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Duncan Trussell, Brian Redban - Date: 10/31/2012
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Now, don't in demanding that the minimum and amendment abandonment of the NOME King contingent on getting them from them and get into the Kinshasa Falcon Eyes to Joe Rogan experience. Podcast has begun bitches. We are brought to you by on it dot com. And and Emily enunciate Okra college knows that sounded skip over it, SARA. I admit I got some slobber, my tongue, miscalculated this is free. Anything. When you tell me how do you live in? A word comes out wrong. I feel like a fuckin loser special when it happens on stage that, will throw you off on one year. We give any can happen in the middle of an awesome punchline and even though the punchline still makes sense people like no
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bad mother fucker us as you listen at last one. I didn't not listen, but he's one of my favorite guess ever that we have on this progress such such a smart dude and cool and righteous he's just legit all around. He says I really love Did I am so happy that he's apart, the death Squad podcast network? new teacher at higher dashed primate dot com are in so go in act out. We have three new designs, including two Duncan trouser, from the Tabernacle closer from the tabernacle that my actual did and the post from Chicago there. The theatre with so it Duncan enjoy ideas and the tabernacles the one. Where I feel my last special in that year. That is coming out. I swear to God, we ve just waiting for the weather. A lot is easily. I bet, there's just about the website. The website is being redesign match. It takes a long time I hired an actual real professional. Do this time, let's see if it turns out to be a disaster,
higher death primate dotcom target trouble is here. Help yourself in. U dirty judges with fixed yet the party started the will gain experience. San Francisco, Brian Bread Bear Gregg fits into this, or at now the hill Masonic ordered the Masonic Auditorium and I've gotten more than one email from real, damn people, and I think that, because I am playing at the Masonic Auditorium it just proves that I am a new world order, shill here, you're and yet reptile did you follow any light bringer? Lord Lucifer, I am a part of the masonic. What do they call themselves? Brotherhood, egg there, fraternity and fraternity apart the Masonic Fraternity,
the man with the new world order, because on planet the Knob Hill Masonic on it- or you know what a Mason told me once you said that what it's all about is that math or geometry, is the first language of the universe. It's like the first language of God and so their super into sacred geometry, like that, a big thing and like the whole thing's based on building the Temple of Solomon, which is where you house arc of the covenant. You know it's all symbolic, of course, but the new team, full of Solomon they're trying to build according to the conspiracy theories, is society like this is like society? Is the new too full of salmon and part of that was getting the United States Revolution. That happened because they out fund that not a fucking DC, the street lay out the he is our masonic symbols and that goddamn obviously popping up out of the middle of fucking DC that weird thing and Oliver fucking money, so yeah Joe we are,
worried about you normally do is something going on behind the scenes right and meets its clear. If you look at the design of Washington DC and is really should look. This up online cause is not something that is a sea refutable grid read the way they lined up the streets, the way they put the Ellingson everything I mean Italy is masonic, some it is, and its Oliver Fuckin money to yeah. What's up with that forget all seeing. I have produced an eye on top of the pyramid that makes sense. The United States in its long love affair with Egypt think out, the Egyptians out form our cars the solution is this. Is this? Is amendment no one thinks about it? That's what so fine about the call now is the word to call itself means hidden, but it's like hidden in plain view, because they should front everybody, like all the b who deny conspiracy theories and staff in their wallet or fucking. Rectangle
covered in egyptian Occult symbolic GI that they don't even think about you folks, you don't know what the symbols are in in Washington DC set up is One of them is a Lucifer update upside down pantograph sure I mean so the horns stick up in the air, I mean Then that's. That's their mean they did design this. They really did design the streets like this and the other one is like that masonic symbol that looks like a measuring divines yeah yeah, that that means a lot, but yet Why that's? Why they like that, because they're trying what they're trying to do is to sort of articulate the primary cause of the very first way that the universe form, which is through geometry or three like a cat scale of like specific physical laws. That are based on math super can cool man, I mean
when masons are well. That's why Amazin told me at a wedding, I don't know he's drunk too I don't get better. Drunk Mesa of book showed the laugh actor in Houston shown me Mason ideas and cheered and like what the fuck is being Mason? What would you guys do? A car managers secrecy? you know, hung out together. Add together we D Rich, where you come out of a fucking cough, and I know that happens. Ok, but how much power do you really think they have we'll try to use is a really anything to what they're doing or is like being amazing, just fun and Elks Lodge. Haven't you ever there's bunch of theirs different levels of the thing, and I imagine that a lot of masons are probably in politics when you're, when you're in a fraternity in your politics, you're, probably getting paid deference to other
people in your fraternity when it comes to working together to make laws happened or whatever you have to say that a lot of you It's a waning population? The main kind of like dying out because fewer young people are signing up because they don't recruit. So to become a mason. You have to ask me, since you have to go to the masonic large, and we like, I want to become a Freemason and then Do you like background checks on yours will become Mason? Yes, let's do it I've. I think it be a blast. What do you think? good about being a Mason Think ceremony as people go. Nuts are now from the computer
I think a new world order shields, whereas the outs Jones Hotline number Jean Valjean, has publicly admitted on Asia so that he may be as dont trust talks about how wonderful it is to be a major event and spreading propaganda. This information about made in bringing about geometry thereabout trawl about your Sol, ladies and gentlemen. Well, then, I don't know you know you know, as I do. I think, ceremony, as this is something that is missing from a lot of people's lives and our culture, because it sell goddamn weird- and I was like someone wants- lucky guy gets someone once more. That is that. Definitely that is definitely ceremony, but, like you,
a lot of other ceremonies. Do it aren't? Quite so, are they darn lights on stupid shit. But I mean, however, that, but they are for like there's there, there psychedelic man and, like I read this I remember he said it, but it was an interesting point which is that Iraq shop is a ceremony since that you're going to this till to watch people onstage crude, like do like songs, which are a kind of chance that everyone already knows and you're taking psychedelic to go, enjoy the stick. So it's like that oh that young, an idea that, like they're just so basic things that tender repeat through all different cultures way. Its repeated in culture is more through, I'm gonna go see. Iraq show in dress in a certain way and take a psychedelic and trip out and have a kind of and send an experience that comes to the music, but it used to be like there's more normal versions of that idea, which is like take a psychedelic in
do a series of like intonations or whatever the fuck it as depending on what religion or call urine and that creates a kind of transit. Connective experience, which I think is fuckin awesome, its funding just watch, regardless of whether or not you believe in what that red religion or ritual is trying to invoke it. She's cool to watch that form of dance and I've met happened. It's a funny way, a partner, because most people would never think of ceremony. That way- and I think what would a lot of these that are freaking out about masons. All this that I think people are nervous about my group that that moves in secrecy That was one that Kennedy speeches, member that say, grad societies should not be tolerated. Member that I remember, though, that the actual speech was but
wonder what that was in reference to proceed if she could pull it up, put it up its Kennedy on secret society, of a laser in the middle of your forehead. Sift crazy, look, vinegar! Third, in fact, that weren't sunglasses undressing ass out of that what we were going entity pull up. Can we are with you my trip out Kennedy on secret societies, pull up the video Kennedy on secret societies? You know, I think, gum we learned a lot from those early Gus early presents for they learned how to shut them up. You know one eye and how I was talking about the military industrial complex in giving that speech. The I'll, never fuckin forget that speech to create that I saw when it happened, but is the very word. Secrecy is repugnant in a free and open society, and we are people inherently an historic opposed to secret societies, the secret oaths and a secret proceedings.
We decided long ago The dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts outweigh the dangers which are cited to justify it. Even today, these little value in opposing the threat of a closed society by imitating arbitrary restrictions In today, there is little value in ensuring the survival of our nation if our traditions do not survive with it. And there is very grave danger. There is now a need for increased security, seized upon by those anxious to expand its meaning to the very limit of official censorship and concealment, that I do not intend to permit, to the extent that it's in my control and no official of my administration whether his rank is high or low civilian. Military should interpret my
words here tonight as an excuse to censor the news to stifle descend to cover up our mistakes or withhold from the press and the public the facts they deserve No, but we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy, that relies primarily on covet means for expanding its sphere of influence on infiltration instead of invasion on subversion instead of elections on intimidation instead of free choice on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day it is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building.
Tightly near highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations. Its preparations are concealed, not published. Its mistakes are buried, not headline its dissenters, silenced, not praised. No expenditure is question. No rumor is printed. No secret is revealed. No president should fear public scrutiny of his programme. For from that, nay, comes understanding and from that understanding comes support or opposition and both unnecessary. I am not asking your newspapers to support and administration, but I I'm asking your help and the tremendous task of
forming and alerting the american people, for I have complete confidence in the response and dedication of our citizens whenever they are fully informed. That's a scary fuck not only could not conceal, while still scary about that radio is that Gaga murdered yeah you gotta start wearing a fuckin. How meant, if you're going to give a speech like that, We think its work to actually be the president. Do you think the aegis? mediately meet with bankers and financiers, and they just establish your agenda like right off the bat. May it's pretty obvious that he was worn us about some shit that he is encountering in? I was the President yeah. I think you as sort of experiencing the eggs, growth of the CIA. I see I was starting to turn
this monster that they couldn't control anymore or starting, to expand and stretch out and doing that thing that big organizations do where they try to keep. Themselves alive by making up shit. You know that thing we're like they're, not necessarily morbid, doesn't matter. They just want the power yeah. That's what people well understand when start talking about the government start talking molecular. What's the government The government is gonna, be there Mitt, Romney or Barack Obama yeah that's a month, there's a whole secret government does all CIA thing it doesn't have to report in Attica, basically do whatever the fuck. You want changes laws. The real government now and that's just like exactly what our founding fathers were, trying to avoid. There's having one of those there's a great book called acid dreams that I'm reading, which is about the CIA and how they were the ones who got lsd and they're. The ones want see I basically started the psychedelic rep. In the sixties or was part of the start of that because they started doing our. Data on college, kids and so
they're, the ones you got it into our society and its a fascinating greed because LSD whenever it gets into whatever group it gets into such a potent chemic It starts, transforming the group and cheese Judging the way, the group thanks a lot of people on the CIA or you are taking LSD, because that was part of the deal is there dose their agents to get them ready. For the eventuality of potentially being given truth, Sarah or some kind of psychedelic brew, so go to work as an agent and all of a just start, fucking tripping, because they dozed your drink. Now who is a part of the Harvard LSD experiments to TED Kosinski Rights, Unabomber yeah, they fraud that do its brain, yet Examples are the deeds brain and made him see the eventual take over by by technology. He was terrified of the take over of technology of human and he really literally felt like he was protecting the human race by murdering people who were innovators.
Imagine having a hard core psychedelic experience. On Sandoz, LSD straight from Fuckin half amber hardness, just the tat of his socks antivirals and the busy I imagine having that trip, but you, see I agent you can one of the most covert organizations on earth, People who are trained to kill and poison and takes Sinai pills if they have to death bills, imagined being tripping in that kind of environment. That's fucking same man. That would be the worst driven I'd in this book. It talks about one Agents like ended up committing suicide This is mine, just couldn't handle what it was like to be part of that web of insanity, and the Senate did trials with the CIA for these ridiculous expense. Hence it there are doing way of which involved. Did I tell you about it, weeping room right about now, so they would go into it. We're doing this shit
mental health facilities and insane and asylums in what they would do as they would take people and they would draw. Them. They were put them into an induced coma for a month straight. It was called the sleeping room? They put you in induce coma for a month straight and have headphones on and try to reprogram who you are as a person to wipe your fucking identity replace your identity with some new thing, because if you can do that, then you could this, like wonderful, fucking, operative, like you get to just make a person, you now get rid all that pesky, fuckin, the memories of their parents and whatever the fuck. They think they are. Whoever that in didn't do this chemically this shit got shut down. Is it so unethical, but where it gets weird, and we talked about this on the phone is in Guantanamo Bay. They ve been giving people six times the appropriate dose of wearing which is this medication that you give people from malaria as negative,
I go active effects. Specifically, it gives people amnesia. My friends fucking Ganem, wrote a book. Getting Amnesia and India Euro easier. The bulk of the answer to the riddle, is me his name's David Maclean, but he went to end took Wareham, which is adjourned. That is illegal in some countries. It's a drug that came from partnership between what, what's that big pharmaceutical company ha and they were arose sure, whatever the fuck the name is. The military made this shit. Wearing them and Larry. I'm sits in your liver, but sometimes it crosses the blue brain barrier, and when that happens it Mouth Fox Europe rain agenda from the mouth of bucks. You ve used, are having the city bug in dreams and then If it really goes wrong, you can have what happened to my friend, which is complete and absolute em.
Asia, no memory of who you are no memory of where you are, how you got there who your family is anything no, memory of anything. This happen in a fucking train station in India, where he said that they were having like they would have English. Which he could understand on the tvs and then it would switch to like handy it would switch to other languages and he thought when it switch to other language, He was hallucinating. English was like warping and turning into something else. You didn't even that these are other languages. That's how gone he was he DEC, two fuckin stewed we'll get a nurse. He was strapped manners a female nurse. He was strapped down in a fucking, bad in an insane asylum in India. He said Jim, hence any elucidated Jim Hansen. Taking him on a tour Of the universe. Stand up the second topic carpet. Guy dimension was God He always knowledge on Hansen. Is that yet not drunk Jim? Hence, was God took
on a tour of the universe and explain to him that the real, he had taken a human and carnation and all this was happening is because he'd been ass, the riddle before he was born, and he couldn't up with the answer to the riddle. As if that he had to be a human again, crazy ship at the port of really crazy shit is they're, giving these motherfuckers in Guantanamo Bay six times the dose of lead I you're supposed to be getting in there is no malaria in Cuba, it's called Kevin who water boarding, look it up? It's fucking nuts, that it's a chemical waterborne and you just get these bastards scoop up from Afghanistan, Blindfold M flying to Fucking Cuba last and with wary until they have no idea who they are enough. I can tell you anything that is an incredibly what they're allowed to do legally, like with his Bradley Man and guide the guy who got this Wikileaks situation, he's the one, the soldier that released all the documents they live.
This guy in solitary confinement for years now he hasn't talk to pee He hasn't seen aiming sleeps the lights on, like he's, probably politely insane by this point shore I took to be without any human international dealing on you in them user sewn on me in there's, you like with your cap backwards for our money in a logical water, Blair, farmer, waterborne and get those fuckin neurons are blasted with Larry, I'm telling their say, nicotine many to each on their crabs. That came out of hell, fuckin freaky, that that as you know, member. We should think that the like more kids like that was, though the Soviet Union did a clear like the way they bread that Draco and Rocky for like look. Is there so cruel and cold The union does this horrible things yap and now doing that share in there. It is that funny thing where people have this idea there like yeah, you know the United States, we ve done some stop that maybe is the greatest
ever we ve done to protect our citizens from terror, or the idea that that kind that shit that we did with like injecting people with civilized or that all the other crazy shit that we ve done, that I do that at some point. Maybe in the eighties, everyone in the government, like, let's be an assholes. What we do when think it might just stop doing that? Crazy shit of course, still goes on. Of course, there's still things that are going by the way? What do they say in in politics the lightest ship floats disservice. Stuff, you know about is a million times less freaky shit? You're, not hearing about the deep level stuff? That's the stuff you gotTA under about Mangas Bradley Manning. That's just a that's a show pony yeah. When you see female pumping five hundred thousand coffins and attacks as yet they have these upset our path. They have these gigantic camp set up. We like what is going on is high fences and these dormitory eyes, and this armoured
can towers and shit. You wait a minute. Do these rifle towers doing here yeah? What do you have here and there is already a room and one of those things at your fuckin name on the door guaranteed in you to read ban you guys are getting rag doll, these arguments you're going to get it must. I know it's commentator, acquit this gigantic sign. I tell my mauler now that thing the moment I can't I'm under cover this sum crying just put a brilliant you thought was a regional frenzy. I this sized all this shit, that's going on right now in New York with this house can't sending it to me is making me. Thank you know of that. The real possibility that I never really considered of of society following a partner I get really fuckin could fall,
picture like this. You know what I think are services on once in one hundred years, storm like it's every one hundred years time they d actually said after it hit that they had never had a storm like that before. But if you and think about it like what how much fucking humming history we have storms. Would we have three hundred years? That's right. Well, now I even have three hundred you hired. We have a hundred years of accurate temperature measures. I just heard this: can there are talking about I'm pr, but like a hundred years, and after that you have to start going into ice course ample an tree rings and figured out, then you can only figure out like late frosts and you get a limited amount of information, but like this could happen get her up and all over the fuckin place like we're just lucky that for the hundred years of our lives that we haven't had more these super storms, these superstar. Could be a regular saying, while its I mean it's that guy, you know the hockey stick idea. The hockey stick, which is like you, ve got the regular temperature. You have that the general temperature of the earth,
and that goes on for a while. There is like an ice age in the apparently many ice age and eighteen hundreds were shipped out really cold for summaries may because of work I can't remember, I dont know not a fucking geologists, but the hockey stick. The handle the hockey stick represents basic terms sure for hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years, and then, where right right now is this insane acceleration in temperature, which people call global warming, and so some people say, will the winners are colder, but they the global warming people, are climate change, that's something I think the scientists to wow, this research they feel like they shouldn't have called. Global warming is it's a confusing term and when shit isn't warn people are like Iraq, its climate change, that ideas with Oceans get warmer hurricane happen later in the season of hurricanes happened later in the season, and they also meet up with winners storms, which is what this mother Fucker was. It wasn't just a hurricane, it was a hurricane Nothing like store
it's normal on October. It's like the two coming together sexually three three I know that you have ass. It was the hurricane combining with two other storm tat set, so that kind of shit is like. You know. This people are saying it's ones once every hundred years, but it's like think of Katrina. Think of all the different crazy events that have been happening just in the last ten or fifteen, years man I mean come on. Obviously some things in doubt, and I think there is a huge possibility that people Can I have to get used to moving away from the fucking. Oceans are redesigning homes, d like handle that loud in Montana, we were in a place called the badlands we're going down the Missouri River? We we stayed and camped mostly in this place that use be the great western Inland sea. It was warm water ocean, so that the floor This area will were hiking was all all mud it was like, like a silt, because it was the bottom of the fucking ocean at one point in time, man and every
you guys, you're walking up these hills. As word, though, the with the ground breaks away, you find fossilize seashells and they be millions of years all like literally millions years. This used to be a fucking ocean, so it just tells us that we have to abandon this idea that we can stay. Wherever we want and that this our home, we would care about here now, when the climate changes which it does all over that it doesn't. The earth doesn't give a fuck if you got some written on a piece of paper that says that this piece of Antarctica is yours, you can't live in an arc ass. All you have to get out of here and one point: I am pleased to be in an article there, almost positive of it. It's it's a controversial subject, but they have a detailed map of outside the someone. Someone did an accurate map of Antarctica before it. What was covered in ice is doing what they found. It is from the fifteen hundreds and
They know that ices existed in Amerika for a lot longer than that such an old fucking map, but at one point in time people used to be able to go ran on article and they made the map of it we did dont didn't people say that that was tropical there, that it was being they don't know. Look look there's this! Parts of the world that have varied wildly mean the Nile Valley, where two giant desert used to be a rain forest. We know that rain forest Rashid in a grass lands. We know that half of Northumbria who was covered in the fuckin giant glacier just fourteen thousand years ago, thousand years ago, was like a mile high of ice and a big part of the country. So it's like all this stuff. Happens whether or not you are driving the Volvo it doesn't matter this stuff is this? Does the stuff change radically over time before any human influence at all there. Becomes the weird thing where people don't want to admit that we might have some part in this, no it's very political and it's in a lot of the people who are climate.
Change deniers as they call them our art fundamentalists very religious people, yeah you're totally right. You know this fuckin young kid was a marine brought. It up jujitsu. The other day it was someone was talking about. Climate change is like grabbed natural process and these. Russian out Jujitsu galleys, like twenty, for whom I have fuck, do you know you know like this It's out there that are studying ice samples and core samples and try to figure out fuckin. What's going on with the magneto sphere in this twenty four year old kids, like its natural cycle, is parroting. This right wing talk radio version of what's Goin on yeah. That think it's I think it changes, but I also think we have something to do with a well that the fundamentalists have always had a real fucking problem with nature, and so whenever people like practice nature religion, like Christianity was starting to spread. Those are the people
getting turned into fuckin marshmallows is the what's called pagan just met country dwellers, Its people are familiar. The cycle, the moon, the Equinoxes, the fucking sources is people who are like connected to the heart, which is where food comes from the sun, which is what makes the food grow so as like really can did to the earth Christianity came this fucking bearded homophobic, jock, I mean that you as a normal for the huge my God Jesus now, and I, my god is, it was a wild that God I didn't like it. I didn't like it. Guy does not lie gaze God. According to those p, and God certainly doesn't like people who are so looking back, fucking psychedelic rules and having orgies and in the forest to celebrate, like the guy doesn't like those people, and so we burns than they burnt all these fucking people anyway. The point is theirs The war on between the
fundamentalists who want to believe earth is some kind of endlessly renewable resource. You just rip into and fuck up and bomb and do whatever you want to do it in people? I know, is a living organism and its infested with escapees like bomb. Going super advance beings that are burrowing deep, deep into its height and sucking out its what to feel were literally vampires, yet we ve feeding off the blood of the organism. Yes, that's what runs? Aren't our society is the blood of the earth and that's pretty crab pretty incredible. Really try to wrap your head around it that we, we maybe while be parasites. Minutes like that bit that I did at the beginning of my two thousand five special, where I talked about how we we're like mould on a sandwich, though mould no, we don't think of Malta's individual multiple. We just think of it as small wash you looked at us from a distance. He would look ass. They like mould where daddy's were- and I said we might be here- to eat the sandwich mean that my
what human beings are here for yet that might be why we're so work and we will see the fucking thing man. We don't even like the vote that we are all doing similar activities that are based almost hundred percent on except the accessibility of that sweet, his tea. But if, if in shit comes from inside the earth in its and an interesting enough that shit that we used you are cars comes from an extinction of it, which is really quite fascinating. Is that we feel our society on the the end result of massive changes to the planet and without the pressure, causing organic matter under the earth, transformative, fuck and oil. It's crazy to think bout, that we fuel our cars on ancient apocalypse than you haven't. That's a fascinating thing is at an end. Nepal, clubs, or is it just the accumulation of dead bodies over time? I can
Must I mean I think it was whatever that fucking media or impact was destroyed, giant trees back, don't think not necessarily what they believe. I think they believed that it's a continual cycle of breaking down of organic matter and converting it into oil. That's, why these caught dead dinosaurs, but they don't do that anymore because they realize it's a lot of his implant manner. I think No, it's actually. Why neighbour? That's also why certain wells, oil Some have gone dry and then, actually replenished knots of me the original point there is a guy wrote a book on it called a black gold stranglehold. I think it was, and his contention was that the oil creation by the earth was just a natural product of just the site, The earth- that's just like something that it does and that we are looking at it like this. Fine, I recently I was in fact completely renewed or that's too that's you there's like the two schools
you get the peak oilers who are like now, man that should is now renewable were fuck. That's gonna run out and we're fucked and there's no right. Why, whose right goddamn. I wish I knew don't fuck and ask me: I mean I've just out of a sense of like wanting to be domestic in having a rosy outlook on things I love Ray Kurzweil I loved the idea that technology is going to advance to a point where We are able to fix so many of these problems. I tend to fall into that can, like my Johnny Pemberton he's not so much I get an arguments over. This is like now it's just going to fuck and encourages the societies like on the brink of collapse. It's going to collapse, fuck your technology the mother boards are made a fucking petroleum products as a matter like this?
there's not enough time, even if we started producing solar panels now, based on the amount of his his version of it is based on the peak oil verse. Yes, that's the peak oil store and his version is also based on it's sort of discounting the impact of the exponential growth of technology that eventually some will come up with a way to converting media about got bacteria. Now that eats plastic. You know I mean they. Ve got yes They can turn water into hydrogen and use it for You'll. There's a lot of crazy shit. That's going on right! Now! You can't totally completely discount. That's why I think this simulation theory staff that I know you guys part talk about on the charlatan. I endlessly think about endlessly. I think that if it these scientists continue with their researchers. They're trying to do the guy guy the University of Maryland that theoretical physicist they try. If they can prove that we're inside a simulator, then
just from understanding that kind of shit that you could theoretically do. If this is a simulation, that's running some kind of like weird reproduction of the past. It that's really happening than time. Travel becomes super fees. I definitely been thinking lately more and more that that is what the case is, because, just like ridiculous things, like you staying the Pokemon thing the other day, Joe the last podcast that was creepy to me, I can't stop thinking about what are they come up with Pokemon than he had a programme on our fear that he just happened to have, and then he walks in the room with its we ve never talked about programme before never, never. Never. When I read in the bag. My aunt, I pull our parliament that was fucking, weird seed, that similar shit could be either definitely while our lives are very strange. Very, very, very strange now hurry- and I were talking about it last night in the we're talking about are you life now? Are you now want to play? Pool after I did the laugh actually last night and
We just talking about how our his life is just transformed of the last two years he went from being a guy. I couldn't booked anywhere to a guy. That is living a dream everywhere, girls, Skype Pact housing. After all, coming out to see him, he sellen out, like the Deasey, improve on a Saturday night, so our big shows crazy when it goes on stage and it's like all sudden the world changed and went from Saki Actor Awesome, and it's like just reach some new level of the computer game and now the entire world that he set his work. Literally is a different world. Yes, like someone who's unsuccessful, someone is unfulfilled. Someone is trying to accomplish something but keeps meeting with with with failure. When, when that happens, over a long period of time, you could develop like a deep despair away. You view the world and We're already was just a couple years ago and now all of a sudden he's in this super happy world. Every
He goes people are happy to see him he's got. Smile on his face. Is fun here round where these joking around a lot as super positive and he's travelling to all these places in having the time of his life. It's like his world is a day The world is a different place now, yet it's This is why I love the fucking multiverse theory. I love the idea that we exist in a place where every single possible event is happening at once, thing that could happen is happening. It's all happening in. One great Etarnal burst happening ness and that you can shift yourself from different out of where you are now two more desirable nodes, the multi averse to places that you were. To be in that what goals are you know? Goals is gone. Having a goal is a form of visualizing the specific note the multi verse that you would like to be existing in and the contrast between that place.
And where we currently are- and it's like a grappling hook, that your throat through infinity and lands at this place that you, in visualize, and then you kind of pull yourself to that place through mountain oaks over there. No, it's do like the things that you put in the front of the lawn latin nomes, What's the knows? No, do you have to read before you? I don't know you have to go a little did I wish I was talking about known as I did in so many ways that ideas like these fucking move and through the multiverse. As you move towards what you want to become, I feel like symptom that you're moving towards this new universe, that's possible for everyone. Is it synchronicity start happening and the same like when you're in a boat
you can see rebels in the water in the end it when you begin to really focus and move towards a place that you want to be, regardless of whatever the fuck that if you really start working going in that direction, that's when the juice darts happening weird coincidences, strange fucking moments that you consider man, the probability of that happening is so incredibly fucking. Low there's no way that could happen, and it's quite often absurd its novelty. It's like what you're talking about Fucking Pokemon, I'm coming on a programme on outfit, this isn't like Tesla having a vision for the fucking. Four, alternating current, it's just absurd and silly, but still feels you with a momentary sense of novelty. This kind of like this place, is pretty fucking cool,
feel, like that happens, the more tuned into life correctly and Multiverse theory, as I have understood it is also based on one of the operating theories. Is that every decision that you make every direction that you go and have a choice that you make literally opens up a completely new universe, ass if it's almost we're Caveman learning like a language, but the government or somebody already knows the language like we're lurk learning how do but like oh, we can order and they do. I think it's a massive mystery to all involved. I think the government understands that they have a certain amount of power and they don't want to let it go, which is what typically all corrupt people do. Once they get into a position of draw. It takes a massive amount of control over your ego to be in a position of power and still be moral and ethical and kind and loving to be the position of ultimate control of you were in the CIA or that you ran the USA or some like that to be the. And have compassion for all of brother
in all of all mankind. It's really hard to do really, how its way easier to be a corrupt caught and deserve control sure, but it It is possible. It is possible if it's possible for any one person to be moral and ethical and loving and kind, and still be a powerful purse. Still be a strong and accomplish firstly, it is possible to be that so its power. The Moldovan Government- that's like that too. It's just that they have to understand what a massive position therein instead of thinking well, this is what makes life easier is what makes job easier. This is what x it easier to clamp down on tear instead of looking at it that way if they just looked at like literally and what is best for mankind? Yes, that's it! Man can be done totally, it can be done, and I, I think that even thinking along those lines helps to change the world like it sounds like totally.
Ok, but I think that, having this conversation and no This conversation is gonna easily reach a million people, several million people, probably over the course of the next few months, gap. This conversation is going to enter its it's going to be data that enters and to certain people's minds and that's the kind thought that we need we need do we need an understanding that yes, government is import. Yes, police are important because people are imperfect and they need also to be protected from the south. They need to be stopped and the trotted drunk drive need to be that we need someone who can protect people from people at are bullies and people the fuck up and look let their emotions take control themselves. We absolutely need that, but We also need a very strong moral backbone to this country that were complete. We must and we need our eyes our mental eyes and our spiritual eyes move in that direction,
philosophy, yeah a story, not just laws and also There's also that the story of the government, the narrative of the government, the narrative of the news, the narrative of like me It's giving out. Information is inevitably a terrible, catastrophic narrative and it will always be whenever you turn on the Fucking NEWS: its disaster and are not just talking fucking Frankenstein, I'm talking about. Oh god, if you believe the news, then you believe pet balls are evil. You believe peoples have climbed out of some fucking volcano and how and our ravaging the world chewing the phases of senior citizens, if you believe the fucking, Do you believe there's you would have believed the apple, nice, bees were coming, communists are attacking our caters marching into our streets to destroy us Satanism, molesting our fucking kids, and that all politics is corrupt and evil and the end higher planet is on the verge of some ecological catastrophe.
While the real issue is others too many people, this three hundred million people in this country alone. You cannot concentrate in one hour, on the dawn the news without getting an insane amount of negative shit by letter dealing with individual acts over three hundred million. So this is that's exactly so that's where there there that's where they are directing consciousness in the attention of all humanity. Into these basically anomalies, and if the amount of people right now and the small amount of catastrophe that happening comparing that can bear down many of us there are it's a fucking miracle, every day quotes. Incredibly, so we ve talked about there's a hundred times that you know this is a way safer time. Then, at this ever been in human history, but when you look people like trying to pass laws to take away rights, you would think that there's riding in the streets and the world's fallen apart right. So why do you what's?
what is that connection like? Why is it that, with this time, where really like things have never been for the human race. Why is there still is overwhelming need to crack down further and further on rights and liberties and control population more and more North Korea style. Why is that Well, I mean, I think that Europe needs to thing to say, but it's you follow the money, and so I think that if you look in I see that you know what is it forty eight percent of people in the prisons are its drug. Relate offences. If you see like the people, were making money out of these laws, and God knows how much money the fucking TS make selling their crazy gear that they have, you know that's a big fuckin business. You know so I think it's just some people tend to profit off of the masters, action that we are existing in a of hell dimension and there's people
figured out a way to suckle at the those black satanic teats and extract from it that they use for their own since gratification, their own selfish and it's a tiny amount of people really. Yet, statistically speaking, if you look, the greater number of human beings and his country three hundred million but how many of them are stuck in the blood of the earth? Is it even a thousand? how does he isn't even a thousand industrialists and banker hotter than responsible for wielding that kind of power tat many of them are made sense, masons rather Joe by your ear, but here's the thing man. I think that you know this that we kind of hit upon when we have these conversations, I think that that kind of stuff is it, people's eyes start turning in the direction of the idea, as absurd and quixotic is it might sound that you can and through a combination of discipline and visualization, create pause
Tivoli singularity in your life, where you you're very being in everything around you, can like almost like being an elevator going up a few floor. The paradise that can happen. Where's. Suddenly you discard, like us nick shutting skin all the foulness of your of the of the fear cows vacations that have formed around your life in the form of bad relationship, shitty, friends, a negative look you can like drop all that and suddenly IX, in some version of rebirth You know this is why the christian idea, being born again as a beautiful notion? That's a crazy idea to play around with the idea that you can. Renew and rejuvenate your life completely? If you just let go of fear and terror you're fucking eyes away from the ghost story that these hell. But words. Are our speed feeding us so that they can sell droids and fuck and forts. And if you start, away from that and putting your
Focus on this idea is not united can be perfect. I mean you're, not be suddenly in the garden of the people who need to change their idea? The people that are actually doing that not the people that are like buying into its way more important to have the people that are in control change their ideas on how the fuck do you get it lizards, whether to get to the fucking, lizards man. I think that what would happen happen would be a crime Exponential shift in the consciousness and the predilections of the majority of people on earth so that people start playing around with some some of this fucking awesome information, that's floating out there and see if you can make, of happy that's words. This possibility of technology aiding the evolution, because if there comes a technology that allows dated be distributed. It probably wireless, probably point to point inside something it's in installed in a person's body like some sort of a chip, that's installing a body and there
some sort of a wireless data network, that's like an internet for human beings communicate with each other. And you're gonna be able to access the ones and zeros that make up your own fuckin personality to, and people going to have yelp scores. You gonna meet someone you see like two stars over their heads like it is ass. Well, yeah, there's gonna be a dislike him he's gonna Billig rating restaurants on yelp you'll someone, and as you look at your cursor you'll, see stars you can't resist that you get you're gonna have to go through it and when one that does happen, then all the b government accountability. Fuck. I have zero stars. I got a cunt they're gonna be forced to recognise that all the people around them are gonna be forced to look at them and when the soldiers look at the the generals in all these shit heads, it are running the army and they see zero stars over their head and they realize how fucked up there human beings, member Georgia, like his currencies member Facebook book likes long time ago, we talked about
ex currencies? Member when we said that likes and facebooks there's gonna be a currency in the future? Yeah could very well be, but I think it will definitely be a way to work to like look at a purse. In and get a red on who they are before you ever start. A person is directly meet. You who you are is directly related how other people feel about you when you're around you know that that is a big part of who you are humans. How you interact with the restless species will if there was a girl rating system like a yelp for people like that, you just saw when you met someone, people would try. Oh so much fucking harder to be nicer. They would try so much harder to fit in and they would feel the repercussions of having that zero stars over their head now when people are counts, really consider why people are cons might theory on it is that data understand how important they are. They think they're not important when someone's being I can't it's easy to be a crime, but but it's because you're, not
This is something where the lash. When handcart came on my part ass. He talked about oilskins where bring I'll ask in one of the effects. Was that it made you experience the way you made, people throughout your life feel like they talk about the life review and you go into the light in that shit. It's like they say they live her. I've talked to people who like died and back and they say it's not that you like watch a video of your life. It's that you look. We see the way that you may. People around you feel you feel that you feel that way. You may the people around. You feel, and I think that most people who are dicks- they don't think There are important enough to induce any kind of feeling in the people around them. They don't even think that there are enough to make someone feel like shit necessary. I don't agree with that at all. I don't think that's what's going on, I think they're just unhappy and they lash out. I think that's. What being dick is? It's a projection think they are trying to
people's feelings for sure when some as being an asshole, they want to have a reaction just to let them know that there are important. I don't think, that's not. They don't feel like their important. I think they're egos out of control, which is just the opposite of not feeling their important. Their importance is important than anything else in the world, that's where they will in the lash out to people, you know man, and like. I don't want to think that way, because I want an ego issue I like to do what I want years, why I like to think speaking The note of a multi verse our existence. I want to on this note of the multi verse. Underneath all that all the go calcifications and other shitty lashing out thing is justice, you persuade person that happens to have been walked out of some briny swamp that consists of their family, their job, their life their past, whatever it is in there still ripping with some of that, using stagnation of being born in a and a bad and coronation in the way that that's manifesting is the form of there.
Should he activities, but underneath that fucking thing like a mask, is just a person like, one through a stinky swamp and needs you know, needs to shower or how they mutually exclusive, because that's exactly what I'm saying the a person lashes out their angry. You know the personal who last other trying to her people's feelings is not they don't think they're worthwhile. It's that their egos protecting them from their environment because they have grown up in a hostile while for ok, let's make it less obvious. Concession hundred percent of a hundred per cent of people. Certainly there is some percentage that pride has some like things, their fuckin important god knows you run into people are per day, do yeah, but quite often man. I think that that that path that thing under that they really think they're fucking him. I'm saying some people definitely think they're more. They don't really believe their party. They don't really think they're worth something. They don't really think that their they there they are part of a web of
I fear that adds value. They just feel like their fuckin worthless shit. And an end, so they put on a sharp see. I think that, what's going on primarily with people is that when you see people that are acting illogically and you see, people had urged anger with road rage, there is not a lot of consideration going on at all and I think most of what their operating on its momentum they're not relieve and thinking about whether their worthwhile or not worthwhile there very there about ego thereabout reacting. There anger and frustration and thereabout selfishness and when when you live a life, especially when you have a job that just sucks the fucking ballade your body literally sir, the inspiration out of your soul. Do you gonna be selfish. When you're done, I think that's a big part of road rage, big part of people yelling and you don't you
Give someone a few seconds to get funny with the car. You wanna haunt your horn and give them the finger. Is they made? You wait a second or two mean we're having see, you're having ego wish seizure you're having these kind of seizures than the they're coming out as an you being a dick you're, just it's like a muscle spasms it. But it's fucking result of this kind of, like you know unfortunate, whatever the fucking in that year, passed is I've been in your pass, your programming, so so it's like this. I will just look This fucking idea that this is unconditional positive regard, if ever this term, before unconditional positive regard, so it's. This idea that if you can manifest around people a state of unconditional positive regard, it doesn't matter what the wow their acting without. Judging just the sincere, a lot of us came in, fucking dimension and are frigging. The fucker
lot of his are rightfully freaking the fuck out some of his. Maybe we were freaking out when we shouldn't be, but if someone's freaking out their freaking, the fuck up, the way to handle that is the manifest summit. Not unconditional positive regard. This is a psychological, and so there is like. I can't do that. His name, but you know they would take Kids, who are like about to go to jail veer whatever from schools and they will bring these kids to meet with him. He's a therapist in these kids of a meeting with their pets, their whole lives because their fuck ups, and so they are there. I thereof experience has always been one of being offices were someone's trying to change them, turn them into something different make them feel bad for the way they are bam or some kind of ethical system into their brain whatever. So this guy start doing this thing where let the kids come into his office and he just sit there whether there's like crayons should they can draw on. They would do their crazy. Yet their little act out and freak out, but the whole time
just trying to like be a purse. With them who wasn't judging them. Looking down on them, and thinking of them is monsters, and so the effect of this piece of shit. It's a whole outside. Remember the name of it, it's a whole damn type of therapy, but the end result is these kids their grades improving, they started to become back. People because they were in the past If someone who is actively trying to like a priest, ate them as human beings. Of course, look we can all agree that the number one problem with the society is the way human beings are raised. Human being raised by idiots raised in and really uncomfortable. Where were they never develop? They never truly develop character, never truly develop up a philosophy. When a view that that aids them in life, how many people go through life like perfectly perfectly programme and many people go go through life or the really positive experience growing
very few, that's real. The real issue is, in those people come adults, they raise their own children and they try to correct as much as planned. Oh, but who knows how much of them has been fought because of their child, and in a continues on and on what I was saying even we're talking about the people who run the world. You know that we need a philosophy for how human beings interact with each other a code. It's never broken and agreement between all others, and that got that to me is the most important thing that the him the human race can establish. There is a way you can be successful while having all those things and that's all people dont understand, there's a lot of people to think that you gotta do is go due to maidens. Well now, you doubt that's not true. That's necessary there's, a lot of businesses that act totally completely ethically. You know There's a lot of businesses that get by without fucking people over you just do it the right way life can move in the right direction, and we can still have success and prosperity is a hundred percent fuckin
possible and the idea that the two things are mutually exclusive is and dirty lie, that's been told you buy crooks, and the world Now is run by those crooks. They they are running the world. When you see all these different bills, pass that are slowly eroding the rights of american citizens and and slowly taking where you're liberties and slowly making it easier for them to spy on you. That is not someone looking out for your best interest it just isn't. They aren't looking out for the human race as a whole there. Aren't. That's not the right way to approach it? That is the way she had approaches it, and so that's it comes very obvious that we need to overhaul the system that that our country operates under the world operates under because right now operating under a shithead dictator system ripe- and they do to be that way that real issue, the real issues. They don't need to be that way there there that they because their incompetent than that because they're unhappy
can't run the world like a cut, it still be a happy person, you just you know gonna have as much benefit even in your own life and our problem, as we don't lie Add the world we dont look at our life. We not look at our existence, as you know, the most important thing, while them, but the abundance of happiness, love you or are we look at it for as money we, that is money is number one most important thing in the most more. That UK accumulate the more correct that something that has to shift money is just simply a part of a good equation and really the money that you need to be happy as enough mice think about money, It has no erotic thing you what you want enough money so that you can eat and have a roof over your head and be the two in enjoy the comforts of harmonised, couch in or normal shit. That is really the money that you need in this those life too, to have happiness. Health and need to support health money to support nutrition monies what shelter, and once you
that. That is everything that is, will real happiness comes from and, if you don't have that, but yet you have millions and millions of dollars. You're sick, you ve, missed the point the most important part of the equation, the most important part of it Asian is companionship, friendship, love happiness, say the shelter community, all things? First then more money? I mean if you really can become some Richard Branson Bawler seems to have good karma and yet, as a spaceship, you know I mean you more power to the guy seems to have good karma and yet still has he's amazing, but more important than anything is the first aspect of it. So when you see someone who's fuckin completely miserable and the richest shit in their evil is fuck, a huge disaster, that's just a huge imbalance and a huge fuck up for them like denominational, you gotta give up some of that too. Chief happiness in peace and love,
friendship and community, and it's still possible. I've ever heard the term of the high taste river. That term before no said idea There is a connection, take your glasses, you free come on man, they're, Waco Glass. Then there is the idea that you can connect now people, don't like the word, gotta get rid of that fucking word, but there is the idea that you can connect with a kind of in flow of energy is the shit that Tesla talked about, is this shit that a lot of people have come in contact with his foot, thing, they have a lot of different words for this fucking thing, but the ideas that once you begin to connect that thing or even flirt with the connection to that thing and figure out ways to like real establish that when you begin to feel what that feels, like that sense of connection that sense of bee, in the flow being and harmony that thing you can't buy that feeling,
there's no way monies ever gonna buy that feeling, and it's a few that makes any kind of it makes everything else to seem like icing on the cake, and I think a lot of these people have just simply gotten disconnected there like a garden knows with a kink in it. Getting like an energetic flow there eating plastic and have this existential nutritional deficiency, the manifest in the form of an outbreak of containers, and it's like it's mostly just because they haven't made that big, fucking connection, the connection people, make through psychedelic the connecting people. You're chanting. I really don't think that you could become a fully developed, the developed human being unless you have some some of the series of events in your life. More than one that that break down your vision of the world and provide you with deeper insight, it doesn't have to be psychedelic. It could be all sorts of different life exposure to be travelling to be meditation. It could be deep concern.
Duration for the world and constant constant overview and constant audit of your thoughts in the way. You know you interact with people in your happiness and where comes I think all that all those possibilities- those are all these different ways to achieve same fact, but I cannot help, but unless you do have those things, you're gonna be a child, you're gonna die in old child yep. You really We're gonna understand that you be been tricked by your own ego, he'd, been tricked by your own ego, first of all, into thinking that this is somehow another permanent. It is unquestionably a temporary experience. You got enjoy the shit out of it. You gotta have as as far as you can, while it's going on, but you better be treating it like what it is cause it's fucking temporary and you're leaving behind a week in a ripple of shit that is gonna go from from you, on to your ancestors in your shitty kids that you raise and all the other day
people leave impacted in your life. You ve created a horrible ripple of shit because you're imbalance, tribe yeah, but then I have to be. They don't have to be that's the thing if fuckin. You know these guys: literacy, secret societies in Scotland, bones and shit if they all just drop the bullshit, stop being policies and took mushrooms the whole, picture would change immediately. You would have looked at and folks. This is not in our not making this up look at Johns Hopkins University studies until aside and use and what would happen to people with one Scylla sob and experienced over the course of a couple years. They nationalities change for the better is pussies they needed
up dressing up, like fuckin eyes, wide shut and bone at each other in the ass, a videotape and hold it each other hostage with information. Instead of doing that way, they need to get together and do some fuckin, mushrooms, man, it's it's it such an important thing to make this connection. However, you do it. Mckenna was really in a mushrooms, gazettes and expeditious. Waited. Do it needs is a believer in twenty twelve the idea of some kind of ask logical event, it was gonna wipe us all lots. We gotta move quick around says I actually did believe his is ideal was ultimate novelty but he seemed to be in a rush. Easiest thing was like you're, not gonna get people to like you're. Does this transformation information society you're talking about he maybe We recognise that like, let's make this should happen fast and the fastest way to do would be to get everyone or, as many people as possible. Two experiences psychedelic state and bring them
into the world through our action will not be an easy. He didn't really believe in the end the world for two thousand twelve, that's what I'm saying he thought it was going to be a time machine. He thought I was gonna be some was a moment of ultimate novelty. That was gonna, be a technological thing right yeah, I guess when I say the end of the world, I mean like his idea, was more of a pause. Even the world scenario, but still apocalypse lifting of the veil. Trance the nation of the old ways into some comply complete moment of novelty. And like he was into like the reason, I'm just trying to get to the point that he liked to like he placed much ever meditation, where there is either people who say you know the problem with the psychedelic experience is that it gets you there and it gets you their quick by you gotta come back out of that and the idea is too like. How can we be that state of car
business, not like the walls or melting, but in that state of connectivity all the time what we lotta people that have had a series of these psychedelic experiences national. Like really selfish. Exactly now. We know this one guy, Very angry said a lot of mushroom experiences of mean a ton rates, books, angry motherfucker, yet the eggs contrary to the vision of the plans of the fungus itself, right, silky, that's it it just like any other tv. You can ignore it, and also if you ve, got some social issues and psychological issues. You can start haven't Randy owes ideas based on psychedelic experiences. I go after people that had psychedelic experiences and believe that there is a whole team of being things out there that are looking out for them and that helping them succeed like succeed, for? Why, like what is it? What's the end goal equity talking about like
you really believe that it's like they have chosen to like look at. Only a fraction of the information is being display. Exceed see. This is that brilliant do because that's! The thing is like with meditation I'll, go into meditation with a point like I'm trying to get something do something I'm trying to get like in my mind, wants there to be a result like you know, kind of like metaphysical try. Cept men are something through meditation because we ve been taught to to become Lately, a result, oriented river result, oriented life and the paradox meditation is ideas like none are now you don't get anything There's this isn't the entering into our minds state where you're no longer constantly. In the pursuit of the future, Europe longer always chasing whatever. The thing is that you it is the moment in the future you are coming into where you are at this very moment, wherever the fuck you happen to be, you know,
lotion all over your dick as you just jerked after porn or fucking, with beer cans, Oliver fuck and ask where, wherever you are you get into that moment come that thing and the paradox fully in that thing, is it you're situations and conditions will begin to transform that's where the real like healing, starts the real transformation. Doesnt start with a fucking beating yourself up. It starts with a sense of like our right hold on ok entry into this dimension, created a form of weird amnesia, apparently have developed the fucking personality of supreme. Can't I've got some weird fucking, hang where they came from my incarnation in this dimension, I'm gonna shit, If this hang over the lamb and shake it off his by fully their standing where I right now, it's a paradox. Man, it's something that's like really strange thing because to get to a place where you are such a con and where you aren't trapped, you need to first understand they. What what your prison cell is like,
it's no fascinating. We see these rules guys, like I read about another one another day whose realised that his fund had lost hundreds of miles doors, so he committed suicide. Exactly does us like more strange numbers yeah, these abstract powers that are part of this game and he realized the game was over wife, kids, the fragile children, the children did you just? Did you see the fucking guy Burne s house down and took a sign? I tell in court you see that video. Yes, we should like fucking. That's it man, easy presto Second, he's going to jail but light he was going for a long time. So I decided to take that cyanide pill right everybody again in Sinai, dude fucking I looked up how that shit kills you, it's God dance crazy. He sat there yeah the pill Just as there he started, snoring party just started giving up, and then he collapse, Delay called called CALL Hospital call nine one one yeah he's down Jan Mon,
It is a problem, and this is like fucking. You know itself finding other I was rife with Reich really great information, but if you take it literally its retarded, but the bibles always like the God of the bibles, always against cycles and is always saying you know: don't worship, far side of your worship, false idols, you're fucked in people, that you know they started this crazy worship of bullshit. And the end result as you end up in a pretty fucking crappy extinction event? How is this all play out? This is all just assume that the world is real. Now, where we are assuming that the world some sort of a computer simulation and by the way this keeps coming even Brittany, Paul sent me a tweet the other day about computer simulation Code, trade, bright girl. I were even watches. Wrinkled girl, ass, bad ass.
It's fast and there's a ring guards. There's a ring car girl, that's into simulation theory, Whitney Palmer's banners, Butch, she's, very culture that Jesus she's the incarnation achieves this year, her her boyfriend's into two. Apparently he sent eyes and a link to leave for me to read out of order boyfriend things. May I reiterate my IRAN's fella handsome agri, successful you're, fucked united in their kid, but on the other that idea, though, the young simulation theories gone around the world on people looking at it, and one of the reasons why the rigged, the real big ones, that sort of catapulted it was when this guy Doktor Gates halves, found hidden error, correction codes, hidden in the equations of super symmetry. Its really really hard to wrap your head around, but in his words they had found the presence of codes in the equations of physics. Not they were trying
to compute, something in the way described says it's a little bit like doing biology where, if you studied in animal feed, eventually, rent its dna, and that's essentially, what's happened to us. These codes that we face they're, like the dna that states inside the equations that we study so yeah we live in the matrix am well man blast. I mean the reason it's fucking cool it, because it's a. It's a new ver. It's a new version of a very old idea, that's being told using the current state of the art language that we have today, but this idea of the universe being. Computer simulation. Maya as they call in India, which means allusion, there's a very old
an idea. Well, John John Wheeler, John Archibald Wheeler was an american theoretical physicist, who is largely responsible according to the buyer, Biograph the biography on a larger responsible for reviving interest in general row, relativity in the United States after World war. Two and one of the things that doctor Gateshead said was that he thought the wheeler was crazy and he believes that this experience in studying this computer code and and finding out there's code in super symmetry. He says if you study physics long enough, you might become crazy and that, like literally a few delved deep into the heart of matter, if you we get to the nitty gritty of what life really is its undeniable that at some sort of a code with undeniable that it is some sort. I'm one say it's a computer simulation because the term simulation like a joke around about the fact that I believe that human beings are evidence of video game in the future and that we really have the aliens and that that's, but why
really think might be going on is that the reality, as it as it stands, has many more elements to than just things you can hit and knock on with your knuckles things you could beat Hammer throw water on. I think there's a lot more than the solid fist. The matter of the universe that we are not totally taken into consideration, and I always bring up the idea of the imagination that we look at it machinations, organise a kid in all. You got such a vivid imagination exiled lie about. It may draw pictures and make up thing but what the imagination really is. Is this this hail of ideas in your mind that, if followed through manifest physical things in this reality, so it's simply just this airy fairy Wu Wu Wu thing: that's, like this in that non important, intangible aspect of life, no, it
the creator of everything, it's the route behind the creation of every single physical thing from nuclear power plants, the guns to fuckin but cat clocks, all shit, is created by the imagination. It's a piece of all of that. It's a laboratory. It's an hour, chemical laboratory that exists in your mind and that's one aspect, and another aspect is the exact vibration. You put out there, the love that What are they? The friendship that you put the hat as that you bring to people in a look. We works beer instinct in a form with this whole podcast gas network thing, because All of us together, you know, having podcast all of us together, pushing this happy positive sort of via about there and then having all these happy positive people, come to the shows and experiencing a direct result of this, creating this way of thinking where people are coming
to us on a daily fuckin basis. Last night, the laugh factory upon should do its came up to me and said the same thing. Changing my life, you changed. My life changed the way. I look at things. Change Mike happier now I was going through a bad break up. I was fat. I lost Wade. I got healthy, it's all the same thought route, Reeve re repeating it over and over and over again, and that thought is that you're putting out a positive thing and positive results are lying accumulated because of this transmission. That's men and earlier you're talking about this being technologically enhanced wallet. Is enhance. This is this: is it your using a technological amplifier to blast positive inner? beyond the world and its exponentially increasing the positivity vision. Starts in this room with a couple of microphones and that creates big fucking shit and not just positive energy, but a pause.
Philosophy that you can use. You can actually ply and get direct results. It will inspire you and you can apply it also. A philosophy that is being is open source in the sense that the peace, you're blasting it out you at least my experience has been some of these people email. You shit, you ve never heard before you never before, and then that gives added to it, applied to it in An end to this fucking awesome thing It is essentially dislike her internet. So long, it's a kind of salon in the old idea of what it was just where a group of people get together and talk about philosophy. Well, it's the worthy. What twitter comes into play is that the ability exchange links in the short form where you gonna reading people say. The emails Jesus Christ? some. Are you crazy forays? It send me these seventeen page emails on your whole life story. No one's reading the care has stop at obtaining fuckin crazy, but If you send me some shit about like self,
healing concrete S, Did you read that that's amazing of human high agreement go past, stood so there's some shit called self, repairing bio, concrete, that's made out of bacteria. I mean is like every day. It's getting weirder and weird and weird just does not seem to be ending man. It's all going on! Well we're not even paying attention while you're doing here every day saying there, their cars, We're coming up with new crazier increase your shit and this stuff is called its bacterial spores that are added to the concrete mix and their activated by water, and this there are no concrete patches up cracks by itself mean this is can bananas, man its cost,
Our growing feelings in the future yeah it's gonna, be like we can't drive on the road that hurts wouldn't be crazy. If your house became like something to talk to him, how are you- and you like- touch the walls and like happy to see you and shit mean that doesn't that's the realm possibility go into the attic once and why has no, with his boss, forgets attic the fuck, its brain in the attic when you stop and think about it like if we do come up with smart computers. What if things that we do is make your whole house, like a living network, you come home in your house like literally like it. It feeds off of your positive feelings. Your house's legacy cold enough, I use women are for you, which, like the lights on return on child twenty twenty Ding Dong home shopping network. You know you could do whatever the fuck you want through through communicating with your house. You tell it when to turn the lights on tell when it turned lights out. That's all coming here we're gonna be like one giant computer, you never get it
reach for the Father, you guess they turn out or on, and then, if you like, an Asian FED as you'd by like an asian theme, type looking how So if you like that, you know they re sterner are not. After all, the only around she's, don't wanna value. Bill. I really like a muted right companies, lady, that super polite and shy. Yeah, hey, hey, hey, You did your house can talk to you mean it could have a voice. You when visited, toy Brianna, brows date, this chick and she got jealous of is navigation system because it was a hot girls will have to be judged. You guys out she's the british guy, but then I acted out for him. Every time we talked this letter, Larry's could actually be jealous of the Navigation systems voice. Thus we know you got a rock solid relationship. We have. Each egg is upset at the navigate. This fucking heart I swear to God knows where the dead here.
He describes voiced Eel Greek, fake computer. What is even better was like a Tom Tom and metabolisms. You can download, like celebrity voices, restarted data lightly with Cameroon, DA's or something like that, but we can do that yeah do you could do Yoda by? Oh? Did you guys here about Fucking STAR wars getting bought by daily ass? That's ridiculous! What do you think? That's good or bad well, look They are ass, the last star wars, movies, sucked a fat one. They are sucked. They sucked and are you saying that we're just in denial that if you go back to try to watch star wars it sought to- and I say it didn't stock because it only sucks today, if you compare it to the movies of today, but if you go back to the one star, wars was least it was groundbreaking. Man is no denying. It saying that if you go back and listened to, Lenny Bruce you want laugh, doesn't matter still like super groundbreaking. Have you seen the video of the pre voice over Darth Vader,
the guy, who did Darth Vader Voice before Morgan Freeman that I'm you lie there. It's fucking hours now, Morgan Freeman on gloves free. The other guy I've, often voices who was it the guy who did. He was also doom in Conan to the foxes there really other language commotions does a lot of commercial with the foxes name, urgent sorrow James Rogers, Algeria, that guy com, but if you back and watch those star wars movies, like there's a couple, a good ones. There were decent. There were great for the time, but the new ones are fuck and terrible. They're just It's like George Lucas lost its. It's really sacks. It's like the guy needs to do squats and run some pills, It's not gonna make star wars. He's gotta he's got like no life too. We don't know passion there there's no fire, there's no! There's no does
a real threat, its dissolves us mush mushy, mush stupidity. I just hope, like they don't have. Like George, our banks like disease, we're going to reinvent jar jar he's going to be a vampire. This idea. When you have a sexy kid, George, our banks like what it's like the just take it take in IE, walk in just removing everything, that's good about it and adding more stupidity and anyone having creepers when they change it like that. Just released does all the stars on Blu Ray, and I guess they do all these things like making the EU walks Blink now because they didn't used a blank. I guess I don't remember but leg that's even creep here, because now you know that's slowly. I know they fix Did you see the dark crystal yes that share their Moody's. Moving and worries me. That's another movie about army would say like yeah, you watch announced socks and like knowing it now. Still you remember it as a child. You grew up with that. Maybe it's like a classic there's a lot
what movies understood? I think these met man, I don't keep mean and to go back to this issue, but I guess I work for the rest of my life. I swear man. I think these movies are came because people were taking as in March rooms and like tripping out and like really going, for? I think that's what those movies came from as that is, as is, is a psychedelic bring something back from the psychedelic universe and then using art is the kind of closely drape around this, like hyper dimensional form, I think that's the fucking job and you go out into that. Raise any try to bring back the raising shit that you catch there. It's like hunting trips and the like alternate dimensions, but instead of catching animals, your catching thoughts and your brain. Them back and then you're, trying to bring them to life by putting them in some form pouring them into the mould of your music,
care movie your book. Whatever the thing is like what I'm Alex great as, for example, yeah yeah. He really does his better than anybody of capturing that dimension and bring it back to reality is what a beautiful gather guys to hang out with him was so intense. So crackling with like positivity in love and no matter what I was shit on. He would find a way to leg. Look at a bright side of it at least shitting fat people Disneyland scooters. These I talk about agreed is Disneyland, is like homeless, Ex accessible wheelchair. I love people like that. Those people are the best guy rag whom or I'll markets I haven't my pie. Gas is like helps run the love server Member foundation, which is around as its foundation like he as if they are a part? now called mine, rolling and it's him and his friend in these guys, men, their cell phone call, and I was on the pie, gas and oil.
Talking about I'd work myself up into a royal hippy lather over fucking, like people did dying in war and the drones as really mad, really spewing, like those coming from anger and like these are people their kit were killing? Unlike the way they dealt with that black the negativity was super cool. It wasn't, like you, be negative. It was like a hold on think about how God, you are, I think, about the mine date the urn right now. Think of where you're out right now, you have now created a fucking vision. You are no longer in a state of unit unit of consciousness. You ve now cut the unit, you ve parts, the universe and you down the exact same thing: the causes war to happen. The exact same thing that causes comp conflict is this: The way that the mind tends to create the good guys, the bad guys you do
evil forces in the good forces. Right now we ve got out Kate. It used to be the communists before it was the fucking communist. It used to be the fucking british before, as you know, to mean, there's always and in the nazis. Soda apparent rise. The set up of the enemy in the good and the paradox. That game is that you inevitably continue. The very fucking thing that you so dreadfully want to stop and that's the problem and right you in creating that conflict and attacking you automatically create a war and yet we give someone something to fight for, and these people like AL, fucking gray, Arago Marcus around us, that's what they diversity and making things always paused there. Trying in that's, Alchemy man a mailing by the way, there's no comedy gonna build
be valued dear. That's asked to see that South Park, Joan I was which allow the scooters yeah I do is about a thousand South Park. I really need to see still do you know why I need to start up your Iphone. You yeah, I need. What I need to do is just like next trip. I go on just via the Ipad up with, like all the best up as our greatest here's to sell for yeah. There is, but the best ones, just like you to download like the season in the last five, even I've just force myself recently star watching stand. Ups like watching calmly again, and you know the lot of bad stand about their man, I rarely watch comedy these days like on television. I don't watch sitcoms. I rarely That's why I don't watch how far so God loves south But when I'm alone, I am now go to comedy, I almost always go to like science I am also a of discovery channel shared or in a weird things about
volcanoes or oceans or biology, type shit and then retard stuff. Like Like my year, my comedies like big swamp people. That's my swamp people, everything that yeah! Do you gotta watch swamp people, these antibiotics, you aren't crocodiles the failures and you can't on crocodiles in America. We're trying to revive them Duncan cause it's important to bring most ruthless. And fuck, and aggressive ring about lizard bringing back healthy eating populations. We have to worry about me, I'm downtown downtown. I lay a dog just get snatched off a bridge in Miami six foot off the water, this fuckin crocodile jobs up and grabs a dog and pulls into Waterford death. Fucking dog Labrador Saxo made up those death throes
fuck that video the guide put his hand in the alligators. Now you see that course of senior prom millyard, also crocodile those crocodiles, alligator hadn't, now crocodiles are much more brass. What's the difference there bigger more aggressive, more dangerous Are there the slightly different tuna poodle in you know what cool there, man, the good thing, it's interesting, how not all animals learned a swarm like The bees swarm like how a gaiters and crocodiles, though like if you throw meat into where Thereat Edith, there's an there's not like organised swarms of alligators. That would change, finally, they know they will have their Hungary if their home, in something goes in the water like when a will to bees or an antelope gets Jack. They all ripped apart. Ever they don't like wolves, they don't hunt. They can't like starck animals, there's not like live way better set up, they hold the breath for hours, water and muddy water, they just stay put and the next.
Slow down a nowhere when you have to come and drank there's only one waterhole, I crocodiles over way better than Wall plea there in Africa there in Africa, where there's a fuckin million animals I'll have to come to this waterhole right. This is the end of our friendship. Twenty eight foot, long dinosaurs, that haven't change and over two hundred million years are waiting holding their breath for our by the way they do have to eat. For year. Sorry man was older than average is lands on its next week we will have more sphere. We gotta reject M o Brien, pull up the video of a wolf killing, wolves, killing coyote, put on your wig Duncan It's pretty how the whig doesn't work that isn't funny that life is a certain amount of shit. You could wear like in your daily life,
that they allow you to wear like that's a costume outside being dressed up for Halloween like where to pay. That is not your fuckin hair. But where are you sure you can wear a fake mustache soup? What, if you were a big, vague mustache, try to go through security? The go sir you take mustache, actually like none of them know I really its cure about my lack of a mustache I used to have a mustache where my hair fell out of my upper lip. So now have to pay master. That is weird. You gotta take your hat off. When you go through ts, aviator ought to take off your to pay, would have yet you I would have had a merkin they were like, there's something showing up new crotch, again Nuthin Southern What's going on key, please unsurpassed! You have this giant Jew
down. You crotch just always been really and secure, but not having any pure. We care seed is gloomy. Justice, patch of fuckin do and everything is bone. Draw. Your balls are bond dry, dicks, bone, dried out, hair on your dick. I have extra hairs at a grown up, half way up my dick every now and I applaud them out plucking, pluck ass the roots, my my pupils are ridiculous. If I let him groundless, fuck Uncle Duff, but some do they? Don't have that so they just they have a market and you go through security. Dealing delay the merchant, and now you got a strip, there's probably a bucket of us, probably a dog that will snatched off bite you by your cock, pull that Murchen off about Burma or even heard the term merkin american sweat your case.
I think it's like a fake pubic care, beers effect Bush, but for one or he's now hold on it like that you're awake in making that out. There's no Sunday, I dare say things like. If you get a lot of girls in their height laser off you, so they day once in a while they want to have you know like a bush and they also have like like strippers or like chicks. I wanted I might have away. That's not that's not what things here saying it was invented a long time ago used to combat pubic lice people. They originally warned by prostitutes after shaving attend genitalia. The now uses decorative I'd, in Iraq devices or films yeah, it was in that fourteen fifty's. Yes, they were it was they, the women achieve their hair and they wore Murchen. The fourteen hundreds to combat pubic lies and prostitutes. Wear them to cover up signs,
disease, such a simple that big fuckin, aware of your fuckin prosecutors wearing a pussy wagon, you should be suspicious, do did you do you think people went raw dog with prostitutes backed rather better road. You know, after while she has an old merk, announcing a bathroom rugged dissolved in Hollywood, filmmaking mercantile warned by actors and actresses to prevent inadvertent exposure of the general Taylor during food or semi nude scenes of American we're not worn. It would be necessary to restrict the shot to exclude genital area. Do Did you ever heard of the way they shoot sack scenes, how they bring the boy friends, and we already talked about this guy walk
The guy watches, though I can hear, doesn't that, isn't that sack listen, you can't have someone have a fake sexy with someone top they're gonna get her. If I had a friend who did a fake succeed in sub terrible moving the gurgles, you can fuck me if you want the girl actually said that his leg or another he didn't know what to say but lilies. On top of a fake thrust Inter ass. All with this flask penis. Can you fuckin, imagine being like someone's? Has been in sitting and watching them get fucked fibrous, Willis, Starr swam viable as well as about why Greece will yeah I'll now have like the raw lived, perfect great. The rock is just like a giant tattoo. Justice sweating into your wife's mouth as fake pumping her with a leg.
Overhead fucking her in a way you could never possibly do with your list frame and your joggers body giants. Fuckin samoan tribal tattoos on his right. It up chastity just pomp in his giant semi hard cock on the outside of your wife's pussy in you know deep inside library and colliding and she's out? She wish you just shove it Anna watching your sit near misses over. Have you got enough takes of this? Is this? Is this? Are we done here? Are we done here? Let's society, nuff was Louis Anderson, I'm going. You bet your wife's pussy and you have to watch somebody gross you, no fucking job with John monotonous lobby, dude, even a fuckin Hotei. Why both your wife, sideways glances gotta pick your his got up like an under her like a deep like a chump. Remember those chimps in a bucket where they would
that that would be like other pause would connect. You play that game with plastic chimps ways to take his hand and sort of that position to just suck up the got and pull it up. So is she So my hard penis can even get inside your windows. Stink, wafting out of that flap is like a homeless. Do just took off his boot. Just like that just a combination of the l, a river after a large shit, rolling and water and fuckin would it would- it would have. What is what Tappin y know? What is in water when it stagnate Agnes stagnant water in shit and old loads?
loads and there it is told briny old fashioned words in his come comes out like not when you have the flu is Yellow Italia blow. You knows me of the load. It comes on yellow, and for that I was loads. It's like the death sneeze. If someone with malaria, it's like your last knees inside of a Boston Cream Dona that bastard lack sounds smooth and delicious. Looking yeah little congealed little cottage cheesy and it burns burned. Yeah, it's thing danger eyes too. You have to run to the bathroom if you get it on your eyes are crying it's about the onion like Humes, coming out from an all dying in Mostar. To a friend money, then I didn't tell him thus, because his breath was so bad. I literally thought his shit himself and I didn't know how to I- just as I was too high to do- to break it down and he was over and I was like I'm gonna can't talk to you and you it's so
really people who have shitty breath wanna tell you these fucking long stupid stories it's a long story and it was just like like prisoners, and farming in his mouth, I was just like he held his mouth open in every fuckin prisoner and sell block d, just art. It is my eyes it was so bad. I literally thought he shed. His pants was here I will not be is now so you tell you It is weird alien, but it is. We are, however, how like bad breath is almost like a demonic force that possesses people and compel them to tell the longest most boring stories it is. We are unhappy with Barbara. I want to tell you. The story was a strange thing, but the it's weird appeal. I want people to tell
me about my bad breath, the fire bad breath. Please tell me because I know I have it specify doing along show. You know if you do us a share your talking for now and breathless be growth in drinking anyone. You drink a little water here and there, but you know it refreshing your mouth. It's like that stuff. Gases? It's probably disgusting, tell me, but I wouldn't tell him why some people can handle, and some people get all butter member. When you wanted a brief phase where you were like I'm not wearing deodorant its emit, smells man you're going everywhere still what does not work the diverse deodorant thought was bad for you and it is bad, but I decided that if you get cancer from deodorant you're, fucking pussy right, I feel yeah, I stopped weren't the order for a little while, just wash my sound articles come to wait, do funky and I too much meat man, I'm too much of a predator. So you smell my airports like yeah man, but I think these reasoning that, like that's what dear run from you about this,
if you only like if you live down some kind of like forest Saint die. And you only eight like use for money and fuck and flowers, and you weren't, you know, like you, think, he'd stops thinking. Oh yeah upset you airport, What you smelling like Europe, acid and all sorts of different shit, the country or poor as it comes directly as a result, a lot of the smells come to directly result of eating me. In fact, dumb. That's one of things it dear freak out about when, when dear are, then they catch you in there knows they run away that that's like when they get their runaway breakfast when we were hunting when the wind would come off a u and go towards the dear there and they began to get enough. Fuck out of here there was no mistaking their mind that you were a predator. You smell like a mediator. That's I think, there's there's a smell like a visa, very different smell than than people with a lot of me like a lot at stake and partners and shit
deftly develop a difference. Yeah! It's true! I never saw a man. You know your beer shit smells different Jesus Christ. When I wanna drink nothin but kill Shakespeare couple days, shit doesn't smell bad at all. It goes right through me. It smells like pineapples flush, this giant, Mean Pineapple Smoothie Adam, I asked again smell bad at all euro when you're eating a lot of meat breakin out a lot of shit. Look man outside the recipe for some pretty awful dumps. If you want to know fucking guy minds, oil. We should share unless you make a cookbook. This issue book down oysters, oysters well oysters, think about what that is. Oysters are like the flame of the ocean. It's like they're, just like these already mucus, z, things like oysters, destroy, destroy me. I can't do it anymore.
Destroying one of these coffee's every time, unlike halfway through I just have to run into colon, cleaner, have to go again, and I think that caught the known there's nothing like, though the chaotic, though, for clean coal and out tell social ridiculous. You can't even hold it in. Have you ever gonna clock now hold. It hurts awesome. I also know that it's not good for you. I've heard conflicting day's pay good for you. It's not good what it depends on us. I said it's bullshit see the problem of parenthood, as pets are also said. The youngest bullshit yoga not bullshit, their yoga gets you hi, gay and the only reason why anybody would set a yoke is bullshit is because their attache, but are not. We didn't get their body in this package, yeah their non shaved, they're not in tune with their body, and they don't understand that you are releasing tension and Ukraine a different state of consciousness when you do you definitely its zeal question about, and anybody who says it doesn't you you
two out of shape to appreciate it. That's all it is I've. I've had like real legitimate, like life. Changing experiences after yoga were really sat down and in you know when I say life changing, I mean, like in degrees, left right Ford. You know, there's like sir times were. I've had experiences in my life that were literally life, changing because I said down in that extra inspiration. I got from that moment that extra positivity, that extra clarity that I got mood me in a percentage of a point in one direction and it's almost always towards the good I've had that from yoga, no question about it. It's not just because I chose to have it it's also because those technique, of all that stretching and all those those other. Things released, tension from the body and you, the your body, carries around tension is directly. Facts: we, your works, direct! Already effects? Are you interact with people,
True yoga people, the real yoga people fascinate, be around man. The really cool and calm and twas is due from South Africa is together with you, so real man. It was a real deal. There's a lot of those fake you guys a traveller fuck checks, another trial. I'd be fake, spiritual and sing like indian songs. They memorize, just a fuckin impress people with their there. There Hindu streak You know I mean you know that kind of funny share I've, seen em, giving massages raves yeah, exactly withered dirty Burke and stocks yeah. You know saying no Mass day get out here, Bitch, don't you Namaste? May you son of a bitch because it be dropped that people really practice that shit man they don't there. They don't act like that at all. There's none of its there if it's a whole different, fuckin animal, to the point where it can be shocking because you kind of expect people to be a certain way visit. A funny thing. This is like one of the fun thought experiment you can do is
right now, maybe you don't, but right now and a lot of you minds? They already have this idea of what an enlightened person should act like you, had that idea. Here's what they might be, like your mind, will try to create an idea of what enlightenment looks like, and that idea is always wrong. It's never like that at all this. Is that saying when you meet them, if you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him. That's the idea, which is like anything in your mind, that's kind of defining the way you think in advance person should be creates a real big problem because you'll start pretending to be that way. You know you start point on a costume are shut, but yet most of those folks, you're on into the real deal. Man they just like they're, just totally in the fuckin moment. Yes, yes, well, go was anything it's really hard to be the real deal. Do you know the written answer were lifted, known, diverse, Bear Letty, say world world or of now is an answer that
girls, the best thing in the world, the World World world, he doesn't say world. He says rural world were w, are well dear old world. Area way, castles awesome the best place in the world has changed from supporting garden. Now is to change to wipe out small today it is fuckin good. If you really drunk it's delicious I draw its basic goods for drunk people, and, if you re me in the future, may I make my own way Cassa. Let me read Casper LOS Angeles. What we need is flood rockers to back this up and they get those fuckin ostrich burgers. You ever get a raw, our rare, rather awkward, burger flood rockers. Now, god damn so much. That is good. We can have that Red Castle ostriches
constitute their birds, birds of dinosaurs and all dinosaurs. We know, for example, that irish shit, out of which I will eat the shit out of an ostrich. I will come more and asked her to his neck and kill it, and in an innate this shit out of When I was living in Ashraf, their necks are perverse strangling. When I was little, but you can't even getting them, but accidents go right with it. There are better than they can pack them back any. I tell you: why can't you hushed- and here I I used to be so when I was living in Nashville that I will go to fight wreckers, an order of Bonn and like lettuce and tomato Indians from the fuck? Are you doing He had everything you'd make a cheese sandwich. Relishing echoes, make a shitty, salad, bread, incredible actual North Carolina when the last spots on earth yet promised didn't wanna tell people about it. We got back,
we're wandering rocking around the streets, as this is one of those places where you could walk around the streets and its small to small town, but it hell, these bars walk from part a bar and people were friendly, am, and I was like. Well, And this is a crazy place. We're in like one of the last great places on the ashes North Carolina is one of the last great places on earth. We walk to carve a bar, ok there's bars everywhere in nice people on their shoulders. You drum circles and there's a few fuckin hippies sit on the ground. The sidewalk is that I'm gonna just I can say this and I know forgive me for saying it, but drums circle Are fine things can go to one? It's fine! You get to bang on a drum. It's fine! It's like us! They never smell good, though now no one work used, Drum circle, smelling gray, but they're fucking fund their fun. Giving us most sage now is.
We're smell. Ever I don't like that. Smile, it's horrible! Yes, age smells good when you walk and threw it when you're out, but you can escape its horrible when it's on fire. That's when they burn say spirits, and when I was a kid my mom burn sage, my room: could she thought I'd summoned a demon? Will you know Salvieux sage solve Have enormous that's why I thought it was like some of the other day. I think that's like flashbacks Sylvia. I dont know that siege is psychoactive. I should find out because of assure you could just fine sage. Small get reality the day at a dead at their Hollywood is forever cemetery. When was that Friday, and it was the worst experience every was so crowded, there is one point you can move any direction. I just wanted to cry and run, but are you ever getting. We're comedy shows that you think I don't know, I don't know, what's going to happen with them so busy right now, don't have time to do it that she was always fun Yeah sages Sylvia is not crazy. Wanderers having
aspects and one of the several genera commonly Saint G g G, an e r a. What is that? jobs, your honour us, but its position. Now now Janeiro. There are some about genetics yards a body term, several, Janeiro, whatever commonly referred to as sage, let's whistle fuckin giver listeners, to answer what is look it up in the dictionary? I love that highlight it. Look it up the next very generous there. That's right. I thought it was that the principal tax economic category that ranks above species and below family and his denoted by a capitalize latin name for E G Leo. Ok, so it's it's it's one of the types of of sage. That's soviet of enormous.
One of the several different kinds of sage- hats. I don't know how much of that shit you walk into a new wandering through the woods, its new step over sagebrush, wonder how much that you light on fire and see Jesus, probably Colleagues- and I get a lot of it you know about about- I bet it's pretty common see how Communist Salvian the wireless up that target yea, targets shut yeah, they sell Salvian, fuckin sovereignty, Lance absolutely. I would argue that sounds like you know, also soundly so fuckin peyote. That's the only sell the fortune tat, this man, San Pedro, characterised by any home people he take the San Pedro characters and make fuckin piety, allegedly no ass. You can wait. You should also take the fuckin morning, glory, seeds and smash them up and and cook them, and make up a very potent
The work that is immortal, LSD, L S day, I believe, is what are now. As a matter of fact, they eventually taken steps to make these seeds non psychoactive. They elect poison these organs, so it's like. I will upset your stomach Yo Hawaiian. Where to that's another one nutmeg, that's another one datura devils chips. See that's another one, huge spool, spume cinnamon, it's best to make it in some parts of the world, particularly in Northern Mexico and South Western United States like we were low, we live bitches we did a norm grows wild spoken wild at your man, that's nuts, its wild right here. I don't like severe you? Don't I do not like I won't. I want anymore why what that buzz? You can handle it yet
gas? If you want to say that it is going to feeling it's like it's like it's, it's not a gray eyes non existent dirty high adversity feels like a does damage to which is worth it it just after you get Doing at your wedding, your ass off your body goes from like like zero. Hundred your heart beats going so bad you just drenched in sweat, yet that dirty like fuckin, like my brain, fills fucked up. Language is a gross feeling like almost like a Vegas sign is hanging over or something MRS it's a drug that was issued its ashore Monica drug. It's like it's like more in the line of like I don't know, but I've read that like it again is not pleasant. I it's like it's meant to be. Used as a kind of in a car? I would like a charm and or someone who knows what they're doing too like create some spiritual effect. It's not meant that you can fucking pass out in front of Mario brothers in your trailer. Like you know, it's not it's not the way. People use it now, as they get
You know they fucking smoke, the shit where the Xbox playing in the background and, like you know, a baby sleeping in the the room. It's thing that kind of drug is not one of the pleasant drugs like there are psychedelic that Take low doses definitely can be social lubricants and can be fun for parting, but savvy. It doesn't feel like that at all year. Will people to take it to make videos of them dig. Certainly support that yeah. Those videos of peat, like Brian, has a few of them out there in the one with our freaking out whether they are he did in front of them and are you did it this year is one of my favorite stores of Silvia. Are he did it and lived another life for months? He made friends, he had relationships. He lived a life in this artificial world for months and then was snapped back to reality when one minute sobered up- and he said He'Ll- never forgot it is it was. It was really weird listening to describe what it's like. I had a whole life for months.
I did it with Bobby Way, and he said he felt like you is honest: pirate ship covered in spiders. Brian, you know I don't think you're supposed to let these lasers hit. You in these are clear laser America, the club. When you go blind the club, it's fine, this pussy there there. They are okay, now yea and your Fernand clubs and stuff. Like that, what happens if the hit your eyeballs, nothing nothing read this thing where they said that you're supposed to now we're sunglasses and there allow certain minor sunlight to hit your eyes because its essential nutrients nutrients neutral you get from sunlight. Just like you get nutrients form sunlight vitamin d. It also new trees that help your vision. I never wear sunglasses, I'm wearing them now this railway in, but I never wear that have one more thing. I pray fuck my eyes up a little bit not wearing well, they say if you go like skiing or Somethin blindness calendar, the guy wants no blind, literally went blind. You went to climb came to
and the snow was so bright enough on less than one day, one of his eyes on board that sacks that sucks, yeah, I got sunburn on my eyeball because it rained I wasn't Myrtle Beach and it rained on the table in the table was glass and they hung drank on the table for a few hours in the reflection off the water on the glass table. I guess like like magnet the razor whenever and for three days I couldn't see They can open my eyes. My eyes were watering furnishing. I just had to sit there and, like close my eyes, it might be for three days if you take a sense to lose. I wouldn't want to do this What did he do? Honey, booze, mom or honeybee like Kinabu mom cause she's? Probably protein get pregnant anymore. You you would pick up any is mom over being able to see none at all No, it's honeybees Mama hung Bobo. The other questions like we're, not gonna play where again stupid, negative
I got a lot of people now do. I now is to start restored I lost would rather lose your fee to lose your dick loon stupid things like that. Why that's an easy answer? It is easy to academic three perfect text. I feel sure yeah right. So what it is now master I see no mistake. I just enjoyed some amazing Reagan. Salad. Member states. Must I dont contractual? Why are a woman? This fuckin head there, while you went out, will you have to ask why I'm wearing the most amazing? How on earth where'd you get it? I got it in the vat is City- Northern California, where, like the very I go with it, triangle. One of my first He's gotta legal marijuana farm up, there's no such thing federally, whatever
fact, I'm gonna have to stop smoking marijuana, because I want to pursue my an obsession. My new hunting obsession some equip pot if you guys robust single, would you put this girl? Who wouldn't ok, that's a lady boy? do. I thought that was like the easiest travellers that others will lie. Thank God I don't think about it for as out of those into a talk appropriate to smaller I probably smaller know that she was a boy Brody just recently on, came out and saying that you went to overseas while for a movie Bangkok in tests it out Lady boy, what do you think it is so now thinks he's ten percent Gade doesn't want to pursue that you just wanted to see if he wasn't one. What is what happened in the past? How did he wondered? How did they fuck what happened with the on top?
guess it was this amiable a job, oh boy, while you know gunnery from mouth contact three hundred thousand cases gonorrhea two thousand, while every juries thinking Country Estonia, undecided, don't let her dress up like girls and give out blowjobs deck, because Their mouth ain't to picky does try. So everyone is now everyone now applies. A gun must fill out. The atm form for four seven: three, which asks are you an unlawful user of or addicted to, marijuana or any depressed stimulant narcotic drugs or any other controlled substance. Well, that's, That's an amazing question. First of all, because you can can answer
No, I am not because I'm not an unlawful user, because I'm a medical marijuana user in the state of California, where I had a doctor's prescription for it. So, no that's done all but it's not true federally. And that is to say, are you addicted to marijuana or any depressing stimulate what about coffee like they can like legally, they could bring you to jail of you drink coffee every day at right. This is stupid, this laws, narcotic drugs or any other controlled sub. Yes, that's fascinating! you're, an unlawful user of, and what does that mean a user of? in the past tense or user of currently I currently I'm not doing anything. That's my amount doing anything right now, so I could say I could write down that report. No, because currently not right, but What does that mean? Like usually has that fit into your lifestyle? Like did you d have like every day
you have to smoke? A joint just like every day have to take. You fuckin thyroid medication. Now weird asked questions our kind of weird open, end questions that can keep you from having a gun renewed. Yesterday, the castanet wasn't my pitcher can't see my eyes. Barbecued son guys, fascinating man like a? U and unlawful user of or addicted to? First of all, the idea that your dick to marijuana, that's like saying: are you addicted to wash your hands because it's the same people they get addicted. Marijuana are addicted to anything you just, but something is not an option. As the thing to put on your form because you're just now, you We, assuming that any one's going to answer that question honestly know what they're doing is they're making it so that anybody runs who runs a medical marijuana plant can arm themselves. Out of you fuckin harm, you grown medical marijuana and the government comes in and take you they can also bust you, for he hasn't got for having these guns illegally.
For lying on these federal forms, which is a legit site. Perjury he's fucking goblins man, it's the worst somebody somewhere that pass through. You know this. This in the second amendment, is a very important part of anybody who wants to on their own food billet protect themselves from criminals, be able to protect themselves from from predators. If you live in like a rural the unity of Europe. I give you live in Montana, and you are you live in the woods and that that show mountain man these motherfuckers they need. Arms to shoot off bears bears they need to shoot at mean. If you don't, the bare comes needs you mean, say that they can't have bears because they also have arthritis medical marijuana cures, look here's the other fuckin thing by the way. Fuck the reason Goddammit years, another fund, but thing you can do shoot shooting guns just fuckin fun. It's fund issue bottles, its funding, shoe targets,
one issue to fight a gun. It just a blast like theirs We should do the whole point. Is it's not about reason? It's like you get there a gun in this country. If you want to have a fucking gun, it shouldn't be Based on whether or not you smoke something rose out of the ground. Meanwhile, you can have like Hunter as Thompson. Had a fuck, bar. It is shooting range, a bar of ever seeing that of Yellow Fuckin bar with a butler. You can have that, but you can't part shoot. That's ridiculous. You could be got a prescription for Oxford cons, lungs, its legal position, its legal. You don't have that problem. Any person beer assistant director Arthur Herbert rights in the open letter to all gun sellers, any person who use or is addicted to marijuana, regardless of whether here or her state has passed legislation. The rising marijuana used for medicinal purposes is prohibited federal law from presenting.
Fire, arms or ammunition that shit makes wanna join an I really. Sure I am going to. I think I am in the end, our I was fuckin dead right. I think they all this time. The energy has been trying to stop the government from taking away gun right now I understand now I get it all this time. I thought it was like these crazy gun nuts. They really want how machine guns they really want cumbersome assault rifles. Now. I don't want to have these people telling you what you can have it simple man. It's a simple fuckin right, it's obvious too. Each of the national reference is in commenting on it says: a national
four cessation with frequently but with which frequency frequently, but heads with the atm has not put out a statement on the letter and a spokesperson. There did not return calls for comment. A spokesman for Rocky Mountain gun owners was also silent while in oh that's, that's just really sad. It's it's a really sad thing, because that's just the pressure from pharmaceutical companies to try to make sure that medical marijuana does spill off innocent what of it? I d criminals asian event in the wide and in order to stop it in its place, if they do, they start start on Montana, and the reason why, in Montana, is because of the urban amounting a huge percentage of the people in Montana Hunt. But we're in Montana. Everywhere we drove p but were there was, like science said, welcome hunters like in bars and restaurants and welcome hunters. So a lot of fuckin people wanting up. There is also a lot of people of their delight to get I so they did.
I wanted to kill the medical marijuana community there by making it so that, if you are a legal registered merit, medical marijuana patient cannot fire our fuckin pigs on, but fuck unbelievably Grossman. It's really disgusting. It said Jeff Door. Sure, a spokesperson spokesmen for the? U S, attorney's office in Colorado, said the decision whether to prosecute someone would be made on a case by case basis, at still basically saying they have you by the balls they don't appear to be any cases in Colorado where people have been prosecuted for illegally owning guns, because their medical marijuana patients, because her solemnly medical marijuana patients who have gone to call RADA, you you ve just made felons out of you, know a million people and that's not exist. Duration, the medical marijuana, community, Colorado's, fuck and amazing isn't it? Isn't it basically a slippery slope, though, like the mom you, as a government, say that people can consume a plant
that out. You can't overdose on the moment. You're, making laws like that, isn't a kind of a slippery slope where you can expect there to be other law general laws. Following that I mean it thing like of like what they're doing is obviously wrong, and that seems to be part of what they do that. No government makes shitty laws that have no bay This is an actual reality and urges based on whenever there we're power agenda is its, but I think it's also them it's. It's a death, throw their exposing their belly. Think they're they're they're, showing how fucking stupid their system really. Is there actually there, creating a law, that's gonna, make people angry and furious, and the wrong people got owners because on over gun owners and hunters, some of the most organised motherfuckers it's real the interesting how these fish and game departments are entirely funded. The conservation efforts are entirely funded by hunters hunters in hunting
gun owners are the ones who organise like one of the best run departments in the entire country, as they did the different states, fish and game departments, their incredibly efficient and managing game populations, of setting tag limits set at managing the number of livestock or wildlife? Rather while livestock like and in females, and they do all these surveys and testing their incredibly efficient, because saw based on people actually care about the environment actually go out and hunt these wild animals. So you go you, don't you getting them against you? You know this, is supposed to be the government. This must be the people that are looking out for you. There's no reason to pass this. There's no fuckin reason they're, just making shit more complicated and making government we creating more fucking problems, creating more these scenarios, will you gonna lock someone in jail because they like the smoke, weed and hunt you dummies yet p s
this makes me want to do- is get baked NGO. Shooter got eyes when she wanted to go to Canada, so it makes me want to do want to run away from these stupid, fuck and laws. These are dumb. The idea that you could put yourself in jeopardy, they could possibly locked in a cage. Nebula see your family for an extended period of time, because you did something that you wanted to do that didn't hurt anybody. It's fuckin car rays, believe me. If you are stoned and yet again, you'd be careful as fuck. Oh, my god, you be so the paranoid- or I think you might be an idiot, though you might just to just search thanks man, when that, when I grew up around guns, nothing is like growing up. Around guns makes you so safe with guns like somewhat since I was like, can remember my dad. Why me kids, like look but little boys got my dad would like even with a faint guns. He would like teachers like now
point this in Lombardy. Here's how you handle a weapon and then one then, of course you would like taught us to shoot and it was like the way out raked and stern. He was with weapons like I'll, never forget, I'm so fucking careful when I get around guns because he like hit me in the right way, and that came from being only people haven't been around guns are afraid of guns, like when you kids, fine guns in your house, that if your kids are rare used and taught what a gun is and what's important, why it's dangerous they're going to ok, because there are there there used to be in a round them anywhere. You know what the sad up put the safety, and you know what to say these off. You know too, in point of anyone who knows a ball in the chamber. Now, all those things and also by the way, if you ve got fucking guns, the responsible thing is you have a goddamn gun, save put your flogging guns and save you? Don't leave Moran period it's some! It's it's really on
fortunate, when the government has to pass laws like this they don't have to, but when they try to pass laws like this, two further some other agenda, even the agenda against medical marijuana. What it is it's that simple, it's true to slow, the medical marijuana movement, and so they involve guns, and I think it's a mistake. It's it's fucking disgusting Did you see that editorial article seeing just put out on legal, why we legalise marijuana? Yes, this is so cool to well meanwhile, still illegal, Numa people are getting arrested. Every thirty seven seconds is that the statistics that thirty nine certainties When perceive this man in this country, that's fucking, stupid, stupid. It's it's! It's a waste, a goddamn time and its become a business in and of itself as the real issue. The real issue is that it's become a fucking business to business, resting people, keeping people in jail to business, of closing down medical marijuana farms and catching mexican drug
living in the northern California mountains of giant like wild fuckin. This huge set ups out there where they are, they have the shit grown wild and did so brains up their consular. You could just start planting and only they harvested all, but they have these dudes liven up there in camps, have they even have a god or saint, rather that they pray to narcos around they're, fucking guns. Yeah! That's like pictures, this guy prisoners, they got a name home on was working environments go go go here. Maybe you do look at it but ass, soon ass, the some known as the generous bandit the angel of the poor or they are banned at Robin. It is amazing, you know Robin Hood was initially about now: King own land, he couldn't hunt the kings LAN Robin Hood, been hunt the land and take the deer and give the to the poor. That's what the robbing from the rich and feeding the
there was an amazing. I thought I was about money. We start out with that start out with poaching pushing the kings dear, the kings, mother, fucking, dear man, things always got dear well, apparently, the difference between the way wildlife is run and american wildlife was run in the european world knows one of the things that made united States. So great and people came here from Europe. Was that in Europe, all land and hunting is our own by royalty and rich people so there's no private, there's no public hunting, it's on private land, whereas in America the wildlife is all the peoples like even on public or even on private land. Like say, if you own private land, you still can't shoot everything. That's on that land. You have to have like a tag dear. I have to kill in only certain amount of them trying to how much publicity have the area
and that was what was said. The maid, like these Daniel Boon Characteristic king here from from european background, so happy that they could live this sort of different life for their running around hunting whenever they want to be able to provide for their family, which you couldn't do in Europe. You literally couldn't go out in and hunt food unless you went to a private land preserve still our countries in Scotland still like that. Can I can't just go there have to go to these private places? It's amazing man, I think, out of all the different things that powerful people do can't fix. A well done. I'm work and I can give the king fix it. Well, I do, how do I fix the world ass? Well, I mean, obviously, we start paying teachers. The amount that we pay doc There is creating a competitive environment and doctors in fact over whether it's ok, so we pay teachers are fuck load of money, says it about you: pay actors, yeah
that said in Orange and that's it and you have like Academy awards for the best teachers so teach. Become the celebrities bugging. Make it too that the it's the most competitive energy industry to get in. So the people who become teachers are these fucking super genius brilliant people who start really too Jeanne kids about how incredible and before the universes teach him about fucking, fine men teach him at alike. Synthesize lsd boom. You do that adds terrorist behaviour as labelled in the Patriot ACT. What you just said, why teaching refinement know the other part well, dude. Everybody else do no, that's the broad manufacture star with the kids, get them educate get them very excited about life, get them too stand that we exist in a beautiful juicy vibrant world and the EU brain is now chemical laboratory which can produce thoughts which, if you put those thoughts and actions, can try
swarm your entire planet in the same way that the invention of electricity or the varieties of technologies that have come from the mine have shifted our planet? completely and perhaps perpetually you teach kids, that your mind is a fucking is the laboratory from which every single innovation that is affected your species, his you share the same brain that stein, add fine menage Buddha. Had you have that computer here somewhere, different operating systems can decide on. You teach him about yoga, you teach you have you get em fuck and when they're ready and tory rituals you bring them into a This role, experience of the beauty of life instead putting them in little fucking boxes, making them said it uncomfortable seeds and listen to underpaid angry people, not all them. Some teachers don't give a fuck and their beautiful evil, but some of them are like not being treated with any kind of respect
the end result is their speedier there. Phoning it in you know, and so that makes kids when they think about. Reading or books are math or any of it. They just have this. Like the same way, action, you haven't you ve gotten a tequila over and someone offers you tequila, because you ve been having the shit papa then do you and the absolute wrong way. We can't educate kids. The way we make flog raw. I fucking forcing shit down into their mouths until their poison and second by it and hate it because it's coming from we better people a lot of times. I can remember: and teaches I had man there were Dialogue is angry, should at and it made hate, the information but poor devils advocate when you look at the possibility of computer simulations, and you look at the idea that life is some sort of computer program, those people inspired, you do not be like them those people inspired you with energy, the motivation and will to term
of past their paradigm in to see the error of their ways and one of them best to see the error of someone's ways see someone who's just preaching shit living a miserable life. You see it's like it's it's almost more powerful. Sometimes then, a positive image and a positive message Some of the reason why I got motivated to do all the things that I did was because I was raised shitty I'll, tell you what motivated me what's motivated me is running into some really great teachers and my life, you, my friend, emo most of the skies of fuckin amazing musicians, a genius different give different college professors. The professor convince me to go. Fuck in India, like really brilliant people We would that you done the same thing to me as have all of my mind, my friends, but I also think that the people who try to stop me and the people there s a shitty things to me, though those people just they start a fire
inside me that I dont know, if would have been there of just. It was just a positive react, now? The union? The young is important and I am certainly not clearly you're. Never gonna get rid of this fucking than negative element, but you can be people who tee what you just said. What you just said, which is a kind of like Nietzsche, an idea that we need, though you part of what We need is a thing to resist. We need a thing to rise above. We need thing that we can get angry at the moat. That motivates us, but that shit can be taught. You can teach that two kids, you teach that two people like you can show. People that you can just bring people. These philosophies that have been valid by super geniuses and let the kids pickles damn decide and you can do it coming current Maddox and coming from performers instead of coming from people. Wanna get fucking out. So there's like this positive ways to achieve results and there's naked ways to achieve positive results.
The negative reinforcement for Did you a rebound enter to push it, from that and thus create a positive result. But it's also possum to create that positive result with correct, nurturing and a real philosophy for yeah real positive philosophy. So it's it's most like we're. We're almost we're almost destined to follow a positive. We, we have several different options. For achieving a positive result, including being raised badly. You know including being raised by someone who doesn't care about you and forces you to be a much more, loving caring parent? You know that This is a story I M going to really proud. Perceval out of audience gives its Jesus story, but I just read it. Somebody semi this book of, like monks, writing days on the gospels and there's this, and when you hear this at first, it's like come on. That's so fuckin stupid, but don't you think about it. It's kind of acquired, but there's this story, Ike crisis walking
here the temple with his fucking disciples and there blind man that he heels and they ask him Why was that man blind was? Why was that born blind. Is it because of his sins? Are that now you have to understand, come from primitive desert philosophy, sins and all that ship their thing? Is it because of his karma or because his parents, bad karma there like. What's the reason this guy's fucked up in their response, really brilliant and the response was the guy and if you take it literally it's stupid, but the response was he was. He is born blind so that that miracle could be worked through him so that novelty could come into the universe in the moment that he regained site- and I think that's really beautiful, fucking idea, which is that your situation, whatever yours, but situation happens to be that is a negative, backed into a corner. Dark fucking play is hidden. One way it's the most awful thing ever, but in
other way. There is nothing more fucking beautiful like when you have a friend he's like a desperate horrible fuckin, Pollack, whose life is gonna shit whose broke all the time almost dying, and you see him overcome that fucking addiction and offices. This guy, wherever he goes to anyone is an alcoholic, is like living representation of the fact that you don't have to live like that. That is fucking powerful. So or negative state, whether Euro bees, whether Europe drunk whether you're on heroin whenever the fucking thing is that you happen to be in because of certain stands or whatever that has the potential energy you can convert that into living teaching so that everyone around you can see that you mastered yourself and rose above the darkness, and the people who are in that dark place, they'll be inspiring a million times more than reading the bag of ideas, a thousand times or seeing
something written down, because you're the living example of the fact that life, human life and the human the visuals life, can radically transformed for the positive, if you focus and if you are walk in there too. But so the point is the negative situations there given to us is a man was one is a given, but there an opportunity to really show people shaking get better they because men when I someone you know like when you see someone is account and their use been about whatever the fuck. You know what I mean, but their life sucks and they're, always in Jerusalem and there in a bad relationship. Will it's like what are you talking about But when you run into an affinity happy person his utilise principles and transform their lives. You fucking listen to that Well, when you run into people that are doing things also, you like feel the need to do things When you read about someone is inspirational, you get inspired in our you. U we week, we draw
energy from other examples, including negative ones, is here, personal motivate you to go to the jam. You see some kind of fuckin scooter was got hanging over the handlebars, throw the twinkie away in oh yeah. We week we were capable of taking positive negative, damn right, we can draw energy from all sources. It doesn't just have to be like inspirational people, certainly you can like the idea. Really. The idea is whatever the energy is coming on internal policy shift. It turn at transform it be the fucking prism shifts whatever that energy is in D, like a beautiful rainbow, instead of like a turd and even one of the few positive just let it enhance your rainbow yeah, enhance your you're you're beautiful of the world and pump up even further, and you know that idea, it's something that like people deserve goes towards both old time. I really think you have to give something. That's a mantra, I think it's something there used to be repeated its an ethic that needs to be
grained in our mentalities and that's why I say it all the time, because I'm also for myself I want to. I want to pump my my own version of it up in my own head I'm not immune to negative feelings in depth and thoughts, I'm just a very diligent watcher very diligent guard of my consciousness. So when I repeat past the things it's not I'm trying to convince myself. It's a mean forcing these positive. It's in my own mind and in the mind of other people and maybe a bit repetitive, sometimes and get it get a bit redundant, but I think we needed a really do. I think you need it yourself. I think I need it. I think Think society needs it yeah. I think it's missing its missing from or entertainment. Its minutes missing from Anderson Cooper, CNN reports from its missing from fuckin news of all the shit of the day in the hurricane devastation missing a broadcast from the from from the collective consciousness
a broadcast from the culture of the world that we can slowly. But surely, despite the news and evidence to the contrary? Slowly, but still surely all move towards a more positive state. This thing you're too. About. Is that what I think of as the river and the forest effect? If everyone walking in a forest and suddenly become aware of the sound of the river, it's been there, whole time. But if you don't it's such a subtle, sound that blends in with the wind and the summit was a new here that why trickle of water running over rocks. That's what you're talking about It's a kind of like metaphysical River, that runs through everything, and it's very subtle, and it's very easy to forget that its there and we gotta figure out how to get it to the eighty f. Gotta figure to get these fuckin crazy, ass, the same people who brought you the fastened, the furious trial, locked after having a rifle and a fuckin medical marijuana licence. We gotta get this
people there on a federal, backed and want to pretend that some fucking crazy debt that we have to pay off. Oh tell why? Yes, where that money, what isn't even mean? What is your money represent? Yes, you fucking. Crazy assholes with your numbers in your fuckin, scroll, underneath the when you're watching the news that stock market scroll goes under like what Are you fuck? Are you doing? We have to fix it well, first Fuckin hear yourself: that's the first goddamn states, the people goddamn it fixed cancer and then get to the point where the consciousness of olive self. So much that it's it's it's ridiculous to ever. One, including the people that are in charge and met, but yet it do you Know- and I this is another thing we I save it would just talking about. This- reminds me of a man it so easy to forget that shit in it so easy to like go around the World everything's goddamn, like rubbing you the wrong way. Everything's like can seem so fucking terrible. But then, when you realize I know you don't have to be a victim.
Neither get role by the wave of phenomena are, you can serve on the fucking top of it and when you Remember that, and certainly when you gone the world, the asshole you run into what the fuck and jam this Eddie waiter, whatever the that content traffic, these things become little packets of energy that you can use to enhance your existence and grow, but God damn it's easy. Forget and it's easier to let them to be rolled Missy to be angry. It's a form of lazy yeah when intellectual laziness and physical laziness that's one of the things you looked in order to have a sound body. You have no sound mind sounding cliche, but it's. Control. You gotta, eat, healthy, eager to drink a lot of water and you gotta get some fucking exercising. Yes, if you dont get some exercise in your body going to betray you you bought is gonna lie to you. It's gonna, give you stress its unnecessary. I can send you signals that you have to deal with the need to keep your fucking Jeanne healthy. Your vehicle for travelling through this dimension. Is your body keep that bitch healthy,
see this shit. This is water. I drink a leader this every couple hours. I swear. That is like a racehorse. Every five seconds in my pay important folks, take if I'm brains over there with a class of heroin mixed with AIDS, I've labour, my air, what with aid there's nothing like heroin flavoured I take off your glasses and show the world your eyes, Dhaka, trestle, let them let them see. Your saw them see through the windows of you saw their funding where there's glasses folks passes over. Can I put? Can I talk about it? You can, I add the show coming up. I'm gonna be the fun fun fun fast this weekend and asked them. But on this what is that it's bad ass? as developed Austin. That happens on that. Everyone is bad, but the show please come to this, its Fitzgerald, used in on the sixth that is a show that I really would love for you guys to come. I have one endows, but it sold out, but the one in used in still tickets its November six Fitzgerald. If we go to my website, Duggar trouser dot com get tickets, their power
tat can change. They saw me please any time, and this week in Seattle, Washington, on Saturday night, the November third, at the more theatre, is completely sold out sorry bitches, but we're just awesome voodoo chicken. Are you gonna make scheduled appearance contact voted chicken. Brian bans common and, of course, great Fitzsimons, we'll be there as well and by the way, when I say that we're awesome Seattle, I mean you guys to I mean all of us together, that's not just like us. I wouldn't say like me: Duncan and brighter awesome. Well, a part of this also mixed San Francisco Friday night November. Second, at the knob. Masonic Centre yeah. I know masonic peace I don't get my lack for me. It is a place to perform folks, I call lively, call live nation. I have a representative, the calls them and we need to deal with those people. My self unum same. I let somebody else do other dirty work for me,
does the only place. It's does nothing sinister about this, not help Masonic Centre and the postman like we we're gonna get african farmers efforts cows, when the great fuck either way do the Masons knew how to build a place to focus energy. I used to I performed masonic calls. You can really fuckin blast the beam in those places. Man really too much. Was we really cool place and tickets are still available for that. Some tickets are also available for the metropolis. In Montreal November, sixteenth, you come with me: don't control so yeah through Montreal fuckin. So can I say one more thing. I forgot November seventh Eight I'm in New Orleans evaluate fast, so come to that. Please o Brien, my little account or you don't have up the tenth, which is San, Diego Robin on the twitter page. Please put that out because we d as an IRA, Balboa Theatre, maybe Brian Redman too, if you want to make, I went in the tent
so you're gonna tell me I'm going to be in Ohio, cool matter the current date in the November aid in Cincinnati November night. Those two shows are not selling as fast as the colombian people the articles colombian out wrong, as always that we might looking into buying Brian's moms place in Colombia. She has a fuckin bed and breakfast night and turn it into death squads. Studios turn it on to the desk while compound you're gonna fuck and bought what you can, the brine mom. We can get rid of a four hour in the streets. Now she's got two houses at one of them. She owns the bed and breakfast on a giant peace. Landward can hunt dear dude, I like it. How many there's a doctor I haven't, but I well the lot than twenty acres. You saw just the driveway. We need a few hundred acres and at TED Nugent style high. France keeps fuckin,
Buffalo rug. Hundreds also found a place on line. Some guy sent me this on Twitter, weakened by houses that are built on top of old missile, silo hell, yeah, there's a bunch of lights, get one of those brother, that's where they used to manufacture the LS d and in a fucking me, that's all that was down there. But we feel for his face Hamilton Morris content. Yeah, silo homes, man there's a lot of those These are, these are incredible: they theirs several homes for sale that are built If you gotta, silo home dot com, you can check these out. It sounds like that
ultimate apocalyptic, Sonny, I'm fine. One of them has a fuckin run away for a plane and like this, this is rustic. Looking log house, that's built over this several floor missile, silo converted into this crazy. Like storage, compound, fascinating shit, folks prepare for the apocalypse, it is coming a case now it you know. It already came to New York in New Jersey and our brothers and sisters out there on the beach and in in Jersey that lost your house's mad lovers. Back to you and all the people, one eye on the loss of places. We feel for you that fuckin hurricanes content F- and it may be just the beginning of more crazy storms- gotta keep moving folks geek Stan places that again ravaged by nature. This places on earth. Right now we can't live, can't live with their volcanoes. You can't live in Antarctica. You can't live in the Fuckin North pole. We gotta keep moving, ok,
That's one more aspect of our world where we have to understand that this is really truly a global community and we can't live in the place that suck and we gotta be able to not be fuckin territorial and accept people into new spots, Mexico whatever and make love make love and let just flow from your peanut last that just friends blast and make people if you can and raise them correctly, be nice. All the folks around give get up is the hand jobs don't put those ass decent, don't give happiness, spread what I want everything with hands hands. What they want is found some girls you're going to do that would do and when it's time, ok,
you say so right now has an impulsive penis. No one wants to start its beard of route. Is the root of a fuckin ludovico you'd have big big, now, listen, Dario an oak tree. Now, I'm a meaning model. I use my penis under model. Sweets that is the end of this week's pod- casts thanks to honour dot. Com for sponsoring progress in on it is now going to sponsor all of the death squad. Part ass, including the Don contractual family, I'll yeah. You can get on where's my wants ditched you, and I am sure that your powerful sticker we're we're up for some sticker awards with by the way if we want to not because normally in words Ghak, I think words for Arter silly, but if you give me an accepted where Fuckin chose over on a dot com, use Rogan yourself, ten points,
and off any and all supplements. Next week we have Philip coping La Civilizations expert on Monday, brow. Cowan is on Tuesday at Peter Duisburg, on when the biologists from the university, California, Berkeley. That does not believe that HIV causes AIDS. We got a lot of bullshit commandant folks, Lotta Ladakh, raising this you fuckin dirty freaks, that's it and by the way the new studio should be any weak. Now it's almost done What were we set up some things next Wednesday? We may very well start broadcasting live in month of November Harry that's what it looks like it's gonna be set. Aren't you fox? We love you We love the shit out of you and you are us and we are you
one love. Paraguay sniper go on like this.
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