists orange for sure or keep even even now people keep them give this being the respect i agree key he's not gonna get it even if you please just p that's the problem i took lawyers off in many a seven year in my and it doesn't matter and i repeat as s cell two billion for the goods that the casual fans fuck them just just we got enough can really less like added no you don't carry out we care about is the match up that's a good match i know you don't know it does well we're we're work like but we don't run the business offer us eddies right i agree that it is always are put these fides on i think it's great fight right so you right now i want you to would rather what should just be taken forty years off fight for the middle way huddled in him fight a guy who's unnatural champion be finally out o my nominal does not know first of all
lakers injured injured me can't fight right now whittaker as pretty serious tear in his knee ligament so that's one thing this is also an opportunity for best being who's been a game for ever to make a shitload of money i like that i like michael i liked michael is an opportunity to make a fuckin money here i am this is why it is so well now dominated the solemn you don't you want to make but if you want make money who has now but i'm not in the business to sell on paper views well business i know what you just said he wanted him to make a lot of money can i make a lot of money either way he's gonna more money in this fight our guarantee there's some sort of a guarantee like payment point three making money like a richer life changing monies paid viewpoints ass might emails asked john jones asked connemara gregg i'm sure but don't you think divorcing peers it takes them europe only twenty five percent though even one like a lesson in my bad huh breaking through doesn't i like to think he's gonna do
there's nothing about seven whose doves weird me out weird shit he's doing whether their touching things moving things and touching things is feet i've seen out jackie looks looks jacked his super swole it's a damn have the data yet again whatever i'm gone when money taken away twenty five percent only twenty five percent though even one you like a lesson about twenty verbs illegal jimmy this yeah i'm very curious about this very curious yeah uh listen baldy but i think it is a fine fight at the fight that i might not only at the mouth a lot of other people down these days too just pay was take everyone down five years ago is means it's a damned have to take yeah and status if it's gonna be a little harder i don't much
sure the gnp is going to be able to take people down like and i'm not sure why we re on taking this matter job it's all rights by nowhere near the best man on the card you like it that card it's a fucking here you think that's a recent picture george no not at all no not at all i think it is you think he looks like he's gone soft fair young like look we just so kevin lee he's thicker than snickers down there tat john at that's that's enough johnny hendricks another state a kind of heavy like around the middle eaten a lot but there's a big difference between that and kevin lee right kevin leave us to judge act jet red when he was on time
the picture of him on top autonomy is dropping bombs on jack jack george does not look that good but then again if he's clean which had gone ass to be asked to be i think he's thirty five now he's not young how's your i mean is thirty five you can be in great shape at thirty five but really it completely helps you are super active for long term are we looking at the tipp of his dick and picture or settle here's a fat dick if that so that why don't you guys photoshop that out please showed that it was early if that's all i can see you i perrier first vowed send that fuckin jacket in it machine back to the ivy got have that jacket bertha cracked the vote openness jamie let's see what he has to say if you drop them at once again to good more work to do
now just we saw you sound like a wrapper was gonna tattoo above his eyebrows celtics better jobs them six feet donald by now where the animal was an earth pair somebody gave up you know that's not what i'm gonna do it will greatly should keep my perry off microphone from now on the go ahead liar i think you are doing their best i love it enjoying limpness
it was i mean we're sounds like a white wrapper it's going into place it was right to do do tell me about yourself do you like that when we do something with your did you like your added my parents not a growing number of scene with them on a regular basis sphere
our board any ever made by one of our swimming thought most unusual for example the terraces pursued his right was that guy's name to go the boat i nobody seems scared is this you scared to say anything this makes me uncomfortable well content by pilots matter to work together with the face very similar style that similar author because they both throw punches correct
do i look around this kid dvd i went over that boy it's we're talking about that fight when you have a huge fight for which you could get unbroken back and forth graham i like em very intense that motherfucker hit hard act truck he's like it was a reminder of linear he's just a fucking nightmare get hit by but it's gonna void it easy game plan jake ellen burger fight man when he caught jake that big fuckin do but that november forthcoming first while cutting carbon dill shall fuckin prodigious very very interesting yolanda rose redeem your dick dude wonder boy laws with all of it love love it then the big rates back they agreed but are rather stay cows he might make way i can promise you but he's back is jackson's now reflect that legal
moving to florida when you're older this is the people do not get a lingering tired i'm like our trial jack outer should try real camp jealously they sell it was interesting the snow adjoining hendricks is saying about training in texas he was like i gotta be careful spar what people have a go do too hard then they won't come back i tried to you gotta find a real can shed light like any care about your do honey you fuck dumbly stone acre let me go so that's what you say and you say and finally i gotta jackson's and i'm gettin pushed he's like where i am access damages not getting portrait he left his left that team takedown remembered they they had some gnarly dude there he left them there was a lot of shit goin out that though you know how that worked yet he had a weird deal would like twenty percent of all these yeah they date like the game a salary and then they took like half as money like tape button
thing is the guy put a lot of money and everything so i see his perspective too it's like they put it there are training facility they put their hard all these coaches they had all this i've gone they paid for everything became a salary and then when it came time in out for that investment to pay off they wanted half the money and i don't know how they do how they you know it out you johnny hundred zone your natural champion for local mistaken zones i carry it eventually take fifty percent right fuck you man right why think happened was in once started getting at world championship money that's pretty one fifty percent then he opened the big stick house god bless the problem that's the bigger problem opening a restaurant is like notoriously one the worse investments you can ever make rest or logic celebrities go under jimmy
bad right but jim's don't have the same kind of overhead a restaurant those and the dynamics of origin if i just don't go well and if you get a couple of bad reviews impudent mounds barriers unless it's a mexican restaurant you don't have to the clean restaurant of its much can feel not make him you don't have to be nice united whether we shall be able to read out what was that place on fairfax and is it not to retail lost bonnie knows benito ellida swimming in the reader show up in its like little talk sharp and there's a mexican guy in the back is making a brito hey looks over you can i get to car disorders and the guy just kind of oxygen is like waves i'm just not that you and your cool this can be a great place that was a white guy they did that they be shut down it's good open up when they are so gladly give mottoes is twenty four hours adele is it on beverly on
beverly and fairfax i'm hungry so glad you called me crack and make my breed it's so good that places off the charts girly yeah it's a twenty four hour joint so it's like a late night appleblossom distortion chicken burritos darker oh you go there one o the morning you might wait twenty minutes in line is a baseline there's a mexican restaurant in the valley they closed down for weak because they got shut down for like road infestation knew that there was in a newspaper in everything my right at the start of their real we're away like backstory boys take it decide here we ate though yesterday we don't give a shit close down the kitchen cosette tumor twenty role a man of his lips were to put up with it man put up with mass and chinese food same thing there
be nice chinese food and there's a big group you guys are like mean and shit and carries out now but of its y all you can't why you gotta be of course you have to be really nice if your why don't i need to get back to there's a fucking time place that rob came and took me to enter town you know a tie town is i guess it's on hollywood or sons since in our parliament i hollywood hollywood you go east have you got he's on highly with as a whole section of anywhere from is right across the street from both clown room that's true club jumbos simon videos make fun of it i'm know anything about bulgaria we need when i hear but it's right across the street and it's like jill leszek typhoon throw laughed i saw my jet you ve eaten rarity no event navigator hollywood boulevard toy now
that put that's on sunset ok you're talking about you have good spot to egypt which want what streaming way further down at one hollywood out it's on holiday type patio maybe somebody hollywood boulevard on the north side north is you know when you go down hollywood goes you must have like that arch that you pass through that takes intellect into down arch is there arch my imagination horse tied down to launch the way we look at this wasn't far do what it wants to be black well shit from my pocket
more of our current every black look at them today women is our responsibility over this keep what a video compromise but lie non sequitur by the way jamie just pull jamie save time use of volume does she talk back yet more pervert show can you change your race about it to take a look he still killing my next gas market it was a whose i quietly making millions at this martina desperately wanted to look like pamela anderson tat for all shares and several cosmetic surgeries martina transponder looks and do this what the crowd was in germany's months ago martina made worldwide headlines when i was a shocking transformation chemical injections and body modification martina now cans there's herself a black woman
it's like a baby oh she's not a more beautiful like a wildly with long round yes and long necks but much bigger press more tuna began to dream about having plastic surgery do like her i anderson oh my god the creator what did you nothing like i love look at those fuckin basketball injuries began such bodies will the teeth makes a wow well i got very few big cities i've ever seen so still working just sit down i also had the rivals gets long bobby a whole lot saxons thousands of dollars on plastics
two times or juno was ready for a most shocking drive i got written declaration on very change my skin what's now and the brown owner of it excuse me do this as she is to be here if you think that society skin the vague tenderness when overdid qualified i've never seen a fake timbers look at those stupid tits those states are preposterous god we are sick those bodies ps wildly nor does she use the end with a method of people do in fact things are more before tirconnell make up a story
but those truth can be fake when she saint aubert maybe they can be like myself but i also like to do for those what under photos i can see if you have the costs of fundamentalism the photos would be much more that's so you wanted you looked like pamela anderson because you like her and so then you became what you thought was pamela anderson a little bit more but now i think tat thing like the goes over her shoulders and arms are they do it in movies think could be sure it isn't was the sarah black glasses rob lack gods black slaves girls wrongly girl i get my first well look at our i got level such products as a farmer i want to see your boyfriend hips
what do you say to us flax ties about the boyfriend maybe there's a boyfriend in there now there's no boyfriend are you sure there's no way she says there's no boyfriend reinvested in the valley and there's no boyfriend shown is feeling but today is heading or do not want what the fuck oh no no no no i see her skin is black you're not black person but here's the thing all people came from africa originally like the only reason why people have white skin at all cuz he moved to colder climates or more cloudy and we didn't have vitamin d so you're you basically like a solar panel for vitamin d that's why people are why people in england so fuckin pale it's always rain and its eggs
what it is like everyone came from africa all human beings came from africa so it's not really black as has not really are natural skin color sheet but do that greatest thing i've ever said for mankind outside lotteries that's a giant problem that people have with this idea of race the only reason why people look different because we move to different climates like everyone comes out of the same thing sort of like all dogs from wolves all humans come from africa all everybody originated there that's the motherland so like the only reason why they look different the new is because of natural selection because the people that live there that you know you're obviously you need that melanin your skin to protect you from the sun that's people evolved and then as soon as people started going to all these cold climates and all these crimes instead of a lot of cloud cover the people's bodies are changing
their bodies are changing to tread absorbed more vitamin d that's exactly why people have white skin can they can they take hyenas and breed em to be like miniatures the current year for sure i sought out the pen i did it with foxes they ve done it with foxes and take it foxes and really quickly or within ten years turn them into a completely different thing with a weak jaw unlike floppy ears like today pats yeah mild they did what they did was they too foxes and when they had a fox that exhibited any aggression and all the killed it and so then they would breed em again and then any fox into it showed any aggression all killed it and then they kept doing this and they doing this generation after generation to try to see how generations it would take to turn a fox and like a really
docile sort of house pet sort of italy stupid study it's not stupid because its fascinating to find out how long it takes because we thought it would take like hundreds of years for an animal change its essentially its appearance like its physical appearance is very different than a regular fox chain coloration change their ears the ears don't stick up anymore they flop down and show submissive ness same with dogs right like all dogs come from wolves and the regional wolves that people kept his pats they would just closer than the ones get closer to the people by the camp fire people people feed those walls and then they use those wolves till alert them to other animals are coming near by the wool state close to the camp fire because the wolves knew the people gonna given food then the walls are protected people because they that's where their food source was and the people were
this relationship with wolves what country this is of the human race before it was french ever go this is probably you know we're talkin more than ten thousand years with the father study was how i'm very recently i think it was in russia think that's where they did not do that american until not locked was in the nineteen fifty and so they is ruthless study but had found out pretty quickly that you can you can select you can change the way these things look based on which ones you breed with which ones and yes thank you people migrated out of africa they moved across asia move to the bearing straight into north america demanded dealing with brutal cold a lot of times a cop really covered up because it so fuckin called that furthermore national these dogs will cutie face there very playful there's little guys even lilacs pat you ever see a grisly man would do made friends with fox like a wild fox grisly man with like stole his hat
was playing whether miss tourism has died right yeah yeah you're fucked up among those flying foxes what the fuck is up with that flights girls wearing of designs oils obviously crystalline fox at no time has notified squirrel there's these weird gigantic fox looking vulture bad things in australia the city you could just stamina their sea areas like there's a bad bad oh yeah like a fox face yad vashem gallic scary and walk in there just like right there and these things are soon australia's so radically adam green truce enemy videos you took these saltwater crocodiles both at a regular bat australian flying foxes it doesnt taiwanese yes parliament flying flags you're right it's crazy as there is actually a fire fox there's always a call back they call it everything
look at it looks just like a fox the fox with when it does it beds in those are just in sydney just hang it on that you say that is insane we know how likely it we also get another pterodactyls in how we lose their dactyls and we always assume that they have wings like a bat that's what everybody was thought but how their finding out that so many dinosaurs had feathers that it's entirely paused will the terror dactyls were birds did they think the t rex recovered and feathers to re possible does not a lot of evidence so this is evidence that some will there's deafening evidence that some dinosaurs had feathers they found fossilized dancers with feathers and but this is recently over the last few decades they start define more and more of them like this there's a museum and i went to montana and they marked out last raptor with feathers cause birds like like that look like an owl that's a fucking dinosaur to the close thing to a dialogue into a dinosaur their ruthless didn't i tell you about the fucking the boers that i'm haven't in my back yard dude theirs
ox war not fox words there's a hawk wars going on in my wouldn't kill any just fill birds are killing other birds and they be head them so i said going online reading about an they eat their head and i'm on my quit fuck each hawks head well apparently when birds of prey will kill other birds one of things they do eat their head they eat headache to pull the head i'm sure i don't know man i don't know what's going on but jesus christ but one of my neighbors saw a hot eating a hawk baby like right up the street from me and i watch these hawks like swooped down one on slammed in my chicken coop like there's like these jew now hawks and i think one the things that's going on as i have a fence my backyard in its we just a glass fence and these birds fucking we ve marked like fifteen percent civic legibility classmates as it looks beautiful you see the whole view with these
they don't understand that its offence and they swooped down clang and they get kay the fuck decide travel you ve had your chance of your camera security lotta wasted footage zoe happens like once a month before but it like weeds happen quite a few times with birds are flown down we found them just like draw wandering around the backyard see teaches the fuck up blood come and other knows i go outside and with blood come another knows yeah they get killed so i think we ve killed a bunch of hawks this way hawks of die we killed him to kill themselves evolution bitch but these other hawks these juvenile hawks are now like kind of taken over because then i think one of the ones they got killed one of the heart gotcha lou that fucker eaten eaten a bird decapitated a hot yeah there is handicapped decapitated a hawk jesus christ
they are fucking monster do the useless hours or so god damned ruth they look so called out the they do a cool but it's weird that we ve made these things out to be these wise cute creatures lies the valuable who don't pollute the tutsi role part air the touch you i suppose there's owls everywhere the ruthless man two other everson outrage on predators really would mean everywhere sumo him out and now this birdies birth trying get away like not to day pitch birth a fucking today how do and eat your head but so i've around decapitated bird in my yard and i posted a pay europe on instagram and then start read up on it apparently it's when birds no other birds don't do that they literally bite their fuckin head off like a territory war thing like a gang thing i think when these bert my theory it's a shitty dear exam not
granting have a theory on this but i think that these birds slamming into that fence and a few i'm dying of upset the gang duration in my neighborhood purred good so ruthless and they share compared eagles those are the most ruthless i've ever seen those harpy eagles the huge giant their job how are you huge they kill anybody else monkeys they go after monkeys and they eat a lot of what those or slow things loss we saw in slav man harpy eagle factor google harpy eagles eat slaw i think thursday with official slot there i think harpy eagles are the biggest eagles in the world i am pretty sure that thing is jack the ruthless this mother fucker swooped down what about vultures man they're big
bigger the scare la predators like that slots are gone the barber interrelated slots man but nature just made them like real easy to eat but they really don't you fucked are they not i'll help in ireland they are getting a job market goddamn slow these these harpy eagles the monkeys like crazy he swooped down jack monkeys in one of the things they found an ancient primate skulls they fell all these we scratches and all is evidence of preparation and now they think it that wooes i heard many students who left right now they think did that crashing is probably some sort of an ancient eagle those praying an ancient jesus christ yeah birds are real playing early film isn't put this added this together last i get avonlea s legs taken indifferent year yeah but you gotta go to less than this bulgaria to watch him jack a monkey do what
what's the big ass birthday grabs the goats and drop some feeling wound says a golden eagles you're seeing that shit falcons what am i doing research muslim guys are found that falconry yeah they they use them to hunt they hunt rabbits and shit i know that but that picks up a straight up girl flies a motley have fun my man i'm pretty sure there's a golden eagles yeah golden eagle hunt goats does a big i think those the biggest eagles in north america those are big ass he touched worse waited i periodic rabbies goats now come with michael man building block one thing is dry and now you are doing is dragging them down in the goats sometimes whereby the things it had to do and then the eagles i owed dinner nature mother fucker combat videos that motherfucker and then your car and of out of it these starts you asshole
you kind of out of it i do how long did you have to wait for that added no brain with care all that was caught a perfect i notice of ruthless falkenberg unless they bring the monarch look gentlemen the lottery beer has be up those they get em all hungry and less garza lose that nobody can get the guy i gotta lens the batteries dead man the ever seen them ones that they use in mongolia where they chased out wolves those added rainier yeah fox what they do foxes and even wolves but they they train these golden eagle it's a big fuckin burghardt big debt burdens and they put a go problem the bird had holy shit they sent the bird down the burgess put the whack down on these poor fox i eat devices due for the coats they kill em all the people at all things to eat em they might you know
apparently some trappers and pioneers were big on eagles or not yield wolves there are a lot of wolves like some famous trappers like walls were there philip that ladies that's more whatever she is stressed stressed out the things i can catch it i think this is what she looks like she's limit a hard life son that they look at those fucking fox trying to certify back in those clauses learn your life of vice grip obedient that beacon votes on the neck i think they'd have to put the chase and later like they get like i train foxes and had a morning and habitual a whistle is that i think that is exactly what it is in fact put up a decent fight the wolf one is even more disturbing the foxes try and man is true give yourself a fighter will not really cause the fox can you invite him they're so smart they just grab birds stress help me which is weird they figured out how to train these things man
when you call your ego stand against the wind it makes sense that you can hear you you wanna whether these are these are one of those things come and ran out you what strike what we use that overhand knives drain i think you got to grapple with an eagle automatic as other problem haven't if you can get our own don't think if you hit em they're they're not heavy enough for it to make a lot of impact when hidden in i'm saying inside you adding a dog right if you punch dog in the face a dog with seventy pounds at their both questions this dance you getting rosier coming you get hands hands outstretched like this hands out like this they grab a few more giant bilateral i'm trying arap shit and i'm trying to tear it upon china rampage jack i'm trying to get my feet on its dick turnips
i'm legs yes try to make some kentucky fried chicken jumps did you gotta porthos allows apart slam is like it had the what you gotta he's gonna landlady arms right you're like is lands on you'll give it that you can talk maybe one arm you give em what i'm on ebay you take your shirt irony that bitch around your honor that's that's it yes now that says it yeah you gotta random talents gotta i don't think that i don't think they attack with beak is watch the attack of the towns and eat with the big con feet fur share is like when they catch asylum are they gonna get around this think about how powerful they are what have you had a grab a salmon what region and grab with your hands no chance they swimming down and fly with it this naturally the water and fly away with long asked emails nails you probably ever gravity i wish you'd have to have some serious grass does not worry cuddly like yeah there
fuck and evil is peppered any like tribal cultures that let their nails grown they sharpened when they use them as like weapons of war we have bitch nails are nails fall apart nelson mandela of mainly because we all use em maybe there's puzzle we don't gotta salmon they too have clause guys a beast i mean i want which is why this is different man these things every galleries males are he's going to do by reason of their hands and eat it raw who you nuts post a really eat salmon sushi even because i'm a parasite the shit out of its not smart i feel their dignity parasites i've u guys gonna eat raw yeah well lotta people do but we talk to people that want to play it safe they say should need anything that some fresh water don't eat freshwater well this guy's by using its growth
do you like sushi on it i hate your sushi joy ass got their eyes when eddie and i will go to restaurants ice lose my fuckin mine has eddies like launch picking up on you that our continent is that our prize struggle but i don't need all that ship the meets good why do i need only then should bring me some good meet the best is going to follow with him now then there's no bullshit just didn't armies flitted cottage over tablets logo to china we went vegas we shout it our continent we gained like fuckin ten pounds guideline we feasted sends an ice also good had been there forever we had a good time well you know really have as you say much he's going get high let me get i so much pride and fuck with it but since you not got the monkeys from part man can ever now i mean that get hungry like normal but part was it never gave me munchies can i thought your dns food is way better though that russia does smoking a little
i mean i do and latvia these two right now you're right now turn right yeah since you don't stand behind every right ha that's dead do that's why you know what i'd do though i do both i write sober and are right i do both and some listen to george carlin talk about that once you saying that he likes to write sober and then its touches everything up punches it up when its high i make sense smuggler weed and go over the material back it's funny about here yeah i like both man like writing running sober and riding high but when i write hides like i used to get these gifts so
universe gives these gifts whereas even companies it funny to on your highly look back over a sober out of daphne values have a bit about by literally wrote down a unicorn is a donkey from the future and i would like to my nose of factors that even me it's hacker funds and this is what some funny thing about it they eat it right down exactly and you forgot i was so high that i wrote down then i went over to have to like what the fuck is wrong with me down a bunch of shit down a guy i think i've ever then because a lot of what i wrote down from high right down some shit like the communist or something that then the gore my notes when i'm silver light i do not doubt your phone to physically always blight physically like with a computer and then right note my technically with a computer i mean tying the computer welcome like physically right were like
i thought physically was like with a pen but does what private wrong way said but dive three stages right i write with a computer but then i write things down on paper like if i d like to us that i write a settlers out with paper i'm really interested in this new samsung man the samson hailed a yeah because the note ain't you right on the lock screen you don't even have to open up an application i like them right on the lock screen and you write it with a penny the right like a hundred pages of notes just on the lock screen and it could save him have you seen mention was an apple do that shatt el jump ass it now sometimes got it man the apple get sued left and right for patents get sued for these new animated emerges that are coming out with on the iphone ex ten whatever soon we ain't my phone so fuckin rough right now
need one what year you which i had the seven plus they like its brow it's horrible it's all my wife got the eight it's the shit is an eye looks just like this but the cameras way better the cameras wicked and you can get it right now the thing about the new limit the the x the axis weird man because it doesn't have a fingerprint thing you open it you opened it with your mug was afraid stare at once all the more difficult to foreign interests do the head with a man like you face you can go get the right now the eight yes you are right now and you get there the aid is basically this phone but way better taxing this seven but the ages exact same phone it has like all the states protect women my phone has been fucked up lately we have the old one right to apple goes on purpose so that new they do i know that it is as you need an update i'll do the uptake as they gave the drop that bugs and i've got my luck synergy update than you fucked flag i held it
for a while bond superstructures superstore my for now is it frees but now when i click say if you sent me a text like today it happened you sent me taxing which door should i go into and i reply to you and then i went to look my phone and there was no place to reply it didn't exist i couldn't pull it up so ash i i went i've hidden home button and then i the text messages back the same thing so i had to physically like swipe up and close out the text message programme and then started up again just to get a dialogue where i could like press you know the key and yet i wouldn't let me press the keys i doubt but none the unifil like her you need you seven phone eight year and i think i think i'm at the six still haven't we want to send him thus the three c jerry james having a pull up a video on the sands gallic satellite eight galaxy no eight is got me very very curious but there's a bunch of things that
apple does that keeps you wanna tell me ass one of them is that air drop had been made and i am rather than once i went to it so easy meant pretty easy so easy what their job ere you re going to use that time for light we made video right here i would airdrop but you get tax because the file so big if he items ratifies the debt of it texting it just goes through bluetooth gives your near me and its the tune fought so this is it right here this is the guy i see no eight it's fucking huge and it's all screen a little bit of room for like two speakers on it but the screen is gigantic and they pull that pan out their parents so dope do it lets you do a kind of shit like if someone says your picture you get highlight things with that pan yourselves the fuck out of me i know you don't know the market you could write notes with your hand see to me as big because then i have taken note but with i dont need an ipad or a right it like look at this as guy wants a highlight some shit look you could translate
thanks again another country like do that and boom it translates shit for you it charge wirelessly laguna most spokespeople from yeah personally that rule but your house work if i was from the or folder that does all my shit transfer over now yeah sort of the problem miss the real pride i tried it with google pipes pixel just for ships and giggles the real www that like he's waiting notes with that thing comments on on the locks green real problem is i messages so i say if someone's like used to send you i'm as hands and my masters it doesn't want to send you a text it wants it wants it continues and i'm esagil and it takes a long time to switch over i actually called up apple and i said i want to remove me from the ice message database like remove my email from our message remove me lie at a second i gotta go before this why did you do that if it does then your business bitch
we must remember the fucker so they remove me from the eye message database and it still wouldn't work men it would work half the tat kind of opponents a deal breaker for me all the people that it had android phones or work great yeah but how people have android funds i know a few people that have you andrews zones my friends words as one steve renault has one have a few friends at of androids warren as one but the majority some innovations and you don't get you get i get sad when i see green text i like me two it bums male member he's got one of them i judge people do judge evil somebody's chameleon had a bit about really under my work and up with a girl you know she's broke when you get a green tax from our screen like peep someone did you phone bums me out of france's iphone bonds me out man who is broken up screens are brought my case i liked actually the live in your life right the thing is cool about the green tax is the person your text
doesn't see that you're like you know that you're texting sometimes the bubble yeah sometimes you're not running you think you're just reviewing the touch your conversation and they think that you're writing some and then they think things the writing some than they stop that i did that to my wife work i'm about the tec something don't than i don't and they should say why were you thinking about something and then about something you are about to rights
it turned out what do you think he tell me are you will love you so much i was kissing emerging but i decided not it's not appropriate i took out the thing we're says red oh yeah i was going to say that that's that's a bat that you might not have you might have on their when you get a text message if you look at and you send a thing like if you look at it that person knows you looked at three levels set in also says like battle like that's been never hear someone texts we i might just go straight to the tax you no jesse like what their messages i don't have time right now we have time for everybody's also fucked up the other day i got thirty nine text messages are counted from a psycho or black people on the day thirty nine i can't you up with thirty nine different people text message me what is my job just replying texts that's my job then i have to sit down
just then people the scar hey what's up like those does get a reply havens stop call me you cities are my family are an answer non question we back like bermuda right now i got to answer these and i'll try to catch up to those either one you u locking up when it do pod cash for three hours you to have a million messages you have time for you gotta getting your car this is one of the few times that i guarantee that can communicate with anybody in the way they want a few times nepal just this one of the cool things about these kind of conversations like this is the only way we have these conversations that even if we did her we don't have these kind of conversations youtube active use us interacted checking your phone gotta take this line should go on like the art of conversation is lost a lot of people and one of the ways we practice it is by doing this yeah this is like a real hang out we in your phones or yes having
we come here try to keep on stand there found yes get russell peters cannot leave his phone alone i give you show that he cannot lose phone alone now so i was gonna hold on russia from our also right here in the blow this a bit it is you know what a bummer everyone gotta debbie one's got a phone and everyone's got a lot of work to do in the goddamn phone it's nice to be able to hang out with somebody and you're like this just get armor phones together we'll talk of you now and then and i ll show you a video and we're cool we're not offending any everyone's just on your phone there's nothing wrong with that nothing wrong with that has always been that you know to me mr president i want to hang out with you but i gotta do business and we could talk when there's some to talk about fish are gonna handle some shit don't you do it notice from doing a lot of podcast like if you conversations with some people some people are just not really listening to you not in podcast but in the real world like you
good it s like you you do pot gassalasca you're really good haven't how relations but when you on the real world and have conversations people this motherfuckers adjust aren't listening is talking the tracking at you dr responding what you're saying now this thinking about what they want to get the average and earn a different color made out in a text that i texting someone thousands of serious business no like i mean and when you have a conversation with someone and not even like to know what you're saying i just a lot of people it is a bad at talk you aren't you the kid and those people are bad at pike ass ever down the now get one of those people on a pod casio are you even here with me a good you will listen to me like its work yet work because your cards trying to come up costly and eternal i bring them here so what are we to get them to hook on exactly tonight don't go to store connect with please come come back our term lastly not what's a bummer choose the audience feels like skype socks do yeah i've ever talk to people after i had someone on the go hey dugout sums off right now as law wasn't his legacy
my is on drugs or somethin like that's another thing on finding sammy fuck it people on speed so why ad aware admiral where that technically represent crystal meth is met it really is laid down in the same thing nor does the same thing but when you're on admiral you like you gotta proscription you don't feel like you feel like you're a method there's a difference between oh yeah this difference between the otter asked another jude for why not all of them before we start to show the same guy who told me tat really bad for you you don't have the same thing is co moisturising mean is a cousin of coke what are the same capping during the same unless let me this was mainstream operations or maybe i'm wrong stimuli gently but it's real it's like its causes but coke in cholera then the noble they still use coca leaves to make the flavour of you know that cocaine
the number one provider of medical cocaine is coca cola denies works coca cola buys coca leaves they have like coca leaves a you'd get cocaine from that's the flavouring secret to the flavour of coca cola shits delicious calls for measures so that it is better than tat color forgets just better than tat it really is just ass a can forget that eleven matter your blocks max i love but the way they make it is with coca leaves the extractive cocaine from the coca leaves in the competent extracts a cocaine for those companies they sell it today they use it as medical cocaine escobar
prize a crazy man crazy that's medical coca medical coca damn wanted an illegal as that will matter came out and cut a user our surgeries and shit why do medical cocoa even orbiting down numbs things like like locally without like you know instead of like nova kane nova kane by the way related to cocoa light o came light a cane had that shit when i had my nose fixed they put the lot the king and how many doctors are taken this medical cocaine and and doing crazy things do you remember the wall you think dead doctors don't lie turn me on it you turn me i know that but that it was a cook had no he was a doktor was into minerals talk knew about how it's weird that people were veterinarians know that if you have livestock you have to suffer meant the minerals and the livestock and the people don't think about mineral deficiencies in food when you talk i that have a regular dialogue especially but they don't have a vegetable rich diet therewith with animals with livestock you don't have to insurance so you gotta they know
farmers know yeah give him these minerals otherwise you're livestock sector be shit so there's no but when it comes to humans we look at it the same way but you know people do they understand the importance of more mineral minerals now shows like one of those who talk about is how we put our faith in doctors when it comes to like health but how little education doctors actually have nutrition then how many doctors are doing drugs you how many doctors like right one giant recession ones i know free pills what'll you do have access to all the evil thing shit y know whether they don't want to i mean that what the one when i heard of the label wondered i've heard over there hung out with i mean they partly party hartman them access to a lot of stuff they make a lot of money the party are the people yes coke goddamn cocaine don't get too hot dog what is after all an amphetamine
in fact mean aspirated yet jail you're saying you people you simply like come on hundred percent are on it had a bunch of people i've asked just flat out ass because this reality there so they talk so fast into so much gonna like there's no way disguise and on speed come out later in the conversation that there are after all that take out all the prescription they also while eighty and eighty d i gotta dvd to mother fucker vienna restricts in here i mean what is having taken arrow now i took it and it shut the fuck up but i couldn't focus on anything to cause right of paper come in by k how's the pizza gonna fuckin rant about beats nothing done that's like spain yeah speed is good for oil as egg growin up as you must think downsizing around me you lose your tea it's not just think your heart is just like overwork to beat you freaks you out
fast pounding or uneven heart beats pain or burning when you urinate that's that's banging checks that are on speed taken more than usual feelings of extreme happiness or sadness tremor hallucinations unusual behaviour or motor text bit dangerously high blood i blood what horrible was be real not awful well see there is a lot of people that are on this stuff on a daily basis dangerously blood pressure severe headache buzzing in your ears and talking usual there's a lot of people that around this a lot like there's an entertainment let's take it not then attainment journalism journalists a big one this guy who was in here whose professor actually told me that he knows some fucking journalists and then start asking journalists and they confirmed with me like everybody's on it and i hope everybody everybody i know it's a successful journalist has taken anoura why he does deadlines you can work in a guitar to get things done you focus because
like laser beam focus how many of our abusing any they're all abuse in it damn it's like steroids for writing gatt right pdf lorraine and so let me ask you this we ve gotta guess what the number prescriptions every year for our own united states was guess we gotta get the number of prescriptions every year for after all in the united states has two normalization five million go with thirty million thirty five zero twenty to thirty million near one time how many right now how many more and i address you they dont do it that way they they write proscriptions written so say oh i get it three months worth yeah you might use it for times in a year or so you would before so it's fun i'm saying thirty i'm gonna go on with your twenty twenty mozilla love i think i've known when i saw you seventy five five eddie tumor ten to its purpose
a broad i'll give em stick with my secret five but we got their second finest from two thousand twelve and it says roughly sixteen million arrow prescriptions written for adults between twenty and now while others now god for two thousand twelve however that five years ago does include kids took it in school in college and are now those products quarters helios about twenty five years the girl those kids of twenty nine right they could be fifteen other twenty or there were yet this is always started with age twenty four kids that we're in high school or sixty seventeen i didn't have updated statistics i just tried to type and twenty sixteen this is an article from twenty sixteen using these names interesting very interesting statistic its crazy because it is speed window you can get it prescribed to you i have to do is say are just can't focus tired all time just don't do this right beat would it help you in writing to really everything maybe some people say doesn't help you creatively because
you're so like that it's better like organizing thing has put more moving out together into your house like the late great garbage symbol you know robert show was stanhope comedian hilarious dear friend great guy died few years back he accidentally took at all here he thought it was actually had a heart attack and down he went to trot thought he was taken his heart medication took the wrong shit it took someone else after all cause doctor and he's like what do i do it goes homicide take in looks the bottle tells me does he was gonna be fine because you just you're just gonna be up for a while and you can be very speedy and so he just said i just organised my notes he said he's got from my computer i couldn't stop organise just going over my notes and just pour out page after page is in writing things down is never more folks in my life is not scared tried again what's like workin out on a lobby borg out on it
lady in here recently who such works out on such gets pomp right or not i didn't just now but i was right when i was nineteen there's a twenty three year old heavy metal chick read some speed and she was hot at the and we did a little bed and my dick was so goddamn small it and she was she was determined to blow up told you i can't say i'm sorry it won't work it doesnt work has a speed as you guys don't worry i got it dad she was she just went on for ever and she data than resurrected gutless why was wicked debts up the fuckin speed made it all day long she was determined to implement them no way we're gonna give a number of new imagine how long it would take a magic when you
i made you dig does not work released just turn yeah well that's good this terrible i i don't recommend it anybody was terrible i was young i was nineteen she was hot a lot of poor players used to take speed they said it help their game i did take a bunch of different kinds we need to focus on the ball jan make very because in a pool very like its lot intense focus in like tiny it estimates you're making and get a really like really concentrate on the angles and what you're trying to accomplish its very mentally taxing gaming gambling so are these guys again before ten twelve our session tis a question for you goin snitch friend if i have a prescription for after all fight newsy not whatever five appraisal trays crazy tim crater actually pull from a card because he had a real deficit and he was on our all they pull them from way back in the day this was like ultimate
bite or days when he was off the west coast of ireland last yeah exactly the new drug of choice of many major leaguers why meaning baseball nos one up this is this is footballers answer that the and this is the way it video case why voice heard they fuck without or none at all is legal and easily obtainable but also dangers of abuse use in major league has reached absurd level basis observe dangers of used but yeah but the thing is like all so if you use it you might be the best fuckin baseball player alive and make a trillion dollars it does provide you with energy that you would normally have its cheating says doktor richard lust bird new york state licence psychologist and member of the american psychological association yeah a baseline journal make money but yeah it's weird
fifty years to make money in baseball aren't i am taken inject an arrow in my veins of sooner read in my debt write with total based or correct one trying to pay but in fighting if you if you legit have a problem here but what is that power bomb see that's the problem the two that it's never been clearly defined to me i've talked to a bunch of psychologists and psychiatrist about it what is adhd how like how do you define it defined by a series of characteristics of people habit you can just say you have those i mean you kids you could complain about all sorts of things that are on the list is not like they test you like you have simply nobler time let me test you oh yeah bro disease is light years or maybe even when i was a kid like if you were distracting couldn't sit still you just did like his a lot of energies needs to play or go outside more like you always fucking taking it you know medication frank more mere was not to be denied an outer off therapeutic use
sampson by nevada athletic commission so what we say he was so he so you got one interesting per annum who is granted one by usanga that's interesting because maybe too crater could have been granted it somebody public i'm not saying anything the people know about them talking about at the time you know what i think that free for the people who really need it is it's gotta be very frustrating to see people like use and abuse ryan counting as iq you're ready deal i have never seen before us anything but he's all over the place a new cycle for shrub eighty and what the darted out like now you're good rolling had actually after all i told the fires doctor i'm down arrow now he's only played it rose on life fitzsimons is on it brian didn't want he was on his aunt actually on riddle it it's him is redolent what's the difference our speed speedy defined yes here then is is knee was like he does
having on today like movement so constantly moving and someone asked him on twitter like what's that about music ritalin we now and he just one on this to talk first and first party no no no he's banana because he is legit he has legitimate eighty date when it which whenever the fact as you say we don't know what to eighty gaming ok let's get a list of fire like let's try to see if someone has a definition of what is legitimate what do you say it is what you guys think it is having its own can't folks on fucking anything in their distracted by every thoughts also yeah there's deafening that insult patterns and patterns of behaviour that you develop in your life but this also probably people that have a legitimate does italy to sit legitimately something wrong their brain the question is how many people are generally have something wrong versus how many people are just abusing its just asshole salaries wanting you speed get get all their energy get fired up is it
possible is there any chance maybe in some cases a he d or some kind of brain dysfunction is caused by the scenes maybe they're possibility that its ranks lunar argentina there there are now there's deafness affects almost every medication that you take for certain people adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder adhd is a mental health disordered that includes a combination of persistent problems such as difficulty paying attention brian cowen hyperactivity branco nor has it ever brian cowen shell the latter on stable relationships are poor or school performance brian cowen and low elvis deny the doktor at night on this stage can give a table and other problems where the other problems we don't you want to talk about those when other problems be specific mother fucker is immense
we'll diagnosis but if you read that basic every kid you ve ever met yeah well here's a price won't ever you get kids kids are filled with energy and they want to play and we want to have found their way to stimulate and was sit in money goes in your shit yet talk you they sit in them uncomfortable bullshit plastic chair listen to some monotone asshole whose teach them answers to you don't do this glowing wrong not is not the kids issued in hiding jugglers part of it but parents why give it to their kids because they just want to kids to pay attention you know i had a neighbor who got their kid on riddle and there is nothing wrong with this kid can a riddle unusually dissolved stupid pants pages focused as is always focuses far just listen chill and video games to probably right hell yeah imagine just turn on the laser religious prevail on friends its it definitely dangers how many people are medicated but the real questions like how many people actually could use them
location versus how many people are medicated because doctors a car like to meet someone really but who has that problem who really as a dvd and figure about some of them kids were seriously abused kids and they just come out and just neurologist fucked up not stephanie possibility not of abuse going on well is also like emotional abuse people just yelled the kids beat their kids this kid's people get it ignored kitten a friend he's will narrow up with parents are just ass holes and they just life is like to constant bachman egg shells are all fucked up psychologically because of its power man it's a bummer duty i can't read horrible stories but i read some story about sometime texas that he's is three your own daughter wouldn't drink her milk so he made her stand outside by a tree and she disappeared brother he went back out fifty message was gone and the police went looking for
can't find her she disappeared as you here in the interview what he said what are paramount there and they really think happenings witherspoon alot of signing of cohesion in the area and the like what the fuck is wrong with uk otis i read that that i read the exact arc light can sleep at night meant i could not something that that's do with kids fuck me a three year old outside because you would have finished your mouth and she has a disability she's disabilities you finish your milky like what i only a sort of locking moron who they were i take this warning one in the morning i want to finish your mail so this more paternal tree at two in the morning and then they avoid child custody hurricane came to one of the kids way before it's almost like definitely there violent guy with that guy i'm up for free that guy does i got you a culture that there should be toward the fact that he could do that to a baby as was on his own daughter and i think that that i think it might give us
gas scaring me by the tree it fuck low world are missing tat she still missing right up did on that now than ever found her she programme they got deserves leah coyotes jesus christ meanwhile product the other major that you made that story might be re might be right any might be right my now the death toll is the proof that story sounds like a gold homes and he did it either way just ladder outside if he knew this coyotes around he's asking is key to get a dyke he might have wanted the kitty by code because he's a bad person is a piece of shit you know raising a kid tests you so like you know some people that are just fuck man damn should end on this delegation would also have another bull sad i now to my sadness man is lonesomeness my man
a lot of good shit too there is a lot of great shit and world but containers on fuckin more like you do here and you can't the things you can't fix him like a guy like that once a guide does that his daughter worried you know you not fix neck other that guy's dead kinda guy s friends to every night haljan unless i am i fuckin can one finches bought us i left her outside white who the fuck do you hang out with whoever you hanging out with we can talk like anyone thinks it's all good the only thing is like you you can't forgive someone for that i have to kill them what how do you forgive someone for doing that to a baby i do summoned a pizza baby to death you know there's no returning from get a torture but people go to mental publicly torture public desire is that really good at fix anything dislike yet and scare
well there's the bigger picture people go it listen to mental illness issue so when you fix them and it's like yellow until illness issues a weird one because i saw something about half post had something about pedophiles and they eventually took it down i think this guy was saying i'm not a monster pedophile unease we say that he has these thoughts just doesn't act on a matter but it was like what fuck what or you would they say furthermore for if you if you rape kids if your child molester if you're in a few people mental and child molesters are run on this planet that those are you open the door those are the real two years down trumps can open up the j f k dump how about that all the dump of documents from the judge of that had been sealed up by all the president's like the j of care ass an asian investigation they they seal
some documents because there too sensitive when arrival and arguments are they shred those documents hunger now why wouldn't damning documents be examples of these are people from nineteen sixty two also trump for sure folks sense or else in this way this is not a bad thing to focus on if you show me the things tat i hear for sure but first of all no one really can be president let's be honest and not a single person they could focus on the economy in health care and international relations in the environment and like there's no i will tell you what about our job yes for sure but none of time in the world the focus on any those agree so lonely focus on donald trump should focus on the vaguest shooting at he has that shit about me well what did you think you think there were such any she gonna but here's the thing about this this with kennedys ass nation one of the reasons why i was him i would focus on the candidates ass nations they might fuckin kill him like entirely possible that he's thinking that he get assassinated hunter
her side if you dont behind you that's why is opening it my way if i wouldn't think there was any files i why would they are those files exist they should have been burned a long time ago you think so there's no file and it also is it it it does we have the high security of all time likely they pay the most to protect it not about time too is there such a threat now or he asked is is secured lucille doors on his limo they there video of him i was cast our problem i was gonna hours ago look at this image of him there was a of him getting the limo us i'd look at dawn fuckin limb on then i went to some images of the limo the limo door is like that is a different lamas though that the standard one lack makes i never looked the other one but i mean that the doors
ridiculous thereby proof tat other set down the dope car dry round black far his fire away their me around tat you ve been there seventy one the whole world do they make a car that you can buy does occur but he called death row low d ve are oh oh oh and they make a car like your truck a toilet tundra but they make that motherfucker what price to work for a company in these two bulletproof vehicles for two weeks was a fiber glad they do at fiberglass i come in i quit it was too hard fiberglass few dead the downstairs fibre we will surely gig we made cars diplomats and like a mobile check cashing vans are those of the big bang mornings and then private cars we just you just fill the doors up with fiberglass just sheets of fiberglass yes but what about the windows
oh hello windows or thickest fuck everything that went it i was putting cargoes are getting bogged down hizbollah privileges bulletproof underneath make a bomb proof from underneath fiberglass the shit out of doors but does devereaux local they do like consumer cars and i dont know what to do with the wind in brazil there popular bulletproof car my shirts highly skilled immigrants update new cadillac presidential limousine debut later in two thousand seventeen cadillac runs that share that collateral the beast america oh what fucking clever name the beast hey hey that can't be cheap web their selling it to anyone how can we can by what the present has tomorrow what do you think one of the most girls for us the money say so
a thousand now known of the taxpayers are painful best thirty million that police is that tax money she no big contract a billion dollar limousine to post replace to lay out means and carry chief executive and a couple of aids most journeys pasture compound still offer conference style ceiling for five and the real rear pasture doors will still be possess to the front of the rear quarter windows there will partially obscure that receipts if at present i would have a conflict like that are out some like that but the front and be a viper out all american out of the punisher war van fucking white scorn side of the two should you like a big ass long bronco two seconds so fucking american brow grew maybe your ram dodge round ball with a smart car
bomber so ridiculous how many those you'll see a lot of snow you see a little woman hollywood i feel like they die now you think yeah save gas that much again laid their asylum there so no new and growing got a record a motorcycle you dead yeah a girl rhine oppressed with you i tell you this really easy green vague and into the environment who's that just channel show simcoe has a hooked up smart car what does he do in these days that's a big smart car right special one he was rumored they try to do a fight for bali him into yonah cup other players they sabena fell and they did like a pilot game i think
to see if anybody was interested that he has managed to stay fairly relic is really big on twitter he plays goes round the word wound about world but the united states and challenges people visa he says play met their gaze familiarly get it he's gonna physicals i mean like real socrates name out their country is flat football sir absolutely not the same as that currently vast while he got a fucking fill us with smart car a nurse siena hooked up smartcard i dont want to see madame lack of marine was known vented rotors you know you're angry just not for me you'll go anger suffer male yad looks like taken offence yeah those are not the best cars to drive around now seem super dangerous priests guy cork has lena capital around you know we don't really rock on each rocked and where the photo shooting hopped out that ran into a ferrari mobile lies gettin blown
snorting around bryanston tesla now oh yeah either for the sun gaiters of temper it's our fragmented and variety does you're gonna have a tesla might as well dad you don't own car man that's that but a skirt they can't fire that in the well they did the old ones did when they that a hurricane that hit these coasts couple years back they had all these bitches part near some water and though that i came in and though they are blew up when they were under water they just start exploding thanking you for genuine if it rains gonna fuck that there could well i think they fix that not they're out of business now they're back out a barrier friskers time i want to have a new car there's all cars legacy of all there are just fuckin too cinders there
blew up and caught on fire there is fucking larry s man look at a more measured the people that all normally k you fucking piece of shit what have i drive through a puddle tan cars going blow up that's a free ride the bats you know that madam president those of its way coup that's leaner not just in bieber how they are being held in rome on the kremlin i think that's the future electric cars is just not quite ready for prime time does not feel i just can't you know for the environment i get it i like that asked but i just can't get into that kinda tests i got bums me out there better for the air i know shore but environmentally there's a lot of concerns with those things like how they extract them the men rules that they used to make them the batteries and the lithium live comes from a lot of like the calm conflict minerals
it comes from a lot of like really poor areas people are forced to mind these things if no other way to make money there had been a country articles ran all ships made pretty much some say that about every three years of things the cell phones like cellphones like called tan that they use makes a zeit caught cold tan things called coltan is a mineral they used to make cell phones and for the longest time at least it was like a lot of it was being made in the congo and these people were essentially almost slaves like mining to stop these little children these child workers the minus of their stuff then called tan conflict mineral and the congo this document has been down this is horrible so in the congo this is one place particularly rich with cold tat these poor poor poor people live a level of poor that united will never understand we need for our phones
key ingredient in the cell phones and i think maybe laptops too but definitely cellphones fucked up did you know it's just it's a weird thing man you got a phone right if you get a phone made by any these major companies a lot of made in china as a bet regulators off the roof is guided by several or are they just working well go on earlier well there again paid very little money but the thing to us are compared to other people that is outside the standard pair rightly maybe they re all and you dont maybe they're happy to have a job probably themselves like in china this will have to put up a net some people jumping there were two sifting through the gravel chilean ahead of orange listen in a pot get people die doing it altogether listen how stuff works listen dots tat eyes long called you know this is not how it goes
for a long time in need in my looking for me call you back facebook piss sobers let's wrap this bitch up ebay i is tomorrow eddie bravo tell people how they can listen tuning and it's gonna be on europe's if i pass or you could ordered on paper view at inch by inch dot tv it's at orpheum so few anywhere in southern california get down there it lives downtown allay gear tone and vague neuralgia nathan orchard pga bark bill cooper and afore man combat jujitsu ternata damn featuring richie martinez super high level jiu jitsu what's going on with you buffalo
nashville zanies yeah
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