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JRE MMA Show #56 with Brendan Schaub

2019-01-16 | 🔗
Joe is joined by Brendan Schaub to discuss some upcoming fights.
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once again is one of best friends on the planet. You might know him from the fighter in the kid podcast former UFC fighter now stand up comedian and all round cool mother, my friend Brenda chop. The job will get experience during my day, Joe Rogan podcast by night he ha and with lively german. So I can just like that. Just like that pitches, I get a message from a friend of mine who says that wall I was listening to the show. We were talking about something and then the ads for that thing started showing up yeah a it saw its farm from my plaster. So he says you guys are talking about slouching with the Avante today and this popped up on his feet. Just now. I never Gould it before, and it's some alarm that goes off
awful twenty slots Ford. If she does things you gloom on, you have been getting an ad for that too. All you have so maybe my Drenalin Sedin's could be that or they could be targeting Joe Rogan listeners yeah, which is what they do yeah way it works, so they found out that we were listening on it could just be going. I mean, maybe that but like there's a large audience here, so they could speak on after like right, but do you think, like with Adam Green? She said the other hey that that happen again talking about. He was talking about Toyota trucks. Yeah, then, all the sudden is Google ads started, showing up Toyota Tacoma is, and it in is like two. He goes there. Listen and the robots are listen. Someone's listening, but they're also looking for like key terms stuff like that, but they're listening your phone as you're having a conversation, do you think? Yes, I have a few instances. I took a screen shot because I was it was happen. It happened three to three consecutive weeks. I touched something I'd literally like held the object in my hand and within twelve hours I was getting
at fort, maybe magic, bro, it's very strange one of them. I have a list so many problems they're. So weird is like how the am I getting an ad for this thing. Now. I've never even seen this I've never talked about to anybody to tell me, but I was told that yeah you got old, for it always be careful of like this idea. The you know, because sometimes things are just a coincidence and this idea that there's some grand conspiracy when it could be easily explained by coincidence, but the that Adam said he said he goes main and and of a Google Toyota trucks. Is that a good, a stranger? Not really? Not that not that good the british thank might, but he was saying that they start popping up right after the podcast immediately. So if that's the case, they had to be listening to this podcast or their list of the one of them's list, because it taught you have a large audience, someone from there's, listen to it, live right and then they're just like do they. They make lunch so that yeah, but has given his Google feed.
Yeah. You think they would spoil more fighting crime and stuff if they're listening now, everything will make money spoiling crime Make more happen, make money, selling trucks I don't I mean I feel like for sure when I google something starts popping up. We know that, but that seems normal dude you on my phone right now, 'cause I've been looking at Dodge vipers anything. I click on Dodge vipers pop up Ivan ads on Instagram. Really they just want they're just trying to get you they like. When I look at houses in certain markets pop, they know they know. Some of the folks are gonna, spend some money speaking to spend some money Ford. Why do you hate America? They released gt500, five hundred, only an automatic god. What a shame? What
shame is it only automatically automatically know that I posted on my story to some dude was like shop when you get one of these, I, like God, that thing is dough and I posted with like a thinking face now: that's automatic ain't! Happy zero. Will you have a p k g t three r S, it's death for it! Well, it's also the only way they make it, Well, usually, when they make the GT three RSR S. Yeah you get a GT three or or I you know, I get it. People don't want to shift to get stuck in traffic again but there's, but there's a lot of other cars and get the gt500 the whole. You still only be stick like the GT three fifty we know why they're doing it because they want to compete with everyone, not because on the track, yeah PK's beat the best racers in the world. Yeah like my brothers Tom about this the article he was reading, where I think it was the the new Gt3 rs and
Ray was the is the new GT three, because there's one in Pt K, there's one and Stick yeah one of the best race car drivers in the world driving a stick shift. Then they had some average dumb drive in the Pd Kay and they're going around the track in the PD case. Smoke this to me I would stick. Smoke yeah. But what are you trying to do if you just trying to buy a car for the track? I get it, but how many people are buying a car for the track? You're. Looking at a bro, I race on the track, and I don't I don't give a I I just like the feeling and it's it's kind of lame because of that sling shot the polar sling shot and that stick shift and that's like a tricky stick shift. Well, that's that little tiny cage day wheels dangers as but because the stick shift I'd like not being able to my phone, I like having to worry about all the
ours around the the kind of like that feeling yeah. I like the feeling of the road in the stick shift, and now I dig that I want that in a car now yeah. I think that those that's how my corvette is my court. A little sixty five corvette that thing so small pump, someone all got to drive to the store all the time yeah. Yes, we should all right yet wakes you up! Well, so loud good side pipes, it's a stick. Shipping hearst cue ball on a top. Is this what you want? That's what the used to have the gt500. I had a gt500 five hundred way back in two twelve moles was glorious. Big ol rumbly fuckin'! I had a convertible to hell. Yeah. It was great put the top down loud, as plus we get to come through with the with the you know. If you have your, you drive your Friggin m five. So because she and everything yeah there, it is with nothing looks dope as shit at the front view view the go
The silver GT five hundred pulled out, there's a load of carbon fiber in India and yeah, there's a bunch of like the splitter and a bunch of the arrow stuff. Leave that with that one right there, the that that their. So they don't look so good. I love it. The damn automatic like why they do that, just to compete, manse, When you look at it says an option. I agree. I put the habit as and uh yeah have it as an option in the give you a skirt when you climb into it said this transmission was made specifically for this car that just to get perform it's out of that yeah! That's all they want is the before. So they can say this competes with you know. I would still drive that, even though it's a automatic drive as a daily driver yeah. I agree. I was seven hundred and fifty horsepower daily driver, seven hundred and fifty seven. It says it is. I think it's probably pretty light yeah with all the carbon fiber things up, not getting rocket. I don't think it's a bit at all check. That's Jimmy! I bet it's three thousand nine hundred easy
it's almost four thousand no way yeah. I bet it does have all the Koshish it in no mid three seconds zero to sixty yeah. I bet it's thirty nine hundred pounds, Google G, fifty three fifty GT three fifty are They'Ll- have the curb weight on. If there's a bunch carbon fiber so that hand that carbon forget it pretty much for looks now yeah, it's so strong, dude yeah, but it might, but it's mostly for looks like it's not making it that much light three thousand seven hundred pounds and that's the most ready one. So this is going to be heavier than the gt350, because it has a supercharger on it, the supercharger and all that other jazz is probably about a hundred pounds. So yeah things, eight hundred pounds. Three thousand seven hundred yeah for that one, but that's the three and fifty The gt500 has a big gas whipple supercharger on it to make it even heavier sound, so good.
So you're here, supercharger whine, that's yeah power, though you know you they're not live there heavy. Big gas engines. Well, that's the thing! It's like! That's what you want kind of trying to make a muscle car a precision, scalpel instrument like a nine eleven g t three, it's not that it's a different thing now, where we're looking for, like the white car that I have the Gt3 the shark works card, that car is a scalpel, it's precision. It's effortless the way it handles and maneuvers and it's just a different experience, but a muscle car is supposed to thrill you supposed to be exciting. Yet you don't want it yeah, it's not going to beat any fuckin' track, You know you care not trying to mean in Nicolas Cage and gone in sixty seconds, Stop. My brother always says that I'm like my thing would be to shit that he's like not on the track. Find my! What is my panties older? Look like on the track?
It's so what you're responsible to even be able to sell these cars like when they're selling. Corvettes, these new corvette Zr1 with seven hundred and fifty seven horsepower, They have a sub three seconds. Zero to sixty is like two point six seconds. They need to be like an iq test, for the name driving test like what do you believe in flat earth. You know I'm saying like well what about everything he's a gate that New Tesla roadster is zero to sixty in under two seconds. That's trouble 'cause every more on the know, cars again teslik, it's the new Prius cool thing to do. And so they get those things and they're fucking lightning rods like I can't just. I know, I'm super old school. I can't fux with them. I don't like him, I getting calla, The bums me out. This is not for me man, I just I don't I like the sound of an engine. I, like I don't know I don't like yeah, you feel like
drive in an ipod. I don't care how fucking fast it goes. It's just it does nothing for me. Callen goes back and forth from complaining about it to tell you how you should get. I know. It's very strange depends what day you catch 'em. It depends which day it is. It's like he's trying to talk you into it like he's, so he doesn't. Hello now 'cause, I gotta love that thing I fucking love that thing the next day is like. I don't do it. I don't think the charge I just Well, there you go. Should I get a Porsche? I should be like you and Joe should apportion like I should I be like usual man. He should get something, that's reliable, that he could drive around everywhere, that you know like a Bmw or something Yeah yeah, like it, should be, like a five series, give three series, but his ego won't. Let him he's a big car. Really, he won't get a small car now. Why does he need a big? you don't care to Carolyn Manual, is a big car. Yeah he wants to be, you know, he's not going to. Gigs are manly to him.
It's brought in want to be mainly what we get a car doesn't make any noise. You can even think about that. He doesn't care about like well. If you ask me what dual exhaust is he Black F idea, he doesn't know what to exhaust no, it's funky not into that snow. There was a time you know what happened. He took a chance. The way back in the day, I want to say, like two thousand in two or three he had a four Bronco, like one thousand nine hundred and sixty nine for help. It was bad. Yeah yeah, but it stunk is one of the old school ones. It wasn't like an icon one. It was an old school one with the carburetor and shed. So he smelled gas fumes everywhere and it didn't have any doors and it didn't have a top Callan had this yep it was dope. Yeah didn't give it to him. He can't be bought it. He bought it. Yes, he did how yeah We decided he was a wild man and he's going to drive. It was
stick shift, stick shift, I'm preachers! Stick shift Ford, Bronco early Bronco and put his the back lighting top, while man lives on Venice Beach, single single guy, taking down a free body inside just out there on the on the freak, proud, just drop in loads all over then and couldn't couldn't keep it up. I got I was looking up the roads. This is Audi's new thing that they just announced its called the p b eighteen Jesus Christ. That's an electric car going to rival the roadster same speed is what their sort of claiming it will go. Zero to sixty in just under two seconds. Jesus cards came too fast. Look how good it looks, though, charges in fifteen minutes gee what yeah? What yeah? How is a possible German said? Oh Tesla, you're, making cars very cool. This trial is coming out. There's only going to be about fifty of a mate
You you fun again, even that I did like it looks dopa because I'd rather have you know. Sorry, without a gas is a beastly. Looking spaceship of looks pretty much like it's got a smarter there. It's got a seat in the center. Let's get me going on there yeah, I see yeah, you get one seat. I like that yeah, if you my girlfriend. You tell her to sit in the backseat and rub my neck. Not kick rocks pitch new meet you there still don't have a see we take off. You can't kill rubber in those things so just letting you back in filthy, though as a dirty little right, yeah, I bet they're going to come out of the gas pedal right, looks just the same. Well, apparently, people taken, the Acura Nsx in the replacing their doing some to the blues, replacing the ecu so there changing the the the the program and that they used to
you know and then using the exit changing using our after market exhaust and just generating a horse power where do with those yeah. I new Nsx is a beast of a car mats, record this. I didn't realize how small they were, though one pulled up to me. The other night was like revving his engine like dude. We're not doing this. I don't know I'm thirty five years old, we're not doing, and he was a grown man to this- is off sunset. Welcome home from the store meadow brag about it too yeah bloom off the line at the red light. I don't like what I'm gonna do man, I don't get this, but I didn't realize how small they were now the pretty little yells the older ones, are real little. That's what it looks like now. As a defense, that's a a deep red like that. Was a guard read, that's a Porsche good! Looking car goddammit, it's cool, that's very make clear, Inish yeah little bit once they're they're, making them spaceship E. You know that there's was a house in Edmonton this past weekend, freezing at the giant mall
in the middle of the mall. There's a mclaren, and you know that malls filled with kids, because there's wave pools in dolphin there's all sorts of there. It's the biggest mall in North America and this poor. Make awareness hurt my feelings because there's this kid that which they don't give a about the make land there yanking on the side. Mares is also could kick in the back like dude. What are you guys doing it just parked in the middle yeah. Just says, like you know, like a showcase car, don't even have rows down all the no ropes, nothing kids, wiping their shitey sticky fingers in it, picking their nose, God right, boogers, picking, legos, just fucking engine their names in the side and should I know I said, come on, make it little pride on. Why would they let let him go there? So they really selling a lot of mclarens in Edmonton. I don't know it is that oil money starts burning a hole in your pocket,
one of those guys up there in Alberta, they get those jobs were Chertoff jobs, the jobs, all my great hard work, hard work, hard work money, my friend John Rivet in Jim is wife, Jan and their son was doing it. While kind of a bad business to be in the writes his oils kind of on the way out, uh not up there. I think it's I think it's down, though I know I know it's down because the economy there, one of the drivers was telling me his account- was just not what it it's a fraction of the price than what it was a year ago, two years ago. Oh really so we're taking hits from it. Imagine if that was like your business and you sketches of fluctuate that hard, like all this up and down yeah, which is useless because eventually it's going to be useless right now, not our lifetime will not with assholes. I guess it don't want to do electric cars, and I think about that. I think about it. With my son, like I hope this little prick isn't just driving teslas everywhere I go
educate him on topaz rights, but that's fucking up the planet, but also is it it is you think, yeah for sure, yeah exactly should be in electric. It's having an effect yeah. But the question is how much of an effect home having the most effect? There's a lot of different things are having an effect, and what's our footprint in that affect you know, I'm saying yeah there's a lot. I mean human beings, there's a lot of us and we're deaf. Only burning a lot of schitt and putting a lot of carbon into the atmosphere and there's definitely an impact? do an impact is crazy. The court. Their question is how much of an impact and Can it be turned around and how much? How much of a bad thing? Is it actually 'cause somewhere in the it's in the middle of theirs. You got your ultimate When gloom people they're saying they're saying that all of the city's gonna be under water. The he's
cause can be underwater, the West Coast could be underwater water everyone's and then of the the people. That say, no we're just going to be able to move in Northern Canada, Jesus Christ. I think that you could just we're going to out there beautiful spots in at Artica yeah. I don't know man somewhere in the middle somewhere in the middle, so in the middle of the middle guy. The real optimist think that we're going to be able to take some of the carbon out of the atmosphere and the way they're going to be able to do it. They actually invented this giant. Gene that looks like a building. It's like a building size machine. That's like a huge air filter that just sucks carbon out of the air. I think they did it sense. I think it's a chinese thing. I think they they're they're, installing them somewhere in China, because you know like when the athlete turned
aging for the Olympics. This is the arm like us. Air quality is like smoking, a pack of cigarettes a day. Do you don't realize how important air quality is still when those fires I was doing, shows in Sacramento? I didn't think of it and fan DM you going do or you going to cancel. Please don't cancel like by the fact that I cancel now I don't cancel, shows I'll, see you soon. Man then I fly in and I was like. Oh shit, you cannot see a foot your face. You send me a smoke. You sent me a picture from your hotel room like. Is there a fire in your room? I've never anything like it and I did not feel good. I'm sick. The whole time in there in my shows, everyone had s gun like Asians, at airports, everybody except for me and my brother, and guess what we couldn't give ask because they're all sold out do they help, I think so they filter some of it. But I didn't realize how big of a deal was. Time went up there and I'm like holy shit man. This is this is serious. Those fires were so big, the mean the
down here were big, but nothing compared to the northern California fires because of the area in California that got lit up was Blake Woods thank huge wooded areas. The whole town was just not there anymore. It's a paradise, yeah done. Game over is no not enough to not really the whole town burned down. We should go to that pull up Paradise, California, dot com Zana is out of place. I want to see down look down now. They fired the freaking uh, some of the firefighters in like relief people 'cause. They were taking pictures like not even mocked, and I don't think they should have been fired. 'cause, there's like burned down house and then there's like, I don't know, let go of wooden horse and then, like firefighters, like on the wooden horse, like your mark mocking the people lost their homes, they are, they lost their jobs. That's
crazy, come on, guys are fighting for their life out there. They are going to do with it. Not only that the the the the horses there it's like. What would you push why. Why were the houses burned to the ground? You really think is that in that poor taste for these poor guys who risked their lives to save people's houses to have a good time was that real? This is crazy. Should have made it out of those trees, trees are still stands, trees are pretty gangster. Probably what's going on at a certain point in time we're going to have to make fireproof houses? That is, that exist yes, making out of cinder block? Oh yeah, do it Connie didn't just have your own Freaking fire department just surround your house just in case. That's a good move in my neighborhood there's a house that burnt to the ground. I put pictures of it up on my instagram as a car in the driveway, but the well. This this picture is terrifying. How do you talk in Armageddon style
she's terrified! Is this? What we're looking at is rows of houses that are gone. It looks like it goes for an entire neighborhood yeah hi neighborhood lights at a mile and just there's nothing left, everything's burnt the ground. But it's amazing: those trees are still standing. Look at those trees. There I mean there torch, but yeah they're there yet, but it's weird black is Phuc is not weird, wouldn't expect the trees be burnt to a crisp, yeah they're, so thick other thing is we're not for coming from Midland. I flew down so from north to south, and when you go over Malibu in like in Woodland hills where you live, you want built it when you see all that, it's insane from a bird's eye view yeah to see all the black yeah find a dealer. Well, I flew over Malibu with her in a helicopter, so we got real low. It's crazy, crazy! With this MAC Donald's burnt to the ground. That's crazy! You know that mother,
when cheeseburgers wow, so that that bridge burnt. How do I does on a bridge or after steel. What's nuts wooden, that was a what was it? What it would look at this like the whole everything's gone, so is that the case that the whole town is evaporated ice is gone, yep, pretty sure paradises? What the does legal do now? The you don't rebuild, right you like well Jesus and then also a lot of it in just from my own experience down here? Looking at homes in areas where there's chances of fire that were caused by fires. Banks won't give you the loan, or you have to put a higher, almost all cash payment down, and also the house insurance on a fire. Yeah they're not going to do it these days, but are going to do with
Malibu 'cause Malibu got hit harder than anything they lost. Six hundred plus house is fine. If that's true, I know they said they lost like one thousand five hundred structures. But someone told me that six hundred those warehouses and if you're talking about Malibu like when burn our flyin around the coastline over by zoom point doom. You know those beautiful's there will is that right, James Beecher out it's the Clipse, I don't want to talk about the Woosley fire worst fired, Malibu with home loss. Stopping one point: six billion Bible billion. I feel like center here, Wanna structures destroyed. I feel like we'll hear a so much because I think people assume everyone Malibu has money. Yes, there are higher tax brackets, so I got the figure it out. It's still super up man. Well, I have some friends that don't have a lot of money, but they build how this one of them, one of the houses that were living in and the other house they were building and they all the both houses got torched
four hundred single family houses with an estimated market value of one point, six billion. So six hundred and seventy structures, four hundred of them- are houses. That's horrible man, weird to fly over man when you fly over it because in the with the helicopter you you know, Bure was pretty close yeah we were. We were, you know right above it and circling. You know just outside right over the ocean and as you're doing it fly the ocean, you looking at these compounds- they're- probably million dollar houses. I mean these huge massive compounds burnt to the ground, done not a damn thing. They could do about it. How good of a pilot is Burr terrible? We almost died three times. Jesus Christ, not great. Is he yeah he's crazy, he's really good at it he's been doing it for awhile? I saw that picture like alfalfa. I trust that guy one hundred percent, if he told me that he was going to take me up in a helicopter, he knows how to do it. Yeah. It was a good time. Man, we had fun with a lot of laughs. Is it fun so much fun your
epona helicopters when the greatest comedians that ever lived yeah? We have a time which is howling mean him he's hilarious and we talking through headphones 'cause it to to to to to get a little again the command yeah AL yeah, that's in a microphone in the corner. I don't help got to scare me man, good time, yeah. I saw that scared the out of me. It's weird how close you can get to downtown la like you're, not there's, no real restrictions. You just fly right to the building, so I'm like this is ok because it's a helicopter now yeah. That was us right there. He just flying around. I mean we just fly right next to these buildings and we were the height of the buildings. All those you buildings, see those flat spots and all those buildings are all helicopter pads landing. Pads are yeah
Some of them are real, narrow and bills like I would want to land on that thing on a windy day, and I'm like oh, my god and even think about what it was just you and burnt there's. No there. It was their third guy, like the third guy yeah. The third guy was a you know. Instructor he's got it: okay, build that teaches Bill Bell Catch. The bill can fly solo. He has a license to fly solo. He flies a lot right. Yeah flies just not into that. I think would be. Awesome to get up there and do that. It's just not pros and cons. Man produce you fly around a little bit, get real high Khan die yeah, but it seemed He controlled really does, but there's no like there's no room for error. You know I'm saying, but you guess Harrison Ford. Asin Santa Monica to be crashed, a plane straight up, plane, yeah, Pelican, Santa Monica, crashed yeah, we're the I forget, set up Jamie. He flew out of Santa Monica Airport and then was like a fuckin', went down
so high. All the time I hear is he really know dude smokes like Fuckin', Cheech and Chong Bro. Really nice locally for years and forward blazes it up. I think when you get that famous, you probably just want to be high all the time. 'cause life is a dream anyway. You just like I just think: there's nothing else to do, and he just like I don't know man. This console solo doesn't give you thirty years ago. We just did one couple years ago, cameo in it's not like the main guy. That's why people are pissed right. He got murked. Did he I'm not star wars? Guy, that came out forever ago, so spoiler alert. There is for everything to spoil Now now do people are seeing game of thrones now for the first time, there's dragons hassles. It's like with that Dannemora escape I've. Seen on Showtime, not as you know, those two guys Harrison Ford saved several lives by landing plane on golf course. They don't what the fuck does that mean scroll down
Well that kind of fuckin' worldwide going there you go Fuckin' Han Solo, Indiana Jones at you know just walked away, went this noise looking where he crashed and how, I went down. I'm sure there was a moment where he said: I'm not going to risk because whatever happens happens, it's going to be just me. Seventy two year old actor, moderate injuries after crashing the vehicle, the vintage two seater, always keys, find old plane. A vintage plane that he was piloting on. The green golf course Thursday afternoon had lacerations to his face and possible fractures. Television news footage taken, showed him on a stretcher being taken into an ambulance to the risk, life and limb by putting it down on the golf course. Instead of trying to go further, try to get back to the airport notice, how Harrison Ford he's not quoted anything, he don't give a fuck we're we, the Fox lot, Brian? I, where we work for Fox and this Tesla pulls in and salt
windows and roll down the window. It's Harrison Ford and I go to Brian Oshit. That's working Indiana Jones, like joking and Brian. I didn't know how big of a Ford Van is buying it. There seem like this get super nervous and there's. The customer is like this: give them a peace, sign, I've, never a groan, making another grown and a peace sign. Here's a voice like them just give I couldn't tell you the knowledge, the piece I just keep your approach. You just gave to says the Indiana Jones. I would do that. Great great. I your father on the people to what we people daily in. If you go like this, I'll. Do that up! You know I do those good. I do like this. The only reason! Well, no, this is kind of like the old like Not a this, but this this is kind of halt. This is I'm reaching for you reaching for you. If the field to hide the hail Hitler, you don't want that.
So you can tell you man, I'm now, I'm thinking I give peace signs of people all the time. You do this all the time like a fourteen year Old Korea, teenager girl, yeah, exactly one thousand three hundred and thirteen year old, teenager girl, peace, peace out the throw that my to do there's a sign all the time, but they do side with like this to take pictures like this. That's cute lives. Out, though, did you like this hand, forward this hand backward? You know the deal well that's what I did Harrison Ford. Look at that. That's me, bro, that's but could run outta here from Florida. Doing that freak the freak out mode. Do any high off his ask right: it's driving that fucking electric doom buggy, it was great man, yeah he's some. I wonder what he does with his spare time other than fly planes, but can you make that much money and you got famous and then just sit around. What do you do? I don't know, but there's a there's. Guys at that level? Right, like he's so famous, he's a whole nother level, but I seem last night,
Chappelle walked in and it was like you're around bers around there's some of the greatest. What's in the world, then one Chappelle walks in. I wonder if it's weird for him, because I can the room like everyone steers Adam yeah. He was in the o r and I was before he went on and there's I mean there wasn't a seat I mean people are in the hallway stairs just watch him do his thing and he's just he's up there. I don't know an two hours, just not really do no set just feeling it out. I must be weird at where he's at in life that he just goes up then, and it's like the everything shuts down for count. What is not working out right. You know, I'm saying no he's every working now, not that's why we work this out correct, but it's different than if somebody else like all eyes on him all the time, nonstop rated him working out. It's funny is you know Well, he he handles it remarkably. Well like the way he just around people again,
I know he's super duper. Ridiculous famous he handles it like it's not a kid wanders through, but man, people start grabbing Adam and one pictures and so embarrassing, so embarrassing, just they just they won't. Let him talk to people like you're talking to They don't care. If you're in the locked in a conversation about your mom's cancer, they don't care, there is no world could get a picture tractor helped, who may be back frequently but sure they freak out. Just like this it's my time to dress up my facebook page and they get there that likes, they move in on him like a fucking, hawk, it's just it's embarrassing. It's embarrassing people, don't respect Another person having a conversation. They don't wait like no one sits around and wait. It's like in their head, if they don't grab him right now, they're never going to get that picture. It doesn't matter who he's talking to these? I seen it too it I was talking to the rock once in his
literally slid in between us and held his phone up to the rock slid, between is like just didn't. Ask he was taking picture as he was asking these k make to pitch. Would you just like in between us? I guess I'm talking to a what's up and you have a good time, but, and then this guy slides in got the camera no thought whatsoever for people space and what did the rock do spray use too swallowed syringes has earned good man, it's just such a bummer. It is it there's a certain point of fame with Chapelle the rocked and you're, probably pretty close at where you can go through the airport. I got to go through the airport one time with him, Tivo right. I think right right. After he won like this huge playoff game because he get on knee before he gets on the plane. Now
he assumes Jesus is taking care of him. Oh yeah Jesus take the wheel, and I knew I was safe. S walk next to him. So I don't give a fuck going through the airport with him and I felt bad for him. I mean you're talking, you can't get anywhere. Yes, just like these, this mob yeah. This is exhausting, exhausting a certain level where that's just not cool man. Well, when change was phones, cameras on phones and then social media, because everybody wants a picture where as before. I guess people just want Arctic No one had a camera with them yeah now the autograph is the selfie there's, no more, not less time you get like there might be a few.
Yeah the show allowed, but once I sent literally so can we can ask for an autograph the other day, but it's like a hundred to one pictures. Caress selfie doll is also yeah. It's also yeah. It's weird the dress is this is the life we chose. This is a weird world we live in. Well, take it. He said, I'm not TIM T, one click in general. No, you can walk through it. You get bombed on yeah. I could walk through an airport yeah. It gets weird, but I can do it, but like Chappelle it'd, be tough, yeah well Tom Cruise, that motherboard can't walk through the airport. Yet, but your time could you get Tom cruise money? You go private lax, he laughed, he laughed like. That's the best joke. You've heard that you bring up Lex or Tom Cruise has a flock opera. Well, we flew over the jet when we're with burger yeah. The Van Nuys Airport flew over the Tom cruise experience. He like he autographs his jet, does have like his signature. Thing is jet as a button. You can press and then it's all covered in screens and
turns, and the clouds behind it comes via wonder. Woman s ends with talking Tom Cruise fan. We don't need that guy has probably a lot of expenses. I always assume that a guy like that. Not only do they have a lot of money, but they burn through a lot of money, so they have to keep making a lot of Is that true, or are we assuming everyone's Johnny Depp and has nineteen houses and by an old pirate ships doctors. You don't send this, make it horrible life decision. I got the same thing with the with like athletes or even comics or entertainers like if I post up with that post my car somebody that, like to good bro in three years and he go broke like now. I know the I'd stories. I get that man I'm a smart dude like I. I think I've made it. This can't listen those people, they just hope, you're going broke. No, but it's there's that stigma of like the thirty for thirty ESPN broke, it's like not it. That's not everyone's like that. Man here, to tell you not all entertainers are, are rappers were just blown through money. They doesn't work like that. I'm in a business where it's
not, you know it's not just like you know. It's not UFC where your average career is a year and a half or two years. You know thank you to the World Podcasting Podcasting's, a weird thing right. So what we do we just talking do you know is what our our our art forms. Should people already do you know yeah, that's weird! If you think about it very where you know, there's no other art form where everybody does it, what everybody does not everybody paying it's? No, but with this last time you painted well, I paint with my son right phone was last time you went on to Michael's guy. Never because I don't suck to take it out. I'm not! I can't pay a lot of painters that don't suck dick you some be surprised, but their arm, but I'll talk about like taking time out of my day to there's a lot of flower, narrow sexual male painters that admire you that are listening to this right. I love you guys have to be something cool bro there paint brush in their hand right now and the like,
this guy, I'm going to paint shop with a big old dick in his mouth. Do it yeah, I don't know man. I went with pot. Yes, it's weird, but it's also the gateway to on on filtered medium where, before with tv and movies, and so like you know, with like naming the big guy who in turn, think of like that, Shepherd right, he's an actor he's an actor and he has a podcast. Well, if you just watch his movies, you don't know shit about him, but he's playing a care. You can go on his pockets. Houston talk like alpha, weren't, Wendell, all the same things, damn he struggled with his wife, got the same issues damn struggle with these kids and then you find out where all the exact same, but you never get that if there weren't podcast, you wouldn't you're not going to get that ESPN interview off of 31st you're not going to get any of that ever that's podcasting, since taking over
well. It's also 'cause. No one could tell you what to do. You know you can have conversations that no one can no one can steer. No one can there's no executive is going to come in. Stop you if you suck up it's your fa cup a few pods as its Ruben apology that you make yourself you. You don't feel good about what you did. You want you've, you express remorse to do all the time you have to that's the way to go. Yeah I took a lot of should not only say say just I just I go and then then I'll think about something like with key right. I, like Jeff, innovative. I really like a metal. The one time met him he's great dude. We had a joke about it. The nickname the Golden Snitch like good dude, look right there right next to you I'll, just the shirt, yeah dude. Thank you Jim. I will rock the shit out of that. I get that. That's pretty dope hold that up, The camera is pretty dope for sure. Let go designer shirts, but that's a good sheriff. It's a decent shirt. I like it a lot yeah, it's cool, um,
but like with him right like I do off on something and then when I talk you, have bad I'm like, I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. It's just like to me. It's a it's a game! right all and then we, but when you think about like he might have to deal with it in the office? People like dude her shop this or gets DM this yeah, and I'm like. I don't want that. The last thing I want just you made an error in that you thought that he worked for you. Sada need never work for you, Saddam out of work for the. U S, you any word from the side, and now he works with UFC, but he never really work for you, Saddam. The really closely with decide who work for the UFC were for you. You brought your studio c. Now, heat no heat coordinated, the UFC's meeting with you Sada, and he put it all together- is the vice president of us of a athletes, safety, health and safety. So it is something that for the UFC, that's what he's always had that? True before that you work for the government? Yes, but he
he's worked hand in hand with you. Saddam now has an imp, not as an employee by the never work. For you, Saddam knows our waitress. He went from. I think he was working for the IRS, pretty sure yeah. My point was yeah he's not you never got it. I don't know if you've got a check from the Saddam he's been in cahoots with them. They they work hand in hand, Fta Fta, that's a yeah, that's when he was at his job, Lance Armstrong, right, yeah! Every time I talk to Nowitzki, I get text messages from Lance Armstrong. He is so salty. Why? Wouldn't you be? I mean you kidding me bro, why I see why he would be salty, but I also yeah he has to accept. I think that he did some things shouldn't have done and I'm not even just talking about steroids and talk about suing the people that came out and said that he took the step. That's where he's up? That's why, because just doing p, D's and in a slightly
I don't give a fuck do, you're the best at it still would be in the best of level playing field, I think so too so, but the way he up Aziz mean and believe the people that we're trying to you know snitch on a more or if they weren't into the p d's or if they were gonna, tell I'm gonna them over. That's where it gets dark and that's why people hate him. So I get that, but in his defense and then this is it a shaky defense. They went after those people to get to him. They went out those people, they broke those people down. There made those people rat on him and then he was threatening. I am with lawsuits sort of to protect himself, but even before that right, I did he there's a little bit of a bully culture coming from him. Well just why competitors a mean guy in a lot of like this high yeah yeah right, you're right about that. I was a moment this the other day and in this Tj Dillashaw a great guy fight fights Saturday great guy, but he's mean correct,
great. But if you say, hey TJ, if you know came out with a head: kick his family won't eat tonight. In order for you, in this fight, he's going to knock you out with a head, kick he's the most ultra competitive guy in the world and it it as in training, shows in practice and he's a nasty do. You know he weighs one hundred and thirty five pounds right now. Oh yeah he's ready to go, but he got his body down. One hundred and thirty five pounds before the weight cut is crazy. He looks so thin freak. I saw him on ESPN last night, never discussing he might fight MAX or he wants to fight MAX. Next, that's a tough one. He wants to fight one hundred and forty five. Yes, but that's a twenty pound jump in weight and max is a giant forty, five or now that's a bad idea, but you never know what each hey, who knows mean if he his body up to one hundred and sixty five. I do have you Henry Sir, who know those jacked pico peak of just give he's gonna clear the test this joke around. When my psyches pulls he might not make weight. He's
Jack City, Bro yeah. I don't know if you can make the weight I bet he makes it. I believe it he's missed a bunch so Henry pseudo at one twenty five. Yes, that's why they made of one thirty, five for a while, I'm not in a you, did a ship a bunch, though more than once yeah. That's a problem. Look at him which pretty stacked good. Looking too thick dude short dude and he's probably walking around at more than forty five. I would say more than forty. So short, I don't know, ma'am still think is more than a hundred you that's a tough life. If you're, that short, you not olympic champion, go see right like I was looking at the other day in a video, my cat, his dining. What is five hundred and twenty five thousand two hundred and fifty three I'm only five inches away, I'm barely five inches. That's a lifetime pro for those five inches in which money they would pay to have five inches, do pay differently with
do the highly structured bones with a break in and then extended. You know crazy. You have to be to get your shins extended the cut Shin say they saw into you and then they put this metal erase all around you like a halo, brace and then you crank, a little bit! Every click! Click click, click, click! You have a couple inches taller come on bro for one sleep. So it's an ego thing now, so you can get laid. I was watching this documentary on chinese guys. This guy was like he had his braces on his leg and it's like my my girlfriend. She she know she wouldn't marry me because I'm too short, but I'm going to come to her and I'm going to be over five feet tall for the first time to use it under five. We talk yet another girl fuck that hoe hard to grow in your forty nine. The biggest problem is, if you have a short dick yeah, but the
The problem is, if your forty nine, they don't want to see your dick, oh Jesus, look at this guy went from five or did say he had six inches fifty six to six foot. Ok, let me see this. These are the key on the six inches from stretching it can bones out? Let let me see what it says there, hello and happy to have to be with your body go up there nip tuck grow five foot six inch. Man underwent astonishing leg, lengthening procedure because he wanted to be six foot tall. We start at five six and he got up to six feet tall. Jesus, but how damn Jing. Is that not will help it procedure in which both legs are broken then slowly stretched bears more than a little resemblance to medieval torture? Let me see what this fucking guy did was blow my god. Oh my God has to be some mental health issue. Yeah. Oh my god. The
well. Maybe if you want to really play football, the trend for Ling, ling, limb lengthening surgery swept chinaware. Minimum heights are often quoted on personal adverts in job advertisers, as the country opened up to the west a decade ago. Look at that fucking! hang on his leg, man, oh my god, so his would Looking at here, it looks like they stick cut inch out of his bone. Then they have this bar that runs through it. So that's his feet. Do that idea: leg bone! That's not finish in how do you think he's going to feel when he's seventy that can't be good? Oh five, inches taller dude get a skill unit, chicks, dig over skill. Man yeah funny get a I six hundred and fifty leg lengthening procedures in West Palm Beach Florida, not
all to remedy deformity some of 'em to remedy deformities, which makes sense. Now. How long do you think it takes for them to fuckin' recover from something like that? A lifetime? Oh they have height dysphoria. So it's sort of like Anorexia with their height, it's a mental disorder, one of few psyche Patrick disorders, that you can actually cure with the knife, says the surgeon with us. Is a surgeon trying to sell the tunnel? Should doctor uses the term night, for you really use a knife pro much of a scalpel not going to that guy? What I can to with the saw it costs. Eighty five grand look at it says he does surgery is not for the faint hearted. The leg bone is broken into the doctor, then plants a state of the art telescopic rod into the cartilage of the bone, which then pulls it apart very gradually one millimeter a day. New living bone grows along it to fill the gap and muscles.
Are nerves. The arteries is skin, also renew themselves. The cost is prohibitive. Eighty five thousand dollars takes at least three months to complete grueling physical therapy is a sense. Look at that. One look at the gap in his fucking leg. Look how that gap. Yes, ladies Yellow Arts Masters Board walking up the kindly kicking him. The US is thinking that edge of it says do more tied a in his like where your legs vulnerable was changed right dude if your curls geometry, if three or four like, if your leg is a certain, If you have, your bones are certain wit. I would imagine there's like a it. All makes sense pretty much in terms of like mathematics like how long your knee is or how long your femur is. It would be a certain thickness, but then, if you spread it out, it's like the thickness of a shorter one, but now it's long, probably more can save like stilt, that make me taller community. I just found
oh no wow, there's a whole traduction to leg lengthening an faq holyshit, there's only thirty posts, though dude. Thank you. This one's got three hundred post. This is three thousand posts on here. Still have diarrhea the tunnel of conquered I'd, be more worried about length, and I think, is there a lengthening dick community walk? You know they do they're all age. They hang weights on. How dare you, white racist to its life? There's gotta be some Asians with giant dogs out there. I feel like we know about it. Right is that you had before I his shit make me longer community. Then they make me a bigger cock. Does there's this procedure can do like to cut it right, just Google, how do I get a bigger cock
thinking about everything after hearing about everything porn site? Is the pumps? Does a pumpkin thing? Is you like? If you everybody, it was something that really worked. Everybody would know about it. Yeah. Would you want a new broom? You walked in with a bunch, do do to see that new device yeah take bigger everybody, see devices and dicks those two words don't go together like a device. I think clamps and screws. Do you ever seen a penis pumps like from Austin Powers, I've seen one I've never seen one in person like being used like with a blown up dick inside I've, never seen it being used, but I've seen one in person and it's very I mean it's intense, I've, that some guys, like especially old, fellows they use when pumps to just get hard ons all yeah, that business has to no, they they. They have that to look that was in Liberace in the candelabra. I love that movie.
So when his bag and Matt Damon twenty four seven Matt Hensley. How do you stay hard? I implant an implant, that's right that movie! So good! It's a crazy movie, crazy movie! Man! Weird movie, to make if you're Matt Damon 'cause they're, like he talked about it too, there's a scene where spoiler alert, there's a scene where he's in Speedo and Michael Douglas is just like laying down the pool and he straddles him and full on Just you know my demonstrators shitya the character that be tough though they give Hollywood came to me is like bread and we need to play the new Batman, but you gotta go at it with the Joker Mouth to mouth, and you guys are both areas in the movie. Yeah you'd be like yeah a little bit of a struggle. That's a hard pass and become what you say. Do you think you could live in LAS Vegas like do you think your residency in LAS Residency in LAS Vegas? If they offered you, the the the big Brown boom room room like the
is it at like Mandalay Bay, like Jay Leno type of yeah line, thirty million a year yeah something crazy like that, like a Britney spears type deal, I don't think so. I I'm I'm. This is different for me. I have such a stressful. I when it goes, comes to Vegas, because the fighting- it's whenever I think of stress stress stress so soon as I land in Vegas, I get all introverted and I search sweating. It's just not 'cause. I've got so much work there. Well, it was on the ultimate fighter there. For eight weeks I've had some huge fights there. So for me, when I think of Aigis, I think of K stressful stressful Danjer yeah, so it be tough for me to live there for really why people do residency for like two years? Could you do it? I don't know, I don't think I could well. I think the thing about Vegas. Is you gotta not live in Vegas? Like you, don't I have like a of
we had Mandalay Bay or something like that. I think the move is to live in Henderson or something like that like by red Rock yeah or yeah, one of those places- and you just drive in I think, that's the move because they you're just living in a town, not even a big town, see, I would say, all that noise- and I probably if they offer me thirty million. I pride higher a bill burr in Hell, God after pilot type of dude I'd live in LA and just flat out there on Fridays. I think it's a long flight. Now the helicopter doesn't tossed isn't like that are used to it. When he was going there, you just sounds like Friday night on a plane. The twenty five minute flight is. What was he doing that a lot? yeah. He was used for awhile right a saturday or something like that. That might stay the night, but the back within thirty six hours on my phone that I can. I can not live there. Man there's no way just because your past experience that in just in general,
It's just not for me, it's not my type of living. This is a ralphie may had a residency there for a while. He was doing it, but that's where he died. I know Eddie Griffin has a residency. Dice had a residency there for awhile to assign filled it too. I think he still goes. Yeah he's making films. I think it's yeah really yeah. It's just there's a lot of great stuff there right like what do you like to do? Do you like to go to restaurants, great restaurants? What do you like to? Do you like to go to the movie theater? There's plenty movies great shows, yeah this planet jams, amazing places to work out, there's a lot of stuff there. Just I don't know man. I know I know what that's what I'm saying it's like sweating talking about. I don't know what it is. I just behavior. I have some great friends who live in Vegas and some of the best people I know live in Vegas
This will no work in the night clubs. No, you know we need to do. We need to sit down before big events and make a you tube, video or would just breaking down each event like fight by fight as it comes up. I think you would really enjoy that, but you you and me breaking down the end of the big fight, yeah, breaking down big events. You know idea like if we were fighting. Work for the UFC. I would love to go there and just like cover the Wayans as like a spectator, but as as no production. And we just talked and share yeah? Yes, like I don't like doing the Wayans stressful, I try to pronounce names pure Troyjan, like what that there could have been worse job for me. If you ask me to pronounce
Everyone's names from these russian cats are not their names are off the charts, and so there's no reason for us as G and Izzy, but you got to use a. Why not to say it like a why you like quiet, not for me what is the name yeah? I have to write it out phonetically. How much longer you think to do that. I don't know just between me and you know it was like no one's listening. I don't know I do enjoy, have thought about it. Yes, all the time when I got cut way back, but first of all doing too many of at one point, I was doing twenty four a year was way too many was like half the year was after the weekends. In the year I was flying somewhere to go. Do you have said he international as well? Yeah was too much, and that was before have see really they started, adding a bunch of people that took a lot of the weight off main yeah, I'm sad. They got rid of Jimmy Smith. I think Jimmy Smith really good. I think he's really good, but sometimes it's just not a
it like. I didn't see, I didn't find him, and maybe he can get a fair shot. I think is one the best companies in the world, but it never felt right because he was it he did get to do it enough he's brilliant and his job, but there is the I just didn't. I never felt right to me is like watching Joe Montana play for the cheese. Well, I'm selfish he's my friend does have he was there. I think he's really good. I love Jimmy, I'm not saying I think he's great. I think he's been gone since whoever finds it can be lucky, but it never like. The writing was on the wall because you would see DC who's. Amazing. I see Paul filters may that Tom Cruise yeah, Michael Bay, is being in them. Well, of course, Jimmy's I can have a job like they're gonna use the in house guys in the woods the direction to go yeah. I guess so. I wonder if you could do play by play, you know like when does the ones in Anneke doesn't want to do and and it does
all the Annick, go home to your kids. Don't you have like seven dollars: dude go home to your fucking. Kids. John knows I love him, but I see him at Brazil post like two days, sleep better. You know been on the road nineteen days and are only to go home. He can't he's he's the best he's really good. There's, there's not a better commentating team in the history of combat sports wants you DC and Jon Anik. That's the best, fun to fund DC myself yeah one of the best fighters of all time, John, very looking good he's, a brilliant dude, and then you do your thing and that's he's a dick is so loose too like he makes it silly. Just special dude, like and uh when rose knocked out. Your knee and J check he's like thug rose. What you want thug rose, you can't you can't you can't pay for that natural, that yeah the either user. I don't know he hasn't yet
That's his future meant that future yeah. Well, that's why everybody kind of wants him to retire. You know, that's why I think his family kind of push, for him to retire, and I talk crazy. Bob cookies, like I'd, be happy for retired right now and I I think the US is gonna. Let him retire without facing John jumped the heavyweight division he certainly can retire. If he decides to not happenin, you don't think so. Nope the author of the big three say down and you sit down and make a deal with the devil Nike. I think about it. I'm very cool. Here's the thing we're going to pay this much to fight this monster thing to get out there Pantego going to push that paper crossing a female returned with just look at her. Just look at their son number, which Strip Steak House in Vegas. We're talking about two million pay per view buys, and this is what you would get set for life.
He's. Probably several f already anything. So he made four million dollars, Derek Lewis, yeah not sat. I only use that we mail the who knows how much made for steep pay. Who who knows how much you made so instead, let's say after taxes, ten million in the bank is that set now you live. We then go watch. Get gold watch. Bro did that's not that crazy He has a joke in his newest new about cold. What they say medium couldn't be more opposite: yeah yeah, you got a gold watch, so I it's a gold rolex that gold Rolex Massey. That's why ten million dollars isn't going to last. For you, you now ten million would last for I'm not that crazy or something something. How long would it last for the rest of your day Ten million I'd be set with my investments are like that by property. I'd be I'd, be panic, and
well don't get me wrong. I wouldn't stop working. You know what I'm saying, but if you wanted to stop work if you want, I don't know, do you do? Have you ever thought about? Have you ever put a number? If I get here I can chill out on like I don't need to do. I have seven team podcast. I don't need to do. I don't need to do so. Nine sets of weak at you know that calm store do not want to get good. I know, but I'm what, if I want to get a hundred percent, if only get a pot to say, do that phone, you get it, but there has to be some, but area level financially where I can get to. I could I can chill out on this, but I'm not I'm, not I'm not built that way. Every morning I wake up. I got fuckman we've already get going, better get going, I don't know, I don't think about retiring, because I like what I do so I don't think I don't think like. Oh, I need we have x amount of money in the bank, so I'm not going to do this very much longer. I'm not saying retiring. I'm saying maybe cut back on all the shit you do like all that stuff. I think it keeps me from going crazy, too, think being at
give keeps me from losing my marbles yeah just on the house. Just only with my demons depressed, I don't think I'll ever get, really now I get depressed from not if I'm not busy. If I'm with my son and but you leave me alone now, I'm like a gremlin I'm I don't leave me alone man, I don't like being all by myself all the time. Well, I have so many different interests, the other, the other sort of one of the patterns that I've picked up. My whole life is that I like to do. I find things I like to do when I do them. As my as I can, I would I mean I have so many different things, whether it's archery or martial law, arts or I would I joined the fuckin' pro pool tour, I would do some see, but everything you talk about it. Would you want here good about to those you're doing that with friends like so yeah friends are the best in the world at this thing, just mention that was handed that helps to having well yeah, if you alone, with no friends. That is very that
so I can get a little dark and if you leave it like that brother goes on the road to mail done tons of dates, and when he's with me and I'm in that room all by myself, yeah, probably three or four days like? Oh I'm, not I'm, not happy man, I'm not doing well, I don't know. I tried something I need talk soon about, but I don't know, that is a depressing thing when you're alone on the road are to do those gigs on the road, with no opening act like way going to dance, and I will work with the local guy and it was just not five, the local that was cool it great. We had a good old time and it was fun, but in no I'm I like everybody, but if I'm also on friends, so if you're, not my group, I don't want to spend time, I'm not going to go to eat with you. I'm not I'll, see you see at the venue. Like. I don't want to get to know each other get to know anybody now. No, not really your books closed slot I talked for living. So if you didn't have to work again, what would you do with your time, like so whatever say
You know you hit the lottery. You want. Five hundred billion dollars never have to work again, still do stand up and podcasting really guaranteed yeah. If I'm not busy like I like being stupid busy, I got it. You know feeling I have a new podcast, letting you do that already have my show on Showtime but yet you did need to do that because I of doing? Well, it's not for financial work, good, like I love Theo by himself like his podcast by themselves. Really gonna he's better with other people. Yes, because it because other people get to respond. How ridiculous he is. Out of this world, half half the fun is people well, what the fuck are you talking? Some crazy shit at some crazy shit mean mean him talked about doing it for a long time doing the king. This thing along time, then even made the announcement and then months late. Like you months just because you know he's a busy guy busy guy and it's like. We don't need to do that. Are you the
yeah I'm because he called me. He says I I look. I it stung by a bunch of bees because I'm like swollen and I called it- I said it looks like he- you know, keep rats or something that's on the rat king. They just stuck and then king in the thing it's going great man? It's not going great, it's so different than what can I do and people like to find the kid it's coming in and now it's fucking not come on, find kids never been bigger man. He can't every month the bill to bill. I don't know why, but every months bills bills bills me doing great, but there's the rat king, that's what he looks like the turtles we have. We have a say on the show called flaunt my aunt send in pictures of their ads to don't show, picture online. Do you we sure do, sir? No, it's people, it's not all bad things like some girl, send a picture of her uncle and she's like guilt, about my uncle, so you feel
she's, very positive, and I take it down a weird road, but it's great or someone should send a picture of their own from the 1950s. She got pretty hot our producer Chin showed his aunt aunt and she was hot as fuc 1950s hot was different, but there we Thomas somebody's in hacking, one old lan. Seventy five years old Mmhm have a nice set where's your set. Is it in the same complex? We do fire in the kid? No, so it's it's in Santa Monica and its it's, the combat produce called Mark Malcolm and they do all my Showtime stuff time with Brian Daily. In those guys they were to make it as easy as possible, because you have all these shows. We don't want you driving all over, so they just got a very much mostly on this base, did like a Joe Rogan style where they built me set working on like my fantasy land. So have Showtime stuff there of king
sting there. What's with the bumblebee colors that Charlie ground colors, I don't know we have set designer there. I'm like right. Well, we're not huge Charlie Brown fan since two on the nails, black and yellow, like a bee sting it's too on the nose. You know it's a very fashion. Conscious, though, do that suffer drive me nuts do I was going to say last night, you got your dress and you trust out man. I dressed up you like flannel shirt and fly young people introducing him Jamie, look pretty dumb you're. On stage I looked. I looked at Brian said: Spock, look at Rogan with the swaggy tonight. Drip drip sound awful. It was good looking to do those friends horrible do they feel is the worst person. I know what Ryan houses garages Jeff wears like those pants with like a rubber band on the bottom of the parachute pants, like their mom vegan pants, the very viewers v compared. What does that mean? Did you there's just some bullshit pass like
so he wears me too. Movement pants, like they're, just so non alpha male. You know like that's what he wears that's his style. They tape down the bottom and then elastic that holds them up like six inches away from his shoe. He very yoga: mom Ish she and then tomorrow, anyways weird shoes and how like Nike shoes with Reebok Socks drives me tries. He nods not really not stated. I did that the other day no, you did is it to have her converse with a pair of Adidas soccer balls lewd, and I was thinking about it before I left my known. Can now the five did Jamie. How do you come to the same like? If, if you did that at my school, you would have got out alive by fifth? What there's a word for it? Mismatched perfect. Maybe I don't know, there's a there's like a word when you were when you found them. Yes, wake up early 90s thing. He had just wasn't my thing yeah, but it's a good time
in what field on feel- and I tried to do- is something completely different. There's there's it's not like open and the conversation. There's no gas, it's just it's all segments ranking sting it and it's all free emissions? So people have videos, go YO, burger, king or Mcdonald's? I mean him debate, Mcdonald's, burger, king or flat minor send picture. Do you have a preference, chicken, Burger King Mcdonald's, I'm a burger king guy, the Alondra cheese, yet one it's either once healthy, but the front tastes like do a whopper with cheese. What do you like We have to choose Jean Wendy's and Burger king right next to each other or hitting all the water with cheese ketchup only Bro, that's outrageous! What you went Wendy's of course, to their square. You ISIS file Square, you gotta the How do you see you? square into two or slices, give a fuck as long as it takes. Good, do not worry about shape, come on bro you so fashion, conscious and it drives me. You should have been I got another life, yeah
Thank you right as I stop. I do second Stratus Fashion, conscious guy, I know yeah. I don't know why it's interesting right, like you really into like, looks in fashion and trends and stuff yeah. You pay attention and the only guy that I know that does that I've had my outfit picked out for my special Saturday for three weeks now wow, I went through like constantly thinking constantly thinking. What am I going to do? You should have a tiger come out in a cage Katt Williams over the top yeah just go nuts, have a fur coat and hasn't Take the fur coat off when you get off stage. The sets a little outrageous, the not easy, but I'm like oh it's very. Kevin Hart. It's like that's nice when they said right. Well, that's that'll work. Yes, I did yeah. I can't wait. Man, that's awesome, yeah! more excited so the same night that you are doing your Showtime special Tj Dillashaw as fighting Henry Cejudo. Who else is on that card? Pull that card out good card
the first card ever for ESPN, plus yeah, ESPN plus. So it's a streaming thing. You watch cowboy Cerrone US, though, on the on Regular ESPN, the the the main event on the regular spin. Then you so it's weird because the prelims on the digital device, then it goes regular ESPN for the dollars from the fight. Then your switch back to the digital can take a little while, for he said well, some people are super bummed out of my friend, Brian Stevens, who lives in a rural Texas outside of Dallas and he's bummed out, because this is internet, something fast. It's like you know certain places you can give fix internet prilly. The nineteen he can't get Wi Fi. If you want to live on a ranch with only one and you know, get slow Wi Fi ranch, Phuc Bro, but there's something they can do some stuff bro. He stuff right. Well, you can, if you
really want to be. You know ball. You got to spend a lot of money like it took four months for us to get legit internet at the old place. Then it two of the streets and where we're know we were in you, the Canoga Park, area which has all these businesses doesn't religion there yeah with Dave it's a it's a grind to get legit internet and Spaso House can't get it so it's gone down it man! So he's you know these to be watch all the good fights on regular tv? So here we go Greg Gillespie, verses, Yancy, Madero's, Gregor less. Is that guys the beast: minus five hundred and fifty yeah he's a intimidators whelming favorite. That could be five.
I love how you skip over the Greg hardy. We all recognize this bullshit and then let's keep going, is it bolstered mean the guys got fuckt at serious power, with the only thing that I know she fought cans, history and also on the SD card used to co main event. Well, he's dead bolts, because his name he's depth well, Allen, Crowder, I don't know him. I don't know who who Alan Crowder's and he's great guard giant favorite six hundred Yeah he's minus six hundred the way minute calls himself the Prince of WAR: hey bro wow, oh no. He does he does Craig the Prince of war, hardy wow. Don't do that. Do not absolutely do not do that. Do that Nicknames are so bad, but someone needs like a nickname coach. The UFC should provide you not have like the athletes, the performance center, it's getting better yeah? I live in Nyc, NY, nickname center like Greg or the gift Gillespie. That's a good name. Dude a lot of trouble. She's mother can wrestle holy. Can
fish too, he can fight he's good fresh here. So it's Sirius serious wrestler, though this is a good fight. This is obviously good fight. Yeah. They did fight before an Benavidez one yeah gonna be. Is a mother fucker this glow over to sharing and call rovers. That's a good fight. Karl Rove is a fucking beast man intranet. This is a Roberson Roberson, Carla Robertson, K, Roberts yeah that can fight. He is good. You can very good yeah. He hurt his foot in his last fight early on, but this is a big step up. Clover is getting a little long in the tooth, while a lot long in the tooth, but he's still tough his ship If this goes experience, it could get dicey and then the neck One voice vans their hands to Rachel, most of its whole dying me time is of all time is the better looking than the rancor girls well most of it.
Because has the most read body enter she's beautiful too. She's, so beautiful her body, so ridiculous, it's like are, you are person, God yeah risk it all for that uh, and then you got yet Paige Vanzant, whose why is it saying? One hundred and fifty five she's not wanting to fight that's a tight one. You have seen God so shut your fucking people on the website. Damn it someone's an asshole, they wanna make fun of it off one hundred and fifty five. I could also do it right. Some girl who works for the will lead to some of the girlfriend of the web designers like I didn't raise one fifty five slash bad, I'm forty five but she's fifty five and she yes she's easy on the eyes too yeah she's, beautiful, yeah they're, both gorgeous women, it's crazy, though the oldest of it's coming off of that domestic violence. Thing where
I seen the video of that. It's disturbing it's her husband, saying he's going to kill her. It's super disturbing. If you need Security Rachel, I'm here for you so sad uhm, they have kids together too. It's just so fuckedup. It's super dark, but to put her on the card with Greg Hardy, there was a giant lot of people critic. Is it not in the UFC does not give a file well. The thing is that Greg Hardy was on the card. The card was set before she got assaulted by her husband, so it was already in place. She was supposed to be in the car they pulled from the card when they thought that she had a broken orbital own. She went to a different doctor. I guess you got some actual SAM's, an mris and stuff turns out. She didn't have a broken orbital bone, the clear to fight she begged them to let her fight because she just she doesn't I want this to take her out of fighting is what I a gigantic catastrophe, a horrible.
Dilemma in her life right hard not to root for her husband hits our beats her up. It's awful and she like I'm not going to let this guy stop. My career, I'm not going to let this guy change the path, my life, I'm done with him. I want to fight and she begged them let her fight, and I'm just saying. If, on the UFC, I go all right, Greg hardy he's, not a big draw, he's, not he's not of that trim. There's nothing going on here. Let's just move any other fucking card. We have sensitive to this. We tune in just though it's not a big deal, move into that Scott. I think they want some controversy. I think they like Hunter, I think, any sort of press and they live and die by this negative press press will look at Joe's thing. They don't have a how Bout Conor could beeping the camp showing him throwing the the the Dalai at the bus, the caption
it over and over again the promos into their point. It you know it kind of works. Fuct yet worked. It was a joy and paper view. I mean that was joint. It works. He can't this was a little different like throwing a dolly through the window with other professional fighters. Alright, whatever I've watched that I hype that should do with this one, I can't I just can't, amount, I'm not typing it. I can't get on board. Well, it's not like Ostovich is fighting her boyfriend or husband. It would be cool. She was, I think, he's a fighter cycle because, right now it looks pretty dark yeah, it's trouble, not good the whole thing so ugly, it's tough one of the fights were the fights are cowboy. I know that's right. Alexander Hernandez is a fucking beast. That is a good fight. That guy is super cocky too Alexander, the great Hernandez. He is a bad other phone would just taken randomness fights yeah. Well, this is his first.
This is Hernandez his first fight in the big leagues. Let me look is record. That shows record no, but I mean look at it. The actual fights this show who's fought. They don't have that on the but he hasn't fought anyone know where they don't have it on the website on fight card. I don't believe, but maybe on here here on his page. They do while not weird I mean yeah. You saw Paul Mercier how dare uses a mother. He not he starts in yeah. He starts and he beat album RCA. Those two the good tires yeah, but the way he, why are you so so cold he's fast as Fuk he's got serious power he's really technical too and he's really hungry.
Thank you. He views this cowboy fight as the breakout opportunities one online yeah, yeah yeah he's got real future championship. Potential is, is one of those guys. You look you go, let's see what see there and yeah with cowboy it's just like makes zero sense in the world. I just one to active, he's a savage man. He just loves it, and you know what man I mean. If you look at his last fight against Perry. He still fighting smooth and smart. He looked fantastic in find a short work of Perry. Yep he's Dane this guy powerful gun kill. We gonna cowboy man, it's very interesting, very interesting fight, I'm that might be one of the fights and most curious about for sure for sure yeah. We have to use a mutherfuckers scroll down the first kid and I've seen this kid since he walked in the gym at thirteen court. San Diego,
He came to Aurora high altitude when I was fighting and he was a basketball player in high school and came in there and he is a mother fucker. He is damn good. He supposed to fight John Linacre, but John got hurt, but he until this kid is stand up, I sue special five hundred and eleven one thirty. Five. That's a tall gentleman for that weight class. He's a protege of Christian Allen HEAT this kid at skills meant. Am I don't know, I don't know nothing about. Mario Batista have nothing about see if you find a video of Corey fighting chorus and just movement you'll see how fluid is movement is and how one orthodoxy is and he's good in in all areas, but the one downfall might be is wrestling, but he's funny and good man yeah. It's so fun time right now for for up and coming to the so many good bass. As far as combat sports, including boxing and mma there can. I yeah in the business were in the
to be a better time. I know right, it's crazy! Yes, I always think it's a it's a male soap opera. I always have something to talk about. The only thing that's left out is kick boxing kickboxing stills, not getting any traction. You know what it's just like Digital, like it's never going to just blow up like not because it's is the way the world is Joe. I don't give a part yeah. I think that's. The one thing that I think is missing is kick boxing blowing up again. I love combat sports, but acts like I'm not going to jump to couch to watch kickboxing or jujitsu, and I loved you jets, if I'm not going to like if there was a big kick boxing card. Like I watched over him too much sorry, didn't we go to see Joe Schilling fight together. Did you come with me to that event? I didn't go with you and go with that. All speaking of that Coker takes us now and get back to sites about fate or yeah. He's like dude your fate or better get back to me at either. Also ask you yeah, I was,
if you want to go, should we go? Is it next weekend, so the 26th the weekend after your event, it's at the forum I feel like we should go to see fate or fight lies to because, if specially loses by the last time, well, it's just that the, the opportunity to see if there's five, all time greatest fighters in history he's on my list, have you been alive, fade or never I've been to two went when he fought Ronnie Coleman Vegas and when he fell, and then I worked at the Bell Tower when he fought mystery on his sand, they can give it to you so tall for thirty five, he looks like the of vegan that, like Cl Smooth, is when he's just, he got lit up there in the but he's very smooth, and so if yuri you re, that's a tough one cheese out this. This is one of the rounds of the year. He gets in trouble and you think you, he his arm. He goes when this fight, I'm pretty sure
Jesus Christ, all my god. How does he not tap here? This is crazy. He's trying gold he's in a full. An arm bar he's getting his arm up. He gets out of this. Oh, my God. How does he get out of this with no idea? What a heart. Yeah he's a special talent. Oh, my god he's got some rubber arms. Look at his arm. His arm And he's a little broken look at it. Look how far spent back surprise. The reference that old, I'm surprised, left oh, oh, no, it's turned sideways now see the way this is that's actually going with the joint, because he's doing this now so he's actually in a way back shape. His boat now is Fuct, oh no, but he bent it he's safe, he's he's
see doing his hearing is not doing well. Defense well shoulders, not in danger. There he's doing very good with defense, but he's getting caught up from this. This is incredible controls leg, so Unix gave all my god. This is a horrific to watch. How does he get out of this? That's incredible. How can tars got ability what the fuck, that is, that kind that a break your will now, when you do all that, and he still there and look at him and he is asked mashing you and then you're tired and you realize, like oh, my god, I should try to choke him should have committed to the triangle? I mean the triangles full locked in that meeting time harm, or was it was nasty but triangles put you to sleep think about arm bars. Is you can let your arm snap? You really can and guys have there's some crazy, savages out there that will let you break their arm, no time to stop it. But when you get put to sleep you get put to sleep yeah you're, trying over
reflecting gets. What this thing is just saw your triangle beside Fuckin' by Ortega. Like the triangle better, be The guys are so good with the defense of triangles these days. Yeah triangles. Aren't that you know core a black belt right, but it's like who's who's who's triangle. Is that good, like trying answer. Try its emissions transportations by the best in the FCS, yeah yeah the Tri city? That's was stands for it. You people, you know people seen him in the MAX Holloway fight. If you've only seen him fight enough, I god you know back and watch him to your home. His submissions are so nasty. It's flying trying girls. San Diegans is Hoggan. Sandhog gonna send Hagens in Hagen San Diego's smashing down, Arkan Tara's seems again came to the gym basketball player. No experience! That's zero! At thirteen young yeah? I see the thirteen year olds and just learn ship.
Yeah it's about thirteen locked in the gym any. You know this work ethic from basketball, not gonna. I'll, try this stuff out and walked in the gym. Yet Christian Allen who is a ninja and then he just downloads all his experience in. Do you like right down here in the Fucking UFC, amaze That is, and you used to be an underdog against John Lineker and he would be Lineker Man, two he's some Machin, all Contar How does this fight end? Do you remember Cory wins he's beaten up, pretty sure you have to get a bonus for that night. You'll think Alcantara spray. After all, that is like Jesus Christ, dude he's not even defending himself well he's exhausted from, but he's like trying to blow yeah and shoulder the way he's defending him. So I click. It is the way that he's doing. It's almost like he's confused that the guy still there and they pounding on him now a clear this is like letting you must be exhausted. He emptied his gas tank.
This gets busted up, yeah he's getting fuckedup dude hop out unless you can move right now, he's so exhausted man showing for that note, Guerra sweep the d path. Yep Known better arm yeah man, that's it that's interesting and that, and that is on what is on fight pass out when Rafael, Paso, no fight pass. That's on this on ESPN, plus, okay, because, yes and plus then he'll to it's been a watch cowboy thing: I'd get jump back to digital platform to watch the rest of the card, wow terrible idea. Whoever did the really terrible idea, really terrified back and forth. Yeah does make. Is it not on after like if you have the design it goes, it goes app red. TV to up like you can watch e normal on the app, I believe. I'm not sure where I'm at that's? What I'm asking you I'm not sure hope hopefully not sure as a Saint Thomas is talking about it, and so can you get the app on
television, can you do it through, like Apple tv, to be able to should be yeah, so you can just watch all of it. Yeah, Have you seen the also the Andy? Stop them, damn ready to drop out fuckin' Cain, Valasquez, verse, Francis in Ghana, OU. That makes me nervous for who for Kane really yeah. It's amazing Pfeiffer K. It's a great fight for Kane. If he gets that guy in the ground five for Francis still makes me excited. Is it mean I see nervous anytime? I see Francis nurse fighting, I'm nervous for his opponent because I wasn't nervous about here Sunday, final funk, you were a nurse in the Derek Lewis right now. I thought if he thought the way he always fight, that would be a cool. Razi fight, but he was so nervous from that fight from the steep, a fight that he just did. An honorable just couldn't pull well was Derrick rose out of her back yeah. We got a complete shitshow. I am not dollars. I just think
Adam data. You know Kane's been out for a long time he's a mother fucker, though he's the best I think it is the last I think he's the best in terms of physical ability. You think the best heavyweight of all time. I think, he's a vast yesterday, I had to do a little more work, think he's the best in terms of what he's accomplished, I think Faye doors the best heavyweight of all time in terms of what he's accomplished, maybe Maybe you can make the argument for for BC over doom because we're doing beat him, but I think for doing beat a fade or that it already been through the ringer. Pride and in all all the chaos over there I mean he had been wars with fucking Kadhim beat him when it was still the aura of or the first one way when you realize you enough, because Brett Rogers kinda to a little bit out of that duty, starched fuckin' payout him, but before had trouble with them. It wasn't an easy fight. It wasn't an easy fight,
it was respect Brett right, he did a procop like I mean you, curl hop fuckin' yeah Lipton looking him with that right hand, that right hand was redonkulous, though I think it's it's it's tough to say grace all time. His is the greatest of that time period, because when, when he was doing it, there were specialist that he was great. There are certain things that made him great he's undersized size. If you put his bill, sat with his frame now into the the pool- it's I don't know, if he's the best Kane at his time, when Jds and he's in his prime Brock Lesnar those guys. What can we do to people? He overwhelm you in a way that looked like you were drowning. His cardio in in pace was insane insane. What did you junior dos Santos fights, I think, took so much out of junior both of them? I need to get both pay. The price. All thought of the same thing as same thing is to listened to the box you just had on
tell you love Kelly Public, how you saying he was once the rematch with Canelo Triple G, because it takes much of those guys they're they're, never the same, I'm usually on the same thinking path. Is that where the does God again ma'am with we're, never going to get a a good product, Mccain, ten junior for sure I mean its especially the third fight in the third fight with it's actually to two, the second one bob both of them they just Njdst pay. Yeah that was that was Christina M Jds is at the Morton steep basses. Had some words in you. Can you can tell that they're just they're just different in life yeah, the Senate's brain trauma, whatever is but just they're just different they're, not the piece themselves in that in that octagon. Well, it's for sure some brain trauma yeah be nice to try to be nice to get hit in the head that much. They they leave. They leave a little piece of a mint. In now, for our there tainment, I feel a little guilty about what,
this is no talk about steep pay, steep pay, the most accomplished heavyweight of all time he's the greatest in terms of his accomplishments. He when the title more than anybody, he didn't fight the best guys in their prime when he fought, Junior Junior was definitely passes, profits. The knocked him right. It's only proper do matter sign, that's not his it again when it his run during his era. Steep is the best is the, but it was came to his aid. He was the best right fate or was the best it's hard to say this. Does and this guy, because it's just a different time period like Jordan, better than Lebron Jordan during that era. By far the best Lebron right now by far the best. Right, we don't know each other, but I don't know now. So that's the question about steep pays like why Why is there no talk about him fighting again like why have they
set he's trying he's trying, like even tweeted, that goes DC before I retire? Let's do it, man like quit, waiting for John? Let's do it well he's being really active on social media trying to print, but it doesn't seem like there's a lot of it has to be. You know why it's not in his nature, we know that it's deeper. We know that it's not simply the firefighter humble blue collar dude, he's going to put in work comes to fight all the time. So Derek Lewis explains turned down steep a fight. Derrick says they wanted me to fight steep and short notice. I wanted some time off. I was still fights the paper not right now, not so soon specially after A guy like DC, has more of a wrestler, then go into fights steep. I wanted some time off, so they're try against Ebay fight, so they were trying Jennifer the UFC's Brooklyn Car this weekend. No this weekend, but it's smart of Derrick Lewis, when you go oh DC, then Steve Bay. There couldn't be too worse matchups for him. He'll get paid
yeah. There are two beatings going to take, but most likely, unless you connect Slack Derrick Lewis is doing it for the money. He says that you know I'm trying to make cash man, so that would be the best way to do it, but she's not healthy. It's give me an aspen from Steve Bay yeah. Where he connects track two early on, but even France connected with steep in cp did not give a he's. That's all freaky yeah he's tough, which is a more more I believe in the DC to come out soak them offering steep pay black piece. You can tell they're not even think in DC steep it re bets and now he's getting Jones listener. That's that's it! I don't lester's finding. I don't either I think some suspect tune on there. I I would be willing to bet DC's last fight. Is that heavy weight against Jon Jones Jon Jones on its,
despite all that, such as I'd like and I'm a Brock Lesnar Faye, and I like it like I like when he fights you such a freak and celebrate the guy. I love the foot. Let you stop hating of. If you go get a cup of coffee on Brock Fights, I don't give a, but when you, when you talk about John Jones DC, that I mean don't even talking about product John Jones DC, that's the mother, I think that's bigger than Connor could be too. I think it's there's so much history there it's for him in the head and I think that DC it heavy weight button. John, the the gap near us yeah at Light Heavyweight DC, is not for you at heavyweight, though I think that's why John's kind of like I'll fight him has to be a light heavyweight because DC, does have some advances that have you in, but let's, let's look at what they've done with Tj Dillashaw dropping can down the flyweight. Why can't dc? Do the same thing? gets down the light heavyweight. What do you mean? Oh it's saying: what do you mean well,
struggle so hard to get down the light heavyweight that foxes, cardio is conditioning just doesn't feel the same says it takes too much out of. He feels how much stronger at heavyweight 'cause he doesn't have to go through that way. Cut big dude man, that's funny! No! No he's got body fat on him got extra body fat. That's not it doesn't aid your performance now when he said heavyweight, two doesn't diminish himself or is he a mesomorph where he's different because sometimes like a fade or nor Roy Nelson. If you make Guys shredded that's on their dna they're not act a that's! Not you can't do that, but because we see guys, like France, We assume that you know I'm saying like the act. The like, like real Guy super skinny, if you don't tell him as amorphous, we think that's in the middle. That's one thing don't like, I think, a deal with them as a more and more first fat right. Yes, I think for DC, like being shredded, his body doesn't function off what doesn't have to be shredded but he's carrying. Around, so much extra weight, he's like
essentially where dudes to slowly start look. It came last Cain, he starts two guys he starts Depay, who he just connected with a beautiful shot in the clinch. That's a skill is wrestling, I think. What's going on and heavy with Dcs he's, not weak and let him eat whatever the fuck. He wants and he's not weak, and I think that is critical for him, and I think he gets down the light heavyweight, I think, he's weak. I think it takes something out of, but I wonder how much they could mitigate that with great die it and planning it out the same way all of it is done to to. We will all die, naturally in letters sent on a percent, but still the mean them out further to get him down to hundred and thirty five pounds before the weight cut. I just don't think it's Indiana. Dc's dna to be that leans, just not for him, maybe it's just not you know, maybe, but I think everyone benefits from scientific planning meal
planning, real analysis of your calories in calories out nutrients. I don't know. He does that already. What's up some key, he some degree, but some guys, I think, do better where for die like DC, where he just that extra fat and it just that's his thing. I hope that they fight if they do fight. I hope the first fight is in every way That's one hundred percent 'cause we've seen the light heavyweight, 'cause they've talked about doing it at light heavyweight we've seen the light switch on version at light, heavyweight yeah with John Lance Light Heavyweight so that it never has appear that he picked up a title when they took it away from the champ. They didn't earn it from the champ. I get that, but how great would it be if you're John, where you know most people clearly know he's be DC, then you go to have you in to take that from mom? It's just ultimate you, but I also think DC's. A different animal heavy weight is different. John does get it in see a heavyweight could land some yeah that
it's not easy to knock out at all. No, that would be the fight, but it's also like they get so emotional with each other. The heat out they yeah d c hate suck on its white paper view goes each each that's what you want as much. I you it's hard to trilogy at light heavyweight July July. Fourth, that was weak. In the c d c versus John Jones, the average average with the World Champ Champ, Champ Champ, boom pole, the giant paper. You three million, buys pride around the area, a lot of pay raises, but he has a lot of play hit. It could be done and it did that that's what's gonna happen. Name is going to make out offer. They can't refuse well we're in January February March April May June July. Six months from now you see one return March. I don't you know what the second age July is not going to retire in March two cities
What is forty four days can retire get outta here with that flights. Tp Tweetium was like dude. Let's do this before you get out. What is this is from a promo for wrestling wrestling event this week, 'cause he's in the royal rumble at the end of the month. Is this new to him as like current him, do you think or well its current him? He passed many tests. You know it's just a couple of Pecos Bros relax, Look at the size of another little he's a freak, though you know well he's definitely a freak, but is he physically the same like look up Brock Lesnar Lean, trying to find a new picture. We have a picture him in high school gives jacked shoot Giant, naturally, giant do ultra large size a can of paint for a head, he's so busy tank looks take every bully of all time in high school, but is actually a nice guy. Yeah like there, he looks pretty lean.
Now. That's did you ever hear about the story up at babies, Thomas used to train with Brock, good God, that's a freak uhm when rock they were in between camping Brock. Had his daughter, his hand and people saw him and went to grab and take pictures, and he told his daughter. They grab the hand he sold his daughter and he just went off on this dude he's like tonight, this guy ever proxy, always great, but I guess this family, oh my God, Brock Lesnar, he's like when my kids, man, don't bother me with some dude was like knowledge to get picture and grab them. They sold his daughter and just went he just like what the fuck are. You doing. Men grabbed his arm was holding his daughter. We saw this does is talk about what has what you might yeah grab me like what the did. I get my daughter, your man, an I'm Brock Lesnar, going to twist your hat off. People want what they want and they don't care yeah. I just don't see him fighting again. I'm I'd be happy. If I was wrong, I think definitely wants to get back in there again.
I mean I think he has some some fights in his mind that he would like to get back. I think it. Eighteen, I think, I'd be like Cain. Ninety five percent of the division, two I'm very command yeah. He is a free to do pico grams, no pico great he's a fucking freak. Did he could grams? That's just my preference for Viking Series, so so hot right he's such a freak. He is I a you want. Some skeptical applies for your boy of how about the test results for Lesnar showed up then went away on their website and they're like oh, it's just a story in a mistake. Just a glitch to fifty thousand dollars took care of. How funny is that I wonder what happened. What do you think happened? I don't know I I love the. I do not know. I think that there's some sort of shady miss there think so off come on man, if you think you saw it as the end, all be all you.
At MIT Services let technical issues because online block Proc listener drug test number discrepancy here. Here's my problem, Joe here's, my problem with So, let's just assume Brock. I don't know the needle is ask- maybe maybe I don't know I've, never done it one hundred percent- I would guess well, he tested positive in the mark, Hunt, fight, correct and mark soon for that, so so he's is suing him Mark soon, UFC still still legal action with interest, and this in these on the use ease his contract up with you see celebrity get even our earlier now. So good luck to my, but so brought closer. We know of steroid user his test. What this does shop money ran in the one. That's coincidence, right, John Jones, greatest fighter of all time. You sign issues, pico grams, that's just a coincidence. It's too much of a coincidence for image. Okay, but wait a minute
the John Jones. You Sada thing they tested and positive, correct, like what are you saying by the way, did test negative after the fight, even for the metabolites, so heat for the people. Grams afterwards, people grants using pico grams pico Grams, a unit of measurement correctly, what he does to you how's it of for doing so. Many got a light for this this this steroid, which and after the fight there was nothing right. Okay, because the numbers they what they're saying, is that what what body has in it is a Sponsors to this it's not detecting, like Anavar in his system, whether detecting isn't it's a metabolite thing is the body responding to the fact that this steroid had been in his system. Previously, yes, but they does coincidence yeah, it's not that it's a you keep saying it like it's a joke
but look at the situation to me is limited. Look at ok! We want to tell me why joke this is why to joke, because now you any end before I say all this Jones is, I think, whether he did anything or not, he still the greatest fire on the planet. He doesn't need to stop the reason, because it's a joke is because the greatest fight on the planet to ever enter the octagon has all these issues. It's too much of a coincidence to me. He has plenty of issues outside of that. When you say all these issues, you mean steroid issue correct right now, first, one being that DA da Da Da man k up for the first one being the excuse of the Dick pills, okay but the, but it was like they actually got the Dick bills they tested them. This is all documents. It is it thanks for those data files, it pills Joe, they found what they found were the precursors that can be found in big bills. So if it's computer all in one image about so the the thing that flag for those new shopping, Dick bills, Dick Pills
shop in a lot of other things right, but he got them the Dick pills that he took and they had it in them correct. So that means he, so that's what it took, but Johnson in the amount that he had in his system. What they're saying is the only way that could exist as through a tainted supplement the way they tested him before the way they tested in after the what the a small window of time where he was positive. For that thing, to be no performance enhancing benefit for him to thing in a micro does or whatever, and that it's in such a small amount that it had to be a tainted supplement. They got them the. I actual supplement that he took the Dick pill supplement. It had it in
contained that, so many got punished for that. This is not like a steroid that he took were made him a better fighter or made him a better athlete so to play devil's advocate here, so that that stuff, that comes in those dick pills and you can get from other steroids, but it happens to be in those days. You certainly can yes, but but that's one narrative that you fit to clear that you could say what's in these take pills, I'm since I'm, since you can do that. That's true, but it's in such a small amount in his body, and it wasn't in his body before, and it wasn't in his body after which showed that only in his body, in extremely small amounts for a small window, okay, yup, but a small window of time. So it's not like he had it. It's not even like this stuff, which is a metabolite which is showing a response to the body. Your, body responding to the steroids? Let me ask this Joe ok, why does no other? I don't have any peer pico grams that this pulsating effect. Really.
Well, that's not true mean the other friends have tested met, Frank Mir, tested positive for something two years: Tom Lawlor tests but Frank Mir. It didn't go to the same steps that Jon Jones did. He didn't provide them with. I forget what the exact, but There was something that John did also that lowered his sentencing in remember, foreman, yes, operating with you yeah or war, agreeing to cooperate with you, Sada yeah. That. When we're just cool with that- and I don't even know what that means, I don't either. But let me ask you this: if I agree tell you Sada to being in, and the man sneered stitches unless your John, the no one can beat you up so you're fine, but the thing is is
way I can inform you is, if something that of that, knowing that I know of, I can inform you just off. That's like that, was what I asked them. I was like you, we didn't do, anything wrong like and what is he going to offer because of in less he took something less. You know what you're doing like if I'm an informant for the FBI, or the feds for cocaine. I know my cocaine right now. I can get job well that makes my fuckin' express' get the guy knows the in an ounce of cocaine right. That's again, that's on my car right or they have a conversation with him and he says he can provide them with information with guys are getting away with passing drug test. And how would you know about that unless you're in on them? No, I don't I'm just again to me all. This is a little too much of coincidence that the best fight on the planet
it has these issues the best fighting the planner with also ran away from a hit and run smashed into a girl and broke her arm. He also drove his car into a tree he's reckless person who takes a lot of chances- and he does some at least in the past- has done some things are not very wise. This, could social under that or it could fall in correct order again to play devil's out. I'm not him of anything play Devil's advocate or a guy, who is that Lucy Goose, the outside the outdone might have taken some form enhancing things, because that would be the similar traits could have, except in this situation it doesn't line up with the facts of what he took in terms of long term, metabolite, short term metabolites and medium term tablets. The only only lonely, long term metabolites existed, which means that whatever he took, he take a long time ago. Now. The problem with this is this all I from that Guy Gregory the root root check. I see them
the one test. What I'm talking about is study that shows these metabolites is all from this one individual, this guy Gregory thank off. Who was the man from that documentary Icarus? He used to work for the russian doping, is state sponsor Doping program he's the one who established these tests and the way he established test is very highly. By people, be well. It's not suspect it's, but it's criticized by people injected himself and test those my tablets on himself- and this is not done on any peer reviewed test outside of his research. It hasn't been duplicate. The problem is it's not legal to perform these sort of tests on people in America? You can't just shoot club with illegal steroids, steroids in America and find out what it does to them, they don't know they do that. I told him to get Sean Shelby Y up with a
just steroids to shut the door shut down for you to get bigger. Just do it we're just due to Veto Belfort where we find set it down to tell him look veto. We got an extra couple, one hundred grand for you on the side just do this and let us do some filled up with dick pills. It goes. Bro cocaine tainted creatine for real. He would do it yeah. I don't know man, I'm I maintain an open mind. You too, I'm not accusing John anything but again for me- and this is just me it's too much- coincidence coincidence for to raise some red. It's from a guy call right. Two, two independent scientists outside of its key, where I was sending guys information. They were sending me back or send them all the work that they did. I send them all the relevant studies and one of them who was suspicious initially after reviewing all the stuff decided, it doesn't seem like it's likely that it could be possible that he could have actually cheated.
He said it's more like he did during that time. More likely that the actual the tainted supple excuse is a and by the way the team tainted supplement, I'm using the air quotes supplement was never provided. That supplement was never provided. So in less they did it to you? I decided I didn't want to release it, the one question was that cocaine that was tainted with creatine. That was the that was where people thought it came from, because really, according to the when he was working for the government that would be of a really common thing that creatine, was used in cocaine to cut it because it looks like coke. It cuts with coke, it's normal, it's not toxic, so they would always mix in cheap creatine with cocaine. To make more coke makes sense. Yeah makes sense in the that's what that's one of its key believed, but that's not what he believed, but he believed it was a possibility. I've heard all sorts of possibilities yeah, it is, should know the actual truth
yeah. Well, you know we not going to know that. I think we know as we're going to know unless John comes out was John Ritter. Ours is like. If I had a doctor, I had a doctor. It sticking my fingernails and see slowly release them some, I advance micro. Does. He would never admit that though nobody ever it militant rule it unless they get caught. It re tarnish your legacy in less. It's like the MLB thing, but so many people were quick to jump on the he's a cheater bandwagon, I'm like man, you got to be careful, gotta be careful with that will be careful that, but also be careful with that, but also you should be suspicious should be suspicious, and I don't think that if, when you saw it in a bit ski go, it's all good man, it was the day till you'll cool man. I don't, I don't think you can do that. Well, this is definitely can do that. He he he lost a lot on and say that's what the fans do? That's what the fans right. You know this
people can do that. I think it's okay to go. It's just! I don't know. Man looks too much smoke here for me, it's okay to do that. What it's not okay to do is to say he was cheating use, but you know he he's busted on these, why they have the stuff in the system, the the I'm not trying to say why the stuff in the system? Well, that's what I said, but they showed. Why had an assistant? Does you should have it in your system now. You definitely is not cool. That insist. No! No! It's ok to get why the funk is in the, that's right in the world system? What are you doing? Dude I think there's some that's going on right now that they haven't figured out yet that's going to be revealed. He is the latest yeah. I think so. The the the the drugs and and those than that underworld is always ahead of the of the testing. We always always that's what no said at first, but now he thinks it's reached this point.
Are the testing is so good. You know the testing threshold that he tested positive for for the Pica Grams is five two to five thousand is stronger than the water threshold yeah, so he would have to one thousand to five thousand times more of it in his system or two thousand to five thousand two one thousand percent numbers are tough to keep up with. I don't remember and foster, told me what it was either way period number, but insane amount of much higher. What this shit for him to test positive and water like these, these tests that they use now are insane. So are the doctors in the underground. Now this is the thing to do. Well, maybe but this is the thing they're doing now. Well, the thing is like: if it's solo you're not going to have a performance enhancing benefit, it has to actually be in your system in order to have a performance enhancing benefit, but now in two thousand nineteen they're, actually considering lowering their standards. So that say, if you do take,
do creatine. It does have the tiny trace amount of austrian or something like that. That's not going to show up positive any, which is how baby they should do it, because it's so strict. Now, where right, it's tainting guys legacy. Look at Josh, Barnett you'll get Frank met. You know you guys are nuts another one with a differentially cleared him, but Jesus Christ took a year for that man in and then on top of that everybody knew that he was under suspicion and Josh has tested positive before for I assume that he was doing something up the vets. He told me that the stop the testing is so good. Now that if you and I were in this room- and I had a jar of creatine- add steroids in it- and I popped it open and fucking just got in the air, and we ingested that dust. We would both test positive from opening a jar in a room and that's crazy good for them, but I think there's a Elon musk of Steroid PD's out there who's, like yeah cool man, games, are testing for this were over here. You dumb ask
that he's got a lot of wise and season is named, have cheese, yeah yeah, it's just Russia's funk! Was glass house hello, yeah dead as we're speaking approach, shot him and sleep now yeah I mean they. Did you see it Chris? Do you see that insane man now you can watch it just to say. I know the lengths people go to weather russian anti doping programs worship, they were just open people state sponsored doping and that the fact that the rate the Sochi Olympics so that they they got fake piss it. The only country doing that China did it sure they sued the Beijing China's like they were breaking gold gold medals. It's funny how people like this, just ridiculous. How could Russia doing like? Oh, my god, everyone or even with John? Like I don't I don't? Let's say
I did do some legal that we don't know if he got away. I don't give a dude. I really don't. I think a lot of guys are doing things. I do, I think it's part of every professional sport, NFL Nba Nhl, specially fighting. It's just. That's the name, the beast! Well, it's certainly a a nature. I mean it's definitely comes a totally Stephanie part sports because it works. You know it's interesting is like. Why is it okay to take regular creatine? Regular creatine works problem is good, as Micro Ders does any of that bullshit will be surprised, but yeah yeah. I I think they there's a marker dosing out that that the NFL guys can get their hands on our MLB. That you God damn well. They say that microdosing actual testosterone is more effective because microdosing actual testosterone doesn't produce any random, weird metabolite yeah and that's what a rod was doing like this form bears where right before you batty, like pop this gummy bear the spec Home run,
does. The man for the game is good, that's so crazy, soccer and and how much they take away from him. After that, how my God, man, he is. The whole legacy was torn yeah. We were you with me in Vegas time we had Strip Steak house and a rod was there and he was like to smoke, shows no one like it was like really that guy were you there with me. I don't know. I forget in the event that he was like back in like why he's awesome. They do all the spiritual. Kids playing baseball everyone's on steroids. You hate him that that's a funny thing, though, that you're a cheater thing like that was the thing with Mark Monk, fire and Sammy Sosa hate to tell you the guys pitch most of them also juiced to the gills. It felt good SAM Resources so much. He turned himself into a white guy and went fuck. This noise, I'm going white, go on Super white, went ultra, camouflage, not working 'cause. He sticks out even more than we still doing, interviews and share what is going on. He does interviews, but just assumes, like
all good he's like dressing up like the planet, we sense man yeah, he is and then went so brings up he's like what what mean wellness can I just use a lotion that people like with your white bra and he's like what about it? Yeah I like to look like this like no. I know What the fuck are you doing these bleaching yourself with just straight up Losh it do you think you have spots on his back that he can't reach now. I bet his girls she's like do. We can have these fucking spots like your dad Dell Amazin back of his do, how bout his to there's no way all his dick wrinkles are black. Like you know, I can all that looks like like a trade off with the the blue. Do you have to to get all the nooks and crannies? that you get the ain't. Do you get your asshole bleached to if you have a black hole for an asshole? Everything else is using there's spots all over something to think about Bro, it's just oh wow, that kind of Whitey is you don't look bad there, but it looks like he's wearing makeup
good. He looks like we got them, Dick Tracy character. It looks weird because you know what lake like the inside of his eyelids. Like that's, dark so I'm saying, because you can't really get the whitening cream did. He looks like a God dam vampire. You can't get the whitening cream to your well if he was a regular guy and that's what he looked like that big normal I mean that's like Joey Diaz is skin color, but it's like you get is eyeliner, go to eyeballs made that larger, look around his eye is dark and is there lobes of that's weird, the your are freaking me out. And then the inside of his nostrils, oh yeah, you can't look into darkness, it son well, his strange. He digs it. I guess he likes it. How about happy? How about how hard we howling at Joey D's story, the other night that comes to mark on Tony Fuckedup, my rib? That's what he used to she's like yeah. She was a black guy, oh yeah,
did he held court last night to same spot in the oh, my god? If he told this story about him taking a shit I sent me a picture of his ship me to the next morning woke up. He said his pictures. She goes. This is shared. Who stick? He stopped Oh he's eating this isn't a bit right! He's eating sauerkraut and farting on the plane and Lauryn Hill was like what the fuck that dude Ps Lord. I was Fuji sweating. I'm talking! That's why I woke up I'm like. Do I get punched in the it's like you know, I take sternly. Do your story, my ribs up last night yeah, I had a run away. I was about to go onstage at a run away from him before, because I would be able to think about my material. All of it was just talking about. I was laughing so hard he's the goat. We got a rep to some. I bet you get the finance yet the FBI, Guy Ci Ci now will differ in the media. Maybe talk to
about peacocks see what he's I'm all up. He goes, and I don't know why. Kids as to my head- well, it's it's a fun thing to run with the victories like Jesus Christ shows at the Saturday night, San Diego you'd, be surprised, Brendan, mother job showing. So that's why I'm running my one hour at flappers in Burbank the night before on Friday, did you been banging it out? Man you've been hit, the road hard Edmonton everywhere, even tore tore in gun in punch, and then yes, Sir, how do you they cited? I can't wait Saturday night, we'll see a buyer buddy. Thank you, everyone for tuning into the podcast and thank you to our sponsors. Thank you to honey. More than ten million people are using honey to save money and you can use honey Amazon to whom so next time you are in the world's biggest market place. Looking for the best deals, treat yourself to the free upgrade that makes Amazon better, add honey
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