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Fight Recap w/ Brendan Schaub

2017-11-06 | 🔗
Joe sits down with Brendan Schaub to discuss recent fights in on November 4, 2017.
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and type in jr that stamps dot com and enter jr and never go to the fucking post office again my guest today is a great and powerful brendan schaub an we're going to breakdown ufc two hundred and seventeen it was a fucking hell of a night and amazing fight card filled with chaos and we breakdown and we're going to talk about that and i'm sure we talked about dicks and some other stuff too thanks alright but enjoyed brennan jobless german the joe rogan experience he and we're live yes dude what a crazy week what the hell watch those three title fights that was like he
it's really funny 'cause we were talking about this and you were like this is probably one of the best cars ever but we have a high likelihood of all decisions yeah what was i wrong again was i wrong i make some good pics but every now and then i just i looked at the map to point it once so close yeah competition and skill wise or they were decisions which i don't mind and then once we're watching i'm glad i was wrong as we're watching like holy shit best ufc card ever i don't know what was the most surprising outcome too it's like did you just crack yourself was hitler's alright jamie sec just read i told you that was a bad idea put that thing there we're gonna put island out red light we got antler right over which is why he says well if it's the it's the hat with a brim like the broom flying there forever and i'm not there right spatial awareness and get used to the space pac man so i think
maybe one of the most impressive things or confusing or or unexpected was how fucking good gsp looked to do is gone for four years comes back and immediately i see a moving around and popping the jab it like jesus christ looks like gsp he now yeah yeah i see i wasn't i wasn't that it was like here shop the hate or not i was not in love with jesus piece performance you weren't i thought he good i thought he looked heavy i didn't think he looked as you know off the he put on some pounds he was thick thick like hearing musketeer thick i thought he people on some pounds in his car he that great for days before yeah he definitely was
is offering a little bit because of that and also it has to be a big factor for years off just the nerves and all that jazz huge factor and the struggle to hold bisping down this makes fuckin' heart and you know honestly taking him down one of the worst things that could happen he got cut it's been done work down there and when i was worried if you want a decision i thought his beans actually winning even though gsp i'm down for that portion if the if the hopefully the judges see that business doing the damaged at all for sure i should count in their eyes i agree i agree high percent only time it's ever really counted though in a in a fight is kevin randleman versus boss routing number seven ranma took boss written down the bathroom as beat the out of them from the bottom and random and didn't do anything but a lot of people were super outraged after that decision now that was a weird one because most of the fight was spent boss on the bottom and random top this so i think i think gsp i'll see look great pass the test i didn't see was
look what's next i didn't think i thought bisping was super hesitant because for this reason it rained earlier right they trained in two thousand and eight two thousand six a while ago he's just be just going to mop the floor with my current deals around so then i think just peace camp in their their thinking was all right middle it's really not where we should be at but this means kind of easy pickings for us we might as well go get the belt from here if we can do this big comeback i think he thought it was a good match up and i think because they train prior that wasn't norm biz being busy pushes the pace i think he was so worried about the takedown rightfully so i don't think that business the great to me either no he looked very super hesitant and stiff and he looked like father sounds like young man tonight tonight i don't think it was a father something i think it was in the back of his mind he was very openly admitting that gsp dominated those training sessions they had in two thousand
and he was saying look i'm much better than i was back then which i'm sure he is but you can only so much better also a mental things like that and when he did that he's impossible to get off i think he was very reserved but i just i thought again i thought after four years hell yeah george look good did george look good enough to be like a whitaker or you'll romero probably not not to hate on his not not to hate on what's going on right now 'cause the epic night i just look at the real middleweights yeah record yourself luke rockhold via cardio problems like this was a fun one and you're crazy if you think he's going to fight maybe five that didn't happen i don't think so either i can promise you that's not happening i think it drops act on one side with the neck yeah when i was thinking about him fighting and would lose no picnic that's not a good time to match a wise it's very tough for just be you know with these been dealing with a shoulder injury he heard a shoulder
pretty bad in that fight early in the thompson fight and so what he does about that is that that's what that's what's up near if he chooses to have surgery i believe he has i don't know he's talked about it but i think he has a labrum tear so the question is what he decides to do about that i heard him say about colby committed we should talk about him is killing me yeah but a good way but he he was saying he goes beyond my soul is messed up but it's good enough for i could whip colby's us know enough to would just be probably not but when it comes out to yeah if you if liquors almost back if they do another intern belt at welterweight a bus i'm going to freak out if there's more intern belt i'm going to freak the fuck out if they do it who would do would they do well it would have to do surgery and then jeeps are not my versus covington oh my god or gsp verse someone down there gsp or somewhere we get a lot of press yep they think they got over a million paper you by saturday night i hope so yeah i hope so
i thought it was going to do around seven hundred they might get a million just in canada they said canada was tracking higher than the paper view for mayweather versus mcgregor really yeah canada come on man it's crazy gsp problems from gsp and he won athlete of the year back the ufc was like not nearly as popular mr he's three rhonda and pre connor he won athlete will now i'll see there's the conor mcgregor effect but there's no one else can go to canon sell out the bell center you know giants right now you can do that his next fight you can go up there and do that oh my god his next fight now is the middle weight champion the world holyshit jeez his contract dana said this but after like pinky swears in the ufc they're kind of like whatever you know i'm saying i think you this contract he said this and it's in his contract yes to defend the middle for the wait title but again i don't think it's going to happen if freddie roach talked about how eighty it is not where he wants to be at when they ask
what's next and then also remember it all this adds up it's easy to figure out if a king sherlock holmes whitaker was side if that fight was next the way promos bring whitaker into the cage like nah son you're good you sit there aren't coming in here we don't need that right now so brock towers over w yeah i don't know man would occur i'm sure would want that fight to hell you'd want the fight i don't think g s p was ever really considering no i don't it's just not a possibility i think the next but yeah with with the injured here's a real quick question if conor defense against tone ok and that's a big fight which i heard is a march that's the rumors what do you think about gsp versus conor i know i'm whispering because because it's crazy alot of
stuff to happen louder for that to line up so common happy tony little wait which do these down to do he was a guerrilla when i interviewed him the way ends and i put my arm on i was like fuck duties giant it's too much it was just too much it was like huge yeah it's just he's way bigger like he looked like two hundred plus pounds when he got his frame so much bigger than conor but just the magnitude of that fight they do at a catch weight that's a super fun we're talking bout superfights nothing can supervise it would have to be at one hundred and seventy but if they did do it at one hundred and seventy we have to get through tony gsp is going to have to woodley then you get to end of next year there's a lot that's the lineup 'cause carter beaten egg tony would tablet giant even if he doesn't it's still super fight right if he loses by devastating knockout is not a super fire probably not going to see gsp again you know this but woodley is if woodley wins you're probably going to the hospital and less your name
wonderboy they'll probably going to sleep on the couch is a fan well one but wonderboy fight at least once a decision but there was it's not far away look like wondered what was going out hell yeah me woodley puts people excuse me what the put people to sleep he has fought hard but here's a question like how much damage has been done to his shoulder and what what needs to be i mean labrum tear whatever sort of a tear it is can it be fixed with stems wells can be fixed with rehab or is it damaged we're going to need surgery 'cause if he does he's likely out a year that's what kane had kane had labrum surgery he's out for a year it's a rough yeah it's not it's not an easy road back an especially excuse me for someone has that wild sing style like woodley think about how much fuckin' torque that guy puts in his punches and he might be the she is hitter in the history of one hundred and seventy pound division you watched that fight with josh koscheck
watch the fight with her on dude he and then johnson was cut into seventy he backs it differ he had no business being down there yeah but i hear you right now he's talking about coming back to heavyweight i know which is good 'cause that division needs it does need him why is he i don't get it yet he said he didn't want to fight anymore because like he's done well he thought he was dying thought that's the life he wants then when you're there like this sucks oh wait i feel actually pretty good i'm going to heavyweight not cut all that weight i wonder in the division slim but how much weight is really cutting at two hundred and five price thirty now you think you walked in about two hundred and thirty five billion a boy he's a freak man so much weight so so much weight he absolutely freak i me a good point use either you or dc who by the way my mvp torrid up ms square garden dc dc is stealing my heart man as a commentator that mother is good he's bring
personality to it he's himself yes he's himself like in brasilia little too excited in the cage but he's great mantilla shock killer shot thriller show he's great he's like he can't talk right now so no but i love that when when rose won and he starts yelling out the ground yes i want that i want that too that's why i want yes everyone doing it take notes be yourself dcs not being fake yeah but he's living in the moment dc is king whole areas yeah he's he has one of the best personalities ever when you hang around him like outside of commentary outside of the fight people don't know him and it's it's us it's a god damn she name the people boo him i'd love that they should love him his personality is amazing so when he's himself that himself is great like me and you we're always excuse me goddamnit
me and him are always laughing and slapping each other's is also brian laughed and yes he's the best you grew up in a locked room so he's gonna know that chit chat you know i'm sandals devise a funny smart and he knows a load about wrestling to what a when asked that he is whenever there's some sort of a takedown attempt or with someone doing something wrong he can explain it that's the that's the future man and he's good at it and wants to do it yeah he's great man he's great but the thug rose one was my favorite hilarious is just being himself but you know it was or him that made the point of you know you really gotta give it up to woodley for what he did to wonder boy when you see what one we did to one hundred the dark with wonder why does everybody will see buddy this is the reason why i felt it was unfair to criticize woodley because if i was in woodley's corner i would have told him to fight the exact same thing like people said to me after the comedy comedy why didn't you say that that fight was boring how goes wasn't boring wasn't it to me while it's happening it might be
warning if you knew what happened and you had to watch the four rounds before if you're not like really into tactics try to figure out what's happening but to me there's just dire sequences to any mistake you make against woodley and is dire it's wonderful really wonder not you out i think it would be in the one boy battle i think it is bad dance partners but i also think make mistaken against wonderboy boy you know being shorter you're in a lot of fucking trouble and he knew that the fight wasn't great they weren't great the last one was in great but there were it was good but i think the way woodley dealt with it and kind of figured it out you said this on the on the commentary on the broadcast where damn maybe the only way to be wonderful yep that's it it's going it's not going be exciting fight so i be great and woodley figure figured that out now when you go to the maya fights like i got damn it you know when you go over there then it's another thing but again with my a fight though if you did hurt his shoulder early in the fight think about dealing with a guy
was one of the best nightmares ever ever night and being in a position where you can use when your arms right right nightmare you almost have to fight the way he fought against maia you don't want to the ground people i kill your flicking tyron woodley apologist your timing woodley lover know it is what it is all right i said i think it just lined up form where it's like this is the macho dealing with and get the shoulder he needed i like colby yes and i sent you a screenshot of his i woke up to this twitter where colby and twist jon jones he finally told kobe this was saying on my show i was saying you know
people say hey man let's not cross the line what kobe listed me right now you find that line you fuckin' run through it is it whatever you're doing is working there don't get racist but run through that fuckin' line from brazil on his fucking social media presence has gone through the roof like when people would people think of him as gone through the roof more people are talking about him now than ever before tracking three three in the world that i'm out title shots well he did beat the shit out of damien maia he beat the brakes resume in brazil wore his ass out and it was only a three round fight mean who knows it was uh ground fighting might have got to stop you stop them in very well might be in the shoot out of an kobe is he's young he's brash is fucking tough as shit look at this jon jones says george saint pierre hey george saint pierre you've always been one of my biggest inspirations show the world how great you can be tonight praying for you will be coming to says
shut up loser exclamation point you're the biggest fuckup in the history of sports hashtag usc seven two hundred and seventeen why is it going so hard in the paint on jones he doesn't care man posing there it's working because i like rose says rose i thought the biggest mvp but quattro says she's like man i'm sick of this fight called moreira geysers going super hard in the paint talking shit and not themselves like i'm a good person nice to let me tell i love that rose and then i open my twitter he told me i'm like but then that also makes sense i got this angel and you know what i'm saying even on my shoulder like that colby know rose this is nice you know it all makes sense look it's exciting the talking is exciting yeah i like when they make up afterwards that's what i'm happy yeah i'll talk plenty they fight and then make up tj and cody really didn't i really like i respect you and cody zegarac spectrum but everything i said was true that guy well when t
he got his face right after the stoppage in was like touching his study what you get is all screaming and that what when you deal with the fight of that magnitude and there's that much high emotion passion there's gonna be a little bit of that yeah but i never saw anybody do that before never saw him the win by stoppage and then when the guy gets up just fucking out of it tj's in his face screaming at the top of his lungs with his mouth touching his face like he was kissing baby burn anyways like on tippy toes great picture just shredded to amazing picture but that but again you know with we had all that ammunition just the week of like i did not get out drops the video and i was like oh fuck i think one of the worst things that happen for cody is we got that knocked down thank you yeah i know what you're saying in practice or in the know know first right in the first round that is insane i mean they are live lip to lip co either kissing essentially kissing cody is
completely out of it right you just got knocked out cold i wasn't views are cold but if you want to stop it she stops moving he got hit oppose it gets hot up it's he came right back gosh it's a both those he came right back he got back up like pretty quickly but i think that's conditioning and just realizing that he you know he came to is a monster because look at tj lookout shredded changing how far is going to cut ten more pounds to go down to fight my mouse do they do a catchweight to the belts really fun matter they're going to do it at twenty five don't want to tj's when i talk to teacher he swears again making goes all day easily you might be able to to mighty mouse who else gonna fly both he gets mike ok behind him or george lockhart or one of those weight cutting tj lists he has someone he does have some guy who is a monster that's why it looks like that right now yeah some guy that he moved to california for if you get a guy who's awake cutting expert i bet i could probably do it i'll do it for sure
he wanted to do it original he's already making the cut when he thought he was going to happen it's like he goes it's no problem he's very disappointed in that fight and i see his point but i also see mighty mouse is point mighty mouse is and as luck would have tj doesn't make the cut and then i lose the fight like what if he doesn't make the weight and then i lose the fight to him he's like that big deal and i don't yet an i don't set the record yeah i wanted to set the record the record was giant him he wants it good in his weight class so he said look at one requirement let tj win a fight twenty five then fight at one twenty five let him win and then i'll have him come over it's going to be jacked that's after we want that two man i mean that some rush it got some raw emotion where there how much there is something to fight three more times there's so much shittalking going in there so personal for these yeah boy look bad when he got clipped got clipped at the end of the first round and it looks like wow really bad will be has a piston for a right hand unbelievable speed but then he came back real quick
like the beginning of the second round he looks fine he looked amazing he looked fine like in layman's wrong with them doing a lot more kicks in did you see what tj said they're like oh you're going to give cody immediate rematches hell no look at the fire out to walk through to get back here because it doesn't work like that true he was does not work like that to fight what three guys have to wait over a year fight three monsters confined linacre yeah by the way fuckin' neutralized linacre too that was one of the more in my opinion one more fascinating fights because i don't think there's the guy in the division that would've neutralized linacre in that way and not getting hit agree yeah i mean maybe dominic maybe dominic but the thing about tj is dominic is tj's more kick oriented dtj tj can he's not the it doesn't have kicks but i think tj is more flexibility is more loose in the outside key tj wins by head kick right head kicks guys he will do all of the above
he doesn't have in any way limited arsenal and i don't know what they're going to do next but you know dominic first jimmy rivera is a tough tough talking to me i don't know what you got jimmy rivera is a foxing hang nightmare he's attacking people is undefeated i gotta mop the floor with your i favor like he's no joke man she's flying under the radar but yeah this is twice as big as either one of us a tank at that weight class and his his low kick that low kick that everyone's doing a below the calf kick the calf kicked god damn that is a debilitating kick the two's mudar course no one's really talking them he's a tiger shulman guy yeah you know when i was uh in the martial arts in new york like that area tiger schulman i have like a whole chain of karate schools and i'm sure they did competitions and stuff i'm pretty sure but no one ever would have thought they would become like a powerhouse for mma but they've had quite a few really talented fighters classes there well they had
kid with the green hair the fox name bantamweight gentleman oh let me fucking talking about god i can try to do that day he stopped he stopped fighting they didn't just dipped out right like i'm out they have that kid so this is going to be a lot of they did this i can't remember this either start a bunch on the spot oh yeah where at one of his other guys had this crazy choke that we had to let go over in the gym and try to figure out yes yes card now yep sorry lewis now he was one of my faves though off duty he's a is talk show pretty sure and then there's been a few other guys to the only one who can get a rematch on the card is you she does there's that after after defend tile that many times you get merked in that first round i think she's that that qualifies for immediate rematch
well i think that's where the big money is for sure i mean people going to want to see that that's a big foot 'cause when when you want to walk down to the in the audience was immense she's finally become like this star that they've they've been put all this promotion were she's when fights yeah she's gotten a thriving in it the little most a little too much which is one of the baby little bass yeah yeah the little bit of the rondo syndrome their little bit well i don't know if it's that but you know she was definitely do a lot of press and it looks like a tremendous amount of pressure but i tell you what do when she was talking to the camera now she's talking to rose and she's like the boogie woman coming for you will you i'm coming for you i kept talking we're scared dude i was legit people with the greatest like chrome of all time i was like booty woman what the food did you see heard looking at rose in her eyes like staring at their soul and she's talking all kinds of crazy shit i'm going to fuck you up i'm going
hurt you and rose is saying the lord's prayer the sum dikshit i was like why astros are already saying she's like i was saying the lords prayer and she even look at you anybody she wouldn't look ok as i got wow this is for real you did yes i mean it's it was easy to say in retrospect i knew that something special is hell no i thought rose is rose and you see a psychiatrist when i saw that way and i'm like we need to get rose some help asap but i'm really forever i'm like you know what we need some professional help but after the fact knowing the result that rose one by knockout it makes it even all the more profound now you can see mutherfuckers just reciting there's no one to talk about i hope the ufc realizes and i think they do that so fucking star that's those real start hell yeah well i mean a real story has to look into twenty five years old she's got the look she shaves her head she beautiful stranger sing look is so in right now is that eleven look is so in these twelve
well she is eleven she's it yeah and she's like a genuinely good person like when she was talking after the fudge slides his child being just be nice to each other and here's the deal that's rehoming from the fans gravitate towards that nice person he do or when you look like her and one hundred and fifteen pounds your woman you fuc up boogie woman to put you in maybe i'll guarantee humanity if she doesn't become as big as stars any other woman in ma i would be stunned damn i like that position 'cause she's a good person man she's worked hard miesha tate got some star out of it rhonda clearly got the biggest right for sure trying to the biggest by far she's the biggest like it was it her own it's everything it was her insane domination for sure just worn on our level until they were right so until for holly really on our level and
she also had this new thing which was the female ask kicked her this thing that didn't exist before so in that way like one of the most unique athletes ever the pressure besides i'll we and who's a coal miner's daughter christy martin member christy martin from back in the old ties fights all your fight on the undercard area the coal miner's daughter member sure but they're not yours what's different yeah it is not that much lately lolly got look few people paying attention to around a body does mom really for a fun feminine issue win yeah man but we don't be in georgia his daughter like you going to be know the store was yeah but it just never it never hit the levels that it hit with rhonda now right but i think that it's pot all that rose could be the biggest star in mma today i've really think so i don't know anyone ever going be ronda because that was the first one it was a crazy i agree but rose could be gigantic mean
i really think she i mean who knows if she could be as big as rhonda but she could be gigantic i really think so yeah i like that she's true to herself to do cheetahs wild schitt she throws up lion arm bars i mean she does wild ship that fuckin' karate hottie fight which she had kicked her and then choked her out dude she's savage she comes on your back oh that division is kind of stacked though if you want to went through a lot of people but for rose there's a lot of tough competition is very tough competition is tough competition standing up too there's a lot of good strikers net the best case scenario those was she for the ufc en rose come in a rose my favorite friend the division come from denver but you know that that division it for her to defend and build a star like the head and you wanna that's when you get a star but that belt circulating we get the public doesn't gravitate towards that we don't like that and you know she's likely going to have to fight carolena who went five hard rounds with you
in three rounds with her it was a three or five rounds with her which one the decision last three right i think it was three i was just on josh just got drive modify was scary and claudia deja jessica andrews beat it out of claudia she beat the brakes off push out of her the man no no offense war manhandling she would manhandled hershey strong strong arms slightest cheatham ashley hawk smashed she straight up smith straight up straight out i was like jesus christ man house what would like that's in cyber got a hold of some it didn't we watch someone live do we do if i could pay for that daily i don't think we did not much different idea fan i think she saw yeah she's very pretty right now she's taking a break though well you know what i mean the bani only has so many wars in it to come that when i was a lot of people were talking about with the ana the thing about you want to
i think about you wanna do in fact though but before the fact before the fact there was some discussion we're talking about look i didn't think that rose was going to do that no but i did i bet on it yeah i did yeah yeah i did on rose yeah well she's such a big underdog forty one ship shoes plus i think i get it plus 500i posted it whether it was put five hundred dollars on him one free and how much to grandson but that's nice yeah just because rose she has that x factor where she just well for awhile female fighter yes she's wild when it's hard to train for and you know at the beginning of the fight you wanna she had done nothing to you wanna all do you no one who can phase she put her fist out touch your fist with her face you know you want that was really trying to get their head and the full time rewards going off other one heaven help some scary she was scared shit but when the actual face down came face down when they were hang in front of each other and they were about to fight you want talk in all the crazy shit and she got close to her
pushed her way she wanted to get the get outta here get outta here and that's and that's what he did he got dirt she did work what the final she wanna landed a punch she she had like a matrix she like bros strong with a leg kick in those are all jesus and then she threw that leap in her took ever with a man is a bad mother well when you have trevor whitman yes he's a phenomenon sermon phenomenal strikes him to focus on one fighter he's a mass will see as we just those who are when name for card lou come on just be still lies endeavor just wait on his jab just cagey training now with think about think about this fight that he's got with eddie alvarez training now for eddie alvarez which is what is this fucking record it's something insane twenty dollars something like that g
ath you know how to spell's name he's got an insane record he been mopping the floor with those c left c level fighters in world series but still is fun still the michael johnson fate in another eighteen oh look at that unsub mission two decisiones fifteen knockouts but but right now i know trevor true and when gatti fight sometimes technique goes out the window and get an animal flocka dude which is why people love him he's wild is schitt that michael johnson fight showed that michael johnson hurt him you know tagged him hard and he came back at hashtag that eddie alvarez fight it's a great fight funky it's a great fight 'cause people forget but justin gaji his background his wrestling yeah he was amazing restaurant university northern colorado freak athletic freak vision is awful to squints he said classes all time micro fuckmeat that fixed i don't think you can get lasik and fight the conditions that you they don't they
why do lasik but they you do the other kind prpd also i also detailing pushed it ship person different kinds there's likely something like the other kind somebody using scalpel yeah the one that they use a scalpel apparently they can do that's the russian ship that's what i had done i think is you know what was wrong with the vision i have tax and glasses i've seen guys fight with those and they lose a contact and they drop it and then they gotta keep fighting it now thanks one nine nice kid okay so he's he's dying with soft contacts in your eyeballs and it's crazy yeah i got lay sick after us when we cross came in i was zoning out now is in denver this cold and my contact froze the urinals like now like fuckin' someone hit me and it shattered in my eye jesus christ you the hard contact hard one oh my god with the ball or stick i think so
do just let me up or something like talking talk text reflecting shredded and i was like i need to i'm playing sports here man i can't have fuckin' contact i used to always freaked me out about glasses like if someone got punched with glasses on the glass went into their isles i'm well they used to have those thick catherine listing catholic athletic ones my poor brother used to wear those is kurt local system ship even though also what if those things break there so fucking thick like they want like the president's windows or mac you can make him you can make it like out of a like a plexiglass yes sir we have to be glad i was in class is like a thick thick plaster really cambria super nerdy with that thing it's funny to me human basketball players get like a broken nose or something like that and then forever they have this funky
mascot too much right yeah too much too much weight silly kids what we see here over the next few weeks to let's what's crazy is like this dude i'll come on carbon fiber two love it lebron james have one of those people who had it but did where because of an injury but you were just to be a beast you can't wear that should let me see that give me a close up on that does with chemicals that's insane carbon fiber yeah i love it i want one right now i want to wear one ship goes down the nose is such terrible design you know you had your nose fixed after the crow cop five oh god but i just see so many people get there no smashed like they had a close up of cowboys kobe had one too huh on that one 'cause they all hurt their nose looks like zoro this pretty bad as it does look pretty bad aspect seriously i want to know if you think about all the stuff that fight yeah come on cody cody's was rough
let me a cowboys cowboys rough darren till cotton with that elbow that fuckin' snapping down elbow i know we did the fight companion for that way i know i told you dude vinny shoreman would not stop raving about darren till he would not stop raving before the fight and shorman knows his shit he was like my i've never seen anything like it for kids going to be a champion yeah most people think from liverpool if don't have fight lined up but i'm surprised he wants to play wonderboy i watched the shift out of watch this shift at mine tillbridge colby let's young lions kill each other say like why not yeah but if you're a fan of high level striking you tell me wonderboy versus until wouldn't be insane not watch it all god wants a should have allowed one of blood on my comp take a monster and what is the seven no ma'am i just be miles would doll he's enormous deals up no one trying to find him big don't go is fine with again
mike perry my pleasure find me is you huge fight coming up studies find ponds and hope you know you got a constant posidonia deathly accounts cuts champ how about your boy johnny hendricks was i figured i'm going to jasons let me try this out she goof off anything answer son yeah he thought the fuckin' erase do that guy scary even post usada scaring up hold up he said listen me right now that golden snitch is good you better i don't know what all loaded all these years being figured out i gotta figure it out i looked at his body i thought what the fuck dude he's so jack he's jacked in shape goodlet might be the best looking dude in the usa yes we could do it on the planet right up there he's not right i don't want to come off as gaming with his shirt off in particular you know that's not really good pictures too aggressive there but they're doing the post fight show down like i bet he slangs all the ring card girls if you wanted to as you start
like this dude is just slinging dick outlook it right there when he was standing next to shooters in the wan tells like no johnny you are not a middle weight this is this is a metal wait this is a big middleman he sold figure he is and johnny i mean ensure shreds research should be ready and the fight was basically an assault it was an assault you would never believe that johnny hunter who is a former world champion have you saw all the way the eraser beat the shit out of him he just beat the shit out of 'em johnny fired back i mean he's tough he tried through some lake x some punches but he was just getting fucking destroyed and just walked down and smashed kicked the body over and over again he was wincing after the first kick butt no matter second kick to the body got hit with you see him wincing in here was when he clipped johnny six i mean it was no contest unfortunate for johnny amount of light if you if you want to feign just looked into like all you got to get out of the crowd to fight this dime piece like that right all these guys
would like to drink bears fighting this dime piece brazilian well maybe the brazilian of all time by the way johnny is just not the same guy he's just not the same guy and you can speculate all day there's nothing wrong reasons why you don't say but like i think sometimes people hate guys for what they've done lately but for johnny i mean you had a great career brother i don't know it's hard to great career but sometimes a weight class above i agree should be i agree 'cause he doesn't want to watch his diet i think it's uh number of things but you know i just man not to hang your head on here like your world champion man you know people think you be just be like you've got a great currently a lot of people a lot of lot and that and now the good argument to that yeah really you can really have a real i mean if you're just objective you didn't have a dog in the fight he could have a real interesting conversation about who won the first an argument there sure and i and i think if you're johnny on he's taken a lot of use online and i wish you
stop but it's all good man you had a good go i hope it doesn't take abuse really what we should do we should be praising heaps on paula costa because at that guy's scary he's terrifying that because the future he's a he legit as fuck too much ground well who knows and i would like to see someone test him i'd like to see him against like a real strong one hundred five pound wrestler you know i think it was for on your c and all knocked out to three in all knocked on his last two remarked to so what we got to see he's he's for real and he's a future housing amature gq or something i'm telling you man fuck it when i was watching i was like the fuck well that could be one thing in one sitting next to him maybe that could what does a man just young when on pussy look inside it's got to be hard it's going to be hard to say super hard and as he gets more and more famous it's going to be famous for sure for sure for sure keep smashing people that way looking that way
matching people that way let's trouble son if he's not famous we should sue the ufc so if you look at this very lobby him on the front part of the video game for god so useless fox it just johnny looked two weight classes lighter than him he looked like he was a welter weight in the race looked like he was a light have johnny's just lost men the end like going to jackson's in it i'm not knocking jax objects when the guys cancel time still is but one five is go there because these they've seen how much success they've had it's literally heavens waiting room it's the in you know is the floor the fighting cancer because here we serve yeah here's i can use that but if you're gonna find out the answer what's also you get a thing the years that he wasn't there and does play a factor in his development it's not like you just go get right back to where you should have been like oh here answer no you were training wrong
all these years and its performance dwindled pretty substantially except for the one fight with hector lombard that which is really interesting that was like the one fight where he actually look pretty good yeah he did and he beat lombard yeah that's right still fucking dangerous and i was like look johnny hendricks looks like he's back and that wasn't that long ago hell knows last year but there's another guy shouldn't be at one hundred and eighty five pounds so he thought a guy who's like him a thick dude who's really a one hundred and seventy that doesn't have the best diet in the world i don't care what anybody says you know that be criticizing m you shouldn't you know you don't walk a mile in his shoes and you know his body doesn't cutting down to one hundred stop just be honestly i'm a johnny hendricks fan look at his body you should not be fighting the best professional fighters the world in less you're heavyweight and you have a body like that with all that
body fat that does you no good it's not aiding your performance in any way shape or form it is one hundred percent a sign of a lack of either planning plan your diet out in advance where too heavy or too much body fat coming into camp for poor discipline poor poor organization of your diet where you don't understand like what food you shouldn't shouldn't be eating when a guys training for a three round flukten fight at the top of the heap in the ufc's middle weight division you gotta think this guy is going to be doing and god dam rigorous schitt the american public watch this going if this fucking guy can't look good how am i going and i'm look terrible but like i think it was worse 'cause hopefully look great costa like a funny quote statue and we don't have to look like a bodybuilder some of the toughest guys like evan dunham he doesn't have a bodybuilder's physique but he's not he doesn't have sure wait on him next wait is not doing you any good i wonder boys not winning any events bodybuilding event but he doesn't have a fucking extra pound on him you know doing this
with these fucking shredded he's got the best body in the division bully could win the olympian he could top five she just got into it one hundred percent phenominal genetics but anyway he's not you can't be competing at the highest levels of the sport given up that much of an event that was a good agreement that you had like all right we could fight in one hundred and eighty five but you have to be twenty percent body fat and i could be ten like what this day in age like mixed martial arts is such a high level like do i was just going over the welterweights the other day and like holy share leash it there is so much talent like the ufc in the welterweight division such good hands there's so much young yeah healing talent if you're not taking every advantage of the technique in your training you had left in the dust and he is from the old school kind of training you don't say like an older cat men well when he was talking about when we're talking about training in texas that he couldn't spar hard with people they wouldn't come back that he had to like
make it light on a man what he really loved about going to jackson he was dealing with real high level fighters all the time he's getting great training in which i thought was great to hear but it's not great that he spent so much time doing it the other way helm turn on seventeen you lose you lose your focus you lose the drive and you just start going through the motions if you're not challenged all the time and it was obvious being challenging competition but he should have been with a real camp along time ago the great what happened with we had some he was with team takedown down they have some sort of i agree ma'am so he was the team take down came from oklahoma state right national champion whatever seventy time all american just a monster and the deal was is there going to support him financially with a house food training camp they take care of all that they give you like a salary salary but once you make it we're taking fifty percent of everything and when you're young up and coming hungry fighter like that's a great deal
till you come johnny hendricks income the world champion like hold up fifty percent i he does differently god damn man thank you blind here this is crazy so i had to go separate ways here's the question great steakhouse did date that was a terrible idea i would eat there loaded i would eat there just story idea instagram selfie yeah i'll hold many but i'll hate that's why we're friends have you left the comment on youtube nope that's why we're friends have you ever hated on a guy on instagram i don't think so now i mean either no not really my style now it's wasted time yeah it's my friends i don't have any i don't get yahoo i think you're going to do is only so much time in this world you should choose to use it wisely i was doing
mls showed some guy asked me questions question still against hey man have you read the to come i would stop there is are you i've never read you to come in my lap my man so there's no quite use really never went not want them too busy creek material for you guys not reading comments man but no doubt was trying to write tell you something you wrote some she's really mean probably probably rolling probably maybe he felt that he was friendly with it hopefully not oh he likes were not hating on a guy like johnny i loved like i said there's there's no reason it is reality right we are just not like look was only we're saying this to me looks like you know like paul costar yeah sometimes i think people confuse hey and being critical of a of a it's sort of reality yeah but but also like when when they go your hate on the if you do you'll see sometimes we talk about paper view numbers are the last papers i'm like listen i have nothing to do with the way the
promote the fighters all that stuff if the numbers are low idler have nothing to do with that but i just give my thoughts on what is going on in the landscape of the ufc hey pull up it's actually doing pull up a picture of johnny hendricks with a beer in his hand with his shirt off he's got a picture where his gut is enormous it seems to be about two hundred and twenty five yeah between five hundred to get up to twenty five that you can't do you just can't do and he could do that because it was the champ you know at the time while it goes along time ago this day nagement the games involving so fucking fast as a welterweight and you have your together you better have you shared together i would look scared for people yeah for your baby training right now yeah it's a it's a it's it's here shark tank and it's a good combination of upcoming new guys and general yeah there's an awesome just combination of everybody in there there's one but there's a better one see him from the side yeah above it right above it with the hat on this one what
that's what ever go to the one with the red shirt on that's incredible i don't so far one way there's no wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute is a real that's that's real how can that be real there's no way ever got that big user come on he likes to be brown what he had bicep surgeons said fuckit what year was this though last week two thousand and fourteen add bicep surgery three years ago dude that'll that'll take you back a year yeah by itself there probably i was armed okay but the thing no you see it fit what is under stomach
just no room for anything other than excellence at one hundred and seventy now or even one hundred and eighty five now but also four pillars for the sport and where it's evolved that you know you in the nfl you can't get away with that in the nba can't get away with that the usa is getting there at a high level where you bet have all your bases covered your again let the up let's classes dude how 'bout s p thanks for eleven days notice was like yeah i'll do it crazy head kick and he landed a head kick earlier in the fight same kick and we were talking about it too were like lookout for his left kick he's got a brutal left kick and then boom right on the button walk away home yeah i mean it was crazy it was so powerful that god died just walks away out cold
just out he silently on this little bit of a rampage at two hundred and five to you know he has three von flue chokes yes she's crazy man 'cause he's not a jitsu guy is always been trained with us or so in five von flue choke sever he's got three baseball bat against the head so dude and on the jaw great win yeah it was a good fight up until then you know the answer is doing well at the head turn rough quarters doing well specially with his wrestling yeah but then osb just so explosive man jamie just wants to keep throwing showing it lamp or get to work right man for koi yeah it's rough way to go out yeah so the whole car it insane right that means that for maine as far as surprises three three titles on the line just the best of all time and gsp going like when he clipped him with that left hand
going to the ground ground and pound then going to the rear naked choke and plan a monthly i could be us of surprise between it retire with you after the fight yeah he's like we're still going to go like well what are you going to do is going to fight somebody else who yoel romero and under done to you just waiting back the bisping beats yoel romero they will light england fire goddamnit have that fight in london yeah i mean think about i mean michael got choked unconscious he got dropped with a good laugh dan but he didn't get knocked out he also won around yeah who won the second round but what i'm saying is he didn't take the kind of damage where he has to be out for a year you know no hell no no he could fight march for sure for sure so if they're going do one in london
yoel romero and michael bisping i think there's a light march in london as well that would be sick you are meryl was everywhere with jorge masvidal when there was he really they were running into each other and there was a video of masvidal going at it with i saw that never and everybody gets separated but yellow romero right there in the mix would be there right here will be speaking to they have to make that happen to you here this is after plucking looked hanging out together hi right here my baby baby i think what if your bisbee item bill i love being there he's as tough as they come i don't want to be alone with those two mother funders hell no specially after burning the flag or whatever you know what did he do did he burn the flag did you burn a brazilian flag
if that number cuban flag ripped it someone he threw it at him during those like dave chappelle stomped it oh that's right yeah definitely don't do that how bad robert whitaker that he went five rounds that do want a decision and he did it with a fucked knee he got his knee generally run to fight or whatever scared strife i would occur him it's him versus g s p as he likes let it happen you don't need to be scared that it happens yeah you know to the we check shock array like yellow this do sada lands he's yeah he's like well i'm good on that bro i don't know about that so the old former welterweight it's not happened son would cause a beast his he so for fasten explosive an he's young as fuck i think roberts only twenty six or twenty seven whitaker if you guessed take yes i say two thousand seven hundred and twenty six
young as five seven a couple that suit primer twentieth you name in prime yeah this is what if you had a gun to my head right now what's next what's next i'd say whitaker how in australia that's what you're getting in the u g s p woodley i love that dana white george st pierre staying a hundred eighty five pounds face robber would occur next holy leave my face you don't believe it i don't think you know schitt how 'bout that down call dana white right now to him you're a lot toll like little kids you know i'll believe it when i see it that's all i said he said a lot of what do
like is the ufc's best year ever maybe you know some ship we don't know yeah that's crazy talk but i don't have to be the ufc account then to just run through some numbers in my old brain brain here that might have some brain trauma go i don't think so there's some awesome things that happened some awesome fights for sure there's one awesome monica fight yeah but i'm saying there's been well if you would just want to look at the business overall yes no for paper view sales yes but for like you and i that are just fans so it's been it's been one of the best years ever god really yeah mighty mouse be the title and they it the way he did slam that's cool get a flying armbar was cool establishing dominance like that amanda nunuez merck and rhonda rowsey with the way she was known as last year that's last december believe it in january it says here bro nothing's last year
people crazy appreciate his last december you might be right this year they haven't had conor ronda brock they haven't had their heavyweights uh is december 29th annual club very very cool yeah i guess that's not this year so yeah you don't say like it it's been a down year as far as this some fun matches if your balls deep into mma like we are but as far as just like a great year now no there are some some those paper views of the cod to hammer the fight nights like come on man i think this is a transitional period and again it's a jesse's fault is with the talent to it just wasn't timing up right then you get certain cards like this where they hit it out the fucking park yeah this one was so happy my son was told cody and dominick cruz this year or last year code dominick cruz was this year yeah so there's that cody dominick cruz big fight yeah but would it grants what about fifty five now
all stalled out because on the sidelines tony ferguson had been the interment interim champion to wait forever i mean do we need to know could be was gonna fight against my marbles a december thirtieth that is definitely how that's out now he said no more to masseuse or you're fine december thirtieth at ten call me a city as a real nutritionists now how much blood does that happen oh do you you right number one in the world did you get a new jersey feeded underfeeding everybody smashing and you almost died from making weight and so i was like oh man you know what we should do twice almost died twice you keep missing weight bro now you could be the best in the we should have nutritionist it's not a bad idea not everyone around you to be before listening he's devout muslim so like any it's anywhere near ramadan can't fight well some i just pulled it out blah muhammad did he did he did it organize his camp he organized
all this training so all this training was done after dark is there fast all during the day right you can dance who sundown yeah i think i don't know even know if you're allowed to drink water no i don't think so we just go az once the sun goes down from sunrise sunset you don't know so i think what he did was just alters training and i staring at night i guess i should be how bad you want us well it's just such a crazy rule like is if god was around we really decide like went when i guess the idea is that your by recognizing that you're doing something difficult to you don't want to do your like in this religious tradition you're honoring him i the gun intermountain eoc but either way could be you fight yes broke my heart when for some find that broke my heart is so mad the day of the way and so i was so mad there's no way i know i'm never or the wayans but was it the day over day before very close within a day or two
very close whatever like is the day of it was so should he can't say anything now he's got just because complete quien ten wins yeah and because of that you know it's it's not that it's a tough fight from his but bubbles as the nasty stand up in the games was division but yes when people fight for kobe gets ahold of you going for a ride yeah if you get told you he can wrestle fuck you like no one else could be tony that's the fight isn't it but i'm not sure you got tony conner i think happens in march when he was holding michael johnson down helpless and his beaten shit out of him that he was helpless when when have you ever seen anybody be able to do that he was going to amend guns just give up i need this i need this to just stop now i don't want to do this woman is outrageous beating the shit out of him complete total control of him how he's speaking should have shipped what's easy but it is like there's at that level it's very rare that that can happen at that level where someone is so much better than the other person just completely tied up there
go there aren't tom card to the eagle hello the one of the condit returning to neil magnet come on kids magnet get her thrown magnet just to the killers i like how they say to be determined for the main event because they're banking on connor well who knows who knows me cruz versus rivera's interesting hell yeah versus carlos esparza is very interesting delia next on the wins decision to use your your goals all that asks you got verse sake go that's interesting tweet let me with that clients akiza fuckin' monster he's among no this is that put stand dot dot pay like running ropes what fourteen year old from red it's running this thing for them it would suck man and how camaro usman versus meek
everyone scared so who's one won the fight tools months another one at one seven and it's terrifying yes we could be a world champion nigerian nightmare he's a nightmare christian i can do to mill meek is a beast he this scary to man it's all very interesting no news mon they tried out front lights in because only date these are off item is make that i was straight functions of viking what's going on this form viking gt well the bodies challenging our boy brazilian time he smashed to keeney oh who some not power harrison just knocked him unconscious right that's how he got into the ufc he's a based man that's a real good fight but i just don't know i don't know if uh a meal meek is going to be fast enough to keep it loose what's my least one noise at night medicare line number twelve ranking on the world about lucemon versus darren till jesus
but yeah i'm i'm use mon colby colby tells what i'd like i'd like whose members anybody i would so i let's see spahn five for the title i like to see him fight anybody right now yup i thank you most under guy in maybe in every division that's what i think how many people fear i don't know if i'd want to see him fight for the title right now who is his last fight click on that destroying dudes yeah destroying this was his last fight search of our eyes yes sir john why did you two guys you know he put the smash on him more eyes bad jiu jitsu player first that chrome on chrome he also fuckin' gave neil magny that horrible triangle in brazil that's right i mean just you do not go together and especially that guys when he fought in the finals when sergio fought in the finals of the ultimate fighter it was in brazil he
he goes my opponent has just as much of a chance of getting me pregnant as he does submitting me is christ it's a great line here this is a fair she's a wee answer to these fight nate was going to say that part yeah prime was at a k done jacking off the boys in a k and how many guys jack off i know luke rakel you official for the most part a lose you too yeah looks the and the count was saying uhm overtime i lived with trying to talk about things john jack into how many guys he jacked off a k now he's on the meat strain a k now mark orders yes no she is doing a lot of this camp there that's interesting i'm of a unified since use twelve that's crazy right the one how many wars price within remember his fight with woodley and strikeforce we knocked him out with a mortal back combination cv find nate marquardt kos tyron woodley they became
world champion yeah here is multi pancreas champion but now he's like his first real another bankers wasn't real but those first huge bellman strike force yeah super talented super young with a little help i mean come on man it was crazy about that that camp is working on this weird like thai kwando again they're just doing elbows and we'd make fun of him he be in the corner just don't like these weird fuckin' motions like ok naked luck with that well that's what he is is now elbows mean you gotta think bisbee on the on the bottom those over not lit his face up toward up kind of my there was bleeding badly like having a hard time seeing you could see it on his forehead he was caught on his bridge his nose good elbows only some of the most underutilized weapons you know think of the the surface area you can get out hard striking in a very close quarters with elbows like when someone is very good with it remember when crowe cop fought gonzaga
oh my god top of a man just opened him up like like him hit him in the word man ma'am i like watching a good movie tied to watching people at a good elbows and smashed slash l i was a tough she can't really train elbows that was the other fight did you see the fight on the fight pass card between we knowledge with for us the hobbies brother no i heard throw these brother just got dealt it's too bad lately i didn't see it dude he was bad and i saw a comment 'cause he was giving up the spin i saw him like he's going to spin and he spawn an him with uh eating elbow on the jaw snowy snapped his head around like you've never seen fully unconscious fully unconscious for five hundred and ten minutes fully unconscious
tim then like a fresh yet still traveling yet huge main event to get ready for my man let's get back in this brother is going to shake that off and it was a real you're his brothers put in a tremendous amount of pressure on the other guy goddamnit i forget his name do not have the highlight to be tough with fight pass a it's out there what is a home boy's name watch for car alarm rameau's that it it's up to the headline on that was growing on the simple to video see this is the yeah that's it right here boom oh yeah he goes well that's a broken jaw oh yeah for sure yeah again it's harmos is high said oh sorry the lands at once behind the other one don't show that again
from the very beginning keep the volume up go to the very beginning this be so hard if you're for us yeah just over three minutes ago pretty good over him he lands here behind me right there i said hi i'm also thinking about spinning us we did it blink at ten two in a row i think he stunned him with the first one and then i think the go and just look at his face dude his job sorted locked yeah just got smashed nothing that's a perfect example of like how good elbows are someone gets really good at spinning our wheels your c gaston bolanos right now you also not gonna breaker will write in smash people in the face and sometimes guys have chunks of though for around the elbow yeah like winters like anderson had some stuff removed from his elbow and jacques array did gray had some stuff he had so much stuff removed from his elbow that i like phil a cop i
he put it online like chips i've ever chip training liable like a mother just put to put a neil innes keep a sock and possibly one of my to share fight right little river i'm in the back in the states like draining it kicked up front about yeah 'cause i was worried that was he was arrested on like it takes it down with throw some elbows i'm on my cat this fuckin' baseball pad i drain it yeah was it painful or is it just swelling now just swelling it's just it's just stupid felt like it's like at a big tity on my own i've got it on my arm and we just kept saying it do you find the pictures of jack arrays do that was in his elbow cuz i think i showed it to you before when we looked at it we were like what the like that was in his elbow like it's like a cup of it on the operating table little there it is all my gosh yeah that's all the years just to hunt just grinding on people's faces i think it's probably not tapping and then as per
with sparring you gotta think he's doing a lot of kickboxing sparring with trying click on that so one is that a size comparison to someone else go back to his again so we could stare it was inside his fucking elbow that's he's with chunks looks like look like to warn and it's like teeth yeah yeah some of it is some of it's probably bone a lot of people are saying you know and since it was a fight against kelvin but not like innocent gsp won't feel like the ship sailed though well i'll tell you what if anderson lights up kelvin gastelum it's not so highly knocked out yeah flying knee ko five like you hit best bang member would do any his band at flying knee and then been came back in one yeah anderson is that was crazy right like anderson thought it was over walked with his arms up in the air so weird fight and he he hit him when bisping was calling for his mouthpiece busy
like now i need my mouse to whom flying knee two thousand is being gotta know yep that's an bisbee how he comes back and wins the next round right now top fish it there it is in british dumping c anderson if anderson wins in a big way look that cracking michael bisping cracking anderson silva that was crazy too and he knocked anderson down hell yeah but it was like oh that's one of the greatest sights on a middle weight history don't sleep well that's what made the biz being kind of legend there yeah there's a big fight man huge fight i was a big deal you know look at that boom dude but also anderson so much taller than kelvin kelvin's issue at eight thousand and eighty five is size yeah when tell you what calvin calvin stupid hand speed man and beautiful combinations when he fuckedup victor like dude who's fuckedup victor that standing before yeah i mean just hold this fall on your right old been two wars been beat up put golden snitch
peter you're golden state what's going to drain about the future vittore belfort change the future of everybody yeah but even before the golden snitch the whole getting rid of testosterone replacement therapy for sures before but thinking you know when when kelvin again i love i think he's actually a natural one hundred and seventy i think he's getting better at seventy twenty one i guess like weidman who an upper echelon run the fiber it's just a different level men and one major around just as fast and and your it's just it doesn't work like that and weidman has a crushing top phenomenon chaplin game yeah especially stop game his round game from the bottom got exposed a little bit in the rockhold fight but also shows you how good rock holds top game it's because rock holds a monster when he gets on topic i rustled a black belt runkle to black on the good ship out some super legit bright but so is weidman guidance blocked on the grass as well i just think his his body game is not like this top game is insane yeah it gets on top you like exactly the way he did calvin
he gets that choke down on you that had an armed fuct but he just doesn't have the ability to get up or to be very good defensively off of his back the way some other guys no bottoms toughman be really really good because such a high level such a highlight to be affective like be a threat down there yeah yeah and brock old is also to spar with kane and uses par with dc all the time he's used to consulate grappling guys way way bigger way have your way stronger so he's saw in power and strong his time came so strong as a monster when you get david branch down and he's on top of a mountain clamp cels legs together like all he's fox is not get now branches the hands of john done her plan to have him with you know kind of silly he smashed a subject to the grounds just smash them so like him versus g is p would be courageous z plot well rakel just be known yeah luke rockhold yes brown yeah he went to a fucking crying too i say not instant silva gsp no i'm saying anderson silva gsp
it would be interesting like rockhold versus how dare you melt crazy crazy if you're rockhold fan hoax mash he's just too small this was cardio issues rockhold can go to which sites you know his strike for stay fights with jock gray and tim kennedy like he go a boy can move yeah that's a bad idea for gsp i know but it's still pay to see it yeah i i see i'm interested in seeing gsp against a real top level the way other than michael bisping are you i'm not a problem i'd rather see miss seventy i do too i want to see my seventy two but i'd also right so i mean i would like to see if we're right about him carrying that extra weight i'd like to see if we're right i mean i wouldn't say that
who is pancho barraza freddie roach wagner middle it's really not where we should be at yeah i would tell him at one seven if you go down to one hundred and seventy five the title eliminator fight against colby covington or someone someone who's like an up and coming guy not fight woodley right away i don't think fight right away i think whether is going to be out for awhile if i had to so you do in terminal i don't i mean i don't know what the real extent of his shoulder is but i've commented on a little bit yeah he's starting to do some kind of outside the ring stuff has a show on tmz as a podcast movies all that sounds great hello this is not re really i mean not if not if you're trying to be the best in the world right i don't believe i don't believe in this day in age of mixed martial arts you can do that and still be the best of the best is he able to train it all right now do you know why i don't know it looks it woodley so he takes care of business right so it's probably
yeah i'm sure but sure his shoulders fuckedup he's probably not doing any real intense grappling or anything he's got a really swing his arms around what disease fight in knows the rosemary and provide ozdemir scary yeah he's an american dudes nonstop he gets in a clinch lance boxes hanson hands to shake his hands like shaking his table yeah how long do you think that fighting is on its feet for thirty over under thirty seconds change formers get this pc come out a singlet or housework no to give him his mile high privilege yeah man he's going thunder horn yeah he's going airborne he sees a monster yeah i mean people forget but watch what he did to rumble you know the man hand this is a tremendous tremendous wrestler
thank you bye came can start a train down came once you get back in it you know but yes is that back surgery and so it's pretty significant injuries knee surgery back surgery shoulder surgery it's a lot which it wrong so he's trying to make sure that everything goes the right way meanwhile francis isn't franciscanos in vegas at the fucking ufc lab just kidding filled with whatever the fuck they're given the or i can come back to that what do you think they tested him with like what kind of ship doing to him the ufc la dfdfcu smart to be like this is our guy again that's just in the city might be the future wolf i mean what man look he's gonna fight alistair the falcon him and you can never sleep on alistair overeem masters of the most decorated like in fighter in the ufc if they start if they start staying in front of each other in ghana starts moving forward and he doesn't protect that le lag alistair sir slamming meat into that left leg now you're gone
faster is way more technically way more tactical but the thing announcer is asters leg kick some of the most underrated aspect of his game so as his people always forget how good his graphic it's just he can't he can't take it the way some of these guys how dare they take a picture of perrin thank over him now like runs backwards and when you so right that it's wrong that's working but as the broadcaster days yeah that sobering yeah that ain't real yeah the guys fighting as will show a picture of wolverine up there that's not him no i don't think so that's the photo shoot ok go to his last fight who did fight jds right knocked him out no he had one more fight since then at least
ladies i think enough is it when you can yes that's what was he knocked out gds before he fought for the title that's right yeah so him versus mark hunt way in so that the wans yeah see that's real the let's let's look yeah yeah you know still jacked still great athlete yeah but he's not steamrolling people the way the system real people he flat line mark hunt though he did flatline with that knee but like remember when he thought todd duffee in japan like that was that was full right uhm ring was also oh my god blueprint lesbian fights the best yelling at me that's insane that is a perfect placement he's got some of the best he's in the now he's so talented but now that you thought in the golden snitch or like now you gotta fight for realz now he's using his technique he's been a lot more smarter look at that i can't watch this bum how dare you
landmark can't you son of a mitch that is a full flat line too i'm a mark hunt fan yeah me too man i think he's done though since they pulled him off that card you don't even if he flies out and does the test in one to do well it's got to do it now but they offered it to before apparently said no i don't know what the story is though i mean i'd of i know he has one story he has a story that he thinks involves the lawsuit that he put on the ufc after the brock lesnar fight he says that they knew the brock lesnar on steroids and that they made him fight his lawsuit but only the only defense that is you know dana said this in the state we hold up we had him headline two cards and we paid one point sixty seven million dollars then since for one flight heels if the lawsuit was an issue why the fund could we do all this also yanking him for card this crazy i'm defending dana here for a fighter but also yanking the card for people paper
australia perch the ufc's business model yes so they would there also protect morass because it's on record that he says he's having brain issues and then they put in the main event and it's even bigger deal then you can see the down and he said it's only when he has a couple of drinks as we start slowing his words streets bro he didn't say it the right way you know no if you look at that interview he really wasn't based off that it kind of got a context but you know mark does have to own up he did say that say it and he said it in an interview but he thinks they pulled him off the car because of the lawsuit i don't think so it doesn't make sense to use these like because we're doing verse i forget the ice it isn't uh it's not a big paper you for australia's not big card mark hunt is a huge flood drawn australia it was designed to have info on that card is for you guys find mar scene to bora as a striker yes silver dooms gonna put most likely take doc i to the ground and and
you know your boy walked here is finally fall again after getting stuck in but did you see the fight yeah i did man you guys were like i don't think is a bad did he politely meant to kick that due to a face right lately we're on the same page well want to watch it again we listen to the part where the referee says stop stop and he's right in front of me still over like a kiss on the floor he got caught up in the whole thing and it's a fight and i believe them come on but but look that means you got caught up in decided to kick that guy anyway like you couldn't pull it back in time whether you're caught up or not it's a cheap shot when i come back in time now you kicked my face will ref was between you wanted to him yeah that's a cheap shot and put it yeah it's not going to percent now it's just a cheap shot i don't think walter is a bad dude but he did something bad he did something bad you locked up whatever effect let's not crucify the gap yeah it was super dirty and at the end of the fight like when that dude got illegally
in the ear that was literally nothing yes you know but you have to think about what happened before that yeah like what happened he got poked in the eye or no get hit in the nuts he thought he in the nuts he moved away and walk him after come to a punch referee said stop and then he threw the kicking caught him with a head pretty clean pretty clean and i don't it was enough to stop the fight now it was like a slap to the face more than it was still i still heavy weight phone that would have seventeen size yeah she we was at your face no bueno he's enormous yeah it but it was a hard shot and then and you know he had some time to recover and then he beat the shit out of him again and then him with the illegal shot then stem the doctor talked to him and god same job link god i'm and godbeer said he could go on but yeah that's fair mean kicked in the face like you said don't think well here's the bad dude
i'm not leaving the two fights yeah i'm completing that with the curtis blaydes fight i don't see the kerrs played fight kids that's why i up because that cursed place was cleaner result but also an illegal shot this beat the shit out of this dude this was the only i was the only thing you would want harassing god i get confused god beer harris thing did not look like it was enough to stop the fight but it was a cheap shot cheap shot god because like yeah it's like that i can't go out then he won the fight which is the correct decision the other fighters where i fuckedup was blades and only nick blades meeting is shared out of only nick and then he went to throw a shot that would have been an illegal shot but it didn't really hit him he toad is here he hit us with this to unveil baby but the referee saw but there was contacts he said look i have to stop it because it was an illegal shot was contact and he brought the doctor in and only nick was done but he was done
beating the took care of so blades one good yeah it was good but it a super confusing for curtis he thought he was getting disqualify will calm down and and he'd be the show to do before that you could really tell that the tahoe just barely touching flick to their curtis blades up all the trains all my guys back in them reference them in the same as the next big thing it was really high on a if he keeps going if you're going to keep getting better you seem better in every fight yeah his striking has a ways to go but they're likely to get that last year no one yeah and this is getting better better better yeah he got a leg kick quite a bit by that big russian dude that russia does seem russian and not travel so that his strangle travis yeah the only nyc yellow flicker does not just not go away destroyer travis yeah re not ground like a side ways renee could choke member all that's right he's just a neck crank he's the guy
one from ezekiel from while he was mounted a tree that's the dude mount him and something easy going on i guess that's a yeah a dozen tomatoes fearful the lonely so god damn strong will tell you that may look scary when he gets a hold of people it's like which is walk down music flicker of light do you hate france russian russian religious music blues bros going to include fudge on fade or selector walkout music it's not working have you seen that a documentary at icarus we talked about this right talk a little bit you see it now did you got to watch it i know we can keep talking well the you'll go crazy will do you know what the problem is i see you you have to watch it you know what the problem is put give me an assignment to to make it fair alright but the problem is is i listen to the home who came out and talked about it and then we've talked about so much i feel like i'm good you know when you see it like
if you give me a breakdown of the first season of narcos and we talked about all the time i'm not going to i got it spoiler definitely right but when you see the visual yeah the way it's done he did amazing job put in a movie together so the way it's done it's like shows you where the building was where they hid the urine how they got urine pass through the wall had a fucking hole in the wall how they opened up cars they show the scratches on the jars and it's like dude they rob the olympics it's great the olympics in russia and they robbed it they had a record number golds and they were just all on steroid here's my question for that so when i see that stuff off this not happen happening just in olympics how what's going on right now in big professionals just think how much money is in the nfl nba ufc sing like who's in the no i would love to just be a gold well it's it you would have to get get the kind and this is where the oc should be credited because you'd have to get the kind of access
the ufc has and they given to the and the ufc and sada like what they do is unprecedented in sport what they do is unlike any other sport with a just you're treated as if you're in an olympic program like we could just show up at your house at any moment your entire career your entire career you have to give your whereabouts everywhere you are all day wherever in a daze austria all my gosh sixpence of two oh my god thank you in love with he doesn't have to do this no they don't no one's asked him to do this hello this is the best choice but i don't think it is yeah in today's climate and environment i'm not advocating cheating but i don't think you should cheat getting more fun though not like c'mon c'mon what we doing here we doing but john jones fight head shake free john i don't know about all that we want to know the craziest fucking rumor
i heard well you john johnstone police services across and i can tell you who told me this hi this is the craziest one the the stuff that he tested positive for and with the disease does make any sense and people are saying that there's so many months out the stuff that he take tasted paz when he was telling tested hearing tested their the stuff that he tested positive takes long time to get out of your system right yeah that he was test possible you know where else that stuff did you find it you find it in creatine when they get creatine sometimes from china is it's tainted with steroids they use that creatine to cut cocaine so he's doing the cooking here is one of the things that they cut some cocaine with is creatine 'cause it looks like cocaine
so he money so x now got bad bat if he was party monohydrate okay up up up up john what do bob it's really good stuff and i can't as part of the family it's it's called beyond your sister tomorrow bro mutatis feel pretty swole tool song comes on the radio their dancing people freaking about all your worries in the biggest fight here looking all let it go he ever makes sense he had a birthday ten days out before the ufc fight well what do we do but the world wants him to be a fart come a birthday he golf course new couple bumps on your birthday my birthday the world change on last time we talked him up three weeks out when he did coke come on man probably barely trained oh my god that's the case just stop and think about it for a moment if it was that stuff that's best case scenario joe oh yeah
if it's not and we can track and we can enjoy your dealer he deals go you'll homes let me come in and talk to you about where i get my shoes in colombia homes you guys want to go down that you're welcome it is down there well look taking the propeller plane road hm across the border we will go to that of his key let how bout you want to catch this guy your name well you they don't want to they're not in the business of drug enforcement you don't want to catch a guy at all and know the guy's not gonna admit is i'm gonna give you a bag searches the plot of narcos from what's it to john just write her cause for fuller died john didn't tell me this some some yeah somebody told me this as a rumor which sounds crazy but then red band was the one that called the dick pills last time red band said that he's taking dick pills like if the guy does coke he tested positive for coke and red battles like if he does dick pills or if he does coke he's probably doing i was like what and bread been brought a bunch of a man he's like you think
anyone knows what's in these things is true it's like they have steroids in all because i've taken cialis he goes and i've taken this stuff because this stuff is way crazier than really yes he says it's mad talk like a wild animal and we said your dick is hard as a rock was the best promo for dick ulous ever it seems like but there gas station dick pills that you're getting from some fucking third world country feel world class athlete probably shouldn't be doing that show up in a bucket they used to have pain in yes one hundred percent i mean rhino seven thousand yes red happy so scared that a bunch it brian won't take him anymore and brian takes everything and he we'll take rhino seven thousand remember when they used to have that life cereal commercial you he hates everything brian's opposite of that
brian will take whatever you give me getting face like let's go let's see what the rhino pills do my only cold he did is right he did but my skeptical hippo eyes there's because again we're constantly looking in their smart people around john so with this stuff yeah there's klum it in there but clomid is a masking agent there's a lot of masking waiting till mid jump they found climate in this show on the old one i the new one now the new one was what was it called up some brushing zebra steroid torn torn balsam yeah we went to random trying to paint that abich so if you're john you're doing a couple of devils dan drift and just whatever it's your birthday that's the case but they have found the cloma they did find it in those dick pills i mean it was in there it is but also makes sense to wouldn't it like it's a it does insurgent inhibitor one hundred percent but it's also for something else it's also
for if you been running you know dear in it you take clomid to re write things so it's in there like i said you have a lot of smart people around you where when the public hears dick pills like us not well come right click on it so it's all here go fight again right so that now if it's cocaine he should be out we're we're we're not looking for years all you got to prove that it's cocaine first of all this is pure speculation on my part that cocaine is a journalist if i was like working we don't have resources already had me pulled out of here you and i both be fired forget espn one for our social media too because well my sources the one guide that is in the business he got his balls deep usually in this stuff now i'm not i'm not here in awhile give a fuck yeah i'm wrong nine percent of the time like man my sources say my sources
not because with three people but your guide the who knows who it is maybe the cocaine dealer but no should track him if i'm john i'm hiring some private investigator tracks amshit down it's too late oh my god this is not i can i tell you my guy is but he does not have a vested interest in anybody being correct he he just has what what no no no no on too he has what he has is a possibility and he also was saying in even if it's true good luck proven that later disapproved you're you're up because all the all the commissioners is trainable with the it is i would like to find out from people who actually know whether or not this is possible christine in cocaine year no no not if you will that i've heard is true i don't think i looked it up though i think i heard from other people as google it sought a bunch places
yeah they use creating cats prosise seattle and that's why do we always do that's why i have my masters in broken so see see if it's proven that creatine test positive for that stuff because that would be very very unique turana ball ain't amination and creatine specifically creatine apparently and a lot of the stuff that you get if you're buying vitamins you're getting in bulk mixed places and we had use the early on batches of alpha brain that they didn't contain all the stuff that was supposed to it was it had some stuff that we do need to put in have traces of we had a change labs you wanna buy some right now sure we can buy some it's a dollar when the five us dollars per gram what's to come collectible take raw steroids their animal malaysia source trainable creatine cycle damn how much is it the very first thing that popped up how much is it five dollars
wash it so magically sees wolf is this thing there's so much that they sell online that's bullshit but i bet a lot of this stuff is real steroids i agree with this bet flea industry limited i think if you got some shit that's like sort of legal i bet you could sell it you would test positive for it but you could probably sell i've taken a lot of fuckin' supple into my day and i never flagged i'm not taking the n stuff that's like standards testosterone nothing ever mmhm and if you're john what tough what are you doing from is that the was that say that just showing you the supplement itself thanks see if you can find eighteen contaminated with trenabol see that what the baseball players get busted for it that way yeah but don't right is creatine taranta ball just right creatine contaminated with rentable 'cause apparently more than one person has tested positive in various sports
creatine specific in baseball shitload yeah well creating works mean hell yeah it gives you a fat face though make you swell hello heidi doesn't the the there's no reason three of on the mile high pitched by cold water so that it yes we retain the little water fat face yeah yeah get sick though you get strong real weight on this legit form but it says there's forty two supplements that are sold at gnc that can trigger a positive test for trainable and at this point this was in twenty fourteen you saw i had only found seven of them were any of them creatine just see harder did did did did anything come up when you google creatine contaminated with travel that was that was there for all that stuff so one of any of those things are creating totally makes sense man i mean if you wanted to sell the creating this the bomb you'll my crew to make you gain mad i'll buy it yeah for the regular dude just goes to gym good on tinder i just want yeah so it looks well son trying to slide them dms
price wise and trials that polar coaster costa body you take some of that creatine monohydrate well yes no creating does work though i guess the legit supplement that ship really if you want to get like big and strong creatine son it's something yeah yeah i mean it won't pull your hammy but whatever it won't do it steroids can do but it'll go now you won't be victor over anymore john jones in that big stronger undertaker stronger it's legit but it also if you eat a lot of red meat preteens in red meat so you're good yeah i've got this i commands doctors of all these red meat sean baker yeah does he love lordships nope 50s jacked is he does fuqing sets deadlift box jumps these garoppolo mostly a tank really it is nobody's doing drugs at all look a muscle there's a bunch of videos and pictures of me i said i'm very curious to see like i've never heard of anybody just even just advocating eating
i've always heard the i heard if you just read me like your cholesterol your blood pressure it's hard to break break down your body like it's not the way to go i heard lola red meat is the way to go that's not totally right because it did the most of what you get when you get high cholesterol this of john there's a lot of debate on a fast how black high cholesterol but but terry cholesterol is apparently not a big factor really genetics are a big factor sedentary lifestyle is a big factor what about just digestion all that red meat that would be hard i would wonder i wonder but i wonder if like maybe it's not that hot maybe it's the illusion i think there was a study that was done on red meat the talking about what percentage of people got red meat or that ate a lot of red meat were likely to get cancer and criticism of the study that read that was really interesting said this stuff he is not differentiating between what kind of meat you read it's not talking about steaks it's talking
just read me so what are you eating with that red meat if you're eating red meat five times a week and you have a higher likely have cancer it's entirely possible that talking about cheeseburgers too tightly because we talk about food and bulshit aung san which is and stuff with a lot of simple refined carbohydrates lot of it's fast windows with the sugar he not saying oh did you eat grass fed beef or by season five days a week or did you eat bullshit five days a week did you eat a fucking sausage mcgriddle and you who knows what the hell nothing right you know like what are you eating with it is bread bring it with pasta how often do you eating refined carbohydrates like all these other factors could also be contributing to your heart attack and they might be the difference it's like those things get put out there and then it just stuck with like beginning to much red meat man are you charges digest well that's
i don't think again i think balance is probably good for everything you know i think it's probably good to eat a lot of fiber he just seems like you you should a lot that seems good like when i did giant salad i take massive dumps and it comes like a water slide right woo yeah let's just push or if i want to hear what home we had stayed maybe you can just eat red meat like a god dam caveman and be great while he's doing it he gets all his vitamins from that too which isn't pain really he's taking supplements well so i would like to ask him i can't wait to talk to him i'm you know if it's the right move but here's the thing is like the right move for you is not the right move no it's not the right room for that dude out there so everybody's got a different everybody's body is different when it comes to that and some people just really well to like all fish like you were doing that for awhile as soon as terry two weeks just a
well yeah well it yeah it's like all right you know you get bored if a king fish i like to mix things up i like to challenge myself with diets but then sometimes sometimes like i don't feel great i'm not doing anymore i don't feel great i gave it to me so i gave it over four weeks plus ten i think i don't feel great i'm sluggish in the morning do i have a lot of energy from my workouts i'm not doing anymore i feel better that's some carbs yeah i know you did you never even eaten elk yet no next time next here you hear man i'm going to grill it grill in the going grill the grill you have you doing committee on saturday who can't make it i can't you can't make it just makes me happy when you can't do it when i can't eat a hater account text me or you text your companion statical phuc i'm in nashville i will let you actually cancel in hash where he had something i promised i was going to do
pull out of it family stuff yep take that take that indeed yes did i can't wait till the day we do only fight companions that's going to be fun i'll do like one event one live event a year that's going to next contract you just work at mass square garden for the biggest part of the year that's exactly what you should do exactly what you should do can i say it's like in a lot of hey i'm sure we get from everybody but performance regarding i don't get the big like who with mass gregory like it's old as it it doesn't look that cool i the man i know over in everyone sports in but if you like nexus is what it's like and forever have you ever been holly hasn't fought there forever not give it a home i've never been a role well when you're in rome and you just walk in the coliseum your whole leave the this is the history it's in obviously the colosseum has way more history that's what i want to say i want to see a fuckin' fight in the call
that's what they should do conor versus gsp in italy in calcium you're onto something the pure mma fighters list right now i fucking hate these two this is to sell one thousand tickets they only sell million saudi arabia just divide up in that but you buy is all the blowers there everyone's is covered in gold as mr teague distract wars lined up two ferraris pull up harry lamborghinis that's it lamborghini limousines caviar going through the aisles and she talks to you does champagne pd he changed his name for a fourth time the huge p diddy changes name we know you did as he did a lot love brother brother love hey man his is coffee to me i don't know but he's not going to respond to puffy or did he or p diddy or any of those monikers before those previous monitors he goes i don't feel like i'm same person i'm not
guy anymore you know and i feel all the time but we stuck with my same me to change my name for that so i don't like being known as the final look to my name yeah would you like to be i don't know come up with something fresh i write something cool like wrapping some cool like be smooth truth yeah be smooth be laughing and please welcome your host be laughing at this is brother love by the way we're in a wait wait a minute wait a minute well if you can do that can you do that you did it well that seems that's it i'm gonna call myself the soup flock to you can't allow myself superfinal jimmy superfly snuka hate can that's my new name proceeds to fly to it on a minute that you perfect and you only have to supervise and none of my previous monitors so that sean combs who sponde i respond
all the ones that puffy won't respond to and superfly dude you puffy p diddy that's when you know you just don't have the right people around you we can just change your name in more answer anything else that is hilarious oh hell no do you think just high as fuck cuz you seem so high he scared to talk to the camera pull up the video it seems to take the game 'cause i know when i get so high that i'm scared i love brother love skin tone amazing god with this uh powerful read on the beach in he's got like a white hat on like a like a like us rohat tim announcing changes name insights want that's it that's it give me some volume i said take that give it to the chip play for the beginning serious news i've been trained on this and i decided we prayed others receive i know it it could come off as corny to some ally yelled i decided to
change my name so serious i am different i give it to my new name is love a k a brother love i will not be is in the coffee dd puff daddy or any of my other markers but love or brother the line okay this low date i feel good god is the grace i give all glory and i thank my mom and daddy what the fuck see he amazing played again a great play for ever he's so high he's barely alive it's serious news he's been did my did he show this morning it feels like there here
dog change my name again seriously what's going on man i got some serious serious things in my life my girls breaking up with me too did he walk back in there was like no you changed your name so you change your name again like he's like he's on vacation somewhere playing golf it's like this edible kicked in i'm a go back and change my name i've been i thought about it for a long fuckin' wild was like i'm going to get you see his hand holding up the phone that's hilarious and you zoom in dude c is hand holding up his phone talking was fun i think sometimes you just smash life in every fat every claim that you just become a little crazy hashtag take that has take take the fear that take that take that take that yeah that i don't know seems like no choice but hey why not it he did it twice
again i was in agility i was i was in a gym in hollywood he came in one worked out mid day you want everyone to leave all that's adorable yeah a i could like give me outta however he let me stay for whatever reason i don't know maybe 'cause i look like it's going to fight but he came in there with a truckload of itches did he was working out with all these girls dancing around i was nervous to around him do some kevin spacey shipped to me or something i don't know i was nervous we really i was a little nervous hell yeah he had his is whole team around they did shut down the gym working out cute they kicked everybody out lot of people out bounce that so they told people hey i know you paid for where do's and you remember here but that doesn't matter 'cause this guy means more to us than you basically five private gym private jobs i would imagine nearly killed need to get up speed it easier private chat i said i got i don't know where rich kind of problem is in
but jim for high level didn't celebrity i wanna give the jobs i wanna shift on him for this gross i know i just can't believe they were like why can't workout he didn't want people and i don't know maybe super freak on the bench or some cities like twenty fives on that he's like i can't let business see it so that's it that's it right there citra new calf raises just with some bullshit work that's what happened he's not be so fuckin' jazzercise should you only want to see it all he does is that abductor adductive machine put together just in spreading your legs straight nonsense all day doing dishes phenomenal for your guard hell yeah abductor is this season's random ship yeah what is their name in summer nice to jack off to read as well as a kid he was bad as far yeah but she she had a spring that you push we
you push it was legit though the thighmaster yes was it real is it really sometime after you should have to show your thighs let's see what we're working with yeah she was result assfucked back then yeah there it is as it was pretty hot too she was one of the classic stories in hollywood of negotiations gone sideways how so she was one of the big stars of threes company and there was some sort of a negotiation that didn't go well and they removed her from the show the i don't know if she wound up quitting or she wrote out the contract between each time company yeah one point in time the thing had gone so bad she was only appearing on the show on the phone she'd be like on the phone call in one time hello yeah yeah it was weird and then they replaced her your place
the new girl damn she tried pulling a ball and move in hollywood was like what yeah i don't remember this the full details i want to say that it was like a manager decided they were going to play hardball with the network 'cause it was a big it shows some roger work does schitt of hollywood's that crazy story about suzanne somers was fired for asking for equal pay on threes company at the peak of her fame in nineteen eighty so i guess john ritter was prob breaking in all the cheese with some of the cheese and imagine if they made threes company in today's society i did when he gets green light didn't episode of news radio with john ritter he was also super nice guy like weirdly nice and people always say about him yeah people say great things genuine dude how 'bout your boy on your show house of cards kevin spacey they say he's super screw screw well you what they're saying about the actual set that would just be grabbing guys dick
sing a sad and cornering him into my dog just the ultimate dick diver just relax well here's a little insight into that his brother did an interview where his brother was talking about uhm i think his dad raping his brother like really heavy booty schitt and his brother is dressed like rod stewart in the 1970s with crazy hair and some yellow leather jacket with rings on it shin or something like just crazy fashion lost this year like what is going on you realize oh these two probably come from an extremely sexually abusive household and he was talking about how he thinks that and i don't know if this is pre or post allegation i literally only watch like two minutes of it i read little bit of it and i watch too much of it and then my little fucking chipmunk brain was like next thing please pregnancy and but he was talking about how he thinks that kevin spacey became an actor because he hated his life and hated like
what he experienced growing up so it would be someone else wanted to be someone else but see good at it he was amazing actor i don't think his brother was i don't i don't know if they even addressed his sexual abuse allegations damn i because i didn't really get into it at some heavy wind it dude scary ship that not for so long harvey weinstein sheet is scary to you know what i found you want to see something crazy here also let's see some crazy found some ship from nineteen forty seven hold on one second i'm going to do is how ugly are all these sexual predators to their hideous the hearing is coast again the of sexual yeah like us all zero yeah it's some it is they are hideous but it's things like this was what they did in hollywood and this is the the culture right
these guys are products of the environment because there's a line right now jamie would you be able to put this up text or email yeah text message ok i'm going to send it to you 'cause this is crazy this is from this woman in nineteen forty seven and she was talking about this very thing kevin spacey thing what is it on his brother says the price of betrayal and even see how an abusive childhood at the hands of a vile nazi father turn kevin spacey into a quote monster whose life was a lie wow kevin spacey was born kevin fowler grew up in a nazi support with a nazi supporting father older brother randy recalls being sexually abused by father thomas aged fourteen while mother cast turned a blind eye goof listen i obviously what he did score when he's a monster but many feel bad feel bad for feel jamie look at that text that i sent you
this was a again this is from nineteen forty so seven and it was maureen or o'hara anne she charge hollywood producers and directors with calling her a cold potato without sex appeal because refuses to let them make love to her is the mirror new york correspondent she says in quotes so upset with it that i am ready to quit hollywood maureen says it's got it's got so bad to come to work in the morning i'm a helpless dim of hollywoods whispering campaign because i don't let let the producer in the director kiss me every morning or left impa me they they have spread word around town that i something not a woman am i'm not a woman than i'm a cold piece of marble statuary while jesus christ so that's
that just shows you how long it's been going on that that's probably what they always did these find there's so many more monsters like it these guys are the product of the machine well yeah i mean if you're in in earn you grow up seeing that and then you become sort of a studio head and then you see you see that everywhere around you and then you're doing it yeah it's really the product of it's like that's the nature of the business which is horrible to say and now finally out there yeah the kevin spacey things crazy so it sounds like a lot of fourteen year olds that he was in addition it's fartman then what you see harvard fuckin' harvey weinstein just looks like pure shit he tried like in a disguise that like a sports bar subjects even though i didn't i did sir you are six five three hundred out of shape traces everywhere he tried to go into a sports bar with the sky yeah there's like a picture about a bar and people like you shiting maine
you're doing really thought i was gonna sneak in that's like the mountain from game of thrones sitting at a bar right now well now everyone knows what the funk you look likely this wigs out right quick i see it in phoenix restaurant hardly see that it's hard to see sure that's him yeah that's him that picture that picture looks well that's horrible picture but it's hard to tell is in the phoenix area where is complete in one week outpatient rehab program jesus christ right so glad you can't put a hat on awaken think we won't notice who large shipping right above it said johnny johnny depp to sell homes to pay debt i'd still love that guy he just goes off the haze as much money as i got made he still to spend it could lose homes to repair a five million dollars loan wow someone home son but that's not good that means
he doesn't have five million dollars to pay alone and he has like fourteen houses he owns better play disney better strike of another part to imagine if you went on i just a hurricane ride of cocaine for like seventeen years and also when you woke up and you like i what when how fuckin' let me buy all these houses eighteen out but you shiting main went away suing his business managers like you know i was on come let me by fourteen houses when i was on coke goddamnit poor bastard hey man how many years after retiring from boxing is floyd mayweather broke the i mean the kind of flight alarms may five hundred and fifty five i've just come back and like forty six no no the ship so you don't think so come back five forty now it's just too sad is he goes too big in the market
not there anymore i think he tries to talk gregor into a rematch i'm not kidding you see carter statements about that nobody saying he said i'd beat him in a rematch adorable and i'll take that damn it yeah come on what he would have to do something extremely different raining no this is just not he's never beating me weather in a box and he did not ask you is punching him hard right it looked like he with that one hard uppercut but it looks like it tasting pacing himself in saving his energy it's just not the way to go i get what he's doing this is not the way to go yeah but if you're making a hundred million dollars it's a hundred million dollars if you could sucker people into doing it again for a hundred million dollars well do you think that you would see it what do you think the usc is going to have to do it connor back 'cause connor you know counter his movie premier which i guess destroy the box offices in ireland on mahoney
remember they have out there but it's the biggest most successful irish movie time is so crazy yeah which is crazy but so ok ask him you have to do he we're not i don't have the more we have to be partners which is a legit point yeah it's legit point he's a different business entity but i think part of the point is going to be that he can't talk about it it's positive i think the deal is going to happen and they just might not find normal contract 'cause he's like yeah we get a bit we're going to do some money there is also the issue if you are negotiating that you go public with this negotiation like that you don't want to talk about that no i mean i guess he does for his brand 'cause it makes him look like a super bowl are difficult to pay corner now they can't just you keep on the same deal they had before you trust connor not to say anything well for connor part of his thing is disclosing it it's part of it is his swagger
how much money is what makes him conor mcgregor he's beating the game which is what you like the school apparently now yeah it's be be the ordeal can be the old deal so do you think they give him a part i think if i was the ufc i would do what it takes to be in the conor mcgregor business now i don't so that means 'cause i don't know shit about business means you're given a percentage of your company you gotta give a percentage if you want percentage ok look at ninety four like this movie for can amazing it's full amazing nine four percent it's all right all right all the movie theaters here about all but yeah i think a lot of our fine those folk in six percent piece of jazz through the streets of doable in just six percent and nate diaz fans yeah what is that about where they six percent for cages super haters right pure heaters
turtles so you're not getting the nate fight then tony and conor fight say again you're probably not getting the nate fighting time soon if no cut if hunters team says to that tony's next fight management says that dana says that so what do you do if your name i think they don't want to do an eight fight who are you connor doesn't i think i think they take nate is a big fucking guy he's long is a rough fight rather than tony ferg i think they're both roughly there bolt neither one of them but i want to walk in the park but after coming off of that real hard fight with nate maybe he thinks tony's no well it made a lot too yeah it made a lot but it's a fifty five but plot which is going to get more you get more hibernate i agree i agree any user id are crazy tony just
he's a superstar i won't be any government yeah but you know any in some be totally understand looks i want seeing something honestly want to see each fight equally a really do i don't have a favorite i would love to see nate and connor go out again i would love to see conor go out with tony i'd literally do not have a favorite i love both of those fights what happens if you only get you get one fight at a con coming as i'm only find once tony i'm a let joe rowe logan be the guy decides tony nader gsp tony i haven't seen him fight tony before we've seen him fight nate twice gsp is such a long shot it's a different weight class it's one hundred and seventy mean this all mean gsp had talked about going to five one point in time do you remember that yeah yeah take a long fucking time from the
people who i know who are super close with george what they want is woodley and then a super fight with with connor that's their game plan why they want woodley seventy champ not going to vacate eight thousand five hundred and eighty five that makes sense dangerous fight hell yeah but they're all dangerous solvers everybody would be five that's just unrealistic that it happened seventy makes more sense but call dana said don't call mulyar i'll call him right now would you say he's a liar he already hates it robert whittaker he hates me anyways so he can't get any worse so i don't give a fuck but i think he has to say that there's a lot of things where he's uh listen i know he's your friend he's also promoter he's the best person in the game right so he to say certain stuff not a wild west maybe george really wants to fight robert whittaker it's entirely george really likes it at one hundred and eighty five who knows i don't know what happened yeah i don't know i don't know
it it's not like take it it's not like it's not like dana's word is bond here where you know he hasn't said that when the ship before type of thing let me ask you this what do you rather see you rather see him verses gsp verses robert whittaker or g as for you verses woodley god that's a great question i got my answer yeah when it right so funking exciting quicken knock his eyes out knock anybody out and he's aggressive and he's very technical his striking is fucking wicked what would i rather see yeah i'd rather see would occur just be okay if i'm on geocities team is fighting with lee really what occurred in a fun fight for i don't either but it's a fun fight for anybody neither is fun but at eighty five there's a lot of his stammer there's a lot and it's just not fun for him well it's interesting because robert whittaker the one hundred and eighty five pound interim champ used to be one hundred and seventy pound fighter as well he was stopped by wonder boy you know that's true but he was draining himself to make one
the end again we're talking twenty six year old guy who when he changed weight classes was probably only twenty three yeah with about three years ago yeah this last los right yep yeah he just couldn't make weight himself and it's hard when you're when you're older and he's pretty stout at one hundred and five pounds and it's not it's not small one hundred and eighty five is the fastest eighty five in the world will you shocked by moose aussie the massassi fine uh that shows you like how good the belt or guys are yes and no i i do i think bill doors at a level certain guys are level but i think most saucy fee if his interview in the he was actually pretty funny in it but he was like i had one fuckin' i man i live in one eye he closed my up so just go off instincts and show mangoes very stuff tough so i one eye he stuff that's what you get yeah he caught with one big class
but he was he was pulled the brandon vera where he was like before even others like i'm gonna be champ at middle weight line weight heavy weight like wool i think it was going to rose now i i just wanna be cool can't do that would be myself you can't harassed you like our father who art in heaven hallowed be thy scary she's really got real one right she did it though i know man very happy me too that left took was that was c one of the most intriguing fights on the card to me it i got to be on a not you again i've known rose and we have a history in denver with the same coaches and i love rose i bet on or just because you're such a big underdog i in i predict i thought she was going to be a lot of trouble 'cause you want is just so god dam technical yeah but i think you wanna didn't respect her didn't she can overlook overlooked that that championship
you know those obligations you have is a champion i don't think people realize what comes with that you know a lot of people go every i think was dana said this service run like you want to be a champ have to do championship schitt which you gotta sell the fight you one of the paper views selling there's a lot that comes with that so it's george retired because of he's like dude i can't relax man yeah to see it very often to you know like we don't get to see it we we see little clips here and there but we don't know what their schedules like all the phone calls they have to make all the interviews they have talked about it a long remember he backed out when they wanted to do that fighters like not funny i'm not doing all that media that's right that's what killing me they were going to pull them from the car yeah he's like cool i don't give a fun i need to train like you guys are having to do all this media circus stuff i gotta focus on the fight man and he in they put him through more interest than anyone ever course because in a lot of fun was never medicare when he doesn't like i think that he was like no no i'm yeah razia member when him and although they did that world tour yeah that was ridiculous man
world over over over easy the food in the for the floyd may weather tore that would that's schedules not to not just a commentator on that i was exhausted yeah how crazy was that the tour where they would stand in front of her but even talk i do after two cities it be tough for the best comics in the world cup of new materials six nights in a row little known these two fighters like the first two cities you saw they had their shit together and it was fun then after that third one is like what are we doing i think it would they selling tickets to that are there give it away for free i think forgive him away but it was i've never seen some shit like that ever right i'm going to once you go to live with all of them suffer london how many have whether i want to let's see i went to los angeles new york and toronto limited london someone i the biggest but toronto under something like human really never wow people hang out there
masters to nuts a shares no one like him it's weird you know him not great fighters right now but there's no one that has the same enigmatic persona this fuckin' quality that makes everybody want to be a windham no one on the planet i just don't even a close second there's never been second has the nasa knowledge as far as like popularity he's like the biggest by found that sports athlete ever because who else could go from one sport the next the way he did no i was just perfect timing perfect style but the the talent right now fifty five and seven again i'm looking at seven i'm like oh my god did you see is operating at such a high level talent wise it's nuts and certain divisions other divisions it's jesus christ we need some life do you think you could ever talk george and to fight and connor percent i'm telling john at one hundred and seventy what i'm telling you when i tell you my guys are super close to george third plan is woodley conor
how long has to happen in these guys are yo me brother i'm not a man would leak i've if george comes back and beats tyron woodley first of all that would him as the goat he's the god already this be honest who's coming back thirty six in winning the middleweight title move not finishing him finishing pound playing a sleep but still like that's accomplished goat verses like technique technique god is mighty mouse whose money fighting nobody was going through the nobody like that look at george's resume yeah talk about non you solid days true when it was the wild in westmont that's that creating a lot that's a quest of her worries that's a question about creatine in the bag we're gonna wrap this up tell everybody we're going to be this week let's see thursday i'm in charlotte friday saturday zanies in nashville on the road yes on sunday night sunday night columbus charlotte now
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also we are going to have the recap of sober october with burt pressure tom's agora in our should fear should be awesome so that's a double header tomorrow as well okay thanks your body bye
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