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JRE MMA Show #33 with Brendan Schaub

2018-07-03 | 🔗
Joe sits down with Brendan Schaub to discuss upcoming fights.
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Hey, ladies and gentlemen, what folks going on hey? everybody who came out to Tucson and Boise first time in two Sahnan first time in Boise this past weekend had a great full time. So I want to thank you again. If you didn't listen, yesterday's podcast, we had a fucking blast I'm going all over the place I'm going to be in Vancouver on August 24th. Fourth, fourth at Abbottsford Abbotsford outside of cougars like forty minutes outside, I guess, is a big gas place. It's almost sold out Calgary we added a second show: that's almost sold out. That's on the 25th. Philly added a second show in Philly on September, third, and we're doing a big place in Columbus on September, 14th and then Toronto on timber, 29th holla at your boy, joe dot com,
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check it out the job Rogan experience during my day, Joe Rogan podcast by night. He ha I walked in you guys are watching. Soccer was hugely disappointed. England in penalty kick, oh, my God is that ok, what happened? will cut man if they win, they move on so the penalty. Kick they just one. They just wanted just one: they just fuckin' one. He gets written Franklin yeah How are you I mean this man having this man? Are you my mom was born raised there bro? I thank you. So I don't. I know most people do English subbed, so you really rude for England yeah big time. No. If us is in and that you know you know, what's happening when their plan or do you yeah when the ball goes in no, I I have kind of an idea I would say: I'm a blue belt in soccer really, new belt layout. Like I wake up early and watch the game the only world, God only World CUP. Do that
boulder. You know boulders, like the people's Republic of Boulder. I don't have to tell you you're from Colorado. You know what it's like out to school, their son boulders rough. Yes, it's they're they're, like super duper, liberal and people were Unnaturally happy about the World CUP like super excited that they know so much about soccer and yells at a bar, and it was like it that'll make you hate it. It will make you hate it but if you go to England right you'll feel good about it, but it was this certain type of white dude. Let's see you know if they mean well, they probably the dad was in the navy or some got bullied around in home and they just went the total opposite hard way. No what happens is the tough sell, especially if you're like an athlete like a black athlete? I got God that's. Why that's? Why did struggle a little bit? The beautiful mountains?
like which I don't hike handsome comp. I don't give a fact about your mountains. That's why they struggle, I think, recruiting really so beautiful there, though yeah yeah, if you're into fuckin' hiking, I can water on a rafting in just super nice too, though they're all they don't give a about sports, where, if you don't a southern school like Georgia. Tennessee they get yours God. Every it up is not bad. They don't care as good, like balance that makes stars know it sucks. You get nature out there, though eagles and ship there's. So do you know that wolves and bears are, and wills and Grizzly bears and making their way back in Colorado? Really, you know about got Damm time interest over the gun. Well, the
kill them off in 1800s and then they reintroduced into yellowstone an mostly they stayed around Wyoming and Montana, where Yellowstone is and they made their way into Idaho, but now they've definitely spot them in in Colorado and they also a very credible source. In fact, my friend Adam Greentree took video of what he says a grizzly bear, and he knows it. He knows his yeah. I was in the San Juan Mountains in Colorado last September, so they think that there's a population of Grizzly bears Adam would now he would die, and if you, if you watch the news like the local news in LA which I do so, if you want to get depressed you. There's a bunch of black bears like a hot pumpkin, chiffon open up in Pasadena, showing ha. Why don't they look the tubs? Well, they don't know that it's a hot tub. They just know it's water and so like for them to find a spot. That's filled with water, it's probably terrible for them. Once you have a salt pool, you know hot, it is doing the chlorine.
That's what I'm saying like. If the bears drinking all that chlorine she has in the pool, you know hot. It's like that. Sticks, soup, yeah the backlog through from the black with its yeah. What percentage of hot tubs people and one hundred percent is the answer, one hundred percent one has it in its press in Pasadena, the just rocking it out. Yeah. There's a lot of bears object is a funny video man this due to Pasadena he's on his phone and he's walking down an alley. And, as he turns and walked on the out he's just on his phone and he's looking down is not looking words going. Looks up and there's a fucking bear right in front of her a bit under shared the bear doesn't know what to do, and he just runs right, but you can find that this is home. It's just not paying attention. I would my pants yeah for sure
like you saw the you saw, the Homeboys in Seattle. Get up. Will one died by the mountain right now the super underground line yeah I just on a bike. Apparently the Mount one was emaciated. It was all up and sick in and only weighed like ninety something pounds, but it's still fuck both of those dudes up, but they they tell you that go use your bike is a shield and scare him off that lines like like. I don't give a fuck about your yeah, they hit it with the bike. Apparently it didn't do shit. How 'bout Homeboy was like dude you're going to attack I'm going to run and get help way to go. Assehole runs off in that line, goes where the fuck you going. Can you tell him? I'm boy got away. You know that happened in Beijing too, with uh. Who got out the car and a tiger attacked her at the Wild animal park. Yeah, that's what you get. She had car The tiger attacks are here to big bear so big bear that's a fucking terror flying bear. So this guy he's on his cell phone There's the that's uh
where here it is here. It is watch the news on this phone he's like Fuc, which, by the way the worst fucking thing you could do is just kind of super lucky. So if you could pull back, you can see like where the bear walks behind those Bush is yeah right here. This is hilarious, dude, Look the bears, walking right there, the guy walks down he's not looking at so get loud right like get as big, Roblox, you definitely don't want to run away because their instinct to chase yeah, but they say when you get loud and like challenge. I'm like you hear about that. It's not! I don't want eleven year out Boy Scout Lee. Now they rent the solid bearing you know. It's like play Danner or do your thing you know or yet, when he played ever get real, big and loud like they, they don't know exactly what to do. I, but I I guess in the boy Scout Handbook says, to get loud like make a scene. I'm forgot loud may have seen that there was like oh cool, hey kids watch this ETA Mashole. First, and from the
squad- oh no yeah, so they don't. I don't think they know exactly well. The problem is bears are like every other animal right. Like think about dogs. All dogs are different man. Some dogs just come over their house in like what's going on how you doing in and so I'm some due to come out of the house. The dogs check you out, like I don't know, mother, I'm not sure, but she's also they get around you and here comes up. You know, like all my guys here is up to where his dog as his hair up. What's going on here, I think there's probably just like dogs and that they're just a very they say it also depends where you're at like they walked to his cave. So he's like you're in my house, give me that asshole, it's terrifying. I don't think you're that cub scout, like oh, my God, apparently the worst thing that could happen. Is you walk into a female with their cubs game over yeah female Grizzly with Cubs? Should just let you up You don't know chance not like you're going to what do you do. I was listening Sumbitch on the news, 'cause they're talking about black bears in hot tubs and, if you run into one this lady is saying killed. Fillers bunch
in the nose. No, no This is our super sensitive or go for the eyes yeah. Let me try that they bite each other's faces. You people have to understand what can they fight with each other, which they do all the time they do all the time? They're always fighting. I don't see how there's in person fight in the wild I've seen it they just fight, especially during the the rot like in the spring time. They fucking bite each others faces, and it doesn't even look. Like anything happened, they bite the shit out. Each other and nothing happens. By contacting your clothes with you little rich ass hands like what they do cal has an old bit where, if done a special, so he won't when we say we cannot small bit where people go post, punk punch a shark in the nose, try, punch underwater he's like I thought that exact same thing. I thought that exact things like. How much could you generate underwater like people go
water work workout you see that famous photo of Ali all do a lot of shadow boxing in the lot water and John recreated. It have seen that's right. You know g, Esp does a lot of work in the water he was. First one is doing work in the water. Actually, for my mean months, would drive down to the lagoon and go where he's working out. We do this water workouts and when the pole, with a pull for like two hours of the pro, I did it for two weeks I think it's because you coming in on wednesday- and I know just a word that sounds more like someone with a mental disability, I have problems with sound like a rifle like Stephen Hawking, actually sound like someone who doesn't know English, that good anyways, because you coming home Wednesday. I won't do that then again and I was like no I'm not man, I'm singular fuckin', pull you being there for like two hours. He had these things. You are doing this. Well, he does a lot of jumping, which is really interesting. I was thinking about.
Like now. You could generate maximum force like jumping in the water and it's probably really easy on the joints, and if there is it's easy on the joints, but I'll listen, one expert talk about it. Actually, I think Lauren Landau's turn as he's a strength coach for the Denver Nuggets, Denver Broncos now. Are you saying it's good to make San but to do it every week, all the time, especially in the sand or water you're, not going the same explosive. It's not generating the same explosive power, so you should mix it up yeah, because, if you're just doing that, your ex is that you make you less explosive while see those shoes like the bag to the death for like land out, but those dudes interest on the cutting edge they're constantly like comparing studies and just trying to get that little extra edge, and it is so interesting. Now it's so like the world of strength and conditioning is never been like more complicated It is no more bro signs. The also because there's actual x were to like you can look it up now. Right, like back in the day, might be like dude just the egg
I thought you know the terrible thing. Just the eggs and drink milk and get fucking Swole, you said no, everyone had all sorts of weird fuckin' diets or just take. This bsn exploding jack, Bro there's so many variables still there's still some variables, but when it comes to like the guys that get paid big bucks to train top level athletes, they seem to I'll be kind of on the same page, correct note, lower Those were my best friends. A lot plyometric stuff lot of plumbing, Then they all, usually they all agree on similar things. They might have this variation here Imagine here, but most of agree on the same I can think yeah he's Taito slow one. No one saying you need to be power, lifting only and no once you know no one's doing anything stupid a lot of our same in on doing like MAX rap sin and multiple days, all the stuff. I
That's not the way to go anymore now. The meeting is yeah it's over, but I say that noise. I still do the meat had days like sometimes like what else are fun to be in town Jean shorts, so yeah, nice, three hour, work out for Ross was looking for. Decca frost was given us some insight into that that, like with his philosophy on to What was the most interesting thing is that marks by the smartest people get but the more interesting things that he said was that you should never feel sore he's like you should work out, and you should build your up to the point where you never feel sore and never push yourself past. Your limit should never be like ha. Windows in working out or training to he was training. Talk about everything he's talking about just do more do more of a day, interesting, yeah saying that if you do like sets, it look to a set like here. Here's a for instance, I'm taking it out of context.
Example yeah. I was like, if you did certain, I forget the numbers he was talking about, but if you did a certain amount of work, which is to paraphrase say, if you do twenty Chin ups, you do two sets a twenty chain of stealing to barely can get twenty in your burnt out afterwards in your racked or instead of that you'd you doing forty wraps right either way to forty of throughout the day would do it five reps at a time, but do the same amount of work? How will you ever hire stamina, good question, but the idea being, I think it's a different thing, but the at the idea of being like to get yourself into this position where you can train hard, especially with like physical fitness type stuff shouldn't break your body down totally. You should just give your body enough of a chance to fully recover. And then build up. I think we have to be a little careful with it. Frost specialize in
martial arts. Well, there's so many disciplines. Would you can't go balls to the wall and strength condition? You can't just break yourself with wrestling. You can't just go hard and sworn you have to kind of models, things and figure it out I think it's a little bit of biasing he's right. I think, as far as it goes as mixed, martial arts Orlando's been saying that forever jungle Superman the weight rooms, a I'm telling you tonight, you have resting your be screwed. Man right got to figure this out. You got to figure out this form. Women. That's a long time ago, yeah this. I think doing weightlifting in lower reps. More often is the way to do it. Yes, it's fuckin', interesting man, but when you train it for a fight you're going to have to push yourself right, you know there's going to be things like whether it's hill, sprints or whatever it is mean you're going to push yourself to the limit. I remember is, is being, and just we have the same. On seven train with both armor biz being he would go, so hard in practice his his when he would warm. Is repetition striking hitting minutes wrestling jujitsu every?
Ng was super high pace right. This is where I get my card from I'm doing the actual sport of it I'm not going to. Fuqing sprints, where I should do more wrestling rounds and GSP was very similar. He goes super hard in that aspect yes, he is a wizard that stuff man I mean he was always at the cutting edge of it came to doing gymnastics member. He was really into gymnastics it with the meaning, more carton. Him would do it together. So interesting. I guess I'd watch him do all these flips left. I mean we tried this bulshit clicking cartwheel and they make very good man. It's good you're, getting better and better in funk. You guys does anybody your size. Do that stuff uh. I gotta be something in there for sure. In the rest were all eight year old girls who are just monsters Layton GSP. I should look like this big shrek character in there. Gymnastics is probably like the sport that gets dudes the most jacked, when you see like ring guys are tiny, though right.
Yeah, because you're really skinny midget, you skinny small person, everything like real small person, just sorry small person. All jacked. Are they no fat, asses they're, all yeah big fat, asses bro. I don't think it's the same thing. I'm saying I'm saying he do. I know they're small they sold urge like if like, if Libere found out in gymnastics, he's not going to be jacked. What's the average size of like olympic gymnast, five three are really tiny, tiny stocky jack jacket, but they've also been lifting like that. Since, like four months old, all I was getting at sorry before year. Horrific no, I corrected small ballista rant Do you know what a blessed is? The newest thing now would say if you make fun of someone who has a disability, you're able us, including stupid people tall
This is no oxymoron. Okay, the average height for Male gymnast is around five. Four to fifty seven Jonathan Horton is listed as five hundred and fifteen thousand six hundred and fifty eight. So the tallest one is my height. Fifty eight I mean he. Like the Dikembe Mutombo? If he's on the top of my list who's the tallest? This is the like: the tallest girls like five to know Jesus, so that May sense and then our studies, it's a gymnastic, stunts growth. There is that really that they think they start. Super young said that break below that there was an article. Does gymnastics stunt growth? Is that a real question, whether it's done right? That's what I'm saying is that a real question. Click? Well, they say lifting young stunt, your growth rate. I heard that. But how do they know that the one with the supplier to not to fourth grade wired, to maybe you'd, be super trying to find a home in a certain function without gymnast,
What does it say hold on second stunts growth explained hum. We don't talk, maybe this drawn to it. You know. Maybe this short people are drawn makes sense. Well, for it's absolutely a myth says U? Gymnastics? Scientific community is entirely sure, but the idea that gymnasts would have grown to be a foot taller for they had only hadn't. Bent the time on the parallel bars is absolutely a meth. The best in the world is forty, eight, that's assignment by blouses for a Simone tomorrow, Bro Simone, don't misgender her friends, Father Simon son, fresh college, soon timeouts in Sims four April. Since I didn't see that recovery data, easy sport man would like everything is like ready, set go it's all. About doing in one moment right, someone says: go it's there and then you have to nail it every other, routine foot.
Teen you've got it drop. It all came over it's over. Or a little slip, all those buns, and when you watch gymnastics I watched a little bit. You won't watch world car watch world I'm just playing with you. I'm just saying you understand. Look if I find out something you like I'm going to start marking it. That's how we do it now. We do propose that we do it's gonna, make sure make fun if you can make fun of some shit that I like mad. I like a lot of dump shit. You know much kit, dump Shittu did bring back fanny pack, so I brought him strong yeah, you that you have will get credit for you in Croak out, though, let's be real with you in less courageous, it is they've, they've been doing it for ever of the base. You us as far as the US does mean Hulk. Hogan no holds get rid of a long time ago. Okay, well, I we be prosperous is he had it and I had at the same time, go wild, go reeling, twenty! Let it come out years ago now that sex tape county said fact that I bet he still got one no no way. I bet it does back in the day at golds,
To have him there be steroids in those they would shoot up with their little bag yeah you could buy it from looking at the hawks. You don't have one there, that's pretty recent those had a shitload of back surgeries man No would you would you expect to going to happen after wrestling I so W W E heard that yeah price for, like Wrestlemania parents yeah well, that's amazing and chuckle down to your phone So what? What do you think of that? Not MIKE t? But you know I just watch it live for well watch it yeah watch. You may feel like I'm for it this some people say It shouldn't happen right now, I see? I don't think it shouldn't happen. I look at it more like if I think if chuckle, though, was still employ the if he can pay for a thousand dollars. Just to chill whatever he was doing for the OC, he would not be fighting. I think it's more of a money play which bums me out, because I think Chuck Lidell Tito Ortiz what they did for the sport should become set for the rest of their lives.
I you must be out. They have to fight to make money that bums me out. I don't know if he does so much because he was very smart chuck, you know it's, it seems like. Maybe that's the going on there. But but you also has been saying now: you gotta wonder what, where this is coming from, but he has been saying that he misses it and that was his favorite thing. Damn explaining this is it yeah, but it's different like if, if we're going to live forever, if we're going to live forever, I would say: yeah: definitely don't do it 'cause you're just going to keep damaging stuff if you're not going to live forever, then let's do that. He's forty eight! So let's say we're going to one hundred, let's say: Chuck: lift one hundred now he's halfway there being friendly. Now, let's say he lived on Evernote Livan brother. I have another one of my five hundred and thirty solid years left me. So, let's say Chuck is going to Edison's sons true new Shitan, big, though great down up great Danes, Bro? So, let's say
lives to one hundred he's, basically halfway there dude at the halfway mark fighting it just it can't be healthy man. Like imagine me in fifty five and you're the exception. You know like you're in phenomenal shape it I get it, you don't get, in the face now it's not going to be pretty not in the head, especially if you, all those years of I'm not hating on it. There's a market for it. Do your thing: it's more of a sad story. Well like I think they should be Tom or I want them to parlay their careers like a Michael, Stray Hannah, Kobe Bryant, you know where, through our legends and then they move on to do great things. I agree, but I also if they wanted to compete, it was because they wanted to compete. I do I wonder where it makes sense to tell them they can't or they shouldn't, because if they want to do it, if they both wanted do it like if they had money and then like so what is it about? Is it the motivation that bothers me like? What is it about a fight like that is the
think it's the motivation you created a little bit have a little bit because see, I think, Ti. Doe did better financially. You know. I think she does a line. He did really well and Bella tore him. He might actually want this fight just to fight Chuck again. I think so. I think he does on the different trajectory correct. Yeah I mean he's been fighting and doing? Well, here's this is yeah. You know, yeah he's, he still a formidable guy he's a beast to those are big fella yeah. Earthpulse great guys now I will say this everyone. Is in these older leagues or if they, if golden boy. If that's your thing to do like these, but this master league everyone fighting that lead better pray. To the mma gods. Vidor Belfort does not enter that fucking thing to the gills lately. Yes, you better amazing, fantastic, so happy. We will we'll kick the clock out of all those.
Cool dudes? At the same time, you really well dude. I was again It's going the other day I was like, oh my god, yeah there's something happens to Victor when he fills with super unleaded dude like Jelly he's a different lose roids bro like some people, don't don't don't do well with Roy to get all red and ships. He looks great. His skins, vibrant, is Titser popping his Ult Antique it wider he's doing straight. Testosterone not mean when he was on C. Think about this right. We know for sure. We all know absolutely one hundred percent of people have cheated and taken steroids and got away with it. We know I know it. You know that, especially in fighting specially. When the way inns were the only day you had to pee yeah, there was no randoms, they didn't just come by. We know for a fact, but you watch someone who's just doing testosterone an what else is doing.
Human growth hormone and she's fucking gigantic. Now I love that I love it too, but what you get there? It's a different thing like for right or like something happens with him like when you, when they allowed him to take it like during the Rockhold fight this being fight. Do his body ate it up, but that's it it's a kind of a different thing, because you're old, it's like it's a by of board. Let me let them do it, so it doesn't feel guilty about it. You feel me that he's finding a way where it's still legal yeah when he was doing it yeah, he was doing it legally. He was doing it. He got permission from the UFC to do it yeah, commission. So as much as I think, if you go back before he did it like uh see when he fought sexy, AMA, yes dude his body didn't look nothing. That it looks like a welterweight never wants to go. The the lot of people go over steroids whatever Port Sammy Sosa Mark, Mcgwire, Barry Bonds, you take steroids, try hitting those fuckin' homeruns, everyone was doing it and fighting
people were doing, I'm looking say names. If so, when Jon Jones tested ha against DC right for whatever he does hot for. If DC was doing the same stuff. Would he have be John, the answer's? No, what was a very close fight up into that head? Kick right. It was a good fight. You don't really know or know what could have happened. I'm just saying, let's say I level fighting correct. However, but, however that's what happens, we have to judge it based on if they are taking the same stuff with everyone say John took. But if DC you say and do you think the outcome would been any different? My answer is no. If they taking the same star, see the John thing. Gone over this, but we probably should go over to scan if anybody doesn't know the actual the numbers he tested negative, they test tested. Positive for a miniscule amount? really small, and then he tested negative again
so whatever happened happened in a very short window and it was incredibly small amount of whatever that stuff was some call it micro doses yeah. It could be that we don't we don't know really yeah the thing about it. Is that stuff supposed to stay in your system for a long time, it would be a stupid thing to take because, supposedly it's in your system for weeks, but we don't know yeah and also the micro dosing is real folks, that's real that's what they were doing in baseball. They were taken testosterone, gummy bears it would only last like three or four hours- and you said we arrive alive today. I would eat him during the game, yeah yeah and then by the time, it's, not a system yeah and paste. Baseball, but that was testing baseball players, the dumbest shit, but it was one of those weird american things like ever: But if we the Russians attitude about this. Just be cool, If I mean what is it like,
How did the Russians feel about like that Documentary Icarus with that guy came on and claimed that all the russian athletes run steroids. They don't wanna dress like you know, ship buddy whatever let it whatever we get over. It man kill a few whistle blowers over here to find us you to come over here and we're suffering yeah, but wonder, but that's the the stuff with storage. I think we put too much. We almost put too much emphasis on the steroids. What it does, don't you run? It helps it helps a lot of guys, but if, if everyone was on the same thing, John John, to still be the great all time he's still on yes, he did Rock Brock. Lesnar still be Brock. Lesnar, I think came still became flooded, still be it. I think everything would be the exact same. I got I got the sears I think you're right if everybody was on the result would be the same if everybody was on. The problem is like some people, like Victor just it just.
His body loves it he's made for yeah. His body is made for t r t replacement raising yeah. So I mean, did you know good luck, good luck! Good luck! Do that now that he's in the wild West of Brazil and he's looking This is not easy. On his instagram, we talked on his instagram. He finds his family like how long you been a fan he's all since the beginning. Browns, like you, won't see me fighting his guest goes: let's do it Give him away to my kid who's, going to sign up to fight that Fuckin'. But here's the thing: how does he get out of his contract? Does he have?
We still have him under contract, or did he retire, he retired, but that just 'cause, you're retired and I know 'cause, I retired your contract isn't void. It's frozen, the very smart, but it's Vittore, Belfort I'd highly doubt at all he's done for the UFC. I guarantee you talked to. Let him go gamer would let him guide us soon, yeah? That would be nice if they did. The scary thing about Chuck is Dana, who is obviously very closely with Chuck for a long time. I don't know if they're so close anymore. Dane on this is Dana going. She says, I don't think he should be fighting like. I don't wanna see him fight again, I sure as FUCK one fight. I hope he stopped when someone close to the situation says I'm like, oh god, but he's going to do is going to do chuck versus Victor was one of the first fights ever called completed his con. Connect with the UFC last month in a lawsuit, Leota Machida, but it does he's retiring. The female took to social media to him to return, asked fans who would like to see him fight next, always good, then that that's you
Visual free tour, though his choices were a bit curious. Who is he asking a fight vandalay? He asked the fan, so he said, verily Chuck, Tito, biz being or handle will hand on business, not happening truck tied or Vanderlei Utah. Want friendly. I would also I would watch that if say, Tito and Chuck fight in Chuck wins Chuck wants to fight again. He wants to fight Vitor again, your new F c, thirty, seven and a half, and now it's like we're back to the future yeah tech struck. My please don't fight be tore, he's a. I feel I feel like it's different with one of our women that we don't know Chuck was clean, How about get chuck on the super sauce, thinking around stuff. Like it forty eight years old start, you can't be mangoes and dates and almond butter and think you're going to compete with a sauced up victor. I didn't think of that.
Come on golden boy, yeah you get that fucking yeah. You can't fuck with any legitimate organization, so, all these all these organizations that want to sneak up on you in the middle of the night and test you pee now playing come on going stairs, take a break. How about how about those guys, like you know Barnett and even lead LEO said. This goes with signed with the UFC, because you sada nothing they've all been busted previously, so they have a little different, yeah green it with them. But they're saying listen to what Josh when it was not bus by end of it right, it came out he never to Looking at things we lost a year of his career yeah. I don't understand that Josh Barnett case I'd like to have him explain it 'cause. It sounds like what I've read sounds like he got. Focht know he did they live in now they had made it they they. They know for a fact he did not write like you. They they came out that same thing. They gave out other guys right, like the does. The dirty bird What's his name, TIM means here means that came out that are bad
over the counter. I think that's all good right took some protein powder. That was that was slightly contaminated and I came out is true. When Josh Barnett it took a year to figure this out and then the my bro yeah. I know you missed a year in your older fighter. It's a year of not getting paid. My bat you're bat you're welcome back now and burn it's going, fuck this man, I'm out. Is that really what they did? I promise you that's what they did see. That seems to me to be a case where you've made an error that should be. You should compensate that fight. That's what I'm saying he should have fully say: did he should plan for Saugeye? If you made the mistake, that's like I mean I'm, not a business person, but if I was a business person would be like well. This is a clear case of someone owing someone money, because you fuckedup What you saw is going to say is it was investigation, took us that long to figure it to get to the bottom of it. That's the process, yeah but wrong right. So they were wrong. So all there
instigation stuff. They did that took so long to get to the bottom of you accused a guy who's, innocent right, yeah, but don't they say they say potentially flag for Pds right. They don't say what you're flagged for and then it goes an investigation but they're, not they don't say: hey he suspended. He thought the spots, for this is a potentially flag in this investigation that took a year to figure that out. I think that date- the- u you Sada like a specially under the whatever guidelines that they had come in here, had a lot to work with right. There's a lot of fighters. You gotta figure out who's. He got a test this one more hours a night, so I mean it must be crazy. It must be a nightmare. I'm not saying it's an easy job. I I I I think it's too much of a very hard job and think it is too much to this five hundred fighters on roster what a legend like Josh Barnett he deserves respect.
Not the youngest ever heavyweight champion, agree Joan one, my favorite fighters and he's probably one of the smartest man ever graced the Oct. He's such smart. Very. I love Josh Barnett. However, if you're novitsky and you look at the history of Josh Barnett, there's a reason to have sceptical snitch eyes on him because he's tested positive previously right, that's what's going on. You know saying like if you have a track record you get like I'm going to test over him. A tad more v torrent, add more than steep area or DC. I got just look at the back now: you're good about your fucking super unleaded DC DC. Is forty years old son dies. Four years old on the natural just some powerful, fuckin' herculean genetics just to get mom that Super sauce kid Bro get him on that Vitor Shit to gives you v in your teeth. Got here: detour chewed when he was. There was a time when
Peter was there had to face off with him and rock cold, and you look at the door like how it was when he was doing the my hawk to to get a sting ray hanging off the back to this is like a sting ray with the actor his trial. For like this, he looks so scary. Dude in this is even at the Wayans man. This is on the way into the real way and, yes, to me. He goes. You looked right at me like what the fuck This is just one straw coming out of eyeballs, just fuckin' pairs of winstrol. It's just testosterone was just whenever they let him take his on other things too. Oh my god, I don't know what he was on his hard to tell from that picture, 'cause he's an actual one hundred and eighty five right there, who might very, very deflated. It's amazing the difference between some guys like when they weigh in like Yoel when he weighs in at one hundred and eighty five? He still looks super ridiculous, Goober jacked at one hundred and eighty
you can't believe you only weighs one hundred and eighty five million upscale product too, but then he fucking whoop. You mean he just puts all that your boy. Your boy Whitaker was like that more focused yeah. Here's interviews, I said it was magic, magic see that man go from that to that and also you find him before, and his age and this time he's even harder he's like sums up their son now, here's the thing maybe, but you know what else maybe maybe crazy cuban genetics. I think that should be crazy genetics how much more impressive weather, whatever is on, let's say, is on something weather could beat him twice yeah. There should not be one slash fight, I don't I think this decision was just in the second fight now you're crazy. I think there should have been ten eight now I I think I need a new rules at the I think ship in a draw. I don't think you'll want fight if any, if you're going to give you all a ten eight then that you draw yeah and I don't think they give draws out enough,
'cause, then they are forced to have that troublesome flag. That I'm fine with, I didn't think that a decision I thought like there's too many moments in the fight where Yoel hurt Whitaker like really there was no moments in the fight. Were Whitaker really hurt you well really hurt him like him in deep trouble. There was one that head kick the wobble in a little bit of everything in the service like the head cake was when I don't think that even fucking It much in Wildwood his legs a tad bit, but if you go round by round watch that fight a bunch, I think this was a good heat. Is it legal, he landed with a foot right like right in the face and top of the head, but also like you'll round by round just style Glad Whitaker winning three to another. Say I give you all when he fucked them up, then there's a fourth of fifth inmate listing was both.
Round young troubled. I gave one of one thousand and ninety, and then, if you give a ten eight, you would still be a draw right which I'm fine with which makes more sense to me. But it's just people have a hard time with decisions when the guy at the end of the fight is fuckin' the guy up now. Obviously, this is coming from someone who is a professional commentator. So I understand this is ridiculous argument, but the ridiculous is if we're going to judge what a fight it we all know. If you watch the fight fight right, Are you an ai? Are in a fight and you're? On top of me, beating the shit out of Maine in the a few seconds when the cops come in that doesn't matter. If if I ran around this room and kick your legs for the first two minutes and then you got on top mean we're beating the fuck out of me for the last twenty seconds in the cops Kentucky in prison rules who won the fight yet, but he won the fight in the street fight, but as a professional sport understand. But this is a professional sport, that's kind of a fight, it's a magical lips on box, and if I win the first eight rounds right there, whooping Miass, nine hundred and ten one thousand one hundred and twelve,
Forty eight! What we do there is good. Now, it's real good point too. It's a real good point, but the Yes, see that didn't hardball, he was on wobble. He was already tired, dude lookout wobbly. He is already there how bout the kicks by with occurred when it is so good dude and the fact that he fought that fight mold. Serve it with a broken handled, was working out in the a hot one like the first fight done now, he's come along with. You know these skills through that hand to you, while your call here is in trouble for a couple times, I I had one around the ten eight so that you don't see this right here. This is a ten eight man there's a tiny again, even if you give a ten a it's it should be a draw. Then you wouldn't win the fight, ok now we gotta draw two guys are fighting it's a close round, but one guy drops the drops him and hasn't heard. Like everything up until that moment is close. I think that's still. A ten eight these damn it in ten a theme for ten aids, it's got to be the difference is someone almost got finished this.
And almost got finished moment the legs go, the person falls, the guy gets on top start pounding him to see. I don't have a problem with it and I think it has to be a clear fucking bully beat down for ten eight. I think that should be a ten seven. I think we should make should make game. I mean flashlight in fighting intense that if you like one fine day Ostro, I really feel like this. The scorecard this this ten point must system is silly the whole thing? So silly, don't the the the judging, but this is really nice yeah you're right, we've been we've kept that and all the sudden, the numbers Why do we need ten points? Just because boxing was at ten points, use my hands they don't even use all those you know just think about all the different thing account what's worth more he's a jab worth more than an elbow. Well, yeah, what's more, it's more. A judge dear team choke that you get out of how much? How many points you get for that kind of figure that out man, but it's also predicate offs miles to 'cause what happens if, let's say I'm
and Ortega, let's take Brian taking MAX Holly and MAX hallway on the feet. Jabin good distance control and Brian really can't get it going, but then he pulls guard pulls garden. He's fuckin', throwing armbar triangle, leg, lock and max is kind of defend, but he's in trouble, yeah, they were not given that to Brian down there. They don't know shit about the ground and they look at MAX on top grill. Well, when it The deal more jobs, let's give it to fuckin' max yeah, there's more moments where a regular guy is on his back and there right like he doesn't have a good guard or a guy who just tries to hang on until the referee pulls them off. But then there's some to to have their guard is like the scariest place debate you got. You got to know what you're dealing with you got it you're not on the premises yet another kid call Sass yeah one so many fights by triangle yeah. It was ridiculous. You see that guy fight off of his back and be like whoa he's moving quick
He was closing shift up. Quick dues didn't know what the fuck was happening. All sudden there Jackton triangle dude how 'bout that MAX, Holloway Brian Ortega, fight that's greatest fight at forty five cents, Connor dad all day, yeah. I agree. I agree. It's such a dangerous fight for MAX it's a dangerous fight for both nice. I mean this is a first well for Ortega. It's not his first time in world class territory right he had cub and he had Frankie. He wolf one bolt of them in spectacular fashion. I think this Frankie never been done never been done before, but the crazy thing. I thought just as crazy. Maybe more crazy was the way finished cub he almost got cut in the first round. Cobb is a real brazilian jujitsu black belt for, and I know MAX Finish, cub as well, but covers hurt in that. If I think he had either a broken jaw or had he wanted the fight injured,
someone saw him, but something went real bad during the fighting anyway, you know all credit to MAX. He did finish him, but it was the way when they went to the ground. Ortega locked up that darts at the end of the first round was like Jesus. Tight who's. This was to men when they went the ground and they were when it was we'll keep when he was synching it up, and then the buzzer went off. I my second self again that fight's over that's what that was a tight and he did the exact same thing again. He went all cool cool. He just knew. We could do it. The thing Is his Jiu Jitsu, as at such a fucking high level, he's so dangerous. You can't really train for it either, like just just be in the room with Ortega. It's like you triangles. You seen arm bars the way he said let's so explosive in the angles. He hits you can't bring We wanted to duplicate that it's so different and what's crazy about Brian
His story, like he's a guy who's, not going to go in that akshit. He comes from a super, humble background and his demeanor inside that octagon when even early in his UFC career, when that was not going well for him and he found some way to he's finished. All fighters so found some way to get it done, and I think it comes from growing up in that rough background. Man yeah, it doesn't fluster him he's like I just I need something he never gives up. Something's going to come, something's going to come, and I think that's huge in this MAX Hall. Fight 'cause, MAX distant controls, fuckin' second, to none men. It's me tougher Brian, to give in there I think, once Brian can get an Underhook. I think we're going to see him jump to half guard something like that. It's going to be interesting, then it's going to interesting to see it Brian could turn into a jujitsu match, but the thing about Brian is so comfortable with his hands. Man he's getting more confident sure it doesn't. It doesn't have like a super team. Yeah he's amazing MAX Holloway dude. When I saw the second fight with Aldo the second fight
although there are some moments in that fight where I was like she's. One of my favorite things to do is on another level now, but he was overwhelming, although, like he went into that fight, you know and the basically when they announced this is where his phrase where it's hit me. It is what it is you know. Is there I love it. That was his attitude to go fight in absolute Future Hall of Famer, who was thought to be the greatest featherweight of all time, a guy who would you know think about some issues. Spectacular chaos of Chad, Mendes, and I mean he was a monster when he was young CUB Swanson flying Knee, he was a beast and for her comma that fight and be like it is what it is like. It is what it is the flux that, and you just smash them just well. How about you going to fight Fuckin' copied oh yeah, and he would The commission will off yeah. The commission did pull him off the weight cut he would have. Thought could be but like how many days notice. What was that eight days,
yeah. So did something crazy that so much of a bad ac is super short notice. I also think the reason why I love this. So good for the OC, especially just for the both of them is MAX and Brian are going to fight multiple times I think this is become a cool rivalry. We're going to see him go from forty five. Whoever wins this! I don't care who I love both those men. I fucking love both those guys. Whoever wins, I think, eventually, they're, both huge for the weight class and max is young and Brian. Going. Fifty five even maxes team goes. He should be a fifty five or he's fucking huge or forty five. Well, you think about how much weight he had to lose to get to fifty five. I know they pulled him off the weight cut to fifty five, which is crazy. Fifty five there's some fight form, but I think, in. This is great for fighters. Man like with with, although he was never, that big into Connor came right. There's ride free DC, John Jones. Eighty
like there's. Did these rallies ranger me shook Rhonda, there's a lot. You know, Holly Run, there's all this, it's stuffs on happen and then people tune in so I think for Brian and MAX they don't need to talk any. They just keep being humble. Their skill speak for themselves, but there people want to tune in for that and you're gonna get a bunch of flights out of these guys, man- and I think I probably run by my dick's hard about love it man? I get goosebumps talking about those flows into yeah, they're, pretty badass. It's nice to see just anytime, you have a guy who's defending his title and you have a guy who you legitimately think could be a champion, and you see look look at the two of them. Like I look at that fight and I go I don't know, I don't know, what's gonna, be I don't either. It just depends if MAX makes one mistake, bank capitalize on it Bryant, so dangerous, so dangerous, but what's interesting is when I Matt Brown jeers gone he's in a jam. He was mopping mats just doing his thing, and
Hannah would bring him on the road. He even goes on the road now with him and they teach cops their tactical stuff, and maybe these seminars- and he was like Kenner's little guy and I was took him serious 'cause Jitsu is ridiculous and he would train with me and all this stuff, but I never thought best in world. You know no, thank you now. I know yeah what's up man and I think when, when they told me because I corn for fight and then do Colorado. Not yet She is Larry, no, no! No! Please! He has to work on a stamp. Don't let him do it man and then there's like duty wants to do it and then fucking I was way off then will flicker he good with his hands away. He steps up the level of competition. Well, he definitely does, but it's uh so he's so good at Jujitsu that he just took whatever that focuses that got him so good at Jujitsu and applied it to striking and now
he's just a winner, he knows how to win. You know I mean he knows how to put shit together when he landed that uppercut on frankie- and I was like Jesus vicious like frank- is a hard gotta fucking hit clean. Want impulse, yeah, gray, Maynard conflicting nightmare. Well, even Gray Maynard, he came back and won that fight, which is which is insane drawn. The first fight chaos in the second fight. Those fights were fuckin' chaos mammoth, but the fact that Ortega come out and meet some people say well, maybe Frankie's at the end of his rope, he's in his in his deep in his now. What is thirty six, something like that right, three thousand six hundred and thirty four either way, though it's Frankie EDGAR, either way it's Frankie, EDGAR yeah not to be CUB Swanson one four weeks later, some shows a novelty jersey, yeah
thirty. Six is a yeah, just phenomenal conditioning dude and then also on this card. To get DC. Steep it took to me is like the first real like to win the super fight here to me. That's like the first real real super fight. They just be biz. Malick, that's cool fate. Cast years, be, I guess, that's super fight, but DCC beta Real Super fight. That's a real superfight! I love it man, you don't I'm looking to almost lewd for two, almost as much of Frances black beast. That's right: Son Derrick Lewis, Francis Engano Woo. I know everyone thinks me at first round knockdown there's going to throw caution. The wind, I think, Derrick Lewis double legs- am either in the first round of check around and beat some via Tko really Damn how good is derricks wrestling. I mean the explosive do play football. You know I think people make making mistake on oh Derek just going to go on.
France going there fuckin' plant their feet, just fuckin' chuck the bombs. I think you're wrong man, I think you're. I think he was think that I think that there is going to mix it up if you smart. I just I think what I would do if I was there and what Derek in his background and Francis working on stuff, I think Derek is going to shoot out the crowds can Abou but Derek's going to shoot and then his ground how's, the crowd. Still boot fits a good crowd. Crowd that understands the danger of Francis on his back and Eric on top Derek with big KO power. Stop Travis Browne. I bet they might be thinking push it. This is going to get crazy, hopefully 'cause. It's not like. If Derek takes you down, it's just going to hold on to, you is going to try it. You can punch, you right, right click and face that Travis Browne key at K or Kale rather wishes Phyllis, when the worst ones biz I think Dan Hendo and then that one yeah it's like you, don't want to see that replay. That was a rough one. It was a tough one and got a new man. You gotta get to him. First thing
get into him. As your running in the hammers you gotta get to got to get to know your routers got a ton of stay back in the car. You get are. We only saw him tired once, but it was a big We only see him out of the first round once right, yeah steep they figured it out. He just he just ' also steeply like we're doing. Are you friends lordship that fucking sleeping he's the most accomplished every bit of all time? Yeah I mean I have to look at him, his accomplishments. You look at the guys that he stopped and the guys he defended his title or great stopped. Reseal wins. The title stops Alistair stops Junior dos Santos. I mean the only reason why Steve it and get it enough credit as he should is because all these guys are a step past their prime right like to me yeah the end. I don't know I love Steve it to mean what's more impressive, when came B, Jds that was Prime Jds, who was the mother Fucker Mother Fan Kane put his fucking head right. Lives chess and did work after getting knocked out,
first round HANS. Farms in the betting is might in MMA. History is insane insane insane like that. To me, that's a little more less of them. What, when the when Steve Baby Jds, because the jets Jds after ask woman by Kane Brown's. It is much more impressive, but you I it's it's almost as impressive as surviving that first round against Francis, I don't know who would have agreed that there's not a lot of guys that would have survived that round. The waist deep eight did Dc Dc man. I wonder he ate that funky, punch from Anthony, rumble, Johnson and pop the fuck back up there. Oh god yeah Jesus Christ, but John K Autumn with that yeah it's John Jones yeah Jones be safe and we're talking about, but maybe she Think about Francis I'm very curious to see what like looks like. Not not someone sent I'm curious to see what what he looks like in this next fight. Who find a lot about whether or not he's able to correct mistakes. Whether
conditioning is just one of those things with all that fast twitch muscle, fiber weather is not gonna, be able to go five rounds, hard, hello, easy to turn into a hate dheas on or some like that. I I think it might be a tad better. The the way you get better is not using all Energyone power punches like right. So maybe it's more of an experience thing, but with Derrick Lewis, he also hold the metal and hits hard asfuck too. He does and he's been he's been in some serious trouble that Travis Brown fight like he was in serious fucking trouble. Man yeah he's a he's, a warrior for sure I mean the guy who's been in some crazy asfuck in fights crazy fights his dangerous. Both are super. And he wants that fight to Derrick Lewis is asking for that both wanted and they both want that fight. This is going to be crazy. Super crazy. I think the craziest thing on the card to me is how many people are writing off DC? He's the underdog against Ebay yeah? I have DC being a man. Do you,
yeah. I know you hate pigs, but when I breakdown the fight, I look at what that's terrible picture makes the pay like super small and fucking dies. Giant small steepe, looks DC, looks like he's like a fuckin' gigantic. Brock Lesnar others. Men like the reach, the hike is Dcs dealt with his entire career, Castlefinn Jon Jones, look guys had even bigger reaches. I think also one thing to take into consideration: Steepe doesn't throw a lot of kicks he's, not a big bingo see he's more of a boxer. An you know, he's DC is also going to be able to get under him easier than any guys ever fought before I mean Dcs flight, five hundred and eleven point five hundred and eleven. If that you know he's got an he fucking, he has top of the food chain.
Remember, he did Henderson Barnett launched Barnett in the air, launched him in the air. Fuckin' ramdam rude to opponents object, fella, yanking, crapless, Fuckin', grapples, Fuckin', Azov and DC took him for a ride. Son put the Henderson Fight was the most impressive to Maine, because Henry, even though smaller than DC he's a fucking, God, Olympic Silver Medalist himself and DC is ragdoll dead. People go that I see some people discredit DC. But when they go when he won the Grand Prix in strike force, that was a different time. Heavy weights or older, and you know those the the game to a fault while gets Deepam like heavy weights, haven't really involved that much man you don't see a guy doing a lot of kicks and makes up wrestling. Jiu Jitsu, like you, look at steep base game, it's boxing or wrestling yeah, that's very similar to what Dcs used to beating so that when he's in trouble is like John Jones, who fuckin' mixes up he's a fucking nightmare when you're just you're just sitting
same here when DC goes in a fight and you're just boxing or wrestling he the reason. I he's going to go down as one of the all time is this mental game. Bro he's so fucking his fuckin' fight iq is crazy. You know these tougher shirt and you know the like. If you look, but who else does it the way? On does with the really good everything they win by submission they win by knockout. They win by. You know mighty mouse. You have to go yeah you have to. To a lighter weight. Those are the two right because even Kane Kane, with do more time a and k would for sure wrestling ground company never really submitted anybody. Now King Sting was wrestling to smash yes yeah now and then you yeah, I work you get you get you exhausted to. Point, were you didn't you never even believed you could be that press. The grind yeah, which DC has been training with Kane for our this fight, yeah and and who This came back now is he hung himself training he's helping him wow. So when I look at that, I go up
Kane Styles, almost identical to fuckin' steep base, but Steve has a little more power as far as cardio wrestling getting better. At those thing well Cain was better than anybody that ever lived for like two years. Yeah. There was a moment and he just got injured so many times there was so many injuries with him but like when you look at what he was able. Do with real fucking. Tough guys just break them down real tough guys, but you know he's had shoulder surgery back surgery, knee surgery, I mean after a while how everything was just given out because of the force of his will and his workouts are so fucking tough. Those guys Ok, you know what Dan was giving them a hard time at one point, I'm saying something about: you know that they they're always getting hurt, but that's how you get killers like Kane to get a guy. That's got, that kind of mind he's use to being in that horrible three of trying to break someone he's used to it. Does
so does DC. They all do it all. The time then DC went all go there and train and remembered DC before we went there he trained with us in Denver. He didn't. He wasn't that good You know love his wrestling was ridiculous, but he moved there and then he just call sue they got. John Fitch Yongkang checked yet Fuckin' compete Habib. You are cold Jammin when Rockhold gets people on the ground smashes him when he got Weidman the Why was stuck under a building same thing with Leota Machida? You look I'm going to ranch same thing, gets you down, and his fucking top game. It's just murder yeah! I guess he's beats because who is training with my training with those guys? I have friends who who watch him train down in Florida and they were just saying his his digit to help. They wouldn't give me names. They said world class rooster, guys he's fucking up rolling. I just destroy No, he said he is a freak athlete he's strong and he's long he's got like long leverage, but he's also got physical strength you supposed to adjust until
he hurt his leg, but how does Russell you get a huge gash in his staples? I think you posted here, but that Justin Justin in here. No, no time son, so you think a n d c goes to DC by decision yep. Thank you out, wrestles him. I just think it out work. Some, I think it works. I mean I don't think it's a classic fight. I just think hopefully more people appreciate DC after this. I look at both. They both have to embrace the grind thing as an as long DC can avoid that big power punch early on he's, going to be fine and he's so smart man. Well, I definitely think really smart, but I also think that Steve Bay is a really good striker and he's a bigger guy and he's got a long reach and he's probably one of the best heavy weight strikers. The DC's ever fought he's got real one point knockout power at Heavyweight Heathrow clean shots. He doesn't have any fat. It's punches he'll stand here like this.
Drop into the ACE France's best shot. He's got a chan he's tough, as you loves, being champion. You know he might. He might have to prove here and he doesn't throw a lot of kicks, but it doesn't mean he can't he could throw him if he wants to everything it's part of the strategy and he wants to throw head kicks me cool to see I don't care I have he can kick. You can kick That's the difference between kicking in practice and pulling off against a world class. That's true like DC, but DC has tendencies man and that's where John? That's? Why John Jones goes, I'm a knock him out by head. Kick 'cause! If you look at the video Dcs here, he's down there, man he's susceptible to it.
So that's why it's easy, but if your son to John fake a right hand and then throw that left high kick, he was setting up, he was stoned to the body thrown the Marty and then threw it out, and then you see Desade go over and then this wack yeah, let's see if you could find that clip of Jon Jones KO in DC. Here it is powerful. Jamie. Oh man just landed perfect. Let me see that one more time yeah, you know it's instantly. Go back. Go back. Sorry go back to beginning watch. Is this only do that was Butte for the way he did that I hope John comes back. It was beautiful. There was like no fat in that at all. Man that was beautiful, so amazing boom think how good DC is in for him to do that. Amazing, ridiculous smashed him to look at this so ridiculous. Damn it took up.
Your shots there, the need to take well there's a lot of downed another even going back out on Twitter, but has owned Jones here. Here's the perfect case in there. If, if you're, you know, if you're Scrooge, Mcduck and you're sitting down- and you look at the UFC Robot Road Map, we love steeping he's been a great champion, but if the kid planet, like here, Fuckin' Vince Mcmahon in WWE. You want DC to win and then to come back and that heavy weight you have Dc Johnson's plan for world title heavy weight and the Brock on I got next week in the back on I got next. Do do do do ratings ratings ratings ratings ratings ratings consonants take a hike, like it. Let that sink in another one is would have John suspension last longer than we think. We don't even we're, assuming that John is going to get a suspension that he's going to be able to come back fairly soon, don't be there, no fun police. Well, what? If Brock comes in and Brock fights the winner,
dc and steep it. Let's just say, DC winds, I'll, take it! Ok and Dc Dc could beat Brock. That's an interesting fight DC versus Brooks an interesting fight, great fight, Brock, Scott as is basis table, he's working any? Can rustles Asaka wrestlers Azov? The question is: can he do it clean at his age? 'cause he took like twelve different tests is cleaned, clean mold mean we'll figure it out. Just like the last one. I think the USC wants to make that paper. Gotta tell you. Sarah Scram like do that, compares one client K take go grab a cup of coffee It's broken John Grab, a fucking cup of coffee, no one, no one's going to ever. Let that happen. This is we're talking trash. This is nonsense. Talk you're crazy! If you think you saw it is all clean, the. What are you saying? First of all, you think the US government clean I'll call Bravo right now. What I'm saying you saw this.
The government son everything ain't fucking done by the bus If I'm dead, I'm like open up your glove compartment box yeah, we keep that and keep it greasy mouth shut. Keep agree with these boys come over and punched her in the face. Do fuckedup RDS Ben deal wow and who wouldn't want to see that yeah, maybe spm problem sign taken with some smokey room. Sit down there with some cuban cigars. It's. What are we doing here? Fine whiskey? How long is their deal with Usada? Do we know? Do you have any idea? I don't know because it's sign a contract. I don't know why, but there's a countdown in Dan's office, just everyday three hundred and sixty six. The whole thing is kind of crazy that self imposed right. Nobody doing man. Well, it was a. It was a great move to
yeah. Well there's the move for tea is so genius monster the runs as a God. Damn gene see figure out and you know now we get to just be a fan with four billion in the bank, you, what Well, he's like yeah. I know you have to smash few edits and make an omelette man, but it's a great success story, because those guys were down Forty plus million dollars in the hole Well, yeah, when the ultimate fighter took off, they had spent their lost. Forty million point that to them it's enough, 40s forty, but still went off your last. Save you lost a couple. One hundred grand you would survive, but you'd be like ship is for sure he be like fuck. This is not good. It takes long time to make that much. Special I get to my boy to run. Is his fucking up yeah exactly two forty million dollars is forty million dollars
Also I'm appealing and I'm like. I don't want that money going away. We're going home, get my dick sucked, like, oh my god, that sucks anyways at least walked in my giant mansion. You gotta think of how many different businesses they run. At the same time, though, they had like twenty casinos, twenty plus casinos, how stations they had a green valley, ranch They still red rocks rocks is dope dope dope. They just bought out palm still dope yeah little rundown, but whatever the nine, though that steakhouse there. That's why best steakhouses in Vegas, I've done standing ghost bars this Williams, one of the bars there. One of the bars downstairs there's a there's, a laugh factory in Vegas right there is now yeah trying to bring it back dice. Is there all the time I think it's in the Tropicana, so that makes sense. The laugh factory in Tropicana yeah that's in the Rio. The comedy show
supposed to be really good, who who's running that, though so- and so we Know- is running that I thought the comedy cellar. I don't know Ian's there a lot, though even edwards- and he says it's great Vegas to me- is always a weird vibe off see you there during UFC fight. We can do your huge fucking stadiums, but I'm saying as far as the crowd Usually it's not UFC Crowd, yes away pipeline. Well, there's so many things to do. First of all, right, Compila, Celine Dion! I could be an ecstasy right now, while I'm here, let's nutaku, watching blooming fuckin' role in my asss off. Why am I here there's so many things to do like Have you ever been one of those search? Olay's sure, have you been to love? The one of the MGM know but I've been to Zumanity with a friend and some drugs and it's one of the best times ever. Have the about when Disney uses those robot flipper things to do a circus Soleil show. How crazy was that big? I I posted
this online. I saw this this this article about Disney's making acrobatic robots. Do these robots flip through the air and land? jump into holes and chat in the middle of the God Dam Park, these robots that Disney's make, in animatronic robots, but here's what's fuct up about it. What's the stop and from using these are making like a super warrior with the same technology. This is the guys at Disney these mutherfuckers. I know what they're doing so. Look at these things dude, That's a robot! That's a robot son! Looking this sweet swing and look at it. Let go and talk to her friend to jump into a hole. Yeah do that's gonna be a killer, robot, that we send overseas to fight battles so that thing fly through the air and boom. This is nuts man.
And this is really insane stuff with the fact they don't they're going to have this. I like the pics operator, some ship for all the kids. I think they're going to do this for movies for shit like that, so that you don't have to risk jobs of see. You do. That is so stubborn, oh my God shut tape, Fletcher, better yeah, but is acting Hill slide in he'll, be able to make it he still going. ' the character. That's true! It doesn't really beautiful, but cgi face on that. So that's right paint that Disney Pixar Spain Aces and they're, not even any people for voices that half of that Movie Logan the Wolverine Movie yeah. He wasn't there. What's that date, there's a video you can see where they show you how they seed. You got everything. He wasn't really there for half of it or they act. They did it very strange. The movie, depressing God, that's doing
it's over a single and moaned x, a beard professor x is like in some weird hot dying. It's hot out the bomb Yarborough. I don't watch it, I'm not a movie, the wrestler, that's terrible! Yeah! It's a month, yeah depressing thanks in first class away, anyways yeah Vegas is which is what we can and does frantic over the World Disney's about to work with dark, but that's what's going on Sun, that's Boston Dynamics or whatever it is possible. What's the company yeah bus dynamics, this the main roads and Disney does everything let's see everyone's not doing that they share it all breaks down, This is all a robot, it wasn't. Even it was a stunt double guy What hater released that'll guide does this and they put him on top of that. Why to so anything oh look at that. They just have this face. So if you can make a robot do all that stuff, then you could use it to put his face on there and well Hugh Jackman got super jack. Bro he's
v. He got so swollen. Why not? But he doesn't like that anymore, like in this one. To do on America's greatest showman can't be all jacked seeing initially right, so they just mapped out his face. But the thing is like: if you see him in this one, he doesn't look as jacked as he did in like that. Earlier one to be right, his body can recuperate from anything aging exact, come on. Where is losing some of his muscle, but still throwing people through the air like they're talking about his shot, recovers right away, but his fucking joints is arthritis is what's happening to the arthritis? No, you really move like it. These days. I don't know if we officially does I'm just saying that it doesn't make sense how 'bout to come out with another fuckin' spiderman. Oh thank they need a new spiderman. They never want to pay Peter Parker Peter Parker starts getting big. They go yeah. Well, guess what we're going to
boot it just keeps rebooting it. They keep telling the same story over and over again with subtle differences. My Spiderman Tobey Maguire, you fuck, you fuck. Anyone else got decries a tell you what, though, the only time that that's work, though the Hulk yeah they've done it up they started off with that australian dude from chopper? What's his name Urbana Eric Banna, he was number one. Wasn't thrilled not him as the hog, not his fault. It wasn't his fault, it wasn't the best manage script and then, and Ed Norton, pretty good as a hawk fan I was like: okay, I could buy this, but then Mark Ruffalo best Hulk best hunk. I believe me too. I believe, he's really scientist to really believe. You really understand. Genetics genetics know yeah yeah like Christian Bale's, the best Batman you talk about real, I agree. Sorry Ben Affleck. I agree yeah about Michael Keaton's, Batman, with a photo casted. It got damn batman. How can I cast Michael come up this George Clooney's Batman too? He's a fucking mister steal your girl.
George Clooney, I brought exactly so when Jim Carrey was the Riddler and Tommy Lee Joint Jones was two phase. Those are the best Batman. When they were like. Oh, we need to make this more real. Like fuck you I liked Arnold Swarts MR with these women, who is the Riddler Jim Carrey, was a really when who is Batman. George Clooney no I mean it turns brown wow, but christian bills or Batman forever. Sorry, search about that. It's too real. Do you know christian Bale was Man only like six months after he was the machinist? That's insane. Really insane- down to like almost nothing. He was dying. He was eating like can of tuna an apple a day. That's not kind of willpower, are. You have to have to let your body literally right away to the skinny thing from movie. Just for movie, you don't have
Anorexia, never disease. How much you love the craft of Acton to do ya. Man yeah everybody trying to be the Joker these days, though, that's like the big one, Tony Hinchcliffe he's trying to be what I went. Excuse me Tony, take a high toilets with Joker. Yeah looks so lucky went from that to that one, twenty one to one hundred and ninety five, that's all natural, that's insane! There was another movie in between, I think, but otherwise yeah equilibrium. It said, there's no picture here, Did you tell me that's not photoshopped at all on the left. Now. Look like now, that's really look that is so unhealthy. Oh dude! It takes years off your life. I mean you're, putting unbelievable us under organs. He's is a beast he's english! You know that I thought his australian Izzy. Does he think so? First active learning, English bro lot of 'em are australian, the for Loop Jack. Chris Hemsworth Jackman, like as an actor like christian Bale at you. He does some stuff wolverine. I look. I'm a fan, don't get me wrong, but Christian
Bail does some stuff like in american psycho. Okay, that's another one. When was in a fighter, but when he played Mickey Ward's brother, oh, my god, dude is up and down the whole time one hundred and eighty five one twenty one, one, nine thousand one hundred and thirty five one. Ninety forty five him in reign of fire. He is body the up. Yes, he got down skinny again to play the Mickey Ward's brother Mathematica yeah. I forget Mickey was brother but his brother for fought Sugar Ray Leonard yeah. This is like in between to Rescue Donald, and we saw that one too that's sarkissian bees that Dragon movie dope one of them. Silly, dumb movies, which dragon movies in a dragon movie was the drag movie was in. Was it in a dragon movie with Matthew, Mcconaughey It was in the future. Yeah everybody had to live underground drugs. I did 'em all they have to live with that. Is it raining fire
in a far the drive never heard that that's a reign of fire owes him. There's a dragon movie, yeah Matthew, Mcconaughey's jacked in that movie, all the super jacked see he got super skinny for dolls by club had it yeah. He did it too he's another one see if you get picture of Matthew, Mcconaughey jacked. Do I heard rumors about Tom hardy shirt stigma, Matthew, Mcconaughey, Shirtless reign of fire. See right here. That picture was gonna vest on look at Jack DE looks to ham yeah. I was jacks for this movie ever heard of the movie. Memento is so it's a dumb movie is and then it's just, but so dumb. It's entertaining silly. You know that these dragons fuck everybody up and you know, do you remember how bad is to hate on dragons. Do I watch game of throne? Yahoo pound on all you guys for watching drag. I watched game of thrones that dragon burns spoiler. You Fuchs Pinout for nine years. He burns that fucking frozen wall, who I'm talking at standing ovation yeah, I was in the middle. My living, slow clap is dragon
file and scary to win the the one turns into a white walk, yeah yeah make it hard. It is I just and it's a white Walker. I everybody who works in that show. Listen to me! Don't ever cancel it. Just keep going Did you ever going to do anything better than that? This is the greatest show of all time. Right now I don't know what you're thinking just write some new episodes. Figure out some new ship, the greatest show of all day, just rap. No, they rap know they'll be back God Matthew, Mcconaughey, jacked yeah. I feel like for me to get that skinny and then I would have to go on some I'd have to get some rule like Dallas buyers, club, is, that one right above that right above that, right above your cursor right there right there on different who's, that Cooper, Cooper body up to sign, look at him, but wouldn't you get do all the steroids to put these rules. I think they come in to be Batman. I'd like yeah. Alright, let me get down to Golds gym, so I can do yeah you would have to you have to you have to go on the cardboard. Dyett drop, your body, fat,
down! I wouldn't you, though yeah intermittent fasting, just the whole cryo everyday, yes, yeah you'd be training camp, get shredded. Yeah! You want to have that scene where you're put on your fucking outfit you're, just talking sounds like we need more scenes where I'm sure it was just downtown. All right, mind rant. Is that right, blade, that's blade, blade three! That's prime Ryan Reynolds doing blues that guy, not this season! Other guy! That's on now! That's next level see if that's what you got try for. Does he go try for no one ever tries that. Do chicks, don't take that those other dudes take other. Do we do we date that she must girls right now? I don't like walking, they say that 'cause they trying to make you feel better. Oh my god. I think it's so gross. I like guys, are soft. Like you, I like to grab your back and fill off at looking,
Ryan Reynolds with his Nobel pack no boat after my God get away. I mean I definitely don't want his dick in my mouth eat out. They eat it feel a little belly fat on my nose. You full rack of ribs snowflake in the shake washing machine. I got man he's just relax like me and doesn't wanna deal much. That's what I like. Please do they're trying to make you feel good, but I'm trying to make you feel good. All I'm saying is not saying you are fat and we're both fat compared to that guy dude. Both of us are fuckin' Adele. Compared to that guy, I'm saying that's unrealistic, like no that's two miles, someone has body image issues, so I'm saying next to my girls to get planes about chicks with little waist and big tits. Oh my god I appreciate it. Man more than people think I'm gay. I appreciate somebody body image issues because of these women that are unattainable these unattainable body. So it's really putting a standard. Unlimited, that's not really yeah yeah, I had a friend with sweat out a friend once said this. She was
who is talking about someone's girlfriend she's like oh, which she had a real girlfriend. Like a re, a real woman, I go. What are you talking about and she's like a look look who's dating is typical. Pretty girl girl with blonde hair in a nice body like. Why does he have a real girlfriend? I go, but something feels wrong. It's so crazy people are real people like everyone is really you're hating. On someone 'cause, there are trans, not you yeah, yeah, why would you assume that she's not super nice and really friendly and really smart 'cause you're prejudice? 'cause you looking at her and deciding that you're hating should a mass probably but doesn't matter you know, I'm saying does not it's alright, she might not be as smart as you. How much is that? How much of that is her fault this as I've gotten older and wiser, when even when I meet dumb people like how much of it is really their fault, maybe there's not that stuff. Maybe they just got a bad roll of the dice with life and with genetics and
sometimes sometimes a bad roll of the dice is your genetically gifted. If you're a girl or a guy- and you look super pretty and things come easy to. You never have to read a book or get balls deep in those. Orders for sure and that's to me that can be a curse. Yeah two there's a curse to that, because then things get easy like you want, you want your daughter should one be: that's right! You want, like seventh strong, strong seven word like does like that, like the certain guys pipes, they still to educate themselves, you know, like you, want blood asses and big titties. You want just like you know. You know I'm saying oh yeah for sure we don't want Nicki. Minaj. Is your daughter in that ten the 10s of Sprint- seven is a ultra marathon. Yet They have a long day. A7, for many many many years. Also, yes, like h and R block, go to ask him yeah. They could hang in there, but they got to work for it like you, don't want to give it to you know, I'm saying the problem with the some tends to go to AIDS can't handle it,
so in their eight they're, still hot, but in their life, but in their mind, they're, not anymore, and they give you over Testarossa, sister rose. It was hot in the 80s there Charlotte they were translating this. When had the gated ship, yes, some of them. You drive one nine like what tell is going on Stupor Fred Flintstone cut off like you're, going to have to get out and do this now. Let me whether worth a million dollars or something I try to find one yeah I wanted one. I go in these weird fact. I was going to do more in the other day, I knew a lady. You are old Ferrari. She bought an old for are in like two thousand fifteen. She bought like one that was the one from Magnum PI, the three hundred and sixty Is that what it is think so is a school little car, but it was as always break in. You know those things they just not gonna. It's not. You can drive cross country in that car
No he's, not some reason drive right over every year. Yeah they be fun. Now I'm on two cars. I would like to have a bunch cars you to have a bunch of co. Yeah, don't jump in this comes don't try what he don't translate for me on the dude you're fucking. Hudson Mass I'll put you have all the cards, I don't have all the cars, you know what I've been getting into. An old plain, looking Bmw M3's like an e forty M Hari, now all right, I'm so so that tells you did it eight series with that being twelve may be but I'm not very old cars. I'm talking about like a two thousand and five and two at eight series on talking like one thousand nine hundred and ninety four, but all those v12. That's when the lights go out at being sick. That's where I draw the line when the lights go up, can't do it son, this rule of the Bmw like the, five three series that came back the yellow? I did. I did like those I like the ones with the big '
laying on the back of the M three with the wing on the back here. One of those tiny hassle car to menu go near those cars. Today they don't make anything that small anymore or not. No, Bmw does at least look at that. This white lights flashlights. So your dad! So dope, look! That's an east right! It's an e, Bmw yeah! Google Silver E46, Bmw, six b m w stay about generals, all the cars right now right! Well, that you should alligators. Yeah I'm going to buy it to running. To look at this time. Look at that. I, like that. You know what I like about that. That's not that's! Not a ninety five! Yes in two thousand and five. What I like about that yeah! That's not that's enough! Yeah! It isn't forty six back still, no, not sure what they look, if it's an M3, that's exactly looks like I'm a fan of the model. It's a very plain. Looking car You know what some people do with those they just choose
the and change suspension and the thing about it. It's a light. Small car that like moves well, I think that probably only weighs about three thousand pounds a google How much does a two thousand and five Bmw M3? Where little portions or layers. Fuct too, though man uh, just Google. How much does it weigh was the wait I mean we could go by ten of these right now channel, no, no to three thousand and four pound, so that's pretty light in comparison like a new one about the new ones are three or four hundred pounds heavier than that. That's a big deal. The new ones are way faster way way fast way, cooler the spot real. They take these and they put crazy engines in all they blown Jussim up because it's a smaller car. That's one of the original like cars. I remember kids, just fucking jacking up big exhaust on you by the shirts. You ever see a kid
and so much money on a really shity accord and puts crazy civic window just as they sell it at pep boys dumb enough to put it on the got damn car why'd you all that shit all over the car. What are you doing? and why it was so loud in my fast yeah. It's have that so far, cylinders that this gets up there so cool? Well, I guess it's cool in the car, as it is no probably not even 'cause, what it is is just transportation you supposed to just accept what it is. It's peacock, yeah like like look at this again, you're, not doing it for girls. U joint! For! Do these other dudes, like that's pretty cool girls like what the fuck is that thing yeah look at that Honda Civic. Just to make my dick go limp like that, like a civic, they can make those things fairly. Fast, though, can't yeah. I just started there, so I want to know what is that Ford Focus GT is that that little tiny cottle supposed to go fast as fuck yeah
tiny little come like that, though, you want that Subaru Wrx STI, the Ford, yeah How much is that thing way, though? That's a tiny little car right. The thing looks like she it does the three thousand two hundred pounds a tiny little car pro. Do you brought up ninety five Bmw's Ford Focus is in civics. Well, you know and you know, I have that white car, the the white nine eleven, our yeah- that car, the chief three ruins me for everything else, because it's so light the crime was three thousand pounds that things and say Bruins me for everything else, nothing else fun to drive. Everything is fun. I love Carson. Didn't that thing is just a different animal. It's like the difference between like a dog
a cheetah like one of 'em is like dogs run pretty good. They do a pretty good job, but then you get sushi dinner like Jesus, but if you got a dog, what, if that's weird? But if you got a nine hundred and eleven t, would it how lights are nine hundred and eleven teen than soup the send it to shark purchased a blow? They asked out the front or one of the new ones, yeah things like it's fucked they're, very light, yeah the teaser yeah! I'm sure they could do something like that because they don't have. You know that I have handled, have nothing and no back seats. That's right rely yeah. They would they get them down. To. I forget, but is a GT three weights, I won't say either lighter. Aren't they to have a Gt3 touring package? so it's yeah, so it's Gt3 without the crazy wing and it just because which most people are not taking them on a track. We just driving a fast car around one thousand and thirty five. I can have that thing, so the GT two hundred is this: the GT three or this the t- three thousand two hundred- that's pretty God dam light for a Portia zero to sixty in three point four seconds yeah, but you can soup that fucking thing up yeah
I wonder what is the horsepower. Does it say see what they're doing with the yeah, that's a three seven and that's not even the s engine known as the regular engine they're all turbo. Now, though, go Two nine slash eleven Gt3 touring. I bet that's just as light, but that's got like five hundred horsepower. That's that's my next right. I either that'll make land man. Would you have that G T S, which is a very fast car to there was a it's great? There was a big article, but when those recently I know people this, it's that one the best liked. Wow. That's three thousand one hundred pound five hundred power to five hundred horsepower. Thirty one hundred pounds that thing must be made. This is what I want to do. Only get a torn. I want to order. I wanted that make green a pretty that is they just nailed that shape. You know I love it's. It's it's one of the more interesting things about cars is just the the physical shapes like what they've managed to like make eye contact click
of the Porsche such an iconic shape. They don't need to do anything to do little subtle changes to the back in the that doesn't bother me yeah they just, keep kind of tweaking it a little bit, but they keep that shape like every nine hundred and eleven looks like a nine hundred and eleven like. If you look at a two thousand and in now Mustang and then you look at a nineteen sixty five Mustang like how do I know this is the same thing could barely tell this is the same thing you could have a nine hundred and eleven next to you could have that nine hundred and sixty four that's like a ninety one. Next to a twenty nineteen and you go, I see this is double one thousand one hundred percent yeah. That's the only car that I can think of like that old Ferraris, don't look like new Ferraris. All? Not at all? I guess the new challengers look like a little bit like the sounds yeah and yeah, they retroed it out a little they're trying to go back to it. I could Camaros did like a new take on it. Third at the newest ones. Even that condo, that is the
the three rs in all Green Seinfeld gets like those in schitt. That's an amazing car man. That's cards more than five hundred horse. I think that twenty and so light just design for track. You like that you think you're addicted for driving around town. Yeah for sure one time a green of a lime green cards as GT three r us on it through MIKE's as a g t s and it's hot, born You should only wear a golf club shirts from exclusive golf club, golf clubs that no one could join. If you try that, and then have those loafers on with no socks smell like on a just the shell. It should smell like. What's that, what what is it called when you, my house, down money to your kids, that one of those accounts were drawn sounds trust funds yet similar to transform trust fund. That's uh we want all the handicaps you get in life when the biggest handicaps you get is a trust fund, there's something that he
opensta kids, at least securing the ones that I've ever heard of not just security but a large income just given to and by their parents, don't have to work on it. Yes, you know. I read a statistic that it's like there, four hundred percent more likely to die before the age of forty when they have that much two thousand four hundred four hundred four percent. I know a couple people that have had one of those deals. Well. They had one of those and did you like him now there inside he felt the I felt sad for them. Nine out it felt like they were. They were they weren't really done like if you're an egg, can you still got that? Do we stuff on top? It's like it's not I done rich kids are counting on insurance to pay for retirement. Well, off young people hold on my own well of young people say they need money from relatives and friends to guarantee their golden years stay goal, see. That's just click beating the system, click baby- I was so sorry. The other day gets mentioned is like sixty. Three percent of them are in
now sixty three percent of affluent children between the ages of eighteen and twenty two safe cancel stability. Retirement will depend on inheriting money. You know it's just that's one of things TIM Kennedy said when he was on the podcast he said hard times make hard men hard men make easy times. Easy times makes off. Men worked in Kennedy to preach. What do you do? What do you do with for kids, like my kids, grow Marshall, Armonica, martial arts. Further LOC, W B balls to the martial arts just in there like in nineteen, no, no, no just to get. I I think you you got to get a certain amount of like actual hard work in in your life, more shots into the form. I think there's something to it or something a goal like valuing goals and to working towards things and then being difficult situations. We can see sports sports, yes, sports in general, yes, for sure I think, all sports. I think martial martial articular, it's more personal like when some
strangles you something gets you back and then sinks that Fuckin' body triangle on you and your fight it off, and then they get you and you have to tap. That's very you'll get humbled for sure. Most people don't deal with those kind of things in life. I think the experience of dealing with those things in life is very valuable because you can relax more lax more. You know, there's some people won't open it yeah. Well, it's not just that, you've experienced bad things, bad things in terms of like add a defeats losses, getting smooshed having to tap a lot of people that have never anytime, you roll the guy that never rolled before and the moment rolling with them. You get him on his back and they start hyperventilating panicking. They panic because he never been there before professional football players, basketball players, I've rolled with and they get down, like. Oh shit, known they realize they can, they can get up, and then you start closing the gap. The gap on him. Here's the problem with my only problem with martial arts. If, if you're just going to go down,
road is when you're in that dojo, where the fuck you're doing the martial arts when they leave. They know that there not many people have seen it right like if you and I are rolling- and we don't know each other- you tap me out. I leave there Not too many people see it. The other class might see it when your professional sport I'm playing basketball or football in the games on the line, and I get him 'cause. I dropped the ball or I whiffed and struck out in the entire audience sees it, and I have to deal with that and then come back from it and back right. I can deal with this man. I've I fucking struck out. I play game next week right, I gotta go through class people make fun of Maine I'll figure now to me that builds a little something different yeah. It's also team work right. That's a big part of life yeah a little bit of people being able to perform under pressure, but also but facing that adversity. No, because if you tap me out, make me when I go to school, no one knows that. That's whatever, when I my class knows: I threw an interception like shop to the interception man Monday.
So it was like dude what happened like I know. I know wait till Friday, we will see what happens Friday. Yeah um Bill Buckner had to leave Boston just to go in, like fucking, in hiding yeah the ball went between his legs. Everybody freaked out to them are people walking around to be the people walking around the neighborhood, but I was like I thought to the snow and angry, they were just so angry people are leaving their houses. It was like there is. Parts of it all over Boston, the people just slanted. Deal with anymore, isn't just and the car the front door rather than just walk out in the street, like what the filled with just to be out there, smoking looking at each other like how the fuck do you drop that ball, dude
Messi v that God tragic, look at all of it is rough. I think sports are definitely great for for kids, for anybody developing even for adults. I think they're good. I think competitions good, I'm both people as they they they they get nervous about trying new things and doing things, sir, and I think one of things to get you over nerves as having done difficult ship before and one of things about two jitsu is that that It's such a claustrophobic feeling when you're, when you're locked up in a triangle and you're just trying to get like a hand in there to protect you just try and you feel the squeezing like fuc, I might have to tap and you and you make your way out of it. That being- to do that in your life like be it wouldn't, knowing I've been in a bad spot before knowing I've been up to someone's been on top of me before, I didn't think I'd get up. I think it's a very valuable thing for people to experience and I think it's a good thing for people to learn like it. If you could start out as a white belt and just deal with that
stuff that you get up until, like Blue Belton Purple Belt, we start developing some skills and putting some taps on. If you can get through that man you can get through anything, a guy can get to other girl can get to black belt or brown belt. Those people that and that woman that can get that far. They can do a lot of Shetkar, damn bro that a lot of people can't do for sure for sure. I think, given your kids, that opportunity is is a massive thing. You know what I know your kids going to learn how to fight suck. Is your kid not even ready to issue alright 'cause? You know I watch a lot of fun, so I come in the house when I get home today hope 'cause. He sees it all the fighters boxes and you see guys they fight with their shirts off my Papa pictures I'll show you video hitting minutes, I'm like I don't know what to do. Get encourage.
Yeah. Don't you tell not yeah you don't fight son? He only does it with any made good yeah. He only does it with me. That's what I want to have him on cash. You know get hit in the head on that is on the road. Do you sell it out, yeah, so yeah, but look you seen any Bravo's kid. Do martial arts yeah scene headers? I have it. The love occurs on a Teddy bear tennis posing a teddy they're doing like armbars already, but he's you know any does drills with his kid. He put post videos of drills. He does with his kid is not learning the system. I think that's good fuck yeah kids going to be an assassin. You know what kind of jujitsu any Bravos kids going have pretty normal 'cause he's around to all the time. Eddie is a diligent father. He loves add here. Centers in his kid gets amount, with this you know, that is a larious. He takes the back. Look at that he's like, I'm going to have. That is hilarious. This kid is taking the back at two one, slash two that is so funny.
Dad this is Larry, is the best teacher in the world. Of course, yeah. That's amazing, explains about in ten. Are I think, Henner two? This is like his biggest pupil in terms of jujitsu. We see Ronda Rousey was his most famous people in that I buy that kids got to run a hand or bar before she got there. She did exactly, but nine Ortega's, everything he's got everything he can choke. You could take your back to fight you, is back Brian came in there and didn't know anything. Yes, the tough gang member wanna be on one. I should say wanna be, was a tough game yeah from the streets can afford it so Hunter to commanders wing. That's amazing and now he's when the US number one it's a metal in the world, not a MAX Holloway. That's amazing, yeah cool story under such a good instructor man? I love, listen to him. Talk to his so enthusiastic. I as a contagious. You know, like I videos online, she could sell anything. We can make one
just got a second. Would you like? Okay, watermelon juice, I've? I've had a lot of coaches, since I was a young kid and I've never had anyone up at the far as like a better coach that had a great smile, I know they're there from the source man, I mean think about that yeah, but there's a lot of there's a lot of those guys from the source, but they just they're, not they're, not Hanner, those guys are great, but as far as like, as far as egos and it's been like a cool like you and hang out with Henry anywhere he's like a great, and he knows a thing or two about everything. Like you say surfing, is a black belt in route, so you know sushi opened up his own place. Now he has his you get to play now. They they left his dad's place then went right up the street now him and his here on the run. Yeah the the major switch out on that and the street on torrents. Very close. The facilities reduce is the old place still open, God go, I'm not sure! I'm not! I don't know the details on that, but I know
in here on doing their own thing on their calendar. That's awesome: yeah dude, it's very lucrative in southern California. Think about how many jujitsu schools especially if you're I mean Hunter and here on the of the food chain, but as far as That's mine too. That's what makes center so special. His business mine is insane yeah Gracie University. That was all his concept. Is it real He came up with that Well, let's see if someone who lives in the middle of the country, that's a great thing. I mean it's not a has been instructed by horse none, but if you live, middle of the country and you don't have access to other instruction. It's great node in Wyoming assumption go online real place snowed in. Well, if you're snowed in you don't say, I guess I don't know something in this place does like a ski resort. I hope snowed in every note. Yeah. We got a snowed in every year with them across Lovece noted that we fly snowed in the fly together. Are you doing cocktails at some? Might learn,
Snowden were going to Snowden, I'm going to wear my fur. I don't care where my fervor PETA. It sounds like it legit, please yeah, it does. Have you ever been to Wyoming allow me to for the first time simple ways how you met the the black rifle guys at best great to see they're all great yeah yeah. They were awesome hum with them or know, know know with those mods hookers humans, but yeah. That's not. What I want to do. I'm just saying in humid you can hunt for EL yeah a lot of those guys used to hunt humans become hunters. It helps them sort of cope with society. They also have, you know, have a special skill set There's is little value good with the guns, not even with just guns. Let him get into bowhunting at all, yeah lot I figured you and Matt would get along great guy great guy right in the Crawfis bad assmann. It's delicious shitya metal, coffee cup. I don't know that's what I heard kid black rifle coffee,
shop version with a con at the big big laffey big Brown copy smile, bring about big brown blend? I like that too, with the big Brown Coffee Co. I like that too, via ground combat rifle in your own grand. I know damn silent over engine now liquor with those things hutch, but no yeah like us. God, Boss businessman type character, an Fuckdog, but Idaho is nice. Do they said the show is fucking great? It was really fun. It was a big gas lace is better Download side yeah, that's where the UFC is you have there in July what car does that's junior dos Santos verses to he's fighting russian character who's. Is he fighting back love yet? No, not Volkov new forgot about vocal forgot about darkest. I know. What's up, what's up
Then off? Isn't he wasn't he the guy that was the belt or champion at one point time knows full cup bro? No, but I think he was first Sir Gold, yeah black gloves ign of blood lobby, Wagner Big, Yvonne off yeah blood going Yvonne off. I think he was just Google him. I think he was. He was either world series of champion might be that, I think you're right on world series. That's not Bella Torres. Is it maybe world series of fighting let's see, he's world series you're right world series of fighting yeah he's a tough motherfucker that kinds of crazy story too he was stabbed. Almost died. See if you can find that story It's a crazy story, mean jewish know, favorite he was stabbed, I think more than once, a pretty sure this is the hi, but just you just Google, his name and stab sure you're, not talking about Darren till no, no, no, no tells
well he's the merry as well. Everybody can stay out a lot of people got stabbed and stuff, but I think he got stabbed yeah. I got stepped on DOT, yes ma'am, I'm so, let me see how tours seeded, fine belt or two Ivan Nova reportedly stabbed in the heart clinging to life. Support right! Yes, this is two thousand and eleven? What year is this c world series of fighting is so good with that. I shouldn't even know: uhm yeah. You get stabbed in the heart, so he fought for Bellator. And then he went over the world Series and now he's in the UFC and his first fight is junior desantos. Damn! No! That's not! It right now. I feel, like he's fought already in the USA, no way that's in our fight is it. Because on my first night for sure I must be thinking about a world series of fighting yeah. This is firstly to fight Josh Copeland. World series he's a tough mother. This guy, though
very tough, tough, it depends what junior we get. You know right- and this is junior- that also had a Usada scare. Something happened with but then they let him off the hook right. We never hear right that lets it. To that's the problem with you side as they go this guy flag, but then, if they, if they get, you know, proven innocent. There's, no big write up. There's no big announcement like there should be a fuckin', see him get proven innocent. Maybe it was uhm. The diuretic or something like that yeah as diuretic, maybe didn't get proven innocent. I mean. When was the last time you thought. Maybe he just hasn't fuqing Gresit Steepe, that was sleeping last fight. How long ago was that may of last year was good fight. So how much time do you get suspended? It depends what you're up to six hundred and twelve months, write down what you took right, but if you're going to take a, erratic is at the same as taken juice, and he took a steroid. You get longer right, yeah, it's all weird
It's almost summer. Confused sounds like what they say about the Torta Frontz Toyota. France knows how is pronounced like Bryan Callen would reshape the two difference or the front. They say that it's healthier actually do that with drugs This do without trucks. It's so brutal, your body that when they were a lance yeah and we can find the same way- yes, it's so tax on your body, yeah, that's my point. Yeah I mean I really do I don't want it. I wouldn't want everybody to say they have to be on it. Like everybody has to be on it. I wouldn't I mean that seems like. Maybe we shouldn't do it. If you have to do, is just Santos admits he still scared of Usada. I won't say it doesn't bother me. I wonder what the actual is flagged but he was proven innocent. That's insane! see that's dangerous right, because if that I mean how did he get sat out for months said none, it hasn't fought since then he he almost thought again right after see, but you're guilty. It's like if a girl accused you of sexual salt right off the bat that goes on twitter. You
zoom guilty with these guys. It's ok he's a drug user, but then I had no idea. He was yeah, I know fucking clue. I know I saw the announcement that they're making that final, oh yeah, always back. Who was he supposed to fight, though he was supposed to fight someone else and it got rescheduled? I believe my right to sing dollar know is Frances right. Oh Jesus, we supposed to Francis It was in September outside the one thing I wish the UFC would do better, or even this in the UFC would be great. If they do is announce when a guy is vindicated, when he's good to go, I need a fuckin' celebration like his birthday, so they're good to go. The other thing is when guys retire, like so many guys retired like let's do something for them at, like I, like Rashad Evans, UFC Hall of Famer won the best guys to ever. Do it great dude, he put, see on the map? Let's do something which they do form. I need fucking something or celebration of his career, just. I need something man, you just can't go yeah thanks for the time, here's a tweet- I just I don't feel like that's right, not for every
but for a guy like Rashad, we need something won the ultimate. Won the light heavyweight title, think it was libraries with and John John John Jones, Quinton rampage Jackson based being too tough fighters. Never fight like he said some crazy times, yeah. It's funny man fighters, people! Think about you. As you know, your fights you have late in your career. They forget that crazy fights that he had earlier in his career. Oh my god see, I think, the ones that he was doing these past, whatever four five, which were tough to watch, I don't think a child like that yeah, it's a dis, a different guy and there's something that happens to fighters or human beings when they don't want to do it anymore, and I mean I think it happens with every job but if you don't want to do it anymore, Aneura printer, it's not like. If you don't want to do it anymore in your fighter, right. So if you don't want to do it in your fighter, an you kind of half asset and you're in there with a guy, you know Let's go over to share alike. Anthony Smith. I mean he's in there
against dangerous guys are trying to kill hungry lines. Yeah, it's just it's a bad place to be it's a bad place to be You got to be all in in this, but it's not a sad thing, because you know like that ridiculous safety for the Seahawks retirement had some neck issues. You try, you try to figure out, he's a pro bowler and he retired after eight years on it damn eight years. That's a good run. How long were shot been fighting that the Fuckin' ran man do. You won that's season, two as a heavyweight, the heavyweight yeah memory fight, bad Brad was Brad. I'm proud, I'm it's right in the room as fight after that with Sean Sound salmon, the entertainer he goes Dana's, given the stink eye to the fight was boring and then just sit back. And finally, we knocked Chuck Liddell like and he did. It was hard yeah. I mean not to my with one punch to the the special the one thing about research on. He was so so social to me, my because he was like in a camp and he was like the guy when he won
Bell emerge train with this one, the bell and came back, and it was the first time like he would speak truth to us 'cause at that I had a girlfriend? I was super in love with and I didn't want to leave and go to training camp. All the stuff he's like dude, how old sorry. I told me, like I'm, telling you it's going to be different man you gotta make vision now based off this and you just drop knowledge about the professional life before eating and when he won the belt he was, he said, down. It came back like a week after training and I could dude crazy. Did you just feel like all this warriors feel the exact same? Nothing feels different. I feel the exact same here.
Cool and you want this goal and you achieved, and I have the belt. He goes back to work man. He was, I thought, I'd feel completely different. Eagles gotta get better. Now I gotta get better. He goes nothing I feel just like you do math felt right before I won the belt. He fought Machida when the cheetah was Machida Machida more than two. There was a time for a couple of years where Machida was just put it on peace, scarce gang you'll see for a while. He was such a weird guy to fight man because he be like doing this idea. He be doing all this weird movement and then he would blitz in on you. Nobody knew what to do. Knockout power, man that, in his last fight with v, tore quite good low dose of one, the best markets have simple that up: pull that Liotta Machida Kos V tore Belford and I was embellished tore. In some ways, son kittens saucy over what to right, yeah, the House aussie things going to get to what whatever be towards, I think Bruce Lee type salsa: okay, a lid leg, Ryan, Gordon
Dude. How about right here not is unknown? How he's almost to resume he numerous he just so I mean he was out cold almost rather. Have that in mind I can now right soon like this is embarrassed, and this makes it more embarrassing hands on hands on him, yeah and then to now to miles from his eyes rolled back yeah. Damn! and then and then you know, I guess the only time I see that wanted to work with him a little bit, but he just went developed or 'cause. He goes. You saw his way to strike now. That's what I'm talking about. Let's see, can we see in real time or they only have it here. Look at this man. Look like fake, set up boom. One more time. So what's interesting is like Victor always would talk about Stan and Square you know when I first started trading Carlson Crossing Gracie's in nineteen, ninety six old school. Ninety six for V Tor made his UFC debut. That's first are just too and Theodore was nineteen, the Vietnam he was always talking about here. It is in real time,
I moved mine, the other so sneaky. Look at that. That is phenom. Give me that one more time son in real time, they get them as needed. Machida the ways moving here so squeaky even see that he's he's looking at these crazy. And do everything I can remember before this you beat on Andrews Andrews is a big up and Comer Football player Alabama. If you beat him, start veto yep I'm out. Yeah now he's at you get Roy Mcdonald, Giga RIM, saucy, there's some fun flying will send his brother over there to test the waters. Like tell me change my touch how's it going bro. What kind of what kind of get that Ryan Bader Rematch. There's some cool fights well yeah, especially if they let him get saucy is forty years old, Another scary thing about Bella tours that dad on days on days that Dagsson or they're going to call it is giving them. They gave him a nine figure deal who the younger brothers,
does own deal. I don't know what you're saying Zazn. What is that streaming service so now they signed with them. So now Bellator Humor, tape delays. Now you can stream it diddly, for you get that now for fighting Wally. I think if to pay for just a minute, I don't know you can stream it on your first ones. Gonna be there. First like welterweight, big fight is going to be free, everybody wins in Bellator deal with days in the stream live events so think about. They got right. Ok, the guy Gay Guard who his people just contacted me, I'm going to garden city on the podcast love it he's fighting Roy Mcdonald, so they got Gegard. They got Roy Mcdonald, two absolute world class fighters, absolute world class top of the food chain. Maybe the best one hundred and eighty five and the best one hundred and seventy in the world. Certainly in the argument right, then, you know, like Ryan Bader's, never looked better Ryan Bader never better. He might have to wait, may not ever beat Jon Jones, but he's, never looked better. You know, I'm SAM anomaly mean he looks incredible.
Cal King MO he could be heavily. Chip, could be hellish light heavyweight champion right and who knows men? Maybe him going up to heavy weight, be better form me maybe does not to cut weight. Maybe could fight more or dreaming specially as an old as an older guy, is in his 30s if he can beat Mitrione that says a lot he's really gotten better and better and better and she's never never stop getting that. Then, of course he got Paul daily ' one of the most exciting mother in anyway, division was got out nuclear missile for a left hand. His last last of Michael Van in page phenomenal, could appalled but public to his last fight with fish was brutal, mad fit Fitch So if it's ok, but why make that fight? That's what I'm saying. Why do that define? What are we? How would you diminish daily? It's brown you diminish daily like in the views of after the Larkin fight. So Okay, Larkin, who Larkin always felt like, was a dark horse at one hundred and seventy. Actually after you fuckedup Neil Magny Mcneil Mag was like dude. This guy is Sunkist. He's got a lot of
skills? Man Larkins got a weird way of moving he's got that'll bleed kick that he does to the body. Then he struggled enveloped. We came over there in his mind, Lima, whose name is a mother? Usually you know him Lima beat him. But it was closed last to enroll and then he got k, o'd yeah see, and then he wants to fast you in a slugfest with Paul Daley dude. Dude- has got something crazy in his left hand, but you know, after doing Paul, Daley Michael Venom page tag who Paul Daley signs Bellator contract except Joe shellings call out Jesus Joe Schilling, not in the mail. Yes, Joe Selon showing MMA now Paul does not anybody down there going to stand son, that's interesting! If his kickboxing match I'd be more excited, but do you think Paul Dale is going to try to take him down After all, he talks about guys taking him down. I don't think, there's I don't think he'll chance in Hell, yeah yeah see Joe Schilling. Fighting kickboxing won the best cake box in the world, MA tough for him. He wants to fight him.
Now that you're doing all watch. It has to offer sure the problem the Joe's been having as they don't give them enough money and kick boxing Bella tore boxing? Even it's just not materialized, because he's not with Gore anymore right spell to yeah, I know, but he sing glory to or no right yeah. He was in glory and then he came over today for a couple of years ago and he thought well, he said, love Rachel Fight, yeah. I love watching bucket boxing, for whatever reason Bellator Kickboxing just does not have the appeal kickoff. This one had the bill but crazy to me man. I do not understand. I do not under really I do understand. I do I waxing his popular. How is kickbox I don't know I watch box. I much rather watch them. Kickboxing did you watch Rico, Verhoeven's last fight sure. Did talking. That was amazing, was cool. Again Just not stopping my plans. Balanced Adik you're, not stop in your Friday night for it. I would, if I didn't, have shit to do. I know, but but yeah, but have we've done have yeah. I opinions
companion with Joe Schilling, and who else did it? I was in here. Well, listen. You would have been here true. I never miss fight campaign here, you're going to make things I love like. I made fun of your soccer. I see we go full service, downtime full circle, so I gotta find something. Should I love kickboxing? No, I enjoy cake box and I think glory puts out the best product. I think glories phenomenon I'm actually bummed out that lion fight is not on access tv anymore. They lost their deal with access tv. If you've done fighting central and fight by still be around. So one now, no, I think we only did glory fight companion for Glory Bam, Jose that's right, Eve, Edwards and Joe Schilling, son, two thousand, and sixteen so I wanted it since then should have time. Man, ok, because Kickbox still love it, but you would shoot Fuckin' down. For you know, we only did one Bellator two. We only done one Bellator ever. The hope was that was a big bellator yeah. Who was that who is fine
It was all scales and submission was amazing cards are you shut your mouth so who's, better doctor, J or Lebron Fuckin' torque. Shane Carwin I apologize to come the was it was a big blow to his off and at me you mean that he did. It was phenomenal night. Was it fate or material is one? Ninety eight, but it's not who Is it fate or fate or Frank Mir, yeah yeah yeah, Amazon, bomb, yeah fade or Frank Mir was chaos. Yes, yes goodnight it, but you know Frank Mir. I really appreciate that guy appreciate the way he thinks and talks about fighting two and one of the things you said is like remember fade or hip. Tossed am slammed him
back he said he just got up and just wanted to swing out. Ego got the best of them and that wasn't the plan. The plan wasn't just wreck, abandoned engaged to do that yeah, but he almost being He almost hit him while but well. This is the thing I think fade or gets you into his groove like he did that with her ski he's done it with a lot of people gets you in his group in any in any cracks. You it's game over he's done it to Brett Rogers, but I think that if I was It was curious to see how that fight was taking place because, in the beginning, Frank was catching up. He column. Young rushed in but Frank, also said bring Ross is real. Like he's like do, I need to experience like I haven't, felt that kind of, like nerves and stuff going to fight in a long time like its been along layout. For me he's long, he been off two year. Two years he's. I guess you get back in there. Yeah. We don't trust. The judge minus was signed with them with Beltre. Scott Coke is on the phone Barnett they've worked together before so you know that boy born it gets in there Molly of Mario Batali
kitchen right now make it so basil and some garlic like in. Heavyweights trouble gets off at nude. Let him get Barnett Saucy against Ryan Bader, who do they have they have better? They have John, in Chill Sonnen, Frank Mir. I'm at Franklin when Josh stop Frank Mir actually realize how good Josh is Josh is a nightmare. Is a nightmare barely beat the brakes off. Roy Nelson beat the shit out of him for around, beat the shut up and showed some serious cardio see, is cardio to do that for five rounds. Yeah Josh is a nightmare for all those dudes ice from yeah b belts heavily champion. He could special for what let the man sleep in ELM St? Why wouldn't
Oh just trust his own paid on him, look at it, it's all, yellow and so healthy old or just skills for days, Lee Malone yeah, that's the problem. Those old dudes get ahold of that juice. They got all that year, those years and years of learning and experience, and then also the body starts moving like young man's body. Again, that's why TR tv tour was so fascinating. He might go over to. So I wouldn't be surprised. Well, he might sign with rise and we might go to Bell. But if he Bellator for Victor is like he's like dude, you guys test a little bit. I don't I don't want that. Like belters doesn't do I don't want that? Well, that was one of the things that um. I'm, not Rory dead, garden saucy was talking about guys fighting and who is who is he bringing up that he would need extra testing from he was just talking about this Gegard was Joe. Talking about this six, two, oh five or eighty five do what
at eighty five who wasn't Machida that swelling Machida, he would say that's right because he lost a decision to magije over in Bellator. He wants extra drug testing for Leota Machida if they rematch. I don't trust that guy said well no problem. Man, San Antonio actually checked he makes around. It looks like pee taste like p. Instead of once we did it twice. The auto confirm its pee pee. At least we let him know six months in advance when it's going to be testing the heads up he's getting tested a lot and we post dated in mesquite samples, here's a full schedule. You want it to work. We have twelve urine samples. We took him on the same day, but we've got him That's what we need do man, even that's too strict for Victor, though hey have you heard about Tony Ferguson. Houses need doing I don't know what is going on with him. He just ship, eighty Broadway had shoulder surgery a couple weeks ago. He just took his, I think. Actually, a week ago just took the stitches out not that bad
message. Customer last time I saw him or not comma stories like he's going like this backstage, I'm good man, I'm good he's doing this well It must have been good. You must have done something heard it again and realize he just should go ahead and bite the bullet and get the surgery I need to get them a sentence tells or whatever the sims I need them stem this left team. The breaking, if name negotiations of on the fight this is russian translation team could be versus notorious mma will not be achieved. Then next UFC announces fight team could beat versus Tony Ferguson Xtu FC two hundred and twenty nine October? Six? How can he come back? That quick, didn't wait, a minute wait, a minute. This is in a MA team dagger standard, doesn't work yeah, but wait a minute. Let me think of like when Tony Go to Tony Ferguson's. Instagram show might break dancing right when did Tony doesn't have a surgery that was before Brooklyn so before Brooklyn was what how many months ago was that two months ago correct.
There's no way how he do that in from for more on what I hear Conover's could be was happening yeah but can happening this year. That's relatives here, that's what the that's, what the UFC gets out of jail this. I don't think they give a route. I mean with your find out, what's going happen in July right into the so there's go to these just go to the actual images. The yeah go back and then scroll down see that one right there, the words moving around there is a video. Let me see that this is recently you can slow, yeah he's just controlled studies of absolute freak, so he's ready to go home, be ready to go, but It almost hurts him because he's such a freaking, he wants it so bad. He might not be ready right and he might yes, but I he's got a be with state of the art, guys mom, it's Tony Ferguson.
One up there with them. So he's doing that. One right there right! You just had a go. Look at this, so he's getting on his knees and crawling across man so this this does not totally look very guys ready to fight, though it looks like it's breaking down to be blocked. Gar tissue be a little strength. Flexibility, motivation, creative increased tremendously, not one hundred percent, but close champ strapped in weeks out eleven weeks out. That's not much time the sun even three months. That's a weird thing: it's like you know these guys. They have incredible willpower, power, incredible in endurance and incredible, like just the focus in drive and discipline to get better, but your body if I'm the UFC I'm paying to Ann Arbor Health stem cells work, but if I'm dead, I'm paying for tony seat stem cell doctor
free week. Yeah, I don't. Even you know I laid back. I don't know where that would totally help I mean. Maybe you would how I think everything helps a little bit rights amount of what? How much is it? It's not like. You can really measure it, but you've got out a body chart where to look at your Diagnosis is and go. Oh yeah! Look after we shot the stem cells. In look your number here trying to help push you. Whenever the Unfucking Fruit roll up so yeah I mean I'm sure he don't know what he's doing. I would assume he's doing something I would do growth. I would do a shitload of growth which you might get flagged or I don't know what they're doing with testing, but I don't think you could really test for growth. I'm honest with you. Do blood work. I don't think they really in bed at eight yeah man. I think it's real real iffy, whether or not they can catch you doing that Igf wanted to catch both in its short half life you have to do blood work, so I don't know how the test these days, how do the tests and they randomly show up they get blood in urine or just no idea, they've, never to I've. I've done so that's just your amp and those guys could probably get away with it. That's a passage of the flag you within then you're out for a year or
yeah, but it, but if I'm injured and an I have a doctor's prescription for to recover. I'm doing all but would they let you do that with the with the UFC allow you can't even have a fucking ivy like while he's going through. All this, he can't take an ivy lame is give you fills the highly rated that helps too terrible what we want on this. What if you want to get an iv and a d drip which will help him recover? I know what he wants to get IV in that that does not even like outlawed, but if you want to get iv, but vitamins like a a vitamin fusion would do that, but for for the, if you're in the UFC Business, why wouldn't you want that got to be on all all the human get just to recover these really. So we can fight cab to fight for one hundred and fifty five, which are all vying to see. Yeah, that's good for business. You say flying What you would want him for sure on the stuff that you can do like platelet, rich plasma or you know, to send him down to Panama, Fuckin'. Look at David Lee Roth. Song, Panama, that but the thing about pan
and going to like Doctor Neil Reardon and doing all that shit that MEL Gibson was talking about it on the podcast with his dad. That stuff is legal. It's legal in Panama, you go down there and they'll they'll do ship that TJ went down there. She's going on there twice he's gone it once all legal teaches. Do it's legal totally above board you're allowed to do it. I'd fly that Fuckin' doctor in here and not have you can't do it here? You have to do it in Panama, beach. They're doing things that are legal in the United States. Well, I either way private jet Tony's us. You know I'm saying I'm saying at anyone gets hurt. We got this yeah cover this. This is not of money, though, see the thing. They said that the UFC made more money last year than ever before. It's like a record year. A lot of it was like all these deals, but do you know how much money they must have to pay every month that loan they have four billion dollar purchas? That's so much money they just signed a few trucking not with me
PN in the streaming deal is being plus, but do you think they have enough money where they could fly guys down to Panama every time everybody gets her all five hundred or not? I'm not I'm talking about special treatment, I'm talking Tom Brady. If I'm the New England Patriots, I'm flying down by any means necessary. Okay, when do you take it off when do not allow it? Do you let Michael KIA fly down there. Nope is shaking your head now, yeah the struggles Pettis now what what he read, it should be ranked you son of a bit will have to find out. It's also Pettis hasn't exactly been ok. Kevin Lee send Kevin Lee down there. Probably you send Kevin down there by some kinda beat Michael Denny choked how many kids got a lot of star power. Yeah. No, there's levels to this game where, like if Lebron gets hurt.
Flying Michael someone, yeah, nine, nine Kevin Lee five. Okay, do you fly down Dustin Poirier. Oh you don't. This is how proud what gives me trouble all these fucking guys just simply paper view: numbers no he's lost, two were not flout. You don't fly him down there going to now fight nights, can charter a plane and get a bunch of a minute, see now you're talking from Michael Johnson went from the Michael Johnson fight with engaging. He gets flown down for the rest of his fucking life. Can we inject brain cell? Yes, we're going to go through the ears we inject brain cells and going to get him to live with his head on one side would fill his ears up. Let it soak into his brain. You know, there's holes in his ear. Lie down the side. Fill them up with stem cells, just go right through the nose
we're going to the whole body, I mean I'm giving cab Conor Tony Eddie Alvarez and Nate Diaz a fuckin' frequent flyer card in the beach. Do you know that? That's something that Kyle Kingsbury said he did. He did some sort of nasal exosomes right now. Remember him talking about that. Did you talk about that on the podcast or off the podcast he's all kinds of crazy Jackson, state of the art since the freight he's a big fella yeah, that's a big fella and travel bottlers, jacked super athlete to does everything to try and get the best body for civil well, now, the worse it on it to like that's his job. Correct now is on the on top of everything new that's coming out. What can help them? What what's the newest latest british it so you're saying he injected testosterone bright into his new things. Exosomes with that, I think, is a ship that makes a stem cells effective into his nose. Was he talking about that was had Ben Greenfield? Goddamnit
was rendering filled. This is why I think it was okay. Now remember in Greenfield in Greenfield, crashed his bike hard and really hurt himself, his nose yeah. I heard his head okay and one of things he did that to us. One of the things he did to mitigate c t is have Exosome shot up, is no He did it. I've had it done up his nose, he did like a full body. Exosomes treatment help. Do it isn't? You know greenfield is I've, listened gotta have 'em on your show. So on fire Kindle yes, first of all is a super genius tell Brian to shut. If a cup always talk can't, I feel like Bryant's final shotgun ox now, but he's also super athlete like he does a lot of crazy shit like tough monitors and all the cities on the ball. When it comes to the latest and greatest stuff, he did a whole article for wizard.
Squire or when he shot his dick up with stem cells and talked about it on the different things he did his dick, yellow prp and stem his dick yeah any self administered. This dick is like gills now he's a super genius come in, but I will take those conversations, sometimes I'll Brian shut, the phone down or leave him at home. I know tell Brian, we don't have this project, so do you know the French Alps, where these training- skiers, hey God, Dam great. This means here just today. Please let him let him go. Please on yeah, I I when Ben's yards wide up and let him tell drop science on may do that dinner at what they posted with all those smart people? Yes trying to solve the world crisis. So what was going on there did you guys, eat, eat and talking shit like you talk shit like we talked right now. Dave Smart is my though right now, there's some talking special, SAM. Harris is very funny, yeah he's very friendly, smart dude yeah! Weinstein is very funny Peterson was there right
Jordan. Rubin Dave Rubin, rather is Dave, Rubin's a stand up and then Jordan Peterson can be funny. Sometimes he's a just insane: smart though just like sport does one person start the topic and you guys go around like a round table now we're all just talking in some. Sometimes we're all talking together in a couple times broke off in a separate conversation, so you can only groups yeah, there's a lot of people. You know those big dinners are tough. It's only talk to you break off in groups who is close to you know yeah, it's fun, though it's fun, knowing people that are way smarter than you. That's my entire All my friends are smart and I thought about this uh. Oh wow. Every once warned me that that's what you want, though yeah you don't want to be doing this website. You smart scan the group you're a fucking. That's not good! You don't just like you want this guy in the room. You don't want to be like you, don't need such training partners. You also need tough training partners. Get you don't be the best fire in your gym. Well, really interesting people,
It makes you crave. Interesting conversations makes you more interested in different subjects. They motivate you the same way like if you were training with or take it you'd want you just to be tighter. You would yeah motivated by watching them. It's like I, I did a podcast. I think drinking Bros with Matt best in the guys? They're all super high level military guys there asking me sliding or whatever and we're doing our dick jokes on hold on 'cause. I want to hear what they say about the military 'cause that was fucking. Their black bear the military in order to combat experience, so I flip the script on them as fuckin' fascinating when you're listening to hate this 'cause. They probably know this, but it went by in like missions and how it goes down. I just fuckign fascinated meant it is. I don't wanna talk, running, hear them talk if you ever well done, podcast with Jocko. No, I fucking know know Jack. I don't know him at all. You do. I woke up early on the other day and felt like tweeting like what's up now, but I woke up earlier than Jackie anytime. You up, I think, like four something, but he posted. He was up at like five, something
He's he's been on the our diet before it was the carnivore diet, just eat steak, and I look at him. That you know no. I need, on the part that he would be a great guest. I know we, I think song goes man when you get a chuckle find the killer. But let's do it news. He was on their boots. Gonna figure yeah just get Aug I'll. Give you his number on the show, but he's he he's one of those dudes where you if you read his stuff enough and pay attention to, it will increase your motivation. Just will he's the real deal, Here's this video called you ever seen this video good ever seen. Good, please play it. God. How long is it going to give you a rock? How are the owner was a couple minutes? Two minutes long, it's tough to say one of my favorite, but I I've I've watched this at least once a six months, I'm not really yeah we'll put on the pockets right go full screen and give me some volume and don't start it prematurely, you son, of a bich, let it load up.
One of my direct subordinates one of my guys that work for me he would he would We posit real quick. What's his background Navy Seal commander, a man say no more fam, ok direct subordinates, one of my guys that work for me. He would. He would call me up or pull me aside with some major problems, some issue that was going on and he take boss. We got this and that the thing and I look at him and I'd say good and finally, one day he was telling me about some issue that he was having some problem and he said. I already know what you're going to say. I said well what I'm going to say. You said you're going to say good. He said that's what you always say when something is wrong and going bad. You always just look at me and say: Good
and I said well yeah. When things are going bad, there's going to be some good, that's going to come from it didn't get the new high speed gear. We wanted good, didn't get promoted good more time to get better omission, got canceled good. We can focus on the other. One didn't get funded. Get the job you wanted sprained my ankle tapped out. Good got unexpected problems, good, we have the opera. I figured when things are going, bad, don't get all bummed out
if you can say the word good guess what it means. You're still alive It means you're, still breathing and if you're still breathing You still got some fight left in so get up dust off, reload re, calibrate re engage go out on the attack. Gangster dude when it comes from a guy. I know like him and he has a different meaning behind different meaning. You guys speak. I listen, then
I hear that sometimes, when I run when I'm running hills and listen tired, I just go good good. Keep going. I'm tired, tired good shows to be working hard good. Fight with the girlfriend, could bring it it's having that attitude, though, like making that switch in your mind to just look at things in a different way. Everybody can do that. Everybody, that's not. Hannibal when you listen to something like the real beauty of something inspires you like that, as you hear it, and then you can actually put action this, but do you ever have a problem and self motivated Joe like I've, but like the don't, your mom, that's fantastic. I've never been a guy's been drawn to the motivational stuff for yeah. I I just never have been I've. I've never needed it. I've been blessed regards, I don't know what it is like. Even when bad things happen, I'm super positive, always now that's great. I see bad things, I'm not. During my bad situations, the jock on the in war right, I'm talking whether it's a foot weight when I lost a fight
if something is going wrong, if it in stand up in something business wise, I don't get some unusually all good I always have time are usually pretty positive. You are you're very positive guy. I think that's one of the secrets to your success is that you look at things in a good way and you have confidence and you act. You know I mean I tell all these young standups ago, Brenna chosen doing comedy for two years. You got a look. What he's doing this? What, when an athlete, goes after something like you, you you have the work ethic of an athlete and the mindset of an athlete but you're also funny see the thing about comedy is a How to people that are really funny also were sobs. We're we're personal saboteurs were self sabotage. We impulsive a lot of times get addicted to things is like real, like the type of person that becomes a stand up as a person who says ridiculous shit. They say things It is socially unacceptable things. They know it's going to get a rise to hang around with a bunch of other degenerates like you and me, have your hunt and you get you. This is a.
Certain style of person like a jelly, Dheas style a person, but you are an athlete who has those attributes so for you like what what I tell like young guys take I go this highlights. The importance of discipline doesn't make you less funny. That's a cop out like a lot of people. Think the discipline makes you less funny. This is the Thomas. Have these weird cop out, so you want to be a guy works hard. You will be a guy's funny. Some guys are funny this effortless, that's nonsense. Working hard and everything should work hard and everything. Everything do you try to do. You should put the more attention and more focused you put on it, the better going to get at it correctly. I just don't want to be alone yeah. It's just. I don't want to embarrass myself where people either if they pay for a ticket, I'm like Dude Jesus, Well also, you can do it, you can do it correct. You know you can do it. So if you can do it just keep doing it get better at it. Keep working at it keep swinging It's a fascinating thing to do for a living man. You know the best kidding me, but discipline man, so I've
I've never necessarily had a problem self motivating, but I've always drawn inspiration from a lot of different sources, really yeah. The rock's instagram page everyday. Every day no bullshit 'cause he's always hustling. I see the Rockies is fuckings. I don't get around in a jet he's always in the gym, but it'll it'll put the rock in spider, but Kevin Hart doesn't on just know he does to not only not on jets. The jets thing is not nice, but when Kevin Hart's in the gym all the time that inspires me for she worked out he's constantly in the gym. I mean I'm going to workout because of Kevin Hart Noise, gonna workout already just like Fuckin'. Let's get it like watching people kick ass there he is I am the right. Also like people kicking it like, I, I I don't hate anyone I root for everyone like I it's almost a problem, my route for everyone? You almost think it was almost it was my downfall is a fighter and as a football players I would route for everyone. I think anybody. I want everyone to do that, but it helps me in comedy like I want everyone
I want you to be good. Yeah, like I did a short I cells and like you need to open up for you, and so I called him with Tommy Storm like hey, do you have two door guys who are vying for spots like Flocka? Give me a list so every show I'm always trying to get bring the door guys in that's views on. How can I you know, I'm saying it's like yeah. I want everyone to do well, that's because when I look at like buttons Where is me is like when you post a video in the crowd Idaho or whatever or crystal You know are like the crew when guys new women to me. That's it's trying to keep up with that. 'cause. I feel like I'm in this we're in this race right here in this race together and everyone's fucking beast and animals, and you gotta, you gotta fall back in the PAC. Man be a lose get fucking eaten by these lines or you keep running with these monsters yeah. That's how I look at it, It's a it's, a great attitude to have an anything. If you want the people around, you do well, it's a great attitude to have with everything. That's been, let's one of the major secrets to my success for sure
is have a bunch of people around you that are kicking and then like helping them yeah, everybody promoting everybody, let everybody know and urging everybody, and then you know when everybody is doing great and everybody's. It's just. It feels it's a good feeling for all in when people go selfish and they only want a good thing to happen to them and they get upset of good things happen. Other people, that's poised. But this is Chelsea, doesn't work. It does the opposite work. It does So there's an actual quote about that. Jealousy, is one of the rare emotions that achieves the opposite effect that it intends to 'cause. You intend to like diminish someone. By being most them, but in fact you diminish yourself. You had your plan and if you can't control it does not matter yeah. I forget who made that quote, but it's even uglier when it jealousy amongst friends. That's that's what we all have seen it, but also it's weird. It's a weird thing to say it's! It's weird to me when I was fighting is weird to see people who
I won't mention, is what we're on the same group and a guy which would be fighting you could tell they didn't want him to succeed. Did we do we just want to it? Eight? We can't like fleas, Hoffman Hop on the your, your This meant room with his success is not good. You can go on your own path. That's a weird thing. Man with with, but with Probably we don't, I thought, I'd get it way worse. I think we're going to fucking hate me when I walked in the store laughter, but I don't see it around that and if I do it, it did not I face now. Is it? Is it what well? It's also once you're proven to actually be funny your and it doesn't. Nobody gives a yeah everybody's I want you to be funny, but if you were like some guy who was like, maybe an actor that was kind of half assing and people come to see you just because you're, an actor yeah we're really trying. He didn't respect, which all seen in the castle. Well, there's been a bunch of those people to try to get sit coms back, and you know the early days and during the six some days when there was a lot of comics like that were getting these d
tools and then they would do a sitcom based around a very few of them ever became like a seinfeld or something like that, but but they gave it a lot. How to deals Manville, and so there was a lot of actors who got into comedy and put together. Like a quote, unquote act to try to get a deal like they would do it because they would look at it. Seeing like look if they're, just going to audition for shows it's really difficult to stand out from the crowd. I mean, unless you look like Luke Rockhold or you got, You know, you're the perfect Ryan Reynolds, looking fella yeah, it's hard funk and then, if your girl, like you, have to be like really hot or you have to be really big like you have to come out to be funny about you right well, if you're a stand up, there's no rule like you can be Ali Wong. You can Roseanne Barr, you can be. I mean, there's. No, you just have to be funny like anybody right, so uh the actors looked at it like oh I'll, just put together and act in all man stand up said hate, though oh my god, I hate I'm sure when it go well either it within like it's whoever it is. Let's say: Fuckin' John!
goodness, I start doing stand up right and he come on. Do you want to fight that strong Goodman and after about three minutes like ok, let's John Goodman, the flicking do men. Well, that was Michael Richards. You know, Michael Richards wasn't really have a background in stand up had a bass. I didn't know that yeah he was like he would do like he would it wasn't, it didn't have like an act. He would do like he would fall down on stage and play like he was doing crane the character he was framed. It was very strange- and I don't know if he did it a long time and then stop doing it for a long time. Then then doing it again after Seinfeld, but before he had that you know air quotes incident at the laugh factory. We'd seen him a couple of times and it was weird you know it just it was like really really famous open mic night Guy Jesus Christ, yeah strange it was like a guy who's. Super famous but really hasn't been doing it. That much because you're going up at the laugh factory let me see you gotta, not booking those people. So it's murder is wrong for what
you got in, but you're on that line up with Bill Burr. You want to live in a club in the crowd used to seeing in high level and stuff yeah, this is like what two thousand and six. Or someshit one that all, go down with him. Bryant said at the Improv Well, I had back to the comedy store. I think it was Bret Ernst. I think I think he saw yeah. He was over at the laugh factory when it happened and he came back, he's like he's like YO. I just left the laugh factory. He goes fucking Kramarz up there, throwing the embodiment house like no one had any goes dude. It was crazy. He lost his ship he's getting heckled. So we about it, but then what it when the cell phone video on TMZ released that share. Everybody was like oh game set. Match like this is a new thing: dude yeah, it was weird man. I was uh
to insert in the bedroom the other night and I've never seen Brody Stevens who stand up. I've never seen him, and then he got up there and just heat. Again, I I know who he is obviously is by Mercyme and he just came out like doing about working out using the mic, and I looked at SAM, I the flex doing that don't even have seen it going. It's just watch and it was so funny man yeah bro do is forever and it's just That does crowd work, for you does was warm ups, for so many television shows for so many years. That is like super comfortable just talking to people, yes yeah. If what can I was done in a special came out recently, I think it's on. I since our really anywhere else, live from the main room to tape it and the made doing that set this to the concerns that spot no should do that. So cool wow. When did they do this? Just came out recently, yeah he's talking about onstage good for them to do. He can go around and go Iowa, and I guess
Migos. There you go moves on the exposed like Jesus Christ was so funny he's a weirdo sabi here to two hundred. Am it's ten out who am I'm like what the fuck? That's, how you take that off like what is going on right now. Well, his His style is so unusual because on paper, but you would never understand where the punch lines are. But then, when you hear him say you can't stop laughing. It's like, I was dying. You know if you write it or if he just does it. I wonder I'd like to ask him if you write stuff down or if he just does it just a few guys like that? It's just funny the way that, like Feels like that funny, the way they say shit like yes, Theo says ship that I could say the same shade. It wouldn't be funny, but he says it and it's fucking hilarious, yeah! That's the kingdom out comedy man like nobody, really knows what funny is to you hear it, but there's also something Steve Simone. He was saying
Because I I was telling my you, he is menu here, like you yeah, I'm, I'm trying to just jump on in one shows cause. I wanna make sure it's not my credit. You know, because your figure out what's funny because you just played your shows. I don't be that guy who told you that the apologize. Everyone here is trying to get their crowds because when you Road, you want your crowd. Man I'm like. I know Come here I'll make sure it's not my crowd. 'cause. I feel like the funny uncle at the barbeque. If it's my crowd, you don't find out. What's ok look at the ice house like if it's my crowd that specializes I've walked off, feel like Kevin Hart like wildfire, an a plus, but then you the comedy store. It's not your crowd like that was a d that was that's true! But if you go to the ice House, Ann, it's your crowd and you actually record it and listen to it. You can that's important. You can tell what is actually going to work. It's not going to work you can tell, and then you can tighten it up, so you have extra confidence at a place like the ice house to do different shed to me what it's like. It's like cross training like it's, not a bad idea
to do some kettle bells and run some hills and do Jujitsu it'll probably make you jitsu better and, I think, just doing crowds where, who knows who you are is great but doing crowds, Who you are is great too, and as long as you're paying attention you get a different thing from from each one, yeah you're right, one of seven yeah. It's I mean the what the you also get different things from different sides of rooms. You know, there's certain things that will work at the laugh factory in certain pockets that won't work anywhere. It comma. It's so strange to me that weird thing, then it's very strange so strange as it gets. You feel, enter different energies. It's so cool. It's so fascinating man, if you want, if you want to talk to him about the comedy store in like the history of it, that Steve Simone, just so yeah there's a lot of Schitt Steve's been around for a long, time and couldn't be a nicer guy might be the nice guy on the wii with a nice guy that ever lived almost like there's like a darkness back that I want to know, So, what's going on, why like push him
This new build a bad, and I was like. Can we come from a good family? It sounds racist. Come nice guy from a good family, just went down his open up Ferrari in San Francisco. I wasn't yeah cops. Cops is an interesting room. It used to be the tiniest room used to be like a hundred fifty. The little tiny room on the road, but it was so good. Everybody wanted to do it and then they moved to that place, which is like four hundred and fifty four fifty giant as ceiling. It's a big place in crowd there to the liberal well, that's San Francisco man, San Francisco, highly educated, very progressive. It's you. It's you're doing a different kind of comedy. There an abortion joke to hold thanks, Larry more of a reference, but it did not go well. Yeah and you can feel it feel it is there anything worse, nope you know what it is is when you run into a subject that people don't accept, you gotta, ask yourself: okay, does my sense of humor different than theirs or did I do
shity job in figuring out how to get that subject to them. You know because some subjects, like there's quite a few bits that are going to be in my netflix special, that when I first started doing them, they weren't that good, There was something missing like I knew. There was something there, but you don't. You only know so much when it's written you really find out what's good when you try it on stage and then that's when it sort of comes to life like I have almost every bit that have ever done written in some way, but there rarely the way I do yeah you know once you get on stage with it. That's when you with it figure out. How to do it more of an outline yeah and then we go on stage like yeah, but you know along the way, sometimes it just tanks that has to happen. This is something I stick with it, though. Not that's so crazy. This isn't what I say just a good beating,
doing it where it doesn't work makes you just refocus. Let me go back and look at this thing and figure out why these people got upset. Oh, you know what. If I just do this first then I'll know where I'm coming from first to let me get away with that because they want to come an you know. It's it's weird when you finish here specially finish, editing yourself, yeah, that's on common right, but I don't have much to add it in terms of like content with just how much should I cut out and where what you know, what show is the best one that was what it was so really the lot of the best one was the first to see. I heard Tony as soon as you guys got done I text you and it takes turning. He goes. I don't even know why we're filming sex one, I'm not enough. First, it really is yeah out of the park. Plugs thinks it's fun. Man, Wilbur Wright, that Wilbur theater is amazing. The places you know 'cause it's like a theater, but it's also a comedy club 'cause. It's like there's nine hundred or one thousand one hundred people in the room, and I think it's like five hundred
three hundred three hundred or something like that: yeah mines with the palm. So if you come to the pond inside the palm, It's like people right on top yeah, it's like yeah the right on the op. You were mostly to so far. You can't feel it Katt Williams to the palms one time when we were there. I don't get a chance to see him now gadis for he was there. I think he was there like the day before the UFC or something like that. My brother went and saw Kevin Hart. He was at Pepsi Center, oh yeah. I wonder how how the fuck do you pull off stand up? Pepsi Center J goes. I know in my brothers little bit of hater by nature, and was he can't be that good and on light duty, like the most successful comic ever touring in these stadiums? I bet it's pretty fucking good and he goes in there and he was like a brown stage like three 16th english dude. It was incredible best best season wow, which is great, so fuckin' powerhouse man, power geyser, how Hustlin performing powerhouse yeah interesting?
right? It's interesting when you see those super winners, those super winners. It just push the envelope of success. It's weird! You know those qualities are very strange. It's also strange in comedy because someone Kevin Hart might be your cup of tea, but then they might hate Bill Burr. Which is very strange to me that silly. Why don't, I should say: hey but yeah, I don't. Maybe you know, I'm saying it like bill. Burr might be just okay. Do you but Kevin Hart's, your number one yeah, but if that's, okay that's normal. There is always going to be people that have different tastes same with music. That's four letters. Everything sent me now. It's crazy time for stand up, though, if you think about how many different comedians are really good. Right now have specials, it's nuts Netflix is blown up blown up. Do you know Russell peers? The first comic Netflix special. When did he get his along? As time would go interview talking about? I think it was sway in the morning, and it was
the first one. They say: how much do they pay you he talks about. It goes he goes, ten percent of what Chris Rock got paid. They looked at him. When was the first one. What year was it old school find out, look at Russell Peters, comedy special, So here's is a monster. I had one on Netflix in two thousand and five: they both Peters Beach, a probably if he was first pretty sure he said his first two one five got damn damn I didn't know: Netflix is back yeah nobody knew that was part of the problem is like when he was going on when people like my specials on C. So like call Phuc, What's going on this weekend with the UFC? What are the fights? Are there? Well, you got the ultimate fighter finale on Friday Is there any others on that card style, bender, pull up Uno style Brende? I did Brad Tavares versus style vendor
Perhaps some other phuckamon grad beat him, but I think I really love style better, but Brad's been quietly for MEL, but also Brad is a guy who the rumors he's injured. Going this fight. He was going to call the fight off, How dare you say that online now? It's all red sounds it yeah. It's t injured with I don't know, he's was pull out, but we don't do it. So it depends. People forget Bracton, wrestle to mom, that's, That's a tough fight style bender. From Nigeria. Thirteen and oh son he's a mother fucker. Who really is he so exciting? Damn that's very good. Let me see the regular UFC card again, that's a big fights, that's the headline, fight, yeah and then fight which is you see there? You see there selling ultimate fighter house italian, ultimate fighter selling they're selling it five million you want five know what investment, but just like nineteen bedrooms, people peed all over that house.
He had gone there. It's going to smell Good NEWS, Boldos jacked off in the process outcome font, that's a good fight right there, that's a very good file. Gokan Saki, and Khalil Roundtree at. I can fight that still good Felder MIKE Perry. What the fight night. Number holder at welterweight very interesting he's a big dude Felder as to cut some serious weight to make one hundred and fifty five filters on monster on the mic, too, he's a great commentate a smart, Paulo Costa and Uriah Hall. That's very interested, I'm not as they were two point. No, I'm not saying Paul closes on all the drugs. How does it passes like intense? What? Whose nose is clogged for that sniff test. I forgot their inhaler. How does the he's just not live wherever it outs is dude. He is for
team all Landover not on that card to go down there and get it gets close to Jakarta those in Landover Nada. That might be the sleeper the night folks yeah. I got this phones by talking about that fights on Fightpass, that's crazy, hooker and burns off more fucking fight to Hilbert Burns Dan Hooker holy ship with a card. This is to this car it is insane great card, is an insane car. 'cause people aren't talking about this hooker burns fight, dude. You know it's going to be sad, though I think the paper view numbers. Oh, how dare you never know Steve versus DC? I might get into 2's two hundred well like the MAX hauling, Brian Ortega, you don't think you can dance to hello. Yeah, two hundred two hundred be a nightmare to fifty was the last one right. That's one! Zero bowl, not good! I see I'm hoping it does around five to six hundred make GSP fight again need GSP back during GSP
who is the last one. They get real good numbers. You got eight hundred and fifty right, I know, but I think this goes around between four hundred and six hundred yeah. Do you think Jen Hope so too made aware? It's tough to tell these days. Man hi. I think they need get rid of paper view model, it's obviously not working. What do you think they should do? I think they should put a put these on on, for free. I ESPN these major fights how you gonna pay people. Well, the paper you model top for NBA guys are getting more than the top ten nfl quarterbacks and those games are all free, so there's model somewhere right, there's a model that this model is not working yeah, but NBA is way more popular than the sequence of them, but it's also free right, but also, the sponsorship deals. The endorsement deals are, you know they have major endorsements. Right but there's only so many endorsements and going to get behind cage. Fighting you Harley Davidson for anybody
Miller lightly. We've had some more now right, yeah, roughly the same amount of people also like say amount of fighters, say my NBA players about five hundred and fifty yeah. There's no comparison in terms of overall viewership, though like what is a big basketball game, NBA finals, thirty, five million yeah yeah. Yeah, I'm just saying, I think view models. So school specially now with the legal streaming Mean Jane talking about it. You know if I'm not that guy 'cause I flat. I'm not trying to steal money from you see, but there's a ling tagging onto every time. That's in hd, I have to be a fucking dime for everyone it, but so many of my friends do that have so many people so they're going to jail when uncle fester finds out ' So when the numbers are low, you gotta take that in consideration most eighteen to three six males configured the fuck out there not like seventy dollars. No, I wonder, I wonder if you just had it free if the numbers would be bumped, I don't know man. It's like you, gotta make you gotta make a big fucking,
ask to do that because you got to think of how much money you have c has to pay every month to make that loan to make that monthly nut. That's on them! That's not the fans problem, that's true! The other problem is think I'll. Expensive is be a mma fan these days, so I gotta fork out money for ESPN plus now just to watch how much that was it. Nine hundred and ninety nine, it's good caught lower five bucks a month. So it's like, I think, it's ten, okay, okay, nine, nine! So you that right is that go live because fight pass, still to the nineteen January, so you so pay for that. So that's money, additional money and then paper there's one every month. So if I want that seventy eighty dollars a month just be UFC fans. Yeah, now phone watch dies on dies on does on bill tore. I gotta pay wow which is that going to be nine hundred and ninety nine to watch the Bellator now. Is that what is it didn't say? I was looking, let's say it's nine hundred and ninety nine less than that, I'm assuming something's wrong with the streaming service, so if they just had a free streaming service and then you had ads, do you think they could make it up? But I'm sure I'm a bit. What the my point is it just
inexpensive, Vma Fan and you're losing fans run. The numbers aren't decline So I think there's a model problem. What if they a deal with Netflix, they tried Netflix Amazon, those guys don't play games. They went to your audience big enough, really, will twitter will use the NBA we're going to the NFL route 'cause. The other sports are too big twitter. What did they showed it on twitter? Can you get twitter on your tv? You you could send. If you have it on your phone, you could almost mirror, as you could just write to the screen. Yeah yeah. What did phone runs out of battery in the middle of a fight? Your friends call you Pussey, plug it in and sometimes it's not linking it's not playing on your phone directly. Now, when you do it, I do it through Apple tv, but you could do it through Google Android right, you could do like Google play. You have like a stick in fixing usb yeah there's a little symbol. Interesting, I mean down
used to be science fiction just a little while ago, but I see shared on my lego. Someone sends me a Youtube video to watch if I'm home, watching something on Apple tv, I'll, just stream it right to the tv set. That's amazing is that uh high, a little symbol like on the top by the bar, the broadcaster tv thing yeah it just yet. I feel like the UFC, has this old school model right now, but the but the UFC plus ESPN, plus it's at least head in the right direction, but the paper models such as expensive, as is to be, fan right now, they're making it tough. I think it's going to come a time where you're not going to need any streaming service. You just be able to type a website address into your television it'll be universal, everybody will have them. I think that's real close. Like a lot of people, get rid of their cable yep. This page can't paly young kids. They never watch cable after the other side, I'm a dish fan but most young kids on folks with any of that yeah like what dish what
interesting right has hung, don't think it's good for really is live events yeah! That's everything else! Netflix is more popular than broadcast cable and more in tv, viewing Hulu and Youtube all. I think it's. While the thing I read said it was, it's got more viewers and all of those combined wow, that's accurate broadcast, cable, Hulu and Youtube. Netflix has more than everything. Steve Netflix got the you see. That would be crazy for the UFC for the UFC Netflix. I do in fact on it. They could ever say. Where would they just said? We have so much money how much you're, not much more salient billion billion
uhm! Ok will just write them. A check will just buy it and it's like a pear sneakers at universal and find every day we don't give up. Just yet they could do it man, I wonder yeah that would be, but then how would you figure out how people get paid? You have to give numbers right, it would have to be in the contract, because that's one thing about Netflix: they don't want to give away the number. So if you have a comedy special on Netflix and you ask them hey how's it doing, They go. It's doing really well yeah, but we're really happy yeah. But you know because, like you, they go, you want to do another like Momus, went pretty well happy to have special in there and they're like how you doing like all right. Yeah, keep on keeping on man yeah. Do you wanna another work we're all set is probably go. Well, you don't have exact numbers which, which I feel like is little hairy little dicey, because you have no negotiating power, Yes, I see 'cause. If you like, hold on. Let's say you, for instance, hold up
one hundred million people watch this. I need more fuckin'. Money like to them is five million. Watching good is one hundred million where we at here now we negotiate that can't be right like they can't be good, but it's their business. They did it. So that's the thing is like that's going to don't have to do it better. I think just do it on HBO and then you get real numbers or you do it on Showtime and you get real numbers? Are you doing on Amazon? Jeff Bezos tells you to go. Yourself: do you think you're at a disadvantage for non netflix these days, just because the here's? His argument that I had with Brian about things June is special, is Cnet don't give Netflix is the king man and for your role, if you you, if your bill burr, if you're Kevin Hart, if not, can hard, if you're straw any of those guys right. There pain mass amount of money in there promoting it, but if you get lost into that shuffle because they have so much content now right, it is, does
pay off. I don't know you know Gaffigan interesting enough, decided not to do it and he could do it anywhere and he decided to do it on all platforms so he doesn't have it on Netflix, but he has it on a bunch of different things where gaff again put his special, but he did it on his own site right and released it very Louis CK style yeah. I think he actually, I think it's available on Amazon. I think it's available in a bunch of different things, he's so established, though yeah sure again there motherfucker people still ask him to his hot pockets. Yeah, that's a good point, because I think that they probably no matter where he most fans are very loyal to go, seek it out, he's one of the biggest in the world yeah. But I'm saying, if you like, Oh your God, like Bryan Callen like where you get the most exposure honestly Youtube the most both free would just be released it for free for free, but that's very expensive to do. It says
have against noble ape, initially will be released on multiple pay, tv and digital platforms, including apples, Itunes, Amazon, video, Att Charter, Communications, Comcast Cox, communication, Directv Hall at Directv, dish, network, OSHA? Google play and Sony Playstation has warm Rice who do almost well Walmart, more Microsoft's, Microsoft, Xbox Album version will also be released on the same day in digital and physical formats that Emma Flickr and on sizzler download field. Louis C, now yeah, it's interesting! It's because I think that he could do it. So if he does it, then it really works out. Well, maybe Kevin Hart might do that to me might say: listen I could charge for ninety nine. What you can do whatever he wants. He might okay, I'm Kevin Hart. I could just have people going to go watch my special
But someone can do that. Yeah, there's a small hand if you're smaller level, comic, let's say, b list. You can't do that and make money people are going to see it. So maybe you get you get money back when you go on the roads like holy ship, that was great and it's free so we're on the road in June in theaters. Now, maybe well, that's the thing off and do you know how many comics have done that and how to Youtube video that became a giant smash and then we're selling out theaters. What does that girl Angela Johnson, you know Angela Johnson, she's mad tv issues that hilarious bit about the vietnamese girls doing her nails, yeah that bit God on Youtube and she was selling out quickly Joan yeah yeah Crystal gel. She still there is very funny others she was selling out giant, please hold to that extent. Another Chris do is similar to that, but Chris to Leon snapchat his videos are so funny
mhm insanely poppy. He saw some of the other stuff, but that's when the queue you know he had millions of followers on there. Yes going to city and he's a brilliant comic. You know these for the because the world he's so silly he's a unique kind of silly so, weird silly, you would have yes, we saw our tax everyday bout, shoes and fashion if they easy to easy. Dad shoes came out like do. I can give you want appears like yes, what are you dad shoes, Jamie you're going to well, you might like him, you like him more than the three hundred and fifty boosts sweat. These boy just say boy converse sweaty are red suede. I know I'm wearing these. Just for you. When did you get those conversations and to me I would never. I was gonna, say: there's no, you in the store they sent me those, but I put myself where these month hell yeah. Those are fun easy's, those things. Those are you know Zz G Datchet. In your mind, those notes- and I was a sharp and I do not see a shark. No, let me just say this. That was the first. You
and I could get I can get on to coming out by, pass on a pass on those. You know you know you'll Chris. You want these on what Chris, these only good on small guys, because you're right, but I'm smaller to with the right outfit in small genes, can win this. You're right, but we're going back and forth and screenshot SIRI I sent to Brian, went Fucku his Brian likes to wear those boots that make him look like he's an italian painter, correct and wishes. He was taller. Yeah he's get those boots with, like wooden's heels, with leather soles that are really slippery strand and they have zippers on the side so like what the fuckery. Where are you supposed to wear these when you're in catholic School, like why, you wearing this is a grown. Man is fifty one years old. He never had period of time. We dressed like his age, never he's like finally old as his dress. Yes like he is now that he is she supposed to be like got older an fell into his stablish wardrobe anymore broke my god. What is this? No it's happening. That's not why she dressed like a skater
are those cells? Look identical? Oh wait! A minute! That's Brian! I think that dude that's fucking, Brian just make that face bigger, very blurry. Do what is right down and I don't revise. Here's leave in those slides is that by black socks and slides across it. That's Brian count for a special. He wants me to dress a man, get credits on special. Don't don't don't let him be himself now he's a dress, really wanted just brought with them. The told him it is him wait. Where is that those are those are black socks and sandals or others know they're, not those are those escape. Choose to double is where I think slow world down those shoes. I was hoping that those were black socks, two asian style. I thought they black socks and slides because they're so gross with white. Stripe goes over the top one of those slides.
Sirius black socks. Do it yeah there you go that everybody does it yeah type move Joe and do it with slides that you can't do with flip flops. Correct like slides and socks is ok correct. Why do they have rules like that? It's the Streetsboro note. It is it's gross You like that sock in between your with Barbie conflicting master, splinter. Some Lego Ninja, like you just do that. Remember those ninja shoes mademoiselle they called tabbies or something like that. That's hilarious and everyone dude. You with those kung fu shoes. Remember those FU shoes. Did you didn't you up in the east coast? You know a lot of dudes in like the 1990s, an and certainly in the 80s would wear Kung fu shoes just does whatever dress up like they knew kung fu. They were like an impasse, those things yeah loser todds. Those are called pods that those are kung fu.
Choose son who's where Kung FU, like they knew Kung fu, because they have those shoes on like, like those those are different. Those letters are fashionable. Yeah, let's first ones you show or some bullshit somebody had a bit about it about dudes going through. So I think it was uh Do you remember that guy that had a bunch of fucking hit, a bunch of bunch of specials on HBO Robert Townsend Member, that member Robert Townsend Mary had a bunch of HBO specials, a bunch of different comedians on. I feel Someone on one of those did a bit of kung fu bit about dudes in the ghetto who dressed up like they were kung, fu outfits I'll, tell you, I don't fucking trust! Do that where Aquasox? What do you mean by socks, light blue socks, no Bro Aquasox, like you, went to water world or like a water park It was somewhere in amount in public. You, nothing drugged up. Fuckin' girl, up worse than Aqua Song, Dr Mahmoud, bring a all
instantly melt, Walmart and chip who wears them. My dad warm when I was a kid. Those yes where is most, you walk around with those on ya at the water park, so you get traction. Ok that makes sense but german real life yeah like so as long as you want to be a superhero, maybe they're just ready for water at all times like what is the purpose of those, so you don't slip on the outside of the pool, yet it's all hot and shit. Ok, I should quit being a pussy. How about that? but those are like fairly similar to like minimal issues. Those are cool, so you bring up cool ones. Wait, wait, wait hold on. How is that cool? Those are dope bro like that. Well, that some shit you would run in sag. Yes, I would, I know, that's why I'm saying I'm talking out the original aqua so but it's different see that one They just showed that last one, the last one, the one that the one that looks like a normal sneaker yeah like that, like that yeah that those look very real similar to should I wear when I run some tv, I run
so with those they have like nothing to him. There's no sign of those yeah. I love those they did. My feet are way stronger because it running that way. One hundred percent made a big difference. It definitely made a difference yeah because you feed after work way harder. It's not like. If you run in a pair of like I like to run like Salomon Speedcross Shoes, because they got a lot of traction. You could run on anything. You don't worry about where you're stepping just dumb punch it, but you don't you don't your foot doesn't have as much engage like, when there's no cushioning at all and it's a thin layer? Your foot is like pushing often gripping some ship. You can't just jump drank things you just can't go fucking full, no catch. My breath issue note I tried yet it'll get that plan. You got that planner. I did not flatter shy. This is no joke nightmare son. I'm back to cushy shoes yeah I need some.
I need to inject some shit into my leg and you get full fuckin'. Well, take it out of my life dude. I'm telling you they can do that now is doing they're doing here, all all kinds of shit? You know what else she do shows don't cover that. We should do it on air, we should get up and a d drips. Maybe the do it in here and do it it's PO, to be insanely painful. If you do the push Na Vi where it's like fifteen minutes be funny. If we did a podcast, it's supposed to make your guts wrench like someone stomping on your stomach, but if you get through it, you get through it. In fifteen minutes versus hours hold up through, seems low to rats, and what to do it's supposed to be incredible for anti aging down to the gym fifteen That's a good minutes of like I was the worst plugins will die within you, be a fun podcast because for the rest of time, you'd be fine, so it beforehand to be fine and then Fifteen minutes, you know, like I said my pants, and then you do that for fifteen minutes and
and how happy will be out in a minute after it's over. You feel great talent in there making fun of it. Yeah eating cheese and shit yeah. No, he can't eat cheese anywhere. Says rice. Is this too bad? What is horrible psoriasis? He can't eat cheese now with heat and he's on. Some weird I refuse to take like the proper medication is one of those people that die, isn't it funny that he would make fun of anti Vax Yrs, but he wouldn't take medication. That's freaking, crazy, he's crazy. What medication is not take it for them or something? No. He says that it solves it. For a little bit, but it's not complete problem, it's my diet on my dude whenever, I don't use the God Dam ointment. Well, you know Jordan Peterson says get in Tampa by the way this weekend. Where is he at Tampa? Improv? Psoriasis kid don't look down from the third floor, though Tampa Improv is three floors yeah, I know look down from the top. You see that bald spot. You know comfortably, wants it more level, you don't see his legs or set Baltimore Tampa Improv's, that's a weird area. That's like Igor City right or yeah. It's just there. You like it. I loved it. Fun people hell yeah all in Texas
Jordan Peterson cured his psoriasis with a carnivore diet. He did that carnivore diet will. All he eats is meat as all he eats red meat and he got rid of it. Yep it's all eats. My Brian should fucking try that man, whatever he's doing his legs, are so yeah that sucks man just get. This is a rough one, Yes, two, you know is torn a lot. Just traveling show coming up in his special lot of schitt science. How many times you going up a week now last week I went up four times the museum, at least three I'm stressed out. I'm stressed out this week because I'm on the road on Saturday, Oklahoma and I'm doing a set, the ice house- and hopefully I said at laugh at you if I can make him, but I was yeah I want to be comic store man yeah anyway, you can get up to man, you do the haha at all. No it's good spot show down there. I'm going to um, Neal Brennan has a show.
Westside, Tommy Club, I think yeah. I started doing that in Venice, Venice, Santa Monica. Ok, I heard that's really good link Allen was telling that's close to yeah. It's close to you right, super close, alright, so anything else is there anything else we need to talk about for rap, this pitch up young Me cover anything crazy that happened during the podcast you to. Let us know about no, not today I'm in I'm in Spokane next week, Spokane, Washington, okay and then first two weeks of August, Texas can't get enough. I'm in Austin city and then Dallas Improv. Second, we get you some Texas, Addison Improv, that one note I think it's Dallas Improv it might be against. In Addison, yeah Tfatk dot com. That's it tomorrow tomorrow? nobody else. Now shines right. Tomorrow's fourth of July we gotta Josh Barnett, sent me a text message
He said I'd be more than happy to come on and explain the whole deal with you Sada home, Oh shut up to Josh Barnett shout out to the Warmaster, alright tomorrow, Joey Diaz. Eleven am yeah, thank you, everybody for tunes, the podcast and thank you to square space for hosting my website. And you can make your own mother fucking website with square space, go to squarespace dot com forward, Slash, for a free trial, try it out for free. That's how confident then, when you're ready to launch use the offer code Joe to ten percent off your first purchase of a website or domain. Thank you also to to talk to on it go to too to use the code word Rogan and you will save ten percent off any and all supplements. And last but not least, thank you to the cash app you can download the cash app for free in the app store or the Google play store.
Use, the code word Joe Rogan. One word: you will get five dollars and five dollars will go to good friend, Justin Brands, fight for the forgotten charity to build wells for the pygmies in the Congo, and we are extremely happy to announce. That's been a great success and through that promotion, we've raised thousands of hours and we've already built several wells. How many once believed to I think, they're working on there there's a lot a lot more common and Justin ran. It's very, very excited about this. So and he's the salt of the earth when the greatest people that ever lived, that's it the beautiful people tomorrow, fourth of July, J holy motherfuck as the great one will be here, and I can't wait so we'll see you then enjoy your holiday? If we don't see you before then and much love and and support, and thank you to everybody appreciate the fact that the people are fine,
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