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JRE MMA Show #40 with Eddie Bravo

2018-09-06 | 🔗
Joe is joined by Eddie Bravo to talk about the fight world.
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as well go on a dot com au and an eye to use the code word rogan and save ten percent off any and all supplements my friends today my guest is one of my best friends on the planet is the founder of tenth plaid jujitsu he's hedge coach for former interim you have see walter lightweight i mustn't walter lightly champion tony ferguson and again when my favorite human beings give it up ready bravo
the job will gain experience and we love you just tell me how you son is getting into brutally his religion at this shot out to her you pronounces name correctly bruce lee now play a plaster cell plus cell do i've seen it writ which of the two actually maybe a past so i believe we are but but i mean how he pronounced the artist named i think was the foam on tran yet shall perform this things the shit his art is amazing little class to sell things in january mcdonald her grace had the whole lineups amazing i mean those he sunk chum off and legends but yeah i wanted how would you know he six now and you hear these stories constantly about people remembering
the first time i saw bruce lee movie it so epic i'll never forget my dad took me the order blew my mind everyone's gonna storage always got his we first time he's obviously so i wanted to make sure i didn't do that too we could then he would forget you notice especially ass moments we have together from three years ago my remember that cells is only five right maybe six he's just six imagining quick your brain is growing and the money you forgot to lash now but anyways so i thought maybe i'm gonna hit him with the ominous sit down and and and put on entered the dragon and blows fuckin mine but i don't want to do its work like window i like that could maybe i'd get even weight to least hand or eight or whatever you nobody's bond karate since he was three about three years now has been don't crowding any took a nun chuck workshop class so he's got his little you know those padded men chucks he fuckin loves those things men and i thought she is
into the nun shucks it might be a time to drop brutally honest you know maybe i don't want to get twisting known make us he starts talking about jackie challenge like that now might be seen anybody do it on video our own learned from this is what happened so his too he's and and and checks you beat me up with them all the time he loves non chucks and and i sat down then i wore one of those routes of fights shirts and those bruce lee with lunchbox right and he looked at my surely said daddy who's the guy with the nun shucks and i thought ok it's time her son sit down so you know kids are so easily brainwashed i can get my kid and discipline as we have seen this india is amazing his amazingly get the bursley outfit they ve jumpsuit this right easy some amazing and he's got he's got
the game of debt sequence down it s the it is my son an imprint sees a five year old acting bruce sleaze none chukka seen yeah yeah reacts all they know for not i think he was on that like america's got talent or some shit too so i sat down and i explained dome ago the master of the moon trucks the number one guy in august like i was like i was saying earlier you could get kids to believe in anything i could i could get my son and satan ease he'd be alum all about love i got him another round he likes kids malleable totally here he's so into the dodgers because his grandpa isn't it the daughter so he's all about the dodgers and got him into the brown is all in the browser too because i could get him into anything i sat down and i say you are going to sit down and i want to show you the master of the non checks in its bruce lee
he's number one tool young mister grey he's degraded the marshal artist of all time i broken and i sat down and put him in front of the tv to russia i did you felt all things film you say to a nod and film that but i fear this reactionary armed him watchin bruce lee first i showed him the group it is none shook seeds of all time with loosely the inner youtube and you can get there there's compilations they put together one from the stuff and end the dragon stuff in chinese connection away of the dragon orator the dragon and so i sat down economic blitz and with this i want to make sure that whenever he thinks about fucking none shucks he know the bruce leaves the master i'd show how just completely blown away then after i showed him other none shook scenes with i sat down and i wanted to show the greatest fight scene of all time bruce lee versus chuck
nor come on that site is wanted to leave that just as dna and i feel now i found him watching juggernaut some loosely any all ways wants to know you he loves beloved bruce lee instantly and he he needs to know who wins the fight so vague daddy does gruesome when he always win sunny always wins and but my natural reaction because he is constantly asking questions these costs does he went my natural actually just why why you gotta watch run because it's gonna be sweeter if you watch it and go through the ups and downs and it goes daddy you need a tell me now and i know you're gonna like it more if you just watch it you gotta know daddy does brutally when he wants to fucking know he can only be disappointed yeah
so these ass yours all here he got completely blown away so weak later a week later i got today you can watch the greatest martial arts movie of all time and are the track its bruce lee isn't it suicide him down we put on and he can't stop asking fuckin questions about every gotta go daddy who are the good guys and who were the bad guys is the bad guy he's a good guy so we got it the three main good guys you bruce lee as the main good guy williams i was his name escapes the black famous marshall artists jim kelly junk help africa to action jim kelly's awesome and he did die the movie which having never do inertia back down you know domain roper john facts and he was the third class yet there was roper williamson bruce lee and there
i've never the good guys and the bad guys do remember the bad guys names no harm was that the dude on the top left he's the he's the guy with the clause former shall land monk who went and started selling heroin on this island and and and and prostitution rings and all that i completely forgot the plot of this move we are you kidding me it's the greatest stocking why am i remember watching it but it is in i didn't take it seriously i was sorry was fun i was i was looked at it not like always shit we're gonna see this wild action movie i would have thought of it is because by time i watched it was kind of campi i'm sure why when i was a little kid theodore member here you gotta go back and watch all think as everyone you know that's that's most pulls common reaction like you just remember you remember that the sea with hard with the razor here that's all member he had a razor had yet law hand you remember bolo young and the fighting outside the tournament
you know you remember all that shit you remember williams getting they hung on your you remember williams fighting han their certain things everyone we will remember you just you forget about a little scenes in the plot so i am i sign i sit down my son and watching this and my mom his mobs like its appropriate for us gerald right it's not going to crazy i got it fine just a bunch of karate but it's fine she's all right so hope we sit there i can't stop asking goddamn questions i can't stop asking goddamn questions the bad guys are hans the main guy a horror bob wall member him everybody remembers he had to scorn space and they everyone remembers that he was criminal gang were chasing brutally sister in the movie and they cornered her and she had done herself she just killed herself before they could gleich raper whenever people people remember that that's
another classic scene you remember what you don't think about all the shit in between man because the plot the plot of this laurie is han lit on an island any has it does lot of you will shed he runs heroin and prostitution through his island right and he has a terminate like once a year any invites all the greatest marshall orders on earth and he tries to recruit them he sits em all down in any shows them has underground operation goin on you know two main so he try to tom roper into he try to tat williams into her room and roper almost went for cause he was kind of guy but he was like a gambler you know domain is kind of shady but at the end is like flock this i'm gonna do this shit so that's really doesn't end call them bruce lee to end he's gonna try recruit bruce lee but the cia got a hold of loosely first
as there at all the bruce lee and lay down in a dark room and are playing a projector and their shown you know they were bruce lee to go in there under cover too cover all the chronic rights that the crime in august the what are they doing some drugs yes drunk in prostitution and and don't mind control so some sit there watching and he wants no the bad guys a bowler bowlers a bad guy o hara whose bob walls a bad guy and enhance the main bad guy so he's constantly asking questions and then do you forget about the scenes where hon would has a madame and he's got all these hookers theirs look or seen you forget about the hooker seen they sound like i've girls to williams was a good guy a robber to try to corrupt em you know mean burma's soon they're on their gowns and an robes and worms like an hour and a rope and aggression
remote into starting fast forward and my son that louis what's goin on here what's goin on here dad why you fast from got nothing gonna what are they doing the guinea ready to go to sleep just forget about that same poor you forget that there is this the same there it is right there there's tidies and everything but arms yeah you got for me was blown away and mission accomplished his bruce lee number one in to him and had made a mistake next week and made him sit down a watch return of the dragon which the answer was a great scene which ignores the old rome policy but the whole movie before that is so bad bad and bruce directed it in and wrote it and it was a it's atrocious it's
except for the shots together except for the air but it's like high school kids put together tat i have to go back alive we know we should wish to a fight companion and watch entered the dragon thou be fucking great did are you kidding come on man a fight companion and wanted to look at a thing so there it's takes place in italy his one of his like think his own goal or or just somebody knows has chinese restaurant in italy and italian mob these guys we're the goons they're trying to run about a business and end control their business or pay em off to take the building or something and there they are resisting in italy so they send bruce lee from hong kong the mob italy so corny its flight
tat is what you think of anything pursues its power into much to blow having a good time out now wait a bit high would star puts here this movie and scale of crazy with it you know this is before you blew up though this is because he did this movie he did big boss china this connection and this one was stirred one and then this is when warner brothers came in and signed them that's what they did under the dragon that was his last one the dragon was had had a budget this is really any budget this is just cheap chinese production now it's crazy when you think there was really no one like him beforehand chuck norris waiting waitin for you doves down you know when you when you think about that there was no kind of movies like this before
this might seem greatest fight seen worse movie how other grab the chest air pulls a chunk of it out as suggested by which i mean it's it's funny watching it will not you too because so corny elixir van it's all over dublin and it's it's got off dude his martial arts technique especially when you think about that fact this was what nineteenth me for so long since i was like seventy one seventy one is released in seventy six but he died and seventy three here incredible technique a really good technique like is kicking technique especially for back then ya think because they use move and share this there's so many guys out there that they're doing like gum these jump spinning three sixty we'll kicks theirs got it more winkle john jackson had on is the interim page
and it's a korean gentlemen doing some fucking ridiculous shit just like jumping three hundred sixty degree we'll kicks in like of a series of cartwheel flying through the air and do all these things like none of this was ever in the movies before you now to like when like maybe lee i guess no on bach rate there are now level in terms of like athleticism i mean there's that crouching tiger hidden dragon rhyming that's all i'm mystical yeah that's manual this guy's actually doing this this is just a video of him he starts out normal strolls like a bunch of front kicks throws much aside sidekicks and then he starts doing jump and we'll takes three sixty we'll kicks tornado kicks he's is fuckin flying through the air flip through the air aerial cartwheel kicks people can do shit now and they do stuff in life in a martial arts films techniques is way better this way that we can get better at it can you put that that fight
back up the brutally and chuck norris civic assigned a video first why you look for which is worth more than the one about brutally dollar pads fly none no no it's just a guy thrown kicks in the air he's just thrown kicks in the air it's on the jackson wink yes jackson uncle john i just like that ensue day of this do you remember my normal is due in the air is doing in the air which of their pages the planning to use it in them whenever mangled i won jackson wink emma thou and check that the korean dude if you can go now i don't know if he's plan on using them a may i thought maybe they were commenting i fuck somebody had it up sorry anyway but with bruce lee fight what i like about em as you can see
him although he knocked him beating up fifty guys at a time you know that you know how how real cannot be but he does on one on one fight he does a lot of painting he'll do boxing stop he'll do wrestling he'll do jujitsu see him mix it up and is trying to make it a lot more realistic like that you know then you have your classic come food peter tat movie where they like that shit is just gets is always so brutally brutally we'll dance around her throw a job bade kick you in the leg big local high give up he does that against the chuck lorries in india where the dragon and if you go back to nineteen seventy with that kind of martial our technique in use who is amazing who was also the first got it figured out how to put a bunch of martial arts together and just forget about
juno your karate about that just just just reading the works everything everywhere it i was heresy back then i mean you might have been i have been the first gotta do that and really i mean what are their shore went out for sure now peace without a doubt like doctors to argue to the most important figures ever and martial arts and he might be number one and the other one is alien gracie you really think about it it's one guy tries to figure out how to beat men were bigger than him has a bunch of kids they all turned out to be fuckin savage killer yeah maybe one of the since the craziest family of all time raises family of all time and if you think about it you re going to good way crazy we're in the best way possible with a hundred percent respect i mean said a voice hoy lower house and you know what the fuck
different sides crises had in a con within each other it's alright assassin yeah a family of careless s voice whose i mean it's almost like her voice came from alien he's almost as important if he doesn't win their first ultimate fighting championship we we don't get the same impact he has to work imagine if you would allow the first fight what have you got a head kicked if you get in there was some goes done this before and he gets head kit patrick smith could affect the monarchy a habitat effective help that we can have been the lapse we're dead that is giving the duff boys gracie movie and it ends after you have seen as the patrick smith that's the perfect ending right there did he fought patrick psmith didn't oil toys for children the mouth to mouth choked emory arza second time they were in the usa together no was the first one
now it was you have see to voice was on one side of the bracket path smith is on the other side black you know killer movie a guy bucking like what he did to our scott morris yeah i'll do man that is among the elderly right there you have see to the god damn movie patrick smith was a real legit top level kick boxer accuser real dangerous tick boxer you watch is striking and in that i was explosive super powerful and whose let's man when he got on top of that dude was airborne and bolivia and actually bang little they didn't know exactly one to stop a fight they aren't issue john was like the guy still alive oh yeah but but the point is always did when he didn't get kicked took the guys down took them all and all of us were like what and then it's almost if you gotta martial arts you
like the whole history martial arts and then he hit ninety ninety three and it goes like this it's like it would be the craziest rise and stock market could ever say you don't investigate good the fuck happened here such an explosion it was you have said to you have see one no one really watch they didn't have any be role i percent of pre before and i would watch all boxing no matter what the boxing that got him is any of those big fight ever even the small tuesday night flights i recorded my vcr always taped boxing events never missed him but i did i don't watch statical you know what i thought it looks like it might be fake i thought maybe like a fight zone remember fides little dumb w e but try to make it look at me now more martial arts oriented but citing watch it and then you know you and appealing shit that i was real and on their forget my roommate
home from guitar centre any said man that you have seen thing that you have seen challenge that shit's for real man really and i was doing karate at the time and i got with their karate guy america's yeah but he copied by some thank you irene man he was just a joke in everybody out he would risk i go he was chosen everybody out when you mean you just grab authorities do gap he would just grab the falcon oh some iranians guy anyway choky choked everybody out that's what the guy tommy guitar said mike holy shit roddy tillman maybe i'm doing the wrong star and then you have seen you see too came out and i remember i told my say more wait he was staying almost on the weekend and i was going out on the town remember calling on hey do that you have see to that you have seen challenge thing is on tape it because he was an stay home with his girlfriend he tape i got home watch that mother fucker on tape ike
couldn't stand voice grace you that first efforts have for the show i just him to lose so bounty fought monarchy ici horror there was a crowd guy to me that was my here i mean i was don't cry for six months ma am you know i was all about karate adding one to be numbered than hot but by the time we to the finals i was a gigantic voice fan i know you know what i gotta learns jujitsu in i just quit karate in and found the machado in the valley it is really crazy when you think about what would have happened if that didn't take place like what would happen if current never put together the first ultimate fighter right was partly his idea in art davies yeah would have we're habit of ended mappen we're martial arts be what be inevitable would somebody figured out with japan to figure it out we would have figured it out eventually because every yak as the digital what eventually grew out of brazil there's no way you can stop the way grew the at that was a
huge explosion but it would have got out eventually but with maybe for sure not with the same impact yet but see like ever wrestlers were like what when you think about emma may right now wrestlings a giant scale right a mark coleman type wrestler big powerful recipe take you down beat you have for the top that's giant that was always the case but we didn't think that like when you thought of like boxing verses wrestling karate verses wrestling nobody followed wrestlers have a giant age nobody thought that you think all the craig pride fuck em up you catch what karate job neo on the way and or something like that i read that i never thought wrestling with the martial law at all to me was one on one football right i had never looked at it but and i would use it to cheat and fights because i'd get and fight in high school i would i would double leggum dude and just fuckin get citing twister sigh control and please my stomach side but i did i was cheating but i didn't care its immediate
it is not a marshall are in that it has finishing holds of its own because most of it is just taking people down and hold them down a getting back up but if you can master that that is like one of the most important aspects martial arts mean and we never thought about that it took forever that's almost took the you have see to show that yeah took the oecd over and over again and ivory worry or wonder rather what would have happened if the you have seen ninety three had never been invented because of there was never any kind of a tournament like that through all these fighters together in a real organise way and he got real top level guys from each discipline eventually making their way into the eu of seeing what the fuck man martial arts be still back in the nineteen eighties we'd have some idea what work some idea would what you know in don't hi there we then japan they were doing pancreas
actually you that they certainly pancreas i think they were doing it as you know early nineties so it's a box and ruin frank shamrock can shamrock days matthew sent it back then what years will that's that's hard and was pancreas one first aired on ninety three founded and what month visitor three dark ass i was afraid you i see two november of ninety three was the first policy so it all basically have around the same time so maybe i mean is it possible that in november of maybe three they see the sea and then immediately pancreas start took a few weeks later and it still ninety three established on may sixteenth ninety nine three first event was promoted september my first solar systems i wish him and then in september and what was the you have seen ninety three november november crazy and silver
before the you have see so neither one of them had been on air when the bull started or they're both put it together as a maybe like idea was in the air to believe in that the ideas just tell them air that is pretty crazy but the fighters and pancreas they did have the jujitsu that the brazilians had no there's a big difference there's like light locks goin on back then member yeah but is that can shamrocks influence what was that there's lots of japan japan like catch wrestling influence right look from karl gotcha yeah gyp japan's always been in the leg locksley robinson live always be like like the sakharov style that's very catch oriented right yes for those no we're talking my cache catches catch can but make no mistake about it the the fighting was just on another level you could say whatever you want but when you watch out
goes fighting pang craze again frank shamrock man you see the difference in jujitsu back then there was a big big difference now ngos goes was all over frank shamrock i'm french i'm the bad mother fucker yoda may only be no you don't have a train infer a copy i e we just crazy yeah he was fighting again guys like boss route and when he had been trained for a couple years about jack they were like jesus emmy terminal revealing meadows you anything brazilian would die would go against at your your average pancreas guy there is a clear difference in the ground fighting clear difference and three pancreas events before that first you have see well why iraq as an offer events why would you say it all with the limit and all of them in
the actual you them bam it says that the pancreas thing came out of a wrestling organization japan where they had like the relevant problems predetermine outcomes is society have actual fights for nike interesting when you look at hickson versus for knocking crazy a big fuckin difference and grappling you know domain just big as it gets so you could see that so what you have see did did pancreas didn't do and mainly because nobody western hemisphere even knew what the fuck it was it was a japanese thing so it's gonna be hard to change the world when you're only alibis in japan and back then you know you have to get like someone no had a mail you ve just tape you know what i mean i'm gonna weird japanese stores and and and see that self
the u have see made it clear that the brazilians we're doing a form of ground fighting it was beyond and more sophisticated no one but were received in japan or anywhere else in the world you know nobody knew nobody have to share their sambo added down sombre has some good should enjoy who yes judo most if not all brazilian jitsu moves i mean have been done in judo entered actually they came from judo we know that the but you know that but a lot of american judo guys don't they can't they can't seem to grasp back there i you know graces ripped off new was dollar new was wasted you know there was a a sect of judo where they did focus on the ground but that's all true but the major difference is the brazilians they wanted to do
style were there wasn't a time limit on the ground in june you can only find on the ground for thirty seconds it'll its limited it's not that much time show you don't have that much time shit you dont need need to waste your time drilling because to be down there for thirty seconds you need to focus on the moves that work and thirty seconds and that's it time to set she'd up and be patient and relax you can't clench and catch her breath you got it's gotta you gotta go into itself with the brazilians did is just allowed the fight unfold on the ground and not have any stand up and just let him fired on the ground and when that happens there's a lot there's so much more you can do when there's no time limit on the ground like no time let me you know they're not contest without stand up where you could just most of the magistrate is takes place on the ground the game just evolves so quickly
and so rapidly and in that can compare like japanese guys come down to brazil they d been doing judo their whole life and they get smoked by brazilians that what happens in the world championships the brazil you're just on the ground all day you know and the guy the dew judo there on the ground a little bit ever gonna be able to compete and sport where there's no stand ups in us to say that bristling jujitsu just judo its debts you gotta think about how to break really deadlock it its yet videos it's silly this many silly connections are people have to arts you know i mean there's there's people that legitimately think that why people should be able to teach karate because its cultural appropriations this japanese art does people think that stupid in out this i think all
of its martial arts now i mean i think the roots and the bases are very important to recognise that you know hey brazil did do a crazy thing that you did so hey the ties did do a crazy thing with leg kicks in elbows knees there's really some some people that have contributed martial arts and it's really saying way and the people that highlight those disciplines i deleted the elites like the bull cows and sanch eyes and the marshal oh garcia is in the shock arrays like all these people that highlighted on in each art there are like super super important but overall it all comes into one thing that's that's martial arts i think martial arts it's really at this point it's really mean ultimately it's it's one thing now ultimately them ultimately like when you think about you have seen anything about just bruce lee
movies what is it like fight how was the best way to fight it's all together now it's all combined because the best ways not just wrestling its wrestling with ferocious striking its wrestling with leg cake defences rest with submission holds its all these different things you have to have all these things you can't just be one thing anymore that's interesting to be from one discipline but it's like what if you kid is coming up right now and these like your sons and he starts to learn martial arts techniques i think by the time he gets to be our age is just to be martial arts we would just get me taking martial arts i don't think there's gonna be is as many specialists in the future and i think that's probably shame but know who's gonna want from a guy who did type when those who live who's gonna to do that now yeah but when you download you get most people
dude you two are not doing it ah or they don't stay in it for the long haul and make it a lifestyle for the self defense asked right they don't go in there because they're playing a video game in their staying in shape right planet game of death virtual reality videogame trying to get taps tryin to get tat that much you know so do not most of the guys and you know that most of my students are just like in owned super nice sweetheart god computer geeks just this the night this guy's a turnout in there and there just play well there's a big difference between who talked about this before but the big difference between guys who train together which june first gus trim together like kickboxing has the kickboxing people they fuckin heard each other all harm like bad weather beaten each other up
it can each other punch in each other and shit judges who goes tablets other out and they like armitage back bitch its but it's ok everybody's ok you're gonna percent may you got the beauty of it yeah we get to the the reason why you get is its i mean opening up budgets school like in in society today is one of the safest bets out their era it gets so what did you kept down judge you can't pirate jujitsu you know euchre sparring rat you know you eat can't you have to go to a place and you have to go to a place where there's a two different and the more people there are the better the more variety of roles and get you know i'm just role with the same guy you wanna mix it up style with that guy style go with a new who does it know your secret moves and you got you like gorman new dues where your ear setups work because
the guy's even wrong with for a while they smell out only set up to now you gotta come up with new set ups and figure out a different way around this problem it's just dumb it's just too much fun man it's it's so addicting has nothing to do with not i wouldn't say nothin but you know you do enjoy the the self defence aspects like anything went down at you it makes you feel better in certain situations i cannot as it were about things as being a feed know peter no martial arts you know the one thing that i'm gonna start and once i'm totally healed begins i'm gonna to start kickboxing yeah yeah i just see too many instagram videos of dude getting fuckin lit up you know what it's a good idea once a week and i'm not gonna make a big deal out of it maybe once a week at tops one
who is it to go in there it would serve video put up on instagram today rock like i think it's drucker underscore junior is the instagram account it's crazy rush account it's too on one russian firing a giant dude and to ignore or size guide this gives volume j we this crazy both these guys a video about one hundred and sixty and then the guy looks like he's about three hundred fucking pounds rag doll in these do those me disguised giant he's so much bigger than to do he's a piece holy shit juggled cardio due for a giant fucking do the white kimber is leg kick checking he's got technique is not just a giant dude
they're not bacon rhino manner beaten the fuck out of each other he's he's hitler's can hard we ll kick this is crazy this is not a smart thing for the little birds because the price they don't have the horse power can be many videos on instagram due to get lit up you ve got to have its you gotta the ability to knock somebody out if you had to in not do jiu jitsu many situations where in a real life altercation getting on the ground is not the best idea being able to light someone up or like three do you know where you gonna be three due to jujitsu editing happens you see on videos is like a myth took a mythical thing you can multiple attackers yes you fuckin can lead you could with their striking it was three do that we're starting shit you're like a comin back this motherfucker outbursts and then hopefully one dude will start run in another
clean up the second guy you know or whatever but to have your level of striking is important its imports you know it's important it's important if you think that someone might be hit me why do you think some of this mother fucker looks like he's gonna swing on me i got a feeling she's gonna swing on here i need there's this that moment when you're in a heightened sense of danger if you don't understand space like that's a real big thing one of those things about sparring that's really important is that you no when you're safe and we are not safe and you like a lot of people no they don't know when they can hit someone when someone can hit them and if if someone thinks if you think someone's gonna hit you and you can't get some space between they beg you have to be ready in
have to understand you have to have someone have swung on you before so as you see in shit coming you gotta be always back legs gone ok is i see is wait dip in other right hands come in electors there's that you have to know certain patterns otherwise you lock up that's the scary thing you ever seen a fight is do two things to swing it and they just lock up because you don't know what they don't know where it's coming from didn't know what's happening that's the most days it's almost more important for defence than it is for anything has half the time if you were ever in a fight with someone and they stretch a swing and ask you if you have good defence you just stand there with your hands up anyway he's wait let em swaying low swing keep over you wait he way how will you be able to do this we have thirty seconds in you it is way his way and also see a little that's all nah now you're tired you don't really know how to fight you just wanted to hit me when they were going to fight and now you're tired
someone didn't do a sprints will not just that you don't know what to do you you lock up many people think that they can do that two people people it dont know how to fight below their load blow their wad if you ever like i like joe shilling isn't a street fight they'll believe most terrifying thing in the world like we live you don't know me fuck up you got some crazy street fight after one was kickboxing fights recently she'd some other country but a guy like that first of all give fuck you up before you can find came up but second of all if he decides to just take his time with you what you gonna get into place of doom of doom we you're exhausted and you trying to hurt him so he has all everything within his right to crush you and you know that and now you're tired yeah blanda mobile the one thing you notice in all these fight videos in and scuffles on instagram is did die
lot of times it just seemed like you got you got timed to throw a couple just mean gotta get the fuck out especially when its multiple attackers you gotta figure out what do you get a first theirs maybe another one and usually their guy runs it looks like oh shit he's out if he stays down to one on one now you just knocked to now it's one on one and if god joe shilling type skills boom that's where it all comes in right now what does most better to just have wrestling and boxing street fight you don't wear them cats closely it was preaching the shit after everything are the come through he grew up with he got to the dates and he realized holy shit this wing chung isn't working on his top white boys so you learn rock like a fight in a street close quarters me maybe be overthrown he says ruined he said in nineteen fifty nine he said
dude it's been wrestling and boxing for one year can be a lifelong martial or sure yeah strewn waterways if ways does not take down defend gotta know had actually bogs do i remember when i first started doing first i'm learning boxing and kickboxing from all my years doing type window and i threw punches in taiwan dough but i have a crazy distorted perception of my ability with my hands i thought i'd be able as they are not a strike is it not a straw just knew how to do taiwan dough i was good at that and when i saw kickboxing tat i was getting lit especially when you're in a ring can't go anywhere
happens ring does take one d have a reverse puncheons got reversed punch scott you know it's got all these scott hand techniques but when you fighting tournaments everything is below the neck for punches so everything is below here it's just the body for punches and you can kick to the hadn't kicked the body can kick to the legs so how does it make you really good kicking does we really does but the the distances all fucked up and then i realized that like once started doing kickboxing alma distances so fucked up because when i think i'm safe i still get punished in the face and if they crowd may they give us the face and i can kick i'm like my distances all messed up and then also way easier to punch me that i thought it was so i had to learn and and in learning it was fuckin super humbling man super humbling from being someone who served myself like an elite striker goes on national level for type window i i fought and a lot of national term it's like it fought like a bunch of guys we're
really good and i hung in there with them i thought i was really good just regular kick boxes of peat and fuck items his beating my ass to scare me in the corner jabba may think it off the job right hand oh my god oh no this is terrible isn't it isn't it weird for sure type windows got the best spinning kicks knowledge yes got some really good kick that decide care is the best for sure vesta do you know the best a version of the side kicks the tackling of weird that the heads of the type one the association whatever their whatever it's called they the cat in cat admitted the hand suck you know they can admit it you would think that the heads of say you know what shit maybe we should do maybe we should add western box into this shit you know what i'm gonna do i'm sure some of them do so i don't like you would think it it's so traditional like they won't change it is crystal clear
crystal clear that the best hands western boxing at its core two click the world knows this but at the top like it on a given the karate associations are kung fu associations bay they won't all the style right right will we one thing that is interesting is karate in these two emphasizes the idea of punching things without gloves on because there is a difference there's a pretty big difference true punching things with gloves on without gloves on and one thing karate figured out a long time ago you gotta condition you're knuckles condition your hand additional knuckles they never that even a mean a guess maybe some people had indict window but it was never anything in my organization where they have a mock a war which is like a but if you don't know what we're talking about there's a board with rope wrapped around its hard rope and i just fuckin smack tis pikestaff up until their knuckles became like ballast my friend john legal i told you about who's the guy that i saw take the back for the first time a bend in half
ass an old fashioned was a monster roof he had one hand where he only had one knuckle is is first to knuckles we're just one it was one giant not it wasn't it wasn't like my hand looks like with two distinct knuckles it was just up a bolder over thirty de la from punching bricks knew just break bricks was knuckles and work celestial work oh yeah get mad mad arthritis when you get older relevant shows so not good just beat on a joint carlos he's gonna get forget what i heard maybe that's maybe that's a fake broom or two but a lot of those guys is that they did that they would practice on mac wars and on bricks and just constantly be punching bricks and so john had hands where he could
clear gently punch someone very hard and not worry about it with bare knuckle wears a lot of people in your hand your hands way we think about what your hand is like move your hand around like this think about all these little parts this is the worst thing you want to hit somebody with that's why this elbows are so much better elbows are so much better you're palms even better this is crazy this thing articulate and move this is for piano itself four hulks mash you this shit that's one hours out of guys arthritis from news in the market for their work the style knuckles cheese crying oh my god nice there the style did did address weaknesses in a bunch of styles and just the duma and then i forget who for but he flung style that had the best of what he thought of five comes kaji combo member that karadzic
about who is karate jew may be jujitsu or judah how'd you can add campo karate as albert veil and bow no and both for boxing so boxing karate judo and campo karate do member bart veil yeah to buy mitya was another guy who is like a pioneer of ever made the people seem to forget about kaji december i can't believe i just remembered all you know one little bit iming chung little bit aside kickin yeah put google bart veil he was one of the early guys man i fuckin completely forgot about him he was a big giant due to the shoot fighter he fought that's right he fight fuckin camps
m rock in pancreas like this and this is before you have seen two yeah these guys used to day they had the open slap was interesting to right there with a word about a punch each other they but they were allowed to open slap like how weird is that so strange wash in these old old fights against big fuckin bart veil is competitive shamrock big fucking dude man here is how to american flag shorts on rent the one thing we failed to mention that we should bring up is whether or not hoary ungracious art davy or influence by paying grace or not like what came out first few months of work in brazil they were doing that shit since like twenties and thirties and forty right so really it price but we all started in brazil if you break it down like that
we'll gracie was fighting one the forties or the fifties or somethin karlsson gracie took over in the sixtys it was huge in brazil so not only did brazil not only is brazil responsible for the level of grappling in the world today its first sure the brazilians gotta have all the credit for that for sure come on i mean went without you also also mme that we're doing valley to devalue tuna is old school deborah the brazilians for somebody's anna what it what it was but they figured out a lot of good shit by their names and greasy match newsy teeming and slew the figure it out ass i are you kidding me you gotta aubert toolbar right on the tour you ever go there that's the kind of all these little pussy ass launched jus shop try to have a site don't do it right the way all but
but does it is exactly the way you get it in brazil so goddamn whizzes nineteen twenties hitting sideshows called valley tito became popular brazilian circuses during the nineteen toys jesus christ they were doing this before they found jiu jitsu in jiu jitsu that just figured i'd like the made him see the the last piece of the puzzle they were already do before nineteen twenty zero tonnes of illegal started her i think hella was doing jujitsu wincing fourteen or something when did might come to brazil that's a good question when i thought that was in the war here to help you don't worry see carlos gracie learn first what year did carl's gracie first learn jujitsu count my a right was count my ada when did he first me carlos gracie is amazing men they again think about the billions of people on the planet these two people dont me have one
doesn't each another guy judo the whole world's different fuckin crazy fuck and grazing really crazy and then what country did he go to did you go to norway or did he go to germany did you got no no he went to this place with are already doing this he see how to teachers of judo to place with our already get wild there already have these wild ass fights and he figures out how to get it to the craziest family or way possible or mainly crimean fifteen nineteen seventeen yes so maybe they learn jujitsu in romania invites exactly maybe know who invented valley tudor was the graces didn't how crazy hoof started doing valley tito in brazil absolutely that's what i want and what had been influenced by the initial learning of pursuing jitsu for three years some areas release you like or maybe it's just a bunch of due to war terror
jitsu just like in japan but when i came in the usa was ninety seven so basically the same month time afterwards right so think about if like jujitsu introduce to brazil three years before they start doing these valley to do things when i first got it the u have see was ninety seven and you and i one to one in ninety seven member yet in those days it was breathing was like it was like the housekeeper really how like how they were on a large scale chasms on cable but how they were looking at it like oh here's this new thing i raise figured out this new thing this is the new thing argument try this new thing we have these fight for these to get a real similar timely but the brazilians work how many years earlier nine in twenty seventy failure with anybody do in that before the nineteen twenty two that who really crazy who really invented valentino or maybe like maybe you know what maybe them
had wrestling no holds barred fight they would do it circuses those little somewhat area we yeah maybe that i think that was in the eighteen hundreds here some of those that might is wikipedia that night eighty seventy nine ulysses s grant former present other time visited japan alone tokyo it did presentation were interest one thousand eight hundred and seventy nine one thousand eight hundred and seventy nine the japanese you hear japanese you get these different than brazilian judges didn't dad was a teddy roosevelt one of em wait if studied judo some one of the one of the four present studied judo who recently read today a brand lincoln before his presence to travel around and red jones wrestler they all tall did see i think there's a lot of those guys that would do that just for money they travel around and then there was people that would take on all comers in in a local towns way to make money there but the rules manner
if you dont challenge matches because in catch wrestling the sport you're not allowed put someone in full guard i don't think how about i like enron or the rule in rattler rustling in just regular wrestling you camper anybody in your guard rocky dark so catherine similar its wrestling you can win by pin to write their true think so it's it's that's like work it's it's a rustling based art but you can also get a dynamic more yes aren't american yeah you get out of it this really is a truly is i think out submission wrestling yet the problem and the big problem with catch rustling and has a lot of wonderful things for sure a lot like another camorra there's a lot of rate shit and catch rustling but the fact that you can't put you can't work from your full guard means that not only does the system have no guard work really or
super limited guard work like someone's gonna send your picture look a pitcher some old ketch rapture and the garter something yes yes yes i get it existed but i'm talkin about a sport where you're allowed to work from the guard with without being stood up or without being penalised enemy you also have that so what would mean what that means is the guard passing was existing as well do you know if you have a lot of play guard why would you bother learning and drilling all these different ask him about a lot of time showed that's that's what the cat catch wrestling was missing was the guard and the guard passing but that all the and it's a beautiful thing but it was like that
japan in a lot of ways to be when you watch old pancreas no one's working from the guard has no tech there's no technical half guard stuff there's it's just wide open basic movements off your back and that's one of the best the biggest thing that the brazilians brought to the game is guard passing which means on the flipside you don't have super hard guard to pass that changes i change everything in and trying in trying to figure out a way to to do real fights that's why they are fake alot of fights because there was so much missing the fights would we know when you put to wipe out together on the ground there be a submission on it's gonna be it's not gonna be entertaining to watch to people on the ground in a position like the guard whenever where each don't spend at a time when it gets really boring so that's why you have to think like you know i forgot allowing by fake it a pro wrestling
rising the origins of poor wrestling i mean if you look by pro wrestling promising just a fake you have see because there on the ground they do you know they do blocks and should they do they'll do google blathers nabob grave digger now if the undertaker yeah only because they want to do before if they would have no more was possible they just spend enough time on the ground without stand up some without penalties to figure out there so much you can do on the ground and that's that's what changed everything that's what made it so that you don't have to think fight although there are fake fight seen especially having thats why they started facon fight to think they just wanted to make it more entertaining and they want to be able to do it every i will yet allowed no no that's what i'm saying they want to make it more entertaining if it if its real it's not entertaining because europe needs you wanna be able dude every night you want you want to go
travel on the run our know how to schedule i don't know how to get maybe they went out once every six months maybe they went out every once a month i'm not too sure of the frequency of their fights blood hundred percent you got you a time machine back to eighteen sixty you got a carnival and you want to do to get deeds grapple you're not gonna see high tech guard work we're out of me right you're not gonna see high tech guard pass no slackening didn't exist it the recent uniting the existent judo but not that not because i am should do a new wasn't no wiser was a judo style that spent more time on the ground but still they didn't make an impact like the graces did well when you why someone who's a really good guard expert on their back and you know you why someone trapped in that web you know it's it's really very interesting and now you know i didn't exist before you have seen that thought that a guy on his back could be like super dame
europe has a totally new concept dan severn hoist grace yeah that was the one yet a fight like that when exist i mean he was on his back and he had dance haven't in his guard i don't know like fifteen minutes or something like that a long time i was the longest match hoisted benin and he ended up trailing up you know you you know when you when there are no stand apps a lot more patience is involved and set up and there's so much more like a whole another dimension opens up when there's no standards so this weekend is darin till forces wander bots he's been versus tyrant woodley why savers wondered oil cuff flip was alive is real
article of this really interesting article about wonder boy in his last three fights the two fights with a tyrant woodley that were super duper close and then one fight with dare until there was also really close and they were talking about like how if you looked at it on paper the people from outside i think they were they were saying the global scorecard thing that's other describing it meaning how people scored it like on average around the world more people gave it to wonder boy then gave it to dare until and the same thing happened with tyrant woodley fights i feel like the decisions were right in all those fights affiliate gum in the wood the fight in particular would be hurt wonder boy wonder boyden really hurt woodley i think that counts for more just does thirdly the town would they had em out i mean he had i'm really hurt in wonderland
never had tyrant in that kind of trouble in either one of those fights so i would i would give that advantage clearly the tyrant i would think that if you lost that fight it would make sense because fights are supposed to be about who does the most damage hoof whose more effective we wondered what was effective for more time but that's just like movement and sticking in here any hitting on small shots but tyrant put him on you know unconsciousness is door he is like right there it was very dangerous it was way different unpleasant got attempt about right yeah it's among panama much europe believe that i think you know someone really the decision they really want a decision but it's just the one most important is damage if you guys are basically in a striking exchange we're not talking about like submission attempts versus striking exchanges which ones better he almost out of choked out without trying all while he almost out of knocked out that left a we're not talking about that because was basically just a striking match and injustice plain all striking match
will he was the one who landed the big shots in my mind that we ve got to figure out a way to quantify that just doesn't make any sense will you could see a guy having a guy fucked up and almost out so i think the same way about the robber whittaker ul romero fight there's too not fight with your while we're marrow is landing bombs on whittaker whittaker hurt bad huh you lose a fight i dont understand that it has made to me even if it makes sense in the current scoring system that scoring system is fucking flawed that shit doesn't make any sense like a lie quickly when you're looking at what is the what's the ultimate goal of fighting but if you look at those three fights this at least on paper wonder boys like right up there and down till with one fight with cowboy one fight with him those two fights with the most high profile fights of his career boom or your title shot it's really interesting that's how that's our town to dare until its people so interested in him seventeen
no twenty five years old fuck give me a chance the real battle for this guy almost is not just the fight which is going to be of course a battle but making a hundred seventy and how much longer does he do that he's a mean he fucking he is hurting to get down to one hundred and seventy apparently he was at one hundred and eighty two gas giant dude giant you see a much bigger ism woodley visit the video at the press conference dennis to each other and autocracy till puts his hands over his head i can tell inches i gotta be six too but he said a big giant six to six foot that's just six foot even semi two inches that's right it is he seems way taller than that watch go to the video of them that's crazy but i think he was six to anyway just still we talk in one seventy years clearly taller is a big fucker to its not just tall he's
you know he's he's a big fuckin guy and he has a hard time in that way look i'll fucking big ears dude seriously that looks like more than three inches unless we weren't some crazy cowboy boots i don't know but look it's gonna be hard to do anything that would limit they're gonna hard mother's a bunch thinks it's what the verse vow the fuckin speed you deal with speed you probably haven't seen before exactly and the level of wrestling over these two has tell anybody isn't disease known as digital isn't there's no submitting till i mean he knows judges for sure lived in brazil for a few years actually streets speaks ports he's oh shit ok yeah stabbed in london and then went to brazil to fuckin recoup in high hang out and lived there for a while under the full story of it but speaks per
portuguese one after one of his face in brasilia addressed the crowd in portuguese society crazed heaven heard any trash talkin from connor as ever mr he's not doing any press is now oh shit is not doing anything figure it out figured out the promotion on your own however he seriously judge what kind of town now it's just what about a countdown chesapeake bay i think he bessy said listen i'm gonna fight and that's it that's what's gonna happen october six i'm gonna fight that's a body like the promotion we like to think he's done man knows hit that put first while he just one hundred million dollars he probably thinks you could solve all the decks i'm here right now if you want but i want to fight ass well i do online do any your bullshit i won't fight so i told her six ominous short and fight figure out all arrest tumor fifth a beer make way october in his advent i wish i could have to listen to
was more times if he die is he dies then it says although go back down if he dies he ties then i'm paid twice one point three million light what does that mean a slot likes someone who doesn't mean he's trying to stay relevant so i put some words out there look sexy programme someone it doing form some little assistant he's protons tree on the fight they said corners is good and these are charged for can go put it up i can tell you what man i can't fucking wait for that fight you know you know if one of them drop out you know town artisan twenty ferguson's ready to go ready to go and he's on the card anyway and the under cardigans patents for so they would deftly do ferguson in paris i think sure i think did they offer no mohamed off to paris
all that shit was going down in new york in brooklyn i know the offered it to they were gonna have it key s book he s got cut right they wouldn't didn't let paul fell there is poverty wasn't right china for just crazy here and they let ally acquainted do it but because i think they offered his report was pettus and filter about denied interesting edison felt a bolt denied well you know pettus just beak key by triangle he look good he looked at his back that a matter i selfishly hope that no one drops out first why wants you to fight but too i really want to see tat versus pettus that's that's a really interesting fight man yet tony's looking good man a better looking good it's amazing a quickie came back from surgery and amazing man it's amazing he's looking really good he's break dancing i watched a break dance when discouraged blues need
is he ligaments off his bones quit drinkin no more drink and east is clean spock his diets and he looks great right now that's why he's in his incremental how much does it really is important the best shape of his life a beers you're in their enemy no big deal but he's out but he said fuck none of that our dared that injury just changed everything forum that andrews like it just made em route we evaluate his life now he's coming back stronger than ever man well when something like that happens eliza well one of these that's really this catastrophic it could be the end of my career and its possible it's so possible that corner or could be could drop out cells all possible so far from us i thought about a plan antonia tobacco plants but what are we
i now were still a month away the other is a six we have a whole month do the world to fall apart in a month and a month and it that weakens can be fucking and that's that's in vegas on on that saturday the friday before us quintet three that's gonna pick him up increasing quintet thirteen jujitsu team only due to what sakharov show my god ok ok ok i'm confused i thought you meant teen like four guys four guys attack any general one no no no no no no those watching a video the russian guides yell in my hometown on another quintet isaak sakharov show i did i saw the buggy choked out sakharov crazy shit averse in that way the craziest experience of ever been in my life is as far as jujitsu goes its show different if we have never done this team you're too it's fucking insane there were so many ups and downs and where was in saying why
geo grandpa me it's a guy that was so big what is the way they do it kay so this fourteen it's a format bracket where as you know the winner of these two teams fights the winner these two things and then have they earn the finals so it's five on fire nine hundred and fifty pound weight limit so you got a whole yet act for the whole five you get to deviate however you want two monsters harry's two monsters but then you gotta have like little guys here so and when happening we had two we had adam sack now than a mere alarm are two giant guys there like both to twenty and then we had geo p j and boogie made up the rest of the thing so we had to big eyes a couple medium guys and then geo smog i just the smallest guy but he's agree is like one forty one he doesn't want you fight one thirty five refugee surround like one forty one forty show you
everything has to submit the order they want their fighters to go but without knowing your opponents warner so you you just line a mob however you want and then pull may disband this is the match up like oh shit you know you could have giants against little deeds it's all start be disbanded anybody have to agree no so who gets put put the guy first like when making the decision now this is what happens you acted everything has to submit the order they want their fighters to how i had and so i say eddie you go up first jamie goes out second right down submitted that's in and this would be a ridiculous you don't know how you you're your opponents the other he's going to line up much support one line up when they when you see how lined up like oh shit so the crew this thing was we you know we had to beat
the first time we went against was issues to issue is the biggest best built japanese of all a time of all times at two hundred and fifty pound japanese six three six what for bill ray louis has issued a gold medals gold medalists than is yeah he's in he still quoting the guy he's awesomely he's is english is pretty good did you find him a little bed yet in japan the dude is i've never seen a japanese built like this motherfucker memories eyebrow fuck unless it's insane he's peace it is a very intimidating and giant so there was the first team will regard against block we were like holy ampler statue our sis which is a big ass brazilian is like to honour in ten pounds one of the best and you get your guys out any longer japanese he he's on issues team were so it's you our says big high
level world champion abu dhabi champion human abu dhabi wants an issue and then they had three other got his right so we are against them first but but first two teams that when we were in the locker room sakharov as team when against tiger movie taipei riders stuart coopers tame thorough issue of their jesus crises jack biggest size of him man he so fuckin big huge and person his huge i'm sure it's it's incredible la rampage right was then strike force bela tour our rampage ability somewhere in the back i wish i would have video take this shit why in the back locker room with a nice arena everything so it's like we were like a like a basket following the war in the in the back watching the first two guys go and son rob i had this giant wake island is team his last name i think it has seen freida and some black eye from
who lives in japan and he trains sakharov a giant for high tall mother fucker so we're watching this black to destroy it every body while we're in the locker room goin home these who's gonna go get this do copies probably about two hundred and ten tonnes in pounds six foot for housing frida does the guy you're not gonna none the guy's gonna fight yes check check out this collar shill enhancing reader heaters goes out the legs and ripped he's tall did he fucks people up so we're we're back stay watching this do tear through that team do much better totally does also easy as is like looks like a hundred and fifty pound guy versatile fibre and the waiting wrecked so if you win the first match upright if there
if there's not a submission its submission only if there is not a submission in time runs out both those fighters are out its whoever has the last fighter standing winds right so shit his rifle legs and just rips him off did the other one now so many i'm so dangerous never let it go so many ways were backstage watching this guy he tapped out like threed is completely from the sky kenya maybe in ghana and he trains over and are less well known he lives in japan he translate that somebody in japan and with sakharov look up bigger you that south korea as a normal guy we sit in her so so if you win that first match you got understand this desire goes if you if you win you stay and you fight their second guy if you beat him
can you stay in you fight their third got what we want to do that ankara third guy of already fight do they fight already do not funny guy hasn't fought are you fighting men also worse yes none of what happens if you were my money last five on five right that this is the first match up right here right this guy win ok so that guy's out this guy stays in we still got five guys now they got for this guy fights this guy he wins again tat some he stays in these guys avenue not yet and then this guy's gonna fight the third got people are listen and here you got your fingers nguyen when looking for certain common economic emma yes so but if ty let's say you're in a match up in you tie both you guys are out and then the new spider comes in so it's the last man standing and so it's a good idea like geo one against easy our smallest guy went against the biggest guy in the turnaround jewel olympic come world how so that the strata
she was there with just survive against the student knock out don't let em when because if he beats geo then he's gonna fight again he's gonna keep fighting until he loses organization points hasn't work there's no point snow submission only some national and how how much time do yeah it's i think it's a minutes for regular matches but of its if there's a way difference that for pounds or more then it's a shorter match ok now what in its form and with its porno went against issue yes pelagia visually she is she wasn't able to tap them which is incredible when you really think about how much bigger here me he's a north aside them one after this one it's just the one after this fight i saw i saw soccer robber in richie who it we keep calm book and this is richer arrogance wireless it this is richie here both these guys they got decay because there was no taps buggy
rob regard all over him do they look scary so two or three times you got he got dictators what is more the gap and they both get de cute if there's no submission which is beautiful it's a beautiful makes people go after thing about you guys route you it's whoever has the last fighter when i when i saw sakuraba was tapped out on so i fuck tapped out sakharov and then he got off em i saw was richie i texts animals like what the fuck this is it look at this issue and a geo radius so crazy dish it so it's all about gene china attack of the jail windbreaker more of his own cause he's really gotta cameras so he was like fucking want to try to tap the sky out but it got to point when he was just too big and he was put a camorra on geo and was he's trying to rip his arm off duty had deals arm behind his back you i saw it i saw i talk to you after the fact geo and when she came to see me into macular when i did the casino
may i be i talk to about it afterwards what do that is to say you didn't me i'm like that's crazy crazy couldn't tap you he so much bigger and when i saw a yank it on his arm it's terrifying to watch you think about all the damage is doing that elbow on the shoulder and he china passes guard and put a moron four minutes to do it so world thinking it would be great of joke attacked the sky but at the very least knock him out you know what i mean just survive has who know we gotta clean you gotta clean out the whole pain but that this animal crazy skies a fuckin monster mean here keeps yanking too this is amazing gmos that gets crazy right here this permission yeah we're watching it right in my view that should give us an idea that most people would attacked or air emily was one border tapped look at that shit look at that now is good
gladly has it on again so to be stuck in a situation in the sea should give up on it that's what you more crazy because issues literally cause issues literally a hundred pounds but i'm going to go back to it it's getting his knees and see how easy it is creating space talking again amazing people who have never practice judges who probably wouldn't appreciate how interesting this technique so dangerous for him to do this situation in the sea should give up on it that's what you more crazy cause issues literally a hundred he's going to go back to it when it right there though i mean he so much bigger than its really it's saying so because the fact there was no tap and this one both gas knocked out exactly so that we win their inevitably retook out a monster to the girl so because he wins so he stays and he goes against freida and
and read a taps how book what a gentleman he got him with an iron bar and right there jails next now ruddier hurt is this is it this way woody taps out sakharov he put sakharov ended the dark a dark and then he got because he so gentle letter role through here let this role how busy now it's like a g he's about like six three six four he got on with an iron bar and right jill snacks now radio heard is this is this where it gets buggy so now he stays in g he's ripping through everybody and within a minute how big is he let a role through here let this role how busy now it's like a g is about like six three six for tom like to talk to twenty two ten so in that area so now you this is geo against so i told you
hell i sighed looked at my sad duty to avenge your brother's loss i won't per can come about losing my mind but i don't like oh shit and and geo is the final match known no this is like right in the middle now it's like this guys left each i don't understand this whole thing works but its chemical using but once you watch you stay here until you either lose or get down or draw it you lose or to draw you your boat out but if you win with a submission you stay in you fight their next guy one guy could could take out all tat and you know the winning team might have the daily attack that he's attacking texts it doesn't ass long so he said tall jails guy with the best guillotined in this system here look he gets back there before easter
there is no way you would have been able to catch up front had locked in that's exactly we're talking once you have a front had locked will make it ass he goes marcella tina blew off seller i hear check this out back right down marcel this incredible there is amazing that is making activity that a hundred forty pounds dude look at tat about an elite high level too and in turn down do like the that's incredible maybe more than two ten yeah so amazing as we have on the side loose in my mind my head almost exploded that's incredible now geo stays and who goes again difference at that sized if she is a killer guillotine that iran is the only way he was he could guillotine m was i almost sweeping i'm getting a modest but and before he could stand up jungles he
jumped on that had an hour below many sprawled them down snapped him down and turning until marcella team insane ensues dues oh no he thought i was gonna be that's one or one of the more interesting things a budgets is that you did sues us an hour where smaller person with technique really can't beat a bigger person insist marcella team our joint killers that's why it's in the warm up with that shit did we don't fuck around i mean i don't know how many times you need to see more marcella garcia rip people apart with those things before you put in two year your own system amazing so when is this event can happen again so we want this one it was super fucking crazy we won this one and that was quintet to quintet three were returning and work that's gonna be in vain is the friday before connor versus could be oh there's gonna be a crazy weekend so that
polaris they won the first quintet and they got jones they got marcin dangle straws i mean craig jones one best rattlers in the world right now and that's it quintet diary of watches match with whose marble horrors here i favour gotta team now oh shit jill interesting craig jones that's fucking simpler quintet one winter dude it's really nice to see more people paying attention the submission grappling maybe this is the way to do this issue this is did this is leading the world under grappling world on fire everyone starting their own went quintet rules is a new thing now have already been that that happened to a month i will go and they have already been tournaments quit bluebell quintet tournaments like we're having a in tat tournament dollar ten planet eclipse which is we all get together a one a year and have a party and you know and i do
as mr like a business summit meeting movement is founded by george bernard shaw risa georgiana in here he was in the first one but it's a simultaneous rain now the quintet three card will feature sakharov himself an actual along with fellow you have seen how familiar i favour former you see heavyweight champion josh barnett and illegal act grappling champions including three time maybe i will deal with the as an raining polarity get happy i guess josh mohammed weighty and this one craig john stats awesome maybe he's maybe maybe on fossil obvious team or something you know one man he's like real ambivalent about his is not a biblical but you know he's trying to figure out what is going to do with his career been least by the u have say you know he had oh you sort of thing where it was day flagged in for was visit a supper men he went over the whole story on the podcast it was tainted submit they proved it was tainted supplement
they released him but it took a long time to do so and he was very frustrated by it and now he's not sure what he's going to do so for him to do something like this you know especially like at this stage of his crew josh store elite grab were absolutely one the worlds in tab dean listed number that tab dean lester with a cat was a calibre now was a scaffold scarf old chap forget i forget it was like one of them judo side headlong chokes yeah mean tapped out here on grace i mean he had a lot of he had a lot of weight on the daily still got em the dean lister one is both of whom are incredibly impressive but they deem listers a bigger they deem list turn him or of similar size yes he got em in he got him inside control and then he went to like one of those members mark common tapped dan severn yeah it's like i just like i just irregulars are just to have pudd nhead lack ones is as a kid for being an asshole
i couldn't get out i couldn't get out man you realize how fuckin good josh is the when you see him control a guy like dean lester that's how god damn good girl no quarter nelson ruggedness pop up these shameless pop ups the slots someone someone screen recorded this summons grandcourt those shameless pop and wicked to advocate interesting who else is on the car this weekend pull up there you have secured this weakens was daren t overseas turned woodley i'm very excited by them i will dare tell is really really high level striker like the way he moves way set things up the strategy's he d fight with his chin up in the air though any does fight with his hands down low but it's to invite in brawls so well we got we got montana and valentino have genco tsar beat is fighting how well zombie was support to be fighting yeah yeah rodriguez but yea
rodriguez got injured so brandon day this took it on real short notice i think like less than three weeks notice that's gonna be a good fire there jessica android probably had the biggest arms in the women's division east do those arms yeah i'm really excited about till woodley that's the fight it's most interesting to me that want to me as i watch that the woodley till highlights in like i don't know man i'm real interested about this because what wait till brings to the game is size in height and distance and striking but what tyrant woodley term worthy also rustling also championship experience been there done that tells favorite one forty five to one twenty five i never understood that how could they both be slightly above a hundred that money but i know but it means
so like wait a minute so if we have one of them's you bet a hundred you in one and a half but the other one is also favoured one twenty five mean one twenty five so you so ok so what it is is darent tells favoured by one forty five like a view bet a hundred you in one forty five i mean where is everyone i'm good right you have to pay one forty five to one hundred where if you bet a hundred u win one twenty five on woodley who's the champion that's really just like if you bet now as this will change probably by other wept time to fight starts normally i stand by my little doubt understand it i understand about it we want smoke too much pop for this show the the things interesting to me is that aid it doesn't i don't understand why they haven't favorite unless is lot of money coming in from liverpool italy would just what it has its judgment
take a quick can say it's not like this isn't rise to fear for the site i wonder what the a bootleg do should be an expert line i go along with the export line would be because it looks as if i didn't work for the usa if i'm standing here and you say what he who do you think ones as fight i'd have to step back vows like working for a scene of they hired me as a consultant at this is a pick em fight anything can happen in this fight there's no way i know what's going to happen in this fight like devout here's a fight valentino search anko and nickel montana that that fight should be like twelve hundred one pretty much is it hundred sixteen hundred ok i'm being conservative another one is under a sabena is minus twelve hundred year that makes sense to those two makes sense see this one to me it's like i don't know i really do not know that that is very much like peckham territory you could even have it like it could be plus
one ten or so this could vary depending upon like will late woodley money could come in or late till money shifted even higher i don't know depending on how much really on someone could change that article ten thousand i bet flickr sunlight that depends on how much is currently riding it's it's a very interesting fight i think gum one factor gonna be kicks and i think you were you gonna see is till doing a lot of what he did in the wonder boy fight which is attacked lead leg of the front legs psychic hee hee is that a lot and it's it's an awful kick if you get hit with i bring your knee and does it really well it's a real controversial kick i mean i dont know really that it should be if it's legal to grab your leg in a heel hook and rapid apart wizened legal decide kick your leg i'm announcing its dirty at all the things that you can't the ideas that you can't tap from dare until a bravo back from the picture daring
till it is known for this in the wooden wondered why fighting through these hard front lakeside takes the knee just robert whittaker did your marrow and just like your romero did to him in a previous fight like that front lakeside take to the knees become a big kick and tells really good at i think that's gonna be a big factor in this fight is distance like give till can keep his distance and uses reach you know it says the same reach but that doesn't make any sense but doesn't one of them's taller than me is like yeah maybe the arm distant the same that is widely generally counterfeit the general context stepping back i mean is it any wonder why he does a lot of that he's really the countering a heel he lets himself almost get pushed back to the cage and then launches ford of u s like when it oh josh cost check what he d
he would let you must let guys press him up against occasion they expose themselves and the tax back roaring mcdonald figured out a way to nullify that he was the but that was also a different tyrant because those tirelessly before duke rufus see multiple listen even though tyrant really was like world class one of the best walter weights on the planet really kind of training himself whose working with different people over the country but it never mean head coach you didn't get one until his sword train would do rufus so from duke roof is on its like you're looking at a different finer is much better at like relaxing conserving energy doesn't tired and later rounds anymore he's much more effective and he also knows not to get sucked in by the crowd like in the wonder boy fights in particular people saying it's boring but you have to fight wonder boy that way you can't charge atom of you charge a wonderful you get lit up yet lit up with these crazy counter strikes you got away from wonder boy to lead in wonder
why was leading and tyrant still again the boy landed more shots but tyrant hurt him way more how did the kelvin gas than them fight goethe woodley it with this to say he'd make calvin by decision it was a pretty pretty close fight but kelvin those if i were covered in make wait he was all fucked up coming into that fight but
but that was also i want to say that was like right when he started with duke or maybe start with duke after that either way you look a little like the robbie lawler fight is a good example what he can do what would they can do is put the best guys in the world out with one shot guys when nobody puts out who the fuck puts out robbie lawler robbie lawler gets hit with bombs and survives and tyron woodley put one on them knocked him out and he can do that to anybody and he could do that to darren till two i mean if darren till doesn't think that coming into this fight because he's the more accomplished striker it's a very dangerous fight for him would lie so fucking fast but then and down till confined is rhythm establishes distance and start using those kicks in particular that front legs psychic man he fucks your leg up at that and then his leg kicks and then his leg kicks with combination
and he also he's real creative with a striking there's a lot of hand movement has locked distracted maybe would lose their strategy beat her just come down over and over again and torture momentum and try to take us back in and try to do some ground in parallel however there are slow to take down and announced good question how is he on his back that's good question to you know what we know adam is he likes to strike big tall dude likes a strike nasty striker one more impressive things that he does not the knock out of cowboy but when you hit him what that elbow he hit him this step in elbow whirls like jeez speed of it man it's like that the smoothness of his closing the distance and the speed of landing that elbow like he showed cowboy different distances and then he he'd like he'd left this opening for that albani slides and cracks and whether you like oh jesus accuse him against cow
boy i see ass his hands or download he's got a lotta movement of his hands but the like that jab comes from the bottom from like underneath you dont know like until it's too late whether region probing you or whether is punching there's a lot of that sea latona with hands keeps his chin straight up in the air but he also really good at moving his head back he's also really used to hide of a sparring and high level fighting here the guy man and a dangerous kind of weird style and a lot of ways let's see other hand movement in shit like he does a lot of that shit these bruce lee movies they're watching look at us boom to the body i mean that's that's nasty right leg you start thinking it's coming over the top and it comes to the body have you heard and other of impersonation of of
you ll areas now honey those fuckin talent guy he's a talent guided the emma may world is lucky that we have em it's fuckin start but like hilarious inside shit in the world of jujitsu whenever i kiss fake few veni margolis it's hilarious it's a real feud man they were on we're on a group text leave any and had ass and jerked constant fuckin tearing each report constantly areas they hate each other so finding them they nonetheless doing good he's done great p what about people who are having to watch a movie i watched his fight one by head kick knock out we oh shit all of a sudden you gotta worry about his head kick his i didn't that maybe as third had kicked knock out we deafened have to worry about it and those two jitsu top of the food chain
how is it really into it and wanting to throw it one more there is being being hit with the left hand watches and then ass he closed and wash his elbow his closing date right there oh that's so nasty and is a fuckin hard albert man do you mind of continental but the way can stand seems like they can't have that same style well they have a similar style and they have their hands spread a pardon constantly fainting model bouncing up and down and back and forth a lot of movement yeah he's not i got plotting guy what did he do reliant on his feet deleted karate grown almost like a lot of my time and choose a kid very young has been shortened the full full background of em but in ovine venues one ones who told me about him like a long time ago i told me about it when he first fight in the usa's like you gotta watch this guy he's fucking special and he said
is liverpool accent to finish from liverpool to he said when the cowboy fight was going on is like cowboy doesn't know what he's in for like you think you just going to go in there and fight this guy knows me to watch bottom like you have no idea where you deal with was couple a hundred percent not fight did you have some please wait cutting issues like the one seventy nos one seventy didn't train properly for that i am assuming did i'd say oh now i don't know how you know it's just i thought calloway honestly that one fifty five or one sixty fibre and i'm i think there's a lot of fighters are like that i mean i think cowboy can beat top guys like matt brown beat matt brown at one seventy a big eyes on seventy no doubt but i just think the writ realistically with these at one seven you're so fuckin big the cowboys more of a one fifty five or but i think that even one fifty five hurts hurts them to get down there so he's a twitter you know diego sanchez though has been kind of it
wiener you know so too small for one seven eight too big for one fifty five you know but tat obeyed agenda one forty five once that's that's insane that's that iron wilson and be j till he did seventy one fifty five one forty five did heavyweight maria leona cheetah shadows like two or five beach ages eight whatever the fuck you wanted anyone step on beaches back he's gonna find a lion hall that's gonna be ends that's all right shares good fight because reinhard although he's got good kicks and he's is good at keeping guys in the outside he's very small a using his kicks to set up his due people who criticised the fullest scarlatina he does that's an interesting fight that's that you don't want to see like the ira during this one was tough to watch you watching beach i fight
young guy who has a specialty that's like not in beaches wheel outside bj's never been really kicker kick diego sanchez in the head member open up that big cut was like one only had kicked you ever saw dj throw in his whole career peaches been more punching in wrestling jujitsu but he's fine yeah like your ears like him and beat like that those tall guys with crazy kicks fuck those are so how to deal with man and bj just it was ruth the wrong fight for him just not a good fight didn't make any sense it's hard to watch want to watch them get three hundred and sixty roundhouse kicked in the hell you like that's why i was so bomb doubt that he get hurt you versus beat would have been crazy that would have a crazy that's that probably the craziest striking match up may well real
maybe one of whose crazier strikes than year nobody zombie throwing him yeah but yeah you're just now partly ok he just clamshell consistently high frequency just keeps well yeah it's incredible to bout him though is like when you watch the frank you had your file a monkey that can be shut down now can we really shot down he did have an answer when it was shut down so he's which means in my mind that his game is so heavily favour that looseness openness and kidneys kicking crazy you know while kicking that it's it's in balanced right in a sense that he's gotta put almost the same effort to fighting off from his back if he put the if he developed of unbelievable guard game the matches on unbent
evil kicking game wholly shipman then you'd ever an incredible bow his message around rubber going to bury the shit around like a makes sense when the best the basque pickers like like that's why things a pedestal realising now pedestal cunning stopped concentrating so much on wrestling and he said but i gotta get back to doing is fighting and went about my best you say is using a striking and then what the ground trying to submit people don't try to stop take down don't try to take people down forget all that so we go back to what got him they think about liqueurs benson henderson fi one by armed bar i mean gilbert melendez fi wins by gear takes takes his time on the feed does all creative shit on the feed but if someone takes him down he tries to madame immediately jumps on shit i think that's the debts
an interesting combination you know that's why i'm so interesting that fight with him and tony told me so wild yet titus saint then the one thing you gotta watch watch out would tony's he has so much fire power from so many different angles on the ground but he knows he knows a lot a lot there's so much he could tapie with but his darcy is so high level any could get her from so many angles that really i think the most dangerous thing would be you know our geyser too focused on one point and especially since he hits those darcy from every goddamn angle you know if he came out and just said whatever happens we're always looking for the darcy was in trouble and that the land over not a fight bomb we just put him in a dark and save the day you know i mean so there's a lot of different ways tony could make a tap on the ground
trust me you know so much but man if he just stopped with his doors game man that that's probably the most dangerous way to go on the ground some interesting firemen interesting fight you know pedestals nasty kicker lotta great things in that fight good what yeah that's on their hard there on a card was that same car john carter oh yeah yeah what else donor card put there cannot be cured who also find monochord dino toy month worth i dont know i shall keep it up yeah like show normally funded man had been here we got barbecued o dares derek louis zander volk off who that's an interesting fight the volga guy might be the dark horse he might be the guy
in the heavyweight division waiting in the wings you know karate haughty versus felice can begin now as a good one yeah i'm interested in ferguson fight for shore the petty furs and fight but turn losers back louis volker fight man that one i'm like ha that volker guy did you see what he did for receiver doom when you watch that fight you go oh jesus christ i think i can do that he stopped fabrizio doom the shit out of me before he left impose the russian guy who puts deeds in as equal chucks while he's being mounted who's that only net grant back election only neck gets mounted and executives dues from everyone from while his mouth jacques does that is so crazy but to do at an ever may with a gloves on like an unheard of unbelievable
while being mounted put people asleep access you think everyone see that again i think he has ability to do it nobody mean from other people didn't i tell me some of the key just are adopting if fighters put the time in also missions or are our past but you just gotta put a lot of time at it you gotta get obsessed that's one that's like wow who what are the odds of that when work in a lot one dies below the pull it off so nobody does multiple tat he would do twice stare at twice i've seen during our i've i haven't seen the third one but i've seen two of em so who got us any getting a five minute compilation of love and standing gideon yeah but this does now we're talking about the we're talking about its colours equal mounted
you james you may observations over her standing anybody's omen mme zeke you easy easy easy i katy isn't as equal to do from the bible it is the guy from the bible to sarajevo everyone in the sea down the you have say yes but but asean looks in emma may just google zeke you'll chokes and emily the guy's name it as one of the top five videos or just him doing oh he's done more than how many times you done it on him all the same fight other one fight pert play it just we watched again pretty crazy it's crazy that someone can figure out a way to do something that no one has ever done before in two thousand eighteen so he gets the head that and there it's his hold it on and then he slides it in deeper and then this dude we owe to happen that is a crazy yeah that is so crazy he does clinches on your head though they so desire
points it is a fact he just click on that and thence to slip sudan he had this one on the back for mountainous i got this motherfucker former idea is thinking about two after party in everything alexey only nick data mother fucker is interesting how many people that we're seeing right now from russia you know from the fire the soviet union eastern bloc countries it's really amazing i mean it's a beat norma met off you know you can keep going down a line of so many these guys that are coming up it's really what a hotbed of talent specially dagestan how many bad motherfuckers came out of dagestan who so beavers semi numb habib versus connor holy shit is f fight interest
what is going to happen there really happens now you will lose your happen don't say that son of a bitch you know who i mean how where does it look in a corner with nobel could be what the belt i mean for ever could be was trying to get a show that belt and the way you want it crazy shit set up this fight this fight is a fucking interesting fight man because if honor can't stop that take down does he go the way of everybody else does he get mauled the way everybody else got more does he get mauled the way michael johnson got mall zig mauled the way the signals still sanyo got mauled chandler or not chandler johnson michael johnson yeah we said john so you d long absent he got mauled doin barboza
scared because like half way in the first round because babes taken him down and you see barboza just taken a deep breath like desert like realise like oh no yeah like what in the fuck is all this about worse than i imagined yeah this is just a completely different really i mean no doubt cotter probably has the heaviest hands in the game pangaea pound no doubt but take down defence and fighting off your back that has nothing to do with the power it's not doesnt translate and also what is it going to look like is his take down defence better than michael johnson is is take down defence better than edson barboza or how i quit those are wrestler when our stuff does take down a couple times in the first round but you know the percentage is ours a really good ressler and how
good is connor's it's good question when he would if he gets what he gets tired would have it gets taken down easier than all those other you don't know where you know domain he's got dylan damage in his corner dylan is i think he wrestled in high school not too sure brought brought in some olympic caliber wrestler his camp would it conor brought in some mom some super high level wrestler first camp a famous one no james can find it you have to fight and i believe as you have c4 said again house either but does it say that after the offer to help alone if that's what you're right i don't know we brought in but i know that there is some talk about him brain in some super high level processes that jordan boroughs is not working with conor which is that maybe you're talking to being who goodwill that would be one who you'd want
weren't you that would be somewhat who you'd get ass but your browser profile busy and has he expressed an interest in finding an enemy because if he does is allowed people to fund a tweet it out on the thirteenth of august i'm now work with conor am attempting the when a world championship of my own in october doesn't wrestling yet in ankara yes oh yeah yeah that's what i was thinking like protests have time to help someone can't play tat swiftly they could this point is you know he's taken off right now if he ever decides to go and emma mail works i wonder what's gonna happen in their fight to manage dont know whether or not to abuse can be of a close it isn't that are getting can't with a cars going to be able to stay on the outside long enough for the capiz going to come at him like with reckless abandon the way you did with edson barboza he just stormed after barbosa just walking down
you can build do that with connor is again a clip common in mean is it going to be able to fade that left hand as it will stop that and of conduct just keep him from taken him down a couple of times in the first round just a couple of times just enough to put a little bit of doubt get a little bit of that shit talk and gone and land a couple good punch or does could just grab m early rag doll bohme side control elbows p neon barely polish paunch paunch elbow part do we just see a mauling it's interesting you know it's it could go either way like i see both this this one of those weird fight where i dont know what the fuck's can happen but i dont think we're gonna see like some crazy drawn out five round fight a deadly could be wrong but i think there is one person dominate whether its whoever figures out had imposed their game with its conor can dominate on the feed are kaburan dominate on the ground you think that'll be the bay
this paper view ever scum huge can be so big economics how did it not be the biggest one italy giant it hunters the biggest star right doing things can hold it back as mainstream knowledge of it because there's not a lot of press because connor's not doing a lot of stuff it's not like in the news a lot like how many these regular people i know that cars gonna fight you never see our instagram only may see any files you see pages fuel i see you and i see a reform emma may pages but park ma am cubby do in interviews is eternal of niger means now man if you no kind of optimism shit i haven't seen much i've seen some video footage of training and a k doll thinks crazy man so so mean i'm just i'm cross and toes causing everything just please let this one go down please i can't imagine someone get injure me so how a mine of someone got injured a bee sosa will you wouldn't because tony
trade between right and it's still gonna be a great fight you the way either way the guaranteed there's gonna be sincere either tony versus could be tony his corner or carnivorous could be i think tony is one of the more dangerous fights for connor because first flaws durability is enduring is crazy whose ability to fight from anywhere can he fights real good standing up he puts pay on you doesn't mind getting hit always walk longsword what is working fine walking people down you you you can hit em and heard him does matter he survives he's arrives funds to survive one little scramble wench on the ground and there's a dark right there i don't want the landowner the not a fight is totally fair because you know i mean people look at that and go with his fair but may i think that was a last minute fry moraine he didn't really ever training camphor that when i don't know if it was because it was a last minute fight or noise leave us last minute he was i am not too sure
i know i know i don't know what happened in the net training camp but it wasn't a legit training camps tony but not making excuses but that's that's what happened also what else was one of the reasons why i don't know if you could look at that like people looking at the right way because i think lando is way more talented then people given credit forks angry i think so too i think in in moments in his fights he's just brilliant and i think then he
tired sometimes and he has moments where fades often in moments worries in these crazy wild slugfest like the bobby green fight a great example that that the in the watch the first round the first round he looks smoothest silk man and he just looks fantastic this world beater but he tapers off he fades little bit and i don't know what that is you know i'm not i'm not sure what's causing them to fade but i think that at his best when he hits those real high know it's like he did and tony fine he's fucking dangerous met anybody sleep some landowners and real trouble he's super athletic does whilst yet is real creative knocked out john mc does he with a fuckin we ll kick bow he do he does wild shit man and moves good dude he's gotta an inch
still time way a move in and he's not afraid to scrap hook and that that not being afraid to scrap makes him dangerous but also makes him vulnerable which i think is cost him but i think the big one is the indirect you know this sum there's some people out there like gum the guy this working with some t j d russia what is it the guy down in southern california down there said diego calla visa tsars name but does it teach their strength munition cope with them i don't our text saint just google t j delicious new strength conditioning programme these guys like the nick curse icons and sam calibrate sam colleague eda that guy was he if you watch the preparation videos for teaching getting rid of a good deal shy seem too in oz whilst
shit man everyone's doyle all these explosive crazy movements just like back when we said teach when what we saw when be j was at his best when marina which is training and in a curse on company that's cool too you know that learning under the more innovative but that kind of crazy pliers patrick chant training all explosive shit that they're doing box jobs and crazy things medicine balls and slammed things and jumping back and forth back of what these guys in phenomenal shape man and i think that's imperative today i think today it's almost like it's not one guys you getting ready for a fine is one thing that nicaragua said it's you already know how to fight like literally everything should be focused on your gas tank a joy of six weeks have you dont know how to fight you learn in six weeks you know how to fight six weeks should be just crazy gas tank work and when he gets guys like like dose
jos when he fought cowboy when he gets a whole the guys in use see that style when dos santos false pettus what he's got that incredible kind of cardio that sword fuck with men you know the pommel horse there is hidden homo horse and international right palmer one of residents will it in order to do that you have to do this exercise when you put your there's like us like a chain hang him and it's gotta weightlifting belt and you put your feet in your ankles and start doing it on that and it spends like a while an tony's obsessive that nobody can like jeremiah jeremy chai i bring in a budget ten point of black built in and no one can even trying to do it more battalion oh do with similar gian real bloody he hasn't come to tony's copies is two hours away its tomorrow from but those guys because their break dancing background yeah that's that's what he's
he's really getting into gymnastics were now turning his he's trying to take his fighting with those giant for georgian pierre when she s peace are getting a gymnastics you know and now washing my daughter do it and watching like the man of physical strength it takes due leg handsprings back flips and all that stuff well that's all explosion on being able to control yourself on the bars and the rings mammoth physical strength you have to add will do that plies directly to judge its about millions some gymnastics equipment rings already oh really about giving trotted or rings iron man what the coherent cross i don't know if i could do that too fat man up but it's great it's great to like four rotation i guess you're doing a chin up you know a bug grabbing at like this and then as you
as you too in a cheer up rotating in so i rotate my arms with the rings as i'm doing chin ups i like that a lot i feel it gives me more arrange emotion and just a bar i like doing ships in the bar too but i think that especially like as i get older like range emotion is very important not lose that i see it people they lose their range motion does not work on a stretching the not working on do did did you do lot of meat had shit and they dont work on keeping their mobility at a high level you know that's why it another thing that i like stretch and the sauna you stretch on the cinema haven't deniston a thing and in a wound tell me once combating have fun conversations the sauna but get in the sort of man and just gets superheated up and then just start stretching out like everything's loose and warmed up you can just pulled things in a better positions and just
give everything like a stretch you still do a hot yoga all time love it i gotta get back into it now not now that my shoulders at my shoulder could hang with yogurt i think that the pressure on it you want to go with me come on meanwhile class and still it was do what they did don't go to an early dementia doglike early like what's early on one side don't tell me that six show up five i know they're in a dark do that's what's up a in fact i doubt highlight oppressor dennys that connolly yeah you get the idea t trip like four in the morning crazy they headband josh bang and i've heard about yeah like serious headband like metallica style had been does too many people have said that you could try balls avert nobly china shake the dm treatments beam was out
i wish you'd outer editing else nails gonna abs seventeen common ones that september twenty nine can it in three weeks time in toronto muscle farm h q and burbank it's gonna be the first sixteen man twitter permanently bans out jones and enforce accounts tom tom counts violate the company's abusive behaviour policies twitter so serious tweets the ban comes weeks after joneses banner suspended well anyway september twenty nine is best sixteen man sixteen man combat jujitsu so maybe i'll just turning in downtown i will again no no this is muscle form age cuban burbank o beautiful facilitates an amazing play oh yeah oh yes i did he in it from the usa three times black belt world champion felipe if all the land is in it what what am i gonna that the fastest
eyes and ten planets stars john for blank as it kyle chambers is also one of the best and planet guys coming up it's it's gonna be a slap fast man slap you two of you haven't seen it is eighty bravoes invention and fuck is this the best gap between grappling and emma may training as far as i'm concerned thank him in my man fun times i students today thank you do it will have danube crommyon eventually you fucked up can plug a couple accommodate yea niagara falls tinfoil hat tinfoil hat comedy niagara falls september fourteen fifteen and then philly october twelve syracuse toby fourteen and use the november third then just tom with others i go to forget this at any bravo ten p we're on integrating honest thank you and toronto were to remove that a venue it was supposed to be the rico i'll see him now it's gonna be disclosure bank arena
union is because of a union dispute we talked about this for i'm not cross of any use picket lines so we move to a new venue is undergoing you is also yes bigger but it's also a union venue it's just that they don't have a problem contract or that it's not you know not seem dispute so it's the same union fact but when we go when everybody from the old tickets gets their new tickets then we'll sell this twelve one more tickets for this new place that'll be within the next couple days i'm hoping our jargon dot com for all that shit by thank you thank you for tuna tests and think it to our sponsors thank you to my bookie go to my bookie dot com and duty time for the fights a saturday go there and they'll match your deposit die or for dollar use a promo code rogan to activate the offer visit my books online today that's em why
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