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JRE MMA Show #6 with Eddie Bravo

2017-12-19 | 🔗
Joe Rogan sits down with the founder of 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu, Eddie Bravo.
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and there's actually an audit Academy in Austin, TX and amazing jam with tenth planet Jujitsu Anbang. A tie classes offered there as well on it dot. Com use the code word Rogan this So, ladies and gentlemen, is what we call the MMA show it's a podcast where we we talked about my friend Eddie. Bravo, alright, one of my favorite human beings on the planet one of my best friends, so we always just fuck around talk about everything we never just talk about. Mma, it's not impossible with me and him which just too silly, but We did talk a lot about MMA and we talked about a lot of other shit too, and we had a all time. So please welcome Eddie. Bravo, the Joe Rogan experience podcast by night, so I was looking at this video today of this dude jumping this cliff in his
like like Jamie, was showing this one guy. Who does this on on buildings? He does it like he rides. His bike on, like images of buildings and shouldn't jumps from building to building and watching this other guy jump. This cliff with his bike, like literally jumps over one side of the cliff and lands on to the other. It's fucking like you're, watching the whole thing you in Jesus Christ being false, His dad is fucking dead that It is totally legal right like we're talking about people thinking that MA is barbaric. That should be illegal like where should be you'd be allowed to take your risks. Look at this fucking guy. This guy is crazy. Dude. Look at this shit hopping from building to building Means riding a bike on the edges of these buildings. This is fucking insane. This guys got just ridiculous control. With his bicycle, I mean. Should this be legal? I don't know it seems like he's doing. Ok, he's fine, but if he fucks up, like you know about that Chinese, do that just died. No
He was one of those Youtube guys that would take videos of him. I heard half of skyscrapers and shit he fell. He fell to his death. Damn added. It looks ugly to look scary like he's trying to kill himself up and he couldn't. He see his hand slipped, and he realized that Serap son six hundred feet out a friend who is training to be a base. Jumper and there's things you gotta do you know so many regular skydiving jumps you gotta, you gotta master skydiving and just that before you get into things. You have to do. There's like a list of halfway through How many people died in the scene This person just stepped back and said you don't want, maybe 'cause it's not that uncommon, where these crazy base jumpers die or almost die right, yeah. There's a lot of videos there's one I saw that was awful. This russian! jumps off the top of this building. This parachute doesn't open up in time and it bounces off the ground and
you hear him screaming about that one guy. What do they call that don't call it base jumping but they're like flying. Squirrels he's at my friend Andy is the world record holder and he stomps the world record holder. He flew it eighteen miles. I think he covered eighteen cycles. It's a flying wing suit, yeah, but there's one guy. That's super famous for doing it to New supposed to go through? You know they go down cans and he went between two rocks and like his leg, Claude yeah, and then like funk him, he didn't die, though which is crazy. Well, you know the one guy that did died on the Golden Gate Bridge. You ever see that one he slammed right into the bridge while people are watching He was supposed to go between the wires, oh and hit the bridge he jumped off the plane didn't crazier like, he hit it like like a bullet. Nobody
We have a plan and then went flying down and try to go through that. I don't know where it jumped off of I don't know if he jumped off a plane or jumped off of another bridge, I don't know what he did, but when he was trying to do it, he literally slammed right into the bridge, and it sounds like a crazy car accident like bang. How long ago was that? No few years back this. Is it which I mean it wasn't golden gate, but SAM. Cisco, which bridge was it? It's horrible dude oh shit, who's that in the parishes he was flying with another guy. Oh my god dude fuck it's a bunch of people there watching twenty two. What, but that should you will be allowed to do that. I don't think you should be able to tell someone. They can't do something.
Right? Why should you be able to why? What? If, what, if just start influencing so many young kids to do it and there's all these kids dying all over the place, then do you make it illegal? man. It's a good question. So then you make war illegal. You can't do that right. I was supposed to eat. Like what sport, when does it become too dangerous like what like soccer people, apparently some of them get brain damage from head. The ball apparently you're not supposed to head things like that, and they do it all the time in practice they start developing and traumatic brain injuries they get. Cd from head butting a ball so that may be more dangerous than wrestling yep but there's no way I mean people talk about trying to make it We go 'cause, it's barbaric, there's, no way you're going to make me illegal. It's too late
I think so too, but it's interesting when people start rallying for more regulation for people's behavior, it's Vallen, very behavior. What's the latest? Is there some new thing? Not just read some article. It was just something on MMA being barbaric and I'm like yeah. It is it's. A lot of things are You know we like a lot of things that are fucking super dangerous, and but this in about like agreed, apon violence like you trained for six weeks, he trains for six weeks. You both get into a cage together and we all watch it. Well. We know that in football. Some guys get Lou Gehrig's disease right sure I mean Steve Smith Number, the guy from the raiders he was on HBO Special, we get all kinds of brain Is that happened in MA? Not like that? I don't think not yet You gotta think of the long history of football football you're dealing with as you played in the 50s sixties right. This guy was play down the raiders like in the early 90s or Steve.
Smith, I think. Well, we have a few guys like that right. We have Gary Goodrich fought in the UFC in ninety three or ninety four remember he doesn't have Lou Gehrig's nobody's got some serious cte he's been open about? It does a lot of interviews about it. 'cause I'm bunch vacation he said? Actually, the real damage came when he started doing K1 hell yeah yeah. So I think we start kickboxing, but you know big can be surprise, though I mean no big, daddy was insert fuckin' wars. Member. He got head comma Adam by Adam. By about Gary Goodridge, I mean about everybody like the fact that you don't have. If you view fight for ten years and you don't come out with some if we get brain damage, your fucking lucky, you're in a sorry The brain is the target
not everyone's trying to figure out ways, they're lifting weights or doing kettle bells so that they could hit your brain even harder. They're learning technique so that it's perfect so that when it hits your fucking brain it just knocks you the fuck out. You know it's crazy, that's the sport, that is the sport. So no one should be surprised. You can't be, but you can't be surprised, like you know what was that name. Tony Conigliaro is that with the guy that got hit with a baseball guy got hit pitch. When I was in high school, I think in Boston. I was still I still like baseball like you found Thai found Taekwondo because of baseball, went to a baseball game and I'll by taekwondo studio because the line for the tea was really long to get on the public transportation Socialist, go up there and watch as we walked up the stairs and this guide on leaves us national light. Heavyweight champ was kicking the back and he was kicked
back so hard. It was like holy shit. I want to figure out how to do that. That's a movie right, that's good! I was walking up the stairs. I heard who plump chicken coop check in the check was the chains of the bag shank 'cause, he had this one hundred and fifty pound bag flying through the air dude. I came up and I watched him I think that thing- and I was like I gotta- learn how to do. That is crazy, like a fuckity. Do that, but the guy who was famous in Boston from when I remember when I was in high school. Was this guy Tony see Tony Migliaro when he was hit with a pitch and became like you know. Disabled got hit in the head in one thousand nine hundred and sixty seven, I guess there it goes- we're native was a rising star with the Red Sox. So I'm way later than this, so I must have been just here in everybody talk about it, but you know that can happen your story about
the first time. You know considering how extraordinary. Your sidekicks are the storage is so strong that, where did that come from be clear from the the my instruction for shore led the way it was like after that story, how crazy a store you're going to a baseball game in here this click click or you you end up going to one does yeah. This is why why don't you go to the baseball game again? While we went to the baseball game, this is on the way home under way home. You know everybody leaves the Fenway Park, so the line for the train was fucking huge everybody's, getting on the t, so we were kids who is just hanging out yeah I couldn't drive back then I was like fourteen almost If you see this Thai Kwando School yeah, Is there 'cause? I had always looked at martial arts
cool 'cause. I want to go to one for a long time, but I looked at him from the yellow pages like who has the biggest add a big ad in the yellow pages like oh, that must be the spot. Man that's going to spot when I was a kid right next, Do our neighborhood Mcdonald's was a karate studio and man. I was just pours Where can be I mean we didn't have any money so, but on Friday here's my mom and get paid. We go to go to Mcdonald's. That are. That was like we're celebrating, thank God. It's Friday she got one. Fifty dollars check she's, taking her kids to Mcdonald's and every time I went to Mcdonald's and always look over the karate studio, just thinking man. I wish I was rich geez. I just wanted to do karate. I remember one time: it's just like a scary studio in that it looked cool. It was right. It was in Santa ANA on Bristol and 17th right there. It may still be there.
By the other day did drive by that that tell a story about you, stricter pretended. He went to China, I don't wanna busted out. This is a very. This podcast is too big for that. Okay, deal without saying his name yeah, I don't know anyone says, don't isn't it, you know. I don't want to bring it okay with up to bring us. It was whatever hey man back in the day. Does the people did? You know there's a lot of guys got by with some fake martial arts. They really did lose a lot of fake stuff out there and that's why I think to this day like if I'd walked up those stairs, I could went some bulshit school. I took Karate for like one lesson or maybe with the most before that at Joe Esposito's Karate Academy, which is a really good spot. It was in my city too, but there was no good public transport should methods. It is too hard to get this too hard to get here. One thousand three hundred and fourteen. It was fourteen
Then a year later is when I want up walking up those stairs in here in that bag, going coaching catch a movie right that the cartoon was that he was training for the world championships. He was training. He was a national champion at the time, so he and He was training for the World CUP where he took bronze, so he was like top his game, this guy John He taught me a lot of too. He taught me a lot like a black eye. Big tall, thin black who wound up. He was having a substance, abuse problem. He was national taekwondo champion. Who is a bad mother, Fucker dude. He kicked so hard, but he wasn't the head instructor this. No! No! No! You have korean dude actual current latin american dude named Michael O'Malley, who spent the most time with me. He spent the most time with
who is the main instructor, the creator and Kim the Korean Guy, who he was trained out general CHE young guy, who is the founder of Thai Kwando in Korea, so he was like one of a very small elite groups like uh, like Gracie, in a way yeah, but what the differences they emphasized a power style, whereas as it got more and more competitive. Guys realized with that chest protector on the best style for scoring is like really quick kicks that don't have as much power, but you score and you win tournaments like that, and so the game changed and the kicks changed because like to throw a kick, that's hard, you have to plant yourself and it does take. A little bit more time. It takes a little bit more time better to spend more time on just getting points yeah there in a lot of the time window, tournaments 'cause, those guys were really good and they knew how to play that game. So well. They were so fast with their legs, but then we just touch you. They would just stop, stop stop
some guys. We kick harder than others, but the whole style of the early Taekwondo was kinda missing in a lot of that with their approaches because they were just trying to win. If you really like Doug. And try to kick hard a lot of times. Those guys out score you, you know really fast, really skillful guys. But then, when you apply that to fighting fighting The real problem is like in fighting fighting. You have to land hardship. 'cause people are not just going to play Thai Kwando with you they're going to try to take you down there going to try to kick you Flippy Flippy Flippy Flippy shirt, make a hard transition where, like more, Hi guys we guys did didn't, dig it everything's. Do you know each? they're fucking driving in the everything everything they're trying to blast. You with you know, they're doing it skillfully, but emphasis on power through the whole thing, so when they've would fight, if of taekwondo guy, for a more tie guy- and it's happened many times- taekwondo guys are they're, they just get their legs
out from under it can't laugh. It's the same thing with like locks and you get to the same day as it is exactly the lag, because when, when everything is legal in Jujitsu, when everything's legal man legs become like the most important thing you don't have to sweep, you know it chokes of the most important thing? You got to do a lot of ship before you could do that passes, guys first gotta sleep and then got a pass card. Then you gotta get his back. You gotta do so much shyt before heading into his neck, a lot of the times most of the times would like blocks, you need to do any of that shirt. You just need to jump right on there right there. You don't ever need to sweep anybody. You don't ever need to pass anybody's card. You could just go legs. One hundred percent and roll with a pure. It's a guy and you could do that happens all the time the legs, the leg game when everything is legal, the late game, that's the first fight. Yes, this is the first fight you have to do whether you like it or not. You have to deal with that if you want the neck. Okay, you have to deal with this led war right now, because it you can get to the neck unless you could deal
but then you go around the forest that leg locks or go fuckin' right through you know so, but you take leg law, out of the game. Making the legal then it becomes a whole different sport. It's totally different. So it's exactly what you're talking about with the power shot and the point shots yeah. It's not exactly were we're. Talking about word like the style of mma. Now is almost always attacking the Lex everybody attacks Did you see those angels Lowell, yeah, yeah yeah that was San Jose, is for real at one hundred man he's for real striking is better than ever. Pull the fuck ever did that to Robbie Lawler, who just outclassed Robbie Lawler, who the fuck did that nobody ever did that His drumming strumming Lawler, never really at the
The kind of show that his legs were we're done right at the very end. I was gonna wanna animal. He took it the whole way I mean you could see, but there's only because well and can you see by he was the kind of like he wasn't moving well and he was definitely more stationary and he was just taken out select any that that low leg kick. Isn't it crazy? I was just talking to somebody crazy that the more people down this energize to use that late to wear down the legs. You would think in so many fights. It's never like one of the main strategies. I think that low leg kick is changing. The game are really do remember. When Steepe fought junior and his legs swell up like a fuckin' balloon like almost immediately Uriah Faber fight Jimmie, Rivera, Jenni, Rivera, lower people. Don't focus on I think they're doing it more and more now man, I think, but it's is it's pretty recent. I credit to Benson Henderson Henderson was like first, I ever saw do it started doing it like we regularly and I was like I don't like really high level guys like World championship, liver guys,
It's in Henderson was the first guy to do it as like. I like that cut to its for a fight- and I talked to do group is about- is like it's like taking the legs out. No lower leg, kicks lower or like hitting the shins everybody. Is there attacking the inside of your leg, like in your calf, you lower calf and the outside devastating it bucks, the nerve, up like your legs, give out, you see a fight with with Jimmie Rivera Rivera, just actually chopped at that leg and your eyes leg became like almost useless. You can't walk on it. I was just talking about straight leg: kicks to the tattoo for sure, just a regular old kick right above the knee. You know. Well, you know why here's another thing to man, those Bruce Lee Kicks, those are oblique kicks that? Allow you guys are using. You know those those are fucking legit, and they blow your knees out. I mean they slam into your thigh and they blow your fucking knees out an he a lot of people, don't like it. They think it's nasty but look you're, trying to kill each other with your bones like uses
getting your not alone, I've? What that would come up when do the trying to Do you like flying knees like those does San Jose people flying these are only condos will skip knees or flying knee yeah. He goes he uses that first need to propel that second name PAM. He also did Leonard you why you have to block that first knee you got to react. At first name helps a second to get in there. Yeah see that need coming at you, you're going to you're going to react in that second knees, and that should be something that you see way more off yeah. I should be in if you're trying to get in the UFC and you're not adding as many different weapons. Can't you can't Adam all at once, so you take the most important one, yeah. Are you in here one two, a leg kick in, maybe a head kick and then you slowly, obviously you wouldn't you would just Adam, but you should be if you're making a live sing in the UFC or that your goal you should
always working on adding a new strike to the max, and yes, something that you master some on the and this camper gonna focus. You got to always be it's just so hard to get really good at one thing, what you do and everything you know that if you got a kind of, do, focus on the basics and then do they twenty minutes a week. Yeah you're, just working on and overtime over. Time will fly and you spend twenty minutes a week on a new technique. It's not it's going within six months. It's going to be something that you've mastered, maybe a year, if you're consistent with it, you could just keep doing that. You just keep adding another one at another, one specially with All that's available with striking. It seems like the days of just going out there boxing and throwing a leg. Kick every now and then like that's only I get you so that that's like it's not doesn't seem like it would be. The smart thing to do to not constantly
add weapons. I would I hubs angry with you and I always say like boil it down to the what's the best in each genre and arguably the best striking arts, if not the best, is Thai boxing right more you, don't see anybody just winning Tie with boxing they don't. Just go over there and just box little, nobody does go over there and you you tie box yeah, they kicked each other. They elbow the use, the clinch they throw elbows they're, not trying to like do a MIKE Tyson in there to get their legs chopped out from under him yeah. If both guys know how to box the guy. Who knows that a box? and kick your legs is going to have a big advantage. Yes, I mean it's just I don't think there's. Hardly anybody does going over to Thailand and just trying to box more time hi. This is terrible idea and there's so much more to that is what I'm saying yeah inside all that, if you're really good at just really good- and it's is so good-
that your training camp has to address it and use valuable time to address and train against that. You already got him off. Balance like when I was in George Sodder. Opolis is corner when he fought Denis Seaver, as part of the training camp, we had a deal with Dennis Sievers, turning He was laying people out with that. Turning psychic he's done, it he's still to this day if he can still throw and if he lands it you're, probably going to get knocked out he's probably one of the best. So that throws rose your opponent's game off. He's got a come. Recently worry about that. Instead of not having to worry about that. If I did Beaver, had all all the rest of the skills, but you just deleted that turning sidekick Then you wouldn't really have to focus on that. Much. Yeah. You could focus more on yourself and your game plan and how you're going to impose your game plan like fuc, really what he's doing, but when you have
something real dangerous like that, like with Edson Barboza he's got that. Turning that spinning wheel, kick that he's knocked out a few. People with right at least two he's the first we'll kick knockout ever in the UFC. How many did he have at least two or three write a couple? I don't know he said the first guy ever in the UFC. Also, that has two stoppages by leg: kicks yeah. That's you gotta watch but that throws your whole game off. We have worry about him. Throw in some grand slam strike it changes kicks, are so scary, he's the fastest kicker I've ever seen as far as a switch kick never seen a guy throws which kick like as horrible as of the census. It just gets in there so fast to like what the man yeah that that he's fighting a recommend off holy. Holy shit, that's going to be a crazy, Amber 30th should come crazy when you come to that one come see. The show live Is that a no stuff and have fun
We got a family, you can't just go ahead, I'm going to go to Vegas with my buddies. You know it's a different life. You know that fight. Is I love I don't know, I don't know if I never go to Vegas ever again. I wouldn't give up you, don't I've been so much that I'm good for rest of my life seriously. I really am, I think, you'd want to back every now and again, just let you feel that I'm going Ebi in Vegas may fifth in Vegas, and is it before the UFC it's on a Saturday night. I don't know if there's not a UFC on the same day, but yeah it's going to be. We're going to have a combat. You did. Match. Gordon Ryan and Vinny Margolus holyshit yeah. Oh my god. That's crazy, yeah, yeah, We don't we don't normally do super fights and Because we I take all the purse, that we have available in our budget and we put it towards the winner, the winner, take all in the tournament. We don't have extra money for next
additional super fights, but this one I had to figure out a way to make it happen. It's going to be Gordon Ryan. Again, Vinny, Magallanes and you can combat jujitsu might be the next big thing. It really could be the next big think as far as like operation, jujitsu preparation for MMA without kicking, punching in the standing up with the best preparation yeah for sure. There's a bunch of different ways to look at it. Anime. Prius might say what the fuck is. This combat jujitsu it slaps, will just watch mma like what's the point you people can say that easily, but the way I look at it, it's it's! Nothing is as good as the UFC, the you have. That's the best, there's nothing better than the UFC, but there our Jiu Jitsu fanatics that they just want to see. Jitsu in the sea, they're really not that into boxing matches. Junior dos Santos Cain Velasquez and it's a kickboxing match great that'll, be all
great match to watch, but there's a there's, a group of Jitsu fanatics that they're just that's right. They just want to watch did you jitsu, but with the strikes and that's the only anime is the only place where you could watch anime jitsu. Totally different style when you watch just pure jiu Jitsu that I'm a man tickets has nothing to do with them. Well with people understand is if people that don't do jujitsu to listen to this, like what are they talking about? There's places where you going for a sub mission, but someone could easily hit you in your face and it makes the move kind of unrealistic there's a lot of times. Where guys do unrealistic things and really you could just be smacked him in the face and they would have to stop and protect themselves yeah when you're doing jitsu without strikes, it's just pure jiu jitsu you get into out positions that dangerous and it strikes were allowed. So which is fine. You know, Jujitsu I love submission allergic too. I do too
and it's just a different thing. It's just you need to understand what it is. I mean this doesn't mean you shouldn't. Do that move if it's that the most effective move in, though that rule set yeah, but there's a beautiful place for combat jujitsu, because now we could, we could watch it Fujitsu freaks. We could watch anime. Jujitsu and it's just He ran the major did, so we don't have to sit through the striking 'cause we in anime. If the fight gets boring on the ground, we have stand up in combat jujitsu after two outstanding. We have get downs, we get him now just like in wrestling. You get him down. It's like after two minutes, no one 'cause, if we had a ten minute or fifteen minute, combat jujitsu match and they just standing in wrestling the whole time that matches schitt. It's garbage yeah that match nobody wants to see that nobody was just rest trying to wrestle for for ten minutes. So after two minutes sounds a coin gets past and if you lose, if you win the coin toss you get to decide,
or bottom. We start and set up garlic butterfly guard with double underhooks. You get topper bottom and then we start right there and then, if I stand up again two minutes, so that's a new thing too many get down cloud. When did that start, We did that. I like it. We did that right, combat Jujitsu worlds. I like that alot 'cause that would ruin the shot. I just I constantly thinking of ways to ruin the show like. How can I ruin it? Of course, they just stand up and Russell the whole time and that's gonna happen in combat you get to they're not going to pull guard as much as in sub. Only people are pulling guard at all over the place. It's like people just tumbling and then there's no strikes and they're all over there all over each others legs in there just pulling garden flipping and are doing all this stuff to win their strikes when they're strikes pull it just we get into full guard now, yeah, we get out amount becomes very important mount. Is you when a million ebisen eyes and never mount guy. You know
we just be a leg lock, then you could you don't have like full guard Wagner Nathan Orchard. Yes, yes, that was budget two worlds, one the winner so the light weight bracket. Was Vagner Rocha. He beat Nathan Orchard in the finals. It was. He only got to stop somebody that was the first tkl. Yes, he mounted Nathan Orchard and an free, Michael Tran. Stop the action. I was a good stop which to Wagner's very complex- and I made so so again, my point with them in Ju Jitsu without strikes full guard totally unnecessary. You could win Abu Dhabi ten years in a row and never put anybody in your full guard. So if you never want to play full guard ever in regular jujitsu without strikes, you never have to play for Greece open up your legs and you just get into some z or some kind of spiraled, though he ever whatever you? Never it's time
totally optional, you don't most I don't even bother with it Kron Gracie. He does. He loves full guard. You know whether there trucks or not. That's why it's full garden ma is very effective because he always played full in his regular Ju Jitsu without grappling. So it happens with Ju Jitsu. As you add strike, mix in an Eminem match or in a combat jujitsu match it's the same thing when strikes are added now. Full guard becomes the most important card. It was the least important guard in grappling now becomes the most important guard. So if you weren't planned full guard, when you were doing without the strikes and now you're doing did with the strikes. Guess what that's the I can be the most important one when a guy could smack your head. Yeah control posture. Yes, full guard, yes yeah, so control, pasta and it again and in sub only you don't, have after Mount ever, you never have to pass the garden, but in
You did too now the Mount becomes super powerful, because now you can mount strike in sub. Only if you mount you can strike, you know you. Can I like mounting, and some all that, but you don't have to you- can get leg locks of the guy has a good amount escape right into leg. That's usually happens, most leglock masters are very good at letting dudes mount them and then they buckham often right when they escape there already on the legs, lot of leg. Lockers! Do that and you know, but when they're strikes you going to let it go now you now now that he could be because of the strike you now, it's a big big difference now the Mount from Ju Jitsu with no strikes to Jujitsu what strikes come and you get to the Mount just turns into this monster. Well, it does. But what's really interesting is your only allowing slaps think about how much more of a monster images
because they didn't do darn slapping their activity. Tell him but they're hitting hard right there for not stopping windows, get some says you're, not allowing elbows, know I'll. Give you loud, elbows yeah, it's lit exact. Yeah very much. Well, that's exemptions. Yeah depends on depends on what kind of garden we're dealing with it depends on who's in the garden I mean but like if you allow the back to be taken and you allowed elbows would you go to what we've always said. He said this a long time ago that if you had elbows elbows are allowed to the back of the head. They would change the whole back. Mount you any many going to renege. Yes, you just get the, but the back and just double the out of their their the the back of their head and the fights over. That's what was happening early in MMA before they outlawed those elbows. They used to be legal for, like a couple years, Remember the world combat whatever the it was where Henzel Gracie fought, that guy was his name a Judo guy, now wanna say Speicher.
Yeah something spiking Spiker Yeah Judogi had called him in his hotel room, all in the middle of the night fought with lemon and he got so pissed that when choke the guy out he smashed into the back of the head and then stepped on his neck as he walked off of him. He took him choke him out. He took his back right. He tapped him with extending or did you choke on a member. We smash them not sure how you finish him, but I do remember him standing up and stepping on his neck, yeah stomped on it. So if you could find that video, you got the of the stoppage is horrific, but this is the perfect example of how effective elbows to the go ahead are once you take the back mount. So, like part of me, I yeah. It is a good chance that was a bad mother. Do people forget still down and throat and out yeah yeah that look this back mount oh yeah,.
Those fuckin' shots were those that that's happened right there and Hanzo keeps holding on to him even after he checked in with the guy yeah. I know why she gets off of him and step sons neck so and so that guys fuckedup and that's from those elbows man that position changes radically. Look at these trying to pick him up. And it just rolls over on its back, that is hilarious man. That was a big mistake. Warranty guy huge mistake wearing a guy with a guy like hens. Oh, you know control you get away and you don't have it and he doesn't have a guy on why becomes even more. It's easier to get rear, naked choke as well, allowing you know if you got back either palm side of their head. What's it's also the shoddy like if you have elbow to the body member when rampage Stop Chuck Liddell with elbows to the body people forget about that in pride. How both of them, God really knows how to throw an elbow, that's nasty. You know I mean
jujitsu you're opening up the door. What you're doing is like you're opening up this door, letting jitsu guys understand like that where the positions, may be vulnerable yeah, but they're not going to take the kind of damage that they would do an mma fight exactly so exactly yeah and a great great pathway. It's it's a few things on. On a few different levels. It's it's great for grapplers whether the wrestlers or jujitsu players to get into There are aspiring to be an mma fighter, also guys that have done three thousand and forty fights and they're like dude. This is just too brutal guys coming out of MMA it's uh place form because generally, the before Combat back all I'm a fire had to retire. If you wanted to keep competing in grappling is like sub only or the points game, and if you're not working on that every you know that
s ten years they were working on striking most of their time and and the purest like the pure sub, only guys like black guys in the pure points, players they're working on that every day, to Windows styles, whether whether it's too in the points tournaments or the sub only terms those? athletes that are winning those titles every day. So when MMA fighter retires he's. I don't really want to go into sub all these and I'm just so far behind they don't do it now with combat jujitsu Ninety nine point, nine percent of the people that flooded me with I got along most people that want to be in combat jujitsu, they're, all mma fight. I'm sure, no walk in them. They are over them. No, you were to just two guys. Only one really only one, only one and as Ben Eddie is my bro, belt from ten point, San Diego? Has he trained with any at first then he started training with GEO and Boogie down in San Diego he's a brown, but he
he had a combat Ju Jitsu match with Wilson, Hanks whoa combat units a world and then a probably has top two guards in the world wow If you end up end up in this, full guard is around, he does. A hindu loading need plays rubber guard way different than me. We have told, different styles of rubber guard. It all starts off with either I can meet her or mission control. But from there everyone's gone, it's so vast now and he does a lot. In guillotine Armin limits, I've seen Indulto teen The craziest there's only he's grabbing it like four guys on the planet. That could do this. It's incredible! It's like it's how's, he grabbing it. That's a good question, I've? Never done it. I know how to do it, but I've. Never. Actually I don't have the the flexibility for people think that I'm a layer, people think that I'm super flexible MIKE, I'm not that flexible. I just I'm pretty flexible, but I'm not that
flexible. I just use it a lot, so it appears that I'm really flexible 'cause, I'm always using it. So it looks, but a lot of people can do what I do in way and way beyond is well done. A t. It's he's insane and he Add a single match with Wilson Hayes put him his guard and tap him with the dead You know I don't have a problem with people when it comes to the subject of flexibility. 'cause I feel like, is this conversation that people have when it comes to flexibility, so you can only get so flexible like people just so but yeah, I don't agree with it either. I think there's there's there's like Shin and focus to stretching some people just don't want to give. What I want to know, though, is to get to Contortionist level, can anybody get contortions that'll. Can you train someone to do those crazy? You know when people like they bend their back. Play back in the get into like a scorpion trying suck your own dick, maybe
why you gotta bring up. Also video one. Sorry I did that contortionist you. Can anybody trained to be a contortionist? That's what I want to know. I'd like to see like before and after type blogs right off ideas on it. I don't know about being a contortion. I don't know that everyone can go that far, but all you know need to play rubber guard is to get into full Lotus an any We can do that unless you have like metal plates in your hips or something, Contortionists are skilled at scratch, stretching their bodies into different shapes, mostly due to their spinal flexibility and strength. You may think that you need to be born flexible or double jointed to become a good torsion is, but in fact, with enough practice and stretch you- can learn basic contortion movements. I feel like stretching as well as things where people just aren't willing to dig and really like, feel that that that, like
borderline edge everyday, they don't like that, feeling it hurts it's uncomfortable like certain stretches like it's hard to breathe, going to hamstring stretches, it's like it's hard to breathe. Yeah yeah, but you know some. I think that Everyone is born flexible, like all babies can get into full lotus. I just think that some people keep using it and people, I always thought 'cause people ask me why flexible and I just thought I thought it was because you know super insecure as a child, and I still am, but I would my legs behind my head to, like you know like this, is my trick right right now I mean so I thought that's why I'm flexible, because I was always trying to show off by putting my legs behind my head. Maybe it is, but when you think about, I didn't show off like all the time. Yes, I can just do a few times, but then, but then.
My mom came over the house once and saw my son biting his own toenails and it's all look Just like you when you were a kid he's old, and then I thought. Oh, that's right. I trim might even get one thousand one hundred and twelve ice to try. My toenails with my mouth. Jamie that day? If you couple free, tow suckers do more, but I was a kid I did it all the time even with dirt. I would like to only six. They feel so you know we invite invite the tone laugh but as dirt, and you could feel the crunch in trying the crunchy. Always it's my foot just dirt yeah. I've done it. My fingernails like. Why am I so precious about my toes? What if my feet are clean, what to do with team like Benanti, you have to. I mean when I back after my surgery, I'm going to have knee surgery I want to get your knee surgery with and you have a
we'll talk about it afterwards. I got some options for you. I do have a cool Doctor RON in Beverly Hills he's a brazilian Jujitsu black belt. He doctor rob. Is it they go to the right door. Yeah This is the handle it in here. It is yeah check out what he's doing around the back of the head swing it around oh wow, so he goes like right over his ankle. That's control people. Listen and he's got his leg wrapped over the back of his opponents head and then he's wrapped his arm around the ankle area and he's going all the way around the do ten under the chin. My little t rex arms could do that dude, I don't have enough real estate. I don't think I could get in there. I have to like really come here. We yet he's doing right now. This is something I think that people should watch, though
I think that this is he does it he twice in Ebi in one show Duncan Crazy watch. Look at so we're watching him set this exact thing out that he was just talking about wow, that's awesome he's going to fight for the belt that Ebi Comba digits who built it is currently held by Nick Honstein he's fighting. Vanity at the next ebi at the muscle, Musclepharm HQ in Burbank, I like that yeah I heard Musclepharm moved to Burbank right why they decide to do that. The ceo is from LA in just wanted it. Here, too, they were in five thousand and five, feet above sea level before in a city. That's a pretty rare thing to have I like to be at amount like Denver's, very unusual in that you are at high altitude, but you have a badass city. You know that she was dating. You looked up, kids,
but it's awesome to the facility incredible. It's they throw a fuckload of money, that so far they had a fight to win, show their and that was awesome that was like maybe three weeks ago was it was. It was awesome the place is spectacular. So we're doing a show there, Saturday February, seventeen Eb, I fifteen geos in it, Eddie Cummings, is in any companies as a champion geos in it. An so any companies came back from a bunch of surgeries right, didn't have some ship go wrong I think injuries he's been hurt a couple times its normal, though yeah specially his style right and you think he's constantly training with all those Donna, her death squad, leg, lock masters are going after each other every day, yeah question M Nascus, yeah, yikes, yeah, leg, lock skills people. Hell yeah yeah the back to that hot photos on Jules Fight, I just can't
How good that dude looks at one hundred and seventy pounds. He looks like like top ten powerful the world for sure, like you, did the nations, he was Robbie Lawler Fachman He looks so got damn good, yeah, crazy, yeah, and I think this Guy was making one hundred and fifty making one hundred and fifty four. You know. He still still looks like a small welterweight though he could add more muscle. I think, as some of those guys at one hundred and seventy monsters like Darren till huge shift, but he Kick so hard, I think the kicks I always he's always going to be in the game. Even even if these smaller his picture so hard as fast two men and it's combinations of and he's just super dedicated a cop, all the sons of is very, very disciplined, very Even you see some of his plyometric workouts that he does know he was with Nick Nickerson, from speed of sport. I know
done some work with other people too, but he did a lot of it with Nick Curse on and Nick songs from that Dumb Marinovich camp. You know where, like remember when Bj Penn was trained by the Marinovich, is so he's doing like this kind of shit like pushing up, on all these bars. A lot of foot strength, drills. A lot of stuff They're doing jumps over hurdles and horses. He just does a lot of that is hard core yeah that's working your abs, you're working your feet, he's lying on his back and he's kicking up on these things. It would give you like the ultimate up kick too, but the idea is just that you're putting these optimizing positions off balance all the time and you doing a lot of different. Metric drills, he doesn't believe too much in like regular weightlifting type activity. Everything is like sports, specific plyometric type, but what what I'm always super impressed
is his endurance duty. He fought a crazy pace and, like the commentated Cormier and John Annick Jon we're going man. I wonder if he's going to burn himself out, You know I already knew the result before I watched it. I got to watch it after the fact I didn't watch it live, but watching it. I was like man. I see why they would think that he might have burned himself out 'cause. This is crazy. The volume just dig. And it is so skillful two men it was like he was. Getting shots, you know go head head body body head head body head body head, it was all creative and constantly attacking it, Robbie Lawler's, just rolling with it. It's like defensively in offense, lovely is a very impressive scene, because Robbie Lawler's hurt he can't move his leg good. His leg and chopped up. So he's kind of stationary and San Jose is just moving in for the kill and throwing bombs on and How be longer is just rolling with everything he's taken a lot of 'em in the body, but he's roll
thing with everything it's hard to hit him clean and he's right in front of in the middle of the fight in the middle is exchange Robbie, Lawler, smiling, yeah, crazy, right, yeah can't walk. Like barely can move his get his leg kicked out from under him. He's fine the guy was just like a wolverine. Let me just on him attacking and Robbie lower smiling, but he did pull there are disasters against Melvin Man who formulated woo. Can we see that he was getting? It was uh. Lee tax was a strike for strike for like four, he was getting beat down by mail, the man who now and then one shot home, yeah he always had that chance right to the very end, the other chance yup yeah, the Melvin Manhoef one two was at one hundred and eighty five that was bigger, Robbie, remembering he thought TIM Kennedy at one hundred and eighty five. We thought a couple good guys at one hundred and eighty five. He thought
Jake shields. Member Jake Shields tapped him at one hundred and eighty five. Oh oh boom go back a little I could see the beginning he's getting his leg kicked all of it, how much bigger he looks back then, and now it moves in for the kill and Robbie hit somewhere fun I mean and boom and then follows up with a left hand it stiffened up. I mean that's like one of the all time strike force. Maybe one of the all time mma chaos because he's getting his ass kicked is moving away and then he steps in and here he now he's getting his legs kicked, from under him here. It is Bam great easy and you see Melvin's body just shut off. Is he still fighting yeah Maybe you could find UFC now. No he's had a lot of chaos. Man he's fighting, I think he's fighting for Bellator right now, he's been he's been chaotic like,
quite a few times recently. One of those guys that never got into the USC now almost miami- maybe he could put some wins together and get back in the UFC and get in the UFC for the first time, but he's you know. I got things like thirty seven. Now How old is Melvin Manhoef. It's going to be- I don't know man I got. I think it's he's got to be thirty. Six, thirty, seven, forty one! Yeah. What's his biggest Maria Ma Mark Hunt, one punch, damn he killed Mark Hunt with one punch, mark, Hunt charged at a markup was like two hundred and sixty not, and I don't think anybody ever stop mark like that before and Melvin clipped him with an uppercut coming in he's like one hundred and ninety, maybe maybe maybe two hundred, so he was at the very least he was like sixty pounds lighter at the very least, Faulk knock him out with one punch remember when he fought Soccer
Soccer kick soccer. Robert was one of soccer. I was most terrifying losses, most terrifying, Melvin, fucked him up, know dude, but I don't remember it, pulled, pull up. Melvin Manhoef versus Sakuraba. This is hard for me to watch because it was Sakuraba who fought Vanderlei twice. He been by Van Delay, he follow lot of guys, and he had gotten beat up quite a bit. You were seeing like the demise of my opinion, like one of the most charismatic guys from that generation. I don't know a word that guy said. Never never heard him speaking. Which in like any long sentences, but I knew he had charisma just by the way fought the way he handled himself member when he wore diapers. This is crazy. Oh my god, look! How big Melvin is he's on all the steroids. They did not give a fuck back then man, they let these guys look at Jackie's, oh
all Melvin Manhoef. I want one of the scariest bodies of all time for sure. Right, look at him duties jacked! and he was so fucking fast. You know it's just like any old warrior. He just had a lot of fights and you know, this is where he's at now like hi. His hands are John Robin, never held hands high like that before very dangerous and look Melvin just waiting. He does have a low member that not against Melvin met, especially not. This point is career. How about soccer. I was fucking knees, man that wasn't just for show his knees were basically like falling apart on him, so he had to like wrapped them up most insane mummy like way laid on it, career people forget Sakura with Beefeater for our broke his arm. That dude, I tell you that right? That's right! You work for pride back then yeah, look at this ship. Look at the size of Melvin
He just looks like a coil head, kick right hand boom, oh my god, boom pass guard boom boom boom boom boom. This is this. One of the hardest ones to watch. Here's the knee needed ahead now he's going to move into the side of the soccer. I did not stop this fight right, how they not stop this fight. Boom because it was Sakuraba. Anyone give a chance that let their eyes to the right hand is so I thought it was. I thought he soccer kicked him in the head on the ground. I had are Onias memories. I could have swore correct him in the head, but really who is Nina mean that somebody soccer kicked him in the head. He had another. I think that's vanderlande. I think you might be right Van We definitely did it to Temora right member. Held the rope and stomped him member that one he Kaylee dropped. Him
the went down to grabs her. Oh confound dumps his head. This rough rough to watch remember Vander, Lay was mounting Dan Henderson. And then just stood up and try to stop on his face, Oh that's right away: yeah yeah! He landed, though see if you five Vander, lay Kos. Did you get it phone lines down? This is, A land yeah, I know that's a sakuraba trying to do that. That was to be to our right yeah. That was, if that v, or as a v that was in rough shape, though he does, after his his sister got, kidnapped and murdered. I believe number v was like a shell of himself for a long time after that number, I think he was in the UFC. At that point. One is don't think so. You might be right, though, when he fought
Karaba in japan- is that we've done a lot whenever he threw out turning sidekick and dropped him yeah, I'm trying to connect with the body right to the body that dropped Victor. He he just basically butt scoot most of the match. What's interesting to about soccer rob as he had a catch wrestling base. You know like he Some real submission skills and people didn't know in the beginning, memories, first fight in the UFC he drop dropped by. So referee. Big John Mccarthy, How's the fight and realize it was an error because he dropped for any. So they fight again. Yeah. Remember that first time we have seen in Japan right dude, it was like this is rob I fight again. I want to watch catches him in an armbar. He tapped him arm bar and he was like white? I brazilian Jujitsu black belt, get tapped. We didn't even think it was possible yeah, we didn't think any
some guy doesn't even have a black belt, is going to tap when Mario Sperry got tapped by Igor Zinovia rumor that that was, we didn't know what to fuckin' falcons beat. That was devastating for me. Oh, how can this be? How can I speak there? It is yeah, He referred me reverse the camera on him and took the arm yeah man. He got it right there, man crazy, look how Jack Sakuraba was back. Then he was in great shape. Such a fun, awesome, grappler and so important to like the history of MMA, a guy and some wild fights and some of them with people. You know business, being in there with just the wrong people like like Vanderlei like that was just. General manager, air. That is like there's a lot A bad calls in a lot of fighters get Fuct from bad ref they.
I can't ever do the fight over it. Then you can do the fight. That was one of the only times that happened. Another time too, it happened when I commentated for two hot to handle and Amsterdam. Remember I do remember two thousand one: it was Gilbert Ival against Fuq. I don't know what I don't remember, who it was, but your level, knocks this guy out or stand TKL, they stop the fight and then the guys complaining to the ref like. Why did you stop it's like? Why did you stop it? I was fine, but clearly wasn't fine, but you gotta At least you know plead your case and make it look, I could find like. I wanted to stop. What is something the ref just said. You know what you ready to go get he put Gilbert in one corner, the other dude and then once god I seen in his face once he realizes the the raft restarted the fight. He said he sinks
I can do the corners auto ship is going on when it gets knocked out again. What did you put here, Jim it if it was against on Friday, which Gilbert arrival This is another one now leading a witch fight you talking about? No, the restart, no, no, no! No! No! No! This was a. This was Gilbert Ivel too hot to handle what happened it down for the poked in the eye or something they have a cut like, while would they checking on him? I don't remember what happened earlier in the fight. I don't even remember what happened in that time. Revival versus Don Frye. That sounds awesome. You never want big, daddy, Goodrich, Ko Don Frye that head kick big guy I've old code, big, daddy, Goodrich yeah, always daddy, Goodrich, Kayode, Don Frye with a head kick. This is This is Don Frye and Gilbert. Find Don Frye. They are big, daddy, Goodrich, KO's, Don Frye on the hill, with a beautiful head. Kick
My guide. Commentators pride. Ten am soccer Robin Henson. That was the main event, but also was Gilbert Ival versus Gary good and that was a one yeah. If you could find. Gary Goodridge against Gilbert Ivel? That's a it's! A ten second match yeah and this one kid pull me clips and shot some on here. Here's the Gary Goodridge Don Frye, one. In my humble leg, kicks big daddy, had one of the most brutal chaos ever in the history of the UFC two and remember member, that from the it's Karen shed in power, Herrera yeah. That was the most. My comparable out, probably in history, is one of a bull that I mean come on. Beautiful head kick over the shoulder. He got. One back yeah with that one that one that happened against him, he was out for like five minutes. It was one of and then he told me that when he was cup who was standing in the ring
I thought he was in a raven Toronto because that's where he's from where he was what, if we're all living in there, parallel dimensions all around us all the time in one move. I have right one dream: one action propels you into the next door: what if he was like on deaths door and they decide look he's gone from this dimension, we're going to put him in a nightclub in Toronto and let his consciousness right out. This experience in here with his back. His sister was always with him. She was like she was a fitness check. Shoes jacked, crazy bread. And he said when he woke up. He thought it was at a rave and he thought sister was some chicky was Mackinaw Island, so crazy. He had no idea what his sister that's so crazy yeah it some guys taken had a long career man taking a lot of crazy fights. So do you think those are just going to get shot at Woodley? Now He would know better than I would I don't, though I would think
you don't want to see anymore. I do I have to ask, though I feel like I shouldn't ask, sometimes sometimes I get in some inside info, but for the inside info again, I can never talk about anyway, but this one weird one man, because he was lightweight champion, you know lose is the belt and then has looked insane as a welterweight and just it's the former champion like outclasses, am, I think he stands out as the number one guy in terms of like uh guys getting another shot at the title, but Woodley apparently going to get some sort of surgery. Now Shoulder surgery, Scott, like a torn labrum, so Tyron Woodley goes out, and then they have to put an interim title fight in. I would like to see him first to somebody in an interim title fight like how 'bout, call the San Jose verses, Colby Covington, all anti brazilian hate all that he said it would be nice if we crazy, That would be crazy and it would be a big fight. You know
because of all the Shyt Colby talked, you know the find for doom, like five hundred bucks for him in the head, with a boomerang six hundred probably like that is so worth it I had somebody that had with a boomerang on tv, you know yeah, you know the opposite of a fight like that which we have a lot of hatred is in Orlando, that you have seen in Orlando uhm it's going to be bent. Saunders vs Alan Jouban yeah. That's why I'm staying away from that one! That's going to be a hard one for me too, and I told him both not to take it. But the problem is there on losing streaks and they can't be choosing. And they did reach out and say, hey man were both ten planet. You know can find other opponents and they said no so they both agreed to do it and I'm staying out of that one yeah yeah, you can
or anybody right yeah they going walking. Two friends fighting are going to watch, no watch on tv. I'm gonna stay completely out of it. I was just until you like, I like being there live, but I have the most fun when it's us when we do fight companions here drinking and smoking weed talking crazy shit. I've been I've been doing enough. You have sees man, I'm going home You know we've been to a lot, that's for sure. I'd rather watch it on my phone yeah. I know what you mean. Well, I don't watch it on my phone, but I do like watching at home. I like watching boxing at home to man. You know like you get all the angles you get to hear the commentary was junior Junior had some amazing commentary this weekend on boxing is so interesting. Hearing is here a guy like Roy Jones, who, like point out, he was up. I forget that is that were fighting there's a
there's an irish guy. There were two guys that I never heard of. I think one of them is Williams, the other one was O'Sullivan or something like that, and I didn't know who they were, and I waiting for the main event, and I was watching this dude um Roy Jones is pointing out all this ship that he's doing his job is like he staying right there after he throws a jab he's going to get hit with counters and then boom. The counter start dropping on him and the the guy was getting hit with a guy was favored. Here it's really hot prospect and android point out all this he's doing he's like he's playing tough guy. Now it goes. I want to see a play, tough guy, who want to see a boxing You don't want to find who the toughest guy is. He goes you want to find out who the best boxers these guys are just trying to break each other. Now he totally you see the guy starting to wilt shots. The bodies interesting to watch like a world champion top of the food chain, where the greatest of all time, boxers sees him share that you're not going to see you know like he sees
Vulnerabilities that you don't see any high level boxers that are openly talking about transitioning to MMA? Not that I know of example Anthony Jacobs, is joked about it. You know anyway champion, are Joshua Anthony Joshua like Home, Anthony Jacobs, Anthony Joshua's, name, right, Jesus Christ, um Klitschko used to be a kick boxer his brother, especially. I think his brother was like a world champion. Pka karate style, kickboxer buttom. Not none that I know of Man Floyd talk about it apparently date. This is one thing I can tell you Dana told me. The Floyd wants to good deal in the UFC like legitimately, and I go sorry texted him, I go this Floyd really talking about fighting mma. He goes yeah he's talking crazy. I told me to get killed, but he still talking about doing it. Well, for us, a hobby, teases GSP versus Mayweather,
Mcgregor's next fight. We need a mega fight. Okay, let me just stop this nonsense right. There, GSP just fought at hundred eighty five pounds. If you fucking, really think Floyd Mayweather is going to fight GSP to shut the fuc up. Just stop just stop it. When Mayweather's going to be like a pass huge this piece so big, but I'd be like like they all do you have to get GSP to diet down to one hundred and fifty five and he would be so depleted and making one hundred and fifty five Floyd light him up like Christmas. If Lloyd. In light of my Christmas tree anyway, I mean they're, going in MMA. He gets mushed. Percent is knowing. I have a fight one. Eighty, five GSP, hello, but they might fight at one hundred and seventy if the money was right. If Mcgregor won't take it. I don't know about that. Man to be a mega mega fight that could be a twenty million dollar fight
Connor might want an extra twenty spent, a lot of money on Versace's, always wearing furs and ship flight I'm private jets, that shit's pricey man. What is the latest of Mcgregor like what's going on like today, hash ball that's. What's going on now, on top of the world man, look that guy let joy, this he's got plenty of time to come back to fighting just fun. Man stare at your watch is take Instagram pictures that your dick who cares, the fucking man. He made one hundred million dollars you're, not even thirty, relax do whatever the fuck. You want no need to force him to come back and fight, but if he does come back and fight, if he if he thinks an mma fight with GSP is a good idea, like that's a big guy, he's very big George Saint Pierre is one of the best fighters of all time to take that he's so fucking good at grappling, but Connor might go. Fuckin' now give me a couple months to put some weight on
good fight for him. But if It's all the money is. Who knows, I think Tony Ferguson is a fight, that's the fight. I want to see now until I see what happens with Barbosa in amount off right. The problem is if Bose Endemic Mental fight, an argument off smashes Barboza. He It's got to be next in line for the title fight right. No, I don't think so. I'm not fighting Tony is the obit, hunters out. Fighting yeah. Well, then vacate right. What does it here? around tonight. It s GB, Bg, Ireland, he's training, I mean he's, definitely not fat! You look at him. There he's in shape, for sure I mean, but I just be working on the skills. He's got a hundred million. Dollars. I would not be mad at a world fight if they decided to like strip him of his belt and have
only versus Kobe for the undisputed title. I wouldn't be mad at that yeah. That will probably happen. Would not be mad I'd. I like that fight, Tony, so fun he so wild to watch man. You know like when he was fighting Kevin Lean, is walking towards them his hands down and just hot shot, and I'm going to slowly wearing on him, slowly chipping him away and then the finish him off his back come on man sweet. How many people We finish after back, there's a lot of sweet things that he came up with right there like working. You know different ways you can get up off your back with the cage or like basic wall walking and stuff like that. You can't walk on everybody right, it all depends on where your level of wall walking is, and how good is your opponent at countering that. What did you think when Kevin Lee walked in with obvious staph infection? His chest? Did you notice it, as I cool, I hope, he's week,
Tony did you notice is yeah. I was trying to punch it. What the way Tony got up off the cage when Kevin We put him up against the cage. He you can opener can from the bottom in full guard. So Tony was head was against the cage. An Kevin Lee's head was right here. He basically did like a Muay Thai clinch like a cat right bottom, so he couldn't get it and then he had he had his left foot on the hip and his right leg was just around his his ribs and then at the right time. Kevin was naturally trying to push pull out 'cause. He was holding him in. He couldn't hit him. He was safe against the cage and then Tony put both feet on the hips pushed him up, kicked up and then system
It was brought like wow we're going to be doing that one yeah I'm going to be, I mean Kevin Lee, couldn't do anything Adam exactly where he wanted him against the cage on his back head, pressed against the fence, but he couldn't do anything. 'cause Tony did a camel. No, no one does that by now he said, he's an interesting guy man. That was the first time I ever did that and it worked crazy yeah. It was perfect what did you think? What do you think about Frances, Engano and Alistair Overeem? How ridiculous was that yeah, How focused carried out how many times is Alister been k out. We did it on I I broke down. It was like something like thirteen chaos in MMA and then another three in kickboxing, the ones kick kickboxing seem so much more brutal. I don't know more brutal in that last one. That last one is this rules anything I've ever seen. He got lawn into another dimension that I'm not a giant kickboxing fan
really I really I never watch kickboxing. But if it's on I watch and it's you know, everyone else see glory in LA though that was the shit it but I'm not so I understand I'm not following it right. I mean I don't know who the hell is winning right, no idea, zero idea, but when I do watch it when every now and then I'll watch a k1, you do notice that they hit a lot mutherfucking harder you, the leg kicks in there, it's just wash wash wash like Falk. This is some other kind of shit. I'm not you, visibly see it after watching so much ma and then go watch him kick and you'll see how hard they funk yeah. I some serious kicking going on now would like Gokan Saki sake. Now go console he's in the essay you know I like I was watching someone, Turkey, Turkish Tyson, he's ridiculous. I mean he's a brutal knockout artist in K1 and in glory to see that dude
in the UFC. You see these crazy kicks you see. Did you see kick box this transition to mma yeah, but you don't you don't see professional boxers transition to hard without the leg kicks you, you're just the whole striking thing is so different. You got to think about those God. Damn leg kicks me. Some guys are gonna be able to make it it's not impossible. All they have to do is be super dedicated it, but they have to have a motivation and right. Now. The motivation in boxing is, you know, get to a high level. You could be a world champion, you make a shitload of money and there's a lot of money at the highest levels of boxing but even at the highest levels of boxing like you have to have some name value like they did a can pay per view, we got like one hundred and fifty thousand bars, and then they say that war call the Kovalev was like really low as well one of the best fights ever ward, live to Andre Ward, stopped Andre Kovalev, Fuckin' amazing fight, Sergey Kovalev, rather
I think it only got like a hundred and sixty something Five thousand pay per view buys that's crazy. So those those making shitloads of money for that, whether it's crazy yeah, it's incredible, but to do your sport like this is what you've, if you're, really good boxer you, you probably have more of a chance of making it as a you know, a top flight boxer. Then you do. Of learning all that other ship, while you're already twenty nine you're going to learn how to check leg kicks now. Ok, you gotta change. Your stance. Do not take people down you don't need to learn that you gotta learn how to get taken down. Ok, you gotta learn stand back up, go ahead, how to defend to execute some by the time that Basically, I could take seven years to take forever forever as a kickboxer. It's a little different. If you get Mirko Crocop when he fought Vanderlei Silva. He was frightened like one of the top guys like almost right away. 'cause you
so scary in the feet and they made some crazy rules. Remember those crazy rules, like you, only be on the ground for thirty seconds I don't know, those rules. They had a crazy rule with Vandalay versus CRO cop, the first one Family versus Crowe COP will remember the once a whiny rules, man like you, you do the you go to the ground. You can only go to the ground for like thirty seconds and if the If no one wanted to fight was draw. So was real. Weird man say: could up didn't know really how to stop take sounds as well back then, and he's just trying to get off his kicks and he got off a bunch of kicks, but then they fought again and they fought again later, when Crowe COP had figured out the takedown defense game, and it was one of the worst chaos of Vandalize Karere Crowe COP fuqing clanged him upside the head with that left Shin. Remember that one little bit of a giant gash on Vander, Lee's head, so eventually those down, literally a user axe murderer. That was his nickname. The axe, literally went down like you got hit in the head with an axe '
pouring down his head was that was one of the all time great Merkel, Craig cook up head, kick knockouts. Was it Michael crew? look up, I'm pretty sure it was who fought that guy in Japan who wore amassing mask that? Don't yes, yes, clipped him on the head and you see the blood pouring out of his eye. Socket dude dude! I opening Wasn't that when he was fighting with shoes on too, he thought a bunch of those with wrestling shoes on they. Let Marco head kick people with red wrestling shoes on yeah I know he thought Mark home with wrestling shoes on he had kicked Mark Hunt with wrestling shoes about PETE Williams, had kicked Mark Coleman with wrestling shoes. He did. He did yeah. That's crazy lot of people more wrestling, shoes back then it's an interesting argument like what's to getting your ayato in your eye. Are fucking wrestling shoes
wrestling? Shoes are so much better for traction. Now, look at him. There boom with fuckin' tape on his shit. Nobody took a punch or kick ever is good, Marcotte, which is why it's even crazier that Melvin knocked him out. Ok, that boom. Right over the top and Mark Hunt still in it, throwing bombs what a savage. So what Ghana now is now is fight steep. What do you think of that? That's a tough one to call that's an interesting fight, though isn't, steep. It was on your podcast. Would he said? Oh I didn't know he's pretty confident, so he says, but I would say that too, but that Dude Inganno is like a character from a fuckin' cone handbook? You know, like somebody brought this up online, that how Conan when he was young, they made him push that wheel and that's how I got strong friend,
cingano. Ghana was like working in like a sand. Mine was digging sand when he was like a young guy. Like that literally might have had an effect on how fucking, powerful and strong he is really might be like an epic fantasy novel, which is he's like. If you we're going to go into a lab and design a perfect heavyweight weight, say about six four two hundred and sixty maybe a little heavier as to cut a little bit. Maybe two hundred and sixty nine cuts down to sixty five crazy freak athleticism faster- get for heavyweight, knock anybody dead with one punch, I feel like you're asking for too much. Yeah heavyweights, don't move that fast to get tired, real quick, not everyone can knock you out with one punch from France. He was a rigid from Cameroon. I think is that right, yeah and then France after that, did he was like this
growing and dangerous work spending hours, shoveling sand into the backs of trucks, so it could be shipped to big cities for using construction. Sometimes stand all day and what opticians scooping sand out of the riverbed are the days we spent bottom of a steep quarry where large chunks of earth often broke free from the high cliffs and tumbled down onto workers. Flock man, it's a movie. That's like it's like the beginning of a movie right there. You want to talk about that. Drake song started from the bottom. Now we here yeah, I mean he really started from the bottom yeah I mean he was there, he was homeless in France just like six years ago, five years ago, you know that no dude, this homeless in with story like how did he get into anime? He was in, he was in Africa and he had decided that he was going to take a trip to Europe and he wanted to get away from where he was, and he did sides to go there.
Exactly nobody's doing and somehow another it makes his way into a gym 'cause. He wanted to learn how to box. And he made his way into an MMA gym and the coach was like you should you should try MA like like you could really get good at this any real This is the guys a sponge learn shyt, ridiculously quick look at his first UFC Fight versus with Curtis Blaydes watch the Curtis, Blaydes fight and then watch them now, only two years ago, man so late, is ago, and but is improvement is insane he just knocked out one punch, one of the greatest heavyweight kickboxers ever Alistair Overeem was a K1 Grand Prix champion, Strikeforce Heavyweight champion dream heavyweight champion. You don't get any more experience Alistair Overeem fight for the title right. One punch first round It is a little late in his career, though it is good point please
This is, as anybody got gone the distance with him, or is he knocking everybody? No, he lost one fight. I think he got lost a decision. I think like an early fighting, his career, and then I think Anthony Hamilton. He submitted in with a kimura he Did someone with a camera? I think it was Hamilton? Is that correct? C Anthony Hamilton yeah. He submitted Anthony Hamilton with a with a Kimura Ko Durlofsky Kayode Overeem KO The Ko Lavabo Yamaha Vvitch was a crazy one. Man just dropping bombs on 'em Kurtis blow. AIDS was before that he TK o'd him doctor stoppage, Luis Enrique was before that that was the first never saw when I was like Jesus, but it looks like decision, unanimous again, the dude named Zoumana Cisse CIS Sec,
zoumana. Cisse were great name got it First, fighting one by armbar, yeah straight armbar he's got an arm triangle. Choke he's gotta stand guillotine choke submission and got one submission in the UFC Bark. More he's who is Vinny Magalhaes. You know I don't know yeah fifty megabytes is so far kid strong says the strongest guys ever rolled with. I did not Now that he's in Vegas now yep he's at the UFC training. Instead, and they got him over there like Rocky Four, it's crazy damn like he's Dragon Formans Institute. Yeah he's he's like literally mean think about this right. You got a guy who's. Ubley one of the best physical specimen. So we've ever seen in the heavyweight division like right like it's, you can't think of someone who's more impressive than physically right? Then you have a who just gives up his whole life for this, like he just moved from France to vague ISS, then the UFC puts him in this fucking.
State of the art laboratory, this performance institute where they've got all kinds of crazy shit. In there I mean they have harpists and food. They have all these strength and conditioning coaches. I mean there These guys are starting to do their camps down there they're going there and then like holyshit like this place, is ST none of it's He was telling me all the different services they offer and all the different things they do for the athletes for them. It's Fuckin', amazing, all these top flight coat this is their training with them. So you got amazing. Facility opens right he's like one of the first guys there he's like one of the first guys to do his camps. There moves from France, too vague ISS brings his coach. That is really smashed the world dude. It's like a movie, yeah homeless, homeless, guy walks. To a gym. Six years later, UFC, hopefully top of the food chain for the title hopefully start doing ecstasy, and going to raves. I know right. You got to keep them from getting too
Eazy. I mean because uh well, first of all is going to get past Ebay, an steep going. The first real wrestler that he's ever faced. It's a big deal. You know whether not they can take him to the ground. That's a big question: Curtis Blaydes, actually very good. Wrestling too. I'm trying to take him down anything. I would have imagine there's going to be a lot of everything I was going to I'm I'm gonna match in that fight. You're not gonna, be able to really dictate entirely where everything takes place. I don't know too much about Steve on the ground. He's he's not usually on the ground right, not usually on the ground, but he's a very good wrestler. Mr College yeah yeah. I think I think he's twenty plus pounds lighter though Like he's about two. Forty have submission wins in on his record to question. I've never seen him win by submission. I've only seen a win by knockout or decision CV go to us record yeah? he's got to know everything it's the question is
does he know? Is he strong enough? Is his wrestling good enough to close the distance Would you got here any submissions Tko Ko Ko Tko TIA, mostly Tko tales, do his all a lot of people at one sub mission by leg kicks, though that's got tapped out from leg, kicks, Stefan Struve beat him well. Okay, Odum at Tko Autumn somewhere in Europe. I think it was Nottingham. Nottingham, England, hey, hey yeah man beat Mark by TI. L r Lossky by for Reciever, do by Ko Overeem Ko Junior dos Santos Tko. That's a fucking hell of a wind, a great there man he's: no joke man, the Fadhil, mall when was scary member, that fight Fabio took that he was supposed to be fighting someone else and fob took that fight in Brazil as a heavyweight and
go down. I don't remember my wisdom. Steep is just way too big just way too big just smash them knocked him out same weight knocked areas boom. That's him! Instru there! Here's him in Maldonado yeah! Let that go this was a mean, is tv right now and it's prime for sure, but this was a good example. That was just a lot of his fights. He's a tough guy. Man takes a good shot and he's a good wrestler he's strong. A ground pound yeah he's just going to have to figure out a way to deal with the extreme physical advantages, the Francis in has one is. If I go down that is Boston January 20th, hello. She, downhole shift That's also well vote, Volkan owes, and Cormier on a that car too. That's interesting closed Ko Ko2 really- guys in a row missions occurring off
in one round and then he just Ko Jimmy Man a one in one round that was a he hits Falken Hard Russian. I don't think so is a Switzerland yeah Vulcan sounds like like a Vulcan, but that's an interesting fight to visit. That's good card man, Steve Ban Francis in Ghana's souls carefree whistling John John Woo hoo hoo, hoo hoo, I don't know man, I don't think they've reached any sort of conclusion. I don't know If I come there have some sort of excuse. I don't know the trial is. I think it's got to be I'm coming up soon, but it has been in the news see if you can find the trial, is now it's be interesting to see what what they say or what they think it could be the play the craziest rumor about it. We about on the podcast before
the craziest rumor was everybody knows John likes to party, I'm not throwing him under the bus mean he's even joked around. He said to DC in DC was talking to at least like I beat you after I cocaine. Yeah I mean which hilarious but the craziest rumor was that they cut creatine with cocaine, it's one of the things they cut cocaine with, and they the use of cheap chinese creatine. That was steroid tainted, which is apparently very common, apparently there's a lot of creatine's and different things you take. They have trace amounts of steroids, it'll show up in a test because the same vats that shit in they make steroids in they make everything in the met in China. These really shady bulk places. You'll, occasionally get tainted supplements happens all the time Maybe they were purposely tainted. That could happen too. We talked out but the greatest creatine ever do this, should yolks me out yeah right
probably maybe that's just that's just the way to sell steroids. You sell creatine, but it would sting. This is California State Athletic Commission right because it was in California so who gets decide. California gets to decide. Is that how it works? 'cause? It's California State Athletic Commission, so they apparently get to decide what happens in his future. You Sada you Sada if found guilty this time he faces up to a four year, Ban Holyshit. What's the minimum! Now I don't know It really depends on whether or not he's got an actual excuse if he could get that fucking dealer to get him some coke and it's got the steroids in it. I bet you never. The problem is you would only have a decent excuse? You wouldn't, you wouldn't have you exonerated. There still be
sort of a penalty when a match later use. Did you say the cutting in China, the cutting creatine with coke, or with steroids they're using creatine to cut cocaine so, if you buy cocaine, so if you got a kilo of cocaine, you want stretch that shoot out making Khilona quarter. Oh, I got the thing: Bro super fucking muscle, Dick preteen and super muscle. Dick creatine has some. Steroids in it and so when they're cutting this cocaine with this getting that has steroids in it. You snorting the code. This is he not meaning Jon Jones, a person I'm making this up I don't know what happened. No, no. This is the real The rumor is that this has been shown to test positive, that he did Coke and it had cream sing it in the creatine had steroids in it. The rumor is that is what people think could be a possibility, because, if John likes to party- and we know John likes to party, it is entirely possible that he might have partied
and that he might have just had a little bit of that, and in that was this creatine 'cause like think about the cutting with all kinds of different stuff right. They cut it with me, I'm not a cocaine doctor, but got to imagine they take white sheet that looks like coke and you can make more coke right. That's what the cutting is right, but to cut it with creatine. Apparently it's comic. We looked it up, we actually do Now down now I thought you were saying that he was taking creatine and it had it was tainted with. That's a no. No, that would be better form if that was the case. That would be good, because that way you could take- add creatine to you. Sada and you'd have to have it on the list of shit. You were taken to say. Look at this says is creatine, that's all I took and they tested like. This does have steroids in it and then the go find another one. That's like from the same that they can find like the I guess the final independently, hopefully from a store as a test out of a funk, trace amount steroids and that and that's what dirty
TIM means he got off for that. That's how he got off. He, in taking steroids, just took some fog and over the counter normal supplement. It wasn't supposed to have steroids in it and then and he tested positive stunned and you look at ten, even lift weights. It doesn't remotely look like a guy who's steroids and they tested the stuff we found just randomly in the store and that tested positive, so here got a short amount of a suspension yeah. It was pretty quick like six months or something like that. Which even then, if you didn't do anything wrong. Why would you get six months and so you're saying that the steroids are creatine on accident, not like they're, not doing it on purpose right, no! Well! Here's a thing! This is speculation right all I'm here, I'm here in a rumor right, but this speculation. Is that these labs where they make creatine. They also make a gang of other things right, they'll cook up some, Airoides, for whatever the order is right and then cleaning those vats out right. So, if they're, just poor
another bag they pour out the steroids and they pour about creatine in there for the neck batch and they're mixing everything up. It's entirely Able to trace amounts of those steroids are getting into that stuff. When we first how to do an alpha brain. We have some of early versions, did and when we got the stuff mixed from a place the place didn't do a very good job of cleaning out their equipment. We had vitamins in our alpha. In the warrant in there we had some stuff- that's not supposed to be in there. So when we tested and we found trace amounts. We had to switch what we're doing to change. How we have the things manufactured. That's a super comma thing we deal with these overseas laboratories that are making all your shit together. So that's one possibility another possibility that I've said before the lot of people say: I'm fucking crazy. Somebody could have given him something somebody could have given him something to fuck with him somebody could not like them. So we could have done that too. Not saying that's what happened, but I'm saying you have to take into consideration.
The possibilities, if John, he is telling the truth and he's totally stunned by this there's a lot of different possibilities, and one of them could easily be somebody giving it to a it. Also could be the took steroids. If you were able to, I don't know if you own, the creating company had kind of want your creatine to be, can you can you you guys are making steroids there too right? Ok, cool? Can we use the same vats should actually and then you could always just say hey. I don't know that. That's true, You know they do that with those dick pills, apparently those gas station, Dick pills we have like a generic viagra. In am that's. Why they work. So well, I don't know they just use the same vats that you're. We we didn't know that they use the same bats they do that and they also put steroids in those things to do. You know Brian, red band was the first one to call the John Jones had taking dick pills. That's why I tested positive ray ban. Put it together Sexy does coke. You look like you. Do Coquito cousin work, you do your dick doesn't work.
Windows, gas station, Dick pills. He probably took one those pills he was. I take those pills. Like a fucking animal he's like I feel, like I've got steroids in Maine, I'm like really he goes yeah you get real aggressive. Dick is hard as a fucking piece of metal. Like ok, alright turned out he's right that's crazy! It was the same thing with Anderson Silva when Anderson Silva tested positive. It was from I'm sort of chinese Dick pill stuff and they found it and they tested it. Red Pandas Coke he's done it. He doesn't do it all the time, but he's done it. So he knows, so it's like to party and that's what he was saying he's like. I know what it's like if you're partying he's like your dick, doesn't work. It's like he parties right. Well, he probably did he tested positive for coke. He probably does that Redban, totally nailed it, or maybe he was doing ecstasy people take by ghagra on ecstasy. Yeah could be that too yeah looked. He he's a wild mother fucker and he likes to party. The question is: Did he actually take a steroid with the intention to cheat? That's what we do
so he says he didn't. I wish there was a way that you will one hundred blade. One hundred percent could tell someone's lying one hundred percent. You watch that new episode, where everything is being your tape with their yes hi tech lenses. Yes, so there's like reviewing everything they've said: yeah, a freak me out, that's come in if We don't have a artificial intelligence that takes over the world before then. That's common that they're going to be going to be able to record you gotta have some fucking chip that you put in the back of your head, it's going to store all the stuff directly from your nervous system going to be able to view it in hd. To the moment I can give you eyes that work better than your eyes. You have an artificial disc right. Think of that I saw dude attacked by a shark and he had no Armanno leg, but he was with a carbon fiber arm and a carbon fibre leg and his walk around. If you didn't know, you would never know like from the knee down He was missing his leg and from the middle of his
bicep area he had a fake arm. You should do and then may just not the kind of people killing people just punch holes like is a chance you could leglock and with that, the only way with the is California. Out commission that someone fight with them a cyborg arm no They have to start another league with just amputees with cyborg arms will, you might have left. It was his name Nick Newell used to fight. He had one arm remember now. He would like he was born with like a stump on one side and he put a glove on the stump yeah. I think that man. There's it's entirely possible that in our lifetime going to have better parts for sure then what we and once girls start, preferring that, like they only date dudes with cyborg legs. You know what I mean they like that machine. Doing start chopping off their fucking legs, the first guy that cuts his own eyes out for robot eyes. That's going to be crazy shit, it's going to happen, yeah, there's Nick yeah it
going to be is going to be no chance that anybody is going to want to be normal. I can I just rather fade away and get but you get the cyborg legs and you could run like forty miles an hour. You could jump over buildings, people chop their front legs off for sure. Drink we had some iron man legs, like literally, you could jump over a building like first of all, just and think about living in the year? One thousand five hundred and someone someone somehow another takes you to a place and shows you a higher Busa motorcycle he'd be like what the fuck is that oh this it's just your lie on that it goes zero to sixty in less than two seconds he you would you wouldn't? never believe that could be real. You cook, from the seventeen eighteen, hundreds, even one thousand nine hundred like maybe the 1900s, they would kind of get it 'cause. They had bicycles, but if you go back like uh,
in years ago in show someone a motorcycle. They be absolutely convinced, is no way that could exist. It can't be real it does. Make any sense. I think if you go one thousand years from now is going to be the same shared with our bodies were going to have ridiculous Capa cities, and it will look just like a regular body will do some sort of like bulletproof carbon fiber skin that looks just like regular skin you'll be able jump over the fucking buildings. One hundred percent iron fists yeah just cut out, I'm just going to lose my hand, but you know it bro has been shrinking. I don't know what it is, and people are just powerful Jamie with the phone. The last time you had your phone on yeah there's going to be times where there's no need to like. Like oh, you broke your arm. Here's a good news. The recovery time is even less. If you give you a fake arm yeah. Well, you want to wait six weeks or your fucking arm,
and then your arm? Can what break again give you fake arm like wow? I don't know what to do get a fake arm. I love my fake arms everyone's going, be just a robot like Steve Austin. Remember that six million dollar man, legs number. The big foot episode the best apps for tv shows back. Then risks are, oh, my god. I just think about all the tv shows from the seventies guards compare that to like and flicks show compare game of thrones, yeah or black mayor that black the measure they did have what one should be episode. I they were just knock. It was just like a they were hit in a shutout I'm in three episodes, the one where, because it's all based on what life is going to be like in ten years or so right, like a little bit in the future, you know an one episode where everyone just Ray
in each other all the time you know I'm done, but they're just it's happening now, though, it's nosedive dive what's happening. I get it that's happening, but that was that episode is kind of like that compared to the other episodes, but you see the one with the video game with the guy. They they put a little thing in the back of his head. Yes, and he does know when the games on a one off yeah how about the one where they do, that the it catches is, is wifi. He figures out that she's cheating on a yeah on his acting, whoever that actor is yeah. His acting with that was. That was a an amazing episode. Man is very intense man. And in the writing, was so good like they. With the husband hold on sir, in the social credit app seen in black mirror. Becoming reality in China. Well, yeah, it makes sense, makes sense. Have augmented reality and people are going to have like your facebook score hovering over your head, like this is MIKE, is a super swell. Guy he's got four one. Slash two stars from everybody meets
yeah yeah, it's kind of that with followers yeah yeah yeah man, it's going to be a weird world, when our kids, our age, it's going to be a weird weird world yeah I mean I don't think we could begin to comprehend it. I think we'd be totally guessing I think, there's some shit. That's coming around the corner. Do you see that NASA tom the thing everybody keeps harassing me about the the video the UFO hey. I'm here I'm reminded jetting out more videos all day long like not just one like let him out. Let's see, let me see one of them. Videos is Tom Delong putting on videos, and now his organization is putting out videos of ufos yeah and some fighter pilot. An fa. Eighteen, I believe, is chasing this thing. It's showing all the details of like the uh
altitude? How fast it's going? What pitch it's at all that jazz? I know what that means. What pitch is hot but they're watching this thing, they're trying, you got what is one of the guys like it's a drone. It's gotta be some kind of a drone. They see something. So it turns it was gone So basically, it's like all the other UFO, but it's it's blurry yeah. It's blurry it's in like gun, sights. Or, like you know, some sort of infrared site rather so Looking at it through this weird infrared video, or it doesn't necessarily look. You know it's weird. It's weird, looking at it like? Ok? What am I looking at? I'm looking at a little object. Remember that quote it could be a total bullship quote. From Warner VON Braun that he said before he died that beware of the fake alien invasion say that in so many words, I hope he did. I hope he did. He did just to with people. Amazing flying around there
a fleet of 'em. Look at my essay now going against the window, went to Huntington Plan Africa, West, alright, baby so they found it for awhile and then it changes direction. So whatever that is, whatever that is fucking super interesting and I heard the now going to fly Travis Barker to Washington DC, to talk to people and give some information as well. Now that you know next to gonna fly Kanye West, he then fly him out out and show him the secret lab for real, no I'm making this up
'cause. I think it's crazy flying Tom Delong. I know it might not be fake, it might be real. It could be. It looked through. Here's the thing about aliens right. How often do you think they'd have to visit? I think They could get it done once in the 70s and be done with us. They I guess out, and they will look at these crazy assholes. This we're going to do we're going We're going to install some cameras on the moon, these stupid fuckers. They won't even be able to see it will just put some big, ask cameras to film them from the distance and, let's get out of here. These people are crazy. Like this have nuclear power with these assholes and they just never see them again so like that really is a UFO. If it really is from another planet, rather how many times they have to come here. You know I mean if they are real. How much evidence would you really see of 'em? Would you see it once every ten years. However, they come over the joke. That was a Hugh. Maybe someone a joke that, like maybe this '
the Tijuana yeah as the universe and the delight of ours based really come down here with a up. We want to see a show with that party, yeah yeah yeah yeah as a whole. Yeah, that's super old. It's two thousand early, two thousands yeah! I I think it's I'm not a nonbeliever, that's for funk sure I think it's entirely possible like if, if I up in the sky and an alien ship flew by. I would never think There's no way that can't be real can be possible. I would think wow they fuckin'. They visited us. I mean I'm sure, something out there that smart, I'm sure there is no matter what it would look like you know, would it even be in a physical form anymore? I mean why do we assume that everything has to be in a physical form? What are you looking at KEN Lamar says he saw UFO, but nobody believes some. The thing is with for on stage here is: open photo huge,
this thing here in ear monitors are Boston but they're also the best headphones you can get. Those do that is like some fucking Borg. Ship that looks like he's already been. Co, opted by technology part has some just for like regular listening, like seven different speakers in there really badass yeah, send me a, son. I didn't know about this idea. That's another good of good case for a fucking phone with a headphone jack huh, like that's, really annoying to me, we decided to eliminate the headphone jacks from phones just lost my second pair of air pods. You did yeah pocket? So what are you talking about the headphone jacks man's cell phones? Now they don't have a headphone jack anymore. They have this little lightning thing on the iphones and the only ones that have headphone jacks are you can get 'em off of Samsung the new Google phones, they don't have many more either. So it's all wireless now lot of wireless yeah or you have a dongle, they have to connect at the bottom of the it.
Do an audio thing at the bottom of that, so basically they're adapter, still yeah, there's uh after still, but you want to carry a fucking adapter around you know but If you want to listen to really good music. I but just sounds better when you have a good headphone, just sounds better. Doesn't sound as good mean those air pods are great they're, fine, the good enough, but if you what I really hear the music, like the the best quality can be see the lg phones the best for that the Lgv thirty. It actually has something called a quad dac a amplifier built into the where the Jack is for the audio, so they actually have amplified sound, that's supposed to be by far the best sound for a cell phone like they just decided to like push that, like on speaker like you, don't need headphones. No, it's not that you don't need a speaker. You definitely need a speaker, but the headphone jack is like super powered. It's got some somehow processor in there see that thing, I'm looking it up and just here
Can you describe it? I'm wondering like why what they could have that's so cool and then, like the article I found on the verge, says it's the best audio in a phone ever and then quote it? Doesn't it just doesn't matter like they have some crazy thing and it might be awesome at all. It doesn't matter the matter yeah, but if it's awesome is, if you like sound like you like your musician, you like sound would not. Is I got in my car. I have my locks, cable, I even when you have an ox cable see. The thing is, if you do an ox cable through the headphone jack with the Quad ACT thing it the sound better in your car. Do member bass boost on CD players back in the day, yeah yeah. Everyone had that that was the coolest thing, and now it's gone, but it's just built into the headphones right like beats. It's kind of built into it. Well, do you remember when people's car stereos like the car stereo, you would get there always the shitiest fuckin' sounding things ever and then you have to buy a stereo afterwards. If you wanted something good at it. Equal. Yeah yeah and then the car dealerships like what we doing I will,
These people make money off our fuckin' cars 'cause. It's like there was a whole industry that was spawned so like. Why don't we just put our own good radios in fuch we doing now like if you buy, like like a new car, like I saved by a Cadillac escalade, or something that the sound is insane yeah, I'm getting those things like God. It sounds perfect, it's incredible strings through the cabin you know, How we got into that trying to talk about Holly Holm Cyborg? We think that that's going be insane. That's really interesting right! all is probably the only one that has a shot against her, but people forget that was a really good strikers. Like people thing, L Holly is gonna help class, sir, with her and skills in a foot working on that, but cyber striking is that she's like a professional, Muay Thai fighter. She is now here's another thing to think about. Cyborgs jujitsu cyborg is
a way better grappler cheat people forget how grappling is because the fact that she went so many fights by KO, but he's competed in grabbing. I know she was a brown belt just a few years ago. I don't know if she's advanced past that now but she's the get on the ground and if you look at What Holly's weakness in the Miesha, Tate Fight, I'm sure, she's and better since the Miesha, Tate Fight, but Misha Control there on the ground in one round. I think it was around two took her down, control there and then took her down with just a little left in the round in the fifth round choked unconscious to the ground game, although I'm sure we got better at it and she even she's got such a good. Personality and she said she's such a good sport. After that she showed a picture, her with a white belt on training she's like trying to get better make like put on Instagram after she got choked down and lost her title, that's she got some serious character, some strikers, they just like train jiu they're, just not into it.
Yeah. I don't know she's into it or not into it or you know, for a while. Other people are saying that she just wasn't that into and there's like a rampage was never into training, Jujitsu yeah, you know, there's just some guys that are so confident on their feet. They think that why will don't ever want to learn this stuff on the ground. Let's just keep it up on our feet, she's hard to takedown. She it works on that for sure Holly how to take down and used to stand, and I don't think the fight's gonna end on the ground? I think I don't think cyborg when I try to take Holly down. I think cyborgs go right at her and so? That's same card is number to mid and Barboza. This is the December 30th card. Then Jimmy Rivera and John Linacre Woo, that's something that people are sleeping on. That is a good fucking I don't know too much about Jimmie Rivera two is very good who's in the very to be clear. I favor he was one of your eyes. Last fights the second last fight, which click on Jimmy's record.
But he's only got one in his career from this? He got oh yeah beat Thomas Almeida. Up Thomas Almeida, it was a really good fight to before that Uriah Faber. He beats him. Yuri Alcantara Tara beats him German yells beats him and he knocked out Marcus Brimage in, I think is. I think that was his debut. Is that right to say that It says for history yeah, so he knocked out Marcus in his UFC. Debut he's very good man. Very, very tough, egyptian 'cause, he comes from a chain too he's from Tiger Schulman's. Showman's is a really back to name in MMA right now, they're really good, really good, grill good, is real good fighters coming out of there, but it's it was always like. Did you have chains out here in the West Coast. Did you guys have like Karate chains network with Chains Tiger Schulman had quite a few gems EAST Coast
yeah, but a lot of gyms man. I don't know how many he's got now, but I want to say it's Stephanie more than one It was like a known name in the karate world. Now and then, when anime came around, they adapted they adapted and they put out some real good Remember, Lewis, God no kid with the green hair, he thought There too. I don't remember him, there's a good fight the green hair didn't work. You know Carlos Condit's returning because Neil Magny that's very interesting. I tell you what man Neil Magny was the first fight, where I realized how God Damn good has failed to Sandra. Is it welterweight when Dosanjh kicked his legs out from under him, got him to the ground and smashed him and submitted him. I was like holy shit Some guys. That way, cut is just too much and does I'm just said definitely crossed over into the too much territory.
I mean in my mind, he's one of the best right now for sure. At one hundred and seventy pounds to so any good matchups at one hundred and seventy man, so many not too many landers, go up in weight and dominate like that. Not like that. Not dominate, dominate a former world champion who just came off of convincing VIC over Donald Cerrone. You know Rob is not he's not shot. Any stretch of the imagination. It's not what it was. This will, was most impressive about a Robbie was in there to the very end I mean he. Is Bob and weave and when he was getting hit with those shots, he never gave up. He gave it his all and he wasn't diminished. He just got out thought he got out leg kicked. He got out worked that Fuckin'. Dudes got some crazy cardio mean I failed to San for the barrage that he put see if you can find like some highlights. Like half failed us just versus Robbie Lawler highlights he was just ripping him to the body with ridiculous quantity of strikes.
Carlos Condit hasn't fought awhile right on time. How long is it been Damian Maia choked him. I think those his last fight couple years ago, couple years ago, pretty sure we get hurt and have surgery or something no man. I think he was. I think he needed a break, put it right in the middle there. It's not loading up. Goddamnit Youtube! Get your shit together anyway, doesn't matter just as a lot of a lot of good talent that one hundred and seventy pound division. Now it's very interesting Darren till I want to see him get a second fight in the UFC. After that cow, I was hoping he was going to fight Wonderboy Thompson, but Wonderboy Apparently his hands up Jorge MAS, it all fight, hurt his thumbs, so got to rest up, maybe get surgery. I don't know, what's going on here, Darren till won't rule out fight with MIKE Perry, but has Wonderboy has main priority. Well, MIKE Perry just lost
a great fight, but Ponzinibbio ponds, brilliant fight against of a brilliant fucking animal, though man, a animal, never manic, coming, never stops to see that fight. I did, but not I didn't see it consistently. I was like just looking over at it good fight MIKE he's the guy thought Alan right job on job on was the first guy to beat him job on beaten by decision and then he's on. He's been on a streak sense. Well, he lost this fight and I think he would be I feel, like I feel, like you won one in between there. The Jake Ellenberger fight was after Alan Jouban. Wasn't it I don't, remember, he's dangerous, very dangerous. We catch. Is anybody knocks him out? I mean he just gotta catch a clean. If he catches you clean, he throws falcon haymakers
super aggressive guy, like all dudes, with writing above their eyebrows, whenever get tattooed above your eyebrow, usually probably little reckless, crazy, yeah, yeah so is he here yeah the J Kelberg KO was right after Alan Job, and that was crazy. The Alex Reyes can win streak had for Alan yep yep. Thank you, mother. He got him by T Danny Roberts by K serious Stryker man that guy throws bombs. I mean he lossed, but he, to a really good guy and positive videos and very good, and he put that guy in trouble. Ponzinibbio had a awesome strategy, great work, oh great cardio. There was a fight where, like both those guys were on the edge a lot, they were both very tired. It was like some serious back and forth action. What do you think what's happening next for rose Namajunas, that's good question!
spring. Still on Cloud nine man rematch with Maybe but here's the thing I don't know if you wanna can make that weight. I think Mona is struggling real bad to make that way. She said when she lost no, I mean she gave it all up to rose mean, those Carter, but she said she had a real struggle to make that weight. She's thinking, maybe one hundred and twenty five we better for who knows fired her nutrition company, though that was taking care of her people that were cut. To cut wait for that. So as hard cut. When it comes to know how to do that. Boy, there's like there's like four or five different people right now, but I, like prominent people who's the best at cutting weight, here to guys consistently you hear Dolce and Lockhart. That's here consistently here MIKE Dolce and George Lock. Dolce's got a little bit more experience. I'll take out right now. It's good question: it's got a lot of people, but he's got a real good
you know you look at his record for getting guys on wait for fights. It's got a real good record. You know who has the worst record Calvin, is Calvin's loss. How many times Calvin missed his miss with life yeah, didn't make it more news with Dulce. He made it with the Dulce, though right, I think so, yeah This needs to be super regimented. You know, yeah he's so fucking, talented Calv, so God damn talented hell, yeah, yes, that one too, that he on Bisping was like Holyshit indicated with the left hook. Well, he caught him with a right jab and then he caught him with a straight left snapped his head back. It was like, but it was he snaps, his pun. He throws down to their snap. Like he's gotta, very interesting, punching style like he which is guys like at the very end of his shots man. I mean It's really interesting to come from that southpaw position
look at that. Come on man, powerful, fuckit, super powerful a good wrestler too. That's what a lot of people forget The reasons why he could strike so good, as he's so fucking hard to take down remember when he won against Uriah Hall. He's been working with Marvin, my black belt Marvin cast down he's been doing so serious training with them just cerebras. The Cerebus is a bad mother prize. You remember that I know that guy is he's, got Nasty imanari roll he's got that twelve million views or whatever and flow grappling yeah he's been there all the time. He's Marvin is probably at. Headquarters the hardest trainer I mean he he always drilling, always teaching teaching privates drilling. His boys got his own crew, the brake squad coming about seven guys and now
their training on Sundays. Doing doubles on Sundays every day. He that's amazing. He lives like I said he get out and these are to putting out seminars, training and he's got his dark arts? seminars, user classes dark arts just 'cause he's you know, he's got all kind of game but he does specialize in his own. He's got his own special leg, lock game that no one else is doing it's pretty extraordinary, and he best at it and he's teaching he's got all his his crew that he's teaching and I've actually not that into the curriculum we practice his best stuff. I put it. I put it right in directly crazy. How just has no end, like new waves and new techniques and new variations and new improvements and new defenses and has no end the amount of ways you can
twine and entangled to human beings and different angles. It really is endless. I know there's I mean there's so many different styles of just leg locks just glocks alone is it's taken lifetime. Masters so much and over the last for years. It's just exploded. I mean since since, D, I one when the Danaher death quad came in and started dominating bloom. That's when the leg lock game just exploded. It was always around 'cause, it Abu Dhabi, Nadine Lustre was crushing people with you broken so it's been my glass they've always been around, but I think maybe people thought ok, being Lester is leg lock and dudes, because he's so strong and so big Paul Harris is leg lock and everybody 'cause he's so big and strong just ripping legs apart. You know that I think people looked at that, like maybe it's on a small,
transport like locks and even early in anime like big, do the Yeah look but then you see guys like Eddie Cummings and he's not big at all. He cuts down one hundred and thirty five he's the one five champ, but What is your work around leglocks leg locks, dudes that are and fifty a leg lock anybody, that's crazy. People are afraid of him right he's so good at leg locks people aren't fuqing Well, they have such a good system, the Donna Do you ever do you know Don her system, to him about it, he's very secretive about it and that's a good move. That's part of the reason that dominating the sub only seen you know, they're very secretive, but you know we take what they When we added to the game and- and we dissect their game, we dissect Garcia's game, the I anybody's game who's whose legit
the great Instagram page to break it down. Stop breaking down his technique is a genius. I mean look at all those guys. He got Eddie Cummings Gordon Ryan Hi Brian Garry Tonon, Nicky, Ryan and then the guys from Tristar, which are affiliated with into like Ethan Crellin, Stan, GSP just pedialyte training with them yep yep and Oliver Taza he's awesome. They got a lot there, crew there, deep and they're, not just good to leg locks, they're good at everything. The good passing you know, they're passing peoples guards in Abu Dhabi, yeah. Well, look at look at George, choked out Bisping. When was the last time you saw a rear, naked choke that tight yeah that was tied. Right away in a world title fight the way slapped on it was like sometimes you'll see like a lot of like hand in the back of the head type ship that was just super sunk in and tight. You know I'm rivalry with them ten planet and dds is only
now it's only because they're so got damn good. You know when we're trying to catch him right now the only game. No doubt there are the best and we're trying I to catch them. So if we hm or not. You know if we, if we surpass them or not it for this we're going to be as good as we can that we're getting better and better and what's important here, you need someone like that. Like the sport needs, someone like that to have a team, that's that dominant! It's for the whole game, because then you realize like wow. This is possible. You got to take it to the next level, the elevating everybody's game and when G o B, L e commons that we it was so huge for me and for everybody it was so huge only because they were so dominant yeah. It's like that it was just incredible. So um the the rivalry we got going to just make us all better, and it's just elevating the game, making us better to make an r leglock better and and we're and taken know some of their passing and their back attacks too. So who is out of Jujitsu at a high level,
U2 to is got like real promise in MMA right now, because tone in about fight fight in MMA match and who won t. Be I time I think I think which is and he's only has one loss and edi he's been. Super dominant he's about fight for one FC. He signed we shot tree. So that's going down. I think it's but maybe in March, maybe well known You know, as as long as long they bring him along slowly, no doubt he's going to make some noise in crown still find Verizon right, see Verizon. He thought Verizon in his last fight, but I don't know what's going on currently with this contract, I have no idea it's been awhile, it's been over a year, maybe since his last fight, so I do and when he was on my podcast, he made it clear that he he, at the very least, wasn't certain where go with MMA. He talked about how
the training and the lifestyles is not fun. I just beat a guy, and like this wasn't fun I mean so he's not, he needs time off. You know, because he's got all the pressure of being Hixson son, and this show much pressure come. Can you imagine the pressure you he's he's fighting. Imagine he's fighting and ABC see all that pressure, he cannot get stomped be get stomped he's got to deal with like Now his dad feels- and you know that folks with heads so pressure just wanna see dot com. The of you just to like when, like when Brian Ortega, Fox yeah that guy right there, Brian Ortega that guy he probably he's right up there with all the jujitsu players in the UFC right now actually he's right up there with Damian Maia right there I mean that that guy is finishing, fights with get to consistently and he just took. You know what you He did in his last fight with that that against
cub Swanson he when he just took just your basic, asked Headlock had an army just take takes that and It closes the show with that, not very many. Can do that and it just hands. Yeah was hang on. He had an arm and fate like he. It's going all net Marcela Teen and then went back 'cause as effect it loosened up the guillotine. So I went back bloom and then he he was just a little Thank that's interesting. He faked and went back into is the guy on the bottom. He knows he's got arm in guillotine and he knows okay, I'm safe here, but look I had there's a little. Opening. If you switch, is really quick. There's a Marcela team there, so you're always watching it. So when he went he adjusted, but he went back and got it people with the arm, and that's that's why I haven't talked to him personally about it. But to me that's what it looked like. I watched it over and over that looked like a little thick yet head and arm. Thank them, Elatine went back in and deep, and then he saw this the level of squeeze and clinch that's needed to pull that off.
CUB Swanson Cubs. Is high level jiu Jitsu he's one of the best Jujitsu guys in the UFC he's right, It has huge. It is really really good really good and to pull that guillotine off on him handing the super so much there's so which technique going on, and we he's got that dark was it'd arson, Anda Conda was it a japanese necktie would almost get in the first Round it's hard to see that again, he was in some weird position where it looked like. He was trying to seal up a dark, but either way I think it was a Darcy had cops, wants, tightened down, quick, you know who this guy is closing the show fast. Those are all very simple chokes to learn. The Darst the arm in Guillotine Marcela, teen. Japanese necktie there all that's the that's the easiest part of the technique is just learning how to do it. That's the easiest part. The hard part is mastering it that's the hard
easy you could learn arm in guillotine an three minutes. Anybody can it's really easy to learn is not it's not trigonometry, but mastering it it's hard like you would think like. Why isn't there more guys, like Brian Ortega out there, just taking little simple front, blacks who had an arm and then taking it home, there ain't that many because the It's just like a moitie, plum clinch. So easy. You could learn a Muay Thai, plum clinch in thirty seconds, really really easy, but actually manhandling a fighter with it then the time that you need to craft, that clan which polish it there, so you actually need physical time you have to get to it. Going to happen on its own. Remember when Anderson grab Rich Franklin, you could see right away. He like well. This is a different kind of Thai clinch number yeah yeah yeah, I did
Yeah every now and then you see a fighter utilizes the plum clinch and be really effective with it, someone recently, I forgot who was using it in that in the UFC last week I forgot, but Who was it? Wasn't those uh just was it. Yes, it was design yeah, that's right! It was him. Comes from Rafael Cordero, how lunch time. Are you spending developing that plum clips up when we type if you, if that is not in your curriculum, that is going to be something that people are going to be fearing. You actually have to put time into it. It isn't about learning and its about mastering it. So, let's about develop, strength in that one particular move just like the same way like some guys can throw a nasty left hook to the body 'cause. They just have ridiculous or you take the average athlete and have him throw a left hook. It's Awk punch to throw, but you get a guy like triple g he's been doing it so long that neural pathways so smooth and car he just ripped it just digs that thing
same thing with chokes. You see with Brian and same thing with Brian, also with his triangles man yeah, it's fucking or do you need any issues that need special time too, has known as a nothing to do with the time you spend on the front headlock and right and taking that all the way home and closing the show just from the front headlock the cobra, did it against Aj Agazarm arm in Abu Dhabi, AJ wrestled in college, Corrine and Russell, but at this point he is like a college wrestler carbon wrestling so long he could wrestle with college wrestlers. Yeah changing was going to take him down at a Jays, a college wrestler like legit and he's going to bring it down, cabanas like capoeira master show. Cabrini shot in an aging that a single well and then drag him. But but he had a single. AJ was hopping on one foot and then he would drag him down like run the pipe with it and AJ to professional. He gets put to the ground, but then pops right back up now he's hopping on one leg and has a single and then incorporated
but again boom. He drags him down and then AJ like a professional ninja. He pops up again harbor for his age, even walking after that Gary Tonon about real, quick. This is on that front. Headlock, so know CALL Breena. He realized. Okay, he sees what's going on. He knows that he He still has the single still has control that Clinchco Breen has he he captured him. It's just a regular sing. He captured him AJ can't pull that leg up. He can't complete the takedown, but he ain't pulling the leg out that clip. Screen is so strong right. So then Kabrina does it again. He drags him down to the ground and then before he could pop up. He let's go. Let's go and jumps on a front headlock and then as a cradle on a front, headlock and then boom, and that's it he's not letting so that that's real not that much there, but you know what it's a starting point: the actual real starting point was that single, captured, yeah chimes.
He got his back. He slowly had the front headlock with the cradle and then he sprawled on him for awhile. Maybe a couple minutes and then slowly jumped on his back. He took him out like a real anaconda and that all those positions every step, just a little Holding a leg on a single. Most people can't even hold it in a guy. Will limp leg out and start again. They start fresh and reset most get in there and hold that sing. For just a little bit. It's only a little clips, little tiny clinches a little second here, two seconds here, the little risk control, but when Cabrini gets then clinches on that leg. He couldn't pull it out and then he jumped on the front headlock and then he wasn't going to a lot of dudes a front headlock on most guys. You could peel that shut off and get off my fucking neck easily, but there's levels like we always say that we always say that, because that's what it's all about, you have to remind people, there's levels to every movement and you just keep getting better and then levels the chaining, the movements that the different in different you know and
and boom you put another movement. Will how what level are you on this part that we're going to connect that's a whole different level? That's a whole different part. Another piece everything needs to be every pathway in Jujitsu It could be super long or short, Man there's some pathways that like for since you can capture someone in quarter garden after first one like this is the path normal path and all I'm trying to do is just capture the guy and the worst capture is corner guard. It's the worst car ever 'cause. Anything first quarter guard where you just controlling his ankle. This half guard you control the Four guard, your control, his whole body, is between your legs. That's full guard! Half of that is you only have control of, one of his legs quarter guard is almost losing a leg. You got the ankle, that's the once you, control Daddy Passenger Guard, or you have nothing. You have nothing, so you would capture that ankle you're in court and then use a mini stop at the technique.
Series of techniques to get to the lock down, which is a form of half guard and then from the lock down how are we going to get the full guard? So it's a little client ankle full leg now full body. Now we're going to attack and then from there it's a whole new sport starts. You got him. Oh god. Now I thought what you do before has nothing to do with. This is a whole new level. It's like a video game. Now I got him in full guard man that took awhile, but I finally got here and that's the whole strategy strategy in the whole plan. If anything would have and I didn't and get full guard, then you, try to sweep and try to get on top on the bottom use. Half guard guards get the dogfight electric chair, electric stone, reverse blocked out a lot of stuff do butterflies seems Overhook bloom. I couldn't get full guard, but look I swept you now. On top now we passed the guard set put him in the truck from the truck. Working out is not even try to know what you're talking about try and we try to say this is a credo, comprehensive, says: yeah, there's a there's, a path. There's all the steps, yeah eat, nothing open the truck. Take the back down now
spend that much time on the back. I'm going to spiderweb spiderweb Batshit were first and goal on the one. It's not looking good There are so many things that had you had a chain together. For that to happen, all those moves that sound crazy have chain all those moves together to make it happen. You know, that's, that's some takes a long time. This should teach that shouldn't high school. You really should let Jujitsu and they make kids a lot nicer. I believe so Excel makes him a lot more, humble, more humble, but also more realizing that a lot of the bullshit and insecurity you can get that out of your system. It rain, yeah, yeah, lot of pressure, though so the pressure be high pressure. Everybody would be cooler with each other jujitsu, it's competition, every night, yeah, that's a diff. Kind of pressure self. You could handle that if you could handle, if your ego can handle the competition every night, it's Abu Dhabi every night, if you could handle and you go in there like- I don't care. If I get beat by these guys. I care about,
guys that are on the streets, these guys in this Jujitsu club there are little computer nerds, I'm not worried about that. I'm going to be nice to you. I don't care. If they tap me out one day, I'm going to be able to do that, do what they do to me on someone that just walked in the door. That's that's the dude! You need need that attitude like people. Take the tapping when they go did you get to two seriously and there is that That's why it's so much fun! That's why it's exhilarate an exciting. They don't want you to do that, yeah exactly and then, when you tap someone out and makes it makes it so much better. The fear of getting tapped or whatever. Maybe don't call it fear, but I guess you could but that in itself makes the tap feel better. So it's worth it you gotta have both can have happened without the hell. So that's what makes it exciting than life itself, though so yeah microcosm yeah exactly like all the ship that's going on in the world like maybe this is
we're here for the pain. Maybe it's opposed to be fuckedup and were supposed to learn how to survive in this fuckedup world. You know, I don't know if posted to, but we definitely appreciate good things more when we see bad thing. Yes, maybe like. Yes, struggle is real yeah when you think about, like you know, kitten, let's just say you a politician or some or a person that they were like a true or whatever, and then you thinking about man would if I get suicided. You know. You really think like that. No I'm just saying, but you brought that up many times about like Hillary Clinton, Yeah too many how many people criticize Hillary Clinton, less you're working for the Dnc. You don't have to worry, but if you like, if you, but if you're sending some shift two weeks yeah people get so excited your manager. What do they just vanished? What people fight of the people are fighting the katana extreme corruption going on in there so many layers, but what's worse,
getting suicided by Somebody in the Dnc in order to suicide hit on you or getting eaten by a great way. Shark in South Africa. I what how rather go. Does it really matter? So you know it's not it might suck, because it might cut you in half yeah, but you're, not there's, not people out there you're not going out there fighting to. Kill all sharks right, you're, not and sharks, you know so maybe it's maybe supposed to be in all this shit and we're supposed to try to figure it out. Maybe the bad, motivates the good. You know and I honestly believe that there's got to be some opposing forces in this world for things to get done. Not that I necessarily want to see evil. But I think there's a Definitely it's some sort of an equation going on 'cause, good and bad. Look at movies movies always have to have some kind of confident noise, always otherwise you're not going to watch it. It's almost like we that's how this all.
Works. Is there's going to be evil mutherfuckers here and there's going to be good people like what side do you? wanna play and maybe you're not supposed to try to fight the We will just try to survive around it. You know I gotta pee, so bad. We have to end this up Tell me we went again as an Xtbi, so people can get it on it's on UFC fight pass. Now you have C5 past the next. You could watch the last Ebi one through fourteen on the bypass the next one Eb, I fifteen the featherweights, February 17th at the muscle pharm. Headquarters here in Burbank. Becomings GEO Martinez and also the combat Ju Jitsu. At e b, I combat you get to be banned, some weight, title fight between Nick Hornstein, who is the current champion and Ben Eddy. Then the needle teen master, the next a fight companion, we're going to do is the 14th of January. It looks like that looks like the move
15th of January. Unless another one comes up in between now and then is there any of them, but that's a good one right yeah. I think it's just the one on the 30th of the next slide. So alright thanks everybody. Thank you. Thank you. Eddie! Bravo, thank you young Jamie, thank you for tuning in ladies and gentlemen, This is uh. I like doing the mma shows this way because it keeps people from complaining, and it give people that are just care like there's people that don't want to my thoughts on a lot of shit, they just want to hear MA talk, you know, or they prefer anime talk. So we've isolated am Thank you to our sponsors. I want to thank you to draftkings dot com. Ladies and gentlemen, you that's right. You can play for pre draft draftkings dot com. Are you ready? this weekend, Payson Chairman, you can try it out. Scared care, dot. Com go to
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